Happy Warrior 032 Vic Mignogna


Notes to keep in mind:
Anime News Network started this by running an inaccurate and poorly put together article. Even after women have come forward saying that they didn’t say that nor give permission for their photos to be used the article hasn’t been updated hardly at all.
He is being accused of essentially being too affectionate. And is insinuated to groping underage teens and sexual assault.
The articles only refer to a strong of self-reflecting articles.
Funimation and everyone else had dumped him.
Most of the claims against him are lies, exaggerated incidents, or heavily edited videos and photos. Some voice actors were involved in a twitter group attempting to makeup photo evidence against him.
He served as an officer in the Ocean City Police Department
Vic is an outspoken Christian and a Baptist lives like one. Even has his own music cd, a recording of the Book of John, his Mom runs his webstore, and visits sick fans in hospital for free and without any self-publicity. He won’t sign gay porn but will provide alternative materials to sign.
Most of all he describes himself as a Conservative. https://beneaththetangles.com/2016/02/10/there-is-freedom-an-interview-with-vic-mignogna/
Even during this garbage he recorded this kind video for a fan getting their associates degree. https://twitter.com/i/status/1094053987878387712
This one is him at a hospital in 2012https://twitter.com/i/status/1095139310490341376
He is also a huge fan of nerdom, and been in several fan productions for Star Trek and Full Metal Alchemist. Does it for free.
The people coming after him are either super SJW political (Marchie), have their own scandalous backgrounds (Neal Kaplan, and Mike Tool) or are ambulance chasers (monica rial) Many of them pretended to party, hug, and play with him in public and at work hours before the anime news network article came out.
When anyone pushes back they are attacked, called alt-right, white supremacists, homophobes, and are threatened with legal action and are being banned on social media websites. Pensacon threatened to throw people in jail if they showed up wearing supportive t-shirts.
Vic hasn’t attacked anyone and is only conciliatory, something none of his detractors will be bothered with doing. 2 written apologies and 1 video.


This is character Assassination!

You can use this video to provide 2 examples of Christian behavior and how is being assassinated.

Lover of his craft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSySvm0HT4w

Machine Transcript
[0:23] Hello everyone this is happy warrior paid this here is happy worth of podcasts for this.
Short mini episode i wanna do interview with amazing you tube or are you confined in my you tube his name is yellow flash type in your flash too,
are we covered the issue of the sky name is anna mae voice actor i recorded this episode than the live stream on you tube for mc,
tiny but hopefully you tube channel not happy warrior estimated camp.

[0:57] That’s what i should do something different that is why i included after that episode i cleared the apology video so if you get to the point you don’t have to listen to it,
you listen to it and for me personally at least it’s changed
my whole perspective of the story and that’s kinda why is the story in particular stuck with me so i can check that out be sure to check on the social medias you guys have been great
please enjoy this episode and learn about the fantastic guy the yellow flash.

[1:30] Music.

[1:39] Happy for your podcast conservative commentary on the news today from a more positive perspective.

[1:46] Music.

[2:04] Ok ok i got to see many songs play it welcome everyone misses their happy we’re podcasting i’m streaming yes i want to record a reminder stream it because you all flashes audience is primarily
what is you to say that well but i make it easier for them march something more comfortable,
today i have with me in italian and amazing yellow flash but the you tube channel you tube or is everything like to call you guys.
Yes you just flash flash flash flash and ask is normal flashes and been going the couple years.

[2:43] How is your pretty bad show off the comics what is the distance from it was a hot minute,
is that i digress up,
today i brought in your flashy kylie was wanting to come on my podcast tiny fish in a tiny pint and he i want ice watch the videos on the subject today subject is about i need enough
my primary audience which is mostly this is about political podcast and talk about nerd stuff probably never heard of them and.
Dont really know much but and me but this story when i first read it and i watch your videos,
just keep coming back to me calculate my mind my heart is like this just feels,
so weird this feels so wrong and i really feel like it’s another attack in the culture war where nothing is sacred anymore not fit nowhere entertainment even if safe,
from politics and the skirt has been the meet maha i am for get me from sl but my language there,
i’m pie your videos by the yellow flash number two videos by the way where the best and i watched.
Goodness gracious i need to know how many hours of videos.

[4:00] It’s been a lot of people coming up which is always good to know,
i got a new car and his production values a little lamb i’m just learning how to do all this is i go ive been doing you to feel like i think you’re now so i will you learn all the stuff on the fly.
Interesting journey oh no i hope that i think you’re doing great enjoy your videos i learn a lot from them
i enjoy your breath of subjects is he do a lot of stuff thrown in or just stick to the comics and i mean you talked about other girls but the guy who is here,
who’s japanese game director was fantastic,
i want news the thunder are you saying like a strong golden charities got these two japanese women next to me,
oh you must execute who is the boss,
i like i like it’s nice to hear that politics isn’t completely entertained world on that side of the ocean.

[5:03] Will there it seems like money talks at me not say it directly but if something is making any money there a mean a folder.
Your dragon ball kai were there was make me money so they pulled it.
It in finnish until the american market and demand for all that you make money over here if finished.
Yeah no i get not gross but it’s kinda surprising because dragon ball it is because he is the usc thing in japan.

[5:36] Yeah they had a long run because it came here recently im thinking just like when they hear the dragon ball GT head jesse and that we were just getting it so we gotta like ride to the table.
Salut more fresh ear compared to leaving now that is true as true white dragon ball z was first the airline to do that was like nineteen ninety nine i mean it’s a long time ago it was ten yrs,
alright well sorry for all that self if you cannot tell um me personally i am a bit of a japan a file i’ve,
offline of had a love hate relationship with me in high school when it started and i am a high school club,
i so often on throughout my adult life come upcoming jeremy if they can i move the way in and i can’t back they moved away
you seem to be very similar to the enjoyment you say you don’t like thumbs up and a lie god.

[6:37] Subs like you love your way to the i think i heard many reviews here in the road right now,
which is proshrs ok are there are dumb stuff like wood is high guardian spice whatever that show is it looks like it.
Harry potter rip off some any colin compared is something else i can’t remember but never really like directly with the outcome,
like my hero academia better job because i see more of western theme and i think the dogs actually feel better.
No i agree completely i think the email commenced i always feel that the dub on that is,
so strong that elevated you know sometimes dumb and dumber is up
when they put english do you know what a japanese show me whatever can you show it is an inhumane way to dublin they have english voices versus south which is just,
the japanese language track with subtitles underneath um yeah.
I prefer email nick missed a few wanna try again dam phuoc was a pretty good start my brothers who are not really that much indiana me display me to watch dune me on cartoon network back overpaid for them that’s about it,
the fullmetal alchemist and fullmetal alchemist is a very.
Popular show and for good reason it is extremely well well well done mel found out piece of artwork.

[8:02] That’s amazing oh actually yeah ok io commits brotherhood ok sell.
Did you know before this who won the world nyc is before all this controversy came out yellow flash.

[8:19] I really know who does.
Fullmetal alchemist show i just stumbled all this when i saw that he was getting it looking the most superbowl news and i saw all the stuff that was going on this is crazy.
No was my first celebrity gas what’s me to anyone over and talk about it i’ll look into it more no i find all the stuff that doing.
I was like a whole have like a whole like conspiracy at this point and that’s even coming from martha,
i know the youtuber who’s your dad nick was talking about the stream i was your night did apparently haven’t watched the panel yet dollars but get to a chart.

[9:03] How warm is it where is it gone yet so,
i think money and i did i just recognized the voice i heard his voice on anime and cartoon i reckon ice button that was like i cant you pronounce that is it good how are you but if you hadn’t add really,
restart just kinda like i was on that’s what
yeah man money and a man i change every video i know i can do whatever the heck of a time trying to spy still have to look at your like it was like
can you how do you spell.
Yeah that’s okay salvage may i know its a is a voice actor fairly popular voice actor is apparently,
i seen what do u make invention seen his career hes been pretty successful he’s been doing gotomeeting forward two decades now.
I recently was in have in the anime world relatively huge movie is the dragon boat is it just dragon ball super brolly or something,
that silence and it was a big success and we found out just about and i must say two weeks ago.
Yeah is a predator dot dot dot on or less that’s what we were told i no yeah.

[10:27] How did we go from there because i was actually as i read and i think that answers big money is a terrible predator kicked off this is not,
and he’s awful and went to mommy’s news network and let’s get let’s go to their concert here research you don’t know the subject front to back by the nassau what you need and that’s what,
what was going on with me news networks claims.

[10:52] Will there be new stuff that just came out of it the name’s coming off of me but i am sorry meant puppy puppies crying over there just got scheduled like two weeks ago but on yes she is a handful but umm,
it started out so it seems one thing i can say for sure because i haven’t fully looked into it yet is that mars girl,
the girl from channel awesome tweeted out on the hay of the movie when it came out she’s like.
You know what it’s unfortunate that foundation is hiring pick menu and i don’t know what we should call us maybe hashtag figure something,
her twitter exploded from that and only on every single tweet news networks picking it up actually fabricated some other stuff pictures within a girl order of a owl,
and yeah girl that’s in the pictures like what’s what is this you know any places in the picture they just blurted out.
Reach out to them that’s not what that is it all just ignore it u play the anthem of cs the revenues numbers thing comes out,
and if you like or dislike this kinda looks like right lol like his girl be myself when i go to make vicious war to him but was ma convention.

[12:13] He goes too under age girls fourteen seems to be the prime numbers spent almost the price of the articles of you hold employees hands like under the skirt or put his hands like,
like we have severely put it under their term,
howdy top mandel and humid like it’s weird because like the parents are afraid of these are under kids are their kids whatever until probably supposed to be doing this.

[12:39] And he needs to be getting rid of perfect what’s the headline account unwanted affection yeah.
Most of these allegations that come from people are like you know what i heard from a buddy that knew this person and talk to this other guy like it’s like.
Witness is of somebody else is supposed that story is like least ninety percent of all of these allegations,
and then a lot of the times when you hear it from someone that’s directly saying about time its like from ten years ago and upon reflection yes reply with all of the stuff going on right now,
so if this like its just too it’s just all kinda fishy you know it’s just added up,
right to me and started to get into a look into it doesn’t i’m sick of twitter court.

[13:30] I agree i one hundred percent great that’s why i think this story i think it’s snowing to beat the storm has broken out of.
I the community so to speak and whatnot not in a great while because its such a great example of the same stuff we’ve been seeing in the us,
in the western world is every month we have new pokemon that we all have to chase after,
end sometime sometimes it’s more accurate and sometimes it’s just like.
Three year old allegations are you human resources anymore i mean it’s not not even the allegations off in this one you would be able to put someone into a civil suit and tie time for a crime and.
Am i give me a ride that’s kinda what they’re saying with monior if it is from what i can tell they haven’t come out with anything.
Strong enough to actually no per placement come over and rub against the walls i think they want that because that would clear his name.
I think i am pretty content by now some kind of picture or something a concrete would’ve came out and there’s nothing here is no pictures of him with his hand of some girls skirt,
which i find hard to believe in modern age with cell phones in every ones pocket that doesn’t make any sense to me in this place is packed.

[14:52] Would you hear there’s a story saying that he made out with a fourteen year old girl at his booth all in the open far i want sure i am sure that we have spent that on my blog.
Hello yes it’s why not why not me the internet so it’s true.

[15:09] Where is the actual place it saw only facts only the highest level of evidence is allowed on twitter um ok so,
yes i know any people that came out so if he were define if you don’t know this but in a fun there we actually pretty much without the whole if you want me.
No english you going to find information the stairs information has just reset the internal investigation that took five minutes of your time correct amount always coworkers who,
am i got this right was like five minutes before they’re taking a PR pictures with smiles and hugs him know how do you like christmas a bot,
the voice of god like in a convention and getting a big hug him what about investigation there was a,
you are the one through the whole the whole process manual on how to do that it sounds like it was kind of rushed but the way from what i’m hearing from people that have spoken to my younger is that a lot of the voice actors,
and spaghetti script writer and search the room like putting pressure inflammation get rid of the sky or walk.
I can say that i can you know.
Yeah i know i will be surprised that all i need to make gif animation me up fat point what do you do i mean for most companies it’s.

[16:36] I mean this is just my night state’s most companies just they are scared to death of any negative publicity we just dont have to deal with that we just wanna get this over with i will push him out we take any chances.

[16:52] Lets listen to a lot of backlash things that were more profitable for them to stand weather i think in the long run you’re right self care selepas so many people have let this attack.
The drive me news never asks you are you to be like to walk in finish tv did research on AAU stuff.
Write reviews for imdb just called hentai i have portland fish tv search nice people every time i watch the videos they still haven’t the nicest,
nice foxy what’s your hero the midwest in a very nice ass for all your stuff for something.
Yeah nice people are calling him and hm.
Lost paws of you to read the both of the organizers is the new to.

[17:45] No they stay double down on another guy i forget his name that works there came out like.
Jw was invented by white nationalism if it’s all the alright wasn’t the only people i have a problem with that story whatsoever.
Just so you know the all right.
I maybe i mean it’s possible but there are some all raiders out and all right cuz you for changing the this considered to be the headquarters they’re all right so this is what i’m told,
i mean my house something nearby me know what is been pretty dang sniff i need some of the people she is.
People use them alot of respect for AI i feel really torn right now and am a fan that often like dobson can’t like.
I wanna no idea what kind of want to watch some anime right now but,
man these people are just been so harsh in wonderland i mean monica place the voice of bulma,
i need now she’s been very harsh she’s been telling me to take people to shit like a send this to my lawyer or something like that.
I screen shot your tweeting say it’s alarm for spencer disgrace,
are you doesn’t like that were public figure your eyes open to all of the saliva tweet served from home page in her PR for me here photog.

[19:10] Its too its like five seconds to give this,
jamie margie loves jimi march is not mars collects email stating march is the voice actor do i have that right i’m terrible with names in choose a voice i don’t think he has more power now i think she’s a,
in production is well she’s one of the people that also and she said her i robot i watch your videos looking real sweet ideas like lights,
she was saying that he wins master with you okay you knock them out is a job what more do you want his like i want some i want i want to handle what is,
hmm up for get me a ball so i wanna know if you’re just making stuff for all the pain and i have so far,
shes quite a person hey don i don’t know if it was you.

[20:03] Where someone else but she actually has a history with ummm she didn’t politics and the animal world.
What’s her background on that would change the lines and the dub to go from what i seen.
I swear i don’t want to live a dog so i’m not too sure i just know other people have reported in there’s to activate.
Wind where she change the line and actually had the character mentioned game.
Which was nowhere in the original wood you watching compared to the dog does this an another line where she has the character walking in the girls like.
Talking about she stressing a certain way to write like to pay treorchy offer back on like cats and i think i am.

[20:51] I think in the subtitle version it was like she just likes all this just makes me look a lot more balls to say something it was completely different than the original version.
Yeah but i didn’t it’s interesting to the people who have been leading the fight to go after the mr menu either see me beat me up tell me from there and it was chase is like.
You know if i can take the downtown this also have my career and this will help me know my my following.
Why are there people there really should be a blast of wind to be attacking people for sexual allegations of neil kaplan.
I guess is one of these examples yeah i got the voice i don’t know that what’s your bottom.
You are what did what is he looking up like a lunch to have a have you meet your mentor something like that.
When i saw what is trying to get a girl to come up to the room.

[21:53] Just from the wind the one before i was ready from one angry gamer he was trying to get a girl to come up to his room.
I would like too much into it just a couple people up indicative am pretty hard yeah well i mean if you want if,
he lives by the sword but yeah exactly i kinda figured that if u can you forget dishes yet to the right.
Yeah i agree okay so it seems like and it’s really frustrating me because i’m a background and it does this terrible feeling i see on twitter all the time,
is that all the news report to each other it’s like this chain that links back taking or a bar where is hotel self,
hey can you make it a point to the website which will go what’s up with you have your complete circle with side lights to medium display.
Goes around and most of them say it just see it like that the fact that u say he’s done this stuff they say he’s that acting group under age girls in white,
very very frustrating looks like the narrative.

[23:01] Sad to say has completely been taken over except for by loyal fans and just people you just wanna enjoy and may not be bothered by.
Paul takes all that stuff.
Who are the people don’t have to do with the f it and see about the we both head to bed for a long time i’ve noticed that when dragon ball z came out here cuz every single item was completely changed,
take the exit that script i was only like maybe twenty three percent ten percent.
You are the only girls orange boxes or whatever the lead has a really cheap season central what you don’t turn the subtitles on you suggest a different dad is.
How you know that that is tempting my aunt of ours too young to have any cash to buy a animal videos but she would,
i have to glasgow i had seen and arianna made where yet where you watching and the dog was dubbed the subtitles are completely different sometimes i get to make sense like,
this particular if it’s like got a comedy,
and the humor is very japanese culture or set cultural centric i can understand that but other times did i get the other times it’s i don’t know why to choose so if it’s what is been.
What you cover in love you talk to other people what has been the fan push back because of having just caved to having just that just joined the rising tide on this.

[24:31] How to push back their hashtag i want to check every time i use the live news videos and i post on twitter and,
result will like you know sometimes two hundred tweets now our.
Up to fifty three two hundred thirty active it’s just what is active is the kick one to witches pretty pretty interesting yeah the black one is a mixture up people i think it’s just using this cause everyone’s talking but i dont think,
i would say atleast half of it are people that somewhat supporting the third to half of it on the thread.
What is that lol people are coming to you and just supporting because of what you understand send this stuff.

[25:14] Yeah that’s kinda small like make sure i am just getting frustrated because i do not want to u dont tend to talk about politics i like this about you,
and i don’t know what i’ll call you guys the comics gate you tube okay you guys sometimes refer that particular morning but you dont really talk about your life for not try and invite people,
i’m like the mainstream media these days we really don’t want any of your audience and half,
so i don’t want to get into it it seems like god we see me with a like bread camino last year on the supreme court,
when we start with the coming think it’s just a month ago it seems like he is out of control.
Mob like behavior so someone to me that’s like guys we have to have rules we have to have some rules to live by okay this is twitter is the prof just won’t work.
And i think this is proven this out i know i become i guess i want to ask u that can you match this video to see just sad that.
I think the one reasons why they wanted to take them out was because he’s outspoken he is religious he wants but the religious person and even his political views.
When does your not sure if if i don’t know something serious conservative i can confirm that is so pizza.

[26:35] He’s a elephant in the room white dude fairly good looking is a fifty six with your previous experience he has a.
I meant that i wish you a magical genie no longer ages,
he got any free wood so no we re seeing all of those people get trash in the media read these new tactics these tactics to be going on throughout the history of,
civilization i would like to compare to your house people we know this but back in the day like when whenever when we’re the irish know i risk people,
english people look really saying u have to find a new way to demon eyes and i did exactly that by making them like,
property and pictures really don’t like monkeys and add over the place and yeah,
it’s where did the human eyes am in tournaments you like a sub human that way you dont feel so bad when you head over the head with that branch yep and it well like babies start over there but really its the fault,
what is the just so the connect those irish.
Only the one time um yeah i hear it it does look like in there i did the research i found this article for two thousand sixteen where he comes out he says he is a,
yeah christian upbringing he was raised is on the conservative end of the spectrum.

[28:01] I’m sick i ask him in this interview assist you still consider yourself and services idea.
Quote i would like to buy also feel really ten percent my very dark back pluse functions i can feel their counter productive to reaching people for christ and there is a video i don’t know if you see a flash.

[28:19] Where is it working people are there and there’s something i can not find after watching,
i’m angelica is right i think yes yes send an email so i was feeling it hard somewhere like martha like mine are some your like montezuma,
gary and some of his son convention the middle of nowhere any the behind the bulk of charges,
who is adam in a nice like we gotta be good christians,
you know which rehab jesus to teach people by cascade them all the time no we have to show someone a good christian is life,
it’s long do sigh for twenty minutes at least gets old fast by me he’s a really good human being it’s me on this twitter hold you and you point some of these out.

[29:09] Yeah quite flights to visit fans to have cancer in the hospital and it doesn’t like it when you wait like got monica we’re looking in the hospital with cancer kids look at me x,
i just don is the people themselves that posted if you see what route we talk another one,
add this guy was take out the hey look at this this deck sent me this nice message about me getting my associates degree from college and i could not tell if that was.
Correct me if you just sent that i thought was older students and i mean it seems to be like someone that actually does try it will cost of an stripes live by his religious beliefs.
Which i mean that’s pretty rare these days.

[29:55] Yes use general i just love this fandom i think a lot of the new stuff i think that comes from a genuine affection for men.
How are you feeling better grateful to have them much you know it’s a lot of people feel so entitled it’s aq down it seems like the other way around where they feel like you should be lucky to have them.
You know you good enough to be my friend if she square with the companies you are the of my products now so i would like to know you not are you not human be less toxic to buy these raises.
That is why i do know before i ship before every morning before i shave i make sure its that yet,
make sure i’m not in forcing toxic masculinity order via white head normative patriarchal.
Oh man i get it so frustrated so i watched.

[30:53] You seen the video that thing is heartbreaking now include some of the audio at the end of this video with i put on my podcast,
that is heartbreaking man that made me cry the first i am a tad emotional person i was like man sky is really screwed me over and he really feels it looks it feels like someone got stabbed in the back.
Like i had no idea the people around me were my friends.
Reset it about me is there so this is all you help me with my career i love you.
Ask me anything now just saying no to fifteen years while he was.
Look at all the stuff that came before i mean just before all this happened like.
No the red panda dragon ball pre shower something edwards microbiology.
I think somebody straight who else is in the picture with ham but where is vicky monica,
i want to see sunny and somebody else and i like you know on the thumbs up in having a good time you had jamie yeah,
march a girl there’s a video that we just posted she’s like in a panic feeling is mussels you know who is reading this comment lol,
and just like it just hit me to know where it was obviously planned to drop that movie came out to ride the waves of its popularity.

[32:19] I just like it’s possible that i know when is ferris male capital master girls to they wanted to,
do the horizontal mambo not saying that isn’t possible but i’m saying there’s nothing here that even worthy of a civil suit in fact i would be surprised,
yes a five mr many yards does it make out in a suite paid again it’s fun it in a couple years from all this.
Open does i will be sued allow these people are there other people elected to kicking ass off definitely,
should be somewhat lively because its all very weird all of this documented so he ever wanted where,
fan convention with my my dad was like i met you listen to my dad’s like that’s the guy from the star trek convention dollars like what i do you know the muffin man,
forget it does this free star trek veggies is supposed to be a pretty good captain james t kirk hull also does the stuff with other female optimistic actress juliet fan,
umm can i get to play any disc i don’t want you to sing a class act.

[33:40] That’s what i come away with this every time i look at that seems like a classy guy and i don’t it’s possible that maybe he wasn’t always the best we all have bad days and it’s possible me some of the syst robot.
There’s no proof when you said you asked for my newborn have people looking for a dark sea right and the high of people coming after me like crazy.
The one girl try to fly my channel and it’s stopped me and does not use to have been doing this for like a year now.

[34:14] Crappy people really it’s no i am in about you but i am just to get to okay i’ll talk about i want to but you’re just a exploit say,
i am so tired of the reason why there’s a thing called comic and game day not animal is politics being injected,
no lol the vandalism angeles am from people in the left most like it’s been injected and just everything these days you cannot,
go anywhere do we need to buy a razor with like being it out without hearing about,
you are the top ten reasons whitehead remind me to pay it is bad in here so you can’t help stop it i’m just tired of it i’m tired of it just like like many people i know are attending maybe this is,
true the people that you like me the beginning of social internet quiet shy,
shes wrecked,
it’s a very weird environment cuz there’s people girls running around in body paint there’s some loot,
cause players everyone’s hugging and kissing each other but too much for my midwestern space standards,
i have you done much on the convention scene of attending many cons over the years to flash a couple of the really my thing.

[35:43] Anything i like to go look at all the merchandise and maybe buy some stuff,
i don’t see that much and i don’t know i go go denny how anything can you buy me by like a metal on metal sign fan art of something.
Yeah that’s pretty much,
autograph for something in antibiotics how i feel or whatever wont even like the comic and just didn’t go and look for like god you know some good excuses if i can do some price down,
no i leave that’s pretty much should i go forward.
All the year your good ima fill it wheeling and dealing i’m a soccer i’m when those suckers born every five minutes ontario blood ok so i want to talk about yellow flash and his fantastic you tube channel,
i let’s talk about you you been doing it for a year.

[36:35] Yep so what made you interested in starting to pull out you tube videos and cover the subjects you do.
Who is we get in the college world because of just sick of it.
And you know ut was like you gonna be a know how to do all the stuff that you know that.
wish you a boy or is zac big how much matter what he is the heck should have to but i have to talk to a bed set so you have twitter
every now that we chat and i think he just wants to use to get all the drama.
Just want to talk comics now i can relax which i get is a good dream doing this will you dance.
You’re wearing the comics so i got that that’s one of your subjects do i understand you’re big into that job reading comics in comics in general.

[37:37] Yeah but i don’t want to switch number to my girl and a because the comment just there getting so bad now it’s like it would last year like superman was so good to like.
You know it to family and it was really interesting to see that dynamic on the character was really popular and loved it,
no can i get have icloud and clark living apart now um it’s like what does u take it from this link.

[38:09] Good family values that people would you like you wasn’t feeling good and you don’t tell me that the devil trick to another super hero in detroit now order it,
do i like to think of brian michael bender sis the devil’s after this oh my god marvel in particular those comics are so bad,
what is the start of our know there are you still be in the bastion cuz i can’t remember,
i got the comics if i try to sign i spent like a year summer trying really hard to get new comics and also a red dc is probably what twenty fifteen itsupport it’s a cool format but.
Is it very take the call format you have to know really well not just anyone can go there and write a script for a good comic it seems i think that’s what i got from your videos and friends.
Yeah is that this isn’t just any pizza me at this is an art.
Need to know what they’re doing when they write these and do the artwork and that is being that is being crazy offer of political enchiladas.

[39:17] You’re a whole craft do it like you know it i know expert writers and comics but i picked up from you know,
read and watching people not doing it a certain things to it like a baby this previous should come during the space turn green oven have this post removed the mr b a splash page and you know these people like to call mike.
Comment like they have no idea what i do and its like to just hear for no reason other than just can i get some random answer maybe get some kind of movie script,
tv show script.
It seems like that’s the whole reason and they’re also cheaper is the have no tell no experience so marvel’s play in the people peanuts and they’re making a push for peanuts n,
no its a short term yeah long-term like a long term losses.
I think pretty it’s pretty clear that i don’t like the calming energy can last i think it’s a lost a lost battle this point whereas the forest trying to save,
the big is the hard thing to end the comics american comics is gonna be weather future is unfortunately.
Yeah that’s good and bad he said i just said i can book shops not doing so great these days.

[40:35] No the another close all the time.
We are lucky here in my hometown and we still have one that’s that’s what i can tell hes done okay still holding on how much longer that can,
i can go on i should point out though that its comic shop mostly sells older stuff.

[40:55] A lot of number theory of any current contacts are being salt in particular,
are there issues that they have one just recently.
On apocalypse where where are the dark side what is having a me too moment with the fear of whatever the granny goodness.
Yeah only a hardcore feminist random goodness feeling so what did that you can sympathize with dark side can you set up.
Any good this is a terrible person.

[41:31] Will you know if it is a victim of man that was a jack kirby the road to the apocalypse stuff when you got it right you have the wrong name,
snap is,
oh look like what’s happening that’s terrible to tell how much,
so people kind of guy has a role that repetition comics kate doesn’t exactly have the same reputation,
how much it is very understandable compensate for those who don’t know why it’s this public parks be in jack in the comics and you can’t get away from it when someone does is the recipe,
yeah you know i.
Zach likes to be called he came out with a new independent comic and when you did that had like a.

[42:27] What is it was a bench is michael mending whatever name you were trying to close is work down,
nevermind michael actually is but i don’t like is riding a what is done do the bucks so it’s really quiet doesn’t really attacked anybody know what is going on behind the scenes of an error.
What does me a lot of these you know local people and mark way to
update person so you can we add that i have names mark would call his publisher and was like you know where the skies and from what it sounds like i don’t know lol to lol but stores interference and i.
Yeah i’m saying that rate anyway but he called the publisher is like you know like not say enough you know it’s not gonna be good for you.
If you publish this book basically up and i don’t ask goes interviews and confirmed it all over me to,
and now it’s it’s probably lose that case.

[43:27] It’s crazy who is the guy museum like either things complicated turn that has a list of positive side story is that that comic god she what’s a cold email to candy jar break.
Break is very very successful it’s a watch that i think i was actually saying it is almost like torture like to put like fifty five hundred signatures or something.
with your expertise in your knowledge now that i think money and expert expertise enough,
i like discovery channel history channel me when there’s people like interview details about the story of what you think it’s gonna happen if what you think it’s gonna see more stuff like,
enemy gates is asking i get better and in the future i need you think the future and infor vegan,
you’re dumb in general it’s gonna be i think i rec.

[44:33] I don’t know man i don’t know how it comes back from this i mean i feel like for humans able to get a nice lump sum of money and then i’m sure you can.
Do you know others i don’t think you can work in the voice acting industry at least for awhile right i don’t know these people never forgive and never forget.
I hope we can i would like to help clear his name if you don’t know if it’s possible the whole girl you know but will see results.
Entertainment i think if you want to have a good story that’s not full of people can do what they want it seems like you know that’s gonna come from the market for these comics or.

[45:13] James the indie games do a lot of that no no its far is a good comic.
Japan the kind of like the last defense at this point with you know because you have showed amanda coming out like my shout,
rising of the shield hero i didn’t know about that whole thing you had where you know something like that comes out and they new or the map that came out here,
tell me what you know your new number and hbo oh i think it was HBO they can do a show where they’re going to show off the south had won the civil war,
reg is,
take a note that the swastika isn’t stop the screen assisted people are gonna programmed to submit but i like to take a nap,

[46:15] Yeah terrible i agree my my personal sad.
The one that’s hurt me the deepest i like that’s like my go to win star wars but the bots i move the doctor in the doctor who is curry has had his nothing beneath the blade of social justice.
It’s the locust have the doctor who is under karen if it’s a woman.
snap is.
Roof is.

[47:07] Roof is cleaned yet
Finish the new testament need to go to the old testament maybe hit yet because i think that christian comedian problem when do a staging but sadly what’s the deal why we love him for which was voice acting,
how far am wrong item i want hope so but i just.
How is people brr offer for awhile now they are nasty unless you can get them out of the industry but you know there’s still oh.
Who is mentally dan all of these companies now it’s almost like the entertainment industry needs to collapse get them all out.
Or is ir.

[48:08] You’re talented enough to program a game and make what you can do it and beautiful is if you do something good i mean its people make money.
Shes a,
please if you can not check it out look at yellow flash to on u tube watch them frequently and often be sure to subscribe but i also prolific on twitter,
i miss and hopefully we’ll get to talk again another time of you and your puppy have a great weekend thanks for helping me.

[48:54] Ok so i im going to share with you some audio it’s from a video apology that mr if they are convention just after this allegations came up.
Are the chances that post is colts one to wait on the convention was called back and i,
roof is ed.
I just give me a certain feeling when i read when i heard him speak about it and they get like to end here thank you get to flash to for the wonderful interview was very kind of him to do that i enjoy and i hope you enjoyed it too.

[49:39] Pp is up is.

[49:52] Snap is re.
Hi everybody me and i’m all that’s it’s just who is buying you can go back and find pills from the queue and aren’t messages from ten years ago well over fifteen years ago.
Why do people use it you know i’m not saying here’s what i learned.

[50:40] Just because of what does it mean everybody tells.

[50:48] I got really lazy over the years i get really lazy he’s new.

[50:59] Snap is.

[51:08] And hes never have repaid my attention turn her no.

[51:20] Welcome is never been my intention or desire to fuck anyone.

[51:35] Snap is.

[51:43] Smh shes.

[51:48] I am has been reflecting on what’s been going on to hear something new different the new one.

[52:00] Fiz,
snap is up is.
Spin up is.

[52:30] I want to progress just like you.

[52:36] I need some mistakes that i regret ive never met anybody although my gestures of life.

[52:47] How do some play for fun whose work is so many on the forehead you know where the cheapest remind me was this a sign of appreciation and timeless world.
Fiz fiz.

[53:09] So i am profoundly sorry to anyone out there.

[53:18] Fiz.
Snap is.

[53:42] Now i hope that i can have the opportunity to make amends with the family somehow.

[53:53] Snap is.

[54:00] Who all are there people in this room lights to different people only if you have your own histories.
You are the next few years and flies your of your own strengths and skills round different and i made the mistake of.

[54:31] And i would like to ask anyone out there i may have offended to accept my sincere apology i know that i learned.
I would like some of his time in the word i need all turn away is engaged repeat.

[54:53] Schedule a call sometimes you guys because one of one hundred people hello can ask for help you start zoom in the first one hundred twenty doesn’t work that way no one needs it just continues to eight.

[55:10] That was my fault i am certainly not you know how perfect my emails i’ve been very blessed to have a career in this field anything to do a lot of green juice and i am so blessed and so grateful for that.

[55:26] Smh shes,
i don’t know if there is anyone here than that if i had known how old man f my expenses in i’m sorry.
Edit was never mind tension.

[55:52] Snap is svp.

[56:01] How many.

[56:04] I wrote something that he will think.

[56:12] I love you can speaking yo are.
Router is.
Snap is.
I would use that word molestation in our world news nope.

[56:48] Fiz.
Or is ir.
You have to be more careful ren how does the film.

[57:15] I’ve been doing this wrong like i said when you get your information from so many people.

[57:24] Shes rd.

[57:35] Rr
What do you like me and liked me some shit like me to know maybe no riding orange stuff she deserves the respect of having drunk right of having rowan space and hello to xavier,
maybe different announce where i’m really messed up.

[57:58] When do the england.
Shes a roof is.

[58:20] I also want to ask you really quickly which is good a phone.
I also want to say any of you that are fans that haven’t been shipped.
You have no idea how much i appreciate that but i mean i dont want.

[58:44] Snap is.
Pp is svp,
when i hear there’s somebody tried to speak words of positivity and say hey i am this guy and ii ten times eight,
or is ir,

[59:32] And i really like you don’t speak to why some people would say the things they say.
You guys probably have some ideas about why some people say things online you know who and when you put stories out there.

[59:52] Fiz.

[59:58] Fiz fiz.

[1:00:06] If anyone can if you know anybody.
Snap is re.
I can not get anybody any reason to ever feel uncomfortable around my heart never change.

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