Dresch Code Ep 027 27 Dresches

Dresch Code Ep 027 27 Dresches 

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme “Equilibrium” by The Disarmed

TONIGHT on the Dresch Code!!! We’ve got my awesome Sharon’s Little Helpers bandmate Cody Friedow, Lena Howe, and the fantastic Pale Norse himself, David Sahl. Don’t miss out on tonight’s episode!

This week’s topics include: Best Piece of advice you’ve ever gotten, how celebrities redeem themselves on the internet, best compliment you’ve ever received, most underrated singer, favorite 90’s Nicktoon, and More! 

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Comedians, a Meteorologist, An Alt Rock Band, and Rappers Oh my!  An Evening With The Sioux Empire Podcast Network. Like nothing Sioux Falls has seen!


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A Dresch perspective on music, comedy, and the arts from comedian/musician Zach Dresch co-host Ryan Howe and guests.