The Dresch Code

A Dresch perspective on music, comedy, and the arts from comedian/musician Zach Dresch co-host Ryan Howe and guests.


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Dresch Code Ep 027 27 Dresches

TONIGHT on the Dresch Code!!! We’ve got my awesome Sharon’s Little Helpers bandmate Cody Friedow, Lena Howe, and the fantastic Pale Norse himself, David Sahl. Don’t miss out on tonight’s episode!

Dresch Code Ep 026 Rob Loves Bagels

Our guests this evening are Rob Christensen, Malia Lukomski, Will Conway, and Chris Freier!

Dresch Code Host Zach Dresch Featured on Eye On KELOLAND

The segment includes a quote from Zach Dresch, host of The Dresch Code

An Evening with the Sioux Empire Podcast Network

“An Evening with the Sioux Empire Podcast Network” is a variety show of local Comedy, Music, and Culture showcasing the two most popular podcast on our network.

Dresch Code 025 Does Your Brain Ever Go “Heh Water”?

Our guests this evening are Allyson Bousema, Parker Monson, Derek Morgan, and Kat Walsh!! It’s guaranteed to be a good time. 

Dresch Code Ep 024 The Pacifier was the Godfather to Me

This week’s topics included: Porn Star Names, have you ever been hit on, most overrated movies of all time, artists you wish would come to Sioux Falls, your worst performance, least favorite stand-up comedian, if you could pick your stage name, and best and worst decades for music.

Dresch Code Ep 023 Long Standing Feud With The Sun

This week’s topics included: When things aren’t going well how do you recover?  Re-motivators. What are some things missing in comedy?

Dresch Code Ep 022 Red Hot Chili Puppets

Guests: Jordan Deffenbaugh, Jacob Lemme, Joseph Hofer, and Cole Boeve

Dresch Code Ep 020 Full Metal Jucket (Sno Jam 2019 Special)

Guests:  Dan Bublitz Jr., Timmy Williams, Sam Bontrager, James Lindsey, Jimmy Putnam, Spencer Dobson, and Alan Richardson.