The Dresch Code Ep 015 Best Almost Crapped My Pants Story

The Dresch Code Ep 015 Best Almost Crapped My Pants Story

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics included: What can we do to help the local art community, what are some nervous ticks you’ve seen people on stage have, what biopic would you like to see, what’s your most unpopular opinion, what game show would you be on, best joker,  what movies took you a long time to appreciate, how do you power through low energy days, the biggest flub ever, best almost crapped my pants story.


Guests: Meteorologist Phil Schreck, Professor/writer/poet Dr. Kevin Cole, and ADHD coach with Reset ADHD Alex Hey.


Meteorologist Phil Schreck


Alex Hey


Ryan Howe


Machine Transcript
[0:20] Hello everyone I’m Zach dresch I’m right how to do is replenish,
where we talked about this episode 15 very excited,
have a great lineup tonight the show where we talk about music comedy Arts performing everything in between everyday topics from this very jar.
That we pull out randomly.
The Stream
I asked where the questions come from in this Genesis from the jar
Irene sexy nerd.
It’s interesting, so we take the best ones and ones that are applicable to our guests and we just come on in.

[1:35] It’s a skinny of gas what’s announcement from the round table or round couch,
ADHD coach with reset ADHD outside
Lisa’s I used to come to the house all the time I just realized.

[2:09] Girl literally assembled everyone
got you all right
meteorologist to the Stars weatherman Phil Schreck extraordinaire podcast ever so I can I listen to a lot of podcast
first time I’ve been online very excited it is for me.

[2:50] And final guess Professor Rider playwrights poet Dr Kevin Cole was play Kevin West,
today your Dr Kevin extraordinaire podcast.
To listen to and Beyond.
I’m very excited to have you both on the Shelf thank you so I shall we crack get a crack at the box and box,
yeah right I will pull topics out of this jar price of client or by threes,
yes or no or pass or fail to dress code.
So is it.

[3:46] Majority rules then or what if you need to do so
tell shall we get a crack at Lowe’s gas.

[4:07] All this is this is this is wholesome how can we continue to improve the Arts community in Sioux Falls yes or no.

[4:20] I’d say just keep on doing things that sounds really General but they just keep striving on.
Your own individuality getting things started in the Arts community and doing.
As many projects as you can which I do all the time great things put things out there.
Evan doing some poetry open mics the block Collective does it once a month.
They actually have a bookstore now the full book.
Are there first opening weekend several openings Open Mic at their own place that was awesome.

[5:13] What my son Luke is really involved in place he loves it. He gets depressed when he’s not involved in a play so he’s involved with it you know.
The Dhaba over 2 billion he’s an employee’s with the the orphan at the Orpheum with a supervisor Community Theater so as far as improving it.
I don’t know I guess we just need.
More people involved maybe get more people to maybe contribute to places like the Orpheum and make sure that it stays,
a nice place or maybe even gets gets even better and it working on distinct promotion techniques works too I think writer.
And more efficient manner maybe would would help so I don’t lot of venues keep opening up which is great right refurbishing the State Theater.

[6:08] Eventually,
here’s question I watch the video on Facebook today they took a scene from Ace Ventura 2,
driving in the Ducks Village and they said in the city
it’s getting better when you come back from the south,
but cuz that’s that’s pretty much all done but going down like from from north to south is still an adventure on the out so hopefully I’ll get that done some point so,
at some point someday.
Brown will figure it out instruction or the State Theater,
I’d say that to actually order would be Sioux City State Theater Crazy Horse I don’t think we are staged,
a big pile of rocks just so they can blow those rocks away too like I believe it you wish oh I forget where I heard it so.

[7:31] Alex Jones,
Infowars video of Marco Rubio talking to him and he’s like who are you
so one thing Sioux Falls can do and some organizations are doing it but two to Phil’s plane about young people,
it means that we have several.
Really well-established older artists painters writers and I think what we can do is create,
Morgan use for younger artists Pavilions a perfect place for that we’re not seeing them I don’t think we’re seeing enough younger artist 20-somethings especially painters guy getting Avenue there.
There’s a lot of a lot of really good energy going on with creating an artist District rights.

[8:28] So I know this is one of the things that got me here 20 years ago is the fact that there was a pavilion that was a.

[8:36] One thing that made me really interested in staying here yeah so.

[8:43] Really I don’t think you can you can criticize it a lot but I think for a city at size there’s a lot going on here so I think they want to do a set of not sure
flowers like come on just do it and get up there.
Do your thing and just watch it grow is it’s amazing to see people from like their first time on stage till like way later it’s kind of like that method.

[9:07] Mark metaphor for like just keep just go up there and do it in my case I mean,
I have so much respect for stand-up comics because I could never do that I mean get him some people do that and then if there’s if there’s just like complete silence you know you just like oh my gosh what am I doing up here,
but it kind of goes back to when I first started doing weather Wednesday I mean I was totally nervous getting out in front of a camera you know it was like oh my gosh I can’t do this and they just because they just got to get up and do it and,
and the more you do it the better you get at it and just kind of out so I can relate to that little bit but nana getting up in front of people and doing that that’s different.
If you want to stay there right there right there so,
it’s L’Amour L’Amour personal I think sometimes too,
delivery profound insights about life and crickets
laughing hysterically damn you’re the only one where there was something on the syllabus that was
I don’t know if it was someone misread it or something to go
doing it right that wrong must have been drinking how do you explain this.

[10:27] Close Kevin Kevin, I just met tonight that he was hurt your a professor at.
I missed that Park project Ryan Alex and dr. Cole were all involved we did a couple skits together we all got involved.
Let’s do that it was a lot of fun.

[10:52] It’s okay if I took off my best.
I think for me I was just the willingness to try new things go to events that you wouldn’t otherwise think about cuz I know.
You know when I first started doing Theatre Beyond USF I heard about the mighty Course North players I thought well that just sounds like it was really like Podunk,
but all you know cheap amateur theater I don’t to do that and then I got involved with the that theater community,
and they are really raising the bar for professionalism in Sioux Falls theater so that you just have to check some of those preconceived notions,
out the window and I’m a little biased but you kind of have to grow beyond the idea of the only theater in Sioux Falls is Sioux Empire,
cuz there’s a lot of great stuff out there like monstrous which I work with and goodnight to your Collective but just put on an amazing run of the last five years since my wife my wife and son like that today so I mean you really have to go out there and be,
active in searching for entertainment on Sioux Falls cuz it’s definitely out there it’s changed a lot since I’ve been here 30 years and.
And it’s changed so much in that time and especially even even in the last 10-15 years there’s so much more to do and I was in the Arts or you know just things for young people to do wear it when I first moved here like man this this place is.

[12:20] Dad I’m let you know because I’m going to downtown.
Why it’s really it’s really changed a lot in the last decade or so to decorate definitely. I don’t know if I start paying attention more as I got graduate high school and do much unless it was like.

[12:38] Weird Al Pavilion for high schoolers to do everything except for when you’re nice go you can’t go there,
can a lot of time but now that there’s so many places to all ages all of your shows are happening more just great and sudden vets definitely agree.
Right so there’s more things to do and I think it’s just in my eyes it started picking up steam more like 5 or 6 years ago especially with all ages place right.
For sure to go the next topic right you got here.

[13:14] What are things you do when you’re nervous or things you see other comedians or performers do when they’re nervous what are some nervous nervous tics you seeing performers.
Yes sir now I like I like this one. It was okay,
as a comic I see a lot of comics hold onto the mic stand when their sets aren’t going great or if they’re just kind of if they’re not.

[13:39] If they’re in there had you can tell they’re just kind of like.
As far as I can tell when that’s a nervous tick that a thing.
The rocking back and forth in front of the camera that it’s his loss right then rivest or and ice,
speaking really fast and I I do I still to this day speak pretty fast this is what I do but some people just.
Speak naturally fast when I’m nervous so I don’t understand sometimes so I used to Pace weigh more on stage doing plays or.
Especially stand on the first two or three years I would just,
pacing sure he serson just running around and then Nate Holtz goes just stand there you even have to like
move around to prove your point you can just literally stand there and let your face do the expression,
and that’s what helps me stand there don’t rock back and forth.
You just seem like what’s what’s today right that’s not an accurate.

[15:00] This sounds terrible like I don’t get nervous on stage so I’m having trouble and part of my strategy is to like get.
To be the character.
It’s like if I think Alex’s thoughts I’m not performing well I don’t get nervous.
Are you Alex right now sorry I just want to split the other night and I’m not really used to speaking in front of people because.
Most of my work is done in front of the camera with a few people in the studio so when I’m in front of it,
an audience of actual people ice I get nervous but what I find is.

[15:54] I actually when you say are you really Alex right now I actually feel like I become somebody else when I’m
why you say okay I’m I’m going to do this I’m guessing Sage imma do my thing whatever I have to do with it I’m seeing or whatever and I feel like I’m somebody else and I’m watching and watching myself is it sound weird,
and I when I’m done I think I felt like I didn’t feel like me up there till like somebody else so it’s almost like you become.
Somebody else when you’re up there maybe I’m acting like I tend to put all the energy I have on stage and I’m quiet a lot of times before,
and some personality very much so I’m too worried about that but.

[16:41] I do teach online and so I have to make videos sometimes and that’s a really sobering experience to watch yourself cuz I got this nervous I don’t like
doing videos but you sort of have to do it and I have this nervous ticket I call it the Bobby Denaro tick I’ll go.
I’ll just keep making remaking the video over and over and over but I got this.

[17:06] That’s what I do on video,
if there’s like a new list and new professor or somebody that’s just starting you can you tell if they’re nervous or what they might be doing that you can tell they’re nervous or.
And all the new ones I know a lot better than I am so glad that I did in high school,
who used to fart when he was nervous so repeat
stench would start to grow a real thing.
Did he make a show of it or like we would just noticed.

[17:55] Every night before the show.
The other the other guy who wasn’t the one who farted which man and I don’t want to talk about celebrity news him he should have just he just should just let him.

[18:10] Just make a big deal out of it anyway so
doing that
Edison wax cylinders of him doing this routine and it’s fucking hilarious,
Eddie made a fortune he was like the full length of like the highest paid actor in France
50 there’s a man in med school studying to be a doctor,
show me the real answer to the first question mark Weber of the Arts communities get a professional flash with the performance
one of those America’s Got Talent shows who liked for his ACT what is there good.
Yeah what’s the name of his.
Mr. methane I think was a British version.

[19:25] Are you like did it to make a classical.
Piece of music that was in front of Howie Mandel I think was a British one,
competitive cheerleading when she was growing up before every performance with wooden bar so the nervousness,
I want time puked on opening night of a show.

[19:56] My director after the show was like gee were you nervous and I had just like my final show with him so he directed me inside of a place that point,
how long have I been doing this evening.
Remember judging oral interp a lot and like News public speakers,
and then I did it for the first two years the podcast I was wasn’t because mrs. Jensen and fix that other man oral interp so it was like so like I’d be doing interviewing like,
so like like when I given just organically did it right there,
yeah but yeah it’s a crutch but Miss Jessica actually like keep a tally on the sheet in there was one guy in the class it was so sad cuz he would like
60 ohms and are you with me here.

[20:57] Every 2 minutes and the class periods righteous Kelly,
and I might show my classmates as the class is like.
I don’t I never didn’t think that one so it says that he threw up once during a wrestling match on the guy he was wrestling,
I still want that I guess I guess I’m so going to manage sport I did it for 3 years.

[21:34] There was a news story back I don’t know if you years ago where you know there was a wrestler was it was an accused of something and.
And then I heard of this move called the butt drag that wrestlers use that one.
As your wrestling to actually pick you up by the buttocks,
whatever I mean it’s awesome but apparently it wasn’t I mean that’s what not why he was accused of whatever,
but there’s absolutely wrestlers do what they put they insert their finger and then they moved their opponent,
but anyway I don’t know why I brought that up but the wrestling thing.

[22:27] Oh what biopic films would you like to see in who would you like to see portrayed them.
I’ll talk about that one.
I enjoyed it I mean I know that was I think there was kind of a.

[22:46] AB may not not really a backlash but you know that the gay community was so upset that it didn’t focus more on.
You know his his relationship with Madden and that but I thought you know,
I thought it did you know what I heard it was a good balance between music and personal life part where they did the right thing and it was so good I would like to see,
I want to see a Paul Reubens biopic,
my instinct is go Tom Hanks but I would like to eat too old for the role that Taran Killam from SNL.
What’s up John Mulaney.
Alright see that I think Malaysia boy Ed Grimley but it’s not Martin Short just angry.
Well that’s a good one I’ll bring this conversation down real quick I saw like Charlotte Bronte
Emily Dickinson.
Helen Keller.
Musically Daniel Day-Lewis with Daniel Day-Lewis.

[24:16] Trike who else would be like a figure that’s has never been covered in a film necessarily.

[24:25] Ted Bundy played by Al Bundy Ted Bundy film actually happen.
I think so.

[24:46] Daniel Day-Lewis she is got my ID you got to go with like.
Heartthrob guy like someone like he was very charismatic.

[25:02] Oh yeah the guy who played.
The Polish mobster.
This life is a serial killer putting a life in the in the burbs had a wife kids.
And you say he’s in his 30s.
You’d be perfect for the Ted Bundy part and I’m sorry I can’t remember I told you.

[25:35] He became an old so they did do one in 2002 on Ted Bundy Michael Reilly Burke.
Never heard of it show me picture it looks like that now you look like you know if your addicted to go.
Actually I could see that.
Play the Rex Van de Kamp on the pilot of Desperate Housewives but then Steven Culp replaced in book for the pilot accurate.

[26:21] But I know like maybe I should just comes out because I can’t think of anybody I bought me a rockstar to figure out like What actors could play rock stars that might be easier way to figure out or would like to see Oprah biopic.

[26:36] Viola Davis yeah that’s clearly I’ll be fine. Leslie Jones never did anything else in Hollywood ever again.
Speakable why I like Leslie Jones but it’s just like a just one it’s a wonder cast and rhyme and time and time again.

[27:04] I think a lot of the SNL cast members have like one thing that they just melt.
Over and over again that doesn’t care.
Yeah that’s straight like that.
Try to go out like a lot of them.
I think that people have the most range on that shower like Cecily Strong and couple other people to McKinnon.
Christian Bale as Dick Cheney,
unbelievable the transfer through where it needs to be I’m done like,
do not go through with it because he’s so into his rolls right he was playing George Bush in that movie is it Sam.
He won the Academy Award for the three Billboards Sam Rockwell was going to be okay.

[28:23] It would have been really weird,
I don’t know how bad I tell ya
that’s like an American Hustle Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld
dramatic shots but I don’t see him in that role doesn’t change Kristen Bell look like Chingy they could they could probably make Corral look like Rumsfeld,
trying to get some made like.
The Rolling Stones biopic like who would play Keith Richards.
Tedford Pirates of Caribbean trying to reboot now without Johnny Depp
really yeah.
This is the last Pirates I’ll do in Pirates 5 came out.

[29:37] Write off money offers were too good I guess.
What he was thought he was dead he was walking in this this this this this.
Desert area for the longest time was that part for S3.
I like for a lot I think of the rest of the cast it just kind of issue,
Keira Knightley Orlando Bloom storyline got old for me.

[30:20] I I like him as an actor and but hit he’s had a bad streak in movies don’t you think I mean and then he’s going to be in this new.
What’s the one with the sky that the Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts,
the first one and now he plays a big role in that’s why I hope for his sake he does well and but there’s a dark horse in his filmography I likes the Dark Shadows movie that came out too but I like the.
So proper style the 60s cuz I used to watch the reruns on Syfy,
you know that it’s just such a campy like cheesy and then back in the day that I used to watch that show when it was on,
cuz I’m at whole but it was that’s so scared that living heck out of art was called watching that show the scary cuz,
does anything else like that and I’m going on at that time I still love watching shows the eighties and nineties even as cheesy as they are and it’s been like a even though it’s not.

[31:25] Like sophisticated writing it’s still entertaining to watch their Saved by the Bell
we are in a lot of programming nowadays just hangs herself way too seriously and there’s not that element of like fun and crazy and suspension of disbelief and if it is something like that it’s trashed in the,
presrite say this is the worst thing Adam Sandler just put out a new Santa special which I think is fantastic but it’s been torn apart,
because Adam Sandler has obviously not had a lucky Rodrigo films in a long time so people are just bound to like,
trash it and just what’s that what platform is that okay,
how to take my shoes off at somebody else,
El Ron Hubbard with that the master movie I think.
It’s kind of I mean it wasn’t explicitly him but yeah all shipping on Facebook you’re saying El Ron Hubbard would be the one to do a biopic.

[32:28] I see Adam Sandler bio pic with Jimmy Fallon playing on.
I liked it when this might be off topic but I liked it when Dana Carvey in his SNL audition.
Made fun of Dennis Miller do an impression of him while Dennis Miller was in the room it makes fun of Alaska,
next soccer game.

[33:06] What is the most unpopular opinion that you old yesterday I don’t know what I know this is,
should we talk about daylight savings for the yes or no,
Guns N Roses is not a good band I think I can only name one Guns N Roses song Welcome to the Jungle.
Calamine calamine,
I heard office and I don’t have a big head.

[33:49] About that okay I liked Mamma Mia movie.
Where did you leave.
Especially the guys who don’t like Colin Firth and the guy that played the bond who’s got played.
Just do what you think is singing it was okay what really makes me disappointed is but I liked the movie as a whole.
What really makes me mad is they were going to cast Harry Connick jr. in that role,
but they didn’t think he looked old enough to play opposite Meryl Streep.

[34:41] They didn’t want him to over plus he would overshadow anybody else you know so,
I remember I used to have unpopular opinions as a kids and looking back they were stupid opinions,
like I would go see sequels to movies I loved and say all the sequels better than the original and I look you back in retrospect
like I said Dumb and Dumber in the feeder like 15 years ago why all this movie is amazing
the prequel without you carry without a diary in that movie and that’s when the young Harry accidentally he has a Hershey’s bar in his pocket
nxne sitting on a heater and it actually rubs his so he’s like trying to change his pants and so I guess the chocolate,
like the daughter that he’s seeing it’s his dad,
and so he comes up to the bathroom and just looks at the song over the battery goes
write a minute you can’t you can’t lose with bathroom humor no ever sometimes play brother a popular pinion setup.

[35:53] I liked Batman vs Superman and Justice League Justice League and I really enjoyed it because I did two or two and a half hours my life if it wasn’t any good,
Batman versus Superman I was I would say I was disappointed in it I didn’t hate it but it just didn’t match up with some of the other,
you know he’s a Batman movies or
I like the Superman movie Man of Steel
a place out and it’s also like
Batman after he’s been beaten down after years like there’s a scene in the Batcave where he’s walking by a Robin costume.
That’s Jason Todd like that’s the robin that got killed.

[36:56] It’s like he’s been worn down he’s okay borderline should be retired Batman like you kind of see in Justice League how we starting to like,
lighten up again.
And so like I kind of wish we got to see that character Arc over several movies and people are always terrible in this movie was like okay yeah but like look for the growth and.

[37:24] Listen to popular opinion my favorite bat movie is a bat thumb.

[37:29] We did some movies with thumbs as humans Steve oedekerk connected,
Zach going off of that I think Son of the Mask is an enjoyable movie,
Silver Slipper side of the map another one.

[37:55] As a preview where did I see that I don’t like a new one because like.
Does the unpopular opinion have to be about a movie.
Do you have something I think so listen to classical music and watch movies these days.

[38:21] RipStik any kind.
What’s my age I’m checked out of this conversation because I have 3 kids 12:10 and 7 repertoire.

[38:35] Is decidedly excused that way,
I still feel like a kid maybe that’s the problem I drove my mental growth is is stop at the age of 18 or something so I’m from.
Popular culture I love I love music I have a lot of free time.
If I get more work in the mornings my three oldest kids are either out of college or in college I have to at home,
get out of the house bikes I take him to school they go to Edison I take him to school and so by 9 I got the whole day,
pretty much to myself before I go to work so I can I can go back home and and read or watch movies or or at night when I come home at 11 at night and raised in bed so I can watch the movies that I want to watch and that’s how I keep up with all this stuff and,
so so that’s how I am able to keep up with all this this pop culture things and,
I’ve always been you know growing up I just loved I just devoured like you know.
Rock and Rollin and movies and it just everything so I yeah maybe that’s why.

[40:04] Super Saiyan that’s a deep cut,
are cultural record Dragon Ball Z does going to be.

[40:20] Okay thanks for making me feel insecure about balloon for the Macy’s day parade.

[40:31] Nice yeah see that massive finally after 30 years by the way.
Yeah I got to go all what Super Saiyan which means what it means like,
in anime when they get like their final massive superpower and there’s like energy flying out of bed,
Ben Affleck Iowans he’s the best Batman he’s a darn good Batman my favorite Batman is Kevin Conroy.
For Batman the enemy.
In time Mark Hamill do voices of glory and that’s why it’s so fucking good.
Mark Hamill’s kind of unanimously praise is like the best.
Change their bodies this unique oh yeah they were one time recording in a studio with all the characters together everyone was sitting down but Mark Hamill had to stand.
I want to do his performance
I didn’t really like the second.

[41:53] The cast of Rogue one I really did.
I love.
The force awakens the prequel trilogy of Star Trek.
Popular shots I don’t like Ed Sheeran you know I don’t care anymore
like when Ed Sheeran started out I like to stuff I I much prefer his acoustic actually it’s like Ed Sheeran and like the songs that you can tell he actually spent some time writing and just the stuff they play
the stuff that makes the head is just not
good at all. I really like them for a while and then I was dating a girl who also really liked it and then she dumped me and now like Ed Sheeran reminds me of that,
and said I don’t want to be like me and the Minnesota Wild I I should be like that.

[43:07] I was actually dumped on Wednesday it’s not like I have a new heart breaks,
I feel that DJ reception last night and they’re like you play something slow.
I decided to go with lonestar-amazed cuz that one’s a common one and then I threw in a rarity more I’ll be by Edwin McCain,
yeah so so you were DJing so.

[43:41] The person that asked you that is,
she didn’t say it had to be a chair I was just,
cuz I was thinking like okay I said Sharon but good did you say like right away no or just
like a very, I’ll see what I can do cuz I know they would probably want like thinking out loud or something like that but we can know what that’s over done I like to balance it like I like to throw in a curveball Lego Edwin McCain
two months I was 6 in 1999 so I don’t know the slow dance numbers from the late 90s so however I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,
by Aerosmith Zach Lincoln in the White House.

[44:49] I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing is also in the Armageddon movie right,
gay home ruins the Transformers.

[45:11] Hate it.
The blue people on all that.
Nope trying to take a shower.
I just I can’t think everything else really like that but that’s all I can really.
So only you two guys get to pull questions is that the way it works.
But we never done it before so we just like having the power your trip if you could be a contestant on any game show which one would you be on.
Yes sir no I would say yes and the condition like it’s quickfire.

[46:01] Jeopardy.
Oh yes without a doubt I was a real quick for a game.

[46:15] The weakest link host hell yeah.
Face of the Earth which one the weakest link it was huge in in England and then they brought it to America for a couple years.
Then there’s a guy who took over for that and what’s your face.

[46:39] Oh yeah.
Biker those phone commercial Illinois interior after I remember watching it last year when I was home,
do you have two people as like one of you like the basically they just put two smart people against each other and then you have to like go through and listen all these different yeah.
Grand Slam was it no,
but it’s like if you mess if you messed up in the other person will I have a chance to answer and they got it right then they took your position and then you like left with a certain amount of money.
Slept race I don’t know,
I was like a but it was a limited run they only did it for like it wasn’t something they did with like a bunch of successful game show contestants kind of or they just had like smart people on there like I’m a professor of astrology.

[47:40] Concordia skowronek.
Professor astrology would be like here’s how to like make up crap for horse exactly that’s why they’re Professor there Steam.
That’s why we need to do it again is it called to tell the truth.
It was one that I could watch and play kind of play along with and I was like.
I could actually like make money playing this other shows I’m just going to like like like a sports question earlier early on.
I feel like I can make money on that one.
Unified member let’s make a deal with a Marty was his name that you look who’s the host of Let’s Make a Deal.

[48:36] To really loud jacket.
All right yes they did Think of You original.

[48:50] Original host of that show if I didn’t mention the game show that I.
I’m always saying big money no whammies be coming to my house that would be Press Your Luck that’s right.

[49:07] I distinctly remember it being my all because there’s an episode of Friends where Chandler is in London at Monty Hall at a reception,
and no one’s laughing at all come on.
Erica would be on The Bachelorette.

[49:32] Chelsea haircut.
Seems like a bad looking Hollywood Squares
all right this is the Skylander discussing meeting right now,
if you want to will you shave with plugs at the end,
it’s a quarter zip not a turtleneck men’s fashion.

[50:09] Hiretouch
I like to have women just throwing themselves at your feet it’s not been my experience.
Doodle Sarah’s.

[50:36] Favorite out of town venue that’s horrible musicians.

[50:44] You know you want at least a little bit discriminating what’s one fad or Pastime that came back that you wish did not come back.

[51:02] In the 90s I had a sleeveless T-shirt with a hood have a dragon on it,
be too small makes it have to like to have a new one you know the best interpretation of the Joker and worst wow wow.
Heath Ledger for me but I did,
you’re wrong the correct answer is Mark and Mark Hamill I guess this would take different I’m already saying Joaquin Phoenix is going to be the worst best.
How many money is going to be the best is anybody like Jack Nicholson or not and then do it differently each time right now
cloning somebody like how.

[51:56] Jared Leto did something different like let’s give him credit for doing that I don’t think it was the best I don’t think it was the worst well.

[52:03] Speaker that have been Clunkers in live action like even Cesar Romero was good so yeah.
So I think everyone in the film performed wonderful.
Except the guy riding it didn’t know the characters and he didn’t know plot structure it was exposition of fight scene in the movie was over. Got halfway through it and then,
threw out a bunch of the filmmakers and I brought aboard the people that made the trailer that’s why it was so heavy on like
rock music and light Graphics flying and stuff it was literally like a guy who makes trailers made it extremely hurt by how much of his work was cut from the film.

[52:52] And like they did at that level of transformation like barely a cameo.

[52:58] It was one of those pills I think they tried really hard to make it like a blockbuster huge rail with.

[53:03] Like everything fired on all cylinders the soundtrack acting all all star cast and if they wanted that kind of vibe and just didn’t quite
I enjoyed it but it was it’s a great day to do with Suicide Squad is they needed to introduce all of those characters in different movies and then bring them in
which is why I was really excited for the end credit scene of Justice League because it set up,
Ryan fantastic second film that’s never going to happen right,
what was edible nuts in the theater when that have a 6 like that,
bring on Deathstroke on to his private,
the private yacht pirate ship why not setting up the Injustice League which is another separate League of villains type of thing so I was really excited for justice league league of Injustice or you don’t like some crazy. But it was
it but sounds like Deathstroke might get his own movies,
I keep members name he’s married to that Sofia Vergara and everything else is going to get the rough,
red sweater.

[54:29] Next time on The Bachelor,
okay how does my shirt or my face how does Joaquin Phoenix coming to work though I Stand Alone,
I think it’s supposed to be an origin story yes still he looks like Heath Ledger’s Joker and Jack Nicholson Joker had a baby.
Blake Joaquin Phoenix is going to go so crazy in-depth with it and I feel like what they put on it
if you seen that little like makeup test so good but in see the reason because of that I think they’re going to go like Killing Joke like that the back door of the killing joke and make that into a live-action.

[55:20] Slade Wilson shouting at the TV screen the Google Earth,
what do Phoenix apps like that makeup test they show him laughing and then it switches to him as a joker laughing even harder and then right before the camera shuts off,
he gets like the serious expression on his face.
It’s not the big,
Excel only you and make that reference Maddie,
he becomes best friends with real plot and he’s like
Happy Wheels I can’t make it it’s going to be a trip in New York at a party for hit his birthday and Joe is sitting there like,
which Peewee was here sidebar Paul Reubens does not get enough credit for being a really good serious actor.

[56:31] Did you see him in the movie what was it the back of the 90s no it was like it was like a parody of superhero movies,
and he played a guy that you were times free streaming yes yes yes,
yes mystery man,
like I own the soundtrack of the DVD
I would say worst for me would be the guy who did the Joker in the animated series The Batman.

[57:27] Which one was that.
That’s the one that follow us that Kevin Conroy Erowid it’s like a different producer different voice actors and stuff like that,
with Lily really big shoulders and dreadlocks
oh no cuz I was talking about now because that was the one that was Batman versus Dracula 2
okay movie night worst Joker Steve Miller Band.

[58:08] He’s a midnight toker for the longest time
soccer Heaven you have conversations at midnight this week.
Yeah yeah I know what he said to me that word you just said wake up word doesn’t mean anything,
almost smoker I’m a midnight talker.
Who was Lego Joker.

[58:51] I want a Batman in the Batman Lego Movie in Arkham Origins.
Exodus was wondering about Arkham Origins cuz that one was that one does not Mark Hamill.

[59:13] Arkham Origins is the only time I’ve ever sweated.
While playing a video game that’s only Zach Galifianakis was the Joker in Lego movies,
unpopular opinion I like Lego Batman and I liked the first one. The first one didn’t make it to that one.
What movies took you a long time to appreciate Phantom.
Oh sorry yes yes.

[59:56] Phantom of the Opera I first thought was like an 738 grade hated it and then like I started to appreciate,
and yeah so so I saw Phantom right after I graduated high school on stage and loved it’s like going back like I do enjoy the movie.
I’ve got to go way back in high school I knew you were supposed to like Citizen Kane.
And I watched it many times back on this thing called VHS that.
And finally maybe in early thirties I finally.

[1:00:33] Came around to understand and say okay this is why.
I wasn’t I saw it once I really liked it I was so Furious,
about the way that movie ended up coming into her time was so stupid they wouldn’t actually do it and then they did I’d remind me I saw the movie and it’s been a long time, so,
okay I just don’t want anyone to watch this.

[1:01:08] You say you don’t want anyone to watch it right I do like I appreciate it but it’s like I still don’t want to go through the same thing protecting your journey
very selfish they should appreciate it when they first watch you should have I think you should appreciate it for the twist
I just think it’s it’s just so the twist is like there the entire time it is it’s inches in your life,
is it going to happen is going to happen to know I thought I wanted the movie to just go on without I wanted the Alexander Pierce character to just not exist and to not like coming to play at all like he was just like this strong and that was built up,
and then you don’t actually see him in the movie that’s what I thought about it but beautiful woman who doesn’t do anything important which I just,
I hate that being a roll.

[1:02:08] Button so Johnny Depp is this math teacher from Wisconsin who’s traveling Europe Angelina Jolie is on the run from some people cuz she’s in contact with this guy named Alexander Sears like the largest.
Criminal hunting organization in Europe yes she like hangs out with Johnny Depp in his like I’m going to make them think that you’re
Alexander Pierce to get them off my trail and so he gets his whole leg spy,
crime controversy thing at the very end the joke is is that you’re not Alexander Pierce
now it’s just people think that I am and then the end of the movie is oh yeah I’m actually Alexander Pierce I just did a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery and got my voice changed all this or something like,

[1:02:56] Really we were making a joke about this the whole movie and that’s what actually was okay it in my case,
I don’t like to watch movies more than once so I don’t know if I can say that there’s a movie that’s better that’s grown on me,
that that I appreciate more cuz I cuz it seems like almost a waste of time I’ve already seen and it was happening
so I don’t want to I just want to see new stuff but I missed
they’re talking about me on their own,
you guys missed the the one that fall asleep.
This is okay Cupid profile so if you can settle that for them,
all staff is bogus garbage crime actually a professor of astrology at Concordia.
Well what is it that you can say I mean even know where this how did Gemini but it means nothing it’s just the fact that people would think that.

[1:04:13] The stars in the sky I can predict your future Irish comedian talked about this once he says that if you want a way.
To konkoly group people arbitrarily group people to make predictions about them racism
is better than astrology because they’re what folks this is been deducted
if you would if you break down people by their ethnicities you get far more groups and so you’re more accurate but grouping people.

[1:04:48] Buy cases of racism is way better than astrology.
I don’t think either of them are good things.
But if you want a cookie what it took a while.
Eternal Sunshine Spotless Mind,
cuz at the time when that film came out I was used to Jim Carrey doing silly but another one that took me awhile to.
Had to get a little over to appreciate that once I was,
anytime you care to the serious role at that point I was like no not quite ready for that yet when I love the first Kick-Ass movie never saw the second one trashed it.
You know he’s in this movie he’s making all this money and the heat rash is it afterwards cuz he says it’s too violent.

[1:05:44] Or something like that right but then why.
It was really selfish because all these other people were in this movie and and put their lives or whatever into it and then he just trashing it for everybody else and he made his money right he probably made it,
his paycheck off of it other than you do not tell him Roy Ortiz might be
so now I got to change his opinion cuz after a school shooting happened I’m just like their it already been melt multiple school shootings before that point like right now
as good as the first but it was enjoyable I love the first one was so different and Nicholas,
what does the Batman Batgirl.

[1:06:30] What’s your name hit girls,
I know I was going to bring this up because I’d Nickelcade is my favorite actor there is not a single act right love more than when I was going to say it took me awhile to appreciate the Wicker man,
cuz I want to look at that when I did not like you said it’s like I know the,
Island that are carrying those burlap sack nose is dripping blood
so it’s a Nick Cage goes I can’t even see these police officer like hot and goes up and goes what’s in the bag shark or something,
mmmp like they don’t answer so then he gets really serious and he starts respect the bag and they like.

[1:07:25] You know shake it out of me but I just walked okay,
I think you would like it I think you like Mandy at the first part for the first say half hour 45 minutes is pretty slow and.

[1:07:37] But once it gets going it’s below the radar kind of movie I really need to see army of One,
which is the movie Rocky based on a real story where the guy from like Colorado got in his head that he was hearing,
from God that he needed to go on it on a quest to find Osama Bin Laden and so he tries to go to the Middle East and Nicolas Cage placed his guy.

[1:08:03] I just imagine that it’s KJ
oh I love that works.
First airplane with my wife I used to love airplane.

[1:08:26] But I watched it again with my wife like a couple months ago and you have to watch certain movies with the right people.
And I would say well one of the things was in 1980 I was still in college.
And at that time I wasn’t getting drug tested for everything so.
I haven’t done drugs in a long time but that help I think booty.

[1:08:58] I think we’re worse did you do last one did I,
Jeep Cherokee.
This is the one I want.

[1:09:32] Okay when there are days when you don’t have the energy to perform whether teaching acting Etc how do you power through it.

[1:09:41] Phil Guest Survey.
Stop for me I I take all the emphasis off of myself cuz I’m not doing this for myself and doing with your audience I’m doing it for my my co-stars so like my
I guess my part of my pregame ritual is just going around and I go to Every individual actor that I haven’t seen with and I go I’m going to I’m going to make you look good tonight.
And I just I take it off myself I just give everything that I have to all the other people around me and make it about them.

[1:10:12] Liquid courage energy drinks actually.
If if I like I’ve never had one.
But if I took those days where I still have energy I find a way to just talk myself like okay as soon we find it don’t worry about it just.

[1:10:38] Play Crazy just got to commit to that thing and just.
I don’t have too many.
With a clear performing trying to get the energy up cuz I do like theater.
Oh actually when I was doing shows at the Old Town dinner theater you do them for like 5 weeks and so you are like.
Sick of the show sometimes like I did Arsenic and Old Lace and never got sick of that one but one of the first why did down there.
Curious Savage good show and the Run got so long that I was just kind of like tired.
I’m doing it and so I just imagined the girl I had a crush on at the time in the audience so like trying to perform well for that person.
Nothing I do with like if I want to go read poetry or I’m going to put you up in like I don’t really want to go I like.
Remind myself look like why I do go to those things and like cuz I have poetry books available on Amazon.
I actually do like doing it.
And since you want to see me when I got to work remind myself why I’m doing it.

[1:11:51] I’m kind of like you and when you said I mean cuz you enjoy it so much I can honestly say I.
I don’t feel like I worked a day in my life because I’ve been I’m doing what I’ve wanted you since I was a kid.
So I’ve never sounds cheesy but I don’t think I’ve ever had a day where I,
oh my God I go to bed.
A boss that that was pretty bad but other than that I’ve never had a day where I said I just like I don’t I don’t want to do this.

[1:12:25] Draw maps on computers I can play with computers and talk on TV how could I do that right about that so.
That’s why I never I mean I drink coffee I drink coffee at working but I’ve never had it a day when I did not want to go to work.

[1:12:43] John was still alive I love what I do and.
They’re even when I’m having a bad day usually it’s the being in the classroom will pick me up sure but I really need my students or students pay so much I really can’t.

[1:12:57] I don’t there’s no luxury I have to be on all the time you know I feel this real obligation to be on.
You can’t have a bad day in class but if it’s really bad I might belt out 20 push-ups before I go in if I’m feeling really low or something and then,
seriously. That’ll do it at work but if I for some reason I just feel a little down or tired going to the gym helps it really does I mean exercising helps a lot so.

[1:13:28] A lot like two different types of knights roosters Open Mic nights,
so it’s kind of like some nights you’re going to just like that I’m not really feeling that great but then going on stage helps push you off a little bit
but if you don’t have any new prepare then it’s not as exciting that’s why I always try to bring something new each week instead of just,
same old.
Washer doesn’t work for 5 if it doesn’t work 5 times a joke doesn’t work 5 times I threw it out.
Play first night. Maybe it’s just the crowd that one guy.
What motivates you to continue creating art I don’t do art I guess so I don’t.
Biggest flub you’ve ever experienced on stage or TV I guess.

[1:14:46] Probably I mean I guess as far as forecasting go is it the one that’s just top my mind right now is.
It was 3 weeks ago today we had like three into the snow and I came out of nowhere and it’s like how it was just a brief little a setback,
so that’s what that’s what comes to mind right now that it is a flood is as far as forecasting goes,
and I need a couple times where I dropped my clicker and doing the weather and I have to take it up there was one night I was working,
the river that shouldn’t Miss showers.
Maybe it was like I don’t,
okay and then after you it was done you go did I just say she Michelle but I think might want to,
Mike Weir maybe you say that yeah I think that’s what you said you said that you said.

[1:15:53] Can you swap Iowa not on purpose only City to find town that just came out that way you just keep going,
heard that I said that and that I asked I think Brian was anchoring as I did did you hear me say he’s did he said,
yes I like Orange City
at what time do they have in room promo isn’t things that you better than of don’t ever are and so they’ll be like a front of the gag reel that will do it like a Christmas parties and stuff they are fun.

[1:16:36] Her and I remembered later that night you filled the promo as a joke and you said give me real.
That one didn’t,
it was just kind of like I didn’t think I was really cut out for technical stuff like that I just I tried it on my best skin.
Throw darts the Dark World Dark Horse.
You will get better out of it maybe I mean maybe there is no where else you going to be able to go from there I miss RJ I mean if you run a camera or whatever.
It was being very nice and I would have stuff going on gas and it writes what kind of a conflict I was just like,
plus my Ivy schedule was all over the place all the time too so I was getting like four hour increments of sleep,
Bells also mess with my sleep schedule sounds like it was just a little chair so rewarding experience,
cops on me like I’m not great at technical things I realize that.
Jobs at the theater.
What’s playing Mortimer Brewster and.

[1:18:01] With old town and doing the show that many times you get a wide range of audiences really nice about Old Town is.

[1:18:10] They can drink alcohol during the show and for like a hour or two before the show so they’re having a good time,
it’s not always you but there is one that ruined killing it all the jokes for landing and Landing well.
And there’s a line that’s very funny that’s in the movie version of Arsenic and Old Lace that’s not in the script for the stage play.
And because we’re having such a good night I was like you know what I’m going to throw it in there.
And I threw it in there and they started laughing and when you hold for Laughs in theater you wait for it to Peak and I want to start to go down that’s when you come in with your other line.

[1:18:54] I thought it was going to Peak and then.
Popped up again keep going up and it wouldn’t stop and laughter is contagious by the old town stage is quite small.
And the door I came in like right at the front of the stage.
And I’m looking at my character’s brother who was the scary guy so I’m protecting my girlfriend behind me so I can’t go anywhere to hide my laughter.
So I’m at the front of the stage like breaking characters and they of course see that would make them laugh more right.

[1:19:28] I did a lot of clubs in Old Town in that same show different performance I slammed the door as I was chasing an old guy off stage cuz he was about to get killed.
I slammed the door and immediately I go no slammed it too hard and I had to leave like two lines later.
And sure enough I went up to the door and it wouldn’t cuz I’m broke in there so I’d like make believe there’s a back door through the kitchen but yeah.

[1:19:56] Luckily there was a kitchen otherwise I have been on stage she always laughs,
and I put it on the third floor by think of from Old Town,
was me trying to make someone break there’s a gal who does a lot of shows down there name is Phyllis and she does not break character.

[1:20:21] And so like that we had one so we had to improvise small talk as we were leaving a dining room into the living room where the show took place.
And some people taking Cole Love leave me alone and I would say stuff to try to make her break.
I would say stuff like I was a very nice poo poo platter with nice shiitake mushrooms and I love cats they taste great those sorts of things one night I sure would gather.

[1:20:50] And I wanted to make sure I was right up closer cuz she’s hard of hearing I was going to say it loud enough for her to hear it.
But I waited a little too long and everyone else stop talking shooter usually did so like.
Two-thirds of the audience heard me go I guess it’s true what they say about bald eagle it really does taste like freedom do I heard that huh.
Two-thirds of the audience I get off stage and everybody else is like for the rest of the scene and it was at the beginning of the scene 1.

[1:21:31] You must have some Zac where I messed up the delivery for the wording of the joke.
This joke it was it’s a grown me that it’s like a terrible one liner at Ellen stage one night I said.
The joke is why does the lesbian shop at Scheels because she doesn’t like dicks,
and I accidentally said the punchline ass because she likes dicks and then I Plaza Melania slaps and I save it goat cheese bites,
I saved it.
Just cause.
Oh it’s always that all the night where I left stage cuz I messed up the joke of the joke.

[1:22:36] And I didn’t feel like retaliating and saving it by telling a better joke so I just said
that’s enough for me I’m getting off a little brat,
that was a rough night and then the next night,
at wackos I walked up on stage and open with that joke see you like this is better
but yeah.

[1:23:08] That was a fun night I’m sure she’ll just told this right before on here but when I was doing The Glass Menagerie at the course in there is a scene where
am I supposed to grab my coat off coat rack and then I turn left into the Waltons I like take my jacket and I slam it into the the
Glass Menagerie and II break some of the stuff I’ll just kind of like knocks against the against the wall so it doesn’t
break and when I get through me off because there was there was a purse that was on my coat that had never been there before it’s my great now I need to like pull extra hard so I can pull the first why did that
except instead of turning to the left and throwing my coat into the wall I did a complete 180 and I am,
taking my coat and it caught a porcelain towel off of the table and I shut this straight into the first row and it is and is porcelain pheasant,
broken shattered across the ground so I’ve got stuff flying all over and I was legitimately mortify I’ve never been that just.

[1:24:12] Ryan is a person that I was just saying like so I got to say shine like
it’s on it’s on a crowd that was the night I just logged,
phlegm stop off stage into the audience.

[1:24:41] Yeah I need a long time to tell us that.
In 1999 I had my first job interview for a professor in Mississippi and,
10 minutes into my guest lecture I painted in front of about 45 people.
The seven people in the seven of the nine people in English faculty voted for me but you who didn’t wear the chair and Irene Dean wow.
Did you get back up and finish your,
dealer well is down for the count really what you think it was when I woke up my head was in the lap of an English professor and she was looking at me I was looking up
please don’t tell me the things that you said,
no no it’s just a long story like I said it involves Heats and I’ll nervousness and and not getting anything to eat so forth and so on.
It’s so hot and sticky down there.

[1:25:49] Anderson that’s my biggest flood ever,
so honored what’s her best I almost crapped myself story
that would be mean like really literally take it how you want it,
I got one but you’re taking my podcasting to new heights
so are we doing almost or irrational.

[1:26:40] So I went number two in the toilet and it was one of those where you go you know what.
This is going to happen again and soon.

[1:26:51] And this could be a pattern for the rest of the evening so what I decided to do cuz I haven’t taking my dog for a walk yet that day I was like you know what,
where you going to go get this out of the way and I can come back and then just.

[1:27:07] P2P for the rest of the night so what takes us down the street kinda wanna Park and then a bike path into a cul-de-sac on to another Street and that hooks up with the Main Street and comes back.

[1:27:21] And I get about halfway on my past and I think okay it’s coming but I’m halfway it was like might as well just.
Keep going cuz I turn around it’s the same my distance so I keep going keep going come around the circle and I get back to,
how to start up again after the park and I think.
It is time to run.
So my dog and I take off sprinting and my dog bike once you start running he starts going as fast as he can.
But of course I was going as fast as I can so kind of worked out so we’re we’re running we’re running we’re running and I get to the driveway of the next door neighbor’s house
and it starts it’s fun inside,
I get inside I just dropped my dog’s leash so my mom hears me run in and go directly into the half bath.
And then she hears my dog’s leash like bouncing around and so I finish in the toilet but I mean it’s,
on my legs some of its on the floor,
mom and she looks.

[1:28:47] Running around without a leash taken off she save those shorts.
We threw away the underwear but the shorts were those plaid shirts that were really in in at the time,
wow that’s quite story story.

[1:29:10] The same situation happens to me again I’m walking my dog and the urge to go hits me.

[1:29:16] Nope not going to happen again and I happen to know one of my high school classmates his parents live in his family house.
So I ring their doorbell in his dad’s like hey what’s up was like we’re out for a walk and I really have to go to the bathroom do you mind if I use your toilet he’s like oh yeah and he starts apologizing to me because they’re remodeling that bathroom,
I’m like dude if you knew what I was about to do to your bathroom you wouldn’t be apologizing so 20 minutes later I leave his bathroom.

[1:29:52] And he’s out in the front yard if my dog is like thank you so much sorry and I leave as fast as I can.

[1:29:59] And then I my mom always knew I wanted me to talk at the family dinner table so I told him that story and she was mortified.
It’s almost right at dinner time I think we’d like finished eating because the mother of this family adored my older sister and wanted her to marry,
her son was my age and Mike so Mom is just mortified that this happened in their house.

[1:30:32] Tribal that happened last week at Hyvee.
I was 12 hour shifts early in the morning and two classes shifts or shit.
Is this keluar shit sorry anyways.
Anymore honey we need to throw away all the Kahlua it was 8 a.m. I’m by myself I just opened up wine and spirits and.
I had to do was on this morning I was just running out the door and taking the time to get ready more prop I was just tired and like whatever I did.

[1:31:17] Taking care of business at home and so I try and Sunday was a Sunday morning it’s back stock day we just run the wine around and see what I can fit on the shelf and all this stuff,
so I’m trying to run white around in my stomach just keeps attacking like but like your head you have to go now but I’m by myself for the first hour without any co-workers so I can’t leave the department,
and so and it’s kind of embarrassing to page like front end Wine and Spirits please while.

[1:31:46] Play I can’t how do you explain the man you need to go poo poo like trying to like,
or I can run stuff around every time I run,
stool that you can sit on by the computer.
Funny love sitting on the stool.
Detroit balance everything out like I would take like 5 Min and anchor install is the worst.

[1:32:26] Spend 5 minutes late,
feedback process for the first hour by myself and then my coworker comes and I just.
No that is that’s that’s your body’s way of it starts at your mouth and ends where everything comes out it’s your body’s way of pushing your food whatever you eat through all the way down,
and peristalsis happens like every.
You know that’s why that the feeling comes back like every I don’t know 5 minutes or something okay so that’s what your address was.
Like your violin.

[1:33:32] I just I had an experience where there’s certain there certain things that I have to remember,
what I eat because there’s certain things that affect me and I’d like I got to go like right now that happened before the Paul Simon concert last year at the it when he was at his at the end it was really good by the way I like I’ve loved him since Saturday in whatever.

[1:33:52] We ate we were eating at the restaurant cuz they might mean I wasn’t they wasn’t eating their fault but I went to their bathroom and somebody was in there there’s only one stop so then I go to an adjoining.

[1:34:06] Store in and I look at it it was it was.
Watch it was closed and so I didn’t think I’d eyes and I’m walking back I didn’t think I was going to make it and I just finally finally went back to the restaurant that we were there at that.
Everything started the person had looked just left and it was it was like it was like that cost.
How fast do a three words 2001 South Korea Colorado,
drinkery I was in Korea for 2 years what were you doing there,
I guess visiting professor at the University of the South East Coast.
I lived in my dad was in the military we graduate from high school in Korea.
You like kimchi.

[1:35:12] Whatever you ate while you were there,
live octopus so I had I had I had octopus legs,
and you know it in the socket little soccer things are still on that you see and I know I was here for you if you ate it why but I had this dish called not you both of them and it was like really hot spicy octopus legs so
I don’t have my self thankful yet,
story from when I was working this summer I do just giving me this new guy to work with train him up on on painting and.

[1:35:56] Kid he was a little bit older guy who’s in his thirties and I was up working on the roof and he comes up and comes up on the deck and goes,
hey Ryan I’m going to be I’m going to go to the bathroom I’ll be back in a few minutes okay sure thinking he would just go knock on the homeowner’s door and ask you the bathroom some people little weird about that so he.
So about 15 minutes goes by he still not back.

[1:36:21] So that I have to get down off the roof for a second about 20-25 minutes and he’s still not back I think around the corner is cars going okay maybe went to the gas station nearest ones like 10 minutes away.
Thanks take some time he’ll be back.
So I get back up on the roof I text him is he and I like hey are you coming or you are you okay about 45 minutes he’s been gone.
So I get done all through if it’s a full hour now and he’s back.
And I see that he’s wearing jeans and he was wearing white painters pants before and he.
I didn’t I didn’t know how to tell you this but.
I shipped myself and I didn’t.
I didn’t know how to tell you so I called I called Tim Tim is my boss and he said just say to go to the bathroom and I’ll be right back.
You felt more comfortable telling my boss.
Giving him a call phone call then just telling me what happened that was a confusing thing of the day,
and then the very next day he showed up for a half day at work and then he was just gone we never heard from him again.
Yeah so I don’t know if it was just that embarrassing at my mom’s be like I can’t show my face again.

[1:37:44] Is somebody everybody does right but it’s just something about it’s just so embarrassing
you know you don’t want to talk about it if y’all don’t even talk about it the last 5 minutes or whatever but
you should have I talked about but it really doesn’t it’s just like weird that went that way I think.
It happens to everyone and I just can’t imagine being like a like a a first responder or you know cuz when you die.
You lose control of everything up and so you have to deal with that and then and then people who work in.
Well you just need to just yeah I just have so much respect for people like that who can who can do that and I yeah.
Honestly I don’t really other than kind of copy.
What you did with the Korea one where.
Playa Del Carmen norovirus like on the floor of a hotel bathroom.

[1:38:51] Begging God to just kill me please kill me as Mexico.

[1:38:57] Boys conversation really went down there Entre nous,
Shannon and forgive me it was a crappy job but you know emoji outfit last week,
deliver it was great I went up on stage and said I’m Justin Bieber as good as part of that.

[1:39:23] And my costume headed in a fan inside the costumes inflatable so you just hear the fan and me talking over it.
So it was a weird show southpaw.

[1:39:40] West Brothers Chevy do shingles plug Sylvia things you’d like to promote to be go round and say what we want to plug in talk.
Briefly about that so Alex, I just found a business reset ADHD and help people with ADHD can identify their strengths and.
Use those things overcome their weaknesses I’ve also written books and stuff poetry what not go to Amazon search Alex are high h e y spell like a pronounced High.
Play the Germans on that one yeah books my business.

[1:40:14] But that’s about it you’re single now,
I don’t really have any other than just watch watch ksfy I guess you know that’s that’s all I got.
Monday Mother’s Day Fridays 556 5 a.m.

[1:40:40] Thursday November 15th 7:30 monstrous Little Theatre Company is doing a stage reading of my most recent play loving arms.
How to pick me up in case you’re thinking about bringing a date Legos.
How to take back off of that weird we’re super thrilled to to the doctor Kohl’s work at it’s it’s such a beautiful in timely piece about the state of our nation and and really takes a look at,
our current situation through the lens of
classic art which I think is something that we can always learn from so yeah monster assault are companies doing a reading of that at the full circle book Co-op Thursday November 15th
at 7:30 with our Sage readings are always free admission but we do accept donations and and,
stuff about Tori and I’ll probably have more come along downpipe when we get closer to January is when the next year would be,
can I cut back summer I got invited to read poetry with this guy and some other people and we have poetry readings on November 16th at the Old Market in Brookings,
17th of November at take 16 in La Verne and in December 8th at a used book store in Watertown.

[1:42:02] And not since you mention state of our nation night I guess.
Well not only get out and vote but like inform yourself about what you’re going for that is the most important thing don’t just blame Lee go to the polls cuz people tell you to don’t just vote for a name that you recognize like get out take the time,
to learn about the issues that are going to infect her
our community and here in a large or insect of both.
Look at my Billboards admire that by the way.

[1:42:45] Do you get royalties I mean from
other guys get paid for doing like photoshoots rentals in pups in public. I just showed up,
they just not they just know you’re the flu bug,
addition to the flu bug reports and stuff I’ll be in Fargo at Fargo Brewing Company this coming Saturday Saturday very excited with the damn boo Blitz Skylar books and a couple three Fantastic Four.

[1:43:29] To meet Ryerson is great chance Severson I can’t I’m blanking on the 3rd but they’re all fantastic very excited so if you’re in the Fargo area you’re watching or listening this.
Come to the show or if you’re in Sioux Falls you want to road trip with me we can only take 4 and probably be fun,
Robert I always have Sheamus plugs of course you should get all of your your local podcast goodness over at the Sioux Empire. Com,
Let’s see we got a lot of crazy stuff going on our Lives episode we recorded a supercon of Macabre Noir or paranormal investigation podcast is coming up and I’m super pumped for that one that’s where we had the guy from
Travel Channel’s ghost mine actually showed up a participated in a panel so that was pretty badass.
I have been riding my ass off for Edge case my Syfy paranormal Anthology podcast coming in 2019.

[1:44:29] Fucking loving it this much in like a decade and I pumped out like three scripts and I’ve had.
Five local people submit scripts for it and yeah so it’s it’s coming together a lot faster than I thought it was going to so we will probably be looking at casting sometime in January to February 29th,
so how can I be sure to stay tuned for updates on that and once again we’re still hunting for a local composer I have a lot of fantastic candidates but we’re not making a final decision until next week so if you’ve got a portfolio of music you want to show off and you want to pay it.
Composer gate here at Sioux Falls cop on that and then we’re still taking submissions on screenplay Well Radio play scripts so.

[1:45:16] You should have checked all that out so you think that’s everything awesome will Alex feel Kevin thank you guys so much for an awesome episode is always,
absolute 15 so I’m very excited next episode some sometime probably later this month will figure it out love keep on keep you updated on the Facebooks,
Facebook’s how do I sound like a book of faces and the tweets and the instinct to Grammy’s and I send a Snapchat to.
Swiper no I’m saying the stuff you guys.

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