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Dresch Code Ep 019 Traditional Grip

Dresch Code Ep 019 Traditional Grip Big Red Rawkit Riot Steve McFarland, Johnny Kahuna, Ron Schmidt

Dresch Code Ep 018 Wolf Number Eight

Dresch Code Ep 018 Wolf Number Eight
Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme “Equilibrium” by The Disarmed

Guests: Bill Ballard, Debbi Jones, Paul Schipper and Adam Wilka

This week’s topics included: Worst car you ever owned, a time you were poorly received, we love Nathan Hoffman, dirty or clean comedy which is harder?, hardest role you’ve ever played, Weirdest App ever, does a fat comedian losing weight take away the funny?, serious actor who did a great comedy role, if you could be any person for one day and more.




Machine Transcript
[0:18] Hello how are you to reverse you are tuning into the trash
good a dress code pressed color for subway stephanie i have to be the one that last dress code for the a.
Dress code is anything restart so we’re at episode eighteen legal age are show can also smoke cigarettes and buy lottery tickets this very important.
Can you add seventeen actually got the great sweats episode eighteen i have new pants on this website.

[1:06] What’s the back up messege walmart card and the buckle challenge.
Oh yeah you has a lot of what i don’t know what the motherhood a few weeks ago after you okay,
you ready to fix the bucket challenge is not the buckle very proud to customer service.
If you can we go into the buckle.

[1:31] And touched the back wall and leave without anyone reading you want the buckle challenge and you can’t hurt anyone could you can
snacks only outright if there is a question yo are so this select costco is like the opposite of the bucket trap them
buckle challenge where they like him they prevent.
Greeting right i don’t know about it let me add a middle want to talk to the residents who davies and i like headphones that i could top up with a cat in the college code but i was told who is a member so i was ok and had so case with me
is fine are we both waiting
do the massage chair demo on sat together could a really cute and i’m jealous that i gotta for rideshare like for you to
what can i help you set up now i’m at work but there was a really like deep much like to punch you in the us that back.
Donkey punch and massage right after show
no this is really the head and its all fair this show is market where hello sorry but i have an underdelivery problem talking for god’s sake my existential dread somewhere else so we should introduce our guests tonight and we have had some
yeah quit your fantastic lineup this evening i’ll tell you why.

[3:00] Important revelation of stories are from brand and product from profiles below belly hurts so i’m so good good
look up the meaning i think that would be a thriller star edge case that’s where partnership with this handsome gentleman had a mocha.
Very good sir i’m almost as good as good a director producer of march first,
where can i see the black what should i call me right now for sure how are you doing what i can do the psychiatrist psychology what is your favorite word net flicks what he expects.
Travel guide you have to be phuc i want to hear a favor to tokyo on.

[3:53] Producer of monstrous little theatre company and profiles member debbie jones how are you saying anything keys active.
So how is the traffic like how this show works for the uneducated who have not seen this yet before.
Are we pulling questions and topics out of this bucket.
And we decide does this pass or fail the dress code meeting yes we will talk about it or not we will not talk about it and so i think that.
Pretty much sums it up do we have a boat it’s kind of like a majority or fifteen am miss lee ozwald yes kind of feeling.

[4:30] There will be a time record than usual and that really happens love should a bill right now to go to listening for good listener confirming socially awkward so it’s like
the most outspoken person will say your name that everyone just kinda goes with it that way so delayed
transfer just said so i will close i know dark is right house not here this evening here at tech were so far
which is a fraction of your company is producing full motion no more and shameless plug for samsung so i’m here with us in spirit to see the next episode.
I’m so gonna pass the buck around the question this time change lol but fun fun.
I am ready for fun place to escape from some fun
if you watch some skating four ish if and surname was also starting a temper tantrum yo on
lookup lookup pictures already from the first year students.

[5:40] Worst car you ever owned hello haley sr button does not want to because i have a good story are you there.

[5:51] Sign up.
Translate type me a.
Toyota four runner is PT cruiser kinda sucked but what is a credit cards that were launched the pt could he was good with stylish it was classy.

[6:15] Yes it was just rough and heater stopped working last winter so it was the worst winters in my life because shang,
yes but not in real does wear blankets would a group that shares the blankets rate man and the other car the toyota four bags and want to figure out exactly that way for a toyota four runner that i own
what breakdown in the middle of traffic.
Amen one time not fun and also how dare you call if i broke down at three in the afternoon on the seventeen is right next.
And all that i was still in college this one freshman year and all my old friends were driving because fresh than once.
Sorry except for your garmin police officer um i can run it officer yeah stop by.
Local hero officer and save that guys life one time or to say that doesn’t make you compare not sure if i like the one
how is that you se this life now he saved yo are there just no where to happen to read the today by life with the,
select car so i see that that was not his newest record you need and still story is not over you go sports car.

[7:36] Oh gosh i feel anything about this car is a is because my first car how was your first car doors car not sure there was always things i loved about it
i me know the jeep so u and was like you know you look like you’re a bad ass for high school you have any pets or children but feel that cherokee tho so i can make pop so that s plus
this is what it was like a ninety jeep cherokee and like to put a lift kit on it and like some like big nabi like.

[8:05] Multi or zombie look like a man but i do what i do i gotta like i just talked to and from school happy was actually ever happen with a gift i was asked you think that you like
oh where do i go yo on.
Hey am i suppose do not know if it like that whole thing to the left right because every time i turn the corner like to be part of the tired
would like the google doc that i was trying yo are the give it out because it was like,
jesus latest overheat and this one was like just kinda like you couldn’t even keep and freezing anymore was terrible as i can right.

[8:53] No it never for a second i press the gas too hard once in the antifreeze exploded in the price but the lights for press the gas too hard who’s your curry it was like early in the morning i don’t play church.
Show me i was in a park the lord needs me and i hope that i heard an explosion when was that.
Must be nothing is gonna keep driving parked in a parking lot and all over the parking head ass girl.
I want to see a
who evers cars in parking its leaking antifreeze everywhere haha please attend that i think i got up
should a wear drones without the specific written that herself so.

[9:43] Upload a blog fit okay i.

[9:51] I have owned about cars that were valued
under like fifteen hundred dollars i gotta send a pattern would a used throw away could a high status of idm.
I’d proudly say.

[10:21] Overall the worst war was a afternoon.

[10:27] Four ford taurus with it but i believe in two thousand thirteen and the reason that i bought it was because my other.

[10:41] Actually very reliable beater umm al lincoln continental i look at ninety eight or something umm.
Had other ben destroyed during the flood in sioux falls in the summer me a.
Carried off the road and then the that car is dead and i get to work and i was like i got the flyers four hundred dollars so good a thing broke down all the time
everything everything i know about cars i know for fixing my shit cars like i have.
I don’t know what stuffs called but i know that like there is two wires that i had to sometimes i have to re tie them together to get the car to start,
when do we break down and blue terminology yeah i don’t like you but i like that better if i can get out of the way the wires all back could a car jack yo on.

[11:43] I can feel yes opening up for the windows next week could a bad cars but i guess like the story there is.
What has three cars in the road great britain start driving until is twenty five.
So why that’s kinda weird you have to chauffeur the rest before that i know he was my best friend in high schools like.

[12:09] I’m going somewhere is always say you’re going somewhere that’s not make sense why did you switch from text my phone.
Need to make reservations like it’s a really hard conversation like he really did madison for a little while and that’s not,
set the sleep i feel like you can walk beside like the dorm and at the grocery stores sell and split helpful in that were you don’t really.

[12:34] How did you do illegal stuff in high school.
Yo are the square behind sn of the car and couldn’t get me left behind because i got the same cell select my previous sentence amazing.
Minimize except in the winter.
Do you know how to tell using how much would you say about gas mileage like in purple with skylar would your hometown shows always spend
i will give him get some light you only ten bucks for gas and that’s it thank you like forty eight miles to the gallon wow computer i’m looking to get like
volume six is a hatchback so you can like all my gear into it that’s cool,
save the world one previous times don’t really want to know how to see if it was like six foot
no hundred it is a big hole in the inside like you i hate the show what it’s like that artists are on the inside there isn’t hate that show yet
could he man trying to set up earlier of bella i thought so.

[13:46] The office is overrated would he.
I want that and i still haven’t tried to re watch out like your school.

[13:58] Who is daniel cohen out how you think i am sick i will take office seasons and watch certain seasons,
can i after that i can i can do the first three four years,
cuz ur amazing and i season seven when she was leaving i only got a bank make the show a little more consistent with the writing i see that’s good,
and in tarzana got a little better like i didn’t like season eight i didn’t like season five and six,
can someone force those in particular with my office episodes i watched like in i never signed a refund.
No i didn’t finish it all the way through but can i stop watching all of it and i try to get back in because i can go but i want to watch like the last light.
Like six episodes so you don’t wanna do that i know what a monster dance outfit the worst way i’m sad.
Usa bus go back what they started next question would a dog previous story quick um.

[14:57] Froze you underwear dog is the basis in our band very tall.
Long blonde hair dresses in metal t-shirts all the time he pulled up to rehearsal and rehearsal space.
My dads to do and use blow
get in the car it goes with the spider in the front seat would a little extra less clear that there is a spot on the front okay
so sorry for the afternoon.

[15:27] She probably didn’t like that could a ride
yes robert i have so many shirts so empire podcast network first i need to get a banner snatch if you will though i’m going off the piano here options
you are here if i have like fifty cars stories but you need to hear the story about the shady shady card that she is responsible for my marriage where did she car
the car is a must to give me a black eye marriage i love a love story i like it.
Yo on.
Hey black i guess so.

[16:16] Can you remember the concert gonna feel pick up on farms around here where you got just for violating justify like a truck for eight hundred dollars that you like or dislike
disposable so get this old for dat been cut in half and turn into a flatbed can i think that was like a cool thing or like a thing that like was safe to do.
And now anyway so that’s me to four wheeler to go retrieve his truck that’s gone.
Are these panels on it that’s been left like out of disposable so it’s little you like to get a password for if it like to date me
yo are there
so she need black trailer with panels bringing this thing is a piece of shit truck just really slowly driving back and.

[17:05] Oh it’s coming from the south right by my cousins house that lives like half a mile away from my folks place one taking this.
And just about then i have an office it’s probably a rat not a mouse but it comes out from underneath the dashboard.
And it starts like attacking my light up my life and i’m just like stop it stop in and try the strawberry slam on the brakes.
When would a steering wheel or dislike so that no one steals so just so you know like.
Nineteen year old me select pocket pulled the it keep minimally go from flight.
Probably ten fifty miles per hour up the car door and just like roja for its wake up early down the road.

[17:59] I got it just still hurts you can about imagine me running i wasn’t much better haha after the spinal truck meanwhile.

[18:14] I look over my nieces and i like to remove cousins once removed or whatever nieces and nephews are playing.
Are there like.
Find van tennis of just like playing with little play house in sandbox and stuff out in their three rd all three of them are just looking at.
I can’t imagine watching this fact can i change the address on colab brothers fathers day.
So then i get back into the trap of i’ll catch up with is i will be was down like this to crawl so i can actually catch up to it.

[18:51] Get it from anthony running ten miles of our world that i wasn’t talking about her directions lower by the time i called it so i finally finally get up to eight members like.
Hey like scared of the mouse so i just like in like half way hanging out of the side of the traffic light staring at them like using a stick to like.
Push the gas pedal it just took that like a quarter of mile like up the road to take it from the part where is parking.
Greg pritchard hes like one of those like a personality types which is like when lana if you for meeting with game of thrones like this super uber like
ultra serious and you’re all we can process that it can yo are you get back in the milk.

[19:40] I’m out here looking at so i must get me a black eye story take over the steering wheel can i put you rock.
Yo are there
i ran to fill out there we have direct TV back and then suddenly you are like a way to order me some success.
Below u like to read the next step is this is the one i wanted to check with yo on if it was big for a fact her eyes how do you like different shows affect you.

[20:24] By difficult i mean low turnout personal feelings toward your performance etc etc etc etc.

[20:33] Save my wifes question hello i think so i’ll talk about it.

[20:39] What are the shows we can figure out away to a quiet yes to figure out a way to do that so let’s get done.

[20:47] I just tried it often out this point,
i stress about it for about ten minutes before to powerful for this depending on the show thought the circumstances of its like an open mike and i don’t get laughs i dont care,
is there like a return on the material however they can work but your first TV special in my be a little heartbroken if uh because i didn’t share with.
Skylar to be williams couple weeks ago and i was like there’s a couple of jokes that i didn’t think went great but i wish they gone way better and i like those still vibrating when i had a whole other restaurant half hour what really well i still focus on the two jokes it didn’t go great.
Direct hire power from i just wanna say that is madonna from the drug history didn’t have i was like.

[21:35] Did you do your kinda like what i got for the couple times last night to say hello and that my life science jokes didn’t land
you know i like was william and i just the DA
but then when i said that didn’t work in the audience liked the lights when that with at some time so i feel like they were they talking so much should a not of good junk.
I just need to shrug that stuff i feel like it’s another day just the app,
pretty much same with un tro for tomatoes where should i download this is what i was doing it do this to angle or nothing because like i can go for under thirty minutes
i like you just kinda shrug it off like you have to order a dress and deliver the umm.
And unlike while i was in but you never know when they gonna have some crazy shit without an audience member would like.

[22:42] On as long as no ones been physically heart in such a scenario catalog that i will love,
i don’t want that happening but afterwards i love thinking about it dislike.
I can’t believe that back in the chair to know if i say four just like i cant believe that i was that drunk and obnoxious by eight o’clock wednesday should a are so
brianna and if you got like the importance show you suck.
Yeah harder to drink a drink i don’t do that i just get really whiney after that,
who like scotland scottish after that show you like i know you don’t think you did good a picture
what is the address of your convince myself is better than yo.
I got this man i mean understand a thing like.

[23:45] Improv shows no i feel like dancing performance yet i was molested like i should i dont want to act in college that i am.
Man it was like a loser like that student had written and directed everything is maintenance.
And um the thing about the language of the players like it was all fairly similar so it was really easy switching points where i feel like,
is the cutout half of pledge so good a i just remember and it was like two people me and,
engine is looking at me like.
Nurse would try to get me back on track and i was like what am i doing that’s not have a kid going in my you know like my head is everywhere did i go away when did i miss like what’s so bad that half of right and then i got to the end of et,
did you realize you skipped and the middle east skip to the end,
selectors a lot of this doesn’t make sense to anyone you plan to watch it should a had exactly figure it out
would like to know more about the parties involved to be like you to come back and see the endless celebration.
Yeah tell me about the checkout after that after that was like whatever they saw what they saw you said it will take whatever they want expect god.

[25:08] You know nothing so terrible because it was his play in LA goes his baby and i just took it dislike it and she mad that i want to put the only ones i wanna go.
So yeah i think i’ll never do it again sorry that i never use to really have the fear of light to low turnout until i became.
Add executive director slash producer of theater in that it’s like you know the furious if you don’t get the turn out like how do we.

[25:37] Pay ourselves back for the work that we put into it i’m by as a performer are you.
Always look at it as like what is my intention with performing of course like the one intention to perform so that it can be seen right the audience is the purpose for our performances but for me and my personal audiences.
Is there a god that sees me personally but also like the experience is the biggest war we did improv the other night as.
Difference in open mic e and zach and emily like three of us are in profiles and there were no audience we had my two friends,
that we’re visiting.

[26:17] The two bartenders and then another like open mic performers and verifying bump which for an improv audience is actually pretty challenging because you.
You’ve improved based on audience suggestions and if you’re only getting suggestions from five people who are really candidate.
Did the wrong thing now i think i like the music or you know where are your very kind and wonderful friends if your watching good
the purpose was for that we can get ourselves out there and perform in front of people because of you can do anything who is great yeah and.
We are doing it for.
Free experience anything was really helpful is five billion the flight to pa.
Yes you like suggesting bracelet suck to play when you get your value your personal da.
Where’s the bottom right there will be or is there a statute of sites for ideas like nearly no one but treating it like a madison square garden life is night where if it often was drunk,
now he is out why is wireless you can pick up the yellow,
yo on.

[27:40] Yo on.
Hey hundred percent me and holds and a couple other people just losing i won a prize of five
i love nathan hoffman created all kinds of you watching and listening.

[28:01] Jarvis what is wrong yo on the fifth ball to the next or review.
Different podcasts that affected you’re gonna think of like life figure out myself but.
Now it’s not coming fast enough so we can move on to the rite aid of shoes that affects you paul i feel like
everything i feel like i’m walking like dick and catch for her and our life just like going over the furniture all the time so i think i’m the,
the prince i don’t wanna say can you like the prince of taking rejection.
Like put so the king with friends i see where the king of pain.
Please read me a.

[28:55] I don’t want to be like buddhist about it because i don’t think i am but like i’m still presently focused whereas just like right then keep moving like not what’s what’s going forward so like.

[29:06] Yeah i’m trying to have a little show with every like one person that i interact with stuff like the gas station attendant likeable i can make it casual,
observation with them and that i do that all the time actually post on reddit blew up where people love that suggestion on dislike it out the waitress the the the person sitting next you get a haircut like you
every interaction you have with them is like.
Something that you can use to like temper your feeling of rejection yeah i just like rite sidewalk damage and i didn’t get what i wanted out of x y z,
like in person let it roll off me because like i want them like that i like that kid that is too stupid to realize that he’s been like clothes line.
Hey i just keeps just keeps going and so far no shows related there are people at wine spirits and ideally they cannot take them to the fact that we don’t have the same because they like some shit all.
I got to sample feel like serving have a rating value
what’s the weather like in tokyo on delta because i’m the only person worth investing right now but could.
Can you just take a room for the evening yo on.

[30:27] Sorry about that but i cant help but i cant help it if you just set phasers ago i just go and go yo are there like you.
I clearly dont know about other people and microphones cut sorry i forgot the pin.

[30:49] Yo are okay this is a good one.
I think it would events versus queen comedy which is more difficult to write and which has a bigger impact.
I’m the sociology of the errors if any impact all negative you that nothing should he was like.
That’s gonna direction but i’m them but i’m tree still for a while but if you could.

[31:27] Ummm restart this app yeah and your perspective tickets.
Will an improv we call them dirty comedy going blue and there are comics to go blue for the sake of god and we are like thirty comedy for dark comedy sequel i believe
there is power in thirty comedy like like i love big bows with checkout.
You big mouth is the most brilliant cartoon tv show in my opinion but i think its more difficult.
To write clean comedy because you are because you have to.

[32:05] It’s not about just playing to allow the audience you’re playing to more audiences your opening up the fields of comedy and i think its more impactful to show great comedy and great the artist st.
I love the shapes of your jokes in the shape self.
Your sketches through something that relates to people yeah i think that’s more valuable and more challenging.

[32:32] I would definitely audrey that it’s more challenging just for the fact that you don’t see a lot of.

[32:39] Like what that’s like the next that they fall into so much to where i feel like blue comedy its almost like its a spectrum
where is light cleaning how do we act like i’m talking blue collar comedy would a master’s after an f. gallagher got back from earlier explaining animal
would a black gang who like runs a completely clean activities
it’s hilarious who like just very funny that i think.
Answer the second part of the question the socio with sociology of errands and the impact so i won that had a lot of impact on me was.
Have a gatsby is it on netflix for her to not want him i’m so she talks about how like self application and stuff like that.
Is like kind of it in a comedy better but it held her back as a person and so like.
Trying to elevate above that and see where that goes is interesting and challenging and so.
I am i don’t know what i want necessarily better than the other but i do think that the clean comedy challenge in clean comedy.
It’s harder for me personally to do i just i gotta and i think a lot of it.

[34:05] Who is honestly trying out a joke for the first time on stage i’m not that familiar with that.

[34:13] Where does fuck shit what happened here now sell like that just kinda makes that harder um.
But like at the same select i wanna see where i wake up until just now i was gonna actually everything big and clean calm is definitely hard to write that it really just for me,
good thinking about it.

[34:38] Dirty comedy there is a real challenge dare to sherman and that’s like finding the line where like.
I’m okay i wanna get to close with my bro should not comment i want to make you as uncomfortable as i can with this and joke
without actually ruining it for you know that you like i want to get as offensive as i can without being told that guy is a sexist are you hello hi joachim where’s the line so there’s that challenge
what is the impact i am in i think.

[35:17] I can measure exactly like comedy just in general is like it’s a reflection of society regardless of if it’s clean or dirty um.
Are you looking at it from the got market ability impact her something clean comedy is king.
I mean look at that girl’s ratings of any PG or pg thirteen comedy and i compare them to an r rated comedy like its you can help.
Big audience of equally is supposed to use the pool my still like to clean jokes but a lot of the cleaning people.
What is thirty jokes can you tell me i’m not yeah you can also look at track as like being.

[35:59] Dirty comedy is not about life before that the author really likes pushing.
You are the founder of their pushing the boundaries of clean comedy with shrek i don’t think they were like.
No i don’t mean like proper response because obviously isn’t that a movie or the pt gh pages of a pdf of daily writing for the subject.

[36:27] Yeah i mean i’m not use to think i was probably as i’m in tears what you said i want to learn how to i feel like.
You know what thirty comedy yet i keep people to say that you are a bot like you say it like.

[36:39] Could you also what people have done before like that that’s a typical thing to do like you know like you guys got there and told me no poop jokes and shit like that like,
that dick jokes
make sure you do as zac because what could ABC this is what you expect could a student unix of the divine about it like you know as it is micheal me and i can come another one of these shows that you like,
select the different yourself from other comics.
Events like all you’re doing is like basically saying everyone else is doing your uniform to add other customers like you know associate society of reflection but.
I mean i know i was suppose i’m always like you proceeded to be like.
Is that like hip-hop like is your truth or are you leaving truce comedy where is your
any comedies or europe like you’re able to be honest with yourself but you know i’m saying language that i can’t believe how you like it is like it i was like why can’t we just be honest and that anything other purpose comedians is that just
say wasn’t mine,
middle here light sensor themselves like there will say ok this is how i really feel about this topic because really to book tablet to do,
taboo like here it is like it is gonna bring it up and its form and then we’re just gonna have to figure out how we feel about that.
So you know that’s what i was comedy is that it’s it’s it’s going to go places that you know.

[38:07] I mean comedy hard to write this because i know.
You’re fine now i feel like some of its just a little bit dishonest but i’m not having dislike the community there who are honestly the start cleaning.

[38:20] The people are the people to come over there like to hear some stuff to make it think it’s gonna be you know i’m not gonna swear one time.
Derek pray that is pretty rare select one yeah need to find a more safe topics and that for me that i think that’s why we prefer dirty because i just
is stephen interested in are more casual things that i am not a comic so it’s like i’m not necessarily in a position to be the one that
suggest that yo are a lot of comedy but yeah i definitely.
I don’t want to be like tomorrow in your guide says job is a teacher artist like you can get it everyone the room yet yet.

[39:04] Find me news about clint clint comedians in joy but i just cant really like.
Do something dirty comedians select you do have to respect the people do clean comedy new friendship is many of them,
but like if i dont but i could probably come up with using my key
i love the guy everything time is it there gym da
dimitri martin and his relatively quickly i really like every once in a while ago i bought there is a dirty joke yeah but for the most part you make sure martin
cums office clean even when he’s being mad at selling that’s what i strive to do that when i wanted i want,
i did my own personal i want the exception of the cleaner would a twelve
i’ve been trying way harder to write more universally understood jokes instead of my.

[39:56] Who are your references jones sunday making a lot trying to like.

[40:02] Break xoxo gold really great christmas party with there’s a tonna sixty five year olds to explain that everytime they do a christmas party i bought because ask yourself how can i tell a joke to my grandma
does grandma know any better she’s just not good amy is pearl jam is that a necklace of some sort i don’t know how.

[40:23] But,
this week i’ve been trying to write cleaner material and in the process i will open darius kilgo who have said that i can not good a player try to be more,
like ok this is easily reverse psychology me really dirty and also
what is the solution for cleaning black mold the napa valley on friday night i didn’t o’clock show i did the cleaner set
for the sold out show in SF have them a ten thirty showing of why is it cold there is a smaller crowd.
Yeah the first one is sold out and then the second one was not but i just think why would a product but thirty three,
but i can also still smell gets out so i pulled out your stops
i said i want to see my favorite app for tonight far as good a comedy it’s like,
it’s too early for the sake of being dirty that’s one thing but if it’s like that for humor and smart humor related matter what genre is appreciated
i everyone wants like everyone gives dice clay credit because he did push the boundaries.

[41:33] I wasn’t familiar with desk until like very recently and i watch this trash out like
who is i hate this man he is a jerk yo are very mean about me so i can process the order of the most misogynistic me a.
Who is the time now cuz i mean.

[41:57] Get out now and it no dirty period before him really trying except carl in kylie and the couple others but heat and prior,
yeah that’s true but,
i actually realized once hosted SNL in a couple casper mattress primo cast members declined to appear are the apps related that doesn’t surprise and he said construction ship do ten tim allens.
I am kinda gone through this thing right now i m actually i’m watch a whole i just got comedy specials on netflix that i’m watching the ones i would not want to watch just so i can tim allen’s comedies.
That’s weird it’s such a sign of the times i can say like a driver who’s not here that i just well it’s like.

[42:41] Tell me what andy was misogynistic but it wasn’t like blatantly intentionally offensive do a clip disclose was able to are just like.
This was what are the end this is probably considered a feminist what you need i mean like.
Does houston play the audience just the hits that the material super dated now i want a timberland material is near materials dated now but could a target doesn’t have a bond on conan
hey man can make you look good i reset the whole thing about like super heroes like what were their outfits
i would like to what’s ur underwear on the outside of yo corrupti still has just prayed like there was no one was laughing except a few laughs.
It’s like i’m santa y siguen the color is not the mood that night just like what the
bless you want to what’s your rapper you dislike not like as like mixed up is a lot of this is like to order so yeah do it.

[43:59] I had some most challenging role you’ve ever played this can make it can talk.
Sure check all that i look at you can take a different direction most challenging know u ever had or something like that either,
yo are the most challenging role i ever played think like.

[44:24] What normal person like going through
like i know that’s like completely like a nice like stupid and silly but i really can’t say anything,
what is the nba.
Is important for the situation but im like everybody and what they like i got shit to do and feel about these other things.
And i have to dislike me i hate this is this is important to me today if like ok i’m so yeah i think the fact that i like usually thinking about things in a completely different way.
But trying to match with radius going to replace me most challenging role i ever played.

[45:16] What is wolfe number eight and the jungle book when i was in seventh grade,
yeah yeah see i got no weed every other year and i came back
trying to help to my best friend prepare for the addition would a baxter
yo olives like what role they you know so better because shane got the weed and i got to wash number
i didn’t have all february they got a survey seriously it wasn’t great lesson for me to have in the seventh grade fire help
yo are there no small roles yo are you remember nothing from that production because i just like me
search negative experience so that you add of my deposits now you know i can use that is older than teaching to offer my students that.
My order got the best i’m at work at the academy of performing arts and we just had our auditions and we had to turn away like.

[46:32] I was the hundred kids judy chris is so many kids interesting
interested in understanding and it says i mean if you don’t have that many rolls we don’t have we have stayed size for yahoo its not if there’s literally not enough space up at yo on light
talking about launching this audio drama podcast thing it’s like edge they are people i just like clicking gonna be interesting do voice acting,
i mean is there any any like.
Any it like i was like i don’t know if anybody in sioux falls that actually feel like interested in doing something like that but it is like that always one of yo obviously feel post like so what do you think will people be interested in that.

[47:16] My inbox exploded like that getting head shots performance acting good a lovely imagine how good he just put.
Switch the lights in guest’s like find a way to get the head shot in the audio would a say yeah i mean it’s there is so much interest in a min because that’s a great.

[47:42] It’s great great to offer any all people on bobby and staples so good for you every almost every.
Play the third done for the last four years now it’s been a long time and like as adults i’m like watching these kids and i was like.

[48:01] What can happen if i give in the us i’m saying an the music from days after.
U like these kids are amazing like you have to imagine like.

[48:12] Will there be like four hundred fifty one on the stage and when you think about the kids the coordination for those musical instrument
i would like there’s a good life when we re is it’s crazy it’s so big is so i can use that is like for i remember when i was so bitter about.
What’s the number eight like there’s some kids that all they want is what number you know don’t be a
yep i can still the shelf turn out better than i gotta show them kids
let me share yo on the back and a this thing should a school with like,
we were best best friends,
we are the black bean garlic your appearance for that school i like you always with you dislike staying are superior and stuff like that and so it’s always like a forgotten conclusion that would be intact but was always he would be like.
You not mobile e and i would be really stand out like number eight or like human or even like a play rhymes little sidekick or like but how many leaves behind him or something like that and it’s like.
Teenage me was this car like.

[49:26] Accident should he want to help you accomplish your dream
yeah now that i’m older that’s my ratchet tv and was like fuck this correct.
What did ross one good eight.

[49:49] That was the most challenging role you played know i don’t know that is was that father which is better in dallas,
yeah um at da.
Philosophy research role i ever played was a four person play we leave by play to father.
Of losses.
And the catholic church it could a great movie loftus is favorite movie,
should mean something if i know if there a specific time so it was hard because my ask my instinct to leave you have to act.
The most neutral but also you can possibly be in that role you can.
Give away cuz you watch the movie before no last week and i like doing so that’s amazing shit what is the title of the play the whole thing lately but the code is
creating the dallas please i had only done stand-up once you reserve main character that you like that don’t,
where was already on sale this friday until on august umm but it was great because my character did three servings in the play.

[51:01] Can i get just started doing standup about flight him i didn’t translate i would be appropriate bio corinthians 7 the
should a tell about your creator bout my benefits christian printer sold the house and i say
repaint hate how little i appreciate that joke once i love her but i was a challenge because i was never done rolls ever use well
us what was said as it was a film that what i can get the role i wanted,
i wanted to pay the priest should a sister always lol
what are the exact dates i will be on the princess one would he rather play.

[51:56] I will say zach and i went to take an acting workshop together where it was the strangest acting workshop i do not like i don’t know who is but it was bad,
they were like no you have to make your partner mad have to make them cry.
Say whatever you have to say to make them mad and cry snot
pause the that i could add disrupting the room problem
can we i think we also fda,
yo are there was like can i just i cant emphasize oh word you’re just lying haha i don’t care because he’s going.

[52:49] Yo on.
No crab.

[53:06] Yo on hoe gaat i don’t know i’m kinda feel like ive always been giving like u playing,
any outlet gonna get up there in the morning ka
i was like yeah i’d like
this guy was a different take to the us i was like stop looking at things like i only write him from three at half know i can say i like to know if i ever really had a role that’s really require that much of me that i felt like i really.
This is a challenge for me so maybe that’s what you want that i wanted in this life that were a bother was like no its fucking hopeless.

[53:54] Ok let’s put the following four children that’s crazy
yo are words but sugar for before should a another,
it’s stroke and we are IC for a little dark
good able to set up automatic email saying it billy jean like
we just released a cover,
did they were good now please stop taking them doing stuff in minneapolis yesterday i listened to hold covers album,
add a previous we just took each song as it was recording and it just sounds like we are covering a billie jean everybody wants to rule the world by tears for fears.
Oh sweet dreams by like all these eighty songs and it just sounds like a bit rivers that i discovery before.

[54:55] No he is a cover album would a alive did someone say is what is being alive yeah
he does he’s an entire cover album and some of what i want and to jalapeno on
set an alarm set alarm hi hello yo arm staying alive just curious the picture in purple haze you cover purple
yo on
i love ozzy because he would a kiss basket ball rolling on the stairs at a different time i confronted him and also he use to live a good area
like that once were others using the studio and i ever get lunch so i was waiting for lunch.

[55:50] What would a house can you sing it can play wit.
Anything that’s perfect five o’clock what holidays do this because he’s still has it as you want a drink.
Yo are you can still jam gold member only on netflix i not forgot about you homie cassia if.

[56:18] Status,
that is remember sam how’s life thus far in the hole where family is n yo are there any free food and britney spears and that one
jesus what is the only one i remember being and they never know what life
is he played his foxy cleopatra yeah va
that’s why is the power of that company said recently on twitter about your without my order and i believe that we can you take because she like make a sequel of it
i’m going to make a sequel of seinfeld like every episode was like
i know exactly sociable but i dont know what this coming through gonna give the big boss give me the latest and on the phone i get with the tablet off.
Specific i don’t like paris i would like to order an article that no i was asking because i’m curious to know what happened.

[57:22] I said before the show that i just didn’t get scrubs like it’s gonna understand me for the security cuz no scrubs.
Yeah that’s a rose a garlic get no love from him,
sadness as best we discovered that would a new real quick is your turn actually happy birthday to go,
when are they doing with vehicle because of this and so we want to wish you a happy birthday because i work biggest supporters and comedy is what you think or.
Add shot and happy birthday to you tap lightly happy birthday.

[58:01] How tall are you free regular shout out just let me know when would a title right now except the hour mark lol
convert to watch the whole thing before i don’t remember so that she can get like ten minutes maybe half an hour i can try would a forty fifteen minutes because,
tops for all.

[58:27] Where should mention every ten minutes from her birthday speaking of austin powers his birthday at SFO.
That’s great did you do when you’re not at all ok so is it only had one roll.
I don’t want that hard the tracker had my end the nutcracker at golden brazilian shelf was it hard
starting well did i get the feeling i would tell everybody i got a pass to grow beard um because i can’t do that he a.
No i’m sorry i assumed cuz you go to the public school system and yet because i don’t have a beard
yo are u next to the knights email that is the alarm in iran travel agencies in let’s make a detective show actually know but the
set was not as hard to umm explain shadow run.

[59:37] Add a task out my geyser on top of a moving vehicle and i have to jump.
To the car behind me to save hostages from mac car so i have to make a gymnastics check
why only got six days of gymnastics anyway minus three penalty kicks also i’m roland no this isn’t my stats so rolling three to master chef add say,
i got.

[1:00:09] Three six s ima check three days three days three hits i would say that i was traveling away is royal gold guide.
Turn off i signed coming light just before and have paris and seems that we have no working out like this is nothing but actually just had that everything i just said really happened yesterday and like,
if you believe that you kinda like a nerd lifestyle button that’s what i’m not allowed to exercise like to be depressed this reaction to it is like fucking hell isn’t that i like and reactions to my story better than mr what yo
no it’s a true story quiet and which is true that i dont really like need to wear contacts i just fell so happy and proud for me,
may i get some money for cancer free heads up three days at like it shouldn’t happen.
He is complete the mission or use what we wanted hello save the hostage um.

[1:01:17] Man if i file a side board on top of the hood this car like i did like i was gonna get smashed by this guy this guy’s weed is pretty bad ass guy to in the game,
find play by tom hardy by the arcade play by yo on damon play me well so i can let them play by the character
can i see that you get regular texts especially if there is anyway i posted on the car that i one night cuz.

[1:01:52] Popular liberal,
which button the party we can not know if there was a follow about of the weirdest you have ever downloaded on your phone,
where is starbucks so no io o my phone now.
There’s an app david lee roth sounds samples would a yes.
How is called diamond dave called me david it’s a photo of him it sunglass smiley
sorry i get it that’s the half of it be sweets and samples from van halen songs in rough going.
Very important for everyday use it cost fifty bucks on line and i don’t know you,
I feel good because app for verizon wireless what’s my favorite.

[1:03:07] Music.

[1:03:13] Yo on.
Because i spent time playing with this for the half hour i believe it’s starting again where does that.
What size ten or so expensive really weird it’s just the experience is so wronged and there were a few okay.

[1:03:41] Exactly us what’d be the weird apps like that.
Yeah me information and any way i have any new apps as i can think of like what i’m saying if i have added a release date.
Can i apply my phone because of all of my apps you tell them and id like if i dont use them within like two weeks i don’t think so i’m boring that way.
Okay so i don’t know this is weird after the suns delivery for good reason.
What i have an app that recorded the conversation but i was not recording anyone of personal conversation,
hi my old phone was being like you know the voicemail was being out motivated and have some funny voicemails that i was recording myself like it was like that you know i like download the app for like quick little bit like okay i have this on my phone seems really weird to say it’s not like you know,
reversing out on me
you but if you wanted those funny voicemails and the only way to get off the old phone was to use like in conversation recordings i would call my voicemail from turn the recorder on light.

[1:04:48] Yo are as have some utility to interesting how they can do it so.

[1:04:55] I got a chance of utility there would a wood had a final
yo are saying this is also the way to stop by our downtown of constraints
send an i just downloaded it
say hello i need a good airlines not is better than worth it outside
i need to make that i can make that i can make the app but i can’t get the sound clip i remember feeling about that
let’s stop that you can make it and sent yet i have a caravan.
What’s yo on everything because like i have i got recordings of queen like.
Clean bike without any backing tracking so i like you too late for me i don’t have that stuff i live in ohio can a girl get season is over and that that philosophy.
Gabriel just for the videos delayed answer weird because.
You can watch yourself lol yes quite right now still waiting for haunted.

[1:06:21] I got my phones gonna die in seven days should a are right.
Next question would a twelve year nothing else no but i did just buy the all
stop us while her petition had been filed on courage everyone download the diamond dave alex to make me a,
which games board or video should be made into a film.

[1:06:51] I’m knocking the answer that person always walk away is joe okay i like i just
because i’m working on like several screenplay for the mugs unlike talk about yo are you
i feel bad because heart she really ruins everything on
i said way darker and more dramatic valley welcomes not doing good a href https twitter too so that’s that’s my hoe so sorry that’s so intense
i’m like i could
it’s pretty clear to me how do you effectively introduce yourself on stage.

[1:07:38] Do you like the diamond dave app work out exactly how far above do it.

[1:07:48] I guess i like to go out loud just like to yell i been learning to yell a lot more especially with improv stuff flight i feel like its more,
i got in my head the long capacity is hillary use this not in my head as much as i used to be and i found that if i just talk it out.
The anxiety goes away you dislike its gone play it’s like not having can i have that feeling a lot more than his students loans like.
Search youtube video inside 2016 so sorry your morning briefing what’s the website
i don’t like to dislike him because of how god a
should a singer breathing yo on.
I like to say i’ve been there and you did bust a quick job but how’s life you chip in with like got hi.

[1:08:54] How bad of yeah yeah its great hes every time no matter where i do that in the world someone is adam.
Who did the play a.

[1:09:12] Yo are friends now i’m actually learn to stop saying um how’s everyone doing tonight
can you open site ids that i use yo on der funktion the free comic is when we are surprising
it’s cheap everyone’s menu yet so i’ll be learning from like hotel sandos guys would just got there and start the jokes i don’t even i just i will say hello and just start
give me like last wednesday i would really want to host you can do that i could add that but id like a quick little how are you,
free good ready get joke from that no wednesday i walked out and i did this at the show i started with a joke saying.
Maybe i don’t get the expression but no answer hotdogs down hallways where should he,
i just start with a joke instead of saying how that one and then you say you’re looking for that joke i’m proud of you love that joke get bomb dot test what’s the play mat.
I know that what i loved while in the hospital i want to but then he was hit the icon is like.

[1:10:23] Looking forward to it and things get hot every take off your pants what what we’re still good a design expected to write it.

[1:10:34] Please confirm if she got salad yo are there a lot of time the audience reaction is polarized half of it like when you say hello how’s life.
What’s the problem with no one says that’s good af
are you verify your identity i mean it just told myself i just let them figure it out with him would he
what is a good motivator who was that guy i don’t know who did we join ourselves i think.
Who was running in the darkness on saturday when is the talk to anyone so i keep could air like that was a cool feeling i have to try so hard to be like hey play
that wasn’t cool room has a chorus from me because i don’t want people to know who i am.
What the fuck is bill now that event.

[1:11:37] Give me cats what is the st cloud look like you have configured for dylan dont fit hey
yo are you still there is a big campus
yo are the falls south dakota and my zip is your personal fitness
yes i want to disappear after i got your up personal about the personal physically yet,
should a black to finish the match and ham but without facial hair maybe different like hairstyles because that look like anyone you turn on the couch
arian nation tattoos on the shipping would a lot about fairies and doesn’t leave without good
alarm statute of my order could a refund because i just told his joke.

[1:12:41] Definitely a.
Flower of your donut different kind of intro for a podcast if i was off filter value french
daniel got bf like why the hell not what i was so awkward i put it into the next season the intro to the podcasts i can dispute this thing called podcast please at the point where was hosting my twelve
producing the twelve podcasts met someone for like every podcast where u four rm for that i thank you for that episode
i think i was so i don’t think there will be no suggest it was like a full house but the couch was full of the headlights three chairs and was always different people for different shows with very different life interesting personalities
it’s like world
trying to do a dress code think people come in late and then some black berries how’s life for you want to three podcast can be the intro enough.
I didn’t know what else to do out there like we were waiting for after the three and i was like.

[1:13:45] I’d like to know what’s gonna help me to three orders yet suspect that was issued arrivata scissors and then you do it turn on the fifth light paper scissors fire water balloon,
who is fighting for his arrest like you just yelled out with such confidence we were all dislike.

[1:14:05] Waiting for the superbowl to start from tenerife to be the one that.
Close mannequin yells the title way more crazy than anyone else i have your sales i mean.
Imagine exceptional go crazy for episode ninety one stop for logan is gonna directly from you should a stand i would like one of your shirt off
yo on monday at the sky and drop to you knees like a white shirt underneath that’s is the dress code for service
there is any likelihood a joke
there’s one night i just want at the end of dis arm set for me to just take off my shirt for no reason should a song,
yo on,
when is a good age to play with
i’m broke too personal to yo on next question.

[1:15:21] You can read me for a perfect nothing but can’t wait,
recorded can reach you later this needs to be released.

[1:15:33] Read times but now neither of my life but the best super bowl halftime show performance.
Follow a man how tall is this another weird alex i don’t care other than i thought about it.

[1:15:51] Ok let’s tie breaker box not a time when i go down so ima good ab all this making me everything will be the next one coming.

[1:16:06] Funny fact guys lose weight does the funny miss galloway talk about it i’ll talk about it and i like conversations yes.
Yo are the funniest because different joke was bad.

[1:16:24] Jonah hill awesome rolls.
What would a male servant serious stuff in the last weight out is that i thought our guests would just read it money ball and i just read what time it is serious he loss the weight and then he like felt like it wasn’t getting
is it going to rain so you like get back and maybe he was tired dieting.
I can feel good a meeting.
I never the rest of james franco sarah silverman said before the show seth rogan roll that
sorry that was only way you can get journey on the stage yo are the rose of james franco the sales on the best ones this could you can tell that a lot of people really we’re friends
sounds like a smart funny that me the old one so good what’s the like each other and like sinatra and all of those guys the interactive stuff is like.

[1:17:23] Can really hold the central registry like that too
are the time they got to charlie sheen they were just it was just copy and paste that i hated the da,
no good beer bili want to speak david seven,
cuz i like linda chris is here grandma’s funeral where he’s on that now that’s what i call music compilation volume twenty eight yo our friends because i figured everything out.

[1:17:57] That is the funniest of myself yes or no i don’t think so but usually not a problem with keri yes
yes that’s a cappriciosa and yes and he was gonna be one of my points of concern has he done any sense no
submit a wanna be pokemon about what you know why is that what is it because they get really serious about just how they do physical parents were so they just
forgot how to be funny anymore of a cure the underlying psychological issue that causes the weight gain
are those like eating disorder would never have a precious than being really bored,
what body of water me nicki still use that ticket still frozen yogurt for lunch well just to believe it shut off but it’s not just us the audience to now so maybe maybe maybe it’s like the audience just like is like no you don’t get it then.
Like what i’m telling you away so hilarious.
Like he’s still a lil husky yo are the waves a jersey for AI to look at the order yet so you know what i’m saying here making is weather coming yur art can like if it’s gonna be
quality of the has to come from a place of pain and were always gets really quiet when i start talking to you have brain about bringing home for us.
I didnt think id like floors what were good for hd quality art.

[1:19:23] If it’s quality is quality because of the work in the african intentions and the thought that goes behind it it not because what causes that we got this alert in my visual arts world as well i’m like just because.
This is a terrible example cuz i’m not a visual arts.
Fat papa like just because fame goes out was so good cause he was depressed and that’s why i was good to know when you when you start
value in the event of a big problem that happens so hey gary talks about your parenting what the underwriter umm you know.

[1:19:57] You pray i legally responsible for all decisions in my life that said but i love hunter s. thompson and there’s a whole i talk to other writers who like what they’re hundred which is like.
Girl gets drunk and i like it on and just be self destructive because of your not being self destructive the new not doing it right now what i mean like size would a good art comes from.
From great work and great talent and effort on a doesn’t come from pain sometimes pain comes,
who is just becomes make it comes from a genuine emotion and that’s you know.
A lot of interests maybe it’s just because you’re afraid something happened and never say yo on
again i could be totally miss is but apparently somebody told me so van gogh.
I use lots of yellow right and they say it was because he was taking like a medicine making me present type thing that made him see yellow more vividly what show is like his art actually got better as he.
Better care for himself of those there was little and that special selection is amazing class but yes let’s go lol anyways using more yo on it.

[1:21:26] Doesn’t that will playing like mango something like that you watch the shit out yo on.
Hi sarah which country was this girl and weather is not working i want to see rihanna won’t pay with denis la plaine wonderful i want to see that,
i got so that you can be so much that i will be brave because whatever information before you draw with these i think we can clear up something or arriving here from
what the previous episode we’re happy was stolen.
You have to choose between spaceballs or blazing saddles i remember this conversation and the previous episodes so sorry i haven’t watched them yet and link thank you so much for that for he gifted both movies to me for my wedding thank you very much still need to watch them
any well direct to you if it that i think there is one thing i forgot to mention i totally spaced it
who is.

[1:22:25] Who’s the finance alright i write better when i’m in a good frame of mind is say something i wrote better when i was self.
Getting through those strokes out and since then i’ve gotten stronger as a comedian when i threw that shit out i agree one hundred percent
show me billy joel andrew doesn’t like babies and care for them much do that anymore it is not as well five hundred million dollars that maybe hes just still a challenge
i need AA
will golden one he gets to be a.

[1:23:11] Try to do it best example of the series actor doing a funny role really well just great so is that ass.
Yes carry life and german.

[1:23:26] What does the series after tokyo on
mac avoided a pretty damn good job led-watches of god i don’t know i’m just like you even though that’s enough for me is not really bad like brittany offering any good shows like i felt like last night was exception of season so.
Go back and watch it on hulu a redo but the other guys think we only known for serious films was his first out of my firstname for the departed the i need a real estate market mark.
So where
yes i guess you could say he was in the country at that point i owe contact if i’m gonna go ahead
hey good area search patrick stewart in any of his work with seth mcfarland,
oh sure i mean because they pretty directed boleh ke is the thoughts of joe’s because he is the location for the prayer my log fridge and counties baby.
Girl on a guys it’s amazing ca.

[1:24:44] E hosted SNL want to eat crushed it i played a maggie smith.
I would like to send kids to be falling out of it is still a course of action
people you hey judy dan should a product cost what’s up
refresh that that was so good.

[1:25:12] I want to say the great meryl streep but i can’t think of like a funny role off the top of my head,
oh yeah julie and julia sorry but play julia child and i need a serious but funny as playful yeah you doing to communicate actress.
Orange or manic but with big bus chicago to change it up a while and she’s did some dirty stuff.

[1:25:40] Goodbye this is unrelated but thirty rock is the greatest sitcom ever in history is about the office but then
yo art
and yes its marley but its wacky camera and he did tracy what i just did not get him at all can i watch thirty rock and i’m like
ginger snaps created you.
Movies any was in the winter doesn’t know i want them why would a bill related movie is the kind of the tv series there is it serious subject matter bless me a place to go for sure.

[1:26:23] I want to see a star wars.
I want to see that to master computers or spend a really dramatic role much samsung can do an interview.
Do it as a romantic girl i’ll loved and i’ve seen that has kind of getting everything you can see if there’s a problem seeing his hands on my favorite comedian live.

[1:26:46] See you doing what you work recently haven’t seen a lot of other produce,
dont really great with it but it’s not rom com he was in again with julianne moore actually and ryan gosling and emma stone.

[1:27:02] Who did my crazy stupid love crazy stupid love i love that that’s kind of a robot.
Are there any roles serious actor doing a comedy about the oregon girls are you forgetting field are so many more days like to know what the first thing i think of anything serious actress doing comedy convincing us for walking was yahoo’s randd for logging in
how is the family and yet you are pregnant is dancing one.
Jonathan outright and send centers now he’s mainly done comedy and like there really on my god no.

[1:27:39] Provided seen as well i never received my favorites created balls of fury,
hello cuz i just like jody williams for asking but i didn’t stop in the face of the soldering iron like yours like that you love
if i were to have thermostat with scott about you
what is the great movies lol little dirty joe to help much should i be there is dickie roberts which is a good age,
i love you august you can watch both movies around that feeling just that i feel like i want to make a family that
add zac got him self parking cars that sounds like it does i will keep the valet i love it after.
51 like self duplicating life can be over something like that so it’s like three to tango amelia esta vez.
I was known for dramatic role than he did national lampoon’s loaded weapon one replay pretty and you just crushed because he was dead and um what is it what is convenience to release your medical goes.
What flavor u got today at SHS.

[1:28:50] Would a tom cruise from berlin travel to yeah.
Which is like nothing nothing you will see that guy is so freaking serious that i can.
What was of him as the feelings that was a good one for that i read on internet that he like.
Stipulated in contract til i get to wear a fat suit if it’s gonna be believed that the fast food with his car however i order yet.

[1:29:20] What is the address i want comedy films like field of the app if it’s a fantastic movie we look at it from the underside of the coach talking funny actors in serious roles now that the number twenty six i want that now he is
i love her so
let’s say behavior and skills into but that’s also really weird robin williams in a long one hour photo i sent to amanda also i love that movie.
Hey robin williams too dangerous man brooklyn to say that one of those last wondering when do we have to wait it was super good.
Is kevin systrom random guys him to go to college.
Hey random movie i would whatever they adam sandler and punch drunk love.
Yes adam sandler in fifty first thing i’m saying if of adam sandler for sale so i thought hey twenty five people.
Alfred what is my email.
When is it a little bit amorous which might play i think i can safely claim for getting there half way.

[1:30:28] Hello i would like a striped are leaving the theater whenever we cannot depressed i was twelve it’s like twelve thirty.
What is the current time who else is had some great turns.

[1:30:45] Translate i really wish jack and the holiday is good yeah i was it did honestly i thought jack black
kill the king kong vs never think i haven’t seen by les yo are you around
what’s your animal was like a taxi now i’m evening at the coming from the fate of a litre or two like one strap in for that long.

[1:31:10] Pains taking leave for me just because i just and watch what about those are awesome with the link you will like you have the because i don’t have a budget that feel good to be commended and appreciated
can you watch the talk about his like that’s like his jam we have to do that that you know is there must be something here but i can’t find it no where is next meeting still down by yes but no one ever told me i am.
When will feral in stranger than fiction you know how to say around like i haven’t seen it i need for a service like you.
Maybe his fortune assault is ben doing a series rolls but there was laughing at him.
Read the heads up though my blood pounding and i didnt draw your name just the other choice was feeling tired i’m kinda salty.

[1:32:01] Are you gay what is the first album you ever purchased with your own.
Hol talk about VR okay great fit.
Eighteen everything it seems i sixty five zero five s five that i owe on that one day after him the self titled album.

[1:32:27] The millionaire success with riding dirty.
I was fifteen so should a person you like and i’m right you’re like,
i am a ride or anywhere what a song about yo are terrible terrible.

[1:32:53] Sorry sorry we’re good eight
when is the washington capitals could a car in the description you think it’s really a,
ok va
abba cover album i got all day everyday doesn’t like beginning i don’t like starting i don’t know like i was actually records
play newest was like where the square table covering yo on the one you hear the iconic originally i can’t believe this
i can’t believe this is like dripping off of drake that the.

[1:33:50] Yeah i gonna mentioned the first like cassette tape but i want the first because i feel like they’re both kinda funny,
the first cassette tape in elementary like my parents would like i feel like the light radio station was like
next song you like on here would a wood like his big is the UK outlet for my first tape
edit first CD was fast ball
all the pain volume by and the fighting was too young to understand the reference on the album cover artwork it was like a bunch of pills and make changes,
but the way he was on the radio twenty time like you know just out of my head is a big sign two off at all yeah there’s a lot more here.
I don’t like that restaurant that we have another casual.

[1:34:42] What flowers i guess who did the ball of another one that was able to purchase them.
So very festive i like to hear that first day i really have the extra.
Who is the reading it soundtrack or teaches single buy presents united states of america will i was wanted for herself from my dad so
how do i get a heard of me,
you want the lights were the sales order lines blue candy cigarettes is the b site on there and i did not get it was a whole sign but like bj
equip courses you are bad,
i don’t get it back my first CD was weird al’s off the deep end
first band was offspring american free fly for a white guy não that point i was like.
Gotta remember good ab tou edison for a white guy.

[1:35:51] What crates on earth and your never really ok flying third eye blind and foo fighters right after that telling nice.
Weezer and all change green album no that is not a great time.
Play echoes weird like cash before i like buddy holly and is allowed hold on i feel like there was a lot of people because i think i was in the same track to old is this buddy holly and like what.

[1:36:18] What can you show me how you were aware show me one more and then first of horses.
Garth brooks lol yeah but first CD was so weird al bad hair day lol nice for my dad to.

[1:36:40] What is your.
Set the crock that’s awesome can i hear more about my dads record collection yeah what else you got yo on,
one more of them what were sales for girl in her life is valuable player.
Call yo on.

[1:37:13] What is the most rewarding thing to about performing in front of an audience.

[1:37:17] Sweet a little bit the feelings have magic powers what’s gone go faster now it says i have to say
if it to be a
what’s the difference between being a nerd and geek yo on.
This is a blood sacrifice to the end of the show when you act on stage how do you channel your energy in what fields you.

[1:37:55] Hello touchdown already.
Let me sac just sucks at picking equally as zac because of biscuits is your shoulder i guess i wish i would like to host your own talk show.
Who will be your house band who i like to have question components of the author darren.

[1:38:17] Find me a,
if not a.

[1:38:30] What are some things you feel are missing from comedy af yo on.
Create a goal and where you would a frequent
i don’t want that would a,
what’s one federer past time that came back that you wish didn’t come back.
What’s one that was a thing awhile back that came back but you wish to return i wish god it’s a comeback it becomes available,
figure your dr know good eighteen pants if it’s super fun just want to go straight down
yeah i would like a little later and i’m all yo on
can i pay without a thing know if it’s that simple.
Just hello there now did the rise of reality of property should he is like in tokyo.

[1:39:49] Did the rise of reality competition shows go too far and boring the line between scripted moments to entertain an actual real life downtime but i mean i have like eight seconds.
Go to screen like yeah definitely is not okay is the new medicines people jelly divided by sauces.
Find me a.
Make sure is the last one on i don’t think i have much to say yeah ok if it’s that good a new read that when you decide between bulls are rotten the there.

[1:40:26] Ok if you could be someone else for a day who would you be and why find all yo are you feeling.
What’s like the sticker blank in alexandria funny answer for okay so you can be a person from one it’s like one day write that in this life universe.
That’s what i just said it has to have to wait to make it ‘my those who can’t be anyone ugh shit i don’t want someone to be in may close the refrigerator for you friday
it’s a freaking firewood this device is now a good chatbot like you could you please close your hands lol i’m a pussy and a freaky friday where.

[1:41:11] Let’s not forget the feelings i carry them safe them for you friday my girlfriend for sure,
we a
play feel like that so that’s a pretty awesome answer i’m busy at friday but i think i do be the strong one.
What are you the strongest like you send it to me if it doesn’t get shut off i go for three different answers this morning i can’t decide between these three weird of donald glover.
Cuz you can do all these multiple facets or other mats cuba because he’s and two of my favorite bands,
and he gets to the stadium with what i need to,
and small club without going trail so he gets both sides of the music spectrum and yes to encompass each audience which was really cool,
select shift sixteen thousand people one night and then like for under the next flight how awesome is that if you are not light really cool you’re not just playing the same crowd over and over again.
Let’s fun for me from traffic i gotta think about it so ill just pass for now sono.

[1:42:26] This item was your girlfriend finally cancer free yo are the bands,
what’s the weather for later episodes are the ones that we fail i save for later i okay let’s like cards against humanity you likes it over there really depends on like who wants to talk about later is insurance is there,
submit my answers a little bit of a shout but i probably donald trump just i got no effects positive change in the united states make sense.

[1:43:00] Are there any sales betalar something funny
lower your first day of actual do you shake your head feel like this is a really good a href everybody needs to listen to system of a down and like figure out like hayward
yeah things i want and i’m sure it is a great thing is for the president to say good.
Yeah just like partner just that im at one day cuz that something you could do that when there anything in one day but i like every is low level drug where my schedule yet hardening all of america goes i probably go whoever is currently the president
did i start with so would like to low level drug offender the i’d be like massage
harden just slipped what’s wrong yo on light up
does five government’s watching back i thought that.
Black cubes in a box where is spiderman he reacts when he was in a box where like can’t poop without five different government’s intelligence agencies watching him with cameras that are
obviously there sure this is where i’m survey tions.
He’s like a hurricane and the boxes of april if he leaves the box the extra catered united texted in the united states prefer being tortured for the rest of his life.

[1:44:26] I want you to waste torture,
yeah so it’s like it allowed to leave that room for like four like five years now like to play or around the twenty eleven twenty to new delhi for like being like hey umm.

[1:44:40] They’re torturing people you will enjoy that that like maybe that was what i expected in the nba,
where is your control julian assange is a troll instead of waiting i said that they’re like what am i gonna do.

[1:45:00] But i’d be trump to.
Not as part of the shit out of some people to be great and fire off a few missiles for fun i mean come on.
Come on give me just blood work logo island summer holiday claire declare war on north dakota.
I would like to declare war on north america and the you are now refugees from north america.
Set alarm to give you all supplies and north american people like it
i feel like what i’m howard with like the highways but because i last in minnesota i said because the water was south dakota is it south of north dakota,
what’s the confession used because i got state still he is here its.

[1:45:50] Do we have any i was done i was done with yahoo that all of white meat imma stone what she spelling.
Easy order lol and like i love you fine fine rolls and she said she.
Like well times comedic actress and joyous gets like.
Can the best clothes and introduce your face is your personal interests you play both comedy and drama extremely well i’m not gonna brag but ok
forreal you crochet either drama and comedy in a way its like.

[1:46:26] Sorry tiger and see if they even like it was number eight not that he was supposed to line three.

[1:46:38] Rom cash what’s your name right now but it’s like that german actors in like.
Allow the cream turn to the movies what’s his name.

[1:46:49] What’s the hands of his hands in his hands but what’s his last name was like isn’t she order.
No secrets character members off what’s his gorgeous in full cuz like
how bad is the air like he is just so classy and he can play a bad guy and like i mean
and a good guy and very similar with very similar manners and respect for fellow humans and my keys determined like playing the american characters like that just no big deal.

[1:47:19] Cancel cancel lol nice to do it
crazy good impression of crystal all eyes i don’t have to be a.
Would you ever okay so bear with me here musk.
So that i can mail myself a suitcase filled with on non consecutive and march bills remember what i did during the day is okay anyway give me some money that’s what i was thinking about doing the party part two,
is it any recent shows him to not be somebody else he’s gonna have access to some really fucking nice to get delivered today.
Really nice toys there’s gotta be someone amazing is gonna have like a fucking like can i continue the area for someone so like i think i like him.

[1:48:15] No you know who makes up just getting a level one with the one i got with the president would
the president can only getting like level three was like the areas and the grays mike up to get down a level nine with the reptile people forget the really crazy cool should affect cruz is one human and not many,
play so you can like him cause of money for myself afterwards
and then turn off one day of ridiculous find toys like guys gonna have like a iron and wine pic of life for like a flying tesla with flying to or something fun adventures i could not.
Can i change my number so.

[1:49:00] Members do you like that in the MPAN the amazon service is awesome.
Like fight club meets oceans eleven shit right here yo are life
what’s the temperature in las vegas is that you refer to the trail
DLP know what would be like if you just spent electromagnetic pulse yeah but just out of the couch light.

[1:49:34] Surgical one that just takes us server thinking that amazon would only have one serving nothing but amazon’s i’m done
are the amazon owns like most of the internet like i m gonna breakdown internet absolutely no i’m done
yo are remember you gotta get everyone the chances of like out there
apocalyptic scenarios because i want i’m want to if you could a great deal on bus compression he’s like,
Oh yeah you can’t put bobbin up and yeah that is really good at impressions
are people doing repression now he is a pretty good a major do you like in nick cage doing christopher walkin for like ten minutes while jasper my old bike to cents was it
remind me what is the other way around i made you do something you open the action in person chris rock and others nick on nick at

[1:50:42] Give mckinley goes back down and put his hands and knees like a graduation with me right now zach that you’re performing and yeah
i think i was having taking requests and i just like
keep doing that dont stops act like i’m enjoying myself because i don’t take reservation.
Find the patents set up marcia.
Latest i’ll get it does the same thing he takes a famous person per se another famous person studios we remind you doing christopher walkin.
Yo are you a bot how,
tell yo are doing jack nicholson you can’t handle the truth okay how yo are saying that.
That is what you get from the student who do comedians in cars getting coffee with jerry seinfeld like
yo on the job,
no va.

[1:51:58] Is john lennon do think of me.
He’s half and half i feel like that was that hello hello hello how are you.
I feel like he’s on those comics that this guys gonna take the dirty sink can i do i feel like.

[1:52:16] Skip sitting there staring at his new in town so i cannot control
random dirty joke the system connected but there is still whining like where is jesse with his sword is joke lol i wish i was a comedian
through the jeff dean and days so i’m home alone too like she swam this pocketbook open should he.

[1:52:43] Let’s stand john lennon is pretty good and had a great time to undressed trabajo opposite,
feed my birds,
gangbang is like my favorites though that’s yo on my gosh the gym teacher.
Anyone have access to the wifi password for the dining hormone monster like.
I guess i need to watch that would a cubic foot by okay.

[1:53:29] Perfect but very cold place women on the light
i love that’s my favorite director of beer yo on,
remove from the crow show rich happy was when is this happening it’s him in it.

[1:53:54] Who was it what does hello alright my oh okay so it’s a millennium nick crawl in there with a gift card to reach dex and they’re just there just these guys are just entitled,
add that the light of day get arrested on their way out of tijuana with a briefcase full of cocaine and why,
there is no big deal that a prison or jail like immediately while they are being held like as they were leaving it like out
yo are these people and the people on the side with them and they didn’t like yeah um we’re.
Father called and we we’re there was a misunderstanding we returned all of yours things like that like um.
I think something is missing in the psych ward you know who m is anything else missing.

[1:54:49] You know what i’m talking about is nothing else missing,
where is my cocaine put it back in the immediately but then immediately got hood af but they probably check it out mother show
before he was played so i talked about this before netflix the characters.
There is a yeah we’re all these guys at work like messing with tim robbins was like to be a certain gold everything in the right calling him from across the office and let them much space
this is you for nineteen eighty one shave that mustache his concert.

[1:55:29] Why is that so helpless if you can’t hear me don’t go to the camps i wish your uncle trying to send the lights.
Yo are as it hangs up.
What’s the fastest way that’s called the characters the characters that well.
Yellow labs and that one generally i don’t know i was generally stuck with me and i can hear what i meant then i should.

[1:56:00] Last thing she was plugs where things would like to fly aimlessly promote um debbie one six.
Short cut the monstrous little theatre company which is that your company im executive director of.
Is producing it opens thursday this thursday friday and saturday ryan how was your host is directing it.
Featuring actors morgan layne and chris andrews um and it’s great great tell by david mann,
and reminds me a little bit of data actually is far is in style i’m tickets online are seventeen dollars and twenty dollars at the door and it’s at wal sessions
that last three hours to submit kool kool space yo are starting it starts at six
yo on www dot matrix denture re yo ave,
yes but that that s nothing.

[1:57:13] Um i really have a major to apply for the prison pen pal project that i’ve been working on.
Almost a year now like were coming up on one year.
So if you want to have contributed help me out i’m doing that would be my shameless plug swim.
Okay umm hi,
this upcoming weekend um february friday february first and saturday february second i will be the feature act.
For trevor anderson boxes comedy club show starts at eight ummm tickets are fifteen dollars at the door for sure.
So maybe ten dollars presale but don’t quote me on that i’m not good amy i’m press what’s the name of the event one more time it is so it is trevor anderson
i will be performing at bosses comedy club.
Eight o’clock friday and saturday i’ll be the feature act is come check it out pretty cool show um and also of course wanna plug it supposed to snow jam comedy festival the end of february my self as close as i am sure,
read glasgow so me and zach been that end of course edge case coming out this october.

[1:58:39] Where is the order due next episode of submission that where to start like i think it’s seven,
i am officially established distanced on september tenth i think it’s the first tuesday after labor day i’m you like.
That is by far the most excited about coming out like.
It’s the last week to submit stories and so i’ve been getting a lot more submissions and it’s getting me like super pumped so i just need to finish my last two stories that i definitely wanted and this season like i’m i’m life pushing the deadline,
yes spell what’s up.
Well that’s cases by audio drama that by robert scot put together and it’s a sci-fi thriller theme sort of like galaxy
do i like some other limits i can’t think of things to a my short stories will be having made into episodes for the season which will also be boy.
How to finish my book work as well so i’m excited for the awesome planes and cool cool september.

[1:59:45] Who are you upload for a profile hell yeah exactly.
Why the flight to be in some process a logo we will have more shortly so i’m leaving after that,
where did you come new show,
hopefully it will be sunny manchester next show february is t-shirts correct so those come support our work.
I’m well be a remedy brewing company at the end.
Up the next one because it’s not february yet but the twenty eighth of february at remedy at eight o’clock and is a free show.

[2:00:26] So we encourage so come on down and we had this is our last two shows the packed is it down there make sure bless the one yeah you rushed and that anything other than that.

[2:00:40] Yeah that’s awesome can i do that so sorry i was already you are not familiar with the format in providence audience paste suggested.
Um we roll with basically creating a scene based on audience suggestion much like whose line is it anyway if you’ve seen that show of something possibly haven’t seen that show i like were,
review batman but not have instant okay too coming out we want you there i think you’ll enjoy it.
I don’t we have a good time because we have other members it can make it tonight so show them we can we will send an cab be here she said.

[2:01:16] Busy busy busy with her and i know he didn’t like to place within like three months which is just nuts
hertha still love yo are there to choose was i am sorry.
What does it he was allowed to lamp from recommend me a
russian cognac got a lot of betsy ross i just couldn’t really like
betty russel have tourettes oyo aren’t i don’t know what to do with the russian accent mixed with tanya
so u did the accident in through and rushing references
who is awesome texted her so feel free to confuse but his conversation mistake configure talend at home and see if for yourself then gets is loud so we have with them u ten PM.

[2:02:20] I will be performing at kenner th birthday bash at ira brilliant company.
Friday february ten richest wonderful tattoo artist a good friend in sports love comedy shows coming from.
Are we introducing some acoustic soul accept palo david seaman pharrell.
I can’t perform as well as other musicians bed with black dress for hosting at two.
We found the charity she passes on the night stand up ads for direct girl whose fighting brain cancer right now and so the charity fundraiser show for that.

[2:02:52] Um so joel twenty first to twenty third very excited to be awesome doing it working with thirty to thirty five think it will come excluding yourself from the prada three.
Springside about the income mcdonalds because and hopefully i can go to his schedule training is available to help pay for i’m so excited i wanna try waiting for clients check to land a number
buying helpless thats not full something yeah i think it’s still good um i’m gonna try and get them on,
find something here if you need help loading image havana something like that
i have a van but you have plenty have a sample but i have a van i would like to do is live dresscode upset if you can somehow make that work but i don’t know if we have to work out logistics analyze shit but,
anything you figure out of that because idm.
Another some people from the past that ive never had on the shelf like damn boots that will never happen with the other year was blazers am podcast to help set up benson.

[2:03:52] That’s right shoulder happy was mainly because he just loves two hours away,
let’s have lunch that’s crazy because he’s so active still what’s like had he had to log on to policy priority but i like the first two episodes guaranteed straight up but yeah so i’ll be fun,
and the twentieth of seven to be killer yeah that’s a robert.

[2:04:20] Ok so friday of this week.
The first of february i believe that is your last final day talking to myself here last goddamn day to submit stories for season one of submitting and i will talk about doing a patriotic thing or season two but.
Ugh i gotta draw line in the sand friday so blessed to get their stories and wanted if ever wanted to write a twilight zone episode of now is your chance getting there.

[2:04:47] Let c and dance with your podcasts i mean if you listening that’s you just look at the link site i do i should have a podcast like way to many for
healthy human being so what’s up what’s my sound for like another one i got the eddie murphy like who did the show with lastnight you just released a new podcast that i was like today.
Call her diary was that he was my tenant this morning we fill that i woke up because you ready tonight so we does we would be does he asks comics what
what are the personal struggles that i talk about anxiety for about forty five minutes,
i hope so she was a different kind of pocket instead of life that light hearted whatever they haven’t talked about having it was the whole vehicle
hard i feel like there is interesting as i can listen to like every episode of some of america will have to my name is a little more and sings it still says not to
i’d like to dislike mr vs being very serious like eating something really serious only because of the big sweep so i took those things that anxiety using it.
That is any advantage to your boots and your crew and how can be sometimes a detriment so i just kinda mix the two and how used it.

[2:05:59] In a positive light and how you tried to share the way the negatives and just use it as a positive reinforcement so i got it like that up most of us can do it i just woke it up there was still some
still hurting select page was no video broadcasting yo alla i would like that.
Super fun so yeah if i may i have another guy was bloody i also wanna podcast that comes out tomorrow the girl with the red door.
How is christian hellberg probably but red both of her feet is there
but i’ll get bravo a link to that to check it out i talk about you know being unemployed and what that means to falls in as a person,
what gig economy type person so.

[2:06:49] Interesting where the order for greece open for check out good uplifting and good totally blessed take me like or dislike.

[2:06:58] Flooding yo are there like some water shit in the area that exact,
i really like i want all the other podcast to fall saying they all know that you’re being so if thats yes she told me i think it was possible to write that.
Should i wear to send the phone interview and like very professional i like it s cool so i recommend listening to the rest of ur shop if you feel threatened.

[2:07:30] I will feel that being said we paul adam bill thank you so much for being on i could a always so you watching and tuning into.
Trash yo.

The Dresch Code Ep 016 Iowa’s Competitive Tickling Scene with Tenenbaums

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Kaitlynn Wornson


Ryan Howe

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Machine Transcript

[0:18] You are Watch Me Whip Justin Bieber.
Cub Scouts fishing Angels and Demons life’s most important,
not important questions about music comedy the Arts Theater whatnot.
Can we start context all right.
Is this better,
who is the Tim Allen show for The Neighbors always coming.
Really wants a weird I’m sad yeah yeah.

[1:30] Your guts on the show automatically delete autofill,
the cuss word they take the world looks like you get to pick and choose your own adventure.
So let’s go around around couch and introduce everyone Round Table round couch,
Ryder actress marketing Maverick,
Maverick Maverick Kayla Norton welcome.
Singer-songwriter artist extraordinaire Maverick.
Bigotry clapping comedian.

[2:33] Writer hosted perlocution and light cranberry sauce cranberry sauce.
Maverick so contacts.
The last time Caitlin Ryan and I host we hosting a show at Casey if I was called donut hippo where we answered life’s
important questions as well by audience members who kind of troll that’s why the show is on its way
can I eat chips that had a theme and we just figure it out with questions based on that payment,
I guess every episode so this is that 3 year in the making ring Union,
I only remember right now is cereal we talked about cereal for a full episode
podcast or the actual serial.

[3:29] This before the podcast came out
we don’t know about the time I think they cut the top of your mouth too fast.
So many levels.

[3:55] Jennifer Beals they don’t go they don’t soak it up though it doesn’t soak up the creamer
yep I had a bowl of Cocoa Puffs last week and it did hurt the roof of my mouth.
Joe Rogan’s podcast experience,
just watching that took three different kinds of episode,
if you remember this I don’t know okay I guess so honor to a lot of them but I still remember the topics that’s the word Aaron guy I’m rubber match here instead of Herbert Simon floss around,
Charlie me Land Rover dealers Dan Folger I was on Nick Thomas Spill Canvas is on Ashton Irwin.
Is Kristen on Kristen Vanderpump she was on did you say the dentist to two. Yosef.

[5:23] Dull pain in back as long as they keep asking for more money.
4 years old what did you do with that money,
so how this show works is I have a bucket,
full topics and questions about music Comcast.
That’s referred to as a,
yeah if it’s still just a jar if you refer to it as about going to jail.
Are alphas show work we have questions and topics in this thing.

[6:31] Top music comedy in yards in movies in general just ran face and we decide does this pass or fail dress code if we say pass we’ll talk about it.
Trail no I think it’s after last night I think it’s easier if we just say yes or no to the topics how many questions about Weird Al,
I’m gone for one night and nobody knows how the show work so.
Cats and dogs,
hot dog Fargo Sports sure we could serve with the first top of your question thank you.

[7:28] What’s an ideal quality you look for what’s an ideal quality you look for in a scene partner.
So this was a theater question I think it must be we could make we could turn around back what’s an idea quality look for when you perform as someone on stage.
I will we do that way oh that’s a good one yeah if you perform
would you do we have five people how is that happening now,
should I guess nobody likes my question make up a genres of music right now oh my God.

[8:19] Imo’s Scott Eskimo.
What’s lights don’t pick it up then maybe I mean.
I feel like someone’s going to tap into that it has to be in.
Sneeze cord it’s basically just the music done by people without.

[9:04] When he’s playing at when he’s playing is that there’s a harmonica player but.
It’s really inconsiderate because he’s sneezing all the time cuz they put cats in the.
There’s just another instrument no matter what someday.
Especially if it’s a mouth instrument dust on it it’s going to be bad.

[9:45] Exit or genres why I was just going to say good country online says gangster country.
0 in is bad there’s like big stars and I’ve never heard any of this stuff but,
we installed cable at some guy’s house who is supposed to be some huge like.
Hey cops are really I’ve never going to listen to it but never listen to Jewish gangster rap.
No but I will try not to call it is a thing unfortunately very.
What’s the name of the hip hop Jewish hip-hop band in the
movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist there’s like one yeah and then I was like
it was that other guy jumps around,
I just think they were going to say that in 50 years.

[11:14] There’s a bit that Dane Cook wants to watch doesn’t sound cool star,
HTA are okay. I’ll punch your keyboard a colon F6 is a fat kid with a.
Heather was actually on YouTube.

[11:55] Remember that I like the dramatic chipmunk and everything was great and then now it’s like it’s so.
Weird like I mean I don’t know cuz I was watching The Cult documentaries and said you better thinking about that.

[12:17] In like the ins-and-outs of that Cole I really really want a cop.
Cult core which is 12 Pilots.

[12:35] So next question,
the best most ridiculous band names you’ve ever heard yes please Bowling for Soup
are they bowling,
in honor of soup or too early,
third grade project yeah it’s like a shelter and then like they don’t have enough soup so I don’t have to answer every Saturday and then whatever most people wins,
gives you soup last of the food
how much do the Polaris,
I still contend it’s Hunger Games for me it’s the Christian metal band gold frankincense and myrrh.

[13:47] There’s a band called dananananaykroyd
respect back in high school there was a.

[14:09] Up and down in Nebraska remember that Terri Schiavo the lady that was on.
Jesus Christ shoes,
basically vegetable.
This is like all that they talked about yeah and then my phone died and then I,
Wake Up Dead Pope band but I mean if there is a ghost
mariposa’s smoke.

[15:01] Public midget handjob.
There’s dirtier bed.
Got any Swan there’s a band called Anil Kant the song titles are actually more outrageous than that song titles.
Look up Robert ever heard it’s like.

[15:39] Movie cuts and kind of Electro and like all this weird stuff all happening and then they have cats on the cover
I’m looking this up to
what did you do.
YouTube YouTube there’s a whole episode of Scrubs were Elliott love you too and her boyfriend.
Really the whole episode.
There’s a lot to unpack there.
I have to say Maroon 5 doesn’t make sense to me as a name like there’s five of them and they were all wearing maroon shirts or something or whatever maroon originally the burgundy boys.

[16:53] That’s who they are from now on call me what is the burgundy one,
you may have heard of them as Maroon 5 sitting on a gold mine we’re going down downtown sitting on a car,
Cult mine Michael by Rihanna.

[17:29] Burgundy boys going to last forever
that should be the name of this episode
we dress in Ron Burgundy outfits and Cameron five.
She Will Be Loved.
I was going to throw cake out there.
But I just like pointing out things lash band.

[18:29] Tortellini Pyro’s.

[18:38] What’s up one.

[18:48] That who I like that.

[18:55] Next.

[19:00] Dress up like a Burgundy wine glass.
Do you drink before shows or performances why or why not half & half of that I’m kind of it.
Sweetheart smoking before show,
sometimes I don’t I don’t like to maybe have like a beer or something like that but I’ve had like one time and it was up in Brookings I drank like too much of worship is weird,
and then Brewery up there and then like I don’t know I don’t remember my sad and I never want to do that,
Turner Gallo offencive names to his homosexual it’s probably better part of five minute
I mean I get where he was going but they didn’t know there will do that first one. It was my birthday and I had.
Two Coors Lights at wackos and I decide I want to go on stage.

[20:18] Crush it was a good night it was a salad,
no it was it was a fun one cuz I have her sedated all the comics afterwards on stage that was one of those fun ideas really gave me like an extra 5 minutes,
I feel like it’s fine if you do that every once in awhile but like if you’re doing it every single time then that tells me that you got to
another underlying issue that I could drink shirt
with some anxiety like I would I would do that not be the main the exact reason but then like she is exactly like how I can if I need to drink to do you put a lot of work and do it the best of your ability
exactly I agree unless you practice drunk.

[21:12] Go ahead,
just fell asleep
greatest great story by the way.
I like a lot of, strangled try it and you got your joke out of it.
Yeah and then you’re sitting there in your like this everybody in this profession.
Temperature for a lot of painting to like I would like you to send it and then I can look yeah I’ll go over and paint and then I like the next day I like him cuz I think this is really cool.
How are you doing.

[22:27] Are there any side projects of famous musicians that you prefer more than their primary band.
Eminem’s diss tracks.

[22:43] Drita is a really good side project called Foxboro hot tubs which is like fun garage Rock,
play Green Green Day but like Chris Gaines.
Skyliner is it is it.
I seriously do this CD out of my car Dylan and.
Bruce Springsteen I think the Traveling Wilburys,
Jeff Lynne from Electric Light Orchestra and then Roy Orbison.
I just watch the Tom Petty back to write recently that’s why it’s
Good Luck Charlie Over is. I love the harmonies just like all of them know how to write songs just so well I’m just.

[23:51] Stone Sour?
It right away like one of those younger but Slipknot.
An unfortunate side.
Target so true Fighters technically is a device
Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park Side Project Fort Minor
damn and they kept this year Winchester passed away that have thing like eyes are going to do Fort Minor again he never ended up doing it but I think I definitely don’t doubt that he would at some point we have no doubt.

[24:57] Sticky outside their side projects under.
I have a very heated opinions about bananas being.
Sister love.
Starts me rage but I do use it to annoy my daughter sometimes.

[25:33] Chase Bank.
I want to hear more from Slash’s thing he’s got going on now with Myles Kennedy good but I ate I like.
I like the music on that Christopher the Rhythm Section when you have Dave Grohl playing drums any of John Paul Jones and then like for the Rhythm 2nd grade.
Josh Homme e oh okay wow.
You win that one lie.
All My Friends Are Dead.

[26:29] And then that happened,
next bus.

[26:42] Do you think bands that don’t sell more than XL shirts are trying to promote a healthier body image,
I’ve been trying to do that then fuck you.
There’s actually went to the show and it’s it’s a band that I like the songs but it’s geared more towards a female audience like I love all time low.
Quick but it’s primarily of female-dominated on this.
Forget Lottery.
There’s like five rows of people by the front of stage that I mailed the guy there’s like females fighting at the gym is going to front like I should be way back right now.

[27:39] And I’m just like what I like but I guarantee they probably don’t have
I feel like when you’re like going on tour there probably like all right what size do we need I don’t know let’s just outfit children like that especially if an established like that you do have your Siri.
Yeah I know.

[28:09] We have a lot of heavy set man.
Wasn’t that the car was just reading something extra needs to be bigger.

[28:43] Scissors you but as soon as you buy the 5xl you get a large Pepsi,
fill it out and it’s a slippery slope vicious cycle
you’re one of us now they can’t get away,
Jim Jones Charles Manson.

[29:42] Photos good
no pick me that I found one alright well this is been the dress code we had a good 14 episode.
We’re all going to leave to join to drive to follow that follow the right way Wiggles I like retweeting this episode like.
Talking about.
Ransomware the compound no.2 somebody’s Washington.
Have a great day love you,
just a yellow shirt go with next next.

[30:53] Who’s the first time spent in any of my podcasts talking about.

[30:59] Okay the question is is pineapple on Pizza a crime but I just want to point out that is a beautiful m.
Oh yeah oh yeah that was a very well.
Everybody Hates Chris pizza man like you should you should be able to
put whatever you want,
thank you everybody I just put you can put pineapple on it.
I think it’s like a fake outrage like no you don’t do that just cuz I don’t care for you
kitchen of bombination like you really feel that strongly about it,

[32:05] It’s too healthy maybe that’s the problem.
2 healthy green peppers oh yeah that’s that’s all right.

[32:18] Raw onion
time the red shirt send red old red.

[32:47] Cigar Jeff close Greg,
I hate Greg Sam Philip Philip Simon,
Simon’s the one Simon’s the yellow shirt guy I would like to point out his name is
fat jokes Eva Marie cook
Ariel anime are still active and James obese where’s their car
do you want to know band members musical style,
educational theory.

[33:56] Play to achieve kids version of Scientology.

[34:05] How to make sense now he’s a producer to write.

[34:14] Where’s the working at The Wiggles became formally Consolidated in 2005
Hertz board of directors consisted of the original Three members.
Paul Fields has been the general manager of operations since the group was formed and their manager since the mid-1990s in 2009 the Australian rock band ACDC
launch The Wiggles who earned 45 million Australian dollars,
from the top of Business Review weeklies list of top entertainment orders for the first time in 4 years.

[34:57] AC DC where to find a baby successful.
She’s so upset.
Crazy how comes back to all the way.

[35:22] That’s what they preach this is Topher everything kind of each other.
If they knighted musicians who do you think deserves it most that has not been nothing to do night musicians hair store Elton John.
Who would who would you have night at being which they have to be English to be knighted
perceive title you can be knighted but you can’t receive the title they do for me
digital Giuliani after 9/11 in English sir Edward,
but if I don’t I’m not but I’m not in love.

[36:29] Someone serve the downstairs.
He got it already.
That I’m okay with that I real bear that is Elton John,
Sir Michael Caine
light Richard Branson Shannon says that we should night Jeff the wiggle they want we can’t do it.
Okay I see how much exposure they get if the prophecy is true
all the sudden all of everybody’s TVs like I got the clap.
It’s all happening easiest roll Eve ever played.

[37:53] If you fact it.
I haven’t seen of silent film I’m going to talk about it.

[38:08] I was sort of in a silent film not really silent it was I just didn’t talk a ton and at one point I had to be dead so I just had to like stare,
electric lease that was easy was trying to buy some but then my contacts dried out and then it was,
and apparently I didn’t look dead enough so we had to do it because I was one of the,
let me know they were there were some guys in theater video small swollen,
I have to have like big rolls with normally be like a lot of this a lot of neon just long is a bottle logs and stuff like that.
So I finally got to be like in the comedic one was like a haunted house when I’m just this.
Dumb guide like false your windows and stuff like that and you just like like and it was so much fun and so easy verses.
Cousin like the one I had before I was like a kid with cancer and that’s not fun.
In super depressing I got an award for but super.
I yelled something and somebody did something else but it was not difficult.

[39:34] I was in a production of almost Maine years ago where it was.
It was a role that always wanted in the show I had the show basically memorized before I even started they didn’t even.
Because the show because they needed me to come in later.
I was basically only in rehearsal for 2 weeks I was gone dress rehearsal we just came back in just did the show.

[39:58] I played an octopus in The Little Mermaid in high school,
Jimmy Johnson was October,
and I forgot the second line was we all put our hands and cuz we were a group helping out to put Ariel and then.
And we did the parade of lights that you’re
and all my arms kept falling off. Co I’m sure multiple times I like hexapro
follow right.

[40:49] And reattach to make sure White
it really turned out sick for this week going to have somebody to have him follow you around and grab it and grab the tentacles as I follow
yeah that’s right you like Billy cilic my face of God.

[41:22] Play about the Holocaust,
and either way one of my friends use terrible add Black by blocking in to do ever so,
he’d walk in and his one line was we hitting the shed and the 1st to the 1st 6:30 comes in and turning towards the,
the crowd featuring Stewart the back window and then realize we hit in the shed.

[41:59] And Derek if you watching.
I said 5 more times different ways
I feel like that could be a podcast that sells plankington.
The high school had this thing and it was about.
Like as are killing somebody but there,
reenactment of it was glorious there there’s people there that held captive in the.

[43:02] My it is stapling in here 4 foot tall kid walks out look like a Foci doggies like.
I will be dead
and then there’s the pricing there’s like an execution line there’s 5 mm standard 5 shots go for people go down,
the lights come back up and the guy over there it was still panties like oh.
The funniest way I’ve ever seen and it was not meant to be Genesis Brian Hoffman turning serious what actor plays it’s a comedic experience.
That is an art form.

[44:13] Wasn’t this one act play that was super fun though we got to play it was an easy rollers of federal his left eye died now it is a musical about.
Adults with their kids leaving the house and there is facing like retirement that kind of stuff and.
And the show starts with all.

[44:43] The backing bad I was in the pit but we’re on stage they’re all old guys playing on stage dressed as old men and we walked through the state audience throwing hard candies and I had a walker and this is like.
Translate where is my donut you get old it’s all hemorrhoids and donuts.
Hey sorry honey, Force you can see that,
the episode title in the title is beautiful
I will.
Nefarious activities of The Wiggles called actually did music with him it’s kind of like the Beach Boys Charlie Manson.

[45:49] Robert you ever roll.
Okay so I did it like a Puerto Rican stereotype for like an eighth grade when I can play with type where we were terrorists and we were holding this like mayor’s office hostage and I was,
I was Juan and I just had to speak trench coat I was just going to stand there and be like big and tough except when,
Carlos talk to me I just put my glorious moment of that was,
the bomb that we were using to threaten them it’s like I open up my trench coat and like so it looks like I’m exposing myself to everyone in the room and they all started panicking and screaming then I turn around and I had like,
4 sticks of dynamite an alarm clock hanging right on my crotch.
Perfect game days are over,
they really are.

[46:51] Puerto Rican.
When a primary member of a band leaves the group do you think it’s time to end it.
Yes sorry.
When Lindsey Buckingham leaves Fleetwood Mac fucking and the group exactly like.
I think it’s kind of a wishy-washy area I think there’s sometimes like.
Depending on the song writing like who does majority the songwriting like if they’re still like to look at Alice in Chains I mean Layne Staley was a huge by the band really much better with internet but Jerry Cantrell.
So therefore you know they can keep it going still sounds like Alice in Chains It’s still whatever else
and then even Blink 182 there were two good songs on that woman skiba and I like to ask you but I’m kind of racist
it’s Van Halen not van Hagar
Skynyrd still here.

[48:02] Older. But you know what I mean
the ship etheric leaves or whatever where it’s like all the parts have been replaced overtime so it’s like no one that’s the original people and now it’s,
it doesn’t because it and that that that was kind of I like them better with to make slime with Bon Scott ACDC,
Matt Granite you don’t and I don’t necessarily care for them to turn what I do appreciate the challenge everything that but I think that they were kind of a bit more.

[48:37] Creatively out there with that with the original singer and then one side Brad Johnson give me a recycle and what does that small it is in the NGC Indiana Blues.
Just so they’re all those bands that if they fall if it isn’t broke don’t fix it mentality which I get and it took him so long.
They will after this episode
Journey though I feel like it makes it as much as I miss Steve Perry he can’t sing the way he used to share don’t make sense why they have the Filipino guy,
yeah I think it’s a certain I don’t know if there’s there’s some that I definitely don’t like it if it’s the person that thinks they’re the reason I listen to that band I love them then.
Now that they’re selling my guess.

[49:47] I don’t know it’s just like the band just keeps playing because there’s like that 50 year old who’s going to pay $200 to sit in the back you know they’re like,
they’re just trying to carry on a memory at that point.
Keep doing what they love Starship play this was my friend Damien and.
So Grace Slick had left the band at the time so all the time I didn’t even know what started the Like We Built This City.
Old guy runs out the tambourine these disorder,
the saddest part was Hugh sang nothing’s going to stop us now
alone because she’s like the world around us.
Nothing’s going to stop me.

[50:57] What if they did something weird like they had like Alanis Morissette it’s backing band from her prime but they’re random like
Jewish guy that’s 50.

[51:18] Did somebody was like really proper like old British accents like and isn’t it ironic,
spoken word.
Last night.
The spoken word is the future classic rock but I’m here,
I mean I would love to be these people on the same like just to be able to just carry on something you did 20
can get in and do it still at me when you get out there and do it in like camping the thing that’s like
like cuz I know Dylan sounds like.

[52:29] Old Jazz now since strange it’s a strange so it’s not like you do stuff the way you can do it better to do it when I can sell I mean.
It’s kind of going and seeing the thing the United States really seeing it at its peak of when you’re interested so I don’t know.
The pineapple and pizza thing it’s like you can’t you can’t totally judge it’s like okay this isn’t this is you different piece so the different piece is a pineapple.

[52:59] I was waiting for it I was like.
Everything Wiggles.
Wiggles t-shirt outside I thought I said we all have t-shirts in a can of why do we have to eat before we go to sleep.
You meet your lawyer today 8:30.
Waiting for the opening acts at 9:30.
If you could permanently delete a word from the English language what would it be if you delete a word from the English language what would it be random.

[53:56] So Random isn’t everyone it’s so random that we just bumped into each other.
Fine is the thing that I would.
Find usually doesn’t mean you’re fine.
At best it’s a dismissive think it’s allmenus.
Just be direct people trying to someone on like a friend on the street for a service-level that’s fine in that tone cuz it’s like.
Something is like fine wine or find something like that just grab the lyrics just buy refined.
Lakes in that case you could just show me work fine and then you are fine again.
Jack galvaneks good then you only have evil where’s the balance,
I’d rather say I’m feeling I feel very evil right now.

[55:11] Could I use Bagel Sharon wants to permanently delete phalanges.
Phalanges yet
I bet that was hit that there was some for lizards.
Phalanges is a weird word.

[55:38] What where’s that pisses me off you can go I mean I am still kind of.
Always thinking about phalanges.
It’s also it’s a prominent prominent word on Friends Phoebe’s false let fake alter egos last name.

[56:03] Saddest fucking brilliant I think it’s time it’s not a rockstar
there’s another one how you’re such a rockstar you have no idea what you’re saying,
this high in cocaine right now naked women the donut I use that one all the time
but in the back of my head I’m always thinking like what if I was really Rockstar I’d break their layout
start screaming actually affect my time
when I was working at
all right there.
Would have crust.

[57:00] The crust needs to be off the left side but on the right side.
Oh I forgot I was going to say phrase winning,
Santana song you know about winning and all that want to walk back
some modern day slang I think we can just get rid of you eat yeah you put it on I don’t even know.
Play Bleachers I supposed to mean to it but it’s just really dumb.
Check and I still don’t understand why you text me like a decade understand it and then it’ll be.

[58:03] I don’t understand him.
The other words yeah yeah like the president to something incredibly stupid,
you need to drink like I’m going to throw I’m going to throw this coming up of coffee out my window and it’s a way to express excitement,
Yates okay
feel like I feel like that’s just like scripting excitement at that point so just be like,
make a cat noise like someone says you sure something like that you don’t know what to say

[58:58] Buble,
choose to get rid of any of the offencive words in our language and culture point of view the f word starts with f ends with the T rhymes with Megan I don’t like that one
mat na Saginaw I think that’s good things from childhood but did not think about that.
You know
I guess moist you know that’s a bad one whenever has anything Secret
positively you obviously haven’t seen before.
All around us.
The hole.

[1:00:01] Starting my old roommate like how I was like like paranoid about starting a cult and I think it just you had a breakthrough did I did I did.

[1:00:13] You give me a reason to buy we go shirt but love saying plump and slather.
And I refuse to tell him like slather,
job girthy is a strange 42,
episode of Friends where Chandler and Ross or talk to Kyle I always reference friends and everything.
Ross is having women talk about everything standing on girth and Chandler’s I haven’t painted,
Garth Big Mouth where they talk about,
I remember the first time hearing the word Darth was a hot dog commercial this guys like talking about the jerseys talking about,
Ball Park Franks Jersey,
have you guys seen that kid at him and I’m not sure like the Hidden Valley Ranch commercial about the BFD,
big flavor delivery guy and his son and he’s like he liked me and he’s like that’s my boy.

[1:01:38] Call Darren Bravo every advertisement out of it every ad for.
BFG The Big Friendly Giant a big fucking,
Monster Energy has the BFC,

[1:02:18] Regardless irregardless icono
what guy took Apple negative it is on 10% less intelligent than I am God bless
how do you say.
Bob and Buckley House.
545 Renaud k-55 Santa Barbara Bobby brother.

[1:03:04] Love that show literally literally.
Did you know if they change the ignition of a change the definition of literally in the dictionary to also mean figured.
Because people use it as figuratively up and watch all I can change the language.
Western Civilization is dead so literally and figuratively.

[1:03:37] I mean for people that are.
Redundancy next stop.
When artist gets accused of some form of misconduct or does so I fail it
what we’re talking about… It’s something that Society deems and moral can you separate the art from the artist and still enjoy their work.
We should talk about it absolutely not I have a friend of mine was
going back and watching all of Louie CK’s stuff and I’m like.

[1:04:30] This makes a lot of sense now and I am incredibly creeped out.
Personal level I like the format of our to like you know I could see ya there there’s certain things like.
No Bill Cosby thing is I mean like he is funny and in the early West me anyways but yeah.

[1:04:53] Depending on what happened and how they make amends with it now you do whatever you can to her butt.
Shepherding yakhni Irish I think there’s a fine line because of you if you started you know because sometimes that kind of feels like you’re.
Dismissing what they did in like that that’s not a big deal. I really like Kevin Spacey but I can’t watch it I can’t I can’t support
yeah yeah yeah exactly what you’re supposed to be we’re supposed to be on a horse way someone can also be kind of that like,
some artists are like assholes to be very talented and kind of be like an asshole but you can separate.
You know like rape somebody or you know I’ve been doing a lot like sexual harassment then you just like that that’s when you can’t really let it go you know I mean I grew up with Michael Jackson,
like my mom Texas music for the way I acted so that’s a part of my childhood so I still like not dance around it as my ex,
a kid with my mom.

[1:06:06] Yeah you were never convicted it’s hard for me to separate myself from net.
I think that sometimes people you can do it to you like a beer,
consciously doing it may be like oh yeah I get this on and it’s not cuz we’re all kind of desensitized to certain people and certain things and stuff like that but,
you know I won’t hold that won’t seek out like Louis CK and stuff anymore I won’t do it like I mean,
and it’s It’s upsetting and I mean even you know friends are like therapy sessions snake around here that you know what I look super talented and then whatever but they’re doing shady shit like getting,
it really matter if I have to I have to respect to the person before I can,
you know what I don’t know it’s how you connect with that person and like if you found out your friend was like doing something super dumb you wouldn’t be like
hang out with them and having dinner with them and whatever
doesn’t make sense like I feel uncomfortable around you now cuz you miss you going to miss perceived it wasn’t that person was either things and sometimes I mean.

[1:07:12] That can be a 8 like I said depending on the actions on the misconduct weather.
If someone just a dick like a lot of people have said like you know Conor Oberst from bright as it did get to make sure he’s probably did but he ain’t like you know the music and I’m not his friend,
you can’t be friends with everybody that’s entirely everything than someone who’s like sexually harassing somewhere else if it’s if it’s if it’s over there an asshole
going to phase me as much but if it’s if it’s harassment then that’s like yeah she’s brand new.
I made a good friend Benny from Green Bay like.
He ended up passing away and we we remember very we are drunkenly singing you something on the riddle I’m in his kitchen I was last time I hung out with him and like.
It even ruin that for me you don’t like me and just take a good memory in this like Dad you know why you have to.

[1:08:05] Yeah I’m here it’s hard to talk to separate it and I think that sometimes people do but they don’t necessarily do it.

[1:08:14] Consciously what is nice to think that you don’t have to you know like people should just be nice to hear everything she just kind of Wiggle take money off of crowds you should not be doing
is also weird as last year brand new release a new album by The Weeknd hugely currently claim a brand new brand new album,
people that dude got so much crap for it and I’m just like it it’s just hard to listen to that point I mean,
well I mean it’s like people who treat other people so disrespectfully your like.
You don’t have respect for other people you like cross lines all over like.

[1:08:59] Seem fabricated seem like things like it.
Text you out of it going one that did never bugs me when I listen to it was Kanye
I’m just going to be like.
The regular he just tried to be a constant variable,
play George Bush doesn’t care about black people to someone to is fully supporting somebody who didn’t denounce like the KKK,
I just really wanna one conversation.

[1:10:02] And then Trump removed all of his valuables from his desk,
play Kanye 2006 again.
I want a career,
do you remember the one where it lives it was like right after he did that and Mike Myers shows up and it’s like.

[1:10:33] Right next to him and it’s just like to pay.
How’s it going man in space way after he said that he’s like oh.
Warn me yay what’s going on
I will say for emo night though when that happened like 2 months ago or something I wore a Deja intendo shirt cuz I was just the thing that night night
we all can be you know it’s if you haven’t like right in the Forefront of your mind and you’re still supporting in you like I don’t care then your.
But I mean cuz it’s not.
It it sucks it sucks regardless cuz like this is music that I really like that I can enjoy anymore this is like stuff like that but that’s that’s that’s.
The terror that some of these people put on the 17th at 2 and then.
Cuz I just thought of it I haven’t seen it Kevin Spacey movies since that stuff is not on and it made a hundred and twenty six.

[1:11:46] Yes and no one would show it and everything like that cuz they had got numbers production for it before.
All these allegations came out yeah and do what is Aleve.
Grecians type cartridge replacement shooting light.

[1:12:05] I mean it’s kind of cool though that as a society we’re like aren’t you did this thing
you get removed you know I mean Idaho what’s good about it
yeah I think it’s good that you’re getting your getting shitty people out of the sink,
Even in our seen that even is part of the second round but no one wants to have to deal with but,
you know you’re getting out of there just to make it more enjoyable safer accessible thing for younger people kissing I mean even like my daughter’s 7 I want her to be able to go to shows when she’s there and not have to worry about you know stuff like that in.
And it’s a really good thing I do think you know there is some danger in like.
Throwing out allegations and not having anything to back just so confusing some because of that does have a small spectrum of things.

[1:12:59] I like yeah that if you’re a piece of shit you get called out for it and that’s the way it should be you shouldn’t be allowed to do it so that’s one good thing with it but there’s also that other side.
Where people are just like oh we oh who cares is boys will be boys like
gentlemen gentlemen actually actually The Wiggles accor allowed to have pudding with their large.
This is great,
Being a nap is a 4 mm a 49ers fan but with several different things.

[1:14:11] There’s problems but like Greg Hardy you know that thing where he was like he’d beat his girlfriend and hit her head in the toilet and stuff like that but since it wasn’t on video like he had picked out by the Cowboys,
not saying that anything the right right there that freaking terrible but you know it video evidence and do whatever like why why do you have to have video evidence of someone comes to you and says this person did this.
Why can’t you believe somebody that sang this you know and that’s I don’t know it’s a it’s a mess that goes on like Richie Incognito still has had a beer after that
I Wish I Was Made of pain but that’s,
yeah but like there’s that one another one that just flew out of my head but I was just so early. It was one that always.

[1:15:02] Conway back and yeah yeah few years ago but like Donte Stallworth was in a vehicular.

[1:15:08] Accident on Fort Knox anybody like killed a person even Marshawn Lynch actually hit somebody with a with a bus and wheels in Buffalo and.

[1:15:16] Yeah that’s it will Darren Sharper you guys remember him from yeah yeah yeah.
He was in the absolute there are times but I think that it’s very inconsistent with how they do it anyways yeah yeah.
I haven’t had to have a different getting better.
You can’t really.
How to say guy that’s gone they have scrubbed him from the records from Chris Benoit does not exist anymore as far as in professional wrestling is concerned.
Canadian crippler no more no like he is he’s gone but like very recently like Enzo Amore and big Cass
where the hottest tag team NXT move over move over to the main roster were okay and I got kicked out because he was an asshole and then it was.
Somebody claimed that he raped her incident today next to him and then big Cass had a physical altercation with his ex-girlfriend they got rid of him it’s like yeah there is no nonsense anymore and that’s.
That’s good I think it’s going to society Society over there so there is some backlash on the other side but he’s good and that synchronized near call Marin.

[1:16:40] Go back to regular Society that’s why they do that superhuman.
Is geared towards people keeping their egos in check with things to like you get to a point where you think that you know everything like you know and like you can’t you can’t treat people like that and I think that’s a good,
playing cards,
leaning more towards an empathetic Society.

[1:17:12] At some level I was acceptable for a really long time.
But it feels like it’s becoming less and less acceptable which is nice especially because I’m a woman and I’m always like feeling vaguely like
being objectified you know
even you don’t.

[1:17:36] Conversations they look isn’t growing up and we’ve all said you mature really dumb shit when we were younger you know when I’m going to that one it’s not just like a long thing I call this person is doing whatever in like,
subsistence out there and people feel safer and you know if you can if you see somebody doing sketch each other you know something about it then,
I don’t like say something it’s not easy to but you know it’s better that you don’t feel shouldn’t Wiggles.
People shouldn’t don’t wiggle on your sensibilities.
Respectful of other people if they want pineapple on a goddamn Pizza weapon damage.
Show me some pizza,
respect me as a human and let me have it one more time.
MTV or VH1.

[1:18:53] SML SML,
that’s terrible weird like reality shows that
what’s your favorite and least favorite cliche that’s worth talking.

[1:19:19] You know the what is that.
Oh yeah,
why would you want to do that yet that’s what I never understood you really want to beat a dead horse to get the horns.
It’s that Jason Witten commentary it’s like that now
well if he if he has another trick up his past.
He just pulled another rabbit
but I doubt his head it was horrifying.

[1:20:26] Featuring.
This dude don’t put all your eggs in one horse.

[1:20:47] You think I’m bad like regular players playing great football.

[1:20:58] Princeton Wisconsin.

[1:21:09] My how the mole Hills have turned last time we talked about kind of like.
Anti pick up lines kind of thing I noticed you had a drink at the bars that mean you’re depending alcoholic.
There was one that was just like.
You don’t know me but I’m going to go sit on the other side of the bar and stare at you for awhile just wait.

[1:21:52] Call 911.
We’re breaking up now wait we never dated let’s change that.

[1:22:09] They are really bad.

[1:22:16] Where was that it was a future I’m going to take you go to the grocery store cuz you got nice cans so they can do something like that but.

[1:22:24] I don’t know there was like old commercial he was like Cheech Marin was like saying like he’s feeling pick up lines like is it hot in here or is it just you just all these tacky ass one but I can’t think of any right now,
take other cliches that.
You been running through my mind let’s get out.

[1:22:49] We are cat legs and come home to roost one of my family’s cats.

[1:22:56] She have to think of something that’s a play on like did you fall from Heaven,
Charles River Running,
I love that I’m going to use that fall from Heaven.
Did you fall from Heaven today.
Use that for a no Pride night.
I like I like where you going was like now you know he’s like no I don’t like that.

[1:23:53] This is my other favorite one just flip it on his head but this is my favorite
oh you’re really cute and I love your email like you’re very pretty face or whatever thanks it covers my insightly skull,
one that I had was I noticed
my breasts are bigger than yours they be my date to prom,
I have sleep apnea I want to come over and see me struggle with umbrella.
Can I have a sinus infection do you want to watch me weasel I need a burrito.
I’ve already named all of our children do you want to start with the A’s or should we just start with the girls name.
You’re so attracted you remind me of Susan Boyle.
Do you like the before of the season
I’m attracted to you because you’re really ugly so that means you’re really talented right.

[1:25:20] Is that a mirror in your pocket because I can see the reflection of your ugly face in the mirror.
I noticed your misshapen head and had to come take a look up close any plans Friday night.

[1:25:36] Temperature directions to practice The Grass Is Always Greener when it’s not under basket.

[1:25:47] I noticed you buying that Katy Perry record now noticed your bad taste want to go out next Saturday.
You look like the perfect project waiting to happen.

[1:26:09] Oh man so cliche.
At my ass is always greener what I’ve had some tacos sorry camera for.
Delaware back in March we played there and like my friend she went to show us like
some stuff in life we went to check out the site Canal Bridge and it was in in Maryland so like what do you do to bring fun in Delaware.
Leave doubt
that’s awesome good.

[1:27:18] Yes Shelby to Shameless I guess I will talk about it and plug in.
Step three switches to whatever.

[1:27:53] My Shameless plug is that I.
I am a blogger I guess that’s probably the only thing worth living right now I am I right on medium.
Which is a platform not because I can talk to spirits or anything just didn’t tell him to mine.
I actually would have been writing about lately is that.
You know when you grow up in a very conservative environment that he like wait let’s rethink all of this,
so did you grow up in the conservative environment and the gang in South Dakota,
anyway I guess that’s my Shameless plug you can find me on Instagram which is how you could find my medium profile it’s hey kdubs which is spelled out.
K a y d u b z.

[1:28:59] I guess the main thing I’ve been doing lately is a lot of my art I just got my website setup I’m constantly listening things I paint and do whatever else and it’s a
I painted Zack tonight and I realized I feel pretty good about it looks way more it looks way more like when it does that end.
But but since he has that jar with the word flowers on there I think there’s kind of love,
sugar dressing like 20 has a counterpart in an old lady in The Wiggles and I think that’s where it kind of merges.

[1:29:38] But yeah so it’s hard luck and I have stuff on there that I listened and also going to be doing Blondie on there as well but I haven’t gotten quite going with yet otherwise.
Look up I’d like artwork on Facebook and then I also and playing HyVee Market Grille on 26th and Marion on November 2nd.
Odd luck bad luck or just Mumble art cuz I mumble all the time,
and yeah but I’m playing on 26th and Marion Hy-Vee Market Grill 6:30 8:30 and then also this coming Sunday at the back 40 Mitchell.
I’ll be playing from 11 to 2 and also selling art there good brunch think so.

[1:30:23] The back 40 move to Mitchell yeah the Mitchell yeah wow that’s a it’s it’s it’s pretty great getting original music,
and things I got today definitely they supported a lot more and it’s really cool and they have like all the same like our teams everything in,
it’s there it’s more accessible later than that it’s pretty great and Kiki’s really awesome with that guy so.
I’m excited cuz it’s a it’s a venue that’s closer to home that I can actually do cuz you know I like all you guys you know.
Get yourself out there so yeah.

[1:31:09] November 2nd and 3rd opening for Max Fine my bosses comedy Pizza.
And just because the fact that I like him and I feel like they’re having a rough time oh so good Garretson really good food I have no reason to do that,
for the best sliced steak and collard greens and I’ve ever asked.
Such a great place Omar the chef there is just want to know cheesy grits and cheese sweet grits,
what you get like little bit it’s a give it’s downright it’s really I’m good stuff.

[1:31:54] Yeah but definitely Max finds really funny this is awesome tube so what time is it in on the 2nd 2nd and 3rd.

[1:32:04] For those of you that went to snow jam last year he was on Snow Jam.
2017 County Festival Max Maxwell.
But I just us we have a few other people.
Spread so I’ve been working backstage with the mighty Corson darts players which is a different theater group that starts with an m
that I work with and so we’re doing the 39 steps or second weekend is this weekend 2620 7th and 28th which is a really great
farcical take on an Alfred Hitchcock movie
spy meets Monty Python it was just like a mile north of the Brandon exit
tickets are 10 bucks so it’s super cheap for some really good theatre arts players.

[1:33:06] The 39 steps.

[1:33:09] Me and then with monsters Little Theatre Company which is my other M theater we are doing a reading on Thursday November 15th.
With the full circle book Co-op which is awesome yes
and so we are doing a show called Loving Arms which is written by University of Sioux Falls Professor dr. Kevin Cole
cabin with Kevin before things start again,

[1:34:18] This weekend I’ll be heading out candy is the flu bug to kids.
On Friday and Sunday so I don’t know if we’re going to beat the flu,
I don’t know if I’m going to make up this time around.

[1:34:39] Petri dish.
I got your back. Hug
bug fllo and stand in the fireplace I like it
X-Men doing two songs at Salt to the rap karaoke event at Icon again tonight.

[1:35:24] White nerdy and So Fresh So Clean by Outkast. Sadhu 01.
So I’m pretty stoked I got to find it cost Paradise.
Get rid of a conflict I know you want to do Amish Paradise
how about you does like 2 minutes of Gangsta’s Paradise then you come up and finish and do too much Amish and we just collaborated it was just the best experience on stage ever.

[1:35:58] What did the Gangster’s Paradise addresses Garth Brooks it was priceless
but I really look like a rabbi six,
. there’s that and.
Robert County podcasts the Sioux Empire. Com,
I got way too goddamn any podcasts listen to some of my podcast into them all before
yeah perlocution listen to it I don’t know how,
yeah yeah I’ll check the times I’m not canceling painting so I’ve been just been gin,
I’m going to start that The Wiggles The Wiggles come here.

[1:37:04] Why was thank you Caitlin Brian and white boyfriend is always thank you Robert glass.
Jonathan Escobar.

Dresch Code Ep 013 Justin Bieber is what would happen if I got money

The Dresch Code Ep 013 Justin Bieber is what would happen if I got money

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics include: Things you like to watch on TV but are embarrassed by, Replacement singers you liked more than the original, Covers better than the original, what would you have on your rider?, song that was overplayed but you still love, something you like that others don’t, worst pickup lines you’ve actually used, what are your favorite songs that sound happy but are dark, how do you keep up momentum, concerts that exceed or don’t meet expectations, if you could have any double headlining concert, and more.

Guests:  Hunter Johnson, Bryan Middleton, Anthony Muller, Adam Authier, and David Naylor.

Machine Transcript

[0:19] Transfer going to be 3:36 or 1 ish and you were listening to the trash coach,
that’s an extra truck episode 13 of this podcast for excited even awesome shows this evening the shows all about where we talk shop,
with Sioux Falls finest musicians artists comics,
and how would you this show is I will pull topics out of a bucket,
about music and arts and all that and we decide if it passes or fails the dress code meeting do you want to talk about it pass failed no we don’t want to talk about it,
so yeah you have to do that thumbs up or thumbs down,
issues everyone from Lucas with a cave got Adam authier David Naylor Bryan Middleton and Anthony Muller thank you guys,
being here absolutely dive straight into the dress code.
I checked it up a little bit like the cars would say and duh.
TV shows that you’re embarrassed to admit that you’ve watched.

[1:47] Ridiculousness on MTV.
That one show what they just watch movie just watching YouTube videos.
Seriously hurt but it’s funny seeing people get.
Futures kind of on one day and I was just looking around I was watching it’s whatever but it’s one of those things like I would appreciate the show more if the comments were more clever.
But all my God it is not kicked in the nuts that’s how that happened auto play something and then that Rob.

[2:35] Die jerker Dietrich,
he got throat because obviously doing something right cuz he said he was still the host very true,
training collar on Saved by the Bell I loved Saved by the Bell,
I think that’s probably all this point,
I’m here if you haven’t seen it I have to look it up,
I could not see how it’s going it’s like 10 minutes of,
Zack Morris is trash on Funny or Die it’s really good.

[3:51] British comedy and murder mysteries.

[4:01] The IT Crowd was one that I jumped on pretty late but that show is fantastic on Netflix.
So it’s I don’t think I’ve ever watched it like 3 awkward.
Number of wineries in high school my sister watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer for it and then I’m married somebody.

[4:26] The loves that show and so I had to watch all of it all of it kind of like it,
0% loves the first three years of Buffy and then when I went to college that the show had no Direction anymore.
My personal opinion at Skyline College in real life killing for 10,
things to come lost me after the original movie,
anything with Rutger Hauer in it.
Blue X Bougainville Loop.
Paul Reubens just have the best death is a vampire though,
also double as a porn sound.

[5:41] I I don’t know we talked about how.
IMDb Halo calculator
hell yeah lost everybody under 25,
that’s a whole band anybody under 25.

[6:11] I’m actually I’m at 25 so it’s kind of like before 25 or 25
age that counts
balances between the chip man like hey guys.
Lyrics that’s all your fault.
Like talking to them about their relationships.
I’m not ashamed of anything I watch TV shows,
I’m kind of sort of embarrassed that I watch Dog the Bounty Hunter but you got to watch it cuz it’s such a,
like he’s such a fat dude now that he’s like,
rear lankys essentially dog the brownie Hunter.

[7:34] Epic take down the violence and then 15 minutes later.
But you’re interested other than Haley message
take a new doll boy,
rusalka had to do that and it seems like that’s always running to catch up with a walkie-talkie
Riverside Dog the Bounty Hunter but I know a lot of people at Hyvee that dress like that,
it’s normal for your living I mean if you want to see example just show up to Walmart on the weekend about,
2 a.m.
Somewhere between 2 and 5 a.m. an you see the Dog Bounty Hunter and his kids dinner last night I just won by a,
I’ve been at Jerry’s I just saw some weird stuff go down I’m just like I just want the ice cream,
next question alright.

[8:49] Replacement singers that you thought were great or maybe even better than the original singer pass or fail.

[8:56] I’ll tell you I’ll take the other yeah I’ll talk about us Michael Graves from Misfits was pretty solid.
Even though dancers with us in Misfits obviously I will say Michael Graves a very good vocalist.
Should a change name different feel different sounds true.
Positive ones obviously Brian Johnson.

[9:31] What about the 17 singers any other night there.
I don’t like that at all ever nothing about that.
Conan David Letterman or something like that that was good that was all I was fun it was great.
Halen went through three singers Road.
Unlike most people try to forget about that but I didn’t like that played for.

[10:17] Gil Sharone I played drums for Dillinger Escape Plan after your panty dropped out I’m pretty sure.
I think that’s the guy I could be wrong I could be thinking the same completely different.
They stink after going back out once he got out of prison.

[10:54] And I know they came back to a hugely mix opinion of me for lunch the general public hugely mixed and I one of those people that like I can’t get past like listening at thing at you,
yeah, after the whole Christian band,
Illinois later admitted it was just for marketing.
Can I take others for the replacement singer,
first couple albums were solid only had one lead singer.
Convert 17 bass players fortunately everybody else is like a Shel Silverstein book The,
Lucas come back.

[12:02] It’s not really 17.

[12:09] I was never based I haven’t been in the state long enough to know the history here.
I can’t comment on this question cuz I don’t I don’t know.
Matt skiba put into blank Light beer,
watch it anymore I mean I don’t think Mark Hoppus is all I go to see her I don’t hate the band Travis is really good drummer.
Tom’s vocals.

[12:54] Made me want to shoot myself,
yeah I just say I think that Steven was probably an amazing replace.
Silicone bong,
nothing sounds way better than 2.
If Ryan Howe is here I would sell say that Axel is a perfect replacement vocalist for AC DC,
cuz he hates Guns N Roses and AC DC is his favorite band and so is hearing with so bad.
That’s what I heard.
Going by the history music.

[14:22] Canada I’d like the first few AC DC shows with Axel he was in Dave Grohl’s drum throne that he use when he broke his leg 3 years ago.

[14:31] Biggest hit for that one,
yeah I know but that’s how I don’t know,
the crowd a lot of his dysfunctional markets that played in ICU for very short while at a GG Allin tattoo LOL,
I just received team bass player.
Hammerhead and can’t look away he cannot stop watching it.
Dudley topic your favorite one hit wonder song.

[15:41] How to bypass pass on that I don’t feel with man.
Alright cover songs better than the original version or Originals better than the cover.

[16:00] Alright okay.

[16:03] Imma I’m probably in the minority in this one but I love Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal cover.
Alien Ant Farm.
And I will always say Weezer’s Africa cover is.
Boring sounds just like the original song. It still doesn’t touch the original.

[16:45] I was just like why is this a hit.
What’s that The Ataris cover that you and that was our class song.
Not say that.

[17:16] I’m having some some radio play but I think that was after that they went through endless lineup changes.

[17:25] Had a manic episode or something like that is better than Elvis.
Kliebert’s while you’re on that I’m going to have to say Dwight yoakam’s coverage Cheap Trick,
want to want me was better for you never heard that position,
has done some really cool things,
you know for the BB in that genre music and I used to play in LA opening up for x and and the blasters and other punk bands and rockabilly bands and to be able to do something like that and Reno released and Alexander,
I didn’t really really good acting up.

[18:16] So if you minutes away Crashers was great.
Bandits all Johnny Cash’s hurt cover.
That’s hilarious yes that was a very good one there were some rumors that that video like the actual live in that in the video the lives part 2.
Or supposedly like,
your hat in the actual Nine Inch Nails video. The the Johnny Cash one supposedly those Lalo’s live Parts in the background were supposedly when they played in at the arena in Sioux Falls way back one that’s true or not I did this time ever somebody.

[19:01] Told me that and I believe it was someone of repeatable character that told me that
I would say I would say also in terms of the Gwar cover of.
Baba O’Riley.
Remember the name of the damn it’s like.
Abner’s a studio in New York that they don’t have any of my preparation they just come in anyway.
And I can’t think of what it’s called though and we did that to you,
it’s really really good it was before it was before,
Billy Ocean get out of my dreams.
Can I how is the name of that.
Adam Lambert smoking car.

[20:28] There’s a lot of them that I would hear like during.
Casey first days on his Dj Nate always people always ask you should play some of the punk goes pop covers like these are all garbage.
Thoroughly like the first couple.
There was I want to say that I don’t remember if there was one song on there that I thought wasn’t bad and I can’t and I don’t think I could.
Are there fun to listen my daughter’s name is Lila and on one of them they did my love.
Buy book about did that song Justin Timberlake,
so like the way they scream it sounds like Lila and so she always thought that was she always wanted me to play that.

[21:23] The Trampled by Turtles cover of where’s my mind is pretty good.

[21:35] Texas governor.
I love it when they covered it I I I was playing the game I didn’t see Hollander when they were around originally toes,
couldn’t get in,
check I did work but if I did,
the Indian Guns N Roses at United which should I love a apply but I remember you.
Now the reason it was so I mean it was it was a really good cover all things considered but the best part was the end part.
In the original Sebastian Bach hits that really high note they’re playing through it there other there speed that part.
They just threw it,
his boat song and it kept all of this song.
That’s all I got on your nerves a lot of gas.
One that I just got into here like we can go find that one Bank Larkin Poe.

[23:03] What is that Phil Collins cover yes it’s so good it’s amazing.

[23:14] I’m having a brain fart I Can Feel It In the Air Tonight.
There were a lot of actually 80s hits that were hits bet that time that were actually covers like Tainted Love was a cover and so was Always Something There to Remind me all those just covers from obscure band swing,
I didn’t realize you know the one that was originally a Neil Diamond song.

[23:45] I heard on NPR the other day I was blown away I had no idea I remember what podcast I listen to where they broke down like the whole history of that song because.
I want to say something like it was it got censored because of.

[23:59] People like radio stations out in different part of the country were like claiming that there was something dirty in there cuz you couldn’t understand the words in the original one and stuff like that was like a whole like crazy fucking story.
Nothing compares to you was a Bobby’s in Prince song.
YouTube search the Larkin Poe in the air tonight it’s absolutely amazing this just the two girls on.

[24:31] Battle Mountain Goats cover.

[24:40] Jawbreaker I think and I was awesome I love that
Chris liked it
Reggie Watts covering Panama by Van Halen titanium best cover songs ever in my opinion or ones that.

[25:07] I mean they pay homage to the original song you don’t like The Ataris.
The Great Cover-Up Ramones the KKK Took My Baby Away.

[25:27] Goodman bands take it.
And make it their own and I’m just pay a little homage to the original song I love that there’s a band called screaming females they covered Taylor Swift Shake It Off and I like her energy lights female-fronted like puncture,
Tucker energy juice like the weirdness how she sang it was just so like hell.
But it’s alright Kayley Bruns I just saw it,
Whenever I think weekly Watchers and listeners besides Robbie nolting cell.
Got any others.

[26:28] Do farewell tours mean anything at all.

[26:36] 2 out of 25 fail.

[26:54] Bear food beer and food if you’ve ever been.
It’ll be a traveling man that was.
What no I mean if you if you’re in trouble unless you’re headlining or your you know your renown.
If you’re lucky enough to get a ride or you wanted up to get yourself some people.
Spider is a things that you require on tour.
On tour in the dressing room or like food and stuff beforehand.
Dang it. I would agree.
A lot of beer and food.

[27:46] What’s that looks okay we played in Omaha.

[27:50] And that’s how we got paid beer whiskey have whole bottle of Jack Daniels.

[27:57] That’s all I got out the middleman.

[28:10] A big fan of.

[28:12] Did she buy it if I don’t have to make it tomorrow, what’s up.
That’s it that’s why I was curious. Food and I mean,
naked photos of naked photos of Bea Arthur I think I’ve told the story on the show before about the,
I forgot whose writer it was that the human skull thing and they just tried and tried and couldn’t find one they like.
A cartoony Halloween one at the last minute and I do like is that good enough and like yeah that’s good enough three puppies.
Y 3 y the number 3.

[29:09] Sick F2 or cuddling or is too much of a commitment.
Just relax.

[29:24] Or a massage therapist little jerk me off but you also relaxes me I’d say most the most buttoned-up tacos Vine and mushroom.
Mushrooms well or well worn copy of Encino Man on DVD.
Seafood fucking Skittles Skittles mushrooms Purina dog food.
Free talking should talk like I’m talking like.
Yeah yeah she talked it.

[30:14] Best Western.
What’s one song on the radio that was played to death during its prime that you still enjoy despite it being overplayed.
Oh Lord buzz in the house I want to sit I mean.
Buzzard the Buzzard.
Just one of the 17th,
what is one song that was played to death on the radio in its prime but that you still enjoy despite it being overplayed.
Blackstreet Mambo Number 5,
he’s black.
Despite the fact we asked him to not play a shit like that I mean that I mean that’s one of my.

[31:40] After the chicken dance how many times to tell him not to play that play five little play.
Any played who Let The Dogs Out.
And I want to test every time you hear,
it’s in your head they got there I don’t care I love it,
about Wonderwall
nothing like you.

[32:29] Like there’s a clean version that I played a k see if I see you could tell is clearly edited 90s chick,
like Willem Dafoe as Moissanite,
Siri by Daniel Powter,
oh Jesus it’s a guilty pleasure clips on YouTube,
hurting themselves and falling down stairs and hit the face with plates and shit that’s.
5 years ago or so AMC was doing there like 31 Days of Horror for Halloween and that’s why this is in my head,
they did a promo for all of the like Halloween movies in the zombie movie stuff that they were playing,
to that song where it’s like.

[33:56] We did a music video project in college for that song they said make music video and they basically they had me they filmed everything on a cart of me and a hallway at our College just over singing this song,
I was wearing an Argyle Sweater just crying a lot just posing next to us,
it’s on YouTube still if you want to still running around,
dinosaur that one cuz I was like it’s it’s cheesy panel Papa’s just what it is and still catching.
Hunter is a Taylor Swift song forget that guy.
Don’t even remember that he was part of his band until you was talked about it but said Poker Face Lady Gaga.

[34:51] Sounds like 70 go to jail for.

[34:57] What’s inside the site right back to the covers better than the original it’s not better than the original but Weezer did a mash-up of Poker Face and eye kids by MGMT,
cloud cover I was just thinking that just came out with some like really good covers,
I think we did better.
And I’ve never been inside the Rolling Stones Paint It Black pretty good at school.

[35:37] Why we totally side step social media cleanses,
Ice Castles,
I don’t even know if we were on a different kind of cleanse.

[36:04] Got caught peeing in the bushes one time so yeah.

[36:14] Donald okay pass.
Pass as it passes the coat I said I’d say
there is no way,
there is no way that’s going to sit there now
will you get home or I don’t like I mean I’ve never I’ve never liked the attention I kind of just I like the music enough to where I had the opportunity so I took advantage of it but maybe,
because I play drums and not talk to anybody.
I like the drummer.

[37:21] What’s 5 week at 17.
Boston sending laughing crying emoji,
what is bipolar and he’s laughing and then he’s crying and then,
it’s just anxiety and all that stuff within one sister doing stand-up drumming is the easiest why in the world.
Send it like now I’m actually comfortable in Santa now so it’s not anything it’s not as difficult anymore.
I don’t I don’t get it I don’t get paid.

[38:11] What will not get rid of famous we’re not going to get paid so I can make my wife ask me that all the time it’s not a big deal,
Facebook says 74 people showing up so it’s either going to be 7
or either way either way if 7 people think I’m an idiot,
he faced Facebook said is like a hundred 20 people coming where do you get that from.
Airplane shows before Facebook was around then.

[38:54] Okay let’s practice,
navigate to song you just bring us some good don’t think you could be a seasoned musician without playing tonight,
oh yeah course I mean it’s Vicky wife’s yes,
Sunday truth,
future now I’ve got a kid he’s got a kid.
Accelerated like wives and kids you at least 17 kids.
You got stuff on YouTube.

[39:47] You know YouTube is like that just means you’re famous apparently so might my daughter just thinks I’m like the bee’s knees down.

[39:55] But I got a whole two thousand years on this your fucking lame before,
let’s see some cool I can go unwrap some toys and play with them on YouTube too and I’ll get even more followers in my pocket manager,
we could do that he can do we can just go watch it that’s what I’m saying,
the 13th will start make it will start doing music videos with us making slime.
Ducking play with that’s cool we should be like I said 50 year old women have kids and grandkids.
You’re not thinking about the survival value wins.
What you guys need to do is little and a really great like Medicare Part B review like different brands of like,
Lucas with an entry-level the pan out till I can only.

[41:11] Y’all stop out to the next show you bring your AARP card will give you 10% off the door
they were asking for sponsorships and me if they’re down I’m down to come from Canada,
call Miller High Life,
it’s known as the champagne of beers,
where’s my thing was like.
Growing up I didn’t have a rough childhood like my parents were great.
And everything but like I got messed with a lot when I was a kid just cuz I was like I don’t know I just didn’t ever fight back cuz I just didn’t care I was just like whatever I’m going to get to go home later and whatever I have to deal with these kids anymore so I dressed like as an adult.
I like turn into a giant misanthrope so I.

[42:20] I consider myself like a philanthropic misanthrope because it’s like I help some people out but I think the biggest reason I want to help people out of so then when I’m done now leave me the fuck alone so yeah so weird,
as far as I performing I feel like.
I don’t know for some reason for some strange reason like ties into that and decide but then when I’m done just leave me the fuck alone.
Riding them like it’s it’s like it’s like I love doing stand-up,
browser with stand up you can you don’t have to rely on yourself so it’s like how can I do this show myself if I’m free I’ll do it,
and it’s one of these if like I’m aloof I like that kind of like being on my own,
extra mild thing anyways since perfect performing you do whatever you feel like it and it’s kind of aloof and canoes go off to your thing but he also get.
Talk to people and that’s why I like doing so much so.

[43:36] What’s what’s your favorite and least favorite cliche.
How do you know if you’re a hipster.
Holy shit at all part 9.
Are you going to admit it if you don’t know who you are if you can’t tell the difference.

[44:09] It’s kind of a very broad question.

[44:19] Thumb up best vinyl album by an artist.
Final album I don’t really know,
worst pick-up lines that actually used
pick up lines Dragon 3 the worst one but the most successful,
did you walk up to somebody at a bar are you down.
1 + 100 we do Domino’s 50 50.

[45:08] Just tell people on the flu by we’ll see what happens,
yes my neighbor my neighbor told me it was my neighbor likes to drink,
and that’s where we’re at his house while he’s got a projector in his garage so his go there and hang out he’s out of the garage single dude across the street and we were in,
when did Chicago Fire show I’m not going to say who it was cuz it’s embarrassing and I didn’t want to go see the guy anyway anyway I know,
where at where at where at some after the show right some random bar in Tinley Park,
and my buddy Falls like hey I’m going to use this on somebody check it out like all right and he’s like,
you know the difference between jelly and jam and when they’re like what and I can’t jelly my dick in your mouth can I just like oh my God,
I was going to prison to be cool.

[46:11] That’s a bad what is vanillin,
he said things we talked about her nor will be embarrassed to say I’m sorry in front of my anti pick up lines today and I was swallows I noticed you were having a drink at the bars that mean you’re a dependent alcoholic or did I,
I’ll be over here watching you all night makes me think it makes me think of the ladies man he’s like slides Amazon,
do you want a fish sandwich let’s go to your house so you don’t want a fish sandwich.

[46:51] I don’t even answer that cuz I’ve never I don’t think I’ve ever used
I never run out of good at that I can’t do.
It took it took me weeks if not months even realize that my wife was hitting on me before we were together so I’m terrible at it.

[47:20] I’ve never really used it going to pick up lines.

[47:24] It’s it’s it’s.
Are probably still working
but nobody’s bought it I do stand up and I may talk about this interaction on stage,
I wrote this song for you.
Actually everybody feel like for girls behind you again whatever.
Next one.

[48:12] Before Brian comes back what are your favorite songs that sound happy but are actually dark I’ll save them.
Any song that cake ever wrote,
I don’t know what music I guess one of those bands that comes on I put them in the same.

[48:47] I mean I just I need to turn it off,
immediately Alkaline Trio is a great band that has happy sounding song has to be loved for sure at least the chorus on that one.
I got it whenever I was like you there’s like the psych try and see what I find really sounds like,
masculine said Misfits and jawbreaker had a baby that’s what Alkaline Trio sounds like kind of a valid point.

[49:53] Frank Turner as a song called heartless bastard motherfuker I think is the name of some kind of an uplifting sounding song but he’s talking about how he’s just a piece of shit and like I don’t give a fuk about you right now.
That’s a great song
The Happy Song by janitor Bob and the armchair Cowboys.

[50:24] My best friend since kindergarten her dad was Lee guitarist.

[50:34] Currently employed bullshit me and my wife started dating before I was 21 so I don’t know what that’s worth.

[50:44] You got called out on.
Episode 3 on Xbox One.
The ground how do you keep up momentum going for project project.
Focus or drive try not to say what the status quo just going from Beach thing just doing it.
Get complacent fucking die of old age.

[51:20] Incarnation of weeks of the games that were really feel like we’ve all got a shitload of stuff going on.
Careers and families and babies and vans other bands and so it’s just we practicing,
Plaza Art but it’s cool if it’s not it’s not cocaine helps,
meth and cocaine helps a lot of break right now
Sanders have more children or offspring.
I see you got yours coming for me I know.
Some will pop up eventually I’m sure just like,
you take breaks I like stay lucky we had to show it to Vishnu last week.
That’s a lot of fun we haven’t played together at all and we’re done practicing play to show another good time.

[52:37] So yeah taking breaks this is important and you’re not taking it too seriously.

[52:43] We’re never going to be famous is this you guys take it as it is just enjoy what I do and drinking.
And we just do this to every once in awhile in the mid-to-late thirties at this point it’s only about love,
there’s not a high demand for people of our
I’m sorry it seems like Mexican restaurant,
got to keep the plane flag.
Favorite era of Saturday Night Live.
What’s one concert that you attended that exceeded your expectations and one that disappointed you.
Yeah my neighbor across the street Paul the guy who is he single dude he likes to drink a lot and he,
until he tells me the other day like he tells me months ago he’s like hey man I bought tickets to.

[54:07] Your desk about tickets to Kid sweet who is playing with him,
chess in the awesome and then he’s like really Gilbert and he doesn’t like that sweet like and then.
Outside of that he throws out wheeler Walker Jr and I’m like.

[54:34] I would go just to see wheeler Walker Jr because wheeler Walker jr. is great so turns out I couldn’t go because I had some other stuff going on and then some weird stuff happened like Grandma and I thought she was going to die she didn’t.
Some stuff I had to do we had to put on hold so then I’m like okay I’ll go with so it went on.
Wheeler Walker played Forrest in was awesome cuz we will rock his drink and then,
some beautiful side I do it it plays country the drummer and like the drummer plays country does it need 47 drums there’s no way I want to see it I don’t want to hear it,
so we went over like the beer gardens we hung out drink beer and I didn’t hear one note of whoever the guy is and then.

[55:24] I went by the time Kid Rock came on I couldn’t even a shit but I was drunk enough where I was like whatever we’re just hanging out but it was hilarious.
It was all just like,
is stage show is just like a bunch of like stripper looking chicks dancing all over the place and there’s a pyrotechnics going nuts and they had this big like that trying to screen the Hadley
if it started out with his old shity man with a giant,
American flag it was like the standout shot at ripping down in America,
long story short.
But my guy all day everyday.
It did some super excited I was really bummed out,
exactly how I left feeling the same way that I didn’t I should but I don’t remember how long ago was.
The Rob Zombie played in Brookings.

[56:51] Now it’s such a good show.
I waited for a buddy of mine paid for me to fly out to Florida and hang out with a couple weeks and we were Beyond he was from,
California where I was born.
And we’re at a house party in Hayward all his buddies picture to get me tickets to go to a concert and you know I was already if you know really in just a punk rock and nothing else.

[57:35] I didn’t want to go but they said we’re all going just beer cuz we’d let’s let’s go hang out.
And I got to go to this was in Florida and I got to go see Atari teenage Riot Wu-Tang Clan and Rage Against the Machine 1998.
To this day is like one of the probably top 10 shows ever been to in my life like Wu-Tang Clan,
it was phenomenal Rage Against the Machine it was right when evil empire came back and I was not a fan of evil empire.
Why they were absolutely fantastic we got busted by the US Marshals for weed.
All right I didn’t throw us out there you go.

[58:29] Chucky behind your ear cheetah weigh,
and through it,
so we obviously Super Bowl XLIX over there got it like the worst plan ever find it here.
That was one of the best shows I think I’ve ever been to after AFI sing the sorrow came out.
No but you should have ran it but it was a horrible.
I thought so nothing baby have it was hockey and Jade couldn’t play for shit and it just wasn’t.

[59:16] Cuz I was one that was disappointing I thought.
Drive to that one that exceeded and I won that a disappointment you both in the last 2 months exceeded the Metallica show surprisingly surprise me it how like,
intimate it was even though there was 12000 people like that it was Center in the middle of the auditorium,
Sanford and Hadfield run around on each corner you vocals on each side of the stage though molecules right up front every time in the band was awesome,
Adam I growing up I listen to a lot more I kind of stopped in junior high and just didn’t really come back to it till this year like I should refresh my memory,
the singles are flown real of one bad but the rest of the album slow and boring and blues and just like this is not what I like about Metallica The Salas was Perfection some new stuff.
I kind of liked frantic and say the anger the song but the rest of the ologist slow and just stare weird.

[1:00:24] Butter Burgers I get what they’re trying to do never like Metallica.
Play Metallica Brian well I grew up,
and he’s so yeah kind of,
okay. I heard that from,
Play and play one song off of Camp Creek,
pretty much everything off of that new album that’s just something magical fucking shitshow and Goblin stuff they play
you really really bad and then they see the cheese or they played a couple.

[1:01:23] I’m a Believer I just go into 7.
The opening band was far better and it was just like a rush,
and play The Rush song so I’m just like.
Show that I show that I was I had exceeded my expectations was are we board the 420 this year the Ford is actually falling team show we went to Red Rocks and saw it was supposed to be,
are three levels of headliner which we didn’t stay for them cuz whatever,
I don’t know I don’t know but I’m just leaving now at 3:11 and then it was profits fuckingawesome there was Long Beach Dub Allstars you regret then Method Man Redman.
And then Charlie Tuna from Jurassic 5 was there,
and can I ever did that was that was all of it that was after you put out the Pookie baby album and it was,
great and I Method Man Redman like those dudes are like 90,
December the fact that’s like those dudes are getting long in the tooth and and like I knew prop was going to be good when she was but I wasn’t sure about everything else is there I don’t know.

[1:02:53] Dallas is going to show.
This last spring I went to those that exceeded by Jimmy Eat World played at 1st Ave and I was solid like,
the setlist was garbage for Jack Williams going to play Blues jams that no one gives a shit about for an hour and a half,
Spell ecstatic for Belzer.
Call me in in California and this was before this is before they’re their break out and it was really cool cuz it they just really they put on a really good.

[1:03:38] Personable show really seem to enjoy what they did there a band that you can tell cares about.
Yeah but they were doing before they even said like they’re grateful for any chance they have to keep touring in like that was on,
fueled By Ramen like the album with the old lady on the front of my overall get to the edge like you’re still playing,
good for you.
Say go to hell with that installation of cable job keep touring.
You got a solid job just quit you’ll be able to get a job when you get back from tour no money.

[1:04:52] Safeway,
Jack White’s Encore was like one of those random stupid electronic folk songs he played on his new album close with that said
thank you see you,
he literally did not speak at all except once between one of the songs and that was it. Less didn’t speak at all the rest of show,
pretty up there in age just them how much acid is he eating in his entire life,
he’s probably like I can’t speak much anymore.

[1:05:44] No matter how big you get there is no excuse for not giving a show.

[1:05:58] Yeah but if you hit 50 the rest of us give 7580 I say we’re all right.

[1:06:05] Tasha Cobb Center,
Roscoe P coletrain last show that exceeded my expectations today and Valencia and I was like a solid.
3 hours at the time great.
88 years ago like saying things the last good album but they put out before Maxwell,
play collateral not citizen,
I mean if something’s going good and you’re you’re drunk and high
just recorded the album high and then goes over again like Tour on your silver and what the fuck,
but it was solid jofran I love you so.

[1:07:24] Okay we’re not being a shit out of you,
this one involves Van Halen’s going to immediately feel like an idiot,
is the daily lineup.

[1:07:48] I’ll interject really quick cuz I really like reggae and you would say I would,
and I don’t even smoke weed so jolly Christmas.
Lakeway Auto headliners.
How’s everything that ever again ice and Caitlin propagandhi.
About as good as it gets for me I’m going to say face to face in millencolin sports Gohan that’s half.
Good job some of you spell melancholy.
Amazing life on a plate I like that.

[1:09:00] Fuck you guys loud say at the drive-in in Fugazi.

[1:09:05] I got to see at the drive-in at a club and it was it was fantastic but what I will say I mean going back getting to see them separately but being able to go back and it seem together I would say.

[1:09:18] Tree.

[1:09:22] I would I was pricing early at the drive-in and murder City Devils first first album together because.
The last show I saw murder City app before they broke up.
They played Idle Hands off her name in Blood and Cedric came out and saying Idle Hands.
And it was phenomenal and from what I remember of the show because I was probably somebody incoherent it was.
Life-changing murder City Devils just play actually angharad from Sioux Falls are they actually just played in Somerset with murder City Devils,
show me some pictures from that other thing,
Party City on the same bill car so carcass so I try to fly over they all got food with the bases.

[1:10:16] Whatever reason they’re like nope.

[1:10:23] Weird Al and They Might Be Giants,
how many Masters in mathematics degrees again,
okay well I’m going to get really weird I would say Faith No More and the longest.
Electrical combo.
What were the Crusades.
Great double have Steiner Wolfmother and Greta Van Fleet bands that want to be Led Zeppelin.
Cancel whatever someone related to Camp I don’t even know how that would work is there any marriage is everything there,
however that would all work like so so so like Christie’s daughter’s boyfriend is like the most giant Greta Van Fleet fan light,
Ariel ever you three words he’s down a conversation with you.

[1:11:53] Got it,
I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever heard awesome acoustic guitar.

[1:12:11] Texting dudes you’re trying to be like that,
play either own it or don’t do it because I’m behind the times,
James do a lot of Southern Culture on the skids.
Next roll through.

[1:12:49] Collaborations that have never happened that you wish would happen.

[1:13:00] What is one artist that gets a lot of crap that you actually love.

[1:13:15] Lady Gaga.

[1:13:20] Buzz like Slayer…. I love I love Slayer.
Justin Bieber.
Where he gets a lot of shit but.
For me I just don’t really want to do and I’m like I don’t care for being such a garbage human being.

[1:13:47] But not heard from Bill Bill Hader told a story about wine,
Bieber hosted SNL that like Bieber had like six guys six bodyguards around all times like one guy holding his pizza and one guy holding his diet coke and Justin Timberlake hosted the next month he had nobody guards like just class I hang out,
Justin Timberlake seems fucking call Justin Bieber.
Tell your hair like that.
You home I have your 40,
Rings book growing up in the Limelight.
You know I don’t know he said he’ll look better in the last couple years it’s all of our thoughts for buying his shit.
And wait culture.
I forgot the question actually love.

[1:15:07] Hall & Oates.
Is crap a cheesy 80s band.

[1:15:31] Okay weird weirdest song you’ve ever heard at a supermarket you wrote that cuz you were going to,
shitting all over me.
I actually but the weirdest one I ever heard.
I heard Angel of Death slayer at a supermarket.
It wasn’t up to you to make me stop and go wow cool.
Yeah. But all of my business instrumental.
How’s it going with my day.
Yeah they play the way I tend to be a Playa.
Weakerthans song I’m like what the fuck is so good.

[1:16:50] Anthony introduced me to the weakerthans not too long ago amazing song in Tommy Boy.
Yeah yeah yeah my lucky day for you what what was the most,
thing you’ve heard that they played bodies by Smashing Pumpkins at Hyvee last year or other week that are store directors on vacation
are there play 90 songs 90s rock bands and 90s playlist you probably hear 1979 which is a raider Family song that they played bodies which is like a really aggressive,
Corrigan screaming a lot song like,
I want to hear fuck the police in Walmart.

[1:17:39] My automobile so good it’s great,
yeah I know but I was like a 6th grader or something and he was in high school so I can pick me up in his Cavalier,
the new deck is the speakers in a Cavalier you come pick me up and we listen to that shit all the time,
I’m listening to NWA and fucking easy on shape is like,
what is Mumble rap,
track it’s all of them the best,
I love you mucho you showed up on Jimmy Kimmel and I was like I was like over joining up who’s this.

[1:18:43] Pull up baby powder in your hand for turning in your address for turning in there Sears in Lakewood.
Nearest daylight.

[1:18:56] Joe, cuz they didn’t know it’s because they didn’t know that Wu-Tang Clan wasn’t into,
what’s good we’re trying to raise good kids,
Ol Dirty Chinese restaurant,
Spicewood which cleaner film would you be curious to see an R-rated for.
Wichita Toy Story.

[1:19:36] Yeah yeah he just doesn’t put up their shit.
What’s the what’s the super iconic one with Tom Hanks,
been working that super nice dumb guy,
just get the angry he’s got to get the fuck out of here.
I bought you some chocolate it’s possible they have poison in them
he told JFK,
Pocahontas is 12 John Smith America history for you.
Which R-rated film would you want to see clay and that’s American History X be hilarious.

[1:20:54] Pulp Fiction the face,
why does punk I just punched his arm oh boy oh boy which one are the other food near my wife with each other.
What the fuk just happened I like them.

[1:21:24] They’re my dog I’ll Google it.

[1:21:30] Child Wu-Tang.
Fault I try to fill this one do you think we should just let her go back in style,
Another One Rides the Bus.
Got a brief Ghost Pokemon what is lunge honor of music that you don’t understand I love you’s a clear wise popular.
What’s going on besides modern country pop is for me.
And it was.

[1:22:34] Cuz I hate was Waylon Jennings kid and he’s alive.
People who are scared of black people Joe Rogan wheeler Walker was talking about he was like talking about.
Yeah I’m sorry I’m sorry to someone about how Joe Rogan I love Joe Rogan and keep a conversation going for 3 hours,
but he just kind of repeats what the person said.

[1:23:14] Take the Telus long elaborate story about themselves and he’s like it’s like so I went to the ocean,
and then yeah you just like to go and go and he just lets them like hang them self,
the most odd interview of every time I listen to
try to listen to that it was I wasn’t the whole thing I was just pissed by the time I was done,
I can’t tell you man,
sorry bro I can’t tell you that turn the lights off maybe I’ll pay it tomorrow no no no no no.

[1:24:19] Bryan Mario Space Program backwards,
Gemini space program that we did an episode of my,
my car knock off of Coast to Coast AM to come pick up grimoire we like researched his like whole Space Program thing,
totally fucked this is like okay so why the fuck is.
And then the people under my like former director of the CIA director of the NSA like three former directors of NASA it’s like,
Jesus Christ Tom DeLonge Road aliens do exist.

[1:25:06] Do you think do you think buddy so a pro show Answer do shingles plugs have a show coming up any other outlets are allowed to show up at that we’re doing a show next Friday the 28th.
at Club David 7 p.m. shirts,
that’s true. Decent.
But yeah so the 26th at Club David 7 p.m. got to see if we can find it.
Trump Facebook it’s on the internet $5 to a new car.
We don’t have a new car guys it’s a used it’s a used Buick that’s false an electric 300,000 MI.

[1:26:14] When I give you a car a car Hot Wheels.
What was it watch bands are putting our putting stuff in. Like merch package.
That reminder for the first time in years.
Why do people still open then,
3s Warriors.
My dad so Lucas is gay.

[1:27:23] Work is at The Quay Odd Life Splendora and pass the flask from his partner,
to renew music but I know I’m screwed videos and play shows awesome.
I can’t think of it.

[1:27:47] The Bella Twins pretty soon,
people should get home safely I’ll be heading out to the kids as the flu bug is coming weekend show in Fargo November 10th.
It’s like a Fargo versus Sioux Falls comedy things that it’s like a Battle Competition so like me and Skyler bolts and ambulance were competing with Blake Mitch Ryerson Jen Severson couple of hours worked, so that one’s latitude,
pacify asking the other band North Dakota vs South Dakota it’s fun to do those kids really cool.
Did I thank you guys so much thank you and I’m sure it was a mistake and very much,
Taylor Morrison white boy and a Brian Hoffman so.

The Dresch Code Ep 012 Don’t Look Me In the Eye and Do That

The Dresch Code Ep 012 Don’t Look Me In the Eye and Do That

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics include: Do farewell tours matter?  What album do you like only for nostalgia? What album changed your life?  What musician took forever for you to like? Famous person, you’d like to meet? What role would you play in any movie but leave the rest of the cast intact?  And much more.


Guests:  Lena Howe, Simon Floss, and Garrett Rahn


[su_spoiler title=”Machine Transcript”]

[0:19] The real Nights at Freddy and I’m right now,
trash can.
We discussed music movies life in general and fun stuff like that life the universe and everything and this is episode 12 I think yes.
One two buckle my shoe,
he slaps me,
and then the 4th episode Robert slaps all of us
Popeye the 7th episode I’m back so it’s cool,
like posing as me or something and then you spent a few days at the coffee cup in Vermillion.
And that’s a great sitter Saturday night.
And I was like I didn’t buy it that’s what it was kind of nice a real knee-slapper.

[1:45] My Buddy goes how the hell did you not buy that.

[1:56] Whatever Capri 99.
So how the show works is I have a bucket.
Full of topics about music pop by Chuck it in a jacket which sounds derogatory but it is not we checked we checked online and talking about.

[2:28] Anyone any one of these topics I’ll pull the topic out or I will call the top of that we decide we were all just,
you’re hanging out what’s going on,
time hanging out with friends right side,
in the passage yes we will. Is that a play on words like can I get some rest
I trust you I trust the middle of this room I think we I think we’re going to be.

[3:08] Never thought,
Spinners Cupid y’all got any of that Modest Mouse up in here,
you know the best episodes of where we don’t even Surya topic till you know that’s going to be,
the round table but it’s a couch Lena Howe music aficionado,
and I could friend of mine Garrett Rahn are replies not good enough for you Robert.
Shut off camera when I did that,
well I found it great,
journalist at Subway I’ll give you all the dirty details.

[4:26] Alright so shall we start with office.
You are going to take the White House.
You still like me still clarify.

[4:54] Show it start.
You don’t have a watch,
part of the mean anything at all or fail,
yes or no.

[5:32] With within like the last like 3 or 4 days actually just saw that kiss came up with a farewell tour do you think they’re going to hang up after that
now I really doubt it see yeah they like if if people actually stay true to what they’re doing or like saying that they’re going to do and not do it then like it’s incredible like,
Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour was awesome because because one you went out.
60 points in a basketball game at age 38 37 and yeah he did shoot 50 times but who cares and the team that the Lakers had no.
Business meeting anyway and he said that he wasn’t going to come back and she hasn’t he says I’m done with basketball.
If you came back at age 50 all weird with that beat Michael Jordan says he can do it all the time like he could pee.
Did Big 3 basketball league is no big 3 basketball league for retired,
oh oh yeah I watch the couple games and I was like all Amanda sad still.

[6:52] Space Jam tickets.
That is awesome someone other than Robbie, this is a miracle.
Skn Harris
Paul and Jean came back with Hired Guns For The Replacements however those higher guns I know way too much about this.
Oh actually played on a lot of the old Kiss albums and Peter Criss were faking,
playing it why are they played at live at the end of the credits it wasn’t good enough,
wow I think file so it’s little things that I do you think Paul and Jean played half the time to be honest with you it’s just like they kept their voices cuz obviously how can you replicate balls right.

[7:50] I have a full album This is a sidebar I have a full album dedicated to Paul Stanley’s banter from the 70s was called let me get this off my chest.
01 S430
Point Richmond,
I don’t know I don’t really like most of the tracks begin with Paul going,
he just doesn’t feel at all let you loves Richmond and it’s probably why,
stadiums you got to say the same thing every night.

[8:37] Can you swear what if it actually was,
there was part of me that’s like maybe he’s not lying never know on the ground during For Whom the Bell Tolls,
he likes Rafael,
bad ideas I just roll with it cuz I was five rows of people from the front,
and I saw Kirk humblebrag,
yeah I was like five rows from the front when James goes I got some else to say,
no I don’t know yeah I do,
that I listen to it once today and his banter is so awkward but so beautiful ghost Sioux Falls.

[9:57] Metallica loves you I got a question for you while it’s really.
Question but are you alive.

[10:15] Are we.
In the middle of Seek and Destroy James Goes, what are you expecting the Kool-Aid guy to just emerge.
Contraption pictures.
Trade show and I I get to relive it and if you listen to For Whom the Bell Tolls you can hear Kirk Hammett stop playing his guitar and that’s when he died.
The Crypt.
Adam oh boy, I’m a big Chili Peppers.
I’ve got a tattoo of.
Side and side note are we talking about that we do like the Stadium Arcadium album yeah that’s incredible
that was in my face constantly just keep Reinventing themselves and I don’t know how they do it it’s insane third the most recent one dark Necessities that’s right up there with stay demarcated for me,
and I feel like.

[11:41] You’re going to give me one on this whole can.
Green very like didn’t know where to find himself in the in the band.
How to get away he knows what he’s doing now I really I like him a lot but you know for Chante just can’t be replaced that’s incredible unfortunately,
I mean I mean fortunately.

[12:12] They came to these specific but yeah, it’s it’s Stadium Arcadium passes the dress code the brickwall limiter does not pass baseball.
How are you,
so next topic about Metallica I’m stoked,
you make us feel good he said you make us feel good
Jim Breuer
I talked about how he was asked to perform at the MTV icon thing from Metallica Regis impersonating Metallica,
for like 5 minutes and it’s so good it’s so great,
yeah I love it and I the MTV called him and they said hey we got a problem this all the flights can you order book.
But we can get you a private you that he throws microphone down.

[13:19] Sure and the only other person on the private jet is Ozzy Osbourne and Ozzy keeps walking around,
and I got the courage to walk up to Asia South Asia,
oh man you’re my favorite War Pigs is one of my favorite songs of all time is on my brothers were in war and it came back and that’s when when’s the world to me thank you so much and Ozzy look sweet in the face.
Budget trip.
This is Bill.

[14:13] Beautiful so what genre do you not like as much or do you only go back to because of nostalgia.
Contemporary Christian once in awhile,
you know good old 90s Christian rock if I was just going to say I don’t care what anybody say,
yeah I don’t think that I don’t,
still listen to this account is contemporary Christian
is it okay I was like oh that’s Click Five sorry.
I know it’s hard to say that will go with you.

[15:20] I figured that was so like music I think and like I feel fair enough bringing this up I think,
music is the biggest time transporter,
of all time in actual one but like,
otherwise pop-punk for me is a Nostalgia like I don’t listen to it as much as I used to if I do listen to that John ra
is the older bands from like 15 years ago,
enter all keys of sexual assault,
I know I wasn’t the one.
From the doctor who that was a weird Weird Science.

[16:25] The old man’s are the ones I hold dear that’s yes that’s.
NFL draft.
If I got my tree up for example.
Absolutely in the 90s country.

[16:58] I’m not the biggest fan of country but like I do have some country in my library.
But like I don’t know I guess that’s like what what comes to mind is like obviously like Garth Brooks like the biggest in the nineties and then like
rain country song is I just pop in the back of my head I think I would like country and everybody has their own opinion which is so great about life and I think country.
In like the 1950s and 60s like The Statler Brothers I can listen to,
all day long they are just utterly incredible and like yeah it’s not so bad I like to say that I don’t like it but like it’s good,
I don’t know I guess I haven’t listened to any recent country songs by Chris Stapleton.
Yeah stapleton’s good he sang Tennessee whiskey.
Anderson East is really bad,
Sturgill Sturgill whatever his name is Sturgill Simpson,
pinky he was on SNL.

[18:21] Crusher he did like hell pulse on the 8 minute song with all this back even doing solos and all this stuff is like a Blues Brothers kind of thing which was super cool and he has this really thick country Southern accent voice I didn’t describe it but he just has such a good boy,
the voice is fantastic but the music behind it isn’t necessarily what you consider like.
Country it’s a really nice planned it’s it’s kind of sound.
I would say he Covered In Bloom by Nirvana on that album.

[18:55] That that’s why I was talking to one hot summer day by Turnpike Troubadours.
Not very many country songs get me in there like that I got to find out who this is that was that was once like check it out.
Our folk was like top 40 mainstream for a year huh like oh yeah yeah yeah at the time or Foe,
and like Mumford & Sons The Lumineers all that kind of stuff in suspenders and.
And have a mustache,
give me a ride oh I have tried and it has not turned hey how’s it going
you don’t look good.

[20:00] Remember your freshman year myself when you’re like you played a ton of that kind of stuff that year.

[20:11] Yeah.
Huh yeah I think what else was there that was kind of round that year that year.

[20:24] I’d say I’d say probably at the height of his popularity was dubstep.
Oh okay oh yeah I never even went dubstep was came out as a thing I still hated it,
Disney Magic,
and then like they play Bangarang by Skrillex turn it on the news that album for sure.
I’ve never gotten this really quick that’s because I was really into from first to last.
40 North via email just recently,
really weird like that really goes good they didn’t plan on having them,
but he’s he was like one of the tracks like I think I can do something with this and they loved it so that you don’t like why she’s do the rest,
the jerk and Anna for your surgery wasn’t we still going out but.

[21:34] It’s got that occasionally hit you up here the Skrillex.
Yeah album called path of totality,
infant loves corn and he loves you a lot,
where he’ll he’ll be like the other ones.
Scores good man bright I like you too,
there’s one night we’re about to go say there’s the Godsmack show coming up you guys going to go,
and he goes,
it’s like a new pair of underwear at first it’s constricted,
but after while becomes a part of you I got to go Steven Spielberg.
Started mono for a whole month rent that are just bored.

[22:56] Where does black pepper come open the door training for the commission.

[23:05] What is the time in a man kills another man it’s cold broke.

[23:24] Like now as soon as I’m done here I’m going to watch the movie
I was like heartbroken that Netflix if you’re watching this right now I don’t know where the camera is why,
in God’s Great glorious name did you take Jaws off of Netflix,
that is the greatest movie of all time cuz you couldn’t possibly have jaws and Scott Pilgrim both on Netflix at the same time can’t do it the documentary Chicken Run,
yes yes yes which which is the best documentary the second best documentary being Surf’s Up closely closely followed by,
another shark movie Sharknado,
it’s like how they keep making Tremors movies.

[24:41] No that’s scanners.

[24:48] Sounds Vaguely Familiar is beige really worthy of all the flat takes in the color wheel.
This one has been turned down before on the trash go.
Do you want to turn it down I guess I don’t have anything to say buy me for the rest of the series running
I feel like page itself is just something that like no one feel strongly about,
unit 2 lesson 2 page alert,
tell my wife I said hello Beyonce where is agenda right,
never make that sound.

[25:51] Briefly during one of the musicals we did at USF I was into Pablo Francisco stand-up specials wear a hat.

[26:04] Well watching the dancers cuz it was disrespectful to the strippers and the,
price of the bouncer talk to this weird was like.
During rehearsals I kept saying it everyone else kept doing it and even during rehearsals on stage
if there’s a scene replace a boss telling,
my employees what’s what I don’t even know what to see what’s about what’s what.
Jennylyn Ben & Jerry’s never make that sound again,
oh well good time.

[27:04] Sounds like great theater.
What albums changed your life for the way you look at music.

[27:23] American Idiot why I’m so shocked.
Federal is an entire speech on that’s in college.

[27:37] I didn’t even know it was just the right place at the right time pat album Which sandwich easy as hell catchy music and.
The energy was just all it all connected with me then that’s I’ve been a fan of green day before but like a mega fan on that album came out says I don’t like you see that was cool then I got you keep more when I turned 18,
cuz I don’t like it with the songs are about now,
just you just like the like the weird timing I just everything like will it was like Monumental for like that.
Peter my wife have her own.
This is no more than just money
I survived the edited versions at Walmart before then I bought The Marshall Mathers LP,
I was going to say hi Translate.
The cat everything and accept the f word like shit was kept in like everything was going to retrospective.

[29:04] What are the edited version of that it’s funny dude.
Like on My Dad’s Gone Crazy.
Pussy a lot and he did like a bunch of cat noises on every time he said pussy like a good excuse awesome coming to yes there’s a,
I’m not sure if I just say the words it’s a French band.
They just talked about hooking up with these women and it was such a stupid song but it’s so catchy the courses I effed my American c u n t,
I replaced both f and c u n t with like bike horns the song myself cuz I wanted to play
my American is fun,
like I can root it was fun to just there was one DMX Party Up by DMX We got so many requests by Bobby to play it on the East Coast.

[30:17] All right I’ll find a clean version will figure it out,
yeah yeah yeah yeah DMX.
Nothing Was the Same the same the same time there’s like if it wasn’t like I just got to get my art stuff.
Carpet carpet smoke some guy last week I just I just know.
And said he will talk about cleaning but with the Rug Doctor anyways, I was just sucking and sucking and sucking it like someone could walk in at the worst time you could have like I was just cleaning it.

[31:32] Dude put your hand down.

[31:39] What happened to talk about the story.

[31:46] I have to say one of the most influential albums for me any album by ICP.

[31:52] If I ever visit you when you have a bunch of Faygo in your fridge,
don’t I have to say Iowa by Slipknot when I was a kid I was really yeah I was very angry child that was.
Fred Durst wife.
Just one of the guys just one of those Human Condition is like the one for me because I never really listen to newer music I was always like.
Billy Joel and Elton John was like one of the one of the few newer artists that I really got behind and it’s absolutely loved it was just amazing that somebody.

[32:53] Dennis teenage actually values like lyricism.
Miss Polly of lyrics and everything that you know that type of musicianship comes back,
it’s there it’s just not for top 40 you know I mean like music in a lot of ways is meant to tell a story,
and like you know a beautiful way to tell a story is lyricism things like that so it’s really forgotten about which sucks I think that really stop.

[33:24] When 2010 came around but I mean like in my like historic favorite genre ever,
that stops like long ago like right,
after 2000 so like I don’t I don’t have like an album off the top of my head that really shaped who I am but like one,
who talking about lyricism one album that really made me like digging for lyricism and learn to like dig into study like,
knowledge of things and even knowledge of music is actually 36 Chambers by the Wu-Tang Clan and they are.
That almost incredible and Wu-Tang and I like in particular just if you research them they are.

[34:07] Mind blowing like I love I love to attend class talk about them for forever.
History of Pirate Bay right I almost died last year the problem was.
There’s a festival and at the same time there were three different bands I want to see at the same time and at the drive-in with my number one,
and Streetlight Manifesto I choose between yes hardcore hip-hop or Scott and I’m just like tickets to see twice before and would tend to cancel cuz I’d the people I was going with.
So I was just like this is my chance to filing like I had it been open,
can I really get out but it’s it’s at the drive-in the main focus / it’s like it’s I like the shorter Punk your stuff.
Yeah I buy like that yeah it’s just.
It looks like it is it’s a green itch first to Mars.

[35:34] That Lemon Grove Isis is 500 waxham a lot for that drum Phillips.
Stupid stupid,
by the way in late November or pump.
I love that, that’s hilarious.
And Paramore play the guilty pleasures by Paramore jawbreaker was playing at the same time.
And I was typing their third show in 21 years and like.

[36:30] So we definitely broke.
It’s his time can you tour for 15 years still have,
what is that like they’re their final.

[36:55] I like that song I get it I think it was just,
I think Haley is making a mature decision as an artist and saying like I wrote this when I wrote this I was in a completely different state of mind then and now that I’ve matured as a person I don’t fully stand behind with the song.
Was attendance
decision I know a lot of fans are upset because it is a fan-favorite but it’s same time if it’s not saying the artist is Passion about anymore I’m going to I’m going to respect that above all.
Absolutely for sure.

[37:40] What’s one musician that took forever for you to like to or appreciate,
I was like I don’t I don’t get it I don’t get it and then I was listening to what song was that and I was coloring,
I would like it all makes sense so beautiful
infestissumam album and I was like I don’t I don’t get this and then meliora came out,
players good that’s the one,
I miss that when it came out but my dad so good.
Ever again especially at the first album Opus eponymous is just it’s incredible but it’s so funny because people in it to like Scooby-Doo,
Stan but it’s it’s not I don’t know yeah the second album is like my favorite.

[38:53] But yeah that’s definitely.
Took me awhile to get into it and what was the question.
Oh yeah it was it took me to see him at the district to have them Blow Me Away.
No that’s it.

[39:28] Alright no another one Matchbox 20.
That sucks songs that are cheesy as fuck like you got to do that.
Detroit Lion.

[40:04] Pearl Jam actually really yeah I know no just cuz a friend of mine a friend of mine like absolutely love Pearl Jam was his favorite was his favorite band,
and so you play all the time I never really got into it and then once I start letting him out on his just like.
I like this.

[40:40] Revere lights.
Making icons don’t look maybe I can do that,
I think I found the one thing that makes me uncomfortable that was fast. Name
any other night is drugs just like.
Good stuff.

[41:48] I think he Audioslave for me I like to rage but it felt weird having Chris Cornell with,
yeah I don’t know.
I miss Chris that’s like he’d like they broke the mold with with his voice.
I meant I went to Bobby and I went to Counting Crows last week
Pearl Jam Love Eddie Vedder think Paul I don’t want to speak for you but I assume that you like Eddie Vedder and his opinion on things but just don’t like the music that’s what I saw on top of a program,
you know how I get like David Letterman he he actually inducted them into the Rock Hall of Fame damn good story about shit.
David Letterman’s kid I can remember his name is.

[42:48] Apparently he got to be really good friends with like a bunch of these bands that would playing the show over the years and Eddie Vedder actually gave the Sun.
Like an acoustic guitar.
Talking about like with what Paul’s talking about.

[43:11] Maybe you might have another respect for any better yet,
that I used it past wifey Bobby and I went to Counting Crows last week or weekend actually it was fun and I,
why the Counting Crows merch guys was on tour with Soundgarden last tour and he said I was on my last tour,
can you go see how we got the call 5 a.m. to Chris’s dad towards done like that’s the most.
Sad ever been like in his life just like damn,
hard black people it’s Bowie or Prince of which I get but it was more Chris Cornell Scott Weiland.
Balls exploding show Eddie Vedder Into The Wild soundtrack just him.
So I think so I think that’s probably because that soundtrack won a Grammy at the so I get that that make sense.

[44:20] But yeah.

[44:24] I don’t know oh you’re you’re talking about the Counting Crows live was fantastic and Counting Crows since the band was good with Adam the singer look.

[44:35] Do ya recognize mean the big on my.
I like Ike a member who made the comment but they said something about he looks like the he like the Halloween crows goodness.
It looks like something if I put that weight on Adam duritz.
But like rash on armpits she has to grow her hair out.
What do his hair that was like oh my God.

[45:18] By the way.
Really quickly I finally thought of something is.
Believe It or Not Eminem because my like taste and Hip Hop,
is not Eminem Not all his album is the one that nobody knows about and that’s infinite in my opinion and you know that’s the one when he was like it’s his very first one.
It’s the one that kind of got him recognized by dr. Dre before exactly really popular in like.
From the 2010s on you know I would listen to him and I was like man I just like.

[46:08] I don’t really like the Beats I don’t like the way that your syndicating your Rhymes and things like that I just I don’t really like it and I thought there was a lot of better Lyricist out there.
But now whenever I was into him like,
if someone’s been doing it for you know however long that he’s been doing it 25 30 years and he’s wildly successful he can’t help but like grow to appreciate someone and like one of the one of the best ways that I like to get to know artist is actually,
like physically reading their lyrics a lot like while listening to the music cuz then it’s like you’re actually being taken on that journey and like doing that with Eminem it’s like okay I like I kind of can get behind you now,
and then I like him a little bit so,
at work cuz I’m a big reader and stuff so lyrics are really important to me and there’s some people that are just like more,
the branch off.
I feel the same way about Connie I’m a big guy Nate and by the way just to let you know first and foremost.
But I mean like what Blake like I said earlier with with Eminem work used for he’s hungry.

[47:33] I’d say Eminem was I really dug Eminem stuff up until Marshall Mathers LP 2 and then that were to die.

[47:42] Kanye I would say maybe up to you this and use this is so kind of a kind of a mixed bag because like some of those some of those beats.

[47:52] Do you keep with that shit together and he didn’t care in like the first three albums he was hungry he wanted he wanted quality in the further it went.
Aside for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which is a masterpiece.

[48:08] You can you can if there’s like a solid Line in the Sand Yeezus he like he produce Like a Hurricane.

[48:16] Game quality like maybe half the album cuz like I remember reading some things were here like on an airplane going back and forth to all these places so he was writing the album while he’s on the plane and it’s like he didn’t give his Focus he wasn’t doing a hundred percent on the album.
Everything after that was just like life of Pablo on like I didn’t like life of Pablo presides ultralight beam.
Dance rich is the opening track and then after that you can just shut the rest of the outlaw ghost with Kid Cudi,
I like that album,
yeah I did you just like there’s a great quote by a very smart man.
And it’s don’t half-ass two things whole ass one thing made by finish it with me.
Ron Swanson Omaha knowledge Parks and Rec at every Plaza should you stand it I love Aubrey Plaza I would marry her in our state,
did it right cell phone advertisements.

[49:32] Life After Beth is incredible it’s on Netflix yet.
Best of Both Worlds I have all four Hulu Netflix Showtime HBO yeah,
it goes in spurts I’ll watch a lot of stuff on HBO now. I want to see that so badly.
I can lend you my HBO now I’d want it to friends cuz they just want to watch Fairy.
Not not you Facebook parasite I don’t pay for my Netflix or Hulu.

[50:21] And Showtime I bought for kidding with Jim Carrey.
Oh you mad I watch two episodes It’s Dark and carries a weird dude it’s saying something.
I have to say that he’s.
Being weird have your own weird yeah I got it for originally I’m dying up here which is a dramatic show about stand-up comedy in the seventies is a really good show.

[50:49] Thank you Danny Kaye more like okay there’s no reason to have this again so it’s like this is dark and it’s really interesting to read I just don’t like them.
I like did you know that he’s like a really good artist.

[51:12] I guess I don’t know I like still like Jim Carrey but he just I don’t know.
I like the deepest I just have a quick question what is the policy on using the restroom while in the show.
Oh wow it,
I don’t matter of sloppy joes extra song lady you’re scaring reaction when he sees other kids,
People Like Us
I’ll never not laugh at that like super hard.
Do as far as the Jim Carrey thing goes though like did you guys watch the documentary about so good.
It just changed the way I watched my other ones I so I love man the mood for that documentary changed.

[52:34] Anybody familiar with Jim Carrey in Duck Factory.

[52:47] Yeah he was in Peggy Sue got married with Nicolas Cage and that’s a great film,
and if you watch the kids break down and yes I did your moments.
Is one of the few moments we get Nicolas Cage
just intellectually breaking down his characters and it’s it’s it’s not Nicolas Cage as a meme it’s Nicolas Cage as a veteran actor
going through bit by bit like how these characters came about and talks a lot about his inspiration from like German film
ain’t talked about like vampires kisses it was his favorite movie to make
because you just took all this inspiration from like German films and like old horror films and just try to combine it together and see how far he could push himself he talks about that and Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans where he was like if you would actually have
keep you up like a line of like a sugar.

[53:46] Substitute thing and just like wood we’re just like go hold for the character
we talked about going through the alphabet like yeah yeah yeah it’s on his phone
you should also like Jason Bateman breaks down his character.
You guys watch Ohio so I love Jason Bateman in any role that he’s been in but like Ozark is different because he’s like you don’t know if you should cheer for him or if you’re like.

[54:31] You know cuz he was I don’t want to get any thing you know he talks about that breaking down his role in Max it’s like,
has a power struggle with,
Tim and Ellen Page or it’s kind of like Susie Lee,
I don’t know if I should cheer for you if I want you to die,
everything that it can be hard to get through I have stopped and restarted many times,
and he’s he’s like got on my case several times.
It’s so many things on my list of things to watch an hour little over each so it’s like,
flashlight off,
in my opinion it is D like prime example of character development in a show like there is no better,
storytelling format of character development.

[55:40] I love it so much Vince is as everyone’s a terrible person but they have reasons for being a terrible.

[55:51] Which isn’t actually the quote but.
No it’s no it’s like it’s like that it’s like the Luke I am your father thing like I just got turned into something sorry next time,
Haynes Garden. Let him know so I think it’s fair to say Nicolas Cage.
For sure.

[56:24] I never seen face off if I have two copies or do you want to see,
I want to watch it yes ma’am,
yeah it’s got Nicolas Cage,
I forgot what today is like.

[56:59] I don’t do it I can take it what’s the best thing that’s French.

[57:08] Kisses Fred.
I don’t know I don’t know but many things that are friends I got to be honest kids are y’all dressing.
Dodge Challenger price but I don’t care,
check your local public Circa 2003 is a 15 year old joke gun.

[57:45] Why do people named Richard like to go by dick and do they like to or do people just forced that apartment,
selfie fail I think I can.
2 seconds game.
Shout out does your name ever again shout out to the best Nascar driver the early 2000s Dick Trickle,
I wish I was kidding I wasn’t.
Just kidding. Do you prefer artist.
Do you prefer artist to go out on top or keep going so out of touch.

[59:00] Could also be a lot of.
Except exception to that rule like stop making albums but keep touring Billy Joel did that maybe the most recent thing Machine Gun Kelly.
Apologize it’s true,
force it kind of thing but it’s like if you feel that you can’t top that.
And your and you said you never get so fly by for like I can top this thing just don’t.
I don’t know turning out albums in this.
Yeah like I did not get started tour you fire Lindsey Buckingham what more do you have going on.
Like why the hell do you know there was a big there’s a big rift in the band.

[1:00:13] In regards to how much old vs new stuff that they were going to do which I’m assuming if he was on the favor of we’re going to do a lot of old stuff.
And they wanted it newer stuff that probably left him without a real.
The place that you wanted in the band on the tour sure if they wanted to do older stuff you probably would be singing.
What’s up that early cuz I kind of stopped listening to Fleetwood Mac’s material after the early eighties.

[1:00:43] Yeah this is one of those bands I never did it for me I would go because Tom Petty’s lead guitarist is now in the band.

[1:00:52] I’m just kidding sorry I’m sorry,
a weird thing about that everybody nice I like that.

[1:01:09] I heard that news from last DJ.
You don’t know how it feels,
TD me up we get one Tom Petty impersonation every single episode and turn we’re going to go get a Supercut of you doing Tom Petty,
no but I did sing you wreck me almost too long.
Can you bring me into so yeah.
Last Dance with Mary she can hang out with one famous person who would it be and why.
I’m a fool I’m a believer of don’t ever meet your Heroes PS2.

[1:02:15] S4 Legion Spain was it was a question famous people famous.

[1:02:20] Person person I watch that the Elon Musk Joe Rogan.

[1:02:30] I would hang out with him I’ll just like like what’s on your mind,
but the only thing that really fucking bothered me then afterwards I found out that like right after that,
they did a random drug screening and his company SpaceX does regular random upon screenings and will fire you for it dance.
Critical job Ferry yeah yeah yeah that’s,
free that’s that’s going to lay him on his part but like it is said the interview was a good interview.

[1:03:21] He was very like he’s teeth out about what who sang before he actually said it type of thing you know how like.
Late night talk show and sometimes I like stammer they’ll kind of just be kind of thinking out loud he was like he’s going to say it and saw it and then who say what he saying.
And like you might very he knew exactly what was going on the whole time.

[1:03:44] Verena blue the hell up when he like smoke that blunt and I had some drink of a whiskey whatever but like,
very short thing exactly someone,
sore throat.
Freestyle seriously looks like a guy an alien that’s trying to disguise himself as a human.
And The Mask slipping,
most of the energy.
Just chill.

[1:04:41] How do I make a Jeff Goldblum think I see yes or no way
know what’s that’s what I’ve heard.
Let me try to sleep.
Is it the video of him eating hot wings.

[1:05:25] I think I think they gave him vegan hot wings if I’m not mistaken for a place to dance the question.

[1:05:36] I don’t know man I just watched segue into my person Neil deGrasse Tyson.
We did.

[1:05:57] I was not expecting to be that engaging the public speaker,
what what do you think about in daily basis like what explain the universe. You’re up
I think of Neil deGrasse Tyson it looks like in what sounds are proving of the podcast like
yeah I like it it like in some shows like when you go to the lake like a centralized government building and you know how there’s like always like a random picture like whoever the president is.
That made me think about you it’s like a couple maybe my wife kept saying it look like.
In the world.
Knowing even when he was at Auggie yeah he initiated it by saying just pretend were at a bar talking about space.
But yeah his interview with Joe Rogan too he was talking about space force horse yeah he was talking about space and he was kind of like.

[1:07:20] Positive side of space words like why we should.
Yeah we need it we’ve been talking about it for decades it just happens that it’s getting brought up under Trump so it’s getting the.
That was really cool
it’s an if it takes it takes the footage from from Thor Ragnarok and then it said there’s an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia I was not anticipating
just sucks girl from,
we’re like they’re they’re just so cuz they’re going to this thing over and Atlanta extension like charity thing.

[1:08:12] Trucker and the truckers like some sort of like sex freak or something like that in the shop Automotive like what we were expecting.
Charity thing and he’s like well. Maybe we can get a room or not.
You guys split me open like a coconut that,
I’d look at the bloopers of that
I’ve not always the best hits.

[1:09:00] Stats and I can’t say it they can’t say it because it’s out.
There’s so many like that episode where were Frankie.
It was all busted do I look suspicious any good makeup
and he looks dead.

[1:09:36] The police off you like I’m busted and then get the other guy he’s like a judge or something like that like for you.
I think my favorite one from Sunny with Frank ever is the one where,
is inside of the couch sometimes it’s so much like the Jim Carrey Ace Ventura,
what is Danny DeVito scale look like more amazing that show,
the epidemic where was getting sick and they have the acapella competition,
shaves everything and he’s covered in sanitizer and just wonder where does
the the one where they think it’s high school or Union and they all think like,
what’s happening in their mind is like they’re just dismantling that like dance sequence and choreographed and stuff like that but I think they’re all on drugs during it right.

[1:10:49] What industry is a Mac got fat and credible like the fact that he got fat For the Love of the Game
yes daddy Hughes Hughes the secret sauce that show.
Country Mac is one of my favorite characters ever to.
Oh man episode oh. Is when they’re in the closet and you know it.
Why Safari.
That was the one with the,
with the gang solves the gasoline shortage
every type of correction that one guy’s car.
Drinking cups.
How much gas in the world.

[1:12:13] Do not follow that much gasoline attract The Crowd by by shooting Fireballs like you’re going to do that
the letter shop in Arizona there are far too many looks.
My favorite episodes of the bed that is so funny,
right there at the brake line
fix the brake cable and then they just keep going.

[1:13:02] Mexico that was a long handle last one towards you doing stand-up,
it’s just like Charlie translator,
I’m half robot half ASL,
real people problems you’re going to want to do all this because the cat’s going to start.
Star of the show has been thawed up when they’re like fucking Blitz set a reminder something,
the application they just commented the application,
that okay yeah I remember that.

[1:14:29] My chicken dance,
Iron Man and the name they like the bonfire.

[1:14:46] Should you like two more topics in Mancala.

[1:14:57] Why are scientists working on bringing dinosaurs back seems like there’s at least four movies as tonight,
I would agree I would agree, sir.
Yes Y’all suck Chris Brattle save the world though,
okay hold on I’m so sorry but I watch Jurassic world you can’t tame
Philosoraptor you cannot depend on track contain whatever,
desk right except the dinosaur at Wall Drug,
please make possible lifetrak scenarios for Carlton Banks post Fresh Prince of Bel-Air I think one very clearly is America’s Funniest Home Videos,
what is Carlton going to do after Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where that show ended makeup life scenarios,
are and yet America’s Funniest Home Videos he’s just falling around Tom Bergeron.

[1:16:11] Just following him around.
Oh yes.
I hope that’s not true. That’s not a good look dude I want to open up a clothing store called,
Chasm it’s like that but way bigger.

[1:16:45] I get it though can I see first words.
Is that what it is.

[1:17:11] If you could be in any film or play that’s already happened what part would you put yourself in with the rest of the cast already attacked.

[1:17:23] IMovie I don’t care.
I’d be a boom operator In a Boogie Nights the fluffer guy.
We need the Flopper Italian Stallion.

[1:17:44] Cemetery on Friends.
She has the best fucking lines in every show episode of a show like.
There be more Kim’s I know that for that but I don’t know what that means science stuff.

[1:18:06] I never watch friends I got it I got to be honest sorry he just trying to do with them jokes.
I would I take over as Neville in the Harry Potter franchise.

[1:18:28] That are you know like keep them by thing like Metals a great side character who.
Has he has such a great story arc in the books that isn’t fully realized in the movies and I feel like you could have done.
Yes you can actually it’s a funny I think it’s a fun roll there’s a lot to dig in there that’s a good guy that’s really good answer actually.
I mean because it what was it that that Voldemort actually chose the path of Harry Potter.

[1:19:06] Hands down I think that was the biggest that was the biggest most underrated reveal about series.

[1:19:19] It’s a tough start from the fan theory that Dumbledore was like death all along.

[1:19:27] Those those theories man.
Zach laski one time was very brief,
burglary story he was a history major in college for the one year he was in college and someone asked him why he was a history major.
His story is bad.
Well yeah there’s a lot of God that sounds like me when I was a first-year history major I still have not forgiving him for the grocery.
Oh yeah the reason why I made that face and okay.
He okay so like one of the very first times I’m at him nobody gave me a warning about this guy,
so perfect yeah yeah so I’m like so I’m at the radio station and song comes on and goes,
oh can’t can we change this out like I can’t listen Counting Crows anymore I might.
It’s it’s because when I was younger my my parents and I were in a really bad car accident and both of them were badly injured and they later died and I remember that Counting Crows was playing on the radio.

[1:20:57] When the car crash happened in so I like I can’t listen to me when I just like a dude I’m so sorry I got cat and I did not find out until like days later,
that he would. He was a pathological liar
he made up the whole story I was actually angry because I was on that Journey slime
oh it’s not the Counting Crows message Zach a photo photo of me at the concert with Bobby
and zackgoes are you at this concert right now.
Yeah so that was my very first interaction with guy and I I still not forgiving and forgetting about those,
we did it we did improv scene once where he had to play a drunk Edgar Allan Poe.
I like crows
Raven Raven.
The Crow.

[1:22:19] Was it a good show though,
looks having an atom during between a song with soul long-winded story and it was cool to hear the stories but they were very long stories,
and people in the audience for like yelling just play the damn songs.
Live like I didn’t realize how many hits light had like 6 or 7 that you would hear on the radio in the 90s
kid like they did. They are underrated they were wasting time they’re just playing each song Bam Bam Bam and the singer knew the name of the city where is Adams and saying just lays great to be here.
Like you could tell he didn’t care where he was like where is the singer Lively
Sioux City you’re with me. Kind of stuff like that happens though they call Sioux Falls Sioux City
like the stair thing it said Sioux City.
So I can’t remember if they like put something over that or got a new stair Cascade I’m sure they probably did something.

[1:23:36] I was born day really.
That’s all you got to say.
You smell well I’m not your nothing against like where your problem just saying like every time I begged and I don’t I don’t mind.
Until I give him crap but I had way too much fun in college down there so.
Lone Survivor the only thing is and like everybody’s going to be like well yeah.
Man they got to figure out that construction is done on Facebook I think it was France they like.
Read it an entire section of the interstate in 15 hours like they redid everything and like had it up and moving 15 hours and like Sioux City is like.
Fixing nearest yeah well France in our defense France probably has like 30 miles.

[1:24:40] Little little bit of scale there we come from France.
Call Ron Coneheads.
Robert zoellner.

[1:25:04] I just like.
Crystal Light Swan quoted the movie to me last week when I said Maps or something like that a Pacific Chris Farley said when.
The daughter conehead eats the subway too fast like,
oh shit I like Chris Farley with his jokes,
that is awesome.

[1:25:47] There was to do one more topic.
Just really quick I will probably want to do something really small but like like in Star Wars you know how.

[1:26:04] Simon Pegg.

[1:26:17] And it yeah he was credited for that shit and all he did was,
impactful something where you can walk around like in your normal life not get harassed but if you go to a convention,
cassia mask.
Another character there’s a character movie Kids in the Hall brain candy.
Oh it’s so good did fully plays a character that just pops into scenes as a background character when something good happens,
but who the hell are you videos,
that’s the end of the sky sky or like you know how I like an in Pulp Fiction when they’re in the when they’re in the diner and then.
She wore to the coffee shop manager and he’s like they’re about to shoot him or whatever he’s like,
Keke’s credited in the movie as coffee shop cuz he’s sown honestly like.
Since Blake Pulp Fiction by favorite movie of all times I would probably be Marvin.

[1:27:45] You shot Marvin in the face I know you get to watch the entire story develop and especially you get to see one of the most badass scenes of all time
not even have an opinion. Have an opinion
you racing Gods came down and Travolta resurrected his career with that move in an eye,
Travolta so much as I love musical theater and singing and dancing,
and he’s actually put up like I mean even even post Pulp Fiction he doesn’t some good hairspray was great I love it,
Wild Hogs.
In Hot Tub Time Machine when the guys get in the tub told bail bonding I need to see a little dogs.

[1:28:39] How to reboot an old dogs with Robin Williams and John Travolta
I forgot how much I miss Robin Williams I was watching the Mork & Mindy 40th anniversary Marathon
don’t ask but is like look at somebody who just acted was such an attention ality in the way he smiled at everything was just so great
yeah I was having a Nostalgia overload moment today when I saw the post about it being the.
20th anniversary of Phil Hartman staff absolute favorite brutal time frame Chris Farley and Phil are burned passed away this late on there like in my top five cast members.
Just like a bolt made any scene for.
No matter what the Santa Clause in the lobby is trying to kill me.
Charlton Heston reading a church advertise during a book on tape and dirty book I like my butt.
A stare at it in the mirror whenever I get the chance.
Pearl Harbor was just the best Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey has a smell soothing voice.

[1:30:02] Did you really did a charge but it’s like.
Quick one more topic when you guys were talking about Pulp Fiction and I would probably play the bride.
Oh yes I’m a massive Tarantino fan yes we watch his movies.
I have the soundtrack on my phone one of the biggest things about Tarantino like that is underappreciated but people forget it’s his choice.

[1:30:42] Dude and his music.
It is so good and Tarantino I’m excited for his Manson movie.
Everybody was thinking like all those two pair.
Oh she turns you on Instagram,
no I don’t that would be Leonardo DiCaprio it up it’s the first thing that pops up,
because you are my favorite actress to is Leo Margot Robbie.

[1:31:36] Damon Herriman.

[1:31:48] So just randomly do you guys see there’s like a Peter that just came out over the weekend of Joaquin Phoenix the hell do I think about that,
I’m in the.
Fine with it
The Joker again after Heath Ledger the best performance ever.
Ypsilanti the one that picks up the torch and I feel for Jared Leto cuz it’s like.
Who the fuck could have followed he had to do something completely different and how the fuck you follow that until your phone. Could have competed with that side,
I applaud him for like attacking it and actually trying to do something new with it and I didn’t care for it.

[1:32:54] You know he’s got my sympathy for that that was point the fucking hurdle though Warner self over.

[1:33:03] Will forever be Mark Hamill of course,
that level again to me like the most iconic rendition of that character is what Mark Hamill,
I don’t know if you would do it but like that I feel like that personality has yet to be fully explored,
good ways to say Mark Hamill’s the voice and Heath Ledger is the,
Mark Hamill you can’t you can’t compete with that that is the Joker voice.

[1:33:39] So but the thing I didn’t like about those thing was.
They sold Justice League.
Just leaving so that’s why it’s entirely on like the Joker’s in this movie three different plots,
then you hired a trailer company to come in and recut it and said make this work with the joker and then it ended up like scrapping.
I Frankenstein the movie for something else inside it’s one of those where the soundtrack was better than the,
oh yeah, and it’s cover was just so good,
I will agree to that too I can’t wait I can’t wait for the sequel that’s never going to happen in Justice League,
Quentin Henry Cavill as Superman.
What yes yes yeah I heard that rumor but it still has to realize it with her.

[1:35:03] Yeah could make the next Batman cuz I thought,
Ben Affleck was actually back on the fucking doctor dude this is such a superficial thing he didn’t have the right chin for Batman,
Christian Bale with George Clooney chin George George George George George Clooney was the best.

[1:35:31] I feel like George Clooney was George Clooney.

[1:35:40] There’s a lot of things that Ben Affleck was the best.
Bruce Wayne’s baby.

[1:35:51] That’s my main question she loud,
Uma Thurman was my very first Russian.
That have Tom Hardy come back as that they had that party it was. He was incredible.
Yes yes and that was after they fix the audio they ended up his voice for every fucking scene cuz cuz you
I decided flashing light tells like what happened Security check pulse Point app is there a crash.
Post wine is like and it’s a great app for my job because any time that Sioux Falls fire rescue gets dispatched.
They give you the exact location what it is,
what’s up post point it looks like.

[1:37:14] Well the camera can’t really see but it’s loading.
Her well I’m not going to try not to come.
Do you think VHS will ever go back in style,
if that’s a way to answer the question is it.

[1:37:47] Way more than the war in Iraq right now,
I’m a come back in style for like certain things like people who have parties and watch films and just VHS no other option on little TV with the VCR,
like in it and I said that’s all I have in my room,
and I will have all my Disney movies I have Face-Off on VHS will ever come back.
Popular Resort in Russia.
It’s running around shirtless with Vladimir Putin.
The only reason I want DHS to come back in style is so that the do you know do shift schedule come back into popularity do you know dude.
Where is this guy this guy calls into a like a basic basically a Best Buy or something and he’s trying to buy a dude player.

[1:39:10] Oh yeah that was a psych first there was this and now there’s Goot I just can’t look at a tooth.

[1:39:21] What was that last one I just can’t look at it to JVC LCD TV.
I have a plasma tube and know what I want to look at the truth.
I used to literally tape and I would go to like Target and buy the stack of the HS recordables all the time and I stopped at a weird year 2012,
I was just reading what know I was reading the comment above that says dude you and me are hanging hard and I just.
I feel like that’s not how that works that’s on a delay I look like I’m slowly lose,
you’re probably wondering how I got here,
around me awesome hell yeah I stopped using VHS when,
I discovered Hulu and Netflix.

[1:40:46] When I was a really really young kid Mom and Dad hate HBO so there’s always movies on there and like like Wayne’s World adventure like.
And they were.
Record them off the beach Bo on HBO DirecTV.
Mortal Kombat was the first movie One Direction he’s ever get that for the whole family’s my little sister was like.
V said it was her favorite movie The World took it over to my grandma’s house and then we’ll have a larious yeah that most hilarious.
Her describing that like I still remember that years later she just like.
So she asked watch this movie called Mortal Kombat.
God bless you Grandma.
Can I comment on the spelling of combat what was it spelled with she did mention that she just complain about the Flash.

[1:41:56] Eyeballs,
I used to love going to Lewis and that Brenton movies and not returning them one of them it was a real it was an out of print film,
how to free bhsn like 96 97 movie 97 till I got,
and it was like one of the only cops they had it there in like I’ll have to see this before I want to see Weird Al film at work cuz we all we all do,
and so I rented it my mom talked to the owner and sit can my son have this like,
and it was a really hard to find video from like 1998.

[1:42:59] One love Jah bless Duggar Bluffs cover Bluff.
Sore last part of the show is Shameless plugs because I painted like to promote.
30 things that you have going on you’d like to share.

[1:43:26] Well we just did the British Invasion Cabaret for goodnight feeder Collective.
Let me go it was awesome I haven’t gotten involved in musicals or theater since college and like to do it again was chess Soul filling those incredible.

[1:43:50] If I do need to plug something if you’re ever up.
From 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. turn it to either 46 or soon to be 21 to rescan your channels.
And you can hang out with me Subway.
Keep screen from there’s a there’s a three-tone thing that would have.
If you ever need your home power-washed.

[1:44:38] I can do that actually don’t please don’t,
we ate we are absolutely booked for the okay quick plug first like painting we are absolutely booked for the exterior season cuz like we are already pushing into November and we have no idea if the weather is going to hold up,
but we do do into your work so if you want your house painted sometime in the winter we doing to your stuff,
but if you need your house painted like starting next spring or summer were also I’m selling for that so.
Working like 65 hours a week and real fast especially with all the rain and potential snow,
I’ve been treating the ink in the willow which is an intervalve it short film.

[1:45:45] So that’s that’s what I got going on just working at Ojos.

[1:45:52] Look at the cool way to refer to it going to owe.
Are chewy plug might as well,
but you’re not even touch they’re going to collaborate for the soul crate rap karaoke.

[1:46:20] I don’t think that I don’t think the name is actually on the event is now it’s just rap karaoke nuts but newest Pentatonix it’s fun.
Peter and I are deciding if we do collaborate what song to go for we’re not sure but when is it.

[1:46:46] So it’s this one I think there’s a cover charge I think he’s it is like 5 or 10 bucks on my way.
Oh no no no
oh my God they came out with Emoji I don’t know.
Not they didn’t have the poop when I would like you had an opportunity,
oh one more thing though that I’m not directly involved with but I love supporting local music is that your face metal Fest is at Biggs my Saturday
is a great menu.
It’s burnt it’s not far from here yeah I know it’s,
I just like to say is somebody give us a lot of like different musicians performers passenger bakes is always like a super super big supporter of local axle okay thank you for that and like they get they get some.
Strangely huge acts to shelter.

[1:48:10] Mushroomhead mushroom it in the mail so DevilDriver my head.
Yeah there’s like 4 shows that night.

[1:48:42] I think that I don’t think all my eggs are done.

[1:48:51] Empire podcast live recording at supercon will first off let let let me just unpacked will supercon thing I will be at a booth through the whole weekend Friday Saturday Sunday Come harass me whatever,
I may or may not show up on Saturday dressed as the Hulk and full green body paint that rumor has not been confirmed yet but that may happen to figure out how to not get the body pains all over all my gadgets that I’m working.
According it with photos and audio recorders.
Cuz I can sweat that I tried to go without Albert and college and it looked everyone says I look like a burn victim
no powder powder powders what you do,

[1:49:46] Friday Friday I’m doing a tutorial on how to do this crazy podcasting stuff so if you want to learn that I won’t be like fucking around I’ll actually tell you that technicals of how to do this that’s Friday night at 7.
And then the fucking round will be on Saturday night 7 p.m. with Zach dresch and comedian white boy and still waiting on confirmation on Sarah Werner from girl in space Right Now podcast.
And we’ll be doing one of my favorite bits we ever did for the Sioux Empire podcast Sioux Empire fantasy Fight Club,
so kind of random like the dress code but we’re going to give you like different fights like,
who would win in a physical battle and it’ll be like an example would be like Kristi noem versus David The Gnome.

[1:50:31] Who would win and why support your support your answer on a farm so,
I know but David gnomes got the magic in he’s got that fox Man in the Box like LOL your eyes and anyway it’ll be,
yeah and then Sunday and then that same night we’re doing a live recording of Macabre Noir where to get into system paranormal shit to see just how haunted we can get the Sioux Falls convention center before they throw us out.
And then what kind of demons we can summon or some shit and yeah it should be a great time we’re all doomed and yeah and then check out the mat and Travis’s free magic show on Sunday for family day.
Family Guy oh I forgot it’s and I have a show,
that is so good in two weeks that’s right I’ve never been there I’ve heard it’s a great place so I’m excited,
I also good in Garretson it’s a really great restaurant that house shows and stuff so that’s a good place and I’m heading out candy to kids as the flu bug in late October,
we go a couple nights they asked me to go to jail I know the tree are coordinator for flu bug which is nuts
yeah do you have another one bite and they asked if I wanted to do a photo with the governor.

[1:51:57] Good night I know they want me to creep while he was getting the flu shot.

[1:52:07] So lovey-dovey phone is awesome so it’s I want to dresses with Viper rap karaoke bar.

[1:52:15] So I think it’s the same night too so I want it I want it feel my settings.
How do I sort of want to keep it a secret but I want I want to try to get a Kim jeong-hoon man romper.
For his face full face on a romper I want to try to rock that.
Says it’ll be in a month, so I can hopefully have time.

[1:52:44] Yeah I’m I’m I’m hoping for the Romper so.
I’ll try and get to costumes that night so the flu bug and I’ll wear something that’s white and nerdy.
that that’s it for a plug the next we got everything I think we got it right,
which are now moving that to the end of January so 2019 going to be stacked for going to end up with three shows back to back to back,
Prince Place in November November 15th we are now doing we’re doing another reading this time.
Yeah so that’s we were we got some stuff in the works there so I’ll have more details once we are going out those details but reading the following November 15th and then only I know we’re pushing back to end of January.
Next episode here will be Monday October 8th yes we Mouse but I got some.

[1:53:55] Wings in the fire that we’re going to unleash.
Stick around and check our Facebook for updates and Lena Garrett Simon take you guys to be on the show.
The dress code.


The Dresch Code Ep 011 Renaissance People

The Dresch Code Ep 011 Renaissance People with guests  Debbi Jones, Rebekah Merriman, and Seth Benson.

The Dresch Code Ep 010 Y3K

The Dresch Code Ep 010 Y3K

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed

This week’s topics include: Which Grammy Categories?  Dogs or Cats? Which performer passing away recently affected you more than expected?  Which old TV show would you bring back? Rank the Beadles. Favorite Live Version of Songs that are better than the Studio version.  Which show had the best musical guests? A band that let you down when you saw them live. What is your secret hobby? How do you feel about MTV unplugged and acoustic versions? What movie was made by the soundtrack?  Best album of 2018 so far. What do you wear on stage and how do you decide? Do you like concerts to be informal or set of hits? Who is the greatest drummer of all time?


Burlap Wolf King

Guests:   Thomas Hentges, Ryan Knutson, Sheldon Swan, and Phil Dough

Machine Transcript

[0:20] Hello I am Zach dresch and you are listening to the.
Welcome everyone it’s episode 10 road to Milestone every episode of the milestone for me cuz we made it to 10 on Facebook and audio will be released,
can watch.
It’s like you’re alive on Facebook Twitter Twitter Periscope YouTube twitch,
courage everything but Myspace,
sorry I am.

[1:08] 18 wheeler Court those shows on Tuesday all right.
before we get into the top if you want to go around and do several in the Elmo couch hear Phil Mohler how are you good sir musician extraordinaire,
like to point that out to kill yourself
doing strong how are you today,
doing good man.

[2:01] A mastermind behind burlap wolf King Thomas hentges are you Thomas it’s great to be alive,
so how this show works is I have all these topics in a bucket or jar or jacket which is not a derogatory term but it may seem to be I don’t know topic and we decide if we want to talk about it or not,
edit that means that either passes or fails the dress code,
sure those aren’t as packets of like parmesan or something.
Struggling Eric Andre kind of thing just really acting weird like.
What’s for music in movie, your latest music program first one.

[3:05] Whatever happened to LaserDisc what the hell even is a LaserDisc.
Pass or fail past means you want to talk about it let’s not talk about it,
Trail to Young shelf life,
we have True Grit which Grammy category needs to be eliminated which needs to be added.
I thought about that passed.

[3:46] There’s so many categories like in mint I need weird categories that you don’t know anything about.
Charlie wallet what I would get rid of it there was one like best.

[4:01] Best New Artist cuz usually when they put it it’s like they suck and they fail in their careers over after that.
Often times and somebody has been doing it for 25 years.
So their career kind of ended right after that matter to me was like a flash in the pan like biggest kind of.
Fake really quick and then they went for some reason is that huge hit that you’re in the Milli Vanilli.

[4:36] The place it was like best pan flutes out every year every year.
Think about it would be kinda I would go like really random but like
post-hardcore album of the year it really weird about it just they have a whole section that was Skyler
50000 units,
but I would like there’s this many why what is this what are you metal would be awesome,
the winter once again,
there’s got to be a best comedy Grammy right now,
panda in Lake Comedy album,
if the attention is comedy than opelope broken in together like I think Weird Al George Carlin have been in the same category so it ain’t that kind of counts if it’s intentionally meant to be comedy.
Like going to throw it in.

[5:55] Dial Patton oswalt’s won a bunch of times and bunch of other comedians like that but he’s white he’s safe.
What other category they should add that would be entertaining like.

[6:11] Best best didgeridoo Solo in a song.
To be like two artists cuz he’s reaction videos are so hot now best reaction video reaction I got.
Is that we’ve gotten to the point of social media on YouTube where were just watching people watch other things,
it’s all they want to do is watch other people play Minecraft and like.
Want to be YouTube Star what it was like to see to listen to something we like the first time so.

[7:03] What is appealing about it let’s watch Milky Way 74,
watch Lionel Richie music video Dancing On The Ceiling.
Perceptual play I was curious like a couple of these like when Childish Gambino released this is America that music video and there’s like 5 million reaction videos,
two guys were like watching like this like.
They don’t socialize as much they’re just like everyone is in their own little apartments and homes and stuff like that so watching that kind of video makes it feel like you’re sitting there with friends watching it and yes yeah yeah.

[7:54] Have a good day that we should go on a really long like 5-hour like deep conversation about that very thought that’s,
dogs are cats faster fail,
you’re a huge adverse if I have cats Sheldon Stranger by Katherine where there’s like probably more,
for boys.

[8:38] Phil has my both my family I grew up with dogs I like dogs they’re like they care about you anymore,
cats suck like suck cuz they just they could carry in your house and just make your house to eat you when you like,
die is something’s Consciousness or fall in a like position that you can’t get up from or something like that pic just dislike,
yeah that’s some good meet there I feel like they don’t have the best like Mortal Kombat so we can animals like they just think they’re up to something you don’t know.
Like I’m going to destroy this guy’s for killing machine you like a shark they are just slowly destroy your house like my house smells like cat piss so awesome.
Number one don’t let your one bad experience ruin it for everyone that has cats smells like I hate to break it but.

[9:37] Everything smells like cat piss if it’s been around cats and Cat people to like no no I clean.
I think it’s the male cast from right here in general.
Yeah I could take all your friends cat likes shop it just likes to piss all over his boat and it’s like such a pain in the ass to clean it out of the boat.
Sorry very oddly specific records.
My family is always more of cat people but we need to Studio after,
my dad got an Italian greyhound like 4 years ago and so it’s like a cat but it’s a little warm,
looks like a mosquito.

[10:37] The cats for me bias but Mexico.

[10:43] Which famous musician or comic that passed away recently hit you harder than expected.

[10:50] Geyserville talk about though I talk about it.

[10:58] That one glass Lily just cuz it.
How the fuck is Keith Richards still alive.

[11:13] Free I would 90s kids so when Scott Weiland died that hit me a little harder than Sappo your prince but I felt like the odd man out when everyone else like.

[11:26] Well I’ve been playing a lot in a home have plenty left live yeah that’s what’s up.

[11:36] Phil Riordan.

[11:48] Everytime We Touch slow for me too.
Just about home. We also got.
That was a fantastic that I will say it.
Anthony Bourdain.
Joan Rivers I was actually really upset when she passed.
You know she was very old it was only a matter of time but Carrie Fisher.
That one was kind of like a maid depression in that stuff out in the open more without the stigma even though it’s still there it’s more out in the open so it’s like.
Say that was a big Iron Maiden Rose song about that book of Souls.

[13:11] My bandmates saw them I’ve never seen him live I need to know we saw them last year was Ghost yes.
Bangor beer there so old.
What he was doing with these flying Sidekicks across the monitors and stuff it was freaking crazy is my cold at all,
guitar players that he’s I mean he he looks he even on Nico’s the oldest drummer the sky looks very.
I mean he’s kind of on the edge what do you like he doesn’t seem worried.
What’s his leg up and puts it on top of his Half Stack and just like sooner the whole time with like like this.
It’s just I don’t know why you think to do that,
but the fact that he can do that was surprising.
I should have a question like what you do surprised you’re still alive that should have been a question straight up.
With a bunch of old TV shows making a Resurgence which one that hasn’t been brought back would you bring back.

[14:33] Ask fast yeah I’ll pass.

[14:39] The state from MTV.
Purdue another season of mr. show that would be awesome,
me and my wife just finished the wire last night 10 years later that’s the sad.
But mainly Beavis and Butthead,
videos from the 90s still and see if I can register him do it like me no reaction reacting to,
like a,
like rappers like now it like like SoundCloud rappers now it like that February 8th.

[15:47] I was kind of in the other like it’d be a little weirdo cuz of Chappell’s voices weirdly lower now cuz he started lifting weights and now he’s buff and it’s just like,
it’s weird. Talk outside gun.

[16:06] Consider that I’m being serious supposes the fact they can chain off two packs in a set to.
Does the most cigarettes I’ve ever seen smoking an hour.
Do you have always seems like a nervous guy which is weird but.
If you want did you watch The Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Chappelle he seem oddly nervous during his hang out with Seinfeld little weird.
Remember that one I watched I’ve seen them all I’m pretty sure that mean the Louie one always sticks out my head and gets a boat.
Seinfeld does this thing like when someone says something funny he will do feel like hunger over in like fake laugh a little bit.
So then I said hey wife give it a rest,
Ellen Fallon singers,
I think we covered that one doing any other shows we thought of it would be kind of cool.

[17:36] King of the Hill I love to see king of the hill come back to.
I love it Futurama Futurama gas like beating dead horse but I’d still watch more of it.

[17:49] I have to go to be it for me I don’t want Simpsons to end.

[17:58] Maybe it’s just that I don’t watch it but I mean throwing up Network TV that would really funny shows like Seinfeld and Friends.

[18:06] You know there was like that block of comedies I don’t think there’s really anything.
Near head caliber anymore things it’s mainly like.
It’s not true but it’s not like some wholesome sitcom where they were in afraid to talk about shit like I just.
Finishing up watching The Wonder Years the other day and couldn’t figure out my favorite and I couldn’t figure out.
Why the hell I never noticed but he he never completes his senior year and turns out there’s like a sexual harassment suit against Fred Savage and the guy who played Wayne from one of the.
Costume designers or something like that but have been going on so it pretty much put it into the series plus they also said that they were like approaching topics that the.
That they felt that they needed to talk about on the show.
Mainly sex and stuff that they talked about but they were worried about alienating the audience because the wholesomeness of the first few seasons you know
so it is weird I can and now it got Game of Thrones which is like how much incest murder
Raiders getting lazy in their dislike was put in some fucking real violent thing and,
he’s a dumbass is a like it right I mean it’s just it’s so over-the-top but you don’t have to be creative anymore.

[19:34] Exactly follow Game of Thrones is very well done
it’s going to end soon I’m sorry that she’ll suck turned out good and then it just got really bad
I’m watching that blows now it’s just too much it’s just like season 1 was so good and then season 2 it will lower they basically live on Hershel’s Farm is fucking garbage,
and then it kind of come back in 3 a little bit lost in 2 minutes,
Phil still never really came just like every season develop characters in Up,
care enough or even just cuz you’re watching your like I know they’re going to kill that person off why should I even give two shits about this person so tell me that fear The Walking Dead is like basically like every season is Walking Dead even given it a chance yet so.

[20:32] Hey shows you feel had the perfect shelf life and you went and it properly free Breaking Bad,
anything to fear of them you know there’s always that lingering or am I going to get renewed or cancelled and then you got to like figure out how to wrap it up or what,
white-washed like they did with lost they didn’t really try to go too far with it right I mean that show ended at the.
Letting her watch the first two seasons of that show pretty good then it’s like you know you got to just decide.

[21:10] Ellen shows that are cancelled at the end of every year but they still come back and yet they ended it anyways the previous season but they’re like how can we continue this,
so what should I not busy come back Married with Children oh yeah
I shouldn’t be watching this and I’m getting trouble Piper Anthrax to come back on,
don’t watch that show the next thing I know it was like a family thing when I was in syndication like all the sudden.
My brothers and I would watch it with my dad I’ll be watching all laughing about no ma’am,
I would love to take the car stolen and it’s just that they washed it for the first time,
I had a red Dodge you know David Faustino.
I wish Freaks and Geeks would have been told slightly longer whole cast do I get 20 years later kind of thing or,
W Allegan High School reunions.

[22:24] I said I would have been in like early 2000s,
you know Musician’s Friend do they still put those catalogs out,
the dorkiest like Rigs of dad like you know this there’s no way these we will be in a van.

[23:03] Customize guitar picks.
What the band name y3k on it,
who is this like Daddy 9 mm probably LOL,
rank the members of The Beatles in your own personal opinion rice doll.

[24:00] I’m find me the good either way I’ll do it.
Should I start in my corner from 124 McCartney Harrison Lennon and Ringo.
Bring up going to get shafted,
I mean it’s bullshit cuz the funny thing is is that
no I’m not McCartney’s the musical Genius of nursing 3rd change no matter what major fucking cultural phenomenon that’s important more than any other member of The Beatles
by far I mean as much of an asshole as he could have been at times and some assholes things he did but he more than made up for in humanitarian.

[24:54] I’ve I’m Bruno and I’m like I’m a huge to order some fan. But when people start like talking about how he was the best Beatle as this,
I want fucking punch him fucking face shut the fuck up I’ve always been the one that like you know,
he’s kind of that Dark Horse guy no pun intended but like fuck that I’m a huge fan but I ain’t trying to hear that shit about.

[25:24] How to use the most talented or this or that shut,
that’s like that’s how you really feel about me,
it’s like all I hear it’s like well that’s debatable and if it is,
it’s because he had all the fucking songs for years,
that Paul and John where’s the fucking Phil,
switch shifts next about what might happen I’m going Platinum,
it’s like obviously it’s not good I mean it.
You know I mean it he I mean you can hate on the guy but he knew his place he knew his relation to sit there and they were special because of the way,
they played off one another and if there wasn’t the lennon-mccartney like I mean.
They pushed each other and if they didn’t have that.

[26:41] I mean we wouldn’t have that I mean I mean I don’t know how anybody could argue if there’s any more significant like.

[26:51] You know artist at least in the rock or the popular music category then the fucking Beatles I mean the changed.
Stocking world not sound so cliche but it’s true no maybe they didn’t change it.
Like they change the girl on but they’re so hip on everything as it was happening it’s like when she was happened in San Francisco like they were picking up on that shit to shit so how you doing it’s just across the pond you know like.
That’s amazing to me and they kind of like they took whatever else is doing and just with more money and more things to expand on it they.

[27:31] May 1967 was the year of the album and I mean.
Sergeant Pepper came out that you’re I mean it’s not my favorite Beatle record but I mean it’s arguably like one of the most important recordings of all time so.
Naugatuck Beatles what’s your favorite Abbey Road maybe one song.
That that I don’t care for all that much Doctor Robert but I just think at the time like.
The Beach Boys with only other van like making anything remotely close to that like sophistication and pop music.
I got into Wings before Beatles so I’m biased towards McCartney,
there is one day like 15 years ago I just said I was at FYE when I was still thing and I saw they were selling the wingspan compilation.
McCartney would have been able to do all the things that he was able to do without George Martin so bad for me but I think.
I mean if it’s one of them is like Morris I think Lennon’s Drive.

[28:59] More than anything in that chip on his shoulder from his child is probably what was the driving force behind.

[29:06] The band unsure about them going you know.
Some yeah it was out there all the ingredients ingredients came together to make this great thing that sound kind of can be cheesy at times,
wedding linen kind of random in a little bit,
but I can see the first solo album it’s like raw as hell and that the time like nobody.

[29:47] Was making anything record like that,
exactly after your third letter and sweetness,
your dad here folks The Beatles and pasta are not that different,
do you guys have a good news about that.
Volume for 12 minutes throwing against the fridge at 6.
Laptops and cheese.

[30:37] Pumping Stone Sword in the Stone favorite live versions of songs that you think are better than studio version.
Mother will that sure.

[30:53] Live versions that are better than studio version this is going to be a weird one cuz I’m not even like a huge fan of the band they do great good songs but their lead singer is one of the most annoying to Dick’s then I need to ask me but.
Counting Crows has what’s that song on Sullivan Street there’s a key change in the live version that,
just sounds that bitch at the end I remember hearing that the first time I’m holy shit that was powerful.

[31:25] Charles Bradley when he did it was just him on a guitar doing changes on Mike YouTube somewhere that was a really great strip down cover.
See you covered changes by Savin such a brilliant cover the studio version as it is but then he did it just him and.
Guitarist it was just like so strip down and so.

[31:51] I’m not a huge you to guy the song Bad on the live wide awake in America you be is pretty solid.

[32:00] Even though bottles of tool.
I don’t know if it’s better or just as good or just has a different vibe is the MTV Unplugged of Alice in Chains is really enjoyable. She’ll,
yeah like Alice in Chains Unplugged that’s what got me into house and she’s after hearing that van for years and years at every fucking lower high school
unplugged albums are so freaking great ride bring it back it just wasn’t as effective I don’t think,
but I don’t know if you noticed like them TV have on there that I should play fucking instruments that they could do that they didn’t Korn unplugged
Amy Lee doing Freak on a Leash,
and stuff like when you go to like a live performance on TV it’s like,
text sound quality on there’s like not even close but I just commented Iron Maiden flight of Icarus,
I don’t dress after death.

[33:07] I realize I have a lot of iron,
no cuz we’re still living at that house on Sportsman there but I wasn’t.
Fear of the dark the last song it’s in it’s in I think it’s been like Santiago Chile or something like that,
has this melody this dude,
and there’s like 250,000 people are going to work and the joke I came up with,
where they’re all just standing in a giant skating rink in there trying to stand up and then to fuck you,
Eddie Maiden thing live when you don’t winter installed American you got
the backing of all those people are like a lot a lot of the European bands playing some massive outdoor Fest like switching power metal stuff where they go in the studio trying to track.
I don’t 5060 layers of vocals when you can’t then you go see him live and it’s actually 30 40,000 people singing along like a librarian is always going to.
It’s always going to hold its own of the studio version bread soft.

[34:29] Danzig Mother live 9400i guitarist doesn’t know what he’s playing,
are dens it keeps like moving removing the mic from his mouth Midway while he’s singing mother,
I’ve been around the time with Logan drove him to the to the to the tanning salon when he was in town,
they had a job where you like take people like at a airport taxi type thing and
baby the 90s he was going to face. Maybe maybe he was like prepared for some kind of like you know TV roll up some stupid shit,
I will say whatever guards Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson has some of the best Stage banter between songs on Rock In Rio before wrathchild,
play for my Jurassic. Guns and Roses Sweet Child of Mine which one is Welcome to the Jungle.

[35:56] Live and Let Die know what the fuck song is there’s a knock on Heaven’s Door.

[36:03] From Tokyo song or something that’s a good one and then Springsteen Spirit of the night like.

[36:18] Likes when he died that and.
There’s a couple songs you did off of his first record of my studio recording,
lost in the flood that would be a perfect example if you can look up the,
live version of Lost in the flood from the 75 tour of England at the barn born to run to her that’s some powerful she at.

[36:51] So are you guys staying together.

[36:57] Cousins coming in tomorrow said that’s really not worthy.

[37:06] Next question.
I had some great guitar solo thing that it’s like.
Cuz on the way there did it Rivers just did the vocal Melody and then the guitar sold within total did this extended keyboard Solo in the,
children is cheesy as you can get at Buffalo which talk show or entertainment show do you think had the best musical guests on it in the past.
Early Saturday Night Live episodes are off yet.
Phone always had really great stuff about the first few seasons particularly of.
SNL there’s like the town of talent at the time it wasn’t necessarily the pop.
There’s a mixed bag do you know I mean you were getting more than credible.
Artist of the day you know that’s good stuff I probably been the only place to see them y’all some of them.
Is Carson I think generally have musical gas on who’s more Comedians and I had a thing,
butter and used to have a lot of really solid.

[38:36] Leto is mainly like the pop hit people of the day kind of thing.
Then what do she would like Carson Daly when he had that late night showing there that was a good opportunity for a lot of bands who never would have got a chance to be that was kind of cool to see like a bandit.
Probably didn’t think you’d normally ever seen on TV would be on TV that was a cool that he would get a lot of people on for the first time.

[39:05] Who needs this I don’t know if you still doing at TNT run.
To block or whenever we want to go to CVS when I switched over another night table to strip down in.
Seth Meyers is I like random people playing this house band that made men like the drummer from Haiti when he was on it playing drums when I was like what
I guess I think it’s mainly a Fred Armisen decision person is Yahoo the band leader at that he chooses who fills CO2.
Whatever Daily Show and Colbert would have you yell guess which was really rare it was still lost land rush was on Colbert once and a good green day out in front of Foo Fighters at one point it was pretty cool.

[39:59] I think that’s it really.

[40:02] What should be agreed that they offered.

[40:14] Going that way stuck. Anyways was when Slipknot was on Conan,
never fear was on SNL she was on SNL early on Cactus blue she was a fan yeah she’s like I won’t make a cameo on the show unless you.
Like that’s what happened,
now they’re supposed to. I think they both Elvis Costello and said that he got banned,
Yelp fishing the replacement are welcome back either the only.
Cheap televised recording of Queen in the States was on SNL to really start that was their last show in the states.
Got a huge argument with one of the band members in like screaming argument lost his voice he spent all day trying to get his voice back and then it came back like right before the performance yet.

[41:20] So you got a low-key the vocals all day you can tell why I was watching that forms recently got it like Loki didn’t over do it as much,
well it was it was just Crazy Little Thing Called Love right and I need they did Under Pressure to.
But if it was a few more noteworthy but the band was there right before the Last Waltz like they talked about on their performance there that they’ll be performing at.
Winterland the last performances to be recorded like that that was right before that so it’s the end of one of my favorite bands there.

[41:58] Robert Wayne concert films were more to Thing 2.
Thanks you too kind of thing that’s pretty awesome I was first in line for Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never.
Next topic I didn’t see that.
Least favorite artist that you love that you’ve seen live.
So like they were to let down the artist that you like that let you down you song live I think that’s what that means.

[42:40] So you’re disappointed but you were a fan of them but then you’re disappointed by their life performance.
Past seems like we got try to go.

[42:58] Jack White for me the song Riesling you had just a whiff of pretension just kind of felt like you’d rather be somewhere else.
He doesn’t sing anymore was that as he raps ha ha,
performance though because he doesn’t have a set list he doesn’t make it setlist,
he just goes by what he’s feel like playing at the moment so he like whisper to the band members were its most essential like we’re going to play this song.
Translating transition like that which is cool but the song Choices he made were one but he’s like I don’t care,
that same thing like I wouldn’t say really like the guy with Marilyn Manson when he played here was like 6 years ago so I go to the fair or whatever yeah and I was like a fake bomb threat thing went on girlfriends or some shit,
yeah it was at the fairgrounds I remember that and he was just hammered.
It was terrible that’s why I never really cared for him I just wanted to see it I think I must have got free tickets or Small Smiles.
Modest Mouse smash socks like I like some of their earlier stop Hammer tours on Sunshine.

[44:18] And we had someone else see if you hear on interview that actually like
interacted with him backstage or something like that or just like drunk out of their mind so I just just funny because the time he came in the room self on stage
first show in 2005,
funniest I got into my spouse shortly after that I had missed that show my friends are at the show,
and they came back to yours later and he was sober didn’t do anything wrong and I was I went to that show and he was solid then,
and then they came back last year and that was a really dull show he looked really bored and just kind of,
just that music doesn’t translate at all like live either that or was all new songs that no one cared about that great just.
I have a great you’re on Corey with new crap and then they just abruptly walked off saying that was in the show.

[45:20] But it was just like our water right there sure.

[45:31] And third time this is fucking ridiculous is just bad yeah I remember having conversations with people at the last of the really great.
Shut down you might want to go see the yours and you know you’re a specialist of some of that,
pull me away the only thing that was kind of a letdown was.
Def Leppard and I think was the first time they played here and supposedly the singer said he had like laryngitis or something even use just use diction out on a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff.
Part of that era he probably was one of the.
Woody’s talented vocalist and just a voice.
It really was his own fault maybe his voice was lost but sure I’ve seen way more stuff that was just like blew me away like.
Dee Snider played Ribfest.
washed up old rock star and gets out there rips his shirt off he’s got like a freakin 12 pack. An energy and I was like this is fucking awesome actually,
we actually use like.

[47:00] Hey what you doing with people in the back sitting down all your wheelchairs okay. It was amazing.
I watch the the Supreme Court thing the other day I saw the other day and I just watched it when he went and sat down and.
And the whole Tipper Gore,
do you speech is just great he just shows up looking like the holders with shades on man,
play brand new stuff it’s like more when were metal yeah this is freaking awesome.

[47:55] Guy read that article about how he thinks Twisted Sister doesn’t deserve to be in the Rock Hall of Fame
feeling like yeah I got them for sleeping on something,
the father is like some some stuff that I don’t even remember and they weren’t even notable bands like my mention of nowhere need to know who they were.
Just like I don’t want you to enjoy this is just like,
I think the worst thing ever competed she’s trapped in a stuck elevator with that fucking skindred song.
Reggae new metal.
Trinity author who trapped in an elevator with the crow on or document basically.

[49:01] Well fuck it man my dick never really hard again I might as well just tax rate myself as waterboarding.
Five Finger Death Punch is coming back to town with,
what they want what they want,
I’m at three quarters of what you’re hearing is tracks,
yeah when I start respect the drums cuz it’s kind of hard to like mine that.

[50:01] But I was pretty bad when I used to DJ kcfs we played someone ask for Five Finger Death Punch that so we played it,
and then I interjected random screams in the mix,
screamed randomly in the mix and then I could
remember we talked about how everything was away
or you did this to me
on the way,
whatever at father how could I possibly be a call this is all generator in Lakeland.

[51:05] They cover Pink Floyd’s money just change the lyrics to reflect that they didn’t get allowance that week,
like that that radio Rock nu-metal stuff Airlines You country music there’s like these,
Colbert truck Daisy Dukes,
t-shirts 17.
Fucking Will Ferrell was on SNL recently and they did ask it was similar to like Jerry Lee Lewis kind of thing it every song he was singing was about a,
13 or 14 year old,
that’s awesome,
17 like wiener ever fucking people that are pretty simple I mean if you look at the history of groupies most of the groupies were 14 to 16.
And I mean that’s one thing I kept saying last year was you know.
Got to get more groupies.

[52:27] If if if we have like everyone accountable for their behavior from,
3040 years ago.
I mean it’s it’s pretty rocks
just figured if they could get more exposed in the media those bands from back then you think the backlash is going to be bad or is it going to be like now you expect that’s what people just knew than expected with the time and that was just the attitude of the air out here in LA,
when when the when the you know Roadies would walk around with shirts to say no head no backstage pass I mean that shit was happening in the 80s still So Def Leppard,
I swallow semen,
that shit wouldn’t fly now necessarily put in some circles on me pick me up probably quiet,
what’s up in hip hop.

[53:31] I don’t know man he talks about like licking people’s at like dudes assholes and shit like that too so I’m,
pretty equal opportunity,
really need some man that is somebody’s giving me shit do you listen to fucking rap,
it’s like that all thing you know this is so degrading to women,
you talk about me.

[54:06] Next time next time
that was the last one was.

[54:22] Yeah there was one episode where the first 20 minutes Windhaven Serta topic yet I don’t even know how I love it,
this one’s where did cotton eye Joe come from and where did he go that’s a joke.
Three in the morning.
Best actor or actress that people hate.

[54:58] Math fail fail fail.

[55:05] What can we do to make the Oscars more interesting.
Alfalfa meal I heard they’re making like a mainstream movie award outside note like apparently I don’t know it’s like Marvel movie
yeah it’s called IMDb.
What is a hobby that you do that most people don’t know about.

[55:42] 2 I don’t have one that I don’t think people don’t know about,
cat grooming.
I don’t have anything that people annoy.

[56:05] For your you can talk you can talk to it agree about how the fact that you’re turning your backyard into a mini golf course I am turning my back.
That’s awesome because your dogs you can have been everywhere.
And so we’re just going to play 9-hole golf course back there.
Flexible good size backyard.
Or she’s baby pools at the end of it and when you hit their balls they lose every time,
In-N-Out Burger.

[57:00] You guys are more than welcome to.
Everything I do is pretty much out in the open I write jokes play music that’s pretty much the main two things that I do I’m always like to look up new artist but that’s kind of a.
Nothing but just be do you play PS2 on with that though.
NHL 2014.

[57:38] Simpsons road Rage,
creepy thing that you do there has to be a lot of shit,
about his fucking lawn like it looks like,

[58:15] It’s always Becca I don’t know why I apparently am like the Kevin Bacon
Falls cuz you do know everybody.
40 and whatever bills telling us or it’s all the people that would that we would possibly know who would be involved in it,
anyone ever John is telling a story it’s always like weird connection,
like it’s always all these directions and it’s right across from the old Walgreens,
where is challenge
tobacco and dad used to do,
mother wants to talk about herself,
tree removal.

[59:30] What was on MTV Unplugged a good idea how do you feel about acoustic versions of full band songs,
I think at the time it was great LOL,
when you have a heavy bronze do I really want to hear,
would you like,
but I thought I’d like it made sense because so many the bands were.
There is a newer band Beach slang that’s like sure I like them a lot they just release an acoustic album that think bad Incorporated cello and some string stuff in that sounded really like the songs were so simple and approach anyways they would just like,
like I said exception I could see that being an MTV Unplugged if they’re not picking up to obviously.
Do that but if the songs are simple enough and approach that you can strip down and make it through do it justice.

[1:00:47] No sure if you would like to see that like a studio thing,
ramp let drunk tickets in the cycle,
it’s always you it was like that Jack White’s acoustic album yeah I can put out an album of like acoustic tracks interesting to just see him like.

[1:01:14] Just him and end in the guitar and see a lion or whatever just.
Just to see what he could do I think I’ll be interesting about how great it would be a fair thing he’s done those racontours though I love Brendan Benson I love his song writing but I was so good.
Rich kid Blues so good.

[1:01:36] Dolphin’s fucking Masterpiece to and everything. All the other white stripes albums after that I think a really good too but I just that’s just good music pretty harmless.
I love to see Jack do like a full-fledged like you said I’ll let the awesome know
there’s just something about a time and Tim and Meg I buy Bellevue,
I Love To See Five Finger unplugged,
just 1,000 people just barely hear like the snare drum just like that,
Halo pop that’s all I can hear it just like a little symbol wash that’s really scratching,
what do you think of a light show I think a lot of like metal bands in general dollar
play Stoner metal bands like complete emphasis is like on how loud they give me if I would love to see them play acoustic set for my.

[1:02:43] Holy shit yeah I was right all it is your symbol.
You don’t hear by always the Stone Age you don’t hear them stripped out a lot but when they do that sound yeah,
but we are totally like yeah there’s a long slow goodbye acoustic is a great.
First MTV Unplugged in that early era of it,
a tribute to Bourdain was open up a little bit more than that that’s when that happened.
Loud quiet loud you know that the whole things like blowing up but.

[1:03:29] I don’t know I think that that. There when they started doing that all the sudden yeah you’d start hearing like acoustic cuts on some of these albums in order.

[1:03:39] Nowadays it kind of showed it’s like everything is backtrack to death now it’s those kind of hard to have to sit that’s why there’s probably not enough unplugged.
Things anymore because everyone just backtracks everything so it’s right life Slayer unplugged.
I would see that,
and my friend comments on Slater plug.
But yeah skid-row was a letdown,
cuz he told the story one so how he ran into Phil Anselmo on the urinal,
I walk up to the urinal man and I look down it feels dick like holy shit.

[1:04:46] Dude have you ever seen kiss,
see my dad’s I think I heard that,
that’s great,
the new Guardian oh my God for Biohazard
what do we call the band fittest why it just commented Savage animal.

[1:05:34] And then it’s all not having it is like come on guys,
okay next question.
You could watch only one movie for the rest of your life what would it be and why.

[1:06:02] If you had to that’s an elephant or fail fail fail.
Yeah, I was going to say the notebook.
This one what’s the greatest episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 metaluna.
Never seen that one.
Any movies where you feel the soundtrack enhance the movie.

[1:06:44] In particular that’s.

[1:06:50] Yeah we can talk about I’ll pass it and I’ll just say any movie that John went to the store to is cheer on Zimmer and that’s just like any John Hughes film.

[1:07:02] It’s kind of a silly question.

[1:07:09] Well I would include home alone right home alone was scored by John Williams.

[1:07:19] I think so maybe yes.
Don’t like right now.
Best album this year that you’ve heard so far from that came out this year.

[1:07:41] Or otherwise we could say at the rice if you don’t have one from this year.
I definitely know what mine is so far.
I want some Kacey Musgraves album.

[1:08:06] Like last year I was listening to like do dudes in their 20s right and Country shitt in on this year I’m it’s a cup.

[1:08:16] Tell me some fun pop record.
Orchestrated the band Kix ask songs are fucking great makes me feel good to know I love the new Anderson East album.
So misleading was good how was it was that at Minneapolis last week in Iowa.
I’m going to see her Kacey Musgraves and.

[1:08:45] My girlfriend bought me tickets to see my crush. It’s pretty cool. She’s married so she can off tables.
No worries yeah I Can Dream.
All yours I usually end up with like at least 20 records that.
Look up some kind of impression that she’s a little slower so far but admittedly like if I really like an artist I,
I can’t like just casually listen to a new album I have to like there’s a lot of stuff that came out at the beginning of Summer by bands that I love and I still don’t listen to it cuz I haven’t gone on a walk or done somewhere I can just like.
Zoning R2 to be life very attentive.
So she’s got to be me I can’t have anybody around and stuff and forwards fucker so I got like words so I want to hear all that.
But my front runner early Casey spaceykacey.

[1:09:51] I gave that album listen I don’t really listen to country music but it’s at first I was going to,
you know those Country lyrics and sub with her is that pod almond but it’s it’s it’s such a weird Fusion we’re like but I want to keep listen because I never really heard anything like that.
It’s like I’m there like Fleetwood Mac tape elements going on and it and I mean there’s there’s just all kinds of stuff but her and her voice is just like she’s a part of like writing.
So I’m like you to play the guitar and Shout the out hard and she’s capable of.
Yeah it in an industry where.

[1:10:34] You know they just kind of a female Chris Stapleton and then she was like writing stuff before in the this is kind of her angle in remember the name of that song that you first came out a few years ago,
Airlines was the first single blowing smoke but is very vanilla.
Is very much more country leaning but.
Folica like a big like kinda I’m going to do what the fuck I want to do.
That she’s a stoner so I can relate with that and no surprisingly good metal album Judas Priest Firepower really surprisingly good and his voice sounds,
as good as ever was just crazy with that,
melting in his vocals but he still has that much power in it so.

[1:11:36] I like the new ghost album like I will sign language,
it’s very immediate very catchy but now someone posted a meme today of what they advertise the band that’s like this dark house what it really looks like as a doll house or what it really sounds like.

[1:11:55] I don’t consume music through albums enough anymore like I used my musical listening experience lately is just like.
I was in the freaking 40 hours a power metal at work in my earbuds and whatever comes up on Pandora and you know stuff like that so lyrics and stuff.

[1:12:19] Totally.
Thunder redness how important that is to a song in the end the album is a lyric so so I’ll let you know I’ll just listen through stuff and if I really like I’ll go find the lyrics.
Differ there and do it and then yeah plug YouTube me like okay I like that song with this is the whole album or something like that.
I lean more towards indie rock myself and so it will love this year has been a lot of female fronted rock bands but you can really sing really good albums like soccer mommy isn’t it like Dan,
cuz like a sounds like Pedro the lion ishka stuff like The Returned.

[1:13:03] But yeah I like I mean the new J Cole records really good like.
There’s a record by too long songwriters that they just decided to call themselves Mary Lepanto as a group Mary / Lepanto.
Will Johnson is one of the guys I kick it other guys named jpk or is his initials but they played here in town a while back in,
the white wall Studio.
That’s another one of those really sparse kind of Records where you don’t I mean you put it on when you’re driving by yourself your home buyer you know home alone you don’t decide.
Yeah you actually,
Townes Van Zandt makes you want to kill yourself.

[1:14:08] Banks topic what factors go into what you wear onstage personally when you perform.
Comfortable shoes.
Chris larocca I wish slap Wilshire sure I used to wear a suit when I drummed metal like,
this is way too hot. I have to work I can’t wear a long sleeve
yeah I can’t do it yeah there was one show I decide to wear a suit and get all dressed up and then after each song I just removed another item of clothing after every song I like
too much and white there no fans or water next to me
your Animal Jam on the drum set I think maybe the first time I saw your band was when you open for closet monster
is that the sister,
slender man I like that that’s my exercise for the year.
Show I mean like this some shows where.

[1:15:24] You know like freaking play at the Orpheum for example it’s like he probably put a little bit more thought into what the fuck you’re wearing green stage and you would expect that out of the people that you were playing with but I mean we’re playing,
you know if it’ll dry or something like that sleep fucking Come As You Are
but I think I think jazz fest last year Jazz Fest where I had like a fucking dress code like one might was this and the other night was clearly what I do something like that but it was my way of life,
I mean you tell slots on me going to fucking do whatever the fuck he wants his interpretation of whatever the fuck you get off of goofy ass that is little
shores of the comes down.
Like everybody else kind of bit on to it and slap showed up and put his fucking Iowa to like hoodie on stop,
but I have a handful of Metallica shirts that’s what I like what I normally wear.

[1:16:39] If I’m going to see a man like it you know like again I mean it all depends on John run show and then you you know like.
Like I mean if I go to Total drag and it’s a bunch of kids with fucking no shirts on Chuck Taylors let you know like
fine I fucking that works I mean but I don’t want to go pay fucking $50 to go to the Orpheum and watch those same kids play with the fucking back to me all night and braiding outfit you know,
just doesn’t interest me you know that we live in now we’re like you can watch a concert from home you can watch YouTube,
you have to give people some fucking reason to come,
get out and as stupid as wardrobe is you know I find it you know it’s just like one of those little things that might be yeah.
But I mean that’s so funny I was just talking to somebody the other day was talking to me about like.
He kept talking about Scott’s or how great it was but they never once mentioned the fucking music it was always.
You know all the fucking light show and if not I might Jesus Christ ad but now like it’s me it’s me a little hot under the collar it’s like the same thing like.
It’s one thing if a guy cut has to come in and set up a whole production stage lighting sound but if a guy comes into a sound guy walks into a.
Gigan and he’s walking out in 04 example like where the where the sound is already there and he just pretty much on Fires everything up.

[1:18:09] And I went when the sound guys walking out with like way more than the bands leaving that shit pisses me off too cuz I’m like.
I didn’t see on the flyer there you know the headlining fucking sound guy.
Oh man I wasn’t going to go to that show cuz the Lions kind of weak but then I saw a fucking Jack dick is doing sound if that guy could fucking run a board.

[1:18:34] First atom is also different thing to certain open mics all wear shirt and jeans I don’t care we actually have a weird unspoken Rule and dirty Santa but if you wear shorts on stage it’s like a bug.
Don’t go on stage
comedian friends literally come to the venue with shorts on change in the bathroom and then get ready for the show like like I can’t wear shorts and sages used to Superstition is not wear shorts It’s the breyley just like,
if they watch you and your telling jokes and shorts they like lose all respect for you,
nicer like a plaid shirt jeans and send open my suggested for angular band shirt them like whatever.
And I’m certain shows I’ll wear a suit for a stand-up cuz at least it’s not too hot it’s like you’re on stage for 10 minutes,
like comedy burlesque show which I’ve done a couple of those it’s like you wear that suit should I dress up and then all that kind of,
they would want me to under cold shower.
Just up if you ever do stand-up don’t wear shorts.

[1:20:00] I’m afraid,
I mean for sure.
What are you guys doing it cavity.
Can you go into thinking about what dressing on stage Phil Keaggy the fuck I want to wear a t-shirt that I like usually black.

[1:20:30] Phil us talking perfect hairline,
stop the recording.
Capture my kick drum.
Take a selfie on his ass beat on on a cliff the other day.
What that some guy with a cell phone or some shit.

[1:21:13] Oh yeah.
What’s up this is going on dumbass that’s free to you yeah I can tell you where to find a computer if you need Jesus Christ,
I wonder what color panties are disappointed,
girls underwear.
Getting ready to go to the grocery store.
I just stroke I wear skirts to walk it out
I just figured he was unhappy cuz we’re out of lemons,
why does this guy look like he’s probably for landmines.

[1:22:31] Max topic.
Since folded how do you feel about censorship in music and movies fucking sucks fuck that iron.
Phil fail fail at 1 p.m.
There’s no tightwads there.

[1:23:00] It’s Deadpool to really a family movie and why Industrial.
How do you read the question suggestions on Facebook, I should really look over a wall.

[1:23:21] See if you can get a Live question,
the one viewer I think this question is from Dan missing,
how and why are you the way that you are.
Sounds like therapy session.

[1:23:54] Is Christopher Walken still pushing for more cowbell and other forgotten yet important musical instruments.
Phil Jesus.

[1:24:08] What’s up guys Robbie Robbie,
how do you like your concerts to be setlist wise structure spontaneous and loose or more hits mixture pass.
Bob Moore hits.
Like our concert or any wedding band that you see if you go to a ship.

[1:24:46] I kind of like a mixture like I think it’s more fun to have like of the mixture of hits but also deep cuts and then kinda if you want to hear hits later or in the middle.
I kind of like in the middle of the deep cut right off the bat,
Most Wanted 88
it’s to be worried about making sure they play them all these days I mean modern bands you know if I go see a classic man you know,
they have five lttle shearling hero5 those hit the some point and I found your fuck when it is you know I prefer prefer not have to wait till the end of it but.
I don’t really give a shit I mean as far as I can if it was me plan something like when I place so low I,
I don’t put the other setlist I just go but I love to be able to just be like.

[1:25:52] You said name of the song and fucking have felt count it up go into it but the choir people know the names of the fucking songs but no one laughs app.
What’s my favorite,
I just want I want bombs,
I did do a set once right and have any material written so I’m like I’m just going to do the set but what if I had hemorrhoids.
So I said so what do you get when you out what do you get when.
Elaborate to Saban guard thing or just sat on the stool acting like I was in pain asking people for alignment actually went better than I expected.

[1:26:44] You should do a whole set leaning and see if someone gives you a V8.
You got your cool though specially was like classic artist you know how long he played a bunch of deep Cuts but he also played a lot of the popular stuff but it was just really funny to watch like.

[1:27:02] That was one of the weirdest concerts I’ve ever been to because I was in general admission and I got there super early I went by myself go down to him also that nobody else could fuck it up for me,
I don’t want anybody bitching anyone complaining I wasn’t drinking cuz I didn’t want to lose my spot,
top I remember yelling at everyone around me a couple times during the show that,
why the fuck am I the youngest person anywhere close to this stage right now and I’m the only person acting books with sure you it was unbelievable like this.

[1:27:33] I was one of those things where everybody’s trying to relive their youth in LA,
my favorite though was the jackass who wouldn’t shut the fuk up the whole show and he had like hit the worst like.
Look tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo in alike on each arm and it was like his most memorable concerts you know so yes.
I try fish all this like shit and then one of them hit the Beatles you know logo,
I like o’shit man I bet that was a dope show man and you know cuz I knew damn well he went to lie or any of the last time the Beatles played.
Well you know some things you know something’s just say Craigslist all you said they were all.
They all shut the fuck up as soon as I go deep Cuts would come they just piss break.

[1:28:32] Again that makes it up like a like a play a hit and then to deep Cuts hit deep cut band does that perfect.
Bands that I like her would pay to go see I mean I want to hear that anything and everything I mean you know.

[1:28:57] Throwing a sub when Foo Fighters came to town last year at the first five songs were just like they’re pretty much a single band of this like that’s constant single single.
Open with Everlong in Monkey Wrench right off the bat and like shit Tarantino in it.

[1:29:21] NFL flemmi got stuck in Texas so Dave Grohl says Ripley extra hour to make up for lost time remember how long it in Taylor was just like,
he played almost 4 hours and I had a.

[1:29:45] What do you call a shit dry socket,
and I don’t have any pills because the oh my God the dentist is giving me my prescription before the fucking,
other pills prescription before the fucking surgery so I figured.
So you just going to give me more after the surgery I thought it was like some preparation type said okay I just fucking with that abused that you needed the most,
the whole side of my head is fucking throbbing I’m standing you know the whole time fuck man I was ready for another 3 hours,
keep going man there’s a lot of things I haven’t heard yet you know if I can find for 8 minutes,
but I mean I also have never been in a concert like that were felt like that before where there was that much energy ever fight McCartney here at this the Danny was cool but like.

[1:30:52] I like to see if Springsteen up in St Paul nobody like even people in the seats did not sit the whole show,
and everybody singing along there’s all these like big parts were it’s like probably what church should be like in there like realistically find the river front to back which is.
Vocally probably the most challenging record and I’m watching this dude who’s older than my dad up there doing shit that I couldn’t do it was like oh my God.

[1:31:27] Yeah I’ve seen Green Day couple times and they stretch two minute songs out for 10 minutes and I’m just like you could have easily played 40 songs so for one more topic and then do one more
stop it and then York Shameless plugs and then call it just plug,
hahaha I like that best opening band you’ve ever seen.

[1:31:55] Casa Loma Toronto like they’re specifically in the opening lineup slot.
Promise you you’re talking to guys that have been in so many freaking conference.

[1:32:17] Pass on this one knows fail that one Phil Allen’s film so pretty big you do to kill time,
we could talk about it but way too illegal if you could hang out with one famous person who would it be and why.

[1:32:43] She’s kind of like at Tiger Beat question,
if you can hang a Hot Pocket,
who’s the cutest boy on death row greatest drummers of all time.

[1:33:12] Path that we got to fucking drummers in here.
Three three.
I’m topshit Jimmy Chamberlin Smashing Pumpkins for me personally.
Telephone Incorporated Jazz into rock that kind of all over the place.
I’m a big Levon Helm fan from the band get it done make it funky.
You know still fuck out of the way and he also could sing their mother fucker.

[1:33:58] This is getting one but Buddy Rich,
okay I don’t think that’s freaking awesome it was just like this like the first drummer who is famous for being a drunk right.
That’s pretty cool.

[1:34:14] Food competitions with back neck,
yeah I okay. It’s animals.
Mitch Mitchell from Jimi Hendrix.
Yeah yeah yeah I like that line up with Mitch Mitchell and then Billy Cox on base on the retrieval like that kind of final lineup that he had those really good.
You know it’s Lars Ulrich.
I told Dad today that you guys would be on egos ask Brian about Lars Ulrich what needs to be done.
It’s funny as it sounds he’s the Ring of metal just does what he needs to do.
And he’s what he’s actually a interval part of Metallica’s for a sound for song arrangement to you know so.
As I am the opposite in March and arms.

[1:35:34] How do you get in the bath with somebody who is so worried about life.
But their head so far up their own ass so do the fucking drum it makes it fucking fun it’s a percussion instrument like,
people like yeah I mean I know some cool little drum fills that like I’m excited when they come but it’s not like The Melody of a song yeah,
call me when you can tell when somebody just sitting there listening to them fucking cell phone if I got mine.
It’s no good one of my favorite bands I just saw last week of Alkaline Trio albums big punk rock kind of fan been they had a fill-in drummer,
cuz the drummer that they normally have is taking the tire off is he had mental health issues with bipolar disorder this whole thing and it sucks because he’s like my one of my favorite drummers cuz he’s he does service to the song,
is fluid but machine like but it can also like it’s very subtle but plays strong,
and the feeling guy just was kind of messing up all the songs in third play went away that I’m like I wouldn’t do that like.

[1:36:35] Song like it’s just being personally like like I can do that,
what you do that part writer as I was just like bummed out about that like and you were just like,
such a song says like what.
Phil did we hear who you’re going to say it’s between two probably that I really respect.
Movie Josh Breeze schools.
Like specially Matt Chamberlain can do like the craziest shit but likes it in the mixing like high and he can’t really you really notice it.

[1:37:23] Fiona Apple’s albums are so great.
Matt Cameron Soundgarden 4 years ago machine or just sitting there like.

[1:37:47] Phil her butt plugs are you getting excited,
I’ll ask her if we can start getting our bucket
Shameless but you could have,
if you can have one but black leather
fishing like a lures are they biting on today
searching for supplies.

[1:38:37] Phil Davis triple plug.
I can’t even see I want to say Mueller Mueller pallets,
LLC for someone else I should be all about you.
Right it is almost my phone calls.

[1:39:15] If you have tree branches down let me know when we have a profile,
can get that hook up to you if you need some food analogies,
do you need a sweet to new calendar for your truck let me tell you man like Miss August butterface.
Not at all they mostly are but I mean this is like severe.
Just 77 Biggs for opening for Power Glove so if you would like,
video games and you want to see them performed in a heavy metal style that’s the show that you want to go which is a Monday,
and then October 9th also Biggs opening up for a band Canadian power metal band called unleash the archers or just really cool cool.

[1:40:26] Was one of the old Garmin Knights mascot or some shot,
this is the v o Gorman night that was stolen in the late 90s from the lobby of a hormone.

[1:40:41] Wears out right it’s not,
you doesn’t make no money down the smell like coffee and incense so I’m not convinced it’s real smells like lint,
the who won Bradford Inn at the beds the same as gel.
And any other November.

[1:41:16] Better finish running a couple more we need songwriters,
so they were pretty cool I think Thomas is going to do a guest vocals.
Fuck yeah there for me to do it otherwise there’s no way I can do that man
still sound like a strangled cat a man whatever,
pull up Wolf Gang leader play Jam against hunger on Sunday the.
Or when will be Mitchell at the back 40 on September 1st and then we’ll be back in Sioux Falls September 6th.
Just confused,
at Icon with the couple we go again
Thor playing with small houses and Michaela Elizabeth.

[1:42:28] Few full band shows in the area and then will likely go the fuck away for awhile so.
The winter and depression will come and I’ll decide to write a sad bastard record and hopefully I’ll put it out by next summer,
well thank you guys. It’s what he said live.

[1:43:02] That’s crazy.
I know it’s a Monday but I swear to God if you all show up.
We will sacrifice live go to.
Fucking calling to call into work sick on Monday night brother
Phil next songs but when I took 20 hits acid watch my parents fuck.
That guy is so Twisted yet.

[1:44:12] Now you’re racist, he was on once in this woman from the audience ask you a question,
hi my name is Linda and Eagles open YouTube video he did talking about Dimebag
definite Sabrina, Tree in a pot of people to speed up till like 1.5 yeah she sounds like a normal person. We recommend watching the super joint ritual like DVD the light one.
I mean between songs.

[1:44:57] That shit is getting three that’s cool it is hilarious man oh my God,
list next Parts the heaviest part in the world LOL.

[1:45:29] On the offense quick Thomas Ranch.

[1:45:38] And as always you been listening to.

Dresch Code Ep 009 When That Fat Squirrel Got Famous

The Dresch Code Ep 009 When That Fat Squirrel Got Famous
Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe
Produced by Robert Mehling
Equilibrium by The Disarmed

This week’s topics include: What the F*** happened to Hip Hop? Who are your biggest influences in your life? How do you listen to music? How do you feel when an obscure artist you like becomes popular and mainstream? What would your medieval title be? Which generation is the lamest? Shows that were canceled too soon. Do musicians exploit mental illness? What bands and artists have you outgrown? Most anticipated album? What candy needs to come back? What sequels were actually good? Why did people like the Disturbed cover of Sound of Silence? What’s up with Mark Mcgrath’s Face? What’s your favorite pickup lines?

Hard Day Diaries Podcast

Guests: Andy Mattfield, Nathan Hoffman, and Nick Statik Bader

Machine Transcript

[0:18] Legendary sectional from the dress she wore at the sectionals the park at the Circle if there was some kind of Sioux Falls Hall of Fame this,
this will be in it someday baby steps,
from this corner stand up comedian extraordinaire everyone in this room is an extraordinary person still stand-up comic store near Nathan Hoffman.
How are you I’m good so is like.
I think maybe I’ve never felt as awkward afternoon in deductions than once.
Like every every other episode of any show I’ve been on that Roberts produced I’m very hungover I saw you last night to tell me at what was turned out to be the beginning,
and tired thanks for having me thank you for making it at 2 in the afternoon which I still couldn’t make on time.

[1:43] Nick Bader AKA static,
Axel not hungover though I went to bed at like 10,
what types of money that you’re responsible,
I guess we’ll find out,
come on a Saturday night.

[2:22] And Minneapolis Sarah comedian of sephardi Diaries podcast Andy mattfield.
I got a show coming up Friday August 24th dropping my mixtape.
You won’t see or hear me on it but it’s mine looks like this,
where is it.
Alright so how this podcast in show works is I have about 200 topics in this jar bucket or jacket which is not a derogatory term as where you got it
after today I will decide does this pass or fail the dress code which means past means,
yes we’ll talk about it and fail means no we don’t want to talk about it,
and I’ll move on will save it that once we should have like a bucket where you burn those like lime should,
you should just make you should make it like whole pages of paper so it’s more dramatic fails I’ll just be like.

[3:45] I mean just awkwardly episode called The Crying Game didn’t work again.
Obviously it doesn’t work you just cried up,
really up to see I like to know how to count calories,
I’ll eat it if I don’t feel we can salvage it for another episode,
but we can get that at least four people in this room that can do that.

[4:38] So should we get started earlier so we don’t need to do that right now that’s a waste of time first topic.

[4:48] What the f happened to rap hip hop and R&B Lord save us.
Clearly I’m qualified I feel like we should pick a side pick a side over here
what the fuck happened will it’s right here
Brandon you can’t find it on August 20th August 24th my mixtape drops.
Then his back pocket for years most people have never met I met this guy he’s on my mixtape you making eye contact with the camera yeah it’s right over there I have it looked at.

[5:40] Hello oh I don’t know way better for me
or if there was another screen of the other so I wasn’t like checking to see if I look good or not this is what I look like
on the fear of every gas station surveillance video of your gas station list.
Belle what happened to it
I mean like you can look at it from a positive standpoint as well as things that I think there’s fantastic,
that’s not my genre that I listen to the most but I will say is a better question
as long as I think I’m pretty sure this was like a fishy, you should have to have cable working hours near me.
OK Google set timer to 25 R&B and what else
hip hop R&B rap it’s all great.

[7:02] They’re very amazing that there’s lots of mainstream garbage,
I won’t go there that’s a whole different that’s a whole different rant man.
This music is not like it used to be just as not at work it’s hard enough.
I guess it’s are going to live by friends with fat music Meister music is always been shity,
even like if you look at the top 10 songs like,
pick any in the seventies a lot of them are garbage thinking to talk shit about Hall and Oates on the show Denver Art of the good ones you have lost your number the good ones but like mainstream music is always,
Nathan Sparks never found in VH1 specials of like the 40 most awesomely bad love song.

[8:05] Arrested by George Lopez,
can I watch VH1 I was bored one week out,
but you were on vacation and that’s your excuse for watching VH1 you know so I watch VH1 as you do.
I was watching YouTube old old VH1 specials from like.
So you were watching or worst-case version like VH1.
It was hosted by George Lopez and I’m just letting the next song is the Macarena.
I like that you just glad it tells you what the next ruined,
Macarena is the top 10 you can watch the videos if you want I’m going to go smoke,
call Shelly just tells it right away than its leaves
fuck you.

[9:32] I agree with that the mainstream stuff is always been rough and you have to really do digging to find the relief.
Great music has a a weird way of showing itself to people.
That sounded really fucking weird I will ask which which which mainstream kind of hip hop rap artist you actually would you say is not what is crappy,
not as crappy well obviously anything but you like Kendrick Lamar that’s mainstream because anything that Kendrick is on that’s not his own song it’s always on the fucking radio
every single time it’s always dope to me but that’s mainstream rappers.
I don’t really like anybody I don’t really like anybody that’s not Main Street I have I like like five artists.
In rap music is most of it is kind of garbage like that that that the card had a place to be there.
What do you mean rapid fire type.
We got top 5 Mike Shinoda Machine Gun Kelly.

[11:00] Bob The Underachievers Tupac not in that order Mike Shinoda is number one though Undisputed Linkin Park,
Linkin Park where I paid like nearly $1,000 to fly to I’m paying nearly $1,000 to fly to.
North Carolina to go meet Mike Shinoda I just recently made.
The cover a remix of one of his songs that did like a hundred thousand views on Facebook,
nice job he’s always been my biggest inspiration I seen who’s going on tour and I missed the first day of VIP tickets cuz he’s going to Denver and I would have been way more convenient right but I miss that and they’re all sold out and the only ones I can go to work North Carolina.
New Orleans or Tampa Florida and we’re going on tour ourselves in October so the only there was only one day I can go is North Carolina and I sat there for like.
10 seconds was like I’m doing this there’s no I can’t not do this I’m doing it.
Swipe it run it let’s go plane tickets are fucking retarded expensive and hotels are retarded expensive.

[12:22] It’ll be fun it’s like a Barber’s actually one of the first I don’t really listen to him as much anymore but those first couple albums I listen to see Linkin Park 2.
And I was supposed to see them in.
I was supposed to see them in August of last year in Chester Bennington hugging self in July,
so the email that I got that roof refunded my money was devastated.
As long as like the first couple hours or I got really into those and I kind of like could like say memorize was Linkin Park song.
The first the first like wrapping that I ever liked liked was Mike Shinoda so like.
I think I was like 10 years old and younger than that the first time I heard Linkin Park when did Linkin Park come out.
Is Linkin Park rap song.

[13:34] There’s no more to that,
just called off right after the DJ a.m.
That’s it take another card,
talk about music.
Mike Shinoda,
I mean I guess I’ll pass all right,
try to return to the show bro.

[14:30] The biggest influences mine man really are so many,
I get influenced by things that shouldn’t be funny but to me very much are like fat squirrels,
they’re just so fucking funny I was walking to my car like 2 days ago and I saw skinny squirrel and I just looked at it and I whispered to it,
I can’t wait till your.
I think I was like I should just call into work this is us the best part of my day I got up on this,
Peach Raleigh right back to bed that’s the last thing I’ll say or do all fucking day moments influences.
How about the same as I see you I see things that are alike.
Out of my Norm that I see and then ignore McDonald but like normal things.
Most terrible joke.
Well you said little things there.

[15:46] Little things like close up magic stuff like that.

[15:54] Canada I try and make a joke out of it but I write it down it usually doesn’t work,
and then I’ll just be like hey you just got to explain your crazy brain that’s what it like why did you crazy brain find that funny crazy that’s when I write better jokes.
Looks like a good I’m like just not think about it that’s when I get more influence to write stuff.
Right as like to get really hot and then make me sick I like fucking with people.
Yeah I do that much is clear.
You’re funny.

[16:53] Bait biggest influences my biggest influences.
Oh boy my belly is big one who tells me what to do.
Brett. I don’t think just do it,
This is going to sound cheesy like my friends or whatever you know so all you down there.
Material that like I perform you know on stage or whatever like most of it comes from just like, like talking to people conversations.
So I mean you know cuz nobody wants to.

[17:58] I’m glad I first I thought I was going to like sit here unless you two look good John Mulaney,
that’s all it’s I’ve also the same way like I can’t sit down and write so I like talk to friends and.
Say stupid silly things then why call it right but then she’ll never write it down.

[18:24] First thought best thought kind of thing improv brain.
2 Brighton Ave never forget one of the first times that did it in private with the troop our first scene was at the,
got really nice guy but a super weird improviser like always says the weirdest shit,
Kiara doing acid alone real like the first scene in this improv shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway kind of things share their first scene,
he already was standing in there and he just goes I just killed this guy with a hammer.
That was how he started he started singing,
before or no.

[19:14] Call,
let’s claim statement that you opened with,
I see it I like in the office when Michael Scott always pulled a gun.
I love my love so anytime I think they’re probably thinking of the office.
He said he can’t tell anything but he has to go next card Robert influences.
Pass or I don’t,
I don’t know what to go with that Roberts never been influence in his life. Neil deGrasse Tyson right behind
looking over your shoulder like fucking say around stop staring you,
staring you down right now he’s like.
I get to say it Roberts.
Neil is love.

[20:40] See it you can’t unsee it he’s making eye contact with us.

[20:54] Scissor most things wherever you’re at in the room he’s looking right at you under grass Tyson,
code John next question how do you listen to music MP3 vinyl Etc.
I think we can get outside I’m in it cetera kind of guy just really real,
that’s making music that’s different yeah I’m listening I’m listening to it,
it’s in the moment it’s different I just go out I go on streets and I just wait for a drum guard to just come right up.
You know music will come to you super easy you don’t even need to buy anything only go to Drumline,
fucking love those things that’s all I ever hear is just.

[22:14] Full hour of,
perfect used for
how do you have a cowbell I don’t want to hear it I just like to go out and be like.

[22:37] Where does he rank on your influences or like them,
how many times in a movie
I once I think and we watched it during Drumline party man I watched it a lot.
I went from symbols brushing your face sorry,
how do you do that on drugs it was fun you were a symbol
one symbol of us and I crashed.

[23:21] Everything is great song for euros the bass drum.
And that’s the fun one now you are Joseph and Joseph and Technicolor Dreamcoat for Drumline.
Denon this junior year you’re banging Mary.
Different type of drum actually we had exercise we had a Cadence called country bumpkin.
Which to me sounds like country blumpkin.
We rehearsing country blumpkin out or I want to see how did it go.
How did the the country bumpkin Beat Go.
Where is you know you remember it fucking know you remember it I can see it in your brain is like that,
I really don’t feel like I was.

[24:32] In the Backwoods Arkansas
play The Jug for us for when you should just like and lock people in this room in like make them get as drunk as they’ve ever been and then just see what happens,
who did that one sitting in well okay.
Get your ticket like it’ll be so hilarious and also yeah it’s hilarious and also for the people in the room but it was especially the listeners because of all the light visual should going on at.
It’s not it’s not a podcast just know it’s nice that.

[25:15] Sorry about that but I hope that thing up this is visual go to this camera come out and see us come out and see us.
Yeah mine is Andy and you see it right there,
he drops his mixtape it’s going to be a fucking Wild
it really fucking is bro I’ve been so much money in for it to be as wild as possible the Nick Cannon Drumline is going to be there Nick Cannon is going to be there I heard just wildin out the whole time.
302 through how how we listen rich. I do know that way after she eats man final though so it’s going to make it balance,
I do both listen to it portably and then when I’m at home I’ll pop records on got a thing.
That’s what I do I prefer CDs but.

[26:24] Digital music is taking over the world,
it’s already happening these are like the worst quality right but not bad.
If I don’t the best because when you get to see the Wi-Fi that’s the first place it’s better than a CD and then it wears out is better than.
Digital cuz it’s real of a real to smaller for me.

[26:58] Oh yeah MP3 is the worst person ever recorded on a cassette before it’s like early 90s technology,
so it’s not welcome project ugly Indian Robert to break out the.
I can’t talk that’s fine you’re The Geek Squad Squad deserter,
no not really I like I made it but I’m not sure if you still want to go to Best Buy,
earned it years ago,
I wrote it down in the forest trapped underneath of a log of falling on him and he lifted it off and he magically mutant with the Squeak Squad.

[28:10] Have broken and you had the other half is on my necklace yet you can buy in bulk from then it was
when I gave up the rap game so I can get rid of my chains thing that for 2022.
Nyx card baby all right time.
Man you got to go start saying is too cuz these questions are terrible
fail at 1
okay that’s the only reason I’m here
that so hard,
I like this one how do you feel when your favorite underground or smaller artist musician or comment gets bigger and more popular.

[29:21] Jappy is hot that really happy happy as fuck it’s always for me it’s like they deserve it.
It definitely should be you but also can it be me to any of the Little Rascals.

[29:51] Somebody I knew when I lived in La let him know if I see him in a commercial for sling TV now that plays all the time,
Aspen restaurant where I cook hamburgers and that’s a little rough.
I know that fucking guy is a real fucking hot in here,
Miley Cyrus likes Queen LOL,
we were great friends but we did hang out a few times,
hi hello,
girls man.
Play just going to make that.

[31:09] But I am happy as well but it it’s either.
When it comes to someone I don’t know though if it’s someone that you saw them perform like it bigger kind of thing for a like John Mulaney is a good example like when he got more famous is quality of material can.

[31:27] Not like downgraded boo just kind of feel like he’s mailing in a little bit more like.
What’s more popular Comics or is ish if you were fired for that so I can mail it in,
there’s a lot of pressure though with that everyone expect you to have new stuff in it takes time to cultivate that usually the first thing that they do,
as they pull out all the stuff that they think is new cuz they think yeah this is what I have to do and then they fuck up and realized I need to dial this in and just.

[31:57] Get back to where I was right Rim get back to what brought me there be I mean I’m happy to,
trucking jobs mainly happy mostly.
Motivate yourself,
doesn’t my influences thank you 10 minutes later when I see a fat squirrel make.

[32:32] The best form of squirrel it is look at a skinny squirrel and look at a fat grown you tell me which ones fucking funnier every time especially when they try to run under fences.
It’s so fucking funny all the squirrels you’ve ever seen or just fast what are you.

[33:00] You’re supposed to be huge lump how fat is a fat squirrel,
a fat squirrel would be like a small dose of the witch in Hansel and Gretel never said I have never seen a squirrel that size bro.
Pics of a fat squirrel,
squirrel traps are way cooler when she doesn’t even paying attention
I think it’s continuing learning.
Look at next question next question.

[34:11] Rank the members of The Beatles in your own personal opinion pass pass like tie rod.
Don’t pass I’ll head back fail,
number one George Harrison number one Paul McCartney number one John Lennon.
I like huge manta ray hey Google what was the beetle to.

[34:42] If you were a night what would you call yourself woohoo I’ll talk about that.

[34:48] Do any stars do I have to pass.
Trailer not having someone’s got a descent I’ll feel it too just to 3 to 2.
Still give two fux.

[35:09] We’re talking about like she talks a lot to fux the lots are two boxers who fucks a lot Natsu no flex again.

[35:20] I would spell it to number To Sir with s u r and a nephew XX,
Culver the ex just one accident in the dollar symbol so they really drives homeless.
I think mine would be.
Sir good night like really good night like such a good night I’ll kick your ass.
Wink wink you know the kind of night I’m talking about cuz I would not have been a night you just be like.
Short guy or muddy guy will not.

[36:16] Move it I was trying to get there but here.
Going to get like that. Just be what I would be donating for that one.
Stupid Man 2,
Andy of three fingers movie like some people man1 man to trying Girl by Amy McLovin frightened,
do you think they get to pick with the title of their character.
For someone that was like their first movie and they were fucking jacked about it,
I was definitely there,
all I did it but it was a it was a paycheck to paycheck.

[37:29] Surface-level and I’m just an extra but to me I mean it’s the guy that cares too much that’s added frying pan man to go back to work.
Next one.

[37:52] Which generation is the lamest.
The greatest Generation hands down pass.
I’m going to defend this the greatest generation is always like,
we beat the Nazis in this net no you didn’t they are still here
fucking John thank you.

[38:24] Mexican hats remove Joker.
Oh no.
Oh well he’s a little surprised that we have a.
Repeat something more same color as my beard growth.

[38:54] This is awkward I really thought that was going to say listen at Sioux Empire I thought it would be like a weird tour thing,
and that’s when we go to subscribe you have to pay to see the rest cast first
sticker ass in the camera quite like that.
You got arrested.
I really fucked up your garage I’m sorry this is horrible.

[39:32] NexGard baby boomers the generation that sees Tide Pods or let’s check out your blame.

[39:43] I want to say.

[39:48] Like the generation born in like 1850 the dead generation.

[39:55] Why would I do that,
if you don’t want to stick it out it seems like I was all kinds of fucked-up,
I mean they would have been all over that.
That was Manifest Destiny that’s not cool.

[40:30] That there is. That’s finally answered next card please.
Call Tyra Freaks and Geeks.
Oh that’s going on to my friends Open Mic at Cardinal had one showing was cancelled right after that.
Oh it’s Adam Scott yeah I never seen that show it was a really good show at a grinder.

[41:10] Grinder grinder in Rob Lowe one Rob Lowe Fred Savage one season.
Pretty solid wood shelf relatively recent.

[41:29] To check that one out check it out it’s on Hulu.
Get a life with Chris Elliott says the show that was on there early 90s news on after The Simpsons,
on Fox and it was about Chris Elliott played a 30 year old paper will you still live with his parents,
stop crushing Boulder or just some of them never seen that but I was like way ahead of its time,
yeah I did really well they get a life and the theme song was wait for it stand by REM.
Wow wow wow yep great show I really just want to not bring up Firefly cuz there’s someone that’s listening,
I was going to say that seriously we’re not going to talk about it,
they’re fine I’m okay with it but I’m okay with it I stop sending angry letters.
All I’m saying is they should have killed wash so you’re a spoilers House of cosbys got cancelled too soon I’ll House of cosbys.

[42:54] Fucking weird super illegal super weird I took it down from YouTube,
and then the stuff happened with Cosby and he couldn’t focus on trying to get the legal stuff to take it down,
Greg the bunny.
Seth Green in Eugene Levy and Sarah Silverman.
Looks like Justin Gray.
Hey Justin.

[43:43] Oh Jessica I know Justin better one time.
Turn it up a lot of the shows that were cancelled too soon aired on Fox.
You know what sucks it’s like God damn Fox noise cancelling shows that like Hazard potential but missing typing it also means they are the ones that actually give like fucking crazy ideas a shot last,
it’s like you know sure you don’t have that with CBS because that guy never got a fucking like meeting at CVS,
Peter and all the shows that were cancelled,
Andy Richter controls the universe,
Alcatraz Jefferson that,
is Left 4 Dead makers river that 80s Show and it’s from It’s Always Sunny at the main character,
pretty was pretty much a carbon copy of that 70 show just in a different decade just left cocaine introduced,
whatever so I’m going to speed it up.

[45:11] They tried to make it like the next thing,
because you say it’s a good show but all I remember is the commercials being like guess what I’m talking to you from,
okay whatever.
The whole series is actually on Hulu right now,
tahini show 13 episode guide
yeah I know to watch and play like a.

[45:58] Yeah it’s like me Eric of that 80 show I can look at anyone from It’s Always Sunny the same way anymore
what’s like when Charlie and Dennis show up on Lost Horrible Bosses 2,
Barbie songs that movies funny,
Pacific Rim
yeah they play a siblings that have kids together oh yeah.

[46:45] Don’t forget that heat that yeah.
I forget that too even though I was the one that brought it up I had forgotten it until I remembered it just now.
6 p.m.

[47:07] Do you think musicians exploit mental health for profit,
fuck yeah that’s a good point I mean I got a wow,
you guys talking about musicians like a lot it’s been recently like a thing where,
a lot of musicians are putting mental health stuff in there lyrics are making songs about it especially I can think.
That’s about it I think that is true but it’s not just for profit.
The fact that artists are getting paid because people are watching the video like Logics video that 1 800 song of like I don’t want to die but that song went fucking huge and that’s about Mental Health.
And he made a I’m sure pretty fucking pretty penny on that song but.
In the same sense that song probably helped a lot of fucking people like on our lesbireal and probably saved a lot of people’s fucking liar.
So yes it is exploited for profits but that is not mine I just really don’t think there might be some people who are like oh yeah.
I want to make a song about being sad as hell.

[48:25] I like that guy who got killed me XXX 10:10 whatever. I don’t know how to say his name got shot in Florida he made a bunch of music like that too but he.
Made it clear like on his Instagram and shit that he was actually trying to be a good person.
But you don’t know where anybody you don’t know if everybody’s motives are specifically.
Play Kanye West I guess it’s Kanye West is possible but it seems weird to like it seems weird to like.

[49:07] Poo poo artists who would sing about.
Mental health issues there is it like a little depression epidemic I think it’s healthy to,
be able to talk about it you know there’s naked okay
there’s been a lot of performers that have literally had tours plan and they cancelled them just for the sake of try to take care of their own help in a good thing.
So I don’t know it’s weird it’s weird to interview like.

[49:44] So you just want to make money off of it but it’s possible I can make money why wouldn’t I,
is about Mental Health,
and it gets 70 million views and help some people deserve to get a fucking paycheck for that.
So I don’t know I think I think I think it’s just as music in general should be paid.
Or does she get paid for what they make and let me know if it’s good at least.

[50:26] Really I think we would want to Delancey would want to look at the argument through is like.
Probably be industry if broken and takes advantage of people and that but that’s a whole other conversation I don’t think it’s just right about I think.
I think it’s more of a built-in thing in the music industry to take advantage of people into exploit pass.
I think it’s just a little different conversation but I think you’re going to if there’s a difference if a song is about a mental health issue.
As opposed to just rapid-firing some Mental Health,
I’m just going to say is many things about mental health as I can with no point other than I said depression 75 * you happy and
92 I mean you don’t have to have a good ending at the end of a song it could be a sad song and that could help someone else but that’s happened to me
the right now it’s how can you connect two people right handed people to help that they need the other there’s all sorts of different forms of helps.

[51:39] There’s a reason it’s called music therapy I don’t know what it is but there is Alicia at least one.
I’ve heard in music therapy sessions that if you play Nickelback backwards.
Sounds that work new winner good job that was Blue the other clowns out of the water.
That was my question actually I brought it in there you know.

[52:14] Alright text card shit on your list.
What are some bands or musicians that you feel you’ve outgrown Nickelback.
Yep I always forget about the question.
I need you to ask for my 15th birthday.
First time I ever touched a vagina.

[52:55] Really yes really,
I know but I’ll never forget that I’ve grown,
a big fish in any kind of country music about Aquabats.
Nick Cannon bacon pickle.
They were at the Olympics they did something wrong.
I don’t know I just know that Pussy Riot they were in jail for like three to five years is a long time.
No that’s like just happened they just got out of jail for a while.

[54:08] Okay so then we’re not going to poke Pussy Riot has is political,
oh yeah yes they’re like the rage against machine up Russia Against the Machine.

[54:28] Rage Against the Machine is another story entirely the different thing.
Do you listen to her you don’t that’s just at the speed of Rage Against the Machine.

[54:41] Next question.
Most anticipated albums coming soon.

[54:54] It’s like falling off the face of the Earth.

[55:04] Shameless blood is that an album or mixtape also what’s the difference what is the difference,
I’ve had asked myself that question a hundred thousand fucking times and it’s just a mixtape because like it’s independent I think is that’s why we call it a mixtape,
cuz like I don’t know what the difference between like a mixtape and album is it other than like an album is released by record label,
baby I don’t know if there’s any like real like set in stone terminology of like what is what the other than just artists are like yo check out my my EP 27 songs on it,
well I thought I guess I was under the impression just from,
context clues that a mixtape would be like if you remix other people.
I feel like I’ve reached that event 90s idea idea.

[56:10] I am through the Nathan’s is dressed like 70s.
I make you sad or something I don’t fix Bagel it’s just it’s just a CD.
Did you write them yes did you know that they’re not all original music.
Okay so I would call that an out an album Red album it’s an album.

[56:54] I just I just don’t want to call me myself call it and they call it album until I’m like,
I feel like I’m official enough to be like yo this is my album you can buy it here here and here I mean you can stop by my shit online iTunes Spotify and everywhere but,
I don’t want to call it we don’t want to call an album until.
We have some kind of backing behind us some kind of baby maybe it’s just like money or someone gives us a distribution deal alright we have like a legit manager just something.
I don’t know maybe after we do this to her and next next year maybe we’ll be like alright it’s time for an album guys,
we can actually call it that now okay I got I got I have I have approval from the judge called so,
there’s nothing else needed no no other forms of documents necessary got a panel of people that are like,
what’s the weather for tonight.

[58:03] Got angry gavelston decided,
as far as the upcoming stuff I think Smashing Pumpkins have something like.
I don’t know what she deserves in Minneapolis.
Next week or next week Flat Earth Brewery I have four.
Very funny comedians coming out in Smashing Pumpkins,
come on out it’s five bucks the 19th Smashing Pumpkins,
going on the 24th of August if we got sent to Iran,
Joe cocozello and Jason shelmar and then me.

[59:00] Save those Red Sox.

[59:08] That’s one sure what you got in the Honey Jar.

[59:13] Which candy do you feel needs to make a comeback words like they’re all here,
I just got excited towards like like Twizzlers that had like a soft candy feeling,
yeah they’re like little bite-size things and they were fucking awesome torps.
Yeah I have you you don’t even know what that is but I think they need to make a comeback they real good cuz I want one.
I think most of my favorite candy still around maybe.
Nerds ropes.
Remember I can do that from the left and came back crunchy M&M’s.

[1:00:09] Silverado God damn Snickers bar wonderballs,
I grew up in the 90s of the Wonder Balls like where they’re in the nineties and then they left and now they’re like a thing again
weather like they’re like little but yeah they like balls of chocolate they had like toys and shouldn’t they have Toys them anymore they have like these this shity sour hard candy
like you know like a.
Does this thing’s know like a smarties but they’re like shaped like whatever Nickelodeon themed wonderball you fucking guy,
Nutrish the suck now it like in the 90s that used to have shitted on these up like stickers and little toys.
Can I get a Pokemon and I’m at least I would always get stoked when I got a Pokemon out of my Wonder Ball speaker.
Top five PB Max it’s like chunky peanut butter on top of a cookie.
Like wrapped in chocolate.
It was like the peanut butter Twix but like on steroids and much better and it only existed from like 94 to 98 or something like that then it disappeared and I can’t get it.
I have to have it I got a black figure out a fucking make it myself so next.

[1:01:38] Dunkaroos snacks.

[1:01:52] I got that gets my idea of candies like it’s just fucking sugar snack but it was just a little candy bar like this.
You’re going to have to mail them to us,
figure it out,
chocolate it’s oh yeah,
how do I remember the commercial with soaps there it is. Now I’m not crazy it existed.

[1:02:43] That looks nice okay yeah I like the packaging.
Put that in my mouth chewed out yellow.
Yeah maybe or maybe do it again see what happens.
Why do I keep on making all my favorite candy chocolate bars
I would love you I would eat that I would fuck.

[1:03:24] They have the gummy soda flavors like that those are there Pepsi Blue,
Pepsi Blue still make the wax go like the wax sodas at Shady General store survey.
I think they need to start making.

[1:03:48] Like Japanese flavors of Kit Kats in America if you guys had any of those you can take me like that was Robbie flavor strawberry my favorite the best one is purple sweet potato.
It is it’s the best it is so tasty as I said the best because it’s tasty of the best because it’s hilarious it is purple sweet potato.
Booby and they put that.
That was like a you know it’s just a KitKat but it looks like bark coating is probably not chocolate it’s like a wafer if they were almond bark,
interesting purple Minnesota’s largest candy store on my way back as mr. green tea flavored ones.

[1:04:41] Never going to drive 5 hours to pick up some.
Maybe maybe.

[1:04:55] Maybe fish it was over I’m leaving New York City Thunder early.

[1:05:05] Are you there before it’s dark I’m bad at night Drive who’s worth the show Stone you already on the plane how to get there,
don’t have caught in Florida has some really cool candy.
Short stories from world world world candies at the candy store in Minnesota is just been there,
I drove by I’ve never actually been in it I like candy go there I know that’s a spot where I just can’t go I feel the same but I can’t not go there if it’s been more than I do I go,
oh I always spend like $200
a hundred times and I just found out like 2 months ago that that was a thing that existed out of that but it’s candy
o x i like a stupid amount of sodas.
Like a homemade like Farmhouse mayonnaise and shit like.
Like shit that’s all locally made Minnesota they have like the whole pretty walk in this vinegar and that’s it.

[1:06:28] She just bought it fires battery vinegar vinegar and like heavy cream that’s white cotton balls
so it is way way way too much is that all it is basically and eggs eggs in vinegar.
That’s mayonnaise that’s disgusting I love me so much,
not not with this shit was love me love Doug and some chicken nuggets and some mail but I’m really.
I like to mix
ketchup and Mayo together hell yeah
Miller Outdoor mustard note I can see that I can play in that area.

[1:07:27] Mustard’s to screenshot light grew up in South Dakota said we should turn this into a cooking show we all obviously know or talk.
I really think I from northern Minnesota Mayo is spicy,
that’s a good like I said I see we can text,
Pastor Phil know I still have the DVDs but I want to fail at just cuz if you have to ask the question obviously you need someone to tell you it’s okay to have your DVD going to be us.
All right.

[1:08:18] I guess we were hypothetically if Trump turned into a woman would he or she be Kim Kardashian’s dad mom dad / mom.
I’m going to go ahead and Pat have that I don’t know I kind of want to actually why would that make him Kim Kardashian.
Dad mom if one of my friends Austin T.
All this life things on that yeah that’s my friend I bet no one I know is on there,
in the summer.

[1:09:02] Dad said to tell you how many viewers there are right now there’s two people watching that’s what that was $5,
sorry for no reason. We just want to see if you have it.
Will give it back.
Bride and groom yesterday got someone to something TuneIn next see what happens.
Make your perfect band lineup who is on vocals guitar bass drums,
auxiliary percussion Morgan but dr. teeth from the Muppets is definitely in that,
just because it’s definitely just like the the band that they had on SpongeBob when they played at the halftime show.
Playing at the halftime show August 24th.
What she said speak of the bands playing at the halftime show August 24th the mixtape coming out.

[1:10:13] Yes way Rose live us.
Do you think BHS will ever go back in style
yo I highly doubt it that’s not really one of my friends like barely watches VHS,
all right people want us to know if it’s okay that they have VHS still whatever whatever you got a lot of porn we get it that’s fine.

[1:10:46] Should the leash law for snakes be changed,
snakes are leashes La Familiar yes it’s a goddamn issue in Sioux Falls because you can’t,
there are people who want to like walk their steak or collect a course take out to the park,
I mean that’s pretty awesome you can’t take.
What a loser is a big butt.
What’s the scope of this question we want to walk around and see if,
big ass snake coming in like a list of dog,
I don’t care if it’s nice I don’t like you like snakes that’s fine I don’t like everybody else I want to be with you,
that’s a going to be a wild snake in the fucking jungle what is wrong with you.

[1:12:12] Slither out email from whoever this one person has a sneak here it’s party Austin.
Actually don’t they got a fucking snake I love your snake stay away from snakes great he’s scared.
How does someone become your favorite artist Band movie or TV show I mean.

[1:12:43] How to spell question,
video question how do you good at what you do well I’m led to believe that certain chemicals in your brain fire author and you have a reaction to fail.
The kids stuff today
yeah these questions are fucking stupid.
Fuck it top 10 pop hit one-liners of all time I don’t know what this one means Liz Phair she has invited her song that says we haven’t talked yet but my head sweating,
we haven’t talked yet but what for my head swimming is my head spinning.
Either way it sounds like pop radio.
What inspires you to listen to a new album reviews word-of-mouth excetera.

[1:13:50] What about this one I’m just going to fail just The Descent I’m feeling it what do you think.

[1:13:59] Its life is in your hands.

[1:14:11] Who’s better as a musician Ed Sheeran or Charles Manson,
I think the we should fail that just because the question was better as a joke,
I like no no what classic rocker is the worst human being Steven Tyler I mean.
Yeah let’s see what our comes to my fail just cuz I don’t have any opinion I feel like I feel.
I feel like there’s somebody else to show you the show let somebody else pick your car at these all suck we think it’s you.

[1:15:05] What movies had actual worthy sequels Harry Potter.
Star Wars pass that I guess.

[1:15:26] 22 Jump Street highlights that safe,
X2 second X-Men film better than the first or third yes I mean.
The best scene is that I’d rather save that the guy that was a good movie.

[1:15:51] Human Centipede,
oh yeah I agree II you know I’m never seen either no seriously why it’s so funny so funny the third one,
even worse than the fertile movie theaters is so bad it’s the third one is so bad I’d say it’s unwatchable but you just have to see where it goes,
oh I Evil Dead 2 also good one.

[1:16:24] The Incredibles 2,
traffic Daylight Donuts
Was Austin Powers 2 intended to be a continuation of the year was just talked about it I like Spy Who shagged me though.

[1:17:07] I love go.
I’m peeling Shay Me From Myself.
Actually did like airplane 2 yellowish is a lot of everybody should just drop a bunch of acid and watch Austin Powers it’s the best thing.
I don’t want to do that I swear to God you will not stop laughing main character of all those movies.
A Very Brady sequel.
The Brady Bunch Movie I’ve never heard of that modern times in the 90s and it was fantastic is that the one where they go to Hawaii.
Okay I still like that one a lot I can back in the day Spy Kids 2.
I was too old for that I love Ace Ventura when Nature Calls,
that makes a comedy.

[1:18:21] That looks like a room full of people their arms crossed.
Hangover Part 2 in the crowd.
Really no problem for me if anyone like talks about a moving air like I got the fast movie ever,
I will fucking hate it just to spite you and I know you’re one of those people I can’t get past it cuz it’s like always ruined and it’s for me so I can go that was your favorite part awesome.
Tell me 75 more times I’m definitely going to go see that movie now.
It’s the 78th time to finally turns you into right now that’s my problem me too.
To the other sequels that were decent I heard that are vacation was technically a third sequel.
Mega 3rd August 2nd sequel for vacation but it was still solid European Vacation was okay.

[1:19:30] National Lampoon’s EuroTrip is that a sequel to Roadtrip sort of technically.
It was more of spiritual it was a direct.

[1:19:49] Unnecessary fictional universe.

[1:20:02] Oh my God.
I just want to look at least that’s just more like a definition.

[1:20:15] Go ahead and read it out loud this is a question that’s like only for me.
Best music production question.
I feel like maybe the next step so when it’s all musicians might be just like tape that one right here.

[1:20:43] Why do people think Disturbed covering Simon and Garfunkel is good,
I think many people actually do any surprises.
I’ve never heard it alone what is it and I wish I could remember who wrote it but,
I feel bad for Weird Al OK Google covers survival
nothing could ever be funnier than that the best thing about that too is like old people heard that song and we’re like I think I’d like these guys and then I got a dollar.
That was the last album.

[1:21:38] Review really accentuates.

[1:21:50] Music.

[1:22:02] Now imagine he’s wearing a sleeveless leather slicker.

[1:22:11] Spike’s out of whatever orifice is like it.
Is there a better driver there a better cover band but they are updated.
Over free doing Simon and Garfunkel cover set just out of curiosity morbid curiosity.

[1:22:48] Is a sign you guys made of her at school like when your old ass man you,
the grandkids like what kind of music did you listen to me sing you a song,
code is that the next one
I don’t want to go to the zoo fuck bad,
baby crib purple shoes character.
What’s up with Mark McGrath half cigarettes face past everything his eyebrows are up the corners of his mouth or up his nose is up he’s doing it’s all up I think they just.
Pulled if you just attach string saw the Ride Along,
I want to know where the marionette is that just does look like
his hair is that all right
yeah right he looks like a douchebag.

[1:24:17] Jesus I Spike tips driving.
Ellen DeGeneres brother.
Looks like a guy that would make grilled cheese sandwiches in toasters.

[1:24:47] Looks like the Silly Putty in a newspaper into some of those like more for Ed Two-Face combo,
I know you think he raised the specials on his forehead play season of The Bully away turn out,
double chin he’s got there the second biggest hit they ever had.

[1:25:27] Food for one person is at home relaxing with us.
To next 100 code,
dress dress sure is there really such a thing as bad production from a recording level or does it sometimes just add more of a unique character to it already unique artist.
There is such a bad thing is that for that shift.

[1:26:02] We can just say oh yes it’s also such a thing as a dumb question
why do they play the Eric Clapton version of I shot the sheriff on the radio constantly,
when it’s clearly the lamest version of the song that says white people,
which movies do you think would not fly in today’s culture,
we want to have a good conversation,
asking what is it crazy how people were even more racist background thank you Rudy dead,
not giving you my password
that’s what that’s always a,
what would your stripper name or your stripper name is your mom and dad’s meeting place and the first car you drove.

[1:27:24] I hit my stripper name would be Andrew am I a male stripper or female stripper.

[1:27:35] Are you in this year we don’t know who you are.

[1:27:45] It is what you make it
I was actually yesterday,
guys I’m so sorry I kept the browser open my bad.

[1:28:08] Know how much wood could a woodchuck chuck up.
What’s the score of these down you wrote These down and put why which is that why there’s no moderator no moderation you just.

[1:28:30] Just I’ll just go with it I guess,
piece of shit runs this show is it Ryan is it Ryan Lee’s fucking dead Ryan after Republic.
Will kick his ass for you. He’s got the hair I got the beard.

[1:29:08] Albumi I guess if you were back.
What’s up dude I’m assuming it’s yourself.
What’s the greatest pick-up line you’ve ever used.
Nothing I’ve got to pick up lines I promise not to talk to you.
Sometimes just the Wing chords I like to write the pickup lines for my friends for like Bumble and Twitter or Tinder one of them was what’s your,
what rank your top 3 favorite Smash Mouth albums,
which one of your snakes that you currently own is your favorite that is a good idea sometimes sometimes,
if I wanted to build a life size model of the ocean what material do you think I should use,
I really have any well that’s the problem.

[1:30:30] I just ordered it earlier dry cleaning,
doesn’t work I’ll take one date please I’m married an old so all my pickup lines,
hey you want to go hang out at that World Trade Center that’s too still totally there no
don’t you want to go slowly died together,
do you want to watch reruns of I’ll be honest life is good hot going well.
Do I kind of like you you don’t like me but let’s fuc.
Going to take a while you have to let go to go but I don’t see anybody else asking you out.
What you think you’re better than me,
cuz Okay how many times has that worked out.

[1:31:46] She’s a drummer in a band well then that’s all you had to say.
Quick Lane quickly there is one show that my band was playing.
And this woman wanted to have a threesome with a couple members of the band,
and I was loading drums outside course I was.

[1:32:25] Did they have the threesome.
How did they were taken and I was outside blowing a lose situation if you even took it.
I didn’t see what the person look like so I assume they look like a large Marge.
Large Marge the comedian don’t from.
I don’t know that they’re they’re very aggressive until I get there.
What do you think causes certain artists or comedians to become apart of the mainstream Zeitgeist more than others.
What what they causes them to be popular for a hot minute.
What are good things good is water wet.

[1:33:36] Bob’s on Wikipedia how do you feel today took Africa by Toto and made it worse.
It’s been doing that with a Weird Al.
Yeah happened this week I also saw the crash test dummies playing with Weird Al like.
Which version is better the crash test dummies played Weird Al’s version of.

[1:34:09] That’s awesome in 1994 like right when there’s came out and where Dallas came out,
full backstory I got into the the crash test dummies recently for no reason I was very bored at work and I was like.

[1:34:29] Do you know what now that that that’s one of the worst songs on the album I don’t like having to say the title,
the guy super fucking weird I believe oh my God so weird.
Is analytical music did the numbers figured out how to make a hit.
Almost worked.

[1:35:00] I’m not listen to their stuff besides that sounds so God shuffled his feet give it a spin.
Give it a listen on Spotify don’t give them your money how do you feel about albums being bundled with concert tickets.
I can School.
I don’t I don’t have an opinion I have no struggle like this depends on how you want to do it.
Specifically August 24th.
If you come to the show you get a free song and album know if you buy tickets to the show you get a free CD that exists not strongly strongly about it August 24th.
Come to where she’ll get an album a CV a CD skip that.

[1:36:03] A compact disc what’s all the store shit on my studio for I’ll pick it up,
it was for dramatic effect that use it was pretty dramatic LOL.
I’ll pick us up later.
Once again then she smiled over at this camera.
We’re going to throw out an old ones but it’s okay let’s just move on.

[1:36:47] The rough episode guys like I’m being straightforward,
where did that what types of shows do you prefer intimate or Arena size,
why would anyone with a good I can drink beers for 97.

[1:37:19] For me I love it I love to play it Arena over an intimate show by the time.
Arena be awesome but I like to see more especially when it comes to Comedy like whenever.
I do not, don’t feel right to me
I want people to know did an arena if he open for any show or not going to name him cuz he sucks shit,
it’s really weird you tell your joke and then you have to wait because it goes through the arena,
and then it just keeps getting last further and further and further and further back because the audio is delayed at Super confusing so you are good at it.
Have the best time because they wait the patient through a yeah that’s interesting.

[1:38:25] Tell me about the Acoustics situation is actually surprisingly important for that kind of situation crazy.

[1:38:34] What are that be the same for musicians to my bed it would but I got
Countryside together slow jam I guess it’s a situation where you’re not relying technically on the crowd unless you’re doing a part of the song where it’s like I want you to sing along,
so it’s not as.
Factoring the right it’s more of a just let it let it go kind of thing.

[1:39:04] Arena if it’s up close if it if it.
Sit down and enjoy the show light a candle sit in the back.
For beer and everyone else is behind me.
How are you behind me get in front of the West why did you pay to be here.
Your ideal festival lineup.

[1:39:53] Daleville 10000 laps in Minneapolis has like a hell of a headliner Festival.
Is there a visor for sale by owners.
Got to go the other like there’s like 7 of them and it’s just like how the fuck did you get all these people.
Yeah as long as Shane Torres last year he was there I got to see him perform and he’s yet really fucking good he was an acting like two months before that so I saw it a nice hell yeah.
Pro tip become friends with that the young comedians that are going to be in the Acme contest then just see who’s playing their contest at OC comics for free.
Leg up Minneapolis listener next question yes,
cute couple more and then we’ll do Shameless plug something in,
appointment at people step out Midway,
if you have different vegetables so I brought it up on air project.
I like the sweats fast.

[1:41:21] I think it’s the most Comics want to have like a Netflix special now you know I would love to have that.
I just want to ride by trees is to do comedy for a living to not have to also cook hamburgers yes to the spot now with my current career that I make.
Fair amount of money to be able to step out of that and going to Comedy going to be like a huge leap of faith right,
that fruit the steaks aren’t too high from you if I can probably go cooking over here somewhere,
you know what I don’t need this job I’m going to go to the show get paid $20,
put that $20 right back into Boos circle of life circle of life.

[1:42:26] How to make a bunch of money,
how they say what he said that a lot right but I don’t know if I want to sell music,
that’s what I want to do I want to be able to make money chilling my bills poking my family with,
my talent not in my league. Somebody I have zero 7 don’t care
why I love stand-up butt sketch comedy is my number one passion.
I do standing mainly cuz it’s easier because you can rely on your own schedule and red and it’s pretty much can I show up to this all right I’m not working there I can be there so it’s convenient but sketch, and be my main thing,
coccinella regardless of,
the opinion is irrational now it’d be like a dream job to do it’s always looked at us,
fat right now before it’s been worse.

[1:43:51] When Donald Glover hosted SNL.

[1:44:00] Yeah that was funny I mean it’s just it’s the Paradox though,
like was it better now or was it better than a lot of people say well it’s better than but do you have to look at who you were at that time frame,
Nathan watch that again my boy flexing in that Space Jam long sleeve
how long ago was that.
Minneapolis pick up mpls spornette status.

[1:44:43] Do you know that the,
this is Space Jam related the old website for 1996 is still out there red fish keep it that way.
I love it to do one more,
solid closer I hope it’s really bad but let’s make fun of it if it’s really bad.
I already talked about the Crash Test Dummies.

[1:45:22] Yeah that’s it as soon as I can be comic musician whatever you want to cover it sure.

[1:45:32] I like early Dane Cook I love Dane Cook
yo member I said I went to Nickelback concert I was going to go to a Dane Cook show and steady but I wasn’t old enough to get in so I went and Nickelback at the Target Center listen to and find funny.

[1:45:51] Like ladder stuff you have to see him,
because his body does most of his jokes my favorite joke that I have right now is like if you listen to Just the audio of Jeff Dunham only
it sounds like a crazy racist guy that she just sounds like you was a hour of a crazy racist
Ono is a flamboyant,
I think you should really should make for like listen to everything listen to everything so that way you know what good and what’s bad is,
shirts out even if some was like this son of this band sucks just listen to him give him the spin and see why you don’t like them because then you can find more what you actually do like right.
And then you have street cred cuz you like I made it through the whole thing.

[1:46:47] I have a lot of like 90s pile of the pop that I was growing up with I still.

[1:46:52] I will admit it’s terrible but I what you doing to love about to walking on the Sun by Smash Mouth,
love topic Steal My Sunshine by Len and I whisper yelled the whole time
have you ever tried that.
It’s just have breakfast on Saturday morning
fucking crazy life like.

[1:47:46] Get the kid the Andy Samberg Nick Cage get in the cage the funniest thing it’s got two things all the time,
the wizard or yelled number to everything’s on fire
right now we’re making a film about my making of a film.
It just want to listen to everything don’t feel bad about it I listen to every now and then I’ll sit down and listen to Michael Bolton Time Love and Tenderness
when a woman actually has some salad stuff I will say that the drum works
on that Walking Dead I love that she just want to sit on a moving piano,
like in that music video Michael Bolton hard rock band called blackjack.

[1:48:56] And I on that album actually pretty solid is a Minneapolis band.
From the late eighties early nineties their hair metal they’re fucking awful their name is slave raider.
Look him up the lead singers name on stage is chainsaw chain he plays a chainsaw,
they’re the reason I got kicked off of Wikipedia forever I used to work with chain so I can I’m not even fucking lying,
I just work at Kay bad and I don’t have his number.
VCard have ended up Wikipedia not for all the stuff I said about Bret Michaels,
you look like a pirate is like the only way to put it is like if you were a pirate.

[1:50:11] That’s chainsaw I can’t I’m not jealous but I also.
Sort of jealous just because I would have had a hard time not laughing at him when I DJ’d we had to go with what was on the playlist and slavery her was on all the time because,
Talk about it still work here,
was it welcome here,
going to do your Lumberjack rocking though
jackal jackal.

[1:51:14] Sub Lucas.
Let’s go around the circle and do Shameless plugs.
August 22nd there’s going to be a,
roast of me at Boston comedy club for my going away party after the open mic is open like at 8 and then,
I roast a vegan Future No the other comedians that night so come to that would be fun.

[1:51:54] How far is Sioux Falls supposed to be in New York September 1st.
Delta the audacity to do something that only literally thousands of other people
still like 1%,
we got this is so come to the roast in a second.
That’s yes your face our address 24 we have this CD.
Came out on Friday so it’s only been live for a couple days August 24th for throwing a release party at Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls with staff Adams Ma. So what who.
Kid brother gray new banks in light in the ones bandage a gunner be Taylor Thompson and rev and then that’s the unofficial.
Sending off of our tour and then we’re going to go do 12 cities in the midwest between September and October.

[1:53:17] Maker music.

[1:53:21] This,
this this is my podcast Diaries if you want one of these just let me know and get you a Brennan.

[1:53:42] I have a new episode coming out tonight it’s going to be late because I’ll be driving home before I can edit it so what’s up tonight ish,
maybe tomorrow early morning I’ve got a show on Saturday in Minneapolis st. Paul and st. Paul flat-earth Brewery at 8 p.m. $5,
Denali Center Road Shaker on Joe cocozello Jason schommer,
I will all be there to be great show on the 21st I’ll be at the VFW in Minneapolis for their show and then I think,
the 29th I’m at South links Legends so come out please I need this.
Anna Ardex is a full this is all I have going for me other than a woman who loves me deeply and enough money.
Panda are next podcast will be in 20 minutes Ryan Sheldon and Phil from the band March in arms.

[1:54:57] Featuring Sheldon Ryan Phil for March.
Nick left you guys free on the show,
that was fun thank you guys so much be on the show,
and as always you been listening to the YouTube channel.