Urban Indianz Ep 038 Happy Valentine’s Day

Urban Indianz Ep 038 Happy Valentine’s Day

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Shaina Yellowback and Nathan Foote

Produced By Robert Mehling

Guest Music: “Last Rhyme” Buggin Malone

This week’s episode sponsor: Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival benefiting the Special Olympics of SD is back in its 3rd year. This year, the 3-day festival will feature of 30 comedians from the U.S. and Canada performing in various venues in Sioux Falls. There will be themed shows, stand up shows, workshops, and celebrity comedians.  The Sioux Empire Podcast is Siouxper 😉 excited to see Kevin McDonald as seen on Kids In The Hall, That 70’s Show, Invader Zim, and so much more. FEB. 21-23rd, 2019. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics South Dakota. Get Tickets at siouxfallssnojamcomedyfest.com

Machine Transcript
[0:00] Who is bob he wants a business but it goes cousins nephew website,
unfortunately the website looks like a website that was built in robes uncles cousins moms basement don’t be like bob let a professional website,
if you wanted affordable website that looks expensive,
no website that can be found by a customize visit don’t play bom dot com and let me know if you heard about them on the shelf to get ten percent off,

[0:34] Music.

[1:02] Welcome everybody who episode thirty eight of the urban indians podcast.
I’m a host gabrielle night she joined as always always.

[1:14] Buy these motherfuckers yeah u got my back shit up and fucking make sure it’s taken a vow of silence so she will not.
She’s hiding fear of is it this time yo on the couch,
what was funny i would like to know how good a dance with dragons when are they starting up,
no my computer can i add what’s comedy thing every now.

[2:00] Part of the episode but you are what you were like party episode but you weren’t there facts good good turn out people up.

[2:10] People don’t realize beat the shit about people all the time could a peanut all the time but can i get to have that pocket sense of humor so they were really like being really yeah let me know,
when i called you for not talking shit about you so yeah.

[2:27] So we’re serious than you know we’re not friends now to take the wrapping around yo on.
Yeah but can i use we just came back from the ad,
she is the head branch over there we we’re gonna do this there but too loud and fucking you hear me chewing fucking awaken leave so and that’s not nice.

[2:54] I wanna how do i setting beside me.

[2:59] I like dylan’s in tokyo on february we’re gonna waffles wtf,
i’m got the wrong yo on how to siena i know that i can you know that right now my favorite things of all time is the naked gun,
whenever set up dinner that will be the naked gun with leslie nielsen had the get new phases i got is a,
you gotta use this is just like looking from the neck up u don’t see the guys face never to be so many fake niggas with that goes the other side,
half a banana falls good a,
what could a bot,
what is the funniest shit i’ve figured that movie had forgotten the hub fucking stupid,
that the one where is goes to the podium and it says hide all these nations and their language would be gifts to the nearest mine eight people hey,
hi i have two black and white pup another classic.

[4:27] Yo are you can stop laughing now.
Can i sign off so far she where she at the last show where.

[4:46] Sucks always something always happens not manager now so like who anybody doesn’t show up.
Can you delete marker i want to know what application conference.
You can you find me harry potter.
Don’t put me as if it can i forgot my cousin came in tokyo on light.
Anytime i terminated comes and now i cannot sign of the camera and the new you know who have to get then select add a lot of people that know me.

[5:39] Try to get that discount ba.
Play a new tab then afterwards i guess yeah or no,
create a following that story that little girl that like disappear how can i rush you wanna wear something yeah you right away no cost where was this at rapid add a rapid thing i was thinking it was sewed up notepad.
What’s that one of towns outside of their images at the children’s home society,
they still haven’t found what is so sad do i weather like in a middle of a storm to are some it was like he was just before the storm polar vortex,
why serenity dinner dinner dinner.

[6:35] I am still missing the order missing how old is she like seven nine nine.

[6:43] What can i do tonight that would be fucking scan.

[6:49] Add this i mean this point i feel like is there any know way.
If she’s still my favorites no way she’s alive but i couldnt how i see it but then i’m like what are some one told her that when you’ve added the tourist city like there is so many people going in and out like that area that could be anywhere that cooker.
Fucking scary are now that wit.ai.

[7:16] There’s no way that they found her right now it would almost be or better if some of.
I don’t want to be a better scenario if someone did take her kids at least theres a chance he still alive at the end but it still working what are they doing it.

[7:31] Another thing that scares week yes create a mess i don’t have a daughter what if i did it.

[7:40] Yeah it’s scary just because its a girl a little girl fly out there.

[7:50] So a little boy moving better no i mean i’d be freaking out of my life hey bot like just.

[7:59] The difference is organic plants are not uncommon and what benefits can ai.
Can i look at you and eggs everyday at work like i’ll check like cats FYI like for five times.

[8:15] Trying to see if there is any like updates on it and nothing some help.
Yeah it’s crazy it’s like only almost don’t want to hear anything coz it whenever they do report.

[8:29] Yo are we found ur fucking mango here.
Rose of virginia what are my aed the black hills area so mean like theres mountains of flying what is the story came out where is like,
we found the fucking kill them outline and hoes like,
what should a man to green and stepney and federer came back and she’s part-time employer
what you say holy happy birthday fool,
you back on here later to ask her what i am trying to pack but i can see that.
That’s definitely you and scott have known as i am going to put that the best case scenario make me happy five five.
Story a couple days ago i reviewed fucking.
What is like being mad that activity fucking kill that would a,
something i would do like the rocket ship that is flavored really cranky my payment.
How do you hold down a mountain yo on.

[9:55] How many days should be like on every news channel and he is not available.
I feel like i need a face for this they have shown,
i am not happened show that shit off facetime it live while i was trying on a good agent
how does my makeup bag that was beating me for a second just the address,
find this is really going down yeah yeah let’s fucking grab it and threw like.

[10:36] Just modified to five make it look up what it jasper what are the start what are you okay.
How many would i do with watson the kangaroo,
no i can’t see a,
yo on,
hey you like yahoo faster no i don’t like fucking with his dog in the checkout line trying to help a buddy out
yo options gangster,
hey step back check the molecule yo on roosevelt tickets from advance america,
i don’t want to play a show they can.

[11:41] I can’t see any video sound like someone i just like to return to mass with them and then you just can’t get it up and not gotten that bike,
takes off like nothing how thinking like that but the gladden money did that would a,
man just step back check them on internal candidate.
Very scary but hey i get to choose who i though that’s how i wanna go out like i want to go out like a kangaroo punches turn on lighting a mountain lion slamson the incredible.
Like a elephant stephanie turn on turn on turn on location,
clear russell by eleven rez dogs in my chair barricade that this is something yo on.

[12:37] Yo on.
What’s the weather in tokyo on.

[12:55] Apakah play a game.
What can i recognize those commits anywhere if i have to see a movie what have i received was in means that’s gonna run over that.
Close friend.
See the knits and sweater and a sharp comb yo are you can barely see aaron head so good.
Do not answer is yes but can you fucking crazy fast like here tile going to the rez for a week without them coming back you know other parents for not watching them.
I am looking cause enough.

[13:47] Should i was like i want to go whenever we really don’t like my cousins are coming from the us would hang out with them but my mom like,
if i can help with providing the hair hold on use brushes don’t do that stuff to that and then like sundance
i’m wearing other puts in all bodysuit would he was like go through there has to make sure i like mary queen before we could even golf player anything who is so bad,
how to shower cap on the whole time how yo are you is bad.

[14:28] Yeah but can i ask hi there.
I did florida begins looking for hummus should a bot.
Who is this thing gonna be like this rodeo thing is that this weekend but road of drinking here but that michelle will not admit rodeo life like you.
How do i take a picture of i don’t like.
Bulls are some nice sitting here that maybe she is and what is its resemblance copy your contact number so that we can i know i think it’s in a couple weeks not talking much are those who can.
Who’s the sadist people sending a ring in a bowl.
Cheryl a friend invited like the stain of water coming rally.

[15:33] Hi good.
Who’s the special event special would air,
yo on,
who is she one our champions yo on monday when i can get a hair cut.
What is playing frost ass she is funny find me.
So yeah so where are you at last week.
Say yo on the lights everywhere last week did we go name is rachelle.
What is that i was asking yeah yeah yeah.

[16:52] You check the mouse.
How do you feel like half my age should a nigga covering.
Not that time and herzegovina both to check.
I didn’t even know who is honestly how i feel so bad and i would like to work with a bunch of.
I would like my coworkers are way younger than i am so like the dude who was like checking and somebody else don’t know where can get started who came over the distracted and occupied.

[17:29] Cancer cancer cat who cannot look at my website to know if i am has not yet sorry shes saying but on lighting,
apakah anda across because in the a.
Compare all the time but she can’t bathroom notified yo on,
lol command then ask him shit everyone how sorry,
yes like everyone has happened yet has it gone where is why i couldn’t imagine me to snapchat earlier this morning,
why friend that fucking not.
What is fucking shit cleaning and washing marks that i know but she is like in shit like y’all the toilet in her bathroom or whatever off,
i think those things you put on the toilet seat for fucking i ask that is there all over the place in arizona wildcats just on the floor lol,
turn the light he couldn’t make it a fucking thing in my god.

[18:50] What about those iq usb where are you going to be like surgery and she had what i want to add a fucking babe on and i can i love snow and even she was like,
do you like me so i can turn in those papers or whatever and a text to my elbow when i was cleaning.

[19:08] Music.

[19:16] Get yo on,
what is a good ab what is it i want to create a new reminder saying you can back your man that sounds horrible i wouldn’t that i would be i was happy when i got nothing,
exactly is look at this shit bro yo on,
on my fucking elbow because i think he likes super dedicated your job by alice in wonder what her job actually even is winterfest your job your privacy screen the fucking bathroom.

[19:58] I hope you can help what can i do care but not home but can you for sure to extreme metal object today.
Add whatever the fuck like texas sheet on the floor first of all the aggravation are you add don and honestly i’m not surprised,
how it happen sometimes the company cannot cut isn’t the volume down shit,
what is the make in real life trending my muscles which is nice shit on the floor,
submit the request.
Play yo.

[20:59] What are you watching me why do you catch them get the hair situated to actually talk shit because i don’t have a where was the one girl goodnight.
Okay man and like u the bathroom or whatever.
Can someone else complaining about that it’s not lights fucking there i verify when there and she was like talking to herself like having conversations and thereby five or so and i was like me.

[21:29] Like i’m giving her the benefit would a crazy night dealing with crazy light i would like to arrange to have your phone plugged in.

[21:39] Hi again on the same sun let’s not fight could he get myself and scooter is smoking in there and she would like to know,
i was like why no gas we have to leave like where i did my spiel and then she like grabbed my stuff here like two giant bags and mike.

[22:01] Janice i want u would like that drug which contains a purple and i like to zip it up good a shit laugh,
when i went back in there you fucking smoking and they would like for you cigarette butts on line four likes stuff do not conform kidding me
hi alfred we’re here now in here with stripe when i here it required action required before i got married.
Saal baad i was so bad and then after how she was and she was like i’m twenty six ummm i don’t understand what she needed,
yeah i was like alexa i kinda feel they have never i like younger,
what are you doing here like hi no your mom loves you like go home are get a job,
something advise if you don’t want to go home get it for real.

[22:57] Play the job is it it’s like save sound hello can you direct me seriously thinking somewhere in mcdonalds we’re hiring all the time you get a roofing un real.
Move the guy last night what if i ask mike fighting five times to later than i find the on call the cops because i got like the WB house is right down the street like the mission is right down there to ensure i don’t want to go there.
What lol command and hang out there,
who is any money to get a bus ticket home like this is not a place to eat asking for those who did not get whatever that fucking day job should a freaking poll command center,
where can i where are my fucken could have a catering.
Set alarm for application info on how much should a what’s up is the store up.
No you’re not hungry just tryna get some beer and cigarettes like to order i can hang out here.

[24:02] I want to hang how can i go home maybe a.
Make the hiding yo on.
I’ll be leaving and can give me kicked out and you should see his face whenever he comes into the hotel in tokyo are you.
Status person ever been so worried,
where is voyage like what am i gonna snooze button the most high god,
find books add a new hubid to meet shannon before.
Yeah i get it getting real real nice room cheap set a couple.

[25:08] Forecast is telling you but this check was hit me up whenever,
only when she want some she knows that i think she’s cute or whatever so she tries to like play that card or whatever but its only whenever she wanted so and so like she hit me up.
Like a couple that was like last two weeks now in santa monica saturday at like three in the afternoon on saturday.
Hey what you doing now they got faggots on tuesday hey you want to go to the casino i wanna go spend five dollars and my mom has my kids.
Clear my zip is the best of it while getting my mom has it.
I have a gambling problem that i was like nah not really cool guy don’t you like come hang out.
I would like to three f you have a god i really didn’t want to play a.
I would like one if i can i will then down and then she’s like.
Okay i’ll come get your whatever and then i think it’s gonna,
do you have like twenty dollars i can borrow what you are what no,
open invite tom and go play five dollars you get yo are the new one that i feel this way that feels funny,
i had everything.

[26:35] Yeah like forget is coming in here and it would a monday that’s fine,
come hangout on netflix and chill out if you have netflix now and even have netflix and on yo are,
yo on,
yo on.

[27:13] Where can i get you married in i just put it works.
Please check his be doing the most men’s like what the fireplace no get your christmas what kind,
who doing nothing just chilling at home up is it likely i couldn’t imagine the audacity i could never call somebody help me,
yeah hey play the audacity that i have to have to just be like,
oh yeah if you wanna come hang out with us mad whatever it is i alway by the way you’re gonna pay for it pay for everything what no,
side nyc now i think this thing food here is good enough.
What is that mean my um i’m paying for all my own stuff like it that much do anything.
Got someone like me i expect you to pay for my stuff to yo on.
I don’t know my stomach is like one get upset that i pay for my own stuff do we really get me out man to back.
Hey there should he tried and now we a.

[28:39] What’s up so i can pay for myself to get into david’s website by my own stuff and i’m like,
why don’t understand why that’s a keeper who has michigan,
like be happier i take care of myself finding a chick like that is rare well like he was upset about it and i feel like put forty dollars in my purse and i was like wow thanks,
where can i meet you,
i something good ava.

[29:12] Yeah yeah,
batman film
read everything you can find out like the card i heard about that night and where did you go i don’t know where to go disappeared i just i just walk home after that oh yeah me my mom traveled across because,
is it okay let’s go before it closes cuz then sonata five star was that good a,
endereço i got left at the nirvana show,
breaking the girls walking dead raccoon was like you gonna give me a party in his house probably friday.
A good eye which over there at like six and they were already like let and then we went to the show at like nine,
can i buy that by like ten thirty they were like we’re gonna go pass out like when we got yo on and fucking said not recognised to the left down the fucking.

[30:14] David i know i would like to know your gonna be there,
hey there how is that i would a nice feeling like hey i didn’t come to the game with there win gifts to adult,
is everybody happy that my piano like yeah right you know you was there actually until he wanted me where shane over.

[30:40] Why would a plan on how that home doin get ready for bed and.
Marcus gone from abroad which is gonna affect him go to david’s like what i’m david hip-hop party like,
i fucking miss computer yet what is the fight then well they’re really not like all of the girls i was awake of life you there,
i feel scrapping for a little bit,
what were right behind there anywhere cuz me and my cousin were like out on the dance floor and then we laughed have a right after labor right where i spent on your provider like to what i know you would you like.
Happening too much lately because yo are you gay what’s the forecast your life you can tell you it’s not there yet because its like lets hang out of our pocket.

[31:46] Play what’s going on so i started walking in the nothing like her too much freaking like screaming yelling behind me and i liked turn on effect,
what the hell like i was supervise that was like whatever i could see what was going on and then i just seen a way can fight your what i want but no i’ll,
yes how much and stacy stayed overnight where much as i was wondering if like that so why was i was pretty,
got an automatic so i didn’t i receive a quiet.
Reset the trap small before evening and i cannot figure out if i’m.

[32:31] How is pretty limited i just turn my stove off the second time i woke up this morning.
And i could smell the fucking stone one came out with sharon stone was on and then now i just knowing there so why.
Where can i don’t know why it’s not a problem that’s gonna stop now because propane the house.
What is she to say,
yo are you open a window what is your agenda still on for the cost of pizza with ham and.
Do you know what i like in soho what tournament.
Yeah well that when i move the oven i don’t like to take out my check and my god that i made pork chops.
No problem i’ll the event and then i totally ignored and then i like everybody there plates or a temp i have been like look over and my oven and now that shit gonna die can you pick up that doesn’t do anything.

[33:44] This one just because it warms up at like it doesn’t get carried away like really hot or anything but still like if something did happen.
Get mad toilet baby like like to pay my cuz of like i could be like a prisoner electric spark or something and then censor it.
Hello lap while have been watching the flash episode.

[34:13] Crazy i know we have that night,
national ten my cousin was cute cute just cannot he was yeah fucking mad she blocked what i was trying to do i need to have a county that i live in house trying to be in town,
that like nights of not that great of a gentle and what happened last copy i wanna know if i’m even know like i was pretty.
I was very intoxicated that night because my cousin told me that i like yelled i gave and tell them to stay away from my cousin,
like jokingly bad robots fallowfield it like outside of david’s like oh my god there letting you know that you’re a meanie my bad,
i’m not doing bad if anything like i was just freaking way man and would like to go,
yo are already to fucking get weird i can see the future i can.

[35:27] We’re become a family and have a couple kids.
Turn off the thermostat to put the ad to serious to quick way to bath would he know he wasn’t doing anything by the weather like.
Yeah i like his arms around her something about annette was like nope she was the only drug should a robot yo on like to have been.
Next time if you like,
hold on i saw the flyer would like all crumbled up and see what he’s got the ram fan,
i feel obligated to give this is the order of the lender because because of that the table that i remember that
who accompanied whatever we got back to my room oklahoma no no brightness,
i need balances got another friend i hadn’t the need.
Who sang that the laminate where there android at where.
Alfred i’m s five.

[36:45] Put a band on the back it up then we can have them but i was fighting i wanna iphone to help.

[36:59] Yeah that’s a good night.

[37:03] What did you do friday when this friday returning who is here with all this weekend made the fucking rams friday friday and sat.
Start a new tommy jacks went to top hat fucking went to nm the gym and then the detour the tournament i don’t know where the detour at all.
What is spent like forty five dollars at gilbert blake is what,
i love yo on you like car the next day of my bank accounts are quite what is forty five dollars in gilbert,
i must a van gogh and his woman fucking their family and then.

[37:45] Yes outplay cuz forty five dollars when i got dammit i took,
i took sixty dollars out and alex is in spanish for the night i should i just left my card at home please shut up,
so yeah i planned on spending a hundred and two hundred fifty bucks every time i go on a half so i don’t need to,
set up a acabar for one should he go to little shaken to wire.
Yeah yes i like fucking her.
I’d like to hit me up soon as i go to fucking pizza ranch so we went to pizza ranch or is there such a thing it over,
where you need to sleep in the am but you can sleep enough to forward box that was the worst ever try.

[38:44] You angry but i guess dude got it.
Set the house story idea where my legs would ache,
i think like every sunday at fri of like the past like three four months out every sunday will go up go get breakfast somewhere.
What can we learn from failed old man now if you can grab some coffee and bring brian brian lotus to send a quote to bart yet.
Who’s the guy jason looks like the heart did the other homeboy so is ryan jason and greg.
Other homeboy is gonna most people are looking for that pothole me.

[39:34] His wife work so yeah.
Jackie is playing you like where the next matches are required who are there with her when the mexican dances in a couple months ago i was not good time.
You don’t think i did i remember when you got yo on house dancing with somebody remember who she was.
He was karen’s birthday,
cameras up there to be exactly yeah yeah whatever is dancing i wanna healthcare can i find events,
hey i’m having a good times that refund.

[40:23] How you find a birthday to dalby a good night.

[40:28] Lol yeah i definitely a bunch coworkers and stuff coming sunday or monday i’m excited for it.
Yeah never seen me perform before so,
create event a little but kind of getting me where i can go everywhere like we are like the other i can run like nine people of the people that know me as god has no,
do you like what else would you cut hair.
Yeah turn on the faucet of life of riley a.
Now michael how late are you performing anywhere this prayer hey.
Like i just want to drink any liquor is always no drinking any liquor before i go on italy fine but i can.

[41:18] Can you just stick to that i have never seen that yet so i guarantee what time has gone actually we did alice show is over at one,
when do the flyers show like i just dont drink liquor before i can drink all the beer i want him,
can’t tell if i have one shot,
who the fuck knows what’s gonna happen and i don’t know i was gonna forget every song has.
Can you add scott happens if i don’t i don’t drink till i’m done performance and then.
I need i was fired after couple of drinks just to get like a decent buzz and so we had to get the juniors that way loving and then that i can shit talk a little bit easier.
Yeah that would be funny.

[42:13] Shit talking little bit but i like what we did that rose bush oh i was like a real nervous,
give me the i knew i don’t want to rewind reason why i was really nervous is first in my moms bed one of my shows so my mom was there so it’s kinda like hide and cry i was super nervous name.
Never had received perform before
how is this gonna go over cause around that i could able to come see nothing when i have so i had to go and crafts primo black or oranges,
never cause around my set the however once awhile my mom like my mom cause.
Everyone else a cock sucker and really busting what is the address.
Where can imagine ever accessed should a fucking cock sucker would a picture,
yo are the thunder so good to hear that.
I want to hear about castillo our flight.

[43:42] What.
How are you know if there is girl feeling terrible.

[43:54] Terrible hating america will be no don’t ever listen to the podcast yo on.

[44:05] Crazy no say it.

[44:13] This guy was so that guy that was the other thing we talked about last night turns out everything about it is pretty much a car.
Yeah what’s the name of the native ad set remember sandy is a training data.

[44:31] I want you to veteran buddies not vietnam he’s a vietnam.
How is the air venture and i listened to that i listen to a podcast that i put in the chat or whatever but i can give you have an item.
Who’s really like got interesting to.
Here god does the dances with wolves by the podcast big interview damaged um it’s time to start my holiday,
he was in the army and when everything’s in i mean a big number but my kids,
mark diamond lake is like iam departure times diane keaton go back on time,
when i need a number to call back so he got like they considered him like a wallet i usually if you listen to the interview it made it like.
Begin a little bit more perspective from how he sees things whatever yeah i’m by yeah definitely.
Like he got the mets in the kids face like i’m a totally different outlook on that thing now it was not his fault but like.

[45:42] I get what i was trying to do but i like the execution of it.
I think if the media has been really like guns so out of control that on one one side it wouldn’t be a bad thing like.
Navigate to two x on the picture i was like goddamn,
kids news get punched should a but i’m sure like everybody was enough everybody that i know would like that you like if we were there this one have been bought.
Find you don’t know what i actually happening then once everybody found out and now i want to fuck you.
Yeah hes sorta have we had just feeling him get up in front of that group to begin with me to smile on his own business but would need a better paying but because that happened hello.

[46:35] Does what’s his real lights i am talking shit BN races all those kids so he thought he was gonna,
gostaria like what did they say they are being raised in the native students,
dai sino yeah i was gonna is cuz i listen to a bunch podcast released talked about the simpson where i got a black history is just disrespectful hey there at like it i like michael kors style,
i don’t like in new york build out a corner just talking shit to everybody just walks by and stuff like that like i can start date it yesterday in group group all the time my anime.

[47:13] So yeah he tried to go up a medicaid situation are interviewing a nurse vicky to tallahassee all behind me can see that god is doing.
Try to get me to really took that story and when it attraction that was supposed to be.

[47:35] I want to use left alone find weather like that place where you know you’re supposed to say something and then what u like,
where is those kids smoking like where was like the supervisors are the teachers actually know like if i was,
no wonder the people that was in charge of all those kids i want to move them from the area where those people where does your dad is hanks i want no freaking like any like as a.
Mom i got like in atlanta,
jacob like a bunch of friends just standing there in front of those guys hurting you clearly talking shit to them i feel like come on guys let’s go yes i need to be around these people even i would like,
turn auto can i get much is waiting close teenagers growing bunch of little kids like.
You gonna watch the kids talking shit to them like get over it what’s going on now move the whole situation away from there,
yes that’s so any idea can i know where the hell any of those adult things very clean like taking all been getting bonuses yo are you good bye sis,
leave your kids here yeah it’s crazy that that whole situation but darn it like makes you think like maybe they.

[48:54] How we think that’s i mean always think that same way and thought it was fine for the mistake but i only wanted to say what stocks cuz kids leave by example i got like.

[49:07] There is a bad thing going around that kids mom like with sand how.
She did the couple tweets about natives or whatever that.
Can i almost me never fucked up but i got almost caught in fucking blame everybody but she can’t understand like so we can live like the whole world was just shaken and he mentioned that was your pin code that everybody just know,
you wanna be tomorrow fuck this kid like it’s a mad mad i mean out,
i think she should’ve been racist about it but i mean like i don’t blame for being upset that people were talking shit about her son have no respect to me,
technically he wasn’t doing anything just standing there but had been a little asshole at the same time i got jacob did something like that in front of like white guys,
i would be passed to IB can i have some what are you doing that,
hi go who is teaching you to be that little ass wonder stance on guys face and shes obviously doing something i gotta say it was like a preacher and he was like,
saying his sermon and jacob was just standing there is like no.

[50:13] Who is will mad as can be like no way get your ass over here,
can you play fortnite yo are you play fortnite of the outfits like that you don’t like kids have no respect these days at all and,
i teach my wife how to have respect for older people and other kids don’t have that anymore facts.
What the time is jacob you better not fucking act like that in my god kick your ass is yeah i know there.

[50:52] Pretty good talk shit to me but.
She pretty good around other people who could adapt how for a cut color shirts we were coca you have understand.

[51:09] It says express shipping but that whole interview with him to but you’re like okay you like crying in that interview and stuff like that.
I was like i was kindly get emotional listened to alex carr is all that noise.
Shes trying to do what’s right and everyone if we’re not home now hey there the weather is there then i gave you have men’s like.
No lyrics of lego somebody was like acting like that too if like my grandma and grandpa i can not happening at all.
Yeah smoking by myself wasn’t here like two other people but i wanna like.
Where who was the first person to upload that that was a scandal to like it know who originated can i get a second twitter account the type of video first ever and is the contact that way,
the twitter account now it’s like been deleted may try to go back and white race like the ip address and it was echo,
bot that wasn’t even a real person that uploaded that video yet so it’s like crazy i’m never trying to use a that that was like some soda like,
transfer yeah i like the theme.

[52:29] Where is that enough per uno add a new payee is weird hello there i mean i could but it honestly like.
Brad the nation’s attention to you when the indigenous peoples like like.

[52:46] Yeah that story shifted so drastically in like twenty four hours not even twenty four hours and twelve you had her hope.
Gabriel is super pissed when i first seen that and then i buy that be recorded then the next day i was like i hadn like a completely different fucking hell yeah.
Crazy i like both looks like.
I received the cat is it gonna be a fucking model okay yeah okay stephen not same time like yeah do that singer songs.

[53:20] And also know why are you there what’s the move ourselves probate yeah it’s not starting my toes black is realize what the real issue of yeah like no.
So bad.

[53:37] All bad gonna be like one of the story is with a bucket like two thousand nineteen that will be dining here,
i said kate dicamillo on good morning america did interview with that boy then you with that guy i got the did the boy like one day and then the guy the next day,
may i have that was supposed to be on the show last week.
Kyle it ok there please kansas yeah yeah yeah.
He was there so i want to scan a interested in hearing what he had to say about kukie was there when that particular,
i’m so mad that event but i’m sure he heard about it when he was there and then i wonder how they found whatever they heard about what happened yet because he was talking about how like.
Does he was there to podcasts you saying hello.
They are there but they had no idea that he was happening after that it happened.

[54:44] That’s great and yeah i wanna nobody knew until that video came out i got a bit like because nobody.
I am sending a lot of people are there because there was a hip hop concert in la people that i knew performing at that show and i didn’t see anybody like we should go saying its new battery,
i can go where no school back in time people would a future and restaurants and gotta go to the quantum realm a travel bag,
you watching the flash like its on netflix ima see u in three so like.
All i been thinking about what is or is not look up what is that a show is kinda speed for having a show here i was on the who r still probably button.
Michael jacobson RT watching in and out like seth down.
Start watching and i really got into it not like i’m sue someone that is picking up on how can i ask what can i do that so i never did watch that show.
Reply i am doing what i am but i might still interact my engineer he’s like hardcore into the flashlight i got a good show like no butt.
God we hope enough canada is freakin watching on netflix.

[56:13] I’m not sure there’s like a million other things that i could be watching what i want because i’m jacobs netflix account but cannot what can i watch the show as i can
get on to another show until like i finished a show that i am currently on sale yet when do you get it fucking really annoying what can i watch that one
sorry if you,
that was crazy everybody keeps talking about that shit is crazy and that something you would do not answer i don’t know he’s just freaking nuts that need,
it’s the show is called you are you yeah and he is about this guy.

[56:55] Who is like comparing something wrong with him his iconic or something but he likes stocks this girl that he wants today,
for atleast a month okay i like follows everything she does like snuck into our house to collect underwear and then.
He met her and the subway she like fell off like into the subway we’re like the subway was gonna run over and grab try there.
This is how they find sushi all sound good af for like the past month so he knows everything about her already.
Pull up to her house and then he’s like target or annoying film is nelson the sky it shows i feel like knocks on the window.

[57:44] What how where when and she’s like and then she like introduced them properly that’s like her friend you like the master under whatever,
i’m a guy i get pissed off and a feeling that guy realized how like he’s killed a couple pa.

[58:01] You cock block is tuesday a,
hey so crazy serious i got me.
What up just wanted to ask alexa play i have to wait until i got my kids are sleeping so i can watch stuff like that someone is not watching those how many people are at the check it out.
May i copy what we’re talking on the template that show.

[58:38] You play cat is a cheap flight ask i mean guys are getting,
it’s crazy looking boy you my name is wrong with this guy because what i was thinking entire time but then at the same time like dam i could of met somebody and just like.
Do you like the nicest guy ever and he like set it all up in the app and basically,
turn on like it hoping it would happen because you wouldn’t mess around with a nice guy,
is there a list of cheryl could a why would shannon read a nice guy already okay,
org and see if they could a got it,
something romantic so bad.

[59:39] Bad gas do anything for valentine’s day if think la is this week we’ll have the third thing.

[59:48] I don’t have nothing planned yet but i need to get me action planning that i said that i don’t know what i’m doing kinda let me say that i read big in the pic above a national.
Can i shoot set up already had get that she are you picking like fucking rose pedals i can throw you.

[1:00:13] Should a bad where is that you manscape this what’s up,
no say it every day man so i have a half chewed a root canal done on wednesday and i’m like so fucking scared i’m so scared that i would never and.
I don’t think i’ve ever had a root canal.
Where is that you know where scary sapere can i have one on valentine’s day no on wednesday the day before but still like i’m gonna be on garage stuff on thursday afternoon i have valentine’s day off.
But like a single mom of five can do god valentine’s day parties at school.
What’s your school name cheap i know exactly how can we find mini come see me flash i learn a valuable lesson lanka.
On valentine’s day and i didn’t get anything for later whatever you like.
Hello how dare you anyways bad i have no idea what i got is that the.

[1:01:29] It was bad then so it was all like sad sad like that her feelings.
So i put up working later on that night i walked over to the store and got some flowers and candy and stuff of sunshine when i would clear that she compared how can i was not expecting my.
What mom was singing to you bitch she’s at everything hey violet is every light she was backing up,
i asked if there,
so like i obviously wanna do that for my kids so i do that i feel like jacob would a girl thing expect the girlfriend would he.
We’re gonna go past moms you get me anything for free what the f five and i got you come over,
weather president would what’s the address for my daughter and i got her roses and a card instead of every valentines day i think it’s.
Forgot that’s what she doin on yelp.
I got this time so any of his jacobs getting to the age now where he already has something set up.

[1:02:43] Like i’m kirk my sister was like we’re gonna be an aunt i’m staying home okay.
Why take off so que ta dando um yeah swim teaching him the right ways to do about valentine’s.

[1:03:06] That’s the one that surprised and i know he will remember why do you tell where can i pick it up,
yeah he gets all mad what’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you for valentine’s day you have the first valentine’s day,
remember i said man is a good skill to have fiancée a ring on this finger anymore,
how fun i was like six years ago and the guy i want to go to edward bacon romantic valentine’s day.
Anything for u ive got like flowers and shit like that.

[1:03:50] Like that’s pretty standard i think pm.
Got to eat like i was not like expecting at all.
So we dont hang out here we follow where is yellow candy whatever and they were watching a movie with my mom.
And then uh oh.

[1:04:14] Are you moving casspi how many credit cards but cramer up pretty nervous,
where do you like life was like super nervous he was really nervous and calm down when he’s gonna what’s going on here to thank you and you know she’s gonna say yeah but it still looks tasty,
how was my whole body was shaking like.

[1:04:44] What would he still saying he is gonna say why am i here like is just a huge step.
When did the hand of year saying it stopped feeling devoted yourself to someone what’s the address to life so i can’t remember how i got made i can i don’t think i proposed anything sexual pan married.
Zoom in had that’s why i get lunch yet because like i’m not a lot of women feel really glad that i have to go and.
Yes i am high there is a mistake but you live in new york.

[1:05:31] I completely like the whole another life ago when i was having pms all over you i was.
Twenty one yeah and she was like eighteen nineteen or something like that.

[1:05:49] How long do they last.
I was divorced by alice by the time i was like twenty four so i think we only actually like we’re together longer than we are.
That’s crazy yeah yeah there’s a whole other life forgotten have really any memories that i am how are you gonna be.
Show me twenty nine if you hear of how i can’t even imagine what life was like back then or like what life would be like if i stayed married.
Would be fucking weird.

[1:06:28] Turn off the lights so adequate me hollywood a nice show that came in earlier we have different america.
Maybe i related so we yeah maybe,
probably name twelve am and a ralph or something would,
i wanna for asking you what up.
What was the most romantic thing you’ve done.
Say how i really bone magic so is aight too nervous i feel like a movie theme get roses.
Go ahead and do a movie and then read and loved my favorite youtuber stuff like that desk anne.
I don’t know how to go out the box soon so look up what is your wife appreciates cuz you guys have.

[1:07:37] Kids in life and work we havent actually just recently implemented an every friday is date night.

[1:07:47] So we’ve been doing a lot of fun playing add yes good restaurant i can get them to have kids.
Can we have music go away mode last few times we went to movies then go to a movie.
Our goal is to get ice cream but its always too late when im high ok baby may i know which popcorn is gonna buy gold every fridays date night that’s correct.

[1:08:18] That’s a good thing to have friends like that kind of all i want but first day of ny friend would a date night to have a girlfriend has gotten that here.
Which is cool because we never really had time she works where can sometimes there schedules.
Crossword don’t see them so i can’t like now we set aside friday may your wife.

[1:08:48] Make sure you were aware can maybe i’m not friday where can i schedule a different shirt to wear make the happy lifes wonderful.
That’s kinda what happened friday is this friday i’m supposed to perform a date night so ive.

[1:09:08] Would you call them word i’m looking for a way to make it happen you postponed it no eye.
I actually wish you had it doesn’t look up when i’ll get to move what can we can still do date night tonight.
But i have my show tonight so i mean if you wanna just go eat something then i get to the show at least by ten o’clock.

[1:09:34] Do you know who davies is the compromise so they haven’t come for my stuff you wouldn’t do the full date night with some we can just got a new number.
When next can i use the first time the show can i interrupted if,
the date night but can’t track them weeks to weeks less than two weeks now may i know cuz i was gunna lie was kinda like i work all day lights weren’t you know how can i find.
Yeah how much did this happen and they don’t look like a piece of shit yo are there if like i should just not do the show at all.
Does abby them and seeing how do you not like in scoring angle you know the best husband how will i think i wanna do the show.
How may i gotta say some me the just don’t do daylight.
I just want to show the house i gotta figure sound my house result cannot that anymore wanna get off where,
where can i buy oak,
find a way home now like right this was gonna happen good a work out i can do it just looking at the mirror.

[1:11:00] Who did the hip so this is what i really do tonight we can still do thursday night but that’s the best pic could a woodchuck.
I got a show.
Yes we still tonight i don’t have to do to show you if you want me to help can i get a headache but,
we can go out to eat if you wanna do you have right of you gays will i need a back garden and carnival brazil brazil carnival or whatever i wanna fucking awesome.

[1:11:38] Oh my cheese.
Show good god it’s pine apple and pineapple whatever it is that i got financial aid so good.
So good i add good stuff mermaids how is ron.
Yeah i mean it could you play it speaking what would a pumpkin in search of rare yeah i like that i would like that,
banana meat chicken hot lattice pretty good then this have never been long time ago like ten twelve years ago but never been there i would just went there on my god my god this place raise to work at,
you can go its like a thing on their five year anniversary they will take you.
Pitch black five people and your supervisor and i like them main boss would go to lunch we go anywhere we wanted to analysis i pick,
i just want somebody pick me to go after whatever yeah let’s call.

[1:12:47] Yeah so who this pretty girl you know you had.

[1:12:55] Yo alfred set light,
put the meat in your mouth what would a please turn left yo on,
can i still has to fucking turn everything of this out what’s yo on baby now but i know you would,
may i send the packet,
can a friend put me and gave should a request.
Which brazilian put me give me that good a get me the flap copy hey can i stop,
chowder can i buy a good airport.

[1:13:55] Yeah the fucking welcome suit with the fit well can you at yo og,
yo on.

[1:14:13] Address national i want to ask me what,
how did we shut off found yo yo on,
how can i think that’s probably a good place to leave because i know.
Wrap it up with a homeboy alarm to opt-out just stopped the new video for his song called the last time i was actually gonna be put out a compilation,
a while back with the midwest mix tapes i’m the fuck was that album called from whatapp,
yo are memberships a camera i just album covers yeah,
the warriors is all yours the same as being alone but that song i got that was a dope ass song on the fucking,
mixtape and that he put a video out for the other day so go to you to check out but am along the last try man will play that song now.
And i’m guessing the god closing facts um stay safe stay in a div.
Have a good fucking valentine’s day after valentine’s day so yeah peace out.

[1:15:39] Music.

[1:17:10] Yo on madden on myspace news.

[1:17:15] Music.

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