Happy Warrior 011 The All Happy No Warrior Episode

Happy Warrior 011 The All Happy No Warrior Episode

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

Segment1: The Bees!!







The real reason lol stop at 35 seconds



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Flux Capacitator





Disenchantment questions from Robert?


  1. Games playing?


What are you listening to lately?


Rick and Morty: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/08/31/exclusive-check-out-the-rick-and-morty-soundtracks-epic-vinyl-covers


Spider Man puddle controversy? https://kotaku.com/people-who-havent-played-spider-man-are-mad-the-develop-1828724400


Segment: Whooping Cough,






Segment 2: Awesome Animal Stories














Random Squirrel Facts:


I’m referencing this podcast episode I heard recently




Squirrel versus Snake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNKqoR0GDvM






Segment4: Alex Jones is awful but makes me laugh!




https://www.real.video/5827061357001 Watch first 3 or 4 minutes of video








https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JRLCBb7qK8 You Will love this one!!!!





Machine Transcript
[0:23] Well hey everybody good morning good day.
Afternoon my morning start late to be back here this is the happy warrior podcast now in color,
it’s in color depending on if you were a tetrachromat ticket or not.

[0:42] Here in the studio with Robert Milling hello good to have Robert hear back again,
back in the house yeah it’s different I enjoy it both ways I enjoy it I’m on audio joint doing in the studio and videos just a different style different take,
we thought we keep it pretty light pretty easy today so today very little hard news if any hard news,
all fight all happy no Warrior.

[1:13] So we want to jump into the the first story of got from here is this BS story.
I think of that I found all week was a story,
I think don don entire priority so some of you have heard about the Monsanto Roundup stuff of right this kind of buzz around,
this is the best this is the best story I think of this I think of do you know the Harold and Kumar movies.
So wait is Monsanto like Harold & Kumar or.
Did at the bees Harold and Kumar.
Yeah Mark Mark Wahlberg told me that they’re they’re dying and then all those people kill themselves and and Night Shyamalan like made money I very scared.
I know everyone was on everyone from from Doctor Who to Nicolas Cage the bees they have a problem.

[2:31] They are dying and they might need a 12-step program.
The stuff is true so according to this is from the telegraph this is that bees are becoming addicted to pesticides in the same way humans grow depend on cigarettes.

[2:47] Wild-like the pesticide it feels I don’t know what to see it feels like nicotine or is that that’s kind of what it feels like,
so I don’t know I’ve never smoked but more of the nicotine like chemicals they consume wow.
I had no idea I had no idea either that’s now to get the sandwich out of my head to be sitting around smoking.
There’s not enough nectar for the Queen’s like taking smoke breaks.
Oh I’m sorry drunk worker bees are female because without taking smoke breaks every 15 minutes.
Because some some good royal jelly right here controversial.

[3:38] Neonicotinoid wow that is a new word and I’m not I know I Slaughter the pronunciation two words but I think that’s actually the correct pronunciation.
The pesticides are chemically similar to nicotine,
addictive compound in tobacco what came up with that was it just like Zoe one there’s smoke break was like.
What can I use nicotine like brilliant.
Well I mean Nathan said the story talks about that I would love to know how to figure this out first to look for this but they say that when they put they put sugar on the table next to some other shirt,
when sugar has pesticide on it the other doesn’t they found that the bees preferred that pesticide one,
oh yeah the one in fact overtime they greatly preferred the pesticide sugar over the other one.

[4:42] I don’t even know where to go with that I’m kind of just like damn.
Bees man bees.
Now if you know what Nicholas Cage said about the bees Robert yes. The bees,
I have a sister who I was sitting at the breakfast table with it was like my parents and my sister who’s like,
my oldest sister was like in her forties and.

[5:21] I burst out laughing cuz someone sent me that that Meme of Nicolas Cage going to be stuffed on it from the Wicker Man remake.
Hello my gosh I laughed cuz it just hit me just right it was one of those jokes were just like just at the right time and place or whatever so I just laughed and laughed and I was like practically crying laughing and I put the tables just come like looking at me and finally,
Joyce like what’s so funny and so I bring it over to them the three of them show that to them.

[5:52] Why do they wear those awful people for a reason that.
Not funny at all just totally like fall flat on your face like not fun a Dead Ringer something like,
stop the contacts.
Some meme gets to like a mom or grandparent my grandma Po Boy,
you’re digging a hole at that point there’s no point there’s no point you just have to suffer through it yes.

[6:38] Oh man leaving internet can’t seem to handle it,
now that’s actually this those bees they fell under that hat pretty pretty well so CGI,
Alpena County all over Oliver Nicolas Cage’s chin they that’s what they don’t tell you watch the,
the Wicker Man DVD the special edition director commentary,
for this same I don’t have the money for CGI bees so I just rub some honey on his neck I believe it I believe it,
we insisted that we use a stunt man but Mr cage would have none of it.

[7:26] All the dad that his dad is an underrated movie I love that movie.
Lights on in a hotel one time like you know your stuff would like 20 channels of one of them probably Showtime or something in the middle of the night two in the morning I wake up to cuz we didn’t leave let’s leave the TV on while I sleep I wake up to in this wicker man.
Nice quite the thing to wake up to,
hello this is like after Shyamalan was being and people hadn’t found out that Shyamalan is a very good job.
It’s like this was even probably like an effort to cash in on channel and popularity another underrated classic.

[8:19] So I’m like like a like a small child watering into a Minefield while it’s terrible metaphor.
Yeah I got all these links from you and I,
this phone is crazy okay so did you speak up yes this is there three pigs,
there is such a thing as a NYPD because.
Number to the implications for for this universe just in the like fact that there is a b cop is kind of.
Well I want that title just on my LinkedIn profile I don’t want to actually do that for a living but just to be like yeah I Was A Beat cop being back in the day.

[9:10] Beat cop yes someplace New York if I was New Yorker I’d recognize it but I’m not in New York,
as it was in Times Square I thought I’d heard that they say 35 or more than 40,000 bees swarm.
And now they have footage of it thanks to Reuters I was going to say Reuters but.
I like this picture because it looks like.
Longest video you breed a Twitter.

[9:57] Surrender your soul is better what was your soul with with your soul worth that be video kinda.
But regrets vacuuming this piece I thought they had to.
Just like vacuuming bugs will kill them or bust be a special vacuum maybe I don’t know.
It murder thing that came out of those flights so I don’t know I mean
but I’m I’m sure Pete as one of the valves those out there for flies out of corporate office and I won’t matter that day.
Oh man oh man that store at The Gang of the summer of the fish protesters yeah their signs says.
What was it fish have rights to ya.

[11:03] Oh my gosh so that they have a like full audio advice is a full-on interview interview with a peacock
I guess if I met someone with that job title I might have to interview them immediately on the spot to he’s a,
he does kind of look like a like a Blue Bloods character,
I love that shit up I don’t really my mom loves it so every every now and then all our moms love it.
It’s it’s pretty set on Southern newest season of Blue Bloods they killed off the mom character and even kill her off onscreen they said she thought she’d be made her first helicopter nurse and then they say she died in a crash,
David do it on screen that’s that’s lame that’s yeah that’s how it must not be great.
Something my mom my mom is a huge Tom Selleck fan so anything Tom Selleck.
Everything comes out alright sell this is apparently only live in the same universe as the Wicker man.
But we all single in the future I can’t get behind.
All right.

[12:23] You can just play story I read the head but I’m playing the video I read the headline I was dumbfounded.
How to Tater though the NTS wouldn’t comment on any potential cause today go skyboss and didn’t respond to a written request for comment will Evan Hansen on Catherine Merchant Boston 25.

[12:51] Someone that was some prank there cuz that was pretty good okay so the pilot the twenty-year-old crash landed the plane told her that well there was a flux capacitor,
that’s the possible cause of the correct that is awesome it one more time.
Pasta Tater though the NTSB wouldn’t comment on a tripod today the next time I crash something,
yeah wow.

[13:33] Got what’s your reporter just pranked cuz I’m pretty sure you report it just said faulty flux capacitor.

[13:42] That’s painful that’s funny Jah man I I.
That’s a good one well played well played you could you got me on that one yeah that one that went and got me and I don’t remember what the.
Shower wall of lynx.

[14:03] Wilton.
Picture my head how much you miss travel possible Shield eyes from light.
They’re both looking at but says she’ll Dice from like oh I know and it’s not that bright so it doesn’t make any sense,
maybe when it’s time for when it’s actually working and it’s the big flashlight when they time travel maybe I don’t I don’t know I’m guessing that’s not that much thought went into that that prom.
Disturbed the abdomen that actor that played Doc oh my gosh.
I’m so bad with names you still you still kicking I think I saw him the other day he is alive and.
They played down how tall really is.
Are you either that or well I don’t Michael J Fox as a tiny person but still he was next to some other talk show host.

[15:08] What’s that maybe Colbert sub because they did ask it where those two actors actually like came out of the back for a little Cameo for a few seconds it was about time travel and that’s the last time I seen him he looked rough.
But alive that’s amazing I just wrote that’s the one thing I remember is saying that his face look really sucks I’m going and that he was way taller than I ever imagined he wasn’t real life all right so what time are we at right here.

[15:36] 17 minutes before you move on I did a review on my last episode about disenchantment and I know that you’re also a big fan of groanings.
Creation so what did you think of it you got did you get a chance to watch all 10 of them yes I just finished it I like it.
Good I am willing to it’s not great I am willing to give it a chance and see where it goes from here cuz I feel like especially in those last three episodes,
that it really started to actually hit a stride and start turning into something some of those first few episodes are super especially once you see what those three end up,
seem like super aimless like why didn’t we just jump right to disc the seems like the actual like meat of the plot character development for these characters for fun I decide to read some of the reviews of other people,
alright I’m pretty bad at that I review read reviews and Wiki before I watch something it’s a terrible habit.
Yeah cuz they always almost all of them spoil it anymore.

[16:51] Like man aired in 1992 and we were finding out about in 2004,
complete complete set me spoiling for spoilers,
I liked it I like Futurama I felt like like I could see the connections Futurama Futurama special in the later stuff like to play around with your emotions a little bit I thought that ingest how much do it,
I like,
I think you’re right about the later episodes where disenchanted found its footing and how it worked and it felt good it felt like the early shows were more about trying to like World building,
and a bit of like look what we can get away with cuz we’re not we’re not on cable anymore,
that’s part of it like Matt Groening did an interview that I.
Listen to her and I think I read it actually it went up in Hollywood Reporter or something anyway and he talked about how this team saw this as his big opportunity to get into.
More long-form storytelling and stuff so I have a feeling he has like I like full-on Ark that we’re going into and stuff I’m just going why didn’t we get to the ark a little bit sooner maybe it’s like getting used to the pacing of having,
having all those episodes to work with to tell one giant story but.

[18:21] So I think it’s going to be promising but I think there’s a lot of like pacing and figuring out.
Stop and he’s first few episodes I think that’s why it’s getting blistered pretty bad in the reviews from a lot of people a lot of people are where I’m at where they’re just come like.

[18:41] Expectations were so high because it’s this is the next Futurama this is the The Simpsons you know.
And the pedigree that it had them it has I didn’t realize how many people from Futurama are.
Made it back like like I was just like, I wonder if you know ex calling is.
Is involved and he is as a producer and you know Joe DiMaggio.
Who is Will Billy West could you like a hundred voices how many which characters are Billy West a couple of the guards that too and I was like,
the vizier though that’s got the.
It’s for another Futurama and up but other episodes where they need like an advisor of his ear or a official of some kind he has that this least it’s kind of like thing and so.
Yeah I’m doing a little to Italian mobster come up there but but kind of if you watch the show you see the guy in purple with three eyes.

[20:07] Battle you know he played more like in Hollywood and he’s in that Circle.
Yeah but by far if you ever want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes on how many voices he can do,
he did a podcast season put on a new episodes in a long time but the Billy West podcast,
I will warn you there’s a lot of.
It’s suit it’s just him and it’s can get pretty pretty rough older on rough but.

[20:48] It sounds like he’s got a voice cast to 50 people but it’s just all Billy West sitting in a room talking to himself which is kind of disturbing the more I think about it and just come like.
Is he okay those are actually he’s actually got like 50 different people living in his head,
how did yeah I know that’s an old old Hollywood that’s what they cranked out you know the guys they did Looney Tune was like a cast of three people
oh yeah I can’t think of his name though he passed away in his hire to replace Chuck Jones
is crazy I mean he has a son that I had can do pretty song most of them but they still need to get like Replacements get close to voice and yeah yeah.
Oh well sorry that was a giant tangent I don’t know we’re fine we’re talking about cartoons.
Big Focus my life I like folks in politics and news on what going on the world actually affects the world and the other half is the child part,
where am I spent way too much time with cartoons or whatever whatever else I like to join you know but that’s the thing is I think that’s partially.

[22:09] I don’t know I want to say it’s just a product of our era it’s like we’re all that way but I mean.
Within the internet has like Amplified it but I think it’s only showing us something that’s always been there cuz I mean you think about it.
Like World War II Pilots they put on the sides of their plan they put ladies and they put cartoon characters it was always like Bugs Bunny already or something like that,
graffiti even Ancient Graffiti from like ancient Rome and stuff like that you’d see like,
well this is Hercules punching a guy or something like that you know it’s like they have their common stories and myths and stuff like that and the recurring like tropes,
and they did that you stay we’re just as obsessed with them they just didn’t have this gigantic digital hive mind to help them Express,
like in real time across time and space you know,
Noel I think the amount of people that know the name Gary gygax cuz he was a post about like you look at the people are Dungeons & Dragons I went to an LDS,
young single adult activity through his Mall.

[23:25] And they’re these gals would rather popular girls that were just talking about dungeon dragons,
did you know there was no more with a BMI under unhealthy,
lack of eating by the problem and there was it it was nerds so it was.

[23:56] Social underdogs and outcasts if I can,
as I was talking on my previous shows here but they want the dynamic that it’s basically died,
as a as a result of the rise of the internet like my brother does some football coaching and I decided the time I hung out with him and his his kids and.
The like quarterback and all the like cool who would be the cool kids on the football team are all talking about Instagram and their latest app and downloads and using words like that I hear that coming out of their mouth and talking about social media and I’m just like.

[24:36] Yeah the whole the Nerds one and they want hard Society.
The Google algorithm and all that control everything,
this one was off of all right so let’s move on I’ll be probably ate half her time they’re just talking about nerd ism’s alone.
Which is fine I. 527 all right all right let’s move on,
get vaccinated I think this is one of the few things that people on the left and the right of Brianna anymore is the vaccine thing I don’t know how that happened,
but I was listening to sawbones the medical history podcasts a good show,
and you know that that is that is one of those underrated accidentally gets on the right side very successful podcast right now they’re out with a book even though but they’re talking about vaccines and I mean that was one of the few things that people I feel,
for making you any side can really agree on this get vaccinated I think that came from part of it is that it.

[25:48] Peter originated on the left of the anti-vax movement and so I think you get into.
You know like the left points out on the right people who are like on climate change you were just totally didn’t I like science that gets laid out in front of them,
but this is like the last answer to it’s like they think they have the Monopoly on we were reason and logic and Science and it’s like.

[26:14] Don’t eat you don’t genetically modified food yes is like and,
country extreme less version of Alex Jonas yes exactly,
yeah he is a anti vaxxer and he yeah.

[26:39] Part of it is he sells like nascent iodine and stuff like that will tell you that that will like protect you from supplement I hear that.
Very back then.

[26:55] Keep your frogs from turning gay for shadow foreshadowing,
if I want my grandmother brother had Polio pretty bad,
and then she knew kids that got pulled in that got the iron law of the whole treatment.
Which is awesome but I can’t remember when this was a big problem at Fox documentary about.
The one guy they know of left that’s in an iron lung distractions apparently.

[27:46] Proof those diseases didn’t go away we just because the mass population was vaccinated,
no I got it and if it’s not like there’s a misnomer you can think well I just want to get back in there for the more people that don’t get vaccinated,
the greater it is that we bring back some of these eradicated diseases like whooping cough which were finding.
Is that’s the kind of embarrassing yeah.
The US has so much clean water that we even poop with poop in it you know it’s like we have these amazing inventions and standards that we take for granted and then the oil just a couple.
Tell me about a dream of what we have yeah and we just don’t.
I don’t appreciate how how good we have it in about straight to say that and everybody says that but it’s just it’s really true.

[28:55] Still appreciate all the blessings we have you know now is a society and then as a civilization,
all right getting less serious let’s do some awesome animals.

[29:16] Special about the British press I’m not going to ask I’m just not going to go there I went to like you can’t Telegraph and some of the other British newspapers and there was like animal weird,
weird weird weird alright so here’s the thing this is so you know it’s talking like is so if some people are stupid like me that used to believe that.
Trout were always in this this this man.
Divorce been there and you never have to do anything,
that you’re probably going for when you’re fishing depending on where you fish usually around here if you go on the Missouri River everything you’re you’re eating and catching is is a transplant of some kind but.
Yeah it did this was awesome video I saw this on a few different sites this week of them are doing an error this is something I didn’t know they did Ariel restocking a fish.

[30:18] How does that not kill switch grandma said when I showed her the video I always like like when we throw back a fish or something like that.
Voice but told not to like tossing a surface the water and get it or something like that or be cruel and then these guys are just like,
or fall over the Drop Zone I guess little windy but what the heck,
fish out of an airplane on a boat or maybe a good day how is it being the planes get it wrong and they’re like it’s a heavy fishing.
Tell that B words like a beach.
Yeah but fishing with Mike I’m so bad I like my grandpa likes fish and he’s legitimately good at it I would rather that’s really good.
I never really called The Green Thumb is for gardening so I don’t know what you call it for a fish the fish the fish song,
Anglers ain’t got no it’s like if there was a,
at the government ethics panel you know they check to make sure prisons are in abusing their prisoners when they catch and release stuff or whatever I would feel that outfit fail the fish version is my fish bite.
Come back into the water that’s crazy they’re saying that.

[31:41] That this is actually because it’s fast that’s the key actually shocks the,
fish weigh less because then it’s just a few hours on the airplane as opposed to how they used to do it with like train cars and trucks and that that because they were getting moved around so much and between different containers in everything,
I guess that’s my theory anyway cuz I don’t go into a lot of detail.
That’s crazy alright will you play one of you have two choices you have aerial stocking Utah,
that’s right one they are playing is coming at all.

[32:34] I just carefully watching it now for a fish to like Fallout Sara Lance.
Find a fish part is like.

[32:47] Yeah and it happens fast that’s a that’s kind of cool I kind of want that job a little bit.
Dogs break up a cat fight yes I need this site is this there we go.
Good boys let fight break out okay so I’m seeing a video with a cat.

[33:18] And all of yours are cat all of these are linked in the show notes so what?

[33:27] And the cat put up with it so the golden retriever retrieve this cat by grabbing its its collar there every year,
and just like carried it back to the front door of the property is like,
no no you don’t get to fight with that other kid.
Because they didn’t want to talk to the other family so it’s like a Capulet Montague,
building on the wrong side of the tracks it’s the live-action remake of.
What’s the what’s the movie now I’m spacing West Side Story.
Oliver & Company the old Disney movie I think it’s just called Oliver Big Ass Fan company cuz it’s just Oliver that it doesn’t.

[34:37] This is with the guy that says I want some more.

[34:45] They chose the name Oliver because of Oliver Twist.

[34:53] Cuz it’s easy as an orphan in the story is Loosely based on Oliver Twist but this movie was.

[35:00] All american cheese specifically.
There we go it is Oliver & Company oh my gosh it is Oliver a couple different other day oh yes.
That’s a good That’s a classic one,
that it is your right there is a kid that one isn’t there or is he like business,
this perfectly nice homeless man it was every like New York stereotype Kramden one animated Adventure sunglasses at some point what should I wear.

[35:47] But I want to miss the police I was being chased by pick you don’t want to miss that no I don’t.

[35:57] Cape Coral Police Department such a bum rap,
it’s because they have very effective transparency laws so I’d like to point out that while we may mock Florida.
This crazy crap is happening all over the country they just capture more on this is the only state where they’re legally forced to allow you to show it interesting and yes,
you know Sioux Falls game body cameras Five Little Pigs.

[36:41] That’s it that’s the whole video just ask Ivan Chase for a little pig.
Now I don’t know what’s funnier after you watched it 5 times.

[36:56] He saying he saying the pit that’s not my words the pics are being chased by Little Pigs.
Five Little Pigs the pigs are being chased.
Is he buying into that cuz that’s so you don’t I don’t I don’t understand that that’s almost like a communist in Back to the police or the,
the authority to the pigs are referring to law enforcement as pics cuz it’s cold and I don’t know.
Where that comes from all right so there’s a news report start like this are you missing your monkey.
FYI Spencer.
Oh my God it doesn’t have a video this morning oh okay is skip the church sea turtle on the highway I thought might be innocent.

[37:58] Missing monkey turns up at McDonald’s in Sweden yes so.
Ticket McDonald’s us are just as the high standard as American McDonald’s for their yeah.
It’s funny cuz you’re making me think of is it Taco John’s or Taco Bell has got those ads with a monkey riding a dog that so.

[38:33] Am I joke with my siblings and stuff was just like okay I’ll just like the ad should just be we promised the monkey didn’t touch your feel like touching the food it grossed me out so bad.
My brother and his friend Tyler they have this for this tradition every other Saturday they go to Taco Bell or Taco John’s Taco John’s I think.
Use my food per person and they get really sick it’s like the Mormon version of getting wasted.
The bathroom’s pretty much occupied over the next day or so.
Yeah probably all right so giant lizard so did you hear the story because I found it a lot for animal stories I couldn’t get away from Seven lizard.
I know this is the first time seeing of it.

[39:40] See this one even has a news report in everything that you might I might send you an ad Fox News they like their ass.
But he looked outside,
water monitor breast staring into their home where is this,
and they let them loose,
I said becoming like an invasive species serious serious.

[40:28] Let’s see okay so this told ya so that. I will keep going to expire if we going to move this thing through I’m going to have to get down.
We’re at 42 so we’re good yet okay so let’s so have you heard the story about the snake Okay so I don’t know I’m not now.
There are certain religions predominant predominantly in the southern Southeastern part in United States that out of the Evan Japan movement,
do the snake thing have you eaten out I’m doubt it don’t mean to disparage anyone stay but this one’s always seem a little dangerous to me.
I on a fairly regular basis make reference to someone’s religion is snake Handler and.
This but this is a throwback to very old like second season Simpsons joke,
where a homeowner asks mow it you know like if he you know it’s just like you want to come to church or join my church or whatever and,
Rose like all side, it’s like I was born a snake Handler and I’ll die if they can’t answer and he holds up his hand in his got bite marks.
Got so distant I like the story I shouldn’t it just,
snake Handler so he’s doing this thing that hold up the snake and my brother saw this in Romania so this isn’t just United States they had Evan jellicle different religions in Romania their Promise Hospital Isaac.

[41:55] One of them was the Snake Eyes they gotten up there and so he had seen that one time in Romania so it’s not just the United States purchase a that’s so yeah he got Wings deadly snake during service gets bit.

[42:12] And it’s of course it’s an American abroad doing this just like anything to make our image that much worse overseas it’s like great job guys.
Dancing with the snake oh my gosh that is you want to be that sick if I was at stake I’d buy them to woohoo.

[42:39] Oh and in the ear,
snake is like seriously I bet you can you drop me now when I usually do the thing.
Bleeding hole home that I wonder the rattlesnake I mean cuz it instead of being the Venom that makes him bleed to like it’s got anticoagulant in there don’t believe.

[43:17] Possible I guess.
That’s always good man right in the lobe of the Year oh my gosh.
I feel bad for you that’s what happens when you get by a rattlesnake people.
Yeah sad conclusion snakes or bad snakes,
dad might so yeah they have that that’s the style of give it to James when my brother my brother who served a mission Romania he says this one sign and he doesn’t remember why we were there,
they were at one of these meetings where they do the snake and they do that they eat there they they preach but they preach like,
play The Heavy Metal rock, yeah.

[44:12] Did the old man.
It’s interesting because that’s Christianity it does that is just one facet of the religion religious tradition I guess.
I keep saying this I’m really curious I don’t like history of that like how that got started cuz how do you go from.
Anything to I’m going to handle deadly snakes.
I got episode of taboo or something on on Nat Geo yeah yeah after the lady that like eats only plates or something.
Yes all I do all I do all day is eat China plates.
So we we moving on to some random squirrel fact yes so this I can’t do this right.

[45:03] So for the ultimate animal stories look up stuff to blow your mind.
And lookups just typing stuff to blow your mind squirrels is there newest two episodes now that I can’t I’m just showing you the link what it looks like.
I left stuff to blow your mind it’s one of my favorite podcast,
it’s just about squirrels and the guys when they’re on it the host Robert Lee and Joe McCarthy was like yeah when we start that much to cover no it’s too.
About squirrel this fastening did you know Robert know that squirrels are carnivores.
Did you know that kind of did ya did you know that day okay you can go to the school.
Eat meat and I even squirrels will fight and eat a snake did you know that the squirrels eat snakes.

[46:01] Steak is on MLK I am clearly Miss truck contest.

[46:11] It makes sense cuz I mean a squirrel is kind of like.

[46:17] Yeah this whole fight is very Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

[46:25] So this is a poisonous weed at with that killed this week,
I don’t know that might have killed the squirrel so long wait till it’s dead but basically more so than attack another animal attack other animals especially usually ones are smaller than them,
snakes with the exception of whatever reason squirrels hate snakes like crazy I do know that.

[47:00] The squirrels are can be super super tough and vicious cuz just from squirrel hunting like trying to get them out of like a corn crib or something like that,
they are not to be screwed with,
naked like hurt you you’re relying on your rule background yes.
Got that they can get me in with when you’re like pain with them in it with nothing but a pellet gun in a in a corn crib,
this. This is an end this is not an acceptable you show if you haven’t.
Turn living under Rock Rick and Morty is a science fiction comedy,
gross out, he often TV show on Adult Swim which should be your red flag if it’s not in your wheelhouse swim Gala pretty much all in a stuff.
There’s a great episode there where they where he.

[48:09] Rick erases Maurice memories and so they think just look back at old memories that Rick’s rice and one of them,
well he just accepts Lane so he’s just come like,
find whatever is just like I’ve always wanted all the animals conversations are pretty mundane and what you’d expect like these are just like.

[48:34] Pollen for the queen bee to make honey and then get off just like stuff like that and then,
he comes up on a tree we’re here since like 3 Sinister figures talking and it turned out to be squirrels up in the tree and they’re just like I told you about reading elections in Venezuela new pope,
sorry about the stock market at manipulating the stock market,
agitating the oil price just like every kind of like backroom Illuminati scary conspiracy anything you can imagine all crammed into like three sentences,
Anna I love it when they’re just come like they look at me like what’s up with the little boy he looks like you got your s.

[49:18] Turn lights on.

[49:20] Get Andra Andrea on the phone we may have a Doolittle’s and it’s like more and more squirrel starts warming and,
going to have to leave the dimension forever because you messed with squirrels.
No objectively squirrels may be one of the most successful mammal species they are on every continent except Antarctica.

[49:53] So they’re like humans and we don’t think of them usually do we know where kids are like I’m Excuse world and then you become human.

[50:06] The squirrels don’t mess with squirrels that I know I don’t know why the world is so jaded I mean I like to stand out in the yard and pointed.
Why do we become so jaded.

[50:21] I died every now and then bird feeding sing a swirly food there is a little bit of enjoyment out of it I don’t know just everywhere,
I put these links in a pretty good order I think,
oh man this is Alex Jones.
Let’s do the this this one that I just listen to a podcast this morning that that played this were talking about at night I could not stop laughing at it so I got to hear it again,
it does that’s the whole lot that’s why it’s so funny is that it’s.
They won’t let you okay so there’s the image of all of the okay so you should be a video here here we go right wing watch it’s got it all right.
Call the wrecking ball to destroy any semblance
basic humans. He’s got all these got the body except the voice Feast of otters
undertale pets
sexist that there’s a male actually have a female cat.

[51:50] Kept talking about I don’t know I don’t know if this actually has.
Baby girl it’s worth it Demon Barber.
Alien from another planet
and I show up and they have their way with your children have their way across,
the difference between have their way at 3 2 story
even think of something picked up the chair I love it I love it see I’ve seen this this falls into the column of the like.

[53:02] Kiss this is all an act right cuz I mean like he doesn’t believe half of what he says and he’s just like he’s in a retainer I mean pedal like.
When he was in that custody battle for his kids or whatever oh yeah that’s what rice is attorney which is like two theories that,
that’s almost it sounds so,
freaking credible remember there was a movie Jim Carrey played this famous comedian that was on taxi and then you disappeared I don’t watch.

[53:36] And there was he was making the case that yes Alex Jones,
Sam I wish I could move up the name for you Andy Kaufman somehow became like you took took down that Persona and he took up the Alex Jones persona.
Well I don’t know if it’s Annie Kaufman time I’m going to say any Kaufman sounds right it’s an odd it was one of those.
Old is Bill Hill hey sorry because if you look at Bill Hicks like pictures of him and stuff looks like.

[54:15] I don’t know what ti makes me want to believe it almost.
Is your like Alex Jones you cannot you cannot seriously believe his facial structure is wrong though there’s there’s like bones and his face that are not plastic surgery Rick plastic surgery.
That’s why you can’t drink a Robert saki I get too much into this stuff you can’t change like the shape of the eye hole of the skull you can’t leave behind the skull down to do that and not go blind so.
I want.
I I I like Mulder want to believe but I don’t think it’s that if it is him he hasn’t aged either which is,
would be weird.

[54:59] Some people don’t eat at on a cruise that’s on Route on a cruise so well that’s another song.
I give you credit for that okay so yeah so completely.

[55:24] It was a page to a pornography site Eclipse cuz it’s it’s could be the funniest thing we play if I can find it here so Alex Jones.
Cool and I think Robert your problem is you’re more in the camp it seems that wants to feel sad for Alex Jones.
Like you like this poor man he’s got mental illness why do they keep letting go out every time the headline for Rolling Stone.
Pornstar Alex Joseph.
Oh oh oh this isn’t even the story this is a totally different thing.
Recite me there really is a pornstar named Alex cuz this is like 3 weeks ago but it’s like all of that would be a weird that is weird.
I got that’s a subject I don’t like talking very much about.
Anyhow so yeah and I’m here is the.

[56:29] Video of the top hat this morning podcast I was listening to.
Epic whip darn it.

[56:47] Audio discrete radio me another Robert mailing podcast recommendation top hat.

[56:58] Yeah it’s okay I listen to it because I wasn’t last podcast on the left,
and it’s the same guys and so sometimes it’s good sometimes. Is if they going on topic I don’t care for it’s one that I will lick this week I’m going to skip it but this morning I didn’t have any other anything left in the queue that was like burning.
Meet and I’m so glad I clicked on that episode and heard that clip that’s Jones are you going little too nice.

[57:29] I was maybe maybe crook Crooks and Liars.

[57:35] Everybody has everybody.
Ram’s Horn on your phone that’s all they keep talking about.
And then I saw this article about that is ridiculous I was like looking up some fire today on air,
showing it to everybody because I couldn’t a URL up in the studio,
then like something pops and like all my God I looked at it wasn’t the news blurted out cuz it was nothing there
hey Bart it to them say something was there and you watch it with some porn than you I probably had porn videos pop up 500 times on my phone so I appreciate your calling.
Insane ladies and gentlemen there’s two types of people people that look at porn and people that lie about it,
but I wasn’t looking for her on my phone I don’t take phones on there that I look at porn on I saw that I didn’t respond to it I mean I respond to happy attacks on me,
the Amazon has the Viagra ads the weird not plastic bag as are taking my iPhone over 500 didn’t used to be that bad like Androids.

[58:51] Okay so therefore second cuz it’s the logic I’m doing quotes in the air so.
There’s only two types of people people who lie about not looking at porn on their phone and people look at porn on their phone.

[59:07] But I wasn’t looking so basically saying everyone looks at everybody looks at porn on their phone and then immediately says I don’t look at porn on my phone.
It’s one of those like one of us always lies and one of us always tells the truth makes it just the liar and so it’s like so then he says that.
Then he starts making worksheets about how everyone has porn pop up on their phones,
at yeah just this is a reporter for CNN.

[59:46] Yeah I don’t understand is a bogus excuse searching a higher a new hire,
who wants to bet I just see this goes back to Bill Hicks there I think Alex Jones does this on purpose I think he’s drunk,
because I mean think about the last 2 years how many times Alex Jones got his face.

[1:00:11] I mean he should be someone that nobody knows he should because he is Pierce Morgan know who Alex Jones was until,
he did that thing on Piers Morgan show where y’all went on live on national television and basically said that if you try to take our guns,
I’m your 1776 is going to commence in basically like.

[1:00:37] All but advocating for like violence in the streets and stuff like that on national television and so then everybody noticed him in so than that like.
Get off it’s like pierced his rivalry with Piers Morgan.
Basically like created him as a national figure cuz I don’t think like that you know I don’t think Trump would know who he was if he hadn’t like blown up to the point that he was getting talked about on Fox News and bigger news outlets.
That’s interesting well here’s the other thing so everyone,
what Mima can spend a center for years before that he was a decorated Poway Force pilot,
and the torture he went through and I talked about how like the first time I ever followed him was when he was running against George W bush back in the day oh wow and.
There was a big expose about him and Newsweek.
And I remember I probably was only like 15 or 16 but I remember there was a really weird looking photo of him or he was just sitting there awkward while someone was doing his hair for him.

[1:01:41] And then the caption blow just off hand mentions that,
yeah mr. McCain can’t lift his arms above his head anymore because of the nerve damage he suffered from,
being like tortured both his legs and they never really healed right yeah and then,
we are in a previous show here we had a guest who is friends with a guy who are spoken with a guy from Iowa from the Air National Guard from was a pilot from Iowa.
Who actually was in the wow Hilton with John McCain that’s pretty amazing and yeah and I was just telling me some more stories that about it so it’s like that and sleep.
Let this guy was like not he’s like,
wouldn’t be a big fan of John McCain’s politics but he’s like I still think he’s like an outstanding Great American Hero you know that,
in my family they was when it was during that time we was with Sarah Palin and I have my doubts cuz McCain was not my choice back then that oh wait time I was more than Romney scam.

[1:02:54] It was 10 years ago,
I mean it is true no matter what you think of me came up to the point they got in the appointment by Hilton cuz there’s some arguments make it. Jones makes it here.
And I’m really gross Manor I mean how we handle that he was offering to let go you think about that key they basically said will end the pain you can go back.
And he said no I’m going to stay here cuz he knew we be used for for PR,
that’s amazing I don’t how would you do that he was think about that she was stuck in a 10 by 10 windowless room for years with with a foreign enemy I just think about that,
you know like.

[1:03:44] The whole like my dad’s and Admiral thing that wouldn’t get you like better special treatment if anything I’m guessing the guards were like way worse on him than anybody just because pure like hatred of the poop you know the.
The son of an admiral Bubba boss what was extra juicy to like hit him and stuff and just yeah.
Waris terrible yeah I read on my podcast just a little tiny xrp had wrote from Newsweek five six years ago. Just first person.
And it was heated ready Freeman it was right and years and years ago but they published again yeah it’s it’s incredible,
incredible all right so I know this sounds weird but here I want to listen to Alex Jones High Praise don’t you think that like we can put them on the ball,
is that actually has the video okay and I say you can base. Good first three or so minutes okay hold on.
This is this is a trick this is how you give a tribute the people see this is why I laugh at.

[1:04:48] Your Truth uncensored.
Discovered real doctor he has an ad.
Ladies and gentlemen John McCain is dead he’s the man that should have probably should have ran for vice president Hillary Clinton leader.

[1:05:16] He’s a man who generally voted with Democratic party just part of the Keating five the other four were all Democrat Senators caught helping Swindle 500 billion dollars,
the Savings and Loan crisis,
at that point he became the darling the Democrats because he helped covered it up famous leave admitted that Becky famously said that it would be on his Tombstone what he did.
For the Keating five because the buses were involved as well and President Bush was the president then Herbert Walker Bush was also involved in a junior capacity to McCain and the other Keating five he got off scot-free,
she look up those quotes from Cain said he will be on his.
Trisha said I’m going to take the high road here on John McCain John should know if you are really August 29th 1936 August 25th,
2018 use only three days short of his 83rd birthday ladies ring with a figure with conservatives a nationalist.
Trump had people that were in the Hanover Hill famous Naval aviators.
And our media aviators you name of the we’re going to help with a saying that he was taking care of the VIP area,
because he was basically a traitor and they call him Songbird McCain.

[1:06:37] You know that his father was a famous Admiral head of the Pacific Fleet is grandfather and even more famous Admiral please a big blue blood like Robert Mueller with the bushes are others that come from railroad families you name it.

[1:06:50] That shitt I want to say that I want his soul hopefully rest in peace I don’t wish.
Death on anybody I don’t wish hell anybody except maybe child molesters and,
name of the torture tapes he was turned in there later he is laying out on the ship watching children court-martial but got away with it and he was a pretty good pilot overall the heated fly over combat zones at scud missiles,
at the end of Sam missile shot at.

[1:07:19] I mean obviously some level head and car engine you to check quote a hero,
he acted just like his father and just like his grandfather in the ones before him super Elite families of all the how many times did Alex Jones get shot at by Foreign and put in there because they are corrupt,
show the real eulogy here in ml of the Democrats for the side of a loved in the last decade she threw an election to Obama they hated him,
happy McCain Keating five you are now under cutting their entire argument by saying that Democrats left him Democrats
all right I think that’s what I’ve heard enough
yeah that’s true it’s a lot to tell you I said three missiles,
goodness gracious he called him Songbird McCain traitor,
I don’t know how much worse you could you could get from Sunbird I mean that is like that’s the lowest of the low.
He was just short of calling McCain like a serial killer I got. I’m not sure you could have gone much lower than that.

[1:08:38] Joy this is so now you know why I don’t deserve Alex Jones what it do.
Yeah and then his treatment of the the Sandy Hook victims is just right as right.
Victims the families of victims have had to change their names and move it gets they did have a successful suit I don’t remember if I don’t know where that,
I don’t care even if they even if they got 10 million dollars if you had a child by and then had to like,
Hoover change your name after the child died because people were like calling you in the middle of the night to tell you if they were to come kill you I don’t care.
Whatever whatever he has to pay them it’s not enough alright so.
Okay alright so funny let’s go with let’s do it first you do that I have three YouTube watches for you okay do the first one the second one.

[1:09:42] Now I mean I’m against the censorship about stars born on January.
This is internet Legend So if you don’t know Alex Jones and.
Would you be willing to play it out to suffer a little bit more inanity.
Jacob’s Ladder.
Friendships in the trips they get the trips special lock screen ships in the tricks.

[1:10:23] Ballerinas of gay bomb I gave up on.
Look it up yourself I mean this is what they’re what do you think we’re doing bomb ever took off as much as the frogs,
I’m not saying people that naturally have homosexual feelings I’m not even getting into it quite frankly I mean hit me up already,
do you understand that,
that is that is still one of the best it’s funny that’s 3 years old now it still makes me laugh in the stairs okay so here we go.

[1:11:09] But we’ll take it yeah yeah it’s the music
size of weather animal talk to you,
That’s pretty funny you like that is amazing have you seen that before I don’t think I’ve seen that one I’ve seen like.

[1:12:25] Oh there’s some log that’s kind of like the onion but not really that does funny videos once in awhile there really eclectic,
TV. Version of that but it was not that one that one is way better than the one I saw all right this is our this is our last video that way all animal videos we got through the fish we got through the,
the pig chasing the police officer that was pretty handsome for a special I’m sure it’s kind of disappointing the office.
Still adorable though it was it was a cute pig was like a mean Pig.

[1:13:03] Alright so this is and this one’s really dick to this one.

[1:13:11] I want to see him fishing hot ones.
construction jobs
I wish I could make these kind of videos if you didn’t
all right yeah the weird ending we can chill out there unless you want to watch watch Hillary Clinton pop out of the wall.

[1:14:34] Project scare there you go that was awesome that was wasn’t that great that was great.

[1:14:44] And if you’re into that do you know who called who is p o g o I think I’ve I’ve seen his videos before Pogo is awesome pug is a favorite of mine he does stuff like that but he’s like the top you like the best at it.
If you like Rick and Morty and you like those are there’s a guy named cheer toe.
As in like Crescendo but with shirt this is like c h e r t o yeah I think that’s spelled or really close to that but,
he does that with every episode of Rick and Morty and what’s fun is that when the new seasons are going,
he does it as the episodes come out so literally like 3 days of anything Rick and Morty comes out he puts out a music video with a whole like original song generated from the voice clips and some some of them are like really good songs,
so you have to check that out a lot of fun here today too.
So please remember to keep your frogs from turning gay,
and to Wifey or squirrels and bees release their problems that’s just true.

[1:16:00] Have a great week everybody and we will see you all,
going to send us off yeah thank you so much for watching the happy warrior program if you wish to darken our doors share comment stories anything,
you going to email us at Pete at happy – where you’re done that that’s Pete Pete at happy warrior.
Thank you for listening and you have a great.

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