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Machine Transcript
[0:23] Our planet is going faster if we ship around so it’s basically like the scientific consensus.
Set the light of children can be very difficult and it does leave i think young people.

[0:39] Have a legitimate question you know she is it okay to still have children and.

[0:48] I mean not just financially because people are graduating with twenty three hundred thousand dollars for the student loan that they can you were to help.
Kids in the house but also just said is wrong what should we do anything and even if you don’t have kids.
There are still children here in the world would a better world for them and.
Yeah just been working on this for x amount of years i’m its like nothing affects we need.
Universal sense of urgency and people were trying to like introduce water down proposals that are free going to kill us.

[1:34] Hello everyone i am happy where is here is the happy were your podcasts and that before you was the incredibles amazing,
v is a great and light and wind otherwise known as democrat congress woman alexandria a casio cortez,
or is all the cool kids on your website the color and that my friends is incredible piece of art,
and that is what i like to get started today but before radio i’d like to remind you that please follow us on social media as we go facebook,
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[2:58] Events from beginning to get a move or no bs turn the speech about gun control but that’s beside the point i’m okay let’s talk about.

[3:10] Hey citi what’s that about your c. c member,
this is probably a circle a two thousand eleven i was walking my bachelors thru south state university,
i was taking an english course
and this english course the one st to this project you’ll project long argumentative essay with you are you bot some research project and i didn’t go in a new ring two treats um.
Investing pets or an apartment in fast what is weather supposed to we have a pic of the dash board that was what i wanted to talk to my address.
Now is lots of research well put together before i go want to get my presentation now we have to write this thing after a presentation.
How old lady comes up and shit basically gibbs the power point version of the day after tomorrow that terrible,
two thousand four film about global warming if you remember in that movie helicopter actually freezes in the air,
who crashes down there and there’s a part where they turn on the xbox library is the global warming is caused it to get so cold,
so very cold the only way they can still visit the bird box right next to the fire and it was just ridiculous movie it was terrible it still ridiculous movie was the fact.

[4:38] She gave a presentation and.
If like twenty twenty one and i say bull crap i want to say that the that’s my bike that was a load of junk never once all you’re so wonderful professors like that was very insightful i’d like.
What are you talking about all the science was barack how did the store all that much effort into the race.
No one would back me up the old computer what’s your problem peter what’s your problem nicest guy that’s not how global warming works helicopter noches gonna freeze and fall onto the ground because of global warming there.
So slow and see how they would like.
No you’re wrong you’re not not yet you’re wrong this is the professor by the end this is all ticked off i started out not even come back to give the presentation i was so frustrated so very frustrated.

[5:38] Are because it was this the who is this movie plot that was being handled as a science project.
And everyone believed that and i was less about that person the products used more about we are telling me that.
IMDB summary of the day after tomorrow.
Is reality and yes that’s not an that was what made me so angry and upset i wish to give a presentation with a bunch me to the dessert wine for july then we got pizza was my fault but.
It was when i first realized all the craziness that we see in movies and television and the news.
About you pick any environmentally what they believe.
Very many people really to believe it the you have a disclaimer you like it bbc they have a disclaimer without gorgeous movie inconvenient truth.
That’s naughty don’t care they just believe what is being sold to them now and they say hi,
airplay people don’t do smart people that don’t wanna tell you the one that wanted to smart or just the ones who don’t want to do the research and dont really care we’ll just take their word for it.
Continue it.

[6:56] And that was almost ten years ago years ago it’s just for the now we have to see a DOC sinus people.

[7:08] Global climate change remember your order google have level climate change totally different.
I got the climate change is awesome because you can’t get it wrong everytime i still be right.

[7:22] CC can you don’t have kids because everyone will be dead in twelve years will be dad mad max apocalypse
ignore old bring kids in this world that i just can i get a dime because there’s no food and be forced to fight in the giant standard on and then to be this weird albino bald guy driving everywhere with a british accent.
No really describe the crazy and a buy into this idea despite the way she dead,
i wanna what is it when i don’t like to use instagram shit this is crap it she had millions upon millions of use,
the actual live stream at what is known what is nine hundred thousand views etc
this thing is just went viral and she’s there’s chopped up squash you just said so matter of fact i know ima do this this children,
and you know what this is really really bad is she.
No what else did he say in there that i want you guys to point out and when this from listening to johnny burke by the by jonah goldberg if you listening.
Thank you for the retweets i heard about your new company i help you,
yes i am really interested looking for new opportunities any update i t set any keywords in here need you guys need to learn that.

[8:49] Emergency he said urgency.
Regency is the great secret to any great government over reach okay let me put it this way.

[9:03] I finished a big ideas call them or equivalent of war in all just near put this up so you can understand it.

[9:13] Governments can get away with things that otherwise cant get the issue is emergency urgent best example is war,
okay what we did why we did during world war two we never be tolerated in peacetime you know all the civilians ride thrown out the window the constitution makes a little room for this,
i am looking during the civil war enough to throw lot of people’s rights under the boston the behind the wendys where there was a real sense of urgency so i justified you are pretty three people on prison without due process.

[9:48] Emergency allows you do things you never would be able to the present moment of wait it’s like that nineteen century to the smart girls and gas.
Add this item called a moving what we gotta find more pictures were is awesome we need to find a war that doesn’t have all that bloody that’s ok you to find one that’s not no violence,
okay melbourne nice but no its it’s not killing people because more allows you to do things that we dream of the other ways could not.

[10:22] Get to happen it yet again called the wrong equipment.
Work in you will learn about the subject grade books to read is a global fascism by jonah goldberg and that he he talks about this idea really well think of all the.
They had great changes and in how they think about the nazis nazis want to read a poem what are the.
Do not use crates giant PR machine and deposit it shows all these videos to the people
look at this poor germans being abuse by the polish look at those ports will there be abusing start the mistreated nazi germany must come to the rescue
say whats children from the medieval pause.
Okay this create a sense of urgency that give them the excuse alexander is the comment take a report and the repeat this time selena was talking a load another country if you eat it you know what year,
poland austria there is what they are.
You can go to all kinds of details that is we have things are kinda similar this evening peacetime the great depression was built machine that will send him eight.
NBA a drink and some weird wrong one.

[11:49] And at the great depression would u do group winners had been trained during which was what wilson was the monster in so many ways i mean he should be universally despised,
and well deserving of it is a racist huh warm.

[12:09] Horrible horrible human being i’m any help.

[12:14] The people’s rights all the time my order will send my people restaurant in this kinda like japanese concentration camps that we have here in america.

[12:25] I heard that they even died there was like a burglar trying to think of the name sacramento is the space time for god that work for,
via which will send mr a chanel go to this beer halls in town halls just got these like three min peaches five minutes peaches and and they were trying to tell people what you’re not supporting the war your
crowd there whatever you can get no we got so bad that there were a couple cases.
We’re men the one st time for the pledge of allegiance them and what stand up and the crowd with blood who did that f i was charged.
Ok so your urgency can cream most.
I’m thinking terrible things in human science think about humans think okay this is what my house right.

[13:18] Cleaning it’s been off and on things i been ok and growing up i’m sure many of you do this to
there was we were the clean tones and tell him we’re having someone’s coming over to visit and there is a church,
add the chris i said something call home teachers me differently i feel like i want to show details of gonna be a everyone quit it’s a we’ll be cleaning my mom would be yes my be a little more energetic than normal ask u this would be alright because three happy
yeah right away this is the earliest i make this thing happen.

[13:56] Emergency is the great thanks so you have a very dangerous formula for setting up here to see sam.

[14:06] Previous robbery dad mad max so don’t have babies.

[14:12] Would you say this is urgent and that’s why we don’t do you.
Peacetime measures i mean peace me measures and this is why we don’t put water down legislation we need the green new deal
we need the full hi molly we’ll just do it bit by bit,
when did you do the wholesale for you that wolf saying how do you even if it’s one by the time we won buy a tablet the whole open wide.
That’s what she is selling here edit this is incredible because the people on the left and it’s trying to write by the way.
Use this this kind of sense of awe were losing things are awful know that some of the stuff with immigration kinda gets this field.
The sense of you know we’re on yourself how would trump it’s ok if he does emergency order signed that bill and steals money from all kinds of parts to atleast i like you.
Because this is a emergency ok i’m trying to be fair the happy warrior is fair.
Think about that think about this this is so you may be sol this clip.

[15:28] Add if not i will summarize it for you real quick so they can’t find steve va a three rolm the sender from california i was in office and this group made up of which teenagers,
okay man and he is yes yeah and screaming in back off
we’re all gonna die who did i what do except where did you do with the subject or america’s future where to delete something it’s kinda funny because he lets b dah were saying,
you are america’s future is the children playing all the future.
Search los are trying to ask you yes on the green e a.
We have our own create a new dl should he have twelve years to turn this around.
Well you get what you can do what we can do i would a said that people were gonna be living wit yo og when people five people and,
when you first thing about this group i do miss thirty years i know what i’m doing.
You command here and you say you have to wait for the highway i don’t respond to that.

[16:54] I’ve got no what did i just i was selected most the million posts.

[17:02] I know what i’m doing so you know maybe people should listen i will let you know what you’re saying but where are the people who coded you,
you’re supposed to listen to us that’s yo on,
so there you guys your is hitler you think i meant it that same got everything right when you recruit the children for propaganda,
i mean what is really awful i love dying find stuff like how old are you.
I’m sixty so i can vote will the new demo for me here.
No i don’t like you find dislike the sender third time in last year i’m like.
We go find stuff because that’s how crazy things a got it
i need it’s really painful is there any truth what robert and twelve years this things gonna turn on the best case to organise while twelve years know when i will get either this will mean we can turn it,
black no se hundred and outcomes as i’m trying be for just any of its actually believe that.
No i mean from for many reasons why we cant start because we like it like fifteen percent of god greenhouse gas emissions.

[18:32] Are india and china and russia had much more numb some actually ask them where not per capita of the had more than us.

[18:41] No control over them make them stop,
i need u wasn’t the only tell just like yesterday that is stopped dumping all iris i hate the ocean so why these countries do not give a look up the smog in beijing,
okay its you could eat with a spoon it states that pic is that awful wonderful talks have a great story about russia,
i need scotch are full of magic color snow is amazing amazing its like the product.
It’s a kind of it kinda would you hear those kids goodness gracious they believe it and sadly many children do you and this is the problem.
Ok if your kids think about where to get hired new case news one for mom and dad.

[19:30] Neither concert map it just hear me out.

[19:36] Okay but who else is next person to go to school there teachers okay know that there schools where there are no what conservative republican teachers adult add the university especially but the elementary level two.
It’s me to meet all the staff and the teachers gonna believe half of it,
can you get any push back so that it is for the kids that’s a big part in where they happen to watch,
hello remove swell the television movie set the standard or they watch me vape for some reason they quit their parents and the watch the six o’clock has gone out and i said goodbye in there too.
How many kids buying to this thing united states of america that’s become the default.
Search idea that is the default know when i was this way but music did not do the arbor day will the training be no rain forrest.
Read is because unicorns everyday hundred you know who is a friend every day.

[20:39] So i love my cat so my brothers and sisters and brothers and i would like to cable plans this week and so like we like trees around me but trees and plant all the seeds me a huge messy you are we just got ceiling.
Weebo i bought in the us.
Any kids do and this is being a big problem any can start a family so i don’t over the years it’s my family,
weird yeah mom and dad said that he don’t really know like just kind of stupid you know what my AMI and it’s a great story for the longest time her oldest do you believe she can read,
ok i need you dislike any bread to her every night and ever and a big reading family red dog sticking his
all kinds of pretty feet box for and not hello can she bring it to light first travels i have the stuff.
She did not leave
her mom could read me like what are you talking about how to change surgery that’s where is like lol and shit just petty just like oh that’s right mom good job like a jealous prick.
Fantastic it’s like mom i wish the light had read the story tonight.

[22:01] Oh my gosh like that right did the video interview with the kids and those kids,
who up and recall the millennials get me there my generation and below look at little bit my generation but take that angle.
Ok they buy into this they really do this is the default position okay this is a factory reset.
Its it’s crazy not work washington street journal by the way it’s gonna be wants to give me access to the washington street journal subscription much
obliged because i cannot find a way to get kind get these articles without actually purchasing a subscription so they have this amazing editorial.
Read me my grace marie turner she’s president of the institute.
She’s a skirt and spoke at harvard school of economics oxford in the yahoo very prestigious journal is the professor.
She came up with this amazing quality it’s it’s it’s just redundant read the whole pot candice about what they say bout to see in their lab.

[23:13] The tragedy is that mr cortez who record for the system is it possible for her to be elected to congress,
get extra info have access to the dollars to pay staff at eleven fifty two thousand europe so generous with taxpayer money and how are the standard of living for a bottle of water all included provided,
choose a generation of young people take pride in their ignorance are the laws of nature of the history of the constitution of the internal battle for freedom.
And still succeed that last sentence sums up the problem.
And its be here to see if there would be some other persons is kinda light for like you have this environment you’re gonna get someone like trump you’re gonna get someone like me.

[24:05] Who got it’s completely true i know is that i didn’t realize at the time there is a political bias and ninety high school and elementary school middle school i had a history teacher this is what i was just trying to have my plug awakening.
No there was a cat and she winds talk about how note so he was really all that that was all for but there are different than austen was actually pretty good better than a lot of ways and,
i didnt know better i can see her,
raise your words not feeling the back country i know its like people are getting a little robot windows duck boots the pedals there’s anything ramble a big andrew get out of there,
i know what is this news even better in some ways just crazy me the same teacher when she asked what would you think of the simulation i said well
is it was this movie was it was just like ummm
i’d like a nice question u would you think about simulation could’ve worked it actually was told i was like what i think it could work as we treat people fairly we don’t we are the jobs like peanuts.
Computer simulation can never work.

[25:20] If i don’t remember the rest may be so angry all the time because what are you talkin are they
c u the profit man c if she shared all this stuff coming in the future and this is where rap,
UC represents this idea and she is more of what war baby.

[25:42] Either you believe what some of sad and she’s crazy or if i said that this may be just leaving baltimore but the real party gets about political power bismarck,
who’s an all the socialist policies to under cut the actual socialist party.
And all the glory goes to him he that bismarck wasn’t very interesting character in this whole lot of ways but,
that was the idea i think it could be a lot smarter than she appears i mean there’s an astronaut story came about as straight named after her because she won second place in international national science fair,
social restaurants in denver,
don’t cuz you protests and i uh like she’s what’s mima’s want to boston university have a double masters for crying out loud i really do believe she smarter than people give credit.
I know i can go on about environment like the guy who are the founders of green pieces like you were so.
Ignore it so stupid you no idea how this is gonna work get everybody knows we been fossil fuels which is gonna burn all the trees for eight.
Ugh which way hes right there who’s the other thing but this is the other problem see.
Emergency can squash to send better than anything else.

[27:07] And this is what dose did turn to our can william seventy calls that the corrosion of conformity.

[27:14] Show u was this built that came out over last week it was through the democrat house it was this being
had no power what so ever never come to pass because young girlfriend and present even forgot to the senators no way to express this desire.

[27:33] So probably beef and influencer to poison pill,
will say ok so you have all the stuff that makes it impossible to know if you want to buy you want to sell your brother and me first to go to dealership and have to go through all the proper paperwork to get approved.

[27:50] I send a parcel please put okay well when they do that and financially remember they have to report that.

[27:58] Can this cause the democrats to go freaking bananas.
Particularly a USCAN the leadership so it’s so it’s a little bit uh mostly like you’re so i’m just gonna read from splinter,
which never saw democrat policy want to walk,
i swallowed where shop where has asking i get the said they had this private door meeting after the vote was two thousand moderate democrats voted for the bill.
K these guys come from red states these people have been reluctant to spend christmas or not to crazy what’s worse middle where the center.
The light we had your assignment because of the address a reminder it’s where.
Sword of conservative democrats in the most wretched version of the word concert of catfish and the los was mad with this quote what is this,
she said according what age,
i did that when i make a toll plaza about payroll position leave with party leaders on these emotions but was the responded,
massive operation frankly should be there for all those have the courage to get push aside and worry if you don’t like you we have a great operation will it make it ok.

[29:21] Okay this is what i see in person and paws more uplifting positive despite happy warrior.

[29:29] This is not good for you becomes dragon okay.
Cousin cortez question you superstar the freshman class up to the empty moderate occasion she was the help liberal activists can see them in the two thousand twelve election.

[29:49] Corbin trent a spokesman for causing the two order of colleagues and this is the.

[29:55] Are putting themselves always said that when active is asked for what she and vote for gun safety belt and also are there some powers and agency of forcibly inject kids with cycle shop in drugs then why list of names and she’s gonna give it to them.
There you go that’s scary stuff.
Scary stuff he’s not going to go but she’s concerned she what is the so unsure send lux
child in it anymore the fact that they spend much time fighting games in white springs this is.
They’re just a bunch of masters in the end it can i speak to the idea of urgency and this is the thing you better.
That be why okay it’s either my way or the highway is kind of sad.
This is what they want this is what’s coming down the alley guys this is coming up the freeway that set up fever pitch this is what they are going to say.
When they get power and this is why emergency declaration emergency executive order free speech to call december.

[31:04] Is just make it easier for these people who say where you dan twelve years,
that’s just of ice what ever that flip u ok green new deal whatever you wanna do you want to lose on on the backside of all the cat groups,
what’s yo any of that nasty mess eight out okay will do,
that’s way because these are people to see what i can and i can the teach children the children but i know they march long in there that’s what’s the cost black is walking the dog when i said to us
what’s the future add a track.

[31:46] And it’s kind of course the media is hardly gonna be push back there was someone that push back on the speedway i’m gonna go shower then the bed this is what’s coming our way nice.
What’s coming out it,
would you note we scares me really does because this is what happens when you get to dictate okay this is how we end up with a situation that display the venezuela and cuba,
italy and the shit you help me up so early yes i’m.
We’re setting up where we need a strong man more than ever and you’re justified to do whatever they want because is that.
Awful note there is the word for this idea.
This word where you for is what we want because we just have to there’s a word for me for what is the cost of everyone else a civil liberties.

[32:41] Will it word i think that that.

[32:45] Some people call this is too tall it’s hearing he dictatorship.

[32:57] Now surprisingly a guy that i would not of expected to come out against AFC.
What’s brave i will give him credit it not been a fan on three.
But he is awesome now it dont want clip from cnn spot for matt so i cud no longer have that so they played a clip lol
beat to no that’s why i made that it will you get the gist of it including the articles outlining the show not the case you wanna read here,
the fall pizza to yourself its refreshing sleep problem with new ideas.
But its new thing seems stuck different from the parties my friends of the past three decades the one keep the clinton obama web pragmatic learning from info and the mix market and sentence with gum and action.
Today we’re being dramatic story and ideas and that could be the problem.

[33:57] View the match the sweeping rodriguez right wing population democrats spelling out romantic proposal indeed.
What can we fax that sometimes misrepresented the numbers that usually don’t add up any motion in the utensil trump actual policy analysis.

[34:15] When representative alexandria a casio cortez was confronted recently by anderson cooper sixty minutes about anything really just miss statement about pentagon spending she responded.
I think there’s a lot of people more concerned about being,
precisely sexually and romantically correct and about being morally right,
have this casual attitude towards facts explains that shit and many others on the left had misrepresented the deal new york often amazon to bring a new headquarters it again this is less storing stuff than burning the billionaires.

[34:55] Use these comments on sixty minutes remind me,
open july twenty sixteen exchange between rich and CNS allison camel riding crop across the country is hit of the FBI hot on the broward health professions,
people who were yes if you like but the facts on what it is as a political can of canada that would help people feel hope you go with your rotation,
we already have in one major political party that met with facts,
disregard the evidence of serious policy analysis and just make stuff up to appeal to people’s emotions and prejudice.
If the democrats not start moving along this path is well.
American politics would need to send the into a new decade so there you have a fried the carry on CNN.

[35:47] What’s the purpose he is in new york people feel frightened particular i’m left on the right to that allows our leaders to do things that really the address should i be doing.
This is why who hands must prevail because you never call hands were so much more easy which usually populated.

[36:11] And our freedoms are so much what is lee crashed it is so important that you tried apple head yes we have big problems.
Big problems need some anyways america is better than its ever been more people are back at peace there a least there are less words right now than ever before in human history.
More people living in poverty than ever before in human history.
I want boots there great bulls are showing that more americans are i did some identifying is being pro life.
When a hamster in search of a severance far as i know.

[36:49] Things are going in so many ways and the blessings in freedoms we have we’re gonna lose if we allow the heads.
Like you know we’re reading allow people like to see to take control and i am i saying that he is directly hitler know.
What someone that is hitler and the idea that there strongman and they will take over and that will crush civil liberties of my savings can be concentration camps know.
Am i going yes i’m going to say that we will setup our own american dictator or at the very least we’ll be grouchy further and further forward to make it more likely yes.

[37:33] This is why we need to be careful.
And this is what else i should add educate your family gosh darn it you need to make sure that your kids understand how the world really is,
i understand we are not going to die in twelve years due to global clubbing sorry google climate change news of me but it’s not that,
climate change completely different crazy crazy alright well i’m going to play a thirty seconds to mars.
Take a break come back i want to talk about social media don’t want to talk about the press.
What makes very exciting bank all this and more on the wonderful happy warriors.

[38:17] Music.

[39:23] So you guys who been with beef for wild on the podcast know that i am available go file i love doctor phil,
i absolutely adore it particularly big finish his run their stuff is just mind blowing and what kind of wondered UK about this study came out.
It’s about peppa pig peppa.
What pink okay stop peppa pig kid shouts from brittany and its one of you who are british kid shows that it is not.
Yes i mean a splinter shows like nightmare me scary stuff not as bad as the mexican rushing animation kids up
CJ three d animation but bath,
it’s alright pepe is okay in that it’s a pizza place and the peaceful little china peppa pig thank you.
Will the study found the perfect use kids watch peppa pig develop slight british accent and i want this for my kids if i ever get.
This needs to happen yes.

[40:33] I know which was ben was pinned in china because this is alarm two episode that about the peppa pig pig is a gangster gangster culture thing
can i get any while know the episode in australia i was pulled because it can teach kids to be afraid of spiders.

[40:55] Yes yes i know i know where is linda’s exterior kids that watch peppa pig all day.
Where did speak with an ever so slight british accent.
Start playing american parents actually send a find this quite quick you like it,
is it the perfect the perfect and someone will twitter so yeah i can vouch for the f-factor house.
Hey i’m sorry labs and the hybrid accident vocabulary use the word straight away more than i have ever heard in my life that did make it home do i have to go to bed streets away.
Another twitter user says a seven old son refused vacation as quote going on holiday text to pepper.
This is what i am this is what i need i did this i want this how much wish this is what i meant to wish arpit dang.

[41:56] What is america is like a huge plus we have the right to know sleep and sweden talking cat got ur skype,
i think me and i accepted by the garbage you have vr the london exit in accident here today on the news on the bbc,
ok play away which is a very interesting history that’s not even a real accident on charlie cook has been talking about best ways like this was in an accident that people wanted to cover up that day came from somewhere else you know want to be the guy with the,
your accent and about your ship are the welsh accent,
you cases discovered that nice interested by another is right enjoyed a nice and blessed jesus in the list national you has so many good writer so many great writers
yep so this is called the peppa pig effect.

[42:54] So i dont really want to go too much in the media asking if i’ve talked about that on the your old elephants what a week that’s been said let’s talk about what’s going on in the world of social media what is all the news about social media,
i can you know what star he would project tasks that came out.
I would last week february twenty seventh facebook insider explains the boost control report a political target on video interview video.
This is a crazy crazy document ugh
what’s breaking down so interview he talks with insider the what is working with facebook’s content review in the facebook in two watch all departments since the news losses jobs open keywords until twenty eighteen
he says it was previous job was demoted bad content was good content but bad content and what was bad contact whenever.

[43:53] Match other bad content was conservative,
facebook pages you can say things like i was crowded by one example the sites so they would go events into the livestreams at the body boost the posts that awesome it’s a ticket so they would be hard to watch.
I didn’t even have the where they make it so that if you live stream the just have to adjust the side of the furious i just random ally just just a refresh i would make it harder for people.
Just see what was going on never told louder with stephen crowd that outfit never told them i never told people that you’ve already posted,
we make the vacation,
are you human just what is your vocabulary words turns you like to do we help them pages to use the term like progressive st we receive my order they saying i love my crazy,
that would be a page the day when wants its limits the band with,
block comments without the page has ever knowing it says that the label this hateful contact and he will contact was almost always from right leaning websites.

[45:08] Lee said that this object and the special features section leading up to elections.
I it says that know if he what is one day he’s looking through all of this nice is this jeremy says this term it’s called,
this is the boosted what is for a conservative page is a big is he got curious so what,
there’s no backing where the other and what’s the another template mike surface or know that she is facebook page and they can have this tag,
who said.

[45:44] Unlock all these concerns up just had the boosted and this is what they they have some documents by the way that shows this from their saying that this is something that,
yes i did the treat this almost as if it knew that if you are conservative outfit light with crowded industry exhibits one of these
people think news for one of these people that promote suicide violence national surprise do you listen to my previous episodes covering facebook and twitter and whatsapp valley is doing to conservatives
i shared the story beforehand 2018 when facebook made all sorts to change them
end protest of two thousand sixteen election the traffic for website concert websites decrease dramatically,
when the examples i have here the sister gave me a bonded did they have a wonderful summary this why is the website western journal so.
From twenty sixteen and two thousand sixteen had more than a billion page views you get from twenty sixteen.

[46:55] And on the way from a billion.
True move less than two hundred fifteen million patriots eat why seventy five percent of its facebook traffic.
I need events to the focus up to the talk to a person collect me this is another one of these groups,
same thing which one at one hundred percent feito their facebook page that you that on light two with media stuff.
Yeah the said he told us he responded with the organization click media hosting over sixty conservative websites,
the last four hundred million page views from facebook in last six months compared to the traffic here earlier and is unfortunately cause many medium outfits to what’s the nearest wonderful map,
from the columbia journalism review c jr witch is a pretty prestigious a journalist organization,
and they have you seen the influence map is like what imprint websites have in two thousand sixteen the more behind blue black ops okay,
logout one two three four blocks washington post new york times is the biggest scene and the people have any books
can you have smaller but still somewhat significant but would like to order three red ones i think is one of the others see the blazers can heart rate,
you jump twenty seventeen and the map shows u.

[48:23] All the ones a lemonade and it’s insane no more big blocks yes some of the websites or around there i just tiny tiny dots and a blue ones are just as big.
It’s a mismatch by the way so i so cool to see this stuff to earn additional information.
This is what’s going on this group project tasks have several times shown on the facebook twitter and google which is but you tube is well.
Mark i need a server software platforms they are throttling are there.
Keeping traffic otherwise i use to get away from them some ways i think i’ve been seeing you on facebook page there is no proof safe help me get this project very test stuff there was no proof it was hardly going on,
i was mostly allegations but now we have real evidence to show what.

[49:18] What are the funniest things are we talking about before facebook wanted to do this content moderator which we have the new are a group feels like less than a hundred people,
would you every week was like twenty people every we can make new rules and send this book one out,
can the what have fifteen thousand people will have to daly,
look at the billions and billions a facebook post every day and it was ridiculous how can you expect people to fifteen thousand to look over.
Billion and,
even worse most of the word in their native tongues the areas that there was some people to cover up that delicious slow too many languages can people would actually using google translate it,
send it covered up so you have to cover say if i do not this is for you can i have to look over vietnam you had to do you look at the post new at the copy copy,
pick a topic and paste google search google translate and you have to try to run estimate can you do this pattern will the culture be do this without knowing the context.

[50:30] Well these two reports came out about what actually it’s like to be when this content moderators.
Okay its scary is half so basically if i did some rap and one more no less carbs two full time jobs to catch child pornography so the CEO all day everyday checking the most vile evil wicked stuff on the internet.
Yeah doing that except the benefits make about
twenty five thousand europe and federal job security and you dont get party breaks they barley get anybody breaks its like
the very worst version of that job ever endeavor to version of this one my belly fat one by the wall so good.

[51:15] The vanity fair when was very mrs and rest who’s obsessed with side talkin bout she managed to make sure the punishment,
images weird don’t read a very peaceful do you read them if you have time you can i know what it’s like to be a facebook content moderator,
read it its fascinating these people when they get pornography looking very standings and raped.
Everything off.
And they have the reload training and yes the us therapists on the staff but they aren’t really there to help employees and once you lose your job you no longer get any help insight
okay i like when the cops get help right they have medical plans entrance and supposed to get
continue therapy not so for these people and do we get for facebook company benefits because they are hired out thru the sender called card,
which is like cargamento can send but with the.

[52:18] Hey and it’s crazy you messaged get so bad this message the people that do that that the when was all them are doing drugs found a break so that it stands still emotions to the container of the job,
reset the people having sex in the star wars people having sex in the order.

[52:36] People were doing all kinds of crazy things end up call this day man this was happening,
it’s called trauma bonding this what happened to soldiers meadow feel today we’re three what’s horrible horrific awful thing you become really close really fast people in triangle mechanisms that’s it.

[52:55] Hey these people are crazy,
the way the woods today we also be reading this conspiracy theories flat earth is am on the idea at nine eleven is a conspiracy another example is the holocaust,
you started to actually believe
something that i feel you doing this is some of them start blaming yeah the earth was flat one said yeah i now question and aspects the products,
i just feel infuriated,
reset ad replace me it’s funny it’s why the delivery date of its spirit as a guarantee get random it’s great,
sodomy really message people love it talk to us from these boys that you have let this company and these still have terrible PTSD from it.

[53:49] I mean it’s ridiculous system is like here read some of the way the content moderate in work so this is just ridiculous.
From the article from the miguel at la plaza.

[54:03] The product policy details me that makes no sense then a post calling someone my favorite anywhere it’s allowed to stay at because i’m gonna pause his considering explicitly positive contact
another one just the people to be sterile eye seems offensive to him but still well because autism is quote not a protected characteristic,
quote about the race than gender rn so it doesn’t violate the policy menu should be sterile is why not.
I eat use to be i hate all men were violated policy where if you wrote i just broke up with my boyfriend and i hate all men
it no longer is a no it’s it’s just ridiculous just really i mean in the big move the stuff is really great who’s not for kids to read,
by the way didn’t give me in teenager and that really.
Really quite disturbing i even if multiple levels very distraught with finding people is awful what the actually have to do for living is awful.
R the system that they have to work on this horribly managed.
I just dont have the support event to attend to work like this.
May i is amazing news from the verge what’s the time line is she read this if you have time it’s kinda want boots were called that before the secret lives of facebook moderators in america.

[55:30] It’s you some other things are going on.

[55:35] Trying out that carpet this trial is now fully implement the social credit system is like three million people in just over the last six months of unblocked from getting train tickets kidding lol nice,
except except it’s already in forest wall who’s the scary thingy.
Because heart cell count valley companies wanted to play nice with china they are no stopping speed from our side so it doesn’t effect their side,
example this is you tube lol why it’s sex he’s a cool dude your cool videos is he a white guy speaks chinese.
He will need to belong time by the end he would just do these videos him with his chinese wife and half chinese kids and he’s able to just share what life is like in china from day to day wait
he had some critical comments about china not just him but the people individually.
No you to disable content the comments always videos and then it sounds like he is moving is moving traffic is moving,
did the states and his shirt was pretty much done and it’s awful.
I need you to google is doing the same time google is closing things for chinese play next to china google’s refusing to remove an app,
this is first saudi arabia ok if you left use that was so mad trump last year but the sorry stuff and everyone’s favorite.

[57:03] What about this order a few just remove controversial what women tracking app inside your right here it’s cold the app allows milk guardians to control a womans travel.
yes it’s nineteen eighty four for him she told him for her hard enough little mellow or welcome to warm your phone i just know where she goes to restrict travel without visa,
what all features you just pay the parking for registering up the renewing a drivers license one feature.
Decrease your rights campaign is the building permit shrek need to prove it or can i travel plans me by women.
Wonderful wonderful and google snapple and congress even read them,
what the french guys who are not pulling apple blossom yet yet responded is this version are quite a self as of the time i’m recording this march third.

[58:05] Add it’s still up it’s still there guys.

[58:11] I want what are some wonderful are there examples well this is a fantastic feeling you tube.
Which is on my google isn’t a lot of you lord hot water and it’s not because of civilization it’s because you tube would essentially a giant keyboard machine.
Not intentionally but the way the algorithms work wednesday will give you what you want sophie watch what kind of video,
let’s turn lights delete them quickly what i can give you that well these people dog.

[58:49] Discussion will look at videos with kids like a little girl in gymnastics movie this year underwear important like that.
The web link is videos to these videos and comments and then created based on this web would you go from video to video ur only received the most vile stuff
i want you to burn who know me to but you’re always mean the guy that discount initially.
Matt watson is the one that pointed this out and when i just this pornography it’s not.
Pornography me know exactly yeah yeah that’s definitely agreed that really angry just awful.
And the cost everyone and their mother and her dog to pull you to advertise disney eighteen th
even epic games and makes fortnite say we can no longer do we protect well this made response you tube then band
commenting on all those involving children just some things that maybe mention children maybe you know what it’s clicked over the other pretty quick with the ban hammer.

[1:00:00] And the name fixed some accounts but as of now what is company still have not come back and opened up a door because people to see what else you tube doing off of you tube from very long time.

[1:00:12] Has had these messed up children at this way turn all my family members do not what light you’re kids watch youtube alone it’s not safe.

[1:00:20] Youtube kids app is awful because there are people making these awful videos that will have characters like elsa spider-man them,
and i’ll get pregnant and they’ll say no nest where did really bizarre nightmare
login senior is the most bizarre thing because it makes them happy and the kids club thing you’ve frozen
and there’s spider man knocked up so i just bizarre stuff really really weird,
and you tube all sides a bit of a violence problem is another thing that they’re saying you to pass it so that it’s crazy over there are you to busy just trying to plug the holes in the ship,
are there a lot of them he is approached it’s pretty bad you tube actually is firm up when you’re two years i don’t know if this is true or hear say has
not is nice to people from making money because advertise your snap and sticking with it just don’t
see the attachment and i like the stuff in journalism we invest to commit vandalism and it turns out.

[1:01:29] So what’s been happening this i don’t know you tube is gonna try to clean up shop i hope they figure it out because its popular and how many people just white frosting you tube kids,
how much is completely safe you tube coverage google advertise this is safe for kids.

[1:01:50] Man it’s just crazy horse still dislike the side effects of p burgh in hamburg not being able to make money not be able to have comments.

[1:01:59] That’s just a gigantic,
metz ok so i’m ok google talk about facebook who else deserves we talking about.
When are you open facebook and instagram so tell me robinson.

[1:02:15] Tell me robertson the owner the english defense to laugh because i felt that was found white white supremacy.
Tell me something interesting guy he is active this group,
order sort of when some good things is reporting on the dl muslim prayer things that was good job of his politics and harry sets people up,
i’m looking for these interviews i would bc and next i m not sure that’s,
great denis how he’s been labelled an evil hateful guide and labor party,
and the BBC have been pushing for him to get banned and i even wired uk and i tweet about that’s where you case inc tommy robinson got banned by facebook and instagram who should be banning him next.

[1:03:03] And people here in the us
do you become an st don’t do this is just like when robert and i talked about on alex jones very few people that want to stick their necks out and say we stand up for our rights,
we have to stand for a right to express your right to speech you mean like when his brow to the death is right to say that as the old saying that supposedly sent of air,
which i love to another some people are like really mad and you know this speech does have some limits right technically speaking okay fine
don’t semantic exercise in january he will help people to speak their minds special wen it’s controversial.

[1:03:49] I that’s what i like n facebook and instagram and him i think you to bend him he was already banned by twitter.
Are they his crime we got banned was because he talked with the proud boys and gavin is here he’s space offered prayers support for the hate figure out some quoting alex from target.
Eu state speech target specific group to hang out very specifically that is from my heart to get people based on race what is your nationality i don’t believe that last one that’s,
bologna hi tammy robinson is great i’m not defending him.
I am saying i am speaking i fit with the figure biggest in robinson what happens out show in this just lights a fire underneath because then people are more petty defendant donate.
If you just blue.
Facts just on the rogan podcast for amazing three hours i would like to add mfa.
And the alex jones as far as i understand it’s because he was not people get hurt by these pants are like me you are there people are starting up these are the people who were in the middle you know people who maybe dont have a lot of resources.

[1:05:09] Day get stuff and also a staple people from being willing to put their toes in the water your do you want to go into it because not only can say what i wanna say what’s the point.
I make all the spider with that idea is called the chilean of speech right with you freeze things be make the moment so it’s less things happen,
no thank molecules have a brief survey what’s the microwave and heats up vibrates faster,
you cool it down if i think of that so school cold chills everything feels free speech choose people willing to say what they want
display what they really believe no governments can screw things up to in the european union ever to prove that breaking is a good idea is coming is finalized think
their copyright rules.
And i report on this before and i’ve reported on did this is going to make it impossible for you for anyone really operated the company and the user because you don’t have the equipment to verify you want to verify every single thing that goes on line,
make sure it’s not copy right if it’s copyrighted all like it’s a gift for aladdin that’s why didn’t you can do that.
It just makes what does the internet have it works why it works stops.

[1:06:27] Well i just got a call from the electronic.

[1:06:31] Foundation here’s their text here’s a little bit about the lights in the final text,
any online community platform services existed for three or more years make makes ten million pounds or more responsible more mature that no user will ever post anything just copy right material.

[1:06:52] This is impossible the closest any service can comments spending hundreds of millions of euros to admit copyright filters,
please filters with subject all communications of every european theater exception in arbitrary censorship black pocket algorithm.
Black box algorithms decide their text pictures or videos are match for no copyright work.
Your gift of yours and criminal nothing centers both government and private these filters are going to be on affordable new build for them except a very biggest,
companies yeah it’s insane.
It really is crazy in this would also has other effects like this is going to choose which new sites are legitimate or not,
this is going to have a horrible effect on anyone wants to get into the internet business in europe select stop all creative commons license you so even if you like,
anyone can use my stuff disney and i declare from here on out anyway you can do whatever we want with the max whatever you want with nikki you can get well that that still wouldn’t be good if you still have to have these filters and stop it.

[1:08:05] Which that’s what what happen what.

[1:08:10] Yes i will come on if you ever want a excuse to prove that im completely.
Correct you are like brexit was the greatest act of democracy or know that british people of your hands the board is revolution.

[1:08:29] Damn yeah yeah,
that would be at our when is this is just a mess this is a really awesome etsy who is does not app it may help your credit so awesome,
where are they just hand
fantastic uh sorry if you join the internet and eleven france to win a task to add.
Neh skip this is stabilization like crazy.
You’re unsure i mean i’d even for a foreign policy stance put europe behind china anyway like.
goodness gracious is so bad this is bad this is why this is just one more reason why i’m against the european because any system that you know how we can you do i have any recourse,
and you can’t say this is stupid ok you have bill that um.

[1:09:25] Is the constitution say your right address agreements can’t do that then essentially have the smooth the role that you are lord over
i need more of is one guy needs by divine right or if its a bunch a bureaucrats hang out and brats were before i go please
be sure to write a review what’s on itunes that makes a big difference and is follow me on the social medias which is happy were you are
pete on facebook and stop calling
i’m just happy we’re up on twitter this week due to call between me not once but two times but i am just so gosh,
darn proud of that was awesome thank you janet for dillon that i hope he’s a listener i hope,
i hope my news with zac got no flash with john colbert dylan makes the fantastic the place,
when should,
yo on
what is more what is your want anyone to study more,
i want to do you want to watch a movie.

[1:10:53] Music.

[1:11:00] Onkyo on,
normal lights in the reverse reverse yahoo,
what is the who going to study more what is more
i wanna study yo on the moon.

[1:11:35] Music.

[1:11:43] How high is the river high is the riverside i,
how is the riverside yo on.
I hate you lol not home when is hey morning
i just feel horny hey.

[1:12:21] Music.

[1:12:33] Alright there we go there we go i enjoyed that one i was finally i planned the whole thing i just like that song it’s fine it’s fine it’s free,
and that is the very best price of all i want to talk about something completely for something completely different to what about terry crews she’s amazing.
Black after is when she is an action movies is fantastic he is also actually a pretty brave man smh.
Particularly that sell the new york times.

[1:13:09] Brock obama is no longer will this order some articles by law because he’s no longer what are the things using big trouble is
well i just read that one for me or times where does obama school black boys it still doing the really tiny black bruises and even recently.
He talks about this order my bank account my product if you’re looking for but if i need a situation you probably not gonna be wearing a poem train round neck.
Because i know.
Oh i got a big account i have to show you how much i got i feel good i was talking bout that black children black boys in particular.
Dont need to prove to everyone in the world that you’re worth something because they have money they need black your character speaks for ya i agree with president obama on this,
he exactly right add a ten but new york times to not like this,
taking out like this i feel he was school empty was being mean and selfish this is a part of the problem the practice coding a black children names like mine it where george is the name of the person staring copper.
President obama never say anything about your name is what about having a surname as ridiculous.

[1:14:30] Are march mr robot modified administration of the run to next step that my brothers keeper that some program obama’s pushing this is to check the system and computer quality the chips black peoples lives in america.
So ridiculous new york times piece i want to harvard law school decades of german nobles wife.
Michelle graduated when i was there in two thousand fourteen nobody will change the shot the twelfth one the other day with your man bracelets i just it’s it’s taking it completely out of context and in new york,
i don’t know what’s the problem she she knew exactly what he was trying to say so this comes out recorder ios.

[1:15:13] Is want to speak up OK he’s willing to speak up.
It is successful black man get invites to blackmail you avonex generation who will.

[1:15:24] Is answer is the street that so why does obama’s scored black boys question mark.

[1:15:32] No this isn’t a bother me but this this out there was a woman you have black boys beat it going to successful young man how would she know many the hold other men accountable.
You can speak with us just not for us there is a big difference.
Who recruits and this is he do not like this came up some more.

[1:15:56] And i can i just say ok so just last night about his things a person can only get from their mother.

[1:16:05] But they’re all the things a person can only get from their father i would never render either on necessary you think your messy what u good representation of the real work in your life.

[1:16:18] Ight i want to go back to the us i just can’t play middle of it is twenty fourteen right but you can cruise the speaking about father.
Any news on the view format and it just started snowing list the three he says this and there’s a giant push back when he doesn’t like me flights back for it but i just wanted you to hear his three point about why.

[1:16:40] But why a man needs a dad in his life it’s incredible do this is that everything needs to hear this not just black,
when are we going every man who davies on social media that you re add me i wanna was there are,
hey there,
give me okay give away my mama got yo are getting who did we do organic people.
Where are hey tell me about your follow the status of your name here
can i get yo on your inheritance morning
you are storing your when you open the weather is your father’s story what ever your father was whatever.

[1:17:49] No wrong you prepare my father gives you your security
i want to return the above project to know which does include your credit when your party you can do something you can do it,
what was that amazing it’s so sad that today its controversial.

[1:18:16] It’s sad i know i speaking as a man to drop and the single parent household.
I didn’t realize until i was in my twenties how much i missed out by not having a dad and my wife,
yo the rain is the weather things like boundaries like even though someone you know how much is too much affection what is the right kind of affection what are the boundaries on it in a weird feeling special other man,
i know about strength about being stolen about handling top feelings about,
conflict resolutions but having confidence in yourself these are things that i still struggle with someone.
I was blessed with an amazing grandpa my mom’s dad i was blessed with our close friends from mentors to me i am.
You know robert in some ways this to me he set the example great example for me all the time.
I’m really amusing me and you guys don’t know probably who owns the podcast network is amanda perry.
I’ve been very impressed to know him and very grateful for that relationship.

[1:19:27] New voice need men in their lives i mean moms are great i love my mom to pieces.
What do something different need both.
I need both i think that’s part of that is why i’m against this post for the universal pre k the side that.
We can just swap out what you learn from your dad would just any old person in me just any organisation to personal just get the job done.
It’s in did we recognize that the best people are developed by having the best parents.
Parenthood is worth something because i get weird both parents working all the time because that’s what will have to have the support universe.
And that that not having a parent there to teach their kids daily it’s sad i know the status and suddenly five million um stay at home parents left five.
I made a purchase five million that is all about one point five percent of population.

[1:20:35] Yep and many many more it’s many many more it’s like nineteen million single women like that just crazy i’m out of single parent homes.
And the scans are missing i think someone so many of our problems we have today.
Why we can be over ruled by people like to see and trump why we can just be me to carry by your passions because we have been civilized we have been tights be up standing people.

[1:21:08] Ok i’m going back to you and george washington george washington had his older brother to george washington his older brother was like that and that made them and the george washington what’s.

[1:21:24] I think no i know for sure we do not have george washington if we haven’t had for george washington ‘s brother.

[1:21:31] Now is this true that every person and lincoln had a terrible father a terrible terrible terrible father,
android any bradley cooper is amazing so it’s not universally true but it’s more likely that you that your stuck in a deck against the kid we won’t have the full support of both parents have the planning and activity of positive role in their life.
This is common sense would know that you’re very got no heart and soul or spirit know that this is how it’s supposed to be.

[1:22:03] I know what.
It’s just that it’s too it’s too scary to admit politically incorrect there’s to many single parent households down to know if you just hurting peoples feelings because he’s the one that the truth.
Is want to stick up for dad’s i’m depressed bye i’m impressed.
I know this is just another person out there when you are everything to us.
He will feel about it the people make fun of his sexual assault he wants to read a find he’s staying for tennis
pretty gosh darn press it impress me impress me know when and i’d like to loss a bit before i let my last section.
Set my partner gets here like to say thank you to those male role models in my life thank you to print out my grandparents thank you,
robert my good friend to my partner on this podcast no thank you to my good friend craig whos not a big one i got several people.

[1:23:13] Man that change my life completely i wouldn’t be the man i am today and that she’ll help me i will be the shelf that wasn’t where their support.
I am really grateful so very.

[1:23:30] Music.

[1:24:25] Alright so what do i have what we got i want to thank you all that kept me in your prayers that would been trying to support me in my update my health i appreciate that um.
I want to go into this too much by it and i don’t know how much longer will it be with you.
I know i’m not planning on killing myself or anything crazy just it looks like,
my last time i talk to you i had a new doctor punctured been able to prescribe the medication i need opioids for my page,
because what i have to still even close to correct it can i want spain all the time.
Vero does my pain go anything near or below three i’m usually add four to five,
open daisy to the six or seven am i gonna sixteen it’s awful.

[1:25:23] Doc you’re seeing it looks like it might be the one to confirm press release find some kind of pain treated that works unfortunately hands are tied.
It is as i talked about before with you guys i have talked with family and friends robert a private.
Is that because of the cities 2016 CDC guidelines and over active for smith system
they are going after any all doctors that prescribe opioids and particularly all the doctor said that chronic pain patients doctor see at the end the week
i’ll between our two visits had two dea agent visit her wine from two thousand one rapid city in the winter of paperwork and the laughter with brochures and pages and strong word.
There was threats essentially legal but threats not the last and your saying it,
yeah exactly you should prescribe you like it so what’s the terminology for some ideas like you know you made crab patients with non pharmaceutical watch him curl,
netflix is usually use a knife you can use matters and not happy thoughts yoga exercise
even acupuncture all home maggie nice bruise happy thoughts.

[1:26:45] Is ridiculous so i don’t know how long would you guys like the science shows that you can only live with incorrect bill pay which is like,
super crap and it’s very high levels of paper you can leave when trying to pay not receiving treatment for so long until you’re you have a brain have a stroke or heart attack and worth,
some people they just mental breakdown the idea was not very likely new plants doing that.
I know i think i just i just don’t know how i can keep going.

[1:27:25] So do i have so if i do pass away do i have faith that there is something on the other side no i can’t have to but i do if i’d of know i need to many people who are special to me.

[1:27:41] I know that there lights were just stuffed out that wasn’t to leave at.
No way there’s a there’s gotta be a find me a point to all this is where your faith i really like my faith,
this doesn’t this story kinda bolsters at this is from CBS pittsburgh and it’s about this study about hospice patients.

[1:28:03] Show pittsburgh to treat the first goal,
go science by your death is when the mysteries of life for the patient to hospice buffalo new york state play some incredible the process and i’m dr christopher curtis to be documented dreams and visions of dying patients for years.
Define the reasons robin comforting and make it less scary here’s a crazy thing guys verifying that patients are having dreams like this.

[1:28:34] Eighty percent time is it in your system a documentary fourteen thousand cases.
U percent of his patients at this hospice reporting dreams and visions and dreams and visions are comforter.

[1:28:50] Yeah like a loved one will be there did you decide here’s example horse ask my wife will the sun appeared to me.

[1:29:00] Is there a woman named jean described your sing every picture their face i mean i was my mom and my dad my uncle my brother in law.
NFL could feel good to see all these people who drop to parcel sister passed away before i said that if you gotta steal me home please stay says i can’t not now.
Anybody there sister got your message you said will be back on the back together.
When dr kerr started this out he did not believe what he was finding who is the chief medical officer hospice buffalo usually who is the new lease starting out.

[1:29:38] Adblock something change this is too impatient here’s the story just refund i want jen.
You’re steven look up he said no now he is dying and i said what is why is saying that well.
Search promise skip to go over time improve on over and over again.

[1:30:03] Calling the doctor everybody but me what what from prague mascot death in part based on what people were saying experiencing.
I’d like to assist doctors the just start preparing what is the expected after studying me to keep these dreams are therapeutic you know i still haven’t the adapter was translate is the fear of death to something bigger.

[1:30:25] It’s amazing is amazing i love this story is it’s pretty beautiful.

[1:30:33] No i hope i love many more years i wanna have a wife in kids of my own whatever country you’re i wanna.

[1:30:43] Beykaar quit in the river for the fight for freedom.

[1:30:48] I want to see this podcast i wanna enjoy life no joke i want to see if i can live long enough for the one hundred anniversary of dr who up.
No i don’t know what’s gonna happen only god does you provide it’s up you should i bet we could drop dead tomorrow im only god knows the timetable.

[1:31:15] Yeah that is where i’m at so i know a few of you are loved one are are struggling with this.
I got you nolan and there is have faith.
Why that’s your life the people that you meet that just cant go no that’s why don’t log conservation of energy right.
Well that was my heartfelt ending,
i hope you appreciate it i appreciate you thank you for taking the time to listen to this podcast and support me in please be sure to check in online suck on facebook dot com or dot com facebook and.
I miss happy warrior painting which can be verified stop call later this week that’s exciting.
And yeah that’s good stuff there be sure to recommend your friends and family write a review on itunes.
Download this thing is gonna grow i know it’s been a slow burn but gets more people and get more interviews girl the audience me your interesting stories i have a possible interview with the congressman johnson.
Remind me to pay a.

[1:32:33] Said she would set it up so i happening both felt i’m sure we can find plan interesting,
stop listen to and learn from you guys have been great so i’d like to always and the things that bless u god bless the bs in all those that sacrifices blood sweat and tears to protect our nation in defend are very,
freedoms the rights that we have been given from god our define maker.
And who knows what our future part well its been great.
You have a wonderful night good week until next time goodnight america.

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