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What our clients are saying:

Brian Broekemeier Brian Broekemeier

“In the three years that my organization has partnered with The Sioux Empire Podcast, Robert and his staff have been incredibly supportive of our needs and goals. The partnership has been beneficial from the start, and one that we will continue to foster well into the future. They take the time to be confidentially familiar with who they work with, are incredibly fun yet professional, and provide the public with a much-needed common sense narrative. As a listener and follower of The Sioux Empire as well, I enjoy the content and perspective provided by guests living and working within our area, and again, the commentary they provide in a fun and intriguing light.” — Brian Broekemeier, SiouxperCon Vice Chairman/Director

Zac Tenneboe, aka z*stonish Zac Tenneboe, aka z*stonish

“The Sioux Empire Podcast is awesome! They are such great people doing great things in our community. They have also helped spread the word and promote my local events. I can’t thank them enough! I support the Sioux Empire Podcast!” — Zac Tenneboe, aka z*stonish

Travis Nye on KDLT Travis Nye

“I reached out to Sioux Empire Podcast to help promote my public event. They went above and beyond with social media ads, website ads, blog ads, and of course podcast ads. It was great to be seen so many places from just one sponsor. I will definitely be doing a lot of promotions and advertising with S.E.P.” – Travis Nye, Magic of Travis Nye

Code Bootcamp of South Dakota Code Bootcamp of South Dakota

“The Sioux Empire Podcast and blog are perfect ways to promote our summer camps and STEM programs. We have had some people reach out to us precisely because they heard about our program through Rob. Advertising has changed a lot over the years, and The Sioux Empire Podcast is a great way to reach people who are not actively engaged with the local newspapers, radio, and television. We’re a huge supporter of the entire podcast team.” – Will Bushee, vice president BrightPlanet, co-founder of Code Bootcamp of South Dakota, and the author of Wired for Coding

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