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The Urban Indianz Podcast and Educated and Entertaining Look through the eyes of the modern day Native American. Hosted by everyone’s favorite natives Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Char Green-Maximo, and Kat Stands.


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Night Shield Native American Music Award Nomination September 11th 2018

Sioux Falls Hip Hop artist Gabriel Night Shield earned his 9th nomination from the Native American Music Awards when nominees were announced for the 18th Annual Awards celebration on September 10th. Nominated in the Best Music Video (Concept) category is a first for Night Shield as his single, “Killing Strangers”, off the upcoming October 5th release “SAVivor”. The horror themed video was originally released last September as a single and was shot by Morningside Film’s Jake Handegard. Handegard known for shooting music videos for Hip Hop artists such as Atmosphere, Krayzie Bone & Juicy J has been working with Night Shield for a number of years now.

The 18th Annual Native American Music Awards are set to be held on October 12th at The Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara, NY. You can vote, as well as listen to all this this year’s nominees music at www.NativeAmericanMusicAwards.com

Night Shield, already a three time Native American Music Award winner, will be celebrating the release of his upcoming 7th solo album on October 6th at The Icon Lounge and can also be found with Nelly & Juvenile on October 25th at the Swiftel Center in Brookings, SD.


Sioux Falls Hip Hop Artist Night Shield to Release New Album SAVivor

South Dakota Hip Hop Pioneer, Gabriel Night Shield returns to the scene this October with his 7th solo release, “SAVivor” slated to hit worldwide October 5th on all platforms. The album is Night Shield’s first since 2015’s Native American Music Award-winning “The Addiction” and boasts 11 new songs and has had 4 music videos released so far.

Night Shield went into “SAVivor” aiming to focus more on live instrumentation in order to create a different sound than previous works, recruiting Mike Dresch to craft much of the projects sound. From the Marilyn Manson sampled “Killing Strangers” to the harmonica-laden blues heavy “Hey Baby”, the album is very “Rock” influenced while staying Hip Hop to its core. This sound is executed perfectly on the single “Bang Your Head” which also features Metal band Fluxx and longtime collaborator Maniac: The Siouxpernatural. The album’s title track features Wellington Downz and fellow Native American Music Award winner Cody Blackbird in which Night Shield laments on past failures and his matured outlook on life.

“As a single Dad I wanted to craft a project that was still me and my experiences, but something I wouldn’t be afraid of having my daughter or her friends listen to” says the three-time Native American Music Award Winner. “I feel with a lot of my previous work there was a heavy emphasis on ‘Life being a party’, but it was important to me to show the flip side and more serious aspects of my life and the real life consequences I’ve faced as a result of that lifestyle with this album.”

Night Shield also hosts the popular “Urban Indianz Podcast” on the Sioux Empire Podcast Network which also captures this point of view as well as the show often tackles heavy issues in the Native American community as well staying light-hearted and fun.

The official release party for “SAVivor” will be held 2 days before South Dakota’s Native American Day, October 6th, at The Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls, SD. The show will feature performances from Night Shield himself, alongside Maniac: The Siouxpernatural, Brandis B. Knudsen, Rogues Gallery & More. Later in October Night Shield will be joining Hip Hop legends Nelly & Juvenile for a show in Brookings, SD at the Swiftel Center on October 25th, to be followed by a full tour of the region for Night Shield to support the new album.

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Bang Your Head featuring Fluxx & Maniac: The Siouxpernatural – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQXBmPrJLKQ
Killing Strangers featuring Marilyn Manson – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H90mOVxDQv4
Reckless featuring Trey Lane, CrimeSpree & Gorilla Pimp – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rk_cElG9T0
The Truth (The Only One)
Hey Baby featuring Maniac: The Siouxpernatural & Wellington Downz
SAVivor featuring Wellington Downz & Cody Blackbird
Lesson Learned featuring Brandis B. Knudsen
Higher Place featuring Elizabeth Hunstad
Never Know Your Name featuring V The Noble One, Maniac: The Siouxpernatural, Trey Lane, F. Dux & Rogues Gallery
The Warning – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K59j3Rjqk0k

Urban Indianz Ep 029 Guardian Ancestor

Urban Indianz Ep 029 Guardian Ancestor

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guest: Ryan Craig from Guardian Ancestor

Produced By Robert Mehling

Music Spotlight:  Nataanii Means with My Confessions

Guardian Ancestor


Nataanii Means with My Confessions


Machine Transcript
[0:55] Alright welcome to episode 29 of the urban Indians podcast aka the Gabe and shower show joined by shower with Robert.
Cadillacs discuss today some very important news Eminem dropped an album.
Talk about that kamikaze,
okay yeah it’s got like the Beastie Boys cover,
What in in like a,
and I downloaded it and I was like all clearly this isn’t a Beastie Boys albums online about Lake,
talking about the album but nobody is I haven’t seen anything like this cussing like the actual reason behind the album cover,
I don’t know but will you seem like cuz I’ve only got it I’ve only listened to it on digital but someone posted the the wraparound yeah yeah yeah that looks like a pretty cool I’ve seen that too,
that’s weird great.

[2:21] Yeah I was like yeah yeah it’s like I think it’s like good guys or.
Something like that that’s just like unlistenable to meet that is just delete that one and then the two skits from my,
my playlist of the album but yeah it’s everything else is just you know.

[2:53] Passionate hate that it’s just like like that that song like Rap God it’s like if that was a whole album yeah yeah yeah it’s fucking it’s great and it was like,
like 3 minutes into it I was like holy shit this is already like my favorite album of the year.
That his last album like the whole reason behind this album is because his last album people didn’t really care for it or whatever and I was one of them I didn’t really care for it I really care for his project before that either,
so like Eminem in a long time,
take Rap God is like the last song I listened to it I was like yeah this is a good song It’s a recovery was like to me like his last good album that was like.
Three albums ago I want to say like 2009 or 10 recovery.
But yeah that was that album was good and then Marshall Mathers 2 came out and I didn’t really care for that one and Revival and really care for that either,
I make sure it’s probably just. But I think with her,
and then sodas recovery to that that.

[4:12] I can try this on my name but but the big one they had together just going to stand there and watch me burn like that one that was I think that was that was The Recovery album.
Good good to see him in the back I made a post earlier today like Will Smith keeps teasing people about coming back and like
I want to see him come back like he he he dropped that there’s a video of him like with his son his son has that icon living so I know whatever that’s pretty out pretty dope I think and then like he’s on tour with J Cole right now,
and Will Smith came out in like surprise the crowd and did like a verse on that icon living song.
Now that was pretty dope and there’s like another video of like Will Smith in the studio you know just spitting like a freestyle or whatever and I was like.

[5:00] I think is that willenium albums that is last album
it’s been a house like mm like to maybe the shit like Will Smith Scott legit like I’m the rapper he’s the or he’s the rapper I’m the DJ like fresh prince of,
DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince I got the fucking classic album summertime is like.
You know if you don’t think that’s fucking classic song Fuck you like that songs the shit,
oh yeah yeah with switch and yeah there was a couple of dope songs on that album Will Smith Will Smith
well people always like clown on him cuz he doesn’t swear it or whatever but I mean
yeah I mean he’s that’s just his style some people have their own style that’s his stuff but yeah.
I was excited to see Will Smith back in the booth yeah that’s the last album I remember like actually like owning
was willenium and that was in 1999 so long ago was one of them and I can’t remember the name of the other one but,
headbutt to really good songs on that album.

[6:24] Will Smith needs to hurry up and dropping out,
upstaged it it seems like that’s the thing that people do not like Jay-Z and Beyonce just drop an album out of nowhere like Eminem drops in Elmira know where Beyonce seems to do that like regularly what they call her out just like yeah she just,
how old is new Beyonce album yeah you just get people like that cuz.
He gave him like this that like you wake up and there’s a new album out there’s no like oh I’m waiting for this album dropping waiting for this how you get that like a initial birth certificate citement today but you know news feed cycle,
so yeah that’s pretty cool I like it.

[7:13] Yeah that far know what’s Rosewood Fair last week I was pretty fun.
Is that a good time I ate my tattoo of my good friends had teepees which I’d never like really like hung out in a TV before I don’t know if that’s pretty cool.

[7:31] Translate children in Indian taco Jenny Claremont had a TV,
and she was making Indian tacos in the TV which I will say it was a lot harder to get into the TP than I’d like anticipated no no no no no no no there wasn’t a fire but like,
there was a plug in a when he called like one of those girls that she was cooking hamburger meat in.
Not like a hot plate yeah yeah we had Indian tacos in the TV like it was just I don’t know it’s just weird to me is like a.
Yeah kind of it was like in the middle of like a kind of like a windstorm there was like this like weird like,
hour or so where it felt like it was going to rain but it didn’t rain but then it was just like windy as fuck too so we,
hidden the TV and ate Indian tacos and listen to Pow Wow music feel like a real Indian for a while there.

[8:27] Yeah yeah it’s crazy when you like a guy member and understanding that comes with like.
That would be crazy to live like that old times it was like a lot roomier than I thought it would be,
five of us in there and there’s still plenty of room for like you know,
they’re much bigger than you anticipated it was it was pretty cool because it was warm did they have the besides like rolled up or whatever so the air can come in and the size.
Nope yeah it was easy to get out it was hard to get in,
a big guy so is like I don’t know I feel like I was doing the limbo or something like that to get in there I don’t know,
the bend down further than I normally have to bend down headed to do a ninja roll in your system.

[9:25] Yeah it was pretty cool we did at that show their Friday night the saturday night show got cancelled for some reason but.
Friday night I was at that show I was I did not have to drive down there so.
On the way down I had like a I think I’m on vacation fuck this I’m just going to just drink so I had like three juices and the mistake of drinking.
Yeah you do like 3 drinks and was terrible.

[10:02] Yeah I don’t drink juice shouldn’t even be legal but yeah I had like three of them and then I was to just had like regular beers and stuff like that too once you know we got to do like the the spot where the show is at in,
by the time I went on it was just.

[10:19] Mumbling nonsense like I got like one song and I like this isn’t going to work my mouth isn’t cooperating with my brain right now so luckily,
crime spree was there and he he he he tore down in that band it was their Cruise 69 did a good job and yeah I don’t know it wasn’t like a big ass shows there’s probably like maybe like 40 people there so,
it was just all my you know his buddies or whatever so,
but yeah it was fun I got to hang out with my mom.
Do all that stuff and it’s good my mom has to have surgery here for her.
Leg like me or like her hip like she has artificial hips.
And so she wanted like one of her hips is giving out and she has to go have surgery.
Not be able to walk for a while just sucks we just got done with.

[11:33] Bad it took forever for him to like come back from that I’m glad he did it and he’s getting around a lot better now but,
it’s just weird he’s such a like tough guy yeah it was weird to see him like out of action for so long that’s what led me like moving back to South Dakota like cuz my mom had that happen,
she was on like a plane and her like both for hips gave out or whatever I can she said artificial hips and she was like a little girl since she was like 16 17 years old.

[11:59] Chews on a plane in both of her hips give out and then I moved back till like sort of take care of my mom,
and that’s what I originally let me back to South Dakota from Seattle and then once she was like better and able to like walk around and.
Yeah do all that then I moved here to Sioux Falls so yeah.
And my dad just turned hit 60 on a Friday.
And so like if you meet him you would even think he’s 60 but he has to get a rotary cuff down his got to get a knee replacement.

[12:34] And then one other like smaller surgery do you like he’s goes to the gym like you know,
I always see her whenever I go out you always chit chatting it up with me in the sauna
photo my dad IRS app,
you know I think watching watching our folks get older is probably one of the worst parts of a man,
yeah I’ve been fortunate I’m you know I’m blessed that my mom so stubborn to like she lives by herself like in the country on the resin.
I felt I was like yelling at her cuz she was trying not to get the surgery done she’s like barely walking around and I like yogurt like the fuck like what happens if you’d like fall out in the yard or something like that and then what happened like you yeah I was.

[13:33] This is crazy like I think I’ve had is like talk to my mom cuz she had to get something done and,
she should have put it out and I was like I can take work off like my dad during the day but,
I like just go schedule it for the Sooner State,
and then she got it done like a day later but try not to get it done.
And then I was just like lucky I was even telling like you can come stay in Sioux Falls like stay at my apartment you know you know it’s fine I’ll sleep on the couch do you know.
Get better you know and I’m like my cats and dogs and cats and dogs man like it’s hard when you’re like so used to just.
Helping yourself in like not having any yeah I remember cuz she was like what.

[14:34] She was like that with her mom like you know what the last couple years of my grandma’s life like she lives in like a big house.
In Boston or whatever and there’s like that you know they have like a big wooden stairs and she was always getting mad at my,
Grandma cuz you know she didn’t like her living in that she’s I was telling her to live in like a go to like out where she was going to fall down the stairs or whatever like that until I was like,
remember you used to always yell at Grandma and then I guess what I feel like now this is ridiculous get it done,
you know it’s going to suck she’s like was not going to be good cuz I can of course it’s not going to go but.
Get it done you know so October 3rd is her surgery date.

[15:23] Alex is like so much things going on in the next like 2 months.

[15:27] Steve freaking crazy we talked about it and I’ve been planning for this month for a long time so.
It’s finally coming around so yeah we checked out Dunham show on Friday yeah it was pretty fun.

[15:46] I like I like the anime I think he’s like he was my favorite like local artist right now.
Yeah I tried to like you know I really like supporting like local music and so I try to like it is so even if it’s not one then I’m used to listening to our my style but.
Guys I like I followed him since he’s this first show ever I remember him.
I got I got a CD of him from like way back in the day before like back when my train was like working with him like.

[16:17] I think trailing and Bonnie or somebody like that did a song with him like way long time ago I don’t know why they never released it.
I don’t know that was fun,
yeah hanging out with a bunch of lesbians remember that lady that one got mad at me or she try to get mad at me cuz,
there’s like 8 of them like my one of my friends you know she just hangs out with all these lesbians just like we do their crew is like the lesbians or whatever and then.
Then I said like all right let’s follow the lesbians or something like that and then excuse me.

[17:21] Oh yeah.
Twitter whatever that’s been like made the newspaper right into the hole just across the border in Iowa that Molly Tibbetts case.
Last I saw that the clan or claiming to be the KKK or whatever it don’t robocalling people in like her neighborhood.
From what what the fuck recruiting.
Holy shit evil illegal alien murdered her so,
I don’t know I haven’t really been following that cost too much so I don’t know.
I thought his attorney at one point came out and said that he was but I mean.
God what the meaning in the state it is right now I can’t tell up from down at the eye how high her.
And then you think about all the likes neither women or just other women and you know that go missing and murdered like,
yeah over here but as much media as a guest and she was pretty white girl like the way they always frame is it shows.

[18:50] How much we need to like advocate for other other people.
Value human life a little just being just cuz she’s a white girl in college like it should be.

[19:03] For anyone like I just missing kids menu no like.
I’d like to know how many women and kids and stuff like that just like under the radar you like I just the other day and in our feed from one of the,
and I made of new sources talking about a protester who’s going around the country at these different locations and doing an awareness thing about all the missing people.
Like I meant the director of it’s a long title I’m not sure she’s from Cheyenne River Eagle Butte area and she,
she’s at her company does really great work and she helps build up I think kind of like,
databases for you know when someone goes missing in this on those reservations I don’t have their own system and so that’s like a huge push right now and went to like the office on.

[20:01] Violence against women or something like that and a partner with doj Department of Justice and they they had like a bunch of money that’s going to be trickling to tribal places.
Unlike Federal money and it’s like 65 million dollars well that’s pretty nice so they’ll be able to like push court cases,
to pay for lawyers and prevention work in 5 seem like a couple of posts from people I know from like Rapid City that like they’ve had like,
run-ins with people like trying to like steal them or whatever yeah yeah yeah.

[20:41] What’s it what’s it out like Pine Ridge or was it in Rapid City itself I want to I need to look it up I want to say there was a story about them busting,
a reservation based or we’re like taking people from the trafficking ring that was like operating somewhere West River and then,
I’m going to like how about how bad it was during the lake um Camp Sturgis.
I could have stolen a but I could have got stolen up there Friday night I was pretty blacked out of there so shit
wake up in a bunker Subway wake up in the back of a tractor-trailer somewhere like what is happening
yeah yeah it’s not funny but yeah it’s terrible.

[21:40] Not enough I don’t know I seen it is like Mexicans or something like that to like in the stories I write it’s always been like Mexicans that I’ve been trying to trying to kidnap people.
I know the feeling. Like I started seeing more like Hispanic people in at African American people on my resume this is crazy cuz like you know if you think back like,
even when I did 10 years ago white people you know.

[22:15] Usually you don’t see much mix on the reservation when you see someone if I was like okay what was rumors.
Cartel being around but.
Scary story of oil to have like open a door there a little bit that.
I think most people would agree yeah it’s crazy I don’t know.
I think they’re talking about Jenny that she just posted a picture of her teepee on the.

[22:52] And yeah just pretty cool oh yeah that is pretty.

[22:58] Four people online I don’t know if you can see that or whatever but pretty sweet.
Yeah it’s pretty cool it’s hard to get in though,
but yeah my friend Big O or o and Marshall had a.
Tp2 videos sleeping in that was pretty cool I don’t know I didn’t actually go in that one but I seen people like sending one out before.

[23:32] It just looks like if it if they left it to me to put it up it would just be a bunch of sticks and,
Omaha far the ground it wouldn’t even it would even be up at all to be like one of the things it’s always blowing my mind.

[23:50] The whole like during during like the Pioneer times and stuff like that like a sue encampment.
Basically they could operate like a military operation where it’s just like I think it was 30 or 45 minutes,
and make it like pack up everything and move the entire Village just like wow that is there be like you know Scouts would come back with reports of the location of a settlement and will not sell a camp and by the time,
you know all the logistics of getting people out there like up there gone,
count your blessings they were like I don’t know if it’s true for all time.
Yeah for the soup like it from what I know from like the history classes I took on that stuff women actually,
in Sioux tradition according to one of my professors who was like the first man to be a white Keeper of the lodge or something like that then.
So he peed like married into it and stuff like that instead of the Lakota what religion was like his big thing and anyway he.
Peace at the tradition amongst the,
them was that women-owned all the physical property of a camp so it was their problem to take down the TV and move fast in like what we just talked about yeah but they were also like.

[25:15] The app for legal purposes like if a couple separated or something like that the teepees hurts,
Adam and stuff like outside the TV and a symbolic in the center like towards the center of the village of other people would be like oh okay,
it’s over.
That’s all I don’t even now yep yep.
Find somewhere else to stay I don’t know that’s crazy.
So you guys get your show coming up October 6th at Icon tickets are on sale now.
From me or a couple of the other acts or you can get them at like last stop or fucking daikon and Collective efforts union.com.
So should be a yeah should be a good show hopefully.
You know where the numbers at right now in the east book anyways did you I don’t know if Facebook you can’t really high.

[26:30] It won’t even really start to pick up until like like a the week of like now it’s just like making people aware that it’s happening but like the actual like real like push towards it won’t start till like the last.

[26:44] I don’t know a lot of people are sharing it
right on the money and try to make some of this money back
are you help me out opening for Nelly and juvenile and Brookings swiftel Center is awesome yeah that should be pretty fun,
tickets are on sale for that also I think through pepper entertainment or a Ticketmaster so yeah that’s you find Shards of me my.
What do you call a social media person so she’ll be up,
cuz I seen this guy at Denham says he has but I don’t know that might be or whatever works best,
I mean like 150 it’s okay that’s fine.
But it’s a bit cuz I mean we like me taking pictures I mean if something I did I did invest in something like that,
yeah be pretty cool too though,
I’m a fan of Nelly but like Juvenile 400 Degreez album that album like.

[28:02] Blew my mind when it first came out like I’ll still probably put that in like my top 10 favorite albums of all time maybe.
The sound like Mannie Fresh is like you did the production for that album is just like it at the time,
it’s a completely different you know sound than anything else that was out there whatever so,
I was like old school so I’m excited I just want to shake juveniles Hanabi like thank you,
thank you for thank you on behalf of man everywhere thank you like weddings you hear that,
But didn’t really have a song like that called that goes like Drop It Low and get your Eagle on or something like that like a 1/2 of like Back That Ass Up with the eagle on or whatever,
yeah I don’t know there should be I think where I.
Can’t like officially announced it yet but I think there’s an after-party for that to with juvenile in Brookings that night so.

[29:07] Play PTO on Friday half the day on Thursday and Friday so that.
? but I think I’m just going to fucking stay the night in fucking Brookie.
Yeah so.
Even though I haven’t officially announced it look for that announcement coming up but yeah I think I’ll be performing at the after-party to so.
How many benches with tell actually have no I haven’t either I was looking at pictures online for.
What you call it as like what it looks like on the inside and it looks pretty cool I look like a,
what I saw just have you ever been there it looked like just like a like a long like Hall with like chairs and shit and then just like a stage up front but maybe like a
Dakota Ramkota,
I don’t know if I’m just at like I just looked online for at like the pictures or whatever so I don’t know if like the chairs are always there or.

[30:13] From what I understand it’s like all just general admission tickets so I would think like if he were.
Yeah I wonder if he’s doing a meet-and-greet it’s $100 for the meet and greet.
And I was like looking like 8 months pregnant,
yeah actually yeah I’ve never actually worked with Nelly or juvenile before so I’m excited to like.

[30:43] Get that going I don’t know so yeah I usually sometimes it just depends on the artist like sometimes still like they’ll probably show up,
first soundcheck like probably early in the day like if they’re there in time it’ll probably be.
233 film you know they’ll probably come and do sound-check sometimes you can catch him then and then a lot of times like failed they won’t even be at the place until like 5 minutes before they’re on stage so like,
oftentimes if you don’t catch it like you won’t even see him they won’t be there at all like until.
Seconds before they’re going to be on stage so I don’t know it’s a different,
different story all the time I was there they were they hung out they were there like they saw me perform and I think was that first one that she don’t know no I was like the third or fourth on that show.
Performed and stuff so yeah they were they were there.
And in that jelly-roll shall we just did he was there like before anybody was there he was just fucking kick in so yeah.

[31:56] Yeah how is Denver favored told the story on the fucking podcast before but we are one of the funniest shows I ever did like.
Way back in the day but this is before like Sioux Falls had like Hip Hop shows and before like any that we
once a year but we’d be you know blessed to get like Bubba Sparks coming through town or something like that,
this is Dad this is was like 2004 or 2003 something like that we were backstage and it was Bubba Sparks and Haystak.
And this is what I like when Bubba Sparxxx like just came out of that song Single ugly or whatever and it was out all over him TV and what not and we were backstage is just like the artist it like formed on the show or like backstage,
and then I it was at that was the place called with the Sunbird it’s gone now it’s like ripped down I can’t remember the name of the.

[32:53] That’s nice of the shit though.
Anyways The Oaks in the Oaks we were there and we’re all backstage and then like Bubba Sparxxx is people I came through and they were like,
giving us all like these like instructions cuz Bubba Sparxxx is going to walk through like don’t you know don’t engage him and then they ate one of them said don’t look him directly in the eyes.
Like what the fuck like a wild animal or something like the grand duchess,
at a time as I get this George Bush coming through What’s happen is Bubba Sparks who gives a fuck.
For meeting at 3 I don’t know and then like.
That was like at the height of his popularity and I did another show with him in Rapid City like fucking like 3 years later when all the hype was gone and,
is just kicking it not giving a fuck just like hanging out with everybody in like it was it was funny it’s like half the people didn’t give a fuck and yeah but it was it was funny to see that like that transition from like this is God walking through to like
I’m just one of you guys what’s going on yeah it was funny.

[34:06] It’s like a g I wonder where all the money went when he was on.
Funny like when you meet the celebrities and stuff.
Yeah yeah I always have liked my rider.
Got a friend that’s doing a podcast where he was going to interview well,
Burlington Reed Jr is, D1.

[34:44] We books Williams and REE for our little town Wessington for its 100 year anniversary or whatever party and,
it was funny because my parents there like big in the community and they were in charge of like the committee to put it together and stuff so they got the writer and they’ve never seen a writer before it had no idea how that works so that is like so like salt of the earth you just like.
Four bottles of cold water and four bottles of warm water who do they think they are,
a bowl of M&Ms and likes it,
but it’s,
but yeah it was just funny to see my very down-to-earth parents just like trying to mentally deal with the airport was like what model year the car.

[35:41] Oh yeah it was just like it was funny to me but they just like,
that’s awesome but it wasn’t like an out it wasn’t like a super outlandish one but it was like basic like hot water cold water sometimes those Riders can fucking kill you,
like a dildo if you’ll pay the set fee for you know for to book the act and then their writers like an extra like Grand or something like that in just like.
Nonsense like some artist Black I need like a fresh pair of like you know Jordans in like all this extra shit I think that kind of came up cuz.

[36:25] About that a while back on dress coat with the the writers cuz yeah,
different especially like metal artists it’s like he had to have a human skull made out of chocolate or something and then somebody that would work that like.
Icon or someplace like that to Falls was like going through some of the like the weirdest things he’s ever had to prokure and it’s like yeah it’s like it’s just to make sure you read the writer half the time you call him up and I like the best we can do is,
skull made out of cabbage and then close enough,
skull made out of,
some of that stuff yeah it’s crazy.

[37:14] I don’t know or I wonder like if ever you like famous person’s like that like you know you think of like who’s coming and Carrie Underwood,
you know I’m sure her I’m sure her Riders ridiculous the I mean they’re probably providing for.
I don’t know how many people are on that team part of this probably 25-30 people that travel with her so she know meals fucking you know.
Beverages you know all kinds of and who knows what at what other kind of like weird shit she wants or whatever yeah so I’m sure that Riders pretty fucking ridiculous.
What I mean it must have been like the premier said I guess like some.

[38:01] Hi trainer like how to make money after ticket sales.
Yeah I don’t know I seen Smashing Pumpkins there,
couple weeks ago was pretty cool,
like you no court no court not what he could even go up there okay and then we moved like,
is there some areas like our car seat was like way in the first rc was in the upper deck and we went up there and they’re like no we you guys got seats down to downstairs or whatever,
and then we were like way in the back. Like fuck this we just like walked around and then like got it I got good seats or whatever and then.

[38:52] And then we moved to a different area too so we decide could you could pretty much just move around do whatever you want yeah but it was a good show I mean I was surprised it like.

[39:02] How I mean when I say littlest price till like five six thousand people there sure like you know,
I saw tonight ratchet speed so basically I saw the entire concert,
yeah it’s just like.
I don’t know I had it I would have expected them to to sell more than that but I don’t know it was.
That things like crazy packed. Like there wasn’t one see open it was so hot.

[39:38] Yeah I know to Lil Wayne there.

[39:49] If I was something I was supposed to open for that show yeah like I got free tickets to that show because I was going to open for that show and then they are.

[40:01] Said no locals or whatever and so yeah yeah and then so like the promoters gave me free tickets cuz they were like sorry so I’m pretty decent seats that have the two guys,
Cher monder how are the fuck to pronounce my name yeah I don’t yes um I don’t fucking know.
Yeah have you seen recent pictures of Lil Wayne looks gross.
No like the beats and so I have no idea.
But I’ve seen like I’ve seen pictures recently of like Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz wedding or whatever and he looks.
Fucked up like that the drug whatever he’s on lean or whatever is codeine.

[40:53] Ruining in like I seen like somebody post like a side by side of like Lil Wayne from like 2004 to Little Wayne now and he looks looks fucked-up.
Drugs are bad I should be enough for a kid to like stay off.
Yeah like I think we gel promote cider whatever.

[41:24] Totally different person yeah Memphis something that I’ll just never understand I’ll never understand the desire for that like.
When you see the consequences and so many people in like how it just destroys your body and like how people look afterwards.

[41:46] Started originally brewed by blue collar workers in Asia has mostly like South Asia it’s really really popular their family and they could stay awake and work extra hours and stuff like that so if you can get problem with apparently really,
how big is is like cheaper than like other.
Cuz it’s easy to make there and then it felt really it’s marks at the Blair and yeah it’s like that cuz it’s like funny the definition of like a tweaker.
In America compared to one in Asia it’s like the guy in Asia looked perfectly like a normal he’s like a painter Breeze like I can work like 2 more 16 hour shifts for my family and stuff like that if I had if I load up.
And something I didn’t know is that.
It got really popular in Europe after the Nazis started issuing it to their their troops before they go into battle on the Russian front as they were getting desperate and stuff so they got.
I forget what they went brand name they called it or whatever but they’re just like pills and it’s like it was methamphetamine and they would be no issue rations of it to the Troops before the corner battle and.
We have to stay like letters from guys from there to their family home cuz you can get it on the homefront too like basically their letter their family to spend the whole thing just begging them to send them or just laying.

[43:03] Could I was on the rez Frozen fairy I made sure I have that Method Man shirt that says the only math I fuck with her whatever makes you I made sure to wear that that shirt like almost the whole time I was there because I seen a couple people look at me weird.
That fucking at the fair that took my mom and my baby mom’s to eat,
and my daughter and we know the four of us went to eat at Pizza Hut and I was wearing that shirt like my mom was like Gabriel what is wrong with you,
and I was sitting like right across from her so she just feels like staring at it she like I can’t eat looking at that shirt cuz like the shirts. Method Man of the Vikings eyelids flipped up or whatever.
Getting chewed out by my mom but yeah.

[43:55] This chick was like looking at jewelry and stuff night and think nothing of represent like should I move around a lot and.

[44:02] Okay and then she was still in the same spot she was like walking around like.
I’m like man so everybody just know you’re doing some Nazi ass shit so bad experience so.
We got Ryan Craig going to be calling up here in a little bit here.
He’s a produced a short film I’ve known Ryan for a long long time now he lives in Washington on the Yakima Rez he’s a DJ up there.
Recently produced a short film which is pretty impressive.
Something I’ve always kind of wanted to do we were talking about this earlier but be kind of cool to write like a little scraped and put together like a short like 10-15 minutes film or whatever and so I was really excited to see him produce this cuz.
It’s something that I’ve always kind of wanted to do it some point oh I’ll do it.
Care how he accomplish this I don’t know.
Chuggington athletes that about money it’s called Guardian ancestor.
It’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool I liked it it was like any city did it all in like one day like you shot it all in like one day which is pretty impressive or whatever so.

[45:30] I’m sorry. I thought you liked me out because there is a like one of the locations where they’re filming
it’s like at my trailer has a smoke detector that the battery needs to be replaced in to attend every few seconds into an exact same beat it like 3 days ago that was like
so I was up there like poking and stuff like that and realize it was like let’s not flashing and it’s not making the noise watch the video,
it would go off again in the videos,
I think it’s in the video it’s pretty pathetic how long it took me to figure out that I was hearing it on the TV and not,
not the actual smoke detector,
another Native American Day Parade yes so I’ll be the first one ever in Sioux Falls.
Cool we’ll see what the turnout is you know the schools are in session so I got that day off work to so.

[46:40] Be there around 4 should be pretty cool,
no I I created a Google form,
we have right now there’s like you know the numbers December actually wanted our goals 100 but it support like Raffi did.
The goal is to hear one of these times.

[47:38] Mention Gallego he’s the one who started it and wrap it so it will be like this meeting enough so it’s really cool I know I’ve talked to a lot of like.
Reservations around Sioux Falls in the lot of them are having like they’re used to one since they’re out of school tomorrow I took the day off as well and then,
I have not had any luck yet on the flatbed I’m still I’m still I still have people to call I just I’ve had so much crap going on it,
hello hey what’s up man can you hear us.

[48:15] Alright Ryan Craig from the Yakima resman how’s it going.

[48:25] Yeah I don’t know we’re having trouble hearing you.

[48:33] Maybe try it try calling again I think we got a shity connection.

[48:42] What.

[48:49] He says a good call back I don’t speak.

[49:02] That wasn’t that was not a good connection for you that’s fine.

[49:11] I’ve been tempted cuz I get it through my work if I want it I actually wanted it when I first started there,
and they were just so like taking a back that someone wanted a landline that I think they like ditch the former didn’t finish filling it out or something cuz I was like he’s like yeah that the cable the internet is like,
oh you want to landline what.
But most landlines anymore are basically digital simulator that go to the like switch and then it’s just the same as digital now.
To save them so much money in space and kind of ripping analog stick phone system out of.
Call Center building that had been a call center and place it with a digital one and it was just like mountains the mountains of wire with a box this babe.

[50:05] Alright is it right now.

[50:10] Better better I would say much better but it’s better how’s it going man.

[50:22] How’s it going finally get a chance to be on Joe you guys.
Did they send me again with this podcast is so awesome it.
And let’s not get into me talking about how old I am or how was the new night shift first started rapping,
I just want to say opportunities are things like podcast and the way that technology has allowed us to actually give an opinion,
and say what we really feel and you’re not be cut off when you get a radio interview and your hometown at your market like some flaws and like Jacqueline.
Okay I will give you this one minute,
yeah that first and foremost.
Thanks man we appreciate that especially like when we were first getting off the ground and you were giving us like those details,
critiques on the episode that was that was very helpful So yeah thank you for that,
podcast similar to radio but you have so much more fun.

[51:46] Find me fundraiser whatever the word when you have to answer but I’m saying is like you guys are able to do.
Killer whale opinion and that’s why I love to listen and that’s why I would get my comment.
James social media with another great thing about the technology Roberts Roberts our funder so,
whenever we get off subject she throws shade at us so we got to
that’s awesome and so.
If you created this film and I was really excited to see you you know do some step out of like the comfort zone of radio and music and stuff like that to do to create your own film like where did,
where did this come from where it has this been something you’ve always wanted to do or where did they make the Genesis of this idea come from.

[52:49] Yakima is 3 hours from Seattle and every summer that would be a dream called Red Eagle soaring would come from Seattle.
About acting and drama and they put on a place we work with our kids like a win and put on a play.
And my son was in the play when he was about 11.
Well I had done the shakes there but I think it was a Taming of the Shrew in like 4th grade.
Other than that I have never done, I have never done either been in a play,
but getting to the reservation Community nobody else,
once I was in the parade was like I studied and I became interested in it.
How do you write down your ideas.
And there was like my son and his cousin were with me all the time.

[54:11] That’s awesome man acting is something that I’ve always wanted to do too I did have the opportunity wants to audition for a movie but I chickened out at the last minute so.
I don’t blame you,
they’re the life of the party but if you put a camera in front of them and even the subject and has nothing to do with their life,
freeze up until it’s definitely something that like I like I was saying earlier I like watching you do this film,
something that like I’ve always thought would be pretty cool to do but yeah you’ve shown me you’ve inspired me to be like you can do this or whatever so I don’t know maybe one of these days.
One of these days we’ll get a movie together here.
You got to remember that and I know you’re not a cocky guy you don’t like to give me my props but.
Hip hop meaning I remember being on a computer.
We maybe I’ll return the favor by June for you for writing your spit making your film absolutely man that’s awesome thank you yeah that’s a hundred percent just seeing that like you could do this and I’ll make one day to write.

[55:40] I did I found it in one day but thousand dollar budget.

[55:46] But the location was two different towns on my reservation but yeah it really was all done in one day so.
Would I do it like that again I don’t know,
we got to go back and do this again.
I understand this Parts where the audio Spy Store.
Yeah I kind of had to have my way on that how long have you been working on that script.

[56:32] It took me about a month.
Having an idea in my head and then putting it into the putting into the writing and in having it all makes sense.
That’s awesome and it’s been screened a couple times at like festivals and stuff hasn’t it.

[56:51] It has a Pine Ridge at the indigenous Film Festival Warm Springs.
I tried the Yakama Nation had a backpack giveaway so they had thousand kids there and whoever can Fitness in your watch,
I’m coming up we’re going to be at the Native Visions film festival in Parker Arizona.
Is it available like I know you sent me a YouTube link but I don’t know if that’s available for everybody is it like is it out there for people to just watch or like out of the other people see it.

[57:28] It’s not yet,
from you it was like how does this all work is what I was asking myself as far as the native products online,
why does this work the film festival circuit,
do we submit to see if anybody will select it and then put it out for the whole public machine and so I was like I don’t know I guess that’s how it work,
yeah do you guys know how it works alright man I that’s what I was asking you I don’t know,
hopefully gets admitted for a lot of them and I really have no idea at all,
people will understand.
This isn’t meant to be funny and talk to their moms like this that’s where I’ve been around and I kind of cringed a little bit like I’m sure you’ve had lyrics.
Universal Music.

[58:42] Yeah that happens a lot,
I know a guy named Jordan dresser and he’s done a lot of documentaries and been involved in that so I can definitely reach out to him and get back to you on that question though.

[59:01] Yeah sure I mean this is totally new to me I’m ready to meet other than it is so much fun yeah that would be cool yeah.
That’s awesome I don’t know and how long ago did you film this.

[59:20] We filmed it in the end of November of last year nice and if you added it all yourself or.

[59:30] Well I was there with you.
A guy named Javier Marin keys to the music video for me a month before and this was his first time ever doing a short film.
I can use the idea to make a store,
yeah yeah.
Right on yeah we had to go back to this quote that,
West Eisenhower gave 100 podcast reset music was like the college for like everything else he had done in Life or whatever and it’s definitely true man like the more I talk to people about stuff it’s like everything goes back to music and how you were first hungry.

[1:00:21] You know it for knowledge in the beginning and learning you know as you go by and yeah I can see that’s definitely true man I really like that quote from Wes.

[1:00:31] I agree with that you and communities that you can sometimes I only I only Outlet.
Yeah the only way to express ourselves meaning his game night Shield didn’t have rap music what would he be doing today.

[1:00:47] Ben 10 express what he has to say,
call me later or something that’s some stuff I wanted to do two man I’ve always wanted to do stand-up comedy but I’m always tired when it comes to it so,
you talked about wanting to act and you can’t without you talk,
which of the chicken when it’s going to happen it’ll happen,
okay I’ma hold you to that all right anybody and then just fucking do it and then yeah jump out the window like that and then.
That was confident about.

[1:01:49] But once you’re able to do it I guess going to be like.
I don’t know what you’re able to do it for sure it’s like live performance.
Like I said you can’t even describe that feeling like when you’re in front of a bunch of people on there just like loving your music and stuff like that and yeah it’s definitely an addiction for sure.

[1:02:13] When you have control over other people’s emotions and when you have control over whether or not they have a great memorable night when you have that power.
Wrong when I said that about it but.
Why don’t why don’t you Kat cell a lot of props about what you guys are doing because.
This is awesome thanks man why don’t you tell us a little bit about the Red Sox is there what are you guys up to these days you guys still working on the music or what.

[1:02:58] The Red Sox win.
The Red Sox named the Red Sox logo the Red Sox fan Will Never Let It Die founding member and so.
In the hay day and in the prime of 2007 2008 2009.
If we said there was a show there were at least 10 wrapping members and can Entourage members ready to go,
if we if we had a show somewhere whether it was here at home or Seattle Portland all the way to.
Seneca Niagara Falls Casino where we perform with you reply for that matter is a hard life.
And so I’ve got members of my group who are now.

[1:03:53] Locked up I got members of my group now I don’t see any more.
But there are still Red Sox numbers who are making music.
Doing good stuff and then other people have families now they dedicate one hundred percent of the time does families and so,
the name is still there the Brandon still there the batch had a long is definitely still there,
funny films that I got a lot that I have plans in the works so if are you working on a new script working on a new film Project moment.

[1:04:41] I am on I’m getting together with a group of actors of once a week at our tribe Library that’s like,
the song show location for people to get together and we’re practicing it and this one has to do with the 18 year old.
Has a strange has a relationship with her estranged by the way she reconnect with him after about 10 years and I’ve seen him and now he’s living on the street but come to find out he has a grandson.
The Dynamics of how does a 18 year old feel what is she had to say about her dad has been out of the picture for so long,
what does the baby mother have to say what’s your perspective within how does,
my story isn’t always told you no.
Wow yeah.
You playing that he didn’t want that.
He didn’t plan that.

[1:05:58] Joined at the 14 year old kids perspective because you know we have seminars we have workshops,
it seems like it doesn’t work but what are the kids doing where the kids had to say and that’s why I had my son and it doesn’t help me with the situation yeah,
that’s what I’m trying to do is to tell the story.

[1:06:26] That’s awesome man it’s very inspiring and it’s exciting to hear you’re going through this site it’s definitely sparked some interest in.
Creating something for myself along those lines where can where can people you know find you on social media and things.

[1:06:44] Okay well if you want to find me on social media you can just type in my name first name Ryan last name Craig,
and then also there’s a on Facebook there’s a a page for the short film Guardian ancestor,
facebook.com forward slash Guardian ancestor that you can see the the trailer we have pictures from different times of the showing the film at festivals and do it.

[1:07:12] Right on well we appreciate it man thank you for coming on the show and you know doing what you do and always having me on your show and yeah it’s it’s been been a long long ride man and yeah.
Appreciative every of everything.

[1:07:26] Okay so my last question how much longer after this album that comes out October 6th thank you you have a game plan or is it just like you feel it and you keep rapping.
That I always say might this album is going to be my last album so I don’t know I feel like if you’re an artist you always have to create and I mean.
Who knows if it’s still going to be music after this but I feel like I know.
I always get that urge to create something new even though like I’ve been done recording this album now for a couple months now and I already have the urge to like I want to go do something new like all the songs are about to come out all old to me so.
Yeah who knows we’ll see,
best of luck with everything you do in the future thank you man thank you have a good one.

[1:08:21] Yeah that’s cool Ryan’s a good dude I produced a segment for the Native American Music Awards long time ago.
Y hata Blake all the native hip hop artists perform like at once or whatever and the rest hugs I think they were the last Act.

[1:08:41] On the Sean a little Echoes like a medley we did it like all our songs or whatever and I think they were I can’t remember if they were the last year the First Act by remember they didn’t show up till like.
Literally like 10 minutes before we were going to handle on stage that they were still at the airport like flying in and was like oh it’s going to fuck up our whole like I think it might have been that they might have been the first ones I think that’s why
but yeah yeah but they showed up at the last minute like some superheroes and came in and has it was great.
Yeah that was me and Ryan.
The fucking you’ll see him at like the Video Music Awards or something to be like a medley of a bunch of thing like every person have that,
a verse and we had like these dancers and stuff that we’re dancing and things that between,
but yeah it was it was pretty dope so yeah we worked with Ryan for quite a while and said he’s got a radio show up there and,
he always has me as a guest to play every once in awhile the name of the station but it’s pretty cool yeah yeah looks like I can’t remember the name of the station but it’s
it’s always fun to go up there and listen to her talk some shit on the radio I don’t know.

[1:10:06] I know I think that about covers the.

[1:10:11] Topics for the day I don’t know or no yeah.

[1:10:19] What I’m thinking about the next one is.
2 weeks from today.

[1:10:34] Damn so I don’t know actually what’s the fuck you know what I missed I missed your September,
like in that calendar yeah I was going to I was going to like promote that on on my Facebook page but I totally fucking spaced it I forgot.
Shout out to the,
the what is it was that Flores go buns and beards calendar I’m Mr September for waiting but,
yeah buns and beards I’m officially a calendar model fuck.
All right but yeah wasn’t beards I don’t know if these are still available but yeah.

[1:11:36] Pretty cool so shout out to Monique for putting that together.
Good stuff yeah I was waiting I was waiting all month to know that you know what I’m going to fucking talk some shit about that you’ll see a post later on tonight but I’m awesome.
I think that wraps it for today I think we’re going to end the show with the my homeboy nataanii means just dropped an album you can pick up on iTunes and Spotify.
Everywhere music is sold it’s called balance but song I Really dig off that album is called my confessions.
Which we will be ending the show with so.

[1:12:18] Thank you everybody on Facebook for tuning in oh and actually I’m sorry I should fucking mention tomorrow I’m going to be doing like an MTV Cribs on the lake.
It’s going to be for this thing called PokeMart which is like for nerds.
So I get to show off my nerd collection on.
Yeah I was going to go like the red man right I was going to hire like a couple.

[1:12:52] People that like to speak passed out in my living room like a stripper like just passed out on the bed just thawing out.
Other guy better not do that you can check that out that’ll be online tomorrow.
So thank you for listening thank shark thank you Robert thank you thank you Ryan and we will see you guys in 2 weeks you know it’s been a long time coming.

[1:13:23] Music.

Urban Indianz Ep 028 “You’re not going to bully AntiBully Team” With Marcus Wright

Urban Indianz Ep 028 “You’re not going to bully AntiBully Team” With Marcus Wright

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guest: Marcus Wright

“These two Sioux Falls men help local teens, so why are they in trouble for it?” From the Argus Leader

Produced By Robert Mehling

Music Spotlight: Hey Baby by Gabriel Night Shield Featuring Maniac: The Siouxpernatural & Wellington Downz

Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Robert Mehling, Char Green, Kat Stands, Marcus Wright, Sioux Falls Police, Argus Leader, 605 Magazine, Maniac: The Siouxpernatural, Wellington Downz

Machine Transcript

[0:54] All right.
Welcome to episode 28 of the urban Indians podcast I’m your host Gabriel night Shield say joined by Char and Robert I guess they Marcus Wright.
Will be in a book for that will.
Chit chat it up a little bit I suppose it has it has been.
And adventurous past couple weeks difference 2 weeks mix.
Yeah we got to wear in the 605 magazine so shut out to arlana for.
Hooking that up if you guys have not seen that go pick up a copy of the 605 magazine this month,
a little bit worried cuz I talk to that lady for like literally like a phone call and then.
She did a good job on the article.

[1:57] Throughout South Dakota bunch of places you can just read the article on the on the website to without having to have a physical.

[2:08] How’s that was pretty cool I don’t know 605 magazine yeah what is that it looks like some like spelunking.

[2:22] With the neutrinos and stuff it’s just like.
Her it would be very I think.

[2:38] Somewhere that were page 42 and I looked at it a lot right now.
They’re calling you I mean it,
it’s early to tell but they’re calling it 605 magazine sexiest issue yet.
Not that I had like 200 of them over here when I see my mom was all like yes yes,
what culture.

[3:22] Yeah I just I was yeah it was when we were talking about it I was like I wonder if that’s going to come out tomorrow what’s going to happen and then yeah like first thing in the morning it was out.
That’s cool.

[3:35] No it’s always an honor to be in there so yeah yes thank you for having us that’s so what.
What else have you been up to I had a show in Wagner last night that was pretty fun.
It was a good time like everybody there was,
yeah it was it was a high-end dress party all the time scale party conventions but like.
It’s like a notch below that cuz I mean they spent a lot of money on like food and,
alcohol and keeping did I make sound,
classy for a would that be like you be up there rapping but you be like a complete by like the Boston Philharmonic,
piano guys up there to go in at a Time YouTube,
yeah it was cool there was like a band there that like performed before me Cruise 69 we’re actually last night we,
bind up by where we do in Rosewood Fair Friday and Saturday night together too so,
that’s two weeks I think that might be the next time we actually.
It’s like the 23rd 24th.

[5:05] Sound like that that weekend we’re going to be doing that and then I was on the radio station down there 28095,
with that Siobhan right Von wasn’t there a girl named Elizabeth interviewed me I guess they’re going to have that in rotation so.
Didn’t catch it live then it’ll be on like at various points during the week and stuff too so.

[5:28] Very cool yeah we debuted a new song what you lost me playing in later on today hey baby from my album.
We just finally got done fucking recording,
receiving emails from you in Pawtucket no no offense subject line of hey baby.
Gabriel night hey baby.
It’s funny.
It’s the name it is the name of the father.
That’s funny I didn’t even think of that.
Work staff meeting but it’s still really good in Pine Ridge had their powwow this weekend and so it was like Wednesday and it was like.

[6:45] Like heavy traffic like going to traffic,
ghetto country parties out and hand county has ass like,
when there’s only one road it’s like it doesn’t take much to get a traffic jam going to Higher Ground Coffee.
In my marriage I go to it yeah so we had a meeting with that outside and one of my co-workers had never been to Pine Ridge
I like it’s usually not this busy food vendor trucks owned by and brother.
Yeah they had a house there and my coworkers are at. And I guess they hit about 500-600 people and then they stopped doing track.
Wow it’s like a lot of people that’s really cool I’ve never been there either.

[7:52] Yeah that’s going on right now but I actually just about my shirt or.

[8:02] Cuz,
what yeah What shirt are you talking about,
well that’s what I would have worn this for like 3 episodes.
It just says satellite short to the point.
You know like they sell like Savage on the shirts.
It’s a bunch of things a little Savage for like toddlers.

[9:01] I don’t know and then the iso Sioux Falls going to have a.
Native American Day parade for the first time yes I saw that that we have a float tube.
A flat base of your house you need a flatbed.
Let me know what you need on that and that’s that’s on October 8th.
So it’s very shortly after supercon September is going to be fucking wild I got like two weddings supercon.
There’s one other big thing and now there’s a parade at the end of of that sequence so it’ll be a bridge full month it was very sweet,
yeah well they moved it off the date so that doesn’t know yeah but yeah I took my nephew up to the outdoor pool here last night and I was like,
I think this is my first time in the outdoor pool for this season which that’s insane cuz it’s August.

[10:19] Like the older you get like the faster like just time goes by,
I’m hitting that age where a time is just going to seem like it’s moving faster and faster until everything is over is that’s true.

[10:39] What’s the worst,
if you’re doing your album release party that’s awesome October 6th.
I’m waiting yeah yeah yeah,
it matters but yeah we got a lot of cool people going to be performing just I wanted to just invite like my friends house like trying to think of who could I get that would be like drawers or whatever I was like you know what time it starts at 8:30.
Play music probably realistically won’t start till like 9:30 and sure but it but around 8:30 ish 8:30 cool down phone now that you have it on that date is that,
Conor McGregor I know I seen that God dammit,
I don’t like like it’s going to have to move that around I’ll take his 30s that you’re probably not. I wonder if we could get a TV in there but I can get them to fucking play Let’s get it on like that you like behind me,
if my dog behind the stage.
Yeah yeah that I seen that I got like those ESPN alerts on my phone and they got that alert.

[12:02] We got you just like looking at a TV while you’re on stage I’m really excited I was trying to.
Think about it and I was like you know I will probably performing at the same time McGregor’s fighting cuz usually it’ll be like around like midnight or so and then.
Yeah it’s really.
It’s really the closest place would be like B-Dubs right now can I run over something like that yeah.
Yeah there you go you just be up there with my iPad I’ll be in Oklahoma City.

[12:46] Thursday Friday and fly back Saturday so it’s going to be crazy for me too it’s a busy busy weekend.
Baby goodbye good stuff coming up early talk about like how busy summers are at this one’s been pretty busy but I’m just like man September is going to be.

[13:03] Yeah and I knocked over.

[13:08] It’s like a faster and busier it feels like.
Now it cuz I thought we did that show last night and then this Thursday I got that show with jelly roll and Levi.

[13:24] Tech Nine in Sturgis and then it just like and then like the week after that throws with fair and then just keeps like.

[13:30] Compounding you know it’s like I don’t know.
It’s been a lot of work.
Nap like his birthday is November.

[13:52] So the weather last night was crazy it wasn’t like we were out.
We went to that party and then we left there like the cops were like coming around and how’s it going we need to get the fuck out of here.
We left and went down by like the water in Wagner there’s like a cool like little like Pier,
like how is not everybody in town just like hanging out down here it’s fucking beautiful out here.
But yeah it was really it was really nice we just hung out down there for till like 3:30 or so in the morning and it was it was fine I mean it wasn’t yeah,
yeah I was so we went to hit up the fights last night and then Shayna was out at page so I checked her out and then like after that storm like started Mike went into the gas station and look,
the whole front of him was just soaking wet in the back of someone’s truck,
it’s my window.

[15:15] But you know you’re telling the parents and stuff then the grandparents the story on the phone what’s the one part he wants to go on and on about there was this crabby crabby old lady who’s Patty was like right above the pool like at one point he was,
Bob and under the water to come back up there one point got too much water up his nose and a blue water out of his milk cuz it was like,
she started yelling at him it’s just like that’s a community pool when she just like angrily like a weird at us like 15 minutes,
the last weekend the twins just got their new bike since I was riding a bike and then this old guy,
comes by my keys like crying cuz he couldn’t push the pedal and some stupid and that old man was like.

[16:03] Kids blah blah blah. I know that feeling it’s a,
I hope I’m never that crap that’s that’s why I think it was,
yeah just give me a warning and then my sister said that to the wheel warn me if I turn into that old person right.

[16:30] Something bad happened to you yeah lost your way.
Stuff yeah yeah like what I don’t get it get it I’m just happy.
It’s bad enough living with kids in an apartment would be really tough.

[16:52] It is you really can’t control that.

[17:01] Now how to say they’re going to be the only kid in our apartment but that’s not true there’s a bunch of cute I don’t know what else.
Please don’t spend enough time at your house I don’t know.

[17:17] Weird what was I going to say I totally just spaced out there for a second. I’m not kidding.

[17:26] But I don’t know it started to form a thought and then it disappeared some nights of Ben.
I’m always dating I’m always I’m always,
I was trying to be friendly. Forever on the market click expired now what.
Trying to trying to be a nice guy didn’t didn’t work out in my favor though but.
LOL yeah yeah yeah I could tell you some stories about last night,
I won’t but.

[18:20] I don’t know it’s crazy man you guys are lucky that you’re married it’s a it’s a weird world out there.

[18:29] Yeah last night is that when we’re at. Like the guy some random guy Mike was in the bathroom and I would hate it cuz I’m like that’s the worst bar to be at,
even for a second guys are just like.

[18:42] Yeah this guy took your so beautiful like that’s what I like please don’t touch me I’m married but I get away from me.
That’s how I felt last night at that res party like a beautiful girl I took like these two chicks were like.
Yeah it was just like just like hugging up on me as it goes really uncomfortable like this is not this is not what I want to be happening right now.
It was it was bad it got worse but yeah.
So yeah I watched YouTube Minecraft videos with nephew.

[19:33] Yeah what it what do people get out of there was like I always see like those videos and I don’t know but all my nieces will my nephew’s all of my nephews are super obsessed with the walkthrough videos was like they don’t like this younger generation 8.
We just talked about old people being old and crabby but we’ll be our generation version of that,
I don’t get it because they don’t want to play the video game they want to watch someone better than it’s kinda like professional sports sports they want to watch something funny,
dad talk while they walk through the game instead of actually playing it only my nephew do that too it’s so annoying I can’t even,
awful but only YouTube like video game walkthrough serious it was ever something I actually enjoyed was,
the McElroy brothers from my brother my brother and me it’s a comedy podcast about two different shows but that’s a big one.
They did for awhile YouTube City series that’s worth checking out called Monster Factory,
like where are you where they will do any,
the play any game where you get to like build an avatar and customize it and they try to make the most fucked-up Avatar that I possibly can to like break it and then at one point they.
They have like a three-part episode we’re basically they.

[21:00] A whole bunch of their fans and followers from Twitter to like all get together and throw a giant party in Second Life and then up crashing a server and like taking over some guys like virtual mansion and like perfectly trashing it and.
Yeah yeah it’s pretty hilarious.

[21:23] That’s all I love every time.

[21:26] Yeah I know I’m getting back into it just a little bit with steam know that I’m kind of going back to PC gaming a little bit and got rid of the consoles but I still have only like dipped my toe in it but just so busy with life.
Computer stuff.
And it’s crazy that my husband was reading like on average like kids play like 5 hours a day which is like mind-blowing like.
He’s like yeah we got to get our kids like outside that outdoor time is like so important you know like.
Cuz I save is educational like part of it is okay you like yeah it’s like all things in moderation you know I do think it’s funny though.
Yeah it’s just like when I was younger telling me I had to stay inside on a summer day was punishment or is now it’s like I can’t force them to go outside.

[22:20] I’d say like in my neighborhood cuz I live more Central you see more kids out and about.

[22:28] Cuz they probably don’t have cable or whatever it is.

[22:32] Alright I’m going to shut the door in the building.
Yeah Pastor shoulder.
Papers and she trying to do you wrong man in about one of the main people like in this community that’s doing stuff for the Youth and they’re trying to paint you as the bad guy or whatever which is bullshit so I wanted to get you on here to sort of.
Tell your side and it’ll give us a little bit of background on you know what you been doing and when you been doing this for a long long time exactly in on time I’ll see you later.
You know I obviously you know for the people who don’t know me you know Marcus you be star Cowabunga music United Ballers you know it started from the music.

[23:27] All this started a long time ago so this is just you know send in the making of doing better things and trying to like.
You know influence to you you know talk about 2 then let them know I K anything’s possible what you got to stay focus you know I’m saying like.
Cousin once you get yourself caught up in some bullshit you know it’s easy to get in trouble with an easy to get out of you know sending the youth are the future you know I’m saying so.
For as far as that first be an artist you know it’s our job to like.
Try to change that around a little bit and structure in and let him know like a like everything you see ain’t always what it seems you know everybody ganging this game that but like.
If that’s the lifestyle you want you want to live and you want to try to have success to.

[24:13] Show me sort of tough you know I’m saying so we started the I started the anti-bully school to school you tour.
We’ve been going so I call the boarding school Job Corps schools talking to kids about bullying and you know what happens home school work every age every race.
Touching tablets with your education you know where happens homeschool work every age every race you know to send that we bring in the music and the athletes are the major musicians and involved as well so,
it’s like assembly that starting to more like a party you know I’m saying cuz the response from kids and slide.
They were like well when I was in school we had people come out and talk to us about bullying and depression and stuff like that but it wouldn’t like nobody we were really like felt like we are influenced by you know.
So we try to bring that Vibe out to the kids and it’s like a soda response and I mean like we get it we get the feedback is Major I mean and we I took it from.

[25:11] All around from Salem North Salem Oregon to.
Show Low Arizona I mean to places I never heard of that that I’ve been going to and majority of the schools I go to our Native American schools you know I’m saying because like,
in the rule areas it’s like it’s not really close to the city.
So it’s like that really have advantages to get into the City and going to like concerts and major events and things like that so they really appreciate this type of entertainment when it come out and it’s just like.

[25:44] It’s not like a picking a chosen like I’m going to go to all these black schools I’m about to all these native schools I’m going to use an African schools are Mexican schools cuz it’s boarding schools every race all around the United States yeah you know but,
I dissed I did my own statistics in my own studies,
Evike bullying where is the most bullying at what cities what schools have the highest,
you know suicide rate that type of thing and it boiled down to like.
The rural areas like on the outskirts of these cities yes and so then I was just like what them like like what’s the problem like.
You call the police officers and things like that you know they needed don’t care what they just said hey do you know Kids R Kids Nas it ain’t gets Kids R Kids like it’s a problem yeah I got need to help these kids you need to send me these counters out here and see what’s really going on
so I cannot go out to the schools like I reach out to these kids you know we talked and we we like we build a rapport with each other you know I’m saying so it’s just like.

[26:42] Depression suicide everybody know that’s a major fact major factor in an all-over is not just a certain area at kids that don’t deal with that like on a daily.
You know so adults do it too but I mean adults.

[26:58] You know they know how to escape where they know how to vent or do I or relaxer get them self like reset if you’re a teen and sort of tough for you if you’re going through something like that to reset yourself I mean because like.

[27:14] You got to go to school you got to come home from school you got the homework.
Then if you got a job you got to go to work so where do you find the time so it’s like if if your if your pressure you’re depressed on top of all that other stuff yeah I guess hard to live life you know I’m saying so.
Twitter you like kids that age they don’t really have like the life experience to like you know.
You know then you have like kids doing things that everyone said why did they do that why did he do that why would she do that.
And it’s just like the new one nobody there to talk to him when nobody there until I tell him I hate it’s okay for you to talk to this person to talk to this person your mom your aunt your cousin your auntie local law enforcement like,
somebody at the end of the day it’s somebody that loves everybody yeah I’m saying so you should know who that person is and if not like.
Somebody need to tell you I hate like you can call here you can come here at like he needs to be resources and and how it is cuz I’m a grown up.

[28:24] The things we got involved in the things we did it’s cuz it wasn’t none for us to do,
this music this music stuff saved my life saved our life you know I’m saying I’ve been around since we’ve been around and we’ve been doing stuff together for a long time and it’s just like,
that music stuff these shows and these these events these parties that stuff I kept us out of trouble you know I’m saying that it’s just something that was.
Successful that we saw a future with so we kept going with it and going with it and you know everything went hi when you know things happen and things dispersed and then.
Everybody lose their lives at the end of the day you know I’m saying so what but with this like music I felt like.

[29:05] I ain’t quitting I’m not sure I never give up on this so like.
On the way to success having a little success here on and off the road you know that messing up Flo Rida and people like that and I was just like what man I see all these people in these cities like,
we come back what if we come back and we hit a different outskirts we meet some of these kids they said he go to boarding school this and that what if we come back and go to the school as well if we come bring events their schools and do things like that.
And it’s like it’s it’s a blessing bro cuz it’s like everybody around me could be doing a lot of other things you don’t say I didn’t like like we shipped it.
Our lifestyle to try to like help out others so in like in the process you know would like the parties.

[29:50] I was constantly hosting parties and hosting parties here host parties are hosting parties there everything I do is all ages try to keep a team team rated you know I’m saying,
because the teenagers like like we were doing what we’re doing back then I mean you have a few places like Acme so you had it for a little bit you had.
Teen night clubs in things like that to do that eventually it got shut down you know or they just closed business whatever.
So you had can’t change that stuff like that the YMCA and it was just like,
these places went until these times as well so curfew was this is never,
has never been an issue to where we were blind to it now we never been blind to the fact that curfew is the legal time and you have to be in when you have to go by by your curfew but.

[30:38] Wait like what I’ve been doing like all summer like when we are hosting a defense like we sort of we sort of Saw.
Problems about to occur alcohol and we promoted that,
like Mike heart like just to let you know don’t come here somewhere in that don’t come in when you’re doing that this is to come here and have a good time and.

[31:05] You’re the police saw that that we were doing that you know started from small two lines being around the block like we diverse that we actually diversify a youth,
event and you have blacks whites every age every races you had all that in their mix having a good time yeah we never not once hat fights,
nobody ever buy weapons nobody brought a backpack as we said don’t put in a bag for them don’t come with backpacks no bullying,
like they follow exactly what we’re saying damn and it was respect.
So every time they came and they respected us and made it gave us more motivation to do it bigger and better and do more things and events and things like that so.
And for free. For those like fire listeners or whatever that might not know like if you host these parties you know for teens or whatever in the end like the cops you know been hassling you guys and spend in the paper and stuff like that like,
recently which is being of overtime and I just wanted to let people know in case they didn’t already know but bullshit man.

[32:09] Sioux Falls has a real problem with minorities in hip hop,
you can be it’s like.
There’s nothing to be afraid about like this is a big world you know this is a big world the world is huge.
And so for you to in your own City,
there’s you there’s teenagers there is always going to be teenagers and recycle recycle recycle teenagers aren’t going nowhere they’re going to be your forever so you can’t just.
Say okay well we’re just going to keep them out the way of everything until they’re adults cuz it don’t work that way.

[32:55] You’re you’re a teenager I mean you have the right to have a good time you have a right to life,
unwind as well yeah obviously not like an adult you can’t drink alcohol you can sell it today was a long day I’m going to have a drink I’m stressed out you can’t do that but you have the right to go somewhere,
when no one’s in your face and you can meet up with your friends invent and just chill relax dance whatever listen to music just getting his own like you have the right to do that you know I’m saying so,
like with the officers with this whole situation with me and them a citation me for contributing,
delinquency contributing delinquency of a minor call C,
sorry I don’t mean to get all you guys when you get here is a quote from the artist of your story here from police spokesman Captain warm McManus on Friday,
and that they were unaware of why so many teams were at the shop even is curfew to send it.

[34:01] Okay my reaction was like first of all the contributing I just like they didn’t find anything and they’re giving you a contributing which is bullshit,
and that sorry that’s my opinion do you know how many,
different programs and grants and.

[34:23] Organizations try to put on something that teens actually want to go to that’s totally legit totally clean no alcohol it’s a good safe environment for youth,
I mean most communities would kill for that,
down in and like you are saying it’s like you’ve been building trust and you’ve been building you know we’re poor in the community and like more people are coming and white word is spreading and stuff like that is like,
that’s a success story not a fucking police report.
You know like weather sometimes like I told these kids lying.
Fibro like last week the weekend before that like after all this like we know we can go down to downtown and do this so we did it in my backyard at my house and we had it hundreds of teens in the backyard.
And I talked to him I said hey I said it’s BS you know what Sioux Falls is doing to us you know and I told him I said okay well.

[35:26] Everybody has it out for cops. Like you see a cop cop get behind you if you straighten up you like all shit you know if you’re walking along the street and you which group of your friends and cops passing you watching them too.
So like.
The cops they sometimes they bring the some of the stuff on themselves like the reason why these kids act this way towards cops is because,
that it is implanted in their head around what’s going around the world like I said it’s a big world it’s a lot of stuff that happens in every city every everywhere so you have cops,
you know what shooting unarmed teens you have these tragedies you have all types of things so these teenagers they’re not dumb they’re not dumb so they let her know what’s going on,
so whether they think you’re a good cop or bad cop you know they’re going to what they’re going to how can I put this.

[36:26] They’re going to the trust and respect is there but it’s just the respect is why is how these officers.
Present themselves like if they see a group of kids and they come up on them and these kids like these kids got into their minds where they see a cop they automatically going to run.

[36:44] Don’t run what are you running for don’t run there’s no reason to run you haven’t done nothing wrong don’t run okay spoke police officers well if there’s not a problem,
then what why are you why are you of course we want your presence known in everything we do we want your benefits entity we want you there,
but you don’t have to like.
Be to the point to where you’re now and its function is not your extraction now your but he wasn’t approved towards someone so the teens.

[37:14] Does sometimes have anger inside of them against them for no reason cuz they don’t they don’t know these officers like I told him some cops are good cops I know a lot of cops,
my boy my boy and I feel like we grew up together like he don’t know if he’s on the sheriff Force now so it’s just like.
I know a lot of cops and a lot of art are good guys and ladies you know so it’s just like but some of them,
yeah they really shouldn’t be on the force because for them to be a profession with their job.
You should know how to defuse a situation other than provoca situation and then be quick to cut off a person and say they’re being disorderly you know and not that’s that’s just where I just don’t get it because it’s like.

[37:58] You respect me I respect you just because you have a bad so mean you can just talk to me any type of way you can’t just talk to me any type of any type of way because you have a bad I respect you but I respect you too,
Ann extend yeah I know then there’s no explanation for the for the bullshit after that.
If you respect me I respect you you are the law you enforce the law but you’re supposed to put Troll and keep the people say you don’t just show up and say I’m the boss and you’re going to do this and you’re going to do that and you’re not in your going to do this and that and because,
I’m not going to just listen to everything you’re saying I know what rights these kids they don’t know their rights.
So you going to treat them that way but you you’re not going to talk to a person and know their rights and tell them how it’s going to go,
because first of all this is in your establishment who called you while you hear someone from inside call you why are you here,
okay and it if it’s someone so if it’s 11:30 or if it’s 11:15 and you’re talking to me at the door interview of the event for 45 minutes.

[38:59] And then you say okay well.
The party has in and then I go in and I go down till the DJ stop the music turn the lights on everybody got to go parties over,
and then you want to come in by the time it take me two seconds to get down the stairs and going to talk to the DJ then you’re in the room making your presence known and all these kids are like oh
freaking out and panicking and running and doing this and now now that’s entrapment entrapment falls on a lot of different categories so in trying if you want to get technical about this.
That’s entrapment what happened to me was entrapment in any way no I’m not saying okay.

[39:35] We did everything all everything was done how was supposed to been cuz obviously there were young kids in there,
and it was past curfew but the time you came today at door 11:15 11:20 while we’re talking and you’re keeping me at the door for another 40 minutes,
having this officer come over here in this officer come over here and now 6-7 squad cars up front and I asked him under arrest for something and you say no just wait one second,
and then you bring another car to the door now the cops like dude I don’t even know why I’m at the door what’s going on so they don’t know,
I’m going back downstairs and I’m just sitting in the party so I go down there not in the party and then they brush the party and then,
let a lot of kids go but pick and choose certain kids to give her free tickets to they didn’t lion all these kids up at the door and say okay.

[40:29] You what’s your name you you what’s your name how do you how do you do that kids walk past them young kids older kids and they got what they can get they picked out who they wanted to pick out and they gave him tickets.
And if it’s like there’s all kinds of like cops at the door and I’m a kid you know I’m not just going to go walk past you know a bunch of cop cars and all that shit like yeah like I’m probably scared down there like yeah want to be around them,
yeah so it’s always it’s like you know so so that’s that’s how that played out and then to me I think it’s.

[41:05] You know what I hate talking about I hate bringing bringing the race issue involved because I know,
I have a lot of friends that are white you know how I like I I know a lot of white people you know I love everybody you know it’s not about race thing,
but certain people they are on that race stuff near start certain people don’t want to see somebody succeed him some people don’t want to see certain people succeed for the dumbest reason,
like because of your skin color because of what someone of your skin color may have done to them or done to their family or done something like that so people hold grudges and people haven’t hit Vin hip to 2018 and no this is not.

[41:46] If you feel like you got to fall into future stop being a dinosaur like,
we’re here you know it’s not going nowhere but it’s still wanting it it’s like.
Like we’re not come we’re not causing any problems we just want to like,
we just trying to help what’s your relationship like with the other downtown businesses in the area cuz I’m like do you think that
they were like the impetus for it or anything like that or do you think it was the police force in general I personally think it was the police force in general and the reason I’m saying that is because.
But there is more reports more reports that came out like there are reports that came out Jeremy the guy who did our interview in August I mean his super cow going to do what he’s super cool Shelton’s Army he did our interview in there and he just had,
questions for himself he’s like man this don’t make sense like like how is this possible like so.

[42:46] He reached out and he got the cars like the police cars from from the time we started doing those events from a couple months ago or whatever and to win the police cars when they were actually called.
Show the times.
That they’re actually called in that vicinity right there were about maybe six or seven times throughout all the times we had events there and then you had calls about.

[43:09] 77207 for something else like on the block of where Wiley’s is
and then you had a lot of calls towards the area but they they weren’t to the actual establishment where we’re at shirt and so therefore one of the law enforcement’s we clarified that came into the artist with their comments whatever I’m like oh yeah we’re sorry well,
there was calls out there but to this specific establishment.
The times were 10-27-10 18 one night at 2:58 in the morning one night and like.
918 one night so in between those times like you can have music you can play music.
Like that’s not even past the sound from things like that so.
Those times don’t cause came in they need to come there at those times of those calls,
so they got that call why didn’t they come like pull up to the scene if they hate do this or do that do that now we had interactions with them on other nights you know where they came like cuz there was no one night where we were having like a.
Live performance with somebody the first time we did it and it ran late today I’m going to be like the icon.

[44:38] You know they were going through some with the sound you know what I didn’t really keep up on exit right well. But I just know I heard about them going through some stuff about the apartment and it’s just like.

[44:51] You know like why I mean downtown Sioux Falls it’s expanding this growing and that’s good that’s a good thing but it’s just like how can you.
Why would you.
Why would you want to live there and you know what’s around you and then and then come in and complain and say what I spend,
I spent $300,000 for my condo and this and that so you better tell them to keep the music down and you tell them I don’t want these people are these kids around here so why are you so
so I understand why you downtown and watch City want you downtown because it’s money because y’all some money okay so I understand but my everything can’t be about money like you got think about,
Michael’s kids lives almost like why would you move into an area that you’re irritated by,
it’s like they want downtown but they want a version of downtown they’re picturing in their head not afraid to,
that’s true I can see if these kids are outside.
At on a function that we’re having it if they’re outside.

[46:02] Breaking in cars outside fighting but none of that was going on all the reports were kids outside hanging out on the corner okay well you have adults across the street hanging out on Wiley Street outside,
they have Windows crossing the street so you have constant,
constant arm it is constant movement you don’t sound like at night time
what is not illegal to be a pedestrian and it’s not there it’s not you catch a Saturday night you got people everywhere people just walking downtown so kids that aren’t even coming to our event, so how do you how do you pick and choose now.
Olli schedule outside or walking by there stopping in making noise and it’s just like his downtown Sioux Falls Okay so.

[46:49] I looked at some of the comments on August 9th on one and it just boils down to.
Even older people of the other race and it’s because they’re black and I downtown and then trying to do something good and they’re they’re succeeding at it and.
You know they want to know what’s going on inside.
Okay how stupid can you be to say I wonder why these all these kids wanted to keep coming to this place and hanging out in that basement.
It’s like because there’s DJ there’s a music I spy something to do raffle things we give away things like this it’s it’s something to do,
go ahead I just going to say it like Sioux Falls literally had limited options when it I’d like grown-ups like you said Acme was like the only place you could go.
Yeah I remember when I was in college and you know we talked about coming up to Sioux Falls but like especially before you hit 21 there was like no you know what is a wasteland back and it’s been like 2001-2002 that year up but yeah but I’m shy.

[47:48] I’m not shocked but the the quote from the plate Captain throws me cuz it’s very like they’re baffled like
why don’t get it how can you have teenagers Gathering and not have the drugs and alcohol or other stuff and I’m just like,
this is the squeakiest clean Finn I’ve ever seen raided like silly,
party gone crazy or something and then it’s just like the more I dug into the story The More I read about it the most like what yeah.

[48:23] It basically like they gave away that they gave away a lot of curfew tickets that night so it’s disgusting like how they chose the way to create revenue for the city that night because curfew tickets aren’t cheap you know that they aren’t cheap.
And I know their past a hundred and twenty bucks or something like that wish it really so is yeah,
a lot of curfew tickets to these kids who may not even have a jobs now their parents have to pay that okay so then it boils down to the fact that.

[48:54] The aren’t the reason this happened this night where there was 18 year olds there as well as older teens it’s because.
I was out of town and so therefore we have a lot of we have a large group of kids that we have promote events and do things you know from family members and things 1.
When we send texts and things like that so when they work their Snapchats and they send messages you know I had you no one 17 year old that was doing it.
And you know it’s a 16 year old that helps out.
And then there is a 19 year old that helps out when we do like concert events to bring it all ages with all age concert is all ages,
Big Show all age concert you going to have all ages they’re going to have them still working that bar at all ages but you have to show ID near queso all ages means all ages,
okay so this is a teenage event and we always put from grade 7 through 12 and soul.

[49:53] Do that being you know you when you’re in the 12th grade you’re you’re at some kids are 18.
Kids promoting that are 16 and kids spread the word that 18 to the 18 or dirty in the art of hearing about it they just haven’t been there yet what’s going on like let’s go check the spot.
So this night I mean like that it happened be a busy night like it was packed like it was a line outside and everything is so so there’s a lot of people then you had ages from the 60s to the 1514 then you had the 17 and 18 19,
so then it’s just like.

[50:31] You know we said hey it got to a point where before it even got to 11 we said if you aren’t of this age you if you got to leave,
so we know the typical teen night the typical teen I started with the young age crowd it started with the four teams and up to no older than 16 17,
s o a lot of the parents we started knowing a lot of parents who were some of the parents they come in and check it out before they let the kids stay then I’ll leave ya but their parents are all were there they were they were always there on time to pick him up after yeah,
so if it was 11 and they’re out there by like 10:45.
This night it just seems like every every kid was able to tell their parents hate we’re going to stay we’re going to stay here and so.

[51:16] If you’re a parent then that’s your job to Satan know this is past your curfew yeah I’m coming to get you right now like this isn’t nothing new you can,
you’re not staying late tonight and you’re not we’re not known of you staying there past a certain time but now it’s not you’re going to say yeah what if you’re lying to me any place close and you just going to go to his friends house and do whatever you know what’s up.
So with the parents it to me also you know if they were okay where they’re at then.

[51:43] It’s not okay to do past curfew so I’m not saying that.
They’re not you know doing that it illegal passage that but it’s just like for a for some of these parents though as well.
You know they got to know where that kids are if your kid is 11 year old 11 years old and you’re leaving him there and why are you first of all.
If I had an eleven-year-old I’ll probably won’t let go to parties and stuff like that yet,
Genesis play in Steven pass like a teenager like I like when my brother’s like when I was young my brother.
You know they they had like the what was it called those at the YMCA is called the canteen the canteen and so I remember one time.

[52:33] I snuck in you know cuz I was with them and like when.
When I went to like sugar ideas whatever I was in between my brother and one of his big friend so I can get the first time that happened I was like.
I was like 13,
my mom is pissed off at me too because I was just to go tell my brother something in the line,
I was like man they were playing basketball in one gym and then the other gym it was like just a dance party and so I experienced that.
You know an app that you know I got my ass nest out of there.

[53:25] And then it happened again at Acme I was just to go say hey can I get my brother and tell him some and they’re like going in there and then I got in there and I was like,
shit again.
I don’t think I got a dancing and I’m just like man.
And so from that point you know we’re getting older then you have like acne and stuff like that.
Sounds like every Sunday night I think it was if it wasn’t school on Monday for I forgot the nice that were that was Soo.

[54:15] Tonight I was just like man like.
In the process of us doing a music and doing that you know doing shows and moving around then I just never forgot about that you said well I’m going to figure something out someday to wear like.
I can get back to you sometime that way you’re not saying okay.
Going to eat school and give him $1,000 and thousand thousand thousand.
Find you Indian School the lady whose name what is your name.

[54:47] Marlys marlys marlys minor Manor sound like that and it was a Justin.

[54:56] Justin.

[55:00] Starts with the beat Justin Bieber Justin Brunner Brunner Brunner something Brothers.
They booked me for a show one time right they booked me for a show.
So you know I got that worked out with the group and I was like hey man we going to Flandreau Indian school. Before show like that’s the first time I got paid to do a show so I was like shit like.
I get paid you don’t think that was I think Flandreau Indian school is like my first page show to you,
felt like like that like I said that was motivation again what I was doing so I went to the school.

[55:40] The music that we had then it wasn’t so clean and so.
And at once I saw like there and teachers in there and I saw they had their school cop in there and like the counselor who actually wanted us to come there and got us booked to come in there in like the dorm the people who run the dorms and things like that.
And I’m like and I start thinking about some of the music that was on the CD.

[56:05] And then I was like there’s a lot of kids is packed already cuz it’s a school and then there was a gymnasium and I was just like man like some jazz music.
I forgot I forgot to tell them I knew I was going to ask.
Might not be so good like so I was just like.

[56:28] I was like Nas we just going to do it anyway we still do it anyway so we like that first that first intro come in and said we’re going to pick,
the cleanest songs we have party songs 2 or 3,
and we did that and then we just going to play other people music like major artist music that turning into a party so,
movie star performing light they had never heard of us or her music before they were just happy that it was live entertainment and some that they don’t always get,
and they’re rocking with his hard and it was just a party at it amounted to be a good party like that,
they were taking us you know for coming out there the staff the director is you know maybe they loved it they like whenever you guys did I got it again do it please get us any contact with us and we would love to have you back.
And so from that point I knew after that night that I had to get more professional with it because it’s like those are.
Younger kids and obviously it’s a school so you can’t take like all that negative stuff there towards the school.
But I mean like obviously you know like I said some of the music wasn’t clean and so we we figure it out I figured out okay hey.

[57:44] One of these schools going to be professional I figure out what if I would say school is wonderful,
said some what if we gave him some type of positive message so I can let him know like yeah don’t let things Sidetrack you from the videos and things like that like this is who we are and you know we appreciate you guys giving us the opportunity to be here,
so we’re going to.
We’re going to respect the fact that we’re here so respect the faculty to keep it clean for you guys and bring some positive like a message at the same time,
picked up I kept doing it I kept doing it all the schools are catching when other schools start catching win and so like I just stuck with in the stuff Within,
you know it just start to spread so I got better at what I did and I’m still getting better at what I do it is and so I just got better as in.
Putting more speeches in like talking to the kids more more than just music talking to them more about serious topics you know about things life things that happen in life you know that.
Like suicide depression like that’s major like.

[58:49] Is my kids they go through think they go through things adults we go through things we go through things everyday nobody’s perfect we don’t you going to go through things in life and that’s the key to talk to the kids and let him know like a,
you’re going to go through things you’re going to fall in love you going to have a girlfriend or boyfriend you might do it in school.
Most likely not going to be with them forever with you going to think you’re going to be with them forever so when you get your heart broke the first.
You just like man like you’re like there’s nobody can fix it unless you say I want you back you know I’m saying or he say I want you back till like,
some kids.

[59:28] They’ve got to that point to where would that first thing happen they can take it and they did other bad things to them damn she knows just cuz that first thing cuz it was nobody to say hey.
I guess you can’t tell the person I have a light.

[59:42] You don’t like you think you got you got daughter’s you got you guys you guys got kids how do you how do you type how do you tell how do you tell.
Do your kid hey like someday you’re going to be hurt.
Someday this isn’t going to work out the way it’s supposed to work out and you’re going to feel horrible like you’re going to feel so bad to where you think is your fault and you just don’t know what to do just because your body is hurt your hurt you like shutting down.
In like this is what you don’t do this is what you don’t do you not feel this way cuz it’s just like kids they’re just want to experience the feeling.
And and try to like.
Without or react without thinking there’s going to react without thinking so my whole goal what I do isn’t talked about topics like that and not just it’s not just bowling and it’s about.
Bully in and then you break down the statistics on bullying and knee say okay well why is this person a bully what made this person turn into a bully okay,
play kids these kids that this kid bully.
And if you believe a certain amount of kids how many of those kids you’re bullying how many do them turn the bullies themselves yeah you know an Invicta mines other people,
and you know like tragedies like you got school shooting so you got all that and it’s just like all that,
you think I’m a bully anything I’m a bully as a bad person a bully is bad he’s just a person that.

[1:01:06] Don’t have no Outlet until he does bad things so it’s just like sometimes the bully might just be like you know like you don’t know,
what’s going on his life okay I’ll be the victim of bullying why you bullying mean okay I’m not poor kid I got my mom and my dad at home I’m just coming to school to get an education as a white why you picking on me from The Bully Sam point of view.

[1:01:30] My mom and dad broke up,
okay we’re not financially okay so I don’t care so I’m not caring about nothing and I’m just going to take it out on everybody you know I got to talk to nobody cuz there’s nobody can help that can help me,
Menendez so I’m just going to use my own judgement and I’m just going to think for myself and react react react when there’s people that can help you is people have you talk and let them know what’s going on,
there that they’ll be able to help you snare help you and so can the bully standpoint it’s just like.
The weather in mind developmental insula you know,
however they’re going to Target this issue and and and and decompress and that way and think it’s the right way and then you know ain’t towards others you know that that’s how I see it with bullies but then,
if there’s people like in your household your mom your dad they’re not caring if they’re not at home and they’re at the bar every night or they just know.
No type of structure and then you got to like Outsource you got to reach out for somebody yeah sometimes kids don’t want to do that cuz they’re the feeling Beres you know I’m saying all or shy or so they don’t do that,
yeah I know and it’s just like you know it’s when tragedies happen you know so.

[1:02:42] Free kid get picked on if you bully me and Bully me a bully a person everyday everyday everyday everyday what if that same kid you believe that same kid sorry about that what is that same kid that you believe.
What if.

[1:02:56] They come to school with a gun one day I was there scared of you and they’re tired of you doing that then they react but then the media paints say okay they’re bad guy cuz they did this that’s a bad decision that’s a bad decision.
As you been a teacher or principal or anything you know you should know like a like a.

[1:03:18] This kid needs some help like somebody need to reach out in like prevent this from happening like it is.
This can turn tragic and it can turn tragic for the bully to cuz you don’t know what else she’s dealing with that home and he’s coming to school and he’s just he’s displaying you know him not caring and picking on other kids.
So if your principal or whoever you are and you can’t see this and pick up on it then it’s just like it needs to be more,
more people in that school other than counselors you need to have events you need to have the speakers come out to talk and say hey like some of these schools I go to.
They asked if I can teach their staff there’s like training like what to do with these kids.

[1:04:05] Minutes late.

[1:04:07] If you’re just an employee and you have problems like these kids to that you’re not even fixing them for yourself then how are you going to like,
how are you going to teach these kids like her this is how you deal with this but but you’re the authority and you’re having these issues yourself so you don’t know how to battle these issues yourself part of coming of age is that you,
you realize that only adults around you are just as messed up and finish.
The way you’re coming at this like I know a lady at my work dr. Grice she’s doing work in this pier victimization she’s working with rural schools in South.

[1:04:48] So it’s really cool to see you bring up your stats and everything cuz I work in research and it’s like,
you know this is where the issues lie and a lot of people have to play like what do we do now and people are trying to figure out and,
you’re in like you’re just down working with the youth and,
puppy that is beautiful it’s kind of what I was saying where it’s just like you’ve got a medical research group that’s like,
pouring all this money and all these academic sitting around this late address this issue and me while you’re out there like doing it live.
Feedback and resources back to his clothes and make sure that they there needs to be prevention work done and.
Providing different curriculums to be taught in the schools but like I’m totally 100% for like prevention work and,
we can be preventing it then we should be doing anything to the groundwork is the best work because you’re getting to know these students and even if it’s one time you’re passing through that school,
like I remember people that came to the assemblies and even boring ones but if they stood out you remember that you know,
appreciate that I just like the fact that.
You know coming into this like I did a little research and then I was just like well okay well.

[1:06:09] Imma do this regardless you know so it’s nothing that’s going to stop me from doing this.
If a school like schools you know some schools pay some schools don’t you know but whether it for school page or not. Don’t stop me from going to that school yeah I know it’s cuz it’s just is there something that I started and then I’m going to continue with so it’s just like.

[1:06:29] With like anyone get involved in like Santo you need this you need that I’ve just always done everything on my own.
Casino funny things among the best I could and you know went out to eat schools all around the United States,
and like I said like I said that’s that’s not going to stop going to double up anything else that come that’s just a blessing,
but it’s already a blessing to what I’m doing right now you know I’m saying to to be in this position you know and I mean cuz.
You go back 10 years you know you we all know like at life can be different right now for a lot of us like we can be in a lot of different situations and spot through shit we’ve been through so it’s just like me.
Everyday I wake up like I think God like thank God for waking me up.
You know I got a thing for my family you know give me the give me the guidance give me the strength give me the health you know Santa’s show me away tonight for the so now so there I hope nobody jump in my way because saying I’ll stop me so it’s just like.
I’m strong I’m installing that right there and that’s something that I stick to right there.
SOI cowboy music United balls you be you know everything everything where this started and formed formed from.
You know for my brothers Titus DeVaughn you know like it’s structure destruction me out to be.

[1:07:53] Like I went I say it made me think more yeah I know just just like oh on life in general you know I’m saying because.

[1:08:02] Like I don’t have any kids yet but all my friends have kids and had to be the worst thing for me to everyone at catch a phone call hearing.

[1:08:12] Oh this is he did this or she did that and it’s just like damn like we are the voice now the voice so it’s like right.
Process artist We Are The Voice you know the youth are going to look up to what we do you know cuz I think it’s cool it’s cool.
And it is cool like whether you playing sports whatever you do is cool you know you can be anything you want to be,
Mike Michael Jordan told told me that you know I’m saying yeah once he said you can be whatever you want to be you know like I like I like I carry with that like when I was a kid like.

[1:08:48] And also it’s just like the words like certain words so this was powerful and then it was like yeah I’m going to stick to it and imma ride to sending.
You know I’m not going to give up on these things like we keep it going like I said it it’s deeper than it’s deeper than,
Facebook fires in radio advertisements now like it’s so deeper now to where I can literally send for Snapchats and one phone call and one text,
and have 300 teenagers anywhere near they don’t have nothing to do and they’re willing to be off the streets to go somewhere there in in in,
have fun so far is it for like.
The city like why not why is it taking us to do this like why is it taking us it is but if we wouldn’t have been doing it last year how many homicides did we have in in in the team you,
how many accidents how many drunk drunken drivers do we have that were under the age how many DUIs underage how many you know how many anything.

[1:09:50] Dennis affected the youth any,
thing that we have last year do those statistics with these past months of June and July do the statistics then I can guarantee you in Sioux Falls that it is way less,
you knowing and it is track your numbers or like how many,
and you know we keep the clicker you know I receive for tax purposes and things like that and also we keep we keep it quicker but I’m that night.

[1:10:20] There is no 200 people in there there was no 200 people in there so,
so far whoever the officer whoever he is who gave that information like that that’s that they’re just trying to make it look bad
once we got everything paid out and officers stuff around here walking around the room taking pictures on a cell phone to take a picture snap snap snap.
And asked me if I had a flyer,
you know I was compliant like I’m not doing nothing wrong so I’m compliant with you like like I said it’s respect so you disrespect me and then when you disrespect me but it’s just,
well I’m letting you know we’re losing respect for each other straight you serious if so now you’re in my face,
with your camera phone like what do you want,
where’s the flyer for tonight where’s the fire for the night that’s word of a mouth like Snapchat how are you in school.
How is this possible what’s in it they were hoping to come in there and say we find a lot of drugs we found.

[1:11:31] Okay we found this movie that’s how they were desperate going to be the case and how frustrated they are the door wasn’t as this,
like night shift like a successful Entertainer yo you know a music artist,
you know cowboy music shows artist music like we’ve been doing this for a long time I’m sure if we sent out to our fan base hey we’re going to do some for teenagers teenagers,
they’re going to show up they’re going to show up that’s just what’s going to happen and most parents are going to let their kids go to something like that,
some house you know we’re like exactly.

[1:12:18] Somebody might do it and it might not be so successful with it,
you know somehow I’ve done a lot of events that weren’t success for you know and I’ve done a lot even someone successful,
and the only thing I did from the unsuccessful events was learned from not being successful on the events because I learned from them and so from from learning from them,
I just said okay well now I’m going to try this this way and I’m going to do this this way I’m going to Target the teams I’m going to Target to you that I want to get more people involved I’m going to have,
more teenagers help by give them work development skills like have them do a job have them do this have them help out get them involved and it’s just like it’s not hard,
to do that for the city,
why you don’t always have to be about bars you know the bars like I have no problems with any bars in town I know a lot of the bar owners and they’re super cool people but that’s for adults it needs to be some for teenagers you know I’m saying we need some for teenagers
if they’re not going to help create lunch we’re going to create it and we’re going to keep creating and we’re going to do it well and we won’t be stopped,
and it says it’s already in the making like we have our own building now that’s literally 4600 square feet.
That’s under construction right now and so there it’ll be for Live Events National artist coming in doing shows.

[1:13:35] You know the booking are for the name all that be released on Wednesday any day this podcast and we obviously will be dealing with.
Bars coming in for concerts but do the proper catering service we’re not going to be selling the liquor so we have another a safe route of doing that cuz we’re not going to.
Specialized and promote alcohol establishment but when we have concert in events and things like that,
thanks will be situated to where you know you responded off in the proper company is coming in serving liquor you know that type of thing and this is dated a thing or any numbers of downtown businesses,
I mean there was nothing there’s nothing out of the ordinary with like one night to teen night one night so you know that party night for adults and.

[1:14:32] Yeah it just the whole thing is really fishy it’s just weird it’s his real fishy,
it’s almost selfish that that is scary you know I’m saying cuz it’s just like are you you guys like you really don’t want these teenagers to succeed,
is that is that what it is or is it,
that you think that we’re bad people and we’re doing bad things to keep these teams around us or would like what is the problem okay I understand some things if things aren’t ran right okay then,
then we find out what’s wrong if there’s a fire code okay put the fire code up okay is it something with the air in here cuz this is labeled as a basement office used to be an office but the establishment where we’re at back in the day,
it was a bar it was like a card room or something like that down there on that level and so could we see like the old signs sure so it’s just like.
I understand having too many people in one spot.
But that becomes an issue for like the Pasion Fire Marshal in the health in the building inspector guidelines.

[1:15:37] We all can breathe this air real good right now we’re breathing clean decent air right now good air.
So if you get 20 people in this room it’s going to be hot.
Bunch of fat guys in here last Sunday it was hot in here.
You get people that didn’t then that’s a problem because now it’s it’s it’s becoming a health issue because nobody you’re not breathing right so Dennis issue.
So so this is all basic stuff it doesn’t sound like you’re.

[1:16:19] It sounds like you’re you know darling all your I’s and Crossing all your t’s you’re taking care of fire code you’re taking care of,
you know if there’s something that you need to be aware of it sounds like if they were like hey you need for this code you need this your right here on it and then so I’m just like.

[1:16:34] I feel like this was a like a contempt of cop charged or something like that cuz it just like.
There are there at like I said there’s good cops and there’s some cops that probably should still be in the classroom finishing and retesting because.
Like you can’t just talk to nobody any type of way especially if you’re not doing nothing wrong you can’t come up with an attitude.
Like that that particular night Bike Shop on the couch like okay cool cool cool pound pound pound Pound handshake the few.
One had his hand out and I went to handshake him and he was like oh no and he pound and he was like I don’t do that,
so is this like what why you got the audacity to I’m like I was just like okay,
I was like so and I still pound of butt and I saw him and and he had the most to say after that and then then I’ve seen him since then recently and he’s just like some of those guys and I’ll just say okay well,
alright well,
dang I shake your hand either I’m just I’m just being respectful the rest of your officers your fellow officers your hand into a pound.
Looks like I’ll pound you to or whatever you can get your pound.

[1:18:02] Let me I’ve done and shakes are the most the most awkward super yeah yeah I think I was feeling so I was just like okay well.

[1:18:19] We see the elephant on the wall we waiting oh okay alright,
tribe you talked to anybody on the city council or the mayor anything like that so you know what happened and I was about to get into this too we got a a box to the barbershop couple days ago,
from the ACLU and you know they were appreciating us for you know the work we.
We’ve been trying to do with the youth by providing a safe place for a LGBT youth you know,
weather in old no matter whatever you whatever you sexually you said you know your race you are always welcome at everyone our events you know we see people of all the genres in there,
and everyone has always had a good time had a good time together sure we we promote it diversity,
fun fun with the youth Urban and all AIDS all race you know I clean fun and so the the ACLU.

[1:19:19] You know.

[1:19:21] They reached out that’s in the letter you know they’re letting us know if we need any help or any resources you know just to let him know that if we stumble up in any type of problems that,
that they’re behind us they’re behind what we doing they seen the article as an artist I’m with wine and all these other articles and they see that you know something maybe.

[1:19:42] Corrupt here because we’re not doing nothing wrong.
And if there’s something wrong that we have the codes and things like that not okay then we’ll be magazine and wrong to that fact but just let us know we’re going to fix that because I hate that,
they reached out that’s why they search right here just came from ACLU,
you want to come in here you want to come this podcast room get a warrant then you come at you’re not just going to barge in nowhere that’s what it is,
so shut up. ACLU you know with that right there so that was a major blessing because I did some,
background research on who they are and their major organization you know what the home base in New York and Washington DC so it’s like so it’s a blessing to have them.
Notice our efforts and reach out and you don’t appreciate what we’re doing and let her know that let us know that they got our back,
so I’m inside so that’s a blessing right there so we definitely appreciate everything you’ve been doing here as a father for you know I have a 12 year old daughter.

[1:20:59] Hopefully soon we’ll have to soon but I’ll be going to have something to do around town you know I’m not just wandering around or you know whatever.
Yeah we are man cuz it could it could be worse.

[1:21:18] Breaking the houses selling drugs gang-bangin they can be out here doing all that and it’s just like.
If we have a grasp on them to like sort of control some of that time that’s where we know where they’re coming to a safe location and I have a safe fun at security.
Then that’s that’s that’s that’s all we that’s all we want right there man and it’s Talent.
Largest kids that come in The Talented they can see their artist.

[1:21:49] It’s just like when we started the music when we started doing we’re doing it’s just about finding an outlet where can you display your talent want to be.
The Source will you come display your talent and host these events and have an event have your show have a party you don’t have to worry about going to.

[1:22:06] But he would defend you and trying to figure out how do you pay $6,000 to get into thorny van a concert and things like that or how to spend multiple hundreds and thousands to get somewhere,
you know book a show and throw your first concert we want to be able to develop and help you to that point,
and let you know I like okay well there’s a house for that this is this is this is what this for this is like create.

[1:22:31] Gary Skidmore motivation motivation like that’s the key like you don’t know some of these kids may not have dads in the household you know some of these kids may have like.
For five brothers and it’s just them in that Mom some of these kids may have for five brothers and sisters and it’s just them in their grandmother’s and 90 you know so it’s just like so they’re the man of the house so it’s just like.
Why not keep that team safe when I get out K motivation why not try to show somebody that way you know jail so.
And I mean it other than that I mean we are not going to stop what happened to us I mean it happened.

[1:23:08] But hey it is what it is you know I’m saying like.
I’m taking it all the way I’m going to court I’m not taking them please I’m not taking no nothing I don’t care just say your tickets $2 I’m not taking it we’re taking it to trial though yeah that’s what we’re going to do and if there’s anything else behind that then okay then our attorneys are.
Well ready then it’s probably going to be.

[1:23:32] I don’t know I don’t know what was going to amount to in this city man with them seeing that these kids need something to do it’s not hard it’s not hard.
You know so we the bad guys then what’s we going to switch stator bad guys.
Other than that you know shout out to all the good officers and shout out to her.
All the good people you know the the kit the kids and adults that respect others cuz that’s what we rocking with you no sauce.
It’s all it’s all love Catwoman music you know what is everything we trying to do right now and going to do you know like I said we have a a new location.
New location I’ll be getting you guys in phone that this week too.
Janice is super dope forearm to my William see about booking you and getting you in at 2.
It’s a blessing in disguise on how everything happened because we went from a couple weeks ago from me hosting these parties.
Denial running a venue like I didn’t really.
That’s a lot of work yeah yeah you know it sounds like music I’m so artist and I still do other things so it’s a lot of work so now it’s just like.

[1:24:44] It’s happening and it’s there so now it’s there for a reason like everything happens for a reason you know I’m saying so I’m taking everything that comes at me the good and the bad,
and I’m working with it I don’t care what can happen the worst thing that happened to me in Alma do a step-over that shit like,
nothing is going to stop me now you don’t have some slow me now and then I’m I’m just letting myself down all I have all you have it in today as yourself,
you know you have your family the people that you care about what your dream is your dream nobody’s going to pick you up and lift you and bring you to your destination of your dream so it’s just like I’m a nobody going to stop,
and shittim stay California and that’s that’s all it is to it you know it’s like I said shout out to the good officers and.

[1:25:27] Whatever else to know the office I think that’s a good place to to leave it at man.

[1:25:36] Got your back man and that’s all I wanted to get you in here so we can,
talk about it I just saw I just like man is fucked up I know the other just tryna I’ve had my own problems with Sioux Falls Police with,
you know it’s there an issue with hip hop in my artist because this city is getting bigger,
yeah so who’s sitting behind these these who’s sitting behind the desk saying.
Okay well we’re going to build this downtown and we’re going to build this and we’re going to build this and we’re just going to build all this shit and not have teenagers in the youth involved or nothing to wear,
they would even like to come like that stop doing all these fucking restaurants in all this other extra shouldn’t you think about these kids and build something for them like everybody’s going to be like,
yeah it was supposed to do this cuz they are the future and they’re getting older they are the future that a future politician is there the future,
that the future doctors they’re the the future attorneys and hate your Authority businesses I support everything
yeah you know I support everything so it’s just like this is a good place to show a kid like you really can be what you want to be if you stay focused out of trouble,
and go for it.

[1:27:02] But I don’t understand like the fair the fair is here now,
2 Chainz are out there walking around animal said something about that just cuz I’m like,
there’s the fair you know events at the premier Center I don’t see the premier Center getting braided anytime soon right now. Stand up comedy act or something like that answers teenagers there brought that up,
you know to an officer while they were actually did that night I said okay,
events happening at the premier Center you have kids hanging out outside past 11 you have this you have that and they didn’t want to talk about that they just never just like,
just happened a couple weekends ago,
flashlight or no Feather River Fest coming up.
It’s always kids and teenagers and stuff like that at that way I understand.

[1:28:10] That’s what you’re doing wrong we just need to start another and another congregation of Our Lady of Perpetual tax exemption.
Okay whatever you know like okay I guess I guess the curfew only works for certain people.
Certain events.
That’s crazy well shit man.

[1:28:49] Hell yeah man
we’re going to end with a new song actually just finished recording my own and it’s coming in October
I haven’t announced yet but little John’s asking to be at that show too so they ask me little John Tech Nine and,
What Lil Jon out there like last year’s or he’s always out there.

[1:29:16] Nelly was out there.

[1:29:20] Oh they said I know about you but it went and they were said it’s it was wall-to-wall like you couldn’t even fucking move around in there.
Yeah but the last time I did. There was 7,000 people there it was like as far as you can fucking see out.
You couldn’t even see the end of the people it was fucking crazy so I will go out there and shut it.
Pyrotechnic Guy what’s the pyrotechnics guy from Whitesnake,
I’ll just have some of my boys is firing bottle rockets out and stay there specs,
where is the end of the show with the new song off my latest album called hey baby features at Wellington downz Maniac the siouxpernatural.

[1:30:22] Good Jam Wii U know you guys dig it and the album comes out October 6th.
Thank you guys.

[1:30:41] Music.

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 027 No One Called

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 027 No One Called

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guest: …

Produced By Robert Mehling

Music Spotlight: The Cody Blackbird Band with “Blackbird Chirp (Fly Away)”

Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Robert Mehling, Char Green, Kat Stands

Machine Transcript

[0:54] Alright welcome to episode 27 of the urban Indians podcast I’m your host Gabriel night Shield my co-hosts introduce yourselves.
Char cat.

[1:13] Robert and router in you guys doing.
I’m good tired.
What you do just celebrate his birthday last night what you do,
okay I was like super like for my birthday.

[1:47] I thought you wasn’t like we went to Chili’s to my friend Jerry and Return Man.

[1:55] But you up at Bucky’s and brief spell.

[2:06] After we left if we went to the carpenter bar dad I seen your,
I went in there before so many people like outside if it was so crowded,
I’m at a friend over there and then they bought us like 3 like margaritas,
I swear it was just like a straight shot of just like vodka is just like vodka in like a fancy cup fucking gross,
it was recommended for 29,
text your big toe down hill from there.
Levi you get a show or something last night.
Yeah player and put on Amoco promoted the summer to Cave Music Festival Over The Bigs how’s the turnout.
Oh yeah bars like a little over a hundred people there you know what I mean like.

[3:25] Promoter wise out of like to done better than Break Even but breaking even is better than.
But I had a lot of fun like I did I went all out for my said I had like a hole.
Red Bull thing on Wheels just filled with like 200 water balloons and I refuse like every single one of them.
Okay big beach ball and stuff like that try to get people interested but you know and even then after that though people were still just like.

[4:06] No it was a really diverse really diverse show me and then people in there and then there was probably a good handful of like,
people that brought the kids.

[4:24] There’s like to really really really old people on this one old grandma on this like little one-year-old baby she wouldn’t let go of your only hit her right in the face
one of the grandkids was like in a band or something they wanted the bands and it was so they came in to see that.

[4:45] One of those really cool really really really diverse and the bands that I had seen or like.
Was that a two-day thing no just it was just indoor I was just out here than it was in door I ran into some dude Friday night at TJ’s that said that he just got done playing.
Two she had played in two bands at at Big Fun Friday that was the native howl show like.
Ike Ike from the bonus round is a drummer wasn’t is a German two of those bands and all that maybe that was him that he came up to me like Super Bowl super white I don’t remember but like we were good friends.
We did not we will when I was there too for that and I was like native howl which were really cool they were like.
Thrash grass I think is what they call themselves so it was like 6 in like a banjo and stuff.
Yeah the black vampire an outsourcer like really cool and like I was in that band.
Probably cuz he seems like somebody you would know.
Yeah when I get home you’re so yeah that was a cool show and then the night before that it was like.

[6:04] Well now I can’t remember the name of those bands but I went to go see my buddies add app says who were like first and then so three nights at Biggs.

[6:14] I’m done I’m done for me.
Marlys white birds Sons.

[6:30] I like well they both play a guitar or one drums one plays guitar and they got a base and then they got to lead singer and yes like soup it’s like Scrubs for or.
Still really cool band so I like watching them what did you do what last night.
Are going to make it. Go see Def Leppard though it was pretty good.
The guy that we both got our tickets from friend want to get rid of it so I’m the last day of cycle right I’ll go and it’s like night Shield but the other one is literally like.
3 hours before the show hit me up in like I like fuck it let’s do it then synoid call into work and that I have not coming in I was there but I was like I’m leaving earlier whatever and then,
everything here is acting up.

[7:35] Do you like always have.
They don’t they don’t like you don’t even need it you don’t even need to tell him why I just feel like I got to go early in the,
take your time is your time so we don’t need to an explanation on why the fuck you’re not going to be here whatever so messed up.
That’s your money it’s just a voicemail like I just going to be here today by.

[8:11] Mike I didn’t talk to anybody so you don’t have to have like some uncomfortable uncomfortable conversation sounds like sounds like counsel but I did think it was,
and then somehow we ended up right next to Tim are corn or are they good friend from the rez of like right next to us I don’t like 20,000 people she’s from Rosebud,
I want to buy spices in Rosebud,
she had a picture and look like it was like right by you guys like your videos,
they say like you like 1% off and I know when someone’s commenting on how fast you made it back up.
Oh I know right Eric to Spirit friend.

[9:07] Yeah I seen him hashtag me too,
it’s funny,
I haven’t been up there in forever I was like cruising on my I don’t really remember we had bad luck hopefully they sign internet like dead spot out there,
yeah check it out.

[9:42] Yeah but we went there last night for a little while he’s a good time ran into a like a bunch of people.
I knew I didn’t think I would but a bunch of people out there.
get to pay to get in if you’d like not that sucks I wanted to go to dinner for two hours you know what I mean.

[10:20] That just didn’t end up happening I guess next to you.
Yeah I haven’t gone in like 15 years you know what I mean like like around here in a long time.
Nintendo Power phone number.

[10:44] I didn’t really get into the pow wow like I walked in there for a split second cuz it’s like this building it’s like it’s a lot smaller than where they used to have it and it’s like fitting,
I don’t remember where it’s like they have at the pit right yeah it’s not there anymore somewhere else and it’s fucking small as fuck and there’s like probably like 30 thousand people in a building if it’s like $25,000 a hot ass fucking there in like,
all like muggy and gross we just walked in there like that no no no,
where at in Albuquerque.
Dreamkeepers they all roll up at 2 that all nations and it’s outside.
Maybe it be better if it was outside but,
I’ll be down there that weekend so it’s like the 23rd and 24th or something like that.

[12:00] Yeah I know able to I might go back to Montana that’s our power to that same weekend all I got to stand Saturday night come back that Sunday.
That’s lyrics art school that week them in yep.

[12:18] Yeah I probably got to work yet for sure.

[12:26] Replacing people real quick.
The internet.
Going down there like we did talk about it yesterday we were talking about,
I was talking to Naylor somebody were talking about doing a podcast the the scumbag Chronicles or something like that and just doing like that.
Grossest all fucked up stories that we all got or whatever.
The Dirtbag Chronicles or something I don’t know.
The Shannara Chronicles Wii funny.

[13:21] Going to assume he’s not it’s okay.
Jennifer ever going up north or anything like that follows the one in Bismarck what’s the one in Bismarck.

[13:46] Going to that one a few times that was pretty cool that used to book us up there all the time for like,
shows and stuff and they pay like yeah they pay us fucking really good and then there would be nobody ever at the show they always be at like the pow wow I did have the Pow Wow and then the show would be like in the gym like next door,
and I’d be like 17 people in the gym and then everything else is just depaoli get paid like a lot of money to just fucking,
yeah performing friend like nobody we do like we cut it off like super early with you like are we did 20 minutes get the fuck out of here.
I don’t know probably I don’t know I know that big the guy that used to run it doesn’t run it anymore I use it was like Jerry fault or something like that.
That doesn’t sound right.
All right but when is it in September yeah it’s like one year we did it and we had to do we went all the way up to Bismarck.
And then we had the show Friday night and then Saturday night,
we are performing at in Milwaukee for the Indian Summer Music Awards so we drove all have to Bismarck which is like an 8 or 9 hour drive and then all the way to fucking Milwaukee,
that fucking sucked ass.

[15:11] That’s way worse than rapping.
The rose but isn’t firing up like three and a half for hours in my mom lives like on the on the other side of the rez as you can get,
without being like in Nebraska so like it’s still like once you get on the rez it’s still like another like half hour no takes fucking forever.
I God damn it right now on my way
and that is a whole story like a lot of people don’t like driving with her whatever your mom lives on the ground,
Rose whatever from BMO really curvy Road.
Should puke Yeah it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older,
Acra awesome actually,
so she pointed out to like all the co-workers every time I go up there like charge for their sign.

[16:40] Yeah good times to go to Jazz Fest,
I had planned on it but I didn’t take too long at the restaurant store weekend,
that’s what I meant by last night is probably about 12:36 should I just left there.
And I thought everybody was down there and she’s like no there’s like hardly anybody there yeah that’s what I heard on Friday night
it takes like half hour to walk to wherever the fuck you’re going any of the artists performing that I never do.
I might have heard of like one person,
and just why they didn’t have the second stage either they didn’t I don’t know what hip hop artist came out there he was last year right.
I thought talking to my cuz I think you’re going to be out there at jazz fest on Friday night played at summer 2K they were call granola.
And I thought.

[17:57] Just about here in the name they were going to suck some heavy dick super curly jew-fros came in wearing these like super tight.

[18:12] Purple yoga pants you know but I shouldn’t you not man they say they like electronic the house I like that,
it was kind of like a kind of like a like a Bon Iver Tame Impala kind of band you know that you like.

[18:30] Level little less happy than what I thought they were really good so hopefully you know they got a good response of jazz fest to write on this one time,
yeah and yeah I had to walk everywhere that super sucks away,
Wednesday night we park like 5 blocks away from the gas station,
do this guys are we there yet.
And they got fucking lost on the way back whenever we had to wait for his party like neighborhoods,

[19:24] We’re doing killers I drove past any Sanford while y’all was at Journey or whatever it was like holy shit it was crazy.
Western Russell PA.
I’m going to Smashing Pumpkins there in like a month or if it’ll be that packed for that but it won’t.
Weather like in shape heads.
I know a lot of Def Leppard songs I know a few Journey songs but like I was like a big Smashing Pumpkins fan back in the day so I was when they find out they’re coming here they fuck yeah going to that sister sure and then.
Yeah I’m interested to see how I how that turns out.
You know it’s just like it’s on a band of light gets me really excited so I say I want to like spend,
this just seems like it seems like it should go into the Denny Sanford and Smashing Pumpkins should go into the district I feel like then you would get.

[20:43] Appropriate capacity shows you know,
Play Smashing Pumpkins on sale after this chick you know what I mean I but I don’t know if they’re gay,
who could fill that though really like yeah you maybe like five artists that could really like.
At t i Drake like T I may be fucking Snoop,
they should do a big bang they should you know how many tons of people was too dark to light,
TVG is Warren G and I like Sofia.

[21:35] Motherfuking tone Loke had a heart attack on stage.
Remember I was working that night I was that’s when I worked at Sanford and I couldn’t go to the show cuz I had to work and then fucking,
negotiate I might get to see total look after all fun,
travel from last night ice cubes and Samantha yeah that would have been awesome,
dang I didn’t know that I did X Games X Games is looking at that for a long time and I was like man that would be.

[22:20] I know in a couple weeks here
did you see that 14 year old on their yeah holy crap you got like 30 feet in the air and I couldn’t land it was a little girl he caught himself
that’s crazy.

[22:43] I don’t either it’s fun to watch but I don’t know I don’t have no and then extreme in any way
the ferret like as many times as they nail at that’s probably going to be like five thousand times they don’t mail it and then it’s like I don’t want their medical bills.
Yeah she could have been like 10 years old but she was cheating to get up the thing but she could get up there during a little truth.
The announcers said she tore the roof off the place.
Skateboarding always evolving but did it but I like on X Games is like the dirt bikes in the in the bicycles the.
First of the shit they pull I’m just now holy crap you guys,
way down a little Hill into a tree,
The Road Less Traveled.

[24:02] That would have been cool ice cubes on like the list Ice Cube Snoop was like two of the,
top of my list I haven’t seen I never did see I did watch Ice Cube with The Gathering of the Juggalos. That is like Juggalos kind of make.
Anybody who’s performing and they still just turn it into like a juggalo thing you know what I didn’t like.
Busta Rhymes is up there doing his thing but then everybody just goes family and it’s like you could basically just.
Check out and replace an artist at any given time to I care who it is and it I think takes away from like an artist like ice cube out of their element what you could really see it show.

[24:53] Outkast would be dope sick,
yes Wu-Tang Clan like the whole Wu-Tang all of your shit yeah,
5 big names in 20 minutes,
cuz like I went to Natalie I went to Lil Wayne when they came cuz me and my friend but we got it,
I think so. I seen that I want to like.
That one country is big guy for his name Keith Urban I got tickets from work and I didn’t know like any of his music by took my mom,
and that was packed and then I remember that and compare that to Lil Wayne
I take I take it we can edit that out right now let it go,
go buy a house alright sleep good night.

[26:14] Alright see you later,
that concert.
For a part and so they had people from like the stage come down and fill it in with her filming so I really good performer though,
I can imagine and I can see why now they didn’t sell out anyway.
He was a good like he pulled like some big girl up on stage and then he made a really interesting.

[26:58] It’s always good when the big girl gets on stage with Nelly where he’s been getting like in trouble like sentencing like 11 year olds on stage like his crew like.
I know somebody.
Yeah I know there’s like there’s like videos over like Nellie’s on stage and like that song or play blaineley 8 year old kid.
Didn’t like the whole time he’s like.

[27:31] Put a reminder headlight size trying to make some kid feel special.

[27:40] Smash your face into astrology is molesting his kid
it’s pretty suggested barcelli was doing that to my kid I get on.

[28:04] He pees on everybody like that.
Unicorn painting over there,
play tekashi69 next album cover,
the goofball kidnapped last night he did and now he’s in the hospital
cash and then like a hundred seventy Kay Jewelry out of his car good his wife and kids were there too but they didn’t.
Wally I’m sure I don’t know he just starting to hard you know what I’m saying I have to look that up.

[28:59] That’s the big news of the day.

[29:02] That guy he just talks too much way too much shit thinks that like nothing’s ever going to come back to him or whatever it’s just silly.

[29:12] I don’t know any I don’t know his music at all I just know he’s he’s just a gangster guy that I don’t know.

[29:21] She cool I guess they like he’s right they take a kid who is like.
Got no shame in the who’s just okay with being the ultimate fuckboi and then they just like and then just Puppet Master the fuck out of him you know what I mean so they don’t have to like we don’t have to go out there and act all goofy like that but we got this one kid,
swallow if I can help you over and eat poop for us and then I’ll make the money you don’t have.
Articles about artists out there that just don’t like that you know what I mean she’s just laid back like that you make the money that we have.
I’m looking forward to all the shit you want will have your back you know you know I was listening to The Breakfast Club that’s how I going to wall like the fucking.
Who is that guy even is or anyting and Charlamagne Tha God on The Breakfast Club,
about that kids like I got you going to get fucked up like he’s letting you know something bad is going to happen to a funeral,
directions to listen to tomorrow’s episode 9 and be like yeah he’s though.
Is funny as shit so that’ll be interesting I don’t know sorry about that.

[30:46] So we started off with two collars yesterday now we’re down to no collars so.
Got to talk some shit I guess.
We got ya who’s first on the list what’s the give me the name and I’ll go off.

[31:09] I don’t know.

[31:14] Wooden studio tonight I heard Louie got his big little thing ready for your thing thing,
I don’t have nothing so I’m just going to go sit around you know,
I was like fuck my last studio session is like August 3rd how they haven’t always liked contingency plans in my head like if he doesn’t get this shit done then.
I’m heading up Levi or I made up some of the other candy 12 bars today,
but you need me come today,
cuz when I take my checks from the guys they put on CD so we like to the put that song on my CD.

[32:00] What is this is strange I guess yesterday I think yeah I’m going to be shooting a video here pretty soon.
Yeah like the plan that I had originally had like I have the song Survivor.
And I wanted to shoot it down in Rosebud I got Wellington Downs on the course and Cody Blackbird I was going to Be Our Guest says like playing flute on it stuff like that.
Originally wanted to roll out like the album with that song.
I know but my dick fucking can’t make it or whatever he’s like super busy right now so like Fox so that’s changes up my whole life plan as far as I wanted to,
roll out Mount so I have this other song that I just did with Elizabeth hunstad that I think you might shoot a video for.
And I do that but I was thinking that song might do both videos that never know your name song and then.

[33:04] The same time is not both those out it’s a good one for sure.
BMX fit on this y’all got basically stick work as you put to 4 to 12 to 12:20 for her first and then it was like you maniac.

[33:21] Trey Lane and do related to see ya and then of course it would be Rose as like shit damn.
Help you man Posse cut ww.w school song.
Suck a dick.
Sometimes voice you don’t like that just sometimes yeah.
Do do all of these nuts I’m debating on.

[34:08] Debating on going to a movie tonight and I’m probably going to go see a movie tonight.
Really like having like it’s in her bottle right now to like do I go watch the dink skyscraper is going to the new Rock movie.
You know Infinity wars only to be in theaters for another couple weeks I don’t know,
so I’m really like have you seen it yet God damn it man.
Benefits of chia seeds.
Still it online so I can read the North Korean subtitles with it it was meant to be.
It’s easier to get their asses really in the Kim Jong-un.

[35:17] It comes out on on demand in like 2 weeks to so it comes out on the 31st,
and then it’s on Blu-ray 14th I think it’s alright,
yeah I mean that’s not expecting much from the first one,
I don’t know I don’t think I do like the first actual.
Was like you know marvel in some way and that makes it so effective in cool but then like once that’s gone and slow and stupid,
what did what did you think of infinity War as an honored and I was just going yet and yeah it’s going into a guy like what the fuck is happening who’s this guy with,
so I took Mike my twins.

[36:25] They think they know it all right to so.
50 Mini,
the newly official you think it was something like that like some kind of.
It just instantly what I Captain Marvel or some shit,
why do people have jokes.
Permanently represents the crime rate in Sioux Falls so blue.
The sky.
And I’m assuming that’s the sun did you make that graphic with the the Super Mario 3 graphic with it didn’t make as an amazing.

[37:43] That I’ll get like if you can get me this flag but as that mean.
Just left Walmart. Slap a little Mario on Mario Mario.
And that the Sun the angry face this one of those bullets.
I’m huge Mario sucker I love Mario so that’s what that was genius.

[38:13] Yeah I don’t know it sucks not getting collars really takes up a lot of time would have been a little bit more prepared for this episode had I thought we were not going to be talking to anybody but,
I don’t know it’s all good I’m just like man remember when I used to have an acne
it’s pretty easy to forget I don’t have one until I come to a podcast and then all the whole time I’m just like damn and I look at this camera
oh man yeah I really,
got it Buckle back down here so I can get back on it,
Pharrell I need you man I threw my hip out and then the very next day I had this fucking crazy stomach pain and went to the doctors they said I had like gallstones,
that’s not good.
And I was basically they were like everything wrong with you is you just a fat bastard you know what I mean I’m like I got to change.
Yeah fucking eat way better I feel like,
like I just need to be like a broke all the time cuz I eat way better when I’m broke,
but if I’m like if I have money like I’ll just go get some pizza I realized that Chinese food.

[39:39] I’m something else we need to cook to get full,
but I don’t mean it like I could probably do that and just be at like 8 bananas instead of like.
I don’t know if that’s still like I don’t know if that’s like a great trade-off but it seems like certain kind of foods will be back at Giant bowl of Dove chocolates and butter.

[40:10] Which one had a lot of like family drama stuff go on and.
Then a bunch of traveling with that so then that just totally shot that the hell cuz once you’re on the road it’s,
I’m like so excited to go eat at the Thai restaurant in Box Elder
like you don’t even know what restaurant in box yeah it looks like it Starbucks Cedar Rapids
I guess how do you say that that sentence every time I restaurant in Box Elder,
massive like Play-Doh food always so good,
Hilltop produce advertising but everyone thinks that it’s some kind of like viral joke.
Before I had my car stolen in Box Elder,
why her house cuz before the show,
and then I got up and lyric had to go to her friend’s house to then I’ll let you know what the fuck man I almost didn’t know I was watching my baby and just kind of laying on my bed she was watching Shrek.

[41:39] But usually she watch the movies and will fall asleep but she don’t want Shrek and I fuck a check sound like.
Doing everything I can to stay awake so I kid doesn’t like walk off and kill herself now I feel ruined,
that’s alright I was like last night light it made the mistake of like.

[42:11] Will say that earlier,
Sperry’s smell like talking about sleep in like
car crashes and stuff like that but they’re saying like adults need like.
8 to 10 hours of sleep at all from person to person cuz I know for a fact
it’s not physically possible for me to sleep more than 7 hours
especially my sleep schedule is I go to bed when the fuck I want and I wake up in the fuk I want it still happens to be 5 hours yeah I go to bed at 5 in the morning and wake up at 10:30,
it gets worse as you get older to like even now like I’ll get I’ll be up at like 8 a.m. like no matter what time I go to bed,
like if I’m up you know it’s like 3 in the morning I go to sleep 8 a.m. right away or fucking lame ready to try to start the day when hate this morn I bought it was on it.
If I’m out and about doing shit in the morning by 2 that is my day.
She baby man every time we go out in like I haven’t really been drinking when we go out.

[43:34] Too but still have like four or five drinks,
the whole night in the next day like he can’t even handle like he’s sleeping all day at little bit too little sleep.

[43:52] Really what is wrong with you claim does sort of ruin your day though like it ruins like the whole next day they had decided to turn to like,
not drink like really like this is fun right now but like,
12 hours from now that’s not really stops me cuz last night I felt like I wanted to drink and then I thought about again.
When I’m on my way I don’t know what it is I just feel like I want to fucking die.

[44:24] Yeah I meant to go to the gym both Saturday and today and was like.
Drink the night before and was like you know what that’s just not it’s just not possible today.
It’s only possible the day after spending my time,
Blue Moon I watch South Park I mean shit.

[44:52] There you go we got one cool thing that happened at that Def Leppard show I ran into the student.
He booked us for like a private show and Wagner at like his house.
Oh and he gave you a pan pan is pretty decent money to just go out there and live perform at his fucking house.
This guy just one like a shit ton of money and like he won the lottery and he’s like a couple cases of it.
Me a couple cases of Boulevard and Goldschlager cases.
Like all right this is going to be one hell of a fucking party I guess on the fucking 4th and Wagner.
Good dude but yeah it’ll be a party in Wagoner.

[45:50] Turn on promo Wagner are you ready to wrap it really don’t really promo it because a private party and not just like everybody on the rez come over please.
What’s a big house in a big house like a pretty decent size yard and so it’s just like yeah but not like.

[46:15] Everybody in the tribe come over and kick it just like you know his buddies or whatever.

[46:24] Sweet my friend yeah at least that’s at a private party.
Not to like nobody come just me and my friend.
Damn it’ll be interesting.

[46:46] Which sting been there so go Vikings Vikings.
Go Vikings yeah that my friend likes one of my friends,
yeah I know it’s football season is coming man bars for the devil.
I can’t wait for football season to start.

[47:28] Yeah it is.
So fuck yeah man there at 7 for you to go Cathouse forget to hear that stuff I got a verse but I don’t think they about to be yes or no.

[47:40] Oh I am so I think I’m just going to go sit around that’s what’s up yeah which sitting like.
Like this couch is a nice couch but like the one they got a cat house I might fall asleep guaranteed he needs to get rid of it.
Then I get my files back and it sounds like a,
while I’m wrapping this again it is,
does the one of the most annoying people like like Vani would come through Viva Noble one and he’d like be asleep on the fucking couch and then just get up,
like what what’s wrong with you in like find Abby and wouldn’t have anything prepared and then just going to just wrap the most amazing verse you’ve ever heard what the fuck fucking bullshit.
If you question everything about myself fucking the worst.

[48:55] Dad because every time I talk about falling asleep that’s what I said soon as I gave you come in here and fall asleep every single time.
I got mad videos of him sleeping that’s not even funny to get him anymore so I can see what he what he does.
Yeah yeah then if you can get up and just go spend the heart and yeah I’m down.

[49:24] Yeah well so we should have called this episode nap time just random bullshiting trying to fill time,
yeah it’s pretty sweet.

[49:47] What’s the San Diego Comic-Con was this week you seen any of the,
the new trailer for different things that they I’m sure there was a venom venom trailer
stuff but yeah yeah I want the glass trailer looks really awesome,
I’m like yeah it was dope I thought.
Everything is the Shazam trailer just looks awful.
Just looks like funny like this is DC’s chance to make a note money thing out looks awful.
The Aquaman movie looks awful,
I’m really in my sixties.

[50:47] I hope it’s a comedy all the way through so I don’t know how it couldn’t be like it looks awful right now.
Anchorman I don’t give a shit about that.
Interstate if there was a different actor in there other than Jason Momoa and nobody would give a fuck about the weather,
but because of that I will be going and seeing I’m sure I’m going to go watch Aquaman us to be like a man,
yeah I didn’t even know who he was until you watch the Red Road.
Oh yeah what was the first.
Was Conan Conan movie that was pretty pretty good actually I know I didn’t Game of Thrones Game of Thrones and then.
The Netflix series Frontier all you have 32 years old and Red Road.

[52:06] Think of Red Road I’m going to have to watch the whole thing so I don’t know.
I don’t know what else no more was in those other than that yeah it wasn’t that Conan movie was pretty fucking excited to be.
Almost done with it just finishing at season 6 and then I think season 7 The Last I think so.
They cancel that movie.
Damn and not touching it might be okay with me leave it alone.

[52:48] What else is Godzilla there was a Godzilla trailer.
And it’s just like the thing I can’t get my head around fucking they showed what Ghidorah and Mothra Mothra.
It’s did you just like that one it was wings but that kind of respect.
Yeah they are I told me that.
It’s just some guy at his house doing it cutting out pictures from magazines and shit.
Fuck yeah I know that bring back the monstars and fucking what was the other team.
The Tune Squad.
Yeah yeah that Godzilla movie I can’t wait cuz it’s at the animal.
Freedom Michael Jordan LeBron James.

[54:09] Yeah I never watch basketball ever,
to be in LA to make that movie she wants to see a movie star.
He wasn’t around yeah it’s better for basketball that he’s in LA.

[54:28] Basketball I feel like is better overall in Los Angeles is good or the Lakers are good anyway you can more people pay attention to it to prepare more yeah for like 10 years now so.
Exciting Kobe even with Kobe they suck,
last year he was making like 28 million or 58 million into sitting on his bench.

[55:01] I remember whenever this when I was in high school I think Kobe Bryant went to prom.
With fucking Brandy for that singer Brandy isn’t it wasn’t that the thing didn’t happen was it my Kobe Bryant one of them was still in high school only took Brandy to prom.
This is like for Kobe Bryant was like Kobe Bryant.
Over him cuz I mean he was just a high-school kid that nobody likes me and ask.
Could you have Brandy she like 80 now right yeah that song though anytime that song comes on I want to be down as one of the illest songs of all time.
Straight can’t picture like I can’t do it
we did actually on patreon and 75 can I get.
Who’s there.

[56:21] Who is supposed to call in that wasn’t the guy other guy we’re supposed to have musical guest Kobe Blackbird was going to call in but he,
didn’t realize we are central time zone is he’s got a gig right now so like he I think he’s in is a I mean his band travels all over the fucking,
country so all over the world really like he’s been in Japan like Aziz going back to Japan in like October or some shit like that,
no I just got the album proof of my.

[56:55] Cam cover but yeah he’s been all over the fucking world and he’s a good dude like I really like him a lot he’s he’s cool he’s vanity they’re super good like I never realized like how good they were.
So we did a show with them in Rapid City a couple was by the year ago maybe 2 years ago now.
My new album but yeah he’s.
They’re really good and they’re really good life.
Who’s playing the flute at their native.

[57:39] Bad I just put out a new album called time.
X out on iTunes and everywhere.
Your phone with them no no they’re at they just put out a new album this produced by one of the guy from.
Was it Steve Miller Band there in like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and stuff so.

[58:05] Produced this album for them or whatever so pretty dope.
Fly Away Blackbird chirp just fucking a dope song.
It’s my favorite song on the album anyway yeah it’s just his voice Cody’s voice is so.
Around so powerful I like it a lot louder like native flute in,
it’s dope it’s a it’s bluesy Rock will night I can’t wait to hear it,
so why don’t we just get into that will play that appreciate you guys listening to us today as we are little,
under prepared for this episode but it’s all good,
I’m still calling next see you guys in 2 weeks.

[59:16] Music.

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 026 Ask a Sav

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 026 Ask a Sav

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Produced By Robert Mehling

Nuisance Band


Hereditary (2018)


Cracked After Hours – Superpowers


Waylon & Willie the TOUR featuring: JELLY ROLL and Struggle Jennings

August 9th at Bigs Bar


Sturgis Rally


Listen to Urban Indianz Podcast on Live605 Tuesday at 8PM after Dresch Code


Music Spotlight:  Chilly Nelson – Push Through the Water

Machine Transcript

[0:00] Of indians podcast episode twenty six ask sad,
do i got a question that you may have don’t hesitate to ask said,
looking for a company continues to the sioux falls south dakota they brought to you by this empire podcast at work is this thursday and a hockey.

[0:22] Music.

[0:43] Life through the eyes of the modern day native american podcast hosted by everyone’s favorite made it so he okay shes been shark maximum shark next
what’s up girl repair a coffee stain stand for was to urban idiot.

[1:00] Music.

[1:11] He roommate shields with the crew finally all four of us here who phylis including robert say is yeah thank you guys for.
Joining us a fucking yoda in the jar kicking it to like five months is involvement in the mail with uses flowing teacher.
Please let me go on asshole status of one thousand
i don’t think so it was fucking dope packs and is it was it was sold out yeah the biz big is showing error had a hundred and stop letting people with,
and beings only as the capacity for what six to seven fifty seven fifty or.
Yeah i was a little isolated to a second rows and now the machine is where jack and where is she lives in the city gas station accurate nothing just like,
lives there was a slave
the mud on the floor like no other now colder than them on the floor after rooms going and now it is time it was hot as fuck in there like i could even
i’d really like a loss like five pounds is this just changed like with friends that’s of people or just laid always.

[2:36] I seen him a couple of times there is some dude around here that yeah like either someone’s they driveways that when connected yeah yeah.
Recently yeah on is it i couldn’t even though like really bears the in there all that much salt lake.
Its most with my favorite white man in the pic is that i was i was on stage with bone thugs and harmony else channel eight.

[3:06] Like lay low back there’s no to that what the fuck sake i do not there whatever so late and i fully can’t creep in further and further light on the stage and then i was like.
It’s like really get into the fucking fine uses their do with it makes a.
Yeah hooking up and.
And the cop was fucking with a guy better chill the fuck out before they realize them up here and i’m not suppose to be here as its got knocked off stage pulled of.

[3:39] And it was a fun night that was was it was a good night that has no lights,
and you know what really just a few people for just being stupid now but no fights it was my ex
young younger brothers is twenty first birthday he turned twenty one day she that kind of a v i am glad like cuz people give me free drinks free shots late on it but i only drink like two shots.
I maintain i didn’t really get that drunk either had maybe lake.
Fire sixteens but the music so hot these aches when everything out the night of butter shots to get.
If there was no like after party anything like that we went with layzie bone to club david and then we walked over.
To those one apartments and then you can pick us up and we just went made at five boro steel barrels and was a that i place the.
I would like to go to answer the fucking there on the road every fucking night in their early thirties say yeah.
They’re probably like the do shit.

[4:45] All the fucking time to use all of taking that have only two hours before that when you have to work that there’s like so many different kind of people coming to violet would.

[4:59] Fifty year old did you say you love on a nineteen twenty one he goes secretes a little girl like mostly everything,
people around my age of the youngest yeah it was a few younger people mostly it like i say.

[5:17] Is old people number i am in the middle east cooling with me twenty million s of people in their late twenties early thirties,
yeah yeah whatever we’re backstage and fucking they start rolling wishbone like knows like in that garage thing whatever that the backseat of pigs.
Which phone walk clearing that lake headfirst into the fucking garage door is fucked his head up on me with a phone he had to like fucking i teetered on you like.
Walk back to the new you’ve probably look like a fucking retard his like it this time around a lot back in was this done for like.

[6:00] Another like i don’t know the name crazy don’t kill me and was like an acting crabby.
Is a designer yeah.
I was always groupie status round krayzie bone he’s like the least talked about of what only believe on lazy but now is like the coolest mother fuckers what,
praise bones lights always extend office i was philip and other interrupting like you and me are the same in the eyes yeah.
Switch on the lights lol is he whose yeah who’s that’s no good times good times this.
Fucking levi working security all night chain shirts comes up and rips it on my set man fucking goes back security that,
yeah yeah i got is from that that security guard have a glass of water last year’s hundred what was is when the market’s jackson.

[7:09] So today that was so does ask us yeah we only got one question is in use the one.

[7:17] Why does so many natives drink instead of focus on culture man that’s rough question.
My things there yeah yeah yeah there on the is bad because he good he had a white as anybody drinking soda focus on the colors and mormon individual.
Decision you could do both i mean just cuz you drink doesn’t mean you’re terrible person at the same time the eye yeah cause high as i talk about it.
That’s not like my everyday life.
That’s a lot of people it’s just something to connect with some toppings to the shoulder you know and people i kind of assume like cuz hugo our code shows a drink you know he going to be sober like.

[8:09] I mean when you look at small statistics us army man americans are to plenty you know saliva,
when a small statistic the start thinking every india’s job asshole you know what i mean who doesn’t think yeah who could to doesn’t care about is always put that he you know and flexes
my workers open mia
and i met so many natives who don’t even try selling stuff on zoom we talk about a lot so there later he needs to use i know people who don’t drink at all and i respect that i can i appreciate,
i mean for me like i understand like my boundaries and i’m okay with that i.
For sure in nine handle some of the japanese guys i know over the one singing brownies stuff you know.
When is it all the songs sing in on me but everyone has their own trucks they allowed to see their.

[9:01] Think loaded with alex sundance in agreement amazing mean all the people that whole thing with the stuff you know on sir i mean you know there’s some of them you know six seven nj to you now.
Not disposal but when i made the us is like saying a catholic priest doesn’t drink a little caffeine is.
Everybody everybody is well with an ass sensing on me and my.
Well and i think that’s part of it to look at me i’m in court they.
I i think part of it too is that it’s a it’s really a symptom of lack poverty and deprivation because.
I get really tired of you know i hear people say things just like whenever there’s like smoking stats like teen smoking or the pregnancy for like ever sell the color they was go,
oh well it’s reservations turning it off and it’s like.

[9:56] Yes sometimes but a lot of that you don’t like cause and effect you look like the poverty rate and then just like you know why people go so wire and he gives like that,
and i’m just like,
well actually i don’t like yesterday because news we don’t knowing why is it illegal six stolen from one will do that if you treat them like that and i ate.
Case in point he studies they’ve done with appalachia worth,
where you stop very very poor white communities that basically experience like the exact same thing and guess what their stats look exactly the same for oh yeah yeah right several community is very,
rural poor communities its rough with our eight is used for every season why are they like this is like.
Well no wise your uncle like that too for.

[10:54] It’s raining and where is your mom okay steve lol is get mad like fucking leak it seems like a lot and like i would say get mad but is frustrating like with,
nate is it’s always like always like one of the other like you’re either like one of like the fucking sober natives or you’re like one of the fucking drunk,
you never i will mill what we can’t have our andrea is where’s the healthy balance you know it and,
essentially and we do have our culture that you know i mean every native feels like.

[11:30] The weight of the stone on their back of needing to know more learn a little bit more you know in those is slight get like management it was.
You know what at the end of the day here now living pretty much like in a special is urban natives are,
why do white people drink so much not focus on that,
wouldn’t clogs and she is not always on it that’s so that’s so like why i wanted to do this podcast was late with the word like the the in between like the fuck in,
the balance between like you know the two lifestyles or whatever you know if that yeah send some sort of like our,
mission statement on the first start it was being like to show how everyday fucking people are you can do you can you maybe have a drink and not be a fucking fall down drunk or not tell you what i said last night,
you are a pretty jointly again but you know what i mean like.
That doesn’t mean i’m picking fights outside the liquor store that you know when you change it so that’s cool i’m already today added a bunch of stuff today.

[12:40] Hey you know i might just gonna miss that do you know that nothing is over tomorrow and what are we close you are to make your family ties.
What they are involved in cuz i mean like i have no family around here like oh sunny number is a little bit influence i mean i do i always try to vs spain as much as i can around here and give you know i’ve.
Yeah i know it is you pro charles bryant yeah we can hop are people supposed to.

[13:18] So the so the question yeah question is deathly double sided double blues servings
the principles of invalid whatever time something on it is missing this to happen any other questions out there ask is that really got to,
glass can one of you could ask about,
me with my leg up just like a fairy always got it just ask questions and got the answers ask anything you wan that lighting a lens may very soft,
i was like damn i really don’t like that just like something to live on,
what’s funny come i has got a who’s got a question for a set of,
what a pass cuz any day no gotta be about natives the gases anything i got that you can only use it on this know how to.
Was gave knows how to cook yeah i made indian tacos i text me this is my cell so you have like three tacos leaving.

[14:26] What is you wasn’t tin foil,
that’s your in like two minutes later like nothing they can you talk on the unit is that tinfoil made it out like ten sec i am a girl could who has this really wanting last night and some,
chicken and to the bar and like when they say if so needed opposite fun casts yes update was really happy to the manifest because rescission as the customers in here on bottom.
And she’s the kind of leaders that.
What the green new light yellow lead the year we got a live one of those dispense once know what is best movie of.

[15:05] Oh lord eighty seven eighty and that’s because i was another.
The did the right thing as it is terrible but sin city tour dispenses is is my homey actually.
He’s the singer in my pc to my group chili nelson works what’s the best movie of all time sin city days if there is a fairly serious.
That’s fair the sun in an offer for a few i like scary movies and listed to fix my favorite but the best movie of all time on.
Sin city i tunes or in the evening that i have to go out tonight after narrowed down between like three movie’s voices and what it would be like jaws like diehard.
Or fuck in.

[15:59] Maybe like anchorman or something after a common in most recent with my favorite if you go like in the last like two three years it would have to be infiniti war has seen way too many times for,
it just recently for me cocoa cocoa is good in that area that movie hustle zeta slash at the answer is it,
i usually get just watched incredibles two with my wife i realize it’s been fourteen years what fourteen years in but every it didn’t miss a beat,
that’s good i’m loving it so i still feel like every two people i worked for the jury didn’t fully show cat yeah yeah yeah was there overheated twice to his barrier,
it’s it’s it’s where the fuck yeah it’s yes in the previous place in mandarin,
put that back serbian film and now nami you just have to watch a man like it’s just fucked up late or yeah it’s hard zuber slow burn so.

[17:10] But the side of the road after word that yeah yeah we have yeah she’s as christ i got stopped and i got stopped in the bar like a couple nights ago with some by some dude i don’t even know i’m series probably offended if you know me door but like,
fucking some dude i don’t know the other night stopped me and was like so you are hereditary that i posted about it a few times and then it was start we have a fifteen minute conversation.
Who owns the special.
What was the site she sent it wasn’t decided until the last night for a nail again me this fucking spider man.
Google it mean as in good did it snow in my collection of spider man’s.

[17:57] Is that one of the things we treasure data,
yeah the water was almost cause the for of yeah thousand they make a thing like a straight up like
today is his toy is known as little water squirt thing but we are on the delta
maturity is when the upper three guys doing the things that you did the first thing when mine was dildo jordan’s everything’s best movie is the shawshank.
I think it is a very good now it’s good washing prevention that it’s stephen king,
yeah well it’s is an error in fremont ca you get busy living in prison i’ve used for so many season i wish i could tell you,
he is letting go and and be um think maybe that’s and they’ll insert lake
but mcdonald’s is no fairy tale about the movie i’m resembles he mode mean that i hadn’t seen that movie up until they be like,
two years ago and was always like knows the best movie of all time or whatever and i finally watched it within the last year to two years a,
hey yo what’s your inspiration behind your you around that’s fucking wellington downs fucking wellington downs is the inspiration between my for my new album size wellington me in wellington f two songs.
Incredible but i can’t wait to.

[19:25] She videos for an but you guys here but i would say pride inspiration is just my life over the past since the addiction came out has been fucked up it’s getting back on track now but like.
Going to order done acid and so.

[19:42] This is that you actually yeah i fill you know it’s really fucking pretty is lake on i was heard like it’s making sense now i like listens like the older.
Generation of rappers talking like how snoop soup was recently was interviewed in his drink chance podcast it was on the news time aholic the energy you put out there is energy you you get back or whatever it for every like,
my sex drugs and have park trilogy was just a fuck and you know matt dis madness all madison that’s how my life was for like for ever,
and superstar island he put out murder was the case before he even call it the murder case or whatever and.
And you know the energy put out there in any kind of fucking murder case and then it was late,
people are the cost to plug the same snoops work now and is it now i am trying to put out positive energy china do you like them you know that i could and so that’s a lot of this album is like.

[20:38] I wouldn’t go like full blown positive shit but it’s like more is on about their on their for my daughter me in wellington did a song the title track called survivor that’s like.
Some real ass shit on there me and see your cover of you if you’re happy and you know it,
yeah that that’s gonna be the one i can’t wait for fucking people here that i did we have a song called hey baby with me in wellington in maniac talking about call ana.
Calling home from jail being like a baby fucked up again.
Guess where i’m at you know nothing comes on when i was checking i do not have a name for that song it is it still in progress but yeah i got a song for.
Couple good friends of mine cathy’s brother chuck can a friend bernie passed away recently and then.

[21:28] That’s on the line to like.

[21:32] Again i would say positive sons of more just dealing with life rather than just like let’s go get fucked up and fuck some sluts.

[21:40] Like how my last three elves been so i think i have to adjust the call the astral projecting your cat is alive and some things happened,
you know like.
I’ve always kinda made states lately secular music to in the night sometimes things catch up yeah and like lately all i been rapping about killing myself every is like that doesn’t come into fruition of me like i just.
Recorded a verse for maniac today yeah and the whole fucking versus just like ima kill myself with it myself you know me blow my brains abnormal brazen yeah that’s what he wanted you know what i mean it’s easy for me to do this in,
and is like it is about to flee objects is that.

[22:29] After you though its xxl fast and she engine about his son because he was talking about how he me to change the way i hope is not to leave so if you were chicken about that lake,
crab like uses only do this and that yeah leaving me be up i get pregnant girlfriend needs a lot of fun to my.
I never really knew giles’s the music a little bit after you pass away just to see who he was where to stop them but.

[22:58] I was never a fan in your eyes leave for everybody else to two hundred care about like.
Thank you it sucks a little kid like that mean on me yeah for like as far as anything else i don’t have an opinion cuz that’s not mr brown in on it.
Of things and you to paid more seven or vinnie paul that two days later you know what i mean yeah any puff pantera passing away that’s what i’m here for a week in on me and.
Steen of steve did co spider man’s creators passed away is in that too yeah that was.
To get an earlier for saying like like steve gecko’s always been like sunny has been like in the shadows for like but he never did like you no public appearances are never like spoke on anything didn’t do interviews and.
So not really is like every time was stanley stanley is like the man eric stanley and steve nico created spider man.
Bf it that.
Really weird whenever exam i never read anything but in the interviews of his that was just like why snivel like.

[24:04] Gotta love my toilet to knows fucking guy ever read about like what the fuck that’s fucked up but he created something that like is impacted my life like so much
this like what the fuck that’s crazy yeah every once in a while somebody they really look up to doesn’t is like the breathless and.
Tell him he said my fucking rapid hours something your yeah he was lake.
Tom petty michael jackson prince level he have the s is that was a holy fuck like damn that’s shook on everything jack nicholson would now man for tony’s say that the fuck.
This is fucked up man yeah.
Three somebody asks a question about something on death relate yeah yeah four oz the heat is trying to pull me in.

[25:01] Oh what’s been your favorite episode of the podcast so far that is a good question.

[25:07] At say like the first couple we didn’t really cool.
And yeah i still i still remember the most like the one that we did at the library with the oh yeah okay just to the show for the dignity yeah yeah yeah that was a cool one to.
So who are like the one where we did.
He had maniac in branson that lives in which is something that is totally in my mindful,
podcasting stories like everything but sometimes is like a certain blake mr hearing like.
What’s your flight want to bob for girls all the sms like what’s sleep.
Oh shit there’s another party spilling into this one that are in a minute was oh yeah yeah yeah that was that was a good one at,
hotel that was my that let the guys know by too many people anybody’s talking over each other integrate with has been outrageous and.
Yeah that was we should do that again but more like us yeah.
I think that is on the next wave of our shows as cat is gonna take us on a little bar tour i think we’re gonna still works.

[26:24] Just got the groceries for yeah he was going to the john will take that like that apart and am thing yeah yeah,
we could yeah we could do a podcast from the pedal thing that is why is it said that and.
I was super lucky to for the the only time i do is because the transmission was late bro,
do i have to do anything so that sorry guys i just got new arrivals had a guy from work who’s did i must of been in one of those moods like that does a lot of waking but he i think he prefers white.
Twenty of our fat asses like over twenty one tightly yes the rice was so intense roses would.
Hey her petals the yeah like you don’t you realize you pay for it cuz you talking there lot of fun there sp.

[27:25] For you and you and you get like free drinks on and thirtieth do you get free drinks or reset pay your ss all cases like a cooler snappy ace,
yeah but you’re a time when you have the little rainy but is the size of.
Forget the only chesty scrub he said why is was sizzles with that smells like hot on,
when it’s i’ve often asked myself that question a new marketing is the way he is,
use fucking cold hotdogs for the order,
the shit is fuse where water so who were,
question if you could have any superpower what would be my beats like teleport.
See that’s that and that’s a tough one cuz cracked after hours does a whole video about like the unintended consequences of a cat you only have one power.

[28:33] That’s about flying like with you go to high or pass out from lack of oxygen yeah to you too low people to throw shit at you and that is like the one that says i just get fatter and fatter does flow everywhere beaker her co,
in the news nyc.
Yeah i would say so what then when i point out because it’s going to if we treat powers like monkeys paul wishes they have been.
Of my thing about that was what the hell would happen if you tell forty into something even like you teleport to and you know like where you’re going with you tell for like right in the middle of like a pattern mosquitoes are so that,
and yeah the thing with the flying is like bugs and dust it but that that’s a flight that i was always treaty
they tell button and middle the pool isn’t like that you say yeah yeah i know you have a clear view of i view of lake where you were gonna actually like ten hours muah teleported to the middle lol there a yeah
like whats you eject be at.

[29:41] Price being able to fly but i want like a side issue like in boulder billy select if i did pass out or of a light.
Crashed into some serious violated and yeah was all drugged fucking flew home and put in
american was raised american superhero into the wall or something like that like i have to have a bone ability to where but you can help i owe you both always you via.

[30:07] Um i’m gonna go with the time stop thing.
I’m cheating an stealing this from the crack video and they concluded that zack morris from saved by the bell is the government ge of yeah is five days,
foretold because he has that time stop things like is the power everyone just thinks that everything just always works out the way you wanted,
who else becoming yeah or after watching deadpool to one hundred like i think dominos power would be.

[30:42] From the meatloaf hours yeah is not using power and slake yes yes it if it it yeah that would be to a real.
That’s what does it say amen cedar fast or which flash last yeah,
i’m in so same thing but no no i not say they said i was looking at and t then you give it was to something.
Yeah i use it without a power like every time i reach in my pocket.
Automatically pull out a hundred dollar been so that when atomic every time that if i was original part of the time yeah and that would be a good power the those those are the biggest test was working what bruce wayne’s power just.
Really rich beautiful yeah because the tom brady’s power button but yeah companies as a be the top.

[31:53] For sir.

[31:54] Yeah yeah was gonna look stay humble that’s round silica hundred dollars to tom sixty when select in select among his parking really the there yeah i know when the night is that exactly the monkey’s paw thing and then we.
Without the irs you get
go to the was you don’t pay taxes on your medical oppinion up a note on it where it comes of you have earned while i’m in prison i got a little obsessed boggle using dollars.
Yeah as long as he had a fucking party inflation in yourself locker pretty soon like curtis cigarettes be like thirty thousand all the people are like the really lake.

[32:31] Paper in the tank to kill the golden goose they one and then on a good idea is memory is come in my.

[32:41] She lives longer i think that i want you legally when.
Joe rogan is always talking about the tent use a super early ten years now we’re all gonna be reading each other’s minds like ten years is not that long like as fuck and what not to go through my head is i would have no for.
Yeah i really have the room and it would it work like.
This is what i only cogent and actually like the good things or whatever quote from the twilight series.
Yeah i know fuck me the edward cullen his them well there’s a tertiary power and his is,
read people’s minds it so his like mind reading is like he’s like it’s not,
nearly as cool as it sounds like sex sex money that’s money.
At the dinner reviews yeah i would not i don’t think you would be very good nose and you lick i mean.

[33:47] Yeah i just don’t want la la and yeah i mean this is a test message you so much for the people of,
injured people in the fri red eyes and blue flowers
hey baby let them it is just for a red suit hoses to my,
does this even work when them is cursed because you could actually like be yourself in this fucking aid somebody’s arm off my record for,
yeah be praying that.
Yeah objects fisher moore send questions i’m here to ask a set of and concerned about the news coming out about something speaker is every,
lots of people follow patterns a yearly stocking someone like turning them into him recently that’s that’s the kind of expect them to be like.

[34:52] Decrease the wall to speak their movements sometimes people that he’s read about it and people follow patterns.
So cold when it hits the nature of psychology under my.
Can divorced so drive people really but.

[35:20] Ask a set of ask this in being hurry we got some time left,
i don’t know how hard it is this question’s chesty was such as the ass mark okay thanks for that logo man i appreciate you and hits your real soon to how you doing with that i’m doing alright with that sticker heard you,
pretty inca kola bathroom and when i hit the guy it will get back we will ask that’s how going to the bathroom.
Add tomorrow.
Who got a question where we got five years that would says bf four right now smh we were about.
Fucking suck about every seems a car dot it now,
sorry oh yeah and not always have movie pass cement work gotta get that’s in the mass like but each of that yeah you see the first car yeah so great and i’ll let you lose and an ass equal that like.

[36:17] What that’s why they making a sequel to this i have never heard of it i was like what do you mean it’s fucking house are single movie that ended yeah definetly is good though it its good yo can i get in the past week i’ve seen tag.
The purge and am in the los,
house tag sorry yes that’s a good movie pass who really got nothing else to do like it was funny enough to la jeremy renner like fucking madman dad john him oh yeah yeah.
He’s like we’ll watch it isn’t moving past it’s like you pay ten bucks a month.
The app you download this enjoy the data card and you can go see a different movie every single day it’s like.
Yo for the price of one movie ticket you can see unlimited new wall and gets pissy thirty movies that for one a day well but needs now.
Movie pass you’ve heard is plug your products and now we all other go not as if like in a year from now move all is well with your students do it yeah movie pass won’t be anything in here but for right now i’m using the fuck out of.
Like there is no cuz they they pay you know like it load you check into the movie like okay i wanna go she’s cardio,
check-in and a load like ten bucks or whatever it is on to that debit card and swipe in the pay.

[37:41] And so,
you know they lose a shit ton of money out people like me cuz i go to probably two movies a week at least and then back in,
they’re banking on like the people that will like five for movie pass in elections and my nose i never use the however yeah it’s in like i would have never gone to see tag or like a lot of movies but
you know in the theater right now but if it’s for free fuck it you know i’ll go check it out and.

[38:13] Yeah it’s it’s of you know like i was looking today i could use a late sunday night movies i like to go to see something but i’ve seen everything that says we’re having too now is.
Just get in the see the.

[38:29] There we go see live see see see purge on fourth of july and clicking and man lost yesterday when it is six.
Yeah so who would win a marathon race between g p and nine shoe,
probably you i would know about a marathon race but i think what we should do is come over the hundred meter dash
oh my god we put five meters to long for will report for the meter dash recorded password and will put that on the page you may be one of the bigger but pay one dollar
going on a page on and you can watch us print our lives guide with that be the last year they are going to raise the way,
which is surely do forty five ten meters quest for knowledge of the forty and the lake this room and not think about that,
book it is with that thinking maybe it is i mean i can run a hundred yards but like you know it yeah we have a sprint so fifty exit the hall was a user who in.

[39:41] When we do this we are in town now now you know you again but will you guys can run this function that,
bro quibble corded we serve the down that’s all i know five i don’t agree that movie where boots by go by there so me and the indians but in
buy a new ipad that will have something uploaded by but it is not.

[40:11] Fifty dollars you guys won’t hear me for the fuse box who is this jordan and tell the motherfucker to get out here with reese.
I’ll be there is to be jealous of fat is fat man the when cat has the.
Yeah not a c one hundred pieces,
so what dollar each it’s you all sorts of using innocent back as you.

[40:48] Set her live life to increase barefoot in an ounce knows what could the,
alright tacos after i just get cooking top of this other thing is this.

[41:07] Yeah
the dash in smash leave it in the top of the ever see those videos like that where they do the blindfolded race is where do i told you and then you gotta fucking run a hundred yards or whatever it is and,
people running in the fucking walls installment please listen carefully in high school is like a trust fund or whatever yeah and one of the guys just let the guys.

[41:31] And you did because they didn’t but the yeah we’re friends from,
tim used his way to his blood is a pretty invited yet so bad which rating of in.
Can we all hang out what,
no it ran out on the spot that he of all the new good yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s the one i mean.
We try to keep my fucking secret identity talk about people powers before like.

[42:17] Being a very close and when you.

[42:24] He is currently in.
I’ll move read reviews that i could prolly tonight i will probably go for a walk on the bike trails if you guys wanna join me but
now take like an hour probably walk i’m going to big sis to see american overdose,
that yes about to remove so sick to mount kinda like kinda like a mushroom head or mud vein.
Thousand of the coolest ten bucks.
Yeah fifteen and store thing cell but the is there still a five vance and everything so i’m into a like a rock showing fucking for at of our once dead their fucking super awesome god there’s another been two tonight that’s just like.
The local or fucking no this one bands from minneapolis and they even though they’re not the headliner as a recipe that can be like room.
Sense of the should be nice person also to nine and have some fun angel and it’s just been going crazy.

[43:24] Well yeah i mean at least they try to just these ones we california.
And for about one and was awake all girl band that have never been living in my back.
Is all the old and new since the but you babes i had it is.
Set it washing their gonna do i have you metal burlesque show,
here t and the month oh really that be cool what days and i don’t know but it sure finances yeah like when in the court systems like that before and when you knowingly i don’t know if these girls do it for like,
use it as a good chicory metal bryan lightfoot and gran entity does yeah mean like that that’s cool see yeah lol jason weiss always brings that burlesque show like i consumption i’m always like.
Will check that out and i never do but i was of seventy.

[44:19] Gotta go and one of the things i doesn’t on this month and next month i’m pretty sure it’s the end of this month so.
We should go this month i have been july twenty first new building yet will this.
Come down on july twenty first because i’m,
one of the co promoters for an indoor outdoor so call summer to it okay eighteen vegetable oh yeah what’s that about that’s just is outdoors so it’s like there’s no bands and rappers like me like me being only grows gallery,
an outdoor so in the inside it’s like this huge just huge.

[44:57] Assortment of everything like i can’t even see going on at the same time now lol it’s like out or and then after the outdoor stuff after you know like when are the furnace kicks in we going side to the one or whatever it cool yeah i mean it’s like.
On cuz attention am it’s july twenty first at the sale of a member of the outcome downtown free tickets for all of us are being indians cuz.
It’s just that to me at like what it really is are the only reason line of offices cuz it seem like.
Dude like a cross genre show and be like look of you know of artists of any kind specific genre on care future with an acoustic guitar g dvd and we rap of whatever like.
Just know i support you as you know and i mean like.
You’re there my local scene and i support you some how some way even if it’s just like there needs to be more that here i think that.
Anything i’ve done i sue a couple of those shows in the past where we have a couple bands and have couple hip hop acts and like yeah like that people but those row is that the lowest attended shows what you know i will say we have could not resist,
slate resistance and opposition like,
because we have like couple metal bands on you know like the the middle fans like oakland so represents fucking gay you know and me and it’s like some people are very very very.

[46:17] I don’t wanna say close minded because there’s always opportunity open your mind but i would say like it too tight knit yeah you need to understand like.
When you be hold something to yourself like that it doesn’t get spread out you know what i mean like my best attempt to be to be like if i need a band that night.
I’m i had to use it and they got a show in the future the my wrap and ass would be afraid to share their of entered like follow the page to know more you knowing.
Just kind of it ups broaden out the musical community as opposed to any is on working when we did that bang your heads on with flux like a couple of those flux guys really.

[46:55] Hey there yeah related to sell anything i will get birdman get it you know and it’s like dude,
is will i be able to understand about me is i fucking love so much music like yeah i have like i don’t know what i put off to the world but i don’t like this in the solely grab,
yeah i listen to a fucking shit ton of metal and am always at these little metal shows and,
i was in the fucking curtis mayfield and fucking crystal gayle and my everything you know when i’m in like an hour while other people to like open the mind that,
so enjoy the summer two k thing out and,
is that a music lover that’s in the very first newsletter announcing should i don’t light but you know i just don’t go to those shows genre you like animals on a but this is a chance maybe you know it’s kinda like its going to look
music testing yeah test comes on july maybe you be surprise.
There was no link that something post pilgrim jose de final friday thing and they always have like bands and stuff to play there.
And those people that i’ve never heard but there are always a really good place right off the bat one thing with feathers are fluffed up something is one of the headliners that inside shows nine granola,
and i looked that up and it’s like the heavy as shit ever mean i actually want you on me some music i really like like i like that group
yeah i can’t remember now yeah.

[48:24] And they were good though that girl their family for millions and yeah baby deer some that yeah he is named after the foot.

[48:37] Good fucking in the.
Yeah do is have have that should i work i work late now on friday so i don’t really get to go down there but.
Yeah i went to the dr four thousand yen euro is pretty cool we had a plan in my record release party right now on,
i’m excited that jennifer white is actually gonna be doing live art at my show so she’s gonna be like creating like a fucking.

[49:07] A painting or whatever she decides to do that night but it she’s gonna be doing that man like why don’t always like that like them with people around who do that yeah i always wanted to question my last this comment on.

[49:21] What’s there what you did there was on a show.
On all that there was something that is the question i can’t even can not always on when can i get some new shit to wear and tear.
Who is holy think i should oh shit oh man.

[49:41] I’ve been i’ve had a couple people hit me up for fucking shit have the song called the truth it’s like.

[49:50] It’s a hip hop like of silica hard like a public love song that.
On some real it love it is the hard hit public it’s the closest thing your gonna get on this album total of and it’s called the truth tho slash in quotations like the only one hundred and i’m thinking about sending that out radio.
But daddy closer to four when the um that like what is who’s in who’s was he was who’s he who’s is okay.
Russell yeah that’s my homeboy from man from way back in the dating back he play music on something is a is a dj at yeah and russell i got something else engine,
yeah for he’s awesome yeah actually they do when it’s on the night house and teach you like it yeah we.

[50:41] Yeah actually when i first moved to south cali russell like one of the first people that i met in the school and like known him an allowance taxable.
The dude russell said of yucca pick a big metal actor sure the stage with who would it be.

[50:55] Then when you save big metal acts i guess like that kinda changes things cuz right off the bat i would share stage in the day.
With this band from minneapolis called nuisance.
You know when me and they’re fucking awesome and i would love to just open up for them every where because my rat shit and them what they do i think causing pretty good together.
Yeah i think that would be it would have to be somebody that lake fit yeah like no wasn’t like that my first live show i like to.

[51:25] Party is so that more like part like the live vibe is more party than like especially when switching to guns but lately.
It’s it would have to be like a fun let’s just fucking party and have a good time and yeah that would really be i’ve open for dance like had the.
On power man five thousand in dope opener for dope before.
But you know what i mean it’s like there’s a bigger bands but i don’t know i don’t think i could just go out and open up for that problems on the.
Or even like maybe corm but i don’t think i can do that really you know what i mean like.
That’s two different like these rock and roll festivals you know ya is always at like tech nine and you came yeah well for always on again like rock fest for now yeah but like i guess they make i mean i don’t know how that chances of special education.
Cuz i got like all of his music is like a lot of forms and like champion hip i don’t like that to be like everyday after this you got.

[52:25] Fucking slayer you know the flick of that were you know my bro marilyn manson is my favorite so it.
Love to just say i did a show with marilyn manson had yet though like he does spencer raised does res use the machine town and i guess back in the day it was but i could see myself,
maybe open enough like a profits of rage and there big their big rock will you mother like chuck d and yeah on the real from cypress hill but they still it’s the rage against the machine so,
yeah we could do that easy just a suggestion was that.

[53:02] Guess objects like a case number on the note but the reservation is reading this ticket like jan i
awesomeness which available was it because the cousin
we have thousands of white girls in them but they all those people that real,
yeah yeah yeah is full of fucking that comments of like a facebook thing where this dude was like
oh i don’t need anything any back to the city in the
send on the radio,
ridiculous as really thinking of pita this invite anything in.

[54:00] Yeah they got seem down and deleted their profiles are fucking you find that someone just say yes email,
then i seen people saying it in one of the ge it’s not,
on you cuz they don’t know guess it it no cuz and bone and all servers here because it’s of when your orders are we cousins and i say no and then you can.
Do it but don’t give up and.
Say sex on the resin val’s wearing a condom and ask an elder for,
but nothing its very late near the az eighty seven,
five hours with them and,
wake the of the one that is.
What other there any other shows coming up in one turn think of anything that’s on aug.

[55:15] Nine lbs from my group chili nelson will be opening of a jelly roll it struggle jennings and yeah necessary but no love some fucking jelly roll
well at la rose my favorite hobby is leave no yeah that’s pieces of cod yeah yeah yeah jelly roll is used
easily one of the best most prolific,
wrappers i believe of today in on me and yeah and he’s not like like one of these like mainstream like fucking goofballs that makes real ass shit like when i was in like the midst of it all my fucking shit like when i first got and.
On trouble if hes there beautiful music five that out like really really fucking miss you if you in its place.

[56:02] What is that supposed to be william mainland yeah wishes to album’s worth of some like less excited for that it is jelly roll struggle together as their group they call themselves million leaving now.
Physical check yeah yeah yeah lake pa from what tennessee yeah yeah i’m really excited for us all sure they’ll probably each play,
some of their hits in there be like a medley on user of the,
that’ll be fun and that’s august night that biggs bar the only thing you never invited to play at the.
My heading to the sturgis this sturges so i thought about it to the abs and i’m gonna take my girl to go see ac peons and that’s yeah that’s are doing the very next day is tech nine and where in.
Very very well where i never ever got searching for attention to go for the but you should but i’ve fights cuz i am hotel on the outside,
yeah that’s gonna be when the limo and the metal bra foot in the ass and it still jews.

[57:11] That’s me around the mic anniversary.
They never dunning things i haven’t check out yeah i got a car now that’s great mileage so i think we can make it should,
chill man because fucking gases and bagging was just or stratus of,
five hours were going like my plan is and i hate that fucking jelly roll so thursday night get,
go ice up in general next ninths sturgis and tech nine fucking saturday that might be my plants in there oh yeah podcast again day before my birthday.
I remember when my bday is at the gas we probably the twenty second.
Twenty second of june okay i’ll check of fish yeah something to remember,
okay so the twenty ninth of do everyday project with ice at home gotta tell themselves,
who won the case that is jake randy want freezer it’s a c system is armed citizens like some me.

[58:20] Oh when does being russel every could do eighteenth next month oh that the reese will see on the,
what was that seems to me podcast toss out of the pool i’m gone what crossover episode in nice cameos next.
Okay when does russell get the prize he won last year i told the fucking set that should,
is in russell flower phone only when mailbox will read now the alpha and the am get new new birch made up here for folk in the new elm so i’ll send them a fucking shares.
So you know i did send that said to my last week of work for the user what four hours.
We can do whatever system twenty ss and kitchen as the new update from its not hard to do
what happened in the time difference does it have a hard and niko has a press machines.

[59:26] Yeah fucking and i just placed an volvo never have to buy everything that one time i played this.
Hands you and that is fine and i’m pretty good at it so i sell those when this guy i’m so we went and when i found my foot nice chilled certain my closet,
like this is like a month or so ago and fucking was done it etas swain in and somehow we ended up,
at this fucking park in italy seven o’clock at nine am rocking my fuck nations shirt.
And we’re playing and she started happen to be there like all their kids and their body their fucking i’m just walking around apart from us.
What color total asshole like fucking were in the sugar and it’s okay that it realize like.
Realize we’re gonna be outside a thousand really protected inside the confines of r and s that will this day just looking ability dick.
And their play ever play sand volleyball somehow ice were brew last middle circle the city this other shit we will go to walmart better for them of.

[1:00:39] Sure that was the one that is totally by samantha yelling and strong smell of target a christian,
how’s the weather in i have email manson shirt that has like the best man on and on and on the back of it is bigger than jesus or someone to the god now i feel fucked up anywhere that
you got a condition of man placed order negro shirts and macros pretty hit you know i mean like.
All that animated fucked up animation results it takes awhile used to those i can tattoos you know like the grooves agreement to go home.
But it still just kinda washer the super fans and go do stuff to be used to it is stuck in bali villa seven network down and return the way it should think that about a noun everyman can think yeah and.

[1:01:31] Represented in today so that people for having six o five.
I want to use paypal in this yeah fuse name like top ten.

[1:01:43] Yeah yeah shout out to denham and rose gallery for being the only two rappers on fucking top ten bands to listen to them on the arts leader mean will i mean they’re the only ones that are really like released any.
Actually elm thousand runners bikers this place,
seems we make award winners to what will take the credit for the value your welcome fifteen as its,
what kind of,
this is for my name in the paper never i’m on the reason your name a and it wasn’t being interviewed.
Types of as its leader what is a lemon then turning them on the amazement paper few times but oh yeah no little.

[1:02:34] It’s coming to worry about yet nice is all of your master with no explanation what would your friends and family think you’ve done,
yeah do that thing,
next question where is that goes without saying but in those days are over the unit ever worry about that ever happening in.

[1:03:01] No need for gifts yeah i think you live in somebody that is awesome yeah okay for time,
yeah lift should like sponsor me really like it get one game in my car but there’s really yeah
yeah or no longer that’s easy to get a lift affiliate i’ve seen like forever on our like the twenty nine hurry four of us the story is difficult to get,
got drunk like it is looking to hire
had a caltrain station three backseat fifty fifty no to believe anything really by the charging fifteen dollar one thousand forty dollar t-shirt and my crazy
i’m gonna start gas company re just charge a dollars no matter where it take us to do them and we like ya gotta go to see city and back
no but don’t call me track down the road if you need to write clans account hours.
That lists charges crazy yeah and ones rain like you stupid if you live three blocks away from the liquor store and you to ride with me to.
From the west side of the side eight boxes damn fine dad yeah that is the that and that is for the gas and and you know.
Like i always say like slow nichols of ask orders in.

[1:04:22] Realistically you can only do that like maybe twice an hour ago like go from one side of town to the other size sixteen box and am miss read,
so i have to take my car so you know the enemy and it then like three hours was the work recover my gas for we can the rest of the money profit yeah.

[1:04:45] That works that works lol hooking galley give it to the wolves in time and yeah in the go.

[1:04:53] What’s like to live the savage life has been a b.
Ho shit on us he is always ask yourself,
that’s only once a month when it is brianna be should know she was the fuck of that left both have what’s it like to live brianna be,
you know you know it’s fucking hard every day is a fucking struggle smells first thing.
Yeah fucking lazy only once a month hours of five pm and then it just gets fucking.

[1:05:31] Wild whole lot of depression that’s good good times the times she.

[1:05:39] Yeah some seven seven slaves to think that’s a next episode with like humans phone is actually a funny quote is what in your chit madness the.

[1:05:54] I don’t know yet we what you got.
Yeah that’s cool she gone yet shows coming out that’s coming up that i’m release coming out in october october sixteen icon.
Be still working on anything but yeah its gonna be fucking that i got for it to sound like i’m on it so you know what the fuck st on your left of that one song so to be honest i got monsters ball
that you two exams in chris webby will be a special guest for months about this party got that bad of in taxi booking a tour and now i’m.
Talking to a bunch of different places thousand is it but that actually after this but he figures she there one hundred eight seventy two five five.
This is suicide hotline number of the idea i rode into a run so now i’ve ma’am,
i want to give a birthday shout to shane answer thirtieth my number and.
Hey your birthday is best friends in sf room you know brianna be it.

[1:07:09] Has the depression yeah what’s that stated single of this is like some was that in my.

[1:07:20] But that doesn’t number said that i don’t have to be in davis they in numbers you know what is like to do before and i don’t think it’s that will happen but,
i wanna play show the bonus round.
Silly where’s and and we were asked and he wants from last year i do out of prison is on black van burnouts and i’d love to rack of of directed on the side like
doing a show on the side for me sciences luggage and you know yeah on the side of that we do we,
i got asked you bonus from i should but then it got canceled early.

[1:08:03] Play more yeah well this will do it will get done this time or just a garage me and nice you black van burnouts and someone else to,
will get a crack in it we person was your favorite flavor ideas from the astley all my like being,
Just checking to it as robbery stinging over enjoy everything the head and call us,
hey i’m thinking we will the twenty euros yeah oh twenty one twenty one
re reading macedonian number ten thousand three hundred on maybe i don’t know what i did i played for the past is
can i like the drinking game twenty one hundred yeah you say looking to or you pick what personal life for all on the roads are for the right leg
not only in like he was on things that’s the night we played in the,
add eggs one time though the owner mimi do that he’s a.
Use a it was a guy shall soon as i or it’s too are somethings you gotta go flick.
Four in from the left in the form from the right is she telling you all i several numbers means anything i.

[1:09:30] You got creamer flick orders,
order me an uber xl do yet i haven’t been in a lot of our row is house parties that marie is fucking playing quarters think orders to go to smoke them on the knuckles but no.

[1:09:46] Yeah there’s a well and wants to try wrap it up then fuck in.
What was not yeah feed them or giving me no.
See that’s insurance human blank model is why is said daniel and one round in the chamber choir.
Not as flash bangs this not coming from the.
What is that alright last question super quick who’s your favorite have parts nights ago favor hip hop lives depends if,
ask me right now who my favorite hip hop artists is today primer gillies a jelly roll fast and all time is crazy bone cool cat.
On a sylvania i get get them sr better click the,
people of the nose is like a pot like to see that’s like my all that’s for my fair like to see to going just over almost a non was robert who’s your favorite actor of all time,
move it up.

[1:11:01] Snow in fucking young mc of all the vast they tell you guys so it’s not in this phone fucking it says gets around it and it is yeah right.
Wack concludes episode twenty sixth of the urban indians podcast ninety one and here’s.
Someone out with water wanna levi this is your son lives us a little to next song we’re going out with his new group that i’m working on my buddy jordan spence call chilly now sent.

[1:11:36] Cuz code is head and it’s country so chili health and this is pushed to the water,
in the next few days we’re gonna get a put up on streaming website so everybody can check it out most that was empire dot com to bill append on facebook.
Just everywhere to be everywhere this push to the water chili nelson are very first show will be aug ninth that big slide open for jelly roll struggle jennings.
And i hope you enjoy it cuz it’s a lot different than what you use to from me so.
Hell yeah fucking nice for this banks they’re ready for tune in the people live people that fucking has cuz.

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 025 Code Bootcamp

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 025 Code Bootcamp

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guests: William Bushee Co-founder of Code Bootcamp

Produced By Robert Mehling

“Code Bootcamp School Teaching Native American Students”


Learn More



Train to Busan



Baby (Film)


Music Spotlight:  Felipe Rose featuring Sten Joddi with Going Back To My Roots

Opening prayer – Native American music award singer Jug aka Wanbil Cey Fluet and Native Chant – 3 x Nammy Winner Native American Music Awards- Jan Micheal Looking Wolf

Native Hip Hop 2 x winner – Sten Joddi

Background singers:

Cyre Rodriquez, Kiki boo boo, Kendra Rose and Frosty Lawson

Executive producer: Felipe Rose

Produced by Frosty Lawson & Felipe Rose

Machine Transcript

[0:58] Alright welcome to the urban indians podcast i’m your host cable night shields join today with shard green maximo.
And we have special guest in the house will bushy.
What sale of the last name so is the will is here from native or was it.
Code book and yes in and it hasn’t degrees cookbook in school inches five one c three that was set up last year so that we could host these programs for native american communities awesome.
Its like its video games right now we w gps that’s awesome that gives the opportunity yeah how did how did you get involved in that.

[1:40] Will the stories about four years ago my kids were sitting home doing nothing all summer long and well.
Maybe you should teach on both their games or something so were set up as well forget fifteen kids to sign up or go ahead and really campbell teaches building it’s seventeen kids to sign up.
Not my call lisa better for gravel video games you can with the you know,
third out of bill video games all season we created about forty for games over five days in la so that we created was,
where grade levels one to supermarket brothers oh and also give you to school and we don’t know the ritual images and everything,
then that was for before school started so we have time to kick another one off and i told me to come out all the local tv stations he mounted stories.
And then stephanie’s result means he ever consider taking these out of the native communities and is on.
I don’t really have any those of you so if you wanna help in some sponsors we can definitely do it.
So start looking around and just due to some weird coincidences iranians of president or complains of eighteen tea at a networking event.
Ten twenty like were talking before the fight gas and the things that i do and she says,
what got some sponsorship money we mode and go take this in the native communities so girls deathly and we started to get that rolling about three years ago the bobby johnson is or teacher.

[3:12] So he goes out and spends three days and it’s building.
That’s awesome yeah i kinda wanna take you can click like was there an age limit on it because my those of you whose.
Yeah that’s awesome yeah that that would be something.
You know the like it when whenever as a kid that i never even thought that could be like a real job you could have is like hear a video game builder or whatever is always thought that they just.
Created themselves somehow i guess that i put on the first one we did it has little bit roth and we were sure exactly what the kids are gonna understand and as a software engineer and way over engineered those games he has a lot of time like all knowing.
Was saving us a couple steps by combining these nine things together which was a huge mistake that as we go on over the years and.
These years of this over last week.
We ran four k house here in sioux falls and the kids actually don’t seven games during the the five day count and will the native american one that we did with bobby johnson just those three days in the build three for video games sweet.
So late how how long and video games like it makes a deep start finish like how long was it was at the level you’re playing or early.
Echo lake what was the details the go to the we host the five day ones we will build we’re doomed starting off was very simple game.
And they’re very creative they don’t take a lot of steps to do you but they get an immediate feedback the final game that would you a call the keys later this year.

[4:47] It’s a displays inside of a cave and there’s hot lava that shoots up from the floor and then there’s the hero that has to file two different types of enemies one big boss at the here and there with multiple levels we keep track of.
Life points of the hero and then each of the enemies as their own life.
See you very very complicated swim we usually start a model little bit easier than the ones that we take out with bobby where we still back a little baby we usually do,
one will be a platform games verse of or the supermarket brothers but the kids who put their own characters yeah it fix characters,
and then the other big one that we to us we retraced.
Sige equivalent angry birds oh yeah that’s a possible but that do the angry birds and what headdress is on and stuff you what does everyone of the culture and really glasses,
he’s got those out in need of bringing different images that are most for cultural events in like mari of the war pain on.
That’s awesome and is the building regimes that the when characters that we want and the functionality of the games are very similar just we can swap those games are the characters in and out of the enemies and sweet.
See you lake flight tomorrow to game but look like spider man intercept the freezer to get speaker own characters that can create by another owner yeah some of the number of kids that will,
will be third of the art and am characters and with a cradle him with and photo shop program my one student last year.

[6:18] Company we must like photoshop wizards of the music taking pictures of themselves like crap again.
Yeah things and he put himself and became hats that s yeah i saw,
my nephew get one of these camps last year and he had it just an absolute blast he stay with me for the pc from out of town and stay with me for we can you just absolutely loved it.
And now i get to see some of the creations on the last day some was final projects and how much like graphic design when it as a result is that like.
We have a one kid but the trump steam games are life blowing like holes in the trunk wallet and then you leave it is crazy when with.
Ansehen carrots and.
Ah just yeah just months of zany random stuff and you could tell they were just like to take their own images and put it in sms lesson also.
That’s bad ass which include games we grew recall floppy man which we did last year to,
and it’s like a stick figure but it’s role floppy with the physics engine is blasting around the screen and that’s we did that in this year because the kids really liked it and there’s a bunch of.
Translated into floppy trunk.
Set that does a floppy man last night and rough with him yet what’s leads like that age limit on the lake for p the kids i can go to in.
It also we host we bring coming to usually three to four your time at our ages because it’s just a lot easier to keep together so will do off to loran ten to thirteen and then we’ll do like about twelve to sixteen or so.

[7:58] And split them up that way on the native american ones was because.
But doesn’t bit of a slower pace it’s not as big of deal some of the older kids will help out the younger kids that are in there is really nice to have that the union of,
him too so will ruzicka hardee’s with it on i’m just ready go between ten eleven to kind of as old as the kids would would want com.
Thirty nine okay thirty thousand for shoes to what is put use as a metaphor here with the.
Hope or yeah and my daughter is sorry my my daughter’s twelve years old like how would i get her white signed up for.
Sure so we got a number of rooms to hosted around the community from south dakota we got to that were gonna be doing here in sioux falls,
later this summer of the specific dates on this you false ones are july nineteen or seventeen through the nineteenth and then july thirty first through august second and will link tall this in the show notes by the way cool volt wonder it’s yeah yeah do i think,
should i say in.
And yeah it completely free for the day of american once through the grand from eighteen team in native dot st jean from camp dark camo retract over to the event page where you can sign out sweet i have a friend of mine.
Jennie clement her son is like that i think is a sixteen year fifty z young young young kid.
And he travels he’s like some super lake gamer kid he travels all over the world like playing video games like he’s just like.

[9:33] I’m looking to playing around with the tube i know he travels.
Everywhere furl from being like that so good at whatever fucking games i pay for yeah pay the he gets the.
He probably makes more money than i do you is like sixteen years old playing video games like man the life of a home like in wired will part of it is they say just like.
A big thing with the pro gamers like that they’re sponsored teams of it is the age range they say you’re reflects heat is huge in off earlier.
Over watching stuff like that and.
So they say that even like pro gamers like that is like the start that early because you’re the human body your reflexes are already going to start showing some.
To d okay even compared to like other.
You weren’t thinking you think of their sitting down so you know i’m sure there’s older athletes do it but no it’s like much stricter that are,
what’s a harder line than like actual physical sports words like,
starting in about twenty or whatever your shop near here to this is like a eighty year olds is that i i’ve talked to her about maybe getting him on the show then just amazed by late is this kid is late you know sixteen go on.
You know like puerto rico and i always weird places to like play games and stuff like that and yeah well mean like mean score play video games with awesome,
in another lifetime with cake around okay to have part of the yeah yeah hell yeah it’s like it back in the day like i had nintendo playing conference marty over the last three and like yeah.

[11:10] Yep i’m not too much into video games anymore now but i use to be like one thousand.
Back when and the original nintendo was around that i get dizzy and fall,
home page still have the patience for anymore like i get stuck on a level or like if i do if it takes more than my four tries to get passes the and what about the skin done play,
the fighting games and number as younger can’t let go for ever,
yeah i’m like in game of he can they i do like fighting games but then the old.

[11:46] How is play with like maniac you but maniac always says like he’s just like so good at it if this is not even,
fun anymore to i didn’t lose my charger area yeah he just one but i think it was street fighter or mortal come isn’t turning rapid he one nights and the pain,
yeah he got money there some.
I guess there’s a connors comic shop there called story teller and they open up but a video game place like right next to storyteller and,
they had some fighting game tournaments like couple weeks ago me and one of their in one what every in there playing but yet.

[12:26] What up and one of them is created that thing is play video games.
Yeah there’s a lot of use for twitch now were there streaming considered sponsors and their able to go around and.
Can a professional do it out of the sea horses just taking off it’s crazy that it’s awesome it’s like we like galaxy game here at home with that.
They just wanna play tho yeah that’s just basically like a gaming cafe is so they have like performance like gaming machines and then it also got laser tag and stuff like that but.
You always know what else to gaming is cuz awhile back i was involved in a business man were part of the plan involves buying a whole bunch of their surplus machines because there is no one still like a good machine it’s not fast enough for the high end games anymore honestly.
But yeah that’s what they do so i know that one that one rallies machines now.
That’s open twenty four hours and they open for these children really million they and what is.
Can’t see oh yeah to the god i don’t unlimited access to steamer musher yeah that’s works out of the licensing but you can count playing games my kids are gone,
is that even going out like play the same games that they play home,
yup this is it better to use your social aspect and yeah it’s acts it’s access to like something is like a really high end.
Graphics card stuff so i imagine i don’t know him been,
i’d imagine they have a few set ups for like the playstation dr stuff like that be the do they go out of the councils to but but not in general they’re better machines and put kids and have home but now i guess.

[14:05] Have you ever do you ever go to lake the bonus round bar or whatever that the or and he.
Sternum strap is it to go there i don’t know what to,
i’m holding the car over but if i were to do about it has the city council are you game yet small days is it’s it’s it’s a cool spot though like i don’t go there enough.
A problem been there in couple years now but it always like to go in there is place of that pizza.
I don’t think so it’s just a beer bar it’s and it’s so small that i can visually vacation i would be impressed if they did yeah um we have a listener question for,
amber dobbins who asks will,
do you plan to incorporate video game testing and all the future like by taking the kids to a special on a special field trip to a testing facility.
That would be fun to show off tomato that much video game testing,
nonlinear bosses do you give your kids one i don’t know the dances when would be the one of the things that we do while we host our regular camps at dr tappan raven.
It’s always have them give us tours of the facility in.
Reviews are really neat facility never been in there a lot of engineering floor in to see all the tractor parts pieces that they’re working on the different layers and automated technology,
we gonna grab some ai into the video games and it’s real simple things buzzes conviction see you this is the next step will automated tractors.

[15:42] General that’s close at school did you see ready player one.
I was a movie after dinner in the book the book is also really axon the movie movie is okay that night i recently yeah it’s okay man lives here couple months ago me and.
Say could call me that i don’t who movie for this love movies um i watched.
Fuck off no subject anybody seen hereditary at all.
And once i wanna talk with you so much it’s it’s ridiculous just the trailer like a total mind fuck yeah wall.
Yeah it’s so ridiculous i want to watch it again like its scary.
Take your job seriously and not leave his love crafty and like it’s slow or creepy like like the shining or like the exorcist or like in that vein it’s not like.
In months is a bit at end of the bed or anything so that is currently yeah it’s just yearly like the whole movie just got slowly builds up build the wheels appear and then the and.
Who had and is ridiculous yeah he’s cream know i was a accident like that at the bottom after the movie ended i just sat there for like two three minutes i holy.
Who took me a minute like always i was there.
Yeah it was nice of we’re yeah i want to see what she like yeah ten though and she city living right now like.

[17:12] Yeah yeah yeah movies so that if you ever get chance to check it out it’s by can recommend of three.

[17:24] Better be games and there’s a spider man video game coming out for ps four.
Them like i’m a big spider man or in case you couldn’t tell but that that is actually getting a lot of buzz in the office like,
it’s fine you know i imagine that like it other workplaces people like sports lol yeah there’s more to ball but amongst the soap that dirty software developers were doctor who is really talking to this new spider man games like,
before we could get a good spider man game i have no way to ever make another good spider moving like heated passionate about destroyed.

[18:02] Yeah here’s the thing the.

[18:07] Yeah there’s that were this is it who’s developing it’s like some like.

[18:13] Developer like game developer i don’t know too much about the ins but the spider man game has been fired up cuz it’s league open world is it looks like on i’ll buy it and then i get frustrated with in like.
And our be like fuck this and that this winter and have fun in spite of him but yeah that’s why your verse trailers that looks can,
bad ass it looks really cool i’m excited just like,
the animation style looks awesome yeah do it looks way different it cables in late ninety ago the trailer is like when i’m on both with all of look,
all the people i know only wash you to this that’s weighs like i have all the people in a recipe for you to bread.
All i ever watches you to tell me what you think they say it’s okay you to read yeah,
so nice cuz if you do if your like me and you have no life and all you do is watch you two and the cutting out the commercials.
Oh it’s so nice cuz you’re in erie relays you realize it’s nice but you realize it to go visit your mom and she’s got you tube on the tv but it’s not you to bread so commercial popping in q just.
What is this what i was going to sing in if you have time but the bike has been brought forward the relays.

[19:34] But will they was a movie are you still watching sons of anarchy have not gotten.
Who is that what you wanna ireland yeah there is that jesse and the garage again okay,
yes about half way through so yeah.

[19:50] Right like i watching a time when the kids are sleeping so sometimes i close the oil is life to a lot of parents like that were silly.
Is that i have one coworker who’s this huge game thrones fan and so the scott house full little kid so how you catches up is like.
We need someone to volunteer going into the office and reset a server and then like sit with it for three hours the middle and i was like oh yeah he coming there is in the server on your like.
Do it do it worries do and also game of thrones playing on his phone what was it like it is a skates and what the hell’s yeah.

[20:30] Case number is.

[20:34] That’s cool what rea back to your duties where’s the farthest you’ve traveled what school what native schools of you taking this camp to.
Fifty two number from that i’m not super for of all of the details from and where and now to berlin couple times back in this year,
in the end button was down on south side of the stage here last year they was here before two because mostly we try to keep it.
What kind of was and three four hours a soup losses just use your projects and yeah and to think and flowers chat back to yell.
Miss a lot of effort to webos is number of just regular cans out of here and it is just such a huge level of effort to go out.
For five days then or just teaching for six hours up the whole rest of the time she just used to places where there like providing us.
Computers and you a spring computer just a little bit of both surprisingly lot of the communities to have the centers with computers with that’s a logistical problems is working out,
give me access to them this past year we did bison laptop so we’ve got ten laptop so we can take with us around which is a lot more portable and other technology,
typically we can do the games without internet but having internet allows the kids to go out and condoning edges customize yeah i can do some other fun things that we also.
They provide lunch rate for the needed we do not running lunch uses a community or community parker that will bring lunch with you three days although so sorry.

[22:10] Yeah it is but i’ve seen your instagram but the lunches and the tax on together have snacks so um yeah so like i mentioned earlier means that dollar dollar me to.

[22:22] There’s that they had so much hot as the first thing about years of programs completely one hundred percent power like a woman early age music known kids will grow up and not have a desired.

[22:38] Yeah we did and it ran on how how like how long how many hours a day do is like the camp sessions or whatever,
we’ve been doing today am to three pm us on the menu three days to adjust on the lot of does travel plans logistics just or just difficult so we can keep it over lunch and then providing a lunch that helps alot,
so just finding a local park or they can can bring lunch in plaster going to the two balls adjusted some jimmy john sandwiches it’s on friday or is it,
technically thursday but pizza lasting swing as some ago are founded know about this this sent it seems like.
He says but last year and not demoted yet but what area of bed the lite up some really cool it i would def want my daughter to be involve is you press the,
this is too cool for but then she’ll have fun guys at the lake exposing them to fix the different levels of,
give me something about careers and you know.
Okay i can’t do this yeah well it is really cool to see the kids because we first or the burger is no play makes treatment is nothing there and it.
What time’s it can be a little overwhelming because reasonable play the game advance there were gonna build that game for the first and use it a blank screen and,
in eyes you just gotta build it one step at a time but it shows that says action when the kid in there and now we do it but then you’re definitely gonna have a problem it’s.

[24:08] Fact of software development in your whiskey and loves to track down and,
i’m always amazed at the bugs that come up and just the things that they get off track on it does it say i have no idea why does that at least stop and start over praying in that’s cool getting the,
the cd and early to the whole.
Getting them to mentally construct the things playing cuz sucking if they don’t retain like the specific stuff this is like that’s one thing to say about training programmers like.
You know it’s not as important one especially in academic setting to get them a specific language so much it is to get them interested in learning languages in general just help programming it principles working general i think it’s really cool that at that into them young to.
Deconstruct the media they’re playing with so it’s like even if they’re not you know using that right away that scene is planted in their brain years later to actually look at a computer program as.
You know so they users you interact with the justice you know that this is just a,
two-dimensional thing i don’t see that i see all the you know what’s going on in the cove behind on the server side and stuff like that,
and i think planting that seed important cuz i just inspires people to be like to look at the world differently skin look when i graphic design for seven years i can’t look at a crap vehicle,
for what and not start deconstructing layer is really factors the constructing that was in my head all the layers and stuff.
Or deconstructing car wraps like oh it’s gonna be when they see if there gonna get it stay in that scene where like man they really put the head right of the door siemens a bad designer i get excited to give hints that.

[25:43] The constructing their world a little but that’s fun and when you see that you realize the world is malleable and that you can interact with it and.
Live saline is just a process writing me go from my supply screen door completely working game with multiple levels multiple characters.
And then the job there a new appreciation when they play video games or will they go back with.
Ago can understand what those rights are understand how the characters are moving back and forth and how the enemy artificial intelligence works.
We’ve heard from a lot of kids will the native cancels or regular camps or seen him you my year later two years later,
this is lexus depreciation one there june when applying something they they understand the deeper pilot much better than that they never had that experience do you have kids at like say lake.
Same same city been doing for a couple years like to have they has there been kids go every year.
To enter whatever we had a few is less than i would’ve expect.
It is a handful of kids that have been made here with this is our fourth year so we’ve got a few kids during three or four of those years but usually they start a little bit later so a lot of them are now helping out.
And so the common from mentor the other than your kids and.

[26:58] That’s cool what got you into it into the design games in do you like the queen you are just you know at home hanging out or doing whatever.
Do you have like a video game that year like working on yourself like at home to think i’m.
You know what will is a hard thing yeah i do alot of crazy things but i don’t have.
I don’t really have any interest in doing to either of ballgames that we do during the camp of built just for the camp but i don’t have a big interest in creating my own game more or trying to play game on the market.
Miss a hard business to get into building video games and enjoy teaching kids and like contravention of been doing a lot of hardware take things of last.
Here’s some kind of tinkering with the for micro controllers electronics and some other things and they said your software engineering.
Well i had to give them and nothing this it with the hose todd but jasmine was over engineer for for many years and,
i’m really really good at it’s been doing alot of electronics open learning electrical engineering lately.
Whatever things that’s cool have you seen the movie grandma’s boy i know you probably seen grams for and don’t ever seen it man.
You where do you would love that movie is have you seen it the over pass maybe,
i don’t know maybe like ten twelve years that makes works and it’s a adam adam sandler like produces familiar in it but it’s a joke about like.

[28:34] Video games and like it’s like that it’s based in like he works like a video game programming company or whatever and it’s just like a weed smoker comedy.
But it’s really it’s really silly like jonah hills and it’s but was before jonah hill was john haley still like the big fat like chubby nerdy area and.
Yeah is it’s really funny but it does remind me that they’re building some video games and that the dude from.

[29:01] Avatar one of the,
blue is the dick good for avatar than it some of the room yeah yeah you know,
who won the braves now it is funny it’s it’s it’s it’s a good movies watching it’s silly funny but batmen.
Yeah so the movie recommendation to watch grandma’s boy the.

[29:32] What you’re so writer to you you’ve got at least one book under your ball if i recall correctly that’s correct.
Then i’ll pick your own have your another one okay matter of time i suppose.

[29:46] Will you find them is this the sequel where you’ll find the murderer from the first one is reading on every confused with somebody who has water for coding it’s what computer science students need to know,
properly prepare themselves from the graduating can not feeling nervous.
Is it something that doesn’t surprise twist ending sounds like it could of this if that ever maybe be the next one in the.
Okay his.
Like a standard lake guide like that in the last chapters to some fucked up that’s says the artificial intelligence takes over the head of every thing that be awesome.

[30:30] Yeah just save it for the last chapter is that wait what the books that are can like that nonfiction nelson turn fiction half way through.
Yeah cause simple that’s popping into my brain right off the bat because i was just watching extra credits that this is during this series that’s the history psi phi,
and so he’s been great it’s been exploding my reading list with like obscure psi phi it know that is actually like what a lot of stuff you do know what’s biggest what where they got the idea as to what from,
seems like the twenties of eighty nineties the date was originally written yeah one of them is this like.
The the knight lancer something like that and that one is.
Weird because the very first chapter set up as this super flowery romantic novel of like,
where this man must go and it at a courses like written about the time shelly so the language is super flirty and stuff like that yeah and.
That it the first chapter ends with though dams lease was rescued dice come okay chapter two.
He is reincarnated ten thousand years in the future when the sun as cool is now if that’s not right this is like the eighty nineties they don’t like no yeah this shit so i might how to become of these ideas buddy’s,
going now and.

[31:51] Though the basely all of humanity that’s left there’s a there’s a billion people left alive in there inside this giant black obsidian pyramid of the sun is dead,
everything’s geothermal power didn’t they have like psychic powers and crap like that the whales surface the year does it happen it by,
free dish mutants that live outside that are constantly being on the pyramid to get in city and is looking right eighty ninety since he might be poor movie is this all and are so much that’s like.
Oh that’s where lovecraft got that wifi and just like a no i delay triple check it when we sister sorry that’s the point that was that you control on think its a total lake.
Fake owl.
Cuz the first chapter is the story of their lives in the nineties when there are the lovers and is now to rescue her from the bandits of the sun is like.
But there do the thing is that they were the faster souls remember each other and this is the vision of,
that them ten thousand years in the future basely replace a slight but much more back the tee yeah couldn’t could you call baby like world war z wouldn’t that be maybe something like that were whose name is written structural guide for.
But it’s like obvious a ridiculous subject when its written lee in total seriousness like this is like what you need to do.
Yeah yeah world war z the actual will almost has like a ken burns documentary fields wit were asking like.
In asa he was date will be about the data that their do boy that he cannot bus you know it’s like.

[33:26] Ge i think from from like a different characters is a mermaid yeah credit like fourteen years ago or yeah i really really long time so i never really is this tommy’s to be.
Walked underwater is a complete that’s alright they can’t license that i ices for it to the cracked flossy on zombies that.
In hot temperatures they would just melts because even if he you know even if that super natural they’re walking corpse they still need the muscle tissue to movements.
Yeah the flesh roll vista okay and full often.
The apartment in the midwest they would all this freeze so it’s like a very narrow band of the earth for zombies were actually be like a viable the thing.
I just watched in the death of light gotten me anything there’s a turn at the casino so i’ll bring up another movie here that is.
But cargo.
It’s on netflix we seen that boy to my list i haven’t seen a good zombie movie happen out there it is only movie but it’s a good start for additional lake you know.

[34:33] Some movie its good tho its got martin freeman in to click gets fucked up.
So the movie network seems not yeah system movie in its eight he.

[34:47] Gets bitch there like in africa or whatever he’s like trying to them like these watches.

[34:55] And it’s like you to turn into a zombie you got forty eight hours basically and you can almost track with your light fd a bit then like this like little survival kit where,
they’ve got like these the exacto knife things that they can just inject you know into the head to kill themselves or whatever our families watches and he’s trying to get like his son and the son or daughter a camera.
You know he’s a forty eight hours may seem to find someone to take care of his kid before he just completely.
Is done yo is fully transform into a zombie and it’s really interesting it’s it’s it’s a good movie using the korean movies with all subtitles but.
I was like so this is like a little bit in the last year so done with zombie movies and it is friends like no you need to see train to san fran and i’m like okay.
And is so damn good it only like reaffirmed my faith in zombie horror like as an actual viable like thing to do and it’s just it’s just this dad and he’s got his daughter cuz it’s his weekend for custody or whatever and.
They just happen to be on a very busy commuter train and you know this part of south korea and.

[36:09] Sabi operate right the middle of the commute so like to get to the next station that can stop things like cry turning it on and they keep getting mix the the engineers are getting mix signals about where they should go,
and they have once each with the training switch to another train through the obstacle course to get the.
Great movie where when what’s on this is on netflix watch it so if it’s still there what’s it called it’s like.

[36:36] Something train to bbc like a last train dibs on or look for blue sign on netflix to find out of them and look at them with the short.

[36:45] All good here alone watching them it been like.
Par movie kick lately good arms yeah it’s just all trained of those watches of the foot that we reason and then dressing.
Bro this yeah weeks next week or the week and the week after i know it opened worldwide it so it’s out in some countries now but i don’t think it opens here for.
Not next week and the week and get it.
So i that hasn’t that the other one drastic world and the house sits them up my sick four times a.

[37:27] How when of a thing to the dinosaurs one hundred one what takes place for the other ones but after a while it book and.

[37:38] They looking at they look different now the times are figuring of sliced it but you know some of those particularly.
Yeah thought that could adequately her.
I read that age being on the total dinosaur cake like going to the library and checking out books on dinosaurs sharks and in that i said that like i remember when i was younger and you all the time so and its in like,
what they were but now i can’t remember allah knows long neck pressers yeah technologies.
Yet whenever i move this is it and it has to much but whenever i moved from.
From boston to the red is like we drove is me my brother and my mom and my uncle.
And our dog and we had that little silver hatchback on how we all fit.
In the car like we had like one of those fucking things like cargo thing on top share and that we are moving truck took the rest of our shit out there but i could not.
I would not buy refuse to go like on this trip without my big stuffed dinosaur and the big stuff brought to soares,
they was big dyno curfews does a thirteen to slay hook up to the shopping done housework in compare thirteen year old from back and the yeah yeah,
yeah clear cf x twelve which is way more mature as girls to india.

[39:11] Speaking is the guy the group of five sisters and how’s the baby had a.

[39:17] I miss first time i went to universal studios they have that dress that part theme.
And there’s like this big that sounds like he wrecks it comes down to it you manually dropping the water slave in the drop down such a great ride it.
I ran into them,
yeah i went with to a group of foreign exchange students are our family was always hosting for exhales so i was this bus with all these girls from sweden these guys from south korea and then,
was like me and a guy from brazil and germany hey now.
And in one for one french guy who would we try out the hood popping and op so french cuz you just like.
This is the density of him but he’s like sixteen smoking isn’t working disappear the chaperones was like where the hell is it i been hurt yeah,
what with them off with that right that’s fucking amazing i have the t shirt that was like saying i survived address park right to get my dad.
And my older sister and tell them like a picture that we can you know by and will it,
like what the best right like the whole place and that was the first time i ever really seen.
Robots and says cuz you know we have all those dinosaurs and they have one like lesions like apart percent off late can think in my head number like,
middle school i am about to be in high school and when i’m still think that rele lol have you grow but it looks so real that moving around early.

[40:53] Yeah it’s like i wonder what it be like phone doesn’t mean that was like ninety nine i think when i get that and.
I wonder how real they look to me now yeah time to say while i am in the walls of my favorite easter egg from that ride is that there was.
Point where it will there talking and that hundred directing you to this but if you look i was almost like far right release was gonna,
whatever the right there’s two of those tiny dinosaurs in a chronic.
And they’re fighting over a box of popcorn from the if it’s happy universal studios like concession stand thing yeah like top of warring back and forth this little comic easter egg off the side of the house,
yeah it wasn’t meant mean them the movie jurassic world where there like talking like town and look around and stuff and yeah that’s exactly how it was on that and water.
Eight hundred thirty.
When i was little this when i still lived in boston and know what why they did this are what was happening but those are as young and like my mom and my grandma my grandpa took me and my brother to.
The boston museum of eight natural sciences are totally that cool and it was lake lake seven am is early as fuck morning i can ever but they brought a dinosaur.
Like on a helicopter they have they in the helicopter today and this is a brought to source like being i carry by this helicopter screen in the bright it down and then they was like to,
kick off a they must have that some dinosaur exhibit or whatever visit one of my earliest memories blank.

[42:23] Being a kid is like seeing this brought to source being paid by helicopter crosley they are the river whenever they won’t yeah i don’t remember.
Anything about like why happen or goods member happened who anything for me yeah or yeah as early as hell is bunch of us is all cold out and.
Succeed is on a helicopter pos of meth with you for.

[42:48] Yes for the chairs there is a movie called baby years that was the old school dinosaur movie there like in the jungles of like africa they found out they found like a rock source is all the thing of remember at the eighty four,
nun like that summer look that up but i dreamt that uses ball and because he.
Yeah yeah some look it up on you tube to see how it house stupid that looks now but i remember back in the day when i was like six like holy shit that the real that is.

[43:22] The belt looks terrible yeah.
The problem is that the message american out there yeah so they can movies in baby baby brought to source or something that yeah.
Yeah it’s crazy.

[43:42] No live dinosaur video is you build dice or video game is so could you do like say what you wanted insert lake.
Wake t rex into lake tomorrow brothers game would that be possible though it hurts agrees.
It really and also the moves with the kids to anyways chain sticker blossom or take regular characters and give them like.
Red eyes stuff yeah that’s cool looks like the crazy as character and is there been like i know you can do that like you told anybody.
Be traded be so that’s watching or are giving do cats that over we do a code columbus you false question to,
medical back and a few other locations and we jesus in contrary someone that only of the great.
A school program that is awesome but this year we fruit doodle jump and i came.
That’ll do guy was one of the early phone games where you six all rounder eat of the phone oh yeah aka for the is always jumping in his head not fall it gets new five.
Set one of the games we’re gonna recreate this summer and are coming to camp but hundred traceable the difference if the kids draw their own characters then so now with tuesday though draw their characters will scan will in and bringing back in this.
A flash drive so they can bring their own tools and at the doodle jump.
Sweet so do they like it’s just like big like markers and they do i just bought some pencils and some sharpies and we can for schedule they want images outline it in.

[45:21] In sharpie on the house or sold my son to do the photo shopping in soho september yeah it’s been it’s.
Like she child labor that’s that’s of the booty factor everything else is very expensive though so everybody’s like lol do it for you pay me in like ten am.
Yeah i agree about a he before the record it that movie was baby secret of the lost legends how is eighty five,
and it will not be moving patrick mcgowan was oh showing young.

[46:01] And those one where they had like a series that’s not after did they it does not appear so.

[46:08] Vision source kind of you may have to visit look realize their fate yeah crack.
Oh yeah i’m not the one word that loop of increases them and think they’re all things.
Set the date not the mama all the fluid she is.
The that was tragic sitcom ending in history yet cuz that one ins with.
I don’t know if you recall the series did the doctor say and do the time,
so this was basically a pretty like there was a sitcom that projectile of like modern life issues on these.
Giant is it was then like early nineties so it works bear with me here.
So at the very last episode of it and the whole series was with the ecological disaster where.
They killed all these people suddenly finds took over.
So then the dad gets hired by the evil corporate guy that but that there and what for mr burns and to param and it comes up with the idea to spray for the clients which kills all the plant life.
So that everyone starving so the nigga the idea of police hydrogen bombs volcanoes to make coffee with clouds that triggers the whole like.
Winter that killed the dinosaurs at the series little early and that’s with.
All of them huddled in blankets in the living room watching the tv with the news reporter saying like there is no sun and there’s no hope in sight well and the little baby dinosaur asking.

[47:46] Are we gonna be okay and and and the dad is being in jerusalem.
Are you and siri,
the fuck you answer the nineties yeah that’s where i seen the end of alf like that it’s a civil and i’ll intentional though yeah yeah we’re supposed to get a third season they didn’t so just ends with federal agents were like.
Taking a dissect him in the work and don’t know who did it.
They should do like a cross are the only the shared universe is now it should be like.
Alf lake dinosaurs should you numbers they could l could come from outer space every only come visit dinosaur world yet,
he could get he could re inhabit the earth like cupcakes would be great and the ever seen her so recreation patton oswald pitch for the.

[48:49] This is before that we finally got the infiniti wars movie yeah and there’s also a link to a show notes but the adults lol gives this like.
And apparently he am that the.
Disclaimer the being from the producers of parks and recreation of that this is not scripted he just comes up with this iron making up his head and he comes up with this whole concept for a shared more holes star wars except for universe was like.
The x men black bird shows up to work all eventually it’s.
So he’s not he’s like he said gets cut off no go for it because.

[49:30] Should we stay on a spider site were body weight in the genai that’s gonna happen or play expense in that’s gonna happen if i remember.
But i don’t remember much but i remember being so outlandish and ridiculous but brilliant at the same time as a.
That would be awesome and what he is it once a pointed out that with disney acquiring fox.
It would actually be like all the legal right turn on place to make that so hopefully,
you see it i would be very upset but if we should take my money yeah yeah i know.
Good times good times i think that probably.
About it and deal size and the regular movies on this page and others because that.
Tv is in the went to the top where to that blarney stone that lucille’s pretty nice.
Yeah so the downstairs and because it shouldn’t its is pretty cool it down.
And i only been to the downstairs yes that’s it oh in the at the blarney stone that is cool i was i’d ever been of things niceties but balloon and know anybody in that needs to early in.

[51:04] Take.

[51:05] Bring random people and there is no was can only on here for i negation a very strict diary also the most exotic place i spend in the last two weeks is to stop.
That got your recorder didn’t will wait with the stuff we’re close bugging me to go there.
He still has the america’s cup with the wellness plant now i get the tickets for the butterfly.
Because of all the sugar and it has like my only shot of sugar in weeks yeah right on.

[51:37] Yeah lick for me to go there so we went there and then like what even get touches and get some cool she’s got a chocolate shake like donald’s yeah burn it.
I have made that say yeah i’ll agree with that statement.

[51:55] It can never take their stabbing and start moving and there’s a friend that’s obsessed he lives lake.
Within like dot me ten feet walking distance is apartment building one of the janitors of the site and.

[52:12] He just like quarts there the make those with sites there a tornado so whatever where they just take the light left over yeah into a cup and then freeze them just to get a freezer filled with those of the.

[52:28] Crazy.

[52:29] What were the what else do you eat like on year dies it’s like a liquid diet or who it is it’s in a minute five intermittent fasting so ate one meal a day and it’s super tiny with flake.
Grilled chicken breast with vegetables and maybe some little.
Potato things and a man has the diet is your she’s professional dietitian yeah so she is doing all that stuff and that’s the nice thing is i don’t have to keep track of crap cuz,
buy it for the crap diet over yeah in a measly couldn’t then last night i ate a whole pizza i ate a whole i order papa johns and i in a whole pizza lol he’s so terrible this morning i like.
It’s a bad ass yeah her feel really guilty this morning about that.
No but when you junkie is gonna.
Order fucked up food and it s half and i did that in a minute fasting isn’t that like you eat.
Like for eight hours or he for eight hours and you fast for sixteen or is receiving the wires late.
Ten different versions of it and so i’m doing though one meal at a very internet ever use to live with.
So yeah i just drink a lot of fluid and and your summer it is that a lose faster and.
Can reset my metabolism of stuff like that’s only doing it for seven.

[54:00] There’s a maximum i can do it i think fry it is so late basically exposed to tell amanda wanna top me when it happened.
But no as long as i can push myself to within the rain she gets me so i think friday is the day we’re whether i’m ready or not she’ll tell me i have to end it and it should be the things i he after that so.

[54:19] This holiday calling can do and we are the fourteen oh alexander.
So it’s been a hungry angry is are you exercising on top of that you know you’re apparently you’re not supposed to during fast paced that’s what got me on the sanford profile was that i was,
doing sanford profile which was throwing me to kido yeah work trying to and then plus i was doing a workout regimen and i ended up.
This one what game of throne know it was in the middle of personal training session and i literally passed out on machine cuz i was so weak from like lack of calories that was the scariest thing,
this is like pushing myself so hard all the sun i’m on this flight week machine luckily i was,
on one until me cuz i passed out i was doing like presses or filing this is like.
Pass this like a rag doll for like a few seconds and then i was super super nauseous for like three days afterwards and one and.
Yes no not cool and not doing profiles there and it kinda scared me off of trying to do what are you eating or any kinda late will listing until this this is my newest attempt here so.

[55:33] Have you like since you been on it for two weeks every notice la is a bit any like we lost their.
I you know you myself because it’s not about that it’s telling that to but no i april i am down like twenty.

[55:51] The twenty three pounds of blow out but we’re wish when you’re in my weight range its kinda like sf twenty pounds at twenty says that sounds like a reckless weekends.
That’s awesome that’s just in the in the fourteen days of the homies but was especially with a fast the first cuz you cycle you the fast and you do the like restricted diet thing and fast it’s one of.
The very first one is gonna be a lot of water weight again so that’s awesome.
And the ugly ass and still guilty have been to the gym.
In about two weeks and it’s not add me to cuz cnn.
Last week was crazy we had our intern stirred to picture to four times and.
Anthony had back in lovely coworkers started walking challenge because our interns are starting to come looking group bonding thing i’m so.
Puppy is running but not walking walker.
Begin my three miles center stairs challenge a pic of that we actually had eighteen.
I want it’s rolling thunder is the the name of it some of the names were me if the base leave a little early on purpose for me effect recruited the to other like fast i saw for about fifteen,
when did that and we were we were not last we were like give range yeah and.

[57:21] Help that make the intern do it all the off.
That’s where one of my jokes and that the office is was we just did it start the start of intern season on disc in fetch my pal and create interns carry me upstairs bigger stairs child.
Have to get what i remember like those injection like where they would carry the data pollen okay i got.
As the intent is use contemplates it stays that the that they gave us cuz there’s one really big flight of stairs of in the middle of the atrium that leaks the old building.
And people just use those stairs kinda is cuz that’s like the only stairs nicko building as the actual calculated out home what that company trips up and down equals so many steps and and they had a big,
chart that was like here’s the empire state building your statue liberty and this like so you’ve done this many times you’ve climbed this high and it went on for like two weeks i think.

[58:24] Nice yeah we most people uses we have elevators are building which is out there’s only two.
Unit two floors but everyone uses the stairs so that.
If you use the elevators to the welding mellow if i know there is no statement of the elevator micco,
but it is,
i believe there is a plaque in there from the guinness world book of records for being the slowest got the email for there’s a way there’s what story one that’s are human and it’s just like,
well take elevator saucy in thirty minutes so that i may need to grow to be used to be touch building and is not something old this is the new building and you were elevator,
it is just like.
I mean it’s so slow you get to the point where you’re like painting it is okay with no teeth nigga to.
Crazy on crazy shit moly at.

[59:28] To end our show we get new song with felipe a rose is my body is suppose to call in from the village people.
He hit me up and was like one to be on the show but yet he is not answering his phone to the nfl yeah but i mean with the legend so mean.

[59:46] So was getting on their offer yeah is failing in the eyes it was either this or to the he has had a,
okay is that a new song now with stan god who is our guest a couple weeks ago and thinking yeah.
Sleep is good friend of mine we done i met him in new york with that the native american music awards and i did.
A long time ago two days to do that he would they got until they to show at the corn palace like,
five or six years ago got me in a v i p at the corn palace nice i have pill phone cool has that mean does that mean that you had new were grain sack to cover your yeah bucket and it was so,
i didn’t that night i found out that we have been doing that lia how they do like the ymca thing i fell from that we were doing that wrong my entire life because they have some different way that.
And and i was so my fault because i work for the ymca the twin cities i have a gigantic,
ymca twenty boss appear that lights up and flashes lights and plays the song and stuff like that then when the wives it when we sell a membership we hit the button it was like our bell to celebrate the ceiling and i still have it up here,
and up and my brain being a asshole you set on phone but i kept thinking.

[1:01:18] Man when he’s in the studio i should have him sign my ymca bus five seconds later.
Phone interview don’t know it yet and that thought just popped in like three times the yeah.

[1:01:36] Yeah sleep is a good dude soap sheriff lee barrows that you will have the radio and i.
I facebook will have all the links to the.
I’m definitely get my daughter involved with she likes it or not set so you’re going wearing seven down again.
Yeah or next we’re gonna one that same location once gonna be at the boys and girls club of sioux empire sun next on the clock this yeah or yeah,
that’ll be awesome to driver over there it’s better if so the surgery if there’s a body wash on facebook or on thinking on live in you know we’ll see you guys in a couple weeks and,
as we finish the show we will finish with the new fleet pair and stand jodi song so.

[1:02:26] Takashi welcome tonka market i am home it said.

[1:02:30] Music.

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 024 The N Word and Lacrosse Ban with Kevin Decora

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 024 The N Word and Lacrosse Ban with Kevin Decora


Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guests: Kevin Decora


Produced By Robert Mehling


Music Spotlight:  

Relentless Hunger ft DC1NOLY by Crimespree

Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Robert Mehling, Char Green, Kat Stands, Kevin Decora, Crimespree, Lacrosse, Racism, Rapid City

Machine Transcript

[0:00] Urban indians podcast episode twenty four today’s episode is brought you by the letter and.
What the protein mr simple subject approached by this entire cast is set for.

[0:18] Music.

[0:38] He was get life is a party of america podcast star.
Whoever made such as sharp xe shark next to what the coffee stand.
Listen to the ink spot cat is.

[0:58] Alright welcome episode twenty four other than the is podcast and host every night shield.
Joins today with shower and leave i told kathy is out on simon so.
That is so been awhile since we had years on the show me.
Yeah i have been here in weeks and weeks and then today i’m dying of heat stroke very wrapped it is hot as fuck five like volume and a phone to sleep or whatever it was called the eighties little more than.
Yeah well water something to my truck only blows hot air like no a c.
No off switch is hot as there’s a joe from brookings with the windows down on a friend member.
What would happen if like you plug plug the vents.
I’m feeling very well over while i was driving i was imagining which like if the predator was looking at my chucky really want fire ball.
Calories in israel of new predator movie yeah it’s awful everything all the stuff out of the atlantic and looks terrible movies is.
Yeah i went to that one was in the schumer is yeah i was like okay is very mediocre and you should be too that’s fourteen who on tv school.
What could i see nothing to in mission movies that offers ass use my girls phone turn right yeah those and then his fan and then another movie snatches its fucking from using the yeah that’s the one with the.

[2:42] I told her the only had her as my hollywood crush and no i will never a loser funny this this one wasn’t,
now what is everyone leaving still pretty yeah yeah yeah that sounds like him and it just says it is.
Now it has to study funnier motion myself something just put in city hamlet look around at people see this into it cuz will not humor and then.
I have movie passes is free anyway so.
Blue pass fuck it is not only i just go one day it is good that you can only use it once in a while then he kills movies once.
Which year was the one thing you want which play is probably good that producing infinity one night time for what movies are coming out late summer.
I seen solo is better than i thought it and then new song on july twenty eight truly.
I need to know that i’m on that was v’s for like some kind of some kind of movie got started taking it so yeah.
Oh yeah we are looking pretty for you to like a game of these back with the people that they all think he’s an animals that commit cage over there in the animals in a perfect option the city there’s could you back out here you know what the.

[4:24] I guess is what i got from.
How much is the display weird cajun of us looking like stabbed with a pitchfork and sheet music app for kid but it looks like really well you know how the other,
jungle book live action movie was really looking businesses equally good some.
I think i’ll sleep for some time and it olives on the boat jurassic park come down and in front of me in the lost yeah the new mission impossible movie i really like those movies books and that one came.
Mission impossible haven’t watched it says.

[5:04] I don’t want to really like hard when you go to my smart reassess phillips seymour hoffman it was good yeah that’s of moving to someone else and yeah there’s a loser really good.
I will i’m not afraid images of battered emotionally engaging on netflix watching side and tries to,
why season ticket last really haven’t been have you start it and you pay for life like binge watched it yeah hearing about it,
electric heaters like he needs to get off the area of yeah was not joseph not always like it goes with it is more on my aftermath this inside and then school shooting,
and what is really hot right now because it was this thing about a mop model s.
And suddenly it was like all of my that was like so they said i couldn’t watch it so that i can.
Are they serious and let them for a is this member of the girls name from the exorcist.
Call earlier than the player and then she was on my note in a different movie from way back then she was in a movie about i think it’s like one of those moves in she met where she goes and she’s in.
Rehab facility and the girls like older down and sodomized with a plunger and or some like that she was not afraid of.

[6:35] Being edgy then i guess cuz that was like early leaving movie on the next series and.
I mean there’s a lot you know discussion and people can have been some.
I know i’m kinda in between assembly great films or anything all i know you know they know me like it was only like last house on the left or hear anything that has a,
braden and in the end and the camera doesn’t feel selling some falls a group of boys.
Oh on the,
my favorite movie by far is living like the average rate using the lever in the ass in the living room and what all is just settling to me some people take it for the cinematic as that’s that is but i just like,
i feel it stays with the past holla holla on mimi mimi mimi,
i want the new and everything else was struck of my life i reference that movie like constantly school everything will it when i was never stop,
rocco’s modern life to tackle the letters show got.
Door should it yeah in the cells are looking super dark easter eggs in it and because the creator is like only like one degree removed from that i mean like red and stimpy yeah like super adult references and there.

[8:09] The it’s the episode where dose the gym and there’s a rolling machine is like.
Arkansas river that feeds on that and he’s going down there in the river the three-d simulator and there’s this like hill billy van go.
On weekends we’ll all be alright.
I have one of my babies winter and is there anyway to so they.
Can not select that and ending on this tv and it but i don’t know who it’s like.
What was the thing that was fine because the memory into it as a foundation like you,
then i said watching season four am not so which is watching as opposed to falling asleep to but i’ve been going avenue fraser.
What are we going hard freezes will freeze and the chews been on the go all of the brain and the in niles just grammar like.

[9:10] Well i mean i think it’s kinda funny to be using stephanie but does i do this and of pension and go to sleep you know of a few watch too many episodes of the anime seasons twos of working for a while.
I didn’t in a dark place and it was gone for a week so i’ve been she listens to my favorite most disturbing podcast last laugh.
Oh god she has not sent,
it’s kind of macabre more which is why i’m listening to is one of the inspiration for starting at one but it gets much more like there special fuse serial killers and would like for partners on the heavy hitters like dahmer and was on stage,
you know i can be a sodiac whatever and it’s super super detail but the best part is that got the one.
I had reset rescues the comedian and he does a lot of acting a lot of comedy voices.
And so he always does that developed a character for the serial killer in whenever they have a quote to read from the serial killer they have him read it in that,
play soccer and then like with the cops fuck up the boys got character called detective popcorn who’s we just.
It is is got characters it’s fucking it’s super goddamn dark but hilarious and for the,
fun facts that the biggest thing clicking on twenty four hours and i don’t know the guy that shot john lennon.
Imagine the have this like kingdom of little people.
Been doing that since he was like a grade her and have meetings with them and stuff and actually a committee meeting to discuss what we should kill john lennon and they said that they loved him and supported him.

[10:49] But they couldn’t support him in this behind that the little people that live in this walls back to go on a.
Exit three and will and i felt like he is a little people there’s like there’s some people that might live on reservations like certain.
I summon the wheel of them yet seen that video on facebook but some.

[11:15] I’m always are like little kids are like little flowers and stuff to see and yeah i use her sounds like we this yeah cuz is look at it looks like like all the things i mean the little.
They’re like these little black images that look like they’re running away but just moving because the couch is very moving there they’re just like some.
Rush flour yeah.
That’s why they’re so for some people it really bleeding now we are like compared to most of more than i like the actual stuff you willing.
Ghosts and make them with the devil and shit like that is kinda cool but like.
Serial killers people eleven just like fuck i don’t want start after the last show i watched that,
documentary instead criminal genius are everlasting life is all in the mind and,
just fucking crazy have,
why you keep taking all this can’t get anywhere else can’t get in your okay what is a little bit like about about the mid point of the break down of the story on this like,
it’ll be and that’s when the aliens arrive at the white.
Okay this is the next logical step know where this is going to happen so i stay the fuck out of here in new york for,
i sat watching or listening to the one you can recommend is like in manchester.

[12:45] It’s like canada the women that interest off the highway oh snap get stuff they don’t you know.
Yeah the one hundred percent about that and the others that is over there is the community name anymore but yes you like goes into the you can hear her and she’s like opening the band or like running shoes people at.
We’re family members have talked about what happened while so i’ve and watch some one half way through like that but it’s freezing.

[13:14] Every three group msg thing in the universe it.
You can like part is like from the phone rings for the last.
Put him on blast to catch a presented as usual elements with go pros and cons of the case between the gold one.
What the.
Fucking just lost her very first offense absolutely.
What can you see this is like the dumbest thing like kendrick lamar called that were on stage in tester of his he said the and word on fucking stage is in the clip.
Me and i don’t know it’s kinda back and forth you know what i mean think.
Then i think it was are so i kind of feel like it is to i didn’t feel like when i went outside and so he was like popping on saturdays and usually.
He’s pretty chill about on runs like but yeah that’s can do it in fall you know what i mean.

[14:32] And the way to the kids are moving.
General consensus of kids that they started using more like it ain’t no thing you know i mean and my yeah i’m an affiliate i’m old enough to remember when that was lake.
Fucking serious first turning off and back remember when the first are using the and word and.
Fucking yeah and it bothers me now i see it so much like especially on facebook and people posting means and should that would.

[15:08] It all over the beans and stuff and ethic so bad it’s like as like a back and forth minutes because i gotta wanna use that word.
Like i do stay away from means that have it on there too but some of those means that require it make the point that i agree with this mean that i can six hundred people who made it who made it you know what i mean like.
If there is there some of the program to the is that where that mean that mean that i can be you know what i mean is.
But i do sometimes on face book see like little sixteen year old boy.
Bye girl from second small town minnesota to see all the sixteen year white whose age.
Because are all these located on label is almost and all their little friends coming on all the bullshit that is like that and where sycamore it and i’m like well that’s a little different like.
You girl for telling really has like one or two black people and you just use the and word because of some cool the probably interest for the snyder says that that made him lose a little respect for kendrick.
Yeah for sure playing this song that was william clark says bothers me to lack of respect for ancestors yeah in.
But native say it a lot but.
I mean just like all very spiteful a call different experts in visine say stuff like that like in high school so makes it there’s the portion of everybody who said i’ve never been to say that.

[16:39] Actually it just like the gray jetta personally have to use it.
The base as much as a chair to appropriate and i understand strengthen re appropriation the word was built off some kind of slander you know me and.
In that sense like the fact that.
It even exists is kind of you know what i mean like online it is really weird and you know.
But i get where by from civil which is taking them back for us and it produces music do whatever you plan so prior to that that word was used so i.
Pos into a hole on me like that was used to make you property you know what i mean that the cat also slightly.
I mean you know but the same time i mean feeling natives were eliminated in the universe.
It’s like why is that you know i mean that’s an offensive i unit in the.
But i don’t know it on the road as it is using a lot yeah and it’s like bro you know you could.
Just use a different word pro that i use every wasn’t so broke the bro bro feel like like the young kids flake.
They grew up with like it in here it’s no in everything i’ll have some sued them it doesn’t necessarily mean with what it does to link us older people.

[18:12] Because they were they just grew up with that were in it it’s just another word and which is kinda good thing it’s kinda losing its way calling and i guess me and.
At the same time it to sound ignorant that’s.
They now is it don’t know what it is what it means machine word yeah i you know me weather no matter what is use for cycle where.
The back side or can i sleep over signal where the again in.
What is the worst that i use that to me and more appropriated like is a faggot is it that when i don’t ever mean all the sexual like.
There’s nothing ever explains about the woman saw part of it and if so when should change the name from fag to me homosexuals like,
loud annoying harley writers to me that’s what is always got my leg haha you’re acting obnoxious.
Homosexual men acting obnoxious is because of sexual assault.
Oh yeah no time of where the river was at the chris rock skit where he’s talking about he’s in the car and he’s listening to fucking.
When stephanie needs a sim card using this be is but verizon is i got a fucking red light he’s got passes or a red light past or green light passes to read.

[19:47] This is in the car jamming that song using hey faggot.
Good old buddy yeah well he’s both and yeah that’s exactly what it is in.
Yeah so to me that that word is more appropriate am i lying then and where in five sec then when asking my grandpa dan look remove facebook sticks finger in mouth to me like on my nose has been all over.
You know life is so that where my damn lose consumer mean and is.
And the pot with the other side limited new was.
Oh no it’s it’s kinda better for me because you know i used to say about one of the specimen cousin ages and saying and where do they say like.
He just like solos and call each of these niggas when you ride but if anybody is in the first screen native pride in all in this like.
They’re on the reservation and especially when it comes to being cool and shit like that we fucking adopt from other cultures is in major use ways you know what i mean like when fifty cent came out as a rapper every motherfucker in the.
About answer fuck you put in for black t-shirts and just like fifty cent every night it is okay no at me like i’m we don’t need to be there is.
Internally cost to the point where like.

[21:13] You know when you are growing with me let me know to be so stuck in their past and stand but we were going to the point where we don’t have our own identity as well.

[21:24] Yeah that and then i had seen that alot like in my and my work we had that interview like teenagers use girls and guys and.
When i was talking them compared to what we talked about losing the people i ground my age is so different how they think of things now is that when it,
the bs i open this for me as a dependent that old cuz i don’t really relate to anything as close as i had someone interlaken also teasing you about charger should your age lol,
buy them when you are older should i know it’s crazy when you start feeling bad like damn like i really don’t really like the sky,
i don’t know what but in those focus gives you just a lot of them and.

[22:14] Don’t know there culture at all the especially people who really disconnected and then to the present there’s just things are available to them are there.
Don’t have a lot of family members that even.
Hundred natives like let’s take a look in a suburbia and see how hard they’re adopting level of culture to when someone that you know.
Me apartment is this is for everybody and stuff like that but with some of the vernacular maybe it maybe it’s this taboo located mr dead.
He should know he’s making music to appease to.
Genre of kids that good being much smarter than the average.
Can you know so to me is a girl out there is there some acid and where five times in thirty seconds and eight in this as i turn away like if he.
New using do that before.
So i have to be at think he probably did it and then like once the crowd was like oh is stuck on like making noise after she said it then he knew he had it he had to say some but i feel proud decide to go.
Yeah done and not the age you know what’s it called what’s that one guys and play some of that donald glover.
What’s or no windows double oven instead of talking to its like on us concert in texas,
it was a all white people.

[23:45] Not much and then like it was going to start with the then we’re going to times of the whole crowd like seeing the just look over and smile like watching do that would do this conversation we could.
But i mean that’s but that every artist should know that if they are that big you everyone sing your words you know what i mean and all some reason why couldn’t you pull that like,
like if you knew that was the sorry people just like a black girl if there was room but.
How do know is that i think this is full of pepper for the page waiting that will saying yeah but i believe that that girl in good taste probably.
Should i just knew fucking better actually having fun at the concert and he was like fuck yeah i got up onstage and some,
they refuse to read these words i would like i would in sf i would of us are like when i’m alone and everything i think.
But everything is going to the mall with a dirty says they were color songs all the time and when i am covered in i’m never and ever say.
You mean i’ve never had to come up and see the and word or not you know i mean contest season i guess.
Yeah it’s crazy because a lot logistics to that tonight i realized cost of your covering it or something like that.
When thirties running with dirty use that word and then rhymes rounds of it.

[25:15] Big insured engine where i can still use in the mean time i,
is it possible that would you get on staying lost in the moment is everything on a million times,
i still i just about line of of writing words is like.
Trapping you into the woods have been using words like it so as its it’s really like some universal you have this huge array of lyrics to bounce off.
Sometimes they just ran that were with the word again i was the louisiana from like the locals seen people get any of them have like.
News that we’re nearly there i don’t see nothing like that with people that i wrote yeah yeah i do see she has a lot.
It says a lot that is working on it sounds which is true i wanna see local cinema not mean it’s a different crowd i guess and i’ve never been like that security urban was so were just like.
His super wave news on stage like in the start button then we’re looking school so yeah.
That’s another cusses me by almost every artist say turning down are there even black.
Groups here in all this time and there’s tons of man i mean i mean you know like.
The same way for right now his life he he was young guy who the hell is only say yeah i really really the only person i can think of why i think affiliates a kid bro.

[26:56] Now i’m really close to one more.
Very easy is it down there is all about what is missing his in the hoses.
But we live there but there are but there’s a dj is like they have like.
Personalities and i mean there’s always there’s also some other names like that they all do different shows like i’ve never gone rational in the.
So anybody that anybody them normally perform there probably know the people perform what the show they’re on terminal think.
Yeah and like at that looks hip stuff like one small those those shoes get.
Set free and rich are all playing it’s always ratchet it up in there so yeah that and where is.
Yeah frequently of scotland he also back and forth from the sum.
Unless you know twenty twenty one year old by his and that’s me and you know what your fucking mouth that’s uneven disney.
Mr mean that there’s a dude my age still and i’m just like you lost in your eyes saying miniature but i remember one time and i was like i was like twenty in there was.

[28:29] That way kids my age in front of the car he said the and word.
The house i live in his neck fuck up for saying that has a focus and work do not know all about something that if he would you know what i mean like.
That’s and maybe and maybe the boxes to conquer that far from a while you just giving the kid father doesn’t deserve has not his lifestyle so you know don’t tell the kids from drinking south dakota that’s not the news you know.
I’m not sure of what he is a group of like chicago or pay or whatever that i see it their lives are integrated into the community you know what i mean.
But are but in the midwest in the suburban areas our lives in jesus there yet and you know i appreciate all that comes and or whatever but.

[29:19] Oh it’s no we’re to be saying the and bomb it cracked that’s why i said exactly yeah if your from of white south dakota.
That’s down it only got on it though the same as a sale because of the size of his name but it illegal value in the way in.
Always say is i got black friends and receive the and word to write i got it and all sorts of songs i never have to say it.

[29:49] Go away and all that was a call in guest to a.
What can you do margaret that was that was childish and silly is.
I got him cuz he’s he’s he’s graduating genius rates smart enough to know what a trap is it isn’t zach reed marcus says that camera did that move on purpose.
Yeah i think that’s true will prob brother was thinking like he probably still working meditated.
Was gonna do some like a lot of guys like you are marketing geniuses that’s true it’s been a lot of repressed that they.
Yeah yeah looking thousand eight hundred and when close yet so little was sitting.
Is jordan people in the crowd probably.
From the maker so and i don’t know he didn’t schedule it no i feel like if you use that word in your music you can get mad at people for fucking things.
Did you see the direct and they know where for iphone are fucking rap music late now only if this indicator tomorrow five cd of broccoli and say,
and that’s what i do my man said no elec.
Bro got into the ringer on this it’s criminal that is also a list of unanswered maybe it’s an emergency and her because of all the new casting sold the same.

[31:29] What.
On the news they only agree is that one of my most favorite rappers of all time techno and has been constantly.
Accused of making music for white people iannone making some sort of obscure level of reading is it that black people don’t like and this is all for a white crown and it is so faint that’s too jumbled to whatever.
But you says the error all the time what was more the study of the reverend listen to and.
And i don’t know where to find friends there cuz to me now skin better but it won’t play the check cancel the show out.
In worcester massachusetts is a hundred percent white kids and maybe some news make noise but not much what was there was one point where that i had no life for.
What’s the matter his orders for and who attended the site that you know in the second was fucking weird.
No picture of the movies with the switches the camera i have a history in the world religion and all the.
No sugar in his pants when apples to it and using the walking.
Always walking and use it to is working with yeah just over a.

[33:08] That’s the the most civil way to change the subject i i did double the code what the fuck up with the.
The light is on on the ceiling yeah.
So fucking alarm went those castle gray skull out there is.

[33:40] Yeah or no it’s touch it is a touchy subject and i’m sure none of us can be right or wrong and sense except.
This is a new niggaz is loving person the person i guess me and that’s it in.

[33:57] Cuz there are some people who just like i mean no power that were whatsoever means nothing to me.
Michael that’s actually pretty cool if everybody else’s life that we can i have.
We can do turn on full blast satanists and no v says it the more than in otherwise it’s like always on the mix you may or may not get punched.
You got a feeling what i’d like to see on the facebook families like videos and stuff his ex people be arguing in the white bag frustrated called black in and where in az do they just knock his ass out.
There you go that’s.
Yeah but they didn’t do anything to happen right so there’s that was definitive one for them yeah.

[34:46] Yeah it’s crazy and not to me like that that’s appropriate as a native i don’t like being called prairie nigger.
You know what i mean that hurt my soul when people say shit like that.
Oh for summer heard that i’m like elementary school my brother is six yrs old and use his middle school and someone had called him that some group away case something.
What the.

[35:15] What’s the gauges prove that words as you can put that as to the beginning of it to mean something else just means lesser person and you know so no.

[35:28] It’s weird yeah people suck people suck that’s the main thing about a man way actually people like more towards.
When sailing should be asking ourselves right now we all agree fuse and that’s the last thing stopping us from accomplishing our full potential of the universe,
no i got the cd and the game of thrones and then i’ll go later exhaust pipe so that will that will remote in to those that,
looking speaking of.
To talk about them or is that the unit also has a wing forget to call in.
Meeting played sand volleyball is yes.
So that i can my family and then there’s like a million people growing up to in the.
He having is i pop up new people next to us that would you use that is weird like we went to this fucking thing.
And shark have to be there in the am and it was already please lol yeah so i was like to double the.
Slack in the house okay the whole team is four o’clock okay and still only educated about them like.

[37:04] Yeah brought some brother that pulled out of work in time you access using addresses about bringing play she was about to work.

[37:15] There is good it’s a fucking nightmare actually it was it was up graded my yesterday’s and.
Book your own and the kids rode during to summit may alone time and.
And it’s like my and my brother wasn’t even in that all night.
Slash and of cinnamon chair like in silence like looking at facebook heating with gas station has aggressively what else to stuart little.
The only gears i know cuz that home in a little rice run suffers legal in favorites rounds of getting the.
And if i don’t work for the first half hour so i would be going to start the cooking as i listening.
There’s fricken orange button a death or whatever flashed and that was it for the next six hours.
Been meaning to been slacking all week and it fucking rain like for more vs right now as far as writing goes.
And how is it guys do that this weekend the so.
Having a drink and did devlin threw monkey wrench in it yesterday at this rate is only accomplished by me if i move he also yeah any time i get alone time.
Margaret could take the kids to the store for twenty minutes and she was back levels are written a check it three vs.

[38:48] Seven hundred twenty words fifteen minutes.
But but there in on the signal light skin dude and i do it a lot now lake at work on my break so i gotta go walk around and just listen to it and it right.
At work this evening so that i can really do it move so i just sit down and i got right now in writing or that’s how i do it was because of.
Sit down and write as chairman and the cat is traction whatsoever live in it.
Over three outside but it yeah that’s that’s,
how does for me to take almost almost have to have a little early you two would have a break from italy today and start writing the watch you tube way too much like.
What after each of us a recording and stuff.
I’ve really fucked my system up to for recording messages row all the time yet stacks and stacks of notebooks and everything and start recording levels and everything was on time still.
I always start writing what was going to be pertaining to them it means and now i’m like.

[40:06] Now i’m more interested in writing a song of writing a ten page flow and great that’ll.
Yeah i used to just these three essays and i can’t even right without to be like it if our mba miserable or that’s fucked november for this is like this is just more is suppose to really be and now it’s like no.
Sion has stream spotify me money in the.
That sucks need to get back to my roots and that’s it but it.

[40:41] And what we should we should have fucking volleyball game like or indians podcast oil and say you podcasters another punk ass rico us vs the dress code in the,
but if you could.
Yeah loose in us copper marchers noises where the bulk of this is it okay to bring the fire in the.
Send me the funny.
So we are calling yesterday yeah yeah who is he kevin to court and so he was supposed to be on the show and we had a couple weeks ago but then we had to cancel every.
Whatever happened.
Yeah yeah change up the good it seems like a decent transition know he hasn’t six we’re two minutes what was his position like a rapper or later so today no,
no it down some resisted so i have known him for tomorrow at five years or so names of.
His whole life have known for a long time so using the mission or rosebud.

[42:02] And i am so he is that i let him talk about that he can it reads like a lacrosse team for the use of their of.
All of it says being a lacrosse teams you guys about the team that.
Expelled from their tenant because a reported some kind of racial issues and that history that yeah yeah yeah yeah.
Yeah and the meeting tomorrow at hotmail yeah school get rid headlines read that was like it.
What about the eggs in small bean can imagine.
And they won they won in sioux falls last year so processor core two that’s it,
is a native sports yeah it is to the people who created laguna crossing the news for the new tv than where.
To me they kick a couple teams out there that cover over for the same thing and will yeah that he available again details of what they say you can,
that was the shittiest pair of like what country one goddamn country love it.
Yeah i don’t i seriously would you can help me find on instagram as.

[43:37] Pacer far only in the simulator do that was like.
Everything about moving to canada we can get you all the brochures and packets and one for the rams in relation is yeah i was like just misses like if you’ve ever thought about moving to canada this is a wonderful place many opportunities.

[43:56] Will you pack would get you will million they think about housing information and like all the stuff on the.
How is gonna be careful and it broke my instagram.
Fucking there’s always a instagram hosanna thing in the world do they think a mix between instagram hose and like fucking cause player whos throwing steak from that.
A black cat got the stuff is black and her fucking cat woman this regular so i’m like fuck it really is no more wins for creativity here yet.
But i have gotten called a couple times lately people believe what are you looking at all the mommies grandmas so videos on instagram always gives like.

[44:46] The usual where are t shirt to exchange sell t shirts on a bike.
Save the animals teacher and i’m a policeman.
Those who ever uses for really used to look up and cheeseburgers and we,
i know almost like instagram no more than facebook we go to the lake more peaceful yeah that’s cluttered with can.
Not using pudding that i’ll see more and is more healthy for artists to connect with people on instagram than it is to.
Okay cancel recycle your friends list current situation or facebook.
But i understand to if it was terrible for that have just stuff on instagram is owned by facebook won’t stay in my comments just as bad.
I just sent me a series of business account never got an even know that was a thing yeah then it just somebody told me that was business cover and was like.
So then it just happened and now the.
Every time i make a positive would you like to close this yeah well it doesn’t now like automatically whenever i do look a sponsored post it.
To sit in instagram to really when i don’t mind doing it cuz my a one that.

[46:10] Find music cypher thing also he said that the that the winner gets two hundred dollars for two hundred dollar and promotional campaign so as a cool face was from.
There are thirty for instagram and i was like.
You split unit on his reforms think little kid that like i said but says the beginning of this month so now i have gotten a thousand followers and with those.
I’ve been getting like a lot of the light in the room you know and she’s like well people but to me that’s a gram is like you can share link.
Yeah tell anybody click on this right now or anything that you know you have to pay for that or put when one shitty link in your bio you also.

[46:58] I don’t know i am on social media isn’t my strong point yeah i do not understand instagram and snap chat at all of this.
I hate when you learn alot about people and set its he see the real.
Delete my snap chats and missy when she deleted the.
It’s like adding interior looks story and it sounded like twenty four hours late.
I learned a lot about last night just to watch my snap chat during the cycle and we were there remember that.
Yeah that’s right for you to use them like they say ladies are falling like.
Has like millions of followers and like monetizing snap chat because he.
Josh product placements of it yeah you can almost worthless as you guys should do the podcast on treadmills that would be awesome.
Sitcoms fat.
Yeah fat will the pieces of low fat his own treadmills i did was.

[48:14] What has ralph at citizen couches be doing so that is too hot to give a shit.
Find criticisms of yeah from the.
Admin down and opens the juice for access dying but.
And add me though i was fucking sanford wasn’t like it didn’t and like six are towing and recovery hours are terrible dallas when they on.
Twenty four hours it makes me wanna go somewhere else so i like sanford and and close the hours in the day after the morning to yes example.
Looking for our visit me news about twenty four hours but i like i like where i’m at now and i really don’t want to.
Go somewhere else but the hours and all of our types of which you like giving it that you would i can i have been feeling this and if it thing i’mma break but.
Like maybe the slot right talent used to do you know yeah that’s do pretty some houses.
How do we have so handsome hanging out all day that’s was afraid of to use it like people like.
Making fun of you as far as well as though.
Yeah baby boy your religious folks what they’re doing nobody’s mean on purpose sometimes but i really like no he’s really like fucking paying attention to anybody else.

[49:54] Yeah she got me everything and if you miss this a different moments but.
Yeah it’s fucking you probably join and it would be like to live.
We yeah i was like if i do fall into the gym and when did you ended my week asset movies but do what a jungle is afterwards to me like is our people be like.
Who does policy work it out office it doesn’t taste like working out and started dancing like no few months of light.
Bout to walk over and i see this guy lube it bigger than you credit my size and he’s like he is that i do not like the full operation or selling waiting you acting but.
Yeah that like is probably like a handful of has a pretty was on june cuz i just like fuck it says there is yeah which for me is about,
treadmills getting everything right and i use to run all the time and never that leads never really lift weights now like i just do i just,
walking right that they in do some exercises like in the room to.
Is it rude yeah i read that new goal in my car to take more wheel is looking for.

[51:26] If i am injured right now the more we where’s cardio like it is to bring myself back down like my normal weight area was ability to forty to fifty anyway then maybe.
Slightly build up on it just to be offered up to.

[51:44] I was just do these are roles like this kind should i get my own houses to do for like five hundred you know dedicated to making every time i.
And yeah silicon valley dp always like really expensive of and put it on tv and just watch it says to set up an.
So i don’t know in the book of ethan i can hear adjustment to suzanne into it but some type of.
Training am thankful and very very lazy like a motivated person but also disease.

[52:23] Yeah.
But i get swells of my printed photos to fucking of my life with you and you quit smoking and is not working can you send to me people say.
Like they’re trying there goes it seems your sent him to be healthy and then,
he’s got like the natural endorphins sight want to be at the gym of gumbo use its always filled,
did whenever i leave the gym.

[52:55] Not bad reviews of environment you know i mean maybe and go to the judge for not fucking fifteen five hundred pounds from religious and collect.
What is your first check and not using like presses everything.
What’s the.
What’s good to stay healthy as i can call and get this damn in where it was burned to work out it was a customer so there was a leak women should they just make you do like.
Push ups and jumping jacks refunds for like two hours talking engine for a slight when i think about working out and now the machine and just just a quick one of us.
So please tell them they are just in the degrees that that i’m just like.

[53:53] I have some money to your face,
for sure laura will i do that only for you to do this like the colorful retained its is that hard core really.
This personal trainer but continue making out a station switch.
One day one when i was like so dead ass of like four days the move as a walking distance that were lexus her in can we upstairs elements like to use it.
When is like the worst and back after the cat like that i can use these people in the is the,
and also that we make it as for a hotel in germany from the mall is like just killed it,
that’s the way my fucking cool died,
on my knees fucking pope use of the.
There’s expenses for the company to vegas killing the chopsticks ball things on the back of the minutes ago.
I sometimes mess like that actively table were those of my time on the ground in.
It will not work in sanford it all yeah.
What else what is the real you yeah you like my fucking step the would be do not work like seven miles at work did i think someone was like girl.

[55:32] We can use i heard works they have like a gym or something.
But i got like the weather yeah action there the fuck every two but you.

[55:46] But no but yeah but no.

[55:55] Hello pi but the phone still in.
Yes call back in like two seconds.

[56:14] That was weird and that was super we’re gonna interested in when it back about yeah.

[56:23] These ever go back she’s music by the.
Can you hear me now.
Give me all sum of for loop we were in there hey kevin much how you.
Is it.

[56:50] All the work and the guys he to sell it to someone introduce yourself to our viewers to talk a little bit about what will you do and.
Yeah i’m going on.
Well name him cory call me most is vertical to the shore for a little cost so everybody knows is all charm,
i have a message that will take them and share that’s disgusting person for the order i have six dollars.

[57:29] One hundred.
And what you to the group so what year was general public schools across program started it actually is always worked.
Young into across program to help me stay on arches national grid is.
What is a voucher girl thousand that come with a new yes you like sex alot of things going on.

[58:03] So the school board that you can i go ahead.

[58:10] What i think you did you talk about the.

[58:16] From the golden ration them all yeah yeah sure okay so i did some people on.

[58:27] I can’t believe what that results from people.

[58:34] What is the the people.
Lol no we got a bad connection yeah it’s coming.

[58:50] Is he still there can and cannot hear okay sorry cut down on that last part of the p please.
All i want martin luther directly she was twenty but.
I don’t know if your sisters gonna be where i can replace the game before worsted is in another life will.
What kind of game i played it before it was really cool so long sweet woman knows the open that we now guided tour of being.
I just individual is not playing back on your game.
Certainly am playing over there he just got back on your burger for coffee and got a can of over one.

[59:38] Who is your brain on the corner from here to copy and water of course he was row.
Put the gun will start across the street without a bunch of boys from from.
Fall in minnesota working called or sent all bunch of tourists are here so they’re box on the news lol circling the way orange juice in the cayman.
They just got better over the years of the same as our baby is over the past four five years and they say i should put it to.
Looking to get all the solos she knew.
There must a chance interesting sent me about james’s la casa by school stations for.
There’s a lot of things planned the.
When she acting just wanted to jack bitches last one last year and not sure cover your ears of enter title so.
Start getting ready for prom were changing the.
And i couldn’t be used to it and teaching in college card in the seasonal.
The engine light of all those one on so i the only administrator there corner so.

[1:01:12] You are the light jackson was call into just buying learning has been given the benefit of the doubt.

[1:01:23] Oh and cultural me both the start nothing from the.
Good how is not a yes yet another there’s two of the lacrosse program is one both suspension of strands in the court of a pair of.
Spouses that and.
He didn’t even want who is running but i just came back into the share you know that heartbreaking georgia last year.
They’re getting out the because it’s all the games will start at eight o’clock initial fuel your you were something like that,
or mitchell four percent of the championship camera shop went over four minutes,
on top of that because of professional really be playing with people they can play the game anyway anything about it because reconfiguring one because she is really,
and dash and once it is running in on or that i review the that back into the fields in the rain and call the.

[1:02:26] Amen here make into the film festival for physical suspension to learn to play the game the way they stay property office this think about it but it didn’t call for us we just.
You know that so yeah there’s about those screen will go with you.
Who invented this not suspension of it what back it will be good washer so they hadn’t been trying to reach all they care.
But they were down to the meeting.
I bet in play another program are these all needed program for the intervention but what happened was it that they’re cool just because there are four individual.
Coaching certifications seven re posting for thinking.
He told me my when it is their side because they’re not allowed to be witnesses that just by six cartons of plans story although there were introduced going on.
No recording all the local hospital where we all popcorn so interested in florida so i went on a racist tangent.
Bowl in american.

[1:03:44] And also the things to i don’t know if it was bad cleaner’s on the way back to our conversation with.
Always good and corey corey although the then he told me that we were allowed to be.

[1:04:01] Girl that’s all iphone users for making the thunder title was sold.
Being that i got ahold of the articles of the.
Lol baby jackson talked about it.

[1:04:16] So bad because the things that did not put a lot of races all off and it came off the story roll over and.
One of the reasons why out of the thousands of every single time just because three years watchstrap being since all all these different schools.
All the professional referee robert young man of your apple id account by calling four games on checked all.
I wish for that is the history of the.
On all the person you guys are all the people in the conversation you benefit games and using the.
Meanwhile player that you all original game are you going for state championships or something like that were always in the starting five for five all three quarters you know.
It don’t think it be awesome you anything i can get on top of all that will be all michael.
Call races korea and how we were sent with the mentality halogen or is.
On everybody in all countries and on top of the change on the super people.
And i can’t get up to talk about when she’ll be used.
We have the coolest person for a nigger thousand views for brunch lunch break north social.

[1:05:46] Saturday no mention of us on our.
And what about you on the bottom of the course the many but the.
Let me know when the question how long is because i don’t think you know your messing with this is wasn’t people there a lot of congestion action.
Not going to wear that though i sent in taxes.
Goals for eighteen hundred dollar going to buy that time i woke up the next morning just use the actual.
And i just got on facebook and also the barrel.
But that’s basically what we got was in there call the savages.
We were actually came after him with the written by the rules.
Open till it comes in but they say are the ones that there was awful and he was doing there marching illini.
Can you say no you didn’t group of girls and guys like to go on a five km in your so i thought.

[1:07:03] Yeah there’s a new bread all of you know there’s to set the ringer on or change who.
In all difficult for the circus for free training actually talented in so long a lot of little boys.
Lol where you can brothers and sisters are working americans don’t like a paper.
So you think like whatever the sexual intercourse for it was bad so.
I think that people because of people to know that was just saying that we are meeting so far as to watch with a collection called.
That’s me that’s me predators present for years and this has.
This seems one of his dad was arrested when you respond she for using the with the current city longer on the side of the all of the shop i’m noticing those.
This is the opening storing to saying what she was.
That’s all right there’s a written order still because engine problems i got problems is rose to racecars.
Yeah that’s a compliment it’s been article.

[1:08:29] That’s corey’s exact will in the dead spin article is there always trying to race card in close.
Yeah and he will not to this to look almost always shared with the.
What goes into him got ahold of the lawyer to lawyer or work.
And it only hear something like that and people keep.
So we all got one of the longest one of the workers something with workers.
So this morning cause korean and this is also our systems are recorded their horses.
And even though it doesn’t come on his nexus i don’t know what was using the internet conversation.
Beyond data from was article problem was wondering because not only does this americans for the setting there some them so,
you know when we talk about so that people are so used to being racist and so.
Where is the sewing grain of salt in to their who they are no.

[1:09:42] Crazy useful to witness something new article on what i’m not doing nothing wrong.
Problem you nobody last letter announcing caller id and that the hard part was not will sally make the volume of the distinction.
Imagine all images that are starting to get that he always has.
Put the ancient place you have to be certified level one certified us particles culturally and the reason why is because he didn’t want me in there because a lot of the clothes back.
Okay if that’s a good signal thing moving along quit working the oceanic worshipers exact words so that.
Who is across the atlantic where it is available on the form the total for business law you know what i would like to.
You and it’s considered cool sure i know that one of us will prosper coach.
This year the background you soon in the service because we have to.
Go through the whole year what country where on the other side of the hill where the fan is and if we were to spend processor is what you for the game.

[1:11:12] So for quite a few games because of how to use because of the size of the wood panels all.
Only the questions six years ol and all the articles music for two years old performance.
Cause of creating community with the return of the.
And being put down because he alone is great grandmother thousand annually on all changes the dishes article who will there tomo what we’re saying working to,
so while thinking it was the gospels what will the.

[1:11:53] And so is that when it goes so after the soon to be over when the action starts on monday.
I get my email from you regarding a motorcycle should we always injured congratulations to work things,
so the definition of hr human piece of all the guys and two girls went away from the governor’s,
search local gym thailand he was jerking all over in the shower on us because membership so that.
Search and all are in but it didn’t show up on his if you want to play it was for arches a little while because.
And you better hope he calls you can internal will on others.
So i pay when given the number of medical like six thousand workers pc cost membership place where no so he has.
The compressor yeah i’m looking at the the letter that he sent to the ceo of a across usa and.
Yeah it all the is completes your also exactly what your laying out and it’s it’s a laundry list of little nitpicky like you don’t have this form so we got three.
Oh we don’t have this and then there’s a few on there just like unwarranted hostility towards officials opponents and legal administrators this.

[1:13:24] Yeah basically playing i don’t like us a reason to throw you out.

[1:13:29] Yeah that’s is garbage and then they think they’re so what them boys work harder and they went in on all the light one.
I really don’t understand why you getting in or out of all the school just to you know all about there are a lot of people that you have that underlying under told.
Racism still to ensure that all angle will always be there to shop for programs until he reached the that is what’s so that i don’t.
Oh hi the angle of them was more than twice over training over savages oh condition the only thing that will talk circles in.
I’m looking for a husband and from school rapideyemovies been trying all the rest of the year program the coaches.
I mean there eventually they’re just gone tomahawk chop the precocious there’s anything that can be created in the autopsy gonna be good regardless of who’s sabre.
And give every ounce me to go down and the other for will and follow along this year so i can play a very important all they wanna do with your ball coaches under you and whatever.
The beginning of a beautiful dinner.

[1:14:57] Tell him to us by the creator in place for a reason and i’ll stay here there’s a spiritual side to it is all good things that come from lol is nothing to me because of the,
you know how to volume is turned light on because the complete the call to love it.
You know i am so sorry about when giving a crazy nigga grace’s the tallest the people magazine is either die or call.
Also the all comes down to.
This young man getting out to the hill call to learn to enjoy it was working just such a poor but they are all function alot of things that pop into place in the back of.
Is that what is important is one thing i love that that’s crazy man so how many teams are in.

[1:15:53] I think we are playing in varsity.
I think there’s nobody watching tv they got level but sure fourteen your call but there’s only don’t come.
So eventually and listening.
It is twenty five to thirty six to change infringements well just for use a.

[1:16:21] That’s pretty guys still aren’t elite now.

[1:16:25] Yeah i don’t think i think this is just a little so you all of the charlotte that were great using this happen you always looking was bullshit people order changing the.

[1:16:40] So adorable and yellow shoes purses that is the cross over one inch is over and.
Can we go again next week so little across the gas and all.
So i just been going got me yes just celebrate that championship game and take the weather.
We are to ever win complain about the job alot of people who jump you really working for the fbi once you jimmy and getting crap for in.
Tune in dollars and running morning but she by the when the.
Yeah you show all home-grown cross my ball do you know where in the world cream cheese also require.
Usually considered a fire hazard circles.
It was getting grounds for personal gain enclosures go volume comical are you here.
Just know that jr hitting on the station for the best for these items for.
Well and then we could win alot of different schools the people on the way to get rid of me he was always looking for him and josh and joe was over not under.
Never see the crossover and conscious secret now that we’re eight numbers and i got.

[1:18:11] Make up all the time wishing they were passing the right number she.
Chilling and got social worker or should the popular university each other char bar of the owners salon in appleton scholarships and will probably next level,
yeah that’s so cool seeing the care of the one thing i remember.
Sorry wanting to throw your fearlessness benefit is that i’m looking at the dead spin article about this day portable long since look for you.
And it looks like seven of the eighteen still only have two to three of the violations that.
You were expelled forget they’re all still playing when stuff like seven different violations country.
Just a burger place near the city of found all those oversized hours.
Solve issue don’t things ready to leave your ball and then they did.

[1:19:19] On that you will show the doctors who created equal everybody talk to.
It’s also upsetting you talk to korea heater rose on the articles that everything you know when you will return home and do.
No that was was the word i got we got a letter from us adress and.
According to their offices all this by once the demonstration of the corner from your processing and i have to put a boarding place or initial finish this year all.
And the transmission to different five a one the burden high levels from the word for that should all.
Can everybody players coaches russell hobbs is a cultural sensitivity training that he was prosecuted providing.

[1:20:14] That’s awesome i was gonna ask you if you know what comes of all this and sounds like some good things are gonna come from and.

[1:20:23] Yeah i got a buddy your my pretty cool she does alot of different things from your house or who should he back yet who am in the pentagon listed on border so it show cord so.

[1:20:39] People go hard to understand is.
Poor initial randomly by himself is five or six gunshots that wasn’t for having to go to.
We go on a jetta and you should too boring normal corporation places all different things to the old saying and he wasn’t doing it.
Can someone with all motor going for going before you dollars lol but we do i guess.
Run away like the coaches and a lot of gas the program low bone density shot where currency creditors.
You know it’s all programs me build coaches john to.

[1:21:26] You know the one with the one and all the ones insurance cover an apple in his family and all that she was ironically that all over.

[1:21:38] A lot of our when we got braces me to restart it is a little while things just never got it just.

[1:21:48] And i’m gonna and before it goes to say people that work are in the background here you know wanting to do this across the book that will.
Question about the special for me and only collects you doing just tell her we are going.
Send three or four jobs that were in background radiation things you know ticket to where i am now still going on for.

[1:22:19] Well making a decision don’t trust people because of the trouble maker.
Where does the original look like we’re interesting but still the same thing because.
So i don’t know when she’s going to will turn around and she will also but we can explain to for opening up for myself when we saw.
See you all the way the people government i guess we’ll see local can’t one of the things that just popped into my mind when i think of all the.

[1:22:58] The boys from tray with us and it was hard to just want to play.
So you know of cultural center training in in on everything going into place you don’t even though i could experience but also i will run the show must go on just the you know.
Players and parents you only two players on to the turns on the wall you’ll be part of the engine and.
Alright then the state that you could other options in the studio all the way to the one who hears chance to grow the game of this generation.
If you need a dollar going to college composition so all things looking at the auction what to look.
But i do know i don’t think its a good idea to come in and.
Play a recent song by the.

[1:24:05] When do you ever call printing to report change talking all the children does the irs require.

[1:24:16] Why look forward to seeing your post and i was like when you know highlight you guys practices that’s really cool to see that they have someone.
In the community and are creating a healthy atmosphere for them.

[1:24:30] How goes it but it will grow up knowing their upon filling over in the social lounge just get some shopping center this all about two.
Yep definitely and will never doors open all time supersonic gold only chatted.
It concerns who didn’t wash oh okay cool enjoy and never.
And also contractor for a long yeah i guess according to gone national you could have the communities how you know that game just so change when you.

[1:25:09] Fourteen prisoners and that’s a good word and not your own question dripping from the.
I think a lot of it was the come after you not talking.
We talked about this in person and so i’m just happy that you shared with a bigger cut of instant.
Hope you know people see that passion in that kiss vicious sensor located on route one hundred fifty p so.
Wassup always i think the back.
John is working but otherwise you just a little new dollar general admission still go to the doctors still interests thank you so much for calling and calling i appreciate it.

[1:26:01] All they can a person get the word out this working for yeah.

[1:26:07] To get to fight the good fight with harry potter.

[1:26:16] You still there no.

[1:26:18] Do you know where i can get the itunes and then kevin.
Thanks again for your supervisor worker.
Were fucking shit show a fucking that sounds like some kind of movie yeah the entire time he like a young young high schooler kid and he is awake and he’s been playing lacrosse for a couple years.
And he seems very very nice kid but when i had that happen before and we talked about the head of the.
He’s part of the key play the last year you know if you file your story something that interests you know that there is a imac.
I can’t even say i don’t believe that because this underlying thing that talks about is so fucking real and specially back then it so weird ugly.
The town’s around there is a cup you live next door reservation owners and they can be that fucking racist south dakota this.
Pretty rough printing is pretty rough and that’s that’s why i can’t loose and not use it.
I mean whatever fuck the to do the the head of the league or whatever corey mitchell formula’s gives us out and it is so i can see with change comes from because honestly if.

[1:27:51] Ouch question that we can somebody the power and there’s a monster in the shit and getting no power at noon how do you get rid of and it sounds like you know he did everything he could.
That story blew up the national to espn that’s where i found the link to that it’s been article is when these two cycle where everyone can hear about and.
See it was nothing but put into motion i make that change so we got more things are coming from it yeah i actually.
Or pull the race card but honestly like.
This kid should have to hear that you go in game which became known as fucking kids doing so kids that’s either shoot you in the.
Fuck you know those so bad about later on they were they were out of lisinopril what of you like.
And that is was competitiveness huge and like to somebody just morphine game like those kids are one plate while driving anywhere for mission wears like this is,
teenagers for one culture the troops from another culture we just want to get together and play games for the sport sports like the olympics and,
at the most fundamental level is bringing people together in peaceful competition and they know each other is mentally wasn’t peers and.
You’ve got one full well i want something more.
You got a racist asshole that sitting there on the controls does then it sorry i didn’t work test for reading over here on the slick cheeses them just like we can’t get much was that oh.

[1:29:29] Oh cuz in he gets the list of like violation seasons in the sun like the pc kind of like the teachers you hated high school what is that they would do to like fuck you up.
And then you go through the list of the at the atms there still in the league they’re all like more violations than the teams that got thrown out but they’re all just like.
What are you gonna do i do it at work from being in the article there are the other teams are just what you gonna do that again next week.
Yeah that’s news i didn’t get a little kick out of the team van city predators something about that name and the.
What is a light.
And the sale issues like this don’t exist in rapid city is like me and that’s it and that is happens to of.
Yeah there’s like all this racist is they have been arrested and black leave it in.
It’s so you repetition sometimes when i’m leaving his ass he can be are little kids says in manly that was kinda yeah you know what i mean is on line and allow races.
Yeah i don’t know man it’s it’s very with the so it was.
Yeah on the sofa and everything colourful at this point really like on my concert because frustration because it’s like.

[1:30:58] Sounds great and the light didn’t even like tell them that they were like.

[1:31:03] Expelled or whatever it and it was small as they were just gonna ignore you suppose he she is one of those yeah my biggest pet peeve almost in the world to somebody who.
Like if you hit somebody up and their response use gonna be no but says saying no they just ignore the shit you like bra or lose all men.
That’s like the only thing that was one of the people these and had to spend but you can just spoke with the put everything on it all worth.
What’s for me and i always the list showing these young kids that they gotta be values.
We gonna trans am for racism said which is true like yeah use but is used to it but it doesn’t excuse you gonna fucking hear it yeah you know i mean like this is the.

[1:31:58] That’s the kind again for the grace of god and the word to get out of the so called it because i knew we can just and then work their way into their own system.
Winter sucks integration has to be fucking attitude when do when the problems of the top of the phone and the fact.
It’s not coming in well geez louise has some books and the red and the show today with.
Need food crime sprees new single called relentless relentless hunger so it’s called.
So check that out i was trying to get him on here but i totally.
It’s too yeah about that they drink that the was transferring way he is alive and yeah he was here whatever news you so.
Check it out we’re levels hundred preaches against you think hose for fucking call in and we will see you guys in a couple weeks for the so.

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 023 Mother’s Day with Sten Joddi

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 023 Mother’s Day with Sten Joddi


Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guests: Sten Joddi

Produced By Robert Mehling

Music Spotlight:  

Sten Joddi “My Momma Song”

Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Robert Mehling, Char Green, Kat Stands, Sten Joddi, Marvel, DC, Infinity War, Spider-Man, Cobra Kai, Last Podcast on the Left

Machine Transcript
[0:54] Episode twenty three of the urban indians podcast mother’s day.
[1:00] What is the twenty one st is also incorrect,
but yes that works is so that you can use to be able to,
[1:22] Music.
[1:30] Which energy was lost because the marty and another thing sparky let’s go safari,
make the switch so sure that’s washer next to the girl that he can stay still was included in the cat is,
is it alright welcome episode twenty three of the urban indians podcast time you host game night shield today joint.
Well my friends my girlfriend a very special mother’s day episode as it is robert and i today hanging out yeah it’s gonna be an exciting episode.
Running yeah it’s gonna be great so far everybody that’s watching and only by cities and watching shard cathy unfortunately we’re unable to make it as well so it’s just me and robert hangout were gonna get married here i think,
i am leaving i.
I’ve been wanting to talk about infiniti war for ever.
Have you seen infiniti warrior is getting these girls here we can really get into some infiniti water territory have i myself have seen infiniti war four times.
Set this is the first weekend since it’s been other haven’t gone to see it anytime no the night’s still young i might have to check it out for the day is over.
[3:04] What was your initial thoughts on it pretty blown away there that was.
While of.
Sorry my brain is like trying to jog real quick with what happened but yeah so spoiler alert definitely yeah yeah spoiler alert full spoilers let’s see.
[3:28] Oh shit completely.
Killed i kinda thought they were gonna let fans winter let it get dark yeah point realize where to go all the way with these are getting the fucking way about half a life in the universe but.
[3:43] And they killed like all of the white people that i didn’t think they are as i thought they get rid of people and then you guys would save the day and that’s like the set up for phase three year whatever is yeah instead we got.
[3:58] Kill all the people who have still have contract at the the whole dry is.
What black panther inspire me this little your you most recently highest grossing guys men’s rooms spider man was a tough one that was a.
Did you really improvise a scene to yeah was brutal that that was brutal like.
That was definitely i think that was like the most heartfelt moment of the of the movie,
i was actually i was in albuquerque when i see it so hot i wasn’t with the usual like near through the goes to like all midnight showings at our early showings here in sioux falls,
this is kind of a different kind of the imax which i never been to before which was pretty awesome leslie yeah it yeah it was it was awesome.
And everybody was it was fun to go see down there to discuss like.
Is like being around bunch of different nerds or whatever but whenever whenever tony got stabbed six o know like the whole movie like i was waiting for it again trailer really tease you that.
But that’s the money’s good to see the show the trailer is like looking defeated yeah all that and yeah if that was the whole movie peter gasped everybody was like oh no it is just.
Dead quiet in there like your i thought,
that was the end tony right there on your friends for superman at that steve rogers did not have a bigger part in this one he’s my favorite.
[5:33] Character in them see use captain america in,
the whole time i was like for the last year i’ve been like building up like cats gonna die in this movie it’s gonna be hard on me and to take it off when i was doing tony stark has like bracing myself for as like,
getting ready to.
And especially that that the teaser with with capital not fan also whatever easily ass like damn it that is where he’s gonna die and its gonna suck and then.
[6:07] I wasn’t the whole time must pay for captain america did i inspire me and is the worst so i got a he got me hook line and sinker is yeah i totally bought it in.
Doctor strange getting taking out taking out and see coming yeah i set up it’s a pretty much everyone expected to die lived in everyone expected to live the other than that kinda new loki and.
There’s always character behind all yeah i wasn’t ready for high i didn’t well i mean i guess i wasn’t really like surprised but i was surprised handle died yeah he’s a cut of wheel chairs in.
But if.
Or can get you now near here it still working at the bi frost with the ax now it’s can only doesn’t really need and that character he was a bad ass yeah well.
I run yeah is i feel like the reason all these characters died in this one and like the main avenger just die have are still alive.
Is cuz in the next one like all but i feel like,
in the comic like a lot there’s in the soul stone like the characters in your exist in this all stone and got like wiped out for that’s my theory is what they’re doing yeah then select build have all the final of the original avengers go out you don’t,
you know save the day but bill i can the parent sacrifice their lives or something like that and that’s what i’m wondering if you’re gonna get like a flip script where it’s gonna be.
The end of part two is gonna be all new people.
[7:43] Yeah it’s gonna be can be brought back rent stalls for that little bit parties like that yeah stone or whatever,
and bring back hugo weaving for electric three cuz that the voice was good enough in that year i thought hugo weaving that was probably the biggest surprise to me in the whole movie was red skull,
yeah i was waiting for it to be lady death i was like they were gonna do that he had which,
i’m pretty sure that’s diapers and the design of the scene there yeah it does it does like tie-up lakers whatever did happen to the red skull that he just like beans up and then that’s.
That’s true never explained really like what happened to them like nine movies lately have so i think i thought that was a cool call back and especially like slot of that early.
My mc you stuff doesn’t really get like call back that reference is inside the whole because i didn’t know this but the and word norton whole movie.
Is still technically considered,
what marvel canon yeah happening but i never considered it that way the only time and is that the after scene with tony stark yeah well general ross’s in these in civil war and then the one thing i didn’t.
That movie is good it’s better than like a lot of movies but i feel like he gets lake.
Yeah they have like they.
They don’t they need to bring liv tyler back at some point achilles wrap that whole part like if if you know.
[9:17] I think she because it’s chariot’s explaining in or even like mentioned ever again yeah what’s like.
There’s a few characters that are dropped off like that it tends to be the romantic interest for as part of that partly.
Who is it the actress that door is with natalie portman natalie portman you don’t.
You know justin like we broke up but okay whatever yes even the casting budget i think that was more her doing cuz i don’t think she liked being in those movies hat but then i read something the other day where she said she was opened,
returning i’m just like,
now that’s multi billion billion billion dollar for the same open trips yeah sure that’s what it was like that.
Of course record the name of the actor who played.
War machine and then go down oh i’m sorry terrence howard here’s our replacement on she yeah i forgot.
Get people to buy i just like that it was early too i felt like it was a very ruthless choice like,
just so you all fucking know you are all of the comments that yeah yeah yeah how much is he kicking himself now the home is working.
[10:34] Yeah that would be that would be tough to be tough like man if i hadn’t just been invited to spin.
A little less greedy be all good.
[10:49] Yeah not done chills fucking in like the.
Well iron man three what is in like all the biggest movies like in history just about now have been done she is real or is the war machine that the fucking cool part b so.
[11:05] But yeah so really curious to see where they go i think they will use the small stone to do like.
Yeah i reboot to pull people back in the first some speculation.
That is actually a time travel thing yeah but.
I don’t know and what role does captain marvel play in all of this with the whole.
Yeah i went the means were asleep with that little space page are here instead of.
It calling captain marvel is cool and get full benefits if you fix the sale will hours after.
Translate a time until the right heard or pay a wonder like is that like i’ve,
heard it like a casting in like the infor offenders for like they have an older version like a teenage version of ant man’s daughter.
In it so lake and i was reading this thing the other day about where they could use the time stone to be late to be like really at any point in time in the future and come back.
And fix what’s happening in that it never really occurred me so lake.
We could go for sale adventures for happens and it’s like ten years later you know they’re all gone how the fuck is tony any it back to earth like all this other shit.
And then like somehow they come up on the time gem.
And that’s how that’s where we start at didn’t like with cultural spoil the bunch of shit to this week saying it like.
[12:39] They have a kid friendly place the reason he’s putting out here.
Says there going to get the dragon balls and wish everyone back that is other theory is that the men cap.
Because they did something captain planet and hey they got.
He also yeah it back and is headed to.
That doesn’t have a three to be awesome.
Her no it’s it’s interesting i exercise of c four times it’s more than any human ever seen a fucking movie in the theater but it’s just so bad ass slate every the most boring party think are.
With or in with the guardians basically.
[13:30] Who is you know that ask who was every mon and they kill him like i thought he was like the best new character out of all of them and then he gets killed the first.
[13:42] What you gonna do so i’m curious like where they’re gonna go.
From here as i understand it use this is like a reset and then we’ll set up a new thing i’m curious what the next big.
Park will be after their a move past like the infiniti where and stuff.
Is it a be hard i try to think of something more of the clips spurs everybody together what really like to do is at some point like at the end of for the like.
Do you want to mention crossover thing and that’s how now disney has them tonight with the x-men something else yeah will be interesting to see cuz the fantastic four they could bring in fairly easily i think but to be,
interesting to see how they introduced new things into this world now i had a date in the just.
[14:31] Didn’t exist so they can be here to that’s why is like the infiniti gauntlet has a great way to turn it off and your way through that yeah patton oswald you for his first ever kiss services like,
that’s all that’s what we’re gonna get,
start star wars so chewbacca with with you said rihanna robot by playing the start it is going to happen to be the best.
[15:05] Yeah let’s with a clapper for expense of fifty and will maybe maybe like okay so some happens with.
With the you know it with the garlic and like there is no.
[15:18] How whenever everybody gets wiped out that introduces some sort of gene into the you know populace or whatever and that’s where.
Can you answer board from or something like that with their altering history change that so that there are millions in this like timeline and a bunch of other stuff is like slightly tweaked yeah that would be.
Cool the only way to see once that eventually happens with.
You know who they are who they gonna have play wolverine and i call and kinda stuff yeah that’s a good question is,
you definitely have to bring back a wolverine or some kind of sites yeah jackman they can be huge they’ll that they will have you.
That would be two things hatteras yours professor ex split yeah after after login why in god’s name would you come back it’s like.
It’s not the joking multiple two trailers like you killed there’s no way to improve from here yeah speaking of i can’t wait until.
[16:22] I know it sounds like they might hold deadpool off in his own like r rated.
Marvel universe and in that might be just with a stick alot of the stuff that is more yeah r rated with ex forces of like a b which i would say about that yeah for some reason i thought that was.
My wife is out of town for the week.
And i thought this weekend was one that was coming out i’m so pompous like a little early morning matinee adult problems we do so awesome and,
it was a accident damaged yeah but on the bright side.
Next weekend i’m taking my mom to the dr at the er miller and they’re doing a feature with.
Black panther it in the drive in which on the gigantic screen that is this last i’ve been in the drive thru or drive to drive in here that would be kinda cool to go go to check out.
Yeah i like the one in miller is like fifteen minutes away from where i grew up and.
They you know when i have that be cut off where they ended up forcing everyone to go digital.
The whole town billy got together and save money like something out of its a wonderful life for many baskets yeah and they got the black million dollar digital projector six people open and.
What type of line movies as they came out during summer and.
Like pretty much any star wars that comes out and lot of the marvel movies if i can i go check them out at the drive in the year that some fun that’s awesome that’s awesome i remember.
[17:58] What is the living in boston or lease to go to that we still only cape cod my uncle on the house in cape cod and we will go there and we would go to,
they had a drive in theater times that we would go to so like a lot of my early memories at the drive-in theater i remember going to see gremlins.
At the drive in theater i don’t remember who is graham and wanted to but i remember my brother.
Had like takes and izzy or something like that so my memory is like of my mom like with tweezers pulling.
Wood ticks out of my brother’s here i do,
is like crying in the shut the fuck up tomorrow watch gremlins here and its my earliest memories,
lol that’s funny yeah yeah i’m getting good at this year yeah there’s a lot of work to.
Alright do temporary fix offense in the spring and stuff like that after the snow thaws and just completely destroy all the fences down and the draws in.
Just like,
drive a pic of ice you fix the fence there back and pick up you pull like six takes off your life and with your pliers drive to pick up ten c you fix the fence about it you pull the six guys of your legs.
We have throws him can do that and where should i didn’t might my twenties why.
[19:28] You know i think that’s why i think that young people do those tasks your doubts you’re too stupid to be like you know why this for ten dollars yeah yeah that’s the worst.
I know you see are you excited for solo restart your store in law in pretty.
And different about solo cuz.
I think i might be getting star wars fatigue especially with the dots much with the main line with the spin offs yeah but i did really enjoy.
Roll one yeah i don’t go out of my way like watch it’s not gonna be like a christmas tradition like the other ones are warm and is it only been to the yeah trilogies.
[20:15] No i have more hope for it it sounds like a bus from it like it’s actually getting a good critical response yeah they’re retreating cuz basically a more understanding have to writers that that said it or the created.
Or like the director and one one like assistant writer in the main writer estate the same but those guys basically wanted to make.
A guardians of the galaxy style just like really wacky and yeah top and stuff and the sax those guys a couple years ago.
And now this was is it.
Set alarm howard miller the time i am not sure but the that right and wrong howard clean it again and so people are saying that its a lot more like the flight and you hope it in a good way with the.
Fuck the feels like console ways of is like a rope is the university class of waiting danger to it this is like the first star wars movie that’s ever come out that i’ve ever just been like.
I don’t really me now though i will see the day it comes out but i’m not like super excited to go around anything be like in line at midnight yeah like if if if um preferred boba fett and it which is not.
Yeah that would have been nice to have been awesome if you was i would have been way more excited if that was the case however there is a character in it i won’t spoil it,
but i’m a get on reddit and i read all the fucking spoilers it just the word is that monster for that yeah i got a new like.
[21:53] Turn off.
The light the prices of infiniti stand for washing yeah i did the same thing i do i read it the whole story like that like monday and i think i did it but it was still awesome i watched it but like.
Yeah i know there’s a character from the prequels it’s in.
Solo for like a second that makes me excited to go watch it.
[22:18] The body is only in it for minute feel like set him up for something i guess but yeah i’ll.
[22:26] Who is levi says as long as donald glover kills it as mando be down part of the heat will be down for so for whatever the reviews are like just.
But whatever the initial reactions try but you saying that the donald glover was like the best part of the movie so that’s believable yeah would you think that.
The music video is sarah it’s good i like it a lot actually like the sun so much but like the video yeah video is super like gripping and dance and.
[23:01] Thank i think i watched it three times for four figured all like little stuff going on in the background saloon really know what’s going on in the back lot of it like that it wasn’t there it wasn’t until the third time i saw the,
everyone said about the guy that jumped to his death in the background on its either from one of the rafters wherever it needs yeah just a lot of stuff but,
man the first time i watched it in.
I did not see the gun thing coming yeah in the guitar was just so like papa’s jesus christ oh yeah.
You know you kind that were ready for notes use that kinda video yeah he does it to the course to do so brutal yeah fast slip point click i wasn’t.
Was i was listening to the breakfast club or something that charlemagne the god was talking about he wish that they would have been like a white guy that did that instead of a black guy the lake that way it’s a it’s a,
in the white people there are like all those a ak you know killings and stuff like that murder sprees are all you know done by like,
white people or whatever and to see like more black on black crime he said it sort of like undercut the emotion behind it to him anyway yeah i think,
part of it too is standing like i said it’s dance and there’s a medical commentary going on with it where he’s talking about not just like in real life but the violence in media.
A little bit and then cuz he’s doing.
[24:34] When he’s dancing there the beginning and the posts strikes when he like pulls the gun whatever years old like.
Is that is that is from adam instructions show where a white guy wit pro black face and,
yes like that you can really like races figurines someone that exact pose the proper mean cuz i forgot about it or whatever mean that was like here’s the figurine here’s,
the lever standing there with the gun yet and it’s like oh haha i missed that and.
Yes of course there’s a lot to unpack there in like the ending when he’s like running it and yeah wave of police coming after me and yeah.
That’s it’s a really,
good video it’s it’s a complex yeah yeah i watched it probably three or four times and i like i just like is dancing into it that no dial over could fucking dance like that either devices that music video was amazing as fuck.
And it’s like the with me to american gangster yeah yes that’s so accurate description of.
It’s crazy smart stuff yeah yeah i know how excited are you for deadpool.
Where to me from being honest and i like the pool.
To me i do not like that lol you don’t know he me in the mood the movie is great the movie is good.
Whenever i am reading a comic in the pool so that is this gonna be a bunch of dumb shit it’s gonna ruing the tone of the comic here i’m not.
[26:05] What is it you’re reading one series storyline and it will shut up answering her all stop it like yeah if slake if you’re like if you’re reading a deadpool comic you know you’re getting.
Well if i’m reading likes a batter know whatever dare devil and all of sudden deadpool shows of my guy already know this is gonna be a waste of.
Yeah it’s gonna take all seriousness out of it and make it silly.
So as a character like in the comics i don’t like to but the movie is good yeah that’s what’s funny is that i basically know him from the movie i’ve only seen a few online a few of his comics and they were all.
Paulie get center yeah so it was like i was expecting that yeah like it if that’s what you like that’s like and that’s cool.
Like at any time,
i read like a comic with him in it it just takes all the seriousness out of it now like coffee be super serious but like yeah but.
In the new star wars the last july is just like i was i feel like some of the jokes.
Didn’t plan quite right and then the tone was really weird yes like something of something like super tragic but there are also like joking like it was guardians of the galaxy and its like yeah there’s a lot.
In and infiniti war to the first time i watched infiniti war really bother me like the part okay so like.
[27:35] One of the main like right off the bat like one ten ounces holding thorns head in like you know the house just destroyed the fucking ship and all the stuff and then there was like you talk too much and say suppose to be fine but is like.
[27:50] Now we don’t need we don’t need all those jokes like an hour and then there’s like a few other moments like that where it’s like it it’s not necessary.
I don’t think they inbox me too much i don’t remember any to step out my head i was like.
Lol yeah great day after it the first time it bothered me less and less than reviewing but the first time i saw.
Thousands expect me to be like oh shit the entire time,
and there’s a lot of moments where it was like here thirteen clinch just him being there took me out of it a little bit just because.
It was such a deadpool ass like we cannot that he was the giants to the and plus it’s just him anyway so it’s like nothing is acting needed.
Yeah that’s it wouldn’t even remember that character he be like extra be hands on their golf club or something yeah around if it weren’t for the fact that was played by peter in college yeah.
[28:48] Still i was just the whole time i was like arguing at work joke here i gotcha yeah yeah i can see that what.
[28:57] The his part in it too cuz he but it’s implied he may be infiniti galant for than else.
So if he made the infiniti dollar for the house this is what i’d like a female if you got for downs what was that glove indoor one.
And what was that you know that the pain is go out of their way and in reg dr say with.
Then at the end of each vote on what does then i’ll grab that the answers i’ll do it myself if peter nicholas just made that fucking galant for.
[29:32] For the animals i don’t think he just i think it’s been in it in awhile so that that’s my only option is that.
Peter to japan alone there for a long time yeah yeah still like that scene in age of all tron were doused grams of that had to be.
Had to be have taken place like way before the only thing is that the marvel movies are not living in the same timeline as we are worse lake cuz it’s kind of implied and it’s only been like when infiniti were sent to leave in like six months or something like that since.
[30:08] You know civil war it’s been at the its mentioned its like its two years after the accident yeah okay i think i became aware read that but it was it was like it’s.
Black panther takes place on the lake what like two weeks after in is a war hero so.
[30:30] Yeah i don’t know i don’t have time i think i think i’m thinking about to much but that’s the thing about saying out of order.
Thing is that is like no they expect you to think about it much reality yeah i like they the sort of knocked off the river the beginning and spider man is that eight years later.
Like a screen that comes up and it you know there’s implying that.
Homecoming takes place a years after the original avengers but then in infiniti war tony talks about how it’s only been six years since the original avengers so i liked how they like certain reset the exit.
Eight years later didn’t make any sense as to why how long it’d been whatever hopefully they can which you call it.
Let’s do same star wars to georgia.
[31:21] George lucas open in subsequent releases they can george lucas that title screen out of there here is your bus collector edition yeah,
i know it’s really intended for four be played by all,
yeah that will happen i’m sure that henry cavill and some boobs different differences face and voice,
yeah or no speaking and we can always like meanwhile in dc is displayed.
[31:55] Hey if i only saw justice league and it wasn’t her fault it was as bad as everyone was like working on it for being.
But it was just so mediocre compared to now and what we’ve become used to from like marvel like its eyes at the lake.
Is in the theaters and it’s just totally you can just tell like the parses excited and you can tell the parts just we needed it and feels like it’s been very hot together yeah and like that it was the biggest,
like a fender and that is a okay so bruce wayne goes to talk to to.
Are there courier whatever and you know i will man’s like throwing up against the wall and like you know threatening in this and that and then literally like the next scene there like.
Walking just like joking like it you know like fucking like nothing ever happened or whatever in this is like it took all the seriousness away from the previous seem like your over compensating all men because of the french.
He talks to fish or whatever yeah so that be that the death and a three g someone even more jason wanted us to hear a boost street cred or whatever.
Yes is that possibly get some ass yeah.
Yeah i know it’s crazy but yeah that movie was very mediocre if you think there better office resetting the whole thing and like maybe keeping wonder woman or what you think.
I don’t think they should reset it it’s two living there are any what like six at six in the.
[33:31] I think they’re only like four five there is man of steel batman vs superman wonder woman justice league so uses on for.
In documents coming out is it like it share.
[33:46] Awesome that’s what will end of one yeah yeah yeah for and honestly the best movie out of them all is man is still in my opinion into if you take the if you take the scene where he lets,
kevin costner die out of that movie.
To me that movie is the shit that the owner was nineteen and without requires that keeps fucking retarded but that that really puts me yeah has a collection of heroic thing and said screw it and say yeah sound of other than that it was,
suppose to give him a catalyst to be in this like soul searching the.
Turn a little bit smarter than a twelve watching him go tornado cancer or something and whose there like okay you’re in the middle of a tornado like if you went and saved him like who even fucking know like who would notice.
That like six people or hundred under the bridge magic man who can fly and shoot lasers i wanna fuck with that guy yeah like that was the worst part of the movie,
also it doesn’t matter really like adding people underneath the overpass park there yeah because you’re not supposed to do that that’s where like,
the three parts of the selected daily would kill everyone but yeah.
[35:03] Set one person put out a video back in the night.
And the your credit with like saving their life forever but now everyone does that and so yeah i actually super dangerous and like if you could better off in the ditch next to it and been there and yeah it’s gonna get yeah yeah.
To be they say.
Not good not good hun yeah i know we fight the if they are definitely setting up for the flash point paradox and for superman being a killer.
I don’t think that’s a story that mainstream audiences one from superman you know i mean it’s cool for like insiders have read the comics and just like you know are big fans looking justice stuff like that but.
I just feel like your general,
movie going audience that marvel has eased in the weird yeah like guardians the galaxy that were super scared about because i just get a little weird or no weird or but they’re kinda like,
they built rapport and i feel safe and it was the seasons like,
are you saying yeah lol dc doesn’t have the they don’t have any patients they don’t build anything up like it took,
adventures was marvels what fifth or sixth movie it wasn’t like these jumped in in with both feet right away then.
Which was what dc is trying to do dc even with batman vs superman like three movies smashing the one like they ruined like the whole they could and a whole trilogy of movies on.
The death of superman and is it good yeah instead they fucking ruing in like twenty minutes at the end of the movie.
[36:40] They could have been trilogy of movies and i actually like that we don’t get late for batman with an origin story i’m cool with that so yeah working stories for these guys are like super yeah ultra known especially cuz dee sees,
figures are actually more will until the marvel universe came along the like more recognized by the public in the marvel figures but.
Yeah it’s like there’s gonna be an in between between.
You know having to retrench origin story every goddamn time and sf launching into.
Yeah right in the middle of everything and would just like cream.
Forty for arcs into one movie cuz we think we need like three we think it’s the joel schumacher nineties batman movie and we were if,
if we can’t fill the post with at least ten faces of valence that are like makeup live in the and then we’re not doing our jobs yeah,
same with you really bugs me is the the fucking van and movie coming out that movies gonna be,
the worst there’s no way no matter how good that movie is there’s no way that movie can be good to me like venom.
Bike starts with spider man and spider man is not in that movie that makes so no god damn sense and what so it’s like.
Sony is just the worst like they just they just wanna make money off of like the spider man stuff but they go about it so badly,
that guy that movie is gonna be terrible and the fact that they got thomas heart or tom hardy and if.
[38:16] I like tom hardy a lot it’s that’s great casting yeah but it’s going to be a terrible movie and the worst thing about that movie is that that just means we won’t see venom in the am sue like.
Yeah for the next ten fifteen years and i would be fantastic for this this new peter parker that i really like yeah to confront i’d really like to see him fighting,
then um yeah i will never get that now yeah is you fucking asshole his shit suited to the bed and make no rule in that,
three apple account only vice is tom hardy should play with the nueva ring from earth in the east i think he’s a little too old for a baby.
Yeah he’s not he’s about the same age as you japanese me somewhere around there like tom hardy is dope you would be a good wolverine violated i don’t think and nothing is beyond his chops and just like yeah they they should find a new face i think.
Yeah and especially cuz the wolverine when he is introduced will be like you know,
he’ll be like the new iron man or captain america of the mc you like i feel like they’ll move past the vendors and then the lake give like the x men like the avenger treatment where like the the wolverine movies so began but movies they’ll be,
store movies and then they all come together do an x-men movie like every like five years or whatever and and you know they’ll be those branch off like that i feel like that’s a bill do or they should do with the expenses are so many you know.
Cool x-men characters that could just leave their own movies this feeling like scarlet witch transplanted her from.
[39:52] From x animator not a new yeah i feel like.
There’s a lot of characters that just go ahead and do that with if that if that’s the hang up keeping them from being in the am ceo yeah let’s see.
We’ve is arguing that flash point isn’t that underground anymore which is in like i said with the injustice games and stuff like that they’ve been hinting at it for like a decade now.
I don’t know i just the cbo.
People the people i know and is totally anecdotal that of a superman fans really like the squeaky clean superman of like.
And maybe a handful people are some of not campbell.
I’ll be playing the first time famous guy yet course for rephrased for re thank you up that and i’m just like i think there to see evil superman movie industry like.
And no and if if the dc universe is doing really well.
Yes absolutely no doubt on but the fact that they’re already struggling just with like a basic premise is like,
five they’re not ready for evil superman movie would be awesome if we had say like.
If that was the like the fourth movie in the superman series but to put alex as the minutes til two yet to do it like so soon.
Could be silly because we haven’t gone to care about superman just yet and it.
And as much as sexy or the one what i think he’s the wrong person to to do it yeah i think they’re done with accelerator i think lake i was reading some and they said i mean they no they gave it.
[41:32] Reason for zack snyder leaving justice league is like you know his daughter had died or whatever which to.
I mean it came out that he was basically fired from justice league in that says they just use that as a story to a new note to not embarrass him or whatever share.
What were tiny but yeah so i think he’s done with all that stuff or whatever but it would be cool to see.
Okay i really do like man of steel i think you because he another couple more superman stories in that van that if we did get any who.
[42:13] That’s what’s the right time on a daily basis batman vs superman bruce wayne stream of the flash and warning him that superman has.
To be evil is the only proof i need for a paragraph and i like they’re who they’ve got for the flight will i like wonder woman i like and as much as criticizing the way jason was like you know tasia.
No aqua man i think you’ll be good aqua man in the mean people last but i think him doing so lost all men will be coming up here yes like that could be really solid he does.
That frontier series on netflix now and he’s done some other stuff since game of thrones and is like like him and stuff is good at it yeah.
I think it’s got potential he doesn’t show i’ve been meaning to watch it’s called like the red road or something like that it’s on like netflix or something.
But he’s its like a native show me the watch it guys having but he did he did some show called it’s not and you’re not the frontier where he is.
Like he is half irish he’s like maybe i don’t i don’t know i just heard about it it was frontier not seen it’s like.
It’s basically like game of thrones but with fur trappers in like eighteen forties or something like that really in hudson bay company so it’s like there’s like pieces on the board and it’s just like there’s the tribes of the northern controller for traders the british there’s the americans and then there’s the french and other stuff,
privateers and they’re all like fighting in the middle of sepals super dramatic opening worse like all these different factions are fighting for.
[43:49] Control the for trade no i never sounds interesting though it was not what is on it’s call frontier and some netflix okay.
Alright yeah that’s not going off to check i’m looking for a new series to watch a mystery watching old workaholics shows now.
Boy if you want twisted true crying thing they just that was just put out there four part documentary about.
[44:14] Human that the pizza paying for pizza delivery guy bank robbery where the people kidnapped him and put him in an explosive collar me him rob a bank for them and they didn’t need him then okay that happened like two thousand four and.
I know i know i know i heard that headline like that is the most fucked up thing i’ve ever heard and it happened in real life so that the fucking plot of the next.
[44:43] A that there’s reasons for part even more of like beyond fucked up stitches there he’s getting more and more fucked up cuz it’s like.
[44:52] First off of the site that yuri pennsylvania is probably like the most trashy place on the planet basically there was just like,
also it was prostituting this person pimping out this person which you know in the meanwhile is one stop shop business brother was does your selling all the drugs and it’s it’s like,
in everything the interview is like old w no not me but hackers wipers thousands like you deals math or hours like.
Abandoned on fb that’s all this like so and so yeah with some baddies excel and so was kinda still there that is fortunate well obviously it yet what was it called it’s.
He can collect the whole genius are some like something area,
what evil geniuses on it it’s right of the top of their featured right now because i just came out this weekend i’ll look that up cuz of and need something to watch minutes it’s really twisted.
It’s quite so was like was he in on in another person dies mysteriously.
And then another persons phone in the chest freezer so it has turned out to be related to this but is related to me it’s like a web.
His grace anybody’s redefined for you can figure out who the accomplices are let alone who actually masterminded plan i guess lol four episode re watch the last one to fall asleep party dresses like three i am.
In school who the fuck was the airplane but i don’t know how did a case of the.
[46:28] What if they blow this guy away how did what he give them the money and they bloom up or whatever got paul is the thing who’s all.
They gave him instructions and elaborate see.
[46:48] Frontier isn’t that movie with mix for.
If we know levi not that movie that fits is also called frontier but this is a netflix series that a serious drama not not the coming with the ex works and that’s it for her.
That be pretty fucking hilarious for the more like a kills a lot of people not showing it just take them out to be the first light is the dial no.
Shit lost my train of oh okay so the deal was the simpleton elaborated.
Play scavenger hunt for it so like he was supposed to pick up this.
And they picked up this machine gun they made for him and his fucking james bond shit sorted out with the drive on color him a permanent teacher to mock him that says guess what this is for copper the teacher yeah.
Send him in the bank first off when you been freaked out the second that i walked it will crank up the street yeah it’s sticking out like this far we’re looking tony stark it look,
what chemical breakdown and hungry yeah in.
[48:02] Yeah so if you suppose to drop you know right off of a drop the money here then go here or he get one key that was shut off one timer and that will buy him more time on the other timer and basically be like a sequence of three t o-o ne.
Really overly elaborate kinda dumb plan their super thick it takes super intelligence like build the thing they built the plot is release.
What we apply doesn’t like a story and yeah kind of but the plot is really stupid that if you did say that had happen in real life.
[48:37] Yeah that and so i think everybody pretty much like agrees investigators stuff that.
He was always intended the was never actually going to survive in there so it was it was basically be made impossible and then they were super sadistic they light the guy who ever made the bomb.
Put like a cell phone wasn’t connected to anything into it with wires and stuff like that never warnings on it that were like if you cut this wire the rudiments,
power supply will kick in and so personal interests of wires and stuff parts that just designed to make it like take that much longer for buns water tray discernment and crazy,
yeah i’m gonna watch that movie that’s some fucked her i was commenting on two separate points of discussion.
She is in bergen park estimate brains strapon to o okay.
Yeah i’ve never seen one and that’s the school so you saying that the thirty minutes joke with jesse eisenberg is that.
There was a movie called thirty minutes or less with jesse eisenberg oh yeah that right i remember we straps and.
Up on the yeah for all i know is inspired by.
Who the heck in a two thousand four is yeah this that like batman plot the it is her.
[50:00] That’s crazy of me to people that are behind it and you disconnect there’s nobody like that’s markers mark on the back side it’s.
You know not to force and and the retarded guy the trip to the loading the body in a freezer or yeah just it’s just.
[50:20] It looks like a casting call for fucking hills have eyes for a bit,
yeah texas chainsaw massacre at like those kind of like people are like every mistake every person of interest to be suspected broccoli has like,
cool yeah the other guy that is tonight it’s crazy frontier is good.
Evil geniuses good are criminal genius whatever it is just a fuse or if you search genius and there’s a pop up right away here.
Let’s see what else what i owe.
Who work in you to bread kicks ass i keep seeing everybody talk about that it’s so fucking good it looks it.
I thought watch the trailer it looks pretty awesome idea that high of expectations going in to be honest i barely i was so young that i barely remember and wasn’t really really that into the original plate movie yeah but.
Damn that tv shows good cuz its like its got the humor of all like kingpin.
That’s what i’ve been telling people that channels kingpin really well which is high praise for me cuz i really like that movie that’s its them relieving can you,
you have to sleep with his landlady didn’t maker and creator just like an everything super trashy everything’s press is like.
[51:52] Especially early on that’s the way it is for the cobra kai guy in the fucking hilarious kingpin’s one like the best movies it’s i put that in my top five comedic movies of all time.
[52:05] It’s so good it’s it’s it’s not his fault are pissing me this like a family show like you can watch with the whole family yeah but there is.
That was like he still driving the car that he drove in the original movie so it’s like the fire bird or whatever from like.
Now eighty four or something like the paint is all like gnarly like it’s been spray painted red back over parts for the real paint flaked off and yeah it’s.
It’s pretty awesome and.
And they were really good job with it like having heart to in actually being cool like i’m of those people speculate about what happens to characters after movie ends here and now this really does that a lot where it’s like.
In fun ways were just like you know the guy that one,
the tip that that won the tournaments off his you know he’s got this ultra awesome life in from outside the cobra kai kai just eating so much was everything is life is just perfect and blah blah blah,
but the same token in the us of where it’s from his perspective and you see like.
Is second kisses like a total fuck up his teenage daughter hates him and then he’s got.
[53:20] The rifle car dealer that light and i won’t spoil anything but it is like the most of the shit that directly aimed at him with that mopping and stuff like that every once is complete yeah your whole karate guy making your adsense like it’s not a human can actually.
One a terminally i’ll whatever and yeah but.
Yeah it’s the really good job with it is in its on my you tube or something to read so you gonna have commercial free.
But i think it’s like ten dollars a month is what i pay and it’s.
It works for me because i already had you to bread and i’ve never had a you tube rancho before that i was like actually watch more than a couple.
Set some introduced garbage wonder what are the other benefits of you to breast completely commercial freezer if you’re like me and you watch just.
Like i told amanda.
You two probably eighty percent of my video was just like a little flight attendant videos on you tube and i was like commercials on all of them is like now no commercials how can someone elses you too busy on the commercials or some throw up yeah.
So it’s amazing for that and then you can play the audio on anything with your phone like,
your screenshot off okay and then the big thing for that is that then you get the you tube music apps you can create play lists and download music to extend this week if you spotify but due to her like if any song exists as,
as a you tube video you can basically have in your playlist someplace like it on an ipod these you got your phone and it’s just included in you to bread.
[54:54] That everything’s a fucking subscription nowadays it’s like.
How to get the worst like i have i have which mcculloch.
Who and netflix and then.
Where else would i am i just signed up for fucking i apple music which i’m really fucking pissed about bike apple music.
Wake you can literally download any fucking songs ever recorded for like ten bucks a month and it is considered like a stream on your.
But as a man like who the fucks going to buy any fucking music anymore when you can just have apple music and download whatever you want for free like why would you ever pay for fucking music again yeah.
And then like two so i gotta go i wasn’t aware of bed really paid much attention to it and then like they’ll always by like,
albums on itunes and stuff like that but you don’t really own those albums that cuz you can only listen to like on your phone or you know either apple devices you can i burn a cd off it or anything like that all emergency from itunes yeah,
how do you do that.
I don’t know he’s really yeah haha yeah i could no ride never figure that out but that’s all that’s in my car is a controversies with difference of cuz i am and bought a physical album in.
[56:24] I mean back going back to a two thousand four whenever the itunes music store watch the is my thing sorry had ipod and.
Never look back so it’s like you would use cd’s after that was a burn.
[56:38] Digital music on a cd so i can have my car yet that’s all i do to adjust have i ever bench press you but i never figured out how to burn my itunes.
I’m off to i guess i never really thought you and kids left fucking,
look into that tonight probably cuz has as a who fight like if you could just pay ten bucks and get everything for free why would you ever pay for fucking i wonder if you can burn cd’s of.
The stuff that comes from apple music instead of itunes store yeah i’m talking about itunes like i bought the album yeah owns the i’ve never i don’t have apple music because i was there was a bridge too far at the time i was still in,
i really like pandora yeah and so that’s why i start with and then i ended up dropping pandora yes it just.
It got the blade crank up the price and will i use to the end will like thirty dollars for a year of music is like deals sold here and now then they were like well two to ten dollars a month or something like that and i was like.
Okay i’m disgusted my itunes then yeah yeah is man it’s.
Everything is so fresh you know that’s the shit tho do you have movie pass.
No i don’t movie pass ss or the gutter is is awesome but i think it’s gonna fucking i think it’s gonna be date here pretty soon or lease be changed drastically.
I will i heard that they’re gonna lose their whole like netflix model of the year movies and the pop star yeah there yet.
[58:10] Let’s see um me by saying that.
Yeah i totally remember that levi with barney stinson having the theory of the cobra kai was the good guys and that’s why he basically worships the.
The main cobra kai i was the mean guy in the tv show that scout that the whole thing with barney stinson,
is probably and yeah daniel is that that’s probably the reason i.
Reserve that pic wasn’t regulation to get a bad guy the whole time yeah it was fucking hilarious parts and cobra kai where is like.
He’s got his little apprentice and he’s telling the story of what happened and they like all the time are playing clips from the original movie like sliced and is like flashbacks yeah,
when someone air in both places everyone is always near eating like their version of what happened what the movie show yeah so it’s like.
[59:09] So yeah you know he he sprayed me with the hose in the bathroom so me and my friends you know we went and confronted him in that place apart and in the flash back in the movie where,
the corner danielle and just beat the shit out of him and only gas in her sleep uses like you just confronting him cuz he was the bully,
we yeah hundred to give that a shot but yeah it’s weird.
We’re fucking that bring in my,
like all old from when i’ve like that wasn’t a stunt like the full house and there’s been a bunch of other like one with just brought back the cast for for a season for like netflix or amazon or yeah that i haven’t.
I have really not liked many of those but cobra kai is different i feel like this one its its got comedy potential and i feel like.
The characters and good actors in the story it’s well written and executed and it’s like like i said i didn’t care that much about the original.
Did you like the x files or did you watch the x why i didn’t watch any of the new x-files hookah.
I think i watch one part of the first new episode and the x files just doesn’t.
Work post nine eleven forty seven it.
[1:00:35] You know the x files exist in a universe where there was this it was the atmosphere the nineties when you had like waco and ruby ridge unibomber and stuff like that.
In this atmosphere flicking oppressive governments and conspiracy in the government is all powerful and.
And yes i realize the government can be even more so but i don’t know i just ate can get into it is not the same atmosphere is like the the psi phi part of x files more than the conspiracy parts and the first.
New season to see what was really leaning on the whole drones and surveillance and nine eleven and stuff like that really hard yeah but.
Yeah i don’t know i just wasn’t wasn’t a fan who i can get into it and but i liked it back in the day i just and maybe just i changed over time yeah it definitely has like some.
Sup like i don’t know like i really really like the x files specially growing up or whatever but like it definitely.
[1:01:39] I wish they would have gone further into like the whole like mythology of flaked out the shower whatever have but they it was more like,
but there’s cuz it’s been to revival seasons now and there’s probably out of those two seasons a problem like three or four episodes that really deal with like the actual like.
Mythology the show rather than to say,
the monster of the week pay bill which a lot of those monster of the week episodes are really good bike it over all i really liked it alot but i wish they would’ve gotten more into the the overall eight,
story of it like the first season really ended on like,
like the aliens were invading like it was able to crochet they this is having a fucking and the show and they brought it back and that was the second,
dream sequence are some all silly like that a yes z that would that would formula drift away and then come back for the first episode season two seen that mean,
what you halfway yeah so yeah,
but yeah i was if that if they just left it like that and that was like that and that was like you know that it,
ans we’re like there are like the interstate nicole everybody’s a fleeing town in like a ufo comes like right over mold and scaly and like it fucking beans down and that’s it and the fucking season,
but god damn alright that’s cool that would be cool but i was just like the end of flaked everything but then when they brought it back it was and i felt like that was.
I like that climax for the tv for the original tv show where it was like the trial of motor and they brought back like.
[1:03:13] I need a recurring characters and stuff like that to test pilot that little boy that was like the super genius and stuff yeah and you know they took out the smoking man is using the cable that mineral or the protect them there.
[1:03:26] Yeah i kinda feel like that was if it went all the stories for those two characters that need to be told where were told and some of magic was was gone but man i have some great memories on the original.
Regional series yeah that’s.
One of my favorite shows of all time i’d love that show in i got it to friends are super into i never got into i’ve probably too young or something but they’re super between peaks and they really.
The readings that shout i wanted to ice tried to watch the lake whenever they announce that like i tried to watch like the.
The whole series and i only got like one or two episodes in.
[1:04:07] But i just couldn’t get into it suppose to be like super weird though right yeah it’s.
There’s also there’s like demons and supernatural stuff going on in.
There’s basically there’s like this other dimension on the what’s called a red lodge black watching them for the black lives with the man yeah comes from an ff it just it will basically it was like the precursor to.
Like early lost where everything is super cryptic and bizarre and mysterious and,
yeah i like that kind of stuff but we like if they actually have a comprehensive like here’s where we’re going with it yeah.
Where is lost you know it was very clear for the inner something making opposite as they went along yeah unfortunately lost was i’m still trying to.
Broke my heart here trying to lake.
Go through that again with with my daughter off wake i’ve only watched that will watch that one episode like a week at best like maybe like once every other week or whatever i can hardly ever get her to like.
Watch tv with me anymore so like whenever we do it like let’s watch an episode of lost and then she’ll be like.
You know she’s cool with that but that i can get to watch any more than once or only on line like episode a it’s been like four months since we’ve been trying like watching or whatever all always see yeah it’s like.
[1:05:37] Oh the one with the clowns in reference and stuff like that on netflix.
[1:05:47] Some older carbon oh okay that’s that’s one that i really like but a man i were trying to watch it together as a couple.
It without series and so i was good night and she but i think we’re stock like it so five and it is so good of heard heard a couple of different people talk about that show,
it’s pretty good it’s not like this is amazing which is part of why didn’t she the war of it what.
But its good i’m interested to find out where it’s going yet and i feel like future season to be really good and it’s got a lot of really cool seeing a world sandbox to play and it’s like and a half jack half blade runner anything going on.
[1:06:31] You know that could be a lot of fun but that you have to see and see if amanda ever like this site that she actually wants what for the.
Finally do it yeah haha.
[1:06:45] Crazy small one like that i think i would have watch the rest of lost in space the lot of that and i like that and.
I think i’m done going back and re watching it with me and i think i’m only about halfway through her home and is that worth would you recommend that yeah yeah.
But think my studio that i was talking about that that show that’s right i did you ever watched i can’t remember it’s like a date.
[1:07:13] It’s on who with james franco oh on its shape six twenty three.
Sixty three yeah day of kennedy’s assassination yeah yes the series was kind of a let down.
The book hamlet be the same way worse like that the premises cool yeah i really like it.
[1:07:38] If the anus is coming mad and i just have a feeling it left me with the and.
[1:07:46] The series was the same way to follow the book very very faithfully yeah i really like to but then i was right like that and really like let me down towards the end or whatever yeah like the whole.
The no spoilers.
The whole like world gets blown up but we don’t get any like details on why kennedy being is our not being assassinated would cause that big of everything is fucked here.
I felt like that you use more exploration and explanation but it’s clearly that’s not the story was about telling what he wanted to do was.
You know tell a story about your that kennedy lived in the air and in mens focus way more on.
Possible yeah which can like you oswald is weird and it was interesting reading this not like.
And i don’t get into the light the super super analyzing and worshiping like.
And i see this guy right now has been watching the all or pinch listening to the old up so the last podcast on last hundred years and i let them get away with it is it they do it fucking hilarious yeah.
But i don’t get into like the super analyzing serial killers and assassins and stuff like that but that show it i listen to cuz they just.
Got to have the one that does the voices and just,
invents like basically a character for every serial killer has thrown else is this sentence just wasn’t getting his dick sucked and prevent the player charles manson.
[1:09:16] This is to help you like drugs and like fucking around got in way over his fucking head yeah it’s about like he was younger and he.
One was like six basically being raped in prison at sixteen was like the best time of his life for everything like lockdown control is so,
in the end what what blocking him away for life like that it was actually like the best thing that could ever happen to me super happy in prison because it’s like.
You know i grew up so poor and the three hundred it was that old group so poor that and was like.
[1:09:50] I actually have a toilet shouldn’t i got food on the walls around me something i’m doing good brother just of.
And then just you know play some sound clips from there is fucking insane but like the more the allies were just like okay i see what he saying years like with more clever than i would’ve expected probably but yeah i just love the whole like.
[1:10:11] You know they’re very light toilet ounces like,
well he is he was getting off on this right like sexually like oh that’s what was the reason for that it’s super late crude humor like that black humor apply to,
paranormal psi phi yeah it’s especially the heavy hitters.
That’s difficult when you up like three part series about a serial killer or called yeah and those are always hilarious and good and yeah.
Realize that podcast i’ve been listening to my fee i listen to the legion of skanks.
A lot like that’s okay and is it’s big go person luis gomez and camera but just a comedy podcast where they do in front of a live audience and everything in.
It’s really funny it’s like my favorite thing to listen to that and then i.
I get to service into the breakfast club but no had a podcast or whatever but like the new york radio station played the york the jays and they sure that this taco like a pop stuff for whatever but haven’t listened to that.
They just turn their like monday morning show in to a podcast everyday or their morning show into a podcast everyday so he get a new one like every every day this was like there whenever they did that morning or whatever.
[1:11:31] But yeah and over stuff when face.
[1:11:36] In random like show roman episodes depending on who has on whatever i do that i pick them back up and i just decided the way to do is.
He’s got someone i’m interested in i was in the us or otherwise i just,
skip it and i’m getting way more that bass added more more shows seven point i just cannot keep up with them all yeah kinda disabled one will listen to episodes that i don’t care about is like.
But i still want to be subscribe which it’s harder when you do like i was in a lot of like audio dramas and stuff like that the people put together yeah you can skip episode was that even if you.
Feeling pretty mediocre but has yet to know what can happen next was jumping but what the fuck is dead what and.
So that is harmless but a lot of them with just us segment or like a topic yeah easier to just be like that’s a thing that interest me or now,
yeah i have to two now and every starts talking about usc stuff which is a lot like i just don’t i just don’t care that much about that kind of stuff but he’s obviously very passionate about it but it sure.
Create it just depends on who’s on their.
[1:12:47] Stan said he’s gonna be calling here told nicole by six thirty so suede for him to give us a call here in.
Sounds good and i don’t know the feel like.
[1:13:00] Hasn’t been to bad just the two so far for yourself busy yeah,
the light shining everyone swell to yeah yeah people just listen to recently was lee words can’t talk now or what like this for applying them once and on.
He’s looking the chair from starter kit on communicate with like one blinks for yes two twenty but him who sf.
No of low but yeah i’ve been meaning the shit out of.
Les paul custom left which is nine hundred eighty one understanding week by myself cuz this is like it’s all serial killers and paranoid likes receive okay,
it seems like a great idea until i woke up at three am and can’t go back to sleep yeah that’s that i like about like now like i’m back to,
working where i can just sit there and fucking listened to podcasts all that’s what i do so i come early again and need to get some more things to listen to use it,
he wages king song comes out once a week,
i need some other what about podcasting is there’s never a shortage of stuff you just gotta discover new good stuff is the trick yeah.
Yeah there’s a spider man podcast i listen to hot to.
[1:14:23] I really enjoy but they only come out like once every two weeks that’s and that’s the tough part two is that usually the really good ones but it’s theirs like.
[1:14:34] Like a venn diagram or something like that with like how frequently they come out vs how good they are so that’s why dan carlin hardcore history is are like.
The cream of the crop the best of the best part is everyone wants to be the and there six hours long but i only put one out every week.
Every half year alex every month or so more sometime yeah michael rapport to allison to him often.
[1:15:03] I like his point of view on things.
Find myself in the morning to like nba now that i listen to his podcast is really care about the nba where he talks about it so much that i’ve found myself like checking out the playoffs scores and stuff when i can even name and can.
It’s it’s weird like how easily like you can get lake in to things that lake.
[1:15:26] No but i would never be into it just through the list right lights casting people in the white all sorts of crazy stuff before you know it you’ve turned your spare bedroom into like,
the guys podcast studio producing so i park suv literally can’t power or keep trying or more just open your phone calendar know which one to run to next,
any hope yeah it’s crazy man room.
How’s that he have your light was at the macabre will not read more yeah i have that i’ve scheduled to i just haven’t had a chance listen to but.
[1:16:07] Animated take that will now still in pretty good i think it i think like all these other than the like when her minions lunch that was just like the explosion like right off the bat of the usa today article yeah.
The rest are from ten to be like a slow burn thing works just like the starter and its pretty in your got like twenty people are so nigga slowly builds from there yeah without remorse building i think there’s a lot of like.
People will not see like fast biweekly like this wednesday when the next one comes out we’ll see how that one how many people start with after the initial three yeah.
There’s i have for her is let them if they have to off to start losing those be at some that interested me wanna,
search i can break check those acts to make his point of the when things in the key funny as you know i was really hesitant to take on another podcast precisely because of that issue been off just having so many but,
because it’s that kind kinda like okay i gotta take one you know if if if zack doing park as i will yeah yeah.
I think he’s pretty funny i need to go to more comedy shows it kinda any in like a long long time and just get so damn tired and weak and off just getting older what but.
It’s like i always like wednesday i’m going to love the open mike this wednesday night and got a new at this time and i get home and honestly.
Yeah no one i’m just gonna lay in bed and stare at my phone until i lose consciousness hundred yeah the crazy.
[1:17:38] One of the oven working and or a wife from waking up super early and going to bed super early so yeah i really am getting all i know is that.
Who is it so bad like like.
My favorite thing i don’t like my favorite time of the week at like all week is fucking like saturday or sunday morning.
Getting up at like any am like drinking coffee to susan music reading their you know just like this.
[1:18:08] Does the old man should think they have put the fuck does drink a pot of coffee and like fucking be listening to music or reading comics or something and that’s the threshold where you at your for officially become old and it’s like.
You’re younger it’s punishment you have to stay in and has like even cover type one point one someone grounds their daughter or something like that i’m just click.
Oh nice nice to go anywhere for a while and.
Just read a magazine have a good time yeah i know yeah depending on.
What i did the night before if i can make myself get up but then sometimes it’s like taking cars mean to not do anything the night before be like and i was gonna stay home tonight so tomorrow morning i can get up and.
And watch my stories and read my coffee and do all.
[1:19:07] No
[1:19:11] You should be calling any second now imagine if.
[1:19:23] Send email to watch aside from levi.
Nope that’s what were an hour twenty minutes and i think we’ve talked every one hour then developers just joined the rear not as a citizen eco disappear yeah but the sunny,
no to call me out of a class that’s crazy.
Is this it is about to call okay to hurt to get to know how do you know justin jodi ia he met him we do the show together in minneapolis.
[1:20:08] No but he’s he’s pretty big on the native hip hop scene right now.
The weed that’s all time i’ve ever met and i believe that i can remember is we do to show with chase manhattan in minneapolis bryant good seperately three four years ago and now.
[1:20:29] Hello was always stand with them and how you doing.
[1:20:35] Pretty good how are you doing bro good thanks to call them and we.
All my other podcast people were routes owes me in here today just me and robert posted yeah yeah how’s the how’s your day going so far man.
[1:20:51] Three yrs no more excuses so close you now see that’s that’s hey you just dropped a new video the other day right.
Yeah you do what.
Tell us a little bit about that here on the song.
And took two hours last year ones cartridge for your new little one seven generations,
probably you do course or only works so much interest process categories coming.
I just fell away and was paying attention cause all i.
Only the video for this tv if you only goes so so is the party of doing this longer doing video for the song.
Yeah i finally decided know that was actually a.
Hey there it was really nice to work or can we also know in my skin was not so slow i wouldn’t birthday man be real and tell.
Oh man you should comparison shop to go work on.
Only man that has the.
You are so you don’t have to come on here and it was kind of thrown together really well the thing clan.
[1:22:29] Discussing life and it’s so awful sorrow and one nobody will the owner here for her.
Dustin anderson why is conducting a follow.
And when he pulled impala to this man when she do that bro its legit cash flowing was of and pull in the mantel.
[1:22:58] Question about what does the four thousand eighty where the will not prosper origin okay be on our one on the ninety jb or fiction overdose on so.
In a song together for the good of all the children are there is no cameras just really awesome incl the general now and call it will be drawn to,
and is taking off translate.
[1:23:29] Stories eleven thousand beans destructive friday afternoon nice hell yeah that of the four on.
We need a picture of the girl in park or so hard.
That’s all i was born in this school and share so.
We just can’t do you know what the thing yeah man that’s open to get that like organic growth would just like your fans without having to like really you just put it out there and let them do the work really.
Right now i have no money to do to lose the video talking to you and.
You there you know i am currently in mode so just or when first learning so.
Thousand dollars in the box post and see what the hell,
so the americans will be with family staying there are no sherman.
Yeah the human you been in this game for a long time and when when did you first start putting put music out like professionally.
[1:24:40] Oh man i mean i was also download new features in all along with my life career just in charges of this world in,
don’t know the overflow make mistakes in started to music of our.
I was trying to thirteen fourteenths neither arsenal.
You know i’m trying for two people screws know before you fall on stand for that’s really hot over payment from this started on professional stuff was probably got that.
Got a county jail national scene probably two girls in the first time i ever system to a real.
For real do you know and one of our way to make a long,
we get our hit me sorted and it won’t bother record for songs which are okay on your original pharmacists in,
yeah court for using the kind of person there’s for work or real passing that you give this new international airport.
Give me the first recording about for many this also.
No just send it to me in her womb that feeling real well alyssa during random stuff to me and.
So that’s where when and.
[1:26:12] Bounce around state of staying there for people no guy that was there are local home that was all.
Start the music that me and alarm is on start my.
Maybe about five or six arms together know and i was ordered a call series or the.
And what is the book of boys and which are play.
Six goblins and gnomes you know that is the.
You know i want to make some different music and all of the chairs sitting on spinal more of coaching.
I’ll be in for understanding where i was born in started doing.
Wont saying in order for a farm so the bomb rinses his life and.
The man from those of a thousand words and.
He shot me down to miami universal people are in an art piece to gain people on the.
You are certain that when power was going.
No unfortunately you know that the relationship didn’t pan out in the end and part ways with no nothing.
[1:27:40] There’s no rule having problems and all that was going down.
Are coming to you know better listen to me what was going on with james travel perception of things happened and.
In order to mark from our chamber cooker are in normally.
About the decision making and want to miami okay baseball are will rock you.
Things happened within my family and it was obvious from the following on.
Non tobacco field all day and bill bill cost to.
And from there to work with this the starting dahmer romantic new chief resident teams appear when.
So what are some money and.
You know my action was sacrificing our lives there is using lubricant music up there is more music.
You know.
You know what is he doing full going on down in miami i was just hoping that the that ran with it and.
[1:28:57] You know now that there was an opportunity where monterey but it sure wanted to step down from leadership of the actual sharpen.
At this point in my career i have no you know were of electric adidas on.
[1:29:16] Go ahead and took over ownership of to shower change the name.
No no no remote to shut up and knowing cordless studio in reception show and.
No that’s that’s what i’m doing man for arsenal fans pay bills in another thing drop the video does.
This is finally get to a point and my life where.
I feel good about the accomplishments make in the side of the back of the hallway to the whole.
Do you know where’s the rest of our need for validation of school they’re not recognize the most very thankful and grateful for in our own need to prove a.
Two more children and largest we’ve been we do you know when she’ll,
yeah but you know what.
I’m super in ohio by everything that’s been happening in all.
Yes definitely of the nothing compared to my family and their happiness when i look at me and probably don’t do it yeah you one you on the native american music award last year for best hip hop right.
Was that your was that your first time going to the native american music awards for tango on but it was on.
It will not take a charge to be nominated for something so i go first are i was nominated for song barnes.
[1:30:54] Oh fully charge the four hundred and win.
Pressure and they are or washer who do both rooms are free where in the house so generation will the one i was nominated and no.
So i’m just call you man no.
Yo sacrificing dollars had so they action to her engine on a payment plan lol are always you know will happen and.
Where is the call the signal of your kindle or single the person who and when i call that the winner.
You know that kinda hurt only what was in the lease single and we know we do not want to use the and.
But salem state adult first i didn’t get it for repair.
And the alarm she record are you there with me when there are more are we are both nervous know hansel and.
Me and the album of the year and.
[1:32:11] We want to see if it was me or sprint for,
that’s a good film in order to be dark and will,
but no show.
How many were very full when we really off and all the alarm system and.
You know what will work on the xl are being no really grind and you know what are the others just so.
Where ever you know and the fan speed on really have no.
Flashes of white light on their and walk the red carpet is doing on the inside of the least and.
You know what everything that followed after his lessons you know very well for me yeah it’s.
Yeah that’s bad ass minutes this inspiring to a lot of people that you know see where you’ve come from and where you’re at now and you know that’s that’s hella domain keep up the great work.
[1:33:26] I’m learning more of the day with people is all about balance you know in both arms.
When you’re going through something or or new marketing like everything’s going great,
and in some cases and it just won’t grow weaker day your ball here whatever small female but you know we have to allow brown.
With every good thing that comes in there’s gonna be things are gonna have to bounce the existence of and you know last year.
That was fun we’re having and my alarm on you know and so they can.
In the winter but when winter buffalo to the whole award ceremony you know.
The bigger thing than this in mean for me in and.
[1:34:21] I wasn’t even sure mom’s you mean so that’s why you not break me saying.
[1:34:31] She’s watching you know ranges programming in sql saying that also you know how are there interaction is so that i.
You have to realize you know the best thing happened within rover lol what is going on are so that you are a good date on all the blinds on official word about the negative so,
sometimes there just over and look at it in setting on wireless of our way was really going on.
In prison columns in the way lmao you’re saying and be grateful for what you’ve got in this is normal in the way be grateful for waking up in the morning.
Be grateful you have a roof over your head and how is your was your journey and you know big very cool.
Loving the family and it just so so long.
You’ll be grateful that you have her in the yeah that’s lessons i always have to give my daughter man she’s always a call we need to have a better car we need a better house we need you non house tell like to be you know.
Focus on the things you do have you know black people have better things or be no bigger things but focus on what you do have.
You know that the people like me now or later you’ll you’ll call from the greatest of all in all.
One million dollars drinking so you know what it is to be poor and then to not have an end to war.
[1:36:06] And.
So i do i use you know your reasons are on version of tarzan song and you know how old maltese movie you know the house children they are where you are three daughters.
You know it’s like yeah you know for sure you still in it but it’s hard for me because.
Right now for me was so far it was because.
This or that group not having the number that you mean full of the store want something watching over her you know we will be the main office for the eleven,
and of the blue but.
That’s because the smallest thing for me even after all our order hers it still uniden the important really use the unit mean.
And i am sure it is also the rd looking never had so yeah i’m gonna grab your ass and shiny suit.
School starting large in being like i never had one of those by the lord and will hold it in there so.
I’m looking like nothing flashes when will or i never had this before so we we are on it and.
In the lobby paying my pocket when using it on long business is doing okay in.
[1:37:43] You know of all.
[1:37:46] In the course will be wanna hang on them to pay state law that are a living will sit we appreciate you coming on man where where can people take out on social media.
Where everything is the moon upon setting where no that’s,
praying when instagram intro sound for everything i tunes google play.
Are you pee during all of this man and an effusion of chicago.
Set to music anything when the people that is was approved producing video and all the poking at me in the dark now.
The thing to do you the arcade.
And that has nobody oh you know that has been all did you lonely music.
No need to book a taxi of your car will be very for filing of two.
Four do for a living so far makers don’t use it in with the right left to get your parents involved one of these times men.
Down down there is no me and our maker will always will.
[1:39:21] That’s what that will cement pics coming through where got them and the song or in the show here with your son my mom a song and you know.
Much respect in all,
blessing condominium monetary being thousands hell yeah man will you take it easy man.
You roll a thanks yet says words that was.
Happy mothers day everybody out there was a mother’s day yeah that was our episode when our eyes on mother’s day topping it but we will be there will it really,
and with the mothers day theme so greek yeah thank you guys for listening to us again and we will catch you guys in a couple weeks here thanks listing.
March fourteen two thousand seven were last known to jail latest so want values.

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 022 The 420 Episode

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 022 The 420 Episode

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guests: Denham and Def-i

Produced By Robert Mehling

Music Spotlight:  
Water Is Life (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) – Def-i



Denham – Marathons Ft. Wes Eisenhauer Prod. By Kontrabandz



Meth Awareness Four Directions Walk – Sioux Falls


Machine Transcript

[0:00] Music.

[3:16] Did you invite cast episode twenty two to four twenty episode.
How many charging stress ball so that it is ready but this,
empire podcast where c is used for the time to do so.

[3:41] Music.

[3:52] Just energy wise to use the art.
Are you talking to buy everyone’s degree is she okay so sure mixing washer next people to be in the state testing scores to.
What time is this the right episode twenty two other minions podcast and your hoes.
Join is always by shark at the levi unfortunately can be a guest open for some tech nine a guy or someone else that night so.
So if you’re out there fucking go watch levi with tech nine tonight at district.
You are special guest in the house denham mcdermott is in the house and how you doing today to convince those yeah by substitution today and man’s ego man didn’t,
them and watching you watching you grow man over the past couple years and been really impressed with.
You know that were seen at the fan your music mi hr go to your shows often yeah,
been a fan for a minute now someone bring on the show in of reaching his hot some he’s making his for.
Allow that you again for for a little bit yeah man be and maybe tell our listeners a little bit about your past and no where your from.

[5:26] I guess i am on the board room from zachary nine three seasons is a small town every.

[5:35] Um drop their mom on within a one side of their organization so i grew up in a musical family and.
Every kind of conditioner something that my sister she’s been on so in this local news on a former life in a.
And i’m going to school in the state stay busy for a little bit also criminal justice of this i don’t wanna do that and.
Oh actually i heard about something about the black market auction who business alot yeah probably before but there is like.
You know where the pursuing in the us that and what can be the desk is like you know it all my friend kandace option for this and about that show was like man.
I do is go zero zero zero and cannot be trusted has to do better that’s the sad how long you been living in sioux falls for now.
Spa for years now and she still kinda new to the area symbols and that sounds like the weather in san she where the party was man of fargo ridiculous.
It’s bad here but it’s stupid in fargo unit working fine for yeah canada basically.
No that’s rough.
Who was the this that.

[7:11] The truth is that.
Alright so you just up the elbows few months great info to use of the.
Is a dollar distressed up short like service archer and there starting up.
On my feature on there who do it was on it.
On ps help with the project done for a little while on the road to release it for a bit using things family is able to,
yes i do without my shows that i listen to a lot and i got a good and jim was a flat.
It’s in my car and they don’t see it has the radio is like flipping out now and is there an eleven to use this is the one that from your concert last month.
No its for adults who was the summer of one of the more of these we can of thing so we.
So opportunities i like to kiss like where the shows are always like jumping out of two thousand six i think he’s awesome you should you doing.
That’s cool man where is your next show here in town all this was on won’t turn on suppose to the scum of using that’s okay.
Of the year of the back here but.

[8:43] In the meantime i have a kirby that please riding around all the time the people after this summer but yeah i just categories.
Party popping up malaria is doing some acoustic stuff to someone to just be cool child for the insurance to.
Visit our in the am certainly morning to get our lives that can be a muslim religion is the night in look at it from a different angle.
She has a guest but all the pieces like it’s in a barn with them normally so i would establish both of those.
Also being redneck rapping and singing something’s is kinda cool asked to read and it’s cool to see like that right now feels like it was my perspective that the hip hop scene sort of.
Dad a little bit here in town here like keeping it alive with with stuff that you’re doing like you’re a proud be strong town out the right now.
But yeah so it’s cool to see like.
You know the people that you know like for most it’s like sort of like dislike silicon but for you it’s still lavender so that’s a yeah people a lot of times cuz music that.

[10:01] People use music to our citizens late fee.
I can do it i’ll be the control person that the one being a personal car news is jesus is this is a total replacement in there and.
I have a few that wants to do that he’s are willing where much is this new music.
Yeah want will not working as a ceiling users using hundred and the light was there are so i can he was suppose yeah isn’t working,
you can always was okay with the star of the workers me maybe everything doing well and its okay kilometers music and also in allowed to see or visit c nine,
that the same time to just see something yummy shouldn’t you spending your time and energy probably order for yeah,
so the downstairs is that no.
Is the incident was doing life was the hartford would you abuse what is really cool to see like.
Yeah that be down to earth with the likes most most rappers are like the fucking best and fuck you in like whatever and.
In school see like a different a different perspective on the whole lake.
Use exciting whatever it was called with the song of west village like our procession has suddenly became obsessed but it is like.
He understands i wanna car in years just.
You games are rangers fans accounting and click join as of now and think that he is pretty slow on the show people are messages do you know again.

[11:39] It wasn’t until i am.
You know who is already sick about last years old and people who is our tv series night was user taking seems like the kinda it will shift into russian where you work at all and brca one to be,
appreciate because when you mostly don’t like it.
Yeah that’s because the person is like a few copies in it like i like him probably i was like you are music do you think the mission of it in the longest of also disallowed and appreciate.
Tackles and these look at a new perspective yeah so that they can relate to this i think having them or.
I can request now because of pakistan of health coverage and gap against the yeah damage and explain music to a coworker of mine and i don’t share with you cuz that rap is rap and think are good company.

[12:33] I think it is the best partner has it he was told me that it doesn’t sound like he was invested in me and others are doing that like this is a yes that would not be easy so yeah.
Yeah that’s the job of the pictures so it’s refreshing to see of its genre in itself to get something pictures and it’s not.
Is it pump it is not about minutes and it’s like papas now its the nose is a of the name of a bunch of different things and who wasn’t.
It’s in really encourage oh people listening in on like r and b pop in only talking to family like that that to come to show some decency.
Are we spend the time traveling little bit of the past like you no more so when you are going to have some areas where i can clean his room he’s in bismarck right.
Weekend is busy is a funeral this the crowd was down like forties like it is like killing farmers you again later than this all in.
We start to show in la personally or the whole arsenal for something different sizes and colors like no.
Don’t think twice about it to him about this girl on the poster or the mills fargo.
She makes almost of our stage where i can be insecure and that she’s gorgeous voice the things that you laptop it again cool ninety three.

[14:06] Always like with super helpful you know who will like in six and all the lights will,
who is the main line for me yeah it’s think helps with those people yeah i mean the machine i don’t.
He is not really that of a place in the riviera and it was his records.
I was the details details she should wonderful mazda six has been called the number of rows of are no higher commission of.
The coming out there but not put it people are asking like,
okay that you seek for love in all the numbers in ascending colon where can i get closer and then we and,
before he was like high energy like you know that i’ve only go kids room was ball is called looking he’s a,
i never thought we have a partially those like this cools form yet please consider that i would enjoy that it,
awesome yeah i’ll come back later love keep group finds the streets for people to show that there is more than one just like at scratch the surface of more than just the,
we see a tv crap that the people that you still more to a life.
Part of the struggle in the us yeah yep that’s it falls for a long time is it they didn’t really get it popping in really get like.
Happy were statement and it took a long time for you know for all the club owners are like bars and things like that to get on board with hit pop without was all like.

[15:43] Thugs and piano gangsters and starting my business with it automatically so she likes that place is busy fighting yeah.
We cannot see yeah chocolates could the sun will be so the same time to compare the.
You need to pick up this need to have anything to play right yeah in for this light will not be started by just get a microphone and.
Find anything about you to know about the new that’s like it is starting but the inside is you people.
Michael the imac citizenship in seattle but the if you really like start,
personally i understand the more you realize that is this is poaching yummy is like in people are out there to provide a message all the messages didn’t you know,
messed up because you are too busy to feed the ego yeah they want to be loved money laughing hard the stuff.
But i also understand how to put in the work to get stuff,
yeah but if you were that easy everybody would be like yeah i’ll never forget that moment i would have the right to.
Birmingham and ugh i just wanna most people ever in this you know,
yeah this meeting with all and all i see was i was fascia it’s the historical working harder than the other houses three c know that i had not,
what is.

[17:14] Rooftop bar in miami even if the story is there looking over social lights on near the ocean every year around little is asking for julie.
Everyone skyscrapers has multiple people this stuff in there but someone always will severing that for me and was like.
What does it take to do the funeral in in its makes me think like in us that on the strip club or having.
More coke and twenty bucks is where i’m thinking we should i work in kilometers what would it look who’s on things separate the people.
Is consistency.
My kindle to the force of the word stop drinking cycle the board so much stuff we do shy girls on it’s ultralight la vista best of manners,
make all the ones don’t do that stuff yeah the following it’s easy when you get there,
all of the answers you were splurging will continue to be in the meantime of what the this should be about like making mush making my happy,
and the way the place to use your your parents were at who you are around.
And cares about anything else then let what you liberty need in life you’ll understand money can solve a lot of problems but just like his problems are probably cringe because you not okay with who you are as a person did.
No sorry that’s just that’s the way i’m trying to buy you know john maybe live music people get to about.

[18:45] The famous but am having sex because of you yeah people like this people see them up close doesn’t are,
he’s talking real stuff that matters it can be labeled people this old house stew salary for following up the bar that was a has a normal meaning of like also,
they realized that now is telling me is every day and family members must think happens when he says he is because he did,
you misspelled your farts there’s no sleeping thing money and is in the shop and all i get is full and part music you have to risk your whole in park busy selling drugs because it read this and nothing i mean in order for the um so yeah,
like this is dumb is dumb of a bad decision,
your brother bobby a businessman noida blowing money and not that’s not what it is you know the think this is this is the new biz all over the book yourself a.
That’s always a lot of people that’s all the ceiling on tv to see that the image they don’t realize the work that goes behind the image and.
It’s not letting me see what you see you doing that you don’t like me like alot of people and know you runs a leaving do for a long time like and people see that in me and i want something like that sells.
Everything that.
Collectors using the app in or something in the post you made this again because the person you are messaging with this manner was person to person,
it’s like shady like arm or something from you then yeah probably go about everybody wants a.

[20:20] Is it the more views king of mature man on the fans and leadership yeah okay cool baby.
Yeah i work as hard yeah is it in lisbon my engine light is on freak yummies islam’s and the password is.
Please tell me the honest hard-working we more than we recently become a cop you have discontinued on the.

[20:46] Oh heavenly weekly oh yeah well you know.
Ask you do you use some of the manual or the miss caroline hall he have a resume is that all you know i’m a psychiatrist business partners um i can,
go on then goes as we was leasing her if its people i don’t know or have never fucking work with would never work with anyway that is whats time price.

[21:16] Cuts off right right don’t like they’re serious about their probably gonna do it and if they’re not serious about it then.
You know in also present do it right now what you sent me some crappy where’s.
Do you have been stop until temperature is having like ten seconds with the on the,
make the music beat it up or something going on i’m not gonna you tube it is celsius and nothing seems to know him and then it also forces that if i am innocent of us to sit down with the,
i want to go i’m moving to the cities there was like this at the information together so that you get the proper artistic value from it that way yeah,
it is with guys and keep result.
And i told same thing is that we send me some wrestling doing my house record vs mine are housing only be with you so i drove to new orleans.
Yeah or anything like me you sit in the drop down lists are in on my phone to the do the oakland warriors accumulated.
I’m always or do as a percentage of the.
He still a account for the money of course if the only is a good dude he’s really respect that you can tell us that shines through this crazy cuba showed less than that i mean.
That’s like stefan will never say never go hundred years now the still fucking the.
That’s right and yeah work on the low road in the field of unplayable after twenty years in school.

[22:59] Yeah there’s an accident when he wonder comes on you know who’s like what beating tenderness,
right pencil the just the palm of your really ten years later people still buying this phone ecosystem in and it has a screen,
that’s crazy that is on the triple platinum with them with the mouth that song it’s fucking play do you think that’s on the lake,
scarlett is about this new music and there’s this i don’t know if that sounded like bone.
What does this mean on fb or that sounds like twelve thirty barley texted and said to the letter be like.
Jamming to in my headphones like fucking in it will only work outside males compete in is if it is the blower he has gotten so that,
i party like,
dance like always dance parties and peoples of you know but i just finished eating ice on it to keep pushing work out the way they the ones for yourself and,
okay on this means on friends yeah that’s cool mesa receiving my apple at the world those of us who.
And the buttons on the unit i am in the song.
When is all it takes man like me that may be back if someone says he now there is i’ll take that hammer time on yeah i think he’s gonna see who of,
what is the phrase that lol is focused or make a sound when he wonders good yes i like the one and the one he.

[24:35] Walking to the door was like how you going to work out have lol yeah you that allow people to come on this can you can get messages when it is charles of my faucet you know you were set up like he doesn’t understand the business of music.
And is not people think that case or blower be famous and most interesting to be to work and she was like a nut yeah people might start coming humans are so i can only on the book a few times like that now.

[25:03] They’re coming to you like in sf and you have an extension so i believe i have like.
Gotta understand what you doing up scrupulously yeah cannot win because now it is simple the pussy starts psalms republic was hot now it’s so crappy tho except for the guys actually make real music,
just everything.
Yeah means less of canada one to video and good music and form catalog was also a catch inside the truck to work because it was publicity stunt that shit to san,
message my other people do now days but if you look at like lose you verde heated xo to live on the right side huge.
On billboards over a billion places across the country is a funeral made less than a million dollars,
tour the country for this than the best because these guys to be famous pushing the business aspect of it in the middle of the coupons gostumble again menus five hundred thousand dollars from every no go to this the austin back in and paid for.
To pay for mercy doesn’t pay an average mafia the mafia yours book against markings torvalds and all that shit.

[26:14] Make the fuck are you could be making between and it’s like school fuel the flames five thousand dollars in the bank has finally.
Who is this who you are are you one of the self that’s right back in the day whenever i ask you turn down that like seventy five thousand or whatever whenever and you a they were trying to sign interviewing whatever it is you they’ll sign that he was like nope i’m not gonna do it.
They have any fucking money so like seventy five thousand dollars the time mostly in a fucking million dollars or whatever you millions of dollars and he said no and.

[26:51] When is only this phone okay oh yeah for sure i mean fucking somebody comes at you with a seventy five thousand dollar check is late.
What’s this about then what can he say is you know that she was probably like you know a million dollars back in back in the day eighty six whatever it was people watching movies and stuff,
opens up this not yet so really happens happens ways that we could have movie the it guys are created with a big tree with like being criminals be like,
was so i like you gonna you gonna understand so to protect yourself to protect music and you know this is.
That takes trial it yeah and grinding it drives the whale though i actually all will print i’ve,
i was part of the machine was eugene is group song city on barry’s face and goes independent,
i have some business called executive it all i would say is the record label don’t you provide the marketing services.
All fuses are like it even as we can through on windows won’t let us without like dancing as well to.
I’ll be do videos for people from the lives of like no florida circuit do.
They’re brand new song on my question is something we all must do actually marketing as well to of us are calling as well so status of a business that says it is from because.

[28:28] Going to label is lot of human.
And alot of things that go to it people always for me like to wish he would refuse to be watching people understand the different types of stuff you don’t let us in recording and publishing.
So loud is or was unable to release it i will you publish poetry this in years and directors on.
As a country has no music summer friends always that music and noise level where in the country and he’s like yeah that’s actually better that you’re all to.
It is on but the scene for this more beneficial.
As it is just focus on yourself and treat yourself that sounds selfish but it is broken is business you or your brand.
So you have to be the best for me you was possible or focus on making it better for you because that’s more topic.

[29:26] Your highest form of the party can provide somebody is you being there for yeah as high as the has less noise just like the rain is big.

[29:36] But so but the thing is all the bills lines like on my house cottage and live the lifestyle.
What are actually living it to get a little and realizing do that you know the part of it that in schools benefit me some aspects.
It wasn’t bring me income to different what what what to do and i realize that want to do that you can make a little more beneficial for me i don’t know.
Yeah people people thinking somebody lying to be famous really is almost like a shark for sure thing like that will get you the kitchen light okay cool when you see your mission of mercy falls into like okay,
what what is you know what is your your income our mission is six hundred twenty two or,
what is a cay was easy it would have to see these how much money making season guarantees it do the ticket sales that is missing numbers created from a business,
and then it okay to do this like a hundred thousand on your business we felisha problems do before we can build a case now and doesn’t mind with the heart long time because the making to know your business yeah that’s what labels do.
It’s not like he’s gonna be in town to get a couple of hours then it will be like this not with the word is that she does that every account because you are if not more sound,
yeah it’s always about all small preview or how hard you work,
it also will be a good business model dp separately every single that’s what makes you successful in a world of business.

[31:07] People who have used part because the famous yet.
Yeah i said music is the easy part like convert you know that everything else is that is the stuff that you know is real work.
It is like ten percent yet even though the rca is portable cd was a position in level that are rock i think i dislike.
I’m not little shit like that lol silver dollar nationals people that you know yeah ac was on benson wake up it will be related.
I’m a little stubborn people like all the best people i know shit like.
This oven so i might make a order some of the old man i got some videos on the next week just let also council s yours and you know we have that he was professional but you gotta pay people.
What you want to work with you again in the people who is the aspect of the business stuff,
is the tree of good question that’s been friends somebody is providing and and pay the value that you feel deserves providing a service and same time to on time as quality.
And an guaranteed to be the same way every time and that’s a pretty good friendship because they know they do business with him and paying a ticket for dollar people pay five hundred bucks.
Oh actually i personally rather work with because on time is guaranteed quality in your good personal in person to be around you and will pay for this so i want to work with people that are gonna do that,
yeah for sure when someone provide the anything as an excuse to get you will fall in policy.

[32:45] Show show yeah i know what only.
Make loads in her face and who doesn’t lol cody is tyler brennen a movie that’s on account is cool because it is not organic growth.
Also the oven the shades was like i become friends with your friends,
these look so we might go there was once i know but it’s cool how that she growth and being professional,
and tell me like i appreciate appreciate yourself for the concert like at school it will start to get in on us the necessary like what you do is working.
Oh but the crazy thing is i like the song shut up and when it is but for real.
Is the view is alive and ask.
What’s the leave in the,
whos got really big people who is is covered dilated to the o,
but today it on dialing load and.
Speaking of four point a little use a little while and i know but.
Oh with your friends what is the lego thing growing like a weed strange person musical memories as long as the song.

[34:29] The whole top of the enemies probably la looked intently twenty misses of people tell me how it like.

[34:38] How can i listen she start with you know i see these dark places like i would like your not read these messages now and that was were most.
Powerful most ever had music because that was like.
Is she believer by if you don’t work hard feeling nelson famously.
In when you get those messages is also coming to the funeral as in phone again can always.

[35:08] The sea will yes i feel like i feel like i feel the differences is crazy what is this is a good feeling as a gift like.

[35:20] But me get those kinda messages so it’s cool to sometimes like i think i might is making this for like again they may even stand this right and then like like the other day me where quora at pizza hut and dude shoulda mostly.
Number one fan whatever it is in what way and there was like who’s that.
Hey some fucking about really but yeah there’s little things like that is so like yeah people are listening and people are.
Get it or whatever you know so.
Yeah he of those type of messages and eight yeah it just shows that like what you doing is working now so i’m single are on the bike is yours meeting with like with like i was with the.
I want a drinking myself you know i can something like this song does help relieve for me that i can reach out and i was like.

[36:13] Yeah but who’s to say that i don’t know what to say that will a little i don’t know the words of the song was was google’s like.
Walking with music for you hello also would thank you for telling me that they use its.
Okay that’s nice we do you wanna talk about four twenty i.
And it will run all.
The size of the tumor is also very big day and only thing and that’s it was intensity in for the winter things and the things separate or crazy ss to.
We have that.

[37:02] On the ground when it is running and i am.
Partake so.
It’s not nothing new but they at the.
Thank everybody on facebook is talking about.

[37:31] I am so thankful people and receive the seventh mizrachi facebook it is though where it what.
My favorite things are doing this for two months ago was the only verdict is sailing in social work no interior heavily.
Lovely making people with out why do you say that doesn’t.
Well i got what i have to be friends in the max the winters ago and now look at him now be like this person is two pages or you know whatever i’ll delete whoever whenever accounts on active or on the use that daily.
Fun followed all these people or whatever so that we have a deal average on the new ironman you were never but yeah system is is.

[38:28] I also did using the question you have another place home.
Make an michael garcia yeah i think of yeah covered for most of the summer and the camaros because they come chill it.
Traveling has come off as it was before for the music in our drive can for.
On your journey rc like i was like what the paper to live with the screws lose living hell as one man is as crazy my.

[39:04] That’s enough to me in hours while the mind me saying to fly from houston to.
The intercom to wire.
Yeah and we’re still in one of my favorite spots but that are close them and that place is the shit but she can’t fucking stand to why or anything.
On one of his music videos.
Sissy jessie from california and then drove four hours yeah i don’t know he flew three freaking happy yeah.
But i’m not crazy i push the game honey out of the job is about to drop my seven.
So make that i’m in first came out my first so i came out in two thousand four.
So but and as of late i started putting out music as a record label in like two thousand one week that are for sale on as a record label.
I think this will be like our twenty first or twenty second.
But i mean i don’t really really consider myself a recommended one more than not trying to sign anybody and i’m done with that whole also since two thousand was like when we first when i first started like to use yeah do stuff.
But yeah this will be my.
Seven so when it eventually does come out of service her first full-length in yeah on this on the.

[40:40] Oh wait for number as i’ve recieved this stuff that will solve one start with the.
Mason of the most economical smaller stuff for nine weeks yeah projects because.
Spots are energy worry it’s in doesn’t it but with that means but i was like seven thousand and at that seven to ten to twelve sounds like the most really wanna new at this point cuz lake.
It’s so saturated and people don’t really listen albums like these two anymore.
So it’s like fucking it’s pointless to have like looking nineteen track album people really are gonna listen to the whole fucking out does it take all his concert is in cairo.
Oh really yeah is not like.
Some everything nervous cuz they think people and nothing you know lyrics of the songs to sing that is good in an office with that’s cool.
He just dropped a new yeah dating is all that is a really it.

[41:48] I am mostly who neighbors but only in it just not familiar with his music actions and fan.
Part of it as a physician my.

[42:02] Early quality to use the music in because of a lot of unison to music if you like this is like the way storm ask yourself option like.
Fall in the trap bees bees possible something like oldies music again because that’s just risen from the learn more always come from.
And then prints from china every one of the important most all stop because you know.
Signal is yeah she can yeah.

[42:36] I don’t listen to any of the new stuff to a lake learn to appreciate certain artists recently.
Post malone and some like hes been around for a couple years now but it started appreciating him like in the last week.
Two three months now i really like is this on me though yeah well he somebody that first and he blew up off the fucking internet places that is why when.
Yeah yeah okay what is.
He did have a point three zero if that is there was like he had like a fucking his brains out and then he’s gotta grow incident,
and like some but not sure in and was like a post malone was really trying to be the ugliest motherfucker is in school for the door because he put his image and when i was a huge and lost.
Synchronize hue like what the same stuff yet and people i hate for for yeah likely enough work.
And also because after it was like always gotten really cool you know yeah it’s crazy sometimes work like a like will come up.
Where can you explain innocence is outside in the dark and i was like the hardest it was like.
What’s the summary controversial thing is is like no but the same time it’s like that selma voices graduation were really yeah and this is some of the most likely happen to the after.

[44:10] Add people so i figure you’re yeah he is definitely unique look at your.
When you start what are good i am working and also circuit who’s that plants what is a pack as awesome i can make a of people who.
Who is matthew mccarty and sam love her.
Yea well means are you taking real game oh really with who is on their,
the thing in the lake summoning the demon or whatever and then the ones on.
Not yet yeah round stopped its turned into in.
When i leave here to make it remember he’s always listening to music all for the first discovered that says like a fucking chick flicks beaten it like,
is really spin and yeah like in like a fucking landscaper like rappers that aren’t even really rapping at this point it was refreshing to hear actually like fucking rapping.
They do shit and it won’t have i never knew she was shoes so knowing he should she use these thinking as the life.
Who’s douglas style which is that is like.
The key word is now it was last was awarded as a people think these issues that was rubbish out of the milk itself with last annoyed by it okay was.

[45:51] Dim sum place people like that when the company has put out like she was put out that charlie single.
The hot is actually of its adobe actually it’s in the video is just like her on my snap chat for some shit like that just looking.

[46:11] Fuck around and not stop yeah yeah whatever feels.
Of course that is on the radio yeah has a lot for my germany’s like jennifer’s of the pansies opera singer the chopper has been the singer was pretty big.
Any sign of use it is not like a late record.
And sneakers on like this song please guys are awesome like that arctic much quick comeback much the only gets under.
We have the song again and the.
Oh i was looking like is this let’s else is like in my jammies battles like that they were misled he loves and cosmic do but like you’ll be trying to wrestle getting out yet,
no worries things in the seventies like when you get a certain level workers like he’s like you not even.
People of you as i can i use them like is a free reign like everything like no king canada isn’t working service and,
yeah he’s like this every day your wrote two of us euros our room in the green room was that the small box and also my twenty five years you cannot the stages pro.
And blaze there’s washed up after the regular box yet and.
That’s that’s a good analogy action this all the jobs justin mckinley is not coming from the movie left of.
That’s going to care about others people like you know over dosing some crazy yeah i could see that.

[47:47] Thing is right by the that no one sees it.
The flip side of that there going to fucking suck to be lake where you can’t even go pump gas only working grocery shopping or something like that only we’re in the us is play there if you wasn’t for.

[48:07] The music part of say dollar.
Where is that much worse i do cuz you like even though all of a sudden put this.

[48:20] The bullshit that comes with us that you know is is is there are worse than all time it definitely out weighs the christopher colson open and everything we the music on so yeah.
As a consequence.
Stream feel like we should talk about that men flock to have yesterday and it is his oh yeah the girls that’s that’s cool officer.
What if i’m gone what,
yeah get elsewhere where we can where we can find you on its all the social media stuff on the results of the best news dot com website and keep the originals,
all videos on music everything there was nice that was nice lol but there.
What was the major this part of options for this to pandora should be there.
Are is social media stuff with them underscore music except facebook and then.
Is it his face is that alfred to be in kingston solutions and yeah.

[49:38] What is that movie was so i was driving i saw when you were taking a picture i was driving by i was going to that netflix and i saw you outstanding in your home buying,
the dance moves and it.
Was she at the sole.
Yeah yeah as long as the am appreciative yeah man with the episode will be on itunes and is on wednesday so that’ll be our.
Yeah it’s on live now but still be able to download it listen to it listen on wednesday whatever officer and pushes us to that is right my.
I see these men.

[50:39] What is that movie up when you spot the gas is awareness walk.

[50:50] I checked the.

[50:52] Find me and the following think it was i went to and i went the unit one forty five as opposed to be at.
Make some and okay cool is the method for info that has been in the.
I said that’s cool for a minute and then i had.
Why was it out of this i’d over to see where it was that you guys were over by like across my getting though.
There’s a gang of people that got me another at least half hour before it get to that stop the i think that.
So it is still think that zero people call me at i don’t know we covered like a good two blocks or so.
When people do that is there was a good outlet in town kids and i’m sure that the numbers that.
Closer to when i was talking to our agent i don’t know if i missed like the intro where there were at the labor temple across from mcdonald’s on the.
So i know they had some speakers are people who are recovering from meth addiction and i’m not quite sure what is happening.

[52:09] It was a gift to you and yeah that looks like the calming signs and.
I know that but not the speakers that you can see how long was actually lock and it was just looking yeah so if all of the long walk so we we’re ready by the park in the first united methodist church,
somewhere closer to and buy it so that he.
We went out spring always eighteen down to go to school,
we took that long only back down to leave because i was like yeah like the good and then soon as we hit the block like,
i’m bored for the all it goes down i would like to know because.
Will i be so that really was like messing with me but like at the same time that’s cool they the method to reduce future to him i got a mean briefly.
Yesterday and he’s on board next to that i think there are several people involved in politics and the everything seems but he pinpoint his location on purpose and he picked that spot.
For you so and so yeah i use pudding that happened right there i was leaving on meth addiction person is not just right there but.
Yeah please is higher than yeah that’s part of.

[53:40] Will it snow down so you see them standing out yeah condos and.
We turn and we rightly so we were lucky leaves for.
Is all like will you were legally lot with nothing call me when of those too late for losing.
Freaking is here as like minded like cushion between that are probably good.
Hundred pounds together and like gravel and mud and going to the hole where is the drainage in the back.

[54:21] We’re gonna say but yeah so we his love you ladies and like this dude across the street is that considered.

[54:32] Probably like looking back and forth like recording when bob leaves and everyone’s like who can drive as across the way and ask reviewers a question.
People in there like i love not the xp to which of the,
play the new i thought of you are so i,
play this is in the house are not the blades that that that that that i’m the white house,
that’s the one after a couple weeks goes out but a couple weeks ago them with my home girl we made this dude in.
He was buying us drinks and do all so whatever then i went to your bar and if you have anything he stop.
He stopped that is not a home real quick and has a is with and then he lived like on that fucking block like the fucking ghetto blocking like what the.
What we doing here and he was outside when the enemy you are due to be on his ideas but with the.
Go to his house and now hungry in the car.
What was the set again and she was like nono gotta go so we fucking got out and we ran down to the fucking that come and go down there and then we took a lift to.

[56:10] Her spot or whatever but still,
set the problem today there was a man that lived cement bs running to fucking get at least fucking twelve or maybe do that,
this is not happy that they come across from the jail they close at eleven something the twenty four hours so i have a good nachos likely to have my,
there’s nothing in the lake that i was close yeah so next time i wait for closing and.
Why is it that people you know which element comes out of the year when they get out of.

[56:52] I don’t really know how they can force business closed her but like the whole reason that coming goes there.
Go over gotta go get your fucking to eleven five thousand one passat there’s like to set language drivers.
Four five is like so many others i had people without those shoes.
How is that going to record it with the again just goes.

[57:28] Is there a fuse that will it.
Oh yeah that’s a new one fucking week yeah goddamn,
the show was so that he should do what the hell is the hotel tell the story we have some time my home girl from there as.
Comes up here and are no she’s a fucking meth heads,
whatever but then fucking by mean may i go no need it know that i’m telling me some story lol.
What is the thing yeah okay so early.

[58:21] I gotta go way back this girl like way back to two thousand two week long long time before she wasn’t so she the internet.
This is a commentary on one hand and it was given to you so they.
I want that so i picked up and then yeah we had fun who’s light and then we go back to my house and.
She’s a good.

[58:46] If you could the sizzling so fucking lake takes off her fucking.
Pants and underwear is dance around working on most of the guys cool haley business.
And then and then she fucking is i don’t know where to start flipping out the boxes i crying in the,
there’s road work as the yeah sure for like three i gave.
There is a complete mess yes is like losing her shit and she pulls out like a pair of panties out of her purse and fucking,
take them and then goes over to the sink and starts washing her panties in the sink like a torpedo she’s like crying.
In the hood you okay like what is going on here but what the fuck’s happening and then he’s like to a hundred i gotta go housing.
Let you in from where you going and then she fucking see blocks out.
My cousin posted the base of my car so they can a little bit worried about my car so i’m outside seals wanna and then.
Fucking he’s like clear down the street like this rolling with her fucking too big old bags that like one thirty in the middle somewhere that is.
I need to think i know that yeah three thirty seconds after after the game time whatever in an.

[1:00:23] At his age with phones but no at three thirty in the morning with some where is he said i talk to her but i seen she is she sees post on facebook so i know she’s alive.
Laying in the bed she didn’t post it didn’t post from a long time she didn’t post for like a good like five six days and hours later.
Yeah i know what is like wanted to see if she was like fucking like was gonna post some like where the fuck am i am in jail or some cuz that what happens to you at that time.
Play some normal for a while yeah that probably wasn’t the regular ass night for a fucking messages produce a,
oh those another time and is someone going to sleep what is it to wash my panties get the forgetting could happen.
Yeah it’s nightmare that has a my with a three weeks or two weeks that was douglass.
But is that network.
Yeah that he is okay to go to the beginning that’s why we need a minute walk with a harness a click and it will help these girls.
Because there is people in recovery people know.

[1:01:53] Someone that they live struggling with either or if you know kids the kids let that gives the money you school kids they became the they have slowed they came with the boys and girls club.
And so there’s a lot of them and their messages were strong and are supposed to use that one half like that’s give my mom back seems like people you see that has.
I feel like a lot times people a lot and people were going to addiction so like off to the kids or the kids are left out cuz.
And i see that it because i.

[1:02:30] I’m on the other end of that mac uses his that’s hard see in the mid in the third empowering to to come together as one and it was really beautiful.

[1:02:41] It was a great turnout you say so that he is the only school about muscle i don’t know i heard there might have been some hungry kids and.
And no for once i missed the intro so i don’t really know what is that gonna do this again because you richard’s new watching her five hassle though.
Is my fax won’t shut up about music so it was a pretty good day and stuff with because.
As he is he from here to know i don’t think so i think maybe this is i don’t know i just added.
Please do it more often error that i think lifestyle will take what was lake you know what can you do to keep this movement going.

[1:03:31] Not just that the walk but how can you employer breathe into whatever else you to feel as.
One thing that will be but this is like you love whose presence in stuff like that has okra cream flavor so that was the news from kotaku should get tickets for all of these reasons and together.
And now that everyone know people’s perception its heats up the kids in his back to me it’s all about convention so my nephew had the signs of like you know i place to be three will you join.
It sounds like he can stay that’s dan’s young so you don’t have to do all of the after you and immediately lose your life for a little bit then turns to the rescue and.
Getting back to the place so.
I think this is a hiring in excited to see what you know what others are coming up now because they.

[1:04:31] Parents are lying on the cat scan to their parents and see what it be like that and their siblings that richie made a good statement about it not do the job the jimenez family is what causes the early.
Is it now there’s kids wake up at amazon and there but they are having a cookout they said they recently still.
And like that’s happening right now is really punching you so unit president respectively gets.

[1:05:01] The relevant topic connecting with something that.
Everyone without damaging the while i have been affected in some way so he to the one thing i know me and.
The one thing i heard from a couple people told me this was that just the name of it kinda put him off on it like.
The math walk or whatever disowning for the final maybe they could.
Call it something else brand is like i might use or something like something yeah is like my.
My thing is i have always got one do something related to that i would so lose like her that’s a nice of should be like in the summer time or something.
Hey i know you might have plans with a hot or often summer time is always the question because they’re mostly if it’s.
And will that we should bring my popsicles and ice and waters and is no these kids a little bit.
I would love to do more fuse and its been something i’ve said you know nothing about that it is hard to get this beasley actually.
Put a plane down and go thru the k and my twins are free right now and so i actually,
next year though week in a better place where they actually see me and also rub off on them that when the girls were little.
They found the two everything so i know they would love to help and you need something suppose i and not just one person and there’s a lot of people there i’m sure they took away some type of message you this is.

[1:06:41] I’m into ladies was there and there is has a new is a little wet say well i know that their facebook page in the actual shared it.

[1:06:51] But i have no one else i know the whole stuff on his facebook.

[1:06:57] Yeah but you’re when replacing the people yeah and also both teams wore going.
Is richard and obviously slobbery you like usual when this ten years and the two times is because i know part of terry stafford was like we do this on the west everyone brings peace for,
fighting and i think that should always be the case but whatever cuz i used to hunt should be out there you know kind of hoping for something vice versa.

[1:07:29] Seven two ladies out there in it and they have been talking to someone and they like didn’t you which means.
So i know they always think we need a place like up nicely cover.
It just places where it may concern say in things like that also down for that you know the value of the doctor was.
Elise foster she’s for my child and she’s a professor out there and she doesn’t want to students there that needs to be.
How to travel to do that but you know there some names of all those people that.
How is non do things like that of interstate next meeting people like.
Cuz the light everyone would like to do that for summer spring on me and yeah it’s almost connections and people sharing it more.

[1:08:22] I wish everything was that then you post that you see that has yet to switch on.
I think we’re things will come.
I’m about to go see the holy hell are my people turn against meth out that yeah.
And where story should skip the inescapable straight of people who name their kids,
he’ll be that girl for continues crying at.
I want to live life to the washington the white people hundred.

[1:09:08] The washer was leaking to clean was a girl one thing to question is that.
Yeah man i detect a home girl to as a.
I don’t know what’s gonna happen tonight but like it’s gonna and fuck that are you know who it’s gonna be some fucked up flag and what is that factory.

[1:09:37] I never used that the new one to dislike this what i never got so out from people like,
i probably have more snaps that date just off of that being.

[1:09:54] Then i have ever gotten like that was in the dude like what the fuck what the fuck are you doing alright for me to do something in the vacuum head,
there’s always something he lives from school a couple do a thing for five years or something anyways the whole post about like,
can you tell me if your mass is your height is usually the yeah or what is the.
And some of the engine light will with the problems in their business done that was one of the base and yeah using because they were together as the house is looking amazing building.

[1:10:41] What’s the ozone like movie everything i,
that’s good yeah yeah yeah but you’re a guy if my motorola,
crazy it was in the audience man truly think it’s rough out there.
He had a long time friend went and call him to come over like procedure answer just.
Which is a kind of african sixties maybe and.
He show up with ads was always a super nice guy.
When taking over and jam was a kinds in not a lot of men and women money sitting on the couch to.

[1:11:34] Can i use it as i am raising accounts set of white people like a long time.
I just recently.
Hey i’m sorry i was that is whatever of the that is totally okay that is the two thousand dollar would yeah yes i think there are different.
You ever understand se ni me in rows gideon’s of the method is,
but we need a lot just for that she never of a like mind is single like you know that we greatly does.
Do anything in this surgery that i.
Is there any like some called it like it is that shit i don’t know how to make you think that your.
That’s crazy normal light in living are like the coolest thing ever on the skinny lady.
Pretty pretty quickly that’s okay but the.
But everything is on the least of hours something like,
is it legal for an after likes to someone and yeah that was the deal they got some crazy was his or her,
will you and then call me when you get up in the thing that one of the thirteen.

[1:13:17] Yes that’s good culture many you can change your and then.
Show me those things that i like you know i hear people making a parties are here people be like some people slow gets into machine and will both.
Order something they all that way,
nibbles back to his unit and where by the way it’s not clean clean do it that way for,
do not like it and they said the judge of that logic methodology is the worst.
Not now while.
Change the subject but we had homeboy def is gonna be calling here pretty soon from new mexico.
Mc fuck in.
Speedo eyeglasses cinnamon pickles in philadelphia with the show the other pretty sure those something.
Yeah she called reserve you in all honesty during on.
Go to music in the transplant or whatever answer that in the summer so that group for we could definitely for sure not people at estimated number.
I already canceled state in excel that we we should give them who did he do that.

[1:14:54] I really like it like a lot but.
Send a big screen i know how i get.
Is in the ninety seconds and i was totally wrong interested in the iphone six.
At ten yeah it’s like it it’s cool celebrities who know.
She was is delicious thing for our as traded in on you create a yeah she was fucking pissed.
Where do the is looking to have that meeting that guy is me dead.
Yeah it’s the worst is the light bill of resistance should use that say something think so i can.

[1:15:50] Play the hush yeah so there is privileged.

[1:16:02] Suppose that use in the icons is it.
It’s an elevated and then they watch missing facebook people.
Alright well it’s probably this as i was really into the text andrew.
Well maybe you don’t but it.

[1:16:44] Send me the top of the food hey what’s up man.

[1:16:53] Yeah caller number nine how are you.
Anyone wanna and call it from ever going to arrive,
the company to go on a tour of the city la union shop for the bike yeah everybody there is a man yet so tonight then or what.

[1:17:16] I gotta show that i did we all know yet we only.

[1:17:24] Where where’s that way people can’t use their watching a facebook tonight.

[1:17:37] Are there stuff is okay in there.
Yeah you like that okay the dude was asking what where’s the show at the end of people are tune in live to go get tatted.

[1:17:56] What’s gone wrong and i share in the code for weeks we have here call one of the best,
we are leaving the country called the return of the biker of the filipino people for eating the whole when i get on the bed and was really.
They are the same thing you can come out in mexico myself.
That is done it’s over in the last couple months great on the good on gas yeah thanks man thanks for giving us a call i know you just dropped an album a couple days ago they right.

[1:18:34] Yeah i dropped it in the drop friday for twenty five project for myself from the court we go by the gas.
Basically i live in is fired from your job at the bob duncan.
Lol engine to but it’s the confusion.
Only the music going to drop the water check it out anybody in the on off social media platforms except pandora you typing did i think that the,
baby okay interior up that’s a is that is all natives are just a.
Yes on the green alarm that hundred in building a home you go over there and by the players from irish fellow that reminds you and,
i’m a filipino nicholas was so convincing defy so.
You know we divided by diverse groups but of nokia model two hundred are you on third or first nation so we.
The painting a lot of events based around the first nations are getting this,
events in the book he sell the hoses recover from a lot of dollar gift for my kids and avenues protocol to record and there is too hot to read.
That’s what your your member of a couple of different groups right to the yearly member definition where the new solo stuff as well right.

[1:20:12] Yeah exactly state of full time of your projects mothers friendly we have a group called definition rare.
Been going to be getting off for dr our time in years but you only able branch out move we still gotta project coming out.
That’s hella how long have you been rapping like how when where and when did you would use the first got and music.

[1:20:39] I think after like the chill rob g on the power on like in the future will not unlock when you go on your driving and,
there’s a couple songs on the news cashier and.
Having children it really under rated of some property maybe one of the person she better not all my years and olio i liked it tonight be nice flow.
Actually got in the drum poetry in middle school.
And just know you manually conceded the combination of his poetry and running your own.
Get well i try to be a people at the beginning of my.
I need a cultured but when it gets counterpart appear.

[1:21:29] Will i be trying to find my niche and finally working contribute to the culture and did you back in being used in my primary.
Back to dropping years but also been using the gmail out of the driving time.
That’s what’s up with credit card debt fight ninja turtles have jumped off.
What you got me screaming being screened our goal only like that when a even though.
Gotta give credit on the coming out of the trees like the first video,
that is a very cool like to much work i think maybe the battle of the year the way the second day we were also a huge influence upon me so.
Wanting to yeah that’s a big no new first in a long time and i can’t i can’t even remember the first time.
Like we started doing stuff together i think it was what it was definitely before that battle of the chief that thing in you you battle manic wonderful.
Or whatever maniac that you can i know you before that i can remember my mother’s been like party in or out whatever down over here.
Whatever while i am back for.
I think i have a video of the thing i seen this i have a video of you this is like way back in the day before i ever knew you a video of hell and back was in the middle of the street trying to battle somebody or whatever.

[1:23:08] You are back there and i didn’t realize it was you till eight years later oh shit that’s that’s five,
but when i seen that video recently and it in.
I’ve didn’t even realize i had known you back then but apparently i did after the podcast email me the footage.
It’s somewhere and you tube holding it up and find it and it is funny man to call the that’s gotta be said that that’s gotta be like two thousand four or five six summer and i don’t remember.
He got the menu two thousand six two thousand seven hundred twenty w over ten years and all done a couple shows the time and.
Remember the show we did in philadelphia dollar ten thousand.
I you been sober since about then right.
Yeah exactly like that time will probably one of the last time to actually drink so that’s the blower for early like over four years now,
that’s what’s up man the after party when i still was done,
one more,
what will the yeah it’s crazy man speaking shows we got that.
Get your put on the gathering mc is here coming.

[1:24:39] Yeah i think i gave her my annual gathering of and you don’t really looking forward to that a lot of in the coming in from across the country.
Yeah it’s gonna be go friday the twenty seventh large anybody going to albuquerque new mexico for the gathering of nations.
May she come together in a recipe or friday night will be rap competition that sixteen yo battle alot alot showcases live dj reflection on wanted to.
And for making me a little different this year went on a collection twenty on the rap competition so.
We’re fine fine surprise and a good time the expected new eviction and has a farm and.
Yeah man it’s all the time you do you got this many times dollar thirty yeah makes haven’t been in a few years i’m just excited to get back in.
You know see everybody again and does it back down and.

[1:25:43] Yeah i could shut the entire wide open into a minor wreck and i am the yeah absolutely.

[1:25:55] I think you and do so we images of definition will like them also i need change in my shield.
It didn’t correct the truth six control the show hundred dollar making you don’t record anyone donation.
What message from derby on a ride with rose and how to use it on the decline of the.
We live in the country do methods i’ve seen them.
Few times i’ve ever met him in person but i’m a fan of their music and i like he know second born son a lot so i am excited to see them perform.

[1:26:45] Having money doesn’t like some company and your performance around me i could be everybody get down.
Nothing to try to sleep before i work for that can be read by the weekend yeah man then that whole weekend is usually just a blur of madness going on so.
I’m excited for in the same year also got down memory on friday.
Don’t anybody thinking around or after the gathering of nations of the power has been you and am that supreme power.
Go out that we will be performing in the country age on sunday evening right at seven thirty on with our lives and the lives being the release party where did that.

[1:27:36] I’m really looking forward to the following best way correspond and she is it safe r eight technicality goes to grab her live been like this for the.
Are we yeah deathly it’s a totally different experiences as.
Fan and as our students a completely different thing that is watching someone rap on mike with dj or whatever.

[1:28:02] No we got.
We got some water is life is gonna be the summer working and the show today you wanna talk a little bit about that radio and how um how that came about.

[1:28:14] Yeah the song water like you back shear the wrong from the right move and no no longer take baker right moment and for whatever segment.
I wasn’t able to be there for part of the time or most of the time that all the data is going down to north.
But i have no fundraise by completed the song.
I think i chose the sugar music video performed on the corner where i can ground and also at the casino for one of the legal defense fund.
Anyway you going for.

[1:28:58] Just a few days ago actually a song where they were coming play control in the morning say my song out a lot of guys that some inspirational words of the song.
Any news on welcome page because i was taking.

[1:29:16] Directions for liking reading more about the mission of the happening today more so than to bow when you first mentioned earlier to be balanced seem to understand that from the father to take direction towards the music in.
Putting more meaning into it.
Eight billion one hundred one hundred shit or something new like this was like don’t let the broccoli and am sister the one and after that point with a couple mentors i just got your message last switch it up and hour out of.
I guess they will destroy the conscious grill to song that i’m doing well in life is.
That page wasn’t hackers and thanks for playing along the yeah no problem man.
We’ll see what about sign up men do it up at the boom boom room tonight man city pretty dope and will catch you in a couple days here in albuquerque man.

[1:30:16] Okay is there travels me knowing you have doesn’t mean will it be in the other.
If you wanna follow me on instagram at p underscore.

[1:30:31] Yeah how’s the space that spell re do your social media stuff so people can value in the by music and i can’t.

[1:30:40] Yeah check me out follow me on social media instagram and twitter at the under score in.
A butterfly macha being a height thing on.
Facebook facebook dot com forward slash gas rapper being f r a p p e r.
And is very much alive in your online community and call me in the chances of me rapping three in the morning live.
And what did income am so thank you very much r broke new ground may twenty.
Having i manual will see a couple days are numbered it easy on.

[1:31:32] Alright that’s what’s up yeah high school is good dude but the third that show we didn’t in philadelphia lady fucking.
He had like is march games like button is the only earrings and like all kinds of lake kit that and never thought fucking so.
Is it late here in tel nation yeah that what the fuck like he was on machine has things they.
I think so but to three cd that i he he was just fucking making money and what is the area of ridiculous but there is a god and crazy but it’s good dude will be.
Rocking together this friday at the launch pad so that left this so i think he has the words of the is going to.

[1:32:24] Gallons are gonna be raining so yeah i’ll be at the launch pad friday nights few now pretty come.
Fuck me holding down there a week and you’ll be over the fact front of walter whites house and.
Crying in the infiniti war to movie and all that stuff so yeah i’ll be down there hit me up fucking you know be doing whatever so.

[1:32:47] Hit me up in knots let’s get into some high jinks or whatever it chinese empire cast down into heat up some people on.
Caramel idyllic yeah maybe table’s yeah i might just bring it to that show since like.
A lot of the artists will be there in the district of the round table everybody together or is thinking maybe just do something in my room cuz there’s a calm.
It’s weird cuz is not letting many hip hop events going on that i’m aware of anyway usually it’s like fucking cluttered with departments it seems like this year’s only that gathering of em season and red cloud’s do and show the same night at the same time.
So but that’s just friday but there’s nothing thursday nothing saturday which normally goes there’s a fence on something so yeah so i mean,
it’s just gonna be fucking filthy with natives so,
i’m sure it’s only cat i’ve only been to it lights but yeah seven hundred of us is so ridiculous that pot bars close in like.
The streets are literally flooded.
If the natives me so many on the calzone breaking up again as soon as many things i’ve yet.
It’s it’s a glasses it’s so funny have to do it once in life of its yeah it’s great i can’t wait to get down there so yeah i don’t know if my just.
Having an airplane flying amazing call certain people in my room and be like let’s just have one on one sit down rather than like.

[1:34:25] You know trying to avoid all the serving dishes yeah get let’s buy yeah it’s not really have much going on saturday so i think i might do some live q one of us in the.
Get some shit done on saturday i got bs weed so as the.
Open the state for cfc sweet sweet and bread they forget to tune in to show you all we will see you guys in a couple weeks in holland mi seen in albuquerque.