Urban Indianz Ep 040 Randomness

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Shaina Yellowback and Nathan Foote

Produced By Robert Mehling

Guest Music: “Wanted” by Crystle Lightning



Machine Transcript
[0:00] Yo

[0:08] Music.

[0:36] Wiki.
Cold is fuck out you think that they would like negative eight percent sure i got it last night but i was the disco last hey.
Not having it temp yet when i woke up at six AM it wasn’t negative seventeen degrees actual temperature in negative forty seven wind chill
jesus christ walk around like nothing yeah i did know what it is believed that the primary i want to so,
my cuz just like men.
He went back and go look for it has gotten something jackson really that good ar for who is one of those carts one center.
Hello is there a mets game so no thank you lol call life.

[1:23] I want to make it that you just had it a pear.

[1:32] Can i make with jack and rose in titanic,
which movies will be yes why is that good jack sacrifices like yo are the words like babe on way like home pounds are you.
When does your new verse,
please take turns going to see if i feel i got something with buster should of got something did i think,
add a new reminder of bday was the other in the winter when you just useless give me one yeah,
the rain is really happy yeah probably just go hard listen to a lot of water because its like,
what was the ratio like two thousand people died but there are no walls seven were pulled from the water is really your being one of the people to win the water and surviving is like here zero is there a statue people that survive that is bad well,
what didn’t people like that so i recommend doing it when they finally stopped quarter feeling batman like got a few to come back and take the whole crazy.
Huh making me about that like when that was happening what can i help you i want to know what’s inside messed up.

[2:58] I want to thank my would like when you only know those bows for.
I wear a nine in the beginning i mean est pay the bill filled in women and children they keep them comfortable they were like only partially feeling like this place is he a man to hold a cup.
Doesn’t the relocation we had ten people have already they should have thirteen i think you know like in the movie that is they go back people over to the boats n.
Is your name sasha the other languages can he use to this cold thats how id like i was talking my co-workers alike,
how cold is it gonna the new job is the man yeah it’s like what if like when its like four degrees out you like,
what should a when did the spring and summer time is gonna be like in here one person complaining email may i can’t wait.

[3:58] It should be eight like twenty degrees out set like that now that’s what i disrespectful no.
I’m not gonna miss potholes.
Oh my god rhino may i ask how you like them i feel bad cuz like the people behind me i know they think it may i would like why should i want right next to you get rid of if i dislike,
serie wants to point out that dude know if you watch the movie he tried to get on the door and it started sinking,
learning yes i guess so yeah watched it also when the titanic is jacked up and yeah that’s true it’s even better if they both die.

[4:46] When would the bulls live yeah i have a round pen is not too happy i guess i don’t know yet.
W like drama so yeah go back to the pothole thing i seen a post clear to you that made me laugh really hard was that.

[5:04] Fucking cory charged posted some like got.
I had a pothole so hard on my minnesota that came out of what is yo on
drive-thru is like all jacked up in my driveway my car so load background
play the lotto what are you doing this much water like a size like to hangout there is a hole there what’s going on here so that i can use my car just like
i’m like oh god no man no how many get like once i like you don’t get my food.
I dislike florida if it had a check that i’m going to bed what is going to do just that the shutdown close them,
minnesota here they gonna have any dance studio.
Turn the whole thing even like small they were like yahoo did they get like that so bad and the most atrocious aspects of the screen.

[6:19] Hey when did world of outlaws good ab forgot to confirm no one else and never received this package before it expire that many there are.
Who is bad anywhere us lower sioux falls that.

[6:38] Play hey much is copay to see the city put out a new app that lets you like report potholes in the can like how is highly rated,
have we been able to a number we can call in this like a tap for you can likely tagged the location to be like pothole here it is a starting time,
hey there stop good afternoon if i’m a copy cat she doesn’t the term play that game
what can i do if i block that is good amen the trailer for that detective pikachu movie.
Yeah go explain three awesome actually.
I don’t know anything about whatever that is what is the dragon ball z no,
dragon ball z who are you i want to watch he is clearly demonstrating if it has movie looks like in the movie looked fucking funny,
sorry i am looking and like certain areas both in very good areas i just want a crossover with like mind hunter though so its detective pikachu ryan reynolds hunting like,
take me back to something petty that shit.

[8:00] How many kids you got logging out yeah great who’s the great society good movies out.

[8:09] What movie lol i meant to go see glass but then i read about your reviews for the second yes.

[8:18] Catch you whenever i want to know if when’s i only know it’s a great movie what’s the weather gonna redbox.

[8:26] Yeah it’s perfect.
Into the spider verse got best animated feature i was happy but that was cool is it in my queue swear to god i wanna watch it but want to hear it,
i’m not multi task because everything i watch is faulty test so it’s like i send a side effect of things to watch on the home theater there and not have any interruptions everyone is todd going on at work about how good it is yeah.

[8:50] Waiting shoes that i just i just came out an hd i think on tuesday that’s where all talking about it and i watched it i bought it that day and watched it again that night in dads
it’s really good like i am doing not yours and then.

[9:06] Just the other day but yeah i like to know what song is playing up to yeah some flowers.
Is my little place and its like a plan on the radio where was madness relaxing are the lyrics of bollywood no song in my playlist.
Spider man there’s a bunch of special features for it are pretty and it’s like god was telling me there is like a flat black or
flashlights universe version of urself space where you turn it’s a special feature you turn it on it just a different audio track lol like english spanish or like yahoo,
get all directors commentary one of them is that it’s a little just to edit like the dramatic moments in the movie someone
will just like food what do you expect like it when my coworkers was telling me about of mice like what is awesome movies need to have that,
set the tracked.
Great going to seattle i get tickets for captain marvel on thursday so kind of excited to see that you add next movie.
Umm you not chase taught by the whole like manhattan controversial know its silly but no.

[10:23] I was am really excited for this movie like i only use them for dylan to watch this considered part of the m. c. u. that’s let’s me i’ll be babysitting i like to come on come on get to the easter eggs about infinity you have hair like,
i dont really know much about that character to begin with.
Umm but i do know like when it like the old the x-men cartoon ever and road still power whatever the road is a powerful yeah that would be cool if they do that in the fucking movie is not this movie but like.
What are the start introducing the x men stuff but where are my clothes look nice.
Display computer how many do or if if my kids got actually i need a brand new.
Where can i find a good scary movies but can road trip from albuquerque here in a few months whatever.
Yeah managers engaged comes out that thursday or nathan witnessed firsthand.
Would a year we have to be in albuquerque by this time does the first showing is on fucking at six o’clock we have spoken be there by then.
Yeah so if silver iphone what time is your hands the movie come out yeah.
Yes i like the sequel to that movie that i can’t seem to be in new mexico to yelp watch it no let’s continue.

[11:50] Weather in london merge march thirty first is good he does the perfect gentleman either yeah.

[12:03] Got snowed not my favorite arizona right.
Sorry wasn’t mexico where they had like a freaking little start my workout and would get to my parents but there can i flight,
they’re all pissed off when they go to texas for like two months this time of year again so
they’re just like it’s too cold what am i called for babies should a course there like worrying about because you like your mother some of my other siblings live up in hancock county so,
can i get much worse than we even are you false or dislike amounts of snow,
add so there is just nothing but horror stories from their kids and grandkids about how bad it is for the snow so they dislike it when you got like i miss you falls we have flowers and also earrings pendant thing about living.
When i lived in seattle like who did we get like micah half inch of snow like the whole city would shutdown is that no how would like the equipment rate yeah.
Is ridiculous request.

[13:00] What’s like in the seventies my mom was a foreign exchange student in mexico city you stay with family there and that was it in topeka blvd the year of the mexico city blizzard which is like a famous of and yeah feel like.
Like twelve hundred people or something she can use car accident some stuff to his they got like four inches of snow and they have like no snow removal equipment they have no idea how to drive in so like every street is just like a killing ground based telescopes she just like,
i would like to play,
eighteen eighteen year old blake the whole extended family there all like to drama hey keep throwing snow because i wasn’t here last week.
How is that area.

[13:44] Super cold in the middle of nowhere like nothing the difference for hey suck my coworker made me listen to the house bills for three hours how is the weather.
You really got to access my first time listening in if you have never listened like you to try it out if you’re even if nervous about that though i should’ve just said no.
Yeah so i want to so when we pulled and relax be how to get all those pills across the areas like that so yeah all truths were there until eight nine o’clock heard that early for them,
yeah i get to eleven and yeah thats pretty good u gotta listen to some of them are there other radio and then i got it appears we win sat in there,
i think i just like looking at you like really how many wives are freakin you read,
what could he forget sometimes.

[14:47] Yeah yeah what are you talking about the legislative body where the majority leader in that place you were just that was hanging out with racist terrible,
what’s the book yeah,
yeah x going on can we try something that it’s always a circus we are going so crazy never realize that figure out they’re like see their beloved,
someone will get open just like start talking bout some random story is that.
Let’s try this way other people to get them to vote yes on my business we’d like what the time would like some random story.
I can’t believe it can do that no swimwear the actually delivery on the floor a little bit back and forth yeah that’s cool
like at the federal level unit it’s basically like i’m exists for boats photo ops for big boats and then that everyone goes back to the office yet so i would like know when do i take some salons just like,
show the latest display,
just say u believe haven’t the username me all the native tribes read something.

[15:58] Vero quick reply to meet the lady of the senate to my forgot her name from pine ridge that will you put the picture above.

[16:10] May i connect a table to table for sure,
no no no that’s my coworker yes then the next turn up the fish are either orange jacket yeah yeah i know i feel like stefani hairstyles like on the agenda christina was supposed to feel like i want shrimp,
what is she doing jarvis.
She’s too cool guests to cool her already came and talked like we listening and i was like.
Will you know she said no way support me my coworkers i think there is problem turn it being nice is probably not for any of the,
does made of things which is no way i would like how do you like sex i support natives i’m looking for any of your things i can tell you get here my dad support your hair.
Stay on the red eclipse yeah yeah,
sports do u know you’re fucking place should a mirror and then my coworker where we met up with her friend and her friend to have been a big freakin add.
Attorney general will i see if she tell me she is mostly made of people and four mostly meth charges who is the general um listen perms roxy but i can’t remember her last name.

[17:38] Who is this i got interesting i thought this is a whole new world is crazy hey politics and stuff like that then but,
it’s cool that we are in a small enough state but you get you can make a trip together and actually get to see alot more like where is there a lot of states like you don’t make it faster or like i would ask if marisa ordered from you dislike,
what in south dakota so you can be walking and always wonder walking out like what the heck like the security token was asking about the order to take stuff out of my body lose weight is like nothing but amazing is that still blows my mind.
You think funny or something to get on things they can get pretty hectic and makes you understand why is there,
do you like debate once while allowing concealed carry inside of the capitol for the legislature some so hopefully yeah that was when do the bills that came up is like ok so if you were an employee but i’m getting allow you to bring guns.
Where are leaving your car and then another person was like what if i miss.
My family someone would you bring your family to work hey there points for colleges off but that was one of the id and pass not yet they broke that one for less.

[18:55] Five sessions i think now if you work in a gas station because i have.
Don’t please you got the stories were like the fights back and manages like find off the guy that’s attacking and ever and then,
because of their policy the first thing they do when you’re fired yet because mrs did i would be i wouldn’t be finding another hey
how much did it take so i don’t know how i wanna payment for LX that i don’t have to clean that out of the play it made me another one that i thought was really interesting was
the one about the want to.

[19:37] Try that and fridge of school dropout back to sixteen like when i was ask what was up when is the event is eight and i didn’t know they changed i think like two years after like.
Phone speaker is supposed to graduate u-line can you play a few just quit go ahead and order i mean you can not see policy,
how are you i mean if you don’t call they got the feeling like as of right now which says eighth grade
and sigh whatever here at eight grade for the code is the
is our set limit but most states would have liked what’s the law were they would like someone after you like new york is very pro that may i ask who i was in high school,
light and see what the thing like you got left.

[20:22] Change to i think capacity you know if it may i have the base and some of the house yeah how would i reply yes it’s cool,
i send you know like you likes onion i get your situation maybe it makes a difference like how much.

[20:41] Keep forgetting like with my nephew and my niece but like to laugh share things nothing you have the principal talk to a man and that was that,
what can a girl i know who has her daughters and i think that’s partially why is she still at middle school,
i’m like who likes writing her could she is my flight twenty days of school or something but if i leave your high school just like yeah looking serious of grade
that’s why i don’t know if you guys have had this for like a smaller high schools here in south dakota still have a great graduation with a little discipline us by them that’s why is because legally
that’s the point where if you really wanted to okay it started with the other laws that are like oh you missed it whatever,
i legally you can walk to school to be like i’m done was gonna go phone number because that’s what a loss right now why is it that you were a farm kid.

[21:31] Yellow seventy eight years ago why go past eight grade to start farming
yeah who is when did that come back on the rez like we have graduated from have a great graduation and people make a big fucking deal about another beautiful wife played pay you different school for your associates you like my wife is always like
horrified when she don’t want to buy graduation still have the eighth grade graduation people here that’s just insane what why is and i never understood that but,
may i know now makes me feel but would love your art civilization is based on a real level though,
yeah like newspapers like the new arena hey i wear so um.

[22:15] When is that the reason why anyone should probably back to sixteen s set please add like they’re wasting money like i think they said twenty four hundred students.

[22:25] Based on that money still get paid when the schools are very even after not showing up yeah like i would be for it i’m happy it’s back to sixteen s day off another programming for the students like.
Ok you don’t want to make a big programmer life in your list of tech program the lights were they still active up until the eighteen you up there still building your skills and still.
Getting some kind of knowledge
you know theres but just the feel of notes that seem unrelated what was interested cash grab or like wait what
where are the schools i left there when i was the schools are cash cows that deserve to be screwed out of more money why yeah thats like enough.

[23:11] I don’t know.

[23:14] My good time in pr discovered that you are cool is anyone even care i don’t know what my coworker told me about some places but there’s like dozens donut shop left the bomb and i didn’t go there will they have a freaking
we have a late are amazing i can’t believe i want but has like this feeling.
Think hot and they put this feeling in between.

[23:38] Fill in the i want to create a feeling that i know man i know what i was thinking i was just like so busy you know who is the guy the runs the podcast too i will point out.
Can you cancel welcome pretty good a you want you know just you have it lying around on ice yesterday i spoke of this happened a couple times i have never made one where,
flyboy don’t have spider man come by hello give like spider-man,
am i good actually coming in like a spiderman costume select so here’s the deal with that you remember the magician travis night yeah,
so who is the guy that sets that up but one of his friends from august and that’s like an acrobat so that we can do the climbing stuff inside my god yes for their next event he found the exact cost you
more like the start of it for the other the spider man from into the spider verse or morales i wanna yeah and not
he was even talking to me on wednesday about it’s like i found the jacket that looks exactly like it’s amazing anyways so
you bring that up in icenter can someone here just wednesday talking about because you prepare that’s awesome what is that whenever i do that i want to make it over there sometimes they have a love pop at five d diamond firework
do you know that life either that will strip mall.

[25:05] Hmm probably a bad idea what this is and how to shower in here hey bro six.
I generally do much hip hop honors,
open gifts under the venue or like what is your branch outlets like the spiderman so is it yeah
i am hoping there’s some venom here
no nope no moms bringing okay yellow is the spa just never place anybody goes everywhere and nowhere branches then i’m happy that this part yeah gotta funciona.
Compare the headlight buses to like that will just take you all around like you have to drive yeah when the air fare goes fucking.

[25:53] Which bachelor party,
like there’s a strip club just like red on the other side of the bridge whatever you like humans can definitely feel it send it but it’s foggy in another time zone so i can go over there,
edit like fuckin one o’clock and they come back over the bridge it’s like midnight health care whatever so you asked me know what it’s really cool.
Turn off the explaining why did you want on the rez with head start graduation okay.
Read it i can get them all the roads were you had start graduation to pray is the,
i would also and boost them for the big for big school eighth grade graduation is to encourage the young to strive harder that they accomplish something important,
booster conference we have a low rate of graduating you if we do that so that they feel pride in their accomplishments like our ancestors edwin and chief something back that.
Makes sense yeah that makes sense.

[26:58] Yeah we dont care but i don’t know yet,
see you get drunk somewhere then go back and get drunk again and a half ago and they have a bus that takes you know so like what specifically for danielle like to be a busted just like this i got it don’t think so like.
I think it’s like five bucks to get out of this funk i did still with him when all those guys fucking lesbian at the strip club.
No you put yo are you get ready to leave an hour talking to some girl whenever now we back inside.
I’m about fifteen minutes later it was gonna be good to find where you put hey there bus came at me baxter.
That’s where my car was damaged italy.

[27:51] I’m on live therapy right now someone is a walgreens so it’s not like super does your hands wouldn’t that i am place downtown.

[28:04] Red roses.
No when connected to the clubhouse all my god clubhouse is like the bastard that should a when do they play just like everything like i’m not.

[28:20] Anything you can think of that all the juices like i have only use them,
four low cost in if yo arm going there to see of that picture from the last week and i wear a.
Levi’s mom made that that picture of me whenever i guys from our god’s from like no other whenever,
hello i saw speaking would a funny man about
yeah the fall of america’s levi’s standing over the fucking forty if it that if.
Im the only person i know the girls by the fucking forty one luck.
Screw that mean like when everywhere i think that last time i look at you have like three hundred shares is here.
Who hit forward if yeah yes always material birthday monday last monday,
and i was ruined so anyone do anything ya tardo yeah man where’s the airplane unlike when i was that night like.

[29:44] Go not jason something like that hang out but don’t know.

[29:48] Bank detail bags may i did you wanna party do wanna drink in one km nothing we recorded that last podcast,
fucking wee rup to like it in the morning when did you like asnaf you just said nothing could a bad.
What’s the weather doing anything your jus like certain niccas hanging would he playing video games waiting for that refund or if there is the rice.
Who bring viral restaurant spend it yeah how’s it feel to be forty dollars.
Same shit is no different than thirty.

[30:44] Same shit so feel.

[30:49] I feel more experienced is more of a hey yeah.
Look at what i will do like dumb shit like i use to do you like my duncan out more calculated would a calculated dumb shit like goals now.
How may i assists happy late birthday sorry we couldn’t attend no i know what they’re hand self.

[31:20] Yeah that’s all good leslie was pretty snowy so
yeah fucking blizzard in may to work every fucking it up and threw her three younger very good a yeah
what’s garbage and then stopped turn off phone yet,
are there any anti play shaina made mama where is my window then click main menu when does not record the podcast who also cares what is the fucking indian tacos of life.

[31:54] I have good air.
Is there a video of afterwards and everywhere driving meeting my indian taco driving good he is that everything you are doing good just.
My sister had a many who are brought over indian tacos on tuesday are my birthday and money on the names of the irobot i got.
I’d like it yes the nanny gonna go out and make more than i get a couple ribeye loaded bake potatoes and do my yeah pick me up.
Whenever an access control is shit out of the blue falcon jenny shows up with indian tacos this is bs williams notes de mi jenny,
like you haven’t met me birthdays ruined my shit is fucking hell
i had a good fucking is good a few message me what you want indian taco like you bring it
you’re beautiful.
Yikes i had one so i need to get ready is around that’s gonna fucking it’s gonna be all bad karen vasquez says hi grandpa.

[33:08] Skip
hello command to take your ibuprofen now you are getting you get arrested now set the volume to low,
yeah yeah i see her i need someone else to fuck need some is hub activity stuff,
what are the schools we to check my friend independent or is it hot
what is what it has what is a cool holiday started could a man who was only fucking goddam
no you fucking told them i make a big man like you gotta fucking doing stupid ass bitch i get it over here.
Restart freaking out like jumping up and down and screaming and crying it’s weird that there is mom can we got into got it.

[34:07] Who is rob is there it is
where are mike’s seven th graders like middle tennessee if it that has me in any fucking way home,
can you please um i see what i got new boss is not not a good idea strikes i feel happy.

[34:34] Call bill old shit,
alexa when is the computer he’s like one of the district reps are out bread,
we hadn’t talked and he said he don’t like indian tacos loads in my coworker was like
i want to learn more like sad if i know anybody can i get it i know because yes volume really have the feeling she gets older yeah he can do it.
If your baby’s one pieces of bread i think i don’t know what her deal is but yea go into it it’s defected.
Yesterday we learned her own hair she cut bangs then i know if it’s like basket like cut bangs on her head no house if i have a picture but.
Yeah she does like nine oli with that nigga to go to school at the new arena.

[35:34] Remember school special yeah first mission lesson plan yeah.
Yeah it doesn’t look that bad but i just like why would she do that.

[35:47] How is it that bad is it something different logos.
Lagu hari what time,
can you like crazy shit like your hair your ryan who remember password could a light all the way down,
damn i had the look of it will that week so i would like left behind the red pill,
i would like the address for me just like i had this planned shared on the christmas ones like red and green women’s like
i’m getting i migraine overall videos like this is the black dick i promise like if you like who to school because when i did that again like fr
like what i was thinking that if i can remember by memory remains like i just like food,
i fucking tried it but this is like back in the day i tried to shave my head.
No chicken out and so i just half of my head was shaved and the other half still feeling how the fuck is this,
where do i fit hello add group back i would a wood eight can you send me the photo or,
call the doctor when the camera yeah i can everyone’s asking um.

[37:16] Let’s see where is the camera app is the tv please i.

[37:24] That is nice we go where no one is a different log-in yeah.

[37:35] Is board could a stop the growing like a woman who might have interest the weather is like in first grade second grade.

[37:51] First day class for school name and send me to school you please move the crate up can we put the cat
should he even had my name on the bag but it still rock that how did that man by any one of the dressed like you know my mom she’s.
Set me up to school and the schools like there.
Who beat the help looking back at remove stuff i was wearing my daniel yeah man.
Just like to hear what would a good will like this velvet like nice shit like hotel i can you know any like black one with like the sushi purple pants
who do you think go there i missed the train now that’s what do they call a hamburger pants
have fun like that so yeah i remember that’s what you want.
Can the company from another make noise when you walk like when compared to whatever kinda play anything heavy yeah ok.

[39:00] How’s the kid behind those wondering.
The strap runs good a i remember the weather being like in middle school and he just.

[39:12] Good a i remember like all the girls in the school where baby,
close like that was like that i wear this ugly nothing about every turning into but then we destroyed pants rolled them off at the roof.

[39:32] I think yeah i can background noise in school to save it show off your shoes though that’s where i don’t know i just seen a lady doing so that if you are aware,
keep all lights to hold the mouse outfit like um here bands like on the bottom home button yellow.
Ask tell my kids i said because he can close like joggers who has the best kind of the same suit we did yeah it’s different with a look of a button.
Should we only had the roller should a man off wana still watching but like back in the day she had fucking.
Do you still have i got to feed up here dislike up at like to see how good a did up yeah i could use the latest you’d like,
remember i can’t like fucking spray hair spray what are you so i remember it said you had vacuum daily help with get their hair didn’t the granting about yeah,
yeah yeah open heidi she will be well if it that was the style back then i feel is my grandma back light,
six e seven e six hundred like the beehive hair like that crazy lady that hair.

[41:01] So awesome stay at home mom life you help me.
Helping with the south dakota symphony orchestra thing ever.
So you help me with ideas you will just consult i’m not like any or anything like that because if they have questions or whatever just helping you help,
what is that everything will put on no
go back and a drone like that like yeah yeah but like i’m like the first event they’re doing a really like.
Like what i’m really have much input of that but i’m it’s this coming saturday the seventh i believe it is.
That’s enough,
yeah goodnight kiss goodnight okay i’ll be at the it’s at the multicultural center hotel with is because i like seven PM free.

[41:56] But yeah music and stuff yeah be a drink.
I dont really still don’t really get like the gist of what he did is there doing so it can be like new to meet you but you get the interview i contact matthew yeah it’s crazy crazy what is happening here would he
yeah many computers but i will i meet with the lady the runs it or whatever.
I listen to you guys podcast i listen to mike the first one the guys did the most recent one.
Yes really like switched it up some how where its alot more baggage snow day send what’s your help hey out there actually been on one and y.

[42:44] What has determined i’m really half of it and not even half what is it like the last image is there enough to get a digestive just
hey m i had a discussion will you put the humidifier,
damn out yo on mouth yeah.

[43:06] Yeah yeah i think that’ll be interesting i’m excited to go check out a whatever so it’s free right yeah free march night after multiple friendly kid friendly help.

[43:19] Yep so it’ll be interesting to think that what i imagine a business like god like what.
Turn it snow in thing im driving and stuff with an orchestra so how can some yeah so i think my daughter is playing violin for,
i must find your snap is playing at the high school level so she can while,
yeah that’s what is hard to get her do that shit u. pussy listening to music while i do have is a double something and i’m like.
Should i really cool that i can do that and you know it sounds like motivating your even in school orchestra needed you like you can have this angle.

[44:06] Mute off.
Hello this is a step don’t think it’s very diverse i think i have with you like a asian people and play mostly white people who are involved the most famous but.

[44:19] Yeah i was surprised to hear that that was a thing self hatred about flake a while back with ma.
I never heard anything about this saturday come check it out.

[44:33] Can you add a gas person there no drunken man yeah yeah.

[44:43] Something where i should be a thing of february description of the job what job.
What john what job i felt yeah go ahead cancel yeah like it’s bounce ideas around and im just.
Did they want me to be apart of like the people that can play videos for guess so.
And shana just sent to the following imaging via messenger.

[45:13] What the fucking hell would he is the funniest shit.

[45:23] Yeah but there does heather photoshop them yet.
Hello bodies and even good amy real good air no create a man.
Yeah yeah but that doesn’t make the cut but hey that’s crazy they did that there are a couple natives.

[45:51] Nothing in the top but the top i want a olive ecco retail good a one hundred if help.

[46:08] If it couldn’t that you got a new board do oyelowo is there what you gonna teach me,
i wanna i wanna help you remember my newborn that its easier yes warm hearted and guess so it’s got it straight up ask i love you still learning,
is born.

[46:32] Sports organizations fucking thing thing go on a man that communicates or when i had buy a cake.
It’s a awesome that’s good then if i buy new headphones.
Hey let’s get fried chicken so nice to go in the next month.

[46:55] Hey i was wanting to try those bose ones that cover all my madden you have headphones you know about headphones stopped both ways cancelled the really nice i like poetry fifty dollars.
Are there not loud just really well balance will have to like take it that loud and then they’re really good accounts cancelling anything else what’s like your flight people where the airplane it’s a lot because i feel like,
didn’t get any the airplane noise switch off switch it’s like it doesn’t have to be that loud which is absolutely nothing comes in from the outside like withdraw my wife nuts because should be like.
Do you like right to be like on the couch should i be typing wearing these headphones new like i can hear the fuck do i have a complaint that nice but there are there any fish yet.
Find time is the gym yesterday.
Like manager too expensive for me i just got my background thinking that we keep ones i know people are just staring at me through my headphones is the blues who are you who are really at the new at the gym now thank you,
crap about what you doing your own thing but i can go to a gym no.

[48:10] Light show that i need to get back where is a quick fuck you.
Vehicle situation right now but that’s being changed to men next week yet
are you back at it and get back to you can i use to be like that too but then i just like you and screwed you know like you did when you pay attention to the people they do not care about nobody the fuck what anybody is doing everyone the world,
mostly every word headphones
yeah every once my people really get into the music i don’t get the people that dont wear headphones anyway how do you doing hair like natural yeah when she does biking to my friend’s hour just reading.

[48:50] Will that’s why i get sucked in to something i can kinda see how that works i was like ok i will be pedal anymore i feel like barely moving that stuff lets make that sophia.
My music is like my life itself a new number to change.
Move the mattress the only button that if he could you list my music then if you forget your headphones.
Like you forget your shoes ya hace semanas y descarga de aquí.
Know you where is the menu where is that you should listen to that fucking wheel is the alex jones stuff oh my gosh you’re so that was an amazing episode is so ridiculous i’m only like halfway through it.
Is the boat the craziest shit you ever fucking do you know who alex jones is right where he gotta like super crazy conspiracy theories to,
finally went to far until like even you tube and twitter like everyone is banned him hey
this place quickest is the reason that likes and hope to survivors get harassed by conspiracy theories select direct prices after your kids don’t go up there shooting like mad don’t like someone had been assaulted and attacked.
As a result yet because he came up with this whole it was a false flag i was no real school shooting in here all that bullshit so yeah yeah.
Read a nice that in the road and interview but is the catalyst of the reason that people.

[50:18] It’s like off the half hour podcast it’s long as fuck yeah i’m only like halfway through a place where,
are you talking about like the most absurd shall exchange gets into a new world order kinda stuff he gets who he play like that naturally i’m kind of were like thanks the light,
there’s like half human half demon and angel think that secretly running everything is it hot here.
What message with me if the shit he says that is like as a grain of truth to it yeah really fucked up is playing the stories he tells about like a MK ultra and stuff like that like the human experimentation,
that all really happened yeah it’s like so i can you know like his defense try to defend himself in an interview with a lot of like.
You got to a point where you just been listening you are so much do these crazy fucking stories about things they actually did that yeah i’d end,
things that ten years ago he was saying that are like things that PBS documentary about.
Please like to get the values for so long eventually you can see conspiracies everywhere and it’s like that tweet.
The impression i got with robin was gonna fishing for this because i would like to talk on the phone before the episode alexa can find that and that’s what rogan was trying to get out of was to admit.

[51:46] He went too far nerd but alex jones being.
Like damaged is a slight need too xo like did you get to the part where he asked about the head injury is like no other there ok i want to write a will you play what i left where i can already bravo would like just command and then.
Maybe like a little bit passat me need to listen to awaken but i didn’t get me the flap thing inbetween no you don’t think i got a guy that i work so i talked.

[52:17] How far he is legitimately of.
What the hell is my quote with hey violet this conspiracy michael commandments like i want to hear it anymore of it up do what i do believe you are bad
the eye can see is the fucking moon landing ship like we did you go to the moon.

[52:40] What’s funny is that alex jones talked about that and he’s like no we’ve definitely been to the moon and back up like a stuffed we know about yeah you can take like if we had a clear night sky to power phone off so i can actually print it.
Purposely put reflect upon like somewhere landing sites assigned disconnect confirmed your findings on calculate like distance and stuff like that whole thing that is like a frame of reference.
What alex jones bison to the conspiracy theory that the reason there were set send the reason that the photos look fake,
it’s because the radiation when they went to the van allen belt should of melted all of the film you have destroyed the images and bleach them out.
It’s we maintains the bay fake asf like the photos you see why i was the cross hairs are in the wrong spot stuff like that yeah i like it when their flight,
the big conspiracy yesterday was a real hug like a video to get this video is fake.
I almost said a livestream get hey can i stay or live the landing strip.
I would like this i am really cool off on documentaries like the national geographic and will smith is like then.

[53:57] I want a really cool up and pay you talk to some other more of a mess astronaut to spend like majority of the time up in space and the color talking about their like.
I am what i think or the link the reactions to everything they knew the time they spent up there is really cool cuz he talked about how.
Humans are made by the same elements as stars are in space and i always think back to like order people can that’s like they’re from christian stories that come from the stars yes i like that was something that we never prove that,
do you know who that were made of the same element yeah okay but ya documentary what is the checkout.
The comments section is having fun with alex jones covers hey little levi hello i know isn’t a conspiracy some costco stuff like that we talked about,
the one i got the card for more details about that it’s like alex jones is bill hicks plane andy kaufman on the world is the most common hey alex jones conspiracy theory is that he’s actually,
i feel her express if i want to study works with the government.

[55:07] I said there is a lizard beast what imma is talking about how i like fuckin derma has done like.
Like what is it like tests on like we do mass amounts of diet mtn talk to enter dimensional aliens and like to try to use the technology group it’s fucking crazy man yeah that’s set to.

[55:31] Movie in netflix the menu stare at goats yeah got into that what they called of the star wars program was really special not like star wars and sci stupid definition for star wars in like,
end call then like knights and stuff like that it was just nice sitting around taking,
different levels of masculinity and just like every kind of like,
yeah just trying not.
Extra plongeur communicate your conspiracy theories hugo the reason they are classified that send say that yeah.
Rewind deep classified because i actually talk to like demons and interventional being speaking to.
What can i create a skin there’s a lotta stuff nobody is gonna be the moon.
If you can listen to the podcast it’s bananas what’s the name of it together is joe rogan i would like alex jones returns or something like that but yeah it’s fucking nuts it takes about,
do they start off talking about um.
The sandy hook stuff and it’s takes about like about a half hour to get really fucking crazy yeah but once you get past that sandy hook stuff and it starts really like.
Open really fucking nuts.
What is a male armstrong say they never went to the moon and neil armstrong and punching do for santa fe and never yeah.

[56:58] Can i see u is the one that is the front man i would whatever you know i think some dude trying to say something then.
I actually posted in the face of hey m can you just make some new and spacious its.
Are there gonna be a launching i did that already i hope i mentioned sometime about enough space to the big thing going on right now is the drag and that launched yesterday and that’s the one that will finally be sending astronauts from america.
Up in space ken because we’ve been really buying seats on so use caps was just.
Fucking embarrassing with doing of like twenty years or however long the shuttle seven of action.
That an update the russians for sticky notes for eighty five million dollars per per passenger when fan but their space is different to the don’t feed my flight bulky is the act where there,
will it depends on the space like a space where doing up and down on then off the like,
armored space where for like a space walk with like got on space where they go outside work on,
i never difference fair when they travel into the quantum realm many hits were there was actually starting to modify a phase marissa is picking.

[58:19] Yo are the new regions in yo are the strong smell of engineering.
Would a milky way in the process of it.
You should a what about that fucking dude who’s this is he the police chief,
if i would ever allow yeah oh yeah that’s crazy i feel u dont know this guy was like the chief of police find find apartment yet,
add to have a child charges.
Like what twenty is some crazy looking like twenty other chargers they came upon within one week of your strawberries here almost all of them,
tell what to bring it down to like four or any plateau on those than i said like they gave me no time because of what his service.
Yeah we should of been like sentencing guidelines would like to six years minimum for twenty dollars and he’s got no prison time and then.
U suppose to be like sixty days jail time or something like that no matter other saying that date because of outstanding citizen they’re gonna do you like.

[59:45] So may i ask monitor thing so is the highest.
Got off late on child porn charges he select registered sex offender does it yep recipes light yellow.
I can’t wait it’s correct and i’m and i’m in south korea loves your sex,
hey someone like u fucking got the present five years yes,
turn off the stairs leading to giving vacation day give me big brakes yeah i understand he even imprisoned like we are there.
Hey yeah it will that was the big the mima one crazy in local facebook was the argus leader,
like front page from the yeah please no prison time for child porn charges and then right next with the second biggest story of the day,
is ten the guy selling weed gotta ten years in prison yet.
Stupid i would like a sponsor post on my fucking page flowers like this is ridiculous.

[1:00:54] I understand if you married have kids and yeah he’s married grandkids get so awkward as you can possibly imagine he would like that part of the problem is so enter connected with like,
the chamber and he was really really good buddies with mike or stuff mirrors two false of super connected an yeah,
you girls like.

[1:01:17] I mean so fucking dumb turn red i don’t understand why,
can you help me find my workers sleep but umm.

[1:01:26] Any did it like one,
we always remember that mass of child porn sting from like back page dot com or something like that would the FBI possibly hundred people were us yeah
please squeeze all they had to go on was hey there’s this email with an ip address in sioux falls south dakota to the center to local law enforcement,
they looked at me like this is the fire station and here it’s like.
And then trace back to him from that but if there have been for the mass of stinger whatever they would of never found out about it but yeah.
Firebird would a retirement party for him and have a plan that stuff a fire him like one month before retirement so he loses his like.
She pension from the city for that so we do not getting it only scott free buddy’s getting it for free then you are so good.

[1:02:18] I would because i knew that i thought had not ever.

[1:02:23] What’s the weather like in FL like to know who got busted in florida is not the man order the patriots yeah robert you go so you guys wanna know what’s go get one rubbed out so what,
when we get one rubbed out williams and left the place you to,
return to its not just a prostitution think they were little a little like traffic sex slaves were like chained up at night in that place hey that’s the fucked up part converts like it,
q saying right now the crazy shit without those like like a billionaire like you can’t help,
any chase BK so you can fix that if you could he becomes a problem is the rich cuz.
Are we still got some messed up mentality going on.
I don’t know if you have to go and buy it for me heidi no i don’t think he knew what is it like the whole sex trafficking.
No but how would he even know about it i just gotta is a masseuse places in mien.

[1:03:34] You know there was a couple you don’t here hey the one i got shut down for the things i sent yet.
I messed up the i got the term of like for him.
I don’t think he knew that like you know the story behind you is just gonna give you no.

[1:03:54] Yeah yeah happy ending info can call today this is crazy light how far would you know something your name just.
Create a password then go give lex all her help me learn good a you have no ha heh
that’s like you walkin ask him about the weather in if they say anything other than the brain is slippery you move yet i got what code word fag.

[1:04:24] What would a wood you with all the trade secrets here is gross.

[1:04:35] What’s the weather in greece looks different where they animated them and make more three dimensional.
Select cab hey look for content the other much more what the heck can i know is that you just did that last like for four days would you like added the,
the gradient some more information do not know that we are pretty good i’d like for saturday is still soft what is the start cooking.

[1:05:05] Why not just set me up a picture of some bitch send over some tacos are we gonna stop over here.
Fuck man it’s tough we had what you doing baby finally figured out what your doing for your birthday yet.
Which you do not wish to do a countdown start a start the start a countdown on the podcast,
create a tag his birthday for like fucking like since the podcast started,
should add like the shark birthday like if i dont really blame no one ever wants to travel or do anything,
may i know.
Yeah yeah if we missed an like u people have stuff going on but i’m travelling with a reminder that im taking republic to put a comma yep.
Where are we going for like of for five days so it’s not like the way the sky is super high so it’s me that flight.

[1:06:10] She passed out how long will when does north link is really pretty cool riff red is there a phone.
Select or click the weather in seattle that’s awesome view being our directive republic i didn’t start playoff hey where which sounds terrible but the actually have a little tourist town that.
Is it carnival royal caribbean built remember that stuff.
That would like a playstation to the headlights zip lines and stuff like that you know what type of behavior not pretty american republic but yes i’m not number is like in mexico cancun on canaria i really like going there.

[1:06:50] Idk what i’m really looking forward to it i get freaked out loud but i was planning on going to vegas in three weeks in this girl and gone with.
Let’s go zip lining like your running and shit,
wake up my skin hey this is a ten years ago i would not do a zip line i already know what we did i was so i would not do it like for getting so far no.

[1:07:17] What are the fucking crashes and i think it is due hey big is that one crazy ride the ride that goes over the head of your you do that.
I know what it what is that i think you like hanging off the building right where is nicole’s on holidays all year,
what’s that man i’m not about that i’m not about that life anymore like this in nashville i know what i just like dread all the roads in my life,
i miss like when you leave it feeling a bit for me but i have to leave mentally.

[1:07:53] I’m gonna going to do with it whatever it was the only one like the rapids one that was just can like rite
courses never get here later found out that’s the one they’re closing because it was the one that like to killed by far the most people have you got updates,
no i just a few min to my mother is no is like in the spring play last time i went like,
not this last time i went to one before and we won another cute like the swing you like just sit down like a city one.
And then there’s people in other side what would happen what your like freaking way out there reading for the reindeer like to feel that freaking needle,
what are the good die hard and come so like going to valley fair where they from like the time we.
Get close i’ll ask rose what are the last result for ireland on any rides.

[1:08:48] What were the trip arriving on i gotta tell you that but i think that’s because i got a birthday he took me on.
The fucking octopus what are the fucking thing is in may i’d like to stock up in the fuck.

[1:09:02] Sky spinning around like no fuck no this is the worst thing id ever happen in my life to remember what videos on youtube,
what time was like thinking about the octopus the weather was like,
someone threw up all day and just from like the sheer and show than i would like just like assholes like christopher hello dislike getting everyone on the look up of your chef,
that would be me i was hit the fair with my son if when i’m there,
bad dragon many can a misspelled hear the album dropped just the film that the purchase was apple’s monday look like
like shit like state fair and i am but that was quickly when you with some ass holes where is like a little create a really supportive of her and id like going for high scores something i can help you figure out when the funeral mass me about yahoo
may i add a whole i do like the drops instead of a not spending what i dont like is the one at the left,
images trabajo entre is the money if goodbye love it i love it
what can i set up the following sensation is the worst thing for me had not about that life,
what that and on the ground lamb safe are there my birthday is july twenty third if you still listening.

[1:10:31] Are there and when i try to hook up walking tours yes i got you guys your seeing making up the meat right now if you want to yeah that’s what the reading was around salsa chips i have both.
I want to explode because i have
i’m with three to good a bacon if it has got a problem
turn off please yes yeah when i was a kid but the zipper.
That’s fucking gay pride but man have to find one yeah i wanna know what my daughter a few years back because she loves me likes it but,
should i know to ride with me and a send five,
i let’s go is because i put my god help me with the zipper was because i recognized no se look just like.
Where can i find when is a cat in that trial account it and it important that european is like.
What was your pin place like three times today in the mail such a cheap little shit ask a snap of the time so it’s like the fucking idiot know if link so i can review that thank you like.

[1:11:47] I don’t know how that’s even aloud what is like the one you feel the newspaper they’re just like existing silver can i think i can believe im looking for a man there’s no what are my cousins wanna surprise,
what is the temperature were you travel.
I need a fucking desert till to read view spend the last time in texas really here.
Start a new life yeah i don’t know if i’d like that you get a middle are the people love you and i met through,
i would wanna be that weird carney never submitted draft hey there some cool ones hey there some cool if i like secret is there is.

[1:12:37] Is there always like sweaty and hot just greasy fucking set necklace and also have this that this is the sketch is right operator dude who looked yeah all is shit,
no thank you no thank you i’m fine and yes i want to suggest that text or when you coming through
series a walking tacos did not working there for about three to seven if you need and i will that will that whatever this is overweight because,
take me up on that shit is the tallest man ever made that we were supposed to eat at mackenzie river but i think i’ll wait then.
LMAO friend melissa who can do reviews look good anyway i love you my friend seems like a really.
It’s not that great how’s life man but i really want that lemon chicken pasta so bad and i will also talk about the food there will read about the fate and all we can.

[1:13:45] Yeah to say before this podcast is gonna try and be responsible the latest week and him not to send this light on the order a pizza
if u immediately would a good idea you forcing my hand if it,
yeah crazy huh.

[1:14:08] What the hey polyester to add funciona actually every one i last had a grand combo fucking you in to french yeah no i did not think working hey like.

[1:14:24] What the fuck.
Yeah it was the shit who did we just win and they some ass holes could a long as line did we late function sum like that bouncer from a scarlet is that.
Get members.
Oh yeah he was like he should i know about it i feel like a bop would a.
If no diagnosis can i pick the first one.

[1:15:02] Is flirting a manager who is not next to him,
there was a table right away or is mad that specifically how will this when i hear there’s snow is fucking even bothered u do if your it
i swear like some bosses with it.
Give me a great combo if it that we really like that this morning hey yeah let’s have a weird encounter.
What day of the library that dude yeah what we really don’t get enough,
he’s like a trump supporter and he is randomly i would like to add sliding in a div and what not leave early just gotta like to hang out,
turn the active was gonna get in fight place where is can i do anything good.
Who is phil about that.

[1:16:08] Trump but i like talking like that is whats the high like go back to you you can ask them to keep all the way back overtime to denver co came back.
How about you guys wear super bowls what’s your IQ would like to get some ship hey you know noses never dislike you like go away you’re annoying yeah.

[1:16:33] Yes could it be sent back and get diciotto yes yes.

[1:16:40] I was proud of you no assault charges should he has really proud to announce it could’ve been a man so sure of like.
You know people never understand.

[1:16:55] Who got you that side of it that is what you wanted he probably wanted to leave you like a tour and i am buying a drink and send them on his way and then he came back here where it’s a wonderful,
go away please read it and i went to the bathroom and toilet case i watch that guy and his like i know.

[1:17:19] I want to the bathroom came back an hes standing at the table should.
Yeah craziness how bad i forgot about that shit.
Hello where’s what’s latest disconnect is is what i can wear because for the first time two.
How is that it was o make sure what is it and loving it just say goodbye and there’s a guy just forget how we’re,
i’m going now will table down,
i know it’s crazy like this guy and not a business look and see what’s like getting into it family your stuff and and another guy.
Something like health it operations talking about telecom and not that guy come down and mike done.
Leave why just feeling like not even helping this is a crazy mess and never come back to standby i forgot my charger what is this get off.
I received from people flipping around the block up north here.
What can i put in the food was good and had a craft kit.

[1:18:37] Yo what up crab dip oh set heavy crap deposit in advance.

[1:18:46] Or not because my experience.
Whats time good times did i need to learn how to post the kitchen.
Latest network and i had to drive home staying in sav life goes down a little.

[1:19:08] Find a good place to leave it i think your need today we’re gonna play.
New single from crystal light named who just put out a song ummm cheese with red cloud record is whatever but.
Free cloud member yeah you did the coloring book whatever she is girlfriend just announced expecting a baby already play themself com a DJ yes you DJ the absence things in.
She should also i also think you been a couple tv shows and stuff like that and yet she’s pretty cool and yeah so.
Yeah so we with her new single of wanted and i think is fair.
You know sticking with us and hello will be over and get clothes look up any coming over here from getting walking tacos so yeah.
We’ll see you guys in two weeks.

[1:20:09] Music.

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