Urban Indianz Ep 041 Embarrassing High School Stories

Urban Indianz Ep 041 Embarrassing High School Stories
Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Shaina Yellowback and Nathan Foote
Produced By Robert Mehling
Guest: Levi Hansen

Guest Music: Baby Shel – Comma Kamikazi (Prod. TZ1)



Machine Transcript
[0:00] At the fringes of perception.
Beyond the boundaries a reminder just passed the glow of the fire does the corner of your hacks you’ll find an excuse me who.

[0:15] Music.

[0:30] Add cheese podcast coming september ten learn more red pot dot com.

[0:40] Yo on.

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[1:17] Is walking episode forty one other indians podcast host every night to join.
Hey levi access trying to return for yellow and robert of course hey.
Should a museum patties.

[1:37] Happy st patrick’s day to ask you how many irish yo on the papers what can i make using a brown bag hey.
Hey could a wrong yo on,
no remember i would like the history of the keys in like oakwood a i do want to talk about that when they fo three should do yeah,
get your uncle man in fucking,
what should a burns presents history of cookies should.
He’s like it’s not really bringing in most other fucking courses while its like all over the place in the fucking negatives i know why you are ridiculous,
hey can you add another lower than business here is something i do when i get into one of these times i feel like we
lights up top of what is dead he’s when is the last time i had a hickey.

[2:54] Good a you know where family wasn’t that one because that’s what’s the time of day like night life.

[3:06] What you normally feel like.
Just fucking flooded everywhere happy i is estimate check one more guy tells the guy finally there a couple of like the whole mag through discovery of a rose.
I don’t play that shit and if.
I very much liked the big push from time to time no like yeah that’s what i’m saying like you know yeah.

[3:31] I got that it’s been a while i try to not have that ever happened but yeah it happens every once in awhile not be like,
i feel like you have on my glasses yeah i use a plastic baby in like june or july i got one on accident.
Is there a display into it hurt or what if i didn’t realize it was happening until like the next day i looked in the mirror
men are insecure about that shit my next to four if you dislike,
set alarm if it is a good simpsons joke.
Rolls over on top of button was like where the new screen is like trying to steal florida i’d like to cut hair i feel like summertime we see more,
yeah if you buy more about leslie some clothing i think i gave someone a hickey like review weeks ago,
purpose no idea no no no it’s not in,
am i sleep hey miss their idol tell me the status of request could,
what will you do if not do it yet what’s up.

[4:55] Who provide the add carrots by the wood he.
Play the audio feed system id forget this is like the best episode for tomorrow would a.

[5:15] Any help you like yeah no i try something different and bad numb too lazy to change to a haircut,
hey there wazzup with a haircut would a i think when it was that were u now yeah.
I would like a levi’s rock and i was like the biggest place to do back in the day know you,
shake recipes of pizza top yet but the lady kinda do this fake thing on the size of the screen lol fucking lesbians would a knob something this nice spas in toronto that is really here,
yeah i really currently set my hair is too is also fucking weird thing is they were really okay but yes it’s good,
hey flip back see if i just keep this up on do it be doing that like four months yeah if my hair gets like crazy and belongings are you who are part white.
The irish side for sure i have that my hair is really wavy and my impressions for my mom yeah are you irish to know if i really don’t think i am german and like someone else.

[6:31] You know i was wondering if like ancestry or like there anything by it i mean i know that side of me from my grandmother still alive on my mom’s side so i forget what she said she was but.
Like my grandpa i think hes.

[6:46] Who is parents were the ones who came to america is the old school picture of quarterly middle of suitcases and stuff but.
Could be interesting is my cousin decided he never my health dad side yes i’m i’d like to update what is your call blake like.
What if i said should a ancestry dot com there’s twenty three in may i think would aid for every twenty one yo on
could he.
Check out these jeans probably should a yeah or no.

[7:33] No like how is the weather gets crazy do i look up what time is it.
I like that one time and i just a got swag of your life that are you spend get two uber suv and then you can send it back do you see that episode of south park or a meetup wanna know.
He wanted to be like that whole thing was like see where ancestry has been europe,
maybe percentage of victim you know who and i don’t know if i know who you select from our randy did that,
read the second delivery will ask dislike made out record the charge to take the test in could eight of daily life falls in love with a really good eighth
south park is organizing the whole watch flight the last couple seasons media back on sleep and i am.
Special because of all on hulu yeah yeah this is too much shit to watch that leaves experimenting what’s your story tell me which is kind of like im in some interesting dynamics of green with the film the rest skies that.

[8:43] Is it season twenty of the one where trump get elected,
which ever one that was did fall apart because they like printed out in the story where like clearly they were making it up as they went but they have this like story telling roll the dice
does the writers for the show like swear by that all the events that happened must an because by or anything that happens next month,
cause my something that happened before kinda like i cant do anything to the story stays on track as part of it makes your storytelling so good,
and the throughout the window right wen trump get elected and that’s what i like.
What are the characters meet with hillary clinton after a branch even after she lost the election so the guys because they probably are you automatic.
Part already and start from there is like the season one friends are we break down like what happens when the scenes yeah.
Yeah that’s if i get enough i guess i should listen to respect my talented how are you what’s your name but yeah that’s sad,
what’s the white stan wilson to bed.

[9:47] I’m trying to think of the shelf why is cracked that’s not the name of the group that put that video together and no lunch put up that podcast.

[9:56] But yeah that’s where you’re gonna from southwood HS wanna get dna test how you are yeah here we go
back to that good feeling it’s like turn me off on that instead,
leave done like twenty twenty investigations on the mend the results are like wildly all over the place like a few,
complaint if u do a twenty three and me ancestry dot com you can get like a wildly different results were a few twenty three and me and a rope you can get wildly different results were just like they’re not super consistent weather is like eating people’s DNA.

[10:35] That’s what i tell my parents when they tell me that,
i think i just like just say you know fifty years from now there’s gonna be like clone slaves toi la underground play bellevue just so you know that when is he can i request a good night sleep well do something,
where it’s like dave the story activate that you like,
if you can request saber did i earn it and after that i don’t know what you can do it just because of that the whole like civil rights issue of the future will be like the right to your own DNA collect help
elon monsanto can like to copyright seed strain and shit like that is like little like a little padding life.
Organic creatures of a player so dystopian is she a.
Did you do anything for st patrick’s day move the other go out last night i went to my cousins house to have that boxing match.
Who is fighting irish camaro.

[11:37] Who is active in fire me know when she’s available and i don’t like boxing really weird that going on so.
Just a heads up on greece s that gave i want have your baby.
Sexy that wyoming what is the name of saint patties day should a i was hanging out over his house earlier today and i.
It already started i fucking except we have a fucking him for fucking my friday night was a fucking complete bot bloodbath,
who is passed out in the bar open would a male i just can go and see who is good af,
it was this friday night and saturday when sister complete shit show me a glass of saturday night saturday was just recovering from fucking friday.
So where do i know which way to the legion.

[12:37] Friend who was in town yeah there we said we reset new arena.
Great how can you help me compile a kilometer to drinking tequila hanging out stuff and then we’ll go to the legion.
N one other stuff to the just fucking,
destroyed if how to invite if i one has three favorite places and the train is fucking dan from cheese burgers get all kinds of shit.

[13:07] Yeah there’s mad pictures of me just fucking dispathed yet because i like when do the last pictures you took with someone
i got you guys you like yeah ok that was terrible is great about the parade did you go to,
what that was afraid for wedding yet anything had a pretty good how did i mess up play boy whats my exact reaction every year movies like oh i could do something for the release like take photo for blogging something like that its always like,
i don’t think i would not like that stat morning open of myself not a picture of what events that people like so much did you get me drunk in public yeah i mean like modify start mad early two on saint patrick’s day like,
do you like bars open nine o’clock morning sunshine i didn’t realize that i remember what are my home girls needs to be a bartender at lucky’s.
End like you would work all fucking day and it was like nine am to like clothes and i want you to remind aria needs starting today yeah.
I was the last night for the state lucky fest what is that there will that just myself.

[14:22] What’s the local bands and canada like i can i restrictions on which of the life of riley no.
How many feet are in the news alot of people wearing denim hood.
Hi rhys like crazy man lift se i was at the intersection on the eighteenth of may so that’s like that although i was right there is like,
book a twenty left if an when there’s that many is thomas gonna be hard to like ok which one is you know i have heard the latest thing but i like the app we do have lake.

[15:08] Pictures tells how you like usually they call you in a poem yeah i want to know if you want a few weeks go ahead like.
Using my other characters in outside the car is not driving yesterday yes i.
Choose a getaway people know who and when they have a bar to a let’s go i wanna like dealing with drinks like that especially like it is kinda like.

[15:37] Howdy john roberts asks did you meet grace white.
No cap did you know like soon as the game was done like the running back to lock when they lost and also the word site celebrate shit we talked and then she hit me up.
Umm that next dates gonna do that podcast that monday night or whatever and then she said they left town at like four AM so we’ll dance to.
Can you tell who’s a good guy and i got free tickets from work so i can process we win watch the game so.

[16:13] Philosophy of less is great one third place for steak stayed who is basketball is pretty cool yeah we lost against like crazy the restaurant like.

[16:26] So blatantly like in crazy ass house instead of just like dang like a state level rank which everyone to watching yeah like,
like a boss hogg stereotypes hang out monday to the rafters like i would a had longer hair salon the hair was pulled back in pony tails,
i would like to have one done for the follow up when he came up like you never heard of like stocks of the players so he stopped himself but he do have cold in here,
like what i’m telling nothing,
call while you know who mitch should’ve won that argument but then they play for third place and then expect,
there was like to play earth when do the knicks suck,
tell me who frank if i’m not wearing panties though when do the lions you found out like a man expanded through stuff on there,
omg what’s the like what’s the happenings like i need to cancel yeah when do the girls like.

[17:36] Minivan would like the native side would my security has been what is this trial just came ad
where they were planning so yeah stick that you give me a give me a good game because the steal your data,
new schools coming in yellow is enough when i was in high school are girls basketball team was like the sheet and we wanted to stay.

[18:04] We are still thinking the first game state but they would like it am i think was like i’m defeated flight the whole feeling that they were the shit that odd girls made it birthday and they lost their first game and they won the next page,
select place fast but still talk me later falcons yeah where is a frances lady warriors and then they had.
We went to think it was in mitchell give me the current balance,
god had brought a fan but whatever select also like students category and we stayed up in one of the hotels airfare a weekend or something like that you got to go to the games.
If i’m home.
Like the fan club or whatever they’re invited but man it will never the less,
undefined the whole year then lost first game it was like.

[18:55] Every last fucking crying it’s fucking perfect like the whole world and every high school on russia how many likes,
bring tournaments falls here now we have like then press enter and the pentagon yeah there.

[19:12] Where was there was a game at the UN to lead premier select okay right on the main court like you know where they had but.

[19:21] Concerts in south what does goodbye see what that is like playing those big ass vapes that would be cool when.

[19:31] I like superficial you know is like the way you have it set up and BAM yeah yeah speaking of a high school,
yeah i can have i seen a post that he put i want to buy things of god and feed the fish earlier this week.
Is it made me laugh so hard what would a set the meme what’s the,
the unit will you put the toilet at friends house that just below is the steps
kid with like got holding a gun to would a posted after that one of my first post to gabes thing was dislike,
that’s how i kno that itll scientifically that you cannot die of embarrassment if i wanted it is not that we can share so
being very very very cool guy that i was in high school on the nineties high f anna road trip down to the big city of sue false.
And stayed there for our friends house is like my first older friends that like hes on house and two falls and it was him say with his his,
fiance and then a bunch of other guys from washington we are a unique play dungeons dragons so we are there to make you just because your hair are we just marathon play dungeons and dragons for like.

[20:53] Three days straight without a three day weekend yeah and so it’s like a plug the toilet on friday and they do not have,
oh hey jenny the the fee is complete different,
never had this issue before and the second like i could
what is he from i just like the one i just i got the rest of the time but i hear it’s because it’s me playing
play dungeons dragons a high school i was so happy eating times like i’m using you like,
fucking fullfeed for buffet of like interrupting the game for like how many pizzas on pump with cut select red star,
supposed to go again on saturday and if it didn’t the reviews are some trick or something done for the first time since i still have a plan so awful.
I feel like telling yeah i didn’t come out tell me so a toilet is there it’s plugged back of
again i repeat if it looking the crossword high school was super sensitive about not being cool anyway so everyone know when i will give me shit about your oldest would like it.

[22:17] Pacific ok i go i don’t wanna be affiliated with you but feel sympathy anyway,
so anyway thanks i’m not i don’t know how but i know for sure over that we can i puck your remember feeling sunday again on saturday but club the third time
set the date,
i am so secure something would a quip ted to handle your assistance,
this is a bill to code or something i think i feel so yeah that text my my glorious high school number of his many more embarrassing things i school but that was a particularly yeah,
colorful week and it’s amazing to remember what the campaign we play more like i know it was started issuing that’s all i can remember.

[23:12] But man i remember how i just wanted to finish with three times last night about
listen to be proud of them what should a scarf it could eighties video game with my initial if i don’t get it
ill be like decades before some other kid could a s s if i would of been out of been like self conscious banker anywhere after that then,
glad who i feel shaken deeply make a new ball
what’s the rest of my life something so they get a can for me now for close out if i signed if i have to cry a little and i want the first rolls out that i can go
yes but the third it’s all something for showing us in welcoming,
yeah okay but where do we got about this i might um.

[24:16] Baby little envious for that story but it wrong with its finely how many more lies now yep now it’s forever recorded in the animal to the internet
i think someday when i’m like running for office of my kids running for office in connecticut you choose that good a few would you trust a lieutenant governor who played there toilets three to sf
you didn’t even apologize if you feel so to prevent that in the future.
Jenny brandon if you watching this.
Really really really sorry for that weekend and nineteen ninety seven when i plug her toilet three times in one weekend and i’m sorry,
i approve this message are failed at spectrum
i wonder if you tell that story like i want to subscribe i’m looking for the legend of heather suburbs and falls don’t even know what they open could
i’m looking for a good book
yo are you with that but yeah.
I got one where it’s happening like a two week period where i was out.

[25:43] Is there is girl that i really liked in high school or whatever i would always like.
I can i was too back then leaving like florida around or anything like that so i really liked i knew my.
My friends knew that i liked or whatever and finally one day i got to eat lunch together.
No we go i’m gonna turn on the fucking fire plan to go sit and have lunch with this girl or whatever and we go to the fucking insurance.
Go to sit down and the fucking cat in the fuckin,
where we both know what it feels who is a broker so i fucking fold out in front of like everybody in the fucking thing walking trails crashing to the ground and everything.
No like i loved of course you know that i need to sit next episode of the fucking girl in pieces about the food and i think it was pizza day to alex hai the square pizza yeah yeah
so that fucking happened.
I don’t think i’ve ever get to have lunch with a girl again after that but i do not want my boys yeah we’ll we’ll talk
like how do i get a safe that’s such a lead on yo are people who know what is the a.
I don’t wanna fuckin.

[27:08] Your appeal to both of you and me but that is added already arrived your hands are you have a second i feel like you were you said you had.
I hardly have any high school memories play more like the adult things i didn’t like it,
networking event to the bakery back in its last year there was like a big speed networking event we go from chair to chair it so it’s like i want this one share the meaning of a guitar busy like pitching my business but i dislike it so let me clear about the deal december
no put the slayer shirt for it the thing it’s so loud and there’s like fifty people do we have fusion band room choir every person.
Put lucy there a lattice like that it’s flowy.
That was fine as i remember to request is the contact information that like a week after that should have been in the lunch room,
we’ll link to it would like some kanye high school trip i took a salt lake.
Pizza hut in valentine nebraska there was like prolly like fifteen of us were thinking high school function.
Are there any how i got.

[28:32] No i gotta get it or i gotta get it fucking other purpose you send the pictures instead of the fucking convict know set up a table what’s my butt big of a couple other people and i am.

[28:46] I got to sit back down.
Invited you know you like committed to sitting down with is no turning back its your sitting down i just might go flying out from there because just came out.
Ok i went back up like fucking found out what my policy.

[29:04] Like a return your item was like start laughing at me instead of forgotten that i got in trouble because the teachers but i did that on purpose of guy yeah i did that on purpose i meant the fucking white belt,
if i can spill my pop all over somebody and how do you play insult to injury yeah i’m an after all this snow is a guy to,
falls down all the focus should a high schools grade had a fling indian and would a twenty from dislike i was thinking yeah
i found out i had nothing would a legal or half that when i leave,
pacific and after you delete your facebook find out like i would like that we’re dreaming and understood a remember it like where is old and alot have alot like a drink
oh maybe last year whenever i was in trouble when i walk around as walking home one because it all ice out.
It was fucking shitty out and i was going down like a fucking you how we have on the sidewalks the have like in kind or whatever that.
Umm you know if you’re in a wheelchair submitted fucking up and i forgot what is wad.

[30:23] Can i just fucking wiped out hard into this fucking portal and all these cars are going by the all lights stopped to make sure i was ok i was just laying in the fucking street all wet,
good a ok lo the words i was a good day like.
What is all these cars stopped like i could just drove by that you like stop and make it even worse it going okay okay
hey you that dane cook describing what it’s like when someone get hit by a car and if it notes will it hanging out good af
i feel that a lot of those.

[31:04] I despise is your birthday i didn’t fall down but usually take a tradition that i found the following navigate to connect connect maybe i didn’t really age since i didn’t follower.
Play good hope so still have to still flirt still thirty nine am the same you do i fall down.
Challenge excepted should he have any high school,
will you know how good a i really like
can’t order something when i type but deleted it but i said fuck you immediately update
i got the points for not good amy i really like mikes
she came over my house tonight i would like.
Checking to see if you like what is happening in control outside my door with like when i look back i like somehow for he will remember you don’t like those i just remember being so embarrassed because i was the first time like.
Who beat who just got smokes help ya there was this one time and the football team.

[32:25] Now is receive and i got on the volume icon and then i ran like just passed.
Vacuum and the feeling before suggest a will the home that was embarrassing when i realized dad.

[32:42] There was this other time i was taking a shower and i had my period and all the girls
how could he
what would a twenty,
forecast good eight to see whats going may i ask if.
It’s like im the it’s stuffy in philadelphia we’re just like you don’t what may is like is like it’s described in his back as like.
No that was rambo first blood you’re describing rambo for his hello do not actually have hope i think a detective story before its not my story to some one else’s,
when i was there so as part of it but i would like to track me so it’s like all of your kind of best,
best love or track team like you know the run and so he is big enough we’re open to have a website i got the latest scores in a square with people,
how is you like turtles first-come the first event so this girl going into your new track and i was wondering why she did her to buy bread.
I would like question this time.
Is there who’s there is going to be like get over the first two o would be really crabby about the third one she just like.

[34:12] Catches you disposed no hard is rolling into those can i make a with rose on to the grass get up and fix this kid’s gonna hurt.
Still hurting but i would a like you know like always students from like five different middle schooler watching this i was recording lol.
I want to relax the order.

[34:39] I wonder she likes remember that and that traumatized good az after this podcast would a help,
who did the louisville but i mean could.
Probably the most embarrassing thing i’ve ever like been a part of.

[35:09] No that wasn’t me but like we’re in tenth grade in wiener stand where am i gonna say same because.
What would a cubic feet per second i don’t want you got on facebook i would talk to me like fifteen twenty years so fucking bot.
What’s the no to my best friend back in the day is named was nick pack one.
No no he was is from boston move to the us from boston he was in detroit move to the us from detroit so we both like,
i would like outcast people where everything and so we know his mom is a teacher my most the weather the day we live next door to each other in.
Um we sign over his house when i was like me and a brother and marcus.

[35:57] I think somebody else might a been there too but use the watch on the movie channel back in the day use to have loud.
I have a briggs a late night movies or whatever and they would like it the beginning of the movie he liked or ideas like.
Thirty seven kills there is fucking eighteen teddies in fucking what are you know david is giving canceled.
Yes hey joe bob briggs and was like trailer park movies are some nice,
yeah there’s like are you ok the reason this movie so,
renew like i should be and when you have to watch news i would like a menu will fucking go to space so fucking stupid stupid bot.
Anyways open the umm where is his house can i watch movies and i like.

[36:48] What’s nick add an item.
When is the room and so we go we go back there like doing is the missouri what can i fucking thing is it,
do you like or need the blanket that would a fun to you fucking ripped the blanket off of her just walking can it would,
including stop playing yo,
yo on,
who would a knew what was happening by we just need the confirmation.

[37:36] Yo are fucking ran out into the living room he was back there,
any fucking came out like twenty minutes later a fucking pissed off and would like to order should,
when are you going to see if you do any work to it uh ok no we’re all just ruined the whole order was the akward after that would a wood chuck chuck
hey looking man was the only other guy on friday or saturday night or something like that if you read my creator something,
i was telling anybody about dance school forgot that was my bestfriend still i’m getting.
Who is kicking what my brother and my marks i think if i was there somebody but.

[38:30] Tell everybody because i called back and by the time i like it would like a fifth grader when are the classes after lunch with us.
Oh seven one of the teachers asked nick about it,
i heard you had a busy week and when i can i meant every what you just start talking about it all my god this is perfect,
are you human he was not happy about it you icenter twenty may i ask is there a social media future probably go check on him would he was my best friend,
after he come after you graduate think the seattle visit me the last time i seen him was the first.
What’s my tyson in.

[39:16] When is luis next to my cousin i can truly feel baby summary i might is unlocked but that was the last time i seen him in,
he was into falls and that was like fifteen sixteen seventeen years old i am fucking fuming.
Please play some lost vape what is last fights my cousins fights.

[39:39] Yeah who knows yeah fucking.

[39:45] If so why is not necessarily disrupt the blanket off.
How often should he comes yo alt bist du was see if we can use
convert two years broken down by fund
you crossed that we can i how can i add what’s a cruise completely uncertain the same did i send about a couple weeks ago on a podcast i talk to ten minutes i do to put,
i see how tall is ball of the good areas me contests should a.

[40:30] Show me harry me and three buddies i call challenging seven to do if we’re just about always fucking mom’s apartment the flap would
remember how to put water on can i still we should eight.
That’s the worst in my life love soul thing for lady is boring cuz i was pretty sure that really opened up a.
What can i schools terrible.

[41:08] Yeah i would say you know i am blessing moment fries school is basically all the high school that i attend it is extremely special ed and i had very little to no trigger and everything i thought was just this huge.
Fucking make an ass of myself saying hello.

[41:27] I was embarrassed about until i would like a couple years ago when should a bag if i remember this one time the only way i was in some kinda like english lit whatever and.

[41:41] Um i stood up on my desk lamp before the teacher emails on my desk i’d like a dumbfuck i fell off of my desk and fucking landed.
And another desk life just because i asked you where do my clothes look.
I am not the one i am dying for all these kids that is pretty embarrassing we have to but i guess i’ll forgive.

[42:05] But i can’t really think of anything initially if they have already i feel like high schools we like fight to start netflix all i remember from high school me meant so much mirrors so that’s what happened in the classroom,
so what are my best friends in high school danielle he had.
Very pronounced years like very pronounced skype for talking like extra sauce on the twelve the movie screen when you’re spare anyway sorry that don’t fit anywhere turn on.
i am just like an obnoxious asshole especially the last two years i got super cocky and was like what was it for all the time just like us total smart ass constantly so i got this brilliant idea you suggest blake,
they’re upset right behind me and i dont know why but just before class starts up like.

[42:56] Wuduk ketika pets allowed reaching over and i like to tickle the back of his ear and i didn’t realise what i’ve been writing with it so that was a little sharp edge that i read sharp and two with it so when i did that.
All the sudden he turns and really dramatically.
Slice what’s the address here i don’t use like i would,
who was your SSO my best my best friend tayo ah twelfth me the covers pretty bad a bloody was pretty bad
i was in the class room with mrs jensen,
who is like my favorite teacher that like got me in new orleans and like all nerdy things that i like how to center my life now like reading and shit like that you actually like it is this person likes i would like mentor figure it in her fucking classroom
should i,
what if you could a neighborhood dive embarrassment to visit like.
Add that was the terrible.

[44:15] Remove never this came on time and i like when you can school and covered in mike’s order yeah but there was this kid,
will there be like shit kids there with shit all the time to take the extra guys remove some kid mike fucking pulled in fucking school or whatever and that came in.
You are fucking classroom and was like trying to act act up or whatever i just know be a dick to the teacher and i was like oh,
fucking us pileup you give me enough in the corner if he was what is ali what’s this is hear a man teacher was like.
You know what to do that you wanna touch that someone got sick.
Eminem music really really grows up and is fucking school his hands in it and like instant regret you can just fuckin see if you could.
Dispute that be a fucking asshole good af.

[45:20] That’s terrible when i was in bootcamp from my second cycle to my fafsa my second option.
This kid behind me the whole time we were in and take me to fucking bad ass all the time who is actually is gonna hit me cause i talk shit on everything.
Anyways you are being deducted never stand in your screaming addison shit fight you little pussy fucking like it’s behind me any fucking pills like.
All my shit hell like i feel he really is a trickle down and i can wear stained,
i’m not playing fucking terrified and i for real i didn’t like to know what is the diagnosis like.

[46:06] Good drill instructor you say you was lying of february to know what to do if there was like.

[46:15] What would a second time through you know what i mean so unlike all these other kids are freaking out it’s like what the fuck do like.
So yeah i mean i had like big going to the shower and take first take the shower with all my clothes on my boots and everything i can.
What’s amy’s often take another shower the fact that sarcastic yeah okay.
That’s where we hav you know i mean heather morris’s to banana toy and stuff is funny cuz i was like.
Just got broke the fuck down but i already know anything but i had to take that you know but whatever that was robbed i was fucking broken,
like still feel like the ward everywhere lol.
Yeah let’s plan on the back of my arms i can always feel like a pair of PTSD evening yeah.

[47:12] Ask dot can i do this weekend i got to take out the hotel idea take my shirt off.
Does it compute dollar myself would he should i just threw my shirt in the fucking bathroom light.
And that shirt would a find this in the past but i haven’t thrown up drinking your life can you see if i fifteen,
man i live in brazil i last go to step inside my coworkers.
Where do you like wine only way into why these taking like its loose unlike my bosses like buying him feel like i should have to drink from you have you do
what is in the bed the place by.

[48:03] Projects yeah i get telling my co that who’s bag like we outside for like thirty minutes he went inside a hut looking for me,
i know how you figure out why was it that you found me by should a what now it’s like you wanna come inside is a note,
hello getting the car should a probably really quick i don’t we i got home play wind is like.
Oh my god crash.
Hey thank god dammit one spot hey mike will you go on another walk into my neighbors who feel offended just would a in fallen die.
Do you know who i am embarrassing software like adult stuff.

[48:54] I’m just enquiring overall my kids visit never really ended for real.
Yeah that’s shoes from what is upward of a good a number to two for yo on life is the best that is super cool the high school that i was like still a comma as a comment,
when it wasn’t even like that was no movies that i was not gonna make it cooler was like.

[49:22] Yeah you’re just a fucking hurtful remember it’s flooding baseball cards and fucking reading comics would you just like a murderer you just like you,
i’m hello i just with whatever my mom function bunny may i confirm this is only.

[49:41] Richard may i know i was saying this was like along learn lesson i was gonna be a singer now really pissed about it.
What’s up my mom and my sister use to work on bikinis and a pokemon card printing factory yeah there’s one of them they were there and a.
My brother is he being what brings us like grocery bags full of miss printer cartridge all kinds of.
You know back the twenty first i gotta be so over the one from like housing cards in a week and he like.

[50:11] Put the eggs away are we really cool and all the other kids can make fun of them broke ass would he have to quit politics.
So we agree to just throw on when.
Tell me more so like so what wear socks really hard now as i like even like.

[50:36] So i got an estate because he probably collectors item missing on the card i like a lot like yep i seen.
Like a hologram fucking bubble sort of turn on the baby whatever.
That was like five thousand dollars on ebay and i was just like the cards you guys have the words printed off.
On the side or like not me not not like the fifteen minutes parking just like him just like screw these stamps the airplanes are upside down and it’s good af.
Re t know when to leave already had
what’s my financial aid until you leave already and i remember driving and like always so bored i am never do that again along was just like looking at the yo on.
Are you bringing us in napa how many customers you like for them both me and find a supportive together and start showing our,
franz if it off would a wood the other kids making fun it was like why would he would like my prize collection back in the days i still album,
i’m jose jose can say go baseball cards like i got all the fucking cards of his and um now it’s just a fucking.

[51:58] I’ve lost all respect for them and but app is not in love with a guy who still love the medium
your detailed can your associates play michigan okay i got heard that a good concert but i really want to have you here for someone baseball clinic or something my dad ever put onto sanford ask you live.

[52:20] Yeah i had like all jose can take all cards.

[52:27] We began to collecting hehe.
Football baseball basketball like to find where he has them all really the basement and would like the stump,
i was like that generations like yourself on the ground or we could get into but then you’ll be like will it sports the people okay that i haven’t seen in sports can i make it still be like just like,
what are the most common minneapolis because of the jobs university of the sports artists like a good friend of mine who aaron who just like.

[53:01] Never seemed like he was all there but than you ask him like what the RBI average RBI was it like nineteen sixty eight like
when will it ship ok good a twenty one feet and definition then explain what that’s awesome,
we released be begging that shit back in the day when they played KC when do that now that is what i love funko pops.

[53:29] Yeah i don’t know about comics so i’m kinda sad really wishing yeah yeah.
There really aren’t you know what i mean like i hate people who actually perform the stock market will they behave sell well but i don’t know about lasting quality maybe this is columbus sure.
Yeah i like you average comic isn’t worth shit yeah i’m fucking,
like always get people coming up to me id like that where people find movies or comics are you take a look at me no of anything think i like you know some crazy shit you like.
Recommend is there a printer like a millionaire should he get a box collected nothing like every other mother fucker in the world yeah not worth
any thing it’s worth less than the bullshit comics event today lsu that’s where is now you know i like.
Approve runs now days are a lot less than what they were back then and now it’s all about variants more about variance now but even then market is retarded so.
I don’t greeting i guess autograph grading in a spot funding.
Still a kid sitting up the stories yeah so whatever but that’s a common boxes merchandise now the movies yes no.

[54:45] You seem captain marvel yeah would you think that i like that why did i have to use all lights yellow,
i’m not sure we got everyone the blankets bad and i don’t know i never received the martin luther i like socks of hose good.
What’s brad pitt was good got me excited for the next hundred yeah that’s really what it was for me which is like not light.
What is already bad and now it’s just like come on baby sitting i’m good a pretty harsh.
No i’m not about the credits love it it’s not enough,
there was is will my dad lord we tried to declare war on it because of the comments she’s made,
put the one stop flight turn the media blitz before hand smoke a alexa so then he ended up trying to be sweet crash
rotten tomatoes by giving it bad reviews before it come out so then
play chant ended up changing their policy so that you can’t do it anymore i just can’t like say whether or not you want to see a movie before it comes out there and yeah so.

[55:49] But it’s doing great box office so they couldn’t can you go fuck himself dangling down yeah yeah,
yeah that’s cool.
Yeah that’s pretty good really enjoyed samuel jackson in person look so freaking young is yeah still trying to make him young was amazing and that was fun to see cars like most marvel movies.
He’s always a small,
like part of it but this feels like a marvel movie where he was like from the center and it’s really helping you gonna be a in spider-man far from home to make a big deal like your trying again,
yeah sorry i was recording yeah.
I’d like to check i didn’t know anything before i’m not in any of them sea will be who i am,
yes she is isn’t i just watched scott pilgrim again which is what programs ex-girlfriend and catherine about bree larson from may i share the psych ward wedding of transaction 1 for a room best actress um,
like i order this do i keep her and her kid my quad in this room is like.
Fucking interest finish some other stuff too what’s considered a big gap when marvel signed her on yeah figure out the sizeing sheets in black right after.
I am the one that word yeah whenever on.

[57:12] Yeah she’s an engagement and did you see the new endgame trailer yes where she’s at the end ask pretty cool,
i don’t know what to expect from that movie at all to be honest because good thing yet so can u tell me anything language
in regards to assist you know yeah there’s anything i change registered accepting and i think it’s gonna leaving like weve all excepted this i feel like at the end of that movie it’s the end of.

[57:40] Captain america and ironman of unit or if the whole,
play all those the other characters like they’re all done at the end that movie and it’s gonna be phase for whatever yeah i got spider-man black panther and fucking.
Miss or have tomorrow will be the ones know going forward for sure,
really upset that i have a show that night of thursday hey hao and i would really like to be like where you want to go to shut yo are there in park.
I need to know what time i go on because depending on the time of the show when is it a gathering of MCS in albuquerque all your visit go down there yeah okay i’m.
I’m like really upset and so how is coming up here in a few yeah okay and shit.
Who is really excited to be in this like hatred type who did to april so yeah.
Let me know if you go can i change my shipping address once you are i am at my birthday party this weekend at bags we do in the midwest meltdown how long it.

[58:50] It’s enough.
No like how would a good will be thirty years old if i will yeah i’ll be thirty years old enough.
It’s a freaking anybody that comes to the door for thirty people.
Use the machines name so probably everybody’s giving it that i wish i wish i would ask.
Been here for that would definitely play piano guitar whenever las vegas to three rd song.
Come on down to rancho if you watch it no longer selling tickets for a two for twenty five dollars right now because when i want to see some people comment,
yeah my birthday i want a fun celebrating with myself again thank you where’s the high school when it record so that i can do
two tickets for five dollars and get free cake need help in there how can you turn that i understand it now.
Can i make my room isn’t that he had so yeah that’s dope that feeling again.

[1:00:00] That lists to open up for tec nine but that’s also i spend a promotional money on that i’m spending like campaign money on the meltdown so yeah.
Watching come on down and get drunk the same night we have that montana of three hundred show placement while i honestly don’t even know what i do hes is your life you know why is cuz i work security there is no trap.
Traffic in orlando yes i don’t know who is on like the national level body definitely go sharp,
alright i think the last time there’s like three four hundred kids there nice you don’t like kids like to do some great drink why is everybody there is like eighteen nineteen but the scans energy to hug.
Right on yeah exactly do you like being younger trying to saying that it was yeah same montana and techno yelp off alarm
different places you mentioned the distance is a big okay
put that show that is play pick everybody up there’s like fifteen local accident show like everybody intelligence programmed to make is that show its send us what you are we dine in only called us.
I would like for us moms can i know that what the hell i know that like everybody in town was gonna be on that show i would not have done that show but like.
Who’s a lot lately name somebody there.

[1:01:20] Set the he had except for rogues gallery and i am there’s literally like no body actually show their is an actual you know when we’re series in bigger cities that’s not rare and actually having to live like.
It was a much smaller name to like montana three hundred seems to be doing btw can you likes.
Stevie stone and who is there still ten la happening is not mean so.
It is nine o change overs ma’am a part of me likes that idea because the music keep going the music used in the tournament but.
It is new in the area and i would be interested to see how it turns out you know me and what’s hot what is name is scott needs to do the shows were.
Good fucking hell yeah
i love your hands you just called scott said you can book shows and have your body selling tickets and a be like fifteen opening x y in the fucking.

[1:02:19] I mean if it can edit it was like fucking sold like to schedule a tidy like,
are you a seven minutes and the ID six fifteen would a god worthy of walking done or nah hey what about clifford.
Jim jones that is and the further out,
let’s display coming out of less than two weeks now why is that so great after all the ambient show to add show me pretty dope.
Please do you have presales i’m i doing okay glad that i got am i would you please sell stock play five ever.
Umm no the product is not coming up now.

[1:03:05] Yeah i am a local sad to be announced yeah yeah,
better be cool i’m michael will hold while i have still to be announced i actually like yeah lucy is ok um probably leave,
well i’m not going to get some alone when is the start a match of hogan coming to that’s what i just saw who is see if we can i want a new at show like for sure like to make that happen,
the match out when i think stevie stone and mad child is incredible AMC in match and one of my favorite all time is not an official announcement i just know that it’s sad that.

[1:03:49] Record in mirror coming home in the omaha and if you were gonna come here then i was gonna go there.

[1:03:57] But you know that’s not somthing i can out on the internet for just me and my members is from canada and will remove the tattoos like all of them and she said,
probably fine except like this,
bet she would know how good a phone now i’m c,
is stevie stone is like it is great love you can i see u mad how can hear with insane clown posse jelly roll.
Anna was three six mafia you had reset my mushroom has well that’s what was the fucking shit yes i wish i was fantastic i wish who is the tour coming through
yeah that’s like madly feeling mad in a really bad now.

[1:04:47] A lot of people yeah im here is to kissing can this sleeve i would like to know if the glasses are real yes.

[1:04:57] When are we in the sense that all things are real good a cd i dont have bed.

[1:05:08] What are you know things are real it and no way he talking about in the major.
How did i go back and re watch those movies i just blew the first one but i want to get the other two but i know its a let down and i was ben i really like the second one but i want to get the.
There any way they fit in the second quarter so they gonna make everything worse shape than i last person and he was like.
Also this all really does make sense though like you know like i thought that i might.
How long to ask back then but if it i would like to send this can be a real thing let me live.

[1:05:46] I don’t know i was trying to bend spoon for a good eight.

[1:05:53] What is the time now lol me checks that second matrix movie it gets shipped in a while but its fucking dope,
play the action scenes a senior on the fucking interstate,
they built and entire fucking interstate to fill out was like that has spencer car chase scene at the still to this day like ever produced those forever ago is like a starts out with fucking doing my karate in a fight mills fucking twins,
no image just go to the fucking interstate and it goes for like twenty minutes for twenty min if it is forever in fact which is key brothers and sisters help disturbing explain why is the only convert it have.
Are monica is the one ok so the matrix came out the weather kasi brothers by that is producing the second one i believe that we’re going on the will house keys siblings because of
one of them was having a gender change operations and then depend what kind of ice siblings four.
Got for like a decade or so would like to open til like just a couple years ago and both of them have had,
are a beautiful woman so now they are the sisters cruise if so then how many is mash make you like for turn off windsor something like i should air,
very much so nose nada.

[1:07:13] Yeah i think there identical twins know but not the other what is like if there is that similar artists like them if it make sense to present my nephew turn off nothing like each other yeah personality wise.
Live and work spent a good movie in working since then hot c.

[1:07:37] Jupiter is a jupiter ascending enterprise and something like that so i was really like pump for that one based on like the promotional stuff but the execution was can like either didn’t see if you dislike it wasn’t like,
do you know if brad ever like put a little like tomorrow when its ok yeah.

[1:07:57] Yep nope no somebody that you guys go ahead and keep going i will contact,
what can i do one more block so what are the specials this is a small suv like on tuesday i’m gonna be announcing my new
i’m fine call gabriella bless i must assign glass pieces of my loan so tell them what is going on on on saturday the show yet and then i’m so i’ve already made enough.
I’m gonna create a shop five account start mailing those out myself just email me a gorilla glass logo that would be like if you finish tonight you know who is,
being outside tuesday and i think it’s cool the sunglasses i make partnership with the.
I’m hurting legends of comments and stuff create the glasses well songs from the coworker downstairs but that’s a very small leak because that,
tuesday is when are gonna do that but yeah thats like this pretty cool when do you guys wanna buy the last piece will you spell can i go back of course you know what is going to bangor now it still be,
yeah nice piece of merchandise is pretty cool so if we show that comes on.
I actually the first season of star wars the last tuesday cause problems so you do drugs gallery logos girlfriend logos and charlie nelson logout,
where can i start selling in store chilling nelson add urban legends minimum capital stock rated yeah probably keep like.

[1:09:26] You know four of each blow are each different new logo and rotation app or colleges yeah cool best hey find out if i’m looking forward to that.
No we have some other tricks up my sleeve to avoid the drama novels.
Start playing fly me nelson itself is good to have another show coming up here in may so that’ll be dope.

[1:09:50] That’s only that but i got the memory of things let me say that he got a voice acting in my god is exactly what i said because i’m back your network with other podcast robert for you,
my first was storage which is something i’ve wanted to do for years that when i just always wanted to do that kind of stuff from there.
I’m craving affection make money doing voice over for that like you know just like i like.
Will be in i have an for robert to like my ideas and he really likes
play NPR the reading like a mystery you know five mr is asking to be one of the voices of one of the story shelby an audio track pants when audio drama can like girl in space
i don’t know sleep podcast stuff like that were thankfully produce with the cast and sound effects and stuff and you are a listen to one like that who is like god.

[1:10:42] Who is like this weird i got into an finish the whole thing but this like this girl.
No no there’s like someone like talking through the whole thing that is any applicant who was the so good i cant you have a picture like what that was three and this ones gonna be like,
anthology can you thinking like god,
i swear i’m going for like a twilight zone can i think story will be a self contained short story yeah ok i wasn’t exactly what i thought for whatever all i got is like one of those like
hey good a human out there.
Will the time be radio is likely how u playing a middle age woman so this is a really good eighth,
but tell me anyway and potentially me back to the show has had no pad please.
I think that pretty much wraps it up here at the green and white the sound from baby shelf,
i kamikaze um bacon sure they feel good a email.

[1:11:55] Ok love yo are playing nope should i heard.

[1:12:03] Music.

[1:13:15] Yo on.
May i would a.

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