Urban Indianz Ep 039 The Fry Bread That Almost Killed Me

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Shaina Yellowback and Nathan Foote

Guest: Maniac The Siouxpernatural

Produced By Robert Mehling

Guest Music: Night Shield – Drunken Madness

Machine Transcript
[0:00] At the fringes of perception.
Beyond the boundaries a reminder just passed the glow of the fire and the corner of your eyes you will find edge case would.

[0:16] Music.

[0:31] Add cheese podcast coming september tenth learn more.

[0:41] Yo on.

[0:48] Music.

[1:18] Welcome to episode thirty nine on the podcast i host gabrielle night she told joined today by fuckin.
Play food chain and special guest maniac to supernatural hey dice clay should a will.
What should be done here sometime soon but where do you play.
Fuckin turn out yesterday is fucking madness here there was a problem that was fucking brutal man who truly is and find brew yeah.
I want brue no funny stuff.

[2:02] So store is hook up this morning i had to adjust already but.
I didn’t give me the tablets fucking could a send what’s up.
Ok now i want to go on a fucking this morning at ten am,
just undo past here shaking me in starkville where where where.

[2:33] Where was this when i try to focus doing,
yo on my dad,
put the shit just happened yet,
hey play nearby okay hoping wake up to somebody but nothing confirmed,
yeah it’s okay hey
yeah that was good how about yours i was worried about that stranger passed out dinner i would like to return on i don’t know this guy who has great command for not right,
make a black tongue is gonna be the last ten minutes,
hey its a good thing made it cost modifiers got a car accident and both went to jail i use yo optout,
ok and reel is the air without a goodnight yeah.

[3:46] Oh that’s my kinda car wreck okay let’s say call me up at like.
Play the new one except my dad was the weather forecast my wallet and how much should i donate tony is fucking story about how his wife wrecked car and the parking,
turn on the light bill for dui he went to jail for like being to fucking drop whatever fuck them sleep should a refrigerator.

[4:14] They were actually tell that she was that drunk,
find i guess she wrecked her car would a drop what i guess i could tell by him being don’t drink and drive yeah,
yeah i made that clear my last song goodnight how big you tell me the tracking dr,
hey i forgot to add fuck yeah what up to that point we had nice shields.
Also birthday bash over the hill birthday bash shell of who is a fucking nightmare.
I was trying to maintain five shots on stage and it was over after that really you,
no memories after that romania somebody get this guy a shot of his birthday so i like everybody in the house and gold is fucking rough,
what is the ohio embassy dont really have i know shit happened,
robert could you help me break conversations only rain has look i just time traveled to this morning would a house like two hundred bucks last night on shots,
like wash the crown of your ball in last night because okay to authorize your what is where is gather.

[5:43] Got temperature right then let’s go.

[5:48] Diageo i get some alcohol me a.

[5:58] Girls jumped up on stage and start dancing and they said yeah i was like,
performing and i got back to her house to fight yo,
who’s trying it on.
Oh yeah nothing what can i just say was good af.
When will be processed because your mummy.
Just updated handling business plan should add hd.

[6:42] How am i doing how do i look up.
Go back u gotta do something that always have been that proves to jump to even realize but holly wasn’t fair with DJ severe the whole night with a girl was dancing i told holly i was like yeah.
Get out there and start grinding on nice shit like dancing in comments here and i don’t know if anyone was video taping anything but she got out there and history black enough.

[7:14] Doing a jeep tour with you walking towards you dance when i was watching the minutes like he was trying to hide himself in to do yo on that right down as we get in the queue with white led.
Give it away from me when they walk by into the other side turn around and start walking again then send what number u never.
Where do cashews come into a design is copyrighted we don’t know what i did said that but how could he think i’m telling you,
i posted a picture today after submitting my head,
picture i paid my phone is no sure don’t i don’t know why or how you got that good a space today was like,
what can i get updates for the lap dance for my birthday in fucking,
no fuck no cheaper deals coming to town so ive got a bunch of likes and what is the brand is laughing or so three bags.

[8:19] Okay.
Hey could you help me but yeah sucks you brandon but holly for venturing all the latest crap is driving the storm hit the drawer more than i did know they did not think i hear six hours i got here is seven hours.
What are you for venturing or seven but the roads are shit,
and i kept thinking why in the next twenty miles it should clear up it never good just got home.
How do i gain here be fine you stop by salon that some drugs gallery.

[9:00] Cleveland oh what’s his name maryland baltimore.
Ohio compare how to maryland baltimore until the last night of vivid he closes i miss you know who davies is everything that happened after i have you that is.

[9:20] Hello crowd was pretty much done to everyone is one to the bar but uh when is she getting back for ohio says you,
so he does a good job because fucking um.

[9:36] Yeah that was good for night i’m not fucking.
Yeah do that was before i was taking fucking forever house i got the longest fifteen minutes set up in history like an hour ago truoc.
What the fuck happened you was thinking like five ten minute breaks in between songs yet.
That just popped across hey brian is the guy that file so you know is gonna get me a phone number i can dance sing me happy birthday flowers.
Are your products that where it was previous balance of the sewer.
Can i do a sponsorship i’m sad to upvote connection to go pick shit here this give me free stuff here fabian get your stuff from the connection.
Did you have a fuse that blew connection i wanna quit do we get smarter show for a fucking vape company i see a pic of u and yet calm.
Yeah we did and i can’t remember where to buy stuff from amazon when he is above like wax holders t-shirt do they have stickers i think.

[10:53] What was google’s what crazy for them what can we actually had all the overall wanted to purchase a little overly holders to put like you.
Can a butter and they look at it.
Fucking crazy like nobody really cared about the t-shirt order stickers anything big.

[11:14] Hope you have a good a couple of asking i like to go through what the dirty little rubber container thank you so much.
Use a condom if you need one sofa and accounting is show.
Anyway someone start talking to you nice shoes as from my trial now what should i wear a shirt that i got the last drawing stories.
Set living here and i had all my drinks in my hand slipped on the ice and pineapple with john oliver videos,
i would like a cartoon rapper i could stop i don’t like yo on the light,
no i just the DA.

[12:08] I have already looked around my whole great not seen in my garden is good to use.
Yo are there soaking wet.
What is the most important thing that you didn’t care about losing yo are getting getting pulled over smelling like that you are a b,
if anybody saw yo on.
Try that you feel that exist that much alcohol should add my first fucking burst i should not fall down almost dead.
When u opening your present you like traveling how u really got a gang of bottles for a fucking bringing all those families who is going on kerala.
Yo on,
add departing piece to the grill pan for falling off the stage,
do we have splits on the dick lol and continuing to wrap his leg was wondering if he’s still chilled is very rare anyway it was just like a regular wrap conversions guests.

[13:31] The choppers take a pic of them and that whole thing with the guy like yo are i did not see that was fucking awesome the easter show must go on the laser goes gallery it.
That was great advocates know start that thing that fucking.
Who is some of the fucking manual is still bring back the disc i believe in what war of it was in the snow,
can i get a box the guy didn’t get there till like nine thirty at night for i dont really getting annoyed with that she has always like those women are like that over there,
like what the fuck like me i would like seven to do sound check ticket and their flight two hours and whenever i throw show everyone the sound man little late.
When is his car and went to sleep not like what the fuck am has no like what is the sound was supposed to have this shit jumping,
we can find a hotel eleven o’clock,
because and then i try to blame it on me was i don’t have a schedule yet they have a schedule and what the fuck you mean am doing god damn show you i love you hi.
Grandmother was gladys i fell asleep in my car god damn what a find me player marco maniac and i don’t wanna hear it.

[14:55] Fuck yeah jose.
I was like really enjoyed between the snow on the sound but not showing up but i really not a beginning fox who are the best.
You’re fine i’ve already looked pretty upset when i got in there i had my number one fan and that fucking.
Girl that there was humor to dislike,
when you mean so i was like super annoyed not like feeling kind to entertain who’s the mother fuckers to know there is like the worst can i get a beer number one for me up there please explain that to the side
where should i eat,
just all smiles good he treated my own self is like this is what we got here could a got damn,
i have been,
that’s cool appreciate appreciate that but it could able friend.
What should i ask is.
She was a hottie at one and a red shirt if i don’t want to dance.

[16:17] I said that the when video i have that one i sent to i like died laughing yo on
hi how are you doing about like that one video i had died laughing because you like legit like she’s gonna faint passed my exam center icenter that video afterwards but she said she couldn’t see if i forgot that.

[16:41] Good a you doing good a girl pizza even good for you don’t go yet.
We just paid and everybody’s card i get home.
I know you’re real do you want to hear that girl we’ll jump to know what those are there that we can i am stir who i was afraid she never thought that i should laugh,
wake me up when i was like arguing who is you and her and.
Sheldon and two other people like saturday in nothing but your hallway like having a serious conversation you can like you did a fucking like.
Hey let’s stop this right now and she was like getting mad who is that the one center here,
my sister ended up taking her home yet because my sister came,
anyone ever there she must still like followed her out or something and they gave her a ride home.
Whole time she gave us awake and black shirt and pair man in the high ox was charged never been my dad.

[18:04] I don’t remember anything about what we talked about anything i have no idea who is around just being a native woman something.
I can’t believe i can you reinstate your offense what kind of friends you have and are flying the fight is going on so i would like to drive to like,
okay so it’s like fuck it shoes that when i talked about on the podcast that a couple weeks ago where,
the one that i want to go to the casino i had my wisdom no not what’s the temperature.

[18:36] Should a yeah looking that does suck bad shit.
Had a really convince me to fucking go to the casino and am fucking.

[18:50] Can i get yo on so i play that everything that process on that bitch no bitch no,
find a new one because any real bitch know she would like to the menu online banks like everywhere she went,
you’re just the old dr can help you like or would a table just.

[19:21] You doing good eighty six yo are not already i got second,
play me some ac divided by heat and even know lol i got the item for the guy because i feel like i can now feel like a diavola i think they’re selling their newest try this hard
wish you wasnt having a long black shoes kylie minogue to lie that’s just the cock block is there does that shit.

[19:50] Where is that location and start doing all the podcasts i would like to know if i want to order so she fuckin she does that shit huh,
fine just that if i could a bedtime soccer yeah just that but then died,
next time if i’m out and use it use it with a girls night out
yeah let’s go fucking live especially and maybe i should a blessing because as i said don’t listen to you bitch alone in the universe
hi are you ok like i help you,
should i try to be different ways under which i know is just flying adam and girls to swap them away like they always do i have,
are you human,
can i hear what they would call in the seventies is turkey there is rough i think i would like five different girls last night.

[20:57] Still up for some dude she give yo,
you got more contact from that dude waking you up anymore sexual ness from but holly taking a last name.
From anyone last night because i was wrong,
he’s gone always fuck up to visit birthday contact me to my birthday party but we are birthday party in your birthdays and your birthday party day was horrible actually can i hold high the switch is trying to kill.
I hope i hope this weekend can handle some business.
We’re going to be going to the worst place to try to get laid and how much is a strip club there’s a couple of robes i know in town from out of town better over there.

[21:48] Madam pls dont leave a woman even be over the hill pretty soon people think you’re over forty so will be like this distinguished.
What would a video and she initiate washer to and from here.
No your attitude in could a got makeup all over your shirt less time who did that girl the one from the casino girl yeah i gotta like grab whatever you like,

[22:24] Hi what is the freaking out for so i can dance that’s your girl that got kicked just cake on the makeup like that for you,
barely brush against it new shirts a different color i need the whole please pray unsure if that’s crazy shit right there i remember it doesn’t do anything but,
my at t once gotten the fight with the rest of the week last summer i like beat the shit outta her.
International calls were just kate did make it a.
Play three bottles in a good a friend color and karat skip those in the community would a dollar.

[23:23] Shut the family dollar with all the free drugs consume drugs.

[23:30] How was the indian tacos we just had no way of the delicious bbq chicken neither feels so yeah.
Yo are the fucking other,
what other friend got their machine data from grub hub
already a.
It was a little firewood eight.
What yo on discovery of,
what time is it,
yo on.
Yo on i five and was like i am this morning.
Yeah i don’t know why i was so i was drinking like every.
Fucking us what had like four shots at the bar during fair and then name.

[24:55] Family and crown apple and so does jason like all night here so they’re good he scored twice,
why who when andrei people return this day let me who is on here yo are the man what was it like seeing that girl.
No other girls feel like when i put stuff in there boxes of my coils,
hi because i got to stay where i look up info for classes a cigarette everywhere is gonna stop everybody i was like heh,
let’s go don’t like smoking and his house was the news like,
don’t forget to grab smokes open window ca.
Okay i really miss you then so very well though i got all the kids small PA.

[25:55] Scratch that hello i’m bringing some rest you are pretty sure the neighbors of spokane do whatever pounding on bed,
i don’t know what’s the wall there somebody live under you,
um i’m sure would add bananas to you because i feel like pounding on the same floor yet like i don’t fuck up and i would like to remember exactly what i was like what is that,
what is the why are we here like some of the neighbors.

[26:26] Yeah and everyone had enough of feeling broken and it up going to jail anyways imagine imagine last night and,
think back to it,
that use to be like every week and i like nice guys take turns there friday and saturday mirror when i first of all lights to led different apartment i lived in for a bit.
Anybody dictated what is the name from fucking party in this fucking to wicket,
like i was moving out like i had found somewhere else to live and i was moving my stuff but i went back to his apartment us well did rose bud yahoo news
i got to the apartment and there was an eviction notice on the door
what was it like three days yo on the eviction notice is got three days to get it,
i was going from not paying bills that wasn’t for not keeping your house clean it was some fucking party in every weekend looking like.

[27:30] Think back of that car then days like holy fuck how did we do that shit it wasn’t even just that we can it was definitely the weekends but sometimes.

[27:39] Peppers throughout the week also like wednesday thursday friday so no that wasn’t related the real sex drugs and hip hop days like fucking like,
it’s a fucking bloodbath like all the time but i was thinking kamera i think i told starting this last night but it came back to like when i turn the thirty.
Am i fucking birthday party on when i turn thirty likely fucking party over at wiley.
My car got towed to a fucking party in that is what happened is either not forget anything of it but back to what part of the fucking back shit up over there.
And i woke up um hello black that i woke up and i wasn’t hundred percent make it look up a flight what the fuck and there’s a girl laying next me that i could have been more clothes,
yo are smoking code on my pocketbook like in tokyo on,
yo on,
stockholm quantify the effect why would he.

[29:03] Hey how many yards does my thirtieth birthday i can study with anyone there sad but i think i told you that story last night how do you turn on every other party.
I think it was like thirty five many who is 35 35 36 help to thirty four and drive that was fucking crazy thousand eight hundred two.
Seems like a birthday bachelor i wanna go to skyline yo on,
Should i pull out i got nobody can what was the party bus time is that we want the scarlet news on stage yeah okay.
Yo are there strippers sold the news.

[30:00] Salted nice yo on the flight.
Yo on
yo on
the whole bus from many of my cousins was with us
n it was like the first one if you take a pic he jumped off the bus and started walking the other day over and italy.
You fucking telling you five minutes but i remember that night because i got to know him here name but i got a friend of his lap dance.

[30:49] Could you don’t wanna be there don’t know how often she was scarlett she was there and nothing can’t get them so i had the stripper girl at that dance.
When is the next day she had pink eye how yo on.
Genuinely upset when i open it got me give me pink eye who has the best pumpkin spice lattes what time i went to,
there is a small strip club in westerville oh yeah got hundred percent no my friend owns a bar use to own the fucking model on,
the bar in fucking valentine’s ask a.
That’s percent sure if there’s music you want to go pick up some strawberries like i do so like a fucking mess rebel anime.
My friend wants but me a fuckin answer whatever.
Can i have a ship street on my shirt what’s yo on.
How old was shakespeare when he was some sort of.
Yo are there was also the night we solve this bitch walking fucking bitch fell down.

[32:15] No they don’t like and ass fucking heels.
She was walking walking in those heels the strip stripper heels white departing fucking head in the fountain.
She’s like screaming i would,
what’s hot.
Goodbye is there like the funniest shit you’ll just are some dollars in yo on.

[32:53] Should i see all requests and shit like a hundred percent negative walk around that place the order.

[33:03] All the way because it just makes like ten times is the best reply given invalid and that’s why they have there.
Yeah okay remember dukes got a fucking good eight one.
Is it a black girl yeah yeah,
what are the fucking play like that feel likes she’s like look like his hate disappeared in her eyes open
next packages that anything was just all into it is due.
Record some audio that one birthday too i want that old fucking black stripper where is the beer whatever.
Strawberry give me a lap dance what is comfortable yet,
for song fa yo on the dance floor and that was funny at first because like you know if i got how is the old lady get mad and so i was like,
play three songs later than jesus christ i had a nice visit.
That’s true he was clearly in her fifties yeah least sixty five.
Looking like flavored flavored got me a fleur love you.

[34:31] There we had some good times that are fucking place yeah yeah okay.
It was rough it was rough are some good times too seems like every time we go there pretty bad he was the shit.
Did we get older many new advances there’s hope you.

[34:53] Turn the speakers some other memorable birthday fucking shit i remind you tell you my twenty first birthday.
You two gonna go in bismarck and the box in bismarck no what’s the name of the only owner.
And she was like force feeding me tequila shots like i cant be like at least eleven security,
what would happen after that we ended up at some house and there was susan colleges there like it was due to their party and that i didn’t even see since like high school i have a new voice their thoughts,
yeah woke up with my underwear on backwards look up the photograph shows the house to my bm that point and fucking,
remember you guys are having all the fun and then i couldn’t have any friends that find all the products,
i was paid back so it’s like pay back student,
when i first started running with nice l like what yeah and like they’ve always go to the bars and like i have to sit in the car transfered to give me a referral now or stay hotel,
so you can like feel got down there for a while then he was like i want to have fun night.

[36:17] Why ah okay who are handling some shit to analysis in the other room dislike,
find what yo on
that is wrong yo on who is the most naturally a.

[36:42] Should a gallagher forecast could you please send me a.
Stare at one spot mode to get in trouble yeah i can look around what happened get into it like rapid city tonight at hotel like everybody was,
a grand ol time to really had a fun girl at the time that someone would just lonely lonely and alone.
I want to close those closing out today what other time you were fucked in some fucking spot no idea was just me and you.
Son brought whatever the fuck and then i was like laying on the bed i was like fucking like halfway off the bed like my lights.
How is the lady back of this on the bed light to pass out.
I heard you start handling some bitch on me got right back to me yo,
yo on.

[37:58] Just there because the fleetwood a bit,
who should a contact the surgeon recommend.
Yo are you doing the bathroom i was like any of that good a walking what are the start of the situation.
Yo on turn down the volume if it is free there but we completely knew he was awake so i was just know i would do it for you.
I would like the next two we haven’t send yet not say anything but just per la festa.

[38:48] Adjust the bro i said yeah.
No way to my kids moms hear this shit yeah okay.
But i think i should a i watch series looking for so what are the best my favorite story,
just the head.
Oh man could i can just imagine him saying that like a creeper some reason i watched a good,
how are you gonna detail this has to do with somebody watching someone have sex trevor lifestyle i don’t want it starts know what is the really dumb stuff of life
i would like a reading your comments on your post about the waking up to that guy.
Hey girl seven but did anybody paying your bed.
How can i help you set up bed how was the air when he is on bed this time.

[39:59] Can you tell a story on a podcast that you know we didn’t remember it has anyone got it after.

[40:09] What can you tell me the story i never knew was going to use my new years because i remember a strong hey there was a new years does a five k hold up with this chick fucking.

[40:24] Turn off blueiris camera,
whatever it is i didn’t even get what the fuck okay we’re good girls like
you are i got here like a later on cuz you are one of the guys here than i passed out on the couch tonight remember like sending my phone like right above exhaust pipe to wake up.
When i woke up to know fucking foul where the fuck my phone is like a freaking out digging through all the couches i controlled randy of the other couch where is my phone.
So i go international terms of how i am so,
yeah baby already would a convention she gets to the bed where disliked sydney bullshit,
and he is like,
i was going to wet i would like i would like to move my leg or something and i was like why is your bed wet yo on my way back and he was like,
what yo are we started talking about something else and i totally forgot about that way spa,
i like move my leg and in touch what’s mine again as i was going from your body am i really like what.

[41:47] Move the little bit like holy shit out yo on,
oh my god that theres,
so what’s the weather,
switch transcribe his bed on top of it but then it happened again that you are a story that bitch like fucc install chains phone,
how many shoes no that’s only shoes in randy xcode yeah i meant fucking walked like just got up and laughed instead lol shit,
and like a swag fag zillable yo on.

[42:37] I feel like a later hit up nice don’t you think i was so embarrassed that the weather fucks my phone.
So this is like you guys know is that i didn’t even see your like the entire time i was here because he was already in his room whenever i got here so i had no idea who this person was.
You don’t even know what u like.
Like i noticed my phone what are you using presently also how does the menu have good a classic max and present.
Fucking hell man that was rough that was like alarm bells like two thousand.

[43:18] Eleven or twelve time she doesn’t long time ago how can i help.

[43:25] Alexa cancel heli have a girlfriend pants are pants on your bed just sobbing stone bistro control on hold
like she could of still some fucking pins yo are good science book you love you think she laughs because of that,
yeah yeah he probably woke up and was like oh shit i paid my pants could a check one time.
Do you know if you disliked it i was angry with him when i stop my bad was the toilet flushed repeat can you tell like seven hundred.
Okay thank you i’m guessing i’ll say the dioxide,
i want a puppy is good ab because i pee the night she was,
laundry basket i was just good a was blacked out,
en la it came true would like nights like symphony is looking for a good asian i look down
i was in his room what’s the news headlines you basket that i was displayed what the flight what’s going on,
i just i was blacked out and i can’t who that was another one of those weekends where it’s happening.
Yo are there smoking in my room.

[44:51] Yo are there any improvement at work out of the hair salon open the door and i see maria come working after we had like not done laundry in,
yo on the basketball is the best except yo,
yo on the record that i did,
windows closed so whatever yo on influenza do,
like got pissed over the dam floor in the bathroom like in the hope that moment in the bathroom,
i need iced that bitch shit but yo
side would a stamp that shower that but can i watch the light blinks sheets available,
open yo on man.

[46:10] Yeah i was talking is that require you like your update the next remark,
ok i eat these things and everything like to the bathroom a good agent,
i am for the second time doin the second time and i almost didnt care was almost a relief.

[46:35] What like what day bus why i don’t like this smoking so this girl has the up in the middle of the night if like three o’clock or whatever feeling like t,
yeah i like you guys the fucking three oclock fuckin,
do you know who the fuck yo on light one on tuesday can i fight a cannibal is it is not fit can i take a cab to your house will you take me home in the morning,
how’s life sure whatever let’s do this so fucking machines she comes over here we handle our business to order a fuck i meant she fuckin,
she gets up and um translate day lights prob like seven or eight morning or something like that and i hear her get up and out.
Go to my room and i feel dislike goes into the bathroom or some shit like that.
Just come back for like it’s like half hourly hourly weather fucking this bitch go so fuck it i got up,
what do i realized she was gone and then what came back in my room doesn’t pee everywhere i got her signed the bands i like,
let’s go back to sleep but would a spot know what would he experience like.

[48:02] Hello i would like to use the bed with yo on mind via black,
no babies and toddlers something else would likely up on your language,
just like yo are putting shit back to fucking take her over and fucking true random the guy only said bitches gon fuck,
that i would rather someone home would he,
this is madness good a phone back in the fucking ancient decree when do you send taxes in like millenium that’s yes this is probably like,
fire over six years ago is powered by both incidents happened like i was there your life you would.

[48:57] You are really fucking up in the beginning of spring finally back because missed out like in a hot tub outside don’t know just saying dude wish to bless me to update some help.
That way saves me la trae.
No the girls were taking anyway,
sorry to bother sally can you believe she is a good podcast in the hot tub when is the internet,
say hi guys i wear a speedo for that
i got the wrong yo on.

[49:48] Yeah i ripped it what i was talking brandon into the fucking we have a fucking blanket oh never mind again,
oh directed i’m feeling that couch know that i got rid of that couch
i got another one would it look like that good a coupon that got yo are trying to hook up brother,
i can’t move yet just blew the couch in tokyo are you.
I can’t move further to sleep
i feel like i’m in cloud has already expired i’ve been charge yo are there with my lenova stuff but i did love,
i never work out.
Just curious i like your fucking perfect year in my family because i don’t think you want to check your couch suyo.

[50:54] Pause squats girls be fucking cold in here hey yo are the requirements pocket discuss could.
Bodily fluids yo are the places just lousy with button that you should definitely get your card.
Yo on ten years now it’s a many different things that everyone in this room is contributed to stay a.
Hey i brought you got a bike over there i was like.

[51:35] Because there is fucking broken yo on nineteen for how exercise what are the other twenty eleven.

[51:49] What is a long time ago when i was in on the app but not the loan company’s volume is the say it wasn’t what i just,
trending episodes just check out space not really ever used.
I got no no like UBA,
how will i because i think i like someone will jump on that bike like in the middle of the party and the speed rating if yo are awesome.
Tell him that we would.

[52:29] Yo on,
hi october yet.

[52:52] Broken shit us podcast just full of pasta box should a guy like.
Morning like when u lose your phones like you more and more and all day all you fine lil yeah where was the fire at the fire house call and every yeah i got any more like.
One hundred percent that someone answer that hey like all fucking talking shit to them ya was no someone didn’t turn it down.
Can you get me someone who like my private contractor provides you look like you got how would a yeah i want we can’t hear nothing.
Yeah okay we got here before you guys should eight three four cars do you have a where does one see a fucking mess yo on eight.
Nationals remember coming home i feared that picture you set the group up i was like heh remember hey gotta state number but never like directions to his.

[54:16] I got a brand new duplex is the reason i lost my phone very is get mad at me or is it hot in here or is your house like.

[54:27] I forgot my fucking shirt then can you come from i got two shirts in my trunk i’ve wanted to yeah so like i lost my phone earlier.

[54:41] I’m sorry blame it on the command madness turn out your friends what else happen last night made vehicles like.
I wasn’t grab battling in the kitchen to twenty one to but they haven’t the fucking i get out.
Holy back and wraps his kids may i know when is the next pending when are apps.
No yo on.
China financial hi how are you certified business are you ready now that never should i get to say his name i like cats.
Very offended you add sheldon was like ready to fucking ask what the glass part was my jacket i got yo on,
never and never should i go to put in some work i know i didn’t frame cat eye glasses and i just say the word yo on.

[55:41] Yes show the leggings i just placed an order of cubot got a gram of access assigned to them.
How many has been so fifty five minutes so far away stop start stop a little bit it’s a minute.
No on the tacos now but we’re sharing stories in games than we did get the steroid losing all this,
yeah okay like we have this conversation on tape and get a preserve.
I scroll time is it cold in here like six PM i feel like it’s hard you have to speak of the same.
How far out should he is their recovering from last night lemon and the bananas twenty one.
You have the fare in the summer time that they had your language there in like just there girl.
Now so what should a man to the employees blowing hard last night i felt i feel good.

[56:53] I didn’t out loud that i don’t want to see the story it talks
i woke up in a brutal way this morning fucking some dude shake me up when i get some dude in my room,
what is your review where i want dropping the cupcakes can i make it low what is the fastest.
Can you read that laying in bed is the repayment fucking,
tell me how bypass how you like sucking of ladies like shake me and what are my aud why would a goofy ass do not know what password is that there any parking left.
I got people.
Your favorite sheldon fast that you can celebrate hey plex sitting up on yo are there.

[57:57] What is out here looking like.
Could you look like you like going down i don’t like sheldon usually XL on the couch hes like im sorry that you like,
can yo on when i came in i was like so hey what is the current newest the world so i display a.
Everyone is pretty messed up yo on.

[58:28] How was done i was really happy we were all sitting on the couch so i can help me and networks.
How much would a wood like to know if she can fit just perfect because that’s okay.
I was so that after many bottles of pills still math yo are you mad why you are not sure what to do.
When does she have to get what’s up the hair brush in a grid two what is doing taking one.

[59:17] Can i have information that you can restart it off.
Could you put a select amount go ahead and skip this guy,
what is going to be a,
yo are you.

[59:50] No i’m good night.

[59:55] No i was saying he was starting and no i’m mad later can yes although completely ready for the coin you’re fired.

[1:00:09] Where is it up and it alright.

[1:00:16] That’s intense yeah yeah where is that at the fucking mouth.

[1:00:24] Show last night i think i just wanted this shot but i ended up or like a couple of it.

[1:00:32] What is that you know of black ice drink help you know i didn’t think i sell imported in toronto drinking.

[1:00:43] What is what you must the blade does not going no i just i was tired of all the device street at the sides.
Are you open the fridge isn’t the back of my truck and i think you can say that’s what i do what i like because i have local ladies night fell asleep in someone s car,
free image wrong yo on my brother’s everything talkin to this chick was driving like you got my sister in the car and she’s like i don’t know.
Hello man who has been found.

[1:01:24] I would like to second birthday is on february was always like ive broken ask mom.
Use to be like you know where and deliver here and then so brady’s birthday and and john roberts birthday in my birthday and then,
yo are the month of february while being independently was in february two thousand what happened,
create a playlist birthday would be fucking fashionable i’d like to say how can we try and solve it,
someone invited me out for a birthday next weekend i’m told i would like i can maybe do.
Like maybe another weekend after that is jerry’s mans birthday i’m like i can’t believe all this is my boy,
i feel like we re is set the hotspot box but it’s not like there’s so much to do,
and the weather is good so i can just do nothing i just you know,
how to write mine because this during the fair and there was doing fairs delfino i have to fix that so i just for july is it.
What can a week day will i get the july.
Would a monday july eighth i’d like you fucking know me feel like.

[1:02:51] No i really like you know just starting out of my brand model no i never do anything for my birthday like hardly ever i fuck you.
Aaron add number here not that guy if you expect me to remember your birthday remember i make sure will.
That even talking to god and breakfast like eighteen months now and i would a thirty a fifteen month yo are probably get.
Thousand dollars of our money yet you won’t pay ten bucks to get in to my birthday but you have any gouda bacon two thousand dollar vacation for your birthday yet because yo on,
help me research how should a sweet the.
I’ll be having because i would need somewhere i can run around topless though change the light is not on my bucket list.

[1:03:58] You can’t do that here dummy like you gotta like fucking is wrong yo on,
is going well how do i crossed the nearby air flow do yo on,
i like the motion and i forgot my oven lake county hello.
When we went to the black hills this summer if we got vanilla ice cube low updates.
Hi dumb any good a who.

[1:04:45] Your blood out of the office space while i was like.
Help me a,
i bought diablo doll to me like that i would,
give me a comedy to be having that good a fucking brand is looking at me while they are still three weeks i have the advantage i remember what i like when i first got it what can i do it over the branches
i’m never taking like it was perfect glad to hear that was a good girl gets handsome flight to the airport schedule
who are you trying so last night.
This chick came on traces as usual the girlfriend know who are this check and a.
Longer she’s like twenty.

[1:05:46] Should i was at the nelly concert convert dang can i see new and stage has a nap.

[1:05:57] Where u at twenty.

[1:06:02] Yo on.

[1:06:10] I can hear u light skin sexy people you hey a,
yo are you working are you okay.

[1:06:33] Natural does not good amy i’d like to take some old coworkers seem nice she would like,
some of the hottest chicks in the world,
biggest plane grizzly bear monster startup antenna crazy yo are you doing.
What you can get me up at any port in a storm.
What can i do think that about wraps it up i think it.
We have a song called drunken madness that i think hates this fucking episode so i think we will end the episode,
who is trump the madness episode was fucking disgusting yo are u you listen to and i got.

[1:07:31] Could be quiet yo on.
All the stories came out all the stories in this one not all of their skills play in the chamber thinking about something that s like get brought up in what i can remember that god.

[1:07:51] Oh man is it about your apple podcasts link to durban chronicles instruction on my god.
Going to be like the first episode okay i don’t know how i feel it.

[1:08:05] Oh man i think it should we talk about is like the mild shit he prolly much on this podcast address i wanna change the app.
Can you get me some real shit n i like that shit so my feed is,
thank you guys are fucking coming through,
channel thank you for the indian tacos yes i’m aware maniac extra sydney what is estimate explains your nice clothes and nice playful andrew came in
it’s a united scarlet so,
do you want to go down the lights is gonna go it will you guys cancel work that poem hey at what is bills don’t pay themselves up.
Alright take as a builder can drive.

[1:08:57] Music.

[1:09:06] Pick you guys up yo on the way to drop that driving

[1:09:22] Music.

[1:09:40] Yo on.

[1:09:45] Music.

[1:09:56] Yo on
i would

[1:10:25] Music.

[1:10:38] Yo on

[1:11:00] Music.

[1:11:18] Would you have yo on.

[1:11:30] Music.

[1:11:36] Yo on
yo on
yo on.

[1:12:00] Music.

[1:12:10] Yo on.

[1:12:19] Music.

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