Happy Warrior 029 Covington: Lazy Press Meets Ugly Populism

Happy Warrior 029 Covington: Lazy Press Meets Ugly Populism
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Produced by Robert Mehling
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Segment1: Covington: Lazy Press meets ugly populism










Saskatchewan launches 16-month undercover sting to catch First Nations man illegally selling $90 worth of fish


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Segment 2: Abortion, May God forgive us








Unreal: 25% of all deaths in Netherlands by forms of euthanasia and suicide






Segment3: Venezuela and hope for the future















https://www.faithwi re.com/2019/01/21/state-senator-announces-banning-of-he-she-pronouns-during-hearings/
California until 1:20

What Is This Thing You Call ‘Social Justice’?



Machine Transcript
[0:24] Hello again and welcome everyone this is the happy warrior podcast with your host happy warrior pete
that is me the peter pan i’m glad to be here with all of you today thank you for taking time outta your day or night to listen to me if you are out in minneapolis for the upper midwest,
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my words may want to call be sure to put on your coat senior socks in your shoes and try and get through the weather
i’m here that’s suppose to be in here in the sioux falls area can be mine is fifty something with wind chill minus twenty something actually on wednesday that’s just
that’s crazy that is really really cold i’m so
i hope you can keep warm for you guys just like to remind all of you that we are on facebook alot and twitter facebook is like happy warrior painting twitter was happy we are on we just got a instagram account going,
and we have you tube channel which is just the happy just happy warrior workout the kinks with that.
I will get more youtube videos out just trying to figure good way to balance the schedule with my health i’m seeing paying specialist this week so if you do not released pray for me that would go well i’d appreciate it.

[1:40] Alright so now we got all the good stuff out the way i’d like to start a day with the sentiment about the state of the us
media western journalism in general i have mentioned before i have a masters in journalism my bachelors in science journalism.
Is from SDSU i tried to treat this podcasts like a journalist stick enterprise that’s why i put so much work out and i put
ten twenty hours sometimes playing together of these episodes i m and my producer was like,
pier you gotta cut the links you gotta reduce the leakage was like yeah i know i know you make the podcast market size and i need to make it easier on you make sure my card is more rich on my own that just put another people
i also really feel strongly that i want this to be the biggest the clarets to the best
birds eye view on the subject i covered i want to build understanding what you see the facts there pro and con for this idea i really wanna do a good job the way the journalist shirt.

[2:43] You should know i don’t receive any revenue from this effect many people who have fairly popular podcast make very little money doing it but i have big problem with that is just are so many podcasts out right now but journalism in general.
Is on the cheap and that’s a big problem and so today’s for segment is about how ugly journalism sorry cheap journalism meet,
ugly popular and how these two things combined create some of the worst me your stories this year and last is the one that i would go to that you probably thinking of.
the coming ten kids scandal covington catholic school and none upcoming ten kentucky i think i got the city coming can’t um.
Let me put it this way this is a fantastic someone shared this with me this is from the blog
nineteen eighty four this is for well i’ll just read this fascinating it was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wonder when you re any public place or within range tell us screen the smallest thing could give away a nervous tic
and congress look of anxiety having of murdering to yourself anything that came with the suggestion of abnormalities having something to hide,
in the case to improper expression on your face and can affect your was an ounce for instance was itself a punishable offense if there was even a word for it.
Can u speak face crime that was called.

[4:10] I was like wow like that’s a problem insightful and i got the spot
from the national review calls smith and quit this other segment this is an actual article about becoming catholic kids scandal if you don’t know what the company calculates kids scandalous i commented in the last episode of my last episode
you are living under a rock but basically the gist what is the meeting with crazy over si opp story that was purchased by anonymous twitter account.
I really high it was the black uber is lights and.

[4:44] We was just this no nonsense that never existed where is a punching bag a kids supposed to lead to a rise this old navy american man who is just doing his own thing,
when a fact win the more videos came out to dot the opposite was true who was the black hair brush is your lights in the name of american men need to philips hue will cost,
making kids is the magic kids were little bit unruly the word is nearest baddest to the other groups me to buy kids room lights were shining every known explode and vent your dragon
statement you can make three play glenn correct i need some phillips is gonna cross the last two weeks lol there how long has it been awake.
How much are we ordered last week bills smh these kids at every which way is it about war record i mean not accept dragon
need the philips kids or even the black hebrew israel lights are to blame for the story
that should never been a news story instead it’s the gate keepers who screwed this up so people must be getting a new design what is real and what is the quote thanks news on port.

[5:51] Add.
He got really bad the media is the one that screwed this up they really did this stupid to share needles everywhere and if
you need to re organize organizations to be weary of things like this
it’s what ever used to do by the way i wanted this pierce one here example this was bruce grandma’s slate this what you said on niggas and mint from that financial picture.
I think the reason the clippers spread is simpler it’s the kids face to face of self satisfaction survey to two of six
the finish remains almost completely still exist period in order like his provide the facebook portugal in touch of the country sitting virginia nineteen sixties and many more images of during white men for that era
anyone new the popular white boys in school recognized for the conference and gehc’s the highest weekly with menace that’s marked.

[6:49] It’s just ridiculous and that was all legit.
Article that was far from the only one there many articles on and on and on about how these kids were standing there high school bullies and how they stood for white privilege and and all the bells of mankind
no mad men especially are the most evil white man have a long way from block
how the long line of white men doing amazing things are being jerks okay,
np was that it was the mag had to someone wrote the magna have this was a list of the manhattan is the new,
kkk hood i just.
Garbage is garbage ridiculous trash just in the sink i can’t believe it’s two thousand nineteen and news articles that came out the say things like this.
Hey are all freaking all over the place i mean you couldn’t you couldn’t hi do you know someone articles here the less this is from god why are they put together and it was by as it was so great she opens up instead i want today to check note
i walk today to check notes de six what should have been and never story begin with.

[8:00] And yet here all the articles i still commit this on thursday he was the articles are still coming out as of last thursday new york times is light sea divine intervention in lincoln memorial confrontation,
nbc knicks and minute student at covington catholic says he was assigned by staring viral video but i had spoke for him.

[8:21] Nbc again haha coming to catholic boys were retained by the dark magic of crisis communications washington post the face of between catholic school teens and american authors reminder of five hundred years of conflict.

[8:36] Are you on and on and on and just it’s hard to believe that hard to believe.

[8:45] That all these journalists these people who were supposed to be a political jab at least that’s what the stand use to be are completely political how the newest me essentially the operator check for the democrat party and ed.
Say no because this is not a good way if jonas one is not relevant being you know if you’re unsure just kinda a
use twitter linked to any person and just write stories based on what takes then there were there was a vendor at work is not worth anymore than they’ve rondo on twitter really is a
you know if you’re a journalist you’re supposed to be doing work that no person just cant you have the time the resources the energy to school in the education you’re supposed to do.
Understand the world and create new stories based on real hard evidence and facts that just the wrong person can easily to.
You know there’s a local blog have a political blog and mary call south dakota and do you know what it’s america does it,
yeah printer scott
find a friend am i like scott he is our blog on the site and he is next to our local newspaper is the best source of information about what is happen,
and local politics here to false the heat doesn’t get paid for that that’s just something he works the over two and there are lots of germany of non-payment journalists like him doing the job injury from use to.

[10:11] No no i was i wanted to know if like applying what is the story so so.
What is it the journalist stephen today i just read some new ones today when she get journalists walk away from this story and its this thing about where journalism.
Because it’s not a political thing because it’s not just about trying to be a trade center look like i’m biased
i’m trying to get to the truth there’s a incentive not to be political and to make it to the political heads in the celebrities happy with the one adobe good for your career that be good for your bottle of wine.
And it makes things like facts turn to something else soon and this is all this was out fantastic i’m gonna call albert.
Who is my hair when i have talked about him a bunch of times it his his take is says.
Disrespect to catholics most common explanation the heartache so hot email to the conventional wisdom it for a new concrete group think his account was so angry because he represents white male entitlement.

[11:12] The white male explanation is a form of glory not argument and al the glorious the characters are real people so much is metaphors for sharing ideas for instance in pilgrims promise,
the main character’s name christian honest ricky can either up structures human form suggest mr worldwide.
Can i see mr white male thailand and said she is dead by definition wrong because that is assigned draw and yet so perfect.
That’s that’s that’s the whole thing news news political news now.
Is mobil less often about facts and more often about the cultural value of the story okay it’s about me when we say about the negative it’s about you know what we say is happening,
mirror dance long enough in fiction and non-fiction they have a freaking strong good.
Negative there like here in of defects in the way to nearest airport and this is like no other.

[12:17] Split what is the color i wanna say split glass broken glass and the movie box of the new republic and having that in this movie in the space of three story this ended the new report would just create stories i know where
and the whole room with anyone’s the side of the sky trusted the guy was really nice
and we already kinda believe that these things existed he made up stories them a big story that the service already said that people at work,
are these rape gangs not to december the capitals start heat and found out that it was a big it came out.
Big scandal in a movie about it with peter scares card.
Awesome and it’s a thing but the reason why god was because they already believe this number doesn’t exist the journals that cover the stories believe in these narratives.
Do you think i should be better today the often and so that party then that says well reason before feeling the person that says we look at the facts put the facts first even when they disagree with what i believe.
Demarcus pushed the wayside and that that’s part of the the only popular spot of journalism today but the other reason why,
we get stories like this that are essentially narratives now instead of hard truth and having answers it’s because there is not an incentive in journalism right now to be a good truth teller it’s actually better that u get more page takes more twitter like sense every tweets
this is a problem so the weather probs.

[13:46] Twenty years ago and it wasn’t there when dirt the world loads of them and every organization or a bunch of amateurs like yes you have pets because i don’t wanna veterans and every piece of journalism can put out good
i receive more time to double check the facts and make sure everything was on the up and up
but now that we reduce the role the journalist to have a fact check your own story and the id is there spot check big stories and everything to try their best but there are so few in number.
Compare the journalists me have less jealous right now whenever i’m not get more into that but white buzzfeed huffpost have been fired
so there’s no there’s no one center of their senate first part to beat the truth because you just don’t have the time.
Are there is a i find a book later bye it talks about this house
online use me in particular there’s no incentive to do a good job on a new story because your pay by how many stores you put out and how many flights does pitch stories get an out the washington post editorial board
is awesome because did you keep the status up they have a rule saying do not luck,
how will your news story does don’t find out how many likes how many page collects your news story got big manager was organizations do not do this in a live and die by the algorithm that journalists don’t have their bosses.

[15:09] Is someone journalists like myself are stuck with stuff we have to get the stories out so what comes out you just by the photo thing you just typed up real quick throw it out there into the internet and there is.

[15:24] Now what’s the made a mistake that should’ve turn back sunday or there is the new york times had woke it back on.
Startup there’s some people from the atlantic and so i read that walking back that many did not in fact on the hallway you speak on the network i can’t find one lighter one reporter,
i apologize for screwing up the story i need it sooner we want to say insane am like this was back i said before here’s one for the road.
President both sides press one to get his of white nationalism enabled for races.
How is it tonight and i just cannot admit that they screwed up the story you just can’t do it.

[16:08] Is that really sad,
because i love journalism i want to listen to be successful i want journalism to have a future united states and just a crappy job and with people that do the job free sometimes
just do as well or better i believe i sent a very bad place.

[16:28] Go to another story about did this this is another great writer i’ve talked about him before
i am easy no we should look at this almost as if it’s a kind of a cat food with christian story not in the example the story is a task.
Let’s storm that was president about the coming students turn out to be a fabrication in the face with the new york times and the septic described as the fuller picture that emerged.
Operation sister that children must be punished for the sins of the white men going back to the first step tight specimen of the casts in the brooks brothers one cost.

[17:07] Do you know if he’s catholic perfectly right they committed the original scent any of this is the problem
this is the other problem the ugly politics parts of journalism was wondering if there’s no incentive to find your nearest little incentive to come back and fix something
just problem the other thing i make stories like cat coughing covington catholic and stores like kmart and anything anything in between.
Is the only popular one side and the other popular list of sine is the fact that,
families and religion have less power united states of america today and the ever had before,
are any servers very many people politics is the new religion politics and family use to give you your meaning when a person lives a life in the wanted to feel like they are doing good job if they had goals what life event.
That came from your religion and your family for box.

[18:03] We remove that from so many peoples lives the replacement for something nature up horse vacuum so you get a film
will people do video games are some people do it another hobby like sports but by and large i think people are turning to politics and it’s a problem on the left probably more so than the right but it still on the right is a more so because.
On the right we still hold religious values and morals me encourage people to get involved with that we’re in the left there is no one there not telling people to looking out joy religion.
Turn on that’s why we get this group thing we get group they were retreat,
probably just the original sender week as we put levels of what a person is worth based on their skin color they re finished you can call
intersection now that the church of intersections now they changed very little of the language can you has rules and commandments and either you go.
Did we go that is the only part the only parts popular the men that because.

[19:02] Politics is replaced religion a lot of rules that were in religion aside watch glee more like mentally.
Switched over to politics we have let know there’s things that you have to say,
there are there is original submission that intersect me know where u of white privilege and there so that you can repent to know if you have money to donate to stream cause you have to,
yes you put another person above you are something we have to sacrifice a position yeah.

[19:35] Make the people on the left happy there are no it you have to act like immature sends like i’m a white man.
Every other people is better or bot.
Can you were right now so it was this cheap journalism business journal so lazy because sara was that place today.
Make sure bless have to do hot text and not fix and that combined with the ugly population.
People have less value in family relation and they take where the one to put those values into something else is off on politics and so people when they have a narrative quindi have an idea and our divorce by the way what are the offers found in.
They found religion found in the bible and found in the yahoo no.

[20:23] Dear doing that for politics so it doesn’t matter how many times you tell them on facebook that story was a big sack of crap
what was wrong the sooner been a story in the first place and there are some people in my area and i am hesitant to say their names i don’t get any legal troubles with these people around for city council
is pizza run for school board people have been far more of in my commute.
That would post on my behalf of these kids work with shredded dox them look your stuff over the schools here she can contact you make those kids pay.
People that i would normally respect lobster freaking heads.
Day one they lost their head roll down the road at the shoulders down their back over there behind on the floor tremble by,
pak gaya herd of people there something i mean people who generally awesome good things.
It doesn’t say people who be the first wind of nowhere to help people with the first lite would say let’s have people who have a mental problem no i’m in need special education no skills copy beloved activities.

[21:33] They were the first inline detect these kids is in saying his dangerous and this is why i’m trying out the combination of cheap journalism
any combination of other population together will create more and more stories like coming to get a twenty twenty divorce and worse it will get this story is why if
z miss you not change if one if journalists do not re organize themselves to more effort on fact checking.
They will do with the data coming to if they cannot admit they screwed this up big time.
We will get more stories are coming in on the other side culturally as a culture we do not bring people back to families that we did not raise people to put reason or feeling everything i have people taking the values of meaning of life out of real things.

[22:22] Then we are gonna get more stories flight covington and it’s only gonna get worse this is not the worst hes gonna get in to email this is why tim pull up that im cast of very very popular you tube channel biscuits and work.
This is going to be disable work we are on the patio somewhere and i have a hard time saying no to that.

[22:42] What’s the most frustrating thing about that is if we are headed the opposite of y it is over the dumbest crap to have a civil war ever
i mean we can scan our posts ferry but where in the harbor where they kill people to free slaves.
Are we just kill each other because there someone on twitter so that we can i was really mad really me i’m like it is like
when the sun was setting in there eighteen fifteen right before the civil war happened,
he’s giving a speech on slavery and wanted the one of the southern centres came down but was speaking to death with cane.
And all the south and and half the people on the senate.
Cheers this the one that came was broken the divide it any create tokens and rank it brings out of them more than proudly.

[23:37] I think that’s what the story is i really really do.
It’s scary i’m really bothered by this i love this country i really do i love journalism i love true finding and discussing of ideas i love encouraging people to be the best they can be.

[23:57] This story
it’s scary in that sense that we are right now living in revolution light times that we’re living in a of my asma we living environment will be revolutionary kinda stuff gets added on.

[24:13] We have to back this shit up we have to turn this bot around and get off this password is a very very dangerous.
Here’s the last thing i want to add what if i just want to end with.

[24:28] Would you three thanks three things on the subject and then move onto something number one you wanna know how bad it is,
i want you to look at nineteen eighty three i want you to look at today in nineteen eighty three.
Fifty companies controlled ninety percent of american media today that six.
Six CBS MTV vy b t disney time warner i am BC in sony i think there are yards so what is it national amusements.

[25:01] Our destination one just need to.
Time warner three comcast for twenty one century news corp five hundred six so they got six.
Fifty companies vs six part two.

[25:21] This store has another side to it that i don’t know where abouts you can get more into it but this is a big privacy issue so
generally the laws is if you are normal person you can’t have a thousand articles written about how horribly you were you can fight back with light bulbs
what about stories where it’s not a celebrity
summary in this middle line between the common man in the celebrity what is what is a twenty minutes of data on your face never tell me about the figs they’re gonna be coming in and we can video and audio.
Where is what you wanted to tell the difference between if something is real or fake what you look at here it in your wall how does that apply awesome team to the store like having someone everyone was talking about his face in the picture.

[26:07] Last thing to my pro for why journals and get worse after the coming to the story came out.
After and before that there was a big story about how karen pencils teach me how to christian school so i think it was no big deal because lord the schools have rules about what you can and cant do if you want to go that’s cool
i’m really just schools have history american going back to before the founding of the nation.
You was it was again another no story will be more news worthy incoming tampa not much.

[26:37] Everywhere will the new york times an ounce last time i say what friday last friday with hashtag expose christian schools the newspaper ask,
who was reported and two on thursday i ask.
Quote um a new york times reporter writing about hashtag exposed christian schools are you in your twenties or younger who went to a christian school i’d like to hear about your experience impact on your life please DM me a direct message
ofcourse everyone are people were just coming out like what the heck is wrong with you obviously this is my profile,
and there was another story that came out from pictorial which is part of that good morning at work that ties to the catholic and to montreal celebration it’s this idea where the nearest if it’s more important and pushed aside,
this is kind of what was going on in the yellow journalism days that we all learn about journalism school with her publishing and whatnot behind say that we going to the spanish american war.

[27:39] Umm you know what kind of going back to that with journalism but the problem with that is sso is back in the road runners on days family in large and religion what is the building blocks of american society and that’s gone.
So this is why i’m worried for the future,
i really hope we can turn this around this is the sad part of happy we’re podcast in girls and we don’t always have solutions to these problems.
It’s easy to destroy it right it’s easy to strike religion and families and suicidal under pinning but it’s really hard to grow and build them up again.
No i’m no i’ll be he was awesome and destroy the black family.
What would we have still given to the state of illinois sixty some years later don’t know how to fix that that’s kinda prom.
I don’t know how to get restaurant i hope you please no when the story comes up tell the facts.
When the story comes up saying love is a example of people losing their hands and we need to be better about this is the newest controller not sure we control in the news if you’re a journalist in this my last thing i hear it you’re a journalist
you need to ask yourself just the journalism could just does what’s going on in the news right now control what i write.

[28:54] Where do i write and control what’s going on and i can you sounds weird but i’m saying is,
you need to try to tell the truth and not just go with the flow don’t try to me no big stores i make you look good in the press and media please tell the truth,
tell the truth ex specially when it hurts believe you i’m conservative and i cannot make it only screw things up in a conservative i’m registered republican and i am the first one to tell you when republicans us something
that isn’t conservative anyway from constitution and you’ll need to have the same idea you need to tell yourself when you’re always get away,
from english to practice with the move away from reason if we move towards feeling for me back away from fax with a move towards me.
Just need to be the first ones online say whoa slow down now.

[29:41] Music.

[30:45] Alright well we are back sorry but all that got hard hearts sad news hope that you ha
i had to get through guys i’m sorry you know what is also hard
not being able to love your hedgehog yes red hawks lose very cute little a little of the road i don’t know there very cute with heels and responds.

[31:08] Can you put in charge right now,
just a little bit the other side of the headphones is not cute it’s gonna get off a live action movie but let’s talk about the real hot shots because the CDC again and healed the rescue people at the CDC if u remember when does she costumes and chicken
that was the CDC please see what else i should make a list of all the stupid things that she was worried about welcome to dr here again,
dear again proving that they are so worthwhile to keep around here is the store from gigmoto CDC warns against kissing snuggling a break.
Yes yes.

[31:46] Up high please see if you can contact with those pretty granddaughters you should become a nurse smoking or pets,
it’s hard that maybe it’s a eleven people crates of the electric command contact with a pet charge just one
what individual reports hospitalized no
hey died what’s yo italian people the weekend can be especially susceptible to potentially serious side affects this was on the BBC
how well his feet but when do the minnesota okc is not that you’re here.
What was my own me i love yo man thats my that’s my second home south coast my first home and wyoming is my sek i love wyoming alright one that stairs and share this with robert and we love the street so funny.
This is by far is the one i want you to know.
Did the statue on pd they are using your money for using your resources very wisely so well.

[32:52] Z was good as chicken costumes history from the national post.
Schedule a launch sixteen months undercover sting to catch first nations man i’m glad to use the correct the politically correct term first nations man illegally selling at ninety dollars worth of ish yes.
Conservation officer of green that the first.
Conservation officer from scratch ones mystery environment station ever cover investigation has been used to prove a creator first nations mentally selfish but he traded for lake by is home and then the sting operation cut them and earning love.
Ninety dollars.

[33:33] Oh my gosh its ridiculous that cover conservation of something interesting in when you learn to stay with the guys when you were the most received persistent complaints bob’s nineteen ninety seven at the sale
how fish without license is prohibited in saskatchewan and record heard the commercial fishery can you likes is barnes and kitchen one and five thousand milligrams of fish he was the one tenth of what the limit.
Use to be.
I actually um here swipe down the irish defense lawyers said that he has a little bit.
Is financial straits i wasn’t mean to send money straight so interesting way to get indian newspapers people to send commit an offense.
Schedule a course agreed and decided to take the mysteries undercover operation was born.
Yes that was so warranted can you pay the guy over the last sixteen months doing undercover your cover out
investigation guy was just fishing without a license i mean it’s just crazy i hate that by the windows the dumbest thing fishing licenses.

[34:42] They are part of forestry policy there’s a couple reasons one is a way for the government to make money not the second reason is it’s for deposit help
control people don’t use up too much of resources of the natural resources of the most fishing places are there stock of other stocks lakes and rivers on so whatever
any help.
I don’t like fishing licenses that’s the story i had a friend that enough already in the army for the longest time you couldn’t get me because he wants what’s,
got caught fishing without license and i was actually record and it took them forever they have an interesting gif be allowed in the army is just ridiculous,
but there you go.

[35:26] Alright well let’s move on this is a positive store this is a funny story that’s a positive story technology is bought a great help in future in so many ways and this is another one,
from the independent genetically modified chicken egg chickens lay eggs cancer.
Side to say concerts take it sets the production of useful protein spike to see some humor not know that the use check-in this to make their many vaccines like
i want to see like how your influenza shot that the use of chicken eggs to make certain proteins and tried it and get chickens to make the proteins for lots and lots of other
useful drugs and this is something that’s not done yet but in the future will be done backgrounds to treat cancer and other diseases include
complex expensive production and purification process involving mammals cell culture to the square cheaper way to go lol these proteins for drugs that they need it’s a pretty cool thing is pretty cool you know what’s also weird al,
we what’s also weird you play that’s just a little bit this is this could be the future president united states of america this is mr b to rock.

[36:38] Music.

[36:57] Yeah they girl that speedo right and his band and shit costumes.
That’s story sus video of beer relaxing blood screen bob and she winds stop blowing scream when talking about.

[37:13] What ever that is not the screen but no he is behind what was band called the fast and the other recently when she costumes was the new zealand is new zealand band that’s popular called,
the sheep and they wanted to wear these costumes and people and they were type one season sheet masks.
Yeah there’s a new zealand work in progress then press that wasn’t going through
how much u got its so bad its so bad you are present american want to play to one sing a song out of tune and this annoys me cats can order pop punk idea,
i like some like older punk music like the ramones i like the ramones an awful lot and was trying to get a pump.
You don’t need this much talent you can play things a little off key a little loft filter.
And this kinda what you doing what the other mozart.

[38:10] And punk bands usually a pretty talented and what makes use to be awful at playing it was a musical choice would feel warm all the things i’ve seen of him now all these videos just a bad,
is he can sing into it can play a guitar worth anything at this so spark.
Goodness gracious to offer you play guitar as well as i can and i can play guitar hi i can i really cant i can play something on the first three four tabs that’s it.

[38:40] I am just terrible
what is terrible is well beyond me the opportunities god this is like obama will the one to say obama was a sportsman no bama was not a sportsman obama care about sports just wasn’t my thing it was in the political guy
didn’t like sports and that’s fine but the wind to keep pushing what football how u what basketball we had this film had this videos you can play with
basketball star shaquille o’neal was like so good it’s just a pain for that’s what that the reminder was just so bad
ok so i am podcast episodes back to top of that table thingy do the cats ready kill them
after david text of the kitties for some parasite well.
People is this podcast concept with someone because of your strength and blessed lawmakers induce introduce a bill that would make animal cruelty a federal felony
mandate step prison sentences is
yeah this is awesome this is awesome so this is from representatives duties from him florida and can’t for a republican for florida introduce bipartisan legislation,
ask mexican intense five punishment for those guilty of severe animal protein exploitation and this is awesome i hope this thing passes
i don’t this is a like when they pass the bill address of your bees was clean crashing burning brownie suffocated me in paying animals in addition to being bestiality were the sexual exploitation of animals yes.

[40:06] Yes this is one of those times where i am with conservatives libertarians i know i’m on i’m on i don’t know i’m libertarian most issues everything else is your name issues i’m not libertarian,
so i gotta show them not libertarian on.
Thats what i said i’m looking to go any good examples so i let me think about it gonna snow healthcare.

[40:36] I am not libertarian abortion that’s something i’m against this is another one i think democracy is awful i think we should have lost like this,
i really feel i’m not animal cruelty free enough to lighten eat meat.
But i still believe strongly that we had to take care of the amazon know i believe that man committed a god put man on earth to use the animals but we also be responsible stewart it says stewart is a term that you see a lot in christianity judaism
where are you it’s not like a master its like i been put in charge of some things like your manager and i have to take care of the things that been put in my charge.
Am i still no have to treat them wisely and we are asked to be stored in the planning stories of animals so i like this one i hope it passes,
i’m at one last thing i would like to talk about the need this love columbia i just watched an episode of the grand tour which is like my favorite shows,
i love that show so much i’ll talk about rand to the end of this podcast i learn something about donkeys in columbia.

[41:36] Holy flip i did not believe that was real.
There’s if you want to know what i’m talking about watch the new grand tour a special way to go to colombia it’s a really good two parter is awesome,
watch it but i don’t want you with the kids it’s not kid safe i mean your older teenagers okay there’s this part with i cant tell but so friggin messed up it’s it’s so crazy
so crazy i cannot believe i’m never going to columbia columbia discussed me here’s the last story from my fun interesting news segment.

[42:10] China’s latest clothing monkey experiment isn’t so this is it then this isn’t the baby when this is another try not
chinese researchers create the red monkeys and edited them to have genetic diseases and they did this using crispr and they are able to meet them quickly and cheaply and promise.
Is this ethical or not familiar with a truck like for this is better but i didn’t want the picture of the not responsible for any unread and i just got the turn it off.
The monkees the have this no have high anxiety and depression i don’t hardly sleep and have schizophrenia like behaviors yeah.
It’s very expensive like that ok enough is done to a dog i’m a dime the IB want the members of the mob
show me here monkey i dont feel as bad about the app
this is a big ethical question now in interest that china does not care about ethics animals is the west six people in the west but it’s dead animal care
turn it does not look up chinese
tiger z like china’s you tiger you can watch these people throwing chicken tigers and the trade so terrible.

[43:27] Hey alexa yes another question and have to ask ourselves about alright what i need to quickly go grab a drink my throat skin guy.
Any upcoming back animal do hardness segment.
It’s kinda heavy do guys this one is not exactly happy with yourself of you are listening you don’t want the right back.

[43:48] Music.

[44:29] What you just heard there is a terrifying sound that moment will go down in history that was a historical moment what you just listen to the new york state senate.
And the crowd isn’t there all the activities all the new york cares that were in there but they’re all clapping and cheering for the passage of this i can’t believe this is what’s called the reproductive health act.
Reproductive health act is the most popular piece of legislation that has passed anywhere the united states.

[45:01] More than one hundred years it is the most important piece of legislation and history next to the evil of slavery.

[45:10] Three.
It’s incredible mercy declares every individual becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry the pregnancy to term the give birth to a child order to have an abortion.

[45:24] What is lawdingo it what the twenty four limit no longer want to abort the child.
Till she gives birth to one small mis up to the last part third trimester g box delivered i don’t want the cat dr.
Ma kam.
Just the doctors lie to you that anyone has license medical practitioner as it doesn’t react quote healthcare practitioner license certify or authorized is the title of education won.
If you witness or hurtful some practice made perform abortion.
And this is the scary part because of the practitioners in reasonably good faith professional judgment based on the facts the patient’s case and this could be based on.
Absence of liability abortion protection patient’s life or health remember that part y for help because we’re for health
yes that’s a life and health to you when you think life help means that the woman dated i know what is this huge list of things quote from.
Our factory is physical emotional psychological familiar and the woman’s h essentially,
any women anytime when she is pregnant if she wants abortion she can get this law is barrack.
If climate guards now she has practice today you would not be charged doing.

[46:47] Is being called america’s most notorious serial killer for the thousands of babies the emerge.
No ma be charged for that if you have an abortion a baby survive and the dr doesn’t say the baby where they feel the baby knowing charged.

[47:03] I do not have other word for it but this is barbara is barack.
This is the policy to china and north korea half note is not in the box with you this before whenever portions all the time in china and north korea it is official policy but know europe is it like this.

[47:22] United states just became a new york united states became the world leader euthanasia and abortion congratulations you did it you did it.

[47:36] Awesome and who’s family loves as a uncle as a brother.

[47:44] As a disabled man as a human being as a christian.
Every part of my soul this makes the screen and it’s so disgusting and so wronged in so he nest.

[47:59] I can’t believe he did this.

[48:02] The dishes now that point where if that’s if i get divorced or more companies so greatly that this thing past ne posso umas.
I was actually pretty dang close to nemesis far as i understand it.

[48:19] It’s unbelievable is on believable it’s like twenty nineteen is this nightmare i can’t wake up out of.

[48:30] Hi i’m shocked i really am i’m shocked.

[48:41] You know what this also as i should know this you will not be charged if you got pregnant woman can you beat them with a steel probe are over and over again to abort the child you will be charged with assault but you will not be charged with killing that baby.

[48:58] That’s what i tell you that’s how crazy this is not some crazy i need some it’s amusing to me in this world that we live in.

[49:07] Do we allow late term abortions at all but i get that some people feel that before that the baby has developed much you know that first twenty four week period you feel that women should be able to make that choice,
this is something else this is a hole in galaxy is a galaxy is difference this is a whole mother world because that baby.
It only be viable outside one enable automatic you just put it up just can’t hello.

[49:39] You know what happened i want a second because abortion anti abortion activist often screw things up pictures and video for billboards of white and abortion actually looks like.

[49:53] I’m a boy let me tell you this much is not a dentist appointment as that video is trying to share with robert.
It’s not it’s insane.

[50:05] Ok so when do the largest kit one example how they knew that how they usually term abortion this is.
Are from a guy that specializes in day one you use a large needle to inject drug called g.
Will there be used to cause fail cardiac arrest killing the baby
the ox is injected the baby’s head and heart i need off to the mothers abdomen quote the baby will feel like i’m quote quote babies at the stage feel pain on quote.

[50:40] Your mother is dying open with sticks would call you a woman can give birth to dad,
baby waits for the woman or the white horse serve as she can be inside for two to three days monday to the board replaced the performance cycle and insure the baby is dead,
if a child is alive and administer another dose of the accident.
Six AM this is where this is a tg and i met i talk about the abortion pill or the one to push abortion pills and how messed how much it messes up women because
if that doesn’t happen at the clinic can you get britt to the baby at the clinic they tell you to go to the toilet to know that i’m not making up that is the professional recommend advice.
Set the color to do if the woman does not make it to the clinic but the baby was not fully come out evacuation procedures must be performing the door she will use class in four steps december the baby piece by piece.
What’s the percentage on all the body parts of been removed a portion is complete.

[51:41] Now i was little this on stock you love it love it is a special size or should he still be an abortion.
He is no longer now he is broke life advocate this that you change sides with the tragic death of his daughter heather heather was hit by car i need it and dr liberty knows arms.
Changed his view on life forever no longer what’s the medical waste it was now try old.
After this experience stock not know how to never perform an abortion.

[52:17] I mean this is just a referral thing erase no i just want the facts of rubber winter leave when i share with him but there are more of
black babies aborted in new york state in new york city they were born and the fact wanted to push back yes but the amended that’s true isn’t back in twenty fifteen this is finally it so the question was portions by black women york city pace.
And they said.
The first place what was the twenty third to report the most recent data available back then look for a new york this is for you to report twenty thirteen black americana for twenty nine thousand terminate pregnancy is almost to forty two percent of all portions of the city.

[52:57] That seems like women get lonely twenty four thousand one hundred eight babies god that.
Who is is true more black babies are born in new york they’re born.

[53:12] I had a question as a religious man i cannot look at this not see the parallels oven times in the scriptures i quote up matthew chapter two.
Verses twelve through the eighteen you won’t you got this is god sending angel talk to joseph to warn him in mary to get baby jesus in themselves how to dress out of israel.
Add internet is out of our is there a no hub id morning got a dream a vision a return to the apartment of their own country and other way i want to report a change of the lord appeared to joseph in a dream saying arise and take the child to his mother in flint.
NBA are there until i bring the word for harry will be on child to the gym.
View ros r’s mother by night in department to egypt i was there until the death of parent them i feel what was spoken by the lord by the prophet saying out of egypt to buy call my son.
When he saw that he was marked when was exciting robin said fourth and so all the children that were in bethlehem and all the coast the road from two years old and acquired the time which intelligent required to the wise men.
There was fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet saying erano was there a voice heard lamentations and weeping and great mourning rachel weeping for her children and would not be comforted because they are not.

[54:38] At the same time you had to call mom to wesley you let ms in signed it.
Set up at same time you want the death penalty a quote is moreland a festival has no place in the twenty-first century.
That’s right you said the death penalty is moreland offensive but that’s okay.

[54:58] After this incredible peace of a monster legislation passed.
It was enough just to pass this novel so in the world we have to purchase all the way teach multiple buildings including the freedom tower new york city this side of the nine eleven terrorist attack i order them to put the lights in pink.

[55:18] No i was saying that’s marked when this is supposed to be celebration.

[55:26] This is just a quick note this is the most powerful thing i’ve read in a long while is biology and if it’s from the articles in different spot aldım i want can find national feel just tiny little paragraph.

[55:40] Let me read this to an you take from it what you can just assign freedom tower.
Two pools mark the spot of the nine eleven terrorist attack i need to describe the names of every person married that day i’m beside the names of living of those women carved stone sarah’s.

[56:02] And her unborn child.

[56:08] Use promo trying to boston on demand the real story is reading these are human lives.

[56:18] United states in the western world at large.

[56:22] What is in the middle of a crisis of population we are not having enough people to pick up the pace.
I have a story that i am not in norway and finland dr jasper for babies for babies japan is the same problem.
Yes ace is it far behind but it is trying to catch up last people are having family.
Will world is craving children are making it harder and harder for children to happen.

[56:53] And it states what’s the leader of indonesia apparently you don’t log in.
Where can i catch up to another day another place where one fourth of all deaths in the netherlands by assisted suicide yes that is another crazy fact am one fourth of their deaths.
In the banana suicide views or cultures of death.
These are not celebrations of life these are not celebrations of the weird of the broken did not celebrations of human endurance pull yourself up by your boot straps do not about how the melody the overcomes the human condition.
You are not the stories of the down syndrome man and women who are nation doing good and showing that life is worth living even in the hardest of circumstances.
We’re not take any advice on mother teresa when she heard about abortion she said quote give me all the babies cute babies.

[57:57] I know some very good many women you want to be in mothers and fathers there desperate to have a child.

[58:06] If you have some what you live for free why that person has concerns were and maybe reasons and i apologize that you’re going through that i really do.
I pray you become forget that child will be loved there people wanna love that child is it.
Help me grow and become a human being when is the best person they possibly can be.

[58:33] Please do not fall for the lie about the culture of death.

[58:39] And if your bottle in it this is the sad thing is if you’re a political person this is gonna be a step in the right direction but i could be the end goal because we have to move on from here people are too invested
organizations to put together to much money coming through stop at this abortion bill,
go find something else am i pose to assisted suicide farther and make it more ok or described people to kill themselves.
Don’t push it this will be the end slippery slope doesn’t always apply but it will apply here.

[59:12] Help us if you just la drs me andrew lol.
I do not got i can’t see what comments am what will happen in the next life.
But i hear frank fenced and any other hundred twenty i still paul’s i apologize for getting so emotional.
I think it first so many reasons this is just so sickening to me so sickening.

[59:47] I don’t think that no i dont i hope other states don’t follow we can turn this around.

[59:55] This is murder i don’t care if it’s legal or not it’s more like it represents.

[1:00:03] And if this comes up in your state university towns you push and fight back against us because we are facing that same place as per playing united states someone you up especially in the early twentieth century.
What’s the culture of death were def is an easy out NH the right insurance thing is to give death instead of providing life.
That is a lie.

[1:00:30] I ask the man who struggles with a great deal of pain everyday is reflect and ordered and i have to talk myself to keep going.

[1:00:41] Life is worth living if i was around i wanna get to experience life with my niece selena.

[1:00:49] I want to hang out and watch some shows my family and my mom i want to get to this podcast.
I know life can be hard i understand life can be cruel and cold and awful who’s worth living worth loving.
Don’t give in to the easy life that death is the the path to go because life is worth living.

[1:01:15] Alright well let’s take a break um also find us on a k-1 to talk to you guys about venezuela the best deposit news of this was that hard news.
Venezuela is the is the light the positive news of hope and i’m glad that stuff is going on there right thank you for listening to this is been very happy with your podcasts.
Yo on.
When i’m gonna hide their business.
Yo on
what is more important is what you want to study more
i hope so because you wanna know what.

[1:02:12] Music.

[1:02:19] Hello,
why don’t you reboot by riverside i don’t recived i want to put on my plate,
is there really sorry penn sta da.
Hello again everyone had so i decided to take a breather get my emotions under control i’m forget gone like to print out a go fund me page for a david luiz.
He is david e is stable releases now it is the second sorry suffered a stroke from a nazi he’s kind of been calm and cautious girl with swelling.
He’s been declared.
Even though his mom me know his response to assist moms another level invoices by pushing raising his feet toes and legs and fingers.
What are the doctors now want to start reading faith hydrangea medicaid him this is exactly like that area.
Should i have a case where the girl you asked me if it will it snow is active you just don’t get how you can let them.

[1:03:27] Are the find me forms is it send the show notes no leave it at the top of the show notes so this isn’t easy but you can go to the helping raise a fifteen dollars and so far they have like eight thousand,
if you can help them out that be great on the group.
I lights behind this that supporting them is the very life and hope network which is run by bob lee bobby chandler he was the brother in the.
Its it’s crazy i hate i hate when they do that i hate it its it’s messed up know if you wanna help a good cause that is what you do when i recommend you doing.
No thank you move on.

[1:04:07] Bring up my friends are having a huge scan where is bobs burgers were bobby’s to go undercover to stop this i meet.
Darcy vendor this meet seller because his meat from horses me say its cows.
Let’s record will this actually happen in real life in paris and it’s huge are there tickets where was it says twenty one it’s very confusing so january twenty-first europe what’s the dates.
how to mix the house last week and i think this goes back even to twenty thirteen million the meals withdrawn from supermarket sells after their found contain horse instead of beef pizza
it’s crazy like thousands millions of meals made things like frozen lasagna and meatballs actually hate talking for it’s me being discreet because much is the sale of five hundred times of horse meat.
What type of twenty eight different companies to search in european countries.

[1:05:06] Its crazy crazy but so much more sweet though
you was also about feeling other food related think there will be no sweetheart candy its on all the shows this valentine’s the company sweethearts had some problem,
i last year and they had to declare bankruptcy and i think that someone bothered to think about pogba haven’t got everything re oracle
reorder reorder and so there will be no space where a sweethearts the conversation hearts with love me hug me,
kiss me bite me,
ignite how often you want to get those this year which is very sad very sad this is product i often command eight percent of u. s. market for candy hearts.
What happen you will get commit this year movies on this is a cool article that from the website pricing is currently on life website.

[1:06:04] I did some other stuff in this work at home how much do you save not only from restaurants but those dine in the services or dislike meal cooked meal kit services so they don’t go yet.
I had went through the darkness they will get exposure dinner recipes the figure out the average cost,
per serving up food from scratch compared it to per serving already have a restaurant or meal kit delivery service.

[1:06:28] What is five times more expensive to order delivery from a restaurant and cook at home but for a meal kit service yes it is cheaper than ordering out
but it still three times more expensive than making it by yourself from home and add scratch that was fast name to those those meal kits arak i hear the pretty good up with the rockets.
You should know if i one day in advertising the milk and there’s a code anyone do that so i can money yes do so but until then.
Milky milky rockets so glad that stuff is the truth here’s another cool technological breakthrough that you guys were enjoyable
this is from a defense one in savannah transmit this is this is coldplay everyone it’s fantastic it’s about how like to repair biz current navy seals of PTSD anything could we make brain science and its really cool
is really cool letter using m aggies in me artie’s and using it to help people you know i will always support my bachelors i read this
but couple blocks on the subject to see if she could you select rows of therapy.

[1:07:34] Electro compulsive there be there dont convert they’re being what’s the most effective treatment for depression that we have an arsenal because in the sixties please
all the pop culture me out again step that some people are free to use it,
what is actually the most effective treatment for depression if someone is suicidal you need to ask something get better faster easier is the way to go yesterday if it takes way like the last forty eight hours of memories
can you take it but it’s enough here well but commit suicide how many days were better than you killing yourself and you know this is kinda baggy CT where we applied directly to the brain
and we can keep things that’s amazing i really yes i squirt a really cool article
hey the guy that was in the the doctor that was nice to see you think the future that discussion about within the should be first line management what should we do the functional issues that play hola do before we get there.

[1:08:32] This is really cool and they say that part of the science can go as far back as the seventeen forty three
the eagles barely talk about the city its just need a call i’ll be eating out lines from defense wine now read the title more time for guides
how would like to repair the pt test and could we make brain science recommended itinerary that good news also is there people with disabilities at the moment are coming in the workforce end this is great you are very unemployment we have been so.
Remember that what country has been doing this while unemployment numbers for fifty sixty or something crazy like that.

[1:09:09] What’s the journal says the unemployment rights ok so the us is currently three point nine.
Which is the largest nineteen sixty nine i was close and the monthly rate of unemployment for disabled persons like myself felt nearly five percent between two thousand fourteen twenty eighteen.

[1:09:27] That is great is great to hear that disabled people working that arm one plus that willing to work with them.
Are they padded or is social security disability benefits grant applicants push disable people to seek employment quote from the wall street journal,
small show people get the program ask question paper not apply instead to seek alternative so basically with a part of this and i didn’t turn my gas is part of it is one plus maybe.
The baby willing to be flexible this product for disabled persons you might be willing to work because of your disability you might have you can you play what days are becoming two work you can promise all the hours are there certain
tasks that you can’t do anything about your disability as you are there more players there will you be open with the work with you want it the other side.

[1:10:15] The medicare medicade people in these things if you’re disabled so scared of it is almost impossible right now particularly in red states across the country
insurtech is generally assume that you have to get in to the federal judge do you have to go through several appeals process is being the most people never get um no your first time applying for disability
i have been what since two thousand sixteen been playing for
no i have never had one time with the judge that takes forever to go through this process and its humiliating it off of micah make a podcast but how awful this trying to get on disability
that’s for another job how do you say i think it’s also this promise that disabled people are desperate and solutions do whatever they can to survive it is a slight positive that work is part of that,
but i will.

[1:11:04] I think its a mix like i think his disability activism much on the left in a field government program should solve everything and i dont feel that way i’m libertarian for disability activist for i’m saying we the lounge
people individually of people and she released help people who are disabled and we need to encourage it
employeurs and colleges and schools still be flexible on what is people who care and get me the can wear to work and because get people meaning your wives i think that’s the golf not giving people money healthcare,
can we got is not a solution to fix the hole in their lives disability off and gives you,
so i think that’s very interesting and a good thing to see my mom sis what happened is well there you go that was for you i did that for you
i hope you enjoyed half notes.

[1:11:58] Well let’s move to just awesome awesome awesome news what is going on in venezuela has got me great help for the future,
know where the terrible stuff about new york no covington stuff turn how bad or press and a popular system is right now.
We do have good news and world and that is when is wales is the country that is for people that others you animal and pet.
The country has no medical personal life because the off led the country that has the twins and teenagers so they bodies so they can get money to escape vehicle holden is the country venezuela.
Country that has inflation rate is one million percent where the solution by the government what’s the cut five zero zł,
what is the current CEO of variety that they say will just have to you tube on the side with three more yes what country.

[1:12:51] I hope the hope is a guy named guido yes go ahead when is 35 that’s really young by the way he’s claiming to be the rightful leader in venezuela.
Here’s the link the dictator present material there was a dead animal collection last year.
I hope is in charge of the opposition party with that controls the legislature or via legislatures support desk and announce himself to be the new president of venezuela.
Nh not just like if i could be the interim president of venezuela has alexa remind me still be there okay.

[1:13:34] Susie now said united states came out president trump became president trump i give you a big high five events lights and trump needs to see if this like a bot says
trump than right on this light like this could really end up badly said trump the alright let’s wait okay that’s light will hardly ever get trump friend.
I’m observing suggest a normal person observe i’m survey tions.
I very interesting to hear some facts out way before moving on the other.
There were demonstrations of material evening right before he announced this and after this they said that thousands of people might of been killed
turn this because i always twenty friends have died in violence and there will be more than your shop by security forces of programming groups i initiate a military is on your side some of the most dangerous way
why don’t like the top four for non voice dad now that she was white white out this is slowly changing the back one
can you still he’s i was putting in my outline one second before i click the freshman what is the ultimate de motor responsible for moving the next step was probably different headlines
i thought i was pretty uh.

[1:14:50] Yeah i became a box to his quiet consolidate position in venezuela is a funny funny faccio so basically if the mail for this to work and europe
most of europe has come out support us coming support many south americans support.

[1:15:07] Play it for quite off so that’s awesome this is weird by the us senate.
So hi-fi the united states i think this is fantastic there are countries warning not to intervene russia and china in particular.
They had a few reasons behind rushing and even tested the light of economic and political collateral until venezuela.
Russia i remember is going to be old military based on a venezuelan island in the caribbean and that’s where their gonna put the high price i knew killer mix of rushing just not want.
Venezuela to change government because this carmen loves russia
i know also baby harris invested a ton of capital and venezuela is well infrastructure and there a social credit system has been exports of venezuela something there right now all that evil mighty for tech
there’s one more thing another reason that finish with venezuelan where is china russia is because venezuela shows if this works.
Show us that countries that don’t take good care of their people.
Go take care the people that can be over throwing a look at this so in russia right now putin is the least popular there’s ever been.

[1:16:24] You are the most popular authors ever been released from prison russia’s putin falls the thirteen europe low,
search you know your love these hits to trust in pune is thirty three point four percent that was supposed to research center and it’s lower than that because remember when i asked questions yesterday they have to be careful rushing out to all them can tell the truth so it’s lower than that guys.

[1:16:46] No the other countries like mexico did not come out and support.
Why not well mexico is also to remember the basic dolby by the cartel the new president came with to fight back and,
what’s the work with the united states of is awesome for that then i can i support of venezuela because this case send the message that
maybe mexico can we talk about the mexico has a long history of top link i can look up the whole thing about napoleon that situation very interested in this other countries that
have a vested interest and not coming out in support of white out
this is awesome now it may take time for baidu come into power anyway i get real actions in this will be yours to venezuela
decades even begin venezuela use to be but think about this guys
where is used to be the social model there’s no park and rec and rec episode decade how awesome it is way less when the episode was made in venezuela was the second most prosperous country in the western hemisphere
we are number one venezuela was number two is now at the bottom of that list think about how bad it is.

[1:17:57] Call from medical press pull makes come back in venezuela alex after decades there hello there because there is no vaccination medical care of the holy of iris popping up and kids are far away that.
No it’s amazing it’s amazing what is happening in venezuela i am so you know i am very happy that there might be hope in venezuela i don’t quite understand because he’s like we trained what dictator got another one rolling stone,
qualcuno new boss same as the old boss
thats not true this is by the way of the heart of trump as a feather in the hat of john bolton he is the one that pushed for this he’s been pushing for venezuelan cube in others to fight for freedom
i’ll bolton if this works cat feather in his cap.
This goes the ball to disco fever trump if this works time i even get to say that one of those guys need to know about peace prize because this is incredible what what is amazing to me.
Is that god has given us this lesson that’s too religious can’t happen let’s let’s take off do not have then let’s look at it just is
we have those properties and south america,
of what socialism bleeds still what socialism causes high taxation and central planning does to me and two people.

[1:19:20] This is just a repeat of every other dictatorship based on communism and socialism before it.

[1:19:27] And we here any nice states if you’re not learning from it,
we’re not apply license i can build a blog with ham,
the mirror of new york is what you said he eats time for this country recognized plenty of money in the world,
there’s plenty of money in this nation its just in the wrong hands of the one percent me a game the system all these years but doesn’t have to be the way and right now he is big and small are showing the whole nation in this country we can have we do things the other way around,
yeah no he’s just a tiny tiny fraction this is a twenty fraction of this movie,
we need to text me anymore central plank more government control need help people would of people and of course i today
i am for sure and i’m gonna cover her now i don’t know i don’t want to be the presidency temple sad but alexandria cortez is the face of this movement and she’s a representative,
off this list feel the democrats and progress is having this country i’m gonna play a couple of clips and this is astounding business she what she describes time share with you.

[1:20:39] Sum up exactly what is wrong with that ugly popular am i talked about my first singing about the covington catholic kids scandal listen up.
When is he on martin luther king day talking to ta-nehisi coates about all kinds of issues and this here is her talking about climate change.

[1:20:59] How many people are coming after us looking like the world is gonna end.

[1:21:09] Climate change your gas uk.

[1:21:18] How we gonna pay for it and like this is the war this is a rogue AI.

[1:21:26] I think for younger people were looking at somewhere how are we saying what’s taking easy when three thousand americans died last year how are you.

[1:21:37] When the person who has just died from from our call and i just criminal justice system how are you.

[1:21:45] When the america that we’re living in today so dystopian with people sleeping in their cars.
Travel without healthcare and were told to settle down i dont it says fundamentals separation.

[1:22:03] That’s your agency of now we can’t wait that can focus on that some think it’s chronic reality.

[1:22:14] Now i could go on and on about how much what she said most of what you said there was factual inaccurate the washington post i had this is a funny twitter
five hundred and the fact jennifer the washington post compiled what you said basically was joke lol there was a fizz and should a painful but you know if she does have a lot of power no i
you should think about this study four percent democrats consider voting for her if you open up to run for president that’s for actually is.
That’s insane i say that set alarm to remember that so many of the stock with that.

[1:22:53] Seventy four percent and she speaks this idea where the nearest is more important than facts is really care about facts in fact one of the inside when do the things the powers that is that she ignores facts
and she just kind of spits the general feeling of the herb is.
Enter work CON guess who did this by the way a certain president to serve four his presence and states did the exact thing,
and you can see the led to all the greatest outcomes and who knows where this could be you know what time for how many days will it is do we have leaders like to see spelling the stuff im bout to share with you
makes you wonder about the future so this is her on sixty minutes something about your math,
washington post recently awarded you four point okay so my order is being sent to six hundred depending on spend a lot of people want to really blow up
what is your fear or one word there
i would argue that they’re missing the forest for the trees i think there’s a lot of people more concerned about.
Precisely sexually and semantically correct than about being morally right than factual correctness important absolutely important and.

[1:24:14] Whenever i make,
i say OK this was clumsy and then re state what my point what’s um it’s it’s not the same as.

[1:24:26] The president lying about immigrants it’s not the same thing at all because i tried to do healthy
and respectable journalists to work i give you that forklift i didn’t just end it here for her thing but she does not correct yourself and it is the same thing or worse what the president says about immigrants when the present stretches the truth okay
did you hear that part
yes that’s another historical quote i want to go in the history box which says its more important they wanted to be more proud of being factual correct morley right,
no that is problem in a nut shell disconnect mean that that’s a problem with everything today.
Where we more but morally right state of actually accurate can i come play by the way to popular me to what’s more important about being morally right instead of
no i’m good story,
aurora talented writing your blog you can play to anything right and that’s the attitude twenty nineteen that’s the attitude of this error and that she’s not shop you know is there somewhere i think i wanna do and this is not.
Ios this is california and this is it’s hilarious it’s horribly this is an actual thing about staples center announces the banning of the pronoun sterling earrings under not so nervous not sure can you just not like to put all documents for talk.
Using a non gender neutral destinations.

[1:25:54] And this is from the center of the action in jackson TN now
listen to it and love that is a hard to leave my grammer teacher is long gone and i won’t be hearing from her other hand if any of you.
Exactly but pretty of you who may here from a programmer teachers blame it on me.

[1:26:21] Ok enjoy the down low by gnash open front right there alice i was funny how she one stupid news article and how many go to peters
ramen makes me really grumpy so here one thing makes me grumpy grumpy think i’ll pop songs of become angry and sad,
add this is a study where is nyc lyrics from six thousand best selling songs from the nineteen fifties twenty sixteen this out by lawrence technical university of michigan
are these songs came from the u. s. billboard hot one hundred is a recording did the study.

[1:26:59] The mid fifties will happiest no is the saddest and angry yet.
I did not know the age you know you have to look at me pop music so i’m not really into the dates pop music is gonna take his underwear and not listen to today’s pop music is not something i meant to.
Maybe you listen to me you know maybe you agree with or really gets my grandma.
All the best jw political party is my TV shows these days i’m getting tired
get star trek discovery just had a second season and the first season was horrible horrible i love star trek i watched.
Next couple years back my brother john we just cannot finish all the anime the star trek,
it was great it was so much fun i got i didn’t use to be tricky and now i get it i get the appeal of star trek where is star trek discovery season one was so bad that this article a great article called what is this thing you called
social justice question mark,
add yourself this is about season one how bad season one was this information in error and harbour was an oppressed and was telling him but season one of discovery that was gonna take quote i think on the trump presidency throat story telling
alrighty is what is that we really start working on a show and restaurant to watch what’s happening.

[1:28:24] The clean or going to help is really look at certain sites for cells in our country isolation is a big theme rachel purity is a big theme.
I instantly want to share news find subsequently like go after the first season was completed.
And i heard this from star trek fans really don’t like it like the main character is a blackjack apply equally martin green from walking dead.
Her name is michael for some reason he has a blind lesbian girlfriend.
She has really no redeeming qualities she’s always complaining if he’s going out doing all survival and all the
traditionally email white characters for some reason it’s like it’s really in your face about it um
how much you know about import on this the supporting cast are all chosen out of state university quote is what the TV is made out of.
There’s a few characters are good in this article also feel like sorry like,
copy and contact kelly i fight you about you know it was awful because the clean on the change home a cup scheme
leaving change to call church or really rich character in star trek canon before the shelf and now they’re just terrible versions of make america great again factor rallying cry is remaining clean.

[1:29:42] This is so bad CBS actually came out with the reverse statement said that we know any direct connection between make america great again.
And discovery that no onions extra extra.
And season two i guess is just as bad your heading that way what i am dying to spark is up the travis state hate that any of this is just like what they did with star wars and what more shall steven universe now steven universe.
I have a soft spot for it like season four.

[1:30:16] And got the same time and the lunch was happening this is me before election the triple down on the NSEW seems like there are always women and gender is kinda question sometimes but the rocks.
And i can i can handle are the different political influence computer my own business are you are you can you just did you can find and be angry with that.
Read me dave gone just full craziness had an episode where they triple
quadruple down and the characters of steven how he is not how is change going from the song i don’t need respect me i respect i dont need it love me i love me but i want you know me
if you change your mind if i get the whole episode on the side that he’s trans character,
use to be woman but man its parents for a spin for,
oh it’s really painful a discount when the shows that leads the way i don’t understand why artists do this special reefer pop culture.
Are you trying to grow your audience why are you travelling down on the political pain during okay yume a small subset us population very happy.
But for the rest of us we don’t get it in for many of us were watching entertainment just for the sake of entertainment share with your family love ones and friends you this is crap.
We just can’t be part of it i wanna step by step god.

[1:31:42] The shelf i really actually for the most part tell me about season four i loved steven universe i would say was one the best shows on television one that shows animation.

[1:31:52] Yes it was animated but just as a product and i cant see anymore let you know that hurts i’m sorry
it’s sad everything is becoming political and i’m sick of it i’m sick of it you know this next episode i wanted you audio SA.
About ranch and the new ghostbusters reboot and how people are learning from this energy they’re going back to what works and what had a bigger audience and i like that i would like that.

[1:32:20] So if you watch the universe heads up it’s a bit crazy it’s party day so far love on line need it sad i’m sad for no skip star trek discovery i think skip the last jedi.
No no if someone’s gonna be super st w and destroy something that you loved i don’t think you should have to support don’t spend your money on now okay,
what is it today for this episode happy where podcast thank you so much for listening please follow me on facebook follow me on twitter follow me on instagram check me are you to be more supportive leave us
all positive review on itunes on email keep in your prayers how many goals are this coming week to us but paint specialist,
really hoping i’ll turn out well because this health stuff i gone through the hell i could really if i could really get the feeling pain treatment regimen to my life,
i would me up to do so much more to do more podcasts and videos articles,
more content for you to digest and enjoy the last thing thank you the producer emailing for help me out to be my partner on this podcast thank you to the us troops past.

[1:33:30] And president leaving and dad for your sacrifice and shipping applied for liberties here in the united states of america i just finish watching the pacific and a hug,
band of brothers and man oh man do they make you feel patriotic can you really getting appreciation for the sacrifices the men and women have made and set in support of our freedom so thank you so much for that i’m please keep,
the country and your prayers don’t give up hope there’s still hope guys we know we can turn the ship around we can fix the kings so he’s keep on fighting keep on listening and have a great
night this is the happy warrior podcast with your host happy your pizza.

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