Happy Warrior 36 Professor Wilfred Reilly

I have the honor of interviewing Professor Wilfred Reilly about his book: Hate Crime Hoax, how the left is selling a fake race war! We discuss the current state of the nation regarding hate crime and the mistrust between Americans of different backgrounds and races.

Plus we talk about college campuses, free speech, and why the alt-right and social justice warriors are really just the worst.

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Machine Transcript
[0:24] Hello everybody this is a happy warrior podcast in your ever so humble host
happy were your paint today i have an accident episode for you and i have a special guest today you gotta listen to kentucky state university professor and author.
Dr welfare,
i would like a dr riley wrote this amazing book called hate crime hoax have left is selling off a grey swan i just recently read it is excellent other
you don’t let the title fool you this this book really should be anyone that interested in politics and in hate crimes
and how old journals and reports on issues of racism hate crimes it’s very fast it’s not just about left got making up things to talk about many people who are alright his whole chapter just devoted,
you cock asian created a hate crime hoax so it’s a really solid bucket can i make seven cycle the last,
ten years pussy has like a couple from the nineties of hate crimes that ended up being fake.

[1:33] And the commentary and why this happened why were gonna see more of them and if you want to stop these things regularly happening how what we need to do to change that we go through all that,
in the interview interview runs about forty minutes,
yeah i hope you take from it uh what i did i learned a lot of dr riley is awesome he’s a he’s good personality is helping the chemistry that was just crackling,
arnaud the audio is across a post by the way so this video that i recorded this with,
he is going to crossbow his post i don’t stuff so maybe hearing this from the bottom of umm well that is all i gotta say please
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[2:45] I want people to make sure login timberwolves are there just to make a pickup,
we have checked and all three hand thank you so much i add you guys have been awsome alright well here is incredible,
intelligent doctor will friend riley that guy
alright well i’m glad to be here today this is that happy warrior podcasts for those of you whom haven’t listened before i have the pleasure to be meeting with professor
alfredo here well really i guess that’s what i heard you say enough positive review he is the fantastic author of.
I’m gonna be getting the right name here i hate crime.
Hawks how the left is selling the fake race war II teaches that he is a professor of political science and criminal justice over add a kentucky state university.

[3:46] I guess you have i read somewhere that you have another box hiding out the fight the fight fifty million dollar question but that’s sounds like a very scholarly.
Pizza work.

[3:58] Yet so be the first book that i wrote is the fifteen million dollar question in examination of white people value identities like rates.
And what i did that but are you familiar with andrew thacker i am not sorry and your still a great guy i’m.
Andrew thacker was an obscure but very influential political scientist and what made an influential was the fact that in nineteen ninety two i believe.
Who really who and the idea of white privilege himself along with other woman named peggy mcintosh.
Andrew thacker asked a bunch of white guys mostly irish italian guys in queens new york how much they have to be paid to be black if that were possible.
Edit order question but you do have that part in your block that’s right you did mention that.

[4:52] What hacker and responds and got was that the average white guy i would have to be paid fifty million dollars over the course of their lifetime to be come black.
Add that was part of the foundation of the idea of white privilege that wine white people are so races,
and two white status has such a value in our society
you have to give the average white guys fifty million dollars in order for him to agree to become a black,
and when i wrote my college dissertation to be can the first but would also prove all people that is interesting apparently but i got the major flu and that was that haven’t asked anyone who wasnt white.

[5:34] Umm this is kinda like the alfred kinsey how big is your penis question your get some kind of bizarre answer.
So are you obviously have a very diverse friend group lot of is a upper middle class and already individuals and i originally asked a group of one hundred black an asian man that i was workgroup and web how much they have to be paid to become white.

[5:55] And the average was a b million dollars.

[5:59] You adjust for inflation this with tears after a experiment but i became curious about whether he approves of and what about white privilege lol.
So for my dissertation in for the book i survey thousands of people that agreed to sit in for the bag and i asked how much do i have to be paid if this was possible at all,
change range of these kind of core characteristics like res,
sex sexual orientation or religious faith i was in southern illinois that started,
heartland traditionally religious region of the country i found a bunch of fascinating things,
first i find that minorities in general more attached to their racism racist if you wanna use that turn the lights.

[6:43] Add the group that demanded the most money to make any kind of identity change with old asian man boots,
let’s go and have had a negative view of westerners and general ledger are u for real omg savages reliving it caves were living with is fascinating black tested him lights on every measure races included in black and white are pretty similar,
i tested wellhead westerners i also found that people are much more attached to other characteristics tend to write.

[7:14] Show people value their sexual orientation much more i for example i would be coming okay is not identified black and native guys stare me a few million dollars i like cocktails with lemon up i dont think i would change my orientation to become a gay man.
I’m without any hostility of that group brianna very sizable bottle of money.
How people call you a great deal women did not want to be men men did not want to be when i many people don’t value in there with changing their religious traditions believe that litteraly to hell,
so we found that all groups display very similar levels operational identification of racism with minorities actually have white,
can we also found the trace was not the thing people value of the most kind of the hope that movement be alright,
i said to orientation why is religion wise social class was on the one st of service or is that sachs so i print all the stuff i sold it is a book that skylar is ai.
What is the name indicates i meant size academic pressure and that was that was the first one yet and ask nishant market.

[8:18] I thought taking plenty of courses had to read similar books i would like a box out back is the professor riley is kind of the expert on hate crime,
uncle how is he tsar he put together a pretty,
decent sized book and talking about eleven hours to get through to think that is on audible um it was pretty well and i would say that your bot,
add it from the title you think it’s more towards conservatives thought was actually,
pretty fair i thought that fruit i got that even if you are not concerned that you can take a walk away from it i enjoyed i thought i also enjoy you have ordered a percent of your,
i click with so i thought was i always find out of remind me of being back in graduate school but.
Thank you and a couple years at a graduate school so maybe some of that dry humor being up for those sixteen hour overnight servive okay so i got your card of to come on the podcast i really excited to talk about this subject.

[9:23] It’s so interesting self you basically if i can if i can’t put put the ball into a quick couple sentences basically the book is about how,
good portion the we can specify how much could be as high as two thirds may be our.
He is particularly the ones that we re in the news.
Reorder effect their fate usually by people who have either out to benefit themselves or it’s for a cause.
Or both in any of your book by the way need like a sub need to get subtitles because it says why the left and also some of the alright because i think you have a whole chapter devoted justin,
i thought was fascinating had read much of that before.

[10:12] Yeah i mean i think that’s a good summary understands what the book says is that
a very large percentage of at least a high profile widely reviewed wanna pool hate crime scene in the median the past decade or so have been facts.
And i mean obviously recently we saw the jesse small suitcase on crazy story where i am and claimed he was attacked by two races donald trump supporters wearing a red maga hats,
carrying out news i carry a bottle of bleach that sell the damn thing was a polar storm at two am.
I need so much hair bleach freezes at twenty one degrees that turned out is want to come so what should i be ready when he was attacked by a group of men,
i just because of his race and sexual orientation mr smile at a game as it happened and it turned out as far as anyone can tell that whole thing was a massive hoax and that is nothing new.

[11:11] Week before that we saw coming dan catholic.
Where i meet again and have the internet been real that would’ve been a crime and probably a hate crime native american indian elders said he was assaulted by a group of prep school athletes they did build the wall.
Are they studied and long hair very ironic things to say to an indian,
i’m trying to take his tribe sacred drum turn up but never happened to justin between two groups of men.
I just closed on our eastern michigan with the graffiti allegedly targeting black students grand rapids or young black woman claimed she had urinated on litteraly by white men.
That’s really good yeah that was a crazy crime um requested in happened.
What college are at twitter account called key and you against the blacks with set up and tweet about these death threats wisconsin parkside nuisance found across the campus.
Just thought of the university of virginia where the claim was that the fraternities were running anti feminist the rate brings i love the story of how the cab to g k se dice a duke lacrosse with the climate the exotic dance,
exotic dancer and online apple really i mean i knew some of what about that case but me neither timid hear what happened to her out of dudley that was involved in this since then it’s very fascinating.

[12:34] Oh
yeah what will the weather be involved clearly has some mental issues and involvement in the extent that i feel sympathetic you do water to beach can for those that this is apparently expecting group of three males one white one black gucci shoes,
reset been arrested for murdering trying to murder her boyfriend.

[12:54] That was the second boyfriend she attacked with a knife me she’s been in prison sense then.

[12:59] Show me ray what is normally something you share on your bed i broke up with my accent i changed the house with a knife.
Try to kill all water under the bridge to make sure that i intend to see some pretty crazy stuff in andhra profiles so i’ve heard any rate i’m all those cases have in common that they were thanks.
I became interested several years back and the phenomenon of a hate crime that i put together a data set it was originally four hundred nine case is now five hundred sixteen cases,
the thunder spirit is available to anyone who wants a bottle of documented mostly felony level hey.
I don’t estimate exactly what percentage of hate crimes are fake send but i think i would be very difficult to do.
What did is not a small percentage i mean there are blessed.
Stop and then report a hate crime each year that’s reports that’s not convictions convictions about five percent of that,
it seems very likely there are more high profile hate hoax is that high profile hate convictions see you normally see something like that were there say at twenty five to fifty percent rate of false reporting for a crime,
use modern imperial methods to look at why.
I used to like google scholar NJ store to standard data analyzed in staples i was curious and i think the book a cab.

[14:24] No i declare goods it was extremely therapeutic i was on my i gotta be rude otherwise get i got is nothing as the instructions i would like to add a flight profile on ok i think you get the picture.
Yep it is i find it so fascinating because it jose crimes themselves they say so much about,
where our culture is at i think a big part is more of what they say about me you know i have a journalism background so on this podcast we often talk about issues through the lens of journalism and.
It’s pretty bad it’s it’s it’s obvious how easily.
Misled me the media is on the staff newport out of formula there that you can it’s pretty.

[15:14] Accurate your like some obscure he said me wait for five miles,
time goes on find out it’s fake me a hybrid map,
when you said you have an example of what i think it was to be with ramsey was the huffington post that the transaction was twenty five words twenty five working it’s like what’s the sense in half,
i was surprised at the get the word isn’t died in there.

[15:45] Yeah that was the paris tennessee case where the original article headline aww who are we and bushes obama’s america,
i heard LGBT on health food store and a good size tennessee so burned down,
who talks the place for insurance money claim but he been attacked by a group of males,
he had the word fag written on his forehead and vicious attack huffpost covered at blank page blog articles and did not turn down the whole thing was a fake i mean in these cases they are cameras nearby nothings ever captured,
any these cases there’s an amount of insurance money that’s pretty sizable on the table,
please turn on the hallmark of a good turn out to be fake any other posts that you were really sad random twenty where traction saying you know if you wanna checkout what happened in this case click here and go to this more conservative site.
yeah but the wand to use and the book is the general pattern is that i obviously be a story like jesse smile that will surface,
it’ll be reported on every front page it’ll be reported in prime time coming and kathleen is well.
Turn out to be a fake tracking will be answered on page twenty six of the ledger and pet cat section that’s very often what the thing.

[17:06] Yeah i’ve already mine is behind this part as before and was wondering if you guys that was willing to question the jesse small republic near set that.
What is that i was the only one that from the beginning says this doesn’t seem real he was just the only one the had the balls that was going to come out is the police know,
may the local affiliates new,
new everyone was to scared to come on space like this is just perfect i mean if i was a betting man i would bet this thing is completely false.
What kind of push back by the media is just crazy i don’t know what other word to use for.

[17:46] Will this whole idea of narrative but there are tons of things that taxpayers especially widespread especially middle class individuals just can’t stay even though everybody knows them.
I’m women’s sometimes live at the wanna b’s a crime rates for various ethnic groups want my global standard testing extraordinarily high one here in the USA how much things you did not suppose to say what i find absurd.
What’s the small place to the classic example of this because just the small in my opinion with obviously light.

[18:19] I mean as u mentioned that he was attacked will be cold polar vortex day in chicago is negative twenty-seven.

[18:27] I was attacked at two o’clock in the.
Are you set the two guys that attacked a white i’m not sure how you can tell because he would be waiting first game astronaut kinda weather in the midwest.
What is the bridge of my nose or some other crazy is the language um.
He said the people that attacked him had a bottle of bleach gallon bottle i had in frozen a half an hour is it whatever they’re out of walnut and rope news recognized him from empire which is obviously a huge favorite of mine right wing trump supporters.

[19:00] No i’m already started i never miss that one can never miss an episode send you watch scandal to not.

[19:08] Let’s when do the life it was good i can’t remove it schedule and fire that,
i had a very reserved a plot line where further christmas special they had when the characters are receiving a portion to the toothbrush the cycling tonight.

[19:22] Scandal is the stuff.
How do you spell your favorite down on the farm are out on the golf course i been so busy set these people um.
They recognize him immediately from empire up beating your current reading was three minutes,
i’m always somehow fighting guys big guys is a subway sandwich on his hands,
he walked into his old building bloody with a noose around his neck and no one noticed um.
And then he set there for forty minutes and was persuaded by neighbor called the police and i think it’s pretty obvious to anyone that ever been in a fight to anyone’s ever been involved in a legal proceeding,
that probably why is not true what’s on the people talk about his after the fact from chicago so eddie johnson the top cap there good police officer,
robin roberts all say we knew this was born which is what are robert’s whatever,
no but i will you provide me she says where i knew this was a crazy story i wanted to get a report of my background,
thank you cats he said the opera middle class woman especially a black woman especially one blood of friends in the gay community i didn’t want to stay there is because what it.

[20:42] Yeah what if they actually had happened what is the bad old days were better under president trump and people are just laughing at it a minute
who be at fault but i mean the reality and most of these stories is from the start many people probably most people in law enforcement and the media have,
strong suspicion is that the case is it real,
it’s just absolutely taboo to say that i don’t have started to actually do something stand honestly discuss race and class with america,
yes that’s for sure but definitely i think it’s time to thinking people are so,
quit the job and not judged with much intelligent by the way it’s it’s really dark blonde hair probs five prob.

[21:29] Rock.
My apologies professor that’s i’m dog sitting while i’m doing this.
I think im burning out your ear drums i think okay so there is a particular example.
With this is why i felt really so you talk about VR box.
In the case this is what i think it stayed with me the most was the story about the amazon cards to new york.
Yes men so we’d and it’s a very disturbing story because you find out,
this was actually her house was to cover up that her father had almost killed her mark the recovery i don’t remember the recovery you’re not.
What’s that’s two different cases it.
Yeah one was the LORD murder which way that was a very disturbing case that was.

[22:27] Missed your message was barely something about her family her find me a rocky resistance and fight brave without leaving a spot here,
her husband beat her to death but standard one of them suspect infidelity i think there was an issue with the daughter date a christian man,
set her husband beat the wife the wife end up suffering a skull injury and dying and the husband writes a note that says something like to go home and leave them near the body that was the one case,
we was kind of the first jesse smaller so jasmine was a college student at bear in new york.
Who claimed that she was attacked on the NYC subway by a group of white men rick dinner he job i heard favorite job that colder at terrorist.
Treetop and place that we threatened sexual assault around and she said no wonder they’re trained anything to help or the shades of kitty genovese e,
finally was able to escape and she reported this to the police because it was a joke or unpleasant became the subject of a state wide investigation turned up the cheapest made the whole thing up with the cab getting crazier and crazier.
I mean at one point she panicked and she flat or home.
I think she just almost sympathetic we wanted to spend some time with friends for a day or two and think things through much but don’t tell anybody so get another man who began.

[23:55] And these cops were roaming to new york city weather in error looking for her,
i want u finally re appeared baby and the question the whole narrative is and why is this woman disappeared.
Why is she disappeared after these intense allegations record interrogation room and finally found it made the whole thing up,
what is an element of domestic abuse there is well i’m the reason she falsified the story is that she didnt want to be.
Add stroke or mentally disciplined by our parents or having spent a night out drinking with a group of christian american friends.
So she said that she tagged she was traumatized two hours to recover and that was to avoid any kind of her parental discipline.
What ya doin both of those are disturbing stories that include an element of potentially a beer and we thought it was so good.
What was crazy what’s new refer to this the daily caller has this picture of a record in your head.
Add caller the comment the front runner the car is like other actually been something pretty nasty cohen on here and the media just completely ignored it.

[25:04] Yeah when would you mind if i get a free second close the drapes in my office it’s pretty sunny yeah that’s fine let’s find you find me and the dog sensed it’s perfect.
Do you have a sports.

[25:22] What are the films of barry.

[25:58] You will you take your drapes i’m sorry we’re you punch the someone take your drapes.
No i’m apparently not gonna be able to close a mrs i’ve been i move to a new ipad is actually a promotion but VR window drapes.
Don’t fully closed so i’m a probably have to.
Bring it to school or something and fix the next couple of days its affected so you tube and i skype videos so i’m not living that bachelor life just yet.

[26:30] Well ok so just a couple more things i really appreciate you taking the time so talk about.
Chelsea clinton i want to talk about the bathing that came out about william madison s p r six i think the speech to our culture is in such a crazy place right now what else can you see the video you sure.
Where is she is if we are still those those twins and the skin your face like you you’re the best vegan there are essentially saying you’re the reason the new zealand shooting happened was terrible awful awful thing for so many reasons.
I feel like white how are we going to turn this ship around his books as well maybe of wine for,
no you say yeah trust but verify you’d like one for seven take the claim seriously but if you like it when they’re making you gotta come down with the ban hammer as they would say on the you tube.

[27:29] What do i think we should do think that we should return to emphasize an imperial citizen as opposed to this nonsensical idea of my trip.
So things are we talking about mathematics in my realm of social science journalism is the truth or not.
So it’s really not true that by criticizing and condemn anti cemetery chelsea clinton constant attack on muslims.
I mean there a couple of ways to measure the task first did the shooter who wrote charles martells name on the barrel of is ar fifteen who isn’t a trainer who was the fourth and or i mean did that guy like chelsea clinton.
No i mean he was controlling fashion making fun of candace owens for being too far away so.
Obviously chelsea clinton inspire the shooter is if you want to look at this from another level housing anti seventies or.
Seems to me to have more than kind with opposing what is my phobia.

[28:32] Bend to be opposed to meet in both cases europos was enough for a bigger three hours so essentially i think when people make statements that seem bizarre or crazy,
we need to return two apparently critique of the month we have a culture of real conversation in that include everybody right now we don.
I’m what you see on the left in terms of the intersection on hierarchy to me is just kind of white supremacy in reverse.

[29:00] The idea is basically that if you are the more victim group you can speak no one else can criticize you.

[29:08] And this is kind of the reverse of what you see on the right during the rise of the evangelical movement of people and say what i have a question,
just virtually anything i got position on gulf war one,
okay call me and this is the western michigan u that doesn’t mean anything imperial you say the same thing now we reverse what people say something like well as a black woman,
as a game and read studio white appalachian guy with green eyes i feel blank.
Push up the package and those categories does it mean that what you’re saying isn’t stupid nonsense so i think when people say stupid nonsense like.

[29:50] Add a poster and anti senators is the reason for his life big or should be called out on that.

[29:56] What’s your name by the way i got the remote will double standard that both sides but especially the lab having this kind of thing i need to know how to do more with saying things like that you have the world of,
hot or not she was going for all the classic ops all in all the great auntie’s submitted crops,
i mean if you told that all about the benjamin seventies or eighties classic estimated statements i need to,
no the one that got mad i couldn’t believe she said that she lost a small bag with a friend about was the world started so i pulled it out,
end the most difficult possible way you know that could be perceived as anti.
It was immediately attacking shut it down but wasn’t sure down using one because there is no way that’s not anti semantic shut it down using the hammer of greater victim hood i need how do you say that i black
emigrate refugee ban muslims hate the umm.
But at any rate i think that people constantly say things like we need to have a real conversation about race what i generally means you need to listen to me complain for two hours.
I think we do have a real conversation about race and class and immigration and so on and i think.

[31:17] View only way to do that is to again honestly and accurately speed and criticize other people do the same.

[31:26] I don’t know the answer because the answer all lights it’s probably the right answer them the real solutions know what they’re like vegetables of the don’t taste good,
EMI bit more expensive but they are good for you,
i think you’re right i hope play that pendulum will swing back to sanity i mean if i were about the time i want to say.
Before we do that you’re gunna have to change to a different because although.
I think there’s something is time is gone by me just came out that thou you don’t know this baby but in the journalism world be like to be like,
where above it all were but by display the BBC ask him why does have been holding in the two years that was part of this adult black sheep supper are there any old,
get rid very strange addiction i need to purposely sat on the ainda a quote.
I can’t figure out why it’s late but tell me just what i said go back to that go back to trying to be objective and what is a journalist i believe its trying its important to try to balance both sides are,
whatever they wanna call it i don’t think we’re gonna get on top of that.

[32:43] Add NIB can i have a couple minutes to talk to interesting topic i think you’re right about that i do think that media narrative creation is a thing that occurs in this country to levels that most americans are not aware of.

[32:57] Um
has a lot of bias is one of them obviously as you know is towards sensation elizabeth in extreme tied so this is why you see so many stories about bullshit that’s not gonna kill you and the mass media all shark attack for example,
my young child kidnapping all of this is stuff that’s been found to be click bait that sells fans for trucks in niagara.
So that is a fact what are the first things i tell my political science to eleven instead of what you see in the media has very little resemblance to what’s actually going on inside.

[33:30] Major problems in the united states of america like suicide for veterans sixteen thousand a year.
Automobile wreck forty five thousand people are killed just to lay around on the highway.
A prostate cancer and other diseases of the primarily affect men who is issues are almost never discussed what you get instead of shark attack and terrorism,
what other buyers the media does have i think it’s a kind of conventional coast liberal lights on.
Umm you probably know this but in two thousand four to date a very comprehensive survey of print and broadcast media members,
survey this is your buckeyes i read this a couple different place yeah it’s the survey that’s on point ninety three percent of everything bagels and left a moderate,
add seven percent conservative the many kinds include libertarians and cabs anything along those lines when you have a flatbed that extreme
i mean compared to meet me about sixty five thirty five i can’t live cortland quote you can see the affects of sugar a lot of nerve that the media wouldn’t even notice.
What up my research work appears in the butt like one point i mentioned that i actually worked at the total number of unarmed black man who was shot by cops and very representative year twenty fifteen is it called and it turned out to be seventeen.

[34:50] So we think this is an epidemic because the media has presented an hi with every wind of those seventeen tiny obscure cases of white trash me for a minute map.
Turn that you would be printed this seventy six percent of people shot by police are not black and whites hispanics blacks aren’t disproportionate and black population percentage about fourteen percent,
percent shot by his twenty two percent blacks also slightly higher crime rates let it definitely um,
international crime in general is treated in this way by the media to put it together hoax.
What we generally start is it a typical year in relation between whites and people of color is seventy to eighty percent anti white.
What about ninety percent of media attention is devoted to the typical wait on for example black cases.
There’s not trace why it american whites or blacks are killing other and great numbers eighty five percent of murder victims are killed by someone of their race the new,
what is the way in which the media is taking even the little bit of data exist and manipulating is really really remarkable.

[35:58] Can you repeat crime is well i mean there’s no epidemic of crime there less than seven thousand felony or a misdemeanor hate crime here,
why does the media focus on that to raise and it appeals to conventional liberal narrative wine and get people watch it.
Please remove the old days a clan the panthers fighting in the street or scared of and that i wanted to happen again i watch videos about it that still waiting for the next thing collected by agra so.
That’s why the media presents the stories that it does it much anything to do a reality help i think your right for the reasons,
so i about put out this article i just a tiny bit controversial it’s about how they have been reporting on the opioid crisis no panic prices is the turn of the light to use for this general idea that the seventy thousand american deaths each year,
q illegal drugs specifically twenty nine percent of those cases or fenton black market center north,
i think most cases without a drug overdose deaths the average drugs that they overdosed on our sick so i made it all began opioids.

[37:02] Even in the playoff this are the moved up here after being on top of that the problem is,
is because all the campaigns everything itsupport the media sports this very subject came out rides or the very strong see where is the problem,
it’s start is prescription drugs what is the led to a terrible backlash the way,
does the CTC came up with these twenty sixteen guidelines that was a soft recommend that doctors don’t prescribe as many opioids well.
The media and workforce may have left the building i’m in taking those cloth diapers snapshot recommendations me a hard limit,
and so now im entire states like west virginia or just nope not there no pain,
yo dave my and my local area this report a bragging to start a car do too big a possible in the brick weed cut down opioid prescriptions by thirty percent wool,
there’s a million americans with knowing twenty sixteen the actually rely on opioids for a long term care how many of those that film itself and strike isn’t it to meet someone who is the prof pay is like,
push the narrative but this negative does have a negative impact of that kind what i got for me black west.
The mirror has a narrative and narrative is hate crimes are real and that’s causing to influence the nation do i have that about right.

[38:27] Yeah i think the OP example is an interesting one i had attended to be convention only for last prescriptions of um.

[38:42] Ride with me and i,
like most men played sports earlier in life i have i need a sitter torn up from track and basketball and i’m going to the doctor numerous times and been told so
well what you need is some good and some codeine three something i was jokingly asked what about a brace.

[39:02] So i would’ve tended to think that opiate war being over prescribed but you’re right even if that is a vice of the simplest ignorant of what the liberal narrative
rio people are affected by any of it takes place in the thirty second sound bites solution for get back.
How are the waves at some of a particular without her deal,
thank god thought it very heavily everytime i mean that there will advise if i want the doctor to talk to the city,
we did over prescribed byu was being offered to meet people but instead of trying to moderate that we just got where is does it’s not what it.
Do you know what would be an alcoholic what is band on the just want to hear it adds are still alive but the late great a general attorney general jeff sessions i just need the time off stop whining.
I think in general what are the things that i would like to see in public life is more people that know what the hell they’re doing some time
switch on don’t forget how simple it important that as i mean if you look at the number of political scientists or biologist or psychologists or recently active duty soldiers and congress that’s extremely low because people have jobs.

[40:18] They’re out teaching high school and college coaching athletic teams are there in the military fighting irish,
so what if people would you mind correct me on this week congress is sixty three percent lower or something like that.

[40:31] Do you have a bunch of people that have a background in flashing courtroom presentation focuses the simple solution is not guilty at the end you’re dumb.
That’s going to lead you to a lot of simple quick fixes that’s because americans in general i mean if you look at war.

[40:51] Most of them aren’t necessarily going to have an end i mean we still have troops in korea.
Yeah but it’s become increasingly difficult to be honest with the american people about foreign policy i think i meant what are the reasons were always searching into and then pull out of places i mean if you just said the truth,
how to beat the ruling tribes in afghanistan the horizon,
and then to staples the country to be there twenty nine years but they will have a lawyer why i think very very few americans would vote for that net same focus on the quick fix comes up with the guys and congress comes up in the media,
i do think that a particular narrative around fake hate crimes is extremely damaging out.
What are the major narratives and this is prince william the last reply did allow the parties and subtitle for my blog is that the old wars and ever and it.
So if you ask oh life tis african american what the reason is virtually any problem in the black community he’s going to stay the white man.
L c that’s racism really is i find this to be very unconventional what is my spirit animal time sell.

[42:03] Why do you look so great good choice that’s good what have you that is not what am.

[42:10] What times is a rare or valuable creature.
Basic we i mean america segregated nineteen fifty four other north east segregated long before the other is still some restrictive covenants in place so the right side nineteen sixty five it illegal to be racist in your private life.
You are being discriminated get to the market and the sign in the court file on the simplest easiest kind of lawsuit.
Nineteen sixty seven pro menari affirmative action so for people fifty two years after we started not just equality but affirmative action disable not just what black and white sometimes fight okay kevin,
there’s this oppressive epidemic racism makes everything impossible there seems to be no proof at all.
This is becoming very popular narrative white left much more so than the black or asian business class we tend to hate it.
Um listen very popular need yeah those people can’t get ahead without our help.
We are still entirely on power because the prejudice continues and so the idea of having to make hey violence is really part of a larger narrative which includes the idea that there’s police murder.

[43:20] Which include this idea of white vigilantes begins blacks i mean you see all these stories about like permit patty and coupon card,
swimming pool sally if you send this on twitter facebook i sorry maybe that last one but no sorry i don’t have that for you.
Ok let’s go and actually um it’s just bs problem there’s been a massive about of social media coverage devoted recently the idea of white vigilantes am against black.

[43:50] So be permit patty story order a barbecue becky story focused on a woman that’s group of black people grilling area of a public park we were supposed to be grilling.
Who else hey could you guys move forward ten feet,
this became a national storage ideas if you’re black you cant even grill how being harassed by white so i think there is this madness end really the issues they’re really in the dog park and ask to move to another ground is probably blague.

[44:18] I mean this whole matter of will never stop fighting your brother i do think it’s what is the more dangerous of the day because it stopped fighting a driver,
open the absence of any real problem you came season one nine problems like micro aggression or cultural appropriation eventually get tired listening your babbling go back to find new job
yes this is how we got the alright alright was like will if everything is about
my value is race white people are cool why can’t i be pro white in SLU the not quite so intelligent alright i think,
figured out that we need to get this weed and get in to the intersection of pyramid value still at six to be like a good geek would be working.
Yep can we be alright to me as just gives me that’s for white people i mean,
i’m an american seventeen like hes american flag on the wall behind me all those going to walk in corporate logos on it but basically i think that the USA is one of the more stable large countries in world history were the roman the moment down to the eagle symbol,
there is no real reason to break up that country into a bunch of curling tribes.

[45:31] I want to be in full control decided to do it was foolish from the USSR decided to do that we should do it.
Turn the belkin is he works i need go look at the balcony its bosnia help me open an offense the guys but there was a chance so i tend to post that i hope you find a political scientist that supports belkin impatient.

[45:49] How u that’s why that’s the famous george washington farewell speech that was funny twelve is great,
well this is fantastic me i really did like your blood you say you’re working on a next one i don’t like you don’t say here i herd on one of the interviewers listen to prepare for this.

[46:09] Yeah that’s that’s gonna be cold who the difficult the importance of discussing race in class,
what are the things i talk about in this book is listen to your name when i call the continuing oppression narrative,
under lies the climate there’s an epidemic of hoax hate crimes vigil anti element of bad that following the stage the police are corrupt,
the site is extraordinarily races i got the absolutely taboo stuff like rates for crime difference between groups to culture is different between groups.
Can i look at the actual reality of what america and the world is verses what were the days in at least on one side of the political aisle so that books devoted to the story behind hoax.
Alright well i will look forward to that i will buy it when it comes out on amazon thank you so much for festival for a dry lake erie teaches over there kentucky state university of thinking about why i need to send your kid to college with a pretty decent.
Political professor in the bot is.
Hate crime hoax how the left is selling the fake race war recommend a book it’s kind of mix up in cycle to the crime and a commentary right what you been awesome a professor thank you so much,
red thank you have a good you tube.

[47:24] Music.

[47:49] Alright well that was my interview with the very funny uh well friend i really enjoyed this conversation in order to get ready for this interview i’ve read.
His blog over the weekend its three hundred twenty four pages.
Whats the highest rate not the easiest way to get through but not the hardest ive crammed book reading before for the broadcast and i did that times when i was back in college and grad school.
Send somebody me too much it’s just you know you gotta pace yourself you know what it’s like you know if it that i’m just kinda pace yourself
i did spend a little bit of extra money i borrowed some money so we got the audible version and the heart and i was kinda like you,
go in thru garage taking breaks if i wasn’t read and physically i was trying to listen to a human that i was able to get through over the weekend
i’m feeling great guy we have on the podcast again he was very personable very.
He he i wish i could’ve talked to him for another half an hour i mean he teaches in predominantly black college.
He is very well read and all kinds of political circles so he knows what the people on the outright saying it on the left,
does he is a more conventional conservative but most of all is a political scientists things without having he also said he also has a law degree.

[49:15] I thought about criminal justice very cool guy so i can’t say enough nice things about it so what am i going to sell.
Sas a little over half of my usual podcast time we don’t want to talk about with you guys but let’s talk about the chelsea clinton stuff cuz.

[49:33] Adjust the query stuff is just crazy what is the current stuff for those who have their heads in the sand like a bunch of a screw desk just couldn’t was one of the few democrats they said that no mark,
may i see some hustlers and god actually said she set it to tweet.
I have the tweeted last week that mr.
Is doing the buyer’s do not lose classic it is submitted crops.
If in fact you know what’s funny she even suggested co-signer’s american st wheeling someone else that’s that’s.
Whatever so you can’t do that you can’t point out that the tempered doesn’t have any clothes on in the democratic party these days and so i’d like to wish us in counter he’s pregnant chelsea clinton.
Who kosta by students from new york university.
Not bad blinker for the new zealand the problem is i quote what the heck i’ll play for you anyways.
Yo on.

[50:45] What would.
Yo are there.

[51:05] Yo on i don’t know what does i’m sorry you feel that mean what is the weather there.
Yes i know that it is a little hard to hear everything is easily as i will have a light,
i’m so i’ll just give you a background in video about the person that’s doing this you’re leaving do he wanna spoil your finger in his face yelling at her.
Are there and what you said was this right here is all the masters stuff by people like you and where you put out into the world and i want you to know.
That and i want you to feel that deeply for nine people died because of the work you put out there.

[51:47] I’m in the background can hear that you read this college campuses with snow flakes live they don’t clap any more than you.
Sympathy snaps of you and feel your brother i’m feeling assistant super the snaps now you should know i can’t snap,
never have been able to so i would not do well at my NYU because i was dislike and i can’t stand you hate me.
You can give me the sympathy snaps sorry i can only give me the address of collapse but all i’m capable of doing any movie on.

[52:22] I didn’t in the video is pregnant with a third kid.
She is in this video very calm very collected very polite she handle that you should handle it i really don’t he,
play it just says i’m sorry you feel that way you know witches is this a course emailed the background what does i’m sorry you feel that way me where is muse dan that’s the,
what is the hold them to it what is the uploaded by this woman rose of,
how much did she as people support her and the woman your ex clinton advisor,
activate via venmo the event which is where this whole thing taking place to see chelsea clinton was that a thing.
Is the memorial to those that died in new zealand the last week in the christ church shooting.

[53:17] Yeah so i essentially a funeral are these activists from NY.
Come up to chelsea clinton who is pregnant i says your fault that the guy new zealand killed us for now.

[53:32] Yep when i get better my friend tickets because rosak to pull up this video.
It shouldn’t be around the social me around is asking people to refer friend in donate,
but you still find me all the mean stuff what woman was in europe
did we email the tweets so i was on the verge of tears all day today actually cried when she when dirt the people cannot.
Write a trip report the sherwood of video software more non muslim stan was spoken chelsea clinton was invited in this early role and i would not apologize for that.

[54:14] Yes yes snap so may i ask a simple question there what does chelsea clinton retweeted someone that’s as please don’t use a sim is done.
Have anything to do with the shoes in a bunch of other people in disneyland do you happen to be islamic world cuz you are dumb.

[54:37] And now it has nothing has stopped there’s ihdad you heard dr you know two things can be true at the same time you can be against and december two thousand MB for protecting the freedoms and lives of muslims,
okay you can do both at the same time i know why people in the left lane you can’t whatever
that is that is what they believe and gets better people if this was so wonderful and what they get.

[55:01] Even better buzzfeed buzzfeed yes everyone’s favorite lists to call when you get to learn about how all the disney princesses wordpress
i doubt beautiful and wonderful website that just kind of fire by fifty hundred people,
ugh i’m sorry for the journalists but i made it’s just tough stuff,
set my speed average never trying to stay relevant in the american girls and today decided to give these two beautiful wonderful and the israel activists you got friends in chelsea clinton,
yes column spot yes can spot that people walking the temperature decades would be grateful to get the gang.
Take me to two college kids from new york because the cost of a pregnant woman accused of having sign someone to kill 49 muslims yes very very classy.
Just it’s a wonderful wonderful calling the class of calms it really is.
Hi i can’t log time with this it really is bad because it’s column.

[56:12] Don’t to women i described we can continue to kentucky vs clinton no evidence provided using your platform is the daughter of former president clinton to quote from those flames.
I’m bored about quote bid and the muslim black mark on quote.

[56:31] Uh yes she is the flames begin and the muslim.

[56:37] So what do i bring this up because this is one i’m read that but this was what i been thinking about all.
We can’t where the focus of this show been completely.
Who did the shooting and how awful it is even you but i think the conversation but how do you prevent more of these make sense right logically i made yes to grow at new zealand solution.
What did that conversation make sense the conversation america.
With the daughter of juan the most popular all presidents are still life is.

[57:14] About big tree and about how somehow.
Buy her a kinetic powers two knots are not stella connect teleport powers chelsea clinton inside and obscure australian that likes to read for chan to travel to new zealand.
And livestream the killing murdering of forty nine people who are muslims.

[57:41] It’s ridiculous and she did the same out bye bye retweet.
I am square root of what’s the more obscure person in australia just know its ridiculous it triggers on the facebook,
buzzfeed decided to give these
to apply for a platform that someone that works in journalism they work their career in their butts off to have the opportunity to travel and this guest spots
getting a spot at a place like buzzfeed are having a post is not what used to be for us to be ten years ago that you haven’t posted in particular
had this whole blogosphere side where they let people send in their on submissions new kind of work on that your work notes to get hired the website they would put you engage people who were in traditional girls on the chance to,
become writers journalist on the platform
i am having to possibly get rid of it only a few places that still have something like this got the network for all my problems with it has something called kenjar KING and this am,
what’s the specs the hue the spring guess motor in contact i don’t want to further play silicon labs people
yes people justin random strangers to make their own blogs and see if the blocks get ready in the point that we know but blow articles in between the different official articles.

[59:01] Give credit where credits due so me a buzzfeed platform pieces something pretty special it is a bank thing you can put that on your twitter personal your twitter bio profile people are gonna notice it
do these two are found is my uncle,
what’s he is to fruit cakes corn flakes who can’t string a four five words at a time.
Decides to give them a reading the article spot on bus.

[59:36] Haha and apparently someone that decided to look into this and,
this is actually these two women in particular to week has a lot of history on social media of being anti design is some talk about how awful is your is it wine to demolish,
israel it’s really disturbing it is really disturbing is my friend john hit the place that he tried to come for me to.
Mirror is not a conservative website by the way it’s presented left little bit you have some concern raiders.

[1:00:12] They have come out of the skies buzzfeed over this is what the french guys are you doing cover their hair is the buzzfeed is activities for virtual guest com to chelsea clinton the gap.

[1:00:28] MEDI just takes buzzfeed to town,
it’s fantastic i really like it is so what is this matter where it goes back to why the hate crimes are happening in may i think if i clean up nice he is happy because incentives for people do when there is a little punishment.

[1:00:47] And my family is not my departure enough but further people that do this,
really really care about being caught out wrong meeting thing but it is really hard because me and these people that do this heart this place hate crime hoax instead get
a platform on something like what you post or even the washington post particularly when it goes to well to ask americans
hate crime hoax people get huge platforms platforms this summer that actually works for a living probably have,
get it and they can do alexa and have a few weeks months in the case of one of the ladies i mentioned i want see that was so sweet and that.

[1:01:27] Did they get the thing they get their their message out get their profiles blown up,
if they find out that later we found out they are wrong but harley gets reported and even if it does kinda stick with these people half and still be able to use this help your personal life or make money it’s a great start this one in the box,
they had these had this whole fake ugh i hope about how we’re neighbors setting this is a christian neighborhood
no you are okay and so you have to be quiet street i just like the rest of us and she used the steam get up
campaign to go from nijmegen to sixty thousand dollars due again and it came out that he was wrong and she keep the money i sent you give me back bed as far as the writing in the book which came out march last year she hadn’t,
so either send this really strong to do junk like this and this includes activism in general see you and i both know.
That isn’t completely.

[1:02:27] Bad taste bad taste you don’t go up to the dog pregnant daughter this lady is no politician complex put your hand in yourself and the public conversation.

[1:02:40] Combined essential he has no control whatsoever but what weather in new zealand does a policy,
is she is not a congressman and vote against it she just did a retweet ok and anyone can just to retweet you can retweet something.
And desperate with kids don’t like it you don’t wanna kanye is like wow look at this is a crazy five retweet the buzzfeed article provides a business meeting and four cents.
I mean this is very fast acting yeast take a walk where i know i’m getting into ranting moods i will back off calm down chill out.
Take a breath and i just put some fun stories to.

[1:03:25] I mean i think i’ll be you all would want to talk about that’s fine i have thinking about how trump feel strongly.
Glad to self driving cars will never work with that talk about their we can talk about how dean got in trouble that’s when okay so do you can use after the play super man back in the day on clark,
team can,
is awsome i enjoy so happy i danced ate the come out and say that you should i hate people who exist who don’t be surprise what happens so i talk about,
what’s the australian center phrase you’re ending made some comments about the honda.

[1:04:07] I got in trouble and so that’s why the sky is talking.
He is a slob of using integrations stance i love this kid how old is th guy.
Takes the edge slabs hand well what is the reaction with any does i think many of us are there was someone hits you across the had you turn around whenever you need us,
here’s the audi a.
Now i’m not advocating violence okay i don’t take people for what ever reason but IDK i think has the right pin so you can.
That evil bastard he said.

[1:04:55] He thinks it’s ok to be a nazi ibu this time of old and he has the qualities that too.
No he really didn’t know what was not agreed with videos as i would not that cold because his imagine how twitter so much nuance and real people trying to understand each others point of view
disable jail on the other hand amanda for being a big hole in said you do that to anyone be prepared to except the consequences
no joke having someone named jim wilson said i think the kids spoke for most the world is that racist new with him to poop.
Question mark in the position representing people doesn’t put any good light,
show it okay to tag people with whom you disagree someone even ask that this is what i generally ask superman punch the senator deacon said no you would’ve allowed to free speech but disagree with it,
i gotta feeling that daily caller decide your quick article on MSN and ask mr king but i am this.

[1:06:05] Who has built their icenter you cannot attack someone for their political views matter how pretty i was with going to the wrong usb a first amendment
with which projects all speak klingon popular speech songs it doesn’t cover violence which i disagree with what i see the centers position.
Is it illegal for him to hold them she be physically attacked because i think.
Dean cain has it right well what else are you okay just passed a law that will be coming into effect next month and i don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing i had mixed feelings on both sides,
uk is going to bed anyway had provided the age of eighteen for looking at online pornography.

[1:06:50] Now that sounds kind of like a nice gig how would you make it happen are there any you know big government sensor speed demon girl speech twelve UK is going to force internet.
Websites that post pornography to verify three users are using the special a verification with like got drivers license.
Are you goodbye this will pass still be saying at selling at news stands a place where i can buy a newspaper.
Can you take that new let’s you going to the website other issues of this pink eyes.
Two things one the website so now i log in verified who is people are there going into so heres the government the government is going to know do who wit to see what on where.
And know maybe some guide your credit future with connection to someone you just let slip that uh john hope who is into the really rose to.
Pornography choose your pic subject i know very well in i can see that being a problem i don’t like that idea so much power.

[1:08:03] I’m not wearing the culture we had were just trained people to death
got someone have that kind of information i wish she would say that the information has been abused by agents of the story i shared about the agents that we work for the radio
is any tax information am so it’s not a secure is you like that.
I kinda like the idea in theory because i know pornography is not healthy for young developing minds is really healthy for anyone smile.

[1:08:35] Who are you and why they’re doing yet i just some not sure how.

[1:08:41] Realistic this decision is much harder to make happen the us not just cuz of one thing.
Repeat it may be the us i don’t know i don’t like and so you say where i heard daniel turn on are you that actually america light in the brits aren’t i really don’t know.

[1:09:02] Alright well,
i can’t lie about white top harvard university on connecticut cover to DNA switch the controls jeans for whole body and generation just like one those alligators regarding at two if we could still be growing.

[1:09:17] Jellyfish are the top has a study about the show.

[1:09:24] Smh robots capable of developing prejudice on the road is very interested.

[1:09:30] Lol not really but it said i would choose to share with you just start having no it’s world book of records.
Who gave birth to six babies been just minutes define the one in four point seven billion is this wonderful important.

[1:09:48] It’s a watch with article came from the sun is the deal,
i am done mom gave birth to six babies to suck twin boys and one girl and just know mitch define remarkable orders of one what in four point seven billion,
how much a delivery costs between four fifteen four fifty nine am on friday at women’s hospital texas in houston,
what set the place in text by reading about the sun babies were healthy weight stable condition.
Add daughter’s name and serial no name for the names of the signs of wear it
she has been to tired to name the boys by the time news released on the hospital facebook page i live at MG they’re gonna be able to live that doubt how yo are you
shit i would you like more about the never gonna be like that guy wouldn’t weird story.
I like at the phone store well i think guys we will get there i am experimenting with making episodes of show air.

[1:11:02] I don’t know.

[1:11:04] Hi sir comments from certain people that the show is just too long at nine AM at cinema should get more like sixty minutes or fifty minutes so it’s more like.
Did the warriors one hour shows which really hurt half an hour long with like cats at being commercial so we may try that if you think that’s a good idea use the shelf.
Baby blue do you like to wait but you just sixty minutes feel like that please let us know if social media and also tell your friends family.

[1:11:35] Dog sitters neighbors cousins first marriage is brother’s.
Tell her to the mall to check out the happier podcast you guys something great to share a review thank you robert mailing for the producer,
being so fantastic awesome for the podcast network with a lot of shows if you wanna share a podcast that is a political drama has plenty of march,
just as good as this one if not better until next time my friends this is been happy where podcast with your host happy warrior pete.
Goodnight america.

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