Dresch Code Ep 018 Wolf Number Eight

Dresch Code Ep 018 Wolf Number Eight
Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme “Equilibrium” by The Disarmed

Guests: Bill Ballard, Debbi Jones, Paul Schipper and Adam Wilka

This week’s topics included: Worst car you ever owned, a time you were poorly received, we love Nathan Hoffman, dirty or clean comedy which is harder?, hardest role you’ve ever played, Weirdest App ever, does a fat comedian losing weight take away the funny?, serious actor who did a great comedy role, if you could be any person for one day and more.










Machine Transcript
[0:18] Hello how are you to reverse you are tuning into the trash
good a dress code pressed color for subway stephanie i have to be the one that last dress code for the a.
Dress code is anything restart so we’re at episode eighteen legal age are show can also smoke cigarettes and buy lottery tickets this very important.
Can you add seventeen actually got the great sweats episode eighteen i have new pants on this website.

[1:06] What’s the back up messege walmart card and the buckle challenge.
Oh yeah you has a lot of what i don’t know what the motherhood a few weeks ago after you okay,
you ready to fix the bucket challenge is not the buckle very proud to customer service.
If you can we go into the buckle.

[1:31] And touched the back wall and leave without anyone reading you want the buckle challenge and you can’t hurt anyone could you can
snacks only outright if there is a question yo are so this select costco is like the opposite of the bucket trap them
buckle challenge where they like him they prevent.
Greeting right i don’t know about it let me add a middle want to talk to the residents who davies and i like headphones that i could top up with a cat in the college code but i was told who is a member so i was ok and had so case with me
is fine are we both waiting
do the massage chair demo on sat together could a really cute and i’m jealous that i gotta for rideshare like for you to
what can i help you set up now i’m at work but there was a really like deep much like to punch you in the us that back.
Donkey punch and massage right after show
no this is really the head and its all fair this show is market where hello sorry but i have an underdelivery problem talking for god’s sake my existential dread somewhere else so we should introduce our guests tonight and we have had some
yeah quit your fantastic lineup this evening i’ll tell you why.

[3:00] Important revelation of stories are from brand and product from profiles below belly hurts so i’m so good good
look up the meaning i think that would be a thriller star edge case that’s where partnership with this handsome gentleman had a mocha.
Very good sir i’m almost as good as good a director producer of march first,
where can i see the black what should i call me right now for sure how are you doing what i can do the psychiatrist psychology what is your favorite word net flicks what he expects.
Travel guide you have to be phuc i want to hear a favor to tokyo on.

[3:53] Producer of monstrous little theatre company and profiles member debbie jones how are you saying anything keys active.
So how is the traffic like how this show works for the uneducated who have not seen this yet before.
Are we pulling questions and topics out of this bucket.
And we decide does this pass or fail the dress code meeting yes we will talk about it or not we will not talk about it and so i think that.
Pretty much sums it up do we have a boat it’s kind of like a majority or fifteen am miss lee ozwald yes kind of feeling.

[4:30] There will be a time record than usual and that really happens love should a bill right now to go to listening for good listener confirming socially awkward so it’s like
the most outspoken person will say your name that everyone just kinda goes with it that way so delayed
transfer just said so i will close i know dark is right house not here this evening here at tech were so far
which is a fraction of your company is producing full motion no more and shameless plug for samsung so i’m here with us in spirit to see the next episode.
I’m so gonna pass the buck around the question this time change lol but fun fun.
I am ready for fun place to escape from some fun
if you watch some skating four ish if and surname was also starting a temper tantrum yo on
lookup lookup pictures already from the first year students.

[5:40] Worst car you ever owned hello haley sr button does not want to because i have a good story are you there.

[5:51] Sign up.
Translate type me a.
Toyota four runner is PT cruiser kinda sucked but what is a credit cards that were launched the pt could he was good with stylish it was classy.

[6:15] Yes it was just rough and heater stopped working last winter so it was the worst winters in my life because shang,
yes but not in real does wear blankets would a group that shares the blankets rate man and the other car the toyota four bags and want to figure out exactly that way for a toyota four runner that i own
what breakdown in the middle of traffic.
Amen one time not fun and also how dare you call if i broke down at three in the afternoon on the seventeen is right next.
And all that i was still in college this one freshman year and all my old friends were driving because fresh than once.
Sorry except for your garmin police officer um i can run it officer yeah stop by.
Local hero officer and save that guys life one time or to say that doesn’t make you compare not sure if i like the one
how is that you se this life now he saved yo are there just no where to happen to read the today by life with the,
select car so i see that that was not his newest record you need and still story is not over you go sports car.

[7:36] Oh gosh i feel anything about this car is a is because my first car how was your first car doors car not sure there was always things i loved about it
i me know the jeep so u and was like you know you look like you’re a bad ass for high school you have any pets or children but feel that cherokee tho so i can make pop so that s plus
this is what it was like a ninety jeep cherokee and like to put a lift kit on it and like some like big nabi like.

[8:05] Multi or zombie look like a man but i do what i do i gotta like i just talked to and from school happy was actually ever happen with a gift i was asked you think that you like
oh where do i go yo on.
Hey am i suppose do not know if it like that whole thing to the left right because every time i turn the corner like to be part of the tired
would like the google doc that i was trying yo are the give it out because it was like,
jesus latest overheat and this one was like just kinda like you couldn’t even keep and freezing anymore was terrible as i can right.

[8:53] No it never for a second i press the gas too hard once in the antifreeze exploded in the price but the lights for press the gas too hard who’s your curry it was like early in the morning i don’t play church.
Show me i was in a park the lord needs me and i hope that i heard an explosion when was that.
Must be nothing is gonna keep driving parked in a parking lot and all over the parking head ass girl.
I want to see a
who evers cars in parking its leaking antifreeze everywhere haha please attend that i think i got up
should a wear drones without the specific written that herself so.

[9:43] Upload a blog fit okay i.

[9:51] I have owned about cars that were valued
under like fifteen hundred dollars i gotta send a pattern would a used throw away could a high status of idm.
I’d proudly say.

[10:21] Overall the worst war was a afternoon.

[10:27] Four ford taurus with it but i believe in two thousand thirteen and the reason that i bought it was because my other.

[10:41] Actually very reliable beater umm al lincoln continental i look at ninety eight or something umm.
Had other ben destroyed during the flood in sioux falls in the summer me a.
Carried off the road and then the that car is dead and i get to work and i was like i got the flyers four hundred dollars so good a thing broke down all the time
everything everything i know about cars i know for fixing my shit cars like i have.
I don’t know what stuffs called but i know that like there is two wires that i had to sometimes i have to re tie them together to get the car to start,
when do we break down and blue terminology yeah i don’t like you but i like that better if i can get out of the way the wires all back could a car jack yo on.

[11:43] I can feel yes opening up for the windows next week could a bad cars but i guess like the story there is.
What has three cars in the road great britain start driving until is twenty five.
So why that’s kinda weird you have to chauffeur the rest before that i know he was my best friend in high schools like.

[12:09] I’m going somewhere is always say you’re going somewhere that’s not make sense why did you switch from text my phone.
Need to make reservations like it’s a really hard conversation like he really did madison for a little while and that’s not,
set the sleep i feel like you can walk beside like the dorm and at the grocery stores sell and split helpful in that were you don’t really.

[12:34] How did you do illegal stuff in high school.
Yo are the square behind sn of the car and couldn’t get me left behind because i got the same cell select my previous sentence amazing.
Minimize except in the winter.
Do you know how to tell using how much would you say about gas mileage like in purple with skylar would your hometown shows always spend
i will give him get some light you only ten bucks for gas and that’s it thank you like forty eight miles to the gallon wow computer i’m looking to get like
volume six is a hatchback so you can like all my gear into it that’s cool,
save the world one previous times don’t really want to know how to see if it was like six foot
no hundred it is a big hole in the inside like you i hate the show what it’s like that artists are on the inside there isn’t hate that show yet
could he man trying to set up earlier of bella i thought so.

[13:46] The office is overrated would he.
I want that and i still haven’t tried to re watch out like your school.

[13:58] Who is daniel cohen out how you think i am sick i will take office seasons and watch certain seasons,
can i after that i can i can do the first three four years,
cuz ur amazing and i season seven when she was leaving i only got a bank make the show a little more consistent with the writing i see that’s good,
and in tarzana got a little better like i didn’t like season eight i didn’t like season five and six,
can someone force those in particular with my office episodes i watched like in i never signed a refund.
No i didn’t finish it all the way through but can i stop watching all of it and i try to get back in because i can go but i want to watch like the last light.
Like six episodes so you don’t wanna do that i know what a monster dance outfit the worst way i’m sad.
Usa bus go back what they started next question would a dog previous story quick um.

[14:57] Froze you underwear dog is the basis in our band very tall.
Long blonde hair dresses in metal t-shirts all the time he pulled up to rehearsal and rehearsal space.
My dads to do and use blow
get in the car it goes with the spider in the front seat would a little extra less clear that there is a spot on the front okay
so sorry for the afternoon.

[15:27] She probably didn’t like that could a ride
yes robert i have so many shirts so empire podcast network first i need to get a banner snatch if you will though i’m going off the piano here options
you are here if i have like fifty cars stories but you need to hear the story about the shady shady card that she is responsible for my marriage where did she car
the car is a must to give me a black eye marriage i love a love story i like it.
Yo on.
Hey black i guess so.

[16:16] Can you remember the concert gonna feel pick up on farms around here where you got just for violating justify like a truck for eight hundred dollars that you like or dislike
disposable so get this old for dat been cut in half and turn into a flatbed can i think that was like a cool thing or like a thing that like was safe to do.
And now anyway so that’s me to four wheeler to go retrieve his truck that’s gone.
Are these panels on it that’s been left like out of disposable so it’s little you like to get a password for if it like to date me
yo are there
so she need black trailer with panels bringing this thing is a piece of shit truck just really slowly driving back and.

[17:05] Oh it’s coming from the south right by my cousins house that lives like half a mile away from my folks place one taking this.
And just about then i have an office it’s probably a rat not a mouse but it comes out from underneath the dashboard.
And it starts like attacking my light up my life and i’m just like stop it stop in and try the strawberry slam on the brakes.
When would a steering wheel or dislike so that no one steals so just so you know like.
Nineteen year old me select pocket pulled the it keep minimally go from flight.
Probably ten fifty miles per hour up the car door and just like roja for its wake up early down the road.

[17:59] I got it just still hurts you can about imagine me running i wasn’t much better haha after the spinal truck meanwhile.

[18:14] I look over my nieces and i like to remove cousins once removed or whatever nieces and nephews are playing.
Are there like.
Find van tennis of just like playing with little play house in sandbox and stuff out in their three rd all three of them are just looking at.
I can’t imagine watching this fact can i change the address on colab brothers fathers day.
So then i get back into the trap of i’ll catch up with is i will be was down like this to crawl so i can actually catch up to it.

[18:51] Get it from anthony running ten miles of our world that i wasn’t talking about her directions lower by the time i called it so i finally finally get up to eight members like.
Hey like scared of the mouse so i just like in like half way hanging out of the side of the traffic light staring at them like using a stick to like.
Push the gas pedal it just took that like a quarter of mile like up the road to take it from the part where is parking.
Greg pritchard hes like one of those like a personality types which is like when lana if you for meeting with game of thrones like this super uber like
ultra serious and you’re all we can process that it can yo are you get back in the milk.

[19:40] I’m out here looking at so i must get me a black eye story take over the steering wheel can i put you rock.
Yo are there
i ran to fill out there we have direct TV back and then suddenly you are like a way to order me some success.
Below u like to read the next step is this is the one i wanted to check with yo on if it was big for a fact her eyes how do you like different shows affect you.

[20:24] By difficult i mean low turnout personal feelings toward your performance etc etc etc etc.

[20:33] Save my wifes question hello i think so i’ll talk about it.

[20:39] What are the shows we can figure out away to a quiet yes to figure out a way to do that so let’s get done.

[20:47] I just tried it often out this point,
i stress about it for about ten minutes before to powerful for this depending on the show thought the circumstances of its like an open mike and i don’t get laughs i dont care,
is there like a return on the material however they can work but your first TV special in my be a little heartbroken if uh because i didn’t share with.
Skylar to be williams couple weeks ago and i was like there’s a couple of jokes that i didn’t think went great but i wish they gone way better and i like those still vibrating when i had a whole other restaurant half hour what really well i still focus on the two jokes it didn’t go great.
Direct hire power from i just wanna say that is madonna from the drug history didn’t have i was like.

[21:35] Did you do your kinda like what i got for the couple times last night to say hello and that my life science jokes didn’t land
you know i like was william and i just the DA
but then when i said that didn’t work in the audience liked the lights when that with at some time so i feel like they were they talking so much should a not of good junk.
I just need to shrug that stuff i feel like it’s another day just the app,
pretty much same with un tro for tomatoes where should i download this is what i was doing it do this to angle or nothing because like i can go for under thirty minutes
i like you just kinda shrug it off like you have to order a dress and deliver the umm.
And unlike while i was in but you never know when they gonna have some crazy shit without an audience member would like.

[22:42] On as long as no ones been physically heart in such a scenario catalog that i will love,
i don’t want that happening but afterwards i love thinking about it dislike.
I can’t believe that back in the chair to know if i say four just like i cant believe that i was that drunk and obnoxious by eight o’clock wednesday should a are so
brianna and if you got like the importance show you suck.
Yeah harder to drink a drink i don’t do that i just get really whiney after that,
who like scotland scottish after that show you like i know you don’t think you did good a picture
what is the address of your convince myself is better than yo.
I got this man i mean understand a thing like.

[23:45] Improv shows no i feel like dancing performance yet i was molested like i should i dont want to act in college that i am.
Man it was like a loser like that student had written and directed everything is maintenance.
And um the thing about the language of the players like it was all fairly similar so it was really easy switching points where i feel like,
is the cutout half of pledge so good a i just remember and it was like two people me and,
engine is looking at me like.
Nurse would try to get me back on track and i was like what am i doing that’s not have a kid going in my you know like my head is everywhere did i go away when did i miss like what’s so bad that half of right and then i got to the end of et,
did you realize you skipped and the middle east skip to the end,
selectors a lot of this doesn’t make sense to anyone you plan to watch it should a had exactly figure it out
would like to know more about the parties involved to be like you to come back and see the endless celebration.
Yeah tell me about the checkout after that after that was like whatever they saw what they saw you said it will take whatever they want expect god.

[25:08] You know nothing so terrible because it was his play in LA goes his baby and i just took it dislike it and she mad that i want to put the only ones i wanna go.
So yeah i think i’ll never do it again sorry that i never use to really have the fear of light to low turnout until i became.
Add executive director slash producer of theater in that it’s like you know the furious if you don’t get the turn out like how do we.

[25:37] Pay ourselves back for the work that we put into it i’m by as a performer are you.
Always look at it as like what is my intention with performing of course like the one intention to perform so that it can be seen right the audience is the purpose for our performances but for me and my personal audiences.
Is there a god that sees me personally but also like the experience is the biggest war we did improv the other night as.
Difference in open mic e and zach and emily like three of us are in profiles and there were no audience we had my two friends,
that we’re visiting.

[26:17] The two bartenders and then another like open mic performers and verifying bump which for an improv audience is actually pretty challenging because you.
You’ve improved based on audience suggestions and if you’re only getting suggestions from five people who are really candidate.
Did the wrong thing now i think i like the music or you know where are your very kind and wonderful friends if your watching good
the purpose was for that we can get ourselves out there and perform in front of people because of you can do anything who is great yeah and.
We are doing it for.
Free experience anything was really helpful is five billion the flight to pa.
Yes you like suggesting bracelet suck to play when you get your value your personal da.
Where’s the bottom right there will be or is there a statute of sites for ideas like nearly no one but treating it like a madison square garden life is night where if it often was drunk,
now he is out why is wireless you can pick up the yellow,
yo on.

[27:40] Yo on.
Hey hundred percent me and holds and a couple other people just losing i won a prize of five
i love nathan hoffman created all kinds of you watching and listening.

[28:01] Jarvis what is wrong yo on the fifth ball to the next or review.
Different podcasts that affected you’re gonna think of like life figure out myself but.
Now it’s not coming fast enough so we can move on to the rite aid of shoes that affects you paul i feel like
everything i feel like i’m walking like dick and catch for her and our life just like going over the furniture all the time so i think i’m the,
the prince i don’t wanna say can you like the prince of taking rejection.
Like put so the king with friends i see where the king of pain.
Please read me a.

[28:55] I don’t want to be like buddhist about it because i don’t think i am but like i’m still presently focused whereas just like right then keep moving like not what’s what’s going forward so like.

[29:06] Yeah i’m trying to have a little show with every like one person that i interact with stuff like the gas station attendant likeable i can make it casual,
observation with them and that i do that all the time actually post on reddit blew up where people love that suggestion on dislike it out the waitress the the the person sitting next you get a haircut like you
every interaction you have with them is like.
Something that you can use to like temper your feeling of rejection yeah i just like rite sidewalk damage and i didn’t get what i wanted out of x y z,
like in person let it roll off me because like i want them like that i like that kid that is too stupid to realize that he’s been like clothes line.
Hey i just keeps just keeps going and so far no shows related there are people at wine spirits and ideally they cannot take them to the fact that we don’t have the same because they like some shit all.
I got to sample feel like serving have a rating value
what’s the weather like in tokyo on delta because i’m the only person worth investing right now but could.
Can you just take a room for the evening yo on.

[30:27] Sorry about that but i cant help but i cant help it if you just set phasers ago i just go and go yo are there like you.
I clearly dont know about other people and microphones cut sorry i forgot the pin.

[30:49] Yo are okay this is a good one.
I think it would events versus queen comedy which is more difficult to write and which has a bigger impact.
I’m the sociology of the errors if any impact all negative you that nothing should he was like.
That’s gonna direction but i’m them but i’m tree still for a while but if you could.

[31:27] Ummm restart this app yeah and your perspective tickets.
Will an improv we call them dirty comedy going blue and there are comics to go blue for the sake of god and we are like thirty comedy for dark comedy sequel i believe
there is power in thirty comedy like like i love big bows with checkout.
You big mouth is the most brilliant cartoon tv show in my opinion but i think its more difficult.
To write clean comedy because you are because you have to.

[32:05] It’s not about just playing to allow the audience you’re playing to more audiences your opening up the fields of comedy and i think its more impactful to show great comedy and great the artist st.
I love the shapes of your jokes in the shape self.
Your sketches through something that relates to people yeah i think that’s more valuable and more challenging.

[32:32] I would definitely audrey that it’s more challenging just for the fact that you don’t see a lot of.

[32:39] Like what that’s like the next that they fall into so much to where i feel like blue comedy its almost like its a spectrum
where is light cleaning how do we act like i’m talking blue collar comedy would a master’s after an f. gallagher got back from earlier explaining animal
would a black gang who like runs a completely clean activities
it’s hilarious who like just very funny that i think.
Answer the second part of the question the socio with sociology of errands and the impact so i won that had a lot of impact on me was.
Have a gatsby is it on netflix for her to not want him i’m so she talks about how like self application and stuff like that.
Is like kind of it in a comedy better but it held her back as a person and so like.
Trying to elevate above that and see where that goes is interesting and challenging and so.
I am i don’t know what i want necessarily better than the other but i do think that the clean comedy challenge in clean comedy.
It’s harder for me personally to do i just i gotta and i think a lot of it.

[34:05] Who is honestly trying out a joke for the first time on stage i’m not that familiar with that.

[34:13] Where does fuck shit what happened here now sell like that just kinda makes that harder um.
But like at the same select i wanna see where i wake up until just now i was gonna actually everything big and clean calm is definitely hard to write that it really just for me,
good thinking about it.

[34:38] Dirty comedy there is a real challenge dare to sherman and that’s like finding the line where like.
I’m okay i wanna get to close with my bro should not comment i want to make you as uncomfortable as i can with this and joke
without actually ruining it for you know that you like i want to get as offensive as i can without being told that guy is a sexist are you hello hi joachim where’s the line so there’s that challenge
what is the impact i am in i think.

[35:17] I can measure exactly like comedy just in general is like it’s a reflection of society regardless of if it’s clean or dirty um.
Are you looking at it from the got market ability impact her something clean comedy is king.
I mean look at that girl’s ratings of any PG or pg thirteen comedy and i compare them to an r rated comedy like its you can help.
Big audience of equally is supposed to use the pool my still like to clean jokes but a lot of the cleaning people.
What is thirty jokes can you tell me i’m not yeah you can also look at track as like being.

[35:59] Dirty comedy is not about life before that the author really likes pushing.
You are the founder of their pushing the boundaries of clean comedy with shrek i don’t think they were like.
No i don’t mean like proper response because obviously isn’t that a movie or the pt gh pages of a pdf of daily writing for the subject.

[36:27] Yeah i mean i’m not use to think i was probably as i’m in tears what you said i want to learn how to i feel like.
You know what thirty comedy yet i keep people to say that you are a bot like you say it like.

[36:39] Could you also what people have done before like that that’s a typical thing to do like you know like you guys got there and told me no poop jokes and shit like that like,
that dick jokes
make sure you do as zac because what could ABC this is what you expect could a student unix of the divine about it like you know as it is micheal me and i can come another one of these shows that you like,
select the different yourself from other comics.
Events like all you’re doing is like basically saying everyone else is doing your uniform to add other customers like you know associate society of reflection but.
I mean i know i was suppose i’m always like you proceeded to be like.
Is that like hip-hop like is your truth or are you leaving truce comedy where is your
any comedies or europe like you’re able to be honest with yourself but you know i’m saying language that i can’t believe how you like it is like it i was like why can’t we just be honest and that anything other purpose comedians is that just
say wasn’t mine,
middle here light sensor themselves like there will say ok this is how i really feel about this topic because really to book tablet to do,
taboo like here it is like it is gonna bring it up and its form and then we’re just gonna have to figure out how we feel about that.
So you know that’s what i was comedy is that it’s it’s it’s going to go places that you know.

[38:07] I mean comedy hard to write this because i know.
You’re fine now i feel like some of its just a little bit dishonest but i’m not having dislike the community there who are honestly the start cleaning.

[38:20] The people are the people to come over there like to hear some stuff to make it think it’s gonna be you know i’m not gonna swear one time.
Derek pray that is pretty rare select one yeah need to find a more safe topics and that for me that i think that’s why we prefer dirty because i just
is stephen interested in are more casual things that i am not a comic so it’s like i’m not necessarily in a position to be the one that
suggest that yo are a lot of comedy but yeah i definitely.
I don’t want to be like tomorrow in your guide says job is a teacher artist like you can get it everyone the room yet yet.

[39:04] Find me news about clint clint comedians in joy but i just cant really like.
Do something dirty comedians select you do have to respect the people do clean comedy new friendship is many of them,
but like if i dont but i could probably come up with using my key
i love the guy everything time is it there gym da
dimitri martin and his relatively quickly i really like every once in a while ago i bought there is a dirty joke yeah but for the most part you make sure martin
cums office clean even when he’s being mad at selling that’s what i strive to do that when i wanted i want,
i did my own personal i want the exception of the cleaner would a twelve
i’ve been trying way harder to write more universally understood jokes instead of my.

[39:56] Who are your references jones sunday making a lot trying to like.

[40:02] Break xoxo gold really great christmas party with there’s a tonna sixty five year olds to explain that everytime they do a christmas party i bought because ask yourself how can i tell a joke to my grandma
does grandma know any better she’s just not good amy is pearl jam is that a necklace of some sort i don’t know how.

[40:23] But,
this week i’ve been trying to write cleaner material and in the process i will open darius kilgo who have said that i can not good a player try to be more,
like ok this is easily reverse psychology me really dirty and also
what is the solution for cleaning black mold the napa valley on friday night i didn’t o’clock show i did the cleaner set
for the sold out show in SF have them a ten thirty showing of why is it cold there is a smaller crowd.
Yeah the first one is sold out and then the second one was not but i just think why would a product but thirty three,
but i can also still smell gets out so i pulled out your stops
i said i want to see my favorite app for tonight far as good a comedy it’s like,
it’s too early for the sake of being dirty that’s one thing but if it’s like that for humor and smart humor related matter what genre is appreciated
i everyone wants like everyone gives dice clay credit because he did push the boundaries.

[41:33] I wasn’t familiar with desk until like very recently and i watch this trash out like
who is i hate this man he is a jerk yo are very mean about me so i can process the order of the most misogynistic me a.
Who is the time now cuz i mean.

[41:57] Get out now and it no dirty period before him really trying except carl in kylie and the couple others but heat and prior,
yeah that’s true but,
i actually realized once hosted SNL in a couple casper mattress primo cast members declined to appear are the apps related that doesn’t surprise and he said construction ship do ten tim allens.
I am kinda gone through this thing right now i m actually i’m watch a whole i just got comedy specials on netflix that i’m watching the ones i would not want to watch just so i can tim allen’s comedies.
That’s weird it’s such a sign of the times i can say like a driver who’s not here that i just well it’s like.

[42:41] Tell me what andy was misogynistic but it wasn’t like blatantly intentionally offensive do a clip disclose was able to are just like.
This was what are the end this is probably considered a feminist what you need i mean like.
Does houston play the audience just the hits that the material super dated now i want a timberland material is near materials dated now but could a target doesn’t have a bond on conan
hey man can make you look good i reset the whole thing about like super heroes like what were their outfits
i would like to what’s ur underwear on the outside of yo corrupti still has just prayed like there was no one was laughing except a few laughs.
It’s like i’m santa y siguen the color is not the mood that night just like what the
bless you want to what’s your rapper you dislike not like as like mixed up is a lot of this is like to order so yeah do it.

[43:59] I had some most challenging role you’ve ever played this can make it can talk.
Sure check all that i look at you can take a different direction most challenging know u ever had or something like that either,
yo are the most challenging role i ever played think like.

[44:24] What normal person like going through
like i know that’s like completely like a nice like stupid and silly but i really can’t say anything,
what is the nba.
Is important for the situation but im like everybody and what they like i got shit to do and feel about these other things.
And i have to dislike me i hate this is this is important to me today if like ok i’m so yeah i think the fact that i like usually thinking about things in a completely different way.
But trying to match with radius going to replace me most challenging role i ever played.

[45:16] What is wolfe number eight and the jungle book when i was in seventh grade,
yeah yeah see i got no weed every other year and i came back
trying to help to my best friend prepare for the addition would a baxter
yo olives like what role they you know so better because shane got the weed and i got to wash number
i didn’t have all february they got a survey seriously it wasn’t great lesson for me to have in the seventh grade fire help
yo are there no small roles yo are you remember nothing from that production because i just like me
search negative experience so that you add of my deposits now you know i can use that is older than teaching to offer my students that.
My order got the best i’m at work at the academy of performing arts and we just had our auditions and we had to turn away like.

[46:32] I was the hundred kids judy chris is so many kids interesting
interested in understanding and it says i mean if you don’t have that many rolls we don’t have we have stayed size for yahoo its not if there’s literally not enough space up at yo on light
talking about launching this audio drama podcast thing it’s like edge they are people i just like clicking gonna be interesting do voice acting,
i mean is there any any like.
Any it like i was like i don’t know if anybody in sioux falls that actually feel like interested in doing something like that but it is like that always one of yo obviously feel post like so what do you think will people be interested in that.

[47:16] My inbox exploded like that getting head shots performance acting good a lovely imagine how good he just put.
Switch the lights in guest’s like find a way to get the head shot in the audio would a say yeah i mean it’s there is so much interest in a min because that’s a great.

[47:42] It’s great great to offer any all people on bobby and staples so good for you every almost every.
Play the third done for the last four years now it’s been a long time and like as adults i’m like watching these kids and i was like.

[48:01] What can happen if i give in the us i’m saying an the music from days after.
U like these kids are amazing like you have to imagine like.

[48:12] Will there be like four hundred fifty one on the stage and when you think about the kids the coordination for those musical instrument
i would like there’s a good life when we re is it’s crazy it’s so big is so i can use that is like for i remember when i was so bitter about.
What’s the number eight like there’s some kids that all they want is what number you know don’t be a
yep i can still the shelf turn out better than i gotta show them kids
let me share yo on the back and a this thing should a school with like,
we were best best friends,
we are the black bean garlic your appearance for that school i like you always with you dislike staying are superior and stuff like that and so it’s always like a forgotten conclusion that would be intact but was always he would be like.
You not mobile e and i would be really stand out like number eight or like human or even like a play rhymes little sidekick or like but how many leaves behind him or something like that and it’s like.
Teenage me was this car like.

[49:26] Accident should he want to help you accomplish your dream
yeah now that i’m older that’s my ratchet tv and was like fuck this correct.
What did ross one good eight.

[49:49] That was the most challenging role you played know i don’t know that is was that father which is better in dallas,
yeah um at da.
Philosophy research role i ever played was a four person play we leave by play to father.
Of losses.
And the catholic church it could a great movie loftus is favorite movie,
should mean something if i know if there a specific time so it was hard because my ask my instinct to leave you have to act.
The most neutral but also you can possibly be in that role you can.
Give away cuz you watch the movie before no last week and i like doing so that’s amazing shit what is the title of the play the whole thing lately but the code is
creating the dallas please i had only done stand-up once you reserve main character that you like that don’t,
where was already on sale this friday until on august umm but it was great because my character did three servings in the play.

[51:01] Can i get just started doing standup about flight him i didn’t translate i would be appropriate bio corinthians 7 the
should a tell about your creator bout my benefits christian printer sold the house and i say
repaint hate how little i appreciate that joke once i love her but i was a challenge because i was never done rolls ever use well
us what was said as it was a film that what i can get the role i wanted,
i wanted to pay the priest should a sister always lol
what are the exact dates i will be on the princess one would he rather play.

[51:56] I will say zach and i went to take an acting workshop together where it was the strangest acting workshop i do not like i don’t know who is but it was bad,
they were like no you have to make your partner mad have to make them cry.
Say whatever you have to say to make them mad and cry snot
pause the that i could add disrupting the room problem
can we i think we also fda,
yo are there was like can i just i cant emphasize oh word you’re just lying haha i don’t care because he’s going.

[52:49] Yo on.
No crab.

[53:06] Yo on hoe gaat i don’t know i’m kinda feel like ive always been giving like u playing,
any outlet gonna get up there in the morning ka
i was like yeah i’d like
this guy was a different take to the us i was like stop looking at things like i only write him from three at half know i can say i like to know if i ever really had a role that’s really require that much of me that i felt like i really.
This is a challenge for me so maybe that’s what you want that i wanted in this life that were a bother was like no its fucking hopeless.

[53:54] Ok let’s put the following four children that’s crazy
yo are words but sugar for before should a another,
it’s stroke and we are IC for a little dark
good able to set up automatic email saying it billy jean like
we just released a cover,
did they were good now please stop taking them doing stuff in minneapolis yesterday i listened to hold covers album,
add a previous we just took each song as it was recording and it just sounds like we are covering a billie jean everybody wants to rule the world by tears for fears.
Oh sweet dreams by like all these eighty songs and it just sounds like a bit rivers that i discovery before.

[54:55] No he is a cover album would a alive did someone say is what is being alive yeah
he does he’s an entire cover album and some of what i want and to jalapeno on
set an alarm set alarm hi hello yo arm staying alive just curious the picture in purple haze you cover purple
yo on
i love ozzy because he would a kiss basket ball rolling on the stairs at a different time i confronted him and also he use to live a good area
like that once were others using the studio and i ever get lunch so i was waiting for lunch.

[55:50] What would a house can you sing it can play wit.
Anything that’s perfect five o’clock what holidays do this because he’s still has it as you want a drink.
Yo are you can still jam gold member only on netflix i not forgot about you homie cassia if.

[56:18] Status,
that is remember sam how’s life thus far in the hole where family is n yo are there any free food and britney spears and that one
jesus what is the only one i remember being and they never know what life
is he played his foxy cleopatra yeah va
that’s why is the power of that company said recently on twitter about your without my order and i believe that we can you take because she like make a sequel of it
i’m going to make a sequel of seinfeld like every episode was like
i know exactly sociable but i dont know what this coming through gonna give the big boss give me the latest and on the phone i get with the tablet off.
Specific i don’t like paris i would like to order an article that no i was asking because i’m curious to know what happened.

[57:22] I said before the show that i just didn’t get scrubs like it’s gonna understand me for the security cuz no scrubs.
Yeah that’s a rose a garlic get no love from him,
sadness as best we discovered that would a new real quick is your turn actually happy birthday to go,
when are they doing with vehicle because of this and so we want to wish you a happy birthday because i work biggest supporters and comedy is what you think or.
Add shot and happy birthday to you tap lightly happy birthday.

[58:01] How tall are you free regular shout out just let me know when would a title right now except the hour mark lol
convert to watch the whole thing before i don’t remember so that she can get like ten minutes maybe half an hour i can try would a forty fifteen minutes because,
tops for all.

[58:27] Where should mention every ten minutes from her birthday speaking of austin powers his birthday at SFO.
That’s great did you do when you’re not at all ok so is it only had one roll.
I don’t want that hard the tracker had my end the nutcracker at golden brazilian shelf was it hard
starting well did i get the feeling i would tell everybody i got a pass to grow beard um because i can’t do that he a.
No i’m sorry i assumed cuz you go to the public school system and yet because i don’t have a beard
yo are u next to the knights email that is the alarm in iran travel agencies in let’s make a detective show actually know but the
set was not as hard to umm explain shadow run.

[59:37] Add a task out my geyser on top of a moving vehicle and i have to jump.
To the car behind me to save hostages from mac car so i have to make a gymnastics check
why only got six days of gymnastics anyway minus three penalty kicks also i’m roland no this isn’t my stats so rolling three to master chef add say,
i got.

[1:00:09] Three six s ima check three days three days three hits i would say that i was traveling away is royal gold guide.
Turn off i signed coming light just before and have paris and seems that we have no working out like this is nothing but actually just had that everything i just said really happened yesterday and like,
if you believe that you kinda like a nerd lifestyle button that’s what i’m not allowed to exercise like to be depressed this reaction to it is like fucking hell isn’t that i like and reactions to my story better than mr what yo
no it’s a true story quiet and which is true that i dont really like need to wear contacts i just fell so happy and proud for me,
may i get some money for cancer free heads up three days at like it shouldn’t happen.
He is complete the mission or use what we wanted hello save the hostage um.

[1:01:17] Man if i file a side board on top of the hood this car like i did like i was gonna get smashed by this guy this guy’s weed is pretty bad ass guy to in the game,
find play by tom hardy by the arcade play by yo on damon play me well so i can let them play by the character
can i see that you get regular texts especially if there is anyway i posted on the car that i one night cuz.

[1:01:52] Popular liberal,
which button the party we can not know if there was a follow about of the weirdest you have ever downloaded on your phone,
where is starbucks so no io o my phone now.
There’s an app david lee roth sounds samples would a yes.
How is called diamond dave called me david it’s a photo of him it sunglass smiley
sorry i get it that’s the half of it be sweets and samples from van halen songs in rough going.
Very important for everyday use it cost fifty bucks on line and i don’t know you,
I feel good because app for verizon wireless what’s my favorite.

[1:03:07] Music.

[1:03:13] Yo on.
Because i spent time playing with this for the half hour i believe it’s starting again where does that.
What size ten or so expensive really weird it’s just the experience is so wronged and there were a few okay.

[1:03:41] Exactly us what’d be the weird apps like that.
Yeah me information and any way i have any new apps as i can think of like what i’m saying if i have added a release date.
Can i apply my phone because of all of my apps you tell them and id like if i dont use them within like two weeks i don’t think so i’m boring that way.
Okay so i don’t know this is weird after the suns delivery for good reason.
What i have an app that recorded the conversation but i was not recording anyone of personal conversation,
hi my old phone was being like you know the voicemail was being out motivated and have some funny voicemails that i was recording myself like it was like that you know i like download the app for like quick little bit like okay i have this on my phone seems really weird to say it’s not like you know,
reversing out on me
you but if you wanted those funny voicemails and the only way to get off the old phone was to use like in conversation recordings i would call my voicemail from turn the recorder on light.

[1:04:48] Yo are as have some utility to interesting how they can do it so.

[1:04:55] I got a chance of utility there would a wood had a final
yo are saying this is also the way to stop by our downtown of constraints
send an i just downloaded it
say hello i need a good airlines not is better than worth it outside
i need to make that i can make that i can make the app but i can’t get the sound clip i remember feeling about that
let’s stop that you can make it and sent yet i have a caravan.
What’s yo on everything because like i have i got recordings of queen like.
Clean bike without any backing tracking so i like you too late for me i don’t have that stuff i live in ohio can a girl get season is over and that that philosophy.
Gabriel just for the videos delayed answer weird because.
You can watch yourself lol yes quite right now still waiting for haunted.

[1:06:21] I got my phones gonna die in seven days should a are right.
Next question would a twelve year nothing else no but i did just buy the all
stop us while her petition had been filed on courage everyone download the diamond dave alex to make me a,
which games board or video should be made into a film.

[1:06:51] I’m knocking the answer that person always walk away is joe okay i like i just
because i’m working on like several screenplay for the mugs unlike talk about yo are you
i feel bad because heart she really ruins everything on
i said way darker and more dramatic valley welcomes not doing good a href https twitter too so that’s that’s my hoe so sorry that’s so intense
i’m like i could
it’s pretty clear to me how do you effectively introduce yourself on stage.

[1:07:38] Do you like the diamond dave app work out exactly how far above do it.

[1:07:48] I guess i like to go out loud just like to yell i been learning to yell a lot more especially with improv stuff flight i feel like its more,
i got in my head the long capacity is hillary use this not in my head as much as i used to be and i found that if i just talk it out.
The anxiety goes away you dislike its gone play it’s like not having can i have that feeling a lot more than his students loans like.
Search youtube video inside 2016 so sorry your morning briefing what’s the website
i don’t like to dislike him because of how god a
should a singer breathing yo on.
I like to say i’ve been there and you did bust a quick job but how’s life you chip in with like got hi.

[1:08:54] How bad of yeah yeah its great hes every time no matter where i do that in the world someone is adam.
Who did the play a.

[1:09:12] Yo are friends now i’m actually learn to stop saying um how’s everyone doing tonight
can you open site ids that i use yo on der funktion the free comic is when we are surprising
it’s cheap everyone’s menu yet so i’ll be learning from like hotel sandos guys would just got there and start the jokes i don’t even i just i will say hello and just start
give me like last wednesday i would really want to host you can do that i could add that but id like a quick little how are you,
free good ready get joke from that no wednesday i walked out and i did this at the show i started with a joke saying.
Maybe i don’t get the expression but no answer hotdogs down hallways where should he,
i just start with a joke instead of saying how that one and then you say you’re looking for that joke i’m proud of you love that joke get bomb dot test what’s the play mat.
I know that what i loved while in the hospital i want to but then he was hit the icon is like.

[1:10:23] Looking forward to it and things get hot every take off your pants what what we’re still good a design expected to write it.

[1:10:34] Please confirm if she got salad yo are there a lot of time the audience reaction is polarized half of it like when you say hello how’s life.
What’s the problem with no one says that’s good af
are you verify your identity i mean it just told myself i just let them figure it out with him would he
what is a good motivator who was that guy i don’t know who did we join ourselves i think.
Who was running in the darkness on saturday when is the talk to anyone so i keep could air like that was a cool feeling i have to try so hard to be like hey play
that wasn’t cool room has a chorus from me because i don’t want people to know who i am.
What the fuck is bill now that event.

[1:11:37] Give me cats what is the st cloud look like you have configured for dylan dont fit hey
yo are you still there is a big campus
yo are the falls south dakota and my zip is your personal fitness
yes i want to disappear after i got your up personal about the personal physically yet,
should a black to finish the match and ham but without facial hair maybe different like hairstyles because that look like anyone you turn on the couch
arian nation tattoos on the shipping would a lot about fairies and doesn’t leave without good
alarm statute of my order could a refund because i just told his joke.

[1:12:41] Definitely a.
Flower of your donut different kind of intro for a podcast if i was off filter value french
daniel got bf like why the hell not what i was so awkward i put it into the next season the intro to the podcasts i can dispute this thing called podcast please at the point where was hosting my twelve
producing the twelve podcasts met someone for like every podcast where u four rm for that i thank you for that episode
i think i was so i don’t think there will be no suggest it was like a full house but the couch was full of the headlights three chairs and was always different people for different shows with very different life interesting personalities
it’s like world
trying to do a dress code think people come in late and then some black berries how’s life for you want to three podcast can be the intro enough.
I didn’t know what else to do out there like we were waiting for after the three and i was like.

[1:13:45] I’d like to know what’s gonna help me to three orders yet suspect that was issued arrivata scissors and then you do it turn on the fifth light paper scissors fire water balloon,
who is fighting for his arrest like you just yelled out with such confidence we were all dislike.

[1:14:05] Waiting for the superbowl to start from tenerife to be the one that.
Close mannequin yells the title way more crazy than anyone else i have your sales i mean.
Imagine exceptional go crazy for episode ninety one stop for logan is gonna directly from you should a stand i would like one of your shirt off
yo on monday at the sky and drop to you knees like a white shirt underneath that’s is the dress code for service
there is any likelihood a joke
there’s one night i just want at the end of dis arm set for me to just take off my shirt for no reason should a song,
yo on,
when is a good age to play with
i’m broke too personal to yo on next question.

[1:15:21] You can read me for a perfect nothing but can’t wait,
recorded can reach you later this needs to be released.

[1:15:33] Read times but now neither of my life but the best super bowl halftime show performance.
Follow a man how tall is this another weird alex i don’t care other than i thought about it.

[1:15:51] Ok let’s tie breaker box not a time when i go down so ima good ab all this making me everything will be the next one coming.

[1:16:06] Funny fact guys lose weight does the funny miss galloway talk about it i’ll talk about it and i like conversations yes.
Yo are the funniest because different joke was bad.

[1:16:24] Jonah hill awesome rolls.
What would a male servant serious stuff in the last weight out is that i thought our guests would just read it money ball and i just read what time it is serious he loss the weight and then he like felt like it wasn’t getting
is it going to rain so you like get back and maybe he was tired dieting.
I can feel good a meeting.
I never the rest of james franco sarah silverman said before the show seth rogan roll that
sorry that was only way you can get journey on the stage yo are the rose of james franco the sales on the best ones this could you can tell that a lot of people really we’re friends
sounds like a smart funny that me the old one so good what’s the like each other and like sinatra and all of those guys the interactive stuff is like.

[1:17:23] Can really hold the central registry like that too
are the time they got to charlie sheen they were just it was just copy and paste that i hated the da,
no good beer bili want to speak david seven,
cuz i like linda chris is here grandma’s funeral where he’s on that now that’s what i call music compilation volume twenty eight yo our friends because i figured everything out.

[1:17:57] That is the funniest of myself yes or no i don’t think so but usually not a problem with keri yes
yes that’s a cappriciosa and yes and he was gonna be one of my points of concern has he done any sense no
submit a wanna be pokemon about what you know why is that what is it because they get really serious about just how they do physical parents were so they just
forgot how to be funny anymore of a cure the underlying psychological issue that causes the weight gain
are those like eating disorder would never have a precious than being really bored,
what body of water me nicki still use that ticket still frozen yogurt for lunch well just to believe it shut off but it’s not just us the audience to now so maybe maybe maybe it’s like the audience just like is like no you don’t get it then.
Like what i’m telling you away so hilarious.
Like he’s still a lil husky yo are the waves a jersey for AI to look at the order yet so you know what i’m saying here making is weather coming yur art can like if it’s gonna be
quality of the has to come from a place of pain and were always gets really quiet when i start talking to you have brain about bringing home for us.
I didnt think id like floors what were good for hd quality art.

[1:19:23] If it’s quality is quality because of the work in the african intentions and the thought that goes behind it it not because what causes that we got this alert in my visual arts world as well i’m like just because.
This is a terrible example cuz i’m not a visual arts.
Fat papa like just because fame goes out was so good cause he was depressed and that’s why i was good to know when you when you start
value in the event of a big problem that happens so hey gary talks about your parenting what the underwriter umm you know.

[1:19:57] You pray i legally responsible for all decisions in my life that said but i love hunter s. thompson and there’s a whole i talk to other writers who like what they’re hundred which is like.
Girl gets drunk and i like it on and just be self destructive because of your not being self destructive the new not doing it right now what i mean like size would a good art comes from.
From great work and great talent and effort on a doesn’t come from pain sometimes pain comes,
who is just becomes make it comes from a genuine emotion and that’s you know.
A lot of interests maybe it’s just because you’re afraid something happened and never say yo on
again i could be totally miss is but apparently somebody told me so van gogh.
I use lots of yellow right and they say it was because he was taking like a medicine making me present type thing that made him see yellow more vividly what show is like his art actually got better as he.
Better care for himself of those there was little and that special selection is amazing class but yes let’s go lol anyways using more yo on it.

[1:21:26] Doesn’t that will playing like mango something like that you watch the shit out yo on.
Hi sarah which country was this girl and weather is not working i want to see rihanna won’t pay with denis la plaine wonderful i want to see that,
i got so that you can be so much that i will be brave because whatever information before you draw with these i think we can clear up something or arriving here from
what the previous episode we’re happy was stolen.
You have to choose between spaceballs or blazing saddles i remember this conversation and the previous episodes so sorry i haven’t watched them yet and link thank you so much for that for he gifted both movies to me for my wedding thank you very much still need to watch them
any well direct to you if it that i think there is one thing i forgot to mention i totally spaced it
who is.

[1:22:25] Who’s the finance alright i write better when i’m in a good frame of mind is say something i wrote better when i was self.
Getting through those strokes out and since then i’ve gotten stronger as a comedian when i threw that shit out i agree one hundred percent
show me billy joel andrew doesn’t like babies and care for them much do that anymore it is not as well five hundred million dollars that maybe hes just still a challenge
i need AA
will golden one he gets to be a.

[1:23:11] Try to do it best example of the series actor doing a funny role really well just great so is that ass.
Yes carry life and german.

[1:23:26] What does the series after tokyo on
mac avoided a pretty damn good job led-watches of god i don’t know i’m just like you even though that’s enough for me is not really bad like brittany offering any good shows like i felt like last night was exception of season so.
Go back and watch it on hulu a redo but the other guys think we only known for serious films was his first out of my firstname for the departed the i need a real estate market mark.
So where
yes i guess you could say he was in the country at that point i owe contact ge.com if i’m gonna go ahead
hey good area search patrick stewart in any of his work with seth mcfarland,
oh sure i mean because they pretty directed boleh ke is the thoughts of joe’s because he is the location for the prayer my log fridge and counties baby.
Girl on a guys it’s amazing ca.

[1:24:44] E hosted SNL want to eat crushed it i played a maggie smith.
I would like to send kids to be falling out of it is still a course of action
people you hey judy dan should a product cost what’s up
refresh that that was so good.

[1:25:12] I want to say the great meryl streep but i can’t think of like a funny role off the top of my head,
oh yeah julie and julia sorry but play julia child and i need a serious but funny as playful yeah you doing to communicate actress.
Orange or manic but with big bus chicago to change it up a while and she’s did some dirty stuff.

[1:25:40] Goodbye this is unrelated but thirty rock is the greatest sitcom ever in history is about the office but then
yo art
and yes its marley but its wacky camera and he did tracy what i just did not get him at all can i watch thirty rock and i’m like
ginger snaps created you.
Movies any was in the winter doesn’t know i want them why would a bill related movie is the kind of the tv series there is it serious subject matter bless me a place to go for sure.

[1:26:23] I want to see a star wars.
I want to see that to master computers or spend a really dramatic role much samsung can do an interview.
Do it as a romantic girl i’ll loved and i’ve seen that has kind of getting everything you can see if there’s a problem seeing his hands on my favorite comedian live.

[1:26:46] See you doing what you work recently haven’t seen a lot of other produce,
dont really great with it but it’s not rom com he was in again with julianne moore actually and ryan gosling and emma stone.

[1:27:02] Who did my crazy stupid love crazy stupid love i love that that’s kind of a robot.
Are there any roles serious actor doing a comedy about the oregon girls are you forgetting field are so many more days like to know what the first thing i think of anything serious actress doing comedy convincing us for walking was yahoo’s randd for logging in
how is the family and yet you are pregnant is dancing one.
Jonathan outright and send centers now he’s mainly done comedy and like there really on my god no.

[1:27:39] Provided seen as well i never received my favorites created balls of fury,
hello cuz i just like jody williams for asking but i didn’t stop in the face of the soldering iron like yours like that you love
if i were to have thermostat with scott about you
what is the great movies lol little dirty joe to help much should i be there is dickie roberts which is a good age,
i love you august you can watch both movies around that feeling just that i feel like i want to make a family that
add zac got him self parking cars that sounds like it does i will keep the valet i love it after.
51 like self duplicating life can be over something like that so it’s like three to tango amelia esta vez.
I was known for dramatic role than he did national lampoon’s loaded weapon one replay pretty and you just crushed because he was dead and um what is it what is convenience to release your medical goes.
What flavor u got today at SHS.

[1:28:50] Would a tom cruise from berlin travel to yeah.
Which is like nothing nothing you will see that guy is so freaking serious that i can.
What was of him as the feelings that was a good one for that i read on internet that he like.
Stipulated in contract til i get to wear a fat suit if it’s gonna be believed that the fast food with his car however i order yet.

[1:29:20] What is the address i want comedy films like field of the app if it’s a fantastic movie we look at it from the underside of the coach talking funny actors in serious roles now that the number twenty six i want that now he is
i love her so
let’s say behavior and skills into but that’s also really weird robin williams in a long one hour photo i sent to amanda also i love that movie.
Hey robin williams too dangerous man brooklyn to say that one of those last wondering when do we have to wait it was super good.
Is kevin systrom random guys him to go to college.
Hey random movie i would whatever they adam sandler and punch drunk love.
Yes adam sandler in fifty first thing i’m saying if of adam sandler for sale so i thought hey twenty five people.
Alfred what is my email.
When is it a little bit amorous which might play i think i can safely claim for getting there half way.

[1:30:28] Hello i would like a striped are leaving the theater whenever we cannot depressed i was twelve it’s like twelve thirty.
What is the current time who else is had some great turns.

[1:30:45] Translate i really wish jack and the holiday is good yeah i was it did honestly i thought jack black
kill the king kong vs never think i haven’t seen by les yo are you around
what’s your animal was like a taxi now i’m evening at the coming from the fate of a litre or two like one strap in for that long.

[1:31:10] Pains taking leave for me just because i just and watch what about those are awesome with the link you will like you have the because i don’t have a budget that feel good to be commended and appreciated
can you watch the talk about his like that’s like his jam we have to do that that you know is there must be something here but i can’t find it no where is next meeting still down by yes but no one ever told me i am.
When will feral in stranger than fiction you know how to say around like i haven’t seen it i need for a service like you.
Maybe his fortune assault is ben doing a series rolls but there was laughing at him.
Read the heads up though my blood pounding and i didnt draw your name just the other choice was feeling tired i’m kinda salty.

[1:32:01] Are you gay what is the first album you ever purchased with your own.
Hol talk about VR okay great fit.
Eighteen everything it seems i sixty five zero five s five that i owe on that one day after him the self titled album.

[1:32:27] The millionaire success with riding dirty.
I was fifteen so should a person you like and i’m right you’re like,
i am a ride or anywhere what a song about yo are terrible terrible.

[1:32:53] Sorry sorry we’re good eight
when is the washington capitals could a car in the description you think it’s really a,
ok va
abba cover album i got all day everyday doesn’t like beginning i don’t like starting i don’t know like i was actually records
play newest was like where the square table covering yo on the one you hear the iconic originally i can’t believe this
i can’t believe this is like dripping off of drake that the.

[1:33:50] Yeah i gonna mentioned the first like cassette tape but i want the first because i feel like they’re both kinda funny,
the first cassette tape in elementary like my parents would like i feel like the light radio station was like
next song you like on here would a wood like his big is the UK outlet for my first tape
edit first CD was fast ball
all the pain volume by and the fighting was too young to understand the reference on the album cover artwork it was like a bunch of pills and make changes,
but the way he was on the radio twenty time like you know just out of my head is a big sign two off at all yeah there’s a lot more here.
I don’t like that restaurant that we have another casual.

[1:34:42] What flowers i guess who did the ball of another one that was able to purchase them.
So very festive i like to hear that first day i really have the extra.
Who is the reading it soundtrack or teaches single buy presents united states of america will i was wanted for herself from my dad so
how do i get a heard of me,
you want the lights were the sales order lines blue candy cigarettes is the b site on there and i did not get it was a whole sign but like bj
equip courses you are bad,
i don’t get it back my first CD was weird al’s off the deep end
first band was offspring american free fly for a white guy não that point i was like.
Gotta remember good ab tou edison for a white guy.

[1:35:51] What crates on earth and your never really ok flying third eye blind and foo fighters right after that telling nice.
Weezer and all change green album no that is not a great time.
Play echoes weird like cash before i like buddy holly and is allowed hold on i feel like there was a lot of people because i think i was in the same track to old is this buddy holly and like what.

[1:36:18] What can you show me how you were aware show me one more and then first of horses.
Garth brooks lol yeah but first CD was so weird al bad hair day lol nice for my dad to.

[1:36:40] What is your.
Set the crock that’s awesome can i hear more about my dads record collection yeah what else you got yo on,
one more of them what were sales for girl in her life is valuable player.
Call yo on.

[1:37:13] What is the most rewarding thing to about performing in front of an audience.

[1:37:17] Sweet a little bit the feelings have magic powers what’s gone go faster now it says i have to say
if it to be a
what’s the difference between being a nerd and geek yo on.
This is a blood sacrifice to the end of the show when you act on stage how do you channel your energy in what fields you.

[1:37:55] Hello touchdown already.
Let me sac just sucks at picking equally as zac because of biscuits is your shoulder i guess i wish i would like to host your own talk show.
Who will be your house band who i like to have question components of the author darren.

[1:38:17] Find me a,
if not a.

[1:38:30] What are some things you feel are missing from comedy af yo on.
Create a goal and where you would a frequent
i don’t want that would a,
what’s one federer past time that came back that you wish didn’t come back.
What’s one that was a thing awhile back that came back but you wish to return i wish god it’s a comeback it becomes available,
figure your dr know good eighteen pants if it’s super fun just want to go straight down
yeah i would like a little later and i’m all yo on
can i pay without a thing know if it’s that simple.
Just hello there now did the rise of reality of property should he is like in tokyo.

[1:39:49] Did the rise of reality competition shows go too far and boring the line between scripted moments to entertain an actual real life downtime but i mean i have like eight seconds.
Go to screen like yeah definitely is not okay is the new medicines people jelly divided by sauces.
Find me a.
Make sure is the last one on i don’t think i have much to say yeah ok if it’s that good a new read that when you decide between bulls are rotten the there.

[1:40:26] Ok if you could be someone else for a day who would you be and why find all yo are you feeling.
What’s like the sticker blank in alexandria funny answer for okay so you can be a person from one it’s like one day write that in this life universe.
That’s what i just said it has to have to wait to make it ‘my those who can’t be anyone ugh shit i don’t want someone to be in may close the refrigerator for you friday
it’s a freaking firewood this device is now a good chatbot like you could you please close your hands lol i’m a pussy and a freaky friday where.

[1:41:11] Let’s not forget the feelings i carry them safe them for you friday my girlfriend for sure,
we a
play feel like that so that’s a pretty awesome answer i’m busy at friday but i think i do be the strong one.
What are you the strongest like you send it to me if it doesn’t get shut off i go for three different answers this morning i can’t decide between these three weird of donald glover.
Cuz you can do all these multiple facets or other mats cuba because he’s and two of my favorite bands,
and he gets to the stadium with what i need to,
and small club without going trail so he gets both sides of the music spectrum and yes to encompass each audience which was really cool,
select shift sixteen thousand people one night and then like for under the next flight how awesome is that if you are not light really cool you’re not just playing the same crowd over and over again.
Let’s fun for me from traffic i gotta think about it so ill just pass for now sono.

[1:42:26] This item was your girlfriend finally cancer free yo are the bands,
what’s the weather for later episodes are the ones that we fail i save for later i okay let’s like cards against humanity you likes it over there really depends on like who wants to talk about later is insurance is there,
submit my answers a little bit of a shout but i probably donald trump just i got no effects positive change in the united states make sense.

[1:43:00] Are there any sales betalar something funny
lower your first day of actual do you shake your head feel like this is a really good a href everybody needs to listen to system of a down and like figure out like hayward
yeah things i want and i’m sure it is a great thing is for the president to say good.
Yeah just like partner just that im at one day cuz that something you could do that when there anything in one day but i like every is low level drug where my schedule yet hardening all of america goes i probably go whoever is currently the president
did i start with so would like to low level drug offender the i’d be like massage
harden just slipped what’s wrong yo on light up
does five government’s watching back i thought that.
Black cubes in a box where is spiderman he reacts when he was in a box where like can’t poop without five different government’s intelligence agencies watching him with cameras that are
obviously there sure this is where i’m survey tions.
He’s like a hurricane and the boxes of april if he leaves the box the extra catered united texted in the united states prefer being tortured for the rest of his life.

[1:44:26] I want you to waste torture,
yeah so it’s like it allowed to leave that room for like four like five years now like to play or around the twenty eleven twenty to new delhi for like being like hey umm.

[1:44:40] They’re torturing people you will enjoy that that like maybe that was what i expected in the nba,
where is your control julian assange is a troll instead of waiting i said that they’re like what am i gonna do.

[1:45:00] But i’d be trump to.
Not as part of the shit out of some people to be great and fire off a few missiles for fun i mean come on.
Come on give me just blood work logo island summer holiday claire declare war on north dakota.
I would like to declare war on north america and the you are now refugees from north america.
Set alarm to give you all supplies and north american people like it
i feel like what i’m howard with like the highways but because i last in minnesota i said because the water was south dakota is it south of north dakota,
what’s the confession used because i got state still he is here its.

[1:45:50] Do we have any i was done i was done with yahoo that all of white meat imma stone what she spelling.
Easy order lol and like i love you fine fine rolls and she said she.
Like well times comedic actress and joyous gets like.
Can the best clothes and introduce your face is your personal interests you play both comedy and drama extremely well i’m not gonna brag but ok
forreal you crochet either drama and comedy in a way its like.

[1:46:26] Sorry tiger and see if they even like it was number eight not that he was supposed to line three.

[1:46:38] Rom cash what’s your name right now but it’s like that german actors in like.
Allow the cream turn to the movies what’s his name.

[1:46:49] What’s the hands of his hands in his hands but what’s his last name was like isn’t she order.
No secrets character members off what’s his gorgeous in full cuz like
how bad is the air like he is just so classy and he can play a bad guy and like i mean
and a good guy and very similar with very similar manners and respect for fellow humans and my keys determined like playing the american characters like that just no big deal.

[1:47:19] Cancel cancel lol nice to do it
crazy good impression of crystal all eyes i don’t have to be a.
Would you ever okay so bear with me here musk.
So that i can mail myself a suitcase filled with on non consecutive and march bills remember what i did during the day is okay anyway give me some money that’s what i was thinking about doing the party part two,
is it any recent shows him to not be somebody else he’s gonna have access to some really fucking nice to get delivered today.
Really nice toys there’s gotta be someone amazing is gonna have like a fucking like can i continue the area for someone so like i think i like him.

[1:48:15] No you know who makes up just getting a level one with the one i got with the president would
the president can only getting like level three was like the areas and the grays mike up to get down a level nine with the reptile people forget the really crazy cool should affect cruz is one human and not many,
play so you can like him cause of money for myself afterwards
and then turn off one day of ridiculous find toys like guys gonna have like a iron and wine pic of life for like a flying tesla with flying to or something fun adventures i could not.
Can i change my number so.

[1:49:00] Members do you like that in the MPAN the amazon service is awesome.
Like fight club meets oceans eleven shit right here yo are life
what’s the temperature in las vegas is that you refer to the trail
DLP know what would be like if you just spent electromagnetic pulse yeah but just out of the couch light.

[1:49:34] Surgical one that just takes us server thinking that amazon would only have one serving nothing but amazon’s i’m done
are the amazon owns like most of the internet like i m gonna breakdown internet absolutely no i’m done
yo are remember you gotta get everyone the chances of like out there
apocalyptic scenarios because i want i’m want to if you could a great deal on bus compression he’s like,
Oh yeah you can’t put bobbin up and yeah that is really good at impressions
are people doing repression now he is a pretty good a major do you like in nick cage doing christopher walkin for like ten minutes while jasper my old bike to cents was it
remind me what is the other way around i made you do something you open the action in person chris rock and others nick on nick at yahoo.com.

[1:50:42] Give mckinley goes back down and put his hands and knees like a graduation with me right now zach that you’re performing and yeah
i think i was having taking requests and i just like
keep doing that dont stops act like i’m enjoying myself because i don’t take reservation.
Find the patents set up marcia.
Latest i’ll get it does the same thing he takes a famous person per se another famous person studios we remind you doing christopher walkin.
Yo are you a bot how,
tell yo are doing jack nicholson you can’t handle the truth okay how yo are saying that.
That is what you get from the student who do comedians in cars getting coffee with jerry seinfeld like
yo on the job,
no va.

[1:51:58] Is john lennon do think of me.
He’s half and half i feel like that was that hello hello hello how are you.
I feel like he’s on those comics that this guys gonna take the dirty sink can i do i feel like.

[1:52:16] Skip sitting there staring at his new in town so i cannot control
random dirty joke the system connected but there is still whining like where is jesse with his sword is joke lol i wish i was a comedian
through the jeff dean and days so i’m home alone too like she swam this pocketbook open should he.

[1:52:43] Let’s stand john lennon is pretty good and had a great time to undressed trabajo opposite,
feed my birds,
gangbang is like my favorites though that’s yo on my gosh the gym teacher.
Anyone have access to the wifi password for the dining hormone monster like.
I guess i need to watch that would a cubic foot by okay.

[1:53:29] Perfect but very cold place women on the light
i love that’s my favorite director of beer yo on,
remove from the crow show rich happy was when is this happening it’s him in it.

[1:53:54] Who was it what does hello alright my oh okay so it’s a millennium nick crawl in there with a gift card to reach dex and they’re just there just these guys are just entitled,
add that the light of day get arrested on their way out of tijuana with a briefcase full of cocaine and why,
there is no big deal that a prison or jail like immediately while they are being held like as they were leaving it like out
yo are these people and the people on the side with them and they didn’t like yeah um we’re.
Father called and we we’re there was a misunderstanding we returned all of yours things like that like um.
I think something is missing in the psych ward you know who m is anything else missing.

[1:54:49] You know what i’m talking about is nothing else missing,
where is my cocaine put it back in the immediately but then immediately got hood af but they probably check it out mother show
before he was played so i talked about this before netflix the characters.
There is a yeah we’re all these guys at work like messing with tim robbins was like to be a certain gold everything in the right calling him from across the office and let them much space
this is you for nineteen eighty one shave that mustache his concert.

[1:55:29] Why is that so helpless if you can’t hear me don’t go to the camps i wish your uncle trying to send the lights.
Yo are as it hangs up.
What’s the fastest way that’s called the characters the characters that well.
Yellow labs and that one generally i don’t know i was generally stuck with me and i can hear what i meant then i should.

[1:56:00] Last thing she was plugs where things would like to fly aimlessly promote um debbie one six.
Short cut the monstrous little theatre company which is that your company im executive director of.
Is producing it opens thursday this thursday friday and saturday ryan how was your host is directing it.
Featuring actors morgan layne and chris andrews um and it’s great great tell by david mann,
and reminds me a little bit of data actually is far is in style i’m tickets online are seventeen dollars and twenty dollars at the door and it’s at wal sessions
that last three hours to submit kool kool space yo are starting it starts at six
yo on www dot matrix denture re yo ave,
yes but that that s nothing.

[1:57:13] Um i really have a major to apply for the prison pen pal project that i’ve been working on.
Almost a year now like were coming up on one year.
So if you want to have contributed help me out i’m doing that would be my shameless plug swim.
Okay umm hi,
this upcoming weekend um february friday february first and saturday february second i will be the feature act.
For trevor anderson boxes comedy club show starts at eight ummm tickets are fifteen dollars at the door for sure.
So maybe ten dollars presale but don’t quote me on that i’m not good amy i’m press what’s the name of the event one more time it is so it is trevor anderson
i will be performing at bosses comedy club.
Eight o’clock friday and saturday i’ll be the feature act is come check it out pretty cool show um and also of course wanna plug it supposed to snow jam comedy festival the end of february my self as close as i am sure,
read glasgow so me and zach been that end of course edge case coming out this october.

[1:58:39] Where is the order due next episode of submission that where to start like i think it’s seven,
i am officially established distanced on september tenth i think it’s the first tuesday after labor day i’m you like.
That is by far the most excited about coming out like.
It’s the last week to submit stories and so i’ve been getting a lot more submissions and it’s getting me like super pumped so i just need to finish my last two stories that i definitely wanted and this season like i’m i’m life pushing the deadline,
yes spell what’s up.
Well that’s cases by audio drama that by robert scot put together and it’s a sci-fi thriller theme sort of like galaxy
do i like some other limits i can’t think of things to a my short stories will be having made into episodes for the season which will also be boy.
How to finish my book work as well so i’m excited for the awesome planes and cool cool september.

[1:59:45] Who are you upload for a profile hell yeah exactly.
Why the flight to be in some process a logo we will have more shortly so i’m leaving after that,
where did you come new show,
hopefully it will be sunny manchester next show february is t-shirts correct so those come support our work.
I’m well be a remedy brewing company at the end.
Up the next one because it’s not february yet but the twenty eighth of february at remedy at eight o’clock and is a free show.

[2:00:26] So we encourage so come on down and we had this is our last two shows the packed is it down there make sure bless the one yeah you rushed and that anything other than that.

[2:00:40] Yeah that’s awesome can i do that so sorry i was already you are not familiar with the format in providence audience paste suggested.
Um we roll with basically creating a scene based on audience suggestion much like whose line is it anyway if you’ve seen that show of something possibly haven’t seen that show i like were,
review batman but not have instant okay too coming out we want you there i think you’ll enjoy it.
I don’t we have a good time because we have other members it can make it tonight so show them we can we will send an cab be here she said.

[2:01:16] Busy busy busy with her and i know he didn’t like to place within like three months which is just nuts
hertha still love yo are there to choose was i am sorry.
What does it he was allowed to lamp from recommend me a
russian cognac got a lot of betsy ross i just couldn’t really like
betty russel have tourettes oyo aren’t i don’t know what to do with the russian accent mixed with tanya
so u did the accident in through and rushing references
who is awesome texted her so feel free to confuse but his conversation mistake configure talend at home and see if for yourself then gets is loud so we have with them u ten PM.

[2:02:20] I will be performing at kenner th birthday bash at ira brilliant company.
Friday february ten richest wonderful tattoo artist a good friend in sports love comedy shows coming from.
Are we introducing some acoustic soul accept palo david seaman pharrell.
I can’t perform as well as other musicians bed with black dress for hosting at two.
We found the charity she passes on the night stand up ads for direct girl whose fighting brain cancer right now and so the charity fundraiser show for that.

[2:02:52] Um so joel twenty first to twenty third very excited to be awesome doing it working with thirty to thirty five think it will come excluding yourself from the prada three.
Springside about the income mcdonalds because and hopefully i can go to his schedule training is available to help pay for i’m so excited i wanna try waiting for clients check to land a number
buying helpless thats not full something yeah i think it’s still good um i’m gonna try and get them on,
find something here if you need help loading image havana something like that
i have a van but you have plenty have a sample but i have a van i would like to do is live dresscode upset if you can somehow make that work but i don’t know if we have to work out logistics analyze shit but,
anything you figure out of that because idm.
Another some people from the past that ive never had on the shelf like damn boots that will never happen with the other year was blazers am podcast to help set up benson.

[2:03:52] That’s right shoulder happy was mainly because he just loves two hours away,
let’s have lunch that’s crazy because he’s so active still what’s like had he had to log on to policy priority but i like the first two episodes guaranteed straight up but yeah so i’ll be fun,
and the twentieth of seven to be killer yeah that’s a robert.

[2:04:20] Ok so friday of this week.
The first of february i believe that is your last final day talking to myself here last goddamn day to submit stories for season one of submitting and i will talk about doing a patriotic thing or season two but.
Ugh i gotta draw line in the sand friday so blessed to get their stories and wanted if ever wanted to write a twilight zone episode of now is your chance getting there.

[2:04:47] Let c and dance with your podcasts i mean if you listening that’s you just look at the link site i do i should have a podcast like way to many for
healthy human being so what’s up what’s my sound for like another one i got the eddie murphy like who did the show with lastnight you just released a new podcast that i was like today.
Call her diary was that he was my tenant this morning we fill that i woke up because you ready tonight so we does we would be does he asks comics what
what are the personal struggles that i talk about anxiety for about forty five minutes,
i hope so she was a different kind of pocket instead of life that light hearted whatever they haven’t talked about having it was the whole vehicle
hard i feel like there is interesting as i can listen to like every episode of some of america will have to my name is a little more and sings it still says not to
i’d like to dislike mr vs being very serious like eating something really serious only because of the big sweep so i took those things that anxiety using it.
That is any advantage to your boots and your crew and how can be sometimes a detriment so i just kinda mix the two and how used it.

[2:05:59] In a positive light and how you tried to share the way the negatives and just use it as a positive reinforcement so i got it like that up most of us can do it i just woke it up there was still some
still hurting select page was no video broadcasting yo alla i would like that.
Super fun so yeah if i may i have another guy was bloody i also wanna podcast that comes out tomorrow the girl with the red door.
How is christian hellberg probably but red both of her feet is there
but i’ll get bravo a link to that to check it out i talk about you know being unemployed and what that means to falls in as a person,
what gig economy type person so.

[2:06:49] Interesting where the order for greece open for check out good uplifting and good totally blessed take me like or dislike.

[2:06:58] Flooding yo are there like some water shit in the area that exact,
i really like i want all the other podcast to fall saying they all know that you’re being so if thats yes she told me i think it was possible to write that.
Should i wear to send the phone interview and like very professional i like it s cool so i recommend listening to the rest of ur shop if you feel threatened.

[2:07:30] I will feel that being said we paul adam bill thank you so much for being on i could a always so you watching and tuning into.
Trash yo.

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