Happy Warrior Ep 014 Self Destruction Nation

Happy Warrior Ep 014 Self Destruction Nation
The Happy Warrior Podcast
Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke
Produced by Robert Mehling
Voice Over by Dave Holly
Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

Segment 1: Self Destruction Nation

Kavanaugh Monologue



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Machine Transcript
[0:24] Hello everyone this is the happy warrior podcast here once again with your host Peter the V Pischke this is the only American News Talk podcast where it starts and ends with a couple of Japanese teenagers singing a song.
It’s good to be here again with all of you
today I have some heavy stuff to go through at first but I try to pack in a bunch of fun too so it won’t be all just sadness and,
despair the Saxon pretty serious and personal stuff I’m going to talk about today and this is been kind of stressful that was on the reasons took me a little while to get it out.
Hopefully you can forgive my lateness that the quality for it will make up I appreciate you guys taking the time to listen here remember if you have any comments questions,
thoughts or ideas you can contact me on the
happy warrior Facebook page or you can email me at Pete at happy – Warrior. Net again Pete at happy.

[1:24] Sorry Pete. Happy that scwarrior.net sad I can’t even seem to get the email right okay moving on,
so I’m sure none of you have been living under a rock if you have please email me and tell me how it is does the temperature stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter,
if you had like I said if you haven’t been living under a rock the cabinet hearings are the biggest news,
in the nation for now 3 or 4 weeks now they’re pretty heavy I’ve talked about now twice I touch that some last week and the week before when I was with Robert we talked about it then too,
and if you remember we finna focus on cab not so much as the feeling of the public well unfortunately those divisive feelings seem to be growing.
Excessively they’ve been growing an exponential rate I feel a tension knot just in the news I feel the tension here at home too.
I’m so I want to talk a little bit about it I’ll start off with this I saw some division over some Facebook post on Fridays I like to put out my thoughts on some issue by like to do it in a,
tired of inflammatory Manor at least in my style by Peter style so it’s not really all that inflammatory but does some people off.

[2:44] Well doing that caught some fire okay so here was the video that I made a late to its Anderson Cooper,
hey is talking to a Galaxy and then who’s interviewing V GOP women their views on Kavanaugh and the hearings and the accusations Okay let’s listen to it.

[3:03] Do believe judge Cavanaugh when he says this didn’t happen.
Believe the word of a woman something that happened 36 years ago when this guy has an impeccable present.
Nobody nobody that has spoken ill will about him everyone that speaks about him to Pheasant Altar Boys you know.

[3:26] When Woman made an allegation sorry I don’t buy it but in the grand scheme of things my goodness there was no intercourse there was maybe a touch.
Can we really 36 years later she still stuck on that had it happen we were talking about a 15 year old girl.
I’m a woman I respect to 17 year old boy in high school with his possible running High tell me what Boy hasn’t done this in high school please I would like.
Why would she come forward if this wasn’t true because it is basically destroyed her family she’s had to move she’s going undercover she’s gotten death threats.
So if she’s lying why come forward she’s also destroying his life his wife.
I mean why did she come out sooner if she’s telling the truth.
Why didn’t she come out when he was going into the bush White House why didn’t you come out when he’s been a federal judge over us
why not have a thorough investigation instead of just the two of them he said she said the FBI investigated it took 3 days.

[4:36] Why not now this is a high-school kid story something that allegedly happened some 30 plus years ago matter.
You can’t judge the character of a Man based on what he did at 17.

[4:58] Not right.
But maybe you touched somebody the way you are not supposed to be up as women though do you have some sympathy for her for what she’s going through no I have no sympathy and perhaps maybe him and maybe he didn’t pay attention.
When I was there or whatever the situation is there kids.
If it is true would it be okay with you if he became a Justice on the Supreme Court as long as that’s an isolated.
He was 17 he was not even an adult and we all make mistakes of 17.
I believe in a second chance I’d be more than okay with him.
Peter who are we to judge.

[5:50] Now I played the whole of that audio I like to do that contextually because I feel that when I get the full.
Brett’s of what I’m sharing so I usually try when I share audio clips to share a big portion I think someone asked me why do you mean why do you use such big Clips why didn’t you.
Put it down to 15 seconds Sound by 12 because someone bites are pissy and interesting but they don’t give you a false sense of it.
They’re being talked about just no new wants okay and I’ll I’m as someone with the background journalism when I share something with you I want there to be new ones I want you to be able to see of the whole of it are at least as much as possible.

[6:31] So that was the Republican that’s what I shared on Facebook,
pretty pretty compelling to me it’s powerful and messages one they don’t really believe it too if it is true they don’t really care because it was so long ago he was a young guy it does not matter,
I mean and that those are five Republican women now I seen it probably should have had a nice mix of people because Huffington Post poll came out that you’re the only 28% of.
Man in 25% of women believe these allegations I mean that crosses party line so they’re very few people to actually believe,
the stop what’s going on but the reaction,
by the people on the on the GOP side which is a side I’m more often could be found on at least part of Sin Lee speaking.
What’s the what’s look instead and what’s being said
with Mark left his brother in the see the response to all this I think this puts a good pick this is from MSNBC they asked a person on the Lawrence O’Donnell show.

[7:35] Is a segment the last word about about the claims that,
are being made out of the person you’re speaking is wonkette founder Ana Marie Cox,
and if this is this just sums it up perfectly roll,
millions of women and men who have been through something like this and their lives are going to have to kind of live through it again they will be read, ties
are you going to plant theirs helping those people the national sexual assault hotline is
866 hope and I think that goes people need to know that they don’t have to go through what this woman is going through in order to start to heal.

[8:16] I also want to point out that there is a big difference between what happened with Anita Hill and what happened in this case because it was,
was children to two children it was a long time ago and it should be judged differently but I think a parallel here is that we need to judge brick have it on not just on what he may or may not have done but how can you treat a woman’s pee,
and that is something I mean pay attention to on Monday how does he respond to what is happening whether or not
agree that this happened with her does he take her pain seriously
spoiler alert I don’t think women is paying very seriously and I know that because of the decisions he made as a judge
I have it unfold on National Television live I will be quite instruction instructed.

[9:06] So some of you may have heard that sound bite and some other places I’ve heard it listens to talk radio.
Her point you know her point is and I tried to be as Fair as I could that’s why I used all the clip is that Brett judge should not be judged on what he may or may not have done that this is a quote but how we treat the woman’s pain.
not what he may or may not have done to how he treats a woman to paint now she does seem to care very much about the pain of sexual assault survivors as should all of us I think that’s one of the great things in our first one Nations that we do care about people who been
victimized and hurt that we are against sexual assault that is awesome I love that about our country that we do want to fight back against it.
But should judge have not be judged based on his kindness and compassion or should be rule of law so we have right now these two sides of our country
one is the right which I think our side is pushing on Roblox also when pushing on it doesn’t matter
even if it’s true it doesn’t matter on the left it says we shouldn’t judge them based on the rule of law we should instead judge on how
kind he is how you want to see is to women’s pain you should and you know to be honest I think they’re also pushing a lot of the guilt,
sexual assault survivors the kind of making.

[10:33] Judge Brad Kavanagh a wicker man for he’s going to take all the sins of the people you know she kind of mentioned that begin ever comment their comment about how men and women are going to be affected,
who have been assaulted and how they’re going to be reliving it and I very well may be true I know that,
people that go through it often do you suffer recurrent trauma because it’s a hard thing to get over a new getting over you know some people do by think majority carry sunburn of it.
At least in some way so that’s our two sides that’s where country is right now,
and I think the divine right now is almost at a fever pitch it’s pretty intense it’s not just being fed up,
in our news but I think more and more what’s happening in our news and media circles,
art is happening and I realize you know I shared that to podcast go that segment from Ben Sasse where he says the reason why were all fighting and being so silly about the cabinet hearings is because we aren’t willing to talk to each other and we are,
working out our political problems in Congress instead of returning the Supreme Court into where we want to fight our political fights and that’s a really apt thing and so we’ve taken.

[11:41] The breakdown of stuff and we haven’t looked at its merit-based on well is it true or not instead we’re moving towards,
how does a best benefit our side
how does it best benefit our political goals and what we want all right so now I’m going to read for my Facebook page I’m not going to dignify any of the people in it besides myself and it was I’m going to focus on what I had to say not what other people had to say about it,
okay that being said here supposed the reaction of the national media and politicians towards the judge,
Brett Kavanaugh regarding these likely baseless and impossible to prove allegations have now done more damage The credibility of actual rape victims than almost anything else in our lifetime.

[12:23] Now when legitimate sexual assault survivors come forward with their complaint much of the American public are going to ask.
Inside themselves if the woman is just doing this to benefit her self mark my words the circus is it just a drama llama and we’ll have real world consequences that go beyond learning simpleton politicians political points.
Truth and Justice bead and honor is worthless the women that our society claims to want to help are going to be the ones most hurt by this Fiasco.

[12:55] Now I kept why that was inflammatory look at some of the language it was a little pushy but I mean I think my point hopefully is clear that I was trying to make now I have some people.
Felt on the Facebook so you know I don’t use Twitter I should really start that I was attacking
hey. I was saying boys-will-be-boys I was saying that I’m being unkind to people who have actually survived sexual assault.

[13:22] You know some of that attitude that when I
I or someone else makes a criticism of some of these allegations against Kevin that I am in there all by attacking actual survivors and it maybe she is a Survivor but you know it goes back down to the
to the law versus just our feelings you know we want to base things on evidence instead of just well I think that would be guilty cuz one person said so.
Relative of mine took this quite personally so here’s here’s how I responded.
I said I haven’t this is I got a message about this I put the post on Friday I got the response and Saturday I wasn’t really sure how to respond,
I love my family dearly and no way would I ever want to cause them pain and no way would I ever want to make them feel uncomfortable you know I sincerely believe that people spell have different
views on what’s going on in the world and still be at the end be able to shake hands and be best friends I have people in this community I live they have completely different views and I do about how we should fix our country,
okay they’re left yes I’m a guy on the right
but you don’t worry I still respect them I still try to love them I still try to be friends and I strongly believe that I strongly believe in a libertarian,
culture not just in politics and ideology false our culture that we should be able to have be able to talk freely you know just like our Founders did in the enlightenment.

[14:51] Okay security here I guess I have been prayerfully considering how to respond all day and no way would I ever want to cause even accidentally courage further pain to Survivor of a heinous crime like sexual assault.
Emotional turmoil surviving abuse is something that many of us and Portugal have a common a complex and self-destructive pain as hard as any of the physical pains we might wrestle with.
We both know how hard it is to convince others including experts said pains in our bodies and our hearts and our minds in our spirits.
This is why to me it is exactly this problem of the cabinet ordeal so vexing devil Nation so focused on the partisan value,
of her claims against Cavanaugh is unhealthy it’s and damaging to all of us desire credibility in our own lives,
both parties are guilty of this video I shared Republican woman even says that this claim is true that should not matter.
A similar opinion can be found among the Democrats.
Instead of relying on reason instead of relying on a right to Due Process we are increasingly making a value judgment of her story not on its approvability not on its reasonability but I’m what can be gained politically.

[16:02] This will hurt people that are victims of sexual assault because it will cause people to more often voice belief and a voucher support.
Does denote about their support based on what they can do to benefit themselves by believing and helping that person.
When we move away from reason when we move away from our rights we risk ruined due to unintended consequences.
I love my family dearly and I love those that have been hurt and I wish them nothing but peace and happiness.
The professor that made these allegations cuz ruin this is Saturday so this just the first allegation may have been hurt I don’t know I don’t have a tardis to go back in time to confirm.
But in the eyes of the law there is no way to prove it.
This is the classic he said she said and just lately and impossible hurdle to overcome if it is not confirmed then some other person who probably will be openly hostile the Robey way they will become our next Supreme Court Justice.
Most of the Congress people have a background in lock they know this.
Yet they still push down on the scales of Justice hoping to win themselves a favorite outcome plus additional campaign benefits.

[17:19] In a year Congress in the meow 12 Long moved on to some other political game and controversy but the ones who still suck in the collateral damage of this facility are survivors.

[17:33] Please understand that Express the sentiment because I’m concerned about the state of our nation and how well packed them.
Please take care we all love you and hope for the very best for your future God bless sincerely Peter Von Pischke.
Actually after I made that response someone even wrote what a weak response you should be ashamed.

[17:55] Craziness.

[18:00] I did Pray when I before I wrote that response I should have prayed before I made it in your supposed to be honest but that was my response.
I think it gets too clearly now when I see this cabinet stuff and I see how our country.
Is reacting the public face of our country especially the media how are politicians how they’re using this is a political football game with something so very serious.
When we want to judge someone not based on law,
order and reason we don’t want to be on to put you process of law side because it’s inconvenient we rest ruin that is a dangerous dangerous game.
I would never imagine if it was your brother.
Magikano is your sister was your son or daughter your uncle your aunt if Cavanaugh was someone special to you.

[18:55] What would you want what you want them to get a fair hearing.
Of course you would you even if they were a terrible person you still want them to have their Fair date in court.

[19:08] I’m and I would say that also to the professor
Kristi blausey almost her name is she also deserves her fair to import you know I can’t judge if this happened or not but we have to rely on the due process of law.
Due process of law our rights as espoused in the Fifth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment and elsewhere in the Constitution.
Are such a amazing thing they are really a true sign of great,
progress that all men are judged under the law equally that we all get our Fair shake and day in court.
That just because you’re rich and Powerful years nobility you’re connected that doesn’t mean that the law doesn’t apply to you and it farther we get away from it the farther we risk ruin.

[19:55] I’m really I’m serious it’s a very dangerous thing removing towards you know one of the things are founders learn from was from the witch trials that took place in Europe and in the early days the colonies,
and it didn’t say you’d only need one accusation,
or less people who travel from town to town they be called witch-finders are and there was even the guy that went by witchfinder General and they would encourage someone to come forth and blame some persons of which usually it was
are single or widowed woman that maybe lived Lou from the community maybe there was someone that was a Healer had on there but you know they they use,
she was just educated for whatever reason she was someone that was inconvenient to the side.
Or some person had you know they just did not like them they were mad at them for some reason.

[20:44] Well the witchfinder general they’ve get someone in the person you know this person the cat attack me all rock fell in my head all my cow got sick I got the fox obviously it’s them against all these.
Sometimes even children will make up these crimes as I saw it I saw it.
Very little evidence they would move in to look for somebody call a witch’s Mark which one they strip the accused naked,
any look for anything that look like a wart or skin tag you know anything that they would say this is a mark of a witch
it would that torture said person by not letting them sleep for even for five even a week it would not allow the food they keep the room hot.

[21:25] And eventually they would almost always collapse and say yes I made a deal with Satan I am a witch another great key thing that they did is wonderful isn’t it us.
The way to judge if they were guilty or not what they would do is they would Tassimo drink now we all know this for Monty Python,
you know if she floats the same as a duck she’s a witch well actually that came from truth and they used to believe that if you touch a witch in the drink.
Are you a tie her hands you retire feet you would hang a really heavy Bible around her neck which.
Seems kind of expensive Casino I mean everyone have them they weren’t easy to come by,
I’m going to drink this they thought that witches were so evil that the repeal the Waters of baptism so if they went to the water and they drown,
that meant they were in a sense they were going to go to heaven or if they survive somehow and therefore they get to go and be burned at the stake.
Yes that’s right that is the very definition of damned if you do damned if you don’t guilty no matter what.

[22:38] Our Founders learn from this English civil law did learn from this too and we try to move away from such things we require more evidence because
people can be dishonest people can misunderstand things people can be vindictive.

[22:55] A classic story is the story of Emmett Till he was a black man in the 1950s.
A woman white Southern woman claimed that he came up to her grabbed her and whispered curses at her.

[23:09] They took him they beat the so some Southern Man believed her took him beat him up then lynched him.

[23:18] His mom this is such a powerful story Gila teared up his mom.
When they suggest you know you should have a closed casket you know that you don’t want people to see how being up she was as no.
You leave that casket open the whole world can know he went through and she said that if he died and helped move moved our country towards Freedom that he would have been that his sacrifice was made him a hero.

[23:45] We need not go back to that kind of craziness mobs and lynching are barbaric they are the Dark Ages.

[23:55] The vitamin moved us mostly passed us in the last 50 years the south is greatly changed and that’s wonderful we don’t want to go back there guys.
People on the left and the right if you want to blame Cab North or let him go free because you feel it’s best to benefit your side or your views.
Do not feed this desire.
Ask that the rule of law be followed that we followed you process as best we can I know we have a statue of limitations those are important because you know memory is very fallible.

[24:34] And time can go on and mess with the head.
And it’s hard to get evidence so we don’t have to process for a reason but even then I say we take you process of law as far as we can investigate her claim investigate all the allegations made so far fine the truth of the matter is best as you can.

[24:53] Now for journalist I am I have a journalism background if I had the hell off I like to think that I’d be an active journalist.

[25:05] Damn really failed big time on this thing the media has decided that they are going to lead the mop they’re going to get the pitchforks and torches out they’re going to put out love five easy steps to,
your mom,
I mean it’s it’s nasty I know I’m surprised some people came out recently and if you pay attention to those you might be surprised that’s because it’s a person on the left two peoples on the left.
People’s they just had saw it so I’m just going to play these two clips,
and I mean amen I don’t have much to say to this this is a perfect this is exactly where the media and journalism is going wrong right now.

[25:49] Women have to be careful right now.
We do collectively in terms of how we absorb whatever is being alleged and how we portray that out I mean.
That’s when I reflect back on us yes if we’re jumping to conclusions we have worked hard to get to this point where.

[26:11] A chance to use our voices we also have to be able to weather the storm and I am not taking sides in this.

[26:22] We should be reporting this the media should step back a little bit if you watch you know I was watching television all weekend I was really Disturbed.
Brad Kavanagh was either a racist or these two women were Liars it’s just not our job.
This is not our job and if we want women to have a chance to have their voices let’s not get in the way of that but let’s not also overcorrect to the point where we lose in the long run.
I Believe In Due Process I believe in the facts speak for themselves and I believe in getting all the facts.

[26:56] Amen that was Mika Brzezinski the co-host of Morning Joe long time journalist.
I disagree with makeup many many times but in theirs she is 100000% correct way to go Mika.
That’s awesome yeah the media needs to step back they need to stop dictating to the public what to believe.
That’s not the media’s job that’s not the role of a journalist if your opinion guy and you tell people hey I’m going to pin you got give your pin and go for it but if you’re saying I’m a journalist and I’ll give you the truth.

[27:32] Step back stay awake give them some space report the facts and leave it there,
I mean wow I don’t even know what to say about that,
but I would like to end this segment with two clips here is the advice to our country
to Statesman that we really should listen to the first I have is a favorite of mine Justice Clarence Thomas this goes back to the Anita Hill controversy when he was going through
is hearings I’m just going to open its missed your by and talk to you Clarence Thomas and it’s Clarence Thomas gives her his Spiel please take a listen to this even out if you’re on the left please does Clarence Thomas does have a message here that’s worth hearing.
I tried another I would like to start by saying unequivocally on category.

[28:31] I deny each and every single allegation against who today that suggested in anyway.

[28:39] Blackhat conversation.
I was sexual nature for about pornographic material with Anita Hill that I ever attempted to date her.
Back ever had any personal sexual interest in her or did I in any way ever harassed.

[29:03] 2nd and I think more important point I think that this today is a travesty.

[29:12] I think it is disgusting I think that this hearing.

[29:19] Should never occur in America this is a case in which this sleeves.

[29:27] This Dart was search for by staffers of members of this committee.

[29:35] Was that leaked to the media and this committee and this body validated.

[29:46] And displayed it Primetime over our entire nation how would any member on this committee.
Any person in this room or any person in this country would like sleeves said about him or her.
Can dispatch what this Dirt Drags. And this gossip and these lies display in this manner how would any person.

[30:17] The Supreme Court is not working no job is worth.

[30:23] I’m not here for that I’m here from my name my family my life and my Integra.

[30:32] I think something is dreadfully wrong with this country.
When any person any person in this free country would be subjected to this this is not a closed room there was an FBI investigation.

[30:48] Not an opportunity to talk about difficult.

[30:54] Matters privately or in the clothes environment this is a circus for National Disgrace and from my standpoint.

[31:06] Has a black American as far as I’m concerned it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks on anyway Dane to think for themselves.

[31:16] I do for themselves to have different ideas and it is a message that unless you count down to an old order.
This is what will happen to you you will be lynched destroyed caricature.

[31:35] Hi 8 Committee of the US US Senate rather than hung from a tree.

[31:43] That was Justice Clarence Thomas.
Powerful start words oddly prescient for now we’ve me dancing to learn the lesson from the Anita Hill.
Controversy what’s going on with the cabinet stuff right now it seems like that on steroids.
But the underlying principles that were at War than our are just as important now due process versus easy political wins truth and Justice versus what is best for our side.
And it’s a disa dangerous road to go.
Have we learned much since then I don’t know I don’t know what those are unresolved issues I was just a teeny tiny thing when the Justice Clarence Thomas hearings were going on it seems to me.

[32:32] That the judge Cavanaugh stuff is getting way too heated at least from the news that are read I think that it’s getting it’s going to,
hot it’s Verizon it’s raising and Rising tempers it’s pushing people on edge,
on both sides and I think that’s very unhealthy it’s very dangerous I mean I look back to President Lincoln I look back to the Civil War that’s what this kind of reminds me of accept the issue then was something a very very serious issue.
Was slavery slavery was a huge issue and it was impossible to ignore.
Is Judge camera this is nearly the same as important as slavery no no he’s not I understand the
feelings about abortion both ways of course I find a abortion to be an important thing and almost all cases but you know that’s not what this podcast and I’m trying to do I’m trying to bridge,
the gap between conservatives and Progressive liberals I want us to be able to be friends again.
We don’t need to go back there you know I look at the house divided speech this is President Lincoln he’s talking at the Republican convention 1858.
This is Mata this is amazing here I’ll just read from some of it.

[33:52] Mr. president Jomo the convention if we could first know where we are and whether we are tending we could then better judge what to do and how to do it.
We are now far into the fifth year since policy was initiated with the about object and confident promise of putting an end to slavery agitation.
Remember that work at station under the operation that policy that agitations not only not ceased.
What is constantly augmented in my opinion it will not cease until a crisis shop and reached and passed.

[34:24] Here’s his famous quote A house divided against itself cannot stand I believe this government.

[34:30] Cannot endure permanently half slave and half free I do not expect the union to be dissolved that you expect the house to fall but you expect it will cease to be defiant it will become all one thing.
Or all the other,
yeah they pulled into slavery well rested for this private and place it where the public mine shall rest in the belief that is in the course of ultimate Extinction or it’s at the kids will push it for a touch-up become a like lawful.
In all the states old as well as new North as well as South.
Now think about that augmented agitation that Lincoln was talking about their how does it feel to you now about the cab not hearing how does it feel to you now about the issue about abortion we are in the midst of a cold culture Civil War.
You know what this it really does it really does feel like a civil war that we are we are fighting between yourselves issues and principles that are important to us now,
I just telling you guys that we need to not go the route that they did after the election leak in the south felt that Lincoln was going to,
use his powers to end slavery and so they left.

[35:39] Okay left some people in the right we need to not feel that we’re going to be persecuted pushing to destruction we need to talk to each other we need a reason these things out.

[35:51] Trying to make things done by Fiat or force in any manner is dangerous because we will eventually push and prod too far in One Direction or the other I know the idea of a civil war seems crazy,
and I think it’s unlikely to happen but it’s on the table it feels like it’s on the table right now and we need to get away from that guys.
So please return to reason tell your family and friends to return to reason.
And the principles of the Constitution and we can talk this thing out we need not fight each other.
I talked about last week how political violence is escalating in the country just little bits here and there couldn’t remember that Wyoming political office that was burnt down.
Need to be careful guys let’s see A house divided against itself cannot shall not stand let’s not go there again.
Never again and now for something completely different.

[36:46] Music.

[37:23] Damn course was the 1960 Spiderman theme song for The 1960 Spiderman cartoon I really enjoyed I seen that cartoon a couple times.
It’s funny how I really Spider-Man they try to mirror Superman in so many ways I mean they’re both undercover reporters they both act kind of like nerds,
pretty interesting I’ll Mary Jane is definitely just a substitute Lois Lane in the cartoon I bring all this up because the most awesome articles came out to you and you cool game,
Spider-Man video game came out for the PS4 PS4 only sadly so I haven’t played it yet but,
my brother is watch loads of videos I watched videos the game is amazing it’s just like the Spider-Man video games of activity on the GameCube I it’s Spider-Man 2,
I actually was my brother John’s and we are play that vacuum was just a hoot was so much fun.
Loved it could not get enough of it well this is kind of like that game but do you know how to video game Generations later.
In this game Guess What Spider-Man he does he does the ultimate sin he really does he commits ultimate sin.

[38:35] So bad it’s evil Spider-Man goes Dark Side Spider-Man helps the police.
No don’t say it can’t be so yes it’s true Spider-Man helps the police as The Concourse tells us they turn Spider-Man into dang cop and it sucks and you have dang it’s,
the other one sorry I’ll read some parts from it you can find a link to the article on that line at two of them one from Concourse one from Kotaku.
I Rico Taco pretty regularly that’s how I found out about the stuff initially it’s dumb to expect video games of real life for me at least,
do not feel some itchiness about the game forcing me into Cahoots with even a fictionalized version the NYPD,
an organization that routinely oppresses some of the most vulnerable residents of the city I live in.
It is scam you kind of need help will help them repair Towers he talks about I’m going to just jump for it it’s kind of interesting cuz there might be decomposed Cutting Edge Equipment software from Chetek.

[39:47] Roman shade tech company owned by Bill and you’re with maniacal Tennessee so I can marry collect data on Sisson is a dystopian yet sensible video game plot it’s also something that happened literally in the real New York City.
This is my favorite part Spider-Man deserves better than to be allied with such forces a big part of the characters appeal is that he is just as much under the thumb of the city as the people he tries to help,
he’s from a shattered family,
he works multiple jobs, he can’t pay his bills he stressed out all the time he’s not a hero swoops down from on high in order to save the comments from themselves.
D red R Us everything there’s inspiring about the character everything he’s just a guy who wants to make life better for the people who are dealing with the same struggles he is.

[40:37] Is it this way all I know is that kind of sucks to playing a game a game in which Spider-Man in the process of beating up some drug dealers taunts them yelling if you guys just got real job so you won’t have to work so hard at being criminals.
Oh my gosh that’s painful.
The actual that’s hilarious I take that back that’s awesome spider that ever the cops
I’m not to be totally fair the Kotaku article is really well thought-out I disagree with some of the things they went through,
but I mean they do go through a long list of why Spider-Man in the comics probably wouldn’t,
go this way I disagree I think Spider-Man would help the cops he probably would do it you know even if you think the cops are wrong so I will probably just try to help the cops cuz it seems like the right thing to do.

[41:30] The only get a little political here at the end but no I don’t have the two articles I have months from Concourse once will Kotaku read the code talker one if you want that one’s pretty interesting the game rocks by the way.
Really really good game if you have a PS4 you have to pick up new Spider-Man game all right so I thought it’d be fun to talk to before we go and turn next subject it kind of ties the Spider-Man stuff so that you know triggering.
Yeah I’m really tired sugaring and I am sure that you probably are too,
well I have an excellent reny a Remy video for reason that does a parody of Thriller when I get play the whole thing for issues of fairness so I don’t get in trouble with the law.
But it’s pretty funny and you should shared around so I’m going to play it right here right now.

[42:19] Music.

[44:44] Videos awesome I love that part non Chileans eating Bass.
White people and now you are going to class oh man those videos are so good the Remy TV videos on reasontv look it up this one is Remy trigger Thriller Parody.
Link is in the outline it is a definite watch.

[45:11] Makes me laugh that’s all I really need to do right so please watch share and enjoy it now we will move on to sirius and more important things,
so I’m going to talk about universities all of you people who are called stints or been to college know how important University can be we also know that universities are in Port.
Because they do our research they do a lot of scientific work there they are the only institutions that do but they are a big part of that.
So some of you may have heard this was the end of August about the story from Brown University that Brown University pulled.
A study away and hid it because it was too controversial.
You can guess why well the issue was about rapid onset gender dysphoria or the issues about transsexuals are transgenders.
I think transgenders is the correct one.
It was the author Lisa Littman put it out it was on the practice of behavior and social sciences at Brown School of Public Health.
She said this kind of descriptive studies important cuz it defines a group and raises questions for my research on the main conclusions that more research needs to be done descriptive studies aren’t random,
randomized controlled trials you can’t tell cause and effect you can’t tell prevalence going to take North stage bringing more information but this is a start.

[46:32] The study looked at 250 parents of children who suffered from Rapid onset gender dysphoria.
And 8 they basically they look at these 250 adults the a survey them and they also looked at the writing post so the post that the parents of Watch,
put down or the children watch me would see if there is any change here I’ll just read more from it where they patterns live in Fallon the survey dad,
21% of parents support their children had one or more friends became transgendered identified around the same time 20% report an increase in their child’s social media use around the same time as experiencing gender dysphoria symptoms and 45% reported both.
All the pattern of clusters of teens are French girls with camtran.
Becoming transgender identified the group dynamics of these friends groups in the types of advice viewed on my letter to the hypothesis that friends and online sources could spread certain beliefs,
examples include the belief that non-specified nonspecific symptoms to just feel uncomfortable in their own skin to feel like they don’t fit in which could be part of your world puberty or Sochi with trauma,
should be perceived as gender dysphoria the belief that the only path to happiness is transition and the belief that anyone who disagrees with the team is transphobic and should be cut out of their life.

[47:51] Here’s a thing lemon said again other parents were fighting formation about their child’s friendship Group by Third responded more than half the kids in the Friendship group became transgender identify.
A group of 50% of its members becoming transgender identified represents a rate that’s more than 70 times the prevalence for young adults.

[48:09] I’m top of that they said 60% parents for their teen young adult in one or more diagnosis ease of psychiatric disorder before the onset of gender dysphoria.
40% said the child experience from Accra sexual event prior to that I said to just for you as well including being bullied sexually assaulted by having their parents get divorced.
All of this.
Well first of all this study doesn’t necessarily suggest anything I mean like she said this says that there is something worth looking at but it does show that ideas spread and that friends aren’t influences basically if a kid has a friend that believes in,
the transgender transgender move it becoming trans,
that they’re more likely to think that way they’re more likely except the weird feelings they have is being part of that,
show me that’s all the study said it and yeah actually that should be all that controversial but the idea that I think it’s a stranger did that the transgender isn’t something just set in stone.
That people can change their gender not totally based on just things that just came on their own but there can be environmental influences that way,
a ass just hair so you can’t see it that’s the that’s the whole thing about the state is after this comes out Brown gets a lot of hate mail because of course.

[49:24] The trans community and the.
Political left are really ended offended trans these days they used to be homosexuals but then they got the right to be married in all 50 states so that’s no longer worth while defending now they just defend trans
up the Wazoo and that’s what happened they basically said hey that’s that’s hate speech,
that’s bad think that’s wrong thing as a Orwell would say wrong think you thinking the wrong thing how dare you
so they went and they destroy the studying hit it you can actually get to the study and you have to go to archives to find it,
that’s it’s just surprising to me and I got I’m shocked.
And started that research like this is being hidden I think you know this just says that we need to look more into of how a person becomes transgender gets there is it just biological is there sociological,
are psychological
influences that’s kind of what the state was Raising that there needs to be more study in this area that’s that’s too much not just saying that we need to look into it is too far that’s that’s that’s what shocks me about this whole thing.

[50:33] But it’s not the only thing that you this is increasing thing we’re seeing at universities where studies are being banned,
based on their value is there politically correct or not there I have a wonderful study and it’s called about the greater male variability hypothesis it’s a Quizlet article,
well that does long form essays by experts I love the Aquila let I learn so much from when from reading it.
So the tile you can see on the outline is academic activist send a published paper down the memory hole and it’s a story about this guy who wrote the paper on the greater male variability hypothesis see Darwin have this idea that.

[51:13] What you put man against women that there are more idiots and more geniuses,
with man that there are women with women you’re more likely to get average IQ people,
with males in the speech is not just humans and lots of different species that Darwin felt that you’re more likely to have these variables of the Geniuses and the idiots.
Well that’s all this guy was looking into it was a bat this is a bad thing he did a mathematical Matic the mathematical argument trying to figure out why this is if it’s true.
That’s all he did he did the paper it came out and put out his findings.

[51:52] Guess what it did it make controversy for so many countries while this controversy made some people mad the university who felt that this was again
heresy this was wrong think you should not do this,
so they destroy that they tore it apart I mean there was questions about people at the University having close relationships with political people and that this wasn’t really based on its academic value this is based on if it what is embarrassing.
Body Diversey and hurt if you hurt someone’s feelings,
station scholarly work ignore feelings unless it’s about feelings you questions much as possible and you motion,
we’re looking into studying something that was wrong that was the wrong thing that you couldn’t talk about this thing and so it just got.

[52:47] Totally blue,
the pieces and they were saying that his paper said I wouldn’t have a less chance to see the mathematics at the very top is bias,
he said he added had ended up with Emma Stars Titan people explain that the paper was bad and harmful to try to convince him to withdraw my name to restore peace of the department and to avoid losing whatever political capital I mean still have.

[53:11] Honestly and allergies with scientific racism were made by some I am afraid we are likely to hear more about it in the future.
I mean he tried to finish up but there was no point,
there is no point trying to find himself he had done the wrong it doesn’t matter that he could prove the signs it didn’t matter he can make the argument,
he did wrong and he had to be punished for it you know it’s also kind of interesting ring this is it talking about how the paper wasn’t just destroyed in this line but actually disappear that you couldn’t look it up online anywhere,
this is very interesting you said calling so I spoke to her Paul none of them ever heard of a paper and any field being disappeared after formal publication,
rejected prior to publication of course retracted yes but only after investigation the results of which would then be made public by way of explanation,
but simply disappeared never if a formula
referred and red saree refereed and published paper can later be erased from the scientific record and replaced by completely different article without any discussion with the author or any announcement the journal what will this mean for the future of the electronic journals.

[54:23] Basically this means that while we didn’t like what you said you had the wrong think so
we’re not even going to tell you we’re going to remove it we’re just going to replace it put something else there and no one will be the wiser and this makes this is a big point because in the future when we look back at electronic records.
Who’s the size of history as well if you don’t like some pieces visitor you can now literally deleted if we’re relying electronic records and that’s what this all brings to mind it is a worrisome concern little bit more,
Hi Brow bit more academic but I think most people are thinking with so many problems of the world right now.

[54:59] But this is important import little thing if you’re an education,
if you’re in a scholar of something you got to keep this in mind guys in the yellow-eyed silly
1% like to listen to Glenn Beck like to say that you any important news just make important paper copy of it and you should go to original sources and you should try that 5 solid evidence so that in the future Generations can go back and actually left the proof of what happened,
I mean you say I don’t buy into this but after reading all of this story about how the paper got,
set down the memory hole does make you wonder doesn’t it,
I probably should mention that this doesn’t apply just to our kit archivists and historians and Scholars this applies to all of us because we need to remember that if I invite him it’s going to work we need to be able to use reason.
Evidence well if you destroy the evidence where you going to go or some evidence isn’t allowed because it hurt someone’s feelings,
what are you going to do that that isn’t reason we’re going back to the the Dark Ages about to value of what you know if it offends the church shut your mouth Galileo out your of your saying wrong things it hurts our feelings he got to stop.

[56:08] So that’s another important lesson you should take from this.
You know what’s scary is this idea that math is racist this is an idea that’s gaining ground it’s the hsh jump-start STW idea that is just getting way too much distraction,
there was an article that came out last year from Professor said that algebra and geometry
perpetuate White Privilege the problem was she said was things like the practice Akron theorem and Pi give the impression that math was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans
just worried that the valuation of math skills can perpetuate discrimination against minorities special if they do worse than their white counter.
This is the say that math is racist is insane we were lie on math math underlies the internet
map underlies are great buildings and all are great eventions the modern world is impossible without the intense series of mathematical algorithms.

[57:05] It’s probably something that we use everyday that we take for granted
but this is a Crip this is a crazy again it’s goes back to why just about Galileo is these ideas they aren’t politically correct to hurt people’s feelings,
maybe they’re just not kind and they’re not nice these ideas are not nice they hurt people’s feelings are there hard on blank blank such as blank
but that’s crazy we’re moving away from reason or moving towards just feelings and I mean how is that any better,
how is that any different from what the Catholic Church did to Galileo.
You know here’s an idea that you probably did not here anywhere but it was a stay that came out.
From nature was in nature and it reported that there is global land change from 1980 to 2016,
basically it says that its stead of tree cover declining tree cover is actually increased so when you grow up at school and if they still teach this they tell you Forester being burned,
everyday the rainforest for the pickup Disappear Completely by beer why you hate for your.
What do you hate the planet.

[58:29] Hertz here in the States but that’s not the truth this is study prove it actually there more trees here and have been in a long time at least since we 92 we have 2.24 million.
Kilometers more of trees.
That’s amazing that’s a huge net gain is completely different than what we I was told crying up and you won’t see that study anywhere because,
if you’re an environmentalist does it help you to say oh by the way there’s more trees now than ever no no it doesn’t it doesn’t have any,
political value in or its it has the wrong value because maybe it’s saying that global warming and we’re going to get in the way of stopping global climate change so we have to stop at right now.
I don’t know you guys can think of some more excuses why this is wrong thing again but I’m talking about this.

[59:23] But I don’t think.
It’s necessarily A Dangerous idea to be hit in at least compared to will this next one this next one does legitimately worried me it’s a study that shows that there is it alarming suicide rate,
for Trans teens the said more than half of all female to male switchers try to take their lives,
so if you’re a female and you transition to a male there’s a 50% chance you’re going to try to take your life,
scary I already knew that the trans Community the trans people how much higher rate of depression and suicide rates actually go up after they have surgery is it’s really really quite scary,
the study showed a lot about your daughter think so that female-to-male was the worst,
but there are still bad ones he said non-binary adults mean to you not identify exclusively as male or female.
Found to have a 41.8% suicide attempt rate male to female had 29.9 in questioning teens at a rate of 27.

[1:00:25] 9 isn’t that scary that that that is worrisome,
teams that aren’t that way still left you high like females right now at 70.6 right and males are at 9.8.
So there is too high I am worried about teen suicide the stress and mental illness turn teenagers lies right now is really high but if you’re trans if you’re questioning that rate is astronomically High.
Scary you won’t see this hardly anywhere this is a scary statistic that does have him pack if you have a child it’s going through this and you’re worried about their mental health and how they build a Coke,
transitioning it at least the studies we know so far it’s not the answer it doesn’t seem to help the pain in the heart they have go away.
But this is again wrong think how can you say this how can you think this this is the wrong thing to say is the wrong thing to think.

[1:01:20] And that’s why I think schools you know the trigger warnings got pushed in the first place because they stop speech see Define and give out Inconvenient Truth,
when would hurt their agenda would hurt the agenda of the leftist are at our University Systems so that’s why I think the trigger warnings got pushed.
Well then it’s funny to find out a study out of Harvard sister actually trigger warnings hurt their actually bad for students trigger warnings are harmful for students.
They said that they can increase folks perceived emotional vulnerability to trauma,
people’s believe the trauma survivors are vulnerable and anxiety to rent material perceived as harmful the published in the Journal of behavior therapy experimental Psychiatry it’s a fascinating,
I think but basically it says trigger words hurt they hurt people they don’t make it worse they cause people to get more stressed out to be hurt more by,
things the encounter they don’t prepare them they actually they actually scare them.

[1:02:21] That isn’t what I’ve been told but I don’t think I was fasting you know I hope the trigger warnings go the way of the dodo,
ain’t we moved to reality again because I think overall it’s hurting students and you know
have we have people that been go through the university system engage with these beliefs ingredient to themselves now they’re entering our society in our businesses and our schools
I mean our online search platforms Google Facebook,
free speech at universities is being crushed more and more people are beginning to admit that are universities when it comes to free speech,
I’ve completely lost it though the mob rule that’s going on we just had a thing with Ted Cruz
look up a video of Ted Cruz as his family’s mobbed out a restaurant well this attitude or sing on is at universities more more and I think people are beginning to wake up people on the right we’re more aware of it but I think even people in the left arm,
they’re beginning to see how awful is and now has people become more and more affiliated with what the so-called intellectual dark web I think we’re going to realize more and more that are push for a diversity are push for control of speech and thought.

[1:03:36] Backfiring hugely and you think this is going to make our nation more competitive,
why you just take it you know you take a bus brilliant people become scientists and you said you’re not allowed to go look for the truth if it’s,
Politically Incorrect well that’s just going to hurt us that’s just going to stifle ideas and invention and modernity it’s just going to hurt us in the end,
I mean it’s hurting us now in a civil rights kind of way in your freedom kind of way and waste and morality and ways that really matter to you and me
besides that’s going to hurt our scientific I progress you know it’s funny I have an article here for about Jimmy Carter how even Jimmy Carter at this point saying we’ve gone to.
Oh man how you die that’s how bad it’s getting people this is how crazy it is getting Jimmy Carter says that we are we need to be kinder to the Republicans that’s just nuts that’s where we’re at folks.

[1:04:32] So let’s end today talk about what can we do to solve this problem I think we’re going to move to speech by Chris,
Chris Pratt is one of my new Heroes I’ve been looking and reading into him he is a real Christian he lives in Praise every day
erase the Bible he really does take the heart the principles of Christianity and lives them so I think Chris Pratt is the first part of the secret of brain reason back,
to our universities and bringing reason back back into our lives,
what you plan on going to just play some of his MTV speech I played this before one of my first episode of the podcast by thinking applies so well it’s so clever he makes his comedy with truth and such a way,
that people who are listening don’t hardly know that they’ve just been slipped a piece of good health within you know they’re killing of a chocolate bar.

[1:05:21] 5th generation where I’m going to speak to you the next.
I accept the responsibility as your Elder so listen up when I called Nine rules from Chris Pratt generation Award winner.
Number one.

[1:05:41] Number to you have a skull.

[1:05:48] Be careful with it number 3.
Don’t be a turd will be a protector and if you’re smart be a humble influence their strength.
Intelligence can be weapons and do not wield them.
That makes you a bully number for when giving a dog medicine.
Put the medicine in the whole piece of hamburger they won’t even know they’re eating medicine number 5 doesn’t matter what it is.

[1:06:22] Reach out to someone in pain.

[1:06:29] Number 6 what is real.
Love you want the best for you believe.

[1:06:43] Number 7 if you have to poop at a party but you’re embarrassed.
Because you’re going to stink up the bathroom just do what I do lock the door sit down get all the pee out first okay.
And then once all the piece done pooped you minimize the amount of time.

[1:07:09] Who first it takes you longer than your peeing on top hits.

[1:07:21] Number 8.

[1:07:23] Learn to pray it’s easy and it’s so good for your soul and finally number nine nobody.

[1:07:33] People that tell you you’re perfect just the way you are you’re not your info.
You always will be but there is a powerful force that designed you that way and if you’re willing to accept that you will have grace and grace is.

[1:07:49] I like the freedom that we enjoy in this country that Grace was paid for with somebody else’s blood,
don’t forget don’t take it for granite God bless you please get home safely no man can you listen to I don’t know.
And I struck my heart you know,
we need to meet the teacher again we need to go back to the blue board and try to teach our kids teach our families and even if it. It’s teach the adults teachers principals for heart live a good life,
you were so worried about her feelings but we’re not worried about teaching them how to have good ones not teaching them how do I have it rich in her life or not teeth worth keeping these blessings back from them.
You know it’s how we mixed the funny and the stupid with the with the spiritual and good.
I’m beautiful and just worthwhile everything in life that is worthwhile.
God bless Chris Pratt for doing that that’s so brave right now I read you some of the stuff is going on he’s a big Hollywood star he’s trying to.
Make living and try to have a career the fact that he’s willing to use his platform and become unpopular is amazing to me that is awesome.

[1:09:11] I will talk to you the next part of the next episode well going to go into what is the secret to bring us back.

[1:09:18] Part of it is I have a thing I want to share with you about this professor.

[1:09:24] He had a solution about how to use his class from the teachers to bring this back this is the happy warrior podcast thank you for listening,
supercon is this week if you live here in Sioux Falls or in the Sioux Falls South Dakota tri-state area please come to supercon this weekend my friend Robert melling who is producer this podcast is going to have some live,
showings of how he makes his podcast I’m not invited to do that.
Thank you so much for listening if you want to come it’s going to share with me when I talk to me it’s Pete at happy. Scwarrior.net I’m going to start accepting commercial slots I’m hoping to put for 30 second slots for 10 bucks a piece
if you’re interested in that please let me know I’m trying to grow this thing I apologize that I’m so slow to get out you know I have health struggles that get in the way of what I want to do,
where I want to take this podcast so I apologize for sometimes what seems like the low production the low-level work,
I really do want to use as podcast as a platform for good to bring us closer together.
We all love Chris Pratt movies we love Guardians of the Galaxy we’re all human beings we should learn to love each other and not like stupid politics get in the way we need to return back to each other as a nation,
you know Abraham Lincoln was right A House Divided cannot stand so let’s stop dividing ourselves and let’s come back together.

[1:10:50] Thank you for your time God bless you God bless this wonderful country that we live in in the freedoms that we have God bless those that shed their blood so that we can have it God bless the US Military.
God bless people like you like Chris Pratt who want to do better and be better and make this nation a better place goodnight.

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