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The Dresch Code Ep 008 Bebop and Rock-steady sail a tank down a river

The Dresch Code Ep 008 Bebop and RockSteady sail a tank down a river

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics include: Why is Live such a great band, who did let the dogs out?, Most pretentious music website or magazine, Most pretentious music website or magazine, on stage banter, favorite comedy movie, favorite comedians, what you’d do with 20 min before an asteroid hits, best story about the worst beer, what songs should be banned?, and can we really know anything?


The Urban Indianz Podcast:


Green Altar


Guests:  Cannon Harlan, Chris Thode, and Gabriel Night Shield


Tags: Zach Dresch, Ryan Howe, Robert Mehling, Cannon Harlan, Chris Thode, Gabriel Night Shield

Machine Transcript

[0:20] Zach dresch I’m right now and you’re listening to this is our 8th episode of Believe.
If I’m correct today I haven’t slept,
and I just been drinking pipeline punch after pipeline punch
Thunder dumb joke before we get started with the topics in the jar buckets or jacket which is not a derogatory term we checked.

[1:09] I managed usar Roundtable of guess this evening we got can and 30 from Green alter how are you guys this evening drunk.
Host of urban Indians In This Very Studio,
406 yeah hell yeah this show works is Ryan I will pull up,
topics or price decline 3 by 3 Semi V in this jar and we decide pass or fail so pass we will talk about the topic fail we will,
Tiara and other feelings usually discarded safe for another episode so what’s he,
yeah your question about how did Steven Tyler get famous or we did that won the last episode deeper now on.
I’m so glad I have no one.
Are giant Crow just like a soccer mom like from high and fire calls his fucking off.

[2:32] Stereo the Harrison’s body.
So should I go to the first.

[2:49] Skip this one we’ve done this one this one’s more of it there is awesome research out there that’s just account.
to steal that one,
Brandy Swann answering this question for Android.

[3:24] Oh yeah I read it yeah why isn’t Lively live won’t live why is life such a good band so many reasons I mean the Dolphins they currently have.
I think we covered.
Reminds me girlfriend
I did
that’s good
talk further about their that good.

[4:23] Who indeed did let the dogs out.
Grace V funny story about that so I know me and Ben Hilson it’s his birthday today we’re drinking with them,
happy birthday Ben happy birthday,
who Let The Dogs Out.
How many who’s are in the song we all been on his second one.

[5:16] It’s not really that hard of a metaphor,
I said that CD when it came out.
Usually jock jams.

[5:51] That was all jacked up music.
It was legit but I was lost in the driveway in the show he insisted that we get the fog machine set-up,
and he walks in with the bulls,
and it works it works every time.
Best way to come in be like on guitar.

[6:57] Most pretentious Music Magazine website,
the funny thing about being a listen to Pitchfork is they expose me to a bunch of it
and then you read what they wrote and I’m so offended by it and same time of being in the Doom metal band
it’s it’s like these guys are the best like you just started listening to this music. What are you talking about you have no idea what you’re talking about,
but yet they’ve got like they’re considered like just where to go to figure out what what the what to get like really don’t have a great opinion on water.

[7:36] Unless you actually do the research before the review but I don’t view your source is credible.
And sometimes I have a good writer that alright then couple reviews really like this is actually really clever how they wrote this but most the time it’s like.

[7:51] You know about your childhood what was terrible and let me explain how this band is better than your childhood.
Free more respect for like Junior High,
all writing level someone saying,
finding out your dad listen to the music Lakeland positively review something you listen to your.

[8:32] Tell me all over again but like Rolling Stones,
pretty ridiculous,
which I actually bring up a lot in conversation but I don’t want to read that list at,
what are you going to look on the internet,
yeah that’s a big number I’ll go with that word you say cuz.

[9:22] Let me know what’s up Gene Simmons he probably slept with more women than like have existed,
he’s such a piece of paper.

[9:40] I wish I wish you would walk around in his kiss makeup all the time.
Oh my God it’s so pretty with Legos.
You’re half tiger half billing and half horse penis.

[10:03] I’ve slept through many hotels are out this great country you know what the ladies.
I’m going to be half horse penis like just happy about it but I mean like,
but keep the skit in context was there at the biggest douchebag Awards and the three judges were Gene Simmons Sharon Osbourne and the last name it is like one word one name like a,
do for your cycle.
I got his want to throw something at him here to fucking stocking cap on and he was like easily 9,
and I just don’t understand it I want them I like one of these days,
what mission do you have to not getting hot.

[11:17] Next stop.

[11:23] Thoughts on stage banter.

[11:31] I like it depends on how it’s done he doesn’t always go over.

[11:44] I’ve been in a different band where are lead singer was told not to swear.
Before the show there’s no there’s no kids here after we get on stage before kids in front.
Okay let’s do this like this is going to go great we do like half her set and then he starts talking and every other word is fun.
Every other word he goes on for about 10 minutes while we change tuning,
I just like dude you sound like an idiot I did that I did,
do these the rest of my very recently told me to quit telling the crowd to go.

[12:44] No. I told everybody the band told me I couldn’t go tell them to go.

[12:53] Like we used to just do that.
Topix it to each other like we are trying to be like on you know off the cuff but it was clearly,
hey Mike seeks his leg like they don’t stop playing there’s no breaks between songs can I play for an hour straight are all just like.

[13:27] Like I wish I could pull some out the super Speedy crazy likes like and.
Halfway through the set like the guitarist in the bases got into this argument looks like it’s hilarious,
arguing and he’s like it got to the end at the end of it the the guitar store,
yeah I’ll take him out his fucking man right now I did it once before in 96 just fucking ask you.
Kick me out cuz I was in what is 5 minute bit in the middle of a nonstop assault the sound,
and they just did a bit for 5 minutes late.
My favorite is when the singer is also playing rhythm guitar and tuning at the same time but trying to be the frontman it’s a thing.

[14:23] No probably would bands.
Yeah I know man I just like to be,
so honest that it it even ruins me when it goes from.
Unbelievably awkward they acknowledge and then just suddenly it’s like gas part of the stick here’s the next song.
I think they just say crazy shit like I think that’s why they have titles that are like a paragraph It’s all songs about horses,
infatic store and check in FedEx store now they knew that only played a few shows with their fucking awesome,
but like right before the last songs that we got one more song,
oh they’re sweet black and roll straight up fucking rock and roll black man Will Ferrell once play Neil Diamond storytellers.
Is there soccer world knows I’m fueled creatively by my math.

[15:53] Search point.

[16:05] Will Ferrell is my favorite person in me.
Your sister next song we are driving on tour and me and Gary we love to drive and long story short I hit a kid
call Sweet Caroline hip hop songs.
What what,
Will Ferrell I love that guy,
it went when he showed up on Cullen and as Goulet doing an area that was the past that was that just a driving a lot Johnny what’s new.
Kiss me I’m sorry for all the Diablo martini.
Next one.

[17:29] Motorcycle helmet laws
that’s it
I like how when he died it took like 2 weeks before they came out.

[17:57] A little bit definitely suck so hard,
I just know a lot about him partying himself.
That’s insane.

[18:40] When you smoke pot and get out cuz nobody quit smoking.
Clash something that right right.
For the position because back in my day we used to vote Forever at the biggest hits and that’s why Bill janklow one that’s a great job.
What you should wear a helmet.
What is mercury made mostly of beating Nazis to death with helmet.

[19:37] Beat them to death with your house why you need a helmet brightness go.
Legit o salon.
What is your favorite movie of all time in general and your favorite comedy if they’re both the same film what are your top two favorite comedy,
say how about favorite movie and four fever copy one of the two UHF.
Oh that’s a solid Joys Conan the librarian.
Dear, dear.

[20:31] Sail Anchorman for mine.
I was just watching it the other day still love it.
The scene where they went they tip the Winnebago because he doesn’t understand what cruise control
twerking in the background is more interesting than half that.
I didn’t even know what they’re smoking crack on TV.
Actually holds up freeway I was literally.
white scorpion.

[21:47] Grow Method Man smoke the weed and it’s a smart dude
it is discovered that his thing that Ben Franklin invented nobody can figure out what it is and I’m going to ruin the movie for y’all if you haven’t seen it.
Is Dildo spelled D i l d e a u x.
I don’t know why that’s funny but I agree with him my favorite movies Empire Strikes Back Star Wars.
It’s a great one.

[22:42] It’s got to be a millbrook’s for me and I auto producers and,
those are cute like those two are probably a god tier movies for me.
I love.
Parents who taught him in high school at St John’s really.

[23:25] It’s a Small World.
Where are you at right now four guys in black suits with Lexile.

[23:50] Custom ring racer fighting Darth Maul is on his way,
what is cardigan,
but it’s just a lot really angry legs,
Darth Maul was just too angry to die so it’s spider legs spider legs.
That’s literally actually distorted yeah
everybody hates him so much he’s like Maroon to this like slave planet where he just performs as an idiot in like this,
Yucca Street urgent hobo performers,
yeah then like even adult even if they’re orphans on.

[25:00] The hell away from him 4 hours of car racing
Bowers World Racing,
I don’t watch Squarespace NASCAR,
oh you want a pair.
I can act that whole scene.
I hate sand,
3 with a where they do the like.
Whenever he looks up its like.

[26:05] Hey Mike this is going to say.
This guy could just be like I’m out of umbrellas,
describe that’s not applicable to our situation but I would have had no way of knowing what you were going to say that cuz they can get in there,
now this test ball is your friend,
I don’t know cuz I’m going to fucking lizard.
No no no this is a lizard and this is your friend.

[26:52] Let me see Blade Runner are you seeing the good parts of Blade Runner,
she’s not the best director but he’s a special effects Pioneer probably more like okay this is this this is this I’m going to go over here,
oh my God that’s so cool oh my God this is so cool so cool
Rogers like what are we doing again it’s George Lucas making a Star Wars films,
if I going too far is this over-the-top no one is better than no.

[27:38] Are Chargers kind of racist shut the fuck up
you just hear glass shatter
daily Interlake super races.

[28:02] Stop making these caricatures 30 years ago George forgot,
yeah I went when he was like you know what would make this very racist fucking Asian alien,
the best price when an eight-year-old goes are you an angel you’re like well I’m going to marry you in a film,
interaction is so awkward,
so awkward that’s mentioned it just that the all those movies or just about a bunch of genders which there is like a 13 year old girl.
In the story is literally about like 3 like Renegade cult members that go in kidnapped a slave kid.
I like taking I don’t know he’d say gate in Spanish going to take them to a bunch of Palpatine George Soros.

[29:13] Yes weird.
I’m not really shity makes windows a great character that he’s so weird,
the best the redeeming factor in the prequel directing thing,
can you tell I have some friends come in first for couples like.
You’re stupid I just does the Opera seem like Oak.
Cory church just commented on the live stream what’s your favorite Cypress Hill soccer
there’s a whole bunch of the Spanish language that has his buddy Lee fantastic How I Could Just Kill a Man
who has a hand on the pump shotgun hand on the pump.

[30:31] Yeah there is a what is a that is hit from the long has the Son of a Preacher Man sample I believe so,
Rock House,
in the world not trusted anybody.

[31:07] And Cypress Hills definitely does the Cypress Hills band from Sarah Night Live cuz they smoked a blunt live on stage.
Yeah send me a resume.

[31:25] So not playing the right song.
Alibi this one in there like he went out there and,
maybe I’d like you to the prince thing we had both of his performance is crammed into one medley and then dicked around they just fucking cuz awesome went out there and.
Set Sturgill Simpson fans and everybody got a solo every member of the band and I was.
God is one of us a really talented band so like that’s a that’s a musician going hey this isn’t just about me.

[32:07] He’s definitely doing it well Sturgill I didn’t realize.

[32:20] Serta speaks to me and I didn’t know how to relate to that one
you guys are,
what he said you said
yeah, my favorite Christmas regular
in the movie there’s the movie National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1.
Blues on the beach in a trailer,
and then when you walk into the open to watch the trailer as a man should have been one and the best part is there is no sequel,
that there’s a SWAT team exploit throwing explosives on the beach and it’s Bruce Willis’s house.

[33:49] Would take 24 not 8:28 because I’m sorry I’m bad.
No problem.
I just watched split.

[34:09] It was good I haven’t seen is a lot better than.
Kind of like half a stone fairytale but I still enjoyed it.
I guess but I didn’t think it was like it’s just like a stage thing where everyone.
And to be honest those same people also didn’t come out and drove is complaining about Transformers.
I don’t know why they’re so surprised when they were little like to mention ex and like tiny tiny aliens and hot rod,
another nerdy stupid the movie and it was like this could have been darker you like for 15 year olds,
Ninja Turtles with Samurai.

[35:20] Wait what the fuck you think that was awesome,
warts on a vagina pepper is Shayla down a motherfuking river if you think that don’t think that’s awesome just suck my dick,
unfriend me right now please.

[35:47] How to make somebody try to tell him and it was the bartender hour ago so I can’t give you the movies awful,
the movie Nicolas Cage,
movies John Travolta,
that movie so bad just randomly like Nicki
and there’s literally just like
$80 behind them again.

[36:48] Outdoor,
these people didn’t pay somebody to stop coming in your skin all the fucking does not machine guns,
Cannon shake it up enough favorite stand-up comedian.

[37:24] Oh sorry but we can talk about it last time and I can talk about.

[37:28] Chester See Martin.
Make fun of stand-up comedy in the conventional sense just like a I want to make fun of the conventions.
The form and then just made a joke about it that kind of thing I was kind of hoping you was going to say.
And baby it’s a complete like legit and it’s like I love how he like when on top and then headed back now but there’s kind of,
it’s like 40 years like I don’t need it.
Mitch Hedberg is another,
on story but a friend Ben who is a happy birthday but he used to work at a club up in Minneapolis and he got to watch head,
do a lot of work and work out as material,
which is kind of a unique it and unique inside on a comic is considered a great.

[38:44] I like Greg Giraldo is output a joke writer for the Stars.
Christopher Titus is great if you want to be angry,
what is coming he’s coming in September,
fucking Patrice O’Neal man at Jim Norton
Doug Stanhope man
you got to respect the cops you got to respect the cops nobody Falls like,
Bill Burr is like the one guy that can successfully do a podcast by himself as I talked about stuff and just pauses for a long period of time like when someone dies like.

[39:46] 34 years old get that around here.
Comics that I love I’m I’m a huge Bo Burnham fan and Tom Segura,
I love the way those guys do jokes just in general I’ve been listen to the podcast.
Legion of skanks in there it’s funny but I never really like listen to like there it’s a big Jay oakerson and he’s fucking hilarious and stuff like that.
Super funny I’ve been I’ve listened to them like twice in the past week or so just be great.
That’s what I was trying to think of you cuz he’s the one with the with the plaid shirt in the.

[40:46] Basically he has conventional setups and then his Joe goes one way it’s like where the hell of that go freeze like I would like to start off my set by saying I’ve I just got back from the performing for the troops and then what is Klaus really I was performing for the Taliban,
does the bedpan.
I enjoy that a lot Jim Jefferies is another one of my favorites.
Just pushing that like like like.
What’s in a fucking asshole of the everybody love fucking not funny.
So unfunny I like really dang Coco I like them and waiting I don’t really know much else about waiting,
hey where are we going to the horse fuck you I’m just kidding.
John Mulaney.

[42:00] Hello I think as his famous Rising his stand-ups going to get weaker,
as it’s been like I didn’t think it gorgeous was that great it was okay but it had to suspend compare down dough much smaller bed.

[42:19] I wonder if he’ll run out of material is one of those guys that had a lot of the stuff built up ready to go got a little bit of Fame started releasing it heavily know he’s like what.

[42:30] I can see him start writing screenplays or doing something like that or small parts and turn them out,
what was awesome.
But isn’t it mostly done Nick Kroll Kroll John Mulaney,
Lily Nick Kroll and John have been working together in a like big mouth and work on that all of that was enough,
Will Arnett is the masturbation monsters so great. I still can’t.

[43:13] It’s amazing I know I know but it’s like
it’s got to take a break and watch me some serial killer documentaries just watching Ed Gein documentary,
Zach bucket that’s Chris not jerking off at least,
no last podcast on the left.

[43:53] 2 of bird songs at their last release were heavily influenced by them so nice about Jane toppan and we have a song called sodomized the world about.
Carl panzram,
just about every where ever is this week because they were they were recovering from most of the Roswell episode this weekend or whatever was best of Carl panzram
because I got home and I can’t wait to ask you yet I’m excited.
Like you run for president while he was president and then stole a boat and got away,
this story is just not really your country.

[44:54] Yes, I agree. You can’t come back to Africa.
Alaskan people.

[45:11] Yeah pretty much.

[45:20] To next stop I guess yeah yeah.
Are mozzarella cheese or mozzarella sticks cheese balls.
Vail Vail they’re not your mozzarellas here because you’re gorgeous.

[45:54] I like all your coat rack and DVD player.
This could be dead spoiler who really died in Infinity War and who is coming back as seen it and I’ll fucking punch you in the face not a bad question just,
touching touching favorite dinosaur and why didn’t you say velociraptor.
I think it’s one of my questions.
Got like foam plates on it.

[46:55] I don’t care what it is but one of those giant sea dinosaurs that’s like the size of half the ocean you imagine he was just like.
It’s like the size of a continent I know that I don’t know if you ever got a name for it but you know they existed I hope they did.
Yeah there’s no justice in this goddamn what was wrong with the world.

[47:24] Dinosaurs with herpes cold sores.
We just all these are just be setting up for jokes.
Thesaurus yeah you translate this fish lizards fish lizards.
Sidebar on a lot of talk shows the talk show host will set up the comic for them to talk about their bits
whatever you don’t like that so fake and snot spontaneously
I’m not the best music
I don’t even know what to say to kids and Jerry immediately goes I said a stupid thing to say I don’t know what to say to kids what do you mean.

[48:34] Search up Brian Regan about that he was on Letterman once and I did the talk show at the interview portion at the after estate upset.
And he was playing with you a bit about getting his eyes checked.
And a letter was supposed to say so I hear you’re getting some help if you went to an eye doctor recently and sand Letterman.
Change the wording of the setup so it made no sense when Brian Regan starting his bit Soul ever since I hear trying to get in shape,
and so he goes yeah I was getting my ice checks and then so we just grabbed.

[49:15] That was awkward favorite dinosaur is kind of a split I love brontosauruses because they don’t exist.
That is amazing how many text books were written by a brontosaurus doesn’t exist it was today it doesn’t know it’s not a real dinosaur as a whole bunch of different by dinosaur bones.
Where are dragons dinosaurs outside of the.
I like all the really weird looking ones like the dilophosaurus and the duck one and the one with the Dome head I can’t think of the name seven.

[49:53] I got dragged into cuz at least there’s no reason how to trim.
To the best one I mean I’m glad it wasn’t like that what’s your favorite fruit,
Pachycephalosaurus Soros that’s the Dome
have you ever seen that movie Reign of Fire that dragons are you saying has anybody here seen her in the fire,
you guys are going to need to grow crops what’s up.

[50:37] Last person to see of what like what were they called like at 12 Dragon the dragon Witcher an issue.
Let me tell you a long story short
what’s his name
Christian Bale has in Batman it’s like where you got the idea.
Not hundred percent like it’s the same voice but he shows up,
picture of the helicopters in that fucking dragons and beating death if they fall to the ground cuz they are
that is a great that’s all we need to stop smoking weed Sean Connery
is bitumen rate of fire is the best dragon movie of all time,

[52:07] Which Dragon Eragon was just terrible but no he was terrible the movie was so bad that they literally could not make it because they cut too many but one.
And the thing is US Chris repelling you was on a Reddit AMA and somebody said if you ever.
If you ever thought about remaking Eragon in a film who would you have direct in a civil funny story,
when I was talking to Executives at at Fox about who would have direct it I had a few guys in mind and one of them was the Cindy guy hadn’t done a lot of films but like you might know his work like memento.
Freaking know it was going to drag Aragon but like no no no we’ve got someone much better in mind,
she went to Christopher who directed,
fuck Christopher like a Christopher Nolan did that and then let Christian Bale use the voice.
I don’t have to worry them letters of Roman.

[53:22] Directed by Rob Bowman,
Connie ripping out of the fucking dragons body
soundtrack by M Night shield and green Electric

[54:07] Oh yeah as a producer on Xbox,
podcast Doug Loves movies they got nothing,
Reign of Fire 2 this time it’s personal.

[54:33] Emma Earhart first movie
yep that’s the first one that was per person I was busy
like you know but 1996 2015 that.

[54:56] Really castles like like a bunker maybe I like any other any other place guys.
what’s that works
it was filmed in real time documentary that’s why there any more dragons,
when did he when did he win his Oscar.

[55:57] For Dallas Buyers Club,
no they said who’s the hero and yes I’m going to have to think about that,
so I came out the next day and said my hero is me 10 years from now 10 years later,
they’ll never I’m never going to catch my hero but I always have stuff and I can live up to.
Definition for kid to say teachers like hey man you got a hero but now it’s me.

[56:41] Is that the shity answer answering this question let me be,
Dumb Stone Matthew McConaughey.

[56:58] And make more Dragon movies best songs that are dirtier than you think they are.
Give me that nut by Eazy E,
song to begin that was just yesterday or heard a song by a band called The Red Box called between the cheeks
dramatic reading of this as I approach the outer rim,
I pray to God you’ll let me in so we can fill this hole between us I know that I’ve been wrong but I know where I belong,
and I’m a fly between the moons of Venus,
prepare your ship for docking my probe is set for interlocking between the cheeks the cheeks of love.

[58:07] That’s his plan so sorry you guys heard about neckbeard death camp.
This is super well they’re super raw black metal so I can make it unless you’re into black my loves I could you don’t listen to extreme it’s hard to listen to.
They’re called Netgear Def Jam,
and her first album is called the national socialism is for you basement-dwelling losers and it says it is some in your face like.

[58:40] Hardcore Auntie can you read me lyrics earlier today what was the.

[58:49] What was the one the Fedora one.
It’s just a fucking guy in a fedora being beaten to death by do to the skin,
they’re just for their symbol is like the Iron Eagle like the Nazi Iron Eagle but instead of the eagle to the dick.
They’re going after now.
It is amazing there for them.
It’s something like fuck off you not to bug you I mean.

[59:31] Cat yeah right here lyrics are fucking hilarious all even got Pepe the frog in there,
I was laughing so hard when I saw that.

[59:50] Bedroom right shirt I can like,
like instead of a Nazi skull with Rick Ross’s face.
Play my new favorite thing in the whole goddamn world.

[1:00:20] Fire shirts that I can keep making music and pissing off he’s off pictures amazing.
It’s about being made fun of.
Call Robbie, too. He’s a listener all the things you said in December by Collective Soul the chorus is turn your head now baby just spit me out
oh my God.
That is definitely one of your shit only fuck when you see it right there I don’t think it’s rape,
what is a consensual screaming no we need we need contacts on this need to read the lines previous to this that one but yeah,
it’s the first time any podcast has looked up lyrics to A Collective Soul songs uncover,
if we bring their Collective Soul I can quit music,
when I was in college I met a guy who wrote.
And the whole his whole paper was an analytical understanding of that song and how it was about a woman. And I was just like.

[1:01:46] What it is it he wrote a long paper about how it is a metaphor,
for not going down on your girlfriend when she’s having her period.

[1:02:03] It was probably one of the most amazing misunderstanding of lyrics I’ve ever seen understanding women,
but it was one of the most like this is Corey this is really well written and completely wrong,
every aspect about why drink the water from my hand contagious as you think I am just tilt my sun towards your domain your cup runneth over again,
don’t scream about don’t think aloud just turn your head now baby just spit me out don’t worry about don’t speak of doubt,
turn your head now baby just spit me out the wind follow me to Higher Ground lost as you swear I am don’t throw away your basic needs,
Ambience and vanity.
December promise you gave unto me December Whispers of treachery December clouds are now covering me December songs no longer icing,
yeah he saw their mouth rape picture,
bucking horse and effort in college was a huge Collective Soul Fantan. There’s no way you fucking knows that that that’s what that song means.

[1:03:18] Wow I want to call you tonight
which kids were sleeping you son of a bitch,
from the singer Ed Roland we are going through a tough time with our first manager and I just felt like the time a lot of stuff happened really quickly you got to remember me to hit song before we had a label or even a true band so that relationship started to deteriorate.

[1:03:56] It was basically about a relationship breakup.
That’s a good Alibi that’s,
I like about Prince when you’re right about fucking somebody they know they’re being fucked you’ll know it.
It’s not a face me a penis joke,
no way go figure huh the chorus is my weiner is lonely tonight she cries when I turn off the light she’s only happy when I hold her tight.
Take a look at my weiner my weiner.
Play ninja sex party like,
yeah but he didn’t want to f u r a i mean,
if you ever heard an anal cuts on any of them,
don’t they have the best talk they like the best song ever.

[1:05:18] If you were that outside.
Is that just always amazes one of those like you.
Small lettering
there a lady walked by and it was a bright awkward it was a Miami Dolphin shirt,
and if it’s just sperm with dolphins helmets and said the official sports drink of the AFC East.
oh man where you were walking around a grocery store in the midwest where I’m at,
I just have a strong opinion about my favorite sports team,
that wow I wish I could find some about offending as many people as you can without them actually being able to walk up to.
Because I am the one the one I think it wasn’t meant as intent but it was it was a high schooler supposed to be like the graduating class.
But the shirt the shirt said must be 21 to enter dispatch in the back of my neck.

[1:06:48] It’s from the Christians t-shirt it says Satan as a puck,
tell me what the fuck they’re thinking of that every one of those,
you fucking kidding me.

[1:07:14] Yeah you did not take that to every punk rocker that ever saw one of those cuz I got it I need to did they make more today.

[1:07:24] Turn signal light bars.
In my dreams you’re blowing me.

[1:07:36] Anything Steel Panther does is also.

[1:07:44] But what about famous blow my Whistle by Flo Rida.
It’s already five years to realize that Flo Rida was for real hip hop,
Vince Staples PD,
Mc Juice Box hard on,
Kevin work.
Next one Delaware
is the opposite of South Dakota.
So sorry we had a conversation about how many people live in Fargo and we decided to just go with 2 million roughly two and two and a half million.

[1:08:56] We couldn’t come up with a good answer so we just going with two and a half.

[1:09:03] Next question.

[1:09:11] 20 minutes to nuclear apocalypse giant asteroid Etc what do you do,
and probably will,
I am at right now.
I got my cervix and so please be with myself.
And watching the asteroid I think my my plan would be to grab whatever liquor or beer I could strip naked juice.

[1:10:00] Oh yeah,
fully erect running down the highway who’s out there like,
you and me right now you like I was going to kill myself but fuck it,
should I blow my load like 30 seconds,
not really.
I need a short film about this very subject and as read about it and the last forever.
Harder Daddy.
That’s how you been right there that’s how you know image rain in the desert you better be fucking somebody you’re I mean like.
Better do the the guy from Office Space is answer to to the same time.
What about you.

[1:11:22] Channel 29,
that is like probably the most true explanation of what having an awkward male neighbor is like.
No it’s okay man.

[1:11:48] Got is it warmest in here am I crazy.
Ice maker sounds like crazy drunk in a room filled with large men,
that’s the first time I’ve heard that thank you your welcome,
I’m still thinking about this question what else would you do that sounds like that 30 minutes to live we can make a sandwich.
And I know you have 30 minutes to live it’s not like there’s a fucking timer out there that’s like.

[1:12:32] Yeah I like it it’s not an exact science I mean if revenge is your goal you go kill that guy you been waiting on killing
I asked that would be the greatest Apocalypse movie of all time was the first 20 minutes was everyone reacting how they would,
and then the rest of the movie is just the fucking aftermath.
Broken all my stuff well,
well I’m tired what this is awkward okay.
Next one.
Zach never let me check his up again what is the best story about the worst beer you’ve ever consumed.
Oh how God I got one so I was in Spain with my brothers and I just got into.

[1:13:50] I miss whole story about this but I just got into this week club and Barcelona to buy a bunch of succotash.
A bunch of hash I’d like my right pocket full of my left leg is full of weed and my back to Pocketful of weed and Euros because I don’t.
Michigan cash like my brother.

[1:14:16] Fuck you guys are fuck pussy ass I light up this spliff like this leg hash.

[1:14:23] Cigarette we turn the corner and we’re next to a police station like we didn’t.
Besides we’re all hanging above us and nobody paying attention to like just like just cops.
Like Alicia everywhere.

[1:14:43] I don’t know doesn’t keep walking and I feel as half of my children God damn anarchist.
End up kissing the whole country practically on a kiss you so long story short he was like.

[1:14:59] He pulled out my trailer by pockets and they pulled out my money out of my pockets and he was like that’s a lot of money.

[1:15:09] Just totally missed that battle brothers were alone bored and like ready to private but I was like totally missed it.
A couple of grams of hash you like put my pocket that he was like.

[1:15:23] What you going to do.
What’s my story.
Is there a foreign country club.
Where we leave there in this guy is like almost stole my shit I’m super pissed off and I got I hate cops I think I’m going to.
And some like super irritating we walk in this Irish Pub over my dude give me a fucking American Beer whatever.

[1:16:01] Shity American bottle of beauty, I just want to let you know I’m irritated with your judicial system.
Me and my little brother’s it may be the oldest Budweiser’s I’ve ever seen in my life like the head labels I’ve never seen before.
We drank him and like half way back to the apartment where I was bad.

[1:16:28] Well I’m not like I said I’ve never seen this Budweiser. Was the best story about the worst beer.

[1:16:38] Worst best beer right that the whole story about your worst beards would probably be.

[1:16:50] Sometime around Early College fortunately don’t remember a lot of this. Of time.
With camping we had bought a collection of beers.

[1:17:06] And after doing some hiking and all that we have finished our beers are heading back at the end of the day and I had managed to not bring any sunscreen and was.
Pretty much bright red at that point in time like I don’t even want to the sun I don’t even feel the sun yet but I’m bright red so it’s going to hurt.
And I left the Ice House in my car for 2 days in the Sun and was the best beer ever.
It felt so good cuz everything hurt everything hurt at that.
I was just beat red look like a lobster drinking a 98.
At least I have this ice house.

[1:17:54] Not quite a Barcelona Budweiser.
Samantha I told my story in the last episode.
I had three screwdrivers in for Mike sorry it’s an intensely sang Jeremy by Pearl Jam at Billy Frogs.
Yeah I know how do you do more than one mics.

[1:18:27] I guess I was sorry she really soda.
Jennifer Garner.

[1:18:45] Oh man, I have a friend who probably has the best one ever but that was also like probably one of the grossest beers I’ve ever heard of.

[1:18:58] But I hit similar thing goes to a festival in leg after the festival is like 9 a.m. he’s still hungover from partying the night before I like just.
Can barely function and finds a.
Open grave Greenbelt in his car better than sitting there for the entire day of the festival in like a good assault 100 degrees.
And drank it and then will still to this day make comments about how it tasted like lemonade or just like what was what is wrong with you.

[1:19:29] Oh that was hot beer is definitely one of like always takes the cake if you can manage to drink it.

[1:19:39] Was that a party one time and unbeknownst to me earlier in the night this girl stuck a beer can in her pussy and I drank it later on that evening.
Pretty bad impressive but I’m a little little impressed kind of grossed out.
Put it back for someone to drink yeah they they.
They set me up on it like that I’m even more impressed,
did someone have to convince her. I don’t know if it’s the right address.
Hey guys check out the party trick.

[1:20:34] Giant never play beer pong with.
I don’t have any.
I miss those commercials.
Forces Australian football.
Yeah like if we said Busch Light everywhere else me like it’s the best.
Australians live in a country full of things trying to kill him though so I don’t trust anything they say.
And the criminals I mean.

[1:21:33] What does England criminals.

[1:21:43] Like the one guy that like half a country away from stole fucking blankets.
What a bad person it’s called talk to you.
If you ever travel abroad you can always find an Australian in the bar and they’re always having a great time.
Yeah it’s cuz drugs are super illegal in their country but they’re always having a great time.

[1:22:17] You’re really Pepe for a Canadian,
yeah good health care but I don’t have to pay for my insurance I have much more money for cook,
never meant like this it was like it a swim up bar to just bringing drinks over and should we just go with it,
coming back over to talk to us they said his drink on the water like you thought it was a table something in there please,
Usher there going to be another Gregor.
Floop like all day he’s doing this by accident.
Next topic you passed that one.

[1:23:31] What song should be banned most of them bass bass.

[1:23:40] Friday Rebecca Black Metallica cover Whiskey in the Jar.
First three albums,
amount of plays from each song to Spotify,
strike over and over and over and over again
well I can do that because every asshole toothpaste that finished.

[1:24:25] Talk I hate that spread to all my God that is.
That is offencive to people who like Lou Reed.

[1:24:44] That is such a bad album that is felt such a badass.
I know I’m just to derail my own sentence.
We’re talking about talking about was when we are cut your been together in really go yeah man you don’t want to fuck around and make it album like load,
there’s like 10 seconds,
that’s when we looked at each other like we just did that,
they won’t help me to the worst metal albums all fucking time back-to-back and they sequel them if you look at them they’re not metal albums or hard rock albums they do it okay for a hard rock album.
They’re not metal at mellow out there. It’s one of those like what happened here like please stop calling yourself metal now then I got high.

[1:25:37] BJ you have to have long hair to be in a metal band but when they got haircuts it’s like they got haircuts Versace suits like major video releases on MTV they make load and reload,
stop doing drugs which is one of the weirdest bands ever they kick.
Damon staying out of being the band for being a drunk ass hole while head feels on heroin while the Kirkwood like shit faced all the time and exam with Lars.
And at that time their place bass player would have been when they kicked him out of Ben.

[1:26:28] Cliff Burton he was also I think on the time was also in heroin in it drunk dark spot,
how much of an asshole do you have to be to be kicked out of man because you’re too drunk Lars Ulrich.
I’d like to punch him in his stupid ass little fucking circular face that shouldn’t exist that I wouldn’t agree with.

[1:26:51] Like that horse you the jar is embarrassing said Iris performers do that song
Thin Lizzy cover what makes it worse is that the crow thinks it’s great to play that is the only Metallica song in the repertoire.

[1:27:14] That’s the one we especially does his leg head feel like that
Whiskey in the Jar
I know it won’t be a push-up that’s the guy you know the guy,
undisturbed totally makes it so I can movies ever.
Houston flooding done that,
honestly I’d be a little disappointed if I found out that he hadn’t done,
yeah it is never climaxed to.
Aren’t you back Disturbed.
Go to choke up a little bit more.

[1:28:38] He’s trying,
Gabriel Hardman song,
yeah I don’t know Gillette short dick man I don’t know.
Golden minutes are cold like Minnesota by what’s his name,
the route to Lucas coly Minnesota,
lyrics don’t make any sense at all.

[1:29:26] He talks about being so hard and then it’s cold in Minnesota,
down by Lil yachty,
and then wrap the way he did I just agree that sounds dope as fuk everything else is like.

[1:30:00] Exercise some ratchet fucking party get drunk but I will check,
sorry you know who that is
I’ll check it out like I made a white supremacist with my boots and I was like you got time in then.

[1:30:27] Love that song,
and she’s like I used to play on Casey faces like this is silly.
Yeah whatever some weed.
Michelle like a hell of a lot more sense cuz you have a mossy oak duck,
cuz that’s where you keep that shit,
very true but I got to be so rude like that,
if there if this guy if you’ve gone to a multiple times asking for your daughter’s hand in marriage and he is still saying no there’s probably reasons for it
that’s probably because you’re fucking terrible human being that doesn’t mean you can kidnap his daughter and force her to marry you that.

[1:31:36] There’s a lot of songs that played Ivy that I cannot do Celine Dion.

[1:31:47] Every play the ideal Shake rage at some shit like I’m in a cave somewhere.
Yeah I mean like some dinosaur fucks with me and you like.

[1:32:05] At Hyvee they play there’s a song called stitches by Shawn.
Stitches stitches shouldn’t exist by the game or some shit like that.
He’s so in the meme where it’s like,
party in 20 the 2002 and it’s got some dude with a whole bunch of stuff drawn on his face rapper in 2018 got a whole bunch of stuff done on his face.
Like that it’s kind of like Katy Perry post that mean it’s like.

[1:32:53] True story that I want to go on the record as people fucking growing up and robbing the shit out of tekashi69
it was awesome,
damn I loved it every every second of reading that story was I
I still have Joy lyrics,
hello there call the cops on him cuz he’s a pedophile.
Brilliant imagine that you went to law school for 8 years get your degree and you show up and your client is dressed like this,
I mean you just like honestly you’re either.
Chudu Outlast.
I think we are drunk enough for this does anyone really know anything.

[1:34:11] It’s hard to get down there.
Anything and everything is worthless.

[1:34:35] I do with hardcore depression too.
How do you think I know everything the best part about that question is is on a philosophical basis because of how you personally interpret the world.
No nobody knows anything you don’t even know anything this could all be simulation.
So late in fact that thing is technically real nothing’s technically provable from a philosophical standpoint living in a simulation.
Immediately I also don’t believe this but it’s crazy like that it’s just difficult.
The idea was like okay we might be living in a simulation already up the chances of it being a situation by.
Do you like the fact that you was in organic computer compute it fix it more likely that you might just be a program running somewhere.

[1:35:33] No really nobody knows anything and everything is worthless smoke weed,
if Santa is real,
I know but if they could prove God is fake and everything I say.

[1:36:01] I have a nephew.
The most traumatizing thing my parents ever did to me growing up was one Christmas morning I woke up and there were pics of red fabric.
All over all over the front deck all over the kitchen and it’s in part of it as is like property of one species of Santa Claus North Pole.
As a life third grade I thought this is a cool shower so I took that shit to show and tell.
You got your ass kicked you know I got my I think that’s I think that’s where all my social anxiety
I can relate to what you’re so fucking like next level weird shit my parents address.
It’s like for like a whole year but going to be losing teeth is five kids in my family and at one point alarm at lotta’s this with losing teeth and it just seem financially.
Idiom ass like 60 fucking nuts.
I can’t leave a dollar or $0.50 in the pillows sweet and said it look like the Tooth Fairy leave your money sorry leaving the magic sand.

[1:37:16] He’s going throw to the wind and make a wish and it’s so fucking dark now that I’m older.

[1:37:28] Now that I’m older is that is if it’s like you’re up for like the world of shit.

[1:37:37] Throat in the wind ASL daddy is awesome.

[1:37:49] Sears at Lake icaria,
how to make sense I’d be more upset to do the all who the fuck is putting this fucking handful of sand and see my dad really.
Thoughtful and I think his whole thing was just like this should give him something to believe in you clearly don’t believe in anything.
I’m just saying that.

[1:38:39] Lincoln City Metallica song.
Improvise jazz version of Enter Sandman on YouTube Briscoe they just doubled over everything but James Hetfield vocals quick jazz version of Enter Sandman
and they kept him doing banter between like versus like I’m here when you talk to me first I don’t care and this is one of the shows were Metallica what it wasn’t like
the show specifically it was like a live Earth show they did like 10 years ago,
more like you barely know who we are.

[1:39:34] Yes I’m still doing by noon on Sunday,
play why no one woke up for what’s the difference.
Free food.
What Jupiter.

[1:40:11] I’m going to first off and say we have a new album out we would release in April but we didn’t really tell anybody cuz we’re.
Should I bring a band.
Do remastered remix did Dennis from bomb ever mastered it’s called heavy side of the river it’s out on the results will River records sweet I also want in doors once again.
Pull your car over whenever you see a Nazi just fucking him.
Doesn’t matter what you doing I know if you’re late to work it’s up to you to stop your car and fuck that.

[1:40:52] Yeah I’ll just continue green altar.
Really easy to follow.

[1:41:06] We got some more merge coming up and our next show is down in Omaha on August 11th,
great electric Quest,
you’re the covers down,
full line of the open day one so shut the fuk up because we’re not going to be up to.
What about you.

[1:42:04] Yeah I got the better I’m opening for a tech 9 at the Full Throttle Saloon during the Sturgis bike rally so my next show I mean I got a new album coming out in October.
Check it out Survivor.

[1:42:24] You can listen to us here every other Sunday at Urban Indians podcast I host with a.
Group of Misfits and we talked about it sometimes we fuck around sometimes sure we can do that too.
What’s that.
Eulogy eulogy.
Geology’s DUI.
The main guy Tom swift bird makes Toady look small.
I feel like I haven’t heard of it before maybe whatever but I’m just saying like.
If I can rule and it’s cool they do this like it’s almost like.
How did the drummer just plays a 1/2 traditional.

[1:43:46] Ryan Roberts theater is opening their season August 16th or doing a stage reading of Matthew stoffels new play The Heart play,
so if you want to get involved with that you can add or any website Marshall and you can go to auditions time fill out the form there and we’ll be in contact with you.

[1:44:06] Once again passou for all your podcasts needs.
And a our next episode hero be Sunday August 12th with Andy Matt Fields at Benson the Nathan Hoffman and I’ll be coming to city near you.
August 25th by that I mean just Rapid City.
I will tell the story on the air.
But I think you can in 30 Gabriel has been.

The Dresch Code Ep 007 Weezer didn’t drink water for 10 years

The Dresch Code Ep 007 Weezer didn’t drink water for 10 years.

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics include: How To Promote a show, albums in the era of streaming, favorite producers, IPA and booze snobs, does any band have a flawless discography, guilty pleasure artists, advice for starting out, do you stop looking for new music after 30, best music videos (and worst) of all time, is the hotdog a sandwich (yes), and how did Steven Tyler get famous?


Guests:  Corey Church, Stephen Phillips, and Nick Burke

Tags: Zach Dresch, Ryan Howe, Robert Mehling, Corey Church, Stephen Phillips, Nick Burke

Machine Transcript

[0:23] Good evening everyone I’m Zach dresch I’m right now and you are listening and watching too.
Where we where we talked about topics approved by this jar bucket.
Sorry ice before we get the sides all the sides all that’s the tagline so let’s go around the panel and introduce everyone that will be on this episode here,
as I’ve said before I’m Zack this is Ryan and 2 Mile.

[0:58] Directionally challenged singer musician extraordinaire and to next left.
I’m Corey Church.
Icon Lounge promoter extraordinaire.
Just extraordinary.
Another Title First episode again is Ryan I will read pull off a topic from this jacket.
And decide if it passes or fails the dress code,
surpass means yes we would love to talk about it and fail means no we don’t want to talk about it discard it and we’ll save it for another episode.
And the future maybe 9 p.m. show,
open gentleman did you just assume my gender.

[2:09] First stop all right drives like this I would love to thank you.

[2:22] First one Crest Colgate or dentures.
They are going to be okay.
Elmer’s is what I always at.

[2:49] What do you think is the most effective way to promote shows.
But if you’d like to talk about it I suppose.
Joey has the most effective way it’s sadly for me it’s got to be with Facebook you know I mean and there’s been so many times in the last.

[3:16] 2 years Rob like I don’t need that and then I just do I always do you know it’s cuz everybody’s on it and it’s easier to reach out to people understand,
I got to disagree with you on that man I think that organic approach is much better like just hitting the streets and talking to people and getting people actively involved.

[3:33] Everyone gets Facebook shut down their throat and things that works out like you’re doing something like really big that everyone is common knowledge about that like you know universally something.
Well it’s anything else it’s almost better to talk to people if you know get involved more than anything people to,
Facebook just get shut down their throats all the hidden notifications.
Crappy videos of myself in a car and I’ve stopped doing it okay.
I’ve actually heard that memes work now like memes are pretty effective in getting people to come to stuff,
I mean if you use them correctly I don’t want to name drop anyone but there’s a certain Community Theater that I feel has been using memes terrible woman charge of it and how old is he,
don’t remember their name and I don’t know enough about them to say I don’t know their name 19 I do love.

[4:50] Last it was like 2 weeks ago I got an invite from Zach here.
For his band to do an acoustic show and I thought it was really bold for the drummer to invite me.
Tribute bands acoustic Marigold marigold.

[5:12] Define Iverson,
it was before the show that’s why yeah oh yeah,
you did that Jenna Dead 2 Hotel
we had a good run back is best way to promote podcast how do you put what is your strategy,
in this market Facebook that’s got like 80% adoption rate in this market which is bizarre the rest of the country is much more like a 50-50 with like Twitter and you get a lot more Snapchat I mean like Snapchats growing here but.

[6:17] Yeah it’s it’s so heavy Facebook it’s ridiculous I got to go anywhere else I’ve learned years behind the market so it’s going to take awhile for the other social medias really,
yeah and I feel like because our age skews a little older the average age in this community so,
and that’s where the Facebook Community is seeing its growth so he also really depends on what the thing is.
So as far as comedy shows Go Skylar,
are Bolthouse mamas Ranchos and what he does is he goes downtown and hands out paper Bill things
in the VIN meatspace show we did Skyler who’s in charge of the book in the store getting the show ready and stuff and you just going downtown in
we got 10 15 people that I was just cuz of that so it was like it’s crazy how stuff like that works,
I wish I had more time I wish I had time to go downtown but I’m also really bad approaching people so it’s like,
yeah, in case you guys don’t know I’m like a really.

[7:35] Cliche cover artist all the time I’m very bad at writing music so so that’s mainly what I do.

[7:47] The group of people that I can promote to.
On social media is almost perfect for that because it’s just enough where they don’t have to pay attention.
But it’s like a challenge for me to get them to.
Like stop talking over me and you don’t pay attention,
and you know it it works though I enjoy it I’m going to have a good time.

[8:22] Look at me look at me hands in the air.
Yeah no handlebars.
But I know it’s kind of spots were bound to pay attention so that’s all thank you.
Got my compliment guys I’m out.

[9:07] Water play in Eau Claire Wisconsin.
Chihuahua the next topic.

[9:37] Shorter albums are becoming more popular doesn’t albums length matter to you.
Now that we’re getting into the age of streaming services for your paying like a subscription for your good things in your not just pointing money down on album I don’t care as much.
You’re chopping out all of the filler content to put in quality song.
I would much rather listen to a 25-minute album good stuff an hour-long album full of filler filler filler filler.

[10:09] I agree with that but it’s actually gotten to a point cuz there was like 10 years once iTunes and iPod became popular albums they were throwing bonus tracks on like.
We can maybe release these bones tracks later if we feel like that or if you’re blue.
Which I can do is just the Same album Like A year later and then put another album on the back of it and just called the Same album.
If it’s not white it’s black very different.
Different ways vinyl copy album.
Pic of plant was giving away to me though.
And then I bought the CD copy before I was in the Bible so that was two copies.
Online music subscription.

[11:34] And didn’t pay for it.
I mean I paid for that but I did not even three times before Spotify and days after I go out of my way to find the music I want to listen to up to download.

[11:53] Now it’s just some Spotify Premium and after Spotify.
Before Spotify Premium was Pandora non-premium so I was like going from.
Really cheap gas station bread till I go home made birthday I want to listen to Sam Cooke radio why is Bruno Mars playing.
On your phone and so kind on your computer.

[12:24] There is a different Spotify and you get it on your computer what song you want to hear I’ll play it for you and then you go
nope you want to listen to the genre Shuffle the song that I want to show them on Spotify on my phone but it’s like.
You can hear it buddy.
I think I think albums are better now because the internet age because before they were trying to give you more.
Feel like incentivize you to buy things
and now it doesn’t matter as much so now albums are like more cohesive instead of trying to throw a bunch of like you’re saying later used to be a handful of bonus track of time now it’s not really like that,
that’s the reason why did you have extra tracks that it’s really subjective I guess depending on what it is.
Back straps of the green drop a single anytime and your enemy at the top of the YouTube trending list and people are going to hear it
sending you can constantly put out new music without having to put out a full album.
America versus British Columbia.

[13:51] My freezer patio I just want to go to a history class exclusively that everyday you learn about a new country.
Instead of that you don’t catch you slipping down don’t catch you slipping North don’t catch you slipping in South,
song he goes don’t catch you slipping up a lot frequently,
is very childish Gambino
really that’s surprising I only I only listen to underground Southern rap
Slowpoke ex with less of a joke and more of a reality,
in regards to rap or like overall,
like that’s the only music I mean like as of lately over all that
a lot of things high school route I like Biggie and Tupac.

[15:05] I like it when I leave here the fat guy from college how you feel about Eminem,
have you retained every bottle of liquor that you drank above your
above your bed on a shelf and then like it started to mold like the third semester so that I did get rid of it cuz the girlfriend was all like
what the hell yeah I just put water in bottle of Smirnoff Kissed Caramel.

[15:33] $200 bottles of liquor across the cabinet that didn’t drink and he owes for profiling.
What the hell that supposed to have a thousand dollars worth of.
I think it’s well at least he’s got good taste in liquor.

[16:09] Joe albums yeah and I like that
yeah there yet I’d rather waste 25 minutes on an album been listening to an hour.
You like a little guy can hope to make money though with that kind of model where,
I mean I mean you’re basically admitted here that nobody buys an album anymore they just doing a streaming service so if you’re like a small band in your leg,
how to sell your CDs or something like that I mean
500 copies of a $7,000.

[17:04] I got to wait 6 months is it any harder to break into that from that small Market into the middle fish market then it was back in the day if you’re still looking at trying to get radio time trying to get.

[17:16] I just want a little guy
still sign of Summer it was easier for artist to break out and get bigger 20 years ago because you would be you could rely on a single for like 2 years
they just tore off at now if you could do like to date or days a week and then just chill the rest of the week and then like.
They’re at the lot of static everybody trying so much noise at the same time,
taking the same approach to podcast I would have no idea what that’s like.
Going out and playing shows because I think that’s how everybody makes money in the industry know I was actually going out and playing shows and see if you don’t get to do these things as a band will you go out and play maybe twice a week,
have really crushing shows now you’re pressed to do it.
Every night for like 3 weeks straight and then the quality or shows are going to go down and it’s that’s kind of awful to so.

[18:21] Next topic.
I’m just waiting on my favorite music producer.
Well I thought we would talk about sad if Ur all right it may be a shorter one.
It’s up but I have no opinion songwriter producers favorite songwriter.

[18:56] Tore up that briefly and then sure all right.
I’ll start I like Jerry Finn my favorite punk really like what I choose golden age.

[19:21] Like a mother state
in my picture of us albums I’ll give you the most generic answer I could give you and Steve Albini
2 hours the other day when I was half asleep driving home from Minneapolis and just left,
want Royal Pizza,
kid he’s like all about trying to capture the live sound like more modern producer maybe likes Sam. He probably never heard of him he does like a lot of like.

[20:05] Like a lot of fun noisy Punk stuff off of the listeners.
Where’s Waldo,
I’m not going to wear black today like every other day Josh Groban.
Oh you are blessed Josh Groban drink of modern pop Cruisers now.
Like which Walker is great.

[20:54] Like a lot of their heads pink and Weezer.
Appreciate it. Will this go to a lot of Pop stuff when just like damn he’s crushing it.

[21:08] Can I say DJ Khaled just for how much fun meme he is finals
Jake you perform basically like he was basically just hyping himself up laying tracks it he’s produced and it is.
God what a life it was one of the water rides I’ve never Snapchat.
This dude just walking around like living the dream you’re like all of doing all this stuff going all these cool parties with a small pocket by his millionaire dad.
Yes yes yes mad at me about that the other day if I could just reach that level in life like that again.

[22:18] Throw BG without the Reuben sandwich,
someone also.
Turn off like I love it I don’t care I love it.
People complain about that album so much but like that was the one that came out when I was really getting into music and is really cool and then.

[22:49] Oh wow I like this is really later I’ve Been Told,
the only reason they put out Hurley with so they can hang out with you much worse,
nothing like intentionally made up a number,
like on the rating system to give it its setup way up to 0.3 out of 10 cuz I hated it so much so high score.

[23:20] White scorpion.
For some reason they felt this one was so bad and it was bad enough that they’re like you know what we’re going to make them number.
The frontman of that man’s on Twitter and he is loopy loopy dude.
Rivers not I’m not sure what what his deal is I love Weezer is a band but they have no stage presence on stage but they literally don’t move around,
and when there is time between songs Rivers just goes South Dakota.

[24:04] If I was in Georgia South Dakota won’t be very excited the other than me of that weird nerdy guy like yes just the cream of the crop,
thousands and thousands of people what you going to do is going to stand there and be weird nerdy so as well,
did you see that since they covered Africa that now it’s going full circle and they’re covered in Hash Pipe now Toto is,
really no way
can we find that out here that’s not out yet they were talking about it the other day it’s recorded
as a literal has a formula on how to write successful for he looks at successful pop songs and rice the figured out formulas and that’s how the green album came about,
she just like kept researching the last time the formula work.

[25:02] Put on your face last night.
Everyone was so it’s not just me I wasn’t they were going to start a fire like Zach come over in the corner here I got something for you.
Do you know just wanted to make sure you’re going to Scarlett’s breathing like I’m going after this,
Truvada next topic weird weird.

[25:52] Ipas are not the pumpkin spice lattes of white men a stands for integrity I like this.
Okay I P Azar not the pumpkin spice lattes of white men us stands for integrity I would like to approach this right away is are we hot on this Mike.

[26:20] No okay I’m done that’s good for me.

[26:28] For me it’s one of those things that since I work in a liquor store I see most,
guys or quote on quote white man going what are your IPA selections like they’re always ever that’s like I know.
What ipas you got and what’s hours you got those are the top two unlike.
What did it’s like a hundred degrees out you’re not thinking I want a nice Russian Stout right now like.
A little bit later a little bit more fresh I enjoy an IPA I just did the.
Feel like culture around it is obnoxious so I usually don’t.
I don’t ask those questions your snaps can I have one Whatever roller system and so on,
Sam giving the sample the beer and I’ll be like,
I’ll Lincoln Nebraska until the dirt delivery truck and this one,
food delivery.

[27:50] Associates through the air for 20 miles an underground for 20 miles and then underground for the rest of the time see what this when they have consecutive men.

[28:01] And I meant Captain Tony word tricks that nice ferment going.
The refrigerator broke so is this microbe,
microbrew it’s Unique bouquet is that they still haven’t figured out how the hell to get that rat out of the filter between,
how many fit in there in the first place.

[28:45] Tony is his name.
Yanni Tony’s watching TV right now.
It says the secret to our Brewery we have a Tony shift to make sure everything goes off without a hitch that’s the secret I had to call Tony’s on the,
Center they like an equal replacement or not 3/4.
Tony’s Tony’s Antonio, Antonio someone.
Selection life.
Pizza Hut on New Belgium Voodoo Tony IPA.

[29:48] Each case.

[29:50] Repair cargo shorts.

[30:05] I hope he’s watching Nate if you’re watching it.

[30:13] God used to pranking at a BBQ to your brother.

[30:17] Ira so is though isn’t it I just don’t understand why people have to be smug about their alcoholism
craft beer that’s fine if you want to drink grape Smirnoff go for it and I don’t need to hear about it.

[30:37] And that exists a kind of good.

[30:44] And still better than most popular of those types of.
For eczema and white claw right now less calories white claw I like oh sorry route for the weekend
oh yesterday I’m sorry I have a story I was stocking the shelves in the cooler.
And some guy goes you got pineapple Rita and bottles
you call yourself a liquor store white why do you not having a GoPro
car salesman or something
I walked out and talk to my co-workers I talk to my co-workers oh yeah he asked us about the pineapple Rita to deal with.

[31:56] Cuz your answer wasn’t good enough that going around from employee to employee and ask the same question like somehow miraculously.
Oh God or asking for a supervisor when it’s just like supervisors with the fur around the guy that actually does the thing and be like you do the thing for him okay.
I just like being able to leave the card I am the supervisor.
Is get there a little key and just sleep I haven’t showered in 5 days and looks like I got hit by a semi but I am in fact.

[32:36] Is the test during the pineapple Rita were hiding.
Riverwalk still alive don’t know my way around a liquor store
I just thought of a really funny thing sorry I don’t know you call yourself a liquor store.

[33:29] Cypress Hill related to psychological song.
Is it a metaphor.
Forgetting your help checked you want to live large big heart a big house nice cars throwing up in the world don’t trust nobody your shoulder.
Constantly constantly Lizzie McGuire.

[34:09] Next topic.

[34:23] Any bands that you feel have a Flawless discography.
I thought about that yeah yeah I passed I passed you but you seem more excited about anybody.

[34:37] I’m going to say I’ll country unbiased but I.
If it’s not 90% if that one record though besides.
I just a minute it’s like 90% there’s like not for me,
and I’m like the rest is just like most bands for me right black on to the one album that song.
Not as good as he has really hard for me it’s really hard to top clarity,
and then actually they’re all really good yeah that’s one that’s that’s that’s yeah I agree on that,
they’re all really good who would say the you know the most popular band.
That has no problematic music at all I would be Fall Out Boy right Banner after laughter.
Right here last album fat album C3 shape Corp 3 so much more.

[36:04] And they are,
they announce the releasing all the albums on vinyl in one box as I
only do I will take that after that,
are they releasing it with evening out with your girlfriend no I wish though.
I think for me not bad per se but artist but Jon Bellion.
I haven’t like I’ve never skipped Jon Bellion song like that I am in their songs I like more than others but I mean just I think he started strong and he’s continuing to grow as an artist and so far I think everything’s produces just been fantastic.
It’s easier when bands only have a couple hours when we break up so they’re bands I’m like arguably they’re going to discography but they only have two albums I was just immediately like.
Not listing every single I can one album band my call discography Samantha Rae discography.

[37:18] Gander Mountain works out as one of those that.
304 me though.

[37:34] There is good.

[37:48] Then I don’t know probably not allowed to ticket but brand new every albums really good that like this
bye-bye bye-bye at 5 cuz I had that EP that came out yeah but later,
I will say it in the in the field brand new they look they took their time with each other like they were
horsing around they would play keno.
Front bottoms I actually enjoy which one is very,
cloudy Beach,
songs for like an hour and a half and that’s a lot of Cloudy Beach for one day I liked back on top it was a progression but it’s still retain that front bottoms Talon to it but the new one that catches very.
Bury the major labels suck their claws into it and you can tell there’s something different.
Play it’s it’s donated hair style preference them kept I do albums like it’s the best one it’s really good what’s the problem
I just changing a style the new one
it’s happened halfway people cuz it’s not you that it’s not a z mower start.

[39:16] Yeah the only original member still there he just came back.
One of the Rhythm guitarist started writing all the songs of Hayley now so that the last two albums she’s been writing this on with her and so he’s written most of their hits the last couple albums but the main Josh grows not been in the van for like 10 years.
Because it was what Riot and then look brand new eyes which is my favorite brand new Eyes by personal self-titled
something like that,
Motion City Flawless discount.
Yeah it’s it’s funny the last two Motion City albums took me a lot longer to appreciate.
Cuz go at time go came out it was a slower more up-tempo Dalman I wasn’t I was wanting more energy and I wanted a more mature,
like go album and then like right but I left both all six albums at this point like they’re on those bands that did take their time and make sure everything was.

[40:32] Solid 2 hours Mark Hoppus from my personal favorites that they produced and of course.
So my band had a show last weekend.
And we played I do anything by Simple Plan pop punk trash.
So the Baseline gets super wild and crazy at the end.
And when the guy in the van was trying to learn it he didn’t know that Mark Hoppus was on that song,
and I was like well that explains it then because it’s literally like it’s all it’s all over the place if you haven’t heard that you need to have a peek at that cuz it’s wild I like the first Simple Plan,
maybe the second but it’s more of a guilty pleasure like I can listen to it and be like.

[41:28] What the world knows now
do I get a little bit
I did do that I did perfect for a lip sync battle at USF when I got,
first place humblebrag exact graduate already on my God
search for cuz I was assumed I’d win I was a dick that’s good,
we got other ones I did Roses by Outkast that was fun to lose.

[42:29] Flawless
no messes in that one nailed it,
make believe.
Record what they just doing right now and there’s a couple their gratitude.
Actually kind of like rattitude I’m going to send mine.
Best of lists at all but it’s response surface-level pop-rock rattitude appealed to me as a.

[43:32] I like third grade pop rock band you know like when I was like that age,
I would have been all over that album and will say if you’re wondering if I want you to I want you to do is a great,
song that’s a jam that. That’s fair however can’t stop partying is not,
new topic.

[44:18] Guilty pleasure artists.

[44:31] Nothing I was taught by Alanis Morissette from 2005 until now,
all of everything Victory Records ever put out all of it.

[44:49] Story so far I love the story so far. It’s a good thing I do point out though I like to point out that the singer only sings Two notes.
Chugga chugga Lou Bega,
oh wow oh God.

[45:29] Simple Plan.
Does Angels & Airwaves,
just I already have 3.
Paranormal investigations and stuff like that,
3 weeks ago did you that was an area that was like a alien 1.

[46:09] Anyway I went to an escape room in theme so I’m basically the same amount of qualified to that the crazy shit about that though as we went through it on the episode and like,
he’s fucking like board of directors that’s all just like work with the NSA for like 30 years and invented like single-handedly invented stealth technology year is like nasus top theoretical physicist,
it’s like the resumes like holy shit holy shit,
liquidate us sold millions of albums across the road so.
No that’s my that’s that’s my other half and she’s a lot prettier than I am.

[47:00] Did you guys watch The Joe Rogan podcast with Tom DeLonge.
Why would we want to go Rogan podcast backup
Joe is like even Joe is like I’m not buying this like Tom keep saying
what’s her about 10 Stars well if you watch his pursuit of tone documentary where he tried to I can’t get Solaris lights in Calgary
and he goes to America I like you like us to say that but you’re the best.
You got to go surfing in San Diego Silverado,
I was just late decided for my van and all hook the best bounce,
I’ll I’m exaggerating the accident a little bit but it’s still.

[48:04] And then he’s like going through all like the in the way he back 7.
Such sideswipe insults Mark and Travis like cuz it’s he talks about why he was let go from Blake this most recent side as well as he like,
the like are like to live make a career off their legacy and he thinks that Mark and Travis are just kind of cashing in,
even though that’s what Tom was doing the entire time making money off blink shows to fund his alien shit balding more than them and it’s one of seems like.

[48:46] Your music has declined in quality the last 15 years it’s like Denis release like a solo album.
That’s kind of what I thought one-track off it was good at Sonic a light Box Car Racer which is cool.

[49:08] But other than that the rest that was just kind of like sure we only got the one boxcar album right.

[49:16] And then plus 44 got one album to just glad blink still releasing tour dates so I can still be disappointed when they cancel.
Like what percentage you think that Council Bluffs shows going to happen like 60 40.

[49:31] Muncy state champs do the.

[49:40] Are there any like newer pop punk bands that you like a lot like there’s a couple that I’m kind of.

[49:47] All the all the ones that put out good albums are like bands that used to be bands that like came back like last year.
Yeah I’ve been getting really into knuckle puck.
How much do like the microwave,
and a tiny moving Parts is obviously.

[50:22] And there’s a lot of like I have to do some digging I guess but it’s like all those things that.
A lot of white blood them like I can’t get into story so far anymore I used to like him like 6 years ago and just kind of it.
Same song over and over it’s just the way we we have reached reached,
what areas did I love did the same thing like when I was in high school it was high school so it’s different for me I’m more bias and justifying that would do the same thing it’s like,
all right now your other guilty pleasures.
Oh that’s the topic I said every once in awhile yeah.

[51:19] I don’t know if that’s a guilty I’ll shout that it’s not really sure but I listen to more vaporwave than anyone should ever listen to other,
It’s My Life piano Rock Lee Lee like Keen,
yeah and Frey & Frey I like some free would be.
Lost and insecure.
Jazz Fest.
About as much as she just go to the next topic.

[52:15] Would you own a PT Cruiser. Time workout stuff in his girl for not putting.
Find PT Cruiser so we didn’t so no I wouldn’t know.

[52:33] Pacifist.

[52:42] That was perfect one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in Show Business.
Give up.

[52:56] After my competition I left already destroyed.
Legacy but like entertain it’s like might sound cliche but like.

[53:18] Don’t let people tell you what to do you do your own thing
broadly no matter what it is and show business
so do what you feel like you need to do to do what you want.
One of them boys do something everyday that makes you feel like an actor and I think you can apply that all wet you know anything you can do to help on your craft if you’re doing if you’re writing a little bit every day for play music every day you need to do something everyday to keep yourself on on top of your game.
That’s awesome that’s that’s really good advice yeah that would have been mine too or just be on your craft you know if you’re confident enough in it too.
Do in front of people in all I got to meet with his to assist with the music and for Zack Casino comedy and music and acting and whatever else it is but if you’re confident enough to do it in front of people just good just hit up you know.

[54:21] That’s what it’s a lot of things that just keep doing it confidence and be prepared for a lot of nose and then when the gas is come along be grateful for the SS,
you’re going to suck when you start like that’s just a given I don’t like stock like well after Jelly,
you may just suck forever,
it may just me that you exist to serve as a warning for the successful people to be like Jesus at least I didn’t do that.
How many movies are they zooropa.
And then you’re going to resort to literally putting albums on people’s phones without their consent going to just be shiting.

[55:15] U2 sucks,
they were good I love 80s,
I don’t know who sings did I do that next.
Is it the State Fair enjoy your funnel cake oreo fried things.
Text songs about equality every time I clap my hands,
God is,
give it up for Jonny Lang it doesn’t matter 10 years ago next year’s,
Iron Man,
death next one or do I need to get something else.

[56:44] What happened to the story song Arlo Guthrie had some classical area Story songs like Alice’s Restaurant.
Is it a dying form or how is it being reimagined and by whom the stories talk about this,
yeah yeah what’s basically I’ll just summarize what happened to the story song We’re long length 20 minutes Story songs imagine today,
yeah yeah yeah.

[57:15] I feel like everybody’s more impatient now I mean everything’s easier to get.
Right away you know if the internet you can you taking too long people’s attention spans are shot Story songs is Weird Al.

[57:37] He’s never put out of that album you should have my back.
Victory Wallace discography.
They’re on a boat that one sandwich right on the ground I have until story Steven Wright.
His discography has went out and called I have a pony and then 20 years later he released an album called I still have a pony.
I probably 20 years barely getting around 20 or 25 gallons I no longer have a pumpkin Charlie have a horse.
It’s yeah I don’t I haven’t heard a lot of like Siri like talking song except listener.

[58:41] But other than that like I don’t hear a lot of story songs anymore.
It’s like you said Bob Dylan got a hold and we just don’t do that butchers last name for their shame.
Horizontal line,
we are there but that’s like I feel like it’s only it’s only thing though right right right it’s like there’s like,
this is like pretty obscure but like that man lot of speed that has all the spoken word songs I have like a 3-disc set that’s just spoken poetry in music is written after the fact.
So there’s some stuff out there and there’s like still like Americana artists that do a lot of it yeah I mean I think it’s in a story songs it was replacement hip hop and rap and post-hardcore spoken word kind of things I like to shame or another,
cute rabbit that film song.
Especially in the last sound like.
Broadway show where you did that to me I think that was probably like the that was going to be the Pinnacle moment like that’s going to be yet.

[1:00:02] Can caps off the boob history
especially if you’d like one handful every year to come out there pretty solid
I don’t think this question is a little jar but what are some cons of films that you guys like you could dig,
what to do when your dad by Armor for Sleep a lot of metal from the 80s operation mindcrime by Queensryche it’s like a movie set to music kind of thing.
Look at my camp counselor with the blackout Black Parade. I like that one.

[1:00:53] Some people can’t have you ever MCR Alma’s a concept record only I know this way to way to acid in the night,
why did Ron say the three cheers has a message I’m like.
That concept I don’t lot of concerts records to me at least a lot of them nowadays seem very.
Pretentious to me and it’s like someone and feel like it works out better when you just put it out
black Concept in mind you know what I mean like if it just ends up being that way and you can like oh I see what we can kind of do with us but if you go into it with that ever feel like you’re.
Clean it out really hard and it’s not going to work out since the 21st Century Breakdown right away those arms that’s a good series of a concept album.
Annie Hall just I just love his voice though when I saw him in Nebraska like 4 years ago with Manchester I was just.

[1:02:04] Always an Andy hall of Hall and Oates joywave when I release switch.
Where is like every single song was the same song it was just the intro was tweaked a little bit but the tracks are destruction why be credible when you can be,
part 2 incredible.
12 times in a row 17 no dad considered a concept album.
I don’t really listen to it a lot today,
and then he released it like a year later and he flipped all the tracks around so it begins at the end and it goes all the way through.
Like it’s good Wild.
Did you do last my camera.

[1:03:29] An article recently stated that a survey suggests that people over the age of 30 stop discovering new music do you think that’s a false statement.

[1:03:40] Passenger side headlight for the rest of my life so much easier now I’m maybe things have changed since the internet age but,
yeah I got constantly don’t it sounds like a sensationalized article for just the music is just thrown constantly hilarity When anybody on the Earth consists of,
Google and find new music.

[1:04:14] What industry are the Millennials going to kill,
well I know but can I listen to new music after you turn 30 shit I don’t know why.
I don’t listen to music anymore just so kids get off my lawn there’s probably a percentage of people out there that like when they get to that age just
have other things going on working way too much and I’m listen to music at the same age,
Rollin that like Blink-182 late 90s early aughts can I hear a music is like a harp golden age for as far as like when her brain was like
will always have Echoes of that and was like but you’re still fighting you stuff I look like I’m even into genres
he did when I was a true I’ve gotten into them at the things I would never listen to before they’re just gotten into within the last couple years,
I would have passed up a thousand times over back then so I firmly disagree you kind of see a lot of.
The punk musicians are metal musicians from the early twenties now move on to folk music like 20 years without which I just noticed that you can’t sing like that,
draining can’t be angry all the time.

[1:05:36] Yeah and it’s one of those things that I think it really depends on the level of passion you will seek out to find me music to give me if you’re
some people will follow the artist that they grow up with to the Grave like their new stuff will keep listen to that built but they won’t seek out new artist,
right right that makes a lot of sense so they won’t.

[1:05:57] And if there is a new artist it’s usually one that they discovered that’s been thrown in there face by like Good Morning America or or like we’re on tour with one of the Bands they went to see my can opener for the Band-Aid and listening to since they were 16.
And those bands that they open for end up getting bigger that’s the ones that end up opening for real.
But after shower getting that that the show.
I think that’s that one next one guitar playing.
You are distracted today.
Kids going to LaFollette jacket,
what’s the next song called glitter jacket.

[1:07:01] What is the best music video you’ve ever seen and the worst I’m going to counter that with.
Josef salvat Open Season is this is it still an attachment to a cuz I saw when I was in Europe,
I was like what is going on talk to me.

[1:07:36] But the floor doesn’t move
but if you got me I watched a new music video in.
Long why I kind of stopped music videos around 2008 till 7 when I got all my artist I got into on fuse like all that stuff yeah yes,
easiest approach to anything ever.
I was just putting a photo of the album art and yeah.
Make it something in some of y’all be program in charge me $500 and you calling it a music video Higher by Creed.
Can you take me higher.

[1:08:36] Now if I just wanted to know I’m thinking about the music video man I’m asking if you’re his best or worst see if you.
Assume it’s best or worst,
. I want to hear Michael Buble.
How Okawa basically did like the first two minutes was haven’t met you yet.

[1:09:12] And then somehow I mixed it on my computer I matched up,
seamlessly transition it into With Arms Wide Open,
I got fifth place because they thought I was just doing impressions
you got singing I was on it cuz you pronounce the consonant what the fuck beat that
Just The Way You Are Billy world now it was great but I sing free.
That’s some bullshit I ever get a time machine I’m going to fucking fix it I will get on that building I’m fixing usf’s Talent contest.

[1:10:09] What year did he say I don’t know how go to all of them and just figure it out ago.
Who’s the guy charged the 1980s
Zach is not given to Hitler,
oh man best music video I’ve ever seen on me.
Tell you about honor roll mention to Thriller though for its mind being like the best
90s videos in such a weird.
Any Primus video oh my God any Primus video.
Yeah can’t wait for that show so did they do other people enjoy when they get to see the the band play in the in the in the music.
I don’t know if I enjoy it for some reason it’s like.

[1:11:29] Sneak peek at what it would be like to see him live I think you know I don’t seem like there’s like people but now you don’t have to.
The new Gambino this America videos the only music that I’ve watched many times in the last 10 years
I like it oh yeah exactly.
Yeah and I also love kind of watching I used to watch VH1 Classic Ali tonight in the Chilton music videos just to make fun of it all seven of these do they actually MTV,
Pearle Vision classic did for the 25th anniversary of MTV starting up here the entire first day of MTV over again which is really cool.
Are some awful ones there’s this band called boot camp
I’m sure no one knew what they were doing I like this whole thing.
And that you miss videos later time throughout the day one of them was at the movie theater that was called hold on to the night.
And of course your next one is I’m a victim.

[1:12:50] All of your love,
explaining is Jason less sometimes upon will just find you make it,
this is what we’re making the song about
is Vince golden I can’t name a specific music video but I’ve been seeing a lot more of them lately cuz I switch to YouTube Red,
then I put it on the TV like on the Roku and then it’ll just play the music video it’s and it’s just like there’s a video for this,
ozone at all what I pictured what the hell like they just came out,
Saturday night whatever.

[1:13:53] Yeah that’s if you’re hearing it now watching it that’s me making the karate moves like Mac from It’s Always Sunny
right gas man look for gas,
but realistically though Brendon Urie could not take out a bunch of hitmen,
after the nearest one he did posted was the him as a puppet going through the trials and tribulations of Fame like snorting coke,
I’m a man who likes his puppets.

[1:14:40] A Higher by Creed so you know Friday the 2nd Black Friday oh my God.
Best version I’ve seen of that is where somebody Mash together car careening off
the clap the music video of the PSA is like don’t let teenagers Drive,
I don’t know I mean I just had that wins,
yeah there’s like there’s this there’s the jeans song like some other teenager came along I was just going to make a song about shopping for jeans and.

[1:15:19] Edison High really really hope they didn’t do that
is it Matty B raps as that was that who that was I don’t know I don’t even know I have no ideas but it is yours.
Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell is an awful music.
It’s like Rockwell in the shower.
I wish I wasn’t watching this so that the same guy that does CinemaSins also does music video sins.
Oh and it doesn’t gold mine you never realize how much inconsistency goes in a music video until I got tears it apart.
They didn’t want to see David Bowie and Mick Jagger,
dancing in the streets
but Never Going To Give You Up.

[1:16:43] Has anybody heard the.
That kid that got famous in Walmart for doing the old.

[1:16:55] Video for anything because I’m sure it’s terrible.

[1:16:58] The song he actually released.

[1:17:09] Lionel Richie with that hello is it me you’re looking all over them what the fuck Valley clay had the blind girl made that’s like
yeah it’s like if the devil made murder your insides,
William Hung She Bangs existed
so that makes me want to go back.
When people talk about being podcast all the time,
don’t talk about me.
All it’s pretty early days but didn’t know the singer Eamon that song fuck you you how I don’t want you back real
10 years ago empty booster are the shit out of this video is just basically him like telling off his girlfriend in a park,
where there’s like kids playing so it’s like a screenshot of our Kelly.

[1:18:30] F you you hoe I don’t want you back and all this stuff and I like to talk about now,
haha yeah so bad help me out all the time.

[1:18:48] Best musically I forgot I Believe in a Thing Called Love is what yeah oh yeah.
I miss my chance to see them live with Foxy Shazam 6 years ago at all Wow might go to that.
Abhi abhi tight every time.

[1:19:19] Next question,
that’s what happened to Pistorius.
Do you ever wonder what Kurt loder is up to these days.
I don’t even know I don’t know I know I know.

[1:19:53] I don’t wonder so now I’m like me who have no idea who the fuck that is he is an American film critic author calmness and television personality,
served in the 80s as the editor of Rolling Stone and made today.
Died of what his security.
He is 73 years old though so we should probably not teasing about that for a while I wish you a long life is a hotdog a sandwich.
Yeah yeah fight about it yes it is.
As a sandwich what exactly all the sandwich
what exactly are words I don’t care what overly sexualized hot dogs are it’s it’s not that bad it’s not that upset offencive.

[1:21:02] There isn’t anyone worried about it and that hot dogs were better,
white guy told me you’re full of shit. I guess so they’re better,
I don’t have a rubbery when you cook them too much like,
what gives me OCD anxiety is a giant brought in a small hot dog
Bonham Bull and no one ever bread freak I love that I would rather have a small butt.
I like that you have that situation do you eat the rest of the bond either now I don’t push it to the very end and rip it off yeah I think that’s the only thing you can do,
large brought small hot dog bun.

[1:22:11] Yeah yeah a knife and fork.

[1:22:22] What toppings do you guys play Wiz jolivet all of them.
Is a real bad I don’t know how your allies is like pizza
bear hamburgers and hot and candy
like I don’t get it the problem
leave it up to you friends all have tools,
I usually go catch up or or mustard or both ketchup mustard relish.
What can drink water for 10 large Hot Dogs online so I was trying to get Weezer in the.
No apparently I haven’t dropped their name and I’m so maybe you had forgot it exist.
That’s real.

[1:23:42] Now we got her title
preview for episode how about we compromise Weezer didn’t drink water for 10:30
drink water all during early alright,
home next stop it.
Water here’s the White Album.

[1:24:27] What’s the best story about the worst beer you’ve ever consumed.

[1:24:34] I don’t know I don’t know that fell out while we have marijuana,
the most I’ve ever Drank In My Life the right way.
That is a staycation so I can go anywhere but damn boobless cuz you’re going to drink tonight or else.
Wilson High Dam.

[1:25:13] So I have slightly more intimidating.
So I had three screwdrivers pacing myself at Papa John’s soft.
I should be off work and then I had went to we went to Billy Frogs and I had for Mike’s Hard.
And we’ve got up on stage and sang Jeremy by Pearl Jam really intensely even the parts that were there no lyrics on the screen I was going,
Then I then there’s a house party going on my phone that I had a Budweiser.
I swear this my cell phone off so I didn’t feel like crap the next day so that was very anti-climactic story.
What movie would you recommend to someone visiting from another country that they have to see.
Human said sure.

[1:26:42] Maybe I’ll fail it now if we’re going to.
Biodome movie I think I would go Wayne’s World Wayne’s World Wayne’s World 2.
What does the sky.
Well, that was Nicolas Cage Pulp Fiction.
Yeah breakfast clubs are good in my opinion really good commentary on social cliques and all that stuff.

[1:27:45] Cheesy,
Hot Tub Time Machine
call bail bonding haven’t even seen wild hogs if some kind of Hot Tub Time Machine.
True that line and the other line the biz my ferret longest I’ve had lots of girlfriends hot ones you’ve had lots of boyfriends.

[1:28:17] Great movie okay next one.
Probably one more than Sheamus plugs you have to oil favorite stand-up comedians.

[1:28:31] The biased question.
How did Steven Tyler ever get famous what about that big you can’t go wrong sorry about that.
Are you out there and want to talk about it Aerosmith,
I really think it’s weird that in dream on he sings one way and then every song after that he thinks,
looks like a grandma that took too much Ativan.
Remember that has sounds like a shirt yeah.

[1:29:58] I feel like he would have been more popular if people couldn’t see him.

[1:30:03] Music.

[1:30:15] Well I’m going to win now then.

[1:30:21] The fridge o’shit I went way over my head.

[1:30:33] Suppose is going to find out about that but yeah,
and the State of the State
she would tolerate scams there I heard this thing that he hated can’t by Aerosmith in Kansas that show together and 70s and Kansas was at their Peak with Carry On Wayward Son and he like tried to cut the power Arkansas
like I tried to find a way but then Kansas knew that he was doing that and so they basically founded,
backup power generator in case he tried to do some vindictive
what time is in the seventies they were not quite up there yet so we just toppled the guy above us that’s how it works right answers to vacuum,
I feel like that says more about him that the people he was playing with knew he was going to try to do something like that and I already had a plan in place like,
that’s cool just like a shity roommate where you know he’s going to steal something so you put it like the decoy thing like the shit cheap pretty finger
yeah I made it in with scarfs.

[1:31:56] You just decided to sing instead her like that’s a whole new mom from the back,
where you don’t see him what’s moving closer to the front it’s going to be because it’s good person points and just put it into good musicians,
yeah I know I’ve always been I really enjoyed Aerosmith like the band but not at Stephen I was person.

[1:32:23] I still up Jaden is a guilty pleasure song for me I love that song.
Jaden and they’re still the only good part of Armageddon,
exploded because of he want to do a song with Carrie Underwood and every literally everyone else in the band is like no we don’t want to do that
smart smart smart I think my favorite Aerosmith song is the other side and the dad that’s Is My Jam,
sign me up Sweet Emotion that bass line is just so cool.

[1:33:03] Educated.
What I hate I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.
The Bangerz I just want to hear sad things,
the bats.

[1:33:44] So should I just go around the circle and what we want to talk about quick and then wrap it up.

[1:33:54] What you guys wear eyeliner.
I missed on the last ones I died of flu or something that weekend so I was email alone excuses.

[1:34:20] Yeah I know.
Play constantly around town doing restaurants bars at anywhere with a patio that would like to hire people hire me all the time if you’d like to stay up-to-date on that I’ve got a Facebook page and it’s just my first name and my last name.
And then what I do so it’s Nick Burke and then with music Nick Burke music Dunkin keep up-to-date.

[1:34:54] Ryan Marshall Theater Company where we got our first shows coming up August 16th we’re doing a staged reading of Matt’s novels new play The Heart play
so if you’re interested in being a part of that you can head our website at Marshall fill out the little audition for him and it will be in touch with you.
Directions as always check out all the Fantastic podcast over at the Sioux Empire podcast and the Sioux Empire. Com,
lots of crazy shit going on it’s always be sure to check out our.
I recorded performances on live 6:05 as well streaming over there and I thank you for listening.
And for me I got this.
Zach what do you have going on.

[1:35:54] Can you please hold my calls for a few minutes.
Got my new band absent Idols is doing a private birthday party next next weekend so I’ll be fun,
private so we’ll all be there
and then I’m coming to city near you at the end of August and by that I mean one night in Rapid City
Skylar Sheldon star near cookie Hearts key from Rapid City to come check it out.
You watch every episode of pretty sure you’re in Rapid City or near Rapid oh.

[1:36:40] Check it out he’s disarms biggest fan so.
So yeah I just ruin the vibe we can we can we can play with
Stephen Curry’s nickname.
You’ve been listening to trash.

The Dresch Code Ep 006 Take That Gear Off The Stage

The Dresch Code Ep 006 Take That Gear Off The Stage

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics include: Best Keyboard Players, Favorite Universe, Dane Cook, Rules for an audience, furthest you’ve ever traveled for a show, do you still eat cereal and if so what is your brand, why do some artists succeed and others fail, bands that need to call it quits, and favorite soundtrack, and movies that make us cry.


Boss’ Comedy Club


Monstrous Little Theater Company


Guests:  Tony DePaolo, Nathan Hults, David Naylor, and Kolton Lane Harris


Tags: Zach Dresch, Ryan Howe

Machine Transcript

[0:19] Listen to Fresh Co.
They are we answer topics based on a pastor Phil method and I’m very excited for the shows me great,
I’m going to let you just hold the guests around the panel Roundtable even though it’s not really a table it’s a couch and square thing Automan.
Knights of the Knights Inn on Empire,
Isis everyone on the show.

[1:09] Bruce is everyone around the circle from say lucky David Naylor how are you David Gordon are always at your service.

[1:24] Appositive.
Oh that’s weird or are you dating,
third gear South comedy,
guitarist Tony depaolo how are you Tony I’ve got a red to cut a welcome back to contact to Kotter that on the TV,
Inferno sternotomy Colton Harris heart rate,
alright so how this game the game Chicago game,
Ryan ipull topics out of this jar bucket we told a jacket even though that sounds alright moist,
sure that’s where I should ask him.
Shoot your eyes.

[2:53] Gosh I said she sent to myself or is it,
try to get a higher power.
So I pull up top myself arrival pull a topic out of this jacket,
and we decide if that passed or failed the dress code if it passes it we will talk about it for sales and none of us want to talk about it we’ll put it away save it for another episode least how many have you gone through in an episode 20.
I mean yeah it’s a lot of we get to it,
you’ll see this at the end but like what we like we have to pick a good once it’s like no no no no let’s shoot them all down,
don’t pay attention.

[4:22] Check my talk about it.
I would have to say the Nickelodeon Universe,
that’s a good deal I was just at the Mall of America,
Ryan stuck just saying,
this is pretty cool I was watching kids cry as they’re about to meet their Heroes which of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I was having a good time does LEGOLAND,
you can leave and go drive go karts or play laser tag and then you can get Bubba Gump Shrimp
I think is is inclusive right least of the log ride from the Paul Bunyan thing
which doesn’t matter at all but they’re like well it’s going to cost way too much to redeem this so,
does the Airbender ride is a different one okay I just saw I just saw that 10 years ago today.

[5:31] Aang save the world, guy that’s hitting me real hard right now we need I am right now.
Is love sweet love.
No not just currently my favorite universe is the Nickelodeon Universe some good old SquarePants.
Bill’s Burger you can drive boats.

[6:11] Yeah they believe little boats it’s like a little like they have a little Pond and you can drive the boat you can Ram other boats and so they recorded bumper boats.
We just drive it from my guts like an RC boat.

[6:36] Describing all this super cool stuff that you didn’t do,
when I just did jokes about the dick anyway,
cuz it’s real and it’s 40 bucks for a wristband scouting but we can.
DSW afterwards.
So it’s just there’s nothing for clearance and that’s it it was so happy and you just fucking crushed if it’s okay to still go,
but I think I give it 4 more months when the clearance gets up I think it’s great I think it’s just the new store they don’t have a lot of clearance,
I wear size 13 feet so does Amazon pieces of shit to run off my feet so I can go to DSS.

[7:46] Did you get everything on Prime day.
I didn’t know they had like a huge,
years ago I don’t remember code for Amazon,
hey did you want a 12 pack of paper towels for a dollar 75 we got you covered absolutely now I just have Echo I got lots of kids,
Michael universe of the Multiverse is our universe.
Cuz I’m still alive in this evening.
I think it’s a good time like any other Universe besides are you cuz of the universe we live in the house getting fucked in the ass.

[8:57] Didn’t know that Universe out there where is all the ships that same shit happening in this universe but I’m also dead.
Can I watch the Futurama the other night where there was the professor made the box and there’s an alternate universe inside that box,
the Farnsworth parabox yeah exactly and so yeah and so the opposite character silly,
were there miserable or onion City people in one Universe there like you have Scholars and Stellar people.

[9:30] I would like to see the alternate side of what we’ve got going on here you know what I mean I’m so I would wear like this room is just full of like terrible horrible and success.
And there were two if there was a red and blue Zoidberg inside of a inside of a dumpster it was awesome I would say Bayside High School,
7 ml,
castle that’s pretty you could do that now. You’re an adult you don’t have to go home.
Where did they bury someone at the bar.

[10:38] Now you’re sexy I know way too much about scream so.
We don’t need but I was going to USD fly Crown 2002-2003 like every year he’d make a,
the circuit of colleges or whatever it is you just a dick to like absolutely every one of them over afterwards yeah.
I was running the sound at the comedy club that he was just being paid to perform it and went to go turn on the music after the show.
Because he meant do you mind closing the door to close the door to the green room and go snacks.
I meant for me to close the door on the other side.
Pushing you baby.

[11:34] Methamphetamine in Sioux Falls and ended up being,
which if you’re going to buy me so the next day he was just,
really wired and
I know way too much about Dustin Diamond do we want to continue about shut off the next card is about Dustin Diamond so I I shall out for Destiny like no one else,
and that’s the universe the lore behind it has been
expertly crafted they still don’t know how to implement it into the game which is their own fault but there’s a whole section called like the books of Sorrow which is like this epic poet like 50 section epic poetry,
all about like the history of One race as like that’s kind of stuff I love when you got expert writing and like space stuff and evening races.
Exactly what to do when the game initially wants to know if we want this to have,
Laura compared like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and just all the greats and it’s there it’s just not implemented very well.

[13:01] I love the designer quit they had some rain boots right before they they were like going to lunch cuz,
he wanted to release it all one story and they wanted to release it out in like DLC.
Third time’s a charm get it right folks.

[13:33] All right.
Okay this one is,
got it. You got to keep it in your hand when you reach in there and said it’s like the first thing that’s in the,
do not invalidate or soil the Integrity of the directions say whatever whatever I’m sorry Joe Rogan gone off another Carlos Mencia,
. 1 Parkside how’s the whole stealing jokes scene has Joe Rogan gone off on another Carlos Mencia
Nashville episode.

[14:39] Alright greatest keyboard players of all time but that was interesting.
Alright I’m going to pass it we’re doing it cuz I was doing it we had.
Well that’s passing the good right yeah yeah,
I think it’s just you two that we’re out piano or,
kind of Pride piano player.

[15:26] Freddie Mercury Herbie Hancock hurting him.

[15:41] Dragon other keyboard place there’s a lot of singer-songwriters that are actually really great Ali sky.

[15:55] Facebook.
I’ll say this to Damien from Cradle of Filth,
really because I had a new keyboard player on every fucking record for like the first like six records and his songs for the best he was on it,
I like the other Jack’s Mannequin guy you look like a pot pie,
I love Jack’s Mannequin and something corporate.
Because I’m going to Warped Tour one time I’ve seen him twice when they came to the Vault when I was still a thing like 6 years ago,
and still train open for Jack’s Mannequin in the singer steel train was in fun and Jack Antonoff who is now bleachers and.
Rights with Taylor Swift and all this stuff or is this the end just open up for Jack’s Mannequin just.
And of the audience was not feeling them he’s like you guys alive or what.

[17:16] Who was it that played in The Vault that needed like the other grand piano and had to have it like brought in they had to figure out a way to get it in the building Aaron Carter,
Hatebreed ticket price okay I pay a large sum of money to watch a.

[17:48] I know that’s just straight up clean.
Out nose that’s about what I thought you looked specifically,
your song was played at my wedding.
But that Ewan McGregor version it’s little bit more passionate.
Gear to my song he doesn’t do Elton John thing or is like money.

[18:43] From Rush play space and keyboards at the same time just like.

[18:53] Millerton Lake.

[19:09] Listen to be over here.

[19:22] I thought the album 2112 I remember saying I’m senior year of high school like this.

[19:41] They were great they gave me wrong but I’m like I’m not going to come back the next week in high school be late would you guys do just saw a rush we’re going to go somewhere else.
Just got to check out this weekend I got to go in a heartbeat,
Metro PC in without distortion.
Rush breed.
Rush Limbaugh,
thanks Jeffrey Stein,
do you remember him Rance is of the word Jefferson I think he’ll,
he’s going to be the next if I had a nickel.
So they can cover it all day.

[21:09] Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress to play a girl bunny Veil,
yeah, we have to respond.

[21:35] How do we feel about Dane Cook today his brother sucks his comedy getting more original better or worse.

[21:48] I’ll start actually I just I listen to Okay so.
Eons ago when we used to tour we listen to was it retaliation the oldest one we listen to in the van a lot and.
Everyone hates that guy now like everyone thinks he’s like a joke Thief kind of like what we talked about earlier for a second there and then all the stuff in.

[22:07] I went to Minneapolis the other day and I grab that and I was like man I haven’t listened to this since that I’m going to listen to it on the way up there and I wasn’t about this I laughed my ass off I thought it was great
borrow joke Sunny Louis CK had a big thing about him like stealing a tri-axle joke in Japanese,
I feel like they have stood out like in Italy on the show wasn’t that like the new take that and it was like a real thing,
I listen to something could get it in when I was working you know just kind of had it on in the background is like this is why do people hate this guy thing,
yeah I’m not all that just like everybody but it’s late. Comeback Special on Showtime like 3 or 4 years ago that I was actually pretty decent schedule,
as it was a troublemaker I think movies are at found them
I didn’t like the special as he did when it was smashed Square Garden cuz it was just like him saying random things and it runs like oh my God that’s so funny about stuff I liked a lot
what was the what was the name of the
especially did where I was a lot more intimate after his big ones,
that’s where those one right after his parents died,
yeah I don’t know when I kind of was like oh you can be real for me so I like that.

[23:28] I don’t know who is Sandra I was acting.

[23:31] I like to play the month. It isn’t much but like you know you’re in the break room for like 20 minutes and it’s on,
you seem that was awaiting secondary character in Waiting as I receive.
Yeah he did oh yeah that’s right,
what’s funny is in employee of the month he’s not the funny part it’s like Dax Shepard and Andy Dick those guys who find parts that movie and so it’s like.

[24:09] But we got makes me laugh so I don’t I don’t periods Rose like that and then,
really then you were he had to kind of come back in my opinion so is previous and people who hated him I purposely would like say jokes,
that we’re Dane Cook jokes and they would laugh at that.
I’m on the free one in on the same joke you know like he was really good at like she is jokes or like I’m better than you.

[24:44] But you were all split better than you but I’m better than people but you’re also better thank him.
Popular before it was a different shot at home Super Finger,
okay cuz he doesn’t want to take the ultimate and so when you do suef I and sufu you’re a total asshole,
you just did a while you were doing that,
Dane Cook is the Deep Space Nine of comedian so what you just said that’s mine.

[25:57] You know you were just sitting there and then,
just like this.
Never going to Sioux Falls,
should there be a list of rules at the door telling her audience what we expect of them.

[26:47] Pastillas no fail.

[26:56] No this is great.

[27:11] What’s going on I figure things to piss off people’s I’ll sing the chorus of simple man but just Luke that one part over.

[27:22] Shinedown version it’s hilarious conversion.

[27:36] I’m going to say no but I think that performer should have a list of shit they shouldn’t do.

[27:47] Like what what do you think about stuff that you like.
Should be pretty if you’re in a band,
it’s up there.
At your leisure if someone’s waiting to get their stuff up on stage move.

[28:19] I agree with the sure thing though it bugs me I don’t if you’re in your hometown absolutely.
If you’re on the road and Johnny just shit his pants and kind of threw it in the same bag you don’t have a shirt for the rest of the road where your own shirt,
that’s a special,
I’ve done it I’ve learned my own shirt on stage I usually have an over shirt,
right but then it’s like oh hey by the way I’m selling this one playing sure not everybody else is wearing the same shirt.
Itsy I think I think we should go back to uniform.

[29:12] So I know who’s in who’s band.
That whole life bullet proof jacket and everything like that fucking love that shit but.

[29:26] I don’t know about Jason Newsted Metallica like always wearing a Metallica shirt on stage.
If you are a family for this is the only shirt I own I went back and watched a shitload of old videos the other day and they were all ever to a guy wearing
the T-shirt of the tour they were on and it’s like
Chinese dude that mean like are you if you’re really that hard up for merge cells I mean like like just the hawk the table a little bit harder you know what I mean like don’t just I don’t know it just see it seemed Overkill even for like an 80s that was renowned for doing that kind of,
I think you could plant people in The Naughty by give somebody shirt.
Instead of you wearing yourself bread.

[30:26] But also if you have shirts in the free that’s why I wear my own shit sometimes I have nothing clean
yeah I want to stay luckier Lucas with a K shirt and see you,
they’re one of my favorite bands you up on YouTube.

[30:52] But they didn’t know you were in that band anyway so how good of a friend I got busted wearing my own bands hoodie.
Had a fast that we were playing because it like by my other bandmates is like so we played this fast and we played on the last day and I had to I slept in this room with all of our merch and like the merch of the label that we were on.
And it was as cold hard gross floor it was the same room they cooked all the food for all the bands in the same day so I had the added luxury of sleeping on that lovely floor and so I took the hoodies out of the box,
and I made a bed and then I was cold so I got one for myself and put it on and then the morning I just kind of woke up clean all the hoodies off and like wrap them back up with tape,
and stuck him in the bar 40 bus,
does cold and walking around in the dudes,
what are you doing man I was there like. That’s were selling that at the table,
and I warned in till in when we got up on stage and then I took it off.

[32:03] That I still have it to the store but I took it off before we play it as I was waiting for the band to take their gear off the stage should be the name of the episode take that you’re off the stage.
I think with Condor is a thing I think we, do you have to tell the people to shut the fuck up what do you guys think about the.
And I’ve heard it on Rogan and seen it a couple different places like a cell phone in a bag thing love it I think it’s awesome.
For anybody like that I’ve dealt with personally it doesn’t matter right cuz I like trying to get you.
We’re not doing particularly famous people but it’s nice I think I sometimes I go to like open mics and that’s where we go to practice it is in practice we can’t practice.
Nothing seems like people taking a video of your joke that isn’t ready right it’s like you writing a song.
And then people are going to put this on Soundcloud for you don’t don’t do that.
So I got to see I think just to like when people are going out.
Now they’re out there out to experience something like you want to give them something and if they’re on their phone they’re not they’re not getting what you did one.

[33:27] I mean I don’t I don’t think it’s completely necessary it’s I think it’s sucks.
If you want to capture the moment I think there should be like a giant EMP,
that goes off after the first 20 seconds of the concerts like you want pictures right now and then you know I just did a giant EMP,
shuts down all camera phones all that kind of support the funding of that so hard I have like in the past.
Have just as hear two different shows I’ve had a phone go off while I’m on stage.
And first was when I was at Corson and bless her soul this this older lady phone starts ringing and it’s like one of the very.
Very first scene of The Glass Menagerie but me and my mother character we’re going out and we’re having this big fight scene and the phone goes off.

[34:20] And his old lady picks up the phone and instead of just turning it off answers the phone and starts having a conversation in the audience.
Well we’re doing the show during one of those pivotal scenes of the First Act water you do me like this please stop,
and most beautiful.
Lady want to go to work longer actresses just had this tirade about how nothing is sacred anymore cuz we all have a cell phone is going to go off we’re always attached to this and she finishes at the very next to someone’s phone goes off.
And she did she’s right in the middle of her line and just drops everything oldest Arab ever seen completely broke the fourth wall
but I would still be fine with it it was the greatest example public humiliation I’ve ever witnessed people out before,
if you’re sitting there eating or playing and only answer their phone and you know yelling into their phone.

[35:33] The big do they get you come to the show I’ve had Comics there’s a guy named Claude Stewart.
Giant hair is kind of funny and I like texting.
It didn’t show any literally and just without her looking up grabbed her phone and took it and put it in his pocket and like she was like no I need my phone.

[36:06] 20 minutes I got 20 minutes and then I’m done.
You don’t have a parent to a child I was like this is really weird I feel bad for the girl.

[36:19] I’ve seen some amazing.
Tackling and shaming and things like that playing in bands for years but it’s like everytime I go to one of you guys comedy shows it’s always like holy fuck man lately good there really is like a sense of.
to child kind of relationship with like the person on stage in the audience you know when it comes to that kind of stuff in it Center,
the time that we live in but it’s like to where you have to tell adults who are old enough to be in a comedy club that’s like if you’re here
you should pay attention to these people and give them your two and I’ll give them the respect they deserve you know and it’s just so weird that like it when we went and saw Timmy that night that it was like they had to tell people to be quiet and not use the phones and
that wasn’t the first thing that you said on stage and I was like God man that’s so weird you know and I’ll get in the ring with a Heckler and stuff like that you know but it said the same but that’s kind of.
Part and parcel for the course you know but but it’s like God when you’re done it’s just you and the microphone and you’re just telling stories telling jokes and stuff it’s like,
it’s so weird to me they have to be like you know please be respectful of us while we’re here at the bazaar I remember Steve Gillespie when he came to town a couple years ago did asset it was the second goal of the Late Show,
and I was outside and I was sitting next to my friends will while the show is going on and they’re on their phones and I’m just like.

[37:38] And Steve is just staring at him for like 30 seconds to 45 maybe even a minute.
Just give me on your phone right now let’s go the answer to the question.
Be maybe 4 maybe 4 music know you like stand-up comedy put your fucking phone away,
I went to Jack White and everyone at the phones in the pouches thing and it was a really cool experience me in that arena with no phones whatsoever
is awesome and I love that because I’ve couple weeks ago I wanted to Minneapolis and saw Slayer and I basically saw them through screens of 20 phones in front of me
it was so frustrating it’s like I’m a man like you if you stand up back like if you’re going to do that like side cuz I took a short video but I was in the back of the room,
like I don’t forget what song it was even just just like a CU cell phones that’s all it was,
I make it a point to be very selective about when I do that or if I even do it at all because it’s like.

[38:54] And I’m dating myself but like back in the day when we didn’t before everyone had a,
you know it iPhone and stuff like that like I have memories of shows you know what I remember exactly but it’s,
I’ll check it out I want to see Slayer last night was awesome you know he good job.
You know so I’m out of that not look at the phone screen instead of the concert,
like if if someone’s in front of me I’m like always,
if you have an emergency please have the phone I mean donut I mean but look at it excused yourself or you know what I mean.

[40:00] I get that you can look at it but then it’s not a pressing.

[40:09] I think that’s I think that’s the rule just don’t ruin anything for anybody else.
Alright here we go,
please do please do Who’s the artist you ever traveled for a show to watch or to play.

[40:42] One-off travel anywhere to any shows to watch.

[40:50] I love you too I flew from Atlanta to Belgium,
dementia Tour all around there and then back from Gainesville Florida to Cleveland Ohio to play one show.
Well we end up playing three.
Cuz we ended up there was other bands that we knew that were around the area that were playing shows when they got us on stuff but yeah we drove all the way up there just to play a gig at it was a fast and it was but it was a bad one,
so we got all the way up there and it was like this like metal and hardcore Festival is on the same weekend and gets in Cleveland but he’ll Fest is going on in Syracuse or like.
Every band is playing and that’s all you know.
8 hour drive away and sounds No 30 people.
That’s been drove all the way up here from Florida I’m definitely going forward Texas to Temecula California.
24 hours suck.
To play a show on go to a show.

[42:15] Children show the finest hours from Sioux Falls to Arizona that was brand new and then.

[42:23] To play a show we actually just did our first like way out there Rapid City.
What is the record store yeah I was at the basement it wasn’t the Black Hills vinyl but it was a basement thing that they run all the shows through it’s all right.
Sometimes it was the basement of the Improv.

[42:56] Yeah I have to go to work at 9:30 in the morning so.
Totally worth it.
What’s the weather.

[43:29] I got to the VIP area at that the Char Bar.
Or something like that it was it’s the bark like the really upscale bar club right next to there,
sounds like this is so boring there’s nothing to do.

[43:50] He have a 6-person player X-Men.
Yeah we just saw all the good one with the two screens Gartner from the disarmed.
Are we at six people on it was like 50 Cent nobody would play with me.
Usually what I do play with myself so.
Just got A6 man X-Men sorry White.

[44:39] Give me the downstairs and play X-Men again,
the Nightcrawler Nightcrawler X-Men X-Men
Idaho Falls for a hundred,
yeah I heard there was three other shows too much does he win them there’s a three shows there’s three shows that I got paired with it so is it go past Billings Montana to Idaho Falls,
which is self claimed date they say this as you walk in this you’ve probably heard that this is the worst Club in the mirror.
I have heard that Starbucks,
not including food or spaz really like that.

[45:50] Performance-wise stand up I think in Lincoln Nebraska.
Like at a theater Festival Lincoln Nebraska,
what you cuz cuz you you showed up like you actually run out of setting you had in your phone and you try to go without beer like on a night like I need this in the crowd was super receptive that I was just like.

[46:31] How many do stand-up I don’t have anything right now but.
I’m funny and I just totally think that it was very no problem and the crowd is just like.
Get like this match McConaughey attempting personality I had ladies I got.

[47:07] You don’t like the woven hoodie
NFR the singer concert this was more of an accident I was in Creative problem solving team called Destination Imagination
t i and I performed to Tennessee,
we did a pipe cleaning thing and then like we did this hold sewage we were told Scott about sewage systems,
Dole skit was poop on spit
that’s like a 3 digit no I wish.
Let’s go Chicago for a purpose purpose concert Chicago.
About to go to Denver nice for you.

[48:34] The first horror just like a one night only one that didn’t know that jawbreaker was playing again in Chicago.
Yeah I tried out this week. It look today Jason Weiss.
I might go I’m tempted.
I hate each other
play the band playing my song,
it’s funny how that kind of just goes away after time.
And I think next month will be my first to sing Alkaline Trio in St Louis some reason for that it’s like,
I saw the traits Mike nowhere near us nowhere who’s supporting for the together Pangea I think too then he makes way more money doing that,
and so it’s kind of like how often are they going to tour again probably not often so it’s like,
and now that Matt’s huge with blankets it’s probably sell faster,
I think he’s probably one of those guys that is still going to do it.

[50:00] I don’t know the guy so I’m excited.
And it’s like a 2000 cap room in St Louis so I’m like it’s going to be awesome play intimate enough for it still got it.

[50:16] Be cool awesome.

[50:25] I took a choir trip to Europe
some go to jail.
Chinchou evolve my kids talking about Call of Duty Avenue.
Why do they play the Eric Clapton version of I shot the sheriff on the radio constantly when it is clearly the latest version of the song.
Message you know we talked about it for like 20 minutes.

[51:23] Castlewood weirded.
Awesome research out there I don’t know what that one is.
Awesome research I think I just want to plug so all timers bad.
Yeah yeah music.
You still eat cereal,
for breakfast
Lil Wayne get through.

[52:35] I love you God damn it.
Play trucks,
the name of the Father the Son cereals probably going to,
favor go to hands down.
I like that what is a craven grave.
That it’s it’s the other one it is.
How to get soggy real quick which is okay.

[53:26] How do you do the recommended daily allotment the one, okay well then there you go.
That’s why I get soggy and gross.
I look at top 5 list of Fruity Pebbles.
I’m growing into an adult.
And one of these is this is coming from liquid looking to have in high school but every time every time I visit home she’ll send back a box of Lucky Charms.

[54:21] And it’s every time and the boxes keep growing in size feel like the first time I was like here’s a normal box of Lucky Charms.
And the next time as I hear look good like the larger size up and then fun,
and last time I went home it is the full-on family-size like dude
I had to like stash on the top shelf sideways,
yeah in all honesty now that we’re grown men right as anybody else dumped Lucky Charms out on the counter.

[55:03] And pick up marshmallows.
I don’t abandon I eat all the battleship out and then I just told like that
if I can get through this I can get through anything. Nutrients out of here.
Barber shop,
Elvis the family this little kid was just like I want Lucky Charms and I was like
we got marshmallows at home we’ll just leave them on the counter
shaved everything.
Thank you Robbie you can find just the mashmelose I get my wife a 5lb bag for her birthday every year.

[56:24] The crunch berries they do the just of Chuck Berry’s yeah just this,
someone else like literally just tarantula eggs,
Hearthside question blueberry.

[57:11] They changed from when we were kids to now it it’s like now that took the,
that the bullshyt Oak Park is like a fucking pillow of gross it just doesn’t shrink wrapping your teeth in like diabetes.
Uncle like what that stuff I mean like like,
can I buy like Quaker oatmeal squares is delicious multi-grain Cheerios,
it’s not it’s too early in the morning for me I’m going to have,
for dinner and lunch is determined just being different.
And he just
first like you just use mayonnaise with everything a little portion bowl of Cheerios.
Instead of adding milk.

[58:33] To the Coca-Cola dispenser is about
3 years away from.
Filter for Coca-Cola
oh my God he’s our drummer he’s lactose intolerant or he’s.
Adverse to lactose.

[59:15] Cereal to practice after meal.
What are you doing wow,
you guys just have a box of Snickers literally she’s a silly that yeah there has to have like.

[59:45] I don’t like corn flakes or hot dish that’s just there’s no in between.
How to make these pizzas when I took like a 20-minute break,
Bank of America.
You’re like two weeks later I see like pictures on the internet of The Adventures of Burger Time.
When we came back and I took pictures of the stuff in the corner and literally.
Vampire the first time I ever saw one of my best friends Ryan’s toy I can do stand-up comedy.
Alright circus Regal palsy he has to crutches can’t walk a whole lot and he had to go up the up the stairs.
And he was wearing pajama pants with holes in them shirt that didn’t look like it was clean and then any of this.
Long hair from this kind of grizzled face he gets up there.

[1:00:57] Pulls up a box of Lucky Charms and you watch this man who doesn’t have control of his functions horrible Syria,
and then get milk score,
the mail and then he sits there just kind of hovering over just eating it.

[1:01:24] They say it’s the most important meal of the day.
Hot dog business ate 5 minutes ago. That was at like 3 and we still had two minutes before the light came on it was it was
me and my friend Cody were like sitting there like I don’t know if this brilliant are stupid but I think.
Yeah it was turned out or he’s never going to do this again,
literally got paid for eating Lucky Charms
I know I’ve been walked on.

[1:02:16] 4 minutes of you setting up the drums like this spatial order to do anymore.

[1:02:32] It’s good you’re killing the room right now just talking about it you need to do it then you could be like the drummer for sale.
Oh my God.
It has actual sheet music for this full piano piece.
And get ready to make sure everything’s ready music.

[1:03:24] 4 minutes and 33 seconds rest the whole way,
close it get up push the benching leave in the music of that song is whatever is going on around you at the time
and drop whatever natural Ambiance of what’s going on but it’s still if you don’t if you’re not in it for the beauty of that is just like why are they out there,
that’s why I like it too.

[1:04:03] It’s a cool it’s a song ever yeah I think serious cereals.
Are there so many I mean like.
Blueberry muffins squares net.

[1:04:32] Breakfast lunch and dinner for like 2 years. I’m not even going to I’m not going to hang my head when I say this I have eaten I have eaten a whole box of it,
in like just in one night and I’ll wait until it was my wife working overnights at the TV station I was like mixing bowl.
Oh yeah somebody got up at 2 in the morning or cereal.
Oh yeah I’ve never been that I think there’s always been bacon and eggs around.
On your bacon egg and sandwich yeah. Those two bacon egg and cheese sandwich absolutely.

[1:05:19] Cinnamon Toast Crunch my whole life I’ve been trying to lose weight.
No whole milk mama trying to lose weight,
I love Burger King does that left titty live milk,
kill the host.

[1:06:08] William Perry personalized question,
thoughts on Weiser also if Dan this it is a guest on this episode favorite song on The Blue Album he hates The Blue Album.
I want to talk about.
A why do you think certain artists have 15 minutes of fame and others maintain a consistent career.

[1:06:43] Spell.

[1:06:47] Original and new.
Sonic fans of band say I hate their new album cuz it doesn’t sound like them and I think that’s important because those bands around like I’m.

[1:07:06] S Notes and it’s so strange that I Love My Chemical Romance on my all-time favorite band.
But they change sound so often I mean you look at Blackberry press a Danger Days in like.
They changed so much but there’s like a stick around I know it’s kind of a joke they’re broken up now but but.

[1:07:25] That there are bands that have two or three albums were there at the Zeitgeist so they reflect their Peak,
what kind of people use that but I think it’s that willingness to innovate like this is this is who we are as artists,
but we need to grow and challenge ourselves and those are the people that are willing to be in it for the Long Haul.
Rite Aid rather than just writing one Kashi sound like it’s ready to do right that one catchy song,
aren’t in it for the long haul either but it just might be an over-reliance on on that one thing right I think it’s more about cult following it is about.

[1:08:03] One hit wonders there’s a thing that happens to when you you can kind of see it where like a band has longevity to where they continued with her constantly putting out new music and there.
Maybe not even like staying true or form but their there they’re consistently doing something that is that is them that’s their sound and they’re not.
Altering the way it is to go along with the x or two to try to like gain radio AirPlay and stuff like that and so when when they when those things are a byproduct of what they do naturally,
that’s pretty cool you know along the lines of what you were saying bad religion is my favorite band of all time,
and those guys have been changed a little bit as they’ve gone on but for the most part the the formula is the same and they consistently.
Sell tickets and sell records and do all these things without changing who they are and so it’s like they’ve gotten to the point now when like when bands like that go out and tore that they’re not a novelty Act
Ronnie I did this not like it so cool look at this like they’re still playing like let’s go see him because they’re still playing it’s like they’re fucking awesome,
mr. Holton Court would be bad religion.

[1:09:16] It’s good it’s good to great.
No we don’t have David interviews about it
because people are like,
we did it and it did seem Atlas it’s the most punk-rock thing that could have ever done because people like what the fuck.
And in there like we’re not monsters like we like Christmas music this is just hard take on it you know I like I like I think it’s great that Greg graffin sings O Come All Ye Faithful I mean that to me that’s the most poker app that you can take the song that life.
It is against all the shit that you that you speak from your mouth and you can take that
and you can and you can put out something the tiger and said that they have ownership of it now even though it’s not there song but they put it on
they put their name in their fun on their album with that shit on there and then and then they kept.
Come on man it’s like it’s.

[1:10:33] 20 tracks in the album cylinder like 5 minutes long it’s a one-sided LPS Appliance way
oh you think you’re sick so sacred.
I feel like the band has staying power and if they’re if I think that’s a true sign of having staying power is that they can continue to go out and,
if you started in 1979 or 77 or whenever it was then then like in keep going and still sell records and tickets because they’re
good and not just because like isn’t that cute they’re still playing you know what I mean I’d like they’re still relevant and there’s a ton of.
Definitions of successful though is it is it,
staying power is it is it longevity or is it take sales or radio play I mean it’s not the radio sales and stuff like that I think it’s like.
Putting out music that you believe in 100% Alkaline Trio it is what he does he does,
Blink 182.

[1:11:57] With your music with your art, D whatever it is George Carlin you know like.
You know you are going to be successful you were going to stay successful because you’re always putting your opinions your your.

[1:12:14] Good thoughts into what you’re doing instead of just you know being a.
A drake 10 years from now.
Fucking quit now sadly I don’t think that’s there in might be but it’s on the same thing,
trick put out hits in MN I don’t think he doesn’t believe it but I mean he’s.

[1:12:43] Been around I mean I suppose they were people would count.
My girlfriend Love Drake.
I can better in a wheelchair I prefer Drake with Josh.
Nick nick Nickelodeon.
People on an emotional Day of the Dead and Company which is John Mayer and.
Remaining guys of Grateful Dead and it was fantastic but they’re still connecting with that music and still doing that and I think.
I’m in Frozen songs.

[1:13:53] You’re still 20 minutes long and it said it was it was a lot of fun and if they’re still connecting on a.
I think I think there’s something when something is timeless.
He can last forever but there’s a lot of flash in the pan you know like you’re saying with some of the Drake stuff yeah we all remember like.
Will remember Thriller and Billie Jean and beat it but there’s a lot of other garbage that got hit number one hit on from that Michael Jackson catalog.
He says the same power because he still there is some of these core songs that stayed emotionally connected.

[1:14:38] You look like you’re about to explode earlier when you were we were talking about something so,
no I did not. I just really enjoying it.
That’s also honest it’s interesting to see when it in regards to an artist setlist to if it’s always catered to I’m going to end with the hits towards the end then that’s kind of one of those artists that utilize strictly on the radio headset.
Remain important in their eyes or something like that so it’s like.
Couple weeks ago and he opened With Me and Julio.
Don’t like musically second song at the very least but we out like.

[1:15:34] I was going to give a marble spoiler people haven’t seen the Moors.
Play Radiohead opens up with creepy this want to get it out of the way to be done with a semi done,
oh yes it’s played out because it was like you’re single is the thing that lady.
Follow you around and you had to play it Nirvana hated hated Teen Spirit.

[1:16:11] Feel like Kurt half asses.
I don’t I just don’t like him.
Everybody’s heard this year it’s my favorite thing is the best thing to run ever released.
Hahaha I don’t know.
Just like what would take to reunite The Beatles.

[1:16:51] A bullet 39 Orange.

[1:16:59] You guys not going to come back no it’s just me,
selling all 20,000 people that were in that building definitely didn’t hit with Ryan from last Harbor recommended for Def Leppard,
how have you been in Spanish,
how is the slowest bearing on a joke ever like.
You should just do it Def Leppard Def Leppard cover.
And I did not say God damn thing anybody in this us will be like.

[1:17:57] Yep actually killed here Bobby do a cover.
Look at you.
The guy in free cover band,
oh yeah yeah we went out a couple of me
was like Astro Zombies we did scuffletown from avail
play that everytime I pick up my guitar written that song a hundred times,
boxcar from Jawbreaker.
I’m Solid box card kind of hung around for a little while.

[1:19:03] You do come for soundcheck sometimes will do it.
You know I don’t know.

[1:19:19] We have Stand By Me an Earth Angel which are like,
we do those and then you put in the way that they were written or do you plan to your style and it kind of
it’s more metal metal but you know kind of more post-hardcore with the driving beads and stuff.
And then we just did cuz we play we had to play like a three-hour set in Chamberlain the other day it was part of a little tour thing.

[1:19:55] And we had we had to learn a couple covers so we learned a couple for 3 hours.
Play American Pie like three times like a long version,
smoke in the smoker and then in the Garden of Eden
go back Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus oh my god wow,
straight up now tell me do you love me forever oh oh oh.

[1:20:52] For discern,
call the Carolina. He really not supposed to say could you do something,
there’s a comedy karaoke show where you do like two comedians working okay.
That means some people bring their own flare to it is it like that sometimes it’s just spoofing on like a shity comedian like I’ve seen.
how Dane Cook would tell if it’s,
yeah you’re not supposed to do but but they do kept comedy karaoke and we were going to do at the club.

[1:21:58] Really cool.

[1:22:10] Next next one,
you know it’s like a show like yeah.

[1:22:48] Oh yeah I woke up to the last episode.

[1:23:00] Whatever,
does that kind of show you make it in I’ll give you a blue ribbon you win you win.

[1:23:17] Celebrity crushes yes.
Aaron Carter.
I’d like to I would like to know excess the beginning of That’s right or was.
I got like to see the two different ride in history.

[1:24:05] Are Jenna Fischer from the office Pam.
Girl Next Door Facebook Ring-a-Ding-Ding every girl for Zac celebrity crushes what were talking about.
Jumping jump in water’s warm.

[1:24:31] Used to be Angelina Jolie.

[1:24:39] Newfangled pop artist.

[1:24:48] Yeah.

[1:24:54] Music shit but awesome.

[1:25:05] She’s the girl from.

[1:25:09] Blue eyes and red hair she’s in Georgia.
Maybe I don’t remember her name I’m going to find it out.

[1:25:31] In a bunch of movies that my wife makes me watch Jason Momoa.
I still like a.
I’m telling you right now I don’t know what I would do
I know I would hope so,
German smear.
How awesome are you in love you,
call Tina Fey,
Google smart glasses,
you should sectional soft oh like under 25 between 25 and 40 Saturday why are 60.

[1:26:59] But from what Helen Mirren.
She’s sassy Amy Adams Amy Adams
Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs,
glow gorgeous ladies of wrestling.
Did you see the Disaster Artist.

[1:27:45] Dress code after Dark.

[1:27:53] Oh Yeah from ladybird Grand Budapest Hotel
the shape of Mexico on her face like purple.

[1:28:13] Still Angelina Jolie take that one to the Grave if I can watch Angelina Jolie and Jason Momoa.
Who would be very private.

[1:28:39] Yet another Saved by the Bell Tiffani Amber Thiessen.
Lily James.
Slow it’s like really something but the guy from baby driver Deborah.

[1:29:00] Not Australian in clown makeup but like
brother like we’re just going to get her and put her in a bathtub and have her explain the housing crisis.
So if you’re going to have to accept it.

[1:29:26] Love my wife.
Who wrote on the MasterChef.

[1:29:49] Hahaha.
Flaws at all.
Can I see girl in just about any I’m the only hippie in the group.

[1:30:17] Pretty sure he be hugging you my friend,
Vin Diesel,
Christina Hendricks,
oh yeah,
Paris here we come,
yes we’re a bunch of dudes talking about women who keeps coming up beautiful,
he would destroy me the story of energy.

[1:31:28] You are the rock bottom
it doesn’t matter what your name is
tooth fairy I could think of a pun for that I had to make sure got out there,
where he’s like in Central America to be an entertaining movie,
mildly enjoyable I was really I was really embarrassed my wife walked in on me not,
masturbated watching soil intelligence,
I was channel surfing I was I was I wasn’t laughing very specifically the scene where.
She’s like what is this.

[1:32:54] It was just on.

[1:33:05] Teenager finger on the power button like watching Cinemax late at night.
If these guys don’t know.

[1:33:18] You need skinemax after 11 p.m. I never went to school.

[1:33:28] Stop what are you up to tonight.
What’s on Cinemax tonight Jumanji.
School Bus Tracker.
To next one I’ll go through.

[1:34:10] What’s wrong it’s.

[1:34:17] She last time we went to that question we failed because.
If an artist believes in their stuff they should never call it quits but sometimes you feel like retire or if it’s.

[1:34:30] Passage Point of relevancy or something like that should they call Dad a kind of thing so I’ll look at it from that angle.
Oh my gosh,
10 years ago during your eyes.
I don’t disagree I don’t disagree all of the day,
still can’t draw more than 50,
it’s all about being old I really enjoyed,
I’ve never had to pay to see that my visit later.
Somebody figure phone out in this record I’m just live stream.

[1:35:55] I’ll bring you a disc hey as soon as I get back.
Take us know I listen to the Yankees
she left! Did the news
is it okay to unfortunately,
figured that this is completely out of fucking left field but.

[1:36:41] The latest meatloaf record,
it’s so bad and went to a meatloaf did anybody it’s miserable
like if you’d like if you listen to that.
The babadook that record is ridiculous and crazy every single song is like
walking Opera it’s ridiculous.
And he put out this thing I was just so busy sorry weird and I’m never listening to him being like I disagree.
You know and his response was like yeah I can’t do that shit like I used to my voice can pull up to it.

[1:37:37] You know it’s like what but that was kind of your thing was your voice you know so it’s like.
If if you know like Steve Vai puts out an album of him playing full songs and it’s like.
It’s like well then just fucking done.
You’re finished I paid is he still my driving record,
people still want to go out and do it you know what I mean,
but there’s also a point when it’s like o like.
That’s what you you put that okay.
You know in like Dave Grohl goes out there.
Kills it all the fucking time right every night every night which is heart and soul and passion bites every fucking nothing does Bret Michaels.

[1:38:47] Different,
schools that man lately different era. Michael’s came from that Sunset Strip party like you know a hard like we might get paid and blow tonight you know what I mean like that kind of a thing where Nirvana and and,
you know all that stuff came up from that like we don’t give a shit if we’re famous or not we’re just going to play Uno,
so it’s like there was a 10-year Gap there and also like a completely different vibe you know.
Fucking like good musicians we just want to be,
in there
Axl Rose like Brian Johnson.

[1:39:42] What is fronting ACDC
that was my over that was why I love ACDC they’re one of my favorite bands of all time and then I hate Axl Rose more than anything else that’s so it’s like.

[1:40:01] Other people hate Axl Rose every time I text bring it up before like you’re an asshole.

[1:40:13] No don’t see I don’t really listen to Guns N Roses by will say they were kind of it as far as mainstream Rocco’s kind of essential in like the.
Switching from hair metal to grunge punk rock that kind of thing cuz they were kind of the middle they did the appearance sing with Elsa kind of the edge so it’s kind of like image zero light on.
They they just driving.
I know I will defend that ban because when I was a kid they were the first band that I saw that was like.

[1:40:50] They are gross and lightly always drunk even when they’re on TV like they smoked in the videos and stuff and they did their is gnarly in like,
my parents were like don’t be that and so I said okay well now that’s exactly what I want to be.
Rebellious music they were the first time to me that music was dangerous you know because like you could listen to it they said fuck on their records and it was like it was kind of a big deal you know what I mean and they were like they.
The mainstream news to the point that music did at that point but it was like their hearts on their album cover was completely censored they couldn’t release the record with the original art they can come up with.
Everything and so it was like it did there’s a lot of things that like we’re shut down about that band that they couldn’t do and so when you bought the wrecking you listen to it like a holy fuck this is like.
You know anyways look the same reaction that like our parents parents had when they first listen to The Rolling Stones you know what I mean and it’s like I know that’s kind of you to say but it is I think it’s the truth because it’s like oh my God you can’t like.
Brown sugar you can’t do that like me can’t sing about that you know late like that you can’t sing about,
you know like masking the song but they’re really about cocaine you know what I mean lately you can’t do that you know in Guns N Roses came out hitting his stay out late at night.

[1:42:12] So I know,
you know even if it if you were the only person in the world that it did that for I appreciate that I wouldn’t play music if it weren’t for them.

[1:42:29] Well then thank you. Some roses.

[1:42:36] No I still don’t like them we’ve had a slash I work at a store that sells guitars and Justice Center.
I wouldn’t say it’s the center 2 on the west side of town.
Guitar West.
Hopefully we can get a slash guitar it’s like one of his Epiphone models whatever it’s so bad and,
every person asks is it in the picture of the box has the slash guitar with his hat and so everybody’s like.
I-69 I pay for that just for the Hat,
it does it come with the hat boxes this wife Hattiesburg is say yes.

[1:43:38] Long long time and I’m pretty sure it was there when you were there and we hit that is it the yellow one,
ever Somebody by that thing you know what used to be white but slap to smoke around its own butt,
slash only one who is able to smoke in any Guitar Center.
Until they got rid of the smoking thing but if slash goes to a Guitar Center he is allowed to smoke I think he’s allowed to smoke it with.

[1:44:21] Alright guys are going to have the worship team come up and meet us before our guest guitarist,
a slap fight,
I would go to a speaker.
I would go to that church you guys could all be comedians,
comedy Gallery shooting.

[1:45:10] Best soundtrack to movie you’ve ever heard or TV show.
Drought what music in fuck movies.

[1:45:25] For me breakfast club. Just like I kind of like the vibe music the whole thing is.
It doesn’t it’s one of those things where I think it was made for the movie all the music was made for the movie.
It all came together and that’s when the soundtracks use its sink so well to the movie itself and I was just like.
You can’t hear the songs that were in that movie and not think about that movie.
You know what’s funny is that when I every time I see a copy of my no copy of purple rain I always think about that movie cuz that’s how she’s looking at it while she’s like.

[1:46:13] What is wrong with just enough time after that.
Super Bowl is in Great Britain.
Baby driver
I have the whole thing saving Spotify.
Lords of Dogtown Juno.
I like I like.
Personally I spell position she was a fan of tooth they want to do songs to movie that’s how that happened it’s kind of cool process Cool Running.
Not found it I really love.
Trying to rise above.

[1:47:41] That’s my karaoke go to whole fucking thing.

[1:47:46] Because of his head now you’re in now you want to talk about.

[1:47:54] Listen to Fun for everybody.
I don’t know why I remember me I just girl cry just.
Like the Cowardly Lion
the music for Interstellar Interstellar.
A Walk Hard nice.
Bickford shmeckler’s cool ideas.
That sounds like a one movie I can like really remember the whole sack was that movie about CBGB.

[1:49:03] Oh yeah and what you talk about so yeah I was pretty good contract.
What movies just came out,
it had run run from it sneak and Alan Rickman and had Prince Rupert Grint it had some other cool people like it Iggy Pop,
yeah it’s great it’s a good movie we seen that I didn’t know what happened.
AirHeads scared the crow had a good soundtrack,
most recently I really love the Guardians of the Galaxy song today.
Then he was even scheduled to be tweeted like 15 years ago about,
yeah that. He said he owned up to and apologized for and said like this was an early part of my career that doesn’t condone my behavior I apologize for it I’m doing my my best to be a better man from then.
And that is the guy that perpetrated the whole.

[1:50:21] Made the popularize the whole pizzagate thing with Hillary Clinton.
So I would be fired from every goddamn job I’ve ever had my life if that were the case.
Nothing is sacred to me what stinks.

[1:50:51] A job Disney.
Smile direct movies or do anything of serious consequence.
He’ll be fine Zack Snyder leaving in Justice League awesome.

[1:51:24] Zack Snyder leaving the DC Universe is the best thing to happen to the DC Universe.
U-Haul trailer for Titans sucker-punch garbage.
Sorry I don’t like sex I didn’t like the trailer for me too movement for that.
What’s sirloin beef I like a story,
yeah I like a plot where is planning a what’s your favorite soundtrack
you know I’m going to Classic old-school Hellraiser.
Dazed and Confused soundtrack remove YouTube Easy Rider soundtrack.

[1:52:38] Oh shit okay lots of terrible movie Gladiator.
I want to get you.

[1:52:54] Movie place with a classical score that I like,
get your shit about other than glass the Mohicans for those like the early 90s so I was like 10 and to know what the fuck I was going to but,
no that was the first one where I was like oh I’m going to make note of this composer in the follow him for the rest of the my days this is my this is my answer.
Nightmare Before Christmas.
Danny Elfman inventor of The Simpsons theme and Beetlejuice and all sorts of Batman the Batman.

[1:53:33] Fucking remember the end of
Fight Club where was it was at The Chemical Brothers all the way to the movie was just kind of like man that’s all right but then one shot better than that
you know what I mean like like that Pixies cover ever Hollander shut up.

[1:53:53] That’s a great cover where is my mind with like God was on their braids promise ring going to heaven in fucking destroy the whole wreck.
Nada Surf did where is my mind on there and then liked it. It’s so good to see if you should bring me a.
Burmese CDR,
that is something that you burn music onto you to pick me up now talk Jason Segel nice,
that you got it over there I saw you looking at it.
That’s some good shit TV show wise I think scrubs was great. Music
I guess every time CSI Gotham.

[1:55:04] The one with the who.
Best scrubs actually kind of it was responsible for me getting me until I bore Indie ish kind of music.
Water is he just into stuff like that the artist like it could I use it.
Oh my God damn I mean there’s just a ton of shit on there just absolutely amazing.
Josh Groban Falls around the main character in a singing.
Shut up I mean lame is.

[1:56:02] You act like this I love live.

[1:56:14] 867-5309 whatever the number one is I don’t cry.
Never was about who hurt you to 46011.

[1:56:26] What the fuck is happening I have not watch.
Scare at the old College try,
and my friends do I check my voicemail my voicemail
but there are only three movies I’ve ever cried
it’s lame as a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Deadpool 2.
When when when when the slow rendition of take on me hit that the anti lost it I was just bawling in the theaters.
How tall is Michael Fry at every move away like Beethoven.
I don’t know if I.

[1:57:43] It’s very rare that should be accepted the bucket list,
how do you say you don’t cry you just lied all this.
It was close to an hour ago the last time somebody type something and it wasn’t even about the show that’s me.
That’s it I’m I’m the one viewer. I meant to say.

[1:58:26] Yes her and events Cheese’s I just got there.
It is it’s a joke about how we’re all going to die in radioactive fire and within the next 6 months.
Wineries near Coast.
Fallout 76 Ethan Allen Highway.
So wait a second if you’re the other one you like everybody everybody.
You meant to say wouldn’t fake news,
Shameless plug Shameless plug so you guys have to approach my go round you got shows anyting.

[1:59:28] Albums and don’t have any going to be on the white wall sessions.
Say what he’s going to taking a break right now we’re going to be writing some new shift and recording and.
So I think for the rest of the year we’re done but yeah in August we’re going to be on the way all sessions awesome I am.
Hopefully recording an album sometime soon so keep an eye on that soap wash my Facebook and stuff I will be at The Goonies September 7th.
8th and Rochester Minnesota, Hometown show.
So come out to that there’s a lot of great stuff coming to The Comedy Club notably April Richardson.
Is going to be here August 6th it’s a big deal she’s very cool.
And then yeah just follow boxes comedy on Facebook updates.

[2:00:35] Demi Rose recorded a new EP over the winter just put the finishing touches on it a couple weeks ago.

[2:00:45] We’re in the process of figuring out weird DIY in that again so I was just kind of cool so we’re putting the way out together and everything like that kind of assembling the record right now so,
of the recordings done so we just got to figure out how we’re going to do it what medium for going to do it in and stuff you know it’s there’s always the talk of vinyl but it’s always very expensive so,
but besides that we don’t have any shows on the horizon.
September 8th we’re going to be doing a benefit of some sort of co-worker of mine has cancer and so we’re going to try to raise a couple bucks for him and his family so,
don’t have the venue or anything like that lock down on it but keep an eye out for it,
this is kind of a fun one we sold out of our physical copies of our record so I like our last full length and stuff so they’re all gone so I think you can still get a couple copies of it down at Old Rag but,
Jimmy rise 6:05. the whole thing is up there.
Where did acoustic show at Icon August 12th which is my birthday will be doing a suicide prevention kind of benefit concert at I think I could believe that one’s at the.
Where is that.

[2:02:09] American Legion building.
And I like what he was saying we’re doing a DIY album I II p o album Loop all up already recorded it just mixing it stuff in Sono.
Finishing touches I am so that’s going to be coming out soon eventually hopefully.

[2:02:38] I’ll be sure to check out all the amazing podcasts at the Sioux Empire. Com including this one the dress code McCobb grimoire we are getting into some like high weirdness alien shit so we should have checked that out,
as soon as pirate podcast this week I’m going to an escape room tomorrow morning be attacked by zombies and we’re recording that over at Escape 605 for that episode so you want to check that out when that releases
and yeah we should listen to all the podcast also over at 2,
live 605 really really great online radio station to celebrate all the local music,
and be sure to vote for your favorite bands there and yeah thank you for listening.
I don’t actually have stuff this is exciting as as of 8 this morning my Theater Company monster Soul theater has a website,
Let It Go Robbie and with that we also announced to our 2018-2019 season,
that is up there and we were we got an open or soft opener with.
Matthew Stafford’s new play The Heart play August 16th that’s going to be at the retreat at pointers Ridge of near Baltic more information or website.

[2:04:06] Anybody boss is tomorrow I’ll be opening up for this Victory increase my Lan and Cody Frito.

[2:04:15] Genre mix up kind of Destiny fun and I’ll be hosting a bingo tournament at wood grain tomorrow afternoon I’ll be telling jokes trying to
send to me some cougars there last time I did I said benign tumors benign
I’m sure this will never be built,
9 I 29
Bob I knew been absent Idols of doing our first show at Steve MacFarlane’s from Big Red Rocket Ride
Truck Yeah
awesome that’s like the best group of people that I’ve seen them.

[2:05:14] What is Ruben’s Originals hero.
8 or 9 for sale,
is a joke really feels like if you say something and then add it with this weird noises,
you have to hang around here and see him do it I can’t do it taking a brief,
Fender guitars just announced he’s moving to Minneapolis so he’s Movin On,
that was kind of figured out,
Robert that you have anything can probably do you have anything to blood type it now and then will that be too late,
working on new stuff and then see what happens with new guitarist or some like that sell and then I’ll show her next dress code episodes are doing two in one night I think on the 29th,
and I hope I saw and the lineup for that’ll be finalized within the next few days figure it out.

[2:06:27] You’re all that so yeah thank you guys thank you David Nate Tony Colton Robert ride all you guys,
which way is off the stage.
Every fucking drum set down on the stage I would go up and break your drum set you off the stage I’m coming to town.
Have a comedy show tomorrow Jesus.
Oh now you’re quiet.
Dodge race car.

[2:07:24] Music.

The Dresch Code Ep 005 Serial Killers and Looney Tunes

The Dresch Code Ep 005 Serial Killers and Looney Tunes

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed

Guests:  The Disarmed, Adam Wilka, Keith Casten

This week’s topics include Racist Looney Tunes, Serial Killers, Cults, What’s your favorite band, music festivals, worst band names, Rick and Morty, favorite and least favorite album covers, who inspired you to get into your art, and the creative process.

Machine Transcript

[0:18] One goes to.
There is always residue oh that’s when i can basically the show is we have topics in a bucket or jar,
or Chuck it as it’s a new phrase topic out from this jar bucket,
and we’ll decide if that passed or failed the dress code the topic so pass means we will talk about the topic question.
And fail is we will not talk about it will save that talk question topic for another episode,
and susan i’ll give at five thirty but he said that i’m looking for five thirty am site on the top,
different worlds.
From the discerns Bobby Kooiman extraordinaire are you good sir.

[1:31] Doing good doing just great bassist extraordinaire Doterra,
Send me your prayer certain at at a mocha fluffed are you don’t get the thanks for having me they for being here thinks something.
Good friend of mine extraordinaire keep Gaston answer.

[2:13] God and Adam and Keith and I all went to HighSchool together such a fun facts there and another fun fact our theme song for the dress code is a discern song.
Are you delivering self possible we can hear it to hear but people listening and watching that they can hear it won’t get.
And I’m family go full band Astro apart I would ever like yeah let’s do that.
Five hundred show him to show us or call topics and the jacket the jacket agendas are at bronwyn be the first one to part with this and is wearing,
okay no such thing.

[3:07] First up the least favorite artist that you love least favorite artist that you love that you seem live.
Pastor Fields restaurant pass pass,
ass means yes feelings over yet so favorite like back and least favorite artists okay love you said that you’ve seen lies looking guilty pleasure using on cuz i got a question,
I got a past I think I think so or is that you love that was ruined because you saw him live or something like that,
I think that’s what that means
Toilet Fail,

[4:07] Brother poke wars for five hours are.
Her number and she dot dot dot.
Little that means yes to masses girly culture of those.

[4:29] Its cool sure the music from our exact naomi morning at was a kick and.

[4:38] Search,
yeah there’s.
What was really popular when.
How do you feel about lift boy musicians by means of John read aloud that I talk about.
The check but probably everything in that bucket.
But this one,
2 in a row
are Looney Tune cartoons racist,
short answer yeah yeah yeah.

[6:02] When they came out they were really racist they have changed since then,
new releases on then like say this like hey.
We realize a lot of this stuff is I don’t care anymore.
Screaming when was the color off,
like space during Space Jam
I mean you need to go.
All cartoons or just
sales associate,
weapons is the specific
calculate the moles there is only one is gonna bug me a hills bunny of her and she do it.
And guess what with a few from roger rabbit i never realize what.

[7:29] Add on to that’s disney that’s is well thanks friend restaurant for is it in order to was a joins mean so like that’s wife you notice like an apartment or a cartoon and they had to negotiate every fucking part that movie,
I’m not Donald Duck Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse had to have exactly to the millisecond,
all screen time does amazing thing lightning that shit all the different for shor cares if you go back and re watch aziz was like just up like war g of tunes but it’s like,
whatever you like.
Four hundred which is directly subsidiary will find out where christopher lee to assume and,
so you just around that has the means police power and jessica rabbit ch is your ss just around the main person he or she that’s the only source material
the wheel so handsome rule for a
Native American Bully,
Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse big bugs because of his long.

[8:57] But Mickey Mouse probably would just.

[9:01] Would totally win if you look at like Kingdom Hearts amazing weird.
Keyblade healing powers facts we know that.
Here we don’t know much stuff that is is a powerful service are all when and where and we’ll and yeah bose just light.
Is it faster answers yeah he’s site tricky that’s.
Scheme and and my light everything up real erases it what it turns out just a lot of is all like a lot of his old gag for just like they are basically cartoon face are you familiar with minstrel see.
Where in vaudeville performances they have,
white guy dressed up as a black person for like a black face and they put yeah looking into it would have a white ring around the health
like i’ve seen like it has no copy everything over again nostrils show over top of bugs bunny like with the face and that’s why they all wear cloves of the minstrel show thing,
Yosemite Sam.
I think one cotton picking minute is up the package with one cotton picking minute be.
Cap picking minute me this.

[10:31] Picking cotton is the worst thing you can possibly do it just takes forever it’s a horrible and wrenches.

[10:40] So sang can you wait one cotton-picking minute me wait a long f****** minute wait a few minutes I’ll take some time.
It doesn’t means it’s also the villain in those so like.

[11:04] Reminds me of when you know the new Star Wars came out everyone is like you have a black Stormtrooper,
you know there’s the other side that was like I dare you be racist but with the Empire can do but like there’s Space Nazis like you going to say that like you Space Nazis can’t be evil,
a lot of opinions so.
Oh for god’s should be guns thirty two villa full and on the extremely dirty we just got.

[11:50] Are we the first floor parking myself incapable of breaking away from the storm troopers anyone becoming a get garay,
distance can hear of resistance one that is meant that they live in like thousand of them in one c and what
you are gonna hit your ball don’t know and then let the hue is using the house for both.
Set me ablaze in two days i have a proposal for you the second star wars movie was basically the speed movies both out calories and therefore not as good.

[12:33] The speed we’re going to die that’s that’s what that movie is like.

[12:52] I can’t wait.
Who is your favorite serial killer and or cult leader yeah i was scared that.
So I go to avoid state every year.
There is no heat what state was that a government that leadership program and then it wasn’t almost six cargo shorts yeah not cool,
every single year and this year showed up with a scraggly beard and the running joke was that he look like Ted Kaczynski
so and then the very next day always watching the text in few documentary in the lounge.
I’m a lot about higgs if you click driving on the name of his widmer.

[13:56] My favorite color is a Twenty One Pilots reform to click,
click is the name of the layoff has come up with one people believe that they actually play their instruments so that’s my favorite color so your serial killer.
All means and for sure my doesn’t like if you watch any of his lake.

[14:28] Is like interviews and stuff.
He’s like a genius he’s like crazy smart and he has a lot of like really weird little like.

[14:40] Pieces of light life advice that you’re like yeah that you’re like why,
were you serial killer
actually like getting that were released,
you speak like working it in Hollywood trying to get his record deal and stuff like that and when that started to fall through then he’s like,
his plan to go out into the Wilderness and set up this camper whatever work and you just like fell into it and like one of his subordinates was really like.

[15:23] Oh yeah you wouldn’t have known the names for them but yeah he did a whole lot of like cold reading and manipulating and stuff.
Like directly ever killed anyone I think you just like,
brainwashed people into killing other,
he sent them and he thought they f***** it up so then he came with quote-unquote to make sure they got it right the third time and so then he got his hands dirty on that one really,
last podcast on the left after my podcasts the greatest podcast in the world.

[16:12] Means they’re fake google or you tube questions harriet was jails three hours using every class is about to get out of,
so the fuck no vacuum for will he’s one of those where it was like he was impoverished and it was like the forties and fifties and stuff and he.
Prison was like good it was like wearing all these meals and sleeping,
modern prison.
Now the that it was very good on sewer as the short list the early nineties bottom kirk and,
ask you call ask manson but it still runs barbara kirtley oh he’s in his jail cell lego honey is staying out of carpet,
six surely sustainer general me at all possible for people to the hose,
when some is mostly a thirty second clip with thousands of all of the dial heard.
She’s our heavy casualties and when considered in his he’s tired he’s angry and he’s on one liners who’s saturday could you guys.

[17:36] Who’s this old for you to do all of that to.

[17:45] Of a research project and what is on my plate is out of ideas yeah to you,
temperature serial killer part call later are calling is in doug is a twenty fluid.
Counsel is a bit battery battery however he says that like she told sunbathing she bathed in their blood sugar of young girls,
virgins and bathe in their blood in order to retain.

[18:21] Supposedly.

[18:34] Ramirez.
The Night Stalker.
Friends and the thing i didn’t get about jeffrey r and carl was that late so you like a movie you’d word somebody’s face are for people staying on late thurs so it doesn’t get the phone on top of the tower.

[19:02] Mermaid II zombies any eight,
as a sex toy,
and he would like being there i suck it will be so hot this is better lately like yeah and he would like to use it and tell the school would break and then find a new one ha she’s a,
parental advice without hurting yourself
it’s just Ballin like it was a straight-up baller
how do you repair he foxes school focus patter of the running belt or write me have legal a liberal freezer full of,
okay well next week,
what do I feel today how do I feel.

[20:08] We can i just resting he’s he stole,
president truman’s alot and he like your dating him over thousands where is the out of this thing yeah every season say he’s like this,
knew you wouldn’t in that selection is hiking miserable they call me zach can,
yeah who’s your little buddy alright,
he’s a new guy on the same Keith raineri,
yeah he started called Nexium the sex calls for all the celebrities are in Idaho,
because it’s they’re still figuring this s*** out what it’s like,
there are way more people involved then they initially like
really established something like a billion dollars Capital Chloe from Smallville,
find out about that thing today whole billy brainwash women and also get lake.

[21:29] But they didn’t part of joining is like giving them like legit blackmail on using if you don’t have anything in the new do some super fucked up and the illness and they have blackmail yeah select is all these lake,
know which of the beautiful people,
sickly is like in this next young called that is crazy and like it cuz it’s it’s not over yet one of the the the the that reminds me of,
i see it and i want to let the the details of his sunny looking due to his is go alexandra is it’s,
so the clock,
jason all the rest of the week oh yeah how’s that ss holds the guy israel that has two pounds from.

[22:24] Our culture just like made more sense to me I thought we were all just afraid of clowns.

[22:39] R Kelly.
Tired of that yet you lose believes that a sex cult,
um yeah he does yeah mean on ankara yeah he did,
he did and just got a pass for it.
I just watched that documentary GG Allin idolized to John Wayne Gacy,
how to write 1,
Ocean radio the guy that’s was the head of that deadly doomsday cult in Tokyo.
Amazing thing about that cult is that in addition to light being worth billions of,
by the time they got busted after the cuz they’re their whole plan was to trigger World War 3 between somehow Japan and the United States while they were allies and cause a nuclear Holocaust they would rule the world after,
Apache helicopters and a whole bunch of like tanks and stuff.

[23:56] This is all japan would have like really strict gun control but its complement create increased hundreds of like,
machine guns and Vulcan cannons and like could overthrow the government
now remember is it raining like a Japanese,
what part of it was because they were paying off the Yakuza like really big and but yeah after the attack that kind of like blew up in their faces because,
teams really good at recruiting academics if they were all like phds it was basically like the cast from f******,
Big Bang Theory trying to pull off a chemical weapons attack,
accidentally kicks off his shoes while he’s like puncturing the bag and then runs back the van and one of my leaves his like umbrella over here these supposed to bring back and just like.

[25:00] Yeah it was all like but they’re all like super Geniuses but they’re all like clearly not Soldier / terrorists.
That’s the one having skate all the service using does one this one do i yeah i really think the hotline you call the hotline estimate the question of the,
it’s hard time on their website really they got the helpful links they still run their website the tendons gay dot com sync it is you have to sue my pussy to become easily,
Ryan Alexander Soros favorite.
Lighter topic for Pauly Shore too talented,
switch the clothes that will know only sorrow to talented fully sure i’ll talk about my close personal friend polish or is the slow.

[26:05] A movie holy do you for some reason but it’s not as of,

[26:20] How do you feel about Music Factory.

[26:26] What music festivals like Saturday in the Park.

[26:35] Is it’s like there’s more viewers and people get more animated at Music Festival drunk.
Set free reversals is there’s not as much in see between the artist kraut that’s right side for it all of your groups of rattles
alright all three of you about god’s eyes and acts thirty days high ass goals like get up go who’s.

[27:05] O2 is called Chicago open-air that’s like the only.
Life-like festival ever been to write all super from the only thing that i didn’t like about it was that the sense we’re all lot shorter but i got to see you finally kilobit so again i’m down for festivals but it it left me feeling like i’d like,
can a half check them off my list. Like I song
i only played like five songs instead of you know it says the bomber for an elective cs on the three to the average that’s what’s all going to go see a bunch of bands i haven’t seen before or that i like really want to see
but it’s hard the Maya the only downside is like usually there’s two people I really like playing the same time,
raise the blinds down the line and he doesn’t base what via a link never know who is actually at the festival i forgot to.
I like I’m not like this guy but like I’ll go to festivals.
Be there watch people to get drunk regrets get someone to write for us chicago last year it was cool because there’s like three or four stages same time,
but there was one night where I had to choose between at the drive-in Wu-Tang Clan or Streetlight Manifesto.

[28:25] I like Scott hip-hop or post-hardcore,
when you see him at shows up driving route from like i got this sewed play them knows exactly when they were first coming point actually there’s no nine orange easy paramour job record,
Shadow and like Jawbreaker.

[28:54] I’ve been different it just like.
There’s has to be for it like if i was injured and sometimes my kisses catchy and good rock and other times mike what is your voice yet what is it what does it sound.

[29:14] Cuz just so like shrill.
Official number for your the fourth person that’s the night from a former every double the number jenny said is of its nest in from of learning,
you are cool is it the night of the.
I don’t know I bought it off a sweet old antiques dealer lady down by Vermillion so so cool,
much more cool if i still and it makes it much warmer,
like Sioux Falls piece of memorabilia with all the other Sioux Falls stuff being in here was just a jar.
Is not being grown and.

[30:27] The worst band names you’ve ever heard diarrhea planet.
For Thomas there’s some really bad ones once you get into that like CD underside of the metal stuff.
Like spermswamp.
That’s a real name
would you lower his that if you forgot
laughing at me hey guys we are.
What’s your what’s up called the move is what you back right leg and.
You with the questions about the conference room.
I feel like I need a band name like it’s like 90% of the people you see,
we are like your non musicians or people that like.

[31:52] Like there five season their car that they listen to and that’s it and it’s like.
To write what you are being called and even if they are regularly normal mean but even the disarmed i feel weird talk some of people so much crap physically and will you guys have ours.
When we were at Biggs and there was a.
And I think somebody got like offended thinking that we were like trying to take away their guns
being with this all right you know I hate it nevermind you’re there right
disarm like parenthetical it’s not a gun thing.

[32:55] Yesterday I heard the song by gold frankincense and myrrh
breakfast guerneville,
I heard that good band would be like the overly like,
do you like overly like a path Christian band the pop Earth Wind & Fire,
oh yeah the band is so the use of his to italy when it.

[33:42] Yeah I hate it’s on the lot of things that you don’t have to work.
This is a thought even if you count them all right fingers so you’re wrong there’s not enough,
Set back to the top to the skies of a nine the reason is.
Just the last card in the all that is this is a little and then on saying.
It’s been a ham as a settlement lease and will continue under my.

[34:40] Emojis for banding rattled so the worst band I’ve ever heard also I would say produce the worst song I’ve ever heard.
Maybe you’ve heard of a band called slyfox wait creators of a little song called let’s go all the way.
Yeah I think I’ve heard that song is it good.
Nigga of this i might be the words as,
I was watching like a video on like worst Sly Fox let’s go all the way yet or is band freak-outs.
Like there is one where light and let it scanner they were on fire hd lol buys.

[35:33] What is your number i was never summer,
what is the,
you’re wrong it’s crazy what is the chorus to
everything about it,
the water has,
is there a app that will inbox you.

[36:16] Music.

[36:23] I know it is not weird ugly but yeah wasn’t there are outnumbered everyone gets a pass.
T-Mobile music is 11 minutes of,
doors and like scraping against garbage cans there’s one song where a guy looking,
throws up for like 3 minutes,
I want to know what it is
something Tropic that thing is just is just like metal scraping against metal,
and that growing or actually puke inc is resting like i’m convinced that the messiah art history this.

[37:21] But knowing that being freaked out saying so like there’s one and I forget what band.
But he like tears off all his clothes and then he s**** on the flip the lead singer,
she was in school she to do,
I can’t imagine during practice.
That is the people all around him under gross he was and what is the cu is anger and the heats it up if he starts throwing it and move.

[38:14] On s***.
They always close early i think that’s what’s going on now.
When will they stop but him that he put in the.
Why is Rick and Morty so awesome,
I don’t like Rick and Morty.
Talk about it.

[39:15] What would happen to you if your baked that’s when the show is like the thoughts that you have big is Rick and Morty.
At but there’s like I feel like if you’re not babe.

[39:29] Then this show would be hard to watch it might be like this is kind of cool or funny but if you’re not then it’s like this is very disjointed and I don’t know what the f*** is going on here.

[39:44] I see where you’re coming from with that but I feel like a lot just kidding,
current employer I don’t do that jokes that’s usually always sober,
i probably would i address you as much leave to go to work lover of the light.

[40:09] Had a dot re shirts of your house be shown during the show i think i worked something out.
Have a i’m way in this i sign and.
They just have a lot of fun with sci-fi tropes intimately familiar with because,
I do like the creativity so much random stuff.
Stfu trial i love you german now it’s transferred to rick and morty cuz there’s no more fresh do you drop the will on the one true maybe not,
I’m actually I saw a preview for its moving out of the coconut one Game of Thrones.
Shh ask version of future will disengage this and change that and yes i have made by matt it is it is by the grace what is first music that’s drama know it comes out mid august i can.
Yeah i’m super pumped for the.
I like Rick and Morty I just hate and I also hate out everybody like does the like the quotes
all the time.

[41:32] Mr me seeks or over and all this from all of its kind of like watching elf now like always a great and i love l sarah lever can butter him or his great show but i feel like,
it’s just when i what i feel and then when it is a life choice that’s awesome awesome,
but I I like them but I think the,
culture has kind of ruined just that aspect,
what movie is fucking what the hell.

[42:17] It’s a shity Christmas.
Christmas Story,
Rock and roll into google and the muppets chris was there on,
jeopardize our story
roaches german-made during business
when whispers do we all agree that is present in there is just so tired of what ruthlessness resource results of its not but it also is there to do.
I hate that
phone my ringtone is three forty theme in six every time i get breakfast because are day why fucking nuts and that’s offer it’s technically those.
By popular comedy.

[43:39] Nick Nick wasn’t his Visa cards but he saw that see that last message.
In a lot of music stuff was used to apply the coming,
hello Nick reply in the comments below.

[43:55] All right washer G6 write a very legit artist by the way and comic book store.

[44:06] What song would you want to play around you when something.
Raining Blood how awesome would that be just like,
he’s got cancelled their plans at the range this to your at its,
is the internet home that hope every time something happens to the kids.
I would do an arrest development whenever like make it sound that played.

[44:50] Christmas
don’t forget about yeah that’s longer than the boys to tend to her,
my dog is a guest on the show didn’t make it on the bottom of the two,
resolution of the keyboard
to bad for zzz surfer so,
then the fans and situation but it was like.

[45:43] Is it any mile the said scenario on with the right woman and as a old girl actually thousands,
watch say,
the SNL skit in slow down,
do you mean to say that’s why bother.

[46:29] For something i can think of being single isn’t,
I can’t I have no idea other two songs one of them would be in the arms of the Angels like that like the animal,
I can’t think of,
hello darkness my old friend for sure.

[47:08] Servers wasn’t bad things that.

[47:13] Well.

[47:26] World gone mad years sell a job.
Don’t look at me that next time.

[47:43] No I mean it’s not a full song but you know the sound in Wheel of Fortune when they,
Sly Fox let’s go all the way.

[48:16] No business six what is that exactly virgo.
The recently released weezer cover up what do i say i did it to do it anymore either in tired of people asking for of,
the first song about.
It’s raining down africa with by a bunch of white dudes,
one of the side or else goes away because
love you cousin.

[49:10] What’s the next soccer.

[49:20] Did you do,
orders over and over just online so,
what determines your using the
Chumbawamba I get knocked down
great pic after it was a part of.
Over twelve with the right drivers is called you can.
But it still does it go with the two of.
Victoria Metallica frantic frantic.

[50:30] Of a dick if there’s always into the favorite and least favorite album covers all of them.
My least favorite probably well song cover would be I’ve never heard it but,
africa if i think this is what the fuck you sound coming out of power lol them while or we could go figure covers to.

[50:56] Favorite least favorite covers or album.
You know the one of you standing out in front of a.
Yeah I just love that simplicity.
The serum cover that her early but we still so it just appears early losses all cover million.
Locate one half way back cover his cover not to shame the actor up through.

[51:43] Polymer80 50 Cent album is my favorite.
50 Cent My Life,
what you use that rumors revenge is to sell the shit that’s right cuz he accomplish it like black to move to a new two guys do there’s a way.
Ubuntu glass right around his abs.
Who wrote the whole thing is the age that and are on baby,
that’s a little under the underwater the dollar in yen oh yes that was the seventh day has to be used it was set back in ninety one the plate cover,
tape over it.

[52:48] You open up the app.

[52:58] The chick with the.

[53:08] Muslim woman.
Silicone blue eyeliner
you absolutely right oh yeah there’s something river okay heard you now seven year old in the nineties.
Can they do it advisable to,
either one they’re both s***.
What is the sunset with Appetite for Destruction.
I’ll have on it now have like today.
Never say product of its time it’s trying to be ss like overly edgy share and like when you listen to emulate way,
it is delicious on sweet kiss pressed
yeah album cover,
Chinese Democracy from trying to be too edgy.

[54:31] It’s like really manly.
Nothing lasts forever.

[54:46] What is that is that will.
My favorite Jell-O the song as I
several of them have the unit the age of my other close personal friend,
I’ve got your back but one of my favorites is break the cycle for sure because I’m biased.
But it’s like i was like there color palate in you guys all look darkie and that’s it tree.

[55:29] It really captures the essence of what the music sounds like that’s and i like it all covered that’s like,
that looks like what it sounds like Incubus Morning View is a very beachy album and the album covers just the beach like that’s really unlike that I associate with,
is this the that friday we drop the ball is on its on there light green store no and if there is a lot of the,
play Anna Molly none of the morning Beauty I can make yourself too yeah pretty much,
slate of my house is on error of as i just it’s funds put on the and is it was with in us all fresh in my mind because that’s all the lights etc i will,
i work with was also going to cost when i say is that you can show passion.
No one is playing the camera more than you and I shamelessly promoter.
Set in five minutes tell you joe’s we use.
Deserves well done like ten mins ago is really cool is.

[56:51] Yeah it’s from our song turn out the lights.
Yeah can I buy that shirt somewhere,
what’s it called,
I need some hair plugs.

[57:24] There is that.

[57:29] What can we use record that i actually this be gone from the face was,
so did you ever find bugs bunny attractive when he put the address of playgirl bunny
that’s where it all started rubbing the source material hell knocking fail that yell yeah one common yeah usally comment
I wasn’t attracted to that however
strangely attractive
the Robin Hood Disney cartoon that is the exact same cartoon style of all the furries use.
Sino that’s the seed,
is that,
and what’s the one with Merlin you’re the one sort of,
a lot of kids for your here folks disney’s responsible for the flourishing series.

[58:50] Are any rooms in one piece of advice you give to someone just starting.
Show Business entertainment.
Doris Darlings,
I don’t have an opinion.
He has a shirt for you on a graph for a framed on his wall not for you sorry office that he’s a super to.
He has the shirt image genres of music like Daft Punk and of course new age.

[59:44] Said that with such disdain for Newegg,
image-based laws,
green day is punk or can they make up and stuff playlist rolls will only show up when the key i think i think we have like bumps that is more like the,
the fancy like a punk fantasy would like shaved head ICP,
well I mean,
I was going to talk s*** tell you said ICP cuz I don’t want to like bubble Juggalos,
the rules of crazy have is peeling and run into the jungle that was real.

[1:00:37] I know a lot of friends of the Juggalos back and flandre to my girlfriend used to be like cheat like hung out with.
Crossover from being a fan to a juggalo,
the clown makeup and they’re going to they’re like that yearly thing they have Gathering of the hatch,
and is not a game simple recorded risk of her favorite cult leader of the lease brief a go all over even yeah.
You guys know that when they played it bigs bar,
isn’t a contract they couldn’t really get paid,
let’s create that big spark there’s a getting new rapper of been like into from la cl tom mcdonalds.
Is coming to biggs bar.
So weird underground rap spot in Sioux Falls for an LA people to show up,
so this.

[1:01:59] Cfx bar that was like he’s like a rap rock dude.

[1:02:07] Underground Kid Rock,
that when we saw The Wonder Years here.
Bigger names in the underground scene and they played Woodstock 94,
is that wipers like to have like $60,000,
cuz he came out with this song called White Boy,
how was like against.

[1:03:02] Full calling white people racist because they’re white and debbie was it my fiancee did it gets really mad shes like.
Who’s this white guy bitching white problem,
and then she just got all mad I mean not that I was like you should hear this song
is it just a silly things will go with the bird was early stage of the how much you can tell us their hands are you buddy and back.
Others are cut this week he’s on his song there stopper that right rear.

[1:03:48] Which artist do you think should call it quits that’s mean ask that,
not literally just in you cuz you’re my best friend if you want a notice to quit being like quit doing,
you right yeah do what you want with you to feel like even if you eight percent then just dont was to fail yeah yeah.
Bro that was kinda shoes to fill but still here podcasts because you think ever is going to be used to work well your error on our last class was
I just wanted to give you,
close your ready i mean on a white rhino then it turns right,
it’s like way off Lee too long sometimes,
how you doing it was just them if you tell an artist stop me become hitler.
Who is the movers regularly do jobs again.

[1:05:11] Hypothetically.

[1:05:22] Looking means up all.
Turn into a woman who sees eb can crash in the death of mom.

[1:05:33] Fail yeah okay I will fill in.

[1:05:48] Give me the countries that attract like Trump look like.

[1:05:54] No chance out with to vacate their office and the same but ima make people mad care.

[1:06:01] Stunning very that’s it just okay business is shut off of a lady kill that we sorry next question.

[1:06:12] Which artist musicians or comedians got you into music or comedy.
Chappelle for sure do not not that I mean.
That you comment to ship into county or los that you liked on friday at like doing what you want to do or just until.
Pablo Francisco Carlos made you want to start doing it instead of like.
All of you that we stayed up all of your love listening carlyn that way flight my dad played carlyn for me in his car wellesley.
Yucky but don’t tell you what is this for,
so like definitely Carlin was probably the biggest influence.

[1:07:10] I love Bill Cosby man.

[1:07:20] But I didn’t know nobody knew.

[1:07:27] Everything is no with you if you really do third times she’s comedy,
is your own you technically during on first gen for somewhere to say i just came to watch you.
I just like men f****** I’m doing it.
And that’s why the water but you did not shake me Wake Island.
I’ll commercials the to make the point when to.
This time.
I don’t like to meet you I like you I like Demetri Martin because to me especially in his like last Netflix special ass off he seems like.

[1:08:34] This percent of like the like the goofy guy but like that last one like side hoes like,
this is an angry mother f***** pissed off about something but he like channels it really well you know what I mean,
Mitch Hedberg.
In early Dane Cook I loved her leaking everybody at some point in their youth.
I have a statement of the accused louise jokes and move the,
movie date nationality yeah in the hash on the way where he the mean really ever by the way.

[1:09:22] Carlos Mencia.
My total came on I was like this is came.
The episode where is raining like the Barney costume oh my gosh you’re yelling at me about.
And so then when I heard that he was a stealing stuff I was like Yeah Joe Rogan you kill that beat.

[1:10:02] Is he is real still of the show really lost holds and ever sitting there and roy to know,
quote was what was it was carl sincere but for those that have techs who came to town last year in glasses more where it and it goes like the last washer shows.

[1:10:24] Who is kurt but he probably it is really just a terrible terrible of use old jokes roller collar.
What’s up cuz that show on comedy central use you like it is you really mean it when you know how do the stealing jokes from guys who are
nearly as famous as he knew that jokes it’s like it’s like,
Bosses Pizza open mic on Wednesdays at 8,
Joe Rogan,
which date to go over and there he was done is for a reason to small clothes ever since,
guy said he went from like here to like here and then he did a set.
Couple that shows at 1 or 2 nights and all Comics got it for free thank God.
And it is like 40 bucks and I’m just like.
I’m sitting there holding are sitting there and it was the second show the night so the main.

[1:11:36] First show was sold out and I’m currently not showing well I was not there so I can show like 22.
Is talking during a set the whole time.

[1:11:59] We are using the crowd doesn’t owe you.
A good show like if you’re not if they’re talk.
Well not every time sometimes,
where you at you went off.
Lol my is in there isn’t an we left after a fifty its real and apparently he will forgive.
That’s what I would say is like yeah the crowd doesn’t know you could said like,
but still be respectful if you’re there like if you don’t want to listen just leave like they don’t owe you a good show.
You’re going to go to use someone else’s event,
we’re not going to like disrespected like yelling Heckle and change that was the only time I’ve left the counter show.
Because I didn’t want to be there I’ve left shows because I do work more.

[1:13:20] Burritos on 1st and Ivy clothes and leaves,
takes it all off I figured out the door.
And would you tell carlson taxes.
Question is it okay to use on holy curls and c c fuse on the sims got since then not making it but he’s carryings on continental and yeah.
Keep going bud.
Stop want stop music three buick abuse it positions would you wanna music.

[1:14:16] Enjoy it weird al straight up got me in the walls both worlds is.
As far as like Vans go the first album that I bought that music was Third Eye Blind.
Foo Fighters and Weezer and Incubus,
paul mccartney’s wings in burleson beals what wings black we just still a ways other native of the other been part time is things bloom monday crash,
set the ss and se the sec then.

[1:14:56] Music.

[1:15:02] What was raynes yeah and.

[1:15:06] What are we have degrees of my feeling really jeans addition l stuff done by else chains the wrong,
I got the Foo Fighters before Nirvana,
there’s nothing left to lose.

[1:15:33] The Offspring 311.
The neck tattoo like what about seeing the neck tattoo made you like to pick up that album.

[1:15:55] Yes for music.

[1:15:58] Changed so much everything aaron lewis was big on time for break the cycle is lake.
Almost literally broken from how many times I was like God damn like.
And I put it next to me in my bed and then just like throw it on and it listening bunch of s*** before I went to sleep but I was just like this is so cool to tell people what he’s thinking of.
You know,
yeah look hey listen to me please what if it’s match it on make it her mom.
Turn on the light or perhaps the house she is are he.
Which i know that are from the roof funny that doesn’t that mean you walk there same jokes half.

[1:17:23] I’ve seen it so many times that I’m fine with you,
what was that again please don’t ever like some of my house so that.
Summit. Michelle is that good Doug was influenced by Satan himself.
What’s the.

[1:17:54] He’s waiting to hear what’s in this,
Dave Grohl,
it sound not the the first time that i was ever like i’m really one of the evidence just was,
I saw a Rob Zombie live here in 2011,
listen to some of the stuff I kind of liked it but their basis is it was Matt Montgomery.
It blew me away he looks so fun to watch and like the hooks that use playing to say so groovy.

[1:18:31] And I was like I want to play bass had you had you like played in the instruments before I kind of like.
Aside from really obscure chords I could like to chords like my transitions were okay but beyond that not that much.

[1:18:51] You have that are that music since i was like pretty sorry new account that’s i wanted to do and then so like i mean.

[1:19:01] Knowing that I wanted to be like an abandoned or for I mean probably like.

[1:19:06] I really wanted to stop at Crossroads the music when I was going to a lot of.
Asling for fun,
far away from like that as possible so I got hurt like Switchfoot was like,
one of the main one thinks credit relying okay well search as much i mean i like them but there’s probably more like i just was really,
and then one and then when I like got into like more better more better well more better music.
Kind of like how i wanted to do my style and everything early currency levers,
before passing around Cutlass CDs and Casting Crowns,
this is.
Gangster rap from Cross,
and like when you when you start cd its like of forty second light intro to be like.
Rose wants trouble man and he learned he was supposed to share God’s.

[1:20:26] Place your rent is very cheap,
And then like every time you just died laughing like it’s like one of those things where I want to do like with anything that ever produced movies video games anything,
like I always like had this question words like who was sitting on the conference table and was like.
This is a good idea,
Danzig Twisted Robbie has all the T-bone albums,
hey Robbie I was talking about the T-bone intro you can’t say that’s what’s up what size corny as hell,
Robbie what’s the name of that album it’s like it’s like a picture of him doing this with like a hat.

[1:21:25] I got fedora,
i’d like to listen to his music but i just read the intro windows eight what is going.
Yeah i was like who is as that person like jesus christ history okay okay.
So his first album two thousand and was called the last street preacher no read no that’s okay we’ll fuse with the got listed the next one is.
You ladies was owner of okay its first album in nineteen eighty three was redeemed hoodlum,
I think that might need it is that true.

[1:22:31] Yes okay play the intro to that who is T-Bone I have no idea.
Are there is very breathy so what about in Twist of Cain,
when danzig has always liked backing little are you they use sleep sounds,
dumb like going anyway I can just imagine being like alright Danzig like going to the vocal booth and do your thing,
how is it that wood you what is the who is leaves to much is those is on the,
hell yeah little bit of difference.
He is so we were cubic settings and,
what’s her job owner dancing.
I think it’s snowing on something and the team this is too warm for ladies announced.

[1:23:41] To be very light will not go was wasn’t small business here in the hebrew.
She would tell someone a message they want while for yeah.
There was a band that made me believe in myself that I actually could perform music.
Lawyer to use it make you sick its hard to clean the sink for them koreans and you can put any of her songs do you answer that question,
all because i don’t music or county i don’t know if so could you do not claim to see the thing now i don’t have a good answer because there’s never time riley is also my nose like,
I want to do that I just kind of like slid into everything yeah yeah yeah I never had that,
has like role models to have people that inspire me did you of the year because i invested me there’s never a life,
i could do that right now that is a roby’s inspiration.

[1:24:50] The Fighting Temptations wrapped on a remix.
It’s too hot to be driving,
cd yes tapes this is never ours has ran out of juice only and save the table background your apps rugrats movie releases
and now it should grab your name should be rather abs of the,
the user has it is apps from us read fun tales from gym sessions.
Oh who your story to go see goes travel missing or find out exactly this yeah who
right now,
Define the hoodlums intro.
Recording recording.
Who is.
And like you dad was still like sense of of his that are we just got in there before him and a seven or is before we actually started the recording but it was at the start of a recording session you know of or play completions yeah.

[1:26:18] And there’s a part of the song.
It’s just bobby sold his guitar and we kick back and always and right before real kick back in.
Well you could be here.
Every time to the way the music laid together it sounds like that.
Will you still hear that I don’t listen to it.
I kept hearing like a very maniacal laugh.
And then we have to stop and pick I swear to God someone laughing.
When does that thing the song that said you’re serious cuz i was question that the dogs tore off the rails jam session buffer james,
i love the one that wears all teeth and the notch on our even with.
Severe on tens numbers as i thought it was going to do lipo a promotional video and all are for most of the years are like jokes yeah or like the only noise like.

[1:27:34] Scream like cut like we just caught and it’s somebody screaming,
I got an idea like Doug will be like talking about the show and you’ll be like Galloping around,
good night adam and eve and the noise is and what he did was we took one take and the,
so funny
is there an easier with fluffy and he is used to be spurs and i’ve deleted it now and than us so you can try to get by duty and dad again he would never really yeah.

[1:28:23] I mean that was like my fatal error that I have like a daze
you deleted it,
read out to show at the promo and I go check out band,
just sitting with a cup of coffee
what do i do to stop this is the hood the end of the year that’s are for almost have everything is like
an hour from 3 until about 2 hours building like a laughing the whole time
people don’t want ask,
my favorite is when you and me and other fallen officers show you in order all the ground
these are the federal government allowed to live in the ground rules and then people were live in the owners row maybe you’ll bags of.
I think that they could portray this as you make.

[1:29:52] Oh yeah and okay using d yeah there’s so i leave everything is.
I could probably say that the fuck just started this i got like or is it if only i thought that was that was a bit.
Oh yeah I need water.
One of my other wildest favorite things that we do like in practice is whenever whenever we sing the song unstable.
And we sing like we sing like kind of like background like vocal thing for Bobby and Bobby gets so
mad every time we,
billy clinton make a swing country or in and out and in and on your iphone all the cells are found,
what year is the room that’s all we know playing c all cuz i think that’s why we sir to in new york on cleaning and.

[1:31:12] Like the courses won’t change now wont be so that could be people change groups each with.
80s pop.
No one would say f****** change.
Oh my god the yeah remix o die for what he is.
Okay we just hope the hall just so we can the only i recorded.
Start recording the song he guessing at the end of like flying like i,
biblical yeah like a whatever and then.

[1:32:05] There’s one house it really stupid as soon as i took it we’re all out what said again that and my vocal box.
Hold up like my deleted it
but in reality he like took it A hip-hop beat
so then he gave it to zach that’s under his is ten zack
sent it to everyone and then Robbie like heard about this thing
and was like I wanted for the ringtone of exact I swear to God if you send it I’m going to be so mad I was going to be,
and then he fucking did not send.

[1:32:59] It’s now us late roby’s ringtone every time i call if you can help me with the rent so it up artists musicians comedians that you’ve never seen live with my.
Well every all of them yet.

[1:33:25] After passing out nope was look but usually miss laughing with picky and will like reject five for sure okay care.
Ten most over a hundred norris not fill out was test.
What role does physical attractiveness play in our perception of an artist’s Talent,
rooms is a hold on all know what that’s okay people listen is it quit feeling better find this year to live in your hot,
if you’re in this moment I don’t watch.

[1:34:12] And what do you think is the most effective way of row shows.
There’s no way there’s no.

[1:34:37] This one I feel like we are kind of touched on how does someone become your favorite artist yet.
How do you balance multiple bands are projects always talk about the numbers on the scale of.

[1:34:57] I don’t know a fucking don’t i try because i have like.

[1:35:07] 10 ideas that I think are great ideas a day where am I.
Stop telling jokes for f****** 6 months while I workout book or whatever like I don’t know man I’m trying to do it all.
Trying to do it all really slow step process,
but I don’t think I’m always actually busy but I don’t feel good you know what I mean.
I think honestly not to be like the 80s 80 year old man in the group but like I think social media has a ton to do with that or just like.

[1:35:53] Technology in general I’m so f****** busy but like I just scrolled on Facebook for 20 minutes.
Ducks craft dating site right right right or like things I’m doing.
Any of them what is that like a delicate as much time to them as like kicking off.
No I don’t mean.

[1:36:34] When,
when like an hour of your time can go so far of like just sitting down and focusing on one thing for an hour it’s hard to be f****** discipline that right.
I wake up every morning and make a list of the things I wanted to do like for a for like a specific amount of time like.

[1:36:59] For an hour do this for our bubble in like on the days that i actually go through with it is a happy server was is like a connection.
Could dick off at night and
completely like stress that suppress breathing like and you like I did I did everything I deserve this
your hand if you don’t have to work for a living as well right exam that you forty hours a week right there really good on you.
Devil’s Advocate like whenever you feel whenever like you look back to being a kid you like I had so much time to do so many things.
Like you still want to go late if you want it to high school the whole time son to go school eight hours day then maybe do sports after that then maybe do homework after that.
Play 5 days a week,
greatest hits on laws of obligated to some activity or sport or school event i wasn’t that into it on three am this that have this mentality of like i can do that later i have to always do that and that’s,
not f****** Trudy is doing right now you know.

[1:38:13] Do you ever work on the script the other for a pilot script actually.

[1:38:21] For a little show called shadow shadow run flat and adaptation of a fair play that game.

[1:38:32] I wrote I wrote the first graphical book and.

[1:38:35] Just you just got all these projects going at once now it’s like motherfuker right now yeah.
I will say things right now is way more fun,
it’s hot right of key like it’s been faster cuz right to yet they will answers that’s more fun,
straight up more fun using the sun’s not functional there’s no writers,
writer’s block like how you’re always liked all your compartmentalize goals can be like I love the thing but like starting is the hardest b****
when I’m working on something by myself sometimes but like if we’re both in the room it’s just like yeah whatever fixable fix it later listen keep going.

[1:39:30] Alright alright alright the same paragraph 5 f****** times just like make it look better.
Write down
boys animal with everything i do they start reeses like when it comes rape jokes yeah off to be in a social situation will be just.
Taking off,
back to the bulbs that has potential that works through the shaft quick,
all around colony that’s how to do that with music i can’t really interpret factory,
people have more success with an idea.
Billy song and I had like the the Genesis of the idea was wishful thinking that was the main,
Google epic song actually guitar and write a riff which had never have.

[1:40:45] I felt good about that I was going to keep doing that.
United states struggle he got to make time in a its pretty wants but not like the only thing that i am trying to.
And Stephen King said he’s like,
the only days i don’t right around like christmas and like one of the days of using just do it every day and i work on it because otherwise i am now i think people we know sounds crazy it is not operations and he’d and then we don’t work on a down,
anything and so like for me like since you now of i am working on my music or writing our.
There anything else like making lists and like making sure that making you make yourself deadlines and you make sure that you were kind of everyday or else it’s because of how.
Type in at creative minds often like.

[1:41:40] Contract saying there’s no you like me ton of deadline so it’s all things that you can do that day or that night or in our unit was like,
and i put that thing out to yeah whatever we can turn on you the first page.
I feel like.

[1:42:06] I don’t believe that Stephen King writes everyday,
some of the best advice I ever heard was everyday like that was well I mean like,
just Jerry out.

[1:42:31] And in terms of which percent and yes you use the volume of the value of hard teenage girls were speed project on here when on the inside just be like.
You sit down for like a little bit day that i am acting in it you feel better on site do it you can button but don’t feel like.
I mean I think it starts becoming are when you feel like.
It’s like I have to do this like I have to make something that’s meaningful or like that now that you’re not like,
in the state of mind that it takes to vape filler,
and here’s what’s in between us I had to do.
Quality content.
Funded right now when it comes out and everybody talks about creative writers block like to see.
I’ll always do something I don’t think it ever has to be even.

[1:43:37] Something to think there’s something there was computer illiterate comedy mode why rated show you find joe some you find a vein.
But you don’t.
But Keith I’ll just throw it out here and there just got another,
especially if I had that ride his bike able to say something like okay I get it like it’s,
Go ghost exempt from delhi to i tried to write in tires.
Installation with a song like that i can’t stop,
with a song until it’s done when I sit down I have a really works I would have to finish my coffee,
that was that a novel miss you write that tweakers.

[1:44:45] Of light off of ever written a set where i wrote it in multiple go through this it was always like maybe i’ll re write some shit.
It’s always front to finish whenever I sit down to write.
I like right now like a story to street yeah surgeon select what i liked it when i like the most in comedy and what i tried to do when i did right,
but they were always either just like way to dry or like did you find yourself waiting.

[1:45:19] And here’s what I’ll pause for them to laugh and then it’d be like nobody.
You just like what the f*** jokes.

[1:45:43] Never been able to craft story like releases heart on stage is hard to do stories I have to do like.
Mr the one liners identical a little thing yeah little subject and then move on you guys saying you eight years.

[1:46:08] Smalltalk five but i guess if it says like an dick chatting interview.
I like to start with like a really like relatable like setup and then the punch line is like where the hell did that come from,
whatever they are is always.
For me the best parts always that part where you go like this and did you get the grones from the dundies.

[1:46:48] The thought of that thought that that was like how you correlated that like the dundies,
always like get a business builder the carpet mode dot it that’s eligible members while i was always has a is that legal,
I like that idea likes pain from that I don’t know how I can buy a new one day brownie.
Yeah I just made sense to me and it’s a good idea cuz it’s like they’re quick in there.
Weren’t yellow times live rated joke like that i don’t know how that’s successfully seamlessly make it into the set right its all this these appears the section of my bad pun jokes right light you should do free rooms,
hello this is rose whose petals disney junior’s that the refusing was thing big thing.
Number one.

[1:48:00] What the stream you keeping that one.
What to do to build up of what you close you realise zynga’s got from.

[1:48:14] Serve mp all play any party for fifty bucks nigga.
He’s honest I’ll take off my clothes for the price we negotiate the night of the night of.
Nice generous.
The show that Adam and Keith you and I did do a test podcast once we did with Alex Wolff.
I was hoping Target demographic,
and they’re the ones I ever go through that whole episode is when Alex Wolff goes cheap jerky,
georgie chick don’t you care he because they and you turkey wrong toilets and the energy of the.
I love driving my Jeep.

[1:49:38] That’s the day for my gas and it’s all of us to get us some room.
Yeah round trip we got y’all come up Thursday come on down Storyteller acoustic set.
Playing a lot of kind of weird Twist on some of our classic.

[1:50:08] Chill rock songs played a couple new ones playing a couple new ones.
You there already i remember what you said about cf a clear things only claim my samsung room song kick.
I would do commercials to like you know.
My music is on Spotify listen to it is disarmed.
Bank of a webstore bandcamp where you can listen to music.
We will soon yeah you buy that shirt another shirt that is one it was a real is actually closer blinking.
Just saw the camera and if you can’t see it.

[1:51:23] But you’re really.
We have.
Violence is on saturday and tim were you sell it like it fine you bring can’t set to face the kids on big kid car banks images dot com slash is this her nothing can.
Either way bandcamp the best way to finance or Instagram bio on the armbands handle,
so there is only there’s month manager streaming itunes is similar and.
Colors of CD Baby CD caves.
Yeah weird disarmed on Spotify.

[1:52:39] No we did get separated from two other bands called disarmed.
Okay power is five group and why.
After that we got separated from the student sweden get the slot of paper for my soon to go pick think you guys be here,
thank you as always thank you as always,
and accepts it is friday this friday the twenty with twenty polonia volts and the dealer and then maybe call them coleman.
Hit up hit me up I talked to Colton but he didn’t give me a response.

[1:53:36] Three fourths of may you guys and you have been listening to the best.

The Dresch Code Ep 004 Wait, what does Pass Mean? Rihanna Cannibal Island

The Dresch Code Ep 004 Wait what does Pass Mean? Rihanna Cannibal Island.

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Music by The Disarmed

The Dresch Code Ep 004 Wait what does Pass Mean? Rihanna Cannibal Island.

This week’s topics include selling out, supergroups, vices, Madonna, and more.

The Dresch Code Ep 004 Wait what does Pass Mean? Rihanna Cannibal Island.

Guests: Nick Roach, Matthew Mika, Ryne Rockwell, and John Ham from the band Lost Harbor.

Machine Transcript

[0:18] Oh people right back pressure listening to the rest would.

[0:25] Turn the oven off alright one just before we get juicer and was a michael’s right how will not be here this evening s work we miss you around hope you wish to be here,
will catch the next episode,
an oath to serve here issues my guess matthew neck john ride of wasser think has been here for years don’t do what will.
Don’t assume things so you are changing as of the new ironman written and.
I’m going to.

[1:00] I slick forty up you not working over back off so i can hear that parties set of.
Man fills this bashes oh what.

[1:15] Any ways of how the show works is i have a jar or bucket here for a jacket resent cinnamon capsules for sounds like a racial slur but it’s not a lot basically.
I pulled it is not ah i pull these press claim three by threes out of this jar.
And it’s a topic or question and we’ll decide does that pass or fail dress code and if it passes we talk about it and it feels to put the question side we don’t talk but it was super for future episodes.
We sell you guys ready to do this.
Mr robert your engine is it already alright first question is strong stuff looks filling fast rushing in track.
How do you feel about encores to pass from trisha.

[2:08] I think it’s seven and now here’s what i don’t know the parameters for the dress from our.
That you never remember that no it doesn’t really matter does it get pass is like to on talk about it okay if there’s of anonymous like for you gonna miss no it’s not fire when it fails to go to jury low pri much mr c say gotten it.
So pass from yeah number but past news we are in the past year oven gauges not passing it okay for.
Your so confusing will yes where are you feeling course.

[2:48] Depends on the and yeah la if it’s obviously ask for the great you not even in the running advance until we get some bud go corn liquor we really yeah and they go for like another you know.
Much longer this kid has one of their friends to do it for the year and saying there’s ones that are for sale is one thing on his if you paid money for the shown send money back and.
In the you know all their life saving this on for our corporate site then yeah i am all and that’s it she’s gonna can be polities.

[3:21] This is all i’ll city once and it’s really cool sensei on some jefferson’s the code on the.
Was it any hardcore did you play everything but for flowers,
this is you guys sure you wanna hear this what it will only that i would rather dial z would be great if everybody would have.
Well i was young to know that you.
Not going shows the encore was like ten songs knows fighters okay that’s little of sponsors the food for hours until it makes yeah two is there one of you again with no it made them and red hot chili peppers of them that created pro you like best.
Put twenty thirty is a day remember did an encore of four songs,
when i saw one couple years ago our schools for make sense for ugly clean nineteen song before the encore,
no told me thursday that five for more as whole week the years and had to size this ring into level there real,
they wanna play indiana plan other stuff promo you know our son that’s all your gonna get those ones of people on here.

[4:34] Ferris is a fax you can you know you get is enter their level plain water to for court problems right.
Oh well the thing about it is that in placing a track from first record and they totally.
They they had probably another hour thru the music that they could play soul silver thing when it’s like that first record.

[4:54] The fuck was bully his workers do that and to two hours to get there and i heard i saw data river two years ago it with open for blink and.
You have a very much uses their building at it was like a.

[5:11] Glorify two thousand twelve thirteen sounds in something and you probably be cut deeper stuffings get me details but then i threw in a couple of the sons of the irish can literally one of.
What did there she is your.
Taken on board that’s stupid because the lives across the indians legal action not that when.
But i saw weird al two weeks ago and he is over it was fantastic git time.
Set it came out for the encore to be and he was okay i apologize for the whole month of ignoring requests will through the what’s on your voice on.
Oh appoints someone a current raise your hands if you have a request here appoints your phone to one person and we get to hear what they wanna hear are at the fair.
Appoints the guitars something differently in the real world,
german and we have never when out for a and they learned it from sj oh hassle that was a glorified on korea but there is no note to self never sell it because of the word i’ll sounds like you got it.
Something right got real back in via b and the clothes and saga begins cuz you.
The right opinion not ready so my body of work he said when he went down the morning he opened was argues.
Well damn son like this or whatever he was right right,
like when it sounds fun yeah honestly yeah i legally change that cuz that toward us to use go was not hits it was all the cuts share for the fans like the hardcore fans are like the one who this alright zone so seems like.

[6:53] He’s awesome just a year songs like your horoscope for today which is his take on a status on purchase of those l miami and yeah there is that was.
Then like it’s has some on course like i always have thing admissions so before it.
I saw miles cooper of fear near on years ago he open when schools out.
And on corded schools out but when i was there too remember that like what the crap is that is that is for guys so long missing the defensive sitting down ratings back stages.
To management as a witness of the south lol.
Yeah this wasn’t just liked you once but it should heal you didn’t using cares i.
What years was he wasn’t there when he turns was done in sioux city and they did the same thing that they were out of someones jerking you know,
they just played one of the ones that are playing beginning and set for the cooker yeah that happens as an app and we’ll wishes here.
So things if there’s a band is huge but they only have one l mao do that freud down happens if they use their chrome once more and his after being a song that’s really all you can do,
or car door cover and that can be fun if he will not feel like that’s a weird thing to like encore with the cover yeah that’s a really nothing else than the other options can be here with a.

[8:27] Awkward like.
Let’s have another song so they played on girls in the school without became their go to thing in it work but there’s like only the only didn’t local shows it was like.
All local branson was working on there is on tour and then coming to us and it really,
yeah calling get off the stage so the coaches were spacious online and ryan ryan is watching are exhausting yeah haha.

[8:57] Here’s another one to stop and disco in their first came out twelve thirty years ago lol cynically fever front to back then it was successful and rich and they played eleanor rigby and the killer queen by queen.
Nails cover so it’s like this only need promotes nuts and now it’s awesome and now you see now that’s leave one song fever.
Oh no that’s the one that they have to play salsa music videos online he’s a he’s,
so tired playing this song every ten inch dishes like fuck yeah,
four hundred one juniper and everybody if started freaking out about whether it’s a goddamn door or at the,
two thousand eight hundred and then and then i got bigger was about to be like sometimes doesn’t want to see me another one bites the everybody got even more of the deal one year to go.

[9:59] Oh she’s such as lima weather for horizon there’s you tube is that the only.

[10:07] Set alarm is triggered when i’m on singing that song and play it every night so i’m just not second,
i see a lot of really what it every other song and i am sick of instant.
Men of war because i see you there then it causes us as a dependent on like the overwritten some action his much younger.

[10:36] Fall was a po three four years older i think getting ready,
yeah appreciate much younger than us and become our own same time yeah or cork tree was till five fever was eight liter jug five quarters earlier so that twenty two with the space.
Basis for all of you one step at that point he had already started feel by rahman and yeah got ahold of brandon so it.
Yeah he was involved yeah but they have p was like five or six years older than the rest of and yeah he’s a lot older russell guys.
Have hazards on like thirty three a piece like thirty eight in places where to think that pc forty come as our.
Weather showing john for sure what we wanna see and why does he do that you be playing the open game for things danica file the flick before the games start was terrible yeah all that won’t hell’s gone on the think they played some weird.
Electronic song off their new record in the toilet that’s everything you have that was really cool because it is not evident all only.
Yeah totally in the song on.
There have you how is that they don’t do it but live in playing guitar but it’s sounds really funky and patrick was playing piano for some and then be sentencing ability movie actually everything.

[11:56] Obviously he’s doing delay,
has a opera leaving crowley paying the ground until it was in the house like that is now we’re hoping for,
where are avatars plugged in to like it don’t lecture harmonics now insert whatever she don’t,
they don’t do ultrasounds okay then an hour now they want nothing seneca your are the color options,
nothing like what’s pi was rocking day in fact you richmond with a column of the printer time i colored on the sea rocket will to or yelled.
And i was the week before they were bacterias share crafted.
And so basically like that settlers i got like the new stuff which at the sea rock and roll lisa’s pass the everything is an apple chances of that occurring gene and there’s couple ice rock and roll and gentlemen storage on my phone and.
Sully so impressed thing at him for interact with you should not move,
what will the money fall with an insurance and scratch from yeah the thing on monday that is on the play a couple to just you’re great,
cuts and it was i was told no one else,
well i got a plate of mac like oh manager that is life to retrieve my friends like we’ll road trip generals like once the rights and they plated,
sorry see right here always even a single me freaked out when he will have and always tough.

[13:31] Yeah config size in the middle majorities laws in the.

[13:36] Comment something on the dress code for the last three falwell garbage disposal when suddenly the last three i can’t tell you the last i checked out after see rock and roll,
the animal is american psycho and that meeting was just came off where can we have a couple trucks that i was okay with.
For the most part is it okay these guys are going down hill and maybe that’s okay to self mostly fridge that holds the every couple of extra it i think that’s out gonna go to restaurants in order to get sauce,
where’s the many has one.
Oh yeah i was right religion and to fully awesome same flu is that has a good couple humans are from avon saying i was like in my pin and the last thing.
Are those like it was front flashing after that i was like okay see what they’re doing again and that only said.
Feel like falling do is lay that’s my ri ri were yeah same i feel like that was where they were like okay now we’re gonna break up and do our own thing,
so they were just putting this thing out and then now they got together to make some more money and that’s just for fha like there was trust in the things that have went one for the door.
Yeah not agree with that when selected put stuff that thing on high like it was like what favour sends like new in original in these times.
Located in the well what’s our little more like matures down this next record well there’s a one for all that.

[15:10] Really weird yeah well when is a bus that makes at.

[15:16] She rulers top again and we got to leave us because all we that you could use that would be an hour ago for something she was real lot of your questions.
Right why do people think ghost is good.
Should i run this i don’t know enough about ten to comment other than what of the movie with that girl you know i’ll think the scene with.
For why the system is empty and alone so they were mentioned alaska so earning you joke about house yeah okay,
then listen to fill out when i don’t talk to know the answer by six i’ll do it say about yeah see that would.
That’s the one with patrick swayze to print on it with the history of the person in question is gonna be on,
accept this as all the new users will be i need to make sure i tune in next week so i can live in a new phone.
I knew it was johnson well alright next topic.
What’s a place for each of you that’s a glass of gavi vice grips in my garage if that’s where.
The place where he lay the thing that you have to call a user whose lives are still johnson hear that when the hell does that is what is known as the what the fuck is that was something that you need to get your day that’s okay so.

[16:56] Oh passing third and yeah and else to turn the starter john home i’ve been in the.

[17:06] I know of where they just drum your and the the the the chancellor word.

[17:15] Headphone some really glad you got the second room’s now is that where we have like what the week a are you busy can come join my.
To get the kids to look at it once i’m all cried mean in the heating element ribs and a mild simple headphones.
Working office job witches think they base lacks some music and podcasts all day long.

[17:44] I forget that was every male stock your was no c and i was sneezing all day long is.
Whatever whatever i’m watching the videos on seventy on working seven.
Go not so you hear lots of faggot punk ass is let it go and work your own pace and.
For a note where days done some headphones for sure five thirty am saturday.

[18:10] Yeah you to conspiracy videos deals on this.
Give tom another podcast at this game i play called the rabbit hole shares for the rental home address so you watch the most fucked up because you’ve done this multiple times for you have a fuse truly fucked up ones in your recommendations that you take,
the most fucked of one there.
And then after that video was finished you drop downs of that like to explain will do it okay to leave but yeah i really am feeling and follow him,
new world order orgies okay yep lets him that his like three views and yours that has like northward it to the pc always hard and traveling last week about like,
seriously kanya west getting behind trying to promote as well like an hour and a mode when the fuck am i doing.
I always been spear ceiling somewhere yeas and was like cheese do you perm not gonna care,
so that i can talk about does anybody cuz and why the fuck did you even start down that you will do it because he been lying,
courtroom shows today at work and i do the same very nice plugged in and.
Oh man to those ratchet yeah i’ll foundations once it is your time vs.
Today’s so when i play base i finger pick and use it take it all and i spent three hours looking at speed picking technique videos i’ve.

[19:48] Play scouting for maybe two weeks but i’m just sitting there like oh how do i do this the fastest like a normal productive and all around on program was a second ago like i can put on some john mayer,
yeah and or do not go down music there was all the,
when using everyone’s all of sudden like all throw money were dimsum in nyc play music there even such it this absolutely love you to the lock on us and uses something being,
important shit going and there’s a john mayer rabbit hole playlist it is there an hour early but i feel like there always this late whenever,
we’re looking i hear no such thing or your money for sailing others say every sciences you sue cheats and.
Should all the time.
You will not find solutions on a verse right now recipies book.
Oh that’s right mrs kent the same house with same brand kanya that’s why was he when all right you might,
i’m a really big fan of the song like a prayer by madonna.
Create problems in without a fucking life that you get to hang out whatever this like thing were like we got one random morning in june.
Inexplicably no reason why,
there’s just like a eighty song there like right before this wave of light rain in africa thing cuz he’s up.

[21:26] Do not like a random day i’ll be like in business on my thirty times despite all day and yeah that one to like a prayer it just like what.
Honestly hunter won’t even the most lyrics like i know the courts everyday is the same as it is it got his.
Add some about that what jesus said this shit for the windows on time her kid like prayers songs and.
Like a seizure and that’s not all we have to seize notice you because you heard it you will hear michael i know he says policy super disappointed in actually the yesterday happen across the video of.
Really really small organization pro wrestler that,
his entrance music is like a prayer by madonna truth if it’s ever think that also water others records if you guys don’t,
same actually got your mark on nine hundred all like there was a small it’s going to.

[22:32] Music.

[22:45] Yeah i’m all of the zeal for coming down was a lot of organizing ought.
Yeah not that we’re in that weird part which is you know where’s wells wells guys her like one hundred hours only.
For what distance okay but when i get for causes like what you use to do was around the door for.
From this point.
The cabal is all backfired and now i’m missing the most of it from the.
Show him five days worth of no on here but when she does she is.
Next topic or sears.
Why you song writers prefer to just point and bad song lyrics rather than just have a great song with no lyrics.

[23:49] I thought it was yeah the bitch ass i don’t know how to answer that question is she again and says yeah sure there stupid lmao.

[24:01] One liters would you rather have a really good song with she lyrics and like very very claim ladies and several years and had no.
There’s only zach’s insurance like like making introversion your your up.
This world has to know what we have someone coming to who is that was off camera says it is a hot dog and was.
Follow it religiously bryant saul instrumental that be the case you know rather than try to fill out of the ace and the valleys are there if you can like we done that were.
We’ve written songs i really just can’t put belize to or lyrics about like to sign cell sounds cool but just like.
We can’t force and it does point to try finish adjust the plant alive and probably won’t sound as good as we were hoping sounds like weeks scrapped altogether but.
Think of something we can always touch masonry work but.
Yeah i would rather is making an interlude or some form instrumental or strap all together and throw some half-assed years and now he’s oranges to call song.
We did though the bridge on this course manifests you now of the dollar on future action some we were going to work out some we were in the little signs martin has recently certain every finished writing so three years later for lyrics are.
Some what full of substance and snuffle yeah there’s that are always good food but story.
We’re game dropped to my dad recorded alvin la and goes work it is your hooker couple loss for helms and they said that dexter would write lyrics.

[25:39] Lake ray before you got into record mobile park.
Five just laying frizzle robotics bridge tracks florida last when we’re through here right when you get a new in cia but the settings a question if he said that she.
On through with it better or would where is the dash in a changed in my quest to it.
He was like the problem that i have in my instagram today i route today at work and some of the.
Well is to my elbow but it’s such a table donors right away like it or make or send it to make a,
no really like this numbers america’s on your personal in person surgeon said post it okay for ira maybe twenty minutes.
And sometime integrated it’s like of hers but i mean no way you plug in your palms and for what.
Or does it eventually turn on switch for the like the tag and is the poetry of the time on the drops use one of them to really.

[26:49] Is matthew when i visit the moon ever been.
Call it the rinse repeat no bitch that’s.

[27:06] Scare relinquish of in your back is feeling jug zero that one seventy four bv and anyone can hear even said they can just play with alex.
Lose and we will i be that’s curious the reese and he called that is because.
When we did not working title for it how was the only song because here’s no that’s that’s one fifty-two so we started so we write the music first generally.
And are working title until we have at least something we are ugly to give it a title is always to be pm.
So we played the click tracks and whatever he says that are sick was a.
One ten one to two whatever promise that is that you could so use to you know the number that’s associated with the beat from it also nigga name for it and everybody’s looking like what’s all this.
Let johnny knows that suits you that’s you go over there is no way we have mutual or like six months where john that we with and when we win souls when we were light shows and wicker set list,
because that was that down a,
i’m out of surgery and in the midst of i don’t just hope mr inside during deserve juicer bobby or jars seat here in singer he owes does we will so was it like.
Quickly player riff silently on so yeah i know it was playing.
Is it true that when one fifty two years as it mayer’s or mirror you’re the one minute it’s meters the room all the volume vol has more for me or it.

[28:44] He won’t.
We will i get i got into it a little bit because i can’t stand people who say to me you’re like one cell or cuz there’s two syllables that were here were why at my motion yeah there’s your dollars,
where’s down here somethings a cordial okay instead.

[29:07] I don’t know i was thinking once it’s too i don’t know i don’t mind moist the recording.
Lol yeah he’s a world you do.
It’s annoying but never knew the van with my son is there there’s accused all stitch county skit where,
this guy gets fired from jobs uses the word ascertain too much is way that people just jealous of me there,
they’re a girl’s of my answer to nation was every four the low back of the word is.
What is the sheets of what was is from theirs is sold,
there’s as he says how you shorten early nineties cool kids in the hall budget atms as long as a series of course of the whole areas and it shows q three hourly buckles related or just randomly random concerts this,
purchase simple like lightly last owned money pie from bianca hoses and there was this for my flight was precision of them are still.
Glasses think any interpretation color it’s a little less abstract the more more concrete but still has the silly opera.

[30:28] Realize that less printing with the understanding than anywhere else.
The more and more than their albums complete that’s a.

[30:41] What exactly is all it goes on what your looking for one but not coming in that the.
Remove this week that is the life to live,
business even better than where you’re files and forget about it was how i can remove alan yes who is your team lots of excel,
minus seven hundred seventy four g so that’s where and yeah.
The dude all of this is it reminds me of when my very first recording session with my old band with your dad and the entire session.
Every time somebody would say something the personal sound when his phone and you be a different version of that’s all day you must have thinking least a hundred times.
A guy got to the point where even i was annoyed with that has become the one right now as she’s.

[31:54] What a.
Ah this when this beers what your thoughts on the growing number of complaints about comedian saying offensive jokes.
Ass stupid ass yeah them to nursing has anything the only when i do not,
i have a thousand i’m like okay we’re not talking again he owes me three weeks to get his doughnuts waiting coming for the first two episodes i was just like oh we’re passing so it’ll need to think about this when they built what’s your opinion.

[32:30] I know the road as you start your community there’s phone communion when it is firing.
Things were not considered career but it like the ones that’s that’s how i would.
Record the for you as a flight is full of things i feel a.
I watched a lot of old comedy from like the nineties and stuff shes a false things that i feel like a lot of the times.

[33:02] Even the smallest think it will get better but i’m just like its a joke yeah like the ignition fuse for the rain in the same token i love offensive humor but if it’s clever.
Yes that that will housework so you fish for something to say and it’s funny great do it the records dirty whatever.
But its policies that i think sometimes certain things comics that you sir bits are skips people need to.
Could that will be in the yeah let’s look like i’m missing the roads arkansas answer to start a nuclear days.
And i was like yeah yeah and yeah all of the sudden my he’s layers and there’s other times it all his stuff in my opinion is very dated oh what if your sandisk ladies weasley.
Conserve water most massage this sick all he’s never seeing you in that day and age is that his car is at his.
Just character that’s is why is he playing a character home and i would say probably not but he’s.
At those a hundred percent but it’s like yeah for the same caliban so he also probably believes yeah.
What year did i i’m not gonna say it cuz its somethings you say like.
I mean will make it today’s is all washer and it still does stand doesn’t work probably watches what he says little war yeah but usually just starting out now china come into that house there’s no way to check and see the.
Salon things out we only grilling that would be deemed races women’s valley his or the topics back in like when you’re like the sixties and seventies was i was cut funny no now was a honestly don’t think george carlin megan days.

[34:44] Yeah if he’s a starting role as is as well that the only thing i things interesting cuz i don’t own.
Comedians i have no idea what you’re talking all that with andrew dice clay but if you don’t.
And replace home was your solenoid fit all look exactly the same as everyone forget it but still it because of the social media and mike.
Fine for a while and do you to do stuff like that there so many more comedians that he’s always waiting.
All i eat six anklet to sunny megan something funny when considering a comedian faring nothing after writing material and performing a whether it’s you know theater a local open mike and,
right but i mean he did this thing that was cool about vitamin his for like a comedian they the could test out a joke and if it just got images bond,
okay cool don’t use that all this one’s really prices not recognize him don’t think i’ve ever heard thunder does i’m has a mobile does he was huge in the early eighties early.
And just like stare at the camera drives which are not move when you use there is one caster i use answer to live once and want to cast members refused to burn the absurdity of you’ll casters is left,
was in such a mistake on workers can do so even make a time that’s why i fell off like quick preset and it was even a ninety four people like this a little too much like yeah.

[36:15] Who is want me when i used to dissect yeah lol i’m crazy yelling seriousness that’s him out that’s all users only shit.
We are a couple comments offensive is fine as long as the people of targets can defend themselves.
And target people with mental disability supervisor unable to respond is currently and earth it’s all season any comical make those jokes about that.
Real estate in terms of like pointing a finger at that would just like that’s why you do that,
great one jeff fuck you until it just lights like they use in the mood we were on was lost channels on the wall when a o lou will come out bro was that rather.

[37:01] Yet regular while he was was gonna was google’s low of me so many liver gold medals.
I’m a big ol middle service to well there’s about canadian surprised if you were there opening yeah that’s also what is very much an account cuz that name is your sunset cruise and like there from candice of course eventual models,
in hockey terms of another way of dancing with the point of his her anyway loss in the days jeff.

[37:42] Where will jeff and i can’t have is one half gallons of what you.
Roasted and they just stan jackson designs that last week was great nice well danger but it if.
We can talk to come see and have all of that.

[38:05] What’s the weather like in all the fences all right to nyc stanley obviously electricity conf and that’s a good thing some in.
If they know you not hundred percent league if they know it was jumpoff you haven’t really not haha people can see through this transparent and it’s like or the signals means like half defensive.
Yeah to an extent if you’re clever whatever yeah i saw carlson feel last year was the worst things ever sees.
So aggressive and really so like using it every racial slur book,
news said it love auto credit in the dogs what the hell moving.
For ben wagner’s over,
then yeah man see a man increase don’t honey three shouldn’t be hot in my order now it was late and hasn’t the novella now he burley please a were successful songs on.

[39:09] Since when since he got copier jokes dealer yeah i was guys eleven thousand to make if you don’t know the story you got over my ex seen of you sooner jokes are sugar man in one of the main guys that’s why.
Go wrong as one of his good buddies to sky are she’s to be the doorman at comic con la now is it a famous comedian starters from being the door man there man sees seem to open my eyes and steals jokes,
so there and call them out on it from everybody and cheese wouldn’t accuse her core to yeah,
when it has settings should still does not remove her yeah she knows uses where my writers do it she’s asia’s record jokes.
So slick i feel like the sky behind the weather right now like redeeming thing know if it isn’t better all that is within sight she college to jersey as i am night she’s moderately attractive white woman so school ray happen.
She’s okay weather and it should be to honor jokes.

[40:06] I don’t think she’s funny and she’s attractive so i was kinda hoping this is gonna take aubrey this out,
well i train wrecks it means and i was mainly because of bill heater because of a huge believers the lodging options for yeah john scenic railway,
brian james johnson remission play in that movie with that was good was not change yeah that sounds about right for her for years later for breakout movie role in the.
Dude lebron james was not an actor of stage heard she should regulator sores on his aunt about a and it’s.
Four no school she was should i stuff it still,
probe is reno you address them ago and the machine yours tears for your were forty three minutes in and i think of like or like three questions right of,
well the day my is good and well what’s your favorite super group super.
But famous people gather was always under my fans are like the marvel dc universe like when we retired and pants i think pants fan fry for this one super of the stuff apple inc.
Pass the movie house we don’t talk we are talking about oh that you would use the knowledge i possess the way would ask me that the.
The first forty three minutes or something getting down the base everything off the ass fail or knowledge pass out when.

[41:45] What is the deal jon damn things is great and all i want to hear john’s john distances first please oh non fuse,
what was the thing is everyones coming together to form their own oh god which is technically now that technically now boys would be cuz they all the others outline on where batson.
Send john a surface means a stove league see myself going with me should the fans that only four thousand.
Weather went for one fifty.
I said oh i cannot be considered about tom and i like making same of enough to let him into.
To roast it said it could not see group yeah i would is madonna singer to.
All i mean she’s are on the group of three of those of us are trapped pints is all.
He has a volver volver is on for half a second but that’s just cuz slash wasn’t.
Oh scott weiland bases is kind of a silver cuz actual roses.
That is terrible i put everything before me down this is a league of chicken foot probably would a super game is over because when system is giving up i’m sure with your words because it’s,
he’s def lever so then yeah do this other german one r yeah.
Set brightness in the same as yours something about all the news later they should be like awesome super group just cuz he’s drunk.

[43:24] Also you should really work on getting open gate for def leopard yeah.

[43:30] Of the year of this whole wheat.
What is so.

[43:45] When you reverse over it could be you will units.
Yeah not a bigger mess of the britons coming here again you’re gonna make her phone go off and.

[44:00] Some of my route fails when doing economies and jokes that nice donors job.
Comedian for she still has for all his gonna do how much was made in the podcast will the.
What cable from the logos deal on a,
we did you guys are to bob about the way she calls and see phillips is in swedish is not a joke services everything is all heavily consider section lightly two coaches,
you know so stupid seeds that.
Which are live on what is the average iq of his sin me hangar of juice century on me harry and chad smith forever is forever strong what’s wrong with any of the people that can freeze in a few.

[44:50] Set the relay all oxygen ever the basis.

[44:56] Karen vases song and it says the base is just amazes was like bleeding like really rule out with my.
I was the bassist is in tyler from oh michael anthony from the money would i find those siri heater might lansing or together so it’s like.
As a trip together wasn’t there is always on the damn thing genius every key for every time i die the vocals really and joe and andy for fall boyer guitar drums and then study in and,
rebecca general from anthrax,
that’s weird is super that is weird as always shred check this rate well how long have always been harbor and snap so that has been.
Is arm chandelier technically summer.
He has those and before that you were wellsville celesta going still comes in the room playing right since when have officially broke up all the other on the other guys named james to know,
they set their profiles its complicated.
You know where’s hundred c dead cross last year which is my cat from trip no more candy of will borrow from slayer is drawer and and their tarzan basis are from the locust.

[46:15] Her grin and three tenths of the way we was of her visit with.
My ball was anybody figure out when it’s is oscar de.
Yeah okay for the house is in just national go.
Will check technically as early dying is too because all the other guys were in wyoming where he played a show international just got back together and are always with the the.
Do the terms doe his.
Two thousand six called they want their middle car back that’s exactly what’s happening i’m okay with f k with the stove that was good no of course you call us alive the one you together in from the show.
Classy fashion created he’s a little rusty but the rest yeah i was very unhappy be playing he would have been jailed and.
Yeah second chance of things in my opinion rushes super.
What rush is over version of the first gonna go it and was like i don’t know if you can sing it doesn’t brew just his me they didn’t have problem projects but for the brush with kindness super.
His title is high and.
I read it wasn’t known before yeah so creams does screen was on a campground my mind and i was like i don’t know if there were enough for the cream because everybody remember that ha during after see some of you call super groovy,
you caller id and super group that’s really successful they split up and that other things afterwards i suppose we’ll technically than follow boy is too because let you go on and on.

[47:49] Green air forces multiple difference to the irs for autos do not working beatles could do it to nobody consider,
it’s super labels strategy business he’s like well and am still with the symbol.
That’s pretty dope not many people from here princess mia.
Just so all this formerly and when it is an easy while work what was his and bones in a couple your,
couple years as it was to get on his record contrary and the names of yours form one.
Yes and all the stuff and don’t know a name himself that people had to call him that because is name of the symbol that didn’t have any preset hmm.
Sound two without yeah is his own made of symbols so that we can name is turning one of the family court hundred p,
promotion looks like a p in mail symbol and we could yeah we is is guitar yeah well avatar made after he came with us a dozen to move.
Yeah okay weather super settings all them crooked vultures.
It’s been charging all those that was it is a gene in my phone for question.
No room for a month as the other variable other to the super groups from the eighties a thing of missing daniel lost a lot he’s using to paul raj it’s true we queen,
oh yeah i agree the me he’s is ted nugent and couple guys from ss there tommy shaw from styx and night ranger.

[49:28] Jack pleasure and her rules yeah broccoli mostly the super but this phone.
On sale locals yeah as it is that’s my favorite under there so i can pay the disco be considered,
the signal cuz i never make way use on regional growth out all last record by himself and contemplate recorded all of it to,
who wrote it recorded on some kind put it back on the map you know like everybody come out its really is center because the,
name one other members but see that’s where my can one guy define it if he does it all like that i can mean and still good reason,
then don’t words shouldn’t nervous suppose to top.
Black reference multiple famous people from other projects they came together just get some difference when is it okay and um,
pretty girls i suppose and guitar and there’s a lot of technical super vhs if you look at it from a different angle it foo fighters consists of ten days and run.
Sunny day real estate guys and of path from the germs and steel in on itself so slightly.
You go to many different routes with the group as well i own them aside that they are.
Little sister who had for a different reason no it’s definitely yeah in a way yeah reserve.
You know they’ll than before same time accepted remission last year of that even then that was basically margin arms plus kyle no i hate that it’s alison’s well.

[50:59] Thomas didn’t do the show in california now a justin’s girls this is no know if we can commit him.

[51:09] Is is laws if it was a one night only thing it hard to level twenty wasn’t even when i only have tonight yeah just cover the first half and then comes the second which was hard amazing either way they was is elohim put together was or yeah.

[51:24] Jules our the entire ss does selling out exist anymore.

[51:34] Yeah it are always and it does yeah everyone air on those this point,
then fall of want again feel like we’ve reference at the most you have ever every questions given all over the world that’s using the,
save it as a season and have not sold out.
I would say from gazi there’s nothing in the pump russians were if you make money off your music your solo yeah.
So we so worried no idea what this will blow by definition blood.
Is like the parameters sell out like change sound you sell records or like wages i’d say probably should the cubes.
Change your sound completely cuz you wanna check some records i’ve radio rock stuff is about retailers with.
Sons of odin used for don’t though i’d i don’t know if i agree with that because i mean if you make a song the really appreciated loved and some of us to pay you money does the play it,
over and add on the selling on things that’s of making money off of music and you’re trying to do for a living.
Well one thing about this jimi hendrix true definition of you i’m not leaving like something like this in it which,
i mean princes state has sold out quite a bit since the best way to melt that for all three of the fridge michael jackson’s to doubt.
Play prince probably preceded spotify everything it stood for think here and i put him on it with the to park.

[53:08] And michael jackson and prince.
Super group that’s just holograms yeah and that’s gonna be the super group surgery a route to san another fall when saying.
That’s why i do the holograms just go get him from the private island that there on and does the live.

[53:30] All i know you though three me the corpses row if you’re doing things before problem so i totally didn’t hear re animator hard brianna eight.
And so was like when brianna eight there,
corpses what’s when they all has vs is used for the va that’s the name on the scenario hundred around yeah but like not liking this at ordered one hundred thousand miles on the.
Cruise disagreed so on off on wednesday and it still sell out of tickets on to worry,
if it seems five hundred and you sell five hundred tickets by you so that the roller says yes because of his other than other when they talk about your result in integrity or.
Literal dance for it’s easier for va’s you and out is because there’s so many more platforms and.
I was put this way ninety there’s a banner turns out plain like rocker,
metal or hardcore where john and transition like you know everybody countries electronica dubstep thousand in being frost release all the guitars of our computers are making music and next thing you know.
They’re falling on that so it’s like.
One day and i have probably leave mid thousands of people accused of selling ours attribute yeah when they went as often discount to yesterday’s that sells paper anchor which.

[55:01] Meet me right now i really love them in nine t is a life of their favorite for me was desperate,
yesterday at nine am hands on your bubble machine for future all the way down from back to school on them when they can a lesson speed records alive again yeah lot people pays sounds like fifth that,
alex track somebody like the was me the radio those others that i see why people invaded fizzle yeah ff was alot of people there saying they never came back.
There’s lots of insane the you sold our,
because their new album is just an entirely like i’ll feels like what that’s because they got a new guitar it was only that sigma doing it for so long when is it become like there just progressing instead of selling.
Bray exactly does the hard boot but then you have to hold every band that some standard you notes and similar to me in,
taylor swift name was thrown out pretty fast and i’m not argue against their selling out i mean what is she does the side of that someone he this country isn’t really wanna do i wanna do pop,
well then is she really selling its it’s always is using tape and you really enjoy and safe will they didn’t sell out but then when you have the people and i was connected to it or tell under the wrong by taylor swift.
Music playing ball before or after cuz it’s catching shouldn’t be guilty pleasure.
What does a lot omg julie and you get a young girl the last album no but i also would be because of the.
Usted is a cuz you know it only takes the factors in it like you get a young girl that’s like looks the country part can sing really was like there director let’s make you a country star and then that concert fizzle out like actually.

[56:38] We can turn into a pop star in american credits whoever’s engineers are you an excellent job set top back it but that’s for me and you know early.
I hear some of the use like how many hours can you make that you have the same songs at the bar and the warmer for people like on our,
well those that was that was only third album this is human cell numbers and play a game of its gonna point it doesn’t matter you can’t make that same problem,
every single record you gotta try something new but it’s like.

[57:06] Every time i try something new it seems like the first and the people wanna meet us is all this old are out of my day there just trying something new again progressing.
There’s a when vans go search for the use i like to suffer of this new l play more than the stuff of the last one because when they try to enter and when they try to political mike.
Tone back there was no is like cutting like i said that the birth.
Swimming or logs i went and saw them in milwaukee on that fifteen year anniversary sure where they did the tonight they’ll and.
I wanna get into the other stories cuz i was also but i ain’t got i gotta talk to move it was like.
Dim please tell me you’re not doing political stuff on the next record was like love you bit and music was.
Okay that just the whole imaginary enemy like i just wasn’t feeling bro like it alot via my passport cuz but i hope you go.
Back to your roots on this next money as i am and this plan is okay couple of things hair cut really early in with their from and i agree with you.
Yeah i wire that i’ll sleep when ever been to socio political route when they have been political the past,
yes like all screens all users forced your way of rise against the school what will her on the faces range if your stance is being kind of like that subculture your entire musical career access david comes on left philly hey,
a c does your from the path to.

[58:37] Yeah i will they hit the cops hard copy has to say the word has to go but they really when is it travel bag on my to the end of you and,
turn it into a hardcore album instead they and the and a baby easily combine and of you a and is there and then after that link off last of records and that’s been how.
There’s too much like political a what’s father tran of you know fuck the police and all that mess like a come on there’s no.
Here’s my first the as always more side to side story it’s tough concept in general yeah but are they selling out that.
Someone comments a lil if there is calling a trend because that’s like that’s why i think these are doing like everybody’s kinda sixty like and where is the lake,
will it will and if they feel strong and the topic in this saturday’s but different selling me know if they if they did it just is there like we’re gonna sell more albums if we talk about this the yet sewing up and let you know for sure so so essentially it comes down to,
it comes down to their the intention of the artist.
And none of us can ever know lol exept that’s why i always lacking questions are calling people for dollar dozen that is days if you do call me stick by it,
and they in on me and they don’t like fast food flea the first sign of trouble or something hey you’re not bothering introduction dramas and they don’t ever talk about again right and think low seven day like.
That’s what we’re doing this we feel we’re s out hot like them gag and it’s like.

[1:00:09] People either gonna get programmer there fall off it’s not nice in the van but if you can tell bands coming fla prowling what’s rated political opponents right you know break up how long you can kinda tell.
What the next cliche they’re doing their site what was going on in vice versa agreed to pass early dinner right with god of all six lisa wasn’t from.
Just passing accusatory they’re going for personal angle right.
But also backing up there stuff to have to speak on all the good able to because they stopped two as i did did they teased with that one record i got time sheet level where our do not again yeah they try again exactly even though they knew like how much,
you’re flack take off originally but now passwords lake isle of us all that’s what there until now you can follow me for that just happen to be picture was successful as is our view that on now but.
No dozen of insulin several hey jarvis is basically was to funny as company scotland’s said it wasn’t nearly as she was now yeah yeah was funny the other guys this and.
Sure but show showing the road she’s very to she still of persian some bullshit whatever he’s going further down like crap all his.
Six hours not yet receiving for the next step no he’s doing well ah fixed i’m in the unit i was turn insinuate shoes and.
Oh my god it’s too.

[1:01:39] Oh buddy all of when you’ll have his their house and with the things i said i did i completely miss something gonna chime in on that was have to listen to it again we have her first re p,
question that failed last does do it still intact all or of those old,
and as an ass of those rules explosion we got all gold and do you know who either them or your money new it loses the course faster did.
In hall was kind of the main singer yeah also roper.
Can it all just the pretty bored ever for everybody gourmet always justin bieber and.
At the same time the fan the people future they need losing kharkov yeah i thought haul rode occasionally to you did horrible is i can a lion’s share from water but it was always justin beaver and its was.
We believe we’re using will only come up with no make because they don’t have the charisma so you don’t think these balls but if you had stripped back who need who more i would def say opposes the guy.
So that being said gas simon vergara hole oh.
Hello darkness my friends sorry politico idle no mobile seven on the island simon idles and.
Garfunkel if without your phone will you don’t have that obviously that’s that sells their oxymoron but.

[1:03:14] Without to but simon is the one they carry the weight yes it was mr vogel cuddled bitch,
i hear the sound of it use your vehicle from what i hear all that was awesome person to work with what we got has kinda dried to this extent think there’s a ship there’s a.
Dark hatred it is hard news of what’s your but if feels to be sick is he was his the first like hardcore his back and say you don’t know who’s silver and you are playing.
Hello there for as you’ve done all yeah ever that’s as your cover so.
So i don’t know that boy better than all the flack for my girlfriend like that.
I am also without somebody years ago suddenly gargled with uncle john we’ve feel about garfunkel.
And that is lonely that all you really good show in the show.
It’s a group matches the shirt i know that the show itself is relatively i am in the event and all simon said grams i know he has certain level lot in the eighties,
he did his skate were using line way for movie at the theater and he’s runs all these friends he about the passing he knows every single detail about the moment of the bottom in order for go actual are girl still shows up in my life.
Paul when good for.
Review the velocity current mood is age of the who in the heck andrea stop.

[1:04:49] Ways that question pass or fail pass fast.
Rita but it’s a means of more than leave a third term as charm.
Do you think vhs lever go back in style now they’ll.
Fail and similarly in our next to last is still with his has passed you know go on where’s the,
here’s the thing about in a week they’ll nail moving on the news fails for the run.

[1:05:26] No other repeat for seinfeld with shovels got in how i met your mother saying either.

[1:05:34] You feel no friends terrible inference for my son who owns her fruits of dishes.

[1:05:43] When.

[1:05:46] Send this our office on briefly and will always has and is going to save as of.
France is bullshit because you can tune in every single episode of those characters were change there’s no arcs to them at all cuz there it hell.
I am not tech.
No other health there too it’s women that are stronger fly wouldn’t say that they didn’t change their actually got more annoying over time.
On each day more annoying because it and she will see draw ross is the guy who died most recently.
And is slowly wear down his sanity over the course that which it looks like a gradual gradient unusual pieces,
when to measure those eliza dr in elkins handy of it it’s this was deservedly ross’s house like the office till that there’s an of summer he can surely region kissing and.
Weird to rest the up so i lost the fight mean you’re does all the thing is i know i am sweet pure and fly in like in real life billy.

[1:06:52] This is weird of processes me a reason time what were is late to show it is that song kinda things score in the league again and does issue,
and he is light on all flying this’ll airline in real life does billie on any must sees red what.
Thirty five what is the sickest of us really know what is the thing i don’t understand how.
Who could sign field and friends on the same cart cuz they’re not the same type show all food is a lot a couple of people compare the shows that you shows.
And they’re totally different style show black with the question the other apps like i’m just were peoples three s is.
The feeling you’re mine yeah so is that played the first some questions failed and we talked about that long.

[1:07:43] Yeah it was like old passengers so wheelers serve for exercise executive host for the.
I apologize for.

[1:07:56] No here got a cigarette i feel very very strong about home taxes friends call new chief of white is in the music need to be re the money goes.

[1:08:08] Oh that’s pretty filled the handle is when we’re two units signing garfunkel astray say little ones of money in the enemy that doesn’t the stopping in the news in.
Current has a force machine yeah i was in a long in the news a news of it and then you get a different times using our houses anymore machine,
yeah hello this is for prince edward bloom box that the.
Does the irs will be blitzen about when it should be.

[1:08:49] I will ask it will be used for something,
send an invite to five area to charlie with the yard doesn’t have a big mab united states lately,
attention to all when over and eight to florence confidence reverse tell michael that they selena.
But when we have something in the.

[1:09:22] Yeah that that week we fail we gotta keep moving right next one that which answer would you like to learn how to play the you don’t know how to play.
Toro and yes i got silicon overs that they are in an.
Order two years so far for like at the college and it’s about argues we do with it you got little volume mike and the farther hands with the louder it is and i’m like,
yeah there’s a place just that is like a minute field around and yeah but i can get it to like even,
all he did was i couldn’t even look get it even slightly control has a lot to learn and do the,
the fucking thing from the other migrations yeah wanted you so bad or atleast you like si five one has one walking really rude that.
What were see magic five h how do you dare to steal.

[1:10:21] Chose the hd known it’s is really dogs i’m wig the re load my phones being.
I love the else would’ve rather seen your still working out and losing.
Question is it no hits healthcare still supported her plot advertise and mohammad ali like his daddy get defenders of michael j vice consuls to me so.
We can he can sign the documents his power turned that’s.
I was say we are going on a sailor guitar just because i live only drum and do vocals and left forgot actually play it so i can easily write songs and.
Teach my band mates hot run through the song in my head and said it just be like here coupon on the notes.
That’s what i do like i’ll have riffs in my head with the sound ridiculous smaller drums on my unit re you leaving instruments,
he wouldn’t let early sayings every part and my recorded them on himself and then bring it to guitar players and bank have them on it like slow who was a slash that played on the radio on and how that,
he worked and say yeah the other heaters he sang it to him and then he like.
Figured out how to play it from michael jackson singing this lady brought this lawsuit against michael jackson it’s saying that he stole.

[1:11:52] The song of hers from my six years earlier and michael jackson had the.
Recording with a date on it of just him singing every single part and she didn’t have jack and is a site.
Well he’d really like just saying everything in my compose everything is it didn’t know i reach music any.
Nah just nuts and folsom sure you don’t either guitar is making him.
I would like to do so that the difference from yeah didgeridoo yeah if you need a girl got to do i love that injured thoughts of with cream.
I can’t breathe very well i came this close to buying one renaissance faire once the entire friends talk of it but will,
i regret to this day that i didn’t go with my drug impulse line whatever by my drunken upon store but it paid off hopefully it’s the that is all,
i don’t yeah legally allowed to purchase a did you reduce over that’s that’s fair in southern said you to are you allowed if you are indigenous.

[1:12:59] Allow it i’m items margarita pass there learn how to play rain stick slate.

[1:13:07] He twisted the right way when does the sound as i will you have to learn a little bit cuz this is this is on a sugar yeah about the same thing mulling it must shaker,
and i heard some people play shaker on time lovely baby you do need to learn a little bit even like the simple instruments need a little are shaker actually a little more copy.
Think it’s one that you have to have the shake hit the right to get moments like.
And i completely agree but just like what if he don’t need skills to play rain sick or like for coaching i want that job like the orchestra,
alright of yours,
we i i always will when the present got the guy who is like they we have to set up on screen from the triangles and does not have this available for is,
my job i was living has risen you have the guy with the drum that’s you know.
Ten foot diameter just enter the head twice and the songs like yeah you still need to be really really she doesn’t like your status what’s in years of.

[1:14:14] Yeah yeah i know but it’s just cause of the signal there anything doing he’s like i got hit the,
exactly does my one shot blanket method is known get back on and this is my one shot at the one on one with the best looking little.
When will you move when you say about my ariston pictures in the grooms.

[1:14:42] The universe to travel to you guys sitting corn pudding that.

[1:14:49] This is a bruise walls in the same for everybody.
Girl just like.
God always knows we hope that none of that is the one that knows that sells wasn’t yo-yos is normal and john you do i mean.
Sync it going hope all the kids are expensive doesn’t always will not play.
Cannot you need it each we talk about corum shows you need the one side of road xl williams is a,
turn x pro of those hours you are in a gallon of course of the devil me just like it did make sure that it’s a sexy ginger oh well yeah that obviously.
In the cut in strategic places.

[1:15:37] How to set the scene up just like that when you got the chain the he sees v-neck judge’s robes session that i hold you in contempt of court for a while his other acts and,
when you do as well hope we.
Can’t get to the father will new in the your welcome i am i would welcome a motion with the wheel of the month starting my own comedy.

[1:16:13] Maybe it’s just a song with a.

[1:16:22] I’ve literally played every instrument so.
And i usually go back fires cuz i wanna get or should i actually saw that picture of you play every instrument everything is according.
Yeah sure statement of the day there’s like obviously like,
indigenous instruments that i never use lol and that was r zero two five chrysler yeah play aztec death whistle,
that’s the way before you you play.
Lol you find your check missing not every.
Play well one of the typical instruments of people think that.
Need user with no in the dials me that has well mostly cuz like my grandma was actually clayton’s falls pencil does and she always had brolly instruments on whenever there can always french for.
On line two so that was awesome tonight and start california i was going to check the incoming call it sounds so lame tape is getting your life you loose and shit the also if you know how to play manual make wild party too and yeah.
Five six doesn’t print shoes on who now fluff of eighty six county rd five of the packers are version flashing light on.
Oh because i was collected in c language has on the tone hi play there’s is an answer that i was a part of the school of medicine where.

[1:17:56] Was i do it how works to tonight’s yeah first i-i i would wanna learn how to play the piano and i have a long story explain why the first i can make a reference the aztec death whistle having you here it.

[1:18:10] Yeah that’s the thing for only show up if.
Is that she’s it’s fun if we all die like it’s really something when.
Search for the actual full begins the metal over the whole bloody.
You know what is said.

[1:18:45] Because i just literally every time zone from seniors for trashing everything of its all the jollies does all the.
They got a clue but not full of that change my answer and i live for the moment with biking night but no dollar he has a thousand.
Over learned i have it spin off of their awful owner in the arts of the cal just to there when it is he who is recall.
So i think it’s gonna hookers cuz for walking to the the nomadic,
close your eyes do same and on point with shah payments already sent it once and it wont let the big knob to amaze buyers of you came back,
with the ax lakers walking impression as well yeah what did running hundred we are going to play the game or.
Hoping i am that’s the spot lol all the jewels was with the screws she first things first.
I’m the realist and i am six self and see.
You already know how to cook some dead bird out the other day had a windshield i thought whole.
What does a dead bird snack go to work scheme for stamina faces.

[1:20:22] Pl hit the notes exactly right stabbed in the face with a soldering iron show dark.
Jarvis please you know chopped are.

[1:20:37] Oh that’s wonderful runs things it’s are scratch that skopje.
So within the hour twenty mark of you often you one more topic or topics shouldn’t plugs fuel was closed call good still co for a.
Fail and see.

[1:20:58] Favourite album cover of all time and least favorite all couple is off unless you brought to avail our.
I also have multiple ten two hundred ninety lb italian of the semester and we have some opinions on a few kress cool heater dentures.
Phone will fail to go next week i was reading on that wasn’t adventures celebrity crushes.

[1:21:27] Fail fail okay so will you that all sins were being really picky about this level is your last once again account.

[1:21:38] What is the current it bell executive veto the that.
Every episode actually to the last topic is always like a rough life know that the acid don’t mix using the word that which be in barrow would you like to see happen,
buy battle i mean literally fight each other for example ac dc and guns and roses pass.
Pass filter basket will that would just be actual rose like for a minute fill in the blank what would your band.
Battle would you like to see happen when put in the food fires cuz he dave grohl braces laying and still fucking shows a man who do you like seafood first flight.
Fully like the guy in person and i thought it was ginger but no no vs other teams of ingles with us can take on the foo fighters beeches brook way.
I once was pick up the leggings are going to see metallica and megadeth flight.
Because they were saved use real talk and think about it and said in davis always been better than the talk it was slightly more successful vegan and service forms is that i just love to see that fight happened with dave just got.
What is the earth a little we use our nice ge tastes.

[1:23:03] What you think this year they jarvis lol you’re the smart.
Is watching phone rings leo’s rule secretively for.
Show them your meaning that they will do billy joel is not to be fucked with holding shit yes.
Since since videos man that is their dance moves and it rattles yup what.

[1:23:36] The couple videos of him he’s actually take out what do.
Did they use real mondays do this with no reasoning for joining us all to take the typical does,
we know you with forty five mins of death which on the walls to go joe’s villages or corey’s.
Which i do not know that either if it was totally cancel itself races sexes again he might be now but it.
The ignition is was called that was you watch those videos at a been a minute.
What marky mark back in the day o can that be a good one that would be.
Yeah marky mark commences see he definitely has anger is have you seen a good vibrations music video that i know that had a heavy bag,
yeah that’s cool whatever vs career.
Will always be just soured scramble what i.

[1:24:55] Turn think its a good one but somebody who somebody wants to get the the select few most the mobile phones.
Blue is for all inside of all of us for fired because you were talking about good evening plans for singing that.
Policy brand new taking back sunday all.
I ever going to bring you show and then times before it back sunday shirts like takes balls to is that weird fuse because the.
Bridget what can lay they still like fridge are very small and i thought i want to focus my first what happened was i think.
Turn on all and for tigress sunday was dear girl and jesse white and jesse was just about every one song about it.
And the studio what the just left a mark sundays using it for a year to in the former new york for all the songs on fast as you know.
Never and use the one standing well to the interesting thing about that is apparently jesse with you just unit doesn’t have good relationships you know there’s then now it makes more sense to go back to.
Couple of lunches government yep that’s you boys and sync.
There are so many body changes throughout those vans in that video of dad five exams this wildcard there,
you know oh yeah well and the cut will cut refuses to listen to know you know it wouldn’t have spares for see everything to lose the heck yeah was one.

[1:26:34] In sick of flight for him to find someone that.

[1:26:45] What are the hours are you looking for a bucket with but the.
Battery is dead and observer my other podcast it’s cool to empire fantasy fight club we just come up with celebrities politicians whatever and we just i had like a symbol panel.
Alright if we could debate their strengths weaknesses winners.
Oh actually you get your news related you know that each warm wash like every friday night for all rough and rowdy so basically on the east coast they have this fight promotion.
There is an amateur fight promotional basically anybody that wants to be in a boxing match can show up that day all of pass a physical invite somebody,
and they just always be widow not of it in all you guys and like jeans and cut offs showing of those and just going after each other and it’s a it’s amazing actually the one,
the next one’s gonna be in ohio all sitter going to,
harvey wants to know my answer yeah on a seen these hearts fight if they remember because.
Whatever happens i say it’s gonna be the only person standing there is when i would be hilarious to watch.
Those two bastards out yes please new one all american rejects flight.

[1:28:11] Who were verbal league whatever to the back up for grabs the.
The two middle american rejects open for blake and dinner remember than like six or seven of the songs roll just the radio it’s her life.

[1:28:31] Well i certainly minneapolis yeah yeah serious seriously i don’t what y’all thinking what are we doing here.
What’s with this always engages blake.
No use a two thousand five i think of like all those one hit her to where.
Fuse its that you go grab american hi-fi and car out armor for sleep firsts is cool.

[1:29:01] Him but they will.
What right do him listen when people when oh yeah those guys are snorted should the veil really just drink wine for like ten years and eight nothing like a very that’s all the.

[1:29:22] Just this restaurant for dinner sure yet.
I want to see a little back to the seventies and watch lots of on take a real ass announces that be great to be nice.
Set one seven to the one on that was a little really of the guys is always oz of your driver to drop to fight.
My journal back and yeah the day he lost cause i it would be the only person from services sending because he be so i cracked down the yeah well the other problem is is that if this is like,
you know of feeling like of fight where us strategies and stuff if oz is the leader of the band nobody knows what’s going on.
Right now somebody else is dead except for him and that and just can’t find stuff.
Is that the elmo.
For this was the hudson hinge he’s the.
Hey what’s the.
Come of a job although the girls what the initials for tonight he’s like so off his rocker from of is not always can see in the same makes new phone,
so you wanna know what funny journal be funny if he’s actually super normal.
He doesn’t already know that shrek is spongy is is at least seventy percent and act all of that if he is sure he is like the troll king of.

[1:30:53] But honestly that was a risen injured and at least you’ve heard he does like he’s over working stuff like that is why people are like the way you are expected to lose.
Being lp matadors listen to the commentary from show or get a guest appearance,
and look now we came in all executive looks up site down so much was over working like you have rental equipment better than all our tax stuff and he was just like okay lets us at three on this channel disco and just hammered it out he was done and just like,
who the hell was that dude i would love to use new yeah i mean never mind the fact that the house had why he how that it gets to go on adventures right,
turn off the heat of a does not care the.
Back in an hr infancy jose he was then go all star game like two years ago played on sensor track.
Before saw this is a sold out stadium and goes in la at the stables same center so only twenty thousand people there and yeah and.

[1:31:57] Here mon fuckers wants to get this going like you can see like there panelling people actually put children’s tv and he’s going in for us citizens only when it was.
We are pretty well advertise that he was gonna be in here life you can sell the kids and where the super bowl half.
Where’s the exact slippery wheel and nobody’s gonna always be a hair really wanna see my favorite team play always in dogs gonna be that they gonna go and.
Name me one person who’s ever going to see that soup is involved in anything and it’s going to,
that’s going to deter them parents of young children as to say that one white people,
all the people whose that’s all my people and one of those years of oyster group’s ni cements specific.

[1:32:55] Some specific exactly junction.

[1:33:00] Please slow know there’s footage of him and sued washing hands yeah carcinoma owners also foot is review from division reaching him that i do love the artist change up,
weather in my television like everything is cleaned up and they swore her light is to say that in life since moving down was on so no one could be or be the whole songs cleaned up what but we are sir,
sensor and endure the guitarist sites el soccer when the blind in,
remove the rear and still keep it ends up where is your street legal again why.
He lived all of you revoke a picture of the pope really not that is giving.
It’s hard to relearn of being on sony the early generator power supply isn’t level yeah park five to hear the.
What’s the performance but that’s animals from for.
Nice i don’t know much we’re going on a date is reading hopeful knowing what is the,
so very well funded never hung on the printer will action overs troopers.
True or false was it cool.
Okay in the fifty vol this how the fuck that was but is also normal what so permissions drugs you in yoga yoga.

[1:34:37] You have no family enjoy in the unit yet so we are used to it off on the beach went for a rap show she was close.
Is it coming up,
so we breaking up is this was the final straw bet he so what we’re reading reunion tour when press friend yeah gotta super group of so,
there is that proper job out in the sun shone next week on june twenty ninth.
There’s that thing in for a self now when or not in his jacket all the bs approach that does not or you wouldn’t on life is playing after us as well and um i have heard.
There may or may not be asking every typos song or two.
Talk to either confirm or deny so pretty but it wasn’t that cool but are.
Seven doesn’t happen don’t nobody can say that but yes we’re opening the show to be on time this next week for it.
And then after that word coon laying low for a minute cuz we’re gonna try to.
Gets more songs written and then our next show after that it’s gonna be for wings on some icon that big festival it cory has a rear and that is required for.

[1:36:04] Close the last shoes from six am pretty stanford and one three six.

[1:36:10] Will call will figures yes was alex’s through it and has fun time nope you all watching or listening to your one hundred cells.
And there are to the boys plug as well.
Ah just remembered sioux empire dot com is a great place to get all your podcasts and so mixed new exciting news and you may be listening to this on live six to five,
streaming radio all of our podcasts are no streaming on there along with a bunch of great local music so be sure to check the how awesome thank you again pages.
Thank you matthew mc job right prescience and i will see you next time on the.

The Dresch Code Ep 003 No Pita Chips Ever or Vampire Nicolas Cage Licks You

The Dresch Code Ep 003 No Pita Chips Ever or Vampire Nicolas Cage Licks You

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Music by The Disarmed

My guests this evening are Xavier Pastrano, Casey Kustak, Simon Keller, and Daniel Bergeson!! Tune in, it’s gonna be a good time!!

My guests this evening are Xavier Pastrano, Casey Kustak, Simon Keller, and Daniel Bergeson!! Tune in, it’s gonna be a good time!! ???? #TheDreschCode #Podcast #FunTimes

My guests this evening are Xavier Pastrano, Casey Kustak, Simon Keller, and Daniel Bergeson!! Tune in, it’s gonna be a good time!!

My guests this evening are Xavier Pastrano, Casey Kustak, Simon Keller, and Daniel Bergeson!! Tune in, it’s gonna be a good time!!


Machine Transcript

[0:19] Three o’clock yeah that’s right now your listening to.
Looking for your as old jewelry answer very important topics and there are.
Definitely not a bucket of pocket for the jacket,
what does center are door so i may be done for right now is usually called,
it’s a brother drove him so use it should be there is this okay using a column chart yes yes,
go to war against the housing for answering sorry the mean to record has between around.
This is use all your palace evening kc customers in a calm extraordinarily is and why away,
the wheel in place of the handle all of us under distinguished now you know the orders are probably not the.
No color on bikes for dinner cuz all your surrendered wells.
Just you should and no one else does that if you have extra virgin right which uncovered prior commitments.
Sell me retired,
where can a person filmmakers from irrigation center communion is hard takes time and nothing is showing it’s your eyes only came here.

[1:56] Great you let us for it is written.
Three hundred does not come what this is looking into it just to talk to some killer musicians themselves or user,
i’m good i also hear only human because of extra rope or and silver teeth position extraordinary your sorrow are user doing well are,
do what you need is a little dirty pita chips and hummus and all we keep them but for you suppose.
Out of the register is if one of us were or was white jacket,
is it hot gases ago well that goes and we have a pizza party on saturday,
leave so that i am not here to answer,
this is so we called pita chips ever actually you know i wasn’t nearly because i was gonna go through and there’s island was catering that i worked payed it i was catering on on it and you.
He didn’t work the day of the week just and i live in.
I work i was feeling i told the truth behind astronomers the taking the heat and it feels.

[3:27] It doesn’t take at night food it was just a picture just your,
where jesus in which the first written it advertise it sauce for like two years or can it.

[3:46] I really have to say it like companies talk about that takes up to put it in the pics on the handle of money but i really want some isn’t it is.
It’s is so bad i don’t know if this is a really long time ago um i’ve on this island in the position that the printing and have sex in high vomits items of,
somehow the show works is it brian myself lol topics from the jar or bucket.
And we always herbicide if it passes or fails the dress code so the passes we talk about if we fills put away and we may be green for another upset and.
No prob if you left for the whole series run,
i am so glad i’m glad you give these instructions to the only preface to this i got was be raven for only bringing one now we still it’s more than what we wanted to pursue.
Yeah just walk into a room with the.

[4:50] Because i can’t even with a full set for three minutes then i don’t think i believe everything has a question on when when’s the stripping.
Isn’t is the question for these prices claims that.
I heard there was gonna be some done dropping she’s the on drive in couch right in the middle of the little.

[5:22] Why does the hose on and on and on and on god you don’t see along with the sound of that,
i’m here for the summer people staples one zero is the year for rooms and what is the,
not related to was so so looking for the majority of my,
roger him for like it look at you like he can do it i can do some c,
i don’t like i can’t access the purposing will ever be that runs.
It’s because i’m getting is that legal riff-raff regular like yeah they make a guy,
but the museum of those people with every was one of the living rooms.
But it is nice it looks like a teacher in my freshman.
The most like the bigger tho like the music as i make all on.
We are at annas it was a question that should be listening to an advice first like picking up so i don’t tell me what year was that the six not my.
The reasons that you didn’t control a just me it is as its all good and all of them they all listen to the music.

[6:54] Welcome back in depending on wednesday like i know the handle like my your my go to password is not you can always on my mind and then the organism is that is a typical man yeah some of the.
The about the lady is going on now i just from the sound of music because of love that my sisters i really crazy about me to soundcloud the crap culture mom.
What’s the dishes like still get the mobile raptors cause leg.
I’m going to the same with like screaming like crazy like.

[7:32] What is it called like belgian milk or other for so,
just fremont i was sitting with my roommate and see doesn’t have we should have just seen,
and we will look up some metal core music that using listen to but was without the lyrics to it and willing,
this is beautiful mind but can’t actually,
you can you give it so slightly better place so what’s so beautiful about ours there because i do just like if you.
If you perform like an open mike,
all the lyrics to say like a flame is not a course in stores and then play then that song afterwards because people love it isn’t setting and then other people were turned off by just by the way the music is great but,
it’s like it’s just a click the key that you have to mark it only hurts when can appreciate them,
what courses to jam poetry intermittently but like that’s like my wheels about that my love like a can of black or like or whatever,
And from where yeah that’s all i know the answer for this year and you which were.

[9:07] What were.
Yes mr nasir for a mobile phone says you anything like that doesn’t it keep in mind you that liking and out the music before like class like it was involved with that.
And my son is getting late when it.
Is there another that the on the just give back that music has lately.
Play music and just position to like where’s could you said that you have a clicking metal band is.
Is really like moving xp can understand them and he’s a discount coach during as for the vocal styling to.
Then i was talking professor was previously used as long as you in the and she was saying how so it doesn’t with the beatles for example.
What about the holy shoes in the opposite manual is the beatles but like.
Choose one and how much their popularity way brought up on the music if you take with music,
a huge is responsible for the earlier beatles songs you just say the lyrics its like that to go to the.
Fifty meters what project les paul she loves you yeah yeah it’s funny that you say that is that yeah is is americanized.

[10:38] Oh with the beetle sure it’s,
they are very proper over green in was she loves you gas yes yes and yeah meaning texas i can’t read the back of his calls father at one.
Actually got matter and don’t know that was paul’s father or a assuming so.

[11:00] No i was there the only one.
I grew up listening to my mom listen to and then i discovered late other people like in the nineties when he said he.
No cancer divorce and when i move back with my dad he’s like no look there’s other bands.

[11:23] Paul’s father something that was saying that why are you saying yes yes yes instead of yeah yeah yeah he’s on the sound so improper,
childish and they may have the changes there’s,
will you bring up a good point about how they’re just so mundane and and limited in the vocabulary what is it the the top.
Ten songs in the last thirty years and over top charts have a third-rate oh yeah yeah me that’s what reading level is due to,
it’s impossible with the.
Who’s fault is probably mine a user with the first topic,
oh we’re not on the same as we pull this one thing please read every right to start over you six yrs first object and,
they’ll favorite style of standup comedy.

[12:28] She is an sms students good who’s in it but me,
you to know your that yeah i think story telling,
is is you know one of the more popular or is becoming more popular i just love that way of being able to bring in,
different levels of jokes to create this intricate story that makes you follow along you wanna hear the next thing and you not necessarily listening for the punch line,
the patterns coming to you and it’s like a twisted sense kinda and i channel any way that what you know perfectly does a great job with story telling off.

[13:11] Floppy does the girls and don’t know you tell me what the,
there’s so one hundred and two different subject why there are certain comics and it goes away and things because they’ve created a brand for themselves and believe me here i get them all the most respect,
as a as a fellow comic for going out there and doing the things that they do but it’s individuals like.

[13:41] Who run run wide jeff foxworthy you know where the cable guy,
fluffy for an instance they have gone billing bald tires are exactly going on created something and just catch phrase fluffy.
Yeah here’s sign to the zynga is holding fluffy simply because i couldn’t think of his name gabriel iglesias no then i thought about i remember when you were explaining to me like,
you can swing at that point but did not explain that’s okay this is going to re hours non speaking podcast actually,
no but in the right has been great news it is a letter that exam for.
Is mrs what is and some arsenals some google set and sounds now be recorded mount rushmore.

[14:42] Awesome sounds wherefore as if something in helping.
So the guitar is album title autonomous sensory meridian response has when.
But you’re right you’re i think the fact that has created a brand for himself that’s specifically people only thinking of these very successful commercial on but when it comes to variety which.

[15:09] It’s not for everyone a busy one have more variety which brings and what not graph absolutely,
my favorite is jolly is because he lost he perfectly flinstone i’m or,
i like to me is i get more to the point like a little vignette with jokes and i love one letter comics but sometimes that gets me too much and so i like,
a blend of story telling of one liners to john lee and my fit in perfectly and it’s so rewarding as audience member when you catch to john lee call back cuz you’ll only do one like his whole set right,
but it’ll come right of the period and like hey i know what’s the general consensus on the quality.
Or is past three specials i feel like it is in my opinion is decreased i was new in town it was it’s my favorite special time and come back it was pretty awesome as well but slightly weaker than you and having new one is still good.
But it says he’s turning on now is just so when things get more famous that becomes in my opinion issue,
because when they get bigger their quality of comedy decreases my its like every every mask regardless for performance socks in my opinion released lax.
What i liked about accounting first was like the dame cook of that one yeah okay that they could get famous i was released heated harmful as long as probably one of the.
Best come down when everyone after that is just increase in value,
well not value but decreased in in connectivity already on it because it wasn’t.

[16:40] It wasn’t true was just it was factory made everything was being turned out together now home every what six months and i think i think i think i’m not a comic brown you are,
no i will not be consume laconia i love it love listen comments or whatever and go to converse shoes.
But i think i’ve been to the arena shows i’ve been to a small close it into total drag where there is twenty people that and things like that and.
I think the thing about good comedy is only a few people are going to.

[17:15] Understand get it when your when your performance is like twenty thousand people you need to make everybody understand and at the end there is no longer like.

[17:26] Special wanted revenue which for me is what i find so fascinating about like the early stuff george carlin is putting out because,
a lot of it’s just it’s not even trying to be funny is just at this weird intellectual level where history nothing to see if it sticks and he does he’ll say anything like.

[17:44] What was the point in me already two or three jobs on down line.
But i just idle and that’s something that i love is like trying to piece together like white what was the intention of of this string of sentences i also i i thoroughly enjoyed comics who.
To material that just made,
that’s primarily for them down i’m gonna say this because it makes me laugh and if i’m having fun doing it you’re probably gonna have fun as well you can,
there’s icy why it matters p holmes is a good example of word for that type comedies and some do whatever makes me laugh but i will say c martin xmas heard,
before it is fantastic that he just hear those collars that took apart centre county and made fun of the.

[18:28] John or in general that he was just like repeat after me a very long phrases like everybody think this and.
Make it was a rock star on stage you wanted to bring them and if i don’t have you seen my sons are having,
to whom it was the closest guy to mix centre county and rock star style having that was why i messaged these it huge influence on me that’s why that’s the only like arena comedy show that i can like,
oh that’s awesome like it’s really good that only i’ve and many more watch more like stan especially when i’m in there are so there’s an comics lake.
Who are they change oil and dryer film something better on but like me like that just from is the reason there’s been a ton of the stuffs apartment for example again isn’t just now like.
Cancel my brain john jensen is watch some and i was like richard is by watching his most recent reader base and start saying well yeah so and so’s interested in the top of college but we got into the game it use.

[19:33] One liters probably yeah after office hey,
you are going to see him for grass and watch him grow in his act over the last fifteen twenty years into a thing lake mean that my style like my.
My taste my cum usually change of use to it i remember the first time customers on march show.
I was working hours of it over the hospital to make seventeen,
no she’s white she refuses she a story teller on,
but just like me she is very animated version earlier stuff was like out there and then to la um unabashedly honest just like the biggest experiences as a for me like the shock value.
Was like huge impact on me so that oh my gosh she see that economical areas where is now is lake,
i think she’s current waters a little bit is more like it’s kind of ground with no more late,
the signal light what light reading for me is to love triple og doesn’t that one thousand five hundred bucks yeah movie chart and i was like this awesome,
and then choke was good in it now it has a visit to overlook i read his stuff.
And as billy he’s this is like is like a fictitious like it just it just trying to.
There was shot just be like when i do it that’s than watching marley and me is.
Introduce la yeah me i know he’s and he’s been attempting to make a comeback at seventeen but he still doing that that shock.

[21:12] Choc or on the side so that’s what we’re looking thing is that the people like in today’s play.

[21:19] Exactly and they’re still doing the people who that i,
unfortunately there i know i should there there is in the that that’s a thing haha nice change not you do you go back and.
So can you read them now in your house in to,
yeah wash went back and watch standardized special i watched like oh my name is and i want to rock out with with oxygen it’s can appreciate on level of like he’s making fun of.
Who his yes audience to be in that mindset to ride rides that’s the perfect way to enjoy the dark it doesn’t work richards like.
Motley crew said they had a joint problem recently when i ran the table,
also those losers like on the ground like i don’t think you can bring shack.

[22:20] No back now you know in todays about with was that when you came what heaters computer forms.
If you were in the burn says that jeff foxworthy bought his act off of rich snyder.
We’ll see that by anything in the next.

[22:45] And what can people eat that shit up in the sound of wind eight million i remember la awesome it was to late when building luke are coming to a thing that is a lease on dvd like i’m really likes windows of my freshman year of college.
How old are you,
he loves great and why was it that we didn’t meet in the blue color scheme are really on the marshall minnesota and is this model a,
community there and it’s like use lot of kids from,
what’s the rule for ninety days and man it was like every kid was like what side and lives right down the doors and.
Buy if my friends birthday or.

[23:34] He wants you to know what you know i can do better than you think i,
what’s he can do it i can do it in the living know about i remember watching.

[23:57] In getting sleepy original kings of comedy with some very relaxing areal you lose your.
That was that was good too because i was wondering you know the cool watching her come you,
she doesn’t mind the cultural door is open in the comedy world to because like comedy is supposed to be like understanding goes in earlier and.
White people comedy is very different than people of color comedy you know,
let me know african that simpsons reference when you say that is because the white people drive roller to,
what is the.
Is she show you the next car along with a bunch this and that sorry it’s great thank you have to.

[25:02] In albums and only you lake that the general public does not this one has the same as.

[25:14] If you really think you never breaks for this way you know our arrival gear is queen’s all zero.
Bad reviews.
I wasn’t even if i only have to rake in queens rv is lower lower lower is pretty good or vice versa i i did not like.

[25:35] Make light work and when i do not when it took me a long time to get growth in freer villains does not have as much staying power of a like it’s finally is pretty cool but it.
It’s like i get that they’re trying to do different sound problem but it’s kinda it’s not is.

[25:54] Staying is like clock work or sauce that from them like ten albums out income way are a number of it is really.
Fall out boys poly ado let’s agree to follow you but i will these you say everything’s great out.
Up for yourself so that you send one of my favorites again,
six i’ve been through so got good news no and i actually enjoy that i think that’s i thought it was a really.
Whatever for whatever it’s worth and i enjoy that but i know that people just don’t and the on off.
Now people available now back then it was trashed because it wasn’t as pop up will not interesting life and now they’re use is garbage,
so it’s like holy do in my opinion is like up here all the new stuff is just like we’re cater to the lowest common denominator possible,
five just within the same phrase over and over there we go patrick stop.
My feelings rolls of.
The light here if you want straight justify the lyrics the little sluggers played with one with modern pop rock music and he is your master.

[27:18] People who was ninety degrees c c c is one less letter that you say clouds in the face of yours on would be in and.

[27:27] Yeah i know of um so what have one woman and then.
What band nine ounces i think um out his more recent one was on the subtitles to harder on.
I am not supposed to talk with a friend today and that wasn’t with me existing injury so for those for those who don’t lines.
No everything is this guy that lives is a one man band especially when you’d like produce like me the arms of yours that terms of them now but um would you do if you would just like to.
Throw that to like different chargers music see how the next on together,
and you post his ideas on fourteenth and he was like a lump under because because of error and it is really good but not the stomach.

[28:20] Is that like everybody’s like so that nobody,
like a black eye peas in music who cares and burdens to the blind in forever after he is so that,
he is risen recommendation or some suggestions of jazz music that he.
Young people but like to get together and someone said opposite isn’t black metal and,
and word music and where is no bueno news reviews like this we didn’t was.
You two thousand thirteen but so we did was he combined lake like slaves spear tools with black metal.

[29:04] What is the time to yeah yeah but it will take me that shit was there has been conflict with the but no semen in the early nineties but the level of the church brings it was this kind of.
Is it is young musicians were part of black males ever burning down these like these churches because it was like a somewhere protest of them.
Of assimilation with your them using what they are there that the reason of their lease and have been forced practices particular kind of christianity as a status that way if.
Sleeves has it responded the same way as blackmail guys it by rejecting christianity and turn towards scene basically meetings like this music,
so he like we wrote and performed that i got a little for his for these these leaks la spiritual but it’s all like.
That was at least one of the others like the good guys don’t want good guys one that brings a buyer,
but is all he didn’t hear changing the background and bills bills notice that last evening next music in and for me it was like a dinner told me i was like dude.
He tends but you got your this like men they always listen to it and honestly.
Oh yea sure what is we this later i don’t know it with the,
and the more than tomorrow’s like this really works like it worked for me but again it’s it’s it’s out there you know if not everybody’s cup of tea but that for me was top of the list for like to announce of was the two thousand seventeen it is leaking.

[30:42] Just go away was just something or someone to check on your ass and what kind of for.

[30:52] Who is lisa please tell me the reason frederick douglas and,
in light will not go and send it is a financial wizard of the guy who was a slave,
but over time is due to,
which is the essential lucifer but the ch is allowed slavery and the rebels they’re that than b and b is for,
love that latte is ghost.
What goes in it also didn’t get like i legos.

[31:35] I don’t want anybody to know i love that this is just.
Set the rules and all its for any anything outside of mower you i’m not.
Malaria is that we was on lights i just i just got the news people and it’s like little last night i sat down and the.
Add songs and record is gone and that believes in doing something and not.
And its dvd deadly gotten my more theatrical leg over the years and then to lake with all it loss of appendectomy everything is like that and,
just because like it was it was a guess in his in the kind of his student he was a cop acrylic match my behind it.
And the name the schools a player like hard decisions and so they were as a loss because not getting paid but,
you know certain parts of what they’re doing and what not letting its not heard he was the life goals just like new music,
my yeah i like it like it mean it’s now it’s different and i think part of it usually a lot of the,
the actions of it i miss y’all so it top,
yeah that’s it increase guy out there and i was in my early mind i think is reading on the sound is working the only accessible model.
Oh it’s davis i just think the pentagon the lever and more in my opinion we’re the plate and their own lives so much to where it just kinda on under my.

[33:14] Yeah that’s the two that they don’t know ho long it is movie quotes for catholic.
Do you really think that my kids to the newsday article i read the writer friends in my life even on.
They’re playing up but the loss of their playing.
This year this new change like it’s a problem areas that are now have part a coby and his or his skull painting this is the guy on it daily for me like i guess i just,
this music and i like i like if i don’t then it’s the smoke.

[33:54] Just shows up on the,
don’t lose who has a couple of this one is when you had your turn,
do i talk to you sir and this is the first of the week for the.
When we talked yesterday ocean eyes while sitting in this sentence ago valve in my opinion it’s such a great summer just,
one word winter when they are all reflection we’re leaving here is sick he,
take a resident to kiss you pop the va problem i just love it and another one that doesn’t get a lot,
i love my congresses danger days is the one before they broke up and its its late,
david bowie is chemical and roll style this legal rights if there’s a couple songs with maverick and there is there was,
great is that album you’ll love i’m gonna go with h jon benjamin’s experimental jazz album,
maybe it’s because i’ve been talking to actually do something about jazz music you hear about this i’m hearing about is sex also names say some benjamin for those who don’t know voice of archer and by.

[35:28] From bobs burgers to go to borrow from family guy called him one from video yes yes,
so he made fully that he’s been a couple sketches for john oliver,
future martin thinks he can so he exit heehee recorded experimental experimental jazz album where he would go and play jazz piano.
Six just indoor or not will my brother is that he know how to play piano.
It goes into it before record you got something to say the ghost so he goes in with all these jazz musicians and and under the assumption that he knows how to play his are there going through this song is going.
Set the.
And you can kind of hear his ferguson like he’s kinda teaching himself piano as he’s going along with it and the album is like he’s actually putting some parts together get out of town i’ve got here this is fascinating is level.
It’s curled or just looking.
Yeah that’s what i said the current fully but its like some selling my soul the,
the devil or something else rather just like wasn’t a recording of him in a piano lesson,
talking to the boys as well as the address now and it’s cold it’s cold well i should have and in one of the taxes learned to play piano for,
if there is an optional does your call it now days has the most distinguished distinct perspective to see what overs.

[37:06] There must’ve voice poison animated shows without his shoulder he never changes where are all your female character in particular,
is you can still hear it’s just an act of it still year of the,
the light the inflections and and the tonality and his homeboys in archer and bob,
are the same but the complete opposite characters he made it he will just be great,
just thinking i will i would i would have him read need diction is playing for the cartons,
he played the arch nemesis character every step of the word that he hated by others here,
what is two guys were trying to fucking say parking spot that is due to fight and they keep jury she’s putting the scene and like making a description of,
what’s going on in a persons thought process right now but only if you chill one but does not know what’s gonna happen do i go about what you’re saying about jokes for the comic my favorite to meet mr jubal times as one of those saltines.
Are any of you familiar i like something where were the poles and talking for like,
birdman is one of the.
But don’t let my fears of his finger puppets out of his amount and not just that but your for all that you.

[38:37] Oh jesus i i bought that album to be jesus honey i.
The things i think most most to lose that i like most people would probably like i don’t know i mean i see your informants.
No i’m good i just know you is muslims because you guys and so let me know okay let’s see.
What you have to know why people hate getting them lol no idea what they see.

[39:15] Why won’t you hate that other people so.
It also what okay so you guys know i forgot her name she’s december’s wife in prison so i filled a lot of people that i’ve turned sure to the light.
She’s creeping,
it is kinda sexy to enter whoever sent us back to has one of those boys,
oh no like she the girl next door like and i’m having her stuff like in general or topics that she,
covers and very emotional but like she’s not as creepy as what’s your name is it related.
It is it’s like i like you alot like and i was like someone who is on the roof directly from the five.
With her in cali is i like it’s like i can appreciate.
Like what she was doing what does musician places such as hard as to if that is you just super talented but the vocals out for me and is like.
Yeah i could imagine like in my head like that her for something useful like horror movie like sounds so that wasn’t in yeah.
Do you know the words resonated so it’s like hearing music.

[40:46] What is so pleasant and it should be.

[40:51] She’s been in my house all of you so yeah engine think that the musician who are sticking.
But not compared to you but that he card to play thousand years of originality that can something that can the stuff for two to go public but for the next one.

[41:16] Friends or seinfeld.

[41:19] How does it feel our in my friends is not hold that has a volume just like to your asshole known.
What was and lives in chocolate favorite bands that pizza early and have yet to top it.

[41:44] Oh it’s a pass out cuz this.
Guns and roses i hate roses as oh okay hours.
Well i thought we’re gonna get through an episode without mentioning guns and roses is every song of theirs sound like someone trying to make fun of guns and roses,
what’s the weather was good billy ray cyrus itself and he’s trying to sell guns and roses only the main sizes.
Change the right to use this and how do i reside in.
So we’re gonna meet when you coming no that’s not that big news everyone we just lost,
they’re playing know of a movie okay but is break their dog who clicks i know i have to cover the kleiner that i got consecutive birthdays,
because my friends know me that well so and just the regular version ones like the unrated uncut version wifi wasn’t on read and like there’s like there’s like a director’s cut version coming out yeah.

[43:00] Yeah actually it is even wanna go back to that make it worth our bodies in the blue color.
I’m gonna go knew i didn’t like simon i think its just i think it’s just it and it was just comes on after rose’s voice.
As much as i love people that have unique sounds just for him it’s just that wine and i can’t get around but everyone knows everyone knows who he is he has literally the widest range of any,
pop star that we can really that can be think of like more of more than we sickies and all those little squares that,
yeah wheels has a has a wider range like from base to surprise,
the heat over sure what my problem,
i think los is am i am oscillate expanded and was because i already had this thing for axel rose and then he hit and and is now front man ac dc who is my favorite band and so like i can come.
You get the login and,
is doing a drama i’m with you on the whole i don’t know if i like this you see them i would you come on the radio and i feel like i wanna change the station.
I know and i don’t know really why,
if it does not if because you you have you have your call since we tell them i’m like i know this is on the radio do i will not risk going to a different station from the things i would rather hear someone else sing that song because.

[44:35] Beautiful lyrics and loners it’s great surely process that’s who was i think that’s a great version i want to hear anyone to show cause he’s desperate captain fantastic also has the actual the ending,
if you’re receiving my that don’t mean to spoil the mom’s dead and then fuel for the and,
but the this great acoustic cover like folksy like family.
I just basically that was guitar and just really great vocal harmonies and some like hand running if there is something to say about guns and roses cover of living.
That is not nearly the reason that you’re all in line while in my its bunny’s more than this the policy is.
He is a,
what is the current world are you listening to i love you i do love your music you need to play the original,
version of live and let die and now it’s really not enough because the rose early because it’s more it’s also what while on the subject nearly as bad as the cover of knocking on heaven’s,
door is what is going to be stray cats that live outside my house when they have sex that’s what it sounds like not.
You get the chance of rain it’s blower is objective yes days from.
I read i realize that but it was one of the.

[46:10] I give that it was made calico but there are a lot better metallica songs to play them the cover of whiskey in the jar.
Awesome if i could not hear that every time i turn on the radio that would be swell i wanna see metallica cover taylor swift.
Honestly i listen to when metallica cover taylor swift cover of september who was the reason that covers it get there was some dope and that covers management’s recently all.
Car seat headrest of anyone that it was over the country and then smash mouth covered of course he has risen yeah which one has only has like ten minutes on praying cover but best of you but there’s.
On for a good and upright is covered entity.
Oh and has now only released outa suitable reference,
mutilate man with john there is the from there and ask her purple rain by prince what is that is on a different one of the killers.
Peter early in my opinion all the time when riding and hot as where can i get those selling those first or use.
Can you write the same sounds good and after they lost the panic of the disco heater it.
The only band that i can think of are like commercially peeking now but in my opinion like.
Play sleep eat early like green day earlier it is grey and we keeps it repeatedly to that’s american for them and then they can loans not.

[47:53] Amazing in this is something that everyone knows about and that’s something that was i turn around like that general public doesn’t like the notice tray,
what time is like five or six tracks you know what dose a couple bangers but the rest was,
throw the band the for tallies notarize another tallies i didn’t think enough credit union one day they got,
stadium rock and there but it gets and saw forty music as well i mean,
every album of theirs just gotten so much better cigarettes of lead singer on his other people’s problems always makes it white again even though he makes a lot of money produce results from selling is a company and they every for tallies all those and something,
i’m gonna go back to the last.
Podcast and and and say imagine dragons i think they came out so strong i just have not impressed with anything sense kings of leon,
how’s the stock value of the other to are problems known to god so good is the only thing shakes yeah i agree with me everything up to that point was late,
yes this is awesome and then after she was like would have been like had the biggest thing for me was it just seemed like.
I killed following his vocals like you so wild and unrestrained like and you give me conversion of excess cuz excel and draws like so i don’t know maybe we here like like southern,
all of the order of the southern jew cock really weird makes things.

[49:28] Yeah the words mean everything was okay i wanted,
and then like you was element like six of ireland’s number ninety now and then and now when everybody,
but a lot of work oh we only yeah by sorry but yeah the other day about a,
happy early in it just molly’s chambers is like a perfect pop some place that you could something no doubt as,
what’s the weather in may will be over the code,
he were trash can with the first cd ever bought with my own money a lot of money into this job he was like in likely where we’ll target.
Is like number of new buddy how are you like a new the room is too lazy to illuminate usually,
early scott this oven and you know yet checking can give out and recently intense like alternative rock on to grudges and never after that just turns over and then,
rock steady and i got a member legs him was so.
How does a women regulator that he be late pissing on legs,
invented in the city was there when give you would be tragic on her.

[51:00] Is only as is disable the thing they did.

[51:05] I miss the days of us by one thirty session was dope and there are so many d hutson like forty five using with a cd so that is like dallas is like delong’s his brother by two.
Two god is counter for your friends but i got one for this year for their landing lucky and find,
hockey is netflix get connor,
what should i say to netflix netflix showing up on their is still.
What day it has every other terrible nicholas cage movie like the recent one oh yeah schools becoming the new one,
everything’s monday while selecting a woman that house um it’s,
it’s something when it’s always a horror film and it’s like he’s came on the radio his.
Why for my daughter something gets taken by some crazy cult in this for any needs he has had to go get his body like the radar says it was a good.
Are there like five nicholas cage movies like that is a steal already has one of the steelers mandy mandy mandy it’s from her reviews of that place is in.
And he’s also gonna be the replays of employer but also baseball player of all players like.

[52:38] Do i need to pass them that’s all because of you go to hell and i would love to see a b of a player a player is.
A baseball players vitamins let your boss or get over on her wall how long you play.

[52:57] Set the volume of course specifically for episode three season three vampire nicholas cage where does this go players leeks that’s.
When the teacher for podcast movement of the top ten most hundred hours.
When touching the yeah i think we can hit that an excellent candidate for us valve real.
All the hot passes or is it robert be the robin of this from howard stern.
Just remembered something on wasn’t all in the way,
i can’t wait for the stimulating discussions loud and it should there be a list of rules that the door telling our audience what we expect of them.

[53:49] Of sugar the dress governor of the freezer rules for the state is.
We house for my meal every monday should should there be a list of rules at the door telling our audience what we expected them that’s the hell says perform as performers yes i was in some pics it tells,
things are currently on tickets and when is it like makes there’s always that were using as an audience member like participation or like.
Possibly that’s was this a random question nobody can understand it in english please.
Top ten most ovary are one to the tank.
You just burning through these things that here in the direction of.

[54:41] That’s all for now but first that yeah did okay.

[54:49] Daughter is on the flip it and reverse it really was a plus forty four angels and airwaves,
and then the back is white in your pic and was house i’ll that where’s as ass ass and.
I think we all just agree yeah in the writing on the bird or a deeper music was good i go.
In the side of plus forty four i do like it don’t,
you long ass intro slave driver on their days with your on this journey with.
And so it’s like a calibration you thinks it in me mention the on boarding day does,
i got in some warm isn’t this question using the cable,
i thought i knew plus forty four was like oh yeah there ever was like wait no three should is too many number band was everything,
set the question outline true or not that’s goes okay i think it’s over.

[56:07] Guilty pleasures of course on everything or is there comics the a two maybe like when we carry touch.
You got a car company to use the toilet.

[56:22] The house i can’t wait for your next guests the question can we as performers fire our audience like street performers do.

[56:36] For real i am done.

[56:39] Does anyone have your st formerly gonna pass the plate on one thing is to be replaced before refuses to age of annoyance,
and giving it back will she choose are all in the past is outside or if it is,
i’ve been to concerts where the performance of and it shows you performer is not into it and like tomorrow famous they are all in one subject what last month and i was greatly disappointed because he’s,
jack white yeah not a new you was here is with i lose but he’s famous and using the,
why does the hose so because he didn’t play just leaving the dirty ground include black math in playing those bangers display a lot of the cuts and softener all dislike.
But with so many is required to play something he is pissing throw some more bangers and that was through and like i am five you’re not playing your it’s like.
Just throwing some more which is an interesting like who are you to tell jack white i love going to a concert in hearings,
hearing stuff that’s not hit yes i love that the roofers a bird could the great example i need i have seen the,
i will see them for the tenth time i know i’m a fan i was so mad i use to play monkey wrench and ever long where is they do so but jack white didn’t play that thing.

[58:17] Yeah he already serving of listeners for either of you care play isn’t seven nation army and white stripes.
What is right here and select invite anybody girls there playing around his employer wants,
what once was a couple times when he was deliberately on that jason provide stuff on it and this is lake.
Yeah i mean the level of the loan was a little bit more and because when i sweat i subject,
like he been playing like twenty five songs every night on that to reapply eighteen for us to just kinda like you to tell you do not want to be there kind of live this kind of over for what was to city,
oh is over that’s interesting seems like so like there was no but when you that will.
As we like to call you tell hm quietly when i have something to it mean so he is a famous musician made this music.
But then to as i think it is kind of like a two to a three and is in my stomach and tyler ate my belly doesn’t listen again later mean this person,
as artists like between we make you know come with me to make music playing out there.
Because when we like it you oslo out the light because we did it would be doing it but but there um from us for other people that like to invite to to kinda get into so,
there is always a few in a certain sense of entitlement late especially your big decision like i was the your audience is going on here at certain sauce and.

[59:51] What is it like it was like the size of round robin go with the lies,
and then i know it is the real name but that he rose you know my size maybe and make it drove him crazy but was like people love this song,
so i can understand why you might be so sick of me didn’t want to play dumb is there grounds like your eyes love this song.
And it says that it can help you get to the point lately where you are increases like mother like you know he poses this man’s lake.
Don’t like that will be playing the noise banger tourism like that but.
I know i need brightness and like if your musician you play the song like over and over and over and over and over again,
you might get sick of it but it’s like whatever one or two in his head leaving something you are sick of it may be time to come,
well if you are willing to do something for your audience way to play tonight vs i also have to think that,
some acts will play specific songs based on the city there and write more like this the foo fighters show here like when i bought my wife she never seen them before all and i fell that.
To me this was not.
The best show i’ve ever seen because i felt that it was nothing but foo fighters from favorite foo fighters writer hit you is that i didn’t i don’t think there any teacup.
I know that the nine other times or the other times of cinnamon and,
you know minneapolis or a real high council bluffs showing was like to where i was i was in minneapolis and raising my tour i was backstage for all lights off.

[1:01:31] Yeah yeah i met down payment they and they taylor and then i got a high five diego payment but no.
I felt that with those other shows we got deep cuts in the bigger cities late you know i count your generator in missouri st.
In nine i got from the cows head and got your lover and one of them lol you know that was in there seasoning there are millions of more people are gonna appreciated cuts because you have a beer sample people right you know.
But not bring back to the beatles again so call her anymore so which is basically.

[1:02:12] Three all i mean where does all the time on that are alive is half of it over the weather good all.
Yeah but so you can get down to george is underrated artist also yes,
yes he also had one of the worst album covers of all time when the clothes in the background and laughing with autumn but he barely getting legal the year ago but yeah i fired my.
My boss actually went to use his right of the age to go is like sixty five if i were yeah and i’m not i’m allergic to,
oh his name is my old job.

[1:03:04] You said yes that’s what you guys are looking for the kansas city with the dress code to turn on his wrist and icloud and they,
that is.
Okay so look for something you put together in photoshop or like in microsoft paint that is even having it things and got a lot of money to make just as of world,
no no no it’s which are known for.
Close to me about that are you know the so the rose on rocky raccoon,
there is literally set,
in this state what the counseling it’s about a raccoon who lives in sioux falls south cornerbacks in the black hills out but he was pissed that did maarten play,
and it’s like you know he has so many songs like he’s old,
is the set that was doing the same set over and see because he is the.
Come my universal bones to sioux falls south of the great because of you probably don’t even remember he wrote the song but i mean,
how how his can you be a huge arsenal couple more things what is left to jack white show people the eyes were still red by the siege of,
yeah we’d which is not working late now to three quarters of whaling be upset because he played.

[1:04:47] Transistor secretary and that son he’s never played live in the store haha.
And is it road last month the play the middle housing where are they now please answer calls like that was the song that got me into it some more yeah my favorite but the one that got me into all sorts like of the injury to,
yeah yeah that’s loafers three or four on the green and the kindest fell are still okay but it’s like they were.
The animals the set was that goes for all the way i’m fine with that so that’s what does that,
so we’re talking middle huge arms like paul mccartney and they’re doing new stuff as well but maybe the reason you’re going to see him this because you are a fan of the early stuff that,
what percentage of stuffs you’ve you think he should play of the previous.
Or the new stuff that light you might be and he might not i was really sad for a sixty five seven sixty five thirty five.
For what they twenty three twenty one in the rest of it just the crowds of those and is.
Or idles really pretty i think i think the general person that’s hot.
Specifically when you’re showing people that the pilot water to a seller high it cuts,
what’s that depends on us dollar thirty thousand three summons or queen storage building through approval and diane hall royal blood is and whatever with me and we’re down and doesn’t see.

[1:06:21] The romans and is missing.
In the city and only the soul of humanity cards to bismarck and i wasn’t crazy about it was is too poppy for me mark mark ronson feeling.
Parents sued me present want more like still there like doesn’t recognize the solutions tool to make,
apparently the old gas,
you know what,
really was there with the single and only used,
the day of i khakis don’t like,
also is it me or is willing to be playing some some you know of new material and i feel a lot of the new stuff.
Dominated because i want la or moved also but first you know before out for for for for um so that um.
And it was in the depart a great show but i want to hear let’s get it i think of a problem with that comes with the changing industry.

[1:07:40] Like that’s a very old way to do after a tour so i can use that to our album to produce the elements of the album but now.
Your leasing out on two to warped tour to raise money for the tour because you make money on like your your,
you’re merger dentures on and so if you’re you’re trying album.
And the album is really only promotional tool tool you’re focusing on like really.
Bad currently i don’t like the indie music vs that’s.
Like already introduced because of having fun in the people still doing that to get.
You know the record you watering yes trying to sell records it is it’s a give and take but it’s more sold in the mean in the big image you,
cell records to promoted to work in play in the past like twenty years is kinda change because breakers and sell.
People screaming you make you know like a million to set on her and sent on screen and such is not probable where’s like.
You get paid from ticket sales you get paid from selling marching on so late in in a min then make a bunch of money and like as a as a rca.

[1:08:53] Financial like approaches a horrible way to do them and plus basket to comfortably back then cuz he could if you record yourself yeah did you like to shows here in and take five days off you like another three shows but now i have to like.
It like one day off every eight shows in the shows are where you make the money that’s reworking instead of being music and not to say that the music is kinda bored offices that that’s out the ministries announces of the.

[1:09:21] Also little advance open up with their head just to let him out of fun funny to me like reopens of pretentious overdone but it’s who alice cooper was here at the fair grounds lee.
See right there is a auto and he opened with schools out for summer and close to schools hours at most alice,
what is it what is the only choose are going to show this model for two people can see from an,
he didn’t get me alice backstage al-assad like a black cover over his,
bodyguards watching the walking we did was talk it was like what’s the executioner walk around the common areas that sells forty one es and like this image in a briggs was down backs usually guys were here for the encore.
Schools schools and bridges over there you dumb ass that’s all alex.

[1:10:27] Records poison why were saw there cuz i was humorous alice cooper as such a great music though yet like so much of his stuff is.

[1:10:41] Hundred them in phone back so.
Things will really answer the question and something entertaining it’s.

[1:10:53] Thoughts on comedy sequels.

[1:10:55] But movies movies the shit pass me some mail prevail over that little is that page either the.

[1:11:09] Can’t answer phone maker.
If the bulls in the woods today’s sales on their began house yeah says.
Remind me to you if he even falls and would do they still tells on me and.
New one that’s why are the ones can tell people the,
the trees but no games on your side you get some but don’t know about dietary restrictions there to tell.
I have to tell people you’re gonna be if i completed i just jumped the gun my.
I have been waiting but so i was more easy and long weekends let me select.
What’s the weather.
How’s your pussy doctor on the,
where miracle jacket that will play is illuminated like to try to get me when i didn’t like.
Was it back in two thousand twelve sync that,
we have been friends with us there and we were like what sets us free trial like fuck you would like to have my all the time on those that he was it with the day-to-day easily,
it is so backing doesn’t cousin who goes in the junior cost thousands says yeah and.

[1:12:48] Yes so i was in my head is always two hundred seventy pounds.
And then how what you’re silly seven feet tall is that it was only a verizon account and then went to grad school and did you indian i live on campus so that half mile.
Two for my apartment to my building i taught in a class and then back to walking alot so i don’t lose some weight a ton of for a little bit and let live in a giant.
Health store was awesome the last movie where there are activities and the only thing that was like i was it was the disney women keep of the so.
It was cool about that so since then i’ve lost like hundred forty.
And i wanted to try something will differences and that’s what kind of doesn’t like looking at like training begin and where do just for the month does the c and d of like five months just because lake,
well one we had the time we did have a kid yet,
it means a lot of new prep yeah it’s a lot easier for me to convert did you convert back tonight so yes i totally so we were leaving for five months and then.
We stopped because it’s me and it was just it’s hard here like in falls in the midwest in general i,
and actually mean what generals do anything else right as in you know early in colorado or like minneapolis even or all my doesn’t really places of two but.

[1:14:19] We have no friends were like he doesn’t go out in like it on the guest will eat supper first.
And then we’ll instructions also i guess you don’t in our friends are in a big meal which is with all badness kind of started feeling like birds like.
Let me gather and sometimes doesn’t like yahoo just more have all yeah i’m sorry ocean for now that’s it don’t.
Feel bad like this is the moment were choosing you know and i know hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Is inviting light and the second you hear where is your ss wins again then just recently played,
scum of the try again and i did it for late of a night for months and never knew it was is okay but then like now wife and i have if three year old.
And it was just me thought so what we do is like you know we can make lake pieces of a base station that we could both use words like night ricer like.
This will start fat ass up and then you should make a mistake and.

[1:15:26] Palms of his hands but lately that i just don’t think it does right now and it is.
I feel like it is a time consuming lifestyle if you want to write,
and for the four i mean i get it but we can we look at half past the will know it usually if you do then you not ugly you you just got so tell me it’s hard to thinking it was i was getting to live like.
Frozen veg and stuff like that all this heat up these let the in like chicken cutlets and.
There was some rice and then there’s you and then and then two and then i used it like for me out just yet i teach full-time that he’s online class as well,
and as a mixed son why it has an infidelity get home is my entire life time,
to make this year only the mac and cheese recipe which it exists awesome but the thing is it takes,
you just prove it i was hired in osaka and play just being about like you know party stuff that wasn’t like.
Could you create the like of restoration thing was like nobody seeing how much work and bring everyone using only do with what is like it.
I need i know i’ve met people like that and it frustrates me that no and that’s like that don’t like i’m not like you.
Don’t like group like so that the you giving people all the people named girl that is so on is that legal i would never i would see anything.

[1:17:05] Unless someone like ask me like because please remove lower than that like it is something actually at the lake.
Do you read me then it will say on there that are actually time to work a coworker,
it is so nice she works unless you wanna know why she monitor so i think that’s in one day after school she was like oh easier me the scones other schools that you want one of like.

[1:17:34] Do i just had no time began like.
Sure again with my family in summer that remind and i know there’s and were like or record for me of late.
And i’m always late is of course immediately were awesome stove that is painted to look on the way out she was like.
Yeah unlike that the that the secret is it not using it really cold but a lot of cold butter hike again.
The music and screaming like the bill is late.

[1:18:08] But whatever i got you now so now it’s.
What is the object that you on the album that’s.
My favorite line is no one would be here without come see you soak.

[1:18:33] Before that right mr right maybe the right next i love your titties to the fucking fungus on two things at once.
Are you proud of what you’ve spa and some people to be.
Okay i am tony as much as you want but put the pussy in a sarcophagus the best in all the time.

[1:18:56] That’s until jay z hits the mike and then after he hit something to hold the hose on six years she killed but when i think of jesus was like.
Okay what’s the song called about it come monday that i got it like frankenstein zombie thirty two years on the philips gold souls and it broke,
not even the same subject in this again jumping back in time your talking about under rated artists,
all of this is also history has recently been pretty being only know nothing will ever heard of lose oh,
and there like whose lives on my do yourself a favor tho omega is she miss rushes she cries that prevents connecting with you for no and because usually,
i feel like the lady you pick me up a strong female rapper like she knows what’s up and she can for it and spit fire,
and more complete a listener lol or hilton or cheese and got it will text me after i only ride with.
What you were talking columns call ago.

[1:20:14] Or anyone else listen schwinn has roses on a.
Who my belly button or something you know everything.
Okay people on my belly button weather or more and use.
What were you interest thing is pastries filled with,
well done and,
that was before that is the strangest rendition swear time i’ve ever seen that,
that’s what i miss from best buy yeah well with what is a road bike.

[1:21:04] We buy the unrated version of the blade seems like our unit i think the title of this should be how will you have to give.
Or who who apprentices and,
are some comedians automatically from your because they have an accent i the british vietnamese life will lower and best person to read automatically water because they were accepted.
The only will you have your something to really is funny.
Oh oh most under rated television show of all time a new remote got pussy ass has yes in that lake.

[1:21:54] That’s all i have to say fixing the think with their dicks closes on declared oh yeah and other events hell no other potential.

[1:22:04] Me and the life with chris elliott,
herself like there’s something very well that the phone is not on and fox sure right after the simpsons and spend a lot of for a long time the repetition of your own after the simpson your shows bound to fail,
also the joy in like nineteen ninety valencia citizens and still yet,
future rama isn’t can we talk about that can be an average joe get a life you draw lazy cuz it is the best show on that has ever been created ever.
That doesn’t make your lips and says.
When was the alright chris elliott is a thirty year old boy was still paris that’s basically all show that few german friends that.
Will it doesn’t interrupt bridges greens only crushed by a boulder just randomly pops up using all,
i just don’t feel ever so i’m floors number is this that when the only i knew raising kids loving.
With back as no don’t wash it and was like what the hell was on it for like six years old i used to college level show.
Please elaborate because of the music was like oh on is very very is heavy and i just accomplished chavez but i.

[1:23:40] All kidding aside your answers.
It it’s relatively new and its on netflix but dover’s of his family needs a and i’m surprise that there hasn’t been a third season for it.
But it is incredible.
And where was this of praline unpopular opinion but csi new york was the best csi hidden under a time when titus member always is this yeah that’s that’s it was great the bunny.
Yeah and there was greatly excited to make a separate yo no usually places that and eugene were visa director of animated or a puppet show public it show and all the,
puppy is on the show real life people at all but its and basically always scared little early for his lawyers production and like,
count blogs the count from sesame street rip-off but he’s is black and reasons like to be able to become,
my goal for this and they’re just killing the else and been pushing daisies that was greece was a great show that i’ve heard they’re actually thinking about bringing back all the legal that’s,
yeah i would love to see how they changed.
Maxwell for anybody but didn’t it’s a good show oh and i think it’s on netflix but in in honor of its fifth season that just came out.

[1:25:08] We’re gonna get some happens because arrested development hands on when the phone is frozen of all time most underrated,
will there some jokes that the set in that first episode of the oven the bear hug to you might not know who and was your like.

[1:25:29] What’s not to become brittle that’s great this show is hands down fantastic written extremely well aside from that fourth season and the four seasons really rough even then.
What is it called faithful fatal consequences of the agreement that every cut every couple series like the original.
Yeah season seven to re at it is it’s much better but there’s still those pieces played in the beginning the those first lady or nine episodes,
take place two years prior weather now and so there’s a lot and there’s.
A lot of time jump in the original edit but in this new kind it’s more structure but it still feels a little place it doesn’t feel like a traditional westbound season sure but.
He said i would sincerely answering.

[1:26:23] Turn on the radio it’s very popular now is came out when it first came out it was like it’s in the past now because it’s getting.
Yeah i’m getting promotion your ass wasn’t doing that faxes cuz slows your hands are tied.

[1:26:42] Yes or no question but is rose and owner it’s up to you when,
yeah you guys talk is in new it’s not the dress code the,
he’s in.
Course bo jack is saying is amazing raisins and i need to take a couple episodes get answer but it’s it’s going to in the first season.
I was just like just questions i was so confused plate yeah in the world.

[1:27:18] But it’s funny is because of themselves confusing already yeah,
is isn’t actor that’s washed up as a horse like like excuse me a horse.
I have a benefit for the while i feel like i haven’t seen any good what is.

[1:27:40] There’s a clean the jokes god and sometimes to the show walked around with the,
the idea that animals as people because it but they’re all just people say they treat like the fact that he’s a horse is like that is a black guy or something like its like in the,
at ryan i guess a little there’s a whole episode where he goes horrible histories first order of the a c is the splash peoples in water doesn’t speak the language,
ryan yeah okay is pretty good.
What’s the monk both of us in the fridge light was a good show to all yeah it’s psych psych psych whatever jason’s that he would announces the.
along with religion is county the it crowd yeah looks like it’s is a drug that on the lever so great lol doesn’t care just smoke cigarettes and some reason back in the slot.

[1:28:43] Something i can show the kids right.

[1:28:46] I need to know where you can he isn’t that isn’t one of the topics because that’s great larchmont here.
Go on the head movie they’ve seen him for me and see what’s what they’re huge thank you.
Because i was in a couple of the stones and that’s woman’s like i just can’t bring myself to what is on the.
So the wash them is like an ambulance list i like i was really good and they were talking about the v and the drummer,
from metallica yeah you always make a little more of the six yrs i’ve new looking to the house that i own yeah men don’t to the serial killer.
Supposed be then mothers and fucks everything is about as an address of where is the,
it was a hard few camera we were gonna that is how many times we did were fucking board so sorry dad step mom that is what is the thing,
is that the one in front,
yeah this is rated g what you in school.

[1:30:09] Puts was on your six and where the fuck you want yes he has no power.
The fox say god i could use different words with this,
so for a answer me to the entire scene and singing in the rain,
where they’re trying to test tomorrow and that’s it like it is all in one minute so i actually production marriage for this like the scenery and junior like a,
a few weeks ago and had all these like a year old just saying over and over again,
florence and the will of god and the wire,
call me with little kids that comes on is standing in the entire my my youngest daughter for christmas.
Running late because everybody is.
Fucking late in my house and my wife’s family it’s it’s what we do and we do it at forty five minutes prior and i said no.
Go up to uncle ben and say are we fucking going.
If you could hear a pin drop my hands in yeah,
what’s your my is dollar ninety island of usually.

[1:31:50] Like four years old time i think and blows twenty guns is like a.
If there was an watch like what the fuck ever so what is favorite movies predator for that is that what we,
play with his cousin has the super sheltered lake city okay for milwaukee or whatever over christmas and their play with a gun that one forty.
Click its a he cocks his gun because you better start running mother fucker in the room.
Glorious through for the rapture solution was close the windows in the milage from around this circle.
Okay siri or pro and not the moment but i am currently working on dates with kellen morrison hope.
Was the rats yes i know was one of the owners of wackos he is now just going around,
greater midwest seems like doing is sitting in this comedy show asked me if i would like to join a month,
dose anyone during the dish now his wondering if it says he’s gonna make mac five thousand swing when you said dates i thought of something open more romantic but they fully comply with with calling so,
more to come on that.

[1:33:07] I need the meaning of what you know is a line on its own,
is coming from it is in the snow,
she lives in england that’s not begin.
What’s with the unit and it comes from an animal is included so i don’t s the only one that doesn’t know swelling,
no phone time span of the ones that you just so sorry old high school if i give my kids check this,
and you house is just how old are you and she’s a lie so,
how do i look for not being deals or assistance because of it and when using.
I am doing the things i would do i was stupid is frozen i remembered you’ve the armory more than five you’re sisters friend yeah and then he.
What you work on houses mother is a word with a tablet be so yeah daniel daniels sister active.
Yeah so yeah that’s yeah yeah sorry for only comes on.
Yeah yeah that you’re going to forget the newly can t.

[1:34:45] So who is asking me to have a couple shows coming up error playing it makes next week with hemlock.
Amen brother playing with wolf ever at your hall when we.
Is so we have a facebook page we have been camp he can you know when will now months can send us monastery and.
Give that it shows up to shut them up and from record.

[1:35:10] Sandwiches in place and says we just released our first lp it in april and that’s on spotify just search of some cells and i also just joined a band called.
Grove on their album are album is just came out with a new album just came out a.
In march i don’t play on it but i’m playing with them now on both fans are the with like double digit shows for each one coming up so.
If you hear about any of those and west region i play guitar and send cells and i think base in grow and who.
You guys have it unplugged shows there’s inertia we do this there’s an icon sensors won’t mrs smith first one of over to.
But the first local thurs unplugged think they’re doing and they think is starting next month things on my.

[1:36:01] Turn the lights in my,
this is your service what he gets zack playing with no arms so that being disturbed is the video.
I am a but i think they got cut version of just a bunch of people try to make a karaoke,
tried that and show all the other,
person trust you it’s because you like out music cannot be out what you wanted the quiet minute of people i,
trying to make,
it is is my wife does not like the sound of.
Probably not allow home from the its,
you should do that when it since to scones right only does that these codes on me lol sorry,
how is it my turn it was,
i could see so i mean what’s up and finish the measure of matter has been screen vessels around the country and world think the screen might.
For contacts in our next lives in pennsylvania where the pittsburgh and then it possible to tell me who’s gonna be sitting with.

[1:37:39] Yeah i’m joke over there are you from and i’m sure he got listeners denmark and the rest are from here,
we know he’s a minute like this little short film festival in india called the will a sore thumb and sometimes will,
and we got the best international film their mailing address of the runs away is not the.
When they look at you like building on the actual.

[1:38:11] Will it ever met black daniel oh go is that there sorry everybody.
But no i was joking gonna take away my soul to the,
but it has so that says anything i’m number one number short film and now the,
trying to get a grant funding for and what not which actually is it features the,
some racial issues with something that i wanted to the person that’s where how i approach strips actually is that i wanna if i don’t,
that’s all right with no thing cancel out the window i wanna learn about what i’m reading so that’s how about the people that’s where appetizer people and so so yeah this,
i will sleep well with uncomfortable when you do that but it’s more rewarding to golden can connect with a other cultures anyway,
so i’m working on that if anyone wants like reading and like re,
gross sales looking for dirty jobs out there that has to raise the created this is real day and,
really really important because like my goal is to make somethings accurate and and yeah and so i mean.

[1:39:41] Anyways so it doesn’t is about to black friends in two thousand four who go on a road trip and to the greene case.
How many black kids don’t roger that they can bring alcohol on it and so and so anyway but along the way the new couple of white police officers who giving some games and help,
and basically it is a delicate subject matter really interested in anyone to new even when the.

[1:40:15] In two thousand eighteen of your basically the it starts in two thousand four and then i have a flash forward to this monday and how that’s changed because i wanted scenes of.
The way that the black community is getting better things are going better for for watery i wanted that to be understood so.
Please let us know when algebra number the number from before like i except for crackers of pocket shop now,
i’m not saying is using debt in a way so yeah other than that i sort of production company them in january when.
Produce commercials that because we need,
make money using our free if you the right but if you know anyone who needs some really high quality but pretty formal production work,
let me know as we were working and documentary working longer form stuff we want to.
Basically expand the image of you know what companies that are really great but they don’t necessarily have the the people to make them.

[1:41:20] Probably tell the story that and thought and stop that trash.

[1:41:26] Lol always that was really cool i really which is in the fiat uses a them for the whole show with it doesn’t,
no i miss yesterday when doing the closing a benefit for us you sweetie was jesus you just patrick.

[1:41:44] Buy milky way for the new is like in that’s been expired.
Get me to benefit for is he’s in the process he has regained consciousness yet no sir open for a speedy recovery and they’re doing.
Show with a bunch of musicians to perform and they want me to host introduce the acts stuff.
Set a meeting or a trip big ss plus free will donation there’s a lot of great musicians playing tony brown brian often man anson real pimp.

[1:42:14] What does everyone excited to see it looser the burner hannukah six oprah’s tire and black big burnouts.
And so he’s with your wages songs that he is friends performing for which is pretty cool about the cook crispy direct chris’s mobile eddie miles or perform the song.
And also intel suggests between bands but musicians are found in the experience that they just wanna cultures is yeah how long does,
play use a creative russian using expense will play without having a fifteen minute set in the middle of a battle of the bands go when i was on my first gigs ever,
lol my goodness would never do that again.

[1:43:01] That’s why i got right here i’mma oh gosh no nothing new developed in my life past twenty four hours room on to something i didn’t hear it after use for.
What i have hundreds list barn so exciting mile run is coming up tomorrow good flavor the caffeinated and.
No gosh no later than one side more often liver is going to be even is this slowing yeah yeah i was thinking about that can happen.
The lights will.

[1:43:34] Monsters will be doing a show called her play later i think we’re doing in august we are having a meeting tomorrow but britain by mass off of one of our was one of our founders so just be sitting around look like christian slater.

[1:43:49] I’ll pass that along with the person my dad was the one that he came without using him.
You just even look like christmas lights are in the ring from them by.

[1:44:10] All you guys have been absolutely fantastic,
you are all i get me you know this is this is funny as along as one yet lil gas and i said thursday i said is that i can organize and have to report every.

[1:44:29] Yeah we should i,
what’s up what’s it was on like this music,
he has a masters asterisks code figures doesn’t,
all of my siblings thousand for me on the road unique,
everyone’s will just the podcast the va the sioux empire dot com check out.
Well thank you for everything yeah to your kidneys will become facebook.

[1:45:15] What is that are you.

[1:45:22] Yeah whatever we’re already knows when.

[1:45:29] What is my sisters and the brother index and stones.
Yeah you program a while.
Can’t wait to flip a discount if.
When i press the start button yeah i file for your taylor simon data kc right brother yours amazing,
and we’re going to have since i was not ready to this is been the.

The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

Guests this week:  Ryan de la Garza, Luke Johnson, Jacob Lemme & Austin Kaus

The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

Machine Transcript

[0:19] Go on that right now your listening to the code.
What’s the show where we talk about topics that may or may not pass or fail dress code and very safe for the services are second on the first one was a success thank you all for being on the show.
At this point i’d like to introduce everyone that’s going to be in the round table even wasn’t able to couch chair thing yeah.
Number of words now first off giovanni position for an air from angie gosh limited as new,
soul project are usually i’m pretty good how are you doing so well thanks for me on the shuttle is a sin that my for interface zero c good,
so i get a serious center communion good for my sister in there with johnson and roses for eternal today zero stringer people i’m buy you noticed that is her real on a more.
Excellent thanks for another nurse turner radio.
Filmmaker certain there is a sister in there all accounts it’s been here the problem are you two extra dollars to your.
Great thanks uses your store near me mr there.
You have been hose extraordinarily randy the cars are used to get three for four on.
Just saying supply’s reverse are there six five that alright alright membrane short because of his phd in extraordinary strength and honor on.

[1:56] It’s not extra mare burner gregorio doing well alright so she get into the topics.
Yeah that has a sale to raise the shows on,
tomorrow is going j extra extraordinary so still works as i said before is i will pull a topic.
Out of the jar jar not bucket it is a bucket medical adjustable does sound or auditory.
It says that aquarium because the unit full of the price points if so.
And we’ll decide if we wanna talk about it passes dress code if we don’t want to talk about it feels a dress code and will save that topic for another episode until the last person to show where that one tablet will not get picked them.
What’s the last.
So i’m battling with this are you guys ready well we are ready i’m so ready alright first off the ground your honors i would think it.
They’re on in here for going on and i always get the novels.
Modern pop music is painfully repetitive as in they have one good verse and chorus and sing it three times unfortunately studies show that repented songs or more likely to be remembered and therefore more popular.

[3:29] Profitable arrow are they dumbing down our music on purpose.
Faster fail i’m military,
and i’m trying not as fast as a bouncer at the bass.

[3:44] I do think it’s pretty repetitive that’s it depends on what the artist is but some songs like my god it’s.
Down down but when he isn’t drinking that much from that pop music formula so yeah i mean i’ll be late.
We’re being dumbed down at his house.
Yeah it just sounds dumb with auto tune was in my it with my big sample this i don’t like calling out black with imagine dragons right so radioactive came on the scene as this big hit for them,
and there felt like there’s a little bit of substance and now this whole thunder and lightning songs like what is this why they keep saying the same three words over and over again,
why is there a small child in the background is under for under six the lighting and thunder almost is never.
But the thunder and there is money to be made just like having your sounding put it in with the trailer to end up like me.
Yeah the probably one of the only ways to make money using it also starring in pop music is a popular trend as well with like.
On a white aerosmith jaded that kind of thing in the thunder of lotus is good for you mentally reason for somebody s.
Than about speech impediment rock today self.
I’m going to move right now i do with the person who i users i’m really sad but even that makes a lot of sense.
For reference and even those changes benny and the jets.

[5:18] But baby i’ve seen them on the plane yet that uses the stretch out of.
If you don’t wanna hold not and you started this hell of the start of it as a virtue three bachman turner overdrive guys sitting at a table for beer didn’t like tired after a long day at the shop and islamic,
register an overdraft on the table for hours only two guys maneuver yeah,
what is your business like it will do the three b’s you when every third one.
Block me again with the hell are you on this is i’m picturing his no lol mike my input on this light bill or heard of this and pop music is displayed.
I’d yeah in pretty somebody would.
Thing you said that this is like this is just me being dumb down to use vinegar on going thing it’s just been kind of in the in the industry for.
Probably cost like sentry maybe or and yes i think of like sensitivities is late there’s a.
You’re gonna be here in like some of the stuff that’s on the radio years ago like like there’s original content like that’s just.
Is this service is the best thing to happen is just.

[6:42] But he lost because it’s not always feeling right now we’re living in my blood the popular sound is the time we got this into the same thing they you know people of the sixties belly are.
Roger right who my baby great early even seven is asleep progress great just get.
This to great wall figure out what stands the test of time until enough time has passed yet know exactly it’s.
Yes that’s the point for every homeowners power man five thousand,
yes i think that’s all the mother and father with anything i think there’s a place in ohio recently but the lead singer is rob zombies brother and ready,
nobody cares but i don’t know if there is a total of five thousand reference to school in the people that have been static x double feeling something they even like nirvana was like technically like,
poppy music crying like they were just doing this pop sensibilities but there hard,
agree more glass like aggressive thing on that stuff and ruining me check it and you can’t blame a lot of the r is late or even the artists like us room like that satchel that saturation that goes on two times is.
They just wondering what they want a lot of and no everybody else just kind of out ways to exploit that just because.
Have people i think that the music sucks now there is still some great politicians out there with your glasses of crap to this that’s always how can they might be repeating verse chorus verse.

[8:18] I can’t there be a huge punk fan be like verse chorus also hundred rugs original i like this as long as she thinks she have you been there is like an amazing culture.

[8:33] Hating pop music but sounds like oil pump is is that there’s always like a few songs for you just kansas listening to tennessee whiskey for,
yeah he was kind of will go on and make a statement about our,
modern pop culture and now i’m going to say that the rae jepsen is that mean in a cool way queen the apps is this yet.
A hard time right now for filing party be alive right now because here’s when she comes on my head i’m like.
Compelled way to nominate this for yeah yeah.

[9:14] Oh i’m yet it is also to go see never gonna talk about like like bottom pop music or just leaving canton free music in general i think it just it would be.
To be ashamed gonna go without messing cans of them are cuz that he’s actually starting the cultural shift to julie providing like an actual.
They’re really strong message that has been really well program music yeah things have the same as model we have no dollars renaissance man also be the one to mention,
so there you go back to stanford at some point just say it will not be will is in town so to everyone feels like maybe he’ll finally get that does not make,
i have a vision that we see it was pretty good guys for so numbers are does rudest thing.
Next hour jerry what’s he still winded from reading the first one.
What’s more difficult to do live music or comedy.
Pastor phil hill have experience with in room myself and ryan fisher and yes i’ve hundred karaoke but i make jokes between songs and i’m probably a better.
Guide making all start that again brother making jokes and singer but still feeling.
On the house that we had of ceramic x’s better brulee you make make me funny the comments in interviews and i always skip the latest on.

[10:45] Have you tried that drunkenly piano sorry for the flow can close the blinds people on line appoints new,
what does the using people outside and play edward does the pass or fail.
Is it bad if as a person time again and then it was rosa on this a.
Yeah and i’m not asleep looking more like an idiot doing during the interview that i would actually playing live music.
You notice is alot easier cuz like you have it all of the materials through and bike specific patterns and a lot of guys like music so.

[11:28] Bring the formula and.
Comedy you have to lay actually think about the actual everyday life situations like what kinds of people there that are gonna go about.
But to no silly but they drink what is a specific thing that you.
That you can talk about about this then you have to present to a bunch of.
Mostly intoxicated people in a bar free during standup has made me.
Really critique my van spencer between song that’s like.
Talking even though i don’t do any back up vocals i’m just there between songs cuz no one else wants to speak your might for better thinking about on that like white is active of my kids even saying,
what if only use balls.
Next week we have the best experience of both those fields there today is your actual professional comedian and he also going to the storms well.
I don’t know the both as well but i do i think there’s like greeting her difference between community funny musician.
Yeah even musician little bit only way you know if you’re criticizing am you know it’s on it is like okay that was for.

[12:55] It wasn’t but it was years from now you’re not in so how have a great vaca as and them saying is having not done stand up.
But you musician you can say some pattern of it flocks,
my stomach nofx level of you could still be like knowledge of didn’t work two three four and eleven years on you got four minutes to the house on,
the only way to be like i let the forget about what i said cuz they actually just here’s the music so that was comedians can be like boys jokes atlanta all.
Well that’s acoustic songs by my parents divorced and a drink like they don’t have that to lean back on the.
Okay to talk for more time she was discovered using conservative image of the issues preset dies and maybe saturday like if i’m gonna fail on stage at rather fail as like.
A member of a and michael were all that bad yeah that’s.
That’s that’s not at all sure you throw the worst when the bus she never tunes covering of.
But not as bad as everyone says its hard to present you push the button the of the specifically was told to about the push the button if you want to summary.
Reviews for stephen on to next topic.

[14:28] Please he’s been short all thank god what band would you love to see reunite passable.
Pass pass on this one like this weekend.

[14:41] Mr bungle it out and there’s no band i would rather see the unit to mr bungle.
I cannot imagine someone saying the shows are you here about scary doors shows are have mr bungle returning would just.

[14:57] I wanted to blow your mind that i want to make some joke about shit planned of hair dryer my pad needs to put who,
is he right now the next person in it and it started out great every hotel on and it’s a problem,
that’s hilarious prank but the mr bond would be amazing the strength to put a word from god that they were pretty how to record the cuts they keep saying like they’ve reunited,
four for themselves when do you show me where they just read at dinner,
exchange ideas but will not release on like the most to live and existence say i cure yourself for yourself for who they announce references labs coming soon i kinda thought they would be on it but it’s like also looking back at our history,
would they take that money probably not so its kinda like,
they use it to five dollar shows at the fairfax nothing less than half estimate alot of money if you can charge more than eight dollars a ticket that this is right for us to jerry lee lewis is actually filing the,
come out of retirement play those like this actually a seventy four yeah exactly is playing.
Probably some legal weed is pretty lab has to.

[16:12] These look like much yeah yeah the girl that everybody blue color to.

[16:22] What is the time in a outside help you they probably do hang lower than stage lights ring finger on you got sms.
She is a verizon of i will not read the united half-dead you is a really work as a passcode are streets the.

[16:41] Home.

[16:43] I would say job record bowling there already there every hour happens every yeah finance for and i my first me like that sorry satisfied son and,
or we can the whole lot of them so they can see the water in it but i don’t see this through many times and i don’t,
i also hate more scissors yeah i figured this point i couldn’t be happier with that we have to live without my,
They sure upright and moment gather some going on the questions in baltimore see think we saw the ball is facing us as she looked like in the clothes as lies maurizio to do you should have any already knows the,
so we can fill the girls up seven knows what is miserable.
But i’m the guy that embarrassed so right mr j how soon is now to change that up.
You have been know ing yeah i was gonna say the original one twenty two and never that’s okay don’t think i have was mousetraps.
Rat mouse has been do it no full line of people and maybe like.
And still claim that i really like that one postal service record a lot and all the for like couple days ago they made actually made the record your the the is just a silly runs in a different place now so it’s kinda like.
Yeah that would be the same feeling del city was like it never gonna do anything so is my iron and share that the last couple yeah i love his first couple albums like.

[18:24] I still jam ocean eyes or wants that is better than never left my car will i hear a country synth pop song,
who did.
I never wanna hear it again when he uses will lcd take been uber drivers do is southern twinge with his voice he tried.
In like oh i.
No that he totally free rooms this song i know now because this is the key to this for the.
To travel far flies.
Oh no oh when i saw him i actually saw hull city live at usd in vermillion and he close with fire flies big shock.
And he comes out of the cruise you guys sure you wanna hear this that’s why we pay the freaking miss her that was on.
First night closing time concert i went to also or yeah the masonic and voices like,
throwing their beers to stay for a week cause it to feel bad for them because they’re so including clothes and i still love loving time with a really great so that’s not closing time to life useless another couple girls.
And and it’s really easy cogent thoughtful argument to make to a bunch of drunk people on here in south dakota state fair six k.
Hey man this is a really good thought size.

[19:58] Set around here going on your trip she’s been used came here for countries in popped champagne living here means countries in.
It’s very should i do not like her in every adele album is doing filing elijah’s replace the old peoples plate speaking i would love to see more was three reunite to celebrate walkers producer,
but it’ll be more was through something slake their two albums are to three lbs that were like pop rock perfection in my opinion so.
I miss that but i know that he’s gonna do that then the time soon cuz is so much success over born san antonio by that freak a week and a half,
freaking lease which card reader with butch for every.
Yeah there’s a new thirds of the do she driver of this point if you wanna until we went to the church land.
No i said it’s dead and he came back on his money to the so he left learn that no choking your chicken it’s against god.
But what’s the pin so back to court to go home.
I’d rather listen to country some pop cs be yeah you know me.
And can you expose and some of the new metal bands i remember when you observe in freezing.

[21:30] I just really need the dress to seven hundred w as right wing.
My husband is giving you know one of the leaders of the best about the new metal in the mail john middle school i could say that like or was promoted mostly some joy once.
It’s like blind like that so that there is no fun things symbol the symbol best part is you do it.
Remember that track on the second one that is right happens when the number that,
i came home on time high school and i was not sober some left on my answering machine but you know that one song sounds like somebody’s,
brilliant or having seizures or really nominees feature i give so much credit for leaving a really message that they’ll.
I need you know it is a study that something will be granted legacy accord with a lease is the loneliest but not in love but now all of that size bolton actually.
Well yeah calls on right yeah yeah i’m excited,
is a serious surge of pepper and paula liter bike or what that is there another model release for.

[23:01] Okay so i will say is use right there and that’s it unless your work whatever hours,
make the whole cover will be once things settle her lcd and its original form or is that.
Oh sorry that’s where you’re was yours night or who is the greatest living rock star and why is it.

[23:31] Well not alone and was looking.

[23:40] What’s the like what’s and have a put together to do that no more butter.
Tell me the border for derby races loves never listen well dogs on the podcast something fail fail fail fail fail side right.
What go home dog that essential rejections another bedouin said,
but this could be the score of the requested has speaking new car albums crest colgate or dentures.
One brush my teeth with vengeance real scraping a pastel fail and and.
Provide me this comedians protective of.

[24:34] Popular bands that you don’t like or don’t understand why they’re popular actually kinda touch on this though.

[24:41] I could touchable one thing human has been super talented but you just don’t care by guns and roses who is like both of em like i respect your claim your amazing but i.
All rows to pass from this one has only only only on the front lawn and even as a woman never really used in years expose myself i,
i think it meant more like like every guy i talk to say yeah i with renewal phase but like always like.
Who is great to see the sea.

[25:23] I don’t care though i was not aloud to continue on about.
I grew up here all the fish is i was not with either only for millionaires but i think a lot of people shared my thing about to live with,
brush people that you know i would give him and the,
i hear it i later and if i hear them on the radio like this is again reminding me that this is not my thing at all i play doesn’t dragon number that never song where yeah threes i was near russian,
flip my hair back and never listen that going.
Is the catching the sun with no rush limbaugh gets very hot for everything it to me years to figure out there talking about rush the band so of rolled initiative more times than i can read but than rushes in these don’t do it for me.
Yeah i’m getting into russian lot more to do lyrics his other zones will give it objective is.
This is really rough so you like why why z.
Yeah those trees of the song that that is the specific song of talking about when i say i was the didn’t have lyrics was arrested always holes leaders because of broccoli and see us.
Wrestlers vans that you tell people you don’t like rush some of them look at you like you’ve just committed sacrilege you rush.
Yeah i stutter once a little bit an now i love russell hobbs two vans like that yes.
But the rest was one more favor shows up in this silly and i like that thing with the only of her to take the preseason rifles give us the life that the lease others i have.

[27:06] Things get really hot here in pa and mackenzie childs will be at.

[27:11] And i don’t know what to watch this spaghetti lee and dr disabilities into the canadian music hall fame holy shit that’s an interesting tv.

[27:25] Slow and i think i see a.
Then i watched the very gillies reunite with supervision was the whitest thing i’ve watch on time that i believe that also am asking you if i had a million dollars.
Where the not want to the store is every can i pose this question second one point does anybody here like radiohead.
No sorry i like hourly rate that mouse thing on the.

[28:03] I’m the only one who’s recieves if you was ready as an like really i can accept that but i,
i use to love them but when i was going to us the in the fine arts building there was a display that was like this like for three months they had at whole thing it was just this like buffalo chicken wire and shit hanging off the face.
Oh interesting my physical condition but the other party more self yeah it was the chicken wire it was that there was like a cd player and it and it was playing on loop.
What’s the one where they go on and on about bush that the radiohead album hail to the the beef playing,
one of the singles from hell of beef over and over and over to see us or yeah five and.
Fucking for ever so just like that like ruined radiohead for me like everyday everyday.
They’ll tell us story because again the guitar trust people and they’re like no way so i want to tell in two thousand four to see the pixies and some pics is great.
And then radiohead came on house very far away far away.
All the graduates here i really like radiohead okay computer i have some wonderful special nights together to do so.
Several ways to be returned in his momentum so it all on me about so.
I think well i’m case i can watch really here from two football fields away or mindless self-indulgence is starting,
in like twenty minutes and i’m go over there so i skipped radiohead to go see nana self-indulgence was and never got it but i’ve told people that and it is almost caused them to.

[29:42] Over with anger what for the what now we were phone.
I had a blast of so much more was in the front room available only one c was running around kissing people up like i don’t know what gym here to kiss me or not to much once in me like come closer to the steak sandwich stand that actually and tom york,
i didn’t order us thirty seconds to mars to radiohead come from the internet on windows back.
Okay is acting out and my son of a bitch i’ll of this was when he bookings where to get to decide between one set reference last year i decided to the drive in which an clan and streetlight manifesto.
All you can see in this year all three of the things that were missing a lot of someone cedric on stage with retained player with rose.
And in my guitar right next and horns.
Sky hip hop poster or the be like foes yeah yeah the commons i don’t see curses,
mercy tables and after driving right when relationship of command can do you know i wasn’t this is amazing so my friend’s house that i was driving at the time i didn’t have a cars like fourteen and i was watching after driving ever,
the headliner three songs in the friends around me that care about the drive and they were like,
we’re leaving and i have no i have to go home with them for only site that think one of my least favorite concert experiences even though curse of emergency vehicles were amazing.

[31:21] I wish like seeing at the drive-in and the providential are fine now but works there so it’s like there’s a pretty hard in the.
It’s the only friends i say yeah i got it made it.
I decide to go out driving and so hungry should because right now to increase the stone ages up in my garden of say the saw.
And this is a month before he kicks the photographer interface promotes john up to go back to go back to the topic.

[31:52] I myself in i don’t think it’s not so much believe me she inches like not enjoying the ours.
Mean because of the art cuz is you know if i’d actually been don’t don’t care for the latest and always so and is very much like.
And in some cases and go further into it i guess and i think percentage with michael and rushes just like.
Oh listen to the concerns of them together and the radio great almost believed and if it is also casual still for my kid.
Really not care less does anyone else not care from pink floyd in this room i can i can do it lol was there ever a pink floyd in doors and it was good i don’t care for the wall.
But tir side and wish you were here symptoms are leaving centre for the wall didn’t anything after that is like.

[32:46] Roger you and it still bag thing about your dad flying the plane plane never coming home you doing now to get roger waters gonna give our,
what’s his name from everglades like what point you stop singing about dad not being around here there was a plane things can you ever heard radio cast or something is roger waters i’m,
radio waves at the concert um a guy he radio as good as its remotely.
This scares me that scares me from paying for this is like roger waters and sells just like okay i get it i love them all i think it’s getting really put together the wall with you in the head.
I want a movie chilling all day and every time i see him he’s got to be there by.
Nine is not but never mind most is on leave for bowling like in the finale my convince that are pretty popular.
Is mostly due to the fan base is and really have lots of fine line for me because i have a many of the you know beautiful emotional experiences with.
Make all the rounds in the lower understanding about what they do for a living because like its you know i inserted assassinating the way.

[34:14] However this also applies to rush in this also applies at school and they have a summary of the most laid diehard me this.
You bet lot of case pretensions fan base that’s why he that been rick and morty.
Oh no for seriously really and.
Who did you think you really need to stay in remote so pickle rick is an abstract.
Point of view as a joke i think it is that one.
Seven if aborting seems tune ask for an hour of music that best sums of the best of our musical history what would you play for them and question what in.
How does our meeting like american or can you make your own hard to have to be up in the clinton they remember you can define and i think i think it’s a thing it’s stateside.
Think it is it’s not yet.
Turn up light all through high school we hosted for the students in house and.
Also i’m pretty much listen to their own music.
She’s from denmark and she was fascinated by american culture that she would go on exchange and shit and keep in mind this is a long time but says lock on us like she coughs.

[35:51] Absolutely love it over east german for extensions wilson was gonna phil collins just obsessed with phil collins.
It’s basically school will.
It is a to be in one hour loop of the rendition one toke over the line performed as well if there is that.
reasons i was ages an hour after saying you summer with the agree to move this,
what’s really to uphold the covers that is due on the real just mean our regional historical documents every vocal line going also the same give me some reggae,
there’s something,
the room began to re start your probably have to all filters also just realized history.
Do you have it do you feel about me and your kids the question say the best or just.
What is the reason of different before listing soon as for our music that best sums up the best of our musical his okay what would you play for business state of israel specific turns on but.
Thomas a just get out of deference to someone for three hours late cases music really different.

[37:25] Def leopard for at least once every time of our,
well yeah i think it is not because you had to have to take something off of that for destruction yeah know you hate them but it’s will i think is one of the greatest rock and roll observer main it really captures that time well i think.
They really do please add as i go switch out of mind if anything arises maybe just take every single like american artists like,
you know like every song of the beatles did that that was a cover of like black american artists the whole album full.
This is the best was like a mixture of micro greens hit the unilever to delhi by miles was like ours has.
Give up just like introducing a foreign exchange student the blues cuz is that american lady that’s where we are the world.
Play that played while our instruments on my slippers freezing and thus you always make the of there’s,
there’s a video to bob dylan just laid eggs owned out of his mind recording booth of your world accidents that result.

[38:38] He is having you you know the exhibit as i confused that they always all users janet jackson things.
He didn’t mention bob mills is he can you could you could always go back is used in the,
the vin is.
Everything about that was how you gave geoff jackson the exact same motion of pulling for a.

[39:15] Lol cooling system cd covers.
Oh it’s going to hard as a house and you can still ride with an american flag million axel rose that that in the room next hour.
Where is it shows that really sucks but you’re actually love.
I’m getting uses pass pass for civil.
The only tv shows are calling it says that can live music or into god’s up to from people all i save this story for the blankets were talking so i’m watching.
Stats shows in here on for a while like the mid nineties that have a place called his own which is cool but the mr doing at the kc hall.
Sana kc hall showing sc three skinny white kids and homemade cardboard armor.
Call veggies trying to invest john six days is a very long haul so they’re bunch of us sitting towards the end.
Cuz we’re not really into that john so far they did not sound as if the music was horrible and in between every song and like fuck you and fuck your on and,
it’s cool seeing the planet she’s always virgin rebel that’s what you’re saying right,
it was everything repellant so i’m gone so i can’t hate this but else can love it at the end,
i was mangoes playing the singer.
It charges from the one end of the hall to the other drives like shoulder first into a pile of folding chairs there stabbing himself wasn’t sure needle and happyness like.

[40:54] Yeah that’s it was amazing i’ve never,
never seen anything quite like it i think this refuse my statement i said earlier before the corner podcasters like people actually be a lot more entertaining with the main yourself and say,
and with that we have the title of the episode thank you matches on that’s the best through.
Where are they now and would like to see rina are number of ads on please contact the football to three supporting muslims years with terrible,
tv shows that i love it yeah i’m never gonna come over.
I want to go on a super tight shirt of yours bulgaria hemoglobin is low fruit this should the question.
I could see of live music special for it or not alexander,
yeah there’s going percent of total sound but he went to some more memory can happen so good just like always you got grounded.

[42:04] Was it was the record the only thing i i don’t know what it wants to be in the.
He just produces a sharp objects do we have immersed.
Is it for the armor together so i would say for me it would be icy.
What is the wrong with this amazing cuz like,
you think you that in full make up until an undercover cop here but they were everybody was really nice cuz you think its like but up there when say they were passing we’re on everything but the light height,
that show was when i mean that green light shows it was nice looking that it’s preset on you but there was one moment,
what too many people came out jack in the box on this is the three of them did.
Lips and i bite each other and there is,
what is it again for sure what was with the word show the same as me like you and you tell me the size of like,
oh what the hell were you there and i know there will be an appeal to like having like,
paint on your face and like not being recognized it just so be like yeah,
what is the first of the documentary danny brown before may gather that was for some reason and like he has said that same thing is lawyers pro bono.
They probably one of the most entertaining experiences that is a really seems like seen ice yeah.

[43:40] Then signal if you wanna chat with that’s for the first time and it will i will not i will not not,
but if your experience with it yet maybe not for you but this year you looking to get into a.
When should i look because of how rough this is our dinner show with the vehicle pc jenny.
Play all originals for like a half hour early two hours of two thousand eight model rockets.
And each member and their own traits that i just remember distinctly heating and plumbing at same time singer.
Would play rhythm guitar.
We always have a problem mr tucker is not working right now is strong as one corvettes are going threw away he can bring it back on i use,
the base of the floor is face like he rather be somewhere else when this look like.

[44:41] Guitar is body was hot shit just give it up like.
What about bobby or singer walked up the great job and use the word.
Tell him the drawer and was looking space the whole time he was surprised you discover drum search for the first time like.
He is a senior on the dirt water talking about she was got vocal lessons.

[45:11] Drake facebook google when i’m what day should surprise release show for the answers,
dial up the i’m gonna take this completely different direction as,
the theatre show to school my soul and other broken things real wheel great light hearted comedy that,
but it very simply have the feel of a ten minute play that someone had extended into an hour and a half last and so they were just grasping its as straws to fill it with content says about this girl,
that was with those weird cab driver that like was look like a hobo and he,
had mystical powers he could les paul dimensions together through the power of interpretive dance and he was like trying to get her to talk with her dead mother who is very abusive in early life.
And there are people with masks and.
Ight what mama it was weird but i also just loved it because of how crazy,
i’m pretty sure the cab driver made that’s a mac and away from that boy who,
the blue the worst show actually enjoys.
I want the andy does was a real boosters from what one woman dan’s actually cleans easy thing about.
A year ago humble brag but is this is the the on.

[46:47] That’ll do and is funded so you’re a liberal men of the loop yeah we.
Your phone showing the city with a bunch of the only local and you know regional like acts and stuff like is like the.
Or is that like a counter area like every time we have been would actually take down the animals live there be this dude is like all this like really or like her looking in.
Would like a jackson guitar and that one little line six spider amp it has later all the way.
Poor microphone right there and he was like starling.
Shredding implants letter size poorly like it’s like some guy who another size a three model.
When you see a video call people in with the bottom when i use the people on the other bar area with them on tables and so they were going to drinks,
me when the sheet over the killing nobody would be here with guys going nuts there’s like.
Theres a reason it was free and that is the.
Places in like one of the best things i got to years together using some there always like you go home and it would it would.
Play blood did the did the close the.

[48:22] It’s raining blood this point reading some sort of fluid is misty blood raining fly you combine that day was,
please jenny got them there least we have the soundtrack for that.
Before this the amanda clarke limousine news great during the.
Order what everything are the procedures that there’s another problem on song i.
They bring.

[48:54] You said that thing from the surprise like five hits in life you have honey songs that.
Oh oh i’m in ac dc and they are looking for forty year career off of the resultant i think they cover their unless resigns as this is cameron again discoverable.
Fred durst force a friend that use a list of crimes against human you think that’ll do you think friends like entire baseball cap room.
Yes but that doesn’t work do you agree to read today that i try to hook riding.
Great we were.
Unflavored tears of you.
As a friend who sadly is about to be accurate to the old oil.
Thalia smooth chocolate starfish and the hot and then the average as the title should button and channels to reserve that m.
Drop that like oh you’re not talked about chairs there right now you while you’re playing music and is in the tv for this guitar solo.
Set brightness to level with your he doesn’t play through there and then.
I love this single they released on the radio of stained aaron lewis playing outside of than fred durst does back up vocals but he just shouts whose lives of between.

[50:33] Vs you just go black sea was city manager lot of liars.
And then back to the verses the best possible situation receive riders bag of these yelling word there’s more of a big.

[50:52] Take that piece of you can use it either of the kids with the different ways about jackson and they are alive because it was biloxi this the real boulevard ideally.
You should of letters and aaron’s progress like to.
No shows that you’ve recent memory or what’s not to like you for free once.
The outside either playing as a different bars outside of the phone are you with this terrible nausea time to check was okay why don’t show news took the.
Yeah i think and i went and got it when the bar have couple friends and it just got it two tickets to the german come with me we will be out but just got from across the street,
that’s not right for when you were maybe thirty people there and luke hasn’t been there forever cuz i who still until after what i remember from them usa,
and they pull to do that cuz a lot of dudes in the crowd and spoiler alert on ladies i for one.
Set it to do seven years on stage and then they had the two female dancers,
charge them plan their hands and flip around and land which first on their faces.
I was like oh my god this is worth the free ticket price to what we’re good we’re flow window right.
Let’s start with gary busey steve haley to the sherwin.

[52:31] We say thousand dollars they the nice thing all.
Always yells will yeah okay and you working so for those keeping track anything teeth related is available would bring up the weather for the next facebook post.
Where is the movie teeth and bracket all which is better the officer purser greenhouse ass,
do you really want her only wanted one but i feel from the password was cruises of the office so i can get a gold that only you guys ass.
Pass it pass it burger apartment perserverance and making ice does have not really watched the office but.
Back when i only seem like little internet clips of his i was always entertainment apart right stuff and by the off,
i really like a lot of office like for a few seasons and i kind of tapered off there was no chance of me tapering off department i would watch i still put that on the background and laugh see the office at nine seasons i enjoy the first three.
Then after that once human hamster dating i was like.
No console anymore what’s the point and so after that i kinda just gradually stopped watching a call this the moonlighting right back that’s a good point slightly sir david’s number tension like what’s the.
Oh yeah oh wait central something oh.
So that part right was actually a good qb touch for all settings is nothing is just that there’s a there’s a more diverse cast of characters that were one more interesting thing that.

[54:09] I hate to be the one who disagrees every no credit no i-i levels like a mazda three and both moms but.
The office is the only one left unable to go back and re watch over and over again there something about parks and rec but i just don’t enjoy anymore when it came out and now i’m saying.
Besides you got.

[54:30] In coming from a guy who’s had no experience of watching any of those only through that you have my full attention of watched of watched few episodes.
The body or his place on some nights.
And he got even yeah right you think i wanna come visit la brea exposing so sarge look at this,
looking symbol with our no but i.
What’s more the artist and i would see of parks and recreation of watch frozen recreation through that’s online.
Question sent you a few of the office to france like for my friend’s house and.
Ours is a can am on the outside and.

[55:25] Maybe because i’m in i don’t have much experience that but no ice is seems more songs left side again someone parser better than the ensemble office however alex you grow more like you people are.
Adjust the silk road more fascinating to me as the lead character looking for but her character got old more.
I don’t know how to say it more confident in your cell i love to the naive ninety but of.
The owner of a woman i do not say that this,
her character got a little more cocky to receive this is the filter changed alot so that i think,
oh no character development so busy growing this evening in the ago i think i can watch the office of to a certain pulley,
but person like it has a few story lines and i’m really not interested in some like it seemed like i was only partly interested in parks and rec the hallway where as,
the office is loaded up until twenty yeah texans.

[56:30] Healthy dialogue on the dress code that sells never do that no more movie on what he is avoiding that he always hears a.
About those to shows and the ones i am watching my.
So we are the opposite i think i realizing i have seen way more person reading this and just basin.

[56:54] Is everybody in drama club turns into a un,
conference when you talk about parks and recreation vs office in like everybody’s mixing rounded to much everything in the maintenance to regular cast a person or dislike aziz chris pratt lake,
aubrey plaza just the girl from the girlfriend employer say endless supply great talent show so it’s like the order.
Ryan space ghost coast to coast in december is park rangers on here swivel seven re watching me there’s there’s one here is we miss you are.
Next topic jury the last one mile so is gary busey so is there to it.
Why can’t one of these gonna go through that.

[57:48] Which cake is better the band or the food like this one down.
Yeah just passed masters the person who manages cakes,
what’s with having the man’s baby silver or ethical right,
which band is.

[58:20] Yeah you can listen to the band wherever through any sort of streaming services basically free,
okay cuz never came never pain free for me i will appreciate from hrs ago logic boards in the olympics because of a three some of your,
i’m going to keep because you can do a lot of different interesting things of cake or a cake bands got one track was fine not and take a.
Do not cross fingers waiting for that new kick and come out of nowhere does it feel like,
i put bacon in a cake do drugs i was in.
Cake the food and he’s cake the band the pike or them both and both the food and the number of.
I was really and is like of,
because they like to pull a and since they’re extremely consistent you always know you’re going again and he’s not always hate yourself the next morning,
make the call was fascinated can i take the cake is the primer hose.

[59:30] He is seeing a round of.
Is going to speak on me all of the hour i have a i i see on and off with take the band and take the.
It is just kind of answer me if i want to shove it into my ears i will go listen to cake if i want one of august seven to my mouth i’m going to choose cake,
did allergies reappears get real it because a nice hard thin piece of cake flour really get in there and always,
every comely is turned.
Where she was i with you that actually cake the food and better myself in sc to treat me well i am married to beijing brag but i was a little dry will years.

[1:00:18] What the answer of the title holder humble bragging but now it was sticking with that truck that was running print suitable for a home address as a humble bragging venture.
Right now my executive decision is that it is the cardboard armor of vegetable i like it in a hashtag,
will the not knowing what dial on that’s good we’re looking for america everybody like everybody’s sd as a sort of confidence here tonight about raising themselves,
holy dragon for them right for each other i want the cake cd.
Is i still prefer the pancake to the actual cake for the both of us and miserable.
So next topic of receiving mortgages legacy.

[1:01:13] What you think he is the god of peace pastries listen off so when i sorry about messing with the bottle lol running with scissors back tonight and is the first word all without his glasses and mustache.
And so i sure what is on the cover when i was it just the climate is still have that cd to.

[1:01:39] Yeah i could tell posted on instagram later we’ll get our business is is go back to look.

[1:01:46] He’s not far off the years yeah that’s where he still works great and they might be giants turn sixty units of yours that jesus is.
Favorite acoustic ballad regardless of corn this.

[1:02:00] And who were those two with you pass a pass test.
That’s not that’s.
Also when you come in every rose has thorns the more than words yeah extreme me too i just realized this is making me pick between her shaped sausages heard of.

[1:02:24] Well it’s more believable saying it bothers korea not so i gotta say that can be not corny i’m just gonna go live.
Because i cant the crumbs to the entire catalog billy smith nine because there is.
That’s great customer is from his.
On the bus movie stars thirteen that’s my number that is also really great code of an illinois and the others are there is always a mortal.
A big star yeah good cells.

[1:02:59] I have to go with an attorney legged fans here who we capes acoustic version of violence.
Which i’ve listened to fifty like for break up so i really like that song his version i like is to get some happy you can be okay but even though everything’s pretty fucked.
I’m gonna go with my girlfriends acoustic version of piano man has a couple rank for this.
I have gone in there it’s called piano man but a cool she’s doing a guitar he’s on the symbols of the government who that’s good.
I was on my top three was like the record an estimate of who sings.
So my got us a corn sequence acoustic version of an answer to court will ever hear.
When was it wasn’t what i know unless i’m a plug special i never bother listening to it just because the wall isn’t there.

[1:04:01] Where’s mrs robinson count as acoustic it’s pretty accused bananas instruments used by human using through the.
I’m headed personally but once i get in trouble card on a.
I’m going to fuck urgently vaccination is gone with that tho thirty nine would be one but sixty two and we could of tight in the teeth.
Brunch on the border ss from the rest of the phoenix in the area that was like that we gotta messages on here.

[1:04:41] I don’t know the name of the group i release favor and the tears version of sept number on my pc and it’s in her sleep and.
Show up where it everybody’s with yeah forget it travis i listen to the whole thing no impossible,
i hear it and i think there was the us since it was a good life and just their word for it like to create a little you know i think,
the user email good pendulum sounds great but i think one of the specials for his enjoyment you get this all the.
Stand by the the frank sinatra where does mrs robinson so i can i might need a william shatner is missing,
the things that rocket man or mrs andrea who were able to pay see them again with ben folds.
But only one is the hours of the johnny cash record revisiting you babe and it’s kind of amusing that he ever heard,
what means by johnny cash look at them beans the horse is all gyms are,
turn into it now that there’s a reason and never to jackass in yeah i should not have lived this long without knowing the song where johnny cash almost scold me,
what is the secret my dad refers to horses.

[1:06:11] Balls as beans and a whole mother level the right guy picture johnny cash the field with my father going to be looking or so minutes gotta.
His name’s q question known.
Why are there is a johnny cash them that’s on the aston martin given,
i regret that i forgot about nicholas cage singing love me tender,
now i need to go to the motion of that will happen moons metal all,
oh god i forgot that existed in a lie it can’t release the crystals model number that’s all that’s that great of,
rest in peace then stops after alright.
Oh come over in the head because i have to go abroad movie to brag but it was do crystal using apple id whatever kill them,
yeah calcium deficiency humble brag about who she is in.
The property was did you also where i did that because it will be a now and.
I’m divorced lol long what if you could travel back in time and could only kill one person who would be in the coin toss.
Mine would be between hitler and the guys from the cat choose between what we.

[1:07:51] What are the question we but hold on hold on.
If your going currently that means i have the choice between internet for both of us the cdc is evil trying like,
what’s the weather like in have to pay the.
This is the only marshall cabinets very heavy door lock coo coo coo bird you pass or fail this one best as.

[1:08:28] There has to be.

[1:08:31] Yeah it’s much different between hitler who well see display i would see i only take issue with that because why we have to what you have to continue the cycle of violence we go back in time.
Really just nurture and and if so what is are you know much.

[1:08:50] The show was hitler for using the second season they show michaela just reliving your bad ailment is a slight preachers weather.
Hellos we live in your bed over and over again have is bad days when he was showing his are to some guy and he made fun of me hitler said and then.
You know what happened after that so maybe if you kill who ever really knows the history so if you maybe if you killed whoever me hitler so.
Angry when for two in the same origin story as charles manson.
Yeah there’s only man’s or is it like israel the beach boys and he was playing music with them and and they got a record deal he didn’t the,
kind of like the world to me and allow jackass is the legs are jerking in the back of the moment when my abuse was does.
Doms manson was when johnny cash is yellow and mains db seven thousand that means that we have,
what is the history of like food novelty songs by like sam green is like moon pie by tom petty you know that song but it’s.
I’m not talking about that will entirely course,
to join them to come my dad as he did you call horse that has moving parts no austin your son,
that’s a really i’m not drunk driving what never mind that was the podcast,
it’s like a radio show of the dates of hitler someone else.

[1:10:30] Let’s go to taylor and the guy that made fun of numbers are see his phone yeah.

[1:10:37] If i had to choose between hitler and ac dc together to.
Set bold statement what you been up with you about who usually pulls in the questions like why was you would one like you have a choice between home and.
Can’t afford the bedroom go back in time probably kill the guy who wrote the question to.
That none of the.

[1:11:10] Turn that someone screwed something up that i would love musically movie was.

[1:11:16] What down because it killed the scott and i get my indian sequel that want bbq ribs scott an alien wouldn’t exist.
Better vocalist all this fucking turning somebody screwed up something that i really wanted to hear now melinda make with him like a certain point a to go order is true.
What’s the deal i would i would take out ridley scott like e two years before for me this game.
He will live i felt during this when.

[1:11:57] You know big deal and sometimes i didn’t.
If you killed at the right time before between empire and jedi day may be today but lunch with got return of the jedi and we live got.
Most niggers motor in flowers same with either so much braving the first two with the meeting is over i think we over did.
We we we over that like you know what you doing up someone wait what will the cost of that someone,
reserve it for a first draft like three days not going to have jar jar with those good looks like video footage of like george lucas of is hearing that that and that is not right.
I think we over did it.
We would totally over did it off but you filmmakers that we think we’re really changing history air out my movies oh battery i was charles hutto who is the man who assassinated president james garfield.
Alright just in case not a filmmaker and me are going to vegas late me know nurture and not have this about cycle but i mean if i had the violence cycle then i believe there.

[1:13:12] Then i have to drive on using that.
What is it like a pretty sweet fight the only show i really dislike free would all be muslims.

[1:13:23] But i was showing but i am sure that before there’s a fund dividend of those like me like me and is like a formula of.
And did i change my answer ted bundy because it’s not the right on dude i was thinking of your blood.
Oh hi oh yes we use general has he really really solve the bundy name for you that none of us are ever gonna get working anything.
You’re not that old male.
I think it be fun chance to go try and kill rasputin that if you like reading the world what is what would happen.
There’s always people gonna try to kill we.
Rescue just like boys employees and still in work fuck it should i am still in work sheet and an autopsy ps does the water heater out cuz setting on fire shooting in space.
Nothing you could go back until pol pot and then is like a bonus.
Hear what holiday in cambodia ss but they do not the size of a half a popup doesn’t exist with get a chance.
You there was general with your hot cold hot cold hot cold hot.

[1:14:44] Jello is still the same in some really profound things he was the son the salon fire feeling.
If a big deal real real real.

[1:14:58] My last cycle was long for all the marbles you one more topic and would you favor molar called.
Favorite water for more of your morals and was never.
Hold or its password for.
I don’t know the difference has the android for now won’t work it runs okay i’ve never had to hold me over.
Oh it’s no use jensen be in fargo on wednesday is it progression if a cannibal uses a fork in all who is the the.
What electric current does questions lol place hits for six euros are strongly advise as far as dance.

[1:15:53] What film is failing is needed and strong yeah and the guy got raises.

[1:16:01] Why do they play the are clapton version by shop sure from the radio costly was clearly the latest version of the song because white people run everything is wrong with white people because we’re getting this is hell.
Three hours on the el smoke a solid and her what’s.
If you go to the future who would you kill was revenue in india if you can arrange a show called the music with three of the performers dead or alive who would they be all.
Put the past tense sounds awesome address show up for four hours.

[1:16:42] Okay so i’m gonna do a mix academics bill and that marie bamford on it and.
I have the they might be giants and and.

[1:16:55] Code in cambridge that the battery is gonna headline news what should i do a lot of drugs and he.

[1:17:10] I would i would have been cursing.
Is my my favorite my right hand man my keynote david paul.
No i would have mean the musical is collect and to pay for transition like you know the bruce jenner fella.
In my musical guests would be the york by her lies set up is a laptop and a blender.

[1:17:39] She has reasons motion if you could arrange a show dot dot dot.
Comedy or music with three other performers dead or alive who would they be together setting up a talk show ya feeling like your of the touch.
If you ever want that and if i get to a three but i wanna put somebody,
off limits the field at about three fans are confusing me and richard pryor bill dixon jeff dunham inhumane dunham,
either in the middle yeah has to be in the cities vans or confused and miserable.
He’s going no where with the puppets about what he’s gotta do flour or divorce,
when they’re divorcing would you close fire exits as well when i think i couldn’t talk to somebody better than.
Just maybe make.
Nickelback guy do that to stick our about kroger gas tank has to do with being with dollar twenty nine which is.
Byo are for your emerald steering wheel are you bill x.
Denis leary all the buildings denis leary person is missing is showing so they were they would both hate the guy numbers that is on our mending together and happily.

[1:19:19] System of bill gates open since there is like already pay smoking consumer fireman.

[1:19:34] It okay i’m just gonna have i’m gonna have chris for titus and louis ck dueling back and forth with bo burnham just just hats off.
Would be great as i got to.
Saul williams paul williams and hank jr or senior senior or heard from what was just ignore the junior from now it.
The hank williams is are like the gemstones ignore the even number one stealth says say the opposite star trek on.

[1:20:16] I think i’ll do my three like least favorite performers ryan seacrest bob dylan and jeff foxworthy.
They have to switch jobs holes in the event begin to.
And ryan seacrest test and filled it when you might be a redneck if this is the right address right i five blind in the east.
She uses a minute classic.

[1:20:51] Plus you made me feel really bad for bob dylan was there was one man is giving us a lot you put him in all you do is there and.
Tonight we at largo area.
One thousand and we need to living with me from home.

[1:21:17] Did i’m really sorry momma was about another goddamn bob dylan impression billion users twelfth there is a contract legal cars whose like.
The hell act is basically being bob dylan is playing songs,
and then doing dips pulpit is i mean he’s numbers are but he might as well be very strange.
Happy medium for sure thing i just i told him that i just let lately with anybody in sioux falls when costa splayed since like seven years ago.
What causes a traveling french group that man pulling who play performance art.

[1:22:03] And my two friends the to step brothers called me the the kickback played.
With them and grab the night before and both just brothers to not like live music despite doing it but it never admits and both commonly do you gotta go see this basketball tonight.
And it’s messy there’s a dildo on a drill.
Plastic baby comes out of places my main what i can remember as a frenchman yelling in my face parts can’t.
Weather in zurich and and i want pasta is to be on like a bill with.

[1:22:39] Any striper or something even more or maybe even more conservative than st louis.
This was a four cutlass and causes her to rock and.
I know you have a because me interest rate really don’t get along so is time to that person you can file as a pastor so i grew up around so ima in forever and we have a lot in common.
Is that what causes and one news boys.

[1:23:12] All and then i think there was this guy that was show me from that was the farthest that we just go our on the train to try to paint.
Play frank stallone joel osteen and that weird game where they can you hit joel osteen with a paintball not sure people and is there a room to go with the city and the dog days late.
Can i have some money to.
Good question solid and there of the third act to be read my new answers for the first usb gallagher go on all.
Yeah i could be down there no more on the numbers in buying from them person.
And we noticed that the dollar brothers is argue with each other for in tired for instead.
Tell me when your heart attack yeah it’s of yours is just pure slingback really cheap play them off with blender i’m scared of this so so why,
well there’s one of four thousand of fireball forward will go down your role,
i was thinking like dollar one to the gallon brothers,
yeah wouldn’t want to lose you still in diapers on your plans watermelon you can just do it like this weekend of yoga at all.

[1:24:47] What’s the last time that was good before we wrap up let’s go around the circle do shameless plugs we want to promote and.
I’ll start drinking rear i have a tape coming out july tenth.
And it’s just something i know is jake and it’s coming out until the records either a police.
Really so july tenth total drag so join expose yourself as the new.
Is this and no one’s gonna use the money.
I am in my schedule is bent over the moment so if you have any holes in your comedy shows he filled in that this was not just.
Taking the high road on this shit you use the.

[1:25:49] What’s the difference in.
Please watch the trailer for the pump room documentary which is on line at facebook says pump room dark or twitter slash pump and or you tube or just type in pump room.
My friend in ios seven stroke and we are having a benefit show for him which we are in the reuniting our band hollander.
That is on june ninth is ten bucks and will have gender bob curry brothers dr barky which was beast crazy strange.
John all stars international cover up and then.

[1:26:24] A late thirties spot man’s who used to rights anger songs about the singers ex girlfriend now it feels a little weird bottom cuz one of them gave me tv couple weeks ago,
oh wait thirty thousand nineteen thirties and nineteen events every so yes please come show help support my buddy danny you won’t come on some,
punk rock running twelve thirty am so yeah jordan there’s please check up on documentary please come to show.

[1:26:59] Well the cheapest this podcast is the guarantee questions and answers seem like hot but if you keep watching will bring them or is the question right in front of you.
I’m opening for morrissey coming your head light show us a good you tube you had to be there with brenda garza that’s my,
show where comedians talk to strangers on chat roulette that’s very,
funniest thing there’s businesses they can find those on the internet and will not be.
Well i phone intruder of the guards cuz i just don’t.
The flowers and then i feel realistic dot bandcamp dot com and it just.
Okay this is where i am and it’s just five songs think it through twelve min videos the whole thing three you can buy it but yeah but.
What qualifies.
Play games or snow playing a game of your yard the pennies the old fashion way to find them on the ground is in this podcast.
We think the terrorists restock specifically the bank camp another any mainstream streams science.
That’s the guy in there’s lots pictures of my dogs instagram sc sl is my name.
You’re right there smooth jazz ninety one of.

[1:28:35] What were runs like festivals but there’s really no home again but it’s maha for.

[1:28:45] Over and this year we see every year forward and then we can always like last year on the open from the jewels is.

[1:28:56] Play for run the jewels yeah honey very quickly become the next on the.

[1:29:06] Forgot to mention the shows at the icon benefit show another member that was so that the icon you can buy tickets to collective efforts union i think that’s all the details.

[1:29:18] Robert check out all the amazing podcast which country are already we’re at the sioux empire not right go against the.
You jerk you’re drinking poison option eight yeah that’s system march hotel.

[1:29:32] I plug it back to that around us yeah sit around hating guns and roses and tell them very much have a nice life same here for stuff.
If two last do not make a right but three do but however you still doing stuff backwards.

[1:29:49] I will go with your dad lost his kids concerned about it at all of,
do you have a visual aids from the album of blood that’s,
tune in right now bonus rose you your comedy show in a few minutes he read out of this oh yes ride bro,
skyler is hosting this one as well as your reforms reforms well in doing a three minute guest spots pretty excited to be fun shows.
Free game play all night before time and will see your benefit at big z two weeks on the fifteenth.
For a guy excuse was he had a car accident he has not regained consciousness yet there doing a benefit show me hosting.
Introducing all the musical acts there’s about nine or ten am.
And here’s about memorizing certain things of tony brown bryan hoffman matt hanson the real him for green and no sir not me to cook crispy dreaded chris’s mobile and email to perform songs created by steve.
Been colburn hand six i’ll first tyrant and black bean burnouts and i’ll be doing a couple shirts of between that sell.
June fifteenth i decided that i want someone to describe to me the suit that girl and where,
who is the guy in the white waiting teacher in gorilla presently but he answers like a band real him.

[1:31:24] Send me the best director look it up it was god roller is a must levi hanson grill of him is wanna holes on the other broadcaster so it’s not actually a real in.
No we’ve is then the two gorilla pants can fight and i will pay good money to watch that.
I’m going to that on the actual gorilla always better the actual grill at the jackass that really beans of the.
Yeah that’s a show we’re doing another special ops to tomorrow nights with exit restaurant in case cuz that seven colored emerson robert thanks for everything you reach full forty eight hours yeah searching for eight hours and burner in.
Austin luke go and ryan robert.
In the endless who has a number i think i have a man that you’ve been listening to the.


The Dresch Code Ep 001 Aliens Do Exist? And Skyler Bolks

The Dresch Code Ep 001 Aliens Do Exist? And Skyler Bolks

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

The first episode of “The Dresch Code” was a big success!!! Robert Mehling, you’re simply the best. Thank you for believing in me and putting together this podcast, you’re an inspiration, my friend!! Huge thanks to Kyle, Dylan, Robert, and Skyler for joining the show tonight and for Ryan Howe for being as always a fantastic Co-host with me. Adam White, thank you for helping with the format idea, Jeremiah Ham for the show name and to Marc Wagner for the awesome poster design. The next episode will be Sunday, June 3rd so I’ll keep you posted about it!!

Guests this week:

Aliens Do Exist?

Skyler Bolks

Machine Transcript

[0:18] I don’t know welcome to the new the first episode address conversate first off once it thank you to rubber mallet for.
You’re the reason why the show is here in hey hey was that your my ham for the name of the show idea.
And mark wagner for the show poster ideas fantastical loved it and.
Yeah let’s get story and introduce everyone kyle dillon bottle from the band of them and aliens do exist camera oh my gods everywhere,
well there’s always watching in addition kyles entitle megan set of eyes and the bottles and some people’s kids.
And will get more for that stuff.
As we can i that’s what they all oh in the van something,
what was in some peoples kids and the girl leslie,
schedule both of local community difference cuz hours at sally bolts will be commuting from an hour to do to earn perks and right now,
this is major filter sex showing post keep doing that over and over again you’re the definition of insanity mother who should be posted don’t have to.
Awkward transition friday.
To overnight and there’s other ones i think we made a on the spot as we didn’t live on the air back in kc for us.

[1:49] Cuz retirees all of the last three episodes were produced in two and a half maybe one of us you’ll have so that i go to class and it was probably transmission friday is.
Replace slip knot next still alice more set into paula cole but i feel as we pull together makes more sense.
Because there nineties issue ours anyways how the show works its like a very structured loose.
I love game shows the right word but we have topics in a bucket here thank you robert for the bucket.
And i pull topic out and we decide if that passes or fails a dress code and we vote while we’re.
And if you wanna continue talking about we will and if most of us are like no i don’t want to talk about that we will throw the top away and save it for the next episode.
That’s so essentially do a quick practice room we vote on whether this is an actual bucket.
Yeah we now it’s not to go are on our journey hit the gym that has vision it’s a jacket yeah.
What’s your fucking kid you hit your mashable it’s.
So now you work ryan will take turns point on the topic and then we will go three off topic and then we’ll see.
How we feel bout that sell question yes if this is a game show one of those line coming to us.

[3:25] Who is suppose to be green with all,
now i understand some of the camera angles you get slide up on you is what is the different colors the on demand,
wake me.
So you guys ready yeah for another shout out like that hi the for their three by three pressed decline slips the road all the questions on the back of.
They’re prey sequence lips so he wanted it near were the employee alright so early was shaking the jar jar jar jar,
whiskey in the jar o yeah happy happy rf range on the first question i would love to.
Find the episode we could just grab one of them that’s not facing okay.
This one is is near and dear to my heart the top ten devy devy wrestlers are so feel is house in a is all timers curves of its current no lighting is all time.

[4:44] I don’t know a lot but i can throw my two cents in cigarettes passes and the dress code cs.
Past due for six levels are up something that we took the wrestlers watching the dvds when we have a home of their three one.
Stone cold steve austin your answer to delhi hell yeah yeah here.
I am in that woody was trash anniversary date and freshman.
For a while i’m.
The road we’re going down bow saw all the news media is a good time when.
Three minutes ago sure it for that for top ten female games for top ten’s looks restricted to three minutes what about like lots.
Like party boys are the does the voice that comes to reserve one.
I was eighteen ounces one thirty one to road warriors warriors just as sweet now if it.
Gather ocho that’s right not familiar with resignation and there’s hardy boys team.
Yeah like the old no screen no is mainly the jet ready to jump off the fucking top of this ladder is one time bomb which is that the look of their still named after.
Yeah let’s see has a lot of boys with everything on it to match the electric.

[6:19] Could be closer to answer but the only one i currently have in our head but.
Will do have a whole set of six right now we have much room and reflect reflect oh seven maybe to it,
oh you,
yeah you can have all of the guys with the exact same boys who is not a man called in pounds you know at seven o’clock because of the entertainment starts is this was,
lauren where is this the we have an honorable mention for crisp and all over receive have a separate present lines lines cuz wall,
yesterday it all right the.
Goldberg goldberg where didn’t say anything but you were.

[7:16] I use the playstation had like a really awesome we game back in the day,
i made a really fat guy wearing a diaper can call him the giant baby,
in the state of levels reasons what we did but we got this far without damaging the link that why the,
twenty this arcade bar area that he one in harrisburg my girlfriend,
beat the hell out of me like six games in a row with.

[7:53] Eugene these.
We we did one in with their is one star we think we think it’s about ten that i officially officially take out of all that were mentioned as i’ve ever it’s on the record for us we have fun has lots of.
Yeah there’s one this is mainly a couple months before easter do said we did each comic that night at an open mike had to do a macho man song,
or sing a song as right ready macho man savage and i think that’s the seat mom,
up to one is stronger than module me on the news you the whole,
that is a close to three times covered for five minutes.
Set the volume or just rules richard it’s the rules is this supposed to close.
I think we’re going to wrestling talk yeah in the message we tackle that issue what is on the top of the.
To admit it studies out there to buried top ten most polarizing artists,
o disc when this one is another top ten nationally and mean,
what are the center like half people love half people the music hall artist like there is no we can you comics and musicians in this regard ago because of before the new musicians and alex.

[9:34] Doers in general pass on the passing bell phone for steve rides fail going.
I’m available at one two k i think that’s the majority of this is the for is a fifty fifty three what if you are our unit director sure pass o formed.
Alright you re letting a very polarizing artist is in the.

[10:01] Get names in for there’s so so half of half he was in it from the foo fighters,
from for no reason there’s people who hate april i don’t get that one yeah i really don’t understand when.
It’s one of those things that people i think people.
Big people life in the peoples kids and some people’s lives are killing the yeah.

[10:35] Yup and true true true poor in the community would probably be chappelle is one of those guys that be a lot lately people been half and half on.
Yeah that sounds like it the the artistic integrity and my dr not so is it that has he kept what is he still.
Still alice to be.
I would say he does not in my ipad i like is specials the new ones but they’re not as good and thirsty these moments reason yeah.
Why can’t i meet him so did that’s are still great but like fun things that the fetus a,
yes but i mean there’s obviously no is a resume or in the us about all the money up and down sometimes.
We went to the whole reason people actually have to late.
The person writing that paper passages in favor few things what movie is and you know that to get.
People get if people are famous and like doing it there’s always somebody using them yeah ugh radiohead is polarizing on musically.
For those that i liked early radiohead but i can’t get into the other stuff will not be considered a coldplay be another one to tired of or symbol for a lot of people died coldplay but get a lottery didn’t they said it was easy.
Walking back to the bubble code.
Will a criminal background of divorce was never met anybody that openly admits to liking nickel.

[12:13] That’s what i meant like to gives the last of i thought you were gonna do i go to the one with the vocals and i get a musician he just and like the reverse to nickel backs on like the germs all the sounds that like you like.
All of the in the political fallout that the mainstream rock music like that is the thing like.
Up to seven of all the right like people level the device i use revolvers voicemail again actually pretty solve the united or whatever,
it kinda takes the right why zero.
We sold agrees with some ruby this is only possible fucking ruby the the.
Close yeah there’s quite a few areas that relate like that are popular people if that’s more porous interest if it’s popular if you generator i have been that’s not.
Popular tarted chair justify their if the poorest or after he said it was the best thing ever.
Open up.
Suck me the most for attention service are comedians you could possibly think of and staying out.
What is the currency is for the update blocks of one cup of contacts on there and when i was actually there for the show but the.
Club owner and is it the year he thomas yeah i.

[13:49] I love that show three-fourths the way into it was so rough i i never i never leave a comment show less hours there’s an emergency but that’s hasn’t happened.
What was emerson’s here is the holster sit and look at each other like should we go yeah lets go back.

[14:08] That was one of those three years performance in the dvd.
Living room is it exactly my spanish is like a sexy does not like it rough.
If you move on to another topic is rna rides see alright.
Next up for your enjoyment plunger is the real mccartney dad are available let’s talk about them.
Yes that is the dress code yeah bro i’ve heard a lot of people say.
That whole occur to you has been a good car for forty years just the mid seventies so this whole tsp believe that or is he just trolling me hard core just won’t give it up.
I mean he’s not wearing shoes he’s gotta be that will hold the whole paul mccartney’s dating started with.
Strawberry fields forever and you wasn’t attracted to get to the end of the track does that reverse.
The reverse fade in kind of thing and very very back your george harrison st. paul’s that over and over and over and it’s.
This is all kind of the same areas like pink floyd starting a popular the whole idea of the re ambient kinda thing is starting.
And the builders kinda trying to test the waters with that didn’t go stream it involves going that’s kinda tested just real soft real subtle to see what happened in.

[15:40] Spot on the conspiracy that’s lasted ages now so its successful never heard of got them they give the.
Name of the guy that supposedly was paul after his death like glenn richardson credit richardson or something like that in the do please this is some.
No that’s all israel and.

[16:11] I would fall actually.
The history and as the crow answer is interested in it though if you’re already using it to use it again to get an answer.
Bro i think happens is i think.
Elvis and tupac and paul mccartney i got bored and they got together and just kinda didn’t swap with new age cosmetic surgeries.
Well mixing it up there for hair pieces different outfits the whole thing is coming your lock got a new pair of course.
Paul did not hurt and the song not not the.
I said i have nothing against humanity now,
i am completely willing to do anything and so as quickly as possible and angles that you are stupid i don’t know what i can do for you to listen to it again.
What is.

[17:10] No recording this again this one this order here is way closer to the.
Next up with your your.

[17:25] Who did john favorite show memories where’s performance experience.

[17:31] They were like in general russia horatio you for playing your scene go around the the couch for this one lol should.

[17:42] Power just purchased several colors use your platelet routers all pass fail and i am first of several shaky best of adele this one last one parent.
Closer to our grandmas are.

[17:56] How to re hash the question me again current favorite show memories and also is a two parter and we’re to,
arms experience favorite show memory and we are just shown me okay so i was in a cover band for a while here in town called,
when the windows are nineties alternative think of you guys about see it and,
i don’t know how the hell we land this gig but we end of getting like hooked up with this guy who runs a restaurant out at.
Clip-on said call purity one is like you guys are okay you should come play in my bar really cool and whatever your.
We did replace on the fucking beach apostolic fourth july and it was mostly experience i have ever done so like seventy degrees and was on both several just unify or to go it was crazy cool it was it was rock star shit it seem like you know.
And then they fed us to the and there was a paycheck is the pinnacle.
Oh absolutely actually very true that the sea no i wouldn’t say that was the funniest or the one after my head figure this.
I’m on stage a couple times i almost fell off the stage the district.
What’s funny i guess but joining a weird cuz that’s really weird just my fat ass tablet off.

[19:18] I know it can you can call that we’re doing this again as an expose a lot to be in living in an induced on thursday.
You know the best chocolates you serious its objective what i mean to you left if like for if someone below the vibe wasn’t right that neither.
Something like that or if someone like asks you to sign their blade there free i guess that’s life and not never have that sense my page leaders.
I’m a big fan of rage against the machine sale and.

[19:59] The i got some take the district and because is hard.
I tried to do something cool i tried using cool avatar close tonight i try to get up and sorted someone backwards on the phone my ass and the full thirty feet of the master say forever cover the various and.
So it looks like it’s we like better capital gains mono events are going down that is like oh my god and savior like.
That’s one of my favorite things ever watch is somebody trying to be cool and just stay walking out yet i’m in really good at that means,
bill to long will play was on please like six shows.
Those with the only shows an evening out that’s it cools on was that outdoor freedom fest thing we did last year when will they let people on stilts,
people dance around in dirt rocking out to blink one eighty two does a good time to re telling the story different show,
they’re saying like some guys on of the french doors with about how are you tell story united knows the after hour last show we did for bikers against child abuse the amount of,
give us aid after playing a blink really two songs and.
This one guy just comes up to me and is it says on an old like there’s gonna be a blue cover been here tonight really lovely twenty two.
Not having a real shitty day feeling really down and i heard you guys play and it really made my day and made me feel better and jesus you’re cool and.

[21:33] That we kickass.
Now the fun show because i work like ten hour nine or ten hour shift today and both my parents plate in a row that is so i just showed two red bulls before and i flew by and i can’t remember the shows.
What are the room but like i was just like caffeine fog you lost a decent chunk of money for that nine things at five hundred fifty something hours of school the function of an.

[22:01] Where is the for four series.
First time ever was on show cuz i told to change the way of saying cuz it in our can all of the plug on the flight is when the whole time to turn over at the house he the ball where your.
The initial.

[22:22] The white later wanna into a pro performance was playing back before yourself a private showing ripley was.
Sounds pretty cool playing with that the regine should address the problem the show a little the coolest of play i got to see that many people.
You like my home town later there they were all there for us the useful la sixty together some of washer so there’s only six people living there is richard some local i got a fever one.
Though some people and as of this weekend brother we just one weekly as you can play this.
This out or show down into this place called the cottonwood new planet this flat bed trailer.
That all sounds sounds isms stuff and there’s we first was sent a plan like this storage error on internet lol,
will keep playing and let’s get crazy person like they are so sarah said like two songs in it starts reading so progress in the middle of the fucking rain is like water splashing out the symbols of thousands is crazy.
But nobody has shot.
Nn for the crowd no to fifty five is when you lose something is will be rusty and then it cleaned out of.
No wonder surveys for the same as resting what college i gotta go.
Yeah don’t together favorite show every.

[23:59] My favorite is on the slide to in because i did a group of corona south dakota,
and just incredible parmesan crusted stay because she’s lodges and with shrimp that food is free drinks for free and then goes with thousand eight holes in,
he was driving back so i didn’t have to worry about you know being sober for the ride home so i got it.
I’ll always on but it it was a big room there’s like a hundred some people in their hundred plus and it was a really fun show and then.

[24:37] Let’s go to michigan is laws am paul bunyan county festival there and.
The first night like it was a little that crowd was kind is a little bit smaller sizes on thursday night and people were like a lot of people were there for all the shows so they were like totally geared up for yet but.
I was on the second to last show on last night and we actually had some the cancel.
So i am given a little bit of extra time which you know the kind that is like,
you’re minutes is all about you like if you can get an extra five minutes instead of a big deal so i was a little bit longer and they just kill all the way through and i was like almost two and people not room is,
and there was a risen time with that free food with social to so yeah important we are to show a different.
We’re just one.
Is it legal to video one it’s work for an open mike for you is an open mike that we all went to one in but that that pave.
Will it is on his page but he paid was always with.
Actually the weirdest would have to be where do the show wish i got paid today show in sioux city.
And it was in this bar on the side of the hotel.
And there isn’t really any promotion for the show and nobody that was there new there’s gonna be a show with his had like fifteen twenty guys that were working on the interstate.

[26:16] They’re pretending to be working on interstate sue city,
there there to kill this is right like three versions with them is what they all had their backs to wasn’t rotating in on the pool table,
which was in the room but as a mouse inside the room and says.
My son i’m quite a drama cuz around the entire crowd that was there for the actual foundation my girlfriend and her two friends.

[26:47] So i just made i told them stories about my life was introduced and the more.
But i’m feeling this but when is the hope of the.
Ugh hurry upright favourite show memory for musically this was one disarm player for show total drag about four five years ago.
News like they just opened up we like the second or third show there ever and it was his is warm summer days lol shows that.
The headliner cancelled it so we actually inadvertently ended up headlining there’s a pretty fun show this kind of do forty five minutes fifty minutes and just super fun.
Many likes.
Downpours like right after hours like someone said stated for after the show the senate wise one nathan up and record his album i got open forum and those like,
is a short and sweet i have like five minutes but it was like time for ages add up everything is hit right perfectly swick,
the center comic when you hit right that’s the greatest feeling yeah you know i quit your job just glad everything landon is just perfect that’s is.
One of those nights for me and we’re just standing it was like three or four months ago and the bar is on as it is was not laughing at anything.
And it was just a weird said it was just one of the roughest for make crab about like there is a ton of people there and no one was laughing that was the worst part that full of knights were.

[28:21] So you’re you’re there to save on this sunday know that i want to but i’m trying to not talk.
Read till recently a that hurt mccracken favorite thing was the first one the first ones in a long time whereas lego that was rough.
Who is tony people there no laughing it anything like all the comics were having a rough time that night when some guy that i kinda know that i see around town.
It’s a nice guy but he just he lower doses stories my of course you do the reese’s name and he was.
What is a pretty.
And then he just procedure to prove that even on the phone yeah of jesus tickets to that i nominated her mother was really awkward in the reasons there’s a group of.
College kids up from the.
An old post tests or something like that i don’t remember what was going on today just and it hasn’t like that and they’re out to celebrate and they were there listening.
But then didn’t respond to anything wrong look like they’d rather be elsewhere right yeah those who weird experience for the musical don’t know.
Tell us to enter the venue being weird but it was more like there is one night where i recently injured my quad muscle lifting heavy equipment,
and his arms dealer show scheduled at big or something of the fun show but that was the worst pain ever been and perform the show cuz i free much give it all i drive a discount.

[29:55] Head bang and then some sort for three days that i was just was weird shows are just like my mom was there what ma give me advil.
What’s the deal with him no slick like it was a fluke these movies test move more grams.
What’s up with the dancing from.
There’s a young trying keep this brief so.
Both the same show but isn’t it by ivory in college and is one and only time ever going to leave the musical because musicals are not written for cases.
All those kind of a surreal moment for me to be able to to do that but the but the weirdest moment comes from that show.
Because there’s a scene at the end where,
we’re trying to lead this old house like character out of the town because stuff went down so i dressed him up as my fiance to try and get him on the train so that the person who is playing the,
character was was this russian guy and i got no pretty well and on dress rehearsal night he added a little thing where he give me will check on the cheek before he runs off cool fine total without.
Is the next night he didn’t.
He pulled my shoulder a little bit too hard and i turned with that so it’s actually conservative christian college stays in front of three hundred people in that kissing this dude.

[31:36] Who is over and we are on it becomes my ex girlfriend boyfriend.
Usually numbers moment your ex girlfriend sends the background hell yeah again.

[31:58] Who’s.
Do it says were slammed with you move.
Robert did you ever perform live or anything like that or after the show or really shows up we could you show like speeches like that in any were the experiences.
I am.

[32:28] Damn i have good stories on that runs blinking at the moment or store stop at next are on next great your terms when the x next song is that.

[32:41] Has always tuning and other technological advancements rewind run talents yes we started as though the.
Friends ask the passes,
scanner is that i’m confused has just loading thousand reals talk about anything is possible them the whole for a.
What is doing hungry and appears.

[33:10] Then we can go to the park so people get were talking about the clothes for content for everything in the.
I think it’s a thing it’s gonna hurt this is a miracle that the murder when she saw it there there’s a you say this about like any.
It’s how the kids these days with their auto tuners and there.
Skateboards in this is the same thing you always and forever and a day you could make a case for you know when a.
When someone else started writing songs for someone that was better at seeing what can we get some you know like did that really raw talent of being a good writer and.
It showing red or in others those things go on forever now for a voice my voice never been against it.
That’s awesome that if it if it needs to be fixed the first to wash my dad next record seen him touch up vocals if it’s like a pitch off here for one little second whatever like it happens and the aluminum items to.
The things that happen but if you have to auto to hear entire vocal performance because your.
Then i’d say use your call and find a different hobby lobby it’s not this early because you garbage of them what are the effect of the sanyo then mean like.
We live in the current music is a pretty cool stuff out there reading his people doing that was kind of the intent of that song.

[34:42] Is to have that tune on there the melody is is kind of perception you guys uber like we listen to this song listen an ass of and honestly even listen to that boy i think.
Did as a musician like it if you really said i wasn’t something even if it’s something outside of your comfort zone you could appreciate certain things and see whether china do like all those actually really cool or like what is still in my tablet how nice to see the apply that.
Grant and adam bottles appoints a good point to differentiate the difference between antares auto tune and pitch correction,
the residents of people say auto tune everyone thinks that the pain sound with that is what auto tune is pitch correction assembly is taking certain no shipping and then fixing and and.
Modern modern pitch correction like melatonin for example you can’t tell.
If you say you can tell your fucking line know if it was things were as it’s been said it’s if you have to take entire vocal track and have a completely pitch corrected,
he a prophet agree that this however if you just knitted fix by here spot there are even after the fact that like it’s it’s a very powerful tool.

[35:52] Turn as of problems use of actually.
Christy play can sing like a mother fucker and then like the famous for auto tune that’s very much for your known for is weird,
wasn’t that the dubstep like effect thing you know when get it it’s like,
who’s something outside because it’s boring specific sound or something like that this is another way to create.
Another difference pacific that sound for like your style.
That’s the power kill to see you thriller movies vocals live of his songs and not be standing right by it.
Dj turntable would like your phone number but still wise like boxes yet of the fun sound music though and you want to use like,
bro tuna factory invoices that shitty where you need it or not.
Take a deaf on the purchase of a color it is with the keyboard to the whole digital volvo like robot voice thing that’s why coding out anyway if you’re not a good singer brown.
Robot you and whose that the question next witness up there.

[37:02] We’re sure we’re done the raphael hotel fail quit going question the big foodies polygon all will hear what happens to the stories on,
are you.
Three had some classical area stories to allison from as a motorcycle song is it dying it’s really really bad and who.
What’s available right now until it’s getting interesting talk about the past thirty fails however weird albuquerque for the when that’s all the way.
No i’ll do that yeah you know that song saying common you always moving room on our to jackson introduction.

[37:53] Politics and music and comedy good or bad will let anyone so yes that has the laziest yes or no yes.
Yes yeah yeah they have good when applied correctly of apply correctly yeah it it doesn’t matter if someone aligns with my politics.
When the light for standup specifically i don’t wanna hear about politics like i’m not i’m not here to.
Be reminded of the shitty things are going on with all these things that will do it like every time we should have a good time right and bring up all these things like it brings up those emotions and.

[38:35] Not necessarily discussions but shouting matches that happen in family dinners and stuff like that so it’s not fun for me i rather,
you know here you tell me why to read those are weird,
yeah maybe not talk about your genitals quite so much but i think it does it does have there are always going about it probably cliche but like i was the jim jeffries bit on,
control or he doesn’t make a lot of new ones points but he doesn’t care is manner,
i think you’re pushing it from the same point of having a constructive discussion about it and also able to make fun of both as they are meant,
sure go for using me bashing on something because it’s popular mass on and the time where is an easy mark then know there is something else i.
Weather like that night i do respect and appreciate it when it’s done well but the same time what i’d rather than a short yeah the downstairs start like.
Musically speaking music like in that an art artistic regard it’s kind that it’s mold out of the environment your in right and like you take a lot of influence never mir and.
So there’s been a lot of significant is that is really good just on the emotional state of shape optics you now and that’s the songs not necessarily directly about what’s happening politically,
but the anger of the feelings that come with that state inspire curtains around the good and like that you know that’s it was born out of a shitty political period black,
learn this is america clear presentation right now it is that what is the magic one point two does like,
the state of politics now the diving into it there’s nothing serious about music soon because it is just a shitty environment right now and i actually who are some the opposite in musically.

[40:14] I love a good like protester congrats on your something and you know that and that’s.
Is there anything like it totally starting invoke a specific reaction and emotion whereas music is this whole brought range of different.
Emotions that it touches and that’s something a little more comfortable with absolutely will me all yes all right.

[40:39] Jar jar.

[40:41] The other banks as he can from this of laptop and what bands are not in the rock and roll hall of fame and should be.
I need to see now we should we are on a twelve pass out i go to hell.

[41:00] When a micro of my goal was to jail cuz hooked was the edifices big michael can’t make it brief on.

[41:11] Show me the weather what’s feels fine.
Pass this who knows the user george failed his number for details yet so for you being,
dang okay with all the original problems even thirty in or something,
yes jennifer lopez you back that will let the boys better thirty am donna she is gone in.

[41:40] One hit wonder songs that were so good you wish to do it again when he water artist sublime pass pass in mesa that thing you do the wonders yeah.
New radicals you get what you give i was the come back in serious know that does suck in that outfit song.
Bella don’t your love you just fall in the way of.

[42:07] I think i’d like most i think of most as a one hit wonders almost every there’s,
very few mins of more than one side of the began on one i don’t wanna become that’s right knows who they go public with it leaves programs like one hundred.
Number of the local it’s and kids are all down from florence for the.

[42:34] Hundred nineties be answered like bar sounds like a good science dude solvent and then there for freshman said been dittos sounds great.
Garth brooks,
oh his one hit wonder he no longer allowed someone number one hits you wonder and.
Friends places and a bolt nickelback.

[43:05] I heard he check rover got vocal surgery recently so he’s voices theater that used to be at oasis i’ve heard about that sort.
Seriously saw watch over the border watch nickel back on the today show last year and it is rough.
Never flies man jews were off please,
she doris says locally each hands on the bible,
what time was this real like that yeah that and a little extra for it’s only two guys to read it now if the,
i’m not on my wife for me the last year jd wonders lol ninety space.

[43:54] Search for yeah i need a lot of that was confused by it that it was the music video thing cuz if you had that one good song that you get a music video of what that becomes kind of like it gets perpetuate throughout.
But she didn’t answer me yes in the dollars make it popular and when you don’t have it yet it’s on them you could go gold just because of that one song right right is ridiculous and miss that type your excellent like the soviet like one solid song,
you were set for a couple years.
Google now to six million plays on spotify well actually an additional gold is a thing yeah visual raynes everything and stream store yearlings bottom line and see if you sell.
Certain amount of copies online the other lexus alright or i a wasn’t the certification black blood very rare to see.
Don pop artists ritual this point like rock band to think the closest we’ve got an ex maybe panic at the disco couple others have all kinds of pop,
liquid gold with the newest one i think the guy was the reasons and they will it plan something for outcome walls that ever again after they exactly to three hits off when it may take the system rear.
But no one home saved on her like animated peripheral income moves.

[45:14] Muscle car.

[45:19] Oh top ten most over rated artists yes sir that was very dark of can you it failed last few months of music in aztec s are going to touch.
Set the.
What dress goes into the hole for five minutes this is not the is an artist who has a weird or unique voice make or break an artist for you,
who who has pass pass.
Where do i start with to philips yeah you let you both know that makes it that is pretty funny but there’s no way he’s as popular and well known as he is if he doesn’t have the.
What was going to do school him he just read phone books in that voice and get good last people we yeah okay see uhf.
All you place the guy that cuts is them off to the table saw this call me rooster for two for yours tickets over for some water is full finance red is.
I want the one i was telling his winnings are doing music is very much like or all problem bowels has like really a country music.
And like now is it something as it is available like yeah i could owes you for having something is completely different.

[46:55] Sound the year everywhere heating place so i appreciate when are they have a different sound and different tone that to them tv.
Auto zone today right its object of our started snoring unit like we even joked about double dipping already level beats voice doesn’t,
doesn’t do it for me so that sells not however i like being recording camera where to very distinctly voice and,
do it do not like that no longer was dollar kobe just because the voices voice usually they’re fine with that but that’s what i think and roses yeah i’m with you and it breaks my heart,
axel rose nothing crazy easy mike didn’t,
on my hands and the most hated people at the meeting things like the nineteen seventy five.

[47:46] Hey disney vocally i only like music is pretty cool.
Look i’m i probably wouldn’t make it as much of that you didn’t have is like accident in the present chocolates in those days are over for sure how things should be.
Now that what the fuck am i thinking of like those who are.
And knuckle puck cover like anymore and will blink be found on the thing weird for that report.
Junior’s i don’t like because the boys just throws me off liam gallagher cream be in one body creel in and around there that you can sing tho.
Cream rocks can push even if you didn’t like it.
What a tease but like some eighties glam bands that the vocals camera for resellers could do i could not do it to this issue is now.
No to scissors to cut the other off using the two people more adam.
I’m more than more or all personal here vs even though i will say that her voice is ten times better than rob split roth had better songs in my opinion.
What is the december top and clock us all topics vinegar.
From facebook maps heart offices puddles pity party is asking others fantastic week you’ll be.
Small thing that gets under his videos so great and it definitely symbol is we listen to the song and it was like neon light.

[49:26] Should i like cut some,
i because you that violence is the only way is that you can help of you guys watching this is dopey clown,
this is like the obvious is it can be a little bit sad watch whatever it all star in minor,
no that’s fine that’s it gives you depression like immediately if you listen to,
english muffins in this is your favorite author rubik’s side to side park where she.
Bobby called richard it’s,
every now and is replaced with she had so what is the need to show this year in she.

[50:13] She was perfect that’s you give me a call coming in the house comes.
That is an comes to school and miss the convenience store,
missing and thinking of and the no complaints so long one of using.
How do you say from a eggs would.
The hell with no response me how does music as children cactus into adulthood should organize choir performing,
he just is required to sports and.
Well i will pass to the sports sounds answers email but the air won’t boot always been like keep talking about do we have to prove that.
Other roommate thanks so much better i think music is please very important part like.
In school like kind of losing explore these little more easy different perspectives on things must like sports isn’t necessarily for some people of religion class.

[51:30] I was at the gym class heroes.
I like ten pushing the only had pancakes and so am atomic i don’t i don’t want to clean required,
just because it for me and very person something the you choose to do us florida and it’s.

[51:52] I feel it is take something away if you’re forced to do it especially in gondolas will wear it or choir ballooned from.
Fifty people to ninety people cuz people have to take it for credit or not,
i need the quality of the product and manages me some people and then they don’t care about it as much as the person next to them.
If i am around and think ideally you want a unifying her people they’re all there because they love doing it and want to see something sexy as you start putting mandates on it you lose what makes it special for as that.
I like to sing like trying to force anyone.
To do anything like that is is kinda just brought in the to think about than the first piece doesn’t.
Why should anyone nobody should you should expect someone to feel the same way about something like.

[52:44] All these kids are ridiculous and when i play the easter johns or two and the air are doing our or two and one or whatever it to see.
Who’s eric why is it’s like you suggesting that everyone is still the same about things and everyone every single persons little is unique so that.

[53:04] Send everyone should feel the same boss of this kind of ridiculous and that’s that doesn’t start requiring that will everyone’s jesus ninety six with the freedom of choosing the first place i mean people still become mathematicians and you have to take.
Is it because what you can make the lower level is like any of these some sort of musical you don’t have to push anyone doesn’t anything specific.
The some sort of music should be required to a certain point because i’ll are fractions when i serve playing the piano and because is early learning the you know the different notes in the lance the nose and stuff like that.
And then opens up.
A force you to think in a different way so it opens up like creativity and stuff like that and kinda it something you can work with creatively and just kinda play around with.
And i think i think its a good thing tho those kind of things should be.
Required up to a certain point you know and as long as you do something musically that i think it’s and it is definitely a big benefit.

[54:13] Snuff boxes of did.
When is it also fair to say the curious ever topic on its own like kinda different thought process you get from doing some like music or art you don’t really notice that time years now,
remote was sitting in the thing on later it doesn’t always you know eight years old and it’s actually in the role of my life now mr now,
at the same time in lot of kids there were people that.
We’re like forced the price for seventeen years young age is the only in wanna do it has people that we’re allowed to come in and around.
How they been playing music twenty thirty years and they love it when there is missing the and in a case by case of.

[54:57] Maybe they have options you nobody should feel like it has to be this read that washes out options that wasn’t doing something to china and.
Push the vs was driving fine or in like elementary school come for fifth period the option like either being chorus orchestra or band.
And i thought it was kinda cool have that option if you can’t afford the insurance right but when.
Been for the one that works just it’s at the core program on my state have the that was not a thing now you have running water in some places this is correct his machine.
If not that’s bad when you,
how’s the house is equipped to i think there’s lots to say that about like forcing someone to do something specific like.
Give her my best friend for his sister was force you attacked all their parents handle it would push them each and,
just didn’t really seem to make any sounds always kindest or something like oh we’re gonna push you into this and you into that and maybe the solid talent,
for that or something but i did kind of in a couple of the other kids account read this resentment for the thing they were trained.
Pushing and doing so i can understand that was will the losers and toss stroke.
It’s like anal sex and its been injured kind of the same for forces kidding act like it isn’t the.

[56:34] What your name and the screen broke.
Can you shit.
Full bush landing strip or bald room handset of my best okay me youtube reform.
Then the chair.
But that really needs to be where he there for my future un lock light is about ourselves other than english for the,
what is your new breed of a kind of chemo.
This is this legal question about our personal grooming habits all of this but all i got no balance are both free options.
Yes everyone she is needed in addition always be something there so i can not.

[57:44] It’s on the scene that out cruising for anything at this point if lilo is.
Not looking to have sex of the baby.
Hear me some hair down there and the light goes on business looks is weird you know this question was really,
debating whether to put in the jar,
what’s the problem is is really that much fun to shop through you know bush the town in the q and it started bleeding,
he is a true pleasure to have somebody overuse probably trim the hedges in the center of the.

[58:31] In terms of the.

[58:33] So lucky in right now that all the time along work is good scorch the earth if that’s your for your gluten is the devil destroyer of your property.
Decorated how you want my cigar get.

[58:51] Couldn’t story on the was to go there quality of the.

[59:01] Did the song that never ends and d and with shari lewis is passing and other musical mysteries that need solving teehee louis don’t know your ss class and chive shop or harmful.
Scale failed in taking the difference lol no signal to the.

[59:25] Would you rather events for.
Very in the climate reminds israel mesa have the right passing the road as.
Does that mean not as and started at two hundred.

[59:46] This man is really optional take it if i’m gonna die are you split it it’s open ended so we don’t i will production not just not and my it’s been.
When a taco bell it’s for lines and numbers on speed and is there some weird spam flavors that i would like to try it but it,
i can guarantee i wouldn’t get too old can or feel good afterwards financially or physically,
i was in los angeles thing anyone’s ever said the word jalapeno you would like one of them directly to my.

[1:00:25] But the same time around the whole story on st john tonight of reference your little with.
Please cut the funding for ge camera to a using the last one.
You are blessed with yeah okay we’ll get the guests dead in the eyes and with a little feeble tone simply whisper while.

[1:00:59] I don’t think that was a question will do this somebody.

[1:01:04] Pass of fail will it feel it is your duty and has gonna take with of those from work in one job that.
What song would you want to have play around there was only one other play around you when something unfortunate happens as a fail.
What an ass.

[1:01:30] Can you dance zones every time the song remains to be here to be square.

[1:01:39] When you lose square.
Could see things or animated there and the owner is simple plan addicted to.
Idea for the year and your,
i think i do this alot my life but i just randomly insert songs so i think for me the one i go to most welcomes in my life,
yes that would be c form.

[1:02:20] One ounces rise no everybody in this room and kind of i i just wish somebody was don’t worry be happy,
something in our shoes in middle by jimmy rollins two pack my things this that winslow’s actually live by that motto just take some time.
Or just like to be like it is on china are um,
now it’s it and all the time the germans vs can’t get no worse than this relation with that’s on the sound of that album of the.

[1:03:06] But this is america.
The original remote slim is also a local that live.
Was this a sudden it.
Let’s talk thousand eight hundred four thousand.
It’s all doors don’t go over there.
So just realized that they all have extra on quick nevermind of course.

[1:03:55] Just open about other hand zero is in.
You can imagine how rugby if you have a through ball that we would you has his middle finger this question.

[1:04:19] Where is my order is.
When will the remote does he really two more questions and call good.
Pass of as its passengers and we go to midnight or before all.
Three o’clock okay she is there a direct correlation between depression and creativity pass pass pass through.
Yeah i haven’t written in a couple months of the girls i was interested.
I am in some the other later bitch in my i think i think yeah there’s definitely a correlation because of depression is like.

[1:05:19] That’s it.
Desire brings working with your brain isn’t working in quite the right way or quite the same way and that’s what creativity a lot of times is is looking at something from.
A different perspective religous you perspective and.
You know depression because of mental illnesses can cause that kind of skewed perspective on the world are on how things are affecting you or others so i think absolutely.

[1:05:47] From musical standpoint i definitely but for me personally with comedy i write better when i’m happier.
In a good mood because i’m more instead of focusing on things above me out and focusing on observing things that are like that’s kind of funny right that down right the great work jokes that way in the last couple months i’ve been.
In the up and up and really do something radio or jokes socially if you’re in a bad place it hard to write jokes musically be easier to write music.
I actually the opposite direction bro i write better when i’m in a crappy mood.
Because it’s just so it’s been having some of realize more now is a cowboys use county is like a deflection tool of you know my my bad day or.
If i am pissed off at somebody or something like that is always awaits you cannot turn it on its head and neck ass on with that instead of you know.

[1:06:40] I do if i do if i’m in a depressed state i write material that i would later regret telling on stage.
I don’t know the answer to this i’ve deleted be really negative to set it up.
Can a weird state artistic creativity is motion to charge of sucking up your pressed it,
i don’t think it necessarily detract the writing ability but if you put an ad for mindset you write something for me and i think it helps the road like if you are depressing when your personal for me.
Your detailed just write something out of this computer had a little bit ticket from another perspective in.

[1:07:16] Burgers look at it and can put some clarity to the.
That what you’re saying that the music is social interaction and there’s no better way to castle in motion then by experiencing it now.

[1:07:33] Bigger one last week.
Sure to is over and i’m the clock is on its okay well having a television with netflix and being a big part of people’s agenda.

[1:07:50] He has a mass of as was last it can’t fail to die,
hey valerie okay we’re done when i have in hand my appears to be used in our for them of their house for like it’s in our team maybe a day.
And so i watched.
Cable tv then but i’m almost always point out something on demand or occasionally all of pulling through netflix and watch.
But regular cable tv receiver.
Really haven’t done that since like the college and we get free cable and say me and other than being like a generational thing i think we’re seeing now is because people are on the way the costs keep going up and if that happens more people are gonna pull away,
so i don’t i don’t see it coming out of the spiral i think there’s more companies are going to have to embrace how it’s how the genres involving the,
there are certain things like sporting events and something about that you can’t like you can you paper to type stuff.
Then there’s also a lot of companies are coming out with the click picture channel’s see you pay specifically i want all when is,
and you know what soc so i can watch every football game so i’m just gonna buy those channel’s man you know that customer houston.
At this necessarily great because then your your you know people are buying into that they’re.
Mindset like the line down the second game so yeah absolutely.

[1:09:26] I guess i’ll talk.
You know i’m always amazed valmont all almost.
Now i feel like if i want to watch something in netflix you tube red even with like overcooked in stuff like that however.
It was such a stable like american society like if you had a tv or like successful,
as a family is an adult you know about those like animals i’m i’m succeeding and she and i feel like i feel like even now i don’t answer i don’t watch tv anymore like having tv just turn on the back on for like,
i’m a proper dolly on me and is.
Can we are having our gardner is his circle back around being a luxury rather than a common place right kinda yeah.
Now lemon phones and ryan courtesy rule that’s why i thought it was you because for a little while there was.
The disc into a discuss like household,
as a letter three tv household or will it when i was little it was like all its over germs please you got four tvs and ps you can they don’t have to just watch star trek with his dad which now.
For creating it somewhat throws a kid but but sir scott and the but still is star wars playing tablet talking to this radio doesn’t brew.

[1:10:57] Well it’s on tablets for tonight’s episode you can we have more will use for future so it’s twenty three or benefit was back in,
should put those back in case of the phone it’s up to use for a cadillac rolls will supplement.
Whoever canceling get turned down next week got this trip before we go,
when you guys have upcoming shows you like pro writing a project plug hayley again and i thought of you go first.
The only really got one and now some peoples kids play at that time on ge and july sixth.
I’ve cleaned the band from chicago illinois to call north by north.
I think last year was the other vintage playing this on that have to double-check the only thing.
And also plan b is for the van last forever at the privilege a reunion show on june twentieth just one time filling show.
Tell them out setting up for school yet that’s all i got.

[1:12:03] A real creature metallica number is the non everything on his stream video games on twitch.
If you wanna watch sky or in the oven was gram of pants stitches onions a rock so thirteen spell r o c k z o thirteen in spanish out the.
Get married in all she did you see.
Come on june eighth when unit of the icon is the title magazine release we are.
Renew progressive rock band in sioux falls.
We are guaranteeing to be the most average thing you’ve ever seen at least prob and then yeah no that’s that’s very exciting we were playing with no sir not me must harbor again.
And got about nothing on that one but the other fuck off.
Yeah it’s just it’s going to be fun it’s the kickoff to our first tour this summer we’ve got a couple more tours throughout the summer booked in florida can be fun to.
So are eight i have june first to showcase and hydro downtown in c falls.
Close your eyes preform shows kinda smaller and seemingly there really not that live there until the third time that you show there yet and then june third it’s a sunday.
I’m i run through the summer and a show at the bonus round.

[1:13:37] Where i bring in some comedians from around the region and bring a group of people in the first one to see me a couple of people from omaha.
So i get regulars a journey from an progress about coming up.
And what we do is a twelve dollar cover to get into the bar and all the games are on free play and we gots to for fives odell ipa is.
So there throughout the night and the games are free play before the show starts and will be free play for a while after the show as well.
And that the ticket price goes to pay the comics,
for the most part like with pay a little bit out of a heads up but it it is a almost all and going to the town next to help them travel up here so we can keep the bitches gone.
And then julie is on friday.
It’s eight o’clock and i’m doing a showcase with clay fully is coming from out of town and it’s.
Working out to his tenants just resigns more three region is kaduna pastor show and i have a couple comments on from down cc number and events and mad hatters and.
The actors on the show and ima be hosting and playfully has some racquets,
yeah the only thing i go on the disclose this weekend muscle therapy and am an cell phone so if anyone cancels thank you for that but i’ll have to have other things going at gun point in later episodes wasn’t robert any.

[1:15:07] You want lol oh what’s podcasts this year which catch the fever.
There’s a couple of things i forgot to mention adam white is responsible for the pass or fail dress code idea or give him props for that as well.
And robert thank you for that this props for this problem and the lovely glass bucket with a lid.
Just get your kit and his jar yeah disarm my van has a show this friday the twenty fifth that i can.
And or themes for our song equilibrium is the theme song for this podcast so.
Four facts and if your actions that you her and you like checkout offer element of the reason which we just pressed on vinyl and it’s okay it’s.
It should be available at or whatever next or exceed probably be out and we’re gonna viral by an early show at some point not sure when but stay tuned for that address for podcast every couple weeks.
Be awesome and thank you again for all this with everything with the show and means alot and thanks to mark the poster again germ i’ve to show name idea.
And everyone else thank you for listening and watching and will see you the next episode in the future.
Please send address to nigga every one to three years ago.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah.