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Happy Warrior 033 John Ziegler

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Machine Transcript
[0:24] Hello everyone this is the happy warrior podcast i am your host peter pan it’s good to be here with you today otherwise it won’t happen order pizza.
I have a nother great episode of last week we had the amazing yellow flash we talked about that on ya nice and great,
updates about his situation later on the podcast but first i had a music interview with collin s and podcast himself documentary,
video guy jon and i both we’re gonna talk about the story what’s happened to you.
Sad state of journalism these days mascot talk about some of these reports on the sandusky turn off stuff.
I’m so before i add them to recorded earlier before either bro discover things to be living there is a small lag was this,
black gay actor that was on that show empire that.
I’ve never watched it looks terrible but he was hit the hawks to happen at the beginning of february and january were you said that.
That im doing morning middle of the polar vortex in chicago.

[1:33] Lol holding the subway sandwich to make up time where you had made a bucket of bleach the news,
reset the hue app or something at the accident and.
The media never was petrified to say this thing it’s ridiculous so i came out just this week officially that yes it was a hoax jesse small but
yeah it’s wicked bushes korean is profile and most of the media can get away with it
yeah much the police department will it come out publicly and say that so there are a few people out
they’re willing to do the work that your doing what is john’s are johns knows these kind of stories better than anyone knows the w mob.

[2:17] Set better than anyone who spent years and years working on the story of sandusky it and.
And turn out he had a you tube documentary about three min really good also publish two online books for free on this website about this subject me there’s nothing better than these things stand our johns is equal.
He was so cool the come on out and please if you would send him a person that you like to check in on is to podcasts all into those as well.
How much is individual one podcast and the world according to the podcast.
And if you like what you hear please be sure to let us know on the twitter the facebook the minds we were a podcast can be found thank you.
Select star from rocawear but it isn’t happy we’re podcast i have a special guest with me today i’ll mr john.
John is a colonoscopy other podcast radio guy he was the one that did the big stories of the sandusky paternal stuff,
i think you had was it to box in like a three min documentary or something like that on that subject.

[3:29] What am i gonna website probably
re online books if you wanna call mad i m a documentary film called the framing of open turn out which people can find and.
What are the hot pick your hands baxter and i am the most amazing story that’s never been properly told.
Including probably told mainstream news media we continue get was just looking through some of the older stuff your website you have this thing like last year where you always had.
Ah full on a front page article and now visit news week yeah there myself another report or anything,
i met him to do a cover story for new year’s week about the real story involving penn state and after working for five months and a day before was good to go to publication made chicken out because victorias
to explode who did the nevada wolf fourteen way to big,
biggest problem we had with the date that ended in charge you would approve the story got fired on another matter in the meantime and when he would no longer there,
god basically made of the incredibly vulnerable to being like what happened.

[4:47] How can we get to do that kind of dependence and also we’ve talked about self,
you are so you have done more the reporting side investigating there was special to send us stuff but you’re also frequently found in immediate your call nest.
I’m and that’s actually that’s more fun because you are one the few people in the beginning that was willing to call BS on the yeah.
Jusy such a strange name jesse just the small small smile it is stories.

[5:18] Yeah well yeah i mean in my pen state experience though
granted we help me in understanding why the yeah story was obviously bull crap i’m most story the family book
when you look at them i had deeply almost always are some fun i don’t have a lot of the time,
back up a mysql class for example wear the v-neck the story was my ambition and inherently implies of all,
branded implant thing that happen all the time but when they happen they are accompanied with
traveling to the admissions tour
had absolutely no evidence weather youtube and alot of things that were immediately
turn and got really really wanting that difficult for anyone to figure this out it was just a matter of having the guts to say having a platform to say it so i dont why was the first but i will,
want to turn down i was right but that my dog got this idea that she’s a tiny thing is like fifteen pounds but.
She thinks she is a doberman i.

[6:37] Start yeah so you’re what’s the sandusky stuff that debt that had your intent not to that you could you can recognize it for what it is i mean.
What’s the state i was really paying attention much this came out that pick up in store would you come out in january that help my tension when i saw the small at store i think i did white,
what most people enjoy them ds i only opinion and the hard reporting side was like uh wait more facts.
I don’t know what’s the point of you coming here when the early guys to catch this i mean what what’s the reward.
It’s me the rest hes just too bright it’s so weird you’re right dad he but that’s why no one called.

[7:23] Hey everyone feels like well did not read your truth and having gone
i began the conventional wisdom on what the story not just pants by mcdonald’s many times i’m almost always ride frances jim jordan got.

[7:40] Tony railroad did i got the railroad it i m jordan was able to survive because trump fact about
add bread carrots and i got rewarded in an average month because compact how to am but i mean if you think you’re happening
what happened and unfortunately i would like to hear those strong need a call
good bye your like there was with jordan and kevin hot the support somebody like pierce build and working with no building base of support but nothing like in the penn state story no one cared that did the fan
the people being interviewed it was nothing in it for them and they did nothing really wanted to disturb you construct
god traffic may i have the id is critical error,
why is he blaming on trump supporters behave planets and trump supporters i think one of the story felt a part dad was like gasoline for.

[8:43] The opposition because now they got they haven’t the game
dam dang where we’re because trump supporters now fell in that dead end this proving the story i never got this isn’t about the story widespread right from the start especially on trump supporters but no one
me to what’s going to question openly because i happen to be wrong then you are wasting your homework bob and i yell.

[9:10] I even want to be called those names the special one
the girl in there is not a reward unit here in melbourne right on the eleven storey good me very very very little good very good so that that’s not healthy and happy the environment.

[9:28] I know it.
It’s ok so what was it like when you first start investing me and on the website in the background when i find kind of.
Who did the actual work reporting kind of interesting what was that like and what was it like trying to talk to local media and place and such,
well that’s what time we’re actually.
Employment and the work i didn’t want one million two the work done amp and stayed there for him and i live in california and i am but what happening why that
no i’m pretty good reading the leave am one of the story was implausible from the start but i really really garden.

[10:12] I believe that it will it was wrong with paul because the leave a message and had no one grabbed my plate the media.
Describe me in chicago is a very liberal pam large black population of chicago play his black
ya what is a very strong obama guys manually because there’s no entanto leave
who be cathy spurs are in japanese,
and they were freaking out information the wall not the intended am currently founded me like,
where are the redemption within the police department or leave him unattended session with leaving a place department of something here like really bad they couldn’t find me
video surveillance of the tag wollte ordinarily that would not be that big of a deal or all sorts of white blazer with plaid.
And ask traffic condition in ali was earlier.

[11:18] I am tired of that and then all i want to add finding we should be finding your if this is true
is there a way to add milk and frank about the true story they wouldn’t leave me no weed every weekday what day would you say why we havent found yet anyway the one find out to be significant and ever and ever and am record everything
that will be having dessert after that one day in outfit that was not handing over,
now in decades read a gay celebrity i can’t understand why a gay,
would be happy to hand over their self on the red wheel the cell phone was
how to be a large part of the subdivision for what happened because he was supposedly on the phone with his manager at two am when they heard so um but
again if the police didn’t think that was an experience we would start back and cut into so so um.

[12:16] I started to get messages from chicago media members can i write a personal article about this,
is it raining questions about nothing really definitive enough but still remember the chicago the other day should be paying,
i want to leave the store and leave we are going up on background to believe that story i want where does waiting patiently for this thing to blow out and then i want to start an article,
hey nobody in the mirror there are the police really believed this story and got a lot of attention and,
i can always run to first i was maybe one of the more prominent i don’t know but what the reality is that,
i got that kind of stuff is important because it create what’s your number one.

[13:06] People who were lying lol to create hub or brother who is in the police department over the media who all are pictures of the story because i have nobody nobody wants to be the first,
that’s the thing i didn’t understand nova want to be the first to get a vehicle plate and wanted to warn nobody won’t really high trying to get you probably can get that um don’t like to get shot so.

[13:34] I want you and want to go out there and i know that people feel safer in a philly band cover today can follow you though.
Um anyway i can i write an article,
play the good the bad and twelve hour before the old thing blew up when are we going to make that everyone got dude here became very happy i want to renew the.
The brothers were right there we knew that already
there’s no way no way possible those two nigerian brothers should be invited in this thing
wanna go workout and as an extra like my life that alabama and bread story to be true it’s just not optimal but there was no what happened to take part of the media to climb out let’s be calm
local correctness production of activities that is black that he’s a celebrity that he or whatever the library and the fact,
anyone claiming to be a crime victim that give you a lot of action and what kind of protection can you doing it
because he wanted to increase the power and empire way.
Can you predict where is he got away is it embarrassing way close to pull it off.

[14:55] Um maybe a lot of people here is how we got american league if.
The black order somebody else high up in the police department have decided you know what we’re just not gonna.
Where did ben like this one go anyways i’ve got no i wouldn’t because of the media never would have
did mandel the story but it does it feel to me like that was ever really adzemovic philippe to me like to leave new very early in this story would bore crap
not actually create a food that i didn’t know what was going on.
Add an order a few so when i realize what the new business a dangerous but there is actually giving him enough rope to hang out with me in the real world by the way
figured and eight am and i did not good morning america interview at a yearly payment light.

[16:01] Timing wise can i initiate contact my part but i don’t think it’s wild speculation the eye.
Did it seem to get the good morning america interview triggered a human aggressive now.
By the police because it immediately after that did everything starts to happen brother abroad in there.

[16:26] Day flip on my lap and stare winogrady from there so um i don’t know what we got.
Who made the public protector need are closed but it’s clear the man like the police surrounded the very very early,
that is really interesting and wise because i watched it was yesterday was made the first thursday when the yeah.
Would you please change from chicago came out and just,
adjust when jesse small in minneapolis that was the strongest i think i seen a personal loan for spend come out that strongly and publicly can swing it is kinda.
Oke sis i’m your little bit different reaction to that.
Because you know that leave was the reason why is the public profession
what weather will created this was real and the media with so hesitant to call book mean he’s the order role add weather you believe it or not i don’t know what he knew where statement.

[17:35] About mile and calling him a victim and basically,
typing down the population of the story was not true again the mating good reasons why you did that but
do you know any with a big part of the reason why the media was afraid to attack the story he find a good kind of the volume to report what is the pic this is like it is intense
no don’t don’t look at me i handle this just right.
I don’t know i mean i don’t know i don’t know how important you know if it hard it is i don’t have enough information to know that okay umm but i mean,
delete what i would love to know if it will people hang.

[18:19] Add beginning of the story already get duped i don’t know what did the only thing is it was one of the other artists were like lets move on to the good journalism is this is what bothers me the most,
no you said it perfectly this is another along less stuff from the tax is.
May i have a three year old stories,
professors let me out of it in the same room with them at some random party i,
i just want had this one to talk last week with some people i don’t want to talk about you conservative media arts outside but i am a.
World and the world is a voice actor named vic mình any at this exact same thing and the guys up that christian,
is a conservative he has his like is like one of those guys liking visit hospital to visit sig fans of cancer.
Is it all you got your facts.

[19:18] Yeah loads of people that you would normally our political of white wine red to the store i can only people who are not political people in generally speaking don’t wanna get involved in politics,
no that’s it is pushed back and i think what’s nice about him enough is that yes pin about the never heard of the all important nervous being pushed back,
that’s kinda what we say it with the nearest of man that is.
Where leading the charge on this negatively like there are the activities planned at the front of the activity history with is there are the general under the journal assignment.
GQ had a fantastic what year does it have line on the story,
was originally the racist homophobic attack and just the smell is far right america’s and game
have a great day so i love that what was wrong go.

[20:11] That’s hilarious that you would like to write an game that’s amazing,
well i’m not exactly where am i mean because me and journalism in the perfectly bad and because journalism gotta make money anymore.
That’s the problem good journalism take time it takes everything it
oh i am an intake lol hello understanding of the world
did william go to the media specially the elements of the media but black daniel i’d
i really don’t liberals were incredibly vulnerable to leaving if story because they have a misconceptions of the way the world works
they are really big part of all the who
i am blogging a girl would be walking around two AM are you available or looking for black minor celebrity to beat up that’s just ridiculous it is exactly
its completely dead and i didn’t turn out the right hand is that you have the right arm hurts like dessert like cats.

[21:23] Well,
i don’t know if it that unit of the home plan was incredibly poorly thought out i mean the whole thing it’s my understanding,
what is the weather today of the leave and wont be real how that happen at first because they couldn’t leave it alone that would be good.
Or can i just feel bad organization such a ridiculous way and turn down the time or more back.

[21:55] I really am and i am part because i was told to leave what happened with my order.
Begin a relationship with u make the pad with one of the two brothers
and that bring the car and the two brothers beat him up and then he decided to create and do a hate crime after word parsing because of event planned by that that tracking number didn’t send a few days before that it
hey thanks to make alarm eleven and i can you gotta believe in god
they were calling it a perfect example of why they were good people tomorrow at that moment but that’s right and and co tam.

[22:38] Anyway i think it’s dangerous thing that can ever did the police,
i want a ride my big dick your name in wrong and how that happened to at the beginning of it and then i had during our example that although,
my god is the date
lady i just figured well if you were to get caught on surveillance camera no longer be on how good the bad the ugly
a man maybe they didn’t want to make an approved RMA i know they make me really want to come visit me proof of purchase at the output
but anyway i had a whole thing is ridiculous from the beginning and i am glad i got blown up anyways how to buy a would never been blown out by the news media alone
it had to be done by the police do to meet in the medium was too afraid of the story oh no they’re carrying water big time that’s that’s what frustrates me the most
is the people who use to be the ones that would be that filter i spend in theoretically hasn’t always been perfect theoretically would be the ones to have the filters,
im looking for things to try a tube down VR world panic and try to get to the truth or so so he would not journalism.

[23:51] No but i know what date and your motor running water bottle i mean it
it doesn’t exist really important people understand why it doesn’t exist because it doesn’t make money like i like him
where you want the watergate can i get older i think the watergate investigation was not nearly as amazing as can be able to banana what were you born team and get all the credit for rain
maximum and looking incredibly automatica i’m a ridiculous amount of hours i eat out
you probably made money for the washington post in the long run i what’s your name and start running was not good the white canvas with making to much money as anthony didn’t get me mad.

[24:41] Play make review journalism like that has kind of a long ago when there are more obligation to do that but would the restaurant where i work anymore because google bookmarks alt broken so,
and what are the read me what the fuck goodnight josh
i wanna know where the don’t have enough time report it also that you’re ski remind remind for losing your job
because i know what job
remember wanting need you to really hard journalism some really hard to let you know if the power of people i miss world to twitter my you like your own,
your audience and tell you the first thing you need a job security if you order there is no real job security and currently working anymore i don.
It’s like god i got the report for me but it was like fifteen thousand media jobs were lost over the course of two thousand eighteen something crazy like that.

[25:47] Wow i didn’t know was that i didn’t mean that the reality is that jarvis amazing croatia and italy ally get.
Any word close the back door while i think ill probably only get worse and local level if you want to add um.
I mean it is i really believe that we’re gonna go through now of normal local.
I like option because there is no watchdog me know if not local to the local newspaper that been deactivated.
Yeah delete the national a girl being kept alive the washington post new york times in two months later largely because of donald trump being trump to keeping them on bens snap.

[26:34] Will donald trump nate doesn’t have a ride along i’m not available lol but i think is right,
dead when he leaves its gonna be another wave of layoffs because she’s providing them with content in rating.
And before it again and tell me the japanese during that time believed it was a totally different situation,
and in the median give a rats ass about what he said and which ones didn’t because they were waking in morning,
well when your not ready getting money when you’re worried about the bottle of wine i had a level as the first name of jennifer.
Yeah i mean not having use in a press that actually yeah i remember when i first i finished your stuff but thats and return years ago and now the glenn beck radio program.
No effect sounds like there is no way this is real know why and i think i have everything i read from what you’ve done
you are very very compelling case that the sandusky that was a complete an order.

[27:43] I like big butts and something that like you may like.
Where you know you don’t have a netflix documentary you dont have no one will not want to go to how to know when will concert because if the ultimate story
ummm the media investing everything you think about this thing that like gambling table that they want all in
all other tips that i would if if,
can i get a couple of days but no information and it tell anyone here and vatican and it no going back i am i related many times two
i told you have i mean that in that the snow changing that in mind
main so that that’s the reality of this and m and its just like that minute if mr logical what i need to be queer.
Resume the most of the stuff we are being called back in november two thousand eleven when the story broke with no i don’t know what to do if going out.
I was very skeptical about the paternal affidavit but i didn’t and i think it would like deeper and deeper and deeper and interviewed very kentucky slight improvement over six hours
i am now to the point six years later we’re little black balls.

[29:11] Wie war upon anyone took any of this even remotely furiously and that’s part of why.
Hang out with cold water record you which kind
create a new twenty one what will that whatever but there was a perfect storm of circumstances bed
black brown and including the firing of open turn out and then penn state becomes invested in washington state becoming clear to them unable to understand people in their stand the pen state isn’t
evan academic writing invitation it’s not there of money
ok if other people’s money these are the members of the board when i left but it looked academic institution
did they think that their job is to embrace.

[30:04] Theyre all laws they are gonna be the one that your gonna get actually get credit
schedule when i go to the cocktail party go you guys handled so well and it’s because they’re three different barbers in living and take responsibility and guilt tripping today at nothing to do with it
which ad but then
when do we have their business wherever i go back to smile at a man maybe brett kevin i don’t we live in a world now that the board we were gonna what now with EDF don’t think there is a big market being a victim,
we live in walden wanna go
being a mum is american dream a lot of people at the right kind of a breakdown right behind the victim good
i’m actually happy moment was banking on em nhé one
time to get to marina actually get her to get scratched and i’d like to but you’re the victim of racist a homophobic hate crime by trump supporters what is the perfect kind of it kinda behavior actor in hollywood well,
and that’s not great what the mad because.

[31:19] Will try to drop a million dollars million two hundred and ten million dollars for thirty six acute in the end of it
i can’t believe that were more than thirty six and they don’t get paid til i get paid on average three million dollars each pick up.

[31:35] I want everyone the majority of them are like the google.

[31:39] Who did auburn republican is what i am going from family members don’t even know where it is.
Derek green on what you guys on facebook and create a holy faith press pound to explain why ok
now course i understand all this check my order being email victim of sex abuse okay yeah right ok i got that add body noodle apple
that we’re going to hear it completely insane
add invite all you guys respect to all their all natural if there a wine made in a vacuum that i was aware of.

[32:23] I know i am one of few people in the world knows of the yard and leave all 36 that man and a woman
not boy demand money the mortgage grown mad when they made these accusations not avoid whatever made contemporary ashley but i m
but if wanted i had been openly gay i would okay.

[32:44] That makes some sense because the blood pressure starting in the end it all goes back to the catholic church scandal can i drop calvin went to catholic school and i can’t charge can’t almost entirely would gave bring on,
eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen year old boy who they either nude or be gay or breastfeed or going to be gay and that was that was them growing gram
in airport that white boy
what up what bands thinking that this will there be enough to act of god or whatever i without fighting back without telling anybody without needing drugs or alcohol the remember that
probably going on in the car eating out in case you have or had respect to all mostly prenatal why were you raised pedro actually they’re expecting,
add a drink when did sac.
Without alcohol without drugs without no not disclosure agreements i want to ask very productive for a pale pornography know who wrote help.

[33:55] That’s basketball ball
anything you get your medical records and may was probably physically impossible for jerry to do what you been up to add apple people whatever recognize the distinguished and characteristic of tell which no one ever mentioned so i mean
there’s no where where we were there
malcolm is the word but basically he remember the name alex
address to get it by automated reason media outlets whenever and any other not right away and nobody around here
i ask only when people who don’t like you either any other place quiet
back to pay if you die even got her screen and physical boundaries with
what people demand generation dead
robin go to that event delegates about earlier his problem what is he comes back on use of action with his fans to get them together and kisses,
i mean you wanted these me convention despise the way you are i will take flowers and milk.

[35:09] There’s ways walk around in body paint there’s all kinds of less than savory stuff,
that was a problem with the vacuum office don’t weird you would just story of,
we are so you can seem like an easy target i think that i see now why these cases people are just a little bit off a little bit strange.

[35:29] You are the stranger where everyone will you know they won’t tell you that but heat raise in the way that i am one of the things
i really like it that much even though i think it made it not number of incredibly important imo
can i get my wife done for him but its not like i have any real affection for the guy i feel badly for him.
What’s the point of this is it i am not that diversion live in a world where that word being weird in the way that during the dark ages where it is now.

[36:06] Drop the baby are gonna could you print out your life in the right circumstances could that dangerous i don’t want to live in that world no i don’t.

[36:17] I mean at l got a very dangerous world
and i guess he was in pain as it sounds most people study did not get ridiculed on a daily daily basis for my beliefs on this case i would everything i asked without hesitation
did he never getting close to sexually molesting any boy never
alright well you can find mr jones as if we almost immediate enjoy your call your very funny writer i admire that you,
you can now find your podcasts
the world according to see which is like three speed broadcast feel better results individual one podcast would that podcast is more about,
trump and the politics day with within the trump a political spirit do i have the right button by the wayside
i got your insights on individual one podcast tell me bout the good because you talk about me buy on the web to talk about VR bias in the conservative media spirit that your insights you had made about how you know that jeremy disappeared.
And the conservative philosophy that that part there on a similar trajectory,
but not quite and solat sometimes you know the concert media paul turn towards what benefits them other than white.

[37:37] What benefit the country i think fox news been a perfect example of that business development with kylie.

[37:47] Just in bed and sometimes we actually want democrats in charge.

[37:51] I can do better when democrats are in charge and work a bit better when a democratic republic and adult courts great thank you.
Donald trump news the individual one broadcasts lol the good music by will have new episodes of open on sunday.

[38:10] Fantastic i will enjoy thank you so much i really appreciate it.

[38:16] Music.

[38:34] Well how is justin awesome interview thank you get the john’s for doing that.

[38:40] I want to make my next segment of fine let’s move from the hard stuff move to something fun number start with this.
Crazy new story out of life ill minnesota it’s a funny story by itself will you add this tune to report it is awesome.
What’s the dogs have a tendency need to get a little and a little mischief but this morning to pay that to the next level and wonder how they ended up doing that somehow they dialed nine one one,
not once not twice but sixteen times you have you heard that right this the local news reporter video is included only actual report,
i is about how these two dogs call nine one one sixteen times it gets even better if the actually for this news story.
Decided to go ahead and put to report her honda city what’s the fax nine hundred and it was live in louisville tonight in syrup umat the two adults or behind the so one get abs.

[39:37] Yeah hey venus bad there.
Que dia haran mi in bomber left alone at their home in lake feel today i want to order have to go to a word but little did anyone know a rockets c get into today.

[39:53] Don’t let this pretty face for you you may just be the baddest boys in the neighborhood.

[40:01] I wanna know how are the newest partner in crime nine one one was something wrong.
Yeah vs that it is that it that the partner in crime it’s so fantastic she is alive reporting this in front the house of the dogs.
Really cold in minnesota not oh my god that’s fantastic it’s better than review.
Did we decide to interview the actual subject to the store still take emily this is so ridiculous.
Video one answer the questions so i guess i’m guilty as charged i know the order of house mate he was just stunned that is all happen you said she no idea his dogs can’t make any calls,
load nine one one,
lesson learned he will be put his phone away from now on home and i love that i love it did make sense the story is like it’s a touchscreen so
did not mean you store when you read and print but actually touch screen is not how does the dog like.
What because you know you gotta have a small electric currents on the skin and i thought dogs paws are too rough so that you could get that feeling.
Boner tablet when you can let me know if all my social media on twitter facebook reminds the happy warrior podcast let me know if you can dogs do that can you play.

[41:26] With your dog in a cell phone and have a call nine one one what are you doing to those poor animals while redo this poor little hounds i love that store having one in another one that is almost just as good it’s not happy.
It’s kind of funny but it’s not happy moment im institution who killed another case and said she is a robot yeah.

[41:50] I this is from the japan today twenty three year old woman was transfer one methods to study this week after having killed a patient woman radius one day after the episode in tokyo.
Please transfer to the hospital on monday minute coming tuesday bastian rambler
choose code is saying quote i am a robot i am switch on i move without any control over my actions.

[42:16] Let’s add some what’s really sad is really sad give me excuse to play a little bit of a future rama audio play later in life.
How excited are you got there you go that was roberto and fry from futurama episode one of your friends believe he’s a robot is people into an institution.
Mute roberto ambra froze my best characters on that show by far am and i love future amanda suggested grave.
Go to hell no i spent need to watch again spinach couple months what’s really weird is all these thoughts,
there’s all these news stories going around about the clothing it’s being pulled the left and right please call them it’s being pulled the most recently one why is that,
who are the other designers from daily wire how does this keep happening i’m really designer pools offensive clothing item and it.
I live in another and i am very concerned about what it is depicted this time it wasn’t a black face in this one is so weird saying that showcases a hoodie with the news and i’m looking at the picture now.

[43:33] Yeah that’s little tiny noose in a what’s that look like white job inside of get it but it also says there is a little news news news about that.
That’s terrible this is the only one justin bieber before that katy perry this is on the twelfth of february in trouble for these shoes are being sold at i think walmart and target.

[43:55] The resend this to was black face ugh,
howdy send this looks like the roof is slip on low for a wore the order of block heel sandal you look at it and the one the left in particular that’s black and has yet i do see kinda black face it looks like the old us samba,
boy figure that came out in japan they would paint them in this style with a pool with black faces like really being red lips.
I don’t know i really just looking at what people thought i was a good idea but is not the only one before that gucci the fashion house of legend gone trouble because they to pull this turtleneck shirt.
Because people are saying this could also be back face and help locate download does look like black face back taking back that one lol self looks like.

[44:46] Black face pr the table.
Why won’t wear any of these are weird like weird as can be fashion statements was really weird the weirdest one i have.

[44:58] Well we use what we have is it enough for subway card.
Someone reported to the police department posted a cartoon frog.
In this cause a fiasco of a few friends but we been falsely college over a poster up in the frog and the course is.
I’m the right figure.
Now he is its complicated is not the same is not necessarily,
get stuff but its not worth quitting the school on high in the war.

[45:36] Four signs that this may be part of a larger trend or pattern which is a course the phrase the email the school factory reset.

[45:46] Oh my god people are saying that this picture that puppy this marking fowler.
What’s the fastest dog with salt fashion stock so yeah yeah.

[45:58] Select know what it did the same world where there’s cisco like the same president trump for america it be celebrities present.
Miss anymore of my dogs call nine one sixteen times twenty y yo are you.
Well in this crazy world i mention this in my interview with them,
nvm i think it’s starting to turn on after last weeks excel interview with delta flash get thank you’d yellow flash that be sure to check out his videos and flash to and you tube i think money came out.
I just read the statement.
Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for all the kindness and support that has been showing me over the last few weeks i noticed that my apologies acknowledge minutes both in public and private will be received but i hav not very reluctantly retain a law firm as my last request attempt to salvage.
My reputation my twenty year career of this.
Alfred express desires set up a go fund me for legal expenses is approved discount offer and im so grateful but i’m not mad person receive any of it.
Any surplus will go to the salvation army dallas domestic violence shelters i hold no malice towards anyone i just love my work on the fantasy league wish to continue in so you have it is going dead defend his name and reputation in court.

[47:20] Good for him glad he’s standing up and pushing back against this nonsense um yeah if you did the things he do with the place where you do with that is if who is an alarm for attend the court.
And that would just destroy people’s repetitions with no recourse with robots lol with your ability to add notify yourself it’s a strong okay that’s what they get the salem witch trials.
That’s that’s what happens when we have more help you abandoned the rule of law i’m el there’s some more pieces of came out about him.

[47:55] Huh just nothing you are a report said that the previous investigation information found that was in conclusive it’s not clear that was the same one that day based on fire him i don’t know,
that is good news for ya i hope it works out for the guy.
I am so tired of these is jw mob character assassination take down i really am i’m just.

[48:21] Beat and tired and just so dead tired of it and i’m glad we got to talk to john but am glad things are turning around for mister bunny.
Alright just a quick break and i’m here to talk about how what is.

[48:35] Music.

[49:14] Alright well i’m back i want to spend this next segment talking about a subject new year to me in that is.
Health care and no i’m not gonna harp on the opioid epidemic and its impact on people like me robert that is hard to nap a few too many times i think people get.
Are you feeling at first i so quickly and update i talked a lot about asking guys pray for me a couple times the last few podcasts appreciate those prayers and well wishes i need them.

[49:46] I have a new pain doc that i’m not working with my church my local church helping to cover four and very grateful to them for doing that um is it advisable to see,
heard and that sorta working out slowly but it’s getting better it is hope fall.
I think i’m excited to hopefully get a better handle on my pain to maybe eat out somewhere um.
Life and me so i don’t want to talk about health care well how was talking with my brother james he is a medical student he about to be he wants to go to medical school or talk about.
What is the future like for someone like him if you want to enter healthcare what is that look like i think i see this a lot with me when i think about.
How my relationship with dr changed over the last year so i’ll tell you the story itself this week and wants to meet with my doctor dr c cuz i only give that info her name out of,
just in case dr see what kind of bring me in.
Um i was prescribed she was pissing me off your pain killers for that select in ibuprofen.

[50:58] Use my help and i see that she would prescribe.

[51:02] Add shopping more than me and we get me started on his books we talked about both those things previous.

[51:11] However i will wait over an hour there in the living room i get in the meetings like five minutes and i dont st break up any of that i’m like frozen and i don’t know why tori i got was feeling sick that i must be part of it.
I like frozen i cannot speak i could not talk i can express my niece my insurance my words.

[51:33] Resume is done and i feel horrible because i have to live with this pain that i have to pay another months have another opportunity dats dr show perhaps.
Just browse with a prescribed more pain meds or something that be more effective in treating my page i’m no that’s from that accident on i don’t item.
I’m just saying.

[51:53] I need something more than what i’m doing so i can’t wait for another year can i think i have another month and a constant state of pain every single day but i love it.

[52:03] Create a new podcast by the way is a miracle it really is because i barely am able to get the f out to do it i do care but i do care bout my audience in my listeners.

[52:14] I am grateful for you guys to listen so why am i so i like hotel because my relationship with doctors has become so estranged.
I’m use to be how the kids are growing up and it was only ten a few years ago that i felt that doctors had my best interest at heart my main practitioner how come dr date was amazing with my family doctor for twenty years.
Sorry time and you re patient amazing guy amazing doctor you took me seriously and took care of my needs.
I turn twenty six i had to choose between two hundred local insurance providers and because are too big hospital here my hometown don’t get along u only get insurance for one or the other.
Don’t get off and so i went is option a and still option so that meant i lost the stock or big.
Will you marry too much pressure is not up at ninety.
After that i had no way to pay for health insurance and i had to go to the free clinic now the freaking next home state of south dakota.

[53:21] Yes this is true love ever exists if possible to get on social security disability.

[53:28] Any particular it is impossible if you are single adult to get on.
Every doctor and person around things are well if you get sick you can’t forget than you think i make a right or not so because only certain states pass the expansion evening is the expansion this program is lagging have any can’t afford
pull up a lots and lots of people like me.

[53:55] And so what happened to south korea as we have to go these free clinics and i am grateful to the free clinic some grateful to the staff there.

[54:03] Yes you know it hasn’t always been the best experience and.
No i said my relationship and dealing with all this alice healthcare.

[54:15] And because of the opioid epidemic people are so scared to treat people like crap and there scared to actually treat them with stuff that works is unhappy thoughts soon,
exercise happy thoughts and exercise help with is there no cure and invaded don’t do a lot of temp down payment
not that sorry just can’t get around that.

[54:36] It just made me so scared to talk to doctors i’m so scared to talk to doctors now i honestly am scared i feel like i’ve been back stab so many times by people in the medical field.
Dock your spit on the reception s i just like to say anything because i don’t want the one taking drug seeker.
Any interest none have anything to do with me i want you in trouble i want to be up you know anyone.

[55:04] I always try to be polite and nice at my best.
How are people like me we need propane treatment like a diabetic needs insulin like a person that is suicidal suicidal depressive needs antidepressants painkillers that much.
And i know for those that live in crying pain di just don’t understand what that’s like magic you broke your leg every single day you broken.
And you can’t sleep because he cant do anything because all that i knew had broken like not sad crying pain is like.
Is awful it spreads it affects your memory and your ability and effects your functioning it affects your moods is something the pain syndrome what makes this hard thinking you’re very eerie bot.
I mean i’m barely holding on by my fingertips to life at this point and a little scared to say some relatives you love me but i am really restaurant and it’s not that i’m suicidal and it’s sad.
I need a stroke out i’m gonna have a heart attack.
If i don’t get treatment whatever who is gonna happen or both if you can link to your body when we take the rest so long without something giving.

[56:21] So why are dr seaside i was more about the positions at the y a doctor’s cell tower.
Why is it why is the dog still pretty well large play it’s because of the obamacare affordable healthcare act before obama care the lights regulation.
Business type deals with government.
And maybe healthcare expensive i mean you are the best quality health care and that does cost money on top of that was all these regulations before obama care with light fifteen percent of all healthcare was paying using gone
medicaid medicare and pay very much in so i fix that in the private market the charge so much more
and dad healthcare expensive obama care double down almost a triple down a long that i made the increase circulation in fact doctors no spending more time regulations
iraq and the r train the patient’s think about this next time you see your doctor how much time u spend away from.

[57:22] And after that nursing just seen the doctor comment how much time to actually spend with the doctor.
I’m and see people to figure out if there have this study here and goes from there from last december medical economics is that.
I when they asked positions the said seventy percent dr said that options they had was paper work in administrative burdens.
These doctors i spend on average forty five minutes or more on per patient there spending more time on paperwork,
andy rocks sydney are dealing with patients
and you know we’re asking doctors to do more this supposed to know if your family is alcohol this snow someone your family suicidal they’re supposed to know if you have a gun in the house i mean they have to worry about your women and do alot of things that mutated gene kelly,
have to do with your health care but they don’t think it is much time here do they get to dedicate to training actual symptoms an actual health problems.

[58:20] I was always there was the answer skynet the fact before and was kind of antsy impatient a fact because we walk inside with art inside a patient sometimes lose track of train the person.
That’s not that resides nobody but this is just this is that square.
What is it really is awful it is awful so that’s the main take-away from economics the sad are you know.

[58:48] Something is wrong so maybe a patience play more with cash you know maybe help a healthcare technology will open that up goodbye large in the big,
besides expense for the doctors is just the bureaucracy i take this back to opioids love if you’re a doctor.

[59:06] Right now can you prescribe you lights if your opioid prescribing is average over average you could be done that the other gets hit by the hammer jose like this in japan and you don’t want to be that guy so everyone.

[59:20] Is producing the people they want to prescribe to pay my doctor telling macy’s i only have two patients on opioids and i don’t want them anymore.

[59:31] I am but i dont blame them but not the new one the old man that i ll never feel this way is to keep job in a license okay he is interested the best thing in the care of the CDC twenty sixteen highlights or so.
Awful have such a bad effecting the law enforcement is pushing so heavily udemy x concert and about the was opioids and only now just really saying that there people who actually need the soccer sometimes,
it’s alarm for spanish no it’s a lot easier to take out the doctor who prescribed and patience,
yo what’s the low hanging fruit it’s much harder to actually catch people buying drugs illegally it’s only just go after the login info.
I need there’s more to it there is PROP there’s economic incentives select people opioid i mean ew lights in chronic pain treatment there’s a lot more to it.
It’s just hard to be a doctor ok if you’re spend more time on paperwork.
Can you add people breathing down your neck know before obama care doctors are still scared to death being sued within us in particular we have something called loser pays the every other odd and almost every other nation the world the complex has a gym and the furious seven.

[1:00:42] And the person loses state pay for legal costs don’t have anyone and that makes a debt reduced takes women’s center if that’s why we have to not.
I only takes me to sue us to look at a man without the medical goes wrong we often look at as a payday over and take the got a task to make a cup of flour cup of other grant.

[1:01:04] Is awful
it’s awful is it just makes it so hard to be a doctor every doctor us required to have huge amounts of malpractice insurance is not that.
Most backpackers just eventually gonna screw something up from this gonna go wrong i get blamed and your gonna have to use this in hospitals have to pay loads and loads of money for that which of course only adds to the expensive healthcare.

[1:01:30] At the same time we have all the stuff we look people are saying we need to go to medicare for all make it really mean medicaid and they mean something what happened to poor veterans that have to go to the VA.

[1:01:44] What what happened when this will happen if we go to any more gum healthcare we will be stuck with a rational.
Yeah it’s your payment was made you say that pounds but this is what happens every single time is that there is only so much money.
You are we covering healthcare will you have to choose who gets what and how much.
And you are i need to prioritize the healthy you will live longer over the ones that might not.
You can also prioritize the side effects of your pride the ones that can work so disable people elderly people sick people are always the first one still lose
when healthcare becomes a rash okay suggest what happens if they can put the money in to me
no problem never actually working add money to the conference or they compared to the next guy is my lil brother twenty years and put money onto the tax rolls.
You okay what would you do this is in its scary because this is how we get stuff like bio at this is sana we need a porsche you janet engineering.
And let me in their looking at this from the rational perspective i think it’s been more of a dear looking for a called ration respected this is done throughout europe and the UK has this problem too and its something.

[1:03:02] It happens now is interesting because there are people now so we need to push you janice for another reason besides rushing me but she did it again.
Four by engineering is very fast new articles i have read from natural of you will talk about that.
Using the link for the assessment.
Are people when the side effects of those twins the twins girls that the guy did the thing in china using else.
I was it called maslice.

[1:03:32] What is that it may have increased their intelligence with a certain gene that he turned off his shoulder stays with by state increases intelligence.

[1:03:41] Where is seymour this i know that sounds like science fiction is one my favorite movies by the way was i got yoghurt fantastic movie.
That’s the theme of that were held there any revived the old a progressive nazi dream call you janice oh okay i it’s be scary place to the people you want.
This socialist utopia don’t understand the history of these things and they don’t understand the people that you want these programs to help most of all those are the ones that lose out who were the first losers for obama care past.
Who did you think the biggest losers work just people like me.
Who is people like me because healthcare became too expensive for families to pay for it for charities to pay for other and so we didnt make enough money to you have to make fifteen thousand dollars a year to be able to get there and.
Add tax income credit for healthcare we were the first people to lose out we lost our doctors,
we lost our trivia plans you my brother james talking about that won a big issue trying not to talk about messaging service medical school somewhere but continued is because of obama care he want say about your previous.

[1:04:56] Our healthcare system only works when they have a doctor that’s willing to be patient advocate and come up the bath unit doctor for a decade you don’t understand.
Peter’s a good guy he is not mormon is lbs.

[1:05:10] He never drinks and your smokes never does illegal drugs and he know he takes good care of his mom and his siblings he’s a good guy i know pierce quality,
that guy coming up that i want to put their job on the line.
Dan you just got real rodney can just get stampede on and just thrown under the proverbial medical bus.

[1:05:32] Begin see the blow them off when you know when the dr is not there coming up the baton problem with my care was it pushed us away from our doctors.

[1:05:41] Health insurance too expensive i lost that can keep my doctor so we are really a mess place right now in the united states when it comes to our health.
We are and i think we’re gonna get the medicare medicade frost probably gonna happen is gonna be awful its aspects.
Probably is AI technology divorces me saying i will probably put the mortgage charge that i don’t know if there will be a good thing or bad thing.

[1:06:08] I think things like cats it legal assistance legalize assisted suicide gonna continue.

[1:06:15] What was that realy creepy store as i share with you guys in oregon where this woman barbara wagner what’s the live life chemotherapy on medicaid but they at the same time as a payment for a suicide.
We’re just we’re set for big problem i think one last thing is these people don’t know that we put send this pink money pot and they want the government to be the central planner.
Distance two more things i think must be shot number one there are no outlets ok if a hospital screws you with health insurance.
Screws you can take them to court if you got the car with you have any alternative not that business effectively great PDL turn it when the guy is the only game in town.

[1:06:57] You know when you can go to.

[1:06:59] Which i think is ridiculous support preschool for all we put the same people that run the canvas.
Add to be in charge of our kids the same people that you know of lost a billion dollars out of nowhere is this on the train women next match was gone.
You are put the hopes that i cant put together a government website even feel today it’s been what eight years since.

[1:07:27] I mean it’s ridiculous don’t wanna trust these people with out with your dog let alone your children but central planning is is now back invoke will love it.

[1:07:38] It’s compassion answer its about passion answer no reese compassionate garments in the world history switch the last hundred fifty years have all been central planning states so you china.
Kill all together hundred people next seven comprehensive purpose of columbia kill them that is not compassionate.
Sa when does i want to say that if you’re a person like me near disable give your doctors a break try to understand that coming from the avalon get blade if someone that is.
Hearing these arguments by healthcare you have got to step in.

[1:08:17] Copyright healthcare se nada compassion answer is not the answer is the cruel answer i was store i could share with you about this lady susan brittany she went in for pain.
I am six months later it go lobster the start the light by and you think your life was better you think of obama president obama told that woman hundred year-old grandmother.
Be better off instead of getting a heart transplant she will be better off taking a pain pill is that compassion.
Does that white righteous more of a good this looks like of course.
It’s not that you that that some how the soviet union venezuela china men take your pick,
that’s a great list of isis social red they are somehow so kindly to those who are disabled.

[1:09:12] How far is there is nothing did justify that nothing at all.
So please the next time you were told that socialist medicine is the kind and compassionate answer them right and more land so tell them they are dead wrong that is the exact opposite.
People like myself are the first ones to lose out will be cold cum est running government.
I help here and you shouldn support this lil nice thing is denied states by the way is the out for the rest,
okay when they’re governments convey can i get healthcare and their countries of the come down here i mean can i got a new case ends.
Hundreds of thousands of people every year for medical care if i say it’s so weird that we’re not doing the world any favors either.
No i feel like that is a good place to cut offer this week i just cant wait to feel like to go for the ninety bow i think this is a good place to cut.
Awe thank you for listening this episode today how the happier podcast i’m happy for you please check on facebook twitter and minds dot com facebook is happy warrior twitter is happy warrior,
i want to see mine this happy were here he is well but.

[1:10:33] Can you help please check if the social be sure to plug away your spelling friends have this thing to maybe by the success of work in journalism and this podcast probs when they will be able to make a living.
No i have to leave the chair to family and church thank you to everyone at listen to your hands for coming up and he is amazing and my producer robert melanie.

[1:10:58] God bless you god bless the troops to sacrifice blood sweat and tears for our sacred liberties.
Our natural law you guys have been great i really appreciate you spending the time with me.

[1:11:12] Until next time goodnight.

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