Dresch Code 025 Does Your Brain Ever Go “Heh Water”?

Dresch Code Ep 025 Does Your Brain Ever Go “Heh Water”?
Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme “Equilibrium” by The Disarmed

Our guests this evening are Allyson Bousema, Parker Monson, Derek Morgan, and Kat Walsh!! It’s guaranteed to be a good time. 

This week’s topics included: What is your least favorite song on your favorite album, underrated acts, most rewarding thing about performing, comedians who don’t get enough love, introvert or extrovert, Sum up the internet in one word, should high school offer stand up comedy instead of speech class, favorite quote, songs that make you cry, who was your biggest influence, what new act gives you hope for the future,  best pulled over by the cops story, best dad jokes, and who would you haunt if you were a ghost?

Bare Bodkins Theater Group


How to Speak to Gen Z – Yeet Explanation.


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You find yourself lost on a journey. You pull over and step out of your car. The sun is falling as dusk is fast approaching. Every direction you look all you see are miles and miles of prairie. Suddenly all you see is red!

The prairie holds secrets. Secrets carried in whispers through the windswept tall grass. Secrets hidden in the headlines of small town newspapers and halls of sleepy county courthouses, passing terrors upon which God-fearing folk dare not fixate for long.

These are the stories of those secrets, of the peaceful prairie’s lost sons and daughters and the horrific acts of violence that haunt those who remain.

From outlaw gunslingers to mentally unstable murderers, from crimes of passion to crimes of greed, secrets remain buried and red flows everywhere among the prairie. Welcome to the Red Prairie Podcast! A new true crime podcast coming soon!


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