Edge Case Podcast Open for Writer Submissions

Greetings Fellow Writers,

I am Robert Mehling, and I am the owner and supreme overlord of TheSiouxEmpire.com.  Basically, I produce a lot of podcasts. I am launching my first foray into audio drama and am looking for stories to tell.  In 2019 I will be starting an audio drama podcast called “Edge Case” which will be a sci-fi/fantasy/horror/suspense anthology series in the tradition of The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and Black Mirror. So far we have 3 scripts.

So long story short, this is an open call for audio drama scripts.  We’re an all-volunteer crew, for now, so no one including myself is getting paid.  We’re making this because of our love of the art. So if you’re like me and have dreamed about writing for a horror anthology series like the Twilight Zone since you were a small child (I was a weird kid), or if you just have a story you’ve always wanted to hear brought to life by talented voice actors this is your chance.  Authors will retain all rights to their story, you’re basically just granting us permission to use the story for an episode. And of course, you receive full credits and accolades for your work.

I’d prefer stories formatted as audio drama scripts, but I will totally help you adapt a story you’ve already written if its the right kind of story for us.  

I’m shooting for stories that are a minimum of 15 min after they’re produced and under 30 min, but once again, I can be flexible for the right story (It’s good to be the producer).

If you’re interested, you can email me for additional info at info@edge-case.com. 

About the Author
Techno-mage, amateur amateur historian, and man behind the curtain.