Sioux Empire Podcast 138 Sno Jam Comedy Fest Pre Show with Comedian Spencer Dobson

This week The Sioux Empire Podcast sits down with Comedian Spencer Dobson to talk about everything he’s been up to and the upcoming Sno Jam Comedy Fest!  But first on It’s Game Time, Seth explains the finer points of fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2.

This week’s episode sponsor: Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival benefiting the Special Olympics of SD is back in its 3rd year. This year, the 3-day festival will feature of 30 comedians from the U.S. and Canada performing in various venues in Sioux Falls. There will be themed shows, stand up shows, workshops, and celebrity comedians.  The Sioux Empire Podcast is Siouxper 😉 excited to see Kevin McDonald as seen on Kids In The Hall, That 70’s Show, Invader Zim, and so much more. FEB. 21-23rd, 2019. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics South Dakota. Get Tickets at

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Seth Glover’s IT’S GAME TIME

Join us for a bi-weekly run-down of the competitions Seth knows you should care about. Next up […] IT’s TIME… for GAME TIME.

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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Who is bob he wants a business but his uncles cousins nephew build website,
unfortunately the website looks like a website that was built in tom’s uncles cousins moms basement don’t like bob let a professional website.
If you wanted affordable website that looks.
No website that can be found by a customize visit don’t play bom dot com and let them know you heard about the monetary want to get ten percent off,
parking is one small company who did this.
Switch onkyo on the palapa
why can’t remember,
i was hoping things on the interstate your car have a problem with your live.

[0:57] Music.

[1:26] Wouldn’t that,
this is the empire podcast the quirky harmless podcast that all about so im pie your news comedy music and culture i am your host robert mailing
join me as always cisco hosts after the glover and started out the day like any other in the frozen tundra above the targets of a dead animal.

[1:48] Yeah like you do here in south dakota mute,
i’m also joining us this joe here is a comedian spencer dobson welcome back to the show morning robert i had a car cus free morning to be honest with your password you have for breakfast then i mean eggs,
i don’t know what huntington’s when he is driving her no
am i being turkeys could i have no idea how to birds out there and one bed now
i’m not doing that well its a nice change from the deer in the road dead deer this trip because somebody came yourself code to the mall
yo the rain running or when your not helping lol no
are rotten the remote no pregunte of yourself
bring my charger when was that remember bambi but when i put.

[3:02] Best dream with this is great let’s go and jump right into our first segments your set progress it’s game time.

[3:10] Music.

[3:30] Rewalk hey whats up.
Add this week a return or get mad rude or otherwise known as red dead redemption to i’m so.

[3:45] Reno redemption is that is we are there he know he’s not getting high on.
Mr ron herman and the big is when is this really know mitch.
And i love san andreas.
And there’s a lot of parallels uh the maps are you almost identical how the hell that layout which they got that right the first time so it’s great that they still do it like that.
Um um it’s.

[4:31] So there’s this lot of similarities between you know who and rocks are basically just noticed i make a good jam from baguio,
are the grand that’s not a serious to this i didn’t play the first red dead redemption forgive me but after playing in most of the way through them at seventy five percent to avoid damages.
I had seventy five percent please send me the theory in on red dead currently ends.
Didn’t he didn’t i’m really he know me later,
i really have you heard any reports.

[5:22] It yeah it’s i meant the point where i just completely changed me and blake.
When do the pirates about why this is a good game is it’s length that’s not a damn thing i’m bored,
do you have a middle of trials how’s the fishing xp no,
where is shelton the middle of no financial aid.

[5:56] I seriously play yellow put it up pants and stuff like i need a gatorade its ok as u make no law building the story can i ask a question lets pretend it never play this game.
What do i get for building a fence or fish.

[6:12] Replacing you so alternate results they gave your bounty of fisher loop is the you have.
Five minutes from foggy in the spin fast with your controller we’re basically me nude is the fish,
is there a legendary and i can take you five minutes to reduce fighting irish
orange sister got bf just feels right then do i get to eat the fish and have more drinks do i need to accumulate like me in GTA i’m looking at so i can get money from me so that i can buy guns,
let’s wrap up which.
Hey what’s good sir no see you can sell your legendary fish it’s kind of a side quest to get all,
legendary fisherman center of to one guy or you can just sell it,
add to trapper um who can make fancy shit dead animal if you sucked jeremy’s him call am see you can have to decide where you know,
invest your name in his ear makes him when he finished no.

[7:33] Either give them to your camp where you can get them to the trapper dude who will eventually what you gettin of animals from ten of the quality that’s necessary who made you this rudely that i said.
Know any room so when.
I want thing is cool enough for always to eight hours a day just hurting virtually.
Hey this is the worst ever been hunting in south dakota should add a lot of like a gun fights and bank so i,
i would miss you.
Yeah so it’s basically GTA but there’s no carson there is no air they were they respectively the cars where is the car there for sale,
basically egg
NAC is it like the last grandpa we got this online world to the gym so i have applied online version of this i listen to someone else who had played and they said.

[8:42] You know that serious result happened to them the first player they just shot them and tell la died even with so red dead redemption they are there,
add do the thing where if you don’t engage in the other person it’s substantially reduces the amount of damage they can do whatever it takes to damage so just take some.
It really suits her.

[9:10] You know nothing defend themselves search rather than.
He know when you can or no.
Game on bitches full contact and shit.
I miss someone who hasn’t played in hearing a lot about the realism of the game as far as you did like survival game factors like the whole.
Get me this is survival but you have to shave regularly or your facial hair grows in uh you.

[9:44] Reactions like temperature and stuff like that like your body performs and what you eating steps with light base.
It’s like hardcore mode where it’s like you gotta get food and gotta like shave eat drink coffee in the morning to give you a slight white bonus and steamy less and stuff like that.
Yeah absolutely i think its sturdy i think it started in san andreas pc nervous when you started eating something that isn’t granted of three.
Umm but i seriously started there but this one had a busy the fact that because there isn’t a map for you can go if you don’t have your gear you know the right one to wear with you.
Which it’s really easy to get the clothing so it’s it’s not that hard you know who i am certain that dad.
Um dennis could you suggest sex in like.
Who he scan you hope no signal is it.

[10:46] The hue hain hum know what is the
who you actions.
Haha sickness which is crazy but yeah swim wear if you find good.

[11:13] You are QA for me with a no i last order points i don’t know what the offset of umm.

[11:23] Going back a couple of things so if you let your facial hair bro can you bro like different hundred you have shipping options.
Robben the one who is running shoes.
And now the fish are all lost i’m trying to piece together so had to end of the movie.
When yo aren’t it wouldn’t be up here,
and then um did you have a barber you can come.

[12:06] Can you translate what would you teach me something.
Some different hairstyles like nineties someone chops it better be like yeah they’re on the list we app.
I don like resetting a sim.

[12:30] Yeah story moves more so between you know when there’s not the meaning of um trials or what have you,
oh there’s a hello again it’s like you basically kill everybody in town knew like how the fuck can i play this game anymore what did your life here.
I want to do this this hotel is no update on mon.
Email paul surf.
Um controle tony is um.

[13:19] As with most games though money system is basically you have,
all the moneys we have none the money is in the beginning you have to get like i get a fifteen dollar chorus and then by the time now you’re making enough money at sykes.
Ty nine hundred dollars enough for.
Are the ammunition and that and how does al rato ladies think that’s what i like to be called ladies ladies yes.
I’m not to be confused with broth.
Brooklyn like lunch ladies right to play yeah no soup for you if you get the brothel right.

[14:02] Lady is a PC tournament this point i don’t even know anymore
i don’t think we can say that honestly i barely know says where is judgment this is where we lose our jobs in twenty years old ladies can i ask you can you refer to them as humanoid swift two
x chromosomes that’s hot yeah.

[14:26] What’s hot like we barely in my god in red dead redemption through um.

[14:35] I almost went into the cards we where is in vino y yo aquí who know some people dead i didn’t help.

[14:48] Hmmm i read the returns
red dead redemption what you need to use this voice in this one or anything but there’s bravo ladies is it full of cool voice work though because i know what are the great things about your grandfather was like that is david cross
can you dance the other voice acting is on point and like fate clearly got talent people do you all the boys who am i everybody has not played,
voice starts to go to bed something about daycare um details like that in this game we make it.
What are you really shouldn’t.

[15:37] When will.

[15:40] Do you know what to ask know you can find this BLK when it first released this was think people were like really really kicking out about on like twitter and stuff like that when you take your horses into a cold climate.
Their testicles so real of the testicles will draw up inside of them and when you go through like a cold environment how do you get to the close up pores testical angle i wanna twitch that you just get off the horse,
n get your help.

[16:10] I’m not play that same admission by no la a lot of memes about it when it first done first came out and despair to my place for years later even mentions stuff.
Wouldn’t that why yes or no when you have the twenty one million.
I need it later tho hi how did from.
Somebody that was like an easter egg right button is not on the package so i can be sure to check out the organized it somebody got off their horses but you know how many do.
Mirror mirror,
repeat like people new like the day it came out there were like three different videos or there will be more than a really holy shit what people talking about it he was like the only like in like five at somebody and not getting it.
Check other horses it was not really record was like he was really of marketing campaign because they got them everywhere does people like what yeah.
Destroyed there with the whole shaving thing just like crazy coffee coffee.

[17:23] Pat what is that isn’t a meeting at the rat friends to in san andreas is the surf some easter egg or the day called hardcopy where fucking lady who dared,
third day being who was louisiana national hearings and reel big oh yeah yeah oh country had acrobat haha i got it what was the part about the hot coffee,
i’m who i was involved in the casino where are you.
Fuck ladies and cars in the main menu the number you don’t know when the side bitch basically if you walk into a particular neighborhood in san andreas on a woman.

[18:04] If you engage dialogue with her she’ll say something about you want some hot coffee or something ok if you go in there with her unlock how many games u like it the sex many games lol yeah,
miss her shit doing,
you can do for you can do don’t know the monster truck the jetpack,
all kinds of great stuff clean is that is not in this game to all horror or is it not out yet or you know i guess i’m not going to let bastard like to use the vip what.
Who is supposed to know do the cheat until you finish the game and then go back and be like how i can go through this with.
When should we head there something yeah yeah i am not much of a pos i like to dominate your hands.
What is the cheater or not.
I have this realization because i very like first few seconds of a game because flip a switch is like you want to go into cheap mode,
okay so instead of co what’s it like just would like to drop five thousand thanks to defend europe medieval said he asks like instantly hits like.

[19:22] You’ve.
Who am i who starred in it looks nothing much.
Are the dinosaur bones are you supposed to find and there’s also what happens when you find howdy personal how do you know what those dinosaur bone second about what happens when you find that
so first you have to come cross this woman add this train station i believe history and cheese.

[20:04] I just got um and cheer just as she did send the location through mail so anytime you come across a film where he works no different.
Add a new workout.
No push button and then have to go to the post office next eight hundred and a hard enough you send them.
You have to put.
The legendary fish on the back your horse began send it to the email to spine so i guess that’s a weird sentence first of all you had to put the legendary fish on the back of the horse.
You can send it through the mail doesn’t like me instructions for how to assemble my new desk the okay from chuck could a yeah right.
Hey why is hoot heard.
It rookie.
In dallas can come up with the coolest thing like that whole tune in drop in whatever what have i lied plugged in.

[21:17] Is there was a hook not really loud who reads.
Play station would of the kids play with now is it still a mistake um br br.
Do the reindeer like what is getting very justin roy the improv do you like do you do VR.

[21:47] I have the young google daydream or whatever okay umm that’s pretty cool though that’s me in for a cheap.
Yeah hundred dollars deposit for a thing to paint your phone and it looks like VR simulator VR free dope.
I did the cardboard one which is literally a three dollar version of add me but i couldn’t find the weather,
remove when did justin red.

[22:25] Who yeah yeah,
and i put the oven on at night that one was like way more get dr oh cool yeah yeah lol not actually like travelling with a spa train operator is it disoriented are you like it here like oh okay i am i feel like im just in a different reality you haven’t used it in a much preferred vision
part of why i want to know you was hard is hard to do what did you do with it so that if the training is going to check the train.
Let’s go what was the disappointing part repair the same amazing VR virtual training set up when she is its to train you to like run this control of the train go check this part of the train ride,
like this could be made out of cardboard.
May i have the same affect yeah except it’s with like oculus rift raft expensive don’t get what you’re doing is like just turn the knob we are paper for that it was rude and made a multi million dollar.
Start with milk oatmeal know if i’m.

[23:38] Cheap video games like a simpsons with a discount bandit is like a men’s challenge jus like to train to operate right to be when the games that pay rate.
Sell your yard scusa screaming.

[24:01] Really fucked up yeah really fucked up did they do anything more intense than a train stuff for reviews just because i mean how,
did you bring everyone know you miss or we will the real ely my god
what can i make her read who are you,
who was the man reaction rate im progressing when turning haven’t,
no it’s kinda the immediate feeling of putting on the helmet new shirt,
i went from being in the flower do you know conference hall to it’s sunny day in this weird you know.
I’ll be providing a graph man it’s just a nice sunny day clear blue skies snow there’s a cloud,
wouldn’t you rather was released was sentenced okay.

[25:08] No no no no news,
for the feeling and century fox that i gave you was like i played a video saying show that’s coming that’s why no one’s ever leaving the house again and that’s why if you when did you get your go to win.

[25:31] Now take this is your.
When should a coffee drinker.
Rr where is hubble,
who will review instagram filters.
So if because i got the thing now like to major like having these issues because their instagram make them look,
instagram and reached more than one min running.
Who are the people around if i have more pictures me from that you know in high school i just look at me like that.

[26:27] Why did you let them get to you.

[26:30] Would you make you not an instagram person or become a normal person would’ve been thoroughly fucked because i would’ve held onto that unattainable.

[26:42] Where when.
But um hey there i am still very yeah i know sis the person signing in,
i can understand the use play with their it colder it rubbed off because of that because you were here
that’s where we spend more time looking at our cells now than i think weve never had people just afraid of physical properties of a camera u wanna loud it was really difficult to take pictures of yourself before
what do you think it’s really telling that is soon as it was really easy to take pictures of myself a lot of us like adults i want to do.

[27:31] I would like more pictures of me and my life that sounds fantastic and it’s sad that you know it’s not a yeah.

[27:39] Do you know what time it is
missing didn’t know if who did the real human yeah
hey can you run over something so.
You are human humanity is attention grabbing her husband is.

[28:16] Sports news for you off i apologise if i think yours is better thank you said.

[28:24] Hmm.

[28:27] Music.

[28:52] I have a family gets here is when they are walking from commercial to commercial.
Who are you what is up with my who i remember when you know when.
You there will no spin when will mithin milk
how is a sprint store capital of skeptical about this cappucino to be honest with you because it came outta the little couple minutes late so that’s where i’m at right this second let’s go back,
rn time so in nov.
I went to las vegas and i had a short film is an animated short called drunk girlfriend that i entered in the.
How many robnell missing your mother
i am gonna bring me animation category hey in the film festival was a shit show.
Z had scheduling problem so people ended up.
Like rn will miss her on me.

[30:12] Can people see this why listen to adele no okay i’m there to see right there with a number twenty seven go to the cartoons playlist.
Repair blue this is good radio good video.

[30:27] Drunk girlfriend real perfect we’ll link to a fantastic okay so yeah people showed up people traveling from around the world the real people from iran there were people from japan.
And there are films are playing when they are supposed to be playing in things happening when they are supposed to be happening with henry people.
I watched some really amazing movies with like four people in the back of this coffeeshop.
It’s too bad cuz i would really like to but i’m i want so high octane.
Are in december i did four shows in three prisons.
Are going from minimum security all the way to maximum security i because the state of north dakota and i really respect and for this they realize.

[31:17] Remember how mama members
so i want them to be socializing they want them to have human interaction when actually thinks about somebody actually thinks about those things and they wanted to be a normal human beings and i gotta say

[31:33] Minimum security was a riot wrong yo on like actually good people good times,
medium security was a lot of fun the only thing is i talked about getting married and the people can see if my lovely wife is just up on my skin.
It was red for christmas and there a medium security prison living anywhere so u really don’t want to hear about your family and still gotta like uncle sam hat,
i’m more so i took that lesson
minimum security and we talked about masturbating a lot and loves that i give me latest get up and we talked about ramen noodles a lot because in roman noodles your money
and that was a blast when i went to maximum security prison in the heat.
On road and mitcham really nice people have company,
good will hunting was when is enough rope skipping prison.
Whats trending.

[32:50] Men’s rings no help in prison,
the outside is all bark why are in the joke but point out its very much like an ice concert to my health google it that’s the old person joke stuff but um i think when you look it up you find it quite amusing.
Quite amusing a good butter scotch candy after the beep n you go you have to give i have to give them your phone leave your phone in the car you have to give them your drivers license and your keys so that you like of cisco south,
i have to get thru like for steel doors to leave so you can like a cruise ship like what you read.

[33:32] When do we start the swim across the ocean that’s is exactly you just have to fight your way outta an army of felons.
Like a cruise ship much like a cruise ship depending upon your cruise ship in md is the better version of this there is a version of this and give you the extended version is this.
I’m trying to show a little bit of humanity for the for the people that were there could give me a tour of the gotta go get mac shawn the green room to get a cool band room weather guys amazing drummer.
Where is mulund know mitch is.
And alex he middle of an impression
mothafuckers love bingo no is the present and it better then getting bothered and as it still isn’t always the case unless you like being bothered.
You know i’m hey,
can you repeat so much rrb restart.

[34:52] You’re not listening right because again cookies and measure the snow is coming over to remove that’s what they’re hearing from me if i got doesn’t really introduce me hes just going here,
let’s have a round of applause when we go there alot it’s like.
And next week you will be doing a solid exactly right now so here spencer is there a roof.
Show have to hey how’s it going how do you make your ramen noodles like
rahman noodles online three what works really well the other day i was hoping we could write out master hey what’s your name goes wrong,
set me a recurring go say something funny.

[35:39] Are you being hilarious to hear something funny after the show i wanna sleep in my hotel room and fuck your mother and chrome did not take kindly to a vast statement.

[35:51] Good a player mitch.

[35:56] Z miss you so much.
What could he really want to say about my mother right there i know i shouldnt because no body does that,
would you ever worked on can i run hot when will howdy
where are i did nothing wrong with you have received mini instead the where’s the restroom.

[36:34] This considered got more access to drugs and weapons and they don’t have any guards to taste them you just have a little chinese bartender lady who gets in between you and the guy that doesn’t like that you told me to shut the fuck up so.
Chrome is standing behind that’s what happened that’s an actual story.

[36:51] How many can be a little hostile sometimes it’s okay and also you have to stand your ground you can let the feeling
now time at slow down and maybe this is gonna get weird
add what you stand behind two folding chairs and he’s like twenty feet from me in the garden probably fifty feet from me so he can get to me first if he needs to write,
hold them here so i can do the things i hold my hand out and he like my arms longer than that if i can keep him from connecting for a couple of minutes hopefully the guards will get one nobody.
Remove history of your mother jokes has ever taken a little early anywhere,
never rate nobody’s like hey you can’t talk about elizabeth nicholson that way in front of the spelling on i can’t stand stand
who knows something missing time limit on the night
n who had missed the part where you.

[37:58] Headline story is gonna be the local community and is doing what you love,
and i do not love getting chi connect my god im feeling that is not my favorite thing i love ice cream and watching netflix with my wife and our cats there play news of my favorite things,
play one way ticket the comedians of all how loved you note there will be a retroactive netflix special.
I know when money due next month remember.

[38:34] When was wizeline tell them i last buy didn’t mention justin roland.
Machine when will my returns low.

[38:49] Connection i forgot the name of this coming out soon,
this is just jam it she was the voice of dylan are gonna be insatiable on netflix with human remember how god yeah okay great show right
yeah so she was just and advertising last night we had an art council show and also she destroyed the pack that it was amazingly great really excuse me town to person mi six degrees of justin or lyndon down to one nice move.
Oh man that would like help michelle speaking speaking hell of a show me some.
Roll when mixed reality it in france.

[39:33] Find some name of a new person on a time and bosses bosses can i would love which is my boss’s pizza is the head liner,
is he said i can i want to say.
What about kevin guy from qns no i know he is doing a um.
Workshop is also doing a show us how great he is doing or should i think just want show calender to his.
What doin the all day workshop yeah i come so yeah if you are like a sketch or improv comedy person in the coin,
that would be really amazing what was the price of the one that won the randy i think it’s like one eighty and think one definitely worth it
home rn know more you can remind me one of the people who said unkind of MIMA,
like my sketch mount everest its are rush moritz money python kids in the hall,
hi michelle.

[40:47] I don’t understand status of my favorite folks sadly i know about mr brad and i haven’t gotten back and watch that i want you know i’m a huge fan of david bruce um.
First yeah um my brother had a recording of his and was like one track.
Who is founder of the other comic book and how to pronounce her name is pronounce spaghetti,
Put the far side that’s the family circus in a circus family circus is it was a cartoon christmas in the newspaper and they would print up words and you can have them delivered to your house
play the pizza that you read and there was a few how did you order it like your grub hub you had to ride me while he ended turn,
bluebird news okay you win the ai mua is like an uber that is an animal,
that’s his balls contract when you write if it’s cold you know when you have a frame of reference okay okay yeah and family circus was really sacramento cute little family car too i think it still exists doesn’t robert which one family circus.

[42:05] Yeah who yo voy a ir,
bulls are real when will people receive
i believe they hold up the hard to say but i’m incredibly funny incredibly smart company so i’m not gonna sit here,
unless you can flip the family circus of our site cuz no sir that will not stand would like garfield series it had much more when i was younger but surely.
we had this feeling yellow hmu when was nau varsha i know it’s not in the stains
what’s the addy is set to this this is like a fresh topic just for my office conversation i had recently because for christmas.
Get me your res when you weren’t when ya wake up,
everyone of christopher young not that the park yeah like i don’t remember any that i don’t like not smile at least yeah.

[43:26] So there’s this guy that her the one that called tales from the address something like that it is like.
Really our style light is close but it’s like he’s not quite as good an artist as she larson trump and the comedy is like.
Trying for it but it doesnt quite get there yet we’re having conversation because this for the first time in years.
Want to take it like that i’m guessing me look to the cover and it looks just like keira right and like i want these.
It’s not the same thing it’s says it cold like this side that is off in the distance also like to catch a look is enough it’s up.

[44:09] But it’s it’s good it’s enjoyable of walnut wanna three like every third day is one i’m like
yeah that makes me happy i feel like i want to get the calendar for ya today like calendar but it’s like you know a few weekdays words just can’t like
can someone hack your page was more open where is snug,
lol rain.
What drinks want to read a sentence like that one no that’s good.

[44:45] Her so return my shirt who did her wrong
the eight hundred number we live in when ricky
hey m i remember you wouldn’t know.
Am i insured here is the situation yes perfect tits on a fanatic great hello i would like a refund how fast am like all the time i worked with mitch in minneapolis know him,
who can i have one missed you open command wouldn’t that.
Cancel cancel,
the other day and i was pancakes stop the chaos lol hamburger if i tried to give me this joke and he did not need a ride.
But i still like the joke with that wasn’t fun things to do in minneapolis right mitchell burke jokes mine was that everybody was someone prescott jesus walked on water but what if i just had.
Feet yo on.

[45:59] I think it’s the pause that makes a big difference of your work today with a citrus you know the feedback i am not offended butter.

[46:09] What’s another joke maybe i do what the situation mad that i can i can do this one justice but it’s basically like.
When would like.

[46:29] Yo yo she really think i will run when she is with him.
I don’t know that someone is lions play the lookout middleburg okay i am fantastic
hello robot where i can miss you he wouldn’t miss startup you said.
Her no more than one function or.
What was your inspiration for your animation you when will you release ms.

[47:23] Rr
are the big isabella a girl i used to date really like to drink a lot which is sometimes adorable but then it just turned into babysitting and i dont want a room in the bed but.
I’m only when on three dates of date ended up being ridiculous and and again i dont want to ruin the big for you but damn she got the bed and and there’s a whole story to what she was the top bunk.
Who who bitch get VR
rmation that is missing the red roof inn
and the other is the use to know the guy’s name i looked it up and meet in the fifties took a bit of his called thank you mask man.
And put a cartoon over refusing live stand which is pretty common use the lifespan of the audio track.
Audio track a menu put the cartoon on top of it but at the time it was like whoa that’s crazy.
I never have the skill set to do that until computers god good yeah i’m,
and i initially a bottle next seven what are the first ones in the drawing.

[48:44] Is it tn
consumer animation software and it turns out it’s really affordable if you are willing to lean into it and learn how to do it.
You can do anything my heart is hugging alex who each are moving her no
who did the garage stuff so i can text my friends but no hes really talented.
Ok now let’s take it back reverse mark marin is ok i would
i wouldn’t know when will dry.

[49:40] Not garfield but like other than the newspaper the sunday comics and i think it’s doable i’ll do that twenty nine people.
Remind her that she’s really normal drugs available you.
Something new.
I’m really want a hug knowing much.
While in the nineties i was trying to do a comic strip i was trying to take the act and turn it in the comments your pretty good.
I did not understand what you’re asking because i was writting my computer was missing didn’t.

[50:32] I want to know you know who know who the hey and s.
That is one minute and lives on instagram and it’s just this character.
When was her who had major health.
Red hat much removed from her.
Little red nike because we have a tv show host for president
therefore we’re all a little red nike now whether we like it or not that’s true that it’s diffusion yeah yeah it seems to be the voice that people will listen to and i don’t go into anything too heavy with it but it,
yeah road when i know i know which is my accent messes.

[51:41] Because i forgot you guys we should go out but that tends to be flat and emotion less but i letter kenny like last week for the first time of you not seen in a canadian television show
believable and he has made that flat still wake we live in a really cold place
real money will i recieve the next morning remote wouldn’t miss much.
remember you know.

[52:31] Oh man twenty nine people in north dakota yeah i can relate to two hundred people in south dakota we can video,
yo remind mom is wrong when she didn’t know,
who ended up finishing in aberdeen of moved from the town of seven hundred goldberg where.

[53:04] Governor of south dakota who are the current governor should pay through,
may i know when three three miles west.

[53:19] Rr
Yeah yeah small town life a hey how you expect the empire podcast some guy from california select
spell relief ask relaxing after this point it’s like
yup you will know his parken lot no preference can we remove.
Set of it
who can i reach you when you okay.
You know you can never miss hey.

[54:10] Robben the mid range rom,
do you have any japanese.
Sorry yeah not really okay it mean when you begin to take spencer use to be a pretty unique name but not anymore now spencer catching up on dylan.
As far as like there’s a lot of there’s a lot more expensive than store we had our store how many people are named after the store i was named after spencer
me light about it until i was like twenty four registration is natural from the fifties and sixties and then there was also spencer gifts in there spencer for hire and i’m probably largest managers from spencer for hire
you miss you know me madrid,
who is active and reset your username her when is enough.

[55:20] Yeah what’s the guy from myers set my self um.
What’s really hood sis
yeah ask you know who has made russ reid was very mistaken and hope that solve,
that was this said there’s a sponsor and a reality show that i didn’t watch the table to the sound terrible,
there are few terrible sets out there but if your dictionary it will say sorry awesome fucking person something something something to spencer grammer that girl and she is very hot.
Add buy i’m fine with that but it’s like a girl named charlie it’s a girl with the boys name in my opinion yeah there’s not a whole lot is spencer reserve.
No batting your eyelashes yeah yeah but what else were you made girls name charlie that always trouble girls name bobby and rose and charlie.
Lookout you can obtain a tattoo together and then you can hang up in méxico like a married man leave which you know.

[56:33] Can you have the hotel bill and crabs live in mexico yeah mexico is a lovely.

[56:40] I’m never been under outside of the country and fortunately i was gonna try and i have internet i google stuff.
Roof is nice i wouldn’t know.
When can i see her lol script if someone who cheryl.

[57:15] Who can relate when.
What’s the date you requested not to be like this shouldn’t the morning ok so we had to throw his hoodie
is a person it’s over seventy years i still want to sleep with trunks from song to welcome him ecstatic to know listen up,
yo are very educational no.
You rock six hundred.

[58:05] Trump got me out of politics i will read the paper i have opinions everybody is mad now especially when you do comedy,
review mentioned the present you can see peoples eyes di late and i feel theres honestly no real value to people sitting in a roma laughing together and like not feeling for two seconds and i.
Soo much
tj going on both sides like look over here and play a knee jerk reaction and and we still have stuff we need to get done and received to be screwing up a lot of the good stuff and important stuff so.

[58:45] Up read the paper to read a newspaper has limits listen.
I hate does i’m just like.
I’ve been like i have a friend who is lee brings me the news at work about what trump did you dislike.
I dont care anymore what is she like legit launches in new york like for real think i don’t want to hear about it because i feel so exactly right so like
why didn’t the skeleton couldn’t
will talk with her.
Hi rhys,
no no u i always surprises me with interesting things um giving,
i know so many really lovely people and if you mention this one topic there,
are you got like.

[59:56] We need to hang out just no loft this let’s remember it
no only refund.
and we can start movie remind you really wanna for get more thing
do you know i don’t know how that works with us with the job you know when you’re performing in the why.

[1:00:40] Ok i gotta find my little schedule sure.
I would be open this app feel the space only hey spotify my phone,
yes trying to find something on his phone and i couldn’t find my phone what is the bed no i didn’t find the phone who are you when does not talking for almost there i’m,
turn up,
ok good story seth thursday february twenty first nine PM to france in burly i will be doing first impressions.
Where where.
And i was drinking want to have a one seventy five jim beam in the city also is a good choice within my quit smoking and drinking.
No milk no soy the people i have spent rs,

[1:01:49] Because it looks really show him how far are douglas list and we’re always right after 9 11 and we were gonna do he was better off with a netflix show.
I’m driving the guy,
who the hell was missing her mother when her room rn.

[1:02:17] Smh good he can’t stop it is space just like.
Just tell me if my fucking hotel please u crazy fucking lunatic
list receipts when middle man running your skin morning her,
what were the person krystal my can gets mad i may be in your shoes but email related or not and if it starts not starts flowing so that’s gonna be a crazy show,
set up which is who are you but i understand the festival schedule a bosses pizza
is the forklift show so please come in and check out that will be funny i’m not sure exactly think to seven minutes set i have decided one dude will be hilarious and then after that i go to michigan and do you dislike.
So wait you’re doing the.

[1:03:22] Where are now,
no one million when would you want me mitch sheila.

[1:03:38] No zero before you come back for the next weekend we do wall sits there is no i’m sorry i do snow jam,
boss is the first and second of march are the tickets for fifteen bucks i think anything get in my google
how do you can google plus was like winked yes money
spent on condoms remove my account with you.
Increase her know when will my loan no reply.
Miss you miss me.

[1:04:35] Mirror mirror.

[1:04:40] Okay well that’s all the package isn’t coming out of your internet troubleshooting.
Unpack your right there likes little dirty hacks will my website is up british spencer SP GDR i’m trying to help a job so we have somewhere where the show now comedy yeah.
How many rushing and receiving who love her.

[1:05:16] Yeah queen set the f i do have a clean september i can do there but don’t be like a people between sets.
What will return your money,

[1:05:38] Where are you really make me rich
and then to clean up all you do is go home and go to panera friends and say hey one who makes love to people’s mothers and that’s almost funny because heart mutherfucker a lot and we’re expecting it so when you will you just break it down into its parts,
who are you.

[1:06:02] Ill email.
Spin me what you would want leven the yeah yeah yeah.
No what’s my translate lol.
I like when did i say get screaming i want the red bed yet so you can see it freezing the air with that when the words come out yeah yeah,
yeah it’s the winter fuck you see that zero in fact.
Yeah he just see the little girl there that was the word like freeze in the fall of the great yes yeah yep i knew c then send this to shape of hoping,
instagram removed one center.

[1:07:06] Hey play young man.
Yeah i hate my cynicism a little too early you know i’m justifiably.
No it’s time to pull some you know you know yet who hate you
so you are a black a couple times but have few times you still have opera is there still help i’ve been outside of south dakota yeah i can i can still come together yellow green arena there still who are you.
How long you gone,
any man who doesn’t know who you know own when is she remember me this is getting free snacks,
when running behind trying un diseño.

[1:08:06] Hey remove member is not right is this wine called my husband he.
Found a telecommunications company called them remove that i have paid,
hi hon no haven’t the rest of your night go
i’m now ready to turn into a horrible addiction give me strong feelings know about the capital gains tax if i put up.
You really change your views on immigrants to pick up our fast.
Where are the top bracket you can tell her from the midwest to where the way because most popular mexican restaurant is called taco johns yeah not taco ones.
What are the homecoming know which country we’re,
like bitch he wouldn’t that good mexican restaurant where you explain what snap yeah.

[1:09:20] Is there anything happening you know nothing please just.

[1:09:31] Who will who will develop with.
I saw the one guy who is like a sixteen seventeen year old kid and like you know who is picking yeah he did.

[1:09:47] No didn’t rain on ya know you where is dis real.
Can i have no no no.

[1:10:05] Because of his sexual orientation in the change temperature who clearly not okay but probably not corporate policy
have a bad staff now it’s like you know a branch is yours some kid name tony i would like to his manager is like a twenty year old cat exact you first sent it i saw you’re finished
read running shit huh.

[1:10:34] Her no good okay
what an asshole i’m really relieved to know the taco johns like i also don’t be nice to cancel,
when now when,
yeah asian restaurant show out a race,
reset info if you’ve gotten the stuff yet received the delivery,
yeah man no heat suck my,
this is gonna be a real asian food the crappy get them all and all the asian people that don’t want stores tomorrow
remember knowing her movie lol no results
we just the way i need to turn down all press is good press who knew.

[1:11:47] Yeah we have with anyone what movie.
Resource has she need to sign in.
Like in standing watch people get the courage to try sushi for the first time and it’s always like a couple and she’s always like we should
you can remove the reaction is gonna hit me from her no chinese restaurant.
When will rinku japanese from chinese restaurants not
you’re not doing that but i tell you what there people in china had a german restaurant right now ordering burritos in their kids like i don’t like burritos there a minimum like its white people food shut the fuck up
how many kids you like i think mexicans are white leather do you wanna sit in the trunk it’s gonna send that right it’s fine enjoyed food lovely.

[1:12:57] Yep nope yep,
what was my trip to mexico women’s chinese restaurant in manhattan you need about.
Zimmermann the resort no i didn’t mean,
i wanted to northern for two weeks in two thousand nine hundred thousand eight it’s because i didn’t go to college very much in bed
i really thought that time
couldn’t you tell him i’m un CDI en tant.
I swear when is the info you know mark run miss me.

[1:13:55] Remove me lo recibí la orden.
Rahul got a.
mijn the month
i’m like la for me really open the door he minneapolis in los angeles both me a lot about life because of the mexican food in LA is like mexican food and like we sometimes end this is a little less naughty but we would go to like a taco place in be like you to eat.

[1:14:38] I dare you to end in trying to get out of your comfort zone and food that maybe mid westerners are necessary country when usually was really good,
smh iont know when you can use this thing it’s not gross just remember spending money,
how many points man is rosana parmesan cheese that’s a latino thing i don’t like that can be good when is the greatest thing ever put your face it’s like fantastic,
i got let me some corn yeah i’ve never had korean like my fiance is prepared yeah she just made an order
hey can i know i can import a brewery tour
mary’s and cord are you like put the new panties and i’m like there’s incredibly good we had at the brown county fair
this year somebody had a crash anyways me and my wife and one other person got this is great and all the locals be like i’m not put mayonnaise on corn that’s crazy but like i have back in the nineties perform that was a thing and i would
it’s just a big bowl of soup with a bunch of stuff in it but holy buckets where my headphones who is add my girl got the time girlfriend’s house shes being mean now i was.

[1:16:00] Probably the best buy will never taste because it was homemade and i would like amazing stupid lol yeah
i like red robin now is kinda coming into its own i went to the ugly delicious have you watched that netflix add david’s phone i think his name is really popular here is my lobster chef right now,
i need a restaurant in las vegas um i don’t know it’s next milk bar,
which is a really expensive high-end milkshake place and i got his ROM in the pork belly was really good it was like seventeen bucks for a bowl of ramen it was fine,
what are we singing at the plaza downtown so then i went to the north end ramen place and got seven dollar and where the sim the bra for like twelve hours and i was better and i had a donut.
It was a pop tart so it’s like a doughnut size popcorn feeling was probably pop tarts in it but what’s on you think that’s just flashy but no it’s fantastic sir it was fantastic
wouldn’t you know mitch.

[1:17:09] Turn up i know you re thinkin
is it raining here in the nineties there was nothing you go and everybody’s make no chicken wings as a special way and we’ve got our brisket burger and i could just received
schicken the recent news of,
replace who is helping when are a user time time.

[1:17:46] Create a yellow did anyways spirit of networks filed i said partially i mean it’s a lot of things do you remember sushi everyone else can you learn how to flash freeze fish and fly it that’s a lot of liberation.
What you can get fresh fish in the midwest quickly so you don’t get food poisoning it doesn’t get ruined in the process so that’s one thing it shipping.
In general has improved dramatically and we have more knowledge than i mean like a lot of people when you know,
who likes the ramen noodle crazy you know like the table trying to the guys name you didn’t start off with um
roman noodles you just a crappy rahman news the kids like what can we do with this and that make me some really amazing stuff and am.
her no reply from
remind her remember her.

[1:18:59] Huh
and it isn’t really it couldn’t you know watch a video of gordon ramsey important folk and making u i scramble eggs should a yeah you can google how do u make brisket,
no you don’t know what you’re buy a book or both.

[1:19:23] Yeah that’s amazing is your review of by the way i always stick to the bottom of the pan but they’re so good no do you use sour cream or do you actually have chrome fresh
just lying around the house could kinda fancy date radio that’s got that kinda money i don’t have your order within two blocks of the money made playing is a three years ago when i was living alone and i made scrambled eggs just like e,
add name and it was so me and they have no i’m not yo.

[1:19:51] Hey when i did i didn’t mean.
No i didn’t.
Add sour cream soda and have really high so i just didn’t i went to fair forgot that i know what’s going to play.

[1:20:12] How you can substitute um greek yogurt just plain greek yogurt,
and put in scrambled eggs is really rich or patriots fantastic cohen re not always on mind and everything has been open up ugh because my fiance she went to a culinary school.
When is.

[1:20:36] Just gonna different level that i am looking for like studying to be a no but the ultimate goal would be to have a food truck or a bakery.
Food truck bakery i got you know who directed just baked goods what’s the problem the food truck in my opinion somebody can steal your dreams because of you leave keys and a pic into the garage with your future natural.
Turn the light portland and the like.

[1:21:03] You look up these folks new york i wish you could go to another room for five minutes cuz you just in this little metal box with an oven.
And hoping people show up i mean if it’s like you see people do it at the fair here and there doing like a forty eight hour.
Do you know me go back to their lives and made a lot of money but if your main gig tuna food truck you better really love what your doing yeah yeah that’s the staffing of love.
Schedule a showing results when was you up.
What would mix the times i know read when you have red running,
no no because he doesn’t do the hum she does this sometimes with brian lotus on the oven cuz
where hands go.
Hi hey nothing today when did she live concert enzo z.

[1:22:16] Um so it is no where is just like fucking the good just st.

[1:22:25] Hey can you give mrs
exactly and that’s your forty i make some is occasionally like to do that because that’s you doing stuff lol i mean the funniest thing about it like ive figured i would like to make.
Um fone,
from alton brown one and ever since that how can you make a master of micro gastronomy in bangladesh you know egg whites did i fucking can’t use let’s go to beat the shit so what’s the secret to your phone.
Who will who will not prime rib alone.
That said basically some of the phone i make a i meant fo.

[1:23:18] When is her son’s read
oh blocked but can bring can bring it up
i can push spice robot usually go with the least little thai and little brown sugar a lot of chili powder couple other things maybe some all spice hotel little middle eastern flavor to it see red.
Turn up volume rd chicken stock has long been two hundred red.
I’m reduce the start hundred starting with u smile your mad,
and then put them under a broiler so it gets crunchy and then more chicken stock in the new pam do you like again dice up celery onions.
And carrots and i do brown rice and black beans cuz its a perfect protein and really good fight and then take the juice
from the park and add that to the chicken stock when you get that made that nevada and anus.

[1:24:38] Recommend a little fish sauce and a cinnamon stick and you gotta kinda its probably that is good is the fun,
rich men who smh
when ir will miss my existence is so hard,
next thing hates her,
fuckwit i can i can you up my friend lives i just imp no gordon ramsay has a ten minute morning.
Miss you have what was born.

[1:25:24] No do you not care an going fuck ok well remember his lost family members to our easy.
How re up.
Hurry it’s really not her just,
i can’t wait yeah yes i got the grams is a half a stick of butter but you have the yellow butter stick fucking stupid replaying what are you please answer when do you give me help yeah.
Yeah that’s the stuff i can i love twenty four hour to reduce cramps when am i doing.

[1:26:09] Fantastic records like of course got a very sensitive palette so it’s worse for him
i love yo on
gordon ramsey is the man too but will think on brown bread on my break down the science i think gordon ramsay is more of like a dynamic personality i’m not sure how that really gets emotion out of the yahoo TV now absolutely,
browns good science you learn from other use speed completely despise stupid and that’s like the biggest change from last year’s yeah
i didn’t receive this something yo on
who invited podcasts probably percent increase weeks shameless blog news transitions yo so.
How expensive is the part of the show where just boil it down to whip your social media and what url should i know where what’s coming up
how many dod combat will hook you up to everything if you go to any recent link if you go to cartoons there’s a link to
you tube for clutch in my you tube for my standup in my standup cartoons i’m spencer dobson on facebook.

[1:27:33] Facebook and instagram are my two main things again forgot my website that will get you everywhere i am also feeling for some new corporate i am i’m getting masters.
So okay umm let’s see surf.

[1:27:48] Anything you have any regrets know when,
i missed your shop master chef junior other than that the film but i still get in the car so um.

[1:28:13] Hey erin falligant ready.
Um yeah she was supporting my fiance hey miss a thing could eight
hey you didn’t miss much smaller remit than the next
who knows that most would you have a mother this is nothing.
Ding pack,
yeah if you reset haley didn’t the bright royal casino.
You’d be great so anyway am i.

[1:29:17] Other podcasts all of the empire dot com be sure to check out macabre are the dress code,
i’ve been indians of great shows where to start casting by the time this comes out very soon i will be launching before casting announcement for all the different parts an edge case audio drama.
How can i find cheap hats hot bruh if will be there,
i am just trying wouldn’t.
Hello walk that walk home no you help me get there.
But yeah that’s a case in one spot all the crazy stuff we do here the dot com can we do that on dot com slash sue falls.
I’m huge patriot thank you don’t map also for sporting show.

[1:30:15] Better thank you so much for coming in there was a lot of fun it always is think you have me and me if you want a recipe for pho
No thank your self what again for being here and take you less than rs we love you very much and we will see you all next week please.

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