Sioux Episode Podcast 144 Sioux Falls Experience with Jonah Sturgeon

Arc of Dreams is up
“Arc of Dreams, a massive stainless steel sculpture that will span across the Big Sioux River downtown nearly the length of a football field between 6th and 8th streets. At the center of the Arc of Dreams is a 18-foot gap, 70 feet above the river, representing the leap of faith dreamers take to see their dreams come true.

“The Arc of Dreams is the SculptureWalk capstone, recognizing and elevating this art program to national prominence,” said Jim Clark, SculptureWalk founder and the thrust behind the Arc of Dreams.”

Farmers Under Water
Only 25 percent of the state’s corn was planted by the crop insurance date.
The wet spring has also put soybeans behind schedule. Only 6 percent was planted by Sunday, a point when two-thirds of soybeans have typically been planted in the state, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s May 28 crop progress report.
This comes as Trump’s trade wars crush american ag markets making prospects for the state’s farmers this year very bleak.

Sir Richard Branson is trying to “Shanghai” up some sailors from South Dakota
Branson’s Virgin Voyages is launching a new cruise ship next year it has dubbed the Scarlet Lady. Reportedly passengers from 49 states have signed up, but not anyone from South Dakota.
Branson’s reps shared photos of cheeky billboards in Rapid City and Sioux Falls (“Sioux…Ya gonna book or what?”) asking the state’s residents to, quite literally, get on board.

City Bureaucracy has no chill
The problems began when the Police Department wouldn’t issue a peddler’s license as a food truck because the unit doesn’t have wheels or a license.
The Rooneys went back to Building Services and asked for a solution. To be a food truck, the shipping container would have to be placed on wheels. If not, it would be treated as a building structure, with all of the additional restrictions.
Rooney said they were told: “If you want to be a food truck, be a food truck. If you want to a restaurant, be a restaurant.”

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Sioux Falls Experience with Jonah Sturgeon

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Sioux Episode Podcast 144 Sioux Falls Experience with Jonah Sturgeon
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