Happy Warrior 30 Mobbed

Happy Warrior 30 Mobbed
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Segment1: Fight Cowardice
Ben Shapiro

Segment2: Foreign Policy Tidbits


Segment 3: Star Wars
https://mashable.com/2016/03/14/alex-guinness-1977-star-wars-letter/ – 08ah1AY4u8qc


Machine Transcript
[0:24] Hello everyone it’s good to be here with me today i am your host happy warrior pete this is the happy warrior podcast,
it’s so good to be here with all of you i apologize by sound of all of them is in the air and it’s going through everyone everywhere.
Everyone is catching nasty terrible think it’s good to know that he is not transmit a bill over the air waves so,
you will not have to worry about this is i apologize if i owe clear my throat i’m trying really hard not to try to keep cough drops in my mouth,
i’m jus to try keep this sad keep this nice keep this audio connie i have a good show for all be here today it makes it get.
Rip roaring right into which and i think that were i think i will skip the playing tricks thank you to all of you who have been commenting on the podcast.
I really all the comments on facebook and twitter and email i’m sorry i’m not forgetting getting back to people but i do read them so i just wanted to let you know thank you.

[1:26] I want to start today but cowardice cowardice and fear and what does that mean you’re twenty nineteen someone like myself to someone like you.
People who live in the united states of america and our interested in what happens to our country.
Is there something going on it’s called the culture and the culture war to menu messenger looks like nasty nasty nasty we just don’t want to be any part of,
right you use to someone on the ground kinda looks like this is like the people in the left lane will time barking dogs i’m me,
gracias mama from me mama my hey man got the right nigga man in the middle of desired output and there still painting happy,
yo on
drop me that looks painful at the ground especially if you have your head in the sand and i feel like,
i got that i wish that could alert where i could use the fact of the matter.

[2:35] Any year two thousand nineteen if you care about the outcome ignite system erica and its role in the now i need to the future and western society in general if you believe in freedom
if you believe in liberty if you want people to be allowed to do what they wanna do and relative peace and security no west thomas jefferson would say as long as he doesn’t break my back still for my wallet and i don’t i don’t care what you doing later compare phrases.
Direct quote thomas jefferson just wasn’t as petty as i am i,
the matter is if you’re interested in the mustangs if you are interested what makes the united states of america great it’s freedoms and its people to be allowed to live in
i had peace and a civil society if you care about that you can’t keep your head in the end on the ground like nothing anymore,
just can’t do it because at this point nothing is sacred anymore we’re living in a culture where when nothing is sacred,
there is nothing there social justice left will not put your hands until thursday but cookie jar still not get agree left hand
hey you slimy and all the hidden behind really glad that were you cookies,
any black colour my house whenever i wear black social injustice.

[3:54] Okay there’s nothing if it doesn’t matter if it’s comics it doesn’t look it upcoming schedule look it up what marvel in particular what’s happening with the results of monstrous does it matter if its star wars last jedi did the mariners dr who.
Just look at the newest season of dr who that is and abomination abort.
I just got my order if its video games that dallas game great and i’m not huge cell into that but people vacuum out the bad people are being you know what’s that politics will be injected in their games.

[4:27] And they do not have part of it when they didn’t want part of it many of you can companies and particularly those quote on quote game video game journalists through has.
No there’s nothing there’s no movie music you wearing academia.
Now not even in our churches are we allowed to hide away from the culture war that’s the problem right.
Anywhere we go and american twenty nineteen where is sporting its slimy hand into our homes.

[5:03] They were not able to be left alone and so i’m telling you if you care about the future,
if u care about the civil society and being left and relative peace and being able to do yard daniel think i want the next you do is on gang,
that’s fine if you want that you cant be silent.

[5:24] I don’t like you don’t fiction books i’m never half pre-party is about it otherwise they’re just terrible terrible books really are i hate you alfred.
It’s a person with a background in education so that is interested in education as an education activist is mi brother and what type i just say hey what are the kids reading these days.
I know i do love a good fantasy book in particular if there was a spot series coming out.
No longer need it was going to be so much of this poker of series called dragon age witcher of the light in the video game series based on.
Really gather my fear my fear besides like told can i ordered a pharmacy that was my feet those are my favorite books.
And this was looking play this is gonna be a fantasy series that we had was a spin on the story events stage and have fun,
hello what kinda cool things going for the first book was about to come out the syrup blood or hair had a trilogy the author had a signed deal,
multi millions of dollars it was looking good.

[6:36] Well i just decided to come out this week to people who actually give a crap what you was riding that notebook is not coming up this is too bad i feel when is amazing person.
Shes one of these people to pull yourself up by the boot straps she immigrant from china when she was eighteen she became a big person in the finance world she makes big bucks she’s this writing thing on the side.
Find a hobby it’s a passion shit.
When she got hired as part of this festival that talk about poc writers and POC is the social justice terminology that means people of color.
POC takes people of color and push them on this pedestal where like you know it’s a recession the triangle you in the goodness of blessing your section where are you at the bottom the more people you are the higher you are on top.

[7:33] She was part of this was even being a part of the social justice there sing along with this great writers for life came out that’s when asked.
She said that several times where i didn’t write a chinese hashtag invoices novel i don’t have the box to the other i want to write diverse books remind me to pick up the mainstream.

[7:54] She wanted to write books not just about your chinese people join rebel spy lol people,
because all great writers are able to talk about all kinds of different subjects and some with a passion litre the same silly and one after that came out that you would be slavery in her books but the slavery will be based.
Just praise would be based on different dynamics power dynamics including are the magic the magic god you can’t that’s in her book series.
Yes was not cool.
Not cool c u was accused the pleasure is the death scene from the hunger games maybe lifting wine from token,
maybe even if i don’t get into it about the world they were they are very name suggestions and really it was less calm.

[8:48] She made the social justice culture war.

[8:53] When she decided she wanted she wouldn’t just write for asian characters an agent settings,
set that i forget about slavery but slavery won’t be just about color which by the way for the majority of the history of mankind slavery was not about race races relatively modern.
Not the last six hundred years that we move in the western world wait about race before that.
Good evening many parts world still today braces when the last things to do with religion culture in your ethnicity is part of that but it’s more than just that okay.
Add milk and its it’s stupid to think that slavery is just based on race but this is the complaints i want her well she decided that she would cave,
she has not she doesn’t want to have to do with the culture any more than you do,
when she has your name tied up on google she wants doesn’t want to say this person is in this blanket,
yeah watch out for a meal when she’s homophobic racist he hates POC
yes once i’m if you don’t want someone that wants a career in finance you wanted to be logged in right things of people enjoyed and that wasn’t good enough so many suites are we are just insane i mean.

[10:17] Oh my gosh i just read theyll just read someone from this is from.

[10:23] The first girl in blood to his black from several descriptions not just tony and comparison to others completions there is waste the street is clearly the darkest in north dakota in a special because he’s ocean green eyes.
How old here’s this one from is,
we need to talk about blood there because climbing POC saudi just erase all that and black issues with the spark that frankly make me hella uncomfortable,
can you record the struggles of other poc of course and that needs to be fixed.

[10:58] I need a mini mini more of it when i it’s just awful it’s just awful.

[11:06] She even came out i am so sorry if she needs gonna digital nice i said i’m sorry.
You was never mind tension to bring harm to a new reader of this valley community particularly those for my seat to write in power
search side as my publisher not to publish this time and they have agreed i dont wish to clarify defend or have anyone defend me this is not that this is an apology.
What is the feedback of the community i feel this is the right decision and i just read the part of it there’s more about this house so sorry for the pain about slavery and on and on
it’s garbage and amelia made the wrong decision but i understand why she did because i want to be on the end of the culture war,
okay its bad enough maybe we have to beep we had to be subjected to see it would imagine if it was you.

[12:00] The one sock that would really really suck and it’s been very difficult to really brave person to stand your oils and the stand for what you believe and stand for your work if you need you don’t think it’s gonna work out if you,
i want your work to be loud if you have DJI can you don’t lose your daddy drop you cave what is that mean,
it’s not just people at the authors note just new POC author writing fantasy novels that happy warrior painting interested in this is only the tip of the iceberg i removed a few of the other things comics ur gamer gate,
new star wars doctor who,
if anything and everything entertainment these days is being touched by social justice warriors in the culture and.
There a lot of organizations that you just don’t have to do with his bat just people not just a job the other because of organizations organizations that you think would be on find new culture work in course not,
christina hey u see if there a lot of places in christian dentist do not want to have to deal with politics.

[13:14] Enable the light in the cave and the on barrett stem cells and they will try to send you all the right thing my example i will first go to is a business meeting.
Sa by david french.
Um it’s cold christians are too afraid to hear ben shapiro on speaker i like ben shapiro overall i don’t agree with him on everything i think is hitler baby its kinda stupid that was done the trade in advertising alive speech.
Who is the vice president was calling in whatever.
That was his decision but i knew this was completed a christian college did ben shapiro gets cancel all that i need to go give speeches.
Q these colleges across the united states of america in the college college faculty and students both freak out and try to get cancelled we had this or you over and over again for the last two years.

[14:06] Christian college.
Is it going to you it’s going to have a meeting with them i know they get worried you want to have to do with the fight grand canyon university,
videos cancel many ways because we don’t have to deal with a stamp you the stuff it’s a matter of the grand canyon university actually has a yeah,
add strong statement in support of academic freedom which is critical file open an affair presentation i made reviews of higher education which indiespensables genuinely christian instruction,
no these values that grand canyon university stanford are excellent there are awesome every university should have those.
Every university should stand for freedom of speech and ideas and trying to get their students and balanced education.

[14:55] What input to the middle the gift we were married most vacate.
Any kid because i don’t have to do with the fight they don’t have to be in this call as to where they want to activate strong dead cats on the front lawn for dillon to be doxed they dont want their students to be bad name to any me know where is united states is the only to do with any of that,
will there be stuff left brings in the call to work and just didn’t wanna have to do.
Take a nap work towards yeah that’s the way for cowardice.

[15:31] Your cards on the idea for apple top presenter that the human league of coming to speak with them.

[15:40] What is the meaning of their business who is going to stand up for those beliefs that they said there’s school spouses.
These last few weeks since last month and talked about issues that are really important than social nature and that we cannot give any ground on.
Transgender ism children and transgender is on my chase a abortion particularly term abortion.
Issues about the rights of due process the audio in every red blood american is born with the quality of the constitution according the independent the declaration of independence.

[16:16] This is a very basic and i make our lives fundamental.

[16:21] That movie that parents are allowed to raise their children can their dictator believes that life is sacred.

[16:30] That will end up in phiu end up in court of law that there will be a certain rights and liberties that we will be entitle to,
due process these are fundamental under paintings of civilization united states in the western world.
And all these things are under attack and get the university christian university of christian won’t stand for them to well.
If you the list will not stand up in this culture war.
Who will use my job only is the only some blouses on the right are they supposed to hold everything up,
you know it was you that where the places are culture of your paintings need to be stirred up for our i didn’t work place there in the places where loud noise like myself like ben shapiro cannot be.

[17:21] Places where the culture in europe in under paintings that make this country the greatest country in the history of the world.
We need to be still up for who will stand up for them if not.
It doesn’t matter if it’s short and transgender ahead awful awful story about her this dad was trying to protect his kid and then the ex,
was trying to make it up the kitchen woman inches off of story rd this order striking out this principle.
Who are the skort county school district what kind regards considered weather transgender go to the mall to call the sheriff typ shit.
Quote create a more gender inclusive classroom within asked the students what they believe so ot question them thinking they would ask you if you a boy it like to play with dolls or do you like the color pink well then maybe your girl.
I am not making that up i wish i watched that the system twenty nineteen and that happens today.

[18:24] What about the issue of abortion me know we want the things that bothered me about abortion fight is how we use you for memes around
we never talk about what has the picture in the united states we talked about the women we never talk about them and the men drawn in had the top of the men’s room being
father in the men’s roles and staying for their child in protecting them.
When is the question like to talk about because the culture war says that only the woman in the matter and share the kill that baby any time the want and ask her this last week from mayur virginia governor no
if the baby knowing that on the table will make a concert i want to know what happen the baby killers who else.
And that i know that sounds the same that is the direction the culture y know left heading where things like that are becoming more acceptable to say.

[19:19] Thankfully mostly martha yeah to many of them are leading the way in that direction.
It doesn’t matter if it’s something it’s like so u was a simulation do you remember when the melting pot what is a good thing im not equipment for letter word.
Do you remember when they are melting pot that we will bring people commute each of the things that makes the united states of america great
will happen to me happen to learn about ourselves you know wonderful history in our family documents and we will try to get the opportunity to learn and grow and become fully american citizens,
any children in generations after will be a great part of this country i was taught that leaving anyone high school years but still somewhat ok.

[20:03] No that’s wrong dude i have a story about him is when we can all skip because some craziness was going on else in the world,
tom broken thumb broke who before this was a presidential medal of freedom holder.
He said that’s to the left at least worth considering decade.
I expect a group after you made so calm and sad and ill miss latina victory because i am broke been created to white supremacy urology.

[20:38] I only said was the score of the espana actually work at a simulation.
Now it wasn’t the best way to say that i will be honest but his idea is actually what is says swipe i don’t understand why certain people don’t try harder to become a member of our society and culture.
This is not a controversial idea this is and under pinning this one does paintings of the united states,
the people come from all over the world better than which no matter of USD or even the religion they can become americans and im pie american ideas and make our country great.

[21:15] This is not ok now we have to have a l.
Equal a different culture and cultures and i’m not just talkin bout we have little tokyo i know they want the full separation i want the full thing to even suggest that people learn english it’s insane that you were told is insane.
What’s all that is wrong how can you how can you even suggest such a thing.
No it’s fine because that i know they would point out to you know you want language is there are in chicago for assistance spanish chinese hindi pa what is an honor.
Italian why is that what is what is a good italian irish still have their own out,
language there are spots on the balance why can’t we get licenses in italian not forget no we don’t have to because these are people that is late today the calls that we bring in what we don’t encourage them to do the same.

[22:12] I am not against people by the way that mexican americans from china or whatever i just want them the house.
Are their big blessings that i have no you get that was from a simulated in the american culture.

[22:27] No it’s controversial.

[22:32] All the craziness around the title nine and all the due process garbage your times came out with this this is insane when college graduate.
Yes that’s very balance journalism held accountable school what’s the stock number for becoming another woman’s me to one standard workforce,
display away is it
order piece of garbage that is where we are now showing the coach of work if you are in any way for due process if u say that you know
people need to be allowed the full rights under the law that michigan appalled one person higher standard citizen the other say what this happen,
the get legal rights let’s help get something out all the legal rights.

[23:19] That’s where i’m at when betsy divorce want to push that we have been sick due process rights not even the same as high as you think if for just simple to just give me a ride to have any siblings.
There’s this is how i could you do that that’s a massage at the same is important and threw up again emotional trauma is pending quote hear that some of these to process rights that are so um the right across and witnesses.
The right to a live hearing the right to see the evidence against you.

[23:53] And investigator only adjudication in which one person investigate added you to cancel the claims against a student.

[24:00] The want a sexual harassment definition that’s consistent with supreme court justice.
Inconsistent with statutory laws they are very very basic things were very.

[24:15] These two now are wrong i said bye one half of a culture war instagram is the culture war.

[24:23] If we do not stand up now guys will get better the fact of the matter is the left has.
Only imagine what we have the media they have the schools we have the popular me which probably most important of all they have hollywood entertainment.

[24:43] We have the revenge of the culture war the right has religion some bad religion is losing more impact in people’s daily lives.

[24:53] Well system right half the left that the left doesn’t really have control of very few things,
so let me tell you its the left we havent way today do you think as a country would be better off if it very least if when are the colts what was there to please provide some kind of thinker start country doesn’t golf view ring did the stratus fear of.
Where are you doing the french revolution would you see what happened.

[25:23] Show me stuff is being put out today the left is gone how about some of these ideas and send it was an actual piece from salon said you see seventy percent billionaire tax is not high enough ninety percent is more like it.

[25:39] That will lead to great places i’m sure if the left is a course unfortunately i’m inviting more than the lights,
your representatives are no mark is not so i dont know how else you can what are you research things and mike.
Are there be a picture of her quote and i mentioned this before but she had this tweet even before it back in november two thousand twelve,
record is what was advertised the world a way kind of people and help in the city will do is disrupt actually got the hashtag palestine hashtag israel.

[26:14] Hmm.
Yes yes yes i just came out this week besides one ninety percent tax shows a stand for the BDS movement which means to boycott all copies that you would israel at all.

[26:30] On jesus that you’re listening democracy is there a help now that’s yeah that’s totally damaged.
I eat before before i like to point out the free is nation for muslim man a woman and the middle east and israel.
Muslims change oil on the floor is the worship christian who has more rights than the ham in saudi arabia or the human walking out like a billionaire if u live in dubai you do not have the rights,
that are muslim and israel.

[27:09] By the way congratulations business are you a black toner i should be very proud of yourself i can’t believe my boarding state some days just insane.
Yeah you know i don’t want to talk to guys.
I know when is convenient boots creek is it like a cultural big you guys cannot keep your head to the ground anymore you can’t be the middle anymore i have friends a family member that just like i dont have to do with it i don’t have to do with it i don’t want the weather.
Loda want to do it when is the problem is you know what to do with it what did they want to do it and you know.
Didn’t want to let you just raise your children as they don’t want you to live your life as you see fit that’s not good enough anymore.

[28:01] New seizure event culturally right now united states of america it doesn’t matter anymore.

[28:10] If u care about the fate of this country i’m telling you.
Yes please do what you can every day at least in small waist your ground.
Don’t give ground don’t give up until this craziness go with the rest of the side of the coin.
Alright well i’m gonna take a quick thirty.

[28:31] Music.

[28:56] I’m back i have to say first of all i am so sorry for all you for suckers that’s at through all the super bowl game,
ask marcus i just don’t get how i’m not a sports guy i’ve never really got it,
i watch football back numbers to spend time with my grandpa but it was really something i forced myself to do not something i get a lot of enjoyment out of.

[29:17] If i watch the superbowl yards more thing to do with the family and you watch the commercials and i watch the commercials and they’re just not.
There if you would like one or two with me chocolate they’re just mostly boring what is the word.
Where’s the wearing of self educating you have a wine from washington post you just like you guys please buy wild weird and politics now it’s football people.
Is what i said the last segment nothing sacred anymore guys night with super bot direct sales nothing nothing actually that’s why this year of the super bowl commercials were the most boring ive ever seen.
What does d just didn’t want to be involved in the culture y know i don’t like what just played see if we don’t want to make some of the people on twitter and instagram ad
we want to know what woke tumblr coming after us keep people happy with his decision to pay the expected and i surprised commercial ever done
hi it’s funny how the guy from adam levine from a what was that was the band maroon five room va cool kids,
lock the talk about.

[30:29] You got on trouble because he didn’t check enough social justice is number buy this half time of his halftime performance wasn’t very good but he’s in trouble because again and jack enough social justice into it which is
don’t understand why that’s something like i don’t understand people in the laughter like but this is good make it better social justice,
it’s good it doesn’t need social justice why does everything have to be politics you guys can you just enjoys star wars why do you need star wars politics i don’t get it.
Whatever and also they complained that he didn’t have any accidents we street credit so i ventured snow guy like me up cuh me up.

[31:16] Quote we accept the responsibility report format the super bowl.

[31:22] My pen just wrote some of the words the moment eventually made their way onto the incredible and receives no fly high and low tonight.
I just really wanna fig universe opportunity performance of the universe for the gap opportunity play worlds biggest stage,
what type of insecurities possible we got credit for always pushing us get better love
yo it’s it’s too much it’s too much unemployment i want a dessert political i don’t get how is displayed one love is supposed to be political.
It’s like it’s like calling messaging to the social justice warriors are not the same dog what’s the word on the right we don’t.
Not smart enough for dog was select we can’t get people to listen to our normal words why we called them and what ever.

[32:13] One love apparently the code because it cold friday night i don’t get it yet but yes that’s the problem that’s the problem,
is the one who can you guess play want him to like republic shirt is a tattoo on bernie sanders is giving high five days to see.
I like it.

[32:35] Hello command mean only got like nipples are two peas like you like planned parenthood on my gas and then lowered is the sender’s to see her five,
yes u daddy down then they’re happy was walking people,
what’s the one can enough who is walking harold the dog hair the dog is the most wolf dogs ever woke,
i love harold the dog is hard stores across some fluff what’s this am happy fun fluff happy stores niggas feel good inside.
There is good inside the world and includes dogs,
please don’t and please dont check politics and dogs in bed early but in truth please don’t harold is a super-hero how one person dog managed to save six puppies and a,
yeah the story is basically how old is this dog that,
it keeps coming just came back to the shelter the shelter for long time family doctor today workout be sent back and just the say u just wasn’t the right fit so being back at the shelter means here we go on walks with the volunteers.
Hello monday is walking with when i was walking the dogs there walking pass this loading dock.

[33:48] And stops and can’t get harold told is this that can get back to your old one movie keeps a snow suit stay at the beach just the circles.
Any just not leave the side of this truck bed.

[34:06] So the shelter volunteers are trying to get harold to go for awhile and the dogs will not move if it goes over to her and giving the side and ease,
inside the tupperware container where six abandoned puppies.
There was no life here old is credited with saving the puppies is gather hundreds of comments and shares on social media cleaning the super hero dog and loads of people won’t here open now.
Hi i love this store this is great this is a good story not a great story i heard the super dog is awesome i love it,
hail the super dub out here on the super dog well here’s another cool dog story this comes out of thailand rn kim can go,
whats seven thousand two marathon another place accept western thailand,
she was so recent jungle poppy starting up the side of the road she attempted the puppy over to her.
Whats new houses nearby she included the puppy muster been abandoned rather than leaving it behind shakira for the next night miles
crossing the finish line with a puppy arms take a picture with it immediately exhausted after being a past the marathon buildup and a race number with her metal,
do you know what harold the super dog and trombone i think that’s it for now so im that puppy know what they could use that can use a toilet.

[35:33] And it’s your it is here the world’s first toilet for dogs yes i found this three were my favorite websites middle always good time and to floss.
Add gets cold the new box six hundred ninety six dollars and pre-order on kickstarter.
Yeah that will help keep republican can you help me buy in the eve of sales whenever duty calls it hmmmm.
Yes it’s pretty but it has not yet to take a but kinda looks like a cross between a coke a closet and like the opening park
all that suitcase area you get your suitcase can do the x-ray thing you go through that thing that that thing that looks can we connect to those two,
is it you will have to train your dog using first grand the company you know boxes attractive set designer dogs on the platform still marked the spot.
When you do positive reinforcement your new releases and treat each type of dog is it additional training methods may be needed depending on your dog’s personality behavior,
its limits what is the closest bank account looks like in this white box with a funny look in trying what’s nice i like it.
I like it say they have this smart toilets for dogs as well so if you on a different kind of baby there you go i don’t know why you white bread.

[36:55] Whatever that’s your decision get,
when were you when will story move on to submit for a pause of things can i talk about not really altogether time of the next button i thought was do that you got a hard season beginning that’s together what’s to loose
looser affiliation new stories published nobody but before we go there,
this is a crazy story so there’s this spot want to call there’s like being bad is the air broke my dad gave me a ticket
i just for this storm that if you a boy lost in north carolina boys tells his family hang out with the bear for two days.

[37:34] So the stroke,
why goes missing for two days and what is the eastern north carolina the cannot find it eventually did the has a store u want lego,
he keeps saying over and over i hang out with the bear for two days
quote mom got sent a friend keeping safeguard is a good god miracles do happen
ofcourse all the experts wanna poop on the story light as possible no i disagree i think as possible i think i have anal sometimes can be,
angels in that way possible i mean i had a special moment with my own animals to make me think that.
Will it doesn’t happen all the time i don’t think there was a conflict change by the nature of one ofs you were animals really just are helpful in a special kind of way so i truly believe this month.
And it’s a great story anyways me neither we have the story for their can write about how the bear protecting him when he went missing.
I miss the montana kid troubled think it goes missing for two days and was around him.

[38:40] Whatever i need to get a glass water clear my throat before i do i would like to remind you that,
wow this is where podcast and it is amazing there are many other podcasts you may want to check out on the empire podcast network let’s go image by my friend producer robert mailing,
many great podcast to recommend you trying out those actresses podcast so good open andy and another good podcast,
or you could you robert i want a podcast where is the empire podcast cancel the podcast network really good stuff a macabre more some really my cup of tea but maybe,
no that is trying to find things i like but the podcast i heard that most the shortest sense of being in them and so i really enjoy them and i think it will help
i be sure to check those out if you have time alright we’ll quick break,
remove to warrant important for news stories probably will i messed i move on from there,
i think this is the happy warrior podcast with happy new year.

[39:45] Music.

[40:44] No i don’t need a couple of times before hearing the podcasts i like to cover for policy news is important and that because americans have proof but.

[40:55] Is there heads inside.
Metz important news that really does affect the world and will affecting us now or eventually in the future it so i just want to go thru least ten minutes just kinda rapid fire pit,
i want you to start with this mexico self what we’re talking about what’s happening in venezuela which is good.
There’s stuff going on in mexico which is so good it’s a glass straw okay what happened.
Mexico the pipelines you know i talked about this one mexican bake basically club docracy its loaded with people are feeling with mexican drug cartel,
huge amounts of violence,
add milk to push the middle most the car tells got there training three mexican military and threw out some important like ugh.
And let’s go.
Not top notch the new social president he’s trying o give you trying although he may be making things much worse
see if they found that there will be the straw that were poking out let’s have been describe basically theres a cow pipeline and you’re many pipelines are coming out of it.
And they’re still cost a couple explosions one hundred seven hurts.

[42:13] And the stroke for like two miles longer summer two miles long and these this roof phone going off while be sold on the black market.
Where are the socialists president trying to fix this is not where it’s not use the pipeline.
We are just not want to use the pipeline no pipeline no problem.
That’s what i always say.

[42:41] Add yes to read our andre menu help menu lol
your pets are my brothers hate me for that both my brothers the ball flute in spanish is president obama is a socialist and as a woman because he’s just not going to use that anymore lol there still good night
export help.No that any use trucks,
this is really really dumb as i may of told you guys before when protests in here in the us i’m got up,
what kinds of oils gonna flood what’s like the spice must flow.
We can do this or buy trade in my truck and both training and more expensive and alot more you think mass with the oil pipeline breaks
look at the other valdez oil tankers that crash that’s a bigger mess and then to use trucks.

[43:38] Have and this is the minimum will be fourteen times more expensive than just using a pipeline through his create this gigantic.
Metz its just a mess.
And socialist complaints about social policy socialists item.
Very good glad they did i go to make really dom is the economic realities and when people say this is not going to work they’re like,
i’m trying to make a disappeared.
Nazi open doors killing people are there social some comments what time is asar was the guy from cuba.
God is dead and i can’t think of his name is castro area of the yard.
Do they don’t like got detention feel like being told their ideas are really bad i mean it was during the five year during the coach of great cultural revolution.

[44:38] The great leap forward in china next ten years women’s people died because words all the farmers and the economic and everyone that told me the spaghetti i just kill them.
And so delight to millions of people dying from starvation just powerful one for stuff.
What’s the snow is the napa to the social have this problem is i’m not saying that people who cant be a nap very very possible
how are the products of all kinds in fact can be in and out rides.

[45:13] That’s not can we get stains in fact this continuous prayer having riots in mexico mexico is it,
i like the reason they got the mexicans are tired of the mass violence in two thousand eighteen was worst than twenty seventeen may i want the most dangerous nation’s more dangerous than iraq and afghanistan.

[45:33] I need a cab thanks
are not good enough when trump says we need a border where he is right because if this thing goes away because we are we have more people are trying to escape mexico in
drove thousand set time like we are seeing with these groups and twelve thousand one marching up till the border and want to cross,
i think the border wall is a justified police for that put outside the legal immigration let’s just say if mexico had sites have another revolution in mexico what is a good revolution never wonderful history look up bonnie poland,
ask component the third brother who was the dictator of mexico time,
interesting stuff so what’s the next story i want to talk about where the inf create it was a terrible idea the intermediate range new color for the st and this is odd.
Concert a policy wanna um a christmas gift we want forever and it finally happened to prom with enough good idea in theory bad in practice,
that was supposed to make it sold nuclear war would escalate the call when is killing the hot water with new bcs what you guys can use ur new SSO and places certain amount yet the amount gary and the pump twice.

[46:48] Besides never capt america will do our part and the other side went and then rush out was sending hyper sonic missiles to our friends in the caribbean.
Trump said we are done with the i have enough and we’re out.
I am really happy this when the zenfone system has put in i love you know the in depth which is fantastic i love you nesco,
which is also fantastic i’m loving i’m looking for we expect show results in trees india policy.
Goal posts that we were content i like that idea its it’s awesome and i know what i buy omar the order.
No what’s the thing that is interesting this report that shows that there’s ties between groups and see is wrong he always did the people but want you to boycott israel completely.

[47:41] It’s very very interesting where is the strong connection between terrorist organizations promoting BDS which is boycott and sanction it’s not white house talking about,
it’s a very interesting report i think it’s it’s fascinating it’s bigger is the middle course alone is eighteen pages.
It’s broken in there like us and the doppio i like fiyat liberation of palestine left of po no lol the find all of the names was acronym that you love,
arena itself up its just the feeling about answer might stay want the DS and it’s insane it’s insane where they want israel to not be a thing,
ne sais,
you are a big part part was like when the jewish nation and truth and the jewish nation in the same thing is being like soviet russia.
No that’s not the truth at all,
create a new task every you just of your there’s one kinda citizen is right lol okay yes the nation is the jewish nation that’s a good thing because guess what the expectations stands for these principles of freedom
not to mention they have that same philosophical interpreting the united states of america.

[49:02] And no i’m not sure she really likes that very much.
Yeah i got on a bandwagon but i want him are she married her brother okay that alone should make her no way able to be represented but whatever you marry her brother no we do not know if any.
I need the horizontal mambo when is she says he
because this is an easy way to get benefits and get him a green card in the country i don’t know i don’t know why the fuck she it’s very weird here’s the next thing is the national
uber is one these things that would be did not just doesn’t suit me very great the guys that uber what’s that
uber is wendy’s technologies that hurts technology industry.

[49:52] The taxi system the bus system all this whole business
nineteen twentieth century business is set the brakes until and the elite have strong incentive to not let uber and not let happen to fall xd even over the light in their competitors whatever.
Uber all across the globe and places things like including left are having a huge push back off with red just had the saddest twenty thousand taxi drivers strike.
I need six not hardly for anyone in turkey in an uber recently out last year on hongkong it’s looking like you’re gonna band uber hungry denmark a band uber.

[50:38] New york city of delays band uber and organs,
other than portland it’s faster than the people i know they just don’t like it and it’s the best thing about creative destruction is a pitbull push back and i understand your under the wheel pray destruction it feels
awful it sucks big time is i know that very personal
so i get a pic are the journalism industry i feel that crush the creative destruction we very keen but i only swipe enough to know that you generally leads to,
better things in the long run it hurts but it’s better forever were better off that we use card instead of horses okay yes it sucks for the people that.
Karen sold the horses but in the long run cars me everyone’s lives better better for the environment better for the planet better for our daily lives.
We got a grant which of my favorite tv shows cars are awesome video hurt to get there and this happens everytime you have any information
you will be paid if that’s what you need a society that’s based on principles like the light mint where we say we’re not going to protect the old technology because it feels good we want to our society ten vance,
we want to say it only make life better for the lights in the best democracy now we want because that’s something about technology.

[52:07] The technology change the lives of everyone but most especially in the poorer.
Ok the reason that women can work my beacon have both parents working full time is because of the washing machine and it’s because electric stove it’s because the electric i use to be,
before electricity and these modern inventions that you had to have someone there full time in the house and do all the chores and they aren’t there,
what happened need anymore because these technologies in it possible that.
Do washing clothes isn’t back breaking labor is just something everyone does on their off time a little bit use to be that way.
Technology is wonderful wonderful i love innovation technology in the business i meant printable these kind of things happen
eat the pain suffering for time because i know will lead to better things but places that don’t have that’s the one to protect all the industries you wanna protect the people are going through the pain u might be good for them and their future generations.

[53:14] I am not what’s happening all across the planet with uber and lyft a museum example of that just amazing amazing example that there is one female here and it’s not just this case OK.

[53:28] People in society technology to not think about this thing about how society had to we have the printing so we’re back,
begin restaurants we have the good bye we have a print process now since i need to know what the fuck do with that thing right you know how can i incorporate this with everyone can have a bible there is a family bible,
no events this today with education people trying to put the internet and everything right
what trying to be educational news the snakes but also not just pulling something interesting but also used responsibly.
Okay people who have cars but the qantas do whatever the fetch the light with cars and you can just drive your neighbors one there some rules and we develop these roles we learn we adjust to the crate of destruction.
We’re inbred barely in the way on switching off screens for children and this will come to the us.
And i don’t know as of now if its warmth run out because the research is kinda nervous too little like it’s not exactly sure that we don’t know how much is too much i know the kids can have too much screen time because usually twenty four hours a day too much time on the screen,
and the screen.

[54:41] Would brandon has this listed are gonna printmaking but i’m saying yes to to much time to screen kids kids don’t have real world time to get spend time mom dad to get a lawyer life lessons bill responsibility bill relationships
handle normal life bring the sink well kids the kids can you screenshot your goal its limit them to two hours a day.
Now that what’s the possibility of self pickup with six ppl just what does produce
the time when they get exposed to the evil evil radioactive toxins that is internet hype compress when will be the last sentence okay,
what is what is burning for two hours and something has okay i won’t bring them for the full what does just limited to.
Whatever brandon brittany is now it is promoting and really looking at implementing a two hour limit on children’s screen time.

[55:39] Are there people there and even for adults that this probably is near and there is naturally gonna happen is people are aware we have a responsibility like netflix binge is awesome if you netflix everyday life your life is gonna be pretty dang hallo.

[55:55] What can you skills you learn something special to watch documentaries but,
you are great much greater person you have to use responsibility look we have steam review games we can play games till the sun goes down and comes up it’s me my wife to be so much better and without what’s a good programmer contract made.
Let’s help ya to have a limit to the self control that’s kinda what we’re seeing here now.
Yo pass this phase with technology where is shining and everything it does is wonderful you have a baby.
Enable autopayments everything baby is awesome fast forward six months.
So much like u still love the kid but put the screen eight.
It’s more cats can you open on technology as the shy just come off as an hour trying to learn how to responsibly manage it better here is another phoenix arizona but technology is how behind the us,
military relate to russia and china in particular brushes well he is it now just test of the world’s most powerful nail gun
us intelligence be ready for warfare by twenty twenty five then this isn’t the only place we are because the abortion obama administration was starwood clinton because after the cold war led by the young
could you bring me some but no bama we got our military we know we are we required to read estimated.

[57:22] No we are not only behind on the size of our flights are not able to swallow feeling inadequate defender war with one another long those to work together.
Our technology is really old are playing flying some planes r forty fifty years old.

[57:39] Ok are technologies waffle behind and this is a topic maybe a robbery if you’re listening me shit doing episode one it is how do we get america’s foreign
power unit machina create that way and what will happen get that going,
how to we get that up and moving i’ll be a great subject can you all episode on
we’re behind all the perpendicular is electromagnetic field there which is.
Where are behind and china does shit bye we talked about china is a terribly just steal steal steal all day long and they really just do not care,
when are we still so what u do something bad yes i thought.
It’s basically this is my foreign policy story per se but it is hilarious.

[58:30] Yeah grande who is a singer that’s all i got for choose a singer.
I decide she wanna get a tattoo for her new hit single music video call seven rings she is going to expand and i will get.
What’s hot in japanese is a sample rings.
How is one to believe that this was on purpose but her tattoo did not say seven rings and it said.
What is the beta short and fly my purpose set.

[59:04] It’s sad got a bag a charcoal grill but it’s a barbecue grill.

[59:14] Oh my gosh you’re handsome barbecue on it.
Are you human well done you like that first draft of a tattoo i understand yes for tattoos that you want someone,
what’s the experience of being drafted does the work on it.
I doesn’t seem like she got like some drunken tattoo for my first time or somewhere i don’t i don’t get i dont get tattoos.
Heights great well she got in trouble for this order instagram and she said we fix this to fix this.
She has another line to another line it’s.

[59:56] Any recent pics turn into a drip tiny chart it’s starting to fix wise nowadays.

[1:00:06] Tiny charcoal grill i love or she is trying make it because you re japanese right to left i love the charcoal grill.
It’s very weird instagram posted miss you man ripped i need her home girls as everyone is boiled out it’s still there.

[1:00:24] Yes forever now we’re gonna grande y pense que that sells i love to eat barbecued rib i want barbeque though.
Best barbeque grill for.
Ah that’s fantastic what are the bots trolls are live in mexico lol there is.
This is you guys new passwords for things of want to try i’m talking people on the right as well compared to conservative types you pass laws the band something you do realize someone actually stand for that right
someone has to walk around with a gun on the belt and handcuffs so he don’t bathe long will it take you to jail.
If you don’t go with him when we’re back okay.
That’s column for estimate of lock when you pass your central passing something under the power of a gun if you don’t like guns maybe you should try the past crazy los.

[1:01:18] Just wanna point out.
Thats my favorite flavor inside speaking at no fee notice that i am so there is this great article was the washington post and other places in chicago times had one great one to one with the official.

[1:01:35] Dc washington DC plastic straw cup.
Yes this individual gets paid sixty thousand dollars a year to enforce the city strawberry and i think he is one of a three just goes from restaurant to restaurant to restaurant and check to see if they’re floating of there made of plastic.
I don’t quite understand where to check the mouse outfit i read the story to lights on what i don’t understand why you to take a but i guess if it floats me the.
I asked if i don’t understand the exact way it’s fun evening the story behind the story is the sky with twenty of the guys there is a quote one customer awaiting for lunch describe the band is stupid.
What is this california now see one customer the decline bed invite all these lousy just bring from california everything is being taken away from us man this is so stupid yes.
Yesterday’s bot your completely wrong know because it francisco and see how things are that bad the symptoms the same time.
Don’t forget to look at me as compared to california but not just california that’s is the job for you what up if you want everyone to hate you in your life.
Go be a plastic straw policeman that’s great job.
Let’s move on to something that’s happy and funny and then something ceiling is there to more fun policy stars.
This is far from the magazine travel leisure.

[1:03:05] I didn’t know this was a problem but it appears that there is a new and better in paris france and they are big and tall and fluffy and brown.

[1:03:16] End the vicious will refused to move unless you hold up yes i am talking about the giant teddy bear invasion of twenty nineteen.

[1:03:25] Yes all over in the neighborhood of lego blocks glance lego blinds have.
Giant teddy bears are popping up every where the popping up blank and alliance data when giant teddy bear i have in my closet my brother james and his wife and it’s very soft loving that picture this nigga staples everyone
please replace all the prison citizens with teddy bears you visit paris now this is what happened is what the yellow vest right let the people i want to use,
is french people would just replace the one submitted so i could play it and replace it with teddy bears no notice.
Who frances latest yes i know is that the people here is so quiet.
Yes theres those pictures taken of our building every windows that anywhere it’s great are my god yesterday was actually share with you why.
Play the teddy bears are being put just laughed everywhere and there be like this one is like eating in a diner in the car sorry cafe and this one there’s one arena map the subway here is what i what’s up just,
everywhere yes it’s pretty great i like it i like it.

[1:04:49] What is my m what’s a good last story on this one more farm policy story.

[1:04:56] Then you would my last second of the day where i’d have any sorry i eat what’s the weather looking for a hammer hammer yourself a star wars before we get to that
if you have any you can use this podcast are awesome tell your bitch buddies place who did the stuff please don’t buy a hammer yes buy hamburger,
is not a good idea in britain remember the band’s nice pattern is screw drivers all kinds of
find strange things will be added to that list hammers yes it is now if you want him you will be remind me put on the counter terrorism police you have blessed.

[1:05:34] Quote from the counter terrorism police pleasing you okay.
I need this is instagram look again it could save lives if you see some questions to the extent hey mate,
no what’s that i look again it could save lives if you see something suspicious like something by niles hammers and other objects that can be used to cause harm,
ACCT report it won’t rude,
might see you know i cannot do a british accent when i want to do is accept in listen to thousands of hours of dr who episodes
and i printed the life of me cannot do a british accent what i need to do one i will not be hired to work and somebody a shout out because it did not nebraska.
I need they don’t do that
no who did the swap know if i have something that really gets my grill has all these protective case i heard you play american the staffing where the other day and found out the maggie from the walking dead is a british actress what is the.
What is this always supervisor british actors are the killers of british actors or australian like a wreck just ridiculous.

[1:06:51] Oh my game will parks ima take a quick break and will to our final segment and let me wax eloquent about what are my favorite subjects in the whole world that is.

[1:07:02] Music.

[1:08:03] What aspect of culture i think we might have little bit here and if i am reading the tea leaves right,
star wars is what i been reading lately because star wars if you don’t know.
Disney just had their financial revenue report financial report them to tell their investors and base report says yet stores at making money anymore.
Any and all the divisions did i make money all the women that disney money except for one.

[1:08:37] What was the division in charge of marvel comics.
And the merchandise and a blanket on the marvel comics and star wars merchandise which are not selling at all,
no not me not lost money back time and it’s in the fall of last jedi in the fall of just,
been so out there in the culture of the time that no one wants to buy your merchandise us nerds like to be like in stop trying to force us to be woke,
i want it,
who is barack darth vader merchandise in our targets coffee holders and peace please thank you and how disney used to be learning from this
from everything i can tell JJ abrams was told by disney you gotta fix the dang.
Sack of garbage master got your dog got into a wreck the baggage rides and others have you noticed we call chinese containers all over the living room floor i want to visit anymore need to fix it.
And then give jobs homes in everything ive read all the leaks me consta far is he is trying to fix this he is going back to the good stuff,
what see wants invite ryan i’m seeing lots of things but luke i think they’re gonna fix the mistake with snow it is looking good.
I hope i hope i mean list the force awakens want to watch movie last jedi is in as far as a movie guy was just a mess and i’m really hoping and top that looks like disney is.

[1:10:05] Not making anymore bulk stuff we don’t need to know about other hun solos first,
wolfe black ex-wife we need to know about that we’re done with that now they’re coming out with a bunch of one shot tax then they’re gonna star wars the old rebellion and they’re gonna give ten one shot comics about different characters in the original movies.

[1:10:27] Turn all the new toys new box on your projects are coming out are based on old star wars theory that the original trilogy or there pretty awesome i love that stuff will force awakens came out,
and they came out with new star wars merchandise said mom i told my family it was normal tempature family looking to buy me a present for christmas gifts you can get started so i do not buy anything from the new movies.
I need you not any of the t-shirts for the new movies they just have stuff from the old ones.
Because i am i am a true much real remember the star wars fandom,
i know what is a divided fandom these days and that’s why disney has lost money on it since the last jedi i made lots of money everyone to see it
no i wanted to buy the toy the merchandise in NY new goal to solat install actually was a pretty good movie i watched it again recently actually holds up pretty well,
is not as good as a.
Why can’t the government ban drugs good as the original six but has a star wars products it’s pretty good i liked it overall
add banana for so we won’t get anymore of that was going to be hot solo trilogy which is too bad i was interested in seeing what they do if our small spoiler.
Add bananas to bed now what are the things i am a nervous fatto something is that.

[1:11:52] Galaxies edge is coming out what is galaxies edge galaxies edge is star wars land is gonna be part of some of the theme parks and you will be all about star wars and you’ll see star wars characters next to mickey mouse characters,
can we have a bunch of bucks and some comics the basically all take place inbox which is where galaxy address steamed to be,
are people are at the nearest movie will probably be taking taking place to our efforts in bottom quite a bit.
I’m three bucks that got me out with this one is a novel one is a book called myths en tables and one is the cookbook.
I wanna go to bots is a discount park.
Yes that would i’m sure that one will sell like hot hot cakes yes book will include tube and buttermilk biscuits.
Blue best been breakfast bars blue cubes butter pancakes and glow blue noodles or something that you can make it from the cock pocket,
alexa can be awesome is that so how much did it for a two alright book of more things on time but star wars know that you’re stuck here with me,
restart here with me.

[1:13:04] People are turning around to like the pretty girls is like the pre qual and i like the original trilogy and prequel my favorite movie is the range of the empire strikes back,
and they’re pretty close.
And its coming out now that we have the last jedi people are looking back to the previous like you know what you are bad yeah exactly what we thought we wanted,
they were still pretty good they’re pretty original are definitely part of an art store yard by george lucas this is definitely part of the same products you may not like the stop being so get that but,
people are warming up to it and its great you macgregor even came i am really really happy about this.
Learn to like these movies that i always knew was awesome i the amazing un amigo gregor who played ben can be.

[1:14:00] Who is like the people i’m happy that people are at the park all over meeting puppies from danny george lucas want to do something very different with the people that’s why people feel she was upset when people laugh and joke about it,
how many years of the people mean alot to the generation of the kids that still from smoking circle pans now i’m getting feedback from the kids were made for a really happy about it.
This is awesome you know i want salsa miss the garden played jar jar banks look up the actors name right now he’s got such and this is the early days of the bad side of outrage culture on the internet,
i meant that’s because of his job and she was trying to commit suicide.

[1:14:43] He brought that pressure now yes could you preheat for his work and it was kelly who is like god sleep like a beginning sleep remove
in the outrage worth of trade war was the attack on the best was before twitter and facebook i’m there that was what was than just email.
Forums url,
yeah he’s being appreciate now to really happy about this the people coming around see what amazing movie the revenge of the set the incredible movie it is incredible tagoloan a snackcrate is probably the worst to the sixth,
i like phantom menace but when do the suites at render the cell is a piece of art needs to be appreciated is a piece of art.

[1:15:30] Is amazing,
it’s it’s like the mona lisa star wars movies any out there’s this thing going on in that is called the star wars marvel cinematic paradox.
I ask why are some best way to problem s,
peter parker in spider man homecoming is a giant star wars super good listener of the bunch of older stuff and makes jokes about that but they said it up there is a big fan of star wars.
Being a big fan of star wars he of course no samuel l jackson is the master miss window what is the july me the best next to weather the mean to you to be one and account.
Well show me the trailer for the new movie the new spider-man movie which takes place after revenge of the sequel to spider-man far from home,
see mix the theory officially for the first time he makes a comment in the trailer that hey this guy looks like mace when u from star wars what this this this accident like a giant
paradox because he’s the question that’s it star wars exists as a fictional property in the marvel cinematic universe because you please me swindon this property if it isn’t samuel l jackson.

[1:16:50] See the doctor if it’s me all jackson if this guy looks like sam jackson in santiago jackson plays me switch it no problem.

[1:17:00] Show people now suggest the effects that maybe is actually exist,
in the news play by someone else and they look like you chat with some people if you are not the pre cooked movies ever happened to them see because i’m a case and to be makes a comment like that.

[1:17:17] It’s a really annoying paradox it’s very circular and there are no it doesnt know its amazing,
i don’t like all of the movies has made me more twenty plus movies are heading towards thirty movies he’s made it so these things fit together not quite like lego brick.
Close fit but free pretty dang close i mean there’s no other cinemax franchise that keeps think continually is clean as this movie series starts.
That’s incredible someone put something sad so yeah what is this mean of human stories ex-girlfriend,
see if uh well star wars i could talk about alec guiness i can talk about mug disney trying to turn darth vader something is not.
Can i get a quote or something it time for it time for golf let’s do it.
Let’s do the first looking at so i can display only want to be sure before i want to know what is in his passed away but.
What is incredible actor very very talented actor in it.

[1:18:31] I just wanted this i love this so when is recording star wars he’s really know what’s going on he doesn’t understand the dialog doesn’t understand the plot.
Just seems kinda hokey alarm on the study is that i just snap i’m just gonna read from the light are a okay.
Send this light i think is right to his wife is a part of it he says i must of the studio and work with adore very sweet
hasta washing and countryman mark hamill antenna send that can’t be right up forward no,
well i’m really angry young man was probably intelligent and amusing but all.
Goodness goodness they make me feel ninety and treat me as if i were one hundred and six but love alex.

[1:19:18] Ps harrison ford ever heard of him.
I love it so good just you robert rodriguez me every other did why do the pink paper and none of it makes mike harding clear or unbearable.

[1:19:33] I love it is and the letter is very well written alex gets when these actors that was like the total
that the working now you don’t act your also right are your producer know philosophy and history of art in there dislike when is grey
shakespeare and actors you have a lot of them anymore but is there something still do exist and he why is one,
algunas is an incredible actor hes working star wars is great i mean it’s money that’s what most people are from ikea no no that did me that’s where has my heart
just lovin i love the caribbean movie with alec guinness legislators so lovable i’m trying to my outline a short stay but i will include this so if you want to read the letter yourself is a lovely makes you really appreciate them and hold the way
here’s what i know is my dearest husband brian’s my gap is antique euros i’m sick.

[1:20:34] There’s this awesome screen wrap by alice lite better and ive one hundred thousand percent agree with him and i basically disarm the shop is like i’m sitting here.
Disney is trying to turn darth vader and europe and that breaks the character of darth vader and he’s right i just watched the second season.
I noticed this too late and listened season one we wanted party should be punishable someone to be up and the rope.
Your comments are different than movies in the mix the word and see where i would often,
reset is not on the site of anything the word guys sometime see were a bit of a good guy space where is the dirt the worst way you can take off and push your season to the left trying to do the same really me to have a trade secret to making almost here
i’m not here,
that’s the euro today with the cool people yesterday the heroes like luke skywalker who brought sweep clean baby that you but i really good people trying to do things the good way remember i am luke,
against again steven is gel masters and everyone’s idea tried to turn the oven on the light.
Okay this is a part this one reason why i hate last jedi to turn this on his head where luke.

[1:21:50] Sacrificed himself to himself and more peril to try to turn this phone back to the good with just what killer kid in his sleep cause i’m a bad feeling that one day,
just ridiculous but this is something that’s being pushed now is that darth vader defeat the confirmed thank you.
And i don’t know that some things for the recent darth vader comics kinda make u think this a way start VR.
Darth vader if i could almost wear to certain people with research and lending club got me there is a great argument to be made in my caffeine in the writers name but that.
The empire with the kids enjoying their troops was here and darth vader restoring stability that we could you look through the lens of the PR for the empire free short ms hero.
How do i make him and out and see her because they can kinda have darth vader both be a one
but believe is not disney does this thing where they have islands what’s the violence lightly are soft violence okay misunderstood a bag with a tragic begining not really all bad,
you are cats pee what did you forget to like and this is my uncles.

[1:23:08] Favorite what’s the bad guy from not sleeping beauty remember they gave her movie malificent,
the movie maleficent just misunderstood really maleficent just a good guy you can help out and out bad guys
and this is the thing is you like some BC what is the douglas can apply for similar positions misunderstood it’s hard to sell a kid apply,
a baby killer i hate everybody she was up till its hard to do that with our faith i disagree because dorothy toy selling cupcakes are kidding me.

[1:23:45] Bed side it arguing like i don’t know if i agree with the reason why disney maybe doing this but that disney maybe doing this is.
It does make sense to provide pretty good evidence i don’t like this where we want antique euros to replace what you were here needs to be something that’s not quite ideal but not quite a good guy i don’t like these deer.
I don’t like it doesn’t feel right the part of sheriff should not be a good guy is that is your stand on issues like.
I kill people are on the way the villain still because make the publisher got any offer gets innocent people killed.

[1:24:25] He’s almost is almost there opposite of a character like ghost spider man or batman in the marvel universe spider-man not batman but you know where these characters,
try to beat back niggas but not the bank is really trying to beat them and stanford tried not kill if they can help me track to kill the episode his and her twelve year.
Adjust work here has to be extra baggage he has to be this.

[1:24:54] Nazi ask figure because he’s only here when is good sometimes then reviewing it doesn’t mean very much and i mean very much of luke skywalker to see that there was still,
this idea you can see it basically like if i look at you verify look at hitler and i can see the good in hitler check vero.

[1:25:13] That’s what luke skywalker did and it to say that well his justin and he’s just misunderstood is really a good guy dad much the galaxy doesn’t work.
It really doesn’t i don’t like it i want i think you go on and on about this but you guys will hear it ok last thing what’s your last thing sell this is a fun article this doesn’t mean anything it’s from wired,
where is superman pics of building is the physics travis to use can i see the sun to come and cartoons like pics about building from one angle or maybe from the bottom up.
Any the sky is like the physics does it work okay is there to problems with this is number one it’s the pressure is the first prompt,
you have the size of the building the pressure of the building versus the size of superman hands he doesn’t example here that’s pretty great where it says okay let’s take a building that’s a nine thousand cubic meters
and say superman,
scott fifteen centimeters on his side so that i can check the pressure on this contact would be seven six hundred seventy passing along this to hands.
Yes that is a huge amount of pressure is a material can we take a certain amount of compression strength if you go past that value material breaks or falls apart your boots and your something else bad.

[1:26:39] Reqs have a compression stringfield mph any nigga pass schools.

[1:26:47] Create it hasn’t hundred thirty and six hundred seventy make a pass still would probably feel too,
so it’s not even about where he is on the bill each pressure anywhere the building that’s hold on hold because the link to break his you wanna lift this building but you instead just fly right through it ill be trying to like trying to pick up
cupcake with a tooth pick back it doesn’t work.

[1:27:15] Oh it’s enough superman looks the same the building what pulls up on the edges of the building other parts the building,
right now if you got the other part of building your pushing down the gravitational forces working against still.

[1:27:33] Who is seth is really complicated has pictures in this article from wired lets get the craig craig who doesn’t red allen.

[1:27:43] It’s pretty fantastic i make it spring pretty complicated,
just the sting rays like um why are attached to safety pin.

[1:27:56] I dislike you stretch out the courts always just doesn’t work if you’re interested i wanted this to to improve is the only one that does this training is the hardest thing to where they can i just pick something up and just goes up,
that isn’t how physics work whatever thirty seconds okay faster seconds.
News dc super movies are awful aqua man i guess okay here haven’t seen yet but all the rest are off of the superman remastered trilogy was just goodness gracious bad.
I’m sure zack snyder had that last movie was almost seventy happened the same time i got kicked out when his son got killed from suicidal think what is the start.
It’s too bad will this is been having where podcast people thank you very much for watching please follow me if you are not.
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I meant tell me i’m stuck on i’m happy where mine stock comp and i have instagram in informing on the last day have you tube i havent got a you tube video about this last week i know when you get back into that,
we’re trying to figure out a way to get my health back up so i can get more printed out for you guys are you making this as today’s episode as i tried to leave last stephanie outlying so it wouldn’t be as hard ukraine episode,
we do that tahoe this episode turned out alright for you and that you enjoyed it um if you like the show.

[1:29:21] Please share with your friends share with your family tell you your dog suit about it,
spread the word spread the news this is happier podcast thank you so much for listening thank you to all the soldiers who died and sacrifice that we might have our freedoms and those freedoms are with holding,
whole lot god bless you god bless them and have a question.

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