The Dresch Code Ep 014 The Wiggles Cult featuring the Burgundy Boys

The Dresch Code Ep 014 The Wiggles Cult featuring the Burgundy Boys
Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe
Produced by Robert Mehling
Equilibrium by The Disarmed

This week’s topics include: Make up a genre of music, best band name you’ve ever heard, do you drink before a show, an artist’s side project that’s more fun than their regular work, are bands that only sell XL shirts trying to promote a healthy lifestyle, and more.

Kaitlynn Wornson


Ryan Howe

Brian Hoffman

Guests: Kaitlynn Wornson, Whiteboi, and Brian Hoffman.

Machine Transcript

[0:18] You are Watch Me Whip Justin Bieber.
Cub Scouts fishing Angels and Demons life’s most important,
not important questions about music comedy the Arts Theater whatnot.
Can we start context all right.
Is this better,
who is the Tim Allen show for The Neighbors always coming.
Really wants a weird I’m sad yeah yeah.

[1:30] Your guts on the show automatically delete autofill,
the cuss word they take the world looks like you get to pick and choose your own adventure.
So let’s go around around couch and introduce everyone Round Table round couch,
Ryder actress marketing Maverick,
Maverick Maverick Kayla Norton welcome.
Singer-songwriter artist extraordinaire Maverick.
Bigotry clapping comedian.

[2:33] Writer hosted perlocution and light cranberry sauce cranberry sauce.
Maverick so contacts.
The last time Caitlin Ryan and I host we hosting a show at Casey if I was called donut hippo where we answered life’s
important questions as well by audience members who kind of troll that’s why the show is on its way
can I eat chips that had a theme and we just figure it out with questions based on that payment,
I guess every episode so this is that 3 year in the making ring Union,
I only remember right now is cereal we talked about cereal for a full episode
podcast or the actual serial.

[3:29] This before the podcast came out
we don’t know about the time I think they cut the top of your mouth too fast.
So many levels.

[3:55] Jennifer Beals they don’t go they don’t soak it up though it doesn’t soak up the creamer
yep I had a bowl of Cocoa Puffs last week and it did hurt the roof of my mouth.
Joe Rogan’s podcast experience,
just watching that took three different kinds of episode,
if you remember this I don’t know okay I guess so honor to a lot of them but I still remember the topics that’s the word Aaron guy I’m rubber match here instead of Herbert Simon floss around,
Charlie me Land Rover dealers Dan Folger I was on Nick Thomas Spill Canvas is on Ashton Irwin.
Is Kristen on Kristen Vanderpump she was on did you say the dentist to two. Yosef.

[5:23] Dull pain in back as long as they keep asking for more money.
4 years old what did you do with that money,
so how this show works is I have a bucket,
full topics and questions about music Comcast.
That’s referred to as a,
yeah if it’s still just a jar if you refer to it as about going to jail.
Are alphas show work we have questions and topics in this thing.

[6:31] Top music comedy in yards in movies in general just ran face and we decide does this pass or fail dress code if we say pass we’ll talk about it.
Trail no I think it’s after last night I think it’s easier if we just say yes or no to the topics how many questions about Weird Al,
I’m gone for one night and nobody knows how the show work so.
Cats and dogs,
hot dog Fargo Sports sure we could serve with the first top of your question thank you.

[7:28] What’s an ideal quality you look for what’s an ideal quality you look for in a scene partner.
So this was a theater question I think it must be we could make we could turn around back what’s an idea quality look for when you perform as someone on stage.
I will we do that way oh that’s a good one yeah if you perform
would you do we have five people how is that happening now,
should I guess nobody likes my question make up a genres of music right now oh my God.

[8:19] Imo’s Scott Eskimo.
What’s lights don’t pick it up then maybe I mean.
I feel like someone’s going to tap into that it has to be in.
Sneeze cord it’s basically just the music done by people without.

[9:04] When he’s playing at when he’s playing is that there’s a harmonica player but.
It’s really inconsiderate because he’s sneezing all the time cuz they put cats in the.
There’s just another instrument no matter what someday.
Especially if it’s a mouth instrument dust on it it’s going to be bad.

[9:45] Exit or genres why I was just going to say good country online says gangster country.
0 in is bad there’s like big stars and I’ve never heard any of this stuff but,
we installed cable at some guy’s house who is supposed to be some huge like.
Hey cops are really I’ve never going to listen to it but never listen to Jewish gangster rap.
No but I will try not to call it is a thing unfortunately very.
What’s the name of the hip hop Jewish hip-hop band in the
movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist there’s like one yeah and then I was like
it was that other guy jumps around,
I just think they were going to say that in 50 years.

[11:14] There’s a bit that Dane Cook wants to watch doesn’t sound cool star,
HTA are okay. I’ll punch your keyboard a colon F6 is a fat kid with a.
Heather was actually on YouTube.

[11:55] Remember that I like the dramatic chipmunk and everything was great and then now it’s like it’s so.
Weird like I mean I don’t know cuz I was watching The Cult documentaries and said you better thinking about that.

[12:17] In like the ins-and-outs of that Cole I really really want a cop.
Cult core which is 12 Pilots.

[12:35] So next question,
the best most ridiculous band names you’ve ever heard yes please Bowling for Soup
are they bowling,
in honor of soup or too early,
third grade project yeah it’s like a shelter and then like they don’t have enough soup so I don’t have to answer every Saturday and then whatever most people wins,
gives you soup last of the food
how much do the Polaris,
I still contend it’s Hunger Games for me it’s the Christian metal band gold frankincense and myrrh.

[13:47] There’s a band called dananananaykroyd
respect back in high school there was a.

[14:09] Up and down in Nebraska remember that Terri Schiavo the lady that was on.
Jesus Christ shoes,
basically vegetable.
This is like all that they talked about yeah and then my phone died and then I,
Wake Up Dead Pope band but I mean if there is a ghost
mariposa’s smoke.

[15:01] Public midget handjob.
There’s dirtier bed.
Got any Swan there’s a band called Anil Kant the song titles are actually more outrageous than that song titles.
Look up Robert ever heard it’s like.

[15:39] Movie cuts and kind of Electro and like all this weird stuff all happening and then they have cats on the cover
I’m looking this up to
what did you do.
YouTube YouTube there’s a whole episode of Scrubs were Elliott love you too and her boyfriend.
Really the whole episode.
There’s a lot to unpack there.
I have to say Maroon 5 doesn’t make sense to me as a name like there’s five of them and they were all wearing maroon shirts or something or whatever maroon originally the burgundy boys.

[16:53] That’s who they are from now on call me what is the burgundy one,
you may have heard of them as Maroon 5 sitting on a gold mine we’re going down downtown sitting on a car,
Cult mine Michael by Rihanna.

[17:29] Burgundy boys going to last forever
that should be the name of this episode
we dress in Ron Burgundy outfits and Cameron five.
She Will Be Loved.
I was going to throw cake out there.
But I just like pointing out things lash band.

[18:29] Tortellini Pyro’s.

[18:38] What’s up one.

[18:48] That who I like that.

[18:55] Next.

[19:00] Dress up like a Burgundy wine glass.
Do you drink before shows or performances why or why not half & half of that I’m kind of it.
Sweetheart smoking before show,
sometimes I don’t I don’t like to maybe have like a beer or something like that but I’ve had like one time and it was up in Brookings I drank like too much of worship is weird,
and then Brewery up there and then like I don’t know I don’t remember my sad and I never want to do that,
Turner Gallo offencive names to his homosexual it’s probably better part of five minute
I mean I get where he was going but they didn’t know there will do that first one. It was my birthday and I had.
Two Coors Lights at wackos and I decide I want to go on stage.

[20:18] Crush it was a good night it was a salad,
no it was it was a fun one cuz I have her sedated all the comics afterwards on stage that was one of those fun ideas really gave me like an extra 5 minutes,
I feel like it’s fine if you do that every once in awhile but like if you’re doing it every single time then that tells me that you got to
another underlying issue that I could drink shirt
with some anxiety like I would I would do that not be the main the exact reason but then like she is exactly like how I can if I need to drink to do you put a lot of work and do it the best of your ability
exactly I agree unless you practice drunk.

[21:12] Go ahead,
just fell asleep
greatest great story by the way.
I like a lot of, strangled try it and you got your joke out of it.
Yeah and then you’re sitting there in your like this everybody in this profession.
Temperature for a lot of painting to like I would like you to send it and then I can look yeah I’ll go over and paint and then I like the next day I like him cuz I think this is really cool.
How are you doing.

[22:27] Are there any side projects of famous musicians that you prefer more than their primary band.
Eminem’s diss tracks.

[22:43] Drita is a really good side project called Foxboro hot tubs which is like fun garage Rock,
play Green Green Day but like Chris Gaines.
Skyliner is it is it.
I seriously do this CD out of my car Dylan and.
Bruce Springsteen I think the Traveling Wilburys,
Jeff Lynne from Electric Light Orchestra and then Roy Orbison.
I just watch the Tom Petty back to write recently that’s why it’s
Good Luck Charlie Over is. I love the harmonies just like all of them know how to write songs just so well I’m just.

[23:51] Stone Sour?
It right away like one of those younger but Slipknot.
An unfortunate side.
Target so true Fighters technically is a device
Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park Side Project Fort Minor
damn and they kept this year Winchester passed away that have thing like eyes are going to do Fort Minor again he never ended up doing it but I think I definitely don’t doubt that he would at some point we have no doubt.

[24:57] Sticky outside their side projects under.
I have a very heated opinions about bananas being.
Sister love.
Starts me rage but I do use it to annoy my daughter sometimes.

[25:33] Chase Bank.
I want to hear more from Slash’s thing he’s got going on now with Myles Kennedy good but I ate I like.
I like the music on that Christopher the Rhythm Section when you have Dave Grohl playing drums any of John Paul Jones and then like for the Rhythm 2nd grade.
Josh Homme e oh okay wow.
You win that one lie.
All My Friends Are Dead.

[26:29] And then that happened,
next bus.

[26:42] Do you think bands that don’t sell more than XL shirts are trying to promote a healthier body image,
I’ve been trying to do that then fuck you.
There’s actually went to the show and it’s it’s a band that I like the songs but it’s geared more towards a female audience like I love all time low.
Quick but it’s primarily of female-dominated on this.
Forget Lottery.
There’s like five rows of people by the front of stage that I mailed the guy there’s like females fighting at the gym is going to front like I should be way back right now.

[27:39] And I’m just like what I like but I guarantee they probably don’t have
I feel like when you’re like going on tour there probably like all right what size do we need I don’t know let’s just outfit children like that especially if an established like that you do have your Siri.
Yeah I know.

[28:09] We have a lot of heavy set man.
Wasn’t that the car was just reading something extra needs to be bigger.

[28:43] Scissors you but as soon as you buy the 5xl you get a large Pepsi,
fill it out and it’s a slippery slope vicious cycle
you’re one of us now they can’t get away,
Jim Jones Charles Manson.

[29:42] Photos good
no pick me that I found one alright well this is been the dress code we had a good 14 episode.
We’re all going to leave to join to drive to follow that follow the right way Wiggles I like retweeting this episode like.
Talking about.
Ransomware the compound no.2 somebody’s Washington.
Have a great day love you,
just a yellow shirt go with next next.

[30:53] Who’s the first time spent in any of my podcasts talking about.

[30:59] Okay the question is is pineapple on Pizza a crime but I just want to point out that is a beautiful m.
Oh yeah oh yeah that was a very well.
Everybody Hates Chris pizza man like you should you should be able to
put whatever you want,
thank you everybody I just put you can put pineapple on it.
I think it’s like a fake outrage like no you don’t do that just cuz I don’t care for you
kitchen of bombination like you really feel that strongly about it,

[32:05] It’s too healthy maybe that’s the problem.
2 healthy green peppers oh yeah that’s that’s all right.

[32:18] Raw onion
time the red shirt send red old red.

[32:47] Cigar Jeff close Greg,
I hate Greg Sam Philip Philip Simon,
Simon’s the one Simon’s the yellow shirt guy I would like to point out his name is
fat jokes Eva Marie cook
Ariel anime are still active and James obese where’s their car
do you want to know band members musical style,
educational theory.

[33:56] Play to achieve kids version of Scientology.

[34:05] How to make sense now he’s a producer to write.

[34:14] Where’s the working at The Wiggles became formally Consolidated in 2005
Hertz board of directors consisted of the original Three members.
Paul Fields has been the general manager of operations since the group was formed and their manager since the mid-1990s in 2009 the Australian rock band ACDC
launch The Wiggles who earned 45 million Australian dollars,
from the top of Business Review weeklies list of top entertainment orders for the first time in 4 years.

[34:57] AC DC where to find a baby successful.
She’s so upset.
Crazy how comes back to all the way.

[35:22] That’s what they preach this is Topher everything kind of each other.
If they knighted musicians who do you think deserves it most that has not been nothing to do night musicians hair store Elton John.
Who would who would you have night at being which they have to be English to be knighted
perceive title you can be knighted but you can’t receive the title they do for me
digital Giuliani after 9/11 in English sir Edward,
but if I don’t I’m not but I’m not in love.

[36:29] Someone serve the downstairs.
He got it already.
That I’m okay with that I real bear that is Elton John,
Sir Michael Caine
light Richard Branson Shannon says that we should night Jeff the wiggle they want we can’t do it.
Okay I see how much exposure they get if the prophecy is true
all the sudden all of everybody’s TVs like I got the clap.
It’s all happening easiest roll Eve ever played.

[37:53] If you fact it.
I haven’t seen of silent film I’m going to talk about it.

[38:08] I was sort of in a silent film not really silent it was I just didn’t talk a ton and at one point I had to be dead so I just had to like stare,
electric lease that was easy was trying to buy some but then my contacts dried out and then it was,
and apparently I didn’t look dead enough so we had to do it because I was one of the,
let me know they were there were some guys in theater video small swollen,
I have to have like big rolls with normally be like a lot of this a lot of neon just long is a bottle logs and stuff like that.
So I finally got to be like in the comedic one was like a haunted house when I’m just this.
Dumb guide like false your windows and stuff like that and you just like like and it was so much fun and so easy verses.
Cousin like the one I had before I was like a kid with cancer and that’s not fun.
In super depressing I got an award for but super.
I yelled something and somebody did something else but it was not difficult.

[39:34] I was in a production of almost Maine years ago where it was.
It was a role that always wanted in the show I had the show basically memorized before I even started they didn’t even.
Because the show because they needed me to come in later.
I was basically only in rehearsal for 2 weeks I was gone dress rehearsal we just came back in just did the show.

[39:58] I played an octopus in The Little Mermaid in high school,
Jimmy Johnson was October,
and I forgot the second line was we all put our hands and cuz we were a group helping out to put Ariel and then.
And we did the parade of lights that you’re
and all my arms kept falling off. Co I’m sure multiple times I like hexapro
follow right.

[40:49] And reattach to make sure White
it really turned out sick for this week going to have somebody to have him follow you around and grab it and grab the tentacles as I follow
yeah that’s right you like Billy cilic my face of God.

[41:22] Play about the Holocaust,
and either way one of my friends use terrible add Black by blocking in to do ever so,
he’d walk in and his one line was we hitting the shed and the 1st to the 1st 6:30 comes in and turning towards the,
the crowd featuring Stewart the back window and then realize we hit in the shed.

[41:59] And Derek if you watching.
I said 5 more times different ways
I feel like that could be a podcast that sells plankington.
The high school had this thing and it was about.
Like as are killing somebody but there,
reenactment of it was glorious there there’s people there that held captive in the.

[43:02] My it is stapling in here 4 foot tall kid walks out look like a Foci doggies like.
I will be dead
and then there’s the pricing there’s like an execution line there’s 5 mm standard 5 shots go for people go down,
the lights come back up and the guy over there it was still panties like oh.
The funniest way I’ve ever seen and it was not meant to be Genesis Brian Hoffman turning serious what actor plays it’s a comedic experience.
That is an art form.

[44:13] Wasn’t this one act play that was super fun though we got to play it was an easy rollers of federal his left eye died now it is a musical about.
Adults with their kids leaving the house and there is facing like retirement that kind of stuff and.
And the show starts with all.

[44:43] The backing bad I was in the pit but we’re on stage they’re all old guys playing on stage dressed as old men and we walked through the state audience throwing hard candies and I had a walker and this is like.
Translate where is my donut you get old it’s all hemorrhoids and donuts.
Hey sorry honey, Force you can see that,
the episode title in the title is beautiful
I will.
Nefarious activities of The Wiggles called actually did music with him it’s kind of like the Beach Boys Charlie Manson.

[45:49] Robert you ever roll.
Okay so I did it like a Puerto Rican stereotype for like an eighth grade when I can play with type where we were terrorists and we were holding this like mayor’s office hostage and I was,
I was Juan and I just had to speak trench coat I was just going to stand there and be like big and tough except when,
Carlos talk to me I just put my glorious moment of that was,
the bomb that we were using to threaten them it’s like I open up my trench coat and like so it looks like I’m exposing myself to everyone in the room and they all started panicking and screaming then I turn around and I had like,
4 sticks of dynamite an alarm clock hanging right on my crotch.
Perfect game days are over,
they really are.

[46:51] Puerto Rican.
When a primary member of a band leaves the group do you think it’s time to end it.
Yes sorry.
When Lindsey Buckingham leaves Fleetwood Mac fucking and the group exactly like.
I think it’s kind of a wishy-washy area I think there’s sometimes like.
Depending on the song writing like who does majority the songwriting like if they’re still like to look at Alice in Chains I mean Layne Staley was a huge by the band really much better with internet but Jerry Cantrell.
So therefore you know they can keep it going still sounds like Alice in Chains It’s still whatever else
and then even Blink 182 there were two good songs on that woman skiba and I like to ask you but I’m kind of racist
it’s Van Halen not van Hagar
Skynyrd still here.

[48:02] Older. But you know what I mean
the ship etheric leaves or whatever where it’s like all the parts have been replaced overtime so it’s like no one that’s the original people and now it’s,
it doesn’t because it and that that that was kind of I like them better with to make slime with Bon Scott ACDC,
Matt Granite you don’t and I don’t necessarily care for them to turn what I do appreciate the challenge everything that but I think that they were kind of a bit more.

[48:37] Creatively out there with that with the original singer and then one side Brad Johnson give me a recycle and what does that small it is in the NGC Indiana Blues.
Just so they’re all those bands that if they fall if it isn’t broke don’t fix it mentality which I get and it took him so long.
They will after this episode
Journey though I feel like it makes it as much as I miss Steve Perry he can’t sing the way he used to share don’t make sense why they have the Filipino guy,
yeah I think it’s a certain I don’t know if there’s there’s some that I definitely don’t like it if it’s the person that thinks they’re the reason I listen to that band I love them then.
Now that they’re selling my guess.

[49:47] I don’t know it’s just like the band just keeps playing because there’s like that 50 year old who’s going to pay $200 to sit in the back you know they’re like,
they’re just trying to carry on a memory at that point.
Keep doing what they love Starship play this was my friend Damien and.
So Grace Slick had left the band at the time so all the time I didn’t even know what started the Like We Built This City.
Old guy runs out the tambourine these disorder,
the saddest part was Hugh sang nothing’s going to stop us now
alone because she’s like the world around us.
Nothing’s going to stop me.

[50:57] What if they did something weird like they had like Alanis Morissette it’s backing band from her prime but they’re random like
Jewish guy that’s 50.

[51:18] Did somebody was like really proper like old British accents like and isn’t it ironic,
spoken word.
Last night.
The spoken word is the future classic rock but I’m here,
I mean I would love to be these people on the same like just to be able to just carry on something you did 20
can get in and do it still at me when you get out there and do it in like camping the thing that’s like
like cuz I know Dylan sounds like.

[52:29] Old Jazz now since strange it’s a strange so it’s not like you do stuff the way you can do it better to do it when I can sell I mean.
It’s kind of going and seeing the thing the United States really seeing it at its peak of when you’re interested so I don’t know.
The pineapple and pizza thing it’s like you can’t you can’t totally judge it’s like okay this isn’t this is you different piece so the different piece is a pineapple.

[52:59] I was waiting for it I was like.
Everything Wiggles.
Wiggles t-shirt outside I thought I said we all have t-shirts in a can of why do we have to eat before we go to sleep.
You meet your lawyer today 8:30.
Waiting for the opening acts at 9:30.
If you could permanently delete a word from the English language what would it be if you delete a word from the English language what would it be random.

[53:56] So Random isn’t everyone it’s so random that we just bumped into each other.
Fine is the thing that I would.
Find usually doesn’t mean you’re fine.
At best it’s a dismissive think it’s allmenus.
Just be direct people trying to someone on like a friend on the street for a service-level that’s fine in that tone cuz it’s like.
Something is like fine wine or find something like that just grab the lyrics just buy refined.
Lakes in that case you could just show me work fine and then you are fine again.
Jack galvaneks good then you only have evil where’s the balance,
I’d rather say I’m feeling I feel very evil right now.

[55:11] Could I use Bagel Sharon wants to permanently delete phalanges.
Phalanges yet
I bet that was hit that there was some for lizards.
Phalanges is a weird word.

[55:38] What where’s that pisses me off you can go I mean I am still kind of.
Always thinking about phalanges.
It’s also it’s a prominent prominent word on Friends Phoebe’s false let fake alter egos last name.

[56:03] Saddest fucking brilliant I think it’s time it’s not a rockstar
there’s another one how you’re such a rockstar you have no idea what you’re saying,
this high in cocaine right now naked women the donut I use that one all the time
but in the back of my head I’m always thinking like what if I was really Rockstar I’d break their layout
start screaming actually affect my time
when I was working at
all right there.
Would have crust.

[57:00] The crust needs to be off the left side but on the right side.
Oh I forgot I was going to say phrase winning,
Santana song you know about winning and all that want to walk back
some modern day slang I think we can just get rid of you eat yeah you put it on I don’t even know.
Play Bleachers I supposed to mean to it but it’s just really dumb.
Check and I still don’t understand why you text me like a decade understand it and then it’ll be.

[58:03] I don’t understand him.
The other words yeah yeah like the president to something incredibly stupid,
you need to drink like I’m going to throw I’m going to throw this coming up of coffee out my window and it’s a way to express excitement,
Yates okay
feel like I feel like that’s just like scripting excitement at that point so just be like,
make a cat noise like someone says you sure something like that you don’t know what to say

[58:58] Buble,
choose to get rid of any of the offencive words in our language and culture point of view the f word starts with f ends with the T rhymes with Megan I don’t like that one
mat na Saginaw I think that’s good things from childhood but did not think about that.
You know
I guess moist you know that’s a bad one whenever has anything Secret
positively you obviously haven’t seen before.
All around us.
The hole.

[1:00:01] Starting my old roommate like how I was like like paranoid about starting a cult and I think it just you had a breakthrough did I did I did.

[1:00:13] You give me a reason to buy we go shirt but love saying plump and slather.
And I refuse to tell him like slather,
job girthy is a strange 42,
episode of Friends where Chandler and Ross or talk to Kyle I always reference friends and everything.
Ross is having women talk about everything standing on girth and Chandler’s I haven’t painted,
Garth Big Mouth where they talk about,
I remember the first time hearing the word Darth was a hot dog commercial this guys like talking about the jerseys talking about,
Ball Park Franks Jersey,
have you guys seen that kid at him and I’m not sure like the Hidden Valley Ranch commercial about the BFD,
big flavor delivery guy and his son and he’s like he liked me and he’s like that’s my boy.

[1:01:38] Call Darren Bravo every advertisement out of it every ad for.
BFG The Big Friendly Giant a big fucking,
Monster Energy has the BFC,

[1:02:18] Regardless irregardless icono
what guy took Apple negative it is on 10% less intelligent than I am God bless
how do you say.
Bob and Buckley House.
545 Renaud k-55 Santa Barbara Bobby brother.

[1:03:04] Love that show literally literally.
Did you know if they change the ignition of a change the definition of literally in the dictionary to also mean figured.
Because people use it as figuratively up and watch all I can change the language.
Western Civilization is dead so literally and figuratively.

[1:03:37] I mean for people that are.
Redundancy next stop.
When artist gets accused of some form of misconduct or does so I fail it
what we’re talking about… It’s something that Society deems and moral can you separate the art from the artist and still enjoy their work.
We should talk about it absolutely not I have a friend of mine was
going back and watching all of Louie CK’s stuff and I’m like.

[1:04:30] This makes a lot of sense now and I am incredibly creeped out.
Personal level I like the format of our to like you know I could see ya there there’s certain things like.
No Bill Cosby thing is I mean like he is funny and in the early West me anyways but yeah.

[1:04:53] Depending on what happened and how they make amends with it now you do whatever you can to her butt.
Shepherding yakhni Irish I think there’s a fine line because of you if you started you know because sometimes that kind of feels like you’re.
Dismissing what they did in like that that’s not a big deal. I really like Kevin Spacey but I can’t watch it I can’t I can’t support
yeah yeah yeah exactly what you’re supposed to be we’re supposed to be on a horse way someone can also be kind of that like,
some artists are like assholes to be very talented and kind of be like an asshole but you can separate.
You know like rape somebody or you know I’ve been doing a lot like sexual harassment then you just like that that’s when you can’t really let it go you know I mean I grew up with Michael Jackson,
like my mom Texas music for the way I acted so that’s a part of my childhood so I still like not dance around it as my ex,
a kid with my mom.

[1:06:06] Yeah you were never convicted it’s hard for me to separate myself from net.
I think that sometimes people you can do it to you like a beer,
consciously doing it may be like oh yeah I get this on and it’s not cuz we’re all kind of desensitized to certain people and certain things and stuff like that but,
you know I won’t hold that won’t seek out like Louis CK and stuff anymore I won’t do it like I mean,
and it’s It’s upsetting and I mean even you know friends are like therapy sessions snake around here that you know what I look super talented and then whatever but they’re doing shady shit like getting,
it really matter if I have to I have to respect to the person before I can,
you know what I don’t know it’s how you connect with that person and like if you found out your friend was like doing something super dumb you wouldn’t be like
hang out with them and having dinner with them and whatever
doesn’t make sense like I feel uncomfortable around you now cuz you miss you going to miss perceived it wasn’t that person was either things and sometimes I mean.

[1:07:12] That can be a 8 like I said depending on the actions on the misconduct weather.
If someone just a dick like a lot of people have said like you know Conor Oberst from bright as it did get to make sure he’s probably did but he ain’t like you know the music and I’m not his friend,
you can’t be friends with everybody that’s entirely everything than someone who’s like sexually harassing somewhere else if it’s if it’s if it’s over there an asshole
going to phase me as much but if it’s if it’s harassment then that’s like yeah she’s brand new.
I made a good friend Benny from Green Bay like.
He ended up passing away and we we remember very we are drunkenly singing you something on the riddle I’m in his kitchen I was last time I hung out with him and like.
It even ruin that for me you don’t like me and just take a good memory in this like Dad you know why you have to.

[1:08:05] Yeah I’m here it’s hard to talk to separate it and I think that sometimes people do but they don’t necessarily do it.

[1:08:14] Consciously what is nice to think that you don’t have to you know like people should just be nice to hear everything she just kind of Wiggle take money off of crowds you should not be doing
is also weird as last year brand new release a new album by The Weeknd hugely currently claim a brand new brand new album,
people that dude got so much crap for it and I’m just like it it’s just hard to listen to that point I mean,
well I mean it’s like people who treat other people so disrespectfully your like.
You don’t have respect for other people you like cross lines all over like.

[1:08:59] Seem fabricated seem like things like it.
Text you out of it going one that did never bugs me when I listen to it was Kanye
I’m just going to be like.
The regular he just tried to be a constant variable,
play George Bush doesn’t care about black people to someone to is fully supporting somebody who didn’t denounce like the KKK,
I just really wanna one conversation.

[1:10:02] And then Trump removed all of his valuables from his desk,
play Kanye 2006 again.
I want a career,
do you remember the one where it lives it was like right after he did that and Mike Myers shows up and it’s like.

[1:10:33] Right next to him and it’s just like to pay.
How’s it going man in space way after he said that he’s like oh.
Warn me yay what’s going on
I will say for emo night though when that happened like 2 months ago or something I wore a Deja intendo shirt cuz I was just the thing that night night
we all can be you know it’s if you haven’t like right in the Forefront of your mind and you’re still supporting in you like I don’t care then your.
But I mean cuz it’s not.
It it sucks it sucks regardless cuz like this is music that I really like that I can enjoy anymore this is like stuff like that but that’s that’s that’s.
The terror that some of these people put on the 17th at 2 and then.
Cuz I just thought of it I haven’t seen it Kevin Spacey movies since that stuff is not on and it made a hundred and twenty six.

[1:11:46] Yes and no one would show it and everything like that cuz they had got numbers production for it before.
All these allegations came out yeah and do what is Aleve.
Grecians type cartridge replacement shooting light.

[1:12:05] I mean it’s kind of cool though that as a society we’re like aren’t you did this thing
you get removed you know I mean Idaho what’s good about it
yeah I think it’s good that you’re getting your getting shitty people out of the sink,
Even in our seen that even is part of the second round but no one wants to have to deal with but,
you know you’re getting out of there just to make it more enjoyable safer accessible thing for younger people kissing I mean even like my daughter’s 7 I want her to be able to go to shows when she’s there and not have to worry about you know stuff like that in.
And it’s a really good thing I do think you know there is some danger in like.
Throwing out allegations and not having anything to back just so confusing some because of that does have a small spectrum of things.

[1:12:59] I like yeah that if you’re a piece of shit you get called out for it and that’s the way it should be you shouldn’t be allowed to do it so that’s one good thing with it but there’s also that other side.
Where people are just like oh we oh who cares is boys will be boys like
gentlemen gentlemen actually actually The Wiggles accor allowed to have pudding with their large.
This is great,
Being a nap is a 4 mm a 49ers fan but with several different things.

[1:14:11] There’s problems but like Greg Hardy you know that thing where he was like he’d beat his girlfriend and hit her head in the toilet and stuff like that but since it wasn’t on video like he had picked out by the Cowboys,
not saying that anything the right right there that freaking terrible but you know it video evidence and do whatever like why why do you have to have video evidence of someone comes to you and says this person did this.
Why can’t you believe somebody that sang this you know and that’s I don’t know it’s a it’s a mess that goes on like Richie Incognito still has had a beer after that
I Wish I Was Made of pain but that’s,
yeah but like there’s that one another one that just flew out of my head but I was just so early. It was one that always.

[1:15:02] Conway back and yeah yeah few years ago but like Donte Stallworth was in a vehicular.

[1:15:08] Accident on Fort Knox anybody like killed a person even Marshawn Lynch actually hit somebody with a with a bus and wheels in Buffalo and.

[1:15:16] Yeah that’s it will Darren Sharper you guys remember him from yeah yeah yeah.
He was in the absolute there are times but I think that it’s very inconsistent with how they do it anyways yeah yeah.
I haven’t had to have a different getting better.
You can’t really.
How to say guy that’s gone they have scrubbed him from the records from Chris Benoit does not exist anymore as far as in professional wrestling is concerned.
Canadian crippler no more no like he is he’s gone but like very recently like Enzo Amore and big Cass
where the hottest tag team NXT move over move over to the main roster were okay and I got kicked out because he was an asshole and then it was.
Somebody claimed that he raped her incident today next to him and then big Cass had a physical altercation with his ex-girlfriend they got rid of him it’s like yeah there is no nonsense anymore and that’s.
That’s good I think it’s going to society Society over there so there is some backlash on the other side but he’s good and that synchronized near call Marin.

[1:16:40] Go back to regular Society that’s why they do that superhuman.
Is geared towards people keeping their egos in check with things to like you get to a point where you think that you know everything like you know and like you can’t you can’t treat people like that and I think that’s a good,
playing cards,
leaning more towards an empathetic Society.

[1:17:12] At some level I was acceptable for a really long time.
But it feels like it’s becoming less and less acceptable which is nice especially because I’m a woman and I’m always like feeling vaguely like
being objectified you know
even you don’t.

[1:17:36] Conversations they look isn’t growing up and we’ve all said you mature really dumb shit when we were younger you know when I’m going to that one it’s not just like a long thing I call this person is doing whatever in like,
subsistence out there and people feel safer and you know if you can if you see somebody doing sketch each other you know something about it then,
I don’t like say something it’s not easy to but you know it’s better that you don’t feel shouldn’t Wiggles.
People shouldn’t don’t wiggle on your sensibilities.
Respectful of other people if they want pineapple on a goddamn Pizza weapon damage.
Show me some pizza,
respect me as a human and let me have it one more time.
MTV or VH1.

[1:18:53] SML SML,
that’s terrible weird like reality shows that
what’s your favorite and least favorite cliche that’s worth talking.

[1:19:19] You know the what is that.
Oh yeah,
why would you want to do that yet that’s what I never understood you really want to beat a dead horse to get the horns.
It’s that Jason Witten commentary it’s like that now
well if he if he has another trick up his past.
He just pulled another rabbit
but I doubt his head it was horrifying.

[1:20:26] Featuring.
This dude don’t put all your eggs in one horse.

[1:20:47] You think I’m bad like regular players playing great football.

[1:20:58] Princeton Wisconsin.

[1:21:09] My how the mole Hills have turned last time we talked about kind of like.
Anti pick up lines kind of thing I noticed you had a drink at the bars that mean you’re depending alcoholic.
There was one that was just like.
You don’t know me but I’m going to go sit on the other side of the bar and stare at you for awhile just wait.

[1:21:52] Call 911.
We’re breaking up now wait we never dated let’s change that.

[1:22:09] They are really bad.

[1:22:16] Where was that it was a future I’m going to take you go to the grocery store cuz you got nice cans so they can do something like that but.

[1:22:24] I don’t know there was like old commercial he was like Cheech Marin was like saying like he’s feeling pick up lines like is it hot in here or is it just you just all these tacky ass one but I can’t think of any right now,
take other cliches that.
You been running through my mind let’s get out.

[1:22:49] We are cat legs and come home to roost one of my family’s cats.

[1:22:56] She have to think of something that’s a play on like did you fall from Heaven,
Charles River Running,
I love that I’m going to use that fall from Heaven.
Did you fall from Heaven today.
Use that for a no Pride night.
I like I like where you going was like now you know he’s like no I don’t like that.

[1:23:53] This is my other favorite one just flip it on his head but this is my favorite
oh you’re really cute and I love your email like you’re very pretty face or whatever thanks it covers my insightly skull,
one that I had was I noticed
my breasts are bigger than yours they be my date to prom,
I have sleep apnea I want to come over and see me struggle with umbrella.
Can I have a sinus infection do you want to watch me weasel I need a burrito.
I’ve already named all of our children do you want to start with the A’s or should we just start with the girls name.
You’re so attracted you remind me of Susan Boyle.
Do you like the before of the season
I’m attracted to you because you’re really ugly so that means you’re really talented right.

[1:25:20] Is that a mirror in your pocket because I can see the reflection of your ugly face in the mirror.
I noticed your misshapen head and had to come take a look up close any plans Friday night.

[1:25:36] Temperature directions to practice The Grass Is Always Greener when it’s not under basket.

[1:25:47] I noticed you buying that Katy Perry record now noticed your bad taste want to go out next Saturday.
You look like the perfect project waiting to happen.

[1:26:09] Oh man so cliche.
At my ass is always greener what I’ve had some tacos sorry camera for.
Delaware back in March we played there and like my friend she went to show us like
some stuff in life we went to check out the site Canal Bridge and it was in in Maryland so like what do you do to bring fun in Delaware.
Leave doubt
that’s awesome good.

[1:27:18] Yes Shelby to Shameless I guess I will talk about it and plug in.
Step three switches to whatever.

[1:27:53] My Shameless plug is that I.
I am a blogger I guess that’s probably the only thing worth living right now I am I right on medium.
Which is a platform not because I can talk to spirits or anything just didn’t tell him to mine.
I actually would have been writing about lately is that.
You know when you grow up in a very conservative environment that he like wait let’s rethink all of this,
so did you grow up in the conservative environment and the gang in South Dakota,
anyway I guess that’s my Shameless plug you can find me on Instagram which is how you could find my medium profile it’s hey kdubs which is spelled out.
K a y d u b z.

[1:28:59] I guess the main thing I’ve been doing lately is a lot of my art I just got my website setup I’m constantly listening things I paint and do whatever else and it’s a
I painted Zack tonight and I realized I feel pretty good about it looks way more it looks way more like when it does that end.
But but since he has that jar with the word flowers on there I think there’s kind of love,
sugar dressing like 20 has a counterpart in an old lady in The Wiggles and I think that’s where it kind of merges.

[1:29:38] But yeah so it’s hard luck and I have stuff on there that I listened and also going to be doing Blondie on there as well but I haven’t gotten quite going with yet otherwise.
Look up I’d like artwork on Facebook and then I also and playing HyVee Market Grille on 26th and Marion on November 2nd.
Odd luck bad luck or just Mumble art cuz I mumble all the time,
and yeah but I’m playing on 26th and Marion Hy-Vee Market Grill 6:30 8:30 and then also this coming Sunday at the back 40 Mitchell.
I’ll be playing from 11 to 2 and also selling art there good brunch think so.

[1:30:23] The back 40 move to Mitchell yeah the Mitchell yeah wow that’s a it’s it’s it’s pretty great getting original music,
and things I got today definitely they supported a lot more and it’s really cool and they have like all the same like our teams everything in,
it’s there it’s more accessible later than that it’s pretty great and Kiki’s really awesome with that guy so.
I’m excited cuz it’s a it’s a venue that’s closer to home that I can actually do cuz you know I like all you guys you know.
Get yourself out there so yeah.

[1:31:09] November 2nd and 3rd opening for Max Fine my bosses comedy Pizza.
And just because the fact that I like him and I feel like they’re having a rough time oh so good Garretson really good food I have no reason to do that,
for the best sliced steak and collard greens and I’ve ever asked.
Such a great place Omar the chef there is just want to know cheesy grits and cheese sweet grits,
what you get like little bit it’s a give it’s downright it’s really I’m good stuff.

[1:31:54] Yeah but definitely Max finds really funny this is awesome tube so what time is it in on the 2nd 2nd and 3rd.

[1:32:04] For those of you that went to snow jam last year he was on Snow Jam.
2017 County Festival Max Maxwell.
But I just us we have a few other people.
Spread so I’ve been working backstage with the mighty Corson darts players which is a different theater group that starts with an m
that I work with and so we’re doing the 39 steps or second weekend is this weekend 2620 7th and 28th which is a really great
farcical take on an Alfred Hitchcock movie
spy meets Monty Python it was just like a mile north of the Brandon exit
tickets are 10 bucks so it’s super cheap for some really good theatre arts players.

[1:33:06] The 39 steps.

[1:33:09] Me and then with monsters Little Theatre Company which is my other M theater we are doing a reading on Thursday November 15th.
With the full circle book Co-op which is awesome yes
and so we are doing a show called Loving Arms which is written by University of Sioux Falls Professor dr. Kevin Cole
cabin with Kevin before things start again,

[1:34:18] This weekend I’ll be heading out candy is the flu bug to kids.
On Friday and Sunday so I don’t know if we’re going to beat the flu,
I don’t know if I’m going to make up this time around.

[1:34:39] Petri dish.
I got your back. Hug
bug fllo and stand in the fireplace I like it
X-Men doing two songs at Salt to the rap karaoke event at Icon again tonight.

[1:35:24] White nerdy and So Fresh So Clean by Outkast. Sadhu 01.
So I’m pretty stoked I got to find it cost Paradise.
Get rid of a conflict I know you want to do Amish Paradise
how about you does like 2 minutes of Gangsta’s Paradise then you come up and finish and do too much Amish and we just collaborated it was just the best experience on stage ever.

[1:35:58] What did the Gangster’s Paradise addresses Garth Brooks it was priceless
but I really look like a rabbi six,
. there’s that and.
Robert County podcasts the Sioux Empire. Com,
I got way too goddamn any podcasts listen to some of my podcast into them all before
yeah perlocution listen to it I don’t know how,
yeah yeah I’ll check the times I’m not canceling painting so I’ve been just been gin,
I’m going to start that The Wiggles The Wiggles come here.

[1:37:04] Why was thank you Caitlin Brian and white boyfriend is always thank you Robert glass.
Jonathan Escobar.

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