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Happy Warrior Ep 018 The Insane Episode


The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken


Segment 1: M Word! Part Deux

Yup, it is pretty dangerous stuff

Witchy, Wishy, Witches

Full Video

Funny Stuff


Segment 2: We have gone Loco in the Cabasa

Article I’m reading from

Washington Post Advice Segment that is Hillarious,


Daily Wires version

Slots version

Its wrong when the GOP does it 2

Nicky Haley is pretty funny

Civility via the Libertarian way!


Bonus Segment:

True Evil!

Insurance denies coverage but pushes Euthanasia



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Machine Transcript
[0:23] Hello again everyone this is the happy warrior podcast this is your host Peter Von Pischke here again with you to discuss what’s going on in the world,
news what’s going on in the world of the United States of America what’s going on in your own little world inside your head,
I am flabbergasted as I make this podcast.
Michael Knowles is going to be on in town on Thursday so I apply I’m thinking of him what I make this episode Michael if you’re listening to this call me,
putting that aside I am flipping out of my head I mean I’m just losing my mind.
So since I put out the last podcast episode which by the way thank you for all the positive responses to it I know there was more material I could have covered about the mobs I skip the antivist stuff in Portland where they accosted the old man you just want to drive his car.
There was a mob it’s there a couple mob thing since then protesters attacking people restaurant,
people on the left and right by the way gain the faces of politicians not letting him speak now I’m laying the move not like anyone listen,
just Saul Alinsky mob tactics just nuts just flipping.

[1:37] Bug on their butts nuts hard to believe hard to believe it here’s the thing that got me fired up okay here’s the thing that got me fired up.
No one on either side is hardly willing to genuflect no one on either side is willing to say okay.
We need to calm down we need to cool things off we need to stop talking past each other and start talking to one another over the weekend I had an awesome chat with a guy named Nick Weiland he’s a politician here in Sioux Falls
cool guy he ran for city council this year at same time frame for school board,
is on as far right as I am Ultra right as Jezebel puts it he’s on the leg,
we had we have awesome conversations from time to time,
and we were talking about the stove sociology and how they use that sometimes to justify politics when we were talking about you know the value of why are there more people on the left are in colleges.
And it was just saw conversation Nick is a good guy and I disagree with him but he is a good man,
and you can do that that’s how our society should be okay we could be ultra Ultra right in those Ultra left as we want and we should be able to just be able to talk,
we should be able to chat we should be able to learn from one another find where our values and ideas cut together for the intersect find where the concerns we have intersect and start there.

[2:59] Okay they do exist I know it’s hard to believe but there are things you know we’re both sides are in a y fact I would say most things were actually,
together on it’s just we disagree about how to get there we know we both want to take good care of the plant you know we just disagree with what measures should be taken to reach that goal we both are against mass shootings well he feels that we guns are too permissive,
I think gun laws are too stringent you know but we are both want to get to that same place where the schools are sick.

[3:31] This goes back event venue I ran for school board in l y start this podcast be cut the happy warrior,
how did the experiences I had and I share them with Robert as they can to me
are people attacking me and claiming how violent and dangerous I was if you know me I can barely you know get out of the bed
basically I’m not really a danger to anyone but I was inside I was insane violence I was a danger I this grandma
they can stalk my Facebook stuff and says you are you’re making unsafe for my grandchildren please don’t come.
And I thought that was insane was like look I’m okay with the March for Life people protesting I disagree with them let them protest and I’ll have my little thing here on the side.

[4:17] And why just have different views you know I bought 2 boxes of donuts I gave those donuts to the March paralyzed protesters and save any for my side no I tried out constantly keep it in a peaceful.
Compassionate Circle because I love the Second Amendment and one of the reasons why I love is like members because I love the Bill of Rights.
I love via Enlightenment I love the Declaration pencil Constitution.
The Bill of Rights was starting with the First Amendment are such a phenomenal change you know there’s the two thousand year leap fantastic book I recommend you all read.
I’m the basically that points out that society and Technology they drastically no jumped into this last 200 years it’s amazing what games was made as human cry and that can all be linked back.
To the Declaration of Independence the Constitution and the Bill of Rights okay Civil Society in the United States of America is this
we talk to one another we have differences we shake hands at the end of the day and we be friends we can go to the diner did the dinner table and joke and talk about our families talk about what we enjoyed on Netflix talk about our dogs
you know things that we all have in common.

[5:27] What shocks me an ink and you can’t get my head over this I’ve seriously flabbergast a little worried a little worried for a country,
I know Facebook it is not quite the den of scum and villainy that Twitter is Facebook I’m just talking about.

[5:49] I’m sorry I have my volume up with Facebook does saying Free Speech what they’re doing the Free Speech right now it’s disgusting,
I’m talking about my fellow South Dakota is my fellow midwesterners you know my Facebook friends it’s scary,
scary now I do try on Facebook today I did too I tried harder not to be so flamboyant in my right a wreck because I know it causes people to stop thinking,
but I was very fair in the so what got me going what got me going today well I’m over there was in the year times yesterday.

[6:25] An editorial that’s really scares me it’s nuts the word it’s scary it is scary because the New York Times also sometimes called by its nickname The Grey Lady.
4 years until about 10 years ago was pretty much every single news organization in the country.
Turn of the New York Times just reported whatever the New York Times at prioritize often just using the same verbiage stealing the language and it is close to plagiarism as they possibly could but ukulele TV news media organizations
still do this okay so what then your time says what do your time pushes out as important and what’s okay.
Has reverberations.
Out in the rest of the country okay did you all understand what the New York Times says matters as much as we have issues of the New York Times,
dolphin what what’s our time says matters okay it doesn’t matter if you’re conservative you have to face the fact they are relevant they have some relevancy still.
So I think we can all agree hopefully on that.
Your * published this is called count me among the m word no count me among the mob hits by Charles and blow opinion, this this was a leading editorial to this it wasn’t the conservatory of the high in the back okay I’m just going to read some from it.
He says one thing that fine profoundly disappointed about modern liberalism.

[7:52] And he just like what what is the problem modern liberalism is it too much light does not appeal to send Chris borders.
Is it to Parson what what is it what’s the problem with modern liberalism.
A particular that stands which it is reactive governed by what is being done to it rather than its own positive vision,
it’s true that Donald Trump is on not only antithetical liberal values he is antithetical to most American values and as such limiting his power,
limiting the duration of stinger of Paramount concern apple absolute urgency,
remember that underline there at the end Paramount concern absolutely Regency so we kind of started out maybe saying that we need to go forth with a power Powerball and positive message not be wrecked.

[8:35] Therefore resisted here’s where the kicker is there for resisting what Trump represents going to central point of moral rectitude in Ultimate patriotism ultimate.

[8:44] Never be right there altimate resistance is reaction to Trump that can’t be the sum total of one statement of principles you must be driving toward a concept of what you want this country to become and not just driven by a fear what the country could descend into.
Liberal enthusiasm can’t Hensel and prospects for overwhelming Victory due to cancer lethargy and say the same we can’t just win because the conservatives are lazy.

[9:07] It feels he hasn’t could be a highly fluctuate variable in a political cycle the only through Z as we can control is your own all campaigns are to some degree and a couple of public manipulation hopefully this is good but offered to the air,
30 ways to drive turnout excitement or incitement orders can you to be anime by Hooper fear optimist.
Optimism ranks he is completely right there that it was are the some of the strategies on the table how are we going to get voters excited to come out and vote for us because people don’t show up and midterms usually,
usually whatever power has whatever whatever a party has control the presidency the opposite price could be more energetic when it comes out to vote in the midterms.
Okay that’s just that’s generally how political analyst look at.
What position is the use of fear scared by Russ Prospect should Democrats take control of both House Representatives and a senate Trump’s campaign in like crazy trying desperately to Stars based action.
And you know what’s the easiest way to do that a stroke it’s Ingrid appeal to the same misogyny here we go the verbage misogyny racism.
Nationalism and insecurity misogyny racism nationalism and insecurities okay they hate women they hate minorities.

[10:23] Nationalistic which is a veiled push to saying that we’re like.
Hitler you know that’s a fact that they use nationalism what they really sing is that it work towards fascism okay and insecurity that carried in the White House okay we’re scared,
we’re scared
where where I’m comfortable their cells were scared in a campaign stops keep saying that he’s on a ticket but State look like she’s doing about the candidates but about him is supporters and and whether or not the dark vision of a diminished America but he is Usher dating Will Survive.

[10:54] It last we could be talking points Santa selection be about Kath now Caravans Law and Order and Common Sense.

[11:01] So Trump is saying okay he’s push it so I’m not Caravans Law and Order and common sense so Kevin was about the Supreme Court Justice,
stuff and all the craziness around Caravans about the illegal immigrant Caravan starts happening right now we’ll see how it goes Law and Order and common sense I think everyone wants his last Parts but they’re saying that Trump wants us to go to this safe place.
First the defense of Japanese of Justice Pratt time out there publicly attacking describing and diminishing the women who accused of sexual assault is to me a clear expression of misogyny.
What was the habit of not believing the women who accused of sexual assault position that probably comes natural again because he is Accused himself second he is trying desperately to elevate immigration spring issue again.
This is an essay Target for this is easy target for Trump is base because any caps like you sent me that’s Presley articulating it America’s being invaded overrun by people who are not white and not European which wrist the major it’s American Heritage again I point to the language.

[12:03] White people’s control this country is in danger and under salt and must be defended and protected at all costs.

[12:11] Okay so they’re saying they’re on the right that they are scared of minorities and they’re scared with women they’re scared of falling out of power which.
Peter on the demographics of saying I know that is not true cearley for the fact that were still 70% + white majority Nation.
Make that since you that that’s supposed scenario impossible.
Not that there isn’t any racism assaggio in the world just that I’d that’s not the driving influence on people that they’re worried about but I digress.

[12:49] The rather than using words like white supremacy Nationals but he uses proxies like Law and Order border walls and infestations now he wants to Casa liberals and Democrats as mobs.

[12:59] Did he even went as far as saying Democrats free small absorb Republicans produced so stupid.
. the right is actually,
evil the right is evil to hate women that hate minorities that you’re going to lose their power they’re using institutions know all the evil things that the right said about the bombing stration
March Bridge actually was true now all of it but much of which was true there’s now saying that the right is doing that
I’m not doing it because we’re evil Trump is evil.
Conservatives are evil and the the government that passes for values are evil.
Okay so he’s saying that there is a great Satan fit dessert that’s the language that Iran likes to use the great Satan that’s course America they’re saying the right is the great Satan.
Well if it’s a great saying what do you think that justifies.

[13:57] Okay if you say one side is the archetype for evil what you think that justifies guys.
But count me among the mop if that means people to stay in opposition to Trump’s degradation the country in all ways that the mob stands up for women stands up for the National Rifle Association I want in the mob hates corruption loves increasing diversity country than it is for me
my friends are the four at the during the same week and became clear watch the post, so I’ve been killing the Saudi Arabian consulate Trump praised American politician salt a journalist which he did
then yes yes yes to the Mob make no mistake from strategy will work he now knows people respond very well is never stop lying to them
they are family feast to get on a hatred and intolerance.

[14:41] Now that should dampen liberal enthusiasm for softened liberal resolve you want this country to be.
Can not subject to the whims of trump as base this election did all that follows mon long about reactions but about realizing.
We must conceive of the country we want Drive relentlessly toilet not because we are Thunderstruck but sheer immorality again.
That has risen the Pinnacle of power because you know that powers and fact possession of the people and democracy we both both can we both harness it and assertive.
Can we both harness power and assert power.
Trump is going to be dropped stop playing by his rules don’t want to dictate the terms of debate let him call you whenever he likes he says you’re part of mob so be it.
Set up with some future blondes America looks absolutely nothing like Trump’s America so the article does he does try to do these very slim like don’t don’t be naughty now,
but if you really was concerned about that he would it be painting the right is evil and then saying that we need to email basically he’s going as far as saying.

[15:40] Any means necessary to justify the ends we want which way the way he says here to what is it,
it says about the Democracy possession of the people and democracy they can both harness it and I started about power scary so what what do they say about large groups of people I just want power to enforce their will.
Mop that is the blacks the right we’re in the French Revolution,
the French Revolution diverge from the American Revolution in several important ways but one of it was that we put not just for Republican government in the United States is Republican Revolution
okay we wanted freedom but it wasn’t this full-on out in your rule of of the mop okay it did is a straight-up democracy.
France did not have that the French Revolution start out going for a republic,
the French did not want it they wanted straight up democracy to tocqueville look up to tocqueville history after the American Revolution it’s almost more fasting this time,
during the American Revolution because the French King and tocqueville another French leaders really did try to create a constitutional monarchy.

[16:50] I need a republic they really did go out for the sea base is Monarch has no power you guys can the Republic let’s do it and it just blew out of control the French Revolution lead to full blast came the guillotine out bald heads.

[17:04] That’s what this thing leads to guys political violence okay political violence is a flame that if start it is almost impossible to put out.
Okay it doesn’t lead anywhere good name one place where political violence with the mobs ended up well.
No you can’t name it because every even every nation that uses this to gain independence that Nations fall in disrepair and high huge huge levels of violence huge levels of sexual assault huge levels of poverty and Corruption.
We here in the Western World United States of America are not immune to the effects of a political of political violence we have had political violence in our history okay erase rights and so on I mean it in a good time for that.
Weird stablished I think in the Civil Rights Movement 1950s and 60s by led by course the wonderful MLK Jr Martin Luther King jr.
That simply came to civil distance for civil violent civil dissidence wins out by large margins to to change things towards the good okay so even as a policy of violence isn’t effective
what is effective is it’s good at destroying lives,
play the violence is wonderful destroying institutions at destroying peace it’s wonderful at making people afraid turning are turning up the levels of enmity in our heart making us hate one another.

[18:32] Trump over the weekend did make a stupid joke about a senator that was a center amp congressperson.
The Hat body slam reporter it was a stupid thing to say Trump during his campaign often did Porsche just kind of insinuated that may be attacking the media was alright.

[18:52] Campus crusade in the mirror is the enemy of people again not good here’s the thing.
People on my side aisle are willing just call out Trump when he says stupid things.
Okay this is an important distinction Sea-Doo I ever went do it no the Sean Hannity’s of the world will never do it.

[19:12] But the Ben Shapiro’s The Glenn Beck’s the Steven Crowder’s.

[19:18] Dave Reubens I mean all kinds of classical liberals Libertarians and conservatives are willing to say Dad is not right.

[19:26] That is not right it’s not good to a political violence is not good it won’t get you the NZ want and all I will do is cause chaos and destruction and hurt,
I know this sounds long-winded but I have to tell you exactly and strong terms why political violence is wrong and not just because it destroys everything it touches because it doesn’t lead to good ends.
What came out of the French Revolution was it freedom.
It did not turn out well for them did it.
Alright so hopefully now you understand why I feel so strongly on this issue I love this country I love family members are on the left of the family members on the right.

[20:11] K i can love Democrat I read Democrat books I read left his books right now I’m reading all the lies my teacher told me it’s a great book written written in the 1990s about how textbooks were to Pro American
and we hide the negative bitter history of our country and he,
and I did because in your does have good points to bring out about how we need to look at me now both the positives and negatives of our history.

[20:40] I’m not going down that rabbit hole I’m just saying that you know it if it helping you should we listen and we talked to both sides and we learn from both sides okay that’s what we want to do that’s the idea,
that’s that’s what we had you know in the American Revolution We Are Cray the Constitution we had the federalism papers that they aren’t to federalism papers,
can we discuss things on civil terms and we figure things out what came out of that what came out that great today while the Bill of Rights the Constitution United States.

[21:13] Can we had syncretism between the two parties that led to amazing amazing things.

[21:20] So why go got me fired up well I tried as soon as I read this I blew a gasket was like what the fetch,
why would you ever ever say Albright Enticer with the tile count me among the mob that wasn’t satire.
I said well all right then left us get out your pitchforks and torches the New York Times says it’s okay then it must be right,
this is insanely dangerous rhetoric it’s wrong with President Trump says anything like this not because he is Trump but because political violence is wait for it.
Evil now do you think that was taken yeah social me I forgot the number one rule of social media is don’t feed the trolls.
And of course I’m not going to say the P names of the people that wrote this but I will write their responses and you can see what God got me so fired up.
The first one can you quote what you deem is a Stanley dangerous rhetoric from the article,
okay so then I go to the easy one will count me among them all if this means people snap his issue Trump’s degradation contouring always the mob stand up for women is NRA I want it if the mob hates corruption loves increasing diversity this country than is for me.

[22:29] This is establishing the idea that any ends justify the means because the Trump admin is evil but I’m in the basal that’s a summary of the article right.
It’s wrong with conservatives think this way too by the way political violence is a dangerous precedent that can quickly get out control ask the French how their Revolution went,
okay course here was here was the answer the answer and apply was of course wasn’t oh you bring up a good point that you know I agree,
that’s what I was hoping I get,
I need part of me knew that this was a dare and that this lady was being insincere but a girl for it because over the weekend I had such a nice conversation with,
next I thought maybe people are more open to different ideas and stuff and we can reach a good common place here was the response was just all whataboutism.
Trump Press online for body-slamming a reporter his encourage violence against reporters calling them An Enemy of the State.

[23:22] Where was I at this team’s you when his rhetoric doesn’t and don’t tell me it does you are silent.
You see everything wrong with Society the only call the violence in those paragraphs or through your orange stained glasses.
Here’s my response I’m not certain what we disagree here we both find political violence wrong we both don’t like Trump saying anything like that again wrong,
the problem is is that I’m going to say Trump can be wrong but that you are willing to call your side either ends justify the means ideologies very destructive,
it is a fire that isn’t easy to put out that’s why we need to tell both sides of cool off,
take a breath and stick their Democratic Norms okay course then reply was your interpretation is that what it is said which is a stretch of best entrup openly graphically term says that you are so I really thought that even though we disagree at least a free thinker,
my mistake well friend of mine course came out and I appreciate him trying to send me or he dead who sang I’m a free thinker and the nice guy thank you two are in 11 C,
11c for doing that his neighbor of mine actually lives just not too far away from me very nice guy by the way.

[24:33] If you’re there was some more whataboutism,
you know someone said well you spend them though into the Weber think of the left is inside political violence of extremist conservatives are plenty and political bonds to become inside the presents words have repercussions going down there a ghost in call me the mob
I want to sing snowing sign political violence it is a turn as being thrown around like answer me yeah you’re doing with the Russians want.
Dude you don’t want this ass on your public record without your rent a wreck yourself you’re both like me and you please you’re in for the Russians hand stand up for Americans please now I could say to that person.
That well. That was a threat but I’m not going there because I am just trying to do what’s right I leave the consequences there.
Maybe it’s right in the long term that it’s wrong because maybe some job offer if I’m ever well enough to even hold down a job will get tone for me but hopefully all this is worth it.
Of course the errands talk about well you know, about colleges about the shooting of Steve scalise I mean to be ignorant of this and then it’s not very fair to say Pete is eating from Russian hands.
And they just go on and on and on.
So that is how I know it took half an hour I know this is a diatribe after all of this I talked to Robert and I was like I’m just so flipping first frustrated he’s like man they’re just all screaming at each other.

[26:00] He’s right so here’s the thing.

[26:04] Zack editorial was as close as you could get to call out for for political violence that was as close as you can get without your skin right behind the lies and just saying go for it.

[26:15] We have got to cool things down I mean it I this is maybe I’ll an add-on to last week’s episode but we have got to cool things down.
Okay this is insane how can we be at this point this is dangerous you think guys that we use this rhetoric.
That after the midterm elections doesn’t matter who wins what.
That things are going to calm down that we are just say Okay elections are done we didn’t actually mean all those things we said I mean it’s all good now.

[26:45] No this is just going to get worse because we can establish that it works.
We’ve established that we were Justified because the other side is evil the other side is Satan the Great’s and that’s what Iran says about us they say it because it justifies any and all measures against us including terrorism.

[27:07] This is not good link again I go to Abraham Lincoln quote from the Bible who quote from the Bible A House Divided cannot stand.
Our house is divided against itself please let’s back this train up turn around and go the other direction make peace make love,
now wasn’t that the thing in the sixties free love what’s make free love with one,
make peace,
okay we all love Marvel movies I mean dummy we all love Disney movies we all love you know our kids our dogs are family you know our grandparents we have so much more common than we do.
Differently so let’s just please turn this boat around I beg you I’m on my knees I’m begging you please.
People on the right people on the left.

[28:02] Calm down traded speak kindly to another try to use reason like the Thomas Jefferson quote I love put reason firmly in her seat.

[28:11] You know go that route and I’m telling you you guys if there are people around this is what we do it’s okay if we get in people’s faces
NBA protest them at restaurants near they’re doing it to us you know this is a disagreement I have with a conservative group that is around here a lot mericans for Prosperity they teach their people,
basically you how do you solve and skeet Act.
Okay because well the left uses it it seems effective why not copy and now I don’t know for certain that They’re copying all the brutal parts of the selenski philosophy.

[28:45] But it isn’t right when with we do it that’s that’s the whole,
Benton solid ski is wrong not because he was doing it for leftists and for socialism and fascism and statism themselves.

[29:01] Oh yeah yeah it’s just crazy I just going to lose my head up okay okay let’s move on.
You need a list of this clip is the newest package from Reuters it’s going to blow your mind assistant,
new story I’ve heard in awhile I mean man we are living in an alternate reality.
Donald Trump is present and then we have this all right let’s go ahead clip 1 witches at Anoka,
store in Brooklyn New York over the weekend.
Not for an early Halloween party but the cast of curse on the newly confirmed US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh,
holy crap,
where does it gets better Melissa Madera of Catlin.
Does one of the organizers of Saturday’s event and said the ritual was an act of resistance and resilience,
Rage of the community following the hearing with dr. Ford and a Cavanaugh confirmation and we wanted to give people a.

[30:09] To engage in a little bit of like direct action through spirituality with us.
Live streamed on Facebook and Instagram was one of the most popular event the store has hosted since it opened in 2013.
Including spells aim did President Trump it’s a Witch Hunt.

[30:33] You’ve been doing it for that long he’s been president for 2 years I’m going to say guys I don’t think it’s working outside the bookstore.
Counter hex is around the country by those hoping to undo the Brooklyn coven spell.
You got that right this pink took Firebase basically there’s came out there like I want to do it too and then of course theologians game I was like this is devil worship,
our own messes encounter,
devil worship stop the devil worship is no proof is Mark’s but stop it in it which I mean I’m not I’m not
Trump still president anime look like the GOP is going to hold Senate possibly the house,
I just don’t like it don’t think it’s working.

[31:47] Well the video and reports will save it don’t worry guys if you missed out on this you cannot join in on November 3rd November 3rd you can get on your computer and live and one live stream you can cast Texas we Catland books,
I just imagining giant furry cats casting hexes on like mice or something,
I think I’ve lost my mind I think I’ve lost it it’s it’s gone it’s dead it’s gone I’m crazy.
There’s no way we’re going to seriously,
cancel it okay before I got to play some audio of this the ceremony is just nutty. It’s it’s actually pretty fun you guys should watch it bring some popcorn
watch the minutes so Bonkers it is really bonkers.

[32:45] You know what I’m just going to I’m not going to skip that I’m going to move on to different and
maybe not as funny but just as crazy things that came out this week that I have soon as I read them I was like,
first article by the way did any of you see this piece by The Babylon bee it just caught,
oh I see it and it’s called CNN piece on parents of Journalism feature next to article examining Trump’s eating habits no joke this website,
I like the onion bulb it more Christian oriented.

[33:28] It is still it’s funny has journalism is the last remaining Guardian democracy I’m right next to it is an article that says top stories just in Trump ate a Big Mac.

[33:39] It’s so funny I love that I love it that is great,
okay so where should we start where should we start okay I’m going to go this Washington Post piece they came over and so you guys know the ask Caroline that you know it’s kind of an ass can calling people.
Sending letters about their life’s woes and dramas their drama llama their llama drama llama.
Llama drama the only caveat for this Washington Post pieces because it’s behind a paywall so it’s a little difficult for some of you to get to it,
I only listen to other people read it so I’ve gone to daily wire article,
I bet it’s kind of funny it says playground drama is the anonymous advice Secrets describe told hacks about a group of moms with daughter to gather at a local playground at the same time each week There’s No designated girl timer boys time at the playground remember,
there’s no way that you can rent this park okay but this mom decided I out just she just decide that.
Dress playground time with the fall the glutes all the moms and all the girls this was a girl’s time at the playground only no boys allowed well guess what happened a mom showed up.
Guess what oh my gosh she came with a defective girl sometimes called a boy and she’s like.

[35:02] If she comes back is there a better way I can approach her she didn’t she says I like how the daily wire put this the mom asked the mother of the little boy nicely if she thought if she would take her future Patriot arkla present and get the heck out of there.
Naturally the other mom did not agree and seemed angry at the woman’s request well yeah i b p o 2,
and here’s this is it this is from the wash Post article I read this excerpt from the article if she comes back is there a better way I can approach her.
This is been such a sweet time for moms and daughters going to having a boy there is naturally going to change things we live in a world where boys get everything on girls are left with the crumbs
I would think this mom would realize that she seems to think her son is entitled to crush this girls only time I know I can’t legally keep her from a public park,
who can I appeal to her better nature.

[35:58] That is awesome that is awesome yes the patriarchy that’s right the patriarchy was like.
I see I see women.
Little girls playing a playground Cinebarre better boy yeah ruin it for them women of course they have to have all the crumbs.
Do you just not it’s not that we just like this is a public playground I saw kids Mikey wants both kids learn play.
Are men are little boys little girls do they play differently yes but there’s no way you could bad people for the public park my gosh,
Insanity it seems to be Downstream from culture,
in her defense,
she said you’re crazy lady she’s just showing off the mom and her boy was terrible and justifying it as a cosmic correction for which it isn’t child Bears the weight and still trying to do this even after you’ve had time to think about it.

[37:06] He said that the little boy had feelings and she and he might even display better girl Behavior than some of the girls.
The boy’s mother is a woman who seems to be the mercy the same crumbs advice Seeker mentioned a man just wanted to spend time with other moms at the park.
Hello this is a beautiful life and if you’re going to accuse anyone of being entitled then ask yourself who just asked the world to Ben to whom.

[37:30] Yeah yeah that is awesome I love that that is,
that is all that is fantastic I hope Robert if you listed this that was awesome you got to talk to some of the other podcast Zach trash would enjoy that I think Zach,
Christina Hoff Sommers the equity feminist who I’m a huge fan of.
She wrote my God Jerry feminism. Getting little boys hanging with no boys allowed sign a public playground yeah that pretty much sums it up
it sums up where to go for ask Caroline for pushing back on that,
that’s just nuttier than a bowl full of peanuts I mean in a fruit cake.
That’s fantastic I love that I love that affected boys that often and education and with children when boys don’t display the same behavior or before I’m exactly like girl still there looked at is being defective.
I’m just called boys are sexually defective little girls.
And that’s what I’m I’m making a reference to cuz basically saying that boys they ruined everything and we can have a boy here the girls are at child.

[38:48] And dammit.

[38:52] What do you think that is crazy I’ve got to cure this next article this one is just as good if not better,
alright so it’s read this one it’s from Slate’s called The Rage of all women that uses a word that you can say on radio,
my common slur I just want to let you know you know if you think of the Netherlands and Dykes we’re going to be talking about that word so if you want to warn your kids or turn down the volume.
I understand okay so I just read it.
Best advantage of podcast is a don’t have to worry about the FCC coming after me man-hating Dykes the worst thing you can call a lesbian in the butt in the me-too era it’s time to reclaim.

[39:33] And it’s about Manning. This is more about the hysteria and inanity that women are facing lately.
I think because we I’ll start here because my break have enough stuff we have now is established that women are fragile week.

[39:48] Beings made of glass to shatter easily they can’t handle any drama that can’t handle any stress.
Everyone is being sexist all all the time they have we had know when they were going to have relations when you have a 5 page contract pulled out.
I mean there are apps that you can download right now that that have a consent form that you and your significant other can fill out before you,
da do the horizontal Mambo we’re going back to the Victorian days of fainting couches we really are.
It’s embarrassing when I read this to you guys.
In the wake of the cabinet hearings Dyke friend in her twenties posted that real talk she doesn’t like men I hit the button what the like button super fast feeling secret have been sort of guilty about it.
She come to the same radical queer trans circles that came up and in that click I felt relieved acknowledge an obvious truth,
most men treat women like something less than human with their accidentally or on purpose and that means it’s hard to like.

[40:49] Men are mean to women they figure some human and so women can’t like men they’re hard to like.
Audrey sleeping scan the men coming into my work PlayStation Same by the way if you do this you need to see a psychiatrist I’ve been scanned a man coming into my work place wondering it’s just wait by the way.
Coming into my workplace wondering about their histories of sexual assault is he a rapist what about him,
where does he fall on the creep scale it was an old impulse they returned it Force the nation.
Debated just how many other husbands brothers and Sons were perpetrators given that one and three American women this is a fall statistic that gets pedal everywhere at one and three American women experience sexual,
violence in their lifetimes Republicans insisted that member the ones you should be afraid while when they’re recalled that everyday heroin ways we reroute Our Lives to void assault every day we are like every single day.
My woke male co-workers made the me to jokes as it the whole thing was a funny spectacle it was enough to make me want to stop talking to men entirely.

[41:55] That is a real big she analyzes the mannequin in the workplace wondering,
when was the last time he assaulted a woman I mean,
103 statistic is insane by the way that would mean that America is the most dangerous Nation on Earth for women that’s higher than the Rwandan Genocide that’s higher than Nigeria Liberia,
it’s higher and higher than anywhere the Middle East I mean that would make us the number one nation for sexual assault that is insane it’s not true it’s not even close to true they do statistics based on.
Thousand or per 10,000 or per 100,000 okay you don’t get even close to 1% usually.
Okay since the safe 1/3 is insane there’s no statistics in the universe to prove this idea none zero zip zilch.
It gets crazier she says still inside my head the knot me all men course Roar,
what about the data to liked all my Angry tweets or the guy who showed at the hospital with too much food when my spouse was in labor for my friends who are transmitted which by the way transmission is very,
very confusing me so if they’re trans men that means the women that want to be men so do you like them or do you not like.
Because they used to be women right so does that mean they’re trustworthy or not that’s very confused because even more confusing it’s a trans woman like where you go with that.

[43:22] Picture I can run so deep that I defend hypothetical men’s feelings right away even to myself.
Here’s where it gets crazy I am married lesbian married lesbian as far away from me an email approval as a woman can get she does not have to do with mail approval in their life.
And I still feel I still feel it the slow poisonous strip poisonous strip of cultural conditioning that tells me to prioritize men.
My imagination that think I could break us out of America fascism no imagination is breaking anybody out everything it’s trapped old feminist Loop.
Cuz I’ve been hated the worst thing I can be is a man-hating d worth,
in our fear the anger makes us seem to gay because anger not fear is precisely the emotion that’s needed these days.

[44:11] Anger not fears the emotion needed these days turn back to Segment 1 of this episode last week’s episode I mean what.

[44:21] This is crazy this is crazy she doesn’t mention this that rate women’s be women being angry is trendy right now that.
Data people joking podcast about how rage makes their sex life better remind the world prep some Posh that woman’s anger needs a heterosexual qualifier.
And here’s the thing your dad gets even crazier because some of you may have been seeing this.
Because intersectionality and this is this I need to do an episode where I discuss these terms let me zero cuz that the value of a person
should be determined by how how hurt they are how to put under the wheels of a system,
you know how much they are discriminate against how low they are on the totem pole,
so it goes like men are the top white men are just white men are on the top because they don’t have to see anything problems everything in life is stacked in their favor if supposedly this is not true,
and at the lower you go on the on the pyramid is the worst off the person so blacks are worse than whites,
days are worse than straight transgender so a transgender black.
Genderqueer with one arm and no legs blind in one eye death in 2 years would be like the ultimate the ultimate on the intersectionality scale.

[45:45] Intersectionality does this thing go to get benefits means to race the bottom and it makes victimhood trendy it rewards victimhood intersectionality is a pyramid scheme that rewards victim.

[45:55] Not healthy not good and not really a lot of literature to support this idea actually makes any Logistics sense this is business in reception all these love to call just these days revolve around intersectionality,
that’s so intersectionality means though that we’re going to have angry at people above us and Sympathy for the ones below us.
Well I guess who was at that near the top white,
women white straight women so here’s where the Slate article go she says winstrates this white women talk about anger it’s sexy resistance fuel,
winstrates is black women get angry they get caricature to punished when sis lesbian song about anger we get Rosie O’Donnell,
use a shield for misogyny since men no other women want defendis men hating D where is a classic and so and it lesbians or Hillary Clinton.
Second wave straight famous do whatever they could to Justice themselves from lesbians avoiding the lavender Menace stopping pretty gender conforming icons like Gloria Steinem I don’t know what world are you living in,
Gloria Steinem straight or queer in Grenada France women’s mere existence is considered a threat.
They say that white white women can’t understand they set bad precedent.

[47:16] It’s saying it’s just it’s just crazy you could read the rest of it it’s on the outline.
Are you it’s making me laugh is so funny so she kind of gets here at the end.
I’ll tell because she’s even really good at the thesis arrested till none of the end where she wants to bring back to the d word you know Dykes in the Netherlands,
I don’t know what this is you left this are all about bringing backwards there’s a couple of words that are awfully want to bring him back and it’s stupid because it one it’s it’s a dumb idea because why why what do we gain for bringing that word back
number to number to all it does is Make It Word that one minority could use in the others cannot,
okay let me know what the N word for examples the perfect example of this only blacks get to use the n-word and maybe some minorities and Democrats are banned from you
it’s silly it’s silliness it is it’s just it’s infantile and silly
okay so those are that kills into articles but I just like it believe the exact they’re so funny that is just craziness.

[48:37] Crazy crazy crazy that’s okay,
I want to talk to you guys about Mitch McConnell proud boys protesting maybe Teen Vogue,
I’m going to make this a full episode I’ve been a little light on the past episodes I’m sorry that it’s been like this
but I’m still doing this you know it’s just a two person operation and there’s a lot going on in my producers life it’s kind of on the heavy side and you know I’ve got my own health issues so sometimes I don’t do as well as getting these podcast episodes out
sorry about it we’ll do better all to better.
Okay so let’s move on let’s go with this so there I have I want to show you the divide in our culture okay so I have two articles same subject one from the right daily wire from the left Jezebel,
again reclaiming words that I just I don’t get it okay.

[49:29] Let me play the audio then I’m going to tell you the two different takes on this you the viewer you just listener you decide The Listener decisis what major should be doing right
vinyl Ester sites let’s go for it you should know that this is Mitch McConnell being confronted,
at a restaurant similar to the Ted Cruz so that’s what this video is
I’m going to tell if a camping yeah so I know for those listing I was probably disappointing I was really hoping for a solid chance you know I love those chance you know how I love those chance so much,
okay so which one should we do daily wire slate daily wire slate daily wire slate okay so daily wire is Mitch McConnell confronted by protesters at restaurant.

[50:32] Yet another Republican has been rest while dining out this time set Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.
He and his wife were fishing up their meal at Havana Rumba Havana Havana banana Havana Rumba in Louisville.
Before man began yelling at them trying to videotape by TMZ but yes the lady did seller video to TMZ and the short clip the leader the protesters ask me, why don’t you get out of here why don’t you leave the entire country somewhere else can be heard yelling,
ditch Mitch the woman who shot a video and sent it told they all at the same protesters Landis fist down in McDonald’s table grab his doggy bag.
Threw the food out the door the restaurant she also said princess appeared to be most concerned Social Security in healthcare said McConnell was killing people with his views before she started filming,
McConnell and wife can be seen, sitting all the men scream at them some other restaurant patrons appear to try and calm the men down one step after the protesters left McConnell shut the hands of those who supported him and thanks.
There you go there you go that’s the article that you are all hoping for.

[51:41] At least I was that was that was pretty fair.

[51:44] Okay daily wire did a pretty fair job there so let’s move over to if you can hear my mouse clicks let’s move over to the the slot it’s part of docker,
it’s not joke I said the wrong thing it’s a talker Gizmodo is this whole network of blogs,
the song by them kotaku’s when I like to read a lot but in the slot it’s kind of like just butts kind of like the root,
they took a millionaire Senator seem to have poed off a few people for Connor health insurance too expensive and you here’s the first paragraph melted bobblehead.
Dementor Harry Potter reference on human Goodwill.
Not biased at all guys Mitch McConnell was reportedly confronted by his constituents at Louisville restaurant Friday night quiet TMZ the man whose facial expressions correspond directly to human suffering.
Westbury by one Diner who told him those missions and Miss mental health care and Social Security was killing people.
Mitch guardian of gridlock McConnell can be seeing his finger while man yells why don’t you get out of here why don’t you leaving Target seem tenting his fingers what’s that mean that like like this like I just put like my hands together.

[52:53] Just resting my hand i’m tending my hands like oh my gosh you better watch out,
what a man yells why don’t you get out of here why don’t you leave the entire country TMZ reports that before the band start start rolling around at the table grab dog bake through food out the door the restaurant.

[53:12] And here’s their less little paragraph to justify,
the rhetoric not ready for personal gain,
before they apply the entitlement programs are to blame for debt was under the skies I want to see McDonald promise to Fresh attempt,
dismantle bunker after the primaries ignoring consideration the stagnating revenues under the GOP tax plan so did anyone,
throw his doggy pegs do you know I found your body on a tail.

[53:54] Okay there we go that was creation of the Mitch McConnell TMZ video.

[54:02] Is that interesting how those two web sites look at this issue daily wire was pretty fair now if they have been Maxine Waters in the same setup and I don’t know maybe daily wire would be more biased but,
I at least in this case they they had the better coverage of it,
is that’s crazy that’s my thing I said earlier that mob mobs are wrong when they’re on the left and on the right and I’m going to put my money down and prove it so here we go,
next article for this next video man going to play language language warning the F-bomb is used pretty frequently,
I’m it’s unsure who organized this some people are saying the proud boys were probably they’re saying it wasn’t them and actually is organized by this guy named Diaz.

[54:49] If this is real protest inspired real people in the right it’s wrong okay so let’s play the video Nancy Pelosi you have to go inside this building for safety it’s where they going to have her talk.
The crowd gets really Restless today they just act crazy so if let’s listen to the.

[56:16] Alright so there you go now I I don’t know what exactly was going on.
But Steve scalise here’s his tweet about this whole scenario and Steve scalise is 100% right I don’t agree with his agenda but this is absolutely the wrong way to express those disagreements if you want to stop her policy don’t threaten her.
Vote that’s how we settle our differences.
In Pelosi set student the Republicans options.

[56:50] 100% correct Nancy Pelosi is correct I know it’s a miracle. I said that out loud she is right if we’re going to save the left is acting like a mop we do not adopt does mob tactics.
Okay it’s not because left is left his arm I believe is wrong Capon that besides that you won’t even perhaps more importantly the tactics used by the left is wrong
using what you know two wrongs is knots all right I know that’s a dumb Limerick but it’s true in this case it’s true.

[57:25] It’s Ramadan to do this now how much problems was involved with that thing I talked about in the last episode it wasn’t mutual feeding I don’t know if I specify that as well that both sides are fighting each other,
all the big video that got pushed out was of The Proud boys and one particular apart of escalation winning,
and that’s kind of what got everywhere but it wasn’t Mutual awful people attacking each other.
So let’s move on we we did a bunch of serious things I just proved that.
Our country parts of our country to have just gone loco loco in the Cabeza,
maybe I should just talk about Cubanos right to speak Spanish I’m having a hard time finding a short funny video that’s going to political,
to show you guys I’m just going to go to Al Smith dinner I can’t find video or anywhere of Jim Gaffigan’s routine at it but there is going around with Nikki Haley said Nikki Haley is
awesome I love Nikki Haley she’s a funny person she’s only a poke fun of yourself I like that I like it when people are willing to be self-deprecating and honest so here it is clip Nikki Haley at the house Smith dinner that happened just last week.

[58:38] Actually the president called me this morning and gave me some really good advice he said if I get stuff for last.
Just brag about his accomplishment it really killed at the US last year you went with Paul Ryan who the Boy Scout and that’s fine but a little boring.
So this year you wanted to spice things up again right I get it you wanted an Indian woman.

[59:06] Elizabeth Warren failed her DNA test actually when the president found out that I was Indian American he asked me if I was from the same tribe,
that’s pretty good,
that’s pretty cheap build a DNA test some of you may have noticed that I’m not talking about the Elizabeth Warren stuff at all everyone else has so I feels pointless to bring it up,
how is pretty funny okay so what else what else should I share a video about by reason TV.
It’s not a music video This Time guys sorry Remy has a pudding put out a new one yet that banana one is still stuck in my head
it’s space is called Hillary Clinton Donald Trump and why civility can’t return to politics and this is arguing about why we can’t become civil again it’s from a libertarian.
I think it’s pretty insightful so I’m going to go ahead and play them. Guess hope that reason doesn’t soup.

[1:00:00] Weather in a place like this they’d be carried out on a stretcher but I’m going to stop all over your face with.

[1:00:08] I’m going to win this for the state of Pennsylvania if you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy.

[1:00:16] What you stand for what you care about.
Not even counting physical attacks on Senator Rand Paul the shooting of Congressman Steve scalise and a punch and kick in that have become routine at demonstration politics are more than a year and for good reason,
people in control politics insist that every piece of legislation every Supreme Court nomination every midterm election every minor rules,
spring the world one step closer to the apocalypse using plastic straws kneeling for the national anthem,
there isn’t anything we do anymore that doesn’t immediately get sucked into angry part is an argument civility won’t return until more of us Channel our inner libertarian,
and realize that not all parts of our Lives need to be politicised how do you expect people to respond more each day is the beginning of the end of our way of life that the other side either complicit,
and BTW are either contributing to the or you are fighting against,
and we’re limited to two parties that represent fewer and fewer up the government is spending more borrowing more in this controlling more and more aspects of Our Lives for no reason other than pure political gain if we are fortunate enough.

[1:01:36] To win back the house and or the Senate.
That’s when civility can start again if civility family turn politics unless your team is in charge you’re doing it wrong.

[1:01:46] Civility is only going to return When people stop treating Politics as the only thing that matters,
and we start actually shrinking the size scope and spending of government and give ourselves some room.

[1:01:58] That’s especially true for stock with just two choices who have pledged to screw the other side of where you get to live however you want.
Which helps explain why so few of us want to be part of either party and why civility won’t return to politics until politician stop cramming cells into every corner of our life.
All right before we end the program today otherwise One More Story. I feel it’s really important that we talk about.
It’s pretty scary Okay so.
As you know I am as a disabled man I am strong against Eugenics and euthanasia strongly strongly against it euthanasia is evil it is the fruit of eugenics Eugenics is evil.

[1:02:48] New aunt if or buts its.
Okay the porch that we want to have disabled people euthanize because life is too hard is disgusting to me disgusting it’s wrong there’s no other word for it it’s wrong.

[1:03:04] Well guess what guess what’s happening in Toronto and Ivy 9 Disturbed C.
Summer * Arguments for euthanasia as well this is just for the elderly and those that you know they’re terminally ill,
but it doesn’t stop there as I talked about in the story of case K & S I did for Robert 2 years ago it never stops there that’s where it begins
it always ends up going to everyone but the most fit and healthy man in High Castle season 3 is out I’ve almost finished it amazing.

[1:03:40] But we act as if the idea of eugenics is this old thing the only the Nazis did that’s not true it was a theory of thinking that we could buy evolution by science organized Society in perfect man to move towards Utopia.
It was loved by everyone I mean everyone did Nazis put a bad name to it.
And he killed you know at least in out of academic killed most places by me the Tuskegee experiments were going on so tight in the 70s there was forced sterilization even here in South Dakota they would sterilize the mentally unwell.
Scary stuff just a disabled man I am strongly against Eugenics and euthanasia okay against it strong against.
And it’s come to the same room that while I’m against abortion because I believe in life because I believe God has a plan for each and everyone of us and how can we fill his,
when if we kill ourselves suicide is wrong okay and that’s what forced unforced euthanasia is wrong.
Okay but if we’re going to have euthanasia at all.
At least maybe we can voluntarily right voluntarily euthanasia for those who are terminally ill that’s kind of where,
maybe we could compromise its custom-made but maybe it’s a compromised position but like I said it never stops there so in Toronto.

[1:05:00] Draw the hospital saying that they’re going to assist they’re going to provide assisted suicide plan for kids
and they won’t have to inform the parents know this is not an exaggeration this is a real think this is maybe the most important news story at least if people are worried about life and about the fact our
the culture of death in the culture of life and people were worried about this in Toronto they’re going to allow.
Minors to have assisted suicide and they’re going to do it in such a way that they don’t have to inform.
Parents about it that’s crazy how can they not inform parents but where’s Bobby.
00 Bobby’s dead what why didn’t you say anything well we didn’t inform you that’s scary scary.

[1:05:50] And you know
is this is where socialized medicine leads you your socialized medicine means that there is a limit on spending for Health Care the government has to pay for it all has to prioritize those who are most likely to live and make good use of it.
Okay this is.
This is just how it is this is Barack Obama position when Barack Obama said that you know sometimes it’s just better getting the pain pill because you know the be too much of a waste of resources you know they’re all just give him a pain pill.
Okay that’s what socialized medicine always leads to every single time because there is a limit of finances.

[1:06:29] Okay that’s and so could we get rid of first we get rid of the useless eaters those who can contribute to society those who don’t have the finances and resources to stand up for themselves.
I in Canada it says here in this article from CBN News we all know that cat out in the ER visit for a frail elderly person the main clientele for Paleo.
Means lying on a gurney in a hallway four hours this is the last person dying person off of a fused incontinent and in pain should be is kind of humiliation is untenable and we should be ashamed at how commonplace it is.

[1:07:03] It is heinous that we are pushing suicide assistance instead of Suicide Prevention in Toronto heinous evil evil.
That is the great Satan that truly is evil we we call ourselves evil that’s not right but there are certain things there are certain policies that are evil.

[1:07:22] You know if you’re a religious person I believe that is what Satan wants because you completely and the agency of someone when you kill them.

[1:07:32] Disastrous disastrous and wrong and this is why we need to know Republicans conservatives Libertarians that’s why we need to fight against socialized medicine 100000%.
There’s no room for compromise on that okay I’m just flabbergasted.

[1:07:53] That is.
Evil and disgusting what we have done because it was so called opiate opioid epidemic that forcing people like me to go without life-saving medicine pain medicine is evil.

[1:08:08] But if we see see how much farther on Canada is is that what they’re going to offer one day for me well you know we can’t give them opioids cuz they might get addicted but you know assisted suicide that’s always an option.

[1:08:22] In Washington they actually had people insurance providers that did this it’s disgusting well thank you so much for listening this is happy where you’re sorry for ending at such a low B but I thought it was a new story that I had to get out.

[1:08:34] Thank you for listening please tell Michael Knowles to listen that’s scared of being on the daily wire may be hot that be pretty cool,
thank you Robert Molly my producer thank you to the veterans and military personnel and all those that serve our nation stand up for our rights and Liberties and shed their blood.

[1:08:52] For all of us God bless you God bless the United States of America I wish you all have a good night please show the podcast wherever you can’t if you have questions comments concerns you can contact us at Facebook at happy where you’re Pete,
we’re still going to add a Twitter or you can get me at Pete at happy – Warrior. Net Pete at happy death,
thank you for listening you are awesome.

Happy Warrior Ep 017 The M Word!

Happy Warrior Ep 017 The M Word!

The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken


If you’ve been watching any media lately you might think we’re a nation on the brink.  Deep division with real issues does divide us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors and civil in our discourse.  Enter Peter Vaughn Pischke, our happy warrior host who wants to speak out for the right but do so in a positive way that builds up instead of tearing down.  Join him and producer Robert Mehling as they explore today’s political issues, with plenty of random tangents in between.


Segment 1: M Word!

CNN Panel is crazy, start at 1:35

M Word

Screaming while voting

Yup it’s a mob

I dare you to say “not a mob”

Insane, you can’t even go out to eat if you disagree


Antifa in Portland

Mayor is allowing violence, again,

Isn’t the first time

Jump to 30 seconds, ICE account of the blockade

GOP Headquarters attacked

Clinton on Civility

Eric Holder too

No Mob stuff, none whatsoever go to 30 seconds

10:20 to 11:40 Rand Paul

Sorry for the whataboutism, but it is important to point out

Investigating Proud Boys for Hate Crimes

Good For Obama, use for multiple parts

2nd Civil War

Steven Crowder, jump to 4:35 for the music parody





Extra Links:

French Breakout King! Helicopter and Dynamite!

Reason video on Supplements

Hamster Stacking


Happy Warrior WAR015 Kanye is Right!

Happy Warrior WAR015 Kanye is Right!
The Happy Warrior Podcast
Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke
Produced by Robert Mehling
Voice Over by Dave Holly
Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken




Segment1: Kanye is Right! And Kanye is a true hero

Go to Verse 2 of the song Reagan

Kanye West on Mental Health

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. Its Not True, Its Not True!

Dogs get sad

Japan might kill off its arcades

Live Action Megaman, and Sonic movie coming our way


Segment2: Be happy and Open to differing views, avoid the race to the bottom

Must Watch Rubin Report and Stossel Talk about changing views

I’m a classical Liberal too! Stop every 30 seconds and discuss what they are talking about.

Divide worse than ever,

2nd Link is Audio, Amazing guy to try to bring people together.

Freaking Signs

FanBingBing is spared after a payout and much groveling

Star Wars is being blamed on Russian Trolls…..sound familiar



Lie Detector Tests are a dishonest Trap


Higher rate of infections in U.S.


Libya Historic sites in great danger of destruction


Bonus, the history of bunk tests for courts.


Must Read Stossel Essay on Mental Health poverty due to the government

Mark Whalberg versus Ryan Reynolds Workout.

Clapping is so hard man!

Peoples Republic of Berkley

Trio wins Chemistry for Nobel Prize

Must read Journalists!!!!


Machine Transcript
[0:24] The lips the teeth the tip of thumb hey welcome this is once again the happy warrior a podcast here with your host Peter the v v.
V for victory Pischke Icewear I wasn’t going to talk about my stuff anymore I was going to say Cavanaugh Cavanaugh no.
Dimaio’s got me in tights and twists I’m just going to just barely touch about the cab nonstop and then move on cuz this is a podcast about bringing sides together,
with the principles of the reason and Enlightenment not pulling us apart but I just I had to say something some of you may have heard this.

[1:04] Right I had one beer well.

[1:10] How did you get home I don’t remember how you get there. Remember where is the place I don’t remember how many years ago was.

[1:16] Music.

[1:26] Downstairs where was I don’t know but I had one beer.

[1:37] And a man’s life is in tatters a man’s life is shadow.

[1:43] I was not going to talk about cabinet at all today guys honest it wasn’t I was to let it go I know Robert my kind producer kindest man in the world one of the very kind of people I’ve ever known.
That’s why I won the reason that I feel that God put us together that I feel like piece the perfect person that can handle my my.
Nuances very much glass Cannon sometimes you know I can give it but I don’t take it as well I was not going to talk about that I read this amazing,
peace also in the new our Times by.
Bret Stephens Bret Stephens is what would be described as conservative columnist by someone if you’re CNN or if you’re the New York Times Bret Stephens is,
a mild conservative I would say that Brett Steven shares of used the majority of the living and breathing Americans.
Have right now I bet that he and my friend Robert who is a little more that direction would have it very very much in common so Bret Stephens I feel speaks for us all all of us,
call ourselves conservatives or Americans and believe in the due process of law so I’m just going to read some of this essay.
Bret Stephens you should know is not a trump fan Bret Stephens hates Trump Bret Stephens it says President Trump is a pedophile and he would not vote for him.

[3:05] This is as recently as July they had to call and putting down President Trump so he is one of the people that wears the tag never Trumper.

[3:15] Probably there very few people actually do the GOP is one of them,
and I’m not a big Trump and I didn’t vote for him I support the president when he sticks to principles that I believe in when he holds the Constitution and the principles of free trade and small government principles the enlightenment.
Adam Smith Voltaire John Locke that kind of thing when he isn’t when he’s away from it I put them down I’d like to think that I’m very reasonable I try to be reasonable.
I hope I can be a reasonable person if you’re listening I hope you’re a reasonable person that thank you for taking the time to list special if you disagree.
So I hear we got from the Bret Stephens article for the first time since Donald Trump enter the political Fray I find myself grateful that he’s in it.
I’m reluctant 10-minute and astonished to say it especially since the president mocks Christie and blasi for in his ugly and gratuitous way at a rally on Tuesday perhaps is worthy unpacking this admission for those who might be equally astounded to read it.

[4:15] Okay so he said he’s not exactly happy with what Trump said or how he said it.
But get this I am grateful because Trump has not booked down on the face of the slipperiness hypocrisy and dangerous standard-setting deployed by opponents of Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court.
I’m grateful because ferocious and even crass obstinacy has its uses in life and never more so than the face of slide moral bullying.

[4:41] I am grateful because he’s a big fat Hammer fending off a razor sharp dagger.

[4:49] And that my friends is all I have got to say about the cabinet on situation and President Trump.
So what do these two things have together what does the audio of Donald Trump speaking and Bret Stephens article in essay about
Donald Trump and the Cavanaugh situation well they show that there are two sides to our country right now we are so divided as a nation I have a study that came out
just this last week that shows how big this division is the country.

[5:21] Here’s President Trump and they might not even hear the audio cuz obvious,
they often go without showing the audio or use only very small slimpar that they think wow he was mocking sexual assault victim sexual assault survivors
he’s being selfish and brutish and unkind and the other side of the country we see is Donald Trump so ugly
is defending our beliefs in the right of due process and we feel that if it was our brother our son or father Uncle our friend.
Awesome toys even a woman that and now I guess your sexual assault is devastating Brett Stevens Point near that asks allegation of sexual assault.
Is evil and it is comprable in some ways to sexual assault affects your family life affects your ability to think of EX your.
Self image that affects your jobs affects your reputation and allegation of sexual assault can stick with you forever.
I mean we’re still this whole cabinet thing we talked about Clarence Thomas a thousand times I know a lot of people,
Maya to know the name of need help but they don’t really know any of the details the actual allegations that was a dirty joke and a can of soda pop.

[6:37] I’ll bet that’s why Americans like me people who want to stick the due process and reason,
and hopefully that stays true even if it say it was President Obama and it was a supreme court justices hopefully it I’d like to say that I would stand by my beliefs in due process and the rights of every,
individual citizen who knows who knows this is the happy warrior podcast thank you so much for listening,
we’re going to move away now from Cavanaugh I want to talk to you about some more important things today.

[7:08] Dreadful important so important in fact I’m even to put them in priority of imports plus then I’ll go have some fun news master in Chinese actress came out of the woodwork and still breathing to everyone’s shock.
I’m going to talk a little bit about intersectionality and Nazis and a guy that broke out a French prison using dynamite in a helicopter and what else am I going to read news news and that’s important,
that’s probably more important the cabinet hearings that none of us is heard of from the last month we have heard nothing but Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh
well for once let’s try some news that’s a little bit different up first number one is Kanye West.
If I don’t go out there with that hat on.

[8:06] Replace.

[8:17] Put my Superman cape on to this means you can’t tell me what to do.

[8:24] That’s how our program.

[8:36] Thank God for giving me a platform I know some of y’all don’t know 3 but y’all be going at that man neck a lot and I don’t think it’s actually that helpful.

[8:46] 90% of news are liberal.

[8:55] 90% of 20.
La New York Ryders rappers musicians easy to make it seem like it’s so so so one side.

[9:17] Well there you have it that’s the audio of Kanye West at this Saturday Night Live he was just he did a couple weird so I can see this one segment where he played a bottle of champagne or what I don’t know what I want to do the bottle in something.
Wacky you know my first episode of the happy warrior podcast started talking about.
It started with Kanye West so Kanye West and I we go back.
We have we have a virtual relationship and so here we are again with the Kanye,
back in the day I think there was something about Kanye West and 50 Cent having this big fight I never really cared
so imma be imma give me one of those honest Hypocrites and saying I’m only interested in Kanye West because you started to talk about politics and some of his politics makes sense.
He actually his little diet right there made more sense than he usually does but I will try to piece apart what Kanye West is trying to say.
So Kanye West is heavily involved with him and his wife on the issue of prison reform they have been working with the Trump White House and have visited Trump.
Personally a number of times now I have been trying to work on getting prison reform,
done so Kanye West actually has tried to do real work real work that I think most leftist would be in agreement of.
I hope there people on the right I know I’m not into all the prisoner for my ideas but I think generally.

[10:44] He is making a good deal of sense so what are we talking about well Kanye West is big on the issue the 13th Amendment he came out the 13th Amendment okay okay I’ll just I’ll just read that Tweety says.
This represents a good and America becoming whole again we will no longer outsourced to other countries we will build factories here in America and create jobs.
We will provide jobs for all those who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th Amendment oh and I should add he also says message sent with love.
We can probably both guess how well the news media and celebrities took that 13 that many of a promise 13th Amendment and then everyone that media and the celebrities,
they go to Google Google what is the 13th Amendment for us people that don’t remember anything from our US history or civics class 12th 13th Amendment says,
neither slavery nor involuntary servitude except as punishment for Crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted,
exist within the United States or any place subject to their daughters to their jurisdiction.

[11:52] Well as you can guess this the seams on the face of it if you don’t know much about the history 13th Amendment for how it is been used in the courts and legal systems that we have in United States you would say what Kanye West is for slavery
Kanye West want slavery Kanye West is black how could you hate the 13th Amendment and that is about as deep as most have gone
as in like a puddle like they’re deep as a puddle they have no recollection of the context of what he’s talking up and actually it Kanye West isn’t alone and watching the repeal of 30 the man it’s actually,
one of the top amendments you can find fighter sport on the left and right that they were going to repeal Amendment for the Constitution this comes right up there that end with.
The 16th Amendment the 16th Amendment of course which allows the income tax yeah yeah.
Yeah I’m not a big fan of that one back to the 13th Amendment which I think it’s impossible to get rid of it by the way I don’t think we’re ever getting rid of the 13th Amendment.

[12:56] And in mr. West’s defense he actually later clarified that does want to get rid of all the 13th Amendment you just wants to get rid of the 13th Amendment that at says this as punishment.
For Crime where the party shop been duly convicted he he basically also for the rights that this amendment allows slavery in disguise,
Kanye West is 100000 X percent correct 100000 X 100000 X percent correct he is he’s completely right.
After the Civil War was done many states use a Semana to allow slavery in Disguise which coating mr. West again after the Civil War on the South Forest black convicts
to work on convict leasing programs and they would work basically unpaid and they would work for private companies,
now wait private companies.

[13:54] That Force black people to work without pay against their will that sounds familiar.
Yeah and sadly including the state of South Dakota there are many states in the United States that pay prisoners very little or absolutely nothing in the case of States like Arkansas and Georgia,
now Kanye West I am a complete agreement with him that this is a problem you know when I was younger I thought all that’s great,
why inmates work they are the game work ethic at the same time
you know the state benefits people to work on in a public building schools help dig ditches that kind of thing that’s when my vuse when I was younger.
Now I’ve turned that around because it isn’t it stealing to work and not be paid isn’t it slavery to work before Stu work and not be paid yes work ethic is good but work ethic only works when you have that reward at the end of the day,
you have to have a reason for working.
A lot of these people have families outside of the prison system that you know if they could use that extra income now I can see all kinds of problems if we just started to pay all our prisoners you know minimum wage saving like five bucks an hour I mean I don’t.
If we did pay our prisoners it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

[15:09] Eddie really really expensive to do it but it’s a pretty big issue that’s worth talking about it so that’s why,
he is using his power of celebrity to help the masses the decisions ignited States try to gain understanding of a complex issue put white on a dark spot that you would like to look at.
Because the rich the powerful and the politically connected are always the ones to benefit from this free slave labor so ladies and gentlemen have to explain the issue to you what do you think is Kanye West right.
Is Kanye West wrong is Kanye West as crazy as some people would like to say he is
where is Kanye West baby one of the smartest celebrities out there and in mr. West’s defense once again this isn’t new for him actually Kanye’s known about this issue for,
a while now, is not a friend of Reaganomics he’s not a friend of President Reagan he does not like the man or his policies.

[16:06] He has this verse in his song Ronald Reagan I had to look this up I have not listened to the song and I can’t share the song here because of fair use issues I’m going to use news Clips but I use popular,
popular top 40 songs. That’s a new anyhow he says I’ll just read the lyrics he says.
They would beat us up if we had diamonds on our watches and they would take our drugs and money as they pick our pockets I guess that’s the privilege of policing for some profit but thanks to Reaganomics prison turned a profit,
I like the Ryman cuz Free Labor is the Cornerstone of us economics economics.
Cuz slavery was abolished unless you are in prison you think I am PMSing then read the 13th Amendment involuntary servitude and slavery it prohibits.

[16:55] That’s why they given drug offenders time in double digits
thank you thank you thank you no no no seriously thank you I’m to Humble thank you and one more thing I want to say about Kanye,
I have chronic pancreatitis I have a chronic pain patient I deal with severe intractable chronic pain,
multiple times sometimes all the whole day and night long so it a different way Kanye West is a hero to those of us who are disabled because Kanye West is one of the few people out there that’s willing to come out in public
being a star like he has about being diagnosed with a mental condition he says he has bipolar disorder.

[17:37] Here’s what he said this summer he said I’m so blessed and so privileged because I think about people that mental issues that are not Kanye West they can’t go and make that album and make you feel like it’s all good.
I’ve never been diagnosed and I was like 39 years old.

[17:56] I have this article here it says from billboard says West revealed Carter find a mint diagnosed with a mental condition here’s the quote I see freaking everywhere online it’s not a disability it’s a super power.
And I see this all the time on the chronic pain Advocates on the chronic pain Reddit I’m free I’m a frequent reader of chronic pain Reddit.
Car that that phrase It’s not a disability it’s a super par so way to go Kanye West I just listed a bunch of good things about Kanye West today so call me Kanye West is a thinker at least on the issue of the 13th Amendment.
Kanye West is a hot wife everyone knows that and he also is open about his disabilities so it way to go Kanye.
Yes I know I’m a 4.0 all this out because of it was a sports celebrity or a different musician and they were like
so I get I’m a bit of a hypocrite but I had to point out someone’s got to stand up for mr. Kanye West right right.

[19:01] Well let’s move on for mr. Kanye West and moved some more important things news came out today Avengers for Chris Evans ends filming with the emotional look back at playing Captain America.
Chris Evans is no longer going to play Captain America Avengers Infinity War part 2.
That’s going to be the last Captain America movie with Captain America in it sadly that me and that makes me so sad I love Chris Evans Captain America in the Marvel series.

[19:34] And in the Marvel movie series is my favorite I think Chris Evans does a standout job I will kind of always love Captain America but when they brought Captain America the big screen they portrayed him really well my favorite movie in the Marvel movies is Winter Soldier
Captain America Winter Soldier.
Really really good movie it’s it’s the best it’s the best of the Marvel movies I think the way it was crazy and produced at least for the the serious ones if you want a serious Marvel movie that
how do you make a serious case and wants to act as serious Cinema that’s the movie now if it’s for funny I might go Guardians of the Galaxy part 2,
maybe Thor Ragnarok in town.
Really really good stuff I’m so sad that he’s going to leave now what’s going to happen after that I think what they’re probably going to do is they’re going to make you their Winter Soldier.

[20:24] Weather going to make
Falcon is that his name yeah it’s Falcon whatever into the new Captain America comics both of them have taken a turn at being Captain America with the Winter Soldier
Captain America that line Bucky as Captain America really well-loved it’s it’s portrayed as one of the favorites of the fans,
time is Falcon not so much because he see and when they went Falcon they got really political and that just does not play well with the Captain America crown I know they keep trying to do it.
But it fails every time because that’s not what people are looking for when they want to when they recap America they want to a superhero
it stands for American principles in his van and in the stands from rally and defends his friends and in not just on the battlefield but with his word.

[21:10] How can touch you feeling you go it makes me sad it really makes me sad but you know what else makes me sad,
hey what are you doing I get the new study shows dogs may become more anxious.
And possibly even suffer from doggie depression due to our overuse of smartphone.
I want to come to the dog park people just don’t pay attention in General on the new Norm seems to be paying attention to.

[21:37] Forgetting about find out you very much is like hey I’m here or he tries to act out come on.
Yeah sorry if that was a little bit rough transition I’m trying to use multi-tracks my build these things but that’s kind of sad I got to study depressed when orders over use their smartphones.
Just so the story basically as the UK group did a study,
and they give a dog so I tried using with a cat’s and they wanted to see how the cell phones affected how the animals behave they did it with cats cats did not care one bit.
And whatever man whatever I don’t care. That’s pretty much sums up a cat eat you.
Now but the way they did that dogs the dogs got depressed because dogs breed
now if the base of the way they thought this works as dogs read facial language and so when a dog is looking for you at you for attention once they look at your face you got the blahs a look
Brooke Hyland.

[22:48] Intelligence going on thinking sad
dog so it’s that dogs get depressed I read the story I like Monday or Tuesday and it’s bothered me that this whole week I’ve been like what do you want to do your extra eats
I try not to say it she’s sitting right
right next to me as a record this I don’t want Admiral snuggle baby like what are the other thing I can’t say is the walk word that’s another when I say that’s too late she expects it.
Spoil my dog rotten,
look at my screens you know I only recently got smartphone of had tablets and computers what’s up I am really ever have a smartphone so I’ll just like a year ago within this last year.

[23:42] And I’m surprised you know if I’m going someplace if I’m if I’m in the car while someone else is driving if I’m just kind of walking I feel like I got time to kill a look at it
but it does to you out with what’s going on around you so I don’t know I like the convenience of it I like the cool taking you some of it and being able to read news and communicate where I go I neither had I mean I hate to make my dog sad.
Don’t wants to make Firehouse at you know what else makes me sad what this is kind of a just a sad round up man everything that makes Peter sad go.
Jack the Japanese government wants to tax hike this is a perfect illustration about how taxes kill
all businesses and not just any business but businesses we love and your sub that makes a culture unique there often ones that don’t make a lot of money doing it that’s what’s happening in Japan so Japan has arthritis arcade industry where it’s dyed
elsewhere in the world clean United States Canada oh they’re very few places where kids can live specially like with new machines.
Okay Japan is we will sit up machines.

[24:45] What is it 44,000 arcades they were they were 44,000 arcades in Japan in the mid-80s.
But as of 2014 there’s now 5772 arcades are licensed.

[24:58] So I mean yeah even at 5772 that’s still a lot even if it isn’t 44,000 but I mean that’s still something that’s there what your plan was to do a tax hike.
And the reason why this will kill is because when they go to Arcade they expect to put in a hundred Yen coin so think of it we have a quarter is much more than Corey it’s more like $0.44 something like that.

[25:21] But you put in the corner to corner convenient it’s whatever once used to it’s what the culture says you use use card as well in Japan to use a hundred Yen coin well they want a tax hike and course that means that you can’t just use this one coin.
You can’t do you have a job tax hike when will you know but also up hurt these businesses because they don’t thrive,
they don’t make a lot of money doing okay they’re just barely you know keeping above water and if this comes through this will just you know
that’s a nuclear bomb on top of these Japanese arcades and you ask any a gamer or anime guy that goes to Japan what are the things they want to do when they visit they want to visit one of the famous Japanese arcades because there are a hoot.
A lot of fun I’m jealous or just one Dragon Ball Z card game,
looks so cool I only in Japan you know I don’t want us to kill off these arcade games so why are you doing this to pan why you need them you might need to take the Monies.

[26:21] Sad,
you know what else makes me sad this is should be sad Warrior not happy warrior else makes me sad there’s going to be a Hollywood Live Action they can head movie and Hollywood Live Action Sonic movie now I can guarantee you that they will both be awful now they just announce the
live action Mega Man movie.
But that that I was already was announced Sonic the Hedgehog movie no sorry catch up movies going to come out in 2019 it’s going to start James Marsden it’s going to be awful
well I’m Capcom there like all man we can’t let siga get all that good
terrible video game movie money we need to get in on that action so they can convince some poor a-lister to you know spend a hundred something million,
probably will never make that back or if they do it’s just still doesn’t justify make it such a terrible terrible movie I very little hope for these things.
You really are going to be bad but oh well what it’s only for the kiddos right there made for the kiddos so that there are one off during Christmas or Thanksgiving and that there they’ve had it may be a little bit on the side merchandising.
Whatever it’s like the Mars give me like the Mario Brothers movie or the Prince of Persia movie all over again.
One neither of which I did very well in the box office but at least the Prince of Persia movie was okay.

[27:37] Actually looking back the Mario Brothers was kind of awesome it’s so wacky and weird we need to cover the Super Mario Brothers movie sometime on the happy warrior podcast right not this one I should share it with why am I
sister podcast that Robert mailing produces.
I think Zack I think the dress code let’s see if we can get the dress code do that be cool and yeah be sure to check out any of those other podcast.

[28:01] Okay so let’s go back to Reelsville let’s go back to stuff that actually matters you know entertainment is so much more fun to cover but no let’s go to stuff that actually matters.
So you know those YouTube videos that like to.
I go over a different video and they like to take breaks every 10 to 15 30 seconds and it interjected and quickly go back to the video yeah we’re going to try that here,
I’m so if it doesn’t work out sorry I’m trying to experiment I want to make this thing better I want to grow it want to get a little bit of sunshine little water.
Cool fresh breeze so let’s try this out okay the video we’re going to do.
It’s called Stossel leaving the leftist by John Stossel he is the reason I am have a master’s in journalism he is the one that wanted me to made me want to go into journalism,
John Stossel is awesome and one day we’ll talk about him he did this cool video just talking to Dave Rubin Dave Rubin is traditionally he was a lefty
this is kind of about that he was on The Young Turks he’s interviewed political scientist from both the left and the right he’s one of the few honest
I could say honest broker someone that really it does have intellectual integrity and tries to live those principles of the Enlightenment I so often like to wax full of sophical about,
have a question.

[29:22] Music.

[29:27] These protesters don’t want this man to speak the speaker is Dave Rubin.

[29:34] Hello Internet my name is Dave Rubin I am the newest host here on The Young Turks he was once a leftist I obviously I’m for ObamaCare you and I both started on the lip,
yeah why did you say.

[29:49] How I woke up yeah so Dave Rubin and John Stossel I they showed us a clip right here at the beginning because this is audio podcast of these people these protesters at meetings that Dave Rubin speaks at.
And it’s ironic because Dave Rubin until Joe,
what was it Target left is in fact too many things he still is abortion gay marriage so you can back,
key and John Stossel are both what we call classical liberals that’s what I am I’m a classical liberal maybe libertarian I think I differ on some of the social issues than Dave Robin and John Stossel besides that.

[30:26] We’re we’re soulmates their my spirit animals were in tune with the the flow in the energies in the natures and it masculinity a little bit.
Are there but yeah that ended this funny did you look at the Dave Rubin because actually,
he was in their Camp till just a little bit ago okay let’s go back to the video willing.
To shoot if the perpetrator is black what’s your data and white and true basis for saying that 70% of the homicides are black on black
shooting unarmed black people is apparel to black people is BS
it’s right lyric Builders smacked him with a bunch of faxes like young Dave Rubin.
I don’t know what to say just.

[31:28] Back over fact over fact about how systemic racism doesn’t exist not that racism doesn’t exist.
Amor he questioned his former beliefs.
I realize that not everyone that these people disagreed with could be a racist and a bigot and a homophobe and a sexist and that was the argument that was constantly being laid out
if there was a republican that gave a speech and said we should lower taxes their answer was he’s racist now that actually make no sense.

[31:58] That is awesome you know and I don’t I’m not a big
Dave Rubin listener but my have family members that are and they say the best things about him to say while I just grew a day bro been but he does really good interviews Dave Rubin
blazing channel is something what we call in an honest intellectual and honest intellectual that is what I try to be that’s what Americans traditionally should have try.

[32:22] Tried to have been a little honesty to actually someone that has real principles that they live their life by and that they believe in,
but they allow facts male to change their mind underlying bedrock doesn’t changed you know about truth justice the American way
but instead of The Facts of the you should be able to learn you should go to grow
your mind should change as you look gay new information that’s what Dave Rubin did Dave Rubin would interview people on the left and the right in the more he did the more he learned that he was honest with himself and that’s what you know you watch Dave Rubin interview special even Nino
not even just a reason once you go yours back and they’re fantastic because he is really willing to debate is really willing to question he’s really willing to look into it you you feel
when he gives the interviews that he is in the process of being honest learner.
That is just that’s awesome that is the best kudos to Dave Rubin for doing that,
RT Podcast he tried to interview people from the left and the right.

[33:28] Should government subsidize gay marriage and straight marriage by the way
willing to debate for all the difference is that we might have I’m pro-choice most of them are pro-life you know I’m against the death penalty most of them are for the death penalty.
Are all willing to sit down and discuss ideas,
when I went from left the libertarian the right was willing to argue if you believe in the individual then you fundamentally understand that individuals are different so you are willing to sit down with someone different than you.
Now so if you were going to hate that my listeners that are from the left side of the street are going to hate this but,
there is an honest truth that you guys need to be facing is that people on the right are more willing to discuss heart issues because I think
for whatever reason I think we’re more used to it I think the ideologies we have about Freedom Enlightenment they exist on the old Voltaire saying I disagree with what you say but I’ll defend my life for you the right to say it,
to work.
I mean some of us will become uncomfortable and it happens no one’s perfect and there are people on both sides there are dishonest but I think they’re more honest stalkers,
they’re willing to put away benefits aside and have an honest discussion and I love that that’s why the intellectual dark web is made up of so very many people from the right.

[34:50] Side street it’s why that many people that enter the intellectual dark web Christina Hoff Sommers who is an equitable feminist
yeah you know she used to be a leftist or centrally or should we actually was more like the left left her that the Democrats left her you know they get Preston to sometimes being put it as their people on the right because they talk,
the other people
on the right thing is the people on the right of the only ones willing to talk to Christina Hoff Sommers okay the leftist just shot her down. This video opened with those Women shouting Dave Rubin down you know
those women probably don’t know this but Dave Rubin holds at least half their views I mean their allies on probably as many views is he as they opposing want it but they don’t know that because they’re not willing to debate you can’t have intellectual honesty
out without honest debate,
and in so if you’re on the left and this goes to people on the right any political any site on the political Spectrum if you want to learn if you want to be a good learner and honest learner a member,
all the intellectual Elite
the real ones the ones that matter the ones that will stand even the test of time you know they have their names written have him because they stood with what they believe and they were honest and they were intellectual about their honesty
their honesty about their intellectual man that Kanye West is really rubbing off on me I am losing the way to speak but I hope you understand my Kanye West ism’s there right,

[36:15] Okay good alright let’s move on.
I didn’t know what was going to happen but I started doing more of these long for me to music people kept watching and then suddenly I realize whoa there’s a lot of people that are thinking the things that I’m thinking not just me by the way that Joe Rogan and there’s others.

[36:37] We’re allowing people to go alright that’s really listen to some.
Let’s really unpacking idea you don’t learn anything when you watch CNN you will actually be Dumber.
But having watched yeah she’s Louise sometimes these interviews with Dave Rubin others can be 3 or 4 hours
that’s crazy I said the great pointy makes there is you watch seeing and you get nothing from it
you watch CNN you can fax you just a little bit Dumber Amen brother and he totally got it you know you can watch tape television news
for the news part but even on Fox MSNBC and CNN there’s less
frequent there’s less and less frequent ever actual news content and more and more pandering opinion and arguing
and that’s what turns people off I think that’s a detrimental thing that are journalists move to
cheaper news which is Talking Heads that it’s amazing there is actual seat here’s that thing you think three-hour interview snores go watch that.
But he’s actually crazy successful I just talked with Robert melling a couple episodes back about Elon Musk with the Joe Rogan Elon Musk interview was 3 hours.
The moment the katana in the marijuana.
Whatever whatever else they were doing I don’t know it’s it’s crazy but it is true people have a content to be intellectual see it’s not just the intellectual honesty is something to be good.

[38:05] Many many people want to be honest it’s electrical.

[38:09] Okay sometimes we think that because we are on the right issues that that we don’t see a mirror view of our our decency and her honesty and our
hope for academic integrity,
let me don’t see on TV we just don’t think it exists or like well no one cares anymore no one gives a dick that’s not true the reason why the intellectual dark web goddess name is because it poses a threat traditional media hats
because people pay attention to it
people actually care about it they’re getting views this is why Google is so a worry about it wants to go Google Facebook the rest Silicon Valley want to mess with these people.

[38:48] Like Dave Rubin because they have an audience people actually learning from them.
An app that threatens their beliefs because they come from in here we go again locked us they come from the left side of street when we’re from the ideas of the Frankfurt School so just harbored Mark Hughes you know
good old Berkley and Herbert marcuse talk at Berkeley
it’s not enough just to just to be against hate speech you have to actually go out there and you have to censor it and back almost any action as long as it’s on the side of the righteous it’s okay
and that’s why people like Dave Rubin has so much go it’s because
people like me are allowed to hardly talk without being castigated.
You know what to the detriment not just of the people on the left for the detriment of everyone you think this divided we have in America is just because of the talking heads on the TV news no it’s what’s what we’re not getting to know you you you could just eat,
sugar all day long and you can try to eat sugar over and over and it won’t sustain you after while your body is going to give out because there’s no nutrients there there’s nothing healthy there
and so not having access to real fought real academic intellectual honesty is hurting our whole nation.

[40:05] Because he sometimes criticizes left this and maybe because his podcasts are so successful his former colleagues now hate him.
And all the right-wing loves him now because he’s a puppet for the right-wing he was lazy when he worked here he’s lazy now with his ridiculous show she just sounds envious.
I lost friends I still lose friends now I mean it’s incredible.
This goes to the laziness of the argument of the left they believe that the bet if you disagree with them that you’re evil evil is what
protesters called ladies ladies I’ll gladly take a question from you I have we established that already.

[40:46] They say just allowing him to speak is a form of violence.
We don’t want your the LGBT community so get the F out.
Yeah so many people have been spit on people have been threatened been told to go home to their country it doesn’t mean that the people don’t exist but tell me about your impression maybe maybe we can work through something.

[41:14] Tell me about your passion what about I have no reason to sit
and talk about my own depression because that’s just like mental energy before I go further that day of Reuben in this video is trying to honestly talk and discuss and reach these people that that say how awful.
They are I like the one lady that talks about how she’s not going to talk about air pressure without being paid,
I know that is by the way a big journalism no no and I appreciate the NPR people still live by this most of Western journalism does,
you don’t get paid to do interviews you don’t get paid to talk to people.
This is not true in many parts of the world that is not the true fact more of the world has a triple double standard we might let it be
we might be okay with that you know if you have to pay pay someone to be interviewed or get paid to interview
sign up contact the video can oppression Olympics it’s a hierarchy of Oppression impressional in that so you’ve got to figure out how you are oppressed,
if you have a limp your this much oppressed or if you’re you this much pressure a Muslim this must have passed everyone wants to be oppressed the black lives matter movement is global.

[42:31] Blacks have been oppressed women song still are women are sometimes oppressed no Society,
but the United States by and large has given more freedom to more people from every Walk of Life regardless of your skin color your sexuality we have problems yet we can talk about all of those things but could tell me those are things because you are a crack.

[42:52] But I ain’t true and it needs to that idea needs to be decimated.
Hahaha Dave Rubin you’re giving me feels a little patriotic.

[43:03] Did you get that last idea there we talked about how that United States has made people more free than ever before in the history of man and you know it doesn’t matter your skin,
your color your whatever you are whatever you have you know this still the most free any talks about that last part it’s really important idea he says,
you may have been oppressed.
But just because you are pressed does not mean that everyone is oppressive to in the end that everyone is getting oppressed okay something bad may happen to you but that doesn’t mean that is a representative of everyone.
Okay we sometimes make this mistake it’s a classic psychological.
I’ll buy us we all have it where something bad happens to you so we assume it happens a lot out of there it’s called / representative Fitness / representativeness / representative.

[43:53] There you go.
That’s a great idea that he brings up okay now I made this mistake earlier where I mentioned that I’m a chronic pain dude and you’re sometimes I do end up
thinking that way a little bit. There it is true it is there is a diversity Olympics is because intersectionality is a pyramid it’s a pyramid scheme and
get on the floor you go the better you want to be at the bottom it’s like the old food pyramid where the grains were that’s where you want to be on the intersectionality. You don’t want to be at the top with the white cisgender heteronormative.
Men business suit some fake naughty things to do naughty things you want to be those guys they’re the worst.
Okay man Dave Rubin that that was awesome so that was a video that’s on the outline.
By reason it’s John Stossel on reason John Stossel my hero I watched a video of him being interviewed by Steven Crowder.

[44:53] Steven Crowder.
He got into politics his interest in politics came from John Stossel he is also a huge John Stossel fan he and I both had the same book for our political Awakening which is get a shovel,
this is a sort of by autobiography by tonight on Stossel about his career and it’s awesome awesome book completely and totally recommend it.
And you know I mentioned this earlier about this so I’m just going to share it now so this one is flabbergasting to me this is one of two studies that I’ve read in the last week.
That completely changed my mind about where our country is as a nation.
Okay so here’s the here’s the study that I wanted to share with all of you as soon as I read I knew I had to share it’s called
you can find this on the outline study finds the website it says far from United political divide in America the worst it’s ever been.

[45:47] Did the research was conducted by Zachary Neal,
who is an associate professor of psychology and Global Urban studies at Michigan State University and is among the first to measure polarization not only by examining the frequency of parties working together but also much more distant than any other time in modern history.
I like how that’s Tyson stock price. Point blame on anyone but he says that since the 1970s.
Polarization has gone in where she was right at the beginning of the 1980s that got super bad they got a little bit normal and then I got super duper bad again we are at the worst polarization.
That it’s ever been ever been since people have started following these things we’re at the worst polarization that’s ever been.
It’s a cool study it’s very much study study so you have to have a little bit of experience reading it,
the basically they made two definitions of repolarization strong polarization repolarization where is parties don’t work together,
but strong polarization is where parties don’t talk to each other at all.

[46:55] Shana that we don’t work with you so that we don’t disagree with you we shun you you’re out you’re off the island I voted them off the island.
And I found actually means to push your room at Good Morning America when you get talked about the island,
receive your paycheck is so we pour ization is what we used to have where we disagree with each other at the end of the day we go and get coffee we eat at our fancy restaurant
yeah our fancy drinks are fancy food because we weren’t Rich politicians okay we’re buddies in real life but in politics week I know you know how to play this game.
Well that’s not it that’s weak force is strong polarization is I hate your bloody got something to take a cane I’m going to beat you silly you will die sometime later.
And my side will cheer about it.

[47:44] Amy got part of that story wrong he might have actually lived I can’t remember the right before the Civil War where we’re on sander went over and beat another Senator to death.

[47:57] He was arrested for it but the South cheered and then at strong polarization at its very worst.
We’re more that direction than we are the other guys and that should scare The Living Daylights every out of every good blooded Patriot in this country I tell you.
That that really is scary and you know what he says.
The professor that made the stay great inside says.

[48:25] According to political beside the study they have developed virtually no report.
X axis report but there’s a champion in the body where trust and relationships are essential.

[48:38] To the extent they’ve engage this mainly it’s been to watch political and at times personal attacks,
and Zack says that if you think things couldn’t get possibly worse they probably will
in the margin and when he says particular at the margin in politics
between my Jordy and minority rule remain so thin like the his example as the Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act that only Democrats with a bare majority pass,
and they got a mended what when the Republican strip chart I’d say amended lightly the vast majority of it still at the ice.

[49:17] I know we’re kind of in that situation right now you guys think about the blue if it’s a blue trickle it’s looking clothes
where water politics are so closely divided and the low margins are so thin. Just amps up the pressure that’s we’re pushing down on the the pot as a boy was that down it builds up a pressure
that’s what we’re having
fascinating stay really fascinating I’m kind of really interested for most academic point of view and the guy that likes politics.
But from a lot point of view of I love this country and I love my brother and my sister want a republican the other Democrat I love them both.
That’s that’s saddens me that really does I can’t tell you you know sometimes the vehement.
Between parties gets into our personal lives and it’s awful it is the horse I can tell you with perfect certainty it is truly.
An awful evil thing and I believe that you know the guy that I can get to religious here but I bet saying is enjoying himself a time and it’s just licking at his lips for what’s to come.
You know it my church they say that saying it loves contention Satan looks contention is a phrase It’s been used in my house over the years so you kind of mean to like we shouldn’t fight we should argue.

[50:39] I’m even when it’s true it’s true you know when you’re up missionary or thing they teach more in the missionaries.
And more missionaries are more like a traditional missionary like you know like a Jesuit goes far off the teacher if you know you know it’s like a long-term thing more missionaries typically do it for 2 years,
one of the things I tell you is if someone wants to argue religion don’t argue back if you can just leave.
Now that because they’re saying that friend argue about the merits of the Bible verses whatever that there’s not good but this Holy Spirit can’t be there only contention will be there.

[51:19] That’s good I think we are at a site so country now I think the answer is to talk to each other but not talk past each other if we’re going to be like that where I you yell at me about how the,
New Testaments the most awesome thing ever and I say I like the New Testament and I like the book more but let me tell you in all the ways that they are is in the Bible are blah blah blah you know they go on and on. You were talking past each other
no one’s benefiting we’re only getting heated and said we could sit down and we can talk about know where we agree no I is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints believe in the Bible believe the Bible to be the word of God it actually,
we agree in a whole awful lot and then their people from both sides for both religions have a lot to benefit that we can learn about it,
we should find a love our fellow man and there’s we know we are more alike than we are different that’s what the conversation should be between Americans.

[52:14] That’s what’s happening we’re not even worth using talk to each other we’re shutting each other.

[52:21] How is it going to get better if we don’t talk to each other if Mom and Dad don’t talk anymore on how many sitcoms does that ever turn good.

[52:30] I should say not sitcoms but you know what I’m saying on the soap operas when they stop talking to each other and that’s usually get the Mistresses they get the divorce.
And I don’t know I don’t know where I’m going but you get the idea not good not healthy Dave Rubin is one of these people that’s kind of if we would follow his example we could come back as a country we got healed that to fight.
Dave Rubin was willing to put himself out there talk to people honestly he’s like hey you want to interview your interesting let’s interview I don’t care what your politics are and will debate will learn from each other.
He just does it.

[53:07] Who puts out interviews 3 hours for hours long you know he’s having his long like the interview was he shares it with you he goes again and again and again it’s good for him it’s good for the person that interviewed and most importantly it’s good for the viewer.

[53:22] That’s what we need to be doing as a country we need to come back together again you’ll think about 9/11.
Think about how we were is a country those of you that can remember 911 we were so committed to each other.
We are so committed to the Manifest Destiny that was United States of American all the good it could do we want it to bring it all the way there.

[53:44] Dave Rubin here is showing us the way thank you it’s Stossel thank you Dave Rubin for this
awesome video and thank you to Professor Zachary Neal Michigan State University for putting together the study and figuring that out I’m sad with the results but I’m glad you did it.

[54:05] Alright so a couple more things fun things than a video and then that will be the end of part 1 part 2 will cover intersectionality and news you might have missed okay cell.
I’d like to quickly talk to you about Sioux City Sioux City is kind of fun I talked to a guy at supercon.
There are a couple that sold used video games they had a booth there and I was talking about Sioux City and we were talking about man.
The traffic in Sioux City is it really is every time so here’s a thing I live in Sioux Falls.
Sioux City is our sister city when Obama came to Sioux Falls he called us Sioux City we often get the two confused but here’s what Sioux Falls has better than than Sioux City,
Sioux Falls isn’t a giant speed trap okay every single time am I will almost every single time.
In my life we go through Sioux City the things under construction it goes from 55 to 60 and then goes from 65.

[55:01] 45 and the pie the speeds kind of jump and shades.
Pretty fast and I know I’m exaggerating the how often happens but it’s often enough where I’ve had found members get tickets before and they did not cops they catch you it’s,
cameras speed cameras.
Very easily in a very finely tuned speed cameras that if you just get an inch you just move sorry I didn’t choose a measure distance like parsecs if you just bump over,
the speed limit they’ll take a picture and then you’ll get a letter in the mail a month later.

[55:38] From the Sioux City whatever and they’ll charge you and you’re expected to pay it got so bad five six years ago the South Dakota State Legislature was what was the saying hey
we’re going to pass a bill that says you can enforce your lover here which would be some issues because of how Congress
enforce of Side Federal Government enforces the intersection I’m not getting.
Damn it be a problem well it very well could be getting worse because there was a kind of neat story and quartz magazine it said not so fast.
That sign telling you how fast you’re driving may be spying on you and it says that so you ever drive past one those signs
and it has those kind of a screen on it in the what’s on the screen changes to paying off faster cars going it’s kind of cool actually well apparently these things have those cameras there on them,
isn’t just in free camera instead the DA’s equips trying to equip these signs with real cameras and they’re taking their license plate.

[56:35] Congress only found out about this in 2008 the public only found out about it somewhat in 2012,
there is being an argument being made that these things are being used more than we know and that should this be done it all because I and I agree I don’t think I should be done at all.

[56:52] I’m more. You know that the human the human should find you if you’re breaking the speed limit okay there certain laws where if no one’s around it really is okay to break or if you break it it’s not that big of a deal,
you know it’s more important that you enforce them at the moment and then we could argue which is what and watches which
which is what and what is which I still just a tad that Kanye West energy it’s not quite left me.
All that masculinity energy,
a guy this awesome magazine article and you should read they know they bring that they talked a lot faster says this might be actually against the law to bring it up senior policy analyst from the ACLU thinks it’s wrong for the government arbitrarily.
Such a broad swath of data in the first place and the DEA will hold out your license plate number and any of her other information they need to taking and just holding on to it you know just in case.
Just in case I may not charge you with anything but I know I just like to have that here and think of this is everywhere think of this is ever I know I’m Luke Cage loses part about.
There’s a spark about where they want figure out the crime that one the guys he said what we got your your license plate number of miles away.

[58:05] Now just imagine that everyone are all the government to that everywhere and I’ll hold onto it for ever and so they know where you’re at or where your car is at loads of places and times and they just might you know connect to the crime.
Well if the government would never intrude on your rights and falsely accuse you of something.
False accusations never happen in government operatives and agents.
Policeman they never overstep their bounds they never make phone calls I mean this data we should let them have in fact we should give them all our data,
have all the data in the world why not there safe we can trust them they would never miss use it.

[58:44] Zap it is kind of scary little and thing here says,
I like this is from kabrina Chang or professor of Law and ethics a Boston University questrom is a question request.
Questrom School of Business told quartz we as a society have to think long and hard about the consequences I don’t think anyone would be Grudge law enforcement help in doing their jobs we all want them to do their jobs really really well.
But what are we willing to give up and if you know a good thing up in this is me know if you know a good thing about Benjamin Franklin he has a good saying about security and freedom,
alright well good news everyone Viet Chinese superstar that I thought probably was dead.

[59:31] Isn’t dead she was just in a Chinese Gulag but no good it’s okay she’s okay people she’s alive.
Fan Bingbing such a great day I want that to be my actor named Peter Bing Bing.
The nothing could be fun anymore she has reappeared she went into hiding because she owed 112 million dollars in back taxes are Euros in back taxes.
At least I saying the Chinese government so here’s what China is saying they’re saying that she broke it was called a yin-yang contract.
Which means in this in the way this is too for the same job I’m raining now from the guardian.
All the smaller figure it was implied was declared to the tax office the larger one was what the star was actually paid so it says.
We want Fan Bingbing on our new movie Okay so
you send this sheet of paper to the tax office here’s what we’re actually going to pay her because you know tried as crazy we don’t want to eat all of their money or whatever I like the way they get this just the way they paid actors but it’s not just that as you are told
I didn’t mention it before but she shouldn’t hang the new Chinese president forever
he is pushing forward and more Mouse policies and they want their money’s and they want stronger control of society
and so part of this was to punish a Fan Bingbing because they felt that you wasn’t good enough okay so it’s two things one it was make an example of.

[1:01:00] We need to make an example of somebody get all the rest of the entertainment industry.
So who do I go to take an example of what we go to the top the top building of course which is fine and Bing Bing.
Okay so that that was that was the one thing the other thing was fandom being you know she wasn’t playing as nice as she could.
A sheet Factory had a zero on the new government social network that all Chinese people are required to use and have and keep up.
Because China when they watch Black Mirror they think that looks like a great idea.
I didn’t mean that sarcastically that I think they really do look at that show for advice.

[1:01:39] But now it’s offending big who was in two Marvel movies won the Chinese version of Iron Man 3 I want to see Robert if you hear this Robert.
Get the Chinese version of Iron Man 3 Let’s watch it I haven’t seen that thing in Forever.
Iron Man 3 you know I didn’t like it as much as I like him more than 2 or is she will also played blink in the X-Men days of Futures Past what you need to watch the Rogue cut by the Rogue cut of days of Futures Past,
really good and so because she wasn’t keeping up her core socialist values she had to disappear she even came out with.

[1:02:21] Awesome State I hear I want to read you the statement doesn’t this sound lovely here is what fan thing being said back in July.
What you gave as a groveling confession on weibo and weibo is of course the Chinese Social Network I was talking about.
For a long time I did not distinguish between National social and personal interest.

[1:02:43] As a public figure I should have died by the law and play a leading role in society and Industry.
Without the good policies of the party and the state without the love of the people there would be no Fan Bingbing.
Even this article for the guardian says in short fancy was to have been made as an example of.
So yes Fan Bingbing got disappeared
so she wasn’t killed but she was disappeared and she owed the Chinese State a whole lot of issue really old that or not I don’t know if they just being made someone mad in that one movie.
I hear it but you something about that and then it’s like you got like the sky
who is Rossi fall to the proletariat and so far that’s hearing it or something.
But Conrad.

[1:03:47] I mean wow that’s crazy that that is just.

[1:03:54] Bonkers yeah I’m glad she left and if I was Fan Bingbing I would get the heck out of Dodge.
I would go and go get political Asylum United States or Canada or Sweden or something and I would live the rest of my life with bought private security.
I mean like I am never going back there I don’t care how much money I how much Fame you know I don’t want to die.

[1:04:19] Cuz you know if she does make the party mad it is that apparently they’re willing to disappear once you think they’re not willing to disappear her again.
You know in that way I think blink truly was the best X-Men character for her to play.
All right bro before I get to the conclusion video of Today Show and their video comes from again it
by Remy he has a new one it’s banana a free-trade Havana parody very funny I just came out this week this isn’t the first time allegations have been made it’s just that one little guy actually went out there
and put out his thesis paper about why Star Wars The Last Jedi if you haven’t heard is awful
it is hated by some long-time Star Wars fans the vast majority hate it or least enough that caused the solostar was filmed a tank that’s how much Last Jedi is hated,
I stick to my theory on this
I think my fruit know was like my second or third episode of the happy warrior was all we went over this with Robert Last Jedi is awful really awful might have killed the Star Wars franchise is longevity in the long term
I’m jealous I want that’s of redundant anyhow.

[1:05:34] So this thing came out and if they’re saying we look this study proves that all those people that hate Last Jedi are just Russian trolls a bunch of Russian Bots they’re not real this is you know okay so here’s my biggest think the biggest thing is it’s one study
biggest big number to he used Twitter to do it
okay wasn’t looking at the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes it wasn’t looking at sales ticket sales at was looking at Twitter if you use Twitter you know the good half the people on Twitter are Bots and trolls will of course then you’d find the majority are trolls and Bots
is gracious
I mean that’s I mean that it’s just silly the amount of people that are bought accounts on Twitter Twitter even recognizes this so I don’t know what this is but.
People that want to protect Last Jedi because it’s an essay is an sjw wet dream
are looking for a perfect excuse just like the Hillary Clinton voters and in fact I okay I’m not going to go there just like they want something to blame besides the truth that is just not like.

[1:06:36] Hillary Clinton was not likeable even if you disagree if you love Hillary Clinton’s policies she just she didn’t have a good image I mean she was the worst Democrat you could have put out there okay.
The worst choice of a candidate because she was just not likeable to did you know you have a bomb of the super likeable
and then you go from him to a woman that you would try hard not to portrays a cackling hen egg in fact Hillary Clinton look up Hillary Clinton laugh does that not sound like a cat.
Now I know that is a bit massages I know that’s also a just that’s just where I Society is okay sorry guys it’s the truth Hillary Clinton is not likeable.
Last Jedi.

[1:07:18] It’s not good it’s not a good Star Wars movie or likable stop trying to make stupid excuses why they’re not like.
Okay and then don’t go to bump science studies to try to prove your your theory is right you’re just tear us apart just like the country.

[1:07:50] Sorry about that I just had to get that clip in once I mentioned that and I love that movie.
So great so great and I even know parts of it are a Cheesy I mean,
all sex the original Star Wars movies are cheesy guys are at least that’s the way the dialogue is written it’s stilted dialogue written by a fantastic man and it’s awesome.
Okay you get to Love’s proper Star Wars you just got to love all that cheese cuz it’s super gooey with masculine energy from the Galaxy.

[1:08:26] Music.

[1:08:57] Music.

[1:09:56] Music.

[1:10:39] And there we have it folks that’s the awesome video it’s from by Remy Remi it’s called banana free-trade Havana parody,
that is the end of part one of our two-part special.
About intellectual honesty next episode we can talk about intersectionality and how that has affected the world and then I’m going to cover important news that.

[1:11:02] We all decide to forget about and not talk about,
turn the cabinet hearings well mostly it’s because the media decided to ignore and the rest of us to just don’t know any better but that’s besides the point.
That’s that’s I mean we all are busy lies real things to do we expect that the people on the TV to give us the real news right.
Okay sorry I still got a little bit of that masculine energy from Kanye West I have to shake off thank you so much for the happy warrior program
if you have questions comments anything you’d like to tell me if you have a story like to add if you just want to say hi please email me at
Pete Pete at happy – Warrior. Net that’s Pete at Happy dash Warrior
. net also check out our Facebook happy warrior Pete I think you type in or you can probably just find it by typing in Facebook happy warrior please check out all the other awesome Sioux Empire podcast
the dress code is really funny I’ve listed at 1 recently I was there at the life according and it’s pretty funny
not sfw little bit language this program is safe for the kitties but you know some of the others aren’t definitely check that out first but please be sure to listen to it.
Robert melling is producer on just about every one of them he’s a genius you should love him if he’s you know what if you want to email me and say hi to Robert,
I’ll tell him I’ll give him a big hug and pat on the back is the happy warrior podcast.

[1:12:29] Please tune in next time either will be the part 2 or you’ll be hearing my interview with Professor Duke pesta who have found a creative solution,
how to bring us back to what intellectual honesty,
and last but not least God bless United States of America God bless the military and all those people that have served and shed blood in defense of our rights and Liberties God bless the Americans the America,
and God bless you thank you for listening you have a great night.

Happy Warrior Ep 014 Self Destruction Nation

Happy Warrior Ep 014 Self Destruction Nation
The Happy Warrior Podcast
Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke
Produced by Robert Mehling
Voice Over by Dave Holly
Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

Segment 1: Self Destruction Nation

Kavanaugh Monologue

Read from the posts,

Follow with the 2nd post

Mika Brzezinski on the role of the journalist.

29 Seconds, Justice Clarence Thomas Response

Remy “Trigger”

Spiderman SJW


Segment2: Inconvenient Truth:

Study Banned on Trans

Studies getting banned because they are politically incorrect

Math is Racist

Loads more trees today than ever before

Trans Suicide Rates High

Trigger Warnings harm students

Even Jimmy Carter is getting worried about the current political climate, plus supports Trump

“I love God, that’s my thing I love him! And you should too!”

Christ Pratt Info


UK secret court orders taking children for stupid reason

And so is the U.S.

Twitter is joining the Censor Squad!

EU wants to hold the media accountable for everything bad in the world.

Isn’t Just Europe

2 Internets

Insane Level of Control, Fascism lives!

Sadly Brietbart, but perfectly apt insight.

Double Illegal Immigrants

Way too many alien prisoners, these guys never commit crimes.

Insane levels of Violence against Rohingya

Machine Transcript
[0:24] Hello everyone this is the happy warrior podcast here once again with your host Peter the V Pischke this is the only American News Talk podcast where it starts and ends with a couple of Japanese teenagers singing a song.
It’s good to be here again with all of you
today I have some heavy stuff to go through at first but I try to pack in a bunch of fun too so it won’t be all just sadness and,
despair the Saxon pretty serious and personal stuff I’m going to talk about today and this is been kind of stressful that was on the reasons took me a little while to get it out.
Hopefully you can forgive my lateness that the quality for it will make up I appreciate you guys taking the time to listen here remember if you have any comments questions,
thoughts or ideas you can contact me on the
happy warrior Facebook page or you can email me at Pete at happy – Warrior. Net again Pete at happy.

[1:24] Sorry Pete. Happy that sad I can’t even seem to get the email right okay moving on,
so I’m sure none of you have been living under a rock if you have please email me and tell me how it is does the temperature stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter,
if you had like I said if you haven’t been living under a rock the cabinet hearings are the biggest news,
in the nation for now 3 or 4 weeks now they’re pretty heavy I’ve talked about now twice I touch that some last week and the week before when I was with Robert we talked about it then too,
and if you remember we finna focus on cab not so much as the feeling of the public well unfortunately those divisive feelings seem to be growing.
Excessively they’ve been growing an exponential rate I feel a tension knot just in the news I feel the tension here at home too.
I’m so I want to talk a little bit about it I’ll start off with this I saw some division over some Facebook post on Fridays I like to put out my thoughts on some issue by like to do it in a,
tired of inflammatory Manor at least in my style by Peter style so it’s not really all that inflammatory but does some people off.

[2:44] Well doing that caught some fire okay so here was the video that I made a late to its Anderson Cooper,
hey is talking to a Galaxy and then who’s interviewing V GOP women their views on Kavanaugh and the hearings and the accusations Okay let’s listen to it.

[3:03] Do believe judge Cavanaugh when he says this didn’t happen.
Believe the word of a woman something that happened 36 years ago when this guy has an impeccable present.
Nobody nobody that has spoken ill will about him everyone that speaks about him to Pheasant Altar Boys you know.

[3:26] When Woman made an allegation sorry I don’t buy it but in the grand scheme of things my goodness there was no intercourse there was maybe a touch.
Can we really 36 years later she still stuck on that had it happen we were talking about a 15 year old girl.
I’m a woman I respect to 17 year old boy in high school with his possible running High tell me what Boy hasn’t done this in high school please I would like.
Why would she come forward if this wasn’t true because it is basically destroyed her family she’s had to move she’s going undercover she’s gotten death threats.
So if she’s lying why come forward she’s also destroying his life his wife.
I mean why did she come out sooner if she’s telling the truth.
Why didn’t she come out when he was going into the bush White House why didn’t you come out when he’s been a federal judge over us
why not have a thorough investigation instead of just the two of them he said she said the FBI investigated it took 3 days.

[4:36] Why not now this is a high-school kid story something that allegedly happened some 30 plus years ago matter.
You can’t judge the character of a Man based on what he did at 17.

[4:58] Not right.
But maybe you touched somebody the way you are not supposed to be up as women though do you have some sympathy for her for what she’s going through no I have no sympathy and perhaps maybe him and maybe he didn’t pay attention.
When I was there or whatever the situation is there kids.
If it is true would it be okay with you if he became a Justice on the Supreme Court as long as that’s an isolated.
He was 17 he was not even an adult and we all make mistakes of 17.
I believe in a second chance I’d be more than okay with him.
Peter who are we to judge.

[5:50] Now I played the whole of that audio I like to do that contextually because I feel that when I get the full.
Brett’s of what I’m sharing so I usually try when I share audio clips to share a big portion I think someone asked me why do you mean why do you use such big Clips why didn’t you.
Put it down to 15 seconds Sound by 12 because someone bites are pissy and interesting but they don’t give you a false sense of it.
They’re being talked about just no new wants okay and I’ll I’m as someone with the background journalism when I share something with you I want there to be new ones I want you to be able to see of the whole of it are at least as much as possible.

[6:31] So that was the Republican that’s what I shared on Facebook,
pretty pretty compelling to me it’s powerful and messages one they don’t really believe it too if it is true they don’t really care because it was so long ago he was a young guy it does not matter,
I mean and that those are five Republican women now I seen it probably should have had a nice mix of people because Huffington Post poll came out that you’re the only 28% of.
Man in 25% of women believe these allegations I mean that crosses party line so they’re very few people to actually believe,
the stop what’s going on but the reaction,
by the people on the on the GOP side which is a side I’m more often could be found on at least part of Sin Lee speaking.
What’s the what’s look instead and what’s being said
with Mark left his brother in the see the response to all this I think this puts a good pick this is from MSNBC they asked a person on the Lawrence O’Donnell show.

[7:35] Is a segment the last word about about the claims that,
are being made out of the person you’re speaking is wonkette founder Ana Marie Cox,
and if this is this just sums it up perfectly roll,
millions of women and men who have been through something like this and their lives are going to have to kind of live through it again they will be read, ties
are you going to plant theirs helping those people the national sexual assault hotline is
866 hope and I think that goes people need to know that they don’t have to go through what this woman is going through in order to start to heal.

[8:16] I also want to point out that there is a big difference between what happened with Anita Hill and what happened in this case because it was,
was children to two children it was a long time ago and it should be judged differently but I think a parallel here is that we need to judge brick have it on not just on what he may or may not have done but how can you treat a woman’s pee,
and that is something I mean pay attention to on Monday how does he respond to what is happening whether or not
agree that this happened with her does he take her pain seriously
spoiler alert I don’t think women is paying very seriously and I know that because of the decisions he made as a judge
I have it unfold on National Television live I will be quite instruction instructed.

[9:06] So some of you may have heard that sound bite and some other places I’ve heard it listens to talk radio.
Her point you know her point is and I tried to be as Fair as I could that’s why I used all the clip is that Brett judge should not be judged on what he may or may not have done that this is a quote but how we treat the woman’s pain.
not what he may or may not have done to how he treats a woman to paint now she does seem to care very much about the pain of sexual assault survivors as should all of us I think that’s one of the great things in our first one Nations that we do care about people who been
victimized and hurt that we are against sexual assault that is awesome I love that about our country that we do want to fight back against it.
But should judge have not be judged based on his kindness and compassion or should be rule of law so we have right now these two sides of our country
one is the right which I think our side is pushing on Roblox also when pushing on it doesn’t matter
even if it’s true it doesn’t matter on the left it says we shouldn’t judge them based on the rule of law we should instead judge on how
kind he is how you want to see is to women’s pain you should and you know to be honest I think they’re also pushing a lot of the guilt,
sexual assault survivors the kind of making.

[10:33] Judge Brad Kavanagh a wicker man for he’s going to take all the sins of the people you know she kind of mentioned that begin ever comment their comment about how men and women are going to be affected,
who have been assaulted and how they’re going to be reliving it and I very well may be true I know that,
people that go through it often do you suffer recurrent trauma because it’s a hard thing to get over a new getting over you know some people do by think majority carry sunburn of it.
At least in some way so that’s our two sides that’s where country is right now,
and I think the divine right now is almost at a fever pitch it’s pretty intense it’s not just being fed up,
in our news but I think more and more what’s happening in our news and media circles,
art is happening and I realize you know I shared that to podcast go that segment from Ben Sasse where he says the reason why were all fighting and being so silly about the cabinet hearings is because we aren’t willing to talk to each other and we are,
working out our political problems in Congress instead of returning the Supreme Court into where we want to fight our political fights and that’s a really apt thing and so we’ve taken.

[11:41] The breakdown of stuff and we haven’t looked at its merit-based on well is it true or not instead we’re moving towards,
how does a best benefit our side
how does it best benefit our political goals and what we want all right so now I’m going to read for my Facebook page I’m not going to dignify any of the people in it besides myself and it was I’m going to focus on what I had to say not what other people had to say about it,
okay that being said here supposed the reaction of the national media and politicians towards the judge,
Brett Kavanaugh regarding these likely baseless and impossible to prove allegations have now done more damage The credibility of actual rape victims than almost anything else in our lifetime.

[12:23] Now when legitimate sexual assault survivors come forward with their complaint much of the American public are going to ask.
Inside themselves if the woman is just doing this to benefit her self mark my words the circus is it just a drama llama and we’ll have real world consequences that go beyond learning simpleton politicians political points.
Truth and Justice bead and honor is worthless the women that our society claims to want to help are going to be the ones most hurt by this Fiasco.

[12:55] Now I kept why that was inflammatory look at some of the language it was a little pushy but I mean I think my point hopefully is clear that I was trying to make now I have some people.
Felt on the Facebook so you know I don’t use Twitter I should really start that I was attacking
hey. I was saying boys-will-be-boys I was saying that I’m being unkind to people who have actually survived sexual assault.

[13:22] You know some of that attitude that when I
I or someone else makes a criticism of some of these allegations against Kevin that I am in there all by attacking actual survivors and it maybe she is a Survivor but you know it goes back down to the
to the law versus just our feelings you know we want to base things on evidence instead of just well I think that would be guilty cuz one person said so.
Relative of mine took this quite personally so here’s here’s how I responded.
I said I haven’t this is I got a message about this I put the post on Friday I got the response and Saturday I wasn’t really sure how to respond,
I love my family dearly and no way would I ever want to cause them pain and no way would I ever want to make them feel uncomfortable you know I sincerely believe that people spell have different
views on what’s going on in the world and still be at the end be able to shake hands and be best friends I have people in this community I live they have completely different views and I do about how we should fix our country,
okay they’re left yes I’m a guy on the right
but you don’t worry I still respect them I still try to love them I still try to be friends and I strongly believe that I strongly believe in a libertarian,
culture not just in politics and ideology false our culture that we should be able to have be able to talk freely you know just like our Founders did in the enlightenment.

[14:51] Okay security here I guess I have been prayerfully considering how to respond all day and no way would I ever want to cause even accidentally courage further pain to Survivor of a heinous crime like sexual assault.
Emotional turmoil surviving abuse is something that many of us and Portugal have a common a complex and self-destructive pain as hard as any of the physical pains we might wrestle with.
We both know how hard it is to convince others including experts said pains in our bodies and our hearts and our minds in our spirits.
This is why to me it is exactly this problem of the cabinet ordeal so vexing devil Nation so focused on the partisan value,
of her claims against Cavanaugh is unhealthy it’s and damaging to all of us desire credibility in our own lives,
both parties are guilty of this video I shared Republican woman even says that this claim is true that should not matter.
A similar opinion can be found among the Democrats.
Instead of relying on reason instead of relying on a right to Due Process we are increasingly making a value judgment of her story not on its approvability not on its reasonability but I’m what can be gained politically.

[16:02] This will hurt people that are victims of sexual assault because it will cause people to more often voice belief and a voucher support.
Does denote about their support based on what they can do to benefit themselves by believing and helping that person.
When we move away from reason when we move away from our rights we risk ruined due to unintended consequences.
I love my family dearly and I love those that have been hurt and I wish them nothing but peace and happiness.
The professor that made these allegations cuz ruin this is Saturday so this just the first allegation may have been hurt I don’t know I don’t have a tardis to go back in time to confirm.
But in the eyes of the law there is no way to prove it.
This is the classic he said she said and just lately and impossible hurdle to overcome if it is not confirmed then some other person who probably will be openly hostile the Robey way they will become our next Supreme Court Justice.
Most of the Congress people have a background in lock they know this.
Yet they still push down on the scales of Justice hoping to win themselves a favorite outcome plus additional campaign benefits.

[17:19] In a year Congress in the meow 12 Long moved on to some other political game and controversy but the ones who still suck in the collateral damage of this facility are survivors.

[17:33] Please understand that Express the sentiment because I’m concerned about the state of our nation and how well packed them.
Please take care we all love you and hope for the very best for your future God bless sincerely Peter Von Pischke.
Actually after I made that response someone even wrote what a weak response you should be ashamed.

[17:55] Craziness.

[18:00] I did Pray when I before I wrote that response I should have prayed before I made it in your supposed to be honest but that was my response.
I think it gets too clearly now when I see this cabinet stuff and I see how our country.
Is reacting the public face of our country especially the media how are politicians how they’re using this is a political football game with something so very serious.
When we want to judge someone not based on law,
order and reason we don’t want to be on to put you process of law side because it’s inconvenient we rest ruin that is a dangerous dangerous game.
I would never imagine if it was your brother.
Magikano is your sister was your son or daughter your uncle your aunt if Cavanaugh was someone special to you.

[18:55] What would you want what you want them to get a fair hearing.
Of course you would you even if they were a terrible person you still want them to have their Fair date in court.

[19:08] I’m and I would say that also to the professor
Kristi blausey almost her name is she also deserves her fair to import you know I can’t judge if this happened or not but we have to rely on the due process of law.
Due process of law our rights as espoused in the Fifth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment and elsewhere in the Constitution.
Are such a amazing thing they are really a true sign of great,
progress that all men are judged under the law equally that we all get our Fair shake and day in court.
That just because you’re rich and Powerful years nobility you’re connected that doesn’t mean that the law doesn’t apply to you and it farther we get away from it the farther we risk ruin.

[19:55] I’m really I’m serious it’s a very dangerous thing removing towards you know one of the things are founders learn from was from the witch trials that took place in Europe and in the early days the colonies,
and it didn’t say you’d only need one accusation,
or less people who travel from town to town they be called witch-finders are and there was even the guy that went by witchfinder General and they would encourage someone to come forth and blame some persons of which usually it was
are single or widowed woman that maybe lived Lou from the community maybe there was someone that was a Healer had on there but you know they they use,
she was just educated for whatever reason she was someone that was inconvenient to the side.
Or some person had you know they just did not like them they were mad at them for some reason.

[20:44] Well the witchfinder general they’ve get someone in the person you know this person the cat attack me all rock fell in my head all my cow got sick I got the fox obviously it’s them against all these.
Sometimes even children will make up these crimes as I saw it I saw it.
Very little evidence they would move in to look for somebody call a witch’s Mark which one they strip the accused naked,
any look for anything that look like a wart or skin tag you know anything that they would say this is a mark of a witch
it would that torture said person by not letting them sleep for even for five even a week it would not allow the food they keep the room hot.

[21:25] And eventually they would almost always collapse and say yes I made a deal with Satan I am a witch another great key thing that they did is wonderful isn’t it us.
The way to judge if they were guilty or not what they would do is they would Tassimo drink now we all know this for Monty Python,
you know if she floats the same as a duck she’s a witch well actually that came from truth and they used to believe that if you touch a witch in the drink.
Are you a tie her hands you retire feet you would hang a really heavy Bible around her neck which.
Seems kind of expensive Casino I mean everyone have them they weren’t easy to come by,
I’m going to drink this they thought that witches were so evil that the repeal the Waters of baptism so if they went to the water and they drown,
that meant they were in a sense they were going to go to heaven or if they survive somehow and therefore they get to go and be burned at the stake.
Yes that’s right that is the very definition of damned if you do damned if you don’t guilty no matter what.

[22:38] Our Founders learn from this English civil law did learn from this too and we try to move away from such things we require more evidence because
people can be dishonest people can misunderstand things people can be vindictive.

[22:55] A classic story is the story of Emmett Till he was a black man in the 1950s.
A woman white Southern woman claimed that he came up to her grabbed her and whispered curses at her.

[23:09] They took him they beat the so some Southern Man believed her took him beat him up then lynched him.

[23:18] His mom this is such a powerful story Gila teared up his mom.
When they suggest you know you should have a closed casket you know that you don’t want people to see how being up she was as no.
You leave that casket open the whole world can know he went through and she said that if he died and helped move moved our country towards Freedom that he would have been that his sacrifice was made him a hero.

[23:45] We need not go back to that kind of craziness mobs and lynching are barbaric they are the Dark Ages.

[23:55] The vitamin moved us mostly passed us in the last 50 years the south is greatly changed and that’s wonderful we don’t want to go back there guys.
People on the left and the right if you want to blame Cab North or let him go free because you feel it’s best to benefit your side or your views.
Do not feed this desire.
Ask that the rule of law be followed that we followed you process as best we can I know we have a statue of limitations those are important because you know memory is very fallible.

[24:34] And time can go on and mess with the head.
And it’s hard to get evidence so we don’t have to process for a reason but even then I say we take you process of law as far as we can investigate her claim investigate all the allegations made so far fine the truth of the matter is best as you can.

[24:53] Now for journalist I am I have a journalism background if I had the hell off I like to think that I’d be an active journalist.

[25:05] Damn really failed big time on this thing the media has decided that they are going to lead the mop they’re going to get the pitchforks and torches out they’re going to put out love five easy steps to,
your mom,
I mean it’s it’s nasty I know I’m surprised some people came out recently and if you pay attention to those you might be surprised that’s because it’s a person on the left two peoples on the left.
People’s they just had saw it so I’m just going to play these two clips,
and I mean amen I don’t have much to say to this this is a perfect this is exactly where the media and journalism is going wrong right now.

[25:49] Women have to be careful right now.
We do collectively in terms of how we absorb whatever is being alleged and how we portray that out I mean.
That’s when I reflect back on us yes if we’re jumping to conclusions we have worked hard to get to this point where.

[26:11] A chance to use our voices we also have to be able to weather the storm and I am not taking sides in this.

[26:22] We should be reporting this the media should step back a little bit if you watch you know I was watching television all weekend I was really Disturbed.
Brad Kavanagh was either a racist or these two women were Liars it’s just not our job.
This is not our job and if we want women to have a chance to have their voices let’s not get in the way of that but let’s not also overcorrect to the point where we lose in the long run.
I Believe In Due Process I believe in the facts speak for themselves and I believe in getting all the facts.

[26:56] Amen that was Mika Brzezinski the co-host of Morning Joe long time journalist.
I disagree with makeup many many times but in theirs she is 100000% correct way to go Mika.
That’s awesome yeah the media needs to step back they need to stop dictating to the public what to believe.
That’s not the media’s job that’s not the role of a journalist if your opinion guy and you tell people hey I’m going to pin you got give your pin and go for it but if you’re saying I’m a journalist and I’ll give you the truth.

[27:32] Step back stay awake give them some space report the facts and leave it there,
I mean wow I don’t even know what to say about that,
but I would like to end this segment with two clips here is the advice to our country
to Statesman that we really should listen to the first I have is a favorite of mine Justice Clarence Thomas this goes back to the Anita Hill controversy when he was going through
is hearings I’m just going to open its missed your by and talk to you Clarence Thomas and it’s Clarence Thomas gives her his Spiel please take a listen to this even out if you’re on the left please does Clarence Thomas does have a message here that’s worth hearing.
I tried another I would like to start by saying unequivocally on category.

[28:31] I deny each and every single allegation against who today that suggested in anyway.

[28:39] Blackhat conversation.
I was sexual nature for about pornographic material with Anita Hill that I ever attempted to date her.
Back ever had any personal sexual interest in her or did I in any way ever harassed.

[29:03] 2nd and I think more important point I think that this today is a travesty.

[29:12] I think it is disgusting I think that this hearing.

[29:19] Should never occur in America this is a case in which this sleeves.

[29:27] This Dart was search for by staffers of members of this committee.

[29:35] Was that leaked to the media and this committee and this body validated.

[29:46] And displayed it Primetime over our entire nation how would any member on this committee.
Any person in this room or any person in this country would like sleeves said about him or her.
Can dispatch what this Dirt Drags. And this gossip and these lies display in this manner how would any person.

[30:17] The Supreme Court is not working no job is worth.

[30:23] I’m not here for that I’m here from my name my family my life and my Integra.

[30:32] I think something is dreadfully wrong with this country.
When any person any person in this free country would be subjected to this this is not a closed room there was an FBI investigation.

[30:48] Not an opportunity to talk about difficult.

[30:54] Matters privately or in the clothes environment this is a circus for National Disgrace and from my standpoint.

[31:06] Has a black American as far as I’m concerned it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks on anyway Dane to think for themselves.

[31:16] I do for themselves to have different ideas and it is a message that unless you count down to an old order.
This is what will happen to you you will be lynched destroyed caricature.

[31:35] Hi 8 Committee of the US US Senate rather than hung from a tree.

[31:43] That was Justice Clarence Thomas.
Powerful start words oddly prescient for now we’ve me dancing to learn the lesson from the Anita Hill.
Controversy what’s going on with the cabinet stuff right now it seems like that on steroids.
But the underlying principles that were at War than our are just as important now due process versus easy political wins truth and Justice versus what is best for our side.
And it’s a disa dangerous road to go.
Have we learned much since then I don’t know I don’t know what those are unresolved issues I was just a teeny tiny thing when the Justice Clarence Thomas hearings were going on it seems to me.

[32:32] That the judge Cavanaugh stuff is getting way too heated at least from the news that are read I think that it’s getting it’s going to,
hot it’s Verizon it’s raising and Rising tempers it’s pushing people on edge,
on both sides and I think that’s very unhealthy it’s very dangerous I mean I look back to President Lincoln I look back to the Civil War that’s what this kind of reminds me of accept the issue then was something a very very serious issue.
Was slavery slavery was a huge issue and it was impossible to ignore.
Is Judge camera this is nearly the same as important as slavery no no he’s not I understand the
feelings about abortion both ways of course I find a abortion to be an important thing and almost all cases but you know that’s not what this podcast and I’m trying to do I’m trying to bridge,
the gap between conservatives and Progressive liberals I want us to be able to be friends again.
We don’t need to go back there you know I look at the house divided speech this is President Lincoln he’s talking at the Republican convention 1858.
This is Mata this is amazing here I’ll just read from some of it.

[33:52] Mr. president Jomo the convention if we could first know where we are and whether we are tending we could then better judge what to do and how to do it.
We are now far into the fifth year since policy was initiated with the about object and confident promise of putting an end to slavery agitation.
Remember that work at station under the operation that policy that agitations not only not ceased.
What is constantly augmented in my opinion it will not cease until a crisis shop and reached and passed.

[34:24] Here’s his famous quote A house divided against itself cannot stand I believe this government.

[34:30] Cannot endure permanently half slave and half free I do not expect the union to be dissolved that you expect the house to fall but you expect it will cease to be defiant it will become all one thing.
Or all the other,
yeah they pulled into slavery well rested for this private and place it where the public mine shall rest in the belief that is in the course of ultimate Extinction or it’s at the kids will push it for a touch-up become a like lawful.
In all the states old as well as new North as well as South.
Now think about that augmented agitation that Lincoln was talking about their how does it feel to you now about the cab not hearing how does it feel to you now about the issue about abortion we are in the midst of a cold culture Civil War.
You know what this it really does it really does feel like a civil war that we are we are fighting between yourselves issues and principles that are important to us now,
I just telling you guys that we need to not go the route that they did after the election leak in the south felt that Lincoln was going to,
use his powers to end slavery and so they left.

[35:39] Okay left some people in the right we need to not feel that we’re going to be persecuted pushing to destruction we need to talk to each other we need a reason these things out.

[35:51] Trying to make things done by Fiat or force in any manner is dangerous because we will eventually push and prod too far in One Direction or the other I know the idea of a civil war seems crazy,
and I think it’s unlikely to happen but it’s on the table it feels like it’s on the table right now and we need to get away from that guys.
So please return to reason tell your family and friends to return to reason.
And the principles of the Constitution and we can talk this thing out we need not fight each other.
I talked about last week how political violence is escalating in the country just little bits here and there couldn’t remember that Wyoming political office that was burnt down.
Need to be careful guys let’s see A house divided against itself cannot shall not stand let’s not go there again.
Never again and now for something completely different.

[36:46] Music.

[37:23] Damn course was the 1960 Spiderman theme song for The 1960 Spiderman cartoon I really enjoyed I seen that cartoon a couple times.
It’s funny how I really Spider-Man they try to mirror Superman in so many ways I mean they’re both undercover reporters they both act kind of like nerds,
pretty interesting I’ll Mary Jane is definitely just a substitute Lois Lane in the cartoon I bring all this up because the most awesome articles came out to you and you cool game,
Spider-Man video game came out for the PS4 PS4 only sadly so I haven’t played it yet but,
my brother is watch loads of videos I watched videos the game is amazing it’s just like the Spider-Man video games of activity on the GameCube I it’s Spider-Man 2,
I actually was my brother John’s and we are play that vacuum was just a hoot was so much fun.
Loved it could not get enough of it well this is kind of like that game but do you know how to video game Generations later.
In this game Guess What Spider-Man he does he does the ultimate sin he really does he commits ultimate sin.

[38:35] So bad it’s evil Spider-Man goes Dark Side Spider-Man helps the police.
No don’t say it can’t be so yes it’s true Spider-Man helps the police as The Concourse tells us they turn Spider-Man into dang cop and it sucks and you have dang it’s,
the other one sorry I’ll read some parts from it you can find a link to the article on that line at two of them one from Concourse one from Kotaku.
I Rico Taco pretty regularly that’s how I found out about the stuff initially it’s dumb to expect video games of real life for me at least,
do not feel some itchiness about the game forcing me into Cahoots with even a fictionalized version the NYPD,
an organization that routinely oppresses some of the most vulnerable residents of the city I live in.
It is scam you kind of need help will help them repair Towers he talks about I’m going to just jump for it it’s kind of interesting cuz there might be decomposed Cutting Edge Equipment software from Chetek.

[39:47] Roman shade tech company owned by Bill and you’re with maniacal Tennessee so I can marry collect data on Sisson is a dystopian yet sensible video game plot it’s also something that happened literally in the real New York City.
This is my favorite part Spider-Man deserves better than to be allied with such forces a big part of the characters appeal is that he is just as much under the thumb of the city as the people he tries to help,
he’s from a shattered family,
he works multiple jobs, he can’t pay his bills he stressed out all the time he’s not a hero swoops down from on high in order to save the comments from themselves.
D red R Us everything there’s inspiring about the character everything he’s just a guy who wants to make life better for the people who are dealing with the same struggles he is.

[40:37] Is it this way all I know is that kind of sucks to playing a game a game in which Spider-Man in the process of beating up some drug dealers taunts them yelling if you guys just got real job so you won’t have to work so hard at being criminals.
Oh my gosh that’s painful.
The actual that’s hilarious I take that back that’s awesome spider that ever the cops
I’m not to be totally fair the Kotaku article is really well thought-out I disagree with some of the things they went through,
but I mean they do go through a long list of why Spider-Man in the comics probably wouldn’t,
go this way I disagree I think Spider-Man would help the cops he probably would do it you know even if you think the cops are wrong so I will probably just try to help the cops cuz it seems like the right thing to do.

[41:30] The only get a little political here at the end but no I don’t have the two articles I have months from Concourse once will Kotaku read the code talker one if you want that one’s pretty interesting the game rocks by the way.
Really really good game if you have a PS4 you have to pick up new Spider-Man game all right so I thought it’d be fun to talk to before we go and turn next subject it kind of ties the Spider-Man stuff so that you know triggering.
Yeah I’m really tired sugaring and I am sure that you probably are too,
well I have an excellent reny a Remy video for reason that does a parody of Thriller when I get play the whole thing for issues of fairness so I don’t get in trouble with the law.
But it’s pretty funny and you should shared around so I’m going to play it right here right now.

[42:19] Music.

[44:44] Videos awesome I love that part non Chileans eating Bass.
White people and now you are going to class oh man those videos are so good the Remy TV videos on reasontv look it up this one is Remy trigger Thriller Parody.
Link is in the outline it is a definite watch.

[45:11] Makes me laugh that’s all I really need to do right so please watch share and enjoy it now we will move on to sirius and more important things,
so I’m going to talk about universities all of you people who are called stints or been to college know how important University can be we also know that universities are in Port.
Because they do our research they do a lot of scientific work there they are the only institutions that do but they are a big part of that.
So some of you may have heard this was the end of August about the story from Brown University that Brown University pulled.
A study away and hid it because it was too controversial.
You can guess why well the issue was about rapid onset gender dysphoria or the issues about transsexuals are transgenders.
I think transgenders is the correct one.
It was the author Lisa Littman put it out it was on the practice of behavior and social sciences at Brown School of Public Health.
She said this kind of descriptive studies important cuz it defines a group and raises questions for my research on the main conclusions that more research needs to be done descriptive studies aren’t random,
randomized controlled trials you can’t tell cause and effect you can’t tell prevalence going to take North stage bringing more information but this is a start.

[46:32] The study looked at 250 parents of children who suffered from Rapid onset gender dysphoria.
And 8 they basically they look at these 250 adults the a survey them and they also looked at the writing post so the post that the parents of Watch,
put down or the children watch me would see if there is any change here I’ll just read more from it where they patterns live in Fallon the survey dad,
21% of parents support their children had one or more friends became transgendered identified around the same time 20% report an increase in their child’s social media use around the same time as experiencing gender dysphoria symptoms and 45% reported both.
All the pattern of clusters of teens are French girls with camtran.
Becoming transgender identified the group dynamics of these friends groups in the types of advice viewed on my letter to the hypothesis that friends and online sources could spread certain beliefs,
examples include the belief that non-specified nonspecific symptoms to just feel uncomfortable in their own skin to feel like they don’t fit in which could be part of your world puberty or Sochi with trauma,
should be perceived as gender dysphoria the belief that the only path to happiness is transition and the belief that anyone who disagrees with the team is transphobic and should be cut out of their life.

[47:51] Here’s a thing lemon said again other parents were fighting formation about their child’s friendship Group by Third responded more than half the kids in the Friendship group became transgender identify.
A group of 50% of its members becoming transgender identified represents a rate that’s more than 70 times the prevalence for young adults.

[48:09] I’m top of that they said 60% parents for their teen young adult in one or more diagnosis ease of psychiatric disorder before the onset of gender dysphoria.
40% said the child experience from Accra sexual event prior to that I said to just for you as well including being bullied sexually assaulted by having their parents get divorced.
All of this.
Well first of all this study doesn’t necessarily suggest anything I mean like she said this says that there is something worth looking at but it does show that ideas spread and that friends aren’t influences basically if a kid has a friend that believes in,
the transgender transgender move it becoming trans,
that they’re more likely to think that way they’re more likely except the weird feelings they have is being part of that,
show me that’s all the study said it and yeah actually that should be all that controversial but the idea that I think it’s a stranger did that the transgender isn’t something just set in stone.
That people can change their gender not totally based on just things that just came on their own but there can be environmental influences that way,
a ass just hair so you can’t see it that’s the that’s the whole thing about the state is after this comes out Brown gets a lot of hate mail because of course.

[49:24] The trans community and the.
Political left are really ended offended trans these days they used to be homosexuals but then they got the right to be married in all 50 states so that’s no longer worth while defending now they just defend trans
up the Wazoo and that’s what happened they basically said hey that’s that’s hate speech,
that’s bad think that’s wrong thing as a Orwell would say wrong think you thinking the wrong thing how dare you
so they went and they destroy the studying hit it you can actually get to the study and you have to go to archives to find it,
that’s it’s just surprising to me and I got I’m shocked.
And started that research like this is being hidden I think you know this just says that we need to look more into of how a person becomes transgender gets there is it just biological is there sociological,
are psychological
influences that’s kind of what the state was Raising that there needs to be more study in this area that’s that’s too much not just saying that we need to look into it is too far that’s that’s that’s what shocks me about this whole thing.

[50:33] But it’s not the only thing that you this is increasing thing we’re seeing at universities where studies are being banned,
based on their value is there politically correct or not there I have a wonderful study and it’s called about the greater male variability hypothesis it’s a Quizlet article,
well that does long form essays by experts I love the Aquila let I learn so much from when from reading it.
So the tile you can see on the outline is academic activist send a published paper down the memory hole and it’s a story about this guy who wrote the paper on the greater male variability hypothesis see Darwin have this idea that.

[51:13] What you put man against women that there are more idiots and more geniuses,
with man that there are women with women you’re more likely to get average IQ people,
with males in the speech is not just humans and lots of different species that Darwin felt that you’re more likely to have these variables of the Geniuses and the idiots.
Well that’s all this guy was looking into it was a bat this is a bad thing he did a mathematical Matic the mathematical argument trying to figure out why this is if it’s true.
That’s all he did he did the paper it came out and put out his findings.

[51:52] Guess what it did it make controversy for so many countries while this controversy made some people mad the university who felt that this was again
heresy this was wrong think you should not do this,
so they destroy that they tore it apart I mean there was questions about people at the University having close relationships with political people and that this wasn’t really based on its academic value this is based on if it what is embarrassing.
Body Diversey and hurt if you hurt someone’s feelings,
station scholarly work ignore feelings unless it’s about feelings you questions much as possible and you motion,
we’re looking into studying something that was wrong that was the wrong thing that you couldn’t talk about this thing and so it just got.

[52:47] Totally blue,
the pieces and they were saying that his paper said I wouldn’t have a less chance to see the mathematics at the very top is bias,
he said he added had ended up with Emma Stars Titan people explain that the paper was bad and harmful to try to convince him to withdraw my name to restore peace of the department and to avoid losing whatever political capital I mean still have.

[53:11] Honestly and allergies with scientific racism were made by some I am afraid we are likely to hear more about it in the future.
I mean he tried to finish up but there was no point,
there is no point trying to find himself he had done the wrong it doesn’t matter that he could prove the signs it didn’t matter he can make the argument,
he did wrong and he had to be punished for it you know it’s also kind of interesting ring this is it talking about how the paper wasn’t just destroyed in this line but actually disappear that you couldn’t look it up online anywhere,
this is very interesting you said calling so I spoke to her Paul none of them ever heard of a paper and any field being disappeared after formal publication,
rejected prior to publication of course retracted yes but only after investigation the results of which would then be made public by way of explanation,
but simply disappeared never if a formula
referred and red saree refereed and published paper can later be erased from the scientific record and replaced by completely different article without any discussion with the author or any announcement the journal what will this mean for the future of the electronic journals.

[54:23] Basically this means that while we didn’t like what you said you had the wrong think so
we’re not even going to tell you we’re going to remove it we’re just going to replace it put something else there and no one will be the wiser and this makes this is a big point because in the future when we look back at electronic records.
Who’s the size of history as well if you don’t like some pieces visitor you can now literally deleted if we’re relying electronic records and that’s what this all brings to mind it is a worrisome concern little bit more,
Hi Brow bit more academic but I think most people are thinking with so many problems of the world right now.

[54:59] But this is important import little thing if you’re an education,
if you’re in a scholar of something you got to keep this in mind guys in the yellow-eyed silly
1% like to listen to Glenn Beck like to say that you any important news just make important paper copy of it and you should go to original sources and you should try that 5 solid evidence so that in the future Generations can go back and actually left the proof of what happened,
I mean you say I don’t buy into this but after reading all of this story about how the paper got,
set down the memory hole does make you wonder doesn’t it,
I probably should mention that this doesn’t apply just to our kit archivists and historians and Scholars this applies to all of us because we need to remember that if I invite him it’s going to work we need to be able to use reason.
Evidence well if you destroy the evidence where you going to go or some evidence isn’t allowed because it hurt someone’s feelings,
what are you going to do that that isn’t reason we’re going back to the the Dark Ages about to value of what you know if it offends the church shut your mouth Galileo out your of your saying wrong things it hurts our feelings he got to stop.

[56:08] So that’s another important lesson you should take from this.
You know what’s scary is this idea that math is racist this is an idea that’s gaining ground it’s the hsh jump-start STW idea that is just getting way too much distraction,
there was an article that came out last year from Professor said that algebra and geometry
perpetuate White Privilege the problem was she said was things like the practice Akron theorem and Pi give the impression that math was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans
just worried that the valuation of math skills can perpetuate discrimination against minorities special if they do worse than their white counter.
This is the say that math is racist is insane we were lie on math math underlies the internet
map underlies are great buildings and all are great eventions the modern world is impossible without the intense series of mathematical algorithms.

[57:05] It’s probably something that we use everyday that we take for granted
but this is a Crip this is a crazy again it’s goes back to why just about Galileo is these ideas they aren’t politically correct to hurt people’s feelings,
maybe they’re just not kind and they’re not nice these ideas are not nice they hurt people’s feelings are there hard on blank blank such as blank
but that’s crazy we’re moving away from reason or moving towards just feelings and I mean how is that any better,
how is that any different from what the Catholic Church did to Galileo.
You know here’s an idea that you probably did not here anywhere but it was a stay that came out.
From nature was in nature and it reported that there is global land change from 1980 to 2016,
basically it says that its stead of tree cover declining tree cover is actually increased so when you grow up at school and if they still teach this they tell you Forester being burned,
everyday the rainforest for the pickup Disappear Completely by beer why you hate for your.
What do you hate the planet.

[58:29] Hertz here in the States but that’s not the truth this is study prove it actually there more trees here and have been in a long time at least since we 92 we have 2.24 million.
Kilometers more of trees.
That’s amazing that’s a huge net gain is completely different than what we I was told crying up and you won’t see that study anywhere because,
if you’re an environmentalist does it help you to say oh by the way there’s more trees now than ever no no it doesn’t it doesn’t have any,
political value in or its it has the wrong value because maybe it’s saying that global warming and we’re going to get in the way of stopping global climate change so we have to stop at right now.
I don’t know you guys can think of some more excuses why this is wrong thing again but I’m talking about this.

[59:23] But I don’t think.
It’s necessarily A Dangerous idea to be hit in at least compared to will this next one this next one does legitimately worried me it’s a study that shows that there is it alarming suicide rate,
for Trans teens the said more than half of all female to male switchers try to take their lives,
so if you’re a female and you transition to a male there’s a 50% chance you’re going to try to take your life,
scary I already knew that the trans Community the trans people how much higher rate of depression and suicide rates actually go up after they have surgery is it’s really really quite scary,
the study showed a lot about your daughter think so that female-to-male was the worst,
but there are still bad ones he said non-binary adults mean to you not identify exclusively as male or female.
Found to have a 41.8% suicide attempt rate male to female had 29.9 in questioning teens at a rate of 27.

[1:00:25] 9 isn’t that scary that that that is worrisome,
teams that aren’t that way still left you high like females right now at 70.6 right and males are at 9.8.
So there is too high I am worried about teen suicide the stress and mental illness turn teenagers lies right now is really high but if you’re trans if you’re questioning that rate is astronomically High.
Scary you won’t see this hardly anywhere this is a scary statistic that does have him pack if you have a child it’s going through this and you’re worried about their mental health and how they build a Coke,
transitioning it at least the studies we know so far it’s not the answer it doesn’t seem to help the pain in the heart they have go away.
But this is again wrong think how can you say this how can you think this this is the wrong thing to say is the wrong thing to think.

[1:01:20] And that’s why I think schools you know the trigger warnings got pushed in the first place because they stop speech see Define and give out Inconvenient Truth,
when would hurt their agenda would hurt the agenda of the leftist are at our University Systems so that’s why I think the trigger warnings got pushed.
Well then it’s funny to find out a study out of Harvard sister actually trigger warnings hurt their actually bad for students trigger warnings are harmful for students.
They said that they can increase folks perceived emotional vulnerability to trauma,
people’s believe the trauma survivors are vulnerable and anxiety to rent material perceived as harmful the published in the Journal of behavior therapy experimental Psychiatry it’s a fascinating,
I think but basically it says trigger words hurt they hurt people they don’t make it worse they cause people to get more stressed out to be hurt more by,
things the encounter they don’t prepare them they actually they actually scare them.

[1:02:21] That isn’t what I’ve been told but I don’t think I was fasting you know I hope the trigger warnings go the way of the dodo,
ain’t we moved to reality again because I think overall it’s hurting students and you know
have we have people that been go through the university system engage with these beliefs ingredient to themselves now they’re entering our society in our businesses and our schools
I mean our online search platforms Google Facebook,
free speech at universities is being crushed more and more people are beginning to admit that are universities when it comes to free speech,
I’ve completely lost it though the mob rule that’s going on we just had a thing with Ted Cruz
look up a video of Ted Cruz as his family’s mobbed out a restaurant well this attitude or sing on is at universities more more and I think people are beginning to wake up people on the right we’re more aware of it but I think even people in the left arm,
they’re beginning to see how awful is and now has people become more and more affiliated with what the so-called intellectual dark web I think we’re going to realize more and more that are push for a diversity are push for control of speech and thought.

[1:03:36] Backfiring hugely and you think this is going to make our nation more competitive,
why you just take it you know you take a bus brilliant people become scientists and you said you’re not allowed to go look for the truth if it’s,
Politically Incorrect well that’s just going to hurt us that’s just going to stifle ideas and invention and modernity it’s just going to hurt us in the end,
I mean it’s hurting us now in a civil rights kind of way in your freedom kind of way and waste and morality and ways that really matter to you and me
besides that’s going to hurt our scientific I progress you know it’s funny I have an article here for about Jimmy Carter how even Jimmy Carter at this point saying we’ve gone to.
Oh man how you die that’s how bad it’s getting people this is how crazy it is getting Jimmy Carter says that we are we need to be kinder to the Republicans that’s just nuts that’s where we’re at folks.

[1:04:32] So let’s end today talk about what can we do to solve this problem I think we’re going to move to speech by Chris,
Chris Pratt is one of my new Heroes I’ve been looking and reading into him he is a real Christian he lives in Praise every day
erase the Bible he really does take the heart the principles of Christianity and lives them so I think Chris Pratt is the first part of the secret of brain reason back,
to our universities and bringing reason back back into our lives,
what you plan on going to just play some of his MTV speech I played this before one of my first episode of the podcast by thinking applies so well it’s so clever he makes his comedy with truth and such a way,
that people who are listening don’t hardly know that they’ve just been slipped a piece of good health within you know they’re killing of a chocolate bar.

[1:05:21] 5th generation where I’m going to speak to you the next.
I accept the responsibility as your Elder so listen up when I called Nine rules from Chris Pratt generation Award winner.
Number one.

[1:05:41] Number to you have a skull.

[1:05:48] Be careful with it number 3.
Don’t be a turd will be a protector and if you’re smart be a humble influence their strength.
Intelligence can be weapons and do not wield them.
That makes you a bully number for when giving a dog medicine.
Put the medicine in the whole piece of hamburger they won’t even know they’re eating medicine number 5 doesn’t matter what it is.

[1:06:22] Reach out to someone in pain.

[1:06:29] Number 6 what is real.
Love you want the best for you believe.

[1:06:43] Number 7 if you have to poop at a party but you’re embarrassed.
Because you’re going to stink up the bathroom just do what I do lock the door sit down get all the pee out first okay.
And then once all the piece done pooped you minimize the amount of time.

[1:07:09] Who first it takes you longer than your peeing on top hits.

[1:07:21] Number 8.

[1:07:23] Learn to pray it’s easy and it’s so good for your soul and finally number nine nobody.

[1:07:33] People that tell you you’re perfect just the way you are you’re not your info.
You always will be but there is a powerful force that designed you that way and if you’re willing to accept that you will have grace and grace is.

[1:07:49] I like the freedom that we enjoy in this country that Grace was paid for with somebody else’s blood,
don’t forget don’t take it for granite God bless you please get home safely no man can you listen to I don’t know.
And I struck my heart you know,
we need to meet the teacher again we need to go back to the blue board and try to teach our kids teach our families and even if it. It’s teach the adults teachers principals for heart live a good life,
you were so worried about her feelings but we’re not worried about teaching them how to have good ones not teaching them how do I have it rich in her life or not teeth worth keeping these blessings back from them.
You know it’s how we mixed the funny and the stupid with the with the spiritual and good.
I’m beautiful and just worthwhile everything in life that is worthwhile.
God bless Chris Pratt for doing that that’s so brave right now I read you some of the stuff is going on he’s a big Hollywood star he’s trying to.
Make living and try to have a career the fact that he’s willing to use his platform and become unpopular is amazing to me that is awesome.

[1:09:11] I will talk to you the next part of the next episode well going to go into what is the secret to bring us back.

[1:09:18] Part of it is I have a thing I want to share with you about this professor.

[1:09:24] He had a solution about how to use his class from the teachers to bring this back this is the happy warrior podcast thank you for listening,
supercon is this week if you live here in Sioux Falls or in the Sioux Falls South Dakota tri-state area please come to supercon this weekend my friend Robert melling who is producer this podcast is going to have some live,
showings of how he makes his podcast I’m not invited to do that.
Thank you so much for listening if you want to come it’s going to share with me when I talk to me it’s Pete at happy. I’m going to start accepting commercial slots I’m hoping to put for 30 second slots for 10 bucks a piece
if you’re interested in that please let me know I’m trying to grow this thing I apologize that I’m so slow to get out you know I have health struggles that get in the way of what I want to do,
where I want to take this podcast so I apologize for sometimes what seems like the low production the low-level work,
I really do want to use as podcast as a platform for good to bring us closer together.
We all love Chris Pratt movies we love Guardians of the Galaxy we’re all human beings we should learn to love each other and not like stupid politics get in the way we need to return back to each other as a nation,
you know Abraham Lincoln was right A House Divided cannot stand so let’s stop dividing ourselves and let’s come back together.

[1:10:50] Thank you for your time God bless you God bless this wonderful country that we live in in the freedoms that we have God bless those that shed their blood so that we can have it God bless the US Military.
God bless people like you like Chris Pratt who want to do better and be better and make this nation a better place goodnight.

Happy Warrior Ep 013 Free Speech on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and in Silicon Valley

WAR13 The Happy Warrior Podcast

The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

Segment 1 Freedom: Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Silicon Valley part1.

HERBERT Marcuse and Repressive Toleration


“Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.”


“By virtue of the way it has organized its technological base, contemporary industrial society tends to be totalitarian. For “totalitarian” is not only a terroristic political coordination of society, but also a non-terroristic economic-technical coordination which operates through the manipulation of needs by vested interests.”


“His argument is that the system’s much lauded economic, political, and social freedoms, formerly a source of social progress, lose their progressive function and become subtle instruments of domination which serve to keep individuals in bondage to the system that they strengthen and perpetuate. For example, economic freedom to sell one’s labor power in order to compete on the labor market submits the individual to the slavery of an irrational economic system; political freedom to vote for generally indistinguishable representatives of the same system is but a delusive ratification of a nondemocratic political system; intellectual freedom of expression is ineffectual when the media either co-opt and defuse, or distort and suppress, oppositional ideas, and when the image-makers shape public opinion so that it is hostile or immune to oppositional thought and action. Marcuse”


The web of domination has become the web of Reason itself, and this society is fatally entangled in it.


Under the rule of a repressive whole, liberty can be made into a powerful instrument of domination.



Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right, and toleration of movements from the Left.



I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

― S.G. Tallentyre, The Friends of Voltaire


Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers,


Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference.


Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.


Common sense is not so common.


Doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one.


It is clear that the individual who persecutes a man, his brother, because he is not of the same opinion, is a monster.


Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.

Bill Maher clip on Alex Jones Banning by Silicon Media



Facebook eliminated 93% of traffic to conservative websites since 2016 election

Zuckerberg says it will fix election interference

Prager U Ban by Facebook and Google

Facebook News people admit to bias against conservative websites, subjects, and people

The article I also got blocked on!

Facebook Trust Scores

Facebook blames bot who thinks the posts look like Spam, Strong Evidence

Right Wing News editor talks about what killed his website

Think Progress Fact Checked

Facebook going to fact check even more!

FACEBOOK Sandberg report Alternative Facts, helps block free expression in certain nations

Americans are moving away from Facebook use


Twitter: CEO admits to conservative staffers don’t feel safe to express their opinions

Twitter CEO admits to shadow banning and leftward bias

POGO Trumpular

Segment 2: Freedom: Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Silicon Valley part2



Breitbart Google Leak Video, Daily Wire article for the highlight reel

The search engine manipulation effect (SEME) and its possible impact on the outcomes of elections

Research Scientist proves Google can affect elections by affecting specific groups as much as 80 percent

96% of Google Search results for “Trump” news are from liberal media. Trump saw this one and tweeted on it!

90% of Google Employees donated to Democrats

Google helped Hillary


Google China and Dragon Fly


Project Maven and Google


China Social Citizen Score

Chinese star disappears

Europe Copyright Rules

Reddit says EU Rule could destroy internet

UK police report Hate

Robots can develop bias and prejudice just like people

Politicians excited to regulate Silicon Valley

Regulations isn’t the answer

REASON asking for reason VIDEO


Segment3: Another Way to Ban


Credit Cards

Master Card bans David Horowitz

The power of Credit Cards over free speech

Robert Spencer, founder of Jihad Watch banned by Master Card, plus Patreon and GoFundMe

David Horowitz and Freedom Center ban



Segment 5: Why this stuff matters!

DC Mcallister has to hide for safety


Wyoming GOP OFFICE Arson


Republican candidate Assaulted with Switchblade


Socialist threatens to attack MAGA event at Trump International Hotel

Las Vegas Professor shoots himself in Arm



REASON DOCUMETARY on FREE Speech on College Campuses, MUST WATCH!

Probiotics are useless

Stuff burned in Brazil Museum

In defense of Vaping

Pain Patients still suffering (could give update)

U.K. Cancer Treatments wayyy behind

Take better care of your kids guys

Loneliness Bad for our health

Boston Gas Explosions

Woman who wrote how to murder her husband……..

Teen Vogue guide to Anarchy, Must Use

Electronic skin that allows prosthetics to feel

Not enough Doctors around

UK secret court orders taking children for stupid reason

Happy Warrior Ep 12 Kavanaugh and Elon Goop

Happy Warrior Ep 12 Kavanaugh and Elon Goop
The Happy Warrior Podcast
Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke
Produced by Robert Mehling
Voice Over by Dave Holly
Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

If you’ve been watching any media lately you might think we’re a nation on the brink. Deep division with real issues do divide us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors and civil in our discourse. Enter Peter Vaughn Pischke, our happy warrior host who wants to speak out for the right but do so in positive way that builds up instead of tearing down. Join him and producer Robert Mehling as they explore today’s political issues, with plenty of random tangents in between.

Segment 1: Kavanaugh OPEN – Ragin Dumpster Fire Auctioneer Number of Interruptions

Daughters Had to be escorted out FAKE White Suprem I like Her
55 seconds to 2:24, 3:13to 5:30 to 7:24

Segment 2: Animal Stories: 50 seconds to 1:20

Segment3: Goop

Segment4re: Odd News


Right Shoes only

Pro Vacation:




Elon Musk?–finance.html IRON FIST Captain Marvel

Still No James Gunn or Guardians 3 movie

Star Wars:

Darth Maul scene is out:
Don’t watch

Solo Book is good:


Billy Dee Williams is Back!

Knives out??

The Doctor:
‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Casts Matt Smith in Key Role (EXCLUSIVE)


Could Add Trailer for series 5 too,

Red Heifer:

BONUS Study:


Spoiler title
[0:24] Hey it’s going to be back here everybody this is the happy warrior podcast yeah it’s me and Robert here once again in your ear and your mind,
messing with your brains as always let’s do our duties as Citizens.
Good morning.

[0:52] I want them everyone to this confirmation hearing on the nomination of 94 we proceed.
Mr. chairman I like to be recognized. It’s like a badger. Cast,
thousand pages of documents that we have not had an opportunity to review or read or analyze
possibly move forward mr. chairman,
their two daughters,
mr. chairman where you at
joining us last night and we believe his hearing shinola’s.
And you’re right we proud of him and if we cannot be recognized I move to adjourn.

[2:07] How does code pink keep getting into these things thrown out five times,
a charade and a mockery of our Norm,
well mr. chairman I hear for move to return his hearing okay that that’s not a leader that’s a an audience member I think.
That’s another audience member.
August 8th birthday sign are you familiar you familiar with like code.
Yeah that back in the bushes in the ones that like throw blood and we hope it came from an animal at a show up at like.

[3:08] Every hearing,
with the intent of like it’s like if you like looking at them they’re mostly like a social club like they live in the DC area and they just basically go to show up and disrupt committee meetings like they could be meeting about like,
the weights and standards of cheeses and these people would show up in Black I just like.
You know it’s like I support the capital please just like Mary Bob how you doing okay okay you got it under the tailgate out in front of the Capitol building probably the probably Facebook friends.

[3:46] Yeah probably I probably could grief,
sorry painful,
I like his face it’s Gemini I ask for roll call vote on my motion to adjourn.
German Luger and I asked for a roll call vote.

[4:36] Ollie’s.
How is that relevant to look at your car.

[4:49] Help it and it’s the clip that’s it,
go down to the I’m sorry sound like I’m talking to my mom how to use the internet.
I’ll get where you need me to go get ready so that was,
that was awesome not lived in the you’ve had your head under a rock.
Yeah I unsave her.
But for those of you who are just joining us and her like what is this all about now just a reminder this is Calvin. Who is a,
Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States and this is.
What’s this Auctioneer thing was this on the Senate day or was this the house yet oh yeah it’s the house yet cuz it’s red,
right woman this is it this is it strictly so I thought this was 5. Before you go forward I thought this was a pretty fun response yes this.
Another protester just dropping a different meeting later on.

[6:03] And hopefully the supply for us.

[6:11] And I’m not speeding ticket place the same time in another building in DC or you’ll be asked to leave.

[6:20] Man feel please take a seat or we’ll have to have you and you’ll need to relieve through the auction here in this other room.

[6:29] I mean totally actually that she’s a conservative activist that’s why someone told me.
The Agricultural Fair is this the state fair over laughing in the front row.

[7:01] My brother can do it is because he used to work do Auctioneer work stuff I can’t do it.
That guy that just makes it so much.
That was awesome did you know there was an option near the house I did not know that,
I would suppose so you know that’s culturally that’s,
when you have a group that pay you’re bound to have a few in there or somebody that used to do it you know has it a little about that experience I was pretty clear background but that,
that was awesome when I saw that I was laughing pretty hard they need they need to have that at all that yours I really think so.
Yeah that’s just how they should conduct roll call votes.

[8:06] I’ve sold tax cuts for everyone I know I was like the State Fair.

[8:14] Yeah I was just waiting for like a chicken or a pig to run across this is Mitch.
Abuse fish it’s not true animal if he was it’s just I’m a flirting with it,
oh my goodness I would have a clue eyes officially it was a supposed to be a 60 Minute meeting so I know 60 minutes and want to take a guess.
8 ball it’s at the headline.
I don’t think that’s the right one.
How many times just take a guess maybe it’s too late maybe.

[9:10] 100 Neptune High South.
75 is 73 times as interruptions in 60 minutes.
60 Minutes yes.
That wasn’t in Sioux Falls city council meeting like it just goes forever all those have those two people the one that’s always complaining about their apartment and it has like that psychic,
yeah I just,
it’s the meetings that keep going and going and going it actually got they’ve got more exciting this last year I think some of the brass tax that business with this year though,
who honestly thinks that that spectacle is going to make a,
you know Red State Democrat flip on this is so.

[10:09] I mean who is this for is this for,
like liberal media consumption so that they can go back to their state and be like see I you know we lost but I fought hard against it or I mean yeah there’s definitely okay so for the centers that were there.
Booker prime example they were there yet to get nice clips for TV and their campaign ads and that’s why they they did when they were talking about that’s not true.
They did get that you did get the Lost there was no research help back except for.
It’s this Pacific National Security Law which is never released for any Supreme Court nominee.
Lemon the bike I have an article here that shows that count I had what was it like had like 500 something files which was at least five times more than most Supreme Court nominees.
Come with I mean that’s it’s not yourself as a protest I know that some big wigs like Linda sarsour,
some of the women’s marches the day organized the protest by their interest in but then what about like just like the guy with a sign.

[11:19] What’s that about I mean I’m just guessing that’s just this is like secondary Splash damage has he’d call it where it’s,
it’s not even someone who’s organized it’s just that the media said enough people whipped up into a frenzy that they go when they do their thing I meant disparaging there,
there’s spirit I just think it’s Misfits misplaced action will that in the hole.

[11:49] I know it’s stuffy and I myself have kind of a like rustic individualist like.
Independent kind of person I don’t like rules and government that much but the idea.
With like Robert’s Rules of Order and you know having order in act like meeting like this is that.
And then everybody that supposed to get their turn gets their turn and people get their say and people can eat everyone can hear what’s going on and things are like.

[12:22] To organize things so it’s not just a bunch of people in a room screaming at each other it’s the way of organizing it and if you.
If you interrupt like that without getting you know call daughter and you know whatever cuz I’m sure they all these people who like a movie a journey movie a journey,
I’m guessing they all got their own 10 minutes or however each however much time each one of them got got.
Regardless to sit there and rail on that same issue so why interrupt that seems like you’re just stealing time from everybody that’s patiently waiting to speak on C-Span,
at no point if I have C-SPAN on a TV I’m laying on the couch and your point should I be woken up,
that’s why it’s supposed to be for me it’s CBS golf Saturday in the spring or the fall,
RJ whatever golf is on sometimes like now the best sleep I’ve ever had my entire life is I’m in a camper.

[13:28] With the windows open at West Bend here in South Dakota on the Missouri River.
It’s lightly raining too much to go fishing so I’m curled up on a couch in a sleeping bag.
And all the TV is CBS golf playing while that light rain is coming across and then it’s just like perfect cool weather and you’re right by the water and you got nowhere to be completely unhooked cuz it’s there’s like no signal out there and.
I start no.

[13:59] Is there to pass out just thinking about it now so you sleep like the Dead videos people do to get them the feels or the top.
IRS scammer what what yeah,
you’re there with me at West Bend don’t mind the rattlesnakes they can’t hurt you now,
there’s the podcaster for a Saab owns rub my back rub my feet first he’s like okay but you have to give me a.

[14:44] Yeah he likes doctor’s exam,
he gets it there he’s at there’s like 20% of people I think this is this is a guesstimate cuz I don’t know but they get these weird nice kind of feel good tingly feelings from.
Low noise soft constant Iowa it’s weird.
It’s a weird thing I don’t get it I wish I get it which one of the McElroy Brothers,
okay my brother brother brother and me or my brother my brother and me and then.
Another one I have together with their dad is Adventure Zone where they play Dungeons Dragons lyrics.
Probably my favorite D&D podcast by far cuz it’s so funny I can’t stand critical role,
that’s not really podcast that’s all I could get into critical role it’s because the matter of actually writing the adventure,
that’s what they’re like our roles and things happen stuff like that but it’s,
I don’t know if feels like this one is much more story and especially, he driven like the point where they were supposed to like stealth into a basically fantasy garage and take out this guard and then.
They spent like the entire night running all the village trying to find a way to hide the body and in the end they just threw it off a cliff.

[16:07] Great job guys I apologize for getting off track.

[16:17] Well it’s hard not to be distracted with all the yelling during this hearing so I know it’s my brain kind of wants to push you away but we must pull through cuz there is a point to all this and I thank you if you’re still listening and you’re drunk,
and anything trouble by Trump Associated Trump paraphernalia whatever.
This is not about Trump and this isn’t even about left vs right because if we work with we went back.
Chino 8 years or whatever to the Bahamas stration this was going on it’s baby maybe wrong then too.
I need this is it this is something that for most of your sister wasn’t like this I wasn’t tell mr. Bork,
that all of a sudden dancers Supreme Court Justice actually gives besides just being popped in your knowing what the cost you should know and walk that wasn’t enough that was you had to have the right of him,
and since then are Supreme Court hearings of God more and more,
play some more of the worst witch is that,
worst case scenario for the Supreme Court is that it becomes a political football that the parties like.

[17:28] Kick back and forth cuz it’s not at all the point of the institution.
Speech from Senator Ben Sasse and he nails at T Nails why it isn’t this this Insight you’ll blow your mind you’ll be like.
He’s completely right.
Minority leader in the sun got grilled for not interrupting enough,
he was like pee when I seen that they were chewing them out because they didn’t you know that you have protest wasn’t strong enough it was enough.
I know I know I see that I have another seeing what I saw that report I listen to the audio of it as I was driving because I was listening to it and I was just like.

[18:24] Is this is this guy for real. His name is something like happy or something like that.
I can’t remember for sure that the name of the CNN reporter butt,
no he was just kinda like instead of asking questions about what happened who was involved bubble butt like a reporter,
he was seriously just like why didn’t you bug him or you know what that’s not the state of the Republic it sounds like this and why didn’t you like jump over your desk and attack him.
Suck it. I have a little sister she’s an adult now but it takes me back.
Yeah part of it another thing was there was this so you can go to the next one can you open the next to.
American Dad and the Twitter one.
So blazed after daughter so while you’re doing that so his family was there the daughters had to be escorted by security because they felt it was unsafe to Mom said get out of here it doesn’t look like.
Alright so here’s it here’s a video and I’ll just tell listeners yeah there’s nobody on this.
So tell me tell me where is Kevin Owens at here and tell me where this guy that wants to shake his hand see if you can find it oh I did I did see this.

[19:54] See if you can kind of see a little bit in the blender top part.
Why on Earth would a capital guard let somebody run up to data is a little like that that’s weird.
Yeah so this is this was one that big this big things or did one giant jerk face cuz he wanted shake the hand of this reading Parkland parents.
If random dude I didn’t recognize change charging at me at alike I sent it hearing with his hand out I’m just going to like you know I remember when.
JFK got shot in RK or I don’t reply don’t remember like being like that but I’ve seen that the video especially is it RFK that gets shot in the light Convention Center in close-quarters like that in a crowd a PDF.
I’d be freaking hit in the parking garage something like that yeah.

[20:48] Yeah it was it was crowded wherever it was I remember that it was the Reagan shooting.
Yeah the Reagan one was stranger that.
I’m not a big fan of the like gotcha politics where you like to get someone like in someone’s face be like,
because she wanted my daughter to die in a shooting like no that’s not really what we’re talking about today is like,
because if you just won’t have your wallet right now you want everyone to have AIDS what no at that makes no sense you know it’s very like put you on the spot and then,
if you don’t immediately relax exact way.
Well and now that’s the whole idea is you’re going to just be like dumbfounded even on the best scenario,
and there’s like it’s not like friends like you because I was like frenzy fish over there I mean it was so busy in that room,
if you’re just on the sidewalk I mean maybe then you shake the hand maybe then you have the conversation with the guy but if it’s like you know it’s just.

[22:05] Psych Omaha Zoo Koi pond Park it’s just you can’t hardly see anything so I mean I looked into this so he actually wasn’t spontaneous the guy drove to the hearing,
and it was not I mean it’s fine okay so here’s the Gaia tweeted today’s previously I hate when Twitter’s uses.
Yeah but he had said that he was going to go to the cab now I’m bringing over to prevent him for being dominated,
I have a slight guy that was my favorite controversy you hear about I love this one is shorter more fuse.
I had not heard of this until you sent me this link and I’m still super confused as to why pick this is he said the picture okay.
Where’s the spaghetti going to a different article hopefully we’ll see you there.
I hate you I hate Twitter videos they almost never load to she did that so it’s kind of like this and then you see the white power sign.

[23:27] If you just like control zoom in I don’t know you’ll get like a really green image.

[23:37] So is like this time we’re in the studio and I am doing a recreation it’s like arms crossed creating like a,
two two right angles.
Yeah like it’s a super like this is what a normal person would might do with their arms while they’re sitting.

[24:03] That don’t don’t know that’s a sentence you almost never hear the top minds of Twitter decided that this was a white supremacist symbol and it should disqualify him actually,
I kind of wish I could even write it correctly.
You’re like a whole team’s like you know if the president or is getting ready to enter the White House movie of the whole team behind him to get him inside and she was one of the members of us,
salica like a Handler or a staff member,
okay part 1 her grandparents are Holocaust victims.

[24:47] One of them was a Survivor she’s half.
This is so dumb visit this belongs in the same trash Heap as the guys that you know,
the Illuminati the speckled trap version of Alex Jones basically like their Universe of like,
well that’s how you know their hand symbols that they mean this and that they’re doing this and they’re like there is no evidence at all and the white supremacist this one of yours,
yeah screw that process works and lots of people do it.
And it’s not white stars of Fortune forum,
this is on this week in the Twitter app,
they’ll tell you it’s a white supremacist symbol just to see the water at for the lulz,
turn into one of ours or turn to something awful and that was all there and it’s okay so here’s the best one to the next day.

[26:08] She’s awesome.

[26:11] Oh my God so the next day when she seen behind him she actually does the full okay symbol.
Oh I love it soon as heck is officially my spirit animal.

[26:30] I love it and it is if this needed to be more of a circus then you’ve got the,
the handmaidens tale protesters right yeah don’t use the video scroll down here we go.
Sorry I should have done this evening bash stuff better but look it up for yourself.
The great it’s will be the great controversy 2018 don’t go down in history. Really.
This is awesome so cute you know what the hands made tail is you have a Hulu subscription oh yeah you know what the handmaid’s tale is all the cool kids,
familiar with the book and all that yes I think you could just use for it’s it’s,
it’s dystopian fiction written in the lake late.

[27:27] Mid to late 80s Margaret Atwood it’s a dystopian novel about a future.
Version of America where it’s like way it’s not the us anymore it’s like a different name and there’s like a caste system and women are like.
Basically treated as light livestock
do you think it’s one way to Barefoot in the kitchen bathroom it’s an exaggerated version of that
like a big brother style police state but instead of like.

[28:13] Crushing free thought the mission is to keep women down in the second season they have a scene with a woman change her I’m not making this up.

[28:28] Spoilers it I mean it’s awful because,
it’s become the new Trump wants to do this which makes no sense in no way is Trump like a religious man like on the campaign trail that he would say that he had rooms full of Bibles and I enjoyed that, dementia,
just pull up I was on the news Bibles people send me,
I want to see this room is Bible room that’s how that works,
these two are the biggest
it’s bearson so they so people decide to come and possibly to the hearing anything isn’t it be funny if they came is like,
I look at a job that would be kind of awesome to have furry cosplay,
that is there just now I couldn’t find out for sure if any of the people and possibly were allowed in the day surrounded the thing outside then you see the pictures I’m sitting at the doors and then,
dang it sorry my eight I got my blank slipped your stuff is cool,
yes so it’s it’s embarrassing you don’t why are you coming any government thing in funny outfits I haven’t watched it my sister’s into it.

[29:57] It’s not really my cup of tea per say mostly cuz the M right I watch walk not to sound not to be that guy but the book was.
Okay that’s your that should be your next podcast the book versus movie.
Yeah I got even subscribe to a YouTube channel that’s called,
versus the movie in like breaks out all the points between two yeah I said where’s their hit and miss.

[30:33] Okay so last one so is after the second day this day to the sequel was just as bad. But not super worse not better it’s just pointless Daily Caller,
color article that were liking to is that all of this is for nothing anyway,
they’re not they’re not going to nominate unless it was like at the time of presidency and they’re like,
we do it not just how they will be is a Supreme Court Justice also now these days how well do to get through them.
I cannot is not a big o r i t like he’s not there were people on the slot that that were,
definitely people argue Auntie Roe versus Wade the cameras. One of them actually pretty close the guy he’s very much a precedence guy I’ll go with what it what the Prestons is,
I am I so I don’t for that reason it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me cuz it’s like guys he’s not.
All the extreme he’s like that he wouldn’t be surprised at all if Obama had nominated him maybe at the beginning of a compromise yes exactly then definitely a Clinton.

[31:48] No it’s just still even CNN there’s a one-time Daily Caller doesn’t have actually have a video of the CNN guy even had to admit that they just don’t have the numbers to stop,
yeah it’s so all this is a farce it’s a show it’s a farce there’s no point to any of this none.

[32:07] Yeah that’s where I’m at with it that’s why I haven’t talked about it much because I’m just come like.
Unless unless something comes out that’s like whoa we change some opinions here or you know it’s one of those or something that I’m like.

[32:21] Whatever okay so Ben Sasse so I would have been where you’re at and I would have put in the podcast but here’s the reason why it’s important Ben Sasse makes the cake Ben Sasse senator from Nebraska.
Awesome more outspoken I say no centers.
Here in your eye I have it okay so all my outline I have instructions for where to pop cuz it’s it’s going to be quite long as we actually watch the whole thing.

[32:48] Okay so do you want to.
Move your window to one side and then have the outline cuz I only has the minutes where you where you want to jump to see if I can do that.

[33:04] It’s always weird trying to get the multi monitor that play us alarm.

[33:20] How long you think so we’re okay and then you on the other paint you can just put the outline.

[33:28] Let me know if you want the show outline to outlet yes sorry I was explaining well because I own the outline it has.

[33:38] You might want to put the blank space to get rid of the thing queso jump 2.
55 second bus now will be in fair use so then we can complain about us stealing c-span’s content.

[33:53] Let’s see 55 seconds 55 seconds.

[34:01] Are wanting dirty water you’ve been declared a quote on quote existential talking about,
alumni of Yale law school incense The Faculty members at your alma mater praise your selection row to public letter to the school saying quote people will die,
different Cavanaugh’s confirmed is patently absurd and I worry that we’re going to hear more of it over the next few days but the good news is,
it is absurd and the American people don’t believe that it was second sweetheart.
I’m not those were trying to get on TV they tell a completely different story about who ride cabin eyes
New Bern High Praise from the many lawyers both right and left to appear before you during your 12 years on the DC circuit and those who had you as a professor at Yale law and Harvard Law.
People in legal circles invariably apply your mind your work your temperament to your collegiality that’s who run cabin ideas,
I’m in school Lisa Blatt the supreme court attorney’s in the left who’s known you for a decade quote sometimes a superstar is just a superstar and that’s the case with this judge the Senate could should confirm him close by.

[35:17] It’s pretty obvious to most people going about their work today that the deranged comments actually don’t have anything to do with you so we should figure out why do we talk like this about Supreme Court nominations are out there.
Don’t jump ahead 2 3 3:13 to 3:30.

[35:34] I worked in this out this morning,
but we have a fundamental misunderstanding it’s just the role of the Supreme Court
talks about the Supreme Court like they’re people wearing red and blue jerseys that’s a really dangerous thing and by the way if they have red and blue jerseys I would walk in my colleagues to introduce the legislation
the ends lifetime tenure for the Judiciary because if they’re just politicians then the people should have power and they shouldn’t have let them a point,
so until you introduce that legislation I don’t believe you really want the Supreme Court to be politicised body though that’s the way we constantly talk about it now.
We can we should do better than this,
is predictable that every confirmation hearing now is going to be overblown politicized circus and it’s because we’ve accepted a new theory about how our three branches of government should work and in particular have the judicial,
what Supreme Court confirmation hearing should be about is an opportunity to go back and do Schoolhouse Rock Civics for our kids we should be talking about how a bill becomes a law and what the job of Article 2 is and what the job about 3 years so let’s try just a little bit,
how did we get here and how can we fix it I want to make juice for brief points.

[36:51] Number one in our system the legislative branch is supposed to be the center of our politics number to its not why not,
because for the last century and increasing by the decade right now more and more legislative Authority is delegated to the executive branch every year both parties do,
the legislature is impotent the legislature is weak and most people here want their jobs more than they really want to do legislative work and so they plant most of the work to the next branch,
third consequence,
isn’t this transfer of power means the people yearn for a place where politics can actually be done and when we don’t do a lot of big actual political debating here we transfer it to the Supreme Court
and that’s why the Supreme Court is increasingly a substitute for litical Battleground.

[37:44] And forth and finally we badly need to restore the proper duties and the balance of power from our constitutional system so point one.

[37:56] Hey go to 7:20. Just like keep going since 7:24 okay let’s go at 7:24 and see what happens there,
I might have just sent I just invited at 7:20 for the back of it,
and if we are the easiest people to fire it means the only way the people can maintain power in our system is it almost all the politicized decision happened here not an Article 2 or article 3 so that brings us,
how do we get to a place of the legislature decided to give away its power we’ve been doing it for a long time over the course of the last century but especially since the 1930s and then ramping up since the 1960s a lot of the responsibility in this body,
has been kicked to a bunch of alphabet soup bureaucracies all right,
I’m really enjoying this I would recommend listen at we have linked to this and you should check it out cuz this guy’s making a lot of sense and saying things that I’ve been telling people in my office all week about this whole,
Springport that gram just like none of this makes you know I feel like I feel like Charlton Heston running around in Soylent Green is just like,
what’s not a legislative body spoilers spoilers.

[39:14] 4 movie from 1860 has a future rajo Kelly Allison green.

[39:27] The one guy that’s like eating is just like Soylent Green is micanopy.
Now there’s a thing in here and I mean basically he’s saying is that our legislature won’t do a damn thing,
both parties are to blame for this we don’t do our debating there we don’t do our debate in his think you’re about as a public as a public we don’t talk to each other,
we we will pass each other and we don’t actually do with it,
so then we work we put the flashlight legislature doesn’t want to deal with this is just kind of blew it off too so where is that end up now it’s the Supreme Court the Supreme Court is become this new,
I am some call it super legislature it’s like.
Legislature part 2 which it was supposed to be,
but it’s political in the sense that it’s it’s a problem of both parties it’s probably the country it’s not a political thing is Democrats versus Republicans look at the three separate,
powers and checks and balances then it is a republican-democrat thing cuz they both.

[40:42] They both profit from the system being this broken cuz I mean the next time around I can I can see it now whether it’s you know the next election or at 4 after Trump’s done it years however it plays out.
There will be a democrat in the white house and they will be sitting there like the Democrats will just be like we need to give the executive more power and,
Toby all cool with it the Republicans will be like and bet when Obama was in office like he’s as our he’s a dictator Trump gets in there he is Hitler he’s a dictator.

[41:19] Well well legislature you made.
Well and it’s like you could be use the language but either way the politicians never fall through new that do you think most of those tea party guys be elected,
did they did they do what they said they were going to know a lot of them just got like drowned out a lot of the original like tea party guys are like are already gone
stay in the sun where they could kind of halfway hold the Senate hostage and they’re already now like neutralizes a power all over again,
yeah and you know what’s interesting we we have our country we all know that we don’t.
Know how to talk to each other somehow we forgot this ago and this is a consequence of,
and I know what I was kind of thinking that it is a problem for a country maybe we’re just called Civil War but I didn’t think of it actually have a real big impact.
Somewhere like it was actually does have a problem right now that’s why I thought was appropriate for the happy warrior.

[42:18] Nice Meowth learn to talk to each other guys yes we do not healthy.

[42:23] Limit the executive dang it anyway yeah all right that is the Sirius is going to get today.

[42:32] Animal story Cell last week I enjoyed the heck out of animal stories probably too much I know and I like animals I’m not really into torturing.
Okay so oh no I read this in your notes this Don’t make me say jump on it.

[42:52] Location of fuse it’s not great I haven’t watched it yet it’s not the Lion King but it was,
summer blockbuster twenty-something 2010 the trailer was published in 2010,
the movie was released in 2011,
oh man it has one of these trailers
that was the trailer thought he was about to find out sorry that was a trailer about the movie Rio what’s the,
what’s the problem in Rio you seen it read yard Rio expert so.

[43:46] Birds endangered gets kidnapped as a young chickling ends up in a pet store in Minnesota and gets adopted.
Buy a guy and then they find out that.
Please the last male of his species and they found the last female of his species in their supposed to put them together in Rio de Janeiro and the whole thing is like a big super convoluted like Gulliver’s Travels kind of like.
Adventure story cast of characters,
is blue birds or endangered you have to save them trying to save the species as we have our tour guide.
There there was a sequel to I never said yes there was a sequel I don’t remember this,
there will not be a third one Robert I have to disappoint your nieces and nephews unless it’s like a horror movie,
did they make the links to the link to link click the link to do the link.

[44:59] Their dad that is their dad they died yeah I saw this.
So yeah the birds the movie was based on in real life they went extinct today they’re gone I don’t know why I find this a little bit of,
death of a spouse I just I just think it’s so funny that they plan this massive multimillion-dollar franchise,
to this bird is about to go extinct and it.
Honestly I didn’t know they had picked a specific species I just thought it was generic parrot I don’t know Birds man,
this started the children’s ambition real has become extinct and there were some others bird sadly the Puli that she is an awesome name.

[45:51] Pernambuco Pygmy Owl and a cryptic tree Hunter.

[45:56] Have a cryptic cryptic tree has manian Tiger.

[46:11] I’ll never get to see you at Ruskin lion or or the Chinese pink dolphins never get to see it Chinese pink dolphin.

[46:20] Egyptian humans win.
Parte no Maria Maria movies so they’ll have to move on to some other mother in law,
Dreamworks Dreamworks has enough might have enough franchises that they’re not in any danger no,
it’s sad and ironic and yeah alright well,
someone someone was worried about endangered species I don’t know if with the spider monkey is endangered species This Is Us for his,
so is reason I’m what I’m reading here monkey nut lovely,
drunk man jailed after being beaten up by 10 inch squirrel monkeys when he climbed into theirs.
Isn’t that great now there’s not they have a different video of the man that tries to hit a monkey and the monkey comes over and.
Oh man actually what we get. This will never mind. You have a video I take it back. Not this one.
I take it back they did that one my computer doesn’t always play nice with so many slow.

[47:40] Please dramatic video of moment Disturbed monkey attacks drunk man at Zoo.

[47:52] This is not English as you can tell.
Don’t look at them dude I want to visit this Zoo.

[48:13] You know a lot of people don’t realize that monkeys are way way stronger than us I can literally rip your face off yeah but by your genitalia.

[48:25] So anyway for the lizards at home where so yeah.
The boy that did not turn out well for the monkey Grabber the monkey scrapped back he also says that was it was that his leg is it says he has a broken leg to.
No that was his hand that was hanging lamp with all the blood so.
Monkeys don’t mess with them for years,
rip your face off a story about likes like the Monkees oh I can’t do it.
No one thinks they’re their Nature’s little clowns but nature Nature’s little serial killer clowns.

[49:24] So do I have any more we got to have more animals more animal things okay so yeah.

[49:34] Yeah I don’t know there’s a video UPI this website so far has the best buy ammo stores,
that’s why I’ve been getting my good animal stories lately,
capture video of an unusual Hazard a sea lion hopping down the middle of the row idea I put this one in for you Robert cuz I thought you might enjoy.

[50:01] And it’s kind of hypnotic it is flop flop flop Outlets.
That’s all there is to it but that was that was pretty awesome I got real and really I was barely new store.
She gave me work today I didn’t spend the whole day watching the same this is for the new story.
I just see a seal Bob.

[50:42] Okay so you read I’m dumbfounded Key West so the intelligence of human beings are Stouts me.
Man I can’t read it.

[50:54] A man tried to sell a duct taped live iguanas hung from his bicycle,
cop say so,
yeah I need a diagram to this point out to you that I looked at the Florida Keys keynoter is where they got the storage on no picture there.
Yes and it looks like he looks like the man who you would expect,
probably what.

[51:41] Man you probably put his one of the guanas the basket that he had it like put us over there.
Okay so I guess now we’re moving on to.

[52:00] Say okay so this is what got me into this I heard this person sawbones and so I was like what the heck is goop like the sawbones lady.
She doesn’t get very side often from what’s going on the news she got really excited over do so is that okay fine I’ll look it up.
It is nuts so Gwyneth Paltrow quit acting you remember that there was Iron Man 3 which wasn’t very good and basically after that she disappeared from Avengers movies.
Goop goop is why she gave up acting group is a they call themselves a lifestyle company,
really so if you thought home was it Homeopathy was weird.
So yeah so she was super couple things so one was a jade egg that they would it would help with menstrual cycle so you can guess where you put it.

[53:10] Water 45000 hundred $45,000 settlement you know.
I kind of wish I had this in the story cuz I will never be able to watch her on the she was in this most recent Avengers movie why you leaving.
I’ll never be able to look at her the same way I know it’s kind of ruined it didn’t so let’s I so I thought.
Peter and Robert looking at the group website what’s. Ok fine there’s a.

[53:53] There’s a I don’t even know if the kitties are in the car.
Oh my god dad put on his podcast again.
Don’t worry about your anything too crazy so yeah like I said just kind of makes Hopi opathy look.
Yeah the shape there’s the x 66 Buck they come in a very nice pouch by the way.
Moondust what you think you should be best for New Heights.

[54:26] I I don’t know earlier I saw brain dust Brandon like is it made from real friend it’s like it’s it’s it’s like voodoo voodoo dust go for dust.

[54:37] But anyway most of these and they don’t have the really weird ones who they have just want to know if you’re looking for a brand of snake oil it looks like she’s got the best snake oil.
Lovely so yeah that’s why she’s no longer doing movies people.

[54:57] Okay so why now you got to let me in on this on the show outline why is there a story here about Bazaar smuggling attempts that went wrong.

[55:09] So I was like you know what else you know what else proves that humanity is is.
Dudes wow of cops they find people after smuggling and you hear were they,
the hell,
this one is a woman she’s stuck this isn’t great for audio that’s my only problem so these are like photos like people trying it to the country legally stuff in or a smuggling animals.
Panda and regular looking eggs which I don’t know how drugs.
Oh and lymphedema wrap I never even thought about that but yeah that could work cuz they buy this got lymphedema will recognize those wraps right away.
So tiger cub in a box full of shredded newspaper.

[56:07] And then this picture is what it would look like if Homer Simpson was smuggling it appears orange juice
will they if you get them in the car out of cardboard,
it’s for towards I wonder if they opened up a skylit I think they opened up like a there’s a sunroof,
Event open that’s the only other way I can think of that could get that many answers are tons of oranges seriously like.
They come to a like border or Stateline or something and there’s like I please declare all fruit thing in Mar just like home or what are you nervous about so I can do,
I could help myself the whole trunk of the car is filled with fruit and they take off in fruit goes flying everywhere this is like that but in real life,
okay what is a couple more than will be done with it obviously post this link so that you can check all this out this is kind of fun,
oranges and I don’t even know what I’m looking at cocaine inside of a book.

[57:17] Which one would I expect you know okay so oh so these.
Supposed to look like industrial recycling Solutions,
Play the Bird this is why we can’t have nice things I’ve seen the ones where they smuggle birds like this and I always find it terrifying.
Maybe one of those people that can’t turn on Netflix.

[57:48] Another shot of the same Birds in real life,
but this happened this is somebody tried that this is spinal tap,
look like crotch padding trick,
apparently traveling through some traveling through a border that goes into some place that speak Spanish that’s what the logo on here Spanish in Spanish Border Police.
When he tried to enter Spain buff wheel wrap instant all right all right,
try to get trying to get a little wild side assault did you know about the voluntary human extinction movement,
but they’re not they’re not like humans are like wow we’re really dumb.
Patito feo familiar with the voluntary human extinction people and I have no patience for them.
How are you familiar with that one you just know I’ve read a lot of their stuff and seen shows about it and seen interviews and oh yeah.
The wall even just like on NPR you’ll get one of them wants while talking about their new book and saw like it be better if like humans is weren’t here man I’m just like.

[59:18] Okay you first that’s my person because usually when you really dig into someone that’s this all pro human extinction bulshit thing.
Turn on talking about themselves about their kids if they got kids they’re talking about starting with the poor black,
I mean really ask question I care going to you I found her Planned Parenthood that was her that was her argument is the rapper on the same,
same idea of school it’s because once your civilization approaches.
A certain level of comfort and industrialization and modernism,
your birth rates drop off naturally anyway Japan is now seeing lower birth rates no finally catching up with your phone that which is actually not good but we won’t.
No time to get into that but know these people they make no goddamn sense to me.

[1:00:24] Whatsoever well and it is it’s interesting because.
It’s only industrialized countries that have this it’s not your it’s not your developing countries which are usually the ones that you know we can blame for this stage of those cubic Oz.
Because it’s like and it’s like once you have such a quality of life and such a wealth standard that they can worry about environmentalism.
Know what I’m saying.
This group wants wants humans to pledge to stop having babies good luck with that my argument is if you really want to help you want to fight the extinction of species like this poor blue macaws from Rio.
That we we help them economic let me help build you know if they if they have a strong economy then maybe.
They won’t tell be burning so much land to build another low plataforma whatever.

[1:01:19] Yeah and the people that do this this population bullshit argument they also don’t understand that ssids growing complexity.

[1:01:28] I mean if you eliminate a chunk of population you know.
Especially if you’re if it’s becoming a higher standard of living more industrialized modern ice it with an education system.
That you know let’s say this is like a too-small a number to matter but let’s take give a thousand people and then these guys are like no let’s let’s all pledge to not have babies and so it reduces the population by 1,000 to really take a fact it would take Millions but just,
bear with me here.
Now you lose that a thousand but maybe like one and a thousand that’s born is like an Uber genius one and a thousand will be like a great neurologist,
excetera excetera you have this like Giant pool of people and especially with better nutrition and better education your chances of producing like.
All the creativity and thought and the potential of those people is lost and.

[1:02:24] That’s how we keep cheating cuz they’ve been saying this bullshit since they like 18.
Foretees they’ve been talking as it was at when Malthus or whatever it was around talking about.
The Grim economy of how the you know the poor will always be starving and there’s just no way around that’s their natural order that’s just the way of it,
no that’s bullshit you know what we made a whole bunch of people more than he said we could and we engineered that shit we enjoyed our way out of it and we just keep doing it so I’m like,
I don’t know I just tease people it’s like.

[1:03:02] They’re full scientific info into inteligencia they’re basically telling ideas from the 1840s and acting like they’re this like.
They’re great Visionaries for toting it and what their.
Basically you know advocating is genocide besides or at least Eugenics so I have no patience for that,
you know you have a better understand this I understand like this treaty Jacks movement some but you know I don’t know why I wasn’t connecting them in my brain that you are correct that is that’s the same I that’s the same underlying principle.

[1:03:36] Yeah it’s I like the same crap different day and nothing new Under the Sun man that is great wisdom.
Now you can see me right you’re right we shouldn’t but we can solve them and learns and grows and nobody will build the salt more more these bro,
I have no problem to solve seriously because it’s population globally,
already the growth is petering off and as we raise our standards of living which we’ve raised,
like I know it doesn’t feel like it cuz it didn’t happen here in the US but in the rest of the world we raced like 60% of the world’s population from 2000 to 2:20,
12 around in there we raced like 60% of the world’s population of the light most bottom here of poverty and move them up towards like a middle-class existence.

[1:04:33] That is the largest like upward movement of,
of Economic Development and opportunity in the history of mankind by far like dwarfing anything you know it’s great news that just nobody talks about is that we totally like change the world for the better.

[1:04:49] And meanwhile these people but these these idiots in order to feel special are going to clean two ideas from the 1840s,
so they can feel Superior to you that’s a great point you bring up like the big the biggest news the biggest,
Vance’s achievements as Humanity has made we don’t talk to hardly at all you’re right we made the between the so like in the 1960s and it was true or resetting of the starving kids in Africa,
and where we look at poverty is being the standard for that wasn’t route exacerbated,
by sanctions and economic conditions if the drought hadn’t happened or if governments Mitch management hadn’t happened,
that family would not have happened that wasn’t even a naturally occurring famine interesting,
we have more people there are do you know that you have their wants and needs met and then we have people that don’t we have even more people have Plumbing then don’t,
anywhere like it’s amazing some of the things that we’ve accomplished,
and you’re completely right you know I I didn’t know I get you so worked up over there sorry.

[1:06:06] Cuz you’re so dumb oh my gosh it’s it’s painful you are right in do you think never like.
Never volunteered to go first do that the universal response you first.

[1:06:21] Painful it is painful I know I did so how big do you think this is like how legitimate do you think this is not very not very.

[1:06:34] For one thing I’m pretty sure they have to be atheists and atheist themselves are like.
1% of the you know Arden and I’m not talking about just people who are just like not religious and don’t go to like an institution I’m talking about like full-on like.
Richard Dawkins like level atheist.
They’re like less than 1% of the population and then you have to go to like less than 1% population of atheists to get to.
Human involuntary Extinction today extreme the extreme extreme street like literally there’s probably,
you could fill a bus with everyone that actually truly believes this and knows what they’re talking about you know just like,
but if any kind of like intellectual debate would just whether you know.
All right well what should I think I had more silly news we can probably skip the next to the news cuz of time,
but that these are all save this for another time then cuz I had I had world the new world Guinness time not saying the right word Guinness World Records the new Guinness World Records,
which Guinness Book of World Records yes and then outside of cool story about this guy this teenager put up made a generic.
So I saw that we just posted and that makes me want to do it.

[1:08:02] It looks like me now like it looks like a generic like fast food it’s got like a person in a piece of food so yeah it looks like corporate art so I’m sure everyone you know,
it’s like do you really pay McDonald’s employees enough to wondering and go that wasn’t hanging there before yes,
that is beautiful. And they look good enough,
in the picture and the pictures are high.
Why not McDonald’s should needs to hire for their Ad Agency.
That is awesome so you should definitely go under show notes and check that that story.

[1:08:52] I don’t know what to say about it.
Seems like no one else would like so we decided this was a good idea at the walnuts he just goes to town,
so basically folks were looking at a video of an Indian man who cracks 217 walnuts with his head,
he just has a long I mean table,
like it’s a County Fair pie eating contest he’s just going down the line and smashed his head into the tables on break open walnuts.
How fast is going how old is that not oh my gosh that has to hurt.

[1:09:44] Baby games and India’s indignation not as a mistake.
Dot’s not feathers I guess it be Indiana and if it was for me yet.

[1:09:57] I think I hit my head against the wall.

[1:10:04] When you think they do with the walnuts when they’re done.

[1:10:09] I’d be super disappointed if you can’t get to take them home in a little baggie.
Look up the brain damage needs to stay in that’s him actually saying his name it was,
it’s been this way for the time he finishes that row he doesn’t remember why he started,
actress well that aerospace engineer.

[1:10:47] Wow that seems like Futurama the thing that.
Yes yes the bike bike fry trying to eat a pineapple if it’s hanging from a string with his arms tied behind his back.
Yeah so this is pretty recent to Gino The Joe Rogan podcast always like neck-and-neck for number one,
and not yeah Joe Rogan is definitely up there as one of the like all time great podcasters and,
he gets some really big interviews like what school is that they keep like hitting on like what we’re talking about like we just had an episode of a copper and War we talked about Tom DeLonge the front guy for Blink-182.
Has that to the Stars Academy or whatever that extra little that video of UFOs Declassified and stuff like that and.

[1:11:40] Yes we did a whole episode of a copter more about it be sure to check out that sister podcast anyway.
A lot of the details in that interview came from an episode of Joe Rogan where he went on there until Joe Rogan all about his research and aliens and stuff like that.
Now most recently,
are our buddy here Elon Alon you didn’t use my mini sub so I’m going to Q’s you of being a pedophile for rescuing child rapist.
What’s on Joe Rogan lighting up which I assume a recording must be California so yes it was.
Well those of you that know your.
Magic pipes are no your no your weed so I don’t know I don’t do the drugs so I have no idea,
I don’t do it either do I like the scene in The Fellowship of the Ring or Gandalf smokes pipe I enjoy that pipe weed which I hate to break it to hippies but.
Pipe weed is not weed weed.
When I take an ancient times when I drop pipe be there not hugging marijuana there to the back yet it’s really weak boring weed besides but yeah.
And we drank whiskey alness projects the heck Joe Rogan’s like this is a 500 year old sandwich.

[1:13:08] After I smoke of course right now I don’t remember,
wait what happened to his stocks tank bad after this interview to something happens,
and the stock market tanks,
immediately the next day it just pops back up for like shortly thereafter it is seems like little flashing the flashes micro flashes like that never.
Because they’re not based on the fundamental looks like most of the Masters they looked at the PNE statement they looked at like the balances and stuff like that and they based you know very boring fundamental principles so it’s like you get your day Traders.

[1:13:57] Mostly the Baseline is going to be like.

[1:14:00] It doesn’t matter cuz it doesn’t actually change the intrinsic value of a company by the way you used to be a day trader right,
are you you were in stock something I traded stock back in the day I wouldn’t say it was a day trader daily traded stocks and make money at it but I never did it like for a full on living I didn’t have enough money to play with 2,
Ted turn into a full-time job the whale yep I needed it I need more 10 bag or so if you know the the terminology but.

[1:14:31] That’s I know most nothing about stocks that’s that’s a big weakness of mine yeah.
No one else there’s no schools or anything that like teach you investing they always tell you like if you even if you even have like a personal finance class or some like that in high school.
That talks to you about like how to file your taxes and stuff like that which most schools don’t even have anything like that.
They never touch on things like smart investing like what’s the difference between stocks and bonds and what is a mutual fund what is a 401k and stuff like that.
Financial literacy is something that we call really at least the Baby Boomers,
we’re basically everyone is unprepared for the retired so easy back then because all of them went to the factory.
They got a pension cuz everything had a pension back then cuz everything was Union back then and then.
Work work work I go to the factory I put in my time and then I cash out my pension and we’re all good.

[1:15:44] Oh yeah and then and there were fewer people and you had unions and you didn’t have like.
Companies take the Pension funds and invest those in order to try and make more money by playing the stock market and then like underfunding like,
municipalities this is a whole thing we can get into underfunding their pensions at like hits every city in America where.
They promised their employees were putting in the states that did that really.
Will pay it back someday.
Kick the Can down the road man pinches okay so I’m rooting for Elon Musk by the way I know he’s crazy,
but I’m rooting for him I like it I like the crazy it’s different yeah I like that he’s doing like fun new things I just.

[1:16:43] And I can’t tell I can’t tell how much of like what we’re getting now where it’s a backlash against him cuz like his Peak cool was definitely the putting the car in orbit is that was really damn that I was,
let me be super proud and happy because I’m just like yes some space exploration the Kinect.
But I can’t tell since then if it’s like if he’s really going off the rails and if you really is kind of a jerk and a monster and all this other stuff they talk about him or if that’s just the media has turned on him,
I mean look at what the media can do to somebody and just like,
night and day like difference when they decide that they’re their friend or decide their there.

[1:17:27] I mean you look at you look at John McCain God Rest his soul.
It’s like the media just loved and loved loved loved him because he was a conservative who spoke truth too conservative power.
Yeah I went when that when I came up and the left in the media saw that as their opportunity really like well this is a way to attack the left and the right indirectly.
McCain was just being true to my cane but that was useful to the media.
But then he became like the nominee and became more of a Mainstay become more the mainstream of the Republican party will he’s Hitler,
what’s made out of made out of Orphan skulls and all sorts of crazy crap crap and then.

[1:18:17] And then when he started fighting with Trump,
all the sudden he is back in the spotlight and I will stand by what I said,
John McCain is an American hero and did amazing things and was a good man and deserve to be honored more in and stuff like that.
But the whole like.
It’s so gross and transparent to see the reporter that literally a decade ago was like John McCain is the greatest threat to American democracy during their,
John McCain was the last great hope of the month and I realize it’s the game don’t hate the player hate the game but still I do hate the game yeah.

[1:18:58] So anyway do you watch the Marvel Netflix shows,
oh yes my brother is way into them I’m still need to finish off the season of Luke Cage.

[1:19:21] The second season of Jessica Jones and I have not seen the second season of Luke Cage I just haven’t had sex in Jessica Jones not good,
yeah it was me I was told that David 10 on it so basically I watch entire season of David Tennant’s we had like a 30 sided cash but I assume Nation okay which she never had after that
I assumed that’s what it was because I didn’t make a bigger deal out of fact that you would be there,
they just had that sound clip of him being low,
Dee Dee Davis,
trailers for this is the second season of Iron Fist,
did I look it up on your own and you can look at the the Lakes but they don’t translate welder radio here but.

[1:20:24] We’re just taking a quick peek at some of the first images from do you like Captain Mark do you know any of the Captain Marvel staff,
hardly anything about Captain I okay so her comments okay so some of that,
go back she don’t know she’s kind of like a Superman that shoots lasers from her fist in the Marvel Universe she’s like.

[1:20:52] Probably about as close as they get to like having a Superman yeah she feels that real nice that I like her because when she’s had a prickly she’s like Captain America she’s Pro us,
she works the military of course you can see how certain comic book authors would take that a different way.
That is a very young Samuel Jackson still look at so this is kind of cool the CGI the people that do CGI for.

[1:21:20] Did Marvel movies,
did they earn their keep the movie came out in like 2010 kind of looked a little bit off and it’s come so far to be able the DEA Define of Samuel Jackson you the picture of it yeah wow.
That’s pretty slick they keep they keep getting better and better to the point that eventually they’re not going to need like the specific actor to get the look they want and I mean,
yeah so yeah basically Captain Marvel her backstory in the comics is that there was another guy called Captain Marvel
he was an alien he gave her a blood transfusion and I am I mistaken or is that wrong.
Ronin is a creepy yes yeah and the decree are the sworn enemy of the swirls the career basically humans but they’re blue okay,
Candace Crowe like so many alien races versus the scroll who are shape-changing Green people that can look like goblins.

[1:22:24] They’re the ones we saw at the beach shot here I don’t think they’re going to do the blood transfusion to look at it right here,
scroll scroll scroll.
Yeah so I think they’re going to skip blood transfusion there’s some things like she doesn’t know her origin so I think they’re going to go she’s half,
half of 3/2 unit think that’s what they’re going to do,
I don’t know blood transfusion. That’s not very hip or believable.
Of like people flying around with with both with robots aliens and magical powers that’s where I draw the wheelers in this but it’s like Spider-Man shows up in.

[1:23:20] What’s going on mr. Stark aliens from stealing an ambulance from a wizard.
I’m excited for this movie but I don’t know how it will be I hope it still takes place in the 90s.
I don’t know if we can hardly talk about the next Avengers movie yeah.
We do know that was her logo on that Bieber at the end of infinity War Samuel Jackson I always care this would be apparently,
aliens attack.
What about when you had like the killer robot aliens.
Avengers movies that would have merited maybe you could call us now seriously.
Also know James got his Bat James Scott is still not off but I hope this hope or this is bad there isn’t they stop filming they stop production on Guardians 3.
Galaxy S3 is indefinitely postponed it might be dead from what I’ve heard and then what sucks though is that I’m so little going off it’s going to affect.

[1:24:45] Are they were saying anyway that he was involved with the next Avengers movie The Condemned.
It was him and then the guy that wrote Thor Ragnarok they were the ones that they’re basically wrote I don’t have anymore great.
Yeah well and I told you James Gunn he was a tweet it was long ago he since apologized Disney knew all about this when they hired him for the first.

[1:25:15] It’s ridiculous the whole staff the whole cast came out in support of.

[1:25:27] Big muscle guy even though you are so ugly.

[1:25:44] How long have you been sitting here like I’ve learned to move invisible.
That’s not true do during the Galaxy 2 is crazy good it was good one was good but two is even better might and I was looking for the third Okay so,
Star Wars so there’s no longer be a solo series I caught that yeah I didn’t quite know they were applying for social if you seen the movie you’re like oh yeah this is setting up for a trilogy,
that’s sad but they do have a book that came out I hear the book is really good.
So we’re at the hour and a half mark all rights so here’s I apologize for running.

[1:26:28] So what’s with big finish we could mention big finish but we don’t have time let’s do this,
I didn’t know you were talking about the company big finish I thought that you were literally talking about how big finished with my hat and I,
Vegas dancing girls couldn’t go,
the last year was kind of cool so it doesn’t get better the end times maybe coming Okay so.

[1:27:04] This is a bit a bit but okay so enjoy tradition they believe,
that the Temple Mount is going to be rebuilt and I’ll be at Temple there one day currently there’s Dome of the Rock so that would be an issue but one of the things they need for it would be a red heifer to sacrifice his talks about the Old Testament one of the things they would do is sacrifice and unblemished.
Red heifer.
And the for the longest time they are trying to get these things to have them in the 90s.
They got one going and now they haven’t heard of them.
Oh goody so then X is coming but here’s how we’re ending it.

[1:27:53] Edition CNN World ago yeah there’s a lot of talk about this what the heck yeah this is back this is so.
Oh wow you went and got the archive 1997 yes I did when Melody CNN Interactive.
You have to use the Wayback machine.
Look at this thing I love this this is the best way to ensure just to click on this link and see the old like 1800s version of the CNN,
web page holy cow locations scroll down a little bit sorry he could get the paragraph on right now.
Okay see you then waited take something kind of nice and make it make it.
Because OD are theirs I love this okay so because of that the number of influential the talking about the cow me Mark because of that number of influential Israeli politician,
a journalist and what does politician suggested the potential harm that Melody represents is perhaps even more serious that the risk of terrorist bombs remember this is a cow,
they propose to have her be destroyed are you kidding me however destruction might not be necessary because any Planet reflecting on the cow might be enough to run your mouth,
so intense is the debate over Melody this is also talk of trying to attempt to create a which they have now.

[1:29:19] Wow this is the best the local Rabbi shamaria Shore had to quash that you that Melody might be the Messiah pointing out the Messiah.
No not be at account.

[1:29:36] You can’t make this stuff up oh man good night everybody thank you for staying with us I know it ran long but I appreciate you taking the time thank you for joining us everyone as always you can find a set.
The Sioux Empire, that’s got happy warrior in all of our fantastic podcast in the podcast family let’s see also like to thank live 605 for carrying happy warrior you guys are awesome stuff.
I believe it’s every Sunday afternoon you can catch an episode of of happy warrior on there and yeah thank you for listening and we’ll see you next time.

Happy Warrior 011 The All Happy No Warrior Episode

Happy Warrior 011 The All Happy No Warrior Episode

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

Segment1: The Bees!!

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Segment: Whooping Cough,


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Segment4: Alex Jones is awful but makes me laugh! Watch first 3 or 4 minutes of video You Will love this one!!!!



Machine Transcript
[0:23] Well hey everybody good morning good day.
Afternoon my morning start late to be back here this is the happy warrior podcast now in color,
it’s in color depending on if you were a tetrachromat ticket or not.

[0:42] Here in the studio with Robert Milling hello good to have Robert hear back again,
back in the house yeah it’s different I enjoy it both ways I enjoy it I’m on audio joint doing in the studio and videos just a different style different take,
we thought we keep it pretty light pretty easy today so today very little hard news if any hard news,
all fight all happy no Warrior.

[1:13] So we want to jump into the the first story of got from here is this BS story.
I think of that I found all week was a story,
I think don don entire priority so some of you have heard about the Monsanto Roundup stuff of right this kind of buzz around,
this is the best this is the best story I think of this I think of do you know the Harold and Kumar movies.
So wait is Monsanto like Harold & Kumar or.
Did at the bees Harold and Kumar.
Yeah Mark Mark Wahlberg told me that they’re they’re dying and then all those people kill themselves and and Night Shyamalan like made money I very scared.
I know everyone was on everyone from from Doctor Who to Nicolas Cage the bees they have a problem.

[2:31] They are dying and they might need a 12-step program.
The stuff is true so according to this is from the telegraph this is that bees are becoming addicted to pesticides in the same way humans grow depend on cigarettes.

[2:47] Wild-like the pesticide it feels I don’t know what to see it feels like nicotine or is that that’s kind of what it feels like,
so I don’t know I’ve never smoked but more of the nicotine like chemicals they consume wow.
I had no idea I had no idea either that’s now to get the sandwich out of my head to be sitting around smoking.
There’s not enough nectar for the Queen’s like taking smoke breaks.
Oh I’m sorry drunk worker bees are female because without taking smoke breaks every 15 minutes.
Because some some good royal jelly right here controversial.

[3:38] Neonicotinoid wow that is a new word and I’m not I know I Slaughter the pronunciation two words but I think that’s actually the correct pronunciation.
The pesticides are chemically similar to nicotine,
addictive compound in tobacco what came up with that was it just like Zoe one there’s smoke break was like.
What can I use nicotine like brilliant.
Well I mean Nathan said the story talks about that I would love to know how to figure this out first to look for this but they say that when they put they put sugar on the table next to some other shirt,
when sugar has pesticide on it the other doesn’t they found that the bees preferred that pesticide one,
oh yeah the one in fact overtime they greatly preferred the pesticide sugar over the other one.

[4:42] I don’t even know where to go with that I’m kind of just like damn.
Bees man bees.
Now if you know what Nicholas Cage said about the bees Robert yes. The bees,
I have a sister who I was sitting at the breakfast table with it was like my parents and my sister who’s like,
my oldest sister was like in her forties and.

[5:21] I burst out laughing cuz someone sent me that that Meme of Nicolas Cage going to be stuffed on it from the Wicker Man remake.
Hello my gosh I laughed cuz it just hit me just right it was one of those jokes were just like just at the right time and place or whatever so I just laughed and laughed and I was like practically crying laughing and I put the tables just come like looking at me and finally,
Joyce like what’s so funny and so I bring it over to them the three of them show that to them.

[5:52] Why do they wear those awful people for a reason that.
Not funny at all just totally like fall flat on your face like not fun a Dead Ringer something like,
stop the contacts.
Some meme gets to like a mom or grandparent my grandma Po Boy,
you’re digging a hole at that point there’s no point there’s no point you just have to suffer through it yes.

[6:38] Oh man leaving internet can’t seem to handle it,
now that’s actually this those bees they fell under that hat pretty pretty well so CGI,
Alpena County all over Oliver Nicolas Cage’s chin they that’s what they don’t tell you watch the,
the Wicker Man DVD the special edition director commentary,
for this same I don’t have the money for CGI bees so I just rub some honey on his neck I believe it I believe it,
we insisted that we use a stunt man but Mr cage would have none of it.

[7:26] All the dad that his dad is an underrated movie I love that movie.
Lights on in a hotel one time like you know your stuff would like 20 channels of one of them probably Showtime or something in the middle of the night two in the morning I wake up to cuz we didn’t leave let’s leave the TV on while I sleep I wake up to in this wicker man.
Nice quite the thing to wake up to,
hello this is like after Shyamalan was being and people hadn’t found out that Shyamalan is a very good job.
It’s like this was even probably like an effort to cash in on channel and popularity another underrated classic.

[8:19] So I’m like like a like a small child watering into a Minefield while it’s terrible metaphor.
Yeah I got all these links from you and I,
this phone is crazy okay so did you speak up yes this is there three pigs,
there is such a thing as a NYPD because.
Number to the implications for for this universe just in the like fact that there is a b cop is kind of.
Well I want that title just on my LinkedIn profile I don’t want to actually do that for a living but just to be like yeah I Was A Beat cop being back in the day.

[9:10] Beat cop yes someplace New York if I was New Yorker I’d recognize it but I’m not in New York,
as it was in Times Square I thought I’d heard that they say 35 or more than 40,000 bees swarm.
And now they have footage of it thanks to Reuters I was going to say Reuters but.
I like this picture because it looks like.
Longest video you breed a Twitter.

[9:57] Surrender your soul is better what was your soul with with your soul worth that be video kinda.
But regrets vacuuming this piece I thought they had to.
Just like vacuuming bugs will kill them or bust be a special vacuum maybe I don’t know.
It murder thing that came out of those flights so I don’t know I mean
but I’m I’m sure Pete as one of the valves those out there for flies out of corporate office and I won’t matter that day.
Oh man oh man that store at The Gang of the summer of the fish protesters yeah their signs says.
What was it fish have rights to ya.

[11:03] Oh my gosh so that they have a like full audio advice is a full-on interview interview with a peacock
I guess if I met someone with that job title I might have to interview them immediately on the spot to he’s a,
he does kind of look like a like a Blue Bloods character,
I love that shit up I don’t really my mom loves it so every every now and then all our moms love it.
It’s it’s pretty set on Southern newest season of Blue Bloods they killed off the mom character and even kill her off onscreen they said she thought she’d be made her first helicopter nurse and then they say she died in a crash,
David do it on screen that’s that’s lame that’s yeah that’s how it must not be great.
Something my mom my mom is a huge Tom Selleck fan so anything Tom Selleck.
Everything comes out alright sell this is apparently only live in the same universe as the Wicker man.
But we all single in the future I can’t get behind.
All right.

[12:23] You can just play story I read the head but I’m playing the video I read the headline I was dumbfounded.
How to Tater though the NTS wouldn’t comment on any potential cause today go skyboss and didn’t respond to a written request for comment will Evan Hansen on Catherine Merchant Boston 25.

[12:51] Someone that was some prank there cuz that was pretty good okay so the pilot the twenty-year-old crash landed the plane told her that well there was a flux capacitor,
that’s the possible cause of the correct that is awesome it one more time.
Pasta Tater though the NTSB wouldn’t comment on a tripod today the next time I crash something,
yeah wow.

[13:33] Got what’s your reporter just pranked cuz I’m pretty sure you report it just said faulty flux capacitor.

[13:42] That’s painful that’s funny Jah man I I.
That’s a good one well played well played you could you got me on that one yeah that one that went and got me and I don’t remember what the.
Shower wall of lynx.

[14:03] Wilton.
Picture my head how much you miss travel possible Shield eyes from light.
They’re both looking at but says she’ll Dice from like oh I know and it’s not that bright so it doesn’t make any sense,
maybe when it’s time for when it’s actually working and it’s the big flashlight when they time travel maybe I don’t I don’t know I’m guessing that’s not that much thought went into that that prom.
Disturbed the abdomen that actor that played Doc oh my gosh.
I’m so bad with names you still you still kicking I think I saw him the other day he is alive and.
They played down how tall really is.
Are you either that or well I don’t Michael J Fox as a tiny person but still he was next to some other talk show host.

[15:08] What’s that maybe Colbert sub because they did ask it where those two actors actually like came out of the back for a little Cameo for a few seconds it was about time travel and that’s the last time I seen him he looked rough.
But alive that’s amazing I just wrote that’s the one thing I remember is saying that his face look really sucks I’m going and that he was way taller than I ever imagined he wasn’t real life all right so what time are we at right here.

[15:36] 17 minutes before you move on I did a review on my last episode about disenchantment and I know that you’re also a big fan of groanings.
Creation so what did you think of it you got did you get a chance to watch all 10 of them yes I just finished it I like it.
Good I am willing to it’s not great I am willing to give it a chance and see where it goes from here cuz I feel like especially in those last three episodes,
that it really started to actually hit a stride and start turning into something some of those first few episodes are super especially once you see what those three end up,
seem like super aimless like why didn’t we just jump right to disc the seems like the actual like meat of the plot character development for these characters for fun I decide to read some of the reviews of other people,
alright I’m pretty bad at that I review read reviews and Wiki before I watch something it’s a terrible habit.
Yeah cuz they always almost all of them spoil it anymore.

[16:51] Like man aired in 1992 and we were finding out about in 2004,
complete complete set me spoiling for spoilers,
I liked it I like Futurama I felt like like I could see the connections Futurama Futurama special in the later stuff like to play around with your emotions a little bit I thought that ingest how much do it,
I like,
I think you’re right about the later episodes where disenchanted found its footing and how it worked and it felt good it felt like the early shows were more about trying to like World building,
and a bit of like look what we can get away with cuz we’re not we’re not on cable anymore,
that’s part of it like Matt Groening did an interview that I.
Listen to her and I think I read it actually it went up in Hollywood Reporter or something anyway and he talked about how this team saw this as his big opportunity to get into.
More long-form storytelling and stuff so I have a feeling he has like I like full-on Ark that we’re going into and stuff I’m just going why didn’t we get to the ark a little bit sooner maybe it’s like getting used to the pacing of having,
having all those episodes to work with to tell one giant story but.

[18:21] So I think it’s going to be promising but I think there’s a lot of like pacing and figuring out.
Stop and he’s first few episodes I think that’s why it’s getting blistered pretty bad in the reviews from a lot of people a lot of people are where I’m at where they’re just come like.

[18:41] Expectations were so high because it’s this is the next Futurama this is the The Simpsons you know.
And the pedigree that it had them it has I didn’t realize how many people from Futurama are.
Made it back like like I was just like, I wonder if you know ex calling is.
Is involved and he is as a producer and you know Joe DiMaggio.
Who is Will Billy West could you like a hundred voices how many which characters are Billy West a couple of the guards that too and I was like,
the vizier though that’s got the.
It’s for another Futurama and up but other episodes where they need like an advisor of his ear or a official of some kind he has that this least it’s kind of like thing and so.
Yeah I’m doing a little to Italian mobster come up there but but kind of if you watch the show you see the guy in purple with three eyes.

[20:07] Battle you know he played more like in Hollywood and he’s in that Circle.
Yeah but by far if you ever want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes on how many voices he can do,
he did a podcast season put on a new episodes in a long time but the Billy West podcast,
I will warn you there’s a lot of.
It’s suit it’s just him and it’s can get pretty pretty rough older on rough but.

[20:48] It sounds like he’s got a voice cast to 50 people but it’s just all Billy West sitting in a room talking to himself which is kind of disturbing the more I think about it and just come like.
Is he okay those are actually he’s actually got like 50 different people living in his head,
how did yeah I know that’s an old old Hollywood that’s what they cranked out you know the guys they did Looney Tune was like a cast of three people
oh yeah I can’t think of his name though he passed away in his hire to replace Chuck Jones
is crazy I mean he has a son that I had can do pretty song most of them but they still need to get like Replacements get close to voice and yeah yeah.
Oh well sorry that was a giant tangent I don’t know we’re fine we’re talking about cartoons.
Big Focus my life I like folks in politics and news on what going on the world actually affects the world and the other half is the child part,
where am I spent way too much time with cartoons or whatever whatever else I like to join you know but that’s the thing is I think that’s partially.

[22:09] I don’t know I want to say it’s just a product of our era it’s like we’re all that way but I mean.
Within the internet has like Amplified it but I think it’s only showing us something that’s always been there cuz I mean you think about it.
Like World War II Pilots they put on the sides of their plan they put ladies and they put cartoon characters it was always like Bugs Bunny already or something like that,
graffiti even Ancient Graffiti from like ancient Rome and stuff like that you’d see like,
well this is Hercules punching a guy or something like that you know it’s like they have their common stories and myths and stuff like that and the recurring like tropes,
and they did that you stay we’re just as obsessed with them they just didn’t have this gigantic digital hive mind to help them Express,
like in real time across time and space you know,
Noel I think the amount of people that know the name Gary gygax cuz he was a post about like you look at the people are Dungeons & Dragons I went to an LDS,
young single adult activity through his Mall.

[23:25] And they’re these gals would rather popular girls that were just talking about dungeon dragons,
did you know there was no more with a BMI under unhealthy,
lack of eating by the problem and there was it it was nerds so it was.

[23:56] Social underdogs and outcasts if I can,
as I was talking on my previous shows here but they want the dynamic that it’s basically died,
as a as a result of the rise of the internet like my brother does some football coaching and I decided the time I hung out with him and his his kids and.
The like quarterback and all the like cool who would be the cool kids on the football team are all talking about Instagram and their latest app and downloads and using words like that I hear that coming out of their mouth and talking about social media and I’m just like.

[24:36] Yeah the whole the Nerds one and they want hard Society.
The Google algorithm and all that control everything,
this one was off of all right so let’s move on I’ll be probably ate half her time they’re just talking about nerd ism’s alone.
Which is fine I. 527 all right all right let’s move on,
get vaccinated I think this is one of the few things that people on the left and the right of Brianna anymore is the vaccine thing I don’t know how that happened,
but I was listening to sawbones the medical history podcasts a good show,
and you know that that is that is one of those underrated accidentally gets on the right side very successful podcast right now they’re out with a book even though but they’re talking about vaccines and I mean that was one of the few things that people I feel,
for making you any side can really agree on this get vaccinated I think that came from part of it is that it.

[25:48] Peter originated on the left of the anti-vax movement and so I think you get into.
You know like the left points out on the right people who are like on climate change you were just totally didn’t I like science that gets laid out in front of them,
but this is like the last answer to it’s like they think they have the Monopoly on we were reason and logic and Science and it’s like.

[26:14] Don’t eat you don’t genetically modified food yes is like and,
country extreme less version of Alex Jonas yes exactly,
yeah he is a anti vaxxer and he yeah.

[26:39] Part of it is he sells like nascent iodine and stuff like that will tell you that that will like protect you from supplement I hear that.
Very back then.

[26:55] Keep your frogs from turning gay for shadow foreshadowing,
if I want my grandmother brother had Polio pretty bad,
and then she knew kids that got pulled in that got the iron law of the whole treatment.
Which is awesome but I can’t remember when this was a big problem at Fox documentary about.
The one guy they know of left that’s in an iron lung distractions apparently.

[27:46] Proof those diseases didn’t go away we just because the mass population was vaccinated,
no I got it and if it’s not like there’s a misnomer you can think well I just want to get back in there for the more people that don’t get vaccinated,
the greater it is that we bring back some of these eradicated diseases like whooping cough which were finding.
Is that’s the kind of embarrassing yeah.
The US has so much clean water that we even poop with poop in it you know it’s like we have these amazing inventions and standards that we take for granted and then the oil just a couple.
Tell me about a dream of what we have yeah and we just don’t.
I don’t appreciate how how good we have it in about straight to say that and everybody says that but it’s just it’s really true.

[28:55] Still appreciate all the blessings we have you know now is a society and then as a civilization,
all right getting less serious let’s do some awesome animals.

[29:16] Special about the British press I’m not going to ask I’m just not going to go there I went to like you can’t Telegraph and some of the other British newspapers and there was like animal weird,
weird weird weird alright so here’s the thing this is so you know it’s talking like is so if some people are stupid like me that used to believe that.
Trout were always in this this this man.
Divorce been there and you never have to do anything,
that you’re probably going for when you’re fishing depending on where you fish usually around here if you go on the Missouri River everything you’re you’re eating and catching is is a transplant of some kind but.
Yeah it did this was awesome video I saw this on a few different sites this week of them are doing an error this is something I didn’t know they did Ariel restocking a fish.

[30:18] How does that not kill switch grandma said when I showed her the video I always like like when we throw back a fish or something like that.
Voice but told not to like tossing a surface the water and get it or something like that or be cruel and then these guys are just like,
or fall over the Drop Zone I guess little windy but what the heck,
fish out of an airplane on a boat or maybe a good day how is it being the planes get it wrong and they’re like it’s a heavy fishing.
Tell that B words like a beach.
Yeah but fishing with Mike I’m so bad I like my grandpa likes fish and he’s legitimately good at it I would rather that’s really good.
I never really called The Green Thumb is for gardening so I don’t know what you call it for a fish the fish the fish song,
Anglers ain’t got no it’s like if there was a,
at the government ethics panel you know they check to make sure prisons are in abusing their prisoners when they catch and release stuff or whatever I would feel that outfit fail the fish version is my fish bite.
Come back into the water that’s crazy they’re saying that.

[31:41] That this is actually because it’s fast that’s the key actually shocks the,
fish weigh less because then it’s just a few hours on the airplane as opposed to how they used to do it with like train cars and trucks and that that because they were getting moved around so much and between different containers in everything,
I guess that’s my theory anyway cuz I don’t go into a lot of detail.
That’s crazy alright will you play one of you have two choices you have aerial stocking Utah,
that’s right one they are playing is coming at all.

[32:34] I just carefully watching it now for a fish to like Fallout Sara Lance.
Find a fish part is like.

[32:47] Yeah and it happens fast that’s a that’s kind of cool I kind of want that job a little bit.
Dogs break up a cat fight yes I need this site is this there we go.
Good boys let fight break out okay so I’m seeing a video with a cat.

[33:18] And all of yours are cat all of these are linked in the show notes so what?

[33:27] And the cat put up with it so the golden retriever retrieve this cat by grabbing its its collar there every year,
and just like carried it back to the front door of the property is like,
no no you don’t get to fight with that other kid.
Because they didn’t want to talk to the other family so it’s like a Capulet Montague,
building on the wrong side of the tracks it’s the live-action remake of.
What’s the what’s the movie now I’m spacing West Side Story.
Oliver & Company the old Disney movie I think it’s just called Oliver Big Ass Fan company cuz it’s just Oliver that it doesn’t.

[34:37] This is with the guy that says I want some more.

[34:45] They chose the name Oliver because of Oliver Twist.

[34:53] Cuz it’s easy as an orphan in the story is Loosely based on Oliver Twist but this movie was.

[35:00] All american cheese specifically.
There we go it is Oliver & Company oh my gosh it is Oliver a couple different other day oh yes.
That’s a good That’s a classic one,
that it is your right there is a kid that one isn’t there or is he like business,
this perfectly nice homeless man it was every like New York stereotype Kramden one animated Adventure sunglasses at some point what should I wear.

[35:47] But I want to miss the police I was being chased by pick you don’t want to miss that no I don’t.

[35:57] Cape Coral Police Department such a bum rap,
it’s because they have very effective transparency laws so I’d like to point out that while we may mock Florida.
This crazy crap is happening all over the country they just capture more on this is the only state where they’re legally forced to allow you to show it interesting and yes,
you know Sioux Falls game body cameras Five Little Pigs.

[36:41] That’s it that’s the whole video just ask Ivan Chase for a little pig.
Now I don’t know what’s funnier after you watched it 5 times.

[36:56] He saying he saying the pit that’s not my words the pics are being chased by Little Pigs.
Five Little Pigs the pigs are being chased.
Is he buying into that cuz that’s so you don’t I don’t I don’t understand that that’s almost like a communist in Back to the police or the,
the authority to the pigs are referring to law enforcement as pics cuz it’s cold and I don’t know.
Where that comes from all right so there’s a news report start like this are you missing your monkey.
FYI Spencer.
Oh my God it doesn’t have a video this morning oh okay is skip the church sea turtle on the highway I thought might be innocent.

[37:58] Missing monkey turns up at McDonald’s in Sweden yes so.
Ticket McDonald’s us are just as the high standard as American McDonald’s for their yeah.
It’s funny cuz you’re making me think of is it Taco John’s or Taco Bell has got those ads with a monkey riding a dog that so.

[38:33] Am I joke with my siblings and stuff was just like okay I’ll just like the ad should just be we promised the monkey didn’t touch your feel like touching the food it grossed me out so bad.
My brother and his friend Tyler they have this for this tradition every other Saturday they go to Taco Bell or Taco John’s Taco John’s I think.
Use my food per person and they get really sick it’s like the Mormon version of getting wasted.
The bathroom’s pretty much occupied over the next day or so.
Yeah probably all right so giant lizard so did you hear the story because I found it a lot for animal stories I couldn’t get away from Seven lizard.
I know this is the first time seeing of it.

[39:40] See this one even has a news report in everything that you might I might send you an ad Fox News they like their ass.
But he looked outside,
water monitor breast staring into their home where is this,
and they let them loose,
I said becoming like an invasive species serious serious.

[40:28] Let’s see okay so this told ya so that. I will keep going to expire if we going to move this thing through I’m going to have to get down.
We’re at 42 so we’re good yet okay so let’s so have you heard the story about the snake Okay so I don’t know I’m not now.
There are certain religions predominant predominantly in the southern Southeastern part in United States that out of the Evan Japan movement,
do the snake thing have you eaten out I’m doubt it don’t mean to disparage anyone stay but this one’s always seem a little dangerous to me.
I on a fairly regular basis make reference to someone’s religion is snake Handler and.
This but this is a throwback to very old like second season Simpsons joke,
where a homeowner asks mow it you know like if he you know it’s just like you want to come to church or join my church or whatever and,
Rose like all side, it’s like I was born a snake Handler and I’ll die if they can’t answer and he holds up his hand in his got bite marks.
Got so distant I like the story I shouldn’t it just,
snake Handler so he’s doing this thing that hold up the snake and my brother saw this in Romania so this isn’t just United States they had Evan jellicle different religions in Romania their Promise Hospital Isaac.

[41:55] One of them was the Snake Eyes they gotten up there and so he had seen that one time in Romania so it’s not just the United States purchase a that’s so yeah he got Wings deadly snake during service gets bit.

[42:12] And it’s of course it’s an American abroad doing this just like anything to make our image that much worse overseas it’s like great job guys.
Dancing with the snake oh my gosh that is you want to be that sick if I was at stake I’d buy them to woohoo.

[42:39] Oh and in the ear,
snake is like seriously I bet you can you drop me now when I usually do the thing.
Bleeding hole home that I wonder the rattlesnake I mean cuz it instead of being the Venom that makes him bleed to like it’s got anticoagulant in there don’t believe.

[43:17] Possible I guess.
That’s always good man right in the lobe of the Year oh my gosh.
I feel bad for you that’s what happens when you get by a rattlesnake people.
Yeah sad conclusion snakes or bad snakes,
dad might so yeah they have that that’s the style of give it to James when my brother my brother who served a mission Romania he says this one sign and he doesn’t remember why we were there,
they were at one of these meetings where they do the snake and they do that they eat there they they preach but they preach like,
play The Heavy Metal rock, yeah.

[44:12] Did the old man.
It’s interesting because that’s Christianity it does that is just one facet of the religion religious tradition I guess.
I keep saying this I’m really curious I don’t like history of that like how that got started cuz how do you go from.
Anything to I’m going to handle deadly snakes.
I got episode of taboo or something on on Nat Geo yeah yeah after the lady that like eats only plates or something.
Yes all I do all I do all day is eat China plates.
So we we moving on to some random squirrel fact yes so this I can’t do this right.

[45:03] So for the ultimate animal stories look up stuff to blow your mind.
And lookups just typing stuff to blow your mind squirrels is there newest two episodes now that I can’t I’m just showing you the link what it looks like.
I left stuff to blow your mind it’s one of my favorite podcast,
it’s just about squirrels and the guys when they’re on it the host Robert Lee and Joe McCarthy was like yeah when we start that much to cover no it’s too.
About squirrel this fastening did you know Robert know that squirrels are carnivores.
Did you know that kind of did ya did you know that day okay you can go to the school.
Eat meat and I even squirrels will fight and eat a snake did you know that the squirrels eat snakes.

[46:01] Steak is on MLK I am clearly Miss truck contest.

[46:11] It makes sense cuz I mean a squirrel is kind of like.

[46:17] Yeah this whole fight is very Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

[46:25] So this is a poisonous weed at with that killed this week,
I don’t know that might have killed the squirrel so long wait till it’s dead but basically more so than attack another animal attack other animals especially usually ones are smaller than them,
snakes with the exception of whatever reason squirrels hate snakes like crazy I do know that.

[47:00] The squirrels are can be super super tough and vicious cuz just from squirrel hunting like trying to get them out of like a corn crib or something like that,
they are not to be screwed with,
naked like hurt you you’re relying on your rule background yes.
Got that they can get me in with when you’re like pain with them in it with nothing but a pellet gun in a in a corn crib,
this. This is an end this is not an acceptable you show if you haven’t.
Turn living under Rock Rick and Morty is a science fiction comedy,
gross out, he often TV show on Adult Swim which should be your red flag if it’s not in your wheelhouse swim Gala pretty much all in a stuff.
There’s a great episode there where they where he.

[48:09] Rick erases Maurice memories and so they think just look back at old memories that Rick’s rice and one of them,
well he just accepts Lane so he’s just come like,
find whatever is just like I’ve always wanted all the animals conversations are pretty mundane and what you’d expect like these are just like.

[48:34] Pollen for the queen bee to make honey and then get off just like stuff like that and then,
he comes up on a tree we’re here since like 3 Sinister figures talking and it turned out to be squirrels up in the tree and they’re just like I told you about reading elections in Venezuela new pope,
sorry about the stock market at manipulating the stock market,
agitating the oil price just like every kind of like backroom Illuminati scary conspiracy anything you can imagine all crammed into like three sentences,
Anna I love it when they’re just come like they look at me like what’s up with the little boy he looks like you got your s.

[49:18] Turn lights on.

[49:20] Get Andra Andrea on the phone we may have a Doolittle’s and it’s like more and more squirrel starts warming and,
going to have to leave the dimension forever because you messed with squirrels.
No objectively squirrels may be one of the most successful mammal species they are on every continent except Antarctica.

[49:53] So they’re like humans and we don’t think of them usually do we know where kids are like I’m Excuse world and then you become human.

[50:06] The squirrels don’t mess with squirrels that I know I don’t know why the world is so jaded I mean I like to stand out in the yard and pointed.
Why do we become so jaded.

[50:21] I died every now and then bird feeding sing a swirly food there is a little bit of enjoyment out of it I don’t know just everywhere,
I put these links in a pretty good order I think,
oh man this is Alex Jones.
Let’s do the this this one that I just listen to a podcast this morning that that played this were talking about at night I could not stop laughing at it so I got to hear it again,
it does that’s the whole lot that’s why it’s so funny is that it’s.
They won’t let you okay so there’s the image of all of the okay so you should be a video here here we go right wing watch it’s got it all right.
Call the wrecking ball to destroy any semblance
basic humans. He’s got all these got the body except the voice Feast of otters
undertale pets
sexist that there’s a male actually have a female cat.

[51:50] Kept talking about I don’t know I don’t know if this actually has.
Baby girl it’s worth it Demon Barber.
Alien from another planet
and I show up and they have their way with your children have their way across,
the difference between have their way at 3 2 story
even think of something picked up the chair I love it I love it see I’ve seen this this falls into the column of the like.

[53:02] Kiss this is all an act right cuz I mean like he doesn’t believe half of what he says and he’s just like he’s in a retainer I mean pedal like.
When he was in that custody battle for his kids or whatever oh yeah that’s what rice is attorney which is like two theories that,
that’s almost it sounds so,
freaking credible remember there was a movie Jim Carrey played this famous comedian that was on taxi and then you disappeared I don’t watch.

[53:36] And there was he was making the case that yes Alex Jones,
Sam I wish I could move up the name for you Andy Kaufman somehow became like you took took down that Persona and he took up the Alex Jones persona.
Well I don’t know if it’s Annie Kaufman time I’m going to say any Kaufman sounds right it’s an odd it was one of those.
Old is Bill Hill hey sorry because if you look at Bill Hicks like pictures of him and stuff looks like.

[54:15] I don’t know what ti makes me want to believe it almost.
Is your like Alex Jones you cannot you cannot seriously believe his facial structure is wrong though there’s there’s like bones and his face that are not plastic surgery Rick plastic surgery.
That’s why you can’t drink a Robert saki I get too much into this stuff you can’t change like the shape of the eye hole of the skull you can’t leave behind the skull down to do that and not go blind so.
I want.
I I I like Mulder want to believe but I don’t think it’s that if it is him he hasn’t aged either which is,
would be weird.

[54:59] Some people don’t eat at on a cruise that’s on Route on a cruise so well that’s another song.
I give you credit for that okay so yeah so completely.

[55:24] It was a page to a pornography site Eclipse cuz it’s it’s could be the funniest thing we play if I can find it here so Alex Jones.
Cool and I think Robert your problem is you’re more in the camp it seems that wants to feel sad for Alex Jones.
Like you like this poor man he’s got mental illness why do they keep letting go out every time the headline for Rolling Stone.
Pornstar Alex Joseph.
Oh oh oh this isn’t even the story this is a totally different thing.
Recite me there really is a pornstar named Alex cuz this is like 3 weeks ago but it’s like all of that would be a weird that is weird.
I got that’s a subject I don’t like talking very much about.
Anyhow so yeah and I’m here is the.

[56:29] Video of the top hat this morning podcast I was listening to.
Epic whip darn it.

[56:47] Audio discrete radio me another Robert mailing podcast recommendation top hat.

[56:58] Yeah it’s okay I listen to it because I wasn’t last podcast on the left,
and it’s the same guys and so sometimes it’s good sometimes. Is if they going on topic I don’t care for it’s one that I will lick this week I’m going to skip it but this morning I didn’t have any other anything left in the queue that was like burning.
Meet and I’m so glad I clicked on that episode and heard that clip that’s Jones are you going little too nice.

[57:29] I was maybe maybe crook Crooks and Liars.

[57:35] Everybody has everybody.
Ram’s Horn on your phone that’s all they keep talking about.
And then I saw this article about that is ridiculous I was like looking up some fire today on air,
showing it to everybody because I couldn’t a URL up in the studio,
then like something pops and like all my God I looked at it wasn’t the news blurted out cuz it was nothing there
hey Bart it to them say something was there and you watch it with some porn than you I probably had porn videos pop up 500 times on my phone so I appreciate your calling.
Insane ladies and gentlemen there’s two types of people people that look at porn and people that lie about it,
but I wasn’t looking for her on my phone I don’t take phones on there that I look at porn on I saw that I didn’t respond to it I mean I respond to happy attacks on me,
the Amazon has the Viagra ads the weird not plastic bag as are taking my iPhone over 500 didn’t used to be that bad like Androids.

[58:51] Okay so therefore second cuz it’s the logic I’m doing quotes in the air so.
There’s only two types of people people who lie about not looking at porn on their phone and people look at porn on their phone.

[59:07] But I wasn’t looking so basically saying everyone looks at everybody looks at porn on their phone and then immediately says I don’t look at porn on my phone.
It’s one of those like one of us always lies and one of us always tells the truth makes it just the liar and so it’s like so then he says that.
Then he starts making worksheets about how everyone has porn pop up on their phones,
at yeah just this is a reporter for CNN.

[59:46] Yeah I don’t understand is a bogus excuse searching a higher a new hire,
who wants to bet I just see this goes back to Bill Hicks there I think Alex Jones does this on purpose I think he’s drunk,
because I mean think about the last 2 years how many times Alex Jones got his face.

[1:00:11] I mean he should be someone that nobody knows he should because he is Pierce Morgan know who Alex Jones was until,
he did that thing on Piers Morgan show where y’all went on live on national television and basically said that if you try to take our guns,
I’m your 1776 is going to commence in basically like.

[1:00:37] All but advocating for like violence in the streets and stuff like that on national television and so then everybody noticed him in so than that like.
Get off it’s like pierced his rivalry with Piers Morgan.
Basically like created him as a national figure cuz I don’t think like that you know I don’t think Trump would know who he was if he hadn’t like blown up to the point that he was getting talked about on Fox News and bigger news outlets.
That’s interesting well here’s the other thing so everyone,
what Mima can spend a center for years before that he was a decorated Poway Force pilot,
and the torture he went through and I talked about how like the first time I ever followed him was when he was running against George W bush back in the day oh wow and.
There was a big expose about him and Newsweek.
And I remember I probably was only like 15 or 16 but I remember there was a really weird looking photo of him or he was just sitting there awkward while someone was doing his hair for him.

[1:01:41] And then the caption blow just off hand mentions that,
yeah mr. McCain can’t lift his arms above his head anymore because of the nerve damage he suffered from,
being like tortured both his legs and they never really healed right yeah and then,
we are in a previous show here we had a guest who is friends with a guy who are spoken with a guy from Iowa from the Air National Guard from was a pilot from Iowa.
Who actually was in the wow Hilton with John McCain that’s pretty amazing and yeah and I was just telling me some more stories that about it so it’s like that and sleep.
Let this guy was like not he’s like,
wouldn’t be a big fan of John McCain’s politics but he’s like I still think he’s like an outstanding Great American Hero you know that,
in my family they was when it was during that time we was with Sarah Palin and I have my doubts cuz McCain was not my choice back then that oh wait time I was more than Romney scam.

[1:02:54] It was 10 years ago,
I mean it is true no matter what you think of me came up to the point they got in the appointment by Hilton cuz there’s some arguments make it. Jones makes it here.
And I’m really gross Manor I mean how we handle that he was offering to let go you think about that key they basically said will end the pain you can go back.
And he said no I’m going to stay here cuz he knew we be used for for PR,
that’s amazing I don’t how would you do that he was think about that she was stuck in a 10 by 10 windowless room for years with with a foreign enemy I just think about that,
you know like.

[1:03:44] The whole like my dad’s and Admiral thing that wouldn’t get you like better special treatment if anything I’m guessing the guards were like way worse on him than anybody just because pure like hatred of the poop you know the.
The son of an admiral Bubba boss what was extra juicy to like hit him and stuff and just yeah.
Waris terrible yeah I read on my podcast just a little tiny xrp had wrote from Newsweek five six years ago. Just first person.
And it was heated ready Freeman it was right and years and years ago but they published again yeah it’s it’s incredible,
incredible all right so I know this sounds weird but here I want to listen to Alex Jones High Praise don’t you think that like we can put them on the ball,
is that actually has the video okay and I say you can base. Good first three or so minutes okay hold on.
This is this is a trick this is how you give a tribute the people see this is why I laugh at.

[1:04:48] Your Truth uncensored.
Discovered real doctor he has an ad.
Ladies and gentlemen John McCain is dead he’s the man that should have probably should have ran for vice president Hillary Clinton leader.

[1:05:16] He’s a man who generally voted with Democratic party just part of the Keating five the other four were all Democrat Senators caught helping Swindle 500 billion dollars,
the Savings and Loan crisis,
at that point he became the darling the Democrats because he helped covered it up famous leave admitted that Becky famously said that it would be on his Tombstone what he did.
For the Keating five because the buses were involved as well and President Bush was the president then Herbert Walker Bush was also involved in a junior capacity to McCain and the other Keating five he got off scot-free,
she look up those quotes from Cain said he will be on his.
Trisha said I’m going to take the high road here on John McCain John should know if you are really August 29th 1936 August 25th,
2018 use only three days short of his 83rd birthday ladies ring with a figure with conservatives a nationalist.
Trump had people that were in the Hanover Hill famous Naval aviators.
And our media aviators you name of the we’re going to help with a saying that he was taking care of the VIP area,
because he was basically a traitor and they call him Songbird McCain.

[1:06:37] You know that his father was a famous Admiral head of the Pacific Fleet is grandfather and even more famous Admiral please a big blue blood like Robert Mueller with the bushes are others that come from railroad families you name it.

[1:06:50] That shitt I want to say that I want his soul hopefully rest in peace I don’t wish.
Death on anybody I don’t wish hell anybody except maybe child molesters and,
name of the torture tapes he was turned in there later he is laying out on the ship watching children court-martial but got away with it and he was a pretty good pilot overall the heated fly over combat zones at scud missiles,
at the end of Sam missile shot at.

[1:07:19] I mean obviously some level head and car engine you to check quote a hero,
he acted just like his father and just like his grandfather in the ones before him super Elite families of all the how many times did Alex Jones get shot at by Foreign and put in there because they are corrupt,
show the real eulogy here in ml of the Democrats for the side of a loved in the last decade she threw an election to Obama they hated him,
happy McCain Keating five you are now under cutting their entire argument by saying that Democrats left him Democrats
all right I think that’s what I’ve heard enough
yeah that’s true it’s a lot to tell you I said three missiles,
goodness gracious he called him Songbird McCain traitor,
I don’t know how much worse you could you could get from Sunbird I mean that is like that’s the lowest of the low.
He was just short of calling McCain like a serial killer I got. I’m not sure you could have gone much lower than that.

[1:08:38] Joy this is so now you know why I don’t deserve Alex Jones what it do.
Yeah and then his treatment of the the Sandy Hook victims is just right as right.
Victims the families of victims have had to change their names and move it gets they did have a successful suit I don’t remember if I don’t know where that,
I don’t care even if they even if they got 10 million dollars if you had a child by and then had to like,
Hoover change your name after the child died because people were like calling you in the middle of the night to tell you if they were to come kill you I don’t care.
Whatever whatever he has to pay them it’s not enough alright so.
Okay alright so funny let’s go with let’s do it first you do that I have three YouTube watches for you okay do the first one the second one.

[1:09:42] Now I mean I’m against the censorship about stars born on January.
This is internet Legend So if you don’t know Alex Jones and.
Would you be willing to play it out to suffer a little bit more inanity.
Jacob’s Ladder.
Friendships in the trips they get the trips special lock screen ships in the tricks.

[1:10:23] Ballerinas of gay bomb I gave up on.
Look it up yourself I mean this is what they’re what do you think we’re doing bomb ever took off as much as the frogs,
I’m not saying people that naturally have homosexual feelings I’m not even getting into it quite frankly I mean hit me up already,
do you understand that,
that is that is still one of the best it’s funny that’s 3 years old now it still makes me laugh in the stairs okay so here we go.

[1:11:09] But we’ll take it yeah yeah it’s the music
size of weather animal talk to you,
That’s pretty funny you like that is amazing have you seen that before I don’t think I’ve seen that one I’ve seen like.

[1:12:25] Oh there’s some log that’s kind of like the onion but not really that does funny videos once in awhile there really eclectic,
TV. Version of that but it was not that one that one is way better than the one I saw all right this is our this is our last video that way all animal videos we got through the fish we got through the,
the pig chasing the police officer that was pretty handsome for a special I’m sure it’s kind of disappointing the office.
Still adorable though it was it was a cute pig was like a mean Pig.

[1:13:03] Alright so this is and this one’s really dick to this one.

[1:13:11] I want to see him fishing hot ones.
construction jobs
I wish I could make these kind of videos if you didn’t
all right yeah the weird ending we can chill out there unless you want to watch watch Hillary Clinton pop out of the wall.

[1:14:34] Project scare there you go that was awesome that was wasn’t that great that was great.

[1:14:44] And if you’re into that do you know who called who is p o g o I think I’ve I’ve seen his videos before Pogo is awesome pug is a favorite of mine he does stuff like that but he’s like the top you like the best at it.
If you like Rick and Morty and you like those are there’s a guy named cheer toe.
As in like Crescendo but with shirt this is like c h e r t o yeah I think that’s spelled or really close to that but,
he does that with every episode of Rick and Morty and what’s fun is that when the new seasons are going,
he does it as the episodes come out so literally like 3 days of anything Rick and Morty comes out he puts out a music video with a whole like original song generated from the voice clips and some some of them are like really good songs,
so you have to check that out a lot of fun here today too.
So please remember to keep your frogs from turning gay,
and to Wifey or squirrels and bees release their problems that’s just true.

[1:16:00] Have a great week everybody and we will see you all,
going to send us off yeah thank you so much for watching the happy warrior program if you wish to darken our doors share comment stories anything,
you going to email us at Pete at happy – where you’re done that that’s Pete Pete at happy warrior.
Thank you for listening and you have a great.

Happy Warrior Ep 10 How to Destroy Society

The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

If you’ve been watching any media lately you might think we’re a nation on the brink.  Deep division with real issues do divide us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors and civil in our discourse.  Enter Peter Vaughn Pischke, our happy warrior host who wants to speak out for the right but do so in positive way that builds up instead of tearing down.  Join him and producer Robert Mehling as they explore today’s political issues, with plenty of random tangents in between.

Karl Marx Monologue:

WWI 37M, WWII 66M,

Stalin Russia: 8 to 61 million,

Mao 77 million

Cambodia (killing fields): 2.5 million

Vietnam (unknown how many) Guess is 3.8 million, 1.25 million of these were murdered

North Korea (unknown)

Holocaust: 11 to 15 to 20 Million

Segment 1: How to Destroy Society

Happy: Dogs

Segment 2: South Africa,8599,1680715,00.html?xid=feed-yahoo-full-world
#Zimbabwe Begs White Farmers To Return As Country Plunges Into Famine

Happy: Holes


Segment 3: Socialism

Happy: Cougars, Lazy men, and straws

Straws Ban (must)

Happy: Remy

John McCain


Center for Medical Progress:


‘Potentially thousands’ of child slaves forced to work on illegal London cannabis farms

North Korea


West Virginia

Epa and Monsanto

Social Security:


Errant Post Brings Mayor of Hoboken’s Social Media Practices Under Scrutiny
Machine Transcript
[0:24] The year 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of a man probably responsible for more violence more deaths and more tragedy
and any other man in history since the father of Murder King invented it
it is estimated that due to this man and his philosophy that at least 100 million people died during the 20th century that otherwise should have lived.
Installing Russia alone 861 million died in the Ukraine it is known that at least 10 million died with a further 6.1 million birth defects China with MAO killed 77 million,
into Killing Fields of Cambodia it’s estimated 2.5 million died.

[1:06] And sadly Duty events that United States was partly consequence to in Vietnam it is unknown how many died due to the evils of Communism and fascism it is estimated that 3.8 million people die,
1.25 million of those were murdered and then his total I haven’t even shared with you the estimates for North Korea or smaller countries like Romania.
So you can see that when it is estimated that during the 20th century that 100 million people died due to socialist and Communist governments,
you know that that is a lowball estimate,
even still at that low figure of 100 million deaths that’s still outpaces the combined total of killings due to World War 1 and World War II.
I hope it all of you were taught in public school about the evils of the Nazi regime under Hitler I hope you are taught that under the Holocaust as many as perhaps 20 million.
Jews political dissidents Gypsies and others were killed in concentration camps in elsewhere.

[2:07] I hope we were all talk the words never again wrote into our hearts that we would never allow another tragedy like the Holocaust to come upon the face of this Earth.
Not as long as we had anything to do with it and yet most of the deaths that I shared with you today so far,
happened after World War 2 in G Diva now deaths are taking place in countries across the world many of which tout this man is there philosophical leader,
and founder of their great steak yes ladies and gentlemen I hope that you have been educated well enough to know that the man I’m talking about who was born.
May 5th 1818 yes I am talking about the new father of murder even the very famous Karl Marx,
so as I talk to you today and share these new stores and concerns that I have I want you to keep in mind this man and his vision
and how he is regarded today by our contemporaries here in the very knighted states and elsewhere in the Western World indeed I would go so far as saying that the number one person
that could be blamed for the world’s greatest problems,
is indeed Karl Marx and his philosophy of death welcome to the happy warrior program on your host Peter Pischke.

[3:26] If I were the Prince of Darkness I’d want to know if the whole world in darkness and I’d have a third of its real estate.
Straws shut about however necessary.
Churches first I begin with a campaign of Whispers.

[3:51] I would convince them that man created God.
Don’t forget to pray after me our father.

[4:06] Jacques in Washington and I get organized I have you paid authors in
literature exciting so that anything else would have beer Dawn on interesting I’ve written TV with dirty or movies and vice versa example as the rest with pillows
If I Were the Devil is at war with themselves is at war with themselves
Boston sound and with Promises of higher ratings I have mesmerizing media Fanning the flames.
If I Were the Devil I would encourage.
We’re going to decade I’d have prisons overflowing I have judges promoting pornography
God from the courthouse and then from the houses of Congress and the boys and girls
and George money if I were the devil I’d make the symbol of Easter and egg and the symbol of Christmas.
A bottle if I were the devil I take from those who have and give to those who wanted until I had killed the incentive but they ambitious.

[5:30] I couldn’t get hold to promote gambling as the way to get rich.

[5:36] I would caution against a strange and hard work and patriotism in Morrow Thunder.

[5:44] I would convince the youngest marriage is old-fashioned and Swinging is more fun that what you see on TV is the way to be.

[5:53] About so I can undress you in public and I could lure you into bed with decisions for which there is no cure.
I just keep right on doing what he’s doing.
That was the immaculate and awesome Paul Harvey that is one of my favorite pieces of radio all time probably my favorite radio model log.

[6:17] Paul Harvey wrote that in 1965 and his wisdom there that he shares it seems more true now than it ever has before,
it seems to me like sometimes that the devil seems to be leader country more these days then bright Minds a reason and even the heavenly father who looks at us lovingly and just wants to give us guidance to show us the way
that we can be happy and do good,
I bring the spit up as I think about the legacy of Karl Marx and socialism wonderful our bed while wonderful is not quite the right word but it was written in the Washington Times by El Todd wood,
and I thought just read the points off and you think about how true that is that what’s going on now and you think about Paul Harvey’s message.

[7:02] I would destroy the religious ideals that built the country and held it together a lot of it to thrive and be exceptional in short I would destroy Christianity in the West.
The second point is I would destroy the family the fabric of society isn’t that true.
I would sure put the nuclear family that produce stable children future contributors to the nation’s wealth and power.
He goes on to say that I would provide a gay agenda Target fertility and subsequent Lauren at the birth rate make children not know what gender they were I would confuse them I would destroy centuries-old family units,
deputies Generations America became the most powerful Nation on Earth as a side it does not reproduce his dying Society,
I think those two points go together think about now how families are revered I’ve read articles to you about how it’s looked at.
The traditional dad the debits that takes care of the family brings back that bacon is involved in their kids life.
But that’s not just that’s not just any kind of it’s only one kind of Dad we need not to discourage this other kinds of dads the ones we might call deadbeats the ones that we called not allowed to be involved in the raising and rearing of the child.

[8:05] The family unit is being attacked more and more than ever and ever one of Karl Karl Marx it’s a big thing of socialism
a Marxism is that the family unit is unfit and that children should be taken care of the proverbial Village remember that’s an old Hillary Clint Clinton quote.
Child be taken care of the by The Village.
The families are unfit to do if they give their kids the wrong ideas of society Karl Marx said that we should instead have the community raise the kids.
Kids are inculcate it with the right views.

[8:37] Think about that how today how often are kids being stuck in daycare how often are kids receiving their only teaching and values from the schools that they attend.
When your kid goes off to college ask yourself have you taught them well enough that everything they’re going to learn at school won’t just override that.
Howard’s third point is toxic masculinity and extremist feminism isn’t that true even says what a better way to make Society strong military.
I need that that’s a salt point for is I would destroy the education system out of plant Marxist professors throughout the university system teaching new generations nothing about American history but the lender has full communist propaganda.
And he says the students now no nothing I’m Washington Lincoln Jefferson they only know Malcolm X and Lennon actually I’m not sure they know even that much about Malcolm X and lettuce.
He talks about Divine the races you know President Barack Obama to me should have been the great healer he should have been MLK Jr part 2,
instead he was the great divider he bled he didn’t defend the cops and said he defended black lives matter and said the cops were guilty,
he said his grandmother had raised him his grandma because who had raced him the one that stood by his side when his mom left him.

[9:54] Guess who stayed by him his grandparents here is what our president said about his grandma she said that she was a typical white person who had fears about black
men I personally feel that President Barack Obama has taken race relations in this country back 30 years or more.
And I fear for the future and how we’re going to heal that Great Divide.
How it goes on I would corrupt the federal government I will fill intelligence and security services at Raiders the nation founding.
7 I would take away the populations means to defend itself meaning guns hey I would destroy self-reliance and Ingenuity by making over half the population of paint on the government unable to take care of themselves and that’s true isn’t it.
They’re very few of us these days that don’t suck at the government’s cheat in some way or another.

[10:40] 9 I would use big check completely remove any of your points are ideas that are associated with the old America I would ban them from the internet hack I take over the internet.
Oh man I have some big stories that’s one of the reasons I was so slow to get this episode out cuz I had so many stories regarding this issue and I’ll talk about later in the episode.
I would corrupt the nation’s leadership of money finding those who would sell the country for pieces of silver,
I would promote the disrespect to the nation symbols I would have people kneel during the national anthem burn the flag tear down statues of our nation’s history I make people hate the very fabric of the nation they gave them such wealth and power.
12 this is final point I would find a strong man a country was also a malicious ever served America Bill much less powerful focus focus all the negative energy and recriminations toward the strong man country.
In this manner the target Nation would be ignorant of my true intentions this is a wonderful
editorial essay I don’t know you can call what you want how to destroy a nation by El Todd would you can find it in the outline it was published by the Washington Times it is like the modern version of that Paul Harvey monologue I shared with you.

[11:51] Think about how crazy our nation is these days if you either went back 2 years could you believe the stuff is going on today there are no longer men and women that being a man and have manly Tendencies makes you toxic,
and a threat to others and yourself.
And Trust in the government is an all-time low even agencies that we all Americans used to think that were our heroes are leaders in law enforcement could be trusted look what happened to bombshell report came out.
And it says that the FBI never examined the vast majority of emails on,
Anthony Weiner’s laptop despite comey’s claims said that Hillary was in the clear and that you’ve done nothing wrong when in fact he had stopped the total investigation and prevented most of the email material to go to any of that stew Gators,
is that really speaks for the lack of trust on the right for the FBI and the CIA another intelligence agencies I mean the wife tree has treated cops in a pretty harsh light for long time so both sides of this nation,
don’t think that highly of law enforcement,
now we all want to believe that this is just a state of chaos this is just one time in our nation’s history and eventually things will cool down maybe by the time we go again to the president next term or the guy that or gal that comes after that,
and I would like to say that I pray that is that way I pray that I am wrong and I am not seeing the Horizon correct.

[13:15] But I look at some of the rhetoric coming from anti fog and people on the left and at the support that Auntie fought receives,
instead of being condemned for their violence for their vitriol for their destruction and absolute lawlessness instead of being supported by the media and by Democrat politicians and others on the left.
I have a compilation video from the Washington Free Beacon this might be a little NSFW so if you’re listening to this you have kids around turn the volume down but it’s important that you hear some of the rhetoric coming from Ant Farm These Days,
White House.

[13:55] Music.

[14:05] Whitney trainer yes yes I would murder him for the.

[14:16] Music.

[14:24] Representative for Senator Jon Tester say they do not condone.
Is this Donald Trump calls into the Potomac River.

[14:49] How do you resist the temptation to run up and wring her neck.

[14:59] We happen to hate Trump.

[15:07] Yeah if you couldn’t tell they were people in there at one of these answer for protest that actually said that they saw Trump they would kill him.
That’s right they advocated murdering the president.
In the media does not report it they do not push these things we’re not going to get a report to see if any of these guys get investigated by the Secret Service we don’t get any reports from the me of saying hey guys watch the rhetoric
week you’re not going to Advocate the killing of leaders this is a first world nation where do United States of America we set.

[15:39] Example for the rest of the world for peaceful transfer of Law and Authority we do not murder our sitting leaders.
You know David Hogg is one of these leaders and I don’t want to get into how I perceive this guy is probably being on those kids that would bully other kids in high school.
You know what the what the ones that always seem to get all the attention but in reality are the meanest Steve ever breathe.
Damn it all kind of comes off that way to me but that’s besides the point so David the hog I’ll just read this article and that David Hogg speak for himself he said firstly that the NRA,
is a pathetic efforts that want to keep killing our children he added that they could have the blood of murdered children on their faces but they wouldn’t do anything cuz there’s some all greedy he said,
I was talking about program politician she said it just makes me sick,
no it just makes me think what sick effers are out there that want to continue to sell more guns murder more children honestly just get reelected what kind of SE,
person does that figure they get a blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action because all they see is dollar signs he said he wants to make sure those efforts aren’t getting reelected.
On other parts for the same interview this is the one where hog when did said that Pelosi was old or too old to be in government I had to be put it I have it here what are Democrats just won’t move the F off the play Let’s Take Control Nancy Pelosi is old.

[17:07] Hogwarts run for Congress when he’s 25.
Holy crud that is not me that we did not end up good for the nation at the very least how can you hardly,
Journey speeches up on the podium I mean he just cannot say a sentence without dropping an F-bomb,
so you’re tell me guys if the rhetoric from the Army’s and I have a story about the armies of antifreeze are violent
and crude and willing to commit acts even felonies if they think it justifies their mission of righteousness and their leader basically spouts the same how do you think this is going to turn out.

[17:46] When I chat with you those countries in my opening monologue China Vietnam North Korea the Soviet Union how did that turn out.
Parts of an too far are getting really dangerous people please pay attention wake up maybe tell your friends and family about this I have two groups to official antiphon groups in this country from major cities
they are advocating starting their own violent revolutionary armies,
the first star I have is called red guards Austin it’s a self-proclaimed marxist-leninist maoist violent antifungal,
it is advocating for the formation of a red Army let’s read a little bit what they said,
we encourage the formation of paramilitary organizations on two levels the first being those were mainly unarmed but I prepared and trained to carry out fistfighting are using blunt weapons like axe handles our flag poles as well as Shields and basic Armory.
The second level is the more advanced embryo the Red Army which is trained to Military and operates a soldier’s all the time engaging in production and mass work among the proletariat and the oppressed peoples Nations.
Big O on it it’s time for Austin to stand up to shake up bad leadership trying to pose itself on anti-fascism come together on your battle model of action resistance and not token performance when we organize and leave actions the fascist you not much every step you take,
is met with physical confrontation and they are bombarded from on all sides and here’s the frosting on a nasty leninist.

[19:14] On the basis of our principal united front work fastest and their collaborators can be drowned out run out routed beaten bloody and even annihilated.

[19:25] Are We There Yet their collaborators can be drowned out run out routed BM bloody and even annihilated.
These are principles and we aim to hold them to the very finish the second group I have is from Los Angeles to Los Angeles pay Santa for group called Serve the People,
Los Angeles hits St-Pierre stop at same thing it’s it’s advocating the exact same.
Thing when they had a rally they wore red bandana scare their stop Le Flags banners and a trump pinata effigy.
During their protest against Trump which I don’t speak Spanish but that’s okay because it’s pretty it’s pretty NSFW what they said they also called for according to the report militant escalations is what they said the demonstration.
And for the defense of their undocumented working-class immigrant communities by any means necessary.
They are recommending here or I’ll just read what the new service says.
Organizes a massive split road flares with lyrics peaches the news cameras and onlookers call on the release of Gladys climbing into all text on document working-class immigrants.
Organized you in. As day defensive popularis revolutionaries which is the people’s revolutionary defense units that sounds peaceful and using Revolution violence against the enemy of the people.

[20:46] The Vicious far left is not calming down the vicious far-left antiphon whatever you want to call him.
Are not coming down their leaders their icons their thinkers are not telling them to calm down the me a rash is up
ranches it up every day about how evil and totalitarian president Trump is not to say the president Trump doesn’t do think sometimes that may be a little bit taller Tyrion but it doesn’t matter because the truth is hidden they just require a president Trump,
as far as they can to hail Hitler.

[21:22] And then just leave it there and it don’t allow much criticism they don’t allow much alternate reporting.

[21:28] So do you think things are going to calm down on that side of the country.

[21:34] Now there are Democrats there people on the left that love this country that do not want to do violence they’re educated and know better.
But their voices are not being heard their voices are not being magnified.

[21:46] I’m telling you guys this is a dangerous situation I can only read the news analyze it and share what I think this all means.
So please keep your eyes on the road,
keep paying attention keep in your prayers that cooler heads will prevail when you meet someone that is this way,
try to reason with them even if it seems impossible even if it might even seem dangerous we have got to pull these people off if people on the right
we’re getting like this I would say the exact same thing we do not want violence in this country we do not want violent civil unrest when MLK Jr lead.
The many blacks whites and others in the south.

[22:29] Do they have civil distance what did they do did they attack when they were attacked when they had dogs sit on them and they were beaten when they were hit with water hoses to date do you tell them get them.
Get them it’s Justified the wrong where the right get them no MLK Jr did not say that
he advocated strongly for peace as why MLK Jr is one of my heroes and more than many Heroes a many many Americans,
MLK Jr wasn’t perfect there are things that I disagree with him on but in this by setting Peace by setting a precedent of peaceful dissidents he became one of the new fathers of our nation.
I beg you guys if any of you on the left has managed to hear this or family member to talk to you about I beg you please calm down use reason we do not want violence.

[23:21] We are the United States of America and we are better than this
happy Ishtar self via rhetoric on the left is so crazy there is about nothing that people on the right or the Trump family can do,
if you just have the last name Trump that’s a sin unto itself you should be ashamed of yourself you should change your name and go into hiding
you pronounce the way you want she is the wife of President Donald Trump’s son Eric she’s an animal activist now,
animal activist you think you find more animal activist on the left or the right at least you know what’s the General on media image the general media image of course on the left so you think the left would be for this what she was doing she posted a photo on Instagram
that was designated to motivate her social media followers to clear the shelters and she might clear the shelter’s by adopting cat or dog from a local rescue.

[24:19] Guess how that went.
It went crazy people freaked out online they put pictures of cages how could you do that three people are stuck,
you know this is crazy I like what Trump wrote Solara send a message that this was reviewed in and day out people to come by and Stan from your cage and stare you they would tell you
if you bark they would laugh if you ran around frantically someone cry if you look sad match of people reading the info on your kids just moving on Magic being on display life furniture store Front can you imagine.
That’s great Point by Lara Trump and I love dogs to the thought of dogs being hurt that just that gets to me I don’t not like that doctors guys.
Well the resistance to not take this well,
they said that she was complicit in her father-in-law’s immigration bosses she is not in any way she has no control over father-in-law his own Chief of Staff has little control over her father-in-law bless her his daughter-in-law.
They said that they are that she was complicit in putting children in cages just like the one large front depicted in her Instagram post.

[25:30] Trini even do that.
How we could go into the cages same but I ever once talked about the cages thing I want to go more in the Flippin cages that was set by the balm of ministration in the only got changed on their truck registration,
and I’m the only one that really seem to care about those kids were people during the bombing stration not part of the government,
a lot of right-wing people Glenn Beck what time did something very controversial it was throwing the ball ministration and he brought the couple million dollars worth of Charity and toys and food and stuff to those kids when they really catch really were in cages physical.
Now you know this year they weren’t in cages anymore they were pretty nice setup is like a nice modern day care essentially is it good that they separate families no but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it used to be under the Obama Administration I know it sounds a little bit but what about ism.
Ida Point never gets said and I just want to bring it up.
Now other dog news I have the straight story from and it starts with they’re good dogs Brent of course that’s the old me.
It’s funny these TSA dogs that they did not pass they were see Iron when I did swimming lessons in many years I would not pass I didn’t have,
the strength of stamina I couldn’t dive like they wanted me to I don’t know maybe my dolphin kick wasn’t dolphin e enough.
I bet so I know what it feels like to not make the cut will this poor little puppies his poor little TSA dogs did not make they failed their police K-9 Trading.

[27:00] I love this sentence a failed K9 training Transportation Security Administration terrorist sniffing class and other poppers on Patrol pup on Paw Patrol programs,
he said some of these pups are too nervous summer just to doggone nice and others are more interested in snugs and drugs.

[27:20] Oh man that’s awesome I love this picture it’s at it says CTV News this is from Twitter fired for being too nice,
yeah they actually but yes it does have a dog adoption program so these pops would probably get a home another great story I have is about this pug.

[27:43] He is well I don’t know I like the new store and hear how it goes Breeze.

[28:08] Boyz II for the 50 meter race.
Bugs everywhere one two three four.
The third when is famous.

[28:35] Yeah I share that story with my friend and co-host producer Robert melling and he thought was awesome the dog is stubbed the Usain Bolt a publicist Usain Bolt Usain Bolt of pugs,
she was crowned the fastest ever breed after running a 50 meter race in 6 seconds.
Is there a third straight title she’s her name is Emma she’s a four-year-old.

[28:58] Look at that isn’t that amazing I love that store okay aren’t you a harder and less fun things but.
So what are the reasons it took me I worked on this outline about probably off and on 2 weeks pretty solidly I probably put two money to 3 hours maybe even as high as that,
ionic blue things was I last week I was debating about South Africa sea South Africa.
Is having white land taken from Farmers and maybe or maybe not white genocide
I was having a hard time with my research figuring out the actual statistics and what the actual problems are so I’m going to explain them it to you as best as I understand it and try to give you the full honest picture,
and the full truth of the situation so we should start with the president mollema present mama is the present South Africa right now I’m talking and you tell me if you think this is a reasonable man.
Why not mad, why not solely and all of them because.
In the white men do you want to eat.
My wife abandoned Baby Jane.

[30:21] My, and solely will not be.

[30:32] Mellema said that about a opponent trollop.
I don’t really know the situation there but doesn’t act that monologue his speech there say how reasonable is and hear that crowd that’s why I was going
crazy for his comments they were licking it and loving it they wanted more of it.
Scary I mean I talked about ratcheted up rhetoric,
beavers running High earlier than that that is what’s going on in South Africa right now that is the underlying issue when we talk about self Africa,
is that the culture there is really ramped up now South Africa is a unique Nation they were the last of the western Nations to get rid of slavery which is known as a part-time,
that was less than 30 years ago they have a population being in Africa that’s ten-to-one black to white,
South Africa despite being a western world has incredible just cheer deprivation,
sheer poverty just a huge huge poverty problem I mean you see those pictures of people that are living in cardboard boxes and sheet metal huts that is South Africa.

[31:55] Currently whites possess 72% of the Farms versus 4% in the hands of the black population.
4/5 of population is black 4/5 to be honest I don’t think it should be a priority at all the color of the person that owns the farm I think it’s more important what the farm does and the character of the person that owns it.
But if you’re worried about this land problem making sure the blacks have more land or at least land that’s closer into ownership to the population statistics.
You can go a couple of ways the ways that I think of is one the capital of Stroud.
Just wait over time because there more black people in this country overtime these Farms will be sold off black people won’t on the farms that was the plan that South Africa had Institute,
that was the plan they were going with after apartheid ended I think it’s called willing seller willing buyer but here’s the thing about willing seller willing buyer.
It is a bit slow the people have to die off the people have to want to sell their farms and there has to be buyers it’s not just people I can sell but they’re two people are interested in our culture and actually going to buy the Farms.
This is our what’s up Africa is planning on doing now,
South Africa is turned around last year they announced that they were going to make change to the Constitution where they could just see his Farms from white people and give it to a black.

[33:19] Are there since the warning of democracy that of all the founders every single one gave us warning off,
democracy is simply 51% telling the other 49% what to do and they taking their stuff if they want to.
I mean democracy is very dangerous in that sense that’s why we are a republic and a democracy because we have controls on that like we have elected leadership and we have some laws that were established our Constitution that was supposed to,
move things around about how our leaders are elected so we wouldn’t be to Aaliyah’s but we went also be to populous will be neither we have a nice mix in the middle South Africa is doing the Marxist.
They are going to take the farm Stephen just made a change to the Constitution where they can just take it without reciprocation so the people that their Farms could take away they don’t even get paid.
Now in the United States we have some to call eminent domain and that is eminent domain there is some fight against it and admitted Maine as a culture is it it does get me to see use the timeout consider it to me just get misused,
but we’re not using it to take just take farm from one person give fine to the other person.

[34:28] And those of you that are Marxist or think I’m wrong do you really think that blacks are going as received these Farms no I mean they made their color might be black but they’re just going to be friends of those in power,
biggest that’s what happens every time.

[34:42] Why what’s what happens every single time I remember there was two those they had more than your summer more equal than others you know that phrase
well that’s what happens they give it to their bodies certain people make Rich this how we get oil Russian all the ugly hearts I’ll go dark chocolate dark so we know for sure this is something that South Africa wants to do,
there are at least two Farms on record that have had this happened they were given 10% or less of the value of the land and the properties.
And of course everything I just mentioned has caused chaos Farmers that are just trying to get out of the country and just can’t they offer to sell the farms and there’s no buyers.
So the last issue contention on the South African issue is so what about this white genocide I’m hearing about it this one is really got me,
I am going it what is it the right word I wanted to believe that these reports about white Farmers being killed and a super high level is true.
And it just really isn’t the numbers are up slightly but they’re not huge,
and I I’ll talk about South Africa’s crime problems in a little bit but even had to report that actually there is no evidence that does white genocide is happening.

[36:01] Dine out we seen why genocide in the other countries in Bob with it did the exact same thing it was a
the colonist power that earned its own Freedom they had the electric corrupt people,
and decided just expropriate and take all the land from the white people and kill them off as staying and just make their lives a living hell and look how that turned out
ever heard of a billion-dollar Zimbabwe notes yet that’s that’s the country,
all that decided to basically destroy it so now I’m not even going to touch the tweet that Trump made and I’m glad you made it I’m glad he instructed the secretary
a state Secretary State Pompeo too closely study this issue even though he said large-scale killing Farms which is an accurate.
The problem is okay so here are the two problems to find a statistics number one we only have government statistics,
number to there’s not a lot of reporters going on in the rule areas of South African country least of my understanding is if these attacks are happening maybe they’re not getting reported,
and 3 is that police often just don’t get involved in these disputes a farmer might be attacked as far as there’s a story this terrible story,
I’d still too hard to share care basically there’s hot Pharmacy on fire they die in the fire they called for help and police the police decide not to come.

[37:18] So we don’t know exactly of the reports we get solid to tistics on how many white people are being killed is hard now that does not mean that they’re on this really white genocide going on I want you understand why I just I may be going on,
but we don’t know but there’s no evidence to say that it is so don’t be going around telling about the white genocide now in this situation with the culture show ramped-up
with so much hatred from blacks to whites in the reverse this is looking like a situation where we will see white genocide it’s just not here quite yet
imela mine and he double down on the stuff about taking Farms he called Trump a pathological liar and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Now South Africa by population about 70 million is not a paradise South Africa and menus crime statistics won the most dangerous countries in the world it probably is the most dangerous western or industrialized country in the world,
how much bags me to ask why should we call industrial eyes,
in the crime statistics for rape alone they are number one out of a cunt was the Scott 94 countries their head of Costa Rica
other ahead of Nicaragua their way ahead of United States Zimbabwe I mean they have the top amount,
of rate I mean there was a really sad story about river that Oprah Winfrey school it was in South Africa,
guess what you got that is that your birth control before child and baby right yes South Africa is the world leader in child and baby rape.

[38:47] That is messed up oh I was wrong on the population system seeing 44 million I don’t know whatever I think I was for a town but still the rest of them are correct
I mean come on I have a story from 2015 that said that South Africa had a murder rate as nearly as high as 49 people being murdered a day,
I mean look at Africa is not really a safe place on this really want to send my sister to go visit,
I don’t think I’m alone in that feeling I mean we look at us 6 of the 10 most dangerous cities in Africa are and South Africa guys,
Southern South Africa Port Elizabeth South Africa Cape Town South Africa Durban South Africa Johannesburg South Africa,
what else I got I got I can’t pronounce that Peter maritzburg South Africa and the most dangerous is rustenburg.
Not here I’ll read what it says here on World Atlas rustenburg city is in the North West Province of South Africa is very high crime levels is rate is 85.71 Oz possible crime score of 100.
85 hours what’s going on.

[39:54] Of all the cities in North West Province Richburg is the highest whole case criminal activities with 11117 case in 2015 according to crime statistics.

[40:03] Africa as a burglar kidnapping hijacking pull up on sore but some of the crimes that frequently occur in the city.
Credit South Africa dialogue Street crimes of muggings are also Hydro Steenburgen caution is duster each and every day at night car break-ins are, is not advisable leave one’s valuables inside of vehicle,
we’re driving on the freeway at night stop in on designated areas make one and easy target for robbers and hence why did Boyd Macon.
I have wow that is really bad so it’s not like South Africa is a paradise people the crime rate is insane.
I mean I mean it’s sad when that country is make it to most South American countries look safe I mean I want that’s that’s that’s nuts that is nuts nuts nuts like bugs on your butts that’s Adventure Time quote for you.

[40:52] So sorry you probably heard about this idea that we now have to call the vagina sorry the the lady part the tinkle the tinkle Dankert no just the tinkle the twinkle we had to call the tinkle now front.

[41:06] This is silly,
I don’t know why we’re calling in the front hole that’s that just sounds worse maybe it’s cuz my medical background that sounds stupid to me but now I think I am not doing that,
except ingest that is silly look on those people are like LGBT is enough I don’t need to add the i a p t Q Plus.
Like why even have a name if you’re just going to have plus that’s like Etc like this in an everything else I think LGBT should be enough.
And I I just don’t like the language control I’m not. I am a politically correct person the sense that I don’t use strong language of kind others I try to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ so the words I say usually aren’t that extreme.

[41:48] That being said I don’t like being controlled I don’t like the thought play sound like the speech place and word police speech place is thought police you control someone’s words you can control what they think at least to some extent that’s the idea thank you Karl Marx,
the other hole I have is about a museum visitor who fell into a giant hole it was painted with a special black paint so you can’t tell the depth of it
I mean wow,
that that’s kind of awesome actually and lastly I have the story about a dolphin a sexually frustrated dolphin names of far who terrorized her ass on a French Beach it is awesome,
down here I’ll just I’ll read those of the store it’s so funny.
Seaside village of Britney has been swimming on its Beach because a dolphin and he has been scaring Torsen locals buy protein them and try to rub up against them.

[42:43] Don’t even try to prevent several swimmers from skidding back to the beach at Le Devin.
Using its nose push one woman out of the water and up into the air state of arousal also tries to rub up against kayaks and other small boats,
the 3M long dolphin which lookism nicknames of far has been hanging around the bay abreast for months amusing Taurus with its Antics is a visit the beaches in Shoreline who got stabbed.
And I can’t say that.
Children’s is my favorite part of the story and go for a ride with him,
oh I love this way but then a few weeks ago he changed I thought I was having fun either,
swimming and Diving abandon your life whatever the presence of the dolphin is confirmed said the new bylaw issued last week by the mere you can’t get within 50 meters of the dolphin.

[43:41] He told the local media Edition the new Roseanne sure people safety simple swimmers were annoying.
Look me up in the wash with tails of the Dolphins was slavery in Texas ever going to some detail,
about being confronted with the animals R Us Dolphins can make anytime of the year.
Did you have recreational.
Recreation large animals and could cause serious injury if even if it was something like a flipper if they feel threatened.
Oh my gosh it’s so awesome people for years the dolphins are there Satan’s fish the great Leviathan that comes to the ocean.
Tight I don’t need to go into dolphin studies in and what certain people did with dolphins at the Dolphin study cuz this is at PG show
a Batman that’s an awesome story I think that’s great the hill episode same subject it was awesome you should look it up.

[44:54] Your presence is requested at the Royal Wedding of Prince g-string.

[45:01] Music.

[45:15] So how’d it go.
I want to be in charge of my own destiny
I want to get rid of all the diseases plaguing Mankind and replace them with worse ones I’m not dumb.
Kill that one guy.

[45:42] Inside my head even though we never one place where they need to go and figure out who they are.

[45:56] Music.

[46:17] Sorry that was a trailer for disenchantment it’s the Netflix series that came out not last week the week before August 17th.
It’s the newest Matt Groening series he’s the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama.
I love Futurama I got a big Simpsons fan but Futurama is one of my very favorite,
animated comedies it’s so good I want to do something different you know I’d never do reviews I thought I’d throw an entertainment review so I watched it a couple times I watched it some with family recently watched by myself.
People are dragging on it online because it’s so different from the other two serious and I want to say that they are wrong I think that does to it’s a slow burn for it disenchantment to find its voice,
but it’s so if you just want to watch the good stuff Start Episode 6 watch that through the end there’s that’s for five episodes.

[47:13] It is awesome the first couple of episodes it takes awhile for it to find its voice one of the reasons is because.
This was written in different style and I think Matt Groening in a steamer kind of adjusting to that this is more of the drama first then you build the jokes around that serve the jokes and then you build the drama around that you know which one is the core,
and so 6 to 10:37 Point moments actually,
the amount of course if John DiMaggio is voice as king Zog and he is my favorite character in this Tia beanies all right she’s the hero and it’s funny really worried about.

[47:49] Doing gross-out gags and about alcohol alcohol related jokes,
once I get past it gets really good and I would say there’s a couple of funny moments in those first 5 episodes,
but if you really want to have a really funny good time to start at 6 and I think you’ll do well there,
tell me what you think please in the comments on Facebook or my email you,
remember I’m at to Pete at happy – Warrior. Net and just tell me what you think of it just Chapman and this episode so let’s move forward
that from Gallup this is August 13th when he came out that show that Democrats.

[48:29] Have a positive view of socialism that they do capitalism which is really scary I mean versus 57% positive you socialism.
This seems insane to me but it makes sense as Americans particular younger Americans buy into this.
Yo if you look at the positive use of capitalism the older they are the more likely they are to feel happy about capitalism,
the younger they are the more positive they’re probably going to look at socialism,
am I generation younger are frankly were idiots we do not read news we do not spend enough time researching and doing thorough reasoning and research we’re kind of lazy we kind of been,
I fed all this awesome digital stuff and it’s Mesa tablet,
I know I Motown lazy this isn’t saying when I look at some of the stories coming out of Venezuela and other parts of South America Venezuela.
As some of you may know is having a fan right now the Garment is crashing pretty strongly.
There are no animals left in the zoo vape and eaten there are games of children that fight over trash cans.

[49:45] They have a million times I told you millions in the last two years have left Venezuela to neighboring countries food in Colombia Ecuador Peru Brazil.
And others it’s it’s pretty intense what’s going on right now this getting fully be blamed on socialism you know socialism
did work ever but it got by it lives on when they’re had lots of oil money Venezuela has the richest resources of oil in the known world,
they capitalized on that and so they could pretend that their government was making everything fine that people are basically surviving they weren’t thriving but the government was limping on.
But when the money went well went down when their leader passed away their great leader passed away and they got new on the new guys Maduro the last guy was Chavez everything’s gone to hell.

[50:39] In a basket.
And it’s all falling apart and that is due to socialism it did the socialism thing like I talked about China Soviet Union and Vietnam Cambodia you know from any other parts of the.
Besides satellite Soviet satellite countries it’s proven that breaks time it again Nicaragua to pull the other ones around it down.
It’s scary what it could be doing Nicaragua I just mentioned Bolivia they’re worried that.
These countries are going to fall what Venezuela’s doing right now they’re going to have a lot of similar problems it’s scary it really a scary if you live,
in Venezuela in South America they I’ve been reading articles to say maybe this will even take down Brazil because Brazil or Brasil used to have a dictatorship.

[51:34] I 40 some years ago and they’re having issues with the president to his they just had the president be essentially impeached and is in jail and now she’s playing even maybe a running again it’s a mess it’s a mess in Brazil,
it’s in one of these countries where they had dictatorships where they had some form of Marxism.

[51:55] It did not turn out well it did not turn out well at all now this is crazy to me see here’s one of the things that you’ll hear.
Alexandria Cortez and others are saying that well we just want to be like Democratic socialism we want to be like Democrats or so cuz that’s totally different if you ask her.
Alexander Cortez what’s the difference between
socialism and Democratic socialism.
They’re different cuz they’re different it’s painful.
It is way different so I’m going to interview this I made this guy that wrote this incredible essay in Quail that that’s a magazine you almost read it’s called Democrats socialism is a scam.
Giancarlo Sopo is a Democrat his wife is from Cuba he’s visited Cuba he campaigned for Democrats he has Communications person for profession he wrote this amazing.
Amazing I say it is by people guys this is a bait-and-switch scam like these are totally different things so Democratic socialism it is what we see are likely similar that’s his quote phonetically similar.

[53:14] But this is more than a misnomer the production are much more like those of Havana Caracas and Helsinki in Copenhagen.
Norway has a huge amount of capitalism a huge amount of free enterprise they are explicitly different.
That in some ways on your way and he’s a Democrat socialist countries in Europe art their economies are more free.

[53:42] The social Democrats of the Nordic countries are almost entirely different.
In the social Democrats were being told we have to sorry it’s actually called him Democrat socialist the Democrat socialist way way different totally different way to go,
I’m maybe once upon a time they had similar Roots but they went and you completely opposite directions.
I like this pic here in Venezuela The Late Hugo Chavez was identified as a Democrat socialist in covered like one.
I’m like in Scandinavia where state-owned Enterprises are largely independent profit pursuing Ventures and property rights are Synchro sync.
Memory huge part of Marxism is about property rights you know that the proletariat can just give and take where they want to escape private assets and I only nationalize Industries.
For example and workers of oil pdvsa refuse your braces policies he qualified cronies including his cousin,
later on in his essay said why should Americans trust that America socialist should be any more willing to relinquish power than there any illogical brother in the Latin America and across the world,
indeed it is odd that those who argue present troubles authoritarian Tendencies are often the same people who want to give the federal government even more power over our economy.

[55:03] He said this guy’s a Democrat he Mankey says to be clear Latin America’s misfortunes or no excuse for an action on health care and education home but they should help make us more scrupulous consumers of politics.

[55:14] Just as my family most Americans are wise to dismiss the social slurs against President Obama democrat should be wearing those who are sure as the Democrats socialism will make us more like Europe,
as millions of Latinos will tell you it won’t my dad to that there’s another Arco by Jim Carlos Sopo,
in the Federalist that’s another pretty good only magazine you should read the title says it all 90% of scandinavia’s wealth is privately owned
we probably won’t you tell you that is a huge difference between the social Democrats and the Democrats socialists,
and we should keep in mind that the reason will big part of the reason why Marxism doesn’t work is the reason why government often fails because people are stupid,
what government is made of people.
In the make big mistakes and don’t like in Private Industry in your own personal life there are direct consequences and you have to answer for them right away.

[56:12] What government doesn’t have to do that,
they can’t hide it they can crush the truth they can keep it away they can never see Justice we never saw Justice for the EPA screwing up that mine disaster that happened 2 years ago,
and I already read you the story about the emails with Weiner and Hillary Clinton’s email server I mean that the government is so.
An effective so bad at their job here’s here’s what a great story you’ll love this this should be,
in many more places than just the one place and I’m I’m surprised you even found it so.
The opioid crisis is largely because it legal fentanyl is being put in drugs in people’s and recreational drug users are taking it it’s not because of prescription opioid I have another article that you can prove it 10 times till Friday,
I know it’s because of fentanyl usually it’s a synthetic called carfentanil which is used mostly on horses it’s like a thousand times more powerful than human Fentanyl.
Well because of this the people that make carfentanil legally the legal ones that make it for vets.
Daddy daughter can sell their they said they voluntarily surrendered approval for the drug in March because of grind size is being diverted,
chiropractor. Now there’s nothing here to prove it was being diverted but still was so potent it was used by veterinarians as an anesthetic on elephants
Sears what happened the doctor basically makes this maker so you can’t sell carfentanil anymore because maybe people are using it.

[57:38] Which you options to choose from some bunch of areas are legally prescribing Tramadol and other opioids Jennifer humans relief paying and pets the FDA is recommended veterinarians use whenever possible to look for signs of opiate abuse by pet owners and their own employees.
Craziest from the CDC is going so crazy they’re denying our pets are dogs or horses are animals affect your paycheck I mean that should be everywhere and that should say how ineffective,
stupid our government is how old governments really they do not have much.
Push back from the people if there is any push back it doesn’t go anywhere it was earlier this year they wanted and open hearing be at the end to see if she wanted open hearing for pain patients could speak about how wow the opioid crisis how does CDC 2016 guidelines have affected us.

[58:30] I mean thousands upon thousands of people showed up wrote letters gave testimony put things on their internet for him including myself I didn’t I couldn’t get there physically but I did post.
And that same day afterwards before they even they basically.
It meant nothing because that same day afterwards they released before they release the thing I’m the form they released their plans it was a mistake.
It was basically it showed that CDC director in the FDA,
Scott Gottlieb didn’t really care did nothing at the for meant anything to them they still believe that will be wise but from people who are legally prescribe them are being used by drug users are causing drug overdoses even though the number prescriptions have gone down but the
amount of deaths have gone up it is illegal opioids but the government doesn’t care if the government doesn’t listen governments are ineffective.

[59:21] It’s crazy to me that the people that have screwed up so badly that they are denying my dog and he paying care when he is sick on my ad we I have a husky that’s 15 years old,
and you only get a little bit of pain pill at night,
how is going to be with us much late longer laser he’s my friend my buddy he’s being denied that basically affect the pink are partly because of this
is there a crazy it’s 139 pain care for people which I feel is a moral but didn’t nights of pets because what their orders might take it that is just like
I mean that’s that’s nuts that’s just crazy talk.

[59:56] Why in the world would you ever trust those people to manage property rights better to manage who gets what and how much how do you think that they can deal with health care,
I mean seriously proven to the little bit of healthcare control they have they used terribly,
a mismanaged completely this isn’t a Democrat versus Republican issue the VA is still a mess it was a mess with Obama was in charge of forces guidelines in Just Cause,
hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of veterans to kill themselves or a does self destruct that was bad enough but hasn’t got much better on the Trump Administration.

[1:00:32] So tell republican-democrat thing it’s that government sucks they are bad at what they do but in dispense spite
of all this ample evidence that the government is terrible anything they touch it doesn’t turn to Gold because the other one everything they touch is corrupted I mean student loans the cost of going to college in the United States is evidence of this car
the government try to make it cheaper what happened it got more expensive,
when they tried to help you with a new Society with Lyndon Johnson when they tried to help blacks to help blacks know the statistics for families for poverty everything,
stay there or got worse than actually praise the president Trump you know cuz we’re seeing the highest black entrepreneurship in decades right now,
the highest employment of blacks same thing
so ain’t no give president Trump credit where credit is due I don’t understand I think it’s because
My Generation I think people largely they are morons that don’t pay attention and I have this video from Prague prayer University that proves my point.

[1:01:39] What’s up guys this is Wilmette from Craig are you today where in beautiful Santa Barbara we’re going to be asking people about plastic straws and should they be Banshee plastic straws be banned,
hell yeah they should ban plastic straws do you think we should ban plastic straws.
Because they’re bad for the environment and they cause a lot of pollution they kill the baby sea turtles what else should we ban to help save the environment.
Paperless what do you guys do to help eliminate your carbon footprint.

[1:02:15] Heartwarming what else can we do to help fix the environment.
Planting fruit trees in public streets and.
Unlike all that’s inside them are plastic straws.
Government to tell them we should stop using plastic think about it like people can eat fruit for free like state.
Honey by the state trees fine by the state they could eat fruit homeless people could eat fruit and it’s giving Austin into the air so the government pays for the fruit trees.
Sure why not what do you think is worse plastic straws here or people coming into this country illegally.

[1:03:03] Oh my God plastic straw.

[1:03:11] What do you think is the best alternative to plastic straws.
Well I said I work we started using paper straws and a lot of people have an issue with paper straws because there is a bigger priority to.
To stop plastic straws or illegal immigration.

[1:03:30] I would say strong.
Put in a 5.0 of them said that plastic straws are a worse problem so then we should put higher price for hire prioritization up on legal immigration putting that aside.
The comment that she’s read an article and in the article it showed a fish and they cut the fish open and it was only filled with plastic straws.

[1:03:58] I’ve been waiting so long I’ve been wanted to share that for so long that is one of my favorite cuz I wish I could get Robert to get me like a soundboard and then we’d say that one and then we put it there,
I mean man it’s scary is that scary the lack of thinking I mean to think our ancestors the things that they looked at Walmart she was going on evils of Hitler.
And to think how we generated Ry priorities down are plastic straws I don’t care if it’s in the left the city of left field that’s still,
easy I mean how do you think our society can fin function healthily how do you think we can measure institutions private and public.

[1:04:37] We’re morons all right so here is another story about a moron Oregon woman finds cougar and living room says telepathy help her get it out.

[1:04:47] Yes this is true she said she rely on frequency and A2 meant feline speak eye blinking and telepathy to come animal safely got it out after I took a six hour nap behind the couch.

[1:04:59] Oh my gosh that’s awesome storages picture.
Oh wow that is fantastic.

[1:05:14] Yeah we’re doomed it’s over we’re doing all right so I have a little bit more to share with you I thought this is another video it’s by a comedian that works for a reason his name is Remy.
Kiss does musical parodies kind of like Weird Al but they’re from a Libertarian perspective.
They are awesome this this next one I’m going to share with you I think it’s pretty accurate,
and what’s wrong with our media today or someone that’s media major at someone’s got Masters in journalism just this is hilarious spot on dead on if you’re like me you’re going to love this here we go.

[1:05:51] Franklin says if he was still in the Senate heat press Cavanaugh into key areas I bet he would thanks Ed are top story tonight,
the president’s tweet who dispel the silly notion we’re deliberately mislead.
Who got Rachel world is embittered no really who is outraged to people on Twitter look we want to disprove the president’s tweets
baby no holiday cups I see what you mean so again are top story enemy of the people from ridiculous claims that we view you as sheep lost people are outraged 72 percent of people think what we do is misleading
I understand what you’re saying deadly protests in Nicaragua with Ortega and charge what the latest Crackdown means for the region at Large
so we don’t lose your trust Wilson silent alone and go straight to an eyewitness live on the phone,
and your name for the record.

[1:07:13] On a note that is summer has now about raid composition.

[1:07:24] Music.

[1:07:30] All that is Remy that you can find them on YouTube just type in Remi or Remy reason that one is just dead on about the outrage prompt.
All right I liked you and today’s episode on a different note.

[1:07:49] Senator John McCain passed away just recently yesterday I think.
Senator John McCain is someone that has been in the Republican movement in the public Consciousness political public Consciousness for a long time now.
To my family to my grandpa specifically served in the air force during the Vietnam conflict.
In many different ways to work the Pentagon he worked as a missile man in the Air Force he was an Air Force officer John McCain is a hero.
If you know what John McCain and the other Vietnam American prisoners of War went through there is no way that you can say anything but now I know John McCain as a politician I disagree with him,
Trump is decide to not honoring maybe asbestos you should because of things that John McCain said about Trump and political stuff.
Drama Kids not my political hero I’m not a huge John McCain fan I disagree with John McCain as often as I agree with him but.
What John McCain went through and how John McCain dealt with his day today with incredible pain John McCain a terrible chronic pain for the rest of his life because of what he went through in Vietnam.
Here I’m just going to play a video this was part of a propaganda video that there’s one a few videos we have of John McCain when he was at when he was a prisoner of war I’m just going to play and you can you tell me if you can hold back the tears cuz I can’t.

[1:09:15] I would just like to tell.

[1:09:22] What do you understand get well. Bridgerland.

[1:09:33] YouTube.

[1:10:01] So here’s a little bit about John McCain when he was in this is the Vietnamese conflict in 1967 he was 31 he was a Navy pilot his aircraft crashed.
He was your check you was rejected by the force of this crash is ejected out it broke his right leg both broke both arms knock them unconscious.

[1:10:22] He was dead and or five and a half years of brutal torture.
He was given very little to no medical treatment for those injuries by the way and he was placed in solitary confinement the which wear these windowless 10 x 10,
beats are foot rooms.
John McCain was actually offered to go home because his father was he became a US Admiral in the Navy during the Vietnam conflict and so they offered to have John McCain go home.
John McCain knew that he did this this will be a propaganda of Victory he went to get a release from the hell he was in.
But it could be used against the soldiers that were still fighting against his fellow pows he said no here’s the thing you said this,
the torture got worse he said for the next four days I was being every 2 or 3 hours by different guards my left arm is broken again in my ribs were cracked.

[1:11:19] There’s a great part about itself account I love here says I was finding that prayer help wasn’t quite sure if asking for soup and superhuman strength,
or forgot to strike the North Vietnamese dead was asking for more on physical courage for guidance and wisdom to do the right thing I asked for Comfort when I was in pain and sometimes I received a relief,
I was sustained in many times of trial there is some parts of this account that are too crazy to talk about. Thumbnails being.
Keelback burn with cigarettes bamboo being grown into people I mean sadistic sadistic stuff that’s
choo choo crazy
that I will share here but I would recommend there’s an article outline says news articles it’s John McCain’s personal narrative of what he went through while a p o w in Vietnam.
I really want you guys to all go out and read if you have the time I probably will take you 10 to 15 minutes for it but it’s worth it case I’m just going to read the end of it,
North Vietnamese give us very little accept bad news about the u.s. today by the North Vietnamese give us very little accept bad news about the us we didn’t find out about the first successful Moon shot 1969
until it was mentioned in the speech by George McGovern saying that Nixon could put a man on the moon but he couldn’t put an end to the Vietnam War.

[1:12:36] Baby Barbie dress up news in Martin Luther King’s death in the rights that followed information like that poured continuously out of the loudspeakers.
I think America is a better country now because we have been through a sort of purging process re-evaluation of ourselves.
Now I see more of an appreciation of our way of life there’s more patriotism the flag is all over the place I hear new values being stressed the concern for environment is a case in point.
I receive scores of letters from young people may have them sent me poww bracelets with my name on it.
Which they had been wearing somewhere not too sure about the war but they are strongly patriotic their values are good and I think we will find that they are going to grow up to be better Americans that many of us.
This up pouring on behalf of those were prisoners of War staggering in a little embarrassing because basically we feel that we are just average American Navy Marine Air Force pilots who got shot down anybody else in our place with form just as well,
my own plans for the future I’d Remain the Navy if I am able to return to Flying stats that depends on Pawn within the corrective surgery on my arms and legs is Success successful.
If I have to leave in a V I hope to serve the government’s so capacity preferably Foreign Service the state department.
I had a lot to think over there came to conclusion when the most important things in life along with the Man’s family is to make him is to make some contribution to his country.

[1:13:51] Thank you John McCain for your service for your service the country.

[1:13:57] As a pilot for your service to the country as a sitter for the good example you set,
offer when you ran for president 2008 thank you very much for that good example I am praying for your family and they might be comforted in this tough time.
I had a friend that made fun of John McCain and the way he moved when I was a high school senior.

[1:14:21] Bad for you he moves like that and not because he’s an old man because he had both his legs and arms broken and I never healed right.

[1:14:31] So kind of leftover bit late a bit waddled John McCain is an inspiration in so many good ways and why we don’t always agree on politics.
We can’t agree that John McCain was a hero is a hero thank you mr. McCain Senator McCain for your service.

[1:14:48] Well this is been the happy warrior program I’m your host Peter thank you for taking the time to listen to me today please share your comments questions stories ideas with me at Pete.
Pete at happy – Warrior dotnet at happy – Warrior. Net thank you so much God bless America God bless our servicemen and Military thank you for all you do for us,
I think you for the good men and women this country that just make it so awesome and great all right until next time goodbye.

Happy Warrior Ep 009 Media Bias Matters! (Part 2)

Happy Warrior Ep 009 Media Bias Matters! (Part 2)

Check out part one here:

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

Machine Transcript

[0:23] When it comes to defending our nation and protecting our way of life.

[0:29] Sports Connection the American people deserve our very best and they will have it.

[0:38] Is prison will discuss in further detail in the days ahead the United States space force will strengthen our security will ensure our prosperity.

[0:49] And it will also carry American ideals into the mountainous expanses space all other nations increasingly possess the capability to operate.

[1:02] How old is Sheryl Crow.

[1:03] Music.

[1:29] Hey welcome again everyone that was a video on Space horse I’m kind of a big fan of the space force idea I’m sure all of you have heard this music video.

[1:41] Music.

[2:09] Yeah that was the space force music video from schmoyoho yo-ho-ho schmoyoho.
I love that video give me excuses so welcome back this is the happy warrior podcast down here this is the Peter the Pischke the Pete at happy warrior.
Dash Mount Pleasant PA. Happy warrior Pete at happy – Warrior. Net there we go that’s my email.

[2:39] We were talking about earlier this is the second part of a two-part,
episode I had so many news stories and the subject is so important to me it’s one I love to talk about anyone ever asks me I could go on and on about it it’s like what does Jim Gaffigan say he’s like don’t ask my dad about whales.
It’s like that whales freeloaders or is mooching off the government.

[3:07] Sorry that’s a favorite of mine yeah so we talked about media bias and I think I focus more in a little fresh little fun.
Media bias is not Justin hard-news it’s I mean whenever a journalist works.
There’s me advice I mean of some kind going on I think me a buy some of that everyone has see if you work in media if you will have a few have a pulse,
you have an opinion on a subject but media bias and there’s media bias.
If you go ahead and you let people know what it is ahead of time but like yeah I’m conservative you know I probably will have some of these views but I’ll try to let the reader know and I’ll try to bounce as best I can.
By applying principles of reason and journalism.
As we hope that all journalists should expect to be however it seems at least at the national level this isn’t true and including entertainment,
oh and the Jacks that opens up with the space force versus the Halo theme song irie because I’m a masochist,
no I love Brian Ashcraft I could talk to him, he’s a guy that lives in Japan in his,
the stuff he writes about about living in Japan always fascinated me so that’s why I keep going back to is part of the Gizmodo.

[4:27] I don’t know what he called Web Block series weblog Empire anyhow.
And it is heavily favored left-wing I mean it’s it’s way out there sometimes we need to talk about trans superheroes and trans video game characters and.
All kinds of naughty stuff this was just an easy example I could show you guys this is here I’ll just Ritz from Luke Plunkett
a space force versus the Halo theme song it’s someone on Twitter said I had the Halo theme song Pence’s speech on the space force and does not disappoint here’s what Luke said about the creation of space forces the dumbest effing thing deserves nothing but the ridicule it is receiving,
and then I like you had to at the bottom and yep it was a very good idea of an actual space force the future
reports in space is actually required should use it so he backs it up trying to put this little video that’s it.

[5:16] I don’t know it’s just week but it’s this is just one example of the many many times that you can find a taco and Gizmodo which are primarily entertainment.
Oriented websites.
And it’ll just it’s kind of biases just right off all over the place and there’s not like a conservative guy at Kotaku that you know that has the opposite views and they allowed to be there here I’ll show you guys another example.
We don’t need to go that far to find one how do you just go down to 4 Kotaku front page and has what they call the view on Kinja Roundup so it looks at all the different website starts with the root in the route has Trump calls Omarosa crazy
a crazed low-life dog we need to talk about your boy Deadspin is why your team sucks 2018 Cincinnati Bengals I don’t know
I die no feelings towards Bangles at football or baseball I think it’s football in the first place the Navy Club
Black Lantern doesn’t let white women off the hook and it shouldn’t end it doesn’t even show up so I can’t even check now I don’t know why that’s his on TV
anime website I imagine that the average well I’m not going to say that I was going to say about nerds and their weight but that that’s just not.
The other is just you just go down a page and they have a quiz Sheriff from Splinter on the Kotaku front page it says are you answer for a rule of law and it’s there cuz I guess.

[6:45] I don’t know if you guys remember but there was a guy Corey Stewart he was the legitimately white supremacist guy running off for the Republican.
Candidate and the only reason you got it was because no one else ran it wasn’t like there was an hour,
price to have this guy was that no one else ran and so that’s how we got the spot and it said you let you do a quiz to hear we’re going to do the twist I’ll do the quiz with you so ask 7 questions are you asked for a quick start.
Text do you like laws choices love them and then the bottom one is you know okay I’ll get you some.

[7:21] Love them okay do you wear a lot of black only colors I see are red white and blue baby or yes it’s very slick.
I don’t know let’s do red white and blue what do you think of this dog as a picture of a cub sorry a pug this is Cape May Police Department.
Lock up the crime dog and throw away the key and I’ll choose you as heck yeah rock on little guy pick a fruit banana apple apple.

[7:46] Where do you live small town where everyone knows each other or a big city where rats take the subway.
Neither no Subway and snuggle small do small town this time how you feel about journalist I can only choose a them they only gave me two choices hate them.
I hate when you last read the Constitution.
Never buy burned one last week and this one’s really this is disgusting this gives you a good attitude of what they feel about the other side last night while climaxing,
with my wife I’m not going to finish the whole thing that’s disgusting I apologize I try to make this family program but I’m just giving you a sample what they have down here okay my defense.

[8:22] And they gave me results your rule of law congratulations Patriot Your Love of Institutions racist otherwise marks use a true love log out you won’t tolerate any of this app it wasn’t fascism nonsense America’s Good Samaritan laws are good,
whatever they are unless they’re like people get abortions or something which case learn. American despite being American law.

[8:43] So yeah that gives you a pretty good idea this is entertainment,
media guys this isn’t hard news journalism It’s Entertainment it’s just a softwood might call it soft and it was a lot of it I enjoy some video game journalism now and then but no way am I going to say wealth video game journalism disappeared off the face of the Earth,
we have a huge impact probably not I mean it does good I’m sure it does some positive good,
but I mean it is important to say finding out what’s going on with the anti-war protest in Charlottesville.

[9:16] So then there’s the quiz and if you want to go to it it’s on it says Splinter quiz are you aunt or rule of law if you want to take that share with your Facebook friends it’s pretty disgusting.

[9:30] Wow I’d I’m out of words to say that now I should back this up because we talked about making fun of space forest and I have this on Facebook like that truck I didn’t do anything but this is just silly I can.
Share with you never is articles the Pentagon it’s been more that’s over 4 years since at least we know since the Obama stration.
And the argument then was sent really should this be part of the Air Force’s space force no smelter in space or should be its own military brat.
That’s the old that was the argument so this idea of a space force has been around forever course Trump went with the name spaceforce because he loves the cheese,
that’s just the way Trump is he has he’s not embarrassed by the cheese at all love it.
Eats cheese every darn day.
Until here I’ll just do a quick article this is from today’s update this is Reuters I like to say Reuters but I think you’re supposed to pronounce it Reuters that’s us warns on Russia’s new space weapons.
It didn’t Jack States voice deep suspicions Tuesday of a righteous pursued a new space weapons and Cleveland mobile laser system destroy satellites in space and launch of a new inspector satellite which was acting in an abnormal way.

[10:47] So there you go into that there are at least we know of six new major offense of weapon systems being looked at by Russia.

[10:55] And they are definitely looking into what’s the what’s the term they look here in Russian,
maligned Haven I will talk a little bit more about Russia further on in the second half of the program,
so this idea that it’s just silly it’s silly it’s silly we don’t need that we don’t really need it not now it’s it’s ridiculous guys,
the major other major Nations the world are all looking into this sorry that’s just the truth I know you don’t like Trump but every now and then you have to admit.
And fess up that he’s not as crazy as you think and it often he’s just doing the same thing that the old guy did and you like him a lot.
Now here we here on the right side I’ll if you’re listening and you’re not a member of team right oh we often feel that is hilarious to watch the left each other,
that women you know the way that we get traded so often in the media by the Press by political system education system Arts entertainment blah blah blah blah blah.
We get sick of it and so when we see the left doing it to each other and try to outpace each other so who can do the most damage to themselves it’s.
Beautiful I know it’s not quite a good it’s not a good thing that we enjoy it but I will be honest I enjoy it so.

[12:19] Remember a couple weeks ago that story about Charlotte’s yes or not Charlotte Scarlett Johansson how she was going to be in the movie about this Mafia trans.
Woman I think I know transman right and how she had was basically mobbed.
And by the press and social media that she couldn’t possibly ever. Because she’s a woman and she’s not trans Ergo only transactors can play transactors well.

[12:47] It goes deeper that and you some of you might be an okay so they want us to trans to transfer kind of makes sense Maybe
Chrissy didn’t mention play Men actress or women should play between actress although if there’s a rich history in the acting of the both sexes doing the other sex act,
as the other gender is just silly actor should be able to act to pretend and imagine and be awesome.
We can’t be telling them at least this is my opinion we can’t be time to give them limits on what they want to do now it does that mean I’m going to go out and watch and pay for tickets maybe not necessarily but we should at least give them.
So damn so she W decided that they had to be the most woke.
I have the most what programs at Supergirl come out to can have a trans superhero that’s going to be a cast regular for next season and then not to be outdone
they decided we are going to come out with a Batwoman series she’s going to be eight and this is important this part Jewish,
lesbian Batwoman in your spare time she’s going to protest sjw events not making that up.
That woman that woman is a lesbian but this idea that she’s activist or spare tires just like the frosting on the cake to me I can love it.
Oh okay so.

[14:11] Pick up Ruby Rose to do it Ruby Rose is a lesbian now I don’t think it really should matter all that much if it’s a lesbian that plays you’re not though a woman probably is what you should go for if it is that one because that would make sense.

[14:24] Well sexy Ruby Rose now since she is leaving Twitter she got now I remember that this is kind of bothers me because I remember that all that Star Wars stuff.
And how they blame people for people that didn’t like the last Star Wars movie Last Jedi how awful they were that.
Some of the actress from that movie had to leave Twitter social media.
Which I mean with Twitter and I’m not such a toxic atmosphere mean people have to leave all the time. That’s good they get social media mob just that’s pretty regular thing,
it’s not people on the right it’s not people on the right they’re pushing it mostly the same old lesbians,
hating Ruby Rose because Ruby Rose.

[15:11] Is not Jewish you see Ruby Rose is a lesbian but she’s not a Jewish lesbian you think I’m joking I am not joking,
they seriously have an article from Glamour and from The Daily Beast and that was there their problem is because we need a recast Batwoman hashtag.
Because it should be go to lesser-known lgbtq + actress and then that one should be that’s just that when should be totally lesbian. Gender-fluid,
I don’t know the difference I think Jennifer would means you’re not 100% lesbian your kind open I’m just playing with the other team.

[15:50] Daddy I said The Daily Beast article points out in the table to the topic of the Ruby Rose like halfway into it spend most of time talking about other evil,
protests like this Star Wars when I mentioned yes they wanted a.
Jewish lesbian actress to play that woman so crazy,
that isn’t not good enough but do you know that’s the thing though.

[16:26] Christina Hoff Sommers off and talks about they said you know when we divide people up into groups you know we can never divide them enough,
because eventually you can have the lights you going to be all well Women’s Conference with the women, it’s going to break up then straight women and lesbian women the blacks and Asians in the
Hispanics in the blah blah blah and then it will be some of the black women that are straight black women are lesbian and they’ll be some of the
black women who are lesbian enough for our,
black to white or whatever I mean people get tribal and they break up in a stupid little groups over the stupid little things that it’s embarrassing,
it’s embarrassing. All of us and a little funny just a little bit alright well I’m going to do our fun section now.
Awesome news there should be a new Smash Brothers game I have two trailers choose from Young and place an audio from one just I don’t know why because you can’t see the video these people these trailers feature characters that don’t speak oh well let’s do the one,
Luigi and the Castlevania characters.

[17:31] Scylla Castlevania dude Walking In These Boots now it’s open the dark all the guys got a big clock on.

[17:39] There’s Luigi and it’s ghost busting gear flashlight is shining as a mommy.
It’s the one with the plunger plunger falls off mommy Chase’s Luigi Luigi’s running away still in your room.

[17:56] Is like descriptive audio.
Don’t know the statues of snakes for the Ouija a trips.

[18:10] He heard something scary and puts on the flashlight and the fall before him is the Grim Reaper and we just got real.

[18:22] You did Luigi Death face.
The Castlevania dude in the club is closed.

[18:35] And it is Simon Belmont.

[18:46] Are y’all used to Smash Brothers stuff with skip ahead.

[18:51] Super Smash Brothers multimate + Castlevania and there’s a walking around as a ghost poor guy.

[18:59] Music.

[19:05] That’s that was pretty cool I’m looking forward to the new Super Smash Brothers game it’s looking pretty dope.
Are the Cavs. And the other character denounce was King K rool from Donkey Kong he’s kinda like the Bowser of the Donkey Kong universe is pretty cool stuff.
Another cool thing I saw was this Pikachu real,
it’s in Japanese so I not you’re playing audio even with a description is good but it it’s pretty awesome so if you have time please look up Pikachu Rave held in Japan I talk to you about Brian Ashcraft will this is a Brian Ashcraft article.
Yes the same Brian Ashcraft at mentioned earlier.
Another pretty funny thing I you guys probably seen it is Debbie is Wrangler inflatable Unicorn it’s not that long I’ll just play here.

[19:48] Guys kissing each other through a rope to the unicorn and then one of the people grab it on the unicorns is kind of like a giant inflatable.

[19:58] I don’t not boat you know where those Lifesavers or this chips like a giant too but it’s a unicorn,
really big what happened to unicorns more like a alicorn cuz it has wings and a horn.
That is the story yes that’s it was pretty not as nearly as cool as I wanted it to be.
Awesome please look up a story about the Yokohama,
Raven Japanese Pikachu’s yeah that’s a thing that they do this every year they have big Pikachu festival with everyone dancing Pikachu costumes.
This year they really went I mean I watch the video and it’s just how far they took this it’s pretty impressive I kind of want to go see this Yokohama Pikachu Festival sounds pretty.
Let’s do two more fun think so the next fun thing 1,
Dora the Explorer movie is happening there will be a live action Dora the Explorer they had put out a photo of the actress Isabela moner
Isabela moner doesn’t sound right and it says started new plot details and it’s basically like the cheapest the cheapest cosplay,
outfit for door you ever did see like that I hope they did not pay the costuming department that much for that picture.
Here are some of the synopsis destroyed Falls in older Dora than in the original Nickelodeon show entering high school should be.

[21:27] Maybe I could David Lewis High School,
all with the help from a monkey friend boots and cousin Diego play by Mick Barretto is pretty fun I put a smile on my face,
Wilson from she’s a democrat in Congress from Florida she’s the one that wears the crazy hats keep saying crazy things,
crazy things that fit her crazy hats.
She also wanted to make a nickname for president Trump and the epic fail so this is pretty funny I’ll play the audio a little early but you’ll hear it soon enough you this amazing Nick Dean coming from Frederica Wilson.
Call the.
And the president of the United States is calling a woman of color a doll house.
Tell he call anyone a dog he has a myth name for everyone and his nickname is.

[22:31] In the first grade reader that’s his nickname and we haven’t stopped him.
Now that’s a that’s an amazing nickname thank you Frederica Wilson Dawn and first grade reader.
I’m not sure she understands the rules about nicknames.
She might need to take a class on that do they teach that in the first grade naked I think they teach you not to use nicknames.
And here I thought guy like two before I move on to the next segment and here’s a quick updates from the
Muslim extremist father Reigns’s family is Freedom bail to spy claim to Sun Diner ritual to resurrect him as Jesus and 11 kids found in his compound were trying to be school shooter so here’s some interesting information so there’s a little disabled kid.
They did they did the show called exorcism on he died he was a toddler they were trying to resurrect him as a quote Jesus unquote to leave the school tax.
Yeah so I didn’t do they have doubt that islamism doesn’t have any role in this whatsoever no no no Sereno but Bob there’s no connection to be found at all with Muslim extremism.
Good old bush used to say.

[23:43] Now I’m this store they’re going to share with you next is a bit on the old side but it only came to light I think for most people
not too long ago was last week when this information came out so we know about the anti-protest I’m sorry
counter-protest is the media are telling me it wasn’t even there like 20 for white extremist,
and there are thousands of antifreeze know it will dance for me the counter-protesters,
well a group of a basic we could call this.
They decided to take over us Immigration and Customs Enforcement field enforcement field office in Portland Oregon they bear cave the exits and blocked the doors to try.
Hey I’m sorry trap the workers inside this went on for months at least 12 a month a month and some days.
Now it’s it’s crazy so the protesters were there they course they had the signs call the Nazis concentration camp being part of a Gestapo.
I mean for this article from The Blaze but you can find it elsewhere yeah at some point of the mop there.

[24:55] Even was harassing the journalist heckled the journalist they band photography you know they did attack the journalist take their cameras break them. Chi thing in a fit of fire Nevada side of the building and they build an 8-foot wall around themselves
while they demanded open borders I’m almost reading the article verbatim here so forgive me.

[25:18] It it was just silly I mean they took the American flags destroyed them put up some Anarchist or communist flags up.
They took the ice employees names put the information online for people to harass them and their families there’s a story I read about a person that works for ice was able to get away and they were followed to their house and they just could not shake them,
when the ice formations called police because that’s what all the steel we get in trouble you call nine-one-one right.
They police were told to ignore their calls for help that was because the mayor there is also in charge of the place and he sat at
do not help ice whatsoever do not bother the protesters doesn’t matter they’re pooping in the street doesn’t matter what the heck they’re doing leave them alone,
they allowed this so that I mean that’s crazy the Democrat mayor his name is Ted wheeler Ted wheeler mayor of,
Portland Oregon he is also the police commissioner and he just said here’s what he sent Twitter this is his own words I want to be very clear do not want the Portland Police to be engaged or suck to accomplish,
particularly from a federal agency that I believe is on the wrong track.

[26:28] This way on guys for 38 days ice officials weren’t allowed to get in or out of the building for 38 days they so,
it was just last week we get reports about what was going on there basically that people had to come and clean it up called the camp disgusting and went so far as to call the Camp,
a biohazard because protesters they never pick up after themselves never ever never ever especially the ones on the left are the dirtiest of them all and I mean when I say dirty ass I mean like dirt.
Like you know the stuff on the ground they just are police cars,
so you can imagine how they treat their own living space and the photos do show that these there’s picture I’m looking out here it basically looks like a trash dump site and you’d be hard-pressed to tell me that was in the middle of a
City in downtown Portland Oregon I mean wow that’s that’s a humongous mess,
can’t believe it well I know it doesn’t get any better because the protesters just last week August 8th decided to storm Portland City Hall there that attacked guards
an arrest actually were made of course cuz you know when they’re bothering ice we don’t like ice so we can’t bother with stopping them but once they go to City Hall well that’s us where the good guys don’t you that we can’t let that happen.

[27:47] They call it the biggest reception to a Portland city council meeting and more than a year more than ever,
no I have video that I could show you however as I want to keep this emotionally family rated program I cannot because there is.
Wow there is a lot of words that I told if we say in public we should be banned throwing to prisoner booed off the island. Just the continental United States F words racial slur you name it it’s there,
it’s filthy filthy I just it just crazy and violent,
and I keep people keep quitting them if they can play around with them that they understand if you can’t play around with white supremacist I got that that’s good I’m glad they understand that,
but that applies to extremist on both sides I mean extremist of any kind have to be dealt with with the full force of the rule of law I mean that’s the only way you can go you can’t make exceptions for one side over the other and that’s what Portland try to do,
ended it ended up catching Portland in the butt.
Now I have not talked about the Sarah Jeong controversy when it comes to the New York Times editorial board and what not I,
I don’t know I just thought everyone was covering it so when he get into it but there’s this excellent calling by the writer of Jason Riley.

[29:07] Put some pretty good perspective it’s in the Wall Street Journal.
Because the Wall Street Journal has a pee while I actually got to read it through the daily wire but you get the gist of the article I think from it,
it has this great line in here says be honest are you really surprised the New York Times has stood by its decision to hire Sarah giong as an editorial board member even after it was revealed she spent years on social media making openly racist and sexist remarks about white men,
you may be outraged sure but are you surprised,
meaning of a big sis great point that she was tapped not because the racial Prejudice down the way but she was tapped because of them editorial board members are hired to help formula Express official position of a newspaper.
Basically he says he missed young as being hired to speak for the times and they like where she’s coming from and that sums it up perfectly.

[30:01] Perfectly they are the New York Times as much of the media have a spice where they are comfortable,
where they don’t mind if they have to throw the hanger that they say we ban Hammer is Cassandra days are evil but if we use the hand grenades for our side that’s okay no racial slurs are evil and wrong and if I’m white man says it he deserves to go in jail.
it’s of course it’s okay from our side because we’re we’re on the moral side so anything goes right and they’re comfortable with that worldview and said it’s it’s in college I experienced it at college
there was this one time in my media class I had this is during the 2012 the Republican nominations and the guy the pizza guy what’s his name I can’t think of it anyhow
he was used to be CEO of Domino’s and there is a guy on MSNBC that these Terrible Things Are
quasi racist if not straight up racist and I showed them the class and then the people in my class my teacher was like oh well good job here for pointing out all this racial media bias of these racist music,
basically this was my first taste of hearing about this idea that what will they call what’s the view colorblind you know the view that Martin Luther
King jr. had was a black man colorblind how I think we should do I think racism of any kind is wrong,
I strongly believe that we should judge person by their character not by the color of their skin.

[31:27] I think most of us in Reelsville that’s that’s a Rush Limbaugh a term I would agree with that but that is not the case.

[31:36] Riley pool rightly points out here in this article talking about at Harvard University where they are getting in trouble,
for discriminating against Asian students and this is at all Ivy League,
because Asians there’s a high proportion of Asian students that are successful at these Ivy League colleges the colleges have decide for a long time that we have to go against Asians even more than white so like Asians have the hardest time getting into college with the same score as a white man
black man Native American man inspect and do you get what I’m saying.

[32:05] And that that’s a good connection says Harvard can no longer credibly deny that’s engaging systematic racial discrimination internal documents,
the school’s been forced disclose fight allegations that’s to just suggest that Harper is doing was long the groomer,
meaning of the last name the last school officials just fight is racially biased practices they insist like Misty on that her Defenders but such bigotry is an in-service of a noble cause,
and I bring this up because it is me advice it’s a part of media bias
mom and me advice is a problem you see it you know this is the end result of me advice that comes that level at the the schools then you can ask me which is the chicken and which is the 8th which is feeding each other I think they feed,
I think I could demek
bias and Mia by stages help each other because where do journalists usually come from they usually come from journalism school near they don’t come for journalism school they came from college they’re very rarely these days uneducated journalist,
Amanda CNN’s Chris Cuomo came out you know he made a comment about the stuff that’s going on with antiphon the white and basically he said that it was okay,
they said fighting hate is right that’s why people to show up to fight against biggest or not to be judge the same as the bigots even if they do Resorts the same kinds of petty violin.

[33:16] See anything goes as long as it’s for the right cause for the good thing and we the truth tellers get to tell you which which caused that is.
I need wow that’s that’s terrible I think I have another article that I from NBC News it’s an editorial but I feel that might be able accurate talks about white are white people jokes racist let a fella white person explain,
and it’s it’s cringe-worthy I don’t think it’s particularly well written.

[33:47] It does make the case that it took me in a White’s can’t be there can’t be racist jokes about white star problem,
because why so you don’t have all the power of whites are the perpetrators of all the evils in the world,
and here I’ll just I’ll read it if you have not been to college if your listing mean you’ve not been the college you’re going to have to see this so I’m just going to read this two paragraphs for you.

[34:11] See that’s part of the problem is getting so upset about jokes about white people a bunch of white people got very mad at Sarah G on pulling out how is some grammatical or term.
No logical edits her tweets could be very easily become racist jokes but people aren’t White.
Definitely said John is racist against white people which is just is which is just as bad as being racist against down white people.
But fortunately if you’re white you secretly know that this isn’t really true at all! Racism racist jokes are color-blind they affect people to different people differently,
I see I didn’t know that’s why people aren’t listening the other races I was kind of like a pyramid from which the effects of racism and the jokes always roll down hill the pyramids actually built from centuries accumulate racism and racist jokes.
Play white people at the top and everybody else underneath we call the pyramid institutional racism and its feelings never get.

[35:02] And there you go. He just explain what intersectional winter intersexualism is it’s because of all the evils that there is this pyramid and the you know if we’re going to make things right we have to invert the pyramid in Port,
the oppressors on the bottom.
Now I knowingly have never oppressed anyone if I unknowingly ever oppress someone I apologize I really do,
hi. I try to be a kind person in real life I don’t laugh at others I try to be as kind as christ-like as I can because I believe in being a true disciple of Jesus Christ.
But it’s it’s just unfair and you know it’s never going to allow a white person to ever be good enough never do,
well enough or be kind enough to ever get out from underneath that crushing pyramid and they don’t want that pyramid to crush people of the different races I don’t want it to crush them either I just don’t want us to have a pyramid crushes anybody.
Let’s go back to MLK Jr let’s go back to you know,
content of character not the color of your skin let’s treat everyone fairly let’s live by the Golden Rule do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

[36:07] This is intersexualism day if you see intersexuals institutional racism are pretty much one in the same they’re just the flip sides of the coin,
and it’s not okay to have an Institutional racism of any kind it’s just not right.
So let’s not do it and there that’s why I said that about Sarah Jeong I think I’ve done enough I could go into about the newspaper making silly editorials that Trump is the enemy of the press yada yada yada,
but I mean yeah GIF shared with you between these two episodes The Press is doing for it destroying itself I mean damn thing.
Kill the trust of so much of the American people and people of various colors,
various beliefs various and Hunters everywhere they really have done a great job at killing their legitimacy,
just by themselves know how many of you out there would like to go travel and how many of you would like to visit your up and see the Great,
great cities of the old country I think I would you know if you have you want to pay for me to take a all-expense-paid trip to Europe and in Paris although thank you you can contact me at Pete and happy patch for.
Peter happy that’s where you’re. Net who is report from CNN this is Bonkers.
Paris tourist boys float down the river send its banks lined with iconic landmarks and historic Street.

[37:35] What is the new addition to the city of scenery that has many residents heaved it’s the view of a.

[37:44] City officials have installed open-air urinals 105 of the Notre Dame cathedral in places where public urination is a problem.
Many locals painting receptacles red and putting a flower box on them doesn’t do much to hide a very public privy.
Did you guys get that are open are your nose they look like they were designed for Target the basically trash cans
that European and their next to a bridged and all these years to pay for this guy using them and then there’s this boat full of tourists of the coaches looking at the guy.
It’s near the Notre Dame Cathedral I mean that’s almost in so I guess there’s a public urination problem.
Sun that gives your son as you mean wow that is,
that is awful that’s really gross I did you guys you guys have got to see the picture it’s great so you know how you know there’s a wheelchair on sides that pictures will this one is a guy.
He’s kind of dead in half is a little trickle coming out of his pants and.

[39:07] Awesome oh man maybe I should have that be the pictures of what I had to find picture for the last podcast I wonder if we should use the image for this half the
the soda use that you were at Troy,
and another article I found this almost just as weird as that one in Perry is this okay so this is from the Sky News that’s a UK news
I’m a conglomerate it’s a TV channel and News website Indian sailor strand on ship in Norfolk
for 18 months to fly home.

[39:40] And it’s this guy his name is Nick rastogi 43 is been living on the offshore supply vessel the malavia 20,
it was born in Great Yarmouth since February 2017 he was stuck there with three Cruise after the ship owners found the liquidation.
They had received their wages since last year. They would not get paid they left the ship because it would be considered a derelict which means anybody can take it over.

[40:06] The ship is now been arrested so they can remove it on for the sale.
Basically this guy was stuck on the ship for 18 months so what did he do when he was on the ship I have that question I couldn’t get ahead on what he ate.
But he said he spent a lot of time with his crew reading books they I perform drills did routine maintenance.
And they kept in touch with family via WhatsApp and looked out for markers of depression.

[40:33] He says here’s a fun quote your mind needs to be like a shark in that sense because if you stop can you sing can you start thinking about the situation then there’s no hope.

[40:42] And ever hopefully said lightning doesn’t strike twice so he is Keen to get back to working at see he says when he gets home I’m going to have lots of Indian food.

[40:54] Now back to you Glenn so,
this is a neat store in Egypt they discovered a nother so a second Sphinx statue,
now everyone knows the famous statue of the Sphinx with a broken nose you know what they just found a second one this is humongous a story about finding it
pallet jack.
Living egyptologist are a little stunned about looking into this question he said here’s a fun quote their friend that they find stuff under there it’s going to blow all their books and all their history out of the window.

[41:31] Wow that’s cool a second Sphinx man I don’t know a lot about Egypt ology probably no more or less than the average person.
But I have to die even understand that finding a second one of these things is a pretty big deal.
Now sadly it has been six months since the Florida shooting at the Parkland Florida high school was Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida,
six months there’s an article written by Kyle cashew fat the daily wire which is Miss probably the hottest conservative website right now at least with people my age the cool kids,
so they call us they cost the cool kids it’s pretty powerful emotionally,
and he talks about that basically the people that probably are responsible for the shooting besides Cruise himself you know the the sheriff’s the law enforcement individuals the bureaucrats.
Did they really haven’t seen much Injustice there hasn’t been a lot of punishment to them and you know they should be because an article that came out and this is August 6th.

[42:38] This a good time to share,
it’s apparently Nicholas cruise we knew that he had mental issues you know he was an orphan he probably had some other mental stuff going on we know for sure he did try getting help.
We know he went to the school and tried to get help and basically the bureaucrats ignored it or they made a mistake or the thrown under the bus.
So here I’ll just read this is reasons version article.

[43:07] This is more than a year before the shooting education specialist told Cruise was struggling that he should transfer the Cross Creek and alternative school for students with special needs,
according to report obtained by the Sun Sentinel.
Who’s bucks this recommendation shoes instead Stoneman Douglas under the Disco District policy he wasn’t still entitled to special needs assistance while it’s dumb and Douglas the school fail to provide him with the help,
and they say here that that was mastel’s or mistake number one another mistake happened,
couple months later when Cruise tries to decide your own cross because he’s not getting help she’s like okay I’ll try to Cross Creek and.

[43:46] Airport said that when he puts their port they’re supposed to give an they’re supposed to respond within 30 days but didn’t stab the district assistance despise 15-year records school system.
And the process to this could take 6 weeks and actually that processed it never began.
For new special needs elevation evaluation take place mr. Cruz first Henry enroll in Stoneman Douglas and administrator told cruise that was too late in the school year to take him back.
Last one that’s two that’s three I need three times a system really failed this guy.
And are any of those people going to lose their jobs the principles that chose not to follow up on them the counselors that didn’t deal with it properly the bureaucrats that allowed this kid to get rolled under the system now Nicholas cruise for what he did is evil.
There is no denying that it’s complete evil,
evil incarnate pray for the families have been affected by this and it is so sad but to say that they’re there was never any stepped of prevention
is a light there were steps to prevent something like this they just weren’t enforced they weren’t used time and again school officials law enforcement and that area
general area for bureaucracy just got in the way and refused to enforce rules of Law and general safe policy practices.

[45:15] And while we know the result. Does that say that cruiseone is done what he did if he had gotten help like he asked for.

[45:23] I don’t know I would ride hogtied would like to say so but I just don’t know but if there was a chance of preventing it that was it.

[45:31] They screwed up,
no unfortunately I didn’t see that report in very many places that story probably should have been everywhere because I disagree I remember the special of CNN,
if yes go in the media fervor on this new store and it should have been there in a point it should have been there because it was horrendous,
but that what we find out the real reasons why it wasn’t just evil guns at some of the guns evil influence
turn cruise into a killer know they’re stealing circumstances the failures of administration was just not looked into and when it came out it’s
basically has been ignored by the mainstream press and I mean it’s it’s awful you know if the mainstream press is ignoring unfortunately
and you think with all their Russia worried that they would cover this issue about,
yeah this is from Business Insider here is the headline Russia is quietly seizing territory in Georgia the country estate.
As it warns of a horrible conflict theory Asian country joins NATO so it’s saved the hear the bullet points 10 years after the two countries fought a short but deeply for man of war
Russia’s quietly seizing more territory on the disputed border with Georgia as it warms NATO against admitting to Tiny Eurasian Nation as a member state.
Next ballpoint this is a detrimental impact of many locals is the Russia back for ization split communities and let some joints to literally find their holds a Russian troll territory overnight.

[46:56] And at last bullet points they have your meanwhile rushing leaders a warrant NATO that ending Georgia could spark a terrible conflict.
Yep yep see Russia is not done trying to seize a territory right in the oven really babe never stopped and got out like the big tanks and have the big portion the news but they’re doing it.
They want it you know Putin is leading Russia and to try to reclaim as much of the Soviet Glory as they possibly can.
Putin is one of those people that believe the fall of the Soviet.
Empire was seen all the greatest tragedy that Russia’s had in centuries and this is just a follow-up attitude to that feeling and idea another interesting story kind of about civil rights as a flare-up between Saudi Arabia and Canada,
the Saudi Arabians had a lot of changes in the this summer playing let women drive and some other more Progressive reforms.
But one of the things that wasn’t so Progressive is that they arrested a blogger who it’s Saturday arrested this sister of a prominent Saudi Arabia.
Bloggers in CT knee then tweeted how it was concerned about what’s going on in Saudi Arabia including this woman Samar badawi.

[48:11] And how it started this big Jeff between Saudi Arabia and Canada and Saudi Arabia.
Is saying we’ll freeze on new business investment transactions with Canada and we’re pulling out all our students are both these articles I have on it from you sweet Godly enough
it says their cats are a bit cancel scholarship at 16,000 but students study in Canada and also ordered them to leave the country,
Define academic programs elsewhere so sorry and the.
What is going on there why are they having this fight and why wonder where that’s going to lead.

[48:48] I am glad that Canada is pushing against Ira this is what you know United States should be doing we should be pushing against the evils and dictators around the world and me we need to have more courage I think a many ways Trump is that guy.
I’m at times I think we’re meeting with Putin kind of came off feeling like he wasn’t I don’t know I don’t think he know he did turn around so I’m not totally sure about what the presents feelings
I do know that our military and many ways is still pushing back,
and so at least you’re for not publicly via the president pushing back against evil regimes and evil Acts
at least all the people in our government are Big Brother,
I am wow this is all that makes me feel like we’re living 1980 for a little bit,
YouTube so you’re the article from BuzzFeed news in the way they putting it is that this is a great thing and no that should scare The Living Daylights out of you.
Out of you if you’re interested in press freedom.
It’s still sorry about YouTubers fighting back against climate Miss information the company is trying to combat scientific missing formations platforms,
Wikipedia has been helping the stream platform describe topics like global warming the MMR vaccine and UFOs.

[50:05] Did they really need help with UFOs out there putting fact-checks to videos that question climate change and of course you know that YouTube gets to choose which ones they consider question climate change.
So they’re saying they’re adding blurbs a text underneath some videos about climate change which provided scientifically accurate explain.

[50:27] It is a new feature Falls you choose not to March that play subscriptions next two videos and topics that spur conspiracy theories adjust moon landing Oklahoma City Bombing was the moon landing in the Oklahoma City bombing.
Does that mean that see that’s the thing they don’t get the sensors get to choose what they consider worthy of censorship it isn’t you or me.
Dying of deeply skeptical of.

[50:53] The way they caught one of these days global climate change and global warming solutions to fix it so if I go okay so you’re worried about global climate change how are we going to stop.
And no one has a real idea of how to do that and you know turning everyone turning off our light bulbs you know what does nothing it will do nothing,
because we are being outpaced by India China and the rest of the world we’re not the only ones that want to industrialize yes we have a large percentage of industrialization to the population.
Other countries are catching up and they have more people.
You think China cares about pollution I mean they sometimes will say they care but their actions never follow through.
This is scary we do not need to see YouTube wants to say that it’s a free platform and at the users get to decide what’s worthy of watching this is not at this is big brother and you know waving their finger at you and tell you what’s real and what’s not.
This this really bothers me.
Email basically climate scientist Michael Mann like in YouTube’s new messaging and I’m being for the article again to the warning label on a pack of cigarettes warning this video may or may not be promoting actual facts about climate.
So you think I should be able to do this she should go to video and just tell you that this is BS you know I think about someone that’s curious and looks into alternate videos.

[52:17] You know an issue of environmentalism and climate change should there be the only only ones you is allowed and all the other views have to get the warning that this is akin to cigarettes and cigarettes not like pictures of people with cancer and how,
evil cigarettes are and I’m not defending cigarettes but are cigarettes again to having views.

[52:37] Opposite of what the mainstream press wants you to have of global climate change.
I mean wow that’s proof that’s 1984 that’s orwellian,
that’s I mean wow guys that’s dark that is dark I remember when you Google used to say that they were the company that would do no evil what did ever happened to that,
now I really move on if you guys can never see the outline here I’m going to move on to talk about what’s going on in China and then here in the United States owe in China some people knowing you need to look this up look up China social media government program Google,
and you get there’s loads of video so tell you about this but it’s this program basically we’re social media rules her life
and you only put on social media what the government wants to put you on you are judged by your other citizens you get a thumbs-up or thumbs-down if you get thumbs down,
10 year year is hard to get a loan it’s hard to buy a car it’s hard to get a house it’s hard to get anything and then you might get a visit on the knock of your door.

[53:38] From those of our local government and that’s another story here from Reuters from laboratory Far West China surveillance State spread so quickly.
Quietly I talked about this guy named Leo he says that you leave his iPhone and hook it up to here I’ll just the opening is enough.

[53:54] Philip Lee what 3 1 year old software developer from Beijing was traveling in the Far Western Chinese region of xiangjiang when he was pulled to one side by places he got the bus,
the officers chuckle use iPhone hook it up to a handheld device that looks like a laptop and told them they were checking his phone for you Legal Information reminds me of papers please.
And he said that such surveillance Technologies while they were testing laboratory in of Shame John are now quietly spreading across the rest of trying so what was now it looks like it’s me the future is now happening.
And I mean wow that’s that is really scary that the police stop you and they take your phone and they used the scan it.
I mean cuz you might have the wrong information on it but don’t want to have those on sponsored state facts about climate change.
Now but it is a just turn that you see you trying isn’t the only one that wants to push on us to civil rights the US actually has its own people are doing it but we’re just doing it so much more quietly and then less amounts.

[54:53] TSA administrator name David Perkowski came out and basically he says that the program called quiet Skies.
Makes an awful lot of sense and invasive his story he goes out he says that twice guys is awesome man you should love is quite sky’s the best program,
announced by the Boston Globe back in 2011,
it’s computer software that allows them to track by satellite and yes to fly Travelers cluding US citizens you can pose a threat but name but have not been accused of it may not have been accused of crime,
the aren’t on a no-fly list,
we’re going to track them anyways it’s like,
we don’t like the way you look we don’t like the cut of your jib so we’re going to follow you anyways that’s what quiet Skies is wonderful isn’t it.
It makes an awful lot of sense that’s what the head of a tick that’s when a TSA administrator says.

[55:57] Is any while I mean in this even the got this Democrat,
Senator Ed McCarthy sorry Marky and I am glad he says it’s good for him he says the definition of big brother and it’s an American should not be subject to this kind of violation of their rights,
this program raises serious privacy concerns
depending on what the criteria being used for selecting individuals to survey land cleanup necessity nationality race or religion the program may be unconstitutional we need answers about the program including if your rest are prevented terrible
peanuts nothing a little bit until this Democrat dog and little bit heavy on the word about the ethnicity or nationality,
I hate it I do it is just wrong I mean come on your break the law you have to decide one if I’m innocent if I’m living by the lock and you have no right to track me.

[56:51] It doesn’t matter if this program is a constitutional because the powers that be like it remember we have Republicans in charge and we just had Democrats in charge both sides are cool with this program,
they’re both cool with the Patriot Act,
you only get a loners out here like a marquee that speak up every now and then and I’m the you know you never certain if they’re only saying it because they’re not in power anymore.
That I hope it’s I hope I wanted to see him cuz I’m going to assume that Ed Markey of Massachusetts is a serious about the concerns about this.
I just wow you know on those TSA issues I do remember people complained about them during the bombing situation here on the right you know on the right wing say how wrong you are and they are still a problem.
And sell then you know it’s not just try out the US has some surveillance issues not nearly as severe as light years ahead in many ways of China when it comes to civil rights,
how many come stuff at freedom of expression word leaders in the world often.

[57:49] But I mean to say it were perfect and say that we couldn’t go Darkseid that’s not true either.
The truth is we need to watch out and when we have issues like this look like quiet Skies programmer civil asset forfeiture we need to,
nip it in the bud and end it before it can grow before we grow a culture where it’s okay,
what’s that fabulous Benjamin Franklin quote those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety.
Oh man that’s my Franklin what a rockstar that’s
that is the truth man we got a really got to watch out for that and I know I don’t think the quiet Skies has been reported on,
very much or added anything to TSA I think maybe they assume people aren’t that interested anymore. What the TSA is up to these days
I don’t know it seems like you know cuz cuz I’m 28 so I was alive when 9/11 happened and before 9:11 you could go to airports and there were not many blocks and I don’t judge people seem flights for sale.

[58:50] After 9/11 we put up off all the walls all the all the TSA agents look through your shoes and take your lotions and I’m beginning to think that since then we become so tired and so Jaden.
That we are now so cynical as a people about the issues of safety over Freedom like that Benjamin Franklin quote that we just don’t care we just don’t care anymore which is sad and that’s the problem with media bias guys
media bias does that to us it makes us cynical and makes his jaded as a people we get so used to be a virus that it divides us as a people.
And it makes us stop caring about issues that we really should be caring about.
When you have when you have me advice and you don’t do anything about you don’t acknowledge it you make fun of those that make sure that will appoint it out.

[59:40] You unbalance our society I think we become jaded and then what issues like a TSA we just feel well now the other guys I’ve been trolled ages or against it now cuz they don’t like Trump,
or all you know where the bed used to be they used to say that about you know we hated Obama Ergo everything related with Obama was wrong,
no I’m not ignoring and dealing with media bias Pro play practicing ethical,
standards of Journalism has not good for a sites not healthy no we need a well-balanced diet and maybe it should be the same for our media diet
have a healthy balance there too I want to say one way that we’ve all forgotten this you know we’ve how many of you still remember how that was in Puerto Rico.

[1:00:22] And remember there’s lots of playing that Trump was somebody blame for the fda’s failures I think all of us think collectively just forgot about it well it didn’t stop and the Puerto Rican government was forced to announce.

[1:00:35] Not too long ago August 9th is a story I have area it said that 1427 people died.

[1:00:43] 2017 final 30 2017 compared with the same period the year before that means round 1400 people died from the hurricane Maria.
That is 20 times higher than the official death toll publicly released earlier.
They had 64 they’d upgrade it to 1427 I mean and it in the.
Can I see if the air earlier I meant FEMA FEMA major major fail.
And we can you read those stories about how shipping containers that had medicine daily products food where that were being Supply were found rotting,
before I get the New York Times can we report that local Puerto Rican radio station found at the goods,
I had melted spoil them were covered in rat droppings in a parking lot of said went to Puerto Rico state election offices.

[1:01:35] I mean wow is that store your pretty much about I don’t think I am that’s sad that is depressing.
Some other stories I do know I have a bunch of material are we going to be able to get through all that we could talk about the fires are being set by burning star the fires of being set by migrant gangs.
In Sweden they’re putting fire bombs and cars and buildings all over the place it’s just kind of this Mass swab it seem it’s weird because it seems like all the same time.
I can’t talk about Alex Jones and why they matter so I think we talked about censorship a little bit and extreme but even Alex Jones deserves to have dessert if the prep for supposed to be free and open to all like we all want the internet to be a free and open platform.
Then you have to allow people like Alex Jones I just hope that viewers know better.
And that will but there are adults and people with brains are watching and that’s you know what you have to put it the responsibility on the people the platform is dead I mean responsible in that it allows stuff it doesn’t choose one side over the other.
Oh yeah it’s a healthy place for free expression but beyond that I don’t think they should sensor people like Alex Jones.

[1:02:44] But that’s what they decide to do and it seems coordinated and that’s kind of scary to me that so many companies according to take out Alex Jones the same time I do not like Alex Jones.
He’s my uncle he’s crazy he’s he’s Cocoa Puffs he’s not someone I would go to for information ever I enjoy watching videos that make fun of them.
Turn the frogs gay all that good stuff so I what am I going to end here on I think you slowly and on some happy stuff I just want to say that please.
Yeah sunfishes we talked about that you’re worried about so the fires in California that I mentioned the first episode talking about the people.

[1:03:23] That are suffering in Puerto Rico please keep them in their prayers I would say included people in South Africa South Africa is nuts right now I should probably do a whole episode on it I’m Robert and I are trying to find some South Africans.
To interview to hear their opinion because South Africa is now putting the Constitution that they’re just going to take the land from White Farmers Zimbabwe did this strategy.
And it led to intense violence they’re having intense violence South Africa right now that is particular white people are being murdered and I’m not saying that killing white people is worse than killing black people let’s just not kill any,
what is the rule of law and not allow people just to kill willy-nilly.
That’s what’s happening in South Africa and if they go ahead and with this plan and take the land from the farmers the people actually know how to farm it’s going to lead to mass starvation it’s going to lead to
big economic problems it’s going to be very devastating to South Africa so it’s like I said Zimbabwe try the same strategy,
they also it should point of Zimbabwe is also try this social strategy as is South Africa because it is that is Karl Marx or we take what’s right what’s with the bougeoir we give it to the proletariat,
we give it to the nice and rich people and give it to the deserving poor people we just do it it’ll be great,
guess what it doesn’t work well I know I would it’s a fantasy this take from the rich give to the poor strategy would work for Robin Hood to a point.

[1:04:53] But that’s it that’s pretty much where it where it ends government policy it does not work.
It’s is redistribution is Emit statism and restate is redistribution ism is the same thing as fascism.
Just because you’re not taking it from the Jews doesn’t make it any less evil than what the Nazis were doing at least that’s how I see it.
Well let’s and today with the high note we talked about the evil some Nazis well,
let’s talk about a really great story this is awesome you know this is the good side of me and when something goes viral and it’s amazing and.
Inspires people to do even more good that’s I mean that’s the awesome power of the internet and the forces for the forces of good so here’s a story from CNN which I dragged a little hard on but please listen to it and enjoy.

[1:05:44] This is Jack Ryan Edwards helping Jordan Taylor stock the shelves at a grocery store Baton Rouge,
is also someone who is on the spectrum of autism autism spectrum.
And his dad said it first that he just was mesmerized by what Jordan was doing and that’s when Jordan hasn’t would you like to help me.
Jack Ryan sister posted her dad’s video on Facebook in a response has been so heartwarming.

[1:06:11] If you go to flip the camera you would have seen his dad face it is said that all he was just so happy.
Is there true character and how many people are going to end up seeing you do that obviously you just out the kindness of your heart.

[1:06:32] How’s the baby.

[1:06:38] They’re going to help somebody else out.

[1:06:46] Palm Desert to the to stock shelves together for like a half hour how can I make you smile this morning major props is CNN for running that story,
that is just beautiful that’s right please if you have a chance serve someone else you never know who it might be watching but it’s not important who’s watching is important that you show love to your neighbor let’s all try to live those Virtues Of doing good to one another,
the Golden Rule as my mom always taught me to call it do you want to another as you would have them do unto you.
Well thank you today this is the happy warrior podcast I appreciate you taking your time and listen to both parts,
I wanted to make you some more full episode you know those daily talk shows they go,
3 hours off and there’s an hour to 40 minutes of content and we hit about 2 hours worth of content so we have more than one day of the 3-hour talk radio program – commercials.
Please keep in your hearts and your minds in your prayers those that need help,
please continue to do good thank you to our us,
military forces are military veterans and all those that have served our country make it a better place thank you to those journals and reporters who take their job seriously and treat the American people Their audience and himself with the respect that they should but try to be the truth tellers,
and help us to live better that model that Benjamin Franklin taught us to live.

[1:08:09] That’s it for me now you all have a good night folks until next time.