Macabre Grimoire Chapter 21 Kelly Hopkinsville Encounter, The Goblin “Invasion” of 1955

In the mid-1950s two families in rural Kentucky made headlines across the country when they told police that their home had been approached by small metallic creatures that could not be killed or scared away. The media coverage of the incident helped draw attention to neglected reports of UFO landings and entity encounters and the strange goblin-like creatures excited the public imagination. At the same time however hostile and sensationalized reporting on the incident served to discredit stories of contact with anomalous entities and help direct the veil of ridicule that now surrounds them.

In the fall of nineteen fifty-five fifty-year-old Lenny Lankford lived in a simple farmhouse about 12 kilometers north of Hopkinsville Kentucky in the small hamlet of Kelley. She owned a small farm about 400 meters from each of her nearest neighbors and lived with her son from her first marriage JC Sutton who ran the farm and his wife Aileen as well as her three children from her second marriage Lonnie Charlton and Mary. They kept a few pigs a dog and some farm cats the family had no radio phone or TV and their only water came from a well in the backyard.

On the evening of August 21st, 1955 Mrs. Langford had some guests staying at the house Elmer Sutton, the eldest son from her first marriage and his wife Farrah as well as Elmer’s friend Billy Ray Taylor and his wife June Aleene’s brother Opie Baker was also staying the night for a total of 11 people.  Mrs. Langford allowed no liquor in the house, and no one was drinking.

Around 7:00 p.m. Lyrae went out to the well for a drink of water and saw a bright silvery saucer-shaped object gliding silently through the air it flew 9 to 12 meters off the ground and left behind it a trail of multicolored exhaust the object flew in from the south and stopped over the neighbors field to the north of the farm. It then descended straight to the ground and appeared to settle into a gully some 90 meters from the house though Billy Ray could not see it land through the trees.  He ran inside and told the others that he’d seen a flying saucer, but everyone said to him that was just a meteor.

Within an hour of the sighting, the dog began barking violently, and Billy Ray and Elmer went out the back door to investigate the dog ran under the house with its tail between its legs and the men noticed an eerie glow approaching from the field.  As it came nearer they could make out the figure of a small creature about a meter tall with a large round head resting directly on its shoulders and long arms that reached almost to the ground.

It had huge hands with talons on its fingers and large floppy ears its eyes pointed 45 degrees out from Center and emitted a yellow light. Its upper body was muscular, but its legs were thin and spindly and had no knees. The entire creature was silver in color and gave off an eerie glow in the darkness. The creature walked slowly to the house with its arms raised to the sky, so Elmer grabbed his 20 gauge single barrel shotgun, and Billy Ray grabbed 22 they moved inside the back door and shot it when it came within six meters of the house.

The men claimed that the creature did a backward somersault then fell to all fours and ran back into the weeds around the yard. Billy Ray went back inside with Elmer who gave his gun to JC and grabbed the 12-gauge shotgun.  Billy-ray and JC then shot a creature peering in through the window which also flipped backward and ran away. The men went out the front door to see if they’d killed the thing, but his Billy Ray walked out past the overhanging roof a clawed hand reached down and touched his hair. They pulled Billy Ray back inside an Elmer ran out and shot the creature on the roof.  Billy Ray then noticed a second creature on a branch of a maple tree in the yard and the men shot it they said the creature didn’t fall but floated to the ground so they shot it again and it scurried off into the weeds.

At the same time, another creature appeared from the northwest Elmer shot it at almost point-blank range and said that it sounded like shooting a metal bucket.  Later the men shot another creature on the roof when they hit it the creature floated twelve meters across the yard and landed on the back fence then scurried away when they shot it again. The men gave up on trying to kill the things, but for the next three hours the creatures repeatedly approached the house, climbed over the roof and peered in through the windows.

The witnesses noticed that the creatures only approached in the cover of darkness and did not step into the glow cast from the yard lights. They had two distinct forms of locomotion when approaching the house they walked slowly with an upright posture after being shot however they dropped to all fours and ran away by propelling themselves with their arms rather than their legs. The beings seemed to give off more of a glow when shot and even when just looked at.  There were never more than two of them seen at once.

By about 11 o’clock the group is becoming hysterical, so they piled into the two vehicles on the premise and drove to the Hopkinsville police station. The officers on duty remarked that everyone looked to be in shock. The officers immediately called the Chief of Police Russell Greenwell then notified the Kentucky State Police. Greenwell, two state troopers, and all the witnesses but June Taylor, who was particularly shaken, drove to the scene. The Christian County Sheriff’s Office also sent a deputy sheriff and called the staff photographer at the local newspaper who arrived with his wife. Four military police from Fort Campbell, a reporter from Madisonville, and one or two curious locals also arrived on the way to the farmhouse. One of the state police said that he heard a whining sound like artillery fire and saw two streaks of light flying downwards to the farm. Later the officer claimed that these were only meteors, several other locals said that they’d seen meteors as well at different times.  

The small army of witnesses, reporters, police, and investigators converged on the farmhouse and flooded the scene with light. The witnesses remained outside while Greenwell led the investigators in a search of the house yard and some of the surrounding fields, though they saw the evidence of a firefight, they found no evidence of the creatures. However, Greenwell and others found a small patch of grass by the back fence that was luminous at a certain viewing angle, which was later suggested to be a type of bioluminescent fungus. Greenwell who had his own UFO sighting in 1952 believed that the witnesses had seen something strange, but he had no proof of anything investigators began to leave once it became clear that there was nothing left of the creatures and by about 2:00 a.m. the exhausted witnesses were finally free to sleep.

Around 2:30 Mrs. Langford was lying on her bed with her head towards the window when she noticed a light from outside, when she opened her eyes she saw one of the creatures peering in with its claws on the screen. She alerted Elmer who shot it in spite of her protestations.  More shots were fired in the next two hours, but the creatures were not deterred. They showed no hostility whatsoever and never once attempted to enter the house, only to look inside they were last seen just before dawn around 5:00 a.m.

Later that morning investigators returned for a more extensive search of the grounds, and the story hit the news. It was first reported by the local radio station WHOP in their early morning broadcast, and their news reporter interviewed the witnesses later that day. The engineer and announcer arrived the same day with the station owner’s son he spoke with Lankford and the Sutton women and drew a sketch of the creatures based on their descriptions documenting the witness’s earliest recollections.  He later did two more drawings based on the men’s suggested Corrections.

Over the next few days, newspaper and radio reporters poured into Hopkinsville from Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  An officer from Campbell Air Force Base arrived on the scene after hearing WHOP’s coverage through the Public Information Office denied that there had been an official investigation.  Green will also claim the two men arrived from Standiford a commercial airfield. Despite the attention, the family declined most interviews as did most of the neighbors.

Some neighbors, however, claimed to hear gunshots and another saw lights on the farm shortly after Taylor’s sighting.  Investigators found nothing not even a footprint of the little creatures but other forms of evidence went undocumented. For example, there was no effort to collect the bullet casings littering the house and yard on the second day after the incident. Project Blue Book the UFO research group of the US government put out a press release claiming that there was no basis to the story no official Air Force report and no investigation underway. It is now listed in the blue book files as unidentified; still, the media coverage created a buzz and drew sightseers from the area people drove into Kelly in such numbers that parked cars lined the roads for nearly half a kilometer on either side of the property and crowds of visitors surrounded a house.

For days entrepreneurs wanted to set up merchandising booths in the front yard, but Mrs. Langford turned down every offer and never appeared on TV or radio after the WHOP interview. She put out a plea in the Kentucky newspapers begging people not to visit, and she repeatedly called the State Police to clear away to sightseers.  

Much of the reporting was inaccurate and often hostile especially in the National Press, reporters referred to the unknown entities as little men and exaggerated their number and intent a few papers said that there were 12 to 15 of the things and most described the event as an invasion despite the creatures non-violent nature.  Out of state papers refer to the creatures as little green men a term used in Orson Welles War of the Worlds broadcast even though no one had described the beings as green.

Despite the flippant coverage from governments and journalists the case received at least one thorough investigation. In June of 1956 Isabelle Davis, an investigator with civilian saucer intelligence spent four days in Hopkinsville with a follow-up ten months later she spoke with Glenn Ian Aileen the only two cooperative witnesses as well as met with the neighbors a few reporters and the three police departments on the case. Davis also later obtained all Air Force documents on the Kelley Landing case which showed that the commander of the air technical Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base home of Blue Book, requested information on the incident in 1957 after learning of Davis’s upcoming report. The reply confirmed that a reserve officer had visited the scene but made it clear that the higher-ups didn’t believe in saucer landings.

Davis produced the definitive report on the Kelly Hopkinsville incident in “Close Encounter at Kelly” which was published by the Center for UFO studies in 1978.  The case has no easy explanation. Most UFO sightings end up being explained as misidentified natural phenomena such as planets and meteors but it’s impossible to account for the Kelly Hopkinsville goblins with any natural causes. It is extremely difficult to believe how any person object or animal could have been seen and shot at so many times and for so long a period and still be mistaken for a shiny floating goblin. Still the debunker Joe Nickell has suggested that the creatures were merely great horned owls defending their territory, how these owls survived multiple gunshots is left unexplained.  Others have suggested that the event was a hoax many investigators found Billy Ray Taylor to be an unreliable witness and accused him of either exaggerating his story or of hoaxing the event outright, other witnesses, however, showed no signs of exaggeration or of attempting to capitalize on the encounter. Lankford in particular was considered to be an unimpeachable witness by all investigators even if Billy Ray or some of the others had invented their parts of the story it seems unlikely that all the participants went in on the hoax together and kept up the ruse for the rest of their lives after all they gained nothing from it.

A few days after the encounter the Suttons put up a sign in their driveway demanding an admission fee with additional fees for pictures and interviews.  The papers took this as a sign that the whole story had been hoaxed for profit, but only Billy Ray was seen to have collected payments. Everyone else just wanted to get rid of the visitors if the families contrived the story to make themselves rich and famous then they almost completely failed to capitalize on an ideal situation at the same time.  

There is also no physical evidence to verify the eyewitness accounts not even claw marks on the ground or the houses corrugated iron roof. Still the ground was dry and hard and even the investigators left no prints on the scene, what’s more, the witnesses showed clear signs of shock and terror. One of the medically trained investigators who rode to the farmhouse with Billy Ray measured his heartbeat at 140 beats per minute twice the normal average.  All but one of the 11 family members saw the silver creatures for themselves investigators found no signs that the witnesses were intoxicated in any way and had ruled out drug-induced hallucinations.

Whether they were physically real or not the little goblin creatures left their mark in popular culture as did the people who saw them.  The entities inspired many movie and video game monsters including the monsters and critters and gremlins the Pokemon Sableye and the farm invasion scenario in the popular Nintendo 64 game Majora’s mask. Reporters use of the term little green men caused a revival in its popularity and forever associated it with cases of alien contact.  Kelly now hosts an annual little green man festival that embraces the stereotypical image of the green-skinned alien, though it pays homage to the encounter, the witnesses themselves and especially Billy Ray the most imaginative reteller lived on as the basis for the stereotypical UFO witness. A southern gun-toting country boy with a meager education and a wild imagination.  Despite the negative spin the case helped to bring reports of entity encounters into the mainstream media and compelled the US Air Force to acknowledge them. People everywhere had reported seeing unknown entities since the summer of 1947 and there was a wave of entity sightings across Western Europe in 1954.

Whatever happened that night it’s clear that the witnesses felt it was something wholly unusual.  Hounded by tourists and afraid if the beings returned Lankford sold the home within a few months of the incident and everyone did their best to move on. The Kelly Hopkinsville encounter became an instant classic in UFO lore. The strange goblin creatures have inspired many pop culture monsters, and the families that saw them became the basis of the modern stereotypical UFO witness anyone who thinks that only gun-toting hillbillies see UFOs and aliens owes a lot of their bias to the media’s coverage of the events at Kelly Kentucky in 1955.

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Macabre Grimoire Chapter 21 Kelly Hopkinsville Encounter, The Goblin “Invasion” of 1955
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Beyond the boundaries a reminder just passed the glow of the fire and the corner of your eyes you will find edge case would.

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I want to play with a what see are you can join us today,
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[1:40] It’s been too much time on the other podcast let’s see
you can be fire if it’s very so it’s like the basis for a lot of that’s for sure if they were gonna win the most famous in cartersville time be kelly hopkins dillon collier,
also noticed the goblin invasion of nineteen fifty five for those of you who vaguely remember hearing about this this is the one with the.
Bread next fight off a bunch of goblin is all over the house with shot guns.
Let’s go to leave when i needed remember the name of this incident,
so i type rednecks shotguns got into google and if product like first hit right away i’d imagine a very hillbilly the rings are there you go that’s the.
I’d like that yes,
so that’s enough to get the store here in the mid nineteen fifties two families enrolled kentucky may headlines across the country
when they told police that their home approached by small metallica creatures that cannot be killed are scared away,
media coverage of the incident helps draw attention to.

[2:53] To neglected reports of us are planning in india ka address and strange goblin like creatures excited the public imagination,
at the same time however hospital and sensation lights reporting on the incident served its credit the stories
have contact with my accent and helps to direct the delivery to cure that now surrounds us outside of a counter stories so i just starting off,
why is it every elon is metallica.

[3:25] Everyone we read about orange glitter a letter creature or thing is metallic will so far we’ve only covered once from like the fifties and not so that’s a thing with them.

[3:37] No ufo was it will get in to a grand master thesis of what all hi strange mrs,
about like if it’s like psychic entities and not so much failures in the world is like here like humans experience or explain are creatures that like assume forms based on the time period,
how are the whole thing about that and we’ll get to it it’s important here but for today’s purpose these are.
This is fifty euros i can keep things pretty normal so the creatures they encounter tend to be metallic it instantly can be very industrial and coming to craft and,
so i think that would attend the roots of this to find out that time period what could you take to make things appear metallica.
Yeah that’s true umm i am guessing that the,
people who discriminate the story the one that they would point to not feel the gentle but does the job of you taking up a new shiny would suggest was involved,
however i keep in mind what this whole story that because they were there but this family with your mom.
Say swear up and down that no one was drinking in the office airs who can o show up later on getting him to myself a little bit,
are you take the reports investigate the shooting and stuff like that i didn’t have any reason to suspect alcohol was involved in the recorded that so.

[5:05] Let’s see if u the fall of nineteen fifty five fifty five or fifty year old when you langford lived in the smiths farm house about twelve
kilometers north of hopkins feel kentucky and a small hamlet of kelly,
she told the small farm about for four hundred meters from the nearest barbers and lives with your sign from her first marriage.
I ran the farm his wife got a dream,
i will let her three children from her second marriage yeah it’s really confusing just know that there’s like twelve people in the house and they’re all like the vaguely related by blood or marriage.
So let’s see if you can get the capital of awesome dogs and cats,
what is that something important to know is that they were poor family are they do not have a radio or tv and the only source of water which is like a local local well pump.

[6:05] So no just to reiterate that,
well well these guys did drink on occasion of their mother and the family family mrs langford allowed no alcohol in the house and that claims that because it with people visiting and stuff like that there was no drinking involved.
Select something that they swear up and down because that’s something that the.
I will get to that the sensational is like east coast the energy threshold dynamic to this kind of role vs urban kinda like.
Stereotype things that comes out of this,
where are there just some hicks that got drunk and saw something so like a lot of the like east coast me to really played it that way and made really like played for laughs.

[6:54] So
Let’s say around seven PM what are the people without food to the welfare drink water it’s a great resource shaped objects lighting silently through the air and it flew not nine to twelve meters off the ground.
I left behind a trail of multicolored exhaust the object flew to the south stop the neighbors fields to the north of the farm.
It to send it straight to the ground and appear to settle to only some ninety meters away from the house.
Billy ray cannot see where it landed a electric through the trees growing inside that all the other slutty the flying saucer but everyone told them that was just me your.

[7:36] Umm intimate if there’s some pictures off in case you dislike wolf nine meters down lol you’re so i can go check it out its like,
did you see the like what’s were talking about very very thick and very overgrown so it’s like what i saw the photo of the actuary of just like i have no trouble believing that,
no one can say anything to that crap.

[7:59] So let’s see can you were the siding a dog began barking violently and billy rate one out to the back door to investigate,
the dog ran under the house with his tail between his legs which is never a good sign greg adam anderson glow approaching feel also never a good sign right is it okay mirror they could make out the other.
The figure of a small creature about a meter tall with large round head resting directly its shoulders and really long arms then reached almost to the ground.
It’s huge paul hands with challenges on its fingers and large floppy ears that ice pointed forty five degrees out of the center of the method,
light RAIL yellow light it’s upper body was muscular but it’s likes within an spin only and it had been nice.
The entire creature with silver in color for uruguay the darkness the creature walks slowly to the house with its arms raised to the sky.

[8:58] Psalm show it so i have to say i just got an image,
and the drawings that linda making the schedules of used god bless is very similar to those from the movie gremlins.
Direct inspiration props that’s what i’m thinking there are a lot of talk that but they were a big part of the inspiration for that yeah if you can try to visualize what looks like a mad wife afterwards giving birth to some water babies.
Yeah draco blossom into this guy is a little bit more heavy on the arms but what am at yeah very much like the grandma and so,
oh spielberg yeah which makes me believe that this is me this is exactly what was the grandma for real,
add movie was just a documentary say yeah yeah what baby while getting together for billy ray’s birthday he gotta.
Or nate box from the chinese gift shop in town jeremy was party after midnight and no freedom that’s true i help you.
Trailer semi from them after midnight.

[10:09] Select see the creature silver color to walk slowly toward house with strawberries and es el mejor club de twenty gauge shotgun.
And blessed in the face of fear a href twenty two moved inside the back door and shot at it when it came within six meters in the house,
create event playing the creature did a backwards summer soul and the next feeling all fours and ran into the weeds around the yard billy ray went back inside with elmer gave is gone to jc,
what is the twenty gauge shotgun and a 22 is not how is the bird shot i don’t know like i want.

[10:44] Is your if your shooting it something in they’re cleaning it making metallic sound and the twenty two is actually supposed to be more direct to the skater yeah,
yes this is how you can tell that were more podcasts from the midwest express where are you located like so why did the government kill them but,
add youtube from south dakota i just said here just like,
well if you were using data match twenty gauge if you would like improve modified spread on that disconnected feeling i know what’s gonna kill shit regularly schedule over the place,
what were the rangers they’re talking of the pattern would still be pretty pretty tight yeah you know 22 can kill anything if you know what you do is pull.

[11:29] But let’s see so me went out the front door to see if they killed at the thing.
What hit what is billy ray walked out past the hang of a claw hand reach down and touch his hair which holy fucking shit right like,
that’s not like that some like aliens like the movie alien ridley scott she tortoise light comes down with a space that’s yours like you.
Yes marriage.

[11:58] Like i would like to joke about earlier tho travis like maybe even for just really concerned about the grooming negative experiences like to go out of your hairline how should i get nicole middle,
billy ray record in the middle we can give you a superior hairstyles for a cure all your diseases but you guys know when the grind whats new movies happening sweetheart who still had mailbox
colour for that in between where they were they time they were indeed,
lets see the witnesses noticed the creatures only approached by the cover of darkness did not step into the glow cats by the lights,
also to stay informed locomotion approaching the house he walks slowly no up past your after being shot and what are they dropped on all fours and ran away feeling himself with large you know front arms,
what are the beginning and seemed to give off more of a glow what are when i just.
Or even just went to look that.
Which interesting you would never wait how would you know the word blowing when you were looking at nothing anyway.
Whenever more than two of them at once which is important because there was a lot of the reporting of the time that was like.

[13:14] Set the weather like twelve of march twentieth men’s stuff like that just like the media they had fun with that latest one all over the place of important distinction the family claims are only ever to the preachers.

[13:28] So eleven o’clock.

[13:31] The group it becomes scary call survey piled into to vehicle on their on the other the two vehicles on the premises and drove hopkins field police station.
That would be fucking cool imagine i mean say what you want about it if you genuinely believe you’re being attacked by aliens and you like to get hub id like a lane cover fire and shit like that would be.
Crazy crazy shit i have to change my pants at the hospital police station in like i mean honestly it’s not real.

[14:06] The gonna be sick and water read and tell them further many believers to begin with i will be out.
Let’s see if so when they arrive tomorrow please chief russell green well,
notify the kentucky state please screen well two state troopers and all the witnesses of jesus who is really shaken up no shit you can see you have a christian county sheriff’s office also sends a deputy sheriff,
there’s just like a whole bunch of people there would like some news that were said it’s just i don’t know what it is about other things going on that like,
you know if anything from the world of you shooting all gather round and swarm around the landing site
that’s bad bad move on your part so poor life choice but it seems like in real life people who were the shit out of a landing site of anything worse.
That’s your opinion it looks in real life your real life like someone who genuinely trusted was like holy shit if there is an actual alien space craft in the backyard,
i mean how could you not go look that’s in the spare jeremy not look from a distance yeah i ask him to just like live stream it on this phone and with me while i would like to get the fuck out of there because i see more of the worlds to me times yeah.

[15:21] Select see the small puppy of witnesses reporters police and investigators conversion of our house flooded the scene with light whip is remained outside walgreens well at the investigators have search the house in the yard,
and some of the surrounding fields still they saw the van so the firefighters no evidence of the creator’s and here’s what i think is important,
ask get to go through this they’re not gonna find any footprints however none of the people are leaving footprints because it’s very dry hard ground in this area,
so that doesn’t really tell us anything especially if you’re smaller creatures and apparently just kind of slowly floating where would i go anyway right yeah if they could float around but even when my hp no longer exists like i want to print shirts shirts like no
there’s lots of times when game does not leave footprints no,
order like really fucking hard to find especially the dark with flash lights and shit yeah anyway.
So i think that’s the important something important to me is that there’s a lot of like fear isaiah about this incident with the twists like a wolf.
Got work defending territory does it mean if you look at the preacher this goes back to the.

[16:31] The lake woods monster of the week we talked about a few are like five episodes ago or last hi stranger miss episode and nah,
if you look at these guys and compare him just like if you look at that creature there is a similarity between them like what i would look like kind of
never seen and running there from alarms off that’s ok that’s what bugs me approach with its so that would mean it wasn’t approaching with its wings up right that was blowing,
yeah i think abt crawling around.

[17:05] That the increase the important thing that kept getting shot at close range with a shotgun and not,
getting killed i mean see what about rednecks good boy is know how to fucking aim so it’s true there’s no there’s no way to tap these guys things a few times and let me know when you,
you know nothing will keep that highly illegal but if you shoot a bird that is similar in physiology to eight am.
Lot of others especially at this close range with the yell on how many u get feathers all over the place when is the soonest the birds got away yen gonna get away like even a simple like a bird
it’s can you do some significant damage at least half like blood and especially father yeah,
you have like scratch marks and stuff like that and a certainly want to make a metallic sound when you shot them a close range which makes no sense or the coming of the one that was on the road coming down and grabbing the guys had it dislike or a yes
i just say how old is to me know especially cus like to know the hours i’ve not opened flight to hello there some people claim that,
great horror novels that have like in this region are territorial if that’s the case then.

[18:25] Why haven’t they seen this before if there if this cabin is like right in their territory.
Where is it you know it’s like animals don’t just like decide this season they’re moving in like around your house raise dave,
they’re very you know set in their ways about like you know the ducks nest in the same like general area of the last season that came thru because its a good area for nesting so.
What can happen but.

[18:55] Yeah i don’t know it’s like i know what’s the best most plausible real world explanation for this great but i have lots and lots.
No i’m pretty damn skeptical lots of problems with the theory is that the metallica had like the metal sound from shooting it.
I think it’s justified.
Who are the red nike people prefer it have a junkyard so you tell what they couldn’t hear that’s true but that’s what this this especially like to see the pictures and stuff this is not,
this is like seventies and eighties like trailer park right.
Not a lot of like a car parts and debris and stuff like that dr from the pictures i’ve seen yet so no.
What the story itself is not over yet so.

[19:46] Basically the way through they search all over the place you can find things finally the you know the please send a witness in stuff all set that you know like water is not coming back tonight.
So this is the part that fucks with me big time is that what clearly you know what it’s like to not coming back out here with spot lights and garden centre theatre showing themselves and bought.
So about two am and everyone’s just like okay screw it where can i investigate the morning without go to bed try to get some sleep.
Two thirty am this life red was lying in bed with your head towards the window.
When she noticed a light from outside which she opened her eyes and saw that was what are the creatures period get with the squad on the screen another thing for like.
How do you get wolf or is it all icy internet video open now acting really weird if i was can be if we were it’s like it landed like,
the hub.
Give whatever window that was open house we had just sat there like rules with someone filling your iphone just like staring at them like the longest time so maybe that’s.

[20:57] What if i don’t register can that doesn’t make any sense no me llega it like you talk about tiffany flight you think just the sound gun show.
What causes them to scatter your being fired is if you know what the wildlife that has survived humans you know pan humanity humanity.
Yeah it’s pretty good i know it’s humans be crazy and to stay away from the boom sticks i mean yeah they will survive by being the dumb ones so i figured albert who shot in spite of protest station,
where fire within the next two hours but the creatures were not get heard that no possibility what so ever and never once attempted to enter the house,
also weird only to look inside.

[21:44] They were last seen at dawn around five AM so what will did say that they avoided the light.
Yeah so i mean i can justify what do i say house i’m just like.

[22:00] It’s so weird chris likes to the weight just like picking and external mic,
what’s what i’m just going with the theory healthcare because the old one is like the most like i said just the most if you don’t believe in this kinda stuff is the most part working best working plausible one but.
Why would do that i don’t want anybody do it yeah we what is going on.
Ok is there snow where i was curious move latest looking for a new place to crash that’s true maybe they’re just looking for a new crib so,
how late morning mistaken meter just landed i’m cutest london so we want to get inside safe.
Yeah maybe they’re just like the balance would he quits monster just another of mine over here got how many years ago it’s a anniversary get it.
Later that morning investigators return it’s too expensive search the grounds and history get the news was first reported on my local station who pee in the early morning broadcast,
amen let’s see other news reporter interviewed the witnesses later that day,
you did not arrive the same day with stations understand and spoke with link for dylan sutton in the sutton women and you are scheduled to creatures based on the descriptions documenting the witness is released for collections.

[23:23] You later did two more sketches based on them and suggested corrections over the next two days newspaper and radio part in hopkins ville indiana kentucky and tennessee,
open office here from the campbell air force base arrived at the seam after hearing about the coverage on the radio on a public information office deny the heat been sent on official capacity so its a lovely little face away.
Um let’s see.
Set the time this is can like one project blue book is going on which is the us project where they’re actually legitimately the air force investigated flying saucer and reports of identify find objects.
Suggested associate this would be right up your alley but they clearly never investigated this um.

[24:11] Did eventually pulled create a file named freedom of information act shows that they didnt like request files from the area around and stuff like that but always got from project blue book is like a single entry that just says this is a,
unidentified incident with myself saying we don’t know what happened rachel but nothing.
Which kind of goes along with that i just give it to chris and samantha moved on so.
What are the reports inaccurate nothing hostile especially the national press reporters refer to the unknown energies ask little man exaggerated number and intent in a few papers set the worst,
they were twelve to fifteen of the things and describe the event invasion despite the creatures non violent nature.

[24:55] Out of state papers refer to creatures little green men term use from orson welles is war of the worlds broadcast you know what i described as being sad screen which way you see a lot of green artwork of these guys because
results are conflicting reports because still having so much fun,
you know making light of it that you know they were just like fuck it and just made up stories which is more blue metallic.
Yeah i get that,
google from this company and despite the flipping coverage of governments in journalists the case received at least one throw investigation in june of nineteen fifty six.
56 is bill davis investigator in civilian saucer intelligence spent four days in hopkins ville with a followup ten months later she spoke with glenn and two.
It only took part of witnesses as well as met with the neighbors and a few reports from the women there at the time.

[25:56] Davis also later empty intent.
Airforce documents on the landing case which shows that the commander of the local area intelligence center at wright patterson air force base which is the home of blue book requested,
not information of the incident in nineteen fifty seven after learning of davis is upcoming report.
Reply concerned that the reserved office visit the seam me to clear the pirates did we even social and things.
So ok so whats interesting to me to shake wired all the air force space is documents and send this stuff over and freedom of information act i suppose technically they hand over everything they’re supposed to hand over everything.
You have to know what existential specifically ask for the thing u gotta navigate the menu shots and even then uh,
yo got it like heavily rejected roof but this staying they don’t care enough about to write which you know kinda follow through with their there’s no conspiracy book just to listening to it,
capture i lisa let me see him yet what i wanna hear all that fake stuff could do it.
So lets see how.

[27:10] Davis produce a definitive report on the kelly how can fill constant and close encounter at kelley which was published the ufo center for rent the center free of studies in nineteen seventy eight.
The case has not easy explanations most beautiful things anything explaining dismiss identified a natural phenomenon such a splendid years,
what are some possible to account for the hopkins goblin has any natural causes
it is extremely difficult to believe how any personal objects are animals could of been seen and shut up so many times and for so long the period and not be mistaken for r b but still be mistaken for a shiny flow than goblin which,
goes back to my statements like.

[27:53] One thing if they just like glance states and shot and it lasts well that was really weird play the cat coming back even like after literally breaking the RBI with those for you know,
Ano mp ng s came out with the police and if i got a little a bringing VR me out with spot lights and crap ugh and it’s two thirty in the king bed,
you know what’s like to know what animal would do that when i don’t know how many you know what this mean kinda like the other what ever.
Yo think how many people out there including the military police and stuffed individuals snapping government agencies but
i want to find something like this because it’s already been rumours and pattie gerrie am sure they’re just going along with it.

[28:47] S plus because we’re gonna be the ones to find that that’s true there’s gonna be a lot of like.
I don’t have no they have some movies and like pop culture and stuff but i don’t have the wealth of like.
Alien invasion trump’s and expecting something good is coming like,
the effect on popular culture where after close encounters of the third kind came out and there anything for the little gray man that you called the grace period buckeyes and just what do you think of when you think what i’m saying an alien right now if you’re in the western world,
what immediately popped when i say that guy um.

[29:24] No one reported daily in spite like that until the movie close encounters of the third kind and want that wench like became a blockbuster head.
I like alien alien abduction story or like a pug free many of them all the summit like.
Mano culture and are healing experiences like everyone that’s the earliest they see now is grace
and i think that it was better than like everybody is the metallica male and so i was just put there more weird point had metallic weird years and is an yeah.

[29:58] So lets see whats up the family didn’t have alot of money than me maybe that was.

[30:04] Abay also who knows yeah in that we get in to the little bit here where um.
While there is a sudden claim they do this because i wanted to be left alone because for a long time it became like a big tourist site to come out
press the family and ask questions in the headlights quarters moving and camping on the grounds and stuff like that where is like wait for dylan to show off your help people are,
so what ended going through a bunch of people on your side news better do it to family and are so.
One point day started saying that they were gonna start charging for visits and interviews and stuff like that and the family said that most the family said that was just to get people to stop coming.
R us like even the mom the meet record of the family she posted several times in local newspapers letters that were just like please stop coming here right which of course like any good marketing campaign immediately made more people want to come view hey
so billy ray who a lot of people like i wasn’t investigators to pursue think it’s a total hoax where they just all made it up and it’s total bullshit,
bigpoint to billy and billy ray’s the one that to,
start charging admission and he want to know if the actually collecting money from people the weather like out there looking for aliens.
Smart smart young um.

[31:30] So what’s the no it a lot of people point to the fact that if this is something the way to capitalize on to like become rich and famous or something like that they did not get that at all,
within like i want to say within the next couple months or couple years removed off the light very quickly removed from the site.

[31:51] I’m trying to find a cure and my notes.

[31:55] Great radio rob reid silently to himself here is jeopardy music.

[32:02] But yeah i’ll put it all but one of the eleven family members that were present that night saw the silver creatures for themselves investigators found no.
No evidence whatsoever that the witnesses were intoxicated anyway and they ruled out revenue.

[32:19] When do the medical trainer vestidos to write out of our house with billy ray then i had opened measure his heart beating hundred forty beats per minute.
Which team twice the normal rate is pretty good so far.
The family may claim the family wasn’t faking it what ever happened they were freaked right out like what ever happened select c.

[32:44] Score marks yeah so to the stage am,
when they were physically real or not for little goblin creatures left her mark on popular culture asking the people who saw them inspired many movies and video game monsters including the popular nintendo sixty four game smh ask,
reporters use the term little green men.
Reports use of the term little green men what’s up in revival its popularity and it’s forever associate with cases with alien contact,
add kelly house no.
Kelly now you know that little town post st annual little green man festival in braces the stereo to put an image of the alien
let’s add more confusion to the like the actual what happened is like a little remember agreement but come look we have.
Select c.

[33:43] The witness themselves especially billy ray of the most imaginative retailer of that lived.
O neh the basis for the stereotypical UFO witness the southern country boy with a great vacation in a wild imagination despite the negative spin the case has helped bring reports,
entertainment commerce into the mainstream help us air force to acknowledge them people
and everywhere had reported seeing unknown energies since the summer of nineteen forty seven and the world when even enter the site ID is across western europe in nineteen fifty four what ever happened that night its clear that the witnesses felt the something wholly unusual
hundred tourists and how did my tuition afraid that is being returned.
Off the family sold the home within FL within a few months they sold the house to get out of there.

[34:37] Which that should be assigned because of their translate do it to make money or whatever and it’s like.
You want to stay there you want to stay on the site if they all failed sell the house they move and they worked really hard to disappear.

[34:51] Frank government made them do it yeah let’s let’s go with the man in black which we do if i’m not saying i’m thinking it’s time to tackles some of the really big,
this is a pretty big one yeah i think it’s time to tackle some of the really big corner posts of the paranormal and black one the weekend you would like to partner on.
I mean.
You know i know the will smith movie i know the stereotype of the man in black a like value not about feelings but if you get an actual mental black stories they are fucking weird and had to actually after the movie i google that,
looking for something about where was met when i came across like oh,
this is partially real yes partially reel and fuck if its really weird.
So anywhere that’s my index into the future but yeah other strange goblin creatures inspired many pop culture monster.
And the family is the stereotypical your fitness anyone who thinks of only got it when i see a UFO for example like the umm.
Edgar the guy from a remote and black it’s like that’s that but the house the state and notre family with the real pick up with the ultimate line of the cowboys spread the thousand percent that’s that kelly,
your fault yeah billy ray heh heh.

[36:19] Snap inc that is encourage you to use more reading and listening on this topic cuz this is just a while when i know that,
astonishing legends one of the podcasts that i listen to that’s what kind of inspiration for this podcast faded a three parter where i think leaving at some of the family members interviewed,
it was like a really in depth like more deep dive that we get on this,
i feel twenty interested like i said this one fast cuz the whole like.

[36:49] Who are the skies where the hell did they come from the aspects of it uh.
Do you know what it’s like nothing makes sense it’s like a hoax doesn’t really make sense based on that information we have.
Our daily encounter really doesn’t make sense ugh.
You know how old she held doesn’t make sense then can make that um,
yeah it’s your hand it’s like it said it’s what they call hi stranger s then this is gets you into the.
The realm of the ohio st i think we should cross breed some of your other channel soon actually doing.
Hey arsenal style cap on caste based on what we are talking about.
Maybe blew it real yeah somehow i think that’s a little more jaded now what is that.
Hello i didn’t spend the day watching the newest so you know i think there gonna freaking hurt me to watch the news reports are gonna go up.

[37:49] Yeah i mean how many people actually news now from social media how many people think the onion post cereal is a lot of yelp
let’s go say you know how many people have had like think the girls have liners headlines yeah exactly i read those comments can be very serious yvonne and record the next three common strains understand this isn’t real
it’s a satire it’s like you know adam who runs that site cool guy,
i can’t wait to have another podcast episode at some point but.
Ya he can put some netflix headline outfits like this headline are your number one source for everything you are a frequent comes up in the link yeah.

[38:31] But anyway that is the kelli hopkins field operations
ah thank you so much for listening i feel like what we do here at the podcast please leave a review wanna itunes soundcloud stuff if wherever you were get find podcasts i think,
opioid know that you stand for god that the listening definitely i reach out to us so we can prove that you real and a support to you guys really want.
Kitchen the community absolutely it will totally we will put you up so you want a suite at the downtown holiday at a few regardless
we will cook you up it’ll be a connection in town yeah he’ll be good looking for you you know i’m saying this and i will fucking show up with this type of who to pay for this can you tell me how long it all just yeah
just discussion here is the origin for the orson welles we just talked about the invite him in here they are.

[39:26] And of course it will be like oh okay now they’re really committed to the bit of convincing us of the guidelines of late hello guys my posting on instagram he’s sitting right here his names terry and steve were here the road.
Hush will take you for listing everyone as that we will see you next time.

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