Dresch Code Ep 019 Traditional Grip

Dresch Code Ep 019 Traditional Grip
Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme “Equilibrium” by The Disarmed
Guests: From Big Red Rawkit Riot Steve McFarland, Johnny Kahuna, Ron Schmidt

This week’s topics included: Great songs with bad music videos, early MTV, Greatest Theme Songs Ever, a thing most people don’t know about you, do you get nervous before performances, albums ahead of their time, if you could be an animal at the zoo which one would you be, what makes a good parody band, album that didn’t live up to expectations, and greatest bassists of all time.



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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Who is bob he wants a business but his uncles cousins nephew build a website unfortunately the website looks like a website that was built in tom’s uncles cousins moms basement,
dont be like bob let a professional website if you wanted affordable website that looks expensive,
no website that can be found by a customize visit don’t play bomb dot com and let them know you heard about the mondelez want to get ten percent.

[0:27] Music.

[0:47] Nineteen oh so pretty fancy volume would not required legally drink alcohol so,
let’s to episodes for now yes those days where i can bring onkyo on,
oh how the show works for the un initiated pretty close to it and refusing to liverpool questions out of this order but getting i call the jacket and it’s not accurate or return,
and read often question topic and we decide does this pass or fail the dress code meeting yes we will talk about it or no we wont and we know that i take the topic and save it for another up so.
Most the time those ones that don’t get approve all never had a near perfect with good reason he should he get started yes please are in a perfect.

[1:46] Great songs with terrible music videos.

[1:50] Figure if yes what is the gm,
are the japanese music i like the topic i just don’t know if i can you think of it i could a great how you know what samples to report for jury trial right
should a one out but that’s what made jagger david bowie video from bethnal and streets yo are the should
i still it from one of those guys response kind of thing,
good song was a credit of video feed to show me now tell adrian how is surprising because this is truly amazing let’s move to la spent twelve bucks and another song i want the saints a great song,
what was that herbie hancock so who’s the stupid yo are you there,
when was i think that’s the best universities really pretty robot vacuum be home can use video.

[2:56] Turn signals the warriors so why stop the song is called rocket fizz can you help me with kelly the twins when she was young she choose entry but music with.

[3:10] See if tom petty had a lot of wonderful songs with the music videos for free awkward like you got lucky bed space and a futurist yo are you help.
Where are the documentary times like who is leaving first video with i okay with the intro instead of just st to the man i would say to craft the video but it’s pretty lame.

[3:38] I melt with you by modern english because free cheesy that’s a cool song i like at song videos like,
anything you would leave yo on worst things got better yeah okay great song blows new wave artists eighties videos were terrible but the keyboard.
Play like a transverse transmission of HIV trying to figure out what to do if i received the video just loaded the newest song thats your under grace your favourite the band bootcamp,
from the eighties and they were the first band ever be featured on MTV,
i discovered i could do reviews from classic was doing like twenty five year anniversary of the launch event tv repairing my about the music videos as the first deck which ones are pretty cool concept,
your videos as they would be eric would like to advertise switch free cool.
I miss being cold brew cafe he made tv videos and they’re just cheesy do waverock well songs and what songs will call no victim
can i call your love and your wife would a forward in a court room will stop add everyone on the jerry’s like i want to try oculus.

[4:58] Who is he would like know who did it who put your favourite hero is remember where they were when MTV first.

[5:11] I’m ten years before conception yo are you dating.
Who is your creator i was saying actually hey bar.
Who won the nearest bars in fayetteville arkansas at the time will create ten years old my cousin brought me up to fail we moved here for a short stay in and.

[5:41] I was waiting for him to get done doing what i was going home watching tv and edit light is on some issues and i’m like.
Huh wonder if this is gonna come on and play leon the samsung ones you have are you a cat one affects the spurs nineteen eighty one.
Yeah when i saw we are one month before i was born when i saw their cute dog at first seven six six so she can wash that.
You use to be fun.
Who is all music videos and i have moles add actually watching old clips my head bangers ball that will awkward to watch because the bands clearly did not want to be on the shelf,
i just forced my life lol to be interview by ricky rapper who is ricky is like trying to fit in and lay all these bands like.
Forgotten heroes like the golden age be missing butthead with the music video is like you to get those dvds set something up college like yes let me know the music video is your place order yet.

[6:47] Arroz interviews like where is it because what you play music without like no it’s fine it’s.
Or delivered that’s why we use what we have no problem no idea how is it.
Yes play to go to skyline cuz july gas stations like what is going your life you are the garage they tried it like once that was like play,
great i mean affiliate of the b version of ginger and mary ann marshall.
Need a black one haha.
Tell julie i got a new creation should a drone and this is how old,
trick question is the stock price,
i need a black fone i may i was drunk when his senses mark good he
can you get some making feel welcomed,
not even other search the web like to add wolfpack because he was the one that new about the artist’s music and ask questions write music,
no li artist love talking to him but i was scared ricky rapper help help.
I can tell he loves the crab i don’t like boys who did this.

[8:16] What’s my bank wasn’t i did listen to flush flight back would al so like you.

[8:25] Good to hear metal fest once again brandon life set sixteen years ago it was la guns rad flyer house,
i had warrant let me get to.
I would like a years old any lane to swearing way too much is there another race where are ya doing.
Did arkansas pretty good my dad was like a document red beach does hey.

[8:58] Press access can it be.
Yo are the questions you guys rock you are the best method.
Do you have weight loss surgery because i will you you’re gonna say hello.

[9:18] Yeah next question would like to pass the buck,
no spiders and no i can keep my hands are the last generation who david joerger is gonna come through and take your hand and i would a create a steam science.
Who yeah yeah yeah let me let anything anything get me TV.
Josh godfather is impossible regional got the bad the ugly.
Who did you refund the money saying u have roles reversed monster was great man tho.

[10:04] Which other ones are newer stuff for the daniel huffman light nineteen eighty six and west stuff sixty adam wood a message that’s uh it’s got that certified yeah okay.
Kids in the hall of fame.

[10:22] Band is quite underrated would a back rub.
Can you help me on the fresh mounts not somebody else roger client the pacemaker brian harrison legal issues and because of how to deactivate we have not go.
The district should i cut the last time.
Who is i can’t find any i cannot lie to sacramento district attorney before three PM songs.
Yo on court shoes like you’re saying it’s easy but it what is up with those lyrics,
that’s how long it’s like off the rails its getting like the second verse that’s not on the light show life
is there a like looking it up for a bit we’re doing together podcast not like my god this thing just keeps going and like we are keeping we are we like this it’s really helpful.
The intro music for the extra are the excess no yeah first time setup.
Green acres pretty here’s a toilet breaks and the other half.

[11:41] Remove cap nigga that’s all i gonna receive a set the cider an idea if it,
can you create an event hey let’s go yo are we birds suicide is painless just the theme to may i have the number one.
Pet cemetery remember i golf.
Get your running water bottle of mouthwash hey good morning what’s take a picture.
Hold your man is pretty good how many has no stick with like got me what you can do that
what is the theme from the thunder birds tv show ya what can i do i say that would a great feeling.
What was you watching mr burberry each of television ask you that was a good one remind me that i know that’s why i don’t watch.

[12:43] Much tv,
you know i’m doing fine this reminds that’s pretty twisted that but i mean you wanted to catch my order tv show i really don’t know what movies.
I never stand a mother just there to leave when rising my things to be part of the experience will NDTV india
do you still have the like story one was like the theme song how to explain the premise of this show where is now it’s like
you get three seconds to play some kind of feeling cramped in before we get a cream and white commercial operator,
where they do you like a g flat in the title of the show and that’s it.
Who begins feeling we all know how he whats happening in three d printer right barney miller nope.
Baseline hold you know sanford and son doesn’t have lyrics like to think it doesn’t stop there we go home tonight i just got woken up water is in the.
What is the news jefferson you know who were going so no like shut up and play some jazz.

[14:00] I want my friend’s life what would a c in the back so badly such a good thing sucks.
Stream track yeah.
What is the best recent theme song of there’s no alternative cup of unbreakable kimi schmidt has a freaking sandwich in the and it’s just bring what did that event type arthur,
what is facebook going to actually like animated and created just picked up a ukulele the hammers something else so place holder and that has actually become the most like iconic teams of all time they just kept it in there is like it’s perfect.
Help my bg it’s still on the theme song is played golf the sponge bob.
I can’t figure it out.

[14:53] We intend to go to see if it was sponge bob of this promotion man ever but is not the intended but he.

[15:03] Yeah something else.

[15:05] I just game of thrones theme song you hear that right away you know your like people about to like get staff have hands cut off for something good a task,
show you tribeca on it is like an airplane smooth planks what can i make you a jones,
aeroplane spoof detective comedy what’s the airplane it’s like a sinus i’ll how well quite silly detected like a joke every two seconds or play detective how many cases can i want to play smash hits,
can you show me the moves,
airplay should a sweet bob another store airplane it’s always a so with a case of the mile high club bingo.
Remember i use the press release open hello,
rebecca every episode please start with the detective play ten seconds long for rock then you can hear a guy yelling who is just some guys that like getting it hurt,
make it to the first thing you like getting hurt like a pot of coffee what is what i want and need backup.

[16:22] The first scene is always spit that i like the cut to having the office like hurting himself he can answer yo.

[16:32] Music.

[16:44] Send this.
Hope you are fixing everything for what time is it in new phone but hot pot of coffee and walking away can i ask you.
John equipment tab.
Hey chris las veo show go get a life remember what is the theme song was stand by ariana yes i want a helping hand and,
spam in my office that word sword of what name of salon of your help you know who davies.
Use alarm use x word swag the song is six o’clock good very red hola arrival x
i can still see the real video on youtube that your son just had,
when should a recharge is google stock doing styling,
next up is usually executive order is actually i’d have full please pass the,
let’s do this information may i ask what inspired and there so you can watch netflix is good he is bad in the sense.

[18:14] What reviews did you try what you just your viewing pleasure.

[18:25] What’s one thing a lot of people don’t know about you what i’m so that would mean us any any of us when we were yes.

[18:38] Model.
Hey m i think that’s the flats the balance of the future part you’re start shivering what is working away around here i have one kid.
What was born with one hey yes i did find out aug twelve.
Why pixel the doctors really want to write a wife no help bye see you born this way what happened.

[19:09] I drank one too many drinks i feel like i’m screwed up sending him reports so i lady gaga you were born this way but i get what i think something broke myself operate for his resume.
I wrote this when what can i do it is possibile how are you.

[19:31] But three years ago i bought a kidney black mark could a while so
here’s why is there how’s the air force for a long time and national guard height.

[19:54] Your plans all time to me but i got twenty of the lender.

[19:59] Who are you who are you gonna understand until i like chill out if so help.

[20:07] See that’s why ya well i never knew what i just gotta like take my dining light.
Who is he would never gonna heal me and no will how could he get a no hub id never been enough i just never been the situation hi.
Only thing that i like to order the sand hundred and when we’re in vegas.

[20:37] Whats the sweat of all the hopefully what can i help you sir henry cowell,
if u it’s gonna go seven hundred feet down then hit who are like,
what can i do while creating a factor what would a pizza place where i am so glad terrified what’s your job life analysis
it’s never it’s never gone well hey,
navigate to come and where can i go climb towers in like what day good a quick twenty he tokyo on so i respect your fear of heights yet.
If you had the furious is the only gland a party that i did something stop ma i contribute no value,
hey i can be tricky hey i heard there,
no experience with it i saw the upside with bryan cranston last week and are there any new schedule a parenting events.
Record please.

[21:50] So i got me the terribly retirement for yeah yeah do not go where do i think we’re taking care of the lighting in that stopped.
When did you play sports repaired film where to go what’s the progress.
I know if it’s something people i know but its like what percentage of the population doesn’t understand.

[22:19] Just forget it was first good trump other people who don’t know is for me nobody or informative record,
yeah general public general general public when others are suffering close friends like what.
Snooze i’m thinking something anything like that i always spill my guts like a thousand times and your podcasts are so right.
I guess i most people don’t know that when i was in college i was an MTV provider here i was actually pretty ring.
Thinking about having a real job at one point in my life i have been modified not talk me in doing their hometown pay for the training.
Hello i’m anders we avoid human contact numbers we have to do an ambulance crew the small town south dakota back i was gonna see exotel number so,
we would do that when i fell will you know you can let.
Still need to give you a slave to get a job because you know we’re playing bens room planner make with side jobs born.

[23:30] Working on before we danced all the answers calls not that experienced me to realize i don’t want to do this for later yeah,
i feel like thats what was only a short shelf life once you just list your number some people are really friendly guy think is ok.
It’s disgusting uber screen play the lights.

[23:56] Motorcycles don’t know where.

[24:01] Where is wilde play guitar hey joachim how many follow your lead there i was born with located when she is.
What should i wear on my i so legally blind when i was born i can’t see a color i could see if i can make anything else so i was the youngest.

[24:26] Person was ever offended by contact lenses and san francisco california grams of medical center.
So i was glad when the books for the youngest while getting money from an prospective know what i should go back after payments and gets going to do some help there any way yeah that’s about it.
How my god what’s your number to tell you something good hmm.
When you say it okay i will probably be doing this is your brother’s something new.
You said he was use a favorite black eyed peas my god help doesn’t come up because i don’t know when he okay love just white,
can i take another one yeah okay so anyway take to say that one for the natural financial advisor what band do you consider me
the nickelback of this generation what’s your fear no i don’t.

[25:32] I want to say lovely woman who moved begin by addressing is up person i don’t mind.
I think some other stuff as we already was pretty decent compared to half their problems out there,
what is lot of the time when i say please post questions nickelback is mentioned please for five times to accomplish doing something right since they’re like mentioned for times every tonight sweetie.
Where are your other well-known i mean remember making a mistake for my oldest daughter when done to pick up a cd for,
she’s gonna kill bitches probably watching this i feel like nickelback
hello how did i feel i found a couple of their albums that i grab the CD called picking on nickelback and she came out of the wrong botton hour later she was diagnosed with dementia missing nickelback can i go to talk about
the blue dress may i was supposed who is your review what kind of bot are suspects,
what you got reduced i think the band that’s been getting close crap lately is relevant for you.
Yeah good day just been called zeppelin ripoff switch if you listen the song it’s easy to see why.

[26:46] Like the songs are good but i just dont see any artistic evolution choose to have yes i’m not listen to email him but sky blue gray white with paul simon long would he do,
ask we speak really lessen our know they just come one,
grammy for best rock album really blessed about that article what is the photo that you use for the header was the photo of led zeppelin turn off the lights he wants you to turn on.
Who you know the saying anything.

[27:19] Anyway what’s the result bad way to do nomination for best artists and that usually play well that’s,
what is the address for the graduates of you when your done after that we are continuing
yo are really slick bands continue but they have no way to hear the success of horror raped,
so i modern version of.

[27:48] Abandoned just trash out exactly where the superbowl i think maroon five yes im trash.

[27:56] I will say the first couple of maroon five were guilty pleasures who is seventy was catching bodies then it wasn’t compromising the integrity wasn’t play songs by glen was amazing i love that did i buy,
it seems like they come and go without an orange band is the quality of life if someone tells you give me a band that allowed.
Like i usually clean that for bands like,
exercise you may try what you want to make a living doing what you love i don’t blame you for a science major but okay sterling completely compromise what use to be,
do you make money weather doesn’t feel like it’s all crochet yeah so i got the front cashier of american horror story is a catholic priest that was,
like the point where it’s like okay they’re crossed that line yeah i need a singer,
adam levine hosting SNL once he tried hey buddy you played a straight man in every skit will.
When your not justin timberlake you can pull off a cliff.
Can you assist what were the defects in digital shorts that lonely island heat yellow,
is it yellow he just the chorus for thursday at one will continue to far,
when he comes in would like a course filled with black children at the very end for like this big swelled up i ran so far OK i ran like i am becoming resentful.

[29:21] Not bad hbu yeah i did he was great but.
Yeah maroon five stephan on that lately hes been getting especially because of the superbowl here,
why did you get put in the superbowl flood.
You’re not exactly finish for that then u get a crap ton for sure like if you’re a huge larger than life or dislike by your guy get what you’re gonna get praise red and bruno mars is one of the few pop stars now that actually has that.
That’s what i think it feels naturally fitted for that.

[29:58] But you should i have a big chili peppers spend as of late so i’d like some pens for sure left the band but it yeah.

[30:07] But when do the superbowl yes that would implement you know i was lol how was your first day,
yeah there’s no i just posted that her the socks who is google
who are you who am i going girl that onion article that was said don’t text heather newest album it’s just the wikipedia page for the state of california
yo are there any girl what was the meme you put up a give away give away email
what was the thing the less i remember when wearing something what is the chili peppers the weight loss.
Yo on,
how is great i would love to see the show but there was just so i could eight,
what is why is.
There’s an interview with and the kids have had a surgery fur lavender query select your about the scar tissue,
when someone color to wear a suicide how could yo on.

[31:30] Create prescription can you can not see some of those phrases anymore because i don’t like football score to should.

[31:40] How does this look is a question of whether.
Put much would a working mom is the cheapest of rushing just kinda does whatever
let me know how yo,
how can i reach yo on,
dl would a physician see just enough for thinking decreasing show our if.

[32:21] Sì la for shots and i’m like leave jasper is a drama but it just never.
Never flew away like always so good rate is like he’s rapper but it was the time the place that fits play.

[32:39] When should we go to the next question should i arrive.

[32:46] Why do we not get the green room where my bed bath and drink your body yeah hey there do you get nervous before performances.

[32:59] Yes true sir madam is.

[33:04] Show you know who dave both for me.
Depends on the venue and where i’m at,
where i’m at if you guys friday you wasn’t directing that use show you know where is the shadow is curious when you get the first two notes down nearby and we look at each other well where is play music that you that,
whatever november so you can see pasta for the first five rows will never know that you couldn’t,
because of the way the down stage trust was always lights,
you really can’t see much past the first five rows how do you like gabby can see people at the napa valley of the lawless we are the seats or whatever so this is really cool,
put my wife and i talked about this and hello.

[33:54] I don’t get it to turn away from but i think its because alot has changed to words and have done everything else how you just get to that point where relationship this is.
This is a job this is what we do i mean if she don’t have to get a job at what i did really enjoy,
where is tribe black the north part of me is gone yeah i kinda message,
a little bit and i remember back when i first started you directions on how to big shoulder whatever,
good me in the order by grill and friends six thousand people and we were between two and three folsom who are the other night and let me in.
No different honestly i dont really turn that i feel awkward is sometimes we were exceptionally small small venue.
Replay last shot right corner before watching but i gotta the bathroom the whole time or planned that’s an awkward feeling not a nervous feeling it’s like
i feel like ive been away runaway a
reverse that nervous energy and performance energy no no,
then bring yo yo yo she like to do that stage you help me out it’s just it’s.

[35:20] I got more nervous about doing a brand new small venue.
I like stage fright and just like i did this turns out we had what half where stuff is.
Life friday night car shows and opening the another one can you stop the other stuff three hundred one bars close what ever he can we new venue i want to go else is very little bit.
No hardcore gambling but just want to go home and go when were you looking i just said good for you search.
Ok let’s go and get up there anywhere you can you.

[35:59] You just placed you can do it cuts there and it’s fun you look in to see if you face is gone.
Yeah looking at the base and licking and stephen i like what space ship to the sky just playing who is we will show diffrent then what.
Modern music is a bot.
I mean we are married and we stay out by what can you see this face isn’t all simple when we start playing the girl from stairs like.
Yeah this is pretty cool.
No just goes in waves at people dancing all kinds of crazy stuff in there brings you back to uni bring that energy back to the ready med school.
No mulan he catches pretty quick me know if you don’t know if she’s nervous when is fran opening expecting another.
Hello what is rock band or whatever and ummmm.
Do you know what is happening right now for the first meeting we had we have a growing your remove a hotel in seattle for sure
so i mean it’s cool if we do something with a little bit different with this man then then no i think what any of this,
don’t be for real your morning.
More of a modern man back in the day and back in the day when of the snow it’s not modern enough play hard rock and metal plate number and email to reply to everything.

[37:28] Search museum of the drama machine yeah yeah yeah so i mean what we’re doing its kind of it’s it’s different for a lot of people and i think its refreshing yep who did we pick up begin doing.

[37:42] We really enjoyed,
we got to see the results were a lot of original material goes well it’s really cool company saying that match what genre are doing red piano is on people who enjoy physical side when we start playin,
how far is there a problem just let me know when he crazy know how i can hear people laughing out there just like here like,
what is this is fun yeah yeah yeah six to go science,
why do you love you spell clinton what should i true story is tied into a brewery in raleigh
where is michael who has my favorite is just the belt hey.

[38:29] Where are you ugh music not really cuz it’s just plain you’re not really relying on the crowd,
yours play your songs enjoy yourself and we’ll see if they react well great i have not been finalized and why.
Lol not bad crowd and i’m getting nothing i’m gonna be stressful but ima react,
lately i’ve been finding new ways to not get nervous on stage why do things the sooner how about i just see a lot is that works great,
is that why are you broken detention rate take a telephone conference we got his cows and he’s not worried,
he’s not afraid to be out there
u not help me a lot last set of losses i just walked out of there i feel like i only like twelve times did i park guys lose all set
how is perfect
my voice was scratchy at least cell phone so i lost my cat my way to shake the nerves yeah a lot better generous and i just got a ride my sad note five
i would imagine you know where do we stand up even for like to leave requests i would i would i mean i get up every morning wishes.

[39:42] My wife of mine is found in al duo a couple storage with ramsey what’s your hands of the whole being a drummer when you get up in europe.
Leave us position i don’t know what the hell to do if i can find what i’m saying how i can stand in the direction play around here is what i am not seeing it music is playing and when you come back and read the next verse i dont want help
oh sure if this is awkward as hell show me in person,
can i see dr who is located so i’m assuming i didn’t think i’d hear me in recharging turn his plan a guitarist will leave you with your alex there,
just doing leave all those orders do we stand up for your embrace winter and saying it’s like what you do what you do.
Yeah i would like to study from and how they go about doing things between breaks,
and just think its funny just u dance moves but sometimes is just fun to do your agent and canada we have.

[40:44] You see someone watched a few videos since really funny and all.
Where you looking to hire shows me what’s like the guy just curious case because mama what are you doing light dinner with him what he climbed up the volume,
does staples yeah yeah long break hope the trash i just like to know why nothing goes back down and just in time for the next full computer,
why am i petty like who’s the best from the hood he is got it.
Show me things that nobody else so yeah whatever i was wonderful but never happens so i can if i want medium but since light during standby know how to kinda get the crowd going like.
What bands my band was advance to the twilight just give me the light between salt lake.
Yeah i could do comedy from behind running with yep i got engaged with the band changing if i results can i go from new girl next song material any chance to spoil.

[41:53] Greater from any where are the bands in there’s a banner stands out if i am a guy i think it is.
I got charged he’s got a way to tell the story is bringing the crowd and the men just plain you’re so long,
back and forth just nervous about it still your money,
i need five bucks jobs yo are you watching is like the crap out of anything in life is when will he ever made the jump on a bicycle over the years was that the product
what’s lunch with springfield gorge
i think so is it going to fill a foods so hes gonna hangout with you is snow me jobs what is your favorite simpsons episode where is this
okay so it’s all the way down io ko who is down and puts crashes
how does it all over again i think your sexy.
Where is family guy is where is the tallest on your favorite fall down the stairs what should,
yo on,
when we received was great ok i’ll look.

[43:20] I’m not want to play do banter between songs anymore of the author or a skull random super saying that i’m not a big story teller,
where would we do storytelling showcases for comedy romance war it’s like the theme story like video title like.
He was meant to be yourself and give to figure out a story based on that title then something like that so yeah,
i just i just whore story telling goes i have four sentences and then i can wake up to play i was hungry i have food that i needed that i feel great
that’s heh but the light color isn’t that so good like i want to hear it every couple sentences.
It’s not a story telling creating order one ly heard stupid lol yep can you collect.
Where did you go to your hotel in like three seconds from losing don’t lose a yeah that’s that’s my turn off process.
Why don’t all stars what’s up play flush it out what i was asking funny okay it’s not del,
perfect you know i think regarding the whole nervous thing i mean i wouldn’t i would be way more nervous trying to do comedy how to refuse are awesome lol nice to know for taking a chance to get up direct this.
Hello how are doing music no you said you didn’t music you’re so immature and alike it what you want to action.
Hear me in the eye without your by yourself.

[44:47] If it doesn’t work and it’s really hard to come back and sure ya get superphone do me post music fest see new comedy between to do that friday with friends birthday thing with the super fun.
When was kelly just like you get the car warmed up a little bit tender because most the radio so the crowd be like friday was the musician iceland krona to respond to that like.
Yeah what’s a good time but the first helper music fest i hope that i wasn’t doing which is like six persons a guy,
oh yeah getting off your high,
hey don’t you know you’re even as you all see you say hey anymore
yo are you up to springfield good,
i would like black swans eat request the response when do you have a pet,
fedbak i want to back to do if we delivery truck who’s eighteen adjust driving and i was stressed to the max light will think about it,
go to call my boss and see what he’s probably hurt to try no don’t got nothing you just being a dick about it.

[46:15] Videos like to see the arrival of ice cream but hey,
sandwiches would add to buy anything to make ago i don’t know how much quota for the day after he saw me as a stressed out teenager so it’s like.
Messages get yahoo just quit what is up.

[46:35] Who is your godfather chris years eve party will have a phone what is going on with my friends like back then lunch i had a motorcycle what time is the date was like five pm are there still have,
yeah what was we’re all seventeen eighteen so the parents were there so it was not drinking or anything so i was this order.
High school fling of a text or use what i want and not sure if you heard the film’s effect,
we’re allowed to watch with fur and also back pack that is super bad for you got bf moms how do i get help,
what is an every para talks like now hate your guts hundred fifty north.

[47:26] What is the next one should he you got is not good a black uber.
What are the new spiders installed.

[47:47] Read that the midwest relax.
We don’t have an accident form of english a century appoints new english put the how much hey there time.
Sorry that’s my drinks with heather time.

[48:06] The cars named one twelve yo on yo crush but while i brush.
I was coconut rush the christian rock parties this one modern day slave yo on.

[48:33] What do you do that when no yeah,
who are the top definition ahead of their time or just somewhere away texas and how much are awesome,
crucifixion jesus vallejo
you have been wronged so i gotta ask my next and upset,
note to self you remind us this evening is that it is actually taking the no it was like coming out close one
what will i like that wasn’t good eight one seven however just watching TV watching tv time cruise news
where was it young directions to see you nick cannon like what is this like i want to scan the sound still off and then they sent the size is only who know,
NA shut off the TV show friday isn’t like i was gonna get it.

[49:50] You are just way different than anybody at the time but it was affecting me nothing u can tell that i am add new wave stuff from the,
build are for the add.

[50:02] What will the car is the funny opinion about what is a lot of people dont say if they performed or songs as opposed to rick okay six is,
yeah i like better with boys but would he has more unique distinct voice or got the better songs in my opinion red wool gray.
Just like you i get your songs like just what i needed if you let’s go like.
Is it just a classic after classic reward the corgi like you get google doing in the bed what is the doing.
Roll one i’m lot back by the boston vegan,
ive always managed to dive into more boston set up a size just a nineteen seventy six album to my brother house i have still not back in third stage place never really sat down and listen to the.

[51:03] Nomad was a big help and no help there and i cant my god.

[51:12] Zlatan albums by famous bands were the only got a large because it was a hollywood style and they were expecting something else with ray ban,
it wasn’t quite what they expected and ten years later they’re like in your mind was a good album who’s bringing you help.

[51:30] Where was where was the first man on alcohol.

[51:37] The first meeting with the hey its time will the start of party.
Just different yarn in me that’s a fare warning was moore height of its time.
Warnings of an elephant thinking a lot of love cuz there was a really is in change just kinda like i was really dark and i am expect to be out.
Can i use the driver don’t want to go to enjoy that one yeah when will i get ones probably my least favorite of the six cuz its mainly just want a converse yellow light grey originals.
But i wanted to cover the still fantastic.
Hello guitar since august so good i got favorite van halen song actually check.

[52:31] I can’t think of anything you considered having i can figure out interesting in different light sequences like to some degree yeah rachel my grandma came out i was told different.
What conception operator krakow was possible because rate the art necessarily huge.
I want set the tone for the vans store doing laundry and feeling extra help help that won never mind the bowling.
Yes i can say that can i set the temp for london calling to raise hell yeah little more.
Bot yeah exactly what the early please records to work on talking heads well.
Early turns are you tell me before the big dude yeah exactly.
Tell me some of your stuff is really quite unusual europe final countdown.

[53:32] You how would a year of like,
please i love that album now because that whole album is used in the movie hot rod yellow has the whole soundtrack is the fastest but,
they made up of like we wish him on the soundtrack
except for final countdown because i want you to play do we we were younger song and an album if that wasn’t really a mood because it reminds i just replied dangerous to track what’s yo on,
nope use look up the sky blue is the most popular sort okay just did with the cats.
Play me some avicii spend on to the point where you know it’s not a good placement for it anymore no.
Who’s fault by any means it’s a disgrace on but it’s asking me to yellow.

[54:31] Artist release that one album that’s a little off the beaten path but was that a leg brace into the outdoor no one’s got a different,
rate this exercise happy i make a with the postal service with give out,
because it mostly because that’s the first time she’s been looking at the reddit for the most ahead of their time albums don’t think i missed the first album i just really feel like six pages that i recognize so i wish your.
I guess i can’t see because i was before lol sorry i did the race and the pop things like they were the first,
did you want to combine sad email music with some pop hey what’s up hey yeah pregnancy yes i like a lot of cap stuff you like and all i can’t listen to what time is it in,
sleeping hi love this already but you can always call young for me can only take so much.

[55:29] Yeah first ten minutes so in sentiment i know you have that disconnected what is added to you,
what’s up what is that some canadian doing how are sorry who are the top three decks when i wanna from the should is crowded here
alexa replay old man by yo are you alive
how are you what i would like all the songs in the key word by him
i have huey lewis it’s power of love and that all may i know how someone messed up my flow by pulling a stupid mobile wraps on our blue high play,
when did you lose your perfect will if.

[56:10] I still here l’ouest the songs are catchy help getting my car yo are really a fan of yours within stain we just window open for me,
how can i open it up someplace in nebraska.
I’d like a nice guy wif u all of this year apparently if he gets here eight figured out how to hearing issue he is hearing.
Please give me back what can i order something but really rare condition remind me to do now that is hilarious which team so i heard.
I watched i would spend sometime and watch the behind the music you
and he’s oh it’s like we never expected that we just road song it helps for the best but la yeah but what was funny was the first man do you know if i have it.
No first responder be holding a surfboard.
How far is that it’s allowed.
I can’t remember if you have it still but they’re carrying a surfboard and.

[57:22] Who is tracking this back and i was fast how soon are later.
Create harmony school guitar parts in the order we only reason we we wizards i bought one but what’s um.
There used to be the show this is like a one and i wanted the off channel.
Apocalypse directed by sam can you like maximum.

[57:57] What a monkey minimum off the back so i can show u was who created this show because it was an early avenue for videos for sure,
mtv so any results thinking blue ca,
just cool so let’s look it up sort if you listening to us was the first picture that he deeply loves it take off,
sports who hello for the yen for info stroller select which didn’t take off then,
let’s play when i’m done what flights are there any direct new stuff red who is the contact life,
hi for two hour workout.

[58:43] Music.

[59:33] Yo on making very possible that it should a expect three cents million that.
What’s the spotify is quite over three adult tickets a money maker dislike nicolina what’s the problem.

[59:56] Help but feel what is in my budget of when i was search the abby still who posted pics who is jack for spotify what’s the weather like for saturday could he.
Convert is just do a combined there.
What’s put alexa flatbed.
Choose exclude okay should i just quit the railroad in vertical axis hey,
reply ah okay when
what if you could be any animal at the zoo what would a business like freshman orientation i want to fill my own question i say no to that i dont feel that one.

[1:00:53] If you wanna visit i will feel is gonna how long is a good spaghetti good agents like,
the perfect because i got good a times when is your children if this film find out how would he know,
hey what’s going on i screamed so loud the table,
it’s time for the talk it’s okay to display paris what is the arizona side a legally changing their kids because the kids knowing for like masturbating a lot and change your name to peter gabriel,
what is the release makes the monkey hey can you dislike hope will shock the monkey,
look up what is what mom does.
What makes a great parody satire artists where they’ll leave island at central.

[1:02:01] How far should i buy a say hi while applying at one i wrote that okay i will take it can i get your help,
i think synchronization with the original song,
yeah yeah right i try to get a lot of inspiration forward all flights across spain to sleep like i just say ok how many beets is that word have rate the original,
let’s are you doing i use brunch christmas supply this is super fun where you go to impressions but have my own spin on it like.
Where does the best of both worlds feel like i was originally he just rates in the style of the artists i want to delete the other hub is where we just changing the lyrics of ray finding out.

[1:02:50] Yo make sure i’m sorry but i guess hell be the main thing i like.
Again where are all of that but i mean like i dropped the radio said so la can.
Up the time that i resent my teams are my early twenties so here we have the internet thing,
who all that de finally came out after yellow but order whatever you were able to see holy shit we can hear this stuff but having no i can actually look up with the lyrics are without having to buy the brand would you prefer hillary so amazed.
You can also tell you allot of the solution we still here today from way back in mid seventies or whenever i did nothing but then i got to the point where if i did know the return if you can make it louder would never happen i just make up.
What ever you help you but had both remind me how to make sense rake be funny.
Hey so i think its kinda magical like you said so impatient.
Then you have to make some simple since whenever there is anything she wanted to know if you wanted to be funny life is getting the lyrics until way later than you listen to any lol that’s what that was about yeah i,
who is your crash test dummies buried where does the hole when bob heard when will like.

[1:04:14] She always wears your reminder got bad what do i do if i got the last part like you feeling like you too.
Who created you know who is your best blade your request could.
He whats on the.
Dr was the other day running when bob yeah talking about the whole situation help anybody receive of his born,
nope nope who are the top three best solution,
how can i integrate better than it would have been and director columbus day and if you witness your,
what was working in the field and i felt something hit me up if you like.
What is a good value where can banana orange.

[1:05:11] Chicken breast or something what yu feel i should feel the pain but not physical play yo on.
Yo yo are the movie her was free completely,
create a task to write up the gym burton one would a verification of g one vs the yeah now thats you seventeen.

[1:05:43] Smh yeah whatever you said about set i repaired it was good a jacket.
I feel like there’s not a lot of sad tired that lasts a long time is short shelf life like at least remember the cute it’s like that’s what i was funny that i forget about it two minutes later asked me current weather.
Who is going where does stand the test is the one that i can take back my first twenty first came out i heard like well
yeah listen the doctor meant documented my bolo na keno day barbecue answer the closest you think of me,
actually withstand the test i like actually stole it works yeah,
best for all the web address in last year for the first time they played like forty five so long until i get a half horse sports bra why is the ocean like they play two different sets each night.
Like display the yellow how different genres thanks for play the circus by song called spy,
yeah like trying to white guys would a break in dubai
create the white drawer theres like directing when they keep playing just go crazy.

[1:07:12] House keeping n you just drag it out like five minutes like crap yeah yeah,
i like hotel exe puerto for jobs and spa.

[1:07:25] So it’s really depends on the content of the song it hot like trump is gonna be the date of a couple years high right.
That’s why we get to play rolling stone flight got your steve always keeps us on our toes we don’t know sometimes what the hell will i remember a show like friends since were not.

[1:07:47] Who am i gonna to back for the ultimate shelf hello we started doing like to see goals and we were really man
who said where you can see i will send her anywhere doing it
you know where we were what can i help you laughing and when i was drunk out how we’re having wars over the profit and they were delivered dislike where i come from alike.
Holy shit what the hell we need help,
hello well they have are there we have ribs that bellevue comes up with we just gonna mess with your songs we ever played alive but,
what is the rest of the cap which red sox symphony of destruction by guns i do it tomm they like today yo dude bobby positive meet me at the hotel in okc.
Yo on.
Who won for us flight and no one else gets it will be i play it on stage tonight the roads like you gotta be
yeah okay so what u do we will play them for soundtrack sucked like people are it’s not a song its little who i’ve read.

[1:09:10] Next next,
seven three for your hand in that i don’t know after you are suspended news up lucknow am i allowed to take pictures one of please do namely how bomb you looking forward to,
but just get me about your expectations yes yeah yeah yeah right u startup,
all star what star was you were aware of who was susan good question.
She like such a good idea just a moment ago hello there i wanted to see how that you create a twenty percent breakdown.
The american idiot because it was spaced it feel like american nap sides yet but i help you follow that one is biggest the weather at all better clear up there.

[1:10:09] Id like completely conquered the last three years of my college career what is every bar light on live continuously it’s like how the hell you talk that if you.
In this day and age it’s rare when a band cell six million copies of an album they delete fold up and raped.
It’s not gonna be as good if we got api was complacent i like the album but was nowhere near right,
yeah that’s a really heavy get some good singles like when i was not nervous good news bloody wanker de the area open to the other slide,
what you got.
Our life last boston album if you can i expect you to be like the first to you within twenty years later you like this should be outstanding disable trying to to end.
What is canada like the trax fell to be like in two tracks off the second album that i didn’t use the first man just kind of remember this third album and is already some music on the third one yeah.
I swear to long time long time.
Yo on a like i listen to a once in a pile of stuff.

[1:11:33] Yeah i got three of three hari remind our concert and pasties to be a huge kiss fan lol.
Liverpool help noel go to a show next month yes i’m working is there so.

[1:11:53] First second this is cool turn down the school on monday after christmas we have bought how the dress to kill a way to live.
Can your high school kids small town girl and that piece of crap destroyer.
No i do not like you like this track like to dislike harry got some fancy producer you lost your edge,
you’re not this year.
Bennie and it’s not like anybody else and i would just resumed of who i have lol okay play god of thunder the yeah i like that song.
And if she is it is i like you so do you love me a.
I don’t understand art times is the highest like ranch.
Yo no realice you think you know i want the twelve and the the other thing call dad.
Emma’s know if you think of the one which i know will the kings oh ok i was okay with no one i didn’t like that one is like i got you please get kind of.

[1:13:10] On the rushing water overtake the one the guy me and then i got the at great album it was the first three hundred ever have rush.
Fly by night allow your diet.
I think it’s probably and they would probably agree if i think they make comments about yours rush transition roof.
For forty years.
How come there is other stuff gonna be huge fee can i have mad respect for yo guys still have in alex,
is floral that is just where i am from this witchcraft turn it up somewhere where i am but no i.
No lot of from when i will get the album i would listen to gonna be like.
Hello i was looking for a fifteen like okay i got it i got it but accepts to.

[1:14:07] I think i still have it on fido pickup listen to it more than twice i would say crisp feel to have that one just didn’t quite rushed i like the progress is not the absence of building thrown into right that’s what i like about rush,
it’s not screw still have the good rest but didn’t quite have enough,
yeah and i don’t know if henry matured to a point where,
no because he took over when you join the band after the first album,
i mean he writes ninety five percent of their lyrics i don’t know if after fly by night.
I don’t know maybe he was just getting too philosophical for united tribes of all that further DIS okay what hair already bored out point because if you give your brother.
And their other albums than what is really deep stuff made and alot of things for me if i could the first record i listen to the waves and moving pictures back.
Help free your review that play good is jesse radio either renew flight when i was distracted not really don’t like one hundred two point seven all the time because that fits in well with all that seventies rock but cannot,
that was the most sensible early rastrear a.

[1:15:33] Who is it for kim lol more like a track about quiet but there is the young guy that comes in a guitar center and you just blows me away because i dont even know what to say message i’m going to talk to him but.
How crazy crazy good on his end this canadian rockers and orange first sammi came anyways payment plan.
Paper wind and i like wild up here now what is it like to never heard anybody my age never get your nail europe have already is twenty early twenties for sure it that’s good umm but the smallest handbag.
Show turn to my ipad traveling stuff like to check this guy who came in yesterday was playing like in the mood by raj and yeah i would really really like blues rock and flooring stuff like.
Yo how do you initiate something.
I was busy but here come hands before we left the rescue dummy playing some rushing of my god dude i wish i had more time to talk to him because i would like to send an electronic gift weather here but,
can you open up notepad would not saying any of this i’m not never will the weather cooperate on learn to live from neal earlier years for sure if,
yeah yeah i think there should we switched from regular too traditional great but halfway through,
just like i tried to tell her don’t forget to grab that flight to michigan play.

[1:16:58] Weird big bad when you’re forced to was the only time i have.
Drumline yeah now i just can’t do it just use their group joke in there.
Switch on the grip of myself would he rollaway to the alternative abandoning was doing so like i was i get a taxi.
Yo on.
Who played as a kid when he is probably like what can i make for lily started.

[1:17:37] What do experts cover but yours and when will you pack my boots but i can i mean yeah about that.
Order a couple flyers i was disappointed make you please let the singles get dressed i was just not interesting.
You always have the newest one has a couple really good song is a single is really very seldom with this quad.
Junction roses live everything since appetite hey can i provide information and is not a fan.
This is what iceland my god my euro.

[1:18:19] The night feels like justice was brian sensor solo album how quick is it between facial stray cats are done for while before we started the orchestra i have to okay google.
What’s yo on my soul is now did the black what i thought he was use all about reading i understand sometimes people one.
Don’t try different things and show their abilities but i have no.

[1:18:52] What were their life feels like just a certain things feels like cats.
I would.

[1:19:05] Yeah but do yourself a favor don’t want it up after seeing recently internet i was asking available after i don’t believe i can’t remember.

[1:19:19] Show me nearest fastfood i meeting you can we got the same baby interest.
Hello southern rock figures like no i’m not saying that way ok what’s ur sc me the people from every southern rock band that are like.
I didn’t reply to your family and they just keep getting on here not because cousin billy come over play with oscar yo yo.

[1:19:52] It’s a freaking holiday i like it,
good a you bot in public with who is who i was like we ve resource what we do we gotta turn cd where can i watch u happen if that’s the one i don’t do people like whatsapp,
holy shit what were you doing there slippery is what makes the album disappointing it what makes it like for me it’s either they’ve gone too far off the beaten path whether known for,
ordered it’s too safe it’s like it’s the middle,
it’s i don’t want that to frame open tickets when they go too far and a different direction than where i do whatever.
I feel like i sell insurance the violence on the job get yo on the french horn player are you know anything about listening to the album link can afford five times to canada yet.
Get rid of what he can understand what it is sir doing i mean it’s happened to me with a few different bands just rahsia me know if you don’t have to listen to that.
It takes a minute yeah you know just your appreciate that but.

[1:21:02] Yo are the trains were going so far but i’m not allowed to know if i think i just got to,
to far to quick in another direction and i think that’s what.
The other hand you a fist of the american samsung yeah exactly yeah i want the app so going up going another direction is always bad.

[1:21:25] I suggest you help him load you can say what is on the same like a cross of grace i feel envious can i hear the lord’s prayer hey picture.
I think u r are second album has a lot of diversity within the music and their address and all.
Not every track sounds the same drives me crazy is when you get an album if like me.
Yeah is the same so secure the soundtrack one will ever spell their size of the circuit outlet to change light to change the logo to bed feeling really different.
Style steel i like it’s cool i didn’t should i ask you why you melody yeah.
Vyvanse that was the factor we know three or four orange that’s perfect but why can’t you have local food in vienna kinda glad you know instrumental reno great.

[1:22:20] Oh there’s another one that i like but i have a what album that just shut the bed yeah why most recent,
stop the album whenever yeah the covers all night people are submitting the shit out of her just doing cover verbatim the same way this on what is excepted,
reverse is singing on the singer we’re saying it but only needs the same songs are things that exist it’s kind of weird yeah set the impression that they’re playing at dislike,
okay this is what you will you water internet okay no like when they are not like soul on it it’s so rare even if like i want to learn.

[1:22:59] Get dinner somewhere where they come playing tricks offered before play on the jukebox like what.

[1:23:07] Show me the refund but i don’t think that’s what i was gonna send this to time to say order one everything you would do a craft.

[1:23:18] It’s like if you want i could go get tacos dont get a taco pizza where i feel happy to get pizza no let’s see if he likes.
May i feel better tacos room.
Would you want one more topic go forward what topic are you are you are the architect.
What every episode it takes us like five fills before then direct deposit curse on that blow it like five really terrible turn red roof inn okay thank you i think i did usually works like that id just.
Hello google it never fails if you had any movies refill the soundtrack in the film film.

[1:24:07] Yes or no.

[1:24:09] Yes no nurse failed last what am i gonna say may i see you late like that it’s gonna be a rough.

[1:24:19] Why do so many people hate nickelback yo on.

[1:24:27] Create a space of all time hey what’s going on talk about that.

[1:24:35] Monster basis you leave can you leave the doctor.
What band is so use to be with bella doing ok.

[1:24:48] I said ball for more than i gotten this news of jeffrey about promise less clever lol.
Did you work yeah i love crime lions record your great.
You are there really no we’re talking about the other day and let’s get that grape flavor when should be the one that’s getting a lot attention like god
i am looking for a turn the radio on for the district would a refund yeah i can i leave a two piece and all like the need one more member i think you can relate.
Go show my van auto pay for jack white in stadiums know where they are there still running it up sort excel,
i want to add another member of a actually i think they what i think that’s the key but i think it’s gonna be really tough from.

[1:25:45] Bring another wrap him that would that would know their place where once again because.
Go to dallas where is your base and hospitable service rn so can’t take somebody doing,
pretty much join another spot but.
Yes i’m sorry there’s no beyond that he broke up set open for prime minister and canada.
Hey your.
Canadian coverage for both of the two guys there was only the truth is i want to know how can i delete me later when they are some of the original sin something i don’t know yet.
Yep um back to the best player in self i have always supplied.
I miss branches last name cuz i can’t remember if there’s an RN never worn the last time the welcome center will present with a letter asking or of he was busy without being distracting,
no you listening.

[1:26:57] You listen to anything listen to free birds got some runs going on there but it doesn’t you got a van full of people the recent get me notes.
Are there give me three steps did some great stuff and it’s just you was really good at being busy again if i make a new golf.
I like this guy gets in the way of everything in it is just added everything feel like it was a hotel i missed it what is it,
any of those small town bass players from back in the day before elvis when he runs seventies specific ways can i got some funk me highlights who was elvis is best player from the seventies just listening
oh my god.
Turn the base of my cards your day going i’m like whoa who is really busy that’s all.
Removed from my joy division the order of 1 2 he was gonna hurt so who’s bands.
We will songs i liked them but they just seem lifeless with the base makes an actually exciting yeah okay.

[1:28:05] I think it was a elvis face player she of oh yeah we got.
Henri bal hey miss hall behind back and black enough welcome to the other.
Who are the seven wonders duel the babies stuff and everything.

[1:28:25] Pretty impressive how are you my good a what’s this one out in the country but also if you provide your comments,
it is great i feel he was also very unique.
Gene simmons naujienos is really cool men’s hoops.
No this is better but i still do a lot of the age no just no bodies gotta do that was different and i were talking about and just recently about you.
And when you go into the waiting.
Who are the midway crisis career or whatever term you want to really go shower water show me and it’s not that he can play but they were they start off.

[1:29:18] Keeping it simple what ever been there was very simple straightforward and i think after the nearest push to leave,
where do you want to do the nearest remember changes to change things up to people can get away with how i really feel about that peter kay thing was awesome.
But he what’s a big bum to get off three top producer there,
probably traditional than i did this a few seconds or did you have to ask who programmed for one hour so,
there’s actually who was the bass player for travellers after crash and burn album where is somebody.
There’s a couple albums that also i forgot about his house dont know love is revenge.
92 yeah i could get overlooked because of the because of an album like domino is a great song and i don’t believe those are cool like a heavy dark or just tracks lol.
And the best ones of the ones that gene saying wrong right did you see that thing where there was saying that.
What’s the CNN who was it that said yeah lets go to minnesota for the blacklist of kids behaviour posted that you how this was back when the shutdown was going on,
and returing policy were donating.

[1:30:44] Yeah turn the comments was a TSA employees where do you live where do anything else you know and you know it,
who is gene standing next to polynesia gene simmons from berlin center nope,
i found a nice shirt i would a got a story i ask where is gene simmons work if im going to always see a.
May i said cancel cancel that i forgot my cc debts.

[1:31:19] I feel like i can only vastly improved over there is quite open the content mill,
yo are you say yes on both fronts did the best vocal women in history that the other guy give rock and roll un pago
who is the qb tokyo are we doing a gift,
we give road road flavours what yo on,
yo are you guys accept his goals from new york,
i want a whole album of paul stanley stage banter it’s cold blood we get this off my chest,
where is the photo of paul’s just on the cover the whole like him saying how much he loves richmond.

[1:32:17] Yo on.

[1:32:24] Who did the show i gotta show them but the other beloved we open for a kiss tribute band,
new request of IG what’s the roof gotta keep that lowkey a call to venture beyond the outside anyway,
so we get this show will be open for the saw the behind.
Hey i just like making remember to record the insurance guy just recently passed away
hey that’s too bad he was a really cool guy on omaha who did the show with me and then we went down to lock it didn’t some shorts and behind this guy with a guy he doesn t remember him,
it was so bizarre wanted to apologize can we chat online and everything but anyway so he had that west brom.

[1:33:15] Lol sc and wake west philly he was singing the song so this can clear it up the next florida showing doing a tribute band.
But like the wrong people are at the wrong price and how many restaurant purchases did i get some help in anyway really cool people the whole thing about where does the accident come from,
just gotta help also access,
where can i think is possible to do with a lot of people don’t realize is there another great bedroom hyatt what do you look for a loved one,
yo on the six you’re loved sex could a.

[1:34:06] When is the dead great trip pentatonix scales so gotowebinar what’s your hero balls.
Let’s play lol yeah it says where scott has good
court order take your this can you show demarcus records all this stuff and and please logout see the one to stick yo are you dislike
create what i actually took my kids to see the doctor could
what would he s i love doggies freely solar record.
Yeah accepted what i could never forget hello i don’t know what to buy a dress for dislike i actually got all of them,
lol for what is my personal fav manager of arizona yo on what i think you guys wanna listen to a new what’s ur kansas,
red get past lives play remember the older i have that one.

[1:35:29] I want to hear what you kiss documentaries like bitch what you scared the crap that i am special by così il gatto di ko gets better by snow lived in person it’s like how could you not listen to kids man,
best band of all time you open.

[1:35:49] Who is sebastian has a story about what brand of pellets lol three months.
I want to download the bills directly in the good areas.
What do yo.
What was the rpg thirteen of soda would a dress code we are the explicit content where is your only keeping an order pizza,
say whatever did not know what this is the most i said no and upset and awhile hey.
Hey you never heard of you the second episode of snapped what is the internet so where exactly is the SCC.

[1:36:39] Recessed lights and upset last week we’ve been trying to write cleaner material,
what is the road darius joke ever written where do this whole thing masturbation like songs from the eighties and determine the size of your can i look like a slave,
you have to go to bed yo,
why is comedy yo are the arms how is oyu collapse because of exhausted right now you know that’s if you know how far away is your place indie rock
are you still five minutes explaining like dissect a sheep off its about a girl doing.
Add feed the fish died from rio.
Yo are square i’ll be clean no se verificado el que it’s like we both do it together i dont feel good baby stop the world,
there is no god is one.

[1:37:45] Why do the spurs left yo on where i can do that the internet where when everything is good,
language there are you japanese it removed,
you japanese what is wrong what the hell captain kirk was stuff.
Oh yeah what was the name we’re having williams for defense.
Right now germ bags last night briefly gets zero out of it.
Can i be hi what are you okay.

[1:38:35] It’s a double stroller space zillable hiyo are you good,
would he accept light to seventy seven yo yo on,
i did i last go layed view of what it will be where are you,
need to use your living down there men’s were done by the term play we really had to four.
Hello john paul jones who joshua johns is gonna state neither butler hey can you please search,
can you tell me where you was at the gym look up the bass player from patriots grill should bring no but i can use somebody.

[1:39:31] Dim light yellow very from queens of the stone age yeah very punky but yeah screaming he of and the red is kinda like.
Make a last one post very cool like thirty people who were in an iconic role wake me up.

[1:39:49] Who’s life first to request the seller to my favorite is just okay with that,
yup all the adam and fired up when i like the albums after that but its not same is peter.

[1:40:04] Got another one of those diamonds in the rough for overweight people,
rate a demon should i bring anything,
no play the piano notes what do you know twyman base hey lady get up
you’re a nap would a notarized smh,
who knew who does play a
I hope you got good aim there if i want to watch people do we have how many of you i missed the whole thing missed my birthday is nephew’s birthday happy birthday adam.

[1:41:11] Roof ten years please no,
help haley how would a fundraiser comments added on shelf is super fun because i don’t know don’t dude.
Show you what this is a showing the ratio,
what would a wood fire in calgary,
do this this is a super fun because i like talking music with people live musicians we have on the show,
where can i just like to talk with briefly and just move on like that like to died from italy what are the more deep dive on music you’ve ever done yeah where is allowed me to take out it’s fun to talk to weather can i just like your good.

[1:42:04] Next thing anymore a lot of people are afraid to.
Order stuff on there anywhere i miss the gym i dont care,
i have always should a but free play if performance doesn’t work out i’d like to be a good music and.
Comedy history and kind of person like to write about stuff i like cats,
whenever i love to look at who produced it who engineered who played on this track you played on that what was the price of the process process the process is there,
yeah boy it’s good but i’m super.
Nope that’s what doing in my free time when i’m not doing so i’m always watching documentaries ryan stuff because we need to know about think foot right now but whats thank you for the shout out like.
How close is the lion or does where is the wife still like my legs are select what is best what you’re saying right now is life,
that’s the last scan we fill itself
pretty significant but white scared me that’s why i keep it appears otherwise it’s time to one can do people get distracted by health office.
Where does look at it i’m doing later don’t look at it just like.

[1:43:33] How are you why should i play tho.
So she was going to last for the show is shameless plug the first thing you like to promote we just go round the couch lamp.
What what what shows coming up we got weeks off.
And then march second what are the events at the fair grounds i believe.
Where the hell would he are in the sealed wax ahmed yo are the facebook brand,
march eight we’re open for this super cute cat that’s it’s not accurate i am technologies super good af.
Ownership service or show there.
What can you tell me a knock knock event i believe i believe you’re correct meeting everybody i know and also kind of interview will be what would you be able to the ninth how much would it yes.

[1:44:46] Who is number find out if my nfl posted.
Who is the center figure out why should i wear a big red rocket ride common is rocking are a UK it will link to your page in your band page everything else social media channels
cool so what is your brother phoenix was the other brothers from the movie
very cool april fools the corner pump up here in sioux falls.

[1:45:17] In the corner yeah it is but which ordinary understand better and in the first time ever we will be at the grand falls casino in april twelve is very cool.

[1:45:33] Convert euro in sober figures yes i will have to play behind a sheet.
Yo what is traffic,
i think it’s a house cat later years or what lol ok so can anybody is gonna be a great falls this friday so that i want to go to work and i should a guy says stroking is never really
remember feeling of the bed to texas and a pair of nice SF
i still look for my old friends would a singer order but i wear to a funeral so we had a stroke to the se baby hold on to make the playoffs the hawks are gonna hit
yo are the weather is nicer it’s warmer in woods open bar,
Yo are we doing a little shaken by rowan how do i make an order snap of the fingers.

[1:46:42] Yo are the car would he like.
Ok google.
Any updates to remember that one yeah when do you love big the tiger is a good configuration just like post grad like the waitress,
i know what boys like in boys choir yo aquí tonight
where can i say hello in his career events
do you have is prayer to figure out the apartment already you get away with some portraits which one is this how you doing i think would aid,
who is willie irish
where diana got hers is god who has not done is know for good he is
how is he is billion square could a man.
Vallejo on just the screen would a bit colder than a room just for.

[1:48:07] Just the screen the frozen screen capture for the video was when i had applied good al.

[1:48:14] Rock me a.

[1:48:25] Music.

[1:48:37] Yo are you,
give me your number the musician or anyone do what do yo arms,
if you don’t want to dance should.
Yo on,
let me know what you was thinking yo
hey i can you for sure.
I’m not gonna hear the word yo are you doing,
yo are all the band is not in the video that would be the one that your issue

[1:50:01] Music.

[1:50:07] Yo on,
yo on
yo on,

[1:50:37] Music.

[1:50:42] Yo are the square table.

[1:50:49] Music.

[1:50:56] Who is kill the sperm i believe based on that should stop playing somewhere around town why what’s good amy i’m not done.
Josh could a switch the podcast for you tube just let,
what’s not meaning go back where she belonged famous people don’t want to talk or whatever its ok because i know there people gonna rip on me and i hope so i can even send you a street outdoor photos so,
yo artists like i got mad respect for everybody that’s made in the industry and should a flirting with the fare rules and stuff like that
the only reason we can do that were directly commenting on the live video that someone so.

[1:51:49] It’s quite beautiful and you like wise mystery science theater is kinda think it just watch music videos like that yo are meetings are for people age hey there,
should a new app and then delete believe that have the fair use timer in the bottom that’s like to figure out where you put that right now usually dont feel like ten minutes of walking
thirty one episode fifteen of tv show or something because it would like to play before the end i could handle ten minutes billy squared no square table and i was no will i be building,
yes i’m gonna start a build square tube in europe.
Old school yo aria to rock me tonight.
Help where am i where the scanned by stay away from the flashlight i got for her she was supposed to have this evening bus is open ignite everyone safe o’clock,
love the place is pretty cool perk of a box account for a beer,
what is the watch color spell check in will you tell it’s a figure of.
Can i mix clarity comedy comedy fest couple weeks can we do we play halls may i have your excited for that lol.

[1:53:17] Yeah let’s post the gap where you share your favorite kids the weather was like me got doing a little you tube like rabbit hole of my favorite bits with ham in it and it
no one else other favorite but mine is always the yeah,
can you help please performance to play in same individual that so be sure to pay close attention
when you’re feeling of the police report after this performance please use eds what’s hey how much would you rate unless i would like to please
who is he would a
who is robin hood a roof is damaged,
i love is the bes player skate which is the movie last topic,
where can we reverse the colors play together download pop sublime goes no one likes the bass player from i got baseball steve harris from iron me a,
who is active and after this is done number.
My ice cream plug is the auditions for ever wanted to do a rod sterling style duration for like five or entity podcast we are casting that right now so get your.

[1:54:38] Get your mouse over to the empire dot com fill out the form and leave me a voicemail with the creepy message on in the in your best narrator voice and not,
which is like fifty people apply for so far we’ve got some really good containers and there but there’s always room for more performers open until the twenty second.

[1:54:55] I feel if i were to do that i just revived open houston,
oh my god i’m looking for suits feel and what you did dirty sex talk is shelton the light.
What is your idea the mirror i sure i’m sure that we will find some parts for yeah okay i got like fifty past number so yeah,
no one more before we go your behavior does the morris from dale.

[1:55:29] Where do you just always smile peoples tragedies what happened when i lost both my lights in the shark attack,
oh ma ok gracias y la know where could he,
hi sheri you luck no with a bullet in yo on,
when was that everyone is the right think you guys can you guys speak yoga is always you been watching.

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