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Machine Transcript
[0:23] I would like to return the most fundamental question for the future of knowledge production and classics this.
How do we recognize and repair the financing of the knowledge is the people of color.
How do you perform in valdez and support the repair of a stomach justice of the disciplines so sorely needed.
I want a slight corrective to the brewery this course of inclusion for this romper and just to take hold.
Hold there’s a problem need to surrender their approval.
Impactful times this means that me of academic prestige the find and government by signing white men will have to send the products they have not seen the words printed on the summary.
I will have to take a backseat for the people of color and women in general not conform scholars of cholera benefit from the privilege of his career and otherwise of seen your words on the page.
Again however i am for the size of this is in a calm your scarcity that the level of journal publication will remain twelve degrees zero sun until the last assistant publication is dismantled which would be fine by me.

[1:28] Every person of color needs to be published will take the place of a white man’s words quart have already appeared in the page of that journal and that would be a future where striving.
Thank you hello again everyone,
i am your host happy warrior pete and this is the happy warrior podcast episode number thirty five its jam so excited to be here with all of you today your probably wondering what was that really boring.
Pizza party with all the big words that i didn’t understand what’s going on and i understand we saying like a different language lol i wanted to tell you that was all professor professor.
Daniel padilla he was speaking at the end you’re gonna love this the twenty nineteen meeting of the society for classical studies is which i know that doesn’t help that that professor.
Is that could be you hearing was talking about what needs to happen to make.

[2:39] The realm of classes am more intersection of engagement,
yeah when do i start with this this is the first segment was about this specific workshop that was that this is called the hell,
i’m icenter access request sent to you
send request sent to process a request sent to workshop our that’s the hundred fifty better very of this place in the end anyways the music is incredible incredible i say i’m getting europe
from mary frances williams and she was abt this and shit is huge fear of fear fear fear fear river,
you are just trying to get my words together is called if i make with howard was kicked out of this society of classical studies annual meeting.
Yes fantastic and i wanna try something get yourself put this to you.
Last year i put you to NYC was ben at episode between twenty five and thirty.
I asked you if you section the united states in the western world at large on religion.

[3:52] Andrew sullivan the fantastic writer for us dial the intelligence or new york post lots of places,
how’s put this for you can just recently i read,
another piece about this very same subject from david french and you call that the toothpaste nation the two faced nation and he said that more successful philosophy and the last one hundred years,
ua choose the philosophy and include any religion that include.
Yeah there’s a new set of garment feeling so conservative progressive including no access the idea of big government is a unisex now that,
what is the most successful religion the last ten years me to think it.
How am i supposed to handle this the idea enter section intersection out,
it seems everywhere these days it seems to fast in everything in every way you can go anywhere these days without thinking about,
if you have intersection now they even if you don’t want you they come to your home either stay there waves are some specific through the door they make their opinions heard.
I’m a fuck about with me for this there is like here some examples of what you think about.

[5:11] Like a church they have.
Privilege ok what is privilege privilege to there mr version of original scent okay in that you do christian philosophy remember that original sin is the sin that adam and eve hid themselves from the got kicked out the garden of eden.
Ok and business that makes man corrupt and get that are following nature that’s the blonde that’s a general believe between most to do christians christian theology in some form or another,
they have become me what’s new what is becoming worse,
how many workers waking up you can go back to sleep start seeing all the problems in the world all around you i would like a full but my mom is wasting what is waqf mean i don’t understand what is woke,
what what.
Dim is justification for whenever they feel they want to do being becoming a wolf walk justified what they want to happen.
Is there any how can you repeat how can you repeat your original senior privilege well
you can be in and out why that is there a form of certification repentance up an ally to do if minorities you give up your composition give it to other soup don’t have a voice like got the professor padilla
who sang can you give it to a new order never be allowed to speak.

[6:31] And see results in problems justification was like coming walk sin to vacation.
Certification is becoming an hour and then there’s more to this position the general i want you guys to keep this in mind when we talk about today’s episode because all three of my hard new segments of them.
Are touched with this theology not this theology.
Intersection alex its really important for people on the center left the people that use to live in the classical liberals,
and people are there right conservatives and libertarians they need to learn,
your session are the reason why i hold so much power and sway in the hearts of men particularly in the us.
I need my generation below the reason why i hold so much is because it isn’t in their hearts and minds had that same level where of faith or a religion.
Usually would be though lets go back to pay also what was i talking about lol classical studies anyone meeting.
This is the society for classical states water class will states what classical studies his wife every other founder’s almost every single study that.

[7:43] When we had the great invite to me and we’re bringing no not the masses but you many more people would know that people outside the monastery.
We had the restaurants in the great white meant the word study the classics and the classics were stairs that were in latin old italian and greek okay.
By the way i want greek and latin by far the biggest by far the biggest and they would study people like aristotle and plato,
i did not seventies or white what is the activate the alarm in class assist a friend in the producer use this,
what is his background and history you tell you about it but this is what the class when was the dam classic,
informed via up the word anything with the word be part inform the founders when they’re making government when the rebels from the british.
George washington university of cincinnati.

[8:46] The cincinnati is named after cincinnati cincinnati was this guy wants the hundred fifty bc was this gen that rose up.
Who did the come like later sees what he could become king in taking over for you put the power back and you went back to his fields.
That was the guy that general george washington ben president george washington,
when i had this farewell address and by the way you have never read george washington ‘s farewell address that is the most straight mean that that is a brilliant,
really of speech very powerful fifteen the musical hamilton that last song video is based on the writing or via the farewell address self class is very very important.
They’re behind everything in the western world in europe and america all the games.
After the renaissance were put on the foundation of the things we learn from roman’s and agreed we said no where can we go what knowledge was lost in return to them.

[9:51] And all the many other great leaders in our history.
Where is winston churchill i just watched the books that you don’t have to give in even new instructional method came out last year which is fantastic.
When did churchill people do not know this because he broke several volumes on mark give me know which church was man of many hats a very tell me he was an expert on homework.
Class is have great have had great influence history that’s of.

[10:24] So let’s but he is a problem the fuel clases,
is not doing well these days because when does school is so high not smart ones,
just go forward to a professional that will turn into a vacation so i’m gonna stay something that will turn into a smart ones you get when you re medical grade biology degree.
You want to go to medical school i mean you use that time well.
Work not so smart you go to the understand the gender minority stays right that’s not what you agree with what classes.
Are there because cancer so hard you have to learn greek you have to learn what not understand.
The grammar in the world came from and comparing a classes this is a very difficult a hard study i did that’s why it’s no i never was party girl not been use to be this wasn’t a part of a good education being nice is merah special and seventeenth,
and he is not sorry to nineteen cents.

[11:29] Krisis did the purdue mother having a hard time to justify themselves pissed about this you can go away and forget for like two hundred three thousand.
You know you had a freaking line you know all the great wolf creek scholars other day.
How will that turn into a job in an it hard to justify that.
So this what is the subject of the wall talking about the twenty nineteen meeting of the society for classical studies.
Interesting to note that this workshop was almost completely and utterly dedicated.

[12:07] You are fixing your sectional problems and representation in that field.

[12:15] Is this is a little different than usual ABC news to god when u the three hours they’re just people six people on the papers and i didn’t get to see something unusual not.
Really a political in fact are usually.
What are you well for the wonderful professor williams mary frances williams this was the cheapest what you expect what you guys are completely different because this one was completely relate.
Politics and political as an internal sac channel info and noticed that they had speakers are saying we no longer have your students learn greek,
we just had the focus on translation and angie saying this is a note that you have a red things like theres no point doing this because
if know how to read the language remember to pull out the future value of an who can put in new filter translation for students don’t know how to read.

[13:11] Another one what stop morning about the sky in a bagel and everything is the name of the base is the name of the rat integrate,
is detective ibiza who was bleeding in the nineteen century hundred.
Do you have all the correct opinions would like to have today however he was the top guy on this obscure greek.
Name is a great name by the way need your first sign of it,
he the other a lots of grapes like the people we should leave them alone because nothing women with wendy when were these pups colours and,
our focus not disclosed by the people the people in times of focus on what is inception about the idea.

[14:01] Head there is anything this conference with them final speaker professor danny yelp danielle there’s a high temperature when you put the prof for princeton university and he was completely and utterly,
set yours is a paragraph from employees already by the historical process i can view this conference in locations no not only blue,
presley expensive travel to arrive with micro can macro aggression the target people of color,
dscs does people of color no favors he mentioned is a speech because i mentioned talking about revolt in ratio,
profile and he wants to discuss hotel conference center staff snap recently equitable standard is that port member i just shared with you he talks about how these journals.
Symmetry is a power and authority the important knowledge production field of classics by perpetual epidemic and how many new sticks and just denying a space and place for scholars of color.
And if you recalled that part i just played he actually goes out and see them white men quartz weidman will have to surrender the privilege they haven’t seen their words printed and disseminate,
sorry you can pretty much telling there’s hardly anyone more well and professor but no francis.
Professor frances williams she is like.

[15:28] I can wear for a boring lecture because i want to learn how we’re going to open up the class system,
how we get more students and make it more accessible but not water it down so fast williams was really brave and she got up and she decided to ask questions.
DI account so that was speaking a deck and listen did this exchange this is my bag allowance crazy is crazy.
I think i love you to please listen to the full five minutes long but it is really important here the interaction between.
What use to be the normal classics professor with the new intersection kroke,
are the first woman here is a professor of mary francis williams end of the second menu here that’s i believe i could be wrong but i believe that is professors arab on devops,
and at the end of the clip you’re going to hear a speaker the other clip is important but particularly the last minute.
Okay i’ll probably send all of you i have three three main things i wanted to say.
And actually to process data for it which is i don’t think i should abandon the languages which is gonna have to just during the entire f.

[16:51] Um
The entire display you can’t th history with no it’s me the languages you can t let it go without knowing something about who did we don’t have class six.

[17:03] Set the setting to enable is a real problem and so that brings me to my first point which is.
For thirty years i heard you talk about the new diversity and acoustics and reaching what you doing woman and a true and all sorts of other areas which is fine it’s understand it’s important.
And people who can do that well she do but maybe we should start defending our discipline,
and of itself is saying its civilization it matters because it’s west western civilization everything that’s okay how about a reception it’s important.
Particularly in his focus on liberty tomorrow krissy and freedom.
Okay we need a stand up for it and say we are set open till hundred years ago we arent westerns.

[17:56] When i remove the shut down and i thought it was ok if you could a professional quiet.
Okay i know you are very important you are important but.

[18:10] We should if and artists a plan with to the administration to ever giving money to me is doing the hiring and say look we have we don’t have to.

[18:21] Only do women’s studies only do studies only do walk ins ever ever feel we have value in of itself.
And secondly i think that you should i know.
Maybe try doing the classic glasses classics ok to professor highest point which is really important.
The kids the come and do anything you don’t know what’s available at the don’t know where classics is the don’t know what you can do anything but anything.
And if you can give them a survey course you can give me fresh.
Grade books incorporate classic send that you can expose them to the grades that’s really really important.
Ok we dial the number we have to use a row.
Turn every semester english is a survey i did i have history most departments don’t okay.

[19:19] Ok so i will no no i would not do that,
i think it’s time that we get to respond because i think you’re i think you’re reading a lot of cities that is what the data say that we teach
yesterday’s an ira who just finished teaching disabilities in greek for the greek survey and then i type them in english you cannot say across the border i crossed the word
university of california davis professor isn’t here the classics.
English courses consist of mythology and vocabulary and that’s it ok so i’m saying.
Switch has balyan home has value across the news has value because it will teach you about defending democracy but people don’t want that okay.
You delete all men on the other authors that you would prefer us three by the way i’m not socialist ok i will even barrett i believe that turn off have to close on the basis of merit.
I don’t look at the colour of the author that has merit.
Okay yume ga to hubid got your job because your black but i would prefer you think you got a new job because of red yellow black.

[20:38] Where is my concern in the end i think we should allow people to participate in this conversation that the risk of having this conversation so high.
What is the highest if this vision of the classics is the vision.
U find good he was color let me finish what do you like to finish how did you want so you are going to let me talk.
You’re going to let someone has been historically marginalized from the production of knowledge of classics talk.
You have to say about the vision with glasses of wine if that isn’t the vision that i promise u white supremacy i want nothing to do with it i got the feeling that youve outlined that it dies a swift as possible and i hope.
Probably home that those of you when the room will take stock in consideration of what is happening.

[21:30] I thought that i thought i would be able to speak well i got i think i will be able to speak rather than three marginalized interested is leo’s weight your field is the cider.
That’s only a certain required of you.
How far so awful wow that is something else isn’t for the delay but it was important that you heard the fall
exchange because andrew was pretty clever the podcast four format like you so much flexibility i’ve been trying to give you the full contact info for the clip i don’t want people to be accusing me dice yo credit
or deceptive i want you to have the full picture cannot see the responsible thing to do especially if your pockets you have rainfall.
That last part that were you said.

[22:23] Here’s what i have to say about your vision of classics that youve outlined if that is in fact can i refer your white supremacy i want nothing to do with that i hope the field dries you out wind dies and there is a swiftly as possible.
Professor justified reason for the study of the classics to continue forward.
That is crazy he basically just said well no class no of classes some socks and if it is that’s okay what.
Oh red you are the princeton experts apparently he has any apparently classes this have to which is really sad and i bet you can guess how,
yes it turned out wonderful she was pushed them what you was a physical project a security right there right now get out of here.

[23:19] Heard and the clip the crowd is cheering cheering yet you took out only you put in your spot with white supremacy.
We are gonna stand for those marginalized one and jenna confirming rachel my new word i make children okay,
you stand up for them and we would not take that professor’s white supremacy will not stand for no sir no sorry bot,
go yourself go next year she was the director for this organisation she said on your route,
your organisation what you did was harassment,
horoscope he never gave her a chance to respond defend urself and SCC put out this being the last couple articles and some college newspaper is talking about the evil stuff.
How we work so hard project micro aggression that i yes i no how that wasn’t my progress when there wasn’t a macro guess whatever.

[24:32] Yeah.
Miss cared rice what she said that they only focus the course the one part reset he got he got this bro you only got his job because he was but that’s not what she said i give you the fucking texts,
date did not end call your this is weird to her losing all kinds of jobs she was the writer for,
carly newspaper shoes kicked off with that i’m hurt.
You are pretty much over i mean she’s done i miss you may have more courage to be part of the intellectual dark web but in a world of scholarly important,
shit is done,
that sucks so very interesting person that really cares about this female you have to agree with her about her feelings on the stains but by her speaking her research me that use to be the life blood of the field.
Record snow is more important that we that we read and learn about him the end of june,
archimedes i cannot speak to the guy i m there or need to hear about the other woman also yes,
it’s no longer need to learn home and play telephone and knees and all are fun,
read names i cannot pronounce.

[25:54] Where are we there anymore it which is sad why do they feel so strongly about it that’s the thing,
these are all professionals leaders in their field an obscure feel these days but the leaders and ask these people.

[26:13] Are you include the take down of this will you be sad western civilization isn’t so bad wish your students to learn.
That was.
Is the equivalent of micro aggression micro aggression in white supremacy they’re saying how old professor mary frances williams.

[26:37] Are from texas i believe she is a white supremacy.
Yes please we know that’s all many white purple brown xiaomi white supremacy just experts on greek and latin live,
what’s up,
new golden daily storm begins have a long winding as his about home when is writing stuff like to use the color blue of that that was the thing i was in church haha i had a fear about i just.
Crazy crazy next okay no world this is insane because the problem.
How old is becoming more and more like this everyday intersection audi doesn’t just stay in academia know you’re sexy.

[27:23] How many years ago that’s where it’s still what’s which kind of roof from that um it’s it’s everywhere right it’s in everywhere everything every movie every TV show videogame every.

[27:36] How can you choose that no pick anything chances are intersection on the will be involved somehow.

[27:44] It’s really too bad it really is too bad enough he is the bigger problem,
what happens if you want to reason with them like she did you see how she trying to make the reason she says are working subscribe students don’t have an incentive to do if we don’t teach students the classics and how to read them,
our field out and what did the guy say good let it burn.

[28:11] That’s right let it die that you had so i am for a pelle pelle pants.
Cheers be cheered when u send the class should i register yet.

[28:29] Snapshots.
Let’s go to the ego the nearest department of physicists like well i dont care of its been done by
those are minorities that they are like to speak with and physics should die
let’s see that that’s what they get here.
When you try to reason that doesn’t work why doesn’t work just last year we had à.
Have one product computer but go and i go plug rosanna someone else i don’t have all the names right in front but remember they had this experiment they call it cold now so go swear they put out,
lots of papers and all these different academic journals,
can be called a grievance cell so black studies american studies women’s,
liberation you know the present status and there are a c re what’s the date will just take about anything that this is a really,
academic research is academic,
research has rules just like woops experimentation for science their standards and say lets try to put something in what play by there rules we will proof.

[29:46] Yeah is bull crap and they did did they really didn’t submit the papers i put in work,
who is my favorite was about the rape dog parks is the paper plane the closer examined cells of ten thousand dogs in dog parks to learn about the rape culture increase
perform it has a lot of big words today that woman was my favorite the also got another one with a just talk,
pieces a nap into women’s studies one in the world,
in the past and we had seven is that woody there been published were about to be published when they revealed i think so what,
did they say you know what they are right christina too loud we are working in academia more critically we should we should second guess these things and make people prove there worth,
new movie that is not what the truck instead they all double down all these academic organizations me to that link to the story down about how it was to do this experiment.

[30:57] Yes human experiment let.
D i know people know beforehand that you were giving them fake studies know your papers are there buy it,
human experiment it there still dealing with this right now but i think most of all
i think rose park road i’m not sure she sa anything bad from this but it’s crazy it’s crazy he is now tyra bowen.

[31:28] Continue to portland state university send peoplethree michael countdown.
You said is spot on i been physically threatened instead of applying him for exposing all this nonsense he has been threatened by portland state university to hurt his career and his job.
No one learn and move think and this is where i go back to my first comment.

[31:55] Know what it’s called murder how much.
You can never change a person’s mind about it because about religion okay.
I am a religious person and you know if there is a level three seizure today so i think people are somewhat responsible because yes but it did the day believe in god and god the son of god died
came back to life in three days he will the bonded is he raised the dad all this is on profile.

[32:27] You have to take it on faith is not based i can personally based in venice but we have to make a leap some point ok.
And people do that when i saw this i miss you all the time you would bring the facts to that you se when do the players we responded bible is a perfect word of god now i would say,
what’s the bible is the word of god is,
by mankind in html their books they’re missing their properties that are free to there no longer than that if you guys i believe in the bible is a beautiful work i do believe it is the divine wisdom.
Argon o lord jesus christ.
What is does have flaws and then the ppl there are no it can’t be can’t see it try to reason someone on fait we had this with when i talk about blog news is i talked about and then there is audio clip where he tries
top with mic the southern baptist does matter of some kind of the job and he tells and what we need to read guides
people to love the church we can just attacked and make fun of them call names bout being queers and gas and whenever we have to pay them show them that one of christmas light can’t how did that happen,
no just got here and got angry people with religious beliefs don’t like those religious beliefs question.

[33:43] What happens when you question intersection out.
Did they appear with raising your voices get a little louder did they were in define compromise or try to find some insight from the comments with a wine to use it as a hammer to attack of the enemy,
well please keep all these things mine i will take a quick thirty second break i mean it will be back to you with some fun stories it really interesting stuff i want to talk about what’s going on with mark
and then later on the shelf i called his section support squadron mind snow snow.
So compile the federal government vs the entire campaign is bigger picture yes anymore.

[34:32] Music.

[35:14] I’m an art people fantastic i have the story of this woman that was trying to steal florida and spa.
This is just gonna play something i do this news report is the fact i wish i was with the reporters when they did this with dads dna do this morning near dead.
Shes about this story is it from jacksonville florida abc thirty are camera was placed and the woman accused of stealing an suv from the thriller car thursday afternoon,
employee say they found with stolen car at the travel lodge off airport road,
did you see my cart i don’t know what you’re speaking about how do you do not seem out,
really event hey why did you take the car no you tell me who told you do what you miss demon card,
why did they tell you that i don’t know i will how you take me know what you think he meant to get,
Who are the matured you intelligent why are the demon you take it who tell me it’s telling take care n you to look at no less human.

[36:39] I love that i love that is it weird start news coupons this woman is still rental are so stinking interview and he is dead serious,
send it yes yes.

[36:57] Oh that is fantastic and we don’t know what florida man visits this twitter logged is really really dumb things that happen in florida,
clearly florida has a very high population of low low intelligent people are making we are and this is what should you should be there thursday it should,
ok how were florida moment i think this is florida,
is this florida oh my gosh is it ok i have another florida story that’s great this doesn’t have a video,
i like the story is puppy no bitch boy when is the traffic in kuliar in game of hide and seek.
English shoes record for killers of the local ten start sell this family.
I live in tel to figure out sine of cookies play nyan cat house until watercooler nicholas nicholas i want to like
play hide n seek like from i cannot go hiking spots inside a cooler so his parents robertson maria wayne’s clean up after the damn drink there seventy two quart cooler and left under that,
i thought it was cute nicolas climbed up into wit you after your family members went to the kitchen.

[38:19] And acquired the timestamp surveillance video he was inside for almost two minutes plane was the top slightly ajar restaurant the latch.
It closed i was really scared nicholas cedric how we scream for help.
Are you a picky was finally got a mountain it gets better here’s where the florida man mom itself you think.
The spirits by the way is there mini walnut you leaving your kid playing acoustic you ever seen the old ninety s,
family drama
where did the refrigerator arrived but it plastic or something apparently not a florida man what they say.
Who is really a plan i know we’re all supposed to watch our kids make sure they don’t want to the cooler as we know it takes a second to turn away.
We just never found not hear their child go through that so the complaint.

[39:19] The other problem what’s the coolest thing you actually put out a press release,
that’s what is part of the story no price listed is brought to our attention a child recently they’ve only trapped himself inside one of my products,
restart for the for the scare this incident monster calls the child in this family are very happy no one was injured.
Let’s remove there are recalling for coolers it’s because it is family you will get lousy proofs from england,
zoom class when we require the cooler expect out of the state closed
not so you see it what’s the kids from the parents fault for the houston cougars what was the design flaws that we close the cooler limit locks and therefore can’t be open until you unlock it.
Who won the last shout dont you know hires the same don’t flatter our don’t eat fire burns is one of those moments where we get the new what,
i would not be surprised if make make some money off of it.

[40:25] Who can blame it our society always looking out for number one who is looking for a bot,
alright that’s it for the fun in games for now let’s let’s move back to hard news is there was part of your sexuality you ask yourself who is.
Who are the kings of the intersections who are the people that really buy into this call true religion
are they are they ones your sectionals are devoted to the minority nope hispanics are very in the wrong family socially conservative they are both blacks hispanics are fairly religious,
book bags are more like a black stain to be a bit more alcohol.

[41:07] Both are fairly legit both have views against gay marriage and abortion generally speaking no ass study came out.
In the last month and there was an article in the atlantic that language is fine just rain got the summary with reason actually,
united states the most politically americans and see if you believe this our quote wider.
More highly educated order morrow been more partisan themselves this article that this research proves.
They had the most receptions of us of our wealthy white urban men and women.
And this is truly my home community here talking here in south dakota.

[41:57] There’s a guy i know his family is very rich very successful i like him he’s in the left block facebook i’d like the guy generally speaking.
I won’t give me his name christy and i don’t want to buy black heels
is wealthy and well office is an easy understand how business is tribe still need social can post many things on facebook like yelling and capitalism begin the social let’s send all that your name
they leave it i need to increase yours all the time that don’t like you to send a big voice is on air now to offer,
white rich people white rich progressive liberal i did it so what’s the weather like.
That is true i is the truck there the leaders of the religion of the intersection on let’s move to eldon omar.
Johan walmart everybody’s favorite right and this is actually subject actually know quite a bit about it and i talked about with my friend and producer mailing a sushi was blacked out was like you gotta watch this check,
she’s logo she’s a true believer she’s a fruit cake,
she was married to her brother for a decade i she has talked about the evil of sine is a retweet allergies your holocaust and i mean she is.

[43:24] She is crazy as they come she fights a rashid told to leave LA in paris,
damn irritable and sad for,
leaving the palestinian museum in urology they are true believers that believe that is in them and turn on extent i don’t i can definitely say that stuff.
Add more juice juice are the problem in this last week it came new head sushi had many,
moments where she says stuff like this many moments now there is a fantastic article by matthew carter he is and yes you can washington free beacon and he’s cute.

[44:10] I want but i was kind of
office called the collapse of the center left and he was great lyricist and this new hobby its collecting is democrats make for no more the minnesota democrat congress woman who has a healthy fit session with us money
and you are loyalty and i remember to tweet
where this is from two thousand twelve before you is wrapping a representative in nascar what is present and minnesota
and she said that quote him israel has hit iced the world.
Yes it has happened ties the world cheese add this is now getting the stuff hes why we had all this controversy you sad
recently the recent congress to really support his roles because you wish campaign donation son of your first two AIP a cat who does not even know what kind of understand that there is incorrect,
i do not give money to republicans dave it’s complete an order like moving and she would just more on the most recently she use the classic and see submitted,
what instruction are called loyalty she said that supportive of israel really just have a legions to a foreign power of prayer that’s a quote.

[45:29] Real treasure hurt his eye she is a true believer know when you try not tell people that i know more,
use some people around here would anyone saying no way she’s not really anti mike she’s an anti design.
Is it really gets she hates israel.
This is not true is not true i will prove it to yo how can i prove it to you so lets start with the history of jewish heritage.

[46:08] Will go to the money won’t support the newer pets wisconsin,
europe usually loss because the way the bible is written in the stars by jesus destroyed the money train to the table the money changers,
and this order that anything that had interest any what is your bank is deduct anything that interests wanting anything,
what’s against the commandments of god and sell it was for any christian to engage in user re what we would call banking except,
and this happened the middle east with the lamp that the seniors since the user already going to hell this was harvey this is what their christmas the european king socks,
well what’s the choose your banking for consulting if this was it made juice but often when things went bad who was the first skate got to come.
Reduce why do a loyalty card copied is the senators and you can see this with the nazis were they say,
you can’t trust the jews because these are really for germany that usually for themselves energy using your app and the world really for new germany
this is called loyalty can you see if there is anyone,
everywhere the last one mind controlled this is a more recent twenty first century start at twenty century adaptation we had the fake documents there’s a sign.

[47:36] Is this idea that the jews control everything you know where the puppet masters in the background they control everyone.
You can find these are the three biggest trump’s about juice not even talk about visual trump spent being you know that im archibald sacrificing babies i’m going to that right now but.

[47:56] Please our troops you want a marc has display every single one of them.
I feel has some point the jews the only really the only really was hey jen tile children i wouldn’t be surprised at this point maybe direct me the weather is really chill
that these are,
classic anti medical things to say no where i know how long did you put this out on twitter or facebook,
what did they say they really mean that shit shit shit is it really me know what you think she doesn’t trust israel and you are wrong is wrong described it has problems and BB
that’s benjamin yahoo prime minister benjamin netanyahu he’s corrupt and she’s jessica
talking bout that no where in those tweets and saying stuff share with you he is ever specific but exactly what is real or even pac still,
she’s like yes those is refusing the power and israel the forces to have a loyalty card to support the benjamin netanyahu gb is not specific and off.

[49:08] God it’s not but the can’t do it yourself she’s four and i’m using yours the one that discussed me i’m i’m really honestly disgusted by this one and this is palo si speaking,
hear this is the best george w bush set the sob biggest rate of expectations of the incident that happened was,
why don’t send link isn’t antisocial she has a different experience in the use of words doesn’t understand,
it’s a love our flight was the cheapest what did not realize but nonetheless that we had to my address.

[49:47] Wow so that you have a fox though little no more she’s.
She doesn’t know better shes not smart enough to comprehend into a cemetery she’s grant new shoes from my new shoes can you.
How is just
doesn’t know the power of her words end this is awful is that was was the worst when there were there many others otherwise congressman,
will it should be with him that’s too bad they don’t have this in audio what kind you would feel quite sad actually
are you vents wednesday he meant manny the media reports in the recent controversy of mentioning that was a small leak and flooded the country move i spent four years ago can you refugee camp before united states.
Open our gifts to her experience is more powerful more your call than people who generations removed from holocaust or the japanese determine camp during world war two.
Quote i’m serious about that there people tell me when my parents to holocaust survivors my parents did this it’s more personal with her and said i’ve talked and i can tell you she is living through a lot of pain.

[51:05] Are there her experience her pain is more powerful than the children holocaust survivors that’s with james clough would like to know if you were part of the new york times,
he said that well it only entertainment from the right and you send me my stance on the left to really matter.
The ones that matter right yeah so its ok if you want a semi on the left.
That’s fine linda sara so where did this go ahead send this head to head this week that.

[51:42] Add your several democrats what the guys in charge the four relations committee,
are any of your immediate responses are there what do you know what your saying i need a need to fix the sensor there’s a portion congress resolution that’s a damn sandwich is wrong and that this being that,
add johan i won’t happen wise.
The resolution bandwidth finance policy which originally was back in december got water down to the point where i am ment nothing i’m just gonna read a little bit from the bill taxed on it.
I don’t see to explode exploit big what can i say political gain starting traditionally persecuted people in here still last.
African americans check to check americans check american pacific islanders check other people color,
choose check my sms check in with check six check LGBTQ can you check my prints chat and others with purple tax inside man an violence yes,
what is a very,
weightloss thing self it was so pointless the twenty three representatives most republicans decided against it,
because they said that no we are not quoting for this manager because this is honestly worse were ok with anti spam reasons and not.

[53:03] We’re not an omar this is so that india didn’t even more suggest staying with the most powerful committees in the house of representatives.
Is there for relations committee how much zero freshmen democrats end up with the chair in there it’s amazing she was given.

[53:21] So some people brag about the swell david dukes and outfits things along mars the most important number of congress party,
u what emoji all i love you know mark a question to kids yet white supremacy SKK k i’ll who else well lowest fare code love this is another friend of march and the fresh faces kroke.

[53:45] How old dominion another one was linda sara who is kevin there will be a podcast episodes onto itself everything that when does she is in need of a bunch of bikinis approach,
are young.
What is the cost CEDAR which is american islamic relations is a mini-fridge american islamic relations with is a frankfurt.
Who loads of things he was a big responsible person for returning the women’s march ten to end my fast and i said on this podcast that the women’s march dates are nov,
search for came out and she’s bragging she’s bragging that the route the expanding the language the resolution conclude can get me all for that betrayal.
It’s hard when she talked to pull he talk to congress and she just make this about the value of the key doing the dirty board of powerful white men,
oh boy i had that’s what happened so.

[54:53] Something that should have been a new clinical interest images of its wrong or what’s wrong.

[55:01] That meant nothing i meant nothing else and some of the people.
That voted against who your calling me now calling republicans racist because so many of them didn’t vote for that switches gas lying at the highest order.
I just can’t do it because you recognize what this is okay and tea sandwiches are in normal people who are anti much.
Including windows and window into the national conversation of the intersections of like saying.
When does she that day get to be pretty decent hi religion.
When did the kings and queens of weakness that is crazy.
It is crazy and it is wrong it is disgusting to me if i am not alone sn there are some democrats particular people who are the children of the holocaust survivors find this.

[56:03] Offensive and wrong so i actually could be offensive when are these is representative ted oh
from florida are democrat and he called about him came to the floor and talked about this resolution youtube this is a powerful condemnation elected officials are saying that this history that we know well,
is invoked by reference into a loyalty and some of my colleagues are saying that it doesn’t matter what that history means to me.
It’s intensely personal because it is on go away in europe.
In asia and the middle east in south america and in the united states eleven people were killed less than six months ago and it’s not because they’re go.
What’s happening in our country should alarm us all the attacks on our colleagues because their muslim or african american or hispanic or members of the LGBT community any attachments must be condemned when is baseball hatred.
How you inbox classic anti semantic high street in the body making that i said that is a.
Hey play bitches worthy of being taken seriously though it’s worthy of being single willi called out jews control the world.
Choose care only about money will the cab be patriotic members of the country which they have words matter.

[57:26] For generations they have had dangerous consequences for me for my family.
N for my people this shouldn’t be so hard.
Wow that was very powerful that ten th from florida representative florida and a democrat,
came out strong against it milk in there was no this talk about intersection of seven,
why isn’t the same is not coming out and see it so much is used to be when is the event theater sectionals believe did i believe to get i should say if it gets but.
Did you see since they are made of mostly white people are not out of the intersection at the pyramid
and are worthy of being taken down i have talked about the floor where the center section will call that you’re just saying a person’s do it just saying another way to say that they’re white.

[58:25] So big which is no longer considered part of a protected class that’s inside the your sectional permit.

[58:32] Someone that came out and this is why you will see more images and it’s no longer.
Bad things good in relation to the intersection left.
Megan mccain daughter of john mccain who is on a vehicle i don’t agree with her ways but sometimes shit is,
on the ball she came out setting i take this very personally i dont a family that’s to much but we have friends are do it’s like a jobs a man and his wife,
they are my family i think crimes in this country very seriously what’s happening in europe very scary sorry if i get emotional i’m typically not jewish
you’re shit is going on that just because you don’t your not of jewish blood doesn’t mean that you can’t take it so serious issues.
Quote it is very dangerous very dangerous is a quiet place americans have both sides and what you are saying is very scary and very scared allow people i don’t forget to be just recognize that well.

[59:27] What’s this be approving how incredibly incredibly ross and discuss things with their become.
Email with this awful awful cartoon was by this artist.

[59:42] Are called you live here double cartoons and it’s monster really is it’s it’s monster has all the classic ops during the months of all the babies blog you have a jewish star.
I’m the dude man it’s it’s really gross i’m people are rightly calling and extremely anti semantic be cause.
Yes it is very anti-social limited,
nasty one thing i was surprised after we can send this i was wondering are the best mobile network articles i frequently do not respond from concourse what you know about megan mccain’s jewish heritage can you read this you can just here,
snarky um,
is that just the vet just spilling speeding forth from david rob is the author of this piece use the four pipe,
make me vacate is not jewish let’s play number one number two yu make me kings convert to judaism.
Ok point three cheese christian born and raised for her father was friends with former connecticut center joe lieberman.

[1:00:49] Quit five she enjoys pastrami sandwiches yes.
What time is it at risk of the tutorial i think u the final interest my fucking syrups set the hatred of jewish people has made me can take a long look in the mirror.
I did it’s gross it’s gross with mccain’s status that it is and that is not cool.

[1:01:15] And many people on the left say
what is that really doesn’t matter we dont really care do we have to seven is mattress on the right and you know we’re really know what she’s saying she’s just to stupid immigrant she’s a stupid minority she know what she’s saying.

[1:01:35] Can you hear this
from the people who preach just constantly to weed things down and white people the shut up in a pool cab i put out reading bravo need to put that minorities and poor of LGBTQ people.
Get very very first ones to begin to use it disgusting intersection of tribes details all day and night ever ever ever get close or used.

[1:02:06] I know i get a little i’m getting a low patch over it but it’s very frustrating and this is how many intersections because,
particular white people you believe that the value of a person is did notice it to the color of their skin.
It’s a miracle characteristics things i cant change.

[1:02:27] There’s a word for that it’s called racism and what happens is you think that black people can ever make it end of any help to get there because i will never be able to make it on their own merits you actually begin to believe that blacks are worse just a little less.

[1:02:42] What is the difference between me 29 2019 service between a progressive we believe we should look at people,
which color blindness we believe martin luther king jr is during the week and every person based upon their character.

[1:02:58] Not the color of their skin.
Here’s my last dog on this the start of you decide to do man on the street interviews with people in the twin cities about ohio march.
And with the exception of one or two people the majority of them said some things that i just said that she doesn’t know better that she’s a muslim men only trying to attack because there is llama forbes.

[1:03:22] And it does make me worry because i part me wanted to believe that we have the exact,
i had this incredibly racist mind set thirst your country’s leadership and in the leadership of different communities and media platforms,
i was hoping that at least in these big cities where these people are leading people themselves to not feel this way and when i get from the star tribune article is that.
This stuff is slowly being invited into all the people themselves.

[1:03:55] Do i think we’ll end up with holocaust concentration camps know if any estimate is wrong.

[1:04:03] Yeah i can i go to the thomas jefferson call because i believe god is just i worry for my country.
Alright let’s take a quick break then i have this awesome mark.
Clip that guy just makes me smile i’m glad i’m not the only one not talking about this stuff particularly i am glad from people who were on the left or right will this is ben you were happy way your podcast be back in just a bit.

[1:04:32] Music.

[1:05:17] Ronda something i talk about VR a lot that there is a i will say a cancer and progressive is am with some of them,
why is the call themselves social justice warriors i don’t think they’re interested in justice i don’t think they’re interested in truth i think interested in clicks,
i think the rangers in things that make people click i want to read them it makes me glad i didn’t have kids
which books should a social justice is the noble idea
yes that is the idea yes and the quality on a just society practice it has become
add tap it towards notions like talking like you can rise above your station in life for color blindness and institutions white supremacy believe all this stuff to
yes it seems like they just start things today you too opposed me that would make you a bad person like to say hey there stephanie what gender.
Disagree with that ask.

[1:06:15] Oh man that was a bill maher on real time with bill maher on HBO we have with AMI no real man and mary katherine ham i love both of them they both concerned in journals journalists and writers and authors
he talks interview it’s it’s five min i just want to play a clip that’s just enough so you can understand this time about but not enough again trouble for
pushing past three years he’s got it down neil down to exactly make out the problem but this crowd.

[1:06:48] It is very very insightful it’s very well done.
Any talks about cultural appropriation how that’s ridiculous because no one is really hard but cultural appropriation or hardly complains.
I’m so i want to go before we go i just want to remind you guys that happy warrior podcast on twitter it on facebook
it’s on mine stock com please check us out on all three it’s happy warrior pete on facebook and minds dot com and just happier on twitter and please
if you like what you heard the please rate and review on itunes gift to five stuff right why you like it,
and that will help people to find their podcast on itunes please tell your friends your family your dog sitter your goldfish is previous owners second cousins dog,

[1:07:35] Hi sister tell her to tell them or tell them though lets continue to grow the singer numbers have been much better lately and been very please with what i been doing the most.
Labor possibly can of trying to grow the stink we have in the pipeline up paperwork and try to get published wherever i’m writing in the style of the federal,
it’s a little lengthy be a little controversial kinda exciting a robert is helping with that we just need help getting the research.

[1:08:07] Add me to do another draft a cell you will publish that you should probably be expecting it come out this week and then i have in the pipeline congressman dusty johnson
has agreed to let me have an interview with them we’re saying that i also may have an interview with some other people.
Big names is very exciting so please please please review the social media tell your friends and family and let’s continue to grow the happy warrior podcast
ok so when are we gonna do our last target news segments of the day what should we talk about.
I want to talk about something that’s very alarming to me so i talk to you about cellcom valley house ill come valley is getting pretty quick with the ban hammer,
either the right or the new sleep yall get out of that only you and a few followers can see you but generally your pin for the rest of the internet so very difficult to get to,
shadow behind kisah turn the camera twitter where people can we see your tweets if they quit on your page.

[1:09:09] And you can see this when you tube google pinterest
facebook to do this in some form hello i just feel good then so it’s hard to find new hardware to find concert ideas i talked about this last week so i check out the episode i get we can do that preview
preview welp what is really bothering me in the how the store has a fault is that valley you please computer private.

[1:09:37] The public sector has an outside and join hands with them and that particular candidate democrats republicans will be just as awful as i got the chance adam chef,
set the sweater out representative adam shih from california his democrats send a letter to jeff bezo is basically threatening them and complain.
Amazon uses algorithms allows people to push misinformation and paid advertising for.
The vaccine movements now i am not anti vac sir yes it vaccines do come with some rest that wrist does not include artists.

[1:10:15] I can’t even up the candle actions maxime there is rare but does happen that can directly affect that’s what you have to check lol couple months later to see if your vaccine talk.

[1:10:28] I’m very very small rare cases the causes people to developments form of the disease there are problems with the vast vast vast majority of people vaccines,
our factory is working ok however i believe in you god the battle of ideas to market place instead and should be allowed to say their peace.

[1:10:49] What is happened is the federal government.
Did the leaders of the federal government and she is now where it is now telling cellcom ballet you can the vouchers off your platform or else and still can’t valley says,
i like it can i have some more that’s what that’s what this is about amazon,
i want some cake although came one by one so amazon was the first.
I’m so they no longer self a box about the vaccination no longer have documentaries about anti vaccination on amazon prime platform.
And they were the first to do so i im currently you can donate from the amazon smile money to the answer charity but very little money cluster but i don’t know if that’s
that big of a deal but i’ll probably be a closed any day now.

[1:11:44] Are there is a great piece on this subject by michelle malkin said she’ll malkin is a picture of her somewhere in my facebook profile,
she’s pretty cool very short journalist i have a lot of respect for her,
she talked about this that in all her family she use for vaccines but you know she doesn’t jump up and down a ways for them questions and she’s skeptical as many journalists
new reporter should be skeptical about everything skip to tell everyone around here.
That’s what i believe and michelle malkin blues and that to my friend john’s interview two episodes back believes and acts as well.
Put on everyone does is have and some people want them to shut up see it’s not just if the SEC is when these people has contacted twitter facebook and google urged them to quote,
this is the c sucking valley quote use whenever making something available to stop promoting sutter science.

[1:12:43] Yes that is the federal government telling a private company.
Yeah okay just stop the bad speech we don’t like make the bad niko hey um this is crazy.

[1:12:58] I cant play their site that were convicted where okay with that is that this is just happening in the recent get away with this because no one really likes the exception be the blame if no one likes the boxers there weird,
they are not very vocal and passionate and there are no other place.
Any new emails have not really want to deal with.
So we let them because they’re weird and john’s know we talked about this before that it’s the weird ones always get ahead first because there are the easy target.
Ok you talked about seeing each individual level like on your app.
Jerry sandusky work if it is we want to push it behind something in the marketplace of ideas so in this case,
vaccinations the anti vaccination croud this is crazy show what happened on facebook
has now banned you can’t put stories about vaccinations if you do you’ll get shot to crash up and dance with the yard monetize tall and the vaccine nation channel i want peace prize all those gifts hundred all together,
zoom in nowhere else and great and the message when its u cant see it vaccinations stuff.

[1:14:16] This is this is a little scary when the few people that spoke out about this is singer paul who is libertarian leaning and he pointed out,
the snow is wrong to say that your vaccines.
Yeah we pay over four billion to the federal vaccine injury compensation program for adults and children’s happen injured but it is.
Wrong to be closing news of speech off just because we don’t like him.
Okay like the anti vaccine crap it doesn’t mean you should have the right good idea because you wanted the things that alex jones when they closed last year it is he just had an episode of podcast three hours,
i want to still pretty big
i think we got close to waitlist nearest i think it made them bond even closer home picture like yeah everybody’s acting get alex you must be on to something
it’s there that when there’s opposition to be that you’re right.

[1:15:20] Ight this is a little disturbing too meet pinterest is now another one that saying that they will not allow vaccinations stuff,
you tube its sad that day will change the algorithms and only allow the start of sources including away but if youre captain marvel c capture more leads have a bunch of these very critical pieces about it,
but all brie larson is terrible political pondering that was messing up wifi in the marketing campaign.
And new champs just said well bitch i made this new subject quote news on quote um and so this means that the support team.
I eat all traditional media outlets will be at the top and the you have to scroll through alot of stuff eventually gets you are the independent you tube that no more critical.

[1:16:08] It doesn’t just the flight is the problem see i said starts with a vaccination crowd but it moves on to something more serious and for example i want to go to and this is all strange.
Tommy robinson now tell robin is a bit of a controversial right if we in person part of you cap which is it,
independence party not night united kingdom independence park you can’t be what is the founder of i can’t think of its name now it was this group because of white supremacy want to be came that way
he i don’t agree with him he know he has been barred rock is not always exactly specifically as a tax,
your videos are missing also erase stop the war they were just so supposedly now he don’t take them someone else did i don’t know if i want to take into a boeing income st tommy robin,
just do it doesn’t deserve to be like i’m not saying you should promote the time he shouldn’t be banned for speaking time robertson most famous last year when he was the only one willing to take video of this game going to court,
is make.

[1:17:21] I paid files that we’re adopting and raping british girls win the pirates with the police said too bad when i like to talk to you about it and so,
robinson susan know what i just can’t take my hand to bbc one reported other police will talk about it.

[1:17:39] I’m just going to take a video of these guys going to court if she was on the other side of the street he was arrested for the present it was a long affair eventually he got a bit more about that later.
can you gain fame so he set up for you as a political banana political farce because he’s become an independent guy that’s what you tell the truth is can i have this feeling threatened
is also important also if you have many people to discuss being a faggot,
who is just embarrassment to love the people that can serve a party feel this way about him he’s just represents bad seventy give this a bad name.
May have some truth to that but tommy robinson does deserve to be allowed to say piece.
Not celsius is can you meet me.

[1:18:33] His butt kicked all banks except ing in january.
Pj me to report the amazon which is taking points from the council on american islamic relations this is the correct group as a front for her mosque,
our blender search for loves it loves dr who is the first attack anyone call them in islam.
Where is the biggest towards islam people from islam muslim religion.
They are not your FBI the CIA files on the day of judgement i terrorism.

[1:19:10] Amazon was using them in other groups like the southern poverty law center another hoop that you really never listen to
and trust in him which box and nearest to not be allowed to be sold who gets the ban hammer and so they were blocking any block that was critical illness one,
well it turns out that this went to.
Tony robbins robertson just came out with a boy he helped calm it’s correct.
And it’s not what you can get someone talks to me it’s a conflict increase some of the korean,
history himself and this is something you’re not allowed to talk about you all.

[1:19:57] Yes this is light to all sorts of craziness this with the justification that people were looking for a so you tube spending u.
Facebook has banned them twitter and instagram his band in the ball band in him because he created human screen no this is where it gets really weird because.

[1:20:20] Yeah i was told about him being banned
in the first place and it looks like there’s a good strong case be made that tell me he was in band for the buck about the hobbits grand that’s not be sold on amazon it looks like it’s because he’s holding,
bbc out for wasting taxpayer dollars self he did this documentary i’m i can’t think of its name with select piano grandma something.
Any help yeah sorry,
hello drama the drama where he had a report of activists is not quite report to work at four am that was meeting with our this drone was the BBC documentary call tom and swing,
any video,
todd sweeney does a couple bad things you should never do his drops won’t you spell left right on the taxpayers dime for very expensive food and drink and he wasn’t any bread.

[1:21:13] Hi sad which is the champagne of january can i have some red wine here i am expenses in a blizzard of it no expense spared make it two hundred twenty pounds per expense on food.
It’s like got three hundred fifty or so here anyhow the interview the BBC guy says that huh
white working class mail aliens from outer space and they’re like amazon inc animals
tell me robin singh guy ten for this wise friend of his was approached to work on this documentary,
what is being described by at mr sweeney is the tommy take down this wasn’t gonna be cold honey by the group of nine haight which is george soros organization.
And it was,
yes the gigantic gigantic misdimeanor some more to add the guy was trying to set it up as i got your review he said some very weird thing is a strange,
very very strange recording so really embarrassed the BBC,
i hate being embarrassment and it was right after that s that we got the announcement all hall.

[1:22:20] Tom robbins book is band turn around and spend a you tube the robinson spend on facebook time in robertson band on twitter.
And the guy for the BBC is not tied to eat something else actually said so i can review i recently had a meeting with facebook.
Discussed b robinson pages and their impact in bringing watch your support terrorist use violence against muslims a very good results i am proud of my brother so i am director of a broadcaster on the BBC,
ugh again he convinced facebook banned to be robertson so if you are the bread if you’re a brit and you feel that the BBC.
End the media and political systems protect all working together to take.
People u play police down this is that evidence and he is horny discounted really yes he gets even worse.
For example.

[1:23:15] Chief re rahim hassan he use to be awed the guy with the bright blonde and i work for the daily caller white sphere object.
He was banned right around this time and restoran say it was just an accident.

[1:23:34] Will that was such an accident how do we get this story facebook purge of british right wing following political pressure.
Give me robinson was far from the only white right winger that got banned.
On facebook and elsewhere anyways a bunch of people and the british conservative party and people who are part of uk.
Okay is beyond the winter gets robinson,
we now have proof that members of the BBC and numbers of the leads or labour party or actively talking to you,
i feel kinda valley companies to ban tommy robinson other people in the political british right and i should add that tommy robinson this on days are numbered i was recently announced
can i buy some labour party people that tony robbins is going to office awesome,
contempt of court proceedings that come out of that with the muslim robe kings so they not done with him.
Not at all this is happening this is british government where can we still come valley to get people don’t like band which is a mirror reflection of what i just talked about here in the us where the federal government.

[1:24:50] Grabs the hand of its best party so come bally in the goats down the street and what they dont like when this cases are you.
This is dangerous,
press it to send this really is this is this is a new deal kinda stuff i mean this is this is propaganda kinda stuff.
This is a very dangerous precedent be set an i don’t know from when i really dont really trust compile all that much because their standards and free speech pretty low these days.
But somehow,
super from that press the federal government the arkansas use their powers wasn’t log in the midst ration that lois had the IRS with using it to punish a conservative libertarian and christian political groups did not mean on,
is it hot is non for profit not for profit tax status of the way rob you know putting up,
nearest shopping from organizing their chargers two is,
what kinds of weird stuff was going on and nobody is ever lost their job there is in regard trouble and administration god turn to the trump administration and as far as we know it and it.
Will we have much stories for the irs.

[1:26:11] Is now targeting him to see this is where i got i worry because here’s another group that the federal government feels shaken after,
directions rolling that certain drug policy reform groups are not allowed to be a tax exempt organization.
It’s no no this is a little obscure but its internal revenue bolton okay it’s a rule insists that is when i texted,
text exams reservation is purposes directed the improvement of business conditions of one of my line been struggling to your blow the gym,
open control substances.

[1:26:46] This is that groups at all what is the legalized drugs it’s ok if you deny them a tax return tax statuses.
Now people are saying that this is against the constitution that this is illegal that this is wrong and those are all true and i dont know how long it will take for that to change i’m,
but this is just another example guys this is uh something with dads controversial speech that the computer is not like,
they are beginning i don’t like the idea of the federal government in the valley working together,
did you want to take out the things or people four issues they don’t like it’s not a good thing it was just the private companies that wasn’t good with the federal government but these two team up,
play mario and luigi hey what what crazy a wonderful and beautiful things are gonna get up to,
i mean i could talk about how google never told of project dragonfly google just google employees just revealed,
the found out that the project is still there still a new code every day in the project just change names but it looks like google still planning on doing it.
I just don’t trust these people it cures the point where i go back your session for last time.

[1:28:06] Intersection audi justified you want to do a lot with you think something is up for religious level power it authorize you to do things you otherwise would normally never do.
If you believe in a religion then this is a crusade okay this is a crusade this is jihad this is righteous and justified.
Who is wrong is it bad there making children are we stop them in their misinformation.
You’re sexy now you wanna justify your questions and ideas free speech does not matter and brittany the REF come out going after political actors they just don’t the road.
Where should we have the first commandment but i just joined with is stories sometimes they don’t let that get in there and we had more cause everyday particularly from those that want socialism that you know it’s better to have gourmet control than to have it,
just dance trying to use their rights for something we just don’t.

[1:29:08] It’s where is something i really worry about where our country is going some days,
i hope you learn a lesson before it gets too bad because we are not gonna go to nazi germany stuff i think we’re in the ground work for first something monstrous i know what that would look.
Would it be bad who would be bad it was something go down in history as one of the evil we need to watch ourselves and learn from this,
you wanna be wl need to be the true well can wake up to our problems sending reform it from the inside out you know when the most important things and listen to my problems i have with my podcast,
i’m really great hang out the problems that are happening i can’t even lay out to much and why they’re happening but there isn’t a good solution.

[1:30:00] So here here’s the best solution i can get for you we need to return two strong families and strong religion.

[1:30:10] That does not sound at all interesting anime
i can’t play new project please do not boring solution well it’s because when you’re sexy so much control our lives is because the places that family religion use to hold,
the things i gave a new life and be replaced by politics in your sexuality is that number one radiology.

[1:30:33] That is why we are in the mess we are and that is what people are feeling justified use the powers of government and companies to push down the things they don’t like a promo the things we do.

[1:30:46] I think i need another promise i think that our life become so convenient that.
We lost connection to grow and others up to use my last piece me and share with you this study came out and that proves it shows that people go through war of the people have been traumatic events in their lives.
More religious it there’s a survey was published in the human nature human behavior.
It shows that the id and there are no it is and fox holes it’s true that people who go through in the end up being more than just.

[1:31:26] I miss the be like september is the weather sucked the wind out of jason a loan the outstanding you know.

[1:31:37] Andy found that was most experienced award membership religious groups increase by twelve fourty and fourty one percent points respectively.

[1:31:48] If you want to solve the country the first thing you need to do what is needed find me any reason your life it’s not politics.
Need you to take care of the people who are closest to you.
If you want to be a true happier and helped turn this country around us from this is that we seem to be running towards is fastest we can,
you need to turn in your lives turn this around if i’m in your life teacher kids to find meaning in that which is really good
you are pretty your life you try to fix it or if you seek from your loved ones your church what is your keypad on the small love you don’t feel that a big government or corporations to fix your problem.

[1:32:31] I’m relieved and use people menu teaches people murali and philosophy.
I want you to teach your kids the history of these things are coming our way this this is if we did this.
And all these other problems we could turn away from because we had some principles that we’re sitting strong and top of you know that was like this when there is the speed of your christian me.
There’s a stalled story there is a hole in my church’s cross rd st about.
Other wise man and a full span it’s from the parable of the new testament jesus you know there’s to swap.

[1:33:14] And that there can you check the first man he built his house but he built this house.

[1:33:22] The wise man built his house upon the rock in this foundation makes you was because when the rains come is russia.

[1:33:33] Who takes out the house on the sand it’s not built nice strong foundation is strong principal just wiped out.
Would that either nature and the winds of change it’s just white off the face of the map with the house on the rock stood still it state.

[1:33:50] That’s what we need to be everyday families lives and our churches need to be put you are we need to be selling the house is on the stable foundation.
End the author you own faith my own family the reason i can hold on.

[1:34:08] And go through all these trials particular this trial of my carpet is in almost no pain treatment reason why i can hold on it’s because i have faith.

[1:34:19] My relationship with my savior is faith the love of my family.
I have faith and wisdom of god’s faith in the divine blessings of principal was never given a refund again.
I know sky is part of the invited to meant in our founding documents and decoration independence united states constitution.
Those are defined documents yesterday in perfect made by man the food for thought prince’s the nation can strive to live by.
We were perfect we always wanted to do better and that’s what abraham lincoln luther king both wigs are are you founders of our nation.
Because the hardest to rise and come closer to those principles we all hold dear now.
We want to throw them why so much so many of us wanna throw.
That is wrong we need to clean entire principle new client relations we need to clean your family.

[1:35:21] You things will be alright you have the world turns bad if we have a list of things in life i think will be the weather this storm.

[1:35:30] I did not religious but this is something on iheart philly pray and hope you take my advice on.

[1:35:40] Amen amen brother amen.

[1:35:49] Well this is been happy warrior podcast with your favorite hoe push the other wes moores happy,
i’m grateful to you have on you here with me today i know this is a bit long winded had a family member like i can assist you please use the daily wire podcasts owe you like fifteen minutes skip the commercials.

[1:36:11] I like this podcast i hope you guys to keep working and keep trying to make it better if you try to learn from my mistakes keep communicating on the social medias which is why i need to check on a facebook,
remind him happy order pizza and a twitter happier send me a message say hi on whatsapp also please write a review so itunes and tell all your family friends,
cold fish previous owner’s cousins dog walker her step father in law.
You guys have been great god bless united states god bless the true sushi sweat tears and blood for our sacred liberties.

[1:36:51] And you are really great can i help you know it alright well goodnight america.

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