Sioux Empire Podcast 137 Men Who Care with Bryan Anfinson

This Week the Sioux Empire Podcast crew meets Bryan Anfinson with 100+ Men Who Care: Sioux Empire Chapter to learn about how this fraternal organization raises money for local charities.  But first, we talk about stories the South Dakota State Legislature ignores like child poverty and jailing the mentally ill, and then we cover what they did instead of helping (talk about censoring the internet).  

This week’s episode sponsor: Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival benefiting the Special Olympics of SD is back in its 3rd year. This year, the 3-day festival will feature of 30 comedians from the U.S. and Canada performing in various venues in Sioux Falls. There will be themed shows, stand up shows, workshops, and celebrity comedians.  The Sioux Empire Podcast is Siouxper 😉 excited to see Kevin McDonald as seen on Kids In The Hall, That 70’s Show, Invader Zim, and so much more. FEB. 21-23rd, 2019. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics South Dakota. Get Tickets at

The Sioux Empire Podcast wishes the legislature spent half the time funding education they spend micromanaging education.


Jailed for being mentally ill: South Dakota looks for an alternative

Poverty Party for Kids

The Great Firewall Of South Dakota?

It fell on a 7-4-2 vote,

Gov. Khaleesi and the NO grass sea

House passed House Bill 1191 in a 65-2 vote.

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Interview with Bryan Anfinson with 100+ Men Who Care: Sioux Empire Chapter

Co-Founder of 100+ Men Who Care: Sioux Empire Chapter and Realtor with Hegg Realtors – Tyler Goff Group

100+ Men Who Care: Sioux Empire Chapter is a fraternal organization of local men who care and want to make an immediate impact in their local community. We gather once a quarter for fellowship and micro-philanthropy.
Our goal: More than $10,000 raised in less than 100 minutes.
100 Men : $100 Dollars : 100 Minutes
The concept of 100+MWC is simple, but powerful: Once per quarter 100+ members will meet for dinner, drinks and socializing. Each meeting includes three selections of a 501(c)3 organization with their respective representatives in attendance. After the representatives deliver a short speech about their organization, members will then take a democratic vote on which of these three most deserves our financial support. Each member will then donate $100 to the winning charity. Through the power of numbers, members will combine their donations to make an immediate impact in their  community and have fun while doing it!
100% of donations go to the winning charity. There are no other costs to join. No membership dues or fees. All you need to become a member is to be a man who cares.
100+ Men Who Care: Sioux Empire Chapter :: Fraternal. Mico-Philanthropy. Fellowship.

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[0:27] You inspire podcast one three seven menu care with brian atkinson.
Yo are you.

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[1:22] Everyone and welcome to another fantastic episode of the empire podcast i am your host robert mailing address is the empire podcast the quirky harmless podcast that all about so im pie your newest comedy music and culture.
Add joining me as always is co host says glover i move my hands and playing the piano but really im just moving my hands to all of the sounds.
Is free cool.
It’s like cats and powers like how i don’t know if it’s nice weather for umbrellas between start and i like stayed up until like three am last night watching it it just came out who’s bringing what are the related,
how do i also joining us is brian and your hair i got one quote which we got it
talking really the case with the man who care and we’ll be talking with him a little bit later in the program about a nonprofit here to talk about but first let’s jump right into some headlines.

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Do you know the sixties they would just like a whole orchestra on the side building dislike waiting for us that some of your hairline.

[2:57] Get that one anyways.

[3:03] No first help us make your rainy red,
we can do justice to hear the podcast here with little twenty minutes thirty minutes new shoes feel so
i’m bringing the show notes with links because i feel like theyre new stories that
can we go another state with miss you written the,
email keyword,
are should be doing something about something so she could be doing something in the second half gonna talk about what they are doing instead.
So let’s go ahead and jump right into the first headline here.
So south dakota turns out it’s one five states where uh.

[4:02] Be mentally ill can get put in jail but just to the mentally ill instead of putting them enough no facility that can handle that sort of thing but this was an interesting story,
your mother stuff that wouldn’t that your love.
I like mrs,
where rick was rough,
the same way apparently and i think that’s off all were one of only five states what happens,
morning what can convince didn’t ask.
So take a look at that and just pay them and we get to the legislators part and like what they do not choose to spend their time on instead.

[5:08] Part two.
I know how she words can you help.
Which razor would a setup,
no se yo what’s up bro of the light.
Deep dive investigative journalism appearance of south dakota are they covered the fact that,
we’ve had a massive explosion of kids that are in poverty and food stamps i ever sense the great recession and i like most of the country where those numbers stable is the little bit and come back up out of poverty south dakota,
we have a whole generation that is stuck in poverty instead it was no bounce back for the lower middle class here in south dakota apparently we get older still.

[6:08] What increase of fifty thousand our children during the great recession and they’re staying in the area are there any interesting quotes in there from a matt garrison the CIO of feeling south dakota.
When the recession hit it just pushed them all into the abyss and they can no longer make ends meet.
Oh no written that.
So what’s going missing didn’t know me later when,
even if they were talking about it but you know i’m crazy person here who thinks the government should actually like works for the people send it there and whatnot but you know what else.

[6:56] So let’s give me the for the airport okay.
School bus is on fire what’s next now i just have no no if i just understood ray of sunshine that this week what can i say keep breaking the lake robinson.
Yeah so it going to be following this story is so,
weird this is the state legislatures state legislature story so we talk about serious issues that are talking about off of the front.
Instead here’s what you’re state legislatures been working on so a mentally ill person from tennessee.
You wouldn’t the builder has another state.
That is ben so lonely rejected by courts sentenced people everywhere were what’s to do if he wants to any suit apple on lease grounds.

[7:58] What’s up.
Any electronic device that you buy or sell has to have my default is to block pornography there could be like no exceptions it must let you know it’s like nothing can get through is there a side of censorship.
That’s all computers work you know there is never any,
who is a definite you can get in there oh yeah there’s like you know this is clearly liked by someone who crafts lose technology is and how hard,
is written the more impatient is when he is home,
oh i’m sorry that’s not a answer,
set that start a phd that studied a little footnote were marking on here is what i love but i think i love the argus leader get this story is the only photo they can find disk is kris sr,
are is the twenty thirteen mug shot that he got,
while he was stocking country music stars john rich with threatening email to craig police reports and one other guy that wrote this pill also.
Yes he has some legal training but has been barred from practicing law by the state bar associations home state of tennessee.
Edit specifically on the grounds of mental illness is no longer allowed to practice law.

[9:25] So i’m just like so you little little band crazy person from out of state.
Comes and and still here ‘s what really bugs me about the story cus right now the guy just collects ridiculous,
but the fact of discount brought into our state legislature is a serious below three legislators would like this man filming at the mouth talking about your country music stars eating spots,
simpler i will take this lot and possibly ask me to pass so if committee thank god we are not that stupid.
Which are from seven to four that needs four people in that community for this is a total will first officer to abstain,
they were excuse so i don’t know if they have another meeting for stuff like that put the chair in the search for people that use stand up
the circle
suspend sales of all electronic devices at target and walmart suspend the internet would you like that.

[10:40] Like the head like to craze basically like crazy obscure people that this guy brought with me to speak on behalf of the committee meeting with the entire rest was like every you would like the head of the retailers association
written up written
are the easy me just like you dislike gallery full of white people came is like this is the stupidest thing,
trevor siemian we’re all dumber for having read it i mean you should read.
Go into the article and read the comments from the end of the state retailers association uses like,
we will touch base with a ten foot pole who yeah it was me some color full a testimony about you know needing to not do this.
So you know it here’s the deal it’s like even guys that are in this community voted against it are like.
No se ha when you weren’t the right person.
Release in south dakota if so okay so.

[11:49] So this would be a good more somewhere else you know it’s like they have no moral objection to the idea that you would like censor the internet and
quit monitoring devices on every internet device in the state and its exactly rhe coolest seems legit if bitches too hard we’d love to be like completely control everything you see in here.

[12:12] A taxi accordingly and yeah i can blame it on the religions just like this because it’s a transgender what is it’s it’s the bathroom berlin,
is there anything dealing with something sexual or will i hear ab and aing it.
I just reset your elected officials are something so i mean you look at the,
the stories were covered in the beginning with the poverty and the healing the like all these people seriously need help for the state government level,
and it’s a legislators,
like you said there’s a generator bill over again i think it’s this one for sports such a bathroom on it says transgender athletes thing i’m sure we’ll get to that because that’s the thing is that they’ve stacked the deck this year with blank pills
adakah the last minute they can throw stuff on it so that on,
we have to really watch it legislature find all day because people furiously writing and amendments to the stuff they passed before they can pay me back at the end of the very last day.
Record number though something like thirty eight of us pills so weird just like you didn’t get that seems like a legit transparent democracy evening christina will most like,
that’s not transparent that’s not how we do things my body which will get the christina piercing yeah.

[13:37] Your skills the second and last story would cover here in cagayan is coming to you and all your doors go next week.
Yeah that ship is probably sailed when was karate when she was running for gov icenter we can make it work with your schedule and stuff so.
Umm but ok,
switch up the following a legalize industrial hemp things that’s been going on okay i’ll italy this morning and still researching it,
well rd hundred u the dangers of her own,
the comments section and reel completely on scientific what is it should be like her like base looking to go out politicians homepage and they say something new you can if you like charles but most to be like you know you find me bud and.
No there’s no of patients shouldn’t like seventy comments,
run like the wind and rain for rabat.

[14:54] No he hasn’t the time come out if i need her.
How is blake,
by any caller id like that in the senate that will blow right through her that’s what her plan is so.
Terrific eve,
thing where she callin the legislators in late late night meeting the heads of it and replace way to commit the tool shed and shoot them out about.

[15:34] Bring in the stupid culture war stuff and wanting more subs subs tentative bills from the legislature instead of who can go to bathroom and crap like that.

[15:46] But she’s like on the one hand she did that the beginning week and then half way through the week jesus like super dogana this industrial hemp thing.

[15:56] I just wonder why what why would you defended this much like your own party is like a thousand percent let’s do this the opposition parties thousand percent let’s do this.
What is the end game here chris christie is not stupid she hasn’t and she said she’s a pregnant test like big time clearly so i don’t understand why this,
unless obviously you get that role comments about like big pharma money and stuff like that being a contributor so i don’t know,
i need a vc is just showing the people of cheating on him,
and this is on facebook is using this is a weird sound here website other stores which this wasn’t one of the posts on her facebook page okay see yeah i don’t know maybe she just doesn’t relax me in.

[16:46] I guess i didn’t did you look at the ad did you come over the comments regarding heard open carry cher didn’t i haven’t even had time to get to do that that open carry things wear
Yeah i actually don’t have a problem with that open carry things in our divine service is one of the objections to that or something your.
I thought she would been on board with that i want a cheese burger okay this is what we have any negative feedback from dean probably not because me and it was supposed to thank yeah.
I feel neither one of the order of the other.

[17:27] I am happy for i feel like its gonna say it’s a waste me paper work like once every four years you have to renew your pistol permit whatever.
Hub id like that also working on rest of prostate so you still need a permit if you want to go out of state with your handgun yeah other states directed by said ok it make sense cus other states of other rules that federal is only know how this works.

[17:51] What are you know why can’t you ask brian,
what’s matthew at what’s your beef wellington where halfway through the legislative step on boat but i want to be clear that i have some very real concerns,
alexa moving forward any industrial hemp legislation this year,
not sure about why i have those concerns south dakota is not ready for industrial hemp today we’re not ready for your cultural perspective,
we do not have dollars budget set up a licensing program we have inspectors underground ups location is a appliance,
locate and to be able to make sure that were spot checking where are these at some flights could be in where,
who is that the informat that would have liked gpa like if she will allow it be with GPS tracker implanted,
read no worried and people are you know
marijuana we have that’s that’s your best we go thru this that’s are grand people will mix regular marijuana into it she wants to be able to the highway patrol to be able to use spot check on the plants the amelie tell them,
what are the latest trends add rs no.

[19:10] Also when we look at it that looks exactly like the marijuana plant because it is the same plant as a marijuana plant so when you look at a public safety stand point i had great concerns as well,
we don’t have any federal guidelines from usd so we do not know what a community program would look like what instructions we will get from the federal government to go forward and agriculture commodity,
turn on the public side it’s not stopping every other accident were contracted with my concerns are,
we never roadside test to test the levels so long for someone offers you only only have a visual test to determine if there was.

[19:51] You have no way there rn.
Run will run just run,
do you have some equipment at the lab they can run tests and industrial him however i cannot indicate who has level in the lab and that product,
will not be helpful,
let me know determine if you do send us everything has violated the standards which would be acceptable and also we are not sure if is the size could be used on this product with no freaking control i think it was the only two spots where it’s
Health smart and you know your stance know know it won’t mrs.

[20:52] Which i guess now i see why she’s worried because it will spread like crazy because it girls really well here.
No return really was moved broken or missing money.
I’m sorry u you help you open word what you can.
One hundred percent convinced that open that we would not have been remove roof,
we be back here within a couple of years having a discussion about the inability to enforce,
transportation the end of leave alarm for seven officers to determine the difference in what will be having a conversation if we can allow marijuana to be transported so if you know what,
are you dumb bed so your problem if you open up the jobs i made that legal and everything you ne were making money off of allah,
sorry i’m sorry,
i have a shut up no god dammit no what is my damage se figure this out so many other states what to south dakota have to be.
Why were you so dumb okay,
no no no will and no one said la kwan.

[22:21] Remember no men who haven’t the,
which families live in devastated by drugs and addiction and if,
make sure the drugs that devastated those families were wanna get across the border overwhelmingly they tell me that marijuana is a gateway drug marijuana it is a drug that if they’re dealing with,
miss rose eichmann the persons life not move what move the hell,
we are prepared for regulatory stanford play for the first minute and we don’t have the equipment were the dollars to do this correctly,
we will be opening the door to allow marijuana legalized in the state of south dakota hey how can you deal with it’s like recently there have been some studies on the whole gateway drug thing,
is it that the philosophy that like what’s really began eighties and nineties and then more recent research said that was total bullshit,
another some more can you please give the research research it is cracked when is francisco okay let’s go with that psychology today article that i,
got a link to the show notes now that kind of explains that.

[23:47] Marijuana is a gateway drug where is illegal because it because the reason that it becomes the gateway it’s because you’re dealing with a,
some distribute of all back alley dealer whose like hey you’re here you should try this place how far like hard drugs if you go to jail your displays can you add of a job in vallejo,
you’re gonna have dead,
you just have a shitty life basically there hasn’t been enough time for like major like a large swag studies but after working on them and so far with the smaller studies,
not real romance like no drugs because when that certain something i can help you know.

[24:38] No is it was written that will.
Use my bank statemant rd shift no no no.
Here’s where we’re state legislatures state will spend,
when he way too much time obsessed with sex and kids which you know
little creepy state legislatures little creepy he was always worried find us where people go to the bathroom are we worried about like what you’re doing a new winter boots lol lol stocker i gotta say.
I don’t have any faith in any these people until they die and then maybe we can i have a garage that does something in south dakota i’ll be on we got him to say you guys are welcome back by the time,
oh god i be sad if it’s not happening to a retired louis next four years for south dakota.

[25:50] Who was man of the future i feel bad should i i do not try to predicted at all i gave up after trump won i kinda like,
i like history screwed i dont care all the history books so i think the mall it doesn’t matter other cats will chase
no me know if you would not,
yes there a cat fish or u karl,
what’s the world that’s the world we live in a way that my grand master thesis is,
some of you with that listen in i’m sure i’m preaching to the choir here but,
you talk to your app but if you get to talk to the mister not hiding behind a like phone or just hiding in their office or whatever
if you get to talk to him asking why we spend so much time on this stupid bullshit and we will do something for,
matthew what is written that way no will you move your no.
Mother is no exception you know,
show box rant over is when you’re finishing up asking about where you don say anything other than it being the people god got u say what.

[27:15] Faq you are getting coffee here getting can copy for south dakota.
She is.

[27:27] Nothing interests me yes or no.
How many are there no snow no snow,
yeah it’s medicine other states but no everything is turned in this state you are in you will go to mr smith
yes sandwich shop did not misuse engines other grocery store,
famous famous sandwiches seriously yeah i know nothing of this larry smith was the car nice coast.
And the move and starting a bakery,
sandwich anyways he is over weight GLS for many years and the documentary of adam he from.

[28:31] Brisbane was missing you heard weight of when you write low.
When the marijuana was legalized and video on when is check in and.

[28:48] After a couple minutes he was normal healing shit,
who are the kids hello and will miss like.
Where every minute we hold that away from feeling that condition where monsters spaghetti and apparently after.
Yeah hey it’s me rilee un día.
Can you tell me lol.

[29:26] Yeah it’s pretty terrible for citizens so that but hey that’s elected.

[29:35] Nope nope who did we sell.
I don’t know where the tracking one particular type of person he is no where to stay in yeah yeah.
Another topic for another time to figure out what what what what we do what wrong with group what do how.

[30:06] When is the stuff let’s pick it up a little bit for some is gonna bring a little bit of help here lets talk to brian here are a page to enter your site button.

[30:17] Music.

[30:35] Show our guest today is ryan and if so if it’s an error and fan sense of a hundred plus man who care so empire chapter,
rien the wrong yo on up feeling rebellious and young.
I decided to start a chapter here about your golf and i basically what’s on your menu cares.
It’s a fruit tray organization chapters across the united states and what we do is we practice michael philanthropy where.

[31:17] How many you have a where and.
Human plus come hundred dollars and structured into hundred minutes with a pretty simple pretty sure.
We spend the first forty five minutes so it never occurred in there is usually catered hi cash bar madar news.
Oh what we do is we pick three local organizations here to vol spirit surrounding area.
We make sure they’re local and in good standing and we picked them prior to the event random three.
And we do invite you to come over.
Do you get speech about the organization and our members will take a vote on which deserves financial contribution out with a little bit different than most shelters across the states.

[32:18] Oh
Um we found out that i want to go with something.
I still the concerts pretty simple what is the huge impact is michael financial pa,
hundred dollars spider-man ten grand and sweet and re-send those numbers and give to a charity add split the beginning that’s a first somebody i need that so um.
Nvm now,
nope what how can i you want to help with that is if you can’t remember we have.
No one can you tell me more lol real income.
You’re probably wrong when nana.
So simple.

[33:35] Um so you have any events yet yet we had one back in october i was the first event okay we had your first event with about sixty nine show up.
I think i remember to send a sixty dollars card on my math set alarm this morning as my six grand that we have to use,
which are still here no one night just yeah and so we had members come up in.
Give her love we have an organization where was any.
Show me that home and um i wanted to help him out so i get dollars and i know there is a couple of people there that gave me my money as well so i’m.
Who is great this is very fulfilling and i started this,
lol you’re go ahead a have a friend in iowa city is chapter and yeah i wasn’t here is anyone for five years and it’s grown um,
it’s unbelievable he’s got university is involved.
Yes add conference football coach university will share some events talking samantha i need some.
Help me read no.

[35:03] Shes so it took.
Who is this something else,
u know u watch news and get preston say something you some deposit in this world so i am,
just my random i actually met with a client of mine first in um and we started talking to both is a background charity.
Run movie star of a reboot.
Help me help me read a romance movie rn lol,
so we spend about your just getting it ready remember to buy one tomorrow for an hour and just went over the guidlines whatever we wanted to do this truck share.
I’m getting sponsorship skins is where we get our money from for venue and food for catering and we.
I decided to have a first seven oct and um.

[36:19] It was good we were surprised that many people showed up and we expect more.
What are next event in february so.

[36:31] When is this event here in february or next event is the twenty six a tuesday.

[36:38] From five thirty seven at the holiday inn.
You can ignore who i’m not married when is red running.
Jarvis remind sam we will have anybody that i don’t know what happened so we’re fine so.

[37:03] Pelvic eve,
ummm research here in south dakota are there why is the one when is he a.
I can’t even tell my husband it’s a ministry here in town that helps.
Ugh women with children for shelter daycare food sure i’ll provide them with housing and all that and um.
Next event we know what the return is mitch.
Help some of this is mesquite community effort for are some pastors and people love religion um to come together and.
Just basically a community like atmosphere where you get the liters of yeast churches or whatever organizations and come together and just share their ideas and some new haven counseling here in time.
03 that we have lined up and we are expecting three to sharpen can you switch the next event.

[38:28] Very cool.

[38:30] Um let’s see kanye kanye like all the main bullet points long would a slight feel better if.

[38:40] Good.

[38:44] Let’s see so you mentioned a little bit it’s only showing yeah so what is the internal organization nearest women’s shelter here in NC false
how is that hundred is a hundred women who carry out they are emotion been around for a few years from my understanding and i met with.
How to ladies around when i first started.
Some yes i’m here we wanted to keep it can i like a fellowship of paternity kind of attorney benefit turn on.
No organization nothing against women or anything we just wanted to keep it trapped guys group,
garrett women’s group so we can continue our listeners out there are woman enough to join in new icenter the same thing different thing is twice your,
so can we meet i want to quarter a social events.

[39:41] How we turned out fine and you know if there is a social networking and aspects of lot of members are really one small businesses are you this one back because hundred dollars i mean.
I have a couple more here where you can participate and essentially giving you know ten thousand dollars this time and compound the fact where you guys put in.
Large garden and can you let add.
And there is no membership dues there is no cost i join it disconnects up for the i get a quote,
whatsup do i get a decoder what were you know me working on so exited for the panther if working on something and you work on t-shirts and stuff that we want to,
i do eventually by.
I got your biggest challenge right now is just kinda word out not only for your members to join just sponsors really because that’s what helps us i got the venue is still no get the food from.
No virtual eight t-shirt with cotton someone is can help with just stuff like that we’re um.
Snap me miss bennett moved no.

[41:09] So right now our database me infor memberships we have maybe hundred thirty people are but.

[41:19] We asked him how she can read.
Event we hope that they show up on its biggest thing i want to get involved in.
Somebody that never happened for maybe make a business connection to make a friend or something you know is that part of it to sell,
i just really wanna get back its it’s a big a thing else you know talking is the members in while he is the one to help me when i get back i want to hear something positive and got an,
how does a small donation like that can really um defects in UI to go to heron here to falls in,
let’s go hello ms like the ones i want.
Microphone answer because it’s like it’s it’s not just one giant figure it chat can get you getting a press conference and getting your press for like
the difference a community like ours that under pinning off that’s like a plurality of people are like getting there.

[42:36] There energy and weight into it um also like the.

[42:42] No i think hilton is like,
no child of poverty and mental stuff like that things that the people in the interstate struggle with it’s like being insecure the podcast and better people to vote and to you know,
do you like railroad the politician really like you know if there you can do that for so long and you should do that you should definitely be be active and that’s it.

[43:08] I feel like,
if you yourself want to step up and do something about things like when talking about the beginning of the podcast i feel like organisation like this this is a good place to start is believed that he can go back to start it is just stuff.
You watch the news and i just got the price to nashville in may and they resist everything is accurate i think after school shooting or something where was this like a man assistance.
Se noen turn it up nothing.
It’s no longer just to kinda say ok let’s figure something positive you know when i can i change the world problems but a who,
pues amazon.
Six thousand dollars erased last event i went to women and children who no help,
im probably abusive relationship bored or couldn’t pay you know they are expensive i can’t pay the rent yourself like this is you know people come down hard times in,
i just need help and know that that’s why i know they are here now tell people and um.

[44:34] Most people want to help but i don’t know how are the things i give you a thousand dollars to do a difference well,
no i mean you can start small and um with other men so i’m feeling sad.
What is a good organization and may contain twelve to continue to grow and um.
Are my thing it is being new is just getting the word out and get people aware of it lol people reach out and ask questions on it and by the time we wanted to make.
Hey ms.

[45:13] I didn’t know i’m really surprised if her no.
How high is one so he me app list,
read me running kids to know when i will resign hello i’m me.
Play uno is always my friend is in love with latin um and he is probably one of the most intelligent people i’ve ever met.
I hope so lol.
And he’s involved with all these extra activities a nice part of the community down there in iowa city has time to do this,
and i can,
can i least try i’d like to get up to that point where they’re doing hawkeyes after i was doing events.
I’m a football field in the summer university these guys come out i’m go on a holding,
no it’s amazing thing on the black know that feel but be quiet there is there a number i bought my first one to my hub.
I pray for hawkeyes and the amazing news in place to be and yeah i’m.

[46:40] I just it was really cool guy university is involved in.

[46:47] You sponsors that i really really really want to see the value in it and that’s what we like to know.
Eventually i get to assist monster where is that you sponsor several like reggie can you can.
How do i transfer ten euro so that’s our goal and we don’t want to hear that add where is its complicated where it’s too much work but.
No more men that are involved that’s that’s a man thing you just try to keep it simple as possible,
how much does miranda harris who mitch richmond,
No it’s urgent.
How come and see if i did write a check for six hours now i swear to be selfish of me but every race.

[47:55] Who won the most fulfilling things i’ve done some my life is he is helping men and i think we’re all.
Most when i leave when i open your eye your hundred read any luck.
When i was stepping into new set up monday.

[48:36] Pe serban.

[48:48] Hello can.
I’m really understand the concept and blue when will drones,
i’m having a good run report,
just helped a hair down in there and then wasn’t move six thousand dollars that would’ve gotten themselves.

[49:22] Um it’s been great so we hotel have a growing get more members involved in more sponsors is backed up with sending,
having food for free members in um out stuff like that so it.
How many did hello miss her.
How six members add emily to our meetings end um how delegate something different so.
It’s nice because all the out come from different fields in different businesses we are you know that certain connections to an advertising and connections to know how we had somebody who printed our best for free.
Yeah somebody who worked i think why is ur does that the.

[50:23] Where can i science but can liners yeah um and she referenced is the man in charge a cell
nice yeah i think there is like three boxes this time but prob material what can i make that so formal science
shop managers like i got a forty buck savings so that’s that’s nice where are the pain of the science which is bigger than where is the nearest probably more that hundred forty five.
That’s basically our organization and um a guitar next event is february twenty eight sword with thousand six hundred sixty six f. m.
Rr sure.
Your ministry your back on your family and there’s food is available we are the nearest cash bar and people who i have a couple drinks and,
pues kiero.
How much snow ya got morning.
It’s a it’s for family ma i truly enjoy had a lot of time invested and it it’s a spin agreed.
Umm experience so far in the middle of different people and a lot of people and so exciting to see people.

[51:50] How excited about it so.

[51:54] Missing gauge reads hot read match new number i feel convinced that.
Wouldn’t you,
you can go on there we have people messages are too that’s the easiest way.
You can call me directly via text my number six zero five six seven zero nine eight four six and i am.
That’s probably the easiest way to get ahold of us will you have your contact information um are you male empire one hundred.

[52:50] MWC email dot com too if you wanna email you information on the new libraries but most of our mission statement we are not we are moving due.
Is on our facebook page expired the best way to contact us when you are perfect and arnaud your next event is february twenty six from five thirty to seven.
Damn that onto false leave on the first floor,
when are awesome and point two and am in great we’ve been contacted other been using the phone really easy to work with in.

[53:39] Drop some jarvis a hell are rotten milk from roman health was written,
you are a cash bar mingle road when will it end,
i have a couple drinks and some people have a good time of course pipe,
and within reason of responsibility of congress but we always you have
harami read ir,
i’m just stop can i go running introduce yourself and have the time really is a good time i have having fun all weekend,
no smell mirror i’m no roof.

[54:43] Just encourage people to bring a friend last time we had well over a hundred i think so i’m.
I have a coworker a brother a colleague of are there anybody who you think would want to attend and um didn’t invite them over and we encourage you to do that.
I last find my money,
i’m sure i will have no receipts no,
how to anybody really say this isn’t for me or not a good idea of how we encourage people to bring somebody with something and i am happy time.

[55:28] Rob do you have any shameless plug no i’ll go okay ima see u miss the part of my ya wonderful fiance who is at home right now.

[55:41] When.
I like that one must visit all of the reports you’re not working
i’ll be sure to check out any interesting having some hilarious episodes so be sure to check that out a dress code is always fantastic i promise you macabre more episodes are coming our schedules have just been,
when you lost your mother is a cat.
My own personal shameless plug this week i’m probably gonna do you like me that was like.

[56:44] On netflix was better than i expected because i did know i do nothing about in the comments i didn’t you know what’s the comic alexis whatever like a really interesting weird,
which i like weird LXI other so check that out,
no yeah thank you for listening everyone thank you brian from pune looking for being yourself,
and thank you all are great listeners we love you and we will see you all next week see you later.

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