Macabre Grimoire Chapter 18 Live from SiouxperCon 2018 featuring Patrick Doyle from Ghost Mine

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 18 Live from SiouxperCon 2018 featuring Patrick Doyle from Ghost Mine
Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye
Produced by Robert Mehling and
Voice Over by Dave Holly
Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees

Patrick Doyle, author of the Edgar Font children’s book series, star of Ghost Mine and film actor.

Machine Transcript
[0:26] Macabre Mark chapter 18 I’m your host area so here is my co-host Robert Mehling and Travis Nye and episode about stopping goes in anything,
experiences really crazy experience myself personally that I can’t wait to share with all of you and that he wants me to interpret so I was a kid,
Recording this light at Super kind of different but see where this goes,
my ghost story actually starts at the first siouxpercon which was when I was back at the Ramkota Best Western and I was just starting out as a medium,
and on and I was sharing at 8,
when does Sioux Falls Zombie Walk table and the person who was my partner that day so obviously came around to ghosts and.

[1:46] My house is so hot as I was like,
tell me more cuz I’m just here and then
reach into the closet and there were my clothes were already swinging inside of a closet I was like,
major geek for ghosts.

[2:33] The very first
had just very very first started out so I was very new to all of this and so on,
we set the date and the date several months later and.
I was supposed to come over to her house and can I come by I was going through my recorder or was going to bring I really wanted to help service.
Scary movies.
This is true did is.
I did some research on how to prepare myself for a ghost hunt and what’s a kind of expect on all levels and one of the things was if it’s a negative energy they will do anything that they can.

[3:52] From going to the location and so with.

[4:03] 2nd Branch from UV driving to the location I was going to start to get physically sick your car breaks down on the way to the location you have,
live your dreams that kind of trying to scare you into not going to the location also there’s a chance of getting possessed while you’re on the location like I was so naive so.
I like to distance sessions so what I did this was on so I supposed to be there on Wednesday night,
so on Sunday night in session on her house and see what I can kind of human to know the only information I really had on her house was that her father had passed away so I made assumptions,
tune into her house and the first beer that comes through with this male Spear and I all I hear is leaving and I was like dude I’m just here to check things out,
who you are what’s going on you don’t no big deal.

[5:06] We’re going to get this party started out for you.
But he was just like.
Okay whatever but let’s listen I’m coming over I’m investigating you just tell me a little bit about yourself this is the recorded message,
basically I just visualize the device in my mind’s eye.

[5:45] You just like whatever but I’m not leaving download all this information about him and what is download is basically,
information at 1,
he had a son and daughter ever again.
His words were he fucked up a lot in his life and he doesn’t deserve to cross over,
please no one’s done so much bad in their life that they don’t deserve to cross over it and he was like you don’t understand I fucked up a lot I don’t deserve the crossover.
Okay that’s fine that’s that’s your Visa kind of deal with that I will see you on Wednesday and he was just like we’ll see about that and then that was kind of it,
you made an appoint,
sorry I just I ever wrote the story before you made an appointment with it so he’s just like this appointment so
starting me on work day.
So I get that so I get that information from him and the night before I’m supposed to go to my client’s house to do the cleansing.

[7:08] I have the most fucked-up dream that I have ever had,
that’s a good time standing Barefoot on a dirt road in front of the Cathedral Church here in town that’s going to
there is a demon standing over me leaving with rage and for whatever reason would not let me look at this
physically like even turn my head to like look at what this was so I did the only thing I knew what to do was to go into the church and get a rosary
and the way that the church used to be set up when I was growing up is that,
the basement of the church which are the basement entrance right off the main street there is a chapel and in the back row the chapel there’s like this little basket of rosaries,
the church I go to this basket of rosaries and they have multi colored rosaries in there.
Black or white black or white which is it and then cuz it matter if for whatever reason that meant something to me in my dream,
is like black for ground and or white for Purity and and cleansing so I and I just sent my standing,
and I couldn’t think of it I was like.

[8:27] Over and over again the end then finally the energy dissipated,
and then it was gone and then I wake up and I can still feel this entity standing over me Steven with Ray and I was just like look
I don’t care who you are or what you’re doing here but you will not intimidate me I’m coming to this person I’m coming to the house tomorrow and we will have a conversation and you are not paralyzed,

[9:07] So now I’m kind of like,
I still kind of think it’s her dad right so,
reporter with and I kind of do EVP session and as long as I know I’m not going to get any kind of like good audio my fuck you dude so then I go downstairs she shows her dad passed away,
feeling energy I was and I haven’t told her yet about the dream or any of this experience prior to me coming.
Grumpy old man type of man okay but your parents like her parents got divorced her mom got remarried and,
the skirted indicated to me that he was divorced.
And so was he with your mom at all and she’s like no pictures.

[10:13] Mom and dad still hanging out together post-divorce with her mom’s new husband.
Football games and picnics and party like they’re all BFFs and I’m like it makes no sense they don’t like Okay so.
Hi, but my dream.
Scared because they’re just like that intense and that’s bad and I’m like who do you guys think it is there go.
Maybe it’s Steve.

[10:50] At a point to an sitting on a shelf and I was like here’s where it gets even more crazy.
So Steve was an angry guy.
And this is a real person so we have to keep that in mind that this is this is this is a real situation he wasn’t very happy when he was alive and,
he wasn’t very happy in his marriage and so he went to go see his wife at work and his wife served with divorce papers and since Steve doesn’t deal with conflict very well he ended up shooting and killing his wife and then shooting and killing himself.
And those rashes with the house were in their house now.
So I was like oh well then so what ended up happening is that a friend of theirs this is their relative.
And they didn’t want to keep his ashes in their house because of what he did because it’s.

[12:06] Okay get it whatever sold them as friends decided that will keep them for you not I don’t think fully realizing what they were taking on because.
Counter depth when people are cremated I thought they hang out their energy the last stronger so.

[12:25] Anyways they had his ashes in the house or what are we doing this shit out of Steve,
I never said you’re going through something but you going through all of this is disrupting everybody’s life so you need to work with us on a different plane where you’re not disrupting everybody,
and then I never heard from them after that.
Everything’s okay and their house well my friend she also does the pr for the Zombie Walk So 6 months later.
I hear her on the radio talking about how she has a haunted house and how a friend came over and did some stage started like really excited that I,
that situation so that is my experience with ghosts.
Well I didn’t have my first one,
so before you continue those at the very beginning you said something about like goes to prison stuff like that you said something about like all the different feelings,
so I really like some of the weirdest things I’ve ever done I felt just like driving down the road,
I should be there something bad going to happen like I should not be driving right now and I get that alot and it freaks me out.

[13:55] Like it like stricken fear like you have never felt before and it’s just simply like going home the energy that.
Afternoon or evening that way into the environment around you and sometimes.
You are in the right frame of mind feel like when you get into an alpha stateland like you have different brain waves that your brain gets into you have you have beta which is wake you have Alpha which is a relaxed State the estate of which is sleeping,
which is where you are actually in a dream you’re dreaming,
the exact very very deep sleep and so usually when we’re driving we’re actually very relaxed and it’s when Brenda’s relax States like Alpha is when we can be very sensitive to things around us so when I do the work that I do I make sure I meditate,
before I go into any of my sessions to make sure that I am connecting with a higher vibration because things,
that we can’t see much higher rate than we do and so in order for me,
communicate with spirit I raise my vibration by getting into the alpha and so those feelings that you’re experiencing is probably cuz you’re relaxed enough to be perceptive casually Carolina.

[15:18] I’m home so I was going to drive,
what should we do today someone behind you know what there before I am.
So sure if you wouldn’t mind identifying yourself with a podcast of a boil and I’m probably best known from the Syfy show,
Ghost Mine which is on for a couple season,
thank you for coming,
how do I break a little bit from the story,

[16:25] Yeah no hands because this is a whole new audience,
why we do 30 go in just a little bit of like our background and why we’re in.

[16:43] I want to hear more about you so I wanted to start with you.

[16:50] No pressure.
Yes I would like just like how about everything is there with you like the whole show and tell,
I was just go to the Paranormal side then the number one question and one always likes to ask is like how did you get started in the carnal.
And for me it starts at age at 7 when I came face-to-face with a shadow figure will I now call Sam which stands for shadow of a man.
Thank you,
I mean 7 years old you don’t know anything about the coast it’s like you’re just learning how to tie your shoes so when people say I was 7 years old and I knew all this. No you didn’t you’re playing with toys,
so when I was 7 years old I didn’t know if I knew two things about ghost Scooby-Doo,
and Casper title,
it wasn’t as the last kiss I let myself in afternoon after school lockdown play video games at my parents email.
Coming from the basement which is next to the TV.

[18:13] Afterwhile the noise got a little louder so I went to the door thank you very much sir.
Peppered while I got up to see what the noise was open the door look down the stairs and there’s Sam staring up at me.
No facial features but I can sense that he was smiling.

[18:39] At that point instead of running away I took a step down the stairs and he was no longer smiling.

[18:46] So far about what felt like an eternity which is why I like 5 10 seconds he turned and walked in the basement I didn’t think of anything I just closed the door went back to my video game.

[18:56] First encounter.

[18:58] It didn’t come up in my life until later on when I started hearing other people wet stories.
Shadowland Rancho and that really got me into questioning everything but the girl.

[19:15] Cuz I like to say that there are no stupid questions in the Paranormal cuz we have no answer.

[19:21] And I come over some stupid questions. I have a Blog called what if.
Just crazy out there questions about,
What If ghosts are this what if goes for that what if there’s a ghost I’m seeing a person sitting in that chair right there but no one else is but I’m like user,
what are fewer a ghost to me but no one else has seen I start talking in that one’s going
walking down the street.
Is that was just those I love I’ve been burned and stuff like that by spirits but I’ve never been afraid of them.

[20:13] And I just continue messing up that’s why I continue my goal in the Paranormal field is to.

[20:20] Gay people ask deeper questions and on TV.
So I pass of weird questions not saying that the answer this question is going to give us the answer to everything paranoid stuff I’m asking the weird questions.
So they might spark something in your brain go okay that’s absurd.
How to make sense when you think about that and come up with the questions we will find any.
So are you looking for more I mean it so I like I see like there are some people who investigate paranormal occurrences are gold.
Perspective like if it can be replicated and I can prove it this the ghost but I have the mentality of ghosts are kind of like cats they do what they want when they want it or energy is right I believe that they are still there it’s just.
It’s just not used to want to do it today you know what I mean.
I use the term investigate because it’s common but I hate the term investigate and I hate the term hunting,
imagine do you want to be hunted and investigated as having a conversation like we’re having right now,
I’ve had a kid in my young kid in my paneling today and he was going on his first go son he was asked me all these questions I said.

[21:50] Don’t do anything cuz he’s out do I need to go last year and I have the I have this ghost at my phone I said delete that and just go in have fun have a conversation you already know that the,
we’re going to be dealing with this going to be a little girl.
Do some research figure out maybe when that girl died figure out what was the most popular music at that time where they’re moving movies by was most popular movie,
and don’t have that conversation like you were having fun.
The best evidence of paranormal I just have a voice recorder in my pocket somewhere,
and I’m talking to,
and I feel those are the most amazing.
Encounters I’ve ever experienced most parties involved or relaxed versus being in touch like yeah.
Paranormal dimensions and where you’re doing investigation guy and I see some people huddled in a little ball and asking stupid questions.

[23:06] Are you are you here with us what’s your name don’t stare your device.
I see so many people doing an investigation here they could be right here in front of them they’re sitting there going what’s your name,
yeah they have that,
Ghost Box app on the phone on the other hand and they’re wondering.
Then I order they haven’t seen a K2 meter to when they’re wondering why the K2 meter is going on,
limited equipment.
Voice recorder flashlight the other stuff I gave it to me but it’s.

[24:12] I made a joke wanted all I need is a Fisher-Price logo and is just a little bit,
that people there are people out there rip off the easiest or just a beginner so you got the amateurs with these outrageous priced,
there’s a voice record that shows up on a television show that’s worth 2 bucks and they’re selling it for a hundred hundred twenty bucks,
skip false readings but people are still paying a hundred bucks for this this phone right here right now.
But I always have a voice recorder rolling whenever I go to see.

[25:06] I’m not going there to investigate or I’m just going in there. I check it out early.
Screws or something happen another day.

[25:21] Well then I guess we’re going to level do energy if you wanted to continue the introduction or.
Probably just became a man thank you for that.
I got to pick on you a bit Yeah I deserve it I deserve it all,
so what I’ve been telling specifically why I started paranormal podcasts I have always been a huge fan of like.
When was it when I picked up my,
reading stuff like Chariots of the Gods and like who really built the Sphinx Egypt before the pyramids,
stuff like that I’m super into like lawsuit was Asians and aliens and just all sorts of like the fascinating like the knowledge and everything that’s on the periphery and I grew up in a family that was so that really helps dry.

[26:21] No I’m also like a Twilight Zone not and but I love like the real like I love I’m very shy project very skeptical,
real so hard because I really want to find that like piece of magic in the universe out there but I’m like,
and he’s a magician.

[26:48] Yeah I just want to find that like real piece magic but I don’t want to be fooled by something along the way so like I interrogate a lot of laughs at you.
So yeah and then I most like I kind of really got back into it recently done much with it for a while but then,
last podcast on the left really got me it was super kick with the the side with the like alien encounters and a paranormal like a history of the people that study the Paranormal which is like just as fascinating as the Paranormal sometimes,
so that’s great podcast super unserious but also like good research along the way,
so yeah I was just like I want to do something like that is like like Coast to Coast AM,
and so this was this is my attempted to that same kind of format and I’m really enjoying it so far I’m actually getting a brush off my history major,
besides as a like placemat for my programming.

[27:56] Yeah so obviously what magician I do exist,
what intrigues me is what you started out saying when the first time you seen Sam it was instead of turning and walking away you walk toward it.

[28:16] What kind of the approach I take with magic I’ve never to my knowledge I probably could have it was totally oblivious to it I don’t know.
However I love recreating those moments without being dead mice.
Start like reading that same thing cuz from you guys experience when people experience that type of thing it’s it can sometimes be pretty emotional.
Can you just like energizing like whoa what hap.

[28:49] That for me is exactly why I do what I do cuz I remember the first time that I seen a magic trick when I was a kid and I got to go up and help a magician at my Elementary School in that first feeling it had like.
What was that like that was my Sam that is what I was excited about Matt’s what I ran towards and then being able to recreate that motion that feeling.
I really can’t get anywhere else in Magic and pretty going to possible for Just A Moment Like that’s why I love what you doing what I do so I’m kind of playing that goes that Spectre whatever was feeling really don’t know where at.
Everything I do has an explanation I have no problem reviewing that to Idaho.
But I love doing this because I love hearing these types of stories that I’ve never heard.
And in my head one that gives me inspiration for possibly new theatrical piece or story to do but one as soon as I do these stories like how can I recreate that on stage live.

[29:44] That’s that’s why I’m a part of this cuz I love your aunt not to argue about it call it fate call it real anything like.
I I I love the mystery behind it and that’s that’s 100% why I do what I do and I love being part of this group here so.
Yeah that’s basically what I do in a nutshell.
Yeah for me I just really really into like the weird and like the crazy too creepy to,
true crime stories on paranormal most specifically I’m a psychic and a medium but I’m also I’m also skeptical of what I do so sometimes.
Whenever I have a situation and like I’m doing a reading I’m always very sometimes,
okay sometimes it feels like bullshit to me but it’s it rings true for them so but.

[30:34] Primarily like I have like those are states is like one of my favorite podcast and that’s on the Nerdist Network and I listen to that constantly and then,
grab ass like hey do you want to be part of a kernel of podcast and I’m like would it be unprofessional to say fuck yes,
like the response on messenger,
do it seems like spiritual people don’t have to be like all holier-than-thou people can swear cuz we’re human too so I was like alright,
that’s kind of why I got involved because I love this topic of BS all of it and then also what I like to do what I do.

[31:26] It’s going to be either prior to a show or wired well you’ve done this on your show is your show still currently why I don’t,
you’re not currently don’t know so what was,
the most impactful experience that you’ve ever had like a bunny.
Shopping in Bozeman that people saw in the air the show that I was on the phone like 2 seconds after,
watching episodes of on the Shelf that’s terrible I have to finish filming they sent us home.
Three months later we see it on TV,
why I’m watching it because of course it’s to camera Crews one tell me the miners one filming us.
Baylor site.

[32:30] You didn’t show that didn’t make the cut but it was so question the one that did air.
Partially air was in the dredge.
Season 2 don’t blend together in the machine that floats in the water.
Scoops the rocks from the from the water process is it inside and kicks out the bad stuff they don’t want out the back.
It was.
When working out the game room one working down in these giant massive gears and then another guy who’s just going to making sure everything is running smooth.

[33:15] How many people died in there so we’re doing investigation in what they called the break area where I knew a guy had a heart attack.
So do an EVP session me and Kristen it was my partner on the show so.

[33:35] I don’t think we have one camera One camera one sound guy and then the person is basically running the show making sure everything is running.
Element crystals got five of us on this honest one area do an EVP session really focus on the u p session.
Above us walking above.

[34:03] Well right here who was that again.
Pum pum pum pum pum even louder is it okay to go take care of this right now at the stairs and look down the hallway and double the size of this room here.
Look around the corner and there’s a guy standing at the end first appearance me so I do this but he stands there staring at me.
I just got to go is there anyone else on this right here there’s a guy up here, down to Chris and going,
are you here Chris and sag do you say you see someone I said.
You stand right in front of me and of course I was going up to like yell at somebody so I wasn’t carrying I wasn’t here to Cameron,
and so they can run upstairs soon as I say that it turns and goes into the wall.

[35:07] Story we came back another time I don’t know if it’s the next day or next week.
We went in there was a thermal Cam that same area sale okay I saw you there.

[35:23] How did your going we saw you there can you make yourself presence known after a while.
Figure shows up on the thermal cam right where it was even though the producer and the cameraman who are filming over me or just one,
your camera’s not on record.

[35:51] When the figure showed up the camera shut off so we can capture.
So how far is that from doing things like that with people who have no idea where literally just there is a camera crew or something like that like are they.

[36:10] It’s every once in a while ago.

[36:16] Ghost mine doesn’t like any other go show it looks like,
African movie.
So everything that he saw was blowing away,
if you listening cuz he’s here and everything.
It’s a little tough camera for the.
You can see mine everyone on TV The Adventures of shirt right there why mines yeah that was even my idea. I got called in to do it,
and by random chance it’s like that whole thing is it’s all about who you know that’s what this was.

[37:23] Syfy had bought the the show from a guy who came up with the show and the production company Syfy own the showhole like completely they bought it just off the premise goes in a mine.
Casting of the miners.
And they had that solidified but they couldn’t find any investigators willing to go into a mine because there’s so many issues can you survive in the wild for long.
Do you mind living in a cabin with no television no internet for 3 months,
do you want to go into a mine where sometimes you’re crawling through a 3-foot by 3-foot hole do you mind being 8000 foot up in elevation a mile deep under her underground for,
powered have time and can you investigate and they were having a hard they couldn’t find anybody,
they went through a whole list of people and I I think they talk to somebody that do we know anybody in my name just got floated out there.
Because I was kind of known as a Wilderness guy and I had a you a very popular YouTube channel at the time called Haunted hoax.

[38:39] So they threw my name out there sci-fi a sassy take with me.
I said okay we like his look at La for a meeting that’s where I met Kristen.

[38:52] And then we get some investigations and he said okay you guys are awesome come on the show.
I saw one episode of Ghost Mine and the episode I saw I like the location you guys had to get to you had to get to it by boat,
and it was,
what the hell is the only,
can’t break the fourth wall. Just me and Kristen the whole time.
I said okay here you go swap and then enjoy your time not like the show but it’s different it was one of them okay okay,
but you got one mind but there’s multiple tunnels.
And just kept going to cuz if the mine has been closed down for 80 some yours and that was a big mystery okay it’s like this if this mine is still producing gold.
Why would it be closed for 80 years so something must be going on that we start hearing stories of the Masons on dedeaux there’s Native American presents here.
May try to open it once but the miners got scared out where is this located Sumpter Oregon outside Baker City.

[40:21] Very small town hit no stop lights,
they used to have to stop signs but drunk driver from the saloon took down one of them I would like to hear a joke that you can lay down,
in the middle of Main Street,
and actually taken get a full night’s rest that I’m getting run over.
So then where are you originally from,
military family bud.
Answering questions.

[41:15] TV change your player.

[41:20] How did being on TV change the way that you approach investigate.

[41:29] Dunkin Donuts.

[41:32] Cuz I investigate on TV I’ve sea the way I do now the great thing about our production team is they let us be us.
And if we had any problems with them directing Us in any way we just tell him no.

[41:49] And they listen to us there are a couple of times swear they wanted me you certain devices I said no I don’t have them use those devices.

[41:57] So they are very cool with us doing that the only way that.
Investigation in the mine has changed my vest gate the way I miss game now was we had to rethink the way we investigate when we investigate a mine.
Because it had never been done before doing an investigation of working gold mine.
The lights there are no lights at the artificial lights play tricks with you when it’s bouncing off these wet rocks we saw so many false shadows and false movement happening just because the way the light down,
annoys it’s inside of a mind it’s amazing you be a mile deep in the earth and you get here diesel truck engine.
Nether portal cuz the sound just travels.
We were told that.

[42:54] Manhattan someone run back and say yes or no other truck running but there’s certain noises that you hear that made no sense.
Carrie pickaxes on Rock if they okay we don’t use pickaxes sing songs in the in the back of the Mind in the morning.
I’m confident you didn’t do this.
Producing you know content for TV show did you ever feel pressured to fabricate anything like pressured by the.
And the reason why is because.
Showing how people fake evidence,
bullshiter and I was very on YouTube,
fishing line and he’s hiding over here so I am perfectly and I show how it’s done.
Scified love that so when it came to your questions like they never asked and I never would because again I.

[44:17] I want the show to be true to the field.

[44:22] And it would have been to service to everybody and everyone watching if we are faking stuff that is just not right.
So so what would be like your percentage of like hit or miss of actually.
Finding something like how often did you actually just go out there not.
I used to get I use the word investigate.

[44:50] Don’t waste all the time and do you have nothing happen that’s why I love I signed on to the show because they said I said it was going to be like,
these popular shows location for 3 months I said that’s awesome because you don’t get evidence stuff all the time during one night or even two nights.
If you’re there for 3 months getting to know the place getting to know the energies in the spirit are there and then getting to know you.
You have a better chance I think you if you watch the show cuz is it linear.
A storytelling we do get more evidence of the show goes on but I believe that’s because we became a part of the place.

[45:31] And we were able to have very going back to communication just have a conversation we have had that dialogue going to the spirits.
Is there a special type of investigation like having,
a relationship with the Spurs are getting heading dreams or information come to you anytime,
cuz I mean you’re there you know I mean it cuz usually when I go into a place and if I’m there long enough like I feel them and I can like.
Can I get like dreams from like these dreams and stuff like that so I never bring anything home.
When I’m on the mound I totally open myself up and that’s when I tender the mine sometimes.
I would feel that connection.

[46:32] And I go in there alone a lot by myself no camera Crews or anything when the first things I did after the miners told me about Tommyknockers.

[46:43] There are spirits that you have to show respect to the time now cuz if you show her them respect they will keep you safe.
So I did a little research I said I saw that one of the ways to respected Tommyknockers was to make them on offering,
of whiskey so I went to the store bought a bottle of Jameson of course.
And just one night just went into deep in the line I just spoke to the spirits I said okay we’re going to be here this drinks just before season 2,
we’re going to be here for another 3 months please keep us safe Globe I just went to this whole Spiel that I brought this bottle for you,
just watch out for so I stuck it it it in the muck.
video Boos.

[47:50] It was just like my offerings,
daddy like from checking in on the present that give you a honey like a present.

[48:10] Cool cars.

[48:16] Is it all these questions I have that I just can’t like think about him.
Dive have some psychic abilities I never call myself,
no one would ever know about and I keep telling him some things.
Cuz you’re talking about driving when I first walked in and now you’re in a certain state.
A certain recent story so much hurt I was in Vancouver BC doing some work and I was just driving and I was coming up to a light.
The two rows I was going to take a right hand turn so the two rows next to me were pack of traffic this was my turn I was pretty clear.
Turns green but I search slow for snow really slow I stopped at the green light soon as I stop by a bicycle.
So if I kept going I would have hit that bicycle if I killed it and I just drove off and I was like.

[49:37] Driving you the hypnosis everyone goes to this when you’re driving me driving down the road and I’ll send you a quote.
Your brain base just took over for a while.

[49:52] So now that the show is over what are you doing now and what’s your plan going forward.
Nick Nolte and me.
I did.
Budget Television Jamaica Radio live television show so you can see me on the 101 Upon a Time iZombie Riverdale and a bit did a bunch of little movies and stuff like that and I replace the main characters.
And then doing a lot of writing and stories or books but I got them out there too so weird.
yep absolutely,
trying to go for something that you’re not comfortable with a zombie on iZombie.
The show Heroes he’s a bunch of stuff very cool.

[51:12] So do we want to wrap up with me telling you about the weird dreams I want to tell you about the weird dream your skill and I tell you what happened in the dream,
as I normally don’t have them like this clear and crisp,
it’s creeping me out even worse how I researched it afterwards from historical standpoint.

[51:37] So I’m in this like weird giant Gothic Cathedral I have never in my entire life,
is it usually at home or at school is where he’d for my dreams take place and Gothic Cathedral there’s a bunch of people like,
family members cousins distant relation stuff like that and stuff like that and everyone is coming up for communion,
except that in order to accept,
Eucharist instead of like a regular,
so I’m walking up I’m walking like with their Brett line of people doing this and what is this is the offering of Saint Bartholomew.

[52:42] And I woke up Bartholomew pool.

[52:47] Bartholomew or the fossil record mule like I’m stuck a donkey.
You’re a fine line here so I don’t know if this dude’s reels,
alright cool that’s where his story is going to blow your mind once we get to feel about church in general.

[53:18] And then how did you feel about the the environment that you were in my.
Is it like emotionally cold distant sterile like.
Who are the members in your family that were there.
A whole bunch of the the romneys were cousins that live in the small town where we live and like a bunch of mine.
Give me your family and stuff like that they’re all like scattered randomly throughout the the church so then how,
account what’s your relationship with these people that were at the church station of the host not being a host actually,
what type of.
It was just like a pretzel.
What’s the greatest snack in American history.

[54:45] Okay so.

[54:50] Indirect wrestling highlights.
Floor and for reference I have never heard of the same,
ever you like when he said that what was your what was your reaction like how did you feel about like.

[55:13] Okay cuz he basically like.
Turn to be dramatically like Guinness strapless when she’s like a turd in my dream.

[55:25] It’s like they always you like astromatic.
I think it would dump jumpy dreamer feel like.
The church or that the people or anything had anything to do with anything,
I think that that was a setup because it was something I needed there was something I feel like reaching out to you and wanting to get your attention to bring your attention to this to spend,
because I think that was the most significant thing because it needed to be normal enough,
for you to be like it’s church I’m with family because you would be going to church with family to be like any special occasion because you know,
whatever is reaching out he was saying okay we’re going to mix it up a bit and we’re going to do communion time which is a normal thing however,
it’s going to be different this Eucharist is going to be different,
to get your attention cuz this is this is what you always go through it’s the priest saying something to you and that’s when you wake me up.
As far as the person in the dream and like what they’re saying on the name.

[56:45] I feel like it was significant enough for them to give that to you because you had to research it and I think it was important that you knew about this so does that help,
it makes the dream much more disturbing.

[56:59] Is one of the 12 apostles he’s not talked about very much in the Bible but the most,
distinguishing thing about him is that he is always depicted in Renaissance art as Legend has it that he was murdered,
by being flayed alive,
that’s so in medieval paintings and sculptures at the Vatican holding a normal a carving knife,
with his face I have a problem.
You’re fine so crazy saying,
carries around his own light. Offspring pretty clear you don’t space.

[58:20] And to talk about this Apostle and I think that there’s more to it that you just haven’t uncovered yet like I feel like there is a but we maybe we need to do a podcast about this guy but there’s possibly something else.
What was his day I don’t know let’s go,
no but yes the Patriots,
the the biggest like distinguishing thing about us for as far as his Beast or festival or whatever,
like on this Greek island or wherever it is they carry around a sculpture of him,
The Village.

[59:30] August 24th what was the what was the last Monday of August.

[59:41] Oh I don’t remember you’re fine.

[59:51] August 27th.
Okay but it’s after the date so I’m super creepy.
I will stay in your car.
Reaching out to you and trying to get your attention and I can happen like things can reach out to you and just.

[1:00:19] What episode of the No Sleep podcast.
I don’t like asking this guy is going to be waiting for me in my car,
damn rolling your face carries the sins of your fam.

[1:00:44] Can you FaceTime me so horny,
are we about time or we were going to do anyway that’s awesome,
tables and stuff.
Ghost with special guest whatever with our special gas.

[1:01:36] I don’t know your name.

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