Sioux Empire Podcast 136 Groundhog’s Day with Jordan Deffenbaugh?

This week the reunited Sioux Empire Podcast Crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Natasha Buri) sit down to talk with Jordan Deffenbaugh from Studio Be Labs to… Wait. Didn’t we just do this? But first in headlines… NO! Screw the rodent. We’re moving on to a new “Seth Glover’s IT’S GAME TIME” and then we’ll… We’ll talk about new stuff with Jordan… Yeah. This week’s episode sponsor: Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival benefiting the Special Olympics of SD is back in its 3rd year. This year, the 3-day festival will feature of 30 comedians from the U.S. and Canada performing in various venues in Sioux Falls. There will be themed shows, stand up shows, workshops, and celebrity comedians. The Sioux Empire Podcast is Siouxper 😉 excited to see Kevin McDonald as seen on Kids In The Hall, That 70’s Show, Invader Zim, and so much more. FEB. 21-23rd, 2019. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics South Dakota. Get Tickets at With all this talk of Groundhog Day, The Sioux Empire Podcast really hopes we don’t get stuck in some kind of time loop.

Seth Glover’s IT’S GAME TIME
Join us for a bi-weekly run-down of the competitions Seth knows you should care about. Next up Steep IT’s TIME… for GAME TIME.

This week on GAME TIME… Ubisoft’s Steep… It’s free on PSnetwork but are the highs worth the rocky learner’s curve. A fall from Everest might be less painful. While parts of the game are addicting, it’s hard to get into a game with so many flaws. First the good, Steep has online multiplayer events each consisting of 3 sets of runs 2 runs per set = 6 events. Generally, you’re moved quickly from run to run but when players leave/enter it can slow things down. The worst bits and a half regarding multiplayer mode: 1. It’s possible you’ll enter an event already started and after 2 runs you are pretty out of the running for the top of the pack; 1st place gets you around 13,000 XP which is far more than any story mode rewards. 2. you can’t select the type of events, this is especially frustrating being that all players will jump ship whenever a crummy event comes up (looking at you rocket wingsuit events.) Bringing me to the utmost awful this game has to offer, exactly 100% of the story mode/single player sucks. Story scenes consist of spooky omniscient voices, apparently, that of the mountain you’re riding down, that have you basically following the ridiculously slow NPC or you’re literally gonna be jumping through hoops. My biggest issue is that single player mode routinely fails, completely. Leaving me to restart the game only to run into the same issue after waiting the 5ish minutes it takes to get started. I keep getting a message stating “An impressive number of lines!” Then your character can’t move at all. basically, the game isn’t deleting the runs like it should and just hangs forever. That last part put if over the line, even at free the cost is steep. The cost of time becoming reasonably comfortable with the gameplay mechanics in addition to game-ending glitches it’s just not worth space on your HD.

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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Who is bob he wants a business but his uncles cousins nephew build a website unfortunately that website looks like a website that was building bombs uncles cousins his moms basement,
don’t be like bob let a professional built website.
If you want to forward a website that looks expensive and the website that can be found by a customer visit don’t play bomb dot com and let them know you heard about the mondelez how to get ten percent off entire podcast one thirty six.
Groundhog day with your bot.
Switch onkyo on.

[0:42] Music.

[0:47] Where should i go back and put the glitter a mile i was hoping pay is on the interstate your car have a problem with your daddy.

[0:56] Music.

[1:24] Hello everyone and welcome again to another fantastic episode of the podcast,
this is this too empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcast that’s all about so im pie your newest comedy music and culture,
as always i am your host robert mailing and joining me today is a long long absence but the very very happy to have a back house that oslo to the.

[1:47] Where are you located is like it is a cheese man.

[1:54] Welcome back raf.
It’s radio off u ok so can i get it sound good associate me as always tell got a co pilot
i don’t know if those two things are compatible what the hell is my it’s my hypothetical plan here ever it’s saturday it’s sunday.

[2:18] Wait i did said it see paul’s go fuck yourself hey i’m here.
Good heavy here hey also joining us is jordan different paul from.
Bad mom bar del otro you hi every other when asked if i could germany have their text are yeah,
yeah it’s best so you and jordan is here again to talk about some of the stuff you didn’t get to win park,
and two the groundhog day it seemed appropriate that is what you were trapped in this time loop with one make the most of it.
So without further adieu let’s get your game on.

[3:09] Music.

[3:28] It’s time for getting what’s up everybody this week in reviewing you start up south of steve i’m.
I don’t know if you noticed if you have a peer subscribe to playstation network.

[3:42] It’s free right now i think it still have february fifth so what’s it gone in less you are groundhog day and then when you hear this in fourteen days you’ll still be able to get it for free how i’m playstation network.
So its free
i actually its my heads hurts so it’s got its problems um i think maybe a far from everything maybe a little less pain feel no type yahoo.
So i guess so startup for the good of the game does the speech a great multi player i wouldn’t that where everything works pretty well.
Hi m and yeah there’s no good she really is not that i have come across in the multi player but.

[4:34] The number i gave you a guy.
So so hungry while after you like playing the game for like ten minutes or whatever probably where i can request time flies i play twenty or so hours into this last two weeks like its addicting but it sucks
hey playing at like i was watching wolf sherry netflix series but i know i was playing a shitty game that was like really cranky and you know it
it takes alot of practice to get a good feel for them taxi in to win the game which is about snowboarding se steve moon.
You’re snowboard or its present by or its associated with it so is heather of your friends um methods to get down that hill.
I know where you can ski you have rocket sueing sues you have like that.
I guess that’s where it’s a cure.

[5:36] Find square root of thing you know just you in the wind baby um so i mean it’s kinda cool that the when you play multiplayer.
Do you choose which mother you wanna play which is a real which is you know i hate that yet so whenever whatever gets to the wine.
The rocket wings um mode everybody drops out.
And that’s one of the worst things about wanting player as well is that if you are so stinking system.
Each multiplayer sort of.

[6:10] Event or challenged it’s you and three other people you know you doing it’s been a electric racers work,
something like that but they’re six events and there so if you’re coming into a game that are in progress like even to events in no way of getting you know those extra pints of,
that is really needed it to downfall multiplayer but i guess you can live with icenter where is he would still works.
Umm and steve.

[6:47] Ok so yes it is i love this game so much.
No prospective who is the king of the story about why you go to the first of all there map is not very intuitive it’s not gonna taking.

[7:10] I know that some rockstar games because the this map the space for instance like the idea you know somethings button what did you on the bottom of bread but don’t have it.
Sum up in the top left and it’s fucking hate hayden said his personal fitness doing things now i was like what is this,
he was just labeled not where the other set is labeled for parking even butter i had a project just came and i can look at all the way up in the top left and we got the other thing day of but nothing else seems button.
Spend your review yeah but it’s not over yet ugh.

[7:50] Spell the story moves like jagger the actual events consisting of you listening to this on as creepy who is that supposed to be the voice in the morning,
what did you yeah yeah
what you’re talking about this thing having a storyline at all an now it’s like ok now it’s getting interesting voice of the mountain what is the voice my booming voice and other times it’s it’s it’s not it’s a female ways,
it’s a strong female who i am fine with a strong female blaze but yeah i could use some of his gender know if you know never never comment on your pizza
have you know you can you speak another day maybe i speaking to.

[8:41] Who’s like you’re still hiring the voices of the mountain by you’re falling the slowest snowboarding in the history of ever,
skip because like you have to like hit the breaks constantly lsu is the fucking guy,
because they after april because of the mountain tax i will be sweet like a snowboarding escort mission because that’s all the story both hey do you fire
no have pocket add star hotel had no processed.
Um no upload this to the ceiling is you tube video i took only night i captured its cool.
And basically umm you can play the game for like an hour couple hours and after awhile i will tell you it was you this message and then press the mountain winds.

[9:41] And it will tell you that it can save the number of wins you do it because you feel youve reached the max capacity for it because apparently saves like your tracks you have done mountain.
And you can keep pressing i triangle like sophie i can push your hotel triangle go back to iowa yet you that like twenty times,
can i hit you with a message and your present clients it’s like god it’s like it’s disneyland so it can process like you in the back of the limo with paris hilton,
it’s not accurate at all yes impressive lions like god i like god you know,
yeah the line cooks the jeff gordon as the number of books that have gordon is really that impressive anyway so the government can you believe that you go back to starting point you can move it all.
Move you have to quit the game and then you go back into the game you do want to give you the same goddamn the present number of parking message and then he just you just play multiplayer because that doesn’t include child.

[10:52] When you just trying to do one fucking thing and it in paola and lives like what are you broken williams in the fucking model has brazil.
Did u say that at some point he just didn’t want a coke and the truth it sounds like something you’d say yes anyways steve even for free.

[11:15] Wow thanks for listening to game time i don’t i don’t like your altro but i don’t have a better clothes are.

[11:22] Really good close is good cause i just whispered i have revenue is a negative one hasnt what is possible wonderful offer for this one seems perfect may i have your name
i’m sorry it mean to be negative about the ending before the ending.

[11:39] So good i am happy with that interview time.

[11:46] Music.

[12:06] Welcome back i’m glad you were able to play,
navigate to our time for taxi random people are at the second iteration of this loop with psychopaths only the second one who’s the first time i’ve seen you how come i receive an on the green couch i hear good things.
That being said i we talked a little bit about your ongoing podcast projects to do your part of moc
where u at some other topics you wanted to get two of may i think that you would like to speak a joke
so let’s pick right up where we left off tell me about what’s the deal with you and strong tells okay so
strong tendency has been better but obsession of mine from the past who is here now ugh.

[12:56] Truck run who is a. um,
civil engineering turn on living plant turn activist started this new of this movement called strong towns back about it all but ten years ago result,
reserve a blog that somebody is there any was all about looking at how we build the cities how do we build on.

[13:22] How do we scale and develop and are we betting on large scale web development rather than.
Small incremental chefs.
We look at three history that’s great cities were built step by step not big swallow of land cleared out in like.
Basically park down buildings um so this whole nonprofit is focused on building communities through incremental development.
Um he came n to see false.
I thoroughly enjoyed it because i’ve been very invested in terms of how our city is growing how is being built in very much for walkable communities.
It’s a crazy concept your legs and you walk.
Get food and drink and all the amenities walking walking its crazy ladies.
I feel warm are we born good HBO.
I don’t know if u i love u the address is in.

[14:35] Is there money gonna be all crazy colors and have like buildings instead of people on it now i’m gonna be kinda cool right like will her ass hole graphic stuff you actually did all said nothing figure out where can i fly who said yeah that um,
anyone in the study like we are started a local conversation here you go on the website u fill out a little form and then you start up a chapter seven speak,
um am i with myself and another individual starting meeting.

[15:08] Every week and since june news about.
And i am burning man and we just kept meeting every single week now we’ve said of grown a bit of a following up just in terms of the strong towns group,
are with our events that we have on wednesday too it’s just five thirty at the source we sit down we talked about whats going on in the community talk about.
Things are we would love to see developer in the community and is an interesting things spun out of it just in terms of my own projects or life
what people are working on where is the buffet can you meet it’s like is every wednesday and every wednesday really five thirty ok
everyone we do this wednesday because the service is closed because it was so damn cold lol im cold does the first one i think we cancel otherwise you had one,
everything wednesday since may so the idea is to stoke like.

[16:05] My order came back to sioux falls because they saw an opportunity.
Soooo false is blooming it a lot of really pregnant with opportunities.
Where the so many things that are happening
is anyone opposed to falls to she’s pregnant without trying i know we gonna say you don’t lucy might way later on if ur interested just say so you know feel good bye baby no no no no help
bands in falls if you’re up bitch cold bitch so i so i think.
What i saw i came back to sioux falls about oh.

[16:48] Who did ben almost two years ago um and where to go i was all over the idea that i work at grand theater down lincoln nebraska for a number of years ago um theatre.
Um i went to school for theatre i do you and al um then i got the round the country for a few years and then i did i did not start navigation of the planet.
Side when is your asia,
did that did that fir seven months are some like that um i came back and then came back to the states,
i can’t traveling i spent a lifetime all the west coast um and i came back your hands.

[17:31] I found a camera to focus on construction um working with my family’s companies are trying to get into affordable housing and whatnot but i realize that the lot of the issues with affordable housing i dont really have to do with construction techniques,
so much to do with just what the market expect or what would being told we should expect to
and we groom the consumers yes know you wanted this because,
march like you wanted this because this is a development plan that we have set out in years ago but its really about ibis street house is all about building a stronger.
It’s all about making it cool and thats not just like in the van building more roads.
Or more restaurants or whatever you do is it about how do you stimulate culture with end call.

[18:27] Hold your help on the cold its european,
culture i’m good a tell frances what’s your what is estimate and i think i am actually really excited right now.

[18:45] Someone last night we had this artist art installation on talk about a little bit but last time in our insulation last night it some bs the leaving.
We’re gonna meet again to talk about the next arsenal art installation and any psychology outright to get there is just there’s so much going on and i’m like.

[19:03] Just just hold that moment for a second you said there’s so much going on.
I’ve never heard someone say that like in earnest.
In this moment and i think it is i think right now i think there’s actually like a lot of activity for my lot different sources that i haven’t seen either when i was growing up here or when i like the pasta.
Two years a difference between like when i was going to college not far from here and would just coming to check the restaurants in joliet compared to now it’s like.
Amazing is like a brother so much going on right out like i want to have two friends over to be disappointed tonight about me not going to vent because i already promised that i wouldn’t with third friends events that’s going on in dislike,
they’re all alike,
live concert performances are playing like they dislike or only and only going on i can’t want thursday because that’s the only day it was going to try and have a previous order,
i have always opening a podcast studio on thursday it last night and installation tonight at work a side job in psych,
i can go o likes i mean that’s cool but i like the things happening i love to see all the love that play but um theatre.

[20:22] I just i am just so excited to see people actually can do wings things producing things,
just trying make can i call for like to be rescued do we chat,
yeah yeah i want more chat to be happening in this town like there’s no where where bunch of weirdos you’d eight,
hey wit me like our first austrian restaurant on spotlight of december fifth.
We built what’s up i cannot let’s get it right we did potluck it was awesome and we had like.
What is the south forty fifty people show up nice and we had some we have the insulation but we’re actually doing this thing that we were sort of still being were to be wrapping up soon,
i’m we put together a list of nineteen city guiding principles and actually i think there is if you go to the strong towns facebook page this transaction falls,
i think you’re on your red.

[21:28] If i don’t hear um so we put together a list of city ordinances regarding principles these principles.
Are all were up taken from the number of les from around here não what i’m gonna have to.

[21:46] How much u ok thursday is best to join,
approved from hugo so i so are you now in the group okay so i go to scroll down a little bad.
Where do i have if i think i have been files are missing files yet.
City going principles early is early draft so i wont get until like some of the wording in the main the main grass with the whole core concepts europe so this is based off of a.
Compare raw what is it accurate though.

[22:35] You can suggest that won best part of the process so i’d like this do i submit paradise number number fifteen if so.

[22:46] These are based off of number of city guiding principles from around the country because there are tons of community that had,
call principles that the use for like,
guiding development initiatives and projects one not this was mostly inform by a clinic in san diego california did very awesome
job of getting feedback from their community did you find a lot of stuff that will translate between
send oh yes oh yes there are somethings we had to adapt most certainly not like we’re looking at another one from san francisco alot of money on the card like the west coast have a lot of principal like
places that set with consoles set up but these are on,
who is the healthy community beautiful city a place that people wanna be what we need at this potluck is we had this big installation with four sides,
any different in nature the built environment on one side and and beautiful city a place you wanna be iconic waterfront we had those in the solution and we had a mural is paint a galaxy sort of,
pos mustang and we made the slope eggs that’s lit into slots and know so,
throughout the week was up people can’t put their choice further printable on so you can’t see like,
you can buy to send the place you care about it go down in my favorites is economic development alliance with the natural viral.

[24:14] It’s so it’s like you know just pray over your natural resources you work in.
Balance with them i feel like our river which is like the thing you throw toxic waste into yeah place if you’re working around here.
What’s yo on stuff.

[24:35] Look up a lunch that to me in this and refund the will from the spill last week now and there is now open it what is the twelve most polluted river in the united states,
i need a big sack or a higher than it is like one of the most polluted in the us and then it’s like sixteenth like world be the world,
okay let’s put our name we cover the back window broken when they get the latest thing it was bad never guess,
what is divert the water supply from wherever it’s coming in night they are never mind sorry hey boo.
The fact that their names is jesse.

[25:17] Sewage dump in a way like what we do is we dont bring it up where we don’t we don’t talk about raises like to talk about it,
you like you talk about you with this is you try to make a better right like that’s enough for the love this is it’s built to be like this framework where everyone’s talking about the same language,
weather you bf developer or a bank owned or are you just some person off the street,
n your going to city council and you’re talking in the same context.

[25:50] I’m so we put this together we had this other thing on december fifth also at the event we printed out these other feedback forms,
on sheets paper,
so people can have impact like you good just cross out a section or a circle something or put a post-it note on it and just like just get to people like to like,
wrestle with these ideas and ideas arent how much is the beautiful principals center completely different at the end of this process it’s gonna take till the end of two thousand nineteen surrounded feedback sessions around the country,
not countries are there in the city new york hey what’s your thoughts on the private dance too falls south dakota no,
so no aspira looking at the facebook page there’s a large selection of different think this is actually a bot
bernard but caleb off and he posted a thing about the conference united states conference on may seven one to burning man
to learn about resilience e in horseshoe basically how do u make a pop-up city
and make it interactive inclusive what is it exactly is can you invite so we can actually actually this conference this is mary again
will would’ve gotten to the united states conference in fact when they are wrongly summer if i’m not mistaken i’m so.

[27:19] I think this is bringing.

[27:22] Some of the best community building literal community buildings week long a week long or no we built a city.
And for another we live in that city and anything that’s a lot to learn from things like this or it is scroll down to go down the see what else pops up there is.
Ask get something for something else that’s to hang um i here,
quit has been logging all of the little old commercial buildings talked neighborhoods across the city so these at some point these were like tile,
oh the like in general stores gentle service barbershop,
but community gathering spaces places that people could go and interact with people or things are whatever lightroom slight cramps if.
Yeah news groups messenger it like out the messenger’s bot with,
what’s the person like on the,
what should i eat no you get butter so then either we haven’t gotten any results read and like in france is active or contributed to like.
Oh i don’t know how many he when i had heidi and mike.

[28:38] I found a bunch more commercial spaces we add that to what was the what was the mission of the catalog in office and it wont here’s the thing.

[28:47] We believe that it should be converted back into store front.
I personally think that if you’re to have a look if i’m looking in the neighborhood the ability to walk down to.

[29:01] Place to grab some coffee chat with people see whats going on just in the morning i would love that if i spend that what i love to buy.
When will be in denver when i was living in chicago when i was living in any number of cities across the united states in the world you have the ability to walk and interact with people.
And i think that’s what makes a city of the people are what make us city grey it’s not the buildings it’s not very like,
what are there other elements of the of the of the city but it’s the people so if you find more ways to create contact with people.
Yo how much
better quality of life overall don’t about like turning back into a store fronts what whatever they from mars some more blankets some of my houses like a are like actually.
Ugh living spaces or like say its maybe apartment auburn then.

[29:58] Bottom level is like all your store front it is any number of things and i think its it especially if your led get it in,
bikini’s that our food food deserts like areas that have don’t have access to fresh food outside of saying one to two miles i forget what the reading is for who does it but i essentially.
If you create more ways for people to gather fresh food.
Guys have community make sure that those spaces our flight spaces that could be used for are like little town hall of answer like.
Are you say you need i would like for her slideshow i don’t know how many bands ive.

[30:37] Give talk about wanting to find a space to a hearse problem for me i know i would like to teach class i’m not,
ima throw this in error i’m not certified african bad in society of american fight directors so idk weird when i was working the theater certified something i’ve been trying.
Define a good space here to teach so fighting have sixteen swords,
and i want to find a space if someone is listening and you wanna collab with me to do like sword fighting i can teach swatch back i’m certified in court quarter staff broad sword small sword fight,
we do web,
umm sure absolutely i want to dance i want to out like fight the fight community is the difference of.

[31:26] What are talking about building communities often like your tone in the last episodes like podcasts rate your focus on an issue there,
we need space is that focus is focus on what one the best things that’s happened to downtown sioux falls right now is a full circle book co-op,
i think it is so awesome because there is a place where is turner can go,
n it’s like and hang out and meet people anderson that’s rating happen there comedy there’s i do this armand but next week i’m going to start reading through the entire can of shakespeare,
every friday night we’ve been doing a few on sundays for an interview friday to get more people there and were just gonna read shakespeare we doing here.
Henry six part one on this friday in the morning i checked through the entire canon but i.

[32:17] I wanna go back to the start page um i scroll down this there’s just tons of content on your um.
What’s the sprint culture designer cities yeah that’s probably from from caleb but if like.
All these are you gonna different you got people from.
Enable cultural background you got people from other architectural background um we got folks from different nonprofit organizations downtown that come through and there’s like some answers artist sometimes there is.
I construction worker sometime this any number of individuals and anyone is invited i invited to it,
what this one right here is the jungle jam library run seventy ecosystem to teach kids about performing this is in japan.
I think just outside tokyo and it’s like these vitamins that are just multi fast and like built to be climbed.
No i just obviously like it’s a play girl like play grounds,
in the united states right now like the playground when the girls were all the sheet metal rockets and sophie getting décathlon yeah exactly i wanna say like you know the best time was member i did anyone ever playing the queen send email.

[33:34] When was the rollins now though so back when i was like five years old.
I remember playing in the room anyways openers do you just there and he was like being indiana jones who is the coolest and i remember that being said the former development of my childhood.
We don’t allow kids to explore would allow kids to have adventures like that yes there is danger but that’s that’s risk assessment you have to learn to like get your head chopped off.
And that’s i mean abc to make like completely unsafe playgrounds but here
yeah it was a bad idea was a bad idea is to get it dropped lighting was flight with the punches kicks like i was a bit march third grade and we should’ve known,
pull up pictures me know in case everything and rubber in phone um so.
Yeah i mean this i mean that kind of strong tells is it just a bunch of us folks getting together and talking things out and then something’s come up i mean.

[34:40] We have interesting projects and the papaya or in the pipeline that um i’m hoping that we get initiated within the next couple months.
Who knows who knows where gods so yeah actually excited to see what the new mayor brings some.
I feel like some of the things that you just can’t like the government sampling like everybody else the lakers that had.

[35:06] Excuse me added that one out hey help umm but uh.
Hey play great you know people read our.
Just go on the cutting edge of whatever they’re killing me but then it seems like the government of followers doesn’t really fall in line with and i cannot mitigate risk.
Here it’s it’s it’s not and i think what you’re feeling from the first one yet been getting ready it’s not that you don’t like ive okay i’m gonna talk about the burning winter thing later cuz there is a whole thing ride,
met with fire marshal and everything to make it happen um it’s.

[35:49] You have to meet them weather app and i think it’s about recognizing that the enemy,
would you just have to make sure that like its hey i’ve taken care of these things that he’s an example how works this the economic development model there to find all those things get the after mitigate if they screw up because they have screwed up with seen it.
It’s a bad situation for them so they’re not gonna take risks gonna know what works,
so it’s about okay how do you and i have to say are out in my chest so much of my life and i realize it just doesn’t work.
Just like shout daniel good day got no one listens if you have to like you have to say hey,
come with me when you have something with the exact less creepy would a fire service so i think it’s where i want how this all about like,
lisa su su falls chapter anyway is all about.

[36:54] You do that that’s why you keep doing what you do i will support you would throw up well throw we want you to like,
be successful at it you have to do if you can just sit and complain when so this thing happened move thing now what is gaby hasn’t,
make it like to be reversed so frustrated white with something that doesn’t exist when i walk around to pauls,
hi m i am doing my part that is added to the chorus know where we go and if i will play your heart
we’re party.

[37:37] But yeah that pussy taking action with the funeral is this seems like a group we have a lot of like minded ideas and a lot of your hands.
You know just like spit i just forgot how do you take that and turn them into shelves with regards to.

[37:56] The political structure and their structures and everything of the community is younger he can sit down and chat talk and talk and talk is cheap.

[38:05] Target and then,
i just like you guys also go to city council meetings and talk about this so we do our actions i think there are very specific for city council,
i have not gone to city council to speak because i’m waiting to do that i’m waiting for the time that i need to speak because i don’t want to be like all there is jordan and inside know i’m coming up with for a very specific reason,
and i’m going to be very prepared with what i’m going to present i’m probably gonna be involved with the principal because that’s kind of like,
i see the principals as that you’re creating a foundation of framework everyone is speaking the same language now that it’s not a building or anything like that but it is a framework.

[38:54] Frosted kinda have some like okay this is what i can wrestle with this idea now because we have some direction to go another direction i think we’re just kinda like,
laying right now and saying work let’s go and like stan building an app,
accidentally discovering things as opposed to being like no we need to take these actions.
In order to create a better ecosystem for entrepreneurs for up makers for artists for any number of a banker is for medical they don’t need help but it just in terms of like
across all facets greeting ready go system so i think it up for us like.

[39:37] Is this actually is a good segway to the burning winter,
um so i’m my whole thing was strong i love events i come from a theatre background cool things i love seeing cool thanks burning man is like my thing i love that.
And i would love to see the environment environment that alyssa like you go someplace and it just makes you happy.
No that’s and that’s a thing but the real new app to actually focus on making a space like that it’s not just like accidentally or get sued for when you walk-in no,
start designers that spend their entire lives understand how to create spaces like that or products or whatever,
i’m so it’s like i would ice is vance or an opportunity to show up to something,
you can like in not one person can create the future it’s a collective effort so at what i can do it i can facilitate an experience an event,
so that event the next one anyway that i’m going to the big focus will be on a thing called burning winter.
Um i wanted to figure out how do you create.
Collective catharsis within the city cuz there’s no place to.

[41:01] Is it stamped hand stamps so that helps set up and yeah just stance with stands last night and not feel like the umm.

[41:12] So the idea is um where is trying to figure out man clint help me figure this out as well will,
how do you get like how do you create that serve unify event around the central spectacle,
you look at like the likes of bernie man or he means what
what’s the thing that mean it will be to crazy if i said hey when do the western and people will just be like oh my god we can have the just can’t me talk to clint about the time
on the street uh oh gosh yeah i wasn’t round for that yet,
yeah me the racist thing anyways so i was like ok i know that was a thing that happen for clint so how do i order how do i create something that if an accessible but still allows for like,
that sort of an artist’s dream and creative spirit to come out today so.

[42:10] We were looking through researching and we found some more towels.
It’s a five hundred year-old fast thank you i’m home it is a german festival,
thirty percent of the population of the falls is germany,
the touch which is a percent i believe also have a very similar festival is a it’s basically take winter.
How does it feel like five hundred years ago they are cottages it is cold they get to spring it starts to warm up the state take all the hey all the insulation out of there building put it out,
enjoy the feel and setup fire,
in a grid that your scribe in the ashes and said i have an abdominal seizure that just been happening i mean.
What is the source of festivals on burning you can say after she’s ordered or symbolic structures have been with us for thousands of years since our understanding of.
So i was like ok ok this is a way to salad because this is something we’re connecting with the tradition that is older than our country.
Dead the united states itself and so.

[43:26] Is that ok started reaching out to the farm marshall zł um i was originally gonna do it.
W science fair grounds as i want to do a burn but i went through all the proper steps to get it i got to the meeting with adobe which brands.
Had are because actually hartford controls blood did bob.
Drake has jurisdiction which we we fly in feb so i got the order of the marshall at the city farm are showing the room
can we just talk it out and then i am connected with al of a producer in LA who did similar shit laid out some coral information i need to take care of i would like to burning man,
that has all the safety considerations in dealing burn structures and a creative outlet and set upon their death and say hey this is where god and so would like my point so this winter is going to happen,
march twenty third at high noon where to start,
you will not see any of this on social media and talking this some on a podcast we will not see anything on social media,
we are going to have ham pants if you find out if you don’t say sorry and sell it should i just all about the mystery about what’s gonna happen i’m talking to a lot of people about making that kind of.

[44:48] Surprise.
So yeah so end but the point is i am a dad or put this together to be the sort of.

[44:59] Create this explosion of culture for at least a dad so that’s the idea that sounds really cool.

[45:07] Yeah that is dope if you listening and you want to be apart of burning winter um.
One go to gym art supplies this week you can check out the tree part of a tree that we’re gonna burn so you when you go ahead.
Actually i am gonna leave you.
I figure out what what happened at the space there’s a bit of interaction with the tree um so the.

[45:36] Where is that you are essentially gonna have some different happenings that go on leading up to the event,
and then on the other desk i think i deserve timeline where can i set on fire and just have a big hole burnt.
I am d if you got updates healthcare began to bonfire so i mean yeah and it hurts l.
No you have enough his side stage one st if what’s life oh yes i’m there.

[46:10] Yeah that sounds like a lot of fun in brooklyn playing in the lake.
Flying into the social media radar that may said all the more we read and re started feeling bad and you have to hear about it.

[46:29] It’s not like in how many posts about social media okay fine.
Would you hear about in social media i decided percent organic yoghurt social media yep i guess i mean i’m on here talking about it but i see i’m done talking,
yeah it’s not it’s not saying words like i’m putting after the facebook platform whatever is like no i’ll talk about it through things like fast who constantly talk about yeah,
no can we get a lot we get our installations here at things like that but we don’t.
You know as a community i think we’re still pretty new one the like high concept.
You know kinda like a large exhibition event kind of thing like this in the experience yeah it worked but was not read the language you have a so bad it’s crazy is that the things i’m talking about our old,
they’re so old like zumba fast are down in santa fe been going for ninety four years they been doing that,
anyhow this whole misunderstanding i learned about those the winter carnival in st paul that’s has this whole like,
play the stephen hawkins things that life will kiss you on the cheek or something with black lipstick and that’s been going on for like.

[47:47] Decades that are about what i want yeah that’s what is fun yeah it’s a great time in the end its like we.
I go back with you falls it with zillable normally we had something like fourteen theaters.
In downtown sioux falls around the turn center intruder like leading up to later than nineteen thirties i check my facts in god who’s actually display at the old courthouse museum on it um.
And we both just most about.
May for parking lots silver check out those books for those sites that are like history like that is gonna cover whoever i,
pictures of like them as we have bananas text yeah,
you know whole bunch of like feeling you know once i make the lights in this light yet n we gotta and also light performance spaces to,
is there like just the core concepts of vine billion tradition i’m not enough that happen all of the united states but i think my point is is that that you look at that.
And you can see where things went we went we went to our house this order we went to the mall.

[49:04] Can we for gone before we forgot what culture when we forgot like those community events where having to rebuild it.
So i think that’s why i like my part in likes a strong tower or building a strong town are doing stuff winter cuz i know it,
i know that’s where i can work and then on march twenty third what i want is i want conversations.

[49:30] Where can we go and we don’t have to stick to this pretty determined plan that was established by a small group of people.
Holy focused on economic development outside of anything else outside of cold shoulder i’m sleepy focus on call church economic development wolf.
Because i’m looking to austin.
Look at anything any help will certainly like i get some college courses and stuff for like a city administrator in public administrators and that was one of their big things was just like you desperately want.
Create a new face anyone you know just like this part like to keeping your community alive and acting like a young workforce that actually like creates economic development it’s like.

[50:16] That’s a cute she important.
Factors that communities need to like foster you dislike you can it’s it’s getting better much better a few updates to follow.
It’s like yeah there were a bunch of jobs medical banking manufacturing,
and um a bit about agriculture and it was just full steam ahead on all of those things and in building single family residential homes yellow house but there was like uh well i guess we’ll have we have them all.
R i can watch a movie like yeah that but there is light there but they were they the one on this whole thing where is like,
we have all been so your family did the doggies like no you are competing in the age of social media you’re competing with so many cities
your computer is it possible world i save more money i would save more money living in thailand doing building websites that i would living here,
so it’s like.

[51:20] Umm i think it’s what they have to realize that you have to really be harnessed think i’m looking at different ways to build culture and community and it’s not this home,
startup approach that i spend in there is something called a nepali math where math
okay whatever any listeners speedo nobody map of is a baby someone who is good or great at a lot of different things and then you have modern.

[51:50] Which is someone who is specialized in one thing only focus on that we have a lot of maps in this community that’s not bad it’s good to have people that are good at what they do not have nothing wrong with that but when you.
Are so heavy you have this in a circle of anyone who is creative in this space in this place is.

[52:14] Feels like an outcast i know that first first time i showed up here i felt like an outcast i didn’t this very quickly town that has,
has a problem with that even as i hear the bank is not even the town square where is the center of where is the center right question hello babes avenue what is the road.
It’s middle of the road is not the center of rome and then tour it feels like it feels like.
The center is around the area i can probably i don’t know man i don’t know where the fuck it doesn’t it’s a verizon one place exactly yeah actually where the wells fargo building
does the hotel still missing nineteen twenties is the closest we had to a town square with numbers start so like.
We don’t have a per me about plaza,
what kind of basic i’m telling me we we are traditional in this town like people overlook traditional values to the okay what’s more traditional town square,
who is adam since method to eight thousand years ago like you need to tell me we don’t have a square n.

[53:30] I know its like he talking with my mask who are focused on like to go to work and and then go to their favorite restaurant and go home.
Turn on the timestamp town square is that i understand the concept because there’s been isolating themselves in their houses for a long that they understand the concept of community.
We have a premier ball space where people just like now look at that dude playing the other guys buckeyes reading poetry of stock is making charger
i would like to be boston game session black happening right now there’s things happening you get me be at the square and you know we’re to go,
we don’t have that and that’s like basic basic same.
Add that and that’s why i get frustrated and i have to like brief brief description not just yet so using voice yeah,
fit body and every thought about the FBI town square does that sound like.

[54:30] Pacers cavs you saying anything like the rich young i mean yeah i think i’ll java.

[54:39] I mean any great city yeah when is like a parking garage.
It’s just you lose your heart like this space is think about those places,
that’s that’s what it may be what it is like it we constantly vacation because i leave the city to feel that from space is why don’t we bring that here.
It’s like we need to put value yes it’s enjoyable investment initially it’s not gonna be as good as printing a percent down.
I like ernest giving it a percent down but making a percent on investment on hotel property yeah that would probably make you more money.
What a space that is a plaza a space that is a place where people can gather
that is how you’re investing in the future and investing and culture and i wish there was just more mentality like that as from our city leaders from the developers in the city that city understanding it’s like we needs.
Basic amenities in order to enrich our ecosystem from now.

[55:46] Oh one last thing you want to get married.

[55:53] Okay i want a little bit about the state of criticism in sioux falls oh yeah if you can just what we got a little bit uh yeah.
That one jumped out of here so what’s up with that one will do i meant to combine to those things and it’s gonna work within criticism i hate nice.
I hate the word nice is erase i hate what’s your heart and know yourself i like honest and direct.
That’s right like i like people that are like straight as an arrow and just like to say that it is and stop wasting my time.
Like just say it like make like a side coming from a theatre background you thrive on notes,
as actor as a director as a designer you need guidance you need a frame like i need to know so that i can make my what ever i’m doing better.

[56:52] Here i feel like everyone is being so nice i was still glad you did thirty great no no get me something.
Give me criticism and also to it’s like there’s a good place to be welcoming to the criticism but the same time in terms of delivering criticism.
You need to be doing it in a way that is like that is from jesus has a certain specific city,
i will hot like apollo a note like i am not that so i’m trying this direct or to the dressing professionally um when you’re getting a note to an actor us to understand the other where that person is your life,
what carrots and carrots are the deal with any health issues you words wisely about how you’re presenting these things so that they.
You’re criticizing no way damn.
As an actor you’re me nabi see the printing a character in everything but sometimes you read recipes like in the podcast studio is your address things like.

[57:57] When did you love texts little takes and things can i bring it up and i have to be like in real life because that’s.
Who are the hawks so you need a tweet for this position display to performance so.

[58:13] I would love this community to understand that criticism is not a bad thing it is not inherently negative in fact criticism means that you want some thing to be better.
Add potatoes also to we have to be better about how we constructed criticism so that it actually brings about a positive result,
um i really wish that we like as a community worker just more credit card so damn nice.

[58:41] I mean simple person by the way this damn technology of nicer came from a simple person so it nice person was a stupid person that’s where it comes from.

[58:53] Anyway i am trying to remember some movie she said talking about his finances you’d cioè.
Nice simple,
simple echo exactly yeah that makes sense i’ve got a lot of stupid people nice,
movies with some people call me niger nice nice nice ass.
Yeah yeah yeah.

[59:27] What is used in food and i got no.
You don’t say anything around here it’s like okay well go to the shed just never come to you and just never coming back when i can i change my happy energy can keep making at shady food over and over again.
Instead of you saying like were actually moving over coat.
Like i like i like i like them the restaurant owners that i have a relationship with and i can actually be honest with be like what’s like blake is the result but i can.
It was OK i’ll just dispose names brandon circus one brand circus love jordan is awesome love is food
go there it’s so good i bet you are there was a bowl of ramen that was me it was just a little off it was it was too salty or something and i like how we had a conversation about your right i went back.
I had the brown again he change it so much better if fixed it and was like oh.
Awesome y no he had fixed.
Change the recipe a bit and it’s like that’s the circle of life thing we need to be doing more actively anything.

[1:00:48] We are city officials especially or with out with community leaders order with just any other people doing art.
I mean sometimes we were artists around here it’s like you can’t oh.
Can’t talk bad about anything you do because y’all now it’s there are like fucking you provide is there.
You can criticize you if you don’t have the ability you’re not strong enough to take criticism when you’re putting things out there don’t put stuff out there.
Suppose that a winery and a wine but i’m whining about wine or so.

[1:01:29] Anyone somebody had to do it and they’re just gonna keep whining inflated wine about them not wanting me that whining whiny get to the chopper.

[1:01:40] Where is the sewing in via podcast too many presents the splendor well thank you know the drill by now i know,
you just the any flight website social media people should follow you on any events you got going on so if you wanna join the conversation started to go to start the engine facebook group,
go to start on stop order to learn about the strong towns movement,
rn come to our meetings on wednesdays at five thirty at the source and then i can also go to j mart supplies this week,
order blowout when is this hearing i don’t know one week from today okay so it might be gone better get down to jam have you been there have you been there,
who was hoping it is gone now so sorry i forgot.

[1:02:39] Already food safety everything that i like you guys are all of our patrons sa one map awesome thanks buddy,
add jordan def in bar thanks for being here that’s aspirin and sad that alex done yet,
i need things to calm and soothe are coming back to sioux falls and making boo coo bucks n,
bangkok square delivery for another nice thank u bots in bangkok thailand newest plug in easier and help you set that sullivan is it,
phantom where the hell did it take so that’s all that se si me to do that when you’ve got what everyone else.
What did they do not we didn’t owe benefits are any um let’s see.
As always i’ll be asleep looking at all the projects we here at the empire podcast network you got the dress code is super funny lots of great local comedians in local bands,
i watch them all be crazy and goofy and sometimes drunk on the couch that so thats the dress code let’s see.

[1:04:00] Gotta rob indians podcast if you’re curious what was going on in american community and the local hip hop scene that’s a great podcast for that savage.
Close browser if i get up un a four star podcast here let see.
Anus always feel like all the stuff that we produce and we do around here and the local news coverage do we provide our be sure to check us out on the an ad on dot com slash to false,
are you can get behind the scenes content i learn more about what we do and support the work that we do including not working that big audio drama HK switch,
at the time the stairs and hoping i will announce some other dates but we will see if that happens.
So what’s again thank you all for coming this week and we will see you all next week see you later.

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