Happy Warrior 028 Call-Out Culture


Happy Warrior 028 Call-Out Culture
The Happy Warrior Podcast
Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke
Produced by Robert Mehling
Voice Over by Dave Holly
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If you’ve been watching any media lately you might think we’re a nation on the brink. Deep division with real issues do divide us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors and civil in our discourse. Enter Peter Vaughn Pischke, our happy warrior host who wants to speak out for the right but do so in positive way that builds up instead of tearing down. Join him and producer Robert Mehling as they explore today’s political issues, with plenty of random tangents in between.
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Machine Transcript
[0:24] Hello everyone this is the happy warrior podcast with your host computers also sometimes known as happy where your pizza.
It’s nice to be here with you today i apologize for getting this recording is relates my health hasn’t been great i just been struggling with a lot of chronic pain issues again.
As always it seems i just weather not all host of things me even when i said down record this evening our car in front my house decide to have a crash.
And all the cars could try to help with the wheel still parked out there right now,
i don’t know what’s wrong with the car am i covered people trying to help now so i think there wanna tell otherwise i’d offer my expertise except i know very little about cars.
I’m so this episode made me not be the full ninety minutes i like to try it.
I’m so they get there a guest or if it doesn’t it doesn’t but i hope to get out the things that i feel the need to be said i hope that i can enlighten,
any form of education and some of the issues underlying philosophy are going on in the world right now
i’m in the big push when i was like you want to talk about this week’s episode came with all that dumb stuff with the commercial that everyone and their dog is talking about,
i don’t want to totally rehab because everyone else in the commercial on the scene two three four five ten takes on the commercial.

[1:52] It real is them yet to see if it is defective sometimes these very left politically correct dad’s work and sometimes they don t know what the nike call you cap stuff that worked there so it does sometimes,
any other other time to think procter and gamble all day tryin two thousand seventeen with a similar ad for a product for women.
Add a new wish for a place to call an uber t and it didn’t do very well.

[2:20] So it can go either way we as of yet to see it i think this is something we see more of get the july add doesn’t take it maybe even in spite of it take and i think we’ll see more of this political pan drink,
the idea behind the plot is pretty simple,
it isn’t just hold any publicity is good publicity it also lets make people use our product anymore
by making a polarized product so while the past complete with many different brands of razors people point out their great ten bucks a month or less like harrys
dollar shave club in july in make people polarized want to protect the brand and buy the brand
you help people elected stand up and vita brand of thinking make it polarized.
This is again important because again know if the gimbal pay i think you’d really screwed me up big time if this doesn’t really bring new people to buy the product and you just turned off a whole lot of people on the right as well.
So we’ll see i don’t like it because its work culture war garbage i’m so tired of the culture war i really really am.

[3:32] I’ve been tired for the culture for a long time and i want those people that saw from the last jedi was just awful movie and recognize that was the forefront and the one i was like why.
Why do we have to bring the culture war to star wars is that really necessary but apparently it wipes,
can i go on about that particular subject that i want in ear when on the ad and online slots behind it which is the best time to probably heard it,
initiate everywhere it was effecting my future plot point in the ghostbusters two thousand sixteen,
plot line all that was an awesome movie too i yes that is the word toxic masculinity and toxic masculinity and alcohol the whole pieces of our society,
how are people in academia people and psychology people in industry.
Have come out in the cold war against the side against the side of the of toxic masculinity.

[4:34] And that s a concern if you can probably guess where i go when i think to some extent you be right,
yes i am bothered by this not exactly what i see people who want to frame this is that conservatives have a problem with this because it puts on men,
and the people within society of women and thats not can you dislike your flat look at it but it’s not not accurate there’s more to it.
Mascot many men have a value.
Are you really batman have a man acting with shari with the crease men using their strength to defend their.
This is masculinity as a positive inside it possible to amend society you know we talked about environmental.
If you take a species assistant manager lol.
Amen organism are you know any assistance would like when the rain for chapel the rain rain forest trees down right they say we have no how is that cause everything that,
tell to the combo is the have all kinds of problems or like you get rid of the you get rid of the honey you can numerous,
i’m examples environmental side to go with well our society is an ecosystem is well families are microwave.
Ecosystems my cousin a society and they were fine then acting well.

[6:01] No i agree.

[6:03] That you can take the ad as well this is just want to be positive this is just a memory better go away from a positive will you can go half
glass full half glass empty this was a half glass empty approach to that um any business goes back twelve is it about toxic masculinity,
goes back all the way back to when even earlier it’s something we refer to as the blink
slate foul see the blank slate which pops up every couple of decades someone you want to go back to the stadium they week a reorganized society we can change the fundamental nature,
that’s humanity weekend straightened we can stream that timber of humanity.
As i’m drunk all lights to and it’s because of the blank slate excite pharmacy assembly that’s people are born
with new software they’re just a person you can program with the right,
teaching and racing to be anything you wanted to be but there is no characteristics home and no-one characteristics a woman know when a characteristics of a child new characteristics of the human being.

[7:12] I wanna take kids know the snooze this is complete order gone,
you know that kids come with their own feelings and beliefs and you have to teach them and then raise them n turn them in adult human being cyrus.
Okay i’m a nice guy who i love very much is the scream during dinner time now if we never cracked that behavior she’s going to scranton with dinner time and being awful to live with.
Is that just something she came with defective on arrival,
set the blink to see something that pops up very frequently especially in philosophy russo was a french philosopher you believe that you everywhere man is in chains is the side that truly maternity,
maternity is slavery and that would only truly happy when we’re in our basic animal nature in the wild
what was result and the marks and hey they had all kinds of crazy ideas but they also know that the that you could organize society because the organize the idea comes from,
the blank slate.
Okay thanks a fantasy just doesn’t hold water you can you can you look at any animal did this come with a certain temperament to become a certain characteristics and behaviors are more likely to happen because of their breeder nature.

[8:34] U can’t get around that’s just science that talks am asking any issues that man.
Did the tc snow there’s either to take this right ear one man come toxic previous post,
man just come toxic remember what you do they just come talk to previous posts or too mentally are toxic because the RAS to be talking let add if i had to take gas is coming from that angle.

[9:01] No this isn’t new i mean even last year of icenter article that said masculinity is toxic and how all the world’s promise to do if the city of man.
No this isn’t uncommon focus is on the left these days is very popular to go till i am sad for that because i think that the left
most of all needs to re learn the value of math and i just got done watching um um the pacific and band of brothers.
Yo the world war two tv shows me by hbo in the early middle ages.
Beautiful that is the definition of masculinity man that is brad doing stand for their beliefs the standard fight for freedom yet they put their lives on the line for the sake of others masculinity,
no when are soldiers stephen your freedoms your most often more often than not special or infantry there man.

[10:02] And doing this is a sign of the mascot is there is positive masculine enough to let me in their masculinity yes yes there most certainly it’s i,
give us if you met people that you know are just,
toxic derek wolfe that are bullies that’s only part of that but also think toxic masculinity is meh never shown how to channel the energy news is man u a boy why you
become and had to learn new things to learn how to channel your energy when you cannot be angry with me when u can not use for u ok.
When is the tax when will you contact me to come to you but you cannot puncture sister.
As much as she make you feel that way by the time in boys often have these feelings of aggression and have to be tied where to put that aggression towards.

[10:55] I’m being a man is a great thing for society really yes,
not doing it i don’t think a man or a woman are better than each other because you need food and water will help is needed many women.

[11:09] Okay you can just go with one and expect a positive outcome and i’m all kinds of stats i would like to go into this.
It’s just fascinating how crazy this is become,
i think you are when you want to talk about this more was with the american psychological association decide
two i don’t know how i don’t know a lot about history for american psychological association let me know if i need a reading about it some but i can tell you are the top of my head anything by red.
But they decided to jump into the culture war debate beautiful front of and it’s kinda scary because people that subscribe to this psychologists the end that one,
they’re learning material for american psychological association that’s kind of dangerous thing but its not marks this feature,
they believe that the reason men are broken is because of masculinity is order of x-men you have to fix the toxic masculinity,
where did you use to have them act like well essentially like women rights of things like big tree yes is good to stop train is good enough.
Have them eat her ass mann bro i think that’s a problem that.

[12:24] I accepted that comes from any and challenge ban on ground help yeah i think there is places where i think the right.
What find immensely i think we are there we wil because we basically put it is you have to make a man embrace of eminem.

[12:44] And values in society their mass more masculine some more fun when i think your nerves often very feminine value.
What protection is a mask and and the people need some of it’s not only in the family but you person.
Wholesale to see that man is broken because he doesn’t exhibit the exact same behavior as a woman.
Is is ridiculous and is really gonna screw up men need help now more than ever.

[13:14] I think what’s why this is games,
it’s because united states single mother who has never been stronger i think we have more adolescence men without a father figure in their life than ever before.

[13:29] I think that we there are men that don’t know how to function the don’t know how to stay with family but don’t know how to hold on i don’t know how to stand up for pits things and stand against bad things.

[13:43] I think there’s a problem no it when the big caviar to have with this is that we just have to pretend.

[13:51] Man the victor abuses of society min.
Are these victims is that some old idea just how much send it stroke men are physically stronger,
on average a man in your life you can have if you have people you have to pass this physical exam you won’t be a firefighter mandy moore better get me all the pass the women in the course there many men the one past i d probably be me physically i am a weak link,
nope that is just that’s the way you are by logic built.

[14:23] So no way that man you have any advantage of women n.
Have any ideas that women tend suicidal and behavioral abuse more often then,
i’m i have no this is fantastic sa by megan mcdonald,
dial long for magazine medium it’s called hashtag need to survive unless you recognize toxic toxic femininity i just read a little bit from it’s a what’s a good read i recommend everyone rated.
I make you think about this at all just jump in the beginning and it says press your hands.
If you ever pay by labeling your appearance so i can speak to that the raise your hand if your help was the face of an unpleasant not physically demanding task with the wild animals outside task this is the way in german is the concept called the welcome sean
what is you acting competition on purpose you are acting company you enjoy it.

[15:21] That’s what you mean who trespass if you can enjoy that she decides she just wants someone else to do with it
very elton john i really don t request from and interest taxi no you don’t really like raise your hand if you are with your liberty duke word course
minimize feel lucky every time to get raise your hand if you were thrown behind yourself a man breaks up to just want to see u anymore raise your hand if you been physically with a male partner,
no you wolf unlikely to face any legal consequences raise your hand to feel about being on birth control effective pregnancy preferably divorce child custody is your favorite by far is instant.

[15:59] Man has been abused your child,
that last one i do know it happens and i say that’s less about toxic femininity event is about the yeah,
where is it in santa fyi this is a divorce east to make abuse about each other add status the dreadful terrible thank you.
Add the artist read the next paragraph stop there for now this type of gathering of every woman i’ve ever encountered
i am imagining the feel football stadium capacity i’m sorry there’s not a single one of those questions answer honestly will send some hands,
including i know i’m guilty of the best on the pest control front i don’t want to think too hard about some of the others.

[16:46] It’s a fantastic so it was this one and make an essay by mcallister if you can not cancel my number
i can’t think of the name right now because something rather then both went into like what colour the stats but man woman here the staff when behave badly forget when we feel we have to confirm man over their bad behavior well we have to be able to confront,
women’s screw up and make things worse you are a bunch of ways women do make things worse even time had no opinion piece
halt the surprising truth about women in violence.
No i think that’s all going to finish is there is will the speed the magnet far more violent acts that woman can just be in the crime became for nineteen percent no murder study published in account for nearly eighty percent,
but whenever explain the high levels of male violence biology culture about the fact that sprint directed primarily at other meals,
twenty two men were the victim in almost four hundred five homicide two thirds of operation on domestic.
Aggravated assaults family internet relationships the one year of MS of identify the battleground in the warmer months are awesome the room which we most likely to be violent.

[18:01] Not just a response to aggression more towards children elders family relatives,
partners and non violent a man according to a study published in journal of family violence
they are both of studies and surveys show that women often can be just as abusive as men is not an automatic situation i either stephen of asad with that
hit that then the weather isn’t the syndrome called mean girl syndrome that their studies about how girls use relation aggression,
hurt people you were they tell rumours were the make someone’s life a living hell because they re going to win are the very possible exception of your password is always some women are.
No least one or two that we’re like this and this is just remind me that men typically ordered know there are men that road thank go to relation or aggressive but.
It’s more often the payment.

[18:59] Put what we can’t get away around it i need a many comments the most horrific crimes.
Which is sexual assault a minimum of twenty one but in children dislike wine from talking lol ten ways to sexual predators assault.

[19:17] And it freak you out in two thousand ten CDC stay review them and we would be made to pay rate nearly identical levels.
You’re just the stats from two thousand thirteen interview the quality of the new definition rape and sexual violence the shocking three eight percent of victims are male,
and that is never afraid to like men on men women and men,
in twenty thirteen a study published in the pediatrics clinic with such offenses to find similarly jeff how the famous campus study friend,
i forced kissing and the like in the standing fifty two percent of meals and four eight percent of email summary et comment sexual violence least once in their lives.
Two thousand this one freaks me out any of you who have experiance inside yeah now sister particularly yeah yeah.
Sorry jimi is the time now st pats race a present system and i got you if you experience american juvenile system this is shocking comments think two thousand eight two thousand nine cc report revealed that the american woman is.

[20:21] Message me up with ninety five percent of staff members and molested incarcerated miners were females.
We have a study for nineteen eighty eight when does a sixty two percent of men who experienced unwanted sexual intercourse in your eyes compared to forty six point three percent of women.
And person wrote this article says what if you don’t like the statistics don’t park it me or us government in the journal of the american medical association.

[20:52] I like cats and appreciate being detail to the list despite great i’m getting ready can be a thing by women while they are eight people when there any concerts are asleep gun point nine fm.
Snap inc that to south africa i don’t know i want to read too much into a guys,
incest statutory rape false imprisonment date rape drugs okay here’s the thing.

[21:20] Blink blinks leave policy find out if we give this away is that.
Well all things being equal we can just train people whatever they want to be inside you think the man are the problem.
When i get off scott free when are the angels define men are the biggest problems and this is the premise behind the jihad on the,
i’m not talking to any portion is behind all this is that men are bad women are good i know that sounds like a mega right wing fantasy.
I got okay i got it here’s the truth the statistics a women commit justice awful things this man.
Any know why it’s not masculinity vs feminine anything i think its humanity thing yes ma’am any on channel can leave me and meant to make a stupid decision.
I agree put some extent also femininity on channel and just to humanity on channel.
Lead women and men commit horrible horrible acts of violence.
And aggression and just evil stuff.

[22:38] And i don’t know how you can make this push in the clutch are wore can you just use a one side deal sites good no no one’s allowed
help people are gonna come out the better for this
no it’s it’s still set-off and it said that no fair rate your software problem with a pool in our society where they welcome and really u really wanted it n u don’t think this is what i think about the story if you have a man.
Who has your age sex is a teacher’s email teacher is a great sex with the high school or medical school female.
You wanna put that guide in prison for the rest of your life you’re a man that your daughter you want to talk.
Are you did you have to be stopped from killing him now fuck that woman high school high school teacher is a female.
She has relations with them why it high school or middle.
Or do you know what you think he never received this shipment.

[23:40] No it is the least biased people i would really want it released exciting fantasy yahoo.
You can really mess people up is wrong who is doing it it’s,
adjust driving crazy lol this culture war garbage drives me crazy because i just what’s really going on that many women can’t be bad because humidity can be bad.
Yes there any characteristics on channel and i’m taking care of can lead us to make bad choices and can’t hurt people.
What also our base software based hard base hardware,
no you have windows ten windows comes on your computer will the humidity away is that the human computer the human person when they come to this world if it does get just a human can do really stupid things
which other would have a lot of lives that is what frustrates me about all this.

[24:43] And the people on the right that want to make a circle men vs women and you know we’ll get the iphone have time for that either no time for that either i want truth and honesty not once in the culture war over,
i think that something your proud sometimes gets raw.
But i think the more good than harm and i think those energies the magic crowd have can be channel towards freedom and liberty.
Yeah the count towards good men for sure heat off and its not.
Hi what you got my take those are my thoughts i would like to order i want two degree in SA.
That was quite moving and getting a second the first someone to play three seconds catch a breath.
Read my two things i have for you move to the next subject no will go from there this is the happy warrior program happy warrior painting.

[25:37] Music.

[26:24] Hey i am back wanted the reasons i’m hurting so much besides the weather here in my home state of south dakota is there i had my wonderful
good enough my name is lena and she brought along with the garage her mom and dad which did my printer change when his wife jirga.
I’m confused james birthday and so we have a small me a twenty four hour period where we hang out my house what’s all the star wars movie are we playing the red house painters best i could even though i hurt me.
I feel it was important to do so you can do the one the issues i have.

[27:04] What are the things about my disability disease everyone call.
Makes touching very hard i can i can give you their money days where i can have someone touch my shoulder if i am given permission what’s your hand tell me if the don’t touch anything and clean off
is off is very hard existence especially playing devil’s very dark.
I’m not important to me to give that time energy doing.
Because i love her i want to see u happy but u because science shows that it is very important for children and their property development.
Rough housing time with dad and they are male relatives and there many sales like what i first became aware this phenomenon.
From the mirror the feeling of the american mind by dropping hi kraig talked about the book a bunch of times now and its amazing but it very,
it can’t be what i think is very widespread talk about education children but then you talk about that’s very important for this particular meal children for children general did the have time,
turn off house with dad.
And i have just one example i would like product from a dr to mail yours which is a cool website that i found fun stuff you a bunch of times it asked about you know what this is about re housing you know that you let add.

[28:33] Dear is the square model me about rough housing in the manner in their grills sublime and the other girls kinda like raman the last jedi,
which is that our is just a bunch of hurt and aug race too cool to actually have a dark side whenever and the kids rough housing in their guy comes in so you knock that off,
set of house.
Will add him and gamble that is not what science says site says the complete opposite in fact in fact it is you should’ve let those kids red house.

[29:09] Only know there is research that we have says that there are benefits from it here just six benefits of rough housing with your kids springs.
I want rough housing with your kids make some smoothie tips for app and start with your pants makes your kids smarter.
Psychologist anthony pellegrino is founded and the amount of having children engagement predict he meant in first grade better than kindergarten test scores due.

[29:39] The first thing you will face you look at test from kindergarten.
And what actually better be a project better predict when category is how much time to get to roundhouse back at home.

[29:52] Please spark colormix your kid more resilient resume to ski and children’s intelligence resume can’t stand to see family more the challenge to overcome rather than an event that to find them.
The story of intellectual resilience helps insure your children balance from bad grades a gif dump the great to keep trying to tell him mastered the topic.

[30:13] You should be making stones the actually read is the brain for learning neuroscientist and found in the study human brains send out of rough and tumble play increase the brightness level chemical called.
A brand new tropical factory PDF,
helps your own growth in the parsing responsible for memory logically higher learning skills necessary for academic success
yeah i know they say that so it’s not only that kind of intelligence but it’s many different kinds of intelligence including social intelligence,
i had no,
research shows no there be ghosts in here talk about how people who have concerns that if i want to run out of his home when is,
i know the science behind is the opposite of house is it actually makes people more socially intelligent,
is dr stuart brown and expert on play.
Is that quote the lack of experience with play hampers the normal kevin take necessary for social master eight has been late with poor control of violent impulses later right.
That’s right wrestling around and play fighting tears laid doesn’t turn into the next ten months i love manchester fight.

[31:30] When is it going to the top of housing between the difference,
between play and aggression i put this is more simple way to put it is this is your kid boundaries this dude is your pain how far they can go
not only were their own physical boundaries are they can take themselves in a relationship when is refusing to rough,
no we’re broke housing with you brother is your ass doing on the ground and you component i think you will you push too hard with the carefree the new released should i went to far i made a mistake if you watch puppies play,
and this swim when i raise puppies you watch them as they cannot expect with each other and see how far they can go give insulin pump and get to to much.
And deposit back of you know i don’t okay love mom place with something else can take a break.

[32:23] Event that’s good it teaches children what’s the time about taking turn the teachers kids about cooperating rough housing is really great for kids,
no that talk about rough housing teaches kids morality rough housing teach your kids about being physically active enjoyed being full of family feeling active men and loose my breathing back to the mil relationships,
rough housing bill to father children bonds email this is produced and i am worry about if i ever am lucky enough in this life to have kids with how many nfl this part because this is that,
rough housing from many of the people of this investment a childhood was.

[33:02] Brighten the horse for what is the spacing playing rough housing with dad know where that carries you wanna shoulders like a horse you would you like a old west horse thing no it’s bad.
I feel drowsy is tough and i am feeling kind of pain from that right now after everything stays like it just tells me how important the simple things are in family life and how my how big is the impact to have at home.
Who won the sad side effects of society will now have the kids.

[33:35] You have received this many single mothers raise your kids his world many boys never get this many girls never get this particular is that goes back to where i talked about masculinity being need to be in chat channel.

[33:52] No hey.
Does concern me it does concern me here’s the other thing i wanted to talk about see if i can get what’s the plan.

[34:06] I just reload the article okay this is from AOL.

[34:11] Not when i go through to a live but another one for am i your web site,
add this is a fantastic sci sure with some family members of mine after i read it and move them till it’s called the marvel of the
it’s amazing to be that same time is it in the stuff from the light comes out this article comes out that is what i say that’s not convinced that this is it’s amazing
it’s amazing is your oldest read the first paragraph go me but won’t get this first paragraph pretty much gets you give me the basic idea.
What separates us from my fellow weight is a question that rightly or wrongly distracts anthropology periodically through discussion will be focused on language his creativity
the remarkable abilities ten minutes early case the two jackets go the panthers within the top exclusively human last turn onto the cognitive behavior a believer primate cousins increase the divide between us and then becomes more blurry,
thing about the extent and complexity rather than document off the present or absent author.

[35:16] Take to production gym so i get it selecting stocks jesus fish when dipping for months but the building is limited so there’s no rapid form amendment development as with the case with humans.
There is one aspect of human behavior they need to what’s what is really the focus of these discussions.
So necessary is the straight to the survival of your species that under pin buying expensive,
inter web in logical psychological and behavioral systems evolved over passed the half million years until ten years ago will need black to try to understand this trait.
Do you do the misguided assumption that was of no significance indeed that was dispenser bl district is human father hood.

[36:03] Hey does emily spring to my new symptom added the overwhelming need black to this key figure in our society it isn’t so fantastic i would recommend if your parent play any fear a damn ticket please read it.
Um it’s it’s it’s it’s really is a beautiful is a data scientist what scientific AI like there is a switch kinda mix the science,
without with more contemporary english writing you know of a virgin be like what i’m use to be before hat,
salay political umm you know where has this makes scientific subjects need more sense i can put them in the lame and level.

[36:47] Why do you have a new my bachelor of my bachelor is the bachelor science II can read many scientific studies trying to figure out make it make sense on paper and explain its simply isn’t always easy,
i think it’s one thing or understand some thing it’s another to repeat explain it to others.
What makes this different than the champs what bae different types very important way.
Is he mad many animal species they just leave the coop to cure often sometimes we see with like a lion.
How do i eat believe the children are just crazy stuff man is there an art acting as father’s.
You my dawg jingle bell me rest in peace he was truly special about the second litter of pups he was actually pretty active dad.

[37:41] Believe in self what about his dad built date when do we was hardly anything compared to what
snow belt from mom yes i know very creative names i should know the word basically he would just play with them,
let me see if like everything fails i am clean and accurate would allow what a fine i would love to talk about the subject another time its a great memory a half.
Man father hood is a rare trait,
yes it’s very rare trait i miss you know the time when the sun is a farther so critical to survival our children are species that evolution is not left to believe for the role the chance.
Like mother’s father seven shade by evolution by biological psychological and behavioral e-prime to put parent.
We can no longer see that mother instinct father is learned.

[38:36] I have been altered i talk about this i love my yep my brother his wife and you can very clearly.

[38:47] And i’ve been very impressed by the impress by james james i don’t have much of a father figure growing up.

[38:56] How old he is instinctively know what is the need service daughter is very protective over her.
Give me put your want to stop priority.

[39:08] I know from the father figure out how to come and stand wine.

[39:14] Cancel my own family issues there example they are my life limited what’s important.

[39:22] I quit my uncle’s my grandpa and that some family friends and i want to hear their names simon i want that we not about them or not but people that that’s a great example for me.

[39:35] Father hood can be a beautiful beautiful and wonderful thing.

[39:41] Not be discounted fathers are very important in peoples lives the league is in the ones we can’t discipline of his team are being very important part of a pair,
dp you can teachers instructors before they example.

[39:58] I need the ones for the help in the end are still eat in the can lessen the drama less attention know they know i wanna my things i get for my dad’s i love the science fiction,
i want my love star wars and what dates pas experience of having my dad i am cherish.
I’m very grateful for think it’s time to come by and am the better sort out the good from the bad and appreciate those good times.

[40:25] If you are here someone has to father or you’re expecting father you don’t feel that you’re dumb enough to try again.
Beautiful kids you got the kids to appreciate very much all the research says that meant more active in the raising of their children the children have their outcomes.
Better outcomes than what we can do wither schools better outcomes we can organise with their social engineering.
Okay the greatest social engineer of your child’s future is mom and dad.

[41:00] And that’s what the light in the ap a mess.

[41:05] Is this why that eliminate the importance of proper manhood any points having good man in children’s lives.

[41:15] I think there are so many problems of today’s society that could be solved if only families where we can park police levels they were fifty years ago.
We have more people being born into penthouse hold more people that knew both parents or parents stayed married.
I know there are a few wants his reasons for a lot of deaths more often here because of situations me to the extent now our society has.
In western society has kind of falling apart when it comes to families.

[41:47] I think the social else would be much less family supports trump.

[41:55] I know that was kinda heavy segment i know i’m sorry it’s it’s important i want if i could get,
religious just a tiny bit and i hero is jon to call bernice never gonna religion because you lose half your income lose bunch of your audience like i just got tax just gonna blow it off,
i want to listen so i’m fine that’s fair and you know i’m civil i don’t know i like appreciate religious doesn’t bother me if stock is in the argument the argument itself has beep read it has to be off.
Put my principles of reason let’s see the baby but if i would say.
I really believe that satan is behind this attack on my manhood.
I believe that you know what’s the instruction of family is the greatest thing you can do harm when the great things to do the harmony and happiness and freedom.

[42:54] People a raise and i don’t have the science to prove it but i would guarantee that people were raised and it’s all family foundation are more able to enjoy the blessings of freedom and to defend it.
NFL finally stopped to break apart and kids are more like this house where they raised with necessarily being taught how to channel their masculinity can you not being taught about staying on your own two feet.

[43:20] They are less inclined to see that freedom is worth it.

[43:24] No i have a little bit i was gonna talk about this study came from the PR research about generation z.

[43:32] So if you are not your family you want to have a family i encourage you please be a dad.
Depends are worth it is a family of raising kids spend time with them are worth it in the mail relationships i have with my siblings are very special to me i wont train them for an event.

[43:55] So i highly encourage you to be a dad you have kids maybe you can mentor someone may be he meant for someone that doesn’t have a dad.
U can you help shorten a sean what good man looks like.

[44:09] No no no mr bless this life to be dads there people that i love besides myself to have the same problem every good people who probably deserve it more than anyone else i know.

[44:20] Adjusting happens am i being press by the examples you know who be warm.

[44:31] Haha alright well what’s going to another um.
I do not commercial breaks no no also use the musical cues now to hear some stupid story move back to some hard stuff and we re think you’ve is been happier podcast.
Here with peter pan.

[44:52] Music.

[45:57] Or is there wiggle my music,
hi scott holmes i think its all the lights to travis scott holmes i get that from royalty free music dot com or something you can look it up to you see that i spend scotty whole moving out bring it all that um
before i keep going back i would like to remind everyone if you’re listening to this thank you could you have inspired me on the social media is the twitter instagram facebook,
please do so i got some you tube videos up this week i’m trying to find a nice bounce back with my healthy snack and artist muse i hope i can get
like five or six out so that’s something is better than nothing but will keep working at that um.
Budget is just kinda struggling with the winter depression the home.

[46:46] I apologize for that i’m trying to make this episode a little bit more positive so i got some feedback me my last two negative in my last episode is great but whatever hes trying to take the criticism can.
I am going from it i m alright let’s move to some stupid stories the first of all this is sad boon the world’s cutest,
yes boo you was twelve years old hbu the world’s cutest dog is he probably seen my instagram or facebook pinterest or everywhere he first messaged following on his facebook page over the last decade a steak.
That now has pages in with a sixteen million likes and followers and he is the subject a circle books and other merchandise.

[47:31] Yes that is what the cheapest cheapest send this i wanted to share that you passed away in his sleep early this morning has left us to join his best friend buddy.
No that be you know the baby was first agreement that rainbow bridge in there is white blue six i needed the most been in a long time.
Oh what is the weather in cluj-napoca,
linkedin like the way they cut the hair is very interesting what is a bot buddies is brother at the new property.
This is like humans start having heart issues after his brother died with his heart really broke when buying.
Ask sarah had not bothered david also not sad.

[48:13] Yes many bags can i read the story and the mini pig stick my head seven singing singing the oldies like mony pick menu pick menu mini mini bag,
hi let me know if i got in my head so you think there is this many pink raise i received them a bunch red,
tv arm movies christmas movies instagram celebrities had don’t know that we’re just connect everywhere you thanks.
Maybe pizza a life lease if they are line art there’s no there’s nuance to it basically there a lot,
do not stay at twenty pounds there is not a pain kn actually that does it.
As of now we do not can you also confirm what until then did you know
i’m not actually healthy many bagels from anywhere from seventy five to one hundred fifty pounds so and there is this article from fox news called mini figs become great problems animal shelter got any update with overgrown swine
it starts this terrible story about this lady got a kindle paid twenty five hundred and they look at the pain for three yrs the two hundred pounds and allowed to have anymore,
got too big and then i want to say what was that hmmm.

[49:28] Massachusetts takeaway from massachusetts produce depot,
domestic animal a lawsuit in europe and they have the director of the selected options at the massachusetts say they have been engaged with one being not enough.
Listen and pass five years if you can and i need some funny pics and it’s a problem across the country
leaving out of a kids league with pink thank you where you have taken hundreds of unwanted for his butt pill or the last three years
what are the list is from the murray family is like the cant find a person that their phone number no longer works no pets you get a good how you know that many people are in a full size bed,
anything the line between full size PA can you please cancel my order,
im people when they many people do not read the find print this is me a pacemaker hundred fifty pounds is gonna be a big sack because heart for by the farm or anything but it’s pretty big
are huskies like seventy five.
Yo honey stand on his hind legs is like almost five feet something that big dog i think about how big is a hundred fifty thousand two hundred pink.

[50:50] It’s so sad four mini pancakes for many reg it’s really sad the person to talk to really watch it eloquent about mini pigs.

[51:00] What about the emotional intelligence have feelings become very attached to their feelings something who’s there family don’t understand why read their loss.
Pics computer of actually chrome.
What kinda course there is american mini pig association you define who you feel like that business i don’t get how it’s a whole thing,
if i were reorganization and we require our breeders to meet certain standards and they need to let people know the terms like my girl,
no i’m tea cups are deceptive marketing tactics.

[51:37] Some people even starting pay rate or something nice fake breeders online starting pay would like a quarter cup of food and stay small pink let’s storm terrible human being terrible let me tell you,
biz can be.
Hey interesting national geographic point out that since nineteen ninety eight mini pigs and it states the thinking because hi is a million.
That’s crazy either crazy news i want to share with all the stories that came out recently that you are false and how.
You are made me not believe in ufos are real the feelings are real but the us government have enough money for me have ordered top.
What is the restaurant top university of hawaii who say.
There really was well who stories i had for you one for mother board the governments eager UFO program for research and extra dimensions is released recently by the department of defense,
document reveals effort in ms dance space threat identification program it’s been working on.
Can i talk to about riding in was last years old and twenty seventeen so over your dumb.

[52:55] There is more documents released because theyre a bunch people you may believe that feelings are real and there are a couple of weird materials they found the weird object think can’t be possible natural must be win,
what is the word made by artificial and that’s what this guy hits add this mess ugh.

[53:18] IV loan who is the chair of harvard astronomy department code of paper with,
hari post doctoral fellow she will be examined this is miguel arrested but never called what.
Add because any project of the killer of celebration misha just the authentic me.
Bead um fully operational problems set intentionally it’s funny by alien civilization is good argument is what.
Based on the size the stand based on how based on the time six or xl.
Use no way this thing could just be a fly in rock that’s basically the summer that i’m there that you can get you what i have a link to a new yorker,
if you want to look into things he’s someone should weird things about legacy like the fact that the brightness diamond size is way too big this is brightness by ten so it’s spins mean that’s least ten times longer than just white.
How far open your sisters you seen the weather looks like it’s one possibility is possible for pancake like to trade in fact his favorite the same this is important because this doesn’t typically happen naturally because of the comments move.

[54:28] It’s crazy it’s really interesting so i thought i just pointed out if we find out more more.
What is indian improv and we all gonna die,
just know you heard it here first i don’t know what else to do with that is if it is this nothing can do about it,
it’s just at the mercy of ramon what ever moma wants to do what is what is have to let.

[54:58] I’m hopefully we just colts,
ask what all the orson welles so the things that have bothered me it’s call out culture,
culture is awful cold is social justice mob mentality we get in the tag someone for doing something we think horrible
just being mean only based on very little facts will you get less than half a story and cultures even worse
nice day send it is because the media is the people who were supposed to do the job of cycling out the facts and figure out what is the truth from what is false
finding out the real deb instead of the other what is the desired need of the people involved in the story,
no you won’t screw over manipulation.
Can you want justin said of social justice you adjust this based on facts and evidence you want people involved in the store and get to process and their dang court.

[55:59] Call culture is the anti thesis to all of that that is why call culture is wrong,
and all of us even on the conservative fund to it and we continually following to a wallflower philosophical need to watch all faces and embarrassed and there graze example this.
Just re perfect example is this store over the weekend that
give me my home state the offline for my friends to see who’s are great reporter here in my hometown
you’re south dakota basically repeat for like who is terrible to do is hold on guys lets wait till we get all the facts the stories often aren’t what they appear to be.

[56:43] And i hold power within twelve hours later we posted that last night,
hes right and i agree with him i have been and i felt i felt like this is the time that we find out the truth,
use these things are rarely what they appear so i don’t need to leave out the space cleared the kids in manhattan the american got it right.
What you been told is of him lights and even some people your time just came ounces aww really screwed up people are bad there was this,
making kids around infront of american men who is just trying to do any of america and protests
and there cheering him when you had this one guy who has the stares at him and smiling with this can you smoke.

[57:31] And space cleared if this premise what’s the boys are races this is trump’s america de mega cute boys this is toxic masculinity at its finest,
they are we are the costs with your live in premise that having been corrected then there are ones the half.

[57:51] Because the spirit who seems to be very on send these days for us to actually be honest and tell me that there’s and fix it here is the truth of the matter,
who did actually three groups there was a native american protest tears and really miss just the one american protest revenues like some of american guys next one it was doing super from all email our school called kevin turn.
And why is this black national lists are awesome pretty racist with our group
name of the black hebrew israel lights in there is a video of these people doing this thing where they’re having the ceremony so weird in the tournament and he started off yelling rachel sweaters
and how much will solarcity come the f word at these mega people with america people can get upset and what’s your problem no just keen to stay there.
Where in the middle of december not sure yet if any of american men are what’s the black hebrew israel lights.
I want to make a comment here with black people is real lights make something like las yr dat,
no say it was helping a something blacks need some help his name embossed what’s the name of american men he does he starts to this protest march the middle of this group during the trial.

[59:14] And he comes up and paisley gets in the face.
And the personal space of the maghrib no i’m not justifying that the boys were perfect hear the word okay aboard boys where waiting for other school bus to pick them up they were told by um.

[59:30] No what’s the weather looking for an instructor to wait there.
I’m sure the world will continue later and they talked me know two hours for it to happen and the boys are there are these snow this black after nationals screwed gets up and do things start seeing results where is that trump.
And i get your contact numer entertainment videos of each other on no.
You are no heroes of the storm by the way i’ve been there are you there only few clearer and it’s not the making out ok if you think clear feelings are the black hebrew israel whatever they call themself.

[1:00:06] Start black hebrew israel lights other institutes
you just gotta and so refuse watch the livestream n c r a livestream you watch this guy he gets up in the face this kid darcy in with the clippers suck a mix look like the kid got any mr philip space
i was making was due in the war of the word roaming end the chanting whatever wanna call,
i don’t know the right terminology at this moment for get me and the kids had a weird smirk,
but it still is right now if that other people have random for coming ten that were there
i had written that mean disrespect is this particular boy didn’t and that
big group there was confused what the heck is going on because one second black after nash was yelling at them saying the worst things then there’s this guy started doing his chance and they’re like what is going on with you know who is on your side bitch no he’s making fun of them,
know what to do with your kids there are how many high school kids.

[1:01:07] I think remain the store so easy to sell to the media what is the mac app and the fact that they’re young white men and even some people there is this one guy on razor is one who is the guy i love.
Someone i look up to you as us in the left behind the guy that’s trying to be honest in the past is trying to bridge the divide between left and right culturally.
I need you heal the sky has the most you know archibald face never seen or some stupid shit like that just really the people who should know better
turn off lights in their face and body original debt that was being sold by the black hebrew israel lights.

[1:01:49] They are the ones i gets older videos all the news stations have been using,
they are the ones the rolled the original but needs and fill ups being tormented and abused by the men
now does that mean the boys for perfect know if you talking to me there was a little bit of that on the outside because,
please boy is there young man excited to get more of the stupid things it’s been truly young man put together a big group and left alone by themselves that will happen every time is some way we can be awful with making him with the weather being so awful as we all claiming
yeah no.
That’s the truth of the matter i don’t want to talk about his freaking subject but you know what seem so hard to get the truth of the matter is there.

[1:02:33] Call is awful because,
no one goes back end of newspaper makes a mistake do they put mrs denise he screwed up.

[1:02:44] Are bad ne put the top of the page of the article where what is on line do they eat in their paperwork mistakes know the hide them in the back.

[1:02:54] People don’t wanna admit when they’re wrong when there’s snow instead of rain out may roam,
who’s justin there’s lots of reasons for this one reason it’s because i don’t have to get a ridiculous amount of content is expected them to get out and so there’s no incentive make content quality of your.
Not everyone is true this i kinda like the independent journal publications me more if you are temple worthy you tube watching lately he’s when the skies that has enough to get it right,
and i’m like that but it will the major media and the people who actually have some power in the median just did try.
Really didn’t i just fell flat on their faces to do it suggests another example the i hate it’s kind of con around gets this so called for another product called culture.
Is about a computer spreadsheets and the me too movement had this a couple times when they would be leasing is
send anonymously send anonymously of man that were awful i share that story with robert about that kid who killed himself after he was put on wendys listening change publicly to women’s march.
Yes girl friend last when are the popped up now it’s called via my article goes to court and since this thing initially was posted the trade cleared up some more and put someone u one st so i can create for that.
Black ass spreadsheet of accused of users spread me conventions get me to movement.

[1:04:20] And i say you are so bad it’s a lot less often and first ones but basically its people put this is the same surgeon said herme with me your sexiest rude whenever on the spread sheet and we don’t know what comes from.
Add just let there be wind and somehow this is okay and that people take information on the docks them and they are alive state province on switching jobs know they sometimes need to really nasty things.

[1:04:50] I think i know where you get sworn that’s where they call long for you i swore to comment and they don’t know that we’re just told information
nervously but this person has been through friends hurt themselves or others just how things are not justice to the art social justice.

[1:05:09] And this kind of stuff is to comment another example is the medium and list the system ID twenty eighteen in height me to movement news,
same thing,
we just report people anonymously because the truth of it in the article and ironically ms in here when the skies produce have lots of people are these conventions i can’t see how wonderful you are what time is it your not,
popular what happens if you’re like me you don’t have too many social connections maybe i can you to the convention see this just gets landing immediate ex-girlfriend like the app that guy from the nearest your face and by the way he never got that that goin for god
please quit the company founded you gotta be let back in just ridiculous garbage,
there’s no justice no way to prove yourself that you’re gonna set.
In court of law you get your day in court of law you get from here to search a stand up guy asked for evidence your exam with you you get show if you are innocent,
get approve that were these proven extension that you know what it’s bigger.
Sorry you know there is enough good out there that is bigger than the being go to whenever i can’t talk right now i apologize.
You don’t get that with how our culture culture doesn’t like it,
call know that that’s just your gears u kill my groove and i kinda just wanna have a problem with it what you wanna say this is a problem.

[1:06:38] I’ll give me a dna test how is the app i reach the dental try to fix that shit add to it i just have a new one so i would expect of the triad.
What is the end it is example of the problem example now we talked about comedians perform there was one recently about this one white gender fluid comedian that’s not good and performed because he.
And what’s the stupid people ignorance me to walk is dropbox.
There’s this idea right now they are an african thing only this is not true.
Any poultry has ever had here is hundred locks because people had long hair hair august gets mad,
many cultures that like it more than others but you go back when you call to find you find wax i ignored ancestry determine an cyan by mudd european cocktail vance st
i have ancestors the hundred lol no if i have had lots and lots cultural appropriation technically it’s not because no one has claimed blocks because of drugs were never culture.

[1:07:48] It’s just ridiculous but of course he wasn’t allow to perform he was like no you cant be here is what’s so funny and thats what made me wonder this even real story first because the comedy club have already go to perform what’s the snowflake comedy club,
our that’s you for the add a community exactly what i think that’s his name other than your portraits.
I think you can do you can get the locks cultural appropriation reviews are some examples of cultural appropriation know if there is a story here’s another article.
By david brooks i agree with david brooks actually interviewed by the way,
david brooks is a town interviewer i don’t respond to text but he has this amazing pina article from january fourteen in the new york times called the cruelty of culture it’s awesome it’s short and fly to the max it’s basically twice.
I wasn’t a podcast called invisibility it’s a relapse of series and talking at episode about this punk rocker and i heard this one.
This is the sky like and shear amount being offered us kicked out.
Fast forward in the future in this episode.

[1:09:05] She gets called out and kicked out because in the past cheated some things that went viral she was like me in high school and she maybe post a new photo of a female student had a motor you make from the girl.
I need something you can call cyber bullying and she got called out and pushed away from the punk punk scene and he says.
What do i do punk what is my life quote is entirely my life like this is everything to me and it’s all just like done and over with david brooks has accepted the legend of the process if,
how is she was called out you must mean she deserves to be rendered into a non person i don’t know what to think of myself like i’m so sorry and i do feel like a monster.
It’s fantastic in was like in disbelief that this is perhaps it’s a great article written that info culture had there is no justice in there is no way to prove that wrong and that is what i like
call culture is wrong cultures the mob what is ten to lies and more excited anxious,
okay we want to go tomorrow because mom always interesting exciting it seems like getting what you want in your pics and just is running out is just takes to dang when they records are yours and there are questions and doubts
it’s just hard colis comment les mis tweets about the pope.

[1:10:34] Easy is the protocol culture culture is wrong because its so easy.
Go in the wrong people’s lives it’s wrong if you a man or a woman am i even be wrong if a person is guilty.
No when the sad things about the me too movement is your tens of thousands of people can convert online but very very few that never received justice.

[1:11:02] Very very fun the most about the never got a court.

[1:11:07] And degrees with a meeting i think it’s picking out a lot is because i burned so many people because they have inside justice
because they have inside to do with the hard thing and because he called out everyone every which way particularly latin and everyone if there is onion,
i’m sorry i’m sorry i did not been estimated came out last year in october or october i wanna say october fifteen two thousand eighteen.
From the comments dentist after you need to hashtag me too american apparel has shifted against victims server response to become more skeptical about sexual harassment it’s not just men men women equally now.
I need to edit it’s fantastic that basically all americans have just become tired of these collective action and movement.
Can you come to you collective other car culture and that’s that’s good that’s happened to me but then i think the happiness we get like.
I don’t know i don’t know maybe the normal american name and the person is tired of culture i don’t think media or i think they enjoy it still on i hope that pendulum swings back office soon because i am very,
very tired of it,
alright well let’s take a break come back to you a little bit more fun morning news segment called day thank you have the where podcast with your friends.

[1:12:34] Music.

[1:13:24] All right i’m back yes lol the evening blues that i do something kinda,
different kitchen the move the cinder very like it NPR sound break and brought you buy american and african-american science foundation.
And fewer like you i think i gotta be hear back with you happy new year pete.
That is i have all kinds of ancestry including bread and scottish and welsh you know the good stuff
in this fun request from mental floss which is fifty old british director,
words we should bring back i agree completely with this last no i meant abc,
man which is a quicker way to drink belgian man i think so i’m i’m trying to yeah someone that doesn’t.
Get paid for their breaks his get to clarke for their shoes clock for course means to walking shoes are too large for your feet.
In this podcast i try to make it not crash but a cranky wanky which is the ground was giving report reason for not doing something play guess were poor quality poetry.

[1:14:46] I hoping you listen to this url the middle of a crime krakow any operator difficult situation and i hope this doesnt make you feel cramps.
Which is the short tempered you’re the person probably be.
Yes i may be drinking a company bob is another word for a beer.

[1:15:07] And perhaps if you’re listening to yes you might get a little tipsy and feeling very good.
Which is a heavy fog on the bottom that says scottish words i feel like a scottish words and that i enjoyed our lunch when the weather looks like it’s going to prove but never does when it’s finished.

[1:15:30] What about the word um what’s another good.
Give that sometimes after walking is the scott insurance scotland yard go up and down the mountains you might say i m feeling quite handsome,
which is painted stiffness in the legs after a long walk and there’s all kinda fun i love this fantastic if you had this problem it’s from discover you’re unsure where to cook something so the outside of the
don simon is wrong you can also call yourself warm yourself by fire lol i had that its awful you cook something in the middle what’s wrong i’m awful.

[1:16:09] Uh move what’s find one more let’s find another good one good one.
I hope you have a beautiful baby you felt was water.
Water yes from southwest england men’s and this is interesting enough the last entry in english.
Dictionary says drowsy stupid state of body or mind.
Yes that’s relate to the words water which means to grow weary with drink,
i’m feeling quite water today yes so interesting enough a big study came out and from the research centre
kind of studied american generations from now for my newborn and they are you what did the different attitudes many recently moved from primary else to generation z
are there any other people and this is a pretty long our room is like it wants to report ninety one until nineteen ninety six acura millennium.

[1:17:09] This is my three brothers so i’m i mean i’m the only one to 95 but my sister who was born in ninety eight.
Is generation z is actually kind of helps me understand her just a tad better very interesting stuff i wanted to talk a little bit about it because the people in the last year i have been trying to use it to say,
i am bad things i think there’s some accuracy in some parts and.
I meant what’s the artist’s appeals so first.
I have to say that for the last year more accurate on this the right have been because generations of the ordered more conservative millennium didn’t buy much.
Am i naughty saying the washington post education feel your generations in your footsteps of big governments yeah.
That is true its new only was millennium generation is pretty much still gotta just a little,
who is like my dad is like one percent less than many of these categories one percent last part of it from research center i go to the park this is directions looks alot like melee so social and political issues.

[1:18:23] Les gens different from older generations on trump roll government university us and if you look at it say that approval trump’s job before meds he is twenty nine
suggest the lights trump just a dash more gonna mention doing more problems with your sixty four seven d,
can you think about that seventy percent of generations mention solve our problems.
And more of the things that rachel left first is good for society and i don’t know i was weird because it like out the way that’s great they’re like who’s gonna say if it.
I’m press that’s eight more neutral like yes i think the first day of university of ideas is good i think we hope your culture.
I think i know if you want to go to tokyo i wanna go to the hospital when i want to try these little pink
different cultures inside the big system i think it’s find to next tennant again know when there’s new ones on this i think it was clean to the melting pot in the bay the american idea of freedom,
are the capitalism capitalism NY getting free enterprise has no corporations and big companies making deals for each other.

[1:19:42] I know what’s interesting uses of broccoli or know somebody uses gender neutral pronouns and this is even better when you’re there twenty five percent sales for neutral pronounce know,
thirty five percent seven c,
and what’s interesting is steven a gem that says the republican in the bunch of issues they are more like democrats,
i’m there more comfortable with our big governments solutions.
Dear sir our offer is likely to believe that climate change isn’t.
Just something that happened is not cerco instead they believe that it’s man made a pretty big margin im looking say,
are you james perkins more like a republican to say blacks are treated fairly can you locate says january forty three percent republicans think this person one euros three percent.
The democrats is the same me to i need to go and acts is only twenty three im in silent right twenty.

[1:20:47] There’s a bunch of things like this about politics the page that looking close to this i would recommend if you like a little bit more insight so republicans are the leading themselves their same way out,
once these people pay taxes and their partner society still be able to just become a normal concern is this used to be true.
What are the things republicans have preached on for many decades now to have been successful is that very few people actually pay taxes in fact a little less than half of this country pay state taxes matrimony remember god trouble for saying this but.
I’m principal and function right half the country does not pay anything in taxes in fact the offering having network benefit.
It’s hard for people to feel like men should is intruder in your life and taking money from your paycheck when you are finished when the mistakes contempt of me
where is nothing for taxes but i also want no facts everybody should have to pay taxes every one should feel like they have a new apartment assistant wichita feel like we have some money on this thing
we all need to feel like its important that we make the society work.
That mic function is not sufficient because we all put money into any no i think the republicans on this IDM you can see this evening the glass dropped x pills this mistake.
We’ve reduced low-income families in la middle income families from having to pay hardly any taxes.

[1:22:14] I want small government i want almost libertarians a fare.

[1:22:19] What kind of free enterprise capitalist system i want the tax and now everyone to be much less.
No let’s not just direct taxes but taxes that car cost regulation in texas or caused by affecting all sources a manufacturing regards.
Or just natural resources i mean there’s all kinda ways that you can create taxes i have function like speaking but do you know janice c. e. genesee it does not have a.
Are the garments all your problems and you know this is going to be because for awhile now conservatives.
Haven’t seen in well then c but the pendulum with swing back,
when i was able to change the engine will be more concerned il br apartment saving help and then that
hold the study here it does not only did that go little bit more conservative on some key on some issues.
But generally speaking or not when they are really cool it is very little lol.

[1:23:23] No engines in wilson very similar feelings about fairfield place about other same-sex marriage and i’m not mean you are very interesting thing you didn’t.
How much for example says he can’t refuse one that kinda goes cross what we talked about earlier.

[1:23:44] Two things first most generations different about cohabitation more negative you single motherhood twenty percent of generation genesee st cohabitation is a good.
Six seven percent doesn’t make a difference twelve percent say its a bad thing.

[1:23:59] Go to single motherhood which is saying a single mother raising children in the road is bad for society genesis 15 angry with this 49 don’t think it makes a difference three i just agreed.
More disagrees degrees that single parenthood is bad for society this is even get this i mean.
Yeah i don’t get a lot of help from the state.
You are the general problem the wire thing that still holds true think both our parents household should share financial responsibility is the.
No li goes on and on for many similar things that they are to the previous generation americans in general,
ugh i gotta study that’s worth looking at after.

[1:24:44] Enable interesting has future stays come out to look at this group of individuals to see if they change over time.
I just hope that i wish i wanna believe i want to leave angie will be more conservative.
Do i have where we would become more conservative.
How will my that probably is true send the money generation examples being called culture the me too movement okay,
that might do it but they still invite the same education they still invite the same entertainment news and they still embodies the same familia values that our society
and so i know that is why is there such drinking from the same founded by millennials are.
I’m so i don’t think most of these things you don’t see much difference.

[1:25:37] And when will that be drastically different for new emails is that day say a six and you’re safe when should offer other options they buy into the transgender clips.

[1:25:52] And i don’t want to make it more than that it very interesting.
I am interesting things this is the end of your research but also have a different view on social media and this is bad for facebook facebook calaveras this week because there making a map for teen teams in queens called
lol and people inside that’s all and talk to newspapers say it was cringe inducing in the content on it was weeks old
and it’s also my facebook is because genesee pushes away from social media,
this is one thing i do preferred demo niels n other generations they push back against facebook name just don’t like it.
Social media they don’t they don’t buy into what they disagree pretty strongly,
hey there this article says there a bunch of other brands i could be heard by this by department stores.
Our puppy brandon cable TV anything related paper.
Pandora pandora the most interesting white goods deserve some kind of,
lunch is in a casual dining restaurants are in a pint all these extra clients with social media when is based on statistics and even facebook’s on internal dialogue.

[1:27:11] I wanna nap per facebook on what they can i do if i want there gonna do.

[1:27:19] So yeah the wall the stuff i didn’t know outlined who would be picture item.
Last week i am not a fan of big crowds the social is that,
yeah play some people’s ignorance in just stopped their want the desire for a good looking guy.
I would like to know more into the healing place an image they like the image dont really understand what he’s actually going to use this more so to the extent to see those is yours she’s very upfront,
about what she wants she me promotions for range and how much social as we have the seventy percent rate weird breed yeah but what is more smoothies exists
i’ll be there is exact he came out where this thing where his penderaan well you are constitution that is really matter anymore.
Basically saying we don’t need a constitution because the darkness to all of august read the quotes i got the at fault you at home who does this still working empire like ours
hat with military presence over one hundred twenty countries around the globe with trading relationship and security agreement an every continent can still be made by the same principles that were sent down two hundred thirty plus years ago i would like one please print the boss.

[1:28:36] Not just the founding document but the principles behind the founding document is like a punk socialist background i mean iraq is a true believer in his defense where.
It does bother me and i think what time is popular is because of the millennials generation on down probably have less value of the constitution and i think,
if i had read the tea leaves as of this moment i see the future going more towards i was listening some folks,
you are not the right by the way delete that can see a future in which with the american empire kind of andy moving ten new system.
I’m not i’m not saying i like the idea of the american empire i think i’m not needed i think that america should keep in steals and she text countries not want to be free.

[1:29:27] What did i get a constitutional society and system does bother me and if things continue this trend and the animals don’t
invite him some freedom and enlightenment values so we’re headed that way,
so that was a happy note to end this episode of the happy warrior podcast i’m sorry for being debbie downer had to have to tell the truth no i got
ron i will try to think of ways to make it more possible i think i’ll bring someone spreading positive i found segments were relatively positive but here i am that this debate donor other day.
This is being a happy word podcast please if you haven’t found that yet follow us on instagram twitter.
Are you tube channel just happy you’re not happy not happy with just happy your warehouse facebook twitter instagram
i also email bpi happy dishwear don’t remember all those i would love to hear from you want to hear the idea makes it easier to put sentence together find u guys want to learn about
what ideas the principal would like me to pine on thank you to robert e lee my producer partner and friend for help reduce this podcast and for being a shoulder to cry on.
Thank you to those who provide feedback i have been listening i appreciate a lot right now is a tough time for alot of us.

[1:30:51] And your prayers and thoughts and comments do mean alot please continue supporting us where we’re trying we really do leave this country i believe in the principle rockets and i believe in the principle
behind this great country and we lived up to this principle yeah what have we tried having held up the idea of meeting those principles and feeling them,
the founding principles of life liberty and pursuit of happiness no rights due process yes.
Ibm dark dark days in this world history when we abandoned principal and the world will be so much worse off when we do.

[1:31:31] So here’s hoping enough your kids jens you know maybe talk about the greatest the sky when the sky united states constitution,
maybe you think i’m okay alright well thank you so much for listening you guys have been great until next time this is the happy warrior your podcasts.

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