The Dresch Code Ep 016 Iowa’s Competitive Tickling Scene with Tenenbaums

The Dresch Code Ep 016 Iowa’s Competitive Tickling Scene with Tenenbaums

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics included: Your ideal supergroup, most lukewarm headliner, new official state song of South Dakota, favorite documentary, what inspires you to listen to a new album, what’s your opinion about lyrics and their importance to music, cities that disappointed you, and more!

Guests: We’ve got Brandon Phrommany, Andrew Helland, and Mike Helland from Tenenbaums on the show!!


Ryan Howe


Machine Transcript
[0:20] Hello everyone I’m Zach dresch I’m right now and you are listening and watching to the dress code where everything’s made up and the points.
Let’s cruise line episode 16 of our glorious podcast for excited about that we fit the last month of the year it’s been a fun year that started this year.
And it’s now cold out what was probably the last I can get a regular operators license.

[0:53] Is around I’m just saying weird things are guests tonight or Tenenbaums thank you guys for being here Brandon Pro me.
My calendar hell thank you guys for being here this evening and great times.
Not really rules are just basic kind of whatever how the show rocks and rolls is this,
I have a bucket or a Jar full of topics,
full of topics about music everyday things some movie stuff to do for fun kind of little stuff and,
we tried her I pull out a topic and we decide does this pass or fail the dress code which means pass yes we want to talk about it or fail no and if we all majority say no we don’t want to talk about it.
Put it to the side and I’ll save it for future episode so I’ve got like 200 at home just sitting there cuz I’m like he’s there all about comedy and theater in these will not,
but these are all kind of music film related fun stuff so
sure so why would you like to get a sermon lunch and I would be all right when the when is the last time you accidentally peed her pants while performing on stage.
What does it mean when was the last time you accidentally peed your pants while performing on stage and I said Peter Pan.

[2:22] When was last time Peter Pan did you last kidnap small children from London in the middle of the night the last time they were mortal.
Well yesterday,
Accidentally being the keyword there yeah you’re right,
then we have people comment while watching on the side as well.
Are consistent listeners each week.

[3:01] Next one is Name the members of your ideal supergroup oh yes I’ll talk about that one.
I kind of like trios better some trying to think of what obviously trios.

[3:19] I try to be what I do Billie Joe Armstrong.

[3:23] Billy Ray Cyrus and Billy Joel Make It Happen.

[3:36] Shit I don’t know where away.
No man do you need anything else you know Freddie Mercury and the.

[3:55] Kanye West maybe I don’t know pretty hard.
Happy happy ho.
If I wait for a traditional band setting I probably do Freddie Mercury as a front man obviously guitar Steve Vai.
He’s just a beast ya base.
Probably John Paul Jones from Zeppelin she just keeps it all together so well and Neil Peart drumming Jeopardy said his peers but I don’t know but.
I do Paul McCartney Keith Richards.
Instead of like a you know all the time thing but like living people probably Devonte Hynes from blood orange.
Talk to him I just want to see him and Sam France do a collaboration that be cool.

[5:05] I would also say Bjork acapella and that’s it I want to see it happen.

[5:15] Or maybe Adam Sandler playing keyboards
Adam Sandler in Billy Idol would be a good collab
The Wedding Singer reference our listeners out there cuz he’s got it.
I’ll go with the living again I think it be cool if Kanye and Daft Punk did and out in the other every level I know they works on Black Skinhead and I think Tomas produce that
and I know the author think the song on sight
definitely sounds like I don’t know if they collaborated with that she did that album in France and you for a little bit he’s just kind of ran around I think so yeah yeah,
I’ll be outside then Pharrell keep it at the ghost.
You got some sweet like teachers that you’re happy came out like that was that was loved and now all the sudden I don’t like it anymore I’m like.

[6:18] Overplay should not be a factor I can’t believe that there are people at the first Despicable Me movie I believe
I know fatigue fatigue is a real thing yeah I really
like now I don’t mind hearing the song but when it was the only thing I heard for weeks on end it got a little tire sensor from like 2015 to 2017 people hated it and I think they’re starting to come back around a little more,
especially when I DJ weddings for a while when I played happy I would like fuck you
I know it’s the song is doing the exact opposite I’m not saying I spent a good like 4 minutes my day doing this but there is a version of Happy out there where beats two and four are flipped.

[7:12] It’s a mystery it’s a listen once.
I will not clap along if you really can’t.

[7:29] The real touch on her we wanted the ideal Robert Young.
Okay I don’t listen to music music person I don’t like key signatures except for 6/8.

[7:46] Most disappointing headlining act you’ve ever seen,
free Primus recently I was about to drown crownlands came out and blew the doors off the place and got a lukewarm reaction and then Primus went out and everyone lost it like did you not
yes here how brilliant you guys were and I promise is known for being a dope live act and what they did was played like a couple of popular songs at the beginning
and then played their new album which is not that greatly received front to back in the middle and then did a medley of hits but not even the full thing
a man called it a night and everyone was so pissed
so I heard that on the singer one of those like I don’t know if this is true or not maybe you guys might know cuz I’m not a big Primus fan but I heard one of his best friends
passed away the night before is that true if that’s true that makes sense why they have no clue is one of my one of my acquaintances was telling me that
if that’s true then that makes sense why they were not really but he wasn’t even talk to the crowd are just playing the songs Just he waved at the end and that was it
that would make a lot of sense and my heart goes out to him without KSP,
for the opening band crownlands was amazing two guys drummer is the singer.

[9:14] Oh that’s always cool and they dress like 70s rush and they walked on stage to rush,
and play The Rush song I took off the mask was surprised were rush and covered Zeppelin Kashmir,
Ryan Sawmills like what.

[9:40] And they blew me away and then next month after that they ended up opening for Jack White.
It’s like they just last minute I got to work till 8 so they’re starting to pick up steam.
As well as band is cool to see them before they like blow the hell up I remember seeing Oceana new name called Polly Enzo.
I saw that I saw Oceania at senior weiner I don’t know if you guys come
yeah it’s good I remember that right place but
yeah they were they were at a point where they like change their sound completely and like I was like in my emo phase you know I wanted
songs from the album the family disease which was a great you know,
post post hardcore out but they just came out with a new EP that was just more like like Modest Mouse type music and they played it nothing from the family disease and they played all the like newer stuff and I was like.

[10:51] This is not the same band and I asked are you guys going to play anything off of the family disease in real life,
no great story yeah yeah,
actually wait no the album’s not called the family disease what’s it called it’s called something else while I should know that,
I haven’t listened to in forever but I need to maybe I just don’t know what right now.

[11:26] But yeah but after that show though I gave.
Study p a listen and I actually fell in love with it so I’m actually glad that they went with that sound so but at the time I was,
pretty disappointed though. There where I was like whenever artist would drastically change their signed and I would get so pissed off just like why,
do you do this to me and now I’m like how I appreciate they just want to evolve was people in his musicians I get it now,
but back then I was just like damn it,
why Fall Out Boy.
I tried like 4 episodes where I’d really ripped into Fall Out Boy what is Daughtry song.

[12:25] How did I describe it to you because it was a high school first and second albums I love but it’s just it,
how to describe it oh I know I would gently said they went from a legitimate rockband to an Imagine Dragons knock off,
mouth sore a lot of bands right now and even imagine dragons aren’t even original so it’s like.
I don’t know if it’s sad when the most relevant rock band we have right now is Imagine Dragons,
I love cold doing it actually do like I actually do like cold why people like shit on Coldplay.

[13:10] Coldplay fan who plays awesome I’m not saying I’m just saying,
yeah I don’t sound like they’re trying to turn anything per se,
so the most disappointing show,
I went to Eau Claire Music Festival was one of the headliners,
and I was like oh sweet I’m going to hear the 1 2 3 4,
guess what we have a surprise we’re playing our new album front to back and I was like so and so.

[14:02] Danny Brown was playing on the other stage so my buddy and I were just like let’s just give like right up front for that so we just laughed and I was looking forward to that set so that was one where I just completely didn’t even watch.
So kind of a bummer.
I kind of like it would have been just walks up and guns a-blazin opens with the hit just like radiohead’s open with creepy dolls.

[14:30] And I like yours everything else you just want to get it out of the way that’s what I’m thinking.
Will just give Scout the way I saw this I showed you guys this video but I saw Billy Corgan he was talking to fans after the show in like someone is like hey why don’t you play 1979,
people like you asked for it plans
when I saw that Smashing Pumpkins and a half hours just them in the openers that was about a four and a half hour show
a metric opened in metric was great
for Scott Pilgrim made it they didn’t say that I was bummed
oh really late I help I’m alive which is such a good song I’m the check that one out to do gold guns girls and they play the tracks of my cat is good.

[15:32] But yeah Billy Corgan knows how to pick opener it’s like even though he just kind of like the doorbell like everything else.
Really play everything I want to hear except for a couple but that would be me being greedy like why you not play this B-side 495 you fucker
my top five in the saddle of some like I’m totally get that they played all the hits that everyone wanted to hear,
they closed the bullet with butterfly wings and everyone and then as soon as I was done everyone just pulled it out and then like they still have an encore
that I came back out did it Encore I was only two songs that was quick and just threw a half hours geez,
candle light show is the best light show ever seen in my life it was basically like this whole art.

[16:18] That there was two separate entities just the art to going on and then the band playing at they wanted to be like the whole stadium could feel like they were a part of instead of like how they’re not far away which was kind of me I was farther on the floor than I wanted to be,
but towards the end I started like going up to the front in the security like fine would do what you wanted like I could have been doing this earlier in the show but but it was still.
Well worth the ticket sometimes it’s good have you mentioned you know I’m trying to think.
I had a lot of fun I probably more fun going to this concert then experience it I was actually with you Brandon we went to Omaha to see Phantogram.
Oh yeah I like Phantogram it’s just something then click I think it might have been the venue it wasn’t like a normal church we did that at the very last minute yeah you were going.
I was like doing my Spanish homework.

[17:18] Just like an old church venue knows how the Sokol Sokol Underground,
I’ve seen a lot of bands in Omaha to supposed to go see smoking popes two nights ago.
Weather kill bad dream and I might be seeing Justin Timberlake next week what he had Burns mobile court so he might postpone the scale so it’s like,
Katy Post Office flat carry on with the show and just have his back on stage and just talk.
People’s Justin Timberlake an actor.
Hello there is one great Skittle that’s what I wouldn’t Justin Timberlake was hosting or something is Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake sitting across from each other and acting chairs director chairs is called actor to actor,
Netflix Chris Justin Jessica Andy actor.

[18:21] Yes blonde pausing music.
Robert you use any concerts that you went to that you were disappointed,
I told the story before about the Semisonic concert where all the drunk angry redneck people in here on where like throwing their beer bottles and stuff and we’re like like it just the whole place went nuts
so that was good with the whole life finally playing closing time but I feel bad from his up until then it was just like a drunk angry
corn dog and a beer and just like I did see The Wallflowers here at the Sioux Empire Fair
and everyone was waiting for One Headlight and then getting the hell out and you could tell Jacob Dylan was just like I don’t want to be in Sioux Falls right now
what are Panic at the Disco came like.

[19:31] That was so fun show even though he he.
Supposedly they want to be there he still did a pretty good job like I just stood there.
Two people in the crowd move out at least,
really hot that show actually my mom went with us to the show cuz she’s a huge both Weezer and panic van and she passed out at the show and she she went to go sit at the bleachers that she’s understand you ghost and it’s fine,
and I didn’t know about it she texted me when she got to the hospital saying hey I’m at the hospital now don’t worry I’m fine.
Just find a ride and we’ll figure it out who is that hot is like 120.

[20:24] Bill Wolfe and rivers was saying between songs was South Dakota,
really baby when we are in the it in it he’s like try to be a rapper that we in this like
but it was like and I hate Beverly Hills but he wore Sombrero while he’s playing so made it worth it,

[21:04] Okay next question I think which song should be South Dakota’s anthem.

[21:14] Darbar.

[21:18] We have a state song so I don’t know another one but majority rules.

[21:28] All red Solo cup officially cuz that’s what we do in Sioux Falls.

[21:39] Waist is grown as a community.
Like last for 5 years before that the only thing to do in Sioux Falls.

[21:55] Oh you further that everyone’s a little bit racist if it’s true,
is fruit okay I’m positive once.

[22:21] There’s this guy in Custer State Park Cowboy keys.
Did he drive the Chuck Wagon like every night and then plays guitar and sings the people and bring them to their supper out in the mountains in this Valley.
We’re done it a couple times he’s got a couple CDs
couple albums and there’s some really good song on there that I so wholesome
took Howard Keith giving him a shout-out app and.
Yeah he has my favorite song he has a song about Scotty Philip and that’s where the town Philip is named after.
That’s the guy that saved the Buffalo cuz they were on that show we just got super cool.
Should I go if late if there’s a contemporary song in the Nationwide that would fit.
I don’t know but Matt on our comment section says 99 bottles of beer.

[23:33] OCD in Matt’s room Sioux City Iowa we built Sioux City on rock and roll.
Like interact like they edited the whole song together like we built.
Hi Matt.
3D construction but it’s just that goes on and on.

[24:12] Traffic man songs about kicking ass for something,
taking names and Mark figures prominently in Team America World Police I feel like that America fuc yeah song where they’re flying out of Mount Rushmore time that should be our state song
I was at Tommy Jack’s last weekend me and Andy Swan decided to,
mess with the Jukebox a little bit and so we played America fuc yeah and then like three or four songs from Walk Hard start walking out during,
I’m sorry Tommy Jack I’m going to give a shout out to the the greatest Johnny Cash song look at them beans
Franciscan him like mumbling about a family and their crops and then just part way through Johnny Cash Hillsdale yells out look at them beans,
so that means I can’t believe I put that on the soundboard.

[25:28] Don’t use a soundboard enough.
Do you have an air horn can you shoot off a couple air horns right now Oregon.
oh that’s definitely be okay oh my gosh.
It’s really hard to think of like what would be.
Headed back besides I recently found out that South Dakota state beverage is milk,
milk stout milk stout is the state beer fermented milk,
We Are the Champions how about that it’s a positive separate we will rock something just,
anything off of jock jams soundtracks.

[26:48] Another Brick in the Wall damn dude.

[26:57] America fuc yeah.

[27:10] Tyrone good.
I think we should start our you probably thinking what I’m thinking you say you’re okay mommy dead and dearest is the most insane story of ever heard it’s on HBO right it’s of this song.
I don’t want to give too much away but it’s of this young woman killing her mother.
And there’s a lot of,
twists and turns and it is so very true to the saying that song that truth is Stranger Than which is weird because most mattress eyes are very straightforward Affairs I agree.

[27:55] Also we should we went on a binge watching a bunch of HBO documentary isn’t so good it it’s about the.
Competitive competitive tickling.

[28:14] Scene It is so fascinating this man he wants to do a small sporty about it any emails,
that my call what are you about in their life you know what don’t worry about it and stuff and so that makes him want to investigate it more and it is insane like the loophole he goes down,
there is white.
You know drugs murdered Seth is crazy stuff and it’s intriguing.
Jonathan I really have a couple well I really like Louis Theroux is if you guys heard eleuthero anyone for.
Well he did a doc if he did some stuff for like the Westboro Baptist Church, pretty you guys make some look like.
Moron so yeah he hung out with Tom grant music is super duper white supremacist and he just yeah you just like stayed with him for like a week and you just throw it away.
I’m like yeah I just started like.

[29:26] Monitored like what he did it like rallies and stuff like that full of like white racist people and he.
And then Soaked in Bleach with the the one about Kurt Cobain.
It’s there’s this one scene where he was like.
Talking about how he’s like better looking than Denzel Washington
and the other one in the Westboro Baptist Church when it’s like so you think I’m going to hell and he’s like yeah you’re going to hell and you just like.

[30:06] That one’s pretty good so I have to say the documentary about the punk band death from the 70s.

[30:15] What happened with that was they recorded like 7 demos and a studio and they were on the brink of getting a,
Capitol Records deal but the record company made him they said you got to change your van into something else cuz death is not marketable and it was an all three all black tree all black eyes for Detroit Michigan in the stunt man before pump is even a thing before.

[30:38] The Ramones Sex Pistols everything like 74 is when this happen,
so faithful like you felt it has to be death but I guess you’re not getting a record deal so that they,
the 7 demo they recorded were in his attic 420
30 years and drag City Records which has Ty Segall and everything like that well they there was like a 45 big Presley to the songs that they recorded on a 45 which was circulating on the internet,
l8000 sunlight.
Blog sites and everything and people right I got a is there more material of this week is there more of this and so drag city was like trying to.
Like the guitarist that had those that was an exact he passed away like 15-20 years ago but there were many members were like yeah we have them if you want to,
price of until they put the album on vinyl and it blew up like 10 years ago in the hole documentaries about how,
they reunited I got a new guitarist and they’ve been touring and stuff like that it’s it’s such an inspiring documentaries like no matter what.

[31:48] 40 years from now you’ll still make it kind of like the really cool documentary.

[31:53] That it’s super at fascinating.
The songs are so catchy why you just like they’re technically the first punk band if you look at it from the records standpoint yeah they proceeded the Ramones and like all that so it’s like they get the guitar and said he wants to be a balance of.
He wants the rock star quality Pete Townsend with the virtuoso of Jimi Hendrix he wanted to mix that,
he said that’s the ideal guitar player some like that is actually a good valid points fast.
I want you back,
I don’t really watch them and maybe it’s for that reason but she was a good 2 years ago in a friend.

[32:48] Kind of forced me into watching it but it was up about a person named Christian Weston Chandler yes what,
yeah you decided to do yeah yeah yeah one of my friends made me sit through that entire thing I was like can we please do something else with our time you like milk,
okay yeah I just learned about him this week John Madman person,
with some sort of developmental issues but he he had this fascination with.

[33:31] Sonic the Hedgehog was developed in like a combination of Sonic and Pikachu and Rolanda’s and then it turns into this really just really super dark,
sorry and you just feel awful about what he went through as a person how people treated him and
it’s it’s just a very bizarre story but I think for that reason I don’t watch documentaries or let my friends recommended,
I tend to just watch documentaries about music or artists that I admire has 10 that’s my eight days a week I love that documentary
Tom Petty one is great too it’s for hours but it’s so worth it it’s like every detail companies that are Breakers careers just.

[34:23] The world war one cuz that looks absolutely fantastic.

[34:32] Do I roll out you consume a shit ton of documentaries and it’s way too hard for me to pick one if you have to be so what I’m going to do is just recommend,
the YouTube channel extra credits and their extra history course where they just they do history videos,
those are fucking amazing they’re just the right amount of like comedy and then like a little cartoon that plays is like funny but still on point and very very in-depth research and stuff
but still entertaining because of the way they presented it’s like the perfect match there’s other YouTube channels that do it very well but extra credit I think it does the the best job with history,
next question.

[35:19] Come to longer Matt skiba skip.
Who’s Matt skiba Alkaline Trio you replace Tom DeLonge in blank to new album reviews word-of-mouth etcetera.
Combination of everything needle drop help sometime,
sometimes I’m like why do you review all these shity Mumble rap albums it’s like these are all garbage and that you ignore,
rock albums like he talks about like dance Gavin Dance and I know he’ll reviews
unless she like the swans record is like a 10 out of 10 in you I just listen it’s like this is a bunch of just noise S1 that’s 2 hours.
Put on man and yeah I mean I don’t always agree with him but now you know.

[36:26] What is it once asked me how do I find music like the music I listen to and honestly I really could go to,
like just labels that I like what The Pusher shy boys generational
always and always is Green River soda,
grand juries any good to know they got like Twin Peaks Apple campus,
epitaphs half and half for me to love solid really mixing it up like there they were like majorly just look up metal label but now they have like this for 20 years they were primarily branched out.
But yeah I just find music like I use Shazam a lot like if I’m at a bar and I like hear something like.

[37:22] You know Cusack also well I love Spotify. You know discover weekly lot too.

[37:34] And you know like when I watch Like a movie and if I like that’s how I discovered Broncho which is like my favorite band right now for like the past 3 years but whatever you are I saw the vacation remake.
With a Ed Helms yeah and I was like this is not very good but then I heard class of store and I was like oh yeah.
Celebrity yeah yeah but I don’t really look,
like if I like if I find like a song okay this is a really good song like if it’s like a single like it’s a good single like it’ll be okay yeah I’m definitely going to check out the rest of the album you know,
I did put rock on my albums to listen to.

[38:21] For sure.
I kind of get a mixture like danfort Old Rag always says Elmsley Alico I know you like this shot this type of music how about this album Hill play for me in like solo by the record right now operate a lot of time.
I used to go to absolutepunk dotnet look up lots and now it’s chorus. FM but they recommend a lot of stuff that I like all man that’s actually yeah.
I think that kind of stuff so very rare now seeing fans on talk shows and I’m like oh you sold me cuz now it’s just like.
Bubble wrap or bands that I’ve known for years I do like me some more apps off and I can get into it.
It’s a good guy so it’s kind of,
before you can’t hear those words but it’s a different style
if it’s full band okay I just usually pull up Genius lyrics every time I listen to shoegaze just so I can.
Tennessee cool shoegaze band like 2 years ago called cloakroom,
they’re from Annapolis like they walked onstage were spraying or like using sage and stuff on stage and I was kind of cool to watch.
Sage on stage.

[39:41] But yeah like that word of mouth like if people keep telling me this album good opening bands occasionally to that helps for sure.
jackets for kids everything seems like the Greta Van Fleet album review is definitely fun to read so hard,
oh my God everyone I just feel like everyone Compares them to like Led Zeppelin,
and you sound a lot like them,
why are they playing a deep cell phone cut off,
or Greta remember the Shadow on Alt-J when an awesome wave came out and,
Beach house though I have been nothing but great things to say about beach house.

[40:56] I don’t trust Rolling Stone anymore cuz they just worship you to in Springsteen and that’s about it at this point average of their albums they give him like 4 stars or whatever I feel like that’s such a safe thing to do. It’s like I feel.

[41:11] I don’t know. They give it to 4 * 4 stars albums that are people are not going to remember five years from now I mean this is a good discussion like how quickly can you do it 5 times or 500,
and I should do feel like Trends I don’t want to go on a tangent but like Trends change really quickly in music.

[41:36] I’ve always thought about doing an album review channels I was going to be kind of fun honey but there’s always like a level of bias there it’s like how it affect your immune system.
What you back into your saying this is what I think is good but I think it’s not you know someone’s I like cover of ride a different genres instead of just one.
I would I would watch that I’m not kidding review albums from life.
82 that there was like why are you reviewing Soft Cell.
I want to Listen to Tainted Love 5 stars,
yeah I only listen to the one track I was really good at five star,
doodie project for you have it all covered. We.
Next one.

[42:48] RGV asked the last one for you.
Oh this is a appropriate follow-up how much do lyrics matter to you what’s your opinion on lyrics and current pop music.

[43:05] Superbird most important Ankeny,
vague and is trying to fill the so many people that it doesn’t feel too anything it really depends.
But a lot of them it’s just so simple,
they’re try to I think they’re trying to get away from the simple dance pop jams that they were doing for so long for 10 years the last few years now
this will get people’s butts moving and share so it works for like a couple hours then everyone just like it worked for guile and everyone just started like,
but yeah yes and no like I mean.

[43:53] I really paid attention to like the Vive too and just like I love like what I listen to rap as I I’m a sucker for a good beat you know like everyone.
Looks like all you should check out ID and abilities at their lyrics are awesome love is so good lyrically and I think the beats are just so.
Weird it’s yeah but you know you listen to like you know.
Like I listen to like you know Travis Scott where you know he’s just talking about the same you know shit.

[44:23] Everyone every other rapper,
oh yeah you know like this it really just depends like I really like,
one album lyrically I really love is the Suck It And See album by Arctic Monkeys,
birds with the lyrics to their own songs me literally said it’s like I think people like pee.
Try to put a little too much meaning into my lyrics like I just kind of like
Right lyrics like I just kind of like get it over with some patches I’m really lazy if you actually look at a lot of In Utero songs especially it’s like
he just kind of mayo came up with the phrase just ran with it and just let it go guys hear the song Mexican seafood,
yeah off of inside talks about like vomiting, and diarrhea like oatmeal Pizza.
Anyway I think there’s always I don’t know.

[45:43] I don’t know why I had to I just brought that up just cuz.
They had Lyra Man lyrics I’m kind of taking your answer to it doesn’t matter.
A great song can’t be great like her Mike amazing lyrics to make a good song great,
put on their songs that have the word list chorus or rents the barely anything in a repeating the same thing and I still think it can be in an amazing so good example that there’s no.
Lyric even a course just the Riff is the chords and lyrics to like one line and all through the entire song like the story of by strfkr,
I want a simple life simple meaning like you’re not perfect.
The band daughters their new album there’s a song the city song where it’s basically just him go in the city as An Empty Glass over and over again just building up your attention so that’s another case where I guess the lyrics movies it come by and simplicity I just bills.
Build up to some stuff just paying like Dynamics and all it really depends on the execution.

[47:09] Maxwell.

[47:11] What is the true answer.

[47:21] Fourth or Brandon could you explain the jacket.

[47:26] What starts with bring that thing closer to the camera for a moment is it a jar least the party here.
It’s a Jar full of our topics that we read off for the show.
The job okay it’s the source of our discussion we have chosen to call it the juckett Satchel SJ,
favorite greatest hits or best of albums.

[47:58] Quick weave Journey for me it’s a guilty pleasure with Journeys like there are single band and it was just kind of a.

[48:08] I’m going to have to go with the Everly Brothers always or the Beach Boys but the Everly Brothers.
I usually think greatest hits you know like listen to the album rather than the greatest hits or whatever yeah but two of them that I think are good or Abbas gold or Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark spray that they had so many albums but.
I should I really think half of them loser like shity
but that is your greatest hits it’s like that’s all I need now is orchestral had a couple US history and culture
I’ve never talked about,
free queen queen of those bands that they were really a singles man everything else in town was pretty filler ish but when those hits.
Like land of those were lay out the best in me listen everything else in the album so I guess it’s alright.
We compared it to like they it’s my damn they wrote this to
yeah I really don’t have to sit through a lot but I mean when she put their heads together either is really you can really see that Arkham is writing and and.

[49:23] How about now that progressed and then fact that river dreams came out in 84 what.
That much one band that I really love that doesn’t have a greatest hits or best of his Guided by Voices but they’ve been around for about 40 years and they have the singer.
Is like 60 something and they didn’t blow up till he was like 38.
And so they have about 40 years worth of Music he has he released his like to Alma’s per year. He’s a most prolific songwriter you could possibly think of he has over a hundred albums to his name,
230 that are Guided by Voices,
Bruno 35 something like that and then 30 solo albums and then he has side projects at her just him but he called him different names,
and a lot of it’s not great but I made like a 60 song playlist on my.
Spotify iTunes I don’t like these are the jam that I’ll listen to consistently and like I picked those and I would read them off my oh my God this was great this once great a lot of sounds good I heard that.
Like one of those in How I Met Your Mother like they use wireless songs like is.

[50:32] Great stuff so it but it’s like yeah that’s my own personal festival for that one.
Showing more contemporary there’s a lot of people that make like mixtapes of Alex G like.
His material just kind of cool cuz he has a lot of like fake albums or there’s just like noise playing and people can sit through that and put it together so I think that’s pretty sweet,
there’s this one YouTube video that I like listen to like maybe once a month and it’s like an hour-long of all the songs that’s cool it’s pretty sweet.

[51:07] Two other best apps that I’ve likes that I.
A lot of times I like the grits or best subs before I get into the artist work the rest of the work and then after that I kind of don’t listen to greatest hits but.
Really Queen is the one I sold it to a lot greatest hits.
Lot of seventies and eighties Group Chicago,
Chicago Earth Wind and Fire that kind of stuff like Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac that’s great.
Tom Petty’s greatest hits,
yeah yeah America Tom Petty All Right Moving On,
oh yeah just the Everly Brothers,
best shot out so much stuff singles Sam & Dave Great Soul artists like I kind of like the Everly Brothers they didn’t they just had so many good love songs.
Yeah I’ll Sam Cooke’s greatest all that so good.
Otis Redding on Sabrina solares just had singles and then have albums that was great too.

[52:30] Robert William.

[52:32] There.
City you travel to the ended up being disappointing to Moines Iowa.
Don’t know why the boy was just sucks I just hate Iowa.

[53:05] Okay for.

[53:09] I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me so I won’t say too much about Iowa but.
Scrimmage or any of the time I prefer not to be in Iowa that’s all I’m going to say that’s why you don’t live,
yeah we should seriously be a meme photo of you and then I mean catching the jury the time I’d rather not be.
Like the last one we we thought about making was with Corey church I haven’t had water in 10 years.
Lincoln Nebraska I-80 I need to have redeeming experience in Lincoln Nebraska,
so sure it was so cold.

[54:03] 2013 – 2013 winter,
it was it was just ungodly cold down there and I just had a miserable week it was super stressful and I I need to have redeeming experience.
It’s the capital but it’s pretty much just like a big college town isn’t it out.

[54:40] Mid-January been to.

[54:51] Sock syndrome wants.
Where you want to talk you.

[55:08] Iran,
but the fact that you had expectations going into her on that I had fun.
But you’re not in a way that’s like sarcastic. And I used to.

[55:37] And I feel like I’m behind I like it and then I can’t even turn it around.

[55:46] But I do understand if you think it’s like this big Matt it’s like it’s just the dinosaurs.
Donuts like 50 Cent doughnut to the Destination Imagination.
7 years ago as the creative problem solving thing that you do for Nationals in high school we did it was fun but it’s just mosquitoes
everywhere you guys eating you flush out the Indianapolis Indiana is pretty shity high school.
Football for winter but I.
Tremendous as a shity city.

[56:47] Everyone’s we are parking to go to Riot Fest in these guys were upset that we were parking for another spot where they sell pot.
Certain food back up a couple inches like.

[57:01] It’s like the time in Mexico they were so mad at me cuz I was buying souvenirs from their shop that was very clearly a front for selling weed
will everyone in Mexico I don’t know if they take that guy’s really like weed and putting everyone in fucking Mexico my first time there was like.
Hey hey we got what you want buddy and my friends like Oh you mean it’s like knowing your big friend we got what you want,
so where on Isla Mujeres and I want when I’m such a nerd I want one of those Stone chess boards that everybody from Express to come bring back and I like I’d like to look at the chessboard.
That that’s what you you you don’t want anything else and while we’re having this conversation so I can find fuck it and he’s just seems like upset that he’s having like pack up his prop and sell it like whatever and while he’s ringing me up,
I got kind of like a dirty white shirt confronting SEC LOL,
girl sitting like a water pesos and he opens up the drawer beneath the cash register it is a gigantic bag of weed.
Guy catches and runs back out the door yeah.
But he’s just like he was just so pissed off at this point that I was like you know I actually would have I won the souvenirs from your front.

[58:26] Charter Robbie and lean with the double amulet Iowa
but seriously Iowa Iowa I bet every person living in Iowa wakes up one day and says what did I do with my license I know what’s the best part about Des Moines.
It’s like leaving away from Chicago.
That’s it bye bye.
From back in the 90s when they were like they find a caveman frozen and they’re like.
Oh he’s Frozen and he’s from 5 years ago so he doesn’t understand our ways and our language and stuff like that and the solution is that they said,
we found a place Sanctuary for him,
where everything is like it was 5 years ago they’re sending him to Iowa my name is Peter,
yes will take you to Iowa Buckeye Iowa.
Next question I think sorry.

[59:36] We can never play in Iowa I do have a is this Heaven no it’s Iowa shirt from an ex and only reason I’ve kept it is because my headcanon now is that it sarcastic,
I know it’s Iowa about South Dakota bug you just met.
I heard a whole bunch of Salt Lake North Dakota blows in Iowa sucks like why is it so windy in South Dakota.

[1:00:08] Cuz I was not relevant enough to talk about I have friends that say North Dakota does not exist,
I’ll try bringing I feel like no couple got married in DC
and they had to argue with the clerk’s for like 2 hours that New Mexico was part of the United States there like you speak bass told the guy you speak English so well
and we had his driver’s license like I will need a passport in order before my marriage for a foreign National get your supervisor,
supervisors just like yeah we need a foreign passport for someone from Mexico.
And so it’s like 4 hours before they finally like basically kugel yeah Wiz Khalifa is.

[1:01:01] North Dakota I never been there but I hear Fargo is pretty cool Argo school from a couple people that perform at a brewery there really fun.
Actually it was bad people show up just comedy shows a burger like its tail is fun.
Good time let’s say that like Fargo’s like cooler than like.
I think it’s because the campus is all I downtown and I’m kind of a giant arcade bar that I just went to last month’s free fun very cool very cool
go to pixel that place with all the alien stuff cuz I’m like a Sci-Fi alien.
Oh what is that called like little aliens or something wrong to Wong’s Palace Aliens in the Attic cast of tacos Vlog Pizza.
Next one next one.

[1:02:07] What is the most bloated overly-long album you’ve ever heard the weird one.
Falcons not my finest hour,
why or why not but mainly why not why I don’t want to talk about it,
way to go to jail.
Yes it a question why are you the way that you are if you could have a film made about your life who would write to rent it and who would play you.

[1:02:49] Irola,
I don’t want to just talk about myself yeah Jonah Hill next to the entire cast from Whitest Kids you know switch it up,
favorite summer albums.

[1:03:08] Okay I see how it is my favorite Summer album.
Discovery LP by discovery which is rostam’s like solo project with the right guy.
Every March I listen to it and it’s a great like Awakening album but I didn’t like Santigold first album super sunny.
Trying to get weather sunny Wild Onion my Twin Peaks is in regards to go to menu for sure.

[1:03:49] Best Coast I mean like all of the Waves music.
Beach Boys Pet Sounds like thunder in summer,
imma pop punk guy really screwing up so yellow card is pretty fun in the summer like ocean Avenues is July Jam.
Even though when I saw that work for a passed out because the heat.

[1:04:21] But there’s this bands and their they’re called the upsetters and they’re from Jamaica.
And there I think they’re technically reggae
well known just cuz the music and play but it’s from the light and you can just suck it so good I’ve discovered it this summer,
said it was like the best just.
Summer slow down another good summer I like to listen to ska Punk that kind of sucks want to listen to the sour rancid The Interrupters
oh yeah I have a tragic kingdom is that good.

[1:05:11] Mac DeMarco’s always a good summer.
And brown show obviously.
Dead that.
I used to really I dive morning music when I was watching fuse during the summer 2005 the lot of bands from like that
that summer a lot of those artists Ace immediately just Trace back to Summer 2005 like.
Mike am I always start just write some of that stuff just immediately 2005.

[1:05:59] Him and I get a lot of love,
better Tommy Jack’s Story, audison I played wings of a butterfly
at Tommy Jack’s like their big hit in America is least I played it and then I raise my head he walks with me,
and bring people together.
Had the song Vampire Heart and like metal,
what was the meaning of the song
your dark motherfucker motherfucker you 24 Savage.

[1:07:07] You’re my number one,
that’s like I only have like 10 to 15 more bucket list bands and they’re on it and it’s just like they only do festivals I like the east coast and that’s it for different countries and it’s just like do it tour,
America or something oh yeah I mean I totally if they’re like somewhat close and by that I mean like if they’re in the Oklahoma I’d probably Chicago I’d go yeah we got kind of circle yes.
That’s so half a country in the middle of the country.
Recover everything on Jack’s Mannequin at like a lot Sperry pop piano pop rock.

[1:08:02] There’s something about God I know your car is finally warm you hit the window button.
Turn Up the Music a little bit last night.
George City Soundtrack I’m biased as well we cover everyone for that one.
Flex foot really two more.
Since you know what my favorite Summer album is Scott turow.
This this might be a Jimmy but would you pay to do a meet and greet with your favorite artists know.

[1:08:50] Like I said that’s a good.

[1:08:58] I didn’t do rapid fire.
Okay I would just say no because why why not just do it for free or buy to stalking them on the street,
okay actually did a paid meet and greet two weeks ago but it was it was cheap though and you got a lot of it extra like it wasn’t just meeting on the other got a lot of stuff you got a limited edition vinyl.
That is it Justin from Ocean City there is selling a limited vinyl with the meet-and-greet that only made 500 in France and they say it was a bunch of rare Susan stuff that no one else has and Dimitri was dealt it wasn’t just meaning on the mic,
kind of whatever picture get out of my face it was talking to him and have him discussion hang out for an hour oral sex was involved.
It was the best day ever because you know what you like totally that came out though.
I said that I didn’t have to pay to meet Victoria from beach house which is great.

[1:10:08] But even on my idol there’s still a human,
we waited a couple hours after if oxygen show a couple hours 640 minutes close to an hour.
And we we talk.

[1:10:29] Hell yeah it for Jess if he did a pretty cool thing he played a song that they can never legally release of Columbia Records on his phone.

[1:10:38] That Motion City cuz when Twilight came out 10 years ago they’re like every Indie band or emo band send us your shit,
I will consider for the soundtrack and they got rejected but they still up they still have known that or Columbia Records still owns the songs they can’t release it cuz it was the time frame for recording music label so Justin said I can’t release the song,
but I can play free right now to play it for us yeah we got season 11,
and it’s a solid saw it was like it’s a really good song that I like,
Chevy can’t why don’t you have this release it like what are they going to do arrest me,
yeah but just fuck the police,
I like if they try to see it’s really come on man we should be real with this and we just really wanted to release it just come on when you got to.
I got to be stingy Hogs now if they just released it for free I want to throw a fit.
Know if it’s free it’s out there.
Or get for but I think they’ve there past the point of getting permission from the label to release it so it’s kind of like it’s tendon 10 years down the road some like that.
Some sort of Statue of Liberty.

[1:12:08] Unfortunately Robert just made it.
That’s amazing
I made the other one that was up there earlier this one’s much better I’m not allowed in Iowa which is great this huge a huge thank you to Matt
Matt had or had RCS thank you mad for me Sioux City, Can you spot my God that’s amazing,
you please send it to me.

[1:12:49] I got your man I’ll send it to you,
Army sleeping all right
okay the stories.
Whoa whoa whoa it’s not my Batman glass
never look into the wrong camera
the movie
anyone who just listen to the radio but seriously go to the Sioux Empire., check out the meme.

[1:14:04] Walmart Optical in pelican.
Alright you like 1 mile past the state line Iowa State Troopers,
you’re my state down boy you don’t even have that accent naturally sorry.
If you were a record executive this is trading at what qualities do you look for in a lead single.

[1:14:38] That I was meeting specific I was like.
Ironically what I would look for only watching that time video about legality left what’s a good question.
Full circle which supergroups did you like and what would you say is the greatest album by a supergroup.
We going to have winter summer clothing this over every episode how is emo still a thing but sky is not.
Ma you need a strong,
is that this is a Scott thing how do you feel how do you feel.

[1:15:27] How do you feel about bands or musicians collaborating with songwriters specifically writers in the pop genres.
Mayfield Heights Library,
I like this one.

[1:15:53] This is before this band was just too bad because I wish you were there but some we played a show on one girl said.
I really like your teeth and that she said you got part of my house.
It look better on my nightstand though or something like that like I forgot about that I think she was trying to like.
Where to buy I just really bad I got the wording wrong need a philanthropist,
yeah that house is going to therapist the world’s very first $2 bill.
That’s what I was going to run out and hand out those business cards someone said we sounded like real estate but not as good as squish
I’m fine with that cuz they’re a great band.

[1:17:07] I think you’re talking about yeah we have glasses I don’t remember.

[1:17:14] I’ve had a few that are a little I had one person saying.

[1:17:21] I hate my favorite my favorite thing was when you were you were drinking on stage it looked like there was actually liquid in the cup but there wasn’t which as an actor as like you noticed a little thing but also that was the first thing I did so.
Nothing else of the shelter mad at one of my friends said hey I had sex with my girlfriend to your album I was like,
how do you say does it all the time all the time shout out to bonesteel South Dakota.
You know who you are there’s been a couple times or top bunk is always mine by the way.

[1:18:05] Is the bottom bunk.
Fuck you know who you are is there been a couple times where like you know we’ve been made for loading up and then just like people just kind of,
follow you to your car yeah Iowa will just some people like.
I don’t know I feel like this one guy just wanted to Rob us though we had just gotten paid and it came out and then he was like so.
Hot pastrami yeah,
Will Hunting CIO absolutely it’s like the best thing ever when someone’s like hey I like your song you know it’s like it’s like the coolest.

[1:19:02] Thing ever you know for sure cool feeling for disarmed I really got a weird compliments on comedies for disarm stuff that I got weird compliments for like my drawing style I look they say I look possessed.
Just cuz I rip when I’m on stage with stand-up I’m just deadpan just kind of chill whatever but when I’m like it’s like you’re possessed with the magic power.
Got the Devil in I saw you guys that was one of those like I don’t need the gym I just need to
drum everyday I like to exercise
for sure and then one that I didn’t get but our singer got or Bobby Dover doing an acoustic show cuz I was unavailable then some guy walks it up to them and goes like.
I think it’s just because Bobby looks like Chris Daughtry and so it’s just like.

[1:20:04] And I’m just like have you heard us and Daughtry and put them side to side like this really want
I know Debbie will never go for this but I really want Bobby to just shave everything but like they’re really thin like Daughtry the beard weird beard black t-shirts like Daughtry does,
it’s a comparison it was maybe a mix of both but like weed
I had I had this old lady come up to me.
After show and she wanted my autograph and I was super flattered because that never happened before it was super cute
and then I realize that she was going around to all the cast members and getting is like this feels less special man.
I understand it wasn’t your day in the sun it was not go to my history.

[1:21:04] There is one a guy walk towards me during college shown at want me to sign his posters
I keep sinus and more each day at least one or two people walk out to me like customers that come in every day Ivy or now starting to,
put it together like,
hold on. War billboard like everyday I finally saw it last week,
and I want actually want one time I was walking by the registers in the main store and one of my friends who knows me go same flu guy that’s a joke and then the family next to them was that was crazy,
I have people Everyone smile say hey you’re the
you’re the guy from the podcast sounds like.
Lately it’s been more flu bug than anything like yeah I’m not going to like that this is the first podcast of mine where I was walking around in some random store and I heard like two teenagers talking in their like.

[1:22:17] Oh man did you see that dress code and they were like.
Having like it like it was staged for me honest-to-god conversation about I love it it’s so funny you forget it’s like local but then they say so,
I just around the corner the out of this like,
hopefully the listening right now hell yeah shout-out will send you stuff.
Who did that worship and Starfire liar shout out but yeah.
Boot store.

[1:23:11] Royal blue royal blue.
We have a show at Icon Lounge December 22nd or opening for okay parade nice on Moss and we were also playing with books to think they’re selling tickets for $10,
that’s going to be a good time all the music stores in town so total drag.
10 bucks on December 22nd okay parade Hooks and then.

[1:23:56] Tenenbaums with us we also are released a mixtape of some songs we wrote last couple years on it’s on our Bandcamp.
You can get it for the cheap price of $5.

[1:24:11] And yeah we just really sad like a couple weeks ago.
Sprint so I’m not super involved with either these organizations but I figured I’d give them a plug to the event anyway so might as players their Christmas show is going on starting next this weekend so 7th through the 9th,
Twas the Night Before Christmas really fun Christmas show if you’re if you’re feeling.

[1:24:39] Christmas Eve are absolutely I plan on going to.
This weekend so should I show on Friends of the show Friends the network and we had the pleasure of working with them with monster s4r bar reading loving arms so just a couple things happening this weekend,
and my blink tribute band is reuniting after a year off nice how we’re doing six new Blake song they would done before.
Answer your phone it’s unfortunately the same night that you guys are playing Saturday the 22nd so it’s competition
what is it at that big.
We have to learn those still is doing her first show back in like 6 months with our new band members,
Bender left about formers yeah we have to,
we have not yet announced but we will in the next couple weeks who’s in the band now and still Bobby Doug and myself we had no idea who it’s on New Year’s Eve,
we had like five drummers like Slipknot.

[1:26:07] Garlic Knot more like Slipknot.
Enough said has a song called the morning that song fucking rules.
But yeah that’s all I that’s in my neck of the woods podcasts catch the fever.
Sioux Empire., be sure to check that out if you like what we do here on the dress code and all other podcast be sure to support us on patreon at Sioux Falls.
So I got perfect now you can listen to this episode other previous episodes on any streaming.
Service SoundCloud Stitcher Spotify you name it we’re on it awesome thank you guys for being here a lot and you’ve been watching a listening to,
the dress.

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