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Sioux Empire Podcast 139 Mitch Bartlett From Sioux Falls Central


Sioux Falls, Kansas? How climate change could change our weather

Drunk driving arrests drop after Lyft’s arrival, but are there really fewer drunk drivers?

USD law students change party theme after ‘Hawaiian Day’ deemed ‘culturally insensitive’

Jim Sideras

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Interview with Mitch Bartlett From Sioux Falls Central

Sioux Falls Central was launched by Mitch Bartlett in January 2018 with the goal of providing useful and unique information to folks visiting and living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Upon searching for things related to our awesome town, I found the results to be lacking. Often results were just copied and pasted from some other website with generic information with little to no context.
I also found our city to be lacking as far as sites that invite citizens to share information and opinions.
I’m looking to change that with this site. Please join me in this journey by engaging with this site. You can also contact me if you wish to share ideas, posts, or promote something useful.

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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Switch on fire podcast one thirty nine bartlett from sioux falls central
yo are you from here from the palace of civilization white guy on line you can live in south dakota require fortune seconds without glittering mile high was stolen
kings on the interstate your red car have a problem with your shirt.

[0:26] Music.

[0:55] Hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic episode of the podcast,
this is the empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcast the tell about so im pie your newest comedy music and culture i am your host robert mailing and join us always a co founder of glover.
Like my shirt i believe that we can iron out these issues with north korea.
We just have to get on there will plates or also with us glad to have back natasha st,
natasha rae what’s my age she got married recently so happy anniversary and happy six month anniversary then congratulations how are you the cheese man doing,
doing great me and she’s with also i also joining us is mitch bartlett from sioux falls central how you doing mich bad
let me hear awesome well uh we’re gonna talk with mitch a little bit here but first we’re gonna drive straight into this week’s headlines.

[1:59] Music.

[2:19] You guys are hurting the global warming thing right.
How do i get so sorry i can climate change pick up some snow right now so therefore this song is not a condition show some fucking hell yeah if you like the sun goes down and then is gonna come back up i don’t know cuz i can’t see it
that’s why we know it was ever real rap the sun goes and a spiral or a circle up and down this this.
Lying in the middle and the.
Nasa which means lies it means lies there are there map for native or whatever this is.
Record in plain sight or thought you read these conspiracy by no wake wake up people whatever you want your podcast to design with you.
After that alex jones interview this week i’m kinda like yeah i’m here my that wasn’t going down a rabbit holes that were just.

[3:18] Oh my god my entire brain is ranked no,
it’s really like theres things you just shouldn’t invest eight hours and two milks no consecutive where you end up as a crazy person screaming on joe rogan about like the frosting game for you don’t,
and your just.
Crazy person screaming about without the income to do anything with it on your neighbors are watching in the local law enforcement watching very closely for warning signs when my ex.
There you go.

[3:54] First i expect so let’s get to work firsts first story here which leading it that i can not go but warming anymore now like climate change with my my bad that’s not that’s not the.
Keep with the kids anymore to say that global warming that i am send the phrases to change it they are they are with the younger flick with young people you see so i gotta keep up on that lingo.

[4:19] Yeah yeah love to changes man there’s a reference to get more your time,
anyway so according to a paper published and forehead yes are we for climate change is real doesn’t know either hot or clammy,
i didn’t ask that where i’m at but that’s ok started it is gonna go into the story
pitching let me explain the story first of the list according to a newspaper published in the journal of nature communications by researchers from the university of maryland and north carolina state university
Within fifty years we will have the climate of and they have like a lion on the map showing cuz it’s basically like the heat levels will go up from out from the equator so basically you’re saying,
and fifty years we’ll have the climate of what was kansas
where ya someplace some where place in the middle of kansas and so that’s what can i wear a base layer saying that the weather patterns working haven’t fifty years as opposed to the weather patterns we have right now which.
Really at this point i feel like she roll the dice that that’s the way i was going to ask a sandwich roll the dice because we have nothing to fucking lose on climate really except.

[5:42] Cancel my creating into the article in its latest thing all those terrible stuff like terrible fan because of the you know you’re gonna die lilien was like not like what farmer’s anything button to
just tell kristina and back but anyway hahaha.
So you know i was gonna on board with with some of like the idea that its warming but then the article remind me at some the consequences of us getting that much warmer here could be like twenty degrees higher,
so first off
ice storms rather than snowstorm twenty frequent and honestly i would rather have the snow storms on the light freezing rain and ice storm warnings that shit my while i white balance light or anything on card ko
i can’t do that shit all other ways like breaking power lines and shit i can’t stand that can weather.
So lets see ive the other thing that to get harvest season is little earlier which are much earlier gas which is like.
Play with that is i remember harvest service going like super super late and yet so that means planting season is like a really to dislike,
don’t weaken it doesn’t sound that bad but here’s where to get me turn lights an poisonous spiders suggest a brown and black widow.

[6:59] I would have at this region because because right now the cold is what kills those fuckers off so.
I’m thinking we go to cool the earth if he likes stage a nuclear winter somehow india and pakistan get cracking up an like a lower the temperature that even colder here to keep the like
that shit south be great there’s a reason that i don’t live in florida and it’s fucking reptiles than you know what
there is a way to kill them cold butter bastards and as always a good go to florida and always hate it’s like
i sweat like i could be like in an air conditioned building like in florida and it’s like everything is so you wanna just like
all the time i dislike the last time i checked they were having like swamp fires too so like downtown orlando was just like smoke like
grandma almost can see your hand infront your face like sick and i just i left est natus toner dislike,
florida is now florida so.
Burning swap for the slowly sliding underneath a blanket a total waste land so i don’t want that i don’t want that and i don’t want the much higher humidity they say we have if you would like kansas so um.
Driving previous i guess its what is the moral of story i dont previous will keep it cooler.

[8:17] Um ok let’s book what would ya well about that but i think my finger i think grant statement here is the climate change is bad.
Yes you heard it here definitively i mean it’s been debated all over the country but you know the podcast here definitively tell you that climate change is bad.
For me and wanted to wear warm everywhere and reptiles being everywhere because like i think i have been back since i was too it’s not for this reason but there is a reason that i want to go there and that’s suicide never used any certain that.
Tony got ahold of the snakes getting on the guys jump thing that happens all the time two or three stories so yeah happens like every day then because if you hear about that many i don’t know man i ask her about it and you know how crazy people.
Help crazy people from florida or anywhere it’s like just imagine the cradle i could imagine a map in the us and there’s a crazy line,
i just like sliding further north it’s because of the reptile brains in like they’re so saturated in this one pocket item we always go with my moms theory that the cold dislike the stupid ones that wonder
up north is like what you talking about what people understood,
my moms a favor to the site also a great sleep goodnight girly i was one of the good ones me this is killing of a person.
Based on your template there temp.

[9:47] I never mind anyway from your site and stare into the genocide that joke was needing to no could you call it a genocide of your bathing in a puddle where the people prefer to live like this one
that’s like the definition of the huge and white plane,
let’s go it’s coming in with social darwin something anyway i think we understand for sure it’s dead horse and ed reptiles today so funny the next story,
it’s a story about keeping people alive and it’s right here in sioux falls this is all about how drunk driving arrests drop after arrival but are there really few drunk drivers question mark the argus leader asks,
so for the first time in years the city’s police officers were close to making fewer than a thousand rests for drunk driving ultimately the city finished just north of that but just so one thousand nine for the entire year,
yeah he effects there it’s like just extra beat those guys and i like drunk tank cus u know they do,
you know they do why don’t think that but i think the day should be a little bit more seemed ok yeah,
are we are we talking shit anderson just like she just like all cum on now we talking shit and game of thrones style would like for them to walk through the streets would throw things at them and facebook live yeah yes that’s the equivalent disney.

[11:09] Switch weight not nice that’s terrible what’s the indoor seating.
Ok about that number represented the lowest in more than a decade and according to the argus leader analysis of arrest date was the twenty three percent decline in the average number of arrests made for driving while impaired since two thousand seven.
When please made one thousand five hundred thirty seven.

[11:35] So it’s significant but if you click in the article and the look of the year to year numbers the numbers between two thousand eleven.
Are like twenty eleven it was only like one thousand like nine people and then next year it’s like.
Turn always like the year before was almost like two thousand people in the us after it was like a drop of like four hundred DUI arrests in one year and it was like way bigger than that so i’m just like so,
it’s like it no i went into this thinking that there must be real if you know like being very not skip to walmart and all like not.
Not dumb about it but being like now i believe it left in a reducing that number but then u see the past number is like it’s actually kind of like a pretty regular flood situation.
Are there.
The white stuff so maybe that thing is gonna blow without a story or like we are getting very close to send this part numbers and the other thing they were saying is that it was at the same time that.
The grant money for saturation patrol and downtown for a DUI dropped off so that’s that reduced while left came into effect then they had the.
Same effect as if they had f way more grant money to pick up people thats my first question is,
between the year dinner with two thousand send this year how many you know coordinated other stops were there for drunk driving in that year and.

[13:04] I’d be surprised if there wasn’t released y no era a significant number more in the one with.

[13:13] I think that’s gonna be a factor huge factor sure.
Anybody else have any input on that before we would like to see the numbers for nine.

[13:25] Umm plain and stops at check points just that that would tell you something but that would be interesting.
Is it yeah its curious because it didn’t have those numbers and the article but it dislike,
you know me wonder how much the saturation patrol for actually what picks up the how much mr.
No send address be honest and to follow you can find if a policeman wanted to find
twenty drunk drivers on a given day they probably good yeah we’ll to make me out about this article i think your talking with one of the lift drivers was like.
Basically gave someone a lift from a bar to the home and then three hours later if that same person back to their carpet like in bring my car home.
Things like she’s clearly still like intoxicated and just like bringing you back together party and then there’s a quote from that’s like.
That’s why i just stayed parked in the parking lot and was like i’m glad i’m just parked here while she takes of her just like she.
It’s not like a report of all failure like something you should like say something to someone about maybe.
I don’t know maybe it’s against policy to like you know like maybe lift has like a code of silence.

[14:40] Turn it down no okay yeah i’m i my fiance’s lyft driver and so.
I haven’t seen any training to indicate that there is not real good training on.
Ummm she didn’t say one thing basically if you write the person and or three stars you never have to pick them up again.
So there’s that but if you run into a drunk person that i think hes way to the config.
And i have one i mean,
they were smart enough to get a ride home in the first place so and so broke for a little bit longer but the car i don’t know man it just seems like that’s a heavy burden to put on a lift drivers children to ask them i hey.
Yeah these taxi cab drivers that weren’t you know doing this before.
I would never talk me know congratulations your almost officially like please send form as well as with season four minutes please.

[15:44] Negotiate dinner ideas players like mean dvd go ahead with it after freezer when do the interrupting assistant.

[15:55] Just know that i have.
More than i would like you know experience with a drunk driver while they were no other people.

[16:11] I don’t think you should you of course you know like title kind of thing if it’s a long will this person he was.

[16:21] No they sent home and then they came back like u are you doing the breathing test on the person but at the same.
Can you get out in the home life long for shipment blah blah blah and fun stuff that everyone already knows about.

[16:41] What are the same time i don’t want them on their home bothering me,
need ingredients again so you think i should report them but not you would a think they should be shot with certain camera for.
Orange red blazer with big order pizza or something i miss day of training with your site are what.
Just sad that again but no spanking or a streak of your lyft driver.

[17:17] Please clippers out there that’s true but that’s a whole other holder can a worn inspired when i here to talk about VR february is over,
passengers were here to talk about it whereas the roof be reduction of drunk drivers lol not really because like you said.
When was that anytime i can go out there and possibly over and this gonna be sunny drunk driving right now to purchase your driving yeah for sure.
Probably twenty five lbs so bigger car in the morning gonna take out.
Hey yes.

[18:01] Yeah hey is there a better route but snow is fucking drunk driver can apply for you,
yeah that’s we’re going to the nineties model of vehicles where everyone just drives are bigger and bigger vehicle to the point that once driving like a super fun tank around.

[18:22] Fender bender is like all that’s okay in my car for like,
you know in a while so that’s fine i make her husband uses but you enemies of gas is less than a dollar a gallon it’s glorious,
what’s your mileage zero city highway one themed nineteen seventy four plymouth fury he’s a house,
yes i will second from the nineties some of those gas mileage it was so my folks excursion the ford excursion that i was the one the was like whatever they do and news report about how shameful american wasted like.
But consumption was it was always like the ford excursion was the example seems like i love it it’s so nice for someone to room with room for all the grandkids,
turn this jury it’s interesting that you said that because i’ve actually drove very because my
sisters first husband was turning it into we are never for that so before i was.
Turn into that i drove it for a second and calm and there so he said don’t worry there’s no sleeves you don’t need a man the other people.

[19:37] So the next story of got on here it’s just a quick one the usb lost in the change party theme after hawaiian day was deemed culturally insensitive
so i don’t know if you’ve heard much about this but the student bar association of the UST law school change the name of the event to beach day.
University director of marketing and communications in university relations to use a title and send them to.
Law schools and administration advisor to use little words anyway hahahah basically but still wanted the hawaiian party.

[20:16] And someone filed a complaint saying it was racist so
now i know that the beach party and the kids officially distribute less likely up on a bitch that can’t officially distribute them
but there is also no rule that no one can show up early no one can like not wear during the part is like
it’s it’s nice nice usd give them at that measure freedom that they like,
we want to tell you exactly what you must wear during this party i’m just like services can be adventurous like the town from footloose was just like
no no no dancing no singing but music is forbidden here twenty years ago they give me photos reserve seeing and they’re actually this is a trap and may,
take photos of the individuals that showed up in la xanh
show u anything or when they’re like careers to apply but i can run for gov they wont come out like.
Lion shirt day at work i guess anymore i know i get a tropical shirt out where does the exhaust have to come over t-shirts.

[21:22] Search just like it just PC is running but i noticed it especially because like allegis later,
legislature had another one of these like campus freedom of speech bills or whatever that is usually unlike,
oh come on let’s have some real issues and no i dont really care that much about progress collect this kinda makes that guys point a little bit,
because that’s try that usually pass that that bill and it wants again feel this year from i’m ordering next cycle if that’s something that’s going like come up i love the phone case by the way thank you so
mitch has a phone case that looks like an original nintendo controller is everyone asked me if i can really play
the lender wanted but it looks cool but i gotta for me nice.

[22:07] So the moment that everyone’s been looking forward to hear um.
Jim harris who so before fire rescue chief well come on guys if you’ve been on social media the internet in the area you your know what’s up here
so not just serving day in jail hes connect with basically no prison time.
Gets like sixty days in jail but he can serve it uh on house arrest on electronic monitoring so we believe not see the inside of sell for.
No child pornography,
will the same time and this is the meme that exploded that everybody on the empire page shared and like reacted to is the image of the front page of the argus leader from yesterday which was the giant headline about sara serving no jail time for
go try and then right next to that is man sentenced to ten years in prison for small amount of weed.
Yeah right next to each other but i was gonna say was i mean so he was given a suspended six years sentence and six years probation so he’s voyages likely is it that you do that
six years no i mean yes i told you that’s not where i go but so it.

[23:32] If i mean hopefully it be cool if you didn’t get in trouble because you know that more punishment but.
What’s my big thing it’s like if you are anybody did a crime like that and rightfully so i get something like that you know they throw the book at you.
When is that the sky is like connected he probably like ghosts with the judge or some shit otherwise no one to talk they technically should’ve moved out of sioux falls.
Are you know like change adress direction whatever because of the desert thing that does suck to code in just think that since it’s a small stay with a small population that if they know somebody well,
do you know where the another job so they really don’t recognize that you are because i myself am with the case open with that,
new the person who is suing me and speedo that’s that’s a conflict of interest to be the judge of that you know.
When was star wars what happened so he’s so big and the he deserved.

[24:40] Sex or the said child pornography dude was also given you know that one hundred eighty days in jail with a suspended select hundred days.
So that’s just like so i’ve been in jail in south dakota and i uh i have a felony.
Play i heard that i was sentenced to two years in jail and two years probation ummm.
Who are you living in reckless driving now i there is some other high getting get a lawyer refuses fucking idiot nineteen things like that.
That word didn’t have a case but at the same time i know i actually sat a year in jail over that um.

[25:24] And yellow anyways like im probation for.

[25:31] Do you know two years on top of that where i had to do breathalyzer every morning and night and if you didn’t if you missed once then you had to sit the weekend in jail or whatever,
did matt are you,
i had been awake between six am nine am and six eight six pm and six pm the better you know if you miss that time frame if you’re gonna have to sit in jail explain why you madison,
yeah so um yeah that’s that’s common sense you know,
it’s a hard thing to deal with it like that guilt and fear about what time is it i have to go fuck no i did that it’s not you know so if it was def gotten this guy’s not have to deal with any of that but,
sign in it is definitely.
Where u at new life new and travel the marriage is alive um i mean for this great special.
Cuz i mean dats status of so if that means no you can’t even say that it’s is pretty scared for you.
Yeah it’s nice to be golf buddies with the mayor and not this or that the former host computer back when he was they are buddies so.

[26:45] Do you have any vegas plans with a few is the suspect is a petition online to get that charge removed from,
can i buy that the judge but my question is why wouldn’t i know the counts dropped you know that thursday they have him admitting now i guess that he,
just received an image when he was sending stuff and posting stuff and sharing stuff that other people need it be that something is reducing their hair and those instead be like that you could a system working on his,
when is favor that’s ridiculous.

[27:20] Oh it’s just like you know south dakota once again successfully defends his title is the most corrupt state in america
i don’t want any tags we’re at all i just want to commend is here for doing a really good to post code to say that i got you doing is da
jesus christ you doing your job way to well so yeah i guess i like this to whitney
from the argus leader quote from his editorial about it let it walk free in a high profile case what are presence well with low level drug offenders registry questions about double standards there is no doubt that child pornography cases are complex and present proceed to prosecute or hold challenges
but they have a very real an infant leave victims.

[28:14] So yeah a nap right in shining no let’s get to the cafeteria.

[28:21] Music.

[28:39] Will joining us today is mitch garlic from sioux falls central mitch tell us a little bit about yourself and,
what you do sara i’m still jamming out of it um well i dont websites other type been making money off of ads on websites and i’ve been wanting to make gay.
Soooo falls based website for awhile because i just i was originally born in chicago and the quality of sites there in just a little bit better than we are here tonight.

[29:09] Just wanted my vision of what i say should be in this major metropolis of seven falls yes i’m so i’m currently working on that.

[29:20] Very cool but like what specifically made you go like,
i wanna city of sue falls like website what is it about duck hunting or about website building or a blog about you know the speech that lives underneath your house or something,
how will it end see inc lol and there’s a lot of things left out there that in their reporting from a given example they are with us.
Recently unemployed of manager audio.
Sales space like the cars and
cocaine and hookers christ and that and really get covered all that much about it my belief is that me because billion is a major advertiser
We’re sorry but major self sales place in tokyo article.
I wanted something that you know i thought it would be more.

[30:28] Umm i can’t talk about those things that seem to be sensitive and other.

[30:35] Search media locally sure so when did you come from chicago’s you falls about nine years ago can her because it’s a got a job that transfer me actually.
From chicago to yourself was supposed to stay there five years and i like to buy some girl made me stay that.
Yeah say that so we get a lot of people and so we should a track to the outpost told minnesota girls travelling soccer firm let’s see so um.
That’s that’s that’s one example like a story like was being ignored stuff like that where were you think you’re at with the website as far is like,
i need you like i read through it i’m seeing a lot about like you know like food or drink specials or just collect events going on which is cool because.

[31:31] I train myself to put together like in events page or something like that for the empire and.
The sources are scattered all over the place nothing is integrated nothing is good like if you find a good calendar they don’t actually keep it up to date.
Where doesn’t communicate with anything else other so it’s like i am all for that dislike the whole like being able to track its mostly like live events for little stuff going on in each individual like barak like that.
Non existent here which is weird because we’re getting to the size not where we should really have i like city pages ask kind of like something that tells people about what’s going on.

[32:10] Yeah that’s that’s why i’m starting ninety nine i get into the i want to get into the more serious stuff like got what i just talked about but i have a lot of stuff up there that’s food in advance and i think that’s how old.
I think that that’s really important that is really needed so i im trying to suck some people have visitors and via that you know maybe posting daily food and drink specials coupons and stuff like that.
I have you guys listed in the local podcast so you know i don’t know i don’t need to put pictures and then pictures of you guys out there its really dont right now you see but.
I’m there that usc get scots and call.
Who won i don’t know about cuz it is still processing we stock all podcasts the coming of suzanne i keep a gigantic like directory of them and that’s why i am not aware feel free to post.
That’s another thing i am you know that there is a third seems to be lacking a.

[33:08] A place where people can freely blog about sioux falls so i’m also inviting like even you guys and you need to listen wanna write something if you’re a good writer anyone write something about sioux falls somewhere thoughts and really anything.
I welcome you to visit the site is not submit a post kool um let’s see.

[33:31] I mean you can a photo gallery what can i cook in the submission would you be looking for like a full printing this out here is something to be like you know if people are interested in writing stuff what are you looking for a more investigated for you looking for more like what the.
What’s going on entertainment why is everything in my nric i like anything to falls at this point really anything soo falls but what times work best for people of reviews your experience with the business would be nice to your experience just really go anywhere make it work from
Do the most to crawford and going to a restaurant um and i have no idea but the photo gallery section which is kind of.
Umm you know if every site has pictures of downtown you help you wanted something in why are we taking pictures of other areas you know that are.
Everything downtown yeah yeah get that house that was burned out there that was actually business um just.
Little things of conducting a park you know if you get a different view of some false shit that some good shots of the ice storm we have in my blog.
I think these are more interesting than just the same boring pictures of umm you know the courthouse or whatever.

[34:51] One thing that made me to put a collection out there for you free folks um.
This summer you guys should go out and never got a food truck you state fair and total peace on central about it and see where they had.

[35:09] Play ww one man like this new food truck seems like every season every summer so like just even know what the there’s would be nice,
so people make it happen um yeah that’s something that would be cool.
I’m trying to do that as well but it is hard without a large network of people tell me they need a large network or at least like one full time person that’s what stuff for working a full-time job of doing all this other stuff so it’s like
the actual like going out there and stuff like got on from a,
from sioux falls business weekend her hearing if she’s got like full time people of sending them out all these restaurants or dislike a restaurant coverage is awesome man just like i wish i could do that is like
let’s try to think of the last time i ate at a brand new place that just opened that i can never eaten so falls,
which is a shame cause she publicly put out like there’s tennova like every week practically got the opens and us
i don’t got any new ones i am i’m like i’m eating a home run like stuck in a rut with like the same place as i really need a diversified,
morning what i do but i just like you know you get busy and then.
Select one person can take on the world but it off like you said it like if he expanded network a little but that would be nice that your helping a couple people interested who should be helping me out here shortly bye for the.

[36:35] Is there anything you like to read your hand writing are you up can you look at you personally but yo are so.

[36:49] You know how you can go to welfare and go to the funeral the service desk and they fast track which is like.
Your new app for you can finally get a VIP income line at the service desk if that’s.
No something else because everything you do this for me with this kind of talking but without with the person there when the hubby and i would go talk to your brother about the spring but.
No u can go to the pickup.
It like nothing i ordered something for richard of picking up a blanket i want to do my shopping for first two people to leave.

[37:27] How fast can you handle me have your number and rebuilding you.
What’s one call when the user hobby lobby or michaels with one of those kind of things but you know you can go to the pickup thing.

[37:46] Is there already have like an addiction a part on the page weird this is where the introvert people can still get it cooler different stuff without having to go out people,
if that is something yeah,
i actually have a couple of like nerdy places in sioux falls that i’m working on sense i’m gonna be myself because i wanted to look like we were can u game and play d d,
there’s a place downtown somebody just tell me about i couldn’t find it anywhere so.
Add night and let’s also like i’m looking for lists just like that other places for a certain type of person so.

[38:28] How is people thinking that i should just like i have little late.
Monthly or weekly post on um the places that you can order like to go.

[38:45] Human faces were like she already have it at the door and people cannot send my help and go what’s up,
i have one burger places that deliver food if u say so so you know everything that will do not have to go and see people with.

[39:09] Is there a god of recovery yeah okay.
Door dash is here and so far that’s just started here in the UK i think it’s a dollar.
Special for delivery so she can i order alot from lights water and food so i could use for forever and invite is like asking you have bikes what on there yet.

[39:31] Doordash ice record your screen does gilbert i know it does a problem is it basically like that’s the only way other than bosses that the only pizza i order,
any apartment now it’s euros i can actually get it delivery now,
yeah that’s weird truly live in the golden age pricey but climate change to fit.

[39:58] Get the getaway thru for through flood waters september take a rickshaw to get it to me but i get my food deliver here in the dystopian future game and they were live drivers zero belief captain żoliborz close,
i want that don’t worry we’ll have to wait lol ugh miami is like next week.

[40:23] Sometime it’s raining really am pirate father saying i want that sandwich you are there any body haha.
Are you saying you’re willing to pay someone to go to walmart for you isn’t so much.
Let me a bible please accept accept that is if that’s their big finger promoting with the whole like hat with the leggings with all the fun cars from all the different movies and stuff like that if they got that app no where and i thought about trying it where you can just.
I feel your car on an app on your phone set a time that you’ll be at walmart pull up to the curb at like style four and ill just fill your car with your staff and even go i think that’s where all these brick and mortar businesses have to go now it’s you with amazon
yup and that i think that’s what’s gonna happen nobody wants to shop anymore and they will be in a year now and wow deliver,
howdy hi yeah i keep saying no and keep saying i’m going to do that never,
would you ever have to save money like you said of the delivery is five dollars it’s like it actually save me money cuz i wouldn’t spend less on food soon,
flight squad three hundred dollars the delivery from love it especially when the order several cases of water,
fast with this love that new experience water from the tap that’s my joke i made it is not contaminated here.
It’s like.

[41:52] Build up the immunity with what’s on the universe with your magnetic thing it’s not work it’s bullshit that pissed me off in some events.

[42:04] What steve there was shit but no the same place that would ship this isn’t you bring from the us i choose not to.
I have not yet drink it i feel good a few free.
Why okay just takes up too much room in your apartment in less room for ya.

[42:30] It’s human can see where i love him ceiling plastic sense of dislike crumbling up,
you know i 97 those every week it’s just so gratifying that so many women problems,
and your trash can say like to imagine that making the ocean you can do when your significant other is having a migraine no
it doesn’t where should a make the most noise was gonna say that isn’t that is a very specific story that clearly have
help me out but no thats cool so um lists.
Huh coupons to get into the coupon.
I yeah yeah i need to print some photos on there but i just get the information posted share.
So this is probably gonna loose like all audience but as a developer myself it wordpress what is reports you back at okay.
Cool the developers you just rubbing your nipples right now i’m very sexually a.

[43:45] Can i see some comic sans font something good would a new text so,
i would like a new dad taking the fan in this big screen doesn’t show up to well that is a part of it is nothing works to great blown up that much on the screen,
turn screen get bigger than it true that an i need more colors the more photos of seville is a work in progress right now is very.

[44:15] Information,
what information what was your what’s your goal are all like in game with it like when you consider it like fully up and running or are considerate like you know this is what i was shooting for lunch but network.
I don’t want to contribute to at united i just i don’t want it to be just all me about my interests i want.
My favorite place where people can feel it freely blog about sioux falls.

[44:46] Find people would be great to get maybe a thousand messages today would be great as well nice.
Yeah i mean if i think the list so strong way to go getting there the different amenities and stuff like that just like when you moved here there’s nothing.
Like that available at all desperate.
If i science the album officially super bowl sunday the website it’s like god will that thing is there anyone have an RSS feed i had the like.
Play sleep you know create my own monstrous need to pull news articles from there automatically and link broken yeah yeah.

[45:25] Supportcentral human gets know that we do just a governmental said yeah other pages redirect properly.

[45:35] We have a functional website it’s not ninety fucking method
yeah we anything to do with the government whenever they make websites and since i nearly choked down that what’s they spend a fortune like this last redesign from like four years or whatever
that was quick rain and ii know they spent like concert i remember scott and restaurants spending,
you know skylar swimming scott she just bitched about how much they spent on it so you guy know every day with the color before because south dakota blog was just kinda like they spend on business penderaan this who’s your souce
to get yeah yeah when the city goes out of state to hire people.
False not saying it right but the others still the other is it.
But anything else that you’d like people to know about sue fall central and what year of what you’re open accomplish with it.
I had just please contribute if you can um i know we have the reddit that that works pretty well but you know if something doesn’t fit on the reddit board.
When are you wanna write more words if you were it if you are not an like.

[46:59] Contact me looking touch very cool you know i know its dislike.
I don’t like that the entire we tried to do like blogging for lunch at like i was actually like the pain contributors and stuff like that and it’s just like,
could never display ads vs what i was paying them you could never make it like works if it’s super rough,
calm and i still no it’s like nobody in town here yet has found like working model for like the blogging part of it since i think it’s gonna have to be some kind of like cold.
You know just interested in the community kind of light.
You know volunteers am as much as its gonna be like a business model but its something that needs to happen we need black guy.
Yeah we need a city pages basically moved here last week who fault doesn’t have a main street area of square.
Rate your interest yeah yeah other times square account square inc square with the words looking for work so this could be kinda like that.
Landing to have attached to him.

[48:13] I’m going to break again about what’s in rapid city is gotham main street square is called st square and everything.

[48:22] Yes rabbits is very lovely and has the black wheels anyway to have it cuz they have their culture is like just getting there in two thousand eighteen.
Where ya having it since your like the black user just boleh fb stalking.
She went down the just feels like and they’re nice people here.

[48:45] Banana in two thousand nineteen its more like a car ride to the freaky place scott some smart cool people that are doing weird things exciting things happening here.
It’s not like it was in the nineties was just like soooo falls like my early college career like around two thousand one.
Asu falls and its like that in a while i left the state for ten years and came back and is like holy shit to falls actually has like.
Technology companies like biomedical and stuff like that it’s like down so we’re moving and with those growing times we need some growing amenities like a good blog that lists all the shit.

[49:26] Turn down some news thanks we do without feeling healthy is impotant in yet.

[49:38] Try to anyway with that i think it’s time for shameless products via podcast too proud to present this weeks shameless plugs,
so mitch this is the part of show where you get to have your own soap box and just tell people
it doesn’t have to be central but tell everyone where they can find you lol what projects you got going on social media urls anything like that events.
I feel free just tried plugging away well misunderstood bartlett on twitter dot com and his personal blogs.
I love you daddy what else what else i also try and check the pages dot com which is a how to technical blog feel free to visit that if you take a person.
I order you pick up for me on facebook much but not my real name.

[50:32] It’s not some kind of artistic is no it’s.
It’s not like printer wanna hear your real name is like fun food like the artist known as metropolitan the.
I think that’s it.
Very good that asha do you have any shameless plug this week despite two thousand is a chor school picnic.
Pick me very cool of the most points this week where is the place you,
uh for central and maize for being here um i don’t normally do this but i have to do this because i m just can’t do this but.

[51:18] If you thinking about a new dentist i have to say don’t go.
File for ssi land so you guys are crazy they’re um i go to a nice place over by a um minnesota dental sophie looking for a really great dentist go there not the other place

[51:40] They did bad dip that’s because bad school some things i do this on your from central article.

[51:48] You know maybe i can be added to the hallway on sunday
my fiance was not driving she has time right side is a good writer how much should a difference has two episodes of the upcoming my shameless plug segway other podcasts are sci-fi horror fantasy anthology audio drama podcast that will be coming out this fall
like to send your fiancé he has written two episodes of the fourteenth that will be in season one i’m proud.

[52:21] Let’s see a update on that we have chosen the narrator
our auditions are over we had like something like thirty six applicants by the time it was all said and done so but in the end there could be only one and she could have potato the others so i,
did it die slip up and say she it so that’s gonna be a surprise to a few people but its a female narrator you can learn all about in the coming weeks but we’re actually recording the trailer and the launch date announcement
trailer for this weekend in studio so look for that
and then in the coming two weeks be sure to watch out for our general casting calls which is gonna be for like sixty different parts that we need to fill it so
you got new characters every episode so yeah i definitely did not realize how big of a commitment and yeah.

[53:18] Yeah a task i was telling myself up for not casting anthology series so yeah i won’t be yeah what’s the word sleeping much further.

[53:29] Four months so anyway so netflix and see podcasts
what biting off more than i can shake his head out of my dad’s will stop what’s your name
hey you wanna podcast random person walking past of the street is getting there
hey perform them and i am down to only the six podcasts really only two new things are you
will there wolf but this time last year was twelve so yeah.

[54:09] Um so let’s get you fourteen by the end of the year will they resist why is it ok to review that i am i am now and that’s another shameless plug and i am no,
outsourcing that’s to studio b which is a great organization downtown if you’d like to launch a pot,
they have a professional downtown studio with great professional staff and wonder if they will get you started with like the first like five episode one of your podcasts and then if it takes off,
it’s gonna that like entrepreneurial spirit of like you know failed quickly whatever just like test the waters and if a concept they don’t,
new note doesn’t work they drop it and then if it works till like in hansel build out own thing umm sophie want to try out your
podcast id i definitely ice all the open door policy if he has questions about podcasting the want to learn about how to do it themselves stuff like that always feel free to contact me the empire dot com
what if u wanna launch your own want it like
straight out of the box and have someone do all the audio editing and electronic stuff for you you just have a great story to tell and great content i’ll be sure to reach out to you to be a good organization and not really excited to see what they can do.

[55:24] So yeah lets see
speaking of great organizations the suit if you like what we do here at the sioux empire we would encourage you to you know what we do with bring your original content be sure to watch cats out at the end dot com slash to false
that’s a great way to support centre huge thank you to mat polson for supporting so on
thank you very much for coming on the podcast the ramp like you said thank you natasha for being here and yet we will see you all
next week you later.

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