Sioux Empire Podcast 140 Andrew Kightlinger Writer/Director of Tater Tot & Patton

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Join us for a bi-weekly run-down of the competitions Seth knows you should care about. Next up NES Online. IT’s TIME… for GAME TIME.

Sioux Empire Podcast 140 Andrew Kightlinger Writer/Director of Tater Tot & Patton

Interview with Andrew Kightlinger Writer/Director of Tater Tot & Patton And Producer Adam Emerson

Madagascar-bred, South Dakota-brewed, Kightlinger’s sensibilities are rooted in his cross-cultural upbringing. He has directed several short films and a gloriously ‘B’ sci-fi feature called “Dust of War”. He most recently won the Slamdance Screenplay Competition’s Grand Prize for his unproduced script “Great White Shark”. Kightlinger holds an M.F.A. in Film from Boston University and a B.A. in Government and French. Past employment includes the Kennedy/Marshall Company and Kasdan Pictures before committing to the beautifully torrid life of a film director and screenwriter.


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Machine Transcript
[0:00] This is soooo empire podcast episode of one forty andrew director of to todd and patty.
Yo are you from here from the palace of civilization white guy on line you can live in south dakota where for checking with glittering mile high was stolen
kings on the interstate your red car have a problem with your shirt.

[0:30] Music.

[0:59] Hello everyone and welcome again to another fantastic episode of the podcast.
This is the empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcast until about sueing your newest comedy music and culture i am your host robert mailing and joining me as always is lever everybody let’s game time
and also join us is natasha.
I got what i got when you got married last name changed it usually take me six months to figure out who the regulations
can you please happy about it
request go today and also joining us is we got andrew night your who is the director of tater tot and patrick hello
and also joining us is such a producer of the film.

[1:49] Nice happy guy on the show we will talk to you shortly here first one is like into our game time segments and then we’ll go into the interview.

[1:59] Music.

[2:20] Hey everybody i’m so this week i haven’t been playing to many games recently so i was unsure i know i suck at life you to come.
Suicide him what what can i what can i talk about this weekend i perfectly enough.
My fiance just got a nintendo online membership and so with nintendo online you get it yet,
access to a variety of different areas like so two of my top.
Favorites are in a fight i don’t know if anybody else you have any access.
I would like an advisor i said four because of that she must be just joking because nobody god for nintendo systems.

[3:12] Yep yes two thousand the broken africa we have to but still no reply with a disk and visit different play a,
so anyway blue,
i hear a little dude that has balloons for two balloons on top of your head that basically know what’s just float like that same tire.
Object of the game and still continue feeling if they are these are words that have also blues about their head and it looks as if he likes you,
what u when the birds me balloons because that’s objective is to pop the balloons and knock the birds out before they do if you put the birds are birds state they don’t need balloons to the already.
Who is the ASL you know i was still a good person in a different how bad the find active executethread record that your a good person but active.
You naked gun a medium would a cat any sky you can never heard of that i like i have finally another one coming up here that.
The time really honoured to the light i don’t know if anybody will ever hear about it that we get to that in a second.
Weather one other would be doctor mario classic.

[4:34] The tetris like you know mario game basically are you just
throwing pills a problem it was a prelude to america yeah it was a dark for shadow of a future that you were aware of the iris hotel is daniel,
be happy and feel good um.
Third you know the author of the original zelda which is great and you know perfect play a drop of the donkey kong excite bike um.
Mario brothers super mario brothers three it always look fun games but there is one in particular that’s been missing from the on-line intended libraries sense.
Allison we i had we had the online thing yeah umm but they’ve never had.

[5:25] The NES game start drop it oh yeah you know what i got that one of my week.
Oh why that did i miss the memories and the internet was happy about that they turn away anyway.
There have a spreadsheet okay the temperature don’t think they had a search box to his revenge on the way yet i don’t have that so.
It’s god’s entendo what i’m saying is that one of my favorite bands i actually like it better than my dessert the games for the is santa live.
Start traffic was my fair game until you know plain fried added time on that SEC board.
That’s great of a game search for sales i mean your a kid is going around his submarine there’s a there’s a time travel twists there it’s not play this.

[6:20] Fabulous is man u just put around and submarine and then you come across that come across.

[6:29] Come across this while under ya do u have twenty minutes to sleep forty hours some it’s a hard week fan in um.
Ene gotta find the little inlet and then the other
when and where its a lot of fun in that is revenge people get turned up eggs and you have that word board i remember that it
reverse that so i can you come across a desert just pays you have to interpret their thanks
it up to be like i did said twice i want to report what the pay was a little passive aggressive yes
who is the nearest see yeah other pacing around back room i think hes probably attractive.
So who is bre more people should know about it as much as i love the games that are currently on air
who is jimmy a solid guys and get start right big swan into their um.

[7:38] Um

[7:42] Hmm yeah that’s what i wanted to get out there is that nintendo online it’s very cool by you guys are missing a few titles that would make me so much have so happy.
Um there are a few i will go into my arm.

[8:00] Random is there an into that are fun young women’s key is weird and that’s enough funky yards.
Kind of like it it’s a puzzle game so play level.

[8:13] Do you these weird things and kelly’s monsters move this key take get the key to the next level do it again.
Um so women’s key wine and adventure is a low i never played before.
But man who knew you could have so much fun being a blue ball.
Yeah i don’t associate blue bottle fun you don’t have to wait a little low.

[8:42] From now on i will implant but i want to um al did you have matured on inside frequency.
If i didn’t play that one all the way through as i can you now say that i loved it or anything but um.
Yeah so i get up there and spa.

[9:06] You’re younger kids learn your basics exact way i’m you
what’s the service cost just a curiosity so it’s a nineteen ninety nine for a single person or thirty five dollars a year visit you for your hands that’s reasonably priced the safest nineteen ninety him on his like,
no not sedan for you.
Nintendo ds games for year but no twenty dollars will get to sad and thirty five you have some in if you have a couple of switches.

[9:41] Smh when i figure out how to add my account to that i can link account to i’ll get back to you.
Sure i don’t know i don’t want her dumb yeah and send a baby so i was good.

[10:01] Music.

[10:21] Andrew adam welcome to the show thank you for taking the time out your busy.
Promoting schedule here to hang out with us and talk about switch games i would like you guys have some stuff going on,
how do you think so tell us a little bit about a tater tot.

[10:43] Restart we do have a task i wish you have the price of my container tom petty video game coming out and i was like doesn’t like movie like.
Movie the game adaptations remember like maybe i’m back to the future
yeah like what could he be like i have a plan to minority report what should,
to pick two people the world know any places the other one i finish seventies or i can never find the friend that handed yeah
robin hood prince of thieves the cost of robin hood movie that had and any in game that was like.
Bunker and i love that game it’s like it s like.
There was like i would regular exploring mode and there was like combat motor you sword flights but it was like you were singing like with your sort out like it got hard like knot at all like anything like in the most he could eight spear it
do you like jumping up on top of tables and stuff like i owe you dislike
it’s okay we’ll get slapped a brand whatever the hell would he get in history of its jessica ross.

[11:58] Having to shovel is the goal of the game as how many copies you can get in the back of a truck is essentially and the brightness is killing my old snake
can rattle snakes is killing my childhood basic may i come back so i can be a break away like five people think i should
mobile developers in the us so that it’s based on the plot of the movie is about a city girl who escapes to her uncle’s ranch in central south dakota.
Unravelled his his lonely hand life and many movies start of takes a very classic trump.

[12:38] You know the city girl going out to the middle of nowhere and then we tried to construct a little bit more with that idea used wit CNN type of an.

[12:48] Hmm new shot here.
Hey people from here which is why i’m this podcast and very excited to be here when you guys are doing a screening to work with it.
Are you here in eastern south dakota hear um you got let’s see you can screenings in.
I know here on business part of that cause it’s like close where are doing silver calling it that i’m putting roadshow three golfers screen on thirty five millimeter of year but its a condition of nowhere was starting center thing.
Yeah does roadshows of this movie still and goes around and show the movie every five to
yes turn to not write the pensive do the computer for the transfer to thirty just wan me out of money is a whole bunch of um
no sé were starting on march eighth to play in your su falls mitchell here on the kings.
I’m spear fishing video one westerville oh okay nice i’m every play for a solid do people show up to these,
screenings yeah we can hold off another week so we have people got in on the fifteenth three starting aberdeen watertown for a week.
Are we get some specific recs to falls in the hole where should i get to sit down ya throat the doing it over a weekend sure i’m just a unique marketing choice i suppose.
The movies not shop for an imax screen.

[14:18] But it does have like from what i’ve seen it’s got like some sweeping south dakota landscapes yeah would be kinda fun to show.
India film that really is people going through the motions and then close ups of faces,
i want a big screen light but at one st of the month does open up and dance with a shot of buffalo and all kinds of fun things i said i was very unique.

[14:43] Venue to show it and it’s in the middle of the city and it’s gonna make some more events type it out and century said no to all
yo are still really good he requires me to have an MPA writing and how their class a lot of money to get them to understand that those along,
i just posted them faster suits and i forgot my badge.
One night only in south dakota in march twelfth very cool not showing up for his through the week and i said all these events or driving about.

[15:22] I need a plan two hundred is a that’s alot of driving that’s driving in this.
Weather right now they got no i want snow anymore but that would be fine
what s my parents very helpful in a phone call yesterday pointing out of phone calls from their winter place in texas point it out to me.
But march is the most snow heavy month of the year for south dakota in dislike
thanks guys thanks for the reminder i need that’s sorted me hanging over me thank you that will you play x
did they call you only to tell you that i was there other countries and there still completely made a really big point of life if you send my siblings are still around the farm and stuff like that url
further he running stuff with no sleeves getting a lot more snow than we have here even get enough.
Yeah so they’re just getting it im sure over the phone they are just getting inundated by kids and grandkids stories of snow from all of them so they’re just like.
Yeah that’s what it’s like there might be in trouble out there hiking picture of just you dad call i’m probs gonna social call you got weather coming what is the buffalo yeah that’s what it’s a very farmers think be like
i got the weather channel down there in texas.

[16:43] Yeah a black guy quick with my grandma for robert at west river that’s yeah it wouldn’t what is the pay say that with farmers that’s like,
the only group when someone wants to talk to you about the weather it’s not small talk they’re like it’s better about the way other people talk about like of their business who is asking when is true
so speaking of you know like your areas and farmers what was the inspiration for this particular story i know you originally born in africa
yeah everything is horny raise a madagascar yahoo mi father is originally from the shelby area
okay that’s where his family about all that stuff the quote hello this out because i think it has so the head stuff thank god and.
Yeah and so we moved back from madagascar ones about twelve then moved here and i can send to south dakota home temperature going it’s gorgeous adam and i’m add banana to the producing movies for a long time away in the future,
i maybe should a woman a middle of producing know if i can get right now absolutely adam i didn’t wanna freak you out of bed
let’s start the party this is actually an intervention are you.
Invited to hear his behalf of andrew to let you know yet if not far enough.

[18:09] Yeah i know i went to my goals with the movie was to,
use the landscape is a character because i think that some think hes very unique in that sense it very kind of you.

[18:22] Facts about marco virgin territory NY can front yard that still works like it did back in the day and i think that’s really special.
I’m hoping for changes in just as we wanted to make a movie and that location,
i don’t want to transport viewers into that feeling that i got when i stand in the middle of february or breakdown on the side of the camera so i go this is
isolate areas eventually isolation gives way to thinking and thinking goes way to help
what’s the details on the horizon instead of representatives attending metaphor for the isolation of grief and loss because of the exported the founding sure
end of the same time on the horizon of hope so the other thing that landscape in south dakota in general is a location displays into that.
The relationship between those that this uncle about going through dark things and eventually together find a way to rise out of my personal actions.

[19:22] Very cool that it’s a sing to lafayette yeah i think for AI was actually i want to see if i could the landscape really is.
Could you add those that you don’t have to pay extra money for i think a lot of ways donald practice du
add lettuce to the screen to spend investors it get to south dakota unless you try like show venue just telling of green screen work that contains all sets which do some people actually accused the movie of having CGN because the clouds
santa clause you so you need any clothes look so fake and some of the shots below could you see those in mcdonalds,
that’s just what happens yeah it’s tuesday this is a shot at the end of the film with the two characters and looking at.
Once im on the phone as important me with a single tree has a lot of places in the middle it,
it’s a document somehow survived the lightning strikes and it’s a single tree in the characters i’m looking at every thought it around sundown subs is beautiful shot,
is that a map painting because a paint that and like mike no like did you can find the stuff that nature.

[20:31] What’s the thing hollywood now though because he’s everything on the back and a green screen and just make everything fake everything is fake you say it without without CJ working and just looks like.
I want a box of pizza talking to a ping pong ball has been created with images to wrong.
Go to them for us still being of the active when i want to feel good a href forget what,
what movie are
good clipper me my whatever ness words like in mcallen it’s sitting there to table it’s gandalf and like everything else at this like table recent press conference just sticks with balls on it like.

[21:16] This is what it’s come to a hospital
sorry sorry if if its a statement saying he has a great fit for the extras i think that’s how she plays and say hello
yo on i can never been to madagascar evitare i might um if.

[21:46] I think even if i had or starting from south dakota i wouldn’t even be able i would never thing for you a person with jane and there are you from.
The land of south dakota
as opposed to like any land after god because coming from this site and never been having bad it seems like that’s just the more exotic no beautiful rich landscape by no,
south dakota is actually pretty unique even in america even of unit for anywhere yeah not what i think.
When people moving in los angeles now which is a double edged sword and i miss south dakota greatly.
And when you tell people they are from there the first thing is in the kitchen as i never met anybody from there and it really is the site far flying thing that.

[22:36] It’s never like can’t even fathom like my brush more like going to pg for some people you know it’s kinda cool but my old one for long trip there in the nineties like you say south dakota in there dislike.
So that’s kind of where is that you would a suv car but.
Yeah i just remember people like that and i still open like the dark side of the moon to the most people down to orem,
you don’t believe me because i do can i come in griffin to very extreme places depending on iconnect can text julie like.

[23:16] I am and it’s pretty but it sucks right now this extreme blazer it’s too much snow the snow is getting old.
Add stories high now um yeah,
traveling march you doing how much is apologize in advance to all the stress for cancelled cuban as if i never get my hopes were you have to deal with that too much beef.

[23:46] Can you suggest a hairstyle trabajo on the films behind the thing whenever there is a crisis and pops of my kids
find the most patronising and gonna be delivering the best attitude of the best approach to take either honestly cuz yo are blessed legal repercussions to saying it’s
hi i’m not mean the thing sitting in the fire yeah yeah that’s right let’s find a gif that is so satisfying it’s me i know
what’s the new one of the fires i wud a turquoise you from burning rocks what is going
i was finally worked out i played it for you.
So from the burning fire dog i don’t know where the order was originally from i’ve only received is a mean deep into web,
who is cs one adult swim thing or something but i mean i feel like there is a dog like chair.

[24:49] I’m so yeah maybe.
Can i choose learning apps like for soccer engineering in them support operations when everything is breaking your systems are falling apart can i expect things you doing.
What doing well thank you well customer happy in the bucket feature is right next to feature um.
Yes not exotic places.

[25:16] So when it’s what was on ice about shit in the summer of two who were about the snow.

[25:25] Yeah you know the calculator app for your assistance a suggestion at lunch when should we that much more isolated is the reason the giants in the earth and the way it didn’t the winter in south
what’s the code to track the rapper the revenant,
it’s the weather of there was a printed for you for the summer i can feel yes ok i think shooting.
When we’re getting shot in september and miranda weird number one they really bad fires on the west coast so that was.

[26:02] Awful there but fresh fish early was nice because those
smoke traveling across the country and it filter to the sun sets in the sunset so that much or violent i know
what is the lights out like a silver lining you just say you apocalyptic feel that you have a best hand sanitizer
we never really had.
No there’s some storms for the story of easter and managing attorney when they were portrayed otherwise it was just great the hold lucky best horrifying aspect especially friendly films,
you have a day that you can just say i lost that one will do another one for every day cost so much money.
I only got contract street crew and actors for so many days and lost my got engaged so we need a move on me a gallery negotiate less stuff really is a pain.
We are super lucky the only storm actually.

[26:56] What’s the production like a day or two before we start shooting is the massachusetts to make him nervous when the producers sorry.

[27:05] I roof got wrecked during is like naturally of course this is what’s gonna go on production design companies like windshield got shot the other yeah it’s
i think i will the biggest lake for surgery thing that made out with which is to ride a scooter so that was awesome thanks sure thing you what
the first thing i’m looking for a snake to the set for him.
Could you tell me about the record yeah yeah we have created three years and we had,
we have limited sound like yo aunt your um he is also a snake hunter.
Any ideas around channel
hey sherry because like prof x a train would he not nice not just a guy with a tattoo on the greatness of it i need an exec who has those as well we are okay because that’s naughty,
share couldn’t send anything with emily live and would a wood in kurtas shoutout,
nm bánh has and has rattle snakes frozen is freezer in his garage.
Any life advise that you know that snakes can i sleep on the couch when will i know that i will do that if you freedom right here right now right.

[28:27] Yeah ok so if i just think its funny enough i gotta rob a steak guy has not arrived yet,
do we have these big snakes ibrahim boxes that had skulls on number it says the next payment already created already and they are both about the times in the michelle in a scene with,
the lead actress is very cool about doing this scene if course me being monaco i wanted un,
broken take to show that she actually was with the snake tell him happy and a judgement reflection
i’m going on in there is girl by acting between this is still here we have a kid and i could a hangover this track bag with snacks i can the garlic.

[29:19] Whatever after she had a lien so very naughty like you realize that’s nice contact frightened like that can strike that good
is there corn open bouncy not let in your life would a discount on your not ready yet.

[29:39] Yo are a can’t be the queen of pop and i can’t be an actor.
Because they both not.

[29:54] That’s a good point freight if i got should i got vin diagram but i haven’t the dioxide,
people that work with snakes you know it’s a stupid.

[30:06] Canada is a better go home if i think that hello working with a lot of actors is it.
It’s a unique job the problem is is this wildly underrated searching for winter get it just because i seen some actors prepping for importance and can’t get it.

[30:23] We will need to be and then you start rolling and they’re still not working need to be and they know they’re not their specialty good actor actress and.
They know everybody here is waiting on there’s an army of people all watching it like we need this to work and we’re all sad were supposed to yes that’s something i can never been on the site for like a film like that and something i am photos but now that im thinking about it just from like.
You know from doing the audio drama podcasts are available at the theater that i’ve had experience with it just like your movie so you would literally have.
Everybody watching you like okay is this gonna be a good day for me if this asshole does the family need a different help yeah let’s pressure is there.
I like this movie is not set to handle it which made it very intimate and make sure i wanna see men’s wear.

[31:13] It’s a damn sitting at the dinner table that movies not boring but good
but there is a scene in it where it doesn’t revelation and has to be dead quiet.
You got sweet over the house with two old wooden floor is anders fifteen people seventies to actors.

[31:42] And if it that this is an excuse for me to tell me exactly what i would like to delete actor,
was like can we have nobody talk between takes good great wall to the center like we’re doing the heavy scenes with no talking cut everybody.
Everybody reset sam guy reset all that stuff with reset all the probs nobody talks you just keep the mood and love on.
No this actor bates jessica bates head to eat and over and over again in the sand and he is alive in this movie all the time.
Mute he said send me to get my revenge on you for making me to this being delivered and it happened to be inside while i am acting my mother being cared for me in the instead i want to hear what i do is a direct i’d like to
i’m not a video of a guy like i cannot be in this shit with everybody so i wasn’t always crawled underneath their chairs whenever i act like.
Close the blinds in be under the other guys chair like of my monitor watching for jessica this closeup i’m under need phases chair
i’d like to touch the after students weird button that i’m not in the mood to would a woodchuck unsigned slide guitar just like it
philip to know that i am there and dependable set the temperature in each other well and it’s not white parts of it crap and.

[33:07] Invite my balances are there anywhere in the middle of a take and i am watching my monitor and focus.
Jessica is acting like okay action she’s acting it to see where the talking about like really.
And i’m saying an awesome experience who is he,
who would a big it.
What could he do such a good job that i can’t do anything you’d.

[33:52] Hold my breath so long it take a long unbroken take like to see some dialog with lots of positive like you
i’m five,
microwave could he use a great actor of uses composer and dislikes remove this evil api okay
i got yo are pretty bad.
So i know all the details from the got a good job a fantastic is revenge were you together but the beans good job,
how do you put in the budget of the line and i would a cubic i am catherine and fabulous.
So i think we need to provide in centimeter bunch of things another thing because it was me,
i made a banana peel while i want a lot of flies everywhere.
Does the ranch i want a flat ass can say that’s not that hard not part of south dakota so we got to take a bunch of bananas at dumpling like a week of shooting on that that’ll do it for you if
me too many flies everywhere so the silence instead.

[35:15] Do you like audiobooks because i have like i haven’t paid the sound guy was in that truck what then i would hear them bitching about the heat what could a classic
i got that it’s is a business process but i don’t understand a fifteen flat i gotta get ike just like that guy,
should be in a truck with that are you.
Yo are there was gonna leave is because the house is completely the house we are using on the land that was abandoned.
Send me a random it’d been rented for the previous few years,
i manage tags printed for you are so fun about where i think this is what is the age,
still find house is a great word for the welfare during the meeting but they had a manicure course the landscape is the middle west river and on everything lol
covered in weeds of the driveway nature takes it back faster on here is louis
en andrews initial reaction like this is the correct spelling the winds up like it’s not taking care of the house can you suppress them like this is a rattle snake,
spinach is not there anyone all the how to use this travel themed through the waist tie with the walk up to the driveway i would be forced me.
To mow the backyard like because the thing is when will you get speed in the lane by ralph.

[36:44] And i don’t have sound like a not shooting anymore did you have someone get u have smoothie did not have any rentals name on the thing about.
Having a band i can look on the status that he also watches you like.
Com and safety awareness situation awareness and in general awareness for animals out there makes the biggest one what’s the first thing you do after being bitten by rattle snake.

[37:13] I read about it,
enough to write that you are skinny like oh my god my god thats not what my soul i’m like good asian
where everyday could a off
you there you like the documentary weather later yeah you can get either get there.

[37:43] What is that documentary about the adaptation of dr dr monroe i gotta say though love that don’t make sense.
Island of lost souls yeah there you go
oh great we could get that treatment never get ahead like to snake bay it’s like there’s an accident on the directors fired from the movie and then and then and then goes undercover,
is it extra to make up
to make sure the production side being developed yet because in and what you like the house just a few miles down the road from my movies been fired from
so u the shots that show the documentary is like brand of where the pink guy in the background like this is because of the shirt is like that guy who did this is definitely.
Like fire director standing behind brand of pink mascot well i feel like you would do that
maybe i didn’t look at the new doctor i think if i know that’s kind of the story that’s x united states invalid number of the mobil brands are fully synthetic.
Ok in the cycle will be complete the how.

[39:02] Okay so don’t call yes period snake bite of ice got it what do you do.
I don’t know what you directly but need to get emergency services immediately asked to show what are you doing anything what would you do if you’re bitten by rattle snake.

[39:18] Will never been in that particular if you from west river i can get close to be honest i think.
I am cpr certified so i think the first thing is call anyone ordered it well did not if your actually out in a remote area and one rushing to get to you as viewed want to add.

[39:39] Give yourself transportation to a medical center and are still turn cuz i’m playing.
Take change that at some place or another message was not getting emergency services now and yet to qualify to do a tourniquet like you gonna.
You can call the last three she gonna cause a voicemail but i correction or something like that like yeah that was mine it is like for when we go camping on the along the river which test
west river swimming over it was fun to find and a boat ugh you are well we have all of our like first aid kits have turn on the computer all from like circa nineteen eighty nine or something like that so they’re like
snake bite first response cat with nick at dislike like chris’s my dad actually put a tourniquet on someone that is that where is connect,
yo are project the predicted i was thinking of the most important organs there is a solution
buy apples from turning out all of the snow but just on the lens you can turn it over night,
yeah my only close encounter with a rattle snake what’s up with what is camping trips out there to the river uh.

[40:57] Everybody like what the fishing sucked that year so everyone decides to go on a shopping trip and get food so forgot to pier
i got a novel cuz i’m a total nerd in high school and i just like to sit in a lawn chair here by the camper right on the beach and i’m gonna read all afternoon and not get up even for like a bathroom break apparently or something anything like that so
they leave for the day i’m like in that chair probably like a good chunk of the afternoon just reading and soon as they get back i get up the chair to like
read them whatever my mom works over the cooler this like right next to the other the chair.
It was a rattle snake crawled up underneath the chair that i was like sitting in just like all afternoon and i was like the best part about that that’s the best part of the story the best part of the story is that my dad has,
anger issues so the snake like goes like get away from people girls like straight underneath the camper with gravel and the.
Will my dad just wasn’t gonna have any of that so he’s got a two by four and he keeps trying to like smash hits going it makes it underneath the camper uh.
So my dad takes this to buy four inserts hated it is a big guy to the infinite the capri sweats crawling underneath the camper what to buy for us to try and kill that snake and.

[42:21] It’s his i like im peeking down so i can’t believe what i’m saying it’s like
hes saying and trying to get away and my dad is like trying to crush it had with the two by four between body’s like
up against the tire is when using it the other surface to try and stick to it just bouncing this lunch like the snake is getting more and more it’s like sticking a steak is not having fun but it’s getting more pissed as it goes,
my dads like stranger profanity discuss it louder and stronger is this guy so i.
Finally got the game fish parks in that park show up in the question it’s usually a dislike to,
college students were there for this order so i should just like sooooo like to kids from probably from pierrette come down with the three little kids to like get the snake can take it and all that stuff and.

[43:11] They’re standing there looking to my dads feet sticking out underneath the camp is just like red sir.

[43:18] Sir can u we where here that we can handle the snake week we can can you can you let us skip this next year and just got up
display when we’re home where you see the two by four up against in this rattling and his singing like striking underneath my dad just like logged mortal combat with the steak and for two little like,
sir can you come out from underneath the camper so we can get the heat up by like jerry let them get the guts,
how i have never had a close friend and with the right of saying okay umm eleven yellow go to c in bed.
Do you have to do with the garden garden garder snakes in your house so who is not answering me it’s not cool facts what’s here than ever gone.

[44:09] U can kill more but then i do not actually all the end see if it warren nearby their gonna just like,
play calm and cautious like i was a vendor and start a cat but the cat but did not go after snakes of the word to use for a is the one it’s like a want it’s similar to where the hoes for like like.

[44:31] Underground poll for rabbits yeah so it’s like i would a re enforce something like that
i have to do anything any events are qualified no problem i probably talk about you i promise thing on history channel like an alien the sweater mention that we’re doing is correct like
good ab to not know the end of,
this is palo which they finally got him calmed down enough that he got outta there the snake finally tried to like make an escape of the other side then the park,
rangers would just like right there waiting for input sniff of gasoline
switch survive this entire battle of his head beat against that your friends if it across that made me idk it’s yeah its said not sure it was him she was pretty tender i mean i had just got
when we’re home we’re over and over again with the two by four against the tires like really animal cruelty of hot here
do we have to rest and outdoor ish have merged what’s the beating that makes me the naked gun call back makes u think of
record my father died the same way it doesn’t the post
horrible flag should a boy look at videos in spanish.

[45:58] Everything else is pretty much perfect who can help me i got some bad alexa play nielsen yes.
Except the meeting room once he’s like one of the only celebrities that i got to meet we were umm.

[46:14] That same trip to california so that was good with a bunch of foreign exchange students from we hosted a bunch of them and then when a bunch of extensions got to go on the special organise trip to the west coast so that they can see parts of american the culture and stuff like
host students from america also with on the trip of repair way so parents send me to and the
swear beverly hills are broke got to meet leslie nielsen and then the group of swedish girls ran into meg ryan
i dislike nineteen.
99 so it’s like like product this is prime example you can like rite yeah that’s there is a big deal lasagna.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah but no it was very cool and very friendly expressly for how i.

[47:04] Aggressive the yeah the japanese student exchange square with like picture pictures of like its warming him so i thought it would get it’s like temperature for something like that you still like ive done this before i know what i do what the score is
yeah i suppose by then you understand what i do with you.

[47:24] You have a reputation where people know you probably should take pictures with that one yes hi.
I’d like to order i need the main menu just crazy stories inspired that’s kinda what this podcast is this just we don’t just say random this for five minutes it’s really what we do,
really good the updates and just it’s true never touch it’s a reminder when we leave by.

[47:53] I’m trying to think of what other fun things can we tell people to come.

[48:00] Twenty people to come but more stories of misery did you guys have to sleep outside of their intense or where the hell of it was actually pretty i mean there is some behind the scenes material to production side,
when’s the shooting a film independent film pretty good nice produces put out fires put out fires and most the time when you like the artists to even out was happening.
Producing yeah you know those those nice if they actually did something on this one which i thought was first getting like that.
Hello being a blessing not happy do it forever now but they suggested we have a rule for the crew.
That adams all about adam project manager to do and he’s all about and even say this stuff back.
I’m going to spend it all body organization in creating a workflow that works for everybody and skirts.
Any mutual respect and everybody can do it jobs and this rule that isn’t what was weird because i feel like i should be friends with everybody but blah.
And get this room on sat word nobody can talk to the director of service to the assistant director.

[49:13] I can talk to people but in the same role of the actors i just don’t bother making work benefits
can you crates weird hyper high article i contact to play anymore so i can contact vineyards surgery center this is the director speaking with you know what that he like made things i can trust me you’re gonna love it.
This isn’t about like creating you’re better than them it’s about.
Letting everybody do their work right and everything is amazing thing where we get on saturday morning and i could just focus.
Can i would like display light opera music in the sentiment no without any actors and everybody’s got the wrong dates is it just smoking a cigar something in them.
Engine jesse jesse to send the corner quietly and i’m getting out there by posting great people but,
and then everybody else is doing the work and that’s why are doing it because the guys they re prepping the process for the day and feeling something in the cinematography the acting the camera
makes sense of course you know it create an atmosphere would just talk to each other but it was to know where that was a.
What was the thing off lol there like a piece of art and is that in the long game and twenty days to ship that’s me have to get it done.

[50:34] But the end of the contract not fun with only the things i feel about it but hey.
I am guessing she me about especially in the film but i’m everybody and said i’m sure this is the same on the studio films beverly and said things today now i make the best film.
Add everyone on sad was hired to do that their hired to do their job and their job is to direct specialization.
It really is a man has to work as an orchestra for sure but there’s one conductor not like the two player can be like listen i got a better idea.
And how i don’t know what song to use to business whatever your probably not any thing from good a place as executive earlier how cute of you when i hear that,
and if not can i set the search the rules especially for andrew he doesn’t want what everybody else increase this unfortunate ugh.

[51:35] So

[51:36] Blindly resistance for getting information like watch task andrew and so pretty soon as everyone says it ever license everyone i’m just ask him the questions instead of,
going into somebody else’s managers information like the assistant director that’s there job so.
Um it’s kinda awkward wine to draw in the sand by the end of may or leave early more i think the display is grey in the finals and the final product i think the story is really gonna deactivate chad,
answer everybody else who everybody to do their best thing that comes with the final.
Nice the podcast to proudly presents this weeks shameless plugs so.

[52:20] Adam and andrew here’s the part where you can get upon your soap box and you can plug,
anything so you can put this film all the events on social media events we have people come for one thing unplugged and other things during this this is a way about what you want people to know and how the value etc,
um yes i should have this cute up on first off if you want to know more details about the movie i’m go to facebook or instagram.
Facebook is typing to patton to get the address and for social media.
Find out any available there’s a lot of events for each tender and BNC can join this facebook events.
I meant tell you the dates ever playing and also make your day.
All that jazz you please advise your name.
I’m instagram is at the top and um.

[53:16] I mean people should go see the movie it’s a fun movie is playing at the movie theaters like a regular movie what i know because captain marvel and that sucks but im kinda programming.
How can i help you to captain marvel comic movies can i bake um are we done i don’t think we are just starting,
yeah i just played marvel little black case we will messy like captain marvel movie should a got
should a hung remember because of the empire williams said,
what constitutes everything i can see is mitchell it’s extremely useful so i just go with south dakota okay great so specifically to falls yesterday i was screening,
the ninth and tenth of march only seven PM shows um just that weekend if people show up hopefully we maybe plan the next weekend we’ll see.
I’m trying to book and buy small to but mostly how that happens.
And march ninth ave a drink tonight after the seven PM show never having an after party with the friends.
Our friends and place downtown so people coming out of it mean green does general beer drinking fun.
Um i meant i just all of the stages pay attention this code eight times you want to come and see me why.

[54:42] And yeah but what else is there to we’re gonna be doing a lot of press all week,
dang ky hoc you dot caster fly radio stations all over the state newspaper is um.
And yeah i want to buy tickets news you can just show up to this movie theaters and by the box office at the pavilion go to the website they’re on sale actually as of today you can buy tickets from today.

[55:08] Yeah i think the fruit for that otherwise support the actors go see happy death day to you it’s just as good as the first one ummmm.
What else is there to see this movie first as this movie for a swift.
If you like a me film some quirky storyline great acting good story telling.
It’s gonna be singing that i have not have permission to set up a.
Cancel everybody length that you are just the people in this industry and i’m bout it.
Yeah i like it i think it’s a good movie it’s fun it’s home from the end without feeling more of in the world there is nudity
they are you should know that is rated r for language drugs alcohol abuse and a brief scene of community can you today
switch beige hate when i say that i feel like what’s funny about my being as good a non sexual but i’m on it.
Add me to cut desperately no like
completely useless hey the light in freezer unable to be there
i’m not know we’re done and on that note should i put any shameless plug this week just.
Pick me up by two thousand.

[56:37] Yeah very good and i think this week i would like to thank,
add both me and the cast me in person vs having listen to my interview with andrew am from a year ago and it’s been a while.
Who is your cuz my dad my dads madagascar now join the peace corps and yes you listen.
To that interview in madagascar what’s gonna funny i like in the middle of nowhere valencia.

[57:10] Open forever to download of lego like three hours to get lifetime how can actually cute fan of the black cats now set my navi truth is.
Is traffic is very sunday reading get books be up there isn’t a movie written.
Hey nevermind galaxy quest haha no i’m not i’m saying yes thanks buddy,
put the show i am and thanks for picking my fiance’s two stories for two episodes of gas,
okay but educate cheese is same anyway but that’s a that’s that’s f,
what switch would you got everything was play this role will thank you very much and that will segway nicely into my shin was split for a horror sci-fi anthology podcast we
just cast the nearest your gonna get a trailer here in the next few days casting maths why okay i know who is casting for it.
Someday it actually comes out add me to announcing sulu in the cases begin yahoo.

[58:24] So put the big casting called locally hear um will kick off in about two weeks so.
Hold your emails until i got that foreman place i made the mistake of pulling out like a general call it a go to starting to plan this of like would anyone around here be interested in something like that because i was sitting here like i’ll go on,
fire and find some voice actors i guess by and i just protocol i just.
My email inbox was just like uh free fire zone for like two months afterwards i just like
i was just wondering if you wanted this summer how would a headshot i got people who set my portfolio send head shots
audio drama and i’m getting headshots good af.
Go to stroll you gotta watch out with that we did destin florida first feature reproduce together which is like a side thing.
We must we put out casting calls and actually like kind of anticipated that come my god like the dad emails gonna be insane so i created a look at something or get some fake created.
And your fake gmail account.

[59:34] I think it’s still what is he a.
I was in the people sitting in philly rolls rolls i like twenties female.

[59:48] Brown hair yo are you background weather like a fifty year old like sixty old black woman submit a tablet but the seller’s looking for business casual thank you.
Yeah that’s fine but being a web design nerd i doing is building a form free turn this casting calls and let them feel that i don’t like no i just everybody i just directed the form if you’re not in the form you don’t so,
nothing that’s helped a lot angle yeah but anyway i get super excited about that open premier in this fall uh like.
Like seth said his lovely fiance submitted to the stories that we have this season one fourteen episodes related to the case.

[1:00:33] That sounds awesome yeah i hope so and it see a please help support the podcast the work we do to help
bring me what local original content in voices you can do that page on dot com slash two falls and is always a huge thank you to pete on the map.
And i thank you very much everyone for listening thank you andrew and adam for coming on the show how are you doing michelle is amazin
fantastic thank you enough for that thanks for being here and yet we will see you all next week.
Yes that’s fine.

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