Happy Warrior Ep 009 Media Bias Matters! (Part 2)

Happy Warrior Ep 009 Media Bias Matters! (Part 2)

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Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

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Voice Over by Dave Holly

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[0:23] When it comes to defending our nation and protecting our way of life.

[0:29] Sports Connection the American people deserve our very best and they will have it.

[0:38] Is prison will discuss in further detail in the days ahead the United States space force will strengthen our security will ensure our prosperity.

[0:49] And it will also carry American ideals into the mountainous expanses space all other nations increasingly possess the capability to operate.

[1:02] How old is Sheryl Crow.

[1:03] Music.

[1:29] Hey welcome again everyone that was a video on kotaku.com. Space horse I’m kind of a big fan of the space force idea I’m sure all of you have heard this music video.

[1:41] Music.

[2:09] Yeah that was the space force music video from schmoyoho yo-ho-ho schmoyoho.
I love that video give me excuses so welcome back this is the happy warrior podcast down here this is the Peter the Pischke the Pete at happy warrior.
Dash Mount Pleasant PA. Happy warrior Pete at happy – Warrior. Net there we go that’s my email.

[2:39] We were talking about earlier this is the second part of a two-part,
episode I had so many news stories and the subject is so important to me it’s one I love to talk about anyone ever asks me I could go on and on about it it’s like what does Jim Gaffigan say he’s like don’t ask my dad about whales.
It’s like that whales freeloaders or is mooching off the government.

[3:07] Sorry that’s a favorite of mine yeah so we talked about media bias and I think I focus more in a little fresh little fun.
Media bias is not Justin hard-news it’s I mean whenever a journalist works.
There’s me advice I mean of some kind going on I think me a buy some of that everyone has see if you work in media if you will have a few have a pulse,
you have an opinion on a subject but media bias and there’s media bias.
If you go ahead and you let people know what it is ahead of time but like yeah I’m conservative you know I probably will have some of these views but I’ll try to let the reader know and I’ll try to bounce as best I can.
By applying principles of reason and journalism.
As we hope that all journalists should expect to be however it seems at least at the national level this isn’t true and including entertainment,
oh and the Jacks that opens up with the space force versus the Halo theme song irie kotaku.com because I’m a masochist,
no I love Brian Ashcraft I could talk to him, he’s a guy that lives in Japan in his,
the stuff he writes about about living in Japan always fascinated me so that’s why I keep going back to kotaku.com is part of the Gizmodo.

[4:27] I don’t know what he called Web Block series weblog Empire anyhow.
And it is heavily favored left-wing I mean it’s it’s way out there sometimes we need to talk about trans superheroes and trans video game characters and.
All kinds of naughty stuff this was just an easy example I could show you guys this is here I’ll just Ritz from Luke Plunkett
a space force versus the Halo theme song it’s someone on Twitter said I had the Halo theme song Pence’s speech on the space force and does not disappoint here’s what Luke said about the creation of space forces the dumbest effing thing deserves nothing but the ridicule it is receiving,
and then I like you had to at the bottom and yep it was a very good idea of an actual space force the future
reports in space is actually required should use it so he backs it up trying to put this little video that’s it.

[5:16] I don’t know it’s just week but it’s this is just one example of the many many times that you can find a taco and Gizmodo which are primarily entertainment.
Oriented websites.
And it’ll just it’s kind of biases just right off all over the place and there’s not like a conservative guy at Kotaku that you know that has the opposite views and they allowed to be there here I’ll show you guys another example.
We don’t need to go that far to find one how do you just go down to 4 Kotaku front page and has what they call the view on Kinja Roundup so it looks at all the different website starts with the root in the route has Trump calls Omarosa crazy
a crazed low-life dog we need to talk about your boy Deadspin is why your team sucks 2018 Cincinnati Bengals I don’t know
I die no feelings towards Bangles at football or baseball I think it’s football in the first place the Navy Club
Black Lantern doesn’t let white women off the hook and it shouldn’t end it doesn’t even show up so I can’t even check now I don’t know why that’s his on TV
anime website I imagine that the average well I’m not going to say that I was going to say about nerds and their weight but that that’s just not.
The other is just you just go down a page and they have a quiz Sheriff from Splinter on the Kotaku front page it says are you answer for a rule of law and it’s there cuz I guess.

[6:45] I don’t know if you guys remember but there was a guy Corey Stewart he was the legitimately white supremacist guy running off for the Republican.
Candidate and the only reason you got it was because no one else ran it wasn’t like there was an hour,
price to have this guy was that no one else ran and so that’s how we got the spot and it said you let you do a quiz to hear we’re going to do the twist I’ll do the quiz with you so ask 7 questions are you asked for a quick start.
Text do you like laws choices love them and then the bottom one is you know okay I’ll get you some.

[7:21] Love them okay do you wear a lot of black only colors I see are red white and blue baby or yes it’s very slick.
I don’t know let’s do red white and blue what do you think of this dog as a picture of a cub sorry a pug this is Cape May Police Department.
Lock up the crime dog and throw away the key and I’ll choose you as heck yeah rock on little guy pick a fruit banana apple apple.

[7:46] Where do you live small town where everyone knows each other or a big city where rats take the subway.
Neither no Subway and snuggle small do small town this time how you feel about journalist I can only choose a them they only gave me two choices hate them.
I hate when you last read the Constitution.
Never buy burned one last week and this one’s really this is disgusting this gives you a good attitude of what they feel about the other side last night while climaxing,
with my wife I’m not going to finish the whole thing that’s disgusting I apologize I try to make this family program but I’m just giving you a sample what they have down here okay my defense.

[8:22] And they gave me results your rule of law congratulations Patriot Your Love of Institutions racist otherwise marks use a true love log out you won’t tolerate any of this app it wasn’t fascism nonsense America’s Good Samaritan laws are good,
whatever they are unless they’re like people get abortions or something which case learn. American despite being American law.

[8:43] So yeah that gives you a pretty good idea this is entertainment,
media guys this isn’t hard news journalism It’s Entertainment it’s just a softwood might call it soft and it was a lot of it I enjoy some video game journalism now and then but no way am I going to say wealth video game journalism disappeared off the face of the Earth,
we have a huge impact probably not I mean it does good I’m sure it does some positive good,
but I mean it is important to say finding out what’s going on with the anti-war protest in Charlottesville.

[9:16] So then there’s the quiz and if you want to go to it it’s on it says Splinter news.com quiz are you aunt or rule of law if you want to take that share with your Facebook friends it’s pretty disgusting.

[9:30] Wow I’d I’m out of words to say that now I should back this up because we talked about making fun of space forest and I have this on Facebook like that truck I didn’t do anything but this is just silly I can.
Share with you never is articles the Pentagon it’s been more that’s over 4 years since at least we know since the Obama stration.
And the argument then was sent really should this be part of the Air Force’s space force no smelter in space or should be its own military brat.
That’s the old that was the argument so this idea of a space force has been around forever course Trump went with the name spaceforce because he loves the cheese,
that’s just the way Trump is he has he’s not embarrassed by the cheese at all love it.
Eats cheese every darn day.
Until here I’ll just do a quick article this is from today’s update this is Reuters I like to say Reuters but I think you’re supposed to pronounce it Reuters that’s us warns on Russia’s new space weapons.
It didn’t Jack States voice deep suspicions Tuesday of a righteous pursued a new space weapons and Cleveland mobile laser system destroy satellites in space and launch of a new inspector satellite which was acting in an abnormal way.

[10:47] So there you go into that there are at least we know of six new major offense of weapon systems being looked at by Russia.

[10:55] And they are definitely looking into what’s the what’s the term they look here in Russian,
maligned Haven I will talk a little bit more about Russia further on in the second half of the program,
so this idea that it’s just silly it’s silly it’s silly we don’t need that we don’t really need it not now it’s it’s ridiculous guys,
the major other major Nations the world are all looking into this sorry that’s just the truth I know you don’t like Trump but every now and then you have to admit.
And fess up that he’s not as crazy as you think and it often he’s just doing the same thing that the old guy did and you like him a lot.
Now here we here on the right side I’ll if you’re listening and you’re not a member of team right oh we often feel that is hilarious to watch the left each other,
that women you know the way that we get traded so often in the media by the Press by political system education system Arts entertainment blah blah blah blah blah.
We get sick of it and so when we see the left doing it to each other and try to outpace each other so who can do the most damage to themselves it’s.
Beautiful I know it’s not quite a good it’s not a good thing that we enjoy it but I will be honest I enjoy it so.

[12:19] Remember a couple weeks ago that story about Charlotte’s yes or not Charlotte Scarlett Johansson how she was going to be in the movie about this Mafia trans.
Woman I think I know transman right and how she had was basically mobbed.
And by the press and social media that she couldn’t possibly ever. Because she’s a woman and she’s not trans Ergo only transactors can play transactors well.

[12:47] It goes deeper that and you some of you might be an okay so they want us to trans to transfer kind of makes sense Maybe
Chrissy didn’t mention play Men actress or women should play between actress although if there’s a rich history in the acting of the both sexes doing the other sex act,
as the other gender is just silly actor should be able to act to pretend and imagine and be awesome.
We can’t be telling them at least this is my opinion we can’t be time to give them limits on what they want to do now it does that mean I’m going to go out and watch and pay for tickets maybe not necessarily but we should at least give them.
So damn so she W decided that they had to be the most woke.
I have the most what programs at Supergirl come out to can have a trans superhero that’s going to be a cast regular for next season and then not to be outdone
they decided we are going to come out with a Batwoman series she’s going to be eight and this is important this part Jewish,
lesbian Batwoman in your spare time she’s going to protest sjw events not making that up.
That woman that woman is a lesbian but this idea that she’s activist or spare tires just like the frosting on the cake to me I can love it.
Oh okay so.

[14:11] Pick up Ruby Rose to do it Ruby Rose is a lesbian now I don’t think it really should matter all that much if it’s a lesbian that plays you’re not though a woman probably is what you should go for if it is that one because that would make sense.

[14:24] Well sexy Ruby Rose now since she is leaving Twitter she got now I remember that this is kind of bothers me because I remember that all that Star Wars stuff.
And how they blame people for people that didn’t like the last Star Wars movie Last Jedi how awful they were that.
Some of the actress from that movie had to leave Twitter social media.
Which I mean with Twitter and I’m not such a toxic atmosphere mean people have to leave all the time. That’s good they get social media mob just that’s pretty regular thing,
it’s not people on the right it’s not people on the right they’re pushing it mostly the same old lesbians,
hating Ruby Rose because Ruby Rose.

[15:11] Is not Jewish you see Ruby Rose is a lesbian but she’s not a Jewish lesbian you think I’m joking I am not joking,
they seriously have an article from Glamour and from The Daily Beast and that was there their problem is because we need a recast Batwoman hashtag.
Because it should be go to lesser-known lgbtq + actress and then that one should be that’s just that when should be totally lesbian. Gender-fluid,
I don’t know the difference I think Jennifer would means you’re not 100% lesbian your kind open I’m just playing with the other team.

[15:50] Daddy I said The Daily Beast article points out in the table to the topic of the Ruby Rose like halfway into it spend most of time talking about other evil,
protests like this Star Wars when I mentioned yes they wanted a.
Jewish lesbian actress to play that woman so crazy,
that isn’t not good enough but do you know that’s the thing though.

[16:26] Christina Hoff Sommers off and talks about they said you know when we divide people up into groups you know we can never divide them enough,
because eventually you can have the lights you going to be all well Women’s Conference with the women, it’s going to break up then straight women and lesbian women the blacks and Asians in the
Hispanics in the blah blah blah and then it will be some of the black women that are straight black women are lesbian and they’ll be some of the
black women who are lesbian enough for our,
black to white or whatever I mean people get tribal and they break up in a stupid little groups over the stupid little things that it’s embarrassing,
it’s embarrassing. All of us and a little funny just a little bit alright well I’m going to do our fun section now.
Awesome news there should be a new Smash Brothers game I have two trailers choose from Young and place an audio from one just I don’t know why because you can’t see the video these people these trailers feature characters that don’t speak oh well let’s do the one,
Luigi and the Castlevania characters.

[17:31] Scylla Castlevania dude Walking In These Boots now it’s open the dark all the guys got a big clock on.

[17:39] There’s Luigi and it’s ghost busting gear flashlight is shining as a mommy.
It’s the one with the plunger plunger falls off mommy Chase’s Luigi Luigi’s running away still in your room.

[17:56] Is like descriptive audio.
Don’t know the statues of snakes for the Ouija a trips.

[18:10] He heard something scary and puts on the flashlight and the fall before him is the Grim Reaper and we just got real.

[18:22] You did Luigi Death face.
The Castlevania dude in the club is closed.

[18:35] And it is Simon Belmont.

[18:46] Are y’all used to Smash Brothers stuff with skip ahead.

[18:51] Super Smash Brothers multimate + Castlevania and there’s a walking around as a ghost poor guy.

[18:59] Music.

[19:05] That’s that was pretty cool I’m looking forward to the new Super Smash Brothers game it’s looking pretty dope.
Are the Cavs. And the other character denounce was King K rool from Donkey Kong he’s kinda like the Bowser of the Donkey Kong universe is pretty cool stuff.
Another cool thing I saw was this Pikachu real,
it’s in Japanese so I not you’re playing audio even with a description is good but it it’s pretty awesome so if you have time please look up Pikachu Rave held in Japan I talk to you about Brian Ashcraft will this is a Brian Ashcraft article.
Yes the same Brian Ashcraft at mentioned earlier.
Another pretty funny thing I you guys probably seen it is Debbie is Wrangler inflatable Unicorn it’s not that long I’ll just play here.

[19:48] Guys kissing each other through a rope to the unicorn and then one of the people grab it on the unicorns is kind of like a giant inflatable.

[19:58] I don’t not boat you know where those Lifesavers or this chips like a giant too but it’s a unicorn,
really big what happened to unicorns more like a alicorn cuz it has wings and a horn.
That is the story yes that’s it was pretty not as nearly as cool as I wanted it to be.
Awesome please look up a story about the Yokohama,
Raven Japanese Pikachu’s yeah that’s a thing that they do this every year they have big Pikachu festival with everyone dancing Pikachu costumes.
This year they really went I mean I watch the video and it’s just how far they took this it’s pretty impressive I kind of want to go see this Yokohama Pikachu Festival sounds pretty.
Let’s do two more fun think so the next fun thing 1,
Dora the Explorer movie is happening there will be a live action Dora the Explorer they had put out a photo of the actress Isabela moner
Isabela moner doesn’t sound right and it says started new plot details and it’s basically like the cheapest the cheapest cosplay,
outfit for door you ever did see like that I hope they did not pay the costuming department that much for that picture.
Here are some of the synopsis destroyed Falls in older Dora than in the original Nickelodeon show entering high school should be.

[21:27] Maybe I could David Lewis High School,
all with the help from a monkey friend boots and cousin Diego play by Mick Barretto is pretty fun I put a smile on my face,
Wilson from she’s a democrat in Congress from Florida she’s the one that wears the crazy hats keep saying crazy things,
crazy things that fit her crazy hats.
She also wanted to make a nickname for president Trump and the epic fail so this is pretty funny I’ll play the audio a little early but you’ll hear it soon enough you this amazing Nick Dean coming from Frederica Wilson.
Call the.
And the president of the United States is calling a woman of color a doll house.
Tell he call anyone a dog he has a myth name for everyone and his nickname is.

[22:31] In the first grade reader that’s his nickname and we haven’t stopped him.
Now that’s a that’s an amazing nickname thank you Frederica Wilson Dawn and first grade reader.
I’m not sure she understands the rules about nicknames.
She might need to take a class on that do they teach that in the first grade naked I think they teach you not to use nicknames.
And here I thought guy like two before I move on to the next segment and here’s a quick updates from the dailymail.com
Muslim extremist father Reigns’s family is Freedom bail to spy claim to Sun Diner ritual to resurrect him as Jesus and 11 kids found in his compound were trying to be school shooter so here’s some interesting information so there’s a little disabled kid.
They did they did the show called exorcism on he died he was a toddler they were trying to resurrect him as a quote Jesus unquote to leave the school tax.
Yeah so I didn’t do they have doubt that islamism doesn’t have any role in this whatsoever no no no Sereno but Bob there’s no connection to be found at all with Muslim extremism.
Good old bush used to say.

[23:43] Now I’m this store they’re going to share with you next is a bit on the old side but it only came to light I think for most people
not too long ago was last week when this information came out so we know about the anti-protest I’m sorry
counter-protest is the media are telling me it wasn’t even there like 20 for white extremist,
and there are thousands of antifreeze know it will dance for me the counter-protesters,
well a group of a basic we could call this.
They decided to take over us Immigration and Customs Enforcement field enforcement field office in Portland Oregon they bear cave the exits and blocked the doors to try.
Hey I’m sorry trap the workers inside this went on for months at least 12 a month a month and some days.
Now it’s it’s crazy so the protesters were there they course they had the signs call the Nazis concentration camp being part of a Gestapo.
I mean for this article from The Blaze but you can find it elsewhere yeah at some point of the mop there.

[24:55] Even was harassing the journalist heckled the journalist they band photography you know they did attack the journalist take their cameras break them. Chi thing in a fit of fire Nevada side of the building and they build an 8-foot wall around themselves
while they demanded open borders I’m almost reading the article verbatim here so forgive me.

[25:18] It it was just silly I mean they took the American flags destroyed them put up some Anarchist or communist flags up.
They took the ice employees names put the information online for people to harass them and their families there’s a story I read about a person that works for ice was able to get away and they were followed to their house and they just could not shake them,
when the ice formations called police because that’s what all the steel we get in trouble you call nine-one-one right.
They police were told to ignore their calls for help that was because the mayor there is also in charge of the place and he sat at
do not help ice whatsoever do not bother the protesters doesn’t matter they’re pooping in the street doesn’t matter what the heck they’re doing leave them alone,
they allowed this so that I mean that’s crazy the Democrat mayor his name is Ted wheeler Ted wheeler mayor of,
Portland Oregon he is also the police commissioner and he just said here’s what he sent Twitter this is his own words I want to be very clear do not want the Portland Police to be engaged or suck to accomplish,
particularly from a federal agency that I believe is on the wrong track.

[26:28] This way on guys for 38 days ice officials weren’t allowed to get in or out of the building for 38 days they so,
it was just last week we get reports about what was going on there basically that people had to come and clean it up called the camp disgusting and went so far as to call the Camp,
a biohazard because protesters they never pick up after themselves never ever never ever especially the ones on the left are the dirtiest of them all and I mean when I say dirty ass I mean like dirt.
Like you know the stuff on the ground they just are police cars,
so you can imagine how they treat their own living space and the photos do show that these there’s picture I’m looking out here it basically looks like a trash dump site and you’d be hard-pressed to tell me that was in the middle of a
City in downtown Portland Oregon I mean wow that’s that’s a humongous mess,
can’t believe it well I know it doesn’t get any better because the protesters just last week August 8th decided to storm Portland City Hall there that attacked guards
an arrest actually were made of course cuz you know when they’re bothering ice we don’t like ice so we can’t bother with stopping them but once they go to City Hall well that’s us where the good guys don’t you that we can’t let that happen.

[27:47] They call it the biggest reception to a Portland city council meeting and more than a year more than ever,
no I have video that I could show you however as I want to keep this emotionally family rated program I cannot because there is.
Wow there is a lot of words that I told if we say in public we should be banned throwing to prisoner booed off the island. Just the continental United States F words racial slur you name it it’s there,
it’s filthy filthy I just it just crazy and violent,
and I keep people keep quitting them if they can play around with them that they understand if you can’t play around with white supremacist I got that that’s good I’m glad they understand that,
but that applies to extremist on both sides I mean extremist of any kind have to be dealt with with the full force of the rule of law I mean that’s the only way you can go you can’t make exceptions for one side over the other and that’s what Portland try to do,
ended it ended up catching Portland in the butt.
Now I have not talked about the Sarah Jeong controversy when it comes to the New York Times editorial board and what not I,
I don’t know I just thought everyone was covering it so when he get into it but there’s this excellent calling by the writer of Jason Riley.

[29:07] Put some pretty good perspective it’s in the Wall Street Journal.
Because the Wall Street Journal has a pee while I actually got to read it through the daily wire but you get the gist of the article I think from it,
it has this great line in here says be honest are you really surprised the New York Times has stood by its decision to hire Sarah giong as an editorial board member even after it was revealed she spent years on social media making openly racist and sexist remarks about white men,
you may be outraged sure but are you surprised,
meaning of a big sis great point that she was tapped not because the racial Prejudice down the way but she was tapped because of them editorial board members are hired to help formula Express official position of a newspaper.
Basically he says he missed young as being hired to speak for the times and they like where she’s coming from and that sums it up perfectly.

[30:01] Perfectly they are the New York Times as much of the media have a spice where they are comfortable,
where they don’t mind if they have to throw the hanger that they say we ban Hammer is Cassandra days are evil but if we use the hand grenades for our side that’s okay no racial slurs are evil and wrong and if I’m white man says it he deserves to go in jail.
it’s of course it’s okay from our side because we’re we’re on the moral side so anything goes right and they’re comfortable with that worldview and said it’s it’s in college I experienced it at college
there was this one time in my media class I had this is during the 2012 the Republican nominations and the guy the pizza guy what’s his name I can’t think of it anyhow
he was used to be CEO of Domino’s and there is a guy on MSNBC that these Terrible Things Are
quasi racist if not straight up racist and I showed them the class and then the people in my class my teacher was like oh well good job here for pointing out all this racial media bias of these racist music,
basically this was my first taste of hearing about this idea that what will they call what’s the view colorblind you know the view that Martin Luther
King jr. had was a black man colorblind how I think we should do I think racism of any kind is wrong,
I strongly believe that we should judge person by their character not by the color of their skin.

[31:27] I think most of us in Reelsville that’s that’s a Rush Limbaugh a term I would agree with that but that is not the case.

[31:36] Riley pool rightly points out here in this article talking about at Harvard University where they are getting in trouble,
for discriminating against Asian students and this is at all Ivy League,
because Asians there’s a high proportion of Asian students that are successful at these Ivy League colleges the colleges have decide for a long time that we have to go against Asians even more than white so like Asians have the hardest time getting into college with the same score as a white man
black man Native American man inspect and do you get what I’m saying.

[32:05] And that that’s a good connection says Harvard can no longer credibly deny that’s engaging systematic racial discrimination internal documents,
the school’s been forced disclose fight allegations that’s to just suggest that Harper is doing was long the groomer,
meaning of the last name the last school officials just fight is racially biased practices they insist like Misty on that her Defenders but such bigotry is an in-service of a noble cause,
and I bring this up because it is me advice it’s a part of media bias
mom and me advice is a problem you see it you know this is the end result of me advice that comes that level at the the schools then you can ask me which is the chicken and which is the 8th which is feeding each other I think they feed,
I think I could demek
bias and Mia by stages help each other because where do journalists usually come from they usually come from journalism school near they don’t come for journalism school they came from college they’re very rarely these days uneducated journalist,
Amanda CNN’s Chris Cuomo came out you know he made a comment about the stuff that’s going on with antiphon the white and basically he said that it was okay,
they said fighting hate is right that’s why people to show up to fight against biggest or not to be judge the same as the bigots even if they do Resorts the same kinds of petty violin.

[33:16] See anything goes as long as it’s for the right cause for the good thing and we the truth tellers get to tell you which which caused that is.
I need wow that’s that’s terrible I think I have another article that I from NBC News it’s an editorial but I feel that might be able accurate talks about white are white people jokes racist let a fella white person explain,
and it’s it’s cringe-worthy I don’t think it’s particularly well written.

[33:47] It does make the case that it took me in a White’s can’t be there can’t be racist jokes about white star problem,
because why so you don’t have all the power of whites are the perpetrators of all the evils in the world,
and here I’ll just I’ll read it if you have not been to college if your listing mean you’ve not been the college you’re going to have to see this so I’m just going to read this two paragraphs for you.

[34:11] See that’s part of the problem is getting so upset about jokes about white people a bunch of white people got very mad at Sarah G on pulling out how is some grammatical or term.
No logical edits her tweets could be very easily become racist jokes but people aren’t White.
Definitely said John is racist against white people which is just is which is just as bad as being racist against down white people.
But fortunately if you’re white you secretly know that this isn’t really true at all! Racism racist jokes are color-blind they affect people to different people differently,
I see I didn’t know that’s why people aren’t listening the other races I was kind of like a pyramid from which the effects of racism and the jokes always roll down hill the pyramids actually built from centuries accumulate racism and racist jokes.
Play white people at the top and everybody else underneath we call the pyramid institutional racism and its feelings never get.

[35:02] And there you go. He just explain what intersectional winter intersexualism is it’s because of all the evils that there is this pyramid and the you know if we’re going to make things right we have to invert the pyramid in Port,
the oppressors on the bottom.
Now I knowingly have never oppressed anyone if I unknowingly ever oppress someone I apologize I really do,
hi. I try to be a kind person in real life I don’t laugh at others I try to be as kind as christ-like as I can because I believe in being a true disciple of Jesus Christ.
But it’s it’s just unfair and you know it’s never going to allow a white person to ever be good enough never do,
well enough or be kind enough to ever get out from underneath that crushing pyramid and they don’t want that pyramid to crush people of the different races I don’t want it to crush them either I just don’t want us to have a pyramid crushes anybody.
Let’s go back to MLK Jr let’s go back to you know,
content of character not the color of your skin let’s treat everyone fairly let’s live by the Golden Rule do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

[36:07] This is intersexualism day if you see intersexuals institutional racism are pretty much one in the same they’re just the flip sides of the coin,
and it’s not okay to have an Institutional racism of any kind it’s just not right.
So let’s not do it and there that’s why I said that about Sarah Jeong I think I’ve done enough I could go into about the newspaper making silly editorials that Trump is the enemy of the press yada yada yada,
but I mean yeah GIF shared with you between these two episodes The Press is doing for it destroying itself I mean damn thing.
Kill the trust of so much of the American people and people of various colors,
various beliefs various and Hunters everywhere they really have done a great job at killing their legitimacy,
just by themselves know how many of you out there would like to go travel and how many of you would like to visit your up and see the Great,
great cities of the old country I think I would you know if you have you want to pay for me to take a all-expense-paid trip to Europe and in Paris although thank you you can contact me at Pete and happy patch for.
Peter happy that’s where you’re. Net who is report from CNN this is Bonkers.
Paris tourist boys float down the river send its banks lined with iconic landmarks and historic Street.

[37:35] What is the new addition to the city of scenery that has many residents heaved it’s the view of a.

[37:44] City officials have installed open-air urinals 105 of the Notre Dame cathedral in places where public urination is a problem.
Many locals painting receptacles red and putting a flower box on them doesn’t do much to hide a very public privy.
Did you guys get that are open are your nose they look like they were designed for Target the basically trash cans
that European and their next to a bridged and all these years to pay for this guy using them and then there’s this boat full of tourists of the coaches looking at the guy.
It’s near the Notre Dame Cathedral I mean that’s almost in so I guess there’s a public urination problem.
Sun that gives your son as you mean wow that is,
that is awful that’s really gross I did you guys you guys have got to see the picture it’s great so you know how you know there’s a wheelchair on sides that pictures will this one is a guy.
He’s kind of dead in half is a little trickle coming out of his pants and.

[39:07] Awesome oh man maybe I should have that be the pictures of what I had to find picture for the last podcast I wonder if we should use the image for this half the
the soda use that you were at Troy,
and another article I found this almost just as weird as that one in Perry is this okay so this is from the Sky News that’s a UK news
I’m a conglomerate it’s a TV channel and News website Indian sailor strand on ship in Norfolk
for 18 months to fly home.

[39:40] And it’s this guy his name is Nick rastogi 43 is been living on the offshore supply vessel the malavia 20,
it was born in Great Yarmouth since February 2017 he was stuck there with three Cruise after the ship owners found the liquidation.
They had received their wages since last year. They would not get paid they left the ship because it would be considered a derelict which means anybody can take it over.

[40:06] The ship is now been arrested so they can remove it on for the sale.
Basically this guy was stuck on the ship for 18 months so what did he do when he was on the ship I have that question I couldn’t get ahead on what he ate.
But he said he spent a lot of time with his crew reading books they I perform drills did routine maintenance.
And they kept in touch with family via WhatsApp and looked out for markers of depression.

[40:33] He says here’s a fun quote your mind needs to be like a shark in that sense because if you stop can you sing can you start thinking about the situation then there’s no hope.

[40:42] And ever hopefully said lightning doesn’t strike twice so he is Keen to get back to working at see he says when he gets home I’m going to have lots of Indian food.

[40:54] Now back to you Glenn so,
this is a neat store in Egypt they discovered a nother so a second Sphinx statue,
now everyone knows the famous statue of the Sphinx with a broken nose you know what they just found a second one this is humongous a story about finding it
pallet jack.
Living egyptologist are a little stunned about looking into this question he said here’s a fun quote their friend that they find stuff under there it’s going to blow all their books and all their history out of the window.

[41:31] Wow that’s cool a second Sphinx man I don’t know a lot about Egypt ology probably no more or less than the average person.
But I have to die even understand that finding a second one of these things is a pretty big deal.
Now sadly it has been six months since the Florida shooting at the Parkland Florida high school was Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida,
six months there’s an article written by Kyle cashew fat the daily wire which is Miss probably the hottest conservative website right now at least with people my age the cool kids,
so they call us they cost the cool kids it’s pretty powerful emotionally,
and he talks about that basically the people that probably are responsible for the shooting besides Cruise himself you know the the sheriff’s the law enforcement individuals the bureaucrats.
Did they really haven’t seen much Injustice there hasn’t been a lot of punishment to them and you know they should be because an article that came out and this is August 6th.

[42:38] This a good time to share,
it’s apparently Nicholas cruise we knew that he had mental issues you know he was an orphan he probably had some other mental stuff going on we know for sure he did try getting help.
We know he went to the school and tried to get help and basically the bureaucrats ignored it or they made a mistake or the thrown under the bus.
So here I’ll just read this is reasons version article.

[43:07] This is more than a year before the shooting education specialist told Cruise was struggling that he should transfer the Cross Creek and alternative school for students with special needs,
according to report obtained by the Sun Sentinel.
Who’s bucks this recommendation shoes instead Stoneman Douglas under the Disco District policy he wasn’t still entitled to special needs assistance while it’s dumb and Douglas the school fail to provide him with the help,
and they say here that that was mastel’s or mistake number one another mistake happened,
couple months later when Cruise tries to decide your own cross because he’s not getting help she’s like okay I’ll try to Cross Creek and.

[43:46] Airport said that when he puts their port they’re supposed to give an they’re supposed to respond within 30 days but didn’t stab the district assistance despise 15-year records school system.
And the process to this could take 6 weeks and actually that processed it never began.
For new special needs elevation evaluation take place mr. Cruz first Henry enroll in Stoneman Douglas and administrator told cruise that was too late in the school year to take him back.
Last one that’s two that’s three I need three times a system really failed this guy.
And are any of those people going to lose their jobs the principles that chose not to follow up on them the counselors that didn’t deal with it properly the bureaucrats that allowed this kid to get rolled under the system now Nicholas cruise for what he did is evil.
There is no denying that it’s complete evil,
evil incarnate pray for the families have been affected by this and it is so sad but to say that they’re there was never any stepped of prevention
is a light there were steps to prevent something like this they just weren’t enforced they weren’t used time and again school officials law enforcement and that area
general area for bureaucracy just got in the way and refused to enforce rules of Law and general safe policy practices.

[45:15] And while we know the result. Does that say that cruiseone is done what he did if he had gotten help like he asked for.

[45:23] I don’t know I would ride hogtied would like to say so but I just don’t know but if there was a chance of preventing it that was it.

[45:31] They screwed up,
no unfortunately I didn’t see that report in very many places that story probably should have been everywhere because I disagree I remember the special of CNN,
if yes go in the media fervor on this new store and it should have been there in a point it should have been there because it was horrendous,
but that what we find out the real reasons why it wasn’t just evil guns at some of the guns evil influence
turn cruise into a killer know they’re stealing circumstances the failures of administration was just not looked into and when it came out it’s
basically has been ignored by the mainstream press and I mean it’s it’s awful you know if the mainstream press is ignoring unfortunately
and you think with all their Russia worried that they would cover this issue about,
yeah this is from Business Insider here is the headline Russia is quietly seizing territory in Georgia the country estate.
As it warns of a horrible conflict theory Asian country joins NATO so it’s saved the hear the bullet points 10 years after the two countries fought a short but deeply for man of war
Russia’s quietly seizing more territory on the disputed border with Georgia as it warms NATO against admitting to Tiny Eurasian Nation as a member state.
Next ballpoint this is a detrimental impact of many locals is the Russia back for ization split communities and let some joints to literally find their holds a Russian troll territory overnight.

[46:56] And at last bullet points they have your meanwhile rushing leaders a warrant NATO that ending Georgia could spark a terrible conflict.
Yep yep see Russia is not done trying to seize a territory right in the oven really babe never stopped and got out like the big tanks and have the big portion the news but they’re doing it.
They want it you know Putin is leading Russia and to try to reclaim as much of the Soviet Glory as they possibly can.
Putin is one of those people that believe the fall of the Soviet.
Empire was seen all the greatest tragedy that Russia’s had in centuries and this is just a follow-up attitude to that feeling and idea another interesting story kind of about civil rights as a flare-up between Saudi Arabia and Canada,
the Saudi Arabians had a lot of changes in the this summer playing let women drive and some other more Progressive reforms.
But one of the things that wasn’t so Progressive is that they arrested a blogger who it’s Saturday arrested this sister of a prominent Saudi Arabia.
Bloggers in CT knee then tweeted how it was concerned about what’s going on in Saudi Arabia including this woman Samar badawi.

[48:11] And how it started this big Jeff between Saudi Arabia and Canada and Saudi Arabia.
Is saying we’ll freeze on new business investment transactions with Canada and we’re pulling out all our students are both these articles I have on it from you sweet Godly enough
it says their cats are a bit cancel scholarship at 16,000 but students study in Canada and also ordered them to leave the country,
Define academic programs elsewhere so sorry and the.
What is going on there why are they having this fight and why wonder where that’s going to lead.

[48:48] I am glad that Canada is pushing against Ira this is what you know United States should be doing we should be pushing against the evils and dictators around the world and me we need to have more courage I think a many ways Trump is that guy.
I’m at times I think we’re meeting with Putin kind of came off feeling like he wasn’t I don’t know I don’t think he know he did turn around so I’m not totally sure about what the presents feelings
I do know that our military and many ways is still pushing back,
and so at least you’re for not publicly via the president pushing back against evil regimes and evil Acts
at least all the people in our government are Big Brother,
I am wow this is all that makes me feel like we’re living 1980 for a little bit,
YouTube so you’re the article from BuzzFeed news in the way they putting it is that this is a great thing and no that should scare The Living Daylights out of you.
Out of you if you’re interested in press freedom.
It’s still sorry about YouTubers fighting back against climate Miss information the company is trying to combat scientific missing formations platforms,
Wikipedia has been helping the stream platform describe topics like global warming the MMR vaccine and UFOs.

[50:05] Did they really need help with UFOs out there putting fact-checks to videos that question climate change and of course you know that YouTube gets to choose which ones they consider question climate change.
So they’re saying they’re adding blurbs a text underneath some videos about climate change which provided scientifically accurate explain.

[50:27] It is a new feature Falls you choose not to March that play subscriptions next two videos and topics that spur conspiracy theories adjust moon landing Oklahoma City Bombing was the moon landing in the Oklahoma City bombing.
Does that mean that see that’s the thing they don’t get the sensors get to choose what they consider worthy of censorship it isn’t you or me.
Dying of deeply skeptical of.

[50:53] The way they caught one of these days global climate change and global warming solutions to fix it so if I go okay so you’re worried about global climate change how are we going to stop.
And no one has a real idea of how to do that and you know turning everyone turning off our light bulbs you know what does nothing it will do nothing,
because we are being outpaced by India China and the rest of the world we’re not the only ones that want to industrialize yes we have a large percentage of industrialization to the population.
Other countries are catching up and they have more people.
You think China cares about pollution I mean they sometimes will say they care but their actions never follow through.
This is scary we do not need to see YouTube wants to say that it’s a free platform and at the users get to decide what’s worthy of watching this is not at this is big brother and you know waving their finger at you and tell you what’s real and what’s not.
This this really bothers me.
Email basically climate scientist Michael Mann like in YouTube’s new messaging and I’m being for the article again to the warning label on a pack of cigarettes warning this video may or may not be promoting actual facts about climate.
So you think I should be able to do this she should go to video and just tell you that this is BS you know I think about someone that’s curious and looks into alternate videos.

[52:17] You know an issue of environmentalism and climate change should there be the only only ones you is allowed and all the other views have to get the warning that this is akin to cigarettes and cigarettes not like pictures of people with cancer and how,
evil cigarettes are and I’m not defending cigarettes but are cigarettes again to having views.

[52:37] Opposite of what the mainstream press wants you to have of global climate change.
I mean wow that’s proof that’s 1984 that’s orwellian,
that’s I mean wow guys that’s dark that is dark I remember when you Google used to say that they were the company that would do no evil what did ever happened to that,
now I really move on if you guys can never see the outline here I’m going to move on to talk about what’s going on in China and then here in the United States owe in China some people knowing you need to look this up look up China social media government program Google,
and you get there’s loads of video so tell you about this but it’s this program basically we’re social media rules her life
and you only put on social media what the government wants to put you on you are judged by your other citizens you get a thumbs-up or thumbs-down if you get thumbs down,
10 year year is hard to get a loan it’s hard to buy a car it’s hard to get a house it’s hard to get anything and then you might get a visit on the knock of your door.

[53:38] From those of our local government and that’s another story here from Reuters from laboratory Far West China surveillance State spread so quickly.
Quietly I talked about this guy named Leo he says that you leave his iPhone and hook it up to here I’ll just the opening is enough.

[53:54] Philip Lee what 3 1 year old software developer from Beijing was traveling in the Far Western Chinese region of xiangjiang when he was pulled to one side by places he got the bus,
the officers chuckle use iPhone hook it up to a handheld device that looks like a laptop and told them they were checking his phone for you Legal Information reminds me of papers please.
And he said that such surveillance Technologies while they were testing laboratory in of Shame John are now quietly spreading across the rest of trying so what was now it looks like it’s me the future is now happening.
And I mean wow that’s that is really scary that the police stop you and they take your phone and they used the scan it.
I mean cuz you might have the wrong information on it but don’t want to have those on sponsored state facts about climate change.
Now but it is a just turn that you see you trying isn’t the only one that wants to push on us to civil rights the US actually has its own people are doing it but we’re just doing it so much more quietly and then less amounts.

[54:53] TSA administrator name David Perkowski came out and basically he says that the program called quiet Skies.
Makes an awful lot of sense and invasive his story he goes out he says that twice guys is awesome man you should love is quite sky’s the best program,
announced by the Boston Globe back in 2011,
it’s computer software that allows them to track by satellite and yes to fly Travelers cluding US citizens you can pose a threat but name but have not been accused of it may not have been accused of crime,
the aren’t on a no-fly list,
we’re going to track them anyways it’s like,
we don’t like the way you look we don’t like the cut of your jib so we’re going to follow you anyways that’s what quiet Skies is wonderful isn’t it.
It makes an awful lot of sense that’s what the head of a tick that’s when a TSA administrator says.

[55:57] Is any while I mean in this even the got this Democrat,
Senator Ed McCarthy sorry Marky and I am glad he says it’s good for him he says the definition of big brother and it’s an American should not be subject to this kind of violation of their rights,
this program raises serious privacy concerns
depending on what the criteria being used for selecting individuals to survey land cleanup necessity nationality race or religion the program may be unconstitutional we need answers about the program including if your rest are prevented terrible
peanuts nothing a little bit until this Democrat dog and little bit heavy on the word about the ethnicity or nationality,
I hate it I do it is just wrong I mean come on your break the law you have to decide one if I’m innocent if I’m living by the lock and you have no right to track me.

[56:51] It doesn’t matter if this program is a constitutional because the powers that be like it remember we have Republicans in charge and we just had Democrats in charge both sides are cool with this program,
they’re both cool with the Patriot Act,
you only get a loners out here like a marquee that speak up every now and then and I’m the you know you never certain if they’re only saying it because they’re not in power anymore.
That I hope it’s I hope I wanted to see him cuz I’m going to assume that Ed Markey of Massachusetts is a serious about the concerns about this.
I just wow you know on those TSA issues I do remember people complained about them during the bombing situation here on the right you know on the right wing say how wrong you are and they are still a problem.
And sell then you know it’s not just try out the US has some surveillance issues not nearly as severe as light years ahead in many ways of China when it comes to civil rights,
how many come stuff at freedom of expression word leaders in the world often.

[57:49] But I mean to say it were perfect and say that we couldn’t go Darkseid that’s not true either.
The truth is we need to watch out and when we have issues like this look like quiet Skies programmer civil asset forfeiture we need to,
nip it in the bud and end it before it can grow before we grow a culture where it’s okay,
what’s that fabulous Benjamin Franklin quote those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety.
Oh man that’s my Franklin what a rockstar that’s
that is the truth man we got a really got to watch out for that and I know I don’t think the quiet Skies has been reported on,
very much or added anything to TSA I think maybe they assume people aren’t that interested anymore. What the TSA is up to these days
I don’t know it seems like you know cuz cuz I’m 28 so I was alive when 9/11 happened and before 9:11 you could go to airports and there were not many blocks and I don’t judge people seem flights for sale.

[58:50] After 9/11 we put up off all the walls all the all the TSA agents look through your shoes and take your lotions and I’m beginning to think that since then we become so tired and so Jaden.
That we are now so cynical as a people about the issues of safety over Freedom like that Benjamin Franklin quote that we just don’t care we just don’t care anymore which is sad and that’s the problem with media bias guys
media bias does that to us it makes us cynical and makes his jaded as a people we get so used to be a virus that it divides us as a people.
And it makes us stop caring about issues that we really should be caring about.
When you have when you have me advice and you don’t do anything about you don’t acknowledge it you make fun of those that make sure that will appoint it out.

[59:40] You unbalance our society I think we become jaded and then what issues like a TSA we just feel well now the other guys I’ve been trolled ages or against it now cuz they don’t like Trump,
or all you know where the bed used to be they used to say that about you know we hated Obama Ergo everything related with Obama was wrong,
no I’m not ignoring and dealing with media bias Pro play practicing ethical,
standards of Journalism has not good for a sites not healthy no we need a well-balanced diet and maybe it should be the same for our media diet
have a healthy balance there too I want to say one way that we’ve all forgotten this you know we’ve how many of you still remember how that was in Puerto Rico.

[1:00:22] And remember there’s lots of playing that Trump was somebody blame for the fda’s failures I think all of us think collectively just forgot about it well it didn’t stop and the Puerto Rican government was forced to announce.

[1:00:35] Not too long ago August 9th is a story I have area it said that 1427 people died.

[1:00:43] 2017 final 30 2017 compared with the same period the year before that means round 1400 people died from the hurricane Maria.
That is 20 times higher than the official death toll publicly released earlier.
They had 64 they’d upgrade it to 1427 I mean and it in the.
Can I see if the air earlier I meant FEMA FEMA major major fail.
And we can you read those stories about how shipping containers that had medicine daily products food where that were being Supply were found rotting,
before I get the New York Times can we report that local Puerto Rican radio station found at the goods,
I had melted spoil them were covered in rat droppings in a parking lot of said went to Puerto Rico state election offices.

[1:01:35] I mean wow is that store your pretty much about I don’t think I am that’s sad that is depressing.
Some other stories I do know I have a bunch of material are we going to be able to get through all that we could talk about the fires are being set by burning star the fires of being set by migrant gangs.
In Sweden they’re putting fire bombs and cars and buildings all over the place it’s just kind of this Mass swab it seem it’s weird because it seems like all the same time.
I can’t talk about Alex Jones and why they matter so I think we talked about censorship a little bit and extreme but even Alex Jones deserves to have dessert if the prep for supposed to be free and open to all like we all want the internet to be a free and open platform.
Then you have to allow people like Alex Jones I just hope that viewers know better.
And that will but there are adults and people with brains are watching and that’s you know what you have to put it the responsibility on the people the platform is dead I mean responsible in that it allows stuff it doesn’t choose one side over the other.
Oh yeah it’s a healthy place for free expression but beyond that I don’t think they should sensor people like Alex Jones.

[1:02:44] But that’s what they decide to do and it seems coordinated and that’s kind of scary to me that so many companies according to take out Alex Jones the same time I do not like Alex Jones.
He’s my uncle he’s crazy he’s he’s Cocoa Puffs he’s not someone I would go to for information ever I enjoy watching videos that make fun of them.
Turn the frogs gay all that good stuff so I what am I going to end here on I think you slowly and on some happy stuff I just want to say that please.
Yeah sunfishes we talked about that you’re worried about so the fires in California that I mentioned the first episode talking about the people.

[1:03:23] That are suffering in Puerto Rico please keep them in their prayers I would say included people in South Africa South Africa is nuts right now I should probably do a whole episode on it I’m Robert and I are trying to find some South Africans.
To interview to hear their opinion because South Africa is now putting the Constitution that they’re just going to take the land from White Farmers Zimbabwe did this strategy.
And it led to intense violence they’re having intense violence South Africa right now that is particular white people are being murdered and I’m not saying that killing white people is worse than killing black people let’s just not kill any,
what is the rule of law and not allow people just to kill willy-nilly.
That’s what’s happening in South Africa and if they go ahead and with this plan and take the land from the farmers the people actually know how to farm it’s going to lead to mass starvation it’s going to lead to
big economic problems it’s going to be very devastating to South Africa so it’s like I said Zimbabwe try the same strategy,
they also it should point of Zimbabwe is also try this social strategy as is South Africa because it is that is Karl Marx or we take what’s right what’s with the bougeoir we give it to the proletariat,
we give it to the nice and rich people and give it to the deserving poor people we just do it it’ll be great,
guess what it doesn’t work well I know I would it’s a fantasy this take from the rich give to the poor strategy would work for Robin Hood to a point.

[1:04:53] But that’s it that’s pretty much where it where it ends government policy it does not work.
It’s is redistribution is Emit statism and restate is redistribution ism is the same thing as fascism.
Just because you’re not taking it from the Jews doesn’t make it any less evil than what the Nazis were doing at least that’s how I see it.
Well let’s and today with the high note we talked about the evil some Nazis well,
let’s talk about a really great story this is awesome you know this is the good side of me and when something goes viral and it’s amazing and.
Inspires people to do even more good that’s I mean that’s the awesome power of the internet and the forces for the forces of good so here’s a story from CNN which I dragged a little hard on but please listen to it and enjoy.

[1:05:44] This is Jack Ryan Edwards helping Jordan Taylor stock the shelves at a grocery store Baton Rouge,
is also someone who is on the spectrum of autism autism spectrum.
And his dad said it first that he just was mesmerized by what Jordan was doing and that’s when Jordan hasn’t would you like to help me.
Jack Ryan sister posted her dad’s video on Facebook in a response has been so heartwarming.

[1:06:11] If you go to flip the camera you would have seen his dad face it is said that all he was just so happy.
Is there true character and how many people are going to end up seeing you do that obviously you just out the kindness of your heart.

[1:06:32] How’s the baby.

[1:06:38] They’re going to help somebody else out.

[1:06:46] Palm Desert to the to stock shelves together for like a half hour how can I make you smile this morning major props is CNN for running that story,
that is just beautiful that’s right please if you have a chance serve someone else you never know who it might be watching but it’s not important who’s watching is important that you show love to your neighbor let’s all try to live those Virtues Of doing good to one another,
the Golden Rule as my mom always taught me to call it do you want to another as you would have them do unto you.
Well thank you today this is the happy warrior podcast I appreciate you taking your time and listen to both parts,
I wanted to make you some more full episode you know those daily talk shows they go,
3 hours off and there’s an hour to 40 minutes of content and we hit about 2 hours worth of content so we have more than one day of the 3-hour talk radio program – commercials.
Please keep in your hearts and your minds in your prayers those that need help,
please continue to do good thank you to our us,
military forces are military veterans and all those that have served our country make it a better place thank you to those journals and reporters who take their job seriously and treat the American people Their audience and himself with the respect that they should but try to be the truth tellers,
and help us to live better that model that Benjamin Franklin taught us to live.

[1:08:09] That’s it for me now you all have a good night folks until next time.

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