Macabre Grimoire Chapter 19 Helena Blavatsky

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 19 Helena Blavatsky

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Helena Blavatsky

(The Real Life Doctor Strange and “The Founding Mother of the Occult in America” — Kurt Vaughnagan )


Helena Blavatsky is one of the most controversial figures we’ve covered so far.  She’s been called a witch, a profit, a medium, a hack, a sorceress, a fraud and everything in between.  If you’re from the west and practice yoga you can thank the legacy of her cultural influence. Legendary author Kurt Vaughnagan called her “The Founding Mother of the Occult in America.”


Born in August of 1831 to an ethnic German Russian aristocratic family, Blavatsky grew up at on a crossroads of eastern and western cultures.  Mixing the elite European intelligentsia world view of her parents with the eastern folklore and magic of rural Russia.


Largely self-educated, she developed an interest in Western esotericism during her teenage years. According to her later claims, in 1849 she embarked on a series of world travels, visiting Europe, the Americas, and India, claiming that during this period she encountered a group of spiritual adepts, the “Masters of the Ancient Wisdom”, who sent her to Shigatse, Tibet, where they trained her to develop a deeper understanding of the synthesis of religion, philosophy and science. Both contemporary critics and later biographers have argued that some or all of these foreign visits were fictitious, and that she spent this period in Europe.


By the early 1870s, Blavatsky was involved in the Spiritualist movement; although defending the genuine existence of Spiritualist phenomena, she argued against the mainstream Spiritualist idea that the entities contacted were the spirits of the dead. Relocating to the United States in 1873, she befriended Henry Steel Olcott and rose to public attention as a spirit medium, attention that included public accusations of fraudulence.


In New York City, Blavatsky co-founded the Theosophical Society with Olcott and William Quan Judge in 1875. In 1877 she published Isis Unveiled, a book outlining her Theosophical world-view. Associating it closely with the esoteric doctrines of Hermeticism and Neoplatonism, Blavatsky described Theosophy as “the synthesis of science, religion and philosophy”, proclaiming that it was reviving an “Ancient Wisdom” which underlay all the world’s religions.


In 1880 she and Olcott moved to India, where the Society was allied to the Arya Samaj, a Hindu reform movement. That same year, while in Ceylon she and Olcott became, supposedly, the first people from the United States to formally convert to Buddhism. Although opposed by the British administration, Theosophy spread rapidly in India but experienced internal problems after Blavatsky was accused of producing fraudulent paranormal phenomena.


Amid ailing health, in 1885 she returned to Europe, there establishing the Blavatsky Lodge in London. Here she published The Secret Doctrine, a commentary on what she claimed were ancient Tibetan manuscripts, as well as two further books, The Key to Theosophy and The Voice of the Silence.


She died of influenza on May 8th, 1891.


Machine Transcript
[0:21] Hey hi rosemary show heather of my co host robert mailing hello what is this chapter nineteen hell no.
Yes selena provides key is our first entry here in twenty nineteen for chapter nineteen appropriately may i have anything that
i didn’t figure out until just ordered i am building a plan that he will begin did yes absolutely so smart hello nova is a heavy hitter in the world of the paranormal because she is considered
my lot of people especially kurt vonnegut who is a really famous american author i like slaughterhouse-five,
breakfast of champions all sorts of like a crazy crazy stuff good stuff crazy good.

[1:09] She is the mother of the occult in america.
That’s pretty intense haha that’s quite the distance especially from him cause i very like critical.
Gorgeous like i maybe get me those couple i don’t know you provide probably yeah i’ve never even heard of him either.
But hello what about if it is one of the most controversial figures we’ve covered so far she’s been called a witch a profit a medium had a sore throat,
fraud and everything in between if you’re from the westin you practice yoga you can find the legacy of a cultural influence,
Ding ding.

[1:58] Your spiritual it’s unlike fox sisters style spiritual right to kind of like.

[2:05] Monu age modern religion stuff and it’s answers today at church dish too traditional religion has no lot of other eastern influence the outcome of what is not.
That was not common in the west like today we take it for granted that you know like when we talk about spiritual sense not religious how’s your week
golden off hand comments like karma or something like popular culture and the saying in a religious sense right she is a big part of what she open that door thankfully no yes no.
So born in august of eighteen thirty one to any russian german irish credit family grew up on the crossroads of the eastern and western cultures,
Even when she was a young lady and stuff like that i was already like.
Turn on till like imagination and spirit to let me know which is like so scandalous because she was already talking about like pat being a soldier who died like a famous battle and italy manulife how are you.
Just toss stuff about spirits and ghosts like create new task with the dad are there any like gum.

[3:30] Biographies about her yeah i look at the map so yeah there’s a lot of what we’ll link to a few of just a few sources here but there’s like six like full length documentary,
are you tube plus three or four autobiographies i’m sure there’s many many more that i’m not um,
what’s the religion not the religious moment but that’s a soft taco society if she started that’s
when tho,

[4:23] Select see the pretty girl in her armpit hair before was going up well i think she came from were aware of and region we’re talking eastern your eighteenth i’m guessing it was cool that nigga was about high enough.
That was one of the things he was scandalous but her parents didnt care was she just fired books like everything should get your hands on i just like theology philosophy stuff like that just got her mind was turn on and this was her
turn on sandbox was the spiritual and manifest right right,
according to her later clemson eighteen forty nine fm part of series world travels is where we get some of the controversial share visiting europe the americas in india claiming that during that
her period she can get a group of spiritual add apps called the masters of ancient wisdom will talk about a little bit about this lady but this,
this stuff gets like weird is there a.

[5:33] Who sent her a singer to use icenter to sing it so hoping you saying that he should not see this movie.
Where they train for develop a deeper understanding of synthesis of religion philosophy and science.
So is the title clear we call her the real life doctor strange that whole tro pinch tv shows the old comics even like screw straight dot comment books from everywhere,
org indiana jones with a ghost bats and the goat
are there any city in the mountains where they have secret knowledge in fist marvel’s iron fist that whole tribe.
Look how accurate that is because he’s the one who likes supposedly her and her guy friend ugh.
Um will talk about later bro shan are the two of them supposedly but this is why the controversy is christmas lot of people
cuz there’s a whole thing will get in touch of her perfect coney listen to foreign what’s up.

[6:46] Yeah that display where she’s talking about the game with a masters and stuff like that and there people during this time to clean that shit is like.

[6:54] Would you please communicate with them and writing her first big book which is sad.

[7:00] What is it called isis rising or something like that which other.
No i said to contact sounds pretty terrible yeah.
Is claiming that there’s like spiritual energy flowing through her and that it’s not just her reading it.
It’s a clean master in human name then had portraits and then i was like or spiritual guide and the red never are you a spiritual guru
who are sitting in tibet some help and guide her to write this hotel in toronto that’s a different weight that that’s completely different to what i was thinking i have your same the third actually two peope to visible people in a different country that shes channeling
i was thinking like post race challenge your spirit guides and the spirits a reading because its like ive what date.

[8:09] The way she talks about them and stuff who is that.
They are kind of like not more than human like spirit guides though anyone even illustrate them and stuff like that im looking for the wikipedia page he doesn’t have pictures of them but.
spiritual beings yeah like think i like super powered she is the worst search hi mistakes and stuff like that yeah the name for them is twice that they were the.

[8:46] Ummm the masters of ancient wisdom from our FSE but they are not what they are and i would do a period where.
I was obsessed with this picture right here yeah those two drawings those are of the two guys she claims that were sent but where
dying korean interesting yeah but i don’t wanna say is that my winthrop period during my development
my second was abscess with i’m trying to figure out where is spirit guides where just really wanted to know their names wanted to know everything about them and i think a lot of people who are developer and spiritual go through this phase read you wanna put a label on something you want to figure out something and so i read quite a few books on how to basically get to know your spirit guides are get to know them and am
We’re not just books written by the author himself but the other claim that it was the book is being written
wyd when.
To be like talking about this short of like traffic mohammad saying it’s your nature so yeah i’m super religious yep she is.

[10:07] First mod your personal quest to be claiming that the spiritual projections of psych hi liying like didn’t send it masters uber your guiding my hand as i write this,
as well as spirit is what the other is a lot of people out there i’m what should i listen to books out there like that we’re people.
Read that saying that you’re my spirit guides are guiding me thru writing this since of panic and they’re interesting there’s a few books for you can,
i would like a past life or spirit guides or whatever and it’s like an ice cube and put to much the human aspect where is the gun community should be like a really disconnected from earth
and all but its understand it’s like you’re going through something that it is but i can only understand like.
The concept of channeling a higher being the problem the starving external force right exactly exactly n just for the record like of your spirit guides have definitely.
Have been incurred many many times many lifetimes here on earth now there are more spiritually evolved i’m no longer in carnot and they are the ones who guide you through.
Play life so that’s my what i’ve read and also kinda like my experience so good.

[11:32] Select seaweed about into bed and put contemporary critics and later biography first argued that oslo more all of these foreign visitor perfect t-shirts
and she spent most of this period in europe and met some thing i mentioned earlier that she went to bed right never wanted to bed we do,
later after she is reading this in the book
No modern communication devices raiya unfortunately.
Really polluted excited like cold devices until i can dance like a really entertaining and hey.
Reviews for it also like i can you can tell they have no appreciation for history he’s what’s the weather gets with no sense of irony right.
Hi alex there not big on not know like abstract of the box kind of like drinking or making connections like that but let’s see,
by the early eighteen seventies but i was involved in the spiritual is movement is it starts in europe and she is like hell no

[12:55] Travel safely with him yes i would like three husbands but yeah umm.

[13:04] Travels with him to united states and then it’s this.
Ok if i can find his full name in my notes that henry still yeah lol car he is already like a
rising star slash major authority figure in the new york spiritual reading it like being a foxtrot yes that would be later,
where is jeff will eighteen seventies or not not it would be about that time so um.
Not who did anybody know now that you sing for dylan to go for that but is the spiritual moment is really taking off on the post so more victorian era.
He’s like a major ordeal like when he write something insensitive like the new york times to write as i like it’s kind of a spiritual community of arts to you like bees so you don’t like.
Figure that thing of the day hanging out there so he can like help her get.
Publish to end talking in the eastern united states the same way as i cannot built like cats already and stuff like that and suddenly becomes like an authority figure in the speech let me help.

[14:18] Swear in new york city of chico from red bluff a salt pickle society um.
Get started jumping around my bed frame by the bulletin this profession was involved in spiritual movement although.
Defending genuine experience of spirits list phenomenon she argued against mainstream spiritual list idea that the bodies contact with spirits of the dead.

[14:43] Rom relocating to the united states in the three she defended henry scott steel here’s the deal they say.
Disabled friend and everyone’s like what did they do it just let me know like that’s what that’s what everybody’s wondering because it for the rest of your life he’s always hanging out with them and they’re like the best of friends and we like,
you know when they’re talking to each other stuff like that yes like they’re practically like soul mates and other stuff oh sure but they claim it and contemporary resources.
Are can like to think there was never any vacancy the new hey there was no hanky pinky can sober um it’s kinda cool yeah.
So they were just can’t like kindred spirits in albion intellectual sense of the word right you know they both passion we were believing in spiritual wisdom and spiritual isn’t behind the idea of lakes i could be of the up exactly yeah.

[15:36] He helped turn and got a public attention as a spirit medium i let see.
And they’re obviously uncle during that time there were lots of people around there to debug virtual so she was targeted attacks on that front really shouldn’t
you know i don’t think that you should give your your
one hundred percent faith and me being personally don’t know anything about you know how to write when you can you can dive into it deep but you like she got involved with some different spiritual life groups and performers and stuff and i just like.
Do you know who did not turn out to be fraudulent or making like your photo since i doing fox sister can you understand how i feel she got swept up in that with a lot of other people right.

[16:19] So anyway new york city founded the theatre society without alcohol and william if.
what is
no idea read the whole thing for this podcast but i read several chapters of it as much as i could.

[16:47] It’s not like all the english what’s uo redefinir like shakespeare hard to read but it is like.

[16:55] So clearly someone has abosar is it victoria how enough.

[17:02] Jizz.

[17:15] Ding ding,
fiz fiz,
churches in america have raised fifty three million dollars this year but no refund i know what that number is like now what is my god what is suggested for inflation from the eighteen seventies yeah anyway.

[17:48] You’re talking but how much money they phrase but they can’t fill a spiritual leader in the community and things like that big bitch talking about how.
Your spiritual insight especially science has completely it gets into a very like.

[18:05] Choose a start need she shouldn’t got it dad but kind of limits of like the older religions dead and not a damn thing i don’t work for this modern world lol yeh i sound so modern
she’ll inc.
I want to be religious but not in a spiritual sense really like your product right sense what’s up.

[18:37] There’s a lot of that in there from and he was a good comment i found about it so i.
The book i want to hear sia sa physical world to associate closely with the themes of her medicine and pump.

[18:53] New applies to plant plant plant and it’s okay yeah i’m glad i’m not the only one baffled by that word but your support is gonna make my way to ditch of ask you describe the process of es,
the synthesis of science religion and philosophy which that when you read the book she has part of his words is she trying to come together.
The science of the you know that purely scientific revolution weather just like writing all the low hanging fruit of starting get picked up so it’s like electricity how stuff like that,
just understanding baby like quantum physics actually relates to a spiritual world and light.
Kanye and how the spirit world can relate to the religion world how is all kind me being one yeah yeah and like kinda put the ball.

[19:43] You know i read a book over the break it was all about how close are related science and.
Mr somewhere is furious like there was not a hard line between them until about this time to share the whole idea that there’s like hard separation is like
yeah is a very very modern concept cuz like even the eighteen seventies and eighteen nineties and we talked about this before derby,
chemists where do chemistry demonstrations would be like a sold out event in little amphitheatre like a medical colleges i got an
people moving on would just be like you know it’s like video chat me back the yeah that’s fair so and especially with the education classes until five,
they are super fascinating this nurse like the whole world is opening up to its like wow imagine all these new golden oldies news sciences and optics and physics and grateful right,
fiz fiz.
Word separated enough she’s really a product of that kind of thinking we are you know she base with you spiritual as a type of science sure i can get on board with that.
And he shall cut move to india where the society what is allied with RES omg i can’t do reform movement.

[21:09] That’s a year well we’ll dance a lot of shit and all cat became supposed to leave the first people from the united states to four ml formally convert to buddhism.

[21:19] How was my british menstruation spread rapidly and in the app and experience internal problems after he was accused of producing fraudulent paranormal phenomena uh,
here’s the biscuits that has this i mean just this part of it you can on package like a big thing because,
You know outside your site of my country there are like rolling your red.
Oh shoes and power bring up people in india basin not feel like im getting a car rental in your eyes.
Kind of really absolutely had no.

[22:29] Fiz fiz.
De kamer like tell us about your spiritual what about you really want to learn about your wisdom what are the open ear and open heart rate then.
You are way.
Yeah and you know it take this with a little bit of grain of salt but this could be just the wheel and because i don’t want to buy into the whole like white savior thing where she was like.
Inc gorillaz,
religion seriously again because after being under british rule for interrupting hundred euros never yeah,
the upper classes in india or even just collect well hinduism you know who did the art piece like to see the religion stuff like that its like going to be socially probably mobile your gonna be a tech christianity play back
and you know that that whole culture is it is being controlled from above a buyer for an outside source.

[23:51] Dick.
Or helps is that like i said i want to give me the white savior complex and say the white lady came and how it’s what are some.

[24:01] Hmm.
Appreciate the only like native cultures and religions and spiritual identity and stuff like that of lake where they came from yeah you know remind them that it’s like you know europe.
mmm mmm
you know indian culture and religion and things like that back to america like i said we’re getting that hole like.
Yo like the idea of people being open to get some take off i think until like more like the fifty six east ocean what’s up.
and the whole popular culture it was a term life karma or something like that is interested in like casual language.
Ding ding ding.

[25:24] And like i said the british were just like.
Pissed to no end that this was going on so i’m trying to figure out if i believe a throughout of india africa can find my notes.
On what grounds it was something like that or you were threatening to charge you with something else something like that so whatever remember is she got sent back to the united states.
And all copies stairs and he keeps the information transfer going and keep building on the of the work with the fee is the effects society great like i said internal
internal politics in turmoil within the organisation as well it’s kinda like getting the weather like stretching stuff and pushing stuff too far away,
what the midst of stuff is a little undermined some overtime i try and put them in terms of use key.

[26:12] Diu hin ti ít.
He or she published the secret doctrine a commentary what’s the plan for adrian to batman scripts as well as to further books the key to the office and the voice of the silence who so altogether i think we got,
secret doctrine is 18 88
isis unveiled is eighteen seventy seven with the voice of silence i didn’t read anything about that one so not sure if that was eighty nine and the key to philosophy.
Select looks like a teenager and i just like the last year she didn’t read any writing which makes sense because her
help-desc of getting worse and worse and finally she died of influenza on may eighth et ninety one so how old would that make her post i don’t see where she what year she was reaching 31 18 anyone.
Math is hard it’s sixty something probably should yeah i think so.
68 is thrilling radio with kylie and chris hartman and do it eighty ninety one minus eighteen thirty one.

[27:27] Who is sixty and it’s exactly sixty damn so she was
how its weird to think like my parents or my dad is 61 so think think,
you know me im like oh damn it snow is crazy cuz just like that
just like the way they live you know in that time yeah i think it would like faster because you didn’t have access to get his nutrition in medical resources is only during that era why do a lot of volume.

[28:00] Live action mystery stuff at the
adult pedigree museum here in town and have a lot of artifacts are in the n the rooms i have on clothes from the door in like,
boots for some of these women where is so skinny cause it was so rushed during that time when i cant imagine shes being like that fr,
no just because didn’t have access to all yo it’s seven from group six five,
is the food pyramid the food pyramid the great pyramid of giza got rid of the food pyramid for when i was growing up but the giant block of carbs the bottom yeah i’d like that one yeah,
nothing much do they work which,
socks because that’s what i love carbs so much i know i just love carbs and select car pileup card still but i m allergic to wheat carbs ugly no i just got a socks i just figured that so
kings axe five.
Show me stuff like that i would like to know what kind of rooms just the carbs so.

[29:10] Fiz.
Like running marathons in san antonio anyway after not that physically active there’s no like,
how you know three thousand miles to texas for to find out if i go swim in the ocean okay my parents right now is no llega mi head
i had a great great grandfather who passed away in his sixties and the early nineteen hundreds yourself.
I was like nineteen twenty or thirty that annoys but either way like you know like sixty dollars probably like,
who are quad blend of like the eighties and like being your user name is probably you also does,
that’s that fifty is the new forty right just started in the eighties z that’s very much like.

[30:08] It’s totally based on the individuals experience of health because.
You know all sixty to seventy year olds except are created equal rights is it free right now actually exactly.
So yeah what’s a interesting interesting person for sure i’m surprised i have not.
Heard of her or anyone um that would cover today was just so the sale likely won’t i try to keep myself in a bubble when it comes to.
Researching i need my kids playing stuff like that so yeah now mike mike thank you can read the books that she’s product to see.
Like i said i can’t speak to the i want to but it is unavailable at this very like it’s yeah it’s not that it’s just very.
That would like to see some other especially you can feel like.

[31:06] Is

[31:12] She has forgot she has her clear enemies like someone she doesn’t like me right your going to know right away which is why is that.

[31:21] When will that one yeah oh so.

[31:30] That’s better let’s keep the mother of the mother base with the real life doctor strange the mother of the year called the united states,
yoga know like i think yoga i want to go look into this but i think it’s some point like in the fifties or sixties was like a movement that
it really brought that over kickoff popular yeah but she’s a big part of the lights cultural exchange of us knowing things like

[32:06] Fiz.
Iron fist to come live where the stuff thousand percent
i just told her it was started by a woman of course i didn’t have to take credit for it about a joke
kinda i don’t know there you go i think you are everyone wants again for listening to them what feels good to be back yes finally what is it is,
it is very difficult winter but we r back n not to entertain me with more details at the strange and the weird and hopefully we’ll get our expedition back here for the next round,
like i said the winter spend in tense and busy and i think is the busiest of both of us probably based in right now yeah yeah.

[33:06] How do i thank you very much for listening and we will see you all next time i see if.

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