Dresch Code Ep 020 Full Metal Jucket (Sno Jam 2019 Special)

Dresch Code Ep 020 Full Metal Jucket (Sno Jam 2019 Special)

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme “Equilibrium” by The Disarmed

Guests:  Dan Bublitz Jr., Timmy Williams, Sam Bontrager, James Lindsey, Jimmy Putnam, Spencer Dobson, and Alan Richardson.

This week’s topics included: Best comedy album, Best police academy movie, what is something ridiculous you spend ridiculous amount of money on, when should the Simpsons have ended?, Metallica, U2, what video games have the best music, best forgotten Comedy Central show, best venue type for comedy, and more.

Machine Transcript
[0:20] I got your whatever why is everyone buying my favorite actresses and you’re too damn you.
Yo are the best footballer spectacular color,
is it cold know how good a reminder on white bread flavor,
yo are the not so good a business that wants a lower oven,
set episode one when i quit the legal drinking age we will be eventually,
what are you dropping may twenty is my husband thanksgiving day i heard that we can spend ten for robert haha.

[1:18] Seo before we get started the show i like to go round and round couch use every medium,
what is on this episode but i bet you williams very good service good eight what time is it,
provide the address and everything so i understand thank you for everything also where is the restaurant address i’m looking to replace anything for valentine’s day want a big sack,
remember things better doc next video would,
provide protection burial alex you’re welcome all the way from boston to denver that i would like number one.
Add it is awesome because sometimes i wanna die.
I don’t want to do it like i want to hear no longer there would,
having a safety blanket and find u just get utilization look at that,
go back.

[2:26] Hey hi joachim
let’s go to be may i have the standard what’s your eta
is there a blizzard where is it pronounced blue bloods,
when will not bugzapper the first time and i love you too blade it’s not friendship should a commercial is the time in germany,
you’re gonna.
Is there something else the first time i hosted like introduce you the first cognitive psychology everybody should a called me that since i was a kid so i.
I would.
Yo on the address you by your master.
That’s a good way to do that so should i do when i can’t remember people’s names i just bought a house out there most of my life but i’m batman.

[3:37] If i’m filing for blake james wednesday pictures of james yet.
Make sure we all view of this in the road is a very why would a perfect god i hope you fall in uh,
would a had last night sell.
Save yo are what’s the plan,
yo on let’s have some pot are so how this podcast works is i would pull request from the drop your jacket
turn turn that is not right to remove it sounds like it would be a,
add two hundred dollars can you send me a.

[4:39] What’s the weather like in erie did we decide does this pastor feel the cold yet but it passes or family want but i feel like talking about it.
No just keep with a question about the mattress even get a follow the americas is good he is at three million.
What about you know i don’t know it feels like we got to party voting system and it doesn’t work how is that gonna work and now would.
Is there a way that i can.
Bavarian on yo are the party.

[5:22] Yo on.

[5:32] What should a.
Yo are you i’m fine jacket jobs in the holster firewood a cat feelings okay.
Favorite comedy albums i got other projects because.
Sure okay otherwise i’d like a full standard steve martin lol well msg i personal favorite because.

[6:08] You know how can i listen to much would a starter something ohio clothing america.
I had also got a county plus trash equals time.
Can you lower volume twelve yeah what if i just picked it had yo on the soccer field.

[6:35] Listen to how many albums has been the thing i’ve ever done when is the jimmy hi
yo are there any good events there are you talking about like comedy albums to specifically watch specials me know because i go to special route to florida.
Yo on space,
open the white house i don’t you say to tell jonathan is well with your comcast so i will be a.

[7:08] I have everything translated abrazo and would a rolling.
What did google for house was there feel like we have a lot of columbia was a kid but there was like this is it’s like your music anywhere don’t music.
Beautiful house stephanie like my generation adult comedy like this is what are the.

[7:34] This is a new thing it’s kinda works now.

[7:38] What were the all the button that david was let me put my thoughts in yo are the bulls,
hello i have an apple pie recipe the way yo are my favorite album what is
add milk cause me to my brother also my slept with which is it like that i think is a story of him and his brother turns out of bed yet gotten the status of itself would a title of that one
may i snap at one am have.
Stop start heading there a place i think that would add this anymore.
Daniel tosh happy thoughts is like one of my favorite albums of all time then go watch it was comedy,
what would a demo what’s coming out of the doubt like if not forget it i know i’m terrible at remembering names because i’m getting old so that anything specific but.
I like anything has genes but also in god.

[8:55] Yo are the movie yes i have anything to get it fast and the company wants from like winter.
Just added yo are there any documentation
i feel like doesn’t paint a good picture of the month would a special needs people it makes a very progressive the how will the weather be in a new frequent.
How are you give a kickback to everyone who jumps on your second story window blues.

[9:35] No thank god that he may i ask.
Find friends that are kind of software would a five-room.
No i haven’t gotten this is what people feel naughty james hold special reason was really funny i received them it was really over rated and then,
what if i want to hear the last three years your website that if can i pay my insurance guy i think my favorite comedy album is a camera that i could,
is allen richardson is an unknown places where the gas money up which i found on band camp dot com,
no matter what they say about bridget sally richardson i stick by that is that the when you like tomorrow would a store today.
I would like to set another snap.
I’m not pretending to love so good a result from the oceans who are the best of winter parking lot is full,
i’m not yo aquí.

[10:52] I am an old album but i like who is inviting his reputation as we are probably be clear i’m not sure but new heart.
Um i want to show you sure that i want to chat,
sorry my name is going to be a
cameras take me a.
Next bus is the interview like to read,
yo are just missing this is not a benefit
where is that event sounds like i want to go yo on,
yo are the never understand what i mean whatever i am.
I sure do for yo are there.
Read me arie to buy a notebook.

[12:20] May i feel like i want to get your missing out blank so tell them that i know of a donut fan of but i can see why there would a.
I don’t like this not like u vs baylor is serbian film like that just like you know just your valley and have like no they didn’t did they.

[12:42] What are the movies one day when is just like we have many things we would like to get michele this movie because we killed a dog at elm just heard of things you shouldn’t do i get it.
Where we should be about no presents create a plan to do not speak like when did this pay with jennifer getting money into french.
I normally say musicals however there are some musicals that i think your really really kick ass i appreciate martial arts.
Choreography and i think what you watching on gene kelly music on pandora same time like hes getting all the dancers together,
what’s the most a dancer pants do we let it something merely exotic my life gene kelly and airplane is one of the people live,
turn it upside what men he had a place with cash.
Oh i am yo are the current saga,
timothy m and um i got do justified add a good kid now me and ideally need to be in like twenty.

[14:01] Limits of sexuality he’s just i think the weather like in tennessee during holiday actually are funny hey weather.
Turn the purifier the radio fuse on radio years ago in LA and what’s the fate of sports.
Yeah sports news and i was really funny us i want to watch pirates of jim carrey the documentary and goes in washington character,
yo on spotify.

[14:36] Should i go elsewhere i don’t like documentaries need to get made in we have books related wood.
You have set alarm second by the indie films that were like really tweet music on the soundtrack is good amen of exposure it like that or shall we chat later.

[14:59] Find all the remix and you know that come out yo on a rope attached to a new
play already make some movies that were good he said are you been twenty years old
they’re not evil they’re barely getting into the classic movie and we’re sorry no recycle them and read and that’s why okay remind me of
just disregard that would a twitter is just like no now we want the money a.

[15:29] I’m anyone know i want because i have times should a movies are great we just awesome.
Hey where are the spider verse in particular is like ive never seen this is not a.
That’s why does not necessarily like you.
Rename know the newest order i hope it’s like they’re rebooting a franchise history timeline of when they will be like a review all read it all the hallway,
would a laptop that he can tell me.
Hold the light actually making all the cartoons from twenty years ago what the.
Yo on the tv thing.
That is what was in the news like hes ready to show the fuck yo are statement from our field that people just say i would not leave.
Think about the fact that its will smith like if it’s anyone else it would of been thirty million dollars cheaper to make that movie that plays tennis so much money on space.

[16:52] You just play surah hud blue person had access nice bot.
Show pa what should we do about will smith is anymore so why would you spend that much money.
Something i removed one brother,
what children they want people my age is twenty seven people who watch the first time around of wall who’s watching fresh prince and betty are not like those two things i think it’s the fedex people our age that have had sex,
i make it another like i love this movie the kids and will smith would he want to be like let’s smoke.
Can watch this train wreck of a fucking disney remake i think coffee will smith i would say that to my children if you’d a passport.

[17:42] Busy.
May i save money now make a movie that i would a just photo shot the professor from the washing.
Yo on.

[17:56] Play a.
I’m sorry what i’d like a million dollars and all them all the dollars at least ill spend
good a merry friday in cotton the run
i want my dick am every could add item but the only one but the kids are you doing ok so she’s seven,
add one we are you know she likes me that she gets market doing those things will smith that she promoted is because i know red video
yo on christmas purchase.
Yo are you supposed to call social services on yo,
yo on,
i just like nice rapper gets here to not give me cats a what everything sounded like that song started my medicine.

[19:15] Yes i can’t believe it can i got a story about what i don’t know
yo on
i could just get them interested in watching old movies which are always better you know.
What is she reading i read her charlie lets watch a movie and i said hello both versions,
tell the kids go to kitchen generate or stuff that i think made a little closer when they do not allow no will was what’s the weather in chelsea that’s like way better,
you know what an a i think that step kids gravitate towards new things the sole reason the remake and then just because kids.

[20:06] Which is too bad what is also the truth is they are they going to we don’t watch revenge of the return to love you dislike.
Yo are there kids around and like i don’t you should know like the old should a carrots raise me and would like i can apply what you’ve got a nice comment,
get your medicine about army trench released i never hated you anyways i’ve never heard.
Got me the second one i want to at home was TV land in nyc at night so i watched all stuff as you get smarter green acres.
So when it comes like the will smith genie stuff is aimed at kids just don’t understand.
Yo are the last two minutes were good.

[21:02] Music.

[21:11] No skirts select star from a i got the same error from the coin.

[21:20] Yo are you play what is a cool day for yo
which one u gonna say comments in the room talking one topic and they will you can make it got.
Which artist do you think i should call it quits you have the worst handwriting so i’ll get to it don’t turn on when i.
Which should you think i should call it quits.
What’s on yo on right back and face the utah utes after having a selfie,
yo on.
Tv shows list should he come back yet we just do not want to talk about TV shows that yo on jesus christ.
You had a good a.

[22:29] Success greatest police academy movie should,
yo on
how far would a spirit in new ways we please get a six pack and traffic,
yo are as a dependent on the second one was going to the first one i heard briefly yo are the timer.

[23:09] What is it like the beige is second one i would like to send the first one he’s a bad guy the second one and then becomes like i think at the end of the third but i like you.
I’m about to launch the first episode of this podcast called suicide by police academy where i had.
Isaiah down with friends over the day i watch all seven.

[23:38] Yo are we so fucked up by the end of,
log in the mixer for the six episode it was just immediately on computer like yo yo avi is
don’t age well you make it more self yo on,
yo are the best tourism no to what you would a part two,
what’s the word on for where the query a huge budget for this is poland explosions in my car and one other.
No i think that i am fine if you know which one
dizzy after one samuel l jackson designing bones and stuff and lets three like a story has the most famous is jackets yo on.

[24:37] Can you cut the timer off yo are as a person buddy and i went on to become tom hanks,
steven bird and tom hanks from the same person time
where do you think would a good burger.
Events that we may i know which switch to know so he knows when to walk away a
i swear to you it’s the exact same script this place academy one would a character is without feelings are just this is it’s insane.
Do you like the new class yet it’s so hot out there’s a very very long shot of the dog’s butt and the first one if they have a very clear like cats and dogs.
Connecticut back to where is yo are you hoping someone’s leg
when you just say it like it s all i can log is so hard right now what are the darker.

[25:53] I think his butt ass could a loving god who has like basket his maintains artistic integrity i will play after the third hangover,
it could be the end of what is the difference in how you can say things to replace academy for a hangover three is.
Where u make so many more in the shadow is not just because its cheaper to make with his car from or networks that are making them but where is it like back and when you please tell me who is 90
for line five
why do we have in the channel islands and not really interact could a table,
add a million karma bad feeling that whenever
can you give me a good shot to the indie stuff.
Hangover to monkey did not of drugs back so i got an overtime awesome i see you.

[26:47] I would a smile i could watch.
Are we still married to hang over to look at the same movie like this i what did you think it would a tank of golden yeah that is that’s on my page.

[27:03] What movies have they get so offended when i go to a movie like that like there’s some movies that are just for fun temperature scale.
Anybody that when they are expecting it to be better than the first one or off because i know what it was just gonna be the same then he was gonna be the same with the happy jokes,
i want you can do and all about me
hey you goin’ there to that movie just to be like i’m here to be entertained and have a good time your gonna have a good time because that was a blue blooded brothers two thousand and then was like i’m not,
when should he truly the worst product i actually understood a two hours ago.
Yo are the different wood he was like this is carrying shot in washington new hampshire.
Menu looks good.

[28:07] I have items like around two or denver to be there.
I was like so faithful to the original spot i’d like to listen and keeping it so i have yo are there any more recently within the first one so much.
Yo are your interest for sure and danced i was like no this is the same way that people don’t like hey to make more of the same.
What did i do not get a hold of someone.
Why would he me hoe so what’s it go and its too bad that taking see what everyone hated it cuz we’re fucking brilliant idea yo are there stairs like.
Yo are you home watching the baby now what a cat and i was like ok that’s a problem that the movie is not smart enough to know how stupid.

[29:04] Yo yo are there right now could a got damn enough.
John c. reilly because justin the most amazing much would a better hard.
Yo are shit i really bad.
Anything on yo on.
Rate the songs you really plays guitar and sings a sweet demi gods after the movie that it possible i want to country singers that are really good too i want to play golf in hard songs at one of our local bars and half the crowd.

[29:46] I have a problem.
You are so fucking yo are there
what what a my favorite things can do is to go out less that to a crowded bar with a jukebox because uses the fancy app on his phone
only modi a,
what are the one that gets to be like on what’s going on here
i guess i will play wake me up before you go to three times at her is when i play this game by what song is um lose control by eric carmen.
Yo are you translate i know how are the bars around and angie with,
call you back in everybody yo are walking.

[30:56] Definisi three testing is three crisp single tell yo on dollar.

[31:07] Yo on three weeks ago someone was playing.
How is modern country but i was not there and all i would use always love you friend when i follow it up with peoples shit yo on.
Where i am from the bar,
yo are far from that video is me yo,
what was the place in college and reply gave all the times to get warm before going on stage playing christian boulevard it’s called chair yo are very tell me where there are also looking for blazers.
So next question should a please get anything so i would a year ago i know that is about thirteen years ago they were,
bring in younger schedule another comedians.
Two meetings to talk about rebuilding and it never happens but i know i heard a rumor that the word space.
What’s yo are there still trying to make a new place together movies i can’t wait to play together movie came out better.

[32:29] What can we do you know so much when i feel good a do because i did the price would a.
Operator returned to the warehouse.

[32:44] Yo article twenty five years we’re running out of food do in the people my secrets.
Call the warriors to be canon all in the movie.
Should a just try to be angry birds.

[33:09] Are you fucking kidding me that s starting deluxe,
would a black man because i love those people but there was a pay card color for the angry birds movie i watch mean girls,
i can’t wait to see that into me and i would a new version of this switch is,
when you see something in your life you know the name of those like to know
does like seven land before time movie a
play yo on that was my childhood every saturday at their children’s bad name,
average dad.

[33:53] Yo are there were there rebuilding with all way better,
yo are there with you,
yo on that is confusing for people,
where is citron pearl quote about mission to moscow.
Seven please have a movie or to say hey there is a void where would like to know what time she is performances and ever will be can you play a rush and many goals did not provide an accent.
This is not is not good and it’s cold is it.
I didn’t say hello what is my performance not moving from stopping them from ever making another pussycat no.

[34:58] Set yo on that online i guess so it’s weird that no one talking shit to this podcast
it’s usually robert apoyo are there instructions
nov would a new are nine seven eight
yo are you talking to hoes i live in watertown different one.

[35:32] What are the charges during the winter time is hard to massachusetts or stupid.
Next question going to community college and sioux falls what challenges does the comedy scene face here in sioux falls.

[35:49] I have never done it when i feel like to pass his only girl in yo on here anymore.
What happens hey i just happened to be having a water tablets like a hour fifty minutes from now,
yo are the favorite snack and a movie theater VA.
Yo on.
I don’t want you should movies whatever what is something useful to read it.

[36:35] I got sum from yo on i spend money on this return i spend three hundred dollars or record.

[36:45] I want to laugh,
yo are the i want to college without a finishing college who is one,
i have a meeting in the winter semester time i didn’t three times here is just community college so i’m asking whether i am or how i feel.

[37:07] It’s been morning news.
I would a refund i will send james the wisconsin area one on facebook marketplace a lot and i found,
alarm just guitar body for design color believe we really made give me the link given this this really obscure torture animals,
build it and i was very brave and i how do i make the pick up falls bigger butt i don’t want doing so much is instead of what she sells,
cancel return ours that was hours late did the paint job in my apartment so many of you are probably cancer,
like when you build stuff yourself and comes out of jake and fucking homemade cilantro,
twenty six dollars internet for now i have to do sixty dollars in repairs to make a functional retards i meant the dislike the time i like it that’s fine until what time,
i probably could find one for three hundred dollars that doesn’t just fucking perfect but i wanna silver
hey m i am not good amy the item instead i shouldn’t have spent i spend a ridiculous amount of money,
i’m something if i would like to spend less money im looking for my daughter if i just let them and duplicate are not reading cambiado y.

[38:32] Dear computer could yeah who did the nevada experiences what’s up,
give me another proposition ok google is cute is because i think that i spend the most amount of money that’s the most ridiculous in his comedy.
Yo on.

[39:01] Reduce the stupid have is what you drove six months later i spend like seven hundred dollars on a really nice digital camera.
I want to take photos in chicago sorry my head take artistic shots in pomona.

[39:17] Yo are the kidney any looking for someone to fucking kids that’s yo on,
i’ve spent over the last ten years.
Hundreds of dollars out of video games that i instantly hated and never play a,
when red dead redemption two came out i bought the version of a big deal seems like hundred dollars for three hours like this sucks gotta find a place to do that yet.
Play a,
yo are there stand by this is funny hey what’s up.

[40:11] Forty five hours should he played the game so your saying that.
There’s a snowstorm good af i want a liz davis.
I heard that a thousand times to people selling yourself and to invest and then you start to get it will be free bus and that’s what’s the point.

[40:41] What are my babies start arriving more than five years me about mike sullivan,
who did ten minutes of red dead redemption at me
you know that you know like how expensive vinyl plank like going on flight school but right now im going through for a gram i spent in the boston area job performance selling my mind on,
what really happened i was there i really should get a job at every friends that record,
u can get yo on forward money the stuff that i don’t get it will it delete red dead redemption would be great.
What is the name joachim c,
police academy a.
Open the hood a purchase and i got a place we shall never twenty thirty records.

[41:58] Yo are fresh and cool people have any myself,
i got a rare player in nba to some records and the only one i allow myself to spend more than thirty bucks are blessed.

[42:13] Where are my natural hair metal band for a girl and cyclists creams and a guitar solo,
we are there due to one of the other hair metal people how to.
What are advantages of the singer can a class with a voice like you want to be just classes and stuff and then i would a girl.
add me as an accident where my first name last name and middle of michelangelo to wit yo are there music is,
it’s a mess going forty bucks put into negative is a good asl,
pretty amazing in antarctica.
Display regularly switch it to the office i wanna play only a.

[43:17] Add finish the movie called as a guitar like da.
What are the names of the record stand for parking ranges.
Have you ever won a final album and instantly got how the fuck am i gonna listen to this email.
I do not all the time i got a record paul verhaegh.
Yes yes i need a pair of things very well but screen is cold know there is another you tube video that i got about two minutes event,
yo on my own understanding how can i make it anymore but there’s another band
like that came in as we cannot is okay so hey if they take pariatur sounds like a robot someday that can is,
is it to be a little more pure metal would a details
wrong yo on we got.
Yo honestly like that
how can i return the package should a brit people so you know i just did.

[44:44] I would like one has been the mcdonalds parking christmas would a god damn cat,
yo on ever okay man i’m gonna give them is not there me a
i do that i absolutely many road tripping like u gotta look up can i just write yoh on and wolf.

[45:13] Music.

[45:21] Yo are the also have lemon water in the neighborhood a hotel horus what’s hot.
Good az fuck bae sure i’m selling titles i think,
what is your dog bark a new album when you can get steve’s the same way a.
So your replacing the good burger is a good.
Remove yo on the result you feel about.
I would,
i have never been more terrified good.
Yo on,
is it good a production what would he.

[46:32] I don’t want to spend more money on multiple weird al.
What’s going on that’s not what i got i would like three hundred dollars a pothole.
Yo are there is a reason it’s cheaper than three test st new like you said don’t think i did not spend money on
but all of them ranked is shot is like friends in the superhero movie in texas and so they show that and the san antonio.
Where there my girlfriend at the time and go out to a lori petty you know she only girl issues that are assigned to lack of bedtime stuff please,
are you taking notice in san antonio texas i think she’s in the army now how is he watertown.
Onkyo on.
So whatever walks out there to take a selfie in largo not sorry that’s pretty contacts so i walk around all the next day at drug stores,
party trick how to search for how and it’s like god made t-shirts and then like.
For a swim trunks and flip flops and a beard which is.

[47:46] So we were taking pictures at with the drug strong for things in my head and sweatshirts pants came up and then take a picture and we praise that should i contact.
Yo are never do that so you can do that every penny.
Add that was delivered to the convention center it’s all what will be appearing at the arkansas and am a time it would ache.
For before departure of us i forgot try to be out reading
traffic can you send me a selfie what’s you take this is there any way to clearly yeah i don’t know where that will mean like instagram followers and then you get you to advertise your products on,
okay lol i’ll is tiring.

[48:34] I heard that isn’t good a dozen much,
why would a girl send dylan a charges twenty bucks for a selfie but for thirty five you can fuck yo on.
Submit your promises i don’t want,
yeah never do that i added like five ten bucks i can take one but i cannot get the charge would a god care change give me yet.
Can you play what they like and am five e grand can take a picture good
where am i paying this rm seventy get the shit about my picture good asian noodle market value.
I was feeling bad we are serious shorts and coffee will help in tickets outside of NY,
and we are the supervisor message you that would like an iphone old tripod what is calvin tickets i had a shirt that said adele was a doosh.
Who is that there any way to remove added items has a butt so people are fed and wake up starving me to take a picture of me because of my shirt.

[49:59] That’s i’m stupid people are and that’s amazing that picture i don’t know where the charger ten moms should a invest on franklin st gilbert all the pain he’s a pan handler the sign said go fuck yourself,
open yo.

[50:19] Yo on madison square garden its probably not the same dude but he had a sign that said,
need money for uploader and you know the blood of asking about that story about the corps we destroyed another sign that contains problem,
you got the same sign would a flavor flavor before flavored love you
i spend so much money on crack us sassuolo take a second to the bathroom real quick,
yeah you know what’s worse the celebrities charging for pictures of his celebrity look a likes charging for good a free minds three to may do that does not dress up and stuff
or saying it down in new orleans during mardi gras on bourbon street address stop it,
new year lol where can i get a picture and this is why novels looking good eight times square and so do you think you guys assign have any artist,
how do i know when to clever saying from icenter is there still pool of life,
no i do not feel like that allows remember to register chuck could a just all kinda liked.

[51:38] Jerry where they just take the i got the name introducing the latest get me a bike in minneapolis on the flight been to a seminar cause the road compare specific details on why they need the money.
My girlfriend over twenty seven and a half years and i are going to treatment,
can i return the six dollars and forty eight cents to take it so it’s never like even numbers and couldn’t make up thirty seven dollars and forty six cents to be sure to include adjust volume two.
I don’t like five guys,
save this as a couple notes in manchester new hampshire is open my goto they always stop me and give me the same exact no i don’t want point you got
you see me every wednesday so i never have money we’re never going to that hotel i’m aware of that and get away with williams syndrome as i don’t ever and ever morning
i’m not doing this what was your fucking secret you have this is giving me the financer needs what’s on my how to paint handle with and i was so i thought it was a.

[52:39] I’m still not sure if it was are wasn’t but i hope people come up in,
do the i need money for gas and whatever you like that’s a common one so i went to a grocery store at like twelve thirty
i am buying booze right before they stop selling lincoln nebraska will get the tone of this is what i’m having a really strange,
gonna van was sitting in the parking lot and a lot is coming out of my booth circle around pull up next to me and ask me for money for gas,
from the driver’s seat of an anime like this is a sketch or something that s what it means
because it was it was the exact asking for change speech where he was in a wreck what the hell.
What’s the square root policy on this there whatever it is we could a hung over and i have another water we would,
is he there,
yo on
are there any expenses records.

[54:08] Is that good a job scam.
Yo are the side like we both really into books and reading and stuff is like going within to be bonded over.
Twenty years ago and so we are first world war get attorney to the library his icenter really cool we spent like,
how did the dollars on the book shelves and books that were going out of business development double sided excels up to these things and put in the middle of our lives,
the man in the house im just lying to retire house with books like him.
Use bots hit like library sales and stuff like anything in so eventually we fill our entire house with just a book signing love me saturday for about two years be like.

[55:05] Hello we just sold open up for four hundred
two years and years and a ton of money what was it was really satisfying us for a little bit like once when we lived in the library did you read any of them
okay i like you i mean like most of them were just filler you can we.

[55:27] Tell me a.
Why marriage is the country like it never was the people from amazon and i will be there when the fire hazard yo on planes and kindle red.

[55:44] Hey next question would a really affect how you doing.
I love my wife and i bought like ten thousand books and then so long ago did you want to live in the woods about the jimmy timmy looking good.
Record request for expense.
When do you personally think the simpson should’ve ended who is doing cesar level.
I was gonna send twelve.
I wanna say after ten just because i despise the last one i have on DVD collection i wanna feel hated by purchases in the first well,
if you to if you take every simpsons season pass like season twelve and pick up the good episodes and get one more season alabama.
Is it and is the last wedding good ratio of season there is not a parade it’s like giving.
A picnic with a twelve lb like black sabbath starbucks before taking alexa see you everyday but you should everyone deserves that one why is she one
yo are you outta like using fourteen by play yo on.

[57:05] I am good a season twelve how many i’ve just been watching through motion.
I check in periodically since like season seven and it was so it’s like,
i would love you you’re brilliant stop doing this but i really feel but the thing is what are little number like the last time i watch the simpsons like two thousand three or when will it be in there is a halloween episode about are.
vehicle stopped time and so yeah really bad where is nelson is slowly moving in every time boasting his like something is wrong with him cuz there fucking with another freestyle and operate like thats good af,
ok get the remote doesnt seems like a never received the item that this is fantastic.
Um now that i know i started out feeling four children five hours can do anymore like to know the answer faster rate than it would be here,
never gonna cancelled because it still gets good rate like a stan makes so much of a morning breeze in like thirty,
may i just renewed for season thirty one and season thirty two.
Hi yearly was wtf talking about it and she basically said we will never.
I didn’t when will never cancelled hell is yo aunt basically said they are pretty much walk.

[58:32] Like all writers and all the people wake it’s not going to buy one of the simpsons dropped off is right around the time feature on.
Hey erin let’s find listing in this hood a whole premise is that its the year two thousand twenty.
What was clemson seasons that and see a.
As roma is brilliant don’t like the interview would a create a brand power went to the new show.

[59:08] Also i think it is not after the movie and everywhere and could call may i know if it’s okay if i talk about everybody knows that every time i like a nice way to lake of like a sign that says.

[59:24] I feel like because it still needs to finish an email he sent the raiders,
google michelle been trying to buy this shirt over to make the show its concealing oh there will be a new generation of writers who bring new life into it okay to see of third and fourth episode where markets in elephant,
what is there to elephants in the first select,
terminate i to question actually is since ten years can only one who has a kid.

[59:56] What does she think of the simpsons where yo are we watching.
Who are some of the characters we have time to go chasing after
just that’s not really her sticks put on protection why would a wood ten year olds now more like i’m in the simpsons,
we are looking for the light we were kids go around the light in the universe would he great like we are tenants were prepared to self park.

[1:00:34] As far as what is still being relevant still being good but your watch new stuff does anybody watching south park from time to time i get school stuff we’re still attacks that
new start new issues overtime cancel that’s where i think there is a climbing i think it’s as good as it’s been
would a small show but i guess so with the animals and those who are foreign about what just happened and why
yo on my daughter.

[1:01:04] I want you to give me ideas i don’t want would a it’s what i was asking did not want me to watch the simpsons convicted heart was.
Why don’t you talk about interviewing there an episode where he did something galaxy.

[1:01:19] May i think it’s alive give it a hundred episodes now i’m sure that happens once every now and then and i still haven’t eleven times that when does the giants related issues
where can i explain the world a value of this im not writing you can say what you don’t like,
what something to get better ideas i just wanted to see if there is a great reboot reboots grey means one reboot and that would a bonsai what was the volume configuration.

[1:01:52] We just rolled out a max loan.
Save and not only watching music videos they watching close the light it mama jersey shore uh ok.
It seems like that would be with is much stuff is going by so fast because you deserve are we going on yo on my judge and you guys don’t what family around two thousand eight.

[1:02:16] Can you tell me what you got to really go away early in my career second third season maybe before that we’re.
The ball that peter is teaching it’s got a two hundred.
Is their driveway could a race without them if they can do a race is derby racing the average horses,
bunny and the turning the horrors of golden girls off my clothes and the horse looks in the camera explode,
hello is really a
yeah dislike it at all that is associated with no access it’s good af like this is a,
it’s like me writing a pothole be around one line you fellas gonna give you anywhere i think that’s understood her.
This phone wil iets like me.

[1:03:14] I feel good a played like three a.
Being able to make a horrible meal,
i heard that would a wood chips it’s amazing let’s try again i think it was amazing and that i was.
What time is it in tokyo.

[1:03:47] Is there anything that’s what i guess because it’s the star trek not a,
like i said harvey if he would a watch like i said before they found out it was just star trek the next generation.
Would like to minutes of life.
Assignments no but if u playing that its just that i will be like six things because the last three star trek series four stars.

[1:04:17] I’m really wasted in the west was great i like alot of the original metal but still i’m not talking about this no.
Yo are we getting there tomorrow,
okay so freely guys open for as big taxi no what’s up.
Yeah and so yeah ill be interesting to see the simpsons got people quit and do something like i want to hear it you’re this voice says different could a look at best toys.
A generation in their tide digital disney one thirty five yo on raiders and shoulders last to watch the shows like the creative
read me a,
no not necessarily what is the product delivered because of the simpsons,
may i maybe maybe it’s because it’s a great start but they have margaritas instead of wine the sentence where i want to reserve a shower in a day when do the shows,
what do you have more control and so much creative freedom with this is very much second to rate is one ten so that’s why they can’t,
mission kill the entire family.

[1:05:45] Yo on himself so i m not ready for family guy in ten years we should a business.
Yeah yes far is like the actual production in the writing and it doesn’t nearest cab is it like to be concentrating more on trying on the roadway,
six episode of the simpsons the area you was telling me but the begining sure science.

[1:06:12] They have not sent my fax on yo on amazon and gravy like to go.
Del gene was a.

[1:06:23] Yo on a shot at whatever it is likely up on the hero that doesn’t get the credit like a lot of shit pa.
Add a huge fan and symptoms of uterine like you are everything that everything that he has it all he always wants to feel like roja.
This is my only real fun simpsons memory of laura citizens must services when they tracy i’m not sure i,
international news is starting whenever i remember being in my grandma’s much did not yet
can you add legos lol TV no longer has the line going to a new kind of hear the sound on the status of whatever you can kinda see that,
the pacers so i’m never watching the simpsons like that on the trace no mention,
find me a teleport there anything else from the tour bus.
Can you tube its my just new project for the interview is like country singers order,
it does not from them just tell stories from the road is the king of the hill style heard fantastic so you want some thing on the alley in god send me can you like my favorite show was great,
is the band the app.

[1:07:45] Say what time does the waking never drop-off brothers and tyrone can i bring the whole way through and we predict the future of the country with my daughter with me,
yo on my go to project for this is from.
Yo on everything that movie is that.

[1:08:13] Yeah yeah okay.
I haven’t seen elsewhere that you feel that way when do i extract it a,
yo on friday in spencer you to leave and return to top of other black stripes.

[1:08:43] I’m back in now that i am not here to answer questions.
Yo on
no yo on tell him that i would add pics of the topic just from the discussion.

[1:09:10] Yeah how much money do what’s the biggest lie ever told yo on what’s the biggest failure ever latest,
what’s the fit like when we were never told the little where that’s at.
Yo are different and i was in canada for three months in college tho and have a canadian accent because i want to.

[1:09:46] Where can i find romantic comedies you put the genre sleep we a.

[1:09:56] Metallica swiss burgers with you which bands you hate me.

[1:10:01] Music.

[1:10:08] Yo are the questions.
Is what’s the biggest little lol you’d a director season eleven be a.

[1:10:29] Yo on.
Good anal last like ten years did the nba.
Really fast is weird wanna cry and so very blessed.
Bachelorette i feel like ive stumbled i want to go to ur loser,
twenty years ago they were timeline and i was like the fan all walk away fr and i got this is not completed live their life ever seen.
Remember when i found them and just the right time i actually had to do it,
when i was in like text rebekah random text to let my friends give it a fucking mad one i’m not like the metallica after masters.
First of all happy your doing well but never got the lyrics so glad people like metal but i still stop after do we just always like this is a little astronaut events the lead singer became.

[1:11:35] Yo on the light
yo on your new position come on,
when shall i get a second guitarist.

[1:12:00] Hey adam what the ad oi wow james hatfield also play guitar go to oh and you wanna hear metallica.
Yo on yo are you two stars are beautiful.
Yo on everything just be cold in here
who yo are you
yo on.
Street that would a.

[1:12:50] I’m trying to figure that i would a double bed a song called.
Yo are there.

[1:13:03] Music.

[1:13:09] Yo on,
please tell me where should
yo on.

[1:13:37] Should a got a bonus assignment good a beauty.
Give me a w of the best you tube somebody somebody a copy of the best a metallica song by bob.

[1:13:53] Yo on who’s the guy because the lounge would a pharmacy metallica
what are the best shows i’ve seen it was richards is that i know if there were no who,
so what is a stream is the one i’m los angeles in the late eighties and productive.
Is temperature change anyway a,
what’s your other girl and everyone,
please call rachel at me a.

[1:14:39] Hey jarvis i need you think i think to all and radio head switch from an for another i would like to ask is the true.
I think we need and i am sure that report needs to know how good a phone but,
can i get yo are we so different so i think we could do really good in my vagina
i don’t think that’s like a presentation i gotta go to bed crazy but it could a fun.
Yo are very favorite bands i got you know nothing,
i want to hear all we have to wait to wash the shirt that i could add fucking an alligator on my leg.

[1:15:31] Yo on.

[1:15:38] Yo on stop and making love the gator swam turn light on.
Yo on
what you wearing tattoos tell me where should,
yo on.
I know the reason why i am not able to metallica is the due trying me into it had a metallica tattoo what is cash how someone about i was so up for yo are you gonna say florida.
Yo are the reason the hayden fan that’s a good reason to hang up because this is really intimate up,
treat yo on like that you said that yo.
What would.

[1:16:48] Never google what could a bot on google photos but you are special,
can i get a good results with yo on.

[1:17:09] Yo on,
yo are microwave and hotdogs don’t do it thirty three seconds in the van wrapped up in a napkin with the ones you,
may i ask is there a fucking hotdog in private
yo are the thing is the last ten years of my life and every time i say anything bout anything on line.
Everyone fourteen yo.

[1:17:46] Music.

[1:17:52] What are the latest six paragraphs great about gender issues that might arise my daughter but yo on tell me what i wanna give my contacts got dammit is it busy.
Is a person who is working the food industry is cute is it better to boil water.
What’s know what is my current events with yo on eight thirty seconds.

[1:18:20] Yo are microwave and your all about morning wood.
Yo are using crockpot and everything looking for growing cold and wet and i would a got time to go to the gym
where is a good slice of white bread no but it doesn’t is just that i would.
Hey what you’re doing is now to take something good he look like a mad west standards for how good he.
Do any of us could.
What should a oh ne raise the simpsons ride to yeo are we are broke that record thing on the meant time is it,
yo are you guys going to reorder it seem like got.

[1:19:27] I want to start like what is your prime like in the other piece,
guns and roses aerosmith it switch to the guitar would area slash hello.

[1:19:40] I have your resume to be better ISLAM over,
yo are there not good so i’m going from may i
what are you give me details of the person that ever going to show me videos of michael jackson performance on stage and keep going with the solo for a long time,
hey michael jackson keep trying to singleton getting the shut up the playground a project how yo on.
Islamabad give to flux and pretend as if i broke a co
yeah ah okay i was google how to buy more things mentality and that one of the rare times that the internet has failed
what happened is either a feel good asl for supplier miranda wish not which is something good he,
i’m gonna get the fucking computer in this coming this room.
Add a red pair would be better if we’re just good.

[1:20:45] Music.

[1:20:52] That would a good fit for what you’d like to stay during the ceremony the people
where there having pizza would a me to feel good feedback of laughter in the midst special,
clear the house is never gonna hit yesterday was great,
add avocado mixture my california and white health in towns be like one hundred seventy pizza should a said during a pizza place should a pizza.

[1:21:27] What is.
I forgot a couple of can you make the more i was the last time i spoke yesterday about,
how your return to lift driver that wasn’t the only job you do nails and we are game company is weird rubbing together how to make a review that was like that was the lan jody who day.

[1:21:51] Music.

[1:21:59] Should a time and then i did in the earlier the better.
When does your directions literally because like well i’m at eleven business investor yeah i do what i can get a good agent.
What if even if you are doing okay i am not even december it’s call letters just to be like here fucking piece of shit whose only job he could a got deducted.
Yeah listen have a car like all of your body better than your exchange here’s wanna give me a ride why do you care about yourself and call them to be talk to you soon get me where i am going on time and.
I want to try,
yo are free and the little jeffrey card that jeffrey waves at people taking for the sake when you have a dog now so im gonna load outs i’m getting about.
yo on
basement smoking weed and one guy holding the bunny,
can you assist you could a had a job are you.

[1:23:28] Yo on the cross your hands.
What’s yo on this podcast from people not starting at eleven but that’s it so yeah.

[1:23:47] Set a price that what i am saying that you se.
Lets play who is really of that in the internet of a little while ago this is a good one for napa y me sale popular who.

[1:24:07] Let’s like let’s say why is air breathed that a quality product having one makes the meme is it being properly.
Because of existing before like that photo for my flight of them is a term of valley creek or in popular culture.
Will the transmission of an idea use without permission stats a bit faster.
Ok a,
well i was in was quest yo are there only stupid people do talk because it means that they are gonna be very dated.
Yeah can i say the word spam here with all those guys who would he want to create a purchase stood a better,
is the spa be a part yeah gotta yes wanna talk but i was that way but i was sent a sport tour.
No that no thought i will have a new blog that talk about this world.

[1:25:23] When is the top of robertson like to request you as a what would be a nightmare concert for you to attend.
Give me a.
Wow that was exciting who sino ka,
i wish you have like a whole storage adieu like that
where is rabb yeah what are the organs of o’clock i just played on stage with a bunch of dogs would a attack on titan that likes to rob zombie library has like women.
Yo are the waves like i don’t even wanna is no way.

[1:26:17] What was the only one on.
So what is wrong with facebook and make sure i don’t know what is holding the sign until evening from europe is the shit what would he had the best music.
What could a video so
i want to know what was real for the game lets out like we got really for the super nintendo yo are you
everybody good music by my brother already found a buyer play that event company that is known to have a heart,
it’s a similar start a webinar i got to lower my music by led zeppelin tony hawk,
yo are people like to pause music video game vs vr i’m a grandma really proud of that style of the video games.

[1:27:19] Open up google but i think i’m starting is there a stamp or was murdered that everything is good eight of ice.
Sure there that horrible thing that comes out way too much antonio.
Good a novel.
Where did you get the lyrics that is what is the colorado that i might like me a.
Add a reservation.

[1:27:53] Yes some other mad yo are the sports cat like this for ten years have you had applied and got the marion va.
Yeah seven sounds great.
There’s like four years day laying for amazon every sound good af but i like the old super nintendo game and swift songs turn until i gained.
Yeah i’d like maximum carnage asada black sabbath so,
oh really yeah first level making card is more votes is arsenalo there is the kool ps two games i can play games on the other game system but they play eighties music in the background,
what is pop hits never like always something there to remind me so why try,
class flight to berlin no more words sunglasses and also understand
what are the game that had an adverse side trash what’s up yo are we here sleep married,
what alarm
there is a video game that would a still remember the song is very simple to the game with syndicate plus you are basically in crime over many designers sidewalk and ego
killer amazon put this song is so great or the new kindle.

[1:29:22] New it seems that i wasn’t that i should aim for a good five minutes by whenever anyone ever playing the game,
fandango talking awesome had a great soundtrack and it’s too funny to close the temperature for dell assigned.
Awesome soundtracks is how i gotta play second and right now because it’s all next box map of where everything so she,
you know that he was made way before she was alive and shit like this is amazing i couldn’t the game with you he had a summer camp for kids and all allows take place in other people.
Yo are awesome it’s really read if you guys play the friday the thirteen online game lol command,
it’s pretty sweet i don’t know where the square is that if your counselor can your jason want to send a counselor to try and get gilbert about red what are you,
what are your counselor.
You know jason getting closer because it acts like a movie scorer and played that song like just keep getting more and more like i m very privileged to movie soundtracks should,
you gonna be,
what is asking for jason is like the old nintendo is jason and so that happened is we get closure turn that cold a bit music and so cool.

[1:30:45] Oh my game.
Do you have any alternative remove which was a size two are really top size for like a month ago and they music level.
Turn the bedrooms and one blackjack.
Hi hakim babu read me a.

[1:31:15] And the songs are.
Commerce something like kobierzyn instrumental cover of the tiger with yo are there is like a cover blackberry and there is a couple other like random songs and.
It’s me reacting version of in the tiger model marriott milwaukee is amazing view it’s a band that you heavy metal covers in the styling,
does marian offer in mind or something and i used the wrong yo on play heavy.
Ok a.

[1:32:05] If i actually volume is that wasn’t back up until i can prove famous painting like that you were throughout the world.

[1:32:15] Let me know what time is it in california,
you gotta listen to rada my baby like covers of life different one from the childhood he was really nervous that something they probably would like that on her.

[1:32:32] Yo are ready for another round.

[1:32:41] Movies you hey m will you love me a.
What about this one is missing is the greatest comedy central shows that people forgot lol.

[1:33:02] Strangers with candy a.
Pretty good and i should not rely science get started with an almost live where can i go to think i know what’s left when did i last night.

[1:33:22] I really like to know what you mean you want for attention span theatre feed the kids with me a.
Era how many of those on comedy central.
Hello where’s the item doesn’t even yeah tv what’s the schedule was a british sketch showing so fucking sketch showing print show.
Treat yo on god the god of my best friends me from berlin on my number it is sending a movie theatre in here is another way two thousands.

[1:34:07] Derivative any kids who is going to still feel like to find yourself
yo on the real v a camera set up on the corner of st,
when you see someone come out like a lot of work around the corner like a second passes and they are back to running
there’s a lot of life for people hey mr buddy suicidal shit but yo on
what is the scratching a co-workers the other day that made a game where yo on
i’m a woman and advertising but you’re saying i scream social outside of life,
i’m looking for churches like just getting out of the conversation wasn’t like that i would a task for either.
Figurative the jason outfit goes into a laundromat and he just starts loading up other machines are pretty close yo oscar did i miss.

[1:35:15] No never remembers home and started learning.
Show everything a member see the advertisement against but it is not the same name of the kevin bacon get some hello man.

[1:35:29] Yeah may contain his clothes i don’t want to order seafood.
That’s what i was going to make a page for the movie had what i want to listening for that still awaits com.
Anything i can answer you season begins winners flop around that’s necessary,
good a weird ass comedy central shows in animated show that got fucked up drunk lol command tell me what any good yo are there,
i had an insomniac of paper towel yo on.
What watching the girls gone wild commercial came on that would a.

[1:36:15] Play me a metallica anyways want company makes a stranger i want to hear what was a,
stopping my chavez i netflix comedies your detailed and i want to know what’s up with that playing three shows and recorded the whole week and the club in new york,
increase sales for napa so they had gas comics stockton.
Latest from karachi modify the stuff and we have netflix on sunday.

[1:36:47] Maybe still not there because i think that was the first there’s lots of new specials did anyways the highest rated will never done so far OK man,
that’s awesome can i get your name drop to get a story every time you talk about VR,
yo commercials for a little while gonna say help is doing a hidden camera show off parts car with him cameras attached but i think there is an error like one episode,
prime assured in los angeles and it was working cuz los angeles delivery so they can’t do any apples to should i get to drive around and having lunch with pitching ideas,
can i see the idea continue walking with maryam hospital.
I just got a new liver i don’t want to try it out nfl so you to drink at an important interview bag.
What what really can i get paid over retail for them who developed negotiation a lot of may for their ideas where,
how is a beautiful person for no ass can i stay in your burrito and doesn’t red,
who is doing the same i got this on thursday he can live chat with people don’t swim and black eyes,
previous in this agreement it i read through my friends and we should do this i was like i m and no way this is gonna read the agreement.

[1:38:15] So what’s it like.
You don’t tell me what i did that almost exactly the same could a minority be in production on,
this is so how much will i owe anything you type you essentially give you there,
yo are you working on anyway so you can’t prove it was your idea is spotify n i reserve the right doing,
anything you pitch to them,
like you did when i was picks them up if you paste the podcast they can be like that anywhere in america with someone has to find stuff that other than what carolyn,
they’re like a really big podcast play want the biggest podcast companies just so i have to take over the bathroom.
They’re coming for the podcast,
when we start feeling i recently had like a release form to submit a conan sent to me and is the exact same thing like anything you submitted this package is pretty much ours now but i feel like collins.
I’m not saying the company saying let’s get started with the pilot and would like to just the should a more direct.
There is any unwanted data was the same way less would a been where is parallel okay.

[1:39:34] This seems like a brochure shit and books are you reading any good a pre production your not asking the world the pitching wedge is that exactly right.
Please activate when everybody mommy famous how do i make me think it is just like a improv show.

[1:39:57] Your pictures arrived yet we would instantly do that idea what we’ll do i just said by the way,
no that is yourself that way i will get a whole new phones yesterday behind right because we can change this order from you president and photoshop dozen eggs.

[1:40:17] Show me more questions for ya to rabb da.
Yo on.
Yo are there gmos what are my calls.

[1:40:40] You’ll never have someone like sex for all shit for some reason the last year.

[1:40:47] Which do you prefer comedy club theater or arena yo.

[1:40:57] How many database.

[1:40:59] May i know the better and we ran over two years a baby venue in boston like.
The most fun shit you can do it just like it’s tiny it’s in tomato it’s so organized you can smoke weed and that’s just what was the environment.
Where it’s like it’s always like to save some out of the fact that there is no rules to it except that i forgot my dog,
resume alexa not good amy no thanks.
Do you have a bar or hotel in block the arena is there.
Play a.
Oh reheat those would just like in iran to perform for thirty people in lincoln but yes there is the centers arena performing their means you have ten thousand i hate that.
I just don’t go burning in minneapolis and i was advised to peter and i can’t do anything and i wish to return a cloud cuz you can see if i want to do dinner fourth and be in san diego.
Translate well hundred which is the biggest venue in dallas.

[1:42:28] Read me adam it’s weird when you get when you get a laugh because you all the screaming may i know what you feel like what if i broke a bolt.
When is the concert the best of america make an arena money in a club i think the ideal situation where we have the most comfortable in,
close seven i still like to pause for the audience which is when we were starting my playlist kids in the european one two thousand two remember when we first started and stuff together.

[1:43:02] What were the club because all of our friends are poor and we should a delaware show in the county closes like cats ten moms and get my to drink to delete that was just go do what kind are the fantasy
what are the time because of it moving.
Get me all comedy u just do partial order of you will like you join invite them up with the antibiotics dillon you know we do not show r u free there’s like four by box and everything was super cheap and i always enjoy that.
Just kind of finding a room that is what you do for me and they would a least back and business the better because i feel like i hate the words to say so yeah.

[1:43:46] I began are you in the body of mine was i was like hotel is remind me to tell me so i would like to watch what show is a life,
as i take it from me just like you don’t deserve love it going to be happening find food and or like to france,
i’d like this is why do they say that squirrels are like no it is a new york clothes are always good a comedy club vs bar theater i’d love that,
what is the date push because i went to last time da food at tropical was like what i did that,
yo on for four people to eat in tokyo on the apples and a light bulb and where do the showroom
what do i want to print tickets out of the county still be construction search my walking because i know that that’s something that i don’t like the like is it.
J. adamsson is my new york comic con tickets austria to new york on another different ways i felt.

[1:44:49] Wake yo on boston on their bar.
Yes ma’am i want to boston i like featuring comedian that performed at comedy central and monroe brian like no,
can someone drop dead ones there anything you’re gonna see the same hoes comics the use off a free on tuesday there’s a local library,
in the middle of nebraska are oil and he doesn’t care who he barks he will get a comedy central logo asswipe TV volume up just,
why don’t you give out without telling any of the comics you don’t know that he is doing this until he sold the hotel which is like featured on all these late night,
on comedy central michel just got,
it doesn’t matter what i think it depends on where you come from because i don’t allow the mid westerners and it’s like three people buy a ticket there are better options.

[1:45:49] I just submitted the luxury of like this is my you my new group how many had to icenter performed for strangers i like the strangers to have bought a tickets available therapies as i actually read i just,
traveling soul like we need to understand life.
Image styling i confirm it it’s hard i personally struggling.
When people have bought a ticket earlier to see comedy theatre did not pay attention i am so we can i just say,
i didn’t see if you know it feels open mickey and i don’t think i don’t want to go
hi do i know you are there a singer show me a
hey there people i’m going to a free and this where you don’t know what’s the door so that people me know if you want me to write only get that would aid the free shows.
First discussed the barn and something that eventually you can google were trying to see a spider school together was free no no fire code scanner.

[1:47:01] I would like i do you understand the idea,
make the payment wanna be here could a woodchuck could you think the idea of the price of the ticket prices too much better they feel like the only show they have today become words would a double room
yo on,
make a linkedin of life i feel like i modify my search for local comedy show at like a hotel in mean,
i just want to watch a nice day and i’m not seeing the prices on my iphone four.
Yo on driving want to find a hotel in give me one hour of entertainment,
i mean to me like i’m looking for my friend will cover the midwest comic but i just didnt show me the samples hey do the women contacts me,
the time is seven am people don’t know the size of the town they sold a bunch of food they sell the weather breaks everybody have a good time to me that site was perfect and the environment and the environment.

[1:48:06] I don’t know i think i think there should always be value attached a performance i think is opening in my kyriba would like to invite you need opportunities to perform.
Put the audience needs to know the difference between like this is a workout and now you are no surprises any review i get tickets for the first does but i like it,
what is it like outside humidity like we were and in nebraska if you’re charged more than five dollars for anything is gonna be a famous person,
hey when you can motivate people to come out for a sugar free shipping like if like where it is just so cheap to live there
what would you like a fifty bucks like well i don’t know what you’re so not right
how about we get a reputation i mean there are some places where you have regular rooms the reputation of the room while karen’s right express handsome relative advantages when i get up you know what whatever it takes.
Any time anywhere like if i do something for you.
I don’t know where is free for the reading in or if i get the less i like it with the various nazis hey man where can i charge a bottle of it gonna get wasted,
can you give me some of that sweet beer money yeah.

[1:49:23] I think you know what was very so so get the original sign between the venue yourself in the audience of this is real name that is happening,
and there is a delay to eight then dinner with the president so let’s not forget that i say yeah ok ana
i’m there’s anything else along the road for all of these things yet we can use our shower wednesday getting everything he doesn’t give a shit you interrupted not because when you like a real shot.
I need to shut up,
yo ocupo.

[1:50:09] Yo are the jobs of emotion there is to much in this room that performed in front of life,
it’s not the right like you like a drink of alcohol because it could possibly have to start fucking drink are you using formula
the three what like in arizona regular find all anime at hotel for a while
someone had broken in because of my favorite venue to perform at motel good.
What will the pizza hut converted into a pool how should a what was clearly wanting to order but what size,
what are the start was the most insane here that’s awesome i go about this and we officially confirmed michael walters comedy album sandwiches and gas,
will i have faith religious like i’m sorry.

[1:51:07] Do you have you can with yo,
no way
yo on
yo are you retarded before light
portal a therapy support animal or like yo on,
don’t bring shit to common show it use to do a show in fargo on new years eve have three rooms running simultaneously,
i need you to the show this romantic whatever you do six shows of the course of at midnight thing.
Good finish if someone wind up in the middle of the fucking stage goodbye.

[1:51:58] Yo are with your hand with your blood and bless temperature doesn’t miss my old.
No second amendment good asian,
what would a good the bad and the dude that no llega and yo are u turn me into sleep mode and we had a great one,
let me get started doors where there is a there’s a show the radio so far the other was in the basement and it was.
Foreign forever but wasn’t there fucking awesome ty.
Any go downstairs to the important of all past posts would a great day everybody comes out of all of the you like bring that down in.
Tell your dr that’s awesome.

[1:53:00] And the back yo are you just,
can we have more people still yo are the more expensive right.

[1:53:21] Everything is lunch break and details sent by soho would a one.
How many people were masturbating to this differ me a,
i want to know what i got i got too much work to do this week is anyway i can i have does good day for me performing appropriate venues that i would prefer to perform at our any venue double payment,
for booking information daniel was talking about,
yo are the brand effect.

[1:54:08] Good,
i’m gonna where’s the last,
so when does your last bit of the podcast she was plus so we go around the couch and uh wanna play a,
search gmt there.
Shanghai someone is playing anywhere at this point is better elvis from a while,
ask yo are busy with james wednesday.
Check the balance on my gas real.
I got a podcast called the art of the podcast here watching us now you can come watch the live recording in like right after this.
Four o’clock and five o’clock so cast it up or you can just go online to a podcast that no other health problems on it so the last.

[1:55:18] I don’t know that i got in richardson that band camp dot com and buy my albums that i know i’m not mean london places,
which is half an hour of clips me a different areas house shows and basement shelves and then the gas money.
Which is the half hour of stand up from the two night ride in portland and then.
You don’t know that you get a second season for you called ten gallons of strange where it’s all where should i go to find my coupon.
Yo ali covered by my friend and i did at holy diver,
yo on river doing at all
it really love my clouds were just so clearly hi i want to know what prices for that doesn’t cover.
Yo are the rainbow that way better now.
There’s a white cover over the rainbow to it and i want to be above my albums.

[1:56:23] Sweater okay i’ll be apostles pizza the next other person second of march.
What are some of the really shows when is the information for apex so please advise i wanna buy more tickets to the need.
I come to the show when did you see people you like on the way you can get them to spend some comedy dot com for all things spencer dobson pick the animation like there are cartoons their opinions on the watch.
Who is jimmy but i only do arenas now,
take a generally forty dollars if i mean you’re telling me know about it,
everyone talking about it so i only need a website or anything like that so nobody can find.
Yo on.

[1:57:30] Can i file it in the works yo are probably catch me on a tuesday for free and lincoln.
Let’s go to a good friend john was police academy seven.
Add sam on your twitter i guess,
i am gonna be in lincoln omaha is the place gonna be,
i would never show right now so my buddy patrick hotel regular guy,
show it scream cabriolet haymarket lincoln nebraska is always great in everything you do with that venue so please check that sweep is the best.

[1:58:23] Turn on twitter um i will be at the arkansas and american pension up april force business six i’m going to florida the weekend after that.
Follow my twitter for us tonight that i planned it like in nebraska on march thirtieth so you also.

[1:58:44] What is the mascot afterwards to be on the record also adopted a what time.

[1:58:52] Hello i’d like ten thirty yo are done.

[1:59:03] Show me the couch cushions and because i know that like you know like that like this stuff is so that she can never use and i’m sure i will play that cant you.

[1:59:16] No that’s adventure game you should a hug,
why are you programmed to show raven and next week at udc thursday twenty eighth.

[1:59:30] My family disarm hes around available in fine amount of excited about that we have available at the tone green of thing maybe remember last bus stop for sure if it’s an investment hello,
the real show in april so it’s a good band,
ugh i’m in four bands now we all have shows coming up love i never sleep other we have a cure about events and ideally.
Go in the old man murders in the zoo tokyo on very excited about that wholesome shit gets to outta yo are still not.
I got the stolen how is your family call me the more of comedy the other good eight.
I don’t know where you have good a work because she was really volume up.
Are you a camera to record everything ok with my clothes and scream at everybody and i haven’t gotten my
i’d also go to the rest of snow chains weekend i’ll ask get yo on.
Dj dance party at eleven yeah i conference is there a time is there a way to make this about me.

[2:00:56] Ok yo are there four pm family friendly show at six PM not available.
Lol i’m not you won’t get mad via de la vie continue.
Don’t what’s up april regret would a paper about your heart.
Send james allen spencer,
where can i find out where can i find my band’s album to know is rager just very hard on me bro cause you never told them on the release date,
i don’t want black just give me five dollars could a four patrick clark,
can i see the last pic in the safe so i can refund your order thank you.
Yo are the trash yo on.

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