Happy Warrior Mini Ep 019 Kristi Noem vs. Billie Sutton Debate One

You should know upfront that I’ve still not publicly endorsed either of the candidates. You should be aware that I have a family member working for Sutton and other family members that support Noem. So, you know that my biases don’t lean a certain way and that I have social baggage coming from both sides. Yes, I do support one of the candidates and have let their campaign know it in private. This disclaimer is here, so you know that my analysis here isn’t personal. This time I’m wearing my journalist hat. Keeping that all in mind here is the short of it:
Sutton got his butt kicked at the debate tonight.
What do I mean he lost the debate? Merely this: Noem was playing big league (not to mention mean-spirited) politics while Sutton barely managed something to be seen at the collegiate level. Sutton would allow answer opportunities to go past him by just saying generalities and how nice South Dakotans are. Noem, on the other hand, didn’t miss the chance to use these opportunities to attack Sutton with specific policy proposals and constant leftist association innuendo. To these claims, Sutton would barely say a “that isn’t true” and “look at my record” while barely leveling his accusation towards Noem’s way. Mercy that Noem never showed Sutton.
Noem went straight for the political jugular and reinforced her campaign’s latest marketing plan: forcefully pushing out again and again associations Sutton had with Bernie Sanders, the Affordable Health Care plan, and a proposed state income tax. I lost count how many times Bernie Sanders got name dropped by candidate Noem before the 1-hour debate was through.
Are these insinuations and attacks by Noem towards Sutton indeed reality? Not exactly, but at this debate, it doesn’t matter. Unless the folks at home are reading the newspapers tomorrow and are open to tribe switching; tonight, makes little difference to either side. People who like politics watch debates, not independent voters. With one caveat; South Dakotans are mostly conservative, and they want to hear why they should or shouldn’t stick with Noem and the GOP. It was Sutton’s job to make them believe that he was one of them and could be trusted, unlike any other democrat. On this mission, Sutton didn’t do an adequate job to convince them of this; while Noem managed to label him practically a New Deal socialist.
Both teams could have used a win at the debate in what has become a bitter race for the South Dakota Governorship. A race that is now surprisingly competitive considering there hasn’t been a Democrat in the Governor’s Mansion since 1978. Billie Sutton is being featured in news stories at most major television news networks and covered in magazines such as Newsweek. All this attention from the national press is because that not only does Sutton represent the Democratic party but also a long-time missing centrist political ideology.
Team Sutton needed a win tonight, and I feel bad for them. Billie Sutton with his inspirational backstory and centrist politics is the best candidate the democratic party could have chosen in explicitly electoral terms. They deserve real props for arranging this. Moreover, who knows? We still have two more to go through with before this election is done. Hopefully, before the end, Sutton will have some fire of his own to wield, and Noem will stop making lazy claims of sin by association.

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