The Happy Warrior

The Happy Warrior Podcast, Conservative commentary on the news of the day from a more positive perspective. Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke.

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Happy Warrior 040 Kay Hymowitz And Modern Families

Pete interviews Kay Hymowitz and addresses other headlines this week.

Happy Warrior 039 Vincent Lambert and Other Headlines

Peter covers the consequences of the Vincent Lambert case and other headlines this week.

Happy Warrior 038 Loneliness 

Peter talks journalism, the culture of loneliness, and more.

Happy Warrior 037 The Not So Great Debates

Pete is back, and this week he takes on the Democratic Debates.

Happy Warrior 036 Blake J. Harris

An exclusive interview with Blake J. Harris, author of the book Console Wars, and his newest: History of the Future.

Happy Warrior 36 Professor Wilfred Reilly

I have the honor of interviewing Professor Wilfred Reilly about his book: Hate Crime Hoax, how the left is selling a fake race war!