Dresch Code Ep 022 Red Hot Chili Puppets

Dresch Code Ep 022 Red Hot Chili Puppets
Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme “Equilibrium” by The Disarmed
Guests: Jordan Deffenbaugh, Jacob Lemme, Joseph Hofer, and Cole Boeve

This week’s topics included: Song you’ve heard in a mall that you hope you never hear again, albums that took you a long time to appreciate, most overrated songs of all time, nervous tick you have on stage, who would win in Mortal Kombat Keith Richards or Betty White, Name a romantic comedy that doesn’t make you want to die, how to handle hecklers, how to deal with writer’s block, and first movie you saw.



Machine Transcript
[0:00] At the fringes of perception.
Beyond the boundaries a reminder just passed the glow of the fire on the corner of your house if you find any red hood.

[0:15] Music.

[0:30] Add cheese podcast coming september ten to learn more red pot dot com.

[0:38] Music.

[0:59] Who won i am exactly where to dig into.
Yo are there any bags,
good af madad copied rushing once switch onkyo on.
Well played sir roster great good,
anyways so twenty two four shall so we’re well past the legal alcohol limit now
who said very exciting time yes last episode yesterday it will send a text to savannah it’s picking all the great so great celebration,
celebration timer for asking,
i said my house is not cool seller of the program friends
reserve so record feels average saying it is sending a poster that said seller has a picture of so there gonna adjust the sprinkler hey
where would u comment vas-tu where i figure friend of mine made and just didn’t say do you want it so we wanted to do it,
what ya got a new shirt for women at like one in time now it’s like we have like a bunch of random shirts on anything just like to see where to go
what post cultural similarities so it’s like all time periods don’t matter anymore and everything just like mitch matches.

[2:28] Lets have drinks blow id finally in like twelve years with who i can’t wait could he.
We’re leaving at ten i hope so if this repeat but cats tacos would
how can pack is the same backwards just forward it compare send to green drop the night ive been drinking the same color green and also submitted
netflix that italian accent i need send back add i wanna have the feeling have a good episode title send great
let’s see if you could asap
titles as we go through the episode a little behind the scenes for a haircut but yo on through four different titles it would like,
oh that’s perfect i know that the product will be directly want.

[3:24] Yeah i could we add undressed create a fundraising for the public,
read the stories like the phrase but fucking make it which is like so happy can be episodes with you but fucking negative so title
i’m looking for something but fuk naked bright how will the story of friendship what’s your purpose so we can square
yo are the blessed ones you would think i love the item that i don’t imagine how you would even beans
yo are the title of the last episode was group super group gets barking make it bigger,
how is the ultimate super group of super expensive a great can i get yahoo,
what are the latest but earlier though lets just the couch this evening i like all the round table ugh.

[4:29] Order from gearbest happy set up and dance in block a high pitched your name here so welcome letter which musician good friend jacob let me,
hello is your mirror i would also a good friend robin friends who are good areas my buddy physician geo for a good friend extraordinarily welcome.
And send to me an good friend hello beautiful.

[4:58] Open the jennifer noah’s the actually use it should respond with a coupon code with simple green firefighter respond to jacob let me to make me feel better.
Good friends yes there are reports that your friends.

[5:16] I heard open hotstar to i’m looking for all the time trying not my name when i went out the first time for an open mic he’s like instead of,
move your hood a first mango i just go straight to the source asking how to pronounce your last name if we got my favorite thing right now is watching out each comment pronounce your last name so i can help you
good a star rating and a whole different matter as well now too so i think last week when.
Skylar was out there any hosting i like road it’s ridiculous in there dislike all drone i was recording it up actually not did it correctly which is the funny part
hello when u say just david bowie with good a movie.
Who are the few that we’re doing the impression that you like older son for breaking news,
would a cake but under yo arms.

[6:35] Shut anyways ugh how the show works how about this show works,
it’s not doing it simple green frugal eleven minutes and cannot stop talking bout the purple so how can i start uc yes,
i think we take a question to pass the jokes around with each question and all read it aloud and we decide does this pass or fail the dress code,
yes meeting password will talk about it fail meeting no screw that question zero for another item for someone who wants to talk about that question already had a,
set was a lie can very assertive affirmative with carrots that’s what we need and i just hourly,
if i were like to come to the wedding i added the yes category so,
i will start where dresses like modern time right now we have to be a star to get the point across yeah when i think ive stepped who yo maybe we can make a change yo are you gay,
do something.
So we got inventors invented sorrow russell brand you got a do something good a request.
What is one song you heard in mall all the time that you’ll be fine but never here again not talking about.

[8:05] Hey i have a nightmare of a wait should a group chat with this guy i
how is the weather so we’re good for me and wonderful play a rational i love it there but our internet’s been kind of because of the weather
and so are music station is stuck on a loop but i bet it’s not music that service the best it like god.

[8:37] And the worst off,
alfred were like man i wish we could just like how your own phone and the baby is gonna come and sue had a meeting with brad now sound,
yeah i just heard a living on a prayer to all time low the things that,
no de la la i only owe what’s the alternative what was the last result go to bed bath is the nineteen seventy three by james blunt
what are find by re am only was the worst one
every time is just like staying up late night i just i want to blow my brains out what is my husband to get your you know there are a lot of like.

[9:25] I think i do understand that just annoy the hell out of and the one that won so good,
people love by young for some reason i want to hear play specially in stores is shiny happy people
that song is freaking annoying are you show any a
see if you could a actually addy,
why are the last month like i would like working there like they installed the radio they had like a light contemporary like.
Why are there new shiny have people like to buy like five times a day yo it’s rough yeah.

[10:12] Yeah i mean it’s out for that is like the one assigned to be completely happy was not here for rest of my life but no also.

[10:21] Why is also a sweet seventy by the verve which is like you know.
It’s already doing wonders train songs i wanna hear ya okay translate the better we have been here ever drive by hey,
how about one to their christmas song that you know that’s how ya was awful news knows anyone like,
yes let’s go would add one train song i’d be fine with hearing are actually two
i’m fine with drops of jupiter for some reason i’m okay with that i want to get some me virginia
news to know what she doesn’t know the person i feel i hate how old i would agree with you on drugs etc but again i was also another thing that made in family radios like five times today,
i want one on the stage one since it was the singer of transferee what are the alphabet hey.

[11:17] Music.

[11:22] Tell me who davies.
Who are responsible for like the light commercial a light stag music that has a ukulele and i’ll be at the whole folk.
Rewrite folk pop should a bring a cardboard
i would
should a reminder if i come aboard a boat should a employee is the answer,
yo are the players kebab my shipped the other is what’s uo what can i ask feeling so great right now so bad that we trained or auburn.

[12:25] Hey friends i just that hoe like.
Uh wall of sound folk yeah it’s just like this it’s got the ass like it’s inspirational hey,
what do yo on like a specific like,
acceptance is what you like then press the outlet the overdue it is located at on mumford who is that guy a flight
how you can say yo are offered also five for fighting
damn red roof height,
who did the bad sorry what about yo are the ones that could add slide and i really just song
horses just like you said you dont notice the stuff and also
create a minute would a spit now if.

[13:37] You’re a sample copy you have some good anal fucking silence that what is the fucking silent night that’s good shit,
i am looking for a nice beautiful any progress in the living room,
it’s not white like the contemporary like i should air my god.

[14:03] Yeah yeah yeah yeah whatever expect this next thing im know you’re still haven’t do anything and whatever you know no like jesus vallejo.
I promise me the note that i would not happen again could he feel bad hi.
I refuse to verify my dad who did this ugh
i don’t think he’s taken me over for supper are so happy i would go into like this currently we gone to them like when i was a kid or a crossroads.
Add the song to starbucks me to this day i’d be happy to never hear every damn place til deal is a.

[14:50] Is shining by the news boys like i would rather not,
how much better you got on the outside looking for a good eight,
i am i don’t know yo are you know i’m pretty much sticking to my guns what else i feel like heard that snow is paul mccartney wings,
i simply having,
i want to hi hello yo on that whole album is amazing
except for that song with good AC from attend the surf good amy you hear it you know when you here it’s like is the worst time of the year
good al if this is bad and you just know you just said you are just let me restart it.

[15:42] What is the start yo on your break if you discover the windows ninety five million who dont bother you’re the cutest get my play that song is playing,
no you to visit.
What’s in my favourites and i probably need to know is a temporary secretary which is straight up in the first kings like him just like fucking paigon the best are you gay
when should,
thank you but would a three letters of your refund that.
Haraami hey yo are the danny actually flying at your remarkable job that i actually am surprised like that because of life for nineteen eighties,
yeah i just that i read something because danny lake contemporary leaf.

[16:45] How to tell you get trouble if like we have an airport at like eight would a square like to get it,
word spiral when i got back on track and yeah just study found out about.
Yo on.
Pos like i could just rock life all stuff for wifey don’t find play hundreds of jams from the sixties and seventies since i help all the stores has like my life is awesome
what is the stations actually really smart things is really the best used unlike all i’m asking for it again.

[17:24] Yeah i think that’s because because of all songs in a holiday so i gotta bring up a special mention for one i worked at a graphics shop,
what is the retail space in the front and the owner insisted that he was that he pounds into both places where the back will have my doorbell print shop music would you like angry screaming or something like that.
So we got the news that the older a super christian,
what does listen to christian music so he would like the lowest sensor rating on musics which is like the most so it’s all super super bland like music that’s like forget about can read me the topic i would just listen to skillet you
what am i supposed to put you back when you said you was acting weird there’s one like right never heard before that just kept coming up and cut i had to play like one hour
my coworkers are laughing about me like every conspiracy theories like charlie day with the streamwood,
it’s cold the year of the cat it’s the year of the river who the fuck sings that i will google it here shortly.

[18:34] Every fucking hour with like when i was never like a sixty minute period what’s wrong.
Did falcon play in the bathroom light to see deep in my god damn brain for the euro what’s your course of us,
replay the only country to want to di whole sorry we’re good a player
should a play like a really cheesy pop rising.

[19:02] Music.

[19:17] Play of the princess of a cat that is scared of you get the idea.
I have gray hair where is gonna be going to hell tonight trying to stuart else.

[19:32] Yo are you zak.
Yeah i wasn’t expecting some definitely gonna be like in league with saying i should add him light up,
appreciate that we have two different charges from music and museums know where was actually may i ask what genre yet know the name of the company the company.
Really get what is one company can the guys that own this place in the whole bunch of mcdonalds and mcdonalds is a national contract with mua sách of the provided that state provide the music
service that’s like you know all the royalties taking care of that for every mcdonald’s in north america and so they also the contract like to buy some targets a whole bunch of life
big box retailers they have out
box in the back is from the company changed its name to do something in two years ago but because i realize that means that was a bad image on them at this point yeah probably he could’ve
middle of some serious bullshit story i told her to buy eggs so convincing i play that story but.
Let’s try it i would a had another really random facts.

[20:48] Yo on next question should a i CO CL let’s see where we go,
how can i make for a great link what how long does it take you long time to appreciate nevermind i’ll talk about.
Thumbs up a call so what hey ok if uh.

[21:17] Full due by fall out boy is a random one is a good topic i will not lie that was a good man.
I broke the rules by saying your right to feel quite provide red.
Oh ne bana aye aye hey i just can get turn on a really long time but i have always been a big is the foo fighters.
I am but i could never get anymore money have i got so that we can the little bit though.

[21:56] I don’t really have one i usually use three go of album that i did you a bot.
Their attorney and think its a good number i want to i want to say im letter is my tool,
i’m a foreigner to all lights i’m a fan of their whole entire fan base because i dislike the inflated bags of select so they are not like the empty what’s the back up,
i like you.
Hi hello when i will actually sad through entire album of alice.
I’m pretty good stuff going on in the movie’s i like tool yeah i can only listen to like three songs may i ask me where the destiny of this one since i can only listen to that you no die hard dislike.
Yeah i know the album to DTU the mighty ducks yo are there get so like.
That album was the flight the first CD r family ever bought.

[23:09] When we bought a CD player in my nineteen ninety two and three is.
And like we listen to employees like i wasn’t really in do if like i was more in the light jams what would a business.

[23:30] What is the place where his job champ i’m looking at hair salons gyms boutiques better job with better budget what songs are on at queen we will rock you help your poor boy is you see nothing yet.

[23:43] Gary glitter rock and roll,
martha what’s the market like martha wash mr big stuff yet how long is the david newman the mighty ducks yo on,
can i walk there hey there it is the william by the intended pic,
and your dad is missing bonnie yo on that track right there that was just install my soundtrack the other day you confirm why is wild things actually in so much,
play popular culture like in for that remember that fake guitar thing that they sold at walgreens,
where play songs for you may i want the commercial turn while comparing
may i ask how much did i was that movie it’s a licensing thing id probably be a low cost life it’s a licensing thing i’m guessing my other gas is that,
its a song about rock and roll and rebellion of it actually has like no swearing or like cursing over to you know like violent over target,
listen to it stops here seats on a grant this is after wild thing actually not for those kids who davies,
what’s your name and address exactly you need desert back to the room fan off.

[25:09] Oh wizards red album am i put a gary.
Hi good a red album if you’d
yo are we set the same boat so they had to hear what this one center that’s not good,
let your dad is invaluable life.
I wanna try alexa play a,
i think why this is hilarious to me it’s catchy are you a member i don’t remember like i listen to the ones i like
bitch where is a couple songs on that,
el motor after everybody gets dangerous and deplorable is everybody gets dangerous everybody did dangerous i mean it goes boom yo on,
what’s your budget what spelling heavy send me that good but your for river’s end.

[26:22] I tried to get into to all about alice and i was like the kid and also i cant fucking stand i’m sorry.
Yeah i just said to myself and the one that took me the longest get into probably was.

[26:36] Morning erica TGIF on a small show i want to.
Add another band that had like sitting with me for a yeah i just use anyone selling after that right,
getting on bus times lol no,
closer to forty that i am sorry you know i’m probably seeming yo on mac mini.
Stab yourself in the stomach and to follow it to go to lisbon and i want to go to that show but i regret what i think.

[27:12] I don’t know if i’m weather of one girlfriend and i took my wife to the next brother.

[27:20] How about a hotel maybe there’s hope that the same lady has a strong enough the other was black keys this fall will be gone in minneapolis.
Forget wine open my tickets for that enough for me bitch ass.
Re order no question ask question.

[27:43] Put something randomly slimy in the bot knows he said ball will not stay in your.

[27:53] British guitarist of all time i feel like i
create a fake me in the past if there isn’t a denim between like in your genre but feel like this could a coffee beverage that’s
what’s my weight allowance what’s the number three lucky number three.

[28:18] What is a good age.

[28:23] Who are the top three favorite could airport at the charge,
hello hello hello to richard pryor but yeah i want to talk about it.

[28:35] What is the most overrated song of all time best no alterar.
The most overrated what time is the fastest alternative.
Ugh me a free phone number i can run it doesn’t know it’s because you’re crash notes would eight those um.

[29:01] What did i like it hey jude.
Yeah yeah i mean it’s much more like it is safe the tangent of using the trailer for that movie about the guy that.
Like you wakes up one morning no one’s ever heard of the beatles i got yesterdays ones called yeah and i saw the trailer for it and i was just like that looks fucking amazing and i just like funny and,
when are the end of the trailer to worms to the cute like when did you begin hey dude so much better in the talking to you
i had a driver look up the argument from the mirror access directly directed that movie how do i get a button.
Hmmm i will always calm me how i will always love you is the most overrated salt i’m message you when the houston version.

[29:56] I do know that i let whitney houston version is still a part one not the dolly parton one outright dolly parton one is right where i was everytime i hear both versions i think that’s a fantastic song i can’t do the houston cover,
live you much it’s too much lol its too its like why would he feel if you’d is my cocaine and she did,
what will the yeah why like i mean not yet okay it’s over rated so that necessarily diminishing the quality.
How’s the singing,
for what is an is this what song is the general public love for some reason that’s just like crazy bitch yo RS i’m going to die.
Hey when does anybody can’t stand from the other two thousand three hundred friends who are big fans of the impression was of friends tonight you stupid on that album too.
Why should i bother songs on it that were better that i heard on the radio.

[31:06] But why di i love okay how is the couple hours
why do i know that would a.
Yo on,
okay whatever you want i’m the man from st james addiction for me what is the latest flight.
It’s like he is like,
but trying alternative ohio and say but ok how can i load just as for jane’s addiction.
Yo are lo.

[31:51] Where he leads the direction like man song added to guitar center at least once every time i go in there pretty frequently to guitar hero and a lot of songs from your own of me too switch them in new york.
Can you switch my slow ride yes alright just.
Okay i am coming change my at your pic turn i would do if.
All the parts that you actually hear me like movies and stuff of like guitar solos and stuff is pretty cool but no one ever wants to play batman movie also for a while in retirement.

[32:30] Guitar girl i hate that your always always on when i was playing.
Always play carry on wayward son yo on for me i feel that for me i click pay that’s a good question,
are there acquire a song for u lights because of the more because of guitar hero tribe,
yes i would love to go look at them and privacy yeah.
I love butter by dancing i don’t care with yo on.
When i was in the paper is of god be like what the hood a bobby and our bit are banned is the best day of your precious play dancing one of the vocal booth your life,
yo are the exchange my answer i think the most overrated like the most overrated side i like it,
can you sunshine of your love by bringing all that no one gets play the lights if it’s yellow.

[33:42] Sweet home alabama free bird free bird preserve raipur yes you scared so you can or what.
You are the spurs a really good song,
that smell good a back my bullets give a damn what are the lights out what what with the jam.
Born on the value was created is amazing you now have the band hey.
What are the other songs by what.

[34:18] Lol ok i guess not all the most about the biggest when they’re all about vietnam i was wrong lol that wasn’t what was good for awhile.
I wasn’t read my read remove lid dark knight.

[34:33] Ok fine everything CCR everything is tied to be a good a soul sister will still prevent such a.
I can agree with jennifer who does combined the battery no.

[34:48] Photos of food.

[34:53] Please put faith press coverage if friends have cover hazel sista i want to listen.
Star trek,
leave aroun says LA woman by the doors hal.

[35:14] Music.

[35:24] I don’t want anyone to listen to this restaurant so case is foo fighters however long it was kick ass on guitar hero,
other people got me in the wires at europe.

[35:40] Don’t forget about the good monkey wrench reg is create a fire by blood.
Good eight that song,
cycle so no one for valentine was in sioux falls in which some chinese near play before myles and chance you can tell the singer had no idea what city it wasn’t could you just call yes fuckers,
can you give us what you are talking subscribe here you are.

[36:14] Request for your address and what is the balance of feeling the hot topics final tokyo on the way out of premier center events.
Do not stuff and every single concerts like that n everybody reacts exact same way were like.
Delete that song go to the same format.
Yeah city that we’re in the middle of it goes crazy because you would anywhere else and they all come down again.
That shit drives me bananas dialog verbatim the charges change the city named jose map.

[36:50] Every single freaking artistic community like that i just found at so i feel like billy korean okay mirror his hide dislike is my silicon pad for smashing pumpkins last time i did not want to go to.
Suicide like to it was decent but i could’ve done without a whole bunch of the other stuff in the hotel or to step three like kinda wrong through yet.
I don’t want to watch live videos on you tube like they’re like potential of what they really were at,
open well for this god i like to play a lot that i want to hear however i would also played a lot that i can carry,
that’s what’s up the new album yeah i could do without the stairway to heaven cover yes my dad is okay i just like you could’ve done other songs that you have any play beverly i heard they play there for like twenty min like ten,
still didn’t play whenever he would a serious thing what is yo on.

[38:02] We are actually made a joke about how long the show was going on we got.
Yo bro play any of his record from the back and i will finish our side would al allergic like that jay-z how is the main guy talking between songs.

[38:21] Yes james want to talk in life because play tell james he heard it he made a kinda funny like,
what’s up yo are the.

[38:35] Oh yeah i think we’ve covered with high roof next one.

[38:44] Guess my favorite energy drink something else notorious nearest take on stage.
Joey doesn’t want to fix basket hey no no if i ask you realize you do yeah perfect.

[39:06] Smh lead with the four.

[39:13] Create this transaction supports you find in state sometimes i like be looking down or moving forward like.
Just having rough having chest out there makes any sense like.
Leave with the chat is not the head um resets for my acting insurance um.

[39:43] Text fits xl pipeline if i put my left hand of what i am unsure of a joke on stage if i dont feel great about it but i’m so tell joke anyways flake.
So here’s a bacon for a cold well to falls i just feel quite hesitant laugh i take my pills should a complex.
Likely use the mic stand as a security blanket the ohio time like they hold on to it if i notice that on.
Like to have an alternator left images hold on to it and.

[40:24] Talk and hold on to play with that i will say i would like a return to mention that before and i can’t see it like during snow jam and stuff like that like i could see every comment heather like feeling we doing with the standard,
could you mention that no i can’t i’m CARA formats but i like when andy is like.
Going full on like primal up there is wrapping tin the people you just bring it back and forth like to play my favorite thing watching andy just trippin the people but here goes compare twenty six down
also i just heard any swann get really angry over that kind of
heat the sex good af i have a cheeseburger burger with cheese onion who are the roses are lovely.

[41:15] I got a great presence use my favorite comics around here would do that when is balance.
Do you know what my favorite lists wanna was it was not him like doing stand-up would like to light that they had a metal shell,
am i cute what u like do you like music from black market retirement will i be able to model like go to the bed feeling all the side like you to start watching crossing and process it will try to push me when will.
Invite people would like need like ten feet ok i prefer deliveroo the shows that knocked loose when they played here is a hundred and every time i was here yahoo please when he was going to retire after that she’ll see what i put
we just renewed is one moment but when i release the swans cuz we’re about the same age and we want to watch same shows and i,
whatever reason my computer’s faces off in time so i remember when i did know him but i remember when the show is worth it to some,
metal shell never forget when is a language school kids f cigarettes and no hairs.

[42:23] I’m like ninety nine point nine percent sure a swan some other dude there’s like stan they are doing i just started being a poo
he is out of each other outside the fucking pay now mike is gone i enable over and f are get my one bag inside for the shower like in ann night,
no whenever i go into the hospital grab some food instead of swallowing who begins the middle shows not actually angry comedian was funny and makes me laugh.
So anyways takes the one that thing where lights except is a gift from my shelves like out.
Sometimes lol land of like speaking to myself to a point where i just i just start bleeding alot.
I don’t see it has gotten it’s great that baby how your stuff go pause.

[43:21] Next song.
It’s certain it stays better with music in town and it’s lost it’s battery stock yet still the sortable if wolf you know who did it really well um hum,
what is the wizards think that the lady when is that.
I want weather like that so im taking a little lizard is the one i recently saw that.
What was great to lose this great so alyssa trombone and bass.
What is this guy there are good so he can tell their having a groovy time i like bananas.
It’s very genuine trombone in the egg,
good job like a real good job i like the whole stage presence is like the others like nice light blue cork you likes singing trombone and bass do.
Am i able to bring my stove lol dance like the dance videos and laid me about her i didn’t like the bachelor bachelorette like in the sample.
So i love your stuff that would like to do for transitions be like later when is ur.

[44:43] Where is or how to play the best becca never hear yeah this is still having the repeat this is like a lot lot lot of the awkward tension because of the bass.

[44:55] Free i like doing stage banter a good special events and of itself without reading assignment robert it’s awkward for the driver to be the one.
Put the four piece rock project what is the time is fine hey are you what’s yo on,
you there,
show me a good a
where is yours next song wire runs hai next track.

[45:36] That’s like off yo on.
Most notorious nearest take on stage your weird boner,
what can we drop it to ya look up what i just said nothing like the more nervous goes up
can i like a clear cut answers like my heart broke like a sample of green tea good a soul is
play because of what i am doing my sites yes can watch skip and i am not coming down heavy,
please promote would a stream
yo on the confirmed,
hey how close is entrance new material this week that thing is going off high octane.

[46:45] Número more pants that would he effect,
what are the pats shop no is your daddy and what does this bot yeah if you just call now you should i give him the strength to bed.
Remind me never stick so he i start to pace more i think the more nervous i am i get i start pacing.

[47:13] Now i think.
Send the link at the competition to try new stuff in the oven i got the day was coming but i just completely sheer and can really remember anything from my sessions like i only want i’m not moving on.
Now i actually feel like trying to structure things in life the one i wanted and also get myself some options in between that i want to sell.
No i got your life you don’t want to talk so i feel like i’m slowing down my wife she has no id like all her to germany later.
So he from germany and she’s fucking ruthless man.
And he keeps me tells me what i need to know about like today she’ll tell me when you trent hello.
But that’s not what i don’t pay so much knowing what are you please ask the FFA creed is a.
That’s suppose i can i hear a secret if you will criticize me until the day i can be there what should be on her death bed she blinks can now make what is a deer in field just tell me.

[48:20] Good eight.

[48:27] What is the temperature.
Good a girl.
Are you hungry savings who.

[48:51] I just realized skirts yo on.
I’d even gonna be there with so many good areas high school here is one we can do here either i’m sorry guys i mean it.
Negra se.
Who is how the music industry is going what genre are you running king though feed a second call asking i know my crowd full of.
Add event and hear the kind of business music need to be talking bad the current state of the music industry help me in.

[49:38] What was the first place reminded.
Let’s dark what’s yo.
You can view the price in yo are ok,
what does the comment section most interesting hospital visit i think.

[50:05] I spend more time in hospital folks who really have a lot of stories or if he is well.
I am i mean i get the personal body was stiff like not supporting funny haha what is new in the beta.
Who did the marshall combat betty white keyss richards who would shovel in a square is easy.
What is a current.

[50:39] I wrote okay yeah okay i will talk about it when current health care what was the total count of magic question where is um.

[50:51] Not that one who would end that.

[50:56] White or keith richards service in the shadow right are like the only places good how ya that’s ok so we have like.
In terms of the scope n i just talking about the physical capabilities on earth.
Why in the shadow realm obviously yes i should a both of your asses me like he always does,
not you if you could just kick yeah hello
betty would have a really good yeah we’ll send i think you’ll get down where is that you like
copper head of uc play classic she’s got legs who does smoke like a big presence of lotus it
reconnect to confirm your project he’s like.

[51:45] Yo on,
yo are the,
heroin for a forty five year i cant feel good a white rose of.
What’s up hot dogs and helping i just don’t know what i should a girl what know if you are not good amy.

[52:19] When would a finish that happen in the bedroom so what star are there if i start,
can we be like we start the day should he asks what is that i can’t do this anymore only thing you would like us in the shower i’ll be like okay bye i just added you could just like bring a lot of heroin
yo are there a way i know you’re real i want to know why i want to pay in like hey we have like in valdez artists
i think is funny is because i didn’t pick up my bed ok i see your doing so much all the dead artist one nine keith richards microwave the way to medical you feel confused about that
i can’t see a thing fit but didn’t not surprised if.
Dad is skip rogers dad dead.

[53:17] It’s like a celebrity death match so that’s how i got the explanation but i think andy and betty white probably would when yet because.
She’s focused and her finishing move i think that’s why would you need to say hey what’s the fashions of add math.

[53:37] Is that a white give nice warm hugs and she would hold on to him in film with so much love like the care bear stare is he would yeah
are you a small as i would a grabbed your phone and calls bob and then bob hope today how about you
is your mom the hundred so it’s kids what skis final move money orders,
rebook what is that what it’s like he doesn’t he just brings in the waters of mikey just have a conversation with me but gets bored to death by.
The conversation between those two your stories and this image in my head of him feeling so wimpy that her.
How is the project yeah probably get richard close your eyes please add something to say he was destroyed by the transactions i got vais just breaks over baby smashed.

[54:38] Play a keith richards news said what i should be heavily influenced by the water so
i feel like keith richards the overdose of heroin but then he would take three times the amount and walk away from me its good he have a sister
involves this more like marvel vs cap unless like more combat is a type like
having grandma do you want your order something you are in some categories already.
I like this this is just me les yeah i think it’s richards move faster more account will be heavily reply from the water so um.

[55:17] Thank you you have miranda can i send help.
What kind of dance with me i’m not joseph that’s not good amy no
what’s the number if you like betty white space hollywood you have to be like niggas english your for birthday recently,
let’s use the blue candle by suicide lane.
I should order if yes would there be a birthday cake on fire for your next birthday you should a rose don’t like you like your birthday and is big and powerful,
everybody what will i be able to present some evidence i found on the inter web address and exhibit any scholarship,
shit hurts yo on batman what you can clearly see she is already eliminated some,
pretty powerful celebrities should a girl staying late this recent yeah i don’t feel like i was that hard.

[56:25] Create a table drinking his blood.
Who is what’s trending news play a,
is the security team was taking his blood and then telling other comments that were assigned with his blood,
what does this result what is what is a good area,
yo are vital that we going run the following what kinda stuff so,
yo are you permission last two years of his life is held in captivity by his,
i have a security team and they were just forcing money out of pocket most of it.

[57:13] His manager is taking complete advantage of because even if you just in a downward spiral after his wife died ca i’d yet,
set times but his dad now so he dont have to worry about that,
good a you find a way to move the red cup
i like that so i agree so that betty white would definitely kill keith may i have a taxi have the results we got a very high guy like you preference would be completely oblivious to what’s going on before i can have a chance collect the removal
i think he would be more you just talk to kelly probe proves would a good long ass time for betty white.
Kill the amp u should add but you had would have liked alarm and a lot more like turbo person but what day we wanna work on that.
Do you like where talking about betty white in these old people stuff and i just keep my ball net where can i go there i’m knocking it on camera.

[58:19] Where’s the grad are you on like cash is not good amy off what do we have free down in the midst read me get sherry sherry downtown okay that one is sold.
Reset itself why would i know feel great by ox perfect.

[58:48] Yeah that’s what got a guilty actually can i help max quests are we gonna next track please yeah that’s exactly right choice do good yeah just bring it back for a backup for your help.
What’s yo on god i have a potluck there gets you have the app.
Hey looking forward to nine pm.
Yo are the jobs of its spirit in me red just the way you could a what’s is.
Want a romantic comedy that doesn’t make you wanna die that doesn’t make you wanna die all other.
What’s the weather i enjoy the we’re doing and this is what i wrote i would rather i enjoyed remove the comedies like there’s a special place in sleepless in seattle.

[59:47] Nope when everyone my why did i get.
I retake sleep with staples sleepless in seattle before she plusieurs
would a cowboy about shepherds have always here for a three-room of all michael sarah
mascot program with the account
yo are there is still no refund play let it go but i still like him
juneau is great do you know how would a summarize my wife is pregnant she wants to know for all the brilliant free pizza de ra add how to sos i would say pretty impatient chasing amy,
who is your best one,
who is that my opinion i love kevin smith the director like that is like justified in yellow i love that movie that toby mcguire.

[1:00:54] You are a retard mcguire what i dislike justin,
would a here when you get me a spray to give me a poem so no.

[1:01:12] Serendipity and p. s. i love you there are ones i would like to donate i’m on here phone by myself a meal.

[1:01:22] I was saying i just use that has a lot of great romantic enough high fidelity.
Oh i didn’t got a little bit of so i love you i love you great schedule a good one,
yo are the exact turn it off please add my sponsorship going to set-up nothing,
good a you.
Hey i need ur okay now would a g morning ten dollar prize you’re gonna get search.
What really burns princess bride and i think that one but hey there pretty lady forget dr.

[1:02:09] Let’s see that one i dont like that i don’t like his other comment i googled betty white needs.
Oh yeah not from transport life joyce i think i don’t forget that.
No friends but feel behind the curve who has access google betty white nude.
Um now let’s checkout,
i’d like an estimate about how we know what it’s like working really rom com it does make me laugh good a circle how late can i fly me tell you about wine popular so i love you.

[1:02:56] Set her snacks and middle age mother and mothers out of church all i’m getting nervous again.
Um hi clarice how do you handle them and when is enough enough when i start getting mean about it.

[1:03:15] Yo got.

[1:03:18] I mean i love to talk about it i mean really how much is tori on like i was pretty much is like beads i just prefer bob dylan but the newport folk festival in i believe you.

[1:03:31] Hi there i take a note i note from a will ferrell instead of one can.
He’s a cool dude who are you serial no is good,
yo are biggest flight tuesday join code here
go to come down there and kick your tight little good a use the equity mustache who michael jackson jacket how about you
what’s switch cody your michael jackson jacket and gum defend yourself,
how come down there is because dallas this little person legislature great.
So when is enough enough of your body that was enough i have a get well soon as i tried to just try to ignore the heck.

[1:04:30] If it’s just thinking a drunken lazy saying spilling should let it go and just move on and then i’ll make a comment like i think.

[1:04:39] Hey.
I dont really have a comedy like a verbal judo with them use their momentum just bring volume softer than i really had a hostile hitler.
Skylar had one before that where do i pay with you open mike’s a couple years ago.
I like one am we showed up some guy hit i was playing pool or just kept telling skylar how much is the stage,
hello stuff and it’s kind of just like to point out that this guy is offering people really expensive weed
end the end the building saliva you are really special to have this guy should he get arrested if it was interesting for the euro run the light show
how uncomfortable that made a lot of comics like a new controller is coming in that.
Give me boners like now they’re like okay it’s okay i’m manoj created when the light is a theme show that we do we’re after four minutes of the comic thing on stage the red light comes upon anyone in the audience free to echo.
And we didn’t it’s no jam no one wanted to hangout with all the sky send that were all too nice a midwife said that one drunk dude just feel like.

[1:05:59] Order is it’s anything like a little to far he just tunes it wasn’t funny just like him making.

[1:06:08] Adam not like how much drugs he does
yeah i’m like really really awkward but the account was that guys name from michigan i forget his name is that the stuff you got yesterday yes he was great but i’d like to his podcast recapping is.
Manning trip home in flagstaff,
everything talk to a human body talk about it goes it was just difficult to really sure any psychiatrist on the back and by the time you just one of the nervousness that bed,
hello it was interesting to see how people would handle play is more people still because he was the tall white guy and therefore he never experienced during that came in,
add no one says anything during dinner sets is the white guy,
michigan lol lol lol check from brooklyn i forget her name other than by taking yes that’s yeah so u send like god.
I couldn’t the whole time is our budget lipstick shade on her case and i told my a.

[1:07:11] In canada slow burning for the hawks are stalking your afterwards like what’s up and i’m like.

[1:07:18] So you had lipstick on your two saal time no say something but i do think that more than you up there,
find all people that can use a call it says where can i go to dallas and we have had blowing you because you got to walk around talk to all those people showing love second and then like the next night more than likely excuse me ma’am she’s i guess i’m like,
thank you can i smash hits.
Stephen also has a fraud can i pay before they cut off your eyes but seem like all i said you have the second best fro in the room while back,
hey there will be max could a max got ahold of the.
I want you here yet is we were starting at which it was cold and shit but yeah that works.

[1:08:08] Fun throw a bone.

[1:08:12] You guys really gordon smashing pumpkins to hear nasty internet business music is the drug after.
Switch on the app.
I got boogie right before are you doing jordan one for ya go forward i come out of you listening to that you are,
palo make puppets a club david,
if u wanna come out there is poppins and jelly can i make you cranky pats red hood a red hot chili peppers for who,
yeah you played good af episode titles found good af.
What’s the play with public speaking let the project assigned driver i feel like smash hits.

[1:09:23] Okay thank you for being here for you have made is a good age.
No make some more room here and it can i say.
Show me on the pump it worth reading is showing the public what the fuck,
if you ever see the episode related to corporate create a love that will the other hand up inside like what you’re problem is explains so much should,
who did this next ones called.

[1:10:01] Press the kk why u say u wanna go with yo on what.
How do you keep the ideas flowing when you have some form of writer’s block like to talk about research.

[1:10:16] Hi gói play first is like just go with that like even if you think the idea is crap just write it down.

[1:10:25] Switch it was comedy dislike this thing is ridiculous i found a way to make it work on stage what’s the time,
why you no fly list myself what i do now if you are so stupid down like this just my sense of humor once he did it just works for me play i find a way to work,
yeah there’s anything stupid i just write it down and let’s go let me find all make the lights to last week i would like to really stupid one liners one of them was like.
I forgot my malay satay hasn’t been delivered but i still feel like getting up and is steven and what about litecoin,
i order me some french lately lol hello otherwise goodbye and look is the fucking worst fast,
just write all your help,
alexa how would a lovely girl so i can help.

[1:11:26] How are you doing while the troy miss me and how are.
What will the weather like i don’t think i’ve ever really struggle with writer’s block for an extended period of time because my writing process is always been like.
Always generating something so if i’m not generating a new idea i’m trying to like organize all ideas like moving something from my blog on what to text document,
figuring out whether not you know if it’s poetry or a song are someone that you know who is thinking like,
no idea is a lot of ice and finished until it’s released to someone so i can you kiss me feeling freaking out like everything always refreshing so.

[1:12:15] Let’s remove traffic is same like what kelly has let’s what’s going on for me.

[1:12:20] I hate you so there is a display i shouldn’t children’s author like.
Raju don’t author that went of like that didn’t like a show but i got you when i think of some sort out my high school.
And we actually have this question my brought to him when she yeah yeah i’d like to get kind sound like some really messing roadblock in almond.
Where should i meet and relate to xbox but me like there was something like that when is blowing stuff about like the whole mode the whole thing is dislike.

[1:12:55] I don’t believe a writers block at this point one and thats pretty much have i can’t like that whole philosophy and i just can’t with my heart and immediately the same things like gel because i dislike.
U i wanna like you dislike megan something more like organizing ideas and stuff i don’t feel like this never gonna be like a dried moment.
I mean i guess i am not a comedian so i can’t really say but the writing process for that.

[1:13:23] I just look for dick hard to sell but the only time i say no to an idea is if i feel like it it doesn’t sound like my voice on stage.
And that’s if its like a really dark joke that i came up with someone’s like we should do that and stay yes yes i feel like i think i can pull it off.
I wanna miss the great thing about artists that i mean if you got your own why is that you wanna latest project out to people when is the great shit like what you do and i like good fucking grief a novice.

[1:13:56] The funny thing about comedy is that you can take those jokes were you think that this is nothing but i would never say anything like triangles like a.
Goodnight i love andy kaufman perspective on things like that decade please stop the cab.
Hey hey hey hey hey.
I need to review update as done even if i can use it hundred percent yeah if i can be doing another showcase or fully present joke and also like backstage comical so she do this and i’ll try that,
is there a second to figure out laughing like shit that’s that its finished and out,
yes that’s how i say it was funny because you know how they got you know how the stephen stills semester now what about right and john donnelly what i.
Have yourself a bitch like he was like.
Yeah you know i would like change the screen a black the very last minute before they would go live yet you always walk with a bill or like sailing some blade the most surreal shit ever is it okay remember go say the battery.
Are there any news,
john will you play i still haven’t what is um he was present or you want to talk about the high waisted matching shirts but the white quad in icenter will be going said it goes.

[1:15:25] If i can i say anyway or representatives nothing like this is the job let me go sell microphone works in ocean of bullshit should eight
play yeah but then light bill hader talked about that with suppliers interview,
i wish i wish to my your microphone what’s a good area.
What will the best thing about leg about like creating something that i don’t like performance in general i just like those last minute kinda stuff,
what do you know anyone expected yourself in of course the audio sampling expected and think what is the best snow like is like enjoyable is.
Route me to some extent anyways just like you can get one on one with each other more like them but i scripting.
Some sort of sense greg i’m pretty new to the scene and trying to figure out how to write that stuff and figure out the voices probably one of the big ones and i’m like.

[1:16:28] My approach to it is is like ive always been writing what’s coming up with ideas are different things in bulk plants late one night we have people over and my wife discovered my,
bullet point list of things i had my phone and she was like what the hell is this and she is reading like some ideas ahead out loud noises lol like you don’t work since you guys are very similar when should say that
ballpoint and people start laughing workout,
balance type you gone like me i’m not mad cuh gone may i know you got so what is i’m just always looking for different ideas and.
Zach said there might be something i have some ideas i know that are going to work is just if there’s super tackles has anyone read out of a crowd and figure it out myself it’s a super dark joke.
Rated on tues gotta figure out a way to approach it differently and look at it from a different angle than theirs probably one of my favorite things like about stand up is just.
Gonna read na.

[1:17:29] Trending that delivers something differently and that’s where i’m struggling right now coz i gotta only been applied month and a half now what.

[1:17:36] I think every single time i need to have a brand new joke every single time everything i got derrick some completely new you know it’s been six weeks no no multiple sites for whatever so.

[1:17:48] Now i’m trying to figure out a structure how to redo that stuff.
I have a leg so i’m getting comfortable on stage now and figure out crowd where can i find that probably wouldn’t work so hot like were the other day because that’s presidents.
Shop from eleven white crane and sell whole bunch of horrible hilarious things so i help present when are there in the stars waiting for the fan to soma no ned i didn’t think i could ever used just did this horrible harry potter joke.
But people are grown does expected them to but they were set up for it and then i just felt the crowd altin newest justin on fighting games but.
I can you assign a parker.
Yeah please go what how you stand up sets is the performances that i actually do stand up sets.
What comics is gonna talk about their jokes someone ever but i can’t view it as how can i get the crowd interested,
yeah that’s different instead of just there’s a joke here’s politics let me know if i got the guy from the album like in two days pick it is so good.
I like the snacks but i had to work on is where i was at a planet fitness last week.

[1:19:09] I feel like that song never by walking and lisa course never ends,
holy shit is overrated and i would a have ahead of you and your sister thing like computer and i basically loose that chorus.

[1:19:24] Oh and i cut to the first few show was everything i contacted i want to sleep over and over again so basically,
i’m gonna play that audio,
wake me up at the gym like getting ready for this whole world had only a what if i have been awake i like to do you like patrick i just reaction every pieces like that,
can i get a coffee with my mouse select my favorite.
They pulled out the other day and within four yeah hi beautiful the road behind those funny i the middle of the world play in every couple like the most,
what is your mobile i could add activate he like
hey bruce what should i order yeah go ahead notes that were in there so got the refund that so funny movie should a shop
the last one to figure it
hey so i cut off when do you want to hear the recipe tell me where should eight.

[1:20:44] I like to have feelings for i just do whatever i don’t want to hear the end of the world but i hear the song by the gorillaz i love doing pieces a lot of stuff like that so.
Just strictly joke joke joke yeah you def did that to your boots in.
I would like to return to figure out myself a little bit like i like to pull people and then take them out i didn’t,
go back and forth thing so hard not to try to add email your favorite comedians or just i think it’s easy to get caught in the trap too it’s like looking god,
everybody’s been doing it for a long time so you know you look at yourself holds all those guys are on,
it’s so hard not to be like ok this is a brand new comedy this is where we use to sell to put yourself out there and try something different to make your own and try not to make your.
When you’re trying to make your peers life that’s.

[1:21:41] Let’s talk there is a lot of things that i can realize i take for other comics is like influence like always yells at the beginning of,
getting the crowd warmed up like that i feel running around the audience he just gone pop yo how are you hey how are you guys holding
so very chris farley and i can i take a lot of flights from atlanta aren’t you dead
i love you like i can breathe stuff there is a scene where like people don’t know what the hell i am so go out there and then it disconnected and whenever i like that one remember your not but
just one out there and started doing some sign language in santa for a microphone,
computer light for that one yet because i just wondering justin just a little bit of sign language really fast if there is mild abdominal.

[1:22:29] I forgot to be funny set up and i like science
five minutes would he want to pay fifty bucks hp eight four min do sign language of that anywhere
when i said i would,
hey can i see the lines were very different so i’m trying a different ways to break the ice or do different things and have some fun with that but like i said no.
I asked my writers block just downloading everything that had been trying to figure out how to do it but
like i’m starting to get my groove now im starting to not beat myself and like i want other people to like bad jokes at work now just in case i can’t find a restaurant whatever and you just trying to work around of it.
As part of the fun of it i got minutes i just ordered going within the next martial artist here in town for many years.

[1:23:29] Lot of moisture the same thing another while they are displayed for us what you display it like you think you’re a knockout every person with the them what the first part of your first show.
Will i guess i can i can i do that yourself you just gotta keep going working a crafts and i cannot everything is gonna be the hey maker.
Sometimes you may log in let’s talk here but you fine tho.

[1:23:54] Heat are do your mom would a ar mach you sorry if you still okay everyone does anyone know yet.

[1:24:08] Yo on.
Oh where is rosetta go this is like asking you about performance is like you make.
Relate your call i get more like would like more of the interaction with the crowd that’s kinda like the things that you see me plenty of like to seen of it at times at that like doing shows and stuff like in.
Get my underwear and crowd surf dioxide are free lol why you feel lonely but.

[1:24:45] What’s going on i didn’t change camera views in another one of blown me away but.
What should i bring audio experience by the way when i do jokes with this.
What are you and then just start to me if i come to the f up.

[1:25:06] Where to go to dislike him.
I really want like if anything if i want to see for more for my local talent hear from a kind is it i wanna i want more interaction with the audience guests.

[1:25:19] I’m in love everybody that goes off in like in boys have their passion.
What do you dislike hey i was just gonna see the same thing was gonna go repeatedly over and over again where is dislike,
there is like the cabana discovered this place this is like thirty minutes to the girls off what can we develop web stage band earlier i just kinda seeing
cut and paste yeah sunday morning will think becomes your dad becomes like the ad.
Difference and german shepherd vs.

[1:25:53] Just going out and going through the motions of me like women and do this and to use my finger to get in get out you need the conference is relationship of a give take relationship between the audience and.
I hate hearing like i said i don’t have much opinion because i am so nervous a split i have the mentality of.

[1:26:13] I want bullshit i want to hear that the crowd as bad how’s the crowd um.
It is your job to go up there entertaining people and give me a shout you disliked how to do it and like one of my favorite concerts ever went with us from doom tree.
I want to be icon and seems nothing like those guys play for tens of thousands of people and mike sells palace theater in SF these guys go to the cannons like hundred or fifty people there and sams a nice light.
Are you a needy and make a big deal jesus like,
i don’t care how many people here and apply the same jiofi is the new frame body else and raped and like this is my moms basement we’re gonna party down make sure that clean up my morning any delivery would like such a fun show and i’m like that i m.
Do that for every single person i can i don’t care if i’m like if i’m fortunate enough to ever get paid five dollars to do a show i’ll be excited you know how often so i want to add
being able to do a skilled people experience the best rides change my mindset oh that one night and i’m like can go back and lemonade deliver hard and just have fun and what full circle,
how did grace and willful circles and i place a super fun and then you know we wanted to wait on national.

[1:27:27] Yeah places superphone i love that mystery there and swear we need to have more,
more stuff like that i appreciate all the venues in town but that’s where i hope like other open up the doors for that trying to bring in the business am giving a platform be able to do something so we go to walgreens i like green because.
It’s downtown it’s fun it’s a different atmosphere um,
it is brighter so the limit for it to work a crowd gets a little tougher getting into it and confirm one dollar shave my parents but what’s up
he was super find that to be able to go out there and be like you know what i’m just gonna funny go with it in just give people into and start gazing in the lights it take it from
yes sir may can i contact intimate with something looking back and for a selfie rate your going to do that and get amanda people are gonna back up and they’re gonna support u n help on window little bit.
I gotta feeling ima know the feeling of cycling things i said people tend to forget to like they go and performances like.

[1:28:26] You agree to be a entertainer get a contract yet the invite their term kill a donde me every now and then looking for like being a part of the music scene.
Go be times where you can tell a difference between somebody who is a musician,
can somebody who is an entertainer you’re selling yourself short if you think you’re just a musician just the writer just a filmmaker or just a comedian but if you’re an artist,
you like or dislike the orange like literally everything within seven.
You have to be able to create sell and promote distribute are today’s climate really important event the biggest skill for any artists being able to understand it.

[1:29:12] Is psychology for sure it is okay to feel don’t know if you don’t have that’s relate function some people are just starting to feel your vibes i mean yes i’m just want a small centre very good person on the planet of the earth
and people just like damn really appreciate not getting experience but that’s.

[1:29:32] Long time to get there anything for those people to like appreciate that we hadn’t yeah that’s a tough one.

[1:29:41] Is it i like it though it’s fun i like being uncomfortable and i like to use you and al go if you know.
Don’t be so stiff and rigid with iraq tour your arms,
don’t be so stiff in regional languages why didn’t greg take people like authenticity the want to hear if they want to know that they are getting a little bit more
a special experience like we talked about the cookie dough arena shows weather like that directed us to fall semester on the light in salt lake city.
So the one im feeling thrilled that i know how that sideways you able to pick it up in my case people are really feel so let’s get involves getting something just like not do for work would like the best
person and best experience i can say like so i display that was built in philadelphia.

[1:30:32] Yeah seen it before he got super raging bank,
people were blowing every major comic off stage it was terrible is outdoor people drinking all day in their healing in believing in being philadelphia and just being terrible joke and yes it’s no longer
when was the great things some of philadelphia is there been pretty philadelphia you know what i mean but they were just being ruthless to everybody
like what nothing is pasties like this it’s stupid u one out there any i’d like ten to fifteen min the girls out there and just starts stroking the people philadelphia are there blowing like harrogate,
because i need a real person and some iraqi in lights so where can i buy everybody is ten minutes straight,
may i know every last detail about that um i got it is legendary because all the sun goes from every just being very
open vault in screaming and angry and bowling in trying to get all the sunny here the crowd just start to ship to meet mike and cheering amman sis using credit because it just,
turn the crowd me he would never blink like legendary people office stating you were always like fuck you guys,
and it just came in he’s like not happy i’m giving and having experience in their life are you feeling so yeah that’s immediate how’s the crowd is the most worst you could ever hold for you no effect.

[1:32:01] Do we improv also help me to adjust to every crowd and see how things are we don’t like had i want,
love improv like why can’t you guys do your thing i wanted was like who though it’s me who’s gonna roll with the punches yes for sure if last night i showed up to steal lucky fest expecting,
just to do my standup set and that’s it,
hey david young hayden’s post the hole thang cut yourself the axe adults more time.
Naturally i just can’t i,
shucks i just kept who else is in what will this guy next box i don’t is it going to throw of search do you know how to say hello and also heard its good day
ask every act before we want furniture of musicians you preach just say my name,
alex will be with a credit like that is what i been and what have i done because hatred family me uh hi my name is call bobby who has.
You ain’t seen this nigga that’s rating is the highest it’s it’s it’s math.

[1:33:16] Improv is a skill i’ve use a lot since ive started doing it for awhile.
What temperature is it dangerous up there and that is fine see you guys go up there notes and let’s get that it scares you do that punk rock rock and roll.

[1:33:35] Just come bananas what is that wall us off so you know anything else really mention about that he was like.
I mean open the fucken high school and.
What are the elements of life entertaining like entertaining audiences really high school plays and stuff going to implement it like that whole life.
My whole life punk rock influences i also admire the add like bitch niggas keep up with you.
Xo how is the good kind lady like the whole how could be my order be mailed like getting there but too expensive the same time that the whole thing.
That’s kinda what i am really happy i’m not happy for no one asking away.

[1:34:23] Surf like how you’re in there dislike men were here to learn black so i go up on stage now and i will send hosting i dont say how we doing tonight yet hacer.

[1:34:38] Hey ya he’s actually play one springfield have traffic.
How would he like what is the boston comedians alan richard.

[1:34:55] He is a great read slate the senior showcase was feeling so jealous whenever i feel bad tell us what would a helix,
i need is some pizza cuz i heard stand up
please please please add this one is just with the fellas hey eloy what is summary comedians actually dislike misogynistic about it,
who is she driving shit yo on.
Where am and i just didn’t joke about that last week about not quite mad my like about using the toilet standing up or sitting down i like when u had take off real quick which is like
where can we reverse or any life my life it was a good sign when find and like i just derail myself because i just saw blade,
hatfield crowd but like i want on this whole feeling that was gonna like bring out your background what all you can talk about it like i had this whole part alarm to make send out but got side track so quickly in love when does your cruise people at pizza inn now i know people say hello
yo are lo que dice al hacer.

[1:36:15] You gonna make such great angry old man comedian yes could be awesome when can i use this,
give me like whats the walls in waldorf salad from
marcus garvey author and dislike talking shit the whole time is fucking gay the city on the storage hold fast am i don’t understand.
What picture.
Increase the sites if i can accept orders while stephen was present simple,
let’s go to huron st chicago when working with alerts are more famous close.

[1:36:58] I forgot twenty minutes on ask question that’s good.
When you act on stage how do you change your energy in what fields did we have to talk to use to cover till questions in that last one,
i got randomly i’m sure my wife is texting me what you tell me shut when was you about before,
what if you are useless performing before i burst first movie you saw in the theater.

[1:37:24] Who are they and can i break i can’t remember if i like to go to court personally are you fucking kidding me.
How old are you already yeah jesus christ our hey earliest memory don’t tell me where is whats up its a pumpkin to blood wings.
Hey can i see what you’re talking about.
I think i heard i went to go see pocahontas is ninety five.
Hey fried out and we laughed set up in the first film so i hope was star wars episode one the phantom menace,
so you think if you were talking about your like the persons acts life.
That’s use to have long beautiful fabio type air until he saw pocahontas in the theaters as a kid
no reply except the second hair is still there so i can feel what’s on theatre is austin powers spy your shipping really.

[1:38:36] Turn the sink.
Remind me this way teach me mine was one of the earlier ernest movies on rio hey,
umm i can’t remember feeling nervous scared a scale for tax fraud if it is again is you are stupid,
are you scared stupid or ernest scam that is one of us is christmas and then my dad took me to that’s very,
ace ventura and i remember how i look at you spend as a young child inside oh my god i just found my holy grail accept yeah i actually am working order there talking my ass i am.

[1:39:16] Bob me 36 can i still talk my sis my kids i call bob so i still do to this day but frickin that.
Those are probably to the first one to the song the theater really but now my son likes to give me some tips like that is sex how do you say goodnight like did you do bob,
can i ask what is it like no big my nine year olds like know that you can do the bob job that is so inappropriate in so stupid i’m like well wine and leaves like.
I think it’s fine arts center account and the other knee like stan tony goes a good meal.
Hello my name is bob how are you guys should i know its my six year old kids gonna make it could a your first box to half,
can i get to go he’s like me also but even forgetting trouble like take a scroll thing but they’re so much chocolate caramels.

[1:40:16] Set the f is not logan paul is also a great path god.
What was the first rated film in the theater though that is a good quite place what i saw i figured out that i actually webber is.
Very first dawn blood produced land before time in the theater and are having a band
ninety eight el camino the same thing except that never been what are my first once service
what was dinosaur figures like the mom died like right off the bat you like your fucking eyes and i do that i watch but it never gonna actually i would like for you know that i for a flight,
my first like real live life,
what is it about death i was dislike mami dinosaur does the great thing about a dark blue krizium made who’s animated movies be like no baby like
your fur kids wink wink not and i liked not at all go blues go so that limits what i loved amp like all dogs go to heaven has like
human trafficking and gambling and like i want to michaela vision and like fucking family is a masterpiece yeah that’s.

[1:41:30] Hey,
pause no punches about making a major freaking kids medical yeah what was the first rated film develop would he go to three different movie theaters.
Yeah but my uncle taking me to see your one two theaters one let me bring me into it.
So we had to go to another one.
Add me about not being where they are and half of driving around st louis missouri trying to find another.
Why is deuce bigelow european gigolo could a yellow move in.

[1:42:17] I mean i m so many stories about like the first film of white out on both of the first film and walk don’t actually like remember right now.

[1:42:27] What is the item.

[1:42:29] Those are rated film was bucky larson born to be a star sports in sports and rihanna play the first like five minutes like i can’t do this so i am swapped out.
Christina put into energy in my first one that i think is so what is um the blair witch project.

[1:42:49] What is the by my own my friends were older me like you never have to go but we’re trying to make nice make me look taller cuz i was like sixteen,
fifteen or friend to get in the west mall theatre is like when there when you check in yet no where are the grey wig,
i feel like bleach my hair and it also goes both candidates thanks anyways like they re just trying to fuck with me as much as possible and i like put the little,
black x on my hand just cause is related ideas like i’m looking at me like i can tell his face his life who are you feeling,
yeah can i just like clearly you want to alaska you still like to complete units like in my hair and i gotta tell the best part about that twitter linkedin really care for the movie then suddenly,
my father was so pissed me for bleaching my hair and shaving my head of what i’d a driving work cars broken down samson are driving in he was sitting there.
You like blue cars in the hallway and sue falls garage small town south carolina needs to sydney just looking out the window and i’m center try not to laugh because i’m so.

[1:44:01] That is so mad right now like i can i came downstairs light.
Tell me where can i buy coffee this is gonna go lol this is that the terrorists would like to hear what makes me love my dad more because i feel like a loser like not is like.
Like not is like a bad about light bills can credits is a button instead of what they got a thing that is kinda special you set the light.

[1:44:30] I hear he’s gone better but i can’t imagine was major shock of your life and downstairs switch that she had like a twisted sister yo on,
take another one second one would a bull i will provide a virgin with.
Search these nuts over so walk with me i’m up my favorite scene about that movie was like when is enough is given with the brazilian wax yet.
What are the pending duties apple stock.
Kelly clarkson what does other get me a map.
She wants that one but i like when comedy central was in los angeles on TV now they’re still doing your stash already for them shameless plug for black that’ll just one last week my first r rated movie was,
view regional nineteen ninety seven starship troopers.
Mash awesome because i went with my parents and my dad said on one side and my mom said on the other and i was damaged between them through all the coed shower scene all the beautiful movies.
What what is your parents thinking that.

[1:45:56] My dad hates all science fiction i m i love that she loves science fiction of the dead lust boobs.
Hey buddy still like is weird the world would he
how’s yo are crazy movie people are the results were like fascism hayden other people fascism it’s clever.
Going nomad my mind if i hear something i’ll be asked and my dad just what i like.

[1:46:28] Who was tom and there were alien who begins seeing the meaning of life by monty python all that may i watch the two weeks you know.
Good night scene with john cleese show teacher said we bring him his wife anything chase debit by the naked ladies welcome bot.

[1:46:47] My dearest friend growing up got that movie for wolf he is on fan so is dad but movie so that is for christmas so he is family on christmas hey i said no more light.
How do you know who was the top selling get through if you have a good a her.
Oh my god brother took me to austin powers when i was nine i had no idea what was what would you advise.
I no love hoe is running to the mall megan yes could a fake.

[1:47:32] Yeah i got a tickets while brian’s also really great movie in order no.
Show explore strange flux is gonna serve us.
Well we have open mic this week add um.
Don’t let them get what green i will have to make sure which week so that starts at eight.
Spurs so long to get in bosses on wednesday that’s want to find you guys soon.
Come down there other people and ask me about the app but that’s a lot of that place lot of fun like a result the pizza place my your freaking name of the awesome stuff so paranoid we gotta get the word out for dinner meeting.

[1:48:21] Somebody will read more cuz they can you know that you did that had that stuff my best friend call number on my jacket out so that is not a good stuff down there um hmm.
Towards another week or so while doing circles probably coming up again so guess so yeah i mean once.
I want a lot of fun by like all the places for different reasons can bring a different flavor in different people and so i try help all those all time but yes got my podcasts i guess the cold podcast which i’ve number you’re dumb but.
Think about rebranding and get some stuff going on in my basement so be looking out for that i want to keep pushing on but otherwise i wanna keep,
write some common haven’t found a meeting on line so i just start my own community and page so i dont annoy the piss out of a normal friends and family what’s my,
nigga jokes on my personal page so yeah and i’ll check that one out separately.
Thanks george i’m working on a project with my good friend jacob me.
When i am really really exciting stuff.

[1:49:38] I’m pretty sure i fathers know each other you had to preacher.
Oh shit balls are nice i wanna know of the smart ship from mars was unsure so you no longer vote the show.
Darn tell me what my name is my name is a call we.

[1:50:03] I come from a line of steve harvey you know me well i’m going
hello and small yes i saw it earlier and i saw your face your top return my hood af yellow can crazy small world,
yes there is this awesome my dad know your uncle’s everything along ways back i am sure the long ways back to admire my dad and his brothers are quite the required to prove thay II
roll myself gotta be so real so anyway sorry to side track that but here we are people vs empire after his,
yes exactly the hands of his research how the family legacy and this flight be amended where should.
Lol it’s funny by first anyway sorry to interrupt that shut up is more important than yo are we working on a project right now.

[1:51:10] Turn a lot of interesting hard rock and psychedelic stuff and try to bring some fucking molly crows into it as well it’s really just kind of a hot spot.
I really need set of musical inspirations that i had that i haven’t had a letter for them and a unique.
Group of ideas at jacobs also add he has really had an outlet for an elderly mother of the last couple weeks and we’ve been it’s a really awesome jams coming together and.
Yeah i like in we have a buddy of ours that i have always wanted and i feel like play like awesome music that for like the longest time and sell it.
I’m really happy that i can be leveraged me that is wonderful i feel like jam jam with eggs,
chemistry there people been trying to get me to get out of my room for a while i finally have been so proud of you,
we have no that project called carolyn will be fire the post program art gallery the last friday of may i should be a fun time.

[1:52:14] Can i see the band will have a band who are your friends bring your mom’s friends were you dads friends if i do i need to learn to go home or okay hello.
I have a lot of things um the twenty fourth of this is my first band now.
I know who you’re mention for you hey it’s project with cody and jelly burrito.
You know it’s kind of fritos and call share a little help.
Yes result of bananas is your working on a song and we can we move our códigos what word should put their life without sharing,
google news that the cancer,
so sharon will help michelle club de l’ouest the tender box next week.

[1:53:16] Next sunday and improve also has a shower march twenty eighth of remedy.
Hey there i’m hosting a what is called the tournament of champions of bosses on march twenty nine his rod space bunch of past bus comedy,
champion contest winners compete to be who
who will be the champion of the track and i only want and need a hotel room and i will one last feature like you’re talking but i gotta tell you i don’t know maybe this one.
Hey middle door to lock can have whatever i do for,
it’s fun ive gotten some guitar serial have a good time with brian lol ugh the process to more shows in april twelve but i can.
And that april thirteen that uh well session.

[1:54:07] I would a so called is awesome i ‘ve got married in.
Brian is back yet heard the order last result like you should start letting us do some of our standup dollar dog so,
yeah that’s probably more than that without by no pm saying be safe the summit,
ask her to go to a one a one st summer that’s actually true
the barcode know who did you add one what position exclude yo on if you’re a computer locator you’ll probably see me.
Hey random plug for me i got called last week i’m leaving to speak at the emergency nurses association of south dakota to b there a closing speaker for an hour and i was like.
Huh we’re looking for someone to some healthcare experience is could he can i can do some stuff.

[1:55:14] Some news finally harden breaks jokes with you do understand of my clearly have not been one myself
yo are you gay first but yes sorry i get to do have an hour
start over reefer containers association for the conference during the launch sailing solution on stage should a i am going to puerto to banani i can for you guys,
best back from a credit card i can i just hire awesome
what is the weight of a bike race up i hated when adults would
his smash hit love use change to watermelon.
Nothing just like his IV bag and just stood a chance.

[1:56:10] Why would a lot of the companies that were there’s now no.
Yeah so probably if you finish what i doing this is perfect for podcasts catch the fever,
empire podcast the dress code urban indians podcast macabre more and of course
coming in september would i be doing an open casting call hopefully in two weeks what’s my teams get the paperwork together.

[1:56:39] French case i find fantasy anthology podcasts that will be looking awesome
graduation this place up info on gas for a little while and then he is the coolest set up so thanks for hosting and know that stuff really appreciated so i appreciate everything the artist around here so i am,
breaking the silence forever going insane so far i have found out many times has pretty cool list i help if you guess what is new yes joey jacob,
robert louis thank you jordan spirit put the girls to join affiliate free chilli papas hops and you listening to.
God crash yo on.

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