Happy Warrior Ep 10 How to Destroy Society

The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

If you’ve been watching any media lately you might think we’re a nation on the brink.  Deep division with real issues do divide us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors and civil in our discourse.  Enter Peter Vaughn Pischke, our happy warrior host who wants to speak out for the right but do so in positive way that builds up instead of tearing down.  Join him and producer Robert Mehling as they explore today’s political issues, with plenty of random tangents in between.

Karl Marx Monologue:


WWI 37M, WWII 66M,


Stalin Russia: 8 to 61 million,

Mao 77 million

Cambodia (killing fields): 2.5 million

Vietnam (unknown how many) Guess is 3.8 million, 1.25 million of these were murdered


North Korea (unknown)


Holocaust: 11 to 15 to 20 Million

Segment 1: How to Destroy Society


Happy: Dogs


Segment 2: South Africa

#Zimbabwe Begs White Farmers To Return As Country Plunges Into Famine

Happy: Holes



Segment 3: Socialism


Happy: Cougars, Lazy men, and straws


Straws Ban (must)


Happy: Remy


John McCain



Center for Medical Progress:



‘Potentially thousands’ of child slaves forced to work on illegal London cannabis farms

North Korea




West Virginia


Epa and Monsanto


Social Security:



Errant Post Brings Mayor of Hoboken’s Social Media Practices Under Scrutiny
Machine Transcript
[0:24] The year 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of a man probably responsible for more violence more deaths and more tragedy
and any other man in history since the father of Murder King invented it
it is estimated that due to this man and his philosophy that at least 100 million people died during the 20th century that otherwise should have lived.
Installing Russia alone 861 million died in the Ukraine it is known that at least 10 million died with a further 6.1 million birth defects China with MAO killed 77 million,
into Killing Fields of Cambodia it’s estimated 2.5 million died.

[1:06] And sadly Duty events that United States was partly consequence to in Vietnam it is unknown how many died due to the evils of Communism and fascism it is estimated that 3.8 million people die,
1.25 million of those were murdered and then his total I haven’t even shared with you the estimates for North Korea or smaller countries like Romania.
So you can see that when it is estimated that during the 20th century that 100 million people died due to socialist and Communist governments,
you know that that is a lowball estimate,
even still at that low figure of 100 million deaths that’s still outpaces the combined total of killings due to World War 1 and World War II.
I hope it all of you were taught in public school about the evils of the Nazi regime under Hitler I hope you are taught that under the Holocaust as many as perhaps 20 million.
Jews political dissidents Gypsies and others were killed in concentration camps in elsewhere.

[2:07] I hope we were all talk the words never again wrote into our hearts that we would never allow another tragedy like the Holocaust to come upon the face of this Earth.
Not as long as we had anything to do with it and yet most of the deaths that I shared with you today so far,
happened after World War 2 in G Diva now deaths are taking place in countries across the world many of which tout this man is there philosophical leader,
and founder of their great steak yes ladies and gentlemen I hope that you have been educated well enough to know that the man I’m talking about who was born.
May 5th 1818 yes I am talking about the new father of murder even the very famous Karl Marx,
so as I talk to you today and share these new stores and concerns that I have I want you to keep in mind this man and his vision
and how he is regarded today by our contemporaries here in the very knighted states and elsewhere in the Western World indeed I would go so far as saying that the number one person
that could be blamed for the world’s greatest problems,
is indeed Karl Marx and his philosophy of death welcome to the happy warrior program on your host Peter Pischke.

[3:26] If I were the Prince of Darkness I’d want to know if the whole world in darkness and I’d have a third of its real estate.
Straws shut about however necessary.
Churches first I begin with a campaign of Whispers.

[3:51] I would convince them that man created God.
Don’t forget to pray after me our father.

[4:06] Jacques in Washington and I get organized I have you paid authors in
literature exciting so that anything else would have beer Dawn on interesting I’ve written TV with dirty or movies and vice versa example as the rest with pillows
If I Were the Devil is at war with themselves is at war with themselves
Boston sound and with Promises of higher ratings I have mesmerizing media Fanning the flames.
If I Were the Devil I would encourage.
We’re going to decade I’d have prisons overflowing I have judges promoting pornography
God from the courthouse and then from the houses of Congress and the boys and girls
and George money if I were the devil I’d make the symbol of Easter and egg and the symbol of Christmas.
A bottle if I were the devil I take from those who have and give to those who wanted until I had killed the incentive but they ambitious.

[5:30] I couldn’t get hold to promote gambling as the way to get rich.

[5:36] I would caution against a strange and hard work and patriotism in Morrow Thunder.

[5:44] I would convince the youngest marriage is old-fashioned and Swinging is more fun that what you see on TV is the way to be.

[5:53] About so I can undress you in public and I could lure you into bed with decisions for which there is no cure.
I just keep right on doing what he’s doing.
That was the immaculate and awesome Paul Harvey that is one of my favorite pieces of radio all time probably my favorite radio model log.

[6:17] Paul Harvey wrote that in 1965 and his wisdom there that he shares it seems more true now than it ever has before,
it seems to me like sometimes that the devil seems to be leader country more these days then bright Minds a reason and even the heavenly father who looks at us lovingly and just wants to give us guidance to show us the way
that we can be happy and do good,
I bring the spit up as I think about the legacy of Karl Marx and socialism wonderful our bed while wonderful is not quite the right word but it was written in the Washington Times by El Todd wood,
and I thought just read the points off and you think about how true that is that what’s going on now and you think about Paul Harvey’s message.

[7:02] I would destroy the religious ideals that built the country and held it together a lot of it to thrive and be exceptional in short I would destroy Christianity in the West.
The second point is I would destroy the family the fabric of society isn’t that true.
I would sure put the nuclear family that produce stable children future contributors to the nation’s wealth and power.
He goes on to say that I would provide a gay agenda Target fertility and subsequent Lauren at the birth rate make children not know what gender they were I would confuse them I would destroy centuries-old family units,
deputies Generations America became the most powerful Nation on Earth as a side it does not reproduce his dying Society,
I think those two points go together think about now how families are revered I’ve read articles to you about how it’s looked at.
The traditional dad the debits that takes care of the family brings back that bacon is involved in their kids life.
But that’s not just that’s not just any kind of it’s only one kind of Dad we need not to discourage this other kinds of dads the ones we might call deadbeats the ones that we called not allowed to be involved in the raising and rearing of the child.

[8:05] The family unit is being attacked more and more than ever and ever one of Karl Karl Marx it’s a big thing of socialism
a Marxism is that the family unit is unfit and that children should be taken care of the proverbial Village remember that’s an old Hillary Clint Clinton quote.
Child be taken care of the by The Village.
The families are unfit to do if they give their kids the wrong ideas of society Karl Marx said that we should instead have the community raise the kids.
Kids are inculcate it with the right views.

[8:37] Think about that how today how often are kids being stuck in daycare how often are kids receiving their only teaching and values from the schools that they attend.
When your kid goes off to college ask yourself have you taught them well enough that everything they’re going to learn at school won’t just override that.
Howard’s third point is toxic masculinity and extremist feminism isn’t that true even says what a better way to make Society strong military.
I need that that’s a salt point for is I would destroy the education system out of plant Marxist professors throughout the university system teaching new generations nothing about American history but the lender has full communist propaganda.
And he says the students now no nothing I’m Washington Lincoln Jefferson they only know Malcolm X and Lennon actually I’m not sure they know even that much about Malcolm X and lettuce.
He talks about Divine the races you know President Barack Obama to me should have been the great healer he should have been MLK Jr part 2,
instead he was the great divider he bled he didn’t defend the cops and said he defended black lives matter and said the cops were guilty,
he said his grandmother had raised him his grandma because who had raced him the one that stood by his side when his mom left him.

[9:54] Guess who stayed by him his grandparents here is what our president said about his grandma she said that she was a typical white person who had fears about black
men I personally feel that President Barack Obama has taken race relations in this country back 30 years or more.
And I fear for the future and how we’re going to heal that Great Divide.
How it goes on I would corrupt the federal government I will fill intelligence and security services at Raiders the nation founding.
7 I would take away the populations means to defend itself meaning guns hey I would destroy self-reliance and Ingenuity by making over half the population of paint on the government unable to take care of themselves and that’s true isn’t it.
They’re very few of us these days that don’t suck at the government’s cheat in some way or another.

[10:40] 9 I would use big check completely remove any of your points are ideas that are associated with the old America I would ban them from the internet hack I take over the internet.
Oh man I have some big stories that’s one of the reasons I was so slow to get this episode out cuz I had so many stories regarding this issue and I’ll talk about later in the episode.
I would corrupt the nation’s leadership of money finding those who would sell the country for pieces of silver,
I would promote the disrespect to the nation symbols I would have people kneel during the national anthem burn the flag tear down statues of our nation’s history I make people hate the very fabric of the nation they gave them such wealth and power.
12 this is final point I would find a strong man a country was also a malicious ever served America Bill much less powerful focus focus all the negative energy and recriminations toward the strong man country.
In this manner the target Nation would be ignorant of my true intentions this is a wonderful
editorial essay I don’t know you can call what you want how to destroy a nation by El Todd would you can find it in the outline it was published by the Washington Times it is like the modern version of that Paul Harvey monologue I shared with you.

[11:51] Think about how crazy our nation is these days if you either went back 2 years could you believe the stuff is going on today there are no longer men and women that being a man and have manly Tendencies makes you toxic,
and a threat to others and yourself.
And Trust in the government is an all-time low even agencies that we all Americans used to think that were our heroes are leaders in law enforcement could be trusted look what happened to bombshell report came out.
And it says that the FBI never examined the vast majority of emails on,
Anthony Weiner’s laptop despite comey’s claims said that Hillary was in the clear and that you’ve done nothing wrong when in fact he had stopped the total investigation and prevented most of the email material to go to any of that stew Gators,
is that really speaks for the lack of trust on the right for the FBI and the CIA another intelligence agencies I mean the wife tree has treated cops in a pretty harsh light for long time so both sides of this nation,
don’t think that highly of law enforcement,
now we all want to believe that this is just a state of chaos this is just one time in our nation’s history and eventually things will cool down maybe by the time we go again to the president next term or the guy that or gal that comes after that,
and I would like to say that I pray that is that way I pray that I am wrong and I am not seeing the Horizon correct.

[13:15] But I look at some of the rhetoric coming from anti fog and people on the left and at the support that Auntie fought receives,
instead of being condemned for their violence for their vitriol for their destruction and absolute lawlessness instead of being supported by the media and by Democrat politicians and others on the left.
I have a compilation video from the Washington Free Beacon this might be a little NSFW so if you’re listening to this you have kids around turn the volume down but it’s important that you hear some of the rhetoric coming from Ant Farm These Days,
White House.

[13:55] Music.

[14:05] Whitney trainer yes yes I would murder him for the.

[14:16] Music.

[14:24] Representative for Senator Jon Tester say they do not condone.
Is this Donald Trump calls into the Potomac River.

[14:49] How do you resist the temptation to run up and wring her neck.

[14:59] We happen to hate Trump.

[15:07] Yeah if you couldn’t tell they were people in there at one of these answer for protest that actually said that they saw Trump they would kill him.
That’s right they advocated murdering the president.
In the media does not report it they do not push these things we’re not going to get a report to see if any of these guys get investigated by the Secret Service we don’t get any reports from the me of saying hey guys watch the rhetoric
week you’re not going to Advocate the killing of leaders this is a first world nation where do United States of America we set.

[15:39] Example for the rest of the world for peaceful transfer of Law and Authority we do not murder our sitting leaders.
You know David Hogg is one of these leaders and I don’t want to get into how I perceive this guy is probably being on those kids that would bully other kids in high school.
You know what the what the ones that always seem to get all the attention but in reality are the meanest Steve ever breathe.
Damn it all kind of comes off that way to me but that’s besides the point so David the hog I’ll just read this article and that David Hogg speak for himself he said firstly that the NRA,
is a pathetic efforts that want to keep killing our children he added that they could have the blood of murdered children on their faces but they wouldn’t do anything cuz there’s some all greedy he said,
I was talking about program politician she said it just makes me sick,
no it just makes me think what sick effers are out there that want to continue to sell more guns murder more children honestly just get reelected what kind of SE,
person does that figure they get a blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action because all they see is dollar signs he said he wants to make sure those efforts aren’t getting reelected.
On other parts for the same interview this is the one where hog when did said that Pelosi was old or too old to be in government I had to be put it I have it here what are Democrats just won’t move the F off the play Let’s Take Control Nancy Pelosi is old.

[17:07] Hogwarts run for Congress when he’s 25.
Holy crud that is not me that we did not end up good for the nation at the very least how can you hardly,
Journey speeches up on the podium I mean he just cannot say a sentence without dropping an F-bomb,
so you’re tell me guys if the rhetoric from the Army’s and I have a story about the armies of antifreeze are violent
and crude and willing to commit acts even felonies if they think it justifies their mission of righteousness and their leader basically spouts the same how do you think this is going to turn out.

[17:46] When I chat with you those countries in my opening monologue China Vietnam North Korea the Soviet Union how did that turn out.
Parts of an too far are getting really dangerous people please pay attention wake up maybe tell your friends and family about this I have two groups to official antiphon groups in this country from major cities
they are advocating starting their own violent revolutionary armies,
the first star I have is called red guards Austin it’s a self-proclaimed marxist-leninist maoist violent antifungal,
it is advocating for the formation of a red Army let’s read a little bit what they said,
we encourage the formation of paramilitary organizations on two levels the first being those were mainly unarmed but I prepared and trained to carry out fistfighting are using blunt weapons like axe handles our flag poles as well as Shields and basic Armory.
The second level is the more advanced embryo the Red Army which is trained to Military and operates a soldier’s all the time engaging in production and mass work among the proletariat and the oppressed peoples Nations.
Big O on it it’s time for Austin to stand up to shake up bad leadership trying to pose itself on anti-fascism come together on your battle model of action resistance and not token performance when we organize and leave actions the fascist you not much every step you take,
is met with physical confrontation and they are bombarded from on all sides and here’s the frosting on a nasty leninist.

[19:14] On the basis of our principal united front work fastest and their collaborators can be drowned out run out routed beaten bloody and even annihilated.

[19:25] Are We There Yet their collaborators can be drowned out run out routed BM bloody and even annihilated.
These are principles and we aim to hold them to the very finish the second group I have is from Los Angeles to Los Angeles pay Santa for group called Serve the People,
Los Angeles hits St-Pierre stop at same thing it’s it’s advocating the exact same.
Thing when they had a rally they wore red bandana scare their stop Le Flags banners and a trump pinata effigy.
During their protest against Trump which I don’t speak Spanish but that’s okay because it’s pretty it’s pretty NSFW what they said they also called for according to the report militant escalations is what they said the demonstration.
And for the defense of their undocumented working-class immigrant communities by any means necessary.
They are recommending here or I’ll just read what the new service says.
Organizes a massive split road flares with lyrics peaches the news cameras and onlookers call on the release of Gladys climbing into all text on document working-class immigrants.
Organized you in. As day defensive popularis revolutionaries which is the people’s revolutionary defense units that sounds peaceful and using Revolution violence against the enemy of the people.

[20:46] The Vicious far left is not calming down the vicious far-left antiphon whatever you want to call him.
Are not coming down their leaders their icons their thinkers are not telling them to calm down the me a rash is up
ranches it up every day about how evil and totalitarian president Trump is not to say the president Trump doesn’t do think sometimes that may be a little bit taller Tyrion but it doesn’t matter because the truth is hidden they just require a president Trump,
as far as they can to hail Hitler.

[21:22] And then just leave it there and it don’t allow much criticism they don’t allow much alternate reporting.

[21:28] So do you think things are going to calm down on that side of the country.

[21:34] Now there are Democrats there people on the left that love this country that do not want to do violence they’re educated and know better.
But their voices are not being heard their voices are not being magnified.

[21:46] I’m telling you guys this is a dangerous situation I can only read the news analyze it and share what I think this all means.
So please keep your eyes on the road,
keep paying attention keep in your prayers that cooler heads will prevail when you meet someone that is this way,
try to reason with them even if it seems impossible even if it might even seem dangerous we have got to pull these people off if people on the right
we’re getting like this I would say the exact same thing we do not want violence in this country we do not want violent civil unrest when MLK Jr lead.
The many blacks whites and others in the south.

[22:29] Do they have civil distance what did they do did they attack when they were attacked when they had dogs sit on them and they were beaten when they were hit with water hoses to date do you tell them get them.
Get them it’s Justified the wrong where the right get them no MLK Jr did not say that
he advocated strongly for peace as why MLK Jr is one of my heroes and more than many Heroes a many many Americans,
MLK Jr wasn’t perfect there are things that I disagree with him on but in this by setting Peace by setting a precedent of peaceful dissidents he became one of the new fathers of our nation.
I beg you guys if any of you on the left has managed to hear this or family member to talk to you about I beg you please calm down use reason we do not want violence.

[23:21] We are the United States of America and we are better than this
happy Ishtar self via rhetoric on the left is so crazy there is about nothing that people on the right or the Trump family can do,
if you just have the last name Trump that’s a sin unto itself you should be ashamed of yourself you should change your name and go into hiding
you pronounce the way you want she is the wife of President Donald Trump’s son Eric she’s an animal activist now,
animal activist you think you find more animal activist on the left or the right at least you know what’s the General on media image the general media image of course on the left so you think the left would be for this what she was doing she posted a photo on Instagram
that was designated to motivate her social media followers to clear the shelters and she might clear the shelter’s by adopting cat or dog from a local rescue.

[24:19] Guess how that went.
It went crazy people freaked out online they put pictures of cages how could you do that three people are stuck,
you know this is crazy I like what Trump wrote Solara send a message that this was reviewed in and day out people to come by and Stan from your cage and stare you they would tell you
if you bark they would laugh if you ran around frantically someone cry if you look sad match of people reading the info on your kids just moving on Magic being on display life furniture store Front can you imagine.
That’s great Point by Lara Trump and I love dogs to the thought of dogs being hurt that just that gets to me I don’t not like that doctors guys.
Well the resistance to not take this well,
they said that she was complicit in her father-in-law’s immigration bosses she is not in any way she has no control over father-in-law his own Chief of Staff has little control over her father-in-law bless her his daughter-in-law.
They said that they are that she was complicit in putting children in cages just like the one large front depicted in her Instagram post.

[25:30] Trini even do that.
How we could go into the cages same but I ever once talked about the cages thing I want to go more in the Flippin cages that was set by the balm of ministration in the only got changed on their truck registration,
and I’m the only one that really seem to care about those kids were people during the bombing stration not part of the government,
a lot of right-wing people Glenn Beck what time did something very controversial it was throwing the ball ministration and he brought the couple million dollars worth of Charity and toys and food and stuff to those kids when they really catch really were in cages physical.
Now you know this year they weren’t in cages anymore they were pretty nice setup is like a nice modern day care essentially is it good that they separate families no but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it used to be under the Obama Administration I know it sounds a little bit but what about ism.
Ida Point never gets said and I just want to bring it up.
Now other dog news I have the straight story from reason.com and it starts with they’re good dogs Brent of course that’s the old me.
It’s funny these TSA dogs that they did not pass they were see Iron when I did swimming lessons in many years I would not pass I didn’t have,
the strength of stamina I couldn’t dive like they wanted me to I don’t know maybe my dolphin kick wasn’t dolphin e enough.
I bet so I know what it feels like to not make the cut will this poor little puppies his poor little TSA dogs did not make they failed their police K-9 Trading.

[27:00] I love this sentence a failed K9 training Transportation Security Administration terrorist sniffing class and other poppers on Patrol pup on Paw Patrol programs,
he said some of these pups are too nervous summer just to doggone nice and others are more interested in snugs and drugs.

[27:20] Oh man that’s awesome I love this picture it’s at it says CTV News this is from Twitter fired for being too nice,
yeah they actually but yes it does have a dog adoption program so these pops would probably get a home another great story I have is about this pug.

[27:43] He is well I don’t know I like the new store and hear how it goes Breeze.

[28:08] Boyz II for the 50 meter race.
Bugs everywhere one two three four.
The third when is famous.

[28:35] Yeah I share that story with my friend and co-host producer Robert melling and he thought was awesome the dog is stubbed the Usain Bolt a publicist Usain Bolt Usain Bolt of pugs,
she was crowned the fastest ever breed after running a 50 meter race in 6 seconds.
Is there a third straight title she’s her name is Emma she’s a four-year-old.

[28:58] Look at that isn’t that amazing I love that store okay aren’t you a harder and less fun things but.
So what are the reasons it took me I worked on this outline about probably off and on 2 weeks pretty solidly I probably put two money to 3 hours maybe even as high as that,
ionic blue things was I last week I was debating about South Africa sea South Africa.
Is having white land taken from Farmers and maybe or maybe not white genocide
I was having a hard time with my research figuring out the actual statistics and what the actual problems are so I’m going to explain them it to you as best as I understand it and try to give you the full honest picture,
and the full truth of the situation so we should start with the president mollema present mama is the present South Africa right now I’m talking and you tell me if you think this is a reasonable man.
Why not mad, why not solely and all of them because.
In the white men do you want to eat.
My wife abandoned Baby Jane.

[30:21] My, and solely will not be.

[30:32] Mellema said that about a opponent trollop.
I don’t really know the situation there but doesn’t act that monologue his speech there say how reasonable is and hear that crowd that’s why I was going
crazy for his comments they were licking it and loving it they wanted more of it.
Scary I mean I talked about ratcheted up rhetoric,
beavers running High earlier than that that is what’s going on in South Africa right now that is the underlying issue when we talk about self Africa,
is that the culture there is really ramped up now South Africa is a unique Nation they were the last of the western Nations to get rid of slavery which is known as a part-time,
that was less than 30 years ago they have a population being in Africa that’s ten-to-one black to white,
South Africa despite being a western world has incredible just cheer deprivation,
sheer poverty just a huge huge poverty problem I mean you see those pictures of people that are living in cardboard boxes and sheet metal huts that is South Africa.

[31:55] Currently whites possess 72% of the Farms versus 4% in the hands of the black population.
4/5 of population is black 4/5 to be honest I don’t think it should be a priority at all the color of the person that owns the farm I think it’s more important what the farm does and the character of the person that owns it.
But if you’re worried about this land problem making sure the blacks have more land or at least land that’s closer into ownership to the population statistics.
You can go a couple of ways the ways that I think of is one the capital of Stroud.
Just wait over time because there more black people in this country overtime these Farms will be sold off black people won’t on the farms that was the plan that South Africa had Institute,
that was the plan they were going with after apartheid ended I think it’s called willing seller willing buyer but here’s the thing about willing seller willing buyer.
It is a bit slow the people have to die off the people have to want to sell their farms and there has to be buyers it’s not just people I can sell but they’re two people are interested in our culture and actually going to buy the Farms.
This is our what’s up Africa is planning on doing now,
South Africa is turned around last year they announced that they were going to make change to the Constitution where they could just see his Farms from white people and give it to a black.

[33:19] Are there since the warning of democracy that of all the founders every single one gave us warning off,
democracy is simply 51% telling the other 49% what to do and they taking their stuff if they want to.
I mean democracy is very dangerous in that sense that’s why we are a republic and a democracy because we have controls on that like we have elected leadership and we have some laws that were established our Constitution that was supposed to,
move things around about how our leaders are elected so we wouldn’t be to Aaliyah’s but we went also be to populous will be neither we have a nice mix in the middle South Africa is doing the Marxist.
They are going to take the farm Stephen just made a change to the Constitution where they can just take it without reciprocation so the people that their Farms could take away they don’t even get paid.
Now in the United States we have some to call eminent domain and that is eminent domain there is some fight against it and admitted Maine as a culture is it it does get me to see use the timeout consider it to me just get misused,
but we’re not using it to take just take farm from one person give fine to the other person.

[34:28] And those of you that are Marxist or think I’m wrong do you really think that blacks are going as received these Farms no I mean they made their color might be black but they’re just going to be friends of those in power,
biggest that’s what happens every time.

[34:42] Why what’s what happens every single time I remember there was two those they had more than your summer more equal than others you know that phrase
well that’s what happens they give it to their bodies certain people make Rich this how we get oil Russian all the ugly hearts I’ll go dark chocolate dark so we know for sure this is something that South Africa wants to do,
there are at least two Farms on record that have had this happened they were given 10% or less of the value of the land and the properties.
And of course everything I just mentioned has caused chaos Farmers that are just trying to get out of the country and just can’t they offer to sell the farms and there’s no buyers.
So the last issue contention on the South African issue is so what about this white genocide I’m hearing about it this one is really got me,
I am going it what is it the right word I wanted to believe that these reports about white Farmers being killed and a super high level is true.
And it just really isn’t the numbers are up slightly but they’re not huge,
and I I’ll talk about South Africa’s crime problems in a little bit but even breitbart.com had to report that actually there is no evidence that does white genocide is happening.

[36:01] Dine out we seen why genocide in the other countries in Bob with it did the exact same thing it was a
the colonist power that earned its own Freedom they had the electric corrupt people,
and decided just expropriate and take all the land from the white people and kill them off as staying and just make their lives a living hell and look how that turned out
ever heard of a billion-dollar Zimbabwe notes yet that’s that’s the country,
all that decided to basically destroy it so now I’m not even going to touch the tweet that Trump made and I’m glad you made it I’m glad he instructed the secretary
a state Secretary State Pompeo too closely study this issue even though he said large-scale killing Farms which is an accurate.
The problem is okay so here are the two problems to find a statistics number one we only have government statistics,
number to there’s not a lot of reporters going on in the rule areas of South African country least of my understanding is if these attacks are happening maybe they’re not getting reported,
and 3 is that police often just don’t get involved in these disputes a farmer might be attacked as far as there’s a story this terrible story,
I’d still too hard to share care basically there’s hot Pharmacy on fire they die in the fire they called for help and police the police decide not to come.

[37:18] So we don’t know exactly of the reports we get solid to tistics on how many white people are being killed is hard now that does not mean that they’re on this really white genocide going on I want you understand why I just I may be going on,
but we don’t know but there’s no evidence to say that it is so don’t be going around telling about the white genocide now in this situation with the culture show ramped-up
with so much hatred from blacks to whites in the reverse this is looking like a situation where we will see white genocide it’s just not here quite yet
imela mine and he double down on the stuff about taking Farms he called Trump a pathological liar and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Now South Africa by population about 70 million is not a paradise South Africa and menus crime statistics won the most dangerous countries in the world it probably is the most dangerous western or industrialized country in the world,
how much bags me to ask why should we call industrial eyes,
in the crime statistics for rape alone they are number one out of a cunt was the Scott 94 countries their head of Costa Rica
other ahead of Nicaragua their way ahead of United States Zimbabwe I mean they have the top amount,
of rate I mean there was a really sad story about river that Oprah Winfrey school it was in South Africa,
guess what you got that is that your birth control before child and baby right yes South Africa is the world leader in child and baby rape.

[38:47] That is messed up oh I was wrong on the population system seeing 44 million I don’t know whatever I think I was for a town but still the rest of them are correct
I mean come on I have a story from 2015 that said that South Africa had a murder rate as nearly as high as 49 people being murdered a day,
I mean look at Africa is not really a safe place on this really want to send my sister to go visit,
I don’t think I’m alone in that feeling I mean we look at us 6 of the 10 most dangerous cities in Africa are and South Africa guys,
Southern South Africa Port Elizabeth South Africa Cape Town South Africa Durban South Africa Johannesburg South Africa,
what else I got I got I can’t pronounce that Peter maritzburg South Africa and the most dangerous is rustenburg.
Not here I’ll read what it says here on World Atlas rustenburg city is in the North West Province of South Africa is very high crime levels is rate is 85.71 Oz possible crime score of 100.
85 hours what’s going on.

[39:54] Of all the cities in North West Province Richburg is the highest whole case criminal activities with 11117 case in 2015 according to crime statistics.

[40:03] Africa as a burglar kidnapping hijacking pull up on sore but some of the crimes that frequently occur in the city.
Credit South Africa dialogue Street crimes of muggings are also Hydro Steenburgen caution is duster each and every day at night car break-ins are, is not advisable leave one’s valuables inside of vehicle,
we’re driving on the freeway at night stop in on designated areas make one and easy target for robbers and hence why did Boyd Macon.
I have wow that is really bad so it’s not like South Africa is a paradise people the crime rate is insane.
I mean I mean it’s sad when that country is make it to most South American countries look safe I mean I want that’s that’s that’s nuts that is nuts nuts nuts like bugs on your butts that’s Adventure Time quote for you.

[40:52] So sorry you probably heard about this idea that we now have to call the vagina sorry the the lady part the tinkle the tinkle Dankert no just the tinkle the twinkle we had to call the tinkle now front.

[41:06] This is silly,
I don’t know why we’re calling in the front hole that’s that just sounds worse maybe it’s cuz my medical background that sounds stupid to me but now I think I am not doing that,
except ingest that is silly look on those people are like LGBT is enough I don’t need to add the i a p t Q Plus.
Like why even have a name if you’re just going to have plus that’s like Etc like this in an everything else I think LGBT should be enough.
And I I just don’t like the language control I’m not. I am a politically correct person the sense that I don’t use strong language of kind others I try to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ so the words I say usually aren’t that extreme.

[41:48] That being said I don’t like being controlled I don’t like the thought play sound like the speech place and word police speech place is thought police you control someone’s words you can control what they think at least to some extent that’s the idea thank you Karl Marx,
the other hole I have is about a museum visitor who fell into a giant hole it was painted with a special black paint so you can’t tell the depth of it
I mean wow,
that that’s kind of awesome actually and lastly I have the story about a dolphin a sexually frustrated dolphin names of far who terrorized her ass on a French Beach it is awesome,
down here I’ll just I’ll read those of the store it’s so funny.
Seaside village of Britney has been swimming on its Beach because a dolphin and he has been scaring Torsen locals buy protein them and try to rub up against them.

[42:43] Don’t even try to prevent several swimmers from skidding back to the beach at Le Devin.
Using its nose push one woman out of the water and up into the air state of arousal also tries to rub up against kayaks and other small boats,
the 3M long dolphin which lookism nicknames of far has been hanging around the bay abreast for months amusing Taurus with its Antics is a visit the beaches in Shoreline who got stabbed.
And I can’t say that.
Children’s is my favorite part of the story and go for a ride with him,
oh I love this way but then a few weeks ago he changed I thought I was having fun either,
swimming and Diving abandon your life whatever the presence of the dolphin is confirmed said the new bylaw issued last week by the mere you can’t get within 50 meters of the dolphin.

[43:41] He told the local media Edition the new Roseanne sure people safety simple swimmers were annoying.
Look me up in the wash with tails of the Dolphins was slavery in Texas ever going to some detail,
about being confronted with the animals R Us Dolphins can make anytime of the year.
Did you have recreational.
Recreation large animals and could cause serious injury if even if it was something like a flipper if they feel threatened.
Oh my gosh it’s so awesome people for years the dolphins are there Satan’s fish the great Leviathan that comes to the ocean.
Tight I don’t need to go into dolphin studies in and what certain people did with dolphins at the Dolphin study cuz this is at PG show
a Batman that’s an awesome story I think that’s great the hill episode same subject it was awesome you should look it up.

[44:54] Your presence is requested at the Royal Wedding of Prince g-string.

[45:01] Music.

[45:15] So how’d it go.
I want to be in charge of my own destiny
I want to get rid of all the diseases plaguing Mankind and replace them with worse ones I’m not dumb.
Kill that one guy.

[45:42] Inside my head even though we never one place where they need to go and figure out who they are.

[45:56] Music.

[46:17] Sorry that was a trailer for disenchantment it’s the Netflix series that came out not last week the week before August 17th.
It’s the newest Matt Groening series he’s the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama.
I love Futurama I got a big Simpsons fan but Futurama is one of my very favorite,
animated comedies it’s so good I want to do something different you know I’d never do reviews I thought I’d throw an entertainment review so I watched it a couple times I watched it some with family recently watched by myself.
People are dragging on it online because it’s so different from the other two serious and I want to say that they are wrong I think that does to it’s a slow burn for it disenchantment to find its voice,
but it’s so if you just want to watch the good stuff Start Episode 6 watch that through the end there’s that’s for five episodes.

[47:13] It is awesome the first couple of episodes it takes awhile for it to find its voice one of the reasons is because.
This was written in different style and I think Matt Groening in a steamer kind of adjusting to that this is more of the drama first then you build the jokes around that serve the jokes and then you build the drama around that you know which one is the core,
and so 6 to 10:37 Point moments actually,
the amount of course if John DiMaggio is voice as king Zog and he is my favorite character in this Tia beanies all right she’s the hero and it’s funny really worried about.

[47:49] Doing gross-out gags and about alcohol alcohol related jokes,
once I get past it gets really good and I would say there’s a couple of funny moments in those first 5 episodes,
but if you really want to have a really funny good time to start at 6 and I think you’ll do well there,
tell me what you think please in the comments on Facebook or my email you,
remember I’m at to Pete at happy – Warrior. Net and just tell me what you think of it just Chapman and this episode so let’s move forward
that from Gallup this is August 13th when he came out that show that Democrats.

[48:29] Have a positive view of socialism that they do capitalism which is really scary I mean versus 57% positive you socialism.
This seems insane to me but it makes sense as Americans particular younger Americans buy into this.
Yo if you look at the positive use of capitalism the older they are the more likely they are to feel happy about capitalism,
the younger they are the more positive they’re probably going to look at socialism,
am I generation younger are frankly were idiots we do not read news we do not spend enough time researching and doing thorough reasoning and research we’re kind of lazy we kind of been,
I fed all this awesome digital stuff and it’s Mesa tablet,
I know I Motown lazy this isn’t saying when I look at some of the stories coming out of Venezuela and other parts of South America Venezuela.
As some of you may know is having a fan right now the Garment is crashing pretty strongly.
There are no animals left in the zoo vape and eaten there are games of children that fight over trash cans.

[49:45] They have a million times I told you millions in the last two years have left Venezuela to neighboring countries food in Colombia Ecuador Peru Brazil.
And others it’s it’s pretty intense what’s going on right now this getting fully be blamed on socialism you know socialism
did work ever but it got by it lives on when they’re had lots of oil money Venezuela has the richest resources of oil in the known world,
they capitalized on that and so they could pretend that their government was making everything fine that people are basically surviving they weren’t thriving but the government was limping on.
But when the money went well went down when their leader passed away their great leader passed away and they got new on the new guys Maduro the last guy was Chavez everything’s gone to hell.

[50:39] In a basket.
And it’s all falling apart and that is due to socialism it did the socialism thing like I talked about China Soviet Union and Vietnam Cambodia you know from any other parts of the.
Besides satellite Soviet satellite countries it’s proven that breaks time it again Nicaragua to pull the other ones around it down.
It’s scary what it could be doing Nicaragua I just mentioned Bolivia they’re worried that.
These countries are going to fall what Venezuela’s doing right now they’re going to have a lot of similar problems it’s scary it really a scary if you live,
in Venezuela in South America they I’ve been reading articles to say maybe this will even take down Brazil because Brazil or Brasil used to have a dictatorship.

[51:34] I 40 some years ago and they’re having issues with the president to his they just had the president be essentially impeached and is in jail and now she’s playing even maybe a running again it’s a mess it’s a mess in Brazil,
it’s in one of these countries where they had dictatorships where they had some form of Marxism.

[51:55] It did not turn out well it did not turn out well at all now this is crazy to me see here’s one of the things that you’ll hear.
Alexandria Cortez and others are saying that well we just want to be like Democratic socialism we want to be like Democrats or so cuz that’s totally different if you ask her.
Alexander Cortez what’s the difference between
socialism and Democratic socialism.
They’re different cuz they’re different it’s painful.
It is way different so I’m going to interview this I made this guy that wrote this incredible essay in Quail that that’s a magazine you almost read it’s called Democrats socialism is a scam.
Giancarlo Sopo is a Democrat his wife is from Cuba he’s visited Cuba he campaigned for Democrats he has Communications person for profession he wrote this amazing.
Amazing I say it is by people guys this is a bait-and-switch scam like these are totally different things so Democratic socialism it is what we see are likely similar that’s his quote phonetically similar.

[53:14] But this is more than a misnomer the production are much more like those of Havana Caracas and Helsinki in Copenhagen.
Norway has a huge amount of capitalism a huge amount of free enterprise they are explicitly different.
That in some ways on your way and he’s a Democrat socialist countries in Europe art their economies are more free.

[53:42] The social Democrats of the Nordic countries are almost entirely different.
In the social Democrats were being told we have to sorry it’s actually called him Democrat socialist the Democrat socialist way way different totally different way to go,
I’m maybe once upon a time they had similar Roots but they went and you completely opposite directions.
I like this pic here in Venezuela The Late Hugo Chavez was identified as a Democrat socialist in covered like one.
I’m like in Scandinavia where state-owned Enterprises are largely independent profit pursuing Ventures and property rights are Synchro sync.
Memory huge part of Marxism is about property rights you know that the proletariat can just give and take where they want to escape private assets and I only nationalize Industries.
For example and workers of oil pdvsa refuse your braces policies he qualified cronies including his cousin,
later on in his essay said why should Americans trust that America socialist should be any more willing to relinquish power than there any illogical brother in the Latin America and across the world,
indeed it is odd that those who argue present troubles authoritarian Tendencies are often the same people who want to give the federal government even more power over our economy.

[55:03] He said this guy’s a Democrat he Mankey says to be clear Latin America’s misfortunes or no excuse for an action on health care and education home but they should help make us more scrupulous consumers of politics.

[55:14] Just as my family most Americans are wise to dismiss the social slurs against President Obama democrat should be wearing those who are sure as the Democrats socialism will make us more like Europe,
as millions of Latinos will tell you it won’t my dad to that there’s another Arco by Jim Carlos Sopo,
in the Federalist that’s another pretty good only magazine you should read the title says it all 90% of scandinavia’s wealth is privately owned
we probably won’t you tell you that is a huge difference between the social Democrats and the Democrats socialists,
and we should keep in mind that the reason will big part of the reason why Marxism doesn’t work is the reason why government often fails because people are stupid,
what government is made of people.
In the make big mistakes and don’t like in Private Industry in your own personal life there are direct consequences and you have to answer for them right away.

[56:12] What government doesn’t have to do that,
they can’t hide it they can crush the truth they can keep it away they can never see Justice we never saw Justice for the EPA screwing up that mine disaster that happened 2 years ago,
and I already read you the story about the emails with Weiner and Hillary Clinton’s email server I mean that the government is so.
An effective so bad at their job here’s here’s what a great story you’ll love this this should be,
in many more places than just the one place and I’m I’m surprised you even found it so.
The opioid crisis is largely because it legal fentanyl is being put in drugs in people’s and recreational drug users are taking it it’s not because of prescription opioid I have another article that you can prove it 10 times till Friday,
I know it’s because of fentanyl usually it’s a synthetic called carfentanil which is used mostly on horses it’s like a thousand times more powerful than human Fentanyl.
Well because of this the people that make carfentanil legally the legal ones that make it for vets.
Daddy daughter can sell their they said they voluntarily surrendered approval for the drug in March because of grind size is being diverted,
chiropractor. Now there’s nothing here to prove it was being diverted but still was so potent it was used by veterinarians as an anesthetic on elephants
Sears what happened the doctor basically makes this maker so you can’t sell carfentanil anymore because maybe people are using it.

[57:38] Which you options to choose from some bunch of areas are legally prescribing Tramadol and other opioids Jennifer humans relief paying and pets the FDA is recommended veterinarians use whenever possible to look for signs of opiate abuse by pet owners and their own employees.
Craziest from the CDC is going so crazy they’re denying our pets are dogs or horses are animals affect your paycheck I mean that should be everywhere and that should say how ineffective,
stupid our government is how old governments really they do not have much.
Push back from the people if there is any push back it doesn’t go anywhere it was earlier this year they wanted and open hearing be at the end to see if she wanted open hearing for pain patients could speak about how wow the opioid crisis how does CDC 2016 guidelines have affected us.

[58:30] I mean thousands upon thousands of people showed up wrote letters gave testimony put things on their internet for him including myself I didn’t I couldn’t get there physically but I did post.
And that same day afterwards before they even they basically.
It meant nothing because that same day afterwards they released before they release the thing I’m the form they released their plans it was a mistake.
It was basically it showed that CDC director in the FDA,
Scott Gottlieb didn’t really care did nothing at the for meant anything to them they still believe that will be wise but from people who are legally prescribe them are being used by drug users are causing drug overdoses even though the number prescriptions have gone down but the
amount of deaths have gone up it is illegal opioids but the government doesn’t care if the government doesn’t listen governments are ineffective.

[59:21] It’s crazy to me that the people that have screwed up so badly that they are denying my dog and he paying care when he is sick on my ad we I have a husky that’s 15 years old,
and you only get a little bit of pain pill at night,
how is going to be with us much late longer laser he’s my friend my buddy he’s being denied that basically affect the pink are partly because of this
is there a crazy it’s 139 pain care for people which I feel is a moral but didn’t nights of pets because what their orders might take it that is just like
I mean that’s that’s nuts that’s just crazy talk.

[59:56] Why in the world would you ever trust those people to manage property rights better to manage who gets what and how much how do you think that they can deal with health care,
I mean seriously proven to the little bit of healthcare control they have they used terribly,
a mismanaged completely this isn’t a Democrat versus Republican issue the VA is still a mess it was a mess with Obama was in charge of forces guidelines in Just Cause,
hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of veterans to kill themselves or a does self destruct that was bad enough but hasn’t got much better on the Trump Administration.

[1:00:32] So tell republican-democrat thing it’s that government sucks they are bad at what they do but in dispense spite
of all this ample evidence that the government is terrible anything they touch it doesn’t turn to Gold because the other one everything they touch is corrupted I mean student loans the cost of going to college in the United States is evidence of this car
the government try to make it cheaper what happened it got more expensive,
when they tried to help you with a new Society with Lyndon Johnson when they tried to help blacks to help blacks know the statistics for families for poverty everything,
stay there or got worse than actually praise the president Trump you know cuz we’re seeing the highest black entrepreneurship in decades right now,
the highest employment of blacks same thing
so ain’t no give president Trump credit where credit is due I don’t understand I think it’s because
My Generation I think people largely they are morons that don’t pay attention and I have this video from Prague prayer University that proves my point.

[1:01:39] What’s up guys this is Wilmette from Craig are you today where in beautiful Santa Barbara we’re going to be asking people about plastic straws and should they be Banshee plastic straws be banned,
hell yeah they should ban plastic straws do you think we should ban plastic straws.
Because they’re bad for the environment and they cause a lot of pollution they kill the baby sea turtles what else should we ban to help save the environment.
Paperless what do you guys do to help eliminate your carbon footprint.

[1:02:15] Heartwarming what else can we do to help fix the environment.
Planting fruit trees in public streets and.
Unlike all that’s inside them are plastic straws.
Government to tell them we should stop using plastic think about it like people can eat fruit for free like state.
Honey by the state trees fine by the state they could eat fruit homeless people could eat fruit and it’s giving Austin into the air so the government pays for the fruit trees.
Sure why not what do you think is worse plastic straws here or people coming into this country illegally.

[1:03:03] Oh my God plastic straw.

[1:03:11] What do you think is the best alternative to plastic straws.
Well I said I work we started using paper straws and a lot of people have an issue with paper straws because there is a bigger priority to.
To stop plastic straws or illegal immigration.

[1:03:30] I would say strong.
Put in a 5.0 of them said that plastic straws are a worse problem so then we should put higher price for hire prioritization up on legal immigration putting that aside.
The comment that she’s read an article and in the article it showed a fish and they cut the fish open and it was only filled with plastic straws.

[1:03:58] I’ve been waiting so long I’ve been wanted to share that for so long that is one of my favorite cuz I wish I could get Robert to get me like a soundboard and then we’d say that one and then we put it there,
I mean man it’s scary is that scary the lack of thinking I mean to think our ancestors the things that they looked at Walmart she was going on evils of Hitler.
And to think how we generated Ry priorities down are plastic straws I don’t care if it’s in the left the city of left field that’s still,
easy I mean how do you think our society can fin function healthily how do you think we can measure institutions private and public.

[1:04:37] We’re morons all right so here is another story about a moron Oregon woman finds cougar and living room says telepathy help her get it out.

[1:04:47] Yes this is true she said she rely on frequency and A2 meant feline speak eye blinking and telepathy to come animal safely got it out after I took a six hour nap behind the couch.

[1:04:59] Oh my gosh that’s awesome storages picture.
Oh wow that is fantastic.

[1:05:14] Yeah we’re doomed it’s over we’re doing all right so I have a little bit more to share with you I thought this is another video it’s by a comedian that works for a reason his name is Remy.
Kiss does musical parodies kind of like Weird Al but they’re from a Libertarian perspective.
They are awesome this this next one I’m going to share with you I think it’s pretty accurate,
and what’s wrong with our media today or someone that’s media major at someone’s got Masters in journalism just this is hilarious spot on dead on if you’re like me you’re going to love this here we go.

[1:05:51] Franklin says if he was still in the Senate heat press Cavanaugh into key areas I bet he would thanks Ed are top story tonight,
the president’s tweet who dispel the silly notion we’re deliberately mislead.
Who got Rachel world is embittered no really who is outraged to people on Twitter look we want to disprove the president’s tweets
baby no holiday cups I see what you mean so again are top story enemy of the people from ridiculous claims that we view you as sheep lost people are outraged 72 percent of people think what we do is misleading
I understand what you’re saying deadly protests in Nicaragua with Ortega and charge what the latest Crackdown means for the region at Large
so we don’t lose your trust Wilson silent alone and go straight to an eyewitness live on the phone,
and your name for the record.

[1:07:13] On a note that is summer has now about raid composition.

[1:07:24] Music.

[1:07:30] All that is Remy that you can find them on YouTube just type in Remi or Remy reason that one is just dead on about the outrage prompt.
All right I liked you and today’s episode on a different note.

[1:07:49] Senator John McCain passed away just recently yesterday I think.
Senator John McCain is someone that has been in the Republican movement in the public Consciousness political public Consciousness for a long time now.
To my family to my grandpa specifically served in the air force during the Vietnam conflict.
In many different ways to work the Pentagon he worked as a missile man in the Air Force he was an Air Force officer John McCain is a hero.
If you know what John McCain and the other Vietnam American prisoners of War went through there is no way that you can say anything but now I know John McCain as a politician I disagree with him,
Trump is decide to not honoring maybe asbestos you should because of things that John McCain said about Trump and political stuff.
Drama Kids not my political hero I’m not a huge John McCain fan I disagree with John McCain as often as I agree with him but.
What John McCain went through and how John McCain dealt with his day today with incredible pain John McCain a terrible chronic pain for the rest of his life because of what he went through in Vietnam.
Here I’m just going to play a video this was part of a propaganda video that there’s one a few videos we have of John McCain when he was at when he was a prisoner of war I’m just going to play and you can you tell me if you can hold back the tears cuz I can’t.

[1:09:15] I would just like to tell.

[1:09:22] What do you understand get well. Bridgerland.

[1:09:33] YouTube.

[1:10:01] So here’s a little bit about John McCain when he was in this is the Vietnamese conflict in 1967 he was 31 he was a Navy pilot his aircraft crashed.
He was your check you was rejected by the force of this crash is ejected out it broke his right leg both broke both arms knock them unconscious.

[1:10:22] He was dead and or five and a half years of brutal torture.
He was given very little to no medical treatment for those injuries by the way and he was placed in solitary confinement the which wear these windowless 10 x 10,
beats are foot rooms.
John McCain was actually offered to go home because his father was he became a US Admiral in the Navy during the Vietnam conflict and so they offered to have John McCain go home.
John McCain knew that he did this this will be a propaganda of Victory he went to get a release from the hell he was in.
But it could be used against the soldiers that were still fighting against his fellow pows he said no here’s the thing you said this,
the torture got worse he said for the next four days I was being every 2 or 3 hours by different guards my left arm is broken again in my ribs were cracked.

[1:11:19] There’s a great part about itself account I love here says I was finding that prayer help wasn’t quite sure if asking for soup and superhuman strength,
or forgot to strike the North Vietnamese dead was asking for more on physical courage for guidance and wisdom to do the right thing I asked for Comfort when I was in pain and sometimes I received a relief,
I was sustained in many times of trial there is some parts of this account that are too crazy to talk about. Thumbnails being.
Keelback burn with cigarettes bamboo being grown into people I mean sadistic sadistic stuff that’s
choo choo crazy
that I will share here but I would recommend there’s an article outline says usnews.com news articles it’s John McCain’s personal narrative of what he went through while a p o w in Vietnam.
I really want you guys to all go out and read if you have the time I probably will take you 10 to 15 minutes for it but it’s worth it case I’m just going to read the end of it,
North Vietnamese give us very little accept bad news about the u.s. today by the North Vietnamese give us very little accept bad news about the us we didn’t find out about the first successful Moon shot 1969
until it was mentioned in the speech by George McGovern saying that Nixon could put a man on the moon but he couldn’t put an end to the Vietnam War.

[1:12:36] Baby Barbie dress up news in Martin Luther King’s death in the rights that followed information like that poured continuously out of the loudspeakers.
I think America is a better country now because we have been through a sort of purging process re-evaluation of ourselves.
Now I see more of an appreciation of our way of life there’s more patriotism the flag is all over the place I hear new values being stressed the concern for environment is a case in point.
I receive scores of letters from young people may have them sent me poww bracelets with my name on it.
Which they had been wearing somewhere not too sure about the war but they are strongly patriotic their values are good and I think we will find that they are going to grow up to be better Americans that many of us.
This up pouring on behalf of those were prisoners of War staggering in a little embarrassing because basically we feel that we are just average American Navy Marine Air Force pilots who got shot down anybody else in our place with form just as well,
my own plans for the future I’d Remain the Navy if I am able to return to Flying stats that depends on Pawn within the corrective surgery on my arms and legs is Success successful.
If I have to leave in a V I hope to serve the government’s so capacity preferably Foreign Service the state department.
I had a lot to think over there came to conclusion when the most important things in life along with the Man’s family is to make him is to make some contribution to his country.

[1:13:51] Thank you John McCain for your service for your service the country.

[1:13:57] As a pilot for your service to the country as a sitter for the good example you set,
offer when you ran for president 2008 thank you very much for that good example I am praying for your family and they might be comforted in this tough time.
I had a friend that made fun of John McCain and the way he moved when I was a high school senior.

[1:14:21] Bad for you he moves like that and not because he’s an old man because he had both his legs and arms broken and I never healed right.

[1:14:31] So kind of leftover bit late a bit waddled John McCain is an inspiration in so many good ways and why we don’t always agree on politics.
We can’t agree that John McCain was a hero is a hero thank you mr. McCain Senator McCain for your service.

[1:14:48] Well this is been the happy warrior program I’m your host Peter thank you for taking the time to listen to me today please share your comments questions stories ideas with me at Pete.
Pete at happy – Warrior dotnet at happy – Warrior. Net thank you so much God bless America God bless our servicemen and Military thank you for all you do for us,
I think you for the good men and women this country that just make it so awesome and great all right until next time goodbye.

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