Happy Warrior Ep 12 Kavanaugh and Elon Goop

Happy Warrior Ep 12 Kavanaugh and Elon Goop
The Happy Warrior Podcast
Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke
Produced by Robert Mehling
Voice Over by Dave Holly
Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

If you’ve been watching any media lately you might think we’re a nation on the brink. Deep division with real issues do divide us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors and civil in our discourse. Enter Peter Vaughn Pischke, our happy warrior host who wants to speak out for the right but do so in positive way that builds up instead of tearing down. Join him and producer Robert Mehling as they explore today’s political issues, with plenty of random tangents in between.

Segment 1: Kavanaugh

https://dailycaller.com/2018/09/04/brett-kavanaugh-hearing-chaos/ OPEN – Ragin Dumpster Fire

https://dailycaller.com/2018/09/05/protester-disrupts-house-hearing/ Auctioneer

https://dailycaller.com/2018/09/05/democrats-kavanaugh-hearing-interruptions-schumer/ Number of Interruptions

Daughters Had to be escorted out


https://twitter.com/RajShah45/status/1037046732310360064 FAKE

https://dailycaller.com/2018/09/04/white-supremacist-wife-kavanaugh-hearing/ White Suprem

https://dailycaller.com/2018/09/06/zina-bash-ok-symbol-troll/ I like Her




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Spoiler title
[0:24] Hey it’s going to be back here everybody this is the happy warrior podcast yeah it’s me and Robert here once again in your ear and your mind,
messing with your brains as always let’s do our duties as Citizens.
Good morning.

[0:52] I want them everyone to this confirmation hearing on the nomination of 94 we proceed.
Mr. chairman I like to be recognized. It’s like a badger. Cast,
thousand pages of documents that we have not had an opportunity to review or read or analyze
possibly move forward mr. chairman,
their two daughters,
mr. chairman where you at
joining us last night and we believe his hearing shinola’s.
And you’re right we proud of him and if we cannot be recognized I move to adjourn.

[2:07] How does code pink keep getting into these things thrown out five times,
a charade and a mockery of our Norm,
well mr. chairman I hear for move to return his hearing okay that that’s not a leader that’s a an audience member I think.
That’s another audience member.
August 8th birthday sign are you familiar you familiar with like code.
Yeah that back in the bushes in the ones that like throw blood and we hope it came from an animal at a show up at like.

[3:08] Every hearing,
with the intent of like it’s like if you like looking at them they’re mostly like a social club like they live in the DC area and they just basically go to show up and disrupt committee meetings like they could be meeting about like,
the weights and standards of cheeses and these people would show up in Black I just like.
You know it’s like I support the capital please just like Mary Bob how you doing okay okay you got it under the tailgate out in front of the Capitol building probably the probably Facebook friends.

[3:46] Yeah probably I probably could grief,
sorry painful,
I like his face it’s Gemini I ask for roll call vote on my motion to adjourn.
German Luger and I asked for a roll call vote.

[4:36] Ollie’s.
How is that relevant to look at your car.

[4:49] Help it and it’s the clip that’s it,
go down to the I’m sorry sound like I’m talking to my mom how to use the internet.
I’ll get where you need me to go get ready so that was,
that was awesome not lived in the you’ve had your head under a rock.
Yeah I unsave her.
But for those of you who are just joining us and her like what is this all about now just a reminder this is Calvin. Who is a,
Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States and this is.
What’s this Auctioneer thing was this on the Senate day or was this the house yet oh yeah it’s the house yet cuz it’s red,
right woman this is it this is it strictly so I thought this was 5. Before you go forward I thought this was a pretty fun response yes this.
Another protester just dropping a different meeting later on.

[6:03] And hopefully the supply for us.

[6:11] And I’m not speeding ticket place the same time in another building in DC or you’ll be asked to leave.

[6:20] Man feel please take a seat or we’ll have to have you and you’ll need to relieve through the auction here in this other room.

[6:29] I mean totally actually that she’s a conservative activist that’s why someone told me.
The Agricultural Fair is this the state fair over laughing in the front row.

[7:01] My brother can do it is because he used to work do Auctioneer work stuff I can’t do it.
That guy that just makes it so much.
That was awesome did you know there was an option near the house I did not know that,
I would suppose so you know that’s culturally that’s,
when you have a group that pay you’re bound to have a few in there or somebody that used to do it you know has it a little about that experience I was pretty clear background but that,
that was awesome when I saw that I was laughing pretty hard they need they need to have that at all that yours I really think so.
Yeah that’s just how they should conduct roll call votes.

[8:06] I’ve sold tax cuts for everyone I know I was like the State Fair.

[8:14] Yeah I was just waiting for like a chicken or a pig to run across this is Mitch.
Abuse fish it’s not true animal if he was it’s just I’m a flirting with it,
oh my goodness I would have a clue eyes officially it was a supposed to be a 60 Minute meeting so I know 60 minutes and want to take a guess.
8 ball it’s at the headline.
I don’t think that’s the right one.
How many times just take a guess maybe it’s too late maybe.

[9:10] 100 Neptune High South.
75 is 73 times as interruptions in 60 minutes.
60 Minutes yes.
That wasn’t in Sioux Falls city council meeting like it just goes forever all those have those two people the one that’s always complaining about their apartment and it has like that psychic,
yeah I just,
it’s the meetings that keep going and going and going it actually got they’ve got more exciting this last year I think some of the brass tax that business with this year though,
who honestly thinks that that spectacle is going to make a,
you know Red State Democrat flip on this is so.

[10:09] I mean who is this for is this for,
like liberal media consumption so that they can go back to their state and be like see I you know we lost but I fought hard against it or I mean yeah there’s definitely okay so for the centers that were there.
Booker prime example they were there yet to get nice clips for TV and their campaign ads and that’s why they they did when they were talking about that’s not true.
They did get that you did get the Lost there was no research help back except for.
It’s this Pacific National Security Law which is never released for any Supreme Court nominee.
Lemon the bike I have an article here that shows that count I had what was it like had like 500 something files which was at least five times more than most Supreme Court nominees.
Come with I mean that’s it’s not yourself as a protest I know that some big wigs like Linda sarsour,
some of the women’s marches the day organized the protest by their interest in but then what about like just like the guy with a sign.

[11:19] What’s that about I mean I’m just guessing that’s just this is like secondary Splash damage has he’d call it where it’s,
it’s not even someone who’s organized it’s just that the media said enough people whipped up into a frenzy that they go when they do their thing I meant disparaging there,
there’s spirit I just think it’s Misfits misplaced action will that in the hole.

[11:49] I know it’s stuffy and I myself have kind of a like rustic individualist like.
Independent kind of person I don’t like rules and government that much but the idea.
With like Robert’s Rules of Order and you know having order in act like meeting like this is that.
And then everybody that supposed to get their turn gets their turn and people get their say and people can eat everyone can hear what’s going on and things are like.

[12:22] To organize things so it’s not just a bunch of people in a room screaming at each other it’s the way of organizing it and if you.
If you interrupt like that without getting you know call daughter and you know whatever cuz I’m sure they all these people who like a movie a journey movie a journey,
I’m guessing they all got their own 10 minutes or however each however much time each one of them got got.
Regardless to sit there and rail on that same issue so why interrupt that seems like you’re just stealing time from everybody that’s patiently waiting to speak on C-Span,
at no point if I have C-SPAN on a TV I’m laying on the couch and your point should I be woken up,
that’s why it’s supposed to be for me it’s CBS golf Saturday in the spring or the fall,
RJ whatever golf is on sometimes like now the best sleep I’ve ever had my entire life is I’m in a camper.

[13:28] With the windows open at West Bend here in South Dakota on the Missouri River.
It’s lightly raining too much to go fishing so I’m curled up on a couch in a sleeping bag.
And all the TV is CBS golf playing while that light rain is coming across and then it’s just like perfect cool weather and you’re right by the water and you got nowhere to be completely unhooked cuz it’s there’s like no signal out there and.
I start no.

[13:59] Is there to pass out just thinking about it now so you sleep like the Dead videos people do to get them the feels or the top.
IRS scammer what what yeah,
you’re there with me at West Bend don’t mind the rattlesnakes they can’t hurt you now,
there’s the podcaster for a Saab owns rub my back rub my feet first he’s like okay but you have to give me a.

[14:44] Yeah he likes doctor’s exam,
he gets it there he’s at there’s like 20% of people I think this is this is a guesstimate cuz I don’t know but they get these weird nice kind of feel good tingly feelings from.
Low noise soft constant Iowa it’s weird.
It’s a weird thing I don’t get it I wish I get it which one of the McElroy Brothers,
okay my brother brother brother and me or my brother my brother and me and then.
Another one I have together with their dad is Adventure Zone where they play Dungeons Dragons lyrics.
Probably my favorite D&D podcast by far cuz it’s so funny I can’t stand critical role,
that’s not really podcast that’s all I could get into critical role it’s because the matter of actually writing the adventure,
that’s what they’re like our roles and things happen stuff like that but it’s,
I don’t know if feels like this one is much more story and especially, he driven like the point where they were supposed to like stealth into a basically fantasy garage and take out this guard and then.
They spent like the entire night running all the village trying to find a way to hide the body and in the end they just threw it off a cliff.

[16:07] Great job guys I apologize for getting off track.

[16:17] Well it’s hard not to be distracted with all the yelling during this hearing so I know it’s my brain kind of wants to push you away but we must pull through cuz there is a point to all this and I thank you if you’re still listening and you’re drunk,
and anything trouble by Trump Associated Trump paraphernalia whatever.
This is not about Trump and this isn’t even about left vs right because if we work with we went back.
Chino 8 years or whatever to the Bahamas stration this was going on it’s baby maybe wrong then too.
I need this is it this is something that for most of your sister wasn’t like this I wasn’t tell mr. Bork,
that all of a sudden dancers Supreme Court Justice actually gives besides just being popped in your knowing what the cost you should know and walk that wasn’t enough that was you had to have the right of him,
and since then are Supreme Court hearings of God more and more,
play some more of the worst witch is that,
worst case scenario for the Supreme Court is that it becomes a political football that the parties like.

[17:28] Kick back and forth cuz it’s not at all the point of the institution.
Speech from Senator Ben Sasse and he nails at T Nails why it isn’t this this Insight you’ll blow your mind you’ll be like.
He’s completely right.
Minority leader in the sun got grilled for not interrupting enough,
he was like pee when I seen that they were chewing them out because they didn’t you know that you have protest wasn’t strong enough it was enough.
I know I know I see that I have another seeing what I saw that report I listen to the audio of it as I was driving because I was listening to it and I was just like.

[18:24] Is this is this guy for real. His name is something like happy or something like that.
I can’t remember for sure that the name of the CNN reporter butt,
no he was just kinda like instead of asking questions about what happened who was involved bubble butt like a reporter,
he was seriously just like why didn’t you bug him or you know what that’s not the state of the Republic it sounds like this and why didn’t you like jump over your desk and attack him.
Suck it. I have a little sister she’s an adult now but it takes me back.
Yeah part of it another thing was there was this so you can go to the next one can you open the next to.
American Dad and the Twitter one.
So blazed after daughter so while you’re doing that so his family was there the daughters had to be escorted by security because they felt it was unsafe to Mom said get out of here it doesn’t look like.
Alright so here’s it here’s a video and I’ll just tell listeners yeah there’s nobody on this.
So tell me tell me where is Kevin Owens at here and tell me where this guy that wants to shake his hand see if you can find it oh I did I did see this.

[19:54] See if you can kind of see a little bit in the blender top part.
Why on Earth would a capital guard let somebody run up to data is a little like that that’s weird.
Yeah so this is this was one that big this big things or did one giant jerk face cuz he wanted shake the hand of this reading Parkland parents.
If random dude I didn’t recognize change charging at me at alike I sent it hearing with his hand out I’m just going to like you know I remember when.
JFK got shot in RK or I don’t reply don’t remember like being like that but I’ve seen that the video especially is it RFK that gets shot in the light Convention Center in close-quarters like that in a crowd a PDF.
I’d be freaking hit in the parking garage something like that yeah.

[20:48] Yeah it was it was crowded wherever it was I remember that it was the Reagan shooting.
Yeah the Reagan one was stranger that.
I’m not a big fan of the like gotcha politics where you like to get someone like in someone’s face be like,
because she wanted my daughter to die in a shooting like no that’s not really what we’re talking about today is like,
because if you just won’t have your wallet right now you want everyone to have AIDS what no at that makes no sense you know it’s very like put you on the spot and then,
if you don’t immediately relax exact way.
Well and now that’s the whole idea is you’re going to just be like dumbfounded even on the best scenario,
and there’s like it’s not like friends like you because I was like frenzy fish over there I mean it was so busy in that room,
if you’re just on the sidewalk I mean maybe then you shake the hand maybe then you have the conversation with the guy but if it’s like you know it’s just.

[22:05] Psych Omaha Zoo Koi pond Park it’s just you can’t hardly see anything so I mean I looked into this so he actually wasn’t spontaneous the guy drove to the hearing,
and it was not I mean it’s fine okay so here’s the Gaia tweeted today’s previously I hate when Twitter’s uses.
Yeah but he had said that he was going to go to the cab now I’m bringing over to prevent him for being dominated,
I have a slight guy that was my favorite controversy you hear about I love this one is shorter more fuse.
I had not heard of this until you sent me this link and I’m still super confused as to why pick this is he said the picture okay.
Where’s the spaghetti going to a different article hopefully we’ll see you there.
I hate you I hate Twitter videos they almost never load to she did that so it’s kind of like this and then you see the white power sign.

[23:27] If you just like control zoom in I don’t know you’ll get like a really green image.

[23:37] So is like this time we’re in the studio and I am doing a recreation it’s like arms crossed creating like a,
two two right angles.
Yeah like it’s a super like this is what a normal person would might do with their arms while they’re sitting.

[24:03] That don’t don’t know that’s a sentence you almost never hear the top minds of Twitter decided that this was a white supremacist symbol and it should disqualify him actually,
I kind of wish I could even write it correctly.
You’re like a whole team’s like you know if the president or is getting ready to enter the White House movie of the whole team behind him to get him inside and she was one of the members of us,
salica like a Handler or a staff member,
okay part 1 her grandparents are Holocaust victims.

[24:47] One of them was a Survivor she’s half.
This is so dumb visit this belongs in the same trash Heap as the guys that you know,
the Illuminati the speckled trap version of Alex Jones basically like their Universe of like,
well that’s how you know their hand symbols that they mean this and that they’re doing this and they’re like there is no evidence at all and the white supremacist this one of yours,
yeah screw that process works and lots of people do it.
And it’s not white stars of Fortune forum,
this is on this week in the Twitter app,
they’ll tell you it’s a white supremacist symbol just to see the water at for the lulz,
turn into one of ours or turn to something awful and that was all there and it’s okay so here’s the best one to the next day.

[26:08] She’s awesome.

[26:11] Oh my God so the next day when she seen behind him she actually does the full okay symbol.
Oh I love it soon as heck is officially my spirit animal.

[26:30] I love it and it is if this needed to be more of a circus then you’ve got the,
the handmaidens tale protesters right yeah don’t use the video scroll down here we go.
Sorry I should have done this evening bash stuff better but look it up for yourself.
The great it’s will be the great controversy 2018 don’t go down in history. Really.
This is awesome so cute you know what the hands made tail is you have a Hulu subscription oh yeah you know what the handmaid’s tale is all the cool kids,
familiar with the book and all that yes I think you could just use for it’s it’s,
it’s dystopian fiction written in the lake late.

[27:27] Mid to late 80s Margaret Atwood it’s a dystopian novel about a future.
Version of America where it’s like way it’s not the us anymore it’s like a different name and there’s like a caste system and women are like.
Basically treated as light livestock
do you think it’s one way to Barefoot in the kitchen bathroom it’s an exaggerated version of that
like a big brother style police state but instead of like.

[28:13] Crushing free thought the mission is to keep women down in the second season they have a scene with a woman change her I’m not making this up.

[28:28] Spoilers it I mean it’s awful because,
it’s become the new Trump wants to do this which makes no sense in no way is Trump like a religious man like on the campaign trail that he would say that he had rooms full of Bibles and I enjoyed that, dementia,
just pull up I was on the news Bibles people send me,
I want to see this room is Bible room that’s how that works,
these two are the biggest
it’s bearson so they so people decide to come and possibly to the hearing anything isn’t it be funny if they came is like,
I look at a job that would be kind of awesome to have furry cosplay,
that is there just now I couldn’t find out for sure if any of the people and possibly were allowed in the day surrounded the thing outside then you see the pictures I’m sitting at the doors and then,
dang it sorry my eight I got my blank slipped your stuff is cool,
yes so it’s it’s embarrassing you don’t why are you coming any government thing in funny outfits I haven’t watched it my sister’s into it.

[29:57] It’s not really my cup of tea per say mostly cuz the M right I watch walk not to sound not to be that guy but the book was.
Okay that’s your that should be your next podcast the book versus movie.
Yeah I got even subscribe to a YouTube channel that’s called,
versus the movie in like breaks out all the points between two yeah I said where’s their hit and miss.

[30:33] Okay so last one so is after the second day this day to the sequel was just as bad. But not super worse not better it’s just pointless Daily Caller,
color article that were liking to is that all of this is for nothing anyway,
they’re not they’re not going to nominate unless it was like at the time of presidency and they’re like,
we do it not just how they will be is a Supreme Court Justice also now these days how well do to get through them.
I cannot is not a big o r i t like he’s not there were people on the slot that that were,
definitely people argue Auntie Roe versus Wade the cameras. One of them actually pretty close the guy he’s very much a precedence guy I’ll go with what it what the Prestons is,
I am I so I don’t for that reason it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me cuz it’s like guys he’s not.
All the extreme he’s like that he wouldn’t be surprised at all if Obama had nominated him maybe at the beginning of a compromise yes exactly then definitely a Clinton.

[31:48] No it’s just still even CNN there’s a one-time Daily Caller doesn’t have actually have a video of the CNN guy even had to admit that they just don’t have the numbers to stop,
yeah it’s so all this is a farce it’s a show it’s a farce there’s no point to any of this none.

[32:07] Yeah that’s where I’m at with it that’s why I haven’t talked about it much because I’m just come like.
Unless unless something comes out that’s like whoa we change some opinions here or you know it’s one of those or something that I’m like.

[32:21] Whatever okay so Ben Sasse so I would have been where you’re at and I would have put in the podcast but here’s the reason why it’s important Ben Sasse makes the cake Ben Sasse senator from Nebraska.
Awesome more outspoken I say no centers.
Here in your eye I have it okay so all my outline I have instructions for where to pop cuz it’s it’s going to be quite long as we actually watch the whole thing.

[32:48] Okay so do you want to.
Move your window to one side and then have the outline cuz I only has the minutes where you where you want to jump to see if I can do that.

[33:04] It’s always weird trying to get the multi monitor that play us alarm.

[33:20] How long you think so we’re okay and then you on the other paint you can just put the outline.

[33:28] Let me know if you want the show outline to outlet yes sorry I was explaining well because I own the outline it has.

[33:38] You might want to put the blank space to get rid of the thing queso jump 2.
55 second bus now will be in fair use so then we can complain about us stealing c-span’s content.

[33:53] Let’s see 55 seconds 55 seconds.

[34:01] Are wanting dirty water you’ve been declared a quote on quote existential talking about,
alumni of Yale law school incense The Faculty members at your alma mater praise your selection row to public letter to the school saying quote people will die,
different Cavanaugh’s confirmed is patently absurd and I worry that we’re going to hear more of it over the next few days but the good news is,
it is absurd and the American people don’t believe that it was second sweetheart.
I’m not those were trying to get on TV they tell a completely different story about who ride cabin eyes
New Bern High Praise from the many lawyers both right and left to appear before you during your 12 years on the DC circuit and those who had you as a professor at Yale law and Harvard Law.
People in legal circles invariably apply your mind your work your temperament to your collegiality that’s who run cabin ideas,
I’m in school Lisa Blatt the supreme court attorney’s in the left who’s known you for a decade quote sometimes a superstar is just a superstar and that’s the case with this judge the Senate could should confirm him close by.

[35:17] It’s pretty obvious to most people going about their work today that the deranged comments actually don’t have anything to do with you so we should figure out why do we talk like this about Supreme Court nominations are out there.
Don’t jump ahead 2 3 3:13 to 3:30.

[35:34] I worked in this out this morning,
but we have a fundamental misunderstanding it’s just the role of the Supreme Court
talks about the Supreme Court like they’re people wearing red and blue jerseys that’s a really dangerous thing and by the way if they have red and blue jerseys I would walk in my colleagues to introduce the legislation
the ends lifetime tenure for the Judiciary because if they’re just politicians then the people should have power and they shouldn’t have let them a point,
so until you introduce that legislation I don’t believe you really want the Supreme Court to be politicised body though that’s the way we constantly talk about it now.
We can we should do better than this,
is predictable that every confirmation hearing now is going to be overblown politicized circus and it’s because we’ve accepted a new theory about how our three branches of government should work and in particular have the judicial,
what Supreme Court confirmation hearing should be about is an opportunity to go back and do Schoolhouse Rock Civics for our kids we should be talking about how a bill becomes a law and what the job of Article 2 is and what the job about 3 years so let’s try just a little bit,
how did we get here and how can we fix it I want to make juice for brief points.

[36:51] Number one in our system the legislative branch is supposed to be the center of our politics number to its not why not,
because for the last century and increasing by the decade right now more and more legislative Authority is delegated to the executive branch every year both parties do,
the legislature is impotent the legislature is weak and most people here want their jobs more than they really want to do legislative work and so they plant most of the work to the next branch,
third consequence,
isn’t this transfer of power means the people yearn for a place where politics can actually be done and when we don’t do a lot of big actual political debating here we transfer it to the Supreme Court
and that’s why the Supreme Court is increasingly a substitute for litical Battleground.

[37:44] And forth and finally we badly need to restore the proper duties and the balance of power from our constitutional system so point one.

[37:56] Hey go to 7:20. Just like keep going since 7:24 okay let’s go at 7:24 and see what happens there,
I might have just sent I just invited at 7:20 for the back of it,
and if we are the easiest people to fire it means the only way the people can maintain power in our system is it almost all the politicized decision happened here not an Article 2 or article 3 so that brings us,
how do we get to a place of the legislature decided to give away its power we’ve been doing it for a long time over the course of the last century but especially since the 1930s and then ramping up since the 1960s a lot of the responsibility in this body,
has been kicked to a bunch of alphabet soup bureaucracies all right,
I’m really enjoying this I would recommend listen at we have linked to this and you should check it out cuz this guy’s making a lot of sense and saying things that I’ve been telling people in my office all week about this whole,
Springport that gram just like none of this makes you know I feel like I feel like Charlton Heston running around in Soylent Green is just like,
what’s not a legislative body spoilers spoilers.

[39:14] 4 movie from 1860 has a future rajo Kelly Allison green.

[39:27] The one guy that’s like eating is just like Soylent Green is micanopy.
Now there’s a thing in here and I mean basically he’s saying is that our legislature won’t do a damn thing,
both parties are to blame for this we don’t do our debating there we don’t do our debate in his think you’re about as a public as a public we don’t talk to each other,
we we will pass each other and we don’t actually do with it,
so then we work we put the flashlight legislature doesn’t want to deal with this is just kind of blew it off too so where is that end up now it’s the Supreme Court the Supreme Court is become this new,
I am some call it super legislature it’s like.
Legislature part 2 which it was supposed to be,
but it’s political in the sense that it’s it’s a problem of both parties it’s probably the country it’s not a political thing is Democrats versus Republicans look at the three separate,
powers and checks and balances then it is a republican-democrat thing cuz they both.

[40:42] They both profit from the system being this broken cuz I mean the next time around I can I can see it now whether it’s you know the next election or at 4 after Trump’s done it years however it plays out.
There will be a democrat in the white house and they will be sitting there like the Democrats will just be like we need to give the executive more power and,
Toby all cool with it the Republicans will be like and bet when Obama was in office like he’s as our he’s a dictator Trump gets in there he is Hitler he’s a dictator.

[41:19] Well well legislature you made.
Well and it’s like you could be use the language but either way the politicians never fall through new that do you think most of those tea party guys be elected,
did they did they do what they said they were going to know a lot of them just got like drowned out a lot of the original like tea party guys are like are already gone
stay in the sun where they could kind of halfway hold the Senate hostage and they’re already now like neutralizes a power all over again,
yeah and you know what’s interesting we we have our country we all know that we don’t.
Know how to talk to each other somehow we forgot this ago and this is a consequence of,
and I know what I was kind of thinking that it is a problem for a country maybe we’re just called Civil War but I didn’t think of it actually have a real big impact.
Somewhere like it was actually does have a problem right now that’s why I thought was appropriate for the happy warrior.

[42:18] Nice Meowth learn to talk to each other guys yes we do not healthy.

[42:23] Limit the executive dang it anyway yeah all right that is the Sirius is going to get today.

[42:32] Animal story Cell last week I enjoyed the heck out of animal stories probably too much I know and I like animals I’m not really into torturing.
Okay so oh no I read this in your notes this Don’t make me say jump on it.

[42:52] Location of fuse it’s not great I haven’t watched it yet it’s not the Lion King but it was,
summer blockbuster twenty-something 2010 the trailer was published in 2010,
the movie was released in 2011,
oh man it has one of these trailers
that was the trailer thought he was about to find out sorry that was a trailer about the movie Rio what’s the,
what’s the problem in Rio you seen it read yard Rio expert so.

[43:46] Birds endangered gets kidnapped as a young chickling ends up in a pet store in Minnesota and gets adopted.
Buy a guy and then they find out that.
Please the last male of his species and they found the last female of his species in their supposed to put them together in Rio de Janeiro and the whole thing is like a big super convoluted like Gulliver’s Travels kind of like.
Adventure story cast of characters,
is blue birds or endangered you have to save them trying to save the species as we have our tour guide.
There there was a sequel to I never said yes there was a sequel I don’t remember this,
there will not be a third one Robert I have to disappoint your nieces and nephews unless it’s like a horror movie,
did they make the links to the link to link click the link to do the link.

[44:59] Their dad that is their dad they died yeah I saw this.
So yeah the birds the movie was based on in real life they went extinct today they’re gone I don’t know why I find this a little bit of,
death of a spouse I just I just think it’s so funny that they plan this massive multimillion-dollar franchise,
to this bird is about to go extinct and it.
Honestly I didn’t know they had picked a specific species I just thought it was generic parrot I don’t know Birds man,
this started the children’s ambition real has become extinct and there were some others bird sadly the Puli that she is an awesome name.

[45:51] Pernambuco Pygmy Owl and a cryptic tree Hunter.

[45:56] Have a cryptic cryptic tree has manian Tiger.

[46:11] I’ll never get to see you at Ruskin lion or or the Chinese pink dolphins never get to see it Chinese pink dolphin.

[46:20] Egyptian humans win.
Parte no Maria Maria movies so they’ll have to move on to some other mother in law,
Dreamworks Dreamworks has enough might have enough franchises that they’re not in any danger no,
it’s sad and ironic and yeah alright well,
someone someone was worried about endangered species I don’t know if with the spider monkey is endangered species This Is Us for his,
so is reason I’m what I’m reading here monkey nut lovely,
drunk man jailed after being beaten up by 10 inch squirrel monkeys when he climbed into theirs.
Isn’t that great now there’s not they have a different video of the man that tries to hit a monkey and the monkey comes over and.
Oh man actually what we get. This will never mind. You have a video I take it back. Not this one.
I take it back they did that one my computer doesn’t always play nice with so many slow.

[47:40] Please dramatic video of moment Disturbed monkey attacks drunk man at Zoo.

[47:52] This is not English as you can tell.
Don’t look at them dude I want to visit this Zoo.

[48:13] You know a lot of people don’t realize that monkeys are way way stronger than us I can literally rip your face off yeah but by your genitalia.

[48:25] So anyway for the lizards at home where so yeah.
The boy that did not turn out well for the monkey Grabber the monkey scrapped back he also says that was it was that his leg is it says he has a broken leg to.
No that was his hand that was hanging lamp with all the blood so.
Monkeys don’t mess with them for years,
rip your face off a story about likes like the Monkees oh I can’t do it.
No one thinks they’re their Nature’s little clowns but nature Nature’s little serial killer clowns.

[49:24] So do I have any more we got to have more animals more animal things okay so yeah.

[49:34] Yeah I don’t know there’s a video UPI this website so far has the best buy ammo stores,
that’s why I’ve been getting my good animal stories lately,
capture video of an unusual Hazard a sea lion hopping down the middle of the row idea I put this one in for you Robert cuz I thought you might enjoy.

[50:01] And it’s kind of hypnotic it is flop flop flop Outlets.
That’s all there is to it but that was that was pretty awesome I got real and really I was barely new store.
She gave me work today I didn’t spend the whole day watching the same this is for the new story.
I just see a seal Bob.

[50:42] Okay so you read I’m dumbfounded Key West so the intelligence of human beings are Stouts me.
Man I can’t read it.

[50:54] A man tried to sell a duct taped live iguanas hung from his bicycle,
cop say so,
yeah I need a diagram to this point out to you that I looked at the Florida Keys keynoter is where they got the storage on no picture there.
Yes and it looks like he looks like the man who you would expect,
probably what.

[51:41] Man you probably put his one of the guanas the basket that he had it like put us over there.
Okay so I guess now we’re moving on to.

[52:00] Say okay so this is what got me into this I heard this person sawbones and so I was like what the heck is goop like the sawbones lady.
She doesn’t get very side often from what’s going on the news she got really excited over do so is that okay fine I’ll look it up.
It is nuts so Gwyneth Paltrow quit acting you remember that there was Iron Man 3 which wasn’t very good and basically after that she disappeared from Avengers movies.
Goop goop is why she gave up acting group is a they call themselves a lifestyle company,
really so if you thought home was it Homeopathy was weird.
So yeah so she was super couple things so one was a jade egg that they would it would help with menstrual cycle so you can guess where you put it.

[53:10] Water 45000 hundred $45,000 settlement you know.
I kind of wish I had this in the story cuz I will never be able to watch her on the she was in this most recent Avengers movie why you leaving.
I’ll never be able to look at her the same way I know it’s kind of ruined it didn’t so let’s I so I thought.
Peter and Robert looking at the group website what’s. Ok fine there’s a.

[53:53] There’s a I don’t even know if the kitties are in the car.
Oh my god dad put on his podcast again.
Don’t worry about your anything too crazy so yeah like I said just kind of makes Hopi opathy look.
Yeah the shape there’s the x 66 Buck they come in a very nice pouch by the way.
Moondust what you think you should be best for New Heights.

[54:26] I I don’t know earlier I saw brain dust Brandon like is it made from real friend it’s like it’s it’s it’s like voodoo voodoo dust go for dust.

[54:37] But anyway most of these and they don’t have the really weird ones who they have just want to know if you’re looking for a brand of snake oil it looks like she’s got the best snake oil.
Lovely so yeah that’s why she’s no longer doing movies people.

[54:57] Okay so why now you got to let me in on this on the show outline why is there a story here about Bazaar smuggling attempts that went wrong.

[55:09] So I was like you know what else you know what else proves that humanity is is.
Dudes wow of cops they find people after smuggling and you hear were they,
the hell,
this one is a woman she’s stuck this isn’t great for audio that’s my only problem so these are like photos like people trying it to the country legally stuff in or a smuggling animals.
Panda and regular looking eggs which I don’t know how drugs.
Oh and lymphedema wrap I never even thought about that but yeah that could work cuz they buy this got lymphedema will recognize those wraps right away.
So tiger cub in a box full of shredded newspaper.

[56:07] And then this picture is what it would look like if Homer Simpson was smuggling it appears orange juice
will they if you get them in the car out of cardboard,
it’s for towards I wonder if they opened up a skylit I think they opened up like a there’s a sunroof,
Event open that’s the only other way I can think of that could get that many answers are tons of oranges seriously like.
They come to a like border or Stateline or something and there’s like I please declare all fruit thing in Mar just like home or what are you nervous about so I can do,
I could help myself the whole trunk of the car is filled with fruit and they take off in fruit goes flying everywhere this is like that but in real life,
okay what is a couple more than will be done with it obviously post this link so that you can check all this out this is kind of fun,
oranges and I don’t even know what I’m looking at cocaine inside of a book.

[57:17] Which one would I expect you know okay so oh so these.
Supposed to look like industrial recycling Solutions,
Play the Bird this is why we can’t have nice things I’ve seen the ones where they smuggle birds like this and I always find it terrifying.
Maybe one of those people that can’t turn on Netflix.

[57:48] Another shot of the same Birds in real life,
but this happened this is somebody tried that this is spinal tap,
look like crotch padding trick,
apparently traveling through some traveling through a border that goes into some place that speak Spanish that’s what the logo on here Spanish in Spanish Border Police.
When he tried to enter Spain buff wheel wrap instant all right all right,
try to get trying to get a little wild side assault did you know about the voluntary human extinction movement,
but they’re not they’re not like humans are like wow we’re really dumb.
Patito feo familiar with the voluntary human extinction people and I have no patience for them.
How are you familiar with that one you just know I’ve read a lot of their stuff and seen shows about it and seen interviews and oh yeah.
The wall even just like on NPR you’ll get one of them wants while talking about their new book and saw like it be better if like humans is weren’t here man I’m just like.

[59:18] Okay you first that’s my person because usually when you really dig into someone that’s this all pro human extinction bulshit thing.
Turn on talking about themselves about their kids if they got kids they’re talking about starting with the poor black,
I mean really ask question I care going to you I found her Planned Parenthood that was her that was her argument is the rapper on the same,
same idea of school it’s because once your civilization approaches.
A certain level of comfort and industrialization and modernism,
your birth rates drop off naturally anyway Japan is now seeing lower birth rates no finally catching up with your phone that which is actually not good but we won’t.
No time to get into that but know these people they make no goddamn sense to me.

[1:00:24] Whatsoever well and it is it’s interesting because.
It’s only industrialized countries that have this it’s not your it’s not your developing countries which are usually the ones that you know we can blame for this stage of those cubic Oz.
Because it’s like and it’s like once you have such a quality of life and such a wealth standard that they can worry about environmentalism.
Know what I’m saying.
This group wants wants humans to pledge to stop having babies good luck with that my argument is if you really want to help you want to fight the extinction of species like this poor blue macaws from Rio.
That we we help them economic let me help build you know if they if they have a strong economy then maybe.
They won’t tell be burning so much land to build another low plataforma whatever.

[1:01:19] Yeah and the people that do this this population bullshit argument they also don’t understand that ssids growing complexity.

[1:01:28] I mean if you eliminate a chunk of population you know.
Especially if you’re if it’s becoming a higher standard of living more industrialized modern ice it with an education system.
That you know let’s say this is like a too-small a number to matter but let’s take give a thousand people and then these guys are like no let’s let’s all pledge to not have babies and so it reduces the population by 1,000 to really take a fact it would take Millions but just,
bear with me here.
Now you lose that a thousand but maybe like one and a thousand that’s born is like an Uber genius one and a thousand will be like a great neurologist,
excetera excetera you have this like Giant pool of people and especially with better nutrition and better education your chances of producing like.
All the creativity and thought and the potential of those people is lost and.

[1:02:24] That’s how we keep cheating cuz they’ve been saying this bullshit since they like 18.
Foretees they’ve been talking as it was at when Malthus or whatever it was around talking about.
The Grim economy of how the you know the poor will always be starving and there’s just no way around that’s their natural order that’s just the way of it,
no that’s bullshit you know what we made a whole bunch of people more than he said we could and we engineered that shit we enjoyed our way out of it and we just keep doing it so I’m like,
I don’t know I just tease people it’s like.

[1:03:02] They’re full scientific info into inteligencia they’re basically telling ideas from the 1840s and acting like they’re this like.
They’re great Visionaries for toting it and what their.
Basically you know advocating is genocide besides or at least Eugenics so I have no patience for that,
you know you have a better understand this I understand like this treaty Jacks movement some but you know I don’t know why I wasn’t connecting them in my brain that you are correct that is that’s the same I that’s the same underlying principle.

[1:03:36] Yeah it’s I like the same crap different day and nothing new Under the Sun man that is great wisdom.
Now you can see me right you’re right we shouldn’t but we can solve them and learns and grows and nobody will build the salt more more these bro,
I have no problem to solve seriously because it’s population globally,
already the growth is petering off and as we raise our standards of living which we’ve raised,
like I know it doesn’t feel like it cuz it didn’t happen here in the US but in the rest of the world we raced like 60% of the world’s population from 2000 to 2:20,
12 around in there we raced like 60% of the world’s population of the light most bottom here of poverty and move them up towards like a middle-class existence.

[1:04:33] That is the largest like upward movement of,
of Economic Development and opportunity in the history of mankind by far like dwarfing anything you know it’s great news that just nobody talks about is that we totally like change the world for the better.

[1:04:49] And meanwhile these people but these these idiots in order to feel special are going to clean two ideas from the 1840s,
so they can feel Superior to you that’s a great point you bring up like the big the biggest news the biggest,
Vance’s achievements as Humanity has made we don’t talk to hardly at all you’re right we made the between the so like in the 1960s and it was true or resetting of the starving kids in Africa,
and where we look at poverty is being the standard for that wasn’t route exacerbated,
by sanctions and economic conditions if the drought hadn’t happened or if governments Mitch management hadn’t happened,
that family would not have happened that wasn’t even a naturally occurring famine interesting,
we have more people there are do you know that you have their wants and needs met and then we have people that don’t we have even more people have Plumbing then don’t,
anywhere like it’s amazing some of the things that we’ve accomplished,
and you’re completely right you know I I didn’t know I get you so worked up over there sorry.

[1:06:06] Cuz you’re so dumb oh my gosh it’s it’s painful you are right in do you think never like.
Never volunteered to go first do that the universal response you first.

[1:06:21] Painful it is painful I know I did so how big do you think this is like how legitimate do you think this is not very not very.

[1:06:34] For one thing I’m pretty sure they have to be atheists and atheist themselves are like.
1% of the you know Arden and I’m not talking about just people who are just like not religious and don’t go to like an institution I’m talking about like full-on like.
Richard Dawkins like level atheist.
They’re like less than 1% of the population and then you have to go to like less than 1% population of atheists to get to.
Human involuntary Extinction today extreme the extreme extreme street like literally there’s probably,
you could fill a bus with everyone that actually truly believes this and knows what they’re talking about you know just like,
but if any kind of like intellectual debate would just whether you know.
All right well what should I think I had more silly news we can probably skip the next to the news cuz of time,
but that these are all save this for another time then cuz I had I had world the new world Guinness time not saying the right word Guinness World Records the new Guinness World Records,
which Guinness Book of World Records yes and then outside of cool story about this guy this teenager put up made a generic.
So I saw that we just posted and that makes me want to do it.

[1:08:02] It looks like me now like it looks like a generic like fast food it’s got like a person in a piece of food so yeah it looks like corporate art so I’m sure everyone you know,
it’s like do you really pay McDonald’s employees enough to wondering and go that wasn’t hanging there before yes,
that is beautiful. And they look good enough,
in the picture and the pictures are high.
Why not McDonald’s should needs to hire for their Ad Agency.
That is awesome so you should definitely go under show notes and check that that story.

[1:08:52] I don’t know what to say about it.
Seems like no one else would like so we decided this was a good idea at the walnuts he just goes to town,
so basically folks were looking at a video of an Indian man who cracks 217 walnuts with his head,
he just has a long I mean table,
like it’s a County Fair pie eating contest he’s just going down the line and smashed his head into the tables on break open walnuts.
How fast is going how old is that not oh my gosh that has to hurt.

[1:09:44] Baby games and India’s indignation not as a mistake.
Dot’s not feathers I guess it be Indiana and if it was for me yet.

[1:09:57] I think I hit my head against the wall.

[1:10:04] When you think they do with the walnuts when they’re done.

[1:10:09] I’d be super disappointed if you can’t get to take them home in a little baggie.
Look up the brain damage needs to stay in that’s him actually saying his name it was,
it’s been this way for the time he finishes that row he doesn’t remember why he started,
actress well that aerospace engineer.

[1:10:47] Wow that seems like Futurama the thing that.
Yes yes the bike bike fry trying to eat a pineapple if it’s hanging from a string with his arms tied behind his back.
Yeah so this is pretty recent to Gino The Joe Rogan podcast always like neck-and-neck for number one,
and not yeah Joe Rogan is definitely up there as one of the like all time great podcasters and,
he gets some really big interviews like what school is that they keep like hitting on like what we’re talking about like we just had an episode of a copper and War we talked about Tom DeLonge the front guy for Blink-182.
Has that to the Stars Academy or whatever that extra little that video of UFOs Declassified and stuff like that and.

[1:11:40] Yes we did a whole episode of a copter more about it be sure to check out that sister podcast anyway.
A lot of the details in that interview came from an episode of Joe Rogan where he went on there until Joe Rogan all about his research and aliens and stuff like that.
Now most recently,
are our buddy here Elon Alon you didn’t use my mini sub so I’m going to Q’s you of being a pedophile for rescuing child rapist.
What’s on Joe Rogan lighting up which I assume a recording must be California so yes it was.
Well those of you that know your.
Magic pipes are no your no your weed so I don’t know I don’t do the drugs so I have no idea,
I don’t do it either do I like the scene in The Fellowship of the Ring or Gandalf smokes pipe I enjoy that pipe weed which I hate to break it to hippies but.
Pipe weed is not weed weed.
When I take an ancient times when I drop pipe be there not hugging marijuana there to the back yet it’s really weak boring weed besides but yeah.
And we drank whiskey alness projects the heck Joe Rogan’s like this is a 500 year old sandwich.

[1:13:08] After I smoke of course right now I don’t remember,
wait what happened to his stocks tank bad after this interview to something happens,
and the stock market tanks,
immediately the next day it just pops back up for like shortly thereafter it is seems like little flashing the flashes micro flashes like that never.
Because they’re not based on the fundamental looks like most of the Masters they looked at the PNE statement they looked at like the balances and stuff like that and they based you know very boring fundamental principles so it’s like you get your day Traders.

[1:13:57] Mostly the Baseline is going to be like.

[1:14:00] It doesn’t matter cuz it doesn’t actually change the intrinsic value of a company by the way you used to be a day trader right,
are you you were in stock something I traded stock back in the day I wouldn’t say it was a day trader daily traded stocks and make money at it but I never did it like for a full on living I didn’t have enough money to play with 2,
Ted turn into a full-time job the whale yep I needed it I need more 10 bag or so if you know the the terminology but.

[1:14:31] That’s I know most nothing about stocks that’s that’s a big weakness of mine yeah.
No one else there’s no schools or anything that like teach you investing they always tell you like if you even if you even have like a personal finance class or some like that in high school.
That talks to you about like how to file your taxes and stuff like that which most schools don’t even have anything like that.
They never touch on things like smart investing like what’s the difference between stocks and bonds and what is a mutual fund what is a 401k and stuff like that.
Financial literacy is something that we call really at least the Baby Boomers,
we’re basically everyone is unprepared for the retired so easy back then because all of them went to the factory.
They got a pension cuz everything had a pension back then cuz everything was Union back then and then.
Work work work I go to the factory I put in my time and then I cash out my pension and we’re all good.

[1:15:44] Oh yeah and then and there were fewer people and you had unions and you didn’t have like.
Companies take the Pension funds and invest those in order to try and make more money by playing the stock market and then like underfunding like,
municipalities this is a whole thing we can get into underfunding their pensions at like hits every city in America where.
They promised their employees were putting in the states that did that really.
Will pay it back someday.
Kick the Can down the road man pinches okay so I’m rooting for Elon Musk by the way I know he’s crazy,
but I’m rooting for him I like it I like the crazy it’s different yeah I like that he’s doing like fun new things I just.

[1:16:43] And I can’t tell I can’t tell how much of like what we’re getting now where it’s a backlash against him cuz like his Peak cool was definitely the putting the car in orbit is that was really damn that I was,
let me be super proud and happy because I’m just like yes some space exploration the Kinect.
But I can’t tell since then if it’s like if he’s really going off the rails and if you really is kind of a jerk and a monster and all this other stuff they talk about him or if that’s just the media has turned on him,
I mean look at what the media can do to somebody and just like,
night and day like difference when they decide that they’re their friend or decide their there.

[1:17:27] I mean you look at you look at John McCain God Rest his soul.
It’s like the media just loved and loved loved loved him because he was a conservative who spoke truth too conservative power.
Yeah I went when that when I came up and the left in the media saw that as their opportunity really like well this is a way to attack the left and the right indirectly.
McCain was just being true to my cane but that was useful to the media.
But then he became like the nominee and became more of a Mainstay become more the mainstream of the Republican party will he’s Hitler,
what’s made out of made out of Orphan skulls and all sorts of crazy crap crap and then.

[1:18:17] And then when he started fighting with Trump,
all the sudden he is back in the spotlight and I will stand by what I said,
John McCain is an American hero and did amazing things and was a good man and deserve to be honored more in and stuff like that.
But the whole like.
It’s so gross and transparent to see the reporter that literally a decade ago was like John McCain is the greatest threat to American democracy during their,
John McCain was the last great hope of the month and I realize it’s the game don’t hate the player hate the game but still I do hate the game yeah.

[1:18:58] So anyway do you watch the Marvel Netflix shows,
oh yes my brother is way into them I’m still need to finish off the season of Luke Cage.

[1:19:21] The second season of Jessica Jones and I have not seen the second season of Luke Cage I just haven’t had sex in Jessica Jones not good,
yeah it was me I was told that David 10 on it so basically I watch entire season of David Tennant’s we had like a 30 sided cash but I assume Nation okay which she never had after that
I assumed that’s what it was because I didn’t make a bigger deal out of fact that you would be there,
they just had that sound clip of him being low,
Dee Dee Davis,
trailers for this is the second season of Iron Fist,
did I look it up on your own and you can look at the the Lakes but they don’t translate welder radio here but.

[1:20:24] We’re just taking a quick peek at some of the first images from do you like Captain Mark do you know any of the Captain Marvel staff,
hardly anything about Captain I okay so her comments okay so some of that,
go back she don’t know she’s kind of like a Superman that shoots lasers from her fist in the Marvel Universe she’s like.

[1:20:52] Probably about as close as they get to like having a Superman yeah she feels that real nice that I like her because when she’s had a prickly she’s like Captain America she’s Pro us,
she works the military of course you can see how certain comic book authors would take that a different way.
That is a very young Samuel Jackson still look at so this is kind of cool the CGI the people that do CGI for.

[1:21:20] Did Marvel movies,
did they earn their keep the movie came out in like 2010 kind of looked a little bit off and it’s come so far to be able the DEA Define of Samuel Jackson you the picture of it yeah wow.
That’s pretty slick they keep they keep getting better and better to the point that eventually they’re not going to need like the specific actor to get the look they want and I mean,
yeah so yeah basically Captain Marvel her backstory in the comics is that there was another guy called Captain Marvel
he was an alien he gave her a blood transfusion and I am I mistaken or is that wrong.
Ronin is a creepy yes yeah and the decree are the sworn enemy of the swirls the career basically humans but they’re blue okay,
Candace Crowe like so many alien races versus the scroll who are shape-changing Green people that can look like goblins.

[1:22:24] They’re the ones we saw at the beach shot here I don’t think they’re going to do the blood transfusion to look at it right here,
scroll scroll scroll.
Yeah so I think they’re going to skip blood transfusion there’s some things like she doesn’t know her origin so I think they’re going to go she’s half,
half of 3/2 unit think that’s what they’re going to do,
I don’t know blood transfusion. That’s not very hip or believable.
Of like people flying around with with both with robots aliens and magical powers that’s where I draw the wheelers in this but it’s like Spider-Man shows up in.

[1:23:20] What’s going on mr. Stark aliens from stealing an ambulance from a wizard.
I’m excited for this movie but I don’t know how it will be I hope it still takes place in the 90s.
I don’t know if we can hardly talk about the next Avengers movie yeah.
We do know that was her logo on that Bieber at the end of infinity War Samuel Jackson I always care this would be apparently,
aliens attack.
What about when you had like the killer robot aliens.
Avengers movies that would have merited maybe you could call us now seriously.
Also know James got his Bat James Scott is still not off but I hope this hope or this is bad there isn’t they stop filming they stop production on Guardians 3.
Galaxy S3 is indefinitely postponed it might be dead from what I’ve heard and then what sucks though is that I’m so little going off it’s going to affect.

[1:24:45] Are they were saying anyway that he was involved with the next Avengers movie The Condemned.
It was him and then the guy that wrote Thor Ragnarok they were the ones that they’re basically wrote I don’t have anymore great.
Yeah well and I told you James Gunn he was a tweet it was long ago he since apologized Disney knew all about this when they hired him for the first.

[1:25:15] It’s ridiculous the whole staff the whole cast came out in support of.

[1:25:27] Big muscle guy even though you are so ugly.

[1:25:44] How long have you been sitting here like I’ve learned to move invisible.
That’s not true do during the Galaxy 2 is crazy good it was good one was good but two is even better might and I was looking for the third Okay so,
Star Wars so there’s no longer be a solo series I caught that yeah I didn’t quite know they were applying for social if you seen the movie you’re like oh yeah this is setting up for a trilogy,
that’s sad but they do have a book that came out I hear the book is really good.
So we’re at the hour and a half mark all rights so here’s I apologize for running.

[1:26:28] So what’s with big finish we could mention big finish but we don’t have time let’s do this,
I didn’t know you were talking about the company big finish I thought that you were literally talking about how big finished with my hat and I,
Vegas dancing girls couldn’t go,
the last year was kind of cool so it doesn’t get better the end times maybe coming Okay so.

[1:27:04] This is a bit a bit but okay so enjoy tradition they believe,
that the Temple Mount is going to be rebuilt and I’ll be at Temple there one day currently there’s Dome of the Rock so that would be an issue but one of the things they need for it would be a red heifer to sacrifice his talks about the Old Testament one of the things they would do is sacrifice and unblemished.
Red heifer.
And the for the longest time they are trying to get these things to have them in the 90s.
They got one going and now they haven’t heard of them.
Oh goody so then X is coming but here’s how we’re ending it.

[1:27:53] Edition CNN World ago yeah there’s a lot of talk about this what the heck yeah this is back this is so.
Oh wow you went and got the archive 1997 yes I did when Melody CNN Interactive.
You have to use the Wayback machine.
Look at this thing I love this this is the best way to ensure just to click on this link and see the old like 1800s version of the CNN,
web page holy cow locations scroll down a little bit sorry he could get the paragraph on right now.
Okay see you then waited take something kind of nice and make it make it.
Because OD are theirs I love this okay so because of that the number of influential the talking about the cow me Mark because of that number of influential Israeli politician,
a journalist and what does politician suggested the potential harm that Melody represents is perhaps even more serious that the risk of terrorist bombs remember this is a cow,
they propose to have her be destroyed are you kidding me however destruction might not be necessary because any Planet reflecting on the cow might be enough to run your mouth,
so intense is the debate over Melody this is also talk of trying to attempt to create a which they have now.

[1:29:19] Wow this is the best the local Rabbi shamaria Shore had to quash that you that Melody might be the Messiah pointing out the Messiah.
No not be at account.

[1:29:36] You can’t make this stuff up oh man good night everybody thank you for staying with us I know it ran long but I appreciate you taking the time thank you for joining us everyone as always you can find a set.
The Sioux Empire, that’s got happy warrior in all of our fantastic podcast in the podcast family let’s see also like to thank live 605 for carrying happy warrior you guys are awesome stuff.
I believe it’s every Sunday afternoon you can catch an episode of of happy warrior on there and yeah thank you for listening and we’ll see you next time.

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