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Happy Warrior 31 Fact Check Fact Checkers

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[0:36] Happy for your podcasts conservative commentary on the news of the day should be more positive perspective.

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[0:50] Oh no mam damen und herren.
Hello sirs and madams this is the happy warrior podcast I am your host happy warrior Pete the Pischke it is
a delight to be here with all of you once again our weekly retreat
in america to think about the ideas in arguments are going on and we wanted to take the future of this country i of course it’s always a pleasure to be with you and i thank you for taking time to listen to the bee
take morning evening night you know if you’re here on earth if your in the a multiverse theory in another sphere in the seven levels of hell
where are you are you listening.
Thank you today i would like to look at several different news articles like we do i when i make these episodes i often have to decide what i want to talk about the news that everyone else just talked about,
are you want to focus on smaller items i feel are high priority but maybe you’re not discussed as much as i usually do the latter,
however today i’m gonna make some of the former the latter because i feel like there’s some pills stories are going on here that needs some clearing out.
No particularly want to look at them with you through the eyes and lens of a journalist you as i have discussed here with you before i have a background in journalism.

[2:12] Combine that with my background in politics kinda gives me some insight that maybe you might not have.
There’s some big news stories we need to scotts funeral cross on briefly rushed by but what’s going on with the green new deal as the cool kids are calling it,
forget talk about to see what you’re talking about fact checking and i got some fun in stupid animal news though i’m sure you guys will enjoy including glowing squirrels out of new york yes don’t drink the water.
So where should we get started what I think we should start by going to.

[2:51] All the stadium is the state of union now so leave your name and i love that was great is your love for this podcast chances are you are you heard it
you listen to it you watched it or you had summaries of it so I’m not going to go into depth but what you should know is that Trump did well almost every pull the came out put Trump in the high 70s
percent of americans that watch did they agree with trump did a good job of fact i’ve seen and CBS next
what was.
Seventy six from cnn seventy six roughly three hari for the worse approve did the speech which is very high number of very good number i’m very proud at that very proud,
oh by the way that’s that was recorded much in the news sadly i did that and i.

[3:45] Which is too bad you think with everything with president trump going on.
The his approval rating would be but we’re usually so it’s in the high thirties low forties snow basically president trump.
Over the last year and for most of his time as president does well with his core base,
decent with Republicans just horrible with the Democrats and so-so with Independence and you never really breaks out of that too often well actually we you would think that because of the government shutdown the way the news report.
The president trump’s approval rating would be would be warm
where were you get any better than my desk will be holding find out just today that his approval rating is the highest it’s ever been almost ever been at least since the first year of our government,
this is pretty interesting so Rasmussen reports and it said this is to Rasmussen they report.

[4:40] That this is the highest you’ve been approved in twenty three minutes and ten fifty percent fifty two percent of the country approves of what president donald j. trump is doing.

[4:51] That is fan tastic i’m impressed with this fantastic for several reasons but most of all president trump is pleased i’m sure after all the contacts in from the media all the craziest from the democrats.
Lol the yeah jumping jacks the get the state of the union where you can get democrats to,
stand up for late late term abortion can get them to stand up for fighting get socialism except for a mansion by the jones center joel mention that i have to get ahead for that i was,
pretty brave of him so no between the state of the union and this new rasmussen report deposit looking pretty good for president trump much better than most of us,
i listed we had read mainstream news even considered the news had reported any kid only use what’s being reported and what stats you have on this new stuff that came out the last week is a trying to turn that around.
I think this is a positive because president trump like you’re not has become the via call for.
And I’m not saying this is a good thing that still has become the vehicle for now only conservatism has become the vehicle for Freedom he’s become in some ways the vehicle for,
Christian judeo Christian morality is become the vehicle off economic freedom in and capitalism or what like to call free-enterprise President Trump like it or not.

[6:18] Is right now the representative of those Republican smaller ideas,
and it’s important at the moment im probably going to midterms that president trump approve all states hi because these ideas are sitting in the vehicle but president donald j. trump and trump,
create the trump car crashes in my,
and that would be really really bad because we are at a pivotal time in our nation we are arguing bad what united states of america is now and what should be in the future and what you represent and we here on the side of freedom,
in righteousness and morality,
are fighting for yes united states of america should be in the fight for freedom that we should be there sales up by your boot straps
fight for what’s right fight for what’s good take out the hard things and
no allow people live their lives in peace according to dictate to their own conscience as i often like to quote as thomas jefferson said so much and it breaks.
I don’t care and on the left wheel of the progress we have there social justice warriors,
we have the Democrats and we have unfortunately it seems more and more these days the mainstream media and this is where I want to start I want to start with us talking about the mainstream media and a small.

[7:43] Aria some facts check that checking
is engaged part of journalism that does take a lot of work you need to know your stuff you needed big research your people the journal somewhere i need to be able to hurt the wrong side,
to tell the truth and it seems that these days I look at fact-checking more and more often it seems to me that
good fact checkers have gone that good fact checkers you have either left the business where they sold their souls to the devil in the hope that the when the fighting parson politics
and this includes him for everyone even people that use to be somewhat trusted like the washington post ben to system there’s only wanted to reporters there that are willing to call out the left,
i can’t find it anywhere does a marriage stop politico doesn’t do it anymore,
NPR PR never really get it right but they’re still very few places you can go to evil people on the right you go to college,
sometimes they’re going to call people on the right more often than not it’s just a defense of the general meaning behind what they said it’s not a strict
that’s actually what they say.
This is a sad and terrible thing as it person in journalism the loss of this niche of reporting is a sad thing and the State of the Union.

[9:02] Green New Deal and I’ll talk about that later on the podcast are perfect examples of what has happened to fact-check.
This is a distinct element this is a thing to lament it is sad that we have lost this and I’ll make my case my case is here let’s start with plug.
Go get a manager position still alive fact check in.
All the state of the union what is going on the next this so they send a new tweets every so often the safety check.
Trump claims and you have to click that we need to actually get where they got a wrong impression watched fact check,
something trump said was wrong otherwise why are we so fat check and you accepted go when you click it if you click the one that we teach in the most greatest one great example.

[9:49] Check president trump claims one in three women are sexually of so you want to three women that are illegal immigrants are sexually assaulted on their journey north.

[10:01] And you click the chair to go over there okay did you click the tweet get my moms here right click the tweet.

[10:10] When do you find yours the fact check i’m not joking this ridiculous a twenty seventeen reported by doctors without borders from thirty one percent of my grandson seventeen percent email migrants set the have been sexually abused while traveling to mexico.
Report the medical and organization randomly survey,
where did sixty seven migrants in shelters that supports in mexico what it called a snapshot in time based on population available in the sun so here is sell president trump says,
when is three women they cross the border illegally they’re gonna be sexually assaulted as a mobile number because i shared status of the before let hi something to sixty seven percent you should look up these things we have google on your own time don’t do this at work and so but type in the legal,
immigration the rate trees and there the stories there on the south columbia other side of the border.
Just had ladies garments,
these coyotes who are depraved depraved evil people that will traffic children into sexual slavery you use other children to fairy drugs or both they well when they’re taking women they will take them aside they will write them take their underwear
put the underwear on the tree,
and i take them into the u. s. to receive their payout will the other half of that payout upfront much better in of all the pee out much before they even get anything can you get the restaurant to get into the country.

[11:36] Really really bad assist this is false mark check this is false it’s not three three point three three three three three is actually the third one,
yes not thirty three percent it is thirty one yes yes that is an actual thing that political,
did create and political is ridiculous.

[12:01] Oh my gosh i completed another part of the speech is tops but the evil thing that governor
north mississippi new york and new york governor and never ever go governor came out and four of damian fantasai for killing babies after they’re born and political try to come
they tried to fact-check that as well they said here’s so here’s what comments they said they said.
Search comments are eye-catching Trump is reference in the controversy over Virginia Democrats abortion legislation which has sparked protests and put pressure on Governor Ralph Northam supports the bill made comments about non-viable babies yes
guess it’s a beautiful fact check,
that is we’re gonna hide this terrible story and u for dessert and legal used please just return.
Did he was that was that was not only the only example that was ghostly my favorites it was so enjoyable the 33 did not that is 31.
I had some other great one what about this island though i want to but you’re quick to put this in the outline.

[13:14] That pic is a call important fact check into a feeling a partnership against trump by david her and it is,
fantastic he is doing exact same thing im doing here we looked at all the ridiculous fact checking that this organization instead is number one.
New york times and the speed trump calls the legal border crossing a street of is the words like urgent national crisis.
New York Times fact check this is false.

[13:47] Yes is a little border crossing been declined for two decades and what are some custom agents see the rest of fifty thousand people trying to cross the border,
in the last three months but this is only half of what was in the mid to thousands o lunch sorry it’s it’s only fifty thousand things to be more into that sweet.
It’s still going on right yes is still going on and in these people i do bad things right because bad things legally immigrate well i mean.
Yeah so this is all subjective.
And the pink so you saying something as a National Emergency National Emergency is subjective one man snatched emergency might be in yellow just a little temper tantrum something to ignore on the other site like a subject.
K what I think is a National Emergency you won’t think is National Emergency I think it is a National Emergency that Captain America is not going to be any more Marvel movies after the summer.
I said the clear national purchases did u say i dont really like chris evans portrayal in marvel be much better.
This is a wine but that’s not subjective right i’m i paying european but it subjective but no we are fact checking now subjective things because.
Orange man bad here’s another great one this is a fantastic one and pass time.

[15:12] Vampy are.
Decide reach the gym starts making this up i’m not making this up quote fact check president trump praise record number women in congress,
that’s almost entirely because of democrats not trump ‘s party up my gosh yeah and what info would they need trump say what i said exactly,
and is that want to drink after congress past the constitution nope i meant.
Giving women the right to vote we also have more women serving in Congress than any time before that’s great.

[15:47] Direct graduation basket yet so anywhere you that can you say that was republican women.
What’s that fact check unnecessary yes I was very honest sir this was just a way to swipe at Trump so Trump says something by Parson NPR doesn’t like it there,
no i would like the democrat women gotta like to know that trump had.
No you’re wrong mr president.
Yes that was in august good this fact check now we’re gonna go what you are what should be what time was the grace fact checking organization in the us newspapers.
The washington post with their famous in tokyo system,
when is the president trump decided going out what’s going on with abortion in new york and virginia reporter put out effect not sure how much did i actually say the weight factor but it was the fact shes will,
abortion legislation in New York wouldn’t do what Trump says it does.

[16:54] No know where no facts.
Yoshi undo what Trump said if she proves that what Trump said was a lie okay this is meant to obscure the truth.
Okay translate put on a factual claim you can get around this factual prime new york passed a bill.
Will not punish anyone if they kill a baby after it latest get from an abortion if it lands on the table u can kill it will be charged.
That is not objective fact it is objective fact that this will lead to more abortions is objective fact.

[17:35] That this protects abortion special particular if inspire me a call my lifetime all the supreme court.
Movies against okay dear hoping that this would still be active.
Those are all objective facts you can’t get around them what you mean not like it give me love it but it’s not jackets yes.
The belt is what president trump said it did.

[18:00] This is just a way to obscure the fact that the fact check not meant to tell the truth is a fact check that ly president trump sees something.
We don’t like the truth and so were going to cover it up.
Think of this as a fact checked uses you for liking their effects on you for missing standup this is the fact that meant a cover,
R-Truth that they find harsh and hard to believe it’s because of this garbage by the way I want to point out a relative in friend of mine,
that’s not what does that stuff what does those are lies those are lies he was lying.
And all you can that’s why they believe that well.

[18:41] What were the believe of you’re on the left and you trust the source in PR the washington post you trust political.
Well that’s not really what it does not really what it is.

[18:55] We believe you can’t believe orange man bad are you gonna be a good friend that the washington post.

[19:01] This is this is kinda similar to star trek and similar the others and i’m gonna steal
biggest example i didn’t find what is a side by david her so i just can you still okay thank you david for doing this order straight from a fat chick in a truthful statement.
Demand that trump i like information has absolutely nothing to do with this contain sugar is example is.
Pbs fact text a trump tweet the tweets as that the president.
Is at 50% approval rating Among Us Latinos this is increase of 19% over years time.

[19:41] The fact check says yes this is true but this is only partially true.
Only partially true well yes.

[19:53] Filipinos do you like trump you see trump is awful because he is not highlighting other negative information in the pool bottom.

[20:02] That’s right so what shoes has three points out something is in the spot that’s not what’s the point of things to otherwise it’s not true.
No that is ridiculous but this is again and fact checking being used.
You are confusing of being used to deny the truth and cover it with something else.
This is a fact jack being used as a political weapon effects of having a long history timeline states in the world in general is being used as a blowjob.

[20:33] Use to be this trust use to be that much tried yet,
they had to have the standard that you are able or willing to take on both sides they will point out when
president training and screws she’ll when a democrat screw up we will tell u when people are telling the truth the whole truth you know nothing but the truth and i dont assistance perfect and people didn’t screw up.
Generally speaking david tried that’s not what happened this is either take someone else’s,
what bill o’reilly yes that guy from fox news had the most instagram is insight on this check and think that i will continue until a little bit and if he says.

[21:18] Media.
It used to be there if we had media bias that was just an extra product that was just something extra on the side yes it showed up but now.
Media bias is being good to big in with the rest of the cake so instead of being media bias as a symptom.
Nearby czyste part of the deceased me to buy some spark of nerve that the package i find that inside the.
Is quite incredible in quite accurate and I want to prove that by looking at what’s going on with the green New Deal and how it’s being fact-checked in the media so I want to go into the specifics of the green New Deal more my next segment but.
What you should know is that the green New Deal came out and it end up looking like an embarrassment at least in the mainstream news it came out looking like embarrassment the leadership the Democrat Party,
the big leader Nancy Pelosi piano made fun of it at the moment just doesn’t look good so AOC.

[22:21] Say well you know the draft every once all that wasn’t really that wasn’t really what we wrote it was really fun just read from the tweet let’s take your own words.
There are multiple doctor judy resolution in fact fluid around resulted raffles the upload been taken down,
she’s saying basically the more you guys see about the ban on planes fighting coward new that’s not really there,
that’s not really there that’s just a that’s just a false drafted that the people on the right are pushing.

[22:59] What’s the post that tracker info on her side a quote,
no one is proposing to eliminate all planes cars cows oil gas and Military.

[23:11] That is some billy and out lol like theres no way around and that is a lot unfortunately for all of is the washington post.
Is only one of the many twisted organization that spent over the weekend near time to put eye headlines providing political cover.
Floor is in the freshmen left.
They did media coverage not media coverage okay let’s be protected setup report a ver play the one the worst examples that should i hope get some people fired because this is
just disgusting to me what business insider.
Business insider it’s not of a any the feet in this film from the oscars some theories but the green yall talk with u bout later.
Send this is on ios or understand so there’s that headlines.
Z and reel cuz you cortez accidentely released a document that supporting me i’m going to work with conservatives.

[24:14] Now if i was a bump smaller partial truth i don’t know what it is.
Who is actually released is adjusted giant why that is a straight up lie.
Verizon and PR fluff piece she announces stay on NPR point blank these people hated his big government intervention new caesars yesterday’s isn’t that great.
And the business insider afternoon this had to force to clarify the headline buy a little bit but it is it is incorrect and how much did it end it can get round it.
I think the new one is like in OK use green new deal provides economic security for those i’m willing to work it’s garbage but it’s not much better,
I will get rid of The Accidental like they purposely that was an accident but we’ll keep the part where it just says she’s just wants to pay people are willing to work
assim welfare guys can you open the sleeper smallest piece of the green new deal anyone that read this story always that’s just one small facet of very yeah.
Powerful documentary i want a big wagon wheels fourteen pages but i mean now airport want to want to do when you’re active why won’t you to our society.

[25:40] It just kinda keeps going on and on now if there are a few people who are willing to come out and push back but they are,
if you are getting what’s my support so if you’re on the washington post your political your mp are your daily caller whatever.
You wanna be a fat chick because i love abstract and i want to tell people when someone’s outlying i want to call them out for.
The support for this view without your love is disappearing and even came out and this is scary.
This is scary for journalists salon came out is aug read this quote a sad.
Fact first check once washington post rates for crossing cortez bad is trump.

[26:26] I’ve read from the first two paragraphs to give you what i mean yes.

[26:32] I’m fucking size provide invaluable increasingly overwhelmed public service.

[26:39] But you’re fat chick in journalism presents something of a moral hazard implication being the existence of distinctio explicabo the reports responsibility tickets leaking out spinach falls hard on a routine basis.
There’s a resource benefits to having a dedicated team focused on space separating fact from fiction how my heart.
This is not mean the fact that journalism presents free from the institutional pressure is up quote both sides of activity on quote.

[27:11] What is because president trump and president propensity to live there can be a little early,
i’m on fact checkers to find similar examples of this are steam on the left to provide some semblance of fairness and what is the difference kind of on top too bad faith examples picking and false equivalence,
yes salon at the end of both sides objective.
Close out activity is what it says it is is that you tried to the balance left to right u try to see the good friend you try too you
see both sides to the story which if you milk journalism down to one responsible journalism i tell if they tell both sides of the yard if i don’t.
Listens very gracious and really use someone like a moral wrong i cannot see hitler i just let the reader decide who’s the guy who’s the bad guy maybe there’s no one there no ISIS.
What’s what is saying is that is wrong and this is the new revenge any disney jr didn’t fact check in journalism.
This is what’s causing that biased me baked into the cake.

[28:18] Both sides journalism both trying to be objective is now what the small clear your list your trying to tell both sides your no better.
Ronaldo’s evil bigots on the right.
That is the message that’s being told if you work at politico you working watch post can you try to fact check to see is washington post has tried in january and several time try to get to school
commit them it is fear and political theory and the people are in your party will skip a space in the mainstream the left.
They’ll come out and attack you forward call taxi from thomas truth and this is the problem by the way on the right is what i think if we see someone one to tell the truth even if we don’t like it we should support that should be attached you don’t
tap the messenger of the messages telling the truth and they were acting responsibly don’t attack me for it.

[29:10] This is this means that there is very little room for someone to be an honest broker in journalism you wanna be nice.
Well what can you do it cuts out if there snow in willing to hold you and protect you when is journalism these days is making it.
I’m being parties sending getting an acting i ask the dr about politics at chic what’s the point what is the police
i’m sad this is happening because we are losing a idea in journalism that there can be something called activity that there’s an objective goal that you want to meet that we need to try to tell the honest truth.
Broken apart from that is yours in the influence is broken apart,
from all the incentives the story over another one we know the idea of activity is being attacked the very concept of it is what down on in the year of twenty nineteen this is terrible
this is terrible we was the site ID or hurt by this purchase at four most of all.
How can we clean me know if you want to be journalist in you want to be respected
in your profession who is people who are the washington post paid all the smiling a superbowl add potatoes and journalism how can i protect itself will only ever pointing out tobias product.

[30:31] How can we cannot even tell the truth anymore if we’re attacked window by want what’s the point.
And that’s what’s gonna happen this is where title is ms head and i hope that the pendulum swings back that chicken becomes it back involved in a couple of years but friend,
any near term future of fact checking is a belt you so if you find someone online and the you knobjob fact checking.

[30:59] Bookmark them volume.
I support message me saying please try to stay balance please tell the truth please do tell both sides journalism.

[31:10] Dude tried both site something if i guess i can tell you the view where the audience still listening,
you should definitely be more careful than ever about what are you getting news from and who’s telling it to because we’re leaving medium i talked about last week there is nothing,
no one that will not touch politics either is nothing sacred anymore the politics cannot touch it doesn’t matter where does it matter who does it matter when,
the culture wars is a total couch where it is as of now.
So it doesn’t matter if it’s not you know your favorite late night television comedian,
i had nothing nothing is safe from politics anymore james cordon this video can you wait everywhere from the left this was popular before the green new deal cazzo
newest is about the same but basically this video it’s because you cortez bond someone out of the house oversight committee in the house oversight committee is kind of.
Famous for being a place for people make political ads from just can you go on this
how long would you grant about the evil of corporate pacs she did the maid this are you will find turn up his phone goodbye pie,
what’s the really really big guy it’s cold into my car need to cover up so i can get selected.

[32:33] Is it true mr smith wrote this article that it is payments doing more and see what does it mean the release,
any days i got see whenever it is really for how much money i could you terrible things is to leave a note for me to pay off that is considered speech,
who is considered speed will use my special interest start money from the campaign folks need to pick up elected,
and that is all there anyone ever saw see what was missing from the video that was being tweeted millions of times all round the place on the inter web.
Was there was only the side of conversation mr smith did have a response.
What is a pretty dang good response but you want to know map the way to via what’s your on twitter.
Well this man is just speechless to see this righteous crusader of progressive is a shit just put him in his place so i’m just gonna play for you what is james gordon.
And the millions of people every tweet where we can do which will the other side of the story.

[33:37] Who will win the euro cup of things for example that i would not be cancer or anything that you know,
could apply here they could not apply are for example the whole point of the article that she held up the road with you can i use your campaign finance to make those kinds of payments that would be new personal use campaign funds or not
dark money they are,
totally disclose actually are not dark honey sweet know i’m better than earlier was mentioned that dark moody constitute about one point seven two and alex i believe that figure is incorrect by factor for about five hundred percent,
i got money constitutes about two to four percent of the tallest building in USA elections in boston us elections so this is just a couple of quotes for how i was i would i didn’t chocolate the question,
is it possible for us to get these influences our money is influencing the question here that i said something you have to ask yourself if you’re being influenced can see what you think if you are you my question yourself if you’re not,
my question is hearing when bam thank you ma’am.

[34:42] Yeah i just got only is chairman’s bradley is math and that was a fantastic
response see what the roads where is that you would never know if you are many on the left just did that cool retweeted what james cordon shared about to see talking about he evil darkness us politics you never know that
everything she said was the complete other piece of garbage you know that no that is true
you would never know how that actually is completely and utterly factual eight rom.
That’s what i’m talking about this is that if people like james corn and the people just you are,
entertainers were the political people and retweet and they are essentially
doing there on a version of political journalism they’re sending an opinion is one side yes it’s by SJC to complete it rough.
Proportions are kinda looks like a pin and also if there quality of work is.

[35:46] No worse than what someone is doing over the washington post politics or is the fact record.
What is the point of having fact checkers any more.
Alright well i am done with my nice load i tried on dis add death
fact checking and usd i want to take a quick break
refresh myself and move on with some very interesting segments i want to buy the new green deal alert the green you don’t know when this is been happy were podcast with happy warrior pizza.

[36:22] Music.

[36:30] Hi im looking to hire hi,
yo on
what is maureen what is want u want to study more
i want to know what you wanna know what.

[37:00] Music.

[37:07] Hello,
onkyo on the side beautiful,
no white bar at the riverside and stuff do you hate how everyone i am back thank you for that break.
Before we get going again i like to remind all of you that please follow.
Happy warrior pete on facebook follow us on twitter which is happier and phone was mine start com in stockholm it’s relatively new social media website i’m enjoying it a lot.

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Report to figure out how to get my health better so i can get more content out to you a wonderful nurse,
that doctor they get made with the help now we have to figure out a way to pay for it so you can take medicine a half so
thank you for your prayers and concerns regarding may i please continue to pray for others happiness of me figure out
this healthy how to get the pain treatment how to get my life you physically my health back on track and really appreciate that well.

[38:28] We know there is a part in the state of the union trump says we will never be social and i loved it i loved it that was awesome block people don’t get along with anyone very big fan.
You are big fans at all and i don’t know why they are big fans know it because when im not there anywhere everywhere the social is a test ride it feels tight and leads to death never station,
but i don’t know i wanted this isn’t here the united states in what’s called character was you non profit e,
create by panera bread and it was starting i want to hear nine years ago and it was a call that the product restaurant where people can come and get food and they can pay whatever they felt like pay,
okay so it can be zero commute and one hundred could be,
load up what you want this we’ll had this was meals with a suggested donation price will if you know anything about history of socialism meant people getting free stuff into light
getting free stuff and the best thing about being free it’s not pay anything for it and that is exactly what happened,
is it was a gigantic and abysmal failure,
and he said that i love that they found especially the five locations they had one in portland.

[39:50] The losses were as much as seventy percent of the total cost reset the lost password trivia distance to the restaurant
yeah i mean send the poor and called stool in southport the want to eat it without paying also how much is a visit the restaurant for every meal we got.
Eventually i speaking location where the homeless could get a few meals and we can get everyone every meal the just get.
Hey baby was just a gigantic mess it really wasn’t urgent message into a gigantic mess,
i’m not too far into the operation eventually had to hire security guards roam the entrance to make sure that all residents people who are there for safe.
I was just offered even the people not the hummus events if you are the funny thing about socialism and we wanted uou social program.
The poor are some times they are great but more often than not you’re not so we had this restaurant is problem where customers can get their food and i would be very rude that’s where the girl stay in glare,
no they know they just all around,
ungrateful shit i can’t remember any of the stairs am i right if not you just can’t take,
nesse in the last one that was left in boston is closing its very sad each.

[41:15] They each pay that sorry that each model of pay what u can restaurant does not work.
And so sad so sad too bad if you’re homeless you wanted to get yourself some expensive i think that was a white smoke by peter pan.
One more funny thing i would like to talk about his what’s going on over on the other side of the pond over in britain and some of the stuff going around with brexit isn’t you think media.
Is weird well britt news media is even weird and there’s this is just awesome and i got turn turn to the story from national review
and it’s about a doctor heart doctor abate man no that is not the start of a dirty joke yes per name is dr victoria.
Hey payment is a mic and cambridge university of economics department and she has.
Joined the series.
Um kinda like ted talks because nazi forward because.

[42:27] She doesn’t make it yes she gets the estate talks about brexit naked and these videos and i don’t suggest you watch them she writes brexit,
where are the top ten out right shoulder and neck.
Order a brush she wrote leaves on her left breast she wrote brittany an honor tell me she wrote get.
And the girl had watched a video of myself but i really dont wanna watch niggaz economics professor.
Repair least just not interesting besides new today.
This is the best part okay so she decided it is protest the brexit that you would actually attend.
Economics conference get for.

[43:17] Here’s what happened this quote from the telegraph story miss being intellectually has research and development of the european economics.
Set a two hour meeting with anyone mentioned.
Just want a normal meeting about troubles and marketing director stay that church of college in the chair the meeting glenn and then send you secretary.
I think we need some cups for the coffee,
and everyone else just stared straight ahead that’s fantastic i love that would the british does my dad we are not gonna point out the elephant in the room
there’s an economics professor and his name is batman,
add whatever it is gets better guys because she took trip on raya you say peter,
how do you do nude interview on radio when i don’t know but you tried and she decided where he had what is the life.
On the web and the pictures and bbc radio for nothing that means anything to u. s. solicitors up.
And she was just scotland studio,
gigi buffon close i want you to send this to do and talking with the interviewers sushi challenge conservative mph breeze mark is a really cool dudes negative about brexit.

[44:41] Yes yes it is a fantastic,
fantastic story i love this this cambridge university luna debates and talks rant about brexit nick and that is just so fantastic.
Where are we going from here just ladies and gentlemen i want to talk about the new green deal because everyone else gets to why can’t i yes now if i’m the summary the green new deal i have to.
Series i want to push to,
okay rewind is this appears exactly where it seems that all time document created by a bunch of happy go lucky left who end up leaving early hi.
Put out a have big legislative proposal.

[45:28] Yes basically screwed up big time okay is the nearest event space we going forth right now at the moment from the artist brokers and if i had two cans says that is the one to go with,
i am not totally certain know that this isn’t actually delivered move by the freshman at particular hey there,
keep attention on demand the name and the media cycle and we got to see my feet were here is this an add-on not sure its shipped out so i just
shooting you tell me what you think i think this is a classic game of real political where she is a spelling something now because she blames that she dies more so what can be used as a tool.

[46:08] See this shows up makes the right now looks like a mainstream media go crazy a little bit okay a sean had is the fox news talking bout to see how about the green new deal only night that’s all everyone wants to talk about.

[46:22] You see isn’t the light at the same time that true believers on the left and particular if it was the boys pay attention a lot like many ounces,
this is a blue the see this in a believe that the stands for them that she’s truly refugees there to their white knight she will fight for them and she would just
calculate to the realities politics and have to walk with a cane a new okay i make the light to make ideals and compromise and she’s someone that will stay
on the hill to die on that is left is a social justice progress on this also has another need a fact.

[47:02] It cuts the support between nancy pelosi democrats and the democrats the democrats that would work for someone like al gore the democrats of probably vote trump.
The don’t like this and ask to see comes out she put down the green new deal this now as it is defective divided the best support for the normal main stream democrats,
and the super left democrats and is proven time and time again that she wants to push forward these the super,
left democrats all call them the old left she wants the left to be successful he talked about the stove and over and me emmanuel thirty mins that there looking for people to primary the other long-term more middle ground
no politics democrats yes does a good job helping move towards that goal so anyways i’ve listed one.
Bring skips the name and site me a cycle to a mix the hardcore left is happy.

[48:05] Three divided stomach rats from the hard left in the medium.
And so here it is last bonus in this might of intended it forces the political candidates you want to be president forces the presidential.
Front runners are democratic nomination course.
Choose the states and they all want the left of okay lol nice can hear a square booker all of them.
They all want to be the most left candidate because they believe that’s where the boats are so club charge all night,
they’re all coming out of the boys at five five so far come out and support the green new deal for the green new deal the content is everything that u really is it is venus.
Based on by the way something called the second bill of rights this is an idea that fb post wilson yeah pushed for it anyways well yeah first write about what they are mesh,
what rights you have you belive rights the republicans what the government has to give you,
car all campaign slogan what is a car and every driveway a chicken in every pot.

[49:14] This is based on that any of this is a progressive uv dream that they had for over a hundred years aside yeah second writing ask
how did that is how we get the green new deal if you read the green new deal yes yes crazy yes so we have to band cow yes we have to ban
i need a new power we have taken we have to be employed to get the values trains yes its all that.

[49:40] It’s more so i wish list of what the progress of blunt can if you want to know what the price would do if i were king for the day,
this is why this,
you’re all just really a list of some of the other elements in the plant other calling transportation this system is in the united states a restaurant and protected and protecting threatened in danger of the systems provided resource training and high-quality education,
increase your education to all people united states want college for everybody.
Yeah green new deal also advocates for a guaranteed job programs for families with assisting with aged,
including adequate family medical leave paid vacations retirement security all people united states.
Are any also makes a couple things about racism sexism AI is a christmas wish list of everything they want on the left it’s seriously,
super duper a radical now when the things ive seen and this is kind of funny to make fun it’s funny is funny but a when am i
favorite authors writers jonah goldberg.

[50:51] Had this like you said it is not a very serious about the worldview behind it is dangerous not exactly correct so yes
this is a clumsy attempts of a progressive wish list but this is dangerous because it worldview that’s being pushed and there’s not a lot of push back and the mainstream media and the left there was some,
when did push back against it was more how clumsy i want some of your aspects like you want to people who don’t work.
What’s the idea that the when wants person is 94 environmentally utopia list apocalyptic,
i feel is pretty much being ignored it’s a worldview that’s very dangerous when you have five of the run for the democratic presidential nomination.
And they are saying that no more for the green new deal then you are that’s dangerous stuff
i mean in the face of it yeah i don’t think that you destroyed and rebuilding and trying to retro fit and build buildings that will energy efficient i don’t think there gonna outright
band call because i think you have the women’s to do it but it’s scary to think if there good opportunities to push these ideas very well
can i have the financials like this idea only can have renewables where is thinking that as the minimum and this is a low ball number what will cause at least seven trillion by the twenty third.

[52:16] Seven trillion dollars other works at a similar system ID it could also be thirty more
are some people point out,
that if we install at the write that’s not search for plan would the cost is fourteen times more than the us average the last fifty five years.
At the peak rate
that’s how much it would cost to stick app but i like my chocolate sounds one can you build something about it and put your vote electricity renewables are much much much more expensive it’s insane proposition.
That’s the problem the true believers are the ones there in charge so.

[53:00] Everything about this is correct everything you’ve heard about how crazy this proposition is it is correct yes.
Yes it does band what band is funny being airplanes not so much and i was trying to url.
Ignore the economic devastation that plainly this way concur things are incorrect in their country.
It’s insane i really figured we take this very seriously i’m not saying the problem that’s my one problem i think the media coverage on this project from the right is that we’re all kinda making fun of it but
you should be at the same time we cannot take it very,
very seriously because if they can charge you may see a future when they try to move towards one of these goals
and while i think it’s nice if you could live in a world where we get need coke
are mid my be nice to have only clean energy that were not very yeah right it’s not financially possible.
And the fact that you want to be environmentally friendly near gat ban nuclear power which is the most efficient for electricity and is the list.

[54:15] Form of electricity that really is the bad way nuclear fission.
Is the answer to our electric electric walls i mean there’s this is a kind of a controversial think,
not for really any recent statistic is just in the american mind we had for years and years and years of these movies me about the nuclear power,
i mean it’s fifty plus here history it’s like less then thousand people have died for nuclear power accidents.
I just mindset because of our history with immediate popular me at that we just have this idea of radioactive man is and we don’t actually look at how effective clean.
If this shit and see if you got power actually people were actually serious about such things something like the issue of global climate change new killer,
energy would have to be part of the recipe to solve it.

[55:12] But i digress this is what i go back to jonathan gold yes the plans and serious but the mindset behind it is not and we it’s me,
if we ignore ignore our own peril central planning only insta despair and devastation and if these people are given the power to do so.
That’s where it will lead mark my words so help me god do not give these people power if you value your lives your family and your freedom.
What date are asking you to embark on is insane.
It’s mindset and this cannot be denied me forever but if it’s going to be made fun of make fun of me on its principal because central planning like this is more akin to what the nazis and they will be at union
pushed forward music can to american form of government that select a sandwich.

[56:12] Music.

[56:56] Here i am in back i think we’ll just go to my stupid animal find stories among who did that yeah,
breath of fresh air something fun something to cleanse the palette and i’m here with the curious what yeah yeah let’s start with the schools story that’s going around the web the tech labs animal web.
It’s for gets mode of fish just passed a test for self awareness what does that mean so there’s this fake shit call the cleanse your ass
and it faint passed a test for self recognition so what is the nearest texas general idea how do we find out if something is conscious or not we’re gonna test them anything recommend itself in the mirror by this task,
let me know the animal this where enough to understand that its reflections.
Generally speaking people do not thinks i just i think that many fish are fish lol can’t pass this test they got api seems like people think fisher vegan animals with three second race.

[58:00] But if i find out that actually there are more creatures since the first test nineteen seventies one month without champs there are all kinds of creatures that have at least advance.
Form of intellect enough when they can recognize themselves it’s incredible got the great examples include magpies elephants dolphins krauss.

[58:22] Are apes of all kinds if fish fish that we would start you would think remove the fish the big screen done.
I’ve done fishing that had pet fish fish gold fish do you not bright but apparently this is does.
Pass the test it does have a list of some self awareness and this,
is a pretty big think this is pretty interesting break in science and research and it changes are understanding of what it means to be self aware and we are sea bass at perkins
how much is the dead sea bass for health before you end up on the flight as flights where is that where is this meeting for ethics,
no i did not feel like a lobster the boiling water is that cruel and unusual is that lobster is some self awareness that’s the kind of questions this study is asking.

[59:19] It’s not only study that’s going around another fun story also from guess not project deep squeak yes you can ask yourself this.
And the rats really chat about self talk about the fish that are sold scooby-doo cartoon where the aim of the bad guys will stop this study
is this guy feeling out how to talk to fish using like this
translate device needs say something and translate the fish what i understand the fish tank top back in school rn any golf
what was the fish when you single nobody can come back and decide who has scored,
stupid this is madness version in real life of that.
Scott project is that translate what the heck are those mice and rats saying it’s kind of cute little stuff
dias study using your software they’re trying to mathematical a figure out
localization pattern and what it needs and i love the name of project keeps wake i hope works out for them.

[1:00:32] Is it okey to twenty out like that was kind of thinking cancel like this let’s move over q.
What are my favorite subjects dogs i love dogs the best dog and there two things about dogs.

[1:00:48] Number one is da DNA testing it’s
off the charts other human being a testing like ancestry dot com me know the ancestry tests and twenty three me howe consumer level dark testing is now coming forth
end this quiz can be used a couple different ways can find out about their pedigree i can use this to fight about medical conditions.
What apartments even here in sioux falls in this we had our when the major candidates who ran for mayor,
she said i had a biotech company a biotech startup and your company dead was czech DNA in dog poop figure out which of the dogs in their apartment building for their not supposed to was ridiculous anyhow,
yep i did the testing if any up everywhere did they testing is ending up everywhere and debate going on.
Is there peanut in the scientific and business community what are the ethics of the cinema feeling like at the kennel club,
can you find the boots are pie chart shows that you’re not really up your blood doberman picture that you just have a move the spoon
labrador retriever in there you will get this computer now or what is correct and valid https nope that’s just want i want food
different ways like what does this mean it so fast then i’ll i can you like dna tests.

[1:02:12] In theory want to promise that information doesn’t have any protection of FB i just can’t take where once.

[1:02:21] I think its useful hes being over stated by these companies but i still think it’s kinda neat i love i pay one hundred for snowboarding DNA test but i think its pretty what’s to do.
Dallas to the hero dog breaks up the house please back home to save on your from gas leaks to this this here’s the story.

[1:02:44] Westchester county is being held here at home to save for owners life.
First police thought she was just gonna lose but then realized the paper was a mission to get help.

[1:02:58] On wednesday around three thirty serious sixty pound pit bull was found wandering the streets of taco bell buckle up a storm we got a call of a loose pit bull.
Are the lawrence of the,
set the whole police department took the whole mess interesting you please try to catch back your house and the cops were in hot pursuit when they get their noticed that the sliding door the backyard door is open
when i went to investigate nearest an order of gas emanating from the doorway.
Apparently it turns out there was an actual gas leak in the home please believe that you ran from the house to get away from it lead officers back to help.
What you think she was doing a wrap your ass is gonna know i want to see bringing them here what else could it be.

[1:03:47] People are now calling CD here in like this story would he had done me the house will explode now i didn’t think it does.
This is good bye dont think the owner was home at the time.
I was there to see the home owner but she did say you know the kind of you know when will happen solar city the pit bull saved them all
i like that story on the heart warming i like the heart one k one more animal starting bonus animal story for you at home.

[1:04:23] I got this is for the charlotte observer and i can’t believe it story but it is really have a picture of it.

[1:04:31] Large fox squirrels can girl pink
yeah and scroll seventeen breed east north carolina capable of going pink experts say so apparently this girl
is call a fox squirrel cir new condition that makes the bones even if glow pink under ultraviolet light it’s called can no,
throw it feel like in general error po.
Horse in the canyon previous page next shows examples here and there but just squirrels,
any glow paint and they have one here it’s just like the schools like it does it really does it bright pink yellow,
how has really think.
Man embarrassed enough your that squirrel i don’t know what happened to the live and loud and open paris.

[1:05:27] Are there is there is my last animal phone storage so now we had our fun i think we need to do.
When was sigmund of serious i want to talk about that talked about some last week i talked about the culture and how there can be no neutral parties there can be no power in the american,
total culture war for the soul of the united states in the western world at large and i just wanted to go through some examples
news stories that show this point there are negative outcomes when you choose to be a coward and really important ways so just that our favorite,
entertainment favorite franchises like star wars and marvel movies are some fantasy books that i had my own,
did those get screwed up with taken away for stop is it just the world of entertainment effects of some very important things that
people need to stand up and push back on unfortunately,
because many people don’t have to deal with the culture war they don’t have to deal with the mascot is a political climate these days many evil things that happened don’t get any push back at all.
And i’m going to point out.
In the UK had a long day had this quarter were going on longer than we have and so you can look at what happened and uk i support end of our future.

[1:06:55] What are the things that they had alot of legal and illegal immigration particular from africa medium sours email from eastern asian countries countries with high muslim populations and a problem with this.
Is that the coach of such if you say anything even remotely negative or you question someone that my baby is walmart or have a practice that.
Add a degree just morally wrong you won’t say anything because you just do not want the hassle
can you go to the dark side the problem with the english the bridge we are the ones called the british
peaceful life you just can’t be left alone you don’t bother other people to bother you live can you please happy peaceful life yes not very exciting but it is your own and they just replace it in,
this information needs people in britain.
Do you afraid to say when they see something wrong and my example start with hear about what what we’re seeing two girls in britain our income from african muslim communities.
Yeah what are the new one if you have it that you probably have heard of a female genital malaysian,
you never heard of all of them are they in developing girls bras and this is probably the UK and tradition it’s finally me a suede at united kingdom his cold breath what happened is the date,
red hot stones.

[1:08:24] Only the female bras and the idea here is to prevent debris is from developing as a way to prevent men from revenue see if search for assault
it’s so bad and africa it is so graciously bad in parts of africa that their mothers are mulan their children and hope that it will be less sexually desirable to rate this.
Yes i know is that isn’t a wonderful beautiful culture that of wonderful is gonna be over for coffee and done.
This is a big problem the cell this tradition is a way to brighten to the UK and
people will not push out against it many doctors are afraid to report it n it’s it’s a problem because it something really hard amp
you don’t actually do what they want you to send the people being abused you know that that part of them off and still develops in social workers now in doctors and all kinds of people will not saying this is going on,
when turning and im trying to leave already had twenty cases in the last year and this is a small british village.

[1:09:33] It’s messed up it is messed up i.
Did the indians can you want to stop people going to have to get prosecution put the can you give me prosecution for the brush police if no one will report it.
Will you the bread people are put aside until that they’re being culturally insensitive.

[1:09:55] Quote us from an activist that’s for trying to fight this practice is from africa and african the british people are so blind in the sense that when i see something like that you can control sensitivity
what if it’s a cultural practices harming children any harm does dental little girl weather in public or in secrecy that person should be held accountable.
I think female general meeting is on the rise and it’s the same exact reason.
People are too afraid of being branded racist switch in the western world including the UK and us being branded being branded a racist about the worst possible thing you can be.
Sbe said of you these days people are really really worried about import this is a different subject different article from is from a different outlet.

[1:10:44] What was that.
Quote people are worried about cultural sensitivity use the word about being branded racist and so reluctant to intervene and the record there.
In towards female general meeting that doctors will see these cases,
and what report that you please lower because the police aren’t sure what to do with everyone is too afraid to say that it’s wrong and general mule strong breast or name is wrong
the wrong dr physical sexual abuse their evil drunk stop
okay restaurant that play rock or metal object fell and rolled the people are too scared to say anything about it it’s defected there at least a hundred eighty thousand our girls,
any europe or going to experience general meeting and sixty thousand england that’s that’s just a guess because people will not report it.

[1:11:43] Okay the order of the sales and take and dont the cats because don’t we just don’t think there is quite a lot of it.

[1:11:53] And this is the problem with that culturally important is as important things we talk about entertainment things that we enjoy.
Very important things we have to put our feet down his special things like this and the UK just want.

[1:12:10] In the uk its gone so bad there now walking up people make social media complain complain on social media is the true story.
Mother three is arrested for children lock in a cell for seven hours after he called the transgender woman a man on twitter.
Yes you may call another person on twitter man dead need to smh and he was arrested by police.
In front of her children her DNA per photograph in her fingerprints were taken and technically she still remains under investigation that happened on december first.
She her laptop and a mobile phone taken me still and as of yet half not have not been returned that’s insane.

[1:12:55] This quote is trying to take so let me say this
first get report on this pharmacy said choose servant quarter brand of daily look into the at the corner of the bands referring to our keys bc what i was resting my own buy three operator’s of my artistic ten year-old daughter,
breast fed twenty month old son president was detained for somewhere to sell with no sanitary products which i needed,
before being interviewed and then to release an investigation i was arrested for harassment and malicious communications because i called someone out and miss gender them on twitter.
When the policeman daily mail calls the police hey what the french guys saying we take all reports of malicious communication seriously.

[1:13:38] This unfortunately is only one
ok sis where it’s being paired off in on you can it hard to find the boys in the exact price you want to go to social media you tube a circle of car did really great job reporting few this where is this is happening where
the police is active with a heavy handed way on essential is free speech if she was.
And they’re the best in people threatening harassing or taking their kids.

[1:14:07] Because day maybe a ticket because they have toxic debate on wine.

[1:14:14] It’s insane it’s a no it’s ridiculous because in the end what is the engagement,
in the actual papers but while she was arrested scott she is also used a counter to names test drive it to family story tweets,
including referring to and i’m making them the lady is email stating she was races send the phone back and a crock and marked as a fail.

[1:14:41] Oh my god that’s what i mean is.

[1:14:45] You have to push back on the speakers when you don’t it leads to this community and this call if we’re.
You are allowed to push back in europe universities survey came out then look to and see simon to the growth and tea sandwiches in europe,
is going and its eating way it’s going
more so when is the right and i do believe they referring to as political left and right not us plug the left and right but you’re the european system is different it comes from the french where is the right
where are the people that work for the french king and the people on the left for the jacket bands
it’s what both mode still okay love big government situation going on it’s not like a new password for three numbers of big governments
government vs big government light.

[1:15:37] Leo a survey published by the center for public affairs.

[1:15:43] Found the add interesting how much is a is on the rise and the scary bitch said that ninety percent,
european jews paul declared that suffered some form of violence including threatening and offensive messages phone calls comments just urs long with physical assaults,
thirty percent identify the property to someone extreme as a few twenty percent of someone with a left wing political to thirty percent with great wind political theory.

[1:16:08] Reset the this that its wrong to just insisted this is race dangerous coming from the national political parties get this is it in europe london right now if you can figure that its the national list the people on the right that are pushing anything yes
there many there are this is completely and utterly true but we’re also in the political left in these countries.
It’s scary where the front of him it isn’t the most this france belgium germany and netherlands british jews eighty four percent express the highest level concerned about anti feminism in public of life today.

[1:16:45] Uk our sister across the pond,
has husband is worried more than other countries of the dead which is incredibly bright pacific german nazi germany horse the have the words record gets pulled.

[1:17:00] It is actually pretty terrible fear.

[1:17:04] It is a gap of this fear that i will stand up against the wall what color evil will it is wrong.

[1:17:13] No one’s willing to take a find the culture because they don’t wanna be labeled a big a thing don’t want the hassle and so evil ideology,
miss your allows to thrive.
Evil people and evil things and so there who’s there afraid to europe because people who are the god who would say something about it.
Just do it on top of that we have i charged me about the holocaust and the history and see centers am in general you know when i was in school,
the high school this was something that was happily talk to score well and i hope that,
it should be in every single school the united states every single american person should be todd history of the hall cause i was sad that day please just bring history of fascism and socialism authoritarian is in general.
Least very least the holocaust because i think no i didn’t report this at the time this is from last year found that two three meals don’t know what i want is.
Two thirds of us millennials do not know what i would say is i quote twenty two percent i’m using this paul that watch prices one reported this is found that the when was the holocaust.

[1:18:27] Twenty two percent polyester not know what the cost wise.
Which is twice to us dollars to send the same selepas adults tony with ruckus was twenty two percent of millennials dont know what the holocaust.
Scary scary stuff.
Sixty six percent of you cannot come up with the correct response identifying what is the concentration camp termination can.

[1:18:54] Hi scary scary.
Yeah i said what is it so it’s a long as one point three million people go through that camp is just insane.

[1:19:07] And this car inspected this point the culture wars important i think this last episode and the cold war but it’s a fax on the mainstream culture.
But i didn’t really,
i didn’t pinpoint how would affect the most important things of all this really is the problem a big tree so there kinda betrayed the big tree of expectations i think we have as a culture and gone so far.
Way from keeping ourselves to high standards,
define really just a square shows up in the our children and ourselves to recognize what really justice is away from something like some crab aggression,
how do you know mark when i said something hundred invoice how so so that
yeah we have people where they know we’re just a blank women just like their babies journals whenever,
nope that’s not where the talking about micro aggression how i’m not.

[1:20:08] It’s scary stuff in LA SRA you help me get around this you really do,
i just don’t know is still here so i guess he can take away from some other things i could talk about on the same subject but your own life you hear me if you talk to your kids make sure thing about the holocaust if your kids do not know what the holocaust was,
teach them about maybe want to share with them diary of anne frank you can watch the episode band of brothers where the concentration camps i just watched that um
over the christmas break and i can not watch without crying interior it is so powerful is so incredibly powerful.
There’s a part that brother city it ‘s amazing i would like a watch with an angel to clean up some of the swearing in but.
Where are the one to feed all the concentration camp survivors i want to know if it is offered at college they say their deliberate.
And they are feeling and many said you have to get all these people back in their hearts is why well if you feel these people to quickly as medical staff if you think these people two quickly began,
ok device will be rain for the coachella and so they had the sky the only guy with a nose french n’ est translate news the toll of these people that have gone through hell and back.
Did they have to go back into their hearts.

[1:21:31] I didn’t incredibly incredibly powerful moments can you brief me realize and recognize once again just the sheer dip and evil.
Deadly the national socialists inflicted.
Millions millions of people and how evil and wrong that wise.

[1:21:53] We never forget that phrase really does mean something we never forget it.

[1:22:00] What shows to me yes we are forgetting so this is why is the culture war is important.
Do not just fall for you gotta push back he needed u kids educate your family ok if you want to fix this problem,
first start your own home in your own family make sure they know these fundamental things but history is fundamental things about what’s right.
I know what really is and what it looks like.
Suggest me something with rice there’s more to it than act guys okay being able to recognize your sheer.
Hello evil can we need to know what that’s like i need to know when is good i need to know about bravery need to know about no.
Yes america what is it is a good place we’ve made mistakes but the boys trying to do better,
yes we do not live up to that dream that thomas jefferson games in declaration of dependence but we all tried to get closer to it,
need a teacher found this stuff because you’re not going to no one hes and where can i find all of them would end of the situation that we see now united kingdom in europe.

[1:23:10] End of three and up with some authoritarian petition back to the policies in germany it will be cause it will happen again be out of ignorance.
That is why that is what the culture war is important.

[1:23:28] I said last week do not give.

[1:23:33] Those culture warriors from the social justice last evening ch don’t get them out of your energy or time push back fight back.
Teach the truth to state to those to do you christian principles that scotch online and principles those principles put forward the declaration of dependence and the bill of rights constitution.
Stay with me stick with them written test is hard as you can.
I’m trying to teach your family your children do the same because guys american is it going to be an agent of the west is it going to be a society for good it will be assigned for something else.

[1:24:13] And i gotta say was you may god have mercy on us if we decide that we’re sorry forgot anymore.

[1:24:23] But that’s something else or i want to take a quick break,
daniel do some fun stuff and and here i was happy note and it feels really important feels like to be that in the UK.
That could be our future we need to try to learn from their failures and so we don’t repeat them here.

[1:24:44] Music.

[1:25:45] All right let’s end off today with some good news good news asking talk about what about the missing didn’t get a weird feeling about i’m just gonna put on hold maybe talk about next week
what is the good news and pretend about looks like a compromise minded been.
Pad at marvel if you are the guardians of the galaxy volume three if you remembered james gang the fantastic a producer director writer,
gary travel for pass bed comedy with ecchi and paul is before you was even hired.
Buy disney how is the home screen at all the acting even the actors said was don’t bring james come back into stock gonna be in so now i’m chris pratt said that dave bautista.
Well looks like the compromise is the guardians of the galaxy volume three we’ll use the script james got james scott moak producing correct.
What will be,
it’s correct in this hope this is true this is chris pratt in spreading this fourth this idea and they said that the script is quote it’s off the chain yeah i have it it’s so good.

[1:26:57] Is it i think its nature the gardens of the galaxy to come together and get the job done and thats what do you think i am looking forward to it i love the guards galaxy movies i loved those characters,
before the big movie batman movie.
It’s pretty differences is pretty different from the comics comics and good and right but there always before the movie and.
Movies chuck i am scared the third wheel is not the right light third line,
marvel property that not very many people care about entered into the franchise what scares much is your arm and captain america that’s that’s fantastic engines because james gon work movie
that’s it’s the reason that is so it just seemed crazy to me that you would kick james got pic for that because of the social justice mob,
do you like in for a joke he gives us for years and years and years ago
where is the white house while i got some modern marble news marvel is going to create for animated series i do not know if it’s good or bad because the marvel series are garbage okay so here’s
marvel before disney but it had to really great animated series wise and what was it called the spectacular spider-man.

[1:28:17] And they have the show called adventurous both were nice they were all anything could ever want from marvel animated series and then
define are those guys when did you see bob marley in the new marvel shows are terrible,
can you just bring you not will animated the voice acting is off they’re not funny or interesting either just.
But bring so i don’t know if this is great news brother came out with four new shows what is called mode.

[1:28:48] Hit monkey show me how are the duck yes for getting the howard the duck TV series.
This is the four shows what company is special called marvel’s the avengers made mode is usually available in this weird floating head.
Are the houses kindly tiny arms and legs super well and super smart,
i don’t like this assassin girl that’s a mentor buy a ghost and i don’t know tiger in the road is i was to dad to another accident how are the dark horse everyone loves how are the dog from the george lucas
film updates yeah yeah yeah so here’s what is one more thing,
let’s do this cookie monster having ma on reddit if you don’t want a may i can’t help you with anything essentially ask me anything and
cookie monster how are you could ask them on this suppose like anything you wanted to anything you want to.
So i just read these when you do my best cookie monster impersonation how is the rent on sesame street.
Cookie monster missing you confused rent played on different st need pink broadway.

[1:30:14] Cookie monster in watching my whole life and now my tablet loves you especially lovey remember the day song it’s the best.
My daughters phone number is eight what’s yours favorite number is also eight z and mute it dukan is.
Yes i could monster what’s the best way to get from zagreb.

[1:30:39] Cookie monster usually have the key for later i’m not.

[1:30:45] Cookie monster my seven year old daughter is about to start some cookies for the girl scouts have any advice for a.
Cookie monster do i need to prove that that’s funny.
Some were just some of the quotes you dislike i love you can massage your sinuses i love you cookie monster cookie monster mu love you too astronaut cheesecake you a snapchat of this world is that everyone is this astronauts escape
ugh let’s do walmart lets do one more.
Cookie monster will you post more reddit this place is better with you mute come back as long as it needs to me come back is longer need it.
Mute come back as long as we don’t eat computer.
That’s fantastic i love this we need more weed cookie monster stories every single day you can not get enough cookie monster stars i should i mean they’re the best they’re the best.

[1:31:46] Alright that’s it folks we just hit my nine minute mark.
This is been so much fun we talked about some heavy stuff and they will talk fuck u we talked about why fact checking is a sad and sorry thing we talked about how millennials really argue about everything
there is awful as you heard is that wit.ai is partly because about like how things are on the rise in europe
because people are willing to call them out with their evil and rock don’t want that here in the united states,
things to talk about what you use things i talked with you that worked.
I hope you learned from it all and you too can share with your friends and family this important topics and issues that should matter to you um i will continue to while working out lightly post on facebook twitter
how and minds and continually try that reach out to you guys thank you so much for listening for sharing for helping this podcast.

[1:32:41] Please keep me in your prayers i’m trying to figure out
r we to pay for health insurance in her get health insurance when i can see my pain doctor and get real treatment thank you to my producer rapper mailing for all this work for his encouragement and help bandage think and just
for the fantastic empire podcast network if you are not listening to it already you should try that you might find their is some other shows in this wonderful network that you can enjoy
no that’s it thank you
you are true to their blood sweat and tears for our secret liberties and for making this country great place that it is
you are all awesome god bless you and have okay.

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