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The Happy Warrior Podcast, Conservative commentary on the news of the day from a more positive perspective. Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke.

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Happy Warrior Ep 020 Florida Sucks At Their Job

The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken


If you’ve been watching any media lately you might think we’re a nation on the brink.  Deep division with real issues does divide us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors and civil in our discourse.  Enter Peter Vaughn Pischke, our happy warrior host who wants to speak out for the right but do so in a positive way that builds up instead of tearing down.  Join him and producer Robert Mehling as they explore today’s political issues, with plenty of random tangents in between.


Segment 1 : Florida sucks at their job (national coverage)

Michael Knowles takedown!!!!

election takeaways

first N.A. governor


tons of coverage


majority of women don’t believe the Kavanaugh accusations

Synema winning?

nuts like bugs on your buttz

arsenic by bush

meth house and serve as an example




Rubio part 2

Insane history of gal in charge of elections


Go to my facebook page to read story about it. Jo Ann Cox, and candidate Tim Canova

afp version of Florida

Even after a judge rules them to stop and be examined the county refuses

gallium back tracks


Felons can now vote



dog loves mcdonalds

Llamas are our salvation


Segment2: South Dakota

Peeps trying to steal my election

Noem winning

solid essay by Stu Whitney

stats here about how close Sutton won



Side Note


Really annoyed when GOP women and Minorities get ignored


Kim is amazing and anyone would be lucky to work for her

barely mentioned

spectator is right on this one.

Awesome Video

amusement tax

Internet splitting?


Segment 2: Bad election Songs

Terrible Sutton Ad

Hillary theme song

ElizaBeth theme song

Now compare them

SJWs mad at violence against them, but not the rest of the violence

Triumph the Insult dog


Segment: 3 Whole Wide World

Finland version

Marilyn Manson version

stranger than fiction version (start at 1:00)




Censorship is growing

Wow that isn’t good

China Concentration Camps are growing

Boat shoots space missile

The sweet sweet songs of Panda Love

Secret Russian Military Bases


EU likes to ban things:

NYTimes makes case to arrest conservative speakers

Rate of innocent people convicted

drone subs

Facebook still being Facebook


on the 14th amendment

not good, bad Trump

Tanzania the pioneer of human rights

how corrupt schools embitter Americans over-time

Notre Dame considering blocking pornography, decent argument for this is made here

Must Read essay!

Unintended Consequences

pamela Anderson isn’t the most woke person ever

kotaku actually does some real journalism, crazy

Lincoln Day Dinner 2018

This year is my first time attending a Lincoln day dinner.

The Last Sutton vs Noem Debate

Finally, the South Dakota Governor debate bonanza is over.
On Tuesday, October 29th over at the Sioux Falls Downtown Rotary Club Billie Sutton and Kristi Noem finished the last of three debates that have taken place in less than a week. Many South Dakotans did engage in watching the first of these debates on KELO television, none watched round 2 since it was on SD PBS, and just a ribbon of politically connected folks watched today’s but only because of the delicious Hors d’oeuvres provided by the rotary club. I am jesting a bit here, of course, there were probably a hundred or so folks watching online too. Plus, whoever works on the campaign, plus there are the employees of the rotary club…
As stated by probably anyone with half a brain in politics: these debates don’t matter very much. Yes, they do have some impact, and perhaps contain the potential to be tremendously powerful if a candidate messes up. Soundbites for radio commercials and all that. Which is exactly what almost happened to her during round 1 of the debate. Why Noem felt it would be wise to attack the guy in the wheelchair and compare him to a geriatric senator from Vermont; I do not know. If a winner had to be called last Tuesday night, it was Sutton.
Well, it seems that over the course of the last two debates that Representative Kristi Noem learned her lesson and decided to adopt the pleasant and peaceful (not to mention boring) debate performance of her competitor. For Noem, this is the smart play; as Sutton needs negative soundbites more so than Kristi. Moreover, to her credit, Kristi kept her cool and acted the role of politician well until just near the end. If you want to know what I’m talking about, please go to the video by KSFY at 54 minutes and watch the candidates ask each other a question. Noem got so very close to screwing it all up. Despite that mistake I still must give the victory over to Kristi Noem since she met the goal of staying chill and overall, I found her to be more specific about what policies she would enact as governor. Something that team Sutton might want to work on when speaking with people this week (hint, hint).
With only a week away til election day I have to say that the race is much more competitive than most experts predicted (including myself). There is real and distinct possibility that we will be seeing the end of a 40-year GOP streak of living in the governors, However, in many ways, South Dakota is still Republican territory, and that advantage does roll in Noem’s favor. Who wins this election at this point is anyone’s guess?

Noem wants:

Balanced Budget Amendment
Internet for small towns
Reform assistance programs, so they help provide economical betterment opportunities.
More agriculture programs at SDSU
better train School boards and adjust the revenue formulation
eliminates the need for student remedial courses. She pointed out only 25% of students graduate in 4 years, 50% in 6 years.
Noem is against IM 25 (the cigarette tax)
Supports the death penalty in rare circumstances.
Wants to support law enforcement and turn around crime rate.
Wants more transparency in government, no confidential government meetings in most circumstances
Reporter Shield Laws
No confidential settlements for S.D. politicians
With the advice of law enforcement, she wouldn’t be against removing the felony for illegal drug use
More drug treatment options for public and county jails
Choose more conservative judges that reflect S.D. values
Habitat initiative (look it up on her website she says)
More wildlife and hunting licenses to pay for environmental cleanup efforts.
No expansion of gambling operation on reservation land
The state should mainly pay for law enforcement for the Keystone pipeline
Supports Jason Ravnsborg for S.D. Attorney General

Sutton wants:

Also wants to balance the budget
More early childhood education investment
More training for at-risk youth and to lower student/teacher ratio in smaller school districts
More dual credits and needs-based scholarships
Also against IM 25
Is against the death penalty, but says he will stand by the law of the land
Openness on emails and keep all state records forever in the databases,
Also wants more transparency in government
End felony for drug use in S.D. (only state where it is still a felony)
Use a qualifications committee to decide judges
Support Bumper strip legislation
Work with the DNR and industry for protecting the environment and regulations
No gambling expansion also
Also wants the state to help counties pay for law enforcement
Supports Randy Seiler for S.D. Attorney General

Happy Warrior Ep 018 The Insane Episode


The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken


Segment 1: M Word! Part Deux

Yup, it is pretty dangerous stuff

Witchy, Wishy, Witches

Full Video

Funny Stuff


Segment 2: We have gone Loco in the Cabasa

Article I’m reading from

Washington Post Advice Segment that is Hillarious,


Daily Wires version

Slots version

Its wrong when the GOP does it 2

Nicky Haley is pretty funny

Civility via the Libertarian way!


Bonus Segment:

True Evil!

Insurance denies coverage but pushes Euthanasia



Bonus Links:

Black Panther Madness

Brilliant essay by Williamson

Way to go Tea Party Patriots and the “ultra-right”

Wow, that is an awful candidate

False Accusations never happen

Disenchantment season 2 is coming!!!

Calvinball politics

Reason video on Supplements


Machine Transcript
[0:23] Hello again everyone this is the happy warrior podcast this is your host Peter Von Pischke here again with you to discuss what’s going on in the world,
news what’s going on in the world of the United States of America what’s going on in your own little world inside your head,
I am flabbergasted as I make this podcast.
Michael Knowles is going to be on in town on Thursday so I apply I’m thinking of him what I make this episode Michael if you’re listening to this call me,
putting that aside I am flipping out of my head I mean I’m just losing my mind.
So since I put out the last podcast episode which by the way thank you for all the positive responses to it I know there was more material I could have covered about the mobs I skip the antivist stuff in Portland where they accosted the old man you just want to drive his car.
There was a mob it’s there a couple mob thing since then protesters attacking people restaurant,
people on the left and right by the way gain the faces of politicians not letting him speak now I’m laying the move not like anyone listen,
just Saul Alinsky mob tactics just nuts just flipping.

[1:37] Bug on their butts nuts hard to believe hard to believe it here’s the thing that got me fired up okay here’s the thing that got me fired up.
No one on either side is hardly willing to genuflect no one on either side is willing to say okay.
We need to calm down we need to cool things off we need to stop talking past each other and start talking to one another over the weekend I had an awesome chat with a guy named Nick Weiland he’s a politician here in Sioux Falls
cool guy he ran for city council this year at same time frame for school board,
is on as far right as I am Ultra right as Jezebel puts it he’s on the leg,
we had we have awesome conversations from time to time,
and we were talking about the stove sociology and how they use that sometimes to justify politics when we were talking about you know the value of why are there more people on the left are in colleges.
And it was just saw conversation Nick is a good guy and I disagree with him but he is a good man,
and you can do that that’s how our society should be okay we could be ultra Ultra right in those Ultra left as we want and we should be able to just be able to talk,
we should be able to chat we should be able to learn from one another find where our values and ideas cut together for the intersect find where the concerns we have intersect and start there.

[2:59] Okay they do exist I know it’s hard to believe but there are things you know we’re both sides are in a y fact I would say most things were actually,
together on it’s just we disagree about how to get there we know we both want to take good care of the plant you know we just disagree with what measures should be taken to reach that goal we both are against mass shootings well he feels that we guns are too permissive,
I think gun laws are too stringent you know but we are both want to get to that same place where the schools are sick.

[3:31] This goes back event venue I ran for school board in l y start this podcast be cut the happy warrior,
how did the experiences I had and I share them with Robert as they can to me
are people attacking me and claiming how violent and dangerous I was if you know me I can barely you know get out of the bed
basically I’m not really a danger to anyone but I was inside I was insane violence I was a danger I this grandma
they can stalk my Facebook stuff and says you are you’re making unsafe for my grandchildren please don’t come.
And I thought that was insane was like look I’m okay with the March for Life people protesting I disagree with them let them protest and I’ll have my little thing here on the side.

[4:17] And why just have different views you know I bought 2 boxes of donuts I gave those donuts to the March paralyzed protesters and save any for my side no I tried out constantly keep it in a peaceful.
Compassionate Circle because I love the Second Amendment and one of the reasons why I love is like members because I love the Bill of Rights.
I love via Enlightenment I love the Declaration pencil Constitution.
The Bill of Rights was starting with the First Amendment are such a phenomenal change you know there’s the two thousand year leap fantastic book I recommend you all read.
I’m the basically that points out that society and Technology they drastically no jumped into this last 200 years it’s amazing what games was made as human cry and that can all be linked back.
To the Declaration of Independence the Constitution and the Bill of Rights okay Civil Society in the United States of America is this
we talk to one another we have differences we shake hands at the end of the day and we be friends we can go to the diner did the dinner table and joke and talk about our families talk about what we enjoyed on Netflix talk about our dogs
you know things that we all have in common.

[5:27] What shocks me an ink and you can’t get my head over this I’ve seriously flabbergast a little worried a little worried for a country,
I know Facebook it is not quite the den of scum and villainy that Twitter is Facebook I’m just talking about.

[5:49] I’m sorry I have my volume up with Facebook does saying Free Speech what they’re doing the Free Speech right now it’s disgusting,
I’m talking about my fellow South Dakota is my fellow midwesterners you know my Facebook friends it’s scary,
scary now I do try on Facebook today I did too I tried harder not to be so flamboyant in my right a wreck because I know it causes people to stop thinking,
but I was very fair in the so what got me going what got me going today well I’m over there was in the year times yesterday.

[6:25] An editorial that’s really scares me it’s nuts the word it’s scary it is scary because the New York Times also sometimes called by its nickname The Grey Lady.
4 years until about 10 years ago was pretty much every single news organization in the country.
Turn of the New York Times just reported whatever the New York Times at prioritize often just using the same verbiage stealing the language and it is close to plagiarism as they possibly could but ukulele TV news media organizations
still do this okay so what then your time says what do your time pushes out as important and what’s okay.
Has reverberations.
Out in the rest of the country okay did you all understand what the New York Times says matters as much as we have issues of the New York Times,
dolphin what what’s our time says matters okay it doesn’t matter if you’re conservative you have to face the fact they are relevant they have some relevancy still.
So I think we can all agree hopefully on that.
Your * published this is called count me among the m word no count me among the mob hits by Charles and blow opinion, this this was a leading editorial to this it wasn’t the conservatory of the high in the back okay I’m just going to read some from it.
He says one thing that fine profoundly disappointed about modern liberalism.

[7:52] And he just like what what is the problem modern liberalism is it too much light does not appeal to send Chris borders.
Is it to Parson what what is it what’s the problem with modern liberalism.
A particular that stands which it is reactive governed by what is being done to it rather than its own positive vision,
it’s true that Donald Trump is on not only antithetical liberal values he is antithetical to most American values and as such limiting his power,
limiting the duration of stinger of Paramount concern apple absolute urgency,
remember that underline there at the end Paramount concern absolutely Regency so we kind of started out maybe saying that we need to go forth with a power Powerball and positive message not be wrecked.

[8:35] Therefore resisted here’s where the kicker is there for resisting what Trump represents going to central point of moral rectitude in Ultimate patriotism ultimate.

[8:44] Never be right there altimate resistance is reaction to Trump that can’t be the sum total of one statement of principles you must be driving toward a concept of what you want this country to become and not just driven by a fear what the country could descend into.
Liberal enthusiasm can’t Hensel and prospects for overwhelming Victory due to cancer lethargy and say the same we can’t just win because the conservatives are lazy.

[9:07] It feels he hasn’t could be a highly fluctuate variable in a political cycle the only through Z as we can control is your own all campaigns are to some degree and a couple of public manipulation hopefully this is good but offered to the air,
30 ways to drive turnout excitement or incitement orders can you to be anime by Hooper fear optimist.
Optimism ranks he is completely right there that it was are the some of the strategies on the table how are we going to get voters excited to come out and vote for us because people don’t show up and midterms usually,
usually whatever power has whatever whatever a party has control the presidency the opposite price could be more energetic when it comes out to vote in the midterms.
Okay that’s just that’s generally how political analyst look at.
What position is the use of fear scared by Russ Prospect should Democrats take control of both House Representatives and a senate Trump’s campaign in like crazy trying desperately to Stars based action.
And you know what’s the easiest way to do that a stroke it’s Ingrid appeal to the same misogyny here we go the verbage misogyny racism.
Nationalism and insecurity misogyny racism nationalism and insecurities okay they hate women they hate minorities.

[10:23] Nationalistic which is a veiled push to saying that we’re like.
Hitler you know that’s a fact that they use nationalism what they really sing is that it work towards fascism okay and insecurity that carried in the White House okay we’re scared,
we’re scared
where where I’m comfortable their cells were scared in a campaign stops keep saying that he’s on a ticket but State look like she’s doing about the candidates but about him is supporters and and whether or not the dark vision of a diminished America but he is Usher dating Will Survive.

[10:54] It last we could be talking points Santa selection be about Kath now Caravans Law and Order and Common Sense.

[11:01] So Trump is saying okay he’s push it so I’m not Caravans Law and Order and common sense so Kevin was about the Supreme Court Justice,
stuff and all the craziness around Caravans about the illegal immigrant Caravan starts happening right now we’ll see how it goes Law and Order and common sense I think everyone wants his last Parts but they’re saying that Trump wants us to go to this safe place.
First the defense of Japanese of Justice Pratt time out there publicly attacking describing and diminishing the women who accused of sexual assault is to me a clear expression of misogyny.
What was the habit of not believing the women who accused of sexual assault position that probably comes natural again because he is Accused himself second he is trying desperately to elevate immigration spring issue again.
This is an essay Target for this is easy target for Trump is base because any caps like you sent me that’s Presley articulating it America’s being invaded overrun by people who are not white and not European which wrist the major it’s American Heritage again I point to the language.

[12:03] White people’s control this country is in danger and under salt and must be defended and protected at all costs.

[12:11] Okay so they’re saying they’re on the right that they are scared of minorities and they’re scared with women they’re scared of falling out of power which.
Peter on the demographics of saying I know that is not true cearley for the fact that were still 70% + white majority Nation.
Make that since you that that’s supposed scenario impossible.
Not that there isn’t any racism assaggio in the world just that I’d that’s not the driving influence on people that they’re worried about but I digress.

[12:49] The rather than using words like white supremacy Nationals but he uses proxies like Law and Order border walls and infestations now he wants to Casa liberals and Democrats as mobs.

[12:59] Did he even went as far as saying Democrats free small absorb Republicans produced so stupid.
. the right is actually,
evil the right is evil to hate women that hate minorities that you’re going to lose their power they’re using institutions know all the evil things that the right said about the bombing stration
March Bridge actually was true now all of it but much of which was true there’s now saying that the right is doing that
I’m not doing it because we’re evil Trump is evil.
Conservatives are evil and the the government that passes for values are evil.
Okay so he’s saying that there is a great Satan fit dessert that’s the language that Iran likes to use the great Satan that’s course America they’re saying the right is the great Satan.
Well if it’s a great saying what do you think that justifies.

[13:57] Okay if you say one side is the archetype for evil what you think that justifies guys.
But count me among the mop if that means people to stay in opposition to Trump’s degradation the country in all ways that the mob stands up for women stands up for the National Rifle Association I want in the mob hates corruption loves increasing diversity country than it is for me
my friends are the four at the during the same week and became clear watch the post, so I’ve been killing the Saudi Arabian consulate Trump praised American politician salt a journalist which he did
then yes yes yes to the Mob make no mistake from strategy will work he now knows people respond very well is never stop lying to them
they are family feast to get on a hatred and intolerance.

[14:41] Now that should dampen liberal enthusiasm for softened liberal resolve you want this country to be.
Can not subject to the whims of trump as base this election did all that follows mon long about reactions but about realizing.
We must conceive of the country we want Drive relentlessly toilet not because we are Thunderstruck but sheer immorality again.
That has risen the Pinnacle of power because you know that powers and fact possession of the people and democracy we both both can we both harness it and assertive.
Can we both harness power and assert power.
Trump is going to be dropped stop playing by his rules don’t want to dictate the terms of debate let him call you whenever he likes he says you’re part of mob so be it.
Set up with some future blondes America looks absolutely nothing like Trump’s America so the article does he does try to do these very slim like don’t don’t be naughty now,
but if you really was concerned about that he would it be painting the right is evil and then saying that we need to email basically he’s going as far as saying.

[15:40] Any means necessary to justify the ends we want which way the way he says here to what is it,
it says about the Democracy possession of the people and democracy they can both harness it and I started about power scary so what what do they say about large groups of people I just want power to enforce their will.
Mop that is the blacks the right we’re in the French Revolution,
the French Revolution diverge from the American Revolution in several important ways but one of it was that we put not just for Republican government in the United States is Republican Revolution
okay we wanted freedom but it wasn’t this full-on out in your rule of of the mop okay it did is a straight-up democracy.
France did not have that the French Revolution start out going for a republic,
the French did not want it they wanted straight up democracy to tocqueville look up to tocqueville history after the American Revolution it’s almost more fasting this time,
during the American Revolution because the French King and tocqueville another French leaders really did try to create a constitutional monarchy.

[16:50] I need a republic they really did go out for the sea base is Monarch has no power you guys can the Republic let’s do it and it just blew out of control the French Revolution lead to full blast came the guillotine out bald heads.

[17:04] That’s what this thing leads to guys political violence okay political violence is a flame that if start it is almost impossible to put out.
Okay it doesn’t lead anywhere good name one place where political violence with the mobs ended up well.
No you can’t name it because every even every nation that uses this to gain independence that Nations fall in disrepair and high huge huge levels of violence huge levels of sexual assault huge levels of poverty and Corruption.
We here in the Western World United States of America are not immune to the effects of a political of political violence we have had political violence in our history okay erase rights and so on I mean it in a good time for that.
Weird stablished I think in the Civil Rights Movement 1950s and 60s by led by course the wonderful MLK Jr Martin Luther King jr.
That simply came to civil distance for civil violent civil dissidence wins out by large margins to to change things towards the good okay so even as a policy of violence isn’t effective
what is effective is it’s good at destroying lives,
play the violence is wonderful destroying institutions at destroying peace it’s wonderful at making people afraid turning are turning up the levels of enmity in our heart making us hate one another.

[18:32] Trump over the weekend did make a stupid joke about a senator that was a center amp congressperson.
The Hat body slam reporter it was a stupid thing to say Trump during his campaign often did Porsche just kind of insinuated that may be attacking the media was alright.

[18:52] Campus crusade in the mirror is the enemy of people again not good here’s the thing.
People on my side aisle are willing just call out Trump when he says stupid things.
Okay this is an important distinction Sea-Doo I ever went do it no the Sean Hannity’s of the world will never do it.

[19:12] But the Ben Shapiro’s The Glenn Beck’s the Steven Crowder’s.

[19:18] Dave Reubens I mean all kinds of classical liberals Libertarians and conservatives are willing to say Dad is not right.

[19:26] That is not right it’s not good to a political violence is not good it won’t get you the NZ want and all I will do is cause chaos and destruction and hurt,
I know this sounds long-winded but I have to tell you exactly and strong terms why political violence is wrong and not just because it destroys everything it touches because it doesn’t lead to good ends.
What came out of the French Revolution was it freedom.
It did not turn out well for them did it.
Alright so hopefully now you understand why I feel so strongly on this issue I love this country I love family members are on the left of the family members on the right.

[20:11] K i can love Democrat I read Democrat books I read left his books right now I’m reading all the lies my teacher told me it’s a great book written written in the 1990s about how textbooks were to Pro American
and we hide the negative bitter history of our country and he,
and I did because in your does have good points to bring out about how we need to look at me now both the positives and negatives of our history.

[20:40] I’m not going down that rabbit hole I’m just saying that you know it if it helping you should we listen and we talked to both sides and we learn from both sides okay that’s what we want to do that’s the idea,
that’s that’s what we had you know in the American Revolution We Are Cray the Constitution we had the federalism papers that they aren’t to federalism papers,
can we discuss things on civil terms and we figure things out what came out of that what came out that great today while the Bill of Rights the Constitution United States.

[21:13] Can we had syncretism between the two parties that led to amazing amazing things.

[21:20] So why go got me fired up well I tried as soon as I read this I blew a gasket was like what the fetch,
why would you ever ever say Albright Enticer with the tile count me among the mob that wasn’t satire.
I said well all right then left us get out your pitchforks and torches the New York Times says it’s okay then it must be right,
this is insanely dangerous rhetoric it’s wrong with President Trump says anything like this not because he is Trump but because political violence is wait for it.
Evil now do you think that was taken yeah social me I forgot the number one rule of social media is don’t feed the trolls.
And of course I’m not going to say the P names of the people that wrote this but I will write their responses and you can see what God got me so fired up.
The first one can you quote what you deem is a Stanley dangerous rhetoric from the article,
okay so then I go to the easy one will count me among them all if this means people snap his issue Trump’s degradation contouring always the mob stand up for women is NRA I want it if the mob hates corruption loves increasing diversity this country than is for me.

[22:29] This is establishing the idea that any ends justify the means because the Trump admin is evil but I’m in the basal that’s a summary of the article right.
It’s wrong with conservatives think this way too by the way political violence is a dangerous precedent that can quickly get out control ask the French how their Revolution went,
okay course here was here was the answer the answer and apply was of course wasn’t oh you bring up a good point that you know I agree,
that’s what I was hoping I get,
I need part of me knew that this was a dare and that this lady was being insincere but a girl for it because over the weekend I had such a nice conversation with,
next I thought maybe people are more open to different ideas and stuff and we can reach a good common place here was the response was just all whataboutism.
Trump Press online for body-slamming a reporter his encourage violence against reporters calling them An Enemy of the State.

[23:22] Where was I at this team’s you when his rhetoric doesn’t and don’t tell me it does you are silent.
You see everything wrong with Society the only call the violence in those paragraphs or through your orange stained glasses.
Here’s my response I’m not certain what we disagree here we both find political violence wrong we both don’t like Trump saying anything like that again wrong,
the problem is is that I’m going to say Trump can be wrong but that you are willing to call your side either ends justify the means ideologies very destructive,
it is a fire that isn’t easy to put out that’s why we need to tell both sides of cool off,
take a breath and stick their Democratic Norms okay course then reply was your interpretation is that what it is said which is a stretch of best entrup openly graphically term says that you are so I really thought that even though we disagree at least a free thinker,
my mistake well friend of mine course came out and I appreciate him trying to send me or he dead who sang I’m a free thinker and the nice guy thank you two are in 11 C,
11c for doing that his neighbor of mine actually lives just not too far away from me very nice guy by the way.

[24:33] If you’re there was some more whataboutism,
you know someone said well you spend them though into the Weber think of the left is inside political violence of extremist conservatives are plenty and political bonds to become inside the presents words have repercussions going down there a ghost in call me the mob
I want to sing snowing sign political violence it is a turn as being thrown around like answer me yeah you’re doing with the Russians want.
Dude you don’t want this ass on your public record without your rent a wreck yourself you’re both like me and you please you’re in for the Russians hand stand up for Americans please now I could say to that person.
That well. That was a threat but I’m not going there because I am just trying to do what’s right I leave the consequences there.
Maybe it’s right in the long term that it’s wrong because maybe some job offer if I’m ever well enough to even hold down a job will get tone for me but hopefully all this is worth it.
Of course the errands talk about well you know, about colleges about the shooting of Steve scalise I mean to be ignorant of this and then it’s not very fair to say Pete is eating from Russian hands.
And they just go on and on and on.
So that is how I know it took half an hour I know this is a diatribe after all of this I talked to Robert and I was like I’m just so flipping first frustrated he’s like man they’re just all screaming at each other.

[26:00] He’s right so here’s the thing.

[26:04] Zack editorial was as close as you could get to call out for for political violence that was as close as you can get without your skin right behind the lies and just saying go for it.

[26:15] We have got to cool things down I mean it I this is maybe I’ll an add-on to last week’s episode but we have got to cool things down.
Okay this is insane how can we be at this point this is dangerous you think guys that we use this rhetoric.
That after the midterm elections doesn’t matter who wins what.
That things are going to calm down that we are just say Okay elections are done we didn’t actually mean all those things we said I mean it’s all good now.

[26:45] No this is just going to get worse because we can establish that it works.
We’ve established that we were Justified because the other side is evil the other side is Satan the Great’s and that’s what Iran says about us they say it because it justifies any and all measures against us including terrorism.

[27:07] This is not good link again I go to Abraham Lincoln quote from the Bible who quote from the Bible A House Divided cannot stand.
Our house is divided against itself please let’s back this train up turn around and go the other direction make peace make love,
now wasn’t that the thing in the sixties free love what’s make free love with one,
make peace,
okay we all love Marvel movies I mean dummy we all love Disney movies we all love you know our kids our dogs are family you know our grandparents we have so much more common than we do.
Differently so let’s just please turn this boat around I beg you I’m on my knees I’m begging you please.
People on the right people on the left.

[28:02] Calm down traded speak kindly to another try to use reason like the Thomas Jefferson quote I love put reason firmly in her seat.

[28:11] You know go that route and I’m telling you you guys if there are people around this is what we do it’s okay if we get in people’s faces
NBA protest them at restaurants near they’re doing it to us you know this is a disagreement I have with a conservative group that is around here a lot mericans for Prosperity they teach their people,
basically you how do you solve and skeet Act.
Okay because well the left uses it it seems effective why not copy and now I don’t know for certain that They’re copying all the brutal parts of the selenski philosophy.

[28:45] But it isn’t right when with we do it that’s that’s the whole,
Benton solid ski is wrong not because he was doing it for leftists and for socialism and fascism and statism themselves.

[29:01] Oh yeah yeah it’s just crazy I just going to lose my head up okay okay let’s move on.
You need a list of this clip is the newest package from Reuters it’s going to blow your mind assistant,
new story I’ve heard in awhile I mean man we are living in an alternate reality.
Donald Trump is present and then we have this all right let’s go ahead clip 1 witches at Anoka,
store in Brooklyn New York over the weekend.
Not for an early Halloween party but the cast of curse on the newly confirmed US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh,
holy crap,
where does it gets better Melissa Madera of Catlin.
Does one of the organizers of Saturday’s event and said the ritual was an act of resistance and resilience,
Rage of the community following the hearing with dr. Ford and a Cavanaugh confirmation and we wanted to give people a.

[30:09] To engage in a little bit of like direct action through spirituality with us.
Live streamed on Facebook and Instagram was one of the most popular event the store has hosted since it opened in 2013.
Including spells aim did President Trump it’s a Witch Hunt.

[30:33] You’ve been doing it for that long he’s been president for 2 years I’m going to say guys I don’t think it’s working outside the bookstore.
Counter hex is around the country by those hoping to undo the Brooklyn coven spell.
You got that right this pink took Firebase basically there’s came out there like I want to do it too and then of course theologians game I was like this is devil worship,
our own messes encounter,
devil worship stop the devil worship is no proof is Mark’s but stop it in it which I mean I’m not I’m not
Trump still president anime look like the GOP is going to hold Senate possibly the house,
I just don’t like it don’t think it’s working.

[31:47] Well the video and reports will save it don’t worry guys if you missed out on this you cannot join in on November 3rd November 3rd you can get on your computer and live and one live stream you can cast Texas we Catland books,
I just imagining giant furry cats casting hexes on like mice or something,
I think I’ve lost my mind I think I’ve lost it it’s it’s gone it’s dead it’s gone I’m crazy.
There’s no way we’re going to seriously,
cancel it okay before I got to play some audio of this the ceremony is just nutty. It’s it’s actually pretty fun you guys should watch it bring some popcorn
watch the minutes so Bonkers it is really bonkers.

[32:45] You know what I’m just going to I’m not going to skip that I’m going to move on to different and
maybe not as funny but just as crazy things that came out this week that I have soon as I read them I was like,
first article by the way did any of you see this piece by The Babylon bee it just caught,
oh I see it and it’s called CNN piece on parents of Journalism feature next to article examining Trump’s eating habits no joke this website,
I like the onion bulb it more Christian oriented.

[33:28] It is still it’s funny has journalism is the last remaining Guardian democracy I’m right next to it is an article that says top stories just in Trump ate a Big Mac.

[33:39] It’s so funny I love that I love it that is great,
okay so where should we start where should we start okay I’m going to go this Washington Post piece they came over and so you guys know the ask Caroline that you know it’s kind of an ass can calling people.
Sending letters about their life’s woes and dramas their drama llama their llama drama llama.
Llama drama the only caveat for this Washington Post pieces because it’s behind a paywall so it’s a little difficult for some of you to get to it,
I only listen to other people read it so I’ve gone to daily wire article,
I bet it’s kind of funny it says playground drama is the anonymous advice Secrets describe told hacks about a group of moms with daughter to gather at a local playground at the same time each week There’s No designated girl timer boys time at the playground remember,
there’s no way that you can rent this park okay but this mom decided I out just she just decide that.
Dress playground time with the fall the glutes all the moms and all the girls this was a girl’s time at the playground only no boys allowed well guess what happened a mom showed up.
Guess what oh my gosh she came with a defective girl sometimes called a boy and she’s like.

[35:02] If she comes back is there a better way I can approach her she didn’t she says I like how the daily wire put this the mom asked the mother of the little boy nicely if she thought if she would take her future Patriot arkla present and get the heck out of there.
Naturally the other mom did not agree and seemed angry at the woman’s request well yeah i b p o 2,
and here’s this is it this is from the wash Post article I read this excerpt from the article if she comes back is there a better way I can approach her.
This is been such a sweet time for moms and daughters going to having a boy there is naturally going to change things we live in a world where boys get everything on girls are left with the crumbs
I would think this mom would realize that she seems to think her son is entitled to crush this girls only time I know I can’t legally keep her from a public park,
who can I appeal to her better nature.

[35:58] That is awesome that is awesome yes the patriarchy that’s right the patriarchy was like.
I see I see women.
Little girls playing a playground Cinebarre better boy yeah ruin it for them women of course they have to have all the crumbs.
Do you just not it’s not that we just like this is a public playground I saw kids Mikey wants both kids learn play.
Are men are little boys little girls do they play differently yes but there’s no way you could bad people for the public park my gosh,
Insanity it seems to be Downstream from culture,
in her defense,
she said you’re crazy lady she’s just showing off the mom and her boy was terrible and justifying it as a cosmic correction for which it isn’t child Bears the weight and still trying to do this even after you’ve had time to think about it.

[37:06] He said that the little boy had feelings and she and he might even display better girl Behavior than some of the girls.
The boy’s mother is a woman who seems to be the mercy the same crumbs advice Seeker mentioned a man just wanted to spend time with other moms at the park.
Hello this is a beautiful life and if you’re going to accuse anyone of being entitled then ask yourself who just asked the world to Ben to whom.

[37:30] Yeah yeah that is awesome I love that that is,
that is all that is fantastic I hope Robert if you listed this that was awesome you got to talk to some of the other podcast Zach trash would enjoy that I think Zach,
Christina Hoff Sommers the equity feminist who I’m a huge fan of.
She wrote my God Jerry feminism. Getting little boys hanging with no boys allowed sign a public playground yeah that pretty much sums it up
it sums up where to go for ask Caroline for pushing back on that,
that’s just nuttier than a bowl full of peanuts I mean in a fruit cake.
That’s fantastic I love that I love that affected boys that often and education and with children when boys don’t display the same behavior or before I’m exactly like girl still there looked at is being defective.
I’m just called boys are sexually defective little girls.
And that’s what I’m I’m making a reference to cuz basically saying that boys they ruined everything and we can have a boy here the girls are at child.

[38:48] And dammit.

[38:52] What do you think that is crazy I’ve got to cure this next article this one is just as good if not better,
alright so it’s read this one it’s from Slate’s called The Rage of all women that uses a word that you can say on radio,
my common slur I just want to let you know you know if you think of the Netherlands and Dykes we’re going to be talking about that word so if you want to warn your kids or turn down the volume.
I understand okay so I just read it.
Best advantage of podcast is a don’t have to worry about the FCC coming after me man-hating Dykes the worst thing you can call a lesbian in the butt in the me-too era it’s time to reclaim.

[39:33] And it’s about Manning. This is more about the hysteria and inanity that women are facing lately.
I think because we I’ll start here because my break have enough stuff we have now is established that women are fragile week.

[39:48] Beings made of glass to shatter easily they can’t handle any drama that can’t handle any stress.
Everyone is being sexist all all the time they have we had know when they were going to have relations when you have a 5 page contract pulled out.
I mean there are apps that you can download right now that that have a consent form that you and your significant other can fill out before you,
da do the horizontal Mambo we’re going back to the Victorian days of fainting couches we really are.
It’s embarrassing when I read this to you guys.
In the wake of the cabinet hearings Dyke friend in her twenties posted that real talk she doesn’t like men I hit the button what the like button super fast feeling secret have been sort of guilty about it.
She come to the same radical queer trans circles that came up and in that click I felt relieved acknowledge an obvious truth,
most men treat women like something less than human with their accidentally or on purpose and that means it’s hard to like.

[40:49] Men are mean to women they figure some human and so women can’t like men they’re hard to like.
Audrey sleeping scan the men coming into my work PlayStation Same by the way if you do this you need to see a psychiatrist I’ve been scanned a man coming into my work place wondering it’s just wait by the way.
Coming into my workplace wondering about their histories of sexual assault is he a rapist what about him,
where does he fall on the creep scale it was an old impulse they returned it Force the nation.
Debated just how many other husbands brothers and Sons were perpetrators given that one and three American women this is a fall statistic that gets pedal everywhere at one and three American women experience sexual,
violence in their lifetimes Republicans insisted that member the ones you should be afraid while when they’re recalled that everyday heroin ways we reroute Our Lives to void assault every day we are like every single day.
My woke male co-workers made the me to jokes as it the whole thing was a funny spectacle it was enough to make me want to stop talking to men entirely.

[41:55] That is a real big she analyzes the mannequin in the workplace wondering,
when was the last time he assaulted a woman I mean,
103 statistic is insane by the way that would mean that America is the most dangerous Nation on Earth for women that’s higher than the Rwandan Genocide that’s higher than Nigeria Liberia,
it’s higher and higher than anywhere the Middle East I mean that would make us the number one nation for sexual assault that is insane it’s not true it’s not even close to true they do statistics based on.
Thousand or per 10,000 or per 100,000 okay you don’t get even close to 1% usually.
Okay since the safe 1/3 is insane there’s no statistics in the universe to prove this idea none zero zip zilch.
It gets crazier she says still inside my head the knot me all men course Roar,
what about the data to liked all my Angry tweets or the guy who showed at the hospital with too much food when my spouse was in labor for my friends who are transmitted which by the way transmission is very,
very confusing me so if they’re trans men that means the women that want to be men so do you like them or do you not like.
Because they used to be women right so does that mean they’re trustworthy or not that’s very confused because even more confusing it’s a trans woman like where you go with that.

[43:22] Picture I can run so deep that I defend hypothetical men’s feelings right away even to myself.
Here’s where it gets crazy I am married lesbian married lesbian as far away from me an email approval as a woman can get she does not have to do with mail approval in their life.
And I still feel I still feel it the slow poisonous strip poisonous strip of cultural conditioning that tells me to prioritize men.
My imagination that think I could break us out of America fascism no imagination is breaking anybody out everything it’s trapped old feminist Loop.
Cuz I’ve been hated the worst thing I can be is a man-hating d worth,
in our fear the anger makes us seem to gay because anger not fear is precisely the emotion that’s needed these days.

[44:11] Anger not fears the emotion needed these days turn back to Segment 1 of this episode last week’s episode I mean what.

[44:21] This is crazy this is crazy she doesn’t mention this that rate women’s be women being angry is trendy right now that.
Data people joking podcast about how rage makes their sex life better remind the world prep some Posh that woman’s anger needs a heterosexual qualifier.
And here’s the thing your dad gets even crazier because some of you may have been seeing this.
Because intersectionality and this is this I need to do an episode where I discuss these terms let me zero cuz that the value of a person
should be determined by how how hurt they are how to put under the wheels of a system,
you know how much they are discriminate against how low they are on the totem pole,
so it goes like men are the top white men are just white men are on the top because they don’t have to see anything problems everything in life is stacked in their favor if supposedly this is not true,
and at the lower you go on the on the pyramid is the worst off the person so blacks are worse than whites,
days are worse than straight transgender so a transgender black.
Genderqueer with one arm and no legs blind in one eye death in 2 years would be like the ultimate the ultimate on the intersectionality scale.

[45:45] Intersectionality does this thing go to get benefits means to race the bottom and it makes victimhood trendy it rewards victimhood intersectionality is a pyramid scheme that rewards victim.

[45:55] Not healthy not good and not really a lot of literature to support this idea actually makes any Logistics sense this is business in reception all these love to call just these days revolve around intersectionality,
that’s so intersectionality means though that we’re going to have angry at people above us and Sympathy for the ones below us.
Well I guess who was at that near the top white,
women white straight women so here’s where the Slate article go she says winstrates this white women talk about anger it’s sexy resistance fuel,
winstrates is black women get angry they get caricature to punished when sis lesbian song about anger we get Rosie O’Donnell,
use a shield for misogyny since men no other women want defendis men hating D where is a classic and so and it lesbians or Hillary Clinton.
Second wave straight famous do whatever they could to Justice themselves from lesbians avoiding the lavender Menace stopping pretty gender conforming icons like Gloria Steinem I don’t know what world are you living in,
Gloria Steinem straight or queer in Grenada France women’s mere existence is considered a threat.
They say that white white women can’t understand they set bad precedent.

[47:16] It’s saying it’s just it’s just crazy you could read the rest of it it’s on the outline.
Are you it’s making me laugh is so funny so she kind of gets here at the end.
I’ll tell because she’s even really good at the thesis arrested till none of the end where she wants to bring back to the d word you know Dykes in the Netherlands,
I don’t know what this is you left this are all about bringing backwards there’s a couple of words that are awfully want to bring him back and it’s stupid because it one it’s it’s a dumb idea because why why what do we gain for bringing that word back
number to number to all it does is Make It Word that one minority could use in the others cannot,
okay let me know what the N word for examples the perfect example of this only blacks get to use the n-word and maybe some minorities and Democrats are banned from you
it’s silly it’s silliness it is it’s just it’s infantile and silly
okay so those are that kills into articles but I just like it believe the exact they’re so funny that is just craziness.

[48:37] Crazy crazy crazy that’s okay,
I want to talk to you guys about Mitch McConnell proud boys protesting maybe Teen Vogue,
I’m going to make this a full episode I’ve been a little light on the past episodes I’m sorry that it’s been like this
but I’m still doing this you know it’s just a two person operation and there’s a lot going on in my producers life it’s kind of on the heavy side and you know I’ve got my own health issues so sometimes I don’t do as well as getting these podcast episodes out
sorry about it we’ll do better all to better.
Okay so let’s move on let’s go with this so there I have I want to show you the divide in our culture okay so I have two articles same subject one from the right daily wire from the left Jezebel,
again reclaiming words that I just I don’t get it okay.

[49:29] Let me play the audio then I’m going to tell you the two different takes on this you the viewer you just listener you decide The Listener decisis what major should be doing right
vinyl Ester sites let’s go for it you should know that this is Mitch McConnell being confronted,
at a restaurant similar to the Ted Cruz so that’s what this video is
I’m going to tell if a camping yeah so I know for those listing I was probably disappointing I was really hoping for a solid chance you know I love those chance you know how I love those chance so much,
okay so which one should we do daily wire slate daily wire slate daily wire slate okay so daily wire is Mitch McConnell confronted by protesters at restaurant.

[50:32] Yet another Republican has been rest while dining out this time set Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.
He and his wife were fishing up their meal at Havana Rumba Havana Havana banana Havana Rumba in Louisville.
Before man began yelling at them trying to videotape by TMZ but yes the lady did seller video to TMZ and the short clip the leader the protesters ask me, why don’t you get out of here why don’t you leave the entire country somewhere else can be heard yelling,
ditch Mitch the woman who shot a video and sent it told they all at the same protesters Landis fist down in McDonald’s table grab his doggy bag.
Threw the food out the door the restaurant she also said princess appeared to be most concerned Social Security in healthcare said McConnell was killing people with his views before she started filming,
McConnell and wife can be seen, sitting all the men scream at them some other restaurant patrons appear to try and calm the men down one step after the protesters left McConnell shut the hands of those who supported him and thanks.
There you go there you go that’s the article that you are all hoping for.

[51:41] At least I was that was that was pretty fair.

[51:44] Okay daily wire did a pretty fair job there so let’s move over to if you can hear my mouse clicks let’s move over to the the slot it’s part of docker,
it’s not joke I said the wrong thing it’s a talker Gizmodo is this whole network of blogs,
the song by them kotaku’s when I like to read a lot but in the slot it’s kind of like just butts kind of like the root,
they took a millionaire Senator seem to have poed off a few people for Connor health insurance too expensive and you here’s the first paragraph melted bobblehead.
Dementor Harry Potter reference on human Goodwill.
Not biased at all guys Mitch McConnell was reportedly confronted by his constituents at Louisville restaurant Friday night quiet TMZ the man whose facial expressions correspond directly to human suffering.
Westbury by one Diner who told him those missions and Miss mental health care and Social Security was killing people.
Mitch guardian of gridlock McConnell can be seeing his finger while man yells why don’t you get out of here why don’t you leaving Target seem tenting his fingers what’s that mean that like like this like I just put like my hands together.

[52:53] Just resting my hand i’m tending my hands like oh my gosh you better watch out,
what a man yells why don’t you get out of here why don’t you leave the entire country TMZ reports that before the band start start rolling around at the table grab dog bake through food out the door the restaurant.

[53:12] And here’s their less little paragraph to justify,
the rhetoric not ready for personal gain,
before they apply the entitlement programs are to blame for debt was under the skies I want to see McDonald promise to Fresh attempt,
dismantle bunker after the primaries ignoring consideration the stagnating revenues under the GOP tax plan so did anyone,
throw his doggy pegs do you know I found your body on a tail.

[53:54] Okay there we go that was creation of the Mitch McConnell TMZ video.

[54:02] Is that interesting how those two web sites look at this issue daily wire was pretty fair now if they have been Maxine Waters in the same setup and I don’t know maybe daily wire would be more biased but,
I at least in this case they they had the better coverage of it,
is that’s crazy that’s my thing I said earlier that mob mobs are wrong when they’re on the left and on the right and I’m going to put my money down and prove it so here we go,
next article for this next video man going to play language language warning the F-bomb is used pretty frequently,
I’m it’s unsure who organized this some people are saying the proud boys were probably they’re saying it wasn’t them and actually is organized by this guy named Diaz.

[54:49] If this is real protest inspired real people in the right it’s wrong okay so let’s play the video Nancy Pelosi you have to go inside this building for safety it’s where they going to have her talk.
The crowd gets really Restless today they just act crazy so if let’s listen to the.

[56:16] Alright so there you go now I I don’t know what exactly was going on.
But Steve scalise here’s his tweet about this whole scenario and Steve scalise is 100% right I don’t agree with his agenda but this is absolutely the wrong way to express those disagreements if you want to stop her policy don’t threaten her.
Vote that’s how we settle our differences.
In Pelosi set student the Republicans options.

[56:50] 100% correct Nancy Pelosi is correct I know it’s a miracle. I said that out loud she is right if we’re going to save the left is acting like a mop we do not adopt does mob tactics.
Okay it’s not because left is left his arm I believe is wrong Capon that besides that you won’t even perhaps more importantly the tactics used by the left is wrong
using what you know two wrongs is knots all right I know that’s a dumb Limerick but it’s true in this case it’s true.

[57:25] It’s Ramadan to do this now how much problems was involved with that thing I talked about in the last episode it wasn’t mutual feeding I don’t know if I specify that as well that both sides are fighting each other,
all the big video that got pushed out was of The Proud boys and one particular apart of escalation winning,
and that’s kind of what got everywhere but it wasn’t Mutual awful people attacking each other.
So let’s move on we we did a bunch of serious things I just proved that.
Our country parts of our country to have just gone loco loco in the Cabeza,
maybe I should just talk about Cubanos right to speak Spanish I’m having a hard time finding a short funny video that’s going to political,
to show you guys I’m just going to go to Al Smith dinner I can’t find video or anywhere of Jim Gaffigan’s routine at it but there is going around with Nikki Haley said Nikki Haley is
awesome I love Nikki Haley she’s a funny person she’s only a poke fun of yourself I like that I like it when people are willing to be self-deprecating and honest so here it is clip Nikki Haley at the house Smith dinner that happened just last week.

[58:38] Actually the president called me this morning and gave me some really good advice he said if I get stuff for last.
Just brag about his accomplishment it really killed at the US last year you went with Paul Ryan who the Boy Scout and that’s fine but a little boring.
So this year you wanted to spice things up again right I get it you wanted an Indian woman.

[59:06] Elizabeth Warren failed her DNA test actually when the president found out that I was Indian American he asked me if I was from the same tribe,
that’s pretty good,
that’s pretty cheap build a DNA test some of you may have noticed that I’m not talking about the Elizabeth Warren stuff at all everyone else has so I feels pointless to bring it up,
how is pretty funny okay so what else what else should I share a video about by reason TV.
It’s not a music video This Time guys sorry Remy has a pudding put out a new one yet that banana one is still stuck in my head
it’s space is called Hillary Clinton Donald Trump and why civility can’t return to politics and this is arguing about why we can’t become civil again it’s from a libertarian.
I think it’s pretty insightful so I’m going to go ahead and play them. Guess hope that reason doesn’t soup.

[1:00:00] Weather in a place like this they’d be carried out on a stretcher but I’m going to stop all over your face with.

[1:00:08] I’m going to win this for the state of Pennsylvania if you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy.

[1:00:16] What you stand for what you care about.
Not even counting physical attacks on Senator Rand Paul the shooting of Congressman Steve scalise and a punch and kick in that have become routine at demonstration politics are more than a year and for good reason,
people in control politics insist that every piece of legislation every Supreme Court nomination every midterm election every minor rules,
spring the world one step closer to the apocalypse using plastic straws kneeling for the national anthem,
there isn’t anything we do anymore that doesn’t immediately get sucked into angry part is an argument civility won’t return until more of us Channel our inner libertarian,
and realize that not all parts of our Lives need to be politicised how do you expect people to respond more each day is the beginning of the end of our way of life that the other side either complicit,
and BTW are either contributing to the or you are fighting against,
and we’re limited to two parties that represent fewer and fewer up the government is spending more borrowing more in this controlling more and more aspects of Our Lives for no reason other than pure political gain if we are fortunate enough.

[1:01:36] To win back the house and or the Senate.
That’s when civility can start again if civility family turn politics unless your team is in charge you’re doing it wrong.

[1:01:46] Civility is only going to return When people stop treating Politics as the only thing that matters,
and we start actually shrinking the size scope and spending of government and give ourselves some room.

[1:01:58] That’s especially true for stock with just two choices who have pledged to screw the other side of where you get to live however you want.
Which helps explain why so few of us want to be part of either party and why civility won’t return to politics until politician stop cramming cells into every corner of our life.
All right before we end the program today otherwise One More Story. I feel it’s really important that we talk about.
It’s pretty scary Okay so.
As you know I am as a disabled man I am strong against Eugenics and euthanasia strongly strongly against it euthanasia is evil it is the fruit of eugenics Eugenics is evil.

[1:02:48] New aunt if or buts its.
Okay the porch that we want to have disabled people euthanize because life is too hard is disgusting to me disgusting it’s wrong there’s no other word for it it’s wrong.

[1:03:04] Well guess what guess what’s happening in Toronto and Ivy 9 Disturbed C.
Summer * Arguments for euthanasia as well this is just for the elderly and those that you know they’re terminally ill,
but it doesn’t stop there as I talked about in the story of case K & S I did for Robert 2 years ago it never stops there that’s where it begins
it always ends up going to everyone but the most fit and healthy man in High Castle season 3 is out I’ve almost finished it amazing.

[1:03:40] But we act as if the idea of eugenics is this old thing the only the Nazis did that’s not true it was a theory of thinking that we could buy evolution by science organized Society in perfect man to move towards Utopia.
It was loved by everyone I mean everyone did Nazis put a bad name to it.
And he killed you know at least in out of academic killed most places by me the Tuskegee experiments were going on so tight in the 70s there was forced sterilization even here in South Dakota they would sterilize the mentally unwell.
Scary stuff just a disabled man I am strongly against Eugenics and euthanasia okay against it strong against.
And it’s come to the same room that while I’m against abortion because I believe in life because I believe God has a plan for each and everyone of us and how can we fill his,
when if we kill ourselves suicide is wrong okay and that’s what forced unforced euthanasia is wrong.
Okay but if we’re going to have euthanasia at all.
At least maybe we can voluntarily right voluntarily euthanasia for those who are terminally ill that’s kind of where,
maybe we could compromise its custom-made but maybe it’s a compromised position but like I said it never stops there so in Toronto.

[1:05:00] Draw the hospital saying that they’re going to assist they’re going to provide assisted suicide plan for kids
and they won’t have to inform the parents know this is not an exaggeration this is a real think this is maybe the most important news story at least if people are worried about life and about the fact our
the culture of death in the culture of life and people were worried about this in Toronto they’re going to allow.
Minors to have assisted suicide and they’re going to do it in such a way that they don’t have to inform.
Parents about it that’s crazy how can they not inform parents but where’s Bobby.
00 Bobby’s dead what why didn’t you say anything well we didn’t inform you that’s scary scary.

[1:05:50] And you know
is this is where socialized medicine leads you your socialized medicine means that there is a limit on spending for Health Care the government has to pay for it all has to prioritize those who are most likely to live and make good use of it.
Okay this is.
This is just how it is this is Barack Obama position when Barack Obama said that you know sometimes it’s just better getting the pain pill because you know the be too much of a waste of resources you know they’re all just give him a pain pill.
Okay that’s what socialized medicine always leads to every single time because there is a limit of finances.

[1:06:29] Okay that’s and so could we get rid of first we get rid of the useless eaters those who can contribute to society those who don’t have the finances and resources to stand up for themselves.
I in Canada it says here in this article from CBN News we all know that cat out in the ER visit for a frail elderly person the main clientele for Paleo.
Means lying on a gurney in a hallway four hours this is the last person dying person off of a fused incontinent and in pain should be is kind of humiliation is untenable and we should be ashamed at how commonplace it is.

[1:07:03] It is heinous that we are pushing suicide assistance instead of Suicide Prevention in Toronto heinous evil evil.
That is the great Satan that truly is evil we we call ourselves evil that’s not right but there are certain things there are certain policies that are evil.

[1:07:22] You know if you’re a religious person I believe that is what Satan wants because you completely and the agency of someone when you kill them.

[1:07:32] Disastrous disastrous and wrong and this is why we need to know Republicans conservatives Libertarians that’s why we need to fight against socialized medicine 100000%.
There’s no room for compromise on that okay I’m just flabbergasted.

[1:07:53] That is.
Evil and disgusting what we have done because it was so called opiate opioid epidemic that forcing people like me to go without life-saving medicine pain medicine is evil.

[1:08:08] But if we see see how much farther on Canada is is that what they’re going to offer one day for me well you know we can’t give them opioids cuz they might get addicted but you know assisted suicide that’s always an option.

[1:08:22] In Washington they actually had people insurance providers that did this it’s disgusting well thank you so much for listening this is happy where you’re sorry for ending at such a low B but I thought it was a new story that I had to get out.

[1:08:34] Thank you for listening please tell Michael Knowles to listen that’s scared of being on the daily wire may be hot that be pretty cool,
thank you Robert Molly my producer thank you to the veterans and military personnel and all those that serve our nation stand up for our rights and Liberties and shed their blood.

[1:08:52] For all of us God bless you God bless the United States of America I wish you all have a good night please show the podcast wherever you can’t if you have questions comments concerns you can contact us at Facebook at happy where you’re Pete,
we’re still going to add a Twitter or you can get me at Pete at happy – Warrior. Net Pete at happy death,
thank you for listening you are awesome.

Happy Warrior Ep 017 The M Word!

Happy Warrior Ep 017 The M Word!

The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken


If you’ve been watching any media lately you might think we’re a nation on the brink.  Deep division with real issues does divide us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors and civil in our discourse.  Enter Peter Vaughn Pischke, our happy warrior host who wants to speak out for the right but do so in a positive way that builds up instead of tearing down.  Join him and producer Robert Mehling as they explore today’s political issues, with plenty of random tangents in between.


Segment 1: M Word!

CNN Panel is crazy, start at 1:35

M Word

Screaming while voting

Yup it’s a mob

I dare you to say “not a mob”

Insane, you can’t even go out to eat if you disagree


Antifa in Portland

Mayor is allowing violence, again,

Isn’t the first time

Jump to 30 seconds, ICE account of the blockade

GOP Headquarters attacked

Clinton on Civility

Eric Holder too

No Mob stuff, none whatsoever go to 30 seconds

10:20 to 11:40 Rand Paul

Sorry for the whataboutism, but it is important to point out

Investigating Proud Boys for Hate Crimes

Good For Obama, use for multiple parts

2nd Civil War

Steven Crowder, jump to 4:35 for the music parody





Extra Links:

French Breakout King! Helicopter and Dynamite!

Reason video on Supplements

Hamster Stacking