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The Sioux Empire Podcast is the “quirky but harmless” podcast that’s all about northern plains: News, Comedy, Music, and Culture.



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SEP003 – Extra, Follow Up On 3D Printing Story

It looks like the courts have made a decision in the 3D printing case we covered on this week’s episode.  Give it a listen to learn more.

SEP003 – Atheist Weed Billboards, Civics Crash Course, The Tax Man Cometh, The Army Corp of Engineers experience karma, and Augustana College vs. 3D Printing.

Is that the circus in town? Nope, that’s just 2015 state legislative session for South Dakota. With the session in full swing, team Sioux Empire Podcast (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Amanda Mehling) takes a look at some of the more interesting (well, maybe just to me) state government stories this week. This week’s intermission music is by the local band Stay Lucky with their song “Apathetic” from the album Seven Dollar Suit. You can learn more about them at Think you can pass a citizenship test? How about a ridiculously easy version from USA Today? Our crew nailed it.

SEP002- Extra: What is Pok ta Pok?

In this weeks episode Robert makes a reference to a game involving decapitation and team captains going to a temple.  Just so you know I’m not (that) crazy.  Here is a video of the ancient Mayan game I was referencing, and yes, the original version involved decapitation.  Enjoy.

SEP002 – Urban Deer Hunt, Evil Sled Children, USD Heist, and Argus Leader vs The Aberdeen Chamber

This week the intrepid crew of the big green couch (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Amanda Mehling) leaps head first into the current events in the Sioux Empire and needless to say January is shaping up to be a very busy and very random month. Topics covered include the Sioux Falls urban deer hunt (despite my best efforts we didn’t make it through this topic without bringing up cannibalism), the evil sled children who threaten us all (or at least the people of Iowa), The Argus Leader vs The Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce, Ocean’s Eleven: USD Football Edition, Gay Marriage in South Dakota, and Forbes on SuFu. What do Zombies, Ebola Conspiracy and Emma Watson Nude have in common? Listen to this week’s game “Google Storm” to find out.


SEP001: Welcome to the Sioux Empire

Welcome!  This week we meet three friends (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Amanda Mehling) as they embark on a comedic audio odyssey of the northern plains and the people, places and stories of the Sioux Empire.  This week we look at some of the things we like and um… not so like, about the Sioux Empire.  The gang also plays Robert’s first attempt at a podcast game called “unfair trivia.”  Take it easy on them, it’s their first day.