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Macabre Grimoire is a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.

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Macabre Grimoire Chapter 16 Mine Ghosts and Spirits

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 16 Mine Ghosts and Spirits

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees



The Knocker, Knacker, Bwca (Welsh), Bucca (Cornish) or Tommyknocker (US) is a mythical creature in Welsh, Cornish and Devon folklore. They are the equivalent of Irish leprechauns and English and Scottish brownies. The Cornish described these creatures as little people who were two feet tall, had big heads, long arms, wrinkled faces, and white whiskers. They wear tiny versions of standard miner’s garb and commit random mischief, such as stealing miners’ unattended tools and food.


In the 1820s, immigrant Welsh miners brought tales of the knockers and their theft of unwatched items and warning knocks to western Pennsylvania, when they gravitated there to work in the mines. Cornish miners, much sought after in the years following the gold and silver rushes, brought them to Colorado, Nevada, and California. When asked if they had relatives who would come to work the mines, the Cornish miners always said something along the lines of “Well, me cousin Jack over in Cornwall wouldst come, could ye pay ’is boat ride”, and so came to be called Cousin Jacks. The Cousin Jacks, as notorious for losing tools as they were for diving out of shafts just before they collapsed, attributed this to their diminutive friends and refused to enter new mines until assured by the management that the knockers were already on duty. Even non-Cornish miners, who worked deep in the earth where the noisy support timbers creaked and groaned, came to believe in the Tommyknockers. The American interpretation of knockers seemed to be more ghostly than elvish.

Belief in the knockers in America remained well into the 20th century. When one large mine closed in 1956 and the owners sealed the entrance, fourth, fifth, and sixth generation Cousin Jacks circulated a petition calling on the mine owners to set the knockers free so that they could move on to other mines. The owners complied. Belief in Nevada persisted amongst its miners as late as the 1930s.


Hungry Ghosts


If you visit the former mining town of Deadwood South Dakota and specifically the famous Boot Hill, one of the things I have always found striking is the number of mass chinese mine worker graves.


So far from home and family to venerate the ancestors, I have always wondered about mines and towns being haunted by those hungry spirits that would be left behind.


Hungry ghost is a concept in Chinese Buddhism and Chinese traditional religion representing beings who are driven by intense emotional needs in an animalistic way. The term 餓鬼 èguǐ, literally “hungry ghost”, is the Chinese translation of the term preta in Buddhism. “Hungry ghosts” play a role in Chinese Buddhism and Taoism as well as in Chinese folk religion. The term is not to be confused with the generic term for “ghost“, guǐ (i.e. the spirit of a deceased ancestor). The understanding is that all people become such a regular ghost when they die,[1] and would then slowly weaken and eventually die a second time.[2][3] Hungry ghosts, by contrast, are a much more exceptional case, and would only occur in very unfortunate circumstances, such as if a whole family were killed or when a family no longer venerated their ancestors.


We should definitely do our own episode just about the ghost festival that communities in China celebrate to feed these lost souls and then return them to hell.


But for now let’s look at some of the manifestations they take.


So the tapestries that depict these things are the most metal thing I’ve seen in quite some time.


There are many folk beliefs and taboos surrounding the Hungry Ghost Festival. Spirits are thought to be dangerous, and can take many forms, including snakes, moths, birds, foxes, wolves, and tigers. Some can even use the guise of a beautiful man or woman to seduce and possess. One story refers to a ghost which takes the form of a pretty girl and seduces a young man until a priest intervenes and sends the spirit back to hell. It is believed that possession can cause illness and/or mental disorders.


Shubin (ghost)

Shubin is the mythological spirit of the mines. The legend of Shubin is distributed mainly in the mining towns of Donbass, a disputed region claimed by Ukraine. In the north, one can hear several legends about the spirit of the mines. The spirit is usually good but can be wicked. There is no single point of view about the etymology of the word. Explanations include: (1) the nickname of a miner, whose soul, according to legend, walks in a fur coat at the bottom of the mine with a torch in his hand and burns the gas (firedamp); (2) the name of the cruel mining master Shubin, who slew workers underground; (3) the sound from methane (Shu-Shu), which often accumulates in the mines.


Bila Koroleva (White Queen). In the beliefs of some miners, the Shubin spirit appears as a female. Once, a miner from the Sverdlovsk region went missing. After a long search, he was finally found in the mine naked. He went mad and was taken to a mental hospital. Then some other miners went mad. All of them told about the “white queen”, a beautiful woman who tried to cheat them, but the miners could not bear her towering beauty and completely lost their reason. People have long mocked these stories and passed by the mental hospital where the miners were treated and said that it was the home of the white kings. Since the white queen has disappeared from the mine but no one can tell exactly when she would come again.


Rob’s Observations:

Mining was dangerous and still is.

Miners are superstitious.

Food and Mental Illness seem to be common threads in the legends across culture.




Macabre Grimoire Chapter 15 Toynbee Tiles

The Toynbee tiles (also called Toynbee plaques) are messages of unknown origin found embedded in the asphalt of streets in about two dozen major cities in the United States and four South American cities. Since the 1980s, several hundred tiles have been discovered. They are generally about the size of an American license plate, but sometimes considerably larger. They contain some variation of the following inscription:

IN MOViE `2001

Toynbee tiles were first photographed in the late 1980s, and their first known reference in the media came in 1994 in The Baltimore Sun. A 1983 letter to The Philadelphia Inquirer referenced a Philadelphia-based campaign with themes similar to those mentioned in the tiles (e.g., resurrecting the dead on Jupiter, Stanley Kubrick, and Arnold J. Toynbee) but did not refer to tiles.

In the United States, tiles have officially been sighted as far west as Kansas City, Missouri, as far north as Boston, Massachusetts, and as far south as Washington, D.C. Since 2002, very few new tiles considered to be the work of the original artist have appeared outside of the immediate Philadelphia area. Many older tiles considered to be the work of the original tiler have been eroded by traffic, but as of 2011 older tiles remain in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; St. Louis, Missouri; Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio; and South America, among other locations.

On June 19, 2013, tiles resembling the Toynbee tiles appeared on a street in Topeka, Kansas. They were removed by the evening of the next day. Less than a month later, on July 17, 2013, a tile resembling the Toynbee tiles appeared on a street in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In a documentary film about the tiles, Justin Duerr assumes that “Toynbee” refers to the 20th century British historian Arnold J. Toynbee, and that “Kubrick’s 2001” is a reference to the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey, a film co-written and directed by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, about a manned mission to Jupiter. The website speculates that Toynbee refers to Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Toynbee Convector”.

The majority of tiles contain text similar to that above, although a second set is often found nearby. Several of these allude to a mass conspiracy between the press (including newspaper magnate John S. Knight of Knight-Ridder), the U.S. government, the USSR (even in tiles seemingly made years after the Soviet Union’s dissolution), and Jews.[citation needed] The writing is of a similar style and poor quality.

A tile that used to be located in Santiago de Chile mentions a street address in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 2624 S. 7th Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The current occupants of the house know nothing about the tiles and are annoyed by people who ask,[16] though this is the former residence of a named recluse and alleged tile-maker, as shown in the 2011 documentary film Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles. Toynbee-tile enthusiasts believe that a native Philadelphian created the Toynbee tiles because of the large number that appears in the city, their apparent age, the variety of carving styles, the presence of the “tile creator’s screed”, and the Philadelphia address on the Santiago tile.

Possible subjects
Arnold J. Toynbee’s “The Idea”
According to letters written by the tiler, allegedly uncovered by Toynbee tile researchers in Philadelphia in 2006, “Toynbee’s idea” stems from a passage in Arnold Toynbee’s book Experiences, pp. 139–142:

“Human nature presents human minds with a puzzle which they have not yet solved and may never succeed in solving, for all that we can tell. The dichotomy of a human being into ‘soul’ and ‘body’ is not a datum of experience. No one has ever been, or ever met, a living human soul without a body… Someone who accepts—as I myself do, taking it on trust—the present-day scientific account of the Universe may find it impossible to believe that a living creature, once dead, can come to life again; but, if he did entertain this belief, he would be thinking more ‘scientifically’ if he thought in the Christian terms of a psychosomatic resurrection than if he thought in the shamanistic terms of a disembodied spirit.”

Ray Bradbury’s “The Toynbee Convector”
Another possible interpretation is that the Toynbee reference comes from the science fiction writer Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Toynbee Convector”, which alludes to Toynbee’s idea that in order to survive, humankind must always rush to meet the future and believe in a better world, and must always aim far beyond what is practically possible, in order to achieve something barely within reach. Thus the message might be that humanity ought to strive to colonize Jupiter—as in Clarke’s work—or something greater, to survive.

Arthur C. Clarke’s “Jupiter V”
Arthur C. Clarke’s short story “Jupiter V” involves a spaceship named the Arnold Toynbee on a mission to Jupiter. It contains elements in common with 2001.

David Mamet’s “4 A.M.”
Playwright David Mamet has spoken of his belief that the tiles are an homage to one of his plays, and has described it as “the weirdest thing that ever happened”. In his 1983 work 4 A.M. (published in the collection Goldberg Street: Short Plays and Monologues in 1985) a radio host based on Larry King impatiently listens to a caller who contends that the movie 2001, based on the writings of Arnold Toynbee, speaks of the plan to reconstitute life on Jupiter. The radio show host quickly points out the factual errors in the caller’s assertion and the logical fallacies of his plan.

Researchers for the 2011 documentary Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles claim to have uncovered several pieces of evidence that predate Mamet’s play, including a 1980 call by the tiler to Larry King’s radio show. They cite a 1983 article in The Philadelphia Inquirer which mentions a local man “contacting talk shows and newspapers to spread the message” about bringing the dead to life on Jupiter, as depicted in the film 2001.



There is no public or private agency dedicated to conserving Toynbee tiles. Many tiles now exist only as photographs taken before their destruction. The tiles have enjoyed attention from American and European media outlets, including from The New York Times, The Chicago Sun-Times, Spiegel Online, and NPR. In 2011, Philadelphia-based filmmakers Justin Duerr, Jon Foy, Colin Smith, and Steve Weinik released Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles, an independent documentary film about the tiles. The film was selected for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in the U.S. Documentary category, and Foy won the category’s Directing Award.


Toynbee Tiles


Hundredth Monkey Effect


Macabre Grimoire Chapter 15 Toynbee Tiles

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees

Machine Transcript

[0:26] Everybody Welcome to mahtab grimoire chapter 15 to 20 tiles and your whole Siri so here is my co-host Robert mehling and.
So the 20 tiles I first heard about these when I was listening to on my favorite episode one of my favorite podcast bizarre States,
and I just think it’s kind of interesting that they did,
the random they’re everywhere and they’ve been going on since the 80s which I think describes a lot of 80s bands.

[0:58] So the toy army tiles also called the toynbee plaques are messages of Unknown Origin found embedded in Asphalt of streets,
in about two dozen major cities in the United States and for South American cities since the 1980s several hundred tiles have been discovered we are generally about the size of an American license plate all those summer considerably larger,
they contain some variation of the following inscription toynbee idea in movie 2001 resurrect dead on planet Jupiter.

[1:30] Which that’s what caught my attention was documentaries and that’s like Resurrect The Dead on planet Jupiter whatever is like the name of the.
Famous documentary they did about this and I was just like what the hell and then I saw the toynbee tile on the cover and I was like what is this and that.
So that documentary kind of open the doors like this this is a thing as Charlie should that’s so weird that’s awesome so the first.
The toynbee tiles were first photographed in the late 1980s and their first known reference in media came in 1994 in the Baltimore Sun.
A 1983 letter to the Philadelphia Inquirer referenced a philadelphia-based campaign with theme similar to those mentioned in the tiles I eat,
resurrecting the dead on Jupiter Stanley Kubrick Arnold J toynbee refer to the tiles.
In the United States the tiles have been officially cited as far west as Kansas City Missouri and as far north as Boston Massachusetts and as far south as Washington DC.
Since 2002 very few new tiles considered to be the work of the original artist of appeared outside the immediate Philadelphia area.
Many older tiles considered to be work of the original Tyler have been eroded by traffic but as of 2011 older tiles were made in Pittsburgh St Louis Cincinnati.

[2:53] Cleveland and in some South America locations on June 19th 2013 the time,
tiles resembling the toynbee tiles up here to the street in Topeka Kansas they were removed by the evening of the next day less than a month later on July 17th 2013 entire resembling the toynbee tiles appeared on A Street in Salt Lake City Utah.
So I can copy cat possibly that’s the vibe I get from the documentary is it there is a lot of copycats that came after this
even Travis when you first heard the idea that for so you sinners like me to put some reason to fault so right yeah,
like immediately that’s everyone.

[3:38] Wish I was special.
Well I will spare our audience and get more of that were commonly a city will have a couple large colorful tiles with numerous small simple tiles.
In a documentary film and like I said this is the documentary that really inspired me with it.
Justin were at work assumes that toynbee refers to the 20th century,
British historian Aaron J twin be in that Kubrick’s 2001 is a reference to the 1968 film 2001 A Space Odyssey a film co-written by and directed by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick,
about a man mission to Jupiter.

[4:19] There’s actually a website for people who speculate about this. I mean obviously very short story between Beacon vector.
Which is something until I researched this episode I have not heard of it I’m a huge Ray Bradbury fan sounds like what will be about here in the,
the show notes although a second set is often found your but several of these allude to a mask conspiracy in the Press including newspaper magnet,
John S Knight of Knight Rider.

[5:02] The US government the USSR even in tiles that are seemingly made after.
Years after the Soviet Union’s disillusion and then its disputed here on the source which this was from Wikipedia claiming that there were a few that were there.
Claimed they were Toya B Tiles at mentioned conspiracies with Jews but I didn’t find any images of those or any other references other than the.

[5:30] The Wikipedia Wikipedia put a citation needed on that show of conspiracy theories so I guess it wouldn’t surprise me but we can’t substantiate it.
The writing is a similar style a poor quality.
Bia. See there was a title of Santiago Chile that mentions a street address in Philadelphia of 2624 South 7th Philadelphia.
Pennsylvania the current occupants of the house know nothing about the tiles and are super annoyed by people who come in the form of.
Resolute recluse and alleged tile-maker who basically the 2001 documentary film Resurrect The Dead The Mystery of the toynbee tiles.
2011 sorry.

[6:32] It’s the only documentary I’ve seen that’s called Resurrect The Dead the mystery solved.
Toynbee tile enthusiasts believe that the native Philadelphia created the toynbee tiles because of a large number of them that appears in the city and the Wither up very with their apparent age and variety of carving Styles the presence of the,
tile Traders Creed and the Philadelphia dress in the Santiago tile so basically.
There’s a lot of evidence pointing to the recluse guy that used to live at that house was the original like progenitor of the toynbee tiles.
So it’s kind of like a a street art thing kind of like a free bansky I mean there’s been other street artist but he still like most famous one that I do not know if that like people who don’t know anything else.
Our exists let’s see I thought this was interesting to me as I was researching it was.

[7:34] All the different theories about where this could have come from because apparently at the toynbee idea has a lot of like.
Speculation and it’s a thing that a lot of people have talked about so it’s like but I had never heard of it so.
Here are some of the possible subjects.
Arnold J toy B’s the idea according to letters written by the Tyler allegedly uncovered by toynbee tile researchers in Philadelphia 2006 Toyota B’s idea stems from a passage in Arnold toynbee’s book.
Call experiences and here’s a quote from the the book that they think this came from.
Human nature presents human Minds with a puzzle which they can have not yet soft and may never succeed in solving for all that we can tell but I caught him if a human being into soul and body,
it’s not,
the datum of experience no one has ever been or ever met a living human soul without a body someone who accepts as I myself do taking into.
Taking in taking it on trust,
the present-day scientific account of the universe may find it impossible to believe that a living creature wants dad can be brought to life again,
but if we did entertain this belief we would be thinking more scientifically if we thought in Christian terms of,
psychosomatic Resurrection then if we thought of shamanistic terms of a disembodied spirit interesting.

[9:04] I have no idea what to make of that so basically he’s saying that if they’re basically he’s saying.

[9:13] If there’s a resurrection if there if there is indeed a Christian Resurrection as the the religion portend so you don’t like that he thinks it will be.
A psychosomatic kind of like.

[9:29] More of a physical science based utilitarian kind of Resurrection then like a magical like a little,
little sparkles will fly out of the sky and this is where the idea stems from this passage in this book passage this idea of,
you no Sabe verse spiritual.
I think I got caught I think when you said that kind of me I was and I was like okay and then I just got lost I was distracted.
It’s quite the quite the chunk there happens to haven’t you whenever like there’s like a word that word in a while,
that I like other night basically getting the golden 8080 demote I’m just like I can fully relax detach from what’s actually happening so I apologize.
Okay this is another theory and it’s a shout out to my boy Ray Bradbury and apparently he is a short story called The toynbee convector.
Here we go another possible interpretation of the.

[10:40] The toynbee reference comes from science fiction writer Ray Bradbury short story The toynbee convector which alludes to Twin Peaks idea that in order to survive mankind must always rush to meet the future,
and believe in a better world I must always am far beyond what is practically possible in order to achieve something barely Within Reach bus the message might be that Humanity ought to strive to colonize Jupiter as in Clarksburg,
or something greater to survive.

[11:10] So basically kind of in that vein of like utilitarian like physical Universe you know don’t look inward look outward and the humanity should constantly put his boundaries.

[11:22] And then Arthur C Clarke which Arthur C Clarke also ties into.
You know he was getting off the other Rider on 2001 A Space Odyssey along with Kubrick Arthur C Clarke’s short story Jupiter 5 involves a spaceship.
Names of the Arnold toynbee on a mission to Jupiter and contains elements common with 2001 2001 itself as a lot about,
you like the obelisks you know bringing people back to life for around Jupiter.

[11:56] This one’s more of a stretch that this is if you’re familiar with the famous playwright David memet he’s play called the 4 a.m. and he kind of like latched onto it and says the toy to be tile thing is totally based on his.
His play because in it he’s bored of his belief is tiles is almost one of his place and it’s described as the weirdest thing that has ever happened in his 1983 work called 4 a.m.
A radio host based on Larry King impatiently listens to a caller who contends that the movie 2001,
A Space Odyssey based on the writings of Arnold toynbee speaks of a plan to reconstitute life on Jupiter,
the radio host quickly points out the factual errors in the colors assertion and logical fallacies of his plan.

[12:45] Now the researchers of the 2000 of the 2011 documentary,
claim to have uncovered several pieces of evidence that predate my Mets play which would kind of shoot a hole in this Theory but I think it’s funny it’s kind of that synchronicity we were talking about,
okay so Arthur C Clarke was talking about this Ray Bradbury was talking about this this is clearly like a like a thing that’s out there amongst futurist spiritualists.
Yeah and then they cite a 1983 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer and which.
Which mentions a local man was contacting all the local talk shows and newspapers to spread the message about bringing life bringing the dead to life on Jupiter as depicted in the film 2001.

[13:44] Which weird day to get that call.
Yeah imagine being being like that although if they’re like in a major city for a talk show they get like probably the weirdest calls anyway.

[13:59] And so here’s here’s a little bit of an aftermath here there is no public or private agency dedicated to conserving toynbee tiles many the tiles now now exist only as photographs taken before their destruction,
but I also enjoy the attention from American and European media Outlets including the New York Times.
Chicago Sun-Times Spiegel online NPR and a 2011 I don’t see a 2001 Smith and Steve Wynn,
when Nicky released resurrected okay yeah.
The documentary the film selected for 2011 Sundance Film Festival the US documentary category and 41 A categories to rectangle rectangle rectangle award on a documentary.

[14:51] Call lighting angles.
You’re not tricking anybody you’re literally interviewing people unless your DirecTV overall project even like.
I don’t get expertise like this is the tomb of Alexander the Great.
Country tag and then mention the bomb.
Oh my gosh yeah what what a weird kind of cool thing but there’s there’s out there but there’s evidence in other.

[15:42] Things within you know our world where if.
Somebody it’s me. There’s like this be certain types of monkeys wear on an island
oh I know what this is called and gave them.
Like if it’s fruit and a buddy toss it into the sand and the monkeys some of the monkeys would just would just eat it with the sand on it but the younger monkeys,
would like wash it off,
in the water and then eventually the older monkey started acting that behavior and they found that that was preferable way.
Yes the symbolic distance effect.

[16:32] So then what ended up happening is that another set of monkeys on a completely different Island far away from these group of monkeys so these two groups of monkeys don’t even like see each other interactive each other whatever but basically it’s the thought that,
it’s the theory that the father is in The Matrix than that.
That grows and you know it spread and so,
and it washing their fruit in the water also and it was just so
completely like interesting that idea was Unleashed right it was everywhere and every member of the species and the thing that he’s the also there was some sheep in.

[17:17] How to say I don’t know Ireland I need Bangladesh through the Bangladesh and
to basically from point A to point B in order to get around the fence they.
But it’s one sheep decided I’m on a roll underneath the fence and get to what I want to get to you and so,
the one she gets out and rolls and then the other sheep in the herd see and do this and so then they start doing other than other heard start doing the same thing to get out of the fencing,
until you know basically get loose until then the other Shepherds had to like you know basically account for that but it’s just it was you know heard that word,
heard that hadn’t even seen the Sheep.

[18:07] Rolling you know we’re adapting this so it’s so yeah it’s it’s kind of an interesting thing so what the toynbee tiles the fact that there was these.

[18:18] Separate themes and similar ideas going on at about I don’t know I wouldn’t say the same time but like it needs to be in the matrix’s so to speak is you know it was very interesting that you can pull all that together,
so I think I think one of something else.
Figure out what this is the rolling sheeper monkeys with Sandy fruit,
do you wash potatoes.

[18:53] I bet is potatoes yeah this is what it is.

[19:01] Monkey washing potatoes. Com hundredth that’s where it is yep but it doesn’t but it basically doesn’t get,
yeah it doesn’t get ground until it gets to like a certain number and then like a certain amount of people actually do it or animals or whatever doing it and then it explodes and it gets,
and it goes everywhere so so just kind of just blew my mind a little bit so I do a routine called hundredth monkey and I never knew why it was called that.
So if you want I can read that first paragraph on the hundredth monkey sure it says the hundredth monkey effect,
effect is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new Behavior or idea is playing to spread rap.
Unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members in of one group exhibit the new Behavior or acknowledge the new idea one of the primary factors
in the promoter from you glacian,
that’s a word of the story is that many authors quote secondary tertiary or post tertiary sources which have themselves misrepresented the original observation.

[20:08] That’s where it is it’s pretty it’s a pretty cool thing and it happens with basically like all walks of life but yeah it’s kind of cool.

[20:17] So I think that’s kind of what this 20.

[20:20] Is I do believe that there is one source of the inspiration for the twin B tile switch created the tiles of the first place but there’s.
There is a similar Works said this about the same time that kind of contribute to not understanding.

[20:39] Basically.

[20:41] The fuck I can’t I hit I hit my packs of.
And this isn’t just for this toy and be thing this is actually we could do a whole episode about this down the road it just like.

[20:59] The atom bomb is the it’s a big one that pops my right away or it was like there were teams that made the Breakthrough like simultaneously all like three different ones all over at the same time interesting,
that were that made the same breakthrough that made it right,
there’s a bunch of other Technologies were happened at like the exact same time and so it looks like they go to court,
I know everybody just had the same idea even though they were like isolated.
With movies to where it’s like they couldn’t have you know cuz movies take a long time to.
To plant you know jelly put together and plan and everything else so when you have two volcano movies that come out like instantly it’s not always that once that happens,
but lots of times it is just like.
You know deep impact and whatever the other at our Armageddon.
But yeah we did a whole whole episode on similar movies.
And being released about the same time so yeah no it’s yeah so this is kind of what I think some of this is.

[22:24] But yeah but.
It just it says a lot about the energy that is around all of us at all times and that we’re actually all kind of on the same.
Wavelength because like your thoughts are at having energy to it your actions have an energy to it and so the fact that some people that you can tune into those and a different energy wavelength says a lot because it’s free now
is proving its provable but you can’t exactly measure it because it’s so Random cuz it’s like how do I get and I know what.
Am I going to be the hundredth monkey on this particular idea I don’t know you know so yeah that’s what the psychic has to say about that.

[23:05] So yeah that was the toynbee tiles I think they’re super fascinating if it’s still on Netflix you should totally check out that documentary I found it super fascinating.

[23:15] I think that’s it for this week thank you for joining us again and.

[23:20] Yeah have a great week everyone be sure to check out all of our podcast at the Sioux Empire. Com,
be sure to check out to Midwest medium is that what guys, go to my pages call Erin Nicole Midwest medium on Facebook or just if you go Jerry Nicole medium,
that’s how you can find me and then on YouTube it’s Midwest medium I don’t know if I’mma be launching a Twitter feed or anything like that but you can definitely contact me at those two sources,
and text me anytime if you want to read and I’ll be doing Gallery events and intuition development.

[23:58] I do release monthly horoscope videos for you to kind of peruse at your leisure and those are always released once a month and then eventually I’ll start having live Facebook events in meditation Mondays in,
all kinds of cool stuff once I get my in-house Studio sap cell,
yeah I have a in-house readings I’m going to be doing and out sorry that was the whole hundredth monkey effect of there
she didn’t steal it so you can follow me at Magic of Travis Nye. Com
that links on my Facebook Instagram stuff like that I’ve kind of abandon my Twitter so don’t get on Twitter to look for me.

[24:50] You can you just not going to do it yeah right so I don’t really use it,
read I never post anything cuz I don’t think I have anything clever enough to say on Twitter supporters really like it,
and and then also for like Live Events it can be,
even in Sioux Falls that actually be pretty good but generally about 80% of the referral traffic like at the Sioux Empire gets his Facebook super super Facebook heavy.
When do you think this episode will drop like a month okay so.

[25:39] Oh well if I don’t know if it’s that time for us to plug our stuff like our day since I have a holistic health fair coming up on November 10th,
the body like a back so if you want to come down and see me in person and I will totally give you a reading I think I’m charging only $25 for that giving a reading.
When can I give you a reading charging $20 I will give you a reading.
So there that’s November 10th and that’s far enough out that I think this episode will be life by then so told you I could represent myself.
Flashback joke well thank you for joining us everyone and we will see you next time.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 14 Peter Madsen The Kickstarter Submarine Murder

Peter Madsen, the Danish submarine inventor at the center of the mysterious death of Swedish freelance journalist Kim Wall, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for killing and dismembering Wall in a macabre case that has drawn international attention.

Wall’s dismembered body was found off the coast of Copenhagen in August. Prosecutors had said that during a trip on his private submarine, Madsen, 47, bound and sexually assaulted Wall, and either strangled or cut Wall’s throat before severing her body and tossing it into the sea.

Madsen was charged with homicide, dismemberment and the indecent handling of a corpse.

Madsen denied killing Wall but has given differing explanations of how she died, including that she suffered fatal carbon monoxide poisoning inside the craft while he was on deck.

During the trial in Copenhagen, Madsen confessed that he had cut up Wall’s body, saying it was so he could more easily remove her from the submarine and bury her at sea, the AP reported.

“What do you do when you have a large problem? You make it smaller,” Madsen told the court. “I am really, really sorry about what happened.”

In reading the verdict, Judge Anette Burkoe said Madsen’s explanation that Wall had died in an accident was “not credible” and that Madsen had committed murder in a “serious and brutal manner to a randomly chosen woman, who had accepted his offer to go on a trip in the submarine,” according to Sky News.

A three-member panel comprised of Burkoe and two jurors unanimously found Madsen guilty of premeditated murder and sexual assault, the network reported.

CBS News reported that Madsen “stood quietly listening as the judge read out the verdict” in Copenhagen City Court. An attorney for Madsen said he plans to appeal.

Peter Madsen stands inside his submarine in 2008. (Niels Hougaard/Ritzau via AP file)
“This is a very unusual and extremely brutal case which has had tragic consequences for Kim Wall and her relatives,” prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen said in a statement from the Danish prosecution authority when Madsen was charged in January. Denmark does not have the death penalty.

Earlier this week, Buch-Jepsen called the case “so heinous and repulsive that as a prosecutor, it renders you speechless.”

“Of course I’m personally affected by this case,” Buch-Jepsen told the New York Times. “This case has crept under my skin more than other cases.”

Wall’s disappearance and gruesome death drew outrage from around the world. Friends and family say Wall, 30, had reported from Sri Lanka, the Marshall Islands, and North Korea.

Wall boarded the submarine on Aug. 10 to report a story about Madsen, according to her family. Madsen is known in Denmark for raising money through crowdfunding to build rockets and submarines.

She was reported missing the next day. Madsen was rescued from Koge Bay, according to police, after purposely sinking his vessel, a 60-foot UC3 Nautilus.

Prosecutors were seeking a sentence of life in prison for Madsen or, based on the results of a psychiatric evaluation, that he be sent to a mental institution. Prosecutors said the killing was premeditated, but they did not provide a motive.

“The interest in the case has been enormous,” Buch-Jepsen said in his January statement. “However, we hope the media will respect that further evidence in the case must be presented in court and not in the press.”

Madsen was taken into custody Aug. 12 and has since repeatedly altered his account of the circumstances that led to Wall’s death. Before claiming in October that she died of carbon monoxide poisoning, Madsen in August said he dropped Wall offshore in Copenhagen before his submarine sank. He then told a Danish court in September that while giving Wall a tour of his boat, he lost his grip on a 150-pound hatch, which collided with Wall’s skull. He told prosecutors at the time he panicked and gave Wall a “burial at sea.”

“In the shock, I was in, it was the right thing to do,” Madsen told the court, according to Agence France-Presse.

In early October, divers found Wall’s dismembered remains. Wall’s legs were found in plastic bags weighted with metal, according to the Associated Press, and her recovered head showed no signs of fracture — which suggested she had not been struck by a hatch. Another bag contained a knife and Wall’s clothing. Weeks earlier, a naked torso that had been stabbed 15 times was recovered nearby.

A specific cause of death could not be determined from an autopsy of Wall’s remains, the AP reported.


Macabre Grimoire Chapter 14 Peter Madsen The Kickstarter Submarine Murderer

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

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Macabre Grimoire Chapter 13 The Cecil Hotel

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 13 The Cecil Hotel
Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye
Produced by Robert Mehling and
Voice Over by Dave Holly
Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees

The Cecil Hotel is a budget hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, opened in 1927. Since 1931, it has gained a reputation for suicides and other violent deaths. Its name has since been changed to “Stay on Main” in an effort to distance itself from its tragic past.

On November 19, 1931, Manhattan Beach resident W. K. Norton, 46, was found dead in his room after ingesting poison capsules. A week prior, Norton had checked into the Cecil under the name “James Willys,” from Chicago. Norton’s death appears to be the earliest known suicide at the hotel but would not be the last.

In September 1932, a maid found Benjamin Dodich, 25, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He did not leave a suicide note.

In late July 1934, former Army Medical Corps Sgt. Louis D. Borden, 53, was found dead in his room at the Cecil. He had slashed his throat with a razor. Borden left several notes, one of which cited poor health as the reason for his suicide.

In March 1937, Grace E. Magro fell from a ninth story window. Her fall was broken by telephone wires which were wrapped around her body. She later died at the now-demolished Georgia Street Receiving Hospital. Police were unable to determine whether Magro’s death was the result of an accident or suicide.

In January 1938, Marine fireman Roy Thompson, 35, jumped from Cecil’s top floor and was found on the skylight of a neighboring building. He had been staying at the Cecil for several weeks.

In May 1939, Navy officer Erwin C. Neblett, 39, was found dead in his room after ingesting poison.

In January 1940, teacher Dorothy Sceiger, 45, ingested poison while staying at the Cecil and was reported by the Los Angeles Times to be “near death.” No further reports were published about Sceiger’s condition so we are unsure if she survived.

In September 1944, Dorothy Jean Purcell, 19, was sharing a room at the Cecil with shoe salesman Ben Levine, 38. Purcell, who had apparently been unaware that she was pregnant, went into labor. Purcell later testified that she did not want to disrupt a sleeping Levine, so she went to the bathroom where she gave birth to a baby boy. Thinking the baby was dead, Purcell threw him out of the window where he landed on the roof of an adjacent building. Purcell was charged with murder. Three psychiatrists (then known as “alienists”) testified that Purcell was “mentally confused” at the time of the incident. In January 1945, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

In November 1947, Robert Smith, 35, died after jumping from one of Cecil’s seventh-floor windows.

On October 22, 1954, San Francisco stationery firm employee Helen Gurnee, 55, jumped from the window of her seventh-floor room and landed on top of Cecil’s marquee. One week prior, she had registered at the hotel under the name “Margaret Brown.”

On February 11, 1962, Julia Frances Moore, 50, jumped from the window of her eighth-floor room and landed in a second-story interior light well. Moore did not leave a suicide note. Among her possessions were a bus ticket from St. Louis, 59 cents in change, and an Illinois bank book showing a balance of $1,800.

On October 12, 1962, Pauline Otton, 27, jumped from the window of her ninth floor room after an argument with her estranged husband Dewey. Dewey had left the room prior to Otton’s suicide. Otton landed on a pedestrian, George Gianinni, 65, killing them both instantly. As there were no witnesses, police initially thought Otton and Gianinni committed suicide together. However, it was soon determined that Gianinni had his hands in his pockets at the time of his death and he was still wearing shoes. Had he jumped, his shoes would have likely fallen off during the fall or upon impact.

On June 4, 1964, a hotel worker discovered “Pigeon Goldie” Osgood, a retired telephone operator, dead in her room. She had been raped, stabbed and beaten and her room was ransacked. Osgood was well known around the area and had earned her nickname because she fed birds in nearby Pershing Square. Near her body was the Los Angeles Dodgers cap she always wore and a paper sack full of birdseed. Hours after her murder, Jacques B. Ehlinger, 29, was seen walking through Pershing Square, the area in which Osgood fed birds, in bloodstained clothing. He was arrested and charged with Osgood’s murder, but was later cleared of the crime. Osgood’s murder remains unsolved.

On December 20, 1975, a still unidentified woman jumped from her twelfth-floor window onto the Cecil’s second-floor roof. She had registered at the hotel on December 16.

On February 19, 2013, the naked body of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian student, was found inside one of the water supply tanks on the hotel roof. Lam had gone missing almost three weeks earlier, on January 31, 2013. Her decomposing body was discovered by a maintenance worker in one of the rooftop water tanks, after guests had complained about low water pressure and water that “tasted funny”. Authorities later ruled Lam’s death as an accidental drowning. Video surveillance footage taken from inside an elevator shortly before her disappearance showed Lam acting strangely, pressing multiple elevator buttons, hiding in the corner of the elevator, and waving her arms wildly, causing widespread speculation about the cause of her death. After the elevator video was made public, many theories arose about Lam’s death. Lam was reported to have had bipolar disorder, for which she was prescribed various medications, which could have contributed to her death as well as her strange behavior in the elevator.

Surveillance video from elevator the night Elisa Lam died.

Some people dismiss the video as her being on drugs except while she was bipolar, she had no history of drug use and no drugs were detected during her autopsy.

Lost of people think the horror movie “Black Water” is based on this but it came out in 2005…

Elisa weighed only 121 lbs and was 5.5 ft. Police reports say she would have had to lift the lid off the water tank, and would have needed a ladder to get up there. No ladder was found on the site.

Her cell phone was never found. Even creepier her Tumblr account that she was very active on kept posting images after her death and continued to do so for 6 months. Computer forensic experts think she scheduled the posts before her death but the images and artwork she had scheduled are… Disturbing…

On June 13, 2015, the body of a 28-year-old male was found outside the hotel. Some conjectured he may have committed suicide by jumping from the hotel, though a spokesperson for the county coroner informed the Los Angeles Times that the cause of death had not been determined.

Thus it would appear that there have been at least sixteen deaths at the Cecil, resulting from non-natural causes: either as a result of suicide, accident or murder. This excludes the 1940 case of Dorothy Sceiger who was reported to be in a critical condition after ingesting poison at the hotel. There is no further reportage as to whether she died as a result.

The Cecil has also been connected with several well-known murders:

Elizabeth Short, a murder victim dubbed by the media as “the Black Dahlia”, is one of Los Angeles’ best known unsolved murders. Short was reportedly seen at the Cecil’s bar in the days shortly before her murder in January 1947. However, this information remains disputed.

The Cecil has been the reported residence for serial killer and satanist Richard Ramirez who is believed to have killed 13 people while he stayed at the hotel in 1985.

Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger stayed at the Cecil in 1991 and murdered 3 prostitutes during his stay.

The hotel has since been changed to “Stay on Main” in an effort to distance itself from its tragic past. (Start at 34:00 ish)
Elisa Lam, Richard Ramirez, Lots of bad shit.

Surveillance video from elevator the night Elisa Lam died.

Machine Transcript

[0:00] Music.

[0:55] Hey everybody Welcome to my cob grimoire chapter,
13 or talking about the Cecil Hotel I’m your host area show here with my co-host Travis Nye and Robert mehling.

[1:10] Welcome because the Cecil hotel is.
This old hotel that was built in 1919 20s as kind of like a nicer place for people to stay but,
for some reason just awful stuff can’t stop happening here.
We’re talking suicides were talking murders were talking crazy people staying here we’re talking to sterious Jeff a lot of mysterious deaths,
and it’s weird that you have such a chipper tone to your voice weird but it keeps happening I think there was one that happened within this decade so it just,
yeah it’s just kind of crazy how this this hotel is just.

[2:08] I don’t know it’s like dude it was a built on my burial ground was it you know it was it just located in epicenter of just like some bad juju I mean.

[2:19] You can’t is I don’t know it’s just really crazy so I mean there’s I don’t know how many accounts of just.
Tragedy is at this hotel but it’s it’s it’s up there so.

[2:36] I don’t know I really like the fact that this is something that I can read.
Get into it or just the disagrees accounts.
I mean it goes way back the hotel itself was built in 1924.
And it was getting built like very opulently but it.
Got overshadowed very quickly cuz it was like kind of a building boom in that area and so that ain’t became kind of a even though it was built in the like really classy gothic-style it would have been truly be.
You know what the more run-down hotel in the area that kind of discount hotel and then they switched from being like high-end business travelers to being like monthly and weekly rates that we’re really low for rooms at the Cecil.
So just to jump into the ridiculous history of this building here we go.
Family 27 and since 31 it’s gain reputation so I November 1st First Blood.
November 19th 1931 Manhattan Beach resident WK Norton 46 was found dead in his room after ingesting poison capsules a week prior Norton and checked into the Cecil under the name James Willis,
Chicago Jordan’s death appears to be the earliest known suicide of the hotel but it would not be the last.

[4:06] And then do we want to go back and forth and then so you could sell in September 1932,
not even a year after that other suicide a made from Benjamin dotage 25 dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head he did not leave a suicide note.

[4:26] And then you wanted one Travis I got a mean glare she’ll let you do it okay.
In Late July 1934 ferc former Army Medical Corps Sergeant Lewis keyboard in 53 was found dead in his room at the Cecil.

[4:44] She had slashed his throat with a razor board left several notes one of which side of his poor health as a reason for his suicide.
You know.

[4:57] I got a kind of a nice I understand like what why he wanted to do it because poor health I mean that I don’t know how for his health was but like you have to think about who’s going to fucking find you and why the fuck would you slash your throat was an awful way to go so I mean,
just so many thoughts of this anyways,
but suicide people are not the most raft,
you know who’s going to find that he’s going to clean that up so think it’s mostly like depression you know probably more depression than it is actually likes you no health issues but I was kind of like you know it’s a whole bunch of things,
anyways so March 9th in March 1937 Gracie Margo fell from a 9th story window her fall was broken by telephone wires which were wrapped,
around her body she later died at the now-demolished Georgia Street Georgia Street Receiving Hospital police were unable to determine whether Margo’s death was the result of an accident or a suicide and I think that was a
Gang Related one or not mistaken,
cuz it was like back in the day when they were just telephone wires going like all over the place as you basically like,
fell into a web of them and it was hanging over the street for a while and stuff and it just sounds like this is some of the verbal descriptions of it or just nasty sound.

[6:21] Keep in mind we haven’t even gotten out of the goddamn 30s yet so in January of 1938 Marine fireman.
Roy Thompson 35 jump from the Cecil top floor and was found on the Skylight of a neighboring building.
He is he had been staying at the Cecil for several weeks and may 1939 Navy officer Erwin C and neblett 39 was found dead in his room after ingesting poison name neblett.
So in January of 1940 teacher Dorothy C Seeker Geiger Geiger 45 ingested poison while staying at the Cecil and was reported by the Los Angeles Times at be as being near death,
no further reports were published about her condition so we’re unsure if she survived.

[7:12] And September 1944 Dorothy Jean Purcell 19 Wilshire and the room at the Cecil with shoe salesman Ben Levine 38,
Purcell would apparently better wear that she was pregnant went into labor Purcell later testified that she did not want to disrupt a sleeping Lovin so she went to the bathroom where she gave birth to a baby boy thinking that the baby boy was dead for sale
threw him out the window where he landed on the roof of an adjacent building Purcell was charged with murder,
three psychiatrist then known as alienist testified that Purcell was mentally confused at the time of the incident in January of 1945
so about a year or so after that her conviction she was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

[7:59] Which I could totally understand but.
Dedham flinging out the window like people hanging from the telephone I mean Jesus Christ and work,
what folks we are just getting started,
so in November 1947 Robert Smith 35 die by jumping from one of the Cecil 7th Floor windows.
On October 22nd 1954 San Francisco stationary firm employee Helen Journey 55 jump,
from the window of her 7th Floor room and landed on top of Cecil Marquis one week prior she had registered at the hotel under the name of Margaret Brown.

[8:50] On February 11th 1962 Julia Francis Moore 50 jump from the window of her 8th floor room and landed on the Second Story,
interior lighting well or did not leave a suicide know about her possessions were a bus ticket to from St Louis $0.59 and change,
and an Illinois Bank book showing a balance of $1,800.

[9:16] That’s all right on October 12th 1962 next day,
Pauline Otten 27 jump from the window for 9th floor room after an argument with her estranged husband do we do we have left the room prior to Suicide Atlanta a pedestrian Giorgio Armani 65
killing them both instantly as there were no Witnesses police initially thought engine Johnny you always about that,
it committed suicide together however it was soon determined that Gianni had his hands in his pockets at the time of his death and was still wearing shoes had he jumped his shoes would have likely falling off during the fall or upon impact.
Allie would suck you think about,
taking killing the pedestrians beneath,
so yeah we’re not it we’re still in the 60s on June 4th 1960 for a hotel worker.

[10:24] I’m sorry did I feel really bad for the people that work there is just like why they like taking carts around would bring out your dead.
Pigeon Goldie Osgood a retired telephone operator dead in her room she had been raped stabbed.
And beaten and her room was ransacked Osgood was well known around the area and earned her nickname because she fed birds in the air by Pershing Square.
Near her body was the Los Angeles Dodgers cap that she always wore in a paper sack filled with birdseed hours after her murder.
Shakey’s El Jack,
probably Jaques Belanger Shakopee onager 29 machine walking through Pershing Square in the area where Osgood fed birds in blood stain clothing.
He was arrested charged with osgood’s murder but later cleared of the crime Oscars murder remains unsolved how do you get cleared of that crime like.
I want to know what his Alibi was spelled out,
on December 20th 1975 I still unidentified woman jumped from the 12th floor window onto the Cecil second roof floor should registered at the hotel on December 16th.

[11:46] Weird.
On February 19th 2013 okay this is the big one so February 19th 2013 is where Elisa Lam.
Who is like going to be one of the big biggest Stories We Tell from this.
2013 guessing I had new management they forgot to do their annual sacrifice to give you an idea of.
Yeah just did to keep the momentum going here.
Network will come back to her store and got a lot more in-depth on it on June 13th that so this is since,
June 13th 2015 the body of a 28 year old male was found outside the hotel sum conjecture he may have committed suicide by jumping from the hotel though spokesman for the county corner and form Los Angeles Times the cause of death had not been determined.

[12:48] Just it would appear that 16 deaths at the Cecil Hotel resulting from natural causes either the result of suicide accident or murder,
this excludes the 1940 case of Dorothy who was reported in critical condition after the poisoning but there was no reporting on whether she died or not.
Let’s eat let’s take this opportunity now and jump back to Lisa lamb and then and then we’ll fill in the Gap those years where we like oh they’re doing pretty good with all the serial killers Escape 10.
So one thing I do want to say that was all these different killers and death some stuff that happened today.
Show me she hasn’t seen the movie 1408.
Was John Cusack in the haunted hotel okay so that one was actually filmed at look up to the hotel cuz I can’t remember the Hotel Del Coronado on the East Coast,
but then it also said that inspiration from the film came from a couple other East Coast hotels also.
And then some of the true stories came from the West Coast so I’m curious how many of them actually are related to this because I know in that movie you see ghostly figures like falling from Through the Windows.
Slick roads always do anything so I wonder how much that was inspired by the these events.

[14:09] Watch American Horror Story season 5 was filmed in this hotel I think so yes,
that would make sense cuz it totally looks like the CCF I believe it was filmed in the Cecil.
Yeah it was I just had it cuz I’m looking up again it popped up on the Hotel Del Coronado came up.
I’ll find it here but I’m sure.
So on February 19th 2013 the naked body of Elisa Lam probably the most famous victim at the hotel here,
a 21 year old Canadian student was found inside one of the water supply tanks on the roof lamet gone missing almost 3 weeks earlier on January 31st 2013,
her decomposing body was discovered by maintenance a maintenance worker in one of the rooftop water tanks after guests and complain about low water pressure at the water tasted funny I know.

[15:11] I was guessing sorry every time I saw that paragraph.
Video surveillance footage taken from inside the elevator shortly before her disappearance show lamb acting strangely pressing multiple elevator buttons hiding in the corner,
waving her arms wildly causing widespread speculation about the cause of her death,
after the elevator video was made Public public many theories are roses the Lambs death lamb was reported to have had bipolar disorder for which she was prescribed various medications which could have contributed to his death as well as her strange Behavior.

[15:49] Here’s my problem with that is she throwing that out there is I know people who are bipolar and I know people who are on bipolar medication and this is more like,
if this was like what cost at this is more like schizophrenia and bipolar bipolar doesn’t mean I see things chasing me and I jump right buildings
I know people who are bipolar and that aren’t on anything and should be on something and they don’t act that way so just putting that out there.
It looks like they are in season 5 the name of the hotel Cortez.

[16:25] So let’s see the surveillance video from the elevator I’ve got a link here to the surveillance video which you really need to see cuz it’s.
By far one of the all-time creepiest things on the internet especially once you know the backstory it is just goddamn weird folks some people dismiss the video with her being on drugs except.
Are accept while she was bipolar she had no history of drug use and no drugs were detected in her body during the autopsy.
One thing I wanted to point out was that the lots of people think that the horror movie Black Water was based on this,
but that movie actually came out and I didn’t know this cuz I’m a longest time I thought that was or was from the movie itself actually came out in 2005,
this story so basically they made a movie about that happening and then it happened in real life,
so at least the only weighed 121 pounds and was five foot five and a half feet tall should tiny woman police reports say that she would have had to have lifted the lid off the water tank,
I would have needed a ladder to get up there no ladder was found on the site now one thing that.
I did notice when you look at all these pictures and would like to them of the roof of the Cecil and the water tanks is that I don’t know how she would have gotten.

[17:51] I didn’t see a ladder but they’re so like there’s an elevator thing so there stairs to the right hand side of it so she got up on top of the elevator housing,
and then jumps down she could get us gotten onto the water tank that way and then climbed inside and climbed inside.
I mean super fucking weird but technically physically that’s what she could have done to get in there on our own power.

[18:15] Jesus and then this one Urban Explorer guy in La made of it I don’t know if he made a video but I did was reading about that he actually,
wanted to replicate it to see if it was physically possible and he figured out that there was a fire escape on the side of the building that wants you were up above a certain floor made it easy to get up to the roof cuz
one of these things is the rough was locked and had alarms on it if someone went up on there yeah.
So how awesome elevator work so maybe the alarms were,
probably disable just pass also possible and you know I’ve worked in a building to say what one but that had a lot of those security features like if certain doors were open alarms to go off specifically roof access stairways.
Employee used it nine times out of 10 they were intelligent enough to reactivate that alarm.
I’m thinking we’re going to go back up or something in the center don’t so I mean to his countless times that I’ve had emails reports of hey don’t forget to lock the door true.
So you know that’s not that’s a fact or someone left it unlocked and then if somebody died guys really crap I got to go.

[19:31] So I mean.
It is it’s physically possible for her to have gotten up there but it would have been challenging and a little weird for someone to just on the Fly,
if she’s the elevator the elevator screwed up it’s not letting her down to go down the hill to go down to the lobby let’s just say she’s going to she wants down to the lobby she’s pushing his buttons trying to get the elevator to like.
Free think it’s place in life you know so you can close the door so she can let go on with whatever she’s doing so the doors not working she’s like fuck it I’m just going to wander around up here so she finds her way,
up to the top of that access and then maybe it’s Falls in or.
Do you know that’s maybe that’s how it’s a way she could have got in there but it’s,
it’s stretching I’m stretching but it’s like the alternative is like basically Supernatural or,
like its Mega super-predator soup serial killer looks like the stretch logic is actually still a probable options on the table.

[20:37] Better understand that when she standing outside the other day when she starts throwing up all those gang signs
elevators at do that then like she stood outside of it after like.
Is almost like sign language her and fingers are going so quick,
234 like you’re pushing back each finger like she’s maybe she’s counting up like I did this I tried this I did that like she’s kinda like I don’t like taking off the different things that she tried or maybe she’s like making a grocery list
was something you know like to herself possibly I don’t think she was actually talking to anybody.

[21:26] I don’t know but it is weird and that’s that’s like since.
What I thought the first time I thought like oh my God it’s like this ghost but like now that I’ve seen it several years later I’m thinking she had like it 1.0 pretty good like startled jump.
She did but I’m wondering if maybe she just trying to like get something moving like maybe if I dumped her
if I jump off the elevator jump into the elevator and that’s why the doors aren’t closing so she’s just trying different things to get the doors to close.
So it’s weird to us because we were in an elevator we just stand there and expect the doors closed while she tried that and it didn’t work so now she’s trying a bunch of different things.
And all of this still doesn’t explain how she got into the tank.
How she got in the tank and then naked with all her stuff folded and floating next to her Amy she just really wanted to swim.

[22:27] I don’t know I got in there and realized folded by was in the tank with her and she was naked in the tank.
Are water very well could have been shut off she didn’t pay her bills need a place to bathe let’s go to the Rooftop in the water tank you get in there you realize you’re close I could kind of restricting you can I swim with a story because it’s like.
All the like rationalizing it away and trying to explain it but those are like grounded answers.
Sound sounds as fucking ridiculous as
ghost Sierra gas off Venus white caught on a plane Wing from a nearby airport you know.
A Rube Goldberg device of logic and where to make it not go.

[23:21] Must have been it I mean shit cuz it’s like so why was she naked why did she get into the I’m just kinda like okay so we’re doing the stretching logic they have like so she was trying to get down to the ground level,
she panicked Waldo like dancing on his stuff was trying to get the sensors to go off right let her down don’t know much about like
you know she was bipolar but did she have like special needs or something like that that they don’t really talk about the curious what floor she was staying on does it ever say that something I passed through to the 8th floor,
cuz one if the elevator doesn’t work the stairs are locked or whatever where else can I go maybe I’ll take the fire escape down.
If they need to think she would have went down yeah but especially if your submission.
What’s this about but it where is she where she from though.

[24:30] So so she went up instead of down cuz she was exploring so then if I mean if that’s our explanation is that she was exploring then it makes a little more sense cuz part of me was wondering if she’s like.
It’s dark and she’s trying to get she’s like okay I’m trying to get down the stairs were locked or whatever my elevator doesn’t work so I went up the the fire escape and then part of me is almost like.
Wanted to say well maybe she was going with the logic of will if I go up to the roof they’ll be an access door maybe I can get in through there and then like.
I don’t know it still doesn’t really work you know
as you see the tanks maybe she’s like what are these things oh cool is water tank oh cool at the pool this hotel has a pool but maybe she’s like she knows it’s not a purple Water Swimming is saying and then
she takes off her clothes because
I told her I told her very heavy and very restricted when you’re in water like that so she takes them off because she needs to be more free and she just having a blast you know but then she gets tired and now she can’t get out,
because there’s a ladder in that water tank to like actually help you get out it’s just a slippery size her now she’s drowning.

[25:49] That’s maybe what I wonder a little bit was and then maybe she took her clothes off specifically so that she could.
Get out that you could try and swim and get out maybe she just wasn’t a very good swimmer and couldn’t tread water but figuring out how long she was in there to ceased.
I mean you there’s no way anybody could try to water that long cuz I mean really I suppose she could have been in there for like,
48 Hours alive swimming trying to get out
that’s it and if and if her muscle mass is a lot denser she’s just going to sink and so for her to be able to keep herself up above water she’s going to have to tread actively that entire time and I’ll tread on his way to chew like
you’re not going to use as much energy but it still requires energy but.

[26:39] If you’re a dancer muscle mass you’re going to need to work a lot harder to be able to stay above water because we used when I was a lifeguard we used to tread water for hours at a time just to
for like life-saving techniques and stuff like that and a lot of the guards that were denser and muscle mass had a really hard time with the exercise wears like me who had a little bit more fat on her body I could literally just put myself in a vertical position and not do
anything and still be fine
like I could basically I could probably screw survived was Bob in there but like for her she probably she probably couldn’t she.
Had a very difficult time so she probably too tired out then eventually just drown.

[27:23] And my stairs theory of her getting on the roof not every building is the top floor stair access I’ve seen it like second or even third from the top floor to access the roof.

[27:35] Do witches correctly Lysol and case I think so I don’t know I’m still not convinced.

[27:44] Yeah it’s like I mean it’s talking with you guys it’s a little more probable she going to stuff but still it’s just like.
God there are so many like freaking logic and emotional.
Backflips and freaking gymnastics we have to do to make that work but still I mean I guess it’s a good it’s a big working Theory.
Without being there it would hardly be really difficult to buy into.
This you know cuz we don’t know what how it’s laid out I really like the 1408 Theory.

[28:20] I like that alot what’s that the haunted,
if it was an actual murderer I’m going to say the owners of this hotel is like a whole dynasty of just Hotel owners that are actually serial killers that,
shut down the elevator cuz they’re watching the cameras there access dollars to the owner at all ancient Rome scenario of death exactly.

[28:51] So yeah so in other words the plot of season 5 of American Horror Story,
so let’s see which happens to be the director the same owner of the Cecil Hotel he just like we got to tell people how this works cuz I’m so proud of it,
damage make a TV series and season 5 I will tell people how it was done,
so that gets us through possible paranormal deaths accidental death and suicides let’s get let’s dig into the murderers and serial killers just a little bit cuz it be in case you thought we were done with this hotel,
oh no it keeps freaking going so Elizabeth Short murder victim dub by the media the black Delilah is one of those.

[29:36] Dalia not Delilah I read that first two I was like what are you writing about the black one of the one of those,
best known unsolved murders in one of the most famous Los Angeles murders of all time.
Short was reportedly seen at the Cecil bar in the days shortly before her murder in January of 1947 however this information remains disputed okay so she might have been around the bar.
Let’s see it’s been a a the hotel has been the site for several serial to serial killers that we know of,
I and one of them is the legendary serial killer and Satanist Richard Ramirez who is believed to have killed 13 people while he stayed in the hotel in 1985.

[30:28] Riviera’s he’s The Night Stalker is he the is he the vamp the,
l a vampire or see The Night Stalker Hunter remember which which serial killer nicknamed he has last podcast on the left did like really in depth.
You know like for Park episode about him cuz that’s kind of their specialty.
Yeah he’s The Night Stalker here we go yeah this guy is like Beyond fucked and evil just like.

[31:00] Total rape murder slaughter people like,
you know he’s in the he’s in the bait he’s a big league Sky cuz that was in 2013.

[31:18] She was February.
The ghost of the Night Stalker Dead one more one more sacrifice what is B cell lymphoma.
Says it’s just cause of death skin cancer is it.

[31:43] Yeah I did I’m not sure about that but that is a type of cancer of your lymph nodes,
but just briefly touching on Richard Ramirez AKA The Night Stalker.
Let’s see how many did he get 25 at least a drink other people’s blood.

[32:13] Or we just around other people’s blood too much that would be a good thing to find out,
but yeah super super crazy violent guy will will do a little bit of talking about him at some point here we should really check out.

[32:31] The last podcast on the left slide full 3 episode just knock down drag out total like account of his life.
Dark shit on way.
Emmett we’re not done with the serial killers yet because then that we also got to Austrian till the killer who I’m not as familiar with Jack Hunter work.
Who stated the Cecil is she Australian okay I thought was Australia nevermind.
Old school Deadman I am going to Slit your throat,
register his last name sounded almost German but I my wife Australian nevermind.
Just trying to keep you away from knowing.
So yeah in what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one has changed its name to the stay on Main which is an effort to distance itself from its.
Colorful pass everybody fucking knows no.

[33:45] Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles,
and the very first entry that comes up is stay on Main and then pictures of the front of the building,
no they can’t cuz it’s just it’s a historical landmark and so we get a little bit into like.
That cuz I had the building like wondering they’re hiring I’m going to look that up just to see what the demand is for employees there,
and it’ll probably get on with the depressed,
prices and rates and stuff like that if he can get out of run-down area apparently it’s very close to Skid Row so something like.
I want to say they said that as many as 10 yeah here as many as 10,000 homeless people live within a 4-mile radius.
How do you have a 3 star rating though on TripAdvisor.
Nice I mean you’re not doing bad what’s their rank in Los Angeles.

[34:55] But nobody’s ever really talk about ghost in the Cecil they only talk about the event where as the Stanley Hotel everybody talks about his rights with ghost you would think like that has some goes it’s got to be the ghosts are too scared they’re like fuck
this place,
getting out of here you know we just wanted to like scare people make some noises but they’re like drowning people in this place get the fuck out,
how do I go to a better place other than the Cecil.
Yeah I died to get out of the Cecil I can stay here so it doesn’t really seem like they really improved the rooms though one person says,
very creepy no bathroom in the room breakfast tastes like cardboard.

[35:40] Another person says stinks no AC hot as heck in a tiny rooms toddler size bed and a bunch of prostitutes patrolling the hallways.

[35:50] Well so it’s yeah it’s still a hotel on Skid Row,
hair that is really boring lazy Sundays.

[36:04] I don’t want to die today can I stay in your room,
cuz actually I have it on good information from sex work actual sex workers that that is actually a lot of what they do is Hangouts.
Got hang out or even like really really sad stuff like cuddle.
Professional cuddlers I wanted to be a professional like people walk her for a while and I heard about the only people who walk around down to do that too,
give me some interesting people some great stories that’s probably how you become a serial killer but it’s just pretty cool.
I think you become more of Dexter style serial killer with that though cuz you’d be a
give me a serial killer for the good guys because I have to have way too much social interaction daily to be like
Richard Ramirez like drinking human blood and if they,
so Richard Ramirez drink blood right is that what you just said.
I believe so so that’s where he is.

[37:29] Yeah yeah kind of sucks but he couldn’t be put to death because of his crimes but.
Yep that’s the key you don’t want to and I’ll give them what they want tell jobs.

[37:50] Complications due to the Cecil B cell lymphoma but do you think it’s a doctor treating a republic.

[37:59] I have no idea I didn’t become a city Landmark until March 2nd 2017 so it’s it’s fairly new.

[38:10] I wonder if that’s helped it says its stature at all.
Probably not if they don’t even have like bathrooms in the rooms I’m just like Jesus Christ I didn’t think that was still a thing that like American hotels did.
Communal bathrooms instead of oh yeah and to confirm American Horror Story was not actually filmed in there,
but they did recreate to complete floors with a working elevator mirrored after this hotel especially the lobby I’m guessing yes so.
It’s like yeah it I believe it was very painstaking Recreation Recreation.
I asked here’s an interesting fact that is not terrifying the band U2 perform an impromptu live concert on the rooftop of a one-story building on the corner of 7th and Main in downtown Los Angeles,
I’m next door to the Cecil Hotel their performance with the hotel featuring as the backdrop was filmed,
commercially and released as the music video for where the streets have no name.

[39:12] I think it’s wise that they didn’t do it on the Cecil cuz I think they would have damn the belt the band to like some sort of awful.

[39:20] RL outcome for like their success.

[39:24] They just made it that the centerpiece of their occult video that they put out like spread evil across the world.
You too man demonic ass.

[39:40] So yeah that’s the hotel Cecil and I’m not seeing any jobs available there apply in person.
If your balls enough to come in here you’re hired.
you know what just like I have like family that live out in the country and they think of Sioux Falls is like that just being with Shimmer and I’m just like I have no idea and then,
I’m just like this is the kind of place that is in what in real life what parents think.
I wonder why when I first search those Hotel the scene from.

[40:27] The Shining Jack popped up did they use this at all for no no okay,
just I didn’t think so excited never seen any reference between the two but that was
now that the shining is much more based on there’s a real-life Ski Lodge resort kind of place up in Colorado that it’s based on Ever Seen The Shining.

[40:53] It’s a masterpiece I actually own the the digital copy on an Apple so if you can watch it sometime,
nice we could we could do a you do watch party viewing and put that on patreon,
but yeah it’s super duster it’s probably the best horror movie ever made that I think just because it’s like such a it’s got you know the like.
Gross that it’s got some gross out but I mean very very mild where it’s like torture porn but the psychological like Terror from it is just.
Brilliant yeah I have a hard time following any type of like horror story horror film type thing just because I feel like they don’t have that substance to.
Hook me I guess this is this is the cure for that if you want to ever watch that at that fixes that so yeah,
very good movie also check out the American Horror Story Hotel season 5 season 5.

[42:01] But yeah it’s Elisa Lam story has been one that’s like.
Take me out for a very very long time and it’s probably on what my list of like top 5 or top 10 like stories that were like I need to a podcast about missing paranormal and stuff like that.
You’re so goddamn weird yeah.
And we can explain it as something like mundane but it’s just like we will never know you know we’ll never see where a lot of people would think it’s.
Really bizarre behavior but it’s also a bizarre scenario she’s going through like to show the video to somebody who doesn’t know the story he’s trying to do here.
And she like hola obviously she’s doing this and back okay so that’s the logic is if you’re in the elevator not about to be killed.
Everything changes when you know you’re about to die like I want to know but at the same time
we were here all the suicides over the years I’ve just been people who thought they could fly,
best I can do it check this out nope nevermind.

[43:26] Or the other Hotel was just so shity they were like I have to get out of here at some of the bathroom toddler size beds and no heat.
And they’re just like that’s it I’m checking out something that water though it has to be terrible.
Yeah and I want to know like how do I clean the pipes for that where the guests like actually informed that that is what happened at the time.
Like how did they sue I wouldn’t want to know but yeah I got it,
so the people that are probably staying or probably can’t even afford a lawyer or anybody to,
to help them open Erin Brockovich story someone stepped on by everybody
it was it was absolutely cuz of these people start having health problems later on because of their exposure outbreak right not to wear glasses,
is a TB test.

[44:33] So it real man I mean maybe maybe this thing is more than an estimate to like any kind of paranormal dark Forces a testament to what poverty does to people aminated,
they said that was a highly trashed area for prostitutes they were in all the rooms already drinking this water went out on the streets passed around,
I’ll break it TV right there yeah cuz that was my first thought when they were talking about like people getting sick in the area from a.
Yeah Ausable cuz when I got back from Korea I had to be tested for TB even though I I was vaccinated for it so.
And I was vaccinated again because they’re just like you’re exposed sex makes so.

[45:22] I’m passing test consumption a lot of people.
Special Sarah Brown and okay so here’s your thinking for test results came back clean if no drugs or anything like that.
I mean the floating in water for how many days could have diluted that,
and I don’t know how that works like if that would actually rang but that is a theory that some people who I’m not sure our doctors have floated is that it would have diluted any substances that are system.

[45:54] I’m just going to like the tissue would still hold on to.
That although 14 days is a long damn time.

[46:07] Yeah I know this man just weird weird shit.

[46:13] So yeah that concludes this week’s Macabre moire will finishing on weird weird shit in the moral of the story is,
don’t stay at the Cecil Hotel even if it cleverly changes at me it’s named the stay on Main,
and check it out and let them do not stay there,
about try again and salsa ranked as a hostile right now so stay away from hotel hostel.
Here really talking about a dark Play Good Vibes next next chapter.
Richard Ramirez there are unicorns real green children,
I started saying but we’ll make it at this time alright I have a great week everybody.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 12 AATIP, To The Stars Academy, and Tom DeLonge

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 12 AATIP, To The Stars Academy, and Tom DeLonge

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees


Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP)


The New York Times Story that exposed the program


Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge is the co-founder, President and interim CEO of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science. As President of the company’s subsidiary, To The Stars Inc., since 2015, he was primarily engaged within the entertainment sector. His career spans over two decades, selling over 25 million records worldwide with the bands he co-founded, Blink182 and Angels & Airwaves. Prior to forming the TTS Academy, Mr. DeLonge co-founded Really Likeable People, Inc. (“RLP”), the parent company of international consumer lifestyle brands including Atticus Clothing and Macbeth Footwear, and the technology monetization platform, Modlife. Mr. DeLonge has taken his award-winning creative content that spans music, books, and film and built To The Stars Inc. as a vertically integrated entertainment business that develops, produces and distributes multi-media and merchandise world-wide.


How is he and the academy connected to AATIP?


On December 16, 2017, Tom Delonge’s To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science released two of three UFO videos that are in their “custody” – stating they were officially declassified by the U.S. Government.

It was also announced these videos were part of the secret UFO Research program known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. This existence was based on the testimony of one of the  To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science team member Luis Elizondo. According to the website:

“Luis Elizondo is a career intelligence officer whose experience includes working with the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, the National Counterintelligence Executive, and the Director of National Intelligence. As a former Special Agent In-Charge, Luis conducted and supervised highly sensitive espionage and terrorism investigations around the world. As an intelligence Case Officer, he ran clandestine source operations throughout Latin America and the Middle East. Most recently, Luis managed the security for certain sensitive portfolios for the US Government as the Director for the National Programs Special Management Staff. For nearly the last decade, Luis also ran a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies. Luis’ academic background includes Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology, with research experience in tropical diseases. Luis is also an inventor who holds several patents.”

Sounds Crazy, but the list of people backing him is staggering…

Jim Semivan, Vice President Operations.  In 2007, Mr. Semivan founded the consulting firm, JimSem1 LLC, after his retirement as a senior intelligence service member of the Central Intelligence Agency. Since retirement, Mr. Semivan primarily worked as a consultant for the Intelligence Community (IC) on classified topics including IC leadership training, CIA tradecraft training and IC programs for countering weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Semivan retired from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations after 25 years as an operations officer, both overseas and domestically.

Dr. Hal Puthoff, Vice President Science & Technology.  Since 1985, Dr. Puthoff has served as President and CEO of EarthTech International, Inc. (ETI), and Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin (IASA). He has published numerous papers on electron-beam devices, lasers and space propulsion and has patents issued in the laser, communications, and energy fields. Dr. Puthoff’s professional background spans more than five decades of research at General Electric, Sperry, the National Security Agency, Stanford University and SRI International. Dr. Puthoff regularly advises NASA , the Department of Defense and intelligence communities, corporations and foundations on leading-edge technologies and future technology trends.

Steve Justice, Aerospace Division Director. Steve is the Director of the TTS Academy Aerospace Division, tasked with leading the effort to examine the possibilities of emerging sciences and technologies. This team will work to define advanced systems exploiting radical technologies, prototypes promising concepts, and develop operational systems that shatter conventional thinking. He entered the defense aerospace industry in 1978 after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology. After 31 years, Stephen is the recently retired Program Director for Advanced Systems from Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs – better known as the “Skunk Works”.

Luis Elizondo, Director of Global Security & Special Programs.

Machine Transcript
[0:54] Everybody Welcome to Macabre Noir chapter 12 I’m how Siri show here with my co-host Travis and Rob I wanted to sound like I was in that
yeah you did I was really fun we are today we are talking about aliens.
I specifically we’re talking about the the very recently uncovered apparent successor to Project Blue Book,
which if you aren’t familiar it was the very first like legitimate US Government looking at UFOs program,
and ever since Bluebook the US government has been like well we don’t we don’t do that thing anymore we don’t track UFOs we don’t work investigate that that’s bullshit.
So this is one that was recently Declassified and.
The weirdest rabbit hole on this one just gets deeper and deeper as you go so first off the program is called the advanced Aviation threat identification program.
And it was basically exposed via a bunch of Freedom of Information Act requests,
that were put in it turns out and then it would enemies made it into a New York Times Like cover story that was like a very big deal on 2017.
Here’s the deal the organization what’s even weirder is the organization that filed for these Freedom of Information Act requests that blew this whole thing wide open.

[2:21] Is run by the frontman for the band Blink-182 wake me know Travis Travis.
So so today we’re going to explore what do.
The advanced Aviation threat identification program the to the Stars Academy which in itself is like.
A Weird Science supervillain Colt thing we’re going to get into and then,
Tom DeLonge the lead singer for Angels & Airwaves and Blink 182.

[3:00] Sorry I’m sorry you’re so definitely was not me.

[3:08] So let’s see where it where do we begin here Tom DeLonge is the co-founder and interim president and interim CEO of an organization called the to the Stars Academy of Arts and Science,
now this entity in itself is pretty.
Wild it’s just a whole bunch of like scientists researchers Engineers futurist which get futurist in your job site I fucking want that job title anyway.

[3:36] And forget just like yeah really really powerful influential it really is the historian you could be the futurist if history repeats itself so we got to,
yes like how I feel left out.

[3:55] Already planning for tomorrow future Tech.
So anyway this company started in 2015.
He is primarily engaged in the entertainment sector yeah I know shit his career span.
Blink182 Angels & Airwaves.
And that he’s also worked with the really likeable people which was a parent company of an international consumer lifestyle Brands Atticus clothing and Macbeth Footwear some serious business chops.

[4:41] How to make a really good like where are they now story.

[4:46] Where are they now but he’s also like where is there still putting at like like what I have to just put out an album what is he doing.
I’m going to go home and I’m in look up Blink 182 of the state okay,
best album of theirs from the from the mid-to-late 90s when I was a teenager that was like the greatest album ever,
on the dress code the other night with a bunch of musicians about how hot the nurse from the cover of enema enema of the state was back in 1995 or whatever everyone was heard about what’s your favorite album cover of all time and half the musicians in here we’re like,
enema of the state.

[5:33] So yeah it’s it wasn’t it was a big deal he’s a big deal and but normally you think celebrity frontman for a rock band or whatever okay so he put together some money and he’s got this crazy project whatever.
But if you dig deeper into this in addition to like blowing wide open like government conspiracy where they are actually actively investigating UFOs not to mention how weird that UFO footage is in that in which we are posting links to all these videos,
if they released along with the original New York Times article just incredible stuff for you hear the aviators being like what the fuck is that thing you know.
But yeah it was crazy it so it gets even crazier is that.

[6:18] The let’s see what did he call him he’s the head of head intelligence officer for.
This organization is to the Stars Academy is his name is Luis Elizondo and.
Part of how he knew to ask for these videos was that he was the head of This research this Advanced Aviation Group that was in charge of researching it but he was fed up with all the secrecy and stuff like that and how much,
pick up my try to cover stuff up so he left that organization was hired by these guys it’s been sold it
nice centerpiece like one of their heads of technology to give you a little background on.
History according to the art the to the Stars Academy.
Here’s his background his career is it at was us as an intelligence officer was experience includes working in the United States Army the department defense the national counter at teligence executive and the Director of National Intelligence,
as a former special agent in charge was conducted and supervise highly sensitive Espionage and terrorism investigations around the world,
intelligence case officer here and clandestine Source operations through Latin America and the Middle East through the middle of the height of the war on terror,
wow okay most recently Lewis managed security for certain sensitive portfolio the US government as the Director of the national programs for special management staff,
Premier League last day Lewis is also add sensitive Aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial Technologies.

[7:48] Luci’s academic background is in microbiology immunology and Pastor ology,
this is an adventure and holds several patents so basically it’s like okay,
Tom DeLonge you know it’s a pretty talented guy he’s got this guy who’s pretty talented is like holy shit this guy sounds like he could be Tony Stark.
Rayzr I can’t handle it too much crazy,
okay sorry we lost Robert will be back in just a moment. Roberts lost in a 90s SNL whole again.

[8:36] So here here’s a list here’s just some highlights but they had pages and pages of these people who are like I mean I swear to God it the janitor at this place must have like three phds and be like a theoretical physicist are some of the people working there,
there’s Jim semivan.
Who is the Vice President of Operations in 2007 he found a consulting firm called Jim someone that’s very original and after after his retirement as a senior intelligence service member for the Central Intelligence Agency,
so lots of Spooks in this organization primarily work as a consultant for the intelligence community on classified topics,
including leadership training tradecraft countering weapons of mass destruction.

[9:21] He was also retired from the Central Intelligence agencies directorate of operations after 25 years as an operations officer both overseas and domestically.
Okay so that’s that’s a holy shitload of connected it’s like he name his company after his first screen name.
Hey you think Jim said was taken so that he was at and then he was like.
Of course being as he’s been in the intelligence services so long he he probably,
kill the guy that invented AOL and then gave it to the guy that actually took credit for it over half of the government.
Next week got how to boot off vice president of Science and Technology cuz this place clearly doesn’t even have science.
Since 1985 you served as president and CEO of Earth Tech International,
director of The Institute of advanced studies in Austin published numerous papers on electric being Electron Beam devices lasers space and space propulsion and is patents issued in laser Communications and energy fields,
so like like I said we keep moving further and further until like Bond villain Tony Stark territory here.

[10:38] His professional background spans more than five decades free search of General Electric Sperry the National Security Agency Stanford University SRA International.
Just like a who’s who of organizations that work on clandestine you know DARPA initiative kind of like stuff.
Corporations foundations on Leading Edge of Technology got no shit and future technology Trends so where do these people get their money to pay themselves for this is this,
right now they’re like an angel investor face but they are commercially selling like you can invest on it on their website which,
I’m guessing that’s part of the the stick or right.
They just had their like IPO in Texas and then in another state that allowed in IPL where you can buy shares in the company and stuff like that.
And it just it’s going to put out crazy Tech and research UFOs and put out albums I mean it’s just it’s like the most ridiculous company but I need to pick it was just insane it you know like the dumbest thing ever except for.

[11:44] You know it’s like you got people who are literally like inventing Auntie better weapons over here writing like what I can do,
so I’m guessing Angel Investors are just like shut up and take my money this is awesome I want my name on it,
just a few more inches or actually one more interesting person here this Steve Justice who’s the Aerospace director for the company.
What’s he’s eating their effort to examine the possibilities of emerging sciences and Technologies.
Is team of work to find Advanced systems exploring radikal Technologies prototypes and promoting concept promising Concepts and develop operational systems that shatter conventional thinking.
He entered the defense Aerospace industry in 1978 after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology pretty like okay yeah aerospace engineer.
Fletc after 31 years he just retired from as program director of the advanced systems for Lockheed Martin Advanced development programs,
better known to you know Aviation nerds like me as skunkworks skunkworks is the little little.

[12:58] Think tank that could that invented stealth technology among many many other things.
They’ve got their name from a little Abner cartoon that had a skunk that was so fun promotions or something back in like,
the sixties what have they started working on like a blackbird and stuff like that my aunt actually used to work on stealth fighters in Texas like just out of Fort Worth I think.
So she has like a whole bunch of pictures and stuff actually being in there working on those is really cool to see those yeah.
That that the reason I had to share that background best for me I hear skunkworks and immediately I’m just like holy shit okay.

[13:44] Do The Longshot hear it say that the government actually has like captured UFO Parts it is incorporating them into secret experimental aircraft skunkworks would be the guys who were actually working.
Nice like the very Cutting Edge of Aviation,
and then their director of Global Security of courses the Luis Elizondo guy we were just talking about who blew it wide open the whole Advanced Aviation Group.
I feel like I’ve been talking really fast and talking a bunch so any night show all these guys got together and Tom this is what I know what do you want us to do at it and he just says throw some science on it at crazy crazy shit,
I like it I love it yeah and so we’ve linked to the the website on here so it’s like there’s a lot to unpack here cuz it’s like.
Even ignoring the crazy celebrity you saw you know Science Academy / you know music project for the Stars Academy.
This the story would be worth as talking about alone just from the fact that.

[14:55] Holy shit the government really is like researching UFOs like as recently as 2013 and going what the fuck is this we have no idea we need to get on this and figure out what’s going on.

[15:06] Eyelash you know.
It’s so many of our UFO accounts of the guys I’ve been doing research for future episodes it’s like so much of it is like it’s hot you know it’s Hay Day with really the 50s the 60s,
70s and he get some really interesting ones in the 80s and 90s but they’re much fewer and far between than in the you know the whole AC and day out of the UFO is it a doesn’t like,
automatically do the Green Man,
thing you know like it’s like this is what we know and this is yeah that’s it like it’s not trying to take off and put theory behind it really.
Which is something I like like,
there were some viral videos what are three searching are not viral videos but videos talking about media response to it and so you know a lot of them trying to play,
you know they try to take like Neil deGrasse Tyson quotes and I always try to make it like Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t like X or does not apply when,
reasonable about it he doesn’t have ever say I don’t like this or I stupid or anything like that that’s them feeding words into his yeah but there were a bunch of them for this one that was like you know.
Neil deGrasse Tyson shut down that Tom DeLonge stupid UFO videos and all he said was he was like.

[16:26] You know if Tom DeLonge is got aliens bring up to Times Square is like but in the meantime he’s like I’m glad the government is investigating it if it’s an unknown phenomenon.
You know Tom DeLonge not claiming there aliens know that I know of I did not get a chance to watch the whole.

[16:45] He did an episode with Joe Rogan where he did like A4 hour long you know Joe Rogan ridiculously long and.
So I think he might have said a few things on there that were part of Wyatt Neil deGrasse Tyson chimed in about you never show us the little green man or whatever,
as far as I can tell this organization is not saying Little Green Men they’re just saying,
aerial vehicles that we know nothing about an app technology we don’t have ring.

[17:16] Isn’t it cool,
three weeks later more feel like it’s something sinister that the government is always like.
Nothing to see here at this is nothing this is absolutely nothing cuz I know seriously I’m watching it is really something interesting don’t shut it down. Was that a man in Black quote.

[17:48] Oh yes that was at Men in Black full nice.

[17:52] Yeah yeah it’s based on an actual explanation they wants gave for a UFO was that it was a small gas it was a common one in the likes 60s or 70s,
that in this one area where they were like Willow the Wisp switch with the lights you see out,
the ghostly spirits that lure people to their deaths and get them lost in the Everglades and stuff.

[18:21] The claim for those is that those are swamp gas so those are like light emanating from pesky swamp gas man.

[18:30] Gets me everytime I just can’t stand it though when it’s like.
I feel like we’re you know fairly level-headed individuals and we can see something with her own eyes and no is inside okay I’m clearly seeing something I moves Irving this,
real-time of the government’s like nope didn’t see it did happen just move on like why why are you so concerned.

[18:58] Assuring us along and telling us to forget about it and that we like what is you know there’s obviously,
it’s something huge and if you didn’t want us to pay so much attention to it then why don’t you just entertain us with it you know what I mean like Let It Right Out rather than saying forget about it cuz I’m just telling us to forget about it she’s going to make us look at it more you know,
and we talked about this and I episode that by the time this is out will have aired where we talked a little bit with the Flatwoods Monster about.
Was it 52 was the year that sounds right yeah we’re just UFO stuff was just going like crazy,
and did we get it all into the fact that they like the CIA releaser to feel like maybe this was
the whole thing was a psyops against the us to like create panic I think we text on a little bit yeah so you know I think maybe that’s still part of their mentality and why they do write the way they do is sit there like
well this is you know.

[19:57] Not healthy for the public to to get too wrapped up into this and it cost panic and just trust the government to stuff and just ran up with that seems like such a.
I’m sure there’s lots of things in the government that the government does are that are Obsolete and Cold War ask raise because that’s the way they’ve always done it,
they know a little bit more than we do as far as like if they were to.
Say yes this is a real we don’t know what it is possibly alien intelligence blah blah blah,
it might Insight mass panic and maybe that’s what they’re trying to head off is just as mass panic that by the way we have these entities are visiting our planet and we’re never parade,
make some pies.
Attention all humans we need to welcome our handsome new overlords what was the what was that that radio broadcast I just threw why didn’t I know that then gets into the,
actually the intro to our show.
Yeah that is I took that from the Library of Congress recording of the War of the Worlds.

[21:14] It’s pretty cool and you’re not familiar with War of the Worlds it was a radio broadcast that came on and people
thought it was legit but what actually was was I don’t know what they’re called thinner the right word for it but thank you for the time was run by and this was all written by
Pulp Fiction performed by
a young Orson Welles in this helped put him on the national map of celebrity not the Tom Cruise version of War of the Worlds original,
yeah which is funny because to them that it was old school cuz it was written by HG Wells so by the time they performed it and made their own Americanized version of it.
It already existed for like 50 years yeah so yeah so that’s.

[22:05] Yeah I don’t know I just want
to confirm like yesterday alien so that I don’t sound crazy when I talk about aliens you know what I mean that’s all I want so I don’t sound crazy but because other people would be crazier than me and go absolutely berserk I can’t have aliens.
Yeah this is why we can’t trust us with this information cuz they’re afraid we’ll all go crazy and start killing each other right,
but it’s just like can you just like whisper it to the smart people that like oh yeah we know about this this is aliens,
that they’re cool we hang out like on Labor Day weekend and stuff in Area 51 is a big barbecue.
But thank you for validating me I just want to be validated should we think they’re alien and do you think.
You know we’ve talked to let you know several episodes now and we haven’t covered the broad topic of aliens do you think aliens are.
Aliens there’s there’s several there’s lots of theories about are they aliens that are like a in the classic Sci-fi since they’re like beings from another world that are traveling here by spaceship.
Do you think they are alien as in they are Outsiders From Another Dimension do you think that they are time Trent like Time Traveler’s like the whole there us super evolved from the future and that’s why the greys have a humanoid kind of like form.

[23:32] That’s where that classification comes first super futurist yeah yeah he’s actually one who has traveled back from the future exactly.
And then another option that is out there is that you know people have been seeing.
You know lights in the sky and strange beings.
Yo tell them thank you like Angels sorcerer,
that they are the aliens are actually like demons or the nepheline or something like that and they just change their appearance to go with whatever time.

[24:11] They’re like Bumblebee in Transformers.
That’s a lot of options so I have a whole nother Theory okay and what we actually are.
And I actually had this discussion with a couple of my buddies is like 4 in the morning and we’re just.
Talking crazy and I’m like what if we were actually the center of like a nucleus or a cell.

[24:44] And everything around us is actually we’re actually inside of something larger like imagine we are like a cell inside of a human body,
controlling one function and that is our purpose on life is to,
continue the Earth in our daily chores to make sure everything functions properly so all these other planets that we know about her actually other cells operating something even bigger than we know about.

[25:06] I had that. Yeah so these aliens that we see or actually just.
Other organisms coming in and checking this out make sure we’re staying at making sure we good.
It’s possibility I’m saying that’s why I do good everyday except I want my dude to die.
Should I fail this all come on while you’re here.
So I’ve been listening to this documentary series.

[25:54] Fudgy just forgot it it’s with a Reuben Langdon he talks to people that channel,
extra extra dimensional interview with Ed so these are people that channel.
Sophomoric joke is out of my system please.
Now it’s going to be 9 Business guys like the diabeetus guy on extra-dimensional and.

[26:30] There’s many different,
theories on what’s actually on Earth with us but basically it’s a combination of a bunch of different things so.

[26:42] Imagine,
imagine like there is billions and trillions zillions whenever a bunch of different soul that exist in the spirit Realm,
all the different Souls have different places to go as far as like different planets in different systems excetera excetera well we as sold as we evolve,
we decide that we want to Incarnate here on Earth because Earth is one of the hardest places to Incarnate because of its density because of its environment because of,
just the socioeconomic status of Earth as a whole so we decide to Incarnate here on Earth,
to experience what Earth is like to help our souls evolve to a higher state so people who engage in carnate on Earth want to basically evolve,
higher up as a soul and Earth is one of the fastest ways to do it because it’s so difficult and just because of all the lifetimes you have to go through to Incarnate.

[27:38] So you know that that whole thing sounds like BS except for it does bring me Comfort to think that the reason life sucks so much is that I’m playing on.
Extra hard or extract to go so I’m continuing on so,
we have all existed on different planets and have different experiences but then at some point we decide as a saw that we’re going to incarnates here on Earth so.

[28:12] Basically some of us have these other experiences on different planets which is why a lot of us maybe have a lot of different theories on how life should work but we also,
people soak these individuals who can Channel these extra dimensionals explain that
there are many different alien races that are on earth right now and basically Earth is a place where we kind of battle at all out
so if you think about how there’s so much conflict in like other countries across this you know overseas how is conflict here within just like America
it’s basically we’re trying to work our way through all these conflicts that we’ve been kind of repeating generation after generation
generation and we’re trying to see if the Next Generation can do better than that if you think about it in Like a Star Wars terms I like how the international Galactica whatever like all this is coming together and
big like Auditorium like trying to come to terms with like certain rules and laws and stuff.
The kind of like how or if is kind of playing out right now so it’s kind of an interesting way to kind of put on it like kind of think about it.

[29:23] I don’t know if I entirely believe that but well but I also think that there.
There’s definitely there’s not a lot but I think that there are possibly like some alien beings living amongst us already,
I don’t know for sure I think it’s possible I don’t know but I’m not saying like over definitely is like I’m not like all the way into the crazy yet so.
Travis doing with this but basically.
Your first Duty ghosts aliens everywhere we’re all ghosts aliens that’s my summary of your first theory that you started going with almost got me to start thinking about the Matrix.
A kind of right it’s so like you’re laying out really really reminds it started out reminding me of my feet,
but now it’s really reminded with the ghost alien ghost baby’s thing is really reminded me of of $0.06.

[30:30] Scientology.
Oh cuz that’s what I believe is the fate and so basically these aliens that were that were at.
But you just ate out at like theory that I know nothing about saying it but I mean but that’s not like a hundred percent like what I believe is just kind of like.
What kind of I’ve read a lot about.

[30:56] And I totally forgot what the question was cuz I was I just got going.
08 reback song.

[31:19] Nutshell I do think that there are.
Aliens out there I think they probably look close ish to us because of just how like the carbon-based beings can arrange their cells I don’t know.
I think they can exist in many different ways as energy forms or as you know I don’t know by evolution.
I think it is I think it’s just a bunch of different things but I think they’re out there I think that they are here and I think that,
we all have a little bit of alien in our souls I heard it’s a really like weird dive on probably a simple question but,
we should really talk about extra extra dimensional and maybe I won’t seem so crazy about you.
That’s just going to be clickbait.
What are the tire on TV for a miss.

[32:24] So you’d mentioned you’d said the World War of the Worlds quote Men In Black quote and I got me thinking that one of the things I really like and we talked about this one.
The cameras and Technology instead of being able to see more and actually just go by what we’ve seen and not just run with it.
One of the Men in Black quotes that I actually like a lot and that kind of goes with this with actually having technology to be able to see these things more.
Was when he said that 1500 years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe 500 years ago everybody knew your ass was flat 15 minutes ago you knew humans were alone and imagine what will no no no tomorrow.

[32:59] That’s pretty cool the more technology we have the more we know cuz we would have never known the Earth was round without having technology advanced the world being flat thing is not a good example because.

[33:15] We’ve actually known that since you quit the whole thing real thinking the World is Flat is a like actually a relatively modern invention.

[33:26] Okay Rob what about you what do you think aliens are now,
my best guess is there either some kind of atmospheric phenomenon.
Or there I think they’re dimensional I don’t think I don’t think we’re being visited by aliens that can.

[33:48] Can travel between the Stars there’s something that’s preventing that I don’t know what yet because it seems like.
You know there’s a whole bunch of like different videos different kardashev level alien civilizations and how basically in the last like I’m teen billion years if a.
Civilization hop from planet to planet existed it would have consumed like the Galaxy by now before we even like came into being truant but as far as we can tell everything is completely empty so,
what the hell do you think it’s sorry,
I think it’s like they keep us the kids so far apart that like you can’t touch each other that’s why we’re so far apart from other planets wait I am kind of wondering if.
If that’s effectively how it works just because the distances in space are so fast to magnets close planet.

[34:48] I’m being really,
really dirty right now it’s just fuck it all up because
I just think about what we would do only laughing because it’s.
Totally true it’s just like people like what happened to the Neanderthals the boutwell based on the DNA of like a third of Europeans.
I don’t know we’re going to get weird.
We want to start having sex with them because we just want to see what happened I want to know who the first would be in like who drew the Short Straw.
Let’s do this.

[35:45] That’s that’s why we we are the like raced of Concord this planet,
I like they’re like another planet that they discovered that has earth like qualities it’s really super far away but like the likelihood of us ever being able to travel to it but I think there’s some like Divine Lake.
Being that controls all this that’s just like I know you guys are so fucking far away apart from each other that there’s no way you’re going to be able to survive even getting to the other planet,
because all you’re going to do you’re just going to fucking shut up.

[36:19] This is why aliens don’t stop you’re going to think whenever you find something dumb on the it makes me think of.

[36:27] Oh what’s the classic short story called they’re made of meat.
But yes it is like a radio drama kind of thing just a short like little 10 minutes kid or whatever but basically it’s like.
Does alien Scout talking back to his leader or whatever about okay so scanning the system holyshit what.
Okay so I found a planet and there’s intelligent life here is like oh really okay begin the first Contact protocol is like no Bob you’d understand.

[37:01] They’re made of meat well will you mean they’re like the dead X Adele’s where they’re like part Meat part cybernetic no no.

[37:11] They’re made out of meat.
Hey State they communicate by like moving air through pieces of meat in smacking two pieces in the front together and they just,
they’re all they do is just like flap around your meat it’s the it’s it’s it’s horrifying and they’re like
so there’s no swearing in it by accident but if it’s so it in the end after you know having the few minutes discussion about your stuff disgusted they are and how weird that is that they’re made of meat they’re like,
so so do I start the first cut it you know what Bob.

[37:48] We didn’t find anything on the third planet of the system,
you know what you’re right that’s way less paperwork then whatever the hell is going on down there that’s so so then they just leave the solar system and just mark it as uninhabited,
maybe like drones have been sent here to scope out,
what’s going on because I don’t think anything could survive possibly unless there’s interdimensional travel where they can pass through dimension,
and they’re inter-dimensional I don’t think they’re Interstellar cuz he’s got the ability to travel,
this is something we’ve learned more recently as we’ve learned more about how many planets are out there and all the different compositions their atmospheres and stuff is that.
You know people talk about like will the aliens are coming for a water slide,
there’s water all over space and then one, could give you like everything you need so why would you come to take their water. Rare at all actually.

[38:54] It’s like rare earth metals there’s more of those in space in there on Earth,
just excetera excetera going to worry about just like coming here for resources and conquering just because the vast distances doesn’t make sense if you got the technology to get between the Stars.
You already have the whole like getting materials thing from space truly figured out so there’s no point.
Check this out and see what is more research resource that they might.

[39:28] Like one one thing I’ve seen before like on the Discovery Channel was the,
president like a hypothetical Alien Invasion and what governments would respond like that and in that one they were like the best theory they could come up with for why aliens would actually do that even though they’re working like we don’t think they would would be,
carbon complex carbon.
And chlorophyll are things that are on Earth that we’ve never seen on any of the planets and stuff like that so it’s like.
Cub complex protein so basically meat chlorophyll are things that Earth has an abundance that aren’t anywhere else so that might be a resource that they would be after which is terrifying.
So yeah they would actually be coming for us yeah okay well that’s good not to plan it just us.
Yeah makes me feel so hot right now like so wanted the amazing I’ve never felt so wanted before.

[40:25] But yeah so.
Yeah that’s that’s but yeah I like it but yeah if they could already come here they would just be already know and they be fucking shit up left and right because that’s exactly what we would do.
Yeah but I also think too like,
a lot of people want to relate it to things that they already know and understand because if I get in my car and I drive to Brookings,
that’s how I know how to travel from point A to point B so we would logically think well I’m going to get my spaceship I’m going to actually fly from point A to point B because that’s the only way I understand right now
from getting from one place to another is I have to physically go there where is where as,
aliens who understand interdimensional travel it’s like no no no no no you don’t need to do that at all what you need to do if you need to raise your vibrational.
Level from from Mike Alpha 2 legs 8 or whatever,
from basically point A to point B but it’s not even going it’s actually you’re just you just flipping you’re there you know so that’s,
creating some kind of Heisenberg you’re going into the upside down I stopped in Big Bang Theory when Leonard and Sheldon’s like you ever think you’ll invent time travel.

[41:50] Any weights for a mini like no because I would have came back to this moment right here to prove you wrong yes I thought that.
Yeah that’s that’s what Stephen Hawking did about that teach City settled time travel once and for all pissy,
he threw a put on this this giant party to celebrate the arrival of a time traveler and so he advertised it and they like carpet and stone all over the place,
party for any potential Time Travelers.

[42:23] The sad because that’s the one thing I think that people miss out on on on Time Travel like if you travel to the Past first off if you interacted with anything,
it’s like I was talking with Amanda about her show she likes and books Outlander or she travels into the past,
let’s see you spoil it for her don’t you run I do will the Super bugs that she would be carrying would mean that she would basically be a Typhoid Mary would bring instant death to like to look up population of immediately.
And the whole time she was there she would have permanent diarrhea cuz her body wouldn’t be able to handle the bacteria on the food.
Stuff like that which when you think about those challenges and then think about what it be like for an alien interacting with us that’s what I don’t get is like so.
To Grey’s or whatever don’t need my space suits or something to that effect you didn’t like the aliens it was like little creatures are my rights as colitis.

[43:29] Would think they’d really really need like space suit if I travel back in time take a few extra pair of undies.
What is that stop you from pooling did you if you have diarrhea I’ve never really wanted to close that door so,
I have that was an unexpected the most intimate,
chapter we’ve recorded the right word just the TMI Edition we need to talk about my personal garment so.

[44:10] Just so remember kids if your time traveling you’re going to be shitting your pants a lot if you move.

[44:17] Back in time he move forward in time or not sure how it’s going to work if you just could be last like eat lasers or something I don’t know,
yeah so now we know who our supplier is Imodium AD official sponsor Street pharmacist,
that’s your new calling so in conclusion this is what happens when rock band front Men set up organizations to investigate the Paranormal.
The world proves itself in time travel everything that’s the bullet points are,
rockstars are science Geniuses who can open find UFOs Time Travelers are constantly crapping themselves,
but they got re Imodium AD so they’re okay and humans will fuck absolutely anything.

[45:14] Dimitrology end caps thank you for listening this week everybody and we will catch you next time.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 11 The Flatwoods Monster

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 11 The Flatwoods Monster

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees

In 1952 five children were playing football in a small town called Flatwoods, WV when a strange object appeared above them. Streaking across the sky, they watched it crest a nearby hill, slow and then descend just over the top of the ridge. What followed after their sighting has become one of the most infamous local legends ever recorded. That night, seven area residents encountered a hovering, mechanical monstrosity that was described by area newspapers as “glowing” “Frankenstein-like” and breathing fire. The event helped shepherd in the 50s obsession with flying saucers and alien lifeforms and the “Green Monster” (one of three named given to the creature) has become a pop-culture figure in the decades to follow.

At 7:15 p.m. on September 12, 1952, two brothers, Edward and Fred May, and their friend Tommy Hyer said they saw a bright object cross the sky and land on the property of local farmer G. Bailey Fisher. The boys went to the home of Kathleen May, where they told their story. May, accompanied by the three boys, local children Neil Nunley and Ronnie Shaver, and West Virginia National Guardsman Eugene Lemon, went to the Fisher farm to locate whatever it was that the boys said they had seen. The group reached the top of a hill, where Nunley said they saw a pulsing red light. Lemon said he aimed a flashlight in that direction and momentarily saw a tall “man-like figure with a round, red face surrounded by a pointed, hood-like shape.”


Descriptions varied. In an article for Fate Magazine based on his tape-recorded interviews, UFO writer Gray Barker described the figure as approximately 10 feet (3.0 m) tall, with a round blood-red face, a large pointed “hood-like shape” around the face, eye-like shapes which emitted greenish-orange light, and a dark black or green body.  Kathleen May described the figure as having “small, claw-like hands,” clothing-like folds, and “ahead that resembled the ace of spades.” According to the story, when the figure made a hissing sound and “glided toward the group,” Lemon screamed and dropped his flashlight, causing the group to run away.

The group said they had smelled a “pungent mist” and some later said they were nauseated. The local sheriff and a deputy had been investigating reports of a crashed aircraft in the area. They searched the site of the reported monster but “saw, heard and smelled nothing.” According to Barker’s account, the next day, A. Lee Stewart, Jr. of the Braxton Democrat claimed to discover “skid marks” in the field and an “odd, gummy deposit” which were subsequently attributed by UFO enthusiast groups as evidence of a “saucer” landing.

According to former news editor Holt Byrne, “newspaper stories were carried throughout the country, radio broadcasts were carried on large networks, and hundreds of phone calls were received from all parts of the country.” The national press services rated the story “#11 for the year”.

1952 was a bellwether year for UFO’s.,_D.C._UFO_incident


Planet 51


Machine Transcript

] What do you think about that.
In the back with the kids hooked up and he said that from the engine will i lose all the village of the people that she will also change.

[0:44] Music.

[0:58] Hey ready welcome to Macau grand yr chapter 11 the Flathead monster,
then it’s eyes and roll of the berlin flat and monterey but i been doing i been leak so is at the braxton county monster or is the flatwoods monster,
clarifying Flatwood in the Flathead,
yeah where is Flatwoods I’ve looked at,
no but there’s a kentucky alabama tennessee west virginia west virginia is the next on.
Rain so i believe not that far from the infamous more of mans stopping rounds which is another thing that will.
If your only reason i brought that up is because i was i was researching this afternoon there was a holy crap load of pic images of people shipping the.
The Braxton County monster with the Mothman.
Like seriously like as a cute anime couple and like they are adorable little pictures together and mop bands playing the guitar and the Braxton County monster dancing and you know it’s super cute.

[2:22] That’s where their and that’s that’s waking up it seems to be a recurring theme because they’re kinda from us similar area and.

[2:30] Super Famous Cryptids from where you from come here often.

[2:39] Only when I’m here to steal people’s dreams.
Alright I’ll see you later anyway we should give people an idea of what we’re talking about here,
let’s see in 1952 five children were playing football in a small town called.
Appropriately enough Flatwoods West Virginia.
When a strange object appeared above them streaking across the sky they watch the cresta nearby hill.

[3:06] Slowly and then to send just over the top of the ridge will follow after their siding is become one the most infamous local legends ever recorded that night,
7 area residents encountered a hovering mechanical monstrosity that was described by an area newspaper as blowing Frankenstein like and breathing fire.
Event helped shape the Shepherd in the fifties obsession with flying saucers and alien life forms and the,
green monster now the name given to the creature has become a pop culture figure for decades now.

[3:43] I really feel like the video that we just watch talking about how the boys went out there and the mom and.
Always think is really,
Courage the Cowardly Dog episode it really feels like that like that that dog was totally like courage trying to be like stay away that’s what I Robot.
Like I literally looked it up to see if there’s any reference to that and encourage episode because it feels like it.
I’ve never seen that cartoon and I liked hurting,
yeah it was kind of,
the golden ear off or cartoon network and was just beginning like its first renaissance that’s not really goods q we do like it’s a really good horror cartoon.
Oh anymore i would probably be in the that yeah.

[4:29] So let’s see so it’s that night at 7:15 p.m. on September 12th 1952 two brothers Edward and Fred May.
Your friends top tommy hair was eighteen said they saw a bright object in the sky cross land of from a property of a local farmer named fisher the boys went to the home of kathleen may who,
they told their story to May being the most responsible adult I’ve ever heard a company the three boys and a bunch of local children Neil Nunley and Ronnie shaver,
it sounds like they were like
it looks like they’re going on a walk and Leave it to Beaver 50s thing where they’re like,
and also a come Company by a national Guardsmen and I’m just named Eugene lemon I just like.
Come from was he just like he was also around investigate the plane crash.

[5:35] It really is a got a Scooby-Doo Vibe going on right now it’s like man there so many people who just randomly hang out of this abandoned amusement park it’s just.
So when are Motley Crue of random characters why is Eugene lemon not with them when.

[5:54] When I see that machine or is he would have got away with it if it wasn’t for you and your pesky podcast crew,
witnessing a witness of the actual thing literally the national Guardsmen let the chill.
Small voice and the woman go in on a three sexist but it’s the fifties,
beat woman in a dress and the,
adolescent boys who investigate the glowing object that for all he could be like a
katie be kinda late mama or what was his but he was off that we can cuz national guard only goes on like one week and months of year to delhi and there you go up,
so that’s probably why he’s like you know I mean I am pretty cruel joke post 911 you know that
check me out now. You’re fine I just think of all my friends and family a National Guard I’m just feel like,
we can months two weeks sweet here and my cousin the national guys help on.
Million with the sarcasm that is so well.

[7:03] Three.
And like figure was there national guard games and so many in the flashlight case he was there someway.

[7:27] I like so he ran because he is like i will run the voice of the book
what was your lease images of the artwork of like screaming little boys running away from the monsters another yet and in the national guard guys pick that none of this is is used
you just the belt water i think that’s exactly loses faith,
to alien attacks work like a bear attack you don’t have to be,
the fastest person you just have to be the fastest person in your group that’s right yeah,
not the slowest I also find it disturbing how.
Equally all three of us were just like yeah that’s totally the case yet
yeah can I resolve a bear attacks this podcast crew Rob screwed
you could be good can of which i gotta chancellor in price using those that we move your telling the story.

[8:23] You first hear there’s several boy young boys outside playing and then they get their mom,
and then the mom as are walking to this location and thought of hearing that old there’s a neighbor who’s also in the National Guard and he comes along so you kind of forget,
but he’s there because all you see in your mind’s eye thanks like maybe movies or whatever is this pack of boys and the mom like you kind of forget that there’s also another like.
Adult and let the boys go I miss May how are you doing,
actions buried in an article from fate magazine based on his tape recorder interviews which i listened to this interview by the way and so this gary barker that reported these interviews was very.
Adamant that he believed the boys just throwing that out there but and he sounded genuine but obviously you know he’s right for fake magazine he might be a little biased towards like UFO stuff but but,

[9:34] They describe a figure approximately 10 ft tall with a round blood red face,
large pointed Hood like shape around the face eyes like shapes with your.
I like shapes which emitted a greenish orange light and a dark black and green or green body.
Kathleen May describe the figure as having small claw-like hands,
yeah we just saw a video where they’re just like well they’re no arms maybe they were antenna so maybe just hands like literally like the Five Fingers of hands but like arms to support them so.

[10:09] Shapes kevin start small him yeah.
Clothing like folds basically she said that they like the skirting of it was kind of like pleated but it’s killing,
maybe it’s like the battle is just style the shoot me who also an alien shape,
aliens shape their killbots cuz I mean you get the 1951 model and then they come out with the 52 that’s got the pleated like skirt,
from the Targaryen in Beulah even lineup looks like s*** now it looks like a piece of s***,
it is in heaven black is in so immediately all your white appliances look like shit yes
I don’t even know what to do with the stainless steel stuff I have anymore I mean it just and then you like throw away all your Chrome killbots and then that comes back hardcore in the 60s was like f***,
you know I shouldn’t but I only have so much room to store killbot in my flying saucers anyway,
so according to.
Women screamed and dropped okay here we don’t lamb and screamed and dropped his flashlight causing the group to run away.

[11:28] Scared the women and children when running and then i’ll ran the women and children getting out of the forest with,
the alien monster not gonna lie i have cause other people to freak out based on my own freak out so i can use credence to the whole hysteria thing yes yes i see a very forrest gump style run with him,
yeah because like fingers even doing the like yeah crossing fingers bodies runs model of germany article from the daily will not let see.

[12:02] The group and smelled a pungent missed which I apologize for that now sometime later they said and they were nauseated the local sheriff and Deputy that have been investigated reports of the crash aircraft in the area.
Search the spot with mustard van and the saw heard or smell nothing corey to baker’s account the next day a lease to our junior of the press democrat claim to have discovered skid marks.
In the field and that part of that pungent smell,
and in the field there was a old gummy deposit which were subsequently attributed by UFO enthusiasts groups as evidence of the saucer Landing
now this description I have going to bring it over what was the video we just watched in preparation for this,
that’s right we watch a 10-minute YouTube video and that’s our research now we do a little more than that.
But no they talk a lot more about that has a kind of blowing off the smell thing.
Actually the smell thing is quite dramatic and that,
they basically got mustard gas to where they’re like throat swelled shut and some of the boys can drink water and they were taken to the hospital,
it’s what the doctor thought as that they were exposed to like mustard acquiring gas that one as well though the heat to heat that violently yell yeah from the whole ordeal.

[13:17] Does not just like a little bit of upset stomach.
And kathleen may it that mentioned in the video that she gets ordered with.
What we hope is oil and make a million semen or something but you now.
It’s what i know like the probably don’t even like analyzer dress or anything like that that was probably isn’t class a clean it to the house life will did they found some of the oil and the center of the air force and the air forces like it.
Nothing is fading reply that doesn’t like ever out that will give backs ya got going back to fixing the male chases email that.
It’s very much which this ties in a little bit with,
something I meant you were going to do a whole episode just on the year 1952 and how it’s such a Bellwether for UFOs but,
yeah cuz there’s a lot to cover John pack here but 52 the summer that cuz this takes place in September but the summer of that year was the year that,
photos were just scrambling over washington dc like crazy,
like 6 to 10 sightings at night and jet fighters being scrambled out of Delaware and Ellis Air Force Base and,
chasing them around and lots of like confirmed radar sightings and then like going objects over the runways it washing in or washing the sea was a huge summer for ufos.

[14:41] And one of the big consequences anybody explain why the Air Force never got back to them and stuff like that is this was kind of the beginnings of the the UFO craze and I believe Project Blue Book was going on at this time and,
basically between a washington dc thing and then this guy this creature.

[15:02] The government kind of Gears here’s where they’re at they they kind of got the idea the CIA and Project Blue Book and others that,
maybe this is all supposed to generate hysteria because of your foreign government you’re looking at ways to you know cover up an invasion or mover out you know do some clandestine shit up,
great way with Americans Apparently after the War of the Worlds broadcast would be there really really jumpy about the whole Alien Invasion thing.

[15:32] It aliens are so hot right now cuz what was what some KGB officer would say back then in perfect English for some reason and.
So they’re thinking is well this could be this could be a Soviet plot to create panic and confusion and mistrust and Bubba Buck hysteria who create panic in the United States so,
the Air Force they changed the directive of Project Blue Book and everybody in the air force that was involved in like touching anything with UFOs was.
Only talked about this the incidents and comment on it since that you can debunk.

[16:06] Three
and so basically al and i think that’s where some of the ideas like at
cover up come from is the whole just like total shutdown of information it’s like well where they covering stuff up or where were they like trying to suppress what they thought was developing Mass Hysteria,
which is interesting because it’s almost like they didn’t have some psychology professors helping them or something explaining that actually,
like being all fucking creepy and shutting down everything about it and being all hush hush and telling people not to talk about it.

[16:49] Sisters more conspiracy shit glass okay you’re clearly covering shit up as like.
Was it a government agent telling someone in a second
talk about ufos is that is it actually an official who was really saying that but it was more because that was their instruction to just blanket america and don’t talk about ufos cuz we’re free that it’s mass hysteria thing it’s being used as a weapon against america.
Yo hi the cold war so they ask us to leave my is it the red scare to some of the year like paranoia it’s like take your cold war paranoia bump it up to eleven so.
That’s pretty frightening phrase writing the real monsters in the story are as in yes that’s us were serious.

[17:41] We were the real monsters the whole time anywhere.

[17:50] Okay so.
This basically this story ended up being like rated the number 11 story for all of 1952.
And you know the other thing was all the ufos and craziness of washington dc what’s really interesting yeah i have user the movie called planet fifty one.

[18:13] Negatives no.
That’s not surprising considering that it was released on a weekend that I think like a Twilight Zone was really sound like a really big films released at the same time,
if you wanna as earliest and dominic i would,
like I don’t know why we got it in our heads to like see this movie but we’re just go see this movie Planet 51 it’s an animated feature it looks pretty good so.

[18:37] What you want and you planet is it panic areas of atlanta fifty one.
Between the rock johnson is actually the star of this film is this it’s so cute but what kind of reminding me of this and it’s okay think this is kind of my theory.
So this is alien planet
and there are in the fifty’s there to experience in your fifties of and kind of like their own million scare later italians are on there butt of her sociological psychological
logical implications that all apparently all civilizations experience an american nineteen fifties at some point you act absolutely and,
is so he’s a nasa ass uses isn’t his and s astronaut and his spacecraft crash lands on this planet well they had ss the nasa had center actually a little rover to this planet make sure it like,
there’s any life on this planet Will turns out that the Rover robot is like obsessed with rocks to all they thought that this plan was covered in was just rocks,
green aliens and so but technically he’s the alley in cuz he’s on their plan.
Anyway that’s the whole different thing but.

[19:52] There is a lot of you is it such a good movie like there some electric fence is like other bills and stuff in it but it’s kinda remind me of late.

[20:01] Their own scare and like the fact that it’s 51 which is like you could save 5152 like a start of like the aliens.

[20:11] When will also area fifty one oh i just got it now okay so so that’s why you know then that’s its is full transformation for the planet to realize that,
I know the alien isn’t bad it’s actually out he’s actually beneficial for xcetera,
he I don’t remember call him really eating but like his his adventure takes place over like the course of several days but,
for this drying the flat the flatwoods monster.
The character the astronaut in Planet 51 is it’s very similar like that’s very like because they’re alien monster was like I was basically an astronaut with a big eyeball.
And that was like that’s how it that’s how he looks so it’s kind of like.
I wonder where this alien actually was you know and you know this is our interpretation of a really it doesn’t look anything like that so.

[21:16] Anyways all the artwork shows arms but probably antennas.
It will be able to sew us a great rate so so so system of interesting the the the.
Correlations i can kinda see between the movie and then the flat what monster what do you guys think of the barn owl hypothesis is a really deadline and i am and i’m probably alien but.

[21:41] Do you think i don’t know the select the.
Cuz Mothman is also been said that it could just be a barn owls and there’s just like a timing of this
meet where this this crap were this group are not ready for strangeness in hahaha weird the weird fucking shit like the guy leaning is ufo next your car all your,
parked by the the road and then,
sing for directions and getting back into is ufo a flying away kinda like with the call high strangeness that comes in with an like men in black and plus the moth man plus the bridge when.
Whole thing will unpack but we’re not ready for that yet we’re warming up with flat what’s will get them off me okay well in that case.
I think it’s plausible that it could be a barn owl however based off of.
Everyone’s eyewitness account.
And all of the drawings from each of the individuals of what they saw there’s there’s no way that it was an owl.
I something it that it is an owl and it could be but i don’t think it is and listen flu i use its wings tucked.
Yeah and sprayed oil and then when walls fly i would.

[23:05] Well I was about to say that they’d be moving too fast but they don’t fly like Hawks actually fly pretty slowly and so that could give you the hover effect so I mean it’s it’s a damn good theory if you’re going to come up with the ethical theory for it.
Yeah i feel it that’s that would be the skeptics lake on the message like a whole concoction of wildlife of skunks and.

[23:31] Octopi inking out of trees,
adjust to sixty lbs have spatial technology that here but they have the odor in
if someone lives here is very tell it like it’s like there’s there’s there’s a dogs a cat is a horse or cow or whatever mail pile on top of each other
one of the musicians i was saying email eight and they’re all awful so you’re but they all seem to get like
it’s like all these creatures like stacked up on top of each other and they like they go around singing there so I have to figure it out now but
he like our these you know note of it you think that plate of butter it was a bunch of raccoons with a part on top and a trench coat,
like a waffle raccoon an hour and they all just want to be like towels and stuff for touching the turf.

[24:28] I don’t really have an answer like the metallic like body thing,
throws me off cuz I don’t know I’m obviously pretty much everything will glisten under the light of the Moon,
sorry I have never heard of that I’ve never heard of it.

[24:53] It’s a popular fairytale retrieved recorded by The Brothers Grimm,
was first published in bubble by telestory for aging domestic animals with after a lifetime of hard worker neglected and mistreated by their former Masters,
eventually they decide to run away become Town musician in the city of Bremen contrary to the story’s title the characters never arrived in Bremen and intriguing and scaring off of Band of robbers captured,
so theirs is there like a picture of a visit to doc he a dog that monkey know the cat the cat
and then a rooster so they’re all like 8
read all those stores my mom and my mom had like these lips mass of books of the grooms stories or a group reading this so that’s why i’m wondering,
Travis what you’re trying to get out of there earlier about like the interesting though,
alright so.

[26:03] Is what they seen another guy said it was the airplane Beacon.
Circular airplane Beacon tower that shining a red light.

[26:16] Pulsing random thing that require power unless the hold power just fell over.
I think it’s the the tower fell over it’s kind of those those being right where it says its casting red light oh okay i got you do but feeble know you know i mean if it’s if it was something so basic you could it was duplicate.
Than light at the light so even if there’s a meter it would be actually documented somewhere.
And is there a lake we should we should really research like the weather conditions of that time,
fish super windy like anything could have just been hurling through the air if there could have been a tornado and just throwing like.
But they said it was a red glowing object co hurling through the sky in and this is so i could have been there beacon reflecting off for debris from the tornado like.
Are in aluminum are can ripple born in its twenty feet block yeah the there’s no depth perception in the dark.

[27:27] I think there is any otherwise Pilots wouldn’t be able to do s*** in the dark out of me like I hit something but I mean they have.
The Horizon oh no they just ran into stuff all the time.
It’s like putting a white.
Oh wait piece of paper surround yourself away are we really don’t know how big the dot is.
Is it small and far away or is it small enough clothes can I see what you’re saying yeah,
so an infant reflecting light off the really don’t know how far it is see don’t know how big it is full and got to the site though that’s when these out the size of it.
They think maybe they’re like that’s really far away but it’s like 4 inches from your nose.
Man that was a whole truck they got her through the air and that’s what they seen and the hazards were on.
And Will Smith when he’s like coming up with his his version of the neuralyzer like the backstory full episode.

[28:38] That’s exactly what it was he knows what’s up so I don’t know.
I don’t know i know its hard to start and why is guard i don’t really know about these alien do just because it looks so leg.

[28:58] Unlike any other alien depicted,
very unique and it’s weird that everything we’ve seen or read or watch has been like and iconic alien I’m like I never seen nothing like this.
Because even when they are coming up the put it in you know what i was reading as late.

[29:16] I wasn’t teaching as this pitching the classic late gray man yeah yeah that’s that’s way i pick this one was yeah i was like this is.
Are you meek has a slight leaking so in the weeds on so many different ufo encounter stories about but this one this one.
You know especially like the with the it’s not a classic abduction scenario it’s not a,
could be like a whole astronaut farmer story yeah i mean some do just making stuff.
It’s it’s just weird me so is okay i think that wasn’t the national guard guy was fri may can some ass now pharmacist didn’t wanna be accountable for the night i don’t know this is kid you need to go check that out,
news for the rate hike run away exactly what ya need to get out of here so i hide this thing right.
So then he actually circled back and hides the s***.

[30:13] Gotcha and he might have soiled the misses dress.
How do you say and all the object flying through the sky.
Is a kite as it was a kite in Spanish,
alright alright I don’t know,
that’s fine you don’t have to I don’t know either this is all about we need to know when you get to the bar,
yeah no freaking ours just antenna so the hissing noises obviously legs of proportion system.

[31:02] I don’t think it actually hissed at people I think it’s just a propulsion system to make it hover and go after the people.
Sure sure so that’s solved that’s done,
we solve the Mystery Case Closed hissing noise.
And back at home.

[31:23] People are trying to ship them all right.
Are chromosomes don’t even probably match they can’t like.
You know it would it be funny if the the Flatwoods Monster or the Mothman are real and they’re like well that’s total b******* there’s no such thing as a,
the other thing and like to meet other like holy fucking shit out there like mind blown as your every.
Where we can get rid.

[32:03] Yeah this is it’s amazing how many eyewitnesses there were,
how they all this kind of tried along for the adventure and then they got like way more than that what they are in for i don’t think that i mean okay so.
Burlington that 11 minute video right people watch so it was very details like times and like what dogs were there.
Which seems a little forced to me
to have the information
it’s because it wasn’t investigative
sincerely so you have police-style like just the facts ma’am okay at this time this person did this thing this person did this thing 1952 how many people actually had a clock.
Readily available out on the farm,
ever had lots of everybody.
But Mrs May that’s her name right May and lemon and they probably definitely had a watch on suppose he might have.
She cheese senses that’s a mother sense into it on the market is giving a little gift that sells on we’re not gonna talk about mop man today.

[33:31] Yeah harvard yeah baby roll.
Okay we katelyn to their relationship a little then it we can i am very interested with the fanfic looks like for mouth man flatulence what’s the,
yeah it’s super interesting.
Oh i just i just think the concept that we human beings like before that planet you know they fly by at all that’s the plan it where they’re all like.
Who’s fucking who and what’s fucking white and they’re just like totally obsessed with reproduction and that just like the just still does like put anything in a relationship those those apes down there they’re fucking crazy literally the early.
All the time.

[34:17] Yeah with let’s continue to reproduce via mall thing or something when he sexual reproduction and get this week.
Yeah that is the ff the flatwoods monster and.
I don’t i don’t i don’t think we’ve yeah it’s obviously the that their cities where we’re not gonna.

[34:42] I don’t have a strong opinion on this one as far as like oh it was definitely fakers different wheel and atlantic piece that the ambiguous ones tell i think this is one that was just a good.
You’re topic to because probably not alot of people know about it,
yeah it’s very popular in like West Virginia Pennsylvania kind of that that area there like their local folklore
well yeah I had not heard of this until I really started getting into these like Paranormal investigations spaghetti
i feel like you do not see a lot about this particular encounter.

[35:20] Which is the weird because i thought i think they be jumping the chance to talk about one that isn’t a gray and white rate.
Why don’t I think people.
Maybe a general consensus about West Virginia is up there all kind of crazy anyways and so that’s that’s unfortunate.
Long time ago for a lot of people.

[35:46] You know what the whole West Virginia think that’s a very real Factor because that that Kirkwood incident with the little Goblin aliens that we’re going to talk about.
That one takes place I pretty sure in West Virginia or like not far from here and,
what is,
they’re like always stripping hillbillies in the appalachians is gonna violate a lot of consent is of city people of time and i didn’t get as much,
play as literally people like exchanging gunfire with aliens should be that kind of story.

[36:23] Three,
and I think it’s funny that they had to know that actually they were all visiting their mom’s house and that’s why this happened so none of them were drinking because they didn’t mother didn’t allow alcohol in the house so it’s just like.
Fact david had to of,
it’s like okay that’s the present your stereotyping that’s what your average joe blow in politically incorrect man on the street in the fifty’s of thinking about a bunch of guys from this virginia that i excel at a family in the west virginia pennsylvania,
area like that’s where my family originated but not all of them.

[37:10] I could ask a few of them about you know,
talk to us in our entire lives and also you come out of the woodwork to ask us about the freaking Flatwoods Monster are part of the estranged branch of the family that like moved away because of.

[37:30] Family is pick struggle cut well so okay so here it is my great grandfather.
His mom got with this guy will call him Tom okay so this isn’t like 1912 they,
slept together out of wedlock and ended up she ended up pregnant with my great-grandfather will then Tom decides that he doesn’t like my great-great my great-great-grandmother,
and he sure likes it her sister so so he ends up marrying her sister
That b**** by the way they end up having like seven kids together Meanwhile my great-great-grandmother remarried another guy and they have
seven kids together so my great grandfather now has fourteen half siblings,
but because it was kind of taboo at the time for someone to have a baby out of wedlock my.

[38:28] Great great grandparents so basically will call her grandma Melissa will say her parents adopted my great-grandfather and basically included him on the senses and said that he was their son and just kind of treated him like their son.
Oh man see there’s a flake.
That’s that’s all that’s that whole family that lives up in Pennsylvania and there’s like 10 of them and he got tired I guess Abby the way he’s being treated in the community and everything and ended up.
Movin Out West you rather,
you need a minute alright so anyways
he moved out west and then ended up in South Dakota and so weird that Friends of the family that made it out this far as the majority of them are kind of in that area still and so showing at areas like.
Johnson or smith yeah so there’s just so many.

[39:31] And every year they have a family reunions and the Tanner Church actually dedicated one of their outdoor pavilions to our family.

[39:41] Cuz we show up the third week they’re like the second week of August every year so they’re like mayonnaise on his name and after the show Family,
i see you didn’t and yeah it’s so so.

[39:57] Three
okay we’ll funny stories of actually watching the show ring oh and i told my brother is changing my from my online presence for mary show to irina cool and i’m having a
I’m actually pretty soon the show and my brother was like aren’t you afraid that dad’s going to be upset about
forsaking the family name or some bullshit you just bullshitting me right am i,
no like cuz he won’t care but sex but you know,
literally my show will be called the area Nicole show so,
I’m still like my last name is still in there it’s just not as obvious.
Then we’re gonna launch in aug so yeah so that when this,
actually what this comes out it’ll be.
Oh so this comm anything that’s going on right now and we’ll see how it goes.

[41:05] Mr and you too very cool travis i know you’ve got something that’ll be cooking up in october.

[41:14] Okay do okay i think i do if i don’t know what are you referring to,
magician among the spirits.
That’s pretty cool it’s kind of just alive tribute to Harry Houdini.
I’m trying to avoid using the word magic show,
not really a magic show it’s more of an experience.
Storytelling Adventure research kind of going through his research interests
if experience is anything that I’m really most excited about it every shows going to be different because the audience decides the outcome.

[42:05] We’re trying to decide what weekend we want to go so you might be different in the storytelling and.
Teddy glimpse of how that’s gonna happen is houdini focused a lot on spiritual is a medium psychic stuff like that during his later part of his life
and as I’m not a person who can do those things we’re going to recreate a moment that the audience comes up with on the Fly of a day to time an event,
what happened to who,
how to happen and then perform that is a medium experiment,
yeah so that sounds fun and hit me I’m up to my usual podcast hijinx and Misadventures so be sure to check all those out at the Sioux
What see anything else in the flat was monster once twice and i’m making think we’ve covered it.

[43:11] Much as he can consist of a question mark but,
do you want to go to follow our Misadventures be sure to check us out on patreon and also once again we always appreciate your reviews be sure to send us your scary stories and paranormal stuff would love to talk to you about them,
yeah and thank you so much for listening and we will see you all next time.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 10 Coral Castle

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 10 Coral Castle

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees

Coral Castle has been featured on Leonard Nimoy’s program “In Search of…” and been the subject of speculation for decades.  It’s been the film set for nudist films and campy 60’s sci-fi. But we still don’t know how it was built. This week we explore the strange origin of Coral Castle: “Florida’s Stonehenge.”  Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin claims he built it using magnets and perpetual motion aka psychic powers. That seems far-fetched but if that’s not how he moved all that stone, how did a single man with no equipment or help move 1,100 Tons of rock?

The grounds of Coral Castle consist of 1,100 tons of stones in the form of walls, carvings, furniture and a castle tower. Commonly believed to be made of coral, it is made of oolite, also known as oolitic limestone. Oolite is a sedimentary rock composed of small spherical grains of concentrically layered carbonate that may include localized concentrations of fossil shells and coral. Oolite is found throughout southeastern Florida from Palm Beach County to the Florida Keys.  Oolite is often found beneath only several inches of topsoil, such as at the Coral Castle site.


The stones are fastened together without mortar. They are set on top of each other using their weight to keep them together. The craftsmanship detail is so skillful and the stones are connected with such precision that no light passes through the joints. The 8-foot tall vertical stones that make up the perimeter wall have a uniform height. Even with the passage of decades the stones have not shifted.


Many of the features and carvings of the castle are notable. Among them are a two-story castle tower that served as Leedskalnin’s living quarters (walls consisting of 8-foot-high pieces of stone); an accurate sundial; a Polaris telescope; an obelisk; a barbecue; a water well; a fountain; celestial stars and planets; and numerous pieces of furniture. The furniture pieces include a heart-shaped table, a table in the shape of Florida, twenty-five rocking chairs, chairs resembling crescent moons, a bathtub, beds, and a throne.


With few exceptions, the objects are made from single pieces of stone that weigh on average 15 tons each. The most massive stone weighs 30 tons, and the tallest are two monoliths 25 ft tall each.


A 9-short-ton revolving 8-foot tall gate is a famous structure of the castle, documented on the television programs In Search of… and That’s Incredible! The gate is carved so that it fits within a quarter of an inch of the walls. It was well-balanced, reportedly so that a child could open it with the push of a finger. The mystery of the gate’s perfectly balanced axis and the ease with which it revolved lasted for decades until it stopped working in 1986. To remove it, six men and a 45-ton crane were used. Once the gate moved, the engineers discovered how Leedskalnin had centered and balanced it. He had drilled a hole from top to bottom and inserted a metal shaft. The rock rested on an old truck bearing. It was the rusting out of this bearing that resulted in the gate’s failure to revolve. Complete with new bearings and shaft, it was set back into place on July 23, 1986. It failed in 2005 and was again repaired; however, it does not rotate with the same ease it once did.

Coral Castle remains a popular tourist attraction. Books, magazines, and television programs speculate about how Leedskalnin was able to construct the structure and move stones that weigh many tons. Claims that nobody had ever seen Leedskalnin at work and that he levitated his stones have been repudiated. Orval Irwin reportedly witnessed him quarry his rocks and erect parts of his wall and illustrated the methods in his book Mr. Can’t Is Dead.  Coral Castle’s website states that “If anyone ever questioned Ed about how he moved the blocks of coral, Ed would only reply that he understood the laws of weight and leverage well. “He also stated that he had “discovered the secrets of the pyramids,” referring to the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Coral Castle in Pop Culture

Nude on the Moon Film NSFW (Filmed at Coral Castle)


The 1958 film The Wild Women of Wongo used Coral Castle as the set for the dragon-god temple.


In the 1966 children’s musical film Jimmy, the Boy Wonder, Coral Castle was used as a backdrop in several scenes.


“The Castle of Secrets” is an episode of Leonard Nimoy’s program In Search of… (1976–1982) that includes a dramatization of Leedskalnin moving the stones with minimal effort.


On June 20, 2014, the History Channel aired a segment about Coral Castle in the Ancient Aliens series (Season 8, Episode 2), “Mysterious Structures”.


Billy Idol’s 1986 song “Sweet Sixteen” was inspired by the story of Leedskalnin and Coral Castle.


John Martin’s book, Coral Castle Construction, released in November 2012, describes how Ed Leedskalnin built his structure based on fundamental engineering principles.


Columnist Benjamin Radford claims on the Live Science blog that we know how he built the castle.  


As tempting as it is to view the amazing park through a veil of mystery, in fact we know how the castle was built. Creating a structure like the Coral Castle today could probably be accomplished in a few months with a construction crew and modern machinery. But Leedskalnin worked alone using basic tools like picks, winches, ropes and pulleys. Leedskalnin himself said that that he did it using hard work and the principles of leverage. The tools he used to quarry the rock are on display at the Coral Castle, and several old photos depict the large tripods, pulleys, and winches he used to move the blocks. Though the quarried stone slabs are large, they are actually lighter than they appear because the rock is porous.

Machine Transcript

26] History of many ancient monuments.
Stonehenge and Easter Island.
So versions of these particles may be concealed in florence coral cast this monumental structure was created by one man with his bare hands in the twentieth century.

[0:47] What.

[0:48] Music.

[0:58] Re very welcome to have from white chapter eleven,
I’m irie show here with my co-host Robert mailing and Travis Knight
super dramatic coral castle and its x is it,
is it that actually in Miami Florida in Miami itself it’s Palm Beach County Florida and then.
There’s a name for the township that it’s in.
The city museums address was Miami so.
This is weird castle and it’s made out of coral,
if you’re not excited about a listen to Leonard Nimoy tell you about it because he’s like the original Morgan Freeman
so I guess you have some did you want to.

[2:07] You want to read your what you wrote up or whatever you want me to read it or whatever describe a little bit for the uninitiated,
America’s America’s Florida’s Stonehenge and Florida is known for its messed up stuff so I mean.
You know if they think it’s their Stonehenge then it gets Florida so I’d imagine there’s like 10 things just as weird.
No this one is the Stonehenge of Florida okay enough Florida fashion program.
It’s been the film set for our newest films and can be sixty psi phi.

[2:50] We still don’t know how it was built this week we explore the strange origin of Coral Castle Florida Stonehenge laughing immigrant Edward lead skin,
with scott cullingford glenn county,
claims he built it using magnets and perpetual motion aka psychic powers,
this really say psychic powers he never explicitly said the word psychic powers that’s why i couldn’t find member saying cycling wheels down tools like a power yeah in my slow thrown in like,
he shifts paradigms while he,
crypto walking blockchain cryptocurrencies I mean it’s like it’s very much like the buzzwords from the fifties about like Paranormal soup.

[3:44] So
okay so it seems far-fetched that he do this like with magic powers or something but how would a single man with no equipment no heavy equipment will get will get into that more or help move.
1100 tons of rock by his self by his loneliness.
Yep apparently worked at night and if you if peoplescout it out and watched him working and stuff you would stop and wait for them to go away.
And he himself was wait you’re saying the guy that lives in the castle he built by Lev estate levitating chunks chunks of coral is a little little weird.

[4:30] Could you imagine like your work you’re doing your thing at work and your boss comes by to check on you and you literally just stop
everything that you’re doing and just
three magic that was part of his income was the main ten cents per to work any a little bucket by the door and people came in and to risk right can’t,
that’s cute it’s super cute those were the days when,
money is actually buy things and yeah.
Tours of eccentric Coral Castle.
Hey Dad I’m coming to the finish next year.
Help him load the bigger peace like cuz he built in one location and then,
somebody like load it on all at once like pieces like onto a truck transported to the new location and then basically lake.

[5:43] Just left him to emily and the reports are that he made them leave the trailer overnight yeah say with load he would load the trailer one knows how we get it and suddenly come in the morning all this like.
Multi-ton Stones we loaded on the truck.
And then they take it you know leave the trailer overnight for him to unload it at the next place and back at 4.

[6:07] Don’t know what Trucking Company he found that like agree to those terms which is totally like.

[6:15] Clearly you’re you’re not hauling bodies or so. Good night,
plus I think it’s essentially like he’s just we should probably State he doesn’t drive he didn’t drive it all the only rode his bike and,
to write it into town every day to get his supplies and whatever else that he needed so the fact that he has somebody else driving this truck for him isn’t that weird but it’s almost like you renting a U-Haul flatbed,
and then also hiring a driver to be like okay bring it to my house I’m going to load it.

[6:52] But you have to like not be here and then I need you to drive it from point A to point B and then I’m going to unload everything by myself the next day,
crazy cars that does not couches and should it’s like huge ass rocks giant rocks which felt like rocks,
unstable and wanted to fall apart halfway down the dorm stairs,
Coral Castle Coral Castle Castle consist of 1100 tons of stones that form walls carvings furniture and a castle tower,
family believed to be made of coral it is made of light also known as Olight Limestone Olight is a sedimentary rock composed of small spherical grains,
Concentra cleared carbonate thang mo,
food localize concentrations of fossil shells and coral so basically like what it looks like in the pictures where it’s like.
This is this is like.

[7:52] Beach Bayou Limestone sedimentary rock.
And so is it a while it is he’s do way several times they they don’t weigh as much as they would be if it was a like granite him.

[8:11] So it says the tallest the walls are like eight feet tall but doesn’t say how tall the entire thing was.
Yeah I think I’ve got that in here hang on so yeah and Eli is very common in that part of Florida if you did beneath the topsoil.

[8:30] The tallest points in it,
with few exceptions the objects are made from single pieces of stone that weigh on average of 15 Tons each the massive Stone the most massive Stone weighs 30 tons and the two tallest monoliths in the building,
are in the construction are 25 feet tall each.
Some of the features and carvings in The Kessler notable among them is a two-story castle tower.
Does his living quarters and consisted of a bunch of equipped all,
are 8 foot high pieces of stone.
An accurate Sundial a Polaris telescope and a barbecue a water well of Fountain Celestial stars and planets and numerous pieces of furniture,
some of the furniture was in fun shapes like for example there’s a heart shaped table and there’s a table in the shape of the state of Florida 25 rocking chairs that resemble Crescent moons a bathtub beds and throw.
In nature thought right now are we sure is a national state with state of florida he wasn’t does drum like dicks and balls la,
because he thought it was a simpler time true this is true people control like that back then that’s true of.
Really funny though that could have been the pioneer of trolling though.

[9:53] Well,
in the history of trolling zach goes,
Echoes way back to like ancient like Greek people writing letters back and forth just like you’re such a douche you’re a douche,
probably a saying you’re insulting graffiti I know some of the oldest is.
It’s in northern it’s actually let up on the island in england for the phone this like village it was preserve the married and whole bunch of graffiti it’s like the oldest england and some of the oldest in europe and.
There’s a whole bunch it just a lot of like sounds like sexually frustrated people.

[10:42] I’m talking about their exes and jenny is a total bitch and that that’s it’s the name wasn’t jenny but it’s a woman’s name and she was a total you know.
A word of there’s that kind of resembles RC word apparently.
Speak your mind and that’s true,
good good good confession on the walls no I don’t think that’s that’s quite how it work it wasn’t Pompeii,
yeah it does but let’s see Coral Castle,
allah see it oh and this is a cool part of it that i liked and,
intro which we will link to the show notes kind of showcases it back when I was still working but there’s a,
ring tone revolving the foot tall,
that’s one of the most famous structures in the castle.
And they documented on the show in search of and it’s cars so that fits within a quarter inch of the walls and it’s just basically a gigantic wall of.
Of the stone and you rotate it back and forth to get in and out and it’s so it’s so well-made that they like a small child can like push it open and closed but it’s you know it’s a 9 ton Boulder.
Let’s see they had to remove it in 1986 because it broke and the band I’d like in the 50s.

[12:11] So in order to fix it it took six men and a 45 ton crane once they move the gay Engineers discovered how we did it.
Here used a drill the hole from top to bottom in the stone and it started a metal shaft in The Rock was actually resting an old truck bearing and probably the reason that it failed was that.
He wasn’t around a toilet anymore and since they didn’t know what type of oil
falling back together nothing new house and working again in

[12:56] Aunts was appear again,
but they say that nowadays it doesn’t rotate white as easily and in some of the pictures you’ll even see it’s fenced off now be honestly a hazard to somebody tries Indiana Jones through that door was closing,
like you’re not stopping that door at some of the idea of why it’s like fenced off now and yeah probably liabil.

[13:19] But you know just how well how well made it was and how well it works for so long and then you know awesome like balance point.
So Coral Castle remains a popular tourist attraction in the area and it’s been featured in books magazine television etc etc.

[13:43] You know a lot of it claims that no one has ever seen him do the work and we’ve already talked about how there were some teenagers that played they so it levitated and reportedly one person you know saw him like worrying the rocks,
there’s a few people,
basically what you see from the pictures as he’s got really light little wooden pulleys and ropes and chains and stuff like that and I actually found a photo of his Tool Shed which is
on the site but it is a whole bunch of like surveying tools and,
chisels and stuff like that so it’s just kinda like it might not even be a mystery so much as just determination and just being really good at,
average rate that’s tell anthony cuz he’s actually in his family was actually a stone mason back a lot the f wit will they would have to be because like the the tower that he lived in the story one,
others no motor in the joints on that,
if you know anything about stonework it’s like that’s really hard to get back to we build something that lasts that doesn’t,
have that ass to be like perfect solutely.
So why Wonder have if anybody’s ever interviewed someone like who was a stonemason from Latvia to ask what what what are your methods and how do you.

[15:08] You know what I mean like you just go to the source if you don’t need the dude I mean you know.
He had friends that he hung out with and stuff like that and I’m working at get to here I have,
an article that mentions like a friend of his that hung out and thinks that the the Paranormal stuff is pretty hilarious just like knowing it’s just that stubborn and determined,
nude on the moon was filmed there which is a 1950s nudist film,
which hilariously enough the full version is available on YouTube please wait to it’s not safe for work,
so just a whole lot of topless women sitting around all the different furniture and stuff Coral Castle Lane while two guys in 1950s space suits or just like.
You don’t even get naked like song that’s like,
a minute and 30 seconds,
yeah that’s all I’m saying.

[16:29] Another kind of snuff film made their 1958 classic film The Wild Women of wongo use Coral Castle is the set for its Dragon God Temple at the like.
Can a 650 is like caveman movie Death by snoo snoo.

[16:54] Let’s see the 1966 children’s musical film Jimmy the Boy Wonder used it as a backdrop for scenes and then obviously the episode castle of secrets on Leonard Nimoy’s program in search of.
That full episode is also on YouTube live link to that the show notes.
History Channel did a segment about it on a course Ancient Aliens in the episode season 8 episode 2 mysterious structures.

[17:21] Interesting Lee Billy Idol 1986 song Sweet 16 was inspired by the story of Lisa and Coral Castle in the back story yet is Sweet 16.

[17:35] Would be because he was my with this girl.
They were engaged to be married she was 10 years younger than him,
and I think she was probably like 16 or so he always affectionately called her my sweet 16,
they have the wedding dates and everything and the day before they’re about to get married she calls off,
being and he is devastated so this man spans than.
Basically the rest of his life erecting this Coral Castle in her honor because he still heartbroken and then the guy literally dies.
Okay so he put a sign on his castle that says going to the hospital and then he goes to this hospital I think somewhere in Miami and he ends up dying three days later how freaking heartbreaking is that.

[18:28] He spent what was what were the years that he spent building the castle I can’t oh my gosh it’s like so he stopped building in 1951 but he started building I want to stay in leg.
1940s because yeah yeah so,
so it’s just.

[18:55] What did I mean so like you’ve been in like fits of like Rage or whatever we’re like you have to like get all that energy out because you know.
You’re really upset about something I don’t think it’s like a rage Castle dinosaurs.
Creative Outlet to express his,
probably his sorrow or just in basically all emotions the go through you go through like a bad breakup and this is the result of then and maybe he was wanting to.
Cleaning the character attention maybe he was just like you know why and is ninety something creative and.

[19:29] This is this is it sometimes you like.
Cuz kinda jealous i wish i could build stuff.
Imagine just living off the grid living castle made out of coral in southern florida and.
Living on like pennies a day but you’re just you don’t care and you just keep keep making castles out of at a choral such a simple life it’s like.
The testimony of his great love for Agnes took him from 1923 to 1951 to complete.
Wow the only other tribute that can compare the Coral Castle guys is the Taj Mahal.
Which is built over 20 years and several thousand slaves as a monument to the king’s wife but this guy did this all by himself over that stretch of time so.
It’s a pretty amazing test match twenty twenty eight years well yeah.
So call Miss Benjamin Radford who with Life Science Blog he’s at he’s a skeptic and a debunker and here’s what he had to say about it it’s tempting to view the amazing park for the veil of Mystery.
In fact we know how the castle was built creating a structure like Coral Castle today could probably be accomplished with a few months of construction with.

[20:52] Within a few months with a construction crew and Modern Machinery but lease can himself did it himself and he did it by using hard work and the principles of Leverage.
All the tools he used to Corey The Rock are on display at Coral Castle like I said that shed is there with all the tools and everything and there are several old fold photos that depict large tripods pulleys and winches would you use to move the blocks.
Zelda quarried stones are very large there actually a lot lighter than they appear because the rock is porous now that was the.
One of the better like skeptical things it was like to explain why this isn’t Supernatural and I don’t think it’s supernatural to be a really like weak argument on several fronts for example.

[21:37] The being like the stones pure large but they’re lighter than you think cuz they’re porous well will a porous 8 ton Stone.
Is still ain’t right,
that’s like that’s not very scientific up you would be appearance at least it’s early like a modern construction crew and a crane and everything else,
but he did it himself it’s like yeah that’s what’s impressive about it right that is the that’s the Gap we’re not connecting here exactly,
with the truck Transmission in it basically to make the stone move perfectly smooth it’s like.
You know what that like I said they had to have a crew of 20 people and 48 ton crane come in and left it out.

[22:23] So I wonder at what point I mean obviously is an impressive feat on by itself but at what point in Florida say.
This is going to be a monument of ours rather than let’s sell this house.
If that’s basically what they did after he died he had no heirs all I found it is Castle in along with the castle and the tools,
was they found a chest with like $3,000 in it which was a lot of money for the time yeah part of it was because he’d sold the land it was originally on for them to build Highway 1 to the government,
okay so became government property yeah so that so basically like eminent domain or you just sold it to the government,
I saw that he actually left before he died he left to his nephew who lived in Michigan and then his nephew sold it to a family in Illinois and then I think then it fell to the state,
so wonder what the value of is on that property.

[23:25] I don’t know but it’s not cuz it’s not family of him that owned it today right and it’s not government anymore today but like in the 50s when but when you have a lot of these like filled cruise and stuff like that that’s that’s when it was basically a public park or a or a while.
So it is it still open to visit it is still open to visit we have linked to its Museum on the the show notes okay so tourist destination that you could like go to when you propose,
I don’t know what the tour cost nowadays but they have brochures in a museum about his life and
he wrote some things some very interesting.
Yeah and what’s funny is no podcaster like show I’ve seen that like gets into like histories of got into this stuff but you actually like wrote a whole bunch of.
Stuff about how.
The week shouldn’t be Anna were talking about a guy who is very like an r and Batman Bruce Wayne to build it all will he didn’t think that,
invalids and the poor and people that they couldn’t provide for themselves should be allowed to vote.

[24:35] When holding hands so that gives you just a flavor of some of his political pamphlets that he would like print along with
call this in heat have the heat and out at the the castle castle,
what was he wasn’t angry dude but it just that he had some interesting political idea see yeah says there are five pamphlets any wrote a book in every home was contains and starts on three subjects,
sweet sixteen domestic and political years and he wrote the pamphlets on magnetic current and his men and best festival and all it contains is leaves on my cycles,
these three panels are available in the gift shop about his his death.
So is that okay so it says in December 1951 and became ill he put a sign on the door of his castle saying go into the hospital,
took a bus to Jackson Memorial in Miami and died three days later in his sleep at the age of 64 after his death and nephew living in Michigan inherited the castle,
1953 shortly before his death and nephews sold the castle so in 1953 shortly before his nephew’s death.

[25:50] He sold the castle to a family from Illinois,
during the switch in the ownership a box of Ed’s personal effects was on containing a set of instructions that led to the discovery of $3,500,
his life was basically his life saving and made a small living giving tours for 10 for 10 and $0.25,
and it’s from the sale is pamphlets and from the sale of the land where US Highway 1 passes.
Passing the castle so US Highway 1 actually passes by the castle so he probably that’s where that comes into play is that he just sold portion of the land debate basically like Highway 1 pass through that one piece of land so that’s probably where the Third.

[26:32] And it doesn’t really playing anything so it’s this but yeah so.
Travis yes being a master of manipulation and,
deception and trickery and whatnot what are your what are your thoughts on this guy how did he do it you think it’s,
being like literally like how did he do it but I’m kind of like what are your thoughts on the you know it’s kind of like we talked about with the magicians that commit their whole life to the event kind of like,
Chung Ling Soo we talked about her son committed to a bit,
so there’s no doubt that he put a lot of work and time into it i don’t doubt that at all,
if I would like some big saying like Okay cool he built this big Stonehouse thing Castle thing how he did it to me is kind of irrelevant but what really kind of.
Makes my gears turn is how he loaded it on the truck to relocate it so it almost makes me think that if I were to do it that because the crew that he hired whatever the truck.
Never actually physically touch the rock the big stone slabs whatever yeah so.

[27:47] I would say that he had them prepped because he prepared all the stuff prior and he said just leave the truck and I’ll load it that it was just Hollow slabs and that he basically shattered them hold them off.
And then had new things that you just build or they’re Hollow and loaded the tree.
The guy said it be lighter and then gets there and then,
I think that would be more work and more complicated than I mean but yeah you’re right,
that was one one of his comments at one point he makes is that,
after doing this he’s pretty sure he knows how the Egyptians built the pyramids and,
I’ll back cuz I mean I don’t mean any Supernatural sense I mean just like using very very simple tools to do it and raise probably just come like oh yeah they could have done what they did.

[28:45] I don’t think they’ve physically measure the weight of every stone in this Castle to know exactly how much all of them weigh.
Or just not as heavy like they yeah cuz they are quite porous so just,
free appear to be I haven’t even been in Florida like sand and like salt everything like that is going to slowly start to fill these pores and it’s going to be heavy enough core I think.
But if you if you could drill a hole through an 8 foot slab of concrete which is very hard to do even today like on a piece of wood.
Yea she could’ve done that all of the new reduce the weight,
expect a lot and you would never know because they’re stacked and unless they’re actually like test drill through the sides of each one to see if they’re Hollow or not which you know they won’t do because it’s their Monument.

[29:40] Don’t know I don’t know if you could lightning significantly enough to make it but yeah it’s a it’s a head-scratcher you know,
go to the Coral Castle and knock on the rocks and tell her Halo Coral Castle in the middle of the night and deface this.
Dino Thunder on your own free will completely without influence from this show and citing you to do illegal activity
we visited the teared up to one of the clear and chisel it just crumbles is hole is actually all salt that’s what songs all sound very light.

[30:17] So yes that is the mystery of Coral Castle so what do you guys think is this the.

[30:25] Super I think this is the most roadside e ish like literally.
Sickly see it and touch it for me till i really really want this if nothing else this is maybe like if i go to if i ever go back to florida will check marks for this hell on earth.
I 100% I don’t care about seeing Disney or Universal writhing I want to go see this yes this is damn cool.

[30:53] This is say i mean we’re seeing some overhead pictures here on the screen but does it say like how many like a creature whatever it is.
Like the compound essentially an aerial view of the place if you can.
Download bit more literally on it,
that’s one of the two giant obelisks.
Parking lot oh yeah parking lot right there no it’s not that big but.
I’m confused and I want to know how much was actually reworked cuz I imagine the slabs everything is.

[31:40] Original but that pavement people are walking on his pretty smooth how much of it is actually original and how much of it just like modern landscape.

[31:57] Because if they had to go in and fix stuff and like restore stuff and.

[32:04] Travis there’s a hole there there’s a hole drilled through one right there.

[32:11] A 30-ton telescope exactly where to look.
I don’t have to but I’m just like your your theory about drilling that is a massive goddamn hole in that thing and it’s a bit I mean it’s a clean hole.

[32:28] And that article title throughout then you would see like inside of it,
yeah and I don’t think that door they actually,
castling it yeah I hope that’s not stairs to the right of it because those are some big step so those are stairs.
I like down into the chasm down into the chasm the only thing I found in one really old video was somebody,
at the top of the stairs he was worried about children falling down the stairs oh nurturing,
yes we actually built a gate that is just one giant,
stone that rolls and then locks and it’s got like a track and then it like rolls into places like there that blocks the stairs a little kids can’t build on it.
I guarantee you never seeing that whole because if you go in and look up it’s Halloween you can see the sky.

[33:40] Wow probably probably not because it looks pretty dark in there there was a reflection on the ground from the water.
And then here are some of his tools so far we’re looking at pictures of the tools I’ll post links to these on the show notes but,
slaughter chains pulleys work plank for clicker met males or metal things i can’t quite yeah i can’t alter death sickle was there there yet there is there’s a circle there.
Which I suppose back that if you look at some of the older photos with the groundskeeping and stuff that’s basically how we like trim stuff back before got all paved fancy and stuff like it is today.

[34:20] Is that the guy who built it right there.

[34:25] If it is in the sold he looks super like,
tall thin unhappy that old that’s the crazy part he’s only,
he died at 6464 back then though is like way 80s now.
Has the fifties arrow i mean i know she’s adele and let genealogy so.

[34:48] Yeah let’s just say I was not that shocked for what’s quick that is that a bell tower pictures of the top one in the middle left this one left.

[35:02] Grass on the other side so it looks like I’m going to say cuz why is it Hollow is that Halle Bell Tower.
I’m not sure what i’m intrigued about every full ac now what
I am at 13 year old boys.
Play some good pictures here in this blog will definitely lincoln yeah do think that the museum’s website yeah museum’s website is,
reading your photos they just lake beaver lake was busy labor camera name in the uploaded the photos i’m intrigued violate the she will,
the shapes that he made are interesting,
like in that photo they’re half a crescent moon the moon and then like the little Lego guy with the hat.
The way it’s totally okay and is.
That’s pretty smooth for him to make compared to every other item in that place is.

[36:26] The star was originally his and then they just made it like a hollywood star type thing yeah say yeah here on a page where,
the page happens to be the bone.

[36:38] Me and blow hard to see there’s also get more shots this tools.

[36:47] I don’t see anything new here just piece of wire looks like on that one secrets of the pyramids secrets,
exactly it’s like entry and i think the whole thing is actually like a huge like planets align rube goldberg thing all the car plants are saying heart since i owe,
the stories from middle of the phone i’ve seen video of oh bill that,
the insights so that it and probably line it with claire something that chest make it water proof gotcha.

[37:23] Alright picture of a Bob was just like basically like a way up close picture of
gotcha that’s really clear water,
jesus christ i wanna live in coral castle it is so beautiful out there’s never mind now afternoon think yeah but yeah billion have a lot of scratches email bose it’s it’s were selling their.
Record the furniture seems like it real hard like at bed the main and a stone as come like.
Yeah a fight because of this no description that pictures just literally is a pineapple.

[38:12] There’s a pineapple there.

[38:17] There’s a whole restricted area what so whole hold the tv and why is now down here a back.
Sorry Bohemian by Etsy I just feel pretty sweet site though.

[38:36] I felt have a photo of it from the air and it didn’t have that pool in it that we saw on this other photo here online.
Slate and without arrogance very crazy horse people are still working on.
She like yours in are really out of it I like how they have a food court now so where would the fountain be a coordinator that star thing would it be bottom.

[39:06] Taking to the Drone photographer.
Now usually well Isaac he’s a drone photographer so he tries like hide himself under something so you don’t see him in the actual photos.
There’s some tourist doordash.

[39:26] Yeah that’s super spooky well down there.

[39:33] Yeah i didn’t wanna go down there trent.

[39:39] So if you could support us on patreon yes we will.
We can debunk the cool coral house thing I will drill a hole for you.
Will not come also for you cuz i’m not about to arrest in florida.
How do I do a family in Florida.
So yeah that was Coral Castle,
thank you very much everyone once again the supporters on peachtree on and also if you always want to you can hear it,
you episode of copper wore there on thursday nights at seven pm on july six two five be sure to check out that what.

[40:21] The internet radio station the kids these days they have the radio on the internet.

[40:30] So if you know podcasting is to convenience check out the streaming on 7 p.m. on Thursday nights now just kidding,
it really cool of the six to five guys and them spreading are content and stuff and so bitter checkout be sure to us for some patriot and then of course,
we could really use you know any reviews or feedback you wanna give us we love hearing from you,
in some conversation about the topics where we’re totally open to that and share your ghost stories are spooky stories are yeah yeah we love the stories and if you,
latvian immigrate to in the fifty’s built a giant coral castle we’d like to hear from you when to phone lines are now open,
ghost operators are standing by Space Ghost Coast to Coast theme right there,
have a great week everyone and we’ll see you next time.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 9 Near Death Experiences

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 9 Near Death Experiences
Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye
Produced by Robert Mehling and
Voice Over by Dave Holly
Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees

“For in that sleep of death what dreams may come / When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, / Must give us pause.” – William Shakespeare Hamlet

A near-death experience (NDE) is a personal experience associated with death or impending death. Such experiences may encompass a variety of sensations including detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of a light. NDEs are a recognized part of some transcendental and religious beliefs in an afterlife.

Different models have been described to explain NDEs. Neuroscience research suggests that an NDE is a subjective phenomenon resulting from “disturbed bodily multisensory integration” that occurs during life-threatening events. Though none of these theories has been proven scientifically.

The Field is also not without it’s hoaxes. In 2015 The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven: A True Story (Published in 2010) By Kevin and Alex Malarkey sparked a massive outcry after it was declared by the author to have been a fabrication, this after selling over one million copies.

(Image Ascent of the Blessed by Hieronymus Bosch is associated by some NDE researchers with aspects of the NDE.)

Common elements
Researchers have identified the common elements that define near-death experiences.[3] Bruce Greyson argues that the general features of the experience include impressions of being outside one’s physical body, visions of deceased relatives and religious figures, and transcendence of ego and spatiotemporal boundaries. Many common elements have been reported, although the person’s interpretation of these events often corresponds with the cultural, philosophical, or religious beliefs of the person experiencing it. For example, in the USA, where 46% of the population believes in guardian angels, they will often be identified as angels or deceased loved ones (or will be unidentified), while Hindus will often identify them as messengers of the god of death.

Common traits that have been reported by NDErs are as follows:

A sense/awareness of being dead.
A sense of peace, well-being, and painlessness. Positive emotions. A sense of removal from the world.
An out-of-body experience. A perception of one’s body from an outside position, sometimes observing medical professionals performing resuscitation efforts.
A “tunnel experience” or entering a darkness. A sense of moving up, or through, a passageway or staircase.
A rapid movement toward and/or sudden immersion in a powerful light (or “Being of Light”) which communicates with the person.
An intense feeling of unconditional love and acceptance.
Encountering “Beings of Light”, “Beings dressed in white”, or similar. Also, the possibility of being reunited with deceased loved ones.
Receiving a life review, commonly referred to as “seeing one’s life flash before one’s eyes”.
Approaching a border or a decision by oneself or others to return to one’s body, often accompanied by a reluctance to return.
Suddenly finding oneself back inside one’s body.

Cross-Cultural Aspects:
Gregory Shushan published an analysis of the afterlife beliefs of five ancient civilizations (Old and Middle Kingdom Egypt, Sumerian and Old Babylonian Mesopotamia, Vedic India, pre-Buddhist China, and pre-Columbian Mesoamerica) and compared them with historical and contemporary reports of near-death experiences, and shamanic afterlife “journeys”. Shushan found similarities across time, place, and culture that he found could not be explained by coincidence; he also found elements that were specific to cultures; Shushan concludes that some form of mutual influence between experiences of an afterlife and culture probably influence one another and that this inheritance, in turn, influences individual NDEs.

According to Parnia, near death experiences’ interpretations are influenced by religious, social, cultural backgrounds. However, the core elements appear to transcend borders and can be considered universal. In fact, some of these core elements have even been reported by children <3 years old (this occurred over many months, whilst playing and communicated using children’s language). In other words, at an age where they should not have been influenced by culture or tradition.

Also, according to Greyson, the central features of NDEs are universal and have not been influenced by time. These have been observed throughout history and in different cultures. This notwithstanding, cultural influences have probably played a role in some NDEs’ reported descriptions.

Lots of Theories
Spiritual or transcendental theories
French summarizes this model by saying: “the most popular interpretation is that the NDE is exactly what it appears to be to the person having the experience”. The NDE would then represent evidence of the supposedly immaterial existence of a soul or mind, which would leave the body upon death. An NDE would then provide information about an immaterial world where the soul would journey upon ending its physical existence on earth.
Some NDE phenomena cannot be easily explained by our current knowledge of human physiology and psychology. For instance, at a time when they were unconscious patients could accurately describe events as well as report being able to view their bodies “from an out-of-body spatial perspective”. In two different studies of patients who had survived a cardiac arrest, those who had reported leaving their bodies could describe accurately their resuscitation procedures or unexpected events, whereas others “described incorrect equipment and procedures”. Sam Parnia also refers to two cardiac arrest studies and one deep hypothermic circulatory arrest study where patients reported visual and/or auditory awareness occurring when their brain function had ceased. These reports “were corroborated with actual and real events”.

Limitations of spiritual or transcendental theories
Five prospective studies have been carried out, to test the accuracy of out of body perceptions by placing “unusual targets in locations likely to be seen by persons having NDEs, such as in an upper corner of a room in the emergency department, the coronary care unit, or the intensive care unit of a hospital.” Twelve patients reported leaving their bodies, but unfortunately, none could describe the hidden visual targets. Although this is a small sample, the failure of purported out-of-body experiences to describe the hidden targets raises questions about the accuracy of the anecdotal reports described above.

Robert’s Note: Lack of large enough data size is a common theme.

Psychologist James Alcock has described the afterlife claims of NDE researchers as pseudoscientific. Alcock has written the spiritual or transcendental interpretation “is based on belief in search of data rather than observation in search of an explanation.” Chris French has noted that “the survivalist approach does not appear to generate clear and testable hypotheses. Because of the vagueness and imprecision of the survivalist account, it can be made to explain any possible set of findings and is therefore unfalsifiable and unscientific.”

Psychological explanations
French summarises the main psychological explanations which include: the depersonalization, the expectancy, and the dissociation models.

Depersonalization model
A depersonalization model was proposed in the 1970s by a professor of psychiatry Russell Noyes and clinical psychologist Roy Kletti, which suggested that the NDE is a form of depersonalization experienced under emotional conditions such as life-threatening danger, potentially inescapable danger and that the NDE can best be understood as a hallucination. According to this model, those who face their impending death become detached from the surroundings and their own bodies, no longer feel emotions, and experience time distortions.

Limitations of the depersonalization model
This model suffers from a number of limitations to explain NDEs for subjects who do not experience a sensation of being out of their bodies; unlike NDEs, experiences are dreamlike, unpleasant and characterized by “anxiety, panic, and emptiness”. Also, during NDEs subjects remain very lucid in their identities, their sense of identity is not changed unlike those experiencing depersonalization.

Expectancy model
Another psychological theory is called the expectancy model. It has been suggested that although these experiences could appear very real, they had actually been constructed in the mind, either consciously or subconsciously, in response to the stress of an encounter with death (or perceived encounter with death), and did not correspond to a real event. In a way, they are similar to wish-fulfillment: because someone thought they were about to die, they experienced certain things in accordance with what they expected or wanted to occur. Imagining a heavenly place was in effect a way for them to soothe themselves through the stress of knowing that they were close to death. Subjects use their own personal and cultural expectations to imagine a scenario that would protect them against an imminent threat to their lives.

Limitations of the expectancy model
Subjects’ accounts often differed from their own “religious and personal expectations regarding death” which contradicts the hypothesis they may have imagined a scenario based on their cultural and personal background.

Although the term NDE was first coined in 1975 and the experience first described then, recent descriptions of NDEs do not differ from those reported earlier than 1975. The only exception is the more frequent description of a tunnel. Hence, the fact that information about these experiences could be more easily obtained after 1975, did not influence people’s reports of the experiences.

Another flaw of this model can be found in children’s accounts of NDEs. These are similar to adults’, and this despite children being less affected by religious or cultural influences about death. See also cross-cultural references.

Dissociation model
The dissociation model proposes that NDE is a form of withdrawal to protect an individual from a stressful event. Under extreme circumstances, some people may detach from certain unwanted feelings in order to avoid experiencing their emotional impact and suffering associated with them. The person also detaches from one’s immediate surroundings.

Birth model
The birth model suggests that near death experiences could be a form of reliving the trauma of birth. Since a baby travels from the darkness of the womb to light and is greeted by the love and warmth of the nursing and medical staff, and so, it was proposed, the dying brain could be recreating the passage through a tunnel to light, warmth, and affection.

Limitations of the birth model
Reports of leaving the body through a tunnel are equally frequent among subjects who were born by cesarean section and natural birth. Also, newborns do not possess “the visual acuity, spatial stability of their visual images, mental alertness, and cortical coding capacity to register memories of the birth experience”.

Physiological explanations (organic theories)
A wide range of physiological theories of the NDE have been put forward including those based upon cerebral hypoxia, anoxia, and hypercapnia; endorphins and other neurotransmitters; and abnormal activity in the temporal lobes.

Neurobiological factors in the experience have been investigated by researchers in the field of medical science and psychiatry. Among the researchers and commentators who tend to emphasize a naturalistic and neurological base for the experience are the British psychologist Susan Blackmore (1993), with her “dying brain hypothesis”.

Neuroanatomical models
Neuroscientists Olaf Blanke and Sebastian Dieguez (2009), from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland, propose a brain-based model with two types of NDEs :

“type 1 NDEs are due to bilateral frontal and occipital, but predominantly right hemispheric brain damage affecting the right temporal parietal junction and characterized by out of body experiences, altered sense of time, sensations of flying, lightness section and flying” [6] “type 2 NDEs are also due to bilateral frontal and occipital, but predominantly left hemispheric brain damage affecting the left temporal parietal junction and characterized by a feeling of a presence, meeting and communication with spirits, seeing of glowing bodies, as well as voices, sounds, and music without vection”
They suggest that damage to the bilateral occipital cortex may lead to visual features of NDEs such as seeing a tunnel or lights, and “damage to unilateral or bilateral temporal lobe structures such as the hippocampus and amygdala” may lead to emotional experiences, memory flashbacks or a life review. They concluded that future neuroscientific studies are likely to reveal the neuroanatomical basis of the NDE which will lead to the demystification of the subject without needing paranormal explanations.

Animation of the human left temporal lobe
French has written that the “temporal lobe is almost certain to be involved in NDEs, given that both damage to and direct cortical stimulation of this area are known to produce a number of experiences corresponding to those of the NDE, including OBEs, hallucinations, and memory flashbacks”.

Vanhaudenhuyse et al. 2009 reported that recent studies employing deep brain stimulation and neuroimaging have demonstrated that out-of-body experiences result from a deficient multisensory integration at the temporoparietal junction and that ongoing studies aim to further identify the functional neuroanatomy of near-death experiences by means of standardized EEG recordings.

According to Greyson multiple neuroanatomical models have been proposed where NDEs have been hypothesized to originate from different anatomical areas of the brain, namely: the limbic system, the hippocampus, the left temporal lobe, Reissen’s fiber in the central canal of the spinal cord, the prefrontal cortex, the right temporal lobe.

Limits of neuroanatomical models
Blanke et al. admit that their model remains speculative to the lack of data. Likewise Greyson writes that although some or any of the neuroanatomical models proposed may serve to explain NDEs and pathways through which they are expressed, they remain speculative at this stage since they have not been tested in empirical studies.

Neurochemical models
Some theories hypothesize that drugs used during resuscitation induced NDEs, for example, ketamine or as resulting from endogenous chemicals that transmit signals between brain cells, neurotransmitters:

In the early eighties, Daniel Carr wrote that NDE has characteristics are suggestive of a limbic lobe syndrome and that the NDE can be explained by the release of endorphins and enkephalins in the brain.[59][60] Endorphins are endogenous molecules “released in times of stress and lead to a reduction in pain perception and a pleasant, even blissful, emotional state.”

Judson and Wiltshaw (1983) noted how the administration of endorphin-blocking agents such as naloxone had been occasionally reported to produce “hellish” NDEs. This would be coherent with endorphins’ role in causing a “positive emotional tone of most NDEs”.
Morse et al. 1989 proposed a model arguing that serotonin played a more important role than endorphins in generating NDEs “at least with respect to mystical hallucinations and OBEs”.
Limits of neurochemical models
According to Parnia, neurochemical models are not backed by data. This is true for “NMDA receptor activation, serotonin, and endorphin release” models. Parnia writes that no data has been collected via thorough and careful experimentation to back “a possible causal relationship or even an association” between neurochemical agents and NDE experiences.

Multi-factorial models
The first formal neurobiological model for NDE, included endorphins, neurotransmitters of the limbic system, the temporal lobe and other parts of the brain. Extensions and variations of their model came from other scientists such as Louis Appleby (1989).

Other authors suggest that all components of near-death experiences can be explained in their entirety via psychological or neurophysiological mechanisms, although the authors admit that these hypotheses have to be tested by science.

Low oxygen levels (and G-LOC) model
Low oxygen levels in the blood (hypoxia or anoxia) have been hypothesized to induce hallucinations and hence possibly explain NDEs.[14][5] This is because low oxygen levels characterize life-threatening situations and also by the apparent similarities between NDEs and G-force induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) episodes.

These episodes are observed with fighter pilots experiencing very rapid and intense acceleration that result in lack of sufficient blood supply to the brain. Whinnery[66] studied almost 1000 cases and noted how the experiences often involved “tunnel vision and bright lights, floating sensations, automatic movement, autoscopy, OBEs, not wanting to be disturbed, paralysis, vivid dreamlets of beautiful places, pleasurable sensations, psychological alterations of euphoria and dissociation, inclusion of friends and family, inclusion of prior memories and thoughts, the experience being very memorable (when it can be remembered), confabulation, and a strong urge to understand the experience.”

Limitations of low oxygen levels (and G-LOC) model
However, hypoxia-induced acceleration primary characteristics are “rhythmic jerking of the limbs, compromised memory of events just prior to the onset of unconsciousness, tingling of extremities …” that are not observed during NDEs. Also G-LOC episodes do not feature life reviews, mystical experiences and “long-lasting transformational after effects”, although this may be due to the fact that subjects have no expectation of dying.

Also, hypoxic hallucinations are characterized by “distress and agitation” and this is very different from near death experiences which subjects report as being pleasant.

Altered blood gas levels models and their limitations
Some investigators have studied whether hypercarbia or higher than normal carbon dioxide levels, could explain the occurrence of NDEs. However, studies are difficult to interpret since NDEs have been observed both with increased levels as well as decreased levels of carbon dioxide, and finally some other studies have observed NDEs when levels had not changed, and there is little data.



Machine Transcript
[0:27] Fourteen that’s the death what dreams may come. When we have shuffled off this mortal coil must give us pause william shakespeare hamlet. [0:39] Hey everybody welcome to macabre mark chapter nine in your hoe siri show here with my fellow co host river mailing and travis ny and this episode we’re going to be talking about, near death experiences. That kinda makes sense on the internet that’s kinda depressing that i’m even reading it or hearing you read um like. Weather sprite down a grandma for uniden often should diagram having and have a near death experience and she’s actually still alive but it’s coming out there is there a. Prepare for it i did will you be sure close enough. [1:25] So yeah so near death experience for those for the uninitiated is a personal experience associated with death or impending death, such experiences main purpose of riley sensations including detachment from the body feelings of levitation total serenity security wharf. [1:45] Experience of absolute disillusion and the presence of light. Near death experiences of recognize as part of a trans and as part of some transcendental and religious beliefs in the after life. Cuz often these near death experiences will it will get to that will actually reflect the. What while they we will reflect the religion of the person having the experience but the same time there’s a whole bunch of universal light beats or themes in and you’re gonna is that like every culture has but it. But it’s interesting so as as we go here at the other thing is that i’m run down some different models of when used to describe it any decent you spite. There’s really no real science tried suggests. A subjective explanation for what causes and any and in d and. You know there’s a lot of the series and they sound very scientific, however i would be quick to point out that none of them have ever been and actually inmate in my digging here fully like scientifically proven or bend light fully repeatable in a study where you could assist billy consistently be like. Oh this is not or this is definitely what causes it right he can’t that spirit ex just think. Campus hearing about the section of the an interesting topic because i’m right now i’m researching for my on. [3:12] Production things that kinda induce fear moons little be good that death is a big catch all for a lot of that the. And in this field is not without its hoaxes cuz ie i tend to be very open minded about these flight always keeping mines that. They are con artists out there the most famous one and most recent one that i know of is from in twenty fifteen the boy who came back from having a true story published in twenty ten k and alex malarkey now and you know it says a true story that their trying to like get you to leave them no his last name is malarkey popping up on the last me until just now sent that seven hours until i was reading it out loud and now down to see the note to read it out loud like holy crap their names are even malarkey spurs happens first came out i was late in the story roll as it only got that how did you not know that this is the. Because of their last name and the to the whole thing that they have that they actually put in their true story booze. [4:16] Coming publisher tactic loosely well also what kind of my thing to is like is this true i’m telling you the truth that you have to believe me believe me yes okay let’s go there now but i know where you’re getting that from yes thats so there’s there’s a common illness near death experiences. Research survey identify the common elements that the fight in years experience. And the general features include impressions of the one else outside was physical body visions of deceased relatives and religious figures. [4:52] Transcendence or eat got take erotica he got it or species special temp oral boundaries thank you your welcome i get words. [5:02] I am not looking where they should’ve expresso he bet many common elements have been reported although a person’s interpretation of these vents often corresponds with their cultural philosophical religious police experiencing, for example in the usa were forty six percent of the population please a guardian angels they will often be identified as angels or deceased loved ones. Where is he news will often identify the in figures that are with them as messengers of the god of death when. [5:33] So here’s here’s the like beat laundry list of common things not now there is no hard fast rule because i i read through a whole bunch of this and it don’t roll like you to experience is. And a lot of them have missing a few of them but hear some like be points seem to correspond with a whole crap load of them. A sensor awareness of being debt since of peace wellbeing pain was this possible motions innocent of removal from the world. An out of body experience is really coming but it will get two in one of the explanations is not always the case light at sea. The total experience this is the one that in the picture were gonna use for this episode as a painting by our monia squash. Percent of the blasted that has a you know a deceased person traveling through a tunnel of light and it is. [6:29] Dead on what i think of when i think of the the tunnel be like traveling through and i even seen is used in like different religious. Things and stuff like that describing what the total would be like um. So that’s that painting is really on top part with the tunnels what we use for the tunnel and that bright light in the warm light being a good safe place. And being at peace is super common thread of any these are eighties part me from. Yeah encountering beans of all of light that kept our possibly deceased love ones. Receiving error yet receiving will life review commonly ss refer to as seen one’s life flash before one’s eyes now this one in particular wanted to know because. [7:21] My great grandfather had a near death experience all. And getting getting into will we get the explanations and some serious about what costs these this is part of what throws off the cultural inference theory, where it’s like people hear about incident that in handling alien abductions well, once those happened like almost and am pretty describe the grace of lee everyone describes their italians like something in. Where as with near death experiences they were not get i’m getting ahead of us but we were really covered in depth until like the seventies was like seventy five of the first. Major article about this national in some bomb but my great great grandfather. He was fishing on lake in minnesota and they were using it this was about like the twenty’s or earlier and they were fishing in a lake with dynamite. [8:13] And if so what they’re doing is it taking stick of dynamite dynamite with long fuse the stick in a jar and with a rock and then they throw it off and you know that so they were fishing. Had he was the only one in this group of like four people that can’t swim so he jumped of the boat and swim out he gather all the fishing from the boat. [8:32] Well they had one that didn’t go off that was like a daughter whatever and so they waited and waited and was like i guess it’s not all off so then they set off another one he jumped in the water. M and the first one the three late earlier one went off while he was in the war lasted a mouse and it’s is and the only things either as i was super young but i tune in at my dads recall that stuff is just like. [8:58] One of the things we are member was in top you must like that thing they say about your life flashing before your eyes and floating and all that is like it’s true. Sec i saw everything i saw when i was little kid and and my mom and dad and. He saw relatives that were like long passes of like that yet so he had a really in depth wall sprite did, with all these full marks that were talking about yeah wave of and this is not a guy who was like super following the media or anything like that. I just this is a super world farm kit from doing busy doing his own thing and living his life like barely pay attention anybody and and not like a science fiction person or even novel reader is so it’s like. [9:41] You know where what you’ve got nice ideas from but this is you know like what but he reported to us and com right here someone say your life flashes before your eyes i do think of. [9:52] The other thing is that he’s the one i name for this is robert richard bailey of the first one all. [10:00] So what is approaching border or a decision by oneself and, others report that they are forced return their body often accompanied by a reluctance to return their body like it’s not time yet there’s a place i’ve actually heard of this you when people are doing past life regression xp young men if you also regressed to a soul level which is like one step beyond just going to pass but they are actually going to like, the actual soulmate where your soul exists and people have reported that, there’s that leftist return because they’re in such an area just like you for a in peace, that to return back to your body impact your own consciousness is very difficult because you don’t want to leave that. So i had a friend that she does that as for her for a living and she had, she had one client where it was hard to get her to come back and she was actually like legitimately scared that this woman wasn’t gonna be able to come back and her body is. Well paso yeah it’s yeah. [11:04] Let c and another one is than the sudden the experience of some refining yourself back in siting here your body. Getting in to some the cultural aspects we talked about earlier, this great curry shoes shoe shan publish an analysis after like leaves from five different inch civilization ss old and middle can me gypsum area all babylonian mesopotamia, that in the previous china and pri columbia ms america. Compare them with historical and contemporary reports of near death experiences and shah matic after life journeys. [11:41] Says he found similarities across time place and culture that cannot be explained by when since he also found elements that were specific to cultures. He concludes that some form from the mutual influence between experiences of an after life and culture and probably influence one another. Through you know what they inherit and internal influences in their individual on near death experiences so i guess that it slaughter the wording of that. [12:11] Basically take way there is that you know someone from india my see agents of the god of death someone from america my see guardian angels, but they’re still gonna have those common hallmarks rate very strangely consistently across the board services a lot what i experience in like my line of work is that everybody has these identifiers of things but essentially their disturb the same thing as is the title that you give to it in the mean that you get to it so now so i what you sell a defy somebody in like you know india will sail this is like the god of death where is like somebody americans will ask my guardian angel but they are essentially the same, being is what they’re talking about us just the title that you give to it and so even like what i do some of the work that i you know when i’m like interpreting like signs and symbols you now its hard to like it’s like i’m seeing. Like a pitchfork i’m trying to put my own meaning to a pitchfork behind ability you ate that you understand what it means you know like it just i don’t have like. [13:15] Fuck was that what was were looking for like of reference point, to like to like relate to it and as i don’t know when c and light is is a pitchfork really think know at the trident you know any might, that’s the house like people like relay the different things that just be sanyo might experiences this is how they are experiencing is that’s why i think a lot of people are like, it’s like such a religious experience for them but it’s it was me and i think people are experiencing the same thing this is what, they are defining for themselves based on their life experiences. [13:47] Days tell you just steven knows your he should just do like a blog like an ink blot test but only showing like the real tangible items to see how people translate them i should i should. Show like an outline of a car and see how people write ray translate that are sump oh yeah yeah like i had a reading of a couple days ago and i saw in my vision like in my mind i saw truck, i should’ve specified pickup truck right not just said truck and i specifically sought pickup truck and i don’t know why i didn’t say it how i side in the eye that. Difference of me just saying truck and not specifying. Was meant alot more to the sitter then it did it to me so i shouldn’t specifically said pickup truck and then shooting like in gas so yeah it’s so funny how people are just so lake. [14:43] W two glasses so crazy. [14:47] Yeah leaves me scratching my head cuz i just really truck you know mic checker thinking ten or so i track you know. We depend on the context but if it was you or out on a farm and it was like harvest season or something i be like pickup truck while you reading three and i’m like okay super anal haven’t you his email series crossed over you know and it in and so, he’s your son he’s been gone for a long time any diet need a quick leave you get all of my grandfather say okay please show me a picture of a truck and you would think. [15:19] Mrs patsy so it was like that and so there’s no to the mike so that’s kind of. Sorry tangent nola school. Soon there are a lot of the reason so i have lots of notes of them here but we’re gonna really like give you quick fly over version of them to some of them are really get into the weeds and really exhaustive but. Like i said none of them have been like explicitly proven out the first areas obviously the spiritual one in which you know people say is like maybe it’s an out of body experience or know people actually seeing you know the after life. And is the a c. [16:03] They’re van five different studies on this year here’s the limitations with that one as to five different cities have been carried out to test the accuracy of the out of body experience morons with this is what you were talking about re in the messenger um. [16:18] Where they would give unusual all targets in locations that were only someone who was having like an and de would be able to see like up by the ceiling and stuff like that but clocks and weird signs and trinkets and stuff because we. [16:32] But they would use a during surgery off at, they will just have these items in the surgical operating room up above the lights so bare theory is that if you were spirit is going to physically float outside of your body, then if you were you if your spirit is floating up above, then you should be able to have a different perspective on the room because a lot of people report being able to see the perspective of like the surgery and might what’s going on in the room and had a different for spec of but there’s no way to prove it’s a lonely approval would be to put something that order out of place in an area that nobody else can see and look a place to do that is on top of the lights so then they would place like clock they would place is it just different eyeball things are signs and stuff of them they would ask these individuals hopefully they would know check spirit james yeah yeah and so then they that well did you but what else did you see like them and that they didn’t describe that particular object than that will. And this is a predator your take me as a if they didn’t say that particular opulent i saw pink bubble than that all the niggas your whole experience bullshit they better really happen like your just fabricating that based off but be what you see on tv and there are some researchers in here that were like super careful those like not say that that’s right don’t dismiss near death experience even if it’s. [17:55] Even if is a product purely of like internally of your minds kosher like. It shouldn’t be dismissed just because of that it’s not what super profound experience and have a major profound impact on the have them. And then so like we did the experiment you were talking about where they had twelve patients reported leaving their bodies in that then those surgeries. But unfortunately none of them to describe the visual targets although, this is a small sample failure of the ported out of body experiences to describe the hidden targets raise questions about the accuracy of the and it don’t reports describe buff. And might know here is that you obviously twelve people is not a scientific. Say is not simple my papers by doe means that but it but it is interesting that you know that they did not see it. And that and we’ll get to that later there’s one more report where they get a study worth like half the people. That describe the surgery go have like from outside of their body half of them got right what equipment was being used on them glass half of them didn’t. Um let’s see so. [19:12] Yet their there’s a lot of people who dismiss and de researchers as pseudo scientific and they are there beat worry there is which obviously is like confirmation bias to nothing works like were there looking for. [19:26] A destination and then how can i make the data get me to that destination which is a problem um. And something else i was hearing about this something is listed on the radio it wasn’t about near death experiences but was talking about something just like this i know i was reading phenomenon by. Same woman that wrote like area fifty one and a few other of books that i’ve referenced before that are like very good books on like this topic and she was talking about how it now this book. In particular was about like an okay i’ll try and like remove center and set the biggest thing that the department of defense had trouble with. In their research was that the only people they can find are either a. True believers who have just like ridiculously bad confirmation bias all the pentagon officials at this point i don’t know if i trust their data. And then. [20:24] The it’s like there’s only them and then there’s diehard skeptics were just like i won’t even entertain this i wont write a paper about i want to study about it because it’s ridiculous i won’t even entertain it and so the pentagon s like. So how do we test they said it has either you won’t touch it or you’ll get all over it and then numbness at yeah yeah. And i i feel like, a little bit of that with this we’re just cool like because it’s such a hot button and controversial it this like you got researchers who are super super late oh this is definitely a thing yet and it is amazing above and then you’ve got people who are just like will no matter what it has to be. You know it has to be on their head all day i just need to figure out how it’s all in there at the seams like both of pics the destination not defy the data back devestation. [21:17] Is not good science not awful and so. Oh you know getting into the signs little bit here there’s a bunch of psychological explanations and all the scientific explanations i found a lot of these to be the. The weakest tom cuz like the personal is personal station model doesn’t really work that great because i. People that suffer then usually. It’s very unpleasant anxiety panic emptiness stuff like that was in the user basically the exact on the door at from yeah. [21:52] Um that see expectancy model this is the one i talked about a little bit with my great grandfather all year, it just like it’s wish fulfillment or they probably read from outside sources about and yes but you look at somebody like from each some area are my grandfather in the twat nineteen twenties or great grandfather that he twenties and, it’s like these guys were not you know like sitting around watching leonard special leonard mean weight my search of about near death experiences. This is not in their wheelhouse ray that see. [22:29] So we took cover when basically it’s me like of anybody’s like super duper religious there’s and they make top on your experience of height i don’t know about you but i’m camel and a little bit quick to dismiss like there experience, just because i pay i think they want so badly to see angel’s, because like they need a physical confirmation that that but they held so dearly to their hearts their entire life their religion that they follow to a t the date now that they have six pairs i’ve seen angels kike have you or are you very sure you are experiencing some sort of like optional or you know phenomenon in, and that’s where i get a little bit suspicious that the sooner somebody mentions jesus am i am out. The stunning friendly so that i think that’s pretty significant. [23:16] But that’s another psychological what is that this association model which is just that something bad is happening see your mind is distracted disassociate from it. [23:27] I found this wanna be super weak and and dollar to give like a counter argument is is it so like. [23:35] It’s just in my eyes will be the saying oh used the word do this other rain in this out thought science now ray what bright. And in lake perth model which is saying that like the tunnel and the lights are, it’s like your dying brain is trying to re imagine birth like most dramatic big thing to happen to you but as many people will point out or, i’m on other things like with c sections a bunch of other stuff, you wouldn’t have the experience that you don’t actually remember it’s in general area i did they talk about is article talk about the shutting down of the accesible loving like white was he a tunnel of light and that’s why you see light. [24:15] I remember hearing about the little bit i don’t know that will make it more it to the white jump on if you’re not in there will get these are the psychological was always ira to get more to like a chemical reaction and okay chemical components. [24:30] So the physiological ones so so mute. Yeah oh my god senior st is a lot of black and sebastian d the glass as it doesn’t in from the cold poly tech be there eyelid day lasso on switzerland propose of bream braced my with two types of and the ease. Thank you um so there’s one this due to the bilateral frontal accidental but. Primarily right hemisphere brett see you were getting into the weeds here but basically there’s talk about this. [25:06] Go for it okay so okay so type one and either due to bilateral frontal and accidental see your frontal lobes like right up in your biz right on the front of your forehead your simple as write the backlight refill bobbing the back your head so you put your hand on the back your head you can actually feel, that bob your side and i am a very loud vibrating stuff, i had three channels all one word other network news about predominately right hemisphere brain damage affecting the right temp or upper right all junction so if you wanna put your hand on the right hand it on the right side of your brain or reset your head and characterized by out of body experiences altered since the times and seasons applying light does vaction in playing so the right side of your brain is a part of you that’s like very imaginative and creative, and so it that it’s basically all of your senses and that’s why you feel that alton the time is in station the flying exeter center so that’s why they’re trying to categorize it into that category of experiences the type shoes of near death experiences are also due to bilateral frontal and the village is basically the from your in the back your brain so the from your brain processes is. [26:12] Oh i ask as a result of thinking in the back your brain is it is how you see so like these two are kind of like, and like they’re kinda conf looking right now but predominantly left canister access like your thinking side air vents think that but how you think and how you process like i am. More physical part of yourself so they’re talking about. Then the talking about c here of affection left trail junction character is a feeling a presence meeting and communications spirit singing line bodies lol voices sounds unfamiliar. Music without vaction so that’s kinda like how you experience and how you see things, and so that’s so like the so you’re basically your brain is is having like this moment of just like this incredible dislike electrical storm is going on inside and that’s how they’re trying to on scientifically classified, these experiences so looking overload between for and yeah yep and so bad that’s kinda why there saying like that i believe, in what you’re saying it has happened cuba hear the scientific explanation what’s going on in your brain and why you think that so lot scientists will say that like me and what i do is basically my brain. Bel functioning and like that’s why you still like you have feelings that you know things are your communicating spirit that everything but there’s also there’s also a large part of it to where it’s unexplainable. [27:35] So then do i use plaster of years of so they suggest that damage to the bilateral accesible court or text may lead to visit and at the optical cord taxes actually outside of your simple or text in the back your bring lily to visual features of near death experiences such as seeing tunnel or lights damage to you lara bilateral temp for a little structures that’s on the side your head like by your years, answer to the hippocampus and a middle leslie hippocampus actually goes over the top section of your brain and nigga left me gosh i’m having fun having a brain fart shop maly to motion experiences memory flash better life or life reviews so you’re hippocampus is actually, um like how you feel experience things and that’s why and it’s affecting that would explain it that way the concluded that future do scientific studies are likely to reveal the nero anatomical basis of the md which will lead to the d miseducation of the subject without needing paranormal aspect explanation so they’re trying to say basically like this is how zions explain that so juss gg fl but hot but, you still have like well you know we kind of exit like we are all energetic bodies and our enter your energy experiences life in different ways than just scientific off so you can say that yes like science has an explanation but, there’s also you know your energy of your person and they never been able to like. [29:02] Prove it i can conclusively and allow trigger this and what exactly ethical reason exactly exactly trigger this and then no okay that’s clearly what’s right. [29:11] Let’s see this summer so. [29:19] Some of limitations of the narrator michael model. Is that your mean spec okay what we were just saying it ruing speculative because there’s a lack of data right. Op rights although some of the new roll up your room near near anatomical models, propose bay servant to explain indies and pathway through which they expressed their main speculative at the state since i have not been tested with empirical studies. So yeah so yeah and we get in to the neuro chemical one which i thought there’s one of these that i’m looking for that was interesting. [29:56] You know sot there was this the talk about the indoor fans being releases stuff like that they get into the problem with that is that, it would produce a lot more negative, hallucinations and then what and he is ten right right to be here for all of purses lake panic and pain yup. [30:17] Policy and then there’s like a park ca and i see like low oxygen level based when gas. The multi fact role as they they just mention it could be some of the stuff combine with some of physical neurological straightest combine with the psychological right. [30:34] Hmm let’s see so yeah that the high park see a thing because through that because. [30:40] They talked about all these test cases that they’ve done with pilots and what pilot physically experience is nothing like it and the as far as like rather than being sri and colder usually like flailing around like seizure in his when they have it. So yeah so they’re not sure on that one and yeah it same thing that i just said this britain there. [31:04] Alter blood gas levels it’s difficult to interpret sins and the zip have been observed bowl of with increased levels and decrease levels of carbon dioxide so yeah so that gas levels thing is really hard for them to. To measure to pinpoint and then, yeah yes so basically like science is trying to bring you down from trying to say the word that you met jesus and he came back to tell to tell you a story, no about it in the hazard those the explanations or the thames and explanations are the best they can come up with greatly fight you guys mentioned you had some. Possible stories or things with near death experiences here sevenths yeah yeah okay yeah there was a is okay in handcuffs hundred aircraft carrier in a barrel, trying to this skate yes that’s exactly what it was robert that is amazing. Nigga said did not survive that one so if she so here i am in my near death. Experience floating in particular you looking for goes you know i don’t really wrinkle in ages much anymore it’s good yeah translate hydrated but can’t hold anything is false yeah so anyway my near death experience. [32:21] I consider new does experience cuz like died so that’s new does right okay yeah so is more like a in the moment thing like i don’t really have a huge recollection of the in between from beginning to end of. All i know is is doing demolition work in milwaukee where down town and there’s this huge like six story building. [32:45] And we’re basically getting the interior which happened and in the two walls with taken out on the exterior so just a huge. At this point we guide on like three stories as a three story l shape ascension the corner and whenever they do construction like than a big city they put this huge like a foot fence around the perimeter the sidewalks people don’t walk by right direction so i was in there and my bosses super tight and we’re just picking bricks that were still good to pallet eyes and sell yeah yeah okay so we’re doing that and the guy running excuse me to swing the bucket and hit the wall and like all this dust fell on me and in the wall sure point am i watch it bud like that is no joke you need to be careful yeah so like twenty mins later he did it again and the walls swing super hard and i’m like maybe five feet away from it so i took off in a dead sprint, in the walking completely collapsed and i have no idea how to do this i got some white guy and like somehow i is not a fast runner let’s just let’s keep this pc and it another says earning a high jumper, so let’s say like i clear this eight foot fence in time that actually pushed the fence out she and i rode the fence industry while also like. [34:08] However tall a three story building is right like il ran it before it collapsed game so that’s like a matter of like five seconds, is that the acid is like sixty feet in five seconds like i was a ten second car ray her leg but in that time period like. [34:25] Do your like i have no recollection of like what my physical body had done. I like that me all i remember is it like starting class to crumbling noise and then i’m on the fence and huge like does cloud so’s lily like your fire flight. [34:41] Really. Flighted right let’s say if i offer my life it’s a little more sq your kindness system chicken and basically your survival instinct was just like yeah let’s go duke and, but you’re jalen isms and they got you at the right so the guy with the loader that hit are any other people or they hurt no he wasn’t her cuz of course the wall fill outwards towards my direction which the smart move would’ve been run for the because there’s a garage door that was no longer there, that i could just bypass the but of course my mind is like lets run towards the collapsing wall was running away from it and. So that was definitely like i’ve had a couple other crazy experiences but that is definitely one that stands out my mind is like i physically feel like my body took over and i just kinda blacked out from it. Like it was he has no recollection of like we’re consciousness wasn’t that point yeah like i’m just like, girl and just kinda took over like it’s it’s kinda crazy but i don’t really have the flashbacks and stuff because i really feel like it wasn’t me that made my body. Take off oh interesting that you even think it was like my my would a never said i you run and you take two steps make sure shuffle real quick so i get to jump position and then clear that fence interest my my would have been like yeah i’m screwed us over don’t make it to the fence and no way my mind is set like going over that since the. Well that’s and that’s interesting yeah. [36:08] And your site nice service experience years i now i live i guess the pleasure and tell those to the till somebody else my tail that’s crazy yeah i’m and now. [36:21] That was like browse at your buzz you actually see yourself outside your body, no doing miss you have any communication with anybody was just like all the sudden you have this altered state of consciousness for you just burnt i was on the vents when is done so i know what it yeah while, my tuesday is crazy for sure. [36:42] Have you tried like bingo red events stephanie is like psychological experiences will eat your brain basically just like shuts off it’s recording mechanism yeah just goes into like it goes into a mode and just like you have no recollection of like. And yeah i mean cuz it wasn’t you know like, an open field for me to run on like there a place to rubble that i would end of life right over there a issues a perfectly made like, running reminisces see you actually like sprinter like there doesn’t mean handle leg after the dust settle like traffic had stopped obviously cuz i mean and yeah the big city yeah in like everybody’s a out of the car looking at me right like are you okay and then my dad was icsi where he’s a good my does does sound see me there and then he went after the guy running the machine so yeah like i was like holy crap so. [37:36] Canadian things exercise so as possible this is kind of. Find interpretation of it i think that maybe is like a wrinkle in time of i think i night crawler didn’t right that’s why and right i’m gonna go with that cuz nba yeah actually. Nice yeah. [37:54] The not so odd numbers you you don’t know how it happened allison you’re point eight point be like people totally doing a form of like time travel were like basically time actually stretches out orbitz or basically gets quicker so like this times and you can do this like we’re going to work even like there is so like i really wanna get to work on time is a snow storm i pad and i left at my normal time and these are the snow that we had it would’ve taken me an extra five to ten minutes to get there i actually write an extra ten minutes ahead of than my normal tia when i left at my regular times it was just like. I didn’t speed i was driving slower but yet i still arrive ten minutes ahead of time so laying ow hole that happens of maybe something like that was less traffic. No nope it was a it was in the scientific robert okay but when laying are moments there’s no on i don’t know that i don’t make it ten antennas hat i’m always act right at. The buzzard or a little bit because are you now so that’s maybe that’s one way to think of it the girl fight this it just tossing it out there. [39:08] Some near death experiences arie do you have any i don’t have any and the east i have a meditation experiences where i felt like outside of my body which is more like the actual production wishes come with roof already covered episode one in case you are interested or chapter one sorry anyways i did read it i have read quite a few books though on people’s own experiences and just notice like common themes as far as like experiences that they have and it’s like you know all the thread count and to hold hands and i don’t think that this is like. One particular religious experience for person it’s i think is a common theme or all kind of going to the same places just your life experiences defining what is it you’re seem so two books i read when i am. Were on heaven is for real which i don’t wish even after million with it’s basically about how this little boy at four years old um medias three does that his degree way she ended irate. [40:13] Um he has like this massive infection from appendicitis and he’s in the hospital and he ends up. Dying for a little while on the operating table. Well then his dad they they the parents don’t know at this point time that he is deceased. So he just starts the parents are just like, praying at the deli praying praying praying this pray to god say my please to bring my son back please please please now here’s the this is where this the father what he does for living he’s a pastor so it’s kinda late mom as a kind of weird about anyways. [40:53] And the little boy actually gets is revived and he’s he makes out of surgery any actually as of friday he’s like and he’s probably fifteen years old right now so i am. After this after this experience in the hospital but the doctors. Don’t say that don’t think like he clinically died but like the little boy was definitely outside of his body because the little boy later mentions about how he went to meet jesus and how about what heaven looks like and his like mention this in bits and pieces and the dad is this as is the china story says about how you super careful to not like. Guide him in the story telling like that to like plant stuff than you like ms remember i mistake things is always is always whenever he rip out of this you just let let’s kick talk cell. [41:42] What kind of like figure out so what the little boy says he says isi you on your knees in this room and like he described the room praying to jesus that, that i would be that i would be safe in that’s when jesus told me that i needed to go back to my body and back tomorrow to tune a mommy daddy and so he was just like there’s no way, that his son would have even known about that because of what why would you tell your three year old a four year old son that by the way i was in the waiting room praying for you to play come back yeah the crazy thing that tell them that because the first thing that comes to the shit out of them seven holder not gonna understand and they might understand a little bit but not, you know to the extent so and he also mentioned he knew about that there was. [42:30] A year but they had had their pregnant they miscarry and so when he got to have them will he gets hundred away by this girl who is having its okay she just so happy to see him and she is like dark curly hair and describes girl in full detail and then that’s and she said that she was her sister and he’s these like, i don’t have a sister like i don’t have an older sister is have me on my other you know sister whatever and like they’ve never told him that. You know that they had a child at the miscarry to there’s like little things like here and there that late there’s no way that he could’ve known as such a young age and the other thing like he describes that is consistent with other people and it had like, have experiences like what jesus actually looks like so there’s this painter who she was and her team that she had she had expense for she’s, set you would have a whatever the painting about what jesus looks like yes so is like kind of interesting floats that’s apple and then the other one i read was ninety minutes in heaven. [43:33] Play again and the guys a pastor and he is the car acts and and like he’s actually dead like on the scene of a car accident do look into the hi eve risk lifestyles of the pastors who is a danger zone baby using his potty basin so basically he’s, is pronounced dead on the scene and they have a blue tarp over his car and everything but because he was like coming to or going to you up we’ll say a pastor convention because of that other, that’s what i was going to whistles every tree revenge of a passenger there when the. Person’s going to the convention recognized his car because they were good friends in the end he he pulled over and demanded, to the empty staff like i need to pray over my friends body like i just need to understand his deceased but it’s my job to minister to him so they allowed to go into the car and be with ham and pray over his body and he pray, furiously he says for like arrow twenty thirty minutes is costly just praying as hard as he cut and then all the sudden. He comes back to life which is lake. [44:39] Impressive i think i’m not a doctor but it sounds impressive and then he he explain like his whole experience to how he side no, old people that hassan they’re happy c and the angels voices the singing exeter etc, i’m describing things that like he could out of notable you know without being there so sd this is kind of interesting those experiences so the other couple books you can probably. Check-in to but. [45:06] That sent the plane so it almost like to say when i was younger like three years old yeah i kinda had an out of body experience similar to what we’re talking about. Because it’s because in at a previous chapter talked about like re occurring dreams and dream interpretation but this is actually a dream. That i had re occurring over and over yeah but it’s so real. We’re basically i seen a tollway this case of the yoyo traveling on the floor and rolling string leaving a trail of do you string me and leading into my room why can’t we would see myself and what i was doing and stuff that moment but i tell this to my parents and all originated because again i remember the house and like we moved out of there when your three and i get like. Get is details like the pictures on the wall like the color card where the furniture and everything like my toilet like my entire room layout the entire house to teach perfect detail. And without ever having photos of this room rating like that and is that three year old mind that you’ll still remembers the stingray and that’s honestly my interpretation of the near death experience like, the out of body and everything like that is to me it’s almost more scientific is the fact that you know this goes back to me being younger and thinking i could make. [46:26] Power energy balls can i resign yeah exactly and i remember one of the things that is reading like when i dial up internet and wait forever for document alone is very valuable information cuz i didn’t wanna hit refresh. [46:38] That you know all these powers abilities were more capable of happening when you younger because your mind is more open to the saying. But i also think in a stressful situation such as a near death experience your mind reverse that primitive thinking to the flyer for fight or flight scenario timing, but also goes back to you know like your mind is more capable opening up and using higher percentage of its abilities to. See exactly what’s going on around you that’s why and honestly for like my greeting and stuff like that no effect because i think if you’ve trained long enough that your your mind is capable of doing it because we don’t know what the full capabilities of, the human mind is crazy out whenever i go through like training train glasses for psychic stuff that sounds really when you go to jail what i do is talk about using your child like mining using your resignation cuz when you use your imagination that’s when you’re able to tappan them or those things, and it’s list there’s less judgement and that’s how you can kind of. Yeah like no very make ceasing it’s a major don’t try to bend the spoon that’s impossible, if i can only realize there is no spring in if already band to this room mortgage is it that of. Who is siri will see you now have a mini oracle seen yeah. [48:02] So yeah that was chapter nine near death experiences once again just a reminder to everybody that you know fee if your fancy by this topic are you got your own experience that you wanna share be sure to comment on your post on the sioux empire dot com or the facebook page we’d love to hear from you and hear about your stories on this and what what you think about this cuz this is a very interesting open-ended thing that get in touch a lot of people and i’m super curious about what’s out there it wasn’t as a message every year thing kinda shy yeah absolutely you could send us a email or message or whatever if you don’t wanna, communicate open like that yeah and one more thing yeah actually okay so if you have a spooky experience with ghosts out experience anything that like hat ever happened to you and it doesn’t have to be on the top of the of the of the episode that read it on please send it to us cuz i would love to read it on the episode and like share it no absolutely and you want to zero go after you ago an actual interview to be awesome yeah to welcome guests yeah they live or free recorded yeah whatever. Or if your dad and you just need to sent you know if you need to do an interview via wi tube or we can set that all is a sweetie thing today i’ll sell ya the air will talk about another episode. [49:21] The best we g thing you say that like it’s like is this nonsense like, i saw this thing he barrera was as again in hashtag re ge in your favorites for surge noise should be the, nice in one thinks everyone have a great week and we’ll see you next time.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 8 The Carrington Event

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 8 The Carrington Event

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees


“There was another display of Arora last night, so brilliant that at about one o’clock (AM) ordinary print could be read by the light.  The effect continued through this forenoon, considerably affecting the working of telegraph lines. The Aurora’s currents were so regular from east to west that operators on eastern lines were able to hold communications and transmit messages over the line between the city (Boston) and Portland, the batteries being discontinued from the wire.” — The New York Times, September 3rd 1859.


The solar storm of 1859 (also known as the Carrington Event) was a powerful geomagnetic solar storm during solar cycle 10 (1855–1867). A solar coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth’s magnetosphere and induced one of the largest geomagnetic storms on record, September 1–2, 1859. The associated “white light flare” in the solar photosphere was observed and recorded by British astronomers Richard C. Carrington (1826–1875) and Richard Hodgson (1804–1872). The now-standard unique IAU identifier for this flare is SOL1859-09-01.

A solar storm of this magnitude occurring today would cause widespread disruptions and damage to a modern and technology-dependent society. The solar storm of 2012 was of similar magnitude, but it passed Earth’s orbit without striking the planet.


Past Power Failures in the past –
Northwest US and Canada –
August 14, 2003

On August 14, 2003, the electricity went out in a large swath of the Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada.

The blackout affected the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Vermont, Michigan, Ohio, and Massachusetts. About 50 million people were without electricity, some for as long as two days. Eleven deaths are attributed to the outage, and it is estimated to have cost 6 million dollars.

Federal authorities ruled terrorism out almost immediately but took longer to figure out what had caused the problem. The verdict – hot power lines sagged into trees and switched off, causing other lines to carry the extra burden. They couldn’t handle the load and tripped a cascade of failures. Systems that should have given an earlier warning of the growing problem failed. The US – Canada Power System Outage Task Force concluded, after a 3-month investigation, that a combination of equipment failure and human error was to blame.

San Diego – Sept 8, 2011

A major power outage on September 8, 2011 left 5 million people without electricity from the west coast, east to Arizona, and from Mexico north to Orange County, California. The outage lasted for up to 15 hours. The National University System Institute for Policy Research estimated the economic impact of the power outage to be between $97 million and $118 million.

Although the Arizona power company said the outage appeared to have been associated with an employee replacing a capacitor at the North Gila substation near Yuma, why this routine task would cause a failure was unknown. Whatever the reason, had the system performed as it should have, the outage would have been confined to the Yuma area. So it appears that it was possible a combination of human error and equipment failure.

From Lloyd’s “Solar Storm Risk to the North American electric grid” Executive Summary:

“The total U.S. population at risk of extended power outage from a Carrington-level storm is between 20-40 million, with durations of 16 days to 1-2 years. The duration of outages will depend largely on the availability of spare replacement transformers. If new transformers need to be ordered, the lead-time is likely to be a minimum of five months. The total economic cost for such a scenario is estimated at $0.6-2.6 trillion USD”

Keep some emergency supplies around; you never know when you’ll be left in the dark. Here are a few ideas.

A good supply of fresh batteries
Candles (long burning ones, in glass)
Lighters and/or matches
Propane or kerosene lanterns with fuel
Fuel for your generator if you have one
An old-fashioned phone that plugs into the wall
Car charger for your cell phones and mobile devices

Battery powered radio
Canned and dry food enough for several days at least (that’s bare
minimum really, the more you have the longer you can hole up at home)
Food for your pets or other animals
If you put your candle or lantern in front of a mirror, you can almost double the amount of light you get from it.



Really good quick overview video

“Solar Storm Risk to the North American electric grid” This report was written by Lloyd’s with research and analysis by scientists from Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc. (AER) Nicole Homeier, PhD, Director of Product Innovation and Senior Staff Scientist at AER Lisa Wei, PhD, Staff Scientist at AER.
Lloyd’s would like to thank Professor Richard Horne (Fellow, AGU, British Antarctic Survey), Michael Maran (Chief Science Officer Catlin) and David Wade (Underwriter, Atrium Space Insurance Consortium) for their input in the report.

Machine Transcript

[0:26] There was another display or something so brilliant at one o’clock a m ordinary printer to be read by the light.
Effect continued through this forenoon and certainly affecting the work of telegraph lines.
Your hours currents were so regular from east to wes that operators on eastern lines were able hold communications transit.
Messages over the line between this city boston and portland the batteries being discontinued for.
Or the battery speed,
the new york times september third eighteen fifty nine call robby walker sue a half gram why i’m here iso here with.
Million and travis night i feel like you might never met us before you sign in with a question my house like it has like as a patron from amanda slight film nervous.
We’re talking about the caring to the event that the light was a.
From the new york times like drive set in eighteen fifty nine and be sickly it’s.
Handle me i know it is a how do i mean.

[1:36] With solar storms attack cell after the dental custom box yeah so it’s like houses mesa lakes lucerne really affected everybody lake in a hundred years ago i don’t do math.

[1:49] How is suzy super lionel disagree was super lines in a vacuum leak walden time gas back in the olden days.
At the phrase and noise they can your kids see me like literally like the idea of the nineties is it that a lot to so i also ate.
Yeah i’d eventually reading about different like accounts and people outside of just around to six different sources of like that yeah this nice write up.
They call you you wanna.

[2:21] I can dive in and you guys can try wind surfing to start but does the people of brief idea of what it is so the carrington event also known as the solar storm of eighteen fifty nine was a powerful go magnetic solar store.
That says where the sunny jetted giant crumble mass ejection.
And hit the earth’s magnetosphere and the effect of the space with my nose fear is basically like an invisible force field that are.
Our magnetic poles and are you know nickel iron course planet.
Produces that protects us from cosmic rays and radiation and a whole lot of different stuff well.
It can only protect against so much and sometimes the solar storms the that we get hit directly where heard of a way that radiation is not like a huge issues looking gamma ray burst for just quit mucus all.
What happens in these particular cases where it’s like super powerful is that which is foreign of when we’ll get the radiation mariah missed your gets paint really powerfully with,
lots of electromagnetic interference,
basically like at the pier electromagnetic pulse where it’s he can do anything to conduct electricity is gonna pick up on some of these currents.
Is we just right there in the quote from the new york times back in the eighteen fifties.

[3:45] Back then the with this major storm hit cuz the carrington one is the one a like largest reported once and it telegraph lines were especially vulnerable to it so they would pick up the current,
and i was just so much electricity in the atmosphere the lines are picking up that literally can’t send telegrams across the country.
Yeah and not use about you normally of the battery of its a its just like no battery needed because it’s is this giant metal core so it’s is picking up all this electric,
it’s tesla’s dream all this electricity in the sky empowering everything,
i until it blow stuff up right so i silently basically they have the battery is connected there was like a lightning bolt it like jetted out of like one like op phone operators.
Four head and my heart into like the florida like it was insane so there is a ghost someone the stuff for a little while it is kinda chill out yet power surges really bad gas but the all tiny batteries and stuff and the in.
You know the tune of the kinda knew what was going on cuz richard c caring ten is the british astronomer for spot and it because it was facing quarts,
in line when it first or the earth was when it first started so he that’s why it’s name the character event is that he was the first one that,
the spot it yeah actually cuz he had a special son telescope and the diagram golf so all walls are grown ass wasn’t that so we know surprisingly for the time a lot about.

[5:10] Incident craft you look like you say something no i keep hearing something transfer yeah week say you.

[5:18] Baby it’s me better of hearing it rn.
As of right now just so used to it hard it’s it’s is the mice in the walls just hear your home and i gotta get my ass or later can keep lying about me and him but okay so.
Here’s that the reason i wanna talk about this vent because it i mean it’s just a quirky footnote in history except for the fact.

[5:43] You know that’s the eighteen hundreds.
Telegraph lines are like the only technology round traits there’s a whole lot of doom saying out there about if of an event like this were hit today kinda like it honestly what about you.
I am with yours i don’t wanna die at lake you die would you think are as a deep thinker step is grounded enough though that it wouldn’t completely the friday i think that maybe we would just not be able to use our devices.
Well what it would do specifically is that it would blow transformers yeah especially all over like the ne i stay to fit right.
And so it would cost like a major blackout and transformers are expensive and complex all bills so,
i like the document i sent you guys from laurie’s,
where they did like a very in depth analysis of our past power failure some of the caring to vent the carrington event itself and then like the cost of eggs insurance company for like yeah plan for an.

[6:46] They sent that made me figure that if any number of it even slightly significant number of transformers were damaged the power outage could be like five months of.
So no power for five months so now you’re like we could do with that is just just can’t use your cell phones,
but it’s more than that you could there be no lights there be no all i have a little bit lag when i play fortnight,
just a bit ago five of leg just right down step
forward shoes to the left just put it in an envelope and become like the old like typewriter but dos versions of games yes so enter at idle
i don’t want it to happen it’s probably going to happen but it’d be interesting to see how,
it’s basically how we all adapt and make try to continue with me in the majority what i do is electronic they say i think you go as well so there’s like no way,
i could i would even have a job emily have figure out different jobs any how would you know how would money work how would you go society operating mean in any part it would be you know as are the communication stuff is like okay we still have male.

[8:00] Even so communicator letters the popo you you could wipe the i wouldn’t be able to find the address of the electronic route.
Yeah about that was your cuz you who delivers your mail,
the post office did you drives with gasoline draws gas pumps that need electricity no ice in the room saying vehicles that have electric starters,
if i give you a hand written letter and set age deliver this to boise idaho falls is could you get it i would have.

[8:34] Yeah i would do it with several days that idea of who’s be very interesting.
Hey i need belts for terrify just because me and basically anybody.
Anybody on dialysis or anything medical all this to get ugly ever be super screw that in that aspect
get holes we’ve not the weak points were gonna be strong and we come out of those travis as i got whiskey a eugenics to a minimum jesus,
i didn’t but but know what a cat and then i mean that i could you know to get into the the week of the strongest like.
Ls you’ve got some gigantic food stores or lake giant plot of land with a bunch of arable soil and food.
Cuban food that i don’t know about we’re all like three days away so it’s is like.
Yeah we’d be the hot people in hospitals of would be the ones in trouble first but after about a week we’d all be pretty face screw to write races at lake.

[9:34] If you’re weird like plumbing systems year freshwater filters on is that near your water is all the liver by a,
electrical pumps that pump water up and the water tower in the next what creates your the smaller towns probably might be fine because maybe some of them are all converted to a trailer in electrical or whatever.

[9:55] What is it like something some super small towns are having like a bush a well pump on your lap while pump what powers the pump,
i have a main your annual income oh you’re talking about like a okay i don’t think there’s any towns that have a water system like it comes natural ordered but.
But you know i could imagine a few forms that still have that but i know farmers flick that site for a even a lot of the farms anymore date,
they have old wells they could bring back on line great but a lot of them are pumping in a lot of their water through like me to cut a pipe wireless of our pipeline that.

[10:33] Criminal let about how towns work to get a sim city italy your license they i mean.
Win big really really screwed like yes yes fortunately dizzy as know you might be in with me but you need be nice cuz i do have a pretty healthy food storage in my basement for like two years stored.

[10:54] But how long can we live on donuts,
well it’s not all doughnuts sugar me news yeast there’s very is offering grace no i do actually have good food storage plus there’s always like my whole fam is a heavy and like survival stuff and cases what yeah i know,
if so where the best places to get a water supply if something were to happen is actually hot water heaters get fifty ounces i guess i read that in a book.
And arm of the title of the book but basically they had a an atomic bomb went off in california and they had to figure out how to survive and that was one of the things that they did she is a hot water heater and the.
Main character in the book was really bummed out that the water is fully hot and not cold and refreshing because you know hot water heater.
Yes so film f i were there and read school all not even getting like some the traumatic event.
You are being seem to have a light cuz i remember reading different apocalyptic thing so sorry is like a played out like something from my weekly reader that had like,
play breaking london or something like some throw away the proper yeah all about it and.

[12:04] This like but humans but telling the same story over and over and over and over thousands here yeah.

[12:10] The one thing though that i think they get wrong it at a new we could do a whole episode about apocalyptic scenarios that post apocalyptic dystopian stuff but.
You know what crack does a really good job of like analyzing and services like the look of societies where it like that of horrible broke down and like actually know what the mad max thing doesn’t happen because people are.
Believe it or not people aren’t monsters great what happens is your familial ties in your neighborhood and stuff like that cake and so like.
The example they use were like venezuela and egypt’s during that revolution while like three years where there’s a total breakdown of law and order like each neighborhood kind of like cordoned off its boundaries and this is the local man from the neighborhood
it’s rifles were like.
You know guarding me working like tonight watching some cats that neighborhood and the people still working iced and that you don’t like that’s what human beings do it’s just pray.
Now it would break down all much smaller lower local smaller level rates yes yes.
But yeah the the electricity thing in north america i mean it would be.

[13:18] Ight be bad cause that’s the thing i was for about like the transformer shortages stuff word be like there people i’ve heard say it be like two years to get all the power is.
And like the lights did he like the financial on it that just for totally billions and trillions of dollars yeah yeah so getting into like an example of a past.
Very similar scenario were much smaller.

[13:43] Event in two thousand three hit the united states this is the example of the lloyds article used to talk about of ends of it,
so in august fourteenth of two thousand three hundred c on large swath of the northeastern united states and south eastern canada.
The blackout affected the state of new york new jersey pennsylvania connecticut vermont ohio massachusetts about fifty million people were without electricity.
What’s funny is i was camping when this happened and we were all sitting around the camper but it was like a really nice electrical camper with kick out and can he is of like that and just like and we world to sit there like eating are like indian tacos or whatever rsvp for sharing food week may.
Watching on the tv is like people walking home across the brooklyn bridge because.
You stupid gridlock going to get in manhattan that’s of like so how crazy would have been like if you’re in that scenario and like just camping around no electricity they can convey happen you go back home like.
What’s going on and who i just come back to nothing yeah and.
I need a button that says this line for me we could do hold ups are about a whole episode about people that.

[14:55] Out of the loop on like kinds of the was much more common you know back in the day but i remember.
Like one like mount manner person in alaska that like the only comes down once every ten years or something like that,
i remember a two thousand nine when he came down for supplies and found out about like nine elevenths of jesus you know in like one that he will do an episode on down the road is the,
yes um a japanese veterans that were on islands that didn’t know and didn’t believe that japan had surrendered,
i’ll hit fighting world war two through like the sixties and would like to support local or hostage are killing recently supplies of it so yeah you have this handful of japanese scanner of these little island specific cut off from all info.

[15:39] Would fight fight fight and kill for.
Full moon from world war to say it’s like the sixties and even i think the last one was like in the seventies and now.
How can i be what is that not a tourist what i was sure it was messed up about it though was from what i know at least one of them were.
The japanese government even brought in like so it was like is commanding officer form and two are like the next one in line cuz obviously as commanding officer was within one died yeah but.

[16:10] You know it was like people you would know from the military be like you need to come out you know we’ve surrendered bob off,
the brought out like is family like it’s son who was now fully grown in stuff like that came out the speaker out the jungle like looking for him in.

[16:24] He just figured this like no other prisoners of the americans now and they’ve been brainwashed what’s up ladies rambo status was basically like first line yeah yeah i’ll.
Like i said we could do a whole episode of low rank it alone things.
Amanda sounder for you from now on and ima come next episode of sounder next chapters every time you say we get a little episode.
Absolutely so let’s see.
I think the one thing that i like most about talking about the carrington event is how many people never knew these things existed like the solar flares and now the social media suppressive people like freak out about them.
It’s like to these been happening for everybody a whole pack of people that think it can’t happen because they think it’s all sciences really cuz is i feel like well yeah there is that is alive will it to act.
Um it’s just like the thing with the internet and this year is that it takes ideas that are attractive with other good ideas are bad ideas and whole communities build up around it there’s no societal like pressure to lake.

[17:35] You know like like an nurse tanya is right it sucks that it’s like on the one hand it really liberated helped alot of different groups lia,
that you know where we’re really pressed or repressed or look down upon while at the same time.
It also lets you know the lack of community work that take it to far yeah and there’s no late voice of reason amongst them because they’re all wackos yeah there’s no appealing to authority anymore because everybody’s on an equal footing as far as data yeah information yeah.
It’s kinda funny but not.
And it’s like a terrifying black beer dystopia kind of thing and but he hears lloyds quote here on the rest of a solar storm for.

[18:21] Like a future carrington event.

[18:23] The total us population and at risk of an extended power outage from a carrington level storm is between twenty to forty million.
The generations with generations of sixteen days to one to two years the duration of the outer just will largely depend on the availability availability of spare replacement transformers,
if new transformers need to be ordered the lead time will likely be a minimum of five months.
The total economic cost for such a scenario is estimated at between point six,
and two point six trillion us dollars i have problem with that number.
I think they should a said between six billion to two point six trillion dollars no billion is too low.

[19:11] Point six is billy and so that be six hundred billion.

[19:17] Yeah so states of the nations and he doesn’t math so they just wanted to stick with that.
My dad lives in sa ration them even said anything to your mom i think.
My favorite part of this not my favorite ima claim i’m really worried about this whole thing i think it’s the new exciting i really do,
just because it is so interesting but you you’re like the people who are who like when the purge was it from into the purge universe would just like,
alright alright alright let’s happy but a lot i guess though one of them was the one that happened in two thousand twelve and it was a caring can level of and that was that was going to hit earth,
except it missed us by like i think was like seven days or nine days or guess about that what a measurement of lake arrow.
They are sweet yeah make a distance from earth with your soul i thought that was really fascinating that we were that close to having a caring to level of n two thousand twelve but it never even hess so i fit i think that just purveyor.

[20:26] Furthers the down.
The myth about it like that we only and think that this could happen because eighteen fifty ml of vacuum does anybody live in a female like they can’t tell us yellowed how are we gonna,
know for sure we’re basically their grand going other great great grandkids and yeah we’re reading a story is nothing and it’s bullshit that crazy they don’t know their talking about people are so dumb eighteen fifty nine and then you know but sounds like no you guys this
this could legit happen eric said bullshit you know but then it it could have happened in two thousand twelve.
But now it’s like back on a different cycle i guess that was the thing but every hundred fifty years is that what a big event can happen is that kinda how the.
The lake forecast is it’s and it’s geologic kind of stuff which means that.
But in a geology professor one time was like whatever they’re predicting like earthquakes volcano eruptions or something like that he’s always like it was given estimate and he’s like it when its geology,
always at plus or minus one million years this is so is so when they though they didn’t say that this report right when they’re saying that one of these events can happen around.
Once every hundred and fifty years are so right or a hundred years are some of them were saying it’s like when you put my geology professor just like.

[21:45] We’ve been like yeah pilot because we’re looking at like the history of the solar system by there’s like huge variation in every hundred years kind of ray thing.
The and you know it just like one little decimal point to variation that seems you know minuscule in the geologic terms could be like.
The entire history of western civilization is this little point two if all he have a.
Yeah so i just thought that was a super bass needed that because it missed us so bad people probably that’s logo it and its never gonna happen or it didn’t happen you know they means like no he’s gonna take it as seriously as they should,
and in my research i did find at least one you tube or who were.
Is super convinced that of the caring ten lie that the carrington event is not really a thing that happened.
And he had this dictionary from eighteen sixties.
That didn’t mention the solar storm and so that was his like primary source that.

[22:46] It’s like well they didn’t mention it so it’s like so clearly is is the thing that they’ve made up recently.
Try trophy for the peas or something like that i will literally has had an encyclopedia that was written in like the nineteen sixties and according to my encyclopaedia.
Jfk was still live and so was martin luther king jr sellers lake,
i have really hard time doing book reports not like i live my life according to that particular one you now then my whole world be rocky knoll true so i mean if he’s just going up to something published and,
you’re eating sixty yell well it happened in eighteen fifty nine el,
hey kitchen took a lot longer logic is really really dumb as for the album.

[23:30] And then is like we’ll maybe there aren’t that many primary sources but no in about two seconds is like,
oh here’s the like actual clipping from the new york times re heat from you know like the day it happened and report all the country and it and it’s not like it’s just the us and it’s not like
so like a conspiracy theory would have to use all of the us and england who but didn’t like each other at the time radio that they were both like in cahoots is like.
Yeah yeah who is printer unable first no okay so we’re good he’s gotta be real that is in
yeah thank goodness is that something we should always cover this show is like did this thing get released a promo going to and yeah fs level sorrell especially this chapter of the summer easter gm really annoying and pisses been
five been a pickup and a,
emily is being controlled by the store in like as like talking about we realize that the huge folks ninety five in got your that will happen individually in the researching and stuff hopefully it might be we pull the.

[24:33] Know if i hit that i don’t think it pull the topic i wanna tell the story of that’s click one thing and it was yeah well that’s absolutely goddamn it the.

[24:44] There may sitting topic so continuing with gallons of solar storms what what do you guys think and mean.

[24:54] Set on it you see error using to be a pain of the opinion that.
Yeah that would be that big of a deal nobody really used it i just wanna see like how is not me,
that would be me i know i would suffer i would absolutely suffer as i it really love air conditioning and ice if it happened during the summer have you so pissed,
believe winter time and like i think i can handle it be in ways but be using genuinely concerned about me what ima like be that bad because they,
honey no laying in gonna be so bad people are going to die and was like yeah like how bad will it enters exit a coworker that.
There’s talk about this topic with and he was very like.
No we almost had one in twenty coffees actually the one that put me on to the weights and.

[25:50] You know he’s just like now they have the near missing twenty twelve and it did direct hit this one to satellite or whatever it or buy it and it had like nine like bugs are errors in it for a little bit but then it bounced back it was always okay yeah.
And so he is argument is that if it did happen if the current events that happened merciless storm of that size.

[26:12] It become like it was a power outage for like four hours in new york today or something you know i called be a very like,
a brown out yet be more like cats yeah i was in the accident scene that i suppose that’s probably just as likely if not more likely that it’ll be like.

[26:28] If it does happen to be more like a mild inconvenience or like rates isolated regional thing and lois paper really got some fascinating stuff about like
the different soils in north america lol are yeah and how that affects a solar storm white lady impacts year how impacts.
You know what’s happening on the ground and talked about those ne is particularly vulnerable because of it so real combined with the fact that it’s coastal
share and so it’s like between those two factors are lock and activities pray air plus it has the all this transformers north america that’s why they think its,
the balls fuller region so i transformers for a second.
In millville re not that train rochell missed calls and interactions as you sell
so there’s have your house transformers we need haley time order of a minimum of five months that okay but if the majority of the of the of the public is employed via electronics you know bait busily do all of our business
yeah electronically now so basically we’re unemployed we’re now employee will people who could be working on the transformers and therefore maybe speed up production time with the youth,
amanda it would work the exact opposite.

[27:45] Sir like you can’t display due to build a transformer to build a transformer to live in new.
Which manual people okay so you have the building transformers for twenty some years you bring in a class of people.
The train then get kinda like rough cast on the do we out the idiots and then you put those people to work but that’s how i have a mansion this would like.
I live in a utopia so that
what time you nations production why i why why could some people be unplayable to buster building new transformers really bring some people on
the higher the while or nerves are hiring senior,
you’re a civilian conservation score model worse like it doesn’t take all this programmers and everyone out of the
office buildings are empty out well be in the streets or in our cars and transformers why i.

[28:46] I think that would be an excellent solution and that we should archer training on how to build transformers i meant.
I’m cool i will learn how to do tricks or treats you the save the human that you and.
I’m excited seems to be a comic book.
Is preparing genesee like world i’m trying to think what percentage of people like actually just know how to build a transformer leg.
The people who built transformers first start there.
Bosses probably a can i people may be the like are around them like spouses and kids or whatever because they hear about,
how transforms are potentially build the company page about your job for a new to think so until put the thing in the thing and that didn’t work and not hurting bro i could do that
what were gonna hire you in a sentence of eight you know you probably have a rough idea what your parents did for a living in media little that are like how did you some other things other guy.

[29:47] Any of really like light idea what is love like everyday my life and i can make one i know a lot about it but i could make one you just figure it out.
Tell me the latest news since it’s not just like figuring out how to make the transformer you need like.
A journeyman machinist so like create the metal and the rare earth,
you know materials have to be shipped in from where ever those geisha hypothesize and you absolutely know i missed your i know transformers yeah,
contain rare earth metals okay okay affect their yeah i know crazy that needs yup i do know that it would require a lot of metal machining,
and heavy industrial fabricating and stuff like that i which are not things you can just sit someone down there for a keyboard and machine and have them pop bottle that’s like.
Get all there’s as much are,
is there is that i totally believe it to metal work i’m still optimistic that i think we can work out something oh i think we work and i just think that
i’m with lois that would just like it would be pretty catastrophic and you have lol yeah trillions of damage and it’s,
i i don’t i don’t see a caring ten events ending civilization,
you know me no not by a long shot no definitely not just with soc and would kill people if if would kill and people fishing laughing i said they will it with killing people on that say no that was more like.

[31:17] Demented legs mall ask you to choose that i think i and ah i’m i’m hopelessly optimistic about a lot of things so low i like the optimism guess.
I think you’d be more efficient if each person just.

[31:36] Makes their own solar power wind energy and trying to actually build yes i totally think so too.

[31:44] Yeah and that’s one of the things that down the road,
as are you know if our power grades were to become more decentralized would be much less vulnerable to this so was things i’m wondering oak okay so like electrical grids everything win the cancun of happened.
Like the quality of wire essentially those pro like just a thick gauge copper wire yes likely so wonder.
Like i don’t really know in about wire likes for details and current smallest of how much water age revolted went through those cables compared to wire and we have now with a thicker wire hold up better which is in what would.
But with the amount of wire also compensate for that and kind of distance it the amount of power going through is that way doesn’t affected as much.
You have to think about that the mantel might how much that the metal connect to the great white you can handle as it is a telephone telegraph wire.
Back in the old days would be a thick them number wire yeah more than it needed to be cuz back then copper was innocent quite as expensive and rare as it is right now and.

[32:54] Yeah and it seems to be it seems to be bigger things are more vulnerable so that’s why.
In the northeast that there’s lots of transmissions lol transmission lines yeah it between transformers and substations and stuff like that and this actual sources of electricity.
And so those large lines seem to be wide what would pick up.
Ooh okay trapped what are you laughing about old i tried holding both this is pri pri recording,
we’re talking about the chicken sale above singly but the thumb on the overhead at the demon voice when you through at the bubble that’s what i heard i feel like this is what like demonic on telling me about these transformers and the cables.

[33:41] Someone over transformer it’s like it is a git me.
In men or them but i got that out because five thousand out of trying not crackable having on the mike but you better now holes in teens i’m good no medical.

[34:00] I’m getting sick i feel like we need to print up some volunteer for the transformer core teachers yes have a picture of like a cartoon transformer with a smiley face yeah i get a little fallout eh yeah aloe inspired nine.
Guess filing their illustrate exactly is the grunge effect will be totally different and you’d in reverse.

[34:22] Stop giving away my secret of,
what’s funny because of the very beginning we read it will open quote talking about how the sun with dejected these flares and also the stuff from the amis your can protect us started suddenly job for space force honestly likely that count as from this.
That’s not it but that wouldn’t even be there job,
you don’t know what is like gone space and like i would like to get a sheet metal shields yeah was gonna shoot the sun while skeet shooting in stops,
yes until it gets rida right gonna be a combination of leg that big dome from the simpsons movie and like,
roman soldiers with the big shield there are any floating out there jet packs creating one big,
aluminum she which is more freight because they don’t actually of oxygen mask is a dress like roman soldier so now all available much of dead bodies floating independently with little legs how jillian like cup coming in on that bullshit is that enough
what are these people about what you think of dope the cape is gonna look though with no crab legs him in flown so majestically.
Will be kinda conflict and there’s a whole thing with the flag that they put on the moon and like white waves and waves of the wire in it to like all that up and stuff like that keeps behave very strangely and in a vacuum.

[35:45] Anyway fasten the yeah yeah we’re not the source so here to talk about,
where we did not sow violence which was survival supplies they suggest or share ira so you’re here are some survival tips from the man and the internet,
on things that you know you should never have for any kind of emergency but especially like carry to events taking urgency.
So flashlights which are called torches fire friends over the uk.

[36:15] Hello there’s no and in the book the be like the brother torches closer was like these people live got in flashlights,
get the torch batteries what’s your tortuga better oh gas i have always like that also i totally at.
A good supply fresh batteries candles long burning ones in glass.
Lighters or matches propane or kerosene lanterns with fuel fuel for your generator if you have one cat land has to say.
To the listed have generator as fuel for generator has a step nine is to be like next we’re gonna go take the general sees your neighbors got dark okay soul when we had that ice storm back in two thousand
well for two thousand thirteen and.

[37:06] The re hiring of the tennessee st paul’s print was effective pretty badly will our area we were without power for like five days,
and there was some asshole and i have no problem saying is there some asshole in our neighborhood who had generator and was clearly powering his house do the generator.
This son of a bitch has bucking christmas lights on.
Is there any word.
You’re late you are so slight,
first of all it is april and your christmas look it on in
apr of half of the baby jesus fuck group of those who are losing our from you yes we had an ice storm in april,
if they do we can million like a really bad bike storm in april and this one has like a just a masseuse firm it knocked out from the tree the power in that are there in his.

[38:09] Neighbor of mine was like running his cracking christmas lights for his goddamn generator,
all day and all night sister about how you got your generator by using that neighbor all that yes so it was like the curtain take that motivated us to get our own generator of course we got it.
After we got our power back radio just in case but with actually used on sets and stuff since then,
oh nice gas so that kind handy cut to admit that guy i wanted to like,
he’s moved out since but is it like the man why sink to this level outside because he can’t miracle right it would make sense if he was using it laid in his house for like light,
lighting panel of
yeah like not is look up to the blade that like outside for decorative purposes lady are you trying to prove here will it kinda during the same ice storm i was actually at grand falls casino that’s rose working he
and it’s kinda in the maintenance department and is always interesting driving there because rena that little town in between here and what they say they they had power for like three weeks,
those years after that long but the casinos actually ran by a generator that they have and it went through about six hundred.
Things like six hundred gallons of diesel every three days she sees us as a three gallon tank that come fill about every other day day and a half yet like that.

[39:34] But we stay open for,
people and am again stanley if you shouldn’t have to casino how much juice you guys are be saving yeah i really like the pools over and the hot but i still hundred is so i know where i’m going in the,
yeah grandpa because actually grand falls,
is running its own grated to sell standard to have their own water purification their own geothermal young.

[39:59] Based the will what a crap they could still operate fully functional nice i work at a place like that yep that’s prickly functional yeah and even had lake,
chick fillet and he’s a women all is like the like restaurants inside inside this office building on a mcdonald’s.
But yeah that’s you me a starbucks in the us dentist office doctors office and mean it was it was yeah it was intense.

[40:24] So yeah so generator engine as you earlier and then water,
keeping at least five gallons of the container like in your garage or like you guys were talking about the water heater to think my family is set was like
get a feel your bathtubs as soon as the power goes out or in the make a huge like water bladder for that that fits specifically intel that you can fill.

[40:50] From what i hear no lol just from the lines little keeping her for a while for it for awhile you’ll have water because it pump how it maintains it is it puts it up and water tower that puts it down so.
Basically use it while you got it first cursor it rains exactly,
what you this early wrote on the document i keep it was five gallons in a container in the garage that you were that pima.
That was the mind is mixed list of email and then other stuff if only it as an excuse this stop me.
How is that people order micromanagement read yourself the hallway that’s all you have to leave as curious and i’m on your freely were married,
so okay so the next thing is battery powered real we’ve talked about batteries a couple times,
well the solar flare being sexually wireless would it not affect batteries and the lady are not.

[41:46] Hear me on this yeah theoretically they’re not big enough to.
Conduct okay that the actual like radio waves at the radio to actually create the
like in the air current guys that’s why the transformer lines are the big threat is because the surf like a lightning rod yeah like giant lightning rod got his phone lines work that cell phone actual telephone lines work.
Unclear cuz.

[42:16] Where are we graph lines alam bait graph plans were working then have to battery power every thing now it is lionel were land lines,
pree everyone switching them to digital in the last two years gas,
now no shoes that’ll do he get ahold of anybody i wanted to cuz that we as slim yeah of the stars as their address i have a land line but it but yeah it when their land line.
At some distribution center that’s like with them in the main hall,
it’s probably gets converted to digital now yes that’s the way a lot of them of phone actually not because my husbands grandparents were forced by the phone company,
to change their type of phone because they were switching to dissolve and they flat out refuse to buy it,
phone that was compatible with the phone company so the phone company gave them of what it’s like for the love of god gas so.
While the from the heart rate going to force us to buy a new phone but they’re old so whatever.

[43:21] Does the ex we got canned and dry food for enough for several days at least which like a sees the bare minimum,
and i think a week is like a healthy normal like what human being keeps on the floor for about like three months worth of and was your in a place with harsh winters like my grandparents in of hat like food stocked up for.
For months and months and their seller and stuff like that and my parents would have like a good food stash ins are not stash but freezers will suffer mike still do a cat fact half of the times to live like a freezer full of beef.
Yes they’re gonna eat real quick or no if it if it’s in the winter time they give to call good call.

[44:05] And then they can just pick up several smoke houses and stuff so they could like smoking preserve a lot of it there’s actually a way you can can meet were freezes its own juices and then it’ll last for like six to eight months just on a shelf.
I believe that so let’s see.

[44:24] Set we can hole up at home food for your pets are other animals can think about those fur babies it if you put your candle or lantern in front of a mirror.
You almost double the light you get from is it bad that as soon as i saw that what my brain was thinking he put the cannon for the mere
that’s how you can summon bloody mary and noelle different episode accents funny cuz i saw that lands at all that’s exactly what i did when we had a storm goes by have a little nears i like put the candles on top of the mirrors and dominic was like a lake,
yeah again that’s how light works weirdo like going to reflect officer this.

[45:02] So yeah that’s that’s all i’ve got on the carrington event but i was stink this is an interesting one cuz there’s no,
there’s no leaks i fight her normal to this this is a thing that happened gas and a thing that can happen again so so do you know or has there been anything documented about.
A person physically feeling the effects of a solar flare like that nope.

[45:29] You don’t that that if you were just a human and how many tack or anything around the thing you’re gonna notice is really spectacular aurora borealis all over the earth and like.
In the crater lake in the tropics will see aurora borealis and you know the kind words that come in i wanna see the and then.

[45:48] You know here comes the now dystopia is not a test of and yeah.

[45:55] Something that cuz like they said that you know there in like new york and they can,
or is there profits in the new york times for the report was from boston that they could sit outside at one am and re read a newspaper home her was like are summers here,
when i am another account to that some of the birds actually woke up and some guy was like bad about the birds being of so he shot and killed a couple all because he didn’t want them jerking because his friend asleep or whatever.

[46:24] And its newspaper worded unfortunately when you have birds but not the monitor when i switch up kittens lol actually care of all those cunts reading name lemon is leave out the fact there birds hell now
look i think they would,
our workers like a bird i think that’s what the article said p stocking tinted don’t make it home the caption on the leaves is pete docking ten stocks to.
Oh yeah so howard howard system cool that’s a cool event yeah we keeping like
so that’s cool where were very late fans like sew the millions dead and trillions of dollars in damage is cool what’s what adds to what does money matter at that point in time because of like the previous like
yeah spend at least and the free f hopefully so that’s cool that’s my only hope is in a.
I’m just like please just knew the student loans and pay down those so what is this i’m sure you can answer this to twelve questions that probably nobody can answer.

[47:28] What is the speed of a solar storm like.

[47:31] If somebody is physically watching for all times how long would he and the heads up that we have it varies from.
The fastest it’s going to be is we will have like.

[47:45] Eight to ten min warning and that’s it nothing ham.
Cuz it takes eight minutes for daylight travel from the earth the sun so that the really powerful really fast.
Traction will send it can vary anywhere between that and forty five minutes okay so in eight minutes to unplugged all of your stuff so doesn’t get damaged cheese is.
Then if it’s that was there not even in a warm up and all of these did you manually try to get that warning you could it would you lily could i get out battery know what about you really like this is.

[48:22] And if they have eulogy cut off your and and i don’t know cuz like phone services are pretty good about warning about stuff like that was,
turn on the missile warning that was fake that people got over their phones not yo lie and her in like gas when emergency broadcast system but they still electricity.
Right but they have rent and the season backups to the emergency broadcast is rated if stuff is really be taken out of the source and the communication wires and it has a cut out yet,
but you know what can happen right at the message and have them in my pocket right so some most people might get that message over their cell phones today and then you now but i think the politics and how people are so,
play in the air we get caught up in the politics of it and nobody would get the message because every light will still not like you that like just do you know it,
i do not have a lot of confidence in the unity of international unity right now to come together on something like this up just like.
This is not have any natural disasters or anything for that see the next flight.

[49:28] Three years or so that be really great blog while i can be like oh yeah had notification what was that.
Oh yea powers out you got a brick what ever correct will see idle.
I think it was but i don’t know for sure because it’s can like a battery is where it’s like so small in receiver energy from ray church so we need to buy a whole bunch of like mobile charging devices.

[49:56] Those who communicate with why you leave your name and i go crazy.

[50:01] That’s true that’s true yeah and i don’t know wonder know he would have cell service salmon and when he put up a wife icing off your phone that’s
well how much weed america bands together to create a chain of live in so how often
nothing is it like during like a power out is it like you try to use your device and i go on the inner summer do do something that requires electricity like son of a
bitch why you niggas like you does go through natural hose window and the power goes out when my tv kick settlement always go lab job a lawyer and that’s down still doesn’t do anything for me that’s like seals be three days to a week,
somebody gets forcibly unplugged that they start their yeah not miss it and be like,
we got a it like experience my real life again and stuff right.

[50:54] But i got it i hope nothing comes along and forces us to experience real life cuz i really like my air conditioning in
all my games on steam and my podcasts and yeah so uncomfortable or mad but i really do wanna be put into a survival situation kennedy to.

[51:11] Two too much astray i’ve read too much astray it back okay enjoy that shit i got your back oh i can get my back on it i do don’t let money,
being like of real estate and being like no it’s not gonna be pretty no way that’s gonna be terrifying make you think that i wouldn’t know what i was doing what his email is about what i’ve been rolling,
but i know enough to be shit leslie terrified of it let sprint buy that’s actually is really scary thing here and.

[51:42] Truthfully there’s a really cool tv show use to watch where basely to the group of people and put them in a warehouse my downtown la colony
yeah that’s was a mri show i love that one of the things i learned from that blew my mind i could probably never recreate is when they be purified water off me to battery is always one as you like that it was that called like i can’t remember
what was batteries and then it was the base of it or cool yeah they put electrical charge to the water in a filter the water,
so it was like in icing were something mrs alice is married to.
Was something i on some yeah it was waters that kills all the microsoft stuff that it and the filtered it through like a gigantic thing to fight back of her car cold and other stuff and then work charcoal
set up a time to get to the bar it just purify water issues with me and it has drums they found in that warehouse equipment wasn’t amazing show really amazing show i think the period of like sciences to like just like survival people to like,
professor lee like this to come together and like the baseless commissioner and they do like a whole psychological explanation,
how late it takes so many days from being a snare to actually feel like to living it and how are things to people and it been in it for so long they feel like it has become that.

[53:03] Well i mean panicky but it was like really show where survivors like that where they give the missions one point,
they had we have moved the story thing having the baby they had at the nearest but it was clever the way they did it where,
like the brown in traders mall and stay but they have to figure out of they were traitors readers yes i have always trusted the guy open the gate of the men to be the jet.

[53:30] I watched one and that they got raided know their food storage is taking shed that’s right cuz the there’s one where they take their the ticket rated somebody punched a hole through the van yeah it’s
got out their food yeah because they went on scavenge in there’s like three people left that can do anything by themselves so they defaced will and take it
yeah because like days like these colonies were making like.
Primitive makeshift weapons like they made a flame thrower and like these actors who were the raiders were getting it attacks lately just as it was a really good show
yeah with that look on netflix or who early i usually check if it’s still on netflix it’s not on netflix anymore i usually watch it every new show called colony and it’s not the same in birmingham
but it was very good care of what originated off of was it it was like learning channel i think history or something some,
so it was that is discount was from the discovery family of at work that thing is amazing so def look that up,
yeah absolutely there is there one with the main does there was one series i watch called,
kids incorporated a thinker kids at usa are around it basically
keep nation isn’t you so basically what is a good tv show burnley you are yeah i was recently they brought all these kids together create the dreams was from seven was the youngest and i think.

[54:52] Well was the oldest and the perm all together in like this pioneer type colony,
and they were like we wanna see what it would be like if kids ran the world and as i always frequent the first day they got no instruction,
and the kid actually kinda like
okay like will make dinner with these that you know how do you know what i could you know how to cook and accounted aspirant question is if you are kids there who are the older ones that count rallying together and like
trying to get things figured out it as a homeless is really cool just to see like howell they would drop things names actually work really well but then of course you know
reality tv producers act available go don’t go through again wasn’t it controversial was so hunter version cuz yeah and it was just like the government always late tasks and competition that was the monetary western side,
the pain of the parents that having the kids live through this all yeah that’s you,
lol jacket survivor lawson’s a in order to yeah it was it was pretty i remember that.

[55:56] You know it’s like one it was ratings failed but to the second thing was like,
it got super expensive just from a legal and liability and like bad press standpoint that going,
but the one thing i just i don’t like that the whole point was that there was no money thinking of earthquake apis orders um i’ve and then find them the adult of course have to step in and it
when you move the story forward and never got system is like you a whole the whole point six mins and see how kids would run things when they need to make money with the not you know if however out,
as i can remember the first or second freakonomics book but if you ready to one of those,
there’s these gibbons or whatever that they studied cassette their social groups are a lot like humans celiac and any eight laboratory they introduced,
a money system that was like this is worth so many grapes on the top the eight sat and or that little given that and eventually,
it got to the point that.

[56:57] There was like pimping and prostitution and like organized crime and stuff like that like people
they were like people who were trying like scam the system insert giving humans that were ask him he got so incredibly complex that the f assists that monitor the study force them to stop.

[57:18] And so and then it and then that ended up being worse cuz i totally broke part a little given society and have like a devil of a time getting them to like reform any kind of social groups and stuff all over my god how big is a given.
And we were talking like little monkeys i think i should not would you do.
My whole whole person but then it is your ankle my dad never heard of it actually like one chapter three
that those books are amazing but that’s only like one chapter different way every chapters of story saying i need i need that plain white one one chapter is that this teacher that sits down in this,
with this administrator in boston and he’s just like you you cheated on your you know no kids left no child left behind tests.
You did really good cover enough but i if you don’t mind this professor from boston and here with the department of education i developed an algorithm that proves that.

[58:17] She yeah,
and that your numbers are not random all of this like very complex algorithm to rule out that clearly zr like a human being still these and
and i can prove it mathematically and your fire oh that’s all the like chapter two begins is without whole story yeah him and this calculus professor that like that came up with the system so that you can immediately look at test scores and.
And figure out if they were doctored at all or not lol without even knowing the students that’s incredible.

[58:52] Is it it’s freaking me this for so this is been macabre more shamelessly plugs for economics is,
yes an interesting chapter in the beginning it’s been so long since we’ve recorded
sorry listener’s get your five hundred l figured out from the whole like title of the house while i was good point there smart and what comes after seven and before nine yeah yes is a new merit saying yes,
yeah and there is not good is areas lots of,
yeah losses of any yeah so but we did graph i think we’re going to rapid and if you don’t hear from us on chapter nine happy came to new then yeah happy clearing filament,
who see around the verifier.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 7 Chung Ling Soo aka William Robinson

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 7 Chung Ling Soo aka William Robinson

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees


Chung Ling Soo was the stage name of the American magician William Ellsworth Robinson, who is mostly remembered today for his death after a bullet catch trick went wrong.



Steinmeyer, Jim, The Glorious Deception: The Double Life of William Robinson, aka Chunk Ling Soo, the “Marvelous Chinese Conjurer.” New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2005.


Machine Transcript

[0:29] Hey everybody welcome to my crab room wired chapter seven chung ling see you aka william robinson.
Sordid tale of magic and deception man i love this guy he’s such a it’s such a crazy story.
Cuz he’s like the hype so you wanna do you have anything you wanna go into further usually do the history but.
You know you really really like this guy i i will this fill in some gaps for,
of those but go ahead and i will it so i first heard about this guy when i was watching this program on netflix called mysteries at the museum and pretty sure it’s on regular tv but i don’t have regular tv ages have not,
anyways that’s it engine but this,
these are talking about this poster and about how it’s this use those like magician from the east is from a laser chinese trainer whatever and he doesn’t speak any english and his shows are like super mysterious and,
he had like this this great following in the united states his people are so intrigue.
And the fact that he never one spoke english at all and so on his death was really mysterious because he was shot and killed during one of his shows and.

[1:44] So after he so what happens is i’m he does is bullet trick where he suppose to catch this bullet as its being as a,
god is being fired at him and he’s very successful with this trick everybody love seeing the strip this is like the star part of the show well he get shot.
Alice and he says oh dear god something went wrong and now that is all it the key speaks english and collapses and then they recently and the show minions of don’t like a few hours later welcome to find out the,
the person who shot him was his assistant and she always shot him during his shows that this is part of their act so she should some with the gun the gun actually fires,
the ball is spotify are going but actually fires the book he loads them up because you always load the gun you always load the gun with a bullet for audiences purposes but really it’s just firing up like that that a secret chamber of at second chamber in that gun,
and so the bullet fires offshoots and he is shop for the chess team that the angle now the investigators are like okay lady get better start talking and she is,
so then he find out that he’s actually american his actual name is william robinson he’s not asian and even if he cut his hair he grew allergy late,
call mike nine years to look as asian as possible so people like surprised they found out that he wasn’t on chinese and he even had chinese interpreter with him while he was kinda speak like broken chinese,
but and like there pers do don’t chinese it also that it’s that was our thing my finger in the door about that quarterback is that.

[3:15] So you give them a chinese translator he had a japanese man who is basically.
Would pretend to like interpret and understand what this is a beastly easyjet fresh yeah and then.
The japanese are that the court and cook chinese translator the chinese translator this japanese guy would come up with,
he like something like he says he’s very honored by the skin in heaven when he translate something for john we.
Cora called the were just speaking japanese to m and heat not like he knew what that meant but heater the english me what that meant exactly plays the following as such a beautiful thing anyways so,
they fully investigate disassemble turned up the assistant is his,
is his wife aka first mistress and that he actually has another mister so much younger when you give birth to a child has recently.
So now it’s like okay why did you shoot and kill your husband and she’s like i did and so they had investigate turns out the gun was actually on the hit something they had clean the gun.
Very well in between shows and enough gunpowder had.
Fill up and the chamber earth so then when she did fire it it actually fired off the life bullet foot and it’s you know telling him.
Made in the whole thing is a freak accident but what old wild ride in my little while blake.
Scenario to be like your at the show anything to stay lit pulley on asian all this and he’s just ago dear god you like so much what’s and then all my dad break up so.

[4:58] So it’s funny you bring up his relationship cuz is wearing me everything about this guy is just like you know.

[5:05] Honestly i forgot the whole part about he died doing a bullet catch is this like the least interesting thing about has and that’s amazing story in it self repeat,
he was actually the on the fourth magician never die doing the bullet catch,
oh wow yeah the first person ever dating bullock is actually female magician like the eighteen hundreds oh yeah.

[5:27] James was like the second third actually have a can i can tell you names if you’d like to known if i was okay cool.
So the first person who did it was madame de lewinsky and she died and eighteen twenty whole way back to learn poisoning,
oh and a bullet catch right bullet mess loss sir arnold buck and eighteen forty.
Professor adam epstein in eighteen sixty nine and an ar channeling sewanee and nineteen eighteen,
it’s so interesting the strongly about like twenty till eight forty years you have part like it’s always like an even numbered amani years,
it’s like the next generation like reader on i gotta go for and i got a smart ass holes ray ray yeah which if you watched.
The illusionist yeah okay or no no.
The prestige is the one that has the the people were talk about the bullet catch okay what were notes i was thinking of.

[6:31] Makes the hue diem movie that came out on history channel that because actually load the gun has assistant does but it shows that the they use a steel bullet,
and so the rod it used to pack the watering everything had a magnum would actually reach for access to your ball oh cool so is actually real gun really loaded the andrea drop it in and when they do.
Plunger added extract the ball is again it was it make sense.
And so there’s been a lot of different variations and i’m sure it’s lot of people being like oh this guy dad he did this with alex di this way for a direct phone light bringing out of.

[7:10] The prestige the i’m so that was super interesting thing you about how bullet catches are like super dangerous and deadly and stuff yeah the whole like,
that’s actually a thing that happened were young were you jackman shows up for the bullet catch yeah and am huge magicians are like i don’t like doing it cuz it’s super dangerous but it’s like good money cuz people like.
No people i doing it right now.
Switch to the movie political point or something in that he put something hard yeah in the chamber after the whole magnet pulling the yet lol okay so was that movie that he did magnet yup okay.

[7:47] Gotcha yeah it’s funny though because i even david blaine does the bullet catch now.
Yeah done it was lynching mass of you have seen the look it up where he actually has like a mouth piece design for his mouth.
With the steel cup so he puts in there.
And they don’t like high speed slow motion video of a twenty two rifle liptak rifle it’s super accurate ipod shoot and you should the slow motion bullet going into the cup and the cup like.
Get wage in the back of his throat actually catches the bullet.

[8:21] So pain in from of pen and teller went on this huge tangent basically.
Sing every bad name of david blaine possible saying how dare you.
Do the stunt because you’re gonna have a whole new generation one to try it with that are not freight you have just sold this to the real stuff to start ordering of the pen and teller.
Are there claim to fame is there very good bullet catch trick your brain but if you don’t watch it like that will it fly in slow right exactly so he has a whole science team of high speed cameras were pan teller performance.
But they have like extremely high disclaimer saying it’s just magic in go after david blaine like blew up because of this they basically came out and said ours is just a trick.
As we’re david blaine is trying to pull offices are real.
Prudence science proving dangerous that makes me so nervous so i don’t know diddly actually really doesn’t the way the share,
shown in his series in like the slow motion like i believe that would be share but i don’t know for sure that dominic said that he thought he had,
but basically shot himself in the face and like broken some,
what will the first time he did it the dentist to me the mouth piece for him didn’t make it strong enough,
oh the mouthpiece actually busted net from the cup got large like for the back of his throat okay so that is hundred roof have some leeks tonsil areas,
and he still did it again is definitely two or three times and he just had his two or where he’s actually gonna do it live on stage is stage three so that if you gonna do it we’re not gonna be in your show.

[10:02] Yeah i could in a publicity stunt to make it seem like us for real only on but at the same time why it makes you wonder like is it real if yeah how much,
with magicians how much is just pure and all is to psychological warfare and yeah yeah you know like the.
Anyone with weak constitutions should be the theater now not as new as it all will hear and the way he makes like son sue and or.
Chun li and hyun up like in the prestige again reversing my only point of data is i.
The part where he has a bunch of bs nothing but blind stay chance rate edge you japanese sees that and assumes that.
That’s totally just like a few make orders a little brilliant gimmick to just have all flying stay chance just to build hype about this later his secrets are so dark it’s of seeker and his crew knows my dad that’s funny.

[11:03] And this is that it’s free com.

[11:09] So we’re happy about his relationship for travelling robinson’s relationships yes it’s soak it digging into that sweet got married.
When he was twenty one he married a sixteen year old named bessie smith in eighteen eighty three has take gross.
What was as shit no kidding but that was the time yet but.
Yeah okay and he had two children we are part their son they’re like the only family super parade option,
what if i’m just listening to.
The guy that doesn’t guarantee that does the podcast lower oh let him put out books yes and i preordered so i just got it today book number two and i was listening to it and.
There was a story in there and when viewing way on that but that was basically like this one children story that you hear you know and like.
Fairy tales always have like dark or jess yet but i do not realize that the dark origin of this particular story and i want to weigh is actually to cover up the fact.

[12:20] The town basically was in trouble and they sold their children based loosely free to join the app and,
so this is the story they came up with the covers for why there were no children and then tower whenever and always telling the next generation eighteen up and stuff yeah yeah flash i didn’t know that i knew i figured it was something dark but i think it was that played,
no it’s like this this was like financial reason it was a financial and you know kind of,
medieval governmental thing because basically the prussian.

[12:55] Are the holy roman emperor basically was like every village to give this many people haven’t even really shitty about is this like.
All so you can either get a volunteer it’ll settle in this new territory with colder that’s enough dangerous disputed border territory lint tray or.
You can pay some money and send children who we will put to work an unsettling and farming in that,
ow many area of interest to look in the phone book you can actually see the surnames because they have you know this is time others right writing it records yes like you could look at the surnames and a whole bunch of these towns in eastern poland have the same.
Names and what are people of that region have like the same last names this town all honestly they sent all their kids to go settle use polenta cheese is.
Lol yeah so he have two kids but with bessie he has some daughter of the sun there is a plan isn’t working out was good it looks awesome into an orphanage which,
was the super weird and then if there’s a time when like people have kids like,
by the dozen i mean really just kind of is either just like just the two kids and they send the other one off especially at san antonio when is how little interest and all that he had no interest in being a father and then as he’s with bessie he is getting a side piece,
who who her name is of i add olivia or something else but not was a gust of it’s on you by olivia.

[14:19] And the start you know hang out eventually him and his actual wife pallet of falling out but they are okay with it.
They never get officially divorced and in the catholic became exactly so then.
Hands of a just a complete mess me to let you see him at handling the are now like together and they’re touring all over the place doing shows and they just referring to themselves as mr mrs robinson,
and they say that they’re married and there was like,
okay is cool like nobody checks it because why would you if there isn’t like is that you’re the internet and always right delicious yeah emily here’s sunny not like anybody google’s our marriages you know any in the house and looked up on my space.
Yeah that’s not what it’s how would be your time with your friend so.
So then as he’s with olivia he doesn’t think that having kids doesn’t have a one kid with her.
If possible an but then eventually you know if they get she gets older and he isn’t getting another side piece but she’s young lake and a leaking or something and i don’t know how he is at this point probably forty something and she,
she has of getting pregnant but she’s all like oh no i’m not going away i’m be super important in your life and you’re gonna help me raise a speedy his life back now what now his wife finds out,
slash fake wife but they didn’t end of getting married i think,
any purchase whole letter thing but anyway so that will i guess i got a raise this kid and then she finds out you know that he has a kid with this other women and then the whole that he is getting shot and killed.

[15:52] So that’s why was super sketchy that he is getting shot by his wife on the.
Nice will live with anything about is that.

[16:04] The the next person actually died from the bullet catch was known as the black wizard of the west phone when i really want that to be my name elevator why was it and dual me and west.
But he was actually murdered by his wife on stage fully oh yeah now,
what is used to wax bullets tho days of the teary from here share of a she switched amount for bullets and an amazing on you now live on stage at the and it,
was because he had mistresses it look in his bag lol even when black was in the west come on the.
Yeah super sketch who know what does magician’s he make on all our is he was a magician use a wizard.
Oh well with your soul different elite totally different via that’s about as interesting other heat to worry with two different magicians are like really popular at the time before he finally went out and made a name for himself as channeling soon as he’s happy to german,
magician first is almost as whole acting from what i read about him it seems like he just.
Basically stole everybody successful material and there’s a guy because of it so that is karma yeah three hots.
Is he yeah i don’t homer the names of two magicians.
But like harry houdini was around at the time and then it and then so like beneficent of that caliber and of that you know fame for the air and he took that one of on they changed his name to like some and i’ll.

[17:34] The first thing you and bye was hop.
Wings to yeah and i was like hes practicing name before he actually perfect is routine yet break in the eighteen ninety nine.
He left the company where he was under the german missionary spaceman stealing lot of secrets from let left that and.
Still another it and sarah’s only reinvented himself is hot wing are hop sing lou a chinese speaking magician he shave his mustache and his hairline and underweight with a long break in the back.
He also use grease paint to change asking telling purchase a costume from china town that’s thats dedication white even that will make life even digresses family to.
Oh yeah it right here pass headed to the deception by becoming a chinese princess anne robinson hire a real chinese gentler fee lune to round out the performance.
I was wondering was gonna do it while using my wake up is that it’s so inappropriate but the.
Eventually province of an invitation from a manager i grows in france to bring hot wings too or hot seem loose re and his true key to europe rotten sold his.
Love is an illusion and collection of books to help finance the trip.
In march of nineteen hundred hop seeing lou appear on the stage for the first time and the show was a disaster who’s match it was slow and deliver at a trick involving.

[19:12] A large pool of water when to ryan which truly makes me think that’s what they were doing for in.
Once again in the next twenty cuz that’s the trick is doing on stage one with a giant bowl water the is carrying yeah with like the whole time.
Oh my gosh so yeah.
So the water went awry and it’s wasn’t cascading into the orchestra pit and drenching all the musicians and their instruments oh jesus despite the opening night miss hat rose manage to convince the theater owner.
To keep up saying lou on the bill for the contract week deducting damages to the fear from a salary that’s fair robson settle into the role and refine the illusions and he felt more confident this hop seeing lose any ever had as it himself.

[19:59] The next stop is to always london they made one major she changed was act.

[20:07] He hated than other basing change was the hated the name hop saying lou and sister that robinson change it does was.
Someone in london hero yes we changed it to chine her okay some chain link foo,
the actual real chinese magician working and the whole family everybody there was gaining popularity in america the timer since robinson was already.
Appropriate foods character by a couple of tricks when i go all the way and it unity zain so robinson became channeling suit of.
Yeah path became seuss mean let’s see.

[20:49] Yeah there was virtually nothing in sue’s acts that was authentically chinese since soon as he was known to the press didn’t speak english.
Even talking to the press was another gimmick of reporter what ask phone are the.
Feeling low and a question which she would repeat to sue in actual chinese soup would respond in chinese sounding go fresh wish,
feeling what translate back into english its was before before it got the japanese translators that’s the one of,
the blew me away was is like oh theres a little use like three different languages going on there butt and they tell grace all know what went on behind thirds are some uses late answering for me all the time and like misspoke,
but not able to correct him like that.
Piss me the fuck yeah disciplinary they think you’d probably rehearse your answers and like having already know what your answers are going to be great yeah.
It has been a very successfully pull it off without,
without chung without the sickly telling robinson being like in all that has happened with coach that is so hello fellow magicians and other performers knew that robinson was channeling sue,
the public embraces tenant accepted the guys along with it soon became such a crowd pleaser this and he was earning five thousand dollars a week with bookings two years in advance than.

[22:10] Five thousand of my life is a nineteen at yeah yeah yeah.
Set have salute lee that’s like podcasting until about the young the exotic cars in the world travel yeah that’s williams the stripper pole here in exactly yeah well that elaborate.
Well i’m and the pool is s twos on it and.

[22:33] It’s all the women i just flipped through this yes sign but that’s the thing we’re podcasters that members of the opposite sex comes later of them so that you make it clean and some of the same sex yup,
but that doesn’t did so that gives you an establishment of.
Reyes as well that mr pulling women during the summer you yeah my not this late,
nice things and paid off student loans will in real life it would be oh okay okay we’re doing a bit of a c this is that avails nation that is very boring if if i if i was,
you know super rich i just be probably sitting in the same place where i am right now i just be like better shoes,
these shoes are comfy hundred to pay my internet bill for a years as are the think about it and nice used car and every full flights all certify premiums using the at and,
there you go on our thing in our pocket when on the,
that’s something my friend to start right wheel is that like if we were to get really rich we wouldn’t.
Like be extravagant we just be like moderately above where we hung out all say that if one of us just get richer to be the one like,
in the light color car as is now living in a trailer park with a lamborghini yeah i can see that i guess we’ll find out of herbal liqueur blessed are.
It’s so that doesn’t make it over the speed ball and i live in nyc on min.

[24:07] Okay so so far thousand dollars a week is what is making noise like a lot of money in that time even now will you now.

[24:17] Some of that okay here here is like.
After that is true grew fourteen people including a new gentler stage manager name frank come out tomorrow who was japanese and he was the one who did the on spoke japanese and english but not chinese so during interviews he would translate for sue,
his own vision in his own version or japanese president thinks chinese sounds.

[24:42] It’s on the race which doesn’t sound very very different from the fake chinese is boss was speaking in that of the reporter c notices nothing was ever written pocket.
Well the interesting that he was able to kind of speak,
chinese we had his chinese score a quote translator cuz like the word to be very similar it all the saying i can’t dial out there when you get into japanese it’s like he still faking the chinese and the other guys i go out all the,
this is close enough that it is this guy crazy.
Okay so in the end and the concert begins in nineteen or for chain link foo keep in mind the real one.
Beget european tour in london and he was getting limited bookings hanukkah’s sues act it kinda sucked up all the money and that was it lol he’s the real one and so all he eats yet.
Booked up for two years and was like no we we seen the real chinese magician all that an ff so flu challenge sue.
Two dual of magic which is something at hogwarts to prove who is the real chinese illusionist foo set the terms.
Yes who’s the real guy that i know i’m reminding myself already keep track of.
He he work when if sue fail to do ten out of twenty of moose tracks.

[26:07] Then if the failed any one of sue’s illusions robinson accepted the challenge.

[26:14] Robertson knew that losing would cost him his career so useless to the help of an old friend for peace in the whole track magician harry houdini agree to teach robertson one of his best illusions.
What’s the article when and more death about that has only hear more about like how do they need garay.
Just like you know i’m sure it’s it in a magazine industry like anything else you meet people in it and a cross paths and you got where you know you np really didn’t.

[26:42] So one day on the okay so it took me a minute to figure out you said free link in half dozen of the chinese guy were talking about the sky.
What is a good that’s all i wanted to give you and ll that point but as of nala be on soon lol because i posted that the.
On the day of the event sue and his entourage arrived in palm.
Small audience consisted of theater managers who were the judges reporters and harry houdini himself after waiting half an hour first competitor to show up.
Sue entertain the crowd with ten success of tricks and was pronounced the winner.
The food in the mission what yeah which i’d like to know more about that story too i think he might’ve been who had winter whatever like.
Maybe you will three abstract or maybe it was another european guy pretending to be a chinese guy is a crap is on me like really this is the first german guy he copy this he has lead me.

[27:46] So yeah from that day forward rough to change the publicity for his performance from the wonderful chinese contrary to the original chinese contractor for hands travis it before the show.
If you put original in the name of caesar not here is usually no sir original things service hilarious nonetheless so.
Yeah and then we get into the whole after twenty years being together awesome path bolster their forties decided to do the right thing so speaking get married in a brief civil ceremony.
In march nineteen or six in england song some nice that the.
Until yeah robinson was still technically married to bessie although he claims to be divorced so his affairs.

[28:37] Make his devotion to pass still vs one of the objects of his affection okay so this is just talking about warfare z had.
Be on path which you know.

[28:47] Sorry if someone cheats on someone else for you that’s actually good indication that they are going to in turn turn around and do it again yeah.
It’s like what makes you special interest rate of rate you sir for the first on the wrist and you can not coming yeah lit up thing you’ll this is almost gets into.

[29:09] I can’t remember his name he calls and was like.
It’s got like franchises in every town of weeks heater fan lease yeah so.
How is your mistresses the mary for the good of the acting create a business partnership pass started receiving a weekly salary for being susi mean.
And all for responsibilities behind the scenes the members of the troop refer to them as mr and mrs sue.

[29:37] And went black for key to visit they call her mrs robinson fees so confuses me a fucking diagram to keep track of the bosses mr since i heard about the.
Wow the family tree has a miss is all.

[29:54] Let c and so promise get permanent residents built a workshop in his house would be tested bill delusions.
After two more children were born robinson spent more time in the workshop and he did with his family surprise surprise.

[30:08] So the me gets the mail tara tino this back to the beginning where we talked about him getting shot on the trip that ended up actually killing him.

[30:17] So chumley to sue incorporated hermans village catching tribute was on act.
Although he performed it very rarely in nineteen eighty he added it to his repertoire for a week of shows near london.
On saturday night he was a guest in a strip there was a guest distressing or well use repairing the guns he mentioned that he didn’t feel well.
Well he stepped out for a moment seuss we’ve got the weapons and put them on the prop table backstage and then the message when are called places.
There you know where this is going gas up.

[30:50] The audience was real that they would be seeing super for the defying the bullets for the end of the show so about ten forty five two volunteers from a distance apart.
Mark the bullets that were to be used as soon as assistance gotta position.
We only after the command to fire sue stay staggered backwards and blood started pouring out of his chest the audience was sure this was part of the act.
And tell sue said in perfect english oh my god something’s happened lower the curtain the curtain dropped.
Play the news reels that’s how of how it would you stick around for that israel will in today’s news juggling tooth died from god and.
Date night yeah let’s see humanity yeah they celebrating the curtain yeah yeah.
I was just sitting there awkwardly either popcorn while the weathers like screaming behind it when you can hear the news consumer news live here that is something he really his email at runner like my cat shopping with a real was it.
We’re mormon yeah has just realizing more but that was mostly seal it to be really wesley really dying exit dying yeah.
Let’s see the coroner’s inquest to at the corners it was path and you reveal the secret of the trick to the jury so that they can understand what happened.
Just explain the truth the triangle of her her husband and the woman he was living with.

[32:25] After testimony by robison and other assistance the corner and again expert and the jury wilson’s death an accident calling it death by misadventure which.
Hell yeah i want that one my my of the toughest like hurry die misadventure.
Fluid is that true foot is very red phones tears were off a cliff in blue yeah that’s.
Is it family guy are so that when the horse is displaying the amish and then knocks the amish guys because of the car explode horses is looking like oh no not now and where you got those.
Good times so that is mr mr and mrs robinson the charm we.
The real c robinson’s yes the me that really the robinson’s the original yeah friend lives with with way way more polygamy yeah what’s.

[33:29] Yeah like this one b two it is it’s an interesting story.

[33:35] Travis and if you need perspective you have on this this whole thing me and is like let’s see.
So how much to get into lake history of magic like with the dishes forgot to know your big booty fan yeah some.
Is saying and magic this summer you does tricks in and there’s a magician okay lol an hour a.
Gets pretty heavy how mant know how to think about that redhead keep going is the business of readers six like a typical of the of the high school kid or whatever checked and his friends and never looks back and does it again,
the magician actually knows the history and origins of everything they do even a simple out how to cut a plane the deck of cards check,
they all have different names and stuff like that and the origins of who created.
And so knowing that stuff is extremely valuable specially start creating trixie need credit the person who does it or your gonna eat to live in the magic community,
that’s and you didn’t make this give credit where credit does he know that the magic community whenever you talk but it sounds like it is looking critically.
Tight-knit group yet really is and we hate each other what the sharkey competitive.

[34:53] It’s not so much competitive there’s alot of big egos magic i know can you believe that like you believe that there seems in place another from peter and like all eyes on the gas yeah that kind of thing.
Set it goes,
it’s you can a lot of them to non really i’m pretty confident yeah pay attention myself and everybody else will kinda feel share share,
but there’s a lot of people out there who copy what other people are doing and then even allow the magic stuff that creators cell.
People will watch the video of teaching how to do it like the mechanics of it.
And not ch you like a routine like the actual presentation and that’s what everybody does.
So every trick is a carbon copy jeddah somebody just doing tricks yes to be a magician is taking this and creating something completely new out of it saying fridays i wanna make something go from a to b and need a bullet to go from one side of the stage.
To the other without actually making a go through the gun check so i know how to do it now how can i disguise it so.
Basically the secret is how to get the bullet out of the gun or how to get that autograph on to another bullet be have somebody signs the ball.
So once you know the basic idea it’s like right now in the real magic is distracting and mr acting the audience from.

[36:15] So that’s where it becomes real secretive like even just recently pro seniors david copperfield was being sued because the however many years ago someone tripped.
Going backstage under the stage during allusion where the audience vanished and david copperfield was pretty much forced to expose the solution that he’s done for thirteen years.
Prove that he was at fault oh.
I really think about that yet and today he’s actually just awarded he won the trial and said the other guy was at fault and everything else that so it doesn’t counter sue for like the walls and come from having reveal of.
I don’t know configures bree will set yeah act like he owns islands,
yeah that wasn’t what happened so basically her i can’t remember exactly how many years it was but some guy when of with a group of people on stage doing a disappearing act where he makes people in the audience disappear share,
the veil comes out he makes them go under the station trap door run to solve the backstage and appear somewhere else so some guy tripped in the process lol.
And now how many years later he saying that he has physical damage she can’t work he has emailed work for have many years but he comes in the court room like he comes in with like assistant slate helping him walk.
Are you cheating me but there’s footage late lawyers and my investigators instead of going out now that this trial has come to surface.

[37:46] Video tv him out walking his dogs is mostly on their performance is so they’re basically doing the acting is.

[37:57] Channeling sued did this actually right say yes i am injured to happen because of this and there like we’ve been doing this routine for thirteen years like there’s no way.
I think i said there’s construction debris down there he’s like no like this is a thirteen year act like raise scripted patter going.

[38:15] Nothing has ever happened rails.
Holy cow yeah i’ll so wind cover feel based was forced to expose that the magic community blue yeah i fat because.
One cup of will try to do a kind of behind closed doors little bit but then like no disease be public information so now.
The whole retreating process happens now than any prove that can happen without the trap door so now of.
The whole next generation magicians gonna say i wanna do the same thing but everybody knows how to do it.
Let’s figure out how to do the different way statue of sebaceous zombie david bowie that there was a replicator exactly.
The one the cool things though that channeling sue actually started out doing is for you read talks about black are delusions yeah that’s really really cool it’s basically like camel and steroids.
Okay under the right lighting.
If you put a black surface on top of another black surface that one together he never know anything about this place the wood is all i see okay so what imagine like a foreground in the back and a middle ground of the same pattern your surface yet.
And in between those two layers somebody can hide and re appear.
I am seriously without your eight with not knowing go because i don’t know just it’s a solid wall right right and so this essentially probably where the next message will go where people actually be on stage the whole time.
Just everybody thinks they disappeared and now this is a make up your.

[39:48] Gone and we have still your shot help you honey isn’t easy but they can near here might not red nothing,
oven vegetable shut up to be so that’s where the real controversy comes in because even though all like.
The tricks are essentially the same.
You can expose your message really without somebody stealing it because there’s always people out there who are gonna do that yeah so when somebody says orders now you check somebody else invented it.
Then it sucks you be like okay do i just sit here and be quiet or do i say no i do it differently the prove it this is how i do it.
Just because he get the same results doesn’t mean it’s the same trick that chef and that’s where a lot of the hose and kinda.

[40:33] Arguing goes on the magic community can you haven’t magic trick penn and teller.
Are the first one will tell is the first one to officially do it impact the exact same thing copperfield style somebody took him to court for stealing trick.

[40:49] I think teller actually took the this other person to court for stealing trick.
And he is the first and only magician never win as intellectual property toning this and had to prove like using place seven year trial and tell your would not back down peasley amount of god i can’t even imagine.

[41:08] Yeah okay for him i mean signals guns annoying like no you still my are yeah dario yeah center do you have any like tricks that they are you just.
But what kind without you follow you know i mean there’s a few things what things i really like to buy a trick,
you are a lot of times you’ll get like the special little device who would ever tell you complex these things,
and i don’t read instructions or the wash city tour like okay what does this do does it does something cool share share incident basically it’s line easy.
Your own when you don’t have a template yeah phone.
But then again there’s the gray areas like a ice cream desert made in somebody’s doing it right over here but no,
was the same will it will not tell you my way and she is now you never know if you have the first original,
please sir sir until i go famous and doing a worldwide for ten years then somebody comes out that we’ve been doing that for we just will just back and i can’t find.
Probably ex they’ve been doing it for ten years it’s time to retire and and still can i ask how much money do you have invested in all of your tricks,
you know okay so here’s the trouble with magic not only do we talk and not talk about are messages but even when you buy it you don’t know what you’re getting.
Say sorry buying a college book saying you’re gonna learn how to do.
And then you get that i don’t really wanna do it that way sare so the new scrapbooking no doing all count as a preview exactly see you basically by like blind buying all your magic.

[42:42] It’s like a blind date your buddies that no ran like is really really good he’s should go this sucks yeah the not on disco.
But then you already sent the money on right so now you have the intellectual property in your mind great returned.

[42:56] But he still bought the trick right so holla so can use so do you need to know like how much you spent.
Podcast of us ever soon i hope my wife isn’t listening to i mean really better my husband has over forty eight hundred dvds and our house okay.
So on average when tax purposes and when i figure about two to three thousand dollars a year okay on just.
Crap that i really will never use.
Like it’s nice i don’t mind doing it share because i like knowing all the different message here okay so as for as your fake wife,
i’d be okay with that because you’re actually performing and then making money execrable toward that investment and i’m okay with that are you so slow man of a podcast,
see making money making money am asking that that’s a thing like cuz dominic he wants to buy like this like a thousand dollar camera and like as as as as a second camera and might,
i would be okay with that.
If you were making money off of it right but he’s not he’s not pursuing that weddings are graduations or anything like that he’s just he just wants it so we can have amp of and pray.
Getting the second camera he was trying to over get the second camera now i can legitimately do weddings and having blu-ray disc farm and feel better about product and putting out some of,
okay i’m on board for that will you get offered the second camera and he wants to get it mike okay so you’re going to weddings is that old i don’t want to weddings haha,
the cameras the first plug beverage on board of this first great like you have your business person about this so i thought i’d still.

[44:34] So that’s why would be okay with what you’re investing in spain yeah,
but because i have a list of rules knowledge filter i do have the magician some local some distant i do,
call me or message me or email me sir survey hey i’m trying to accomplish this how can we do it and then i’ll work with the move so i have like to create a,
activate but it’s also really difficult so i can join magic show because like i’m so like i’m analyzing it the whole time f ed dot com watching her fills the cia analyze it the whole time yeah,
so and we can design yeah is anything like signage or anything like that were like logos,
no pulling them apart with my eyes cannot do it with that face to as delete graphic design,
that’s the cool thing is we just went to watch the illusionist ss broadway show down at the pavilion school and i was unfamiliar with all of who performed there,
big names and magic.
But i don’t really know what they’re gonna perform so my wife and i were there watching and i see one of the guys steel watches of three people during the show.
And my oh actually you know what is gonna give the watches back bring totally body and back to the end of the show,
my wife likes jesus when take watches liking him back alert.
I swear you to watch is not exit oh and by the way usual watching usual modulated think that is crazy when account is creating a shows are watching a.
He is having a small panic at work that early but then there’s also times like that were like i see them do the traditional stuff like steal somebody’s watch affect.

[46:11] And because i’m looking for that and i see the exact same motions movements and mr directions and something else happens like they still the shoe.
What does that do for example share for sure yeah but the number of all my other gives us of the other one isn’t like i go home in ny.

[46:28] At the drawing board like break this huge equation to figure out of his of the show one thousand will my mind was stealing the underwear.
Wait that’s tricky one cuz i and when shifted know at what kind under where they’re wearing to make them think it’s their underwear,
yeah typically the nice thing is you pick people who just one of the staging be the show,
oh and no savings go with siri yeah going out you my very first pic pocket routine that i did i had i’d take out my own wallet,
when ideally me up against a guy to hold my on wall above the guys head behind him and it is not a school holidays and he didn’t know anything that was going on nice but if you,
not pretend to put it back in and hold it like two one dollar bills was laughing lotus tickets money and then i give two bucks,
so here you forgot this is it oh cool you to books that the whole audience things that is,
today was the macbeth yeah there’s a two dollar trick goes extremely well half off stuff like that.
Very cool so yeah it’s pretty much all psych psychology and if you’ll.

[47:34] Maker is making people think you did something that really didn’t have a pretty much yeah.

[47:41] Yeah we so we just premier that are short from mr pointy and.
We didn’t really have much for illusions in this one but the very and there is a monster that appears in the closet and.
After a short film showed usually hq when you showed a festival you have a q and a this own only really had any questions for about the film right.
Is a hundred percent normally it’s always like dead eyes looking at you laid a and like nobody gives a shit to use a very cool thanks and yea though backs it out well then as a direct tracy the sky tax man his on actually like.
Is it what is the question but my wife didn’t want me to make a oh okay,
bitch better make their you know i was one guy that one of the question where to start a whole conversation great news isn’t what was with the monster as lake.
Oh will that was just the monster in the closet lake.
We roll and i just think it records than enough how you do the monster in the closet house like oh hall.
Not realizing that for some people ache,
that’s a huge lake out of the dad you wanna know lol so yeah actually you know small film festival crowd like that alot of people there they’re like.
Aspiring filmmakers are just like super fast super fast they want the into the lake,
the technical so how did you do that right ray ray you know late i’m not i like movies i don’t really know the whole process of them and stuff but one movie that i really did like about wanting to know the technical aspects that which.

[49:18] Again kinda goes in the magic word thing is bird man is that the one o was.
Oh jamaican nope nope some of that stuff can you play beetlejuice.

[49:31] While keeping my hands yeah but the whole thing is uncut like is it continues yeah that was awesome gas and as filmmakers we’re watching for coming there were some cut.
But it was seem of like it was hard to know when there was a cut,
so i give you ever like see the camera going that right in again summaries backed up at exactly when you see something with a camera kinda like,
this dance will into like a black area than the cat o’ wont the most amazing one those when they went to the dressing room where there than me or is it that your actresses standing for the year and you know the camera i dont have space is a.

[50:07] Hello who didn’t watch the behind the scenes after because we wanted to know like how did they accomplish all this and it was like a fuck ton of rehearsal built their set,
on a soundstage with just the bare bones and they just ran through in sorry sorry i’ll size it is ran through like,
over and over and over again with the camera guys yo going through all the moves and motions like of this whole routine and just like have that’s dedication ss fascinating yeah.
The the the first star trek movie can i think maybe the second one where they’re actually like sky diving,
out of the air for i’ll check to the back to the or the behind the scenes of that was i thought was really cool basically just only have big near,
and it and so reflected the sky the latest in the ass in that i should the camera hard i only others genius looking there’s one l so there’s that there is an illusion and friday the thirteenth i think it.
One where i think it’s what the kevin bacon i don’t know that will to say it is i think using the first one.
Donna feckless does he’s a kid care if so he’s in the bed ray and he’s asleep and he just laid down it was some chick rates and jason hates it when people have sex and so he’s laying there in the bed knobs and he gets a payroll straight up through his throat in like oh god like it looks really how do they do that will then,
of the behind the scenes is actually kevin’s head is just.

[51:37] Through the bed with just like his head on the pillow okay and he’s actually kneeling under the bad words like they have a body down the vital but like a dummy rate of his the rest of his body laying on the bed of with and then they show.

[51:53] The.
Think that you’re all going out through the front to thrown everything the blood mobile okay so like that’s countdown x magic tricks adding it yeah that’s cool the the mirror thing that.
That makes one of my all time favorite special effects was.
The guy that say mirror thing or the like camera should be in the shot in terminator two judgement day.
There’s a part where they’re like fixing on him and arnold is sitting in a chair facing near.

[52:23] He has like a whole chunk of his like back of his head missing move and yet the camera should be in the shot it’s not even a perfect reflection and what it was is.
Start doubles facing away up to actually working on a prosthetic head of arnold’s with the giant like didn’t protections of like that that would,
make no sense like how would you do that oh sure of the other sites near it’s the actual cast oh reflect reflecting in it you funny,
and that that was was a trip that just blew me oasis like no way animations like.
Sheet to the right its like its either the cleanest here in the world or just up or they’re right ray ray yeah had em tomo movie checks all day oh yeah there’s so many.

[53:14] Buy let it down i really like that he knows like we wanting to but.

[53:20] Parma was just magic tricks you do magic tricks yeah so all about perception you didn’t know it’s more difficult make in life.
A movie trick where you can like tweety angles start is.
Or like actually making a live on stage you think flow you like invoke a certain like it reaction just buy a changing the at it yeah so like if you just added a certain way.
Then you don’t know the difference like i could hideaway a youth like.
Show a shot of the screaming and then you kindly to something else and allison you hear me screaming and let you know what cream using my me and stab or whatever gross things and you’re magine asian actually fills in the blanks so then there’s really no,
special affect this is your brain is working overtime you so anxious yeah it’s it’s cool cuz there’s a hole like no other stuff like.
Well this is gonna sound really dumb and obvious but it’s like there’s just amazing stuff that you can do on a live stage you just,
could never translate all for sharing and by the same token there stuff you can do just with,
editing tricks are like twenty eight days later with their frame rate now and always fuck with me cuz it’s like everything looks normal but the frame is just a little bit lower than the human perception of,
are than the threshold for humans to see movement and so but it’s just and that water line so what they did is so it looks,
a pepper is in the mean little wash our looks normal and it is only twenty three frames per second and center twenty four frames per second it was a twenty for each percent enters a wall really is really slow so.

[54:54] When people are just sitting here talking or they’re just like moving along as of like that there’s not an action shot going on.
Motion is okay normal this little baby wash out but then when the zombies attack that’s why,
this seems so fast and so and then you get like a strobe in effect with the light will they remember for services we enter scare the shit out of it and then my friend nick who is kind of us facial genius kind of guy yes i enter,
he was is it over,
frame rates of the actually have if it’s dvd blu-ray or whatever it form to pull the display the free rabies like lol look at that.
And just like that the things like that’s he’s like cuz your brain is perceiving is motion except for when someone hurts roof quickly.
All this of your brains like that stuff on it right yeah like,
creat fat man that’s very clever so clever what would you setting in twenty days later agility okay for dollar i did it like this equals but the original one was.
Sir sir sir fossil don’t know about those numbers on the freeway i just know that it was fewer frame rates than all than normal yet cuz i i bet it.
Bad at numbers especially from a cover it was fifteen years ago were this is stick with you man i now i know.

[56:17] But yeah so.

[56:20] I don’t know how we got here but she’ll jones is still lose the sullivan allusions.

[56:28] So yeah and i think with that we will call it a night be sure to.
To follow us up a tree on and to check out all of our perks and offers there also i beg i’ll be getting some merchandise on to the store.
Here in the next few weeks by the time is goes out it will probably be on the store awesome and then.
Yeah so copper morning come the sioux empire not coming oh yes oh yes so okay so i have any loses for like the last three months and it’s been killing me but i’m.
So any so ever since i started going into like my psychic working stuff i’ve always wanted to get a mentor and i have dig a ten of tina mentor for a short period jaime stillman mentor.
But more like a friend at this point but am i really need somebody else that was going to take me a little bit further and sell a friend of mine,
she was lake have you ever to come out joy their nose lake now no idea who that as well if you look rash is essentially canada’s version of like.
What are trees at the pluto and she’s basically like long island medium lets his,
she’s canada’s version along and medium which is and she is on tv show called moms in medium and not pretend i know what that a theory that basically does the tv like a reality tv show where is,
she’s a meeting and his girl that he doesn’t readings about you now cool there lawfully everything other levels are passed away and it’s touching and that’s a motion on every love the kinda tv show so i am.

[58:00] The way so come out there’s all these lake psychic development courses in egypt of eleven courses and shoes having this one course called,
medium master class mentorship are meant i forget her forget how it’s worded but basically as mentor ship program is fifteen months lol,
and from hours like personally teaching you throughout these fifteen months and it’s like the most intense class that she’s ever offered she’s not she’s a no next image is going to operate so it’s lake.
You know.
You know that’s basically like you need to jump in on this the other what the other caveat though is that it is only accepting ten people this program because it’s such intense course so my friend christie.
That you need to apply and mike reading of this chick s but.
Okay sure like all black so i is so is a three application process i sent in my first application is basically questions like are you say okay and do you like to read that yeah ideally i can get a little that i may my working background and then,
if you get accepted pass that then you got to go to slevin are with her whole kernel.
Push it then she explains like more about the program so i got accepted pass the first phase of as kite spare me used to professional readings like that’s that’s that’s okay so then.
The slim or the program and the lake.
This is a very intense is gonna be check alot of your time if you cannot commit to this do not apply pass this space so then.
They sent out the second application as i don’t know if i want to i flake out on the last month they i do and i’m just being honest with myself something and if i should do this and then it.

[59:41] I had until it saturday night midnight to respond and.
And i was like i don’t think i can say talk to chrissy about on a friday afternoon and she’s a cutie you gotta do this as like i don’t think i should this is you know.
Thank you for your help showing me this this class and and her middle singer water workshops or whatever its is that no dude you to go for it.
So my r eight so and then telling myself the entire time what’s the worst that could happen to get except did yell like that kinda my mentality about this i talk to dominic about to as a okay imagine that,
john carpenter was giving a masterclass in filmmaking would you do whatever it was you could to be honest music.
Huma can’t heartbeat lake he didn’t even hesitate summit r eight that’s okay so i still fill the second application second applications malek,
what’s your data de la do you have kids where you from what’s your job you know kind of like those types of questions i was like this is kind of interesting one of allah’s.
How did you hear about come out and litterally my answer was i have no idea who she is my friend christy told me to apply like,
because they were think this thing in a job application you sailing i don’t know what the donald is my mom told me to apply simply what i said so.

[1:01:03] I submitted the application of friday night i get a response on monday morning and i open my email and i just see this from her team i’m thinking.
Okay like maybe can see like the subject plane late.
Because i can get like of your first you in the email and my inbox i i tried i read it as like doesn’t tell me from accepted or not so i open it up.
And it says congratulations you got accepted to do an interview with her mouth to mike am snogging hundred s mike knows the niggas these two doesn’t mean like yeah yeah so did you interview and i still screw that up that mean,
that’s kind of your things so.

[1:01:43] I get i get a call from her team and they’re like okay so can you near me would you like an hour from now i’m thinking well whole.
What is the interview like her team,
person of the team liked me daddy pass under the interview carmella tax will they had explain five two years of car was it was very but that’s one of them there is a she wants to be with you right away so can you enter your like are my i’m so work right now do we pushes out like.
No three know it is so amen get home for my super nervous now.
This isn’t the kanya and i am waiting waiting waiting three o’clock com’s three o’clock goes in my god it’s the worst like when your expecting a phone call a certain time it doesn’t come and then three thirty three thirty does live in,
four o’clock am she calls and says there is working on this case bubble blowing oh no problem with what am i gonna say,
wake you jerk you know like no obviously shoes busy.
So she’s a fuse and i cannot year from south dakota you have some some semi professional reading experience you know you seem really grounded you actually you know we have a normal job like that so i want to be a pretty mare’s like.
What a big face like i owe you that what are you gonna make on.
Yeah say good-bye part of my brain is like will you hurry came this far like you and you did go through with the friday night application you better say yes you idiot soul.

[1:03:19] I said yes and there was a couple of days they’re like the next day or couple days later we get,
the coursework say was three months of intense study i’m like all the spirituality stuff on despite had you let a ton of reliving first month was late eight,
books in one month.
Yeah plus like you the readings for friends and family plus friend work a full time job plus buying all the stuff that i need the segment was like six books and then the third month was like four because i have like i am suppose to get more intense but is actually kinda like,
easing up also increasing on the matter of reading that you’re doing so.

[1:03:57] Today she sent an email saying basically it’s go time we’re doing the full program now mike i that was the start like june wondered snell is considered a after the dates it’s me thirty f right now so i’ll.
Yeah and i get to meet her in person on june first cuz there’s like a convention up there so they sent as an email.
And there’s a few years convention on june first and she’s lake and expects you guys there’s like,
well yes and go to canada us home and that thinking so i got my passport on it which came super fast like i applied and may fourth i got by may fourteenth,
what rights.
It was expedited service to let i was of expecting at least may twenty first yeah so but may fourteen over i’ll take it i got a flight to sue falls super cheap like five hundred forty dollars damn yeah.
And then hotel rental car list of the winners about is the driving in canada as kilometers vs miles per hour so.
I think i’ll be fine area so yes i say so it’s gonna me journey so if urals to twenty readings of me please,
pick me up on facebook i will be happy to and if you get me now but breaks are definitely gonna be cheaper now because a year from now they won’t be,
so getting all its good.
Yeah but those giving the circuit grounds counselor before i get wide and get better but i’m in line before i get more as i would like to point out this is a thing that are are losers wouldn’t be aware of is that.

[1:05:38] Every night when me we start it shows travis always appears of smoke top hat in case it’s your hands of erie she,
the whole show she hovers several inches off of the surface of the kind so fucking zen.
Fan with that have a goodnight everyone will see you next week.