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Produced by Robert Mehling
Voice Over by Dave Holly
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Segment1: Kanye is Right! And Kanye is a true hero










Go to Verse 2 of the song Reagan




Kanye West on Mental Health



NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. Its Not True, Its Not True!


Dogs get sad


Japan might kill off its arcades



Live Action Megaman, and Sonic movie coming our way


Segment2: Be happy and Open to differing views, avoid the race to the bottom


Must Watch Rubin Report and Stossel Talk about changing views

I’m a classical Liberal too! Stop every 30 seconds and discuss what they are talking about.



Divide worse than ever,




2nd Link is Audio, Amazing guy to try to bring people together.



Freaking Signs




FanBingBing is spared after a payout and much groveling




Star Wars is being blamed on Russian Trolls…..sound familiar





Lie Detector Tests are a dishonest Trap





Higher rate of infections in U.S.



Libya Historic sites in great danger of destruction



Bonus, the history of bunk tests for courts.



Must Read Stossel Essay on Mental Health poverty due to the government





Mark Whalberg versus Ryan Reynolds Workout.



Clapping is so hard man!



Peoples Republic of Berkley



Trio wins Chemistry for Nobel Prize



Must read Journalists!!!!


Machine Transcript
[0:24] The lips the teeth the tip of thumb hey welcome this is once again the happy warrior a podcast here with your host Peter the v v.
V for victory Pischke Icewear I wasn’t going to talk about my stuff anymore I was going to say Cavanaugh Cavanaugh no.
Dimaio’s got me in tights and twists I’m just going to just barely touch about the cab nonstop and then move on cuz this is a podcast about bringing sides together,
with the principles of the reason and Enlightenment not pulling us apart but I just I had to say something some of you may have heard this.

[1:04] Right I had one beer well.

[1:10] How did you get home I don’t remember how you get there. Remember where is the place I don’t remember how many years ago was.

[1:16] Music.

[1:26] Downstairs where was I don’t know but I had one beer.

[1:37] And a man’s life is in tatters a man’s life is shadow.

[1:43] I was not going to talk about cabinet at all today guys honest it wasn’t I was to let it go I know Robert my kind producer kindest man in the world one of the very kind of people I’ve ever known.
That’s why I won the reason that I feel that God put us together that I feel like piece the perfect person that can handle my my.
Nuances very much glass Cannon sometimes you know I can give it but I don’t take it as well I was not going to talk about that I read this amazing,
peace also in the new our Times by.
Bret Stephens Bret Stephens is what would be described as conservative columnist by someone if you’re CNN or if you’re the New York Times Bret Stephens is,
a mild conservative I would say that Brett Steven shares of used the majority of the living and breathing Americans.
Have right now I bet that he and my friend Robert who is a little more that direction would have it very very much in common so Bret Stephens I feel speaks for us all all of us,
call ourselves conservatives or Americans and believe in the due process of law so I’m just going to read some of this essay.
Bret Stephens you should know is not a trump fan Bret Stephens hates Trump Bret Stephens it says President Trump is a pedophile and he would not vote for him.

[3:05] This is as recently as July they had to call and putting down President Trump so he is one of the people that wears the tag never Trumper.

[3:15] Probably there very few people actually do the GOP is one of them,
and I’m not a big Trump and I didn’t vote for him I support the president when he sticks to principles that I believe in when he holds the Constitution and the principles of free trade and small government principles the enlightenment.
Adam Smith Voltaire John Locke that kind of thing when he isn’t when he’s away from it I put them down I’d like to think that I’m very reasonable I try to be reasonable.
I hope I can be a reasonable person if you’re listening I hope you’re a reasonable person that thank you for taking the time to list special if you disagree.
So I hear we got from the Bret Stephens article for the first time since Donald Trump enter the political Fray I find myself grateful that he’s in it.
I’m reluctant 10-minute and astonished to say it especially since the president mocks Christie and blasi for in his ugly and gratuitous way at a rally on Tuesday perhaps is worthy unpacking this admission for those who might be equally astounded to read it.

[4:15] Okay so he said he’s not exactly happy with what Trump said or how he said it.
But get this I am grateful because Trump has not booked down on the face of the slipperiness hypocrisy and dangerous standard-setting deployed by opponents of Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court.
I’m grateful because ferocious and even crass obstinacy has its uses in life and never more so than the face of slide moral bullying.

[4:41] I am grateful because he’s a big fat Hammer fending off a razor sharp dagger.

[4:49] And that my friends is all I have got to say about the cabinet on situation and President Trump.
So what do these two things have together what does the audio of Donald Trump speaking and Bret Stephens article in essay about
Donald Trump and the Cavanaugh situation well they show that there are two sides to our country right now we are so divided as a nation I have a study that came out
just this last week that shows how big this division is the country.

[5:21] Here’s President Trump and they might not even hear the audio cuz obvious,
they often go without showing the audio or use only very small slimpar that they think wow he was mocking sexual assault victim sexual assault survivors
he’s being selfish and brutish and unkind and the other side of the country we see is Donald Trump so ugly
is defending our beliefs in the right of due process and we feel that if it was our brother our son or father Uncle our friend.
Awesome toys even a woman that and now I guess your sexual assault is devastating Brett Stevens Point near that asks allegation of sexual assault.
Is evil and it is comprable in some ways to sexual assault affects your family life affects your ability to think of EX your.
Self image that affects your jobs affects your reputation and allegation of sexual assault can stick with you forever.
I mean we’re still this whole cabinet thing we talked about Clarence Thomas a thousand times I know a lot of people,
Maya to know the name of need help but they don’t really know any of the details the actual allegations that was a dirty joke and a can of soda pop.

[6:37] I’ll bet that’s why Americans like me people who want to stick the due process and reason,
and hopefully that stays true even if it say it was President Obama and it was a supreme court justices hopefully it I’d like to say that I would stand by my beliefs in due process and the rights of every,
individual citizen who knows who knows this is the happy warrior podcast thank you so much for listening,
we’re going to move away now from Cavanaugh I want to talk to you about some more important things today.

[7:08] Dreadful important so important in fact I’m even to put them in priority of imports plus then I’ll go have some fun news master in Chinese actress came out of the woodwork and still breathing to everyone’s shock.
I’m going to talk a little bit about intersectionality and Nazis and a guy that broke out a French prison using dynamite in a helicopter and what else am I going to read news news and that’s important,
that’s probably more important the cabinet hearings that none of us is heard of from the last month we have heard nothing but Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh Kavanagh
well for once let’s try some news that’s a little bit different up first number one is Kanye West.
If I don’t go out there with that hat on.

[8:06] Replace.

[8:17] Put my Superman cape on to this means you can’t tell me what to do.

[8:24] That’s how our program.

[8:36] Thank God for giving me a platform I know some of y’all don’t know 3 but y’all be going at that man neck a lot and I don’t think it’s actually that helpful.

[8:46] 90% of news are liberal.

[8:55] 90% of 20.
La New York Ryders rappers musicians easy to make it seem like it’s so so so one side.

[9:17] Well there you have it that’s the audio of Kanye West at this Saturday Night Live he was just he did a couple weird so I can see this one segment where he played a bottle of champagne or what I don’t know what I want to do the bottle in something.
Wacky you know my first episode of the happy warrior podcast started talking about.
It started with Kanye West so Kanye West and I we go back.
We have we have a virtual relationship and so here we are again with the Kanye,
back in the day I think there was something about Kanye West and 50 Cent having this big fight I never really cared
so imma be imma give me one of those honest Hypocrites and saying I’m only interested in Kanye West because you started to talk about politics and some of his politics makes sense.
He actually his little diet right there made more sense than he usually does but I will try to piece apart what Kanye West is trying to say.
So Kanye West is heavily involved with him and his wife on the issue of prison reform they have been working with the Trump White House and have visited Trump.
Personally a number of times now I have been trying to work on getting prison reform,
done so Kanye West actually has tried to do real work real work that I think most leftist would be in agreement of.
I hope there people on the right I know I’m not into all the prisoner for my ideas but I think generally.

[10:44] He is making a good deal of sense so what are we talking about well Kanye West is big on the issue the 13th Amendment he came out the 13th Amendment okay okay I’ll just I’ll just read that Tweety says.
This represents a good and America becoming whole again we will no longer outsourced to other countries we will build factories here in America and create jobs.
We will provide jobs for all those who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th Amendment oh and I should add he also says message sent with love.
We can probably both guess how well the news media and celebrities took that 13 that many of a promise 13th Amendment and then everyone that media and the celebrities,
they go to Google Google what is the 13th Amendment for us people that don’t remember anything from our US history or civics class 12th 13th Amendment says,
neither slavery nor involuntary servitude except as punishment for Crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted,
exist within the United States or any place subject to their daughters to their jurisdiction.

[11:52] Well as you can guess this the seams on the face of it if you don’t know much about the history 13th Amendment for how it is been used in the courts and legal systems that we have in United States you would say what Kanye West is for slavery
Kanye West want slavery Kanye West is black how could you hate the 13th Amendment and that is about as deep as most have gone
as in like a puddle like they’re deep as a puddle they have no recollection of the context of what he’s talking up and actually it Kanye West isn’t alone and watching the repeal of 30 the man it’s actually,
one of the top amendments you can find fighter sport on the left and right that they were going to repeal Amendment for the Constitution this comes right up there that end with.
The 16th Amendment the 16th Amendment of course which allows the income tax yeah yeah.
Yeah I’m not a big fan of that one back to the 13th Amendment which I think it’s impossible to get rid of it by the way I don’t think we’re ever getting rid of the 13th Amendment.

[12:56] And in mr. West’s defense he actually later clarified that does want to get rid of all the 13th Amendment you just wants to get rid of the 13th Amendment that at says this as punishment.
For Crime where the party shop been duly convicted he he basically also for the rights that this amendment allows slavery in disguise,
Kanye West is 100000 X percent correct 100000 X 100000 X percent correct he is he’s completely right.
After the Civil War was done many states use a Semana to allow slavery in Disguise which coating mr. West again after the Civil War on the South Forest black convicts
to work on convict leasing programs and they would work basically unpaid and they would work for private companies,
now wait private companies.

[13:54] That Force black people to work without pay against their will that sounds familiar.
Yeah and sadly including the state of South Dakota there are many states in the United States that pay prisoners very little or absolutely nothing in the case of States like Arkansas and Georgia,
now Kanye West I am a complete agreement with him that this is a problem you know when I was younger I thought all that’s great,
why inmates work they are the game work ethic at the same time
you know the state benefits people to work on in a public building schools help dig ditches that kind of thing that’s when my vuse when I was younger.
Now I’ve turned that around because it isn’t it stealing to work and not be paid isn’t it slavery to work before Stu work and not be paid yes work ethic is good but work ethic only works when you have that reward at the end of the day,
you have to have a reason for working.
A lot of these people have families outside of the prison system that you know if they could use that extra income now I can see all kinds of problems if we just started to pay all our prisoners you know minimum wage saving like five bucks an hour I mean I don’t.
If we did pay our prisoners it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

[15:09] Eddie really really expensive to do it but it’s a pretty big issue that’s worth talking about it so that’s why,
he is using his power of celebrity to help the masses the decisions ignited States try to gain understanding of a complex issue put white on a dark spot that you would like to look at.
Because the rich the powerful and the politically connected are always the ones to benefit from this free slave labor so ladies and gentlemen have to explain the issue to you what do you think is Kanye West right.
Is Kanye West wrong is Kanye West as crazy as some people would like to say he is
where is Kanye West baby one of the smartest celebrities out there and in mr. West’s defense once again this isn’t new for him actually Kanye’s known about this issue for,
a while now, is not a friend of Reaganomics he’s not a friend of President Reagan he does not like the man or his policies.

[16:06] He has this verse in his song Ronald Reagan I had to look this up I have not listened to the song and I can’t share the song here because of fair use issues I’m going to use news Clips but I use popular,
popular top 40 songs. That’s a new anyhow he says I’ll just read the lyrics he says.
They would beat us up if we had diamonds on our watches and they would take our drugs and money as they pick our pockets I guess that’s the privilege of policing for some profit but thanks to Reaganomics prison turned a profit,
I like the Ryman cuz Free Labor is the Cornerstone of us economics economics.
Cuz slavery was abolished unless you are in prison you think I am PMSing then read the 13th Amendment involuntary servitude and slavery it prohibits.

[16:55] That’s why they given drug offenders time in double digits
thank you thank you thank you no no no seriously thank you I’m to Humble thank you and one more thing I want to say about Kanye,
I have chronic pancreatitis I have a chronic pain patient I deal with severe intractable chronic pain,
multiple times sometimes all the whole day and night long so it a different way Kanye West is a hero to those of us who are disabled because Kanye West is one of the few people out there that’s willing to come out in public
being a star like he has about being diagnosed with a mental condition he says he has bipolar disorder.

[17:37] Here’s what he said this summer he said I’m so blessed and so privileged because I think about people that mental issues that are not Kanye West they can’t go and make that album and make you feel like it’s all good.
I’ve never been diagnosed and I was like 39 years old.

[17:56] I have this article here it says from billboard says West revealed Carter find a mint diagnosed with a mental condition here’s the quote I see freaking everywhere online it’s not a disability it’s a super power.
And I see this all the time on the chronic pain Advocates on the chronic pain Reddit I’m free I’m a frequent reader of chronic pain Reddit.
Car that that phrase It’s not a disability it’s a super par so way to go Kanye West I just listed a bunch of good things about Kanye West today so call me Kanye West is a thinker at least on the issue of the 13th Amendment.
Kanye West is a hot wife everyone knows that and he also is open about his disabilities so it way to go Kanye.
Yes I know I’m a 4.0 all this out because of it was a sports celebrity or a different musician and they were like
so I get I’m a bit of a hypocrite but I had to point out someone’s got to stand up for mr. Kanye West right right.

[19:01] Well let’s move on for mr. Kanye West and moved some more important things news came out today Avengers for Chris Evans ends filming with the emotional look back at playing Captain America.
Chris Evans is no longer going to play Captain America Avengers Infinity War part 2.
That’s going to be the last Captain America movie with Captain America in it sadly that me and that makes me so sad I love Chris Evans Captain America in the Marvel series.

[19:34] And in the Marvel movie series is my favorite I think Chris Evans does a standout job I will kind of always love Captain America but when they brought Captain America the big screen they portrayed him really well my favorite movie in the Marvel movies is Winter Soldier
Captain America Winter Soldier.
Really really good movie it’s it’s the best it’s the best of the Marvel movies I think the way it was crazy and produced at least for the the serious ones if you want a serious Marvel movie that
how do you make a serious case and wants to act as serious Cinema that’s the movie now if it’s for funny I might go Guardians of the Galaxy part 2,
maybe Thor Ragnarok in town.
Really really good stuff I’m so sad that he’s going to leave now what’s going to happen after that I think what they’re probably going to do is they’re going to make you their Winter Soldier.

[20:24] Weather going to make
Falcon is that his name yeah it’s Falcon whatever into the new Captain America comics both of them have taken a turn at being Captain America with the Winter Soldier
Captain America that line Bucky as Captain America really well-loved it’s it’s portrayed as one of the favorites of the fans,
time is Falcon not so much because he see and when they went Falcon they got really political and that just does not play well with the Captain America crown I know they keep trying to do it.
But it fails every time because that’s not what people are looking for when they want to when they recap America they want to a superhero
it stands for American principles in his van and in the stands from rally and defends his friends and in not just on the battlefield but with his word.

[21:10] How can touch you feeling you go it makes me sad it really makes me sad but you know what else makes me sad,
hey what are you doing I get the new study shows dogs may become more anxious.
And possibly even suffer from doggie depression due to our overuse of smartphone.
I want to come to the dog park people just don’t pay attention in General on the new Norm seems to be paying attention to.

[21:37] Forgetting about find out you very much is like hey I’m here or he tries to act out come on.
Yeah sorry if that was a little bit rough transition I’m trying to use multi-tracks my build these things but that’s kind of sad I got to study depressed when orders over use their smartphones.
Just so the story basically as the UK group did a study,
and they give a dog so I tried using with a cat’s and they wanted to see how the cell phones affected how the animals behave they did it with cats cats did not care one bit.
And whatever man whatever I don’t care. That’s pretty much sums up a cat eat you.
Now but the way they did that dogs the dogs got depressed because dogs breed
now if the base of the way they thought this works as dogs read facial language and so when a dog is looking for you at you for attention once they look at your face you got the blahs a look
Brooke Hyland.

[22:48] Intelligence going on thinking sad
dog so it’s that dogs get depressed I read the story I like Monday or Tuesday and it’s bothered me that this whole week I’ve been like what do you want to do your extra eats
I try not to say it she’s sitting right
right next to me as a record this I don’t want Admiral snuggle baby like what are the other thing I can’t say is the walk word that’s another when I say that’s too late she expects it.
Spoil my dog rotten,
look at my screens you know I only recently got smartphone of had tablets and computers what’s up I am really ever have a smartphone so I’ll just like a year ago within this last year.

[23:42] And I’m surprised you know if I’m going someplace if I’m if I’m in the car while someone else is driving if I’m just kind of walking I feel like I got time to kill a look at it
but it does to you out with what’s going on around you so I don’t know I like the convenience of it I like the cool taking you some of it and being able to read news and communicate where I go I neither had I mean I hate to make my dog sad.
Don’t wants to make Firehouse at you know what else makes me sad what this is kind of a just a sad round up man everything that makes Peter sad go.
Jack the Japanese government wants to tax hike this is a perfect illustration about how taxes kill
all businesses and not just any business but businesses we love and your sub that makes a culture unique there often ones that don’t make a lot of money doing it that’s what’s happening in Japan so Japan has arthritis arcade industry where it’s dyed
elsewhere in the world clean United States Canada oh they’re very few places where kids can live specially like with new machines.
Okay Japan is we will sit up machines.

[24:45] What is it 44,000 arcades they were they were 44,000 arcades in Japan in the mid-80s.
But as of 2014 there’s now 5772 arcades are licensed.

[24:58] So I mean yeah even at 5772 that’s still a lot even if it isn’t 44,000 but I mean that’s still something that’s there what your plan was to do a tax hike.
And the reason why this will kill is because when they go to Arcade they expect to put in a hundred Yen coin so think of it we have a quarter is much more than Corey it’s more like $0.44 something like that.

[25:21] But you put in the corner to corner convenient it’s whatever once used to it’s what the culture says you use use card as well in Japan to use a hundred Yen coin well they want a tax hike and course that means that you can’t just use this one coin.
You can’t do you have a job tax hike when will you know but also up hurt these businesses because they don’t thrive,
they don’t make a lot of money doing okay they’re just barely you know keeping above water and if this comes through this will just you know
that’s a nuclear bomb on top of these Japanese arcades and you ask any a gamer or anime guy that goes to Japan what are the things they want to do when they visit they want to visit one of the famous Japanese arcades because there are a hoot.
A lot of fun I’m jealous or just one Dragon Ball Z card game,
looks so cool I only in Japan you know I don’t want us to kill off these arcade games so why are you doing this to pan why you need them you might need to take the Monies.

[26:21] Sad,
you know what else makes me sad this is should be sad Warrior not happy warrior else makes me sad there’s going to be a Hollywood Live Action they can head movie and Hollywood Live Action Sonic movie now I can guarantee you that they will both be awful now they just announce the
live action Mega Man movie.
But that that I was already was announced Sonic the Hedgehog movie no sorry catch up movies going to come out in 2019 it’s going to start James Marsden it’s going to be awful
well I’m Capcom there like all man we can’t let siga get all that good
terrible video game movie money we need to get in on that action so they can convince some poor a-lister to you know spend a hundred something million,
probably will never make that back or if they do it’s just still doesn’t justify make it such a terrible terrible movie I very little hope for these things.
You really are going to be bad but oh well what it’s only for the kiddos right there made for the kiddos so that there are one off during Christmas or Thanksgiving and that there they’ve had it may be a little bit on the side merchandising.
Whatever it’s like the Mars give me like the Mario Brothers movie or the Prince of Persia movie all over again.
One neither of which I did very well in the box office but at least the Prince of Persia movie was okay.

[27:37] Actually looking back the Mario Brothers was kind of awesome it’s so wacky and weird we need to cover the Super Mario Brothers movie sometime on the happy warrior podcast right not this one I should share it with why am I
sister podcast that Robert mailing produces.
I think Zack I think the dress code let’s see if we can get the dress code do that be cool and yeah be sure to check out any of those other podcast.

[28:01] Okay so let’s go back to Reelsville let’s go back to stuff that actually matters you know entertainment is so much more fun to cover but no let’s go to stuff that actually matters.
So you know those YouTube videos that like to.
I go over a different video and they like to take breaks every 10 to 15 30 seconds and it interjected and quickly go back to the video yeah we’re going to try that here,
I’m so if it doesn’t work out sorry I’m trying to experiment I want to make this thing better I want to grow it want to get a little bit of sunshine little water.
Cool fresh breeze so let’s try this out okay the video we’re going to do.
It’s called Stossel leaving the leftist by John Stossel he is the reason I am have a master’s in journalism he is the one that wanted me to made me want to go into journalism,
John Stossel is awesome and one day we’ll talk about him he did this cool video just talking to Dave Rubin Dave Rubin is traditionally he was a lefty
this is kind of about that he was on The Young Turks he’s interviewed political scientist from both the left and the right he’s one of the few honest
I could say honest broker someone that really it does have intellectual integrity and tries to live those principles of the Enlightenment I so often like to wax full of sophical about,
have a question.

[29:22] Music.

[29:27] These protesters don’t want this man to speak the speaker is Dave Rubin.

[29:34] Hello Internet my name is Dave Rubin I am the newest host here on The Young Turks he was once a leftist I obviously I’m for ObamaCare you and I both started on the lip,
yeah why did you say.

[29:49] How I woke up yeah so Dave Rubin and John Stossel I they showed us a clip right here at the beginning because this is audio podcast of these people these protesters at meetings that Dave Rubin speaks at.
And it’s ironic because Dave Rubin until Joe,
what was it Target left is in fact too many things he still is abortion gay marriage so you can back,
key and John Stossel are both what we call classical liberals that’s what I am I’m a classical liberal maybe libertarian I think I differ on some of the social issues than Dave Robin and John Stossel besides that.

[30:26] We’re we’re soulmates their my spirit animals were in tune with the the flow in the energies in the natures and it masculinity a little bit.
Are there but yeah that ended this funny did you look at the Dave Rubin because actually,
he was in their Camp till just a little bit ago okay let’s go back to the video willing.
To shoot if the perpetrator is black what’s your data and white and true basis for saying that 70% of the homicides are black on black
shooting unarmed black people is apparel to black people is BS
it’s right lyric Builders smacked him with a bunch of faxes like young Dave Rubin.
I don’t know what to say just.

[31:28] Back over fact over fact about how systemic racism doesn’t exist not that racism doesn’t exist.
Amor he questioned his former beliefs.
I realize that not everyone that these people disagreed with could be a racist and a bigot and a homophobe and a sexist and that was the argument that was constantly being laid out
if there was a republican that gave a speech and said we should lower taxes their answer was he’s racist now that actually make no sense.

[31:58] That is awesome you know and I don’t I’m not a big
Dave Rubin listener but my have family members that are and they say the best things about him to say while I just grew a day bro been but he does really good interviews Dave Rubin
blazing channel is something what we call in an honest intellectual and honest intellectual that is what I try to be that’s what Americans traditionally should have try.

[32:22] Tried to have been a little honesty to actually someone that has real principles that they live their life by and that they believe in,
but they allow facts male to change their mind underlying bedrock doesn’t changed you know about truth justice the American way
but instead of The Facts of the you should be able to learn you should go to grow
your mind should change as you look gay new information that’s what Dave Rubin did Dave Rubin would interview people on the left and the right in the more he did the more he learned that he was honest with himself and that’s what you know you watch Dave Rubin interview special even Nino
not even just a reason once you go yours back and they’re fantastic because he is really willing to debate is really willing to question he’s really willing to look into it you you feel
when he gives the interviews that he is in the process of being honest learner.
That is just that’s awesome that is the best kudos to Dave Rubin for doing that,
RT Podcast he tried to interview people from the left and the right.

[33:28] Should government subsidize gay marriage and straight marriage by the way
willing to debate for all the difference is that we might have I’m pro-choice most of them are pro-life you know I’m against the death penalty most of them are for the death penalty.
Are all willing to sit down and discuss ideas,
when I went from left the libertarian the right was willing to argue if you believe in the individual then you fundamentally understand that individuals are different so you are willing to sit down with someone different than you.
Now so if you were going to hate that my listeners that are from the left side of the street are going to hate this but,
there is an honest truth that you guys need to be facing is that people on the right are more willing to discuss heart issues because I think
for whatever reason I think we’re more used to it I think the ideologies we have about Freedom Enlightenment they exist on the old Voltaire saying I disagree with what you say but I’ll defend my life for you the right to say it,
to work.
I mean some of us will become uncomfortable and it happens no one’s perfect and there are people on both sides there are dishonest but I think they’re more honest stalkers,
they’re willing to put away benefits aside and have an honest discussion and I love that that’s why the intellectual dark web is made up of so very many people from the right.

[34:50] Side street it’s why that many people that enter the intellectual dark web Christina Hoff Sommers who is an equitable feminist
yeah you know she used to be a leftist or centrally or should we actually was more like the left left her that the Democrats left her you know they get Preston to sometimes being put it as their people on the right because they talk,
the other people
on the right thing is the people on the right of the only ones willing to talk to Christina Hoff Sommers okay the leftist just shot her down. This video opened with those Women shouting Dave Rubin down you know
those women probably don’t know this but Dave Rubin holds at least half their views I mean their allies on probably as many views is he as they opposing want it but they don’t know that because they’re not willing to debate you can’t have intellectual honesty
out without honest debate,
and in so if you’re on the left and this goes to people on the right any political any site on the political Spectrum if you want to learn if you want to be a good learner and honest learner a member,
all the intellectual Elite
the real ones the ones that matter the ones that will stand even the test of time you know they have their names written have him because they stood with what they believe and they were honest and they were intellectual about their honesty
their honesty about their intellectual man that Kanye West is really rubbing off on me I am losing the way to speak but I hope you understand my Kanye West ism’s there right,

[36:15] Okay good alright let’s move on.
I didn’t know what was going to happen but I started doing more of these long for me to music people kept watching and then suddenly I realize whoa there’s a lot of people that are thinking the things that I’m thinking not just me by the way that Joe Rogan and there’s others.

[36:37] We’re allowing people to go alright that’s really listen to some.
Let’s really unpacking idea you don’t learn anything when you watch CNN you will actually be Dumber.
But having watched yeah she’s Louise sometimes these interviews with Dave Rubin others can be 3 or 4 hours
that’s crazy I said the great pointy makes there is you watch seeing and you get nothing from it
you watch CNN you can fax you just a little bit Dumber Amen brother and he totally got it you know you can watch tape television news
for the news part but even on Fox MSNBC and CNN there’s less
frequent there’s less and less frequent ever actual news content and more and more pandering opinion and arguing
and that’s what turns people off I think that’s a detrimental thing that are journalists move to
cheaper news which is Talking Heads that it’s amazing there is actual seat here’s that thing you think three-hour interview snores go watch that.
But he’s actually crazy successful I just talked with Robert melling a couple episodes back about Elon Musk with the Joe Rogan Elon Musk interview was 3 hours.
The moment the katana in the marijuana.
Whatever whatever else they were doing I don’t know it’s it’s crazy but it is true people have a content to be intellectual see it’s not just the intellectual honesty is something to be good.

[38:05] Many many people want to be honest it’s electrical.

[38:09] Okay sometimes we think that because we are on the right issues that that we don’t see a mirror view of our our decency and her honesty and our
hope for academic integrity,
let me don’t see on TV we just don’t think it exists or like well no one cares anymore no one gives a dick that’s not true the reason why the intellectual dark web goddess name is because it poses a threat traditional media hats
because people pay attention to it
people actually care about it they’re getting views this is why Google is so a worry about it wants to go Google Facebook the rest Silicon Valley want to mess with these people.

[38:48] Like Dave Rubin because they have an audience people actually learning from them.
An app that threatens their beliefs because they come from in here we go again locked us they come from the left side of street when we’re from the ideas of the Frankfurt School so just harbored Mark Hughes you know
good old Berkley and Herbert marcuse talk at Berkeley
it’s not enough just to just to be against hate speech you have to actually go out there and you have to censor it and back almost any action as long as it’s on the side of the righteous it’s okay
and that’s why people like Dave Rubin has so much go it’s because
people like me are allowed to hardly talk without being castigated.
You know what to the detriment not just of the people on the left for the detriment of everyone you think this divided we have in America is just because of the talking heads on the TV news no it’s what’s what we’re not getting to know you you you could just eat,
sugar all day long and you can try to eat sugar over and over and it won’t sustain you after while your body is going to give out because there’s no nutrients there there’s nothing healthy there
and so not having access to real fought real academic intellectual honesty is hurting our whole nation.

[40:05] Because he sometimes criticizes left this and maybe because his podcasts are so successful his former colleagues now hate him.
And all the right-wing loves him now because he’s a puppet for the right-wing he was lazy when he worked here he’s lazy now with his ridiculous show she just sounds envious.
I lost friends I still lose friends now I mean it’s incredible.
This goes to the laziness of the argument of the left they believe that the bet if you disagree with them that you’re evil evil is what
protesters called ladies ladies I’ll gladly take a question from you I have we established that already.

[40:46] They say just allowing him to speak is a form of violence.
We don’t want your the LGBT community so get the F out.
Yeah so many people have been spit on people have been threatened been told to go home to their country it doesn’t mean that the people don’t exist but tell me about your impression maybe maybe we can work through something.

[41:14] Tell me about your passion what about I have no reason to sit
and talk about my own depression because that’s just like mental energy before I go further that day of Reuben in this video is trying to honestly talk and discuss and reach these people that that say how awful.
They are I like the one lady that talks about how she’s not going to talk about air pressure without being paid,
I know that is by the way a big journalism no no and I appreciate the NPR people still live by this most of Western journalism does,
you don’t get paid to do interviews you don’t get paid to talk to people.
This is not true in many parts of the world that is not the true fact more of the world has a triple double standard we might let it be
we might be okay with that you know if you have to pay pay someone to be interviewed or get paid to interview
sign up contact the video can oppression Olympics it’s a hierarchy of Oppression impressional in that so you’ve got to figure out how you are oppressed,
if you have a limp your this much oppressed or if you’re you this much pressure a Muslim this must have passed everyone wants to be oppressed the black lives matter movement is global.

[42:31] Blacks have been oppressed women song still are women are sometimes oppressed no Society,
but the United States by and large has given more freedom to more people from every Walk of Life regardless of your skin color your sexuality we have problems yet we can talk about all of those things but could tell me those are things because you are a crack.

[42:52] But I ain’t true and it needs to that idea needs to be decimated.
Hahaha Dave Rubin you’re giving me feels a little patriotic.

[43:03] Did you get that last idea there we talked about how that United States has made people more free than ever before in the history of man and you know it doesn’t matter your skin,
your color your whatever you are whatever you have you know this still the most free any talks about that last part it’s really important idea he says,
you may have been oppressed.
But just because you are pressed does not mean that everyone is oppressive to in the end that everyone is getting oppressed okay something bad may happen to you but that doesn’t mean that is a representative of everyone.
Okay we sometimes make this mistake it’s a classic psychological.
I’ll buy us we all have it where something bad happens to you so we assume it happens a lot out of there it’s called / representative Fitness / representativeness / representative.

[43:53] There you go.
That’s a great idea that he brings up okay now I made this mistake earlier where I mentioned that I’m a chronic pain dude and you’re sometimes I do end up
thinking that way a little bit. There it is true it is there is a diversity Olympics is because intersectionality is a pyramid it’s a pyramid scheme and
get on the floor you go the better you want to be at the bottom it’s like the old food pyramid where the grains were that’s where you want to be on the intersectionality. You don’t want to be at the top with the white cisgender heteronormative.
Men business suit some fake naughty things to do naughty things you want to be those guys they’re the worst.
Okay man Dave Rubin that that was awesome so that was a video that’s on the outline.
By reason it’s John Stossel on reason John Stossel my hero I watched a video of him being interviewed by Steven Crowder.

[44:53] Steven Crowder.
He got into politics his interest in politics came from John Stossel he is also a huge John Stossel fan he and I both had the same book for our political Awakening which is get a shovel,
this is a sort of by autobiography by tonight on Stossel about his career and it’s awesome awesome book completely and totally recommend it.
And you know I mentioned this earlier about this so I’m just going to share it now so this one is flabbergasting to me this is one of two studies that I’ve read in the last week.
That completely changed my mind about where our country is as a nation.
Okay so here’s the here’s the study that I wanted to share with all of you as soon as I read I knew I had to share it’s called
you can find this on the outline study finds the website it says far from United political divide in America the worst it’s ever been.

[45:47] Did the research was conducted by Zachary Neal,
who is an associate professor of psychology and Global Urban studies at Michigan State University and is among the first to measure polarization not only by examining the frequency of parties working together but also much more distant than any other time in modern history.
I like how that’s Tyson stock price. Point blame on anyone but he says that since the 1970s.
Polarization has gone in where she was right at the beginning of the 1980s that got super bad they got a little bit normal and then I got super duper bad again we are at the worst polarization.
That it’s ever been ever been since people have started following these things we’re at the worst polarization that’s ever been.
It’s a cool study it’s very much study study so you have to have a little bit of experience reading it,
the basically they made two definitions of repolarization strong polarization repolarization where is parties don’t work together,
but strong polarization is where parties don’t talk to each other at all.

[46:55] Shana that we don’t work with you so that we don’t disagree with you we shun you you’re out you’re off the island I voted them off the island.
And I found actually means to push your room at Good Morning America when you get talked about the island,
receive your paycheck is so we pour ization is what we used to have where we disagree with each other at the end of the day we go and get coffee we eat at our fancy restaurant
yeah our fancy drinks are fancy food because we weren’t Rich politicians okay we’re buddies in real life but in politics week I know you know how to play this game.
Well that’s not it that’s weak force is strong polarization is I hate your bloody got something to take a cane I’m going to beat you silly you will die sometime later.
And my side will cheer about it.

[47:44] Amy got part of that story wrong he might have actually lived I can’t remember the right before the Civil War where we’re on sander went over and beat another Senator to death.

[47:57] He was arrested for it but the South cheered and then at strong polarization at its very worst.
We’re more that direction than we are the other guys and that should scare The Living Daylights every out of every good blooded Patriot in this country I tell you.
That that really is scary and you know what he says.
The professor that made the stay great inside says.

[48:25] According to political beside the study they have developed virtually no report.
X axis report but there’s a champion in the body where trust and relationships are essential.

[48:38] To the extent they’ve engage this mainly it’s been to watch political and at times personal attacks,
and Zack says that if you think things couldn’t get possibly worse they probably will
in the margin and when he says particular at the margin in politics
between my Jordy and minority rule remain so thin like the his example as the Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act that only Democrats with a bare majority pass,
and they got a mended what when the Republican strip chart I’d say amended lightly the vast majority of it still at the ice.

[49:17] I know we’re kind of in that situation right now you guys think about the blue if it’s a blue trickle it’s looking clothes
where water politics are so closely divided and the low margins are so thin. Just amps up the pressure that’s we’re pushing down on the the pot as a boy was that down it builds up a pressure
that’s what we’re having
fascinating stay really fascinating I’m kind of really interested for most academic point of view and the guy that likes politics.
But from a lot point of view of I love this country and I love my brother and my sister want a republican the other Democrat I love them both.
That’s that’s saddens me that really does I can’t tell you you know sometimes the vehement.
Between parties gets into our personal lives and it’s awful it is the horse I can tell you with perfect certainty it is truly.
An awful evil thing and I believe that you know the guy that I can get to religious here but I bet saying is enjoying himself a time and it’s just licking at his lips for what’s to come.
You know it my church they say that saying it loves contention Satan looks contention is a phrase It’s been used in my house over the years so you kind of mean to like we shouldn’t fight we should argue.

[50:39] I’m even when it’s true it’s true you know when you’re up missionary or thing they teach more in the missionaries.
And more missionaries are more like a traditional missionary like you know like a Jesuit goes far off the teacher if you know you know it’s like a long-term thing more missionaries typically do it for 2 years,
one of the things I tell you is if someone wants to argue religion don’t argue back if you can just leave.
Now that because they’re saying that friend argue about the merits of the Bible verses whatever that there’s not good but this Holy Spirit can’t be there only contention will be there.

[51:19] That’s good I think we are at a site so country now I think the answer is to talk to each other but not talk past each other if we’re going to be like that where I you yell at me about how the,
New Testaments the most awesome thing ever and I say I like the New Testament and I like the book more but let me tell you in all the ways that they are is in the Bible are blah blah blah you know they go on and on. You were talking past each other
no one’s benefiting we’re only getting heated and said we could sit down and we can talk about know where we agree no I is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints believe in the Bible believe the Bible to be the word of God it actually,
we agree in a whole awful lot and then their people from both sides for both religions have a lot to benefit that we can learn about it,
we should find a love our fellow man and there’s we know we are more alike than we are different that’s what the conversation should be between Americans.

[52:14] That’s what’s happening we’re not even worth using talk to each other we’re shutting each other.

[52:21] How is it going to get better if we don’t talk to each other if Mom and Dad don’t talk anymore on how many sitcoms does that ever turn good.

[52:30] I should say not sitcoms but you know what I’m saying on the soap operas when they stop talking to each other and that’s usually get the Mistresses they get the divorce.
And I don’t know I don’t know where I’m going but you get the idea not good not healthy Dave Rubin is one of these people that’s kind of if we would follow his example we could come back as a country we got healed that to fight.
Dave Rubin was willing to put himself out there talk to people honestly he’s like hey you want to interview your interesting let’s interview I don’t care what your politics are and will debate will learn from each other.
He just does it.

[53:07] Who puts out interviews 3 hours for hours long you know he’s having his long like the interview was he shares it with you he goes again and again and again it’s good for him it’s good for the person that interviewed and most importantly it’s good for the viewer.

[53:22] That’s what we need to be doing as a country we need to come back together again you’ll think about 9/11.
Think about how we were is a country those of you that can remember 911 we were so committed to each other.
We are so committed to the Manifest Destiny that was United States of American all the good it could do we want it to bring it all the way there.

[53:44] Dave Rubin here is showing us the way thank you it’s Stossel thank you Dave Rubin for this
awesome video and thank you to Professor Zachary Neal Michigan State University for putting together the study and figuring that out I’m sad with the results but I’m glad you did it.

[54:05] Alright so a couple more things fun things than a video and then that will be the end of part 1 part 2 will cover intersectionality and news you might have missed okay cell.
I’d like to quickly talk to you about Sioux City Sioux City is kind of fun I talked to a guy at supercon.
There are a couple that sold used video games they had a booth there and I was talking about Sioux City and we were talking about man.
The traffic in Sioux City is it really is every time so here’s a thing I live in Sioux Falls.
Sioux City is our sister city when Obama came to Sioux Falls he called us Sioux City we often get the two confused but here’s what Sioux Falls has better than than Sioux City,
Sioux Falls isn’t a giant speed trap okay every single time am I will almost every single time.
In my life we go through Sioux City the things under construction it goes from 55 to 60 and then goes from 65.

[55:01] 45 and the pie the speeds kind of jump and shades.
Pretty fast and I know I’m exaggerating the how often happens but it’s often enough where I’ve had found members get tickets before and they did not cops they catch you it’s,
cameras speed cameras.
Very easily in a very finely tuned speed cameras that if you just get an inch you just move sorry I didn’t choose a measure distance like parsecs if you just bump over,
the speed limit they’ll take a picture and then you’ll get a letter in the mail a month later.

[55:38] From the Sioux City whatever and they’ll charge you and you’re expected to pay it got so bad five six years ago the South Dakota State Legislature was what was the saying hey
we’re going to pass a bill that says you can enforce your lover here which would be some issues because of how Congress
enforce of Side Federal Government enforces the intersection I’m not getting.
Damn it be a problem well it very well could be getting worse because there was a kind of neat story and quartz magazine it said not so fast.
That sign telling you how fast you’re driving may be spying on you and it says that so you ever drive past one those signs
and it has those kind of a screen on it in the what’s on the screen changes to paying off faster cars going it’s kind of cool actually well apparently these things have those cameras there on them,
isn’t just in free camera instead the DA’s equips trying to equip these signs with real cameras and they’re taking their license plate.

[56:35] Congress only found out about this in 2008 the public only found out about it somewhat in 2012,
there is being an argument being made that these things are being used more than we know and that should this be done it all because I and I agree I don’t think I should be done at all.

[56:52] I’m more. You know that the human the human should find you if you’re breaking the speed limit okay there certain laws where if no one’s around it really is okay to break or if you break it it’s not that big of a deal,
you know it’s more important that you enforce them at the moment and then we could argue which is what and watches which
which is what and what is which I still just a tad that Kanye West energy it’s not quite left me.
All that masculinity energy,
a guy this awesome magazine article and you should read they know they bring that they talked a lot faster says this might be actually against the law to bring it up senior policy analyst from the ACLU thinks it’s wrong for the government arbitrarily.
Such a broad swath of data in the first place and the DEA will hold out your license plate number and any of her other information they need to taking and just holding on to it you know just in case.
Just in case I may not charge you with anything but I know I just like to have that here and think of this is everywhere think of this is ever I know I’m Luke Cage loses part about.
There’s a spark about where they want figure out the crime that one the guys he said what we got your your license plate number of miles away.

[58:05] Now just imagine that everyone are all the government to that everywhere and I’ll hold onto it for ever and so they know where you’re at or where your car is at loads of places and times and they just might you know connect to the crime.
Well if the government would never intrude on your rights and falsely accuse you of something.
False accusations never happen in government operatives and agents.
Policeman they never overstep their bounds they never make phone calls I mean this data we should let them have in fact we should give them all our data,
have all the data in the world why not there safe we can trust them they would never miss use it.

[58:44] Zap it is kind of scary little and thing here says,
I like this is from kabrina Chang or professor of Law and ethics a Boston University questrom is a question request.
Questrom School of Business told quartz we as a society have to think long and hard about the consequences I don’t think anyone would be Grudge law enforcement help in doing their jobs we all want them to do their jobs really really well.
But what are we willing to give up and if you know a good thing up in this is me know if you know a good thing about Benjamin Franklin he has a good saying about security and freedom,
alright well good news everyone Viet Chinese superstar that I thought probably was dead.

[59:31] Isn’t dead she was just in a Chinese Gulag but no good it’s okay she’s okay people she’s alive.
Fan Bingbing such a great day I want that to be my actor named Peter Bing Bing.
The nothing could be fun anymore she has reappeared she went into hiding because she owed 112 million dollars in back taxes are Euros in back taxes.
At least I saying the Chinese government so here’s what China is saying they’re saying that she broke it was called a yin-yang contract.
Which means in this in the way this is too for the same job I’m raining now from the guardian.
All the smaller figure it was implied was declared to the tax office the larger one was what the star was actually paid so it says.
We want Fan Bingbing on our new movie Okay so
you send this sheet of paper to the tax office here’s what we’re actually going to pay her because you know tried as crazy we don’t want to eat all of their money or whatever I like the way they get this just the way they paid actors but it’s not just that as you are told
I didn’t mention it before but she shouldn’t hang the new Chinese president forever
he is pushing forward and more Mouse policies and they want their money’s and they want stronger control of society
and so part of this was to punish a Fan Bingbing because they felt that you wasn’t good enough okay so it’s two things one it was make an example of.

[1:01:00] We need to make an example of somebody get all the rest of the entertainment industry.
So who do I go to take an example of what we go to the top the top building of course which is fine and Bing Bing.
Okay so that that was that was the one thing the other thing was fandom being you know she wasn’t playing as nice as she could.
A sheet Factory had a zero on the new government social network that all Chinese people are required to use and have and keep up.
Because China when they watch Black Mirror they think that looks like a great idea.
I didn’t mean that sarcastically that I think they really do look at that show for advice.

[1:01:39] But now it’s offending big who was in two Marvel movies won the Chinese version of Iron Man 3 I want to see Robert if you hear this Robert.
Get the Chinese version of Iron Man 3 Let’s watch it I haven’t seen that thing in Forever.
Iron Man 3 you know I didn’t like it as much as I like him more than 2 or is she will also played blink in the X-Men days of Futures Past what you need to watch the Rogue cut by the Rogue cut of days of Futures Past,
really good and so because she wasn’t keeping up her core socialist values she had to disappear she even came out with.

[1:02:21] Awesome State I hear I want to read you the statement doesn’t this sound lovely here is what fan thing being said back in July.
What you gave as a groveling confession on weibo and weibo is of course the Chinese Social Network I was talking about.
For a long time I did not distinguish between National social and personal interest.

[1:02:43] As a public figure I should have died by the law and play a leading role in society and Industry.
Without the good policies of the party and the state without the love of the people there would be no Fan Bingbing.
Even this article for the guardian says in short fancy was to have been made as an example of.
So yes Fan Bingbing got disappeared
so she wasn’t killed but she was disappeared and she owed the Chinese State a whole lot of issue really old that or not I don’t know if they just being made someone mad in that one movie.
I hear it but you something about that and then it’s like you got like the sky
who is Rossi fall to the proletariat and so far that’s hearing it or something.
But Conrad.

[1:03:47] I mean wow that’s crazy that that is just.

[1:03:54] Bonkers yeah I’m glad she left and if I was Fan Bingbing I would get the heck out of Dodge.
I would go and go get political Asylum United States or Canada or Sweden or something and I would live the rest of my life with bought private security.
I mean like I am never going back there I don’t care how much money I how much Fame you know I don’t want to die.

[1:04:19] Cuz you know if she does make the party mad it is that apparently they’re willing to disappear once you think they’re not willing to disappear her again.
You know in that way I think blink truly was the best X-Men character for her to play.
All right bro before I get to the conclusion video of Today Show and their video comes from reason.com again it
by Remy he has a new one it’s banana a free-trade Havana parody very funny I just came out this week this isn’t the first time allegations have been made it’s just that one little guy actually went out there
and put out his thesis paper about why Star Wars The Last Jedi if you haven’t heard is awful
it is hated by some long-time Star Wars fans the vast majority hate it or least enough that caused the solostar was filmed a tank that’s how much Last Jedi is hated,
I stick to my theory on this
I think my fruit know was like my second or third episode of the happy warrior was all we went over this with Robert Last Jedi is awful really awful might have killed the Star Wars franchise is longevity in the long term
I’m jealous I want that’s of redundant anyhow.

[1:05:34] So this thing came out and if they’re saying we look this study proves that all those people that hate Last Jedi are just Russian trolls a bunch of Russian Bots they’re not real this is you know okay so here’s my biggest think the biggest thing is it’s one study
biggest big number to he used Twitter to do it
okay wasn’t looking at the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes it wasn’t looking at sales ticket sales at was looking at Twitter if you use Twitter you know the good half the people on Twitter are Bots and trolls will of course then you’d find the majority are trolls and Bots
is gracious
I mean that’s I mean that it’s just silly the amount of people that are bought accounts on Twitter Twitter even recognizes this so I don’t know what this is but.
People that want to protect Last Jedi because it’s an essay is an sjw wet dream
are looking for a perfect excuse just like the Hillary Clinton voters and in fact I okay I’m not going to go there just like they want something to blame besides the truth that is just not like.

[1:06:36] Hillary Clinton was not likeable even if you disagree if you love Hillary Clinton’s policies she just she didn’t have a good image I mean she was the worst Democrat you could have put out there okay.
The worst choice of a candidate because she was just not likeable to did you know you have a bomb of the super likeable
and then you go from him to a woman that you would try hard not to portrays a cackling hen egg in fact Hillary Clinton look up Hillary Clinton laugh does that not sound like a cat.
Now I know that is a bit massages I know that’s also a just that’s just where I Society is okay sorry guys it’s the truth Hillary Clinton is not likeable.
Last Jedi.

[1:07:18] It’s not good it’s not a good Star Wars movie or likable stop trying to make stupid excuses why they’re not like.
Okay and then don’t go to bump science studies to try to prove your your theory is right you’re just tear us apart just like the country.

[1:07:50] Sorry about that I just had to get that clip in once I mentioned that and I love that movie.
So great so great and I even know parts of it are a Cheesy I mean,
all sex the original Star Wars movies are cheesy guys are at least that’s the way the dialogue is written it’s stilted dialogue written by a fantastic man and it’s awesome.
Okay you get to Love’s proper Star Wars you just got to love all that cheese cuz it’s super gooey with masculine energy from the Galaxy.

[1:08:26] Music.

[1:08:57] Music.

[1:09:56] Music.

[1:10:39] And there we have it folks that’s the awesome video it’s from reason.com by Remy Remi it’s called banana free-trade Havana parody,
that is the end of part one of our two-part special.
About intellectual honesty next episode we can talk about intersectionality and how that has affected the world and then I’m going to cover important news that.

[1:11:02] We all decide to forget about and not talk about,
turn the cabinet hearings well mostly it’s because the media decided to ignore and the rest of us to just don’t know any better but that’s besides the point.
That’s that’s I mean we all are busy lies real things to do we expect that the people on the TV to give us the real news right.
Okay sorry I still got a little bit of that masculine energy from Kanye West I have to shake off thank you so much for the happy warrior program
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[1:12:29] Please tune in next time either will be the part 2 or you’ll be hearing my interview with Professor Duke pesta who have found a creative solution,
how to bring us back to what intellectual honesty,
and last but not least God bless United States of America God bless the military and all those people that have served and shed blood in defense of our rights and Liberties God bless the Americans the America,
and God bless you thank you for listening you have a great night.

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