Macabre Grimoire

Macabre Grimoire is a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.

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Macabre Grimoire Chapter 29 Ourang Medan : The Ghost Ship and The CIA

This week we explore the ghost ship Ourang Medan. One of the strangest Ghost Ship stories of all time. But did it happen and why was CIA leadership so interested in it?

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 28 Victorian Mystery Airships

In 1896 and 1897, hundreds of western American newspapers reported mass sightings of fantastic, winged airships performing maneuvers years ahead of the technology of the time. The “mystery airships” remain unidentified, constituting an early wave of UFOs before flying saucers, and almost before flight itself. 

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 27 Let’s Storm Area 51 ‘Lets See Them Aliens’

Aliens, Spies, Snipers, and Trolls Oh My! This week we’re looking at the “Let’s Storm Area 51” Facebook gag event that took over the internet.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 26 Death By Magic

The gang catches up on what we’ve been up to, Travis shares some of the times he’s been hurt doing magic, and we cover some performers who weren’t as “Lucky.”

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 25 Edward Bernays

“Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.” – From Propaganda, by Edward Bernays, 1928

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 24 Tarot

In 1781, in France and England, followers of the occult discovered Tarot cards. They saw the symbolic pictures of the cards as having more meaning than the simple trump cards they were used for at the time.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 22 Hinterkaifeck Murders

In 1922, six people were killed at a remote German farmstead at Hinterkaifeck.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 21 Kelly Hopkinsville Encounter, The Goblin “Invasion” of 1955

In the mid-1950s two families in rural Kentucky made headlines across the country when they told police that their home had been approached by small metallic creatures that could not be killed or scared away.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 20 Soviet Bone Music

In post WWII Russia, Stalin banned the possession of any western music. All records allowed in the country had to be of Russian composers. But there was an underground hungry for Western popular music…