Dresch Code Ep 021 Group Supergroup Gets Butt F***ing Naked

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme “Equilibrium” by The Disarmed
Guests: Jackie Lozano, Isaac Show and Tory Stolen.

This week’s topics included: Best Trio, Best Weird Al Song, Is nostalgia the driving force of industry, If you could erase any band from history, Best B Side, do you go on social media cleanses, Greatest Concert You’ve ever been to, and more.

Actor Vinnie Jones arrested in Sioux Falls




Machine Transcript
[0:18] Yo are the banks banks are what’s making you nest to nothing hasn’t it is episode two.
How about yours
i have orange vanilla coke is good af ag apple cider of you will need to do laundry i feel good asl because ever been perfect guess that but also to the gym starts tomorrow.

[0:49] Which i did join as a matter fact about an hour ago and i forgot something in the us of the physically get there to can i move the logo on line,
signup managing now why would a girl home dragging all your good angel.
Quit carrier service five hundred ways i submit the ladies in the hallway is like but my way to download the schedule for the week from tokyo on.
No way room is a great film.
So what’s introduce around couch round circle is it so like to choose the color.
Does it scare you but its not if it’s from okay to get isaac show welcome thank you for thinking of me next corner we call rockstar show me the last couple episodes i saw.
Are you catching up to do when i owe comments in the last episode was insane i leave for two months and the call the show could a i would like to see the secondary a
can you convert hours to sleep tell me joke every two seconds something cruise from his great uncle is the size.

[2:11] Well hope your hands and later still thinking we gotta show extraordinary author yep and executive producer records or make a circle.
So its running started there are data frustrated and technically not with regard in toronto.
Set her general i mean i’m like on vacation right now you know like to take a break so
what is the kitchen cooking your location but hey why dont allow
i want a response record put that graph that has the snapdragon that number is the traffic.

[2:59] Should a when they have eggs everyday something injury on the job and i have a zero mason zack’s meeting with representative allowed.
Who is still from rock island to absolutely drive double room.
I’m so how this shite works is i have a jacket in a bucket just in our squad help.
Is your life amazing charts for yourself how much does it
does the jordan we hi there somewhere jacket that’s a good port mansfield it’s not a direct pre interview that sounds like what i felt that is added of topics about music,
r movies that kind of thing and we decide does it pass or fail the dress code meeting yes will talk about it for now this is a group of yahoo it’s a democracy which is direct democracy be afraid,
turn up and i have alot of money i can be greece in the palms of your irobot,
i will select so fast do you want the rest of your show who’s your childhood a fulfilling bus wala.

[4:11] Find events where we are i just say out how i love you buddy get the fuck out because you don’t want to go to go to planet fitness now i’ll check it out let’s do some.
Play me call the show then.
Yo are the isaac show just bail i feel like the course of my life lightweight doesnt do that talk shows what is the easiest the named show your name idea,
how is the film itself last couple episodes with passed around the jacket should we do that again this film,
don’t break the cycle for me man even go anywhere except keep with traditions keep the tradition around like to the first i would love to i would like to know the first time,
in forever best real best to ten moms i thought about it.
Yes or no if i just reorder what is my question anything need to enhance is best three out music for a fleur de beste KLM.

[5:22] Best free like three stooges with the product has three how can i forgotten that
who did you go local local shit lol you are pretty new band that i really vibe with the other
my friend cory evans a couple of brothers sister and i sell other brothers group how big local trio you keep the local jackie me to figure this one.

[5:53] You can say okay parade but the best local trio is weird to say to authors okay with that.
Lol trail.
Really fucking hate sheryl let’s have continuous remember that i know that some feel very much is coming in the neighborhood a,
i would like that i mean if it does everything oh yeah,
i’d like to collect out of three did very very well together and i also have local rush.
For me personally and yes yeah just the three itself do the nails are the names.

[6:32] Alex likes getting mail here till PUMP is not correct when you speak with sprint for thirty years and then goes.
Are you call me back on here clearly he never microphone because should he wanna mike thank you,
ok if you know them or five before i got like five.
Just want the best drama that’s fine what would the odds your local territory think about that no like.
I was gonna say it loudly but that’s a four piece funk music what are the create a locally go get sushi that really uncertain are ya what i get sushi.
Definitely take that,
what are the weather outside like a new country with robot and a ribbon cinema technically counts i want you to solve and you step three people for who are the other three exercises of music.

[7:31] Who’s the design three stooges now.

[7:35] Unlike locally locally added interesting there’s no there’s no like ilike are light is there anything there is no like i like acting three os.
Sorry wasn’t sketch show him yes lol tbh i think diane can accounts.
But locally is playing music i think so i mean like music is like.
That would like works best thing for a trio like to be in a band with three people is pretty straightforward straight up so far all that rails is good brother is involved in all of a three yo on.
Light trails are the easiest to put together because you have the least amount of people to contact too about yours this week lack everything and brothers barbeque hey there gots right but it’s ok tomorrow,
what happened i don’t know they could al time has not work out if.

[8:34] What are the other national ones i love i love a lot of alkaline trio that kind of chemistry and the name for that one yet but that’s all you know it’s good.

[8:45] Create a red ogee greenday have like seven people now because people help yeah
zoom pair more technical trail telefono me history people i just like punk music really liked itself well to that rios because you dont really have to go.

[9:01] Crazy with a lot of big sound you know it our best terms and vocals doing guitar or vice versus twice results that you screaming go faster that’s good yeah.
What is your email from canada is a very good pump and this new like trio like cheap trick but more punky dirty rope thirteen.
Really good stuff like your help last year i was let me in canada has a man.
Thank you get me from the music was just insane after aggressive and apologize right after,
how fucking wild things kevin would a stroke over sorry if i get free but that’s where can i get coupons or i have to pick up,
when i got covers unify move on to the next one will send another dress code are you a pull out freezer when will the written.
I think your help
yeah can we can we yeah okay i got it doesn’t read the both of you think of any that i write them all down i just put a hey and i basically before each episode of behind the scenes like i
pick out the questions that i feel will fit with the gas.
And then it’s for smith sailing at life of what i would a refund six episodes i was asking comedians like to be signed off.

[10:19] Yo are the bucks always like that feeling a feeling that in the comments does she just like.
Figure out umm what guess what guess you having on and what questions you think they would respond to the most like positively and so i just.

[10:36] Dropped earlier today i would at eleven hey stuff so it’s me a lot of music stuff.
Some but i feel like that would be across the board there will be a good question,
i just got a text to sarah to go back to the truth and from my wife saying.
Pokemon del trabajo aquí the best player would like a new man that has like to flowing fabio hair yeah.
Have agood a camera than what facebook has made tenders is the three magnum is glued together that’s where is going to fix wayne’s parents
damn how are the waves they have like four people on the light of freedom of seven
remind paul on monday and may i don’t know how many people are in by know ben folds five is not five people yeah that’s true it’s okay i got was the joke young like well done
cosby stills nash and make some much more sense then neil young came in and fucked it all up interest for now if.
Lol there was a bump in turn are in the best friend overdrive help get you set up a group call.

[11:52] How was the table so long anyways next question which i know what that beforehand is it.
Best weird al song of cheese do it failed talk about it its easy for u to have good air ugh.
I don’t know about that i used to love like we always like my shit what’s your rate how different we are now so high that new one i know what loss feels tight like to briefly since i passed history however what my clippers started feeling those one.
Why did not wait are you hot life.

[12:33] I was more of an all vibes amish paradise you know you only brushed him to see all of nice,
yeah it’s free it’s one of two other albuquerque is your horoscope for today which was include is super who is basically listing off
horoscope personality event listing off characteristics of it.

[12:58] Play james blake turn in the new place it’s sing a little quicker than i would like i would like a biggest moment in minnesota
yo are the biggest political it’s about this family taking a road trip to see the biggest valentine in minnesota and he play that when i saw him last year in fargo north dakota
and he likes fargo north dakota is in the lyrics and the crowd went nuts and i was like.
This is my people hyu play but not for you playing never seems like does he put on like,
like a fucking hell of a show i don’t want to last us my only deep thoughts so there was further the hardcore fans
so no hits for playing except it a little jazz medley of the head slightly okay just for fun what venue was the other fargo,
free or in fargo.
I would like five hundred euro-two thousand people evil philips open it was the funniest show like ever.
Did you vote who you want to hear the first joke was good af i found a post draft the other day and i find it sunday,
hi aqua converse pick up the great benefits.

[14:23] I was just watching crashing on hbo hllo.
It talks just like that is what people outside of the show to UW doesn’t rain scared nervous hypnosis help me.

[14:38] What is the deal this is a terrible in toronto this airplane food should a comedy shows watching crashing i was just watching that the big sick.
Like what micro was like what is comedy shows at letter kenny is my favorite right now but could gets cold its like i just said every search fast-paced dialogue but they just name dropped below swag.
You’re shit like to hear no fax in the same sense of what the hell i just placed an event with my favorite dessert after they got a serious fight because i didn’t see that money had since i got charlotte play to work towards hey.
No effect is your hair.
Im leaving phillips and judy to know the best porn tape ever get that would be interesting to go you like that who is.
Find last year.

[15:42] I send a five times what’s the prices to false ones first i was in bed billion belt
nineteen years ago i was so yeah i remember him playing the pavilion is equal to components yet so full of it later i came to see falls,
is parenthood just both died in the car monoxide poison accident five days before but you said i’m not canceling today because this is therapy for me,
so i want to meet greet some people never pick it up so i’m just gonna do the shells should i know if it’s that was intense and monoxide poisoning your house she parents died the same,
like you reacted okay did i did he like what u like an ideal school did he likes artist porter is a genius yeah.
There’s pokemon this apple butter should a credit to your drinks i’m not having this pull open the apple butter.
Okay looking up is interesting.

[16:50] What should i prove that i am dying.
Play the thinking this is better but usually how much pull do you like in your orange juice yeah that’s ball.
What is the place lately im already apple sauce.

[17:14] Good ab play a recital here so i’m like i’m good thank you elza is golden history again this summer with a string orchestra.
Where is your.
I want to go over the results of his discount on linkedin and then only i want gonna be in minneapolis sound like,
do i go to all three are not a frequent for various alternatives that the that really sad and all those shows only i already have enough is enough,
change the if you can like crunch it.
What’s the rally was perfect and better so i heard you guys open best would also.

[18:02] I recently went to paris but certain.
How much paradise probably has like the one that gets stuck in my head that was like the very first one was exposed to very angry video yeah that’s sweatshirt but it does have some contact.

[18:20] Did right yeah winery last year and this year i made if it continues forgot to,
what’s the benefits just like PD i got a bright silver jacket in pants and a black shirt look at sunglasses okay
i would know when i will win your logo is no pending what you wanna do is wanna b hack your light already there were some time ago which room is 95 sure that he would packard what,
hey up.
I feel like hes download pictures of sarah michelle geller has life let it get the fairmont without uber is the best way to dallas on his hardware store.
Oh that one might um alice says he will never play live and when really he gets off google have an adult beverage of the song he’s listening off every single place that’s in hardware store and a really fast.
Tell me who can do a live like it’s tug failure to the life i have not a thing,
we did a weird lil wayne song of god’s people are at karaoke experience anyway did it somehow as a mother fucker didn’t move.

[19:38] You just stared and closes eyes and randomly opened we can barely do it
can we do if we just do a weird we are we are the only activar not fit yo on way to you like always stand still closes i’d like to dislike
hello i would like a refund though that’s a demon like that thing for us we didn’t finish it but that sounds hard as fuck today was ridiculous can i get a place most of it is actually we got like halfway,
for some of the most defeated at any song i’ve never really don’t know the song i’ve listened to this three hundred ten is still another song,
the angel the stages like i don’t know,
should a practicing this forever i still another song like at the end of the year you know how like on spotify it shows you like the most played champion
like that was like that number would a five hundred times and it was followed by a.
Track children’s lullaby is that’s my plan for my kids i get a lil wayne still has to buy is very model like post play in.
I hate the wizards.
Shuffle it comes up or dislike anyone i get a little rain keep track i don’t ever hear that you can write us how we always spit hot fire with want to talk to an interview so like.
Weird it’s like when does grammy acceptance speeches like you was got the paypal.

[21:06] Thank you i just woke hey whats up its gonna lead there so i uh.
What is the year two i was wondering who i want to give your set list i just could a um.
He is busting entire like up until like showtime and.
Like it was just like let us store open in just move we do we play you can join oh yeah would a black people just like what you like baby mama
i like people like us is lying in the middle dislike walking or dislike it goes very short very short,
is there right back into the bus and it’s like this never.
I would like in new clothes we don’t have enough going to do this in south dakota is gonna come out of the whole backstage play.

[22:06] Good a cousin go well and also surfboard well i’m really good show so i got incredible tickets hot dog by.
Lucy lucy are not receive could you tell.
The septic is in france but i really want to let go of thinking of those i got here early and they were out if they what’s up with that you like
add center boxing to visit keyword stand that you have aa quads blood we are and this should really prolong latest the first site lis i worked a lot of shows where its like pages of it.
I’m mad that’s the only one there whod like need a stable.
Yeah he was like you even forget what he wrote of his life is the color to whatever.
I said before that he was just releasing like everything for free like three hundred songs ever and i give you the best of.

[23:02] What will the drivers be like i’m pretty sure he doesnt know the lyrics to the songs because he rode i could you freestyle it
i was assaulted not just come up in berlin to figure out how this happened when i feel transcribe random down if light is the prof better finish than what is the price of performer that prompt,
what’s hot hip hop.
What country yeah starting tell me countries you’ve got everything working at the dining offers yet with the lyrics.
What other songs do you like elton john.
Elton oh yeah i would a car that these people drag an accident dislike ugliness show up like yours if like you look good amy like,
play with your own lyrics like going out and only been singing these songs for thirty years and i dont need reminder i like the umm police case,
i was like wow that’s crazy you can case because they have the super fans that are like down.
Yes i do believe that add another thing yeah ok yeah.

[24:17] Read the weather like focused on it but it’s there for them to return to melbourne here,
what about the effect tell jackie is a question for you can just still feel very unsure is going to play restaurants or look at those that were assigned to just get out there and
blow something up and yeah i want to rock and roll good AF.
Cuz we don’t know where to go for this is not far from the truth of like if i start those paul stanley stage banter album.
Call people let me get this off my chest volume one.
And it’s basically paul sarah what’s up you delete exist but it is going so what the sites or will the play album cover is paul stanley in the title it in his chest and that’s the album cover,
basically people two examples of stage manager from this set the seventies shows they played and his banter is so bad that it’s so hilarious at the same time
i’m before logos,
phone is the batman shooter set up you have this yeah.

[25:27] I wanna see if i would still not here but ugh okay i like it’s a it’s a mp three only you can baby i dont really like,
i love you back to the seventies maybe because yeah but there’s like five tracks are on how much he loves richmond virginia.
Hey what’s wrong yo on that bike off who won the tracks
what like two minutes so i will cover the insurance to love god just,
how do i get to see that i can follow you can see this month is watching should add tacos to.
I want to make a.

[26:11] It’s like his from vera yeah he’s like he lives in town he has music videos like better produced really well.
Address to parties newest album yep i love pizza slave love i love looking back yet because i have like a weird vegetable been submitted this done some stuff.
Just sort of hairline is not here with good a bon jovi song.
Go you play guy i have liked something in my head about like mikuni.

[26:46] There is gonna be incredibles perfect volume like to see this weird shit on stuff and it’s still apply as we were,
steve for bigger eight hes like done shows up on jovi always talks by like a lot of drawbacks like not sure i would a weekend with you
i know you have that energy just naturally for two half hours select the overall question cuz i don’t see foo fighters once in a flight i have no just in town but like
say years ago they play for hours just them.
Light three and a half cuz motor head was posted open but let me got stuck in texas so they couldn’t play.
And so i missed my chance to ever see motor had to when i did know you wanted it for years tokyo on,
you’re a bad bitch make you look forever is finally.

[27:46] One point seven fever related lyrics lately points do yo on.

[27:57] Where exactly three half hours to make up for lost time with florida now playing want to replace the motor head,
i think they’ll travel separately of it are some of us backstage and so dave and base and let them vocals and lemon spartans play that in the guitarist what is the rockets play the drums what is what is,
nailed it like it was just like if you find that display and general sense then yeah i can do that because three hours is just like oh like.

[28:27] Yeah delete of light toppers about it like what’s the last reel rock band it’s still standing that’s most roll that i price of fighters at this point.
You’re stupid is like yeah ok im very are so yeah that’s super cool.
It’s like they could’ve easily cancel that show but haven’t the boys doing music no like i dont care if i stay i stayed there i got to work for them to production at eleven so.

[28:58] They requested the road stay until four.
Lol sounds like you also give me some really great swag like they’re tour manager production assistant like.
Is knife but what’s good to do if it’s that dead
yeah the did role play drums would a cubic you every night believe he wanted to see if he’s thanks a queen to the nut taylor the drummer where the pt sales compared to rs i’m a nerd.
Hey what the shows to play instead and all this kinda stuff in there like,
we could play a song by taylor sings on that fire song for us prod one here that one right now so tell me what’s singer pressure by queen is their head
who’s that who’s set it like the way they play like every it seems like they were like hold baggage put david drops
who are the centers sorry that’s not good amy starts before then was like let’s try one of the best opening bands i’ve seen that energy like damn.

[30:01] The closest it sound sac religious say this with the closest to frame it feel like we are in right now so he’s got that.
Roses are it doesn’t compile a.
Where is next friday is best to is that not correct.
Yes for sure if you feel nostalgia is the driving force of industry today and talk the screen.
What is the start just say that every remote to say that i can play queen like no funny truth is that i can’t all films now reboots so yeah
and shows a rebooting now so it’s like there’s a crazy thing about this i listen to this podcast called stuff you should know and they have all.

[30:52] There was taco bell what’s the name.
I think about it and the second john hagmann and he has a great idea is about how the judges liked the most toxic like in motion that’s like possible these days because.
I can kind of appreciative because it kind of like he has his bandage point is that it is people like this out like a longing for the past kind of,
and all like doesn’t allow us to live in the present kind of an idea you know and but that has nothing to do with this question,
oh god yes right when does he get a hundred.
I say other prizes you have your provider disconnected and two hundred when did the question is i doesn’t the driving force.
I think so i think i think the hell out of it if there’s like a new like i like nineties nickelodeon channel starting up with life.

[31:52] Rocco is modern life in the hollywood area make
yeah i meant like gonna be a channel that like you can get on your produce about for awhile do for about the last sebenarnya delivery is not working on other the work and working,
they brought back like an adult version of running sixty two and bond with so bad that was terrible it was really bad about spiders to sf one adult cartoon party or whatever,
what is really like down by that one lol off topic or area leonardo dicaprio is like the highest grossing actor,
hasn’t done like a reboot or a good sequel.

[32:37] What kind of weather like they can be of like i have a few the cats equals actresses is there a sale bryan cranston in the road that malcolm in the middle.
Things forever but he completely moved out there fuck you guys want me to come back from this other shit you,
malcolm in the middle east of feeling pretty cool to brighten yes i heard that theory hope you have a connect,
i love that dustin diamond for other reasons of god’s translate to hear some tunes from far.

[33:13] Yeah i’ve just never came to town about five six years ago before i got a comedy,
anyway here’s a headline i was tempted but i heard it was just awful and terrible human being,
and their right to freely what was he is doing stellar just yeah
awful ugh you’re talking like six seven years ago that i want to buy thirteen
okay okay before that like two thousand five two thousand sixteen 20 came to vermillion a good stand up and ready actually got into a bar fight with somebody and like we were starting college in vermillion yep
yo are the remember if you’d a bitch fighting forgot i posted that guy.
Save this was extended cap and care but know what’s up,
go morning sun nov would never be here when i make a post why is his name what you recommend like there would like from.

[34:22] Friday the one that goes on the job or not bitch like that we’re doing of it kinda got the same.
What’s the weather what was i glad that it adds more like smashed.
Spotlight was a problem reaching back up for court to be added go to court or something else that while the remember no where is it.
Who were your friendship.
I wanted this summer she google it i will drones jose will do this you wasn’t you was accepted they are bred happening it’s like a marco.
Alert could you get it find the actual story about him coming back now i just found the.
Thanks saying that he played at midnight so i’m looking for new snatch.
How do you get the light cooler she the next man in my head like a mini accident was his way to like i pay in the afternoon and i have a line
i’m gonna be a hell yeah yes i feel the actual blanket and all like i just i just crazy.
Dim if anybody can’t function you have a story behind your guide that was,
business is good he said so i can i got sucker punched from what i heard but there was a thing is like,
you have celebrities here and people noticed celebrities go to while we’re here though i feel like that’s a thing cuz i was.

[35:52] I forget like and i received yours i don’t know what’s long time ago when i like it hardly ever got a while but i was there once and ran into like,
seamus live in w de laurence would a playful my god share this and he was like
kinda nice i would like to try to take a picture and was like fuck no you can take a picture with how distracted from the early or mid west
i don’t understand a few times should a problem with the area like that so far but like it enough to where it’s not crazy that he should be around here,
can wait a while after his show yourself.

[36:31] Yeah it’s a love hate chinese toronto like a heart attack i do for reach out wasn’t yeah i was.
Yeah i was there for that’s what i was i was yeah he passed out or something in the past like the previous show as well get another city.
I was with i was like mainly with some salt pepper oh no those maghrib i was like in charge of and how many true i was incorrect it’s noah is,
yo on low um i got is like a up boy band saying when is the party bad,
color me bad over and then uh you help united kingdom can you play i recover it because east watch SNL rerun thru the day and comedy central aired one jeff daniels hosted
incorporate that was nice.

[37:28] Very weird line up lol i wear a bandana when we talk about what is the pet store and saw a salt and pepper,
that’s great i haven’t asked we’re going into the building they’re bringing out instructor and like yeah but still he came back and finish like his set after everyone else and four vanilla ice going on.
I still,
no no you will like you know what is your headline for you and was like ok enough i feel like that the production
oh that would like to know what was nobody was in charge that day he play echoes the idea doing.
Holiday okay also i feel like i remember like being my age i don’t disclose but like everybody i knew was that people don’t have to go now we have the,
tour manager like manager like to new friends i wanna come to the show,
can i have some thing out there like message a few friends like a cousin guestlist spots like.

[38:33] Wanna come who are you okay where can i get on stage side and they’re gonna go on each.
Onkyo on divided by gun staples ohio can weather bring.
No his name’s like to know people that you invited i add um it was kelly johnson huh.

[39:03] Missy yes it ww had never told gabe there just like when is this happening
who are you inviting me a tornado yo are you coming up flight back east asians like.
What are you doing your make up a foot like i have been demanded yo are so yeah.

[39:32] Oh you like it would like to get up because i could not working right now yo on like donkey kong lamma.
Yo are there,
suggest an invoice or could he wants to fucking donate,
i don’t know where is located the launch looking for a publicly to show together so awful who soda vit the vinnie jones story is kind of sad it’s like.
The eastern a flight with a twenty four year old because we’re playing pool and then jones asked if he could play and they get offended because with one ask quote.
Are you that guy from the x men lol weather said
he got really offended by that it started pushing me up my other friends room and said he needed so many more movies than that or whatever yo are the little guys,
post with the glass and i think race um it does not go.

[40:37] Turn it off before the climax no i really angry and sad
what courses like one of his victims had surgery for injuries because i think i would definitely remember of beer glass clear glass walls
will you there too i was not there know where the regular phone not a toy phone app requires the regular
i’ve never been to wyoming though yes yes
jesse jesse because of montrose i hit jones in the face with,
hard core logo and then u ship ly to life is a bartender there.
That’s really freaking out full but what’s up a couple years ago they have given to hear that love and groups are also downtown drinking and character.
What’s your like how would you don’t know.

[41:31] Navigate through it and wasted would a billion what’s the pavillion the one downtown and they stayed in character like drinking and we’re just yeah.
What play and bet on the bar feeling like yo on.
Use a spinning golf balls dont should a crazy shit you’ll have a solve so i don’t go one FB that no one to bring up with something that wasn’t his ping pong balls because sleep
create a pink bottle of milk the ball of tokyo on,
who keeps the latest coldplay trying out the take a pawn for my mom yo on
i mean i like him but not that good a third party into this
looking for help on freeway like to know and had it like the blue yeah i also mute be mute as a straight face with serious like.

[42:37] This is going to order straight hey i’m not smoking.
I could a blind man in the hoodie online david just like that i would like.
Calling back and forth there so much i communicate like that has been like that i already received it should a what’s the.
What was the response of the blue falcon i was in town last year did sam say anything after words,
add a pair of green day holds it showed up flight two nights for four years and town for like three days,
and it was hoping to get hub id do a spot on open mic but there was no open my family to select a specific show up to bosses next one is like
would a visit new york pal yes you can tell jokes to the customer’s icenter if you knew set up.
This message was good also know that i caught a rare form is a cute i love dogs that like even show up on monday and was fat.

[43:48] Hey recently three four years ago um.
What is the future future i can try and see because hes just so people are like yes that’s another one is like brand than we are like the friend.

[44:04] Open really enjoyed the opener to heathrow mom like the lead singer of that was for a wolf or how late they’re for wolf parade but the.

[44:16] Spencer krug and it show us wat is moments of it like a venue in building.
Oops the showing up and is like no everyone here would he like comes up in like to your face and like things to,
i contacted the highest rated and says we are in the circle,
future either candidate can we go for kids the whole talk to my mother on stage last week i was yeah how’s it was super hundred that was so real to get temperature in los angeles county for twenty minutes
hello blake is the man who is my cousin close how was the workshop and reel,
workshop yeah we’d we spend six hours during the day with kevin i learn how to write skits,
damn that was super useful because now i know how to write skits he probably just like you like carrots approach with social life okay,
lol he got four to five people on a stage waiting fourteen bus there,
are we just randomly got a suggestion from the audience that we did the whole scene and whenever i do we have in rhode island and we decided which one of these ideas is the best idea for a skit.
And so he needs to have a statement which is what is the plot of this skit.

[45:32] And so you just basically decide who is this person where are they what are they want what’s the problem why do we attempt to solve it and this scares the base un problema and working way too hard when you write the schedule and it took us five hours.
Well we ordered it on say good night and not feel like your improv group.
I know when do i ever did was in it and she was a brew basket.
Umm but that was about four five comedians from the snow jam fest that experience,
and so they put us up on stage and we got to the log format broadway twenty minutes of justin,
random songs with kevin for twenty minutes and i was not saying my favorite seaweed it was kevin and i were just seeing children one adult improv goes it goes
i wanna fly to the depths what is the four we want to do and i said will there be a lot of kevin i was just yelling at each other back in.

[46:26] The first bio course that just for virgin is what’s app.
Who is like is cereal good,
his IMDB credits probably like also just that seventies show the load is the sky blue here but yours and only yours and how old am well,
yahoo news yet nick IMDB page he got his favorite band is the national but that was curious loves replacement because you virgin.
Yeah i would a refund and i decided as a trade off to dynamic of the scene i just decided to yell nice things to him
play the angry turn the light switch goes close with brexit was fantastic results flight,
leaving on sale price when i was it was nuts but awesome super cool.
What courses canadian course oh sorry like i’m record and i didn’t mean to introduce yourself in i’m here we got it show the nineties i want some are being alive hey what’s up.

[47:39] Players.
Next question should they miss read the cape so where you going to record a few questions on the shelf we are and we’re definitely both side track
snap chat filter saying something dress made this is a follow up would he which songs that you live.
Has ruined the song for you like life hasn’t been room for you.

[48:07] My wording was weird but do you have AI.
Yo are you going to do nothing else for help you with that so yeah go back to the staff either in the restroom here.

[48:28] If you could erase any banned from history who would you are is hot here turn the hue was batman better has a problem basket.
Hey man we’re half way there from montgomery john terry how.
I was sad at first show u playing to fall the first show u did along without the second second person in the band.
Who had the head like his guitar up like a little fly to new motion of this purchase guitar.

[49:05] Who is et eius along times should a got a movie coming out.

[49:13] Oh i mean yes i could i find that one of weird things like avoid salay of nickelback would be what is the easy one of know about dragons the nickelback sucks,
i feel like you have to go back and like eliminate the influence is that influenced those people to make music enough so like if you were to cancel a van from history
cancel all those really good and then control now yeah i need a want to cancel like,
ozzy osborne because he’s responsible for like some one to suite metal now get over here.
Play keep their olympics get me a way to keep cancelling that everything you say doesn’t what’s the cancel and basketweave to cancel faith no more not okay with that like i said i want paper work and live.
Lower the whole thing he likes to piss off people say that chili peppers of the grandfather’s nu metal lattice top but think about what you like with the hourly like this type of music.

[50:12] The conference to see this stupid people building
i do feel like with my must have would a clearly also bring music timeline what are your consequences that’s what i think it this way people will be willing to get rid led zeppelin that greta van fleet doesn’t exist others sugar ray having a DJ,
look up the right one to re read what you just cancel the DJ for sugar yo on a block of life is like a guy that did need to be there an erro with that
we should have today you know what i buy posted a promo for a comedy show coming up and i was jamming to sugar and a background as a joke.
They lights video of sugar a very well so they have a lot of,
should a management team related wood sneakers margaret record but what is the rate of accuracy active my hub id is linked to luca citibank now could we sort out as a metal band,
before they had a bunch last name generate can imagine.
Hello are thin the best so far it please put this is finally my chance to get rid of guns and roses.

[51:25] Especially because i had a meeting tomorrow and i would a not trusting god for two months since i need to come back and return the roses i agree
what’s the band that does a butterfly
i think i will cancel that plan because they responsible for adjust the total bullshit that’s happening now i feel like that’s where the grandfather’s a lot of bullshit can be added what is the weather be a better place without them never existed there was supposed to come to town later
create an eye exam.

[51:57] Oh no i think that’s a project you gotta have a good one that has a DJI googles.

[52:04] How are the donors request could areas.
Hello there traffic on like a party in which okay not gonna happen anymore after yesterday but the dj yeah.
Who is annoying and sugar is TJ i do love it but the item is that’s a good DJ but there songs are in my family coming summer near
where did you study last summer there’s a resource of ninety three a
every industry right now and i printed this is the most underrated popular band if that makes any sense whatsoever like their pocket or not.
Oh shit that’s why i haven’t had heat sense the first record red guy said so least ten,
play gandalf technologies me who i know to know what is do you like funk rock albums like im like weird stuff and then
more mainstream with make yourself which is gonna take the shirt off is hard me about that kinda stuff i was gonna reach,
wish you were here is on the next that the further blood of echo where they got the guy from the roots to play baseball receive and the band for fifteen years now so it’s like being kanye.

[53:27] What.
Now the album since it of just being kind of mediocre like skrillex produced the last album we just sounded weird it sounded like they’re trying too hard is it to late what he was doing yahoo singh album such as the previous one track.
Can you help her there like a skort anything check this out like did the light we did so much that you just remix the rest of the album then did not give the producer credit for that
where is the album like yo on
that seems like a like the mood for your service skrillex would a biography of my father if i change the font color that is really fucked up for that one credit
is AMS into city last you’re a great except the singer of changes will stylo bases with her when is boise from you say things different now that i have this rabbit,
what did the jews cover was interesting.

[54:24] Add the artist like the way it’s kinda planet did that with my mind on my money and my money on my mind please read that
you’re beautiful house by that my dad’s like we’re gonna just not play the cover all doing fine could a cadillac hold up enough that was.
What’s my puppy for a single band that’s been around for so long as you have.
Fifteen albums with the work and you choose to play three covers sixteen song set list like what’s your problem hey i don’t know.

[54:59] I want to have a really likes LSD go home play covered like who plays like water to cover thirty five songs i’m fine with that but you have like,
set stage time and our new son side view fifteen minutes and covers in that i would like you would a what you got enough time please help.

[55:19] Just couldn’t put the next question please.

[55:27] What’s the weather.

[55:30] Who are the what’s your favorite be side or deep cut by a popular artist.

[55:39] I heard this is gonna be a question on the pod would a map of it.
Favorite piece i really like you know like better by pearl jam so we are talking about the gyros on yo color opening.
Three i worked three to three of robert break or break.

[56:04] I want to talk about a quick turn yellow but the program because it’s like it wasn’t read into how is he that icebreaker,
he would a map of her just talk about what i took college algebra in high school going to college in college with my personality stop no.
What is the side view.

[56:29] Java is that won that being said others this one band called uh back in the day.
Are there track on the album that if you had a crush CD player good wine to track one three minutes and then you would give to hear the song.
And i think about all that i don’t like that because i always feel like playin some black velvet my favorite like,
turn off inside is super heating and i’m sure no one’s heard it and also some things never change here because you can’t for whatever CD player,
men’s leggings i would like like in your car like doing her mind right when you put the CD i know to do that and also the other thing i only did you have to know that i was behind the i was like.
Clear the bill due and like in the truck so ill let into the first track but hayden first track.
Beside that the power was priority.

[57:25] Set a lot of deep cut the sides and i like to live so important to listen to buy with sampaloc hi can you guys hangover so,
casting crowns because going back to what i can only listen to contemporary christian i lead a selfie i school uh so casting crowns on the album that has all trying to order their last track,
i was like mysteriously like fourteen minutes long.
And then you get like at minute eight there was a mixed english song called white dove.
I had absolutely no.
I had no idea why was that such a christian song would a what is mean here imagine casting crowns singing in korean.

[58:17] It’s a very strange very strange sensation RSS smashing pumpkins pisces a scary which is there besides album,
smashing pumpkins i will lot of salad the size that got me into them or cause of you think i got tired of butterfly wings are going to retire whatever,
hello dream pop stuff it really good that people don’t.

[58:39] You always associate smashing pumpkins which invite do you like AC sometime added the worldwide have a lot of great shoe gaze a drink yes that’s really good.
It’s so in a played a lot of the shelf with the candle sounds like my jam so he actually put some record stores in mexico.
Oh yeah i who is crosstown ok so the rest of the show go to happen make a t shirt on i told and still drive if billy stops text me,
i have the first one to the other driver is out of stock taylor from the foo fighters,
who are the crosstown when a man got to drag.
Who did the half with jason as well where jason stop and get milk goes from there i got school sleep,
turn on the air for that because i help you level in the home but my footage is not usable feel like i dont feel anything that could a swim,
suck suck high performance venue leaving next question.

[59:49] Can i ride back back but.
What back open everything happens if i ever go on social media cleanse a half frequently are you.
Turn light one.

[1:00:08] Set the phone down i have a uberblack now,
i go on close for an hour but i really want to shower you can never finish ours that is bad for your phone i tried but my blood sugar.
Water proof yeah water resistance yet your flight yet for a minute yeah.
Create in our records i can really hurting closes i’m shows like everyday so it’s like you to push that shit now
what kind of bot are speaking english speaking who’s the one i liked the most the time lol sure if you have a to have it all but i don’t like.
Don’t do that i definitely goes in like waves,
i really don’t like facebook anymore but i still have it and it still checking but i just dont used for use any social media like as often as.
I probably should have liked but that’s bullshit cuz.

[1:01:08] What kinda of on line right instagram is my main one i do know it just makes me a little posters put that on instagram that’s shared on facebook about swag.

[1:01:19] When trying to transition on snapchat and they still by oh forget you got a snapchat let me tell you nothing is a better alarm clock,
phone buzzing to see the exact send you a DM on instagram and promoting his neck legs seven o’clock in the morning go the fuck to sleep
hey it’s time to love you i hope you tube
can i get the bathroom wheelchair okay okay i didn’t know if that was allowed we prefer if you just set on the couch.
Yo on.
Tell me who david’s and it’s not on the couch click
calling plans what is your snap chat instagram is going on for those who are the most use black to do more but what if you had to like get rid of everything but one
oh gosh i drank affect ability affect ability if
suarez personal one for almost a grandma i would probably i don’t think you,
twitter because i don’t seem like it but i am very much into sports and select all the sports news breaks immediately and delete or select help.
Get balance will ship to them for chile men’s me to me anything we have what is your faith.

[1:02:45] My bottle is mostly concentrated on facebook and twitter instagram facebook snapchat twitter.
Yes quick snap inc two years i still haven’t found what slightly but i don’t have posted for gap i just post stuff and then i dont watch it so since me a snap yo.
Hey there i missed the table game would a semi group,
like on snapchat that the groups that i have shareholders of jak,
stop sending me dick pics mom had life would a ecco where is springfield snapchat is going way cuz they don’t have an api i don’t play nice with a good a sleep
barely had a way to like get like out yeah but you hit this link but it’s not anything else good yeah.
Can i can i can go post something on insta and then shirt share to facebook and twitter profiles anyway things i tweet on twitter is from my instagram yeah okay sure i’ll post a joke.
I want winner with an a like i should say that for the stage i like tagging more like getting people involved it was like where the next level ok so you can like.

[1:04:00] Talk about where you were who you’re with is suppose accept i was gonna leave it blank and not like you if promotion,
yep i agree to a life it’s something i’ve mentioned it earlier tweet this could happen could you please co incident i know i have been getting back into twitter like her beautiful yeah,
what is that.
How fast is also a highlight with twitter how i should be more active on twitter because i found extended post jokes like one hundred things on twitter but i just like,
let’s hear it for the stage and keep it on twitter and see your feedback his butt hole that i just gotta save that terrible.
Delete ekstremis eat stuffed crust and save that for the stage set up a camera and not working what you were great last night i said where was there anyways.

[1:05:00] Anyone have that one either on the first one actually originated from the last episode address for watches.
She is in for the seven plus academies would you say the three that he’s not getting free handles.

[1:05:15] Yes adult three people laugh every time i look at girls like who is this
what is that red or representatives would like to have a made a police academy reference i’m home to empire tonight,
yeah nobody laughs last week alan richard why the boston comedians we have that topic greatest police academy films because we’re talking about someone every talked about it for ten minutes.
Who’s the podcast where he watches his academy felony talks about probably two hours early how do you use decade man,
yeah you really like hit a nerve or like just right for me and i was like off my god what have we done about this one.

[1:06:03] Create a free schedule for films where.

[1:06:08] True vault to the next applicant and catch i forgot absolutely terrified there whats the walks and just immediately start.

[1:06:18] Favorite band named after location but quit back.
How about a film in question is would like shrimp balance also because that’s a silent all is going well if it to be involved favorite concert you’ve ever been too.

[1:06:42] What about the ice where you put that back in there every single time i just picked the brain of a living there record.

[1:06:51] Where can i science because our close friends to vote against it only cuz it only been two things so i think it is a private or other been prime minister whatever the fuck that was i don’t remember.
Ok i just the prime minister came with the other one was a year ago who is the mercy me in until is,
it was a mercy me and prime so that was arrested because it fucking news boys o’clock news boys are skywards i have somebody was,
guess my well i hope that michael tate men’s blue blazer hello state open for news boys and i swear to god i’m fifteen years ago and i never get asked favorite show probably,
providers like to talk about earlier it was funny cap love spontaneous like to play golf random shit like that they never play the lego,
um i was a.
What’s the group called cat like blind side of minneapolis i know the singer yeah exactly they are on tour with alkaline trio in oakland trio.

[1:08:03] Celebrity that shut up that night was like all,
everyone has off the money back as you shut up and up i was told to take the money back and he was like before the best sales like i was yelling at everyone does like dancing washing it like in those like.
Top this circumstance when the bedroom movement i think i,
this is weird and ugly because i played a show but i was also like one of the funniest shows i have never been to,
ugh the played in vermillion and we open that for a while and a leg day were so fucking good,
and all like it was just like one of the most memorable times and then they party with us afterwards select a candidate house party at a friend was hosting and we stayed up until five in the morning and just like singing songs in the basement and getting drunk with them,
yeah we’re there for get your trekking in the UAE would like your idea of being law group ticket like that i would get it getting those people are something i will never get to see so this group this guys were like
all about him and this probably would
what time is it in ur like only second of the party delay five am but they were can we just relaxed like im hot is it in words just like singing songs with them.

[1:09:23] Please let there are you like a shut up already more ready than any other tournament of everyone i think.
The reason they do that was because it was like a program council show like we had a friend who are on program counselor which is like the group gets bands in entertainment on campus so whatever,
and like so they got fucking paid for that show and they played just like a dive bar downtown in the millions and so that could’ve.

[1:09:50] Ben the empathy to hang out with a bunch of life shit head college kids but i like butt.
Drink this is much of the tournament because they wont display right hey let’s do this yeah but that was not saying to but pick one.
Put in a lot of shows but brandi carlisle has always been my favorite since like.
In this year now i feel like she got a really like no not like the public is using most likely mail grammy like grammy nominated artist this year.
But she was here at the orpheum on my birthday,
when you’re like seven years ago or six years ago some like that that was like best birthday and just like use the first time i feel like hearing her and all like third row and at the orpheum it’s what seems like.
Lesson five hundred yeah sorry you didn’t some i should know the time like you sound fat asking somebody that should help to lose your question actually a
the sound and lights is on guitar at five three and four i can’t believe three hundred is like fifteen lol.
What would a three hundred and something capacity but that like it was in a small setting like when you don.
She’s amazing are the or feeling alone bell open if remove those you are there is no one over.

[1:11:18] What’s the call goes well for the opener out played yeah yeah that was one of those that you can hear a pin drop on the lone buffalo boy,
who is like god i was actually as well to look up the song merge for them that would a great concert lights is a very email concert i went to the first about ten years ago with motion city soundtrack headline,
say anything có headline save the day open.
Hello paco valencia yeah i feel that whole night was just weather gonna do next weather gonna play,
oh shit this is all i need to talk to justin from ocean city after that he wasn’t speaking on the one to say this voice i would like awesome show me ghost is the weather.

[1:12:06] Drop that shit anybody else except today i was just like a new album is not great but i heard an understood it’s
the songs are about being in the road of reach the full re in love and i love that i want a bike like you hear about something like this is very very who,
yo on everything you do so why do you like it
it’s a yes hello i’d like a couple around that save their records of those but they are probably the most downloaded,
yeah group listen to it i so love this to break up again,
suspiciously mellow about it that whatever happened,
start a call to artists open for artists ever big of time with a good figure where you so i found open for paying the disco,
yo are weird jennifer wasn’t there shoes on tour with his other band steel train so who is which came to town that summer to there opening for.

[1:13:18] Jack’s mannequin so hey opens stuff,
add keyboard feeling so great you are because this is a fault which is life it’s like what you re less than two or if you all whenever your bringing up because it gets me flights of all to have a shadow that’s right to ass show,
replay the end of the road to the world party is the twenty one twelve repeat it was in that darkness and the round would a within twenty eleven eighty thousand twelve when was twelve point
when was worlds of fun played altitude and the 12 21 2012 yeah blur is now my favorite show
we’ve never done because it was so anti christmas in the middle of christmas as agreed but can say anything about christmas hotel have this is incredible you like.
Front page of the link you’re not right about christmas like always the world’s ending yo on like we let so many people back in.
Call numbers like that is a club and then we have bible answers like watching the green room and we were dislike.
How many new for us you like to dislike mat leave you are not the intended the fact that we have.

[1:14:32] Yeah like don’t you want to be like you five and maybe a girlfriend like now we want all their friends backyard playing,
people blame you for shutting the place down i hope so i okay i’ll be recorded to enter something i’m involved in dance party at the vault come and get it
aaron carter brian carter bracelet still have it shows relationship.
Who directed star you tell me story.

[1:15:04] I’m looking for a car he has an exam successfully when you tilt your head to the left
what’s yo are QA in carter are you talking shit once i could
put me in line and covers fuck i’m going crazy am not here to keep going it’s good to hear that hello world,
oh nick from backstreet boys was younger brother yeah okay yeah i want to punch him through the,
the screen where i can i get any other connection to get him going over the backstreet boys connection which is probably yeah no who knows,
tell emily found his was behind about the one site.
Turn on the hue of hugo but you love will receive of like the balance in his his bank i’ll buy one box
who did we lose are there to scare recently ten years ago recently.

[1:16:08] Pictures of the eva,
hey m. still never received them because he and jesus planets in meet the carters reality show recap the real briefly when they get out of those how ever life
who are you know where the shaded the breakfast deal for could put on a shirt bro love you can you know what happened.
Open open open for like you don’t like washington grandma’s hair without bleach your play hello.
Gotta wash grapes are in there making fun of aron card it out he was such a.
Set up before we were headed skate lastnight something soundtrack called the toilet death a doctor for you to watch old people die toilette so press the button the other battery instead.
What’s yo on when you press what what would you say elvis use though if it to soon,
where can we go to different delta pilot yo on.

[1:17:19] Hello guys anyone there is there was the sequel to diner lobster newberg at a cat restroom other is basically like this cat toilet not this cats has like just,
so unsanitary like you singing songs from musicals still life.
If you like me like pizza is the new show together who mean a lot of so there really good friends in real life.
Latest thing on weekend update where they are talking about like the next game that they weren’t found out i also the one true me the me a.
Did you dislike review movies are just something i watch that show.

[1:18:00] Jumlah is like my favorite yogurts the most ridiculous stupid concept to make it just like.
Most the most enjoyable thing that was when he was in the immediate pressing coffee and like you just know how much it is jerry seinfeld i think you like you said one of his jokes.
Front runs recent special and laughing is just like to return this like i made you laugh that does not convert them already said that you like you knows how to talk to kids is the stupidest thing i’ve heard you like.

[1:18:31] Put what i do i felt the color of water less than prepared for his son who wasn’t loaded to the desktop hero is stephen still add.

[1:18:43] Douglas story of what that was also missing other and he’s like put in the jokes that,
but he could really tell the day of the track we would a very thing,
screaming babies and mozart where should he go
blake is riding a skateboard but i can dance on top would al my god you’re cortez a few the nhl has every third one was
good a and the password is diabetes if it set,
so god didn’t like it very very cute card that vivian never read shit,
delete are facebook i was just surprised was i ok just glad that really like to submit a bill breaks every time that i don’t wanna take a break in the system it shouldn’t
will break in the world the breaking what bills gonna break on this new york what is club is kevin,
can i know what i just make the goat nice spirits out of columbus what is the cue cards.

[1:20:03] How long could a property of whatever kevin yo on.

[1:20:14] Your size cloths boots with no select a favorite,
hello what questions would he the funk calypso rose the next question you’ve ever gotten to robert.
Uh off the coldplay concert i went to,
what’s up where we have the light up thing of something i love you i love you fucking next level that that was so much fucking fun discuss the like whole place was like.
Let me know when this is surprising a little yeah i yeah yeah well it was for me i did know i think about generating ideas like
what the fuck id like to order some high persons dislike hey me who are very very high and they were like loosing their shit you like i loved you like her to start so yeah i would like to know what is that woody.

[1:21:11] Yes the boots don’t know what’s what will i be able to send the package and just collect it’s just part of the show they’re just like we just ask you where this trailer insurance,
i can check with poison dart for something like halfway through work but know when they start lighting up the patterns within shipment dislike.
Fucking crazy know were u stay seated.
They must with like radio said something cuz i can do like the patterns of like whoa the weather like people running and stuff like it’s
super super trippy what am in the midst of all that there’s a bunch of like reflected confirm that sophie can’t prove it’s like coming down although i don’t forget that the philips company district,
who is said that her and i didn’t hear about your provider you dislike foot of flight confirmed at the end like just walking through,
can you imagine a sixteen year-old glad that coldplay is just oblivious i want you to respond.

[1:22:13] Add nothing can let you know how i don’t remember what i did steal it but yeah,
play beverly st was received and the ladies or something yeah yeah they don’t like powerful and send them so if like in every one of the entire audience is like wearing them,
and so they can do all types of computer is stuff with them like all over the place do you like color patterns rising and falling in god because you.
What some time to temperate waving yo are there and when everyone’s just doing good eight,
what was that what l sent feature has to be breaking in cold blood to keep it that i go to the previous yankees coldplay,
nice rain today in light heart and soap how can i get could give away ten thousand dollars and get it back and not expected all the fucked up in atlanta bread by after remember like if it wasn’t been collected what
what really got to the end of a movie like brandon like know how much should i take an easier what is a djembe need them to watch something in three d it may i help
where to jack white in that to analyze this arena we had people put their phones in samantha.

[1:23:30] Can you add an iphone and see how many people ud password six thousand six thousand people folds yeah
goodnight how to put in their pockets you could not open up your phone you had your phone on you okay open it up so that my god is like someone needs job still gonna take six thousand because i give them back to the tube
who’s here who’s gonna be there but will.
So i can keep is never the same so that you still would like when it fell out plans real soon as i used to get it like the acoustic soul needed that tour
i wanted to but i was trying to wrap it when yo on eight hundred fifty six on getting started is there.

[1:24:15] What’s the dress code and what the hell i just feel like it is a sensitive subject ugh i like how to stuff a very big yet but then he chose to play the songs in my cap.
I want to play that one yeah like i don’t care if you don’t play seven nation army but if you don’t like the dirty ground how do you say red,
blackmagic would never play my stevie ray would a personal apparently like he was not in the mood to play omaha that 93 just placed some real crappy stuff just like.
Yeah that’s fire keep play the last song was like a deep cut off their new album that wasn’t grave like got reminded of the stay can pay me later what’s up.
Venue baxter arena usually a basketball or bass lake six thousand twelve was sold out.

[1:25:09] It’s the xl is way better without solat or like a three thousand place but slow moving maybe that’s what app.
But since the seven day shari white stripes the arena makes sense i suppose but you dislike would rather see if first
hey good afternoon so upset and white stripes tickets it would make her like melt down when i feel down,
could he still that to their playing in anchorage alaska live back and forth like encourage you to follow zen.
Yeah i got a tickets like myself and then cancel all that.
Talk to us about it right now.

[1:25:59] What the why it is warmer than dancing falls when niggas how it’s like twenty six degrees also this is not dislike gorgeous views constantly place is like a postcard.
Take a pack of candidate that wanted to ask if i fly back two morrow we’re also everyone has a free stay in a grid.
Share if you could add like
you are an i increase last year ready refused go then choose miles he had a sister of those who read scores of its it’s also very out if you like the outdoors i feel like the outdoors.
If you delete your yahoo like bears or links or moose.

[1:26:48] I’m the most realist person with us carrying handgun
i would like to pause you like cock like loaded whatsapp is a my citibank login with that person
it’s really no different from here tho,
no i mean that would a casual high school is gonna happen
what’s the weather like in italian pretty cool about the last person just cause it gonna be like if i believe that you have bananas you got that to jeff wanna have the set list.
Play his acoustic show.
Find a rapid know oh you play at the wendy williams in auditorium which is the university of victoria which is the tech stuff are,
the theatre company that you like family and so shaken.

[1:27:42] Play set me in the setup here at that time and i was like why are we doing pretty please like what’s your address.
Do not tell anybody he like what email should he send a guitar pic what is it like a little tiny i still have it in storage all my other stuff that,
set list is usually a little paper and heels all really tiny print what’s this,
please add one edible probably every other sets of every day with his been like everyone gets one old fucking find do see it in the dark places make a little tiny.
That’s what we have this crazy play.

[1:28:25] I have a comedy so it’s for wanna buy said to us going to his dick jokes on jokes on it,
yep nope yep and then save for existential dick joke at the end where is it where there ar we like.
U smile and joke but a picture on it yo on.

[1:28:49] Next topic what is this.

[1:28:53] 56 third question take a look at what a house all the great of detail this one.

[1:29:01] I’m ready to help get what is the best song you ever heard like,
what ever what would a benefit yeah i wrote ellen on product i want you to do so what response we get all this pick one out with out for heather we like doing that was catchy,
who is he would step back from nat’l aids that will help or just place nailed it like a party in the USA.
Damn ya que what you can find out who who is.

[1:29:37] Yo on.

[1:29:41] I meant hey you that your life is the mushroom i do think about that song way too often so.

[1:29:49] Only the good die young billy joel yeah can melt first second related for me is there who’s here well donna lives but that just pops in my head more often than i need,
i realize until this moment can’t you admit drops is mexican food here.
What is mexican food like that yo are three ways ready for something like that so how many years you not knowing mexican culture.
What is your purpose here would like to sub right so.
When you dropped his food out of her just like you road figure out if it would a certain venues that be funnier if america is my food.
I did one last night that i’m really proud of gandalf the wizards.
Card bill again he’s me to dr.
Yeah that’s true but while there it williams in medical school they’re trying to remove that patients can use sound six discovery like yo on a job as a hiking tour guide at the appalachian trail.

[1:31:07] Yep i can do it again high aquiclude the podcast that would eight or at their yo are there specific except.
Can’t use sun duero.

[1:31:25] Robert shipp get set up to catch up on some bills once popping in my head if.

[1:31:34] Reply to this catchy song for ya why is that.

[1:31:40] Add the following ohio cuz its be walking on the street would you second yeah.
If i don’t that’s why i have stuck in my head for last three years three but can’t remember to forget to put me with other ones that i would not have separated for three days before july twenty tom petty songs of pizza like forever
i just saw that fleetwood mac and they convert aud free falling all the whole brain but there was the band gap.

[1:32:08] Can i get like that when was the last part in fairfield properties that i was in credit holy shit sleep.

[1:32:18] I want to watch a good horror land buckingham was not present,
he also had like a husband is a really great way of saying that i feel like that’s how you want me to say that i read the hat lol so he looks like a heart attack or some shit like that so i think that he was out of the band on like bad.
He was not apart of that group and read what like days before the superbowl show he was like.
Yes i like both of them and she’s got a decent fancy probably can’t perform who is that comes out and i was like just do completely crazy whenever i hear someone complain here like a refund.
What does the thinking of going to the yeah stevie nicks where you are stupid steven doesn’t care
who is said to cancel this whole to relax some reason curing disease now well that’s the news
what would a twitter troll is there a direct rip.
What do you drive take your hearing loss that’s terrible.

[1:33:31] No more humorous jokes on stage i’d like to switch it just hurts who is he.
I didn’t the mystery colors suitcase is 94 boy,
i don’t feel bad for five is 94 five year my tenure there is a prank caller everyday asking to hear heart and soul he was in the news.

[1:33:56] I like clockwork same time i bought it as i disguise myself as debbie from a sleep over is kermit the frog.
Um really help launch want i was your first time collector first time caller to the idea i still don’t know what to this day it was for about two years straight use me like you dislike.
No idea what was many have not themselves yet as who associates your me get a watch and right now carson watch new york.
How do you open the read their bullshit oh if it when i was it was like if i was not the right mood that day i would be like
no i’m not playing that’s freaking parking when i play you listen the news.
It’s been enough time that were actually can i can listen to that song they totally love the sunflowers like never reset of raghu can never tell if it’s a good idea for dinner i just want to forget the feeling i don’t feeling field.

[1:35:06] Anyone else ever catch your next one more than two months plus one more and more self love story.
What does that you would never question i was gonna say hello this is john
you are the voice of that song three hundred how yo on another scene and hot rod is this so good he
what’s that gonna do you look at that i feel like a good chunk of john and they give it.
Let’s have a look up john from having that you divorce and get that hot rods and want to get his hood a.
It’s incredible.

[1:35:51] Call center should a up yo on TV is saying look at you.
Do that was ok because he had this question,
favorite hang out for a movie oh yeah what is your hangover doing something that’s my hot rod is my favorite hangover know if your it,
read above that i’m glad you made the distinction like what’s your favorite hangover movie as good a
NSL your favorite horror movie like that thing called like that plays the logo over so you move your glued to the couch could you
start fucking moving but you need something that’s just the constant near life in products such as just stupid that’s what i’m using fucking moved up to enjoy that song
this is gonna balance for more than a beach ball to nickelback concert i owe can i use the who.
I am radio host of healing head sex a day before is the who’s the best barbecue it’s absurd give rose a hundred even commentary.

[1:37:06] Pause,
no before that we’re doing is we’re the only dvd already passed dvds at this point in life where do we still have against there high octane no i was listening to others to see before the film premier is at the theater nerds laughing at.
Rodney so depressed and upset and distraught but will be targets ways before the light
let’s hangout this is awesome is shit i never ever call your clothes i can’t wait to davis movies on TV so we can replace in delhi
oh it’s awesome it’s shirt hello supper.

[1:37:44] What’s your favorite how you,
this is why i love that movie that it hurts to be so easy yeah it so true detective last question let’s go ahead.
Put a graphic up but should a.

[1:38:07] Oh i wanna hear what i help make your perfect band lineup.
Who is on vocals guitars bass drums percussion or again i feel keyboards can we just do that every pic a certain person i be out that doesn’t work.
I want to get enough yeah different instrumental bit longer but i feel like mobility group.

[1:38:32] I’ll talk to you later super group group super great super group
how you know i’m gonna have a band now called groups supergrain good a computer that your job shouldn’t the issue.
Why are the grizzlies so you have to lead singers can you please have isaac call to three weeks i have anything we can do it like we collectively to build the group.
Isaac josiah inside joke question frank goes can you please have isaac call to books.

[1:39:06] Extra hands box of books bucks fucks fucks my god that’s.
I don’t i don’t know if there is an explain yourself when you have.

[1:39:22] Hey are there.
Ok so your vocals so i just watched bohemian rhapsody free good a draft of a chris cornell a backup and i like that like uncle jeff.

[1:39:40] Hi m could you help confirm if you support the pt boats is that i’m not talking about rush what’s your pic.

[1:39:50] The number of reviews i think they’re all OK sure if like that so far so good brandi brandi carlisle in person.
Jim play guitar practice guitar you can back up yet.

[1:40:05] Friday bitch let’s just could really weird fixation on piano,
oh yeah that why do we guitarist and is your back is jacked lately guitar and what are their what your brothers group can we dial it has to nolan liam.
From oasis or not to complain would a who’s playing tonight,
we just built fucked up groups would a separate group is gonna be fucking a meetup where we play,
best song ever be ruined the site live so this is the band with the ghosts are really good the salsa recall would be good.
Go see this band i didn’t see any lights on friday and jack fighting over who takes over the stage like life is trying to sell,
good ab who’s jeff cut out what i did not like and put like
elton friday or like they keep coming out of the costume closet is it like alexa you’re wearing goes back it was so high its only because you never heard of things i’d like to change red.

[1:41:18] The cherries were sales like hey hi hakim is like to quit are selling someone
play capital of australia just being dame girl and drums and brandi carlisle play hard yeah.

[1:41:37] Groups and groups is phil in the super group where they have like sebastian bach from skid row is on lead vocals ted nugent was guitar.
And drama is jason bonham basis was like evan from bio hazard.
What was the group and like sebastian was trying to get the band to name them the band savage animal.
Who is gonna pick that name reset it like you singing yet.
Hey there is the weather better be cold fast,
yo are yes he gotta make that motion with ed.

[1:42:23] Yo on.

[1:42:32] Take a burst fade the yo rn.

[1:42:38] Now i just feel like a smash brothers every time kevin falcons could a fisherman sebastian.
oh okay was plugged three will be your last statement is shield plus a uber suv jim brewer on lead vocals steve martin and current the frog on banjo who created you,
hannah random local guy on bag pipes yet so i know what you talking about brandon park parts of my back i prefer who are,
create a reference therein saying they have the other five local guide you plays bag pipes know the color.
Can i see that trump cancel that was terrible but things came up with kavita sterling bulb and pull the afternoon delight band.
Oh god that’s a catchy song and i will be interning can i come and really,
brought it back to the future of the development like all your stuff baby boy it’s like maybe i forgot the lyrics for that like cats never like garbage it does not so i can be that dirty what kind who is added to the event.

[1:44:00] Who is this.
Google it like lil things i love for us we better wait what like to see that we hello add new seasons coming out soon as i choose.
Alexa when’s last chocolate episodes released far better than season four was like i was weird to me to have the family separated for season four yet who is central.
Is there a courtesy what they did during the last ten years but yeah true like family is being.

[1:44:33] Your reference to a party at good refusing mention circa two thousand eight.

[1:44:42] Hey.
What’s inside your potentially yeah i payed two books of my hands a quick and your giving a maid of honor speech or something i don’t know what has the refusing meant that was like the place that was buy.

[1:45:01] Yes i would like to life heavy vehicles like it sold house yeah i like that we display shows in the basement.

[1:45:12] I don’t remember probably play minimum order is still there i have i didn’t what’s the idea speech with two bucks on my hands.
What ever what should i get like the most epic parties story ever with this thing i don’t think i’ve ever done.

[1:45:31] Only thing is we could a student like that the most likeable remember most memorable thing about that how is was like.
Where u at the show that phoenix bodies played in the basement.
When the lead singer but fucking niggaz with they end just like it was like a hundred degrees in the summer of that was like a hardcore punk show in the,
what can i get there just like when he was a funny a,
yo are there peanut butter.

[1:46:13] Good
i heard everybody forget i get tickets before the state of mind is very a.
I want to know when the lease is allowed to cover up the trafficking weed founder title but i think i just wonder if the same type of will would a up,
what sport did i give it a law to where does clicking on a events so we got the feeling already supplied yo on.

[1:46:57] Some guy in class is everything okay yeah starting in menlo yet because i did toledo,
lock the house up brother moving out like they punch the hole through all like the house is still there
yeah painted the big mirror like the back wall like right before getting to knock it down yell something yeah i did not see that’s why they had to move out
i want to go to jules like basement shows,
i wasn’t there for the buck fucking naked yo are there at a stand up show that they did there for comedy and they brought it is a basement show they brought in a red background.
Replay lol little state spotlight on a circle and as a result but i really liked how many calories are you show that this is more legit that would a wood like,
yeah basically they also honoured the crowd is.

[1:47:58] Also added all the floor basement obnoxious for saying hello dave.
Get on show me a good wine to do more house parties like comedy shows every supervisor did one last medical malpractice house who did you vote last minute things are mean what my body was here supposed to do a show.
And they look pretty or people call me in about an hour before we got say hey we just want you to want danielle.
I like they’re like let’s unlock his dandruff two hours away feeling secure on to be here and so basically.
Is there going to end of christmas party in early feeling restless how does your body say this lightly have you like twenty minutes have i spend on whatever you feel like getting it off and then stage of life.

[1:48:46] We’re feel weird about this but i did the show and i just split the money with dan and we figure that out so where i want what’s do a show tonight
airframe and see if there better be down
is that what i actually end the night on a positive note instead of like this negative like i dont feel great about this and so we did that house party that kind of exists.
What are the open interviews and being a positive experience so just like you like to handle situations big for me
what show and at less that or shall we go by the way we want him as bullshit and that our
will it fit longer to get here than it was the first to give you a warning in red if there wasn’t supposed to be here for you so that where is global and diverse
set the same time oh yeah yeah door center it’s all yours my favorite comics i always forget his name until those products i have that guy dose of funny here john doerr videos is maya
i have a heart to heart a heart to heart
i heard i’m so sorry cancer a hard as hard as i can i had a hard and so but i have my heart on i should add that’s what i meant,
got a house for easter fun i love the performance.

[1:50:07] In situations that are appropriate red where is the down arrow and spend rest red half not but forgotten the foot,
wraps are the last debit for the night is a shameless plug for all of us around circle and say we have to promote like to talk about coming up so.
I would like to yeah absolutely i got a couple things on the horizon actually not so much with your company is gonna show coming out called the flick by annie baker,
that’s happening march twenty first to twenty third at seven thirty PM at august and i am really fun show and really find a dressing shout or modules theory coming from but pressing show balance ugh,
these people walking movie theatre in massachusetts and then there are other way of living and management changes and so it can’t really will think i am also in.

[1:51:01] Getting sarah merry over the course of theatre um just.
Blinking message nor the brand and two wonderful delightful i’m calm about me and things and people together so i love stats opening that the first couple weekends in april,
um i think we’re doing a theme show buses thursday we have to our first set we ever did.
I have to remember what i said six you’re over someone liking because i was so nervous i like forbidden play with space is an awkward pause and everything earlier when i said sorry to say just introduce myself,
i would like to know what u got a couple jokes and then you and your phone.
Are you still there in the guy was just like me to use stand up cuz i’m funny so i was being were any good using the mic is a problem.

[1:51:57] Like that whole area set up script to help with my bags,
who should he use like a roller,
i hate who i am free reign to see wonder recorder playing free.

[1:52:24] Fun facts knowledge to have it’s goodbye boston hi bea only socks in rosy does not show on the light you’re a weird human behavior play sleep keyboard a bag of rolls for us to slave you want some.

[1:52:39] Hey butter can you not go up there that you can tell me to say that i would.
Can you pick up a
you got a good ab we blazers got like the main thing you better let me watch you suck
yo are your features like yeah.
I don’t.

[1:53:16] Adjust the fucking weird there’s no there’s not good air
you can study enjoy your supost to use your new teeth a good eight o lowest you.
Choose the executive of MCS are doing wind rain is doing a recruiting thing reading of people’s live is the right fit for grams in a couple weeks for saint patrick’s day,
oh shit when is st patrick’s day two sundays from now.
So sunday yes i will be celebrated on a sunday two sundays we can we will do it on friday and saturday and sunday that’s really friday saturday sunday of every god has the app and is there.

[1:54:14] Um still what you doing still lucky festival thanks and have a deposition free fun.

[1:54:22] Free interesting doing stand up during music festival how do you feel it’s like knock it nervous what is delivery use the activate four wins when does that kind of done that,
its different because i still owed you introduce most the bands of the crowds not feel like hearing jose just tell one and test out there feeling bad joke,
can you play wobble to come or what if i don’t like what i dislike,
when is the next man i am here luckily they are already set up at events events th testing one out of this order couple items like i’m like asking regus the use,
start playing with our pig pot good for app that’s like that so yeah coming up.

[1:55:09] What is the bank stuff coming up you tell me if benefits were paid twice this year.
Good a lil time record my turn now order with the end of the summer everyone play at the beginning of the summer we have like.
Play we played last august and i was like get we have it’s been like three years and twenty minutes that was replaced twenty would be and we haven’t play without really.
We haven’t gotten together since you’ve been born,
no but it’s a is nothing happen we had no i think we’re gonna play a couple more times this year and do some stuff of the group ok eve party get track outs.
I think it’s okay text message about it,
we’re gonna try it on your CFO and social media until br there in the distance from the light.
Using spotify as like a.

[1:56:15] A resource i could we have every capability of mastering mixing and doing everything i want tracks before it about sounds like it like waiting for twelve to be done we’ve just been can i like cats they are happening week.
It’s been replaced we play shows here are your plans like next week on the table right twenty second of october till the okay bread i’m twenty second march in drag.

[1:56:41] What about sometime after that what’s up play boy or after that june maybe you should plan go figure out plans do you they carry play artist okay,
you there you like to close maybe she may and august may and august so that you’re here
what happened to the show right now would a solid happening in the middle of the light in everyone’s like to understand what i’m saying when we’re gonna do it cuts blood flow quickly
depending on schedule and i want six tickets for me and made up shit he replied back to you play which should start on the set button yo on the sun,
if anyone deserves what kind of music you play it’s all one hundred percent cover songs.

[1:57:28] Blankets i think would aid we make fun of urself but you dislike love to play weird shit in front people at the party bands apart all your friends are just making you guys now for that
let’s find other way to appeal for this.
Good a you were great people has been okay okay hoax.

[1:57:59] Where can i get i got kicked out are ya hotel shows without isaac for now.

[1:58:09] Oh yeah what were planning show sometime later this spring probably in april or man.
You know i’m got something that where can i can’t see any dates yet because i think what you’re doing until it’s locked and that’s all.
Will there will be shows happening yoghurt have something coming up later babes does um.

[1:58:31] Shameless plugs i also have some hair now i’m that’s and i forget what calories are great show,
can i got some photographs,
so that was a accident alright well thank you could he is a test the everest the really massive one i know if i want to meet that i found the second one.

[1:58:55] Rachel by doing so.
Ok help me i would a refund there.
Did he say because i think that really to say it’s like it’s like time lapse photography so i said camera up and then take a bunch picture is like through the span of twenty four hours and then stitch mall together to show the progression of,
times three of grass within a single thing you kinda have to see it.

[1:59:24] He got me involved the kids like to select every fifteen min me to take photocopy i have to take a photo every fifteen minutes for twenty four hours on a tripod in the same place and i have to go to work.
And i just have a real job
so when i have to go where i can you come watch my camera and could he come sleep in this van i didn’t sleep in a van or a car most my hello that was it was the.

[1:59:54] That was ugly golden one center basically a cameras out of this hell histry girl and every fifteen minutes you just
hit the button hit the button that i feel happy that this card may be sleeping good af ag the garden and overnight shift so i shut up i had a baby so i have no idea.
But i dislike when reset the back of the van i had like a little bit set up and i was like can i have an alarm every fifteen minutes until it’s like,
edit that look out over the field the seed the screen light out who liked the photo see the red light the camera was like,
can i get your hobbies up and be like you
six more beers should he cool of light sleeping a car for over night transient people looking for eagles versus other words like
turn up the only person there that clearly has been sleeping in his bed all night because i know that don’t help here,
yo are the photos he got a bitch where you currently there like.
It was worth.
Every tues and explain to you to be a b showing up and sleeping in a parking lot out of the million shows coming down soon i think i don’t know when it would be surprised at the shop i was how can i compare it is very upset that i made.

[2:01:19] Good a jackie everything you like to provoke not the moment is that on the list.

[2:01:30] Hey a quick visit me in alaska,
no its warmer here then i expected for a pro team falls in october um i should be moving back hopefully,
back when we get the result of pretty what do you know what to look out for him now if i like iphone and my social.
Snap it’s under score jacqueline only promote everything.

[2:01:57] Robert i swear podcasts podcast network check out all the great heroes of the empire dot com,
super excited about it,
paranormal anthology that working on can we just recorded the audio with the new narrator for the trailer today so i am getting super pumped to go through not put that together so that sounds hella dope,
it’s gonna be a blast list club up.
No because of security feels like so yeah computer i was hoping you’d ask you if you that but i haven’t had it done yet so it’s like the full thing it’s like the theme plus that i heard talking so it’s like.
Show me.
Gets awkward to just sit there and listen to a theme for login secret to have a moment of dislike or total for two minutes and see how long itll read the display is the livestream for two min no talking.

[2:02:54] Do you feel good.

[2:02:59] Do you have any plans up what’s the time frame.

[2:03:05] No i can’t tonight she’ll get them clothes from would a session be on the boundaries of your mind.
Just passed the glow of the fire light at the corner of your eye.
You’ll find edge case yo on.

[2:03:24] Music.

[2:03:50] Music.

[2:04:09] Music.

[2:04:18] Good.

[2:04:23] Add cheese podcast coming september ten learn more edge despondent dot com.

[2:04:32] Yo on yo on school uniform.

[2:04:47] Robert thank you as well thank you for everything good actually jackie is great having all this is a funny episode where we go for drinking for the shelf so many things clearly.
Never stop this before but i gotta like close to america where is thank you so much for being here as always you listening to.
Minnesota public radio no good.

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